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Israel's Agent of Influence
Senator Ben Cardin shows how it's done
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“An agent of influence is an agent of some stature who uses his or her position to influence public opinion or decision making to produce results beneficial to the country whose intelligence service operates the agent.” So goes the book definition but any experienced intelligence officer will note that there are degrees of cooperation and direction in such a relationship. The agent might be fully controlled and on a salary or he or she might be very loosely guided, ideologically motivated but cautious and reluctant to receive any favors in return. The key is that the agent has to be acting on behalf of the interests of the foreign government, which will at least some of the time mean working directly against the interests of his own.

I thought of how an agent of influence operates on the morning of September 9th when I opened the Washington Post and read two letters to the editor, both written by constituents, regarding Maryland Senator Benjamin Cardin’s refusal to support President Barack Obama’s Iran deal.

The first, from Carole Anderson of Bethesda said that “my U.S. senator, Benjamin L. Cardin, has forgotten that he represents Maryland — not the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, not a portion of the Jewish community, not Israel. His constituents expect him to vote based on the best interests of the United States, which in this case also is in Israel’s long-term interest, not based on what his rabbi says. He has demonstrated that he is incapable of doing his job.”

The second, from Stephen O. Dean of Gaithersburg observed that “Sen. Benjamin L. Cardin’s plan to oppose the Iran nuclear deal is an embarrassment to the people of Maryland. Though a Democrat, he allied himself with the Republicans in Congress, the Republican presidential contenders, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the powerful pro-Israel lobby. He turned his back on President Obama and rejected the long, difficult work of Secretary of State John F. Kerry and his counterparts from five other major countries. The alternative he offered is a bill he will introduce to send more U.S. taxpayer money to Israel. One wishes he took the path to peace with Iran, instead of to potential war.”

Cardin’s position was not unexpected even though he is reliably liberal on any issue but Palestine and a solid Democratic Party water boy. As an elected official, Cardin has frequently framed himself as being personally responsible for delivering benefits to his Jewish constituents. He sponsors the Senator Ben Cardin Jewish Scholars Program and also has been active in steering Department of Homeland Security (DHS) grants to what he calls “high risk” Jewish organizations in Baltimore. Due to the assiduous efforts of Congressmen like Cardin fully 97% of all DHS grants go to Jewish groups.

But as complete deference to Israel is all too common inside the beltway, I was, to put it mildly, shocked that two letters expressing such dissident views regarding Cardin actually appeared in the Post, a haven of neoconservatism on its editorial page. One might enthuse that it is perhaps a welcome sign that popular views on the extremely damaging Israel relationship really have begun to shift.

I have previously written that the so-called Corker-Cardin bill that reportedly gave Congress a chance to safely vent over the Iran deal was actually a Trojan horse in that it was intended to lead to eventual defeat of the agreement. I noted at the time that Cardin was the snake in the woodpile as he was pretending to give a lifeline to his party and president while all the time intending to vote no and do everything in his power to overturn any rapprochement with Iran.

Now what I predicted has come about. And Cardin has even admitted that he discussed with the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) how he should vote. AIPAC, for all its posturing about American interests, is not a source of objective information on the Middle East as it often pretends to be. It actively and aggressively lobbies on behalf of the Israeli government and would be listed under the Foreign Agent Registration Act of 1938 but for the fact that it is politically powerful and no White House has been willing to take it on. Cardin was also heavily lobbied by his rabbi, who called him repeatedly.

Cardin justified his opposition to the agreement based on alarmist talking points that could have been, and maybe were, written by AIPAC to include, “…there cannot be respect for a country that actively foments regional instability, advocates for Israel’s destruction, kills the innocent and shouts ‘Death to America.’” And Cardin has also gone on record pledging to back up his “no” vote by introducing legislation that he is already working on that will allow congress to overturn the agreement while also sending 30,000 pound penetrator bombs to Israel that will enable Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to attack Iran, which would clearly not be in America’s interest.

The Cardin supported initiative to undermine the Iran agreement through further congressional meddling and delaying tactics is being referred to in some circles as “Plan B.” There are a number of aspects to it, but it involves creating new legislation and imposing other conditions that will permit additional congressional review of both the deal itself and, more particularly, Iran’s compliance. It has become axiomatic to refer to Iranians as “liars and cheaters,” setting the stage for any number of contrived revelations about their behavior.

As has often been the case in the past where friends of Israel have sought either military action or other punitive measures, the planned new congressional initiatives will likely seek to create red lines or tripwires that will mandate congressional or presidential action. In the past, these red lines have been described in a way that permits them to be interpreted subjectively, meaning that there will be a push to find fault with Tehran and that evidence might easily be manufactured to suit or even provided by Israel. Cardin appears to be the driving force behind this effort if one is to go by his own words and the praise that has been heaped upon him by organizations like Christians United for Israel.

So who does Cardin actually represent? I would suggest that he fits the mold of the classic agent of influence in that his allegiance to the United States is constrained by his greater loyalty to a foreign nation. I do not believe that he does it for money or other material favors and I would not imagine that Mossad actually gives him his marching orders, but I would bet that his contact with the Israeli Embassy and AIPAC to both obtain and synchronize with their views is frequent and ongoing. One has to hope that Cardin will both fail in his new legislative efforts on behalf of Israel and also that he will be turned out of office in the next cycle by his constituents for his failure to support actual American and Marylander interests.

The question of what to do about the Cardins of this world is, of course, clouded by the broader issue of “dual loyalty,” a label that has rightly been of particular concern for many diaspora Jews because it often is employed as a classic anti-Semitic canard. Those who promote it think that some or even most Jews can never be truly loyal to the country that they reside in, that they will always have a higher allegiance to their tribe. Since the founding of Israel that alleged supranational allegiance has also embraced the Jewish state, with questions raised regarding whether it is possible to actively promote all-too-often uncritical support for a foreign nation while living and working in another country that will inevitably have quite different national and international interests.

In reality, of course, it is not so simple. Some Jews will relate to their “tribe” more than to their non-Jewish fellow citizens but most will not and many will even regard that kind of sentiment as completely unacceptable. But all of that given, the issue of where one’s loyalty as a citizen of a nation should lie and to what degree is something that just will not go away. Nearly all of the neoconservatives who cajoled Americans into the disastrous war against Iraq were Jews and they were at least in part motivated by perceived Israeli interests. Bush Administration senior official Philip Zelikow subsequently even claimed that the Iraq war was primarily fought to eliminate a threat to Israel. And if that is not convincing enough, there is the “Clean Break” policy document that was presented to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in 1996 recommending inter alia the systematic break-up of Israel’s Arab neighbors into tribal groups to “secure the realm” of Israel. Many of the signatories were the very same American Jews who later promoted the war with Iraq and are now orchestrating the agitation vis-a-vis Iran, which itself is being overwhelmingly funded by Jewish groups.

Because of the potential problem posed by divided loyalty, many Americans now believe that no citizen should hold any foreign passport in addition to that of the United States. An increasing number are beginning to understand that competing parochial loyalties of various kinds have been detrimental to the viability of the United States as a nation and destructive of Teddy Roosevelt’s once proud assertion that it doesn’t matter where we came from but “we are all Americans.”

The dual loyalty question becomes more serious when one is considering the roles of government officials, both elected and as members of the federal bureaucracy, as they are in a position where they can actually do damage. The United States is currently wrestling with problems posed by Christian officials who believe that what they are told by God preempts what they are obligated to do as bureaucrats. This type of deference to tribe and culture is also where Cardin is both tone deaf and dissimulating. He is the stereotype of what has frequently been disparagingly described as an “Israel firster.” There is absolutely no reasonable argument to be made against the Iran agreement from a U.S. perspective and the mere fact that it is opposed by Israel should have no weight, but Cardin clearly does not see things that way.

One might reasonably object that Cardin is far from unique and to be sure there are many in Washington that are feckless in their relationships with Israel’s government. Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, who has declared himself to be the “shomer” or guardian of Israel in the U.S. Senate, is a case in point and undoubtedly many of the criticisms leveled against Cardin would fit just as well with Schumer. One might also note the unanimous Republican opposition to the Iran deal but that is a bit of a red herring. In many cases the attachment is more likely than not based more on politics than on any genuine affinity towards Israel. A frequently cynical kowtowing to perceived Zionist and evangelical demands is coupled with the expectation that Israel’s most powerful and wealthy backer in the U.S. Sheldon Adelson will shower his billions on the GOP and its preferred presidential candidate as long as the whole campaign is in key areas subordinate to Israeli interests. The Republican hard line is also a reflexive rejection of Obama foreign policy to create a wedge issue for 2016 and is not linked to any rational assessment of the merits of the Iran agreement.

On balance, Senator Ben Cardin in his apparent collusion with both the Israeli government and its powerful domestic Lobby appears to cross lines that should not be crossed by any American elected official. My contention that he may be a de facto agent of influence for Israel is, of course, somewhat conjectural. I would imagine that Cardin rationalizes his behavior by choosing to believe that Israeli and American interests are identical, which is, of course, not true. If he claims that he is not in fact preemptively guided by Israeli interests it would be interesting to have him reveal full details of the frequency and nature of his encounters with Israeli officials and also with the components of the Israel Lobby, most particularly AIPAC, which are established conduits for relaying Israeli perspectives to accomplices in the U.S. government. I would also be interested in hearing Cardin’s views on how a war with Iran would possibly benefit the people of Maryland.

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  1. RobinG says:


    There is now a US PETITION like the one in Britain that captured international attention. Unlike in the U.K., there is no promise here to debate the issue in Congress, but a large public showing of disgust with Netanyahu would be noticed.

    For these petitions to succeed, there has to be a concerted effort through Social Media to overcome the general apathy toward petitions. They may be only a symbolic gesture, but for minimal time and no money, a successful effort builds public awareness and esprit de corps.

    100,000 is a hefty goal for one month, and the clock is ticking. We need momentum, and the kind of enthusiasm they had in Britain. I hope Unz readers can pick up this banner.

    Here’s the announcement of Bibi’s trip.
    “State Department Spokesman John Kirby said Tuesday night that Secretary of State John Kerry will meet with prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in the course of the United Nations General Assembly in New York in late September.”

  2. Tom_R says:


    Thanks for the interesting article, Sir. You have done a great job criticizing this Jewish fraudster and a traitor and Israel’s puppet. But he is Jewish, so that explains it!

    And for the Jewish controlled media calling the Iranians liars and cheaters, I found that quite amusing. The Judaists specialize in lying and scamming and it is a centerpiece of their religion.

    For example, their holiest of the holy celebrations is Yom Kippur during which they recite their biggest “prayer”, called the Kol Nidre. In fact, it is not even a real prayer, but an affirmation of lying and scamming.

    See Kol Nidre: Judaism’s license to lie at:

    What is more amusing than this Kol Nidre prayer is how the Rabbis try to “explain” such depravity—by claiming the intended victim of this fraud is not other people, but God himself! So the Judaists believe that lying and scamming God is okay.

    It is sad to see gullible suckers elect a Judaist like Ben Cardin, a member of such a lying scamming cult.

  3. Mark Green says: • Website

    Despite Obama’s victorious ‘deal’ with Iran, the conflict with Tehran is not yet over.

    US-based Zionists are surely going to try to use any slight violation (real or imagined) of the agreement or inspection regimen as a pretext to reimpose sanctions–if not agitate for an actual war.

    Bear in mind that Saddam Hussein–the legitimate leader of Iraq–tried in vain for months to satisfy US nuclear inspectors before Washington finally sent in air and ground forces to annihilate that ancient civilization. And the intelligence which justified Washington’s preemptive war turned on Iraq out to be an array of fabrications which were covered with Zionist fingerprints.

    Despite the Iran ‘deal’, Zionists are still determined to undermine Tehran and destabilize the regime there.

    • Replies: @Sam Shama
  4. The United States is currently wrestling with problems posed by Christian officials who believe that what they are told by God preempts what they are obligated to do as bureaucrats

    Not least the rank and file at the Pentagon:


    ^ Israel can do no wrong with these folk so long as it tends towards ‘Armageddon’

  5. So a Jew prioritizing the best interests of Jewish people? Well I’m shocked. What’s next? Snow in Vermont?

    Are we still surprised by their behavior?

    • Replies: @KA
  6. I’m still more concerned with lefty, radical and counter-culture Jews. Most Jews may not support Israel, which is a claim that I doubt, but most do seem to support some type of corrosive politics, at least from an American perspective.

    • Replies: @KA
    , @RobinG
  7. The basis of Israeli power in the US is the Jewish national victim cult.

    The national victim cult is composed of multiple protected classes of people that are influenced and bribed to vote for compliant politicians.

    Protected class people are a super-majority of voters, over 90%, and can easily control the outcome of all popular elections.

    Jewish people are the leaders of the national victim cult, and act as vote brokers for the cult using propaganda and customized rewards for those that vote the Jewish way.

    All of these people are protected classes of the Jewish national victim cult in the US:

    Afro Blacks
    military veterans
    Latinos and Hispanics
    Native Americans

    Protected class people play for both sides of the 2-party system, thus really making the 2-party system a 1-party system.

    The designated enemy of protected class people is the so-called white supremacist or Nazi.

    A profile of a Nazi is inferred by the oppressor counterpart of each protected class:


    Unsurprisingly, the state of Israel has a very similar form of anti-Nazi national victim cult where only flavors of Judaism are recognized as protected classes:

    Critics say the special status of Jewish nationality has been a way to undermine the citizenship rights of non-Jews in Israel, especially the fifth of the population who are Arab. Some 30 laws in Israel specifically privilege Jews, including in the areas of immigration rights, naturalization, access to land and employment.

    Both the US and Israeli national victim cults use biased immigration policies to maintain a super-majority of protected class people.

    For example, the US has blanket fast-track citizenship for afro-blacks and Latinos and queers and Jews, and Israel has a Law of Return for Jews only.

    • Replies: @Santoculto
  8. Realist says:

    The sycophants for Israel were elected by dumb-ass Americans.

