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No One Is Listening: A Country Divided Against Itself
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The U.S. may morph into two nations with the increasingly impoverished helot “deplorables” under the heel of the empowered social justice warriors.

In a recent article Catholic University professor Claes G. Ryn wrote “Few people are really open to persuasion in any case—not just on political subjects but on any subject about which they care and on which they have adopted certain views. Diehard partisans for a certain outlook will refuse to have their beliefs questioned, and so will many others. They will be no less dismissive of a document challenging their opinions if it is full of footnotes and appendixes. Such a document will, indeed, make them resist it even more. As for the relatively few people who are truly open-minded, they will not find another person’s observations dispositive. They will, as they should, want to consider the evidence on a contested matter for themselves.”

The observation immediately calls to mind the red-blue political division that has hardened in the United States over the past several years, with the two sides persistently talking past each other. Part of the problem is that once someone has staked out an essentially ideological position, he or she will regard new developments in such a way as to fit with that preconception. Once one is locked into a viewpoint in that fashion it becomes practically speaking impossible to “consider the evidence on a contested manner” for oneself.

That tendency to want to believe that something is indisputably true means that most people find it difficult to entertain two somewhat contradictory ideas at the same time. In the current context it should be possible to believe that Donald Trump has been a very bad president based on some aspects of his performance while also conceding that many of his failings have been spawned by the unrelenting criticism he has received from the media as well as the clandestine efforts within the government establishment to undermine and destroy him. Most who emphasize the conspiracy against the president also feel compelled to defend his record. Those who don’t believe there was a conspiracy against him, including Russiagate, support his being impeached and also condemn his achievements.

Or there is the election itself, with one side believing it was stolen and the other maintaining that there was no fraud. In reality, an objective review of the actual evidence and examination of the registration and voting systems that are in place suggests that there certainly was fraud, though the issue of whether it amounted to a change in the outcome is likely a question that will never be answered as the Democrats are now in charge. Voting by mail, much promoted by the Democrats, either was a way of expanding the voters’ rolls or a mechanism that would permit widespread fraud. It is not unreasonable to regard it as doing both.

COVID-19 is another good example of linear thinking. Critics of the pandemic tend to go all the way, minimizing the impact of the disease while also contending that it is a hoax contrived by the government to take away the rights of citizens. Against that, one should be able to recognize that the disease is both highly contagious and deadly for certain demographics while also accepting that the government has mishandled the response to it and is seeking to aggrandize its power over ordinary citizens. So both viewpoints can more-or-less be true.

So, we come to the incident at the U.S. Capitol building in Washington on January 6th. Various unofficial estimates put the number of “Stop the Steal” protesters objecting to what was seen as a fraudulent election at between 20,000 and 200,000. The language being used to describe what occurred that afternoon is suggestive and would likely delight George Orwell. The liberal media (nearly all of it) as well as some Democratic congressmen have officially declared it “incitement of insurrection.” Other expressions that are popping up include “domestic terrorism,” “sedition,” “right wing mobs,” a “coup” or a “storming” of the building, all reportedly driven by incendiary language used by President Trump. Others preferred describing a “breaching” of security or even a “riot” or possibly “treason.”

A local newspaper in Virginia wrote a headline saying that the Capitol building was “ransacked” while Politico sounded the alarm about the “mob who breached the Capitol.” The New York Times thundered that the “mob” included “infamous white supremacists and conspiracy theorists.” What is not in dispute is that five died during the incursion into the building, including a woman Air Force veteran who was unnecessarily shot and a Capitol Police Force officer who was murdered by being hit in the head with a fire extinguisher. That the death toll was not higher is inevitably being attributed by some to restraint by the police due to “white privilege” as most of the demonstrators were Caucasian.

Trump allies reject the language and all it implies, insisting that the president did not ever unambiguously encourage actual violence on the part of participants in the “March to Save America” and that most of the demonstration was peaceful, consisting of ordinary Americans who are shocked by the dying spasms of the country that they grew up in. A Newsweek poll determined that nearly half of Republican voters supported the demonstrations at the Capitol, while no less than 68% opined that they were no threat to the American political system, demonstrating just how divided the country is. There have also been claims that infiltrators from Antifa and BLM might have exploited the opportunity to initiate the successful assault by the demonstrators that broke the police line and forced the entry into the Capitol building. Some Democrats are also suggesting that the entry was itself aided by some of the police, a not completely unreasonable suggestion given the inexplicably poor performance by the Capitol Police Force and some photographic evidence showing demonstrators being assisted by security personnel.

One might have noted that the only thing missing from the event had been the allegations that it included “interference” by the Russians or possibly even the Chinese, but it now appears that some Democrats are actually pointing their fingers at Vladimir Putin. And surely the Iranians and even the North Koreans must have had something to do with it. We will have to wait until the Biden Administration is installed, if it is, to find out which foreigners exactly will have to be implicated and punished. One eagerly awaits the inevitable Washington Post cartoon showing Putin in his office laughing while watching on TV events in Washington.

One thing that is for sure and that is being ignored by many of those who have taken up contrary positions is that there will be consequences from what took place last week. Given the polarization in the discussion itself, “truth” will be the first entity sacrificed as the Republicans will make haste to walk away from Trump while the Democrats will not be eager to permit anyone to dig any deeper into the mechanics of the election. No matter what the GOP chooses to do, it will be the long-term loser even if Trump himself is successfully made the designated fall guy and it will have to learn how to retain the support of the Trumpsters without Donald Trump.

In spite of all the media and talking head fulminations, it nevertheless remains unlikely that Trump will actually be impeached and convicted by both houses of Congress or removed under Article 25 as that would permit his lawyers to mount a defense, which would embarrass everyone. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has nevertheless raised tension by contacting the Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon and inquiring whether the president can be denied the nuclear weapons’ codes as he appears to be “unhinged.” There is also speculation that an attack on Iran in coordination with Israel might be under consideration to change the narrative.

Perhaps more interestingly, some Democrats are calling for investigation and punishment for some fellow politicians, government employees and ordinary citizens who might be found guilty of supporting the Trump “coup.” Several identified demonstrators have already lost their jobs while the Washington Post has demanded that “seditious Republicans must be held accountable.” There is even some discussion of setting up a “truth commission” to investigate and punish those individuals who aided in Trump’s other alleged crimes. Such people might have their liberty to travel on commercial flights, to associate in groups and/or to hold certain jobs restricted, expanding on existing anti-terror legislation that would now include a focus on “rightwing terrorism” while also increasing the number of “hate crimes.” Surveillance of individuals who have committed no crimes would likely increase dramatically. Any or all of those moves by Biden would, however, set a very bad precedent, sure to beget more violence.

And also there are calls for greater restrictions on what appears on social media. One ex-Obama adviser has even claimed that social media caused the Capitol building riot by “enabling the spread of the lies, hate speech, and conspiracy theories [by rightwing extremists] that led to” the attack. Since the Democrats now command a majority in both houses of Congress as well as the White House that will mean that those labeled “white supremacists” and their message will be expunged while politically correct social justice content will be promoted. Several social media platforms have begun banning what they call right wing material and Biden as well as several senators have, in fact, already promised to bring in stronger “domestic terrorism prevention” legislation based on the Patriot Act. And even those who believe themselves “safe” as holding reliably progressive views will eventually discover that any deviance from Establishment acceptable positions will be forbidden. Free speech in America will become as dead at the Dodo and the United States would become effectively two nations with the increasingly impoverished helot “deplorables” under the heel of the empowered social justice warriors. It won’t be pretty, and it won’t be stable.

Philip Giraldi, Ph.D. is Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest.

(Republished from Strategic Culture Foundation by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Giraldi runs hot and cold, but this is the most even-handed treatment of the condition I have read. It demonstrates that he was a well trained in political analysis.

    • Agree: JimDandy, 36 ulster
    • Replies: @JimDandy
  2. Blue cities on fire, like I care.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin, Franz
    • Replies: @Maggie
  3. This is a scam. This would be happening regardless of who was currently elected. It is all part of the plan. Just another scam brought to you by public enemy number one! It is all that they are capable of. Now after being exposed for the guilty parties of 9/11 and the scamdemic, they stage a false flag coup, organized by public enemy number one, the invisible enemy that every country on earth has declared war on. They take on human form at times, but they are not humans, because they illegally invade our lives, our property, and even our brains, which disqualifies them for being human, and qualifies them for being parasites. They have no higher brain functioning, as you can clearly see. They are simply incapable of it. Martial law has been planned by think tanks for decades! They knew that there would be a day of reckoning with all of the corruption from Wall Street’s degregulation, governments’ deregulation, and corporate deregulation, coinciding with increased regulations on individuals. This is obviously a staged coup by Inspector Cluseau, Maxwell Smart, and Inspector Gadget, as I have been saying. It is every bit as much of a hoax as 9/11 and the scamdemic. Unfortunately, it doesn’t surprise me that these mentally incompetent organized crime ring thugs would attempt it. We live in a country with millions of Hitlers, Mengelas, and Goebbels on the loose and a country full of organized crime rings, so, I hate to say it, but it is to be expected. Corrupt banana republics have resorted to totalitarianism throughout history, so that they are not held accountable by the citizens for their corruption. The only difference this time is that we are the victims of their corruption and incompetency, rather than a small relatively defenseless country. This will not end well. There will be no happy ending, unfortunately. Nothing to miss about not being part of this society filled with millions of Hitlers, Mengelas, Goebbels, and organized crime rings. The sadists, nihilists, and hardcore criminals are having the time of their lives. They are sick as hell. As one of their victims of relentless torture and terrorism I am staying away. It is not revenge that I am looking for, but justice, which I have been denied, depriving me of equal protection under the law. The individuals in the organized crime rings that have illegally experimented on me without my consent, falsely diagnosed me, tortured, terrorized, hacked, broken in, vandalized, stolen, stalked, and spied on me pose grave threats to my life and property and to the the country and the world overall. It is like asking people to just love Jeffrey Dahmer, Ed Gein, the Hillside Strangler, Hitler, Mengela, and Goebbels. So if you want to say that I do not have a heart because I do not love the psychos that have tortured me, terrorized me, destroyed my life, my health, and my property, during the most vulnerable time in my life that they decided to exploit for their own opportunistic, evil, predatory, self-serving, agendas, good luck trying to convince anyone of that, but you sure as hell won’t convince me! I know what type of sadistic, evil, monsters they are. They do not have a scintilla of decency. I know that for a fact. Some of them talk the talk, but they do not walk the walk, includng in the media. 

