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Mossad False Flag Attacks on Jews
Is anti-Semitism really increasing?
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Even though distracted by the havoc resulting from the coronavirus, the United States and much of Europe is engaged in a frenzied search for anti-Semitism and anti-Semites so that what the media and chattering class are regarding as the greatest of all crimes and criminals can finally be extirpated completely. To be sure, there have recently been some horrific instances of ethnically or religiously motivated attacks on synagogues and individual Jews, but, as is often the case, however, quite a lot of the story is either pure spin or politically motivated. A Jewish student walking on a college campus who walks by protesters objecting to Israel’s behavior can claim to feel threatened and the incident is recorded as anti-Semitism, for example, and slurs written on the sides of buildings or grave stones, not necessarily the work of Jew-haters, are similarly categorized. In one case in Israel in 2017, the two street swastika artists were Jews.

Weaponizing one point of view inevitably limits the ability of contrary views to be heard. The downside is, of course, that the frenzy that has resulted in the criminalization of free expression relating in any but a positive way to the activity of Jewish groups. It has also included the acceptance of the dishonest definition that any criticism of Israel is ipso facto anti-Semitism, giving that nation a carte blanche in terms of its brutal treatment of its neighbors and even of its non-Jewish citizens.

Jewish dominated Hollywood and the entertainment media have helped to create the anti-Semitism frenzy and continue to give the public regular doses of the holocaust story. Currently there are a number of television shows that depict in one form or another the persecution of Jews. Hunters on Amazon is about Jewish Americans tracking and killing suspected former Nazis living in New York City in the 1970s. The Plot to Destroy America on HBO is a retro history tale about how a Charles Lindbergh/Henry Ford regime installs a fascist government in the 1930s. One critic describes the televisual revenge feast “as one paranoid Jewish fantasy after another advocating murder as the solution to what they perceive as the problem of anti-Semitism.”

But, as always, nothing is quite so simple as such a black and white portrayal where there are evil Nazis and Jewish victims who are always justified when they seek revenge. First of all, as has been demonstrated, many recent so-called anti-Semitic attacks on Jews involve easily recognizable Hasidic Jews and are actually based on community tensions as established neighborhoods are experiencing dramatic changes with the newcomers using pressure tactics to force out existing residents. And after the Hasidim take over a town or neighborhood, they defund local schools to support their own private academies and frequently engage in large scale welfare and other social services fraud to permit them to spend all their days studying the Talmud, which, inter alia teaches that gentiles are no better than beasts fit only to serve Jews.

The recent concentration of coronavirus in Orthodox neighborhoods in New York as well as the eruption of measles cases last year have been attributed to the unwillingness of some conservative Jews to submit to vaccinations and normal hygienic practices. They also have persisted in illegal large gatherings at weddings and religious ceremonies, spreading the coronavirus within their own communities and also to outsiders with whom they have contact.

Regularly exposing anti-Semitism is regarded as a good thing by many Jewish groups because the state of perpetual victimization that it supports enables them to obtain special benefits that might otherwise be considered excessive in a pluralistic democracy. Holocaust education in schools is now mandatory in many jurisdictions and more than 90% of discretionary Department of Homeland Security funding goes to Jewish organizations. Jewish organizations are now lining up to get what they choose to believe is their share of Coronavirus emergency funding.

Claims of increasing anti-Semitism, and the citation of the so-called holocaust, are like having a perpetual money machine that regularly disgorges reparations from the Europeans as well as billions of dollars per year from the U.S. Treasury. Holocaust and anti-Semitism manufactured guilt are undoubtedly contributing factors to the subservient relationship that the United States enjoys with the state of Israel, most recently manifested in the U.S. Department of Defense’s gift of one million surgical masks to the Israel Defense Force in spite of there being a shortage of the masks in the United States (note how the story was edited after it first appeared by the Jerusalem Post to conceal the U.S. role but it still has the original email address and the photo cites the Department of Defense).

And then there is the issue of Jewish power, which is discussed regularly by Jews themselves but is verboten to gentiles. Jews wield hugely disproportionate power in all the Anglophone states as well as in France and parts of Eastern Europe and even in Latin America. If anti-Semitism is as rampant as has often been claimed it is odd that there are so many Jews prominent in politics and the professions, most especially financial services and the media. Either anti-Semitism is not really “surging” or the actual anti-Semities have proven to be particularly incompetent in making their case.

Further muddying the waters, there have been a number of instances in which Jews have themselves been responsible for what have been claimed to be anti-Semitic incidents. There has also been credible speculation that some of the incidents have been false flags staged by the Israeli government itself, presumably acting through its intelligence services. The objective would be to create sympathy among the public in Europe and the U.S. for Israel and to encourage diaspora emigration to the Jewish state. The recent tale of Israeli-American Michael Kadar, who has been credited with many of early 2017’s nearly two thousand bomb scares targeting Jewish community centers and synagogues worldwide, is illustrative.

Kadar, who holds both Israeli and American nationality, was arrested in Ashkelon Israel on March 2017 by Israeli police in response to the investigation carried out by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Kadar’s American address was in New Lenox Illinois but he actually resided in Israel. Kadar’s defense was that he had a brain tumor that caused autism and was not responsible for his actions, but he was found to be fit for trial and was sentenced to 10 years in prison in June 2017. He was apparently subsequently quietly released from prison and returned to Illinois in mid-2018. In August 2019 he was arrested for violation of parole on a firearms and drugs offense.

The court in Tel Aviv convicted Kadar on counts including “extortion, disseminating hoaxes in order to spread panic, money laundering and computer hacking over bomb and shooting threats against community centers, schools, shopping malls, police stations, airlines, and airports in North America, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Norway and Denmark.” It claimed that “As a result of 142 telephone calls to airports and airlines, in which he said bombs had been planted in passenger planes or they would come under attack, aircraft were forced to make emergency landings and fighter planes were scrambled.”

It was also claimed by the court that Kadar had gotten involved with the so-called restricted access “dark web” to make threats for money. He reportedly earned \$240,000 equivalent worth of the digital currency Bitcoin. Kadar has reportedly refused to reveal the password to his Bitcoin wallet and its value is believed to have increased to more than \$1 million.

The tale borders on the bizarre and right from the beginning there were many inconsistencies in both the Department of Justice case and in terms of Kadar’s biography and vital statistics. After his arrest and conviction, many of his public, private and social networking records were either deleted or changed, suggesting that a high-level cover-up was underway.

Most significant, the criminal complaint against Kadar included details of the phone calls that were not at all consistent with the case that he had acted alone. The threats were made using what is referred to as spoofing telephone services, used by marketers to hide the caller’s true number and identify, but the three cell phone numbers identified by the Department of Justice to make the spoofed calls were all U.S.-based and one of them was linked to a Jewish Chabad religious leader and one to the Church of Scientology’s counter-intelligence chief in California. In addition, some of the calls were made when Kadar was in transit between Illinois and Israel, suggesting that he had not initiated the calls.

DOJ’s criminal complaint also included information that the threat caller was a woman who had “a distinct speech impediment.” Michael Kadar’s mother has a distinct speech impediment. Oddly enough she has not been identified in any public documents and the Israelis claimed that Michael was disguising his voice, but she is believed to be Dr. Tamar Kadar, who resided in Ashkelon at the same address as Michael. Dr. Kadar is a chemical weapons researcher at the Mossad-linked Israel Institute for Biological Research (“IIBR”).

Michael appears to have U.S. birthright citizenship because he was born in Bethesda in 1990 while his mother was a visiting researcher at the U.S. Army Military Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID). While Dr. Kadar was at USAMRIID, anthrax went missing from the Army’s lab and may have been subsequently used in the 2001 anthrax letter attacks inside the U.S., which resulted in the deaths of five people. The FBI subsequently accused two USAMRIID researchers of the theft, but one was exonerated and the other committed suicide, closing the investigation.

So, there are some interesting issues raised by the Michael Kadar case. First of all, he appears to have been the fall guy for what may have been a Mossad directed false-flag operation actually run by his mother, who is herself an expert on biological weapons and works at an Israeli intelligence lab. Second, the objective of the operation may have been to create an impression that anti-Semitism is dramatically increasing, which ipso facto generates a positive perception of Israel and encourages foreign Jews to emigrate to the Jewish state. And third, there appears to have been a cover-up orchestrated by the Israeli and U.S. governments, evident in the disappearance of both official and non-official records, while Michael has been quietly released from prison and is enjoying his payoff of one million dollars in bitcoins. As always, whenever something involves promoting the interests of the state of Israel, the deeper one digs the more sordid the tale becomes.

Philip M. Giraldi, Ph.D., is Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest, a 501(c)3 tax deductible educational foundation (Federal ID Number #52-1739023) that seeks a more interests-based U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. Website is, address is P.O. Box 2157, Purcellville VA 20134 and its email is [email protected].

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  1. Informative piece. Thank you.

    • Agree: Daniel Rich, Iva, antitermite
    • Replies: @BL
    , @Richard B
    , @Franklin Stahl
  2. geokat62 says:

    As always, whenever something involves promoting the interests of the state of Israel, the deeper one digs the more sordid the tale becomes.

    Keep digging, Phil. We greatly appreciate your weekly excavation work!

    • Agree: mark green, Daniel Rich
  3. vot tak says:

    “more than 90% of discretionary Department of Homeland Security funding goes to Jewish organizations.”

    I have long considered dhs an israeli colonial occupation force, due to their connections to israel that have been exposed and documented over the years, but that is pure chutzpah on their part.

    The information about kadar is very interesting. I’d vaguely heard about him and his calls, but knew none of the details.

    “As always, whenever something involves promoting the interests of the state of Israel, the deeper one digs the more sordid the tale becomes.”


    • Replies: @Jake
    , @kikz
    , @Mebs
    , @Dr.Joji Cherian
  4. Truth3 says:

    Truth is the best disinfectant.

    Disinfect the Jews out of our midst.

    The Jews are our misfortune.

    • Agree: Druid, Moi
    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
    , @Moi
  5. Anon[922] • Disclaimer says:

    False flags and hate hoaxes on white Gentiles are increasing, anti-Semitism not so much.

    Anybody over 18 years of age in 1945 would be 93 by now. Doubt more than a handful of wheelchair-bound former Nazis would still be alive.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  6. Good piece of work Dr. Giraldi. A few things about this case of the Kadars. Basically Israel refused to cooperate with the FBI at the beginning and resisted giving up the kid. Furthermore, the FBI was told to “back off” by higher ups in the agency and let Israel handle it. So the results are what you would expect with a false flag.

    The anthrax case still has legs. Bruce Irvins was the microbiologist at Detrick you are referring to. He was never charged and they never proved he was involved and the FBI could not place him in any of the spots they wanted. He had some issues and the FBI gang banged him looking for a patsy. Dr. Hatfill was the “original” Person of Interest whom the Jewish controlled media followed around and they ruined his life. He sued the FBI and won a lot of money.

    The FBI appeared to intentionally mess up the anthrax samples. Reviews by the National Academy of Science rocked the idiots at the FBI and they concluded Irvins was not involved. The real kicker to all of this is that the FBI leader of the investigation was Robert Mueller! The same Mueller who spent almost 3 years chasing Russian spies well knowing that it was lie.

    And finally who sealed the files so no one could ever come up with the real perpetrators… ……..Obama!

    • Thanks: antitermite
    • Replies: @Franklin Stahl
  7. Jewish dominated Hollywood and the entertainment media have helped to create the anti-Semitism frenzy and continue to give the public regular doses of the holocaust story. Currently there are a number of television shows that depict in one form or another the persecution of Jews.

    The Rolling Stones – Sympathy For The Devil

    • Replies: @SaneClownPosse
  8. @Truth3

    Truth the best, agree. For the rest:

    Disinfect the Jews out of our midst.

    Disagree. Disinfect the Jews of Judaism. Don’t send them off to live on stolen land or we will be partly guilty of the theft.

    • Replies: @Truth3
    , @Stan d Mute
  9. How about this recent Hollyyid false flag attack on Germans:

    Jones also mentions Inglorious Basterds and explains that Tarrantino’s Jewish blood orgy of vengeance had some thin layer of plausible deniability for being “toungue in cheek”. Hunters is just pure goyim hating blood sacrifice in a fashion that transcends “hate” and is really only comparable to the Talmud.

  10. Antares says:

    Antisemitism is pro-Israel, the Nazis included (shipping jews to Palestine).

    For some reason I know exactly what a neonazi looks like, how he behaves, how he talks, how he thinks and even how he feels. But I never met one. Where does this ‘knowledge’ come from?

    I happen to remember some television that I have seen as a child. Most people don’t and are living in a fantasy world with fantasy enemies and fantasy friends and take it for reality.

  11. HorstG says:

    Halle, Germany, incident 10.09.19:
    Like in New Zealand, there was a video, it was distributed the same way (kiwi website), and it looks similar. The story goes, the guy managed to build a MP himself, but was not in time, so he could not get inside the synagogue.

  12. “Further muddying the waters, there have been a number of instances in which Jews have themselves been responsible for what have been claimed to be anti-Semitic incidents.”

    There have been so many such incidents over the years that when a synagogue or cemetery gets spray-painted with swastikas, the default presumption for any subsequent investigation is automatically “inside-job”.

    The stereotypical perpetrator would tend to be a deranged student residing at the campus Hillel House, majoring in film studies or some other flakey college program.

    Years ago there was a case of a San Francisco synagogue on fire. After the arsonist, a Jew, was caught and confessed, the tenor of the response was that one had to feel sorry for him because he needed help.

    In light of such incidents there has even been a visual meme out there: Hey Rabbi…Watcha Doin’?! (See Google Images)

    Getting a patsy to do the dirty work is significantly more effective in provoking outrage and sympathy. Though last year’s attack on a synagogue in Halle, Germany, during Yom Kippur services in early October was highly suspicious, media reports managed to suppress those aspects and instead generated a victimhood-card bonanza that lasted for weeks.

    The German population was easily bamboozled. Prominent Jewish representatives publicly demanded more stringent laws against “anti-semitism”, as recently re-defined, and parliamentarians duly obliged.

    News that had not been much reported about, but was circulating at the outset in alternative media:

    • Mentally deranged perpetrator, who had shared his views on an Internet chat group, expressed his desire to attack Muslims and Antifa.

    • Anonymous “handler / minder” in California offered to pay him half a bitcoin to redirect his attack toward the synagogue instead.

    • Synagogue had just recently been equipped with elaborate security system installed by Israeli company to withstand shooting and bombing attacks.

