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More on the Anti-Semitism Scam: Jewish Students Get Protected Status
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In both the United States and Europe there has been an increase in the passage of laws that are intended to protect Jews. Indeed, one might say that one of the few growth industries in Donald Trump’s United States has been the protection of Jewish citizens and their property from a largely contrived wave of anti-Semitism that is allegedly sweeping the nation. Even while potentially catastrophic developments both in the Middle East and the United States continue to unfold, the threat of anti-Semitism continues to find its way into much of the news cycle in the mainstream media.

A survey conducted last month in all fifty states was released with the headline “First-Ever 50-State Survey On Holocaust Knowledge Of American Millennials And Gen Z Reveals Shocking Results. Disturbing Findings Reveal Significant Number Of Millennials And Gen Z Can’t Name A Single Concentration Camp Or Ghetto, Believe That Two Million Or Fewer Jews Were Killed And A Concerning Percentage Believe That Jews Caused The Holocaust.”

The survey is based on the premise that detailed knowledge of the so-called holocaust should be an essential part of everyone’s education. Currently, 12 states already require holocaust instruction in their public school curricula, though that includes five of the six biggest states, and recently passed federal legislation will eventually fund holocaust education everywhere in the U.S. But, of course, the real back story that one must not mention is that the standard holocaust narrative is at least as much fiction as fact and it is employed regularly to create special benefits and protections for both Jews in general and also for the State of Israel. That is why the usual sources in the media become outraged whenever it seems that the propaganda is not effective.

The ignorance of the holocaust story inevitably received wide play in the mainstream media but there are a number of things that all Americans should know about the anti-Semitism hysteria that drives the process. First of all, the extent to which there is actual anti-Semitism and the background to many of the incidents has been deliberately distorted or even ignored by the press and by the government at all levels. Anti-Semitism is hatred of Jews for either their religion or their ethnicity, but many of the so-called anti-Semitic incidents are actually related to the policies advanced by the state of Israel. Organizations like the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which have a vested interest in keeping the number of anti-Semitic incidents high, deliberately conflate the two issues in their reports.

In its 2018 report, ADL reported “1,879 acts,” in the United States during the course of the year. It is not a particularly large number given the size and population of the U.S. and also with respect to what is included. There were certainly some physical attacks, including two shooting incidents at synagogues in Pittsburgh and Poway, but most of the incidents were much less kinetic, including shouting and name calling on university campuses between groups supportive of and opposed to Israel’s repression of the Palestinians.

Europe is way ahead of the game when it comes to punishing so-called holocaust denial or anti-Semitism, which now includes any criticism of Jews and/or of Israel. As one critic put it, Europeans generally can exercise something like free speech, but the speech is limited by certain rules that must be observed. Three weeks ago, the French nationalist writer and critic of Jewish power Hervé Ryssen was jailed for the fifth time for the crime of “hate speech.” He faces up to 17 months in prison for having been found guilty of “…insult, provocation, and public defamation due to origin, ethnicity, nationality, race, or religion.” In 2016 he was imprisoned for 5 months, in 2017 for 6 months and in 2018 for one year on similar charges. He also had to pay a 2000 Euros fine to the National Bureau of Vigilance Against Anti-Semitism. In January 2020, Ryssen was found guilty of “contesting the existence of crimes against humanity,” i.e. questioning the so-called holocaust which labels him as a négationniste, a “holocaust denier.”

Ryssen has written numerous books on Jewish power in Europe and on Israel. His scholarship has rarely been questioned, but his willingness to speak out sometimes boldly on issues that are forbidden has put him in prison more often than not. Curiously, the French law against vilifying ethnic groups and religions has de facto only rarely been applied to protecting either Christians or Muslims. Satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo continues to “blaspheme” against both religions without any intervention from the authorities, but it is careful not to make fun of Jews.

The United States is clearly moving in the direction of France, at least insofar as the Jewish community and Israel are concerned. But it is also refreshing to note that a revived progressive wing of the Democratic Party is engaging in a bit of pushback. Three weeks ago, 162 Democratic congressmen plus one Republican and one independent actually voted against an amendment intended to “Protect Jewish Students from Antisemitism at School.”

The vote took place on Sept. 16th, and was over a Republican proposed amendment to the Equity and Inclusion Enforcement Act (H.R.2574). The amendment designated anti-Semitism to be a form of discrimination included in the bill and would allow private citizens to file lawsuits claiming damages under the Civil Rights Act’s Title VI, focusing particularly on education programs. In spite of the considerable level of opposition, unfortunately the amendment still passed by a vote of 255 to 164.

According to the Concerned Women for America (CWA), a group that lobbied for the added language, “The amendment ensures that recipients of federal education funding act against anti-Semitism in our communities. The Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement (BDS) on college campuses is one of the ways such discrimination is being displayed.” The bill allows suits directed against any program receiving federal money if it can be claimed that one is the victim of discriminatory practices that negatively affect a protected class more than another class. Previously, the protected classes were identified as “race, color, or national origin,” but Jews and, by extension, Israel are now also protected. The specific additional language that was inserted was: “In carrying out the responsibilities of the recipient under this title, the employee or employees designated under this section shall consider antisemitism to be discrimination on the basis of race, color, or national origin as prohibited by this title.”

