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Israel to Attack Iran? Washington Gives the Green Light to the 'Military Option'
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Some might recall candidate Joe Biden’s pledge to work to rejoin the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) which was a multilateral agreement intended to limit Iran’s ability to develop a nuclear weapon. The JCPOA was signed by President Barack Obama in 2015, when Biden was Vice President, and was considered one of the only foreign policy successes of his eight years in office. Other signatories to it were Britain, China, Germany, France, and Russia and it was endorsed by the United Nations. The agreement included unannounced inspections of Iranian nuclear facilities by the IAEA and, by all accounts, it was working and was a non-proliferation success story. In return for its cooperation Iran was to receive its considerable assets frozen in banks in the United States and was also to be relieved of the sanctions that had been placed on it by Washington and other governments.

The JCPOA crashed and burned in 2018 when President Donald Trump ordered U.S. withdrawal from the agreement, claiming that Iran was cheating and would surely move to develop a nuclear weapon as soon as the first phase of the agreement was completed. Trump, whose ignorance on Iran and other international issues was profound, had surrounded himself with a totally Zionist foreign policy team, including members of his own family, and had bought fully into the arguments being made by Israel as well as by Israel Lobby predominantly Jewish groups to include the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). Trump’s time in office was spent pandering to Israel in every conceivable way, to include recognizing Jerusalem as the country’s capital, granting Israel the green light for creating and expanding illegal settlements on the West Bank and recognizing the occupied Syrian Golan Heights as part of Israel.

Given Trump’s record, most particularly the senseless and against-American-interests abandonment of JCPOA, it almost seemed a breath of fresh air to hear Biden’s fractured English as he committed his administration to doing what he could to rejoin the other countries who were still trying to make the agreement work. After Biden was actually elected, more or less, he and his Secretary of State Tony Blinken clarified what the U.S. would seek to do to “fix” the agreement by making it stronger in some key areas that had not been part of the original document.

Iran for its part insisted that the agreement did not need any additional caveats and should be a return to the status quo ante, particularly when Blinken and his team made clear that they were thinking of a ban on Iranian ballistic missile development as well as negotiations to end Tehran’s alleged “interference” in the politics of the region. The interference presumably referred to Iranian support of the Palestinians as well as its role in Syria and Yemen, all of which had earned the hostility of American “friends” Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Israel inevitably stirred the pot by sending a stream of senior officials, to include Foreign Minister Yair Lapid, Defense Minister Benny Gantz and Prime Minister Naftali Bennett to discuss “the Iranian threat” with Biden and his top officials. Lapid made clear that Israel “reserves the right to act at any given moment, in any way… We know there are moments when nations must use force to protect the world from evil.” And to be sure, Biden, like Trump, has also made his true sentiments clear by surrounding himself with Zionists. Blinken, Wendy Sherman and Victoria Nuland have filled the three top slots at State Department, all are Jewish and all strong on Israel. Nuland is a leading neocon. And pending is the appointment of Barbara Leaf, who has been nominated Assistant Secretary to head the State Department’s Near East region. She is currently the Ruth and Sid Lapidus Fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP), which is an AIPAC spin off and a major component in the Israel Lobby. That means that a member in good standing of the Israel Lobby would serve as the State Department official overseeing American policy in the Middle East.

At the Pentagon one finds a malleable General Mark Milley, always happy to meet his Israeli counterparts, and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, an affirmative action promotion who likewise has become adept at parroting the line “Israel has a right to defend itself.” And need one mention ardent self-declared Zionists at the top level of the Democratic Party, to include Biden himself, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer and, of course, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer?

So rejoining the JCPOA over Israel objections was a non-starter from the beginning and was probably only mooted to make Trump look bad. Indirect talks including both Iran and the U.S. technically have continued in Vienna, though they have been stalled since the end of June. Trita Parsi has recently learned that Iran sought to make a breakthrough for an agreement by seeking a White House commitment to stick with the plan as long as Biden remains in office. Biden and Blinken refused and Blinken has recently confirmed that a new deal is unlikely, saying “time is running out.”

And there have been some other new developments. Israeli officials have been warning for over twenty years that Iran is only one year away from having its own nukes and needs to be stopped, a claim that has begun to sound like a religious mantra repeated over and over, but now they are actually funding the armaments that will be needed to do the job. Israel Defense Force Chief of Staff Aviv Kohavi has repeatedly said the IDF is “accelerating” plans to strike Iran, and Israeli politicians to include former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have regularly been threatening to do whatever must be done to deal with the threat from the Islamic Republic. Israeli media is reporting that \$1.5 billion has been allocated in the current and upcoming budget to buy the American bunker buster bombs that will be needed to destroy the Iranian reactor at Bushehr and its underground research facilities at Natanz.

In the wake of the news about the war funding, there have also been reports that the Israeli Air Force is engaging in what is being described as “intense” drills to simulate attacking Iranian nuclear facilities. After Israel obtains the 5000 pound bunker buster bombs, it will also need to procure bombers to drop the ordnance, and one suspects that the U.S. Congress will somehow come up with the necessary “military aid” to make that happen. Tony Blinken has also made clear that the Administration knows what Israel is planning and approves. He met with Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid on October 13th and said if diplomacy with Iran fails, the U.S. will turn to “other options.” And yes, he followed that up with the venerable line that “Israel has the right to defend itself and we strongly support that proposition.”

Lapid confirmed that one of Blinken’s “options” was military action. “I would like to start by repeating what the Secretary of State just said. Yes, other options are going to be on the table if diplomacy fails. And by saying other options, I think everybody understands here … what is it that we mean.” It must be observed that in their discussion of Iran’s nuclear program, Lapid and Blinnken were endorsing an illegal and unprovoked attack to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon that it is apparently not seeking, but which it will surely turn to as a consequence if only to defend itself in the future.

In short, U.S. foreign policy is yet again being held hostage by Israel. The White House position is clearly and absurdly that an Israeli attack on Iran, considered a war crime by most, is an act of self-defense. However it turns out, the U.S. will be seen as endorsing the crime and will inevitably be implicated in it, undoubtedly resulting in yet another foreign policy disaster in the Middle East with nothing but grief for the American people. The simple truth is that Iran has neither threatened nor attacked Israel. Given that, there is nothing defensive about the actions Israel has already taken in sabotaging Iranian facilities and assassinating scientists, and there would be nothing defensive about direct military attacks either with or without U.S. assistance on Iranian soil. If Israel chooses to play the fool it is on them and their leaders. The United States does not have a horse in this race and should butt out, but one doubts if a White House and Congress, firmly controlled by Zionist forces, have either the wisdom or the courage to cut the tie that binds with the Jewish state.

Philip Giraldi, Ph.D. is Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest.

(Republished from Strategic Culture Foundation by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Exile says:

    U.S. war policy has been based on self-certified moral superiority and exceptionalism since Lincoln.

    Our modern status as a de facto colony of Israel has only accelerated the rot and the chutzpah. We’re learning hubris from the masters.

    Since Americans have recently been unwilling to go to war for Israel again, Israel will force the issue and squeeze the last drops of American blood and treasure out of the husk of our former country before it gets humiliated by China over Tiawan and officially loses superpower status for good.

    Then they’ll burrow in with China and other rising states while a rump diaspora squabbles over the scraps of America left to pirate.

  2. Antiwar7 says:

    There’s no way the US could prevent a massive counterattack against Israeli targets by Iran, if Israel attacks Iran. Given that, is this necessarily empty posturing?

    Or does anyone think this could happen? And if so, what would be the likely outcome?

  3. Anon[397] • Disclaimer says:

    As long as Americans are stupid, the Jews will continue their evil ways unopposed… would that enough Americans with awareness and spine could oppose the Satan’s People.

    • Agree: littlewing
  4. I doubt if Israel will take the risk in attacking Iran now like they use to, we know Israel likes the odds overwhelmingly in their favor, this is no longer the case as Iran now has very powerful friends of its own who would like nothing better than to test its technology against the West.

    Goodbye Israel….your days are numbered.

  5. I cannot understand how a pre-emptive strike would be wise. How would they defeat the air defenses to strike the target? Frankly it was psychotic to pull out of the JCPOA. I make no predictions – but I dont see how any of this turns out well. They dont believe Iran could retaliate? Dangerous games being played here.

    • Agree: TitusAlone
    • Replies: @Corrupt
  6. Notsofast says:
    @Cookie Boy

    it’s ridiculous to think that israel would publicly vote to direct funds for an attack on iran’s nuclear facilities. did they do that when blew up saddam’s reactor? this is all political theater of the absurd. iran’s mocking retort that they should direct 100’s of billion’s for rebuilding the damage the iranians would inflict in response shows how little they believe the threat (as if the israelis would spend their own money, lol). the iranians are having fun with all this, now saying they will return to negotiations by the end of november, to prevent the u.s. from providing support while talks are on going. they must have a hard time keeping a straight face while saying this as they will never sign any agreement with the u.s. ever again, fool me once, we won’t get fooled again, to quote the former poet idiot of the united states.

    • Replies: @Jiminy
  7. anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:

    The constant war rhetoric and vague threats about anything might happen are counterproductive. Countries under threat are spurred on to develop their own deterrents. It’s rather nervy to demand that Iran not involve itself in the region when the far-away US is heavily involved. Seems like they’re making demands that the Iranians can’t agree to so as to have an excuse for failure to come to an agreement. The war drums about Iran and China are being beaten quite a bit and one wonders if it’s mostly bluff or if it presages actual actions to take place. All this war incitement can’t have a happy ending.

    • Agree: TitusAlone
    • Replies: @Joe Wong
  8. anon[296] • Disclaimer says:

    Tired of all the saber rattling. Go ahead. Let Israel attack Iran, US go to war with China over Taiwan, and US/NATO go to war with Russia over Ukraine. WWIII, bring it!

    Giraldi and Anglin are doing their best to help the media arm of the MIC with their daily hysterics over phantom wars.

  9. Rich says:

    Could Israel successfully attack Iran? Could they succeed in bombing suspected nuclear facilities? I wouldn’t think so and if Iran retaliated there could be massive Israeli casualties. I don’t think the Israeli people could sustain high numbers of dead and wounded. This whole idea seems ridiculous, unless the Israelis have become completely confident that Iran won’t strike back, due to Iran failing to retaliate against strikes in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq. If Israel suffered serious consequences, the country would empty out and there’d be no more immigration. I’d expect the Jewish population to be halved if Israel proper was ever successfully attacked.

  10. anon[271] • Disclaimer says:

    When the vaccinated-poisons have whittled down the legacy Americans and Israelis as a sickly autoimmunocompromised shell of their former selves, but Russia/China/Iran/Pakistan/Turkey/Venezuela/North Korea have not made the same mistake…….what then?

    This nation will be ruled by Latins and Asians in 20 years. The boomers will be deaders, GenX will be in nursing homes. The rest are non-white majority who dont give a gerbil’s ass about Israel, and cant be guilt-mongered into doing so. What then? I look for a war of desperation, based on a false flag, to be launched in the next few years.

    Have a good missile defense system Iran.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  11. JimDandy says:

    Thanks, that’s exactly the question I intended to write when I came here.

    Anyone? Anyone?

    • Thanks: Antiwar7
  12. Niemand says:

    So what did Bennett and Putin talk about for five hours? Did the Zionists make Putin an offer on Crimea and the Donbas that he could not refuse? Seems to me that an already quick pace is… quickening. Time to buy some more popcorn for storing in the nuke proof bunker…

  13. @Cookie Boy

    Israel is terrified of Hezbollah and Iran. Israel will lose to either of them in any war conventional war now and be totally destroyed in any nuclear war Israel starts and Israel knows it.

    Racist supremacist Israel needs, as racist supremacist Jew Henry Kissinger calls them, their stupid animal beast slave Goyim USSA soldiers to do the fighting for them, only it won’t work this time as the USSA will lose a war against Iran as well.

    Iran has the racist supremacist global Jewish satanic slave empire dictatorship by the balls and the throat. The Zio empire can destroy Iran’s economy and infrastructure yes, but Iran can totally destroy them in return very easily.

    Yes, the odds are in Iran’s favor. Israel and its racist supremacist global Jewish slave empire dictatorship will be destroyed.

    In any such war the military and economic infrastructure of Israel will be totally destroyed and the military of the USSA within striking distance of Iran’s missiles. Israel’s Dimona nuclear reactor will be destroyed and probably irradiate Israel for years to come.

    All oil production facilities in the Gulf states, Saudi, Iraq and Iran, Azerbaijan etc. will be destroyed. No oil from them for at least 10 years. Oil at 2000 plus per barrel for 10 years. 90% plus unemployment in the USSA, EU etc. wide spread famine and death.

    Iran will likely be the only government to survive such a war so by continuing to exist they will be the winners along with Russia and China.

    The USSA government all of the Zio empire what use to be the west they conquered government will collapse.

    The empire has destroyed its Euro Goyim hosts. It is now only supported by the Petro Zio dollar which depends on Saudi and gulf kingdoms oil being sold in Zio dollars, which Iran can destroy so the empire can never attack Iran as mentioned unless assured of preventing Iran’s destroying of the gulf kingdoms oil production and therefore the Zio dollar.

    Iran does not need nuclear weapons to deter Israel as Israel’s Dimona nuclear reactor is Hezbollah’s and Iran’s nuclear weapon against Israel. They have nuclear parity with Israel because of this reactor.

    Its why Iran doesn’t need or want nuclear weapons. Dimona will give off massive amounts of radioactivity for years maybe decades more then 50 nuclear bombs worth when it is destroyed, leaving much of Israel uninhabitable for some time.

    Just look at Chernobyl or the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disasters. The no go zones around both are still bigger than Israel.

    If Israel and the so-called superior master Jewish race had any brains, they would dismantle the reactor for this reason alone.

    I bet Hezbollah and Iran each have at least 150 missiles aimed at this reactor. The plutonium, uranium etc., will be blasted to bits for maximum nuclear fallout and radioactive contamination of all of Israel.

    I wonder if Israel’s leaders are so stupid as to not realize such things. when they decide to attack Iran with nuclear weapons to understand they will be committing suicide either way .

    • Replies: @Abu Al Tamer
  14. @Rich

    I don’t think the Israeli people could sustain no electricity, no water, no gasoline, no military bases, a crippled military, no airforce, no economy for 10 plus years along with a palestinian uprising and a Hezbollah / Syrian and Egyptian invasion in the aftermath of any such war with Iran.

    • Replies: @TitusAlone
  15. Bush or Obama or Trump or Biden, Democratic or Republican, the one constant in US politics is “We cuck for Zion.”

    • Thanks: Trinity, Robert Bruce
  16. Altai says:

    Biden’s secretary of state back when he was the UN ambassador under Obama.