    • Local police, which normally would provide security outside, during holiday services, were conspicuously absent during that time, and slow to respond (likely stand-down orders from above).

    • Perpetrator filmed his rampage, which he broadcast in real-time as a live stream video online (wanting to emulate an earlier attack in New Zealand), enabling his handlers to monitor the shooting spree while in progress.

    • After his mission failed, frustrated perpetrator “spilled the beans” in real-time and cussed out the Californian bitcoin payer, who had apparently set him up to be framed, as probably being a Jew.

    Of course, by design, the securely locked synagogue door easily withstood the shooting attack with multiple exterior bullet holes into its wooden exterior. Everybody in the world probably saw that part.

    • Replies: @St-Germain
    , @Wally
  13. Anonymous[661] • Disclaimer says:

    Israelis conceal, Giraldi reveals. Keep up the good work.

    Over 4,300 Christians murdered in 2018 for practicing their faith, thousands of churches vandalized every year. Swept under the carpet by the Jewish media cartel.

  14. @Been_there_done_that

    The news reports on the strange Halle incident said two people were killed, neither one Jewish. One was described as a German laborer who was getting his lunch in a Turkish döner shop. The other was a German woman who was passing by on her way to a music recital. And one report said there were about 10 visiting U.S. Jews inside the synagogue where nobody was affected by any shooting. Oh, but there was a door with some bullet marks. So the whole thing was blown up by the political mafia as an example of anti-Semitism. Why?

    • Replies: @DrWatson
  15. Pressure of an external enemy reinforces group cohesion.

    In Roman antiquity the Main Enemy was Carthage. Once it was destroyed, fissures in Roman social cohesion became canyons.

  16. Dr. X says:

    New York just passed a law making as so-called “hate crimes” acts of “domestic terrorism”:

    Pay close attention to the demagogue Cuomo’s language:

    “White supremacists, anti-Semites, anti-LGBTQ white nationalists — these are Americans committing mass hate crimes against other Americans, and the punishment for their vile acts must fit their crimes.”

    The legislation was named for a rabbi who had been stabbed by a schizophrenic black

    • Agree: Colin Wright
    • Replies: @Derer
  17. Here is an interesting look at how the United States government sent over a million surgical masks to Israel on April 7, 2020:

    The mainstream media more or less completely ignored this development in the COVID-19 pandemic.

  18. Hasidim can’t thrive without the support of the likes of Jared Kushner, the Kushners of the world won’t be so important without the likes of Trump, the Trumps of the world dare not go against the welfare of the West without the dumbed down Zionist-Christians like Mike Pompeo and the Pompeos of the world can’t thrive without the support of ordinary Americans … what’s is a goy to do?

    • Replies: @OilcanFloyd
  19. At all times, it must be remembered that US, specifically, is subservient to and in thrall to the ZioNazis who describe themselves as the Israeli Cabinet in Jerusalem together with their Media GoGo boys and girls of American, British, French & German Media who order and maintain obedience amongst the American political classes.
    America is almost a lost cause and teetering on the brink of being beyond salvation unless and until American children and students are cleansed of their brainwashing.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  20. T. Weed says:

    What is an “anti-Semite”, anyway? Is the genocider Netanyahu a Semite? Then I’m an anti-Semite. Is the disgusting Dershowitz a Semite? Then I’m an anti-Semite. Lying Elie Wiesel a Semite? I’m an anti-Semite. AIPAC a Semitic organization that bribes and threatens Congress for the sake of their Chosen State? Then hell yes, I’m an anti-Semite and proud of it!

    • Agree: anarchyst
  21. geokat62 says:

    Things are really heating up across the pond on the future of Britain. The battle-line is clearly drawn between the civ-nats and ethno-nats.

    In this video, Anne Marie Waters (the leader of the civ-nat party, For Britain), clearly demonstrates which side is going to win this fight.

    • Replies: @OilcanFloyd
    , @BDS Always
    , @tac
  22. niente says:

    I was born in Argentina, 1950. There was a populist nationalist government then, strongly disliked by the US. It included a whole spectrum, right to left. It assisted together with the Vatican the rescuing of Nazi criminals that settled in the country. There was an antisemitic movement headed by a provocateur, Juan Guillermo Kelly for name. Jews emigrated to Israel. In the 80s he made public he was a Mossad agent

    • Replies: @geokat62
    , @Wally
  23. Zionist power is right in front of our eyes with the zionist backed coronavirus scamdemic being pulled off across the world, only one group ie the zionist has the power and the goal of a zionist one world government, which is the hidden goal of this scamdemic by destroying the world economies and bringing in a NWO as the cure!

    Read The Protocols of Zion and also the book The Controversy of Zion by Douglas Reed, it can be had on amazon, also get the book By Way of Deception by former Mossad officer Victor Ostrosky, it can be had on amazon.

  24. “One critic describes the televisual revenge feast “as one paranoid Jewish fantasy after another advocating murder as the solution to what they perceive as the problem of anti-Semitism.””

    NO WAY this critic was a Gentile. No Gentile working in media would dream of such a comment, and even if they had, they would have been promptly yid-pummeled into a bloody, apologetic, lump of goy meat.

  25. Jake says:
    @vot tak

    How can Jews be a ‘colonial occupation force’ in any nation that is English-speaking and has not totally rejected the political and cultural heritage of WASP Empire?

    Anglo-Saxon Puritanism was a Judaizing heresy. When the Anglo-Saxon Puritans won their revolution, they cemented Modern English culture as one twined with Jewish ideas and ideals. Archetypal WASP Oliver Cromwell cemented that doubly by allying with Jewish bankers on the Continent. From the mid-1600s, Jews have been the defining bankers of English Empire, of WASP Empire. And bankers are always the opposite of outsiders. Bankers own and eventually come to control fully.

    Anglo-Zionist Empire has existed since at least Oliver Cromwell.

    • Replies: @Herald
    , @Curmudgeon
  26. BL says:
    @Colin Wright

    Uh huh.

    In one case in Israel in 2017 . . . with many of early 2017’s . . . on March 2017 . . .

    What else was going on in 2017? Here’s a hint. beginning at 12 noon on January 20th.

    The all out campaign to tar POTUS Trump as having unleashed a wave of anti-semitism like never seen before was only a minor component in laying the predicate for his removal from office by any means necessary.

    All the stops were pulled out:

    Nor did these coup efforts dissipate, let alone stop. They’ve continued, with insult to the intelligence retconning to the effect that Israel and American Jews supportive of Israel have been working overtime to destroy the POTUS that this gaggle claims is Israel’s sock puppet.

    • Replies: @Richard B
  27. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    As in the case of the Mossad asset Jeff Epstein, who was running a child-rape assembly line on his ‘Orgy Island’ and on his ‘Lolita Express,’ to ensnare weakling politicians, video-taping them in the process of raping young girls–and boys–then use that to blackmail them into becoming an enthusiastic supporter of Israel, the one lead that was never pursued was, “How many other Epstein’s are out there, doing their slimy business for Israel?”

    The same could be asked of this ‘Mikey’ Kadar terrorist, who I’m sure has plenty of accomplices world-wide, still phoning in threats or maybe spray-painting Jew cemeteries with the dreaded Nazi Swastika.

    This terrorist does about one year in prison, then is set free and off to the USA he runs? If his name had been Mohammed or he was a skin-headed nationalist, he’d be in prison for the rest of his life, but since he’s from that class of those Chosen by G-d, he gets a pass.

    • Replies: @Tucker
    , @Joekoool102
  28. Truth3 says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    Birobidzhan is not stolen land.

  29. zard says:

    “….a nation with a collective, room-temp IQ”
    “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public” ~ H.L. Mencken

    The Whole Truth — George Washington, The Revolution is Not Over Because the Truth Hurts It’s Not About “Left” or “Right”, “Liberal” or “Conservative,” It’s About Divide and Conquer because that has been their long-time modus operandi to steal the fullness of life of citizens of all nations. To Get America Back It’s About All People Coming together to Throw Off Zionism and to Re-install American Independence, Life and Liberty to End the Dark Zionist Tyranny on Her and Upon the Earth.

  30. boblo says:

    Since Mossad murdered klinghoffer, why not? You know there are two kinds of Jews, useful retards and Talmudist supremacist slime. Hey retards, dont take it on the chin for your Tal brothers, this time.

  31. geokat62 says:

    There was an antisemitic movement headed by a provocateur, Juan Guillermo Kelly

    Very interesting information. I did a quick search and the only info I found was this wiki entry in Spanish.

    I used google translate to convert to English.

    Do you have any sources that confirm his alleged affiliation with Mossad?


    From a young age he was a member of the Nationalist Liberation Alliance. Until then, it was led by Juan Queraltó and had a clear anti-Semitic profile that Kelly fought against. The group went on to become a shock force of Peronism.

    During the bombing of Plaza de Mayo, when a group of military personnel opposed to the government of Juan Domingo Perón attempted to assassinate him and carry out a coup d’état, several squadrons of aircraft belonging to Naval Aviation, bombarded and machine-gunned them with anti-aircraft ammunition, Plaza de Mayo and the Casa Rosada, as well as the CGT building, Kelly, aided by the Nationalist Liberation Alliance, dueled with the Marines responsible for the attack. [2]

    After the self-proclaimed liberating revolution dictatorship was established, after a bombardment of the headquarters of his organization, located in San Martín and Corrientes Avenue in Buenos Aires. On September 21, the coup armed forces received from Córdoba the order to eliminate that focus of resistance in the heart of the city of Buenos Aires and advanced on it with cannons and two Sherman tanks, sending an emissary to surrender. The cannons and tanks fired and some fifty men, led by Guillermo Patricio Kelly, surrendered. Those who remained inside died under the rubble of the three-story building, destroyed with gunshots. The number of deaths that some raise to more than 400 is unknown. [3] After that, he was arrested by the dictatorship and transferred to the Río Gallegos prison, where one night in 1957 he starred in a film escape along with John William Cooke, Jorge Antonio and Héctor Cámpora and other political prisoners managed to escape, after which he applied for political asylum in Chile, but this was denied. When he was about to be sent to Argentina, he escaped again, this time dressed as a woman, [required appointment] to Venezuela where Perón was. When he left Chile for Caracas, he used a new identity: he was “Doctor Vargas, psychoanalyst”.

    When on January 26, 1958, the newspaper El Nacional titled “Perón led the repression against the Venezuelan people,” he identified him, along with Kelly, as “National Security torture consultants” and published Perón’s fraternal letters to the head of that body.

    When the revolution broke out in Venezuela, Perón was another of the insurgents’ objectives, along with his collaborators, among whom was Kelly, and they had to take refuge in the Embassy of the Dominican Republic. Outside, more than a thousand people were shaking the entrance gate. They had already been locked up for two days, and people were still outside. All the Argentines looked askance at Kelly. “They are going to kill us all because of this one,” they growled. There were several who wanted to kick him out and someone raised the motion: to vote if he should withdraw. It was not necessary: ​​Kelly decided to face up. He only asked for two conditions: that he be given a pair of dark glasses and a hat. He also asked for silver. When he walked out of the embassy and mixed with the crowd, no one could recognize him. In the midst of the seizure, Kelly made contact with two CIA agents: —The Communists are going to enter the embassy and they are going to kill Perón. And if they kill him, the entire continent is communicated – he warned them. Finally, the United States prepared to rescue him, interceding with the revolutionary government to clear the area and facilitate his departure to the Dominican Republic. [4]

    Kelly was stoned from the Caracas airport, obtained refuge in Haiti and, after a turbulent stay in which he was imprisoned, [5] crossed the border to the Dominican Republic, where he remained for a few days. He returned to Argentina in 1958 with the passport that he stole from Roberto Galán and after six months he was arrested and transferred again to the Ushuaia prison. [6]

    Throughout his life he was imprisoned for almost eight years. In 1966 he occupied the headquarters of the PJ National Coordinating Board for a few hours, from where he launched a violent proclamation against union leader Augusto Vandor. [appointment required]

    In 1981, in the midst of a military dictatorship, he denounced the theft of \$ 60 million from Argentina, 10% of that debt belonging to General Suárez Mason, considering him a “murderer of the people.” According to Kelly, Mason is involved in the YPF emptying in the 1980s. He also said that the military man worked as a mercenary training mercenary troops to fight in the Caribbean, which received money from the Nord high command, who was accused of murdering the brother and two nephews of former President Arturo Frondizi. Also involved in this robbery was former judge Pedro Narvaez who fled to Rio de Janeiro and then to Spain. [7] [8]

    In 1983, he gained notoriety after formulating a series of complaints related to the P-2 Lodge, the YPF dismissal and the murder of Fernando Branca, in addition to filing a criminal complaint against Emilio Massera. Shortly thereafter, in August of that year, Kelly was kidnapped and severely beaten by a gang led by Aníbal Gordon, who claimed to have acted on the orders of the last military dictator Reynaldo Bignone and the Army Corps I.

    In 1991, during the presidency of Carlos Menem, he was the host of an ATC program called Sin Concesiones, in which he maintained that it would reveal “where the children of the ´Noble Ladies´ come from”, alluding to the children adopted by the director from the Clarín newspaper, Ernestina Herrera de Noble. After a meeting between Herrera de Noble, Héctor Magnetto and Carlos Menem held at the Quinta de Olivos on Thursday, May 2, 1991, Clarín and the government agreed on Kelly’s air release at ATC in exchange for the air output of the program of the journalist Liliana López Foresi, Magazine 13, Journalism with an opinion, in which Menem was severely criticized. [9] [10] [11] [12]

    On the subject of Herrera de Noble’s children, Kelly wrote a book published by Arkel Publishing in 1993 titled Noble: Imperio Corrupto. Only 200 copies were published, although the author gave several of them to public libraries in the United States. [13]

    He died on July 1, 2005 at 8:30 am, a victim of terminal cancer at the German Hospital in the City of Buenos Aires. [14] [15]

  32. Richard B says:
    @Colin Wright

    Informative piece.

    Very much so. Because it helps direct our attention to something very important.

    Though they’re good at infiltration, subversion, betrayal, destruction and death, they’re no good at social-managment.

    Who’s “they”?

    I refer to them as Jewish Supremacy Inc. (JSI).

    It’s a distinction worth making because it separates them from Jews who don’t hate Whites and aren’t obsessed with being Jewish.

    They’re out there, however small their numbers might be.

    After all, Gilad Atzmon’s not the only one.

    It’s also worth pointing out that JSI gets lots of help from three other groups who aren’t Jewish at all. In fact they’re White.

    1. the cynical, self-centered whores of opportunity who will do anything to protect their own materialistic, narcissistic trough.

