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Currently the United States is assisting Ukraine against Russia by providing some non-lethal military equipment as well as limited training for Kiev’s army. It has balked at getting more involved in the conflict, rightly so. With that in mind, I had a meeting with a delegation of Ukrainian parliamentarians and government officials a couple of weeks ago. I tried to explain to them why many Americans are wary of helping them by providing lethal, potentially game changing military assistance in what Kiev sees as a struggle to regain control of Crimea and other parts of their country from militias that are clearly linked to Moscow. I argued that while Washington should be sympathetic to Ukraine’s aspirations it has no actual horse in the race, that the imperative for bilateral relations with Russia, which is the only nation on earth that can attack and destroy the United States, is that they be stable and that all channels for communication remain open.

I also observed that the negative perception of Washington-driven democracy promotion around the world has been in part shaped by the actual record on interventions since 2001, which has not been positive. Each exercise of the military option has wound up creating new problems, like the mistaken policies in Libya, Iraq and Syria, all of which have produced instability and a surge in terrorism. I noted that the U.S. does not need to bring about a new Cold War by trying to impose democratic norms in Eastern Europe but should instead be doing all in its power to encourage a reasonable rapprochement between Moscow and Kiev. Providing weapons or other military support to Ukraine would only cause the situation to escalate, leading to a new war by proxies in Eastern Europe that could rapidly spread to other regions.

The Ukrainians were not buying any of that. Their point of view is that Russia is seeking to revive the Soviet Union and will inevitably turn on the Baltic States and Poland, so it is necessary to stop evil dictator Vladimir Putin now. They inevitably produced the Hitler analogy, citing the example of 1938 and Munich as well as the subsequent partition of Poland in 1939 to make their case. When I asked what the United States would gain by intervening they responded that in return for military assistance, Washington will have a good and democratic friend in Ukraine which will serve as a bulwark against further Russian expansion.

I explained that Russia does not have the economic or military resources to dominate Eastern Europe and its ambitions appear to be limited to establishing a sphere of influence that includes “protection” for some adjacent areas that are traditionally Russian and inhabited by ethnic Russians. Crimea is, unfortunately, one such region that was actually directly governed by Moscow between 1783 and 1954 and it is also militarily vitally important to Moscow as it is the home of the Black Sea Fleet. I did not point that out to excuse Russian behavior but only to suggest that Moscow does have an argument to make, particularly as the United States has been meddling in Eastern Europe, including Ukraine where it has “invested” $5 billion, since the Clinton Administration.

I argued that if resurgent Russian nationalism actually endangered the United States there would be a case to be made for constricting Moscow by creating an alliance of neighbors that would be able to help contain any expansion, but even the hawks in the U.S. Congress are neither prepared nor able to demonstrate a genuine threat. Fear of the expansionistic Soviet Union after 1945 was indeed the original motivation for creating NATO. But the reality is that Russia is only dangerous if the U.S. succeeds in backing it into a corner where it will begin to consider the kind of disruption that was the norm during the Cold War or even some kind of nuclear response or demonstration. If one is focused on U.S. interests globally Russia has actually been a responsible player, helping in the Middle East and also against international terrorism.

So there was little to agree on apart from the fact that the Ukrainians have a right to have a government they choose for themselves and also to defend themselves. And we Americans have in the Ukrainians yet another potential client state that wants our help. In return we would have yet another dependency whose concerns have to be regarded when formulating our foreign policy. One can sympathize with the plight of the Ukrainians but it is not up to Washington to fix the world or to go around promoting democracy as a potential solution to pervasive regional political instability.

Obviously a discussion based on what are essentially conflicting interests will ultimately go nowhere and so it did in this case, but it did raise the issue of why Washington’s relationship with Moscow is so troubled, particularly as it need not be so. Regarding Ukraine and associated issues, Washington’s approach has been stick-and-carrot with the emphasis on the stick through the imposition of painful sanctions and meaningless though demeaning travel bans. I would think that reversing that formulation to emphasize rewards would actually work better as today’s Russia is actually a relatively new nation in terms of its institutions and suffers from insecurity about its place in the world and the respect that it believes it is entitled to receive.

Russia recently celebrated the 70th anniversary of the end of World War Two in Europe. The celebration was boycotted by the United States and by many Western European nations in protest over Russian interference in Ukraine. I don’t know to what extent Obama has any knowledge of recent history, but the Russians were the ones who were most instrumental in the defeat of Nazi Germany, losing 27 million citizens in the process. It would have been respectful for President Obama or Secretary of State John Kerry to travel to Moscow for the commemoration and it would likely have produced a positive result both for Ukraine and also to mitigate the concern that a new Cold War might be developing. But Obama chose to stay home as punishment for Putin, which I think was a bad choice suggesting that he is being strongly influenced by Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and the other neocons who seem to have retained considerable power in his administration.

And I also would note a couple of other bad choices made during the past several weeks. The Trans-Pacific multilateral trade agreement that is currently working its way through Congress and is being aggressively promoted by the White House might be great for business though it may or may not be good for the American worker, which, based on previous agreements, is a reasonable concern. But what really disturbs me is the Obama explanation of why the pact is important. Obama told a crowd gathered outside the Nike footwear company in Oregon that the deal is necessary because “if we don’t write the rules, China will…”

Fear of the Yellow Peril might indeed be legitimate but it would be difficult to make the case that an internally troubled China is seeking to dominate the Pacific. If it attempts to do so, it would face strong resistance from the Japanese, Vietnamese, Filipinos and Koreans among others. But what is bothersome to me and probably also to many in the Asian audience is that Obama takes as a given that he will be able to “write the rules.” This is American hubris writ large and I am certain that many who are thereby designated to follow Washington’s lead are as offended by it as I am. Bad move Barack.

And finally there is Iran as an alleged state sponsor of terrorism. President Obama claims that he is working hard to achieve a peaceful settlement of the alleged threat posed by Iran’s nuclear program. But if that is so why does he throw obstacles irrelevant to an agreement out to make the Iranian government more uncomfortable and therefore unwilling or unable to compromise? In an interview with Arabic newspaper Asharq al-Awsat Obama called Tehran a terrorism supporter, stating that “it [Iran] props up the Assad regime in Syria. It supports Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in the Gaza Strip. It aids the Houthi rebels in Yemen so countries in the region are rights to be deeply concerned…” I understand that the interview was designed to reassure America’s friends in the Gulf that the United States shares their concerns and will continue to support them but the timing would appear to be particularly unfortunate.