    Blinken is part of the liberal Zionist tradition, he isn’t a naturally abrasive character like many neocons, at least publicly. But a noxious influence he remains, particularly at state.

    • Agree: Verymuchalive
    • Replies: @Badger Down
  17. I don’t see how Israel loses to Iran in an all-out war. Israel has a massive technological advantage and an air force vastly better than Iran’s. If the Israelis truly thought Iran posed a threat, they wouldn’t be so brazen in attacking and killing Iranian scientists and civilians. The only way the Israelis lose is if the US refuses to join in an attack on Iran, and powerful outside nations, like Russia and China, join forces against Israel. That could possibly happen, but it only happens if the US adamantly refuses to intervene. The Israelis are very cunning and smart. They would not saber-rattle unless they knew things were prohibitively in their favor.

  18. It is astonishing how little control Americans have over their own foreign policy. The dumb bastards mock and taunt Europeans and others, but they are merely the goyim and cattle Israel uses to advance its proxy wars. For a nation of puffed-up, self-styled sophisticates, they struggle to see reality. I hope China delivers a crushing lesson in humility.

  19. The first time the Israelis suffer a significant reversal on the battlefield, or the first time Americans rise up successfully against the aliens when they try to further destroy America, is the moment when American politicians will grow a spine and realize they can say no to Israel.

    • Replies: @Old Brown Fool
  20. Alfa158 says:
    @war is coming

    Despite Iranian rhetoric about annihilating Israel, Iran is probably thinking that they don’t have to actually do it. All they have to do is endure, bleed the attacking Israeli forces, launch missile and terrorist attacks to impede the production and flow of oil out of the Gulf, and let the Israelis punch themselves out. As the Taliban and the Vietnamese demonstrated you can defeat a far stronger enemy by simply hanging in there letting the burn themselves out. The American people are no longer going to support wars that aren’t in direct defense of home territory. How much punishment and disruption will the Israelis take if their giant attack dog refuses to join in and take most of the casualties and cost, and the rest of the world is going to turn even more against them?

    • Replies: @Caruthers
    , @RoatanBill
  21. Israel is just planning a raid. They will get the big bomb and the stealth bomber from the US, make it a drone and launch the bomb on an Iran underground lab. It’s a continuation of what they do in Gaza but at a larger scale. They need ennemies to justify the flow of US money into Israel. They don’t want to kill their source of income until they find another one.

  22. @Rich

    While I’d love to see Israel get what they deserve, my concern is that the jews in Israel will come to the U.S. if Israel empties out after reaping what they have sown. It seems like a no win situation for whites in the U.S.

    • Replies: @Rich
  23. Like many, many Americans, I support war against Iran and a simultaneous attack on China. Look, our military has never been more powerful, our leadership never more focused. The time to strike is now!

    We know Iran and China were behind the deadly Covid virus, along with the puppy torture that has recently come to light. Also, both China and Iran represent a serious threat to Israel.

    I long to see our military leap into action under the leadership of that magnificent African American guy and that General with those bags under his eyes.

    America has been at peace for too long. Let’s go America.

  24. Ghali says:

    It is speculation designed to soften people for war against a majority-Muslim nation by a Zion-Fascist entity financed and armed by the American people.
    If attacked, Iran must do the right thing. Iran must attack and destroy the Dimona nuclear plant. This will hopefully caused nuclear radiation which will force Jews to to go back to their countries of origin.

  25. @Exile

    Attack Iran and there won’t be an israel left. Actually the world looks froward to the apartheid entity making this colossal misstake, because what the world wants is that the disgusting entity of apartheid israel is wiped off the ME once and for all.

  26. IronForge says:

    Bad Idea.

    I’ve recommended for a Non-Aggression or Peace Treaty btwn ISR and IRN.

    CHN and PRK Military+MIC Advisors are in IRN – Injuring/Killing them in the Strikes would involve repercussions. CHN and/or PRK just might park their Nukes on IRN Soil as a Deterrent.

    If ISR escalates with DU Ordnance, IRN_Assymetrics will Set Off Dirty Nuke Bombs throughout ISR. If ISR escalates with TacNukes, SHTF – PAK are watching.

    Not my Fight, not my War. Hopefully, Murican Servicemen + Congress will not get involved.

  27. J says:

    Israel will defend itself with or without the USA. Iran led by messianic Muslim clerics, armed with nuclear weapons, is a perpetual menace to Israel and its neighbors. The Ayatollahs may seek “martyrdom” to earn their place in Heaven. They may also start a worldwide run for nuclear weapons, turning climate change utterly irrelevant.

    • Replies: @Truth be told
  28. JWalters says:
    @war is coming

    “The only way the Israelis lose is if the US refuses to join in an attack on Iran”

    I agree, if the US breaks free. The “Nation of Israel” is headed by the Rothschild gang in the City of London, controlling the US through their Wall Street subsidiary. They may have established the country of Israel mainly as a perpetual war zone to keep their military profits rolling in. In that case they may have planned for Israel to have a limited shelf life and eventually be sacrificed in an ammunition extravaganza. Or they may have established Israel as true believers in the Talmud’s Chosen People fantasy. In which case they may believe God will guarantee them victory in even the most arrogant and blind endeavor.

    Right now they are making a full court press for total control of western societies, with complete surveillance and censorship, and plundering of economies. They might be sociopathic enough to think the added chaos from a massive blowout in the middle east would benefit them. It worked with WWI and WWII.

    We need to strongly support free voices, like Unz Review. Here’s another.
    “McCollum and progressives call on Biden to condemn Israel’s ‘authoritarian and antidemocratic’ repression of Palestinian rights groups”

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  29. @war is coming

    The only way the Israelis lose is if the US refuses to join in an attack on Iran

    Do you really think that the USA can refuse? The current administration has the highest percentage of (((dual nationals))) in positions of power outside of Israel. In fact it bears a striking resemblance to the first government of the Soviet Union.

    • Replies: @Mustapha Mond
  30. Anon[357] • Disclaimer says:
    @war is coming

    ‚….. I don’t see how Israel loses to Iran in an all-out war. Israel has a massive technological advantage and an air force vastly better than Iran……..‘

    Answer: The IDF is a pale shadow of its 1967 self. 50 years of demoralizing occupation duties is enough to destroy any military‘s ability to fight.

    We saw this in the 2006 IDF defeat against poorly trained light infrantry in Lebanon. We have also seen this in the useless Air Champaign against Syria. Increasingly IAF attacks on Syria result in the attackers accomplishing nothing except revealing their military codes.

    The regime in Tel Aviv knows all this. Hence their desperate moves over the last few years. The Likud boxed Israel into a strategic corner.

    It’s tragic. Israel could have been a peaceful and prosperous state if they had only accepted UNR 181.

  31. Anon[357] • Disclaimer says:

    ….. Despite Iranian rhetoric about annihilating Israel…..

    Falsehood – the Iranian gov‘t has never called for the annihilation of Israel. Some years ago their official policy was a peace could only be achieved by a internationally supervised referendum with all inhabitants participating

    • Agree: Mustapha Mond
  32. Molip says:

    Israel has launched hundreds of attacks against Iran, mainly in Syria. It amazes me that the MsM can somehow still make Iran an aggressor while Israel is portrayed as the underdog.

    Also, I read somewhere that Iran is loath to rejoin the JCPOA because the US will not commit to keeping any agreement even for the life of a Biden administration.

    • Agree: HdC
  33. When a bio weapons attack that includes forced frankenshots failed to coverup government corruption on a level that even RICO Act violations become petty crimes in comparison, they are left with only a few options, one is continuation of endless war or as Facebook is nor admitting, a new name change to deflect crimes against humanity by the simple rule of reinventing yourself as a new improved version of yourself because the last version sucked so bad, you had to change your wardrobe to make you into a better tyrant.
    We are now all MetaBeings.

    • Replies: @Mustapha Mond
  34. @AbrahamLincoln

    Yes “they definitely are so stupid” and their self-esteem is a sickness and takes them toward destruction and despair.

    • Agree: Bert
  35. If war breaks out Iran will be on its own. Russia and China will sell it weapons and other resources but no way will they fight on its side in war operations. Israel will definitely push US and Western allies to go for war which may not involve a land invasion but only massive bombing to cause as much destruction as possible and to cripple the Iranian military and economy. They are like that and this is doable. I see very little that can stop it. They would hope to plunge the country into chaos and provoke a colour revolution, civil strife and even a civil war in the aftermath. Iran is going down but hopefully it will be able to cause massive destruction to US forces and allies in the region as it goes down fighting, but how much and whether this is acceptable to the belligerents is debatable. Iran once fought Iraq to a standstill so you shouldn’t expect much more from them now.

    • Replies: @Sarita
    , @frankie p
  36. Since 1945 (that is, during more than three quarters of a century) hardly a year has passed without some warning or prediction that nuclear war would break out to destroy human civilization and wipe out life on earth.

    Without the massive US propaganda surrounding the annihilation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, this fearmongering would have been impossible. Yet upon a closer, detailed look at the “nuclear” bombing of Hiroshima, only one conclusion is permitted: it was definitely not a nuclear device that was dropped on that unfortunate city. I would strongly recommend anyone to read Michael Palmer’s illuminating book on this event:

    As a matter of fact, anyone commenting on nuclear armaments and nuclear war should stop immediately doing so if he has not properly informed himself, starting with Palmer’s book.

    The question is whether nuclear weapons exist at all. We all know about those accidents involving nuclear bombs and missiles, but that somehow did not go off, such as the 1966 crash in Spain involving a B-52 and four thermonuclear devices.

    Given the fact that many, if not most politicians tend to be if not outright psychopaths, than at least ruthless and irresponsible egomaniacs, sadists and criminals, it is highly unlikely that absolutly none of them has even tried to use nuclear bombs against an enemy state.

    Why hasn’t an Israeli PM used nuclear bombs against Egypt, Iraq or Syria? With Israel purportedly being a nuclear power, this would indicate unusual restraint on the part of its leaders. By the same token, why hasn’t Richard Nixon (advised by Henry Kissinger, the Nobel Peace Prize winning psychopath) nuked North Vietnam? Methinks if there really would have been nuclear bombs at the disposal of Bush I, Bush II, and Netanyahu, they would have loved to use them and would not have hesitated to do so.

    To me the conclusion is inevitable that nuclear bombs just do not exist. The entire JCPOA-issue is just another intricate piece of political theater. Much ado about nothing, really.

    The threat of nuclear war is about just as real as the COVID “pandemic,” anthropogenic global warming, acid rain, the hole in the ozone layer, 9/11, Islamic terrorism, etc. etc.

    • Replies: @Jake Dee
  37. Hence the meddling in Lebanon, targeting Hezbollah. If the Zionazi regime attacks Iran, Hezbollah may feel it necessary to saturate Israel with missiles. An eye for an eye would require targeting Dimona, but that would fuck over the region for centuries, and Hezbollah being more civilized than the Zionazis, I’m pretty sure they will not target it. Israeli Death Forces airfields, certainly. The heroes might have nowhere to land on return.

  38. Caruthers says:

    What rhetoric is that?

    • Replies: @Alfa158
  39. Z-man says:

    Not an inconceivable outcome.
    In past posts I’ve said that China and America should make a ‘grand bargain’ where Taiwan is unified with the mainland and Korea is unified with American presence remaining (hopefully only until a real America First president removes them). Sounds good but I bet NEOCON’s are at the forefront of defending an independent Taiwan feeling the island is a ‘kindred spirit’ to Izrael. With tortured souls like Blinken (still a funny name) and his Cabal at The State Dept. running things for Sleepy Joe this ‘bargain’ wont happen and only help to diminish the strength and reputation of the USA.

  40. Where’s John McCain when you need him? Oh goy!

  41. Herald says:

    Iran has more than enough conventional firepower to utterly destroy Israel, so the zios will have to be very careful as to what they do with their new toys from Uncle Joe.

  42. Z-man says:

    Oy vey!
    I woke up, too early, and I tuned in to OAN to see the lovely Elma Aksalic anchoring and then there was the weather beaten ghoulish face of Joe Lieberman, yikes! He was discussing whateverabout the troubles of the Biden Admin. but more importantly he was at a 2021 Free Iran SummitHolding Ebrahim Raisi Accountable for Crimes Against Humanity, Genocide, Regional Meddling and Nuclear Defiance. Wow, that’s a mouthful.
    The Summit is hosted by an Iranian resistance group (NCRI). I’m sure there’s plenty of AIPAC Shekels involved propping this group up.
    The key speaker was one Christian Zionist Mike Pence. Teddy Cruz and the former Sec. of State, the former Plump’eo have spoken to this group in the past. That’s three people that should be nowhere near the White House but then again we got Sleepy Joe and Kamalawala.
    Yeah the Cabal is ramping up for something against Iran.

  43. Jiminy says:

    I’m sure the great orator said “ fool me once, shame on- shame on you you fool me you can’t get fooled again.” Great moments in history like that should be remembered and embraced. He had a damn way with words. Both he and the quail would be so entertaining on the talk show circuit together. Won’t it be refreshing to see the Iranians open a tin of Persian whoop-ass. After all, they have nothing to lose.

    • Agree: Notsofast
    • Replies: @Notsofast
  44. @Spender_CGB

    “In fact it bears a striking resemblance to the first government of the Soviet Union.”

    Indeed, and that is a most spine-chilling realization…….

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
  45. @CelestiaQuesta

    “We are now all MetaBeings.”

    And soon to become “MetaSlaves”, if things keep going like they are currently……

  46. Iran is making clear to Israel that they better focus less on finding another (likely American sourced) US\$1.5 billion for more Iran war preparations, and instead should focus on setting aside TRILLIONS to pay for the coming destruction of Israeli infrastructure once the Iranian counter strikes get done with the Jewish State:

    Looks like Iran/Hezbollah are possibly planning to shoot their whole wad of missiles if Israel (and others) attack them. The claim of trillions being needed to patch up Israel post Iranian missile attack may be Iran’s way of saying, “We’ll strike Dimona with everything we’ve got, so don’t even think about it”. If the zionists think they can bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities and not have their own nuclear facilities at Dimona targeted tit-for-tat, they had better think again……

    • Replies: @Kolya Krassotkin
  47. anon[388] • Disclaimer says:

    Which nation would allow the Jews to do a repeat of the US on them, burrow-in and colonise them over some decades and waste them right out?

    A good chance that nation would be Russia. Or even more likely India or Pakistan. Indians are currently even better servants of Zion that Americans. No decades long burrowing-in necessary with India. I can see sub-continental ‘Coolies’ going all out for the Jews as America wanes right out

    And in the Russian political wings around Putin there are tons of Yeltsin wannabes and Zion influences pushing mandatory vaccines on all in Russia!