    2. the incurably gullible, pathologically naive Whites from Left-wingy Multi-Culties to Right-wing Christian Zionists.

    3. the perfectly indifferent who walk around with that stroked out look on their face from watching too much ESPN and Pornhub.

    The rest of us are freedom-lovers, or TUR readers/commenters or potential TUR readers/commenters.

    Meaning they’d be open to what the actual readers/commenters have to say and won’t fly off the handle with a knee-jerk reaction before springing into fight or flight mode.

    In short, this boils down to a battle of

    Dogma versus Pragma


    What’s the difference?

    Pragma is open to exposing its ideas to a process of continuous feedback and correction for the purpose of improving the quality of its social-management

    And Dogma isn’t.

    • Replies: @James Scott
    , @DaveE
    , @Anonymous
  33. @Ship Track

    “Nazi Hunters and Their Catholic Proxies,” aka “Usurious Basterds.”

  34. anarchyst says:

    Jews have to create “enemies” in order to keep their “perpetual victimhood” alive and to keep their own people from “straying off the plantation”.

    The American “civil-rights” movement of the 1950s and 1960s was completely orchestrated by jews, with help from other unwary religious and social institutions.

    The American “civil-rights” rot started much earlier, with Hollywood (jews) placing mild-mannered negroes in films, one example being Sidney Poitier, portrayed as a soft-spoken, grammatically correct negro, “just as good as a white man”.

    We cannot forget “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” which was the first overt pro-miscegenation film.

    The “aim” of jew-run Hollywood” was to “educate” the (white) masses in the preposition that “negroes were equal to and just as good as whites”.

    In the early 1960s, I walked out of a Catholic Mass when the priest, during his homily stated that “negroes were just as good as whites, and many times much better”. I realize that not all Catholic Churches subscribe to such beliefs.

    • Agree: Colin Wright
  35. Richard B says:

    “This gaggle” works for Jewish Supremacy Inc.


    No one who cares about our basic freedoms, or values the Western Civilization or the United States, wants anythihg to do with “this gaggle” because they have JSI written all over them.

    The above event was so obviously staged for the purpose of not just destroying Trump, that’s easy.

    But for destroying the very idea of freedom itself.

    JSI has been doing stuff like this for years.

    Who nees a Conspiracy Theory when you have The Unz Review?

  36. Anonymous[354] • Disclaimer says:

    Mossad False Flag Attacks on Jews

    By Jews against goyim. To smear goyim.

    • Agree: tomo
  37. Trinity says:

    Excuse me, but this is comical. There is no other group in America and the entire West who are more protected and more privileged than Jews. While White Gentiles are routinely attacked, beaten to a pulp, raped, and brutally murdered by Blacks, Hispanics, Pakis, Arabs, in Europe and America, just for having the temerity to walk outside in countries built by their White ancestors. How does a painted swastika equate with rape-torture murders of the Christian-Newsom Knoxville Horror? And if you think the Christian-Newsom murders are a rare crime in America, you are living under a rock. And lest we forget the Christian-Newsom Murders nor the Wichita Massacre murders were labeled “hate crimes.” Despite thousands upon thousands of Black on White and other nonwhite on White attacks, rapes, murders in this country, you can bet the house that no one in Washington has voiced concerns over the violence being perpetrated on White Gentiles daily in America. America is indeed a racist country and Whites experience that racism every single day.

    Remember a couple years ago when someone was calling bomb threats to Jewish Community Centers? Remember that they found out it was some Jewish guy in a Tel Aviv basement calling in the bomb threats. Of course at first the (((media))) went through their spiel about how anti-Semitism was on the rise in America, and then once we all found out that the perpetrator was a Jewish guy in Israel, ( I believe a dual citizen at that) the (((media))) dropped this case quicker than you could claim some NY/NJ rabbis were selling body organs.

    Most of these hate crime HOAXES are simply Jews and/or Blacks drawing swastikas, hanging a nooses in a locker, or some other ridiculous and downright childish act that in no way even if done by a White racist who hates Jews and Blacks, equates to a Mississippi girl named Jessica Chambers being burned alive, a 12 year old white male being burned alive with a blow torch by an adult black female in Texas, etc., etc. The fact of the matter is that “hate crimes” against nonwhites and Jews are downright rare in America, ( not talking about HOAXES here) and there is no way that a crayon drawing of a swastika or hanging a noose in someone’s locker can be linked as the same as someone dying a horrific and brutal death like the White victims I listed. IF we lived in a TRULY just and decent country, EVERYONE out there, regardless of color, creed or religion would recognize that we need to stop all the hate and violence directed at White Gentiles before moving on to worrying about crayon drawings.

  38. Trinity says:

    Remember when Noel Ignatiev the Jewish professor stated we need to “abolish Whiteness?” Now imagine a White professor stating that we need to “abolish Jewishness in America?” Can you imagine what would have happened to that guy? Is it possible for a Jew in America/Canada or Europe to be fired from his or here job for making racist or inflammatory remarks about Whites?

    • Agree: Ace
    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  39. TGD says:

    The story of Michael Kadar is reminiscent of the tale of another criminal young male with dual Israeli US citizenship, Samuel Sheinbein.

    Sheinbein and a colleague murdered, dismembered and burnt a fellow high school classmate, the hispanic Fredo Enrique Tello, Jr., in September, 1997. Sheinbein fled to Israel and in a long drawn out court battle, Sheinbein’s requested extradition to the State of Maryland to stand trial was refused by Israel’s supreme court.

    You can read the whole sordid story in Wikipedia including how Sheinbaum was killed in a shootout with the guards who were escorting him from one prison to another.

  40. gay troll says:

    In my opinion Hitler was controlled opposition to the Red Shield (see Thyssen’s claim that Hitler was a bastard grandson of Rothschild), which casts a very interesting light on Nazi anti Semitism. It is consistent with the lack of evidence for the Holocaust and the way Hitler lost the war. Naziism is just another flavor of Zionism.

    • Disagree: tac
    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
    , @Ondra Hada
    , @tac
  41. Herald says:

    I always thought Cromwell was very much underestimated, but I really didn’t how much, until you pointed it out. There is some small comfort in knowing that “Old Ironsides” will continue to rot in hell, for the rest of eternity.

  42. So what was the program that brought foreign national Dr. Kadar to USAMRIID -, ORISE? SEAP? Who was her boss or COTR? Did she publish? What did she work on? Did DoS review her work for compliance with the WIPO Budapest Treaty?

    These are rhetorical questions because these details will be concealed with the first and foremost of CIA’s get-out-of-jail-free-cards, state secrecy. But the inter-agency coordination among State, Defense, Justice, et al. will show you the focal points. This is Operation Paperclip for Zionazi Mengeles, and CIA will naturally direct it.

  43. Wally says:

    A must see:
    Fake Hate Crimes: a database of hate crime hoaxes in the USA:

    -Mural of Tina Turner is defaced with a red swastika outside a North Carolina record store .. Who benefits?:
    – Jewish suspects arrested over swastika graffiti on synagogues:
    – Poorly Drawn Swastikas Spray-Painted On Monument In Milwaukee:
    Jew arrested for dozens of fake ‘hate crimes’:
    – Man Caught Spray Painting Swastika On College Campus Is Black:
    – Staged Jew bomb hoaxes:
    – another staged ‘hate crime’ / ‘Neo-Nazi’ Graffiti Found In Brooklyn Synagogue – Suspect is Black leftist
    – Fake Hate? ‘Trump Rules’ & Poorly Drawn Swastikas Spray-Painted On Monument In Milwaukee
    – Jewish suspects arrested over swastika graffiti on synagogues:

  44. @Anon

    That’s not how it works. “Nazi” is a disease, or at the very least genetic. Anyone, anywhere, who had any positive thoughts on the NSDAP has passed that on to his/her offspring, and/or infected anyone they may have come in contact with. Like Covid-19, many of those are asymptomatic, but still infected.
    The only solution to anti-Semitism is to kill all of the non Semites, which explains Israel’s bioweapons programme.

  45. Wally says:

    “It assisted together with the Vatican the rescuing of Nazi criminals that settled in the country”

    – What alleged crimes (with proof) do you think they committed?

  46. anarchyst says:

    Here is an excerpt from that vile jewish-written tome: Germany Must Perish by jew author Theodore N Kaufman.


    Germany has lost its war. She sues for peace. The imperative demands of the victor people that Germany must perish forever makes it obligatory for the leaders to select mass sterilization of the Germans as the best means of wiping them out permanently. They proceed to:

    1. Immediately and completely disarm the German army and have all armaments removed from German territory.

    2. Place all German utility and heavy industrial plants under heavy guard, and replace German workers by those of Allied nationality.

    3. Segregate the German army into groups, concentrate them in severely restricted areas, and summarily sterilize them.

    4. Organize the civilian population, both male and female, within territorial sectors, and effect their sterilization.

    5. Divide the German army (after its sterilization has been completed) into labor battalions, and allocate their services toward the rebuilding of those cities which they ruined.

    6. Partition Germany and apportion its lands. The accompanying map gives some idea of possible land adjustments which might be made in connection with Germany’s extinction.

    7. Restrict all German civilian travel beyond established borders until all sterilization has been completed.

    8. Compel the German population of the apportioned territories to learn the language of its area, and within one year to cease the publication of all books, newspapers and notices in the German language, as well as to restrict German-language broadcasts and discontinue the maintenance of German-language schools.

    9. Make one exception to an otherwise severely strict enforcement of total sterilization, by exempting from such treatment only those Germans whose relatives, being citizens of various victor nations, assume financial responsibility for their emigration and maintenance and moral responsibility for their actions.

    Thus, into an oblivion which she would have visited upon the world, exits Germany.

    Now, if you are of German gentile extraction, what would you be expected to think about those who advocate your complete genocide??

    • Replies: @Robjil
  47. ricpic says:

    No change in the level of antisemitism at Utz, wall to wall Jew hating continues as per usual.

  48. S says:

    As with any other people, personal assaults and vandalism of property based upon race or ethnicity do on occasion happen to Jewish people. But, as the article indicates, things are not always what they might first appear to be.

    I’m reminded of something somewhat related I came across not too long ago regarding the horror film director and executive producer of the fabulously succesful Rosemary’s Baby William Castle (originally William Schloss Jr., who was Jewish) and a ‘publicity stunt’ he orchestrated circa 1940 to sell tickets to a play he had written.

    According to Wiki (at least) the ploy ‘worked’.

    William Castle

    ‘Castle seized the opportunity for an outrageous publicity stunt.’

    He [Castle] obtained Orson Welles’s telephone number and persuaded Welles to lease him the Stony Creek Theatre in Connecticut. (Welles was leaving to begin filming Citizen Kane.) He hired German actress Ellen Schwanneke; upon learning that, under then-current theater guild regulations, German-born actors could only appear in plays originally performed in Germany, Castle claimed he had hired her for the nonexistent play Das ist nicht für Kinder (Not for Children); Castle spent the following weekend writing the play and having it translated into German.

    When Nazi Germany sent Schwanneke an invitation to a Munich performance, Castle seized the opportunity for an outrageous publicity stunt. He released to the newspapers what he claimed was a telegram he had sent turning down the request, portraying his star as “the girl who said no to Hitler.” To add to the sensationalism, he secretly vandalized the theatre and painted swastikas on the exterior. It worked. The resulting publicity ensured the success of the play (which he had written in 48 hours).

  49. @Jake

    Here we go with the WASP thing again. A minority of descendants of the Angles were Puritans, and even fewer Saxons were Puritans. There were also Norse Puritans, Norman Puritans and Briton Puritans. All Puritans were minorities. Many “Protestant” Churches, including the Anglican Church, considered Puritans dissenters, verging on heretics, and not really Protestants beyond protesting the Church of Rome. Knox’s Presbyterians had a lot in common with Puritans as did Dutch Protestants, and there were a lot of Dutch who moved to East Anglia. Some became Puritans. It’s silly to refer to it at it being “Anglo-Saxon Puritans” as not all were Angles or Saxons. They were Puritans who happened to be Angles, Saxons and others. WASP is even sillier. Are there Brown, Yellow, or Red Anglo-Saxons?
    Cromwell seized power because the Stuarts were unpopular for many reasons, and as with every revolution, a minority with zealotry seizes power from an apathetic majority. Sure he turned to the Jewish Amsterdam bankers, who were already funding the Dutch Empire, including New Amsterdam, but who else would have helped? The Puritans were vehemently anti Catholic and would have never turned there. They were also vehemently anti-Muslim, so the Ottomans were out. The Jews were it by elimination.
    As for the culture. The culture of the elite is seldom the culture of the general population.
    The “Anglo-Saxons” were more than happy to restore the Stuarts after Cromwell, as long as they were Protestants. The installation of King Billy, replacing James, was due to James having converted to Catholicism and the fear of his imposing it on the country. It was under William and Mary that the newly, created by Parliament, Bank of England was taken over by Jewish bankers. The same minority Puritan Parliament that restored the Stuarts and sponsored the overthrow of James.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  50. melpol says:

    Besieged Jews who need assistance can draw a Swastika o n their door. Many organization will respond to inquire for information. The real Jew haters will be discovered and the besieged Jew can live in peace.

    • Replies: @Poco
  51. Tony Hall says:

    The controversies swirling around Michael Kadar are very similar to those swirling around “Joshua Goldberg,” a notorious Internet chameleon who is supposedly in federal penitentiary for a terrorist-related conviction. Similar to the initial accounts concerning Kadar, Goldberg was initially depicted in the media as a troubled youth making mischief on the Internet in his parents basement in Jacksonville Florida.

    Goldberg or perhaps operatives deploying the Goldberg identity invented many repugnant Internet characters. Many of these characters attributed to Goldberg’s ripe imagination promoted mass murder of the demonized other. One of the characters invented by Goldberg was a Lebanese jihadist resident in Australia. This invented character identified himself as known as “Australi Witness.” Australi Witness’ Internet ravings were widely reported by Rita Katz at SITE Intelligence and by many mainstream media sources. Citing Katz, the Sydney Morning Herald, for instance, depicted the Goldberg sock puppet as a major promoter of jihadist violence targeting the Islamophobia-promoting Mohammed cartoon fest that took place at Garland Texas in 2015.

    B’nai Brith Canada planted a vicious Joshua Goldberg encouragement to anti-Jewish genocide on my Facebook wall for a few hours on August 26 of 2016. The post itself identifies its creator as Ben Garrison, a Montana cartoonist. Garrison himself attributes the post to Goldberg who often riffs on the cartoonist’s work in developing Kadar-like episodes creating manufactured indications of rising tides of anti-Semitism.