  9. How did those two, well-written, sensible letters about the corrosive influence of Israel on US senators get into the WaPo?

    Some editor must of been away and is now wishing he had his old job back.

    • Replies: @Orville H. Larson
  10. KA says:

    Yes Snow in Vermont! If you got that under your mental belt ,then you expect the snow or butcher Netanyahu capping the peak of Mt Zion and not of Texas .
    Who has stopped him from advocacy of Jewish people? Don’t do it here by violating all established norms . If he does it is to be expected that he will be duly compared to Goebbles coming to Vichy France advocating the causes of German.

    • Replies: @Hugo
  11. KA says:

    Jews may not support Israel but they do support certain views and aims that create the environment which then nurtures and protects the racist expansionary and jingoistic policies of Israel.
    They believe Israel faces existential threat.

    They still believe Arabs don’t want peace

    These were their past faith and still is shared by many that Arabs hate Jews more than they love their children
    , Palestine worship death
    , Arabs are violent and illogical
    and still
    believe Israel has been fighting defensive wars .

    Jews still
    believe Gaza wars are legal and moral
    They believe Iran hates and wants to wipe out Israel .
    They believe America should not force israel
    They believe America has no leverage on Israel
    They believe America is still too critical of settlement and been or was and still is too critical of Shamir,Sharon,Netnyahu
    There will be no peace with current regimes being in place in Syria,Saudi,Iraq,Lebanon or Iran.
    They believe regime changes in Iran and Syria.
    They believe America has no shared values with the people of Arab
    They never question the policies and the behaviors of jewish leaders either in US or abroad .
    They believe Israel should possess nukes .
    They believe that arms race is threat in Middle East but will not criticize Israel which gets free arsenal and advanced weaponry or destabilizes Lebanon or Syria.

  12. RobinG says:

    “Most Jews may not support Israel, which is a claim that I doubt…”

    Todd, you are right to doubt.

    In 2007, Phil Weiss gave a resounding endorsement to the analysis of James Petras.
    “Petras has just about nailed it. The crazy rightwingers are actually speaking in the name of progressive Jews. These rightwingers aren’t fringies. They are supported. ….. Which is to say that neoconservatism has been licensed by the larger Jewish community, because secretly or unconsciously that community feels that these guys are standing up for Israel.”

    In his article, “American Jews on War and Peace: What Do the Polls Tell Us and Not Tell Us?”, Petras compares the polled opinions of American Jews in general with those of the leaders of AIPAC, etc., and finds nexus at self-identification with Israel. He states,

    “This probably explains the unwillingness of progressive Jews to criticize the principal reactionary Jewish leaders and their mass organizations, even worse to attack and slander any critics of the pro-Israel power configuration. Progressive Jews have subordinated their progressive opinions to their loyalty and identity with Israel.”

    ALL THE MORE ASTOUNDING that the Post printed those letters. Thanks to Dr. Giraldi for sharing!

  13. JustJeff says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it until it’s no longer true: American politics is a Der Stürmer caricature come to life.

  14. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    {They believe Israel faces existential threat.}

    This is not true.
    Who is an ‘existential threat’ to apartheid entity except themselves?

    No. ‘Existential threat’ is just a shield, like holocaust, to hide their main motive, and that is EXPANTIONST POLICY of Zionists. They are infiltrated into every power center including military, intelligence, academic, economy, executive branches to control the foreign policy to protect Zionists’ interest by presenting Israelis’ interests as Americans’ interest to fool people. Their goal is erection of ‘World Government’ with one central bank and one currency.

    Rothschild family, David Rockefeller and Warburg family, the Zionist bankers, are pushing for this project and have established many phony ‘international organizations’ to pursue this goal.

    In 1950, James Warburg, told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee:
    “We shall have world government whether or not you like it – by conquest or consent.”

    The Zionists, according to Gillard Atzmon:
    {The Zionists in fact have managed to bring down every super power they cling to, Britain, France and now America. You have to allow yourself to admit that the ‘War on Terror’ was actually a Zionist led war against Islam, a battle that was there to serve Israeli interests.}

    ‘World Government’ in some circles also is called NEW WORLD ORDER, they are the same.

  15. I would revoke all these dual loyalists’ US passports and load them on to the next El Al flights to that country they love so much.

  16. @KA

    KA, add to your list:

    rank-and-file, “non-zionist” Jews contribute their money to organs of influence like
    — NPR,
    — their synagogues, which are centers for pro-Israeli political activism — drive down main thorofares in the Bethesda and Gaithersburg neighborhoods Phil wrote about and you will see banners in front of major Jewish synagogues: “We support Israel.” Look across the street and back into the shadowed corners and you will spot a County police car maintaining vigilance over the Jewish synagogue.

    — numerous Jewish funds that support Israel.

    It doesn’t end there.

    Jewish persons of all levels of “loyalty” and “influence” donate resources to create endowed chairs at leading universities; or buildings at universities; or departments at universities, where the Jewish pov thereby becomes an “agent of influence” and also imposes a chilling effect, freezing out robust conversation about American interests.

    Surrounded by these icebergs of Jewish influence, those who might seek to establish an academic department supporting their own cause or ethnic identity are frozen out: their contribution would be in vain if not politically and professionally suicidal.

    But it still doesn’t sot there:
    Those donations to Jewish “agent of influence” causes become tax write-offs: less money going to support USA interests because it was used to support Israel’s interests.

    • Replies: @Hugo
    , @KA
    , @KA
  17. somewhat OT; Michael Scheuer sets the record straight on Clinton, Tenant, Morell and the hunt for Osama.

    The Truth is Out There, and they want it to stay there!

  18. The “Iran deal” is, in my estimation, the ONLY significant step in the right direction that Obama has taken. Even though it’s a no brainer like stopping hitting yourself in the head with a hammer. It’s significant because it was done in defiance of the great Bibi and his side kick Sheldon. The dynamic duo has failed to release the Kraken against the Persians in spite of the heroic efforts of the American GOP and fellow travelers in the other party.

    This is not to say that Obama is not owned. His allegiance is to the international corporate monopolists. Witness the infamous “Trade Deal” in which Obama enjoyed near unanimous support from Republicans and stiff opposition from his own party. It seems the GOP is with Obama when he is wrong and against him when he is right.

    To their credit, Republican opposition to Obama Care is totally justified. Unfortunately, their alternative for the American people is, if you can’t afford health care just die without complaint. Now we have the Trumpster who doesn’t appear to be owned by anyone saying no to immigration and yes to single payer. Were he to renounce the neocons perpetual war he would be (except for his hair?) the perfect populist candidate.

    • Replies: @Ace
  19. chris says:

    Adelson, Saban, Soros, Murdoch, … Etc., etc. they all seem to fit the bill as AoIs!

    • Agree: Orville H. Larson
  20. Sam Shama says:

    Dr Giraldi,
    Why should a citizens’ group, for example in Maryland (but not necessarily restricted to), not consider actually filing lawsuits against Cardin or similarly insidious politicians for actively harming the interests of the polity? Why simply wait for elections to boot them out?

    • Replies: @Philip Giraldi
  21. @Sam Shama

    Sam – They would have to be able to demonstrate actual damages incurred through his behavior, which would be difficult to do. There does exist the option to impeach him and remove him from office but I don’t know if that could/would be done at the state level or if it would have to be done by the Senate itself. I suspect it would be the latter.

    • Replies: @KA
    , @RobinG
  22. Hugo says:

    I’m not about to say that I dislike Israel and Nutnyahoo cause of what has been done to the Palestinians. Yeah, I think the Palestinians are getting screwed over. But, they’re not my top concern. My top concern is how corrosive Jews and Judaic culture has been for my people. Europeans and those of European descent.

  23. Hugo says:

    Bingo. That’s why engaging in the leftist Jews vs. the conservative Jews is useless. When it comes to Jews vs. Others such internal divisions don’t matter.

  24. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    This power has to be broken.

    Man should not play god. Jews have gained godlike powers.

    And they are doing real damage in the world.

    It is really WWIII in the Middle East.

    Indeed, the fact that the Western media have been rather nonchalant about the disaster happening there is indicative of how evil the West has become.

    In the past 4 yrs, Syria has suffered horrors like nations in WWII, but the media mostly ignored the true nature of the disaster because they were just glibly happy to see Assad’s regime suffer.

    And the media also glibly blamed all the problems on ISIS as if ISIS just came out of the blue, when, in fact, it is the indirect creation of Western intervention.

    Nazi Germany once meddled in the Balkans and instigated Croatians to slaughter 100,000s of Serbs, and now we have the West instigating hellishness all over the Middle East through its proxies. And of course, Libya is still a hellish mess.
    But no one is held accountable for this.

    As along as globo-Zionists control the West and as long as the globo-Zionist media give cover to the shabbos goyim like Obama, Hillary, McCain, and Nuland, the so-called ‘West’ can get away with just about everything.
    It sure is good for the globalists to command Narrative Supremacy.

  25. Art says:

    Congratulations to Dr. Giraldi and Mr. Unz – these articles are being distributed all over the net.

    The Unz Report is becoming a center of intellectual discourse and information. Kudos!

    • Agree: Orville H. Larson
  26. @Greg Bacon

    It is surprising, isn’t it? The Washington Post–like the equally vile New York Times–is essentially an Establishment propaganda rag.

    • Replies: @Haxo Angmark
  27. “I would also be interested in hearing Cardin’s views on how a war with Iran would possibly benefit the people of Maryland.”

    Whether it does or not, probably depends on how much of the economy depends upon the military-industrial complex in Maryland. Given that negative consequences of war are perceived as far away, with any such as mass refugee exoduses born by Europeans, not Americans, as long as it is war perceived waged by remote control, continuous war might seem to benefit them financially.

    This is where Israeli policy objectives overlap with American ones.

    • Replies: @KA
  28. KA says:

    Thank you. It is a sobering thought to indulge that how a whole nation could be brainwashed by the people who denounce doctrine and dogma,religious belief ,nationalism and any emotional attachment to any traditional customs or convention. But their whole brainwashing both in contents and in process is based on emotion,on abstract on historical entitlements and experiences ,on victim hood of past generation, on destroying consensus of the majority,on not learning from mistakes or errors but changing the rules to define errors and mistakes as new normalized beneficial reality and blaming those who identify the big errors or misdeeds as being motivated by something other than reason.

  29. KA says:

    Long Island synagogue marks High Holidays with thanks to Israeli soldiers in Gaza war –

    Temple Israel of Great Neck, L.I., hands out a flyer celebrating Israeli soldiers’ massacre in Gaza at Rosh Hashana services, conflating Judaism and militant Zionism – See more at:

    But Friedman and his ilk loudly bemoan the absence of condemnation against 911 perpetrator by Muslim cleric ( despite them doing so from Indonesia to Morocco )

    This is the lessons an young devout Jewish pupil take home . This is the attitude the peaceloving ” all American” family embraces .

    They learn to condemn violence when done by ” other” and learn to e,brace same violence done by when one of their folks without sufferring a jolt from cognitive or moral dissonance .

    This is true of the Gentiles who feel upgraded because they were invited in the party .

  30. @KA

    Israel cultivates enemies, because it is a dirty and hyper violent class supremacist state.

    Jewish victim class supremacy is very ugly, and seditious Jews have replicated their dirty victim cult scheme in the United States.

    If Jews were to STOP their seditious behaviors in the US to promote the idiocracy of undue privileges for their national victim cult, there would be no controversy here.

    Without slavish US support, a very good thing for the US, Israel would either learn to compromise like all good nations, or be destroyed as a bad nation.

  31. KA says:
    @Fran Macadam

    “This is where Israeli policy objectives overlap with American ones.”

    Establishing partnership is essential either with the crown or worth the religious body or with the financial house or with the military . Often these forces in combination or in shared partnership rule and dictate the direction a country takes.
    In case of the sovereign crown , enemy lies domestically . Zionism has provided the muscle in the ancient and medieval times to the crown in fight against the ruled.Today it offers similar services to the politicians by creating straw man argument like threat,terror,and islamofasism.
    In case of religious orthodoxy,Zionism again can arguably insert itself as defender of some shared values against other religion who already has been located as a threat by the Zionist . Islam can then slowly be turned into a bogey man by coaching and by money as the Evangelics and fundamentalist Hindus have been educated to come to view Islam . Zionism can take advantage of the existing rivalry. It can expand upon and prevent any normalization. It can establish similar equation and work with Islam in future turning other religion as inveterate enemy.
    Defense or Pentagon can find itself in the same situation . To continue the margin of the profitability and the viability of the business or to capture more market ,it needs ally who would advertise the ethos of defense ,logic of war and morality of the collective murder ,canvas for it to the politicians and citizen usually under the cloak of serious scholarly researches . Zionism again can safely present itself as the best interlocutor.

    Zionism very soon propel the narrative in each and every case. It soon wears the mantle of being the invisible hand that guides ,directs,and informs the very purposes of those entities.The original reason of existence of the crown,religion,or the defense then fundamentally gets altered or corrupted beyond recognition.

    • Replies: @Fran Macadam
  32. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    Before we yammer about the cuckservatives and cuckerals, we need to know why Jews have the kind of power that makes others cuck for them.

    It may be that Jews are bound by nationalism + socialism.

    Though we tend to see socialism as being opposed to conservatism, the Italian Fascists and National Socialists were right to see socialism as a powerful tool of the Right. Of course, Mussolini turned out to be a fathead and Hitler turned out to be Shitler, but they were onto something in the fusion of nationalism and socialism.

    Without some degree of socialism, a society breaks apart along class lines. Rich get richer, poor get poorer. There is no organic sense of unity. And such a gap makes a people vulnerable to foreign imperialists or hostile alien elites. Indeed, this was why the Western imperialists had an easy time taking over other societies that were hyper-hierarchical. The native rich looked down on the poor masses, and the poor felt no unity with the rich. So, the western imperialists bought off the elites and used them as comparador elites. As long as they could line their own pockets by cucking out to the imperialists, the native elites were happy. And the imperialists also won over the hearts and minds of the natives by offering medical care and schooling and cleaner water. So, the native masses came to see the imperialists as the good guys who cared. So, imperialists could serve as a wedge between native elites and native masses. They would buy off the elites and win the hearts of the masses with free chocolate and shoes.