    • Replies: @Old Brown Fool
    , @Dood
  48. Miro23 says:
    @Cookie Boy

    I doubt if Israel will take the risk in attacking Iran now like they use to, we know Israel likes the odds overwhelmingly in their favor, this is no longer the case as Iran now has very powerful friends of its own who would like nothing better than to test its technology against the West.

    Iran’s powerful friends will have something to think about. Iran is an integral part of China’s Belt & Road initiative and is getting major long term Chinese investment. However, China doesn’t want to get involved in a big Middle East war and neither does Russia.

    Israel’s plan is probably to start a war and directly hand it over to the United States – with US media and Congressional connivance. The usual story that the US gets the casualties and \$ trillion expense while Israel gets Iran smashed up the same as Iraq.

    Maybe the difference is that Iran is better prepared (and a larger country than Iraq) plus the US is weaker than it was in 2003 and the European allies won’t be so enthusiastic.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  49. Cking says:

    How will we ever get to the bottom of 9/11? The contempt that both Israel and the Establishment’s political system have for the American people is dangerous.

  50. @Mustapha Mond

    If Israel’s infrastructure should be destroyed, the US taxpayer would be put on the hook to pay for its replacement and repair. American taxpayers have been cynically bled for decades for “Muh Israel.”

    • Replies: @Mustapha Mond
  51. Ellinas says:

    The question is:
    How come israel HAS nuclear weapons (stolen or not) and Iran or ANY OTHER COUNTRY must NOT acquire any?
    WHO are these people known to the rest of the World only as Christ Killers ?

    • Replies: @Z-man
  52. Rich says:

    There is no doubt that if Israel were defeated, every Israeli citizen would be offered American citizenship. Maybe half would take it, others would go to Europe. That would be about 3 million people, a drop in the bucket compared to the rest of the legal and illegal immigration coming across America’s borders.

    • Replies: @Badger Down
  53. For Israelis, anybody and anyone is a threat to survival. A Palestinian kid throwing stones in the street is a threat to nation’s survival. Women nursing babies in Gaza are a threat to Israel’s survival. Everything Israel does is part of a War for Survival. Iran does not have military capability to threaten Israel. Israel knows this. All the blather, just to get more dollars and military gear from Uncle Sam.

  54. @war is coming


    the Iranians will fuck you in the ass if you give them the chance. Are you that anally masochist to allow this to happen? Not a bright bulb, are you?

  55. @Kolya Krassotkin

    Yeah, KK, I suspect you’re right on the money there.

    (I probably should have noted that inevitability in my OP…….)

  56. What would happen to the remaining Jewry in Iran if the administration decides to attack it? I don’t think there’ll risk it.

  57. @Altai

    “We”, (((white))) man?

    • Replies: @profnasty
    , @Altai
  58. @war is coming

    “israel” is very, very small. And fearful. They will change their minds about wanting to live in West Asia.

  59. @Rich

    But each Jew causes six million times as much damage to the US. The bucket will fall into the abyss.

  60. @Alfa158

    The American people are no longer going to support wars

    When was the last time the US dictatorship ever asked the US population for their input? The simple fact that the bulk of the population is jabbed shows that there is little intelligent life left. The fact that a mostly christian country has their christian soldiers killing people in foreign wars of aggression for decades shows there’s little moral life left as well.

    The majority think that they live in something called a democracy, when in fact they live in a soft military dictatorship that allows the population to be part of a theatrical production known as voting from time to time. The swine in the military will kill on command because that’s what their pea brains consider their duty because of some oath or something. When was the last time the soldiers said NO?

  61. Anonymous[124] • Disclaimer says:

    This nation will be ruled by Latins and Asians in 20 years

    Never. Gonna. Happen.

    Puhleez: there’s no need for whites to get panicky or depressed.

    Remember, whites were minorities on plantations, yet still ran ’em.

    Whites today are, and always will be, a majority-minority. They’re a ginormous group with guns and know-how and grit. Victors, not victims. If societal stool ever hits the fan, sane white women will beg to be impregnated by Viking-Saxon baby-batter. And be provided for. And protected.

    However, no feminists need apply!

    Lefty whites will, of course, be eaten by The Diversity.

    And Latinos will be “albatross’d” by their invading, illegal juanitas and pedros…beaners who “don’t obey no steenking laws.” Said newly-arrived homies will drag currently successful Hispanics into a huge hell-hole. The Southwest (minus Texas) and Calipornia will devolve into big barrios run by cartels. Ditto the Northeast: millions of hirsute lesbianate-harridans, soy-addicted nancyboys, trans-ma’ams, fey furrykins, and goyim-hating Tribalists will be enslaved by MS-Thirteenistas.

    Meanwhile, MAGA whites will flock to midwest states, filling them with factories and farms and future inventions. They will re-create a mini-1776 USA infused with Caucasian culture, surrounded by walls.

    Asians will likely beg for residency there…and be welcomed.

    Cholos forming Mexihole Dos will corral BLMers and herd them all into the Mojave Desert. Each Tyrone and Shaniqua will be given 40 watermelon seeds and a to-be-fried chicken to make mythical Wakandan merdevilles.

    Good times!

    Whites, endlessly attacked “as a group,” should not despair. They just need to unite “as a group” and fight back.

    Time for Saxons to hate:

    Whites also need to show their collective might in public…at rallies and other events. Forget the haka, that Maori war chant which, for some reason, “peace-loving” Lefties laud. Imagine whites doing THIS at every sporting event, NASCAR rally, area holiday gathering, community picnic, and so on:

  62. @JWalters

    A condemnation of Israel’s repression. What a brilliant idea. That will surely stop them immediately if not sooner.

    The only thing that will stop Israel is if they get their asses pounded into the dirt. As the US loses its vitality in all areas, including the military, time is on the side of everyone that opposes the US and Israel.

    For the US, there is no rewinding the clock. The immediate future was determined decades ago when manufacturing was off shored and gold was removed as the backing for the dollar. TPTsB are strip mining what’s left of the country and will leave a rotting carcass behind any day now.

    • Replies: @JWalters
  63. @J

    Apartheid israel is a menace not only to Iran and Palestine, but to the whole world. Death toapartheid israel. Long live Palestine and Iran!

    • Replies: @J
  64. Z-man says:

    Well, the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty was signed by most of the nations of the world. The one glaring exception was Izrael. So Iran is technically bound to not building nuclear weapons while the Mazza Cristi (Christ Killers) can get away with it.
    But Pakistan, a Muslim country, has the bomb and could use it against Izzy if the ‘right’ Pakistani gets in power.

  65. @Antiwar7

    Three points need to be made: first, Iran should continue its stalling tactics on the JCPOA while fast tracking its manufacture of its own nuclear weapons – and be prepared to use them. Second, recent joint military exercises involving Israel, the UAE and Bahrain will inevitably draw these puppet monarchies into the theater of conflict and they will be sitting ducks for Iranian attacks. This could end the UAE as we know it. And just as well. Third, the forces arrayed against Iran are formidable, often wrongly referred to as an “international community”, a term intended to obscure their status as international Zionist puppets. New conditions imposed on Iran amount to demanding capitulation (such as limiting their missile program development) which Iran will not accept; Iran is certain to give some bloody noses to those foolish enough to attack them.

  66. @Exile

    Boy, did you sum up the situation perfectly! Albeit a little late in the day for American forces to have lost their appetite to fight wars for Israel, it is certainly a step in the right direction. It took millions of lives to get to this point but at least the possibility of us losing any more men/women for their benefit is over.

  67. profnasty says:

    I’m just thankful the Jews don’t make us wear those stupid hats. Dust masks are humiliating enough.
    Look at those two assholes.
    VP Biden isn’t fooling anybody.
    They look like frito bandito’s in those dust masks. Do you think there is dust around them? Is there dust around you? Hell no!
    When Russia defends Iran, and then tosses a coupla nukes our way– THEN you’ll need a dust mask.
    Big time.

  68. Anonymous[124] • Disclaimer says:
    @war is coming

    Israelis…brazen in attacking and killing Iranian scientists and civilians.

    Just like Adolfians…who brazenly off’d Chosenite rabbis and rebeccas and yidkids, oh my!

    Nothin’ said lovin’ like shovin’ Juden into ovens:

    3rd Reich and Israel: turds of a feather.

    Israelis are very cunning and smart.

    Yes, yes! Geniuses who got their arses kicked by their own god, Yahweh, multiple times; were booted 109 times from sane nations; provoked Rome only to end up butchering their own kids for coldcuts at the Masada Deli; eagerly accepted one-way train rides to the Treblinka Hotel; and couldn’t figure out how to escape barely-guarded camps while Germany was busy fighting half the world on 2 fronts.

    Einsteins all!

    Creating a post-colonial-times nation in the 20th century (via terror!) in the Levant, Juden have shite-stirred there for 7 decades…angering more and more enemies with long memories. Those neighbors have obtained ever-more quantities of ever-more-powerful weapons…ready to be used.

    Meanwhile, fewer and fewer American care about the Holohoax and Smegma Hats.

    Like Africans, Israelis can’t seem to live in peace with civilized humans.

    • Thanks: Bert
  69. Joe Wong says:

    USA is shifting her focus away from Middle East to China in the western Pacific, Israelis can’t let that happen. Due to her greed and aggression, Israelis owe too much bloody debts to the Middle East indigenous people. Without the USA’s full attention and support, the Israel will be wiped out form the surface of Middle East to pay back the bloody debt she incurred.

    9/11 is the first attempt Israelis tried to bring USA’s attention back to Middle East, but its effect is waning drastically since the US retreated from Afghanistan. Attacking Iran is about time to rejuvenate USA’s focus on Middle East again.

  70. Trinity says:

    One can faintly hear Songbird McCain singing, “Bomb Bomb Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran”. Good ole Songbird he loved Israel and the Jew so much.

  71. funny says:

    “I know thy works and tribulation and poverty (but thou art rich), and I know the blasphemy of them that say they are Jews and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan”.
    It will all go down as the Money Men want it to. There may be true Jews in Israel but it is run by Satan himself. The people that head all the countries in the world are but puppets.

  72. profnasty says:
    @Badger Down

    Hey Badge.
    Race is bone deep.
    Blinken is not White.

  73. J says:
    @Truth be told

    Your problem is that Persians and Arabs think you are infidels and dream of beheading you and making sex slaves of your daughters. And kids too.

  74. There will be no war with Iran, because Israel needs an enemy to keep milking the American taxpayers over the non-existent Iran threat, and Israel would not exist without being on the American taxpayers worlds largest welfare program, and another reason there will be no war with Iran is that Russia would come in on the side of Iran, as Russia realizes they would be next.

    Janes defense site said in the 1990s that Israel had at least 400 nukes, and they sure as hell have triple or more of the nukes now, and google and read the Sampson Option to see what they intend to do with them.

  75. Joe Wong says:

    War bluffing, war drumming or warmongering is a slippery slop and self fulfilling prophecy, the perpetrators are pushing each other forward that they cannot back out, if anyone of them shows hesitation or tries to back out, he will be trampled on by the crowd to death without mercy.

    • Agree: Old and Grumpy
  76. Joe Wong says:

    Defeating USA is not enough to stop the American causing mayhem around the world. American has been defeated in Korea, Vietnam and Afghanistan badly, but the American never learn from their defeats, and stop the American from repeating their destruction and crimes. Every defeat makes the American come back with more bellicose than ever.

    The only way to stop American from causing harm to the world is to dismember the USA, making America another Europe is the only solution to the American problem.

    • Replies: @Old Brown Fool
  77. Z-man says:

    “When was the last time the US dictatorship ever asked the US population for their input?” Yep, put it to a vote. Unfortunately they never will. “The simple fact that the bulk of the population is jabbed shows that there is little intelligent life left.” LOL I had a big laugh at that one, I’ve been jabbed twice. Having my third around Christmas. LOL But, I haven’t pressured my son to get it, he hasn’t. My daughter, who is a total shit lib, has been vaccinated. Both are in their twenties. “The fact that a mostly Christian country has their Christian soldiers killing people in foreign wars of aggression for decades shows there’s little moral life left as well.” Agreed. BTW I capitalized Christian in your sentence.

    “The majority think that they live in something called a democracy, when in fact they live in a soft military dictatorship that allows the population to be part of a theatrical production known as voting from time to time.” No, we live in an Oligarchy. “The swine in the military will kill on command because that’s what their pea brains consider their duty because of some oath or something. When was the last time the soldiers said NO?” Yes. Fortunately the military is being so gutted by the Woke and LBGTQ agenda that it will soon no longer be a viable attack force. Splinter organizations and militias of American Nationalists will develop and defend the interests of like minded people. I can see a breakup of this once fine Republic.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  78. @J

    Forgot to add that the day apartheid israel is no more is approaching fast – what a global party it will be! An special bonus for American – no more deaths for israel.

  79. Taxi says:

    I live in south Lebanon, with finger on the pulse, and I can tell you that the Axis of Resistance nations and Non-State members are feverishly praying that israel would miscalculate, stupidly overreach and preemptively attack Iran: giving them thus the righteous response of turning the klepto-terrorist jewish state into a smoking heap. Yes, the AoR do now have this capability – they’ve had it for a few good years now. AND YES, THERE WILL BE A DEVASTATING RESPONSE AGAINST ISRAEL in a NY minute, and a devastating response against all vital US interests in the region as well, if ever a hit on Iran is delivered.

    Devastation to both sides will occur, no doubt, and the only difference is that the surviving, cowardly euro jews will flee back to their original/ancestral homelands, never to return to the middle east at least for several hundred years, thus israel will not be able to exist beyond the first minute of the next war. Whereas the Arab and Iranian war refugees will return to the middle east to rebuild when the war dust settles. Thus, the Arabs and Iranians will win in the end, and the fakester-coward jews, AGAIN, will be the poxy ‘overreach’ losers. Historic Palestine will be returned to its rightful owners. Other Arab lands stolen by the klepto jews will be returned too. And Iran will be crowned as the legitimate, native, regional superpower – and deservedly so.

    The price of liberation from the satanic talmudists will be high for the Resistor Arabs and Iranians – but dispatching the jewish evil that burrowed itself by force of arms in their mist was always going to be costly. A most necessary, high cost. Sadly so. And this is all because europe could not fix its own ‘jewish problem’: intentionally dumping it on hundreds of millions of mideastern natives instead, who, until the immoral birth of israel, did NOT have a so-called ‘jewish problem’. Mindful here of the fact that europe resorted to the ‘jewish proposed solution’ to europe’s jewish problem, ie the (ongoing) violent colonization of Palestine was a jewish idea and solution to europe’s jewish problem. The absolutely worst idea and solution to a problem the modern world has ever known. Yet again, we see how jews ALWAYS choose violence and blood and death as a solution to all their problems. Einstein Shmeinstein is a dumb fuck who’s been making the same mistake for over two thousand years – yet never, ever learning or changing. ‘Live by terrorism, die by terrorism’ again motherfuckers!