    The Israel Lobby in Canada initiated an elaborate smear campaign against me initiated with a publicity effort calling attention to the abhorrent Goldberg post which my detractors wrongfully associated with me. The administration of the University of Lethbridge in Alberta Canada joined into the campaign, suspending this tenured full prof illegally and without pay in October of 2016.

    The local and national faculty associations challenged in court my suspension done contrary to the terms of our collective agreement. My professional associations won the case whereas the University of Lethbridge Board of Governors, which was taking its signals from the Israel Lobby in Canada, lost the case. The result was my reinstatement to my professional duties on 2018.

    Drawing on this experience I make some observations on the parallels between the cases of Michael Kadar and Joshua Goldberg in

    I refer to my encounter with the tactics of the Goldberg/B’nai Brith Canada operation as “the Facebook Deception.” I responded to the attack as soon as I first became aware of the aware of the full extent of the B’nai Brith Canada-led scam in mid-September of 2016.

    • Thanks: AnonStarter
  52. @gay troll

    Ezra Pound disagreed.

    “Adolf Hitler was a Jeanne d’Arc, a saint. He was a martyr. Like many martyrs, he held extreme views.”
    Interview with Edd Johnson in The Chicago Sun, May 9, 1945.

    • Replies: @gay troll
    , @Colin Wright
  53. @Really No Shit

    You know that you are lying! Christian Zionists are not calling the shots on anything. They lose on every issue other than Israel or Jewish issues, yet the same old hacks keep dishonestly claiming that Christian Zionists and evangelicals are leading the poor-old-inncocent-naive Jews and Israel to slaughter.

    The truth is that Jews make most of their own trouble because they believe that they have some innate right and ability to rule over others, and their targets generally disagree. Looking for irrational Jew haters and “good Jews” is a waste of time, since there aren’t many of either.

    • Replies: @jbwilson24
    , @CFT
  54. @gay troll

    In my opinion Hitler was controlled opposition to the Red Shield (see Thyssen’s claim that Hitler was a bastard grandson of Rothschild)

    This myth has no basis and in fact has Jewish origins.

    See Carolyn Yeager’s Response

    Naziism is just another flavor of Zionism.

    The Third Reich wanted the Jews out of Europe, peacefully, because the Germans were not monsters. So they agreed to help them leave. That is not a policy of funding and building the Zionist Terrorist State that “Israel” has become, you can thank Great Britain and the United States for that. Would’ve been better to dump them on Madagascar but Germany did not own it.

    • Replies: @gay troll
  55. @ricpic

    “…wall to wall Jew hating continues as per usual…”

    That happens if you keep praying at your HATE wall :,406

    • Replies: @Kratoklastes
  56. Giraldi’s article is essentially correct but is garbled in a couple of important details. From the age of 14 (or earlier) Michael Kadar lived with his father in New Lenox Illinois as proven by the records of the Will County Court. These records reveal that he could not have made the threat calls — he was in jail throughout the entire period during which the calls were made. On March 18, 2017, he was released on a probation that allowed him to travel until August 18. He flew to Israel with his father (Robert A Kadar) to set up the March 23 fictitious domestic Ashkelon scene of an irresponsible youth who made all the calls unbeknownst to his parents. He returned to his Illinois home in time to meet the obligations of his probation. (He has subsequently failed these obligations twice and is currently confined on drug and weapons charges.) All the threat calls were apparently made by his mother, Tamar Kadar, who lived alone in the Ashkelon apartment.

  57. A Jewish student walking on a college campus who walks by protesters objecting to Israel’s behavior can claim to feel threatened and the incident is recorded as anti-Semitism

    Here, the equivalent is encountering an article or comment that casts Israel and certain members of its diaspora in a less than flattering light.

    I’d venture that a good number of lurkers — if not our resident zionists themselves — are reporting such “incidents” to the ADL as we speak.

  58. @ricpic

    “No change in the level of antisemitism at Utz, wall to wall Jew hating continues as per usual.”

    Your response to an article claiming that a lot of ‘anti-semitism’ is a deliberate hoax: cry anti-semitism.

    Running out of tricks, Schlomo.

    Criticism is not hatred. Noticing that a small group of people (2% of the population) has vastly disproportionate power is not hatred either.

    Jewish IQ is massively overrated.

    • Replies: @fatmanscoop
  59. @OilcanFloyd

    “yet the same old hacks keep dishonestly claiming that Christian Zionists and evangelicals are leading the poor-old-inncocent-naive Jews and Israel to slaughter.”

    Yes, I’ve come across this before. As if a bunch of evangelicals have some political power exceeding that wielding by AIPAC and the other 50+ Jewish lobbying groups.

    My answer: how many media outlets, Hollywood studios, international banks and hedge funds are controlled or owned by Evangelical Christians?

    Christian Zionists are utterly retarded, and they are most certainly not capable of going toe-to-toe economically with Jews.

  60. Trinity says:

    I THINK IT IS HIGH TIME WE START CALLING OUT JEWISH AND OTHER ANTI-WHITE PROFESSORS, HOLLYWOOD DIRECTORS, PRODUCERS, SCRIPT WRITERS, AND NEWS JOURNALISTS AND REPORTERS for inciting anti-White Gentile hatred. IF anyone in this country has to endure ENDLESS around the clock demonizing it is White Gentiles. Imagine the cover of a major publication showing a picture of an Orthodox Jew and the title reads, “Are Jews Born Racist?” If I am not mistaken some major publication ran a cover with a white baby proclaiming something along the lines of “Are Whites Born Racist?” Wonder who the publishers of that magazine were? LETS BE REAL HERE, the number of REAL “hate crimes” against Jews in America are few and far between while the number of hate crimes against Whites are in the thousands but of course they aren’t even identified as “hate crimes,” just the usual, “a robbery gone bad,” or “woman attacked by teens,” spiel.

    Time to have a real and uncensored discussion on race in America, but the anti-White crowd are too cowardly to have a rational debate or hear the truth.

  61. Anonymous[425] • Disclaimer says:

    When Jews do stuff like this, it’s like Christians poisoning the wells and blaming the Jews.

    These are never attacks on Jews but attacks on whites and Christians. Jews pull hate hoaxes like this but then garner sympathy by saying whites and Christians(as ‘Nazis’) done it.

  62. Z-man says:

    Jews wield hugely disproportionate power in all the Anglophone states as well as in France and parts of Eastern Europe and even in Latin America.

    They hold this power in the entire Christian/Western World. Even Putin is intimidated by their reach.
    Take a look at Italy. How many obvious Italian Jews are there in the boot? 30-50 thousand? But Italian politicians bow to their power. Salvini, the leader of the right wing of the country, has kissed Nathan-yahoo’s derriere repeatedly.
    … beware the Power of the CABAL.

    Interesting story about that Israeli-American Michael Kadar. Seems similar to the Epstein case, Mossad anyone?

    • Replies: @Moi
  63. DaveE says:

    Some of us have wised-up to creatures that hate us, want to kill us, have enslaved us and are PROUD of it.

    Scream “anti-Semite” all you want – this is war. We’re taking our world back.

    • Replies: @ValMonde
  64. Malla says:

    A Mizrahim Israeli of Iraqi background spills the beans. How Israel made a deal with the Iraqi government of its time to force the Iraqi Jews to make Aliyah to Israel. It involved Iraqi Zionists (maybe with Mossad help??) attacking Synagogues to create fear among local Jews for their future in Iraq. The local Mizrahim Jews were the elites of Iraq, soon they found themselves living in tents in the desert in Israel, ill treated as second class citizen by the White European Ashkenazi Israelis.
    By now, the Ashkenazi-Mizrahim divide in israel has reduced a lot and intermarriages are frequent but many decades ago, many White Ashkenazis Israelis called the Middle Eastern Mizrahim Israelis as “Kushim” or [email protected]@ers and considered them backward and unsophisticated.

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  65. @Richard B

    Just because a small percentage of jews are not hostile does not mean we have to make allowances for this small percentage. The jew mob calls the innocents they slaughter collateral damage. The innocent jews can be collateral damage. The same goes for all the non white groups now residing in white nations. The tiny percentages that are ok can be collateral damage no problem. Sorting out the good from the bad is just a terrible idea when you take into account the way these people lie.

    Any other idea is just more anti white claptrap.

    • Replies: @Richard B
  66. Moi says:

    C’mon, America has self-assigned itself to be a doormat for Jews.

  67. Many interesting details about the Kadar case which up ’til now have been well hidden. Can you imagine the responses from the ADL, SPLC, ZOA, AIPAC, etc., etc. if some redneck had been making these threats? We’d know all about him from his shoe size to his favorite brand of beer.

  68. Moi says:

    It’s not just the western world, India, which for many decades did not even recognize Israel, now sucks up to it–because it knows the power Israel wields in western capitals.

    • Replies: @Z-man
  69. DaveE says:
    @Richard B

    “Good Jew” is a self-negating concept. You’re either GOOD – or you’re superior by birth and entitled to unearned privilege as a member of The Chosen Race – but you can’t be both.

    A “Good Jew” is an Ex-Jew and therefore NOT a Jew. No exceptions.

    • Replies: @Richard B
  70. Robjil says:

    This is Old Testament/Tanakh/Torah type of thinking – The Amalek Solution.

    The Torah tells us to remember the nation of Amalek that attacked the Israelites after they left Egypt. Specifically, we are told to “blot out the memory of Amalek from under heaven” (Deut 25:19). Traditionally, this was understood — in a morally complicated way — to mean that Jews had an obligation to kill all Amalekites: men, women, and children.

    This Kaufman character had ancestors who lived in Germany for centuries. He would not exist if Germany had not tolerated Jews living in Germany in those centuries. This is how this devil, don’t know what word to use for such thinking, repays German culture.

    German culture gave so much beauty to the world especially in music- Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Handel, etc. It is a very sad thing that such a devil and many such devils like him have been trying to use the Amalek solution on Germany, on all Europe and on all European peoples anywhere in the world since 12.23.1913.

  71. Alfred says:

    Drawing a swastika on a wall in Paris is a far more dangerous thing to do than to shoot a Palestinian nurse in Gaza.

    • Agree: Colin Wright
    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @Biff
  72. Amigo says:

    The picture is the office of Columbia University professor Elizabeth Midlarsky. So nice of the anti-semites for taking down her pictures and artwork before they spray painted swastikas everywhere. I think this is the second time she vandalized her own office.

  73. So is Kadar the new Yagil Amir or what? (According to Barry Chamish, in “Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin?” Amir was Israel’s Lee Harvey Oswald, that is, the patsy, who did shoot at Rabin but did not kill him.)

  74. @geokat62

    I don’t know much about either party, but how did Anne-Marie Waters clearly show which side will win? I don’t know how most Brits feel about immigration, but you can’t talk fair politics without addressing the fact that there was never a moratorium in any Western nation on the immigration that has completely turned the West upside down. Any moratorium at this point still would not be fair if immigrants and their descendants were allowed a voice. There is no such thing as a nation of immigrants.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  75. I’m surprised that Girardi forgot or didn’t know of another aspect to the Kadar case. As a result of his (or Mossad’s) mischief, the ADL screamed there was a rise in anti-semitism. As a direct result to the Kadar case, but before Kadar’s identity became known, Amazon digitally burned dozens (some say several hundred) of revisionist books on grounds of an increase in anti-semitism. Yet, when it was determined that Kadar was the guilty party, the books were not restored by Amazon. A false flag that killed several birds with one stone.

    • Thanks: antitermite
  76. Insightful article. The time has come however to break free from the stifling matrix of ‘anti-Semitism’. The term itself is distorting, manipulative, and misleading. Yet even Philip Giraldi exhibits a belief in this phantom hobgoblin. Am I wrong about this, Philip?

    Giraldi’s delicate use of this toxic term indicates that he actually considers ‘anti-Semitism’ to be some kind of sin. A mental illness, perhaps?

    But does ‘anti-Semitism’ actually identify a unique strain of morally-depravity?–a unique propensity to injure and kill?

    No, it does not. That is a politicized fabrication.

    This is not to say that one who holds a fanatical grudge against Jews (or any particular individual, nation or group) cannot be unhinged and act way overboard about it–but every case must be based on its unique merits, history and complaints.

    Analyze, measure, and judge. Without favoritism. Yet that reasonable formula has been tossed aside.

    Indeed, no tribe, race, or nation has a monopoly on vice or virtue. But anti-Semitic theory would have us believe otherwise.

    What’s been cooked-up (due to the partisan efforts of Jewish theorists from Freud to Adorno to Marcuse) is a pseudo-science that designates outbursts directed towards Jews as a mental disorder, born from mental defects tied to hidden urges, family conflicts, economic insecurity, and sexual neuroses.

    ‘Anti-Semitic theory’ is a scientific fraud. Its purpose is to automatically elevate Jews and exonerate the Tribe from facing the actual details of their myriad conflicts. It attempts to:

    1) pathologize gentile aversion to Jewish in-group/out-group behavior, and

    2) insulate Jews from outside (non-Jewish) criticism since expressions of disdain for Jewish conduct (‘anti-Semitism’) is supposedly derived not from the actual conflicts, but from prejudicial beliefs and irrational impulses held by gentiles.

    The top-down, self-serving, all-kosher theory of ‘anti-Semitism’ is both a smear as well as a Get Out of Jail card for this privileged clique. It is further designed to silence the accused (non-Jews who dare to speak out) while providing political cover for Jewish-engineered disruptions and political upheavals.

    This is why the very term ‘anti-Semitism’ should be junked. It provides undue protection for worldwide Zio-Jewish malfeasance.

    Besides, what does ‘anti-Semitism’ even describe?–a hater of Semites?–or a hater of Jews?

    Curiously, ‘anti-Semitism’ has contains no opposite. There’s no such thing as ‘pro-Semitism’. Indeed, ‘Semitism’ itself is not a unifying or active political force whatsoever (though Zio-Jewishness certainly is.) This leaves us with a deliberately nebulous term but a handy weapon.

    A more honest title for the misnamed charade of ‘anti-Semitism’ might be this:

    ‘How to Use Fake History and Media Indoctrination to Silence the Goyim’.

    As for Semitic peoples, the case could be made that haters of non-JewishSemites constitute a high percentage of America’s ruling class. Just take a historic look backwards.

    Measure the destructiveness of US Mideast policies towards non-Jewish Semites over the past half century. The body count is astronomical. And contrary to what’s advertised, many of Zio-America’s destructive policies have targeted ‘Semitic’ Christians as well as Muslims. This fact illustrates the stark–though unrecognized–political divide (and preferential treatment) that exists in America between Semitic groups. One group is entirely and consistently more equal than others. What does this tell you?

    Dialogue is a two-way street. Yet organized Jewry (this includes America’s MSM) is hyper-miserly in this regard. Jewish leaders bristle at outside criticism. Their watchdog groups (with essential help from America’s MSM) circulate the deceptive and defamatory term ‘anti-Semitism’ to defame, shame and silence their critics. This strategy works.

    Meanwhile, they demand for themselves the right to dissect, demean, defame, and demote the reputation of their adversaries–without shame or cost.

    Incredibly, government-sanctioned ‘anti-Semitism’ is actually official policy–just so long as it does not adversely affect Jews. That is key.

    The US has, in fact. killed as many as one million (non-Jewish) Semites over the past two decades. Yet no one calls this organized mass murder ‘anti-Semitism’. Why?

    Anti-Semitism is actually all about one thing and one thing only: Jewish comfort and security. But the guardians of Jewish privilege refuse to acknowledge this fact, so they resort to linguistic tricks. Incredibly, the world’s foremost ‘victims’ are also the world’s foremost victimizers.

    It should also be stated that ‘Anti-Semitism’ presents no clear and present danger to public order, human ‘goodness’ (?), or even Jewish safety–since dialogue, compassion, compromise and goodwill are always potent remedies. Indeed, the conundrum of ‘anti-Semitism’ has been accurately described as: “[A] trick. We (Jews) always use it”. An Israeli lawmaker who appeared on Amy Goodman’s ‘Democracy NOW’ made this admission. It is certainly true.

    It is therefore time then to retire the tendentious, ‘Holocaust’-linked term ‘anti-Semitism’ and substitute something more balanced, neutral and accurate.

    ‘Counter-Jewish’ is straightforward and clear, as is ‘Jew-averse’ or ‘Jew-wary’.

    In any case, ‘anti-Semitism’ is not only a deliberately misnamed phenomenon, it deliberately ignores a far greater pathogen; namely, America’s abject surrender to a foreign power.

    • Agree: Wally
    • Thanks: antitermite, WalkingAlong
  77. Vaterland says:

    Kadar’s defense was that he had a brain tumor that caused autism

    He reportedly earned \$240,000 equivalent worth of the digital currency Bitcoin. Kadar has reportedly refused to reveal the password to his Bitcoin wallet and its value is believed to have increased to more than \$1 million.

    Nice. A real 4 Chan Troll confirmed. And a Jewish son of an israeli bioweapon engineer who also helped him pull it off.

    >mummy will never help you plot against the goyim, so your fellow chosen race gets more shekels while you can become a millionaire and your fellow chosenites bust you out of jail so you can NEET for the rest of your life on bitcoin

    Why live?

  78. Z-man says:

    Yeah the ‘7-Elevens on the Dot’ are an interesting case.
    The suck up to the Power of the Jew by India/Dot Heads is multifaceted.

    ‘The enemy of my enemy is my friend.’

    This really holds true for India and The Zionist Entity as they both have the same enemies. India has Moslem Pakistan and Izruel has the Arab world. Too bad Indians are ignorant to the fact that Zionists and other Jews hate them (Hindus & Moslems) both.
    Bollywood/Shmollywood-A lot of money is exchanged in the entertainment industry.
    And speaking of money they have to suck up not only because of Israel in the West but because the Hedge Fund managers of all the finacial centers that can destroy a country are infested and dominated by The Tribe.

  79. Trinity says:

    Oh yes indeed. Actual horrific violent crimes perpetrated by Jews/Israelis on Palestinian women, children and the elderly is nowhere near horrific as a swastika drawn by a Jew in FAKE HATE CRIME HOAX. You have to ask yourself even IF a swastika was scrawled by someone who was an actual died in the wool, “anti-Semite,” how do you equate that with brutal Black on White murders or Israelis killing unarmed Palestinians? Same thing with the “noose HOAX” or the recent Jussie Smollet FAKE HATE CRIME HOAX. I guess Smollet was the ultimate HOAX “victim,” seeing as how he is Black and Jewish mixed and homosexual as well. Loved the Dave Chappelle skit on the Smollet case where Chappelle claims that even Blacks knew the Smollet case was FAKE. Did Smollet even have a bruise on him in his FAKE HATE CRIME HOAX? NO rational human being would compare a drawing of a swastika with brutal ACTUAL VIOLENT CRIMES like the Christian-Newsom murder.

  80. Poco says:

    I think I’ll paint a star of david on my house and die YT in big red letters. Call the authorities and see if they will round up some jews who besiege Whites for me.

  81. @Franklin Ryckaert

    As usual, the whole ‘Wailing Wall’ schtick is ahistoric bullshit – as bullshit as the Tomb of the Patriarchs, the James Ossuary, and the Temple Pomegranate (to be fair: the Church of the Nativity, the Holy Sepulchre, ‘Golgotha’, the Shroud of Turin and almost all Jeebus-cult relics are also bullshit).

    It’s a Roman wall – only religious grifters and their dumbfuck gullible followers claim otherwise.

    The monstrous, self-serving lies of all organised religion cannot withstand dispassionate scientific scrutiny: dispassionate archaeology has only really been a ‘thing’ since the last quarter of the 20th century. Prior to that, virtually all archaeologists working in Palestine had a Bible (or a Torah) in their rucksack, and were solely focused on confirming narratives: now, it’s about 80% True Believers, 20% actual scientists.

    • Agree: gay troll, DaveE
  82. lavoisier says: • Website

    Anti-Semitism, or to be more precise anti-Jewish feelings, are definitely on the rise.

    But the question must be raised as to why this is so?

    Is it because of an irrational, psychotic, centuries old hatred based on nothing but the intrinsic evil of the Gentile?

    Or is it because there is more and more evidence for the Jewish hatred of us and the destruction this hatred has caused? A hatred that has resulted in mass murder on an unprecedented scale (Bolshevism), financial manipulation and usury (Federal Reserve), and a strong suspicion that Zionists may have killed the last American president who actually cared anything at all about the historic American nation. Add to the butcher’s bill concerns about the role of Jewish financial interests in starting both WW1 and WW2, the suspected Zionist role in 911 and the resulting wars, and the Jewish role in foisting upon the West unlimited immigration to the West of the Third World.

    And this leaves out the corruption of Western governments by Jewish money and their obvious control of the narrative through their control of the MSM.

    Yes, anti-Semitism is on the rise and for very good reasons.

    If the ADL and the SPLC want to combat anti-Semitism, look in the mirror for starters.

    • Agree: Mehen
  83. Anonymous[247] • Disclaimer says:
    @Richard B

    You should add Conservatism Inc, which in the case of National Review might as well be published in Israel. It also turns out that Wm F Buckley Jr was initially and quietly funded by the Jews for his task of turning native conservatism in America into a tool of Jewish supremacy. The chief method was to persuade conservatives in America that theirs wasn’t a nation of living and breathing people, but rather some abstraction called the American Proposition, consisting of a collection of political abstractions, including Wall Street’s finance capitalism as an exemplar of free enterprise. Firing Joe Sobran blew the lid off that rotten bunch. I visited their offices in NYC back in the late 90s, I guess it was, and was shocked at the collection of impossibly preppy dipshits working there.

    Although I haven’t wasted my time looking at American Conservative and the rest in some time, I found it shocking that the contributors could be such ass kissing whores for Israel and Jewish interests. In all my years of working with and for Jews in NYC, I can say I’ve never even met that sort of abject coward. Their servility toward the Jews defies explanation and must embarrass the Jews themselves, although if anything, it’s even more pronounced among the Republican stooges working for Israel in Congress.

  84. Skeptikal says:
    @Ship Track

    It’s too bad the interviewer (guy with ludicrous beard) is mentally far slower than Jones.
    He keeps missing the point and forcing Jones to re=make the same points over and over instead of advancing the discussion.

    • Agree: Ship Track, lavoisier
  85. gay troll says:
    @Ondra Hada

    Hitler still looks like a fall goy. Despite the smashing success of blitzkrieg, Hitler refused to go for the jugular of Britain at Dunkirk or the USSR at Moscow. He dragged his feet, invited “defeat”, and got it.

    Of course, the U.S. imported over 600 top Nazis after WWII and Hitler retired to Argentina. Germany may have lost the war, but the Nazis triumphed. They killed Kennedy, faked the moon landings, leveled the WTC and embroiled their adversaries in endless warfare, all for the sake of Israel.

    Naziism is nothing more than the myth of being “chosen” for goy; it is just as chauvinist as the Tanakh. At best Hitler was fighting fire with fire and more likely he was simply controlled opposition.

    A pied piper leading Germany to occupation. The forerunner of Donald J. Trump.

    • Replies: @Ondra Hada
  86. gay troll says:

    Well I guess that’s something Hitler and Jesus have in common then, both Jewish martyrs.

  87. geokat62 says:

    I don’t know much about either party, but how did Anne-Marie Waters clearly show which side will win?

    Because the civic-nationalism is a slow-motion version of the progressive destination to a dystopian society and all the British youths who have been living in this dystopia have come to realize this truism.

    Anne-Marie Waters is another Tommy Robinson, a Zionist shill prepared to do the dirty work of their paymasters… demonize the Islamic religion and oppose Muslim immigration, but defend immigration from every other country in the world.

    The ethno-nationalists have one objective: just like Jewish Zionists, they believe Britain should be for the native British, period.

  88. DrWatson says:

    Yes, and the Jews inside the synagogue were clapping and laughing when they learned there were no Jewish victims, only some goyim. How disgusting is that?!

  89. melpol says:

    Jewish love is on the rise as Christian gals search for a Jewish husband or boyfriend. Jewish males are supportive and good fathers. Jewish love is on the rise as Christian men want a Jewess wife. She is an unihibeted sex partner and explorer of new avenues. She is not boring as the homebound shiksa lady.

    • Troll: Hibernian, SOL
    • Replies: @annamaria
  90. @gay troll

    Naziism is nothing more than the myth of being “chosen” for goy

    National Socialism is the highest ideals put into action. It is the opposite of being “chosen” and getting by on Cunning, Cowardice, and Usury.

    This is what children in the Third Reich were given to read.

    I’ll forgive you’re knowledge of WW2 History ( like claiming that Hitler lost on purpose ), but I wont forgive your ignorance of what they fought for.

    • Replies: @gay troll
  91. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    A good question to ask, is why so many of the kiddie porn people and much worse, why are many of them deviant Jews?

  92. @Trinity

    ‘Remember when Noel Ignatiev the Jewish professor stated we need to “abolish Whiteness?” Now imagine a White professor stating that we need to “abolish Jewishness in America?” Can you imagine what would have happened to that guy? Is it possible for a Jew in America/Canada or Europe to be fired from his or here job for making racist or inflammatory remarks about Whites?’

    The irony of it is that arguably, we do need to ‘abolish Jewishness,’ unlike ‘abolishing whiteness’ it would be perfectly practical, and — again unlike ‘abolishing whiteness’ — it could be done perfectly humanely.

    For most
    ews, being ‘a Jew’ is little more than an accessory to their identity. Tell Aaron or Fran that they can’t be a Jew any more, and their lives go on, largely unaffected. They’re still Aaron or Fran — perhaps unfortunately, but that’s not the point.

    As to the various ultra-orthodox groups who take their identity seriously — the Satmars, et al — fine. File them along with the Amish. Extremist religious nutjobs we tolerate but certainly don’t intend to emulate.

    ‘Jewishness’ can simply be eliminated — and there needn’t even be a ruined career, let alone an actual victim.

    Oh yeah. Rabbis are kind of screwed. But that’s more or less it. So Shmuley Boteach has to start selling something else. So what?

    Fuck him.

  93. @Curmudgeon

    ‘Ezra Pound disagreed.

    “Adolf Hitler was a Jeanne d’Arc, a saint. He was a martyr. Like many martyrs, he held extreme views.”
    Interview with Edd Johnson in The Chicago Sun, May 9, 1945.’

    Ironically, that’s probably a more valid appreciation of Hitler than most.

    Of course, I will note that my appreciation of Jeanne d’Arcs owes much to the fact that they happen to be safely back in the fifteenth century. I didn’t say I wanted him (or her) to come back.

    Mind, if they’re sure to confine their gallavantin’ about to Western Eurasia, I’ll stock up on popcorn and resume watching the news.

  94. gay troll says:
    @Ondra Hada

    Nice propaganda. Socialism is an abomination. It grants government the power to take away what God has given.

    Why didn’t Hitler seize Moscow when he had the chance? Why did he turn his forces toward Stalingrad instead?

    • Replies: @Ondra Hada
    , @Skeptikal
  95. @geokat62

    Waters is another Fake Patriot Treasonous Zio Rat Stooge who is only interested in doing her Zionist masters bidding the same as that other Treasonous Zio Rat Stooge Tommy “4 Names” Robinson.
    She, Tommy and the rest of Zio agents are used to keep the divide and conquer Psy-Op rolling on so we do not deal with the real enemy of the people.

  96. @gay troll

    Nice propaganda. Socialism is an abomination. It grants government the power to take away what God has given.

    Propaganda is just dissemination of information. It can be based on Truth or Lies.

    You’re understanding of Socialism is based on Neocons covering for Usurious Plundering. If the government implements policies for the health of its citizenry that is bad, but if the Free Market uses schemes to suck your life energy, that is good. Criticizing “Socialism”, as if it represented specific policy, is not wise.

    Most of the Right’s disdain for Socialism is based in dysgenic Socialist policies, they associate the word “Socialism” with checks going to welfare queens and other such degenerates.

    Basically, Right Wingers and “Freedom Lovers” need to stop using their dislike of “Socialism” as a cover for their Racialist Views. It is muddying the water, and stifling discussion which could actually threaten the powers that be.

    • Replies: @Joey Pastrami
  97. @ricpic

    Unz is a businessman and web publisher. Utz is a potato chip.

  98. Richard B says:
    @James Scott

    Whenever someone overreacts it means they’re lying to themselves about something.

    Reaction comments are for snowflakes.

    Don’t embarrass yourself.

  99. Richard B says:

    I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, because it’s worth repeating.

    Whenever someone overreacts it means they’re lying to themselves about something.

    Reaction comments are for snowflakes.

    Don’t embarrass yourself.

  100. annamaria says:

    It sounds as if your post was stylistically inspired by the marketeers of Zvi Migdal: m

  101. You know the old saying; be careful what you wish for.

  102. @Assad al-islam

    There has always been movies, shows, plays about the plight of the Jews.
    “The Poseidon Adventure” was about Jews on a cruise gone bad.
    Not so many productions are made in Hollywood or New York City, about the pogroms aimed at the Palestinians, or about the disastrous effects of debt based money, or the dangers to civilization from fractional reserve lending.
    Where is the “The Poseidon Adventure” about the sinking of the USS Liberty?

