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Justice Is Blind
And also deaf, dumb and stupid in the Southern District of Manhattan
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There is easy money to be made in Manhattan. If you want some big bucks, you can claim you have been wronged by a foreign country or a rich man who lives overseas. You can sue him in New York because the United States claims de facto jurisdiction over the entire world due to the fact that bank transactions and communications from just about everywhere go through the U.S.

Because of easy access to friendly judges, New York City is the vulture fund capital of the world. A vulture fund preys on countries or businesses that are in distress and likely to default or that have already defaulted. It buys up bonds on the secondary market for pennies on the dollar and later it sues for full face value of the bonds. Vulture funds are one of the ugliest faces of predatory capitalism.

Argentina defaulted on its debt in 2001. In August 2013 the Federal U.S. District Judge in New York, Thomas P. Griesa, ruled that it would have to pay two vulture hedge funds the full value of Argentinean debt that the funds had reportedly obtained for around twenty cents on the dollar. One of the funds was Elliott Management Corporation, which is owned by billionaire Paul Singer. Singer recently has been the principal financial supporter of the Senator Marco Rubio presidential run.

To compel compliance, Griesa blocked Argentina from paying interest to the holders of the 93% of government bonds that it had already restructured without first paying off the vulture funds, essentially freezing the Argentine economy and making it impossible for it to borrow on international capital markets. In effect, the Argentinian people were required to experience considerable pain to benefit a New York billionaire who had pulled a shady maneuver to make more money.

Vulture fund litigation against struggling countries through New York courts has been successfully pursued against Peru and a number of African nations but it also has been employed against corporations in the U.S. itself, to include Delphi Automotive. Delphi was compelled to pay Singer, who made a profit of over 3,000%, for its corporate bonds that had defaulted as a consequence of the 2008 recession.

Even better than bonds, if you can claim that the sucker about to be fleeced has some kind of terrorist connection, no matter how flimsy, you can really go for broke as everyone really hates terrorists and U.S. law permits anyone to file a lawsuit if “international terrorism” can plausibly be cited. The Federal Court for the Southern District of Manhattan has become the clearing house for suing the pants off of any number of foreign governments and individuals with virtually no requirement that the suit have any merit.

In February 2015, a lawsuit initiated by the Israeli government supported lawfare group Shurat HaDin led to the conviction of the Palestinian Authority and the Palestine Liberation Organization of liability for terrorist attacks in Israel between 2000 and 2004. The New York Federal jury awarded damages of $218.5 million, but under a special feature of the Anti-Terrorism Act the award was automatically tripled to $655.5 million. Shurat HaDin states that it is “bankrupting terror” but the reality is that if it obtains the full award or anything close to it the Palestinian government will collapse, producing even more chaos in the Middle East.

In their suit the mostly Israeli plaintiffs had claimed that the PA and PLO had enabled and encouraged the terrorism, even though there was no actual evidence that any Palestinian leaders were involved in planning or approving the incidents cited. Presiding Judge George Daniels assisted the plaintiff case by admitting evidence from Israeli military courts, where there is little in the way of due process for those who are accused, demonstrating once again that legal protections in the U.S. very much depend on who is doing what to whom.

The Palestinian verdict came shortly after another federal court ruling in Brooklyn which found the Jordan-based Arab Bank liable for knowingly supporting two dozen acts of terrorism committed between 2001 and 2004 in or around Israel by members of Hamas.

During the course of the trial, the plaintiffs, mostly American citizens, argued that each of the 24 attacks was conducted by members of Hamas and that the bank knowingly routed money from Saudi Arabian charities to the families of suicide bombers in the West Bank. The plaintiffs stated that this provided an incentive for the bombings. Matthew Levitt, an official of the pro-Israel think tank Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP), was provided as an expert witness, stating that the Saudi charity’s “primary purpose” was to support the families of “terrorist operatives.”

The Arab Bank was fully compliant with guidelines mandated by the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control to ensure that no accounts were connected to terrorists, but Judge Brian Cogan and jury though that to be irrelevant, determining that the bank had been “deliberately indifferent” in its actions.

But the indignities suffered by the PLO and the Arab Bank at the hands of the U.S. judiciary pale in comparison to the most recent court case involving Iran. In early March the federal court in Manhattan ruled that Iran should have to pay $11 billion to the families of those who were killed at the World Trade Center on 9/11. The lawsuit had been filed by Fiona Havlish, whose husband had died in the attack.

It was alleged in court that several of the claimed 9/11 terrorists had stopped off in Iran prior to the attack in New York, a story that has been circulating for some time without any actual evidence to support it. The plaintiff’s lawyers conceded that they could not prove that the visit had taken place as the Iranian government had colluded in not stamping the passports as the men entered and left the country. Iranian ally Hezbollah was also named in the case, with the plaintiff claiming that Hezbollah had provided the hijackers with training.

The case was a continuation of a suit filed by Havlish in 2011. At that time Judge George B. Daniels (yes, the same man who ruled against the Palestinians) determined that Iran had been directly involved in 9/11. Daniels at that time ruled that Iran should pay Havlish and 46 other plaintiffs $7 billion and when they didn’t comply he ordered in 2014 the seizure of a building in Manhattan worth $500 million that was reportedly owned by Iran.

It might also be added, parenthetically, that Saudi Arabia, the home of nearly all the alleged 9/11 attackers and the source of much al-Qaeda funding, has also been sued in a New York presided over by the same Judge Daniels but action against it has been blocked by the State Department, which has declared sovereign immunity protection. It makes one long to read those 28 pages on the Saudis that were excised from the 9/11 commission report.

The contention that Iran was somehow involved in 9/11 is ludicrous and not believed by any intelligence agency associated with the U.S. government, but that apparently makes no difference to a Bill Clinton appointed federal judge in Manhattan and a gullible jury that have been heavily propagandized by the media. The Iranians, Palestinians and Jordanians were asked to prove a negative, that they had not done anything wrong and were not involved, making their trials foregone conclusions as soon as they began. The most disturbing thing about the activism of the federal courts in New York is the insight into how America’s judiciary has been manipulated and politicized. If you are a foreigner of any kind but most particularly an Iranian or Palestinian or indeed an Arab or Muslim and you are being tried in a court in New York City you might just as well save your money and not seek to find a lawyer to defend yourself. If a slimy vulture fund owner wants your money chances are he will get it. And if an even completely ridiculous attempt to tie you into terrorism or terrorism support is made you will be railroaded by the system.

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  1. and people wonder why china and 4 other countries wants to create their own international bank.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  2. According to the Congressional Research Service, “Since the establishment of limited Palestinian self-rule in the West Bank and Gaza Strip in the mid-1990s, the U.S. government has committed more than $5 billion in bilateral assistance to the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, who are among the largest per capita recipients of foreign aid worldwide. U.S. aid to the Palestinians is intended to promote at least three major U.S. policy priorities of interest to Congress:”

    This means that the Law-fare Zionist vultures are dipping into US taxpayers funds as well. This is equally so of funding by the UN, World Bank, the EU etc. The report goes on to say that the PA relies on such funding to meet basic obligations such as payroll. The Israeli’s are not content to bilk foreign aid from us directly. They insist on dipping into our assistance to their Palestinian victims as well.

    • Replies: @bjondo
  3. Mark Green says: • Website

    ‘Terrorism’ is a manipulative term often used to describe last stage resistance by powerless peoples.

    Incredibly, land-grabbing, nuke-stealing Israel seems forever immune from any kind of penalties for its various modes of terror–be they financial or military. How come?

    Do I detect the odor of pervasive political favoritism?

    When one considers the scope of Israel’s successful efforts to steer Washington into aggressive wars (Palestine, Libya and Iraq) and other criminal enterprises, the Orwellian face of our entire foreign policy comes into focus.

    Zionist machinations are a plague on humanity.

    • Replies: @falcemartello
  4. 5371 says:

    She’s neither blind, deaf, dumb nor stupid in the Southern District of Manhattan. She’s a whore.

  5. Ivan says:

    Mr Giraldi on a closely related matter, the advocacy of Jewish (monetary) causes through blackmail, New York is the goto city for these matters. My education in these matters started with the blackmail of the Swiss, for allegedly stealing the gold of Jewish depositors. While I have no doubt that a fraction of what Jewish partisans such as the bootlegger Bronfmann, alledged took place, since it was wartime, the Swiss were to taken to cleaners on the back of threats to their banks by the same system we see here. Among the potboilers that came out at that time – an inevitable accompaniment to any Jewish shakedown – none gave the Swiss an even break, even though the Paul Volcker commission decided that the sum at issue was a paltry $360 million.
    The truth had to await, Professor Angelo Codevilla’s, Between the Alps and a Hard Place.

    No doubt the same band of brigands are salivating at the prospect of looting Iran’s money.

  6. “Delphi was compelled to pay Singer, who made a profit of over 3,000%, for its corporate bonds that had defaulted as a consequence of the 2008 recession.”

    This was the successful blackmail of the U.S. government during the worst of the financial crisis.At stake was the viability of General Motors and the tens of thousands of jobs it provided. Obama was intent on saving the company as its bankruptcy would create a disastrous ripple effect on the U.S. economy at the worst possible time. Delphi Automotive was a sole source supplier of certain parts (steering columns) critical to the assembly of GM cars without which GM would be forced to shut down production.

    Enter Paul Singer and his fellow vultures. In the two weeks after the government worked out a restructuring deal for GM and Delphi, Singer and company secretly bought up over a billion dollars of old Delphi bonds for pennies on the dollar. This gave them effective control of Delphi. By threatening to withhold parts from GM (forcing GM to close its doors) these paragons of Wall Street were able to extort $12.9 billion in subsidies from the U.S. taxpayer.

    The net result was the closure of all 29 Delphi plants in the U.S. as operations were moved to China, while sticking the US taxpayers with the bill for the pensions of the Delphi workers who lost their jobs. Meanwhile Singer and his Wall Street buddies raked in billions from this legalized extortion of the U.S. government.


    Mitt Romney’s Bailout Bonanza


    • Replies: @robt
    , @MarkinLA
  7. DH says:

    What a lovely fellow this Paul Singer chap is.
    /sarcasm off

  8. At some point Gresham’s law kicked in … the only move likely to give you the best probability of holding on to your property is to not deal in USD.

  9. One can certainly understand why Israel would seek to influence and subvert foreign governments in its own interests, and even excuse it morally from their point of view as a pragmatic policy of “never again,” even though I don’t consider it “good for the Jews” in the long run. However, one would hardly expect one’s own government to collude in undermining its own sovereignty and undermining its accountability to American voters. It seems there is an extremely wealthy cohort of American citizens whose primary loyalty is to a foreign nation and who will sacrifice the interests of their own country’s citizens in its favor when there is a conflict. I am sure they justify this to themselves by asserting until they possibly believe it, that anything that serves Israeli political interests is by definition good for the United States, too. I don’t think they have thought this through, that such rote reflexive thinking and the blind policies that ensue aren’t good for Jewish people who are American, either. The fact is that most American people of Jewish ancestry really don’t have all that much in common with the foreign leader Benjamin Netanyahu, any more than English speaking Americans of Anglo ancestry have very much in common with the Duke and Duchess of Windsor in England.

    It does strike me, though, how much America is being “Israeli-ized.” Just as Israel claims jurisdiction over world Jewry, so do America’s nomenklatura claim jurisdiction over everyone else in the world. Our transformation into a garrison state is very much a major source of profit for the Israeli firms who already have the expertise in their own security state, and lobby to create the same market here.

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
    , @Sam Shama
  10. Daniels at that time ruled that Iran should pay Havlish and 46 other plaintiffs $7 billion and when they didn’t comply he ordered in 2014 the seizure of a building in Manhattan worth $500 million that was reportedly owned by Iran.

    Congress, Executive and Courts. All three are corrupt. Russia, China and any country allied with them should know better than to invest anywhere in the Anglo/Zio Empire. De-dollarization is proceeding apace. When the dollar is dethroned all this shit will cease. The District of Columbia will no longer be the seat of empire. The United States will be just another large country in the Americas.

  11. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    Now maybe Americans are starting to get the feel–a little–of what its like to live in Gaza…bombed out economy, infrastructure shot, both from supporting Israel and the wars we wage for that nation and no hope of relief from any Western politician.

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  12. The yid bonanza never ends.

  13. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    just a more lucrative version of kars4kids
    thats kars with a k
    or the u that gets printed on my dish soap, and practically everything else at the grocers… for a fee of course
    heritage for the blind… aptly named

  14. Rehmat says:

    Mr. Giraldi – there has never been true justice and fair play in the entire history of United States. It still practices the good-old colonial justice protected by five Christian and four Zionist Jewish judges at the Supreme Court.

    Organized Jewry has many ways to skin the cat – Argentine happens to be one of those ‘foreign cats’. Since the Crypto-Zionist Mauricio Marci has assumed Argentina presidency, country has been opened for the Zionist vultures to loot the country as revenge to former president Cristina Kirchner’s independent economic policy.

    In July 2015, Kirchner compared the ‘Vulture Funds’ with Shakespeare’s greedy Jewish character Shylock in the novel Merchant of Venice.

  15. @Greg Bacon

    The Biden, Clintonb and Trump speeches at AIPAC were among the most frightening displays of unbridled and mindless aggression I’ve witnessed.

    The AIPAC audience sounded like a bloodthirsty mob.

    An even more frightening aspect was the number of young people participating, with relish and energy in the mob.

    At Sunday’s (mostly) Palestinian protest of AIPAC , I saw a boy, about 12, with an adult male, possibly his father, both wearing AIPAC badges, tear a protest sign out of the hands of an elderly woman. The look of glee on the kid’s face was very disturbving.

  16. “Shurat HaDin states that it is “bankrupting terror” but the reality is that if it obtains the full award or anything close to it the Palestinian government will collapse, producing even more chaos in the Middle East.”

    I wonder… by this standard, these Manhattan judges (highly probably Ashkenazi) should rule against the zionist warmongers who have created an international landscape of blood, guts and suffering..

  17. Sherman says:

    I don’t think Giraldi picked the best day to publish an article criticizing tough actions against Arab and Muslim terrorists.

  18. @Sherman

    To the contrary – all of this “terroristic” activity can be directly correlated to the ashkenazi warmonger zionists global war footprint..

    The ashkenazi are responsible for these terror attacks. These attacks represent the blow-back that many non-war party elites have warned us about in the

  19. @Rehmat

    Wrong as usual. Don’t pay the subcontractor responsible, even if it is only $5. There are not four Jews on the SCOTUS but three and it is so absurd to call them all Zionists that the author obviously knows nothing about them.

    • Replies: @Rehmat
  20. @Fran Macadam

    There are internal disconnects in your statements, Fran Macadam —

    One can certainly understand why Israel would seek to influence and subvert foreign governments in its own interests, and even excuse it morally from their point of view as a pragmatic policy of “never again,” even though I don’t consider it “good for the Jews” in the long run.

    In your estimation, when did Israelist immoral acts begin? (Israelist meaning persons and institutions committed to and acting to create a Jewish state in Palestine before the actual declaration of that state in 1948.)

    In a talk about his book, Bloodlands, Timothy Snyder observed:

    In history you can’t really say something happened in 1933 because something was going to happen in 1945. You can only explain things that happened in 1933 by events up to and including 1933. It’s very tempting to apply later events . . . but we can only understand historical events in terms of the causes that bring them about. . . .

    Between 1933 and late-1938, the NSDAP quelled violence against Jews (according to Breitman and Lichtman in FDR and the Jews); no German Jew was sent to a concentration camp until mid-November 1938.

    Yet by mid-February 1933 Louis Brandeis directed that “all German Jews must leave Germany; all 587,000 of them”; * and by the third week of March 1933 “International Jewry” had met to organize and then deployed an economic war against Germany with the intent of “bringing Germany to its knees,” and “destroying the export trade on which Germany’s economy depends” — that is, the Jewish-led economic war on Germany was an existential threat to the German people and government.

    So if Jews are determined that “never again” should they experience a 1945, don’t you think they should take a closer look at what Jews carried out against Germany from 1933 to 1940?

    Further — consider an argument made by Benjamin Ginsberg in his book, The Worth of War,

    I know some viewers will be thinking, well, What about nonviolent peaceful forms of resistance? And you know, the answer is, There is no such thing as nonviolence. Nonviolence is a form of disruption, it’s lightweight violence and it only works if you are facing foes who are constrained in their use of violence or it works best if you can use your enemy’s violence against them.
    Take for example, Dr. Martin Luther King . . .a tremendous practitioner of civil disobedience, but he understood it for what it was; he learned from Gandhi, he learned from Samuel Adams that civil disobedience is a mechanism of goading your opponent into being violent. Once they become violent, you can call on your friends to be even more violent against them.
    So Dr. King knew that he could goad Sheriff Jim Clark into behaving violently and stupidly and then the FBI would descend on them.

    First of all, by Ginsberg’s formulation, economic warfare such as Jews carried out against Germany beginning in 1933 was “no such thing as nonviolent;” it was a deliberate provocation.

    Second, Jewish leaders carried out those acts deliberately and intentionally, after having first gained the acquiescence of the Roosevelt administration — as well as Stalin — to “descend on” Germany once Germany had been sufficiently “goaded into behaving violently.”

    Third, as the AIPAC speeches give witness, Jewish leaders are carrying out the same pattern of “goading” Iran to react violently to provocations, and stupid Americans are once again pledging the blood and treasure of American children to kill Iranians in response to Israelist bloodlust.

    Do you see a pattern? Giraldi described the present-day equivalent of the Jewish-led economic war on Germany as it is being deployed against Iran and the Palestinians (and Argentina & Venezuela) today.

    Where does this patently immoral behavioral pattern come from? How did it gain legitimacy?

    Did Israelist “immorality” begin as a “never again” reaction to an (alleged) holocaust in 1945? No one can rationally make that claim inasmuch as it started (wrt to Germany) at least by March 1933.

    Or does this pattern have ancient roots?

    If we, citizens and activists, fail to recognize that the so-called holocaust is used as a smokescreen and an illegitimate argumentum ad misericordiam that each and every political speaker at the AIPAC event relied upon to whip the audience to frenzy, what hope do we have of actually achieving “never again”?

    How can malevolent roots be extirpated if they are not recognized for what their are and the damage they do?

    It is a moral imperative to deny the holocaust, or at least tell the truth about it.

    * as noted elsewhere, it strikes me as more than curious that Brandeis registered such concern for German Jews in Feb. 1933, precisely at a time when Polish Jews were under enormous threat from non-Jewish Poles in Poland; and while Stalin’s Bolsheviks were killing Russians and Ukrainians by the millions; but, as noted above, NSDAP quelled violence against Jews in Germany— that is, Jews were safer in Germany than anywhere else in the region.

    • Replies: @Sherman
  21. 5371 says:

    I don’t think you, Sherm, picked the best day to publish a comment supportive of their ally and sponsor in Syria, USG.

  22. Sam Shama says:
    @Fran Macadam

    Agree with every word.

    • Replies: @Fran Macadam
  23. Sherman says:

    Now, what was that part about your parents teaching you to respect Jews?

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  24. @Sherman

    what’s that saying, a broken record is right twice a day

    or is it, an inane clock is broken twice a day

    sumthin’ like that

  25. bjondo says:
    @Thomas O. Meehan

    committed not same as received and usable.

    israelis control, keep most if not all aid and taxes meant for the palestinians.


    the israelis do share skunk water (weaponized jew sweat), chemical, biological, nuclear, and just regular weapons with the palestinians.

    not in a nice, desireable way but it is the jew way of sharing.

  26. Sherman says:

    Speaking of broken records please enlighten us with your daily obsessive praise of the Third Reich.

    • Replies: @Sam Shama
    , @SolontoCroesus
  27. Agent76 says:

    Mar 21, 2016 Judge Opens the Door for Third Party Candidates in Georgia

    On March 18, U.S. District judge Richard Story struck down part of Georgia’s stringent ballot access law requiring third party candidates to collect an enormous number of signatures to appear on the ballot, ruling it unconstitutional.

  28. Sam Shama says:

    Correction: 5 times daily. Its his namaz,

  29. @Sherman

    please enlighten us with your daily obsessive praise of the Third Reich.

    Be happy to but just now I’m gathering evidence on the Morgenthau crime family.

    Robert Morgenthau, prosecutor in NYC, spent at least half of his long career in harrying Iran and other states that did business with Iran — Argentina, Venezuela and the like. He played a key role in imposing fines on major international banks etc. for the crime of doing business with Iran. Morgenthau collected millions in this way. About a decade ago the NY state government and NY City gov. sued each other over which entity should get the spoils that Morgenthau acquired thru his strong arm tactics.
    Morgenthau the son collaborated with Paul Singer and was a recipient of a prize established by some of the lucre Singer extorted from innocent victims‘vulture’-singer-is-behind-website-honouring-investigator

    Robert Morgenthau is the son of Henry Morgenthau, Jr, who extorted hundreds of millions of dollars from US taxpayers and funneled it to Bolshevik Russia to use to kill Germans. He also spent some of the taxpayer money to assist European Jews to resettle in USA. Henry Jr. collaborated closely with Harry Dexter White (Weit), who spied on the USA for Moscow.

    Morgenthau, Jr (brother-in-law to NY governor Lehman and uncle to Barbara Tuchman) was the negotiator FDR turned to early in 1933 when Roosevelt wanted to evade drawing his own State Department into the discussion about reclaiming property lost to Americans in WWI in USSR.

    Henry slipped aid to Stalin into the Lend-Lease act that was sold to the Congress as aid to Britain, not the Bolshies.

    In March 1938

    Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morgenthau, Jr., telephoned Paris . . . to inform the French that the United States would support and cooperate with a Socialist measure of the Blum Popular Front Government to control, and, if necessary, to freeze foreign exchange in France. This would have been a drastic measure contrary to the international system of arbitrage and to the prevailing international financial policy of the United States. Morgenthau was eager to see Leon Blum retain the premiership in the hope that he would plunge France into conflict with Hitler. He had no compunctions about taking this step without informing either the United States Congress or American business leaders. Leon Blum, the Socialist, did not dare to go that far, and his Government fell because of an inadequate fiscal policy.

    Henry Morgenthau was on one side of a three-way Jewish civil war that raged over whether Jews should settle in USA or in Palestine. Chaim Weizmann and Sam Untermeyer occupied the other two legs of the triangle, but as USA’s political leaders assured AIPAC was the case, the USA financed all three positions, from that time until today

    Incidentally, if I did have time on my hands I’d research your comments archive to see if you’ve ever actually refuted an argument or countered a set of facts.
    I suspect I would find that instead of actually grappling with the facts and logic, your preference is for name calling and the occasional smart ass comment.

    • Replies: @Sam Shama
  30. @Rehmat

    Wait a minute, so even Argentina is now run by the Jews? Wow.

    Help me with my list of countries not under Jewish domination:
    1. Iran
    2. Syria
    3. Lebanon?

    is that all? How about Thailand, are they run by the Jews?

  31. Sherman says:
    @Greasy WIlliam

    Rehmat is jealous that the Jews control the world because the only thing he controls is his goat.

  32. Mark Green says: • Website

    Whether Rehmat is jealous or not is irrelevant. Quit changing the subject. Stop sneering.

    Organized Jewry exercises undue influence in Washington, in London, in Paris, in Brussels (where the bombs just went off), in Hollywood, in NY and on Wall St.

    Powerful Jews working together have caused a lot of damage for which they are not held accountable. Whole nations have been destroyed. Others are still in the cross hairs.

    This is a grave problem of enormous scope. It must be faced. It must be dealt with.

    • Agree: Rurik
    • Replies: @Sam Shama
  33. @Sam Shama

    I try to see things from the other guy’s point of view. That empathy pretty well works, except I find it difficult in the case of those who seem to be compromised by profiting from suffering.

    • Replies: @Sam Shama
  34. Sam Shama says:

    [instead of actually grappling with the facts and logic,]

    Well the leader of your most recent religion [btw you do know what happens to heretics?] Pope Francis, did grapple with the facts and he obviously sees eye to eye with the rest of the civilised world on the matter of Adolph and his party. It wasn’t much of a grapple at all.

    Perhaps you will find close soul mates amongst the Qomi-mullahs. I should wish you great good fortune in your endeavours; until they realise the folly of their position, that is.

    Next stop to Buddhist Tibet? I hear they don’t much like Jews, so that should hold promise. Nor Muslims either, so a neutral choice on balance I’d say. Also rough sledding, travel-wise to Lhasa.

  35. Sam Shama says:
    @Mark Green

    But who may one ask, is doing the organised bombing?

    Also, Rehmat is typically jealous when it is a matter involving his goat. Not sanguine about other preferences.

    • Replies: @Sherman
    , @Jonathan Revusky
    , @KA
  36. Sam Shama says:
    @Fran Macadam

    Yes as do I.

    All profit [if one cares to delve into the matter] is the fruit of some suffering. Degrees are of the essence. In the case of Singer and Shurat Ha Din the degrees were scorching. No sympathies for their lot.

  37. Rehmat says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Lying from both ends of Zionist body as usual dude!

    On March 16, Barack Obama nominated Federal Judge Merrick Garland to succeed Justice Scalia, the Jewish Gentile.

    While accepting his nomination in the Rose Garden of the White House, Garland credited Jewish roots of his family for where he is now – a Jewess mother, a Protestant father, Jewish wife (Lynn Rosenman), and both grandparents Russian Jews, who left Jewish-controlled Soviet Union to “escape” anti-Semitism.

    Once the show is over, Merrick Garland will be the fourth among the nine judges at the US Supreme Court. The three current Jewish judges are Elana Kagan, Stephen Breyer, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Even Hispanic Sonia Sotomayor is part Sephardic, but she was raised Catholic. John Roberts, Anthony Kennedy, and Samuel Alito are White Catholics while Clarence Thomas is Catholic Afro-American.

    • Replies: @OutWest
    , @Wizard of Oz
  38. Rehmat says:
    @Greasy WIlliam

    Wait – The kosher Pope Francis could Israeli instead of being Argentinian!

    Wait – The Jewish Daily Forward claims the Argentina is home to Latin America’s largest Jewish population.

    Wait – Israeli Mossad has no presence in Argentina – but it patsies bombed AMIA and Israeli embassy and killed country’s “special Jew attorney”, Nisman.

    In December, 2015, BIBI claimed that the new regime in Argentina had promised to pin all those Jewish Holocaust on Iran or Lebanese Hizbullah.

    So who is the HOLY COW in Argentina?

    • Replies: @Greasy WIlliam
  39. @Rehmat

    Sorry Remmy, I’m pretty sure Argentinians don’t like Jews. Just because their leaders made some deals with Israel doesn’t mean that they under Jewish rule.

    Still waiting for your list on non Jewish controlled countries. So far we have Iran, Syria, maybe Lebanon and North Korea. Anyplace else or is that it?

  40. OutWest says:

    A larger concern is the D.C cabal. Don’t they have any judges in, say, Davenport Iowa?

  41. @Rehmat

    Why not just admit you stuffed up instead of saying stupid things like calling Scalia (profoundly Catholic father of nine with wife/widow who strongly opposes abortion – as he did) a Jewish Gentile? Or is this, I keep on wondering, a camouflaged trolling effort to make Muslims seen stupid?

  42. @Mark Green

    Ashkanazi-khazariam mafia all zionist is always going to be behind such vile duplicity action. Orwellian times we r living

  43. @Sam Shama

    But who may one ask, is doing the organised bombing?

    Sam, once you realize that these are false flags, that the people doing the bombing are not who the MSM say it is, then the list of suspects becomes pretty short. Unfortunately.

    Unfortunately for your world view, that is….

    But actually, look, you seem to have realized quite a few things in a short time. I suspect this is only the beginning, but maybe at this point, you need a rest. So I wouldn’t blame you so much for not realizing what the more astute commenters on this site already basically know…

    • Replies: @Sam Shama
  44. @Greasy WIlliam

    You could possibly add China to the list, although I suspect Jews are actually running the Bank Of China.

  45. @Sherman

    Jews don’t rule the world.. The Ashkenazi (who are technically 40% “Jewish” by genetic make-up) rule the world..

  46. Sam Shama says:
    @Jonathan Revusky

    I am sure about one [San B]. WTC building 7 as well [but overall the WTC case is very conflicting and strange].

    However, it does not follow that every single one is. Not at all.

    A further point to consider [by those mighty astute ones]: if these are ALL engineered by the blessed neocons [or an organisation that is closely linked], then they must also be bloody stupid, since it only strengthens The Donald’s position, who you may have noticed, is persona non grata for the same blessed lot!

  47. robt says:

    Maybe the precedent was established after the Revolutionary War, when Alexander Hamilton decreed that all State debt bondholders would be made whole using Federal money whether the bonds were held by the original holders or were bought by specs for as little as 10 cents on the dollar. Naturally this infuriated States that had paid down their debt; just another example of punishing success and rewarding failure and increasing the power of the Federalists. Federal taxes were imposed to pay the debt assumed; naturally the residents of the States that had paid their debt suffered more than States that didn’t – their taxes first paid their own debt, then someone else’s.
    Similarly, in another Hamilton scheme, all scrip issued to pay the Revolutionary Army was redeemed at face value, though much or most of it had been sold by the troops to speculators at pennies on the dollar.

    • Replies: @pantaraxia
  48. Agent76 says:

    NOPE, not at all! Mar 23, 2016 NYPD Stop and Frisk of a United States Postal Service Worker

  49. MarkinLA says:

    But Romney is a family man and a Christian and a decent human being. Doesn’t that mean more than putting thousands of Americans out of work?

  50. KA says:
    @Sam Shama

    “The former secretary of state suggested on CNN’s “State of the Union” that the situation is far more complex. She pledged to “defend and do everything I can to support Israel, particularly as the neighborhood around it seems to become more dangerous and difficult.” link to

    Who destroyed the neighborhood? Clinton did to give more of everything to Israel–

    Clinton Email Shows US Sought Syria Regime Change for Israel’s Sake

    US would impose regime change by supplying arms, but without US troops,

    US-backed Syrian government would abandon ties with Iran, turn against Hezbollah, and potentially negotiate a peace settlement with Israel, while the rest of the Arab world cheers America “as fighting for their people.” link to

    Who has been from 1917 until now and continuing -The Zionists has been .

    Were the zionists were bombing left and right and even killing their benefactors when they were trying to for break into someone else’s house? Yes . They did.
    They even tried to kill Churchill and even sent bombs to Truman’s White House .

  51. KA says:

    America’s fate will look no different than the fate suffered by Darius and Cyrus Persia . Empire will tear itself from within from intransigent inconsistencies and irreducible differences . These are not irreconcilable and neither impossible to fix ( Accept the non criminal Mexican immigrants, deport the criminals and erect a border fence in south. But no that wont happen because some vested sections want the drama, fight,and enmity so that they could profit economically,intellectually and professionally .
    Security is a real issue .Why take muslims refugees of Sunni type? take Christian,Yezids ,and Shias and wait until dust settle down , and to get to safe environment do one thing- stop getting into war and into propping up bad regimes.

    Give all civil rights to LGBT but tell the religious bodies that their group or personal religious behaviors will not be hurt even at work places .People of faith dont have to lose jobs to practice faith. That wont happen. It is the value !! No we can’t do that , No!, no way! We won’t do that way – so that we can fight and someone else can use the frictions to their benefit [microcosm of what happens between US and the “enemies ” of US ] Why talk when you have full force of the state !
    Same thing on drug war ( now it is hurting white Middle Class – so lets loosen the rules and start offering treatment – this should have been done years ago )

    All other groups will take the losses and compromise .