    Here’s the thing: israel and the US know only too well that israel WILL NOT survive the next war. Yet, they keep performing this absurd ‘strike on Iran’ song-and-dance purely for theater. Just stupid, media-driven theater. Theater that’s intended primarily for israeli domestic consumption. And Bennett is compelled to do this theater, just like other PMs before him had to: for domestic political reasons. No israeli government can survive without its constant threatening of Iran: the manufactured bogeyman. Such is the level of warmongering and bloodlust of israeli jews. Bennett’s current popularity in the polls would plummet the more without these stupid-stupid threats to Iran via the jewy media. And currently, Bennett’s government is teetering, so of course the politics-of-fear card will be played to the max with Iran’s name in bold red ink written on it.

    In other words, israel is a fucking liar and a born coward and it would never, ever strike at Iran and thus sign its own instant-suicide warrant.

    Like everything else about israel: it’s all fake-fucking-fake heroics!

    The US and israel think they’re the BIG smarty-panty-pants in the game, but by now everyone should recognize they’re but ham actors playing the double-bully act against Iran. It’s ALLLLLLLLL bullshit theater, promoted by the jewy media to make it look like israel still rules the mideast roost, but, in reality, that train has long left the station. All israel can do now is buy its wretched existence a little extra time via doing ‘wars by other means’ against the natives of the middle east. Wars that are succeeding in punishing native populations, but failing to deliver the desperately desired result: the weakening of ANY of the resistance forces against it. Au contraire, the Resistors grow more powerful by the day. These multiple ‘war by other means’ projects against Iran and Arab resistor nations are not achieving the removal of the palpable existential threat to the jewish state. Not even close. Israel confronting Iran and the Axis of Resistance members on the battlefield? LOL don’t make me laugh! These days, the jews are thinking twice about even striking Gaza – they’re thinking a million times about a strike against Hezbollah – and they want us to believe that they’re gonna go all gung-ho to faraway Iran and do a preemptive strike there? LOL! Yeah sure they are – uhuh, sure they will.

    Look, jewy-media headlines regarding ‘israel is ready to war on Iran’ are to fool lesser jews and YOU readers into believing the mousy, coward jew is superman. No more and no less than hollow propaganda.

    Now, will all those who want israel to suicide itself via a strike on Iran, please raise your hands and be counted.

    My hand’s raised. Yeah, you bet it is. So sick of their media lies and stupid war pantomime, I am.

    Put your shekel where your mouth is, jew. Do it! Go strike Iran – I fucking dare you!

    • Replies: @Notsofast
    , @Anon
  80. TGD says:

    This is all a bluff. Attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities would be a major undertaking, which Israel cannot do on her own without suffering major retaliation.

    A few years ago, Anthony Cordesman did an eye opening research report entitled “Study on a Possible Israeli Strike on Iran’s Nuclear Development Facilities.” Since the report was written, Iran has been busy developing new missiles and hardening its defenses. The main strategy of the Zionist entity is to convince the dotard Biden that the US must play a big role in the attack. See link. The PDF report link is within the article.

  81. Seriously? Would Israelis actually leave their safe haven to go fight a war in Iran? I always thought that was what the US is for. Would we now? Given the current destruction of the US by the very kosher Biden administration, guess we might want to watch this development. Israel is tiresome.

  82. Tucker says:

    “Iran for its part insisted that the agreement did not need any additional caveats and should be a return to the status quo ante, particularly when Blinken and his team made clear that they were thinking of a ban on Iranian ballistic missile development…”

    Here we see the diabolically evil degree of chicanery and weasel-word twisting tactic of deception that the series of psychopaths who comprise the leadership of Israel have been engaging in for well over 20 plus years. All of their huffing and puffing, and pants peeing whining about Iran being on the verge of having a nuke and that’s why they need to con the US and the American people into going along with yet ANOTHER bloody and destructive war against a nation in the middle east that the Israelis hate but who they are too chicken-crap scared to attack all by themselves – this ‘nuke’ lie has always been a cover for what the Israelis are really afraid of – Iran’s perfectly legal, perfectly acceptable, Internationally approved right to possess conventional ballistic missiles for the purpose of self defense. Were Israel to start bombing Iran, Iran could unleash a barrage of GPS guided conventional ballistic missiles and target them to hit the illegal Israeli stockpiles of stolen nuclear weapons and at the Nuclear power facility in Dimona. In effect, Iran does not need a nuke to ‘nuke’ Israel – because they can use their conventional ballistic missiles to make Israel nuke itself!

    What a sweet and enormously satisfying taste of irony that scenario would be for those of us in this world who correctly view Israel as the #1 threat to world peace and stability on the entire planet.

    But, hey. Had these sneaky and conniving and thieving Israelis not stolen their nuclear technology and built up their illegal stockpiles of nukes in the first place, maybe they wouldn’t be so busy crapping their panties today, worrying about Iran and their ballistic missiles!

  83. “The United States does not have a horse in this race and should butt out, but one doubts if a White House and Congress, firmly controlled by Zionist forces, have either the wisdom or the courage to cut the tie that binds with the Jewish state.” – huh?
    DaUnitedStates no longer exists – as in Who Rules Us? – DaTermites began their infestation over 100 years ago and now own DaHouse – lock, stock and barrel!

  84. Altai says:
    @Badger Down

    The implication, that there could be no possible situation where the US doesn’t back Israel up no matter what it does or what that the consequences, up to alienating the rest of the planet, is amazing to me.

    A bit like when it was Petraeus I think spoke in Israel about American soldiers being prepared to die for Israel. Not fight, die. He was fishing for praise from an Israeli audience by saying his mens’ lives are the property of Israel.

    It really brings home that in the State department they really don’t understand any other purpose to the USA’s existence other than as Israel’s golem. I wouldn’t be surprised if a politician takes the next step and declares the US will defend Israel, no matter what Israel does, even if it means turning the continental United States into a sheet of glass.

  85. Pablo says:

    The Khazars don’t have the nerve to attack Iran. Despite the bluster, the Israelis KNOW a War with Iran would be a disaster for Israel. The Khazarians will try to drag their boot licking Lackeys in Washington D.C., Congress and the White House, into doing the Dirty Work. That all said, if the Israelis want to use THEIR Military, THEIR Air Force, THEIR Ground troops to attack Iran, as far as I’m concerned Israel can tee it up and bring their war to Iran. Anytime they want. The Khazars won’t do this.

  86. @Z-man

    Given that there has been no long term or even short term thorough testing of the intentionally misnamed “vaccines” and that the manufacturers have zero liability tells me that it’s a scam with possible deadly consequences. To have several of these concoctions materialize in short order when all previous attempts have failed by killing their recipients should be a clue that something smells. I’m 70 and would consider it attempted murder if anyone tried to jab me with that sewage. Why any intelligent person would volunteer to become a guinea pig for big pharma is a mystery, especially when the mortality rate for acquiring the virus is near zero for any reasonably healthy person.

    I purposely don’t capitalize christianity or any of that words derivatives because that would show some respect for that scam and I have none. I have no respect for any religion as they’re all based on primitive myths that have no basis in reality.

    There are numerous terms that can be applied to the US gov’t structure but the one with the most lethality behind it is a soft military dictatorship. DOD can’t account for \$21 Trillion in transactions. Who else but the true controllers of the country could prevent congressional investigations into such a situation? Who else could keep inventing wars to keep military appropriations flowing? I expect the military to terminate the ruse of elections in the near future once it becomes obvious that the dollar is toast and the population wakes up to the fact that they have been totally impoverished and start rioting. Martial law is coming.

    Unfortunately, the freaks joining up are still a minority. The majority are good christians that were taught from an early age to believe in outright bullshit and so, have transferred their belief system on to the gov’t. They don’t question the morality of what the military has been doing for decades because they are amoral mostly christian swine that learned nothing in school so the military was there to provide them with an existence as long as they murder people on command wearing the appropriate costume. The costume is what makes it OK.

    • Replies: @Z-man
  87. Anon[890] • Disclaimer says:

    The “tribe” is really playing with fire here, IMO.
    Always there is a possibility that they come through and attempt a hit, but if significant enough to elicit a response, I think that the Persians are prepared and I also think that some of their preparations with Hizbolla and the Palestinians as well as the Houtis will quite possibly make a big impression when any shooting starts. The “tribe” don’t like the sight of their own blood and as everyone with a brain knows prefer that someone else bleeds. Besides being true psychopaths they are sadist to the bone. They relish to see others suffer, and in the worst possible way. They absolutely love to see their victums suffer agony and horrific pain when dying. History can attest to that.

    The saying goes however, ” a dog that barks doesn’t bite, and a dog that bites doesn’t bark”.

    Besides their local friends the Persians have some heavyweight backup with Rx and Ch, who are seemingly investing quite a bit in Iran. I don’t think that they will appreciate anyone getting too messy in their backyard.

    If a real big shooting war starts and this criminal tribe gets too roudy, USA puts the finger too far in, could be the perfect scenario for Rx and Ch to finally say that they have had enough of this criminal bullshit and hit the US from all sides.
    Could very well be on the table……

    Just so damned redundant this holier than thou horseshit that America keeps shoving down the world’s throat…….. Happy day when circumstances put paid to it.

  88. Jon Chance says: • Website

    White House / Black House

    Two sides of the same counterfeit coin.

    Muslims are useful idiots for Jews.

    Since the Islamic Revolution in Iran forty years ago, the Washington Establishment and so-called “American foreign policy” has been firmly controlled by ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service).

    Please examine October Surprise by Gary Sick. Prior to these times, Iran was an ally rather than a perceived enemy of the USA.

    Mossad and MI6 have been instrumental all along in financing, arming, training, and manipulating the “Islamic menace” in the same way these terrorist agencies also created the “Communist menace” over 100 years ago.

    Examine the works of Carroll Quigley, Eustace Mullins and other independent investigators and historians.

    The Bank of England has been the key global terrorist corporation for over 300 years.

    Jewish “bank” currency in all nations is backed by nuclear terrorism, and the primary role of these “intelligence agencies” is to maintain the specter of global terrorism backing their counterfeit money.

    “Carbon credits” and “carbon tax” is just the greenwashing of this global financial terrorism.

    Old-Testament terrorism and Marxist terrorism are essentially the same old routine.

    The Left-Right Dialectic easily rules the minds and hearts of all idiots.

    Who benefits?

    Who pays?


  89. sardar says:

    Sales at gasoline stations across Iran saw major disruptions on Tuesday after a software malfunction affected the country’s subsidized card payment system.

    Addressing a Cabinet meeting in Tehran on Wednesday, Raisi said the aim of the attack was to “disrupt people’s lives,”

    The attack took place on Tuesday this week, causing widespread disruption and chaos at the gas stations across Iran. It targeted the software that supports a smart card payment for subsidized fuel, used widely in Iran.

    Iranians within few hours solved the problems and informed the public that this problem was related to the fact that Rouhani did not update the information of people who use Smart card to get gasoline. Those who paid Cash had no problem. The problem is that Iranian society has become, almost, a cashless society and is depended on their ‘smart cards’ more than ever.


    Millions of drivers rely on the fuel cards, which the government uses to manage the distribution of subsidized gasoline, and Tuesday’s disruption comes almost two years after a government hike in gas prices triggered widespread, again during Rouhani rule, a fifth column, which let to violent protests across the country.

    The Iranian fifth column abroad took the opportunity to spread the rumors that Israel was behind this disruption by wiping off the names of those who use ‘smart card’, which was FAKE. Later, the officials announced that card users’ information is not connected to the Internet.

    But, on the same day, the Hackers, who call themselves Moses Staff, leaked the private details of hundreds of Israeli army personnel and those who are nearing enlistment age.

    They hacked over 165 servers and 254 websites and compiled over 11 terabytes of data, and claimed they have Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz under surveillance.

    “We know every decision you make and will hit you where you least expect it. We have secret Defense Ministry documents, operational military maps and troop deployment information and will publish your crimes to the world,” they said.

    According to the report, “the data dump included soldiers’ ranks, units and contact details, as well as more private information relating to their personal lives which they had shared with their commanders”, Haaretz said.

    THE NATIONAL Cyber Directorate stated in response to the leaks that it has repeatedly warned that hackers are exploiting a vulnerability on the Exchange email service in order to attack organizations.
    Officials in Israel believe Iran is behind the attack.

    Israel is a tiny entity erected on a stolen land of Palestine, with small population. The Israeli soldiers have been demoralized. Annually, around 700 Israeli soldiers commit suicide. Many are drug users, that’s why some of the deaths could be related to overdose.

    All these propaganda is NOTHING but empty words which show how DESPERATE
    Israel is. Israel is NOT in a position to attack Iran.

    Frankly, the US is not in a position to attack Iran either, that’s why they left Afghanistan and is going to escape from the Middle East soon otherwise its ‘soldiers’ will come more and more under attacks.
    American position is very weak in the middle east and they are hated every where.
    All these Jewish mafia propaganda and the stupid posture taken by the stupid Jewish mafia officials who run the zionist regime of Biden, a fifth column, is to frighten the ignorant American people from a fake ‘enemy’ to expand Israelis’ interests around the world and steal more money, billions of dollars. Americans must fight them back.

    If Israel could attack Iran, they wouldn’t asked US, because US many times in the past, even the military and intelligence officials, have told them that Israel cannot attack Iran because This is NOT American’s position. I don’t know if you remember what Brzezinski said about this issue when he was alive.

    After US/Israel destroyed Iraq, then the Israelis were threatening Bush regime that if you don’t attack Iran we will. Then Brzezinski said: If Israels’ planes fly over Iraq to attack Iran, then US WILL SHOOT them down.
    Yahuda Barak, a war criminal, in his book with a FAKE title: ‘My Country, My Life: Fighting for Israel, Searching for Peace’ published in 2018, confessed that George Bush, after defeat in Iraq, personally told him that US policy regarding Iran is not war with that country and Israel should honor US position.

    Iran is much stronger and more powerful regarding military capability now than 2003, therefore, only a stupid devil push for a war because Israel is so DESPERATE. If Blinken is that stupid and desperate then tells Israel to do it alone. He cannot use its position to push US into another bloody war for the interest of zion, then he will be viewed a traitor and traitors are put on trial and executed around the world including US.

    Iranian people are laughing at the mafia when they see all these propaganda on the net, and they say, why don’t you come, we are waiting for the zionists.

    The Naphtaline or Benny Gantz or even Biden have no BALLS to attack Iran militarily, only more sanctions, giving millions to Iranian fifth column to spread propaganda to satisfy the zion wishing that the Iranian people may pour into the streets AGAIN to do the jobs for idiots like Blinken. NO, NO, NO. You have tried many times before and you have FAILED.