    • Agree: Cyndy
  103. @mark green

    Correct, I propose to use the term judeo-critique instead of the problematic “anti-Semitism”. In our western civilization critique as a form of free speech is highly respected. No group should be above moral critique about its behavior, especially those who claim “historical special victimhood”. If critique of certain groups is not allowed, then that means the end of free speech, and that should be our main argument to allow criticism of Jewish misbehavior.

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
    , @Wally
    , @Derer
  104. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    Disagree. Disinfect the Jews of Judaism. Don’t send them off to live on stolen land or we will be partly guilty of the theft.

    Better still, disinfect our European family from the Jewish mind virus that has infected the West. If none believed the absurd Jew fairy tale about YHWH and it’s imaginary messiah Yeshua, none would give half a shit what the Jews are whining about nor would any care which shithole they subsist in today.

    Jews only have importance because gullible goyim grant it to them.

  105. anonymous[361] • Disclaimer says:

    US, specifically, is subservient to and in thrall to the ** ZioNazis ** who describe themselves as the Israeli Cabinet in Jerusalem

    cleansed of their brainwashing.

    start “cleansing of brainwashing” by stopping equating Zionism to Nazism.

    Read the link in Ondra Hada’s #90,

    to the 1940s German pamphlet for young Germans, Faith and Action

    Do you see anything in the German teaching to their children that resembles what Jews teach their children?

    Zionism is the antithesis of Nazism. Don’t entangle them and make them moral equivalents.

    • Replies: @vot tak
    , @Ann Nonny Mouse
  106. Anonymous[147] • Disclaimer says:

    “Here we go with the WASP thing again. A minority of descendants of the Angles were Puritans, and even fewer Saxons were Puritans.”

    What do you expect from a resident hasbara?

    Each time someone spotlights Jewish tricky “Jake” who pretends to be Catholic and Irish goes WASP hyperbole. He must be one of the Schlomos on 4chan who call for strafing England in broken German.

    • Agree: geokat62
  107. @Stan d Mute

    Jewish troll, I see. Wouldn’t you rather say G-hyphen-d than YHWH? And the Bible tells us about Jesus but you make it Yeshua. You know better. And very Jewish to want to make Jesus imaginary.

    To repeat, not better, the best, bring Jews to understand the evils of Judaism, free them from early childhood brainwashing and rabbinical control and the mountain of lies, help them to simply abandon it. That’s happening, but speed it up, make it total.

    What I was saying was don’t drive them out of the country and so become complicit in their worst crime: instead, free them from Judaism.

  108. vot tak says:

    Nonsense, guardianista.

    Nazism is a form of fascism where one ethnic group is considered superior to all others. Zionazism is a form of fascism where one ethnic group is considered superior to all others. There are differences, the two are not identical, but both are essentially fascism with a dominating racial/ethnic overlying aspect. The philosophical mindset underlying both in regard to racial superiority and governance is essentially the same. This base similarity was recognized by stern & co. when they offered to ally with the nazis, Lenni Brenner discusses zionazi-nazi collaboration and simularities here:

    Zionism in the Age of the Dictators

    • Disagree: Cyndy
  109. @Stan d Mute

    Agreed. Judaism has monopolized the concept of God and installed its own distorted idea of what God is. They are basically idol-worshiping a made-up Ancient Canaanite god, who is a narcissistic sociopath. It’s very similar to any other cult.

    Check out the cult of Heaven’s Gate for example, whose followers committed mass suicide believing their souls would reach an extraterrestrial spacecraft:

    I like giving this cult as an example of how powerful a cult can be, because it’s extremely irrational and self-destructive, YET people still followed it. Cult programming can be extremely powerful, more powerful than life and death.

    • Replies: @gay troll
  110. @anonymous

    Zionism is the antithesis of Nazism.

    I prefer what Ron Unz wrote in an American Pravda article, review of Israel Shahak’s famous book. Ron’s Oddities of the Jewish Religion. Namely, that Nazism was Judaism for wimps.

    Zionism is not the antithesis of Nazism.

    Except in one way. The German population under Hitler’s rule did not generally support Nazi oppression of the Jews. But the majority of the Israeli Jewish population do support Israel’s frightful oppression of the Palestinians. The Jews are Nazis, the Germans were not

    • Replies: @anonymous
  111. @jbwilson24

    Jewish IQ is massively overrated.

    Seems to be highly specialised, in light of their culture/ethnic strategy – extremely high in regard to financial matters and creating profit, very low in relation to ethics, creating equitable and effective systems.

    • Replies: @DaveE
  112. 9593 says:

    One would think that the 2019 arrest in Illinois of the infamous synagogue bomb hoaxer would be on the nightly news, but it seems only to have appeared in the Frankfort Illinois local paper, with no mention of the details of Michael Kadar’s previous felony conviction, only a year earlier. Obviously, he came back into the US, through Immigration and Customs Enforcement without apprehension. No word apparent yet on the web about the outcome of his arrest in Frankfort.

  113. @Franklin Ryckaert

    Counter-Semitism has always worked for me.
    Shifts the focus from the Jew per se to his actions.

  114. geokat62 says:

    Mossad False Flag Attacks on Jews: Is anti-Semitism really increasing?

    Ex-Mossad Agent, Victor Ostrovsky, answers Phil’s question in Ex-Mossad Spy on “Anti-Semitism” Smears

    • Thanks: ChuckOrloski
  115. Trinity says:

    It truly baffles me how basically a tiny group of organized criminals ( to me that represents what Israel and the Zionist who run America and the rest of the West truly are) can intimidate hundreds of millions of people. Even the late Jim Traficant when exposing Israel’s and the Jewish stranglehold over America and Washington on Fox News Pawn Vanity Show, had to still pay homage to Israel saying that they are “our” ally in the Middle East and we should defend them. WHAT? Of course Traficant ALLEGEDLY died from a farm tractor falling on him if I have the story straight. I think IF we had REAL leaders in Washington, some with integrity, some who really cared about America and her people, this Jewish stranglehold on America could be broken in weeks. That is right. In a few weeks, America could start working on being great again. You have this massive country with 330 million people, not to mention a whole continent ( Europe) who are TERRIFIED of a tiny group of mobsters and a country the size of New Jersey with a few million people. This is borderline ridiculous.

    “Our” leaders have no problem condemning White nations like Russia or even the Russian people. Those same leaders have no problem condemning Iran or even the Iranian people, the nation of China or the Chinese, hell, they still talk about Germans and Nazis 3/4 of a century later. Maybe someone in Washington can start talking about how evil those Norwegian Vikings were? The Vikings despite being looters, pillagers and rapists have come off pretty easy and are often seen as heroic. Hell, those Vikings must have been Jewish to pull that off. Honesty can you think of any other nation that could have attacked the USS Liberty in broad daylight and never had to suffer any repercussions or even criticism from “our” leaders. Can you think of any other nation or people that would be caught routinely spying on America and never suffer any direct criticism, even receive a minimum of 3.8 BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR FROM AMERICA. Can you imagine if the 5 Dancing Israelis celebrating the deaths of thousands of Americans and the destruction of the Twin Towers had been Chinese, Syrian, North Korean, or even Russian? Would they have gotten off and returned to their native nation?

    • Agree: Desert Fox, Robjil
    • Replies: @RollingStone
  116. kikz says:
    @vot tak

    and IR will still get their \$3.8b….. while the US economy tanks and people starve. i for one would really love a large scale permanent aliyah by the tribe. i’ll do a goy hora when i hear el al is so busy, they’re running 24/7 back to their homeland.

  117. Truth3 says:

    About so-called… ANTI-SEMITISM.

    If it is ANTI-SEMITISM to call Jews ‘Hypocrites’… Jesus was an ANTI-SEMITE.

    If it is ANTI-SEMITISM to call Jews ‘Liars’… Jesus was an ANTI-SEMITE.

    If it is ANTI-SEMITISM to call Jews ‘Murderers’… Jesus was an ANTI-SEMITE.

    If it is ANTI-SEMITISM to call Jews ‘Thieves’… Jesus was an ANTI-SEMITE.

    If it is ANTI-SEMITISM to call Jews ‘Satan’s Sons’… Jesus was an ANTI-SEMITE.

    WWJD? What would Jesus do?

    Regarding the Jews… He would say the Truth to their faces.

    • Replies: @gay troll
  118. @Ondra Hada

    What do you make of Hitler being financed by jewish bankers like the Warburgs?

    • Replies: @Ondra Hada
  119. DaveE says:

    Highly specialized indeed. Most notably in the art of lying, including (and especially) companies who administer things like the SAT exam (Kaplan Industries – Jewish) and “intelligence” tests.

    I was told by my best friend in 1978 (a Jew) how it was known by “certain people” about a secret phone number “certain people” could call to get their kid’s SAT scores fixed….. for enough shekels, of course.

    Does anyone smarter than an earthworm REALLY believe that cretins like Chuckie Shumer REALLY scored 1,600 / 1,600 on their SAT ?

  120. @Trinity

    That’s because they have brainwashed the masses to view them as the ‘eternal victim’ and if you say something even remotely critical of them that means you want to make lampshades out of their skin.

    People must stop believing they’re the eternal victim. They’re not.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  121. Trinity says:

    IF anything they are the “eternal oppressor” that they are always accusing Whites of being.

    How can you tell when a Jew is lying? Answer: When you see his lips moving.

    NEARLY everything that comes out of the Jew media, the Jew press, the Jew publishing companies is the EXACT OPPOSITE OF THE TRUTH. It was the Jews who were oppressing the Germans until Hitler came along and decided that IF the Germans were to survive they would have to fight. It IS the Jews who are oppressing the Palestinians, and their neighbors, not the other way around, but of course “our” media is always telling us it is Israel’s neighbors who are attacking poor little Israel and Israel must have the right to shoot and defend unarmed Palestinian women and children to protect “their” borders.

    Figure this one out. It is racist according to the Jew run “American” media for America and other traditionally White nations to protect their borders from brown and black skinned invaders, but Israel shooting unarmed Palestinians merely protesting outside of “their” borders or deporting Africans is okie-dokie. Ivanka Trump cries crocodile tears when (((they))) LIE about Assad gassing “the children” but Ivanka sheds no tears for Palestinian UNARMED women and children being shot by Israelis. Don’t Ivanka and Jared (((Kushner))) make a lovely couple. How lucky are we as Americans to have two ZIONIST boobs in the White House who weren’t elected by anyone and who aren’t qualified to manage a McDonald’s much less be advisors to the POTUS.

  122. Derer says:

    Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh :
    “If you saw two people drowning, a Jew and a non-Jew, the Torah says you save the Jewish life first….Something is special about Jewish DNA….If a Jew needs a liver, can you take the liver of an innocent non-Jew (Kosovo Serb) passing by to save him? The Torah probably would permit that. Jewish life has an infinite value.”

    Ooh, those anti-Semites.

    • LOL: Trinity
  123. Wally says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    Get out of town, hasbarist hypocrite.

    You claim, without any proof whatsoever, that millions of Jews in WWII are “missing” (absurdly implying they were killed by ‘the Nazis’ ) in an attempt to give Jews a special status.

    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  124. Derer says:
    @Dr. X

    Re. Cuomo derogatory language on “anti-Semites”…our founding fathers were all anti-Semites, they did not allow Jews to vote – personas non grate.

    I must laugh at Trump impeachment circus when 3 Jewish legal experts plus Schiff, Nadler, Schumer and other Jewish members constantly referred to our founding fathers intend.

  125. Derer says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    There is nothing wrong with “anti-Semites”, they are just following our founding fathers position. What is wrong with that?

  126. @Wally

    If a people’s disappearance cannot be accounted for then they are indeed “missing”, whether we like those people or not. What really happened to those people still has to be found out.

    But perhaps you are happy that another group of people during WW II was not “missing”: the 3,3 million Russian POWs who were simply left to die of hunger by the noble Nazis. See: Wikipedia, German mistreatment of Soviet prisoners of war.

    If the Nazis treated the Russians already in such a cruel way, how would they have treated the Jews, whom they hated even more?

    Has the oracle of CODOH another infallible answer to that?

    • Troll: Trinity
    • Replies: @Robjil
  127. Derer says:
    @mark green

    I agree, but it is a completely futile attempt to substitute expression “anti-Semite” with something else. By overuse the word is losing its effectiveness anyway.

    For example, calling somebody a “swine” does not literally mean an animal. Hence, the expression “Semite” is symbolic only.

    • Replies: @mark green
  128. Skeptikal says:
    @gay troll

    “Why didn’t Hitler seize Moscow when he had the chance? Why did he turn his forces toward Stalingrad instead?”

    Because he wanted to capture the Baku oil fields.

  129. ValMonde says:
    @mark green

    There’s no such thing as ‘pro-Semitism’.

    It’s called philo-semitism. Shabbat goyim now have their own Wikipedia page.

  130. @Joey Pastrami

    I have not found suitable reason to believe that. There is an overview in this article about the claims of Hitler being funded by American/Jewish interests. There’s not a whole lot of evidence, and even the cases which are more believable, the motives claimed for funding Hitler are purported to be profit oriented rather than Masonic/Jewish control of Adolf Hitler.

    Now, with how deep these bastards have their grip on the world, you might not want to believe anyone could rise to power without a nod from world Jewry. I don’t agree but I understand the sentiment. To that I would answer, examine what the NSDAP actually did and how that meshed with the interests of International Finance. They completed trade on a clearing basis with Italy without any need for Gold. They issued their own Reichsmarks towards Industry and Infrastructure. They made perfectly clear how Jews operate and lie ( see: The Eternal Jew ). They called out the nefariousness of Rent extraction and unnecessary interest payments. Etc.

    The desire of Jewish Finance to extract life energy from the goyim in exchange for nothing was completely stunted in the Third Reich.

  131. Robjil says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    The Soviet Union was Jewish controlled like the US and Britain, thus Jews could easily go to the Soviet Union. This would solve the puzzle of the “missing” Jews. There were 14-16 millions missing” ethnic Germans in the lands taken from Germany’s East and from all of Central and Eastern Europe. The forced German ethnic migration after World War II was the largest mass movement of people in history.

    Here is a bit of Jewish movement in the 1930s-1940s to the Soviet Union. This is about the Polish Jews. This is from a Jewish source.