    Andrea Iravani

    • Replies: @Rogue
  4. The US may morph into two nations! Texas may secede from the Union! Other States may join Texas and also secede!

    A Black demographic moving en masse into a White city, bringing with them an accompanying crime wave and ubiquitous anti-social behaviour, results in the city’s White citizens fleeing!

    A US Elite importing millions of minus-85 IQ Sub-Saharan Africans, results in White citizen’s acceptance!

    And when Biden goes about topping up the Muslim population of the US with many millions of Arabs and Pakistanis, White US citizens will respond with acceptance!

    Forgive my use of exclamation marks instead of full stops.


    From the White race there’s an unnatural preponderance of surrender in the air. But running gives only one solution, which is more running.

    A problem which then arises with continuous running is that soon there’s nowhere left to run to. And worse than this is that it won’t be today’s twenty- and thirty-somethings that find they are out of options in regards to fleeing. It will be their children and grandchildren that will find escape routes don’t extend forever.

    White Americans, your ancestors left despotic Europe back in the day not just because of their White Christian dignity, but also because they wanted their children and descendents to live as free men and women.

    Somewhere along the way Americans forgot the forces that created America. You owe it to your White Christian descendants to rediscover the spirit of your forefathers.

    Like your ancestors guaranteed freedom for you through their blood, sweat and tears, you have a duty to ensure your descendants live in a free and honest country.

    • Agree: BuelahMan
    • Replies: @Old Man Turtle
  5. “The United States would become effectively two nations with the increasingly impoverished helot “deplorables” under the heel of the empowered social justice warriors. It won’t be pretty, and it won’t be stable.”
    In other words, the Israelization of the United States, and Americans becoming Palestinians. Welcome to Apartheid America.

  6. anon[437] • Disclaimer says:

    Re INGSOC slogans for the recent assembly in the capitol:

    Look at what nobody calls it. Nobody calls it recourse to rebellion, the fundamental underpinning of your human rights in state and federal common law, the UDHR. Nobody calls it struggle or resistance, “the highest expressions of the collective demand for people-centered human rights – human rights defined and in the service of the people and not governments and middle-class lawyers.” (Ajamu Baraka)

    The people’s recourse to rebellion and resistance was forced by state derogations of Article 25, your right to free expression of the will of the electors and equal access to publice service. CIA stuffed ballots by computer to revoke those rights. By state derogations of Article 19, your right to seek and obtain information and your freedom of expression. CIA directed coordinated censorship of Mockingbird media to revoke those rights. By state derogations of Article 17, your freedom from attacks on honor and reputation. CIA revoked those rights with unremitting vilification of their political enemy Trump and his supporters. By state derogations of your right to health and well-being, UDHR Article 12. CIA revoked that right with development and use of banned biological weapon on the US population, Anthrax and SARS-COV-2. By state derogation of Article 6, your right to life. CIA revoked that right by killing everybody from Awlaki and his son to the legally sacrosanct envoy Soleimani to JFK and RFK to Ashi Babbit.

    Face it, you’re just another wog to CIA. You will have to learn what all wogs know. The US government forfeited its sovereignty with its dereliction of state duties. There’s no point demanding anything in Congress. Your right to solidarity is all you got. The public at large has to cooperate internationally to stop transnational organized crime by US officials, put every living DCI in the dock at the Hague, at Khabarovsk, at Tianjin, and Teheran Revolutionary Court. Include everybody with a beef, not just us black and white wogs.

  7. Protogonus says: • Website

    Mr. Giraldi’s calm story of political perplexity can be more easily comprehended as part of a larger, turbulent saga, the elements of which are well known but not generally understood:

    A. Symptoms of constant dissent and its oppression, depending on who is in power since the last election, can be traced to democracy itself (worship of the ballot box). The end result is a CULTURE OF DEATH, as perceived by the famous educator G.F.W. Hegel in his treatise on civil society, ‘The Philosophy of Right’ (1821, with good English translations), who was the first great mind to warn of and condemn communist ideas:

    B. When a timorous Prussian monarch, badgered by Lutheran zealots, unwisely jettisoned Hegel’s teachings ca. 1841, he unwittingly unchained an ideology that spread across Eurasia and finally, ca. 1946, in the person of the tyrant Stalin, fractured the primordial World Stage, the hidden foundation of rational discourse:

    C. Ultimately, slattern liberalism, bibliolatry, and unrepentant communism (Russia, China, Vietnam, etc.) maintain their mortal chokehold on the spiritual life of Mankind because rational discourse (such as Hegel’s) has disappeared in a perpetual miasma of meaningless political hysteria:

    D. But then, what did Hegel know? Or better, what didn’t he know? A bright frenchman, Rene Guenon, answered this question in 1945 (in English, ‘The Reign of Quantity, 1953), showing that the degeneration of art, religion, philosophy, politics, etc., has all along been inevitable, and rises now into visibility as a satanic script in which contemporary actors will speak their final lines:

    E. A concordant view from a famous Seer, set forth for those more traditionally inclined, is unlike Guenon’s in actually making a prediction of the Last Day; it likely will appear suddenly, without warning, SOMETIME THIS DECADE, with a final separation of Good and Evil forevermore:

    • Thanks: New Dealer, Fallingwater
  8. Cowboy says:

    a woman Air Force veteran who was unnecessarily shot and a Capitol Police Force officer who was murdered

    Another fucked up Statist trying to ameliorate Ashli’s murder. Let me fix this shit.

    “… a woman Air Force veteran who was murdered and a Capitol Police Force officer who was unnecessarily hit over the head…”

    • Agree: Thomasina, Fallingwater
    • Replies: @JimDandy
  9. the red-blue political division that has hardened in the United States over the past several years

    Only give the kids two crayons —> nothing changes that’s of consequence to the Establishment. Again, see Geoffrey R. Pyatt.

    • Agree: botazefa
    • Replies: @Fallingwater
  10. Baglet says:

    “…one should be able to recognize that the disease is both highly contagious and deadly for certain demographics….”

    You must have done your own investigation and seen the proof that the virus exists and that it causes the disease. I can’t remember any politician asking for proof before (or since) the lockdowns were put in place.

    • Agree: Protogonus
    • Disagree: El Dato
  11. Outside of the beltway this incoming Zionist regime has little credibility.

    It is a dead man walking, towards a fate like Nicolae Ceaușescu. Ceaușescu had a vast secret police and a state ideology to oppress the Romanians, but a popular revolt fueled by anger eventually deposed him.

    At the moment, Americans are taking body blows from this Jewish coup, but every humiliation and transgression plants a seed of righteous vengeance. As they sow, so shall they reap.

    • Agree: omegabooks
  12. Proving the point that I made in comment #3 above, newly elected freshman North Carolina QAnon candidate, Marjorie Taylor Green is already filing impeachment papers on Biden. If Hillary would have been elected and was currently president, then it probably would have been over the Clinton Foundation pay to play, or supporting BLM and antifa. If it would have been Marco Rubio that was elected, it would have bern over supporting failed raids in Venezuela and failed coup of Maduro. There is always a reason with politicians and fake activists that are actually terrorists that plan on doung things like this regardless of who is in power. There are people with real grievances, but taking all of the facts into consideration, this was staged and disingenuous, and it is totally obvious, and it has all been planned, and there is an abundance of evidence to prove it, raniging from Event 201, to Transition Integrity Project, and other “exercises” as well. They are terrorists. They attempted to prevent another Occupy Wall Street movement with the lockdowns and BLM. It is crystal clear that that was their objective. They tried to prevent a genuine populist uprising, by replacing it with numerous fake ones.

    Andrea Iravani

  13. c matt says:
    @No Friend Of The Devil

    While I personally believe the Biden impeachment has more legal and factual merit, with control of all branches of government I do not see it happening. But it is a great publicity stunt for the Hon. Green and provides a harmless method to channel well deserved anger.

  14. Speaking of white flight and Texas seceding (which is possible but not likely), the world history pendulum swings again but this time against the west and whites, who have been in control for hundreds of years, to be replaced by Asians and maybe later by Africans…folks, this is just the way it works, okay? Early history Africa and Egypt, then middle east with Israel-Assyria-Persia, then Rome and Europe along with China-Mongolia-Asia which was then conquered by Europe and also MesoAmerica which was conquered by Europe. Thus, the white race had its day…onto the Asians and blacks.

    Folks, various whites feeling “guilt” for something they never did (owned slaves) and taking blame for all of the US problems and accepting being “deplorables” isn’t gonna cut it. Sorry, Black Supremacists and white hating racist you-know-whats, but it won’t work on the whites who actually produce stuff, create stuff, and actually think…and on white true Christians such as myself. Take your BS elsewhere, and when you’re out in rural remote far west Texas trying to kill is all (including non-compliant Hispanics), watch out for mountain lions…and bears…and 600 pound feral hogs…and javelinas…and an armed populace (try taking our guns away, B-arris! Bwahahahahahahahahahahah!)

    But if you want to attack guilt-feeling “privileged” whites including celebrities, have at it! They deserve it! You know where Pelosi and Shumer live, right? No mountain lions there….

  15. The Republican Party has a rough road ahead of them. They lost both chambers of the legislature. They lost the Executive. And yesterday they lost their owner, Sheldon Adelson.

    • LOL: Carroll Price, L.K
    • Replies: @Thomasina
    , @BuelahMan
  16. Rogue says:
    @No Friend Of The Devil

    Use paragraphs if you want people to read your stuff.

    Large, unending, blocks of text are very unappealing.

    • Agree: Liza
  17. One interesting development is this.

    So far, the Glob has been using Antifa thugs and blacks to attack Trumpists.

    But now, the Glob is aiming to use US troops. This means ordering US troops to go against their own communities, i.e. commit treason against their hometowns.

    This will lead to a crisis of loyalty within the hearts of US servicemen.

    And patriots can exploit this by publicly creating a dialogue to the US military.

    1. Stop fighting wars for Israel. Most Jews hate us.

    2. Think twice about taking orders from a corrupt government that designates half the nation as ‘terrorists’ for supporting Trump.

    3. Are you willing to attack your own communities at the behest of elite globalists who hog all the wealth and try to take guns away from your kinfolks? Write folk protest songs like the leftists used to do in the 60s. “Hey soldier, will you shoot your mother and grab guns from your father and brother at the behest of the Jews?” That’s a useful title for a song.

