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Jonathan Pollard, Again
Why he must complete his time in prison
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There has been a flurry of articles about the possibility that Jonathan Pollard, convicted Israeli spy who is now languishing in a North Carolina prison, might be released by President Barack Obama as a gesture to revive the moribund Middle East peace talks. Media accounts from Israel suggest that Secretary of State John Kerry, under pressure from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has raised the issue of Pollard’s release with the president as an incentive to encourage Israel to complete its own release of Palestinian Israelis being held, which it has been delaying. The Palestinian Authority has reportedly indicated that it would not object to such a move.

As Pollard spied against the United States, not against either Israel or Palestine, the viewpoints from Tel Aviv and Ramallah are somewhat irrelevant but nevertheless interesting for anyone following the ebb and flow of the world’s most protracted search for a solution to two peoples who want to occupy the same space at the same time. Pollard’s supporters, including many former government officials and politicians, tend also to be strong advocates for Israel, which means they are seeing the issue in terms of their own perception of Tel Aviv’s interests. They have made a number of claims regarding his prolonged incarceration. They note that the life in prison sentence was unduly harsh and that the denial of parole is unprecedented after twenty-six years behind bars. They also maintain that Pollard was only providing background information to help Israel, an ally, and should not be judged by the same standard applied to spies like John Walker, Rick Ames and Robert Hanssen, all of whom worked for the Soviet Union during the Cold War, selling top secret intelligence to a powerful enemy.

It is difficult to find a moral high ground when it comes to spying, but Pollard’s friends pretend that the espionage was carried out to help a small and vulnerable ally better defend itself. There is no evidence that Pollard ever thought in those terms himself and the Pentagon investigation concluded that he was only motivated by money. He reportedly wanted to get rich and before he approached the Israelis he also offered to sell his information to several other countries, including Pakistan and then under apartheid South Africa. After Pollard was caught, he pleaded guilty to espionage and was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1987.

Over the years since Pollard was sentenced I have had to good fortune to speak to several former senior intelligence officials who were involved in doing the damage assessment of what the Israeli spy exposed. They were sworn to secrecy on the details of what actually occurred but were able to make some general comments. They agreed on several points, namely that Pollard was the most damaging spy bar none since the Rosenberg espionage ring betrayed US nuclear secrets to the Soviets in the 1940s; that Pollard exposed entire intelligence collection systems that had to be recreated at a cost of billions of dollars; and that Pollard, who has never shown any genuine remorse for what he did, should never be released from prison.

Recently, M.E. “Spike” Bowman, who was at the time the liaison between the Departments of Defense and Justice and coordinator of the damage assessment, wrote an op-ed entitled “Don’t Trust This Spy” for the New York Times and also elaborated on his view of Pollard in a paper presented at the March 7th National Summit to Reassess the US-Israel Special Relationship. Bowman confirms the unique damage done by Pollard, observing that there has been no other American spy who provided “information of the quantity and quality that Mr. Pollard has.” To cope with the volume, the Israelis had to install high speed copiers in a safehouse apartment they used with Pollard and it is estimated that he stole 360 cubic feet of documents, enough to fill a room. And it was nearly all information that was beyond secret, meaning top secret and SCI or codeword, which is the most sensitive information that the United States government possesses. The Israelis were delighted and were able to request specific documents from a Defense Intelligence Agency catalog of available intelligence reports that had been given to them by another of their spies in the Defense Department, who has never been publicly identified. Pollard’s high level clearance meant that he could get his Israeli Washington Embassy based case officer Colonel Avi Sella, who was also running spy Ben-Ami Kadish at the Picatinny Arsenal in New Jersey, anything that he wanted.

For those who hint at anti-Semitism to make their claim that Pollard was treated with disproportionate rigor Bowman notes that it was not a normal espionage case. The conviction was under a special statute (18 US Code 194) that protects information related to “…nuclear weaponry, military spacecraft or satellites, early warning systems, or other means of defense or retaliation against large scale attack; war plans; communications intelligence or cryptographic information.” In other words, information that would make the United States vulnerable to attack by an enemy or would limit its ability to respond.

Pollard had provided intelligence to Israel relating to nearly every one of the key national security elements detailed in 18 USA Code 194 and, most particularly, had provided the Radio Signal Notations Manual, which contained details of how the United States collects signals intelligence as well as the known parameters of the systems used by the Soviet Union. The information would enable an adversary to avoid collection by American codebreakers and, if in the hands of a sophisticated adversary like the Soviets, would enable penetration of US systems. Former CIA Director William Casey and others believed that the Israelis provided at least some of the stolen information to the Soviet Union in exchange for the expedited emigration of Russian Jews.

Bill Clinton, ever ready to accommodate Israeli interests, nearly pardoned Pollard in 1998 , but he was dissuaded by threats of an open revolt in the intelligence community. Pollard will be eligible for release in a little over three years’ time as federal guidelines interpret a life sentence to be a maximum of thirty years in prison and it might even be as soon as next year if he is paroled. He would leave jail as a convicted felon. His supporters both in Israel and the United States would like to see him leave sooner, either by the Department of Justice exercising clemency or by a presidential pardon, which would to a certain extent exonerate him. One thing is certain, when he leaves prison he will head straight for Israel, which has granted him citizenship and has both a town square and a residential building in Jerusalem named after him. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has declared an unofficial holiday in his honor. There will no doubt be a victory parade.

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  1. Don Nash says:

    Pollard SHOULD have faced a firing squad. Now the treasonous filth is a bargaining chip? Dang if those Israelis (Zionists?) don’t choose some rather nasty iconic heroes.

  2. I would say that pardoning Pollard would be consistent with and bring into bold relief how much excess power is wielded and lawbreaking is condoned by a foreign power. It really is in the best interests of Americans to have him relinquish his American citizenship and to no longer have taxpayers support him. It says far more about Israel and its often adversarial relationship with the United States, mirroring more Soviet-era espionage than that of a real ally.

    That said, a hard stance against Pollard is undercut by our own government’s malfeasance in its own unconstitutional and unsavory spying against our own citizenry – in fact, officially and illegally transferring the mass collection of citizens’ raw data to those same Israelis who employed Pollard.

    There is a huge amount of hypocrisy in Washington. And there is the fate of Snowden looming over it – a person who can be accused of all the same crimes as Pollard and have meted out the same punishment, yet is in fact a hero who revealed to the American people the wrongs being done to us by our own government – and how far from the Constitution we believe in it willfully and deceptively strayed, undermining and subverting democracy.

    There is no doubt in my mind that Pollard is a villain. Yet Snowden must be a hero, unless we have acceded to the idea that government no longer needs to be accountable to the people in any meaningful way.

    Pollard is a despicable spy, but adversarial governments exchange spies all the time. I think it would be worth it to have the Israelis own him and ‘fess up to being adversaries. By all means, even pardon Pollard, but only in an exchange with the American people by also pardoning the heroic person who spied for us, our advocate Snowden.

    (These views do not reflect those of journalist Glenn Greenwald, who denied opinions advocating Pollard’s release.)