In practice, the new legislation will mean that Jewish students or their families or proxies can use Civil Rights legislation to sue educational institutions if they are made uncomfortable by the presence of critics of Israel. The real targets are groups like BDS, which have obtained some traction on university campuses and have been targeted by both the Israeli government and domestic Israel Lobby organizations. But, of course, the real danger is that once protected status is granted to one chosen group that promotes the interests of a foreign government there is no control over how “hate speech” will be defined and the consequences for American fundamental liberties will be catastrophic, moving far closer to the European model of freedom limited by “rules.”

(Republished from American Herald Tribune by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Realist says:

    Indeed, one might say that one of the few growth industries in Donald Trump’s United States has been the protection of Jewish citizens and their property from a largely contrived wave of anti-Semitism that is allegedly sweeping the nation.

    Yes, indeed Trump is a minion of the Deep State…a largely Jewish dominated enterprise.

    • Agree: MarkU, Kolya Krassotkin
  2. mr meener says:

    the only way to stop this is the use of lead and steel

  3. Trinity says:

    The Jew is the most protected group in America and in Europe, while on the other hand, the Jew is funding and leading nearly every anti-White movement in traditionally White nations. FORCED ASSIMILATION IS A FORM OF GENOCIDE, and Jews like Jacob Javits, Emanuel Celler, and as of late, the wicked witch herself, Babs Spectre have led the movement to FORCE traditionally White nations to FLOOD their nations with HOSTILE BROWN AND BLACK INVADERS WHO ARE LITERALLY RAPING THEIR WHITE HOST NATIONS. Lest we kid ourselves, flooding nations with hostile people who have no loyalty to the host nation, who have no desire whatsoever to assimilate into the host nation’s tradition and culture, who physically attack weaker and vulnerable citizens of their host nation, etc., sounds like an act of war. WHY do White nations and their leaders wish to destroy their own nation or turn on their own people?

    “Anti-Semitism?” IF it does exist, it is definitely not a big issue, not in White nations for sure, PHILO-Semitism IS THE PROBLEM in America, Canada, Europe, Australia, etc. No other demographic, has their collective ass kissed to the degree that Jew ass is kissed in traditionally White nations, even the Black ass & feet kissing takes a backseat when it comes to shamelessly cuckold Whites genuflecting to a certain tribe.

    The MAJOR PROBLEM IN AMERICA, AND ELSEWHERE IN OTHER MAJORITY WHITE NATIONS IS ANTI-WHITE(ism) and PHILO-SEMITISM, AND BLACK RACISM. Everyone with an ounce of gray matter in their head, IF THEY ARE TRUTH TELLERS, knows this whether they be Jew or Gentile, Black or White, male or female, etc. I keep mentioning a video I saw of a Native American speaking out against BLM. God bless, this truth speaker, he went on to condemn Blacks as being the real racist and condemned Whitey for sucking up to Blacks. Thank you, sir.

    We have idiots like Lush Limbaugh, Pawn Vanity, the homosexuals and Mr. Fitness himself, Fredo Cuomo, over at CNN, to the dumb asses geeks over on MSNBC, all BASICALLY SPEAKING WITH ONE VOICE when it comes to the J people and Israel. These clowns can’t agree on a single issue except that we all must worship Jews and Israel. Demsheviks, republiCANTS, or independents in Washington, isn’t it funny, they all feel the same way about Israel and not one sees Jewish power and influence as a threat? Even Nixon ADMITTED ON TAPE, he wasn’t allowed to talk about Jewish control of the media, and even a man of God, reverend Billy Graham CRAWLED on his knees and begged for forgiveness for telling the truth about Jewish control of the media on that tape with Nixon. A man of God SHOULD NEVER APOLOGIZE FOR TELLING THE TRUTH, NEVER.

  4. Concerned says:

    In college we held a party. Vintage Vietnam era. The lights were turned out and embracing ensued. One lady approached the host and complained about one guest’s behavior. The host politely asked the chap to stop. He refused. The host then asked him to leave. No! The host then escorted him to the door. The belligerent chap judo threw the host to the ground. The host responded with a right-jab and the belligerent one went down and commenced meditating. The host walked back into the dark party room and a lady screamed at him “You antisemitic.” The host was amazed because he had no idea of the religion of the belligerent one. As a woman – you would think she might be concerened about the alledged molesting? No! This opened my “blue eyes” to the reality of how some people perceve the world and why to tread very lightly.

  5. Why did these laws criminalizing “hate speech” pop up anyway? What are they for? Inciting violence was always prohibited. Why was there suddenly a need for something more? How did “hate speech” suddenly go from occasional minor irritation to being one of the dominant issues of our era? Suddenly! How? Why?

  6. Mulegino1 says:

    To paraphrase the famous Trotskyite, Eric Blair: “In times of universal Jewish hegemony, telling the truth is a criminal act.”

    We are right to question and indict the memory of our immediate forebears, only not for the reasons that Jewry or the radical leftists claim, but because they let their Christian European posterity down. Their so called “victory” and “liberation” of Europe is the foundation for our growing enslavement. Unfortunately, most of my generation will go to any lengths to cataupult the establishment mythology, right down to the day that they are led away in shackles: “At least we are not all speaking German!” Oh, you somnolent idiots.

    • Agree: GeeBee
  7. Exile says: • Website

    How many Zoomers can name Andersonville or any of the other death camps of the American Civil War? How many can name any prison camps in Korea or Vietnam, or Abu-Graibh?