    The U.S. may morph into two nations with the increasingly impoverished helot “deplorables” under the heel of the empowered social justice warriors.

    This is great. Only radical changes will force patriots to get off their ass and take radical actions. Also, there has to be a mindset among patriots.

    With Trump, you got Gopulism that, in the end, only serve GOP establishment. Look at the kind of people picked by Trump. Hell with Gopulism. People need real populism that names the Jew and exposes cuck politicians not as representatives of the people but cuck repressors doing the bidding of elites.

    • Replies: @Norm DeGuerre
  18. The U.S. may morph into two nations with the increasingly impoverished helot “deplorables” under the heel of the empowered social justice warriors.

    Well, the Deplorables deserve their fate AS LONG AS they support Zionist Nakba and erasure of Palestinians. What goes around comes around. If whites support the Jewish destruction of Palestinians, they should not be bitching about Jewish destruction of whites.

    But so many Trump voters are so dumb. After 4 yrs of watching their president get hammered by the Jews, they are still into ‘muh Israel’.

    For Christian Zionists, it’s a nutty religious matter.

    For racial cons, it’s a matter of ‘white Jews’ vs ‘brown Arabs’, and so the whites must be favored.

    For moral cucks, it’s a matter of Jews are the holy holocaust people, and cons have so much to gain by supporting such a holy people(even if most Jews piss on whites).

    For a new dawn, patriots and cons don’t even have to be anti-Jewish but just call for equal justice where Jews are NOT favored over others. So, no more favoring Jews over Palestinians and Arabs. No more favoring Israel over Iran. No more favoring Jewish suffering over history of goy suffering. No more Jewish immunity from criticism .

    No need to go ‘nazi’ or any such. Just speak the truth and call for equal justice. In doing so, the patriots can shame the libby-dibs who claim to be for equal justice but never say Palestinian Lives Matter.

    Anyway, as long as whites support the Zionist destruction of Palestinians, why should they get any sympathy for what is being done to them by Jews? If you support Jews beating up Bob, don’t complain when Jews come to beat you up next.

  19. seth rich says:

    So much wrong with this article in terms of ‘truth’ but let’s highlight one instance:

    ” What is not in dispute is that five died during the incursion into the building, including a woman Air Force veteran who was unnecessarily shot and a Capitol Police Force officer who was murdered by being hit in the head with a fire extinguisher.”

    The Air Force vet was needlessly killed not just shot (not just shot as one could be shot and otherwise unharmed such as being grazed by a bullet, why the purposeful underplaying of the event?) But the big lie here is the CPF officer was not murdered nor was he hit in the head with a fire extinguisher! According to his family, he was pepper sprayed but was unharmed by it and later died of an unrelated stroke. The family wishes his death not to be used as a political football as it had nothing to do with the orchestrated riots.

    • Thanks: Thomasina
  20. We need Trump arrested and executed in Gitmo by the highest courts before a civil discourse can happen, Phil.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  21. If you want to know what the United States will be like in 20 years, take a look at the laughable, Jew-run nation of England. Particulary the English Parliament that both US houses of Congress are doing their best to imitate.

  22. @No Friend Of The Devil

    For a man who spent 18 years in the CIA, I find it hard to believe that Mr. Giraldi doesn’t know Jan 6 was a pre-planned deep state event – no doubt, with help from his former employer, the masters of Color Revolutions. Trump foolishly fell into their trap, like a fly getting caught in a spider’s web.

    Sadly, his foolishness may have cost the careers of Sens. Cruz and Hawley, who stuck their necks out to defend him, only to be thrown under the bus before they could make their cases for election fraud. Mr. Trump, with his infernal narcissism and hubris, has been his own worst enemy.

    The lack of a significant police presence at the Capitol building that day clearly shows it was all a set-up to get Trump impeached again. So sad that Trump keeps getting out-foxed by that old witch, Speaker Pelosi. I appreciate Giraldi’s objectivity on the subject, but I wish he’d tell us what he really thinks.

    • Replies: @Notsofast
  23. What the US practices is not a ‘liberal democracy’ but an ‘imperial democracy’ whereby increased openness and freedom are exploited by Jews and the Deep State to penetrate, infiltrate, subvert, and take over other nations.

    Democracy would be nice if every nation could, on its own, practice it. But more openness usually translate to more means for US imperialists and Jews to exploit the freedom to take over. When Soros promotes ‘democracy’, he’s merely exploiting freedom in other nations so that Jewish and globalist influence can go in and take over. It’s not about allow genuine national democracies to take root and grow in other nations but PLANTING seedlings of US’s Imperial Democracy on other soils so that those nations too will effectively become colonies of Zion.

    Indeed, what Fukuyama called The End of History might have turned out better IF the US didn’t turn the hope of liberal democracy into an agenda of imperial democracy whereby any nation that chooses to liberalize is immediately set upon by the US and Jews who pretend to lend a hand but really spread money around to buy up puppets and spread globo-homo, diversity, and BLM to corrupt the young.
    Russia was a prime example of what Imperial Democracy can do to a nation trying to move away from repression. Russians thought the US was helping them with freedom and enterprise, but it was mostly Jews exploiting the freedom to take over the economy, turn all politicians into pliable whores, and to reduce the masses into degenerate consumers.
    How can genuine liberal democracy take root when the US promotes its brand of Imperial Democracy? This is why some nations choose autocracy to fend off US power, but then the US accuses it of ‘dictatorship’.

    It’s damned if you do, damned if you don’t.
    If you do allow more openness, the Jews and US exploit the freedom to penetrate, spread money around, spread lies, spread filth & cultural pollution(esp to the young), and take over. Globo-homo imperial democracy.
    But then, if your nation takes extra measures to restore order and protect itself from foreign imperialist meddling, it is called autocratic and ‘xenophobic.

    And of course, the US will pull off coups against democracies it doesn’t like and install dictatorships that conform to US’s Imperial Democracy.

    It’s been said ‘democracies don’t go to war with one another’.
    Really? What the US did in Chile and Ukraine were acts of war. US used the deep state to undermine elected governments there and installed puppets.

    If all nations were equal in size, power, and wealth, perhaps liberal democracy could work in all of them. But some countries are huge, rich, and powerful while others are small and weak. Given this scenario, a small weak nation that tries to set up a liberal democracy will come under the influence of the Imperial Democracy that says, “We are here to help” and makes an offer you can’t refuse.

    This is why the only viable kind of democracy is the National Democracy, but the Imperial Democracy hates it because it is homegrown and rises from the nation’s own seeds. Imperial Democracy seeks to remove all signs of nationalism as poison weeds from the roots while the globo-homo -Negro-Shlomo seedlings in other nations.

    Recent events have shown that the Imperial Democracy has grown to such size that even Americans are now seen and treated more like foreign subjects than national patriots.

    • Agree: Thomasina
  24. @Supply and Demand

    We need Trump arrested and executed in Gitmo by the highest courts before a civil discourse can happen, Phil.

    And his last words will be, “Muh Israel! I moved the embassy to Jerusalem.”

    Donald Cuck.

    • Agree: Supply and Demand
  25. anonymous[400] • Disclaimer says:

    Wilson had his espionage and sedition laws passed to forcibly repress resistance to his participation in the war which was not very popular at the time. Perhaps at present the party of the incoming regime may be thinking ahead past Trump to get legislation passed for the upcoming war against Iran. It’ll be unpopular and Americans may not be enthusiastic about it so it might be best to have it in place and the repression machine already up and running. After 9/11 they just happened to have the Homeland Security bill all ready to go in a filing cabinet. Plan ahead.

  26. Logic, evidence, proof, no longer matter. These are just bourgeois phallocentric repressions.

    It’s who/whom from here on.

  27. Thomasina says:
    @James Robinson

    And on January 6th they lost their supporters.

    But they don’t care because it’s a Uniparty, anyway. In the Uniparty there are no losers; just another side of the same coin.

    As long as their corporate masters are happy and they keep funneling them more money, the politicians could care less who wins and who they have to shove under the bus.

    Notice how quickly Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy turned against their “Deplorable” base, the base that got them elected, and how quickly they sided with Pelosi and Schumer? The Uniparty rides again!

    Nobody gets clamped down on as long as they keep believing in the show (that two honorable opposing sides are fighting for the good of the country), but the minute the curtain gets pulled back and the fraud, lies, and deception are revealed, the screws are tightened.

    They made a bad mistake on November 3rd.

    • Agree: Bubba
  28. This is all part of a divide and conquer strategy against the American people by the plutocracy, and it worked. During the Obama administration Republicans learned that they could rely on untruths to galvanize dissent like the accusation that Obama was not a US Citizen. The Democrats expanded and perfected this, giving it the sanctity of legitimacy with the Obama administration’s blessing. Republicans tried to ferment a half-baked version of Russiagate. I don’t know if they ever had control of their conspiracy theory or co-opted QAnon since I didn’t bother figuring out what that was until after the riot.

    It appears Democrats are out trying to teach white identitarianism to Christian Zionist which suites their agenda of compartmentalizing Americans into fictitious identities. They are telling half of voters that their white skin is the problem. The racism against Red America is real. Russiagate documents are supposedly going to be released soon. I hope they deflate these domestic terror parties. If not, then it maybe the end of free speech. We may lose more than our ability to speak. Who can survive after being banned by corporate America? The mask of our two parties and media organs has come off. The main difference between them and ISIS is that they control a state. People can let these things destroy the insides of their minds if they want to. They are irredeemable. The only way forward is for communities to organize and become self sufficient and quietly succeed from the national tyranny as much as possible. That isn’t going to happen though because national politics has consumed the country. Our democracy is in bad shape.

    9/11 truth has been with us for about two decades now because of US policy. How far will QAnon go? The Democrats may have incited a multi-decade war on domestic terror. I fear their actions may continuously feed the paranoid well that supplies QAnon. The way out is a honest reckoning for the last two elections but why would the Democrats want that? Republicans will seek to score points. They are already engaging in a half-baked version of Russiagate with Biden and Hunter’s laptop.

    • Replies: @Thomasina
  29. Anon[332] • Disclaimer says:

    To paraphrase Winston Churchill “The lamps are going out all over the United States, we will not see them lit again in our lifetime” how absolutely tragic this all is

    • Replies: @Mr. Anon
  30. But maggot Trump won’t do it.

    • Agree: Fallingwater
  31. BuelahMan says:
    @James Robinson

    Worthless bunch of liars and actors, deserving of total dissolution. And the Dems are worse.

