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Judgment Day for Ghislaine Maxwell Finally Arrives. or Maybe Not
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Lawyer Gloria Allred shows the police report filed by her client Alicia Arden, as they speak about Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell during a news conference in Los Angeles, California, U.S., July 6, 2020. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson - RC2VNH958PCW

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That Ghislaine Maxwell is finally in custody is certainly satisfying for all of us who believed her completely complicit in the horrible crimes against young girls committed by her associate Jeffrey Epstein. The internet is already alive with speculation regarding how long she will last in prison given the alleged death by suicide that eliminated Epstein in a Manhattan maximum security prison back in August 2019. Before jumping to too many conclusions, however, there are a number of additional developments in her case that should be considered.

First of all, Maxwell’s arrest was not fortuitous. She clearly made some efforts to hide the bulk of her multi-million-dollar fortune, but she has been visible for those who knew where to look. She moved about freely, though keeping a low profile, and made “intentional efforts to avoid detection including moving locations at least twice, switching her primary phone number (which she registered under the name ‘G Max’) and email address, and ordering packages for delivery with a different person listed on the shipping label.”

The 18-page prosecutorial indictment stated that “The Government has identified more than 15 different bank accounts held by or associated with the defendant from 2016 to the present, and during that same period, the total balances of those accounts have ranged from a total of hundreds of thousands of dollars to more than \$20 million.” Maxwell was charged with recruiting and “grooming” young women for Epstein to abuse, which could carry as much as a 35 year prison sentence.

As the 58-year old Maxwell, who has British citizenship as well as that of the United States, France and Israel, was considered to be a considerable flight risk she was not allowed bail after her arrest.

During the time while Maxwell was moving about freely, the FBI apparently did not even attempt to interview her. She spent a good deal of time with her lawyers and was reportedly seen having coffee in Los Angeles, shopping near her apartment in Paris, visiting Britain and also staying under protection in Israel. She was born in France and her father, the Israeli spy Robert, is presumed to have had citizenship in the Jewish state, which would have been transferrable to her. Both France and Israel are extremely difficult to deal with when it comes to extradition, so she presumably could have stayed in either country and would have avoided prosecution in the United States. One might also recall that Epstein had a genuine Austrian passport in a false name, a probable indicator of his intelligence agency ties. It is quite possible that Ghislaine also has some form of false identification.

When she was arrested, Ghislaine was living in a luxurious country house on 156 acres in a rural part of New Hampshire. She had bought the property in December for \$1.07 million through a limited liability company that does not bear her name which was set up by one of her lawyers. Clearly the police knew exactly where she could be found. The house is a two-hour drive from the Canadian border, which might have been an intended refuge if she felt that the forces of law and order were moving in, but it begs the question as to why she would want to return to the U.S. at all. I rather suspect that she and her lawyers had actually been in touch with the authorities and some kind of plea bargain has been under consideration.

Why now? The timing would seem to relate to other developments. Only last week Federal judge Loretta Preska ruled that the documents relating to Epstein and Maxwell in the possession of litigant victim Virginia Giuffre had to be destroyed. Information about Epstein and Maxwell, extracted from a 2015 civil suit filed against Epstein by Giuffre, appear to have contained the names of individuals with whom Epstein had conducted business, both those he recorded in flagrante as well as his other clients and even his victims.

Preska ruled that Giuffre’s lawyers had obtained the documents improperly and ordered that all the materials in the files “shall be destroyed.” She also demanded proof that the material had been destroyed. The whereabouts of Epstein’s secret tapings is not definitely known, but the FBI did seize all of the papers and other data at the Manhattan mansion after he was arrested. Some believe, however, that Ghislaine has some of the tapes, presumably hidden or in the custody of her lawyers.

The loss of the Giuffre files will seriously damage the criminal case being made by the government against Maxwell as well as the lawsuit being pursued by the victims against the Epstein estate. Ghislaine has been charged with procuring young girls and “grooming” them for sex with Epstein and his prominent clients, all of which she has denied. The upcoming trial could easily end relatively quickly with a toothless admission of guilt by Maxwell and a plea-bargained minimum prison sentence. All documents relating to the case, including any recordings, would be sealed, which would inter alia protect other perceived government equities, namely the prominent individuals and the spy agencies that might have been involved either as victims or perpetrators.

There is every indication that the Justice Department aided and abetted by the media is seeking to bury certain aspects of the Epstein case. A recent documentary on Netflix “Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Richcarefully avoids any discussion of the likely Israeli espionage aspect of Epstein’s activities. Ghislaine’s father, who introduced Jeffrey to his daughter, was a prominent Mossad spy who received a state funeral in Israel after his mysterious death in 1991 which was attended by the prime minister as well as by all the former and serving heads of that country’s intelligence services.

Additional confirmation of the Israeli connection comes from a recent book by former Israeli intelligence officer Ari Ben-Menashe, who claims that Epstein and partner in crime Ghislaine Maxwell were engaged in blackmailing prominent politicians on behalf of Israel’s foreign intelligence service Mossad. According to Ben-Menashe, the two had been working directly for the Israeli government since the 1980’s and their operation, which was funded by Mossad and also by prominent American Jews, was a classic “honey-trap” which used underage girls as bait to attract well-known politicians from around the world. The politicians would be photographed and video recorded when they were in bed with the girls. Prince Andrew and both Bill Clinton and Donald Trump were visitors to the Epstein New York City mansion where the recordings were made, while Clinton was a regular traveler on the “Lolita Express” airplane that Epstein used to transport his “friends” to his estate in Florida and his private Caribbean Island, referred to by locals as the “Pedophile Island.”

Concerning Maxwell and Epstein, no one in the Justice Department appears to want to ask one simple question that would provide significant clarity if it were to be answered honestly. Conclusive evidence that Jeffrey Epstein was an Israeli or even American intelligence agent might well be derived from the former U.S. Attorney in Miami Alexander Acosta’s comments when being later cleared by the Trump transition team. He was asked “Is the Epstein case going to cause a problem [for confirmation hearings]?” … “Acosta testified that he’d had just one meeting on the Epstein case. He’d cut the non-prosecution deal with one of Epstein’s attorneys because he had ‘been told’ to back off, that Epstein was above his pay grade. ‘I was told Epstein belonged to intelligence and to leave it alone.’”

Why is no one in the various government investigative agencies or the mainstream media interested in what Acosta meant, even though it would be easy enough to ask him? Who told him to back off? And how did they explain it? The simple answer just might be that Epstein was in fact an Israeli spy preying on prominent figures and anything having to do with the Jewish state, no matter how malodorous, is a political hotwire and off limits to Democrats and Republicans alike. If all of that is true, we the public will not be seeing anything like a “show trial” of Ghislaine Maxwell that reveals all and names names. She will quietly disappear into the legal system and before too long she will be out and around again, taking her secrets with her.

Philip Giraldi, Ph.D. is Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest.

(Republished from Strategic Culture Foundation by permission of author or representative)
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  1. No, in my opinion, the suicide option has been played out. I believe she will die in a spectacular, audacious and terribly well-planned attack that succeeds against all odds.

  2. How can a judge order the destruction of documents which might prove to be material evidence?

  3. anonymous[377] • Disclaimer says:

    Ah, yes, Preska, nominated by DCI G.H.W. Bush (ret.) notwithstanding Clarence Thomas level of professional distinction. Grew into the job: Declared Susan Lindauer crazy. Sent Hammond to the Gulag when they exposed privatized intelligence. When you want to destroy evidence of mass-scale VIP pedophile kompromat for CIA control, Who ya gonna call?

    • Replies: @geokat62
  4. Giraldi fingers the key point above, which should be put more strongly – there was absolutely no reason for Ghislaine Maxwell or Jeffrey Epstein to be in the USA, after the November 2018 Miami Herald major media article, signalling that the Epstein scandals with young girls were being revived as a major issue, and that new indictments could be forth coming.

    As Giraldi also suggests, there has to be a deal here that led Ghislaine back onto US turf. The optimistic Q-type take, is that Ghislaine’s tapes will be the blow-out event that changes USA history, as Bill Barr – despite his father’s links to Epstein at the Dalton school – unleashes the tapes to take down the whole corrupt old USA Deep State that has created all this mess. One can hope, anyway.

    As for Jeffrey Epstein …

  5. Then we cannot only conclude the obvious, that everyone in every branch of the entire government is involved in either the neglect, the actions, the cover-up, or the bribery or black mail of Epstein, Maxwell, and anyone else involved in that type of sexual blackmail and pedophelia to some degree or another.

    • Agree: frankie p
  6. TGD says:

    Giraldi: She will quietly disappear into the legal system and before too long she will be out and around again, taking her secrets with her.

    You mean to say that she will not even have the honor of a “perp walk?” How disappointing.

  7. @Tsar Nicholas

    The bigger question is how could a judge order them to be unsealed in the first place? The documents were sealed as a part of a settlement between Maxwell and Giuffre, who then went back to have them unsealed by the court. Any judge that would order the unsealing of documents to which Giuffre had consented to being sealed, without quashing the settlement, has to be on the take.

    • Replies: @Sean
    , @Old and Grumpy
  8. Sean says:

    Quite apart from having wealthy boyfriends and being the being the daughter of a billionaire megalomaniac press baron who once rivalled Murdoch, Ghislaine Maxwell’ has multiple siblings who as are business tycoons in their own right, at least one is worth hundreds of millions. Wealthy people do not have their assets in their own name, and it is invisible unless they need to call on it suddenly. Ghislaine Maxwell reportedly paid a seven figure sum to Giuffre in an out of court settlement of the 2016 civil suit.

    Ghislaine’s mother was a French gentile, who brought a huge dowry that was the basis of her Robert Maxwell’s fortune. The British security service (MI5) long suspected her father of being a KGB agent, not a Mossad one. Ghislaine being in the US is due to her apparently lacking connections in Israel, to her fearing the treatment that the Murdoch machine would subject her to in Britain where its power is limitless, and her being very naive. She certainly could have negotiated from outside the US for a deal in which she would return to face the music. Coronavirus possibly explains it, and perhaps the arrest came to stop her flying (back?) to South America. Whatever the reason, her being in the US seems an elementary error on her part, rather than machinations by a fiendish Mossad agent

    Ghislaine is charged with two counts of perjury for depositions she made during a 2016 civil case with Giuffre. For the avoidance of doubt, Maxwell said she was unaware of Epstein abusing girls in depositions for the 2016 civil case with Giuffre. I think Maxwell’s lawyers will call Giuffre as a hostile witness and cross examine her about what she said on oath in 2016. It will be the prosecutors of Maxwell who will strive to exclude the allegations in Giuffre’s 2016 civil suit depositions from the criminal case . For instance in the 2016 depositions Giuffre said on Epstein Island there was an orgy at which Prince Andrew had sex with her and eight underage East European teen girls, which is obviously a fabrication. Giuffre may well end up being charged with perjury herself, not least because in her depositions Giuffre accused Ehud Barak of having sex with her she tried to keep that allegation secret, but Dershowitz found out about this and has been trumpeting the accusation against Barak in the last few weeks.

    By her own account Giuffre ran away aged thirteen and lived for six months with an elderly pimp and was back with her father by fourteen years old., She started work as a changing room assistant at Mar-a-Lago three years later and was seventeen years old (not 15 as she long claimed) when Maxwell offered her a job as travelling personal masseuse to Jeffrey Epstein; employment for which she needed neither experience or qualifications! This was not Giuffre’s first rodeo, she knew what time it was.

    Giuffre proceed to lie to her father about what she was being paid to do. She was sleeping with Epstein’s bodyguard while sharing the lifestyle and international travel the ultimate luxury for many people). She gave her father to understand she had met the Queen, not said she misunderstood. In 2016 she got millions from Maxwell in a settlement, then was refused permission to join the class action against Epstein.

    The essential point is Guirre is alive and can be a witness,, but the prosecution are not going to call her. Ms Maxwell’s lawyers will though. Guiffre’s story of being supremely desirable to numerous world leaders– Ehud Barak is merely one–who she says slept with her as part of what she alleges was Epstein’s crypto prostitution/ honeytrap racket is going to be played up by Maxwell’s defence.

  9. I have no use for pimps, which is what Epstein was convicted of being and of which Maxwell is being accused. However, in reading the indictment there are a lot of accusations in the narrative, and short on facts. Either the Grand Jury has solid evidence, and I don’t mean accusations, or they have been snowed. For example, several references are made to events in London. Maxwell met “Minor Victim-3” in London, and the indictment implies that she is British. It states that she was “under the age of 18”. It does not state her age. The age of consent in Britain is 16. Unless the girl was under 16 the events in London are meaningless, and, in any event, outside the jurisdiction of the UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK.

    There are just too many holes in this narrative, and things that don’t ring true. If Maxwell and Epstein are/were Mossad, how likely is it that – after 4 years as a sex slave Giuffre escaped to foreign country and hid for years, without being offed. If Mossad found Eichman, they could sure as hell find her and tie up that loose end. Wasn’t Deborah Jeane Palfry suicided for her saying she would name names?
    Giuffre was “forced to have sex” with Prince Andrew. The reality is, Andrew, like Charles, got more ass than a toilet seat. There are plenty of “groupies” of all ages willing to screw them. At the time, Roberts was of age. Isn’t every prostitute “forced to have sex” by her pimp? I’m supposed to believe she was “forced” to have sex with Andrew, but not with frequent flyer Clinton, who also has his groupies?

    The indictment goes to great lengths to describe how Maxwell asked about school and family, while buying things for them. Isn’t that what the grooming gangs in Rotherham, Oxford, etc did? Unlike the parents in the British grooming gangs, the parents in the US seemed to be uninterested in their underage children traveling with unknown adults. How do underage children get passports to travel out of the country without a parent’s consent? Who was the guarantor?

    I am not defending Epstein or Maxwell, only suggesting this narrative is meant to deflect from the real story.

    • Troll: Trinity
    • Replies: @Daniel Rich
  10. jsinton says:

    I have to believe the arrest of Ghislane was planned, negotiated, and orchestrated. Why else would she stay in the US when she could have easily avoided the mess?

    • Replies: @lysias
    , @Art
  11. Trinity says:

    Epstein, an Israeli/Mossad spy? Nah, no way, amigo, Israel is our bestest best friend in the whole world and the chosen people of God wouldn’t engage in such a vile thing as child prostitution. How dare one even suggest such a thing.

    Now just imagine if all the main players in this pedophile sex ring were Russians or Iranians? Do you think the (((media))) would have a problem saying that the Russians or Iranians were operating a honeypot filled with underage girls for the purpose of blackmailing perverts in the American government or blackmailing other powerful Americans and other world leaders? Would not (((our media))) identify over and over and over that this was a Russian honeypot? Have you heard or read ONE SINGLE PERSON who works for the Jewish run media identify this as an Israeli/Mossad run pedophile ring? How many other Epsteins and Maxwells are out there still abducting young, WHITE GENTILE girls to be abused for shit like this? Were there any Jewish young girls used? Were all the girls, white Gentiles? I think we could classify this one as a hate crime as well and up the charges.

    • Replies: @ThreeCranes
  12. Prince Andrew must be pooing his pants.

    • Agree: Patagonia Man
  13. @Mark in Mayenne

    Meh! She’ll be just another COVID-19 victim. In fact, I’m surprised Julian Assange hasn’t already been culled by Corona-chan.

    • LOL: Trinity
  14. There’s no possible way that the all the alphabet agencies didn’t know where GM was all of this time.

    If you’ve been wondering ‘why now?’ – just 4 months out from the US Presidential Election. Maybe this sheds some light on it.

    Billionaire sex offender Epstein once claimed he co-founded the Clinton Foundation 6 July, 2016

    What’s the bet that the President has got the drop on the Clintons to damage Biden & the Dems – and if he can get Killary (at least charged, if not convicted) – he’ll go after Obomber who’s been busy ‘stirring the pot’ with the racial strife & BLM riots/protests besetting the US. Two for the price of one!

    Or more simply, GM is being used to flush out the 8th in line to the British throne, who, back in the day, was known as ‘Randy Andy’ as he hasn’t cooperated with US authorities.

    Or both.

    • Replies: @SaneClownPosse
    , @Valka
  15. Trinity says:

    Epstein is either in Israel or Saudi Arabia, take your pick. Look for (((Ghislane))) to receive an uber light “prison term” like Epstein did the first time. There will be no mention of Israel, no mention of this being a Mossad honeypot, nada, nothing. Business as usual. (((Ghislane))) will go to a Club Fed, do a couple or three years max, be allowed out 12 hours a day on work release, etc. She will be living a better life in “prison” than most Americans do in the free world. She will probably resume where she left off after her release just like good ole Jeff as well. Justice? Not in Clown World, the scum go free and the righteous suffer. Wake up America.

  16. anonymous[798] • Disclaimer says:

    Remember when the ADL was spying on pinkos for CIA, as cutout for illegal domestic NOCs Roy Bullock and sheep dipped spook Tom Gerard? That yielded 10,000 dissidents for CIA’s files.

    ( )

    Arlo Smith shitcanned his indictment because reasons. That’s what’s going to happen now again. She’s going to get off.

  17. Sean says:
    @Tsar Nicholas

    The documenta consist of Giuffre’s depositions that supplied by former attorneys Boies Schiller Flexner for a discovery stage of the 2015-16 Giuffre-Maxwell civil case. As far as I can gather, the documents detail the original allegations made by Giuffre . Boies and Dershowitz are long time far-from-friendly rivals, and when Dershowitz found out there was an accusation against him in the sealed court papers being leaked to the media he said it was obviously a sneaky legal ploy as way of libeling him while under protection from a defamation suit because it was part of a court case he was tangential to. Basically, he thinks Boises is behind it.

    Anyway, it emerged that Giuffre had never mentioned Dershowitz until a journalist that Guirre was collaborating with Giuffre on a memoir emailed Giuffre “Don’t forget about Alan Dershowitz”. Even though the records have been destroyed Dershowitz has found from the deposition taker that Giuffre also accused former Israel prime minister Ehud Barak. Dershowitz has been trumpeting this information, which Giuffre and her lawyer tried to keep from the public.

    There was a comment about COVID-19. Giuffre stormed out a hospital because she went for a test and was not happy. She said they were threatening her with being put in a COVID-19 ward where her life would be in danger. She said there was a previous incident in which the doctors falsified her age her age in medical records and were in cahoots with Epstein. Everything was so dramatic. Then she got pneumonia. Weeks later she came down with bacterial meningitis. Goodness only knows what kind of lifestyle she has to be getting all these health problems.

    • Replies: @Tsar Nicholas
  18. lysias says:

    If they could allow Ghislaine to walk around, why was Epstein’s death considered necessary?

    Of course, there are those of us who think Epstein is not dead, that his alleged death was staged.

    • Replies: @Julian of Norwich
    , @Meimou
  19. Maxwell will be convicted of nothing, least of all these trumped-up (no pun intended) charges. This is a giant publicity stunt pushed by an overzealous female prosecutor.

    You have to ask yourself: why was she not hiding? Why did she not leave the US? The answer is clear. She is guilty of nothing. Can be convicted of nothing.

    P.S.., all those people who think she will be suicided? Think about it. No one on planet Earth would go for it two times in a row. She’ll walk within 12 months.

  20. @Sean

    The British security service (MI5) long suspected her father of being a KGB agent, not a Mossad one.
    There one in the same.

    • Replies: @Sean
  21. @Patagonia Man

    You give Trump (and any POTUS) too much credit. He wasn’t placed in the White House to rock, or steer, Their boat.

    Trump is in place to distract the rabble on both sides of the spectrum away from thinking about real change and the real action to effect change.

    They obviously like the Trump Show, since they are running Biden as the only alternative.

    An old white guy who sniffs young girls, fingers female staff, has been a long time political crony from the Corporate Haven called Delaware.

    Both the DNC and RNC should be dumped, but what can People do to stop billionaire individuals and corporate backed national committees? They don’t need your little donations. They don’t care about your little opinions. Votes can be created, or destroyed, with a few keystrokes. They control Social Media and the Mainstream Media.

    One Voice to rule them all.

    • Agree: Patagonia Man, bruce county, Godfree Roberts, gay troll
  22. Sean says:
    @Ari Silver

    Peter Wright of Spycatcher fame (why do these people all end up in Australia) and others in Mi5 were seriously convinced that his boss the MI5 director, Sir Roger Hollis, was a Soviet agent. Wright was paid by Victor Rothschild to supply him with information.

    The funding of publication of Wright’s book by Rothschild was likely intended to discredit those in MI5 who thought Rothschild had been part of the Oxford spy ring. Rothschild was vulnerable due to it being widely known he had been close friends with Guy Burgess and Anthony Blunt, both established to have spied for the USSR. In his book, Wright steered suspicion away from Rothschild and revealed that certain MI5 officers thought PM Harold Wilson was a Soviet agent (and the previous labour leader Gaitskill had been assassinated by the KGB by being served poisoned tea and biscuits while visiting the Soviet Embassy in London during the early 60’s).

    Wilson had many Jewish British businessman with East European origins as friends before he became PM in 1964 and these included the tycoon and Labour MP Captain Robert Maxwell, who did extensive business in, and was friendly with the leaders of, countries behind the Iron Curtain. James Angleton, who was head of the Israel desk as the CIA as well as its counter intelligence chief, told many people that Wilson was a Soviet agent.

  23. @Sean

    Maria Farmer, one of the other accusers, has brain cancer. Is that because of her lifestyle choices? Sometimes people just get sick. It is part of the human condition, just like people imagining themselves to be morally superior sitting in judgement on others.

    • Replies: @Sean
    , @Robjil
  24. Sean says:

    The documents merely contain Giuffre allegations. Including one against Ehud Barak. I doubt she will repeat that one, but unless she sumbes to her health problems she can be called to give evidence. The prosecution trying to convict Maxwell will not call Giuffre because she will taint their case.

    Giuffre’s allegation against Alan Dershowitz came in handy for all those who hate Dersh for defending Trump. Trump once knew Epstein so it was thought the case might compromise him, that is why there was so much publicity about it. The case against Maxwell is largely due to the publicity over Epstein which is largely due to the desire to stick it to Trump.

    Barak was seen entering and several hours later leaving Epstein’s mansion on a day when young girls were coming and going There were paparazzi who were staking Epstein out, and this was the year after he was convicted of sex offences. The idea that there was any king of an Israeli intelligence operation around Epstein and his filthy habits is absurd.

    • Replies: @Jane Plain
    , @Curmudgeon
  25. lysias says:

    Epstein could also have stayed in France. Why didn’t he?

    My explanation is that it was for the purpose of staging his death, so that the legal case against him would go away

    • Replies: @lysias
  26. lysias says:

    Robert Maxwell’s highly suspicious death could also have been staged.

    • Replies: @Alden
  27. Trinity says:

    The big question is who looks better in a blue dress, Ghislane or Whispering Bill?

    • LOL: Daniel Rich
  28. Sean says:
    @Tsar Nicholas

    Guiffre is in her thirties not 50 like Maria Farmer, who was over 25 years old when she first met Epstein. She worked at his Manhattan mansion as a receptionist and artist in residence. Her job included painting the under age conquests of Epstein nude. She knew what time it was.

    • Replies: @Alden
  29. @Sean

    I don’t know whether you’re being sarcastic or not, but if Epstein/Maxwell were Mossad agents, the Mossad has become very sloppy.

  30. Anon[165] • Disclaimer says:

    Preska ruled that Giuffre’s lawyers had obtained the documents improperly and ordered that all the materials in the files “shall be destroyed.” She also demanded proof that the material had been destroyed.

    Obviously this judge is either dirty or under pressure from Mossad/CIA, or maybe there’s some quid pro quo. She needs to be investigated. Meanwhile, why didn’t the prosecutor appeal this sentence?

    Bill Barr is either in on this whole thing or is coerced. The whole Epstein “suicide” was never fully investigated. I think Giraldi is right. I don’t think Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, Alan Dershowitz or Ehud Barak are at all worried, they know they’ll get off. What Mossad wants, Mossad gets. Mossad runs the world. One can only hope there is a special place in hell for all these people.

    • Agree: Iva
    • Replies: @jack daniels
  31. Alden says:

    I read the book Assassination of Robert Maxwell by Gordon Thomas. Thomas claimed that Israel fronted the money for Maxwell to set up his publishing business of technology. Maxwell was supposed to repay the money and give tech information to Israel which he did.

    The Israel government fronted the money for Maxwell to buy the big newspaper chain. The bargain was made that Maxwell would empty the pension fund and give the money to Israel.

    Maxwell did loot the pension fund but didn’t give enough to Israel. His businesses were in trouble due to his extravagant ostentatious life style. So he informed the Israelis that if the Israel treasury didn’t bail him out he would tell the world all the nefarious crooked things he knew Israel did, especially the pension fund theft.

    The Israelis told him to get on his boat and sail to a certain place and be on deck in a certain place at 4am in a certain day. Where he would be met by someone empowered to discuss a financial settlement with him,

    The Israelis were very familiar with the boat and knew the places not covered by the security cameras. Maxwell did as instructed He was met by frogmen who killed him.

    I would be surprised if Israeli operatives didn’t work for Maxwell on his boat, his house and businesses.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
    , @lysias
    , @ivan
  32. anon[156] • Disclaimer says:

    She’ll work with the feds to turn this whole thing into a standard #metoo story. That’s obvious by the fact that she didn’t flee the U.S. the first chance she got; they knew where she was. She’s obviously cooperating with them in some manner. Behind the scenes, they were probably working out their plan of action. She’ll end up naming a few low level offenders and the big boys will mostly skate. They’ll ignore the intelligence gathering aspect, then rewrite Wikipedia to claim anyone who brings up that part is promoting conspiracy theories. The Epstein case will be remember mostly as some guy who used young girls to get rich by selling them out. Nothing to see here, move along.

  33. Alden says:

    Maxwell’s British friend, Laura Goldman is already telling the British newspapers that Maxwell was subservient and totally obedient to Epstein and his control of her made her do what she did. After her father’s death, Epstein became father friend lover to her. Oldest defense for a woman co conspirator around.

    The sex covers up the Israeli spying and whatever drugs came in with Wexford’s made in China Bangladesh clothes.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Julian of Norwich
  34. Alden says:

    Farmer did know what was going on. For years she went to both NYPD and the FBI about not just Maxwell and Epstein’s prostitution business but Wexford and what was happening in Ohio, smuggling of illegal drugs in the private airport Wexford shared with the CIA.

  35. Anon[165] • Disclaimer says:

    Israel’s 50 cents army hard at work.

    • Replies: @bruce county
  36. @Jane Plain

    ‘I don’t know whether you’re being sarcastic or not, but if Epstein/Maxwell were Mossad agents, the Mossad has become very sloppy.’

    The Mossad is very sloppy. Professional intelligence agencies aren’t proud of how famous they’ve become.

    • LOL: Tsar Nicholas
  37. Pft says:

    I dont think we know for sure Epstein is dead. He worked on behalf of the Intelligence/Tech Community Mafia and was a TLC member and tight with the Technocratic elites. Israel and US are basically one country, 2 systems, like China and HK. Which of us is China and which is HK you may decide.

    US and Israeli Intelligence agencies have been using blackmail for 70 years. Sex was a favorite. Homosexual and/or kids. Cohn/Hoover, Spence, King, Americare/Ritter and of course Epstein and others. They also use tech for blackmail based on financial activities and others starting with PROMIS and then CHILIAD/PRISM and now full speed with 24/7 surveillance , smart devices, and Big Data analysis of pretty much everything that is digitized. What American intelligence cant do legally Israel does for us.

    As for Ghislane. They wont do much. No evidence she is even locked up. No mug shot or other pictures. The charges leave out her sex activities with these minors. So the charges are relatively minor and probably let her get bail as she is less likely to skip town . They limit the period to 1997 meaning Dershowitz , Gates, Brin, Clinton , etc wont be brought in if there is a trial.

    They may let her serve up some minor players for show to justify the slap on the wrist she gets. Or maybe they pretend to throw the book at her and secretly send her to Reunite with Jeffrey wherever he is with a new identity. Nobody will ever know and even if some whistleblower tries to expose it the throughly controlled MSM and now alt/social media would muzzle it.

  38. anon[405] • Disclaimer says:

    Maxwell’s British friend, Laura Goldman is already telling the British newspapers that Maxwell was subservient and totally obedient to Epstein and his control of her made her do what she did

    It’s standard practice for the intelligence services to manipulate the media in an effort to redeem their cooperative subjects. That’s something they promise many so-called extremists when they flip them. Look for more of the British press to push this narrative in the coming months. They’ll say she was an unwilling captive of Epstein’s who feared for her life if she didn’t do what he told her to do. They’ll leak stories that he raped women or sexually assaulted someone. Maxwell will end up getting a slap on the wrist after helping to bring a couple of low level offenders to justice. They’ll then bury this whole thing under #metoo. You’ll never hear about the intelligence link (probably CIA or Mossad … or both), and you’ll never get full access to the treasure trove of pictures and video evidence seized by New York authorities. Eventually, someone will file a FOIA request and the feds will either seal the evidence for decades in response or claim they lost the files. By then, though, the incident will mostly be forgotten except on fringe websites. Respectable types will claim the case is closed and any further speculation constitutes conspiracy mongering. They may end up banning someone from Twitter to scare other dissenters into compliance.

  39. SafeNow says:

    It is likely that Ghislaine set-up a “dead man’s switch.” That is, if she were to die under mysterious circumstances, a trusted interlocutor would emerge with the Lolita tapes. One may assume that this scenario has been exhaustively evaluated by the advisers to, and protectors of, the predatory crowd; and that there is a plan.

    • Replies: @no jack london
  40. Miro23 says:

    If all of that is true, we the public will not be seeing anything like a “show trial” of Ghislaine Maxwell that reveals all and names names.

    They could have picked her up any time they wanted. It would have been cheaper for the FBI to send a taxi rather than run the dramatic hideaway/ arrest show. It’s a worked out deal – and since it’s a deal with the ZioGlob Mafia running the US (of which she is part) – then the big names go free. She gets a minor sentence in return for her “co-operation”.

    The MSM (their propaganda department) are already putting the focus on Prince Andrew – so no doubt he gets an extradition requests to attend his dramatic “show trial”. The BBC’s Emily Maitlis (Jewish activist) already tricked him into a disastrous interview to set the scene.

    • Agree: Patagonia Man
    • Replies: @Hibernian
  41. @Sean

    “Oxford spies”? No, it was Cambridge.

  42. @Alden

    Do you hold the Copyright for that script?

  43. @Jane Plain

    Your argument makes no sense. No human entity is infallible, and if you are presenting an argument against this being a Mossad op, you are as absurd as critics of 9/11 truthers saying that it is racist to say a Muslim guy in a cave was not capable of bringing down three buildings in New York City.

    • LOL: Sya Beerens
    • Replies: @Jane Plain
    , @Curmudgeon
  44. She will be given a suspended sentence then sent to Israel and gifted with a West Bank property stolen from some Palestinian.

  45. @Sean

    100%, right on the money!

    Victor Rothschild, scientist, WWII intel officer, senior exec with Royal Dutch Shell and N M Rothschild & Sons, advisor to UK PM Edward Heath’s and Margaret Thatcher’s governments was believed to be the ‘fifth man’ of the Cambridge Five to supply the Soviets with the plans for the A-bomb.

    Think about it.

    After WWII if you were an intel agency of a government of a country that had been the greatest empire the world’s ever seen before the war – wouldn’t you seek to keep the Soviets and Americans at each other’s throats, i.e., the Cold War, while you quietly went about the business of regaining your empire via installing puppet leaders/dictators and getting each of your former colonies financially reeled back in?

    Not to mention the boon that would be for the global Military-Industrial Complex!

    The Spider’s Web: Britain’s Second Empire (Documentary) 14 Sep 2018

    • Replies: @Hibernian
    , @Anon
  46. Where is Epstein buried ? Or was he cremated ?
    If buried has anyone tried to get him legally exhumed for another autopsy ?
    (Granted you’d probably have more chance of a lottery win than a NY court ordering an exhumation)

    • Replies: @Abbybwood
  47. LondonBob says:

    The press here in Britain only ever mentions Prince Andrew, sounds like the fall guy to me, whilst Israel and the actually powerful perpetrators are ignored.

    Of course Hollywood writer Gary Devore went missing and eventually turned up dead after he had written a script for a film claiming the invasion of Panama was motivated by the desire to get the film back of various US bigwigs with young men and women that Noriega had had made whilst they visited Panama.

  48. @lysias

    Clearly, Mr Epstein’s death was staged, following which he was killed, to ensure the fact his death was staged remained secret.

    Content warning: the above statement is not evidence based.

  49. Valka says:
    @Patagonia Man

    Too much credit to trump. Look how many ties he has to Epstein and those he has hired have to him.

  50. @Alden

    In English law a defence of “coercive control” has led to the setting aside of at least one conviction for murder.

    The idea behind the defence is that a woman can become helplessly enmeshed in an abusive relationship with a man. Her loss of autonomy, combined with a fear of reprisal, prevents her from walking away from the relationship, and perpetuates a cycle of abuse, often over many years.

    Eventually, she kills her partner because she perceives this as the only way of escaping her situation. The use of a carefully planned and executed method of killing the victim is seen as part of the syndrome rather than simple premeditation.

    Women who kill their male partners can avoid a conviction for murder if they can demonstrate they acted in the context of such a relationship. So a similar defence might also apply to lesser but nevertheless very serious crimes, such as procuring victims for a male abuser.

  51. GeeBee says:

    those in MI5 who thought Rothschild had been part of the Oxford spy ring.

    There was no Oxford spy ring. It was Cambridge. Victor Rothschild was at Trinity (a Cambridge college), along with Guy Burgess, Kim Philby, Donald McClean and Anthony Blunt, the men who comprised the Cambridge spy ring. You are perhaps making the mistake owing to the fact that Victor Rothschild’s successor to the barony, Jacob Rothschild, was at ‘The House’ (i.e. Christ Church, an Oxford college).

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
    , @Sean
  52. Sean says:

    If Israel and the US are basically one country, 2 systems, like China and HK, why would Israel need to mount a risky blackmail operation against US politicians?; The Epstein Affair is more like an anti Semitic honeytrap considering that almost everyone of importance implicated in it is Jewish and it has derailed the political comeback of Ehud Barak. More realistically, Ghislane Maxwell and Prince Andrew may have been the original targets

    If anyone was pulling the strings Rupert Murdoch would be my bet , he has always hated the royal family and having his former rival Robert Maxwell’s favourite daughter jailed for the rest of her life would be a nice bonus. Before anyone says Murdoch does not have the machine to do that him British operation was bugging the phones of celebrities the Royal family and politician, and one of his contracted phone hackers (Daniel Morgan) . was murdered for threatening to go public. Parliament was terrified because Murdoch has dossiers on them all. He got exposed eventually, and ever since has has thirsted for revenge against the British Establishment. Murdoch’s empire took down the BBC with the Jimmy Savile scandal.