    They have tried this stupid and criminal method and have used many other tools including war through Iraq on Iran, and push illegal sanctions, unique in the history of the planet against Iran. yet, Iran has expanded its sphere of influence under sever sanction beyond its boarder based on mutual interests against the Jewish mafia and the evil empire, while the empire is going down the tube, so its dog, the zion.

    Benny Gantz has no balls to attack Iran militarily. The Jewish mafia hold US balls in its hands, wall street, and milking the American people for more \$billions like Germany and criminal Arab head of states, UAE, Saudi Arabia. They have ALL been black mailed.

    Leaked photo of war Minister, Benny Gantz showing how they manipulate the balls.

  90. Er, wasn’t Bibi addressing Congress in the most portentous terms after the original JPCOA was signed, in which case the question arises as to why the supposed Israel lackies at the State Department want to reinstate this ultimate evil? I’m honestly confused and drawn inexorably to the conclusion that no one really has an actual clue what’s going on.

  91. Poco says:

    You can bet that the Israelis, in cooperation with the US government, are currently selecting a target city in the US to detonate a nuclear weapon.
    A wallet will be found with an Iranian passport and papers from the Iranian government ordering the attack.

    • Replies: @FLgeezer
    , @Maddaugh
    , @RestiveUs
  92. Jake Dee says:
    @H. Ph. Vogel

    To me the conclusion is inevitable that nuclear bombs just do not exist.

    Wow !
    Also Wow ! and just Wow !
    I actually met a survivor of Nagasaki and talked to him about the whole thing, but I guess he was in on the whole coverup too right ? Just riding the gravy train of all that sweet sweet Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament moolah.
    If you had just said that it isn’t really Uranium or Plutonium but actually the demonic powers of Satan brought to earth to punish mankind for his sins I think we could have a real conversation because that’s kind of a legitimate point, but I’m still stuck on just Wow !
    And aren’t there a bunch of huge holes in the desert ? Not just in Nevada but Kazakhstan too ?

    • Replies: @Quartermaster
  93. If Israel cannot talk the the US into doing it for them it wont happen. 20\$ gasoline would destroy what’s left of Camelot.

  94. Z-man says:

    You make a good point, they have transferred their allegiance from God but not to country but to the corrupt government (Deep State).
    But I’m too much of an optimist and believe the majority of Americans still have brains and morals and will overcome this crap we have now.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  95. Notsofast says:

    guilty as charged, i misquoted the great idiot in an attempt to make sense of his gibberish that you have accurately portrayed here. in an act of poetic license i blended it with the who. so in a tribute to trinity, lets send this out to the people of iran.

    cue: we won’t get fooled again by the who

  96. @Jake Dee

    That sort of idiocy has been popping up on the webz quite a bit here of late. I’m guessing the miseducation system’s results are really blooming these days. These twits don’t know history, nor do they know a thing about science.

    • Replies: @H. Ph. Vogel
  97. Israel likely will attack Iran’s nuke program. That, or some other trigger will lead to what is prophesied in Ezekial Chapters 38 and 39. The coalition if Russia, Iran, and others will attack Israel, but the combined army will be destroyed on the mountains of Israel. Israel will not be the agent of that destruction. God will handle it himself.

  98. Larry47460 says: • Website


  99. FLgeezer says:

    You’ve nailed it Poco. I too expect that what you postulate is going on at present. Let’s call it
    Nine Eleven Act II.

  100. Our illustrious elected Elders of Zion have already offered up NYC, L.A. Silicon Valley and few other cities as ZioZones, sanctuary cities for Zionists as Israel becomes a nuclear target unsafe for human habitat. Just as DC is a federal zone, ZioZones became independent tax free Holocaust zones for Jews as compensation for evil aryan white Supremacists abuse of oven factories in wwII.
    Now you know why they don’t pay taxes, hire H1B1, export jobs and factories, Fund open borders, control and manipulate stocks, interest and the flow of Rx.
    Sedation is the best way to murder you while keeping you alive just long enough to suck every shekel from your opioid Vax infested bones.
    Welcome to MetaVerse – Were you will own nothing, and be happy

  101. anonymous[589] • Disclaimer says:

    WHO will bleed and PAY for such war?????

  102. @anon

    But burrowing in or not, there is nothing much to suck out of India. Besides, Indian living conditions are intolerable for anyone brought up in the West. And India has its own parasite classes which are far more successful than any in the West.

    • Replies: @anon
  103. @Joe Wong

    Not possible; the American strength stems from its currency.

  104. Maddaugh says:

    LOL. I want a passport and all my papers to be nuclear bomb proof… ground zero.

    I would not be surprised if what you assert happens. Without US support, Israel is the hamster that roared. You make a wise point Poco.

    If the Juice want to take on Iran I say “Shalom”. If with the US I say the sooner the better. Every now and again we need mass slaughter to get rid of the bad blood. So far, its all talk……and talk is cheap.

    So to Israel and China I say SHIT or get off the latrine.

  105. The drone attack in June reportedly hit the Iran Centrifuge Technology Company, or TESA, in the city of Karaj, northwest of Tehran. According to a report by the IAEA, the blast destroyed one of its cameras at the site and heavily damaged another. It is unknown how many cameras are there.

    Iran claimed it was done by Israeli drones but it could have easily been done by Iran itself.
    So now, IAEA finds itself in a bind, who will they blame?
    In a drone attack it’s hard to pinpoint the perpetrator.
    Israel loses in this case as it’s ‘The Boy who Called “Wolf”‘ and has been doing so for 20 years.

  106. Dood says:

    Hate to tell you mate… no one in Pakistan likes whiny bitch-faced Israelis.

  107. Agent76 says:

    Jun 19, 2021 Iran election: Hardliner Raisi sweeps to victory amid low turnout

    A hardline cleric has swept to victory in Iran’s presidential election. Officials say Ebrahim Raisi has won nearly two thirds of the vote.

    Jan 26, 2021 U.S. General manipulates media to push for war with Iran

    CENTCOM Chief General Kenneth McKenzie played in escalating tensions with Iran in the final days of the Trump Administration. Porter also discusses the role General McKenzie will have in the Biden Administration as well as the new president’s Iran strategy.

    • Replies: @Emil Nikola Richard
  108. Another aspect of it all is that the pea-brains running this country may, in their political desperation, decide that military conflict will somehow restore their fortunes. If Israel attacks Iran, ‘Biden’ can be seen resolutely supporting Israel. Americans will decide he’s their man after all — and that border can stay open, blacks can be encouraged to continue to run amok, etc.

  109. RobinG says:

    BHL urges more R2P, noblesse oblige imperialism, in new film and book…

    U.S. ‘Did Not Fail’ In Afghanistan, Legendary French Writer Says

    “After Afghanistan, America must not retreat from the world, says the famed French journalist Bernard-Henri Lévy..
    “,,,his new film, The Will to See. Its U.S. premiere is Thursday at the French embassy in Washington, D.C., and Yale University Press published his book on Tuesday.”

    So, crusading destroyer of Libya BHL presses full speed ahead. Thanks for nothing.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  110. Phibbs says:

    Jews are the most intelligent race. Sadly, they funnel that intelligence into unparalleled cunning, scheming, manipulation, money-grubbing, treachery, hatred for Gentiles, self-centeredness and control. A war with Iran will fully bankrupt the Israeli-Occupied Government in Washington D.C. and result in the terrorist state of Israel being completely flattened. Jew arrogance is leading to Israel’s demise.

  111. @Z-man

    There’s no engine of growth left in the US, at least none that can sustain 300+ M people. Finance just pushes currency around. It produces nothing. Manufacturing is the only thing that turns raw materials into higher value finished goods and there is almost no manufacturing left in the US. What little is left is holding on but will succumb to higher taxes, more regulations, higher labor and raw material costs. There’s no hope of reviving manufacturing in the short term and that’s the only thing that can possibly supply the profits needed to bring the country back from the dead.

    You can have all the optimism concerning the citizenry you want, but empty bellies and a deteriorating infrastructure says the slide to oblivion is accelerating. Just look at the homeless situation that’s about to get worse as mortgage and rent payments are reestablished. Look at the price inflation that’s being denied by TPTsB. Hyperinflation is on the way as the morons print ever more currency to try to paper over the cancer that they created to purposely transfer the middle class wealth to the top criminals.

    As a misanthrope, I only see a population of low IQ drones that have long ago traded a phony security for a temporary easy life and now the debts piled up over generations are coming due. The “education” system has turned out people barely able to read and mostly innumerate. Where are the engineers and scientists to come from to innovate and lead the way? What the US has in abundance is people with little to no practical skills, humanities and social science graduates, but I repeat myself.

    When the propaganda emphasizing the “consumer economy” started, I knew the economy was a dead man walking. There is no such thing as a consumer economy and that should be obvious to anyone with critical thinking abilities. The fact that it has been touted for decades means the bulk of the population is plain stupid.

    • Agree: Alfa158, turtle
    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  112. anonymous[188] • Disclaimer says:

    The Belt and Road isn’t so much a physical link (transportation corridor across Asia) but a collection of thousands of infrastructure projects with Chinese involvement and Chinese coordinated standards and systems (like payment systems). The only countries that are integral to the Belt and Road are those that receive a huge amount of investment and financing. I don’t think there are yet any integral countries outside of Central Asia and Southeast Asia. China does have Iran lined up to be an integral part based on the \$400 billion oil and gas investment and purchase and military cooperation framework signed this year. But the implementation very likely depends on whether the US keeps on prodding Taiwan towards secession. The most recent news from Taiwan (Special Forces on the ground doing training of Taiwanese military and calls for Taiwan to join the UN) would definitely indicate China’s response is to follow through on the investments and military cooperation despite the threat of sanctions.

  113. @war is coming

    By that time, politicians will find themselves obsolete.

  114. fractured English

    LOL. I am in good company.

    Hussein Obama, El Trumpo, and golem Biden are just different labels for the same product called foreign policy.

    Lebanon (1985-2000 and 2006) is a poor reference for a solo IDF effort or long-term engagement. In 1973 Egyptians went beyond the SAM umbrella plus ‘anti-Semite’ Nixon saved the day.

    South Africa’s leaders faced the same pickle in Angola after encountering Cuban troops and alleged Soviet pilots flying more advanced combat aircraft. They opted for nukes with Israeli assistance to force U.S. involvement.

  115. I hope Israel attacks Iran so I can say BYE BYE Israel.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  116. anon[610] • Disclaimer says:

    has this already happened? israel did bomb iraq.

    but the arab vs iranian/persian distinction is lost on almost all americans.

    the precis:

    1. iranians aren’t stupid. they won the 1998 imo and have two fields medals, and the only one by a woman. (but they too have been brainwashed by a semitic religion.)

    2. persian is an indo-european langauge with lots of speakers in afghanistan and central asia, aka “greater iran”.

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  117. HdC says:

    Methinks that your conclusion is valid and bears serious consideration. But…
    Your definition of intelligence leaves much to be desired, inasmuch what intelligent being causes its own demise?
    Hmmm, this got me thinking. There can be a huge difference between individual intelligence and group intelligence. The latter intelligence may be several standard deviations lower than that of the individuals making up that group.
    I wonder why? Certainly interesting points to ponder.

  118. @Antiwar7

    AND, Iran takes out Saudi oil infrastructure (and, hopefully, the Wahhabist Mafia dons)and closes Gulf of Hormuz. Oops, apocalypse.

  119. @RoatanBill

    The US increasingly resembles a plantation. The Boss, ie the financial Mafias, sits in the Big House, while the wage slaves toil for the same pile of grits that they got forty years ago. Strong slaves can entertain the Boss in sports etc, clever ones in ‘entertainment’ and as overseers aka ‘the po-leece’, and comely ones service the Masters’ increasingly bizarre carnal drives. Throw in lots of guns, but only turned on other slaves, heaps of drugs, tittietainment and junk food to pacify and foreign adventures to kill and destroy, thereby taking some of the steam out of the Hot-house ‘Homeland’, and you have a truly Exceptional stew. Perhaps the South won, after all.

    • Agree: Notsofast
    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @Marcaurelius
  120. @RobinG

    ‘Legendary’? Oh, like Meyer Lansky, Jeffrey Epstein, Menachem Begin and Bugsy Siegel ‘legendary’? Oh, they do like their posteriors licked, don’t they.

  121. Ukraine, Crimea,
    Iran, Taiwan, SCS:
    A butterfly wing.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  122. @Antiwar7

    Apparently, ZOG hopes that there will be no massive counter attack against Israeli targets… Why …? Maybe Israel & USA are going to deliver a sudden and as a consequence a big-bang attack with ballistic missiles with the nuclear warheads (low-power warhead). If Israel & the United States decide on such an attack, then officially they will be definitely avoid the phrase – ballistic missiles with the nuclear warheads and then Iranians will probably be blamed for the uncontrolled chain reaction that occurs during detonation.

  123. @mulga mumblebrain

    I’ll give credit where it’s due.

    You’re right.

    The whole fraudulent finance industry, with full and enthusiastic gov’t cooperation, is purposely engineering the Great Depression V2.0 right now. This is largely a repeat of the playbook used to usher in V1.0 about 90 years ago since that one worked so well. It will be a new transfer of accumulated wealth to the criminals running the country via the banking system and the stock market.

    Hyperinflation will ruin the dollar as part of the plan. Why else would the Fed be creating currency at the present rate? A new currency, completely digital, will replace the dollar and that will usher in Feudalism V2.0 with absolutely no peaceful way out. Expect violence and martial law suspending what’s left of the Constitution in under two years. Elections, if held at all by then, will be more of a joke than they already are.

    That digital crap will allow for Great Depression V3.0 to commence in, my estimation, under 10 years. Thereafter is when the real violence starts. People had better get their plans for food and shelter in place ASAP because the existing supply chains are in the process of a severe dislocation that won’t get corrected as long as the United States of America survives as a political entity. The clear intent is to reduce the population.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  124. Corrupt says:

    “Frankly it was psychotic to pull out of the JCPOA.”

    Not that I think the US foreign policy should be driven by israel, but the JCPOA was a joke. There were so many exclusions and cut-outs that it was pretty much worthless. IRT israel attacking iran, The US should stay out of it and let the two destroy each other.

    • Replies: @ChuckOrloski
  125. geokat62 says:

    … a White House and Congress, firmly controlled by Zionist forces…

    ‘nuff said.

  126. @Corrupt

    Evidently, Corrupt either didn’t read Phil’s article, or forgot what he/she read.
    Because of this comment: “The US should stay out of it and let the two destroy each other.”
    (Zigh) Need I say more?🤔

    • Replies: @Corrupt
  127. HT says:

    Sadly many white warriors still in our military will die over there protecting Israel if it happens.

  128. @Dirk den Hartog

    ‘I hope Israel attacks Iran so I can say BYE BYE Israel.’

    Yeah, but (a), there’ll be some false-flag bullshit first. How much you wanna bet ‘Iran’ attacks Americans somewhere first, for example?

    (b) Iran will get all fucked up. I’ve been there. I like Iran. Someday, I would like to go back again.

  129. Israel continuously gives Iran a valid reason to obtain nuclear weapons.

    • Agree: Colin Wright
    • Replies: @turtle
    , @Anon
  130. @mulga mumblebrain

    “40 years ago”

    You got that right: the MEDIAN wage has been flatlined since the Age of Raygun.

  131. Notsofast says:

    ….. stupid, media-driven theater…. spot on and these days everything is.

  132. Alfa158 says:

    The Iranian leadership issues statements about the Zionist Entity inevitability being doomed and about the liberation of Palestine.

  133. Sarita says:
    @Commentator Mike

    “once fought Iraq…”
    That was 42 years ago..
    They are better armed and they might have a nuke or two now .
    they invented chess

    • Replies: @ancientarcher
  134. Alfa158 says:

    Soldiers will usually obey orders until the systems is in collapse. However the rah-rah enthusiasm for war is fading. The media tried get the American people outraged over the retreat from Afghanistan, but no one on the street cared, and thought it was the best move Biden has made so far. Young people are losing interest in dying for patriotism. Non-Whites don’t regard the US as ever being their country and the Whites who do most of the fighting and bleeding are diminishing in enthusiasm as they realize they are doing it for a country that hates them.
    Along these lines the military seems to have twigged to what is going on and I have seen some ads showing overwhelmingly White troops kicking in doors in dusty village. It’s as if they are trying to convince the target recruiting pool that it looks like fun in order to reverse the shortfalls in the combat arms.
    The mood even among self -identified patriots I know is palpably shifting towards “not our dog, not our fight”. There isn’t going to be a stampede to the enlistment office if the US gets involved in a next war with China or Iran, and the Regime knows it.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
  135. Sarita says:

    Some say “Iran will attack dimona”

    But, what about the Palestinians ?
    Many, if not all of them would die.
    Besides, how do you know there are nukes there?
    Maybe they already moved them

  136. @Rich

    I’d expect the Jewish population to be halved if Israel proper was ever successfully attacked.”

    The only question that that raises is; will it fulfill the usual 6,000,000 quota…?

  137. frankie p says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Take the Mike away from this clueless Commentator!

    Israel and the beholden Uncle Sam USA are both painfully aware of the fact that any attack on Iran will result in a massive missile salvo on Israel itself from a variety of locations, primarily from Hezbollah in Lebanon, but also from Iran itself, Iraq, and Syria. In addition, as you mention but fail to detail, Iran will immediately attack US allies in the region, close down the Strait of Hormuz, and incapacitate Saudi Arabian oil production, refining and shipping. The effect of this on the global economy would be catastrophic. Russia and China WOULD support Iran, and that support could include a wide variety of weapons and tactical help. Keep in mind the short distance between northern Iran and the Russian Caucasus Region. Do you actually think that Russia will just stand by while its ally is bombed and “is going down”? I don’t think so. So, in my view, “If war breaks out..” is a massive “if”. It just ain’t happening, no matter what kind of noise we hear from the western jewmedia and the empty suits from Israel. They are sweating heavily under the collar in fear of the Resistance, and although they are getting hysterical and desperate, they will not go so far to bring about their own end.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  138. Turk 152 says:

    My bet is on the pampered Israelis with their billions of free US taxpayer dollars ensuring the highest standard of living has a glass jaw and will crumble as soon as Iran decides to take the war seriously.

  139. turtle says:

    The Iranians live in a dangerous neighborhood.
    They have the right of self defense, by any means necessary.

  140. The world should pray for a powerful and resolute China, and for strong relations between China and Russia. The United States is the global bully, but led by its kosher masters, who are even more sadistic than any mid-20th-century American gentile general. If China becomes powerful, and refuses to dance to the tune out of Jerusalem, then the zio-American bullying of the western world might be at an end. The Americans thrive on fear and intimidation, but should another great power arise that has the weapons to fight back effectively and destructively (even if not quite able to achieve parity), then the US will suddenly become a more responsible member of the global community. I don’t think the US has the stomach to fight an all-out war against a formidable Sino-Russian alliance that is willing to go all-in to win. Plus, the people who built America, and who are most likely to fight for it (whites), are increasingly demoralized and disinterested in fighting for a corrupt state that hates them and punishes their children (when not trying to kill them with the death jab). And if the rest of the western world should decide that a rising China is actually a good thing…the US might find itself totally surrounded with only its faithless Zionist “ally” at its side. It’s an outcome America deserves. If we are lucky, we will see the collapse of the zio-American imperium in our lifetimes.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  141. Anon[357] • Disclaimer says:

    Christianity will be saved . In reality for Christianity to survive , destruction of Israel is essential .

    Arab will seize what was denied to them by UK-France-USA ,and mostly by Churchill and Wilson .

  142. What is most interesting to me is to see the pivot of the Israelis to China when it becomes clear that America has rotted away as the world superpower. I already see a lot of jews chasing Chinese women on American campuses, so maybe they are engaging in a changeling process. The Chinese are pretty shrewd and cynical, but it will be intriguing to watch the jews ingratiate themselves with another great power after destroying the last one.

    • Replies: @Taxi
  143. @AbrahamLincoln

    I agree. Israel’s last attempt to take on Hezbollah, the 33 day war in 2006, was a fiasco. Not only did they not attain their military objectives, but young men all over Israel took off to stay in New York, Berlin, Sydney … etc. Many Israelis have dual passports. They are ready to leave in the blink of an eye, and this is not the type of population which can fight a war.

    Since 2006, Israel has worked very effectively on a new strategy. They stir the pot, promoting civil wars. The war in Syria is entirely their revenge upon Hezbollah, and it has cost the Lebanese militia a lot, however, they have not been defeated in Syria.

    Israel would be very bold, to abandon the indirect strategy and just go off against Iran. If there is a war with Iran, I believe that they would ask (or tell) the Americans to do it for them.

    • Replies: @Taxi
  144. Taxi says:
    @war is coming

    A comment I read years ago: “Because the jews can’t pass for Chinese, the world is saved.”

  145. Taxi says:

    Iran has already publicly told israel that “any attack on us by the US or by any of its allies, and our first response will be to bomb israel.” So it doesn’t matter if israel pushes the US to fire the first bullet, israel will be the first target for an Iranian retaliation.

  146. The Zionists have a major problem. They have lost control of their MEDIA. Before 9/11, Americans were thumb-sucking nieve infants. They knew nothing of False Flags. They implicitly trusted their Government. They implicitly trusted Mainstream Media.

    Trump more than any other President exposed the biased, Fake News Mainstream Media.

    The COVID-19 Swindle, peddled, once again, by MSM has further eroded trust in our Government.
    No one Trusts the CDC, WHO, NIH..the FBI, the DOJ or School Boards, the Think Tanks, the College Professors….TRUST IS FOREVER BROKEN.

    The Censorship of Jew Owned Media Outlets like Facebook, Google, YouTube and all of MSM has spurred the Rise of ALTERNATIVE MEDIA; OAN NEWS, NEWSMAX, TIKTOK, DuckDuckGo….etc.

    ZIONIST JEW PROPAGANDA will not work nearly as easily as before. It is astounding now how quickly MSM reports on a story and Alternative media exposes their story as a hoax. Usually within HOURS.

    Before every War ….there is a Propaganda War. Not this time. They will be hard-pressed to sell another war. Collin Powell is DEAD. The Anthrax Hoax was fully exposed. The Iraq Weapons of Mass Destruction HOAX fully exposed.


    Having said all of that; The US Presidential Election was not stolen for no reason. A trillion dollars was invested. Joe Biden was installed for a purpose. He is the most corrupt politician in Congress. He is a Sociopath. Trump loved the Zionist but he did not want WAR with Iran. So He Was Replaced.

    I think the Jews will get their war against Iran. Bush Jr. Went to war when his approval rating was around 37%…exactly where Joe Biden’s rating is today. Joe is the exact type of egomaniac/sociopath that would sign off on war just to keep him and his pedophile son in the white house a little longer.

    As Election Fraud continues to be exposed (Arizona will Decertify Soon), pressure will mount. The CIA Dominion Software exposure is coming soon. The COVID-19 murders by Joe Biden’s administration, the corruption of the CDC, the disclosure of Big Pharma payoffs loom. In addition Israel is facing exposure of their orchestration of 9/11. They are running out of TIME. Public opinion is turning against Israel.

    I think we will be at war with Iran before this time next year. Before the Democrats lose both the house and the senate. Joe Biden knows once the Republicans regain power, he and his son face criminal Impeachment and Treason charges. Additionally, Joe Biden’s handlers witness his excellating decline every week. His impending physical and mental collapse is an unknown quantity. They must act soon. Too much money was invested.

    Make no mistake, Joe Biden hates Americans. He is a fraud and liar and was rejected his entire political career. All of America is the mirror staring back at him. “Fuck Joe Biden” chants break out at every sporting event. “Lets Go Brandon” was the #1 hit song.

    His disdain was on full display, with him checking his watch five times as 13 dead soldiers were being offloaded ceremoniously. All killed by his ego; He wanted a full withdrawal to bolster opinion polls. He labels the ones who know his deeds as “Domestic Terrorist”. He would slaughter us all if he could.

    He knows this is his last hurrah and he is cashing out massively –he and his crack head son are selling influence to everyone. Destroying all of America. Every act done by Joe Biden has weakened America. Think about that. It is all Intentional…all welling from a deep hatred of America. The actions of the puppet doing the bidding of his master – the ones who have video of his son raping children.

    Whoever mentioned a False Flag on American soil in this thread…..I concur. It will have to be monstrous. A shock and awe-type event. With tens of thousands of American’s dying. I imagine the Communist Democrats will pick a state in the South, loyal to Trump. Perhaps a mini-nuke detonated in the middle of a college football stadium. Or perhaps the 300 Americans left behind will be publicly executed by some shadowy NEW terrorist group funded by Iran. Or an airliner will be shot down by the same group…funded by Iran.

    To skirt the issue of ineffective Zionist propaganda, I see the zionist murdering a hundred or so Jews in some false flag mass shooting and then passing Federal Hate Speech laws in a midnight session. Much like how they slipped in the Patriot Act. Once the laws are in place all competing alternative media sites can be immediately de-platformed. If that does not work, then I see Joe Biden initiating a Draft.

    Once the Zionists are done with Iran, Joe Biden will be the fall guy. All efforts to try him for treason will be useless as he will be declared mentally unfit for trial. As we all know he has Dementia / Alzheimers…it is a death sentence. He has but a few years left.

    I for one hope he spends at least a year shitting and pissing on himself before his body forgets how to breathe.

  147. @war is coming

    The Chinese don’t want ‘parity’ with blood-crazed, death-worshiping, psychopaths in Thanatopolis DC. As a wise Chinese said recently, (paraphrasing badly), you may have enough nukes to destroy us ten times over, but we only need enough to destroy you once.

  148. @RoatanBill

    A very cogent comment, but you neglect the 800 billion ton gorilla in the attic-ecological collapse. The collapse of the complex society as outlined by Trainer and the Club of Rome types has already begun, precipitated, probably purposely, by the Evil Ones, but it is mere prelude to the real Fermi Paradox Resolution. A species that absolutely insists on shitting in its own nest, even when it is already full to overflowing, has no happy future.

    • LOL: RoatanBill
  149. @SeekerofthePresence

    Them’s not ‘butterflies’-them’s Mothras.

    • Replies: @SeekerofthePresence
  150. If Israel is stupid enough to attack Iran, it deserves the sound whipping it will surely receive.

  151. @Alfa158

    Why would we Whites support a regime (the Biden administration) that despises us and wants us dead?

    • Agree: Colin Wright
  152. @Cookie Boy

    Goodbye Israel….your days are numbered.

    That’s as celebratory as announcing a cure for 4th stage colon cancer!

  153. JWalters says:

    You may be right. I agree that Israel will have to be brought down by coercion. In line with that, more people are waking up to the reality of Israel. There is actually an anti-Israel contingent in Congress now. That’s new. It’s small, but growing. There is a lot of anti-Israel activism on campuses, and a growing percent of younger Jews in America see Israel as an apartheid state (about 40% I think). UR readers are not the only ones who see the truth about Israel. Just as most Americans were ready to leave Afghanistan, despite the barrage of propaganda to stay from the mainstream media, there is also a growing readiness to “leave” Israel. It will also help when the public realizes that Israel’s financiers in the City of London were also behind shipping away all those jobs.

    It seems to me the American Bill of Rights is worth saving. If we can put a spotlight on the Talmudist financiers, the Jewish mafia, and show their organized crime network clearly, America could clean that sludge out of its gears. An uncorrupted media and Congress would change things significantly.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  154. @frankie p

    Didn’t Iraq do pretty much all that during the first Gulf War: rain Scud missiles on Israel and US bases in the region, flood the Gulf with spilled oil, set fires to the oil wells? So there is a price to pay in any war. And Saddam Hussein could have packed those missiles with gas but didn’t. Sure the weapons today are better but on all sides. I’m against any war but we’ll see. Anyway a bombing campaign against Iran would get the US troops finally kicked out of Iraq.

  155. anonymous[351] • Disclaimer says:


    The translation of infidel is disbeliever. When you think about it, it must be one of the most innocuous words to be used in a negative way. I am certainly an infidel in whatever pagan “in-his-image” shit you believe in. You understand.

    The whitevils’ more immediate problem is that you judevil animals, do not simply think, but actually apply the notion that you are superior to everybody else.

    Also, you judenscum do not simply dream, but actually machinate the slaughter of millions. Isn’t wanton slaughter of people, just another way of “beheading” people?

    Similarly, you juden mofers do not simply dream, but actually make sex slaves of their daughters through your grip on pornography, movie industry and sex trafficking. Epstein comes to mind.

    You are just like another judenscum who lurks here… A123. Your satanically evil kind is desperately trying to ensure that the chrizzies and muslims are always at each other’s throats. That is how you can survive. Your post is just one example of that.

  156. Dr. Doom says:

    The Zionists and mullahs are two groups of deluded religious fanatics.

    Hopefully, they will annihilate each other…

    • Agree: Corrupt
  157. @Antiwar7

    It will never happen – Israel is incapable of pulling this off alone. Even if the US assists – There is no way that Israel can survive a retaliatory strike that Iran and its proxies will undoubtedly unleash – But perhaps this is what the world needs – its the only way to solve the Palestinian issue and rid the world of this stolen genocidal menace of a State called Israel

  158. Kind of novel – USA does a Pearl Harbour by Proxy.

    No-one will ever guess Israel is the cat’s paw for the USA. !!!

    It is not as if China and Russia will not go to red alert and beyond………maybe the US is run by Branch Davidians ?

  159. @anon

    ad 1.) the Shia´t Ali is, once you abstract from the dynastic pretexts,
    the Persian uprising against semitic barbarism; their cult of martyrdom
    (not your average suicide bomber) makes them quite resilient too.

    That the cephalopods feel confident enough for the Endgame does not bode well either way.

  160. anon[388] • Disclaimer says:
    @Old Brown Fool

    What do you mean India has little to suck? That seem incredibly wrong to me.

    A hegemon does not need to have what it is going to take from the rest. What it needs are the means to take it! starting with a billion+ people to burn India is full of resources

    Then the Indians love of the Jew and what he does is transcending! An Indian would give his life to be a corporate executive, a US cabinet secretary, same in England and all the developed countries. Every Indian would love to be chairman of a corporation. And each and every Indian would have/have not less but no qualms at all in doing the horrific things to the ordinary people of the world those jobs require routinely

    The Jewish elites have all the capital in the world, and additionally know how to make capital from thin air, and how to make the Indian people pay for it all over centuries, to their immense and ever accruing profit

    India/Indian are perfect for building into the new hegemon: Huge military, huge military budget. huge military industry, massage GMO agriculture to smatter the poor, keep them going in massive poverty which Indians have accepted from all the necessary angles as their way of life. The poor accept poverty as their natural condition as they have known no other…and the rich accept it as ‘the poor will always be with us!’

    And of course the poor would are the conscription to re-new and replenish the military. Quick take over-no decades long burrowing necessary. And of course it is better they be numerous, hungry and waiting. And as numerous as they are the Jews can spend poor Indian lives with great profligacy, like they waste money on huge personal toys like yachts and monster mansions

    India looks like the most perfect replacement for Americans. The Chinese? Chinese are not foolish like Indians. No certainty of long term control…unless real vaccinations can be inserted into their veins

    • Replies: @Old Brown Fool
  161. @Quartermaster

    Wow, you are using some strong language there: “that sort of idiocy,” “twits.” Perhaps you have been working in education and therefore, quite understandably, frustrated with the slow demolition of the system.

    Do you know history yourself? I doubt you do, otherwise you would hesitate to utter that kind of comments.

    As I indicated earlier, I strongly advise you to read Michael Palmer’s book,. If you don’t, I am sorry to say you are not really qualified to debate the issue I elaborated upon.

    If you are interested in learning more about history, I can suggest some more works that might interest you. In English, but also titles in German, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish and Russian that have never been translated into English.

  162. @Agent76

    Israeli Military Sets Up Shop at US Central Command With Eye on Iran
    Israel previously fell under US European Command
    by Dave DeCamp Posted on October 28, 2021

    • Replies: @Orville H. Larson
  163. Cohen says:

    I am sorry. Israeli or US attaching Iran is not in the script in a big game. Killing here and there or sabotaging is the future. Forcing a cat in the corner has only one consequence and we all know it.

    What happened or happens when Iran is forced into a corner. Follow the history. All this Huffing and Puffing is a part of a Global Theater.

  164. @Alfa158

    The people that have been joining the US military are those with no other prospects. These are the football stars in high school that can hardly read or write. How many engineers, doctors, physicists, etc are joining up to kick in doors in some far off place? The folks in the military are there because they have little other choice given their lack of marketable skills. The ones in are going to stay in because they want to continue eating.

    The schools are still turning out idiots with diplomas. The private market doesn’t want a lot of them because they’re stupid. With the economy heading down, more and more people are going to be looking at the employer of last resort to feed their faces and that means the military is destined to have sufficient killers for their purpose.

    I wish it were otherwise.

    • Replies: @Realist
  165. @JWalters

    The average US citizen votes or at least considers voting. That alone should prove that they’re not too bright. Election after election they keep getting screwed and yet they support the system.

    The bulk have no idea what US foreign policy is. They have no idea that Israel gets significant funds from the US every year. The bulk of the population gets their news from TV and that medium isn’t going to enlighten anyone to the Israel scam.

    You can have all the activism you want and it won’t matter. The crooks in the deep state run the country as they see fit and it doesn’t matter which figurehead sits in the oval office, the policy never changes. Just look at all the jews surrounding biden. The top end of the US Fed Gov is infested with jews / zionists / dual citizen Israelis and the money that keeps getting the scum in congress elected year after year is controlled by all the jewish interests in the US that have captured every significant control point.

    The only way out is for the dollar to collapse and possibly have states go their own way. The end of the Fed Gov as an absolute necessity at this point.

    • Agree: nokangaroos
  166. Anonymous[190] • Disclaimer says:

    It seems highly likely this is just posturing and bluster by the Israelis. If air strikes could have settled anything, they (or the US) would have carried them out by now. Therefore they need boots on the ground, and that means American boots, something I just can’t see happening right now, even allowing for the incompetence and derangement of Biden’s government. Why the Israelis are making noise over this, I don’t know, maybe they just can’t think of any better agitation, but it seems clear that it’ll be a cold day in Hell before Israel does any actual fighting against real combatants (as opposed to defenseless civilians).

  167. Anon[298] • Disclaimer says:

    A powerful nation such as Russia or China, or both together, should step in and give the Iranians all they can to defend themselves. The sadistic Israeli bullying of Iran is grotesque and would not be tolerated if done by any other country. Israel is powerful and dangerous, but not so powerful and dangerous as to overcome both China and Russia along with Iran. If the Iranians were smart, they would be asking for the best weapons systems those countries can offer, and definitely the best offensive missiles systems. A few well-placed missile strikes on Israel can go far. The fear is America jumping in, but the irony of the Jew attack on America is that they are weakening the nation that could best secure Israel’s future. I do think the Israelis will lead the world into war at some point.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  168. anon[133] • Disclaimer says:

    Mike Pence joins the long and growing list of current and former elected officials and retired officers to discredit themselves by shilling for the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK), the deranged cult and “former” terrorist organization that seeks regime change in Iran and pretends it is a legitimate opposition group:
    Pence described the MEK as “a well-organized, fully prepared, perfectly qualified and popularly supported alternative” to the current government in Iran. Rajavi, he said, is “an inspiration to the world.”–

    “Peace follows strength,” Pence told the attendees No you son- of -a- bitch , it doesn’t .USA has destroyed and murdered It kills rapes and burns with its strength . It valorizes assaults on innocents and worships the napalm ,white phosphorus nukes, and even the medieval swords .

  169. Anonymous[722] • Disclaimer says:

    If Israel thought that they could draw the US into a war with Iran by initiating air strikes, they would have done this a long time ago as well. (Neither one gives a damn about international opinion.). So we can conclude that the Israelis either don’t believe the Americans (despite their normal obsequiousness towards Israel) would join such a war, or (more likely) they think the US would be defeated and the resulting implosion of the global economy would lead to uncontrollable backlash against Organized Jewry. As psychotic as the Israelis are, I don’t think they’re suicidal. They’re bluffing here, probably part of an endless campaign to keep the US from granting any kind of concessions (however mild) to Iran.

  170. @mulga mumblebrain



    “Poisonous cloud” coming our way.

  171. @anon

    You are very right in some aspects. Indians in the US are not aware why they are suddenly being made CEOs and propped up. They are dazed by the glamour and attention. And they are well conditioned to a hierarchical society. Their open adulation for Israel is to be seen to be believed.

    But the productivity is very low. And illiterate, malnourished populations will be a burden in future, even as cannon fodder. Add to that the incredibly stupid caste system, the picture is complete. Right now all the fault lines in the country are active – Hindu vs Muslim, Hindi vs No Hindi, upper castes vs middle castes vs lower castes, north vs south, all the fault lines are triggered like never before.

    And India has its own Chosen People – the original Chosen People – Brahmins. Unlike the global Chosen People, Brahmins were never persecuted, or chased out, and the Hindu society’s obedience to them is almost robotic. Right now Brahmins are praising Israel very much, and eager to be in its good books.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  172. Corrupt says:

    “(Zigh) Need I say more?”

    Yes. The U.S. is getting involved where it shouldn’t, which was pretty much the point of the article, which I agreed with, so what are you trying to say?

  173. Realist says:

    You can have all the activism you want and it won’t matter. The crooks in the deep state run the country as they see fit and it doesn’t matter which figurehead sits in the oval office, the policy never changes.

    Absolutely right.

    Just look at all the jews surrounding biden.

    Same was true of Trump

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  174. Realist says:

    How many engineers, doctors, physicists, etc are joining up to kick in doors in some far off place?

    I would imagine close to zero.

    The schools are still turning out idiots with diplomas. The private market doesn’t want a lot of them because they’re stupid.

    The country is awash in idiots…but there are a number of very bright people who contribute to the advancement of science and technology in this country…something the idiots should be thankful for.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  175. @Realist

    Same was true of Trump

    It’s true of every administration going back decades. There are always an abundance of dual citizen jews, over represented according to their portion of the population, in the entire Fed Gov structure.

    I have no problem with a meritocratic selection of individuals for positions anywhere. It’s just that jews are getting in via connections that exclude other candidates precisely to select the most jews possible. Look at all the Federal Reserve top brass, the people surrounding the elected representatives, the heads of departments, etc.

    That’s how Israel manages to control US foreign policy and always have their hands well greased with US funds and special privileges not afforded to other nations.

    There needs to be a moratorium on jews in gov’t, federal, state, county, city, school board, dog catcher, etc. They’re a clique that sticks together to their mutual benefit and no one else’s.

    We also need them out of the management of the media and major corporations.

    I know – fat chance.

    • Agree: Realist
    • Replies: @RestiveUs
  176. @Realist

    The number of bright people is dwindling because there’s less and less for them to work on in the US. When the US was the center of research and innovation there was a definite need for bright people to migrate to the US from all over. Lots of those positions have gone to other countries and the smart people went in search of those challenging jobs. When the Super Conducting Super Collider was cancelled, lots of top people went to Europe, for example.

    The dolts make fun of the “geeks” that create all the gadgets they depend on. They’re too stupid to realize that the brain drain is going to cost them. They just figure that someone somewhere will keep their sorry asses alive. They figure they’ll always have an AOC or a Bernie to provide for them.

    • Agree: Realist, TitusAlone
  177. @Old Brown Fool

    Overseas Indians of importance are rich ‘entrepreneurs’ mostly in the Anglosphere. They rely for finance on mostly Jewish financiers. You won’t find many supporters of Palestine there, now will you. And with an Hindutva fascist regime in power, who would and Islamophobic regime turn to but the greatest Islamophobes of all-the Zionazis. The Indians have long depended on Israel for advice on how to keep the Kashmiris under the jackboot, what with Israel’s seventy years history of repressing a restive, captive, Moslem population. Just as Israel formerly had a close relationship with another apartheid terror state-Afrikaaner South Africa.

    • Replies: @Cuffy
  178. @Anon

    To understand Israeli barbarity one must recall that the Talmud declares killing civilians to not just be permissible, but to be a ‘mitzvah’ or religious sanctified ‘good deed’. Killing children, even babies, is permissible if it can be said that they would grow up to ‘..oppose the Jews’. And a whole ‘city’ eg Gaza, may be destroyed for the ‘crimes’ of a few. If only the morons knew what Israel really represents, but it is not the sole Evil regime on Earth-just one of the very worst.

  179. @RoatanBill

    Jews control the heights of power in the USA, for better or worse. To deny it is preposterous, yet creatures like the odious Deborah Lipstadt declare that saying that Jews have influence in US politics is ‘antisemitic’. So the truth and the facts are Jew-hating, apparently. All because of money power, the one true ‘Western Moral Value’.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  180. @Sarita

    Chess was invented in India.
    The Persian/ Arabic name for the game Shatranj is derived from Sanskrit Chaturanga.

    Agree with the rest of your points

  181. @mulga mumblebrain

    I had never heard of Deborah Lipstadt so I looked her up. It would appear she lives off of the antisemitism shtick. The fact that she’s able to do so is because people buy her books. I doubt her audience is all jews. She probably lives off her professor credentials / salary and that allows her the time to generate her worthless opinion put into print. It’s just a shame that people are dumb enough to read what some other person thinks about an old event and believe they are reading truth. All political history is just aged propaganda.

    Why anyone would buy a book and then waste their time reading about some historic event is beyond my imagination. Why anyone would read any history book and think they were gaining knowledge is a mystery.

    The use of the epithet to silence a person only works if that person cooperates in their own silencing. As you point out, if something is true and you are declared a racist, antisemite, homophobe, etc, for stating it then the only thing to do is to further state that if the truth makes you what the epithet declares then you accept that designation and continue the disagreement.

    You’re an antisemite.
    Thank you for noticing.
    You’re a racist.
    Thank you for noticing.
    You’re a climate denier.
    I’m a CO2 is the cause denier.

    Now the sting has been neutralized and any attempt to make a similar assertion is just lame. It’s the reaction to the assertion that needs to be changed. All the race hustlers, holohoaxers, climate dupes, etc that use name calling in an attempt to not address a core issue only win when their target allows them that win.

  182. @RoatanBill

    That is indeed one way of looking at history and historiography. Actually, you are not the first to suggest this: Henry Ford is an illustrious predecessor.

    Mrs. Lipstadt is not a historian and her writing indeed eminently forgettable. Her nemesis, David Irving is, and by reading his work (which is far from being propaganda), I can guarantee you that one does increase one’s understanding of a controversial historical period.

    After rejecting historical studies of any kind tout court for the reasons you indicate, the next logical step would be to reject reading at all. Moreover, given the human mind’s susceptibility to lend greater credence to moving images, one ought then also to reject watching television (which is indeed strongly recommended), but movies, clips, videos, and all that sort of thing as well.

    At any rate, your point of view is obviously firmly rooted in American tradition. I can confidently state this, since I have read Tocqueville, Vernon L. Parrington and other historians and authors.

  183. Cuffy says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    Please note that India was ONLY country in the world that voted against the creation of Israel.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @geokat62
    , @Taxi
    , @sardar
  184. Anonymous[348] • Disclaimer says:

    OK, that was like, what, 70 years ago? Good for them, now what have they done for us lately? The fact is, no one is more butt-hurt over the rise of China than the the Indian deep state, and their susceptibility to phony flattery (and bribery) makes them an ideal takeover target for International Jewry.

  185. geokat62 says:

    Please note that India was ONLY country in the world that voted against the creation of Israel.

