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Killing the First Amendment
How “the Law” fails to deliver Justice
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When one travels nearly anywhere in Europe where Medieval government centers, including courts, remain, one will frequently see the personification of a sometimes blindfolded woman representing Justice holding a sword in one hand and a scale or a scroll in the other. As soon as human beings came together to form governments, one of the first demands has always for justice that is accessible to all and that is readily understood. That is not to say that governments have not corrupted the mechanisms that were set up to deliver justice to serve their own parochial ends, but it does demonstrate that the human desire for fair treatment under law has been strong for thousands of years.

Now, it seems, those who seek justice often find that justice is denied through various artifices that have been contrived to give the government greater control over what constitutes criminal behavior. It is an emphasis on punishment of those the government has decided to make an example of. One only has to look at the treatment of whistleblowers by the US government, most notably the cases of CIA veterans Jeffrey Sterling and John Kiriakou, where punishment was the objective to discourage anyone from exposing criminal behavior by those in charge.

Even though in theory whistleblowers are protected because they have come forward to reveal illegal activity by the government, in practice that protection is often notional. And then there are those instances where justice is deliberately perverted, as in the current case of Julian Assange, whom the United States government would like to extradite so he can be tried under the Espionage Act of 1917. But the actual charges against Assange are where things get murky. Assange is accused of having collaborated with Chelsea Manning to steal and publish classified material relating to clear evidence that atrocities were carried out by the US military in Iraq and then covered up. And perhaps more to the point in political terms, Assange is also being accused of having participated in the theft of the Hillary Clinton emails in 2016. It should be pointed out that the Federal government has not provided any actual evidence of either alleged crime.

A British high court justice has approved Washington’s extradition demand re Assange but the case has now been moved to a final effort to appeal the ruling. It is likely that Assange will be convicted if he is sent to the US in spite of the fact that his only crime was that he was an effective journalist doing what good journalists do. His life has been destroyed in any event. He spent 82 months in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London having been granted asylum status and is now in solitary confinement in the top security Belmarsh prison, where Britain sends its terrorists. He has been in Belmarsh for 31 months and recently suffered a stroke. It is rather cruel and unusual punishment for someone who has not been convicted of anything.

It is perhaps not unreasonable to examine more closely the shenanigans related to the criminal justice system as it is mismanaged by today’s “democratic” governments to include the United States and Britain. Indeed, one might consider that the games being played could be summed up by the recently coined expression “lawfare.” The word came into common use after a 2001 essay by Colonel Charles J. Dunlap written for Harvard’s Carr Center. Dunlap defined lawfare as “the use of law as a weapon of war” including “the exploitation of real, perceived, or even orchestrated incidents of law-of-war violations being employed as an unconventional means of confronting” a superior opponent. It is “a method of warfare where law is used as a means of realizing a military objective” as well as a “cynical manipulation of the rule of law and the humanitarian values it represents.” In the United States, lawfare has been particularly associated with the concept of “universal jurisdiction,” that is, one nation or an international organization hosted by that nation reaching out to seize and prosecute officials of another. Or, as in Assange’s case, an Australian citizen residing in Britain being extradited for trial by Washington for an alleged theft of classified information by an American whistleblower.

Indeed, one of the most disturbing aspects of American foreign policy since 9/11 has been the assumption that decisions made by the United States are binding on the rest of the world, best exemplified by President George W. Bush’s warning that “there was a new sheriff in town.” Apart from time of war, no other nation has ever sought to prevent other nations from trading with each other, nor has any government sought to punish foreigners using sanctions with the cynical arrogance demonstrated by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. The United States uniquely seeks to penalize other sovereign countries for alleged crimes that did not occur in the US and that did not involve American citizens, while also insisting that all nations must comply with whatever penalties are meted out by Washington. At the same time, the US government demonstrates its own gross hypocrisy by claiming sovereign immunity whenever foreigners or even American citizens seek to use the courts to hold it accountable for its many crimes.

Perhaps it comes as no surprise that the nation that has officially and openly incorporated lawfare into its conduct of foreign policy is Israel. Its lawfare center Shurat HaDin is in part financed by the Israeli government and has gotten involved in numerous court cases in the United States, where it finds a friendly judicial audience in New York City. The ability to sue in American courts for redress of either real or imaginary crimes has led to the creation of a lawfare culture in which lawyers seek to bankrupt an opponent through both legal expenses and damages. To no one’s surprise, Shurat HaDin is a major litigator against entities that Israel disapproves of. It boasts on its website how it uses the law to bankrupt opponents.

The Federal Court for the Southern District of Manhattan has become the clearing house for suing the pants off of any number of foreign governments and individuals with virtually no requirement that the suit have any merit beyond claims of “terrorism.” In February 2015, a lawsuit initiated by Shurat HaDin led to the conviction of the Palestinian Authority and the Palestine Liberation Organization of liability for terrorist attacks in Israel between 2000 and 2004. The New York Federal jury awarded damages of $218.5 million, but under a special feature of the Anti-Terrorism Act the award was automatically tripled to $655.5 million. Shurat HaDin claimed sanctimoniously that it was “bankrupting terror.”

Another legal victory for Israel and its friends occurred in a federal district court in the District of Columbia on June 1, 2020 where Syria and Iran were held to be liable for the killing of American citizens in Palestinian terrorist attacks that have taken place in Israel. Judge Randolph D. Moss ruled that Americans wounded and killed in seven attacks carried out by Palestinians inside the Jewish state were eligible for damages from Iran and Syria because they provided “material support” to militant groups Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

Interestingly, one might observe that the United States is becoming more like Israel in its employment of lawfare. It sanctions foreign entities based on what might be hearsay information and then sets up a mechanism to fine or imprison anyone who provides anything that might be construed as “material support” to them. Some readers might be aware of a recent action by the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) directed against Russian-based news and analysis site Strategic Culture Foundation (SCF). The site is admittedly not friendly to current United States foreign policy, but the Biden regime seems to believe that it is a malignant instrument of the Kremlin’s intelligence service based on what appears to be no evidence whatsoever apart from that clear hostility to US policies. During the first week in November the Treasury Department issued a “cautionary letter” dated October 15th to me and a number of other Americans who were contributing regular articles to SCF. The letters were hand delivered by FBI Special Agents.

The letter was quite bizarre, describing how SCF was now a “designated entity pursuant to Executive Order 13848 of September 12, 2018” which in turn relied on an April 15th designation by OFAC. “As a result of OFAC’s designation, unless otherwise authorized or exempt, all property and interests in property of SCF that are subject to US jurisdiction are blocked, and US persons are generally prohibited from engaging in transactions with them.”

The letter went on to indicated that SCF has “interfered in or undermined public confidence in United States elections, as set forth in the Foreign Interference in US Elections Sanctions regulations…and Executive orders issued under the authority of the International Emergency Economic Powers Act…Under applicable law, each violation of the above referenced regulations is subject to a statutory maximum civil monetary penalty of up to the greater of $311,562 or twice the value of the underlying transaction.”

The clear intent of the Treasury letter and the legislation that it represents is to prevent American writers and journalists from contributing to foreign websites and publications if those sites and journals are critical of United States policies. The threat of a grossly punitive fine is a warning that one will be bankrupted or even imprisoned if the letter is ignored, which is lawfare at its most effective. It would appear that all of the US-based journalists involved have therefore cut their ties with SCF.

I would make several observations regarding this blatant move to eliminate or at least control freedom of speech in the United States. First, I would invite readers to go to the SCF site, where one will find numerous highly respectable international journalists and writers, including a number of former senior diplomats. Second, as a former intelligence officer who actually ran media operations for CIA in Europe and the Middle East, I absolutely reject the description of SCF as an intelligence front. Intelligence operations are based on absolute control of the agents by the directing authority, which would mean that SCF stories would have had to be scripted and designed to influence opinion in a certain way. I contributed to SCF a weekly column for nearly three years and no one ever suggested that I write on a certain subject or slant the reporting. I always went for the best story. That kind of freedom is not how an intelligence agency operates, which is a point I also made to the FBI couriers.

Finally, I would observe that the real damage is being done through the employment of government driven lawfare against ordinary citizens who are exercising their right of free speech. It is easy to claim that a foreign news service is “undermining confidence in US elections” as it is a charge that one need not have to prove. Indeed, it is unprovable and it is a weapon that can be used to manage dissent and to narrow the bounds of acceptable discourse. And it serves to cover up an unpleasant reality, which is that American elections have been tainted by the actions of two groups referred to as the Democrats and the Republicans aided by a lickspittle media, not by someone sitting in an office somewhere in the Kremlin.

Philip M. Giraldi, Ph.D., is Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest, a 501(c)3 tax deductible educational foundation (Federal ID Number #52-1739023) that seeks a more interests-based U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. Website is, address is P.O. Box 2157, Purcellville VA 20134 and its email is [email protected].

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  1. anon[283] • Disclaimer says:

    did you at least tell them that they were criminals and should resign their fake jobs immediately?

    • Thanks: Trinity
  2. It’s sickening that tranny Chelsea Manning was given a pardon and Julian Assuage was given a life sentence in GlobalHomoZioBIGsRxMIC3BLM hell.
    With just three days away from the January 6th bs insurrection anniversary, American patriots should celebrate that day as the turning point of America’s revoke of government tyranny.
    Never in the history of this republic have simple Americans been relegated and accused and called white Supremacists and domestic terrorists than with the current babbling buffoons administration.
    2022 should be the year patriots unite and send a clear and forceful message of “let’s Go Brandon”.

  3. “interfered in or undermined public confidence in United States elections, as set forth in the Foreign Interference in US Elections Sanctions regulations…and Executive orders issued under the authority of the International Emergency Economic Powers Act…Under applicable law, each violation of the above referenced regulations is subject to a statutory maximum civil monetary penalty of up to the greater of $311,562 or twice the value of the underlying transaction.”

    There goes every asset Israel has or ever will have. We can even keep giving her ‘aid’ — just use it to offset her debt of 1,115,342 violations incurring penalties of $311,562 each.

    • Agree: David from Alaska
  4. JWalters says:

    The ultra wealthy, whether a single emperor or a cabal, have always ruled by arrogant coercion. The arrival of democracy created hurdles for them, but they have now found ways around those hurdles. As Jimmy Carter has said, we are no longer living in a democracy, but under an oligarchy. The politicians who comprise the facade “government” are silenced by overwhelming money plus death threats (with JFK & RFK as examples). The corporate media are merely propaganda machines, staffed by hired liars.

    But the charade of liberty and democracy is becoming harder to sustain. The ruling mafia did not anticipate the internet, and are steadily losing ground on the information terrain. More and more people are seeing their various greedy, ruthless, arrogant, monopolistic operations. And as they become more desperate, they need to drop their masks more. For example,
    “Why Israel is amending its open-fire policy”

    • Replies: @Francis Miville
  5. Jon Chance says: • Website

    How many people today still believe in the Holy Hoax?

    How many wars, how much theft, how much slavery, how much totalitarianism, and how many others crimes will be rationalized by the Holy Hoax and other mythical acts of “antisemitism”?

    When will European-American civilization recover from the Big Lies and destructive superstitions of The Master People?

    Who will be held responsible for these astonishing crimes, and what is the most appropriate remedy?

    Thirteen Nazi “Blunders”

    1 – Hitler admired and emulated the British Empire.

    2 – Hitler obstructed German development of nuclear technology.

    3 – Hitler declared war on the US rather than recruiting America as an ally with Germany, Spain, Italy, Romania, Greece, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, and other anti-Communist nations.

    4 – Hitler failed to recruit Japan in the war against the USSR.

    5 – Hitler obstructed German capture of the British Army at Dunkirk.

    6 – Hitler obstructed German production of jet fighters essential for effective defense against the UK’s bombings of Europe.

    7 – Hitler obstructed German targeting of the UK’s military targets during the Battle of Britain.

    8 – Hitler obstructed Germany’s liberation of Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England from the UK.

    9 – Hitler obstructed Axis supply of fuel to General Rommel’s panzers in North Africa.

    10 – Hitler diverted Germany’s Eastern divisions to Leningrad and Stalingrad, thus obstructing Germany from capturing Moscow and liberating Eastern Europe from the Communists.

    11 – Hitler obstructed the continued deportation of Jews to Palestine (after 1941).

    12 – Hitler nationalized Germany’s central bank, but he neglected to prohibit fractional-reserve banking.

    13 – Hitler obstructed competent alternatives from leading Germany in its defense against Communism and the Franco-British Empires.

    As a result of Hitler’s incompetence, over sixty million (60,000,000) Gentiles were brutally slaughtered by Khazarian-ruled puppet regimes.

    At a minimum, Adolf Hitler and the German National Socialists (Nazis) were useful idiots for Germany’s strategic opponents (Royal Dutch Shell, the French Empire, the Rothschild Dynasty & the Bank of England).

    But it’s entirely possible that Adolf Hitler and other National Socialists were willing and intentional puppets and agents for the defeat of Germany by the UK, the USSR, and the World Zionist Organization (WZO), is it not?

    The Greatest Story Never Told (2013) – Dennis Wise

    Inside the Third Reich (1970) – Albert Speer

    • Disagree: profnasty, anaccount
    • Replies: @HdC
  6. anarchyst says:

    Monika Schaefer
    Sylvia Stolz
    Ursula Haverbeck

    …are but three of many who have been imprisoned for questioning “that which may not be questioned”…the so-called jewish “holocaust™”.
    So much for the United Nations Declaration on “freedom of speech”…

    • Agree: HdC, Orville H. Larson
  7. GMC says:

    Reading articles and books about how the Zionist Jews and their accomplices had taken over countries like Russia , Germany, France, Britain etc. is One thing . With the addition of the UN, MIC, Globalist corporations , and numerous other NWO agencies, America didn’t stand a chance. And here we are, in the front row seat watching it all go down, even though the US public is well armed and could stop this take over.
    Unfortunately, it’s 95% of the Federal, State and Muni Government workers and contractors, leading the way towards the destruction of the USA or just looking the other way , as if they are going to be saved by their ” Employer”. . lol
    The top Nazis had the U S A to run to after their defeat , I wonder where the top US treasonists will run to. Israel or Florida ? lol

    • Thanks: Z-man
  8. Tom Welsh says:

    I think this cartoon says everything:

    • Replies: @Francis Miville
  9. Are you sure they were real f b I agents?

    Was her name Valerie flame, ha ha, i digress

    What freedom of speech?
    They threw me in jail when I ran for mayor, 2007
    It all started over a phrase they deemed in violation, the SF taxi commission that regulates free speech.
    The phrase:
    To Impeach is Patriotic.
    Now more than ever…if we survive

  10. Alfred says:

    It seems that the “vaccinations” have disappeared from My apologies.

    The tragedy is only now unfolding. Australia was the most isolated place on the planet.

    Covid Jabbed Flooding Hospitals in Australia with Adverse Reactions

    Video Link

    And here is what the media is telling you – that it is all the fault of Covid.

    Hospital staff ‘wiped out’ as NSW records 23,131 COVID-19 cases, two deaths

    • Agree: Canute
    • Thanks: GMC, Mustapha Mond
    • Replies: @Mustapha Mond
    , @lydia
  11. It is easy to claim that a foreign news service is “undermining confidence in US elections” (…)

    “John R. Lott, promovierter Ökonom, ehemaliger Präsident des Crime Prevention Research Center in den USA, ehemaliger Dozent an den Universitäten von Chicago, Yale und Pennsylvania, hat eine der ersten Arbeiten vorgelegt, die das Ausmaß an Wahlbetrug in den USA quantifizieren / J.R. Lott, promoted economist, former president of the Crime Prevention Research Center in USA, former professor at the universities of Chicago, Yale and Pennsylvania, has presented one of the first studies quantifying the extent of election tampering in the US of A” wahlen/

    … so, reading a German site is forbidden to me, a Luxembourger???

    • Agree: GMC
    • Replies: @anon
    , @ineffable
  12. Biff says:

    Justice was never blind…

    • Replies: @Mustapha Mond
  13. If Western civilization adopted something sacred like Christianity and prostituted it with racism and greed, nothing has any importance in this world, that is why life is like a Roman circus, from where the decadence of humanity began.
    There cannot be justice where some can kill and steal from others even though they believe they have a divine right to do so.
    And without equality there can be no society and social groups are no more than groups of bandits and their victims.

    • Agree: Old and Grumpy
    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
    , @anonymous
  14. Anonymous[661] • Disclaimer says:

    Seems to me ‘law as warfare’ took a giant leap forward with the corrupt Nuremberg war trials which have had much malign influence on so-called international law–especially when it comes to charges with no evidence required.

    • Agree: Joe Levantine, HdC
    • Replies: @HdC
  15. I’ll ask everyone here to think about why they should obey any law they disagree with?

    Think about that. Why is it that a bunch of the worst people in the society, the politicians, get to make the laws we are supposed to obey? Does anyone not think that the politicians are the worst scum on the planet?

  16. I didn’t know of the SCF site. I do now and I have it bookmarked, thankyou.

  17. Exile says:

    There is nothing more socially corrosive and subversive than an intelligence agency operating unchecked.

    Congressional oversight has been a joke since inception. CIA and the FBI have been rogue operations from the beginning – keeping Presidents in the dark or violating their express orders.

    The media is literally in bed with these agencies, paid by them and even platforming their personnel for unquestioned editorializing dressed up as “news.” There is a CIA/FBI-to-media pipeline/revolving door, more well-traveled now than ever.

    Even the “anarchists” in the American left are paid assets and propagandists for the Deep State.

    Guys like Assange and Snowden have been the only somewhat effective checks on some of their operations in recent years. Your empire is in terminal decline when guys like this have to risk crucifixion to oppose even some of the business-as-usual corruption and subversion at the highest levels of government, with no institutional allies or legal defense available to them.

    “Ask who you are not allowed to criticize” – Jews and their Deep State collaborators rule the “free West.”

    • Replies: @Rev. Spooner
  18. @CelestiaQuesta

    What’s with this?

    It’s sickening that tranny Chelsea Manning was given a pardon and Julian Assuage was given a life sentence in GlobalHomoZioBIGsRxMIC3BLM hell.

    Manning wasn’t “pardoned.” In a typically preening stunt to soothe NPR-wattage dimbulbs while intoning Exceptional! rhetoric, the Nobel Peacenik commuted the sentence, leaving Manning unjustly imprisoned for several more months.

    Does your apparent hostility for Manning stem from his exposure of Uncle Sam’s war crimes, the “tranny” thing, or both?

    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
  19. “Even though in theory whistleblowers are protected because they have come forward to reveal illegal activity by the government, in practice that protection is often notional.”

    So how long does it take EPA officials to reveal the identity of a ‘confidential’ whistleblower to the individual (one of many) against whom the whistleblower’s claims of corruption are made?

    Three minutes.

    (To which the allegedly corrupt individual so informed probably replied: “What took you so long?”)

  20. @Biff

    “Justice was never blind…”

    Agree completely.

    Extremely wall-eyed, no doubt. But ‘blind’? Never……..

  21. @anarchyst

    Not to forget Alison Chabloz, imprisoned three times for offending Jews.

    • Thanks: anarchyst
  22. @anarchyst

    Like the pigs in Orwell’s “Animal Farm”, some speech is more ‘equal’ than others…..

  23. Athena says:

    How Will Unipolarists Respond to Putin’s Red Line? An Expert Round Table Discussion

    Jeremy Kuzmarov re-emphasized the importance of not losing sight of the hidden agendas operating above the puppets on the stage. He discussed the role of the military industrial complex that desperately needed a new villain after the Afghan debacle fell apart and hence the trumpeting of the “Russian threat” was needed to justify the record-breaking defense budget pushed by both Biden and the Congress. Kuzmarov warned of the vast media and academia black out of dissenting voices opposed to the current war drive, referencing the case of former CIA analyst Ray McGovern who has been entirely silenced by the mainstream media despite his illustrious career briefing presidents for decades.”

    Kuzmarov referenced McGovern’s term MICIMATT (Military-Industrial-Corporate-Intelligence-Media-Academic-Think-Tank Complex) as a modern mutation which has parasitically taken over all influential branches of society, resulting even in so-called progressive liberals like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez supporting war measures against Russia, while promoting totalitarian programs at home.

    • Agree: Abbybwood
    • Thanks: emerging majority
  24. SafeNow says:

    Even if the legal case against you is so preposterous that it is sure to lose, the cost of having to defend it is crippling. This is the real deterrent to speaking-up; bankruptcy; losing the family home; prolonged stress. Exacerbating this is the fact that the case-management paradigm of your OWN attorney is: Complex, expensive, drawn-out, and hostile.

    • Agree: profnasty
  25. skrik says:

    Agree; only just law may earn respect.

    PS A proper representative-democracy can only function when the citizens are a) awake and b) fully and fairly informed, then c) are offered a wide choice of suitably qualified candidate representatives, d) who when elected, work full-time and faithfully to improve the lot of us, we the people.

    Haw; none of a-d obtains in the current ‘West.’ Do we wonder (((why?))) rgds

    • Agree: RoatanBill
  26. geokat62 says:

    And it serves to cover up an unpleasant reality, which is that American elections have been tainted by the actions of two groups referred to as the Democrats and the Republicans aided by a lickspittle media, not by someone sitting in an office somewhere in the Kremlin.

    … more like:

    And it serves to cover up an unpleasant reality, which is that American elections have been tainted by the actions of two groups referred to as the Democratic and the Republican wings of ZOG aided by a lickspittle ZOG media, by someone sitting in a ZOG office somewhere in the Knesset West.

  27. Anonymous[862] • Disclaimer says:

    The Historic American Nation (HAN) became so much satiated with its overflowing cup of overabundance that it gave up control of its own country to a bunch that is at best hostile to their interests and now finding itself in a terrible bind is crying out for help but it maybe too late for the genie is out of the bottle.

    • Agree: Old and Grumpy
    • Replies: @babu
  28. @Alfred

    A simple “Thanks!” won’t do, Alfred.

    How about some truly troubling data that Steve Kirsch has conveniently brought together at his sub stack blog:

    Like Ron, you’re a STEM guy. Check this out and share your thoughts, please.

    If what is portrayed by Kirsch is even halfway accurate, this is far beyond troubling. Insurance companies are usually very good with their numbers, stats and analyses. Usually, they are highly regulated, a small price to pay for exemption from antitrust laws. They share data constantly. Hopefully, they will be a reliable source of good data in these regards, wherever that may lead.

    Of course, the insurance executive’s comments re vaccines do not inspire confidence, at least in that respect, but everyone, it seems, is following Ari Fleischer’s advice following 9/11: “Watch what you say”.

    • Thanks: Alfred
  29. Athena says:

    Die Opfer und Kosten Kalter Kriege
    Es bleibt nur der Verhandlungstisch
    von Karl-Jürgen Müller

    ”P S: Am 15. Dezember 2021 hat das Aussenministerium der Russischen Föderation den Vertretern der USA im Land zwei Vertragsentwürfe überreicht, einen mit der Überschrift «Übereinkommen zur Sicherstellung der Sicherheit der Russischen Föderation und der Mitgliedsstaaten der Nato», einen anderen mit der Überschrift «Vertrag zwischen den Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika und der Russischen Föderation über Sicherheitsgarantien». Beide Vertragsentwürfe haben einen Umfang von rund drei Seiten, wurden am 17. Dezember zusammen mit einer Pressemitteilung des russischen Aussenministeriums auch veröffentlicht und sind auf der Internetseite des Ministeriums in russischer und englischer Sprache nachzulesen.”

    ” Es muss an dieser Stelle offenbleiben, ob diese beiden Texte und die russischen Äusserungen im Umfeld einen entscheidenden Anstoss für Verhandlungen geben können. Wer die Texte liest, erkennt dort unschwer in vielen Punkten die öffentliche Position der Russischen Föderation. Aber die ist noch meilenweit von dem entfernt, was bislang in den USA und in der Nato öffentlich vertreten wird. Die ersten schnellen Reaktionen deutschsprachiger Medien zeigten deshalb auch eine scharfe Zurückweisung der russischen Forderungen. Mittlerweile scheint es aber auch ein paar verantwortliche Stimmen in den USA und Europa zu geben, die vielleicht doch den Ernst der Lage erkannt haben.”

  30. We know who is behind it.

    I grow tired of sounding the alarm.

    • Agree: Fart Blossom, Trinity
    • Replies: @Johnny Smoggins
  31. @RoatanBill

    Why is it that a bunch of the worst people in the society, the politicians, get to make the laws we are supposed to obey?

    They get to make the laws because they are lowlife scum in the employ of perverts and psychopaths, i.e., big, unaccountable, moneybags who want those laws. That’s why.

    In fact, as I’ve taken the time to point out previously, the US government was formed by special (moneyed) interests. “Da gubbermint” did not arise out of nothing or because of politicians. Governments arise out of the needs of murderous thieves. Politicians are typically worhtless scum, but they are also typically controlled by even worse.

    Another fact is that the Am Rev was co-opted right out of the cradle even considering the fact that it was largely fought, despite the feel good rhetoric, on behalf of special interests! The constitution effectively consolidated any freedom obtained into an even narrower group of scum, a process that has continued to this day. They now, in fact, have pretty much the freedom to do whatever Mother Nature puts up with.

    These concepts are nothing new. A famous love they neighbor type loved his neighbors with a switch applied to their unholy arses and he was correct. More recently, the old time muckrakers, (nowadays dismissively called conspiracy theorists) also had a bead on the sources of the problems.

    So, it should come as no surprise that Giraldi is correct once again.

  32. @JWalters

    The US was very explicitly founded as an aristocratic republic not as a democracy, though some elements of democratic government would be used to give it more solidity and control over its masses like the Roman republic did when it turned into an empire where legions acquired also their own say. The quality of its political life was to be dependent on that of its new-formed aristocracy, endowed with great agricultural domains enabling them to the leisurely, carefree lifestyle enabling one to free thought aligned with the common good. But from day one it rapidly turned out that this aristocracy behaved as an oligarchy, motivated by the acquisition of ever more money, power, and slaves under one form or the other, and that abstract leisurely thought would have no place in that polity.

    • Replies: @JWalters
  33. Thank you, Phil, for presenting yet more evidence of Zionist parasitic infection and destruction of its American host. I had never heard of Shurat HaDin, but its existence and mission are hardly a surprise. Indeed, if it didn’t already exist it would have to be invented and embedded in short order. The question now before us, as with every other element of the Zionist Deep State, is how do we rid ourselves of it?

    • Agree: mark green, Rurik
  34. sally says:

    PG says “That is not to say that governments have not corrupted the mechanisms that were set up to deliver justice to serve their own parochial ends, but it does demonstrate that the human desire for fair treatment under law has been strong for thousands of years.”

    Yes, but that desire has never been fulfilled. Always, when the people are about to make it happen, those who will be disenfranchised by the fulfilment of that desire have been dealt with by those who have since nearly the beginning of time, held the power, wealth, and control over money and government.

    There is a popular misunderstanding about the constitution of the USA.. It was developed by the same monopoly powers that ruled the American colonies during the British Colonial days; prior to 1776..
    The founding fathers drafted a new framework designed, IMO, to undermine the revolutionary government that defeated the British in 1778. The so called founders were not inventing a democracy, they were crushing the open democracy that existed since 1776. The USA-articles of confederation government defeated the British in 1778.. The government that defeated the British at Valley Forge was not the constitutional based USA we are governed by today; instead, it was the Articles of Confederation government also named the USA, but it had no constitution, it instead was based in the Articles of Confederation.

    Eight men were appointed to serve one year terms each as President of the United States of America (1781-1788), <= the USA constitutional government did not exist until 1788. The First president of the United States of America was not George Washington, it was John Hanson.

    The constitution was not a document of the people, by the people or for the people, unless the people were those who wrote (1787) and self approved [Article VII in the Constitution] their own rewrite of the founding documents. The writings ratified were named the constitution, ratification took place in 1788. But do those words "we the people" mean you and I, or do the words "we the people" mean "the few people" the constitution, by its operation, appoints to be kings and queens in the government?

    The people to be governed by the new constitution and its government were never offered an opportunity to vote on whether or not to toss-out the Articles of Confederation (the constitution was ratified by a few, without knowledge of many or consent of most Americans). The ratification of the constitution destroyed the government that defeated the British. The same problem that exist today, existed during British Colonial times. Corporations bigger and better organized than the government itself<=dictate what those who govern must do. These giant corporations dictate how the government must be operated and run.

    Big Pharma and the mainstream media that big pharma by its advertising and by government appointed spokesmen, uses to control your mind and to support the pharma money making health care monopolies. Facts suggests, these monopolies are largely owned by two asset management companies: BlackRock and Vanguard. Their collective assets far exceed the net wealth of most nations in the world; therefore private companies, traded on global stock markets, control the 256 nations that govern 8 billion humans who live on this earth.

    This problem of wealth controlled global corporate power was the same problem the Colonist had in pre-1776 America. Back then it was the West Indies and many smaller British Aristocrat owned shipping, slaving and East West trading companies. These types of British companies were mostly stock companies, with shares of their stock being traded on a stock exchange (like wall street today), but the control of the stock traded companies was then, as is today, soundly vested in but a wealthy few. Those few, were able to use the wealth of their holding companies(companies which own many other corporations) to control the law-making British Parliament and those laws of parliament controlled the Colonial governments in British occupied America. Today it is a different set of corporate owners, and and the names of the companies are different, and a different legislative group sets in the governments controlled by the companies, but the empire that controls it all is the same.

    The enemy of democracy has never been the government<=government is an armed structure, like a tank or an airplane or a ship. Government is merely the police man. Top down governments are nearly always tools in the hands of those powerful enough to use government. The primary problem is the empire corporations and the wealth that controls them, the secondary problem is the rules and orders these empire corporations use governments to enforce and utter.

    PG says "damage is being done through the employment of government driven lawfare against ordinary citizens who are exercising their right of free speech. "<= yes, just as was the case in British Occupied Colonial America.. " <=.. explains why the Bill of Rights was imposed on the constitutionalist by the anti federalist [<=the anti-constitutional federalists insisted if democracy were to prevail, the individual states, not a single central government, should have most of the governing powers. If decentralized states rights were not to survive, then the federalist government would have to guarantee human rights via the bill of rights.

    To hide the meaning of the argument over who controls the government from the masses, the Federalist labeled the anti- constitutionalist <=anti-federalist. The Federalist positive propaganda was designed to support changing the basis of government from a bottom-up state-controlled democratic government to a
    top-down few person rule everything and everyone (rule to be dictated by rule of law) Republican form of Government].

    I like the term lawfare <=its very descriptive.

    • Agree: mocissepvis
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  35. @Tom Welsh

    Not only that, all bears, polar or not, swim far better than people, and enjoy swimming miles and miles from island to islam or to the continent. I am not so sure Uncle Sam will enjoy the cold water so much, whereas Russian people do now and then get a splash in it.

  36. HdC says:
    @Jon Chance

    Hitler did not declare war on the USA without a solid reason. While officially neutral the good ol’ USA waged war on German shipping while supplying war material to Britain.
    In order to make German military commands legal in Germany, a declared war had to exist. So, for the German navy to fight back a declared war had to exist with the USA. Hence the declaration of war.

    • Replies: @Steve Naidamast
  37. How “the Law” fails to deliver Justice

    And for those with the curiosity to ask, and willing to expend the effort to dig out answers, here’s a key reason why,

    Here is a man …[who is] the confidant of rulers… now he dictates legislation and controls policies, he commands enormous enterprises…

    … In Kentucky and on the Congo, in London and San Francisco, from the northern limits of civilized Canada to and beyond Mexico, men are employed by him and are subject to his will; he says to them, Do this, and they do it. On the affairs of the nation he exercises a potent and constant influence. His own attorney is Secretary of State; he has his own men in the Senate and the House of Representatives ; he has his own way about Panama Canal contracts. He can sway the actions, affect the voting, and lead the thinking of many thousands of men. He selects candidates for partisan nomination ; men of his choosing sit in high places in local and other governments…

    -Russell, Charles Edward, Lawless wealth; the origin of some great American fortunes
    Publication date 1908 pp.17-18

  38. HdC says:

    Several justices of the US supreme court made very derogatory remarks about those “trials”. Kangeroo court and Lynching party spring to mind.

    ISTR that JFK’s book Profiles in Courage had something on this, too.

  39. There is no justice in America, it has been killed by the communists who are in control of the ZUS and the only laws that America needs is the 10 Commandments, but this too, has been eliminated by the communists!

  40. Rurik says:

    He has been in Belmarsh for 31 months and recently suffered a stroke. It is rather cruel and unusual punishment for someone who has not been convicted of anything.

    these are the 6′ x 6′ outdoor steel cages that they put poet-genious Ezra Pound into for weeks until he suffered a breakdown.

    After which he was incarcerated at St. Elizabeths hospital for the insane in Washington, D.C., for over 12 years.

    and like Assange, (or the Holy Hoax “deniers”) his only “crime” was simply speaking the truth that Jewish supremacists didn’t like

    America has been the great whore of Zion for generations now.

    Actually, begining on December 24th, 1913

  41. Alfred says:
    @Mustapha Mond

    The CEO of this insurance company is insisting that all his employees must be injected. The person who has access to all the raw data and the skilled staff to process it is condemning his own workforce to possible sickness and early death. It is staggering. I find it hard to believe that this maniac is getting injected himself and allowing his family to be injected.

    • Agree: Mustapha Mond
    • Replies: @GMC
    , @mocissepvis
  42. @Exile

    I agree with everything you have stated. Some 8 to 10 years ago I saw a documentary focused on a German reporter/editor who stated the same. The poor man died a year later aged 50 or so of cancer.
    We are also living in murderous times.
    He claimed the CIA was paying off all relevant reporters.
    If you read history, always factor in timely/untimely deaths as intentional.
    We have been living in murderous times forever.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  43. All the intellectual arguments defending the Zionist enterprise have failed and been discredited. All that remains is using money, of which israel’s friends have plenty, to buy Congress and bankrupt those with the courage to speak out.

  44. @HdC

    One of the best books written on the Nuremberg show trials was written by the English Solicitor (attorney) FJP Veale. It was published in 1948 with a second edition in 1953 to cover the show trials in Japan.

    It is available at

    • Thanks: Orville H. Larson
  45. annamaria says:
    @Rev. Spooner

    Dr. Udo Ulfkotte, a former editor for the German main daily newspaper, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), has first hand knowledge of how the CIA and German Intelligence (BND) bribe journalists to write articles free of truth, facts, and with a decidedly pro-Western, pro-NATO bent or, in other words, propaganda.

    In his bestselling book Bought Journalists (“Gekaufte Journalisten”), Dr. Ulfkotte explains in great detail the workings of the US and NATO’s propaganda campaign and how a lack of compliance with it, on the part of a journalist, can cost a career. Dr. Ulfkotte also provides a wealth of names! “Journalist for Hire: How the CIA Buys the News is the English” translation of Dr. Ulfkotte’s bestselling book.

    • Thanks: chris, Rurik
    • Replies: @Rev. Spooner
  46. @CelestiaQuesta

    As an active duty soldier at the time, the only crime committed was Manning’s. In securing the documents stolen by Manning, what Assange did was just good journalism, for which he should never have been punished. Manning was very brave for his act of sabotage, just as was Edward Snowden, who had the good sense to flee to Russia. I’m actually amazed that Assange is still alive. He could have suffered the same fate as the murdered Michael Hastings, who had taken down “Runaway General” Stanley McChrystal, and whose Mercedes suspiciously caught fire soon after while driving in an LA suburb, burning him to a crisp.

    Of course, we’re not like Russia, where “killer” Putin doesn’t allow free speech, and likes to murder journalists. Right!

    • Agree: rgl
  47. Wow, that’s something! Will mr. giraldi continue to write for SFC, and if he does, what will he do if they attempt to prosecute him for it?

  48. geokat62 says:

    Telegram comment posted by Activism, Athletics, Identity:

    After listening to the above podcast an idea has sprung . In 70 AD , Titus and his father Vespasian seiged the city of Jerusalem after jews massacred all the non jewish inhabitants and hung their bodies from the city’s walls . Titus and Vespasian in return lead the Roman legionaires to the jewish land to put down the rebellion and inflict righteous revenge . During that seige the jews most holy temple was destroyed to the ground along with every jewish rebel that came across the Roman sword .
    Today this is one of jews biggest and saddest holidays mourning this date with no meat or wine calling Shabbat Chazon.

    The dates they observe change annually between July and August but from historical records the rough dates and time of this glorious battle and victory is roughly sometime around early August. jews call it “9th of av” and use this time to remember there grievances and planned revenge on us as they do for many of their holidays . So it should be propsed to all nationalist we should set aside the day August 9th as a day of celebration with a big meal of pork and red wine to pay respect to the victorious Roman Legion and honor the the two great men Titus and Vespasian mark this day as a holiday of our own.

    The jews have such long memories and hold these grudges against us because they immortalized the times we conquered them or went against their wicked ways. We need to start doing the same to not only remind us of our enemies but to honor hero’s of our race. August 9th The day of triumph!

  49. @Greta Handel

    Like Hellooooo, If i wasn’t clear or you just did not get it, what can I say?

    I mean, seriously???


    • Replies: @Greta Handel
    , @Realist
    , @rgl
  50. Canute says:

    The “justice” of the US government has never been applied equally, nor has it ever sought objective truths. Now with Jews in charge of the 4 key cabinet positions – including Justice, citizens need to recognize that the DOJ merely pursues those whom happen to disagree with the Zionist agenda. Indeed, free thinkers are now “domestic terrorists.”

    • Replies: @mocissepvis
    , @Z-man
  51. Anon[137] • Disclaimer says:

    Reform isn’t really possible with the Deep State justice department or intelligence agencies. They will have to be replaced by parallel agencies and then shut down to peacefully be reformed.
    This still leaves the Mockingbird media. Truthfully, the USA would need to be badly militarily defeated, with Sulla-like death lists of many in the media, pressure-organizations, at universities, think-tanks, and some at Intel agencies, to really be reformed at this point.

    Luckily, so many of the above have been jabbed multiple times, that their health will likely fall apart over the next decade making their replacement possible. Our elites have really made a mess, one which only our gigantic arsenal of military weapons protects.

  52. GMC says:
    @Mustapha Mond

    Ya, the ” Investors” at Indiana Life are losing money on all the deaths – I guess they never thought about all those multi million dollar policies – Eh ?

  53. GMC says:

    The CEO is probably taking out life insurance policies on all his employees ,lol since Indiana Life’s investors are losing money . With every winner at Wall Street – there are losers?? How many other little Indiana Life Companies are losing money on the Jab. You gotta be kinda a stupid to lose money in Wall Street , since they’ve been on a Federal Reserve roll for 10 years now.

  54. @CelestiaQuesta

    That bafflegab reply indicates that you don’t want to answer my last question.

    • Agree: chris
  55. @Alfred

    Very likely he’ll get saline while his hapless employees (should they be stupid enough to capitulate) will get the actual spike protein jab. And since the vaxxmongers have been declared immune from liability, he probably is, too.

  56. @geokat62

    So it should be propsed to all nationalist we should set aside the day August 9th as a day of celebration with a big meal of pork and red wine to pay respect to the victorious Roman Legion and honor the the two great men Titus and Vespasian mark this day as a holiday of our own.

    August 9th. How ironic. Too bad we can’t deliver a modern equivalent of the Nagasaki “Fat Man” bomb on an appropriate (((target))).

  57. @Canute

    Until the majority of normies WTFU and recognize this, perversions of “law” will only increase in scope, number, and severity.

  58. So, before you start parroting neo-con propaganda and inadvertently make the situation for White America even more untenable, take a few minutes to learn the truth, and remember: it isn’t the Chinese; it’s the Jews, stupid.


    It wasn’t the Chinese who blocked the PayPal accounts of patriots and stole the balances they contain – it was Jews.
    It isn’t the Chinese who get patriots fired for their political and social views – it is Jews.
    It isn’t the Chinese who maintain a dossier on millions of patriots and draw from them to defame and destroy – it is Jews.
    It wasn’t the Chinese who have been bent upon bankrupting and imprisoning so many that I know – it was and is Jews.
    It wasn’t the Chinese who had Ernst Zundel deported and punished for “thinking wrongly” – it was Jews.
    It isn’t the Chinese who have hijacked my government – it is Jews.
    It isn’t the Chinese who have made it virtually — and in some countries, literally — illegal to criticize them – it is Jews.
    It isn’t the Chinese who have hijacked the American legal system and now are transforming it to conform to Talmudic law – it is Jews.
    It isn’t the Chinese who own and run the Federal Reserve Bank, which is in the process of destroying the dollar and the American economy – it is Jews.
    It isn’t the Chinese rigging the US stock market and commodities futures markets – it is Jews.
    It wasn’t the Chinese who sent our military into Afghanistan and Iraq – it was Jews.
    It isn’t the Chinese who refuse to serve in the US Military in numbers proportionate to their population percentage – it is Jews (1/10 of 1%, vs. 2-1/2%).
    It isn’t the Chinese who erect menorahs in public venues – it is Jews.
    It isn’t the Chinese who continue to impose “racial diversity,” disfavoring America’s founding race, upon us in all walks of life – it is Jews.
    It isn’t the Chinese who began and continue to expand militant “feminism,” destroying the traditional relationship between the sexes – it is Jews.
    It isn’t the Chinese who promote sex perversion and “transgenderism” and do everything they can to reduce the White birth rate – it is Jews.
    It isn’t the Chinese who buy off all our legislators with our own tax dollars – it is Jews.
    It wasn’t the Chinese who tried to sink the USS Liberty and killed and maimed so many of its crew members during an extended attack – it was Jews.
    It isn’t the Chinese enacting “hate crime” laws designed to outlaw opposition to the multiracialist, open-borders agenda – it is Jews.
    It isn’t the Chinese who run NAMBLA (North American Man-Boy Love Association) – it is Jews.
    It isn’t the Chinese who sued to force us to allow homosexuals to lead Boy Scout troops – it was Jews.
    It wasn’t the Chinese who started and ran so many ostensibly Black anti-White organizations like the NAACP – it was Jews.
    It isn’t the Chinese importing huge numbers of Somalis and Bantus and Mestizos into American cities – it is Jews.
    It wasn’t the Chinese who formulated American legislation providing pensions to Russian Jewish immigrants for doing nothing – it was Jews.
    It isn’t the Chinese who run organized crime throughout America – it is Jews.
    It wasn’t the Chinese who created and promoted the drug counterculture – it was Jews.
    It isn’t the Chinese who literally own and run nearly all of Hollywood’s movie-making enterprises – it is Jews.
    It isn’t the Chinese who literally own and run almost all of America’s mainstream media – it is Jews.
    It isn’t the Chinese spewing obscenity and race-mixing propaganda from the TV and movie screens – it is Jews.
    It isn’t the Chinese trying mightily to block and censor alternative views and alternative media – it is Jews.
    It isn’t the Chinese lying about and guilt-tripping all Whites about slavery and the supposed “holocaust” – it is Jews.
    It isn’t the Chinese stealing American tax dollars to fund all their holocaust monuments throughout America – it is Jews.
    It wasn’t the Chinese who forged the Anne Frank “diary” – it was Jews.
    It wasn’t the Chinese who lied about gas chambers at Dachau and Auschwitz – it was Jews.
    It wasn’t the Chinese who lied about mass graves at Treblinka – it was Jews.
    It wasn’t the Chinese who lied about Jews being made into lamp shades and soap during World War 2, such lies resulting in the deaths of millions of White people – it was Jews.
    It wasn’t the Chinese who doctored WW2 prison camp photos to appear to be belching smoke from crematoria – it was Jews.
    It wasn’t the Chinese who used WW2 pictures of dead Whites, falsely claiming they were Jews – it was Jews.
    It wasn’t the Chinese who made criticism of Jews punishable by death in Soviet Russia after they took power – it was Jews.
    It wasn’t the Chinese who killed over 20 million Russians – it was Jews.
    It wasn’t the Chinese who looted and destroyed the Russian economy – it was Jews.
    It isn’t the Chinese who have amassed an illegal arsenal of over 300 nuclear weapons in the Middle East – it is the Jews.
    It isn’t the Chinese who brag about controlling America – it is Jews.
    It isn’t the Chinese who advocate the use of torture by, and on, Americans – it is Jews.
    It isn’t the Chinese who twist American laws to punish speech criticizing themselves – it is Jews.
    It isn’t the Chinese endeavoring to get America to outlaw anti-semitical speech – it is jews.
    It isn’t the Chinese who sell goods that it is now illegal for Americans to boycott – it is Jews.
    It isn’t the Chinese who extort millions in “fees” for putting their worthless “kosher” label on goods – it is Jews.
    It isn’t the Chinese who retaliate against rock-throwing children by shooting them in the head – it is Jews.
    It isn’t the Chinese stealing land in Palestine – it is Jews.
    It wasn’t the Chinese who ran down Rachel Corrie with a bulldozer – it was the Jews.
    It isn’t the Chinese who have caused America to spend uncounted trillions in the Middle East with zero benefits for our country – it is Jews.
    It isn’t the Chinese who send teams of trained assassins into foreign countries, including America, to kill people with whom Israel disagrees – it is Jews.
    It isn’t the Chinese who run the ADL, which maintains dossiers on thousands of law-abiding American citizens, for the purpose of punishing those with whom they disagree – it is Jews.
    It isn’t the Chinese who break into and enter the offices and homes of law-abiding American citizens, to procure “dirt” both for their database, and in the hopes of getting data they can pass to a compliant FBI to enable false, politically motivated prosecutions – it is Jews.
    It isn’t the Chinese who have caused America to go from being the most-loved country in the world to the most hated – it is Jews.
    It isn’t the Chinese who regularly phony up “hate crimes” against themselves – it is Jews.
    It wasn’t the Chinese who caused the Great Depression – it was Jews.
    It wasn’t the Chinese who got America into WW1 – it was Jews.
    It wasn’t the Chinese who started WW2 – it was Jews.
    It wasn’t the Chinese who reaped the bloody “benefits” of the 9/11 attacks – it was Jews.

    * * *

    Source: based on an article at The Foremost Problem

    • Thanks: anarchyst, Pat Kittle
    • Replies: @RestiveUs
  59. I already knew bits and pieces of the story Mr. Giraldi discusses, but he puts all those parts together in a coherent way.

    Many thanks!

    After bookmarking the SCF site, I tried loading another which has been totally blocked – John Helmer’s blog Dances With Bears. Suddenly I find it can be viewed, but for how long?

    *They* are certainly tightening the screws on the Internet. I wonder how long it will be before the readers of the evil web sites are put on special no-fly or instant tax audit lists?

  60. Stealing shit to draw attention to your GlobalHomo advocacy, then receiving a free sex change operation on the tax payers dime tells me everything I need to know about this despicable tranny pos.

    But go ahead, call it a hero, I could care less.

    Chelsea Manning- Lisping with hand jesters; I’ll show these mean heterosexuals what a crazy mentally retarded gender freak is capable of, they’ll know!! they’ll know!! that it is I, I, who wills the power of Sodom and Gomorrah, I, I who sacrificed my penis to the dark lord Satan.
    Silly’s, now look what you made me do – bows head and cries – “I want my penis back”…………

  61. @Liborio Guaso

    and prostituted it with racism and greed

    Greed I understand, but racism? If race is a social construct disapproval of another society becomes racism? If society is a racial construct, disapproval of a society again becomes racism.
    Caucasian tribes killing and/or enslaving other Caucasian tribes through conquest isn’t racism. African, Amerind, or Asian tribes killing and/or enslaving other African, Amerind, Asian, or Caucasian tribes isn’t racism.
    Wage slavery and debt slavery, created by the (((moneylenders)) aren’t racist either.
    Racism only occurs when Caucasian tribes kill and/or enslave African, Amerind, or Asian tribes.

  62. anonymous[402] • Disclaimer says:
    @Liborio Guaso

    If Western civilization adopted something sacred like Christianity and prostituted it with racism and greed

    But, Christianity is itself the prostitution of the truth. What is so sacred about its pagan polytheist mangods-worship anyway?

    Hindoos do it too. Is Hindooism sacred too?

    • Agree: rgl
  63. @Mustapha Mond

    In a hard-hitting “Natural News” article, their chief spokesman, Mike Adams, going into some depth regarding those findings within the insurance industry, remarked: “We know that VACCINES (my emphasis) CAUSE immune system failure to worsen over time.”

    Read that quote again. If any poster possesses the time to do a bit of research on Adams’ knowledge of such causation, it could make for a powerful indictment. How do vaccines suppress natural immunity, is the question.

    On a personal anecdotal level, the place where I was residing in March of 2020, was at that time the single most Covid-infacted location in the entire US. Some 3-4 weeks before that occurred, free flu-shots were being administered. I refused the jab. Most everyone in my close company came down with symptoms, some of them fairly severe. I sailed. One man, a Navy veteran in his 40’s, got a very bad case and was hospitalized. He was placed on a ventilator and quickly died.

    Now, many of us are fully aware that vaccines are broadly and uniformly administered on all-self administered victims of having enlisted…far more so than the civilian population as a whole and most assiduously in the Navy, where close-quarters is the norm. The man who died, struck me as having been in decent health and did not appear to be suffering from any evident co-morbidities.

    It would not at all surprise me if he had agreed to taking that inductive flu-shot.

    • Replies: @Mustapha Mond
  64. @ Mustapha Mond

    The OneAmerica company is a small one, even by US standards.

    There is a real possibility this is just a random blip among a relatively small group over the period of a couple of quarters. If the big spike in deaths holds up across the industry, that’s another story.

    • Replies: @Mustapha Mond
  65. lydia says:

    Thank you for mentioning this great gap in coverage.

    I just saw this: Head of Pfizer discusses FDA Approved ‘Biological Compliance Chip’… planted within a tablet which sends a ‘signal’ once ingested. 1 minute clip.

    THIS is what the 5G network will be used for – as part of the digital control grid that will become our prison if this isn’t stopped.

  66. @HdC

    And get this… While FDR was doing everything he could to send supplies to Britain, violating US neutrality laws, good ol’ Winston Churchill was providing the US Navy with their Atlantic navigation charts. which brought them directly into the paths of the Kriegsmarine’s Wolf Packs simply to to fire up the American populace to push for war against Germany for their sinking of US ships….

  67. Z-man says:

    The problem is compounded because if there are any gentile replacements for those Jews in those top positions they are owned and even more pro Semitic than the actual Jews.

  68. One aspect of the Assange slow motion lynching is the DESPICABLE behaviour of Austrayan presstitutes. One year these vermin give Assange a Walkley Award for journalism, after the Wikileaks revelations of US war crimes in Iraq, the next they turn on him as a pack, led by the hyena bitches at the Guardian etc, who swallow the Swedish ‘rape’ lies holus-bolus. Ever since the presstitute hatred for Assange has only grown. Now, of course, like the Palestinians, he is simply ignored, as the MSM scum return to 24/7 Sinophobe racist hatemongering, CoViD fear-mongering and sundry other filthy acts, to keep their jobs as lying propagandists safe.

  69. @geokat62

    Sorry, but celebrating the massacre of Jews two thousand years ago, including innocents, simply would feed the beast of Judaic xenophobic hatred. This process would just lead to mutual self-destruction, given that the Zionazis are armed to the teeth with nukes, bio-weapons and cyber weaponry. And they are currently riven by hatred and rage to a degree that even surpasses previous such outbursts, at the growing resistance to their arrogance, barbarity and abominable cruelty.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  70. Indeed, one might consider that the games being played could be summed up by the recently coined expression “lawfare.”

    We might need yet another New Expression for fighting with words.

    Wordfare? Wordflict?

    The First Amendment is a very bad thing when it allows US citizens to write articles for sites like Strategic Culture Foundation. A person doing this can get nastygrams or even FBI visits for this sort of evildoing.

    But when the UN tries to ‘Combat glorification of Nazism, Neo-Nazism and other practices that contribute to fuelling contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance’, Freedom Loving elements of the US Government swing into action. In proud alliance with Ukraine and Palau, we defy the other 179 nations who want to Curb Nazi Freedom of Speech. ( Back home again, this freedom of speech Does Not apply to US citizens who want to Boycott, Divest from, or Sanction the shithole state.)

    In the little novel Alice In Wonderland is this:

    “When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.’ ‘The question is,’ said Alice, ‘whether you can make words mean so many different things.’ ‘The question is,’ said Humpty Dumpty, ‘which is to be master — that’s all.”

    The Very Exceptional US of A means to be the master. End of discussion.

  71. Anonymous[349] • Disclaimer says:

    Preference % V’nam Dead %
    Protestant 136010000 (67.0) 37483 (64.4)
    Catholic 50750000 (25.0) 16806 (28.9)
    Jewish 6090000 (3.0) 269 (0.4)
    Other 5400000 (2.6) 262 (0.4)
    None/Unknown 4750000 3332 (5.7)

  72. anon[361] • Disclaimer says:
    @René Fries

    John R. Lott’s assertions are old news, which the federal judiciary disregarded because they were compelling proof that Biden won by fraud, likely not of Biden design (but that of Clinton, Obama, et alia).

    You linked a German journal article dated 31 December 2020. A earlier, the same content received U.S. (English-language) journal discussion by several sources.

    John R. Lott’s evidence and statistical analysis (and other writers’ similar evidence and statistical analyses) ought to have embarrassed Chief Justice Roberts when he extorted (successfully) six other Justices to join Roberts’s lie that Texas and about a score other states lacked standing to challenge the election result. But Roberts is a frequently lying politically corrupt Bush Republican.

    The German-language ScienceFiles article you linked and partly quoted is English-language-translated here:
    That ScienceFiles article is not John R. Lott’s paper, but an article that discusses Lott’s paper.

    John R. Lott’s paper (published 29 December 2020 by SSRN) is available here:

    Be comforted, René Fries. Likely you can read a Hebrew-language article published in a Mossad-approved Israeli journal. So, you are not wholly deprived of foreign-published “information.”

    • Thanks: mark green
  73. ineffable says:
    @René Fries

    John R. Lott’s assertions are old news, which the federal judiciary disregarded because they were compelling proof that Biden won by fraud, likely not of Biden design (but that of Clinton, Obama, et alia).

    You linked a German-language journal (ScienceFiles) article dated 31 December 2020. A day earlier, similar content received U.S. (English-language) publication by several sources.

    John R. Lott’s evidence and statistical analysis (and other writers’ similar evidence and statistical analyses) ought to have embarrassed Chief Justice Roberts when he extorted (successfully) six other Justices to join Roberts’s lie that Texas and about a score other states lacked standing to challenge the Presidency-election result. But Roberts is a frequently lying politically corrupt Bush Republican.

    The German-language ScienceFiles article you linked and partly quoted is English-language-translated here:

    That ScienceFiles article is not John R. Lott’s paper, which is titled “A Simple Test for the extent of Vote Fraud with Absentee Ballots in the 2020 Presidential Election: Georgia and Pennsylvania Data” and was published 29 December 2020 by SSRN.

    John R. Lott’s paper is available [English language, revised (prophetically?) 6 January 2021] here:

    Be comforted, René Fries. Likely you can read a Hebrew-language article published in a Mossad-approved Israeli journal. So, you are not wholly denied foreign-published foreign-language “information.”

  74. Lady Justice is blindfolded because she is being held hostage. The Criminal Elite didn’t bother to disarm her of her sword because she never really had the strength to wield it. She holds scales in front of her in a vain attempt to block the hammer-blows of those who abuse her.

  75. @emerging majority

    One thing that likely happened is that the flu shot caused their bodies to expend critical resources manufacturing antibodies for the flu, diverting those resources from being available to fight the Covid a few weeks later. It is the same as going out and engaging in a super hard work out at the gym when you have been exposed to a bug, but don’t know it yet because the symptoms have not yet struck. Your body is busy repairing the damage that a strenuous workout causes, using all available resources, and that leaves you vulnerable to the bug which is as of yet unrecognized by your body’s immune system.

    This is why getting a mRNA booster that is ineffectual due to the Covid having mutated, as with Omicron currently, is likely the worst thing you can do, yet the CDC/FDA/WHO, etc. are pushing it anyway. Why it is almost as if they want you to get sick.

    Greed? Surely. Evil? Maybe. Stupid? Most definitely.

    Thanks for the reply. Cheers!

  76. @Zachary Smith

    Let’s hope you are correct, ZS. Just as we should hope the adverse events reported by VAERS are being caused by tainted batches of the mRNA vaccines that were allowed to spoil, but were used on unsuspecting patients anyway.

    Of course, if the authorities the world over insist on vaccinating 100% of the public by force if necessary, it is obvious that they are removing the control group (the unvaccinated) so that if people start dropping like flies, there is nothing to compare it to. Which would mean this is much less likely only greed (as the vaccine makers are paid whether the jabs are used or not) and more like a very dark agenda. Again let’s hope not…..

  77. JWalters says:
    @Francis Miville

    I agree the Republic was not designed as a pure democracy. But it was not designed as an aristocracy, because hereditary titles were specifically banned.

    Further, there was debate on how much how much power the wealthy should retain, and how much the common man should have a say in governing. For example, Thomas Jefferson proposed a bill in the Virginia legislature that would allow breaking up the large land holdings upon the death of their owner. Thus, all the owner’s children could receive a portion, rather than keeping all the land as one powerful instrument as done by the European aristocracy. Jefferson also advocated for a basic education for all children at public expense so the citizens would be able to read and understand the issues of their day. He believed the common people were best able to decide how to keep their liberty. John Adams, on the other hand, had less trust in the common people, so this was a point of debate between them.

    In Jefferson’s first term in the Virginia legislature he also proposed a bill to abolish slavery. It was so roundly defeated he saw that slavery was deeply entrenched and would be around for quite a while. But he believed that a costly reckoning may arrive.

    I think the US government structure is not the last word. For one thing, it has turned out to be very susceptible to corruption. The founders tried to block corruption, but they could not foresee the future circumstances and tactics, especially involving large corporations with huge amounts of money. So we need some renovations and additions to handle that.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  78. rgl says:

    Usually your posts are lucid and intelligent. This isn’t one of those.

    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
  79. @JWalters

    The USA has always been an hereditary oligarchy, whose power has steadily increased as workers’ movements were crushed. In recent decades the money power of finance has more and more dominated the economy as a whole, and that coincided with an increasing Jewish influence in politics, the MSM, ‘entertainment’, the Internet and cyber-space etc, so much so that the USA today is more or less a ‘captured State’ a colony of Israel, administered by the Fifth Columnists of the ‘Israel Lobby’. That, furthermore, coincided with great and steadily increasing inequality, the death of the middle-class ‘American Dream’, and huge indebtedness. The Russian play chess, the Chinese weiqi, the Septics checkers and the Zionazis play jenga.

    • Troll: frontier
    • Replies: @JWalters
  80. Biff says:

    Justice can jail anyone at anytime. Now watch out for terrorists!

  81. lydia says:

    France’s Macron Stuns As He Declares Un-Vaxxed ‘Not Citizens’.

    January 4, 2022

    The bizarre and unlawful declaration comes as the French parliament debates new legislation that would eliminate unvaccinated people from public life entirely, even if they test negative for COVID-19.

    The moves belie the oft-repeated claim that COVID-19 vaccines are purely a health measure, especially in the face of new data from surrounding countries that proves the unvaccinated are now more likely to contract, and therefore spread, the virus.