    In a sovereign nation ruled by and for its own citizens, our children would know their own history better than that of a tiny foreign tribe that makes up less than 3% of the American population. Jews would be concerned about teaching Jewish children about their special grievances over the alleged Holocaust, but the rest of us would focus on our own history, not theirs.

    Jews, you’re only Chosen in your own eyes, not ours – and your constant kvetching about Holocaustianity is giving Americans Semite-fatigue.

    Keep it up and you’re going to have real antisemitism to worry about – and no, not the fake oven story, the fake lampshade story, soap, or any of the other atrocity porn (see the Elie Weisel critique here on Unz for examples).

    But you are going to be removed from your thrones of occupation and overreach and your future generations will have presence and power in America more appropriate to your numbers, if we decide to let you stay at all.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  8. In England also:

    Williamson accuses English universities of ignoring antisemitism
    Education secretary presses institutions to adopt IHRA definition by Christmas

    This could be related to what Richard Falk says:

    “There are very militant Zionist-oriented NGOs, like UN Watch, that engage in defamatory kinds of activities and use all their resources and energy to persuade people, including the UN Secretary-General, to criticize me and urge my dismissal or some type of sanctions,” Falk reflected on the challenges he faced during his term at the UN between 2008-14.

    “The Zionist groups were, of course, very frustrated and they didn’t try to respond to my reports on the violations of human rights in the Occupied Territory; instead, they concentrated on defaming and smearing the messenger rather than addressing the message,” Falk said, identifying the very essence of the strategy used by pro-Israel groups, whether at the UN or elsewhere.

  9. @Trinity

    “I keep mentioning a video I saw of a Native American…”

    And, yet, you use the kikes’ terminology. There’s no such thing as a “Native American”. They’re American Indians or, better yet, REDSKINS. The term NA was simply made up by the Yid vermin in order to make the prairie negroes feel better about getting their asses kicked FAIR AND SQUARE.

    • Troll: Trinity, ariadna
    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @ThreeCranes
  10. Trinity says:
    @Ann T. Zemitik

    And yet you use “the kike” strategy of pitting races against each other and ATTEMPTING to make Whites look like frothing at the mouth “wayciss.” GO AWAY, SHLOMO, your act is old and well worn out and only the most stupid of Black, White, Yellow, or NATIVE AMERICANS fall for it. FYI, sometimes I use the term American Indian and sometimes I use the term Native American, depends on my mood, sometimes I feel like a nut, sometimes I don’t, Almond Joy has nuts, Mounds don’t. NOW GIT, (((troll.)))

    • Replies: @Ann T. Zemitik
  11. But if anti-Semitism isn’t actually a problem, then how are they supposed to be able to extract enormous sums of money from governments specifically guaranteed for one group of individuals alone that are obviously not producing anything in return for the government investment other than a witch hunt and propaganda?

    Andrea Iravani

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
  12. Realist says:

    Countries that are majority White and elect anti-White assholes that shit on them…deserve what they get.

  13. Trinity says:

    Whatever happened to the Ghislane Maxwell story? Off topic I know but the whole “anti-Semite” horseshit had me thinking about this story. Has the MSM abandoned this story? Good lawd, that story fell off the planet. Regarding the anti-Semite card, didn’t an old Polish proverb say something along the lines of the Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you, or something like that. For the most privileged group in America to complain about discrimination is a JOKE. Bad enough that LEGIT CRITICISM OF JEWISH RACISM, JEWISH POWER AND INFLUENCE is labeled as “anti-Semitism” where on the other hand, out and out “hate speech” hate filled propaganda against Whites, is promoted or spewed by individual Jews or Jewish organizations, Hollywood, etc. , and is labeled as “social justice” or “progressive,” blah, blah, blah……

    • Agree: Colin Wright, ariadna
    • Replies: @Hi, how are ya
  14. August100 says:

    End the Joo-ish Food Tax

    • Agree: kikz
    • Replies: @ariadna
  15. @Trinity

    Ya, the jews originated and propagated the coronavirus world-wide to provide cover for the Ghislane Maxwell proceedings while she and her lawyers whittle the case against her down to near nothing and before ya know it, she’s out the door and on a one-way flight to Israel.

    Sound far-fetched? Don’t forget, the jews have the earth-shaking power of evil behind them.

    • Agree: Trinity
    • Replies: @Trinity
  16. @Trinity

    Insecure much, Nancy? Quit overreacting and simply do better next time.

    “FYI, sometimes I use the term American Indian and sometimes I use the term Native American, depends on my mood…”

    Apparently tonight you were in the “mood” for being a KIKE shill by using their phony terms that were designed to illicit sympathy for their minority pets. Only the most dupish of black, White, or yellow fall for that tired old scam. Wake up, rube.

    And, oh yeah, no need for me to “pit the races against each other”; they’re already against us. Hopefully you’ll get treatment for your cranio-sphincteritis soon and figure that out.

    • Troll: ariadna
    • Replies: @Trinity
  17. @Exile

    ‘How many Zoomers can name Andersonville or any of the other death camps of the American Civil War? How many can name any prison camps in Korea or Vietnam, or Abu-Graibh?’

    More interestingly, how many American Jews can name a single camp in Stalin’s Gulag?

    Given that, isn’t it just a wee bit hypocritical to expect gentiles to be able to reel off Auschwitz-Chelmno-Treblinka-Majdanek? Why is it so awful that we may not care about you when we can take it for granted that you don’t care about us?

