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It is a familiar scenario. Israeli is killing hundreds of civilians, mostly women and children, and the Zionist propaganda machine is working overtime. The President of the United States reaffirms America’s solemn pledge to protect Israel at all costs and justifies the carnage by stating that Israel has a right to defend itself. Secretary of State John Kerry repeats the message and the US House and Senate pass unanimously American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) drafted resolutions affirming the same.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lies repeatedly and the US media gives him a bully pulpit to spread his disinformation about what is occurring, including the propaganda cartoon depicted above explaining why he had to use artillery and bombs to level a residential district, killing nearly 100 civilians in what was described as a “heinous massacre.”

The mainstream media obligingly toes the line, depicting something like a battle between equals pitting the Israeli Army (IDF) against Hamas militants, obfuscating the essential asymmetry of a conflict that has killed more than 1,000 Palestinians civilians. A very large percentage of the commentators on television and radio as well the authors of mainstream print media opinion are American and Israeli Jews, to include a piece by Michael Oren, former Israeli Ambassador to the US and current CNN “expert,” entitled “Israel Must be Permitted to Crush Hamas” as well as the featured appearances by Prime Minister Netanyahu on national television.

Oren’s call to crush Hamas is particularly ironic as it runs directly contrary to American interests. The US intelligence community believes that the group would likely be succeeded by something far more radical. The media, Congress, and Netanyahu all also connive to ignore the deliberate targeting of civilians to include hospitals, schools and private homes by the IDF, producing massive infrastructure damage and increasing the numbers of dead and wounded. The US media did not report how Israelis watching the bombing from their lawn chairs on a hill near Sderot were photographed cheering and applauding each time a target in Gaza exploded. They were also sharing popcorn and one described the event as “just good fun.”

Also missing in the discussion is the damage that the conflict does to the United States, which is seen throughout the world as Israel’s puppet, manifested most recently when Washington alone opposed and will presumably veto any United Nations inquiry into possible war crimes connected to the Gaza conflict.

America diplomats are supposed to support American interests while the Founding Fathers created an army and navy to defend the United States, not Israel, a fact that seems to have escaped the notice of many in the White House, Congress and in the media. In reality, Washington has no obligation to protect the Netanyahu government in international fora nor is there any treaty obligation to defend Israel or anyone else outside the NATO alliance. Israel is neither an ally nor is its self-defined security a compelling US national interest if one excludes the drumbeat of the domestic lobby that protects it no matter how badly it behaves.

The sequence of events leading up to the current slaughter is clear, though Israel’s friends pretend that it all started when the first homemade rocket landed inside Israel, justifying any subsequent steps necessary for “defense.” But the Israel-Palestine problem truly began in 1948, when armed Jews deliberately terrorized and then drove more than 700,000 Palestinians from their homes. It was exacerbated when in 1967 the military occupation of the West Bank and Gaza began, leading to the creation and expansion of illegal settlements on Arab land.

The current cycle of violence, rooted in the denial of viable statehood for the Palestinian people, began in April when Israel deliberately torpedoed US brokered peace talks by accelerating settlement building and failing to comply with an agreement to release prisoners. On May 15th Israeli soldiers shot dead two Palestinian teenagers, an event that was videoed. They were among the 26 Palestinians killed by Israelis since January, with no one being held accountable. Four weeks later three Israeli teenagers from Hebron were kidnapped and later discovered dead. Netanyahu, who knew that the three young men were already dead and that the abduction had not been carried out by Hamas cynically used the kidnapping as a pretext to attack Hamas on the West Bank, blaming the group for the crime without producing one shred of evidence. An Arab teenager was subsequently burned to death by Jewish extremists and the boy’s American citizen cousin was badly beaten by police when he joined a demonstration.

Netanyahu may or may not have cared who was killing or kidnapping whom on a micro level, but he knew a good opportunity when he saw one. He took advantage of the situation to launch a plan to destroy Hamas and pari passu the Palestinian unity government. Hundreds of arrests were made, again without any evidence linking those detained with the kidnapping, and homes of suspects were demolished. When Hamas in Gaza eventually struck back with its homemade rockets, killing or injuring no one, Israel unleashed its modern army and air force on the largely unarmed and defenseless Palestinians.

