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Israel’s Secret Arsenal: It’s Not So Secret Anymore
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Few Americans are aware of the fact that no U.S. government official, to include congressmen, can in any way mention or discuss Israel’s nuclear arsenal, which is estimated by some observers to consist of as many as 200 tactical nuclear weapons which can be delivered on target by air, land or sea. The prohibition is spelled out in a Department of Energy “classification bulletin” graded Secret, which was issued on September 6, 2012 and bears the file number WPN-136. The subject line reads “Guidance on Release of information Relating to the Potential for an Israeli Nuclear Capability.” It would be interesting to learn exactly how the text of the memo reads, but in spite of repeated attempts to obtain a copy under the Freedom of Information Act, the entire body of the document is completely blacked out.

What is known in that the memo is basically a gag order, presumably issued by the Barack Obama Administration to block any official from making a comment that might be interpreted to mean that the federal government recognizes that Israel has nuclear weapons. The silence over the Israeli arsenal dates back to an agreement made by President Richard Nixon with Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir. In its most recent manifestation, President Barack Obama, when asked if he knew of “any country in the Middle East that has nuclear weapons,” responded “I don’t want to speculate.” He was, of course, lying.

The bulletin’s first known victim was Los Alamos National Laboratory nuclear policy specialist James Doyle who in 2013 wrote a sentence suggesting that Israel had a nuclear arsenal. It appeared in an article entitled “Why Eliminate Nuclear Weapons?” which had been security cleared by Los Alamos and appeared in the journal of the International Institute for Strategic Studies. An unknown congressional staffer demanded a review and Doyle had his home computer searched before being fired.

Israel, as is so often the case, gets a free pass on what is for others criminal behavior. Its nuclear program was created by stealing American uranium and weapons technology. Preventing nuclear proliferation was in fact a major objective of the U.S. government when in the early 1960s President John F. Kennedy learned that Tel Aviv was developing a nuclear weapon from a CIA report. He told the Israelis to terminate their program or risk losing American political and economic support but was killed before any steps were taken to end the project.

Israel accelerated its nuclear program after the death of President Kennedy. By 1965, it had obtained the raw material for a bomb consisting of U.S. government owned highly enriched weapons grade uranium obtained from a company in Pennsylvania called NUMEC, which was founded in 1956 and owned by Zalman Mordecai Shapiro, head of the Pittsburgh chapter of the Zionist Organization of America. NUMEC was a supplier of enriched uranium for government projects but it was also from the start a front for the Israeli nuclear program, with its chief funder David Lowenthal, a leading Zionist, traveling to Israel at least once a month where he would meet with an old friend Meir Amit, who headed Israeli intelligence. NUMEC covered the shipment of enriched uranium to Israel by claiming the metal was “lost,” losses that totaled nearly six hundred pounds, enough to produce dozens of weapons. Such was the importance of the operation that in 1968 NUMEC even received a private incognito visit from a top Israeli spymaster Rafi Eitan who later ran the spy Jonathan Pollard.

Also there was physical evidence relating to the diversion of the uranium. Refined uranium has a technical signature that permit identification of its source. Traces of uranium from NUMEC were identified by Department of Energy inspectors in Israel in 1978. The Central Intelligence Agency has also looked into the diversion of enriched uranium from the NUMEC plant and concluded that it was part of a broader program to obtain the technology and raw materials for a nuclear device for Israel.

With the uranium in hand, the stealing of the advanced technology needed to make a nuclear weapon, which is where Hollywood movie producer Arnon Milchan comes into the story. Milchan was born in Israel but moved to the United States and eventually wound up as the founder-owner of New Regency Films. In a November 25, 2013 interview on Israeli television Milchan admitted that he had spent his many years in Hollywood as an agent for Israeli intelligence, helping obtain embargoed technologies and materials that enabled Israel to develop a nuclear weapon. He worked for Israel’s Bureau of Science and Liaison acquisition division of Mossad, referred to as the LAKAM spy agency.

Milchan admitted in the interview that “I did it for my country and I’m proud of it.” He was not referring to the United States. He also said that “other big Hollywood names were connected to [his] covert affairs.” Among other successes, he obtained through his company Heli Trading 800 krytons, the sophisticated triggers for nuclear weapons. The devices were acquired from the California top secret defense contractor MILCO International. Milchan personally recruited MILCO’s president Richard Kelly Smyth as an agent before turning him over to another Heli Trading employee, future Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for handling. Smyth was eventually arrested in 1985 but insofar as is known neither Milchan nor Netanyahu has ever been questioned by the FBI regarding the thefts.

Israel’s nukes are now in the news because of an Op-Ed that surprisingly appeared in the New York Times on August 11th written by Peter Beinart entitled “America Needs to Start Telling the Truth About Israel’s Nukes.” Beinart wrote that “Israel already has nuclear weapons. You’d just never know it from America’s leaders, who have spent the last half-century feigning ignorance. This deceit undercuts America’s supposed commitment to nuclear nonproliferation, and it distorts the American debate over Iran. It’s time for the Biden administration to tell the truth.”

Beinart points out that the American public can hardly make an informed judgement regarding what should be done in the Middle East if it is uncertain whether Israel is a nuclear power or not, but one issue he does not discuss is the issue of money. IRMEP’s Grant Smith, who has been challenging the secrecy surrounding the Israeli arsenal, recently observed that “The Symington & Glenn provisions of the Arms Export Control Act (22 USC §2799aa-1: Nuclear reprocessing transfers, illegal exports for nuclear explosive devices, transfers of nuclear explosive devices, and nuclear detonations) forbid U.S. foreign aid to countries with nuclear weapons programs that are not signatories to the Treaty on the Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, absent required special procedures… But no member of Congress has taken up this issue — or even mentioned Israel’s nuclear weapons arsenal.”

Smith is frustrated by the reluctance of progressives in Congress, who have opposed recent additional \$735 million in military aid to Israel permitting it to rearm after its assault on the Gazans, to ignore the gag order and raise the issue of the nuclear arsenal. He writes “It seems as though even these members of Congress, as well as the rest of the U.S. government, are abiding by this secret gag order when they could take action which would challenge the administration’s refusal to acknowledge Israel’s nuclear weapons and possibly stop \$3.8 billion in taxpayer money from going to Israel.”

That the Energy Department document exists at all is recognition of the astonishing power of the Israeli Lobby over the U.S. government at all levels, particularly as it is intended to ignore or even negate other legislation passed by congress to combat nuclear proliferation. And the denial of what everyone knows to be true, i.e. that Israel has a nuclear arsenal, appears to all come down to the ability of the United States government to continue to reward a wealthy Israel with billions of dollars of taxpayer money every year. To suggest that the arrangement is nefarious would be to put it mildly, but it is more that that. It is criminal. Israel has been allowed to get away with massive espionage directed against the United States and the theft of material and technology while also since the 1970s being engaged in a conspiracy with the U.S. government that distorts America’s foreign policy, largely done to keep getting the billions of dollars that it is not entitled to receive under existing American law. It is shameful. Beyond that, it might be construed as treason.

Philip Giraldi, Ph.D. is Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest.

(Republished from Strategic Culture Foundation by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Most US politicians fear the Israeli lobby. They know it’s not just a lobby but an arm of Zionist mafia which controls extreme cases by clandestine murder. Blackmailer Jeffery Epstein was just a part, as are AIPAC and ADL which are just a thin wedge of the spear.
    A comprehensive list can be found here
    American politicians who are not Zionists but addicted to power really have no other options.

    • Agree: Z-man, Notsofast
    • Thanks: Orville H. Larson
    • Replies: @Freedom Awaits
  2. Athena says:

    Why did the RCMP botch the investigation of INSLAW?

    When Osama Bin Ladin Was Tim Osman
    By J. Orlin Grabbe

    ”If the war against Osama Bin Ladin (Tim Osman) is not a total fraud, then what is Michael Riconosciuto doing in prison? Why doesn’t he have an office next to Colin Powell so he can give realistic advice on Bin Ladin’s thinking? And where is Ralph Olberg?


    Thirty-four days before the East African embassy bombings of August 7, 1998, Riconosciuto notified the FBI in Miami that the bombings were going to take place. Two days prior to the bombings he requested of BOP (Bureau of Prisons) officials at the Federal Corrections Institution (FCI) in Coleman, FL., that he be allowed to call ECOMOG security headquarters to warn African officials. The BOP denied the request. Riconosciuto was mystified at being ignored by the relevant government authorities. I’m not mystified. I suspect the reason Riconosciuto was ignored was that the relevant parties, including especially the Miami FBI office, knew all along the bombings would take place. And they wanted them to happen.