  18. anarchyst says:

    Monika Schaefer…
    Ursula Haverbeck…
    Sylvia Stolz…
    …and many others who DARE to question that “holiest of holy” jewish hoaxes–the jewish “holocaust”…all have been imprisoned for their thoughts.

    A “war of words” can work. It is long overdue to “take the narrative” away from those who would harm us and have Israel’s interests take precedence over what is good for the United States.

    Whenever I write about the “jewish question” and jewish influence in the United States, I always use the term: “loyalty oath to a foreign country” to explain the collusion with jews and Israel by our traitorous politicians. The message is one that is valid and is getting across.

    A suggestion: Make leaflets with pictures of Monika Schaefer, Ursula Haverbeck, Sylvia Stolz, with the question: “Q: Why were these grandmothers imprisoned? A: for questioning certain aspects of the “holocaust”, and then hand them to visitors to the various “holocaust museums” around the country.

    You can bet that the local media will soon get involved, especially if the curators of these taxpayer-supported “freak shows” involve the authorities to “find out who is disseminating this hateful material”.

    It is time to take the fight to our oppressors.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
  19. sowhat121 says:

    we need more gas chambers

    • Replies: @ariadna
    , @Ann Nonny Mouse
  20. Anonymous[161] • Disclaimer says:


  21. Ugetit says:

    More interestingly, how many American Jews can name a single camp in Stalin’s Gulag?

    I bet most of them never even heard of Stalin or even one of his propagandists and that goes for most goy-Americans as well.

  22. PJ London says:

    The Communist East Germany had possession of the Auschwitz “Day Book” and it was released and translated in the mid 1990s.
    ” Only 173000 Jews were ever in Auschwitz during all of its years of operation. (1935-45) 58,240 died of typhus. 2064 Jews died of natural causes other than Typhus. 117 Jews were executed as punishment for actual crimes. 161,164 Jews (including transfers in) were transferred out to other camps, still alive. 11,836 Jews, still alive, were in the camp when it was liberated.”

    I.E approx 61,000 jews were processed from the trains to other camps without being admitted to Auschwitz.
    Names and ages were listed for each of the 230,000 jews processed through Auschwitz. (Also names and ages of all persons not jewish were listed.)

    I believe that 90% of all USA grants and payments to non-governmental agencies for ‘Security’ are paid to jewish organisations and for the protection of synagogues and jewish premises.

    This knowledge apparently makes me anti-semitic although I have great regard for the majority of the Semitic race.

    • Thanks: Ann Nonny Mouse
    • Replies: @ariadna
  23. sonofman says:

    Think about Cain and Abel. There is always a limit to how much outsiders will tolerate the chosened, favored and most persecuted and discriminated against litany of one person or group claiming precedence. Eventually, understanding and sympathy turns into annoyance and resentment, and then physical aggression. The Jewish people have a long history of tribal behavior that has resulted in distrust by the hosting natives of other countries, and so it is irresponsible that the Zionists continue to use the victimization of Jewish people to achieve biased political and financial benefits. But unlike the Zionists, the Black African American community has no close identification to any other country other than the United States. But refusal to acknowledge the civil rights progressions, demeaning historical perspectives, exaggerating prejudice, rioting, stealing and destroying property, is equivalent to biting the hand that feeds them. Notwithstanding the population percentage, what do they contend to gain by continuing to piss off the majority of the people they live with.

  24. Jews are Criminal in all ways, and want protection against the Righteous that Hate their Criminality.

    Ergo… ANTI-SEMITES!!!!

  25. Jimbobla says:

    Would not “anti-semitism” be defined as hatred of Semitic people? Since when are Jews a Semitic people? Since they moved to Israel? So wouldn’t anti-semitism be hatred of Palestinians? Wouldn’t this make Israel an anti-Semitic nation?

    • Agree: Ann Nonny Mouse
  26. ariadna says:
    @PJ London

    I believe that the vast majority of US Jews fervently believe the 6 million tale. Of them, many may well realize and some even disapprove of its being turned into a profitable industry, but if they do it is only because they consider it sacred.
    There is no telling how many non-jews disbelieve it because they are afraid to express their doubts publicly.
    If there were such a thing as a free press it would be possible to publish at least letters to the editor in all major US newspapers presenting these data. Nothing would unmask the enormity and nefariousness of Jewish power as resoundingly as the demolition of the Holocaust lie.

    • Agree: Trinity
    • Replies: @PJ London
  27. ariadna says:

    Working diligently to reinforce the lie of the whimsical showers that spewed now water, now gas?

  28. Trinity says:
    @Ann T. Zemitik

    Yesterday I checked and you had all of 2 posts in your history. And the only thing you could address in my post is my use of Native American, after I described how a NATIVE AMERICAN was telling how racist (((BLM))) was how Whitey should STOP KISSING BLACK ASS. Interesting that you chose to nitpick how I described the American Indian/NATIVE AMERICAN instead of the rest of my post, SHLOMO.

    IMO, the Native American/American Indian is the only one that DESERVES this some sort of compensation and the devious Jew and lazy criminal Black deserve NOTHING but a one way ticket to Israel or Africa IF they don’t like it here. Of course neither the criminal and racist Jew or Black are about to leave, why would they when they have it made sucking off the blood, sweat and tears of the white working class.