The handling of Russia, China and Iran all exemplify the essential dysfunction in American foreign policy. The United States should have a mutually respectful relationship with Russia, ought to accept that China is an adversary but not necessarily an enemy unless we make it so and it should also finally realize that an agreement with Iran is within its grasp as long as Washington does not overreach. It is not clear that any of that is well understood and one has to wonder precisely what kind of advice Obama is receiving when fails to understand the importance of Russia, insists on “writing the rules” for Asia, and persists in throwing around the terrorist label. If the past fifteen years have taught us anything it is that the “Washington as the international arbiter model” is not working. Obama should wake up to that reality before Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush arrives on the scene to make everything worse.

• Category: Foreign Policy, History • Tags: China, Iran, Russia, Ukraine 
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  1. Don Nash says:

    Well said Mr. Giraldi. Off topic question – what do we make of reports that Saudi Arabia is getting nuclear weapons from Pakistan?

  2. Tom Welsh says:

    All of this misses the point, IMHO. There is really no need to explain that Russia has no plans to conquer Europe, China has no plans to take over the Pacific, etc. Anyone with a little historical knowledge and some common sense can see that plainly. What is happening is that the USA has overweening aspirations to control (and then suck dry) the entire world – and Europe, Russia and China are next on its hit list. So it naturally accuses those nations of aspiring to what it plans to do. Standard operating procedure.

    • Replies: @annamaria
    , @Realist
  3. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factor"] says:

    “The Ukrainians were not buying any of that. Their point of view is that Russia is seeking to revive the Soviet Union and will inevitably turn on the Baltic States and Poland, so it is necessary to stop evil dictator Vladimir Putin now.”

    I can understand Ukrainian animus against Russia due to history and ethnic tensions.

    But that is ridiculous. They can’t possibly believe it. I think they’re repeating Neocon talking points to persuade American that the fate of the world is at stake.
    It’s really just a local affair.

    And Crimea would still belong to Ukraine if the crazies in Ukraine hadn’t conspired with Neocons like Nuland to subvert and overthrow the regime.

  4. I think you’re a bit too generous with the Ukrainian MPs. The five billion spent Nuland bragged about to a Exxon-Mobil/Chevron sponsored event, monies expended via various NGOs with a penchant for promoting ‘democracy’ (recalling Phillip Agee’s tying USAID et al to ‘color revolutions’) doesn’t account for a few more far reaching, subsequent events; Obama evidently cannot control only his mouth, but also cannot control his clandestine operators.

    Setting aside reports of American mercenaries, clandestine weapons delivery (Javelin anti-tank missiles), the massacre in Odessa (altogether uninvestigated by the Ukraine authorities) and not least MH 17, the most interesting event to now might be the Maidan massacre.

    Following on the intercepted, leaked and verified call between the Estonian foreign minister & Cathrine Ashton of the EU, where the Estonian in no uncertain terms states there are strong indications the Maidan snipers were aligned with the new regime in Kiev:

    We have a Polish MEP has now stated in an interview:

    Question: “[you are] a supporter of the thesis it was a CIA operation?”

    Answer: “Maidan was also our operation. The snipers were trained in Poland”

    Polish transcript here:,1027139,title,Korwin-Mikke-snajperzy-z-Majdanu-byli-szkoleni-w-Polsce,wid,17449668,wiadomosc.html?ticaid=114e40

    A reasonable PRAVDA overview of the article in English at:

    All is not well in Oz and I would propose the Maidan incident is the tip of the iceberg. As well, it cannot hurt to note that early on in the armed (military) phase of the conflict, on two occasions Kiev had stood down offensives upon American public pronouncements of support for the initial European ceasefire proposals; and in each case a high American official (John Brennan, Joe Biden respectively) had IMMEDIATELY hot-footed their way to Kiev and we saw the offensives resume.

    The obvious message to Kiev had been a short lesson in geopolitical lies for world stage purposes, i.e. don’t listen to our lip-service to peace in the Donbass region … a lesson well taken by Kiev it would seem; as only the other day while in Moscow, Kerry in interview, had instructed Poroshenko not to attempt to re-take the Dontesk airport in violation of the Minsk accord. And last night a Kiev offensive has appeared to have been initiated to do just that:


    • Replies: @Sure Thing
  5. Mr Giraldi. The Duma has passed a resolution demanding war ‘reparations’ from..Mongolia. For the Mongolian ‘genocide’ of the Ukrainians in the 13th century, even though the Ukraine did not in fact exist at the time, as the rise of the nation-state was a nineteenth century phenomenon. You seriously think you can reason with these people?

    @Don Nash

    Might be something to do with Iran and Pakistan expanding relations, and Pakistan refusing to join the Saudi air-bombing of Yemen. Sounds like disinfo to me.

    What’s your source?

    • Replies: @Vendetta
  6. annamaria says:
    @Tom Welsh

    The US irritation with Russia, China, and Iran is a consequence of total acceptance of Wolfowitz Doctrine that is a blueprint for wars and more wars for hegemony. Neither Russia, nor China, nor Iran have any hope for being treated with respect and understanding as partners since the bloody neocon crowd in DC is set on a path of the “chosen.”
    So Putin is Hitler but the US-supported Ukrainian neo-Nazis are freedom fighters. Iran presents a threat with its non-existent nuclear program but the US-created bloody bedlam in Iraq is the democracy on the march. China interests in a sphere of its geographic existence are illegitimate but the presence of US military in the distant Pacific is for protecting the US national interests. Orwell through and through.
    The psychopaths have been leading the world towards the assured mutual distraction. The hubris of power makes them dumb and blind even with regard to the lives of their own progeny.

    • Replies: @Avery
    , @Realist
  7. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Battle for Blair Mountan"] says:

    Former NFL jock Boomer Esiason made a declaration of War against Vladimir Putin during his 60 second commentary on THE WFAN Monday. I was driving…. hit the AM button, and there was the ex-Bengal starting quarterback ranting against Vladimir Putin.

    It is very interesting to see how completely Sports Entertainment is integrated into the mass murder of innocent Human Beings. I never knew that going to war could be so enjoyable and fun….have a Bud, scream for the Rangers…and yell:I SUPPORT THE TROOPS!!!! …as the birth-cohort of Native Born White Amerian Working Class Male Teenagers born in 1997…this years High School Grads…. are turned into chuck-gound in Iraq by the narcissist Kenyan Foriegner.