  3. Mark Green says: • Website

    Holding onto Pollard does seem a bit quaint at this point. Maybe even pointless. After all, Israel has penetrated virtually every realm of US governance. They’ve totally won a war that most American’s never knew was even being waged. It was for the heart and soul of our republic.

    Today, both of our political Parties are under Israel’s thrall. All candidates for ‘high office’ in Washington are pro-Zionist. When it comes to Israel, Washington is a one-party State. This is no small feat.

    The Zionist penetration of America was a bloodless coup that took decades to achieve. And throughout it all, the Israelis lost only one operative. On the other hand, just look at what’s happened in the meantime to Iraq, Palestine, Libya, Iran and Syria. Shall we count the bodies? Pollard and his minions can be proud of their enormous accomplishments. Our nation’s capitol is now rife Zionized robots, otherwise called ‘candidates’ or ‘leaders’. Is there even one famously ‘anti-Israel’ politician left anywhere in our nation’s capitol? Nope. That is power. Zionist power.

    Here’s an idea that will never be proposed: Pollard goes free after Israel stops building settlements in the West Bank for one entire year. Ha! Won’t happen. No US President would ever dare to take on Israel in so direct a fashion.

  4. NB says: • Website

    Readers need only follow the last link, Giraldi’s source for his claim that Bibi “has declared an unofficial holiday in [Pollard’s] honor,” to see that this piece is the same old misleading innuendo that characterizes most of his other pieces on Israel.

    During Passover, the Jewish holiday that celebrates the Jews’ freedom from slavery in Egypt, Bibi remarked, “The Jewish holiday of freedom [i.e. Passover -NB] should become Pollard’s private holiday of freedom. I will continue working toward his release.”

    All Bibi said was that Pollard should be freed (just as Jews were freed from bondage in Egypt, which was being commemorated at the time); he in no way “declared an unofficial holiday in Pollard’s honor,” as Giraldi claimed.

    That Giraldi would distort such a statement should lead any fair-minded reader to regard as dubious any of his claims based on anonymous sources regarding the nature of Pollard’s crimes. Likewise, I regard as dubious the claims of those advocating for his release [i.e. that Pollard’s crimes were relatively minor], as the nature of Pollard’s crimes is not a matter of public record.

  5. Thanks, NB. But if we’d wanted the israeli Gov’t’s point of view we’d have asked the israeli Ambassador.

  6. what’s lost in war can be regained only by war. so, i can’t see how an early release of pollard would change that.
    i think palestina is gone; it’ll never rise again. i cannot understand what is it that US wants there?
    is it a country for the israelis and dispersed counties for palestinians?
    yes, that must be it!

  7. For once I must agree with NB and “Bibi.” The biblical parallel is too apt. Pollard should be released and forced to wander for forty years in the desert. Perhaps Area 51 would do.

    But seriously, may we at least ask the question, what’s in it for us? We are granting a favor to the Israelis in order to benefit the Palestinians at the expense of our own justice system. Will US citizens or interests benefit in any way from this deal? Why is my country obsessively invested in this endless Punch and Judy show between intransigent Semites? The vast majority of our population is neither Jewish or Muslim.

    Our country needs a comprehensive reappraisal of our position in the world, based on our actual requirements. We also need to re-think our law regarding internal subversion by Americans and residents on behalf of foreign powers or interests. Pollard should have been executed and the like of Foxman should find themselves frog marched to the airport, deported to his actual homeland.

  8. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    It is common practice for negotiations to involve both a carrot and a stick. Leaving aside the issue of the U.S. as an even-handed negotiator, U.S. tactics seem to be focused on the carrot rather than the stick because of the potential political backlash in Washington of even discussing the withholding of military and economic aid to Israel. None-the-less, the release of Jonathan Pollard is going too far. Pollards release compromises our own security while allowing Israeli to expand illegal settlements in Palestine. We have no reason to believe that Israel is a partner for peace or that the Netanyahu government will honor U.S. concessions any more than it has in the past.

  9. “The Jewish holiday of freedom [i.e. Passover -NB] should become Pollard’s private holiday of freedom. I will continue working toward his release.”

    Sounds to me PM Netanyahu just declared the official holiday should become Pollard’s unofficial one. Netanyahu linked the Passover freedom from the fate meted out to non-Jews to freedom for Pollard. It wasn’t Phil Giraldi who dreamed this odd connection up. Overtly and officially, Netanyahu said he’s working to give Pollard that holiday.

    Amazing how people can read the same quotation and take exactly the opposite from it.

  10. Rod1963 says:

    Pollard is a traitor and deserves to serve his full time. It’s been a well known but little talked about fact the state of Israel runs one of the biggest spy rings in the U.S. and worse have no qualms of selling pilfered American military secrets to the Chinese as well.

    Besides his release would only embolden the Israelis to demand further concessions from the U.S.

    Israel is not our friend.

  11. geokat62 says:

    NB writes:
    “That Giraldi would distort such a statement should lead any fair-minded reader to regard as dubious any of his claims based on anonymous sources regarding the nature of Pollard’s crimes. Likewise, I regard as dubious the claims of those advocating for his release [i.e. that Pollard’s crimes were relatively minor], as the nature of Pollard’s crimes is not a matter of public record.”

    I beg to differ! Here’s a Declassified Statement on Jonathan Pollard by Caspar W. Weinberger, October 18, 2010.

    Editor’s note: The following statement was submitted to the District Court of the District of Columbia on March 3, 1987, by the former secretary of defense one day before Judge Aubry E. Robinson Jr. sentenced Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard to life in prison. Weinberger submitted a 46-page classified declaration (“in camera”) of damage caused by Pollard in January 1987 (upon which this unclassified declaration was based). It has never been fully declassified. Explanatory links provided by Grant F. Smith.

    “I am Caspar W. Weinberger, Secretary of Defense. I offer this declaration to supplement my in camera submission, which detailed the nature and extent of the harm defendant has caused to our national security, and to make known to the Court additional facts which have been brought to my attention. I also wish to address the defendant’s self-serving contentions [.pdf] that his espionage activities were intended only to aid Israel, and the suggestion that his actions should be viewed as mere technical violations of laws intended to keep sensitive information from actual or potential enemies.

    It is difficult for me, even in the so-called ‘year of the spy,’ to conceive of a greater harm to national security than that caused by the defendant in view of the breadth, the critical importance to the U.S., and the high sensitivity of the information he sold to Israel. That information was intentionally reserved by the United States for its own use, because to disclose it, to anyone or any nation, would cause the greatest harm to our national security. Our decisions to withhold and preserve certain intelligence information, and the sources and methods of its acquisition, either in total or in part, are taken with great care, as part of a plan for national defense and foreign policy which has been consistently applied throughout many administrations. The defendant took it upon himself unilaterally to reverse those policies. In so doing, he both damaged and destroyed policies and national assets which have taken many years, great effort and enormous national resources to secure. Moreover, in light of the defendant’s continued disclosures of sensitive information for publication by the press, there is ample cause to believe that Pollard will continue to divulge classified national defense information without restraint.