    …There is no present and no future for young Jews. They escape for their lives. They get away by different methods: on foot, by auto, train, carts and every other kind of transport. The border is open. The Soviets do nothing to prevent it.* The occupying forces have no fixed system. You can never know what is forbidden and what is allowed. In a word – one day they are lenient and one day severe. It is understandable: Where the heart is harsh and cruel there is no set and fixed system. And, in addition, what one authority permits, the other forbids. At the beginning of the Occupation the border was open. Anybody could cross without written permission, and those who wanted to stand in a queue for three days were not prevented from getting written permission; this stated clearly that the bearer of the letter was permitted to cross the border to Russia with his goods and chattels and that he was authorized to make use of any form of transport. That is what it said in writing. In reality the roads were beset with dangers. According to the “Regulations” persons crossing the border could take only 20 zloty with them. This was a sadistic law that could not be observed. Devices were therefore thought up in order to smuggle larger sums across, and here many failed. People were robbed and beaten on the way and left naked, with everything gone. The Border Guards knew that the blood and the money of the Jews were outside the law. And they dealt with people crossing the border as the spirit moved them. From this time the border-crossers preferred to cross without permission. They had no confidence in the legalisms of the Occupying Power. When they crossed quietly they were more secure. There simply was no refugee who did not take with him a sum of money larger than that which the “Regulations” permitted. And so the “green border” [clandestine border crossing] became known among the refugees, together with the expert guides who earned huge sums from this “trade.”

    It is reliably estimated that more than a million** refugees escaped to Russia. However many came they were still well received. But – where was this great mass of people to go? A small part, particularly those with a trade, have already been moved to the interior of Russia. As to the majority – either they had money with them and could eat, or they had nothing and hungered and thirsted….

  132. ValMonde says:

    We’re taking our world back.

    Sounds like a hartfelt battlecry, but are you? Do you really mean it? And what’s exactly the plan? Excluding jews from certain professions or simply culling their numbers by decreeing quotas? Segregations, expropriations, mass deportations, labor camps, reeducation kibbutz ? Are you considering eliminating first all the antifas, LGBTQs, feminists and gender-dysphoric Starbucks baristas, which will most certainly get on the way? Asking for a friend.

  133. Skeptikal says:

    The German diaspora in central and eastern Europe upgraded the technological and cultural foundations of those areas.
    Centuries later, this was also true of the American South, in particular western Louisiana and eastern Texas.
    German farmers in that region had the most orderly and productive farms.

  134. @Derer

    A swine is a four-legged animal. Using the word as an insult is obviously a figure of speech. It packs little puch. ‘Swine’ has no authority or meaningful reference point.

    On the other hand, ‘anti-Semite’ does have a genuine historic context which is meaningful to the average normie. It also has a psychiatric hook. For most, ‘Anti-Semite’ means BAD person. Deranged. Bigoted. Aggressive. Evil. Ultimate prejudice. Gas Chambers. Master Race. Aggressive war.

    The indoctrination behind this term has been thorough, persistent, and severe.

    I consider most of the popular views about ‘anti-Semitism’ naive and misplaced, but this Jewish-constructed worldview has caught on. It has sunk in. This is power. Zionist cheerleaders in the MSM also gives the term authority. It is a weapon. It deserves to be repudiated.

    In the meantime, the charge of ‘Anti-Semite’ functions as an acceptable form of Hate Speech.

    • Replies: @Derer
  135. @Malla

    Elan Carr, President Donald Trump’s recently appointed Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism, gave the conference’s keynote address, which he peppered with Hebrew phrases.
    “Anti-Semitism is emblazoned on my family’s collective memory,” said Carr, whose mother was born in Iraq. As a young girl, his mother saw her father arrested around the time of Israel’s independence. In Iraq, her father was marched through the streets with other local Jewish leaders in leg irons, put on trial and convicted of being a Zionist, for which he served five years in prison, Carr said.
    His wife’s family has Holocaust survivors, including a grandmother who survived Auschwitz, he added.
    “[The Jewish people’s] history is of being driven from one place to another, desperately seeking refuge,” Carr said. “How blessed we are that this is the United States of America, which, for all of our problems, is the most philo-Semitic country ever.”

    PS On ~ Feb. 14, 1933, months before Hitler and NSDAP had aggregated power, Louis Brandeis directed that “All Jews leave Germany . . . all 587,000 German Jews must leave . . . I urge that no Jew remain in Germany.”

    • Replies: @vot tak
  136. anonymous[300] • Disclaimer says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse


    The core agenda of Zionism was and is to take possession of the lands of another and to displace the former I habitants.

    NSDAP’s core agenda was to reclaim for Germany its own lands, culture & sovereignty that had been taken from Germany by treachery.

    See the difference?

    Germany was more like the Palestinians.

  137. @Robjil

    Well I believe that it is possible that some one million Jews from eastern Europe could flee into the Soviet Union before the Nazis could catch them.

    But I am referring to those Jews from western Europe who were abducted (in trains) to the concentration camps. According to the “official” Holocaust story most of them were gassed in the concentration camps. Those unfit for work directly on arrival, those fit for work after having been worked to death. Holocaust revisionism has demonstrated that the “gassing” story is false. If that is so, then what happened to those Jews? That is the question the revisionists cannot answer to satisfaction. Therefore I call them “missing” Jews.

    • Replies: @Robjil
  138. Trinity says:

    The only people that the words “anti-Semite” or “racist” intimidate from speaking out are the ones who are the most victimized class in America right now, and that is Whites, and by “White,” I mean people of White European ancestry. Call an African America or an Hispanic a “racist” and see if they give two shits. Call a Jew an “anti-Semite” for their behavior towards Palestinians and Arabs, and see if the Jew cares. In all HONESTY, Jews and Blacks are the two most racist demographics in America and yet these are the two BIGGEST WHINERS who are always claiming that they are oppressed by Whites. White on Black violence is VERY, VERY RARE, and Whites attacking Jews is nearly non-existent in America. Jews and Blacks FAKING HATE CRIMES are far more common than ACTUAL ATTACKS by Whites on Jews or Blacks. The fact that no major news outlets or publications or any organization that allegedly fights against “hate and racism,” REFUSE to report on the Black on White violence in America and South Africa or Muslims raping European women in Europe, but will make drawing swastikas an international story speaks volumes.

  139. geokat62 says:

    Hear those drums in the background?

    • Replies: @Wally
  140. gay troll says:

    YHWH is unpronounceable because it is “He-She” spelled backwards. Every story that follows YHWH also conceives of divinity backwards. Abrahamic faiths are male chauvinist cults who disguise the truth about God in their bid for Earthly power.

  141. gay troll says:

    Jesus was a Rabbi of the line of David who fulfilled Jewish prophecies and proclaimed that he had come to fulfill Jewish law.

    And yet you are correct, he was also an anti Semite. Isn’t that exactly what this article is about? Jews pretending to attack Jews?

    • Replies: @Truth3
  142. Wally says:

    Hear these drums in the background?

    Iran tortures, kills protesters; 8,000 citizens arrested:
    Iranian women protest hijab laws:–and-hoping-for-a-turning-point/2018/03/08/bb238a96-217c-11e8-946c-9420060cb7bd_story.html
    Iranian Celebrities Join Protesters in Challenging Oppressive Iranian Regime:
    Day 51 of Iran Protests: Iranians Celebrating the Death of Qassem Soleimani in Iran and Across the Globe :
    – Iranian Persecuted Christians: Majority of Iran Supported Airstrike on Soleimani:
    Regime officials confirm 1,500 killed in Iran’s nationwide protests:
    Iran makes arrests in plane shootdown, police crack down on protests:
    Iran: protests and teargas as public anger grows:
    Iranian cities hit by anti-government protests:

    • Troll: vot tak
    • Replies: @Paul C.
  143. vot tak says:

    “In Iraq, her father was marched through the streets with other local Jewish leaders in leg irons, put on trial and convicted of being a Zionist, for which he served five years in prison”

    That is terrible! Only 5 years? Those Iraqis were way too lenient with the critter.

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  144. Derer says:
    @mark green

    A country that persecutes hate speech is not a democracy…hate is an emotion opposite to love. Communists have persecuted hate speech but they, at least, never claimed to be democracies. Only criminal elite in power would force people to whisper their emotion/opinion in closet. Special interest groups are chipping away from our freedom and the silent majority is guilty of apathy.

    • Agree: annamaria
  145. Paul C. says:

    Gee, MSM news stories, how convincing. The same (((MSM))) that pushes the holocaust narrative and every Israeli / zionist agenda. Iran hasn’t attacked another country in over 200 years. They’re surrounded by ZUSA military bases in all the countries we’ve invaded, but somehow they’re a threat.

    • Agree: Nuncle
    • Thanks: ChuckOrloski
    • Replies: @annamaria
  146. Nuncle says:

    These days, the question is rather, who cares either way?

    What concerns me is that the dangerous ideology of anti-whitism is entrenched in power in nearly every country with a majority white population.

  147. Tucker says:
    @Greg Bacon

    If Kadar was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 2017, but then somehow was ‘quietly released’ in 2018 – then that very likely means that Jared Kushner ordered the Orange Tweeter to issue some kind of presidential pardon that let this criminal jew out of jail.

    If so, they managed to keep this treasonous act out of the mainstream news, because I do not remember reading anything about this Kadar fellow until I read this very excellent article by Giraldi.

    Which triggers me to ask a question. Whenever a president issues any kind of pardon – does this go into the public record and is it covered under the Freedom of Information Act?

  148. annamaria says:
    @Paul C.

    The Wars for Israel: US-trained “moderate” terrorists in Syria:

    According to the testimony of the members of the illegal armed groups who surrendered to the government, the Americans provided them with pickup vehicles and weapons. US instructors trained them to carry out sabotage at oil and gas and transport infrastructure, as well as organise terrorist acts in the territory controlled by the Syrian government forces

    • Thanks: Paul C.
  149. Robjil says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    Whatever happened, it was all for the Zionist cause.

    Nuland gave the world a clue of Zionist thinking with her words in the Kiev coup of 2014.

    I think, to help glue this thing and to have the UN help glue it and, you know, F**k the EU.

    Notice how the 6 m is used endless to glue things for the Zionists since 1945.

  150. Trinity says:

    And (((WHO))) determines what is (((hate speech))) or a so-called, (((hate crime?))) Answer: THE JEW and his anti-White minions.

    Recently there was a teaching assistant at the University of Georgia who claimed that “some white people would have to die in order for Blacks to obtain their freedom.” ( I think I have the quote right but it is more or less what he said.) The local news media gave the story the obligatory 5 minutes with of coverage and then threw the story in the round file, my guess is the guy not only kept his job but was probably praised ala Noel Ignatiev style. We have already discussed Mr. Ignatiev and his call to “abolish whiteness.” And how about that half Jew little prick, Tim Wise? Look at some of the anti-White crap that little dweeb has spewed over the years. I would have to research this one to be positive that the fat pig with a ton of makeup known as Doprah Pigfrey aka Oprah Winfrey said this one, but did this uber anti-White racist not say that “old white people must die to end racism in America” or something like that? Off topic, but Oprah’s makeup artist are freaking miracle workers. Have you ever seen Doprah without her makeup vs. Doprah with makeup? My gawd, she is hideous sans the war paint.

    So we see if the gubmint appoints a “hate speech” czar how the law will be applied. And that pesky First Amendment? haha. Well, when it comes to Israel, the First Amendment must take a back seat to the “chosen people,” for they are above criticism from the lowly goyim. Attack an American ship? No problemo, it was Israel. The 5 dancing Israelis? Of course they were innocent, they were Israelis after all. Get the picture? Some Black or Jewish professors talks about abolishing whiteness or some Whites will have to die, or a Black celebritard states that old white people will have to die to end racism in America? No problem, no hate speech, just our leaders telling us how to “Make America Great Again.” Some White cook show host from Georgia, that’s two strikes against her already, she’s White, and she’s from the Deep South. So one cook show host named Paula Deen admits that she uttered the N-word decades ago after having an N-word stick a gun in her face during an armed robbery and she is raked over the coals. Predictably Ms. Deen did everything Whites should not to do, she cried and begged for forgiveness maybe hoping to keep her gig on the cooking show. And predictably she was canned. Contrast this with Congressman Charlie Rangel calling Whites “crackers,” Rangel never apologized, Blacks and Jews NEVER apologize for any hate filled rants against Whites, and like Rangel, like Ignatiev, like Al Sharpton, like Tim Wise, etc., etc., they never suffer any repercussions.


    • Agree: anarchyst, Nuncle
    • Replies: @vot tak
  151. @vot tak

    Thanks for responding, vot tak.

    My cut-and-paste and video link were a direct response to the video that Malla linked @ #64, the recorded conversation of a Jew from Iraq who said his family was coerced to leave Iraq in 1951 by Jewish Zionist, namely, David Ben Gurion, scheming, in league with Iraqi leader at the time, Nuri Said, and the British.

    This is significant inasmuch as Elan Carr said in a speech to the Zionist Organization of America (the video linked @ #135) that his passion to stamp out “antisemitism” wherever he finds it — or manufactures it — arises from the experience of his family member having been imprisoned by Iraqi authorities for being a zionist.

    Follow the twists and turns of the claims: zionists worked with Iraqi authorities to terrorize Iraqi Jews into migrating to Israel.

    It is not implausible that Carr’s family member was arrested by Iraqi authorities in compliance with the wishes of Jewish zionists in Israel.

    Now, Carr is trading on that “terror” to terrorize the American people into subservience to zionist demands, including a massive abrogation of free speech rights guaranteed to the American people.

    I attached the last statement, that “in Feb. 1933 Louis Brandeis directed all Jews to leave Germany,” a refrain I’ve repeated tediously, because I believe a process similar to the Ben Gurion-Said scheme to migrate Jews from Iraq took place in Germany; I further contend that Kristallnacht, equivalent to the bombing of synagogues mentioned by Shimon the Iraqi Jew, and the so-called “first step of the holocaust,” was a crisis at very least deliberately provoked by zionists.

    • Agree: Malla
    • Replies: @vot tak
  152. geokat62 says:

    In the latest instalment of Patriotic Weekly Review, Mark Collette drops a bomb by revealing who the backers of the EDL truly are: PATRIOTIC WEEKLY REVIEW WITH TRUK


    Video Link

    The fun starts @ 1:03:50. He pulls up a webpage that contains these official documents:

    EDL 1

    EDL 2

    So, Tommy Robinson once saw fit to change the name of The English Defence League to The English and Jewish Defence League.

    Nothing wrong with that, hey mate?