    Listened to Oliver’s Army at full volume this morning followed by XTC’s General and Majors……followed by Stiff Little Fingers’ “Tin Soldier”….

    Ron Unz

    You need to get retired Colonel Andrew Bascevitch on here as a commentator also…I am sure Phil Giraldi would agree with this…..

  8. Avery says:

    Well said.
    Quite true.
    Sad thing is overwhelming majority of US citizens/residents have no clue what a handful of psychopaths are doing to the world in their name (….with their tax dollars and their young).

  9. Flower says:

    Looking back at the original “Cold War”, it is easy to see that it was a farce. If you can remember such scaremongering as “The Missile Gap”, and the “Bomber Gap” which told us that we lagged the USSR and were vulnerable to being reduced to our constituent ions, you probably don’t remember (or never noticed) the obscene amount of money that was subsequently thrown at the military-industrial complex. Such is the efficacy of fear.

    Now, imagine yourself just standing there, minding your own business, and from somewhere a scare story is uttered and suddenly, people just start giving you money. Lots and lots of money. Okay, what will you do when you eventually run out of all that money? Are you going to work harder, work smarter, double your dedication? Fark no! You’re going to look for somebody to come up with a new scare. It doesn’t matter that it’s the 4935th time you’ve done it this week, it doesn’t matter that any living person with an IQ above 9 will have already woken up to the long con, it doesn’t matter because, guess what, you get MORE money. And, as with any really good con, the mark actually thanks you for taking his money. Sweet!

    That con has been going on since 1952. Know why it has lasted so long? Because it works.

    But of course, the Russian military command and the US military command would never ever get together and collude, nah. Those generals and admirals want to remain powerless and poor.

    Suckers R Us!

  10. Realist says:
    @Tom Welsh

    “What is happening is that the USA has overweening aspirations to control (and then suck dry) the entire world – and Europe, Russia and China are next on its hit list.”

    At least those who are in power in the United States with the total acquiescence of the stupid in America.

  11. Realist says:

    “The psychopaths have been leading the world towards the assured mutual distraction. The hubris of power makes them dumb and blind even with regard to the lives of their own progeny.”

    Speaking of psychopaths. Graham, McCain, et al are insisting that Iran agree to inspections of their military bases. If I were speaking for Iran my response would be unprintable here.

    Fox News has a cadre of paid psychopaths that they trot out daily to bad mouth those countries that will not fall in line with US hegemony. The warmongers on Fox, and most American media, think that the President should do as he is told by the military and State Department.
    GWB could always be trusted to do as he was told.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  12. annamaria says:

    Psychopaths: The curse of the hyper-active reptilian brain.
    Perhaps the idea that everything is about a battle between love and anti-love has its merit.

  13. Andrei Martyanov [AKA "SmoothieX12"] says: • Website

    Russia recently celebrated the 70 th anniversary of the end of World War Two in Europe.

    Actually, Russia celebrated no such thing, she celebrated Victory in Great Patriotic War and defeat of Nazi Germany. The distinction is crucial. As per:

    but it did raise the issue of why Washington’s relationship with Moscow is so troubled, particularly as it need not be so.

    It is essential issue of American exceptionalism, much of which is based on several major myths, especially in the 20th Century, and the fact, which I post about for years–the field of “Russian Studies” in US (and in West in general) is dead. Those few true American Russian scholars, the scale of Ambassador Matlock, are just that–few and having very limited input and influence on US decision making re: Russia. Generally, the US bought its own, highly dubious, narrative of Russia.

    • Replies: @Kilo 4/11
  14. chris says:

    It might be useful for the Ukrainians to study a bit of their neighbor, Poland’s history before and after WWII.

    Ignoring every other aspect of the analogy, the fate of Poland itself is particularly illustrative:

    The Poles were urged by the west (including the US, as recently revealed) not to negotiate with Germany, even though, Germany’s demands at the time were more or less reasonable. Assured of western support, Poland set itself up as the stumbling block for Germany in order to also create the excuse for the western declaration of war against Germany. The net result of this action on the part of the ruling class in Poland was the complete destruction of Poland by Germany followed by its complete incarceration for the next 40 years by Russia.

    The questions this brings up are: do the (surviving) Poles think that the sacrifice was worth it ?
    Do the Ukrainians really think they would meet a better fate, and that they will not be used as a mere pawn in this game ?

    I don’t mean to equate the threat posed by Russia today with that of Hitler in 1939, but only to point out how risky such a move can turn out to become for the sacrificial lamb.

  15. alexander says:

    Dear Mr Giraldi,

    It may be a dozen more years before the American people actually REALIZE that the” Neocon experiment’ in totalitarian terror”.over the last dozen years ..has cooked the goose for the lot of us !
    And thanks to the insular and protective nature of the media we might not know it even then !
    The defrauding of us at home into unrelenting and profoundly destructive wars abroad has evinced a “Neo-con “stewardship of our nation that is ,in short, a TOTAL CALAMITY.!
    And as God is my Witness, I wish it were not so!
    People don’t seem to understand the 18.5 trillion Neo-con induced national debt is, in fact ,EIGHTEEN AND A HALF MILLION MILLION DOLLARS !…This is such an OBSCENE amount of money that we now owe ourselves and future generations….I am struck DUMB by the “catastrophic “nature of our current predicament !…STRUCK DUMB !

    Where are mine, yours and everyone’s grand children and great grand children going to find the money to pay off this HEINOUS DEBT ?

    Where are we going to find the money , Mr Giraldi ?

    AND ….after this grotesque, near “EXTERMINATION” of our SOLVENCY….they actually want us to print(borrow) another TWELVE TRILLION dollars for yet ANOTHER feckless war, this time with IRAN and RUSSIA ?

    To put every American and the next ten generations of Americans into a THIRTY TRILLION DOLLAR HOLE ?

    When George Bush jr said infamously ….”They Hate Our Freedom”…Now I know who he was REALLY talking about !…..The NEOCONS !

    I can’t understand why these people are not in Guantanamo bay…right now !

    I do not understand it !

  16. @Flower

    Damn straight.

    Warmongers and fearmongers have had considerable success with the American people, many of whom are distressingly credulous.

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  17. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Battle for Blair Mountain"] says:


    As an Anarcho-Syndicalist, I can tell you this…there is no reason why WE THE PEOPLE couldn’t demand debt cancellation…just tell the debt collectors to go FUCK THEMSELVES…and then point to the nearest gallows with a nooses hanging.

    The larger issue is this:there is unproductive debt and then there is productive debt. If the trillions spent on Gulf War 1…Gulf War2…War against Conservative Orthodox Christian Russia…had been spent on education-skill training of economically vulnerable Native Born White American Youth from the American Heartland instead of sending them off to Iraq-Afghanistan for quadruple-limb-removal(Democratic-Republican Party low wage jobs program)…well, the investment and debt was worth it.

    I highly recommend that you read everything by economist Michael Hudson whose commentary is now carried by Unz Review. Also, go watch You Tube videos of interviews with Michael Hudson.

    • Replies: @Ronald Thomas West
  18. Mr. Giraldi,

    A screaming cognitive dissonance keeps ringing in my ears: before 2014, Vietnam was begging to become our beautifully placed strategic partner in preserving some little piece of the South China Sea from domination by the PRC (that is, by the China Communist Party political machine) … but we put all our eggs into the Ukraine basket and in 2014 added insult to injury by inviting China’s fleet (including a spy ship) into RIMCON 2014. In 2015, we still claim that we are intent on limiting expansion of the PRC with our supposed “pivot to Asia” …

    Do the neocons really think they are jollying along the entirety of USA global security strategists? Are they actually jollying along the entire USA global security establishment? Are all these Zbigs and such on the payroll of the China Communist Party, collecting their pay through Hong Kong banks … or what?

    The Wolfowitz Doctrine if consistently applied would have demanded moving closer to Russia and to Vietnam and the others – Philippines, Taiwan, Japan. It’s embarrassing to those of us who happen to be living in, to have been born in, USA. Have we no pride? Do none dare call it treason?

  19. annamaria says:

    “The Wolfowitz Doctrine if consistently applied would have demanded moving closer to Russia and to Vietnam and the others – Philippines, Taiwan, Japan.”
    It s hard to detect this particular idea in the opus of the neocons’ ideologue. “Moving closer” (making useful for geopolitical games) applies to vassal-states only (see European Union). The Doctrine is very explicit about total intolerance towards any “regional power.” Russian Federation has not had a chance.
    By the way, before the Ukraine obscenity of creating a neo-Nazi-laced regime with the help of the most committed Zionists (Jewish Holocaust anybody? ADL? AIPAC?), there was a “sudden” Georgian /Russian conflict (Israelis and Americans were among the leading military advisers for Saakishvili: Surprise!). The Doctrine leaves no place for a peaceful and mutually useful cooperation; it preaches that the Empire of Federal reserve must have an absolute, unconditional power. It is all about chosenness.

  20. Vendetta says:
    @sure thing

    Looks like a prank mate, there’s no credible sources for that. It was a funny one though. And Kiev is such a clownshow that I had to check twice just to make sure they didn’t really do that.

  21. @War for Blair Mountain

    Native Born White American

    I suppose one should cease to be amazed that otherwise perfectly intelligent seeming commenters commit common sense suicide with statements like ‘Native Born White American.’ As if this sets someone apart (other than as a social moron.) Of course the point could be to detract from intelligent discussion per the topic at hand. So I’ll play as I admit I sometimes viscerally enjoy the implicit invitation to make comparisons to commenters with satire, here’s today’s offering in Native American humor format:

    There were many stories of Napi holding philosophical conversations with his rectum, and this is where typically the Napi stories become really dangerous. If you can understand this story, then you will have a good idea of how to see where human nature has gone wrong in the Whiteman. Because this is the Indian story of the Evangelical Whiteman, the Whitemen we have met in Andrew Jackson and George Bush. It is about the Whiteman that rules America today. It is about corporate America and narcissism in the extreme. It is about narcissistic men like Barack Obama. It is about a man that does not learn from his mistakes. It is about a man that does not put two and two together concerning the consequences of his actions. It is about a man that does not understand his relationship to essential functions in nature necessary to his survival. It is about a man that does not pay attention or listen. It is about a narcissistic man so full of himself, he lies to himself about others good intentions. It is a story about how not to live your life. And perhaps most of all, it is a story about recycling old and failed ideas

    Read more

  22. “At least those who are in power in the United States with the total acquiescence of the stupid in America.”

    Notwithstanding giving P.T. Barnum his due, those who are in power are not accountable to the stupid, acquiescent or not, nor most of the American public for that matter.

    Those who H.L. Mencken drolly termed “the booboisie” have their public opinions manufactured for them. That is hard to resist when most journalists are now Washington and Wall Street courtiers at the top, mere stenographers further down. When a free press gives up the critical prophetic voice that is essential to democratic accountability, the people can’t help but perish for lack of vision. Tragically, these wholly paid mouthpieces trash truthtellers like Hersh or Greenwald.

    The accountability is all to the donorists who buy the government they want, who have surely gotten their money back tenfold, in the manner of fractional banksterism.

  23. @Flower

    I agree. When you look at the big picture, you soon realize that the Cold War was a fraud, like the War On Terror to replace it. The truth is that one of the few ways a financial system based on fiat currency and printed money can survive is to remain forever in a state of war (hot or cold) to generate economic expansion, which in turn, requires deficit spending to support even more economic expansion. Which goes a long way in explaining why, in order to keep the vicious cycle going as long as possible, the US stays busy inventing unnecessary wars in every corner of the world.

  24. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    If the people in the delegation believe that it’s possible to regain control of Crimea then that’s proof they are not able to accept reality. It’s gone and that’s an accomplished fact. It would be best to discourage any overly ambitious adventurism on the part of the Kiev government since were they to meet with disaster they’d expect us to do something to rescue them and it’s unlikely we’d be able to do much for them.
    Stepping back and looking at the larger picture it’s clear the US has been continually expanding it’s reach since the Spanish-American war 117 years ago. Slowly and stealthily at times, it’s gone to war here and there to accelerate the process when the opportunity presented itself. We’ve battered down the doors of one border only to go on to the next. We’ve now reached the borders of Russia, gone into the ME and Asia and predictably there’s been resistance to our entry into those territories. Resistance is denounced and the accompanying propaganda tsunami uses terms like ‘dictatorship’ ‘undemocratic’ and ‘terrorist’ amongst others to demonize all opposition. This expansion has a life of it’s own like the momentum of a moving ocean liner and can’t easily be stopped. The presidential prospects lining up don’t give much cause for optimism.

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  25. @Orville H. Larson

    American Exceptionalism:

    More scared of anything everywhere than anybody anytime.

  26. @anonymous

    It’s easy to take the Spanish American war as the starting point of expansionism but it long preceded that war. Polk’s war on Mexico and the subsequent theft of half that country and the shucking and jiving that led to the theft of Florida spring to mind.

    The Wiki piece on Florida includes this great line

    ” the Adams-Onís Treaty ceded East Florida and West Florida to the United States in exchange for $5 million and the American renunciation of any claims on Texas”.

    How did that renunciation work out?

  27. Kilo4/11 says:

    Mr. Giraldi writes “I also observed that the negative perception of Washington-driven democracy promotion around the world…”

    But the Americans commenting here are not merely wary of providing some meager assistance, they flat out hate the very idea of any kind of opposition to Putin’s aggression. There is much more at work here than caution.

    There follows a series of (deliberate?) mischaracterizations: “What Kiev sees as a struggle to regain control of Crimea and other parts of their country”? No, Ukraine – not just Kiev – sees this as a struggle for its very existence, and it could hardly be otherwise.

    “…trying to impose democratic norms”? How were we “imposing” anything? Passing out bread (not even a sandwich, just bread, the cheap-ass bitch) to freezing people who had just been beaten up by Yankoff’s thugs? Thanks a lot! If someone had treated me like that, I would not let her impose anything on me, that’s for sure, and neither did Ukrainians – they made their revolution themselves. My contacts in Kyiv who were on the barricades, and others in the Ukrainian community where I live, tell me they wished they could get some Western help, but that it was not forthcoming. I believe them, not someone with a political axe to grind with the American government.

    “…the imperative for bilateral relations with Russia, which is the only nation on earth that can
    attack and destroy the United States, is that they be stable and that all channels for communication remain open.” What the hell is this!?! Is Giraldi actually saying that it’s OK for Russia to threaten us with nuclear annihilation if we seek to exercise peaceful diplomatic influence? That we’d better pretend we don’t hear or see anything when desperate people call out for help?

    What does the author mean by a “new war with proxies … that could rapidly spread to other regions”? There already is a war with proxies going on in Ukraine. This is double talk – why doesn’t Giraldi come out and say he wants Ukraine sacrificed to propitiate Russia from starting another war. In other words, Giraldi’s plan is to reverse the movement toward the West that is the heartfelt wish of the majority of Ukrainians and other Eastern Europeans, and replace it with a regression to the re-Sovietized thugocracy of the Eurasianists.

    Ukrainians cannot be expected to avoid the Hitler analogy; after all, as the only European country to be fought over twice, more than six million Ukrainians died helping the Red Army defeat Stalin’s former bosom buddy and co-initiator of World War 2. Then they were repaid, despite heroic resistance, by being made the cornerstone and breadbasket of his post-war evil empire. The question is why anyone would want to deny these people’s legitimate claim to teach the rest of the world the lessons of their bitter history.

    Russia may or may not have what it takes to “dominate Eastern Europe”; it has everything necessary, and in spades, to make life miserable for whomever comes into its “sphere of influence”, one of the more obnoxious euphemisms in use today. America, Germany, Great Britain, even France exercise “influence”. Russia threatens, corrupts, subverts, destroys the rule of law, and generally spreads disorder and misery. Anyone comparing favorably the ruinous impact of coming under Russian control with the mildly corrupting influence of Western society simply does not know what he is talking about. Ukrainians do.

  28. @Kilo4/11


    ^ I recommend ‘NATO’s Three Chihuahuas’ (for the entertainment value)

    • Replies: @Kilo4/11
  29. GogMagog says:

    And here’s a few more of Bush’s I know something you don’t so I’ll smile and give my evil knowing grin comments –

    “Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.”

    A declaration of war on all thinkng human beings around the globe.

    “This is a city that has been and will always be the financial capital of the world.”

    Bush’s opening remarks about NY – on the Economic Crisis, November 2008

    “when I look at the Middle East I see Gog and Magog at work”

    To French President Jacques Chirac

    Gog and Magog are figures in Persian/Christian/Islamic tradition who force the nations of the world to attack the holy land in the end times. They are also the guardians of the City of London District.

    I think it’s safe to assume this means the money power.

  30. annamaria says:

    From Guardian Comment Section:
    “””Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova may be on course for democratic reform”””
    Whoever wrote this, is he insane or dreaming? Ukraine is on the road to nowhere: Ukraine is a Nazi police state with the raging civil war governed by war criminals. What is democratic about present-day Ukraine? It has thousands of political prisoners, it shoots everyone who disagrees or burns them alive. Both Moldova and Georgia are split and unstable because of the idiotic policies that brought about internal tensions and civil wars. Belorussia, on the other hand, is stable quiet reasonably prosperous country. Do it a favor – let it be.
    “””This creates an opportunity for the EU. Finding smarter and more calibrated ways to help transform post-Soviet societies requires more focus, not less.”””
    Yes, you’ve already help transforming Ukraine from unglamorous, perhaps, but livable country into hell. Ukrainian people just had their utility bill raised 6-fold (!). For some people, the pay for their miserable apartments is now larger than their entire income. Unemployment is horrendous, men hide from the draft – people have no hope and no escape – except to Russia, of course. And this is not even in the war zone – this is in the rest of Ukraine. Now Ukraine is refusing to pay its debts going essentially into default. You are such great helpers.”

  31. Park says: • Website

    We came to this article also following the link posted at The News Scouter. News Scouter has become our source of all the “must read” news stories and editorials:

    News Scouter is an aggregator and compiler of ‘Independent News and Editorials:

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    Visit The News Scouter often. We have noticed they are constantly ‘scouting’ for the latest news stories – updating, I believe, on hourly basis.

    Make it your One Stop Reading Room:

  32. Sam J. says:

    People should stop saying that Americans have anything to do with American foreign policy. It’s all Israeli policy. They want to attack Putin because he stopped the massive looting of Russia by the Jews. If you want to be accurate just use the phrase “the Israeli controlled American government policy”.

  33. Kilo4/11 says:
    @Ronald Thomas West

    Mr. West, I gave your site a look, out of respect for the fact that you seem to be a legit Namvet; that you told Margolis off; and that you defended the Seventh in Cholon. I do not however, share your view of Ukraine’s Revolution of Dignity.

    Seeing a site designated as “for dummies” does not inspire confidence, and, so far from being a dummy, I taught myself the Cyrillic alphabet, can get the sense of most Ukrainian headlines, and have read a fair amount (in English) of Ukrainian history. I cultivated contacts within the Ukrainian community, including a working journalist stationed in Kyiv, a university instructor whose students were on the barricades, one of whom was killed, and others with relatives all over Ukraine.