    I respectfully submit that any U.S. citizen, and in particular a trusted government official, who sells U.S. secrets to any foreign nation should not be punished merely as a common criminal. Rather, the punishment imposed should reflect the perfidy of the individual’s actions, the magnitude of the treason committed, and the needs of national security. Here, although the defendant had executed an oath to protect and safeguard classified information, he betrayed the public trust and the security of the United States in exchange for money. I believe these facts should be weighed heavily in fashioning the sentence to be imposed in order to protect the public confidence in our law, and restore the public’s confidence in our ability and commitment to protect U.S. security.

    It is also relevant that Pollard has recently analogized himself to an Israeli pilot shot down behind enemy lines, and has stated his hope that he will yet be able to immigrate to Israel. Whatever else his analogy suggests, it clearly indicates that his loyalty to Israel transcends his loyalty to the United States. Nor, apparently, does any residual loyalty to the United States persuade him that he should protect U.S. national defense information at all. Only a few days ago, on February 15, 1987, the Washington Post published an article about Pollard. That article contained information purporting to reflect U.S. intelligence efforts. While I do not intend publicly to confirm or deny the accuracy of those statements, it is beyond cavil that, if true, such information should never be made publicly available. The defendant initially denied having been the source of the information, but when confronted with a polygraph examination on February 25, he acknowledged that he had either provided or confirmed certain of the information contained in that article by talking to a journalist. I have no way of knowing whether he provided additional information not published in that article, but I believe that there can be no doubt that he can, and will, continue to disclose U.S. secrets without regard to the impact it may have on U.S. national defense or foreign policy. Only a period of incarceration commensurate with the enduring quality of the national defense information he can yet impart, will provide a measure of protection against further damage to the national security.”

    P.S. I couldn’t help but notice that you didn’t bother responding to Jeff Davis’ post in Giraldi’s previous piece, When is sovereignty not sovereignty? I guess your still busy drinking the antidote he proffered!

    P.P.S. Based on your incessant quibbling over trivial points in Giraldi’s articles, you a furthest from a fair-minded reader.

  12. In the best of all possible, but not yet existing worlds, Cap Weinberger’s assertions of the paramount inviolability of national security could have been true. So far, that world of perfect government hasn’t existed outside an idealized Ronald Reagan movie. Instead, there have also been never-punished varying degrees of official perfidy, too often hidden from public accountability under a veil of “national security.” At the time, I was inclined to swallow Weinberger’s assertions whole. But even then, Iran-Contra was casting its shadow of hypocrisy for which perhaps a person or two, but never the egregiously responsible, were sanctioned lightly – but not for 35 years. I think it’s necessary to take into account the discrepancies – otherwise, the obvious wrong in whistle-blower persecution and draconian 1917 Espionage Act prosecutions of them can be too easily legalistically justified – when the morality cannot, killing democratic accountability statute section by section. If not, it appears that Snowden, as obviously necessary as his unlawful disclosures were to the public interest, can never be legally cleared, and must become a dissident personally sacrificing as equally as a Solzhenitsyn forced into exile in Vermont.

  13. Lorraine says:

    Pollard is a mercenary traitor who shares nothing in common with Edward Snowden, a true hero and whistleblower for whom we should throw parades and name buildings. But I am starting to think perhaps ending him into exile in Israel – and of course permanently denying him a visa to EVER set foot in the U.S. again – might relieve the taxpayers of a burden and expose Israel further as the non-ally it is.

  14. tadzio says:

    One major reason Israel wants Pollard out early is to facilitate the recruitment of more ‘American’ Jews as spies. Israel will tell them: We never forget you – We always get you out – You will always be rewarded. To free Pollard is to encourage spying against the United States – not a rational policy. Release Pollard into the general prison population and maybe the problem will disappear in a few days.

  15. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The ONLY way Jonathan Pollard should get out of prison is to be executed and cremated and have his ashes flushed down the nearest toilet. The sewage treatment plant should be his home outside the prison walls.

  16. NB says: • Website

    Giraldi claims that his anonymous sources in the intelligence community “agreed on several points, namely that Pollard was the most damaging spy bar none since the Rosenberg espionage ring betrayed US nuclear secrets to the Soviets in the 1940s.” This contradicts the US Naval Institute’s own claim:
    “Twenty-five years ago the FBI finally shut off the biggest espionage leak in U.S. Navy history when it arrested former senior warrant officer John A. Walker…Jonathan Pollard, another naval spy apprehended during 1985, the Year of the Spy, gave Israel a greater quantity of documents (estimated at 1.2 million pages), but the Walker material, with its cryptographic secrets, has to be judged as the worse loss.”
    I’m fascinated that Giraldi somehow figured out a way to mention the Rosenbergs b/c Aldrich Ames and Robert Hanssen are generally regarded as the most damaging spies in modern US history, as far as I understand. But according to the USNI, Giraldi’s claim is not even true since John Walker inflicted greater damage than Pollard, and his arrest preceded Pollard’s. Anyway, I’m not surprised, as Giraldi has a history of making dubious claims about what the intelligence community supposedly thinks:

    Fran MacAdam, Giraldi claimed that “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has declared an unofficial holiday in [Pollard’s] honor.” An unofficial holiday declared in an individual’s honor is typically named after said individual, just as Robert E Lee Day is an unofficial Southern holiday in his, um, honor. Bibi did nothing of the sort.

    geokat, there are a range of opinions among [former] government officials who are cognizant of the nature of the crimes Pollard committed; some, like George Schultz, Secretary of State when Pollard was caught, and former CIA Director R. James Woolsey have called for his release:
    To be clear, I have no opinion on whether Pollard should be released, as I have no information on the full extent of his crimes; nor do I know anything about typical sentences for espionage. However, I oppose his potential release as part of the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.

    As for Jeff Davis’ post, I haven’t been reading the comments on particularly closely but I don’t recall that Davis had any particular point to make about anything I stated regarding the fact that the West Bank was not sovereign territory prior to Israel’s occupation while Crimea was part of a sovereign state. Any specific point you think I’m “evading”?

  17. Rehmat says:

    In the past, when former president Bill Clinton tried to broker an agreement at Wye Plantation between Israel and Arafat, Benji Netanyahu attempted to extort, as his price for signing, release of Pollard, so he could take this treasonous snake back to Israel as a national hero.

  18. If we release Pollard, the next thing we will hear is an Israeli request that Pollard be given his full pension in recognition of his time spent in prison. Because, he will need financial support for his new life in Israel and it is unfair to expect the Israeli Government to provide such support. Then, he will need a complete pardon and official apology from the USA and permission to travel back and forth. And we are so corrupt and so in thrall to Israel that we will go along.

  19. Anonymous • Disclaimer says: • Website

    In April 1983, the Justice Department “took, converted, stole” “through trickery, fraud, and deceit” the VAX 11/780 version of the PROMIS computer software from INSLAW, Inc. and then attempted “unlawfully and without justification” to force INSLAW out of business to incapacitate the Company from seeking redress in court for the governmrnt’s theft of that version of PROMIS. These were among the fully-litigated findings of two different federal courts in the late 1980s.

    In February 1983, the Justice Department sent Jonathan Pollard’s Israeli spymaster, Rafi Eitan, to INSLAW, under the guise of being an Israeli prosecutor named Dr. Ben-Or who was interested in possibly buying licenses to the VAX 11/780 version of PROMIS for use in Israeli public prosecution offices. Rafi Eitan was then the Director of LAKAM, the Israeli Defense Ministry intelligence agency responsible for obtaining through whatever means were necessary technology needed for Israel’s nuclear weapons program.

    In early May 1983, the Justice Department illegally and covertly gave at least one version of PROMIS to an Israeli identified in its files only as “Dr. Ben-Or.”

    Rafi Eitan then had Robert Maxwell, the British publisher who Rafi Eitan later admitted had sold over half a billion dollars worth of stolen copies of PROMIS to foreign intelligence and law enforcement agencies in an allied project to steal their intelligence secrets, sell VAX 11/780 PROMIS back to the U.S. Government for a CIA-orchestrated intelligence application on board all U.S. Nuclear submarines. The Navy’s Undersea Systems Centerbin Newport, Rhode Island deployed PROMIS on VAX 11/780 computers to every U.S. Nuclear submarine “in the early 1980s” for an intelligence application involving the gathering and disseminating of U.S. Intelligence information between “producer” agencies such as the CIA, NSA, and DIA, and “consumers” of the intelligence product such as the nuclear submarine program.

    The Sandia and the Los Alamos National Laboratories in New Mexico modified VAX 11/780 PROMIS for the nuclear intelligence application on board the nuclear submarines to support two functions: (1) computer-directed firing of submarine-launched nuclear missiles at targets in the Soviet Union and at Soviet submarines; and (2) tracking of Soviet submarines in the PROMIS intelligence database system using SONAR.

    Robert Maxwell sold copies of VAX 11/780 PROMIS to the two national nuclear laboratories in New Mexico so they could make the necessary modifications.

    On June 1, 1984, two “technology transfer” employees of Sandia went to the FBI field office in New Mexico to express their concern and the concern of their colleagues at NSA that Maxwell’s sales of PROMIS to the two New Mexico laboratories posed a risk to U.S. national security because Maxwell was simultaneously doing business with the Soviet Government, selling U.S. Government data to the Soviet Government.

    The FBI launched a foreign counter-intelligence investigation on a June 1, 1984 into the “technology transfer” involved in Maxwell’s sales of VAX 11/780 PROMIS but aborted its investigation in mid-August 1984.

    In June 1984, Rafi Eitan assigned Israeli Air Force Colonel Aviem Sella, one of Israel’s top experts on the targeting and delivery of nuclear weapons, to serve as Jonathan Pollard’s U.S.-based espionage controller, helping Pollard separate the wheat from the chaff as he housed the computer terminal on his desk at U.S. Navy Intelligence in Suitland, Maryland to access U.S. Intelligence database systems to steal U.S. intelligence secrets for Rafi Eitan and Israel.

    By the time the FBI arrested Pollard for espionage in a November 1985, Pollard had reportedly stolen the entire U.S. nuclear attack plan against the Soviet Union, down to the coordinates for the individual targets, as well as U.S. techniques for tracking Soviet submarines.

    When the Meese Justice Departmennt prosecuted Pollard for espionage against the United States, it failed to tell the American people any of these facts about the incapacitating institutional conflicts of interest in the Pollard case.

  20. Sherman says:

    As is always the case when Giraldi lambastes Israel is that he leaves out pertinent information.

    Giraldi does not mention that Pollard “pleaded guilty to espionage” only because the prosecution agreed not to seek a life sentence. However, the judge in the case, Aubrey Robinson, reneged on the plea deal and surprised both Pollard and the prosecution by sentencing Pollard to life.

    Robinson later claimed he based his decision on a report by Caspar Weinberger that assessed the damage Pollard committed. It should be noted that this report has been classified and to this day has never been made public.

    From a purely legal point of view – that is, the goverment breaking its word on a plea deal – a good argument can be made that Pollard deserves freedom.

  21. Ma’am, the point that cannot be disputed, because it is true, which is not simply Phil Giraldi’s speculation but the proven fact of the matter, is that Israel’s Prime Minister has publicly declared himself to be dedicated to working for Pollard’s release and sees him as an Israeli hero. Quibbling about official versus private holidays is a specious attempt to do what? Nothing I can see except to grasp at straws to discredit even facts that Giraldi pens, only because he’s a critic of a particular government’s policies who it’s seen by you as important to neutralize. For some reason, tilting your lance for “my Israel, right or wrong” seems to require a ridiculously Quixotic distorting of the truth, hair-splitting and outright obfuscation. How does fudging the facts legitimately further any cause? As unsympathetic a figure as Pollard is to me, I can’t see there’s a crime in thinking about whether or not it makes sense to release him to Israel, particularly not one in which being for him remaining in prison taints one with Holocaust Denial.

  22. geokat62 says:

    NB writes:

    “there are a range of opinions among [former] government officials who are cognizant of the nature of the crimes Pollard committed; some, like George Schultz, Secretary of State when Pollard was caught, and former CIA Director R. James Woolsey have called for his release…”

    Oh, I see. Rather than going by what the Sec of Defense (who was the accountable official as Pollard was working in his department) had to say, we should take the word of Schultz or Woolsey? The former was described by Dine, the head of AIPAC, as the “architect of the special relationship”, while the latter is a dyed-in-the-wool necon (Not satisfied with the overthrow of the Iraqi regime, Woolsey has argued vehemently that Syria, Iran, the Palestinian Authority, Saudi Arabia, and even the U.S.-allied military dictatorship in Egypt all represent major threats to the United States. In the wake of the U.S.’ initial apparent success in Iraq, Woolsey remained a strong advocate of remaking the Middle East by force and even gave the name “World War IV” (World War III having been the Cold War) to the endeavor.)

    Nurit, your silly quibbling reveals that your true objective is simply to cast doubt on individuals who are trying to undue the harm done by the special relationship. And rather than fight antisemitism, your true aim is to perpetuate this relationship as long as possible. Why not come clean and admit it? Catharsis is good for the soul!

  23. Bibi Boo-Boo needs to STFU on the issue of Jonathan Pollard’s incarceration for espionage. What made Pollard’s crime so serious is what resulted from it – the shutdown of US covert intelligence operations within the former USSR and Warsaw Pact countries and executions of several assets, including a senior Soviet military intelligence officer.

    Pollard is darn lucky that he wasn’t executed himself for his treason; because of its extreme severity, he should have been. No other spy has done so much damage to US security as had Pollard. The number of US assets behind the Iron Curtain who were arrested and executed are unknown, but could be in the hundreds, if not thousands. This tragedy was caused by Israel, who sold these same secrets to the former USSR, who immediately acted to destroy the US Intelligence networks and eliminate most of the E. European and Russian assets.

    The Intelligence Community wants Pollard just where he is, to this day, for the grave damage he had done to US security; and, I don’t blame them.

  24. He does not “have to” serve that time. He never has “had to” do so. Actually, others wanted him to and still do want him to. It’s not in his interest to be jailed, rather, it’s in someone else’s perceived self-interest, and nothing else.

    Further, it’s none of his business what you want. That’s your problem… keep it to yourself!

  25. buddy says:

    Send him home in a box after he has an accident in Prison.
    Of course an official investigation should be conducted, like those Israeli ” investigations”

    Result: the Schlub slipped on a bar of soap in the shower.

  26. KA says: • Website

    ““He is the embodiment of a national narrative of the Jew who sacrificed himself for his people,” said Michael B. Oren, an American-born historian who renounced his American citizenship in 2009 to become Israel’s ambassador to the United States.”
    Oren the ambassador of Israel says 4 th April 2014 quoting NYT

    So sacrifice for Israel equates with losses of lives,money,security for US and Israel is our steadfast and only ally . Israel shares our values both the secular and the religious .

  27. No wonder he defends Jonathan Pollard, he’s a defector himself!

    “Michael B. Oren, an American-born historian who renounced his American citizenship in 2009 to become Israel’s ambassador to the United States”

  28. NB says: • Website

    Geokat, regarding Caspar Weinberger’s statement:
    “The question is why Pollard received such a harsh sentence…First is the victim impact statement of my former boss, Caspar Weinberger, the secretary of Defense at the time of Pollard’s arrest. The statement, much of which remains classified, implied that some of the information that Pollard had supplied to Israel made its way to the Soviet Union. Weinberger argued that Pollard was no different from spies who provided information to the Soviets and was guilty of treason…

    Weinberger’s contention has been debunked. Information that Pollard gave to Israel did not make its way to the USSR. Instead, the information that the Soviets received during the 18 months Pollard was spying for Israel most likely came from Ames and Robert Hanssen, a onetime FBI agent who spied for the USSR and Russia from 1979 to 2001.

    R. James Woolsey, the CIA director from 1993 to 1995, stated after examining the Pollard case file that none of Pollard’s information went to the Soviet Union. Moreover, Woolsey now believes that Pollard has served long enough and should be released.”
    “Ironically, one major episode omitted from Weinberger’s life story, is his pivotal involvement with the Jonathan Pollard spy case. Weinberger was called upon by the Judge to assess the damage Pollard did to national security. In our interview, Weinberger was asked why he skipped the incident. Weinberger casually replied,”Because it was, in a sense, a very minor matter, but made very important.” Asked to elaborate, Weinberger repeated,”As I say, the Pollard matter was comparatively minor. It was made far bigger than its actual importance.” Pressed on why the case was made far bigger than its actual importance, Weinberger replied,”I don’t know why-it just was.””
    sounds like Weinberger might have had some regrets…

  29. NB says: • Website

    Fran, I quoted Bibi saying that he’s working for Bibi’s release, so I never denied that. Giraldi claimed that Bibi “declared an unofficial holiday in [Pollard’s] honor,” and I maintain Giraldi’s source does not support this contention. If you google mayor+declared+holiday+in+his+honor, the top links are things like MLK Day, Mistah F.A.B. Day in Oakland, Bob Marley Day in Toronto, Shahid Afridi Day in Port Arthur, TX, etc. That is what it means to declare a holiday in an individual’s honor, and Bibi never declared a Jonathan Pollard Day. He simply said Pollard should be freed, like the Jews were freed from bondage in Egypt, an event commemorated during Passover.

    An important element of Giraldi’s piece is his claim that anonymous sources in the intelligence community say that Pollard should never be released b/c of the damage he inflicted and that “Pollard was the most damaging spy bar none since the Rosenberg espionage ring betrayed US nuclear secrets to the Soviets in the 1940s.” except I posted an article from the US Naval Institute explicitly contradicting Giraldi’s claim, so I’d like to see a similarly reputable source corroborate Giraldi’s contention. And also, I find it curious that Giraldi felt the need to mention the Rosenbergs, as they have no connection to this case (except their religion/ethnicity) whereas Aldrich Ames and Robert Hanssen are indirectly connected (and inflicted more damage on the US) b/c it is now believed that Pollard may have been blamed for their actions.

    I find it fascinating that you accuse me of outright obfuscation when I have exposed numerous outright lies or at best highly misleading and/or unsupported assertions Giraldi has made. Please name one statement I have made that constitutes “outright obfuscation.” And I have no idea what Holocaust denial has anything to do with this.

  30. KA says: • Website

    J Woosley will be judged by the company he keeps. This is an indoctrinated hateful man who SE love for Israel is parallel and matched for by hate for Israeli enemies. His fervor for attack on Iraq is now devoted to attack on Iran . His campaign for interest ofIsrael is gauged by the depth of the low ,he would descend to ignore the interest of US.

  31. KA says: • Website
    Woolsey sees antisemitism like a typical careerist non Jew sees in any context where law is applied against the depravity of Israel ,to secure a spot on the good book ,as future investment for a vanishing career.
    He comes from the same intelligence body that was about to revolt against Clinton’s attempt to release the murderer and would almost revolt again to stop Iraq war in 2002 and to protest against other figures like Woolsey ( this time their names are Tenet, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Perle, Kagan, Abrams, Libby, Wurmser , Feith etc )who were manipulating the intelligence to cause war .

  32. KA says: • Website

    Woolsey wants to hit Syria in 2006

    Ex-CIA Director Compares Obama’s Dealings with Iran to Actions of Notorious Nazi Appeaser

  33. geokat62 says:

    Nurit, first you write: “I regard as dubious the claims of those advocating for his release [i.e. that Pollard’s crimes were relatively minor], as the nature of Pollard’s crimes is not a matter of public record.” Then you quote an article by Lawrence Korb who writes: “Weinberger’s contention has been debunked. Information that Pollard gave to Israel did not make its way to the USSR.” You can’t have it both ways!

    Lawrence Korb, by the way, works for the Center for American Progress, a think-tank that “hangs” with neocons (

    Later you write: “sounds like Weinberger might have had some regrets…”

    Very, very sneaky! It’s nice how you leave out the context for this quote. Weinberger who is being interviewed by Edwin Black, is merely explaining why he failed to mention the Pollard incident in his autobiography, in which we’d expect Weinberger to include the major events in his life story. In this context, it is not surprising that he failed to mention the Pollard case.

    Edwin Black, incidentally, may not be the most objective individual on the Pollard case according to his bio: “In his book The Transfer Agreement Black notes that following in the beliefs of his parents he was from his earliest days a supporter of the State of Israel. As a young man he spent time on a kibbutz, visited Israel on several other occasions, and gave earnest consideration to permanent residency there.”

    So Nurit, for someone who “regard[s] as dubious the claims of those advocating for his release…” it sure looks as though you are furtively doing so!

    Again, I question your true motives: is your real intent to combat antisemitism or is it to further the cause of the special relationship?

  34. NB says: • Website

    geokat, you quoted the Weinberger statement as though it were the definitive last word, so I pointed out that it’s not. I’m not having it both ways, just presenting the other side of the story that you and Giraldi omitted. I’m not advocating for Pollard’s release, as I’ve made clear.

    The interviewer clearly found it noteworthy that Weinberger omitted the Pollard incident from his memoirs, as did Korb.

  35. Before George Schultz’s late ‘epiphany’ regarding releasing Pollard, he supported Pollard’s imprisonment and prevented “the American people from learning the true extent of the Israeli subversive activities in the US because when the full truth emerges it will be ’embarrassment all around.’” I am sure the subversive activities directly or indirectly extended to Ames, Walker, and later Hanssen and many others who were never caught. I believe I was the first and only person to to ever claim that the US and Israel used Pollard and others to fool elements in the USSR into letting it implode ‘peacefully.’ I now believe that the US agreed to this because Israel as described below was originally planning on using the USSR to help build―in the words of Ariel Sharon―an Israeli empire and prevent the US from pressuring it to sign a peace agreement in which it would have to return occupied territory. (Ariel Sharon said that Israel would fool the world into helping build an Israeli empire with the US as the last country to realize it had been fooled (“The Transparent Cabal,” Stephen Sniegoski). After the peace treaty with Egypt, Menahem Begin and others vowed never to allow the US to pressure Israel to return occupied territory.* Avigdor Lieberman threatened recently to turn to Russia and China for support by providing them valuable technology and services in order to get John Kerry to stop pressuring Israel to act even in the slightest way in accordance with the requirements of international law. When Zionists and Israelis make threats it usually means in their minds at least that it is too late to do anything to oppose them because they have been acting for years if not decades in accordance with the late to be publicly verbalized threat. We have to show them that that is not the case.)

    Before I discuss the claim that Pollard’s activities are part of Israeli subversive activities that began before the 1967 war and included the attempted sinking of the USS Liberty as a signal to the USSR as to what Israel would soon be offering it indirectly via the North Koreans who seized a similar ship, the USS Pueblo, for the benefit of the Soviets (who supposedly already obtained secret information about the shipboard systems from Walker, but may have really obtained them from an Israeli source operating in the US and for whom Walker was almost certainly a convenient―but not thoroughly innocent―fall-guy of sort), I would like to share two anecdotes that are relevant to this article and several of Giraldi’s recent articles.

    The first one involves Israelis (if I recall correctly they were based in NY) who knew the locations of US Air Force air and space surveillance equipment in various bases all over the world better than the US Air Force supply officer who was tasked with maintaining control and inventory over them. The officer later entered civilian life and told me about them when we both worked for a US Navy contractor building a satellite to do passive radio frequency location. Whenever he told them that a particular piece of equipment was not available and his computer database indicated as much, they would tell him that he’s wrong and would point out the base/facility, building on the base, floor in the building, room on the floor in the building and the exact shelf were the equipment could be found. They were always right. Why do you think that? Why do you think he was unable to get equipment to people who needed it? Having shared the foregoing, do you really believe that there was a single Mole X like the FBI, Giraldi, and numerous other _______ have said? Grow up for God’s sake and think, because I was NOT thinking of this when I said years ago that it is impossible that there was one high-level mole!

    The second one involves a Jewish former law school classmate who had been a US Air Force intelligence officer and who told me (and I wouldn’t be surprised if by now he’s denying it) that “we won’t have peace** in the Middle East until we break the back of Islam in the same way we broke the back of Christianity.” I made sure repeat it to myself numerous times while walking back to my apartment and to tell others about this right after it happened and repeated it numerous times online and in telephone conversations that were certainly monitored in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s and I believe that ‘Mikey’ Weinstein’s organization that conveniently includes, as a means for getting some much-needed credibility, Lawrence Wilkerson (someone who has already been fooled once by Zionists) was not deliberately fabricated because of what I had been saying. Things like this have happened too many times for it to be a mere coincidence; it’s as if someone is going out of their way to make it appear the the world is contrary to what you say and what is clearly happening and they have not hesitated to enlist fellow Palestinians and Arabs to support them. Anyway, any Christian movement in the armed forces that is created to serve Israel and Zionists does not mean that Christianity has got its ‘back’ back. Just take a look at the pathetic states of the strongest Christian organizations that are most probably, if not certainly, waiting for a Muslim to save them.

    Pollard most probably is also waiting to be ‘rescued and saved’ by a Palestinian Muslim even though Pollard’s activities (most of which unbeknown to him are certainly intended to cover-up the activities of Jews who spied and were never caught or allowed to get away) are part of Israeli subversive activities that began before the 1967 war and which included the attempted sinking of the USS Liberty as a signal to the USSR as to what Israel would soon be offering ti indirectly via the North Koreans (who don’t trust the US definitely trust Israel and Egyptians who have invested in Israel) who seized a similar ship, the USS Pueblo, for the benefit of the Soviets. The Soviets supposedly had already obtained the secret information about the shipboard systems from Walker, but may have really obtained them from an Israeli source operating in the US for whom Walker was almost certainly a convenient―but not thoroughly innocent―fall-guy of sorts. It certainly seems as though Israel used Jews whose identities have still not been revealed and gentiles as fall-guys to help the Soviets and in some sense was forced to use a Jew in the end in order to distract others and possibly to even fool the Soviets and keep them uncertain.

    Pollard’s activities are part of subversive activities that began before the 1967 war and extend to what is happening in the Ukraine (an artificial development intended at the very least by Israel and its Russian accomplices to serve as both 1) payback to Russia for a) what it has helped Israel achieve in Syria, Palestine, and elsewhere in the Middle East, and b) what it still hopes to achieve and 2) blowback (yes blowback which is not what one single analyst is saying because they are all dimwits) to the US which was fooled by Israel into thinking that the USSR can implode peacefully by the US accepting Israel giving the USSR and later Russia American and other secrets after appearing to modify Israel’s original mission) and the faux whistleblower cum pseudo-hero Snowden of the delusional media and people who just never seem to know what their self-interest is, how they are being fooled and how Snowden, his accomplices, supporters, and even those who seem out to get him have NEVER helped steer the public debate in the direction it needs to be steered, but rather have ALL behaved worse than George Schultz (who at least had an idea why he may have been involved in a cover-up and when he could ‘safely’ (but incorrectly) change his mind about Pollard) . Ariel Sharon admitted and re-endorsed Israel’s original mission long after the agreement with the US to work towards ‘helping’ the USSR to dismantle itself peacefully, meaning that the agreement with the US changed nothing: Israel would fool the world into helping build an Israeli empire with the US as the last country to realize it had been fooled (“The Transparent Cabal,” Stephen Sniegoski).

    Israel was well on its way to 1) using the USSR to liberate itself from the US that it had fooled into becoming its patron after the 1967 war and 2) building an empire when it was forced after Pollard to accept a modification, the dissolution of the USSR without Israeli dominance from the very beginning of its dissolution and that’s why someone like Putin later gets into this story and does so much for Israel’s benefit. What is happening is blowback from at least Russia and Israel if not also China, for their collective benefit. Who do you think is going to be on the chopping block next? It’s not hard to figure out.

    Here’s a hint and the right answer is NOT what first pops up into your mind: “[In 1983 with all complacency, Ariel Sharon, then defense minister] proposed to India an alliance for the sake of jointly attacking Pakistan, with the aim of destroying the latter’s budding nuclear capability. In this scheme Israel was to supply the aircraft and India the bases. Incidentally, only two years earlier, in 1981, Sharon made a speech, later widely publicized, in which he defined the extension of Israel’s influence from ‘Mauritania to Afghanistan’ as an Israeli aim….The only problem is that this conflicts with US policies, whether avowed or actually pursued. Still, Israel has an enormous latitude for action when the Americans know nothing about Israeli aims because they don’t want to know. Interestingly, all branches of American intelligence may be even more willfully ignorant in this respect than the US media….
[Yoav] Karni [one of the better-informed Israeli strategic commentators] by no means exaggerates when he speaks of an ‘Israeli cosmic struggle against all Muslims.’” (Israel Shahak’s Open Secrets: Israeli Nuclear and Foreign Policies, pp. 31-45.)

    *“While the authors of the [Netanyahu-commissioned] ‘A Clean Break’ [,many of whom were former US government officials,] saw the vital need to win over American sympathy and support, the purpose of their strategy was simultaneously to free Israel from American pressure and influence. ‘Such self-reliance’ the report explained, ‘will grant Israel greater freedom of action and remove a significant lever of [United States] pressure used against it in the past.’” It was highly noteworthy that Americans would advice the Israeli government how to induce the United States to support Israeli interests and how to avoid having to follow the policies of the United States government.” The Transparent Cabal, Stephen Sniegoski, p. 93.

    **Moshe (Bogi or Boogie) Ya’alon who is currently Israel’s defense minister said the following during Obama’s first term about the peace negotiations with the Palestinians: “It is all maneuvers. And I say so out of knowledge,” Bogi says…So you have have to maneuver. But what I’m saying now has to be given over to the Americans, and I hope that they will understand….Some of what we have to do with the American administration, and the European establishment, which are also nourished by Israeli elements [(!]], which create the illusion that an agreement can be reached. If the leader of the [Israeli] opposition gets upon stage and says that she is in favor of peace, unlike the prime minister who is against peace, then honestly. Come off it.” Ya’alon described the peace negotations as kabuki and even recently had the shamelessness to lecture Obama about not showing strength in dealing with Russia regarding events in the Ukraine even though you can be certain that what the Israelis have engineered with the Russians, Ukrainians who fought and served in Israel’s army and supposedly led the alleged neo-Nazis on rampages, the Americans and EU is kabuki as well despite the undeniable blowback element courtesy of Israel . Israel showed its sincerity to the USSR when it hit the USS Liberty and it is showing its sincerity to Russia when it helps former Israeli soldiers lead rampages by alleged neo-Nazis for Russia’s benefit even it means Jewish lives are at risk. Yes, Anne Applebaum there is a conspiracy as it is reported you pointed out but almost certainly not the way your always twisted mind sees things in terms favorable to Israel, Zionists and their accomplices.

    There is no point in Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims trying to reason with a country, its people, their supporters, or those who espouse unjust solutions when the crimes of Israel and its associates are so inhumane, staggering in their extent, and unforgivable: they simply should get on with the business of making themselves and the rest of the planet WHOLE in a manner that is consistent with international law.

  36. Joe says:

    By Joseph Gelman

    The dark corners of the internet are ablaze with rage. An Israeli agent held for almost 30 years Could there possibly go free. Could there possibly be a greater stereotype for the Israel-hater to harp upon?

    Hypocrisy and lies about spies are as American as apple pie. The US spends over $52 billion annually on covert intelligence gathering, including the financing of a CIA-Hollywood unit for messaging to the masses. Simply put, there is no country in the world that spends even a fraction of its resources on the level of spying on other countries that the United States does.

    There is a legitimate case to be made that that is a good thing.

    But what is not good, and is even ugly, are the self-righteous, indignant claims of outrage and displays of cheep patriotic bravado, like the article above, when somebody is found to be doing in our country far less than what we routinely do abroad, every single day. Like in the movie Casablanca, they are shocked, SHOCKED to learn that there is gambling going on in this establishment!

    The case of Israel is always a good example:

    On Friday, October 31, 2008, US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice sent the following direct instructions to US personnel to spy on Israel (see section G buried at the end) by obtaining the following deeply classified Israeli information:

    “ –Current specifications, vulnerabilities, capabilities and planned upgrades to national telecommunications infrastructure, networks and technologies used by government and military authorities, in intelligence and security services, and the public sector…. Details about command, control and communications systems and facilities…. National leadership use of and dependencies on a dedicated telecommunications infrastructure…. Details about information repositories associated with radio frequency identification (RFID)-enabled systems used for passports, government badges and transportation systems… personal phone numbers, fax numbers and e-mail address of principle civilian and military leaders… Details about wireless infrastructure, cellular communications capabilities and makes and models of cellular phones and their operating systems, to include second generation and third generation systems… Details about foreign and domestic telecommunications service providers and vendors… Details about…”

    etc… etc…

    We know all of this jaw-dropping information because Bradley Manning, a United States Army soldier who was convicted this year of violations of the US Espionage Act had released the embarrassing and classified Rice memo to Wikileaks. And that was well before US Intelligence Analyst Edward Snowden released the mother-load; the entire US intelligence “black budget”, which clearly showed Israel to be a “priority target” of US espionage… right there in black and white. In fact, with the Snowden releases, it seems that every week brings new revelations of US spying on Israel and other allies. It’s the “gift” that keeps on giving.

    Both cases of self-inflicted damage to US Intelligence (Manning and Snowden), amount to nothing short of smoking-gun evidence of aggressive US spying on Israel, on a massive scale for such a small country… far beyond anything that a Hollywood producer, or lowly GS-12 Navy Analyst making less than $40,000 a year, with no access to vital secrets, Jonathan Pollard, had, or even could inflict upon the United States in their wildest dreams.

    SIDE NOTE: With both Manning and Snowden being WASP’s, like Aldrich Ames, John Walker, Ronald Pelton… and so many others, one might cynically wonder if WASP’s should be viewed as potentially disloyal to US national security interests… as paranoid anti-Semites would have it with Jews.

    In the meantime, as the usual suspects question Jewish loyalties from the luxury of their armchairs, three Jewish-Americas working for the US government and who were very likely US intelligence assets, are rotting in enemy prisons at this very moment, basically abandoned by their own government (see the bottom of this post for their shocking predicament), and predictably ignored by the usual suspects.

    Thankfully however, no American is rotting in an Israeli jail and few Israelis are throwing childish anti-American temper tantrums in dark corners of the internet because of these US spying revelations.

    The reverse cannot be said to be true. It appears that more than a few of our fellow Americans, like the writer of the above article, are less than adults about these matters, and tend towards whining and grudge-holding. How do they think the United States even found out about the Israeli nuclear program in 1958? By a U-2 spy plane violating Israel’s airspace, that’s how.

    Conspiratorial anti-Semites cannot stop whining about Jew-spying! One of their favorite things to whine about is the accidental Israeli attack on the USS Liberty off the coast of Egypt in the midst of the fog of the 1967 Six Day War… but for some strange reason, they never seem to mention what the USS Liberty actually was. It was; a US spy ship.