    • Replies: @james charles
  53. Truth3 says:

    Shows again why we need a Revolution.

    “When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for our people to dissolve the Jewish bonds which have enslaved them, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the Jew Nightmare at an end themselves, loudly, and with conviction.”

  54. Jeshurun Tsarfat [AKA "JT"] says: • Website

    I think the Maxwell-Epstein story is utter bunk. Half the world watches porn films from companies that have been sued for manipulating and enticing women with false cover. Talk about hypocrisy. It’s right there, in the mainstream. What has anyone done about it!?

    Half the internet makes money off it, and half the readers here consume it. Then everyone gets on their high horse about Maxwell-Epstein because they are Jewish and its was a brilliant operation honoring the intelligence and hardiness of the Jewish people!?? Why not expose real rapists? The culture of rape in rap music and among Muslims, and even low class rednecks with their meth addiction?

    I mean operations like “Casting Couch” or what not, have been served million dollar penalties in civil lawsuits, because for reasons no one wants to go into criminal charges are never served by the Feds (geez, why would that be), and is someone here gonna stop watching them??

    Oh, but you’re not accomplices.

    Aside from the intelligence aspect to Maxwell-Epstein, this is another Harvey Weinstein. Half the sluts in Hollywood jump into bed with him, and then turn around and call him a rapist when he’s down and out.

    Maxwell is not a grooming scandal like the UK, where dirty Pakis kidnapped White children (8 years old!) and sodomized them. There’s a story that is beyond the pale since its very telling is tantamount to incitement.

    I’ll be called a Jewish pig for defending “my own.” Actually, I see no Jews defending Epstein-Maxwell. I see no one defending them. Too bad, because I think the truth is on our side on this one. I guess I’m a kosher pig!

    Maxwell didn’t rape anyone. Nor did Epstein. To call it rape is to hitch your wagon to the “date rape” Uni-Karen mania of accusing sports jocks of “raping them” after she wakes up with a hang-over with Chuck in her bed.

    It’s not rape. It’s a fat hag advertising her worthlessness to school authorities.

    Rape is when a Black guy handles a petite woman like a rag-doll and beats her within a breath of death while ripping up her unlubricated organs. The details are given to give readers the idea of the pain and damage this does. The Black or Hispanic or Arab animal then gets off scot-free in half the European/American world due to aggravating circumstances where this kind of “rape” is beyond public scrutiny, leaving its largely White victims out on a suicidal limb.

    Nor was it pedophilia. Unless you’re not strangling the individual, and if they are 14 and their parents are ok with it – which is the case in every instance we’ve heard so far – then the term pedophilia is inappropriate.

    The parents of Maxwell-Epstein “victims” were always informed, and trafficked their teen kids. They are not victims in this case. They were accomplices.

    In half the country marriage age is set at 16. Two states allow it at age 14 (Alaska and North Carolina). Three more at 15.

    So how do you square that with some of these charges?

    In the other half of the country consensual sex between two under aged individuals leads to a life time charge of pedophelia for the man.

    Between a rock and a hard place?

    Sanity tells us, Maxwell-Epstein was far more contrived, more careful, and skirted the law, without breaking it, or if breaking it, with consent of parents who bear legal responsibility.

    It’s called parental neglect and used to carry a charge.

    Human trafficking is huge across the country, with the Feds doing nothing against it, since it hits poor communities, both White and of color. Rappers rap about it all the time. They glorify it. People have never boycotted their work. They don’t even talk about it.

    I think real rape is a problem. This story is based on the general tendency of the masses to pry into the sex lives of the rich and famous, and seethe with jealousy that they can buy their way into something normal people can’t. Its a story that tests societies mores. A successful entrapment operation, where troves of videos of high profile individuals, many of which are perfectly legal might someday see the day of light.

    There’s also a beautiful romance between Epstein and Maxwell.

    • Troll: Druid
  55. Truth says:

    This whole story is a fraud. These “rich, powerful men”, don’t like little girls; they are all homos and like little boys.

  56. Robjil says:
    @Tsar Nicholas

    Cancer given by the (((powers ruling us))) is an old tactic. Arafat got it. This article mentions the many Latin Americans leaders who were given this gift. Why? They weren’t pro-Israel/US empire.

    It was a case destined for the X-Files and conspiracy theorists alike, when Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez speculated that the US might have developed a way to weaponise cancer, after several Latin American leaders were diagnosed with the disease. The list includes former Argentine president, Nestor Kirchner (colon cancer) Brazil’s president Dilma Rousseff (lymphoma cancer), her predecessor Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (throat cancer), Chavez (undisclosed), former Cuban president Fidel Castro (stomach cancer) Bolivian president, Evo Morales (nasal cancer) and Paraguayan president Fernando Lugo (lymphoma cancer). What do they have in common besides cancer? All of them are left-wing leaders. Coincidence? In his December 28, 2011 end-of-year address to the Venezuelan military, Chavez hinted that the US might have found a way to give Latin American leaders cancer.

    • Thanks: Patagonia Man
    • Replies: @Tsar Nicholas
    , @Anon
  57. chuckywiz says:

    Hush, Hush.. Nothing is expected.
    Like the former Israeli Military Intelligence officer said in an interview on that the Southern District of NY is an Israeli court extension.

    We will never hear about the tapes. Why Maxwell is charged for crimes between 1994-97 and not afterwards, why the judge in DC court ordered one of the victims attorney (in another lawsuit) to “destroy” all the documents related to Epstein and Maxwell instead of just saying that the documents are not permissible. This happened a day before Maxwell’s arrest.

  58. Hibernian says:

    The British will never extradite a Royal, especially to their former Colonies. A third country might; therefore, the Prince is sentenced to life within the boundaries of the UK, the mirror image of the Duke of Windsor’s exile.

    • Replies: @Miro23
  59. Moi says:
    @Tsar Nicholas

    If there is any connection to Mossad/Israel, then everything will be swept under the carpet–just like the truth about 9/11.

  60. @Sean

    “Ghislaine’s mother was a French gentile, who brought a huge dowry that was the basis of her Robert Maxwell’s fortune. “

    Is half a silk weaving factory in France in 1946 a huge dowry?

    “The British security service (MI5) long suspected her father of being a KGB agent, not a Mossad one.”

    Both is probably the likeliest, but a change from mostly KGB in the Pergamon years, to mostly Mossad after the fall of Communism.

  61. Icy Blast says:
    @Tsar Nicholas

    Welcome to the U.S.A. Were you expecting George Washington and Ben Franklin to ride to the rescue?

  62. Hibernian says:
    @Patagonia Man

    The British are too decadent to establish a second empire, although some of them may have hoped to do that up to the mid-60s when they resigned themselves to being just another European country. (One that’s in the same league with Germany and France, not Denmark and Greece, not to mention the ex-Yugoslav entities.)

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  63. @Sean

    What year did the phone hacking start?

  64. I rather suspect that she and her lawyers had actually been in touch with the authorities and some kind of plea bargain has been under consideration.

    I suspect the exact same thing. And I further suspect that Ghislaine was ordered by Mossad and Buckingham Palace to ‘take a hit for the team,’ meaning that nothing of any significance will ever come of this. It’ll be the absolute most limited-hangout in world history.

  65. Anonymous[544] • Disclaimer says:

    I think this story is a bunch of nonsense. Who cares if teenage girls were having sex with older men? I’m serious. Growing up, I knew 14 yr old girls who were incredibly sexually active. They were sluts! And often times they learned it from their mom! Dad was out of the picture long ago!

    Please people, pay attention to more important things. These women who came forward are what they always were. Opportunistic skanks. With Gloria fucking Allred as an attorney. Give me a break. These women are damaged goods. I feel sorry for any man who gets tangled up with them. Imagine finding out the woman you are with traveled around as teenager getting dicked down by a bunch of grown men? You would ask yourself, What kind of family did she grow up in? Why did she go and do this? I can tell you why. It was more exciting and enjoyable than playing field hockey or soccer. Got it? They may have been young, but not innocent.

    They had no skills then as they do now and are looking for easy money. They’ll go have sex with someone else and laugh about it they next time they go to the ATM.

    It’s pathetic so many men don’t understand the nature of women. Just because your wife or girlfriend is decent, don’t think this applies to all women and teenage girls. Every seen what an 18 yr old pornstar will do for cash? Well, she was 14 only four years ago.

    Women are born opportunists and almost all use their body to get what they want. Period.

  66. vot tak says:

    Well, it’s considered bad form for colonials to prosecute agents of the colonizer.

    • Replies: @Meimou
  67. scrub says:

    The curious reappearance of Maxwell happened for a painfully obvious reason. She has something on Trump that the the increasingly desperate deep state thinks will ruin Trump’s chances of re-election.

    There can be no other reason for Maxwell’s sudden reappearance. She was deliberately being kept in a luxurious form of cold storage right up to now for this reason.

    The information she has on Trump will be teased by the media right up to election day. Whether this information is true or not won’t matter. Just the media driven insinuation will do the damage.

    Trump must be presently working feverishly behind the scenes right now to cut his losses by (among other things) promising a pardon to Maxwell alla Marc Rich (who was just as much a Mossad asset thirty years ago as Maxwell was more recently). Naturally, there will be even more free US financial and military support for Israel arising out of all (as is always the case).

    Who does what to whom will of course be decided in Tel Aviv. The ultimate beneficiary in all this will be, as always, Israel. Netanyahu must be licking his chops right now about what is going on. He is going to REALLY fleece the Trumpster and the stupid Americans this time.

    Trump will be lucky to have a pair of pants to wear by the time this is over.

    Bye, bye Iran.

    Randy Prince Andy is next on the list. The queen will probably have to hock the crown jewels.

  68. @GeeBee

    What is more the number of candidates for being the Fifth Man was so great that only the knowledge that the name Rothschild was an obsessive’s honey pot could even get Victor Rothschild on the list. John Cairnvross since 1990 seems to be the pick but why not more than 5? The American Michael Whitney Straight was always a good candidate for mention and lots more suggestive stuff can be found at

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  69. dimples says:

    Attractive and rich women like Ms. Maxwell don’t go to jail at all. If she were worried about it she wouldn’t have allowed herself to be arrested in New Hampshire.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  70. @Robjil

    I believe Jack Ruby conveniently died of an aggressive cancer while in prison awaiting a re-trial.

    • Thanks: Robjil
  71. Sean says:
    @GeeBee yes. there was an Oxford spy ring. Because of the American reaction, Britain became frantic to minimise all these spy rings, and I suppose there was a lot we will never know. For years Burgess and Blunt lived with another gay, Victor Rothschild’s future wife and a third woman in an basement apartment owned by Victor Rothschild that was described by visitors as like a upper class knocking shop. However Rothschild’s ability to bring costly libel actions at the drop of a hat meant no one accused outright accused him while he was alive. And he funded the Spycatcher book to further muddy the waters. In addition to being a publisher and newspaper magnate, Robert Maxwell was also notorious for bringing libel actions against anyone who was at all critical of him. was entertaining, but when you read about 30’s Soviet spies is amazing how many of the recruiters were Jewish communist women that got married to Englishmen in Nazi Germany then came to Britain. Philby had married one such and an Israeli visiting CIA headquarters was horrified at running into him there, and told Angleton that Philby was a Red. Angleton told Philby a lot over liquid lunches, but he retained a rep as the CIA’s master spy catcher nonetheless, and he also had the Israel desk(!).

    It is quite enlightening about real life in the CIA when you find out how gullible and at the same time paranoid Angleton was. A KGB analyst was convinced Philby was a triple agent because she said MI6 could not possibly be so stupid as to let someone with Philby’s highly suspicious resume join. (having married a Jewish commie, Philby had clearly become a Soviet agent by the time he became involved in a in a pro Nazi organisation in England, had been in Spain doing undetermined things in communist controlled territory during Civil War ECT ECT). The KGB thought the Cambridge ring were was too good to be true and actually a trick by the subtle Britishers. Could Robert Maxwell have been a Soviet agent. You betcha!

    • Replies: @Bombercommand
    , @GeeBee
  72. “given the alleged death by suicide that eliminated Epstein in a Manhattan maximum security prison ”
    given the alleged death by suicide that allegedly eliminated Epstein in a Manhattan maximum security prison

  73. @Trinity

    “Have you heard or read ONE SINGLE PERSON who works for the Jewish run media identify this as an Israeli/Mossad run pedophile ring?”

    Nor will you find, in any Hollywood produced movie, a Jew depicted as a villain, a fool or a bigot. In these roles, actors with conspicuously Jewish features are conspicuously absent.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  74. @Anonymous

    The issue is Sex Trafficking of Minors. Open And Shut. If we want dirty zionist joooo prevarications, we have the new “Sean”. The old “Sean” was a young israeli twerp, totally useless, who was replaced by the new “Sean”, much older, more experienced and plays a much better, more subtle, hasbara game than the hamfisted pathetic “Fran Taubman”. Despite that, the new “Sean” is totally obvious. Jooooz think they are more intelligent than the Goyim, but they aren’t(joooz got Mahler, We have Wagner). Add that intellectual mediocrity to towering hubris and what comes out is totally ridiculous.

    • Agree: Truth3
  75. Why? I will tell you why! Because the entire western civilization has been corrupted from within and to find out who did it, just ask who benefits the most but not the who the least.

  76. @Hibernian

    …when they resigned themselves to being just another European country.

    A few more decades and they’ll be just another afro-muslim country.

  77. @Curmudgeon

    Didn’t Cernovich sue Guiffe to unseal those documents? Dershowitz had tried to get them in a suit earlier. When a judge ruled against him, Cernovich rode to his rescue and won.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  78. It’s so very obvious that Epstein was a Mossad agent. It’s also so very obvious the the zionists have America by the short hairs and almost nobody’s got the balls to say anything about it.

    • Agree: Truth3
  79. Trinity says:

    She might be rich but if you call that thing attractive, you definitely need to get out more. From 1-10 I give “G-Max” a 3 without makeup, with some war paint and a nice dress she barely scrapes a 4. She actually looks very tranny-like in a lot of photos.

    • Agree: GeeBee
    • Replies: @Truth3
    , @Jonathan Mason
  80. @Anonymous

    One frequently hears similar views expressed by personality disordered sex offender patients detained in long term secure psychiatric care. Is your address perhaps Ashworth or Broadmoor hospital?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  81. Miro23 says:

    The British will never extradite a Royal, especially to their former Colonies. A third country might; therefore, the Prince is sentenced to life within the boundaries of the UK, the mirror image of the Duke of Windsor’s exile.

    I would have agreed with this a few years ago, but a lot of strange things are happening in the UK. Police stand around watching while a protestor tries to set light to the flags on the Cenotaph (memorial to British soldiers who died in the two world wars). Blacks run riot (more than a hundred police in hospital), while black criminality can’t be mentioned (racist talk).

    And, the Royal Family is being badly kicked around by the antics of Harry / Meghan and they’re currently on the defensive. Maybe they would rather sacrifice Andrew than get into another fight. He did lie to the Queen about Epstein.

    • Replies: @GeeBee
    , @Alden
  82. @Tsar Nicholas

    I’m not making any argument, you fucking asshole. It was an observation directed to “Sean.”

  83. Why did she leave France, and fly to NH? Doesn’t make a bit of sense on her part. Also has anyone seen a picture of her in custody?

    This strikes me as nothing more than theater. Just like the mossad operation angle. Given the repeat business of the so called blackmailed men, it was more likely a test to see who lacked morality. Finally if anyone actually cared, they’d charge Maxwell and Mossad with a hate crime for targeting and prostituting at risk Gentile girls.

    For all you women hating men: doubt any of Epstein’s girls had a decent father in their lives.

  84. geokat62 says:

    …and [Ghislaine] being very naive.

    lol, That’s not how Maria Farmer described her in her taped interview with Whitney Webb. She comes off looking more like a cold, calculating, evil witch.

  85. @Sean

    James Jesus Angleton was absolutely useless as a Counter Intelligence Chief defending the CIA, but very useful for the zionist entity. His “paranoia” was in fact a ruse, which both degraded morale at the CIA while providing cover for zionist entity agents within the CIA. Angleton was an agent for the zionist entity, a traitor to the land of his birth, The United States of America. Angleton could succeed because no one wants the difficult dirty job of CounterIntelligence, but it is in fact the most important job in any covert Agency. Angleton deserved the fate of being chained to a concrete block outdoors until he died of thirst, the most horrific death imaginable; but all agents of the zionist entity, in government or outside of it, operating against The United States of America deserve that fate, and it would be my pleasure to personally administer that punishment.

  86. Our real puppet masters are the white Jewish Supremacists of the Apartheid state with the open air prisons.

  87. @Tsar Nicholas

    You forget that we live under (((Jewish Tyranny)))…

  88. Trinity says:

    Interesting. Never thought about that but you are right, you NEVER see a Jew villain. Lord knows there are plenty of REAL LIFE (((scumbags))) that could be portrayed in (((REEL LIFE.)))

    I remember Tony Curtis did play the Boston Strangler but then again to the average movie goer, Tony Curtis was some swarthy looking “white guy” and of course he was playing the part of a real life serial murderer, Albert DeSalvo, an Eye-talian if I am not mistaken, the man convicted of being the Boston Strangler.

    Speaking of serial killers and distortion of the truth by our friends in (((Hollywood))) and (((New York.))) There are tons of NONWHITE SERIAL KILLERS BUT WE HAVE BEEN LED TO BELIEVE THAT MOST ALL SERIAL KILLERS ARE WHITE. TOTAL BULLSHIT AND A FLAT OUT LIE.

  89. Truth says:

    I would agree with you… if Andrew, Drumpf and Clinton and the rest were publicly open about what they were doing..

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Jeff Stryker
  90. Trinity says:

    “G-Max” allowing herself to be captured? (((CoronaRona))), (((BLM-Antifa Riots))), and Trumpstein being hammered with a book authored by his niece, tax reports, blah, blah, and now the Wicked Witch Of The Hebrews appears out of nowhere. I smell a scripted play that might try to implicate Trumpstein and portray Ghislane as the poor little rich girl who was put on a Manson-like mind f*ck by her Svengali master, Jeffrey Epstein. “G-Max” was totally under the spell of Epstein, blah, blah. ABSOLUTELY NO MENTION OF MOSSAD, ISRAEL, OR THAT ALL THE GIRLS PIMPED OUT WERE WHITE GENTILES, NO JEWISH GIRLS WERE USED? Some guy on JewTube had put out a list of the contacts in “Epstein’s little black book” which consisted of some names in the political world as well as a few entertainers, one in particular kind of shocked me down to my boots. Of course, this POS having your phone number doesn’t implicate you are a child molester, I’m sure just running around with the rich and filthy puts you around all sorts of “celebrities.”

  91. @Sean

    Yeah, yeah, we get it, “Sean”: no Mossad to see here, all KGB, blah, blah, [insert minutiae about Cold War].

    Throw in some Covid, Murdoch, but we already got it: no Mossad, no Israel, no Jews.

    • Replies: @Sean
  92. Z-man says:

    This was a Zionist operation from the get go. Epstein was recruited, set up and bankrolled by Mossad. Self made billionaire, ha! Maxwell was his British Zionist accomplice.
    Hopefully Epstein is dead, at the hands of his own kind. The Jewess will meet a similar fate to keep the Zionist plot of blackmail of Western leaders hidden. But even with them dead we must not cease in exposing and defeating the plot for Judeo globalist domination.

    PS. As you can see by the grovelling DeSean Jackson, a black football player, taking back his statements about Jews and his support of Louis Farrakhan, that even in these insane BLM times, the Power of the Cabal is still immense. It must be exposed and defeated, however long it takes.

  93. geokat62 says:
    @Jeshurun Tsarfat

    Nor was it pedophilia. Unless you’re not strangling the individual, and if they are 14 and their parents are ok with it – which is the case in every instance we’ve heard so far – then the term pedophilia is inappropriate.

    Professor Dershowitz, is that you?

  94. Meimou says:

    There was no reason to keep him alive. He was useless, less than useless, he was a liability.

    • Replies: @lysias
  95. Anon[544] • Disclaimer says:

    What’s Trump relationship with Epstein? How close are they? I saw a video of Trump and Epstein palling around and laughing, with Ghislaine Maxwell in the background.

    • Replies: @Pft
  96. Trinity says:

    You know damn well this is going to be another dog and pony show COMPLETELY orchestrated by the usual suspects. You have Gloria AllRED, the Jewess, defending poor White Gentile girls that have been sexually abused by a group of (((perverts))) and an A-list of celebritard shabbos goyim. If not for the serious issue of sexual abuse and pedophilia, this tragedy would be a comedy. IF these girls have any brothers or male relatives with a sack, I say let them have a few minutes of downtime with one of the accused who allegedly abused their sister, mom, aunt, etc.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  97. Anonymous[826] • Disclaimer says:

    Why is there no interest from law enforcement to question Bill Clinton, only Prince Andrew? Can Giraldi elaborate on this anomaly.

    • Replies: @Patagonia Man
  98. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    Each morning when I wake, I say a prayer to God–or is that spelled G-d?–for our Israeli friends.

    Just think of the predicament we’d be in if Israel had not murdered JFK; had not savagely attacked the USS Liberty; had not sent in that bomber to the Marine barracks in Lebanon and had not masterminded the 9/11 False Flag.

    Think that over and you’ll agree that we would be in a terrible situation if our friend had not done the above to us!
    We’d probably be bogged down in the ME, fighting never ending wars for Israel.

    P.S. Where’s the loud and obnoxious Dershowitz these days? It wasn’t that long ago he dared Guthrie to say he had molested little girls and she came right back at that asshole, saying he did.
    Alan, where you at these days? Helping your Antifa friends plan more subversion and calamities against America?

    • Agree: omegabooks
  99. @Sean

    Sean, you make it so obvious that you are working for the Isra-lies that reading your long screeds is a waste of time. I hope your mossad supervisor reads this response and sacks you.
    Subtle, always be subtle when trying to deflect.
    Now try again and use my advice but with a different identity.

  100. polistra says: • Website

    Nah. She’s just being “deplatformed” so she can go underground and operate more freely, just as Epstein was “deplatformed”. When you’re officially “dead” you have even more freedom than before, and Epstein was already the most free and powerful human on earth. Total blackmail means total power and total freedom.

  101. G Maxwell surrendered to the FBI because it was the least hazardous fork in the road?

  102. Ghislaine Maxwell should be sent to Guantanamo Bay forever. Her crime is worse than of the current inmates. When Joe Biden wins in November, Maxwell will be set free at once. The Clintons, the Gates, Prince Andrew, and the other fat cats should accompany her. It would be a blessing for society.

  103. @Jane Plain

    I’m not making any argument, you fucking asshole. It was an observation directed to “Sean.”

    If one of us is an asshole, I suggest it was the one who thought she could have a private conversation on a public discussion forum.

  104. At 4:40: “You can be shot in the back of the head, because that’s how Mossad shoots you.”

    • Thanks: Trinity
    • Replies: @Trinity
  105. KA says:

    Why was he buried with such an honor that befits a state dignitary ? Why was he buried where he was buried? Why did so many Israeli officials from PM attend and why did they eulogize him with the ornate languages that very few other than the elite of Zionist can ever dream of ?

    May be there is some open honest reason. But its not known

  106. Yukon Jack says: • Website

    Do we have any real evidence that Jizlane Maxsexwell was actually arrested?

    Was Ghislaine Maxwell really arrested? Sorry if I’m skeptical of anything said in the MSM.


    “Whenever there are fingerprints all over an international crime scene from the likes of Prince Andrew, Henry Kissinger, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, Bill Gates, Tony Blair, John Kerry, Rupert Murdoch, Alan Dershowitz, etc., there is an obvious need to eliminate the witnesses. Which means that Maxwell must be dealt with one way or another. Just as Epstein was permanently removed from scene, Maxwell will also be as she knows way too much about to many VIPs.”

    “No matter what does or does not transpire with regard to this open case, the world audience will inevitably be captivated by a well-rehearsed and highly orchestrated series of events that will ATTEMPT to bring final closure to EPSTEINgate.”

    “Was Ghislaine Maxwell just arrested so she could also ‘not kill herself’
    in the same jail as Jeffrey Epstein? AND If Ghislaine really names names, won’t she be added to the Clinton body count—YESTERDAY?”

    “Were Ghislaine Maxwell to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, the entire global crime syndicate would collapse in a day and a night.”


    excellent article and the final paragraph is why the entire Epstain-Jizlane are being swept under the rug, forever.

    This whole shit show reeks, have you seen this “thing” called Judge Alison J. Nathan?

    U.S. District Judge Alison J. Nathan set the date in an order as she announced special arrangements to allow limited public access to the video feed of Ghislaine Maxwell facing charges for the first time in Manhattan federal court…

    Judge Nathan is a Jewish transvestite. Here is a picture. Warning graphic image of a Jew man woman freak:

    • Agree: Z-man
    • Replies: @Trinity
  107. Sean says:

    Wexner might be used or sacrificed in an Israeli intelligence operation; it’s not inconceivable, but Ehud Barak, come on? You would have to say he was the actual target. And why? The trouble with people like you is you think intelligence agencies are the most effective institutions on the planet, while nation states are mere pawns in the hands of the puppetmaster’s of Langley. Oh and the Jews are ten feet tall. You must find your life has become very empty and meaningless to derive any satisfaction from believing in such ludicrous conspiracies. Next week: Mossad on the Moon.

  108. Trinity says:
    @Jacques Vautrin

    She asks for witness protection from “our” FBI and doesn’t receive it? “Will they do their job?” Wow. Pretty much says it all.

  109. @Sean

    If the state’s case is so weak, its victims so easily & thoroughly discreditable, why take such a tremendous risk to murder him like they did? And what of Alex Acosta’s: “I was told he belongs to intelligence. Leave him alone.”?

    • Troll: Trinity
  110. ‘Epstein anon employee’ wrote of murder & corpse disposal on 4chan just before Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested

    In a 4chan thread mere hours before the FBI raid on Maxwell, an anonymous poster claiming to be a past employee of Jeffrey Epstein, made a long series of posts describing crimes including murder, at Epstein properties, in the mainland USA, on Epstein’s island, & in Switzerland

    The posts were detailed, coupled with statements that the poster was going to commit suicide … Many of the often sceptical & cynical 4channers think the poster may have been genuine

    The poster describes a job path starting with simple routine tasks, rising in responsibility & criminality & pay, as he became more trusted by the Epstein entourage

    There were also periods, he says, when Epstein was abroad, & as a ‘trusted’ driver etc he was loaned out as an employee to associates of the Mitt Romney family & also to the entourage of pop singer Rhianna

    Epstein is described as relaxed, informal, friendly, & generous with employees, quite disarming … Epstein also expressing melancholy, about how nothing really seemed to make himself happy

    Sometimes the employee was cleaning up after parties & debauchery … sometimes running errands, picking up drugs from dealers, or mysterious parcels he didn’t open

    Some of the work involved driving Epstein or guests or friends … & picking up underage girls at bus stations, sometimes so eager to go to ‘party with rich people’ they brought friends along to meet Epstein … sometimes the driver took a limousine around town to seek out young girls himself, ‘inviting them to a big party’

    But it was also the driver’s duty afterwards, to bring drug-addled or tearful or traumatised girls, back to town & a route home, after their experiences …
    Some young people, however, never seemed to emerge


    He describes once coming across a man having sex, with a strange large tattoo of Richard Nixon on his back … googling this afterwards, he learns it was Roger Stone

    He says he was seduced by the pay, which in the main period went from about \$1500 weekly to \$3000 weekly, with light working hours … but when work was needed, it was sometimes gruesome

    Sometimes people were dead, apparently from drug or similar excess … & in one case, he says, it was discovered that a new employee was a blogger-type investigative journalist taking video … that person was simply murdered outright, & the poster took part in the burning & disposal of the body, ashes into the rubbish

    4chan has visible participation from US-Anglo, Israeli & Chinese propaganda & intelligence services, & from US law enforcement, labelled as ‘glowies’ for ‘glowingly obvious’, e.g., when trying to induce others into posting intentions of violence

    Anonymous, no-user-name, no-sign-up 4chan, remains a premier site for leakers to quickly reach a wide audience, despite obvious FBI / intel monitoring. About 8 hours after the above material was posted, Ghislaine Maxell was arrested. Thread is archived here, ‘Epstein anon’ having the generally longer posts:

  111. sally says:

    Sean’s post at 8 “For instance in the 2016 depositions Giuffre said on Epstein Island there was an orgy at which Prince Andrew had sex with her and eight underage East European teen girls….”

    swapping the imprisonment of a prince, for the freedom of Julian Assange might be a good deal for GM to make?

  112. GeeBee says:

    While I have no doubt that you are technically correct in asserting that several Oxford men were lured or bribed into working for the Soviets, we in Britain never have written or spoken about such an entity as ‘the Oxford spy ring’. Always, when the words ‘spy ring’ are linked to one or other ‘varsity’ (as our two great universities are known in upper-class English circles), it is Cambridge. Talking, therefore, of an ‘Oxford spy ring’ will instantly reveal one as an outsider, at least insofar as informed English politics and current affairs are concerned. I corrected you in what I hope you will understand was a supportive gesture in order to prevent you from making any such further solecism.

    • Replies: @Sean
    , @Crawfurdmuir
  113. Miro23 says:

    Who exactly is innocent in this story?

    – Maxwell picking up teenage girls.

    – Teenage girls attracted by private jets, private islands, sex with the rich and famous and extra money.

    – Politicians getting free access to sex with teenagers.

    – Epstein & Maxwell filming the whole thing for blackmail.

    – Rich Zionists bankrolling it – presumably to cement Israel’s hold on US politics.

    – Israel for originating/going along with the scheme.

    – The FBI for the finding/arresting Maxwell charade.

    – Prison authorities and guards for going AWOL with broken surveillance cameras while Epstein is abducted.

    – The elite in general for knowing about it for years while saying nothing.

    – The MSM/US legal system for targeting Prince Andrew while ignoring the rest of them.

    – Prince Andrew for being a world class lying dope (same family as Harry).

    • Agree: Z-man
  114. Corrupt says:

    “The simple answer just might be that Epstein was in fact an Israeli spy preying on prominent figures and anything having to do with the Jewish state, no matter how malodorous, is a political hotwire and off limits”

    It’s more likely that someone in a high position (Clintons?) was compromised and covering their own XXX.

  115. GeeBee says:

    ‘The Firm’ (as the House of Windsor’s members describe themselves) are to all intents and purposes above the law. There is no way that such an inner member of it as Her Majesty’s second son will ever be arraigned before any court anywhere on any charge .

    • Agree: Patagonia Man
  116. Trinity says:
    @Yukon Jack

    My gawd, this is going to be a literal freak show. Welcome to Clown World.

  117. Rich says:

    Doesn’t matter if an underage girl comes from a bad, or a good, family, doesn’t matter if she’s a “slut”, doesn’t matter if she’s a witch and has had dalliances with the devil, she’s off limits. Everyone knows that. Stay away from children. Thank you.

  118. @Trinity

    Do you mean to say that Maxwell and Epstein forcibly kidnapped them? Kidnapped them at gunpoint?

    Why did so many of these victims return to the mansion?

    Why were 50 different girls from one high school stampeding over to his house?

    Why didn’t their parents notice that their kid is flying off alone to the Virgin Islands?

    Why are whites more gullible than Indians or Pakistanis or Jews themselves?

    Why do white teenage girls have no morals? Why do these other races instill values in their daughters?

    I know all the answers anyhow, of course.

    Its all a desperate attempt to drum up a “Great White Defendant”.

  119. Anonymous[380] • Disclaimer says:

    I don’t care about the sex lives of any of them. It’s irrelevant. I’m not sure about anyone else on this site, but I’ve enjoyed the company of different women. It never messed with my job performance.

    I’m sure every rich man has his little playthings. I’m not rich and I’ve had them. The women enjoy it! It’s fun and nobody is worried about the consequences.

    It’s not like pornography. Yet that is legal and clearly damaging. Yet people are talking about Epstein and Maxwell and the “underage” girls who benefited and clearly enjoyed the time spent together.

    What happened was these women got older. They weren’t wanted and their relationship with Epstein deteriorated. Pissed off because they felt used they decided to go after him. Which is hypocritical considering they were using him, happily accepting any money and gifts he showered upon them.

    Opportunistic skanks all of them.

    These women weren’t beat. They weren’t held hostage against their will. They might lie and say that. Why wouldn’t they? Epstein was a billionaire! Lots of money to be had. That celebrity douchebag lawyer Gloria Allred wants a piece of it too.

    I hope Maxwell is released. So what if she was horny and acted out sexual fantasies? Or “duped” teenage girls into having sex? I’m sure there wasn’t much “duping” involved. You don’t have to manipulate someone who understands what is happening. As if these girls thought all the travel, money and gifts came for free.. lol

    Teenage sluts are everywhere!

    • Replies: @Alden
  120. Anonymous[380] • Disclaimer says:
    @Julian of Norwich

    Clearly you’re an angry virgin.

  121. She’ll likely die in Israel from whatever. Now, if she exposes Israel’s boatload of (I presume) pedophiles (Ehud and Co.), rapists, cover-uppers of pedos and rapists…. whackjob?

    And just who is running Epstein Island these days? Hmmmmmmm……

  122. @Jeff Stryker

    So you are saying all white teen girls are white trash that crave being raped? Not my daughter!

    When whites or whoever stop this collectivist crapola lumping all members of a race or ethnicity or religion into one good or bad collective, let me know! But boy, is it surely popular to make any blanket crapola statement against whites these days! Enjoy your racism, Mr. Stryker!

  123. Trinity says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    “Why do these other races instill values in their daughters?” ROTFLMMFWAO at that one.

    Hey, Shlomo, look at the “values” of Ghislane? You mean like those values? And I can name tons of Jewish females and males involved at one time or another in the (((porn industry.))) And how about those Black and Hispanic breeders that have multiple “baby daddies” and sheeit, yo?

    IF I go into any large city on the East coast and walk around their red light district, chances are good that the majority of street prostitutes will be nonwhite. Chances are that most rich and powerful men who pay for services won’t pay for a nonwhite prostitute because face it, most Black females aren’t attractive and White women are prized for their beauty over Blacks, Hispanics ( there are some hot latinas though), Asians, etc.