    Excerpt from, U.N. votes to partition Palestine, Nov. 29, 1947:

    On this day in 1947, the United Nations General Assembly voted to partition Palestine between two newly created Arab and Jewish states while placing Jerusalem under a “special international regime.”

    Passage of the resolution required a two-thirds majority — not counting abstaining and absent members — of the then 56-member assembly. When the crunch came, 33 delegations (72 percent) voted for partition, 13* voted against and 10 abstained.,absent%20members%20--%20of%20the%20then%2056-member%20assembly.

    * The 13 Member States that voted Against Israel:
    Saudi Arabia

    • Replies: @Cuffy
  186. Taxi says:

    What about the 22 Arab countries and the islamic nations of the east? Most of them STILL don’t recognize israel.

  187. sardar says:

    Why are you lying?

    Adopted at the 128th plenary meeting:
    In favour: 33
    Australia, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Byelorussian S.S.R., Canada, Costa Rica, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, France, Guatemala, Haiti, Iceland, Liberia, Luxemburg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Norway, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Sweden, Ukrainian S.S.R., Union of South Africa, U.S.A., U.S.S.R., Uruguay, Venezuela.

    Against: 13
    Afghanistan, Cuba, Egypt, Greece, India, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, Yemen.

    Abstained: 10
    Argentina, Chile, China, Colombia, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Honduras, Mexico, United Kingdom, Yugoslavia.

    Only axis of evil US- USSR(Russia) who has not yet lost its zionist face, and few more European countries that were Black Mailed by the Jewish mafia were in favor to erect a criminal entity in stolen Palestine to create chaos to steal the resources of the people in the region.
    Many ‘in favor’ of apartheid were not an autonomous countries only colonies. An entity like Heidi, Liberia, Costa Rica, Panama, Paraguay and few more voted because they were dictated to vote in favor and they had no power to deny the thieves.
    Venezuela and few others that voted in favor, NOW they are against the apartheid entity.

    You have to add those who abstained to those who were against to come with figure 23 against Jewish mafia and its terrorism

    Britain was NOT in favor, and therefore Abstained to let the deal goes through, a criminal act.

    So, Russia is as guilty as the US, Britain and France. Russians are part of the west and Putin is a servant of zionism.

  188. @H. Ph. Vogel

    I have read Tocqueville, Vernon L. Parrington and other historians and authors.

    Thank goodness there are still educated minds out there who read the historical classics. I doubt whether today’s history grad student (if there are any) is at a reading level to comprehend either author. In any case a moot point, since they long ago were almost certainly removed from university library shelves as racist, colonialist, anti-feminists.

    Where anti-intellectualism has always been a black mark on the diminishing number of Amurikan brain cells, it is now an existential threat to the country. China seems to have found a way to combine Anglo innovation with their collectivist approach. They are making rapid strides in AI, quantum computing, hypersonics, long-range missiles, cyber defense and offense, satellite kill technology, swarm technology, and genome engineering. The Pentagon official in charge of computer technology recently resigned because ’Murka is moving at a snail’s pace relative to the Chinese. But math itself has now been deemed racist by academic activists along with white-authored literature and scholarship. Hence, Amurika condemns itself to military obsolescence.

    The state of American intellectual life is well represented in a scene from the recent TV series “I Love Dick.” An aspiring film-maker wants to join the class of the resident pundit (played by Kevin Bacon) and asks for his syllabus. He says, “I actually don’t have a syllabus. I haven’t read a book in ten years. I’m post idea.”

    Amurika fresh out of ideas. How long will we last against a resurgent China in the midst of a technological renaissance?

    • Replies: @H. Ph. Vogel
  189. Cuffy says:

    Sorry boyz and gals(and all variants in between)….I meant to say Only non muslim country….though I will still be wrong with apologies to Greece and Cuba…..

  190. @SeekerofthePresence

    I am afraid the unfortunate developments you are mentioning are not limited to the United States. We are in the midst of the collapse of Western Civilization, in my opinion the finest the world has ever known (despite its shortcomings).

    Colleges and universities have become places to avoid, as they mainly serve to poison and stultify young minds. I truly feel sorry for all those naive boys and girls that meekly undergo their three to five years of brainwashing.

    The only places where one may still get an old-fashioned, thorough, and authentic college or university education are far off regional universities in the Amazon, the Andes or Siberia, preferably at some Pontifical outfit I should think.

    As for “Anglo innovation,” methinks you are mainly referring to the 1950s and 1960s, when American innovation was at its peak thanks to the massive looting of German intellectual property in 1945.

    American innovation prior to World War I also had the flavor of purloining: many celebrated US inventors (including Edison and Bell) were quite adept at taking concepts originating abroad, changing a detail or two and then filing for patents. Such, however, is the very nature of technological innovation. It is not always easy or obvious to attribute inventions to specific individuals. In this respect, if you haven’t read John Gribbin, Science: A History, I would heartily recommend it.

    As for the supposed present-day innovative prowess on the part of the Chinese, I have serious doubts. I feel their inventions are incremental rather than fundamental.

    • Agree: RestiveUs
    • Thanks: SeekerofthePresence
  191. @Emil Nikola Richard

    It makes sense for Israel to join U.S. Central Command. That way, Israel is perfectly situated to issue its orders and directives directly to its American lackey. . . .

  192. RestiveUs says:

    I think the Israeli regime is volatile enough that they would not hesitate to invoke a nuclear option if they got in over their heads in a conventional conflict.

  193. RestiveUs says:

    Adolph Hitler came to those same conclusions a hundred years ago and actually did something about it. That’s what helped resuscitate Germany in the 1930’s.

  194. RestiveUs says:

    And the public would, again, fail to put two and two together and realize that Iran would not have had the reach and resources to pull that off, but Israel does!

  195. @H. Ph. Vogel

    I read a lot of fiction growing up. After a certain point, I stopped reading fiction because I had more important things to study like math, science, engineering, physics, etc.

    I understand the difference between proof, opinion and outright bullshit. All of history is largely opinion and therefore not credible. The records are tainted because gov’ts have manufactured evidence and records of all kinds, including destroying evidence counter to their narrative.

    We all know about JFK’s assassination, the Lee Harvey Oswald story, the Gulf of Tonkin bullshit, Colin Powell holding up a vial, and hundreds of other events that clearly show modern gov’ts, especially the US gov’t, can’t be trusted to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The same can be said of all the world’s political entities because in the end they are the most successful criminal organizations in any jurisdiction, precisely because they get to write the laws and they get to determine who gets prosecuted and who walks. These criminals write the historical records.

    History is always touted as fact; never referred to as a theory. That’s pure propaganda to state categorically that something is a fact when there is no verifiable, repeatable, empirical evidence for any of it that is guaranteed to be free of manipulation or just interpretation by the frauds known as historians. Historians are story tellers, just like archaeologists, paleontologists, and other “professions” that rely on the interpretation of evidence. The difference between the various disciplines, including the STEM fields, is how much of their output is dependent on interpretation and the use of proxies, which is why I consider engineering at the top of what should and can be trusted.

    We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality – judiciously, as you will – we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.
    Karl Rove

    To suggest that scientific and engineering literature shouldn’t be read by giving it the same weight as the bullshit in the history books really makes you look pretty silly. The STEM fields aren’t perfect, since they include the climate frauds and whole “professions” whose modern contribution to understanding includes unicorns like dark matter, black hole and other nonsense, but mostly rely on provable repeatable experiments to arrive at facts as best they can be determined at present and leave the door open to further refinements over time.

    I wouldn’t waste one minute reading a history book because I stopped reading fiction decades ago.

    • Disagree: Colin Wright
    • Replies: @H. Ph. Vogel
  196. @RoatanBill

    Your observations and comments are valid and relevant, but they not entirely so. You have touched upon an ancient debate, namely the difference between the “hard” sciences and “soft” disciplines, between quadrivium and trivium, between scienza and coscienza (Giambattista Vico), between “nomothetical” and descriptive disciplines (Windelband).

    What you have been referring to is actually the terrain of the philosophy of science and the philosophy of history.

    All of history is largely opinion and therefore not credible. The records are tainted because gov’ts have manufactured evidence and records of all kinds, including destroying evidence counter to their narrative.

    Of course, there is a difference between “history” and “historiography.” From what you say, you are referring to historiography, but even so, it is evidently impossible for governments to control all the evidence. There is “official history” and “revisionist history,” which in my opinion is sincere and the only kind of historical writing actually endeavoring to get at the “truth,” now matter how elusive she might be.

    In some countries, notably the US, France and Argentina, there is a venerable and lively tradition of historical revisionism, with high quality historical research and first-rate writing. Much better and much more digestible than the drivel often produced by “court historians.”

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  197. @H. Ph. Vogel

    And after the dust settles, you can’t trust any of it because there’s no proof either way. There’s lots of ink spilled over some old event and for all the effort it makes no difference because the criminal organization known as government keeps plodding along with the full cooperation of the majority of the population.

    History records the cover up of gov’t crimes, the whitewash of gov’t criminality and is nothing more than gov’t propaganda carefully aged and bound into books for people to waste their time arguing over.

    History, official or revisionist, is a monumental waste of time because in the aggregate it is a lie and changes nothing. It’s like archaeologists digging up old junk and then concocting some plausible sounding story that has absolutely no proof to back it up. It’s all interpretation and amounts to carefully crafted bullshit not worth listening to.

    • Replies: @H. Ph. Vogel
  198. @RoatanBill

    Or, as Professor Lyle N. McAlister used to say: “you pay your money and you make your choice!”

  199. ”The all options are on the table ”rhetoric is a bluff; Israel has probably been told secretly not to attack Iran; there’s a reason the last three administrations took a pass with war with the Islamic State; war with Iran would be no picnic; it is the size of Alaska with 85 million people and a robust and competent military; not the ragtag insurgents that defeated the mighty American War Machine in Iraq and Ahfganistan; the Israelis wont do anything without Washingtons permission; their one worry is if they start a war and a lot of Americans get killed they will get blamed and their long time support in America will end; there is no way that Biden is going to get involved in another Middle East Cluster Fuck after the ignominious withdrawal from Afhghanistan; the ”war talk” is just to scare Iran into making concessions.

  200. Israel will reach the apex of its hubris by attacking Iran. Iran gas already stated that it also has a Samson option – to destroy Israel with hundreds of thousands of missiles. Israel has insane politicians who will do what Zionism was invented to prevent – the destruction of Jews and Israel.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  201. Anonymous[419] • Disclaimer says:
    @Alternate History

    Maybe. But the Israelis wouldn’t attack unless they were absolutely sure the Americans would join in, and since they’ve been howling about this for years without doing anything, it’s highly likely they think the US would only join at great risk and cost to public support for Israel. Since they can’t chance that, Israel is just bluffing here. OTOH if anyone is crazy enough to start a major war with the global economy on the precipice, it’s Israel, so I guess we’ll see.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  202. Trump argues that because of Dem’s in Congress Israel will hold back.
    Israel doesn’t “own” things like they did ten years ago.

  203. goy22 says:

    The people leading the death jab propaganda are jews. The people pressuring Americans to get their 10 year old children – and 5-year old children – jabbed are jews. The people who outsource jobs from America are jews. The people calling white, Christian Americans domestic terrorists are jews. The people who run our lying media are jews. The hacks in the DOJ who target white Christians and ignore black on white violence are jews. The puppet masters paying off our politicians are jews. They get saline for themselves, and push the death jab on ordinary Americans. The cocksuckers getting wealthy off of the vaccine scam are jews. As stupid as they are, at some point Americans have to start putting 2 and 2 together for their own survival.

  204. @Anonymous

    Israel attacks Iran. Israel executes false flag attack in the USA, and the Zionazi MSM blame Iran. The USA joins in the ‘New Purim’ and we’ll see how it ends. Bennett, that ‘human’ suppository, with his little hat, not for in the synagogue while worshiping, but there 24/7, stuck onto the back of his homely bonce with gum, defying gravity, expressing his self-imagined divinity, makes Nutty yahoo look sane.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  205. Anonymous[119] • Disclaimer says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Unfortunately this is a real possibility, yes. However, the Israelis could have done this kind of thing already. The fact that they haven’t suggests they’re not totally confident that they can pull it off. Fewer and fewer people believe anything the American government says anymore, and war that imploded the world economy would engender a backlash that Organized Jewry could not control. So I don’t think they’ll risk it, but yeah, if anyone’s crazy enough to try, it’s them.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  206. Szandor says:

    Nice, compact, accurate (imho) assessment

  207. Szandor says:

    Balfouristan’s bravado rhetoric reminds me of a dog chasing a tough old alley cat – very likely to get more than it bargained for; clawed up badly! The elite of isn’treal seem tranquil at the prospect of their peasantry getting ripped to shreds; doubtless have their bolt holes arranged and stocked.

  208. @J

    ‘Your problem is that Persians and Arabs think you are infidels and dream of beheading you and making sex slaves of your daughters. And kids too.’

    As opposed to, say, Jeffrey Epstein.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  209. @Anonymous

    Israel is continually attacking Syria which is under Russian protection so why not Iran, whenever they decide to?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  210. Anonymous[330] • Disclaimer says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Sure, it’s possible. But attacking Iran is much higher stakes than Syria. The situation in Syria says more about Russian weakness than anything else. (Some protection, pretty much worthless long-term.) Israel still cannot afford to lose the US as its attack dog, which would be the likely outcome of war with Iran.

  211. RobinG says:

    OT (or not)
    What gives the US the Green Light anywhere?

    Capt. Paul Barril: “We know who killed Alexander Zakharchenko.”

    It is important to understand the context. Donbass is a very sensitive zone, where NATO in engaged in a proxy war against Russia. Ukraine serves as a NATO stooge, but Donetsk is on Russia’s side. The Head of the DPR (Donetsk People’s Republic) Alexander Zakharchenko was pro-Moscow and Putin’s close supporter. You need to know that since 2014 various western intelligence services have been operating in Donbass. In April 2014 the CIA chief John Brennan came to Kiev using a fictitious name to give instructions (for Euromaidan). And now they have CIA instructors over there, Canadians too. They undertake specific action to crush the Donetsk Republic.

  212. ODanoff says:

    This is all ridiculous. Israel is just a sort of colony of the United States, and would have no power of its own without the constant flow of materials and money sent from America. Those who think that a simple air raid of 10 or 20 planes will be enough to bring a country like Iran to its knees have watched too many James Bond films. A deeply buried facility is simply impossible to destroy except through the use of thermonuclear weapons, which the US certainly will not do. Besides, can we really be sure that Iran does not already have the atomic bomb?

    • Replies: @Anon
  213. Anon[121] • Disclaimer says:

    Just like all the Israeli and US alleged Iran need enrichment to nuclear weapons grade which they and IEAE has not found any evidence of.

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