    Even the most egregious case of Israeli spying in the United States involving Jonathan Pollard, was primarily a case of Israeli spying IN the United States as opposed to spying ON the United States. A distinction with real meaning, because intentions and context in the world of espionage actually matter.

    Unlike the above mentioned, Pollard intended no harm to the United States, and he was never charged with treason or aiding an enemy state. That is an inconvenient FACT that knee-jerk, armchair “patriots” never bother to concern themselves with. He was charged with violating Title 18 of the United States Code, section 794(a), divulging classified material. That’s it. Those who claim apocalyptic harm to the United States beyond the public charges against Pollard, speak as though they are privy to information that is not available to others. A tactic reminiscent of the old Soviet Union, where the accused was routinely deemed guilty by way of secret or concealed evidence that only the politically connected and those “in the know” are supposedly privy to.

    As spelled out clearly in the recently declassified 1987 CIA Damage Assessment Report on the Jonathan Pollard case, Pollard’s Israeli handler, spymaster Rafi Eitan, who also ran Arnon Milchan and had personally captured war criminal Adolph Eichmann years earlier, was seeking nuclear, military and technical information on Israel’s surrounding Arab states – not on the United States.

    They were seeking to tap into US intelligence to garner information on their regional enemies, which might help in their ongoing struggles to survive in a bad neighborhood. Information that in hindsight, probably should have been provided through official channels in any event. That is what the public information is clear about.

    All the rest is justice by “wink-wink-nod-nod, we know what was really going on and you don’t.”

    The most common of the lowly lies are that Pollard gave away codes…. or that he gave away names of agents in foreign countries…. etc… None of which he did; none of which he was accused of; none of which he was charged with; none of which he was convicted of; and none of which he even had access to had he wanted to commit such a crime in the first place, given his lowly position. Shame on those who continue to make such accusations without producing the slightest evidence, and continue to portray Pollard as some kind of super-spy in complete contradiction to the CIA Damage Assessment Report in this case, which is available for anyone to read.

    Yes, any government employee releasing any form of classified US intelligence to a foreign country, friendly or not, is an illegal act to be sure, and it was not the bumbling, lowly Jonathan Pollard’s call to make, no matter how he justified it in his mind. When he was caught, he was rightly sent to prison.

    But his outrageously over-the-top sentence was an act of serious corruption in itself. As Professor Angelo Codevilla, a former senior staffer on the US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence who was there at the time asserts: It was a case of a powerful man (Casper Weinberger), whispering sweet nothings in the ear of a corruptible judge (by way of a secret affidavit), who took it upon himself to then ignore a plea bargain and do the powerful man’s personal bidding.

    Weinberger’s last-minute letter to the judge, which is full of generalities and highly charged/prejudicial words, was devoid of any evidence. Weinberger, a man known for his anti-Israel leanings, who had called for strict measures against Israel following its bombing of the Iraqi nuclear reactor in 1981, made outrageous accusations against the accused for which he had no personal knowledge and no evidence, and for which the accused was never even charged with. Weinberger’s last-minute private letter to the judge was declassified through a FOIA request in 2010.

    The long and short of it is that Pollard was sentenced by this judge to life in prison without a trial. WITHOUT A TRIAL. Even in the Soviet Union they pretended by at least conducting show trials.

    After almost thirty years, during which time the United States has routinely pressed Israel to release murdering terrorists with blood on their hands as “confidence building measures”… and after all of the truly aggressive US spying on Israel that has been so ingloriously exposed; Pollard’s continued imprisonment is nothing short of a scandal resembling a hypocritical, old-school vendetta.

    It’s gotten to the point where The United State is offering to exchange Pollard for the release of Palestinian terrorist murderers from Israeli jails. In other worlds, the US has stoop to holding a hostage to trade for murderers.

    With every passing day, Pollard looks more Alfred Dreyfus, a martyr and a victim sitting in a primitive gulag, a man being held hostage by anti-Semites, rather than a criminal doing his just time. Is that really in our best interest? And more importantly, is that really in the interest of American justice? Is it a dignified reflection of US Justice?

    People in our defense and security establishment are supposed to be brave, but we can pretty much take for granted that hardly anyone in those agencies, where conformity is valued above all, is brave enough to stand up and voice a principled opinion about the miscarriage of justice involving Jonathan Pollard. That might just be a career-ending event if they did… and they know it. But fortunately, plenty of good people have voiced their opinion on the matter after their career in government has ended:

    A few key people who are deeply familiar with the facts of the Pollard case are public supporters of clemency for Jonathan Pollard:
    (A partial list)
    Former National Security Advisor Bud McFarlane (was in the job when it happened)

    Former FBI and CIA Director William Webster (was FBI Director when it happened)

    Former Secretary of State George Shultz (was Secretary of State When it Happened)

    Former Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Senator David Durenberger (was Chairman when it happened)

    Former Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Congressman Lee Hamilton (was Chairman when it happened)

    Former CIA Director James Woolsey

    Former Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Senator Dennis DeConcini

    Former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger

    Former Vice President Dan Quayle

    Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey

    Republican Senator John McCain

    Former White House Counsel Bernard Nussbaum

    Former Deputy Attorney General and Harvard Law Professor Philip Heymann

    Former UN Ambassador and Governor of New Mexico Bill Richardson

    Former Assistant Secretary of Defense Lawrence Korb

    All of these people are a little more informed about the Pollard case than the writer of that silly article above.

    Meanwhile, it might be noted that while Jonathan Pollard has been held for almost 30 years by the US Government…. no less than three Jewish-American’s working for the United States Government are currently being held hostage for years in the dungeons of Iran, Pakistan and Cuba, with little or nothing (at least overtly) being done by the US government to free them, and little said about them by the usual suspect:

    1. Warren Weinstein – Officially working for a “private company” doing work for USAID in Lahore Pakistan when he was kidnapped by al Qaeda on August 13, 2011.

    2. Robert Levinson – A “retired” DEA and FBI agent, Levinson was taken hostage on March 9, 2007 on Iran’s Kish Island. Note how until recently, the US has described him as a “private investigator”. On December 12, 2013, the AP confirmed that he was working for the CIA. So the US’s new story is that he was “on an unapproved mission”. Yeah right. The United States has since reached political agreements with Iran without, in so far is known, even attempting to condition those agreements on Levinson’s release. A shocking betrayal.

    3. Alan Gross – In December of 2009, Alan Gross was arrested in Cuba while working as a USAID “private” subcontractor. He was caught with electronic communications equipment. He was/is still rotting in a Cuban jail as president Obama smilingly shook the hand of Cuba’s President, Raul Castro, at the funeral for Nelson Mandela in South Africa. Gross is scheduled for release in over a decade from now in 2024.

    …And then of course there is Jonathan Pollard, held in a US gulag many years beyond anything that could even remotely be considered “justice”. Note that all of these prisoners/hostages have long hair and beards…. and look similar in demeanor.

    hypocrisy and lies about spies indeed.

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