  29. Trinity says:
    @Hi, how are ya

    (((The media))) won’t even identify this as a Jewish/Mossad honey pot despite all the characters behind the operation being Jews and having ties to the Mossad. This would or at least it should break the Jewish stranglehold on this nation and Europe IF we had an honest media and a healthy country full of brave leaders. We live in a nation worried about something like “anti-Semitism” something that does not only not exist to any significant degree, but in a nation where Jewish Supremacist have hijacked our nation. “Our” political leaders are totally under the Zionist boot heel, and half of them have Jewish in-laws it seems, the Clintons, Trump, Harris is married to a Jew, Biden’s kids married Jews if I am not mistaken, etc. Hell, Jelly Joe might has well be a Black-Jewish hybrid, hahaha, that guy is the biggest piece of white traitor trash in a country full of them. Honestly, this POS was telling folks that the Black man invented the light bulb. We all know the plan by now as well with the 25th Amendment. IF Biden & Company cheat their way to an election victory, Biden will promptly resign in a few months like a good shabbos goy and turn over the Presidency to Harris. My guess is Joltin’ Joe will be paid handsomely for stepping down. What a guy, huh? The guy is certainly PUKE WORTHY.

    As long as we have gutless cowards like Biden and all the other COMPROMISED shabbos goyim in Washington, D.C. nothing major is going to come of the Epstein Honey Pot Scandal. That’s right, people. These creatures in Washington, D.C. won’t even man or woman up and get off their knees for young girls being sexually abused, raped, or maybe even worse down on Pedo Island, not if it means being labeled an anti-Semite or a racist, worse being labeled a “nazi” and losing your cushy gig as a bootlicker.

    • Agree: FLgeezer
  30. PJ London says:

    and while we are at it, can we unmask 9/11, 7/7, Boston Marathon,Madrid and all the other lies used to enslave our minds and control our movements.

    • Agree: ariadna
  31. Trinity says:

    Would be nice if Americans were taught REAL HISTORY instead of the crap Joe “The Black Man Invented The Light Bulb” Biden pushes. Maybe we should know the REAL STORY ABOUT SUCH EVENTS LIKE

    Muslims enslaving Spain and Greece and the Jewish role in the takeover of Spain

    The French Revolution (real story not bullshit)

    The Bolshevik Revolution ( real story not bullshit)

    Teach about the Holodomor in our schools

    National Socialist Germany, Holocaust, WWII, Nuremberg Trials, treatment of Germans by Allies ( real stories not bullshit)

    I would guess that less than 40% of Americans buy the “official narrative” about 9-11 so things are looking up, but these latest attempts to stifle the First Amendment are definitely disturbing, and don’t think it can’t happen in America, look at those brainiacs marching with Antifa/BLM or even some Trumpsters. Too many Americans are willing to always believe the “official narrative” told to them by PROVEN LIARS.

  32. Dr. Charles Fhandrich [AKA "Dr. Charles. Fhandrich."] says:

    For the leftist idiots and their shills that are in control of the U.S. public school system, the main priorities they have in educating kids boils down to “gender studies”, “wear a condom” and learn the facts about the holocaust. That’s about it. The study of the hard sciences and other useful things are a side issue, almost seen as “electives” for students to choose if they want to..

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
  33. @sowhat121

    Because there are too many lousy people?

  34. @Trinity

    300+ million people in American and look at the choice of two we have (not that I vote). Joe “You don’t have to be Jewish to be a Zionist” Biden. And his praising the jews for their contribution to American culture, like LGBTQ. And the other immature, narcissistic idiot that thinks Americans should learn to love Israel more. Outrageous that Trump cares more for Israel than America or its people!

    5G for all America, says Trump – but not on or near his property! His public remark sometime in the last 24 hours about his now being immune from coronavirus looks like prelude for his future excuse NOT to take the coming toxxine. I despise them both!

    The vast majority of Americans have no idea the harm jews have and are doing to America. Shows you how well they do their job.

    Pelosi, Graham, McCain, Biden, Trump. Modern day traitors and cowards!

    • Agree: Trinity
  35. @Trinity

    The Ghislane thing was tongue-in-cheek, btw. No surprise WHATSOEVER that story is nowhere in the news. That vile thing will more or less get away with it of suffer a fraction of the punishment she deserves.

    Remember the Stingray devices planted around Washington DC? That story ran for a grand total of two days in the (((MSM))).

  36. vot tak says:

    “Curiously, the French law against vilifying ethnic groups and religions has de facto only rarely been applied to protecting either Christians or Muslims. Satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo continues to “blaspheme” against both religions without any intervention from the authorities, but it is careful not to make fun of Jews.”

    The charlie hebdo freakshow is 100% zionazi-gay propaganda/psywar. This is why there was such a fuss when they got shot up a bit a few years ago.

    “But it is also refreshing to note that a revived progressive wing of the Democratic Party is engaging in a bit of pushback. Three weeks ago, 162 Democratic congressmen plus one Republican and one independent actually voted against an amendment intended to “Protect Jewish Students from Antisemitism at School.”

    The vote took place on Sept. 16th, and was over a Republican proposed amendment to the Equity and Inclusion Enforcement Act (H.R.2574). The amendment designated anti-Semitism to be a form of discrimination included in the bill and would allow private citizens to file lawsuits claiming damages under the Civil Rights Act’s Title VI, focusing particularly on education programs. In spite of the considerable level of opposition, unfortunately the amendment still passed by a vote of 255 to 164.”