    The same is true with respect to the recent plane bombings of the WTC. It wasn’t an intelligence “failure”. The terrorist acts were deliberately allowed to happen. The actors may have been foreign. But the stage directors appear to have been all along here in the U.S. Cui bono?

    Isn’t it time to let Michael Riconosciuto out of prison, and wipe the slate clean of the trumped up drug charges, and let him be a national security advisor—at least with respect to the government’s pursuit of Osama Bin Ladin? Isn’t it time to quit pretending Osama Bin Ladin came out of nowhere?

    This is not an academic argument. Sources say three dozen MANPADs have been imported into Quebec, Canada, from Colombia (where they arrived from Eastern Europe). The missile shipments followed the “northern” drug route—from Colombia into Canada. The missiles involved are Russian Strellas and Iglas. These will serve just fine to take down commercial airline flights. Just like TWA 800. Which group of terrorists has the missiles? Meanwhile, how many biological warfare agents are in the hands of organized crime? Maybe you should ask Riconosciuto about all this.”

    Why did the RCMP botch the investigation of INSLAW?

  3. anarchyst says:

    Israel has blackmailed the world with its “Samson Option”.
    If a nuclear device is “lit off” in an American or European city, it will have Israel’s fingerprints all over it. Israel is desperate to keep the American money spigot running, as well as sabotaging the Palestinian “peace process” that the world wants it to take seriously.
    Israel “targets” in the United States of America would be Los Angeles, Chicago or Atlanta. New York City is “off-limits” because of the proliferation of jews residing there. Of course, the “jewish message service” Odiga could be used to warn jews to leave, just as what was done before the twin towers came down.


    European “targets” would start with Rome (Vatican City), Paris or Brussels. Jews would LOVE to target Rome, being the center of its nemesis, the Catholic Church.
    In fact, if a nuclear device is “lit off” anywhere in the world, it will have come from Israel’s secret nuclear “stockpile”. With today’s situation in Iran, Israel may just have to “light one off” to get its “American lapdog” to respond appropriately.
    There was a “power outage” in Atlanta that was a convenient excuse for Israel to perform a logistical “sleight of hand” as an Israeli plane was allowed to land and take off during the “power outage” without receiving customs clearance or inspection.
    This is one of many Israeli companies that possesses a “special exemption” granted by the U S government that frees it from customs inspections.
    Just maybe another one of Israel’s nukes was just being pre-positioned or nuclear triggers (tritium) were being renewed, getting ready for “the big one”.
    As most Americans are tired of all of the foreign wars being fought for Israel’s benefit, another “incident” on American soil would be enough to galvanize the American public, once again, (just like WTC 9-11) to support another war for Israel’s benefit (Iran).
    Israel refuses to abide by IAEA guidelines concerning its nukes as they are already distributed around the world. Israel would not be able to produce all of them as most of them are not in Israel, proper.
    No delivery systems are needed as Israel’s nukes are already in place. Look for another false flag operation with the blame being put on Iran or Syria. You can bet that some Iranian or Syrian passports will be found in the rubble.
    American foreign aid is prohibited from being given to any country that has not signed the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty (the Symington Amendment) or refuses to abide by International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) guidelines regarding its nuclear devices.
    Guess what??
    Israel does not abide by EITHER and still gets the majority of American foreign aid. This prohibition also applies to countries that do not register their agents of a foreign government with the U S State Department. Guess what?? Israel (again) with its American Israel Political Action Committee (AIPAC) still gets “foreign aid” in contravention of American law.
    Let’s not forget the “security grants” that American taxpayer dollars fund, 95% going to israeli companies.
    There are forty or so congressmen, senators and thousands of high-level policy wonks infecting the U S government who hold dual citizenship with Israel. Such dual citizenship must be strictly prohibited.
    Those holding dual citizenship must be required to renounce said foreign citizenship in order to remain in the country. Refusal to do so should result in immediate deportation with permanent loss of American citizenship.
    Present and former holders of “dual citizenship” should never be allowed to serve in any American governmental capacity.
    In addition, any American citizen who serves or has served in Israel’s military (Israel Defense Forces) should automatically lose their American citizenship and be immediately deported to Israel.
    When Netanyahu addressed both houses of congress, it was sickening to see our politicians slobber all over themselves to PROVE that they were unconditional supporters of Israel. It was a scene out of the old Soviet Politburo which no one wanted to be the first one to stop applauding.
    Just who the hell do they work for?
    Certainly not for the interests of the American people and the United States, at the least they should renounce their United States citizenship and be deported to israel. Being indicted, tried for treason against the united States of America would be appropriate.
    Let’s not forget the “loyalty oaths” to a foreign country (Israel) which American politicians are required to sign in order to receive “funding” from israel. As much as I despise the two muslim woman politicians, they were absolutely right to call out the rest of the politicians for signing “loyalty oaths” to israel.

    • Agree: Z-man, Montefrío
    • Thanks: Stan d Mute
  4. lysias says:

    How can an Energy Department bulletin bind Members of Congress?

    • Replies: @Jim H
  5. Jim H says:

    “The Symington & Glenn provisions … forbid U.S. foreign aid to countries with nuclear weapons programs that are not signatories to the Treaty on the Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons … But no member of Congress has taken up this issue — or even mentioned Israel’s nuclear weapons arsenal.” — Philip Giraldi

    THIS is the elephant with pink-painted toenails hiding in plain sight in the Rose Garden — Israel’s reckless, outrageous nuclear proliferation.

    Nuclear-armed Israel sanctimoniously whinges and moans about Iran’s enrichment, while it recklessly bombs neighboring countries on a weekly basis.

    For the US to not merely fail to condemn nuclear-armed Israel’s provocative behavior, but actually to subsidize it, perhaps should be expected from an anencephalic empire that literally shot its own cloven hooves off in Afghanistan.

    As for the assertion that ‘no U.S. government official, to include congressmen, can in any way mention or discuss Israel’s nuclear arsenal’: can we find one — for Christ’s bleeding sake, ONE — Kongress Klown to invoke parliamentary immunity and assert that ‘nuclear armed Israel must submit to IAEA inspections, or forfeit US aid’?

    Israel is our misfortune.

  6. lysias says:

    Israel will never target LA. Hollywood and the movie industry are there.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @Druid55
  7. Jim H says:

    ‘How can an Energy Department bulletin bind Members of Congress?’ — lysias

    Legally, it can’t.

    Only Jewish campaign contributions — said to be about half of all campaign financing — can do that.

    Along with the threat of being ‘primaried,’ or facing a subsidized opponent in the general election, if one steps across the Lobby’s line in the sand and blurts out the ugly, unacceptable truth that Israel is no ally, and not even a friendly nation on any objective basis.

    Israel has undermined US security, and sabotaged the integrity of its elections, like no other enemy on earth.

    • Replies: @macilrae
  8. I assumed everyone gave up pretending Israel didn’t have nukes after this 2015 article.

    “It’s Official: The Pentagon Finally Admitted That Israel Has Nuclear Weapons, Too”; William Greider; The Nation; March 20, 2015

    The other secret is that the United States and Russia are the biggest violators of international treaties to reduce nuclear weapons. Americans assume that only select nations can legally build and stockpile nuclear weapons. Corporate media and the US Government constantly warn of grave danger if nations like Iran illegally develop nuclear weapons. They cite the 1970 Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, commonly known as the NPT. This is an international treaty to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons, to promote cooperation in the peaceful uses of nuclear energy, and to achieve worldwide nuclear disarmament. This treaty means that Iran and the United States should not have nuclear weapons. Nearly every nation in the world signed the NPT because it promised to eliminate nuclear weapons worldwide. The core purpose of the NPT is to eliminate nuclear arms, not to perpetuate the nuclear monopoly of a few countries.

  9. The Zios are ever so proud of their nuclear arsenal, but there’s nothing much they can do with it. They would love to nuke the goyim of Palestine, but would incinerate themselves at the same time. Nuking Lebanon or Syria is ruled out for the same reason. They might try to obliterate some European capital, but they are such serial bunglers that they would undoubtedly miss the target, whatever it was. As chess players have often had cause to notice, the threat is stronger than its execution.