    Never an R or D Again!

  32. I am listening, but not believing what I hear. There is too much willful ignorance and circular logic to believe what I am hearing in this instance, with the two worst candidates running in the general election in my lifetime, both presiding over the worst economy and corruption in American history, for which they were both played leading rolls in. The smoke and mirrors stop diverting the audiences attention, once they realize what they are used for. After the third economic collapse in twenty years, and 9/11, the seven false flag wars, and the scamdemic, it just will not work for them anymore. It’s over.

    Andrea Iravani

  33. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Patrick of Greenport"] says:


    Trump lost the election because of the racial tansformation of America….If the Democrats cheated in the vote count., it is so very irrevelevant.

    A year ago, Trump boasted on Fox about how he was excited about he was going to import China’s and India’s Youth Population to America. The Maga-Tards in the Pickup Trucks were oblivious……

  34. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Patrick of Greenport"] says:
    @War for Blair Mountain


    The MagaTards were a hardcore vote for bombing Iran a year ago…..and occupying Syria. One itchy teenage-trigger finger and Russian Soldiers are slaughtered.

    The outcome of the election was determined back in 1965 with the passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act.

    I haven’t posted in over a year on Unz Review(Comment Control:Patrick of Greenport=War for Blair Mountain)….And I just want to register my disgust a the Dissident Right worship of JFK on Unz Review. The 1965 Immigration Reform Act was Teddy’s permanent monument of demographic racial violence to The Historic Native Born White American Majority. JFK was an enthusiasts for this….

    • Replies: @JimDandy
  35. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Patrick of Greenport"] says:

    Chinese “Americans” and Hindu “Americans ” control Silicon Valley Labor Markets…. The Historic Native Born White White American Majority has been displaced of its Nation.

    The threat of China has always been through Chinese Legal immigrants and US Born Chinese Legal Immigrants….The Chinese can legally vote to displace The Historical Native Born White American Majority of their Lands….Trump supported this…..

  36. JimDandy says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    “The MagaTards were a hardcore vote for bombing Iran a year ago…..and occupying Syria. One itchy teenage-trigger finger and Russian Soldiers are slaughtered.”

    This is simply untrue. Trump did not bomb Iran, deescalated in Syria, and became the first president in 40 years to not start a new war. There is one reason for this: Trump’s base would have abandoned him had he done otherwise.

    There is a reason Bill Kristol, Max Boot, Jennifer Rubin, etc. having been frothing at the mouth with deranged hatred towards Trump and his voters for 5 years now. It’s the same reason this election was stolen from him.

    As for UR and JFK, the fact that Kennedy was deeply flawed doesn’t mean he wasn’t victimized by evil forces.

  37. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Patrick of Greenport"] says:

    Your given Trump exuses to support ISIS in Syria…On Trump’s orders the US Military went deep into Syria….US Armed vehicles just feet away from Russian Armed Vehicles….A shooting war hasn’t happened because of sheer dumb luck…..And why did Trump murder General Solemani?… Only the good will of Iranian Leadership which was justified in massive retaliation against US troops, if it were up to Trump, a thousand silver coffins would have been flown back to the US first day of combat.

    • Disagree: JimDandy
  38. Adrian says:

    The more the Democrats demonize the “deplorables” the more they implicitly accuse the Establishment. Cp. Macaulay’s reflections on the Civil War in 17th Century England (in his essay on Milton):

    If it were possible that a people brought up under an intolerant and arbitrary system could subvert that system without acts of cruelty and folly, half the objections to despotic power would be removed. We should, in that case, be compelled to acknowledge that it at least produces no pernicious effects on the intellectual and moral character of a nation. We deplore the outrages which accompany revolutions. But the more violent the outrages, the more assured we feel that a revolution was necessary. The violence of those outrages will always be proportioned to the ferocity and ignorance of the people; and the ferocity and ignorance of the people will be proportioned to the oppression and degradation under which they have been accustomed to live. Thus it was in our civil war.

  39. These wokemons are really just hound dogs. They deserve to hear the Elvis song.

    They can’t see, hear, find, or think on their own. They are profoundly uncurious and uncritical. And that’s why their minds must be directed by OTHERS who offer courses in Critical Theory. Critical Theory fills the void of those who can’t be independently critical of anything. They must be TOLD and DIRECTED what to revere and what to revile. They are like dogs.

    That’s why the current progs are just a bunch of hound dogs. With no agency and agenda of their own, they rely on the master to give them the scents to follow. Once hound dogs are given the scent, they go after it with single-minded devotion, blind obsession. But what is the ultimate reason for this behavior? Because dogs evolved to seek approval of the top dog(which is human master). Bloodhounds want approval for having tracked down the scent. They will go to hell and back to follow the scent to win approval, and that attainment of approval is what gives meaning to their lives. Likewise, nothing is more satisfying to a wokemon hound than having hunted down ‘bad thought’ and being approved by his/her master.

    So many people go to college, but many of them are dummies. In a saner world, far fewer people would attend. But as colleges now fill up with tons of dummies(made worse with aff-act), there is a much larger pool of dummies for radical or Jewish professors to manipulate into a state of frenzy. These students certainly can’t think for themselves. They grew up with rootless parents, on TV and junk culture, and PC education. As they can’t really think, they prefer ide0logical dogma or downright idolatry. Then, all you need are a few catechisms, slogans, and banners.

    Just like bloodhounds, they need others to provide them with scents to track down. Then, they chase after Fugitive Thoughts that don’t want to be chained to the plantation filled with cotton-picking narratives.
    Of course, the wokemon hounds often do get out of control. It’s like bloodhounds are so obsessed with tracking down the scent that they will look for the scent ANYWHERE and sometimes run in the wrong direction. Likewise, once a wokemon hound is provided with scent of ‘racism’, ‘antisemitism’, or ‘homophobia’, he or she will try to sniff it out of ANYTHING he or she comes across. THAT one ‘scent’ becomes an all-consuming passion. And when he or she finds it, he or she runs off to the authority and says, “LOOK, I FOUND IT”, and expects a pat on the head by the higher authority. Good doggy, and here’s a biscuit.

    What we should do is toy with the ‘scent’ and make the hounds retrace it to their master. The Jewish master says go after ‘racism’, and the bloodhounds come for us. But if we label Zionism and Jewish Power as ‘racism’ and supremacism, the hounds may well circle back to their master.
    This is why Jews fear BDS. It leads the scent right back to Jews. Jews say ‘racism bad, so go after white racists’, but BDS says ‘look, Jews reek of racism and supremacism in the Middle East’.

    As long as Jews are providing scents to woke hounds to track down fugitive white thought, it is utterly useless when whites say nothing but ‘Muh Israel’. When someone smeared scent on you and then provided the scent to dogs to track you down and rip you to pieces, the last thing you should be doing is praising him to high heaven. You should be clever and smear him with the very scent that he provided to the hounds.

    The current wokemonism is all about Dollars and Scents. Jews got the dollars and provide the scents to the idiot hounds who can’t think on their own. They must be provided by others as to what to worship, what to hate, what to attack, and etc.
    What is a FOOL? A fool is someone who is told two contradictory statements but mindlessly accepts both. It’s no wonder so many wokemon fools claim to oppose inequality but have no problem with the supremacism of Jews. Only a fool would believe in BLM, but fools will be fools.

  40. Thomasina says:
    @Johnny F. Ive

    Russiagate was a hoax, but the Biden family actually have taken money from Ukraine and China, just like the Clinton Foundation did from Russia.

    • Replies: @Johnny F. Ive
  41. Notsofast says:

    i don’t think he foolishly fell into a trap. he either worked a deal to throw his supporters under the bus to save his ass, or he was a judas goat to start with.

  42. @GoneForever

    It needs remembering also, by “today’s twenty- and thirty-somethings,” that along with the “blood, swear and tears” of their European forebears, the “the forces that created America” did so by the violent destruction of not just the freedom but the very lives of most of the People who were already here on Turtle Island. It needs remembering, too, that much of the “wealth” piled-up in that process came not only from the forced labor of captive people, but from the commodification of their bodies.

    The insanity of aiding and abetting the Planet-wasting process of the “civilization” disease is hardly the exclusive province of “the White race.” That their “self”-satisfied efforts are maybe especially instrumental in bringing it to its inevitable and imminent DEAD END, though, is quite possible.

    This “project” was bound bound from its inception to end badly. The best to be hoped-for, here deep into the disease’s own terminal stage, is that it at-least ends quickly.

  43. I can’t wait until the sleeping beauties over at the Pentagon and the other Intel agencies wake up to the Brave New World waiting for them once Joe Biden has sworn his oath to defend the Constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestic.

    Do any of those career officers in the Pentagon and Intel agencies really believe that once they’ve purged and canceled all of Trump’s associates and the Trump deplorables they they’ll still have their cushy sinecures at the government trough?

    Do they really think the Deep Shiite State will have satiated is blood lust by canceling Trump and all his associates and defenders?

    In fact I wouldn’t doubt they’ll need to purge the whole upper echelon over at the five sided building and associated agencies. Can’t take a chance that some of them might have reservations about cracking down hard on all those domestic terrorists.

    Wouldn’t doubt one bit heads will be rolling in a Stalinesque purge sooner rather than later. Can’t have anyone standing in the way of putting the Kulaks in their place or starting a war with Iran.

    Of course, the sleeping beauties can placate themselves think that they’re all on board with a new war with Iran. And, that will save them. And, they know they’ll need those same Trump Deplorable to act as cannon fodder in this new war.

    But, our new overlords see it differently and will want their own trusted toadies leading those same agencies that could be used to overthrow them.

    Learn from history:

  44. JimDandy says:

    Is it an established fact that an officer who died was hit in the head with a fire extinguisher?

    • Replies: @ThreeCranes
    , @Cowboy
  45. @Thomasina

    That is true but the Trump administration didn’t select a few FBI, CIA, and NSA analysts to put out an assessment saying Biden works for Xi. Republicans relied on weirdos outside of government instead and that got them in trouble. No China election interference. CISA said there was no election interference. Trump’s election fraud claims fizzle when his own administration undercuts them. Trump has a few days left and no declassified Russiagate documents yet. I’m starting to wonder if it isn’t incompetence but that he’s actually hiding something.

    I doubt China has the same level of influence on Biden as Bibi does, so it isn’t worth it pushing him to have an aggressive posture on China by Republicans seeking to score points against him.

  46. @JimDandy

    “Is it an established fact that an officer who died was hit in the head with a fire extinguisher?”

    No. Nothing convincing. There is no connection between the man hit with the fire extinguisher and a man who may or may not have later died.

    Obvious from the video that the fire extinguisher was casually tossed and glanced off the helmet of an officer. The officer’s head was not displaced sideways because the blow was glancing. No one was hurt. The officer shrugged it off.

    A few days after the protests, Democrats realized that shooting a vet in cold blood made them look bad so they decided to come up with an equalizer. They looked through all the video and came upon the harmless fire extinguisher incident. Ahha!!!!

    By the time America’s glorious new service was finished, the incident morphed into a loyal public servant being “beaten to death with a fire extinguisher”.

    • Thanks: Fallingwater
    • Replies: @JimDandy
  47. JimDandy says:

    And now even our favorite ex-CIA-officer-who-sees-through-the-propaganda is reporting it as fact? I’m not asserting that it did or didn’t happen, but… kind of weird for this narrative to be running unchallenged without any proof.

    • Agree: ThreeCranes
  48. @Greta Handel

    The fortunate side of the events of the 6th of January, and their fallout, is that the RINO party will likely (hopefully) be destroyed. So now we will live in an overt single-party system instead of a covert one masquerading around as “the great democratic debate of ideas” or some horseshit like that.

  49. A most necessary objective: The Holocaust Narrative must be turned on its head. It is most necessary because the biggest threat to world peace and justice is unrestrained Jewish Power that is now just as supremacist as Nazism was, if not more so. Like the Nazis who thought any number of Slavs and lesser folks should be sacrificed for the creation of Greater Germany, powerful Jews feel any number of Arabs/Muslims and goyim in general should be sacrificed on the altar of “Is it GREAT for Jews?” (Apparently, “Is it GOOD for Jews?” isn’t good enough.) Of course, Nazism was overtly supremacist whereas Current Jews are covertly supremacist, but if we appraise Jewish Power by its walk than its walk, it is undeniably in supremacist mode.
    After all, it’s actions that count, not. If someone says he would never steal but steals, he’s a thief. If someone says he didn’t commit murder but did, he is a murderer. We need to bypass the ‘sayology’ and take a good hard look at the ‘do-ology’ of Jewish Power. Never mind what Jews say. Judge them by what they do. Given the events of the past fifty years, it leads one to believe Jews feel a single Jewish life is infinitely more precious than countless goy lives. It isn’t just Madeleine Albright saying it was worth it to kill half a million Arab kids. Jews have pushed for various Wars for Israel in which countless Arabs and Muslims have gotten traumatized, displaced, crippled, or killed. And, many American soldiers have died or got maimed; and the conscientious among them have to live with the fact that they took part in Jewish-Supremacist Imperialist ventures that destroyed entire nations. But Jews feel zero guilt and, if anything, feel justified in what they’ve done because it’s goyim sacrificed for the interests of Jews, the superior race. So, despite what they say about ‘liberal democracy’ and anti-supremacism, Jews are utterly supremacist in what they actually DO, and in the end, it is the doing, not the saying, that counts. (But with monopolistic control the media, Jews can hoodwink a lot of people. Too often, the Power of the Word > Reality of the World. So, even though Israel has hundreds of nukes aimed at other nations, all the alarm in the Western Media is about Iran getting nukes even though it hasn’t a single one and US intelligence services have yet to prove Iran has a viable nuclear weapons program.) It is actually worse than that. If Jews preferred good Jews over bad goyim, that would be one thing. Even if they preferred good Jews over good goyim, that too would be somewhat understandable as many peoples favor their own kind over others. Then, Jews would have some degree of moral credence. But based on what Jews really DO, it’s evident Jews believe even BAD Jews are superior and possess souls/bodies more precious than those of GOOD goyim. A moralist favors the good of the other kind over the bad of his own kind. A tribalist favors the good of his own kind over the good of the other kind. A supremacist, in contrast, favors even the bad of his own kind over the good of the other kind. Who can deny that Jewish Power is now in the third mode, that if utter supremacism. How many Jews protest the pardoning of Jonathan Pollard by Barack Obama and Donald Trump? It was reported that the biggest funeral in Israel was for a Rabbi who said Jews are so superior to goyim that the latter exist like cattle to serve Jews. Apparently, even secular Jews who may not consciously think that way nevertheless FEEL that way given the trajectory of Jewish-dominated domestic and foreign policies emanating from the US.

    If we judge them by their actions, secular and ‘liberal’ Jews feel that even the lives of bad Jews are more precious than lives of good goyim. The attitude is not unlike how we humans regard the animal world, i.e. we favor even bad humans over good animals. Even criminals have rights and are kept alive in prison whereas perfectly innocent animals are slaughtered for meat. If an animal kills a human, even when it is provoked, it faces extermination. But if a nasty human kills an innocent dog or cat, the punishment is relatively minor. If we judge Jews by what they do, they are supremacist. SCHINDLER’S LIST quoted a piece of spiritual wisdom that goes like, “To save a single life is to save the world”, but apparently, that single life must be a Jewish life. Jews really practice, “Better to save a single Jewish life than the world of filthy inferior goyim.” How else can we explain all these pardons under Bill Clinton, Bush II, Obama, and Donald Trump? Jews have been applying pressure to have some of the worst Jews go free, and Jews on both sides of the aisle are totally okay with this. Democrat Jew or Republican Jew, it all comes down to “We Jews are so special and superior that we are above the laws that apply to inferior goyim.” So, even though many goyim who committed far lesser crimes rot in prison, some of the worst Jews that ever lived go free(and are soon making big fortunes again in the bosom of the Jewish community). Jonathan Pollard sold US secrets to Israel which then traded those secrets with the USSR, the arch-enemy of the US at the time. The information led to executions of scores of double-agents in the USSR. So, Pollard wasn’t only a spy and traitor but effectively a murderer as well. But Jews don’t care. He goes free, and there is NO OUTRAGE among Jews. Obama set him free, and Trump(despite getting rump-humped by Jews) lets the bastard fly off to Israel. And Netanyahu greets and hails the traitor as a hero, and not a single US politician, general, or intelligence officer expressed any outrage, probably out of fear of being targeted by Jewish Power that operates like the mafia; even if Jews don’t have you destroyed outright, they can pull various strings to prevent you from being promoted and favored within the Deep State because all goy politicians and operatives live in fear of being associated with anyone who dared to voice opposition to What-Jews-Want. Even after the Pollard-Netanyahu stunt, we are told over and over by both parties that Israel is our greatest ally. Why not just say “Israel is our god”, therefore whatever Jews do is sacrosanct and must be obeyed? When it comes to blind worship of all things Jewish, the US is hardly different from North Korea: Jews are Kim Jong-Un and the goyim are the mindless dogs. The sheer obeisance borne of fear, awe, sentimentality, and rapture on the part of goyim, from politicians to voters, is hardly distinguishable from the slavish servility of North Koreans toward their Supreme Leader. Following victory in the Pacific War, US preached to the Japanese about liberty, rationalism, and rule of law and imposed a Liberal Democracy on those grounds. Japan was to reject Emperor Worship, Hirohito declared himself a man and not a god, and there would be no more of that atavistic attachments at odds with modernity. That was the US then, but now, the US is an insane, irrational, and quasi-spiritual metropole of blind worship of vile Jewish Power, vain globo-homo, and vicious black thuggery, one where the likes of George Floyd are spun into saints. Jews control the gods, and we must shut our eyes/ears and turn off our minds to any thought that goes against what the Jewish-controlled gods say. Americans worship Hirohitowitz

    When Jews have done so much to bring down Donald Trump but his main priority is to curry favor with Jews by threatening Iran some more, pardoning a bunch of Jewish crooks, and letting Pollard fly off to Israel, the US is already ‘North Korea’ in the ‘spiritual’ sense. Jews own goy souls because Jews control the gods. If Jews really believed in what they SAY about human rights and liberal democracy, they would have expressed outrage over Jewish pressures upon Obama to pardon Pollard and upon Trump to let him move to Israel, the very nation that enabled the espionage. (On the other hand, as long as all US politicians repeat the mantra “Israel Is Our Greatest Ally” over and over, any espionage that benefits Israel cannot be treason, I guess.) But, there is only glib silence among Jews who are only too happy to see one of their own be released regardless of his crimes. Jews, ‘right’ or ‘left’, believe even a guilty lowlife Jew is more deserving of freedom & opportunity than any bunch of subhuman goyim.

    Consider the Jewish historiography about the so-called Red Scare. What was a reaction to? It was to expose the many communist spies in various US departments. Some Jews even sent nuclear weapons secrets to mass killer Stalin, the arch-communist who’d grabbed all of Eastern Europe after World War II. But notice that the MAIN THEME about the era is not about what those Jewish traitors and spies did but what Joe McCarthy did. So, never mind widespread Jewish treachery in service of a communist mass killer. Just focus on how McCarthy prevented some people from working in Hollywood for a few yrs. Of course, Jews were especially offended because a good number of blacklisted writers and directors were Jewish.
    Such pseudo-tragedy got far more historical attention and moral condemnation than the over 100,000 Japanese-in-American dispossessed and ‘interned’ during World War II. (One wonders if Jews supported US government reparations to the Japanese-Americans because they grabbed much of the confiscated wealth. Without the government paying off the Japanese-Americans, Jews might have been sued to return the wealth.) And how did ADL get started? Jews felt a Jewish rapist-murderer’s life was too precious for goy justice. Why should a Jew die for raping and killing a subhuman goy girl? Jews facing goy justice would be like a man being tried by apes. Jews even used pressure to have Nathan Leopold sprung from jail despite his horrid crime. He was sentenced to life in prison and 99 yrs for kidnapping, but he was released during his lifetime. And of course, Jews have done everything to ensure Roman Polanski remains free despite his vile crime.