    Just one repugnant, eh. The rest domesticates and an independent. This shows how deeply beholden repugnants are to the most extreme zionazi-gays. The netanyahoo frealshow and those similar and even more extreme. The freakshow trump and co. also are representatives for.

  37. Giraldi:

    “The survey is based on the premise that detailed knowledge of the so-called holocaust should be an essential part of everyone’s education. . . . But, of course, the real back story that one must not mention is that the standard holocaust narrative is at least as much fiction as fact and it is employed regularly to create special benefits and protections for both Jews in general and also for the State of Israel. That is why the usual sources in the media become outraged whenever it seems that the propaganda is not effective.”

    Well, since it looks like holocaust propaganda–er, uh, holocaust indoctrination–I’m sorry, holocaust instruction will be force-fed to public school students, will dissenting opinions be allowed in class? I mean, we’re motivated by honest intellectual inquiry, right? Will books like “The Holocaust Industry” by Norman Finkelstein be studied? . . .

  38. What do psychotherapists tell their clients to improve the clients’ emotional resilience in the face of ordinary adversities? Usually something along the lines of letting go of the burden of the past, living in the moment and not obsessing about bad things which could happen in the future.

    So what do many Jews do instead? They obsess over their history of persecution, especially under Nazi Germany; they show an excessive touchiness about “anti-Semitism” happening to them every day; and they stay constantly on the lookout for the next Literally Hitler leading a new Nazi movement.

    Jews really should follow their own psychotherapists’ advice and get over themselves.

  39. What strikes me is that the ADL and other organizations insist that ignorance of the history of the holocaust is per se evidence of something malignant. But first of all, I am ignorant about plenty of things without harboring any ill intent toward them. Secondly, Americans are ignorant about even their own national history. I doubt many today could name, say, a battle in the First World War or a president between Lincoln and FDR. What I find outrageous on the chutzpah scale is that Jewish organizations should be so ready to scold non-Jews for ignorance about Jewish history. They seem to be saying that they are so important that a nation largely historically illiterate should nonetheless be ready to pass tests on the Holocaust. Well, I put this as a check on the side of the anti-semites.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  40. Trinity says:
    @Tono Bungay

    (((They))) don’t want people to debate the Holocaust UNLESS all participants agree to spew the “original narrative” which has already been proven to contain lies like shrunken heads, bars of soap and lampshades. It wasn’t that long ago that EVERYONE thought these ridiculous lies were true, they were even written in history books.

    So IF we had serious and well written history books claiming lies or debunked myths, should not the real facts be taught in our schools so we don’t have a bunch of kids going around saying Nazis were making bars of soap and lampshades out of Jews. LYING to children about events in history that never even happened is child abuse. Now we have a Presidential candidate going around and telling naive and stupid people that the Black man invented the light bulb. So now we have Black men inventing the light bulb, 3 Black women sending America to the moon, Nazis turning Jews into lampshades and bars of soap, gassing 6 MILLION Jews ( were there even 6 million Jews in all of Europe and how did the Nazis find time to kill 6 million Jews and fight a war on two fronts.) Funny thing, Germans were first accused of turning human beings into bars of soap in WWI, the same war where Germans were allegedly throwing little Belgian babies into the air and spearing them with their bayonets. Some British propaganda stories had the German soldiers even eating the Belgian babies.

    Face it, amigos, we have been lied to about everything. The good guys have been labeled the bad guys and the bad guys have been worshiped and lionized. The atrocities committed against the Germans in WWII were the stuff of horror movies, but funny know one knows much about that at all.

    • Agree: anarchyst
  41. Trinity says:

    What we are told is always the exact opposite of the truth. We were told that Hitler wanted to conquer the world. WHAT? It was the old (((Soviet Union))) who sought to spread (((communism))) all over the world and the (((British Empire))) already owned about a 1/4 of the world at that time. Yet another LIE about WWII that is LAUGHABLE in the year 2020 and should have been laughable when it was first TRIED on anyone with a brain.

    We are told that White Supremacist groups are the number one domestic terrorist threat in America. First off, you could fit all White Supremacist groups into a van down by the river and still have room for a couple six packs of beer. I have never seen, let alone met a White Supremacist in my entire life. While we all stay under the beds fearing White Supremacists, (((Antifa/BLM))) goons are actually terrorizing old people in Pittsburgh while they eat lunch, shooting and killing a MAGA hat wearing Trump supporter on the Left Coast, burning down cities, beating up innocent civilians, shooting cops, tearing down statues, etc., etc. Yep, we better worry about the KKK and The Proud Boys, people. And lest we forget, the multiracial group called, The Proud Boys, a group with White, Black and Brown members was labeled by Lying Joe Biden and Chris (((Wallace))) as a “White Supremacist” group.

    We are told by a group of people (Jewish Supremacists) that America has a problem with “anti-Semitism”, yet this same group do everything in their power to spew anti-White hatred 24/7/365 over the airwaves that they have complete control over. This same group BURIES all Black on White violence and over reports Blue on Black violence which is rare but is promoted as an everyday event by the lying (((media.)))

    • Replies: @jacobs-adder
  42. Vaterland says:

    With the Americanization of European politics after the colonization and creeping erasure of its own culture(s) over the last decades, comes the hallmark of American politics: the total immunity of the Jewish lobby and its unchallenged power in the frame work of the Noahide Laws of our beloved and benign chosen race. “Conservative” Sebastian Kurz’ persecution of the Identitarian Movement, his strong cooperation with Moshe Kantor and then his speech at AIPAC were the moment of revelation for me. But why do our leaders do this, some nationalists may ask: Why do they sell us out? Because this is what gives them power, wealth and privileges. One only needs to look at Kurz’ stellar career now, or the immortal glory of Sir Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt in the past. And of course the so called New Right is beholden to Zionism as well, as I know from direct involvement and experience.

    A handful of years ago when I became aware of the “Jewish question”: the Jewish state’s lobby, their international domestic policy agendas, mass immigration, the crusade to silence free speech, Israel’s wars, Neocons and predatory capitalism, their relentless war of mass propaganda, I thought, like Ernst Zündel before me, that no other people could put up a reawakened resistance to it than the American people. With their love of freedom, revolutionary spirit and their first and second amendment. But when I realized that the US system and its empire were beyond reform, no matter from which political angel: libertarian as personified by Ron Paul, paleoconservative as Pat Buchanan, genuinely progressive (to some degree) as Tulsi Gabbard, I became completely disillusioned with it. And my own education about the Allied severe war crimes against my people, often carefully crafted by Jews in the USA, UK and Soviet Union, certainly didn’t help my image of the last standing empire of these allies. Allied war crimes, which aren’t totally erased from some states higher education curriculum yet, but marginalized enough for the dominant mainstream narrative to triumph alongside the ultimate conclusion: the moral victory over the most evil man in human history, Adolf Hitler, and the most tyrannical system, Nazi Germany. A narrative which is at least as Jewish as it is American, British or Soviet-Russian.

    In mass democracy mass media defines our social reality and a priori determines the limits of mainstream, therefor decisive political debate and the content of it, leading to policies. Democracy, as it is understood in the West today, has replaced the aristocracy of blood and soil with the plutocracy of money; it also replaced the church and the genuine intellectuals and leading philosophers, who had influence over enlightened monarchs like Friedrich the Great, with those who own the mass media, the donor class and the lobby groups. And the Jews, if one can characterize them as a whole, are very much a monopoly people.

    Therefor it makes little sense to blame the people who vote for “anti-whites”, “traitors” and “sell outs”, they and we are all living in their matrix. Even our leaders to some degree. Sir Winston Churchill believed that the interests of Jews, not least those of the Rothschilds who were his and his fathers close benefactors, were inseparable from those of the British Empire. – Well, where is the British Empire today? Just like them many members of the American elite, especially those who intermarry into America’s true ruling elite, the Jews, may today believe that Jewish interests are inseparable from American interests. Well, where will the US Empire be in fifty years? In ten?

    Trillions in debt for wars in the exclusive interests of Israel (and Saudi Arabia), localized race wars, a media at war with the white majority population of its host country, an unparalleled looting of the economy in the interests of its top 50,000 families and billionaire class, and a hypnotizing hurricane of propaganda lies, twisted history and intellectual purges, a war on the first and second amendment, a disgusting vice industry including pedophilia and child-sex rings run by Mossad. This all may be beyond even the Weimar Republic and with no hope for a true savior in sight.

    Nevertheless I cannot remember my own grandfather who fought the Western Allies in Norway and France in a struggle of life and death to ever mention a negative word about those soldiers. On the contrary it seems that they were fair fighters and there was nothing wrong with them as soldiers. They, too, were victims of the hostile elite against any knowledge these young men and their military commanders may have acquired in better judgement. Patton’s diaries, too, are revealing. Alas, his awakening came too late. And it is not too far fetched to suggest that, as for the common soldier in the conflict which defines our current world order, the men on either side shared similar views and they loved their families and countries and believed to fight to protect them. They certainly had more in common with each other than with the hostile elite which desires to subjugate, silence and replace America’s white majority today.

    Sure, WW 2 made America the most powerful and richest (mostly for its elite) country in the world, but the fine print of the deal with the devil which America made, Bolshevism, Zionism, predatory capitalism and the international Jews, is now demanding its pound of flesh. And the consequences of this so called “victory” become clear beyond any doubt for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

    I have well founded personal reasons to hate America: Madeleine Albright’s father was personally and directly involved with Thomas Maseryk and Edward Benes, in the ethnic cleansing policy targeting my own family and 16 million other ethnic Germans, while the US and its allies tortured, raped and massacred our friends and neighbors and up to 2 million Germans in the Sudetenland and what is now Poland alone. A policy from which Albright’s family, just like Robert Maxwell, Ghislaine Maxwell’s father, directly profited. The consequence of her stellar US career and foreign policy were now up to over a million dead Iraqi children and more. Her personal protege, Joschka Fischer, close friend of pedophile Daniel Cohn-Bendit, was and is among the leading anti-Germans who made the transition from ultra hard-line violent communist to globalist elite in an exemplary fashion. Both, Albright and Fischer as master mind and servile servant, lead to the duality of Jewish-American politics which are becoming European politics: unchallenged power of the Jewish lobby, including wars for Israel, and white genocide as one policy doctrine, the refugee crisis and the total transformation of the nations that were the ancestral homelands of the European peoples for thousands, if not tens of thousands of years. And the strange suicide, no murder of Europe. With the incremental cultural annihilation of Europe preceding its physical great replacement.
    It would be one thing, if it was only done to us Germans as a form of revenge for real or invented wrong-doings – like the Jewish terrorists who tried to poison six million German civilians, but which was stopped by the British intelligence; enacting these policies against all white Europeans as a kind of Hooton plan for Europe is another matter. Their credo is not “Germany must perish!” but “the white majorities must perish!”, as a first step at least. Today the US Empire and its world order are the tools of this doctrine, the character of the present EU among them.

    The ADL has it already in its cross-hair and no doubt will shut it down sooner rather than later, but for now real history is still available on Bitchute:

    Video Link

    Video Link

    Horus’ entire channel is most valuable and befits his character as a soft-spoken, enlightened and learned Englishman. He also shows that it is not true that citizens of the Anglosphere have to be ignorant about Germany and our real history. It also goes well beyond Unz’ own articles about WW 2. While British Spitfire nationalists and totally clueless Americans, with their adoration for Churchill, Bomber Harris and religious veneration of the Jews, combined with a Germany derangement syndrome, make it difficult to like them: Can we really blame those who are systematically deceived? Well, if they come to kill you and vanquish your country and create a wicked world order on its ruins…

    But of course collective punishment remains wrong and the great irony is that my people today has no better friend than Gerard Menuhin, who is genetically Jewish, when many “Aryans” have been transformed into the Jewish-American version of Janissaries for the hostile elite and its profoundly evil policies. And Americans like Angelo John Cage are brave American heroes, true patriots, They are right now the last stand in the American fight for freedom, liberty and true self-governance.

    • Thanks: Trinity
  43. @Trinity

    It’s all too much I know the feeling. It’s the sheer maliciousness of the jew led liberal machine -that is making seemingly sensible and intelligent white people waste time debating the rights of sexual deviants and men with ass-hole fetishes, who are so obsessed with their chosen hobby -they want to spread it to our children and corrupt the youngest minds possible. That we actually allow all these weirdo’s to adopt children and get married in churches is one of the crimes of the century. It’s just disgusting and I am so tired of these people and their relentless gay and trans campaign.

    Blacks who cost the state in welfare and crime plus endless government programs to bring up to the standards of whites, (none of which work) – are somehow given more priority and rights than the people who are paying for them, as you mentioned…Whitee!

    Whitee – who is also sending billions in aid to their homeland of Africa -a country full of people so stupid they have not advanced a single society without the help of outsiders…ever. They are still shitting in the street and practicing witch-craft – yet we are meant to welcome these savages to our countries and pay out yet more welfare to support them -as our economies are struggling under the Corona virus BS. These people think there is endless money, they dont understand it has to come from somewhere – people who work for a living.

    Behind every single liberal, Antifa, BLM, alleged anti-Semitic bullshit scheme is big tech, who is rarely mentioned on this site which I guess suits UNZ as he doesn’t want to get cancelled. Yep -BIg tech(you know who I speak of) is running a full on smear campaign against white christians and now has unchecked power to simply remove anything they don’t like– which surprise is normally anything even moderately critical of Israel and Jew’s.

    Meanwhile, the internet is flooded with child porn, to which Big Tech have no interest in stopping, unless it is anti-Semitic in some way, or offends the blacks, or can be linked to imaginary white power groups. These people are so practiced at this, they have been slowly chipping away at the minds of the masses and now its GO time.

    The very people who fought for the Jews and gave them Israel are now under attack -can you imagine a more heinous and ungrateful act? The most alarming part is your average white does not even realise a)how under attack we are b)how long this has been coming c)how complicit the jews are in undermining very aspect of our society.

    Most people couldn’t even tell you what a globalist or a zionist is, or who funds these liberal bullshit, divide and conquer agenda’ or who owns major media outlets and big tech. People are so naive, they just think these events happen, without serious planning, serious money and serious harm to our way of life. People are too busy ‘virtue-signalling’ trying not get fired for not worshiping the latest black scumbag to ‘get gots by the cops’ or are too stupid to understand, the way the world works.

    Most of these white liberals are going to get the shock of their lives, when they realise blacks do not like them, don’t care no matter how much ‘virtue signalling etc’ they do – in fact the harder they try the less they like them and certainly do not respect them. When they lose their jobs to under qualified AAction candidates or have to do twice the work for half the pay of their AAction manager, have to move the kids from private school to a public school full of blacks who make it impossible to learn anything and make their lives hell. When they have to move to a shitty area with defunded police and they live in fear for their lives every night, and they don’t even have any guns to protect themselves – I will laugh my arse at them whilst screaming – ‘ Told you so!’

    • Agree: Trinity
  44. The Zionist lobby has a death-grip on the United States. Unless that death grip is released, our country is toast.

  45. I have not seen any essays in the New Yorker or the Atlantic or any other organs of American intellectual orthodoxy about the domination of our 21st Century version of Newspeak–the idiom used to identify and classify “Hate” and “Hate Speech”. I wonder why. Could it be that the ADL, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, the “International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance,” Bari Weiss worshippers, etc, etc. long ago seized control of the ostensibly “anti” hate speech nomenclature and have become the de facto official authority for identification of “hate speech” and “hate” groups? Control the language–control the mind. Could that commonality also explain the singular paradox that “anti-hate speech” is drenched with the most venomous, obnoxious, resentful, outraged, and noisome language — the most “hate”–you could ever imagine?

  46. Jews, from Holocaust to Holo-Cause. Jews now cause genocides all over the world.

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