    Such a maneuver was more difficult against a national-socialist order that forged a powerful unity between the elites and the masses. A national-socialist order has free markets and economic freedom, but the state also provides basic services and promotes national unity and pride.
    It was difficult for foreign powers to drive a wedge into such a nation.

    Indeed, even if National Socialism in Germany had not been overtly anti-Jewish, Jews would have had a harder time in gaining power there than in Anglo-UK and Anglo-US.
    German National Socialism emphasized the unity of the elites and the masses on an organic national basis.
    In contrast, the Anglo world was divided along class lines. British elites looked down on British masses. To be sure, the empire made all Brits share in the pride, but in UK itself, the elites were looking down on the masses from their horses and the masses were looking up to the lords, tipping their hat, and saying ‘aye, guv’nor’.

    US was less about class, but the free enterprise spirit was bound to make some very rich while making many poor or lower class. Also, American individualism made the rich and successful care less about the poor. Social Darwinism was once prevalent in America and made a comeback in the 80s in milder form. To be sure, there were reform movements and Anglos had a sense of noblesse oblige and all that. But there was nothing like the organic sense of community that existed among the Germanic volks, in Europe and in northern parts of the US.

    Because of the class division of the white gentile world, it was ideal for Jews to drive a wedge. Though American Conservatives see Jewish Liberals as bigger enemies than Jewish Libertarians like Ayn Rand and Milton Friedman, it is possible that the Libertarian Jews did more damage to the American Right. They encouraged white elites to pursue money, profit, and self-interest above all else, and that meant the rejection of organic national community with rest of white America. And the creed of rampant individualism made white masses more immersed in hedonism and narcissism than in the idea of the common good. With whites thus divided, Jews could drive a wedge between rich whites and other whites, indeed just as British imperialists had driven the wedge between native comparador elites and the native masses.
    For national socialism to work, the elites must feel an affinity and sense of unity with the masses. But the masses must also be sober, disciplined, diligent, honest, and civic-minded. Otherwise, the masses will become like cheating Greeks, thieving Sicilians, loutish hillbillies, or white trash hooked on meth. If the masses become like the slobs of Bruce Springsteen songs, then even the national socialist elites lose faith in them and don’t want pay more taxes to support their laziness. Springsteen was a great rocker, but his vision of working class justice is bogus because his vision encourages working class folks to cut school, be irresponsible, run wild and free(sometimes in imitation of Negroes), and act like louts. If American workers fall into ‘get paid and get laid’ mentality, work ethic and civic responsibility will plummet, and then even the rich who want to ‘pay their share’ don’t want to anymore.
    Among white folks, Jews promoted an ideology for the white elites that told them to dump the masses and promoted a lifestyle among white masses that encouraged them to become less sober, less responsible, and less self-restrained. The result was white elites ditching white working class for cheap labor abroad and the white masses losing themselves in debt, atomized hedonism, and other form of infantile idiocy.

    In contrast, Jewish leftism/socialism had a positive effect on Jewish nationalism and ethnism. While we associate the Left with anti-nationalism, socialism has the effect of uniting the haves and have-nots. Jews embraced both capitalism and socialism. Capitalist spirit among Jews made the money, but the socialist impulse among Jews made even rich Jews care about poor Jews everywhere. Socialism is about the rich caring for those who have less; it is about the powerful caring for those with less power. The socialist impulse among Jews made their capitalism more complementary with Jewish nationalism. It meant that Jewish haves should care for and watch out for Jewish have-nots. So, rich Jews and lower-income Jews felt closer to one another than rich whites and poor whites did. Rich Jews were willing to help out and lead the poorer Jews, like Moses led the Jewish slaves out of Egypt to the Promised Land. Moses wasn’t about Ayn-Rand fantasy of just favoring the ‘great individual Jews’. He cared for all Jews, even the runty Edward G. Robinson before he went too far with his Ayn-Randian worship of the Golden Calf.

    When we look at Europe today, is it a coincidence that the most nationalist countries were once communist? Communism, as a form of radical socialism, was a mistake and failure, but its tenure did create a populace that came to feel as a united family. All workers of Russia were made to feel as part of Russian family. All Hungarians were made to feel like they mattered in socialist Hungary. Communism went too far in suppressing free enterprise and self-interest, but it did some good in creating a mindset of unity and mutuality.

    So, it could be that current Russian nationalism and Hungarian nationalism are partly an expression of former communism that forged a iron unity among all peoples. And current Chinese nationalism also relies on the communist era that forged all Chinese into one mass of comrades. Capitalism is causing huge divisions in China, but the communist legacy still has a cohering effect on the Chinese through the myth of Mao who made the Chinese people stand up in the world.

    Of course, communism was bound to fail because classes are natural. Communism tried to create a classless society, but such is impossible. Fascism made more sense cuz it accepted the reality of classes but also saw the need for the organic unity of all people of the nation, rich-middle-and-poor.
    In this sense, Zionist Israel is a neo-fascist state, and indeed, Jews are proud of it for that very reason even though they wouldn’t be caught dead admitting Zionism has any relation to fascism or national socialist ideology.

    Now, why has social democracy(Sweden and the like) have failed in supporting a nationalism? Because social democracy is purely materialist and ahistorical. It’s about taxes and welfare, with no emphasis on national myth and heritage. And because of the lack of historical, cultural, and national sense, the people of nations like Sweden grow bored of their Swedishness.
    A person’s sense of nationhood is meaning and rich if it is rooted in memory of soil, heroism, national tragedies, sacrifice, survival, ancestry, heritage, etc. But without such emphasis, it’s just some ‘dead white male’ stuff that belongs to the past. The only cultural sensibility that comes to prevail in this bloodless order is hedonism and narcissism and political fashions and fads like PC that cooks up new feminist theories and stuff about there being 50 or 500 genders that are all fluid or whatever.

    Shallow people get bored easily, and Swedes are bored with their history because it’s been hollowed and shallowed out by a material society that is mainly into hedonism and fashionable righteousness of the moment.

    The reason why Jews are not bored with Jewishness is because they have a deep historical, spiritual, and soulful connection to it. Furthermore, if whites are stupid enough to associate their history with ‘white guilt’, Jews have associated their history with ‘Jewish tragedy’ that imbues them with a sense of duty and obligation.

  33. @Orville H. Larson

    the NYT has been a Jewish-owned (Sulzberger) liberal-Zionist rag since the beginning. Ditto the WaPo for decades: owned by the Jewess Katherine Graham Levy, and now Jeff “Amazon” Bezos

    • Replies: @tbraton
  34. @Priss Factor

    Wow, I’ll have what he’s taking!
    I was about to settle for some complimentary remarks to PG with a snide dig at his fan club when I came to your joined up piece.

    Will he notice that the Brits, not excluding the Irish, did a pretty good job of making all classes proud of their nation by letting them in on the various advantages of empire including the glory or shared top-doggery? Yes. (Even inglorious democracy can get by if there is enough prosperity in peace time for everyone who wants to to get fat.
    So empires can have lots going for them).

    Interesting distinction that you make about the Swedes whom one automatically tends to think of as the big family who were happy to pay high taxes for their welfare state until they went mad and let in too many incompatibles. Would they have, can they still, thrive on the national pride from their glorious 17th century and back to Viking times? I wonder what leading edge feminism has contributed to negating that?

    The older Greg Clark, eldest I think of the economist and Catholic (convert) father of nine Colin Clark’s clever sons gave a paper in Australia before the Japanese crash of the late 80s in which he, who spoke Chinese, Russian and Japanese fluently**, argued for the advantage the feudalist-tribalists had over the individualist/rationalist nations. Germany and Japan he proffered as the great economic successes. By contrast, not only theAnglosphere was too individualistic/rationalistic but so was China (I tended to agree having noted the Chinese sense of humour) and, of the Indians he said “Have you ever won an argument with an Indian”.

    ** He used his time in the Australian diplomatic service to perfect his Chinese and Russian before marrying a Japanese and becoming, I’m told, the only Westerner to be president of a Japanese university.

    I have no idea how he may have updated his views in the new tech era but suspect that he would support Eamonn Fingleton’s picture of Japan doing much better than outsiders suppose.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  35. @Priss Factor

    Interesting and fairly comprehensive but still imbued with Hitler Derangement Syndrome (HDS©).

    Of course, Mussolini turned out to be a fathead and Hitler turned out to be Shitler, but they were onto something in the fusion of nationalism and socialism.

    In a social and intellectual climate in which the “Nazi” and “Hitler” epithets are raised relentlessly as the measure of all that is evil, it seems to me essential to clearly define the boundaries and characteristics of those measuring sticks.

    Precisely what “turned Hitler into Shitler?”

    Please present a precise analysis of Hitler’s and Nazism’s “overt anti-Jewish[ness].”

    Re Mussolini: My parents were directly and negatively impacted by Benito Mussolini’s behavior. I hold no brief for Mussolini.
    But it is a fact that Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt did a great deal to frustrate Italian efforts at national unity, leading to movements such as Mussolini’s.

    It is also a fact that FDR deliberately and in a calculated manner planned and executed a scheme, cooked up with the assistance of Bernard Baruch, to take control of Italian politics and economic development, for the benefit of US imperialism. —

    • Replies: @helena
  36. Sam Shama says:
    @Priss Factor

    Perhaps some here, upon reading your posts – provocative as they are meant to be I’m sure – immediately fall prey to quick reactions of dismay or rejection. My own thoughts are not radically different from yours, although there are aspects that I might approach differently.

    So casting aside much of the neo-revisionist claptrap about the supposed benevolence of 2nd War Axis Europe’s leadership, not least Shitler, Mussels & Linguini, I am quite disinclined to reflexively object to your characterisation of the nature of Jewry – at least some aspects of its herd behaviour, exiguous as it might be, to the overall drift of history of the West as we live through it today.

    It is certainly not intellectually refutable that the immigration policies of Israel runs counter to the immigration policies advocated by leadership of Western Europe and the USA. So naturally if one starts with the premise that Jews are in charge in USA (contestable), and Europe (highly contestable), then the paradox is apparent in plain sight. Suspending the issue of who committed the original “sin” in the case of Israel’s borders for a moment, do you not think that imposing a similar requirement of open-door immigration on Israel is both dangerous on account of its small area and the added difficulties of further enhancing its already volatile mix? (Having said the preceding, I am a proponent of the RoR for displaced Pals from 1948).

    My position on the issue of Jewish power is formed by an appeal to examining its veracity at several levels. On the political level, there is little doubt that Lobby efforts combined with private wealth has created an embarrassingly comical subservience of Congress: an outcome truly deplored by, I daresay the majority of American jews, who would not dare say so loudly enough to make their objections heard. There is much to be done by us in this regard, for it is corrupting for US governance and democracy in which jewish participation need not be separated at all, that is, jews are part and parcel of the American landscape. If Jews were to work hand in hand with their Christian citizen bretheren, a great many insoluble issues might indeed be solved. Again, in this regard jewish historical memory is a major hurdle, one which we must overcome. Its worth noting in this context, that one would be quite justified in faulting the larger majority for its apparent failure to organise and speak as one, but voices such as Joe Webb’s and other’s are discordant with the value set of the generations after 1965. Ranting on about Aryan supremacy will not achieve what has been lost forever, I am glad to say, nor will it serve any practical purpose for the world we are witness to, in this age of connectedness.

    On the social level, it confounds me utterly, the apathy of the non-evangelical Christian masses to the overall neocon drift of this country. Well actually there might be an insight. Would it be incorrect to postulate that Wasps (I am using this term broadly to include all whites excluding jews and the meds), having been the historic beneficiaries of centuries of colonial surplus value extraction, are in the present day excessively indifferent, indeed incapable of summoning the memories of auld lang syne in a manner of speaking? Generations of comfort rendering the inevitable lack of ambition?

    There remains (although not solely) the prickly question of whether racial segregation makes much sense in today’s world, other than advancing society through eugenics; for it is scientifically possible to breed a cleverer population, which while it requires a higher average IQ population (perhaps with a right tail skew) such as that of northern Europe and selected communities, is certainly not by itself, sufficient without the added qualities of grit and effort, to build Utopia. Of course this idea is highly objectionable, and indeed counter to the currently held egalitarian values of the West, yet it must be at least admitted in discussion that communities with average IQs of 70-80 are in an entirely different orbit, incapable on their own to compete with the larger populace, and must therefore be aided by those who through random endowment or otherwise are more capable. Is there another route?

    On the level of Jewish control of the media, I must say that in this day and age, I am not that supportive of this view. While it is certainly the case that MSM has prominent jewish representation, it is by no means monolithic in most matters, except perhaps an uncritical support of Israel (I must acknowledge otoh, heartily as I disdain their typical stances, articles written by both Roger Cohen and Tom Friedman in the NYT have been severely critical of Bibi and his policies). Furthermore, on alternate media, the UR and others are making serious inroads into wakening mainstream consciousness – and many of these employ jewish sponsorship, do they not?

    Jewish over-representation in the Ivies is a subject that has been analysed quite extensively, especially by Ron Unz’s through his own research and the investigation that it prompted in all of the members of that group. Suffice it to note that over the past 5 years the SAT levels for self-declared Jewish entrants in Harvard were 30 points higher than the average accepted at that institution. I would hazard to guess that the others are not dissimilar. Asians are catching up (there is though some evidence that this is in no negligible measure, driven by dishonesty in test taking). The group that that is left to suffer are the Wasps (Blacks and Hispanics being afforded exclusive lanes). So what are Wasps to do here? Pull up your socks, I say!

    Allright. So now I have written rather plentifully enough to cause sparks to fly, and I did not even touch on the matter of “Jewish Ownership of the Federal Reserve” 🙂

  37. @KA

    One has to observe that the interests of the Saudi dictatorship, and Egypt’s military junta, also dovetail with war profiteer industry in America. All that matters to the latter is that the conflicts that produce income streams be stoked. If that requires de facto alliance with Al Qaeda, so be it in the interests of windfall return on investment, which depends on maximum sustainable destruction. In this, human loss of life and injury is an unimportant sideshow – stuff has to get blown up so that more can be sold. The ultimate business objective is the continuation of unwinnable but continuous wars in as many places as possible, creating maximum demand. To the merchants of death, the only war that is lost is the one that ends, because future profits are then lost.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  38. Art says:
    @Sam Shama

    “(Having said the preceding, I am a proponent of the RoR for displaced Pals from 1948).”

    Just think of how wealthy every Palestinian would be if the Jews had set up a trust FUND for each of them and pored all the money they spent on arms and wars into it. Money for land – da!

    Of course that would not occur or appeal to the Talmudic Jew mindset.

    I know – dreaming.

    • Replies: @Fran Macadam
    , @Sam Shama
  39. @Art

    Kind of like what happened to the “misplaced” trust funds that were set up for the American Indian tribes at the U.S. Department of the Interior Bureau of Indian Affairs and were somehow “lost” to the tune of billions?

  40. Sam Shama says:

    Well I think that dream is achievable in light of the changes in the attitude of the younger generation and the influence of webzines like the UR. Imho the European union leaders are simply taking in refugees to solve their labour force shortage, in which a great many Palestinians are getting absorbed as well. So Merkel is looking after the needs of the German industrialist elite, its quite obvious.
    Going back quickly to Dr Giraldi’s main point in this piece, Americans of all persuasions should do their utmost to counter the actions of Cardin and his ilk

    • Replies: @Art
  41. helena says:

    OT except that I find the published article very interesting.

    There are so many different views opposing the changes taking place in Western civilisation, it’s hard to know what to think. I’ve been reading New European Conservative and I’m wondering what you would say about their standpoint.

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  42. geokat62 says:
    @Fran Macadam

    Fran, your analysis is somewhat incomplete in that it implies the war profiteer industry, as you put it, gets to decide to whom they would like to furnish their arms. As you rightly indicated, war profiteers are in business to maximize profits. If it were up to them, they would be furnishing all sides to every conflict. But this is not the case. As you know, US foreign policy dictates which parties are permitted to receive the latest weaponry and in what quantities from the arms industry. And we all know who is directing US foreign policy in the ME, don’t we?

  43. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    What Jewish power can do.

    Rich Jews pull the strings and even major universities fold and play toady.

    This is no way to defend free speech and free thought in the US.

    It should be obvious by now that many Jews who’d claimed to be for free speech never cared about principles. They were for free speech only to the extent that it protected Jewish radical speech, especially during the anti-communist era. Also, Jews needed free speech protections to expand their stakes in the vice industries that would rake in the dough and weaken white gentile morality.

    But once Jews and their mini-me allies the homos gained power, they’ve been shutting down everyone they don’t like.

    Salaita is a recent victim. Of course, technically, Salaita still has the right of free speech to say whatever. But his kind of speech is not allowed in the academia and media. whereas hysterical Jewish about all those ‘muzzies’ and russkies are allowed. A vicious dirtbag like Jennifer Rubin gets to write for Washington Post. Foaming-at-the-mouth Zionists can rant all they want on Talk Radio.
    Salaita has free speech rights but no means to use it as power speech.

    But then, I’ll bet Salaita too is no greater defender of free speech. He bitches cuz his free speech has effectively been shut down. But I’ll bet he would support a whole bunch of PC laws that would shut down on ‘hate speech’. If the likes Salaita had all the power, they would ban Zionist speech as ‘hate speech’.

    And Salaita’s area of specialization seems like just another bogus PC department than a matter of true scholarly pursuit.

    • Replies: @RobinG
  44. Art says:
    @Sam Shama

    “Going back quickly to Dr Giraldi’s main point in this piece, Americans of all persuasions should do their utmost to counter the actions of Cardin and his ilk”

    Cardin is a tribal Jew – what about the Gentile types – they are the ones who have me most upset – they know full well what they are doing – they are true traitors to their culture – they are pure avaricious and greed for money and power.

    p.s. IMHO, if it were safe, most all those Syrian refugees would go back to 2011 Assad Syria in a heartbeat. Clearly their genuine protests and desires for a full democracy have been used by the bad guys — Zionist Israel and Wahhabist Saudi. Those two are the old world reactionaries of the ME – they lack modern thinking – true Luddites of humanity.

  45. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Cardin richly deserves the author’s criticism for his allegiance to Israel on apparently religious grounds. Geraldi should also have asked whether Cardin is a dual citizen, since Israel makes it easy for Jews to become Israeli citizens.

    Citizenship has a larger claim on loyalty than religion. We need to know who in Congress and in the policy levels of the executive branch are covert dual citizens. The Congressional Research Service should be required to collect dual citizenship information in publishing its congressional profiles.

  46. RobinG says:
    @Priss Factor

    They were for free speech only to the extent that it protected Jewish radical speech

    It’s not just what you say. They will try to silence you if you speak to people who might be anti-Semitic. Witness Alison Weir’s excommunication by JVP and USCEIO.

  47. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website
    @Sam Shama

    “do you not think that imposing a similar requirement of open-door immigration on Israel is both dangerous on account of its small area and the added difficulties of further enhancing its already volatile mix?”

    Actually, I have no beef with Israel’s current policy that favors only Jews.
    I just want other nations to have the same policies.
    Israelis should acknowledge that Palestinians suffered a tragic fate due to the creation of Israel and something generous should be done for the Palestinian people, but the current Israeli immigration policy makes perfect sense. We attack it because Jews attack sensible immigration policies of gentile nations.

    Now, one could argue that bigger nations than Israel can accommodate more immigrants. And indeed, empty continents like America, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, and Australia were starved for immigrants when they were starting out. They simply didn’t have enough manpower to settle the land and get things done.
    But even those big nations are settled now, and there is no need to settle more land. Australia, for instance, is fine the way it is. So is Canada.
    Also, even when a new vast & empty nation needs new settlers/immigrants to settle for economic development, it matters what kind of people the nation brings in. People of shared race and culture will be easier to assimilate. Consider how the Anglos and Boers more or less became one people in South Africa. But as black population grew and grew, they were useful in some economic areas, but they could not become part of the white community, before or after apartheid.
    So, it’s not just about economics. It’s about ethnonomics. Tibet has seen fabulous economic growth thanks to Han Chinese migration, but if this continues, it won’t be Tibet anymore. A culture and society are more than about dollars and cents or yen or yuan. If one wants a nation to maintain a certain racial and cultural character, then it is crucial to make sure the right kind of people get in and the wrong kind of people are kept out. For example, if the Chinese had found Australia first and wanted it to develop as a Chinese colony, it would make more sense to invite more Chinese than tons of Asian-Indians who will change the character of Australia. Sure, Australia could economically develop with Asian-Indian labor and enterprise too, but the basic racial and cultural identity of Australia would change if Asian-Indians challenged and even eclipsed Chinese power.

    At any rate, Jews don’t distinguish between big white nations and small white nations. Denmark is tiny. Austria is small too. But the World Jewry say even those nations should have open doors immigration. Jews also push this on Japan and East Asian nations, some of which are quite small.

    Also, Jews say that any national consciousness based on history and race is wrong. The new normal of nationality is inclusion-by-international-law, i.e. all nations should fling their doors wide open and pretend that ANYONE could become, by law, just as much a member of the nation as the natives themselves. So, the the concept of ‘Austrians’ shouldn’t just include people of Austrian ancestry. It should mean anyone could go to Austria, apply for citizenship, and be Austrian just as much as Austrians with long lineage in Austria. So, the meaning of ‘Austrian’ is matter of law, a proposition without roots or heritage, a mere legality. Theoretically, anyone around the world can be an Austrian. Austrian-ness is not particular to those with long history and culture as Austrians through ancestry and history. So, if an African comes to Austria, all of Austrian history, legacy, and identity belongs just as much to him as Austrians with blood in their veins that go back many centuries on Austrian soil.

    This way, Jews try to fool goyim with a switcheroo. Jews say that if Austria is filled with masses of foreigners, it will still be Austria. Austrians would not be losing Austria. Austria will not be wiped off the map. Why not? Because the ‘new Austrians’–from Africa, Middle East, Asia, etc–are just as Austrian as the original Austrians.

    Well, using this logic, why shouldn’t the meaning of ‘zionist’ and ‘Jewish’ and ‘Israeli’ be wonderfully ‘inclusive’ as well? Jews don’t need to worry about Jewishness being lost in the world or worry about Jews losing the Jewish homeland to non-Jews. You see, according to Jewish PC logic, anyone should be able to become ‘Jewish’, ‘Israeli’, or ‘Zionist’. Indeed, if anyone can become Japanese or Danish — which is what Jewish globalists say —, then it should logically follow that anyone could become Jewish. So, it doesn’t matter how small Israel is. If 2 million black Africans go there and claim to be ‘new Jews’, then Israel is just as Jewish before because it has 2 million extra ‘new Jews’. I guess it’s like all these migrants calling themselves ‘Syrian’ to gain easy access to Europe. Globalism makes all cultures and nationalities ‘fluid’ to the point where nothing makes any sense anymore. If some Nigerian and Pakistani can claim to be just as ‘Syrian’ as real Syrians, and then, if all those people can claim to be just as ‘European’ as real Europeans, what’s point of having nations, cultures, and identities?
    I might as well say I’m Bruce Jenner and Bruce Jenner might as well say he’s Pee Wee Herman. If national identities should be so ‘fluid’, why not individual identities as well?

    Now, that is NOT my logic. I think it all sounds crazy. But that is precisely the mindset and policy that Jews push in all gentile nations, big and small. Jews don’t make a distinction between big Canada and small Denmark. Jews think big US and small Sweden should have the same immigration policy and the same ‘inclusive’ policy of identity that globalizes every ethnic identity into a global brand. So, Swedishness is no longer something owned by people of Swedish ancestry but a brand that can be owned by anyone who goes to Sweden and applies for citizenship or welfare handouts.

    Now, Jews are not stupid. They would never settle on such definition of Jewishness cuz it will mean the end of any meaningful definition and tradition of Jewishness. Even if Israel were many times bigger than it already is, I don’t see Jewish changing policy to make Jewishness ‘inclusive’.
    Jews push this idiocy on gentile nations because it undermines their sense of pride and unity, and then it is easier for globalist Jews to manipulate them and guilt-bait them for their lack of ‘inclusiveness’ and their ‘racism’.

  48. geokat62 says:
    @Sam Shama

    So naturally if one starts with the premise that Jews are in charge in USA (contestable), and Europe (highly contestable)…

    If we assume that all special interests within a liberal democratic society are vying for power and influence, I think that it is more accurate to describe it as Jews are dominating key power structures within these scocieties rather than being “in charge” of anything.

    Is it not true that your coreligionists dominate:
    1. the official “narrative” through their ownership of a disproportionate share of media outlets,
    2. the legislative and policy setting agenda through their extremely effective lobbying efforts,
    3. depiction of who are the good guys (invariably Americans) and bad guys (fluctuating from Nazis, Russians, and Muslims) through their ownership of a disproportionate share of the movie industry.

    Do you agree that this is a more accurate depiction of the current state of affairs, Sam?

    • Replies: @geokat62
  49. geokat62 says:

    Just one further point regarding my previous comment.

    Just as in any competitive process, the strong tend to dominate the weak to a point where the competition is effectively over, I think the same could be said about the competition to dominate key power structures of society. Just as there is antitrust legislation that prevents the top dog from dominating completely, their also needs to be a watchdog that ensures that the competition to dominate the power structure playing field is restored every so often to one that is more level.

  50. @Sam Shama

    Sam Shama’s argument here is of the variety that contends that because Jews don’t have complete control of some institution like, say, the mass media or entertainment, they shouldn’t be criticized for what degree of influence they do have. The illogic of such a position speaks for itself, but the fact that so many gentiles are moved by it points to the larger issue of Jewish cultural influence in toto which has successfully created the impression that it is immoral to criticize Jews, even minimally, for any reason.

    Given that, Shama’s conciliatory tone shouldn’t be taken at face value without some attempt to establish its sincerity. To that end, let me ask: Sam, do you believe it’s wrong to be anti-white? If so, do you apologize for Jewish anti-whitism?

    • Replies: @Sam Shama
  51. @geokat62

    I don’t think every single Republican candidate that I saw swore allegiance to Israel and refers to Netanyahu as BiBi because Jews are powerless. Jewish social issues pretty much dominate the Democratic party. The fact that Jews have enormous power in the U.S. and use it in a largely corrosive, divisive and self-serving manner isn’t even worth debating at this point.

  52. Sam Shama says:

    Well I would have no objection to accepting a characterisation that Jews are influential in the various power structures of this liberal democracy.

    (1) As I wrote in my previous post, denying the influence in Congress would be an assault on one’s credibility. This is a pernicious state of affairs that I vigourously oppose and keenly await its reversal to a normal state representative of the democracy that we all cherish.

    (2) Hollywood is certainly not lacking in Jewish producers, actors and directors. None of this came about through some sort of planned nefarious group design, but much more one imagines, due to a Jewish aptitude and interest in the Arts & theatre, and to a large extent a deep urge to be a part of the mainstream, a drive to purge that sense of alienation which pursues us, one that goyim would be entirely unfamiliar with.

    (3) Finance and more specifically the banking system obviously jumps out as the bastion of jewish power no doubt; yet a close examination of the Fed (and its constituent member-ownership etc., which I have done and can share if there is an interest) paints a picture displaying themes unexpected, at least for those who hold as gospel, the narrative of Jewish ‘ownership’. The chairmanship of the Fed has been held by jewish persons since the late 80s, having been led previous to that stretch by the waspish (?) and its share ownership is very widely dispersed. The control of credit as it happens universally, is truly in the hands of a diverse group of ultra-elite with names that are more waspish than jewish (not a surprise to those who have studied economic history), and indeed a function of the wider economic dis-balance, suffering from episodes of excessively easy credit (to wit the housing finance debacle, e.g.,) to excessive tightness (as it is currently in place).

    (4) Military: I know rather little about, but happy to speculate without evidence that there has never likely been a Joint Chief or a highly ranked general of Jewish heritage.

    • Replies: @geokat62
    , @OilcanFloyd
  53. KA says:
    @Philip Giraldi

    In terrorism , its the intentions that master. In TSA handbook and future machine operated detection capability the focus is on the behaviors that suggest something .

    In train and buses, Say Something,if You See Something.

    In case of diplomacy and war – its the intention again.

    There the collective voice goes again from Israeli occupied mind of theAmerican citizen
    – Iran could not be trusted
    – Basher Assad could not be trusted
    – Saddam had no intention not to attack neighbors – each time a solution seems achievable .and inevitable.
    By not supporting the solutions not out of some flawed but deeply nationalistic patriotism and concern for home country, but for Israel ,exclusively for Israel ,this rented voice dominate the sound waves and all audible ranges of the decibel . No other voice . Nothing. No concern how America would fare politically,economically,and support it interest in a rapidly changing world.

    Yes we could not punish them . But we punished the addled brain of the mentally retarder for thinking of committing crimes against humanity ,again American tower and babel and library .
    We have in Nuremberg killed the man for writing and suggesting sympathy for Nazi.

    But the actual crimes committed to the national interests or to the democratic principles of the country goes unpunished ,unupbraided ,unsanctioned.

  54. geokat62 says:
    @Sam Shama

    Curious to get your comments on my follow-up comment, as well.

  55. Sam Shama says:

    You seem to be of the variety, wilfully blind to the evidence placed directly in view and in front of your proboscis : that I am deeply and widely critical of the corrupting influence of the Lobby on our political system. You can choose to glean what you wish from my posts, and we are all free to assign whatever premia or discounts on face value. I am reluctant to answer your question at the end about Jews being “anti-white” whatever the devil that means to you, but what I can say is that any society, particularly a democratic one, presumably organises itself according to the revealed will of the electorate. That the outcome of this process is corrupted by money I’ll be the first to admit, but will certainly not absolve any of us, including you of your own responsibility, which includes among other things, producing and voting to power leaders that will advance the will of the people. That we have not been able to do so is a simple reflection of the basic degeneracy of society, one which Israel Shamir calls “worship of Mammon”. And Mammonites are not all jewish.

    So yes I think it is wrong to be anti-white, especially anti-white Christian males. I think that we have created a society that rots with ill-applied entitlement. It is a society that habours far too many special interests, not the least of which, in its most current manifestations are the crooked demands of the LGBT lobby and the Women’s Rights termagants, almost exclusively drawn from elite schools and pursuing synthetic subjects like ‘African American Studies’ and ‘Women’s Studies’, incessantly litigious, extracting with the force of legally endorsed blackmail and caring not a whit about the lot of middle class or poor white women who bear the vicissitudes of fortune and in true need of aid.

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
    , @geokat62
  56. @Sam Shama


    feminists have formed a state on the lands of another people,
    feminists have formed lobbies to support that state and refused to register them,
    feminists have set as part of their grand strategy the protection of a superpower (a one-way proposition),
    feminists demand and receive massive taxpayer funding to support and “defend” their state,
    feminists have written executive orders and legislation and persuaded large majorities to sign same,
    feminists have conducted campaigns demonizing enemies of feminists and insisted that enemies of feminists must be enemies of all Americans to the extent that the US Treasury Dept will work to economically destroy that ‘enemy,’ and the US military will encircle and routinely threaten that ‘enemy.’


    What is the name of this Feminist entity? Can anybody join?

    • Replies: @Sam Shama
    , @RobinG
  57. @Sam Shama

    ” Hollywood is certainly not lacking in Jewish producers, actors and directors. None of this came about through some sort of planned nefarious group design, but much more one imagines, due to a Jewish aptitude and interest in the Arts & theatre, and to a large extent a deep urge to be a part of the mainstream, a drive to purge that sense of alienation which pursues us, one that goyim would be entirely unfamiliar with.”

    I wouldn’t consider Hollywood to be driven by great artistic or theatrical talent, at least not by the garbage it puts out. Unless Jews control the film and entertainment industry across the globe, Hollywood is pretty mediocre and Jewish dominance doesn’t point to any specific Jewish talents other than nepotism, organizational skills and the ability to hype an inferior product until it sells. Hollywood wolves appear to be similar to the wolves on Wall Street.

    The military may not be under the Jewish thumb, but every effort is being made to destroy/transform the military from the ground up. It looks like typical Jewish activism from the outside.

    • Replies: @Sam Shama
  58. Sam Shama says:

    Well I don’t see that “the competition is effectively over”. However, suppose for the sake of argument we admit that such is the situation, what then are we supposed to do? Do we conclude that the democratic process is done for? Are people truly sheeple? That for me is hard to fathom.

    What sort of anti-trust agency would be able to distinguish between racial, religious and group interest dynamics? It comes back to the electoral and legislative process, reversing the terrible SCOTUS decision regarding Citizens United, applying FARA, and most importantly pursuing citizenry education in political discourse are the concrete paths to pursue as far as I can see….

  59. Sam Shama says:

    Don’t try to be too clever by half as I dealt with the damaging role of the Lobby separately and right in the beginning.

    The overwhelming majority of women’s rights related litigation is inherently frivolous and extortive, filed by the like of Ellen Pao in Silicon Valley and on Wall Street. The number of middle class and poor women who have benefitted from legislation is miniscule and the whole thing is a political circus.

  60. geokat62 says:
    @Sam Shama

    So yes I think it is wrong to be anti-white, …

    C’mon, Sam. What’s this business about “anti-white”? You know as well as I that it’s the actions of the Lobby that are doing the greatest harm to the body politic. To that extent, these actions can fairly be described as “anti-goy,” and not this “anti-white” nonsense. Despite all your efforts at misdirection (eg feminists and LGBTs), most Americans will come to understand that all the treasure and blood has been spent and spilled on behalf of the Zionist project. No matter how hard you try, you can’t pussyfoot around this fact. And as I’m sure you well know, the only real concern the community has is that sooner or later the dumb goy will be able to connect the dots and that the chickens will come home to roost. So wouldn’t you agree with me that the community needs to acknowledge these facts as soon as possible and do everything in their power to restore the “special” relationship to a more “normal” footing?

    • Replies: @Sam Shama
  61. Sam Shama says:

    I wouldn’t consider Hollywood to be driven by great artistic or theatrical talent, at least not by the garbage it puts out.

    Well let’s not get too highbrow shall we? There exists plenty of superb, great, good, average, poor and abysmal products, roughly in proportions that one would expect in a normal distribution I think!

    • Agree: Orville H. Larson
    • Replies: @OilcanFloyd
  62. @Seamus Padraig

    UPDATE: Strangely, the comments seem to be running heavily in Coulter’s favor–at

  63. @Sam Shama

    Every time I go to the movies I wind up throwing my Grey Poupon at the screen and walking out. I’d settle for mediocre.

    • Replies: @Sam Shama
  64. Sam Shama says:

    I am going to point to your glaring and constant habit of taking snippets from my posts and trying to make an entire diatribe of my whole position. I don’t pussyfoot. A person who writes about things so PC and sacrosanct as Women’s Issues in not the most flattering tones, is anything but pussyfooting. If you thought that the sole thrust of all my arguments should be limited to a constant droning and condemnation of all things Jewish, you must have gone astray in your estimates. For that droning would be wrong, tedious and incongruous with what I consider worthwhile. I mean are you trying to condone the theatrics of Emma Sulkowicz as she ‘pussyfoots’ around Columbia with her bedding? Almost all lawsuits demanding multiple millions in the workplace are being initiated by ivy-league and elite school women in Silicon Valley and Wall street. How does this help middle class and poor white women? (Black and Hispanic women are protected classes)

    Furthermore, insidious as the effect of the Lobby might be on the populace, I don’t think anyone is quaking in their pants for the ‘goyim to wake up’ as you ominously portend. Also its tiring for me to repeat that my positions have been well explicated, look for example the hope I hold in the younger generation of American Jews to balance matters in comment #44 (I am witnessing this change as I speak to many in the community)

    I do mean anti-white, as it applies to white Christians, although it seems that such a statement is cringe-inducing for you, and in which case it is true that white males in this country have been totally de-fenestrated and neut(ralised)-ered? (Where is Priss, dammit??!!)

    And what of LGBT hankering for more and more privileges? Are we supposed to ignore the charade being imposed on the diplomatic missions and the armed services? No thank you sir!

    • Replies: @Sam Shama
    , @geokat62
  65. Sam Shama says:
    @Sam Shama

    Also the post to which my answer was directed, was @silviosilver’s comment #55 which queried specifically about “anti-white” policies.

  66. Sam Shama says:

    Well its a matter of taste certainly. I don’t now about you but I thought Transcendence, The Hobbit and X-Men were all great. I still have to see ‘Fury’ and ‘The Monuments Men’, hear they are terrific WWII cinema.

  67. geokat62 says:
    @Sam Shama

    Ok, Sam. What do I know. You keep worrying about that mattress… that special relationship will take care of itself, especially after the 2016 elections.

    • Replies: @Sam Shama
  68. Sam Shama says:

    Well I share your hope that the special relationship will be reduced and rendered entirely normal after the 2016 elections.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  69. Art says:
    @Seamus Padraig

    “Hey, everybody! How about Ann Coulter for President:”

    The charade of Israeli victimization is coming to an end. The charade of Jew victimization is coming to an end. “Anti-Semite” is no longer working – it is an insult to our intelligence.

    The right wing Jews want to steal Palestine in broad daylight – the left wing Jews at midnight.

    Anonymously, anxious Little Jews are starting to put out the false impression that they object to Israeli tactics. They are feeling the heat of the truth. Their Big Jews are failing them – they are not able to cover up the Israeli war crimes.

    Sorry but only when a face with a name goes along with the objection, is it trustworthy.

    p.s. Anne Coulter – Kudos to you girl!

    • Replies: @Sam Shama
  70. geokat62 says:
    @Sam Shama

    Unfortunately, “hope” is not a strategy.

  71. Hrw-500 says:
    @Seamus Padraig

    Vox Day aka Vox Popoli also had a blog post about Ann Coulter’s recent rant.

  72. Sam Shama says:

    Anonymously, anxious Little Jews are starting to put out the false impression that they object to Israeli tactics. They are feeling the heat of the truth. Their Big Jews are failing them – they are not able to cover up the Israeli war crimes.

    as a ‘Little Jew’ I feel no heat other than which my conscience prompts me. Ann Coulter is an equal opportunity shit-stirrer, and may have accidentally blurted out something that must have been plaguing her mind all along. The genuflection before Israel on display last evening, was surely distasteful for most Jewish folk would be my guess, although its a certainty now that she will try to walk back her comments. Let’s watch if she is made of sterner stuff.

    • Replies: @Art
  73. RobinG says:

    S2K, are you in town tomorrow?
    4:00 PM – 6:30 PM

    FRIDAY Sept 18, 2015
    4:00 PM – 6:30 PM

    Embassy of Israel in Washington, D.C.
    3514 International Dr NW, Washington, District of Columbia 20008

    Dozens of Palestinians have been injured since Sunday, when Israeli security forces stormed occupied East Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque compound and attacked Muslim worshipers.
    This Protest Endorsed by: US Palestinian Community Network,, your organization is welcome to endorse, spread the word, join us and:
    – Stand with Al-Aqsa Defenders
    – Stand with Palestinian rights and freedom
    – End Israeli war crimes
    – End US Tax Dollars to Israel
    – Free Palestine, End The Occupation

    FRIDAY Sept 18, 2015
    Embassy of Israel in Washington, D.C.
    3514 International Dr NW, Washington, District of Columbia 20008

    • Agree: SolontoCroesus
  74. RobinG says:
    @Philip Giraldi

    4:00 PM – 6:30 PM

    FRIDAY Sept 18, 2015, 4:00 PM – 6:30 PM

    Embassy of Israel in Washington, D.C.
    3514 International Dr. NW, Washington, District of Columbia 20008

    Dozens of Palestinians have been injured since Sunday, when Israeli security forces stormed occupied East Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque compound and attacked Muslim worshipers.
    Endorsed by: US Palestinian Community Network,, your organization is welcome to endorse, spread the word, join us and:
    – Stand with Al-Aqsa Defenders
    – Stand with Palestinian rights and freedom
    – End Israeli war crimes
    – End US Tax Dollars to Israel
    – Free Palestine, End The Occupation

    FRIDAY Sept 18, 2015

    Embassy of Israel in Washington, D.C.
    3514 International Dr. NW, Washington, District of Columbia 20008

  75. Art says:
    @Sam Shama


    First let me say, that I do not question your sincerity, you quest to be truthful, and I do not question your desire to protect your people.

    You must do the same. Anne Coulter’s anger at US Jews is genuine and sinecure, justified by current events. Blaming her anger on past historic Jewish problems is wrong. (If history is repeating itself, I assure you that a self examination by Jews is in order.)

    After the first part of the debate which was all Trump bating (someone Jews do not support), the subsequent debate parts were all about Jew interests. Iran, Russia, Syria war issues – all Jew foreign policy issues. Next the domestic issues of immigration and abortion – heavily Jew supported issues. The issue of campaign finances was never even broached. Control of our government by Wall Street lobbyists was never brought up. Both clearly dominated by Jews. So the whole debate was about Jew political issues and interests.

    The Republican Party pandering to the US Jews is disgusting to say the least. I think that only Paul and Trump did not use the word “Israel” in their closing remarks. Every loyal informed American should be angry about this sad situation.


    • Replies: @Sam Shama
  76. Sam Shama says:

    I am glad to know that people of goodwill, irrespective of their religious affiliation can be motivated by the most important common cause: the betterment of the country we call our own.

    Trump enjoys Jewish support (at least from the sample that I interact with in NYC). What I think is happening is that the mega-donours like Adelson are backing the GoP establishment, Bush/Rubio/Walker. I sincerely doubt that the average American Jewish person would fall in line blindly, just so Adelson can have his pick! I sense from my own efforts at Jewish congregations that the younger crowd are by any means willing to go about supporting egregious behaviour with eyes wide shut.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  77. KA says:

    Senate Leader Seeks to Tie Iran Vote to Recognition of Israel
    Posted By Jason Ditz On September 15, 2015

  78. KA says:

    Controversial conservative pundit Ann Coulter posted a series of arguably anti-Semitic tweets at the tail end of Wednesday night’s Republican debate, accusing the candidates of pandering to Jewish voters, including one posing the hypothetical question of: “How many f—ing Jews do these people think there are in the United States?”

    Ann Coulter is very very angry

  79. geokat62 says:
    @Sam Shama

    Trump enjoys Jewish support (at least from the sample that I interact with in NYC). What I think is happening is that the mega-donours like Adelson are backing the GoP establishment, Bush/Rubio/Walker. I sincerely doubt that the average American Jewish person would fall in line blindly, just so Adelson can have his pick!

    Sam, that may be true… but what about this issue I raised in a previous comment:

    Further to my previous comment, as was made abundantly clear during Ron Paul’s 2012 presidential campaign, there is little chance the gatekeepers would permit a strong candidate to become either party’s presidential candidate, let alone POTUS.

    • Replies: @Sam Shama
  80. Sam Shama says:
    @Mark Green

    They might agitate for an armed conflict with Iran, however it’s becoming increasingly clear to the GoP and the chicken hawks, prosecuting a war with Iran would be disastrous politically. So opinions are slowly but surely drifting away from the rank and file.

  81. Hrw-500 says:

    I spotted some posts from various commenters on Takimag about the resignation of the Prime Minister of Australia Tony Abbott. As that article from Russia Today mentionned. Did Tony Abbott said an inconvienent truth he shoudn’t said?

  82. Sam Shama says:

    geokat – my sense is that Ron Paul and Trump are entirely different characters. Trump enjoys far greater support among the grass-roots than Paul ever did – at least at this point. Immigration has become a pivotal issue, on which the Lobby finds itself at a loss. Speaking against illegal immigration and amnesty is now a positive, rather than something for which a candidate could be pilloried by the Lobby. Trump uses his own resources (rather cleverly I might add), being entirely unsullied by donourist largesse. It therefore falls on many vested interests to take a measure of this man and discern how he might possibly fit their own billing. For instance, even though his own daughter married into a prominent jewish family, I sense that neither Trump nor his giyoret daughter and her family are about to blindly roll over for a cause that is inimical to the interests of the USA. In other words Trump is certainly not an Israel Firster, but he is certainly a friend of the Jewish population whose interests are closely tied to the long-term interests of USA.

    I don’t think that the Lobby wishes, or indeed can, scupper a Trump candidacy out of hand. Furthermore I think the newer generation of the community thinks rather differently. The older and more influential generation needs to be convinced and I think that is actually happening. We should not get swayed by relying excessively on fears of the Lobby’s great power. In the end, it will depend on how Trump can secure the delegates and super delegates.

    My greatest concern is that he bows out prior to the nomination and goes about his merry way to earn more simoleon.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  83. geokat62 says:
    @Sam Shama

    … my sense is that Ron Paul and Trump are entirely different characters.

    No argument there. My only point is that Paul was a genuine anti-interventionist and as such was deemed a threat to vested interests. So the gatekeepers did everything in their power to ensure he did not win the nomination. Trump, as far as I can tell, is willing to maintain the status quo in the FP arena.. so if he did go on to secure the nomination it would be because he wasn’t perceived as a threat to vested interests.

    • Replies: @Sam Shama
  84. Sam Shama says:

    Ron Paul – although I thought his economic ideas were somewhat wrong-headed (not a deal killer of course), was far too open and revealing of his overall objective. Trump on the other hand is playing his cards much closer to his chest. He will, if he makes a real go of it, compromise and weave his objectives around without giving away the farm. I really believe that there is practically a zero probability of near-future war with Iran (the Lobby rank and file are anything but convinced of this and will tell you so behind closed doors). What I care for most really, is that Trump sounds quite resolute in putting large investments in Infrastructure, Education and training in the USA, a policy long due on these shores.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  85. @Joe Franklin

    They use real needy people like disabled to advance their primitive-retard agenda.

  86. geokat62 says:
    @Sam Shama

    What I care for most really, is… large investments in Infrastructure, Education and training in the USA, a policy long due on these shoes.

    What I care for most really, Sam, is an end to the death and destruction taking place in the ME. There is no greater crime than wars of aggression that are responsible for the death of millions of innocent civilians and the catalyst for the refugee crisis that is taking place even as we speak. The abandonment of this neocon policy is long due on these shores.

    Something tells me that if Trump, or whomever, becomes the next POTUS, he might do something about what you really care for most, but he is unlikely to do something about what I really care for most.

    • Replies: @Sam Shama
  87. Sam Shama says:

    The two objectives are not mutually exclusive.

    • Replies: @geokat62
    , @Wizard of Oz
  88. geokat62 says:
    @Sam Shama

    Agreed, the distinction is merely one of ranking.

  89. @Santoculto

    Here are some examples of undue rewards and privileges for a national victim cult people known as Queers, a protected class supposedly oppressed by straight people:

    1. Sodomy protected as a Queer federal civil right

    2. Elective abortion on demand protected as a Queer federal civil right

    3. Pornography protected as a Queer federal civil right

    4. Queer education in public schools

    5. Free Queer STD treatments and medicines protected as a federal civil right

    6. Queer AIDS hysteria promoted by the federal government at

    7. Mandatory national health insurance coverage for Queer elective abortion, tranny surgeries, and queer STDs

    8. Federal anti-discrimination laws for Queers

    9. Government war mongering and propaganda to impose Queer diversity on foreign nations

    10. Queerism supported in military recruitment and promotions

    11. Federal govt. sponsored marriage licenses for Queer licentiousness

    12. Queer promiscuity promoted as inclusiveness

    13. Federal NEA grants paying for obscene Queer artwork

    14. Federal hate speech prosecution in favor of Queers, and other protected classes

    15. Queer sodomy of children re-labeled generic molestation by govt. and mass media

    16. Preferential immigration and asylum policies for queers

  90. @helena

    Thank you for the referral.

    I’ve skimmed the Manifesto and will read more thoroughly —

    Is the European New Right networked with Dieudonne and Sorral and the Equality and Reconciliation movement that Saker has written about?

    NB. PrissFactory has failed to respond to requests for more intellectual vigor but has fallen back on “da Jooz done it all.”
    PF gives Jews too much credit.
    Jews are always hangers-on, bit-paylers and exploiters of situations but never leaders Because Jewish movements are so intensely self-seeking, no power can — or ought — to count on them to remain loyal to a larger cause; rather, Jewish participants have been spoilers to every large movement they’ve been permitted to participate in, from the time of Wilson until today.

    Jews were very well integrated in German society; German Jews and German ideas, organizational principles and institutions were incorporated into the establishment of the Jewish project in Palestine, until Chaim Weizmann made the bet (purim — casting of lots) that the British were more likely to give Jews what they wanted in Palestine and so Weizmann, a Russian, participated in ensuring a British victory over Germany — a victory that by every other measure should have gone to Germany. Thereafter, the British and zionist Jews became BFFs.

    German Jews collaborated with the British against Germany in WWII and most Jews collaborated with USA against Germany (but very many German Jews fought for NSDAP in WWII).

    But shortly after the British were no longer necessary — in fact, were an impediment to zionist goals, Jews in Palestine turned on the British and routed them.

    As Arthur McCoy is explaining, the British empire & the successor American empire in the WWI and WWII era were playing the Great Game . FDR and Churchill played a much larger game than fighting for Jews and for a Jewish stake in Palestine — those were coat tail issues, exploited by Jews and indulged by Wilson, FDR and Churchill because Jews brought money — and blackmail– to the table. But as Basher Assad reminded those who have forgotten Machiavelli, bought armies cannot be trusted. Jews will turn on the USA — actually, the JPPPI is already planning for the “turn” from USA to China. Dennis Ross was charter chair of JPPPI and one of its first paper was Shlomo Wald’s exploration of Jewish-Chinese relations. Israel joined the Chinese Infrastructure Bank even as Israel’s Stanley Fischer is Janet Yellen’s puppet master.

    Obama’s outreach to Iran is a Great Game geopolitical gambit in which Jews are playing a spoiler, not a useful “ally” role. This is so because Jewish thinking is always exclusively self-interested and therefore Jews have inherent geopolitical blindspots; they lack strategic breadth. Compare the Kagans on their best day with the wily Pollack Zbigniev Brzezinski and see why the Iraq debacle is as chaotic as it is.

    One of “international Jewry’s” most formidable weapons is the ability to dumb down mainline Christians and (from my pov) Roman Catholics. I’m not talking about Christozionists — they are fruitcakes; we all know that zionist Jews created ChristoZionists like Hagee, CUFI, and probably made Falwell’s Liberty University possible. In the USA, the mainline Christian denominations and Roman Catholics could have had, and should have had, the greatest weight to counterbalance zionist Jewish inroads in US culture and politics, but they have caved in to an enemy that seeks their destruction. Even Pope Francis is under the control of the same (evil bastards) whose agenda is to destroy Iran’s economy — Juan Zarate — of South American origin and educated in Catholic schools — was a charter member of Stuart Levey’s team that set up the Jacob Schiff-like rape of Iran’s economy; Zarate is now a member of the Jewish run Foundation for Defense of Democracy, an anti-Iran group; Zarate is business partners with Mark Dubowitz, an Israel firster of the first order; and in June 2014 Zarate

    accepted an appointment to the Board that oversees the Vatican’s Institute for the Works of Religion (“IOR”), a move announced by Cardinal Pell of the Vatican Finance Ministry as part of Pope Francis I’s efforts to clean up the finances of the Vatican. Zarate currently sits on the advisory board for nonprofit America Abroad Media.

    So the fox is in the henhouse.

    Given Zarate’s other relationships, I suspect his task on the Vatican board is to keep the Vatican from providing any moral support to Iran.

    In 2007, during Benedict’s papacy, Khatami visited the Vatican:

    Iran has maintained diplomatic relations with the Holy See for more than 50 years, including during the turbulent years of the Islamic revolution.

    The Iranians see the papacy as a powerful influence, and a possible bulwark against the threatened use of force by the US during the current international crisis over Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

    After meeting the Pope, Mr Khatami will speak at a two-day seminar at the Gregorian University – the pontifical university – on peace in Islam and the Christian world.

    In 2015, twelve Iranian women were guests of Pope Francis at the Vatican.

    As Gilad Atzmon has observed, one of the most pernicious but successful tactics of “Jewish” agents of influence has been to silence others — like Mainline Protestants and Roman Catholics. Roman Catholics make this easy. As I observe these two groups, they are among the least informed of major American groups. Blacks are better informed than your average Joe in a Catholic pew. That’s not just a damn shame it’s a moral failure.

    • Replies: @helena
  91. @Santoculto

    Here are some examples of undue benefits and privileges for a national victim cult people known as Jewish, a protected class supposedly oppressed by gentile people:

    1. Slavish US military, monetary, diplomatic, political, and intelligence support for Jewish Israel

    2. Most DHS homeland security grants for ensuring Jewish security

    3. Taxpayer bailouts for Jewish Wall Street investment businesses

    4. Holocaust-Shoah propaganda in public schools, colleges, museums, and mass media

    5. Federal Laws that prohibit americans to boycott Israeli goods.

    6. Disproportionate Jewish representation in the US Senate and USSC

    7. Federal Reserve System Jewish nepotism and cronyism

    8. Federal anti-discrimination laws for Jewish people

    9. US Government war mongering and propaganda to impose Jewish diversity scheme on foreign nations

    10. Hate speech prosecutions in favor of Jewish people, and other protected classes

    11. Preferential US immigration, citizenship, and asylum policies for Jewish people

    12. Israeli agents not required to register as foreign agents in the US

    13. Jewish diversity scheme promoted as a US Government national policy

    14. Government tax breaks and grants for Jewish schools and synagogues and NGOs

    15. Jewish monopoly of FCC regulated broadcast media

    16. Official cover-up of Jewish and Israeli terrorism and espionage against the US

    17. Disproportionate number of Jewish people in federal employment

    18. US national Jewish American Heritage Month and Holocaust Remembrance Day

    19. US 2-party system espouses Jewish political ideology

    20. US Federal Courts ignore 1st amendment separation of Judaism and state

    21. Jewish Bolshevism white-washed in school history books

  92. Hibernian says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    “the Brits, not excluding the Irish…”

    How about “the Palestinians, not excluding the Israelis?” Will that fly?

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  93. RobinG says:

    Good column by Gilad today.

    Hirsh vs. Corbyn

    In an open letter published in the Jewish Chronicle, notorious hard core Zionist David Hirsh advises the opposition leader what to do if he seeks ‘the trust of Jewish voters.’ As usual, Hirsh has produced an obscure document that reveals little other than the delusional level of Judeo-centrism symptomatic of Hirsh and his ilk.

    Hirsh lists Corbyn’s ‘crimes:’ “You worked for Press TV, the Iranian regime’s propaganda channel and you recommend Russia Today, Putin’s version. You appear in cosy pictures with Hugo Chavez, with Hamas, with Gerry Adams (days after the Brighton bombing) and with Hezbollah. You said that Nato is the aggressor in Ukraine and that Daesh is no worse than the USA. You were the national chair of Stop the War even when it appeared to endorse the killing of British soldiers. You celebrated the anniversary of the Iranian revolution.”

    Yet, despite this roster, Corbyn won the Labour leadership in a landslide victory that left the Blairites and the usual Sabbos Goyim far behind, isolated and humiliated. How did this happen? Simple, for the vast majority of Labour members, Corbyn’s ‘crimes’ were not a problem, quite the opposite. Labour party members made Corbyn their leader because they agree with the rationale behind his arguments and affiliations. They chose Corbyn as their leader because they are not happy with the Jewish Lobby hijacking their country’s politics.

    Hirsh cites Fascism as a prime concern; but you would expect a Jewish academic to know what Fascism was and is. “You don’t have to be for starting a war with Daesh and Assad; but you do have to make it clear that in principle you side with those struggling against fascism and for democracy.” To this Jewish academic both Asad and Daesh are ‘Fascists.’ I guess that within the solipsistic kosher universe, Fascism is basically everything that Jews hate. But the true definition of Fascism is slightly more nuanced. Fascism is a pretty clear worldview. It is secular, nationalist, socialist and led by a strong government that is often authoritarian. Daesh, or any other Islamic system of government, can never be Fascist by definition.

    The fact that Hirsh doesn’t understand Fascism is a little surprising, but let us see what anti Semitism means to the Jewish academic. “There has always been a temptation to imagine Jews as powerful, selling the oppressed to the exploiters for silver. The image of Jews as enablers of injustice, twisters of words and doers of evil runs deep.”

    I don’t see how Corbyn is involved with any of the above, and, from an intellectual perspective, I can’t understand why is it more ‘conspiratorial’ to say that Jews are ‘too powerful’ than to claim that Jews are not powerful at all. The question of whether Jews are powerful can easily be measured statistically and demographically. However, if Jewish power is defined as the power to prevent us from looking into Jewish power then the ‘anti Semitism slur’ is the means used to effectuate such power.

    “Antisemitism” Hirsh continues, “mobilises around vile myth instead of around rational critique.” I am puzzled again, is it really ‘irrational’ to examine or criticize the politics and culture of the most powerful people in our society? Was Max Weber’s search into the role of Protestants in capitalism irrational? Would examination of the cultural and ideological roots of the British aristocracy be irrational? Zionism was a promise to make Jews like all other people. At a minimum, Zionist Jews should insist that Jewish culture and politics be subject to the same criticism and scrutiny as other cultures.

    Hirsh wants Corbyn to show that he understands “the distinction between criticism of Israel and antisemitism.” But this is a false distinction. The Jewish Chronicle that published Hirsh’s letter and rallied against Corbyn for two months claimed to speak in the name of the “majority of British Jews.” But the Jewish Chronicle is not exactly an Israeli paper, it is actually a Jewish paper. The BOD that also claims to represent British Jewry and was highly critical of Corbyn is not an Israeli body either, it is a British Jewish institution. Hirsh’s false distinction ignores the fact that Israel actually defines itself as the Jewish State and it seems that the vast majority of Jewish institutions support Israel and its existence as the Jews only State. The distinction between Jews and their state is far from obvious. In fact, the only person to offer a useful tool to address the topic by making categorical distinctions among Jews, Judaism and Jewishness is yours truly (The Wandering Who?, Zero Books).

    Hirsh’s missive seems to express the wish that Corbyn becomes a Zionist Jew like Hirsh: “you say you hate antisemitism. So support those who fight for peace, not Hamas and Hezbollah who fight for victory over the Jews rather than peace with Israel.”

    Corbyn won the Labour leadership in spite of a vile Jewish campaign against him run by the Jewish Chronicle and other Jewish outlets. Corbyn won the Labour leadership in part because he sees friends in Hamas and Hezbollah.

    Seemingly, Hirsh wants to reinstate to role of the Jews in the party. “At the moment, lots of Jews feel locked out of the party; both the Labour Party and also the carnival of joy and optimism. Your new Labour Party does not feel like a safe place for Jews.”

    I suppose that Hirsh may be correct in his observation. But Corbyn has nothing to do with it. The Jewish sense of rejection is clearly self-inflicted and a direct outcome of the usual pre-traumatic stress syndrome (Pre-TSD). British Jewish community leaders may want to look in the mirror and admit to themselves that once again they have managed to corner themselves.

    Hirsh writes to Corbyn “you can bring lots of us back,” but he knows that this is a lie. Corbyn cannot bring anyone back. The Jewish hate fest against Corbyn and Labour is not going to stop or fade. However, Corbyn’s victory does indicate a sharp decline of Jewish power. Jewish history teaches us that when Jewish power declines, it happens very fast and the consequences are often tragic. Let us hope that this time things will be different, but for that to happen Jews must learn to self reflect. Instead of telling Corbyn what to do in order to appease the Jews, Hirsh and Jewish community leaders ought to ask themselves why the opposition to Jews is growing. If Jewish community leaders fail to find the answers, I would be happy to make my way to Golders Green and give them a brief lecture in exchange for a bag of shekels.

    • Replies: @helena
    , @KA
  94. @Hibernian

    @99 Well no if you are actually intending to reply to my #38.

    But I suspect that it is your gut reacting to the idea that the Irish (including Catholics) jumped in boots and all to take advantage of being subjects of the Btitish Crown/ citizens of the British Empire with enthusiasm. Fortunately one of my Irish rebel ancestors did just that even if his subsequent career as a private soldier in a British regiment ended ingloriously with death from typhoid or cholera.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  95. helena says:

    Hi S2c, thanks for taking time to reply.

    NEC website lists E&R under Links.

    One thing that confuses me is why the site Links to The Occidental Observer and Counter-Currents, and yet seems to suggest that the site does not represent similar views.

    As for Priss, maybe he describes the feeling of being on the receiving end of mechanisms you analyse? Like standing in a cathedral hearing the accoustics and seeing the shafts of light as opposed to explaining how the intersecting rib-vault functions or what techniques are used to make stained-glass.

  96. geokat62 says:

    @Sam Shama

    Sam, it looks like Gilad Atzmon is also more concerned about the Lobby’s machinations than women with mattresses:

    Jewish history teaches us that when Jewish power declines, it happens very fast and the consequences are often tragic. Let us hope that this time things will be different, but for that to happen Jews must learn to self reflect. Instead of telling Corbyn what to do in order to appease the Jews, Hirsh and Jewish community leaders ought to ask themselves why the opposition to Jews is growing.

    I think he has his priorities in order, don’t you?

  97. Hibernian says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    “…to take advantage of being subjects of the Btitish Crown/ citizens of the British Empire with enthusiasm. ”

    I think “out of desperation” is more accurate than “with enthusiasm.” In the military especially, and also in other institutions, there is a lot of feigned enthusiasm. (My great grandfather was an Irish policeman in Ireland, back when all 32 counties were British ruled.)

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  98. Ivan says:
    @Priss Factor

    A masterful analysis. Though it does not account for subversive tendencies. The overseas Chinese are concerned too about their poorer brethren yet you don’t see among them this deep seated desire to take over all the organs of propaganda such as movies and newspapers and thereby control all the narratives. Some other agency is involved

  99. helena says:

    “However, Corbyn’s victory does indicate a sharp decline of Jewish power. ”

    I don’t see that. There’s the new Jewish Centre in northwest London, the proposed cheese-grater to sit opposite the Tower of London, police protection, the EU, and as S2C notes Jewish power can move East.

    Corbyn was elected by ordinary Joes joining the LP. The reason they joined seems to have more to do with austerity, welfare, labour rights, shabby dress, unpolished performance. Brits are clueless about Palestine, fences, African migration deals, Iran, AIPAC etc. I doubt many Brits have even heard of the Jewish Chronicle.

  100. @Hibernian

    I’m sorry that a bug has twice wiped out long and partly sympathetic replies and I haven’t got time to try again but do note that when the anti-British, anti-conscription Archbishop Daniel Mannix was photographed with some 20 Irish-Australian Catholic Victoria Cross winners in 1919 he was celebrating 20 volunteers who would have been much better off sticking to employment on the home front…

  101. @Sam Shama

    Sam I’m not replying to anything in particular but to open up my speculation prompted by my considering, not for the first time, that the emergence of Israel out of some more or less harmless Zionist settlement pre WW1, the Balfour Declaration, Germans blaming Jews for just about all their misfortunes from 1918 to 1935 – or 1942? etc was the now irreversible problem.

    This is and is intended as a negation of the wider anti-Jewish views expressed frequently on the UR.

    I suggest that the view taken, rightly or wrongly, of the Israel lobby in the US is distorting the perception of Jewish tribalism as something essential and perpetual.

    When tribalism, nepotism and patronage was inherently important because the struggle to produce general prosperity for the masses out of our Malthusian low tech past was far from won then a certain amount of anti-Semitism in the US, UK and elsewhere was only to be expected. But already many Jews were showing themselves to be the best kind of English, or Australian, gentlemen – just as, for a suggestive example, Irish Catholics were becoming paragons of the Anglosphere common law countries’ Bar and Bench (as were Jews: Isaac Isaacs was Australian CJ in the late 1920s).

    Before the creation of Israel who would have regarded the Jewish Hollywood moguls or artists as systematically sinister? I am not well enough informed to rattle off their great celebrations of middle America but, absent an obvious cause like the survival of the Jewish state, how are Jews to be rounded up to support Judaism in any specific way except perhaps reduction of discrimination at the Ivies. Golf clubs? Start your own!

    In Germany the degree of assimilation was such that the rich educated assimilated Jews were, as I understand it, without any great fellow feeling for embarrassing Ost Juden who appeared almost Medieval to the German sophisticates. The trouble is most Germans were still unsophisticated tribalists. It is worth remembering that Germany still had a premodern birthrate in 1913. None of the disaster would have happened if the US hadn’t stuffed up the world’s economy in 1929-30 and opened the way for the Nazis to become saviours for the German masses.

    I hope I haven’t said anything trivially wrong that will divert attention from my basic thesis which is that but for the circumstances which produced Israel as an almost inevitable result of WW2 and the consequently inevitable rallying of most Jews to support Israel, all the more when the old guilt about Jews as victims becomes attenuated, Jews might be no more resented than any other upper class people whose abilities gave them wealth, power and status.

    Don’t concentrate all attention on the US if you are seeking to define some essential Jewishness. In Australia our greatest general was a Jew and our first Australian born Governor-General as well (over the objection of King George V but the Australian PM insisted). And neither were, like Disraeli, members of a Christian church.

    In Australia now, without even a quick search online I can name the long serving Labor MP for the part of Melbourne with the biggest part of the Jewish community – an observant Reform Jew – and the up and coming young minister in the federal Coalition government who is Jewish and holds the seat classically held by party leaders and Prime Ministers including Robert Gordon Menzies and Andrew Peacock just to cover about 55 years.

    None of that has to do with Jewish money (partly because money is much less important in the Australian electoral system). Consistent with my thesis there is a lot of Jewish post 19th century, mostly post 1920s money on display. As in the US it is seen in the Arts and medicine and, in the law, it or professional skill upholds traditional common law liberties. If one wanted to nominate a departure from traditional Anglo-Celtic ways one could look to specific provisions of the law which inhibit free speech, possibly justified as oecumenically protecting mosques as well as synagogues. At least there is a certain consistency there if one considers the state of the law in Israel where an anti Muslim blogger has been jailed.

    So what? Unfortunately the one state solution seems to be beyond the wit and goodwill of man to bring about successfully. What do you do about people who can’t match your productivity but massively out breed you?

    • Replies: @Seamus Padraig
    , @Sam Shama
  102. @Wizard of Oz

    What do you do about people who can’t match your productivity but massively out breed you?

    What do you do? Very easy: encourage the formation of dupe-groups (such as ISIS, Al-Nusra, et al.) and get the Arabs to kill each other off for you. At any rate, that’s what Israel does–with plenty of help from their favorite shabbas-goy, Uncle Scam.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
    , @RobinG
  103. @Seamus Padraig

    I understand your point though you are well aware that it hasn’t got anything to do with my point that the one state solution is almost universally looked at as a totally hopeless proposition even if really smart proponents like Tony Judt might have been able to produce a theoretically workable solution.

    I have no idea what the attitude of Serbs is now to the removal of Kosovo from government by Serbs but they couldn’t help but be worried about Kosovo Albanians outbreeding them before becoming more nearly civilised at least by Balkan standards. China doesn’t have to worry about being outbred by Uighurs or Tibetans but the Russians worry about their Muslims last I heard. Still Iran’s birthrate has fallen rapidly in recent years. But neither the Palestinians nor the Israeli Bedouin seem to have bought the package.

  104. RobinG says:
    @Seamus Padraig


    Embedded image permalink

  105. RobinG says:

    In Case you missed this—

    A Refugee Crisis Made in America

    Will the U.S. accept responsibility for the humanitarian consequences of Washington-manufactured wars?

    By Philip Giraldi • September 9, 2015

    Procyk Radek /
    Procyk Radek /

    On April 29th, 2008 I had a Saul on the Road to Damascus moment. I had flipped open the Washington Post and there, on the front page, was a color photo of a two year old Iraqi boy named Ali Hussein being pulled from the rubble of a house that had been destroyed by American missiles. The little boy was wearing shorts and a t-shirt and had on his feet flip-flops. His head was hanging back at an angle that told the viewer immediately that he was dead.


    Four days later on May 3rd a letter by a Dunn Loring Virginia woman named Valerie Murphy was printed by the Post. Murphy complained that the Iraqi child victim photo should not have been run in the paper because it would “stir up opposition to the war and feed anti-US sentiment.” I suppose the newspaper thought it was being impartial in printing the woman’s letter, though I couldn’t help but remember that the neocon-dominated Post had generally been unwilling to cover anything antiwar, even ignoring a gathering of 300,000 protesters in Washington in 2005. Rereading the woman’s complaint and also a comment on a website suggesting that the photo of the dead little boy had been staged, I thought to myself, “What kind of monsters have we become.” And in truth we had become monsters. Bipartisan monsters wrapped in the American flag. Bill Clinton’s Secretary of State Madeleine Albright once said that killing 500,000 Iraqi children through sanctions was “worth it.” She is now a respected elder statesman close to the Hillary Clinton campaign.

    I had another epiphany last week when I saw the photo of the little Syrian boy Aylan Kurdi washed up on a Turkish beach like a bit of flotsam. He was wearing a red t-shirt and black sneakers. I thought to myself that many Americans will shake their heads when looking at the photo before moving on, more concerned about Stephen Colbert’s debut on the Late Show and the start of the NFL season.

    The little boy is one of hundreds of thousands of refugees trying to get to Europe. The world media is following the crisis by focusing primarily on the inability of unprepared local governments to deal with the numbers of migrants, asking why someone somewhere can’t just “do something.” This means that somehow, as a result, the vast human tragedy has been reduced to a statistic and, inevitably, a political football.

    Overwhelmed by thousands of would-be travelers, Hungary suspended train service heading towards Western Europe while countries like Serbia and Macedonia deployed their military and police along their borders in a failed attempt to completely block refugees. Italy and Greece have been overwhelmed by migrants arriving by sea. Germany, to its credit, is intending to process up to 800,000 refugee and asylum applications, mostly from Syria, while Austria and Sweden have also indicated their willingness to accept many more. Immediate neighbors of the zone of conflict, notably Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan are hosting more than three million of those who are displaced, but the wealthy Arab Gulf countries and Saudi Arabia have done little or nothing to help.

    Demands for a European unified strategy to deal with the problem are growing, to include sealing borders and declaring the seas off of preferred departure points in North Africa and Asia to be military zones where undocumented ships and travelers will be intercepted and turned back. One also has to suspect that the refugee crisis might be exploited by some European politicians to justify NATO “humanitarian” intervention of some sort in Syria, a move that would have to be supported by Washington. But while the bickering and maneuvering goes on, the death toll mounts. The recent discovery of 71 dead would-be migrants who suffocated in the back of a locked truck found in Austria, to include five children and a toddler, horrified the world. And that was before the dead three year old on the Turkish beach.

    Many of the would-be migrants are young men looking for work in Europe, a traditional enterprise, but most of the new arrivals are families escaping the horrors of war in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Yemen. Their plight has been described in the media in graphic terms, families arriving with nothing and expecting nothing, fleeing even worse conditions back at home.

    The United States has taken in only a small number of the refugees and a usually voluble White House has been uncharacteristically quiet about the problem, possibly realizing that allowing in a lot of displaced foreigners at a time when there is an increasingly heated debate over immigration policy in general just might not be a good move, politically speaking. But it should perhaps be paying some attention to what caused the problem in the first place, a bit of introspection that is largely lacking both from the mainstream media and from politicians.

    Indeed, I would assign to Washington most of the blame for what is happening right now. Since folks inside the beltway are particularly given to making judgements based on numerical data they might be interested in the toll exacted through America’s global war on terror. By one not unreasonable estimate, as many as four million Muslims have died or been killed as a result of the ongoing conflicts that Washington has either initiated or been party to since 2001.

    There are, in addition, millions of displaced persons who have lost their homes and livelihoods, many of whom are among the human wave currently engulfing Europe. There are currently an estimated 2,590,000 refugees who have fled their homes from Afghanistan, 370,000 from Iraq, 3,880,000 million from Syria, and 1,100,000 from Somalia. The United Nations Refugee Agency is expecting at least 130,000 refugees from Yemen as fighting in that country accelerates. Between 600,000 and one million Libyans are living precariously in neighboring Tunisia.

    The number of internally displaced within each country is roughly double the number of those who have actually fled and are seeking to resettle outside their homelands. Many of the latter have wound up in temporary camps run by the United Nations while others are paying criminals to transport them into Europe.

    Significantly, the countries that have generated most of the refugees are all places where the United States has invaded, overthrown governments, supported insurgencies, or intervened in a civil war. The invasion of Iraq created a power vacuum that has empowered terrorism in the Arab heartland. Supporting rebels in Syria has piled Pelion on Ossa. Afghanistan continues to bleed 14 years after the United States arrived and decided to create a democracy. Libya, which was relatively stable when the U.S. and its allies intervened, is now in chaos, with its disorder spilling over into sub-Saharan Africa.

    Everywhere people are fleeing the violence, which, among other benefits, has virtually obliterated the ancient Christian presence in the Middle East. Though I recognize that the refugee problem cannot be completely blamed on only one party, many of those millions would be alive and the refugees would for the most part be in their homes if it had not been for the catastrophic interventionist policies pursued by both Democratic and Republican administrations in the United States.

    It is perhaps past time for Washington to begin to become accountable for what it does. The millions of people living rough or in tents, if they are lucky, need help and it is not satisfactory for the White House to continue with its silence, a posture that suggests that the refugees are somehow somebody else’s problem. They are, in fact, our problem. A modicum of honesty from President Barack Obama would be appreciated, perhaps an admission that things have not exactly worked out as planned by his administration and that of his predecessor. And money is needed. Washington throws billions of dollars to fight wars it doesn’t have to fight and to prop up feckless allies worldwide. For a change it might be refreshing to see tax money doing some good, working with the most affected states in the Middle East and Europe to resettle the homeless and making an honest effort to come to negotiated settlements to end the fighting in Syria and Yemen, both of which can only have unspeakably bad outcomes if they continue on their current trajectories.

    Ironically, American hawks are exploiting the photo of the dead Syrian boy to blame the Europeans for the humanitarian crisis while also demanding an all-out effort to depose Bashar al-Assad. Last Friday’s Washington Post had a lead editorial headlined “Europe’s Abdication,” and also featured a Michael Gerson op-ed urging immediate regime change in Syria, blaming the crisis solely on Damascus. The editorial railed against European “racists” regarding the refugee plight. And it is not clear how Gerson, an evangelical neoconservative former speech writer for George W. Bush, can possibly believe that permitting Syria to fall to ISIS would benefit anyone.

    We Americans are in something approaching complete denial about how truly horrible our nation’s recent impact on the rest of the world has been. We are universally hated, even by those who have their hands out to receive their Danegeld, and the world is undoubtedly shaking its head as it listens to the bile coming out of the mouths of our presidential candidates. Shakespeare observed that the “evil that men do lives after them,” but he had no experience of the United States. We choose to dissimulate regarding the bad choices we make followed up with lies to justify and mitigate our crimes. And still later the evil we do disappears down the memory hole. Literally.

    In writing this piece I looked up Ali Hussein, the little Iraqi boy who was killed by the American bomb. He has been “disappeared” from Google, as well has the photo, presumably because his death did not meet community standards. He has likewise been eliminated from the Washington Post archive. The experience of Winston Smith in George Orwell’s 1984 immediately came to mind.

  106. Sam Shama says:
    @Wizard of Oz


    A reply to your well-considered post requires far more attention and thought than I can offer at the moment, having spent a goodish bit of my afternoon responding to the typical “Jews own the Fed” type of clanging, in progress at old Derbyshire’s turf, with Ann Coulter’s career, or rather its end going for slightly better than even odds.

    So allow me to return tomorrow to these pages, for a fuller exposition of my attitude towards the matter of the 1SS and all its obvious consequences, not the least of which you allude to in the final paragraph of your entry.

    Until then therefore,


  107. RobinG says:

    Some here in the US are pretending that Israel-firster Bernie Sanders is an American version of Corbyn. The Repubs. are lunatics at home as well as abroad, and the Greens are a pitiful waste of a vote. Great system.

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  108. RobinG says:

    Apparently UR is allergic to something (the link?) so I’ll just say Paul Eisen gives Zionists plenty to hate on, even without holocaust denial.

    Jewish Power

    By Paul Eisen – (August 19, 2004)

    “The crime against the Palestinian people is being committed by a Jewish state with Jewish soldiers using weapons displaying Jewish religious symbols, and with the full support and complicity of the overwhelming mass of organised Jews worldwide. But to name Jews as responsible for this crime seems impossible to do.”

  109. @RobinG

    I’m proud to be Jewish,” the Independent from Vermont – and candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination – responded Thursday at a press breakfast hosted by the Monitor. Though, he added, “I’m not particularly religious.”

    As a child, Sanders said, being Jewish taught him “in a very deep way what politics is about.”

    “A guy named Adolf Hitler won an election in 1932,” the senator said. “He won an election, and 50 million people died as a result of that election in World War II, including 6 million Jews. So what I learned as a little kid is that politics is, in fact, very important.”


    without a doubt a critical analysis of Sanders’ failure to critically analyze what he learned “as a child” would be tagged “antisemitic.”

    All you need to know, if you are teaching a Jewish child to grow up and make it in US politics, is that
    Hitler elected —->6 million Jews died.

    Combine that with Ronen Bergman’s declarations about Israel’s numerous uses of assassination –“more extensive than any country in the world, even a cruel tyrant like Stalin or Saddam Hussein,” and that “If someone is deemed a ‘Hitler,’ you have a moral and even legal right to assassinate him to protect your people.”

    Is Bernie Sandeers a person you want to entrust with the US nuclear arsenal much less your children’s future?

  110. bunga says:

    “Now Iran has agreed to allow the IAEA to visit the site at Parchin and environmental samples have already been collected at the site. However, the politically charged tale of the bomb test chamber of Parchin is beginning to unravel. IAEA director general Yukiya Amano entered the building in which the explosives chamber had supposedly been located on Monday and announced afterward that he found “no equipment” in the building.

    That is surely a major story, in light of how much has been made of the alleged presence of the chamber at that location. But you may have missed that news, unless you happened to read the story by Jonathan Tirone of Bloomberg Business News, who was the only journalist for a significant news outlet who chose to lead with the story in his coverage of Amano’s Monday visit.

    The episode of the AP story begs the obvious question: Why was the state that could not be named so intent on planting a false story of Iranian removal of the purported cylinder?

    In August 2012, an IAEA report stated that the agency had acquired the satellite imagery available on the Parchin site for the entire period from February 2005 to January 2012. The report revealed that the imagery showed “virtually no activity at or near the building housing the containment vessel” ”

  111. tbraton says:

    PG, there is a current piece in Al-Monitor which RCP posted this morning re the offer made by certain U.S. officials to provide Israel with our recently developed bunker-buster bombs. The problem is that we would have to provide Israel with B-52s or B-2s because the bombs are so heavy.

    Speaking of your friend, Sen. Ben Cardin, there are the following relevant paragraphs:

    “Ross said he’s found a receptive audience on Capitol Hill, notably among Democrats who don’t like that many of the restrictions on Iran would eventually expire but are eager to try to make the deal work.

    “I think there’s more interest there,” Ross said. “And not surprisingly. For those who have come out in favor of the [deal] but are concerned about some of its vulnerabilities, it’s not surprising that they tend to be more enthusiastic about this.”

    One of those interlocutors in[sic] the top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations panel, Sen. Ben Cardin, D-Md. An early draft of Iran-related legislation currently being worked on by Cardin would authorize the president to provide the massive bombs to Israel “and the means to deploy them.”

    A Cardin spokeswoman however cautioned that the bill is still being modified.

    “Senator Cardin believes it is premature to be talking about specific weapon systems that may be part of an enhanced regional security strategy,” said Sue Walitsky. “His proposal, as it will be introduced, allows more flexibility on what might be appropriate as the situation on the ground develops.”

    Critics of the deal say Democrats are just looking for cover wherever they can find it. They argue the bunker-buster idea is meant to make the nuclear agreement more palatable but is not realistic.”

    Read more:

    Read more:

  112. tbraton says:
    @Haxo Angmark

    “the NYT has been a Jewish-owned (Sulzberger) liberal-Zionist rag since the beginning.”

    Not true. The Ochs-Sulzberger family did not acquire the Times until 1896. It was founded in 1851. This is what Wikipedia says about its founding:

    “The New York Times was founded as the New-York Daily Times on September 18, 1851, by journalist and politician Henry Jarvis Raymond, (1820–1869), then a Whig Party member and later second chairman of the newly organized Republican Party National Committee, and former banker George Jones. Sold for a penny (equivalent to 28¢ today), the inaugural edition attempted to address various speculations on its purpose and positions that preceded its release:[11]

    ‘We shall be Conservative, in all cases where we think Conservatism essential to the public good;—and we shall be Radical in everything which may seem to us to require radical treatment and radical reform. We do not believe that everything in Society is either exactly right or exactly wrong;—what is good we desire to preserve and improve;—what is evil, to exterminate, or reform.’ ”

    Similarly, the Washington Post was established in 1877 and was acquired by financier and later Chairman of the Federal Reserve Eugene Meyer, father of Katherine Graham, in 1933. The most important development was the later acquisition of the other morning newspaper, the Times-Herald in 1954, which allowed the Post to monopolize the morning newspaper business at a time when the soon-to-be-dominant TV evening news was about to render the still leading Washington paper, The Evening News, less valuable. (One of the great mistakes of the family which owned The Evening Star was not buying the Times-Herald itself or not switching to a morning newspaper format to compete directly with the Post.)

    As an aside, Wikipedia has this funny account (which I had never heard before, despite growing up in D.C.):
    ” During the Wilson presidency, The Post was credited with the “most famous newspaper typo” in D.C. history according to Reason magazine; The Post intended to report that President Wilson had been “entertaining” his future-wife Mrs. Galt, but instead wrote that he had been “entering” Mrs. Galt.” He was probably doing both.

  113. AndrewR says:

    Merely being voted out of office is far too lenient for Cardin. He should be tried for high treason.

    As for dual loyalty, that would be an improvement over many US-occupying Jews’ singular loyalty to Israel.

  114. Ace says:

    >> if you can’t afford health care just die without complaint. <<

    A gross distortion of any GOP position.

    Plus, you assume that the federal government has a constitutional responsibility to involve itself in health care. Kindly point out to me where in Article I, Sect. 8 of the Constitution "health care" is mentioned.

    This is what is known as a basic principle of our constitutional scheme.

    If you think something is a good thing for the government to do and thus that it's constitutional you add nothing to anyone's understanding. Talk all you want about what states can do and you're on firm ground.

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