  153. Truth3 says:
    @gay troll

    He wasn’t a rabbi in the sense you state.

    Your handle is being fulfilled, however.

  154. vot tak says:

    I don’t remember his name, but a few years ago. I read about an Iraqi Jew who had been hoodwinked by an israeli falseflag op to pack up and move to israel. The op involved falseflag bombings by israeli operatives of Iraqi Jewish people/facilities and at least one person died of these, I believe. It happened during the 1950s. The zionazis have been running these falseflag ops from the time they began invading Palestine.

  155. vot tak says:

    “Answer: THE JEW and his anti-White minions.”

    Both israel and their likud linked websayan network are THE MOST white supremacist thing around. Scratch a western white supremacist and invariably, invariably, one uncovers a zionazi who thinks he’s being clever, or some fecal fetishing (literally) knuckle-dragger who is hard pressed to add 1 + 1, and who swears by (insert a zionazi psyop site of your choice) for the trooth.

    • Disagree: Malla
  156. geokat62 says:

    Brother Nathanael’s latest instalment, The Great Purge:

    Video Link

    The transcript:


    The Great Purge
    Everybody’s heard about FEMA camps.
    With 800 of these “Relocation Centers” across America they are prepared to house the distressed whenever disaster strikes.
    Now, the cornerstone of FEMA is an underground bunker in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains originally called “Mount Weather.”
    Created as an observation point for meteorologists, in 1954 it interlaced with the Pentagon’s bunker at Raven Rock in Pennsylvania, and was renamed “Operation High Point.”
    It was expanded by the Army into the nation’s largest underground complex that included its own water source, sewage plant, cafeteria, and hospital.
    So in some ways, America is prepared for the impending crisis which I call, ‘The Corona Collapse,’ an apocalyptic coalescence of human disease coupled with economic disaster.
    Now*—and this is notable—during World War 2 the government housed 100 conscientious objectors at this “Mount Weather” bunker and pressed them into service as weather researchers to help with the war effort.
    Soon we’re gonna need lots of help.
    Due to the lockdowns and business closings, we now see municipalities, cities, states, all looking for hand-outs from the Federal Reserve Bank.
    Called, the “Municipal Liquidity Facility”—these are not hand-outs—but loans, at interest, of yet more money printed out of thin air in a two year plan.
    Then comes repayment on demand.
    This is a first in American history where fake money spreads from the federal level to the sovereign state level.
    The FED—a consortium of Jewish banks revolving and pivoting around the Rothschild Family Dynasty fulcrum and seat—could then own every nook and cranny of American life including the local police.
    Once it’s ‘payment on demand,’ the operation will become the “Municipal Enslavement Plan.”
    Unable to pay even the principal, let alone interest, Munis will find their precious assets privatized:
    Historic sites, lands, municipal buildings, hospitals, water and sewage plants, lakes, roads, parks, pools, bikeways, hiking trails, all gobbled up by Jewish vultures demanding fees from the hapless goys.
    You’re gonna have to pay some Jew to take your kid to the park.
    And with the money the FED ’steals into existence’—since it doesn’t represent goods and services—then demanding its ‘corona loans’ be repaid with real wealth, their Federal Reserve notes–dollar bills–won’t even buy you a wad of bubble gum.
    The Corona Collapse leaves two groups of people: Producers and Parasites.
    The Producers—historically of white European Christian stock—keep the economy going by creating wealth for the country through their work.
    These are typically entrepreneurs, engineers, farmers, and laborers.
    The Parasites can be divided into two groups: Lazy Parasites and Professional Parasites.
    Lazy Parasites live off of government assistance, sometimes for generations.
    [Clip: ]
    Professional Parasites—also for generations—bleed the work of the Producers by financing their labor with worthless, yet legally-tendered, money.
    These Professional Parasites are better known as Jews.
    Now America is presently in ‘Chapter 11′ of bankruptcy.
    This bodes ill for the Lazy Parasites since the welfare state is on respirator mode and will soon croak.
    But it bodes well for the Professional Parasites, who seeing currency in decline, will use their fake cash to buy real assets like farmland.
    With demand for farms consequently rising, prices for the land will soar.
    Hyperinflation throughout the food supply chain then creeps in, fleecing the wages of the common goy.
    We must repeal the Federal Reserve Act ASAP and let local banks issue their own currency based on commodities of their choice.
    Now the Lazy Parasites hanging around could present a challenge.
    But not a big one.
    Just stock the FEMA camps with fries and wide screen TV’s, throw in some Cheetos, and put the Lazy Parasites to work for the recovery effort, just like the government did with “Mount Weather.”
    A great purge is upon us.
    Like Noah in his day, let’s make another purge great again.

    • Thanks: ChuckOrloski
  157. tac says:

    I’m not sure if you are familiar with Mark Collett of the [British] Patriotic Alternate (whom Anne Marie–who is an avid supporter of Israel, like Tommy Robinson is …. no surprise there, was addressing in this slanderous rant), but here is his response to her outlandish amateur slander of his movement: (If you have time watch the entire video around 2hrs as it touches on many subjects, but if you want to simply hear his response start at 46 min mark)

    Video Link

    • Thanks: geokat62
  158. Art says:
    @Stan d Mute

    Jews only have importance because gullible goyim grant it to them.

    Is “gullible” way too kind – is that word just untrue? Does it mislead? It implies ignorance.

    Are the top 20% of US gentiles (left& right) intellectually devoid of brains – or are they just going with the Jew cultural flow because it is profitable.

    Have they abandoned American individuality and its Christian heritage, for the devious Jew group identity politics?

    When the Jews intimidate with the terror of the Stockholm syndrome, do the gentile elite just gullibly crumble and buy into the Jew victimization lies?

    Please get real, not today 2020, they cannot be that foolish – they know that they are doing wrong – they know that they are selling out America’s idealistic Christian heritage, and they know that the Jew State that they are supporting – is evil.

    Don’t they!

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  159. geokat62 says:

    More interesting legislation being passed by Knesset West:

    • Replies: @tac
    , @ChuckOrloski
  160. BAP says:

    While a lot of attacks on jewish people are staged to push certain agendas or play the victim, a lot of organic suspicion may be raised against jews given their role in both World Wars, 9/11, Event 201, institutionalized parasitism, mafias, planned economic collapses, psychological operations like ideologies, religions and cults, human trafficking and experimentation, technological suppression, censorship, persecution, eternal wars on Middle East, USSR leadership, the origins of the Nazi party and the list goes on almost infinitely.

  161. tac says:

    If you want an unbiased and fair alt-channel to follow which brings you the news from all angles, I recommend Ryan Christian of the Last American Vagabond (BTW Whitney Webb no longer writes for Mint Press News …. she now writes for this very website [Last American Vagabond). Here are some of his latest videos:

    In Coronavirus We Trust: Medical Surveillance State For A Gov That’s Experimented On You 239 Times:

    From Anthrax To Coronavirus Part 1 – Same 9/11 False Flag Players, New COVID-19 Boogeyman:

    From Anthrax To Coronavirus Part 2 – Same 9/11 False Flag Players, New COVID-19 Boogeyman:

    • Thanks: geokat62
  162. @geokat62

    Dear George!

    I figured “Jewish leaders” would come to the rescue; become savior to the fear ridden dumb goyim. 👹

    Thank you, (Zigh).

    • Agree: geokat62
    • Replies: @Art
  163. anarchyst says:

    It’s not “gullible goyim” but the entrenched “deep state” which IS composed of both “top jews” and “top gentiles”.

    The only way to get rid of “the deep state” is to tear it out by the roots.

  164. Art says:

    I figured “Jewish leaders” would come to the rescue; become savior to the fear ridden dumb goy

    Hi Chuck — may I quibble with DUMP GOY?


    Are America’s citizens all dumb?

    Hmm — It is not a stretch to say, that the 80% middle class are grossly misinformed — and that the truth of Jew control over them is hidden. One can honestly say that there is a sinister Jew intellectual control over what they can hear and talk about.

    Hmm — but how about the upper 20% — are they dumb? They have all the college degrees – clearly, they are not dumb. They have been given the great benefit of Christian Western culture – the highest attainment of humanity.

    Hmm — Within the last 60 years, the US intellectual elite have forsaken Christian Western culture, for Jew cultural divide and conquer identity politics. They have switched from idealistic community organization, to old world selfish biological group politics. The US intellectual elite can be accused of both cowardice and intellectual sloth. The Jews have made it politically beneficial to do so. (Of course, the Jews culturally assassinate those who stick with idealistic Christianity.)

    While the US gentile elite suck up the benefits dealt out by the Jews – America goes into the cultural and economic toilet.


    Yours — Art

  165. Dykeward says: • Website

    In the UK we have a serious conflict of interest and an incentive to inflate figures.

    The so called Community Security Trust a private Jewish intelligence and protection organisation collates figures on ‘anti-Semitic incidents’ which it reports to the government. Since 2015 the British government then gives them an annual protection money fund to employ people to ‘protect’ the Jewish community and gather intelligence. £14 million this year. Very dodgy.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  166. geokat62 says:

    The so called Community Security Trust…

    The UK version of the ADL.

    • Replies: @tac
  167. tac says:

    Off topic, but definitely news worthy. Please share and spread around.

    Bombshell report on Epstein scandal that the media covered up and revealing details. This interview is by Whitney Webb and Ryan Christian (The Last American Vagabond).

    Exposing The Real Epstein Cover-Up & How Deep It Goes:

  168. Mebs says:
    @vot tak

    TSA, FBI, Fusion centers, police trained by Israel — all part of the Israelostapo.

  169. Mebs says:

    They killid Klinghoffer, yes?

  170. @vot tak

    “more than 90% of discretionary Department of Homeland Security funding goes to Jewish organizations”
    be happy and grateful that 10% is left for you

  171. @Greg Bacon

    Kadar and his ilk, should have been sent to Gitmo, for trying to instigate a race war.

    • Replies: @Franklin Stahl
  172. Cyndy says:

    Finally, someone besides myself speaks of the Homeland Security Grants! IMO, the “threatening” phone calls were placed as insurance of being awarded the grant money. If I am not mistaken increased from 25 million to 100 million that year. I have noticed that around the same time each year there will be reported an ” increase” in “antisemitic ” threats. These threats seem to stop after the filing date for the millions end.
    To be honest, these people have recieved enough millions in these HSG to provide a personal security guard for every Jew in the US.
    Great article. Thanks

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  173. anarchyst says:

    It’s called “jewish lightning”, which in the old days, was “arson for profit”.

    Nowadays, jews are more “creative”, faking their own “hate crimes” in order to get American taxpayer dollars to fund their scams.

    In fact, just recently a jewish synagogue was attacked, despite receiving American taxpayer funds for “security upgrades”.

    These funds were spent on vacations, new furnishings and cars for those jews running the synagogue who were “connected”. So much for “security upgrades”.

    • Replies: @Cyndy
  174. Cyndy says:

    Thanks for the information. I have not heard of the ” jewish lightning”. When the synagogue was ” attacked”, my first thought was about the money. lol

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  175. anarchyst says:

    You are very welcome.

    Growing up in Detroit in the 1960s, I experienced the following:

    There was a relatively successful chain of department stores owned by ((who else?)) jews.

    When sales started falling off in the 1970s, due to black crime, the owners decided to torch each store one at a time in order to collect “insurance” money. This was much easier and more profitable than declaring bankruptcy and selling off the assets.

    They still ran television ads for the remaining stores.

    The jewish owner was so brazen, he put out television ads, while holding a fireman’s hat, stating: “we would have a fire sale this week, but we didn’t have one” while smiling.

    He was never caught torching his stores, but it was evident to anyone watching these ads what was occurring.

  176. CFT says:

    “My opinion of Christian Zionists? They’re scum, but don’t tell them that. We need all the useful idiots we can get right now.”
    ~ Bibi Netanyahu

  177. @Joekoool102

    It is important to get the facts straight. None of the JCC threat calls were made by Michael Kadar. He was in jail in Illinois on a drug charge throughout the period when the calls were made (Early January to early March 2017). The Ashkelon residence from which the JCC-threat calls were made was occupied solely by Michael’s mother, Tamar Kadar. Tamar has never been charged with any crime. Perhaps you would enjoy reading the two articles at Franklin Stahl archive unz review, which, unlike Giraldi’s tale, are soundly anchored by primary source documents.

  178. @Colin Wright

    Mr. Wright notes that Giraldi’s piece is “informative.” Yes, it is, but Mr. Wright should also note that is also mis-informative. For instance, when Giraldi writes “Kadar’s American address was in New Lenox Illinois but he actually resided in Israel” he is demonstrably wrong. From 2004 onward, Michael was arrested in New Lenox, Illinois, for a variety of minor crimes about once per year, all committed in Illinois. At each court appearance his address is stated as 240 E. Circle Dr., New Lenox, IL. If Giraldi has evidence stronger than that for Michael’s alleged Israel residency, he should have cited it.
    For a less flawed presentation of the Kadar business, see the two articles at Unz review archive Franklin Stahl.

  179. @niteranger

    This Fall, I turned to the Web to see what I could learn about the presence of silica and iron in preparations of anthrax spores. I found that small amounts of silica are often found and that trace amounts of iron are, of course, essential parts of some bacterial enzymes. However, the amounts of those elements found in the mailed envelopes of concentrated spores vastly exceeded normal levels.

    A simple Google search turned up an entry within the first page or two that pointed to the Mossad-operated IIBR. Yes, that’s the lab in which Michael Kadar’s mother, Tamar, worked on chemical warfare.


    Concentration of Bacillus Spores by Using Silica Magnetic Particles
    • Shmuel Yitzhaki, Eran Zahavy, Chaya Oron, Morly Fisher, Avi Keysary
    Israel Institute for Biological Research, P.O. Box 19, Ness-Ziona 74100 Israel
    Anal. Chem. 2006, 78, 18, 6670-6673
    Publication Date: July 26, 2006
    Copyright © 2006 American Chemical Society

    Silica magnetic particles are little spheres of silica with a core of iron. The silica makes the particles stick to the spores and the iron then allows the spores to be concentrated by a magnetic field.

    Soon after this paper was published, the leadership of the FBI investigation was changed, and attention, instead of being focused on Israel, as it should now have been, became focused on Bruce Ivins.

    It is difficult to believe that neither the FBI nor the National Academy Committee saw this Israeli article, but neither report mentions it.
    When I asked those of my friends who were involved in the Academy study about that omission, their responses were polite but worthless.

    In a Skype call, one of the authors of the Israeli article assured my collaborator that American scientists knew about the paper.

    Draw your own conclusion.

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