    I’ll make just two points. I had already read (and heard, from Polish friends) of some sort of Polish involvement in training various Ukrainian forces. Now, the actual Maidan snipers may or may not have been trained in Poland; the video you linked to is inconclusive. But in any case, I have seen no evidence to establish who controlled them. It is not where they trained that counts, but who selected the target and gave the order to fire. Furthermore, the chief doctor at the scene, Olga Bogomolets, went out of her way to refute the misinterpretations of her statement about the similarity of the snipers’ bullets, saying she never meant to say that she knew who did the shooting or why, and that there just wasn’t enough evidence to be conclusive.

    Second point: as to the notorious intercepted phone conversation. All this proves is that the US government had an employee tasked with keeping abreast of events in a volatile situation, as most other governments do. That Nuland thinks Yatseniuk is the front-runner in the power struggle and seems to favor him just means she had good information – and he did turn out to be probably the least bad contender. I have seen no smoking gun linking any order from her to the eventual election result. $5 billion over twenty years? Look at the $35 billion Yanukovych stole in less than five years and the untold amounts Russia poured in and now you’re talking real influence.

  34. KA says:

    One of the problems across the third world countries is the nice pleasant cool beautiful images brought to awareness on a daily basis by the statue of the liberty that is America. The elites trained by western movies ,novels,fictions,and by the superficial history of US independence war,civil war,and by 2 WW along with subtle subconscious inculcation of the negative assessment of their own local cultures by the west ( US,UK,France) create the blind acceptance of the western interest and political objectives possible and inevitable.The elite maintain the cultural and intellectual superiorities over the rest of the population.
    In India,Pakistan,Nigeria or Brazil and until now in Russia the local heroes ,artists,activists,scientist or educationists are accepted usually only after they have been validated by the West.
    So this part of the history you refer to would never be found in those countries textbooks or awareness.An awareness of the negative criminal dastardly behaviors across the world could prevent future generation not to succumb to Nulandic hubris .
    Same is true of America. Awareness of the history of the neocons can prevent and nothing else can prevent future profligate wealth destroying wars promoted by the both parties in harsher or softer voices under the slogan of the security and threat or by sloganeering of the desire to rescue the poor disenfranchised ,persecuted,from the local tyrants in Africa,China,India,Afganistan,Somalia or Iran.

  35. @Kilo4/11

    Throughout the body of my work is an overwhelming ‘preponderance of the evidence’ (the civil court trial standard) of the western democracies utilizing reactionary forces (inclusive of openly neo-nazi) to effect a coup in Ukraine. Sources include academics, responsible reporters, and open source intelligence (my training) from across the spectrum. Between Nuland and the Polish MEP, when taken in context of the larger picture, what becomes clear is, Maiden was an engineered point of coup d’état.

    Depending on Ukrainian and Polish media is like depending on American media to get a clear picture … you don’t because they lie. And sadly, people believe. My irreverence is on account of a long festering cynicism directly relevant to the preceding.

    I did not personally defend the Cholon suburb of Saigon, that was however elements of my unit that had.

    I much appreciate the civil tone of your disagreement –

    • Replies: @Seamus Padraig
  36. @Ronald Thomas West

    @Ronald West

    Add to that the fact that Poland now has to pay reparations for allowing CIA black sites on Polish territory to conduct torture interrogations.

    Oh, and don’t forget the Sikorski – then Polish FM – connection: the biggest Russophobe (bar Nudelman-Kagan) neo-Con – Ann Apelbaum – happens to be married to him.

    The CFR is nothing if not thorough, mimicking the same inter-dynastic, strategic matrimonial policies of Old Europe’s once-crowned ‘aristocrats.’

    The old Polish ‘count’ is very good at ersatz nobility. And the New World is full of suckers..

  37. Kilo 4/11 says:
    @Andrei Martyanov

    “Actually, Russia celebrated no such thing, she celebrated Victory in Great Patriotic War and defeat of Nazi Germany. The distinction is crucial. As per:

    but it did raise the issue of why Washington’s relationship with Moscow is so troubled, particularly as it need not be so.

    It is essential issue of American exceptionalism, much of which is based on several major myths, especially in the 20th Century, and the fact, which I post about for years–the field of “Russian Studies” in US (and in West in general) is dead…”

    “Actually, Russia celebrated no such thing,”

    Precisely – because there was no such thing as the “Great Patriotic War”.

    There was a fight to the death between two ideologies, each embodied in and motivating a different expansionist regime, one of which got caught out just before it was to strike the other. In the process, millions of apolitical people on both sides were killed.

    Yet every May 9th, as the long-suffering citizens of every former captive nation know, but Americans do not, (the real proof of the failure of “Russian Studies”) the Soviets and now their unrepentant heirs and beneficiaries the Russian Federation haul out the big guns of their founding myth, the “Great Patriotic War”, for their value to the Kremlin propaganda network.
    This apparatus, along with the inexcusably still standing, ubiquitous physical reminders in stone and bronze, is used to keep semi-captive nations like Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Chechnya and other, smaller ones, in a suspended state of servitude compounded of fear, inertia, and ignorance. It is long overdue that American politicians take note of this, and their refusal to participate in the Kremlin’s May 9th mystery play/historical cover-up is wholly right and just.

    Here is a better way to approach May 9th:

    “Two faces of Victory. There are two dates on which victory over Nazi Germany is commemorated in Europe, May 8th and May 9th. The two dates symbolize two different victories, one liberating the countries reconquered from German rule, and the other only replacing Nazi tyranny by Communist tyranny. It is, therefore, proper for the two commemorations be held on different day. What is not proper is that honest people and Western leaders participate in the Victory of one evil regime over another.” – Roman Serbyn, professor emeritus of Russian and East European history at the University of Quebec at Montreal.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  38. Peace in the world is achieved by implementing this declaration “brought out for the good of all people” this position compliments peace and is not at odds with world order. Is Mr. Putin desiring the destruction of Russia? Are nationalist urgings able to blind Mr. Putin? No is the answer to the first and second question. Is Mr. Obama desiring the destruction of America? Are American patriotic urgings blinding Mr. Obama? No is the answer to the first and second question. Why then do we have the problems both of these nations are confronting? Simple the concern is not for the good of all people. The interest on both sides have nothing to do with peace but with a greater piece of global hegemon. This self-centered I only orientation will bring great destruction on the little guys. Millions of people are going to end up slaughtered for the interest of the big boys. Where is the pro-peace party? Yeah right raising money just so it can continue to publish online. Is Bill Gates and wife pro-peace what about Warren is he pro-peace, heck what about Ted? Call them to ask for help.