    • Replies: @Tucker
    , @BorisMay
    , @turtle
  10. @Jim H

    “Israel is our misfortune.”

    Their psychopaths are the alpha-psychopaths. Their culture has been selectively breeding them for over a thousand years and they are the highest function ones.

    Our psychopaths are the beta-psychopaths. Their psychopaths direct our psychopaths. European and others are gammas or lower.

    If you examine the last election in the US you can see that a lot of gamma-minus liberals were elected. That bodes ill for peace because Israel wants war.

    • Agree: annamaria
  11. anonymous[299] • Disclaimer says:

    Treason. Hear hear. It’s a dirty job but somebody’s got to do it. CIA would have had to nuke the WTC themselves on 9/11, if the Izzies didn’t do it for them. That’s why CI let Milchan tap them on the shoulder and run around the other side real quick like in the cartoons. Izzie cutouts do CIA’s dirtiest filthiest dirty work – child trafficking, germ warfare, armed nuclear attacks on US civilian populations. That is why Jew supremacist psychos can push you around.

    Don’t gas the Jews, gas CIA. Then Jew supremacist parasites will suck up to you.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  12. Anon62 says:

    The aphorism “silence is golden” may apply to this issue.

    Were Israel to utilize its nuclear arsenal it would make revelation to the rest of the world that it does in fact possess nuclear weapons.

    Such a demonstration of the factual truth would not only result in comdemnation from nations around the world it would also rejuvenate the Israel boycot and divestment movment.

    Even more importantly, it would render the US government unable to shield itself from the provisions of 22 USC §2799aa-1 (the Symington & Glenn provisions of the Arms Export Control Act) and result in the cessation of all transfers to Israel.

    \$3.8 billion in transfers would transmute into a vapourous cloud at the speed of fusion and all further deliveries of military hardware would be halted and existed programs terminated. Given the structure of the F-35 this aircraft would be quickly rendered inoperable.

    The Israeli government must contemplate all these various weapons effects prior to pulling the nuclear trigger. In effect Israel is in the position of hosting an expensive technology that I doubt it can afford to use.

    This explanation has been set out at length as it is believed the Israeli state is sensitive to the issues being addressed in the Giraldi article and therefore will pay attention to both his statements and these comments.

    The UNZ Review – a force for good via untrammelled free speech. Mr Unz and his columnists may play a significant role in preventing WWIII.

  13. anarchyst says:

    They would use Odiga, the jewish message service to get the word out to fellow jews, the same one that was used to warn jews about the impending destruction of the WTC.

  14. Anonymous[113] • Disclaimer says:

    Israel’s nukes are now in the news because of an Op-Ed that surprisingly appeared in the New York Times on August 11th…

    Not too surprising when we look at the trajectory of the US might and the situation in the ME. The Jews are getting their jimmies rustled so now the MSM will start telling the goyim to behave or get eaten by Samson monster. This was printed in the NYT so we know it’s been vetted by the Tribe.

    I’m really curious how will they frame it. They will embellish its capabilities, no doubt, but will they go full retard and threaten every Western capital with destruction if something happens to “everyone’s closest ally and the only democracy in the ME” – because that’s exactly what their Hasbara operatives have been selling for years.

    I wish they go that route. I’d like to see the reaction.

  15. Polemos says:

    Giraldi citing IPA:

    Smith said today: “But no member of Congress has taken up this issue — or even mentioned Israel’s nuclear weapons arsenal.”

    Smith’s own IRmep, from the link Giraldi gives as “first known victim“, links us to a YouTube video from 2017:

    Chuck Schumer: “It is a well known fact Israel has nuclear weapons, but the Israel government doesn’t officially talk about what kinds of weapons and where, &c”

    The Emperor is still wearing clothes, five years later.

  16. Jim H says:

    Well, there they go again:

    Extensive Israeli airstrikes targeting Syria are underway in the overnight hours local time [Aug 19-20], with major strikes unleashed in and around Damascus, as well as reports of attacks near Homs, according to Syrian media.

    Residents in the capital are reporting the ground and windows shaking, in what by many accounts is looking like the the most large-scale attack in many months.

    This is US tax dollars at work, blowing up the neighborhood and destabilizing the entire region.

    Zio USA, whipped like a slinking cur dog by cave-dwelling medievalists in Afghanistan, now acts out by lighting up its favorite punching bag, Syria. Grab their gas and kick their ass! pipes keyboard commander Tony Blinken to his Israeli colleagues and handlers.

    Neither the USA nor Israel is psychologically stable enough to possess nuclear weapons. Both of these trash-talking, missile-firing bipolar bullies need to be disarmed before they detonate the freaking planet.

  17. Israel has been allowed to get away with massive espionage… theft of material and technology… conspiracy with the U.S. government… to keep getting the billions of dollars that it is not entitled to…. It is shameful. Beyond that… treason.

    How the (((shysters))) screech if after all that, any goy suggests they have dual-loyalty. Of course they don’t have dual-loyalty — (((they))) are loyal only to their Terrorist Theocracy of Eretz Yisrael.

    Here’s that treasonous Jew Jonathan Pollard, laughably demonstrating his true loyalty, and greeted by none other than his (((War Criminal in Chief))).

    “Convicted Spy Jonathan Pollard Given A Hero’s Welcome After Trump Removes Parole Conditions”:
    — (

    But don’t say, don’t even think, “The Jew shrieks in pain as he betrays you” — that’s just a nasty “anti-Semitic stereotype.”

  18. arami says:

    {Israel, as is so often the case, gets a free pass on what is for others criminal behavior}

    Iran many times in the pass said that we want a middle east without nuclear weapons. But the apartheid entity not only never pays any attention only makes FAKE story about Iran’s legal nuclear program to keep Iran undeveloped and unstable so they can perform ‘regime change’ and partition Iran because they cannot stand to have a micro shitty state on stolen land of Palestine and want to expand. Israel is so desperate that announced last two weeks that want ‘regime change’ and want Iran to be partitioned where it takes it into its fucking graves. The apartheid entity will be dismantled

    The Zionists are following an expansionist policy using the resources of the empire to build themselves until the empire is dried out, then find another one. Israel should should be held responsible, meaning they should be sanctioned or bomb or both because all these wars have cost Muslim communities millions of deaths, brain drain, and depletion of their resources. Israel should be subjected to the same cruelty and the zionist must be the target of their own terrorists to be totally destroyed. People of the world are fed up, fed up and will not tolerate any more.

    Therefore, it is important to have a united front against this evil to make sure it does not reach its goal and be destroyed before destroying the planet.

    According to the media, a few hours ago, Loud explosions shook the Syrian capital late on Thursday as state media reported Israeli airstrikes around Damascus. This is unacceptable and Russia and Putin can bomb Israel back, if Putin is coward then fuck off from Syria.

    This terror is happening while the zionist CIA cheif, William Burns, met PM, Naftali Bennett, a baby killer on Wednesday and he is still in the area. What this means? Is this means William Burns has NO CONTROL over this dog or he has gone there as a servant to ask what sanction do they want against Iran? Biden must know that the world hold him responsible for these crimes against humanity and the world knows that you want the same things that Jewish mafia wants.

    Biden has no credibility so his regime is full of Jewish mafia fifth column that he has to PLEASE.
    Biden and his mafia are responsible for economic crisis, starvation, destruction, riots, in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Iran and must know that people won’t be surrounded to Jewish mafia thieves and will protect their countries and resources from the thieves and terrorists, and will kick you out like rotten rats as Taliban did. The stolen land of Palestine will be liberated and all the terrorists will be executed bastard.

    PEOPLE of the WORLD:

    Lebanese people are subjected to starvation by US and Israel evil doers.

    Naja Rushdie, the UN humanitarian coordinator in Lebanon, said:

    [The impact of the fuel crisis on water supply to millions of people in Lebanon and the provision of health services.]Rushdie added that if a quick solution is not found, the situation will get worse.

    He said the revival of the Lebanese Electricity Company’s production is very important for the Lebanese people.

    The UN official stressed the readiness of the organization and its partners to help those affected, saying: “With the emergence of a new wave of coronary heart disease, the fuel crisis could lead to deteriorating health and make it more difficult to provide assistance to patients. ».

    In this regard, the Secretary General of Hezbollah in Lebanon, today announced that ships carrying fuel will leave Iran for Lebanon in the coming hours.

    Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah warned the United States and the Zionist regime about attacking Iranian oil ships, stressing that the Lebanese resistance would consider these ships as its own territory.

    The US Embassy in Beirut manages the economic war against Lebanon

    “What is happening in our country is an economic war that is in Israel’s interest,” he said. The US Embassy is managing this economic and propaganda war against Lebanon and is behind these provocative actions. The US Embassy is not a diplomatic mission in Lebanon, but a conspiratorial embassy against the Lebanese people. Your embassy in Beirut will fail as it did before. To those who rely on the Americans and their embassy in Beirut, I urge you to consider the experience of Afghanistan.

    Death to Zionism and its supporters. Sanction Israel or fuck off from the middle east now.

    • Thanks: mark green, Druid55
  19. @Rev. Spooner

    We, as willfully ignorant, participants feed and fuel their addictions every time anyone votes. If no one votes no one wins. If there’s no throne to sit on no one will fight over who controls who in what way

    • Replies: @Nancy
  20. arami says:

    [Israel’s nukes are now in the news because of an Op-Ed … written by Peter Beinart entitled “America Needs to Start Telling the Truth About Israel’s Nukes.” Beinart wrote that “Israel already has nuclear weapons. ]

    Few jews are very worried about their reputation as a community, therefore, they are desperately trying to send a message to criminals at the WH that we want Israel to be held responsible, but the fifth column ‘leaders’ and politicians are so COWARD that are afraid to do something about it.

    In the last zionsit attack on Gaza, The Palestinians won the media war against Israelis, where this is very alarming to Jews, because it means not only people in Asia, Africa and Latin America support Palestinians, but also people in Europe and north America, also support Palestinians against the mass murderers. Thus, they say ‘We Are All Palestinians’.
    And this is very threatening to Jews because they know ‘anti antisemitism’ is on the rise due to their own behavior.

    Israel hosted CIA chief William Burns Tuesday for talks focused on Iran, with Jerusalem reportedly attempting to deter any American rapprochement with Tehran by presenting Iran’s new president as a ‘deranged misfit.’

    Israel is so desperate and void of any creativity ” that has resorted to character assassination of the New President of Iran and lies and deception, an Israeli trademark.

    The Israelis’ newspapers reported: [During the meeting, this time, Mossad official presented Burns with information intended to show Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi as untrustworthy and incapable of negotiating a new nuclear deal or sticking to his commitments.]

    The Jewish mafia in the stolen land of Palestine are extremely worried about Iran’s advancement in its missile industry that are trying to fool their servants saying if we don’t act now, then it will be too late.

    They never look at the demands they made on Iran which is impossible to fulfill. Now, apparently, Israel wants Biden ask Iran to stop its enrichment all together, even 3.5%, where has been agreed upon in 2015 deal where Jewsih mafia servant, Trump, tore it apart and demanded a better deal where the zionist Biden is following. This means NO DEAL ever going to be possible.
    This means they are not interested in peaceful result, but only WAR for ‘regime change’ and partition of Iran. In the other words, destruction of Iran where Israel and its officials finally have CLEARLY and openly said and wrote during the last two weeks. Now, everyone knows that This was their plan from the beginning and all these stupid ‘negotiations’ were only SHOWS trying to fool people but they only fooled themselves. Afghanistan is just the beginning before Israel is dismantled.

    Iran and the world knew it from the beginning and also knew why US-Israel staged 9/11 then framed Afghanistan. If Taliban after twenty years of fighting and thousands of deaths with BASIC weapons was able to throw the invaders, where the Jewish neocons are included, out of Afghanistan like rotten rats, then you can imagine what Iran with its sophisticated missiles can do to YOU cowards.

    Israel is trying to blackmail Biden regime by threatening Biden that Israel is eager to expand economic relations with China and has long had a policy of at least trying to maintain good diplomatic and, where possible, security relations with all the major world powers. Its relations with China have caused friction with Washington, particularly with respect to the transfer of military and intelligence technology. They say Israel has recently backed away from some trade deals with China under U.S. pressure to cool that relationship.

    Israel must know that Iranians are not cowards like you. If you are so desperate to keep your apartheid entity then ACT ALONE, otherwise shut up and fuck off from the middle east.
    People are fed up with your crimes against humanity. If Iran attacked, then Iran has a right to defend itself and you will be totally destroyed in NO time idiots.

  21. @Jim H

    Any Congress critter that tried that would be drowned in a tsunami of Zionazi money at the next primary or election. They would also be smeared by the entire MSM. If they survive that, they would have a heart attack. No Exit, not now, not ever, short of social collapse and chaos. A very tiny chance is that sane Jews take over the stand-over gangs, seeing the very real risk of an eventual backlash, and drop the ‘Is it good for the Jews?’ imperative.

  22. @Pat Kittle

    The version I heard, Polish I believe, is, ‘The Jew cries out in pain as he punches you in the face’. ‘Weeping into their sniper rifles’, as they target Palestinian children is another version.

    • Replies: @Badger Down
  23. The world will not and cannot return to any normality until the Hyena, the Synagogue of Satan, is dismantled. Not just the pariah in Palestine but the Parasite in governments & institutions everywhere; perversion, pornography and fake news of Hymiewood/media; Banksterism and the thinking that goes with it — ie gross materialism — plus the fear projects (cv19, agw etc).

    One other aspect of this power, ie rapacious permanent war for Israel, is now faltering after Afghan collapse (and coming collapse of FUKUS/NATO); more people daily become aware of the reality behind the “news”, this will accelerate.

    So yes, a tall order but by no means impossible.
    And the process has already begun.

    • Agree: Druid55
  24. @Pat Kittle

    Yep, this is how “Jewish loyalty” (Pollard) and “Jewish Friendship”(Netanyahu) look like:

    But don’t worry: they are “God’s Chosen People”! So on your knees goyim:

  25. Tucker says:

    Actually, here is an ironic and hilariously funny consequence of the Israeli’s stealing nuclear technology from the USA.

    Iran has the capability, using their conventional, GPS guided ballistic missiles – which are 100 percent legally authorized for every nation to possess for their own nation’s air defenses – so, they do not need a nuke to deal with the evil Israelis. All they have to do is to target Israel’s stockpile of stolen nukes or target the nuclear reactor at Dimona with a few hundred conventional ballistic missiles and blow them up and let Israeli’s nukes nuke themselves.

    So, all this blather and crying, pissing and moaning that we’ve heard exploding out of the mouths of Netanyahu and the rest of these jewish psychopaths for the last 50 years about Iran and their relentless conniving to try to manipulate the US or false flag attack the US and then blame it on Iran so they can snooker us into going to war against Iran – is not about any rational concern about Iran developing a nuke. It’s about Iran’s perfectly legal, completely authorized arsenal of conventional ballistic missiles that the Israelis know can hit their stolen nuclear stockpile.

    But, since trying to snooker the stupid and gullible American public into starting a war against Iran because they have legal possession of conventional ballistic missiles for the defense of their nation is not effective propaganda – so, they lie and squawk about ‘Nuclear Weapons’ because they think it sounds scarier.

    Netanyahu, who is thankfully now kicked out of power, has been assuring the world that Iran will have a nuclear weapon within a few months since as far back as the 1970s. It’s all part of the relentless conniving to try to get the US to attack Iran and do all the fighting and dying, and then when or if, the war is ever over – then the jews can swoop in and steal those Iranian oil fields.

    • Replies: @Corrupt
  26. Treason is almost certainly the most fitting word for what the author is describing, since they (The visible parts of the powers that be) constantly struggles to keep up the appearance of representing and caring about american interests, but when you peel away the surface levels of the onion, all that remains is complete fealty to the interests of Israel, the self-described ethnonationalistic Jewish state.

    In other words, their professed roles as caretakers of the american people’s interests are, when you investigate the matter, found to be a lie and instead they are the ultimate caretakers of the Jewish people’s interests.

    That fits the classical and ordinary definition of treason very well.

    • Agree: mark green
  27. No!
    I do not think so.
    Nuclear weapons do not give Israel any advantage, except they are used to scare Arabs.

  28. Giraldi writes “and possibly stop \$3.8 billion in taxpayer money from going to Israel.”

    That sum is approximately 1% of Israeli GDP. The money “goes” to Israel and then does a 180 degree turn and is handed over to the American military complex to pay for armaments. Giraldi conveniently leaves out that crucial step in the infamy of the American government subsidizing the American war industry.