    MUST READ: EXCLUSIVE: Top Mitch McConnell Staffer Leads Pfizer’s Lobbying Charge to Protect Vaccine Patent and Block Bill Holding Big Pharma Accountable for Fraud.

    • Agree: frontier
    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  82. Agree, Phillip. This is censorship of the first order and has nothing to do with any Kremlin influence. I’ve followed SCI for years and have always found its author/columnists thought-provoking, not seditious or actively promoting material harm to the U.S. I wish I could say the same about our 3-letter agency “minders” who presume to prevent us from engaging in critical thought.

    The Canadian version of the Fibbies/CIA got to Patrick Armstrong a few weeks ago. One of the most knowledgeable observers of Russia out of the Canadian military attache /diplomatic corps stripped of his ability to publish his always trenchant, no bullshit sitreps in that publication. He too affirmed there was NEVER any influence put on what he had to say. Fortunately his “Russia Observer” blog carries on as does Gilbert Doctorow’s writing as well. I also suggest people hear out Andrei Martyanov both on the evermore censorious EeewTube and his blog @

    • Thanks: Orville H. Larson
  83. Abbybwood says:
    @Mustapha Mond

    Dr. Robert Malone (of the recent Joe Rogan podcast) has mentioned this as well:

    • Thanks: Mustapha Mond
  84. @HdC

    Senator Robert A. Taft’s principled opposition to the Nuremberg trial earned him a place in Jack Kennedy’s book “Profiles in Courage.”

    Chief Justice Harlan Fiske Stone called the Nuremberg trial “Jackson’s lynching party.”

  85. @rgl

    Sorry to disappoint, a bad day when stars don’t align. Especially when wicked spirits cross paths.

  86. geokat62 says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Sorry, but celebrating the massacre of Jews two thousand years ago, including innocents, simply would feed the beast of Judaic xenophobic hatred.

    lol, where’s your sense of humour?

    This post was shared in a spirit of comic relief, as the chances that Aug 9 would be adopted in the West as a holiday is zero to none.

  87. @Robert Dolan

    We know who is behind it.

    So does Mr. Giraldi and pretty much everyone here but Corvinus and John Johnson (nee Leibowitz).

  88. US courts are being used as a forum of physical violence against innocents. Not only this, but the antagonists’ rigging of the court system renders its status of “playing by the rules” a total joke. What form the redress i ask? There can only be one, no?

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  89. the SJW movement was the start of the killing. This was in the making for 20+ years.

  90. Its 12 months since the stolen election, you watched how your fellow citizens have been hunted down like animals for standing up for democracy…for America!

    There is no suprise that the rule of law is been abused…it was only ever there to clout the great unwashed with, it was never meant to apply to the “elite”, you may get a show trial every now and then such as Maxwell -who had outlived her usefulness- but on the whole justice is only for the rich.

    So Americans have had 12 mths of an illegitimate president and government?

    What next for America?

  91. @Felixdakat

    You’ve only just noticed? Civil courts have been out of the reach of 99% for decades due to cost, and have been used as weapons against that 99% by the rich. In criminal cases mistrials are rife, with plea bargaining guaranteeing a 99% conviction rate, defendants are forced to rely on incompetent, junior, counsel, ‘journalistic’ groups have helped overturn convictions based on corrupt ‘evidence’, even in capital cases, where some have been found to be not guilty, posthumously.
    Moreover ‘judges’ are often crooks and shonks, who ‘judge’ cases based on blatant personal bigotry. Appointments are made entirely on ideological grounds, the Common Law is a farce invented by judges according to personal whim, from a body of ‘precedent’ that is voluminous, contradictory and based on the protection of property above all else. Learned ‘judges” opinions are overturned by higher courts. then overturned again by yet higher-are these ‘judges’ incompetent or corrupt?
    Then there are the ISDS tribunals, the so-called Investor-State Dispute Settlement tribunals, kangaroo courts where the ‘Law’ of countries, supposedly the fruit of ‘liberal democracy’ is defaecated upon by goons in the pay of corporations, targeting labour and environmental law, eked out over generations, for utter nullification.
    And in the US situation, the Justice Department is a veritable yeshiva, taken over by Jewish operatives with no compunction in protecting Jewish and Zionazi interests with ‘lawfare’. Hence the success of anti-BDS laws that comprehensively euthanise the First Amendment.

  92. @lydia

    Given the manner in which the CoViD mass formation psychosis, or ‘psychic epidemic’ in Jung’s usage, is fulminating and mutating, driven by the psychopaths of the MSM and politics, I wouldn’t be surprised if the unvaxxed are not soon incarcerated, or forcibly injected, or even lynched by ‘witch-hunting’ packs of those driven insane by relentless fear-mongering.
    The situation will worsen as the ‘vaccines’ drive viral mutation and new ‘variants’ through selective pressure, exactly as predicted when the ‘vaccine’ campaign began, and the hate propaganda rolls on. The lie that the vaccine refuseniks are driving new variants continues being pushed. The lie that it is now a ‘pandemic of the unvaxxed’ keeps being pushed. The lie that there are no medications available for early treatment, or even prophylaxis in Vitamin D’s case, continues being pushed. Lie piled upon lie, with TOTALITARIAN suppression of contradicting evidence and opinion, and the most repulsive fear and hysteria provoking propaganda, continues, 24/7. Decades of Rightwing domination in this country has seen all but opportunistic, talentless, treacherous, psychopaths purged from politics, the MSM, much of academia and business, and here are the fruits of that catastrophe. We are barely at the beginning of this cataclysm.

  93. JWalters says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    Roughly speaking I agree with all your points. However, the fact that the US does not have a legally enshrined hereditary aristocracy (a monarch and house of lords) gives it more options to combat the oligarchy. The popular uprising with Andrew Jackson was an example. The internet has now broken their monopoly control of information. And combined with the 1st Amendment right of free speech, the plebes have powerful tools to fight back. The Unz Review is one of many centers of resistance. Ultimately, I suspect the oligarchs are going to run aground on the 1st Amendment, despite the most frantic efforts of the Jewish supremacist banksters in the City of London.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  94. RestiveUs says:
    @Sauli homo Niinistö vapaamuurari

    Okay, let’s set aside the Chinese for second…

  95. @annamaria

    Yes, that’s him. Thank you.

  96. @RoatanBill

    ~80% of u.s politicians are/were lawyers. That pretty much tells you all you need to know.

  97. @CelestiaQuesta

    It’s important to remember that in a 2013 “Memorandum of Understanding” the U.S. turned over to israel all the unredacted (unminimized) raw data of NSA spying on Americans as reported by Edward Snowden. ALL of it.. email (+contacts) numbers (to probably include tapped conversations)..Facebook (+contacts)..Skype..tweets etc. Why would they do that? Because Israel doesn’t have to honor (supposed) restrictions imposed by American laws regarding privacy.. Although a caveat was inserted in the language in the MOU that the “jewish state” should respect American privacy laws (ROTFLMAO). So israel can access all of that intel and act covertly and independently, as well as pass on the information to American spy agencies who were purportedly forbidden to access as if israel had discovered this information autonomously through means available to them.

    And also of note, Yahoo news readers who’ve been frustrated by the clampdown on comments by Yahoo moderating and the shutting down of the Yahoo News comments sections should know that those comments sections remaining open (Yahoo Finance, Entertainment, Sports) are moderated by an Israeli company called OpenWeb (formerly Spot-IM). The ironically named OpenWeb also moderates the comments sections for most of the mainstream news outlets online. I will add more information on this item later today.

    • Thanks: CelestiaQuesta
  98. Well expressed Phil. Not the freedom I signed up for defending.

  99. @JWalters

    I admire your optimism. The Internet is over. The First Amendment will be…’amended’. The Corbyn Affair was the great watershed-the Zionazis are now certain that they can destroy anyone ‘..who gets in our way’, as Jabotinsky said, channeling the Talmud. Next up-those who refuse the third, fourth…or sixteenth ‘booster’ shot, will be discovered to be ‘antisemites’. Trudeau, that black-faced boot-licker, already has them ‘terrorists’, ‘misogynists’ and ‘racists’.

  100. anon[126] • Disclaimer says:

    Wisner’s Wurlitzer killed the First Amendment long ago. When CIA took over and negated the constitution in 1949 the First Amendment was the first thing to go. Hell, when Millard Tydings complained about Sec. 201 in Congress, he got Mccarthied.

    Now the CIA impunity regime is character-assassinating the remnants of a family of dissidents because killing another one is getting kind of awkward

    No, the first amendment’s dead, get over it. What’s left is way better, anyway, Article 19 per General Comment 34, because to enforce it you can go over the CIA’s head to the world.

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