  39. So there was little to agree on apart from the fact that the Ukrainians have a right to have a government they choose for themselves and also to defend themselves.

    I’d agree with that too. We could start by not overthrowing governments that Ukraine has already chosen for itself.

    Fear of the Yellow Peril might indeed be legitimate but it would be difficult to make the case that an internally troubled China is seeking to dominate the Pacific.

    It depends what you mean by ‘the Pacific’. China’s natural sphere of influence historically was East Asia. There’s every chance that, without Washington butting in, China will ultimately come to dominate the region once again, just as it always did up until about 2 centuries ago.

    And by the way, what makes China “internally troubled”? Seems fairly stable to me. Have I missed something there?

    In an interview with Arabic newspaper Asharq al-Awsat Obama called Tehran a terrorism supporter…

    Now there’s a real knee-slapper: O’Bomber calling the Iranians terrorists in a Saudi newspaper!

  40. @Ronald Thomas West

    Sources include academics, responsible reporters, and open source intelligence (my training) from across the spectrum.

    Another such source would be George Friedman, head of Stratfor, who called Maidan “the most blatant coup in history.” Full interview:

  41. annamaria says:
    @Kilo 4/11

    Sure, for people like Roman Serbyn (and obviously for you) there was no Great Patriotic War, because Mr. Bandera knew better.
    Yet for the millions of the former Soviets (including millions of Ukrainians) the WWII was and remained the Great Patriotic War for survival of Slavic people and Slavic culture. To insist that the nation-wide commemoration of the Great Patriotic War was for “the Kremlin propaganda network” is below human decency.
    After the WWII, Canada has been infected with the Ukrainian Nazi collaborators. Hence the loudest voices of hatred and provocation re the ongoing Russian/US crisis in Ukraine are coming from Canada.
    “The 14th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS (1st Galician): Formed in 1943, it was largely destroyed in the battle of Brody, reformed, and saw action in Slovakia, Yugoslavia and Austria before being renamed the first division of the Ukrainian National Army and surrendering to the Western Allies by 10 May 1945. … Bishop Buchko of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church had appealed to Pope Pius XII to intervene on behalf of the division, whom he described as “good Catholics and fervent anti-Communists”. .. In 1947, former soldiers of SS “Galizien” were allowed to immigrate to Canada and to the United Kingdom. ”

    • Replies: @Seamus Padraig
    , @Kilo 4/11
  42. Avery says:

    {To insist that the nation-wide commemoration of the Great Patriotic War was for “the Kremlin propaganda network” is below human decency.}

    Well said [annamarina].

    WW2 revisionists who came out of the woodworks in droves on May 9th are still actively attempting to rewrite what happened in WW2.

    Really, truly despicable.

  43. @annamaria

    Even Stepan Bandera himself was recycled after WW2 by the western allies for use against the Soviets. Until his assassination in 1959, he tried for years to organize uprisings in western Ukraine–without much success.

    • Replies: @Kilo 4/11
  44. Avery says:

    {“Actually, Russia celebrated no such thing,”
    Precisely – because there was no such thing as the “Great Patriotic War”.}

    Only for WW2 revisionists there was no such thing.

    {There was a fight to the death between two ideologies,…, one of which got caught out just before it was to strike the other.}

    Do you have any evidence that USSR was going to invade Nazi Germany and create Lebensraum for the Slavic people in the West ?
    Hitler openly declared his intention to wipe out most of the Slavs in order to create Lebensraum for his Germanic people in the East, and proceeded to attempt to do just that.
    Do you deny that ?

    On August 22, 1939, a few days before the official start of World War II, Hitler authorized his commanders, with these infamous words, to kill “without pity or mercy, all men, women, and children of Polish descent or language. Only in this way can we obtain the living space [lebensraum] we need”.
    Heinrich Himmler echoed Hitler’s decree: “All Poles will disappear from the world…. It is essential that the great German people should consider it as its major task to destroy all Poles.”

    Do you [Kilo 4/11] deny the above was pronounced by Nazis ?
    Yes or No.

    [The Generalplan Ost (Master Plan East, GPO) was a secret Nazi German plan for the colonization of Central and Eastern Europe. Implementation would have necessitated genocide and ethnic cleansing on a vast scale to be undertaken in territories occupied by Germany during World War II.

    The plan entailed the enslavement, expulsion, and/or extermination of most Slavic peoples in Europe, who the Nazis viewed as Untermensch and non-Aryan.[2][3] The programme operational guidelines, prepared in the years 1939–1942, were based on the policy of Lebensraum designed by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi movement, as well as being a fulfillment of the Drang nach Osten (English: Drive towards the East) ideology of German expansion to the east. As such, it was intended to be a part of the New Order in Europe] (form Wiki).

    Do you [Kilo 4/11] deny the existence of Generalplan Ost ?
    Yes or No.

    After the Red Army defeated the Nazi War machine and was racing towards Berlin, there was very little or no German resistance left.
    USSR could have leveled all of Germany and wiped out every last German (…not that they should have, of course), because that’s what Germans would have done to Slavs (and rest of Soviet constituent peoples) had they won.
    The fact the Red Army committed very little crime in comparison, considering what Germans had done to their families, the women and children, speaks volumes about the decency and humanity of the Russian people and all other peoples in the Red Army.
    The fact that Germany still exists today is a testament there was no Soviet plan to invade and wipe out Germany.
    East Germany was Sovietized, but it did not cease being German and being populated by Germans.

    The savagery and barbarity the occupying Nazi Army unleashed in USSR is deliberately hidden by the Western Media.
    And the enormous sacrifices and contributions of the Soviet people in defeating Hitler’s murderers are being whitewashed by WW2 revisionists as we speak.

    • Replies: @Kilo 4/11
  45. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Look at the $35 billion Yanukovych stole in less than five years

    Please provide proof to us for your assertion.