Israel also has found allies in the usual places in the US media and political circles to help explain the ensuing massacre. Ayman Mohyeldin, the NBC News correspondent who personally witnessed and reported the killing by Israel of four Palestinian boys on a Gazan beach was ordered by NBC executives to leave Gaza immediately, presumably because he had strayed from the acceptable message, which is that the deaths of Palestinians is somehow their own fault. CNN also “reassigned” reporter Diana Magnay who tweeted regarding an Israeli mob that threatened her when she filmed their celebration of missile strikes in Gaza. She called her attackers “scum” and was quickly removed.

The far fewer deaths of Israelis in the conflict are, however, rather more celebrated than the mass high tech execution of Palestinians. American volunteers in the IDF are depicted as somehow doing their patriotic duty, albeit in a foreign army. The Washington Post described how the “Death of two Americans in Israel brings conflict home.” Both men identified in the article though born in the US had chosen to live in Israel, producing some pushback in the blog comments. One noted that bearing arms for a foreign country that is not in NATO is illegal (and used to lead to automatic loss of citizenship) while another comment observed that if you are by choice fighting in a foreign army you are no longer really American. I might add that directly supporting Israel’s militarized colonization of Palestinian lands is against stated US government policy and does actual damage to American interests.

The Gazans are, to be sure, an easy target, crowded into a narrow strip of land with no place to go as they are controlled on all sides by Egypt and Israel. Fleeing inhabitants cannot even turn to the sea which is controlled by the Israeli navy. A comprehensive ten year truce offer by Hamas has been rebuffed by Israel and the slaughter will presumably continue until Netanyahu decides to stop. The United Nations has suggested that what Israel is doing might fit the definition of a war crime, just as was the case back in 2009 for Operation Cast Lead, when more than 1,400 Gazans were killed and schools run by the UN were deliberately targeted, as has been the case also currently.

That the US is so tied to a rogue nation like Israel would be incomprehensible but for the action of what has been described as the Israel Lobby. As Harvard Professor Stephen Walt puts it, “AIPAC is the only explanation for America’s morally bankrupt Israel policy.” Israel is in reality a place that most Americans would find unsympathetic. It is a corrupt theocracy that denies equal rights to Christians and Muslims, a fact that is conveniently overlooked by Congress and the media. There is also a strong dose of racism and ethnocentrism in is political matrix, with broad popular support for either disenfranchising or expelling all non-Jews. Or even killing them, with crowds in Tel Aviv routinely chanting “Death to Arabs.”

An Israeli member of parliament Ayelet Shaked of the ultra-nationalist Jewish Home party has called all Palestinians terrorists, saying women should be especially targeted for killing during the ongoing Israeli assault on the besieged Gaza Strip because they give birth to “little snakes.” She explained “They have to die and their houses should be demolished so that they cannot bear any more terrorists,” adding “They are all our enemies and their blood should be on our hands. This also applies to the mothers of the dead terrorists.” A prominent Rabbi has also endorsed complete destruction of Gaza and genocide, as a “deterrent measure to exterminate the enemy.”

Perhaps most discouraging is the visceral hatred directed at American critics of Israeli policies that surfaces occasionally among that nation’s most zealous supporters. Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, former Michael Jackson spiritual adviser and self-designated “America’s Rabbi,” has penned a piece entitled, “By Condemning Israel, Presbyterians Condemn Themselves.” He writes regarding the Presbyterian decision to divest from companies supporting the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, stating that “The rotting corpse of the Presbyterian Church suffered another nail in the coffin with its general convention vote on Friday to divest from companies doing business with Israel.”

Boteach, who has also become close to a number of prominent politicians, received no mainstream censure for this comments attacking a major Christian denomination in the vilest terms. His article also plays fast and loose with the facts. He observes “In the wake of the Oslo Accords, in which Israel granted the PLO political autonomy in the West Bank, about 60,000 Americans were murdered in Israel.” Since Oslo in 1993 the actual figure for dead Americans, many of whom were Israeli dual nationals, is 53.