    Whites “gullibility” comes from an honorable trait of trusting others and their inherit altruism which plays right into the hands of filthy, putrid scum.

    I have a question for you, Shlomo? Why are so many Jews, sexual perverts? Why are so many Jewish men, misogynistic creeps? Why do many Jews lack basic human decency and moral values?

    “I know all the answers anyhow, of course.” Which begs another question about Jews. Why on earth do you people think you know everything? LMAO. Has anyone out there ever met a Jew, especially a Northeastern Jew, who didn’t think they knew everything under the Sun? YOU PEOPLE, aren’t special at all, matter of fact, most of your tribe are below average IMO, and suffer from delusions of grandeur. lololol & smdh at this clown.

    • Agree: Robjil
  124. geokat62 says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Why do white teenage girls have no morals?

    They used to have morals, before the cultural Marxist poison of progressivism was injected into the West’s bloodstream… thanks to Jewish Supremacist Organizations (JSOs).

  125. aandrews says:

    “…documents relating to Epstein and Maxwell in the possession of litigant victim Virginia Giuffre had to be destroyed.”

    I didn’t read the order, but does it say anything about copious copies being made and disseminated far and wide?

  126. @Sean

    It doesn’t matter what was in the documents. My point is that Giuffre agreed for them to be sealed as a condition of settlement. For her to be part of a motion to unseal, means that she has broken the settlement. For a 3rd party to ask for documents to be unsealed and that to be granted, is dangerous for all of us.

  127. Sean says:

    My aim was to draw a series of parallels, but the reaction from you and others indicates I did so in a too-loosely argued manner. For the avoidance of doubt I’ll spell it out. Elements of the British Deep State became convinced that Wilson was a Soviet agent and exerted pressure on him with the collaboration of the opposition party through rumours of scandals and coups, while utilizing guilt by association with Robert Maxwell and other Jews.

    The US Deep State became convinced that Trump was a Soviet asset and the case against Epstein (who knew Trump) suddenly became a federal one. Dershowitz who was Trump’s main defender was dragged in. Not just the American Deep State but the whole political establishment were looking forward to long campaign of guilt by association while covering Epstein’s trial. But tragically for them Epstein died. Now they are back on track. For example Vanity Fair today:-.

    Such photo selections will be repeated over and over again. Make no mistake, like BLM demonstration riots getting coverage now that was absent during Obama’s presidency, every headline is being chosen with an eye to reducing the possibility of Trump being re-elected.

    • Replies: @mcohen
  128. G J T says:

    The optimistic Q-type take, is that Ghislaine’s tapes will be the blow-out event that changes USA history, as Bill Barr – despite his father’s links to Epstein at the Dalton school – unleashes the tapes to take down the whole corrupt old USA Deep State that has created all this mess. One can hope, anyway.

    Surely you don’t actually believe this. There is a word for the Q-type take, always, and it’s not “optimistic.” It’s “retarded.”

    Absolutely nothing is going to happen to Jizzlaine. I’m not quite sure yet how they’ll do it, but she will be free as a bird before you know it, regardless of what the Jewish media says is happening.

    And no, Jewish Bill Barr is also NOT going to take down anyone with significant ties to the Epstein scandal. There may be a sacrificial goy or two, at the absolute most, just to make it appear as if they did something.

    • Replies: @jack daniels
  129. @Jeshurun Tsarfat

    Does JT stand for Jewish Troll perchance?

    Sure, no Jew has stood up for any of the Swinesteins – except by covering up for them to the last minute, until they were too damaged goods.

    Yea, let’s divert to Blacks and other “animals”, as you say or better yet, to goyish appetite for Jewish-pushed filth. We’re all guilty and we’re all white – right?

    Pathetic ass.

  130. @Tsar Nicholas

    to say a Muslim guy in a cave was not capable of bringing down three buildings in New York City.

    Now I’m confused. Are you suggesting that OSB wired all three buildings for explosives?

    As for his being capable, I’m sure he was capable, but the fact of the matter is that the FBI never had OSB on their “most wanted” list. Why? Well, they said they had no evidence he was involved.

    Is Donald Trump capable of getting a hole in one, on one of his golf courses? I’m sure he is. Whether he has or ever will is a different matter.

  131. @Anon

    Well, sometimes even the big boys screw up. IMO Barr realizes that the Epstein case is HUGE and very dangerous and was saving it for after the Flynn-Russiagate prosecutions. As long as the FBI still has the CDs on which the girls service numerous VIPs the case isn’t settled. Each of those girls has a right to a day in court.

    However, even the best intentions can be paralyzed by fear. So it could be there is no decisive action and after Trump leaves office Barr will be fired or worse, and both investigations will be over.

  132. @G J T

    What is your basis for saying Bill Barr is Jewish?

    I agree that Maxwell may slip through the net but, as Lincoln said, you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

    • Replies: @Pft
    , @HallParvey
  133. @anon

    Why would a fugitive go to the very country whose law enforcement authorities were thirsting to place her under arrest and stand trial? Answer: a deal was in the works, and one which had been in the works for some time. The details are not known but nevertheless your scenario is plausible. In any event, I would be pleasantly shocked if we were to learn the IDs of The Big Stars. But…hope springs eternal.

    • Replies: @lysias
  134. @SafeNow

    Isn’t that what they said about Epstein?

  135. Alden says:

    The pimping Maxwell is charged with occurred between 1994 and 1997 before Maxwell and Virginia met.

    Maxwell, not Virginia is charged with perjury. The job of the prosecutor is to prove Maxwell perjured herself. If defendant’s counsel does a good job of establishing that Virginia lied in other depositions and testimony; it means nothing. The fact that Virginia won her 2016 case against Maxwell would be a major part of the prosecutor’s rebuttal against defense allegations against Virginia.

    Even if Virginia admitted in court that she lied, it would not prove Maxwell did not perjury herself. I didn’t know Perry Mason re runs were still in TV

    There’s also the practice, unknown to you, of government prosecutors not filing charges unless they know they have a 90 percent chance of winning a conviction or getting a guilty plea.

    Proving B perjured herself does not prove A innocent of perjury.

    Virginia is just one of hundreds probably at least a thousand minor prostitutes the procurers and pimps Epstein and Maxwell trafficked over 25/30 years.

    • Replies: @Sean
    , @Curmudgeon
  136. @Truth


    This seems wearily reminiscent of the Michael Jackson scandal of the early nineties-though Michael Jackson was seemingly heterosexual and, in humorously, married a white daughter of a much-loved Southern white singer.

    Some poor whites are eager to make a buck.

    Come on. The parents did not send their underage girls over to Epstein’s house for \$200. They pulled the same thing the parents of Jackson’s alleged victims did. An out-of-court hush money/court settlement.

    Word on the grapevine filtered out into the Miami trailer parks and poor neighborhoods that some billionaire had a passion for slumming with underage girls and would be good for a million or so in hush funds.

    Your kid does not stay at Neverland or fly off to the VIRGIN ISLANDS! and you don’t know anything about it.

    And yes, even if the parents pushed the kids into this (Which is probably at least some of the time) it is dismaying that all these white teen sluts are brimming in various cities and chomping at the bits.

    So much for European heritage.

    • Replies: @geokat62
    , @lysias
    , @Robjil
  137. @Jeshurun Tsarfat

    ‘… Maxwell is not a grooming scandal like the UK, where dirty Pakis kidnapped White children (8 years old!) and sodomized them…’

    No it’s not. Neither a former president of the United States nor a former prime minister of Israel were customers of the Pakistani grooming gangs.

    • LOL: Alden
  138. geokat62 says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    So much for European heritage.

    It’s not enough they worked assiduously to undermine your heritage, they mock you to boot.

    • Replies: @ChuckOrloski
    , @Poco
  139. lysias says:

    That could of course have been a cover story, if Maxwell’s death was really staged. If the Israelis did kill Maxwell, wouldn’t it have been odd to give him such a sendoff at his memorial service?

    • Replies: @Gast
    , @Alden
  140. lysias says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    I believe a lot of Epstein’s victims were Latina girls.

  141. lysias says:
    @Prester John

    Which is also part of the reason I think Epstein’s death was staged and he is still alive. Why did he come back to the U.S. from France if he didn’t believe a way would be found to allow him to escape punishment?

  142. bruce county says:

    Israel’s 50 cents army hard at work.

    I’m sorry….I had to.. It was just too easy.

  143. Epstein and Maxwell were adrenochrome harvesters among other things like blackmail honeypot trappers. Let’s face reality, adrenochrome is the preferred drug of the rich and famous. It gives the incredible high with the benefits of being the fountain of youth.
    We will never know the real truth because the rich and famous just needs to take out their check books and make their names disappear. That’s how the world works, always had and always will.

  144. Truth3 says:

    A Three? Four with a nice dress?

    YOU definitely need to get out more.

    She’s a Double Zero. Like in… Ugly Ass jOO.

    • LOL: Trinity
    • Replies: @Trinity
  145. MH says:

    What a comedy! The muzzled lawyers!

  146. Pft says:
    @jack daniels

    Wikipedia says his father was Jewish and then converted to Catholicism as an adult. Conversions go both ways though. No idea what religion he practices or if he considers himself Jewish by race. Doesn’t matter.

  147. @geokat62

    Hey George!

    Where have I seen this Gee-laine theater before? A surprise lock up, 🤗 placed on “suicide watch.”

    Is sequel to Epstein’s dramatic arrest, but with Supremacist’s Jewry’s real time & planned purpose?

    Why would Trumpstein give the compromised Acosta a juicy cabinet job? 🤔
    Doubtful, but maybe, just maybe, occupied Americans will learn why he was directed to back off with debilitating charges against Epstein.

    Lastly, will Zio Biden get permission to attack Trumpstein’s links with Mossad’s Ghislaine and Jeffrey?

    Be well, my best.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  148. Robjil says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    So much for Zion Second Century Heritage.

    The first century from 12.23.1913 to 9.11.2001 was bad enough.

    The second century since 9.11.2001, in Jewish calendar that date is Elul (12) 23 5761 is a real doozy.

    It is never ending in its delusions of grandeur.

    When will hit it reach its hubris limit?

    The entire world is waiting for its stupidity to end, for it to wake up and smell the coffee.

  149. Art says:

    I have to believe the arrest of Ghislane was planned, negotiated, and orchestrated. Why else would she stay in the US when she could have easily avoided the mess?

    Hmm — maybe Epstein and Ghislane, both came back to the US because they feared that Israel would do to them what it did to Ghislane’s father – Robert Maxwell. Ghislane believed that the Mossad killed her father.

    Maxwell was killed because he was a greedy rotten embarrassment to Jews – that was subject to a tell-all humiliating trail. Epstein was in the same boat. (Epstein could have flown to Israel – not to the US.)

    p.s. The idea that Epstein was suicidal is preposterous.

    • Agree: Z-man
  150. Derer says:

    People are still asking “where are the waves of antisemitism coming from?”. A foreign country by the name of Israel, highly abusive and disloyal to American people, is granted special privileges and protection in this country to do any illegal/criminal/shady/secretive operations by the Washington colluding elite.

    How can the public trust Schumer, who even dared to threaten Supreme Court justices (excluding 3 Jewish), or Schiff or Nadler or Vindman who spied on the President phone call or other dual privileged citizens that are loyal to Israel and AJL only. Sadly, the Maxwell or Epstein scandals are not the last.

  151. Trinity says:

    haha. Nah, I gotz to keep it real, she isn’t exactly drop dead gorgeous but a “double zero?” G-Max taint that low, but I would surely give Sandra Bernhard and Deborah Libstadt a ZERO. How about the radical leftist, Susan Rosenberg? Hell, G-Max looks like Marie Osmond next to those beasts. I gotz to go with a tree and a half on Gee Max.

  152. geokat62 says:

    Lastly, will Zio Biden get permission to attack Trumpstein’s links with Mossad’s Ghislaine and Jeffrey?

    It’s a pathetic Kosher soap opera, Chuck. The Biden’s grasping for shekels in Ukraine (and who knows where else) and Trumpstein’s name appearing in Epstein’s little black book along with 14 different private contact numbers.

    As Elvis Costello once said, “ I don’t know how much more of this I can take!”

    Stay strong in broken Scranton, Chuck.

    • Thanks: ChuckOrloski
  153. Gast says:

    Yes, this is probably a cover story. I don’t think Israel would be so small-time to advice their top agent to plunder the pension funds of a newspaper on her behalf, which would certainly lead to his downfall. They can extort much more money from American taxpayers without much hassle. And such a disgusting behavior would be terrible PR for jewish media moguls all over the world.

    I thought about reading the Gordon Thomas book, but now I know better and will probably pass on it (altough I might read the chapters on his early theft of German patents). British authors are almost as untrustworthy as jews.

  154. Pft says:

    They met in 1987. Some say real estate but they no doubt had common friends like Robert Maxwell and Greenberg from Bear Stearns, and no doubt attended some of the same parties. Trump threw a bunch of parties at the Plaza hotel which he bought in 1988 , much like his pal Ray Cohn had done did in Suite 233. Cohn was his mentor and also was known to resort to sexual blackmail. Not saying Trump was in on that

    In the late 80’s there were a bunch of these sex rings using kids (mostly male) for blackmail. Spence, King, Americare/Ritter all got busted. Created a vacuum that Jeffrey was moved in to fill. Maxwells death allowed him to hook up with Ghislane who I suspect was ordered to NYC for that purpose

    In the 21st century Epstein started focusing on tech and Silicone Valley. Ghislanes sister founded the company that developed Chiliad software that was used by US intelligence after 9/11 to connect all the databases to analyze the data to track down terrorists and monitor everyone else. Epstein became acquainted with all the tech giants at Google and Microsoft like Brin and Gates. Israel was seeking to become a Tech center so I suppose his focus became more on blackmailing those in tech as they had politicians in both parties under control by then

    Sometime in the early 200o’s Trump and Epstein had a falling out. Trump moved in one one of the properties Epstein wanted and had mentioned to him, then sold it to a Russian oligarch for a nice profit. Epstein tried to get revenge by baiting Trump with some underage girl at Mar-a-Lago and then Trump had him banned. So the story goes.

    Shortly after that Epstein became a target.

    • Agree: Miro23
  155. Hibernian says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Michael Straight only came “clean” as a result of a security investigation for a plum government job, and has claimed he only passed on a small amount of wow level information.

  156. 72 yeaes on this planet, living, equally in time, in NY, Rhode Island and LA, I have been aware via the media of the arrests of both pimps and madames. What they all have in common is this: never are the their client lists published, and often the arrested end up suicided like the Washington DC madame. Two or three years before Epsteins latest arrest and alleged death the LA TIMES ran an one time only headline. This was 2016 or 17, I can’t be sure, but I remember how it read:

    243 arrested in pedophile ring stretching from Hollywood to Longbeach.

    I read the article and waited for any followup. After a few weeks passed with no further mention I tried to find the original story. Funny! It was gone, washed from time and history. I never heard another word about it. Now, I’ve mentioned this several times in comments hoping to hear a reply of confirmation that I saw what I saw.
    So Phil, maybe with your resources we can resurect it.

    • Thanks: Trinity, Miro23
    • Replies: @geokat62
  157. Alden says:

    I just summarized the book.

  158. Alden says:

    Is that you Jeff Stryker? You’re the resident expert on porn actors and the White 14 year old tattooed pregnant prostitutes you managed in your 1980s White high school in the White slums of Detroit

    20 years after the last White fled Detroit you managed to find a Detroit White school in a White slum.

  159. Sean says:

    Virginia is just one of hundreds probably at least a thousand minor prostitutes the procurers and pimps Epstein and Maxwell trafficked over 25/30 years.

    Which is why they are all coming forward to claim compensation. Those eight girls in Giuffre’s story about Prince Andrew must be millionaires already and have no need of compensation, eh?

    If defendant’s counsel does a good job of establishing that Virginia lied in other depositions and testimony; it means nothing.

    Perjury in a criminal case is a serious matter. Giuffre is the only person who says there was a large scale high level operation by Epstein that catered to VIPs. Maxwell’s lawyer will just let her make those allegations and ask her if it is true she accused Ehud Barak. Without Giuffre’s story there is just a rich old guy making a pig of himself. Which does not mean Epstein and Maxwell did not break the law. Maxwell has seemed to have impunity, so the judge will be obliged to give her a heavy sentence. I expect she will do about 10 years of actual time.

    Maxwell, not Virginia is charged with perjury. The job of the prosecutor is to prove Maxwell perjured herself.

    Prosecutor’s job is to carefully frame the charges with an eye to the evidence. The two counts of perjury-in-a-civil case being in the indictment suggests the evidence against Maxwell is weaker and more limited than the prosecutors would like.

    There’s also the practice, unknown to you, of government prosecutors not filing charges unless they know they have a 90 percent chance of winning a conviction or getting a guilty plea.

    Epstein’s arrest in July 2019 was ten years after he got a plea deal and Federal non prosecution agreement from Acosta who was given the high profile Sec. of Labor job by Trump. That is a long time building a case. I think the FBI both wanted to and and were told to get Epstein fast because of the connection to Acosta and through him to Trump, who knew Epstein so there was a double connection. Are you aware there were people in the FBI who thought Trump was a Russian agent of influence? Maxwell has been arrested to replace Epstein at a show trial. We will be seeing photos of Trump with Epstein and Maxwell every day from now on.

    • Replies: @geokat62
    , @Alden
  160. lysias says:

    Intel agencies like to tell operatives that they protect their own. It helps recruitment and morale.

  161. geokat62 says:
    @the grand wazoo

    243 arrested in pedophile ring stretching from Hollywood to Longbeach.

    It’s 5 short of the 243 you recalled, but this still might be the LA Times article you’re looking for, 238 arrested in sweep of suspected child sex predators.

  162. Alden says:

    And the queen lied to her husband Phillip and everyone else about the father of her son Prince the honorable Andrew Herbert.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  163. geokat62 says:

    Giuffre is the only person who says there was a large scale high level operation by Epstein that catered to VIPs…Without Giuffre’s story there is just a rich old guy making a pig of himself.

    What about Maria Farmer?

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  164. Agent76 says:

    Jul 10, 2020 The Family of Spies

    This video is about the HOUSE OF MAXWELL, starting with patriarch Richard Maxwell, moving on to the Maxwell twins, Christine and Isabel, and ending with the notorious Ghislaine.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  165. Jeshurun Tsarfat [AKA "JT"] says: • Website

    Here is the porn case:

    how many of you consume this? So you all complicit.

    Here is the reality of the industry:

    here you have plausible numbers:

    So now tell me – since 90% of men consume this filth – do you care that your clicks fuel international sex trafficking?

    Are you guilty?

    You’re all hung up on judicial impartiality. Agreed. I am the first to point out that our current legal regime, by recognizing distinct categories of citizens (minority/majority) has favored the latter to the detriment of the former. Jews often capitalize on the discrepancy. Agreed. Did Epstein and Maxwell.

    I don’t think so.

    Simply because they didn’t break any law. They didn’t do anything illegal. They may be accused of sex trafficking, but the proof is slim. The mothers of these girls were always aware of what went on. They received money not for sexual acts, but compensation for the girls time. It was above board. The sex wasn’t humiliating, it wasn’t coerced. The girls were “underage” by some state laws, and were not considered capable of mature discretion by other states standards, but that’s splitting hairs. They weren’t tied down, beaten, or raped.

    Why are you so hung up on the sex lives of successful men and women? What’s it to you?? What business is it to anyone? Let the National Enquirer get to the bottom of these people’s bottoms. It’s like watching Kim Kardashian blow Kanye. Seen it once, and then what?

    It’s our business when it is a national security threat. So far, I don’t see how it constitutes one. This was a multi-agency operation, several countries were involved. What damage has been done to either one of them? What kind of compensation can be legally sought?

    Is the executive pursuing any charges? Against whom?

    So far only Maxwell.

    We live in an age when men stultify their own spouses, daughters, mothers. The average male has become a literal pig where women are concerned. Now everyone is jealous of those who actually can get some. Is that what the mob is whining about!?

  166. Preska ruled that Giuffre’s lawyers had obtained the documents improperly and ordered that all the materials in the files “shall be destroyed.” She also demanded proof that the material had been destroyed.

    Here you go [no questions asked]:

    • Replies: @Sean
  167. @Curmudgeon

    Either the Grand Jury has solid evidence, and I don’t mean accusations, or they have been snowed.

    Somebody has to hold on to all the lewd tapes and salacious pics, but it ain’t me…

  168. Sulu says:

    Just another wonderful day in Jew controlled America. Where the most heinous crimes of the Jews are routinely swept under the rug while the Yids scream anti-Semitism at any one that doesn’t pay them homage. Meanwhile we are fast approaching a point where a White man can’t even defend himself against a black that is in the act of committing violence against him. As I predicted in some of my earlier posts.

    This fucking country is rotten to the core. I would rather eat gas station sushi than have to call the cops for any reason or appear in court to answer any charge no matter how minor.

    In my lifetime I have seen America go from a largely White nation that was one of the greatest in the world to a Jig infested third world shithole. It’s somewhat analogous to seeing the beautiful innocent girl that was your first love years later as a tattooed up disease ridden old prostitute giving 5 dollar blow jobs in a truck stop. And every goddamn bit of it can be laid at the feet of the fucking Jews!

    The major blood letting is way overdue. I will almost welcome it when it starts.


    • Agree: Miro23
  169. Trinity says:

    haha. Yes, where are the mugshots? GeeMax will probably be released as part of the Cancel Culture Prison Reform Program or due to the (((CoronaRona virus.))) I think me and 8 other Americans care about this story. You talk to the average Joe on the street and this story doesn’t even register a nod. smdh. Seems like the only major talking head giving this story more than a peek is Tucker Carlson and even he isn’t on it like he should be given the major players involved. IF we lived in a healthy society, this would be the number one news story in America instead of the (((CoronaRona))) and FAKE stats.

    • Replies: @Z-man
  170. Sean says:
    @Daniel Rich

    Alan Dershowitz wanted access to the sealed documents from the discovery phase of the 2015 Giuffre-Maxwell civil case, not because in them was an allegation against Dershowitz by Giuffre (that had become public knowledge) but because in addition to accusing Dershowitz and Prince Andrew, Giuffre–then represented by the firm of Dems house lawyer and bitter Dersh rival David Boies–had also accused Ehud Barak of having sex with her.

    Defending Trump from impeachment has made Dershowitz fair game in legal and media circles, but Barak is an active Israel politician, and the one most favoured by the Democrats. So the judge ordered the documents destroyed to protect Israel. and stop Dershowitz using the allegation against Barak by Giuffre to discredit her; Barak travels everywhere with security people.

    Giuffre’s stories of under age sex slaves being abused by numerous VIP’s is going to be used by the media to attack Trump in the run up to the election. Maxwell’s arrest gives them an excuse to print photos of her and Epstein with Trump for several months.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  171. Z-man says:

    It might not be number one with John Q Public but it’s going to be followed up by patriots like Carlson. Also the insider trading scandal by senators from both parties has to be kept alive so that those vermin will be removed.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  172. @Alden

    There’s also the practice, unknown to you, of government prosecutors not filing charges unless they know they have a 90 percent chance of winning a conviction or getting a guilty plea.

    What happened to Michael Flynn blows that theory out of the water.

    • Replies: @Alden
  173. ttshasta says:

    Maybe the Queen made a deal with the US to give up Maxwell in exchange for keeping Prince Andrew, and others (?) out of court.
    Clinton, Dershowitz, and Andrew are excluded being post 1996, the scope of trial.

  174. @Jeshurun Tsarfat

    Ironic that Traci Lords was making porn flicks underage, then, when she became of age, told people she had lied about her age. No charges were laid, perhaps, because she had lied about her age. How many other `teen`porn stars are or were under age.

    Now we get Maxwell, who allegedly made movies, being accused of procuring under age girls for sexual exploitation. It is claimed porn is exploitation. Maxwell is prosecuted yet investigating the out in the open porn industry for under age females is on no ones list. I guess some exploitation of under age females is worse than others.

    • Agree: Jeshurun Tsarfat
  175. @Sean

    If I recall correctly, Giuffre also accused the Gores of being on the island, for which there is no proof. For the dates she claimed she was boinking Dersh-oh-shits, his calendar says he was elsewhere, and he says he has witnesses. Then there`s the bit about her ever changing age when she started working for Epstein. Whatever Epstein and Maxwell have done (or not), Giuffre is a less than credible witness.

    • Replies: @Alden
  176. Trinity says:

    I mean seriously, this should burn every red blooded American male’s ass to know that these grown adult POS are taking advantage of LITTLE GIRLS. I don’t give a shit if these girls were promiscuous or if they had the libido of Marilyn Chambers ( remember her?). THESE WERE GIRLS, manipulated by filth like Ghislane and a bunch of sick adult men. No wonder this country is in such a mess, we are being ordered around by a bunch of perverts and freaks.

    Btw, we have our hands full with John Q. Public. I mean how stupid do you have to be to believe the lies about the (((CoronRona?))) Our (((media))) didn’t talk about it at all during the riots, but now?

    • Replies: @Derer
    , @Alden
  177. My prognostication based on little more than my fevered imagination and cynical misanthropy: Sordid details about a fair to middlin’ level public figure will get leaked and then they will dead that evil woman. Not a suicide, more likely to be an attack by a prisoner similar to Whitey Bulger’s demise. No way will they allow this to torpedo Bill Clinton or Prince Andrew. The only saving grace would be if she has some kind of dead (wo)man’s switch which would release a shit load of docs exposing everyone involved upon her untimely death.

  178. Alden says:

    If a prosecutor wants to charge Virginia with perjury he or she can do so.

    The case is Maxwell’s indictment for perjury, no one else’s. Nothing dumber than a fool like you trying to play lawyer. BTW, Maxwell’s sued Epstein’s estate for security and legal expenses caused by their relationship.

    If you’re too stupid to understand that Virginia’s alleged perjury has nothing to do with Maxwell’s alleged perjury, you’re severely retarded.

    Proving B is guilty of perjury doesn’t prove A is innocent of perjury.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  179. Alden says:

    Michael Flynn pled guilty in December 2017. Sentencing was delayed.

    Although the DOJ has asked that all charges be dropped, the judge in the case, affirmative action moron Emmett Sullivan has refused to drop the charges. In fact, Judge Sullivan has hired an attorney to sue the DOJ to prevent dropping the charges.

    Therefore, the guilty plea still stands. Sentencing is still delayed.

    Never heard of prima facie hearings have you?

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  180. Poco says:

    Antagonizing and undermining gives them definition in their twisted minds. Look what smart boys and girls we are. Swindling and taking advantage of other’s nature proves their superiority (really inferiority) and feeds their arrogant ego. They undermine institutions in order to be king of the hill then are shocked when the hill is a dung heap of their own creation. Oy vey why are we hated?

  181. lysias says:
    @Jeshurun Tsarfat

    Blackmailing is not a crime?

    • Agree: Jeshurun Tsarfat
    • Replies: @Jeshurun Tsarfat
  182. Poco says:
    @Jeshurun Tsarfat

    Why are you so hung up on the sex lives of successful men and women? What’s it to you?? What business is it to anyone?

    Perhaps because it is used to blackmail political, business, and tech leaders to toe the Israeli line? Just spitballing here.

  183. Hibernian says:

    So who is the Prince’s real dad? Porchie the horseman?

    • Replies: @Alden
  184. Hibernian says:

    If B is a liar she is not a good witness to prove that A is a liar. The defense doesn’t need to prove a case, only establish reasonable doubt about the government’s case. Subject to the whims of judges and juries.

    • Replies: @Alden
  185. Alden says:

    Yes. The Earl of Porchester Carnorvan is the father of the honorable Andrew Herbert. Honourable being a title, not a description.

    • Replies: @Anon
  186. Poco says:
    @Jeshurun Tsarfat

    Perhaps everyone was just having an innocent orgiastic good time. Certainly all the older corrupted male toads enjoyed themselves. Perhaps some of the young women enjoyed the shtupping by the corrupted old toads. Of course the girls liked the money, they’re prostitutes. But I’ll have to remain skeptical about the idea of disinterested, unbiased, benevolent jewish pimps who just want to see everyone happy. Especially with the Acosta statement left dangling.

    • Agree: Jeshurun Tsarfat
    • Replies: @Jeshurun Tsarfat
  187. Alden says:

    You’re absolutely right. The state has to prove its case. Defense doesn’t have to prove anything.

    In this case, Virginia has nothing to do with Maxwells present case despite the Perry Mason fantasies of Sean and Curmudgeon of Virginia in the witness chair sobbing

    Yes I admit it, I lied and lied and lied again about Maxwell. Maxwell and Epstein are totally, absolutely innocent. I transported all those girls as young as 14 across state and international borders . I enticed those girls

    I rented and flew the Lear jet and transported them to for purposes of prostitution and other illegal sexual acts to Florida New Mexico Ohio England and France. I introduced under age prostitutes to the customers, all in violation of federal law 18 U S C SS 2421: 2422: 2423: 2424. For which I deserve the minimum sentence of 10 years in federal prison if not more.

    • Replies: @Sean
  188. To my mind it;s almost certain that she’ll stand trial on limited charges, strike a deal that throws a few low-level revellers under the bus, serve a short stint in a luxury jail (there’s a special Jewish one in NY) and be back about her business in quick time.

  189. @Tsar Nicholas

    Presumably this scandalous order can and will be appealed?

  190. Derer says:

    The crime of abusing the underage girls is only side effect of the main scheme of blackmail the Washington and London compromised politicians in power for support the annexation of Golan Heights and Palestine settlements.

    • Agree: Z-man, ivan
    • Replies: @ivan
  191. @GeeBee

    While I have no doubt that you are technically correct in asserting that several Oxford men were lured or bribed into working for the Soviets, we in Britain never have written or spoken about such an entity as ‘the Oxford spy ring’.

    As an Oxonian friend of mine once said – “Cambridge – second in everything, save treason.”

    • Replies: @HallParvey
  192. Sulu says:

    If I had to guess why Jizzlain didn’t flee the country to Israel where she would have been safe from deportation I would say it’s because the Mosaad had one last use for her. There will be a show trial where she provides grainy film that may or may not be a deep fake of someone that may or may not be Trump having sex with some female that may or may not be underage and the media will provide it as incontrovertible evidence that Trump is a pedo and unfit for office. Wouldn’t be surprised if he isn’t subpoenaed to testify about the last week or two before the election.

    So, in short, this will be a last ditch effort to keep Trump from being re-elected. For her complicity Jizzlain will get a very light sentence and do a year in a Jewish country club prison, after which she and her money will both flee to Israel. And of course Jizzlain had to cooperate because the Mossad made her an offer she couldn’t refuse. And the Jews will very conveniently never be mentioned by the lugenpresse.


    • Replies: @Meimou
  193. anon[533] • Disclaimer says:

    Whats important here is that the word gets out that sexual blackmail of politicians, high-level bureaucrats, and business leaders is something intelligence services of various countries are willing to stoop to. People need to be forewarned, regardless of what happens to Maxwell.

    I imagine various intel services have new sex-blackmail scams that do not use the obvious friendship angle. I dont think they will give up. Nothing could control a man like threatening him with losing his family like a sex-scam. He’d be humiliated and face the anger of his wife and children. Its a lot cheaper than a bribe too, and the evidence once on tape lasts and cant be wastefully spent away or laundered by sophisticated financial shenanigans over the years. There may be other Epsteins out there right now, or various Washington/Tel Aviv strip clubs that might have a few government employees and secret video equipment, phony hotel bar girls that are aggressively friendly to various “marks”. Who knows? I doubt the CIA/Mossad/other parties will give up though. They will just change tactics.

  194. @Jane Plain

    Hubris. They think they are bullet proof.

  195. Alden says:

    Off topic. The police raided the home of the McCloskeys, St Louis couple who held off a BLM mob and confiscated husband’s rifle. The wife’s pistol is at their attorneys. Local DA promises to prosecute them to the fullest extent.

    Trump commutted Roger Stones sentence today 7:10

  196. Alden says:

    Read Maxwell’s indictment, nothing to do with Virginia. It’s all about pimping procuring and transporting for the purposes of prostitution victim 1, victim 2 and victim 3 between 1994 to 1997. Virginia is not those 3 victims.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  197. ivan says:
    @Jane Plain

    The Mossad can afford to be sloppy, since there are enough apologists and allies in the US and the UK who will cover for them. It is also a way to show that there is nothing the other side can do about it, which again is supported on the sly by their sympathisers in those countries. To see how good the Mossad really is, one has to find out more about their programme against Iran, their existential enemy.

    • Replies: @Z-man
  198. ivan says:

    Maxwell made his money like many others by taking advantage of the post-war dislocations. I read that he bought specialist magazine publications for peanuts. The renowned Landau and Lifshitz Course on Theoretical Physics was brought out under his Pergamon Press. So were many other textbooks from the Eastern Bloc. Which is all very well. But like so many of the rich, he quibbled over peanuts, when it involved others, such as his reporters claiming travel money. A totally unattractive character, and if the Mossad was involved in shuffling him off this mortal coil, I congratulate them.

  199. ivan says:

    The “Controversy of Zion” is proving very costly.

  200. mcohen says:

    Sean does it again and the weasel goes pop.

    If this photo does not wake you up then you are truly a dumb shmuck.

  201. Jiminy says:

    Has anybody seen the identikit photo of a woman of interest in the Maddie McCann case. The young child went missing in 2007 in Portugal. The photo could be an exact double of Ghislaine Maxwell. Apparently the woman also had an accent. I think Maxwell is a person who has the answers to a lot of unasked questions.

  202. Anon[306] • Disclaimer says:
    @Patagonia Man

    Great video, but I am not sure Rothschild operated in the interests of the British Empire, but rather in the intersts of the emerging Zionist empire, situated in the City of London.

  203. @Jeff Stryker

    Never heard of ‘grooming’?

    Don’t answer – its a rhetorical question!

  204. @Anonymous

    Ever thought that ‘Randy Andy’ is the distraction from Slick Willy or anyone else?

    Why hasn’t the US government or A-G Barr or the DoJ made a formal request of the UK government for Andy to attend a hearing / make a statement / be subpoenaed, etc, etc?

    Ever heard the saying ‘the law is an ass’? There are so many legal arguments that can be made – beyond the understanding of the common folk – to prevent any real pursuit of justice being made.

    Think about it! If the UK can’t/won’t extradite a US diplomat’s wife to answer charges of negligent driving causing a fatal car accident, what are the US’s chances of extraditing a member of the royal family – and 8th in line to the UK throne?

    “Sacoolas, 42, was given diplomatic immunity and … said she would not return voluntarily to face a potential jail sentence.

    “The prospect of an extradition request succeeding remains to be seen, particularly in light of comment from the Trump Administration that it is very reluctant to allow its citizens to be tried abroad.”

    This can be dragged out for as long as is politically expedient – the Prince can claim any no. of excuses not to testify – whatever allows US voters to be distracted from Bill.

    • Replies: @lysias
  205. Anon[253] • Disclaimer says:

    I love it when an Unz commenter can also do Hello!.

    The know-who really, but really, matters when understanding current events. Like a spy novel, one needs to understand the networking.

  206. Epstein, Weinstein, Madoff, Sackler, Maxwell….

    Wolfowitz, Feith, Perle, Libby, Kagan,…

    Saban, Adelson…

  207. @Jeshurun Tsarfat

    Nice try …

    “Here is the reality of the industry”

    Nathan Abrams, Jewish Professor of American History at Aberdeen University, UK, proudly documents that jews were the driving force of the modern pornographic industry and their motivation is in part to destroy Gentile morals.

    Jewish Professor says porn industry is a weapon used by jews against gentiles Febraury 26, 2007

    So, ‘why would they even bother?’, I hear you ask?

    Because as UR columnist E. Michael Jones states: ‘by creating a need in a person, it makes them easier to control’ (words to the effect).

    • Replies: @Jeshurun Tsarfat
  208. Ghislaine Maxwell is seeking release on \$5million bail, claiming she is ‘not Jeffrey Epstein’, hadn’t contacted the pedophile for more than a decade before he killed himself and is the victim of a smear campaign by the press.

    Lawyers for Maxwell, 58, argued Friday for her release as Epstein’s former girlfriend and close associate ‘vigorously denies’ all charges brought against her.

    I told you so. Maxwell is a victim of an overzealous female prosecutor.

    • LOL: Trinity
  209. lysias says:
    @Patagonia Man

    Far from being just the wife of a U.S. diplomat, Anne Sacoolas is herself a high-ranking CIA official, who was in fact promoted after she was extracted from the UK. And her husband is also an intel official, although it’s unclear what agency employs him (the CIA has denied that it’s them). As former ambassador Craig Murray has pointed out, the husband is not on the list of diplomats the U.S. provided to the UK.

    • Thanks: Patagonia Man
  210. Sean says:

    In this case, Virginia has nothing to do with Maxwells present case

    Giuffre said they (she, Epstein and Maxwell) would all be on the sofa watching TV of an evening and they were like her family. The court can hardly say her testimony would not be relevant, and the defence could call her as a hostile witness. She is a bit to do with why Maxwell is on trial as a way of taking down Trump. The world is convinced that Epstein was supplying under age girls procured by Maxwell to VIPs, and Giuffre is the origin of those stories.

    In 2015 Epstein was a registered chomo sex offender, ex-convict, payer of many millions in compensation to the dozens of girls he assaulted in Miami, and was so disreputable he could not get any American bank plus most foreign ones to do business with him, and was not longer welcome at exclusive high society events of the type Maxwell–who had walked out on their relationship–had been his entree to. The only people who were willing to be seen with him were long time associates: who he had paid the divorced wife’s’ bills for and invested with or provided somewhere to crash: Ms Maxwell’s granny-grabbing clown prince of England ex, and the bleary-eyed hero Israeli former prime minister, respectively.

    Then came the prospect of Trump being elected against the entire political establishment, so the Deep State organs plus the media began looking for something to pin on him. Which made Epstein, who had though Maxwell socialised with Trump quite a lot at one point suddenly of great FBI and media interest. I know the FBI operate by invisible gathering evidence for years then suddenly arresting the suspect and confronting them with an air tight case, but a decade? Epstein being brought to trial had something to do with Trump being elected and quite a bit to do with Giuffre’s VIPs yarn.

    To me at least it seems clear that Maxwell is being tried as a substitute for Epstein, who was went after as a way of getting at Trump. In 2018 Jeffrey Epstein actually told a journalist interviewing him for the NYT that he had compromising information about prominent people, which seemed to confirm Giuffre stories and promised going after him would turn up something on Trump. He was arrested less than a year later, which is about right for a FBI investigation that started when they found out about Epstein’s boast.

    Mr Giraldi is a specialist on Israeli issues in his articles here. The sealed documents he referred to in the post contain Giuffre accusations against Dershowitz, who is both Israel and Trump’s main legal commentator champion, and a similar allegation by her against Ehud Barak: the Democrat’s and US media’s favourite active Israeli politician, who is currently attempting a comeback. It would be a scorched earth strategy for Maxwell.

    • Replies: @Alden
  211. Z-man says:

    Also a sex blackmailing operation which took years to develop and was useful to the Zionist vermin for years after that can’t be called sloppy.

  212. Well,

    I opted to start watching the series last night. Fairly creepy stuff. And I agree that the producers actually do a fair shoddy job of any in depth pursuit of exact who what when and how.

    Also unfortunately as these stories do the scare mongering and child trafficking crowd engage in exaggeration for their own purposes. sure the young ladies were under age – some of them were. But I suspect that this had a lot to do with their own sense of fun and adventure for cash. And I say that because its quite apparent that they most of them — of there is a most of them — went back continuously. There’s no kidnapping. No, threatening until well after the matter was done — and I am even a tad dubious bout any of that.

    I cannot support the hedonism that went or goes on among sections of our society. But this does not appear to the tale of creepiness and intrigue concerning young women as we have been led o believe.

    The real story lies in who was serviced, because clearly this is not soley about Mr. Epstein. The negligent parents, the police, the prosecutors , and even the civil attorneys — who are salivating over a possible payout against the estate, and even the women involved. They keep calling them victims, but that is technically a legal reference, because listening to them speak, they each a had sense and the clear freedom to choose. Technically we give children license, but that is mitigated against no real force here. It would be a mistake to consider my comments as some manner of support for the scenario.

    And while Mr. Epstien might have persuasive for lots of reasons. It’s hard to buy the tale of woe by the financiers he was involved with. And certainly, that Bear Sterns narrative is a head banger. Men and women who work in WS finance lieing — a moral lapse – ha – more like a valued skill. In my view the attempts to paint Mr. Epstein as a monster master mind simply does’t wash.

    A lot occurred that shouldn’t have – if it did. But there’s more to this story. And these producers don’t even get close thus far.

    Someone is free to explain to me the deal with Miss Farmer and her interest in prepubescent or just there after girls and why one would extend that type art work into business arrangement is deeply troubling. But I found a lot of this deeply troubling all way round.

    Clearly, this theater is nothing like getting run over by a vehicle. I can hardly stand o get near a bike, muchless get on one.

    • Replies: @Alden
  213. Trinity says:

    Normal rich man: Obtains sex from women for free. One can look like Mick Jagger or an overweight bloated, Donald Trump, ( if Trump were poor, he wouldn’t garner a second look from beautiful women, even in his younger days when he was about average in appearance) and women will chase you night and day. On the other hand, no normal man is going to look to bed down any ugly woman, I don’t care how much money she has, taint no normal man going to do Whoopi Goldberg or try to sex Whoopi into marrying him. What is wrong with you, women?

    Normal rich man: Doesn’t want to invest all the time in pursuing the chase or being chased, obtains the services of ADULT high priced escorts.

    See this is what a normal guy with money would do, but Epstein was a sick freak. The guy is paying little girls to massage him and getting off on it. Of course Epstein got his rocks off, ( sick freak), while helping (((you know who))) obtain tapes on freaks who are powerful people. Epstein must have been such a flunky that this was all he was useful for, Ghislane as well. They were sexual perverts, misfits, who could only help the cause by engaging in their sick sexual urges that are shared by so many others in power.

    • Agree: Sulu, FLgeezer
  214. Alden says:

    Virginia has nothing to do with the indictment against Maxwell’s procuring and transporting of minors across state and international borders for the purpose of prostitution and illegal sexual acts between 1994-97, or Maxwell’s perjury in 2016.

    You, a stupid Jew who defends any and all crimes by Jews, claims that Virginia lied. The prosecutors who drew up the indictment have excellent reason to believe Maxwell perjured herself; and that they can prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. The prosecutors are attorneys of many years experience. You’re just an asshole.

    Why don’t you contact Maxwell’s attorney’s with your Perry Mason John Grisham fantasies? Maybe you can get some kind of consultant fee.

    Your comments just get stupider and stupider the more you defend the pimps Epstein and Maxwell.

    • Replies: @Sean
  215. @jack daniels

    as Lincoln said, you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

    That’s not necessary. All you have to do is fool some of the people, some of the time.

    After that, it doesn’t matter. The MSM will allow the case to fade into history. Any subsequent mention of Ms. Maxwell will be clouded by speculative articles about plots and intrigue. Similar to the situation with the JFK murder and the 9-11 towers. Reality will be diluted with an ocean of misinformation.

    To keep those spies who are still actively producing blackmail material happy (surely the Epstein operation was not the only one), their controlling organization will find a way to protect their fallen soldier. It doesn’t do a spy organization any good to abandon an operative to the enemy when she can be saved.

    Let’s speculate. After a trial, she will be convicted and sentenced. No damning material about anyone of the powers that be will be forthcoming during the trial. The case will have been finished.

    Sometime later, perhaps six months, she will be found dead in her cell. Quite possibly from Corona Virus infection. DNA tests will be provided by the prison authorities to prove that the body is hers. A private funeral will be held and after cremation, the MSM will move on. Nobody will ask about the female drug addict who was in the same prison. The one who vanished.

    Meanwhile Ms. Maxwell will live out her life somewhere along the Riviera in peace and quiet. Her organization will have protected one of their own. Other members of the group can rest reassured.

    And after ten years or so, it will not matter at all. Does anyone remember Valerie Plame these days?

  216. Alden says:

    Sean and Curmudgeon believe pimping underage minors should be legal.

    • Replies: @Sean
  217. @Crawfurdmuir

    Everybody has some talent, somewhere.

  218. Meimou says:
    @vot tak

    It must have taken great effort to not use the term “white surpreeemist. My hat goes off to you.

  219. Meimou says:

    So, in short, this will be a last ditch effort to keep Trump from being re-elected.

    The same people behind Trump are behind the (((Maxwells))), this “arrest” is to help Trumpstien get elected. After he does it will disappear.

    Anyone who supports Trump at this point is a fool.

    • Replies: @Sulu
  220. @geokat62


    Where were her parents when she was 15 and riding off on an airplane to do drugs with middle-aged people?

    Why are these young girls so willing to do anything for \$200.

    Like Nancy Reagan said…JUST SAY NO when some shady-looking 45 year old English woman comes to your school looking for girls to give massages.

    Why was she prepared to do sex acts at age 15 in the first place?

    What was wrong with her morality?

    What was wrong with her parents morality?

    Why are so many whites beset by the social pathology that leads girls to be hookers at age 15?

  221. Sulu says:

    Anyone who supports Trump at this point is a fool.

    And what is the alternative to Trump? Biden? Hillary? Some black female politician with an 85 I.Q.?

    Sorry but I.M.H.O. if you are White and don’t vote Trump you are a fool.


    • Agree: Alden
  222. LarryFitz says:

    I don’t know what to make of this website, and the torrent of anti-Semitic articles and comments.
    If you strip out the anti-Semitism, the bulk of the articles are interesting reading and offer a unique perspective.
    The role of Jews thru history, finance, government influence, media, education are topics to deserve some discussion. Is the Unz perspective accurate, or not?
    If what Unz says is true re: Jewish control, then anyone accessing this site and posting comments would be subject to observation and potential future targeting. Right?
    Is Unz just “bait.”
    Something to consider for sure.
    Re: the core issue of Jewish control. it is very problematical, since all the social and political issues raised have many components well beyond any Jewish control…..
    … any rate we’re on the precipice of the destruction of America as it formerly existed, and all the elements of its history, structure, and its future existence.
    We’re almost to the point of living in a “Matrix” analogous to the movie.
    Blue or red pill?
    Fiction or non-fiction?

  223. Sean says:

    The pretrial publicity about Maxwell is already what every prosecutor dreams of.; Maxwell is going to be held in unprecedented months of suicide watch in a paper suit and no bedclothes before she is convicted, and will do at least ten years. But she was never a pimp and neither was Epstein. He was a super-rich John who recruited under aged girls through intermediaries of about their own age according to the Miami case. With him the only John it was not a way to make a living. The crime of sex trafficking is a relatively new one that originated in complaints about the importation of prostitutes to San Francisco and then spread everywhere. Because law enforcement got extra funds for enforcing sex trafficking law they began to use it as much as possible, and it got used against ordinary sex workers, but as defined the law is significantly different to pimping.

    • Replies: @Alden
  224. Abbybwood says:

    Supposedly he was buried in a crypt near his parents in a cemetery in Palm Beach. According to his brother.

  225. @Jeff Stryker

    STOP it! You’re victim blaming!

    What ever you think about vulnerable underage girls’ motivations (which, btw, neither you nor I can know with any certainty) – the procurement of minors is still an unequal power relationship. That’s the point.

    I also note that you conveniently ignore a foreign intel agency operating a honeypot to blackmail/ bribe US government officials – and the devastating effect that that has had on US government banking & financial and defense & foreign policies.

    Treachery to the American people, is not too strong a term to describe many of these policies legislated by both sides of the aisle in Congress.

    … and they continue to get away with it!

    • Agree: Robjil
    • Replies: @Sean
    , @Jeff Stryker
  226. Sean says:

    Nonsense, I have merely said that there were no VIPs; Epstein was not commercially exploiting sex workers (pimping) because he was sexually exploiting the girls at financial cost to himself; Prince Andrew is a granny grabbing twit; Barak is a drunk, and Maxwell was drawn to a man who was just like her father: a male who could totally dominate her even more that women normally like to be dominated in a relationship. Maxwell left Epstein as soon as he was convicted remember, se did not really understand the half of what was going on in my opinion.

    Girls that grow up with an absent father are often drawn to much older men. There is nary a girl in the Epstein file that was not from a broken home. I think Maxwell is guilty of something, and she is going to pay in full, and then some. I do doubt that Maxwell hung around outside a NYC performing arts school gates and scooped up a 14 year old girl for Epstein.

    Maxwell is as good as convicted in any case. Being on suicide watch entails being woken up many times a night and not having proper clothes or bedding. A few days of that are enough to drive hard rock convicts crazy and pleading to get out, and Maxwell–uniquely–is going to be tormented on it for months.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Alden
    , @ivan
  227. Sean says:
    @Patagonia Man

    Jeff Stroker, one handed reader of victim statements.

    • LOL: Patagonia Man
  228. Alden says:

    Sex trafficking or pimping or what’s termed transporting women and girls across state lines for the purpose of prostitution and other illegal sex acts became illegal in America in 1910. There have been several amendments since to include men and boys and international travel. 18 U S C SS 2421 2422 2423 2424 2425.

    All those trips between Europe and America and New York, Florida, Ohio and New Mexico were violations of 18 U S C SS 2421/2425 and have been for 110 years.

    Knowing nothing about the law and completely ignorant of the sex trade ; pimping and procuring, sex trafficking laws whatever they’re termed , your defense of Maxwell and Epstein is just the standard “ No Jew in the history of the world has ever done anything illegal, immoral or wrong in any way “.

    The plane trips back and forth to Florida , New York , Ohio and New Mexico was transporting women and girls across state borders for the purpose of prostitution and other illegal sexual acts. It’s been a federal felony since 1910 with various amendments. The terms woman and girls are used in 18 U S C SS 2421-2425. Nothing about the legal age of consent.

    An ordinary black street pimp driving the 2 retarded girls stupid enough to work for him to their stretch of sidewalk is trafficking or pimping.

    The Asian owner of a chain of massage parlors in San Francisco placing an order for Asian girls is pimping and sex trafficking The Asian vendor of girls in Asia who loads them in shipping containers to be unloaded in the old Hunter’s Point wharves in San Francisco is a pimp and sex trafficker.

    And you’re defending Epstein and Maxwell pimps of 14 year olds.

    • Replies: @ivan
  229. Art says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Why was she prepared to do sex acts at age 15 in the first place?

    What was wrong with her morality?

    What was wrong with her parents morality?

    Why are so many whites beset by the social pathology that leads girls to be hookers at age 15?

    The answer is Semite Jew TV – Disney and the like, that promote sexiness in children – some succumb to the constant bombardment.

    • Replies: @ivan
    , @Alden
  230. Alden says:

    The school is Talent Unlimited . The girl is Jennifer Aaroz. She was 14 when procured by Maxwell and 15 when Epstein forcibly raped her and she never went back.

    You’re defending a pimp who lurked around schools looking for 14 year olds to deliver to a rapist of under age girls.

    This an anti abortion site. I wonder what Epstein and Maxwell did about birth control and pregnancy. Pimps take care of those things

    Read the indictment. Read the federal law. Argue with Audrey Strauss the prosecutor. Offer yourself as an unpaid expert witness . Lobby to make prostitution of minors legal. Join NAMBLA.

    • Replies: @Bombercommand
    , @Sean
  231. Alden says:

    “ sexually exploiting the girls at financial cost to himself” That’s soliciting for prostitution, exactly what he pled guilty to in the Florida case.

  232. @Jeff Stryker

    Broken record. Instead of repeating yourself 15 times in every thread pertaining, why don’t YOU tell US what’s wrong with white trash girls, parents, and culture. Make it an essay, lay it all out. Or just shut the fuck up.

    • Agree: Patagonia Man
  233. Athena says:

    ”Why is no one in the various government investigative agencies or the mainstream media…”

    Answer: Because they (the pedos) are in the highest ranks of the ”elites”.

    Why was Jaap de Hoop Scheffer in the highest leading ranks of NATO
    (ie, former general NATO commander in chief)?

    Pedophiles Run the Government & No One Gives a Damn!

    They use pedophiles to smuggle nuclear weapons, to be able to collect dirt about them and then manipulate them through blackmail.

    Breaking: German Government Intentionally Placed Children with Pedophiles for 30 Yrs

    For the record, NATO expenses 2008: US\$1.0 trillion

    The real answer, is that’s because most people don’t give a damn.

  234. @Patagonia Man

    Considering how financially ruinous the ME Wars have been its not a bad thing that defense was affected.

    Anyhow, it the pilots of US destiny are all going over to some perverts private island for jail bait than we are all screwed anyhow.

    And when was it ever a surprise that Bill Clinton was a pervert? Though I thought his taste ran to chubby young Jewish women.

    The Gulf between the US middle class and lumpens and the ruling elite of these groups is so vast and their accountability so small that none of this matters.

  235. ivan says:

    Strong stuff. I hope Sean lays off his stupid line after this.

    • Thanks: Alden
  236. ivan says:

    i think you ought to lay off your stream of consciousness, if you want to retain credibility when you post on other things.

  237. ivan says:

    Like Mylie Cyrus. Old Walt Disney is spinning in heaven. Disney under Eisner promoted so much borderline filth aimed at children that the conspiracy theorist in me, has to wonder if that was not some kind of revenge against Walt Disney, who while promoting wholesome entertainment, had no time for Jews.

  238. @Alden

    Interesting you brought up the birth control issue, Alden. I ran across a YouTube video today from Fox News. This piece was on a woman who wishes to remain anonymous, but is willing to testify against Ghislaine Maxwell. Jane Doe was procured by Maxwell/Epstein from age 14-16. She describes being raped 20-30 times. She became pregnant by Epstein. He forced her to have an abortion. After the abortion she was raped one last time, driven to her grandparents home and dumped naked on their front lawn. The limo driver held a gun to her head and threatened death if she talked. I do not know how to post links to The Unz Review comments, but the video is titled in You Tube: Woman Claims Ghislaine Maxwell raped her “20-30 times” “She is just as evil as Jeffrey Epstein”. The banner under the video is: Fox News exclusive “Jane Doe” Details Sexual Assault by Ghislaine Maxwell.

    • Replies: @geokat62
    , @Alden
  239. Sean says:

    You’re defending a pimp who lurked around schools looking for 14 year olds to deliver to a rapist of under age girls.

    No, I am denying your characterisation of Epstein and Maxwell as pimp and procuress is accurate. Epstein admitted paying a 14 year old for sex and suborning her into prostitution in Miami. Neither her or any other of those 30 odd Miami schoolgirls the police found ever saw Maxwell, so on what we know about she had zero involvement and quite possible no knowledge.

    I have my doubts about that New York school gates story; very different to what we know actually happened with Maxwell and Giuffre the 17 year old aspiring masseuse working as changing room attendant at an exclusive resort and reading a massage book and their chance meeting and conversation leading to Maxwell offering Guiffre an ostensibly legitimate job, which her father ran her to the interview for. It may all be be true including that Aaroz was 14 at the time, but the prosecutors do not seem to be using it. People who think that teams of riflemen could set up on Dealey Plaza and then disappear night might believe it would be easy, but Maxwell would be pulling a lot of exposure trying something like that. She is not a NYC street type of person.

    Aaroz’s account has her almost immediately after meeting Maxwell in the street being told about a “kind” older man, led to him and getting inveigled into sexual acts for money. Yet Aaroz would immediately know who they both were and what the mansion was like inside, and with her being 14 they could have no reasonable excuse for establishing any kind of relationship with her.

    Furthermore, Maxwell was clearly hoping for Epstein to propose marriage to her thirty something self at that time, and so she brings him a 14 year old who Epstein would be much more attracted to than her, and who comes back to give him sexual massages for over a year? Woman’s perspective on that please.

    No financial motive could have existed for Maxwell, she is the multi millionaire spoilt daughter of a billionaire, and she has centi-millionaire siblings. Over the years I have read of more than one heiress who fell for a psychopath. There is an ongoing case in which the Bromfman sisters are accused of abusing other women out of their devotion to Keith Raniere. Maybe something like that was going on.

    He was not a pimp or a blackmailer, because if he was the FBI (always looking for additional and more serious charges) would have charged him with that. The crime of sex trafficking and grooming sounds as if it is is equivalent to pimping but common sense tells us a pimp makes money from prostitutes. Epstein never did, either directly or indirectly, although I don’t think that makes his crimes any less serious.

  240. mcohen says:

    The picture sean posted says it all.This is the end for trump.

  241. Skeptikal says:
    @Julian of Norwich

    OK. But then what was the point of staging the death, if he was going to be killed anyhow?

  242. @Sean

    Keep Blowing Smoke, New Sean, it ain’t doing a bit of good. Despite that, you’re way better than Old Sean, a witless twenty something twerp. BTW, it wasn’t “teams of riflemen that set up on Dealy Plaza and then disappear”, it was one team: rifle shootist, commander, spotter, assistant. They set up on the extreme south end of The Triple Underpass, and “disappeared” by walking nonchalantly 20 feet to an automobile parked in the lot behind the Terminal Annex Federal Building. “Never Forget”, New Sean, you clowns got Mahler, We Have Wagner.

  243. anonymous[146] • Disclaimer says:

    Whenever you have any doubt about the CIA propaganda line, just consult Sean. Here’s today’s residual slogan for morons: Epstein was not a pimp or a blackmailer. Keep repeating it until you get that Sirhan Sirhan glaze in your eyes, and Sean doesn’t seem full of shit.

    How do we know Epstein, who bragged about filming his kompromat, was not a blackmailer? Because Efrem Zimbalist Jr. and the straight arrows of the TV fantasy FBI would have charged him. Charged him – for the work he did for CIA. Just like they charged Spike Bowman for obstructing justice by destroying samples of CIA anthrax.. oh wait. Just like they charged Andreas Strassmeir for blowing up the Murragh Building… oh wait. Just like they charged Richard Blee for infiltrating and supporting 9/11 hijackers.. oh wait. Just like they charged Daniel Morley for blowing up the Boston Marathon.. oh wait.

    This is how stupid Sean thinks you are. He thinks you don’t know that FBI’s job is barking up the wrong tree to hide CIA crimes.

  244. Trinity says:

    IF we lived in a righteous and just world, the victims would be allowed to share a room with Ms. Maxwell for 5 minutes and maybe convince her how wrong she was to do this sort of thing to LITTLE GIRLS. These aren’t little girls anymore and Ms. Maxwell is a bit old and creaky, so it might even the odds out a little bit. Won’t happen in the world we live in, but one could not say it wouldn’t be a righteous form of punishment.

  245. geokat62 says:

    Woman claims Ghislaine Maxwell raped her ‘20 30 times’ ‘She is just as evil as Jeffrey Epstein’

    • Replies: @Trinity
  246. anon[183] • Disclaimer says:

    Alden, comment 238 needs one important proviso. If you look into the optional protocol to The Convention on the Rights of the Child governing sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography (OPSC),

    You will see that the US ratified it with one crucial reservation governing jusrisdiction on aircraft or ships. Combined with CIA’s control over aircraft and ship registration, that loophole allows FBI to look the other way when CIA’s pedo blackmailers are at work. If child trafficking is a federal felony, So what? FBI can and will let it slide. The only relevant law with teeth is the CRC protocol, because US compliance is reviewed by independent international experts.

    So CIA pokes a legally void loophole to undermine the object and purpose of the treaty in breach of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties. That way when it involves Geffen’s yacht or the Lolita Express DoJ can put on a dumb hangdog look and say, uh, we dunno.

    • Thanks: Alden
    • Replies: @Bombercommand
  247. geokat62 says:

    No financial motive could have existed for Maxwell, she is the multi millionaire spoilt daughter of a billionaire…

    Her billionaire father was a Mossad agent and he “pledged” his daughter, Ghislaine, to the Jewish state, to follow in his footsteps…

    What does Ghislaine mean? Ghislaine as a girls’ name is of Old French origin, and the meaning of Ghislaine is “pledge…”,Old%20French%20variation%20of%20Giselle.%20ENDS%20WITH%20-aine.

    • Thanks: Trinity, ChuckOrloski
    • Replies: @Sean
  248. @Alden

    My reply to Sean was regarding the documents in the Giuffre – Maxwell lawsuit.
    I have replied elsewhere regarding victim 3, who, from the indictment, was “groomed” in London, where the age of consent is 16, and appears to be British. All of which are meaningless in the indictment. What happens in the UK is under British Law, not US Law.

    • Replies: @Alden
  249. @Alden

    Your statement was:

    There’s also the practice, unknown to you, of government prosecutors not filing charges unless they know they have a 90 percent chance of winning a conviction or getting a guilty plea.

    The government prosecutors lied, and withheld evidence from Day 1. They were going to prosecute him regardless of what he did, and go after his son if he didn’t plead guilty. Yes, I have heard of prima facie. It is evidence, not a hearing. The prima facie evidence in Flynn’s case is that he did nothing wrong. That evidence was withheld.
    It is a case of gross prosecutorial misconduct.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Alden
  250. @anon

    Your link provides nothing to indicate The United States ratified the Optional Protocol Article 4.1 to exclude its jurisdiction on offences occurring onboard United States registered ships or aircraft. Could you provide a citation for that?

  251. Trinity says:

    Maxwell, Epstein and “others” gang raped her before dropping her off….. according to “Jane Doe.”

    Wonder (((who))) the others were? Were they (((the usual suspects))) or some sick goyim scum? Wonder if the “others” were powerful people in the government of this nation or somewhere else? Good lawd, I would really love to see every single one of these scum brought to justice. In the world we live in, that is highly unlikely though.

  252. Alden says:

    You just proved my point moron. The prosecutors filed charges they knew they could prove and win their case Flynn was convicted wasn’t he? And since Judge Sullivan has refused to dismiss the case, the conviction still stands.

    A prima facile gearing is a hearing in which the prosecution or plaintiff presents all the evidence. The defendant or respondent presents all their evidence and makes a motion to dismiss the case because there is not enough evidence to prove the case.

    The judge either finds there is not enough evidence to prove the case and orders the case to proceed. Or finds there’s not enough evidence to prove the case and orders the case dismissed.

    Flynn was convicted. The conviction still stands because judge Sullivan refuses to dismiss it.

    The fact that the prosecutors won their case by the lying testimony of Jew immigrant Vindemann and others doesn’t matter. The prosecutors set out to win their case against Flynn. They did win and the conviction still stands.

    I’m not going to bother looking it up to find if Flynn was convicted or pled guilty

    Your ignorant, moronic answer just proves my point. Prosecutors don’t file charges unless they have a good chance of winning. And supervisors check every case before the charges are filed to ensure a success.

    You can’t argue that Maxwell shouldn’t be charged from your ignorance of criminal law and how prosecutors operate.

    You’re not the prosecutor or investigators in this case. You don’t know federal law and you don’t know all the facts upon which the charges are based either

    You’re either a Jew defending egregious horrible crimes against minors ( one of the victims cited in the first 3 counts was 13 years old) or you’re a Jew defending an interstate and international prostitution , blackmail, extortion, espionage against America, drug smuggling from Asia into Wexner’s Rickenbacker all freight airport in the clothing containers.

    Why are you so eager to defend lesbian & heterosexual rape and sexual exploitation of women and underage girls? A psychologist might deduct that you, like many men want to see the age of consent pushed back to 12 or younger. Or you’re just a Jew claiming that no Jew since the world began ever did anything illegal or immoral.

    Maxwell broke federal law. That’s why the charges were filed. Read the indictment. Read
    18 U S C SS 2421-2425 before you embarrass yourself again with such ignorance of the law and federal criminal procedure.

    You and Sean are so dumb and ignorant you morons think Virginia Guiffre is part of the present case against Maxwell.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  253. Sean says:

    Israel would have benefited far more from Robert Maxwell being in control of a substantial press empire than any skulduggery he might have got up to behind the scenes. I agree that as the favourite but intellectually undistinguished child of megalomaniac press baron and billionaire serial fraudster who committed suicide rather than face the music, Robert Maxwell, Ghislaine was influenced by the legacy of her father. However she was after a husband just like daddy, and she intuitively found one in Epstein, who she left when he turned out to be more like her father than she could have dreamt, but only in the bad ways.

    Ghislaine split with Epstein more than a decade ago and completely severed ties in 2009 when he pled guilty over the Miami schoolgirls, who she rather obviously never knew about. I am dubious about her taking incredible risks (without use of tradecraft or cut outs) at a performing arts school gate in order to procure a beautiful 14 year old for a man Ghislaine–then in her thirties–hoped to make her husband.

    Ghislaine throughout her life has been too entitled, wealthy and well connected to be an agent of Mossad which requires obeying orders without question even if the put one in harm’s way. They are called secret agents for a reason you know. She is more like the the Bronfman sisters: daughters by a short lived third marriage of of one of the world’s richest men. They got drawn into a con man’s cult, where women were inveigled into lesbian group sex, pledged themselves to him with a literal branding, were drained of money, had their lives ruined and found themselves in the dock.

    All to do with their them trying to resolve their relationship with their fathers in a male they could be subservient to. Ghislaine remained in the US after Epstein died, she could not have been prevented from leaving, but remained in America the entire time. If she was any kind of Mossad operative they would have demanded she leave America because she would know too much that she could be persuaded to reveal once in the clutches of US authorities. Maria Butina was sent to a nut prison and kept in solitary her entire sentence. No one can stand up to that kind of thing, whatever their training or allegiance. Certainly not a socialite like Maxwell who is already blubbering in court.

    The dream US President for Military Zionism and a maximalist Greater Israel is the real target of the prosecution of Maxwell. It is all about the media and political cat’s paws of venal Wall St globalists stopping Trump being re-elected so they can hand America over the China-centric comparative advantage system in which the economic viability states of the West currently possess will be dismantled like a car in a wrecking yard.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  254. Alden says:

    The fact that the age of consent is 16 in the UK doesn’t mean it’s legal to pimp procure solicit or run a brothel for 16 year old prostitutes in the UK. It’s illegal to be a 16 year old prostitute in the UK. It’s illegal to be a pimp , procurer, transporter brothel keeper of prostitutes or any other ancillary activity to prostitution in the UK.

    The indictment against Maxwell doesn’t claim she convinced a 16 year old to have consensual sex. The indictment charges she was a pimp for prostitutes.

    You don’t even understand the difference between age of consent and prostitution do you?

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  255. Alden says:

    You’re confusing 14 yr old Jennifer Aaroz of NYC and Talented Unlimited high school with Virginia Guiffre of Florida a thousand or more miles away.

    According to Maxwell’s friend Laura Goldman, Maxwell didn’t have any money but a £100,000 trust fund after her father died. It was a tiny pittance to support her gazillion pound a year lifestyle. So Maxwell hooked up with Epstein for emotional and financial support. Whenever they disagreed, Epstein informed Maxwell that her money was really his.

    This from Laura Goldman who claims to be Maxwell’s best friend, 100,000 pounds a year would be sufficient for ordinary folk. But Maxwell was used to spending millions a year. She found wealth by pimping for Epstein.

    Why are you defending a pimp? Are you one?

    • Replies: @Sean
  256. Trinity says:

    Are all of the alleged rape victims, White Gentiles?

    One can only imagine if the KKK were going around raping ONLY teenage Black girls.

    How about if the Russians or Iranians had some of their spies going around and raping ONLY teenage Jewish girls to blackmail Israeli and/or Jewish leaders?

    Can you imagine the outrage of the media if the KKK or Russkies were raping teenage Black or Jewish girls?

  257. anon[974] • Disclaimer says:

    Bombercommand, look at the Conclusions and Recommendations of the US CRC-OPSC reviews.

    Browse around in there, you’ll learn lots you never knew about US government crimes. For shits and grins, compare US pedo derelictions to Israeli pedo derelictions – you can figure out the division of pedo blackmail labor. It’s not like it’s a big secret, after all, everybody in the world knows it but John Sub95IQ. Public.

    • Replies: @Bombercommand
  258. Robert Maxwell was MI6, and the beautiful people around are therefore ruled by the Chatham House and the money launderers of City of London.

    Hillary Rhoham (Rhodes) finds a nice refuge in the Anglo-American British colony of Canada, in Loyalists’ Eastern Townships, with the blessing of P2 Mason and Trilateral friends like Desmarais-Rothschild-Bronfman-CBC Radio-Canada and Russian-Israeli – Lockheed-BAE NATO’s and eternal RUSSIA-IRAN bashers, now installed in Mexico with their HSBC-Royal Dutch Shell (British Chamber of Commerce. Quel FIASCO, poor Europe…).

    The US of A have always been UK’s servant, a source of cheap labour and cannon fodder for the wars declared by Sa Magesté.

    The Origins of the Deep State in North America Part 1: The Round Table Movement

    Kissinger’s Adoration of the 1815 Congress of Vienna: A Master Key into Universal History

    The Roots of Color Revolutions

    • Agree: Patagonia Man
  259. Alden says:

    Gross prosecutorial mis conduct does not prove gross prosecutorial mis conduct in the Epstein Maxwell or any other other cases. Your claiming the Flynn case has anything to do with the Epstein Maxwell cases proves you have a case of gross mental retardation.

    What’s your argument any way?

    That age of consent laws should be abolished? That pedophilia and sexual crimes against minors should be legalized? That 18 U S C SS 2422-2425 should be abolished? That transporting males and females of any age across state lines for the purpose of prostitution is legal? That Virginia Guiffre is one of the victims in the indictment against Maxwell?

    You’re jumping all over the place trying to exonerate Maxwell and Epstein. My brothers made more sensible arguments when they were 6 years old.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  260. Sean says:

    Virginia Guiffre was an attendant and aspiring masseuse who aged 17 was offered a job doing just that by Maxwell. Her father ran her to the interview. There have been no criminal charges for anyone whatsoever arising from that incident.

    The Palm Beach schoolgirls were impoverished and some as young as 14, but were not recruited by Maxwell but by a network of family and friends centred on the 14 year old who herself was recruited by a women in her late teens or early twenties that was never charged with anything. These are the girls Epstein pled guilty for sex offences in relation to. None of them ever met Maxwell, and she left Epstein when he pled guilty to the charges relating to them.

    Robert Maxwell was an accomplished money juggler and as such he surely had some secret bank accounts, so I dare say Maxwell family money (looted from the pensions of their father’s employees) was more that you say, but they did not talk about it. She had a 100,000 trust fund, a tidy sum in todays values, especially if invested in property, which Maxwell worked in when she first arrived in America. Two of her brothers were triad for being in on the fraud after her father committed suicide. They were acquitted. She has eight siblings most of who are worth millions and some a hundred million in their own right. No, her interest in Epstein was not financial she wanted to be with a big shot. Epstein used her for entree to society. Maxwell was from those circles, but she would be pretty useless at talking to working class mid teens so why would Epstein need her for that?

    I find it difficult to believe that thirty something Maxwell would have brought Epstein a beautiful 14 year old like Aaroz; how could Maxwell compete with that? Just approaching a particular schools students in the street and on finding out one was 14 telling them about a rich guy has no plausible deniability in it, and the victim would immediately know too much about them. Aaroz does not seem to be being used by the current prosecution. I am defining the term “pimp” because I like words to be used properly. It is possible Maxwell was procuring or pandering for Epstein, that remains to be determined, but it was an emotional link she had to him that made her subservient to his wishes as proven by:-

    Whenever they disagreed, Epstein informed Maxwell that her money was really his.

    So he never actually paid her at all for the incredible risks she may have been running for him.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Jonathan Mason
  261. Luck Ness says:

    The simple answer just might be that Epstein was in fact an Israeli spy preying on prominent figures and anything having to do with the Jewish state, no matter how malodorous, is a political hotwire and off limits to Democrats and Republicans alike


    March 13, 2013, Dr Giraldi wrote:

    ”Real spies, the agents who collect information and pass it on, are not notably promiscuous. CIA officer Aldrich Ames, FBI agent Robert Hanssen, and U.S. Navy analyst Jonathan Pollard, all of whom spied against the U.S., were, if anything, sexually repressed. Among the case officers who run the agents there has always been a lot of salacious talk, not unlike in a college fraternity, but relatively little hanky panky, possibly due in part to the fact that so many officers were Catholic and already carrying a full boatload of guilt from catechism class and the confessional. An obvious source of potential philandering, sleeping with one’s foreign agent in a safehouse, only rarely provided an easily exploitable opportunity to cavort in secret because nearly all agents overseas are men, as are most case officers. Women case officers in most instances are sensible enough to realize that turning the relationship with a male agent into a sexual romp would be very dangerous indeed, both in terms of personal security and one’s career.”

    Sex and the CIA

    Spies aren’t apt to be philanderers—even if there are plenty of both at the Agency.

    Philip Giraldi

  262. Alden says:

    Men, at least most of the men of UNZ don’t think about birth control pregnancy and children the way sexually active women do.

    Lack of birth control is most probably why Maxwell Epstein started the girls out with erotic massage. Most 12-18 year old girls don’t use birth control until they become sexually active.

    They most probably put the girls on birth control before intercourse. I was a probation officer many years sex crimes, mostly rape but some prostitution and sex with minors by fathers. From the lowest level street pimps with 1 or 2 women to expensive Heidi Fleiss operations the first thing is to make sure the women are using birth control.

    Proving she uses birth control is as important in being hired by an escort agency is as important as showing a commercial dr license when applying for a job as a truck driver.

    Pedo Island had not just a little clinic but a full operating room. Most pimps escort agencies have an abortion clinic they use regularly. Epstein had an operating room on Pedo Island.

    Neither Maxwell nor Epstein have known children. Interesting. If Maxwell was so in love with Epstein she could have had a baby to tie him with her forever. But it didn’t happen.

    It’s futile to keep speculating on either the sex or espionage drug smuggling or any other part of the case. Since I know more about the criminal laws Epstein Maxwell violated than they do, I’ll keep refuting Curmudgeon and Sean’s defense of their pimping of minor girls.

  263. Alden says:

    There’s a major major difference between being a teen prostitute and a sexually active or promiscuous teen. Jeff knows the difference since he’s involved in porn and prostitution. If you look at his comment history, he claims every White girl in his White slums of Detroit high school was a tattooed drug addicted pregnant prostitute; 20 years after the last White fled Detroit.

  264. Hollywood syndrome……

  265. Alden says:

    Speak with any Vice or sex crimes detective, middle and high school security school administrator and they will tell you pimps who use under age prostitutes hang around middle and high schools. Even bus drivers who drive city routes that service high schools notice this. The same men or women chatting up the girls day after day, week after week.

    Escort agency pimps and recruiters of 18 plus prostitutes hang around colleges bars clubs trade schools and become friends with waitresses sales clerks and other young women and ask them if they would like to make some extra money for tuition car payment rent, other expenses.

    Pretty girl Guiffre was approached by pimp Maxwell at her job, just as many women and girls are approached at their jobs. Pretty girl 14 year old Jennifer Aaroz was approached on the sidewalk in front of her high school by pimp Maxwell. Pretty young woman 22 year old Sarah Ransome was approached by pimp Markolvia in a club. Ransome was forcibly raped on Pedo Island so often she tried to commit suicide but the security cameras filmed her and Epstein ran out to drag her back inside one of the buildings and she was followed around the island by Epstein’s security or henchmen as the black street pumps call the enforcers.

    All pimping and prostitution businesses are run the same way. From a lowlife black street pimp with 2 women to Heidi Fleiss and Epstein Maxwell, it’s the same business. Just as car sales is, from Lamborghinis to \$2,000 beater cars, it’s the same business same operations. same methods.

    Prostitution depends on recruitment and employee retention more than most businesses. Especially prostitution of minors. The minors run away from abuse by parents. A pimp finds them and there’s a honeymoon period. Probably about 60 percent of the minors run right back home when the pimp tells them to service other men for a tiny part of what the customer pays.

    A lot of the escort agencies go out of business after about a year because they don’t pay the prostitues their share of the customers payments. Many don’t pay the women ay all. The women depend on cash tips from the customers.

    After the prostitutes leave the pimps just open a new escort agency and the recruitment financial fraud women leaving cycle repeats itself again and again.

    Epstein’s preference for very young girls meant more time money and effort spent on recruitment than a pimp who uses adults.

    Although many men recruit prostitutes., Prostitutes do most of the recruitment.

    Having dealt with rape and sex crimes including pimping and rape of minors for more than 20 years, I know the laws and how prostitution operates. You don’t and should stop displaying your ignorance.

    If you don’t mind my asking, exactly why do you defend Epstein Maxwell’s espionage blackmail pimping transporting prostitutes extortion and helping Leslie Wexner to bring the CIA drug smuggling Southern Air Transport airline from Mena airport in Arkansas to Rickenbacker freight only airport to Columbus Ohio?

    I get it. You think prostitution should be legal at any age. But there are existing laws. Your argument is with the laws, not with the UNZ commenters.

    • Replies: @JohnnyWalker123
  266. geokat62 says:

  267. Jeshurun Tsarfat [AKA "JT"] says: • Website

    Some forms of blackmail are, others are not.

    So far we know of no blackmail in this case.

    Do you?

  268. Jeshurun Tsarfat [AKA "JT"] says: • Website
    @Patagonia Man

    Nice try what buster?

    I don’t care a waffle for Abrams opinion, I want facts. Does he have the facts?

    Look at manwin. One Jew on the executive, all you hear about. Other two blokes gentiles. Founder is gentile. No indication of Jews anywhere in the hierarchy.

    Nor is it even true globally. Porn industry is global. Was active in Germany, Sweden, Italy. What role did Jews play?

    Truth is this. Where there is demand, there will be supply.

    You want to blame Jews, but when faping, everyone is thanking them?

    Lets be honest, consumers in this genre are as guilty as producers.

    • Replies: @Patagonia Man
  269. Jeshurun Tsarfat [AKA "JT"] says: • Website

    It’s the Jew in me, and I make no qualms about it. I am proud of a small people sticking to a big bloated one, although I’ve yet to see the sticking.

    Epstein was a desirable high-status male, Ghislaine was every faper’s dream. Big tits, tall, willing, horny, camera, off camera. There’s movie material there.

    As you say, it weren’t no balabustas these two were dragging into the gutter, but sharmutas hustled by moma nafkas.

    A tragedy in some ways, but again, not NFL players having a good time, nor Paki taxi drivers kidnapping kids, nor Savile/Jenner buggering eight year old orphans.

    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @Alden
  270. Trinity says:
    @Jeshurun Tsarfat

    IF Epstein was a desirable, high status male like YOU say, why did he have to pay LITTLE GIRLS for sex. smdh and lolol. The dude probably IS hung like a hamster as well, hence ITS fondness for undeveloped little girls. He IS a toad in human form, a total reject who happened to be rich. I guess I can see where the expression “filthy rich” comes from and what it really means. Epstein IS and NOT WAS ( the dude is still out there) a “high status male” because we live in a sick, twisted world. No attractive woman would give that dork a second look if he didn’t have money and he looks like the type of guy that received wedgies on the regular, maybe that is why he picked on LITTLE GIRLS.

    “Ghislane was every fapers dream.” Huh? Being tall and having “big tits” doesn’t make a beautiful woman. Ghislane looks very mannish in some photos that I have seen of her and would in no way, shape or form, be considered attractive by most men. I give her a 3.5 and that is being generous.

  271. @anon

    Thanks, anon[974]. I burrowed into that link and found the “reservations” section for this particular protocol. Under The United States Of America “reservations” I found: “…..the obligation with respect to jurisdiction over that offence shall not apply to The United States until such time as The United States may notify the Secretary General of The United Nations that US law is in full conformity with the requirements of article 4.1 of the protocol”. IMO, this does not backup your stated assertion. However, the matter cannot be fully cleared up except by someone familiar with US law and/or has access to the full list of US notifications to the UN Secretary General since 2000( the US Senate ratified this protocol in 2002). Could be a nothingburger and I don’t have the resources or inclination for such a digging operation. Verdict on your assertion: Not Proven.

  272. geokat62 says:

    I am dubious about her taking incredible risks…

    A few sources that lay bare the facts regarding 1) the extent of Ghislaine’s involvement and 2) the type of victims Epstein targeted.

    1. Excerpts from, Everything We Know About Ghislaine Maxwell & Jeffrey Epstein’s Relationship:

    NBC noted that the six-count indictment against Maxwell alleges that she helped Epstein groom girls as young as 14 years old, and that the claims date back to as early as 1994. “In some instances, Maxwell was present for and participated in the sexual abuse of minor victims,” the indictment stated, according to NBC…

    Many accusers against Epstein’s alleged grooming, sexual abuse and trafficking also accused Maxwell of being involved. One of Epstein’s accusers, Sarah Ransome, who sued him in 2017, told The New York Times that Maxwell orchestrated the whole thing.

    Maxwell and Epstein were close friends for years. She first met him at a party in the early 1990s in New York after she went through a difficult breakup.

    2. Excerpts from, Sarah Ransome: What happened to Sarah? When did she meet Jeffrey Epstein?:

    Sarah Ransome was one of the brave women who told of her experiences on Jeffrey Epstein’s private Caribbean island. She says she was lured to the island in 2006…

    Ransome claimed his chief lieutenants, including his girlfriend at the time Ghislaine Maxwell, saw everything.

    3. Excerpts from, How a future Trump Cabinet member gave a serial sex abuser the deal of a lifetime:

    As a result, neither the victims — nor even the judge — would know how many girls Epstein allegedly sexually abused between 2001 and 2005, when his underage sex activities were first uncovered by police…

    Wild still had braces on her teeth when she was introduced to him in 2002 at the age of 14.

    She was fair, petite and slender, blonde and blue-eyed. Wild, who later helped recruit other girls, said Epstein preferred girls who were white, appeared prepubescent and those who were easy to manipulate into going further each time.

    “By the time I was 16, I had probably brought him 70 to 80 girls who were all 14 and 15 years old. He was involved in my life for years,” said Wild, who was released from prison in October after serving three years on drug charges.

    The girls — mostly 13 to 16 — were lured to his pink waterfront mansion by Wild and other girls, who went to malls, house parties and other places where girls congregated, and told recruits that they could earn \$200 to \$300 to give a man — Epstein — a massage, according to an unredacted copy of the Palm Beach police investigation obtained by the Herald.

    The lead Palm Beach police detective on the case, Joseph Recarey, said Epstein’s operation worked like a sexual pyramid scheme.

    “The common interview with a girl went like this: ‘I was brought there by so and so. I didn’t feel comfortable with what happened, but I got paid well, so I was told if I didn’t feel comfortable, I could bring someone else and still get paid,’ ’’ Recarey said.

    During the massage sessions, Recarey said Epstein would molest the girls, paying them premiums for engaging in oral sex and intercourse, and offering them a further bounty to find him more girls…

    Epstein counseled the girls about their schooling, and told them he would help them get into college, modeling school, fashion design or acting. At least two of Epstein’s victims told police that they were in love with him, according to the police report…

    Most of the girls came from disadvantaged families, single-parent homes or foster care. Some had experienced troubles that belied their ages: They had parents and friends who committed suicide; mothers abused by husbands and boyfriends; fathers who molested and beat them. One girl had watched her stepfather strangle her 8-year-old stepbrother, according to court records obtained by the Herald.

    Many of the girls were one step away from homelessness.

    “We were stupid, poor children,’’ said one woman, who did not want to be named because she never told anyone about Epstein. At the time, she said, she was 14 and a high school freshman.

    “We just wanted money for school clothes, for shoes. I remember wearing shoes too tight for three years in a row. We had no family and no guidance, and we were told that we were going to just have to sit in a room topless and he was going to just look at us. It sounded so simple, and was going to be easy money for just sitting there.”

    • Replies: @Sean
    , @Alden
  273. @Alden

    This is fascinating stuff. Thanks for sharing.

    Let me ask you a question.

    In recent years, nationally, there’s been a fall in juvenile prostitution arrests. Nationally, there’s also been a fall in arrests for juvenile loitering. See the following graphs, taken from the U.S. Department of Justice. These graphs apply just to juvenile females.

    View post on

    View post on

    National data is not collected on the number of arrests for running away, but many (not all) states collect data on this topic. Based on state-level data, runaway arrests are falling too. See the following graph, taken from the State of Pennsylvania. The graph applies to juvenile males&females from Pennsylvania. Other states show similar trends in runaway arrests.

    View post on

    So my question is this.

    Given the fall in these various types of juvenile arrests (prostitution, loitering, runaways), do you think there’s also been a concurrent decline in the number of girls who get entrapped by pimps?

    Also, why do you think these various types of arrests are declining? Is it because young people go out less and therefore are less a risk for getting in trouble?

    • Replies: @Alden
  274. anon[310] • Disclaimer says:

    Bombercommand, what’s with the Judge-Judy’s-ready-to-rule routine? This tip is for people who know how US state criminal enterprise works.

    One would need experience with compartmentation, with dotted-line reports in DoS and DoJ, and with the US pattern of bad-faith interpretation of binding commitments (because CIA uses the same cheap tricks over and over, for torture, for extrajudicial killing, for arbitrary detention, for denial of the rights of trial, or in this case, for kiddy-pimping.) ILC staff have the know-how, as they drafted state responsibility principles to call out every trick up CIA’s sleeve. Treaty body experts get elected based on this body of knowledge. Hardly any US nationals are up to it, they’re too brainwashed. Especially lawyers. US law is not relevant because the whole world knows it’s bullshit.

    • Replies: @Alden
  275. @Alden

    Alden, I agree with you that Sean and Curmudgeon(and other apologists) twist themselves into knots to avoid acknowledging this is about sex with/sex trafficking MINORS. Since it is about MINORS anyone, I mean anyone, that touched this, or was even indirectly involved, can be charged because a MINOR cannot give consent, even if said MINOR believed they gave consent. Regarding the “birth control” issue. I have known many Call Girls, and they all are excellent Ladies, not “sluts”. None used birth control because that wasn’t the issue. They all used condoms with clients to prevent disease, and the clients themselves expect the girls to use condoms for the same reason. I have never known a Call Girl who had a “pimp”. Some of the young ones briefly worked for an agency, but that was for convenience. Every girl went Independant: rent an apartment in a big anonymous building, be picky about clients until she had a solid “regulars list” of older, gentlemanly White and Asian guys. Don’t party, be thrifty, put the cash into a mutual fund until there is enough to buy a house, then keep pouring the cash into that mutual fund, retire at 40-45, sometimes marrying her favorite client. It is not well known, and us guys in the know don’t talk, but there is a discreet, civilized, invisible universe out there of Call Girls and their Clients that looks nothing at all like what is seen in the movies. I write this to underline what a hideous, slimy, uncivilized, and oh so jewish, horror show the Epstein/Maxwell operation really was.

    • Replies: @Alden
  276. @Jeshurun Tsarfat

    This is one of your own zionists, boasting about it, remember?

    So, you’re claiming you know more than a professor of American history?

    Oh, OK, then – I believe you, but I’m sure thousands of others won’t!

    “Lets be honest, consumers in this genre are as guilty as producers.”

    No, that’s blame shifting.

    As Professor Abrams himself said the zionist agenda is “to corrupt the morals of Gentiles” – that’s your intention.

    And, as I added (its called joining the dots) the incredibly insightful contribution of E. Michael Jones that the agenda entails by creating a need makes people easier to control.

    • Replies: @Jeshurun Tsarfat
  277. Alden says:
    @Jeshurun Tsarfat

    Couple points:

    1. In all the investigation records interviews book articles police reports evidence YouTube’s and speculation, there is not one word about any of their mothers being whores.

    2. Virginia Guiffre states she was sexually experienced before she met Maxwell and Epstein. Others, probably the 16 to early 20s must have been experienced / open to sex.

    Many others however, especially the 12-16 year olds, were not sexually experienced and sexually open when recruited by Maxwell Epstein. That’s why the girls were told they would be paid for a short non erotic massage and he wore underpants the first massage.

    The lure was \$300 for a short non sexual massage. That’s a lot of money for any 12-18 year old middle / high school girl. Younger they were, the more \$300 meant to them.

    A 12-15 year old probably made \$3.00 an hour for yard work and baby sitting in those days. Fast food and clerking probably paid \$4.00 an hour in the mid 1990s. But kids can’t get work permits till they’re 16.

    Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to make \$300 for a 20 minute non sexual massage instead of \$3.00 an hour for yard work house cleaning or baby sitting?

    The well paid non sexual masseuses becoming sexual masseuses and then well paid intercourse prostitutes is a common means to recruit prostitutes. There’s more massage salon prostitutes than street and escort prostitution.

    And the prostitutes are always under orders to recruit other prostitutes no matter what type of prostitution it is.

  278. geokat62 says:

    • Thanks: Patagonia Man
  279. Alden says:

    You and your citations are right. Kids do stay home glued to their computers and phones these days. Since there are fewer juvenile prostitution arrests, that means fewer girls are entrapped by pimps. Also less school bussing in cities so girls aren’t riding city busses and transferring or in school busses with the predators. Plus for the White Asian and Hispanic girls, even low achievers, there’s the homework burden.

    When I was a probation officer the main organized crime of blacks was pimping and prostitution, the worst kind of pimping. The black men killed so many of their prostitutes. And the women got a place to stay, clothes food drugs and cigarettes but no money. Black men going into the drug business has been a good thing for black women because there are fewer black pimps .

    The schools now have mandatory sex predator classes. The kids are encouraged to report sexual molestation. Teachers medics coaches everyone paid or doing volunteer work with kids are mandated by law to report suspicion of sexual molesting of kids and teens. Except the abortion providers. So there’s a lot more intervention and more kids removed from their mothers and sexual predator step fathers and moms boyfriends

    Just teaching kids that certain things are wrong illegal and can be reported and ended stops a lot of molestation soon after it begins.

    Because of Emmett till, To Kill a Mockingbird and the liberal lies that black men are no more prone to rape, child rape and pimping than Whites, black kids and teens, more girls than boys suffered more than other races because liberals forced law enforcement to stop enforcing child molestation rape and pimping.

    Said offenses being normal behavior in the black community. Many black boys DO NOT KNOW it’s not normal to have sex including intercourse with full and half sisters until they talk about sex with boys of other races. They’re really surprised that it’s not something every boy does with his sister. Just look at the STD rates of black middle school boys and girls

    Before that piece of pro black on White rape obscenity To Kill a Mockingbird and subsequent judicial orders; it was SOP for police to stop and question young black men with young girls in the car if the man didn’t look old enough to be her father.

    Especially with White Asian or Hispanic girls as a black men could not possibly be her father. Unless the couple could prove they were father daughter, siblings some respectable relationship they’d take the girl home or to the station to be picked up by parents. A woman detective would follow up.

    That procedure really helped the girls escape. If the girls were runaways or in the typical abuse situation they’d often be sent to a foster or group home. Strange thing about White foster parents and kids and group homes for White kids. Good outcomes. Graduation from high school no crime record. Black kids in out of home placements run by black workers? Disastrous outcomes.

    But then the liberals and Jewish organizations NAACP, ACLU funded by Jewish organizations like ADL AJC etc etc etc tried to stop the police interfering with black pimps and their teen prostitutes.

    Thanks be to God, the easier and just as lucrative drug trade, welfare for 16 year old mothers and feminazies black rapists are now charged and either plea guilty or are convicted and get long sentences with no parole and there are far fewer 10-18 pathetic retarded black girl prostitutes on the street and murdered by black pimps.

    Because of the book To Kill a Mockingbird Jewish funding and Jewish legal aid and Jewish propaganda the sentence for a convicted or pled rapist in San Francisco was 3 weeks in a closed mental health facility when I was given the rape caseload. Only took me a few months to change it to maximum sentence in state prison and before the feminazies crusader against rape for the government funding their causes got.

    Anyone can have and raise children learn construction and invest in real estate. Right husband, right trade, and inflation did those things for us.

    But to turn around rape prosecution and sentencing in the most insane criminal loving county in the country is what I’m most proud of and I did it all by myself.

    Pimps are never convicted and very seldom arrested. What I learned about it I learned from Vice police and the black prostitutes.

    Epstein was a billionaire He was very intelligent in math & science. Maxwell grew up a billionaire’s daughter and graduated one of the Oxford colleges. Both were very well read and informed. They socialized with the powers that be. I wouldn’t call their associates elites. Just powerful uber wealthy. I know low level black street prostitution. What Maxwell and Epstein did was no different from any other prostitution business. A BJ is a BJ whether in a customer’s car or a huge fabulous 15 million dollar mansion

    • Thanks: JohnnyWalker123
  280. Found on:



    Sunday, 12 July 2020

  281. Sean says:

    1. That is not evidence of Maxwell procuring and recruiting. It is related to two counts of perjury in a civil case in which Maxwell is alleged to have lied on oath that she had no knowledge of Epstein having sex with under age girls.
    2. Sarah Shakedown sorry Ransome was 22 years old when she met Epstein and Maxwell had nothing to do with it. Ransome she said she had a sex tape of Donald Trump.
    3 Like all the Miami girls that old Jeff pled guilty to specimen sex crimes against, Wild never met Maxwell and there is no suggestion from Law Enforcement that she had anything to do with recruiting them, or even knew of their existence

    How a future Trump Cabinet member gave a serial sex abuser the deal of a lifetime:

    Yes, this whole thing is about getting Trump. Every photo of Trump with Maxwell (and there are many) will be deployed. China concealed a coronavirus epidemic for vital weeks the second time in 20 years it has done so, but the Deep State are convinced Russia is more dangerous. The superannuated Cold Warriors of the Deep FBI were after Trump when they arrested Epstein, and with Maxwell, Trump is still the real target. They think he is capitulating to Russia.

    The aim of the capitalist comparative advantage conspiracy is to replace him with Biden, deliver the West’s economy to China, and ensure wealth beyond the dreams of avarice to Wall Street globalists who are counting on Chinese economic growth and technological advances continuing at the expense of America. Israel loves Trump, but that will not help him. Just goes to show the money power and not Jews or Israel is what really lies behind the curtain.

    • Troll: Buck Ransom
    • Replies: @geokat62
    , @Alden
  282. There’s definitely fishy stuff going on there. Law enforcement didn’t go after her earlier even though her location was widely known, and the Clintons and their friends didn’t send an assassin after her to shut up a potential witness either.
    I think they’ve used the time to negotiate the outcome they want – likely Maxwell will testify that Clinton was after her (and nobody underage), so Clinton will finally have an official explanation for being on that plane all the time, and they’ll have another reason to call those of us who pay any attention to the real world crazy tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists given “Clinton molests children” has now been “thoroughly debunked” (by one criminal telling lies).

  283. @Alden

    Nine times out of the prostitute performs oral sex. Pimps generally encourage this.

    I’ve never been a pimp but any man who is middle-class and had to walk through a poor neighborhood is aware that 90% of the time the prostitution involves no vaginal penetration and is strictly oral sex. As was mostly the case with Epstein.

    Its faster, does nor require the removal of garments, does not risk pregnancy. Whether we talk about Epstein or we talk about industrial prostitution on a Boulevard what we are really talking about is oral sex.

    You don’t have to be Dr. Ruth the ex-Israeli sniper to explain why 90% of sex transactions are oral sex.

    “Massage” is a euphemism for what most sexual transactions come down to, which is oral sex.

    None of Epstein’s victims that we know of were raped in the sense of a black man with a butcher knife overpowering a white woman on the street and forcibly penetrating her or prison rape involving torn anuses. That’s simply not the case here.

    Oral sex is a consensual act most of the time and these girls knew that was what they were going to be doing as soon as they set off for Epstein’s mansion. Other girls would have made this clear who had already been over at Epsteins.

    And at any rate in underclass environments female on male or male on male oral sex is a form of currency such as trailer parks or lowest-income residential housing.

    Most of these so-called victims had been performing oral sex long before they voluntarily went over to his Mansion. Often because of molestation and more commonly as part and parcel of run-of-the-mill teen promiscuity.

    Quite shocking to middle-class bourgeois, many of underclass females are veritable Linda Lovelaces by the age of 15. Its shocking, but a sordid combination of drugs and sexual transactions define their squalid environment.

    Of course you’ll probably accuse me of being a pimp again. Which I am not. Or start recounting the Chinese who shake down tough Irish vendors on the Fisherman’s Wharf or pistol-packing gays who gentrified the Castro district or whatever.

    But any male who has ever walked through a poor low-income neighborhood has had a woman (Or a she-male just as often) walk up and offer him oral sex in exchange for money. Its simply a labor sector of the underground economy that poor and desperate women and gays are forced to participate in.

    • Agree: Curmudgeon
    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @Alden
  284. Maxwell and PROMIS:

    ”According to an article in the UK’s Daily Mirror, by Gordon Thomas and Martin Dillon, in 2002, British Publisher Robert Maxwell Was A Mossad Spy.

    Robert Maxwell “threatened Mossad.

    “He told them that unless they gave him £400million to save his crumbling empire, he would expose all he had done for them.

    “In that time, he had free access to Margaret Thatcher’s Downing Street, to Ronald Reagan’s White House, to the Kremlin and to the corridors of power throughout Europe.

    “On top of that he had built himself a position of power within the crime families of eastern Europe, teaching them how to funnel their vast wealth from drugs, arms smuggling and prostitution to banks in safe havens around the globe.

    “Maxwell passed on all the secrets he learned to Mossad in Tel Aviv. In turn, they tolerated his excesses, vanities and insatiable appetite for a luxurious lifestyle and women.

    “He told his controllers who they should target and how they should do it. He appointed himself as Israel’s unofficial ambassador to the Soviet Bloc. Mossad saw the advantage in that.”

    “Mossad had stolen from America the most important piece of software in the US arsenal.

    “Maxwell was given the job of marketing the stolen software, called Promis.

    “Mossad had reconstructed the software and inserted into it a device which enabled them to track the use any purchaser made of the it. Sitting in Israel, Mossad would know exactly what was going on inside all the intelligence services that bought it.

    “In all, Maxwell sold it to 42 countries, including China and Soviet Bloc nations. But his greatest triumph was selling it to Los Alamos, the very heart of the US nuclear defence system.

    “The more successful Maxwell became the more risks he took and the more dangerous he was to Mossad. At the same time, the very public side of Maxwell, who then owned 400 companies, began to unwind.

    “He spent lavishly and lost money on deals. The more he lost, the more he tried to claw money from the banks. Then he saw a way out of his problems.”

  285. geokat62 says:

    Just goes to show the money power and not Jews or Israel is what really lies behind the curtain.

    So, that is the purpose of your posts? Convincing the dumb goys that it’s not Jews or Israel?

    You must be a big fan of Mission Impossible.

    • Replies: @Sean
  286. When Osama Bin Ladin Was Tim Osman

    By J. Orlin Grabbe

    ”However, Michael and his father Marshall Riconosciuto, a friend of Richard Nixon, continued to run the Hercules Research Corporation. In the early 1980s Michael also served as the Director of Research for a joint venture between the Wackenhut Corporation of Coral Gables, Florida, and the Cabazon Band of Indians in Indio, California. Riconosciuto’s talents were much in demand. He had created the a-neutronic bomb (or “Electro-Hydrodynamic Gaseous Fuel Device”), which sank the ground level of the Nevada test site by 30 feet when a prototype was tested. Samuel Cohen, the inventor of the neutron bomb, said of Riconosciuto: “I’ve spoken to Michael Riconosciuto (the inventor of the a-neutronic bomb) and he’s an extraordinarily bright guy. I also have a hunch, which I can’t prove, that they both (Riconosciuto and Lavos, his partner) indirectly work for the CIA.”

    Riconosciuto’s bomb made suitcase nukes obsolete, because it achieved near-atomic explosive yields, but could be more easily minaturized. You could have a suitcase a-neutronic bomb, or a briefcase a-neutronic bomb, or simply a lady’s purse a-neutronic bomb. Or just pull out your wallet for identification and —. The Meridian Arms Corporation, as well as the Universities of California and Chicago owned a piece of the technology.

    But there was more than explosives in the portfolios of the CIA agents who surrounded Riconosciuto like moths around a candle. Both Robert Booth Nichols, the shady head of Meridian Arms Corporation (with both CIA and organized crime conections), and Dr. John Phillip Nichols, the manager of the Cabazon reservation, were involved in bio-warfare work—the first in trying to sell bio-warfare products to the army through Wackenhut, the second in giving tribal permission for research to take place at Cabazon. According to Riconosciuto, the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) was in charge of the classified contracts for biological warfare research. Riconosciuto would later testify under oath that Stormont Laboratories was involved in the DARPA-Wackenhut-Cabazon project. Jonathan Littman, a reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle would relate: “Cabazons and Wackenhut appeared to be acting as middlemen between the Pentagon’s DARPA and Stormont Laboratories, a small facility in Woodland near Sacramento.”

    ”According to Riconosciuto, the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) was in charge of the classified contracts for biological warfare research. Riconosciuto would later testify under oath that Stormont Laboratories was involved in the DARPA-Wackenhut-Cabazon project. ”

  287. Alden says:

    I agree with you about everything. My experience is low level black prostitutes who were often murdered. I sometimes advised them to move to Reno or Vegas and sign up with a decent agency. I retired early just about the time the internet got going.

    I think it’s an excellent idea to go on the internet, sign up for TRW, use the DMV data base, buy or build up a nice client list. Men pass around phone numbers and references about nice independents like the women you know.

    I knew one White independent prostitute. She had a tourist guide cover business. She frequented the airport handing out cards to arriving business men. She was eventually caught by airport police. She was very pretty, 8 out of 10, well spoken, lady like. She wore navy blue pants suits so she could pass for an airport employee at first glance. I hope she succeeded and made enough money to buy a couple apartment houses by the time she was 35.

    A state bar investigator who checked Bar applicants once told me a surprising number of woman applicants had been arrested as prostitutes while law and college students. They were admitted to the State Bar.

    • Replies: @Bombercommand
  288. Alden says:

    Spell check must have substituted specimen for statutory crimes. Epstein pled guilty to soliciting for prostitution of minors, not statutory rape of minors. Pimps customers and prostitutes all solicit for prostitution but you don’t know that. Soliciting for his prostitutes is something pimps do its part of the job.

    First, you’re really ignorant of federal and state pimping procuring soliciting enticing arranging and transporting persons for prostitution.

    Second you’re jumping all over the place confusing Maxwell’s indictment with Epstein’s guilty plea and interviews with victims, police detectives, private investigators , neighbors, TV reports, MSM reports, proven facts such as the plane passenger manifests and flight plans, and unproven allegations. And anything you can throw into the concrete mixer to come up with another claim that Maxwell and Epstein are innocent and 40 girls and young women and numerous federal and city police and private investigators are all anti Semite liars who are railroading innocent Jews.

    Yes, Sarah Ransome was a grown women of 22. Maxwell invited her on a trip to a luxurious private Island and she went willingly. When she got there she was unlawfully detained and raped so many times by Epstein she tried to kill herself. After that attempt she was under guard and still raped 2 or 3 times a day by Epstein until they allowed her to leave.

    And you think you cans defend and exonerate Maxwell’s pimping and Epstein’s raping by pointing out Ransome was 22, not 12-17 like most of their victims.

    You’re a moron if you think the defense for unlawful detention and multiple rapes is the fact that the victim was 22.

  289. Alden says:

    All true except that the USA can prosecute US citizens in the US if they break US laws in other countries. It’s usually overseas tax evasion and the Jimmy Carter era laws against bribery that are prosecuted by the USA. There was a big effort to get rid of Carter’s bribery laws because it’s impossible to do business anywhere in the world but Canada and Western Europe without bribery and kickbacks. I don’t if the law was changed or if it’s just not enforced

    To be truthful, mostly prostitutes, not pimps and customers are prosecuted in the United States. A month in county jail for the 20th arrest, probation is the usual sentence, no big deal. Escort agencies are usually informed on by landlords, neighbors and rival escort agencies.

    Asian owners of Asian slaves used for sex are ignored no matter how much information the police have about their operations.

    Thanks for the information. I learn so much from other commenters

  290. Alden says:

    Lowest level black street pimps who live with their mothers and grandmothers in their project apartments and run fewer than 5 girls; recruit the exact same abused poor girls except their girls aren’t short flat chested fair White girls but short medium and tall black girls age 11-30 instead of 12-early 20s.

    Transporting prostitutes across state lines is transporting for prostitution across state lines whether it’s a multimillion dollar jet between mega mansions in New York New Mexico Ohio and Florida or taking a metro bus or car from New Jersey to NYC, Covington Kentucky to Cincinnati Ohio, Cairo Ill to Missouri and Kentucky, Omaha Nebraska to Council Bluffs Iowa E St Louis Ill to St Louis Mo.

    Sex is sex, whether in a parked car or the biggest mansion in Ohio, or one of the most expensive and biggest mansions in Nee York city or on one of Epstein’s multi million dollar planes.
    Pimping of under age minors is pimping of under age minors.

    Maxwell and Epstein were in the same business as the lowest level black street pimps. They were better than the Asian pimps of San Francisco. At least they didn’t order container loads of girls from Asia, didn’t lock them up as soon as they arrived and let them attend high school and 8th grade.

  291. Alden says:

    A man named Davin Waters was recently charged, prosecuted, convicted and given a life sentence in the northern district of Texas federal court for transporting 2 minors from Texas to a house in New Mexico to commit illegal sexual acts. He didn’t pimp them to others. He didn’t pay them so they weren’t prostitutes. He transported them across a state line to commit illegal sexual acts. His victims were 8 to 13. The local county can still prosecute him for the other child molestations in Texas under state law.
    Whatever, he got the life sentence for transportation of minors across state lines for illegal sexual acts

    Maxwell transported minors, one of the victims in the indictment only 13 across state lines numerous times in the years she pimped for Epstein.

  292. Neoconned says:

    Other day i was coming home from work and for the 1st time in forever accidentally tuned in to Rush Limbaugh….anyway hes dying of cancer etc but he told an anecdote of having met Epstein once via friends in S. Florida where he lives.

    Said Epstein wanted to do lunch but he never replied.

    Said “its obvious what Epstein and Maxwell were doing…..THEY WERE RUNNING A BLACKMAIL OPERATION!”

    If old Unclel Rush can see that anybody can.

    • Agree: Patagonia Man
  293. @Alden

    Yes, Alden, you had the unpleasant job of dealing with the dirty end of the iceberg, the very small part visible above water, 90% of the iceberg is civilized, pleasant for all involved, and invisible below water. The police have three areas of concern: procuring minors, street solicitation, and massage parlors that go beyond handjobs and/or set up in neighborhoods that don’t want massage parlors. Procuring minors is by far the highest priority, and is very difficult detective work, informants are critical(note a similarity with the Epstein/Maxwell case?). The other two are routine quality of life cleanup duty, although a massage parlor that offers full service requires a relatively simple sting. Independent Call Girls have access, via their clients, of a vast array of specialized male knowledge: investment advice, real estate tips, referrals to quality professionals, back channel routes for getting all sorts of things done(does she need a cheap, reliable used car? A non-ripoff home renovator?), and just plain interesting stuff about everything under the sun. And, boy, do The Girls talk too: a Korean working girl who did a short stint in an Asian Incall in a Jewish neighborhood told me of her Orthodox clients who removed their fake beard before doing the deed.

    • Agree: Alden
  294. anon[110] • Disclaimer says:

    Fortunately for Maxwell, the judicial system is stuffed with bribed and blackmailed hacks and can be counted on to spring valued CIA assets. The few problem employees with residual integrity like Gladys Kessler or Robert Vance get pushed aside, extorted into line, or blown up.

    CIA has perverted the US judiciary past the terminal state of Soviet collapse. Your government has one branch, CIA.

    • Thanks: Neoconned
  295. Maxwell’s allies have told The Mail on Sunday that she:

    Is not the person who introduced billionaire Epstein to Prince Andrew;
    Insists she and Epstein had not met in person for 15 years;

    I told ya so. Maxwell is being charged by another hysterical female prosecutor. The charges are specious. Maxwell will walk within 12 months.

    • Replies: @Sean
  296. Trinity says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    You must be a frequent client of prostitutes, sounds as if you are speaking from experience. teehee.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  297. Sean says:

    Lets see, Ehud Barak the former Israeli PM who is the favourite Israeli politician of Liberal Jews has had his political comeback derailed, Alan Dershowitz the Israel advocate and Trump defender is having the guns of the media turned on him. Dershowitz was been the main commentator favourable to Trump in the impeachment debate and pre-eminent member of the Israel Lobby.

    Trump is the maximal Zionist Greater Israel’s dream American President. He stuck it to the Palestinians over moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem and whacked Iran’s Chuck Norris. His favourite daughter married a Jew and converted to Judaism, and he gave that Jew the task of creating a Middle East settlement.

    If the Israel Lobby controlled America then they would hardly be permitting the media-political establishment and Deep State to be keelhauling Trump through the cesspit of Epstein by indicting his acquaintance Maxwell in the run up to the election in which Trump could have secured another term to do even more for Israel–perhaps give them things they did not even dare ask for. A general Middle East war under cover of which the West Bank Palestinians could be provoked into an armed uprising and expelled for instance.

    You must be a big fan of China and want the Deaths of Despair to continue. Fentanyl to sedate the redundant traditional population and COVID-19 to finish them off. Both straight out of Wuhan. And all you are worried about is Israel, which is half the size of the aforementioned ninth-most populous Chinese city. No wonder Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is making deals with China. Just like Iran, Israel understands that China rather than America is going to be running things in future.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  298. Connor I. says:

    Help needed in the Zio British Colony of Canada: the violence of this group is ACCEPTABLE IN CANADA, not in the US:

    Israel lobby seeks to bankrupt progressive, pro-Palestinian restaurant

    . Banned in the US and Israel, JDL participates in the annual Walk for Israel organized by United Jewish Appeal of Greater Toronto.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  299. geokat62 says:

    • Thanks: Trinity
  300. geokat62 says:
    @Connor I.

    Israel lobby seeks to bankrupt progressive, pro-Palestinian restaurant

    I posted this comment under another thread…


    Poor Kimberly Hawkins, a single mother who is in her mid-thirties and owner of a good catering business in downtown Toronto, has recently discovered what happens when you sincerely wish to end the brutal occupation in Palestine… The Community will come down on you like a ton of bricks!

    Excerpts from Toronto restaurant owner Kimberly Hawkins is defiantly anti-Semitic as her business crumbles around her:

    What a difference a week has made to Kimberly Hawkins—the owner of Foodbenders catering company in downtown Toronto.

    In just a week Hawkins’ take-out and catering business of seven years has gone from being renowned for its fresh, healthy options to infamous for her unhealthy hateful obsession with the Jewish state.

    A little more than a week ago, on Friday July 3, I [Sue-Ann Levy, a columnist for the Toronto Sun] paid a visit to her store. This was just after word started to get out in the Toronto Jewish community about Hawkins’ anti-Semitic signs and Instagram posts…

    By Monday, all of Toronto’s major Jewish advocacy groups and many members of the Jewish community had galvanized like never before…

    That same day Hawkins, a single mother who is in her mid-thirties, received letters from both the Ritualfood delivery app and Uber Eats indicating they were severing their ties with Foodbenders…

    But Hawkins remained unrepentant, advising her increasing number of Instagram followers—a situation about which she bragged – that they should boycott Uber, which “supports the illegal occupation by an apartheid state” and that she wasn’t prepared to stop until Palestine was free. She appeared to enjoy fomenting hate on social media…

    She continued to insist she did not equate the state of Israel or Zionism to Judaism and does not hate Jewish people in any way. She added that she was “sorry” if people interpreted what she said as “hate” because that was not what she intended.

    It was the sorriest of apologies given the tempest of her own making…

    That day, the first of what could end up being a variety of legal claims was filed against her. It was a discrimination claim to the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal by 86-year-old Toronto-area resident Elena Aschkenazi.

    Facilitated by the Tel-Aviv based International Legal Forum, it was the first of its kind to use the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s working definition of anti-Semitism. The complaint centered on the claim that attacking Zionists is a “thinly veiled euphemism for anti-Semitic hatred.”

    Hawkins was also served Friday with a \$750,000 defamation lawsuit on behalf of Toronto designer Shai De Luca, who shares Canadian and Israel citizenship. In his suit, De Luca claims Hawkins defamed him when she posted that he was an “IDF soldier (aka terrorist)” who was gathering his “whining Zionist friends” to attack Palestinians and Foodbenders.

    Deplatformed and served up a dose of the very cancel culture which she embraces, Hawkins would never concede publicly that she has brought her troubles on herself.

    If she is indeed forced to close her doors – and that remains to be seen – it will always be those “greedy, entitled” inhumane Zionists who killed her business—just like she claims they do to Palestinian children.

    Now, that’s what I call community action! After this little number, do you think anyone else will have the temerity of voicing their opposition to the occupation?

  301. Jeshurun Tsarfat [AKA "JT"] says: • Website
    @Patagonia Man

    A doctor tells you the DNC is holy.

    You disagree.

    Are you saying you know more than a doctor!?

    You’re talking porn, not American history. He’s not a professor of porn history. Nor in fact, has he ever studied the question or written a word about it.

    • Replies: @Patagonia Man
  302. Anon[287] • Disclaimer says:

    But if you’re in power and living a decadent lifestyle, taking recreational drugs, drinking lots of booze, smoking, and eating sugary foods like a hog, you tend to be prone to getting cancer as you get older. Leftists tend to go wild once they get power and become supremely self-indulgent, and they tend to die at an earlier age because of it.

    • Replies: @Patagonia Man
  303. geokat62 says:

    If the Israel Lobby controlled America…

    If? lol!

    You must have missed Al Jezeera’s 4-part series, The Israel Lobby in the US:

    As luck would have it, the Occidental Observer’s Andrew Joyce has just penned the first part of a 3-part series on the Jewish campaign to silence free speech in the EU and the US.


    Excerpts from, “Secure Tolerance”: The Jewish Plan to Permanently Silence the West, Part 1:


    Kantor argues that “tolerance,” which in his definition basically means acquiescence to globalism (promoted by Kantor as a universal good) and mass migration, is an essential aspect of a successful society. He argues that in order to protect “tolerance,” we should therefore impose “security requirements” (oppressive laws) that focus on “racism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism.” Thus, Kantor’s creation of the idea of “Secure Tolerance,” which will see the gradual expansion of cultural and legislative repressions on Whites/nativists, first in the European Union, and then throughout the rest of the West…

    Kantor wants repressive laws, “permanent and irreversible,” the “making of which, once started, is never to stop,” in order to deal with, in his words, the “neo-Fascist politicians and organizations, radical nationalists and militarised racists who, in their turn are jeopardising European democratic accomplishments” and therefore represent “destructive manifestations of anti-globalism.”…

    When Brexit happened, Ari Paul, writing in The Forward, argued in terror that a reversion to the nation-state government across Europe would be a “return to the state of affairs that gave us two world wars and the Holocaust.” His proposed remedy is the suggestion that the populations of the E.U. should be more tightly controlled through speech and hate laws, and the final solution “is to make the E.U.’s policy more favorable to multiculturalism and migration. … Jews are certainly going to play a role in which direction Europe goes.”…

    He further writes that “every democratic society should be concerned with promoting what Roy Jenkins memorably defined thirty years ago as a national goal: equal opportunity, accompanied by cultural diversity, in an atmosphere of mutual tolerance.”…

    In truth, Lester was one of the chief architects of modern multicultural Britain and its accompanying repressive bureaucracy. It was Lester who by his own admission, in 1975, set out “coherent principles for new legislation in the White Paper on Racial Discrimination.” The principles were that: “The overwhelming majority of the colored population is here to stay, that a substantial and increasing proportion of that population belongs to this country, and that the time has come for a determined effort by Government, by industry and unions, and by ordinary men and women to ensure fair and equal treatment for all our people, regardless of their race, color, or national origin.”

    The point of reiterating this particular process (and Brenton Sanderson has pointed to clear and well-documented parallels in Canada, Australia and elsewhere) is that this is what is meant by Kantor’s “most democratic” way of “law-making.” This process has the appearance of democracy in that legislation is eventually moved through a Parliament or Congress, but beneath this appearance is a sequence of events mired in ethnic activism, obscured methodologies, background lobbying, false representation, and ultimately, the passing of legislation entirely at odds with the wider democratic will. We were never asked, and, in Kantor’s political philosophy, we never will be asked. These laws will continue to be developed and imposed in this manner, and, as Kantor prescribes, they will “never stop.”…

    Since 2015, the Presidency of the ECTR has been held by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, a dedicated globalist and arch-traitor of Satanic proportions. Beneath the Gentile faces, however, Kantor has always pulled the strings. This is his project, based on his manifesto, and his history of activism.

    The group’s board is stacked with honorary roles for non-Jewish politicians, but its legal direction is entirely dictated by Kantor and Prof. Yoram Dinstein, a retired Italian supreme court justice and former President and Dean of Law at Tel Aviv University. Dinstein’s area of expertise is mainly in war legislation, and his co-operation with Kantor is not really a departure from this since it amounts to a declaration of war on Whites everywhere.

    • Replies: @Sean
  304. @Jeshurun Tsarfat

    I notice that you avoid answering my question, because you know what the answer is. If you can’t be honest with the commenters on this thread – at least be honest to yourself.

    You said: “A doctor tells you the DNC is holy.

    You disagree. ”

    Hypothetical! Just stick to the facts.

    Did Prof. Abrams say that the reason that zionists promote pornography is to weaken the morals of the Gentiles?

    Yes? or No?

    Did E. Michael Jones state by creating a need in people makes people easier to control?

    Yes? or No?

  305. @Anon

    The usual suspects’ tactics of choice to either:
    • prevent anyone thwarting their diabolical plans for global hegemony, i.e., world domination, or
    • to ensure people in positions of authority implement their plans, includes:

    1. targeted assassinations,
    2. character assassinations – usually the ending of one’s career in disgrace,
    3. bribery, or
    4. blackmail.

    There’s no reason to believe that spreading pathogens to cause fatal disease, incl. cancer, in the leadership of Third World countries who seek to redistribute their nations’ income (GDP) for the benefit of domestic populations, isn’t one of them.

  306. Sean says:

    You have failed to rebut my point that Maxwell’s sensational arrest in the run up to Trump’s attempt to secure another term is incompatible with the Israeli government having real influence over the US Deep State. The Zionists’ preference is either for Trump over Biden, or it isn’t. Biden is the candidate of finance and big business. The timely skewering of Trump by guilt by association with Epstein and now Maxwell is proof that the Deep State secretly controls the US for the benefit of Wall Street, rather that Jews as such. Case closed.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  307. Sean says:

    Even though it concerns Maxwell’s depositions in Giuffre’s 2015 defamation suit–in which Guiffre testified she was 15 then was forced to admit they first met when she was 17 by Maxwell’s lawyers–Ms Maxwell is being criminally charged with two counts of of perjury (in a civil case) for saying she did not know Epstein was having sex with under age girls.

    The perjury charges are cunning, the ensure Maxwell’s testimony in the criminal trial will be discounted by the court. Also, all the prosecution have to do to get a guilty verdict on the perjury counts is show that Maxwell knew in even one instance that Epstein had sex with an girl under 18 years old, which is a lot easier that proving that she was actively involved in enticing under age girls for Epstein and involved in making them have sex with him. So she is as good as convicted for perjury, and the judge will give her a long term of imprisonment for that alone in order to maintain faith in the legal system.

    By charging her with perjury the prosecution are effectively giving up the possibility of using Maxwell’s testimony against anyone else, but I think they know by now that Epstein was just a super rich John with his own airliner and private island rather than head of a white slavery racket catering to VIPs, and Epstein’s was a customer for the pandering model agency boss who is co accused with Maxwell.

  308. @Trinity

    She might be rich but if you call that thing attractive, you definitely need to get out more. From 1-10 I give “G-Max” a 3 without makeup, with some war paint and a nice dress she barely scrapes a 4. She actually looks very tranny-like in a lot of photos.

    For heaven’s sake, she is a post menopausal 60-year-old woman. At least she is not fat and does not have plastic surgery. In her younger days she was never a model type, but plenty of men would have found her sufficiently nubile to want to bed her. Of course being intelligent, witty, rich, and uninhibited helps too.

    • LOL: Trinity
    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @Alden
  309. geokat62 says:

    You have failed to rebut my point that Maxwell’s sensational arrest in the run up to Trump’s attempt to secure another term is incompatible with the Israeli government having real influence over the US Deep State.

    Look, “Sean” is it? I’m not a big kabuki fan, so whether The Lobby installs Trumpstein or Joe “you don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist” Biden, makes little difference to the American goyim, at the end of the day.

    The timely skewering of Trump by guilt by association with Epstein and now Maxwell is proof that the Deep State secretly controls the US for the benefit of Wall Street, rather that Jews as such.

    Deep state? How do you say that in Hebrew?

    Case closed.

    Cases closed? I hear they’re working on Hebrew soon becoming the official language of Knesset West, lol!

    Shalom, “Sean”… lol

    • LOL: ChuckOrloski
    • Replies: @Sean
    , @Patagonia Man
  310. Trinity says:
    @Jonathan Mason

    I am the roughly the same age as Ms. Thang and believe me I take into account the aging process, lawd knows I don’t look like I did at 24, which is probably the age of Ms. Maxwell in that photo. Sheesh, if I lose any more hair I will be shampooing my neck. Sorry, pardner, but maybe I have been spoiled by being around Georgia Peaches and Florida Beach Bunnies for quite a spell, but even in her prime, ( the photo you sent) that broad is nothing special. 3.5-4 TOPS and believe me, I am being generous. Face it, Jews aren’t particularly known for their physical attractiveness although I will say I once met an Israeli stripper in strip bar in Tampa, Florida that was a stunner. Probably as rare as the Hope Diamond. lolol.

    • Replies: @Jonathan Mason
  311. @Trinity

    Oh come now. You’re an urban drifter type.

    You remember when crack cocaine resulted in a bunch of women wearing the same outfit they had on the first time they smoked crack out in the road offering oral favors for \$20.

    In rural areas, the same thing happened with meth. All of the sudden, rural motels looked like Times Square.

    You appear to have been born in the sixties, so you came of age back then.

    Epstein’s prostitutes were not under duress with track marks from being put on heroin. Some girls did it once and did not return-Epstein did not pursue them like some black pimp.

    I’m not from the ghettos of Detroit, have never been involved in pimping and don’t use crack whores. But I am aware that when a white runaway returned home to try to get away from a black pimp sometimes the black pimp would actually come into the suburbs to get her.

    Women who do escort work are usually better-off and older and more educated. Call girl agencies don’t deal with minors, for the most part.

    Girls pimped by blacks are either teenagers who are legal adults or they are really dumb redneck white girls.

    The real human trafficking, as I’m sure Alden would agree, involves Chinese. Maybe Mexicans.

    We are avoiding the fact that a good number of girls have no morals whatsoever, and will do oral sex for \$200. This is a reflection of poverty.

    No, I’m no pimp. I’m no pornographer. But anybody who has lived in a low-income area sees some of this.

    Epstein is bisexual and has doubtlessly gone down on other women before. So prison makes zero difference to her. She may be more Lesbian than heterosexual, when it comes down to it. Certainly openly bisexual. Giving oral sex to diesel dykes to keep from having the black girls steal her toilet paper will be no big deal to her. She understands power structures well, anyhow.

    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @Alden
  312. Sean says:

    whether The Lobby installs Trumpstein or Joe “you don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist” Biden, makes little difference

    You obviously haven’t been reading Giraldi complaining about Trump as the most pro Israel President imaginable. Trump moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem, and Israel made no concessions whatsoever in return. So it was huge gift to Israel from Trump. Giraldi says the next thing will be expulsion of the West Bank Palestinians. Trump is the Zionist candidate.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  313. geokat62 says:

    Trump is the Zionist candidate.

    They’re all Kosher-approved candidates. They are hand-selected years in advance and groomed for the position. When the stakes are so high, nothing is left to chance.


    • Agree: FLgeezer
    • Replies: @Sean
  314. Trinity says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Whatcha talkin’ bout, Willis. I lived in a mid-size town in the South for part of the Eighties and by my guesstimation, 85-90% of the street prostitutes were Black. The town/city itself was about 50% African American at the time. Parts of the rural South that looked like The Deuce in the 1980’s? Sucka, you must be kiddin’? I was in New Yawk in the early part of the 1980s and I have been in the rural South, small Southern towns and large Southern cities, in SEVERAL STATES in the South, The Duece was in its own league when it came to filth back in the Seventies and Eighties. Those two are so polar opposite it doesn’t even beg a response. I will say that Tampa is a rather seedy city, but then again, once you hit the Gainesville/Ocala area in Florida, you are officially out of the South.

  315. geokat62 says:

    The fix is in…

  316. Sean says:

    Don’t tell me, tell Giraldi who opined ‘Over the past three years Donald J. Trump has delivered on his promise to be the “best friend in Washington that Israel has ever had”‘. Giraldi also said “The record is appalling, thank you Mr. Trump, but, to return to the “news today,” an article that appeared last Thursday in the Jerusalem Post still had the power to make me spill my cup of coffee in disbelief. The headline read “Friedman: Second Trump term could take U.S.-Israel ties to next level.”

    So there you have it Trump is going to give Israel everything if he gets a second term, so the Israel Lobby is not very happy about Epstein and now Maxwell being front page news. The indictment against Maxwell includes two counts of perjury for saying she was unaware of Epstein abusing girls meaning in practice Maxwell is going to get 10 years for just being aware of the young girls around Epstein. Trump knew Epstein so he more of less knew with be insinuated into reporting, Trump is going to suffer from guilt by association. His chances of being re-elected, and being in a position to destroy Iran and allow the expulsion to the Palestinian will be greatly reduced. So of course the most reviled person in the Western world is coincident in the news with Trump, and every photo of her with Trump will be used again and again.

    So the Maxwell thing blowing up now is proof of the Israel Lobby running the US Deep State? No, the thing that Trump would do in his second term, and after COVID-19 people are starting to agree with him, is divest America from its reliance of China. But that close China-America relationship is vital to Wall Street reaping vast profits, so they are going to stop Trump being re-elected. Maxwell is an important part of their strategy, which is working. China and Wall Street will win, and the Israel Lobby is helpless to prevent it.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  317. @geokat62

    “I hear they’re working on Hebrew soon becoming the official language of Knesset West, lol!”

    Altho’ you mean it in jest, Geo – you’re right on the money!

    There’s a concerted effort by the usual suspects to shift the Middle East to the Middle West, i.e., JerUSAlem!!!

    Hahaha, can’t wait til they change from singing The Star Spangled Banner to the hymn Jerusalem


    • LOL: geokat62
  318. geokat62 says:

    Don’t tell me, tell Giraldi who opined ‘Over the past three years Donald J. Trump has delivered on his promise to be the “best friend in Washington that Israel has ever had”‘.

    … and he’s right. As Roger Stone disclosed, “I’m HARDCORE Zionist and so is president Trump.”

    So the Maxwell thing blowing up now is proof of the Israel Lobby running the US Deep State?

    Proof? If you wanted proof, look no further than the statement Mitt Romney once made when he was a presidential candidate back in 2012:

    In a telling exchange during a debate in December, Mr. Romney criticized Mr. Gingrich for making a disparaging remark about Palestinians, declaring: “Before I made a statement of that nature, I’d get on the phone to my friend Bibi Netanyahu and say: ‘Would it help if I say this? What would you like me to do?’ “

    Martin S. Indyk, a United States ambassador to Israel in the Clinton administration, said that whether intentional or not, Mr. Romney’s statement implied that he would “subcontract Middle East policy to Israel. That, of course, would be inappropriate,” he added.

    btw – just read an interesting article about how two Jewish magnates helped Romney build his fortune:

    How Mitt Romney’s \$250m fortune was built by two of England’s most disreputable business figures

    … I know, I know, it was just a cohencidence, right?

    … or read the book by the late former congressman Paul Findley, They Dare to Speak Out: People and Institutions Confront Israel’s Lobby.

    … better yet, the tomb written by two distinguished professors from two prestigious universities, John Mearsheimer and Steven Walt, The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy.

    … and the Israel Lobby is helpless to prevent it.


    See if you can guess who said this:

    “I’m one lonely guy” facing off against “thousands of lobbyists on the Hill.”

    That’s right. Those words came out of the mouth of the POTUS ,“the most powerful man in the world,” George HW Bush in his losing battle against your helpless Lobby, sheesh!

    Case definitely closed.

    • Replies: @Sean
  319. @Trinity

    even in her prime, ( the photo you sent) that broad is nothing special. 3.5-4 TOPS

    I think that is too harsh. Also remember that women who come from money are able to afford the latest hairstyles, expensive cosmetics and dentistry, stylish clothing, and a good diet, plus the time and opportunity to exercise, plus they are accomplished (whatever that means these days). So they probably start around the 6-7 range on a global scale of 1-10 attractiveness.

    I am not claiming that Maxwell is some kind of natural beauty, because obviously she is not, and age and estrogen depletion has not been kind to her but she would have been considered a little above average in attractiveness in England in the 80’s when that picture was taken.

    Remember that Prince Andrew was considered very good looking as a young man and Falklands war hero, and look what he married.

    • Replies: @Alden
  320. Sean says:

    Most political scientists would tell you that in the forgotten controversy in which Bush the Elder made his “I’m one lonely guy” remark he was acting against the interests of Israel and he won: sent the Israel Lobby packing with a flick of his rhetorical eyebrow. Bush then lost the election.

    I do not see any parallel with WASPy oilman Bush the elder resisting the Israel Lobby in steering US ME policy then losing the election, and Trump fulfilling a promise to his Israel Lobby backers by being the only president in 70 years to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

    By your convoluted reasoning, Trump should be riding high as all elites are obeying their Jewish masters and supporting his reelection so he can take his subservience to Israel to the next level by supporting the expulsion of all Palestinian from the occupied territories, and ordering the US armed forces to all out war with Iran in his final term.

    There is suddenly a case against Maxwellfor offences that date to 1997 a prosecution that is intended to make it much more difficult for for Trump to win re-election and halt American engagement with China continuing on economic terms that are profoundly advantageous to Chinese growth at the expense of American primacy. All of Wall Street is invested on Chinese growth so they cannot let China be taken down by Trump in his second term.

    His own appointees for Federal positions have brought the Maxwell persecution at the worst possible moment. The innuendo about Epstein and russia will become overwhelming in the media. Trump is “one lonely guy” against the Deep State and Wall Street elites for reasons that have nothing to do with Israel. He has faced all these accusations because the Democrats have become the party of big business, and that means they are doing China’s work. You have the entire establishment on one side and on the other the Israel Lobby. The result will be Trump not being re elected.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  321. Anonymous[257] • Disclaimer says:

    July 3 2020 has a long article of interviews with people who knew Maxwell going back to age 9. People she lived with at boarding school and university, and dozens of close friends and associates.

    Because of her father and Prince Andrew plus she’s English there’s a lot more information about her in the English press.

  322. Alden says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    I began reading UNZ in 2015. For a few years you posted numerous comments claiming that after your parents divorced you lived in the White slums of Detroit with your poverty stricken grandmother and attended Detroit public middle and high schools. Your classmates were from 6th grade on we’re all tattooed drug addicted pregnant prostitute White girls and tattooed drug addicted whigger boys who ended up career criminals.

    After hundreds of commenters pointed out that Whites fled Detroit long before you arrived sometime in the 1980s you changed your story in 2017 or 2018.

    The grandmother wasn’t poverty stricken she was a school teacher and her husband also had a decent job. The town wasn’t Detroit but the prosperous White suburb of I believe Warren. And you didn’t go to public middle school but a Catholic K-8 in Warren. And the respectable majority White public high school in Warren.

    You wrote a lengthy comment about your business trip from Dubai to a porn studio / distribution center in Los Angeles.

    You must have some kind of a porn prostitution notification thing on your computer because you only comment on articles like this one about prostitution of minors. You’ve made endless comments about your knowledge of the prostitution business and have insider knowledge of the porn business. It’s all you comment about. I haven’t read one comment about Americans that isn’t about tattooed drug addicted low life criminal mostly women prostitutes goyim, never blacks Hispanics or Jews, always always White goyim. Even in your college town in rural Michigan.

    You claim to have left America in your early 20s lived in many countries and settled in Asia. There are many foreigners and American expats who comment in this site and they write about where they live.

    But all you comment about is the poor dysfunctional life long welfare tattooed drug addicted White goyim prostitutes and low level criminals who are the only White goyim Americans you’ve ever known.

    Most of us assume from your posts that you live in America and are a pimp and pornographer because that’s all you ever write about.

    I write about criminal law black crime raising large families rental property and construction because those things are what I do. Chuck writes about Scranton school buses and the kids on the bus Steve writes about Chicago and Los Angeles. Commenters write about their jobs and what’s going on where they live. Another Dad writes a lot about his family. Doctors, nurses and EMTs post about medical issues. Commenters who live in far out suburbs and rural areas write about shopping at Walmart good White areas and few blacks. Jack D writes about Philadelphia, the law and things he is interested in.

    All you write about is prostitution, pornography and America. By the reasonable man standard, the obvious conclusion is you make a living with porn and prostitution and you live in America.

    And you are either the bisexual porn actor director and producer Jeff Stryker who lives in Los Angeles or admire him so much you use his name

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  323. Alden says:
    @Jonathan Mason

    ISarah is a natural beauty with a pretty face gorgeous red hair and perfect hosiery model legs who dressed badly, didn’t bother about make up and got chubby. At around 40 she lost a lot of weight, combed her hair and started wearing nice clothes. She looks better at 60 than she did at 30.

    Maxwell was average pretty when younger. Her hair was thick fluffy and flattering to her face. Unfortunately she looks like her father. Her pretty face became harsher and more androgynous as she got older. She’s still nice and slim with good legs. That old lady pixie hair style is the worst style for her big nose and masculine face. And dyed black is an impossible color for a woman her age, no matter how good the face and neck lift. It is horrible on older women except for black ones. A collar length fluffy style and light brown dye would balance the big nose and soften hard masculine face.

    I always thought men didn’t notice make up clothes and hair, just looked at the face legs and body.

    • Replies: @Jonathan Mason
  324. Alden says:
    @Jonathan Mason

    Maxwell’s an 8 in that photo. And money had nothing to do with the great bone structure and nice thick hair. I’m sure she had a good cut, but that gorgeous hair is natural

    Maxwell doesn’t have an obvious Jane Fonda type face lift, but all women her age who have some extra money have had some work done.

    Internet is such fun. We can nitpick photos of women we’ll never meet and criticize and suggest improvements like the Gossip Girls.

  325. @Alden

    Your “cases” must have really been able to pull the wool over your eyes. Your powers of deduction are quite unimpressive.

    You also resort to deliberate misinterpretation like the most ineffective lawyer.

    Your a Grade A fool should you believe that an actual actor would post under his screen moniker. Its a joke. Which you don’t get because you’re a cretin.

    Fine, I’m John C Holmes.

    Another expat would recognize that I was one immediately, but you’re not an expat so you cannot.

    Like many expats, I first went overseas as a young man and like many young men…I simply decided my home country wasn’t worth going back to. American just never did anything for me anyhow.

    You probably think I also spent time in a Women’s prison because I noted that Maxwell will like it there, being a bisexual nympho anyhow.

    Tattooed drug-addicts? Haven’t you been to Wal Mart?

    Any expat here will tell you I am one. They know their own.

  326. Alden says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    2 Questions Jeff.

    1 Why do you use this site to brag about your dizzzzgusting sex life with the lowest level prostitutes?

    2. Have you ever in your life lived in, worked in, or frequented a neighborhood that was not full of low level street prostitutes , porn studios, homeless and tattooed drug addicts?

    3 Observations

    As a sex crimes probation officer, I never spoke with the rapists, just recommended and got maximum terms in state prison.

    I didn’t speak much with the men prostitutes expect listening to the wanna be trannies bragging about their how well their hormone treatments were working and the joys of learning how to take care of long hair.

    I did listen a lot to the women prostitutes. Blacks are real motor mouths they love to talk and talk and talk. Plus they are great con artists skilled at ingratiating themselves with authority

    Plus I was always urging them to move to Nevada because I felt sad when they turned up beaten and tortured to death. They were very proud of their job.

    They told me they wore short skirts no under pants or panty hose for easy access. I asked what about pants. Answer just pull them down a little and remove one leg. It’s faster than taking them on and off and just pulling them down makes it harder because you can’t spread your legs.

    I can’t remember one of them mentioning oral sex.

    Some of them did take my advice and move to Nevada. They’d come back a few years later just glowing and drop in to see me. Nice customers who took them to shows dinner casinos and tourist things Lots of skiers in Reno too. The customers talked to them about their jobs current events and the women learned all sorts of things from those nice customers. Their English noticeably improved from living with Whites in Nevada. As I recall, most were independents, met the customers in bars etc accumulated phone numbers and were referred by other customers. Best of all, they got to keep all their earnings.

    In all those years listening to them yakking away I can’t remember anything about oral sex.

  327. geokat62 says:

    … and he won: sent the Israel Lobby packing with a flick of his rhetorical eyebrow.

    He won? Oh, really?

    Excerpts from, In 1991 George H.W. Bush Took on the Israel Lobby, and Paid for It:

    Bush was highly popular leading up to the fight with the Israel lobby, with a 70 percent approval rating. Eventually, AIPAC and others backed down, and Congress reluctantly went along with the President and delayed the loan guarantees for four months.

    This was to prove a short-term win…

    Bush eventually approved the \$10 billion loan guarantees when Shamir’s replacement Yitzhak Rabin promised to halt “political” settlements. However, Rabin continued settlement building, increasing the number of settlements by ten percent in two years, and settlement building has continued apace ever since.

    Author Donald Neff writes: “Passage of the loan guarantees was Israel’s greatest victory in its decades-long struggle to gain U.S. approval for settlements…. Israel made obvious by its actions that for the first time Washington was acquiescing in employing U.S.-guaranteed funds to build and expand settlements.”

    Bush then lost the election.

    And Neff points out that while Bush managed to push through the loan guarantee delay, “He would pay dearly for it in the presidential campaign. The New York Times reported that Bush’s Democratic opponent, Bill Clinton, received 60 percent of his campaign funding from Jewish sources and that he gained 80 percent of the Jewish vote.”

    While Bill Clinton used the campaign slogan “It’s the economy, stupid,” many analyst feel it was Bush’s confrontation with Israel that doomed his bid for a second term.

    So, Bush managed to delay the loan guarantees for 4 measly months, but finally capitulated in the end by approving them… “Israel’s greatest victory.”

    … the Democrats have become the party of big business, and that means they are doing China’s work.

    The chicoms? Alex Jones, is that you? lol

    You have the entire establishment on one side and on the other the Israel Lobby.

    No, the Jewish Supremacists are on both sides of the establishment. You have George Soros et al funding the Democrats on the left and Sheldon Adelson et al funding the Republicans on the right. This bogus left/right paradigm is modelled after the WWE where both sides pretend to battle it out to the death, but the reality is they are closely adhering to a pre-written script. It’s all kabuki theatre for the purpose of deceiving the dumb goyim!

    The result will be Trump not being re elected.

    As I stated previously, makes no difference to the Jewish Supremacists, who straddle both sides of the establishment, whether Bush or Biden wins. It’s tails I win, heads you lose.

  328. Alden says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    I actually have never been to a Walmart in my entire life. There only 2 in Los Angeles both very very far from where I live . There don’t seem to be any in my or my relatives homes in San Francisco, Marin or San Mateo Counties.

    I went to a Target once to buy white long sleeved button down shirts for the kids band uniforms. Checked out the women’s clothes and housewares yuck Sleazy fabrics sleazy towels a few cute vases and decorative things Only time I’ve ever been to Target.

    Wander through Ross once in a while. Some nice dishes kitchen stuff houseware and decorative things. Friends tell me there are some really nice clothes if you have the time and patience to find them.

    You and I lead different lives, live in different neighborhoods and certainly move in different circles.

    • Replies: @Jonathan Mason
  329. @Alden

    I always thought men didn’t notice make up clothes and hair, just looked at the face legs and body.

    Well, as homo sapiens we are part animal and part human, so we have traits in both directions.

    When I first went to live in Bermuda in 1980, I and my friends used to comment on how this was the land of beautiful people, but really what we were taking about was relative affluence compared to the working (or often not working) class city of Liverpool, England where I had previously lived, plus a culture in which no one went out in public without being properly dressed and coiffed.

    The police actually–yes, this is a true story–used to measure the distance that women tourists shorts were above the knee and issue fines if they were too short. One time I went into the bank in the capital (Hamilton) wearing a white collared shirt, grey shorts with crease and leather belt, and just flip-flops on my feet, and people were frowning at me for not wearing shoes and stockings!

    So looking at photographs of women, I would certainly consider the optics, but also consider the phenotype, and also consider what the woman might look like 20 or 40 years in the future or the past. I will generally notice if a woman has had her nose cropped like a puppy having its tail docked, because it does not “fit” her face any more, or a man who wears a wig to conceal his baldness, because his face looks all wrong (seems to be common with politicians in the US).

    What women can only partially fake is what makes them sexually attractive to men, such as smooth skin, shiny hair, good teeth, rounded buttocks, flat stomach, the curve of the hips, perky breasts, and so on. These are all the effects of estrogen, are universal in all races, and they wear off with the years.

    Sometimes, when a couple is really well bonded, the male does not notice when the physical attractiveness wears off with depleted estrogen, and continues on autopilot for many years. Such couples are blessed.

    The effects of estrogen (plus fake hair):

    The effect of estrogen depletion (plus plastic surgery and hair dye). Appears younger than age 80, but does not fool the male animal for more than a second or two.

    This is what the female eye sees:

    This is what the male eye sees:

  330. @Alden

    I actually have never been to a Walmart in my entire life

    In Florida they are practically the only game in town, and are open 24 hours a day (until covid-19). Where else can you get a whole spit roasted and seasoned chicken to take home for less than \$5

    and pick up your pharmacy prescription, a bag of tennis balls for your dog, a potted geranium, refill your 5-gallon water container, and print out some photographs while the oil is being changed on your car?

  331. Alden says:

    A naked man jacking off to a woman he’s not married to is an illegal sex act. Paying the woman whether 14 or 40 to watch him doing the illegal sexual act \$300 is paying a prostitute.

    Prostitution is illegal in Florida, New York Ohio and New Mexico. A woman or girl who willingly commits sexual acts from penetration intercourse to watching an old perv jack himself off or who herself jacks the old creep off for \$300 is committing an act of prostitution.

    Instead of defending Maxwell and Epstein why not look up the pertinent laws they all violated?

    Those laws were violated by individual persons, not by movies TV or a decadent society.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  332. @Jeff Stryker

    Your a Grade A fool should you believe that an actual actor would post under his screen moniker. Its a joke. Which you don’t get because you’re a cretin.

    Why would you not post under your own name, unless you work for Tucker Carlson, or something high profile? Freedom of speech. First amendment, etc.

    I have always posted under my own name, as I am not ashamed of my opinions, and you lose credibility by posting under a made up name, though admittedly my own name is common enough to be shared with many people and I am not active in politics or showbiz.

    Funnily enough, some time ago I thought the name Jeff Stryker sounded familiar and had Googled the name, and then assumed that you were the same person as this:

    After all, someone is shameless enough to make porn videos under a stage name, would they not want the world to know their opinion on current affairs, especially under a stage name?

  333. Alden says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    If you live in Asia, why are you so familiar with the tattooed customers at Walmart?

    Walmart does have stores in India China and Japan. They are not named Walmart but other names. To be so familiar with Walmart and it’s tattooed customers you must live in India Japan or China and know the local names for Walmart.

    Asia, from India to the Arctic and Afghanistan to Japan. And not a store named Walmart in the biggest continent on earth. But you observe tattooed Americans shopping at stores named Walmart.

    Get your stories straight.

  334. Alden says:

    I’m sure you have paid for sex with under age sluts plenty of times. No matter how much you would like to legalize prostitution and push the age of consent down to 4 years old there are still the laws. Or more likely your only female contact is internet porn sites. Those internet teenage sluts you waste your life slobbering over are well over 18, but thin, flat chested waxed airbrushed and fixed up to pass for 14 to appeal to disgusting old perverts like you.

    Prostitution by any person of any age is illegal. Paying a prostitute of any age or sex is illegal. Pimping enticing encouraging transporting across state lines arranging meetings between prostitute and customer, running a building where prostitutes and customers exchange sex for money is illegal.

    In your case the old story is true, porn and masturbation does does cause insanity.

    Your comment is the kind that gets flagged by law enforcement.

  335. @Sean

    Virginia Guiffre was an attendant and aspiring masseuse who aged 17 was offered a job doing just that by Maxwell. Her father ran her to the interview. There have been no criminal charges for anyone whatsoever arising from that incident.

    But according to Maxwell it was Giuffre’s MOTHER who brought her to the interview. So someone is telling porkie pies big time.

    But her hazy memories abruptly cleared when she claimed to spot a mistake in Miss Roberts’s recollection of her first meeting with Epstein.

    While Miss Roberts said she had been driven to his Palm Beach home by her father, Maxwell insisted it was her mother.

    She knew this, she said, because she had been outside chatting to her mother while Miss Roberts went inside to massage Epstein.

  336. Trinity says:

    IF Ghislane is an 8 what would women like these women be in their prime?

    Angie Dickinson
    Joey Heatherton
    Audrey and Judy Landers

    Showing my age with this list but these are just a few actresses that I can remember running a batch to as a young and horny man. IF these women are still alive, they are well past their shelf life and probably looking a little haggard but in their prime these are a few examples of what I would consider an 8. There are no 10s, so that tells you how exclusive the 9 club must be. Compare the young Ghislane to these sex kittens. Now what male, unless he had some sort of fetish thing for the office boss lady type, would choose Ghislane for a roll over the above listed.

    • Replies: @Jonathan Mason
  337. @Alden

    Of course I understand it. What you don`t understand is that the US has no business in extending its legal jurisdiction beyond its borders.
    Whether Maxwell was pimping is yet to be proven. I highly suspect she was, but like so much else surrounding Epstein and Maxwell, there are pieces of the narrative that do not fit. For example, even people arriving on private planes have to have passports. Who was the guarantor for all of the underage girls getting the passports to fly out of the countryÉ Why were the parents not contacting police about their underage daughters disappearingÉ
    I am supposed to believe that Epstein and Maxwell were part of “intelligence”, which may be true, but that Giuffre and others “escaped”, so “intelligence” just couldn`t be bothered to take care of loose cannons trying to “hide”.
    The streets of large cities are loaded with underage hookers who are out in the open, yet there is no effort to track down the gangs or pimps controlling them. Traci Lords admitted to being in the porn industry underage, yet there were no charges laid.
    There is a lot more going on here than the narrative allows.

    • Agree: Jonathan Mason
  338. @Trinity

    IF Ghislane is an 8 what would women like these women be in their prime?

    Angie Dickinson

    This is not a fair comparison, because many actresses, musicians, and show biz people are by definition selected for their outstanding looks and how well they photograph and look on screen. In addition they employ private hair stylists, make up artists, and publicists and the pictures of them that are published are often the pick of hundreds of pictures.

    However most of us do not have the opportunity to date these ladies. A fairer comparison would be to your own contemporaries in your high school or your college, the women who you actually did have an opportunity to get to know.

    But tastes also vary a lot, and can change at different stages of life. Also most women tend to be a bit like flowers, beautiful in full bloom for a season, but quickly running to seed, and of course ending up looking like their mothers.

    I once had a relationship with a woman who was a Miss Universe contest finalist after another girl dropped out at the last moment, and had been at an earlier time the girlfriend of one of the most famous basketball players of all time, but I would not necessarily rank her as the most beautiful woman I have ever dated, although she was definitely not ugly and had a go-getter personality.

    What you cannot get from the picture of the young Ghislaine is her personality, and personality is everything when it comes to personal magnetism. I have never met her, but I suspect that she would come have come across as a confident and impressive young woman.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  339. @Alden

    I have never defended pimping.
    There is a difference between being a “victim” of sexual assault as being alleged by some, and pimping.
    Depending on where these girls were at the time of the alleged incidents, they may, or may not have been underage.
    You state that you know the law regarding the charges. If so, you would also know that testimony is not real evidence, unless it confirms physical evidence. I have testified many times and understand that difference. The prosecution may have physical evidence, but until that evidence appears in a court of law, the accusers are telling a story, and Maxwell is telling a story.
    Ei incumbit probatio qui dicit, non qui negat

    • Replies: @Sean
  340. I am agnostic about the level of guilt of Maxwell, but it does not seem to me on the surface of things that there is any proof that anything she did merits a ten-year prison sentence on a first offense.

    The most damning piece of evidence, to me, remains the photograph of her in the background with Prince Andrew and Virginia Roberts. How can she possibly claim she hardly knew Roberts when she flew with her and Epstein to London and introduced her to Randy Andy at what appears to be her London home?

    However, even if that is true, and the photo is not a fake, was it her or Epstein who “trafficked” Roberts across international frontiers? Surely it was Epstein who paid her on the morrow, and the plane was his. Could the pilot or her parents also be indicted as co-conspirators?

    Even if the case of Roberts is not included in the current set of indictments, the existence of the photograph is very damning unless Maxwell can explain it away in a credible way, so it seems to me that the jury pool is already contaminated beyond repair.

  341. @Alden

    A naked man jacking off to a woman he’s not married to is an illegal sex act.

    Only if they are not consenting adults or in a public place.

  342. @Curmudgeon

    There is a lot more going on here than the narrative allows.

    I agree. Some years ago I worked in a facility for delinquent youth in Florida and we had about 40 girls aged 12-17 almost all of whom had been involved in drugs and prostitution, and reporting huge numbers of sexual partners (average probably 60 to 80 a year, but one claiming 750) and yet their legal files never reflected anything about the pimps and pedophiles being prosecuted, or the girls being involved as ongoing witnesses in trials.

  343. Trinity says:
    @Jonathan Mason

    Dude, I went to high school with girls that were every bit as hot as those actresses I named. You can see women that attractive all over the place, granted, they are rare, but they are out there. Hell, those gals didn’t just spring up in Hollywood, I believe Dickinson was from South or North Dakota. Oh and back to Ghislane, she is TRASH. Any woman who would PURPOSELY MISLEAD LITTLE GIRLS and be involved in sex trafficking, ( after all aren’t women supposed to have some sort of kinship to each other) is a MONSTER. In a just world, Ghislane’s VICTIMS would be allowed to pummel her nonstop in an isolated cell for 5 minutes. JUSTICE SERVED. I DOUBT she will serve time in a REAL PRISON, IF she serves time at all. One could only hope some prisoner would “adopt” Ghislane as her wife if she goes to the Big House.

  344. geokat62 says:

  345. Sean says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Maxwell is on a regime no other prisoner has ever had. She has a stiff as a board anti suicide blanket and paper clothes, no underwear and when out her cell is escorted everywhere by specially assigned staff who are always between her and other prisoners, and in her cell is being kept in solitary with the lights constantly on and off as she is being disturbed up many times night to check on her. Was 72 hours without a shower in solitary with constant glaring lights before her court appearance.

    The prison is probably are going to try and get her on meds because they cannot keep this up for a year. Three days on suicide watch is enough for most people to beg to get off it. Being on SW for multiple weeks is very unusual. If someone really wants to kill themselves they are going to find a way to do it.

    Epstein was a massage fetishist (buttock to buttock friction was his favorite), he very rarely had full sex with the girls he paid, and he was comically equipped for it, so I doubt that side of things was the attraction for Maxwell who is nearly sixty and facing charges relating to her alleged behaviour when she was still in her thirties and trying to please a man who was just like her father.

    She isn’t a Lesbian just boyish because she takes after her father who was very handsome when young. Robert Maxwell went from being a refugee private in a labouring unit to an captain in the British army through romancing the widow of a officer. He was ruthless threatening his ow men and shooting Germans trying to surrender. In Germany he shot dead the mayor of a German town, Auberon Waugh said he never understood why Maxwell was considered a good businessman when the value of the dowry he started with was so huge. Maxwell’s wife said when they wed he looked like Gregory Peck. Maxwell hired the former British Ambassador in Washington, Peter Jay, and had him pjoning to make restaught reservations for him. Liked to humiliate people.

    What is really amazing is how her father, who jumped of the Lady Ghislaine yacht rather that face the music for a massive embezzlement of his employees pension funds and whose sons were tried in his stead, parallels Epstein in his demise and leaving other holding the bag. All women end up with their fathers, but few have done so with the exactitude of Ghislaine.

    Any expat here will tell you I am one. They know their own.

    Single white male expats tend to be too nerdy and/or wrinkly to get white girls back in the land of their birth, tattooed or otherwise. Sour grapes comments are not fooling anyone.

    • Agree: Alden
    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  346. Sean says:

    If you carry a country’s passport, you they can do anything they like with you. That is how Lord Haw Haw was hanged for treason even though he was not British.

    The amount of the indictment relating to Britain suggests they had trouble finding any of the girls whose stories will stand up and who say Maxwell was in on it. My conclusion is she had but a fraction of the involvement that is being assumed. It will be enough though.

    Annie Farmer the younger sister of Maria Farmer the then 25 year old artist who was Epstein’s receptionist says Maxwell groped her and was in on a threesome with her [Farmer] when she was 16. She seems to be about the only good witness the prosecution could find. Maxwell has less that a snowball’s in hell’s chance of being acquited, especially of the perjury. All the prosecution need to prove for that is that in one case she knew what was going on even if she took no part in it herself.

    Maxwell is very foolish to have stayed in America, they have portrayed her as hiding from law enforcement although to me it is obvious it was the media she was hiding from. Does she think after all the publicity and embarrassment of Trump and Dersh that it opens up, she is going to get a fair trial. If so she must be suffering from premature Alzheimer’s.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  347. @Sean

    I’m not an expat because I could not get laid in America. I’m a dead ringer for Gary Sinese-passably attractive. As a young man, I actually chose to abandon my attractive Irish-America girlfriend of the black Irish stripe in Michigan simply to leave and find better opportunities elsewhere. Stanley, my good-looking Polish-American Jared Padelicki-type jock roommate at college was a real Lothario until he got a Polish-Catholic girl in his hometown of Flint pregnant…and was trapped there for the rest of his life. Many a young man enjoying sexual delights with white girls in America ends up fathering a child and trapped in a dead-end situation. So it is a good thing I was not more of a stud as a young man in the US-I might have gotten trapped in the lower-middle class milieu in an old wooden clapboard house in Michigan with my kid attending a lousy public school run by syndicates of black teen felons who were 16 year old rapist killers still in the ninth grade.


    In America, staying out of harm’s way requires money. In Australia or Japan or Singapore or other developed countries this is not the case. But in America everything is about money and geographic distance. And while Singapore has some fearsome Indian gangs and Australia has its Lebanese thugs and Japan has Yakuza these groups are not like Cholos or Black thugs who bring an utter anarchic violence with insane chimp outs. White trash are not as dangerous as simply disgusting. Epstein was disgusting, but so were his victims-underclass teenagers all of 15 and prepared to go over and do sexual acts for \$200 like hardened has-been call girls.

    Often a future expat is at a low point when the opportunity to go overseas arises. Those that aren’t, don’t remain expats. They do a job, complete their contract, return home. I knew many-perhaps 30%-of American expats in Dubai who quit mid-contract because their wife and kids simply could not bear to remain. These were usually wealthy oil people who were already millionaires and were never going to have to ride a public bus downtown.

    America is reaching a point now where unless you are wealthy enough to fly a helicopter from work to your mansion, you have to cope with some of its problems like looters and BLM. But anyone who was lower middle class like me and becomes an expat knows how nice it is not to have to be around saggy-painted crotch-grabbing Ebonics spouting thugs at the bus station or be glared at by fresh-out-of-prison Cholos in Tempe who emerge from the bordering Guadalupe barrio.

    Nor did I particularly like police, though I acknowledge we need them. In Asia and India, an employed expat is treated with the upmost deity by bowing and scraping police officers. They there to serve and protect you. In America, they are there to stop you and ask you where you are going and search in the hopes of finding a warrant or a joint and when they cannot make a quota with a ticket or arrest they are sullen-and they will probably never be there when you need them in time.

    None of this has to do with getting laid in Asia. It is as easy to get laid in Vegas as it is to get laid in Dubai.

    A few of my colleagues in America did actually move to small towns. One was a very talented female graphic artist named Trish. She moved to Los Angeles but decided she could no longer raise her kids in such an environment and moved to a small Idaho town to open a tattoo parlor-a profession she hated. She complained the town was run by a syndicate of Mormons. She also complained of living in a farmhouse miles from her workplace. And also of the lack of ethnic restaurants. And public transport. And snow in the winter. Of course minorities won’t live out in the middle of nowhere in these rugged conditions.

    I like the amenities and the buzz of civilization myself. I just don’t have the money to live in Manhattan.

    So no, I’m certainly not overseas for women. When you are 40 years old, getting laid is simply no longer a priority in your quality of life. Trying not to run over fat 300 pound female biped screeching BLM protesters on the highway might be. Who wants to put up with that? Who wants to live somewhere that is happening?

    Many commentators on the board are post-adolescents masquerading as older adults so like adolescent males their thoughts are all on getting laid. The immature obsession with my avatar and Alden’s puerile/puritan repression are all reflections of sexually frustrated young males posing as older than they are and in some cases, impersonating women.

    So on the subject of white women let me say how lucky I feel that I never impregnated Joanne, my Irish-American girlfriend from Southfield. She became an accountant, though I lost touch with her. I could have gotten stuck in Michigan, driving down potholed roads 40 miles everyday to work. I could have had to stand at a bus stop in the snow every morning next to single mothers. Instead, I spent my working life in warm places with nice infrastructure (And not just Dubai but even developing Asian countries have a better infrastructure than the US).

    So thank goodness I couldn’t get laid more in America. Anoushka, the Polish-American beauty that Stanley impregnated from Flint was hot as hell at 20. She looked exactly like Paulina Poriskova the Polish swimsuit model. Long legs. Perfect Slavic cheekbones. The real tragedy of Michigan post-industrial automobile hubs was that beautiful Polish-American women were trapped with black beasts who would attempt to rape them and their lives were a nightmare of potential sexual assault…though most of them managed to flee, some simply did not have the money to do so.

    I was only 25 years old when I left the United States but I’d already been exposed to some of this. Not because I’m black. Or because I lived in a ghetto. I was an ordinary working lower middle-class white guy who simply was not earning a great deal of money.

    Finally, as far as divulging who I am on this website, I would never do so. You’d have to have nothing to lose, which many of the hicks and rubes and local yokel townies don’t. In public, I pose as a left-centrist. I do occasionally work in my chosen occupation. My e mail account is fake too. Some posters here are real nutjobs. Aspie Alden has been talking about “flagging” and “filing charges”. Think I want somebody like that to know who I am?

    Reading some of the feedback, I can understand why it is so easy for (Urban) whites to bamboozle the rubes and hicks. What kind of idiotic moron would believe a porn star would live in Dubai-a Muslim country? As I purport to have done.

    The white lumpens don’t have the sense the Lord gave a goose. No wonder (Other races) pull a fast on them.

    And I leave you with this. What if every white man in America became an expat?

    What happens when the 1% remove all their money from the banks and fly off with that second passport to New Zealand or wherever, like the wealthy South Africans did? Because I guarantee they will become expats.

    The rubes and hicks have fantasies of some French Revolution. Never happen, baby. The ruling elite have their private jets and Swiss bank accounts and second passports for a reason. They’re like a barfly who puts his drinks on others bills and then climbs out the restroom window.

    As if they won’t be expats. As if they will hang around.

    As John Derbyshire noted, there are some ominous signs they won’t. The tech billionaires favor New Zealand. Many have bunkers down there.

    The US is not as important as the hicks and rubes believe it is. Should it collapse, life will go on in other countries. Nobody will really care that the US dollar is no longer the reserve currency at all. Nobody will give a rat’s ass that the US is no longer in Afghanistan.

    Only when the blacks or Cholos actually seize the government and have their finger on a nuclear arsenal will the rest of the world care. Because there could be a chimp out and the entire planet earth could look like a Popeyes restaurant after hood rats have a brawl. Other countries might think preemptively should the Cholos or Blacks be in the White House. Unlike whites they are openly HBD and believe in IQ. The Chinese and Koreans will be dismayed that whites no longer control the massive nuclear arsenal and it is in the hands of Cholos or Blacks whose leader changes every 20 minutes. Ironically, the Chinese and other Superpowers want the US government to stay white lest some Crip or El Chapo get his hands on the nukes.

    As far as Maxwell is concerned, I have never been in a women’s prison. I don’t know what they are like. I would suspect that in a “Country Club” Maxwell will become the bisexual lover of some dyke prison guard who will grant her special privileges. In an ordinary open barracks jail, the black females will simply shake her down and extort her and steal her toilet paper. But I can only theorize.

    At the bottom of the Epstein case is the final feudal state of corporate capitalism where the white lumpen prole is reduced to piteous serfdom and Prince Andrew’s involvement points out we have gone back to the 17th century where sleazed-out nobleman ran rampant over peasant girls. The Florida crackers whose daughters Prince Andrew exploited are descended from Yeoman Brit colonial settlers who were trying to escape Britain’s class system by moving to the US South and look where they ended up. Being exploited by Prince Andrew. Same as the 17th century.

    • Replies: @Sean
  348. Sean says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Guiffre says on Epstein’s Island she and eight other girls who were East Europeans (who have not come forward despite the money available) had sex with him in an orgy. There is nary an allegation that Prince Andrew abused any girls in Florida who were under the age of 18. Guiffre says she had sex with him in NYC when she was 17, but as she for years said she was 15 her revised account is highly dubious unless one believes credibility or reliability of witnesses is unimportant to assess their accusations. She worked for Epstein from when she was 17 until she was 19, so the odds are even if anything happened with Andrew she was 18 or 19.

    Yet Andrew was never a fan of young girls, there have been gay rumours but nothing about that: his wife and most well known girlfriend were older than him. Even assuming he had a paedo predilection that were somehow kept hidden from anti royal Rupert Murdoch’ bugging and bribery machine that has invaded the privacy of Andrew all his life , why would Andrew indulge with low class 17 year olds when he could have had 16 year old nude models to his heart’s content in London, and been untouchable? Spend a bit more time reading about something before writing about it yourself please.

    For the next year Maxwell is not a convict so rather than being imprisoned she is in jail (awaiting trial) For anyone else that would probably more free and also dangerous than any level of prison. However she is unlike any other prisoner ever. She is being isolated and protected–watched by staff and cameras 24/ 7 with checks every quarter of an hour even when she is asleep in addition to that. It is more that any inmate in the history of the US. After the inevitable conviction and at least ten years sentence there will be no possibility of her being sent to any kind of normal prison, because knowing that Epstein’s demise has already cost the people in charge of where he died their jobs and criminal indictments, no governor will accept Maxwell running around his establishment loose as a goose.

    She will probably be sent to the same psych/ high security prison as Maria Butina because there are very few women’s prisons with anything like a supermax section. She will be then diagnosed as a danger to herself and be put on meds whether she wants to or not. Slowly driven crazy is her future, and although if someone really wants to kill themselves in jail (especially) or prison they can, she will not be allowed to, so there will be no way out.

    • Replies: @Jonathan Mason
  349. @Sean

    I don’t think there is any law that permits inmates to be given psychotropic medication against their will in the United States, except in an emergency situation (ETO order).

    Such things have to be authorized by a psychiatrist and administered by registered nurses who have their own codes of conduct, licensure and so on. The medication has to be dispensed by a pharmacist.

    In my opinion, having had some experience of working in prisons, albeit not federal prisons, is that the level of conspiracy required for what you suggest is very unlikely to occur because of the risk of whistleblowers. Health professionals working for the federal government are not likely to be so reckless with their licenses.

    • Replies: @Sean
  350. @Curmudgeon

    Actually I have another theory about this.

    Most criminals are stupid boring and venal and the people who work in the criminal justice system such as prosecutors, FBI, investigators etc het pretty bored with dealing with this trash. The vast majority of cases are plea bargained.

    So when you get a defendant who is actually somebody rich and famous and possibly going to trial, it creates an exciting situation where the people who do this humdrum work all the time have the possibility of becoming famous or at least being associated with something that is famous, like the trial of the century.

    The people who participated in the OJ Simpson trial are probably still talking about it to this very day because it will have been the pinnacle of their working lives, and even in retirement they will be dining out on the experience.

    Now just think how the judge and prosecutors in the Maxwell trial will become household names. Maybe some of them will even get their own TV cable shows afterwards if they look good on camera. They will write books. They will make paid speeches. Oh yes, there will be good times.

    Even the FBI investigators who broke down her door will get their moment of fame.

  351. Miro23 says:

    Since it looks like Maxwell will be staying in a hell hole of a detention centre at least for the next year I’m wondering how things look from her point of view.

    Maybe the starting point is that Epstein didn’t commit suicide (it wasn’t possible). There’s some evidence that he was extracted with the guards AWOL and the cameras conveniently out of order.

    She can’t pull the same trick. So, problem for her, is that she knows every detail of the Epstein story with all the names and facts and it makes her a great murder target.

    Faced with that impossible situation – she might do a deal with state for a new identity in return for telling the whole story. If that is in fact the situation, then she’s better start talking and get out of there as soon as possible.

  352. Sean says:
    @Jonathan Mason

    Every governor and prison guard in the Federal system knows they have Maxwell’s old boyfriend to thank for the job becoming far more onerous and supervised by control freak supervisors breathing down their neck. They will also have been told that absolutely nothing can happen to her, or all their careers are flushed down the toilet just as the the whole chain of command that dealt with Epstein have been.

    That will also go for the psychiatrists and psychologists who assesses her. Much more importantly, until her trial in a year, no governor, guard, psychologist or psychiatrist will report much less dare sign off on Maxwell being any less of a suicide risk than previously, no matter how many hoops she goes through. Four point restraints and an emergency order for forced meds will not be necessary, they can just break her down.

    They are going to want to medicate her to protect themselves from her finding a way to kill herself, but she will look at all the fat prisoners on meds and be reluctant. So she will find life becoming very difficult if she declines. Her radio will not work, the shower will be out of order, she keeps being woken up, the two hours exercise out her cell is late at night, the prisoners she hears outside her cell will be hostile, the guards and other staff unsympathetic. Eventually she’ll fold, against her will, be given the champagne of meds, loose interest in her problems, and find her life become much better as everyone around her will be all smiles.

    • Replies: @Jonathan Mason
  353. @Sean

    Not how the real world works. You have been reading too many Marvel comics.

  354. @Sean

    If you carry a country’s passport, you they can do anything they like with you. That is how Lord Haw Haw was hanged for treason even though he was not British.

    Under the London Protocol, they could and did to anything to anyone they wanted, whether at Nuremberg or elsewhere.

    My point is, that the US government is saying we are charging you with something that is a crime under American law, even though it is not a crime where you committed the act. A simple, although not recent example would be that teens in US States bordering Canada would drive across to stay on weekends to drink and party, because the legal age was 18, not 21. The US position would be that because they were American citizens, Canadian law doesn’t apply, and they would be charged for consuming alcohol in Canada.

    Gaining access to depositions in the civil case is an end run on Miranda rights. In civil matters you are required to be deposed, or judgement, which is based on the balance of probabilities, will go against you automatically, as you have not defended yourself. Therefore, the allegations are assumed to be true. The depositions can be wide ranging, and not directly related to the matter in dispute. In a criminal case, you don’t have to prove anything, and you are under no obligation to answer any questions, including whether you are married and who your spouse is.

    No one is going to get a fair trial. All one needs to do is look at the crap the USG pulled on Flynn and Roger Stone to see they will pervert justice at any cost. I first picked up on this shite when they went after John Gotti, and had a Judge rule that they could subpoena Gotti’s lawyer, therefore, the lawyer could not defend Gotti.

    Maxwell and Dershowitz may be as guilty as hell. My problem is that if they can get away with the stunts they are pulling, the police state and Stalinist show trials are that much closer. It’s dangerous for everyone. There is a reason lawyers say the worst cases make the best law, and it has nothing to do with trial by media.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Sean
  355. @Julian of Norwich

    “Guys,great work getting me out of jail! Ha the goyim got no idea what’s going on. So,what’s next? Do we go to Paris? Dubai? Tel Aviv? I’d prefer Paris,but I understand it may be a bit dicey. Shit,I’ll go to Israel,but only if they get me some shiksas,know what I’m sayin’?

    Speaking of which,I could use a massage,if ya feelin’ me. Any broads around? Also,I’m famished,when do we eat?

    Guys? You’re not saying much. Hee hee. Cat got your tongue? Uhm…what’s with the guns? What are you doing?! Why are you pointing the guns at me?!?? GUYS?? GUYS!!!?”


    “Everything…gettin’dark…mom? Izzat you..?”

  356. @Alden

    I take it from your response that you actually believe that all of the evidence was presented at Flynn’s hearing. Had the FBI not illegally altered its files and then hidden exculpatory evidence, i.e. broken the law, there would have been no guilty plea. You are saying that it is OK for prosecutors to break the law. I am aware that prosecutors don’t take every case. Your statement was

    There’s also the practice, unknown to you, of government prosecutors not filing charges unless they know they have a 90 percent chance of winning a conviction or getting a guilty plea.

    That is bullshit. How would they even know how to assess 90% when they have no idea of who or what the defense may come up with? You are saying that they won’t take cases, even if the could assess, of 85%. That is nonsense.

    As for the Maxwell indictment, the indictment is a set of unproven allegations, not a judgement. You can rant all you want about what you think Maxwell is, or has done, but none of it is proven.

    • Replies: @Alden
  357. @Alden

    You know, you and your buddy Bombercommand are approaching this from the perspective of guilty until proven innocent.
    I don’t know what Maxwell has done, or not done, and neither do you. What we have is competing narratives, both of which are unproven. Allegations are not fact. There are 3 sides to a story, the accusers’, Maxwell’s, and the truth.
    I don’t defend procurement, prostitution, child molestation, rape or any other criminal act. That includes the government abusing its power by entrapment, lying, cheating, fabricating evidence, withholding evidence, manipulating Grand Juries, or passing retroactive legislation.
    My issue is process, and the abuses of the prosecution in this, the Flynn, Stone, Gotti and other cases are bad news for everybody. If they are allowed to do it to the “bad guys” they can do it to you. All of this shite moves you one step closer to a police state and Stalinist show trials. Justice is a process, not a result. What has been happening is the perversion of the justice system. I could care less if Maxwell is found guilty and sentenced to 500 years, providing the integrity of the system is maintained, and at present, that’s not happening.

    • Replies: @Bombercommand
    , @Alden
    , @Alden
  358. @Old and Grumpy

    I think so. However, my point is that civil suits are settled on condition that the file is sealed. The Judge approves the settlement which includes sealing. Depositions and other documents are should not be subject to inspection by a 3rd party, and if one of the two parties to the settlement seeks to unseal, that party is repudiating the settlement.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Alden
  359. @Curmudgeon

    You just don’t get it. You are totally naive. This is about MINORS. The Police and Courts have a completely different attitude concerning anything to do with MINORS. Innocent Til Proven Guilty is out the window. Knowing what I know about life I never walk the sidewalk around a school during school hours. At night, fine. Other times, no way, nor will I go anywhere near a childrens play area in a park, and I entirely support that attitude from the Police and Courts. It is the only way to protect children. My first lesson was many years ago, moved to a new town. I had an offer of staying at a place in exchange for “babysitting” a lady’s 12 year old daughter so the Lady could see her friends at night. The daughter began to take a liking to me, would walk into the bathroom when I took a shower. I packed my bag and left. I figured I got out in the nick of time. If something did or didn’t happen, jail for sure. Many years later, going to pickup a child at daycare, I observed an old Italian pervert jacking off at the fence line. Next time I saw him I warned him to stay away. This went on for a few months till he pulled a knife on me. I called the cops. Too late to charge him with the sex act, but not for the knife, the cops drove me to his street, I pointed him out and they yanked him off his front lawn in front of his brother and all the neighbors. I was flabbergasted. The courts raked him over the coals just to inflict the maximum lawyers fees on him. All on my word. The Police and Courts don’t give a shit about “due process” when minors are threatened. It is the only way and I totally approve. Govern yourself accordingly, Curmudgeon. You are very welcome, I just saved you \$7,000 and a very embarrassing item on your “record” that any time you are stopped will cause you grief. Maxwell will be ground into hamburger if there is anything left of her when she goes to trial in July 2021. Tough titties, Ghislaine.

    • Thanks: Alden
  360. Alden says:

    I did not write that I believed or disbelieved the FBI’s and US attorney’s evidence with with they charged and convicted Flynn.

    You can’t read very well, have a limited vocabulary and have no understanding of the legal system.

    I wrote that before the FBI and the US attorneys made sure they had clear and present irrefutable evidence to convict Flynn before they filed the charges. The fact that the evidence was false The fact that the immigrant Jew Vindeman lied about what he claimed to over hear what Flynn said to the Russian diplomat was good enough evidence to make the charges I understand the FBI other false evidence.

    You are a moron. The Flynn case and whatever tabloid nonsense you’ve read about the Epstein case occurred a decade apart and have absolutely nothing to do with other and Virginia Guiffre has nothing to do with either the Flynn case or the 20o6 Epstein case. Virginia was not involved in the 2006 Epstein case at all except as one of about 100 girls listed on the massage computer file.

    Do you even know her age when she was involved with Epstein Et al? You don’t because you’re such a naive unsophisticated moron you don’t have the brains to check her DOB

    Virginia’s DOB August 9, 1983. She turned 15 August 9 1998.

    The Palm Beach Police department, the FBI and the US attorneys office issued a subpoena duces tecum to the Mar a Lago HR office for her employment records. The HR records prove Virginia started work at Mar a Lago in April 1999, when she was 15 years and 8 months old.

    There have been endless depositions of Epstein’s employees and associates. 4 employees stated in those depositions that they saw Virginia in Epstein’s house, going up the back stairs, sometimes with Maxwell, to the room where Epstein did his thing with the girls in June, and July 1998, when she was 15 years old.

    The girls went in the door of the kitchen/staff break room and up the private stairs to Epstein’s room. Virginia usually was picked up and driven back home in June and July 1999 when she was 15 years old. They too were subpoenaed to depositions and answered, under penalty of perjury that they drove Virginia and other girls to and from Epstein’s home.

    You’re such a moron that you don’t know that Virginia was in Australia during the entire Palm Beach Police Department, FBI, and US attorneys office original investigations that began in 2005 and ended when Epstein pled guilty to minor state charges in June 2008.

    Of course you don’t know why the FBI confiscated all the Palm Beach Police evidence and why the US attorneys office dropped the federal charges. You don’t know why the US attorneys office coerced the County prosecutors to allow Epstein to plea guilty to a minor charge incarceration in county jail, not state prison do you?

    It’s because ultra Jew super defense attorney Allen Dershowitz write a 24 page letter to the US attorneys office asking that the federal charges be dropped. The letter mentioned Epstein’s donations to Council on Foreign Affairs numerous other prestige organizations and most importantly the Epstein was a founding member of the Clinton Global Initiative. The letter then went on to claim that Epstein’s many powerful friends, including Bill Clinton were very concerned that the federal case against Epstein be dismissed.

    The case was dismissed, a state case was filed by the county district attorney, Epstein pled to a minor charge and the case was closed in 2008.

    From the first parents and school officials to report that girls were being paid to give Epstein erotic massages in 2004, 2005, to Epstein pleading guilty in June 2008, Virginia was living in Australia and had nothing to do with any of it except that her name was on the file labeled massage along with 100 other girls.

    From the first PBPD reports to Epstein’s June 2008 guilty plea, investigators had no contact with Virginia at all and Virginia had no contact with them. Girls, drivers and Epstein’s employees named Virginia, she was in the massage girl file, and they subpoenad her employment records to check her age at the time she began going to Epstein’s massage sex room.

    Do you understand that?? Virginia did not accuse Epstein of anything in his 2008 case. She did not even speak about it to the attorney for the other victims till about 2013. She did not speak publicly her experience till a couple years later.
    Since you’re a moron I’ll repeat. Virginia had nothing to do with the investigation and guilty plea.

    Can you do enough math to figure that she didn’t speak publicly till 10 years after the investigation began?

    You’re obviously retarded. So you will never understand that Virginia was not a witness or accuser in the case against Epstein. You’re so obviously regarded you will never understand that Virginia is not an accuser nor witness in the case against Maxwell either.

    As for not approving of prostitution or illegal sexual acts against minors, I really, really doubt it. Your hysterical obsessive defense of Epstein and Maxwell and endless harangues against Virginia and the other girls is a red flag to any law enforcement and child protection agency.

    Law enforcement agencies have units that roam the internet looking for perverts ranting about lowering the age of consent and looking for underage girls. That’s how Anthony Weiner was caught you know. His emails Skype were red flagged and he was sent to prison.

    I know all you perverts think that if a 12 year old is 5’5, weighs 120 pounds and wears a bra she’d ready for sex on demand with some middleaged creep. Law enforcement doesn’t care that you think the age of consent laws are wrong. They only care that the old creep broke the law.

    Since you’re so stupid, I’ll repeat once more. All the evidence against Epstein was accumulated between 2004 and 2007. And Virginia did not accuse Epstein, was not a witness, did not have any contact with law enforcement and prosecutors in that case.

    To the prosecutors she was just one of 100 girls whose age they checked because the penalties for sex with minors are longer the younger the girl is. The age categories are; under 10, 12 to 14 14 to 16 , 16 and 17 in some states. Florida is one of those states where sex with 16 and 17 year olds is ILLEGAL no matter what all you Old creeps think.

    Reading your ignorant comments is like being back in the criminal courts listening to some 70 IQ thug telling me “ that dude on security camera picture isn’t me. Some other dude did it .

  361. Alden says:

    It’s due process, moron, not process, you should learn about it. I suggest you find an online legal book store and order some books and manuals. The manual of criminal procedure would be a good start if you were capable of reading it.

    Virginia Guiffre has nothing to do with the present criminal case against Maxwell. All the US attorney did is bring enough charges to convince the judge there is; at this time, enough clear and present evidence against Maxwell to let the case continue instead of dismissing it. That’s it, just an arraignment and bail hearing.

    Trial is set for July 2021. There will be endless defense motions to dismiss, the important prima facia hearing, more motions to dismiss. Maxwell may plead guilty to something. There may be a trial. Maxwell May be acquitted. She may be found guilty. Dershowitz May pull another miracle as he did with OJ Simpson Maxwell’s got more money than OJ and the trial will be in the world headquarters of multi millionaire Jew Central Committee.

    Virginia Guiffre has nothing to do with the criminal case against Maxwell. Can you understand that sentence? The SDNY US attorneys office has not contacted Virginia about the criminal case. Virginia is neither a victim nor witness in that case. She hasn’t spoken with prosecutors. She has not made statements in this case.

    In fact moron, you’re confusing news articles with the prosecutors investigation.

    As for veracity, Virginia did win her 2016 civil case against Maxwell. You’re confusing the 2004-2008 criminal case against Epstein, and the 2016 civil case against Maxwell with the present criminal case against Maxwell.

    None of the sex abuse of minors victims in the indictment against Maxwell are Guiffre. It’s up to the prosecutors to prove their case against Maxwell. Or not.

    Get it moron, 3 different cases; 1 criminal case against Epstein in 2008. He pled guilty. 2 Civil case 2016 Virginia vs Maxwell, Virginia won.
    3 Criminal case against Maxwell, set for trial next year.

    And stop confusing media articles about Maxwell with evidence the prosecutors will find and use.

  362. Alden says:

    Files aren’t always sealed after cases are settled moron. Go back to watching judge Judy. moron

    Or watching Barely Legal porn.

  363. Alden says:

    What a moron you are. Your, my, and bombercommands opinions are totally meaningless. Bombercommabd I have not claimed Maxwell is guilty. You’re the one claiming the criminal case against Maxwell rests entirely on Guiffre. You’re the one claiming Guiffre has falsely accused Maxwell. You’re the one confusing Epstein’s 2004-2008 case with the 2020 case against Maxwell.

    You I and bombercommand were not on the grand jury that indicted Maxwell. Their opinions mattered. Our or any others commenting or talking about the case is didn’t matter.

    Do you even know the case was brought to a grand jury? I doubt it.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
    , @Brad Anbro
  364. A new Epstein witness has come forward.

    It is not what you know, but who you know.

    Apparently Donald J. Trump has been to Einstein’s “Pedo Island” and described it as a “cesspool” and he was not presumably talking about problems with the sewerage disposal system.

    Trump has apparently also discussed the fun and games on the island with Prince Andrew.

    In this picture Trump is shown leaving Epstein’s New York home talking to a man who bears a strong resemblance to Britain’s Prince Andrew.

    Trump must be bewildered. He has not yet stated whether he believes this photo is fake photography, but previously stated that he did not know Prince Andrew.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  365. Prince Andrew denies sleeping with unidentified Eastern European woman trafficked to London by wealthy New York property developer.

  366. @Alden

    My original comment was that sealing was part settlement in civil cases. The decision is left up to the judge to approve the settlement.
    The file in the Maxwell-Giuffre case was sealed. The government is out to unseal, and according to you, they will use that to get Maxwell on a perjury charge. To suggest Giuffre is not part of this case, is dishonest. Had there been no civil suit, there would be no file. She’s part of it whether she wants to be or not.
    You have stated on several occasions that Maxwell has broken the law, and referred to the indictment. My point is that these are allegations, not facts.


    In two weeks, it will be 44 years since the cops arrested my brother for attempted murder of a local girl a year previously. He was denied bail and was 8 months waiting for a trial. The arrest and the prosecution’s case rested solely on the victim’s testimony which claimed he had stabbed her and run away at approximately 11:30 in the evening. The knife found at the scene didn’t have his fingerprints. He had been in a car accident 9 years preciously and suffered neurological and physical damage that prevented him from running. None of that mattered to the prosecution. She said it was him, because he talked to her at the bus stop a few times, so they were going to prosecute. I saw the hoopla in the press about his arrest. I saw the cars stopping in the street outside my mother’s house and the insults hurled at her. I saw, up close, how these corksuckers twist evidence and make shit up. At trial, the defense lawyer dismantled all of the narrative and didn’t call any witnesses. He challenged the judge on the charge to the jury, and won. The judge was required to recall the jury and inform them that absent any other corroborating evidence, the victim’s statement could not be taken as fact. It took the jury less than half an hour to find him not guilty.
    Prosecutors are politicians or politician wannabees. The vast majority don’t care about justice, process, due or otherwise, or the victims, they want convictions and will do anything to get them to gain attention.

    This entire Epstein – Maxwell narrative is being and has been stage managed. I’m not saying girls weren’t procured, and I’m not saying they weren’t prostituted, and yes, I am well aware of the age of consent, and made sure my daughters understood. What I have been saying is that there are many holes in the narrative that don’t fit. I don’t think we will ever know the truth, whatever it may be. It is illogical for Maxwell to have remained in the US, or left France. It is illogical for the parents to be OK with their teen daughters giving private massages to “old’ men and travel with them. Why is Prince Andrew, who has his own groupie set, a person of interest but frequent flyer Clinton, not? Yes, I know Clinton has his own groupies, but having been on the island so many times, you’d think they might be curious if he saw something.
    You are correct, we weren’t on the Grand Jury, but Grand Juries are manipulated according to Hoppy Heidelberg.
    There’s much more going on here than we will be allowed to see, and that, in itself, is a perversion of justice. This thing has smelled for 20 years. Who is really driving this thing, and for what reason?

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Alden
  367. @Jonathan Mason

    What does “know” mean? Is it the biblical “know”?
    If not, “know” is more than “met”, but less than “familiar with”. It’s not in the same ballpark as acquainted or friend.

    • Replies: @Jonathan Mason
  368. Alden says:

    Are you out of your mind that third parties accessing deposition transcripts is a violation of Miranda rights??

    Court cases, civil or criminal are filed with the appropriate court and once they are filed are public record available to anyone, just like real property titles and everything else filed in federal, state or county clerks offices. Deposition transcripts are part of the case record and anyone can view them and buy copies.

    Some court files including deposition are sealed. An example is divorces with horrible accusations flying back and forth. Or if one party requests it. But it’s not usual, requires more filings, more lawyer time and fees, and more hearings in which the requesting party has to convince the judge to order the sealing of the files.

    You’re not Maxwell’s defense attorneys, nor the judge and your defense of her is irrelevant to the case.

  369. @Bombercommand

    I understand it is about minors, but the law is the law. If innocent until proven guilty is out the window, then it is a police state with Stalinist show trials, which is my point.
    I also stated that the Weinstein verdict was bullshit. Not because he isn’t a pig who took advantage of women, but because the case was built on allegations of what had taken place years previously, with no corroborating evidence. It also ignored the fact that some of the women continued to approach him even after the alleged (now “proven”) event.
    These legal manipulations are a danger to everybody.
    As for your warning, I never even hugged my nieces or nephews, and was social distancing from my teen daughters’ friends over 35 years ago. I don’t need your legal advice, but thanks anyway.

    • Replies: @Bombercommand
  370. Alden says:

    Curmudgeon, thinks that if caught, he can defend himself by arguing the age of consent be lowered to onset of puberty. Fat chance. The law is the law.

    I can understand late teen and early 20s men worrying about their girl friends age and the law.

    But all these late middleaged and elderly men like Curmudgeon and Harbinger arguing that sex with minors should be legal indicates at least a rich fantasy life about 10-17 year old girls.

    • Replies: @Bombercommand
  371. Alden says:

    Your brother’s case has nothing to do with the Epstein criminal case, the civil Guiffren vs Maxwell case and the present criminal case against Maxwell.

    The SDNY U.S. attorney has charged Maxwell with perjury in depositions in the 2016 civil case.

    Maxwell said A in the deposition. The U.S attorney must prove she lied about A . To prove Maxwell lied, they need to see what she said.

    The U.S attorney probably knows what she said about A, that it was a lie and can prove it

    Example; Maxwell claims in 2016 that she had not seen Epstein since 2010. U. S. attorney has several pictures of her with Epstein after 2010. U.S. attorney has manifests and flight logs and records that Maxwell was on Epstein’s plane with Epstein several times after 2010. U.S. attorney has already deposed several people that they saw Maxwell and Epstein together after 2010.

    Are you sure it’s the U.S. attorney that wants the 2016 files unsealed or the plaintiffs in one of the other cases against Maxwell?

    You believe your brother was innocent 44 years ago. So you believe every defendant and respondent is innocent. At least you knew about your brother’s case. Unlike your ignorance of Maxwell Epstein cases.

  372. @Curmudgeon

    Knowing someone means that you don’t need to be introduced the next time you meet.

  373. Alden says:

    When an old man defends old men having sex with minors and an old woman enticing, encouraging, arranging, transporting , procuring pimping and bring under age girls and men to her home to have illegal sex, aka keeping a brothel, it’s a red flag and indication that the old man is very interested in sex with underage girls.

    Bombercommand and I aren’t law enforcement . But numerous state federal county and city sex crimes units cruise the internet looking for comments like yours.

    As for Weinstein, there was plenty of corroborating evidence. Many of the women told some one about the rapes right after they happened. Many Miramax people, including his brother knew what Weinstein was doing for years

    You not only claim the charges against Maxwell are all lies, but you think Weinstein was innocent. So you are defending not only sex crimes against children, but rape as well.

    Are you black? Of all ethnic groups, it’s black men who don’t know the difference between consensual sex and rape. And many blacks believe there’s nothing wrong about sex with minors I spent years listening to black criminals claiming that the rape victim consented, even though he had to break her wrists to get her to hold still.

    People defend what they do.

    I live in a suburb suburbs are best because
    I live in the city cities are best because
    I live in the country because the country is best

    I buy new cars because new cars are best
    I buy second hand cars and drive them till they fall apart because it’s best

    Criminals also defend what they do.

    Arsonists and car thieves defend themselves because the victims have insurance
    Shoplifters, even organized shoplifters who steal all day and sell the goods to convenience stores defend themselves because cost of shoplifting is built into the prices.

    And rapists and molesters of minors defend themselves by claiming the victims and witnesses are liars, the prosecutors had no evidence and the conviction was a miscarriage of justice.

    So why do you defend Epstein, Maxwell and Weinstein?

    • Thanks: Miro23
    • Replies: @Sean
  374. @Alden

    The word “moron” seems to be one of your favorite words. Is your vocabulary that limited? As my dear mother used to say to me, “It takes one to know one.”

    • Replies: @Miro23
  375. Miro23 says:
    @Brad Anbro

    The word “moron” seems to be one of your favorite words. Is your vocabulary that limited? As my dear mother used to say to me, “It takes one to know one.”

    My vocabulary isn’t limited but “dope” is one of my favourite words. So I call you a dope. Also allow me to call you lazy dope as you haven’t read any of Alden’s previous posts.

  376. @Curmudgeon

    Actually, you do need my legal advice. Regarding Slimestein, the principle is “relative power relations”, particularly in a professional environment. These young women were aspiring actresses. Slimestein was a powerful producer. Implicit in every encounter was: “Be ‘nice’ to Harvey and you will get the role. Reject Harvey and you will never work in Hollywood again”. Slimestein was engaged in coercion equivalent to rape. Same if a MD has a consensual affair with an adult patient. She gets mad and makes a complaint to the College of Physicians and Surgeons, the MD loses his license permanently. You simply do not get it regarding adults hanging around schools. The principle is similar to the old, unfortunately no longer enforced, principle of Ethics: the appearance of unethical behavior is equivalent to unethical behavior itself. The Prime Directive is protecting children. The Police and Courts don’t care about an adult bleating about his rights, or “I’m innocent until proven guilty”, WHAT THE BLOODY HELL ARE YOU HANGING AROUND THE SCHOOL FOR BUDDY??? Regarding Epstein and Maxwell, it is a combination of the two principles. Maxwell lured inexperienced at life, needy girls with promises of well remunerated easy employment and a bright future sponsored by a wealthy daddy figure. She didn’t say you have to have sex with Jeffrey, just give him a massage. Next thing they knew Epstein was telling the girls “the more you do the more you get, reject me and you are out on the pavement”. Witnesses saw Maxwell leading minor girls up the back stairs of Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion, that certainly qualifies as “the appearance of something sleazy”. It is really beyond me why you need this spelled out for you.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  377. Sean says:

    Gotti was acquitted at trial after being locked up on a very weak indictment by a city prosecutor who as a schoolgirl used to daily run the gauntlet of obscene comments from mafia loafers around their hang out. The judge allowed Gotti and his many codefendant minions to treat the court as if they owned it (talking among themselves while prosecution witnesses were testifying). This was the origin of the teflon don legend, but in reality the FBI had plenty of damming evidence they kept from the city prosecutor; they just did not want Gotti to be got by her non Federal case. It was attributed to Gotti’s bombastic lawyer, who the feds were careful to neutralize, but they had Gotti on tape talking about his complicity in murders, he destroyed himself with his storytelling without any need for prosecutorial sharp practice.

    Giuffre’s lawyers were a firm headed by the Democrats house lawyer and long time Alan Dershowitz rival David Boies. When during her defamation suite against Maxwell, Guiffre named Dershowitz in court documents, Dershowitz said was a calumnious ploy to accuse him under privilege (without him having the option to defend himself by suing for defamation). Since then Dershowitz had become the main legal commentator making rejoinders against calls for Trump to be impeached, and ostracised by the media, political or legal establishment he used to socialise with.

    Dershowitz tried to have the documents unsealed so he could look at the details, but he was not allowed to by the judge who ordered the surviving documents from the discovery phase detailing Giuffre’s allegations to be destroyed. But Dershowitz has recently found out that in the documents Guiffre had also accused former Israeli prime minister and the darling of US liberal Jews, Ehud Barak. Which is maybe why Guiffre’s own lawyers long ago said her account is fictionalised.

    My point is, that the US government is saying we are charging you with something that is a crime under American law, even though it is not a crime where you committed the act.

    I think the accusation Maxwell participated in an assault of Annie Farmer the 16 year old younger sister of 25 year old Epstein’s in-the-know Manhattan mansion receptionist/ artist is the key one. They seem to have had trouble finding any other cases in America and so are bringing in the British allegation as support for the actual charge in much the same way as was done with accusation in the Harvey Weinstein prosecution. Maxwell is guilty of something, but from the–relative to publicity–paucity of charges and inclusion of perjury counts, I think her involvement was far less that we have been led to believe. She will serve ten years nonetheless.

    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @Alden
  378. Sean says:

    And rapists and molesters of minors defend themselves by claiming the victims and witnesses are liars, the prosecutors had no evidence and the conviction was a miscarriage of justice

    You are starting from denials of proven rapists and molesters who have been convicted at trial as the result of a complaint as if all complaints have similar results. Such is not the case. I know a woman who worked as head of a sex crime unit and they had many rape complaints that no action was taken on because the complainant had clearly spent the night with a man consensually. The vast majority, virtually all of child molestation cases were within families. Very depressing work.

    Guiffre said she had sex with Prince Andrew in a London nightclub toilet, and also that he was the lone male in a orgy with her and eight East European girls who cannot now be found. For years Giuffre said she was 15 years old at the time of these events, but now she admits to being at least 17. I do not see how anyone could make an honest mistake like that.

    Many Miramax people, including his brother knew what Weinstein was doing for years

    He has been convicted, but more than one victim said Weinstein worked by making the situation appear to be safe with the presence of another woman. there was a pattern, whereby his employees leading them into a meeting and then disappearing left Weinstein to do what he planned to all along, and showed the female associates of Weinstein had clearly ‘knew what time it was’: they were complicit. Well, are Weinstein’s Judas Ewe female assistants being tried as pimps?

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  379. @Sean

    Forgive my confusion.

    My understanding-and this was partly according to you-was that the women who consorted with Prince Andrew were 18 or 19.

    As for Weinstein, we see scant evidence that he raped anyone. Pressured them, yes. Exposed himself to them, yes. Let them know they would have no career unless they slept with them.

    But was Weinstein doing what Bill Cosby was doing? No.

    To begin with, many of the women he accosted were athletic enough to overpower him.

    There is a difference between sleeping with someone in order to have a career and being leapt upon by a naked male with a butcher knife.

    I’m no Communist, but Weinstein follows the old adage of the owners of the means of production exploiting the old prole. Except in Weinstein’s case the proles were all middle-class. In Epstein’s case, they were lumpens.

    But in neither case was violent physical force applied.

    I want to tell you about a cocaine addicted teenager named Kathleen from the suburbs. Kathleen’s father owned a heating company. He and Kathleen’s mother divorced.


    Kathleen was unhappy and got into drugs as early as the sixth grade. In junior high, she fell in with a black gang known as the “Bastard Crew” because most of them were illegitimate. Kathleen began doing cocaine with them, which these felons sold at the junior high.

    By the eighth grade, crack cocaine hit Southeast Michigan in 1988. Kathleen tried that. Through these black teens she met old black pimps. By age 15 she was a full-blown crack addict. One night, after having been used by various blacks, she suffered a seizure from crack cocaine and they dumped her half-naked out of an automobile having a cocaine-induced seizure onto the road. Not caring should another car run over her or not.

    Kathleen’s parents got her into rehab. After a few months, she returned home.

    But the blacks knew where she lived. One night, they came to her house during her brother’s birthday party deep in the suburbs say they were going to “trash this place”. Her brother refused to let them in and the confrontation got ugly. He pointed a shotgun at these blacks.

    They returned later and broke into the garage of Kathleen’s mother’s house and trashed her car.

    She was sent up to Northern Michigan to live with her father, who owned a house on a lake.

    Maxwell Epstein did not apply this sort of pressure to any girl. They simply put out the word that they would pay \$200. And girls from the lower class trailer parks came with out coercion.

    Similarly, Weinstein’s victims could simply have left the business. A few did.

    Alden is going to start spouting off about black pimps in Detroit and quoting me here and citing passages of my account of Kathleen and derail my thread.

    But I’m making a point. Epstein and Weinstein did not show up at the girl’s house looking for her.

    They simply offered money or in the case of Harvey owned a means of production where the women sought to offer their labor as actresses.

    I’m no pimp. I’m no pornographer.

    But as an expat, I’ve seen the choice 1000 times. Provincial girls doing backbreaking work cutting sugar cane decide to work in a girly bar. This is the choice in the free market.

  380. @Alden

    Curmudgeon should understand that you, Alden, are veteran Justice system personnel and your attitude towards him here is exactly what he can expect from the Police and Courts. Curmudgeon is in over his head.

    • Replies: @Alden
  381. @Bombercommand

    I will limit my comments to Epstein and Maxwell, as there are other issues with the Slimestein saga.
    I fully understand that Epstein had plea-bargained a conviction previously, and is therefore guilty of those charges.

    Maxwell lured inexperienced at life,…

    At this time, it is an allegation, not a fact.

    Witnesses saw Maxwell leading minor girls up the back stairs of Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion, that certainly qualifies as “the appearance of something sleazy”.

    Yes and witnesses also said they drove minor girls to the house. It is legal tactic, called inference, to use uncontested facts to tell juries that all allegations that follow are true, because they cannot be proven otherwise. I saw it used several times in my work life. In this case, the prosecution, unless it has hard evidence, will move to a circumstantial proposition by attempting to have a parade of people testifying to easily verifiable tangential facts including those not named as victims. The defense will likely object to limit the number to the victims. The defense will likely stick to asking these witnesses questions like: Why were you there? How long were you there? Whether they were in the room, and whether they saw Maxwell leave, and if so how long after she went in. Yes, it qualifies as an appearance of sleaze, and is almost unstoppable in civil cases where balance of probability is the standard, and becoming more powerful in criminal cases. The purpose is twofold: to make the jury believe circumstantial equals beyond a reasonable doubt, and to attempt to force Maxwell to testify. Depending on the success of the cross examination, the latter may or may not happen. The prosecution case will rise or fall on whether they can prove, or at least give the appearance of Maxwell knowingly seeking out the girls for illegal purposes.


    The most successful application of the inferring technique is post WWII. There was an interment complex at Auschwitz Birkenau; it had crematoria, there was a room in which Zyklon B was used, therefore the claims of the victims that 4 million were massacred are true.
    To return to my stage managed proposition, if they had enough to jail Epstein, they would have had enough to jail Maxwell at the same time. Had Epstein gone to trial with Maxwell not charged, my guess is that an astute prosecutor could have subpoenaed her, and labeled her a hostile witness. If she sang, Epstein was sunk, if she went the way of the 5th, they would use that against her (inference) in her own pre-trial hoopla that she was guilty because she is hiding something, poisoning the jury pool. With Epstein removed, an additional smear weapon in the press and guilt by association have been reduced, making the prosecution more difficult. Is it being set up for failure?
    Note that there was/is a recent tv narrative of Who Killed Jeffrey Epstein. The “surprise” introduction was a 3rd theory – somebody helped Epstein to commit suicide. A great deal is made of Barr’s role in holding two African Americans at the bottom of the pile as the only ones accountable (another distraction). The “agreement” then becomes Epstein is dead, and ignores any possibility of an extraction, despite the oddities surrounding the crew removing the body and the circulating photos. As with Maxwell, it is difficult to believe Epstein, with all of his (and her) inside connections, to not to have known something was up, and his return to the US was illogical. He was always at least one step ahead of prosecutions in past, why not now?
    Understand that I am convinced both are/were guilty of something to do with minor girls, but even there, there are inconsistencies and illogic in the narrative. There is much more going on here, and subverting the legal system, IMO, is part of it.

    • Replies: @Alden
  382. Johan says:

    These guys have all these yachts and parties, islands, private jets and luxurious vacations All I have is my rental house, a balcony and the endless work slavery until I get my pension, and die. But, luckily I have my righteous indignation, a couple of endlessly babbling women, which I can silence when I feel a headache approaching, a lot of sensational colorful vulgarity. And I can pride myself of being witness of the big fight between good and evil, being on the good side.

  383. Yukon Jack says: • Website

    Ghislaine arrested? Uh huh, sure she was.

    No record of her at the jail.

    No video or photo of her arrest from the FBI.

    No photo of her at bail hearing.

    I am not saying she wasn’t arrested, but there is no evidence that she was. And court records are not proof as the Jews control the courts. Same for the news media.

    Get this bs “her phone wrapped in tinfoil”. Isn’t that like a “bathtub full of cocaine” when the got Noriega?

    We are supposed to believe she was hiding out in and got caught, when she could of stayed in France and would still be safe. If she is a mastermind she would NOT have taken the risk to come back. A mastermind would never make that mistake. I ain’t buying this story at all.

    Now she sits in jail crying. That is what we are supposed to believe. Why she is getting punished little people, lookee see she is helpless and crying, maybe we should feel sorry for her too.

    But what are the facts, who saw her at the bail hearing? NO ONE!

    “While Maxwell appeared via video in front of the judge, members of the public were only allowed to listen in to audio of the proceeding, per rules about filming in federal court.”

    What next, she gets the Covids and dies, then we see a mannequin covered in a sheet as proof of her body being taken to the morgue, then the grave – a mound of dirt with some cadever of who ever with a fresh dirt mound and a flower for a good soul gone bad. Maybe some protester defiles her “grave” for dramatic effect.

    They are sweeping the whole thing under the rug, the clue that this is happening is the defendent’s lawyer says she won’t spill the beans, she is going to try to get case thrown out, dismissed.

    So right there we are being told no secrets she holds will be revealed.

    What else? The victims of her abuse get emotional satisfaction from her “prosecution” and the whole episode of her and Jeffrey is laid to rest, forever.

    Some of the victims said it was the happiest day of her life when she was denied bail.

    And all those who are guilty, like Trump and his staff, Prince Andrew and the royal court, are safe. All the dirty secrets are being buried, forever, with this charade.


    I might add that there is a message being conveyed to the little people of this charade:

    Don’t be like that bad Ghislaine who wrapped her cell phone in tin foil, you don’t want to be a bad sheeple, do you?

    • Agree: Trinity
  384. But it wasnt only young girls. This salient point is often overlooked. There is an evil afoot here.

  385. Like Jeffrey Epstein they are using a body double for Ghislaine Maxwell , after all they are intelligence assets .Have there been any photos of her since she was arrested and taken into custody ?

  386. Family of Federal Judge Involved in [convicted sex offender] Epstein Case Shot Inside Home.

    Federal judge Esther Salas’ son was shot and killed and her husband injured, in North Brunswick, N.J., on 20 July 2020.

    Roy Den Hollander, a lawyer who once argued a case before Salas, according to court records is the prime suspect.

  387. Trump will probably issue her a pardon. It is the least one can do for a neighbor, and one good turn deserves another. He will probably pardon Prince Andrew too. Just a courtesy between royals.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  388. Hibernian says:
    @Jonathan Mason

    Just a courtesy between royals.

    Several of the Royals have behavioral standards not that different from our President’s.

  389. Alden says:

    You’re not a lawyer are you? It’s obvious.

  390. Alden says:

    You are so ignorant about the legal system that you’re unaware that most civil cases never get into a courtroom or near a judge.

    Civil cases are settled between the Plaintiffs and the Defendant/Respondents and their attorneys. The filings and deposition transcripts are public record available to anyone.

    Sealing of records is not routine. It’s unusual and there has to be good reason and proof of potential damage to persons or entities if the records are not sealed.

    A few civil cases end up in courtrooms adjudicated by judges. A few of those few civil cases actually go to trial and juries decide.

    You watch too many legal and police TV shows and movies. Truth is, most civil and criminal cases are settled outside the court room.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  391. Alden says:

    Curmudgeon claims that US SDNY is charging Maxwell with crimes committed in England; to wit, running a brothel, which is an ancillary activity to prostitution, a violation of English law.

    Maxwell is being charged with crimes committed in America, including Manhattan Island just a few miles from the prosecutors office.

  392. Alden says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    You’re the expert on porn, prostitutes and other nasty things. You tell us.

  393. @Alden

    Clearly your reading of hundreds of thousands of books has not improved your reading skills.
    Of course I am aware settlements are reached, even before depositions are taken, but rarely before a judge has approved that there is something to be tried.
    It is not uncommon for settlements to be reached, after court proceedings have begun, on the basis of non-disclosure, which more often than not, is consent by both parties to request the judge seal the file as part of the settlement.
    Whether the judge chooses to approve the settlement requiring the sealing, is a different matter.
    I respect your knowledge of post conviction actions taken and necessary remedial actions occur. My experience was in investigating matters and developing strategies before proceedings began, admittedly few times at the federal level. However, legal principles do not change, as the literally hundreds of hours spent with lawyers and researching case law taught me.
    No I am not a lawyer. I have worked with many over my working life, including one who appeared before the Supreme Court, and have been acquainted with others. All of them are slimy, some considerably less than others.

  394. @Bombercommand

    ‘… Maxwell will be ground into hamburger if there is anything left of her when she goes to trial in July 2021. Tough titties, Ghislaine.’

    We saw that happen to Epstein when he was tried in Miami, didn’t we?

    I wouldn’t place any bets, if I were you.

  395. Anon[147] • Disclaimer says:

    How many 13-year-olds are having sex with 20-year-old men, in trailer parks across America right NOW?????
    How many virgin girls are there in America past the age of 16??? Damn few. They are all fucking and sucking and twerking and dressing like classless whores. Absolutely 100% sexualized. Yet they scream “pervert” when the wrong male gives them attention.

    I call bullshit on all these supposed sex slaves. They were party girls that cashed in on some world-class WHALES. What is the difference between a 17-year-old GOLD DIGGER and an 18-year-old GOLD DIGGER???? One Year.

    If their “acting” careers would have worked out…how many of these “victims” would be claiming victimhood.

    The great Karl Malone (Utah Jazz) father a child with a 13-year-old. Kobe Bryant’s wife was just 15 when they first started dating.

    Bo Derek was banging John Derek when she was just 16 and he 46. Great investment for her.

    This pillaging of young girls is old as the bible. It needs to be legalized. These girls will be pillaged by some pimply face kid in the trailer park anyway. Why not let them upgrade their inevitable pussy pillaging and go fly on a private jet, party at a luxurious Island, and bang some older dudes that know what the hell they are doing.

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