  46. Kilo 4/11 says:

    @Annamarina: There already was a perfectly good date on which to celebrate the “survival of Slavic people and Slavic culture” – May 8th. That was the date the surrender document was signed, the date that should have, and could have – but did not – marked not only the survival, but the beginning of the recuperation and flowering of Slavic (and other) peoples and cultures. Instead, as Professor Serbyn and many others (anyone who cares about history, really) note, Stalin quashed any hope of a truly better life and reduced people to the level of mere physical existence, an existence which was allowed only on the condition of total obedience to the state, and which could be and was extinguished on the slightest pretext. Stalin declared his own “victory” day so that he could exploit the sacrifices of his forces for maximum political value and as an attempt to claim the victory for the Soviets. He also needed a way to mask his complicity in the genesis of the war, and his horrendous incompetence and unpreparedness, which caused so many unnecessary casualties. What is beneath human decency is that, for instance, in Lviv as late as 2013, attempts were made to force the locals to celebrate, not only Stalin’s May 9th travesty, but to make Ukrainians display red flags alongside The Ukrainian banner – in this city in which fleeing NKVD troops in 1941 had gone from house to house killing thousands of Ukrainian men women and children!

    The Battle of Brody took place from 13-22 July 1944. It was the most significant military action fought by the 14th Waffen SS Galicia Division. The Division was attached to the 13th German Army Corps, which had the task of defending Lviv.

    As the Red Army advanced westward, the task of occupying Lviv fell to Marshal Ivan Konev, commander of the 1st Ukrainian Front. His offensive against Lviv began in early July 1944. The 13th Army Corps, commanded by Walther Model, was hopelessly outnumbered, more than 2:1 in men and 3:1 in armor and materiel. The 14th Waffen SS was ordered to plug the hole in the front at Brody.

    The Division faced a Soviet force that was several times stronger, and had armored and air support, neither of which the Division enjoyed. Hopelessly outmanned and outgunned, the Division nevertheless fought bravely, even after its German commander, General Freitag, fled the battlefield. On 18 July the Division was surrounded, but on 21-22 July broke out of the encirclement. Of 12 000 men that fought in the 14th at Brody, only 3000 managed to return to German lines. Some joined the Ukrainian Insurgent Army. The rest were killed, wounded or taken as POWs.

    Despite its defeat at Brody, the brave resistance by the 14th delayed the Red Army for several crucial days on its march to Lviv. This allowed several thousand citizens of the city, including large numbers of the intelligentsia and political activists, to flee west in front of the Soviet advance, and thus saved several thousand people from the horrors of Soviet occupation.

  47. Kilo 4/11 says:

    @ Avery: Your overlooking of the Red Army’s ferocious campaign of rape, which morphed into decades of sexual slavery of vast numbers of helpless German women, and the deportation and death en route or in camps of millions of German civilians after the war, marks you as a despicable communist apologist. Even Churchill admitted eventually that something horrible was going on in post-war Germany, though he did nothing to stop it.

    • Replies: @Avery
  48. Kilo 4/11 says:
    @Seamus Padraig

    @Seamus Padraig: Yes, the third and probably the most effective Ukrainian freedom fighter was killed by yet another Soviet agent, as were Petliura and Konovalets before him. But not before he had tied down significant numbers of Red Army forces and inspired another generation of Ukrainians, the ones who now are finally breaking free of the bear.

  49. Avery says:
    @Kilo 4/11

    @Kilo 4/11: You ignoring the genocidal plans of Nazis and falsely claiming USSR was planning to invade Nazi Germany marks you as a vile, despicable Nazi apologist.
    Your overlooking of the Wehrmacht’s ferocious campaign of extermination of Slavic peoples marks you as revisionist, vile, despicable Nazi apologist.

    And nice of you to remember vast numbers of helpless German women.
    Any sympathy for millions of Russian/Slavic women and children your Nazi buddies murdered by invading USSR ?

    • Replies: @annamaria
  50. annamaria says:

    Do not waste your breath. He [kilo4/11] is unredeemable. People like him would better make Ukraine fight for the Wolfowitz Doctrine till the last Ukrainian. The despicable diaspora in Canada has its field day by dirtying the memory of people that saved Europe from Nazi supermensch state in which, by the way, the Ukrainians would had been treated by the Nazis just as other Slavs, that is, as the inferior beings.
    In his previous post, he sang a glory to the 14th Waffen SS Galicia Division; this “brave” division specialized in hunting and murdering anti-Nazi partisans. No wonder that the Ukrainian neo-Nazis feel so comfortable: they have enthusiastic supporters in the “free world.” Fools. Yatsenyuk has just made an appeal for the western corporations to buy Ukraine on cheap. The original plan has been steadily developing towards the projected goals that will make Western rentiers happy. For the ordinary Ukrainians the plan offers impoverishment, the civil war, and a possibility of nuclear confrontation.
    “Ukraine’s Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk called on US firms Monday to take an active part in purchasing the country’s state assets as part of privatization campaign.”

    • Replies: @Avery
  51. Avery says:

    Thanks for the info [annamarina] about [kilo4/11] praising Waffen SS: good to know.
    Had surmised his sympathies from his posts, but am surprised he came out and openly praised them.

    About wasting breath or effort: no worries.
    I have butted heads with these types of denialists and revisionists for a long time at various sites. I never tire.

    I feel if we do not counter their misinformation and disinformation, then their lies will take root and the cancer will metastasis.
    We cannot leave the arena to the denialists and revisionists.
    I am not trying to convince the likes of [kilo4/11]: I know who and what they are.

    For every one who posts @unz, there are 100s/1000s who read the articles and the comments.
    My efforts are directed at them.
    I myself have learned quite a bit new from reading most of the posts (here and at other sites).

    • Replies: @annamaria
  52. annamaria says:

    Below is a post from Guardian comment section. It will support your fight. The comment provides a quote confirming that for the Nazis, the 14th Waffen SS Galicia Division was just a bunch of “barbarians:”

    “Everybody who is even superficially familiar with history knows that Ukrainian nationalists Bandera, Shukhevych, and Galician volunteers organized into Waffen SS division Galichina served Hitler in WWII.
    However, a lot fewer people know what Germans thought about their Ukrainian servants. Here is a typical example. Michael Wittmann, Gaupshturmführer SS, one of Nazi Germany’s most famous tank commanders:
    “What are Ukrainians? Feral Russians that for the idea of gaining the Ukrainian state are ready to kill even their own wives. They are the perfect fighters against the Red Army. But after that they are subject to a total extermination, because they are the worst type of barbarians.”

    The 14th Waffen SS Galicia Division specialized in murdering anti-Nazi partisans in Slavic countries. The progeny of the “barbarians” have formed a bunch of vocal supporters of the Kievan coup d’etat in the US and Canada

  53. Anonymous • Disclaimer says: • Website

    realidad montón de excelente datos !.

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