    Giraldi is a dishonest journalist and a knee-jerk hater of Israel the country and by extension jews everywhere. And many of the readers here just lap it up: the jew is the devil which is true because . . . (supply your own tinfoil hat theory: the Talmud sez so – as though the average jew knows anything about the Talmud, or some loony rabbi sez all gentiles are to be the slaves of the jew, etc.)

  29. Blabla says:

    Don’t forget that the Israelis helped South Africa to bust sanctions in return for Uranium, only to later screw backstab the Apartheid government.

  30. bj0311 says:

    Beinart points out that the American public can hardly make an informed judgement regarding what should be done in the Middle East

    Too funny, the American public, in general, makes no “informed judgements” about anything. Look at the politicians they vote for, the crap beer they drink, the moronic tv shows they watch, the way they dress–the list is practically endless. I would guess if your average monster truck driving bubba or Prius driving SJW were asked where the “Middle East” is they would reply, “Uh Indiana?”

  31. Publius 2 says:

    1913 Federal Reserve Act.

    Audit the Fed.

  32. anonymous[482] • Disclaimer says:

    An unknown congressional staffer demanded a review and Doyle had his home computer searched before being fired.

    An unknown congressional handler would be more accurate, according to Cynthia McKinney. Members of Congress might as well be holograms from Israel for giving Netanyahu, one of the chief architects of 9/11, twenty-nine standing ovations during a 50-minute speech, effectively symbolizing his standing to address Congress as he chooses in defiance of any occupant of the White House.

  33. America is not the only victim of the Israeli spying, other countries have gone through the same thing. So, nothing new here to report.

  34. BorisMay says:

    The harbour explosion in Lebanon was an Israeli nuclear bomb. It is clear that it was what is known as a ‘clean’ nuclear explosion most probably produced in the US and secretly supplied to Zionists. The US and Israel are the only people who could possibly gain anything from this crime. And Israel is the only power with both the resources and motive to execute this atrocity.

  35. Ross23 says:

    Israel is the only nuclear Power That has never tested its deterrent.

    Unless a weapon is tested it’s reliability is unknown.

    • Replies: @Gordo
    , @Hossein
  36. HT says:

    Satan’s chosen people. They have been mad since Jesus ran them out of the temple.

    • Replies: @Druid55
  37. anon[397] • Disclaimer says:

    Fun fact: Arnon Milchan was a producer of the JFK movie, thus one of the reasons why people blame CIA instead of MOSSAD.
    I recall a great lecture given by Rick Roderick on Baudrillard’s concept of hyperreality, where he jokingly suggested that the JFK movie was actually part of the cover-up. Well, that’s seems to be true.

  38. One day somebody will call the nuke bluff. Such a lie can’t exist forever.

    • Agree: Thim
  39. Some mention above abt yet more Israeli strikes on Syria. Damascus & Homs.
    As usual Israel launched missiles from Lebanese air space which in this case meant civilian air traffic for Beirut was diverted.
    This US\$-at-work has intensified recently.
    Some reports jfyi —

  40. For Israel’s sake I hope they work better than their F-35 project that they hijacked and stole or their joke of an “Iron Dome”. Last thing you want is to launch a dud. I bet 80%+ would fail if launched.

  41. @Anonymouse

    “…or some loony rabbi sez all gentiles are to be the slaves of the jew…”

    That “loony rabbi” was no other than Ovadia Yosef, Sephardi Chief Rabbi of Israel. This is what he said:

    “…Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel.”

    “In Israel, death has no dominion over them… With gentiles, it will be like any person – they need to die, but [God] will give them longevity. Why? Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money…”

    • Replies: @traducteur
  42. Gordo says:


    And no-one tests now, its all done with computer simulations.

  43. Propaganda. No one has nukes. They faked it. The internet has exposed the amateur photo fakery of the 1940’s and 1950’s. It is a fear control device. They still lie about it. Plus, it is theft by the defense departments. Same with NASA, they faked it too. Why don’t these liars realize the internet has exposed their lies? They keep on lying as if everyone is stupid. It only makes more people not trust them.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Badger Down
  44. gT says:

    Since the US gave Israel nukes, Russia should give Iran nukes. Problem solved.

    • Replies: @Orville H. Larson
  45. Any member of the Congress or Senate can read into the record any government document on the House or Senate floor. As Senator Gravel did when he read the Pentagon Papers into the Senate record during Vietnam. Classification does not prevent federal documents from being read into the record.

  46. JamesinNM says:

    Read Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 and the Oded Yinon Plan.

  47. sonny six says:

    if the twelve tribes of jews think 40 years wandering in the wilderness was a challenge, just wait for act 2.

  48. Bookish1 says:

    that explains why Kennedy was assassinated. He told Israel to quit their nuclear program or all aid to Israel would be cut. I always thought that there was a Jewish connection to Kennedys assasination since Jack Rubinstein(Jack Ruby) killed Oswald. I always assumed that Ruby felt he had to shut Oswald up or the Jewish connection would be revealed.

    • Agree: Zarathustra, Z-man
  49. annamaria says:

    Agree. The US CONgress has been a treasonous body.

    A question to Nancy Pelosi and similar prudes: How come that American patriots who came to DC on January 6th have been imprisoned, yet the open traitors to US interests (see Israel-firsters) and the illegal recipients of the US taxpayers money (the Jewish State) remain untouchable?
    Only in a thoroughly corrupt state like the US, a prominent US politician can loudly pledge her allegiance to a foreign country, Israel.
    Even if Capitol crumbles, Pelosi’s priority will be the well-being of Israel.

    • Replies: @Orville H. Larson
  50. @Anonymouse

    (((You))) are one of the clumsiest hasbara Jew trolls to come along in quite some time.

    Without repeating a litany of Israel/Jew betrayal of the entire Western world which (((you hasbara Jew trolls))) are fully aware of anyway, we’ll just point out that the \$\$\$ BILLIONS \$\$\$ Israel extorts from us every year is peanuts compared to the \$\$\$ TRILLIONS \$\$\$ we’ve spent on wars for your (((Terrorist Theocracy))), and even that pales in comparison to the misery (((your criminal wars))) have wrought upon the entire non-Jew world.

    It’s (((you))) who owes the world reparations, (((shyster))). Be prepared for some serious sticker shock.

    (((You))) will be brought to justice. Laugh while (((you))) can.

    • Agree: anarchyst
    • Replies: @Johnny Rico
  51. Anon[139] • Disclaimer says:

    Deuteronomy 25:17


    Do a search for never forget, and you find pages of the phrase and plenty of Jewish literature labeling anything anyone does that Jews consider bad as Amelek. The commandment is to Never Forget, Never Forgive, and to Erase from History for any injustice. This is not considered terrorism or extremism, and no one is allowed to behave the same way especially when it comes to treating them the same way. Madoff, Dimon, Soros, USS Liberty, the endless Jewish slavery, spying, stealing tech (and selling that tech to whatever nation they please), and terrorist mafia organizations. Anyone else that even breathes or thinks such sentiments is labeled extremist and terrorist. They remember their injustices going back over 2,500 years ago. Others can not do the same. The word Amalek is not treated as a derogatory word like other words as well. If we could treat them the way they treat everyone else, we would be allowed by their own words to Never Forget or Forgive and Erase from History (Their words…). I found it easy to search for and find countless articles in their literature explicitly such sentiments. Yet the Jewish cult are the ones in charge of defining extremism. I am not suggesting adopting this mindset. I am just noting the double standards. If Jews were not allowed to use double standards, they would not be as prominent or as successful as they are today. No one would barely notice or think of them at all in fact and humanity could move forward in a positive way.

    Uranium One

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  52. turtle says:

    They would love to nuke the goyim of Palestine, but would incinerate themselves at the same time.

    The Holy Grail of biological warfare would be a disease which destroys your enemies, but leaves your own population intact.

    I read somewhere that DARPA seriously proposed this as an objective, decades ago.
    Nuclear weapons are so 20th century…

    • Replies: @traducteur
  53. VICB3 says:

    I remember reading someplace that Israel’s pre-positioned nukes are kept on constant countdown, said countdown being reset on a regular basis. That is to say, if the countdown is not reset, they detonate.

    Further, in at least some cases, those nukes are kept in diplomatic offices so at to afford them a bit of protection. In this regard, supposedly the Defense Dept. did a radiation survey of New York City and noticed a heightened level of radiation in the area of the Israeli Embassy to the U.N. That raised some questions in some quarters as you might imagine.

    Inasmuch as both New York and Los Angeles are, respectively and as I have been made to understand, the first and second largest Jewish cities in the world, one would wonder if they would willing to sacrifice those populations for the greater good, moral relativism and all that. That, and the supposed position of the weapons, relatively smallish yield, and fall-out patterns would allow them to direct most of the damage away from most Jewish population clusters in those cities.

    (In Los Angeles, and from my first hand experience, the vast majority of Jews are on the Westside and West SF Valley. Meaning if you were to detonate a weapon in, say, downtown L.A. most of the damage and fallout would fall upon Latino Central and East Los Angeles. Consult Nukemaps – – to explore these possibilities for yourself.)

    The crown jewel of such an attack would of course be Washington D.C. A relatively compact city that fairly crackles with power. The downside is that their embassy is a fair distance from the White House, the Capitol and the Mall. And don’t you just know that the area is mass of sensors of all types. So, the question is: How do you get your gadget – nukes are called ‘Gadgets’ – close in to do some real damage?

    One solution was laid out by author Joe Haldeman in his 1980 short story To Howard Hughes: A Modest Proposal – – where the heavily shielded gadget merely is loaded into a nondescript work van that is then parked at a lot on 14th street close to the centres of power, probably around F street, a timer/deadman switch set, and the driver strolls off, probably to the nearest metro station on G street for a quick ride to the North-West.

    (It could just as easily be a security or utility type vehicle. Nobody looks twice at those, or even bothers to ticket them. And if you were to habituate observers to the constant presence of a group of those vehicles in an area over a series of weeks, nobody would even comment on them until it was too late.

    (Likewise, merely rent some nearby office space with the help of a Saynim and set it to go off.)

    Anyway, this is all speculation of course, pre-positioned nukes on constant count down, nukes in vans and all that. But it’s speculation that’s well within the realm of possibility. And given the both the Israeli Masada Complex as well as their considerable experience in false flag operations, it is worthy of discussion.

    Hope all this is interesting.

    Just a thought.


    • Thanks: anarchyst
    • Replies: @TheJacob
  54. @arami

    Anything else you’d like in your Christmas stocking? Santa is listening.

    As much as I also detest the parties you indicated, I do understand that in Realpolitik, power is power, and they have it. In multi-megatons. I don’t. And neither, I suspect, do you.

    • Replies: @arami
  55. the entire body of the document is completely blacked out.

    Well then, sue me. You cannot condemn a person without disclosing the law under which it is done.

    many years in Hollywood … helping obtain embargoed technologies and materials

    Let me guess: Red mercury? Dilithium crystals? Unobtanium?
    I got news for you honey… SF movies are done using bluescreen technology; they do not really fly around in space.
    That guy smells of red herring.

  56. IronForge says:

    We can observe why ISR were in effect, waging War against LBY and SYR along with the ZioCon+Catholic PNAC7-led Murica+Vassal_ZATOCEANIA.

    LBY had the Petroleum and Money, SYR had the Military+RealEstate capable of engaging ISR, and IRN – have the Petroleum, Military (with Missiles+Assymetrics that can reach ISR), Cash(circumventing PetroUSD).

    IRN and SYR were about to pipeline IRN Petroleum through SYR/TRK to Club_Med and Europe – something Murica, GCC, and ISR wanted to Sabotage.

    ISR+ZATOCEANIA managed to Fail-State LBY, Civil-War SYR(with a little help from ISIL), and Sanction/Boycott+WageAssymetricWar vs IRN.

    SYR were rescued by RUS and survives – perhaps to be Economically aided by CHN+SCO_Silkroad.

    IRN have been surviving by cleverly circumventing the PetroUSD; but received a Security+Economic Guarantee by joining with the CHN_PLA, PRK_KPA, their MICs, and the SCO_Silkroad. IRN can be considered “Invasion/Occupation/Fail-Stating Proof” by ISR+ZATOCEANIA Conventional Forces.

    ISR continue to Attack SYR. IRN – while surviving what may be considered the weaponization of SARS-COV2 upon Govt Officials in Qom – have started to respond to Asymmetric Assassinations (General Soleimani Case Coordinators) In Kind.

    ISR still declares that IRN must not obtain Nuclear Weapons. There aren’t many options in Conventional+Assymetric_Warfare and Economic Sanctions that can be inflicted upon IRN.

    That situation leaves for negotiating a Non-Aggression/Peace Treaty (which is recommended by Yours Truly), continuing the Stalemate, engaging in more Conventional/Assymetric/ColorRevo5thColumn Operations, a Declared War and/or use of Nuclear Weapons.

    The Pre-emptive Use of Nuclear Weapons of upon IRN have dire consequences:

    * PAK, a Nuclear Power, may engage directly or indirectly on behalf of IRN;

    * CHN and PRK – both vested in IRN’s MIC and Economy – may engage if their People are harmed;

    Any of the aforementioned Three could deploy their Nuclear TBMs and/or gift/sell Nuclear Plans to IRN.

    IRN should survive limited Nuclear Assaults by ISR; and not collapse into a Failed-State.

    The Rest of the World may respond by Boycotting ISR and/or Deporting Tribals.

    Hence ISR are in a dangerous crossroads regarding IRN – Assymetrics are no longer as effective, Conventional Strikes by themselves too feeble, a Conventional War using ZATOCEANIA+GulfCC now with dire consequences, and a Pre-emptive Nuclear Strike against IRN likely to have Immediate and/or Longer Term Responses In Kind.

    I hope for a well negotiated Treaty.

  57. @turtle

    The Zios have been conducting intensive research on this for decades, but so far no luck: any plague that would kill us would also kill them. As Shylock remarks in The Merchant of Venice, we and they are subject to the same diseases.

  58. anarchyst says:

    The “double standard” separating jews from “the rest of us” is evident in Poland amd in other European countries today, where jews who sold off property between WW1 and WW2 are demanding that certain properties be “returned” to them. This also extends to art work and other valuables that were sold to others (non-jews) between the world wars that (((they))) want returned to them. Having a valid “bill of sale” means nothing to jews. 80 and 90 year-old claims are still being pursued…

    • Replies: @Alfred Muscaria
  59. @anarchyst

    They already tested one in Beirut last year. Does anyone really buy the story about a busy port storing tons of ammonium nitrate fertilizer in a warehouse for a few years with no plan to move it?

    • Replies: @Johnny Rico
  60. Good Morning Phil Giraldi,
    I have a suggestion to you for a follow-up piece. Why not delve into the recent use of nukes in the mid-east and other places such as: NYC on 911, Baghdad, Beirut, Mali and others . has a wealth of information on Israel’s theft of mini-nukes stolen with the help of George Bush Sr. Check their archives. Here’s a lead:
    Thank you, you’re welcome

  61. Jim H says:

    ‘The money “goes” to Israel and then does a 180 degree turn and is handed over to the American military complex … Giraldi is a dishonest journalist and a knee-jerk hater of Israel the country and by extension jews everywhere.’ — anonymouse

    Wow … a whole pop-up skyscraper of delusional ‘logic,’ erected on a single grain of sand. [Small] hats off; you take the freaking cake!

    Circular flows of US dollars have been a thing since Arab oil embargo surpluses were recycled into US Treasuries; Ex-Im Bank loans bounced straight back to General Electric; etc. Someone with a brain could even hark back to the Marshall Plan. But never mind.

    Such baked-in-the-cake kickbacks don’t change the fact that \$3.8 billion of direct US aid to rich OECD country Israel is an aberration found in no other bilateral relationship on earth.

    And they don’t make Philip Giraldi ‘dishonest,’ or even more dementedly, a ‘knee-jerk hater.’

    By contrast, your hyperbolic frenzy of denunciation could well convince a perfectly neutral observer that Israel’s foaming-at-the-mouth defenders are bad, bad news for reasonable Americans.

    Israel is our misfortune.

    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  62. Nancy says:
    @Freedom Awaits

    Freedom awaits only those who also accept responsibility. And it appears the majority of American citizens/voters will not accept responsibilty, if it requires stepping out of the herd ‘social security’.

  63. arami says:
    @Expletive Deleted

    Thanks. You are not 100% correct because US after 20 years of killing and spending billions of dollars on its troops, comes to this conclusion that Afghanistan is NOT winnable, a fact that everyone with a shallow knowledge of the history knew, but Americans thought they were ‘exceptional’.

    It is true that they have the power to bomb people from the sky, mass murdering people and a power to starve people through economic sanctions, where leaves you a destroyed country, but they cannot achieve their goal.

    I wish Zbigniew Brzezinski were alive to see the result of his policy against Russia (soviet Union) to control the Central Asia.They don’t want to learn.

    Israel does not have much power without the complicity of western countries, otherwise she easily can be defeated if the western colonies stay away from the fire and stop covering for Israel at the UN, giving her cash, weapons, military assistance and political supports.

    But, the west never learn from its mistakes because they think they are invincible. Israel is a project designed by the west injected in the Middle East to create chaos to put one against the other to partition the regional states based on religion and ethnic differences to steal the resources (Oded Yinon).
    Their plan is centuries old. This stupidity will go on until they are destroyed beyond recognition. The sooner the better.

    • Replies: @Badger Down
  64. Agent76 says:

    Jun 2, 2021 ‘Historic time’ for Israel as Netanyahu moves on

    Under a rotation agreement, the head of the right wing Yamina Party, Naftali Bennett, will serve as prime minister until 2023 before handing over to Yair Lapid, leader of the centrist party.

  65. anon[161] • Disclaimer says:
    @Dennis Gannon

    They keep on lying as if everyone is stupid.

    But you are stupid. It only excites the trolls.

  66. Z-man says:

    Preemptive strike on Zion is needed. Tel Aviv, Haifa and the Dimona nuclear site, all flattened with the biggest bombs available.

  67. Druid55 says:

    At that point, do you think hollyweird would matter?

  68. Druid55 says:

    So then stop such a”paltry” amount going to the scum-state. And have all of YOU move there. No more support!

  69. @Jim H

    I don’t know if people forget or are ignorant of the fact that Red-Shields and their cabal own both Israel AND the US oligarchy.

    So people mistake exactly who it is the Oligarchy is afraid of. The Vatican Banking family controls both. I am sure the dissidents here remember Hillary’s obsequious email to one of their minor socialites. Since that family controls the BOE, they also control the U.K.

    Israel was created to give the tools of state to the banking cabal.

  70. frontier says:

    That sum is approximately 1% of Israeli GDP. The money “goes” to Israel and then does a 180 degree turn and is handed over to the American military complex to pay for armaments.

    These statements are quite ignorant. You are comparing sales (GDP) to net profits (foreign aid gifts). A lot of countries cannot spare even %1 of GDP for their entire military expenditures… and yes, many buy US arms, producing their own is more expensive.

    • Replies: @Jim H
  71. @Jim H

    It boils down to the fact that Israel gets every year weapons from the US for free and that it is the American taxpayer who pays for it.

    And what does the US get in return? Spying (Pollard e.a.), false flags (Liberty, 9/11 etc.), wars for Israel (Iraq, Lybia, Syria etc.) and hatred from most of the world.

    With “friends” like these who needs enemies?

  72. Jim H says:

    ‘A lot of countries cannot spare even %1 of GDP for their entire military expenditures’ — frontier

    Quite right. Japan has adhered to a one percent of GDP cap on its defense budget since WW II. Japan is situated in a rather dangerous neighborhood (North Korea, China). But unlike mad dog Israel, Japan doesn’t bomb its neighbors every week.

    Israel’s 5.6% of GDP military expenditure is high compared to normal countries. That’s what happens when land is stolen (e.g. Golan Heights from Syria), occupied (West Bank), and besieged (Gaza). Naturally the oppressed inhabitants are going to be militant in response to their ongoing, gratuitous abuse.

    Why, though, should the US pick up even 18% of Israel’s large military budget, when the US has no national interest at stake whatsoever in defending Israel?

    Only the spurious claim about ‘the middle east’s only democracy’ is ever offered.

    But as the US itself demonstrated from 1865 to 1965 with Jim Crow laws, a democracy can still be an apartheid state.

    Israel’s ultimate humiliation of the US is forcing even the Black and Hispanic caucuses in Congress to subsidize Israel’s rank Abdul Crow system of second-class citizenship for Palestinian Arabs.

    Rep Cynthia McKinney of Georgia dared to speak out against the hypocrisy of American minorities supporting the oppression of Israel’s minority. The Israel Lobby not only defeated her re-election bid, but actually hounded her out of the country — she’s exiled in Bangladesh now.

    Nice guys! /sarc

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  73. @Franklin Ryckaert

    Rabbi Yaacov Perrin’s comment that “a million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail” is worth noting too.

  74. @anarchyst

    Having a valid “bill of sale” means nothing to jews.

    Contracts in general mean nothing to Jews. Our laws mean nothing to Jews. I think even an Austrian painter remarked on this in the not too distant past.

    • LOL: awry
  75. Blissex says:

    These revelations are a bit late: the USA have already in effect shredded the Non Proliferation Treaty by supporting the nuclear efforts of India, so there, plus there have been various other reported thefts of material from the french etc.

    Regardless not only Israel is not part of the NPT just like India, it is also not part of the treaty forbidding chemical weapons, and surely they have ample stocks. There is this book with stories about the Amalekites, Medianites, Philistines, …

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  76. HVM says:

    Dr. Giraldi:


    I would like your opinion on the changing dynamics of the Middle East now that the U.S. has withdrawn from Afghanistan.

    I have heard whispers of a possible diplomatic revolution. In particular, Israel may abandon the United States in favor of China and Russia. With the U.S. position being greatly weakened and while the Chinese continue their silk road projection, Israel may no longer see the U.S. as a useful ally (maybe more like useful idiots).

    Will Israel make this shift? Will Israel bleed the U.S. dry economically and then move on or do they rely on the U.S. too much? The U.S. has become a big lie which is nearly unsustainable economically and militarily. It has been culturally demoralized from within as well. So are the Israelis seeing the writing on the wall?

    • Troll: Trinity
  77. Trinity says:

    Just taking a look at those two pathetic old geezers pictured above. Seriously, do you think either one of those lumps of shit ever did an honest day’s work? I bet their hands are soft as a baby’s bottom.

  78. @Blissex

    There is also Zionazistan’s bio-warfare efforts, like its years of collaboration with apartheid South Africa on ethnically specific bio-weapons. See Iran being the second target of the CoViD 19 bio-warfare attack. Then there is their dominance of cyberspace, the use of cyber weapons like Stuxnet and their ever active. religiously sanctioned, assassination campaigns, worldwide. Once, as an eminent Syrian observed decades ago, ‘..a cancer on our region’, now a cancer on the entire world.

    • Agree: annamaria
  79. @traducteur

    What Perrin was thinking was ‘…a million GOYIM are not worth a Jew’s fingernail’. THAT is the true essence of Talmudism, a threat to everyone, including non-Talmudist Jews, and by reaction, to the Talmudists themselves. And we are not permitted to even recognise its existence, let alone debate its now universal significance.

    • Agree: Z-man
  80. @Jim H

    Apartheid in the USA didn’t end in 1965. That’s what ‘The War on Drugs’, mass intoxication and mass incarceration, real estate ‘red-lining’ and continuing, even worsening, inequality are for. The average black American would be better off if slavery had not ended. At least then they were valued as property.

  81. @arami

    I think you covered all the bases, arami. “israel” doesn’t belong in Palestine or anywhere near. It will move away eventually. Stay strong!

    • Replies: @Bookish1
  82. @Jim H

    Israel is our misfortune.

    Wrong. Israel is our owner and ruler. We are the Jewnited States of America.

  83. @arami

    If Americans Knew (that they have been pollarded, epsteined, browdered, silversteined, zakheimed, and adelsoned), “israel” would be a mere stain. Education is the key.

  84. @mulga mumblebrain

    In the version I saw, the “is” cackle and hi-five as they pop off the unarmed inmates of the concentration camp.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  85. Hossein says:

    You are wrong. They did test one with the former South African apartheid regime.

  86. “200 tactical nuclear weapons”

    They would be strategic to everybody involved tho, right Phil?

    It is difficult to take you seriously sometimes … frequently.

  87. Bookish1 says:
    @Badger Down

    So where do you want to see all those jews settle when they leave Palestine? Let’s see where they would go. 3 million to the U.S., 3 million to western Europe. That’s what you want? Keep them in Palestine and let the Arabs deal with them. I hear idiots like you all the time that can’t see beyond their nose.

    • Replies: @Badger Down
  88. @Sick 'n Tired

    buy? buy how? buy suggests it cost something. or at least there was an opportunity cost in not buying whatever Kool-Aid you are selling.

  89. @Pat Kittle

    Lol. Or you just got trolled real hard you dumb fuck. One of the two.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  90. annamaria says:
    @Johnny Rico

    Somehow you have missed an important post #81:
    “a million GOYIM are not worth a Jew’s fingernail’. THAT is the true essence of Talmudism, a threat to everyone, including non-Talmudist Jews, and by reaction, to the Talmudists themselves.”

    After the exposure of Jewish Bolsheviks’ sadism during Holodomor in Ukraine and the Goloshyokin Genocide in Kazakhstan, and after the indecent demonization of Germans (who tried to protect their land and culture from the “financial sector” and “war of Judea on Germany,”) and after the scum of holobiz (in the context of Gaza Ghetto and an attack on the civilians of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla), Jews don’t have much ammunition to con the goyim. No wonder that so many people strongly suspect the direct involvement of the Jewish State in 9/11 (see Oded Yinon Plan for Eretz Israel and PNAC).

    Your tribe may try to continue destroying the First Amendment and Geneva Conventions under the pretext of “incomparable Jewish sufferings.” But the truth is out. The tribe does not blend when settles in western countries; the tribe keeps its genocidal character. “A million GOYIM are not worth a Jew’s fingernail.”

    The greatest shame of the Jewish community at large has been its support (either loud or tacit) for the warmongering Israel-firsters in the US/UK, the self-proclaimed neonazis in Ukraine, and “moderate terrorists” of ISIS/Daesh attacking Syria. You can jump up and down and squeal about “antisemitism” as much as you want; the truth about the fundamentally inhuman Talmudic mentality of the Jewish community at large has sealed the tribe’s reputation. The tribe has been shamelessly using and exploiting the best of western justice and altruistic mentality. This is effectively over. Putting grandmas to prison for “inconvenient” research in WWII while arming the neonazis with Israeli rifles was not wise.

    You of course still have your pernicious AIPAC and corrupt Knesset on Potomak to inflict more harm to humanity. It looks as if Jews are the worst enemies of themselves.

    • Thanks: Pat Kittle
  91. @Anonymouse

    Poor “israel”! According to you, the US gives it \$3.8 bn, but this amount is immediately snatched away from the helpless “is”. And they were rumoured to be clever with money.

    But don’t give up hope. There’s always next year and the year after that. You see, the amount is 3.8 bn every year for ten years! I’m not suggesting you are being dishonest, but the number you should be using is \$38,000,000,000. As the Jew said: “3.8 bn here, 3.8 bn there, pretty soon you’re talking big money.”

    ifamericaknew says: Starting in 2019, the U.S. will give Israel \$38 billion over the next 10 years – \$3.8 billion per year, which is \$10.41 million per day. This is in line with previous years. In 2017, the U.S. gave Israel \$3.7 billion – about \$10.14 million per day. In other words, the new aid package amounts to an increase of around \$27 million per year.

  92. @Dennis Gannon

    Here is a short video. Could it be faked in 1958?

  93. @Bookish1

    Trouble is, bookish, you see things that aren’t beyond your Nose. No, I don’t want to see Jews “settle”, because I have seen what happened the last time they committed murder-robbery (in the Nakba). Three million pollards in the US, and three million browders in Europe? Nein danke!

  94. macilrae says:
    @Jim H

    Only Jewish campaign contributions — said to be about half of all campaign financing — can do that.

    Even more persuasive are the fruits of industrial scale surveillance of the private lives of almost every citizen – not to mention the kind of operation run by Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

    How many of Clintons’ and Trump’s decisions, remotely relating to Israel, do you think were coerced?

    And that’s only taking examples that are in plain sight.

  95. @gT

    “Since the US gave Israel nukes, Russia should give Iran nukes. Problem solved.”

    An eminently practical solution! . . .

  96. @annamaria

    “Only in a thoroughly corrupt state like the US, a prominent US politician can loudly pledge her allegiance to a foreign country, Israel. Even if Capitol crumbles, Pelosi’s priority will be the well-being of Israel.”

    That’s true of the whole friggin’ Knesset West–er, uh, Congress.

  97. MEexpert says:

    “…Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel.”

    The US government has proven that he was right. US congress is slave to Israel. The President of the United States polishes the boots of Israel’s Prime Minister. In other words, he licks his boots.

    • Replies: @anon
  98. anon[161] • Disclaimer says:

    Do as I say, not as I do.
    Stephen Miller’s ‘racist hysteria’

    “A former aide to former Vice President Mike Pence said the last administration deliberately obstructed visa processing for U.S. allies in Afghanistan due to the “racist hysteria” of Stephen Miller, a key adviser to former President Donald Trump.”

    • Replies: @MEexpert
  99. @anarchyst

    In addition, any American citizen who serves or has served in Israel’s military (Israel Defense Forces) should automatically lose their American citizenship and be immediately deported to Israel.

    Agree wholeheartedly, but I’m afraid that your suggestion simply doesn’t go far enough. This brilliant policy proposal needs to be extended to include all those who have served in America’s military too, since all wars are fought for Israel’s benefit anyway.

  100. @Badger Down

    There’s the notorious T-shirt, with a pregnant Palestinian woman’s belly in the sniper gun-sight, and ‘One bullet, two kills’ emblazoned over it. Still, you can’t mention that-it’s ‘antisemitic’.

  101. MEexpert says:

    What does it have to do with my post?

  102. Corrupt says:

    “All they have to do is to target Israel’s stockpile of stolen nukes or target the nuclear reactor at Dimona with a few hundred conventional ballistic missiles and blow them up and let Israeli’s nukes nuke themselves.”

    In a word, NO. While sending hundreds of missiles to destroy israeli nuclear sites may spread radioactive material around (like a “dirty bomb” would), there is about zero chance of an actual nuclear explosion occurring.

  103. krm says:

    And American tax payers foot the bill as usual… We send them billions every year, which means we are paying for our own destruction…

  104. TheJacob says:

    I appreciate your comment and the other related comments in this discussion; very informative.

    Your mention of nukes being called Gadjet prompts this brief comment of mine. I have studied the Manhattan Project in detail so your Gadjet comment interested me.

    The very first nuclear explosion took place on July 16, 1945. The bomb that was detonated on that day was specifically named Gadjet. You are correct in saying that the name is now applied generically to nuclear bombs. But, there is indeed an original Gadjet: I just wanted to mention that.

    Of course, on Aug 6th and 9th, less than a month later, Fat Man and Little Boy made their appearance.

    Digressing slightly, I found during my studies that the one misconception that most people have about our bombing Japan is that most believe that “The United States bombed Japan”. This is one of those statements that is correct, but not quite.

    Tube Alloys, the British equivalent of our Manhattan Project, had been in the works for years before we got started. So, we joined with them, getting up to speed with them. This greatly sped up development. We (USA) signed the Quebec Agreement with them saying that either country could never bomb the other and, to the point here, we also agreed that each country had to approve the other country’s use of a nuclear weapon.

    Long story short, England gave the U.S. their approval/permission to bomb Japan. So, really, down in the weeds, it must be said that “the U.S. and England bombed Japan”. It’s a bit of nuanced semantics, but it is the more accurate statement.

    Other than that. Most is pretty well known about that piece of nuclear history. From the Trinity Debate to Abe Spitzer, I’m a fan.

  105. Renee says:

    Israel has offered to help transport migrants west, the end destination being america, so long as they dont set foot on israeli soil

  106. ” To suggest that the arrangement is nefarious would be to put it mildly, but it is more that that. It is criminal. Israel has been allowed to get away with massive espionage directed against the United States and the theft of material and technology while also since the 1970s being engaged in a conspiracy with the U.S. government that distorts America’s foreign policy, largely done to keep getting the billions of dollars that it is not entitled to receive under existing American law. It is shameful. Beyond that, it might be construed as treason.”

    Oh my, another goy opens his eyes, if only for a brief moment.

    And all it took was 50+ years.

    Such insight ! Such brilliance !

    Simply amazing.

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