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McCain Selects Doug Feith as Grand Poobah
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I’ve been receiving a number of really nasty anonymous e-mails regarding my blog piece last week that suggested the possibility that the Office of Special Plans rather than CIA actually forged the December 2003 letter that linked Saddam Hussein to al-Qaeda. The e-mails appeared to come from a common source as they all praised Doug Feith as a great patriot and called me a liar. There must be a Doug Feith fan club out there, mirabile dictu.

But anonymous is not what it used to be. Using a little clandestine tradecraft, an associate and I managed to identify the source of one of the more obnoxious e-mails even though it was sent from a hotmail account. He is a registered contributor to John McCain who is apparently part of his campaign. If Doug is in good odor with the McCain campaign can we look forward to a Secretary of State Feith for Feith-based foreign diplomacy? It starts with a bomb and ends with a busted economy.

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