    But one group that is the rich section of Jewish diaspora and the Zionist who will refuse any compromises and let this country break asunder in thousands pieces They did same to Persia . A little compromise will go along way to defuse ME problem .But Israel will not .Israeli supporters will force American leaders not to think of even handedness or fairness or neutrality . The media anchor like Hugh Hughit ( or whatever his name is) on CNN will force candidates to grovel at the very mention of Israel. A cultural corruption follows the moral corruption set in motion by these activities leading to loss of faith respect hope and trust in hard work or fairness.

  52. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Astuteobservor II

    Another indictment of the thoroughly corrupted Rothschild Luciferian Babylonian Talmudic Khazarian Zionist Mafia kangaroo court known as the Southern District of New York, and how it ruins foreign relationships, this time described by legendary former counter-terrorism specialist and military intelligence officer of the United States Central Intelligence Agency Philip Giraldi.

  53. @robt

    I think you are mixing apples and oranges here. The Delphi deal involved private (corporate) debt not government (state) debt. The U.S. gov’t involved itself to save GM and the tens of thousands of jobs it provided by restructuring and partially guaranteeing some of the debt.
    It was only after the initial restructuring deal had been worked out that Singer and his cohorts inserted themselves into the picture (by buying up obscure Delphi bonds for pennies on the dollar), for the sole purpose of profiting from the crisis, in effect extorting billions from the gov’t .

    This is the same playbook Singer used in the Argentinian situation (as outlined in Mr. Giraldi’s article) and a number of other instances including the Democratic Republic of Congo where he effectively grabbed the money that was set aside to fight a cholera epidemic.

    Singer, by the way, is an ardent Zionist and is one of the most powerful forces in the backroom politics of the Republican party. He may have been instrumental in bringing down the previous Argentinian government. This involves the murky back-story to the murder of Argentinian prosecutor Alberto Nisman and the involvement of the CIA, the U.S. and Israeli governments as well as front organizations funded by Singer. This played out at a geopolitical level, targeting the close Argentine – Iran relationship and consequent hostility of the Israeli/U.S. gov’ts.

  54. KA says:

    They grab the power or the factors that guide the powers . They not go the hoi polloi . They don’t bring it to the disinterest experts . They don’t ask the veterans .
    They infest the court of the king .

    They just did it in California

    Today not loving the policies of Israel is antisemitism . Today not supporting the policies of Israel is antisemitism . Today opposing the oppressive policies of Israel is antisemitism . Anti semitism is crimes in Europe .
    Very soon, American will face censure and block to career for being ‘ antisemite’ as defined by latest developments. America has gone to wars against other countries for the adoption of these very same policies and for practices of oppressive ,discriminatory exploitatating ,UN violating behaviors. Now America punish domestic audiences for protesting those behaviors.

    (Other recent antisemitism examples are 1 Occupy Wall Street,2 questioning the existence of Iran nuclear program 3 Questining and criticizing Bush war against Iraq, 4 Supporting American interest instead of Israel as American Senator ,5 Blaming Israel for violence against civilians in Operation Cast Lead )

  55. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Two quotes come to mind:

    “Internationalists of various stripes believe that law stands above and beyond politics. In fact, the use of law depends on power, and is enforced by those who have it against those who do not.” — Neoconservative legal scholar Eric Posner, son of famed US appellate judge Richard Posner

    “There is no greater tyranny than that which is perpetrated under the shield of the law and in the name of justice.” (Montesquieu, “The Spirit of the Laws,” 1748)

  56. KA says:

    Fox News is blasting Clinton for meeting with Muslim in CA. Bill O Reilly and Ed Henry are discussing the meeting as warm up to Muslim for vote . They agreed on radical mosque would be identified and surveilled . They think NYPD disbanded wrongly the program of surveilling. 3/24/16)

    So it is clear to us that these ofeople can think political motivation ,when they want. They can question government for dismantling program. They They also can identify possible source of radicalization.

    But what prevents them from seeing the kowtowing at AIPAC? What prevents them from comparing Clinton to Cruz or Trump over their efforts to raise donations ,money,and visibility when they have no problem in framing the meeting in CA in terms of getting votes .? ( media becomes a culprit an accomplice by failures to maintain their own standard)
    What prevents them from noticing the meetings between Jewish community leaders and politicians in regard to Iran deal in same light ? What prevents them from looking into AEI ,FDD and numerous organizations that ” radicalize” American youth towards more wars ,preemptive violence often for the sake of Israel? What prevents them from looking into these organizations where most vicious destructive illegal warmongerings germinate and are echoed and reiterated ?

  57. RDM10005 says:

    ‪Apparently a “frivolous” filing in SDNY federal court is any complaint that fights judicial corruption/organized crime/civil rights violations.‬

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