That the United States has provided political support for a monster like Benjamin Netanyahu is criminal but it is a tribute to the grip that Israel’s lobby has on America’s political class and media. For starters, one might reasonably suggest that people like Boteach and the American volunteers including Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel who go to fight for Israel while eschewing any service in the US Army should perhaps move permanently to the country that they love most. The charge of dual loyalty which surfaces regularly regarding Israel’s most passionate Jewish supporters misses the point. Boteach and his friends, most certainly to include the likes of multi billionaire casino magnate Sheldon Adelson of Las Vegas, have no dual loyalty at all. Their only concern is for Israel and they stay in the United States to cash in and to make sure that the rest of the American people are coerced and propagandized sufficiently so as to guarantee that the US will remain Israel’s patsy. But more and more Americans are waking up to the fraud and the ongoing slaughter of another thousand or so Palestinians in Gaza virtually guarantees that there will be more questions about the relationship with Israel than answers. Eventually the truth will out.

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  1. Don Nash says: • Website

    The single gravest threat to Israel would be Israelis. Or dual-citizenship D’Uhmericans. Either way.

  2. So what is in it for America ? A different narrative has been sold to different audience, sometimes completely contradictory to each other.
    To the kind that hang out at Breitbart or Freerepublic, the killing of non white Muslims is what appeals to most of the people there and is why they support Israel.
    To another kind they sell the narrative that they are a left wing democracy that has gay marriage, abortion and other such things that need defending from conservative Muslims, which is laughable because you see one article in Breitbart praising Israel, then just below that another one attacking socialism (Israel is socialist) and gay marriage.
    To some Christians its this strange “Judeo-Christian” values nonsense (when Judaism is as different to Christianity as Islam is).
    Then there is the whole “we are the eternal victims of anti semitism”.

    So going back to the question, what is in it for America ? The only excuse I heard is that by giving money to Israel it funds jobs for people working in the military industry (a stupid argument because then America should invest the money direct into America). The benefit is one way, Israel gets a lot of free money and America gets nothing.

    • Replies: @Shuddh Bharatiyaan
  3. TomB says:

    One interesting aspect of all this is how it all seems to simply be of a piece with so many of our other major troubles and thus what it can seem to say about our situation more generally.

    Stepping back from the details of this, that is, perhaps its most striking feature is the … conscious corruption of it all. Intellectual and otherwise.

    Thus, we know for instance that U.S. foreign policy ought first and foremost be based on our interests and at least not damage same, and yet we continue hurting ourselves terribly in the Mideast by continuing as we are. We openly declare that the Israelis are illegally occupying the West Bank and East Jerusalem, but when they are attacked there we mouth some crap about their right to defend their illegal plunder. We say we believe in the rule of international law and organizations and tribunals—much of which are either our inventions or would not exist without us—and yet we ignore Israel’s violations of those laws, we block U.N. investigations and declarations and the right of the Palestinians to resort to those laws and organizations and on and on and on.


    Just like … we have had an elaborate skein of laws regarding immigration, recognizing all the various detriments involved in same and balancing them against the virtues, which laws … we simply didn’t enforce to the tune of tens of millions now.


    Just like … we had a clear understanding of the idea of free markets and the idea that government ought put its finger on the balance determining who wins and who loses (much less saving and subsidizing and guaranteeing the losers with bailouts), which idea we just simply ignored to the tune of billions if not trillions.


    Just like … we had a clear understanding of the impossibility of living beyond a certain degree and amount of time beyond our means with deficit spending levels approaching significant entire GDP levels, and a crystal clear understanding of our own demographics and what that means budget-wise, which ideas we just continue to ignore.

    Fully and completely consciously.

    It is like, on any number of fronts, we are doing nothing less than spitting right in the face of at least some certain disaster.

    Or, rather, because the engine behind all of same *is* obvious intellectual or political corruption, