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Making Jane Go Away
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I feel like the bore at the party who tries to corner people to tell them about how he birdied the thirteenth earlier that day . The torture story is proceeding full speed because it is mostly about Republicans but the Jane Harman story is already going away, largely because the mainstream media and the liberal blogs are refusing to run with it.

I will bore on because I think this is important. As a former intelligence officer who has himself recruited agents of influence, I can tell you that Harman was the fruit of a high level Israeli covert action. Whomever Harman spoke to, she was surely aware that she was in contact with someone empowered to promise her rewards from Israel and the Israeli lobby. The threat to withhold contributions from the Democratic Party if Harman were not to be named chairman is significant, as it indicates that it was all part of a careful plan. The Israeli on the phone was committing espionage against the United States by trying to influence the actions of a government official and Harman was committing a number of possible crimes by agreeing to cooperate in return for her own personal advancement. Please take my word for it that the quid pro quo is precisely how an intelligence officer recruits an agent. You ask for a favor and give a favor in return. As both the favor and the reward are illegal and the agreement itself can be used to blackmail the target of the operation, the target henceforth will be obligated to do what the intelligence officer wants or risk exposure. This whole transaction is particularly important in the context of Jane Harman and what she might have represented to the Israelis. She was chairman presumptive of the House Intelligence Committee and subsequently was spoken of as being on the short list for Obama’s Director of Central Intelligence. If she had obtained either position, which would have happened if the FBI had not been privy to the transaction, she would have had complete access to all of America’s secrets and would have been involved in policy making. She would also have been working for Israel. So I have to ask, why isn’t the MSM interested in aggressively pursuing this story?

(Republished from The American Conservative by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Israel, Jane Harman 
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  1. TomB says:

    Giraldi said:

    “I feel like the bore at the party….”

    I dunno that it’s a lack of awareness of the potential meaning of this story that’s keeping the “MSM” uninterested in this story Phil. If it isn’t plain enough by simple first level thought enough people have read things like LeCarre’s “Smiley” books to know how a successful intelligence operation can turn things inside out, make traitors into patriots and vice-versa.

    I thus wonder if it isn’t the fact that it *is* so serious that has gotten the people who count in the major media to ignore this. I mean … compare this—and its potential reaction amongst the populace—to all the other known or suspected instances of Israeli espionage: In the past what’s been known or suspected has indeed been more routine stuff such as Americans in lower-level positions recruited to merely pass along papers, information and etc. Like with Pollard or Franklin or Rosen or Weissman. (And as regards the older and more merely alleged instances, Bryen and Pearle.)

    But what do we have here but an apparent foreign intelligence operation casually attempting to corrupt the very heart of our governmental process. Suborning our own Congressional members—and indeed as possible chairwoman, our entire Congress. By an alleged ally.

    People in the media understand I think. And understand that their careers ain’t gonna be hurt a nickel’s worth and indeed will probably be helped (if not gaining them a Pulitzer) to report on the Tea Party people as if they are dangerous subversives. Or those who are buying guns. Or the “anti-Americanism” of those who are exercised about illegal immigration. But what they know is that it ain’t gonna help their careers one little bit to go making a big deal of this Harman thing. So they don’t even have to be told to just shut the hell up and go find something else to write about. Never mind that our nation’s intelligence service seems to feel that there has been an attempt to seriously compromise the very integrity of our Congress (and that a congressperson agreed to try to compromise our judicial system too in the Rosen/Weissman case). Instead go write (with understanding preferably) about how Homeland Security is concerned about people with Ron Paul bumper stickers on their cars, especially returning veterans.

    And don’t be concerned that the citizenry doesn’t seem to regard returning vets and Ron Paul supporters or Tea Party members as big dangers and might indeed be absolutely livid at the foreign power that attempts the bribery and/or blackmail of our Congress. Indeed, because it might *cause* that anger is the very reason to ignore it.

    I.e., it ain’t that the MSM workers don’t understand. It’s that they *do* understand it. Really really well.


  2. Angela says:

    I have to agree with the commenter above me. When I first heard the story, I did not understand exactly why this was a big deal. Quid pro quo is how business gets done in Washington, after all.

    Justin Rainmondo wrote an article that spelled it out for me, but when I first heard the story I really didn’t understand the implications.

  3. Michael says:

    Thank you Philip for pursuing this story. This should be front page news.

  4. MattSwartz says: • Website

    The Jewish Telegraphic Agency’s website has a blogpost on it that attempts to explain all of this in terms of a vendetta against Harman on the part of Porter Goss, the then-CIA director.

    I guess that when one’s point of reference is the idea that Harman’s behavior was normal and healthy, it becomes necessary to fit the scandal into the context of bad blood and personal rivalries.

    Similarly, a WaPo blog reports that Pelosi and Harman were allies who turned into enemies after Harman returned to DC in 2001. Part of the problem, they say, was Harman’s aggressive jockeying for position.

    I think this is interesting spin: Pelosi doesn’t let Harman have a third term as chair/ranking member of the intelligence committee, possibly after finding out about the phone call, and suddenly it’s a personal vendetta, not just a quiet way of keeping an embarrassment out of a high-profile position.

    If Pelosi and Harman weren’t both women, I don’t think the spin about them being enemies would be in play.

  5. Mr, Giraldi, do please continue to bore us. Someone’s got ot tell this story, MSM be damned until they do!

  6. rodney says:

    Mr. Giraldi, i cannot help being reminded of an article you wrote last year about the courageous whistle-blower Sibel Edmonds, and how that story was being covered up by the MSM and the government, on both sides of the isle.
    i have done my part as far as talking to people and writing letters to the editor about all of these lies and coverups, but to no avail.
    What are we to do?

  7. TomB says:

    Beyond the media’s own fundamentals that dissuade so many of its people from publicizing this thing is yet another dynamic that suggests to me the likelihood that it’s ultimately going nowhere. And that’s the desire of both parties to see it just die out. For obvious reasons the Democrats do, but then there’s also the Republicans’ similar desire due to the collusion of Gonzalez and others in the Bush Admin. in suppressing this stuff in the first place, perhaps including Bush himself.

    I mean … all Obama has to do is refuse to release the tape of Harman and this alleged Israeli agent—which he can find abundant reasons to do—and how can the story run any further? So far at least he doesn’t even seem to have deigned to recognize it as an issue even.

    And what’s to force him further with neither the media nor the Republicans pushing the issue?

    Indeed, the situation with the Republicans seems to go beyond just the ugly all the way to the sublime. Not only did Gonzalez deep-six any further investigation into this Harman thing when presented with the tape, but then—clearly suggesting some above-directed coordination—Intelligence Overlord John Negroponte is also said to have instructed then-CIA head Porter Goss to violate a long-standing protocol about such things and to not brief Congressional leaders about this taping of a member of the House. And then after Goss left and Michael Hayden took over CIA, he too violated that protocol.

    So some whistle-blower then went and told Dennis Hastert anyway, who alerted Pelosi. And Hastert demanded an accounting of Gonzalez who simply did not respond.

    And then comes the sublime part because what does new Bush CIA head Hayden eventually do but … bestow on Harman an actual CIA medal! “In appreciation for her thoughtful and thorough oversight of CIA as ranking member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence,” he said.


    All of which leads also to the further question of where our latter-day uber-patriots like Limbaugh and Hannity are on this. A so-far not even denied case alleging suppression of evidence of possible treasonous behavior, and where exactly are our modern paladins of patriotism? Where’s their jowl-and-American-flag-lapel-pin-shaking outrage?

    Hopeless, is what it is, just hopeless.


  8. I did a google and a yahoo search this morning and discovered that the last mention of Harman in the mainstream media was Friday. They’ve made the story go away even faster than they did regarding Chas Freeman, which lasted about a week. I do not believe the story even came up on any of Sunday morning’s talk shows. It’s Orwellian – like it didn’t happen.

  9. TomB says:

    Like someone over at the Mondoweiss blog said, can you imagine the reaction if instead of the congressperson being named Jane Harman they had an arabic-sounding name and it was a suspected Iranian agent?

    Like I said before, what we need is a *network* of people like the brave leaker(s) on this story to keep trying to combat this kind of stuff. Because there sure as hell is a network working the other way.


  10. We have been so conditioned culturally to treat the Israeli’s and the American Jewish interest as sacrosanct that it’s just taboo to say the obvious. But Washington is loaded with foreign interest groups and we really don’t do much to corral any of it.

    My suggestion is to make the issue sovereignty and apply a broad brush. posed this way via people like Lou Dobbs, the American public will have the nerve to apply the same standards to all. To do this we need to make the point that ANY lobbying of behalf of a foreign power or interest is treason…period. Laws need to be changed.

    And TomB is quite correct, we need to start investigating the hell out of the dual loyalists. The ADL investigates, we (with the honorable exception of Mr. Giraldi and a few others) just complain.

  11. You’re never a bore, Mr. Giraldi! Keep up the great work 🙂

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