    If we judge Jews by what they DO, they are totally supremacist and believe Jews are God’s or History’s Made Men who should be above the law, at least vis-a-vis goyim. Jews think a Jew killing a goy is like a man killing an animal. The punishment shouldn’t be too harsh as a superior being killed an inferior being. Goyim in this equation are rather like blacks on the southern plantation where a white killing a black wasn’t as bad as white killing a white(and of course black killing a white).
    The New Slavery is invisible to most because it’s not based goyim being denied the Rule of Law but on Jews being Above the Law. There are two forms of slavery: One is where the some are denied the Rule of Law, and the Other is where some are not bound by the rule of law. So, even though we are not slaves in the technical sense, we are bound by the Rule of Law whereas Jews are Above the Law(or they rule the law). This arrangement effectively turns us into slaves of Jews because WE must obey the rules whereas the Jews and their allies do not. In 2020, why were Antifa and BLM able to run riot and loot and burn? As they had the blessing/protection of Jews, they did the bidding of Jews hellbent on getting rid of Trump and punishing America for having elected him(and for daring to re-elect him). James Field, whose crime was infinitely less grave than what Jonathan Pollard did, will rot in prison forever.
    If blacks in the past wanted to be equal under the law, Jews want to be above the law. (Of course, blacks today want what Jews got and are no longer interested in equality under the law. Fish rots from the head, and Jewish above-the-law-ism has infected the mega-egos of homos and blacks as well.) Blacks and homos also demand to be above the laws and norms that govern and bind the rest of us.
    In this sense, slavery is relative. Even if no one is technically a slave in the classic sense in the new order, the system is essentially a slave state IF some people are NOT bound by laws that apply to the rest. If I get to cheat, steal, and murder but am not be judged like everyone else under the law, I’m essentially a master over others. Of course, some Jews do end up in prison, but how long did it take for Bernie Madoff to finally get caught? And he was offered as scapegoat only to deflect public view from similar crookedness by Wall Street on a far larger scale. And how long did it take for Harvey Weinstein to face justice? (And how long before he is pardoned too?) And why did Jeffrey Epstein get so many sweetheart deals before he finally got locked up for real. But then, what really happened? And why aren’t journalists pursuing these questions? But then, why would they? Many are Jewish, and even non-Jewish ones work for Jewish owned corporations.
    Relativity of freedom says that the Rule of Law is liberating and empowering for everyone IF everyone is bound by the law. So, for those who are not protected by the Rule of Law, it is a step up IF they too gain the protection. It doesn’t mean they get to do as they please, but it means the system will protect them from those who dare to as they please. Rule of Law is like a key everyone has to the door of justice. But, in an order where some are allowed to be Above the Law, the Rule of Law becomes repressive and enslaving. It becomes a chain. Why should people be bound and tied to the Law when others are allowed to do as they please and not only not punished but rewarded?

    Paradoxically, Jewish Evil flows from (the cult of) Jewish Sainthood, the Holocaust Narrative. The Narrative would have us believe that because Jews suffered so horribly at the hands of the most evil regime(and its many collaborators) that ever existed, they must be noble, holy, and totally innocent. After all, Evil attacks the Good, and if the Nazis were the most evil people that ever lived, they surely went after the most wonderful, wise, and noble people that ever lived on Earth. So, as the Holocaust Narrative says Jews are so good(and as Jews have bought into their own myth), whatever they do must be good or at least forgivable whereas anyone who condemns or criticizes Jews must be evil… because only ‘nazis’ would hate such a good people. So, even though the true lesson of the Shoah should be anti-supremacism, it has only cleared the way for Jewish moral supremacism that justifies whatever Jews do.

    Now, if Jews were a powerless or middling people, such conceits wouldn’t be so dangerous. But when Jews are the most powerful people in the US(therefore all the world), it poses a grave danger to all humanity to have such a people dominate the US as lone superpower. And this is why we need to revisit and revise the Holocaust Narrative for the good of both Jews and ourselves because the Holocaust Card has become a get-out-of-prison insurance for Jews no matter what they do.

    And for that reason, it is important we try to turn the Holocaust Narrative on its head. No, don’t be like lunatic deniers and say it didn’t happen or Jewish deaths were all just an accident. Even if the 6 million number is surely bogus, there was a Plan and millions of Jews perished(though I’d guess many Jews ended up dead like goyim caught up in the war than exterminated by the Nazis; when bombs fall, they don’t discriminate between Jew and Goy). We need to reject the deniers and instead put the Shoah in a more meaningful context. It would be monstrous to say the Jews deserved it, but it’d be equally foolish to say Jews were white-as-snow innocent angels who were just set upon for no reason by crazy lunatics who just hallucinated the evils associated with Jewish power, influence, and activities. The Shoah was an extreme reaction that went off the rails, but it was a reaction to very real Jewish evils. Also, given the Jewish roles in the events that led up to WWII, one could argue Jews were more deserving of the horror than many groups in the 20th century who got smashed to pieces for no reason at all. Any nation/people that happened to be situated between Nazi Germany and Commie Russia got crushed in WWII. They were like mice caught between two elephants. Consider the fate of Laos and Cambodia that suffered horribly because it happened to be ‘caught between’ North Vietnam and the US. Vietnamese used their territories to reach South Vietnam, and the US dropped tons of bombs on them, weakening the ruling regimes and driving many to the communists. The peoples of Laos and Cambodia had nothing to do with the global forces that led to the Cold War, but so many got ground to dust.

    But Jews were different. Jews played a decisive role in the events and developments that led to World War II that killed many more goyim than Jews(though Jews may have suffered the most in per capita terms). Jews often blame not only Germany but other nations as well. They say the entire civilized world bears guilt one way or another. European nations were guilty of either neutrality or allying with Nazi Germany. And too many Europeans collaborated with the Germans in rounding up Jews. And Russia was guilty of the Nazi-Soviet Pact. US and UK were guilty of dragging their feet to fight the Nazis, and they didn’t sufficiently bomb the railroads used for shipping Jews to the death camps. So, most goyim were killers, collaborators, cowards, feet-draggers, or simply didn’t care enough. So, by varying gradations, all goyim are guilty for what happened to the Jews. So, all the world must get on their knees and pray and pay, offer hollers and dollars. Some have to pay more, with rich Germany at the top of the list. But UK and US must also pay because they didn’t do enough. And besides, Jews argue that the Shoah was more-or-less a culmination of the entire history of antisemitism in Europe. So, ALL OF WESTERN HISTORY must atone for its crime against Jews.

    But, that is only one way to look at it. It is but one way to connect the dots. But we can play the same game.

    Another way is to demand that Jews feel some guilt toward humanity for their prominent role in the events and developments that led to crises and conflicts that finally exploded in World War II and destroyed so many people, mostly goyim. Jews should look in the mirror and take a more honest assessment of their place in history. It’s like Japanese are right to mourn what happened in the firebombing of Tokyo and the nukings of Hiroshima/Nagasaki, but those didn’t just happen because the US decided to go bat-shit crazy and cross the Pacific to kill whole lot of ‘Japs’ for the hell of it. Granted, the US should look in the mirror and realize it too played a role in the developments that led to the Pacific War. After all, it had been US and UK that emboldened Japanese imperialism as leverage against Imperial Russia and counterweight to slowly-but-surely waking China. It was disingenous for the US to enable Japanese Imperialism in Asia and then suddenly pull out the rug and play the good guy opposed to imperialism. (After WWII, the US aided French Imperialism against the Viet Minh.)

    While it’d be cruel to blame ONLY JEWS for the events that led to WWII, one could make a solid case that the war and its horrors would not have taken place IF Jews had been less radical, irresponsible, greedy, and arrogant(and so utterly lacking in self-awareness, not least by projecting all their own pathologies onto others).

    First, there was the Jewish role in the communist putsch in the Soviet Union. Also, most communist movements in Germany and Eastern Europe were led by Jews. Why did Jews have to push something so radical? Moderate socialism was gaining ground in Europe. Even conservatives accepted some degree of socialism as compromise with the working masses. People like Bismarck had negotiated with socialists. But communists were different. They were for radical violence, and their vision frightened the bourgeoisie and the old order; it even alienated most goy working class. Would fascist and other hard-rightist movements come to power in Italy, Germany, and other nations IF NOT for the threat of communism and other forms of radicalism in which Jews were prominent, either as activists or theorists?

    Besides, this fear wasn’t just some fantasy cooked up by the ‘far right’. Communists in the USSR pioneered modern totalitarianism and mass terror on an unprecedented scale. Jews were vastly over-represented in the secret police and rounded up countless people. Millions ended up dead in gulags or by summary execution. Many were tortured and traumatized for life. All property and wealth was looted by the state. And Christians fared especially terribly at the hand of communists, and Jews played a big part in this blood orgy. 50,000 churches were destroyed in the USSR. So much of culture and tradition gone. In time, the word of these tragedies reached the West and drove many Christians to favor the right over the left, indeed even the far-right because the far-left in the USSR showed what it was capable of.
    Who could deny that Jews played a huge role in communism? The failed German communist putsch was led by Jews. If it hadn’t been for the threat posed by communism, would Europe have fallen under fascist and hard-right dictatorships? It certainly would have been less likely. While Jews were not the only monsters of far-left radicalism, they played a key role that alienated so many goyim and hardened their hearts to Jewish suffering later.

    But it wasn’t just the Jewish radicals of the far-left who made things worse for themselves and mankind. It was Jewish capitalists and cultural perverts, especially in Germany following World War I. Germany had just gone through the ordeal of war and faced the challenges of rebuilding the economy and creating a whole new economic order. The Versailles Treaty already made things very difficult, and national tensions were bound to be high as certain territories with German-majority populations were given to Poland and Czech nation. Still, most Germans swallowed their pride and bore the brunt of post-war hardships and supported the new republic. During this most crucial time, Jews could have played a constructive, healthy, and patriotic role. But what did so many Jews do? They took advantage of German weakness and worked with International Jewry to financially fleece Germany and picks it to its bones. Just when Jews had a great opportunity to show themselves to be good patriots and fellow-citizens, they took advantage of German weakness to rig financial institutions and make off like bandits while the bulk of the German population saw their lifetimes savings wiped out overnight by hyper-inflation.
    But there was even more, indeed as if the worst among the Jewish population simply couldn’t resist showing their true colors. For a nation in dire straits, the best remedy is morality, unity, and sobriety in culture and values. The US in the throes of the Great Depression got culturally more sober and conservative. (If, by the time FDR took office, the US had been in a deep depression for three years, Germany had been in a depression for fifteen years when Hitler took power in the same year. Naturally, the German solution turned out be far more radical, as well as vengeful, than the American one. The Jazz Age happened in the US when the times were good. In contrast, something far more decadent and downright degenerate befell Weimar Germany during a Depression that was far worse than anything that hit America.) But just when Germans were most desperate and confused, Jews led the way in promoting the very worst of soul-befouling Weimar Culture. While Weimar Period was not without cultural ferment, much of it was sick, grotesque, demented, and pathological. Also, the timing was all wrong. In the real estate business, there’s a saying, “Location, Location, Location”. In history, it’s “Timing, Timing, Timing”. Much of Weimar Culture was the last thing Germans needed at the time. When a people who’d been defeated, humiliated, and dispossessed couldn’t help but notice that Jews were among the biggest spreaders of cultural pollution, why should it surprise anyone that it eventually led to a huge backlash? Such fury at capitalist decadence was certainly not limited to the Far Right. The Communists also railed against the Decadents who wallowed in filth when so many fellow nationals were suffering. Indeed, Jewish Leftists themselves denounced the greedy elites and the bourgeoisie for their oysters, champagne, and balls while The People couldn’t find work. Consider the films of Sergei Eisenstein and other radical Jewish directors who depicted the elites as either corrupt aristocrats or greedy capitalists reveling in pleasure and piggery while the people had no bread.
    Then, why should it be so surprising to Jews that the National Socialists would score big with the same narrative as the Jews in particular fared far better than your average German during the Weimar Years? Jews were not only over-represented among the bourgeoisie but in the financial sector that was deemed more parasitic and vulnerable to rigging. Furthermore, Jews were culturally more ‘liberal’ than most goy members of the bourgeoisie who were more involved in making things than manipulating currency. As Karl Marx had already said in the 19th Century, capitalism brings out the worst in Jews; but then, did Marx know that communism would also bring out the worst in Jews but in another way. Either way, Jews gained tremendous power and/or wealth at the expense of goyim in both Soviet Russia and Weimar Germany. No wonder both Stalin and Hitler thought something had to be done. Communists didn’t name the Jew, but the Trotsky elements were purged. In Germany, the Jew was named, but unfortunately not only for things they were responsible for but just about everything. (It is in this regard that Hitler’s view of Jews was, in more ways than one, a counterpart of Jewish view of goyim. After all, Jews aren’t content to blame only the Germans of the National Socialist Era for what befell the Jews. Instead, many Jewish scholars have argued that Germans have long had dark souls, especially about Jews, and this pathology finally showed its face in WWII. Evil in innate in the German soul, history, and/or culture. Jews went ever farther and argued that ALL of European History was somehow responsible for the Shoah, which was no accident but the inevitable culmination of the sickness at the heart of Western Civilization. In other words, European-Christian Civilization, given its innate evil, was predestined to commit such a crime against the wise and noble Jews. And of course, Jews have gone even beyond that in current America where whiteness has been made synonymous with deviltry. While Jewish rhetoric isn’t exactly eliminationist so far, it is certainly ‘humiliationist’ and dissolutionist, i.e. the only way whites can be good is by groveling before Jews and their favored allies and, furthermore, offering white wombs to create black babies than white ones. In a similar vein, Hitler was convinced that the Jewish Problem went far beyond what rotten things the Jews were doing in his time. Jewish role in bloody radicalism, financial looting, and cultural degeneracy all owed to a deeper sickness of the Jewish soul, one that could be resolved preferably by expulsion from European lands or, if push came to shove, eliminationist means. Hitler vs the Jews was a war of one supremacism vs another supremacism, both with an over-arching theory as to why the other side is so cursed that it must be defeated, humiliated, and, if need be, eliminated.) If Jewish radicals said to goy masses, “You suffer because the piggy elites exploit you and party all night long; therefore, rise up and destroy them”, it’s hardly surprising that ‘Anti-Semites’ resorted to similar tactics: “You live in misery because Jews rob you and corrupt you; rise up and take back what’s yours.” (These days, Jews suppress not only racial politics but class politics among whites. Racial politics are okay only if directed against whites and sometimes at Arabs. There was a time when a good number of Jews belonged among the working class or hungry scholars and felt betrayed by capitalism that seemed to favor an alliance of rich Jews and rich goyim at the expense of All-Jew-Unity. No wonder they turned to socialism and even communism, even against Jewish capitalists. But now, with so many Jews being super-rich, rich, or affluent in the US and, furthermore, due to All-Jew-Unity premised on Zionism and Pride of Hegemony among all within the Tribe, most Jews are agreed that the best way forward is the formula of Jewish tribalism, supremacism, and capitalism to be shielded by a rebranded ‘left’ that poses as ‘radical’ but really serves to promote globo-homo and protect the vast wealth and privilege of Jews. Jews got burned by National Socialism but also lost out under communism in the long run, and so, Jews have decided to bury both racial politics and class politics among the white population. No wonder Bernie Sanders took a dive against Hillary and Joe Biden. He didn’t really want to win because he’s a Jew first and ‘socialist’ second. Better to have a goy toy as total puppet of Jewish Power than be put in a position where he is expected to choose socialism over tribalism.) If Jews hadn’t acted the way they did after World War I, there would have been far less likelihood of National Socialism gaining power. After all, the two major European countries that were deemed ‘most notoriously antisemitic’ were Russia and France, not Germany, where Jews had generally fared better in the 19th century, especially under Bismarck.
    Then, why did so many Germans come to hate Jews in the interwar period? Just when Germans were felt trapped in the purgatory of history, too many Jews acted like capitalist pigs or cultural psychos. The program of the Jewish Left was no consolation either as it alienated most Germans. Communism, while claiming to be for social justice, had already shown its ugly face in Russia. If Jewish degenerates degraded culture with filth, Jewish communists declared different kind of culture war to create the New Man. Too many Jews robbed Germany, and too many Jews polluted the culture, dominated organized crime, and vices of all kinds.

    Because Jews, in all their egotism and ethnocentrism, never seem to own up to injustices done to goyim, repeated the same thing all over again in Russia of the 1990s, which paved the way for Vladimir Putin who thankfully is no Hitler. But Jews, with megalomaniacal neurosis to match that of the HAL-9000 computer, admit to no faults on their part and just insist Putin is New Hitler and it’s all Russia’s fault that the ‘reforms’ didn’t pan out in the 1990’s. Never mind what Russian Jews did, and not with just a little collusion from World Jewry centered in the US. Jews are so full of themselves as wiser, smarter, and superior that they’re deathly afraid of admitting wrong, especially to inferior goyim.
    It’s like the pride of authority that adults have in relation to children. Even when the adults are clearly in the wrong, they’re loathe to admit as much because it would not only expose a fault but erode the aura of respect and authority. Whether parent or teacher, his authority over children rests on the shared perception on the part of him and the children that he knows best and they must take orders from him. Greater the arrogance of authority, bigger the anxiety of authority. The more a figure of authority denies fallibility, the more he fears being proven wrong. It’s no wonder HAL-9000 computer takes extreme measures to wipe out all evidence that it may have been wrong. Jewish Power is now this way. Jews believe themselves to be not only smarter and not only wiser but pretty much all-knowing. They also believe themselves to be holier and entitled to unconditional sympathy because of ‘Muh Holocaust’, which is remembered less as a mass killing of people than the mass-murder of gods, with every Jew being a little jesus; in other words, European Christians are the real christ-killers since every Jew is like a little christ and 6 million of them were killed. Combination of super-arrogance and super-anxiety has made Jews virtually incapable of admitting wrong and arriving at a sounder power arrangement with other groups. They are right even when wrong, and you better believe it. So, the very Neocons who pushed for the Iraq War are still going strong in the institutions, the very crooks who brought about the financial meltdown are still taking billions on Wall Street, and Jonathan Pollard isn’t just a free man but a HERO in Israel, America’s Greatest Ally. So, if Jewish Power is making things worse for the world, the fault is entirely with the world of goyim than anything the Jews may have done. In the case of Russia, if Jews had sense, they would be thankful that Putin is no Russian Hitler and, if anything, has been good to Jews who’ve supported his regime. But Jews got super-egos and must have everything their way.

    If it weren’t for Jewish radicalism(and the Bolshevik horrors in the USSR) that horrified the capitalists & conservatives(and even some liberals), Jewish finance capitalism that robbed Germany and left so many destitute, and Jewish cultural pollution that repelled so many Germans in seek of moral and spiritual guidance in hard times, it is highly unlikely that Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist Party would have amounted to much, let alone come to power. Even though Hitler among others over-stated the case on Jewish Evil, much of what he said had more than a kernel of truth for many Germans who’d witnessed and/or experienced various evils of the Weimar Period stemming from Jewish perfidy. Also, most Christian Churches and organizations would not have warmed up to Neo-Pagan National Socialism but for the fact that they came to associate Jews with Godless communism that butchered countless Christians in Russia and with Weimar degradation that turned culture into cesspool.

    True, Italian Fascism came to power BEFORE National Socialism, but Benito Mussolini was not particularly anti-Jewish and his movement was hardly a world-shaker. Besides, Mussolini initially expressed loathing for Hitler and formed an alliance with Germany only when it emerged as the indisputable strong horse in Europe. Though Hitler took some inspiration from Italian Fascism, it was not the main catalyst for National Socialism’s eventual triumph in Germany. It was the Depression and the failed democracy. The Depression was made far worse by Jewish financial predation on the economy, and the democratic project could hardly thrive in a culture of dissipation brought upon by degeneracy. As Jews played a key role in the deprivations and degradations of Weimar Germany, they deserve much, if not all, of the blame for the rise of National Socialism.
    While National Socialism was the last thing the Jews wanted, Jewish behavior made its rise almost inevitable. It’s like the last thing a homo wants is AIDS but if he keeps getting rammed up the ass, he’s likely to get it. The last thing a criminal wants is to be arrested, but if he keeps stealing, he’ll end up behind bars. The Nazis proved to be the bad cops of history, indeed arch-criminals to boot, but the rise of the Nazis was in large measure a reaction to Jewish venality. Now, it may well be that the majority of middle class German Jews were decent folks, but then, power is always defined and decided by the elites, and Jewish elites of money, culture, and politics gave a terrible account of themselves that affected goyim’s perception of the Jewish community in general. Fair or not, people were apt to think, “If most Jews are good, why don’t they do something about the bad ones? They do nothing because they agree with the bad Jews.” Or maybe most Jews weren’t so bad but supportive of bad Jews out of pride of tribal riches and influence. It’s like many Germans who weren’t particularly keen on Hitler nevertheless supported him as the champion of German restoration and pride in the world.
    It’s like most white Southerners didn’t own slaves and had no role in the slave trade, but the decisions of the elites tainted all the American South, just like the decisions of the Japanese elites in WWII led to ruination of the whole populace. Elites matter. When the elites stink, all the people suffer.

    Ironically, despite National Socialism’s antipathy toward Jews, they most likely wouldn’t have risen to power if not for the insane levels of Jewish Perfidy. Likewise, Jewish evils in 90s Russia paved the way for Putin and his gang. Jewish Evil is the manure that fertilizes the growth of ‘antisemitism’ and SJPH, or Stuff Jewish People Hate. Had Jews acted responsibly in Russia of the 1990s, maybe a working democracy and economic system would have sprouted on Russian soil, and it would have gone a long way to build trust and confidence between Russians and Jews. But no, Jews simply couldn’t resist raping the entire economy down the last kitchen sink. Their tribal arrogance and personal egotism, plus their bottomless contempt for dumb drunken Slavs, made it nearly impossible for Jews to hold themselves back, any more than Dracula could at the sight of blood. And what are Jews trying to do today around the world? Spreading globo-homo pornographics as the new faith and looting entire national economies.

    At any rate, Jews didn’t just ruin it for themselves but for all the world. By rousing the Teutonic Dragon and provoking a far-right backlash that led to Hitler’s rise to power, not only did the Jews themselves suffer from the evils of Nazism but so did many more among the goykind, especially the Slavs. Jews made it bad for everyone by provoking what should have been left alone. It’s like someone who plays with fire may not only burn himself up but burn down the whole village. Imagine a scenario where there’s a hideous creature called the Dark Soul Beast that hides beneath the ground. This is a fearsome monster but generally avoids coming to the surface. But, once above ground, it can do serious damage. So, most people in town know not to mess with the monster. Just leave it be in its own dark domain. But suppose a visitor in town keeps doing things to provoke the monsters. He throws rocks into tunnels in the ground. He pisses into the hole leading to the monster’s lair. He tosses rotten food into the hole. The townsfolk warn the visitor to stop because the beast might be aroused, but the visitor tells them to just f*** off and keeps doing stuff to provoke the Dark Soul Beast. And one day, the creature had just about enough of the provocations and crawls out and tears the visitor limb from limb. But then, the monster is furious that it begins to attack the whole town like it’s King Kong or something. So, not only did the visitor suffer terribly but the town got wrecked too. On the one hand, the visitor is a victim but not an entirely innocent victim. He provoked and roused something that should have been left alone. Furthermore, in infuriating the monster with his antics, he also made the whole town suffer.

    And it is in this sense that Jews must bear some responsibility not only for the Shoah but also for the tens of millions of goyim who perished in World War II. If certain Jews hadn’t been so radically unhinged, if certain Jews hadn’t been so wantonly greedy, and if certain other Jews hadn’t been so grossly perverted, there was a good chance that the dark Teutonic soul would have remained in slumber, and the Weimar Democratic experiment might have worked. And then, not only would millions of Jews not have died in the Shoah but tens of millions of goy lives that perished in WWII also would have been spared. Will Jews ever face up to this, that they played a key role in brining about WWII by provoking the Germanic bigass monster? (Even though Germany suffered far worse in WWII than in WWI, the quick recovery and successful democratic experiment may have partially owed to there being virtually no Jews to mess up the rebuilding project as they’d done following WWI. But ever since Jews took over the US and applied pressures on EU to embrace Diversity and Multi-Culturalism, the democratic project has been going terribly in every European nation. Also in recent years, Germany invited Jews to resettle in Germany, and these Jews are acting just like Jews of the Weimar Period. They never seem to learn, but this time, it could be that Jews may well fully realize the total racial and cultural demise of Germany that has become castrated and deracinated, thereby incapable of offering up any resistance.) Jews learned nothing, and they will learn nothing as long as goyim submit to the obnoxious Holocaust Narrative of wholly innocent Jews mass-murdered by Evil Nazis and their goy collaborators who just went batshit crazy for no good reason or just for the hell of it.

    What lies ahead for the world in the 21st century if Jews don’t face up to their history & failings and if so many goyim go along with Jews out of ignorance, naivete, worship, cowardice, opportunism, or insanity? How many people realize that the US is the lone superpower that is utterly obeisant to Jewish Power gone megalomaniacal and psycho? People talk of how North Korea with nukes is run by lunatic Kim or how Iran is ruled by evil Ayatollahs. If so, just think how far more dangerous things are when the lone superpower that can blow up the whole world many times over is ruled by Jews-gone-wild and with total submission from both political parties and goy cuck elites, or the Soy Cuck Club? If what happened to the Middle East so far in this century is any harbinger for events to come, we are in big big trouble unless people begin to courageously address the Jewish Question and Jews being to make a more honest assessment of themselves and their history.
    Indeed, not only did Jewish Evil, in conflict with German Evil and in conjunction with Soviet Evil, bring about the cataclysmic World War II, but Jewish Evil has been the driving force behind the many horrible events since the end of the Cold War. Jews call for War-on-Terror but more often than not work with terrorists to destabilize secular Arab nations and modernizing Muslim nations. Jews denounce the Nazis but were more than willing to recruit quasi-nazis in Ukraine to topple the government there, one that despite its corruption was democratically elected. Just about everything said about Iraq, Libya, and Syria were lies, all in furtherance of Jewish Supremacism.

    Jews are not only partly responsible for WWII but also for involving the West in the grievous crime of destroying the Palestinian people. As Jews couldn’t steal Palestine on their own, they used the West partners-in-crime. Those who aid and abet in a crime are also criminal, and the West is guilty of complicity in the destruction of the Palestinian people whose fate forewarned the coming of White Nakba under Jewish hegemony.
    So much for “Never Again”, which apparently means Never Again only for Jews but ‘Never Mind’ for the rest of humanity. Never Again a Holocaust for Jews, but when Jews create mini-holocausts all over the Middle East, just Never Mind. As Madeleine Albright said, it’s worth it to kill off hundreds of thousands of Arab children. As the Yinonist Plan said, it’s in the interest of Jewish Supremacism to provoke blood wars all over the Middle East. So, terrorism is wonderful as long as Israel and the US can supply and arm neo-medievalist anarch-Muslim terrorist to blow things up in nations like Syria and Libya. The Jewish-controlled US and Israel start the fires but then pretend to be the world’s firemen putting out the fires. Arsonists larping as fire-fighters. Norman Podhoretz wrote of World War IV, but it never seems to have occurred to him that Jewish Power is the new nazism. But what do Jews care? If they at least suffered with the rest of humanity in WWII, they’ve arranged things so that Jews remain untouched and enjoy life like effendi while the goyim do all the dying, getting maimed, getting displaced, and getting replaced. Middle East and North Africa get ravaged by wars, and the populations get displaced. Meanwhile, the native white peoples of Europe get replaced, and if any nation, such as Hungary says NO to the ‘refugees’ of the Wars for Israel, it must be targeted for destruction by whatever means. Holocaust of goyim is amusing to Jews and perfectly fine AS LONG AS Jewish lives remain safe and secure. Never Again for Jews, Never Mind for goyim.

    What is in store for humanity in a world where Jewish Power is not named and exposed? Just think. Russia and China are both nuclear-armed nations, and their interests and ambitions are regional and limited. In contrast, Jews want to use the US to rule the world. Also, tensions between US and Russia are worse than during the Cold War solely because Jews hate Russians for taking their country back from Jewish oligarchs. How insane is that? And while Jews work with the Chinese to undermine White America, they also find the Chi-Com trope useful because angry white Deplorables are likely to blame everything on China without ever waking up to Jewish Evil.
    So, we have half the country, the libby-dibs, blaming Russia-Russia-Russia for everything, and we have the other half the country, the conzo-wonzos, blaming China-China-China for everything. Such tensions can be resolved sooner than later IF people speak the truth and expose Jewish Power as the real machinations behind most global tensions. But ironically, so many Americans worship Jews like the German masses once revered Hitler. Blind, mindless, and crazy. If this madness goes on, 21st century could blow up worse than the 20th century. And even more than in the first half of the 20th century, Jews will have played a big role in it, indeed by far the biggest role. After all, whereas Jews constituted only one of the great powers that gambled with the fate of the world in the first half of the 20th century, they are by far the most dominant power in the world in this century.

    Now, suppose the worst possible scenario happens and a war worse than WWII breaks out some time in the 21st century. Things get so bad that suppose 3 million Jews die and many more goyim die, anywhere from 30 million to 50 million. What will Jews say then? Will they bitch and moan about ‘Muh Holocaust II’ and ignore the many more dead goyim? Will they blame the goyim for yet another horrible war and their failure to save the Jews once again? Will they do that without ever facing up to the fact that Jewish Power would have played the biggest role in turning goy nations against one another and triggering a world conflict? Given the current state of Jewish character, I wouldn’t be surprised.

    • Agree: Chris Moore
  50. @Priss Factor

    This will lead to a crisis of loyalty within the hearts of US servicemen

    I highly doubt it. Soldiers enjoy soldiering and following orders. They’ll do what they do.

    • Agree: Liza
  51. Cowboy says:

    Right. Which adds another level to what was initially horrific with Giraldi”s sickening statism; that he repeats media propogandism as fact like a whore groveling to his pimp.

  52. Mr. Anon says:

    The idea that what happened at the Capitol on January 6th was an “insurrection” is belied by this simple fact: Most of those people are probably gun owners. So………. they decided to leave their guns at home when they marched off to commit insurrection? I’ve often heard the phrase “armed insurrection”. This would have to be have been history’s first “unarmed insurrection”.

  53. Mr. Anon says:

    To paraphrase Winston Churchill “The lamps are going out all over the United States, we will not see them lit again in our lifetime” how absolutely tragic this all is

    That was Edward Grey who said that, not Winston Churchill. And both Grey and Churchill did their bit to help douse those lamps.

  54. Maggie says:
    @Jim Christian

    You should care as this will not be limited to ‘blue’ cities if the divide continues.

  55. @No Friend Of The Devil

    Too bad someone has to even file impeachment papers on Biden, when he should already be in prison, along with Hunter. Mr. ten percent has no legitimacy as president from this standpoint.. It is true that the useless establishment media that refuses to print the truth on matters it simply refuses to print the truth on, have been hiding the facts about the laptop that exposed Hunter and the not at all mysterious identity of Mr. ten percent but too much information has already leaked out so that anyone exposed to this information has a bad taste in their mouths accepting Biden as president, even if the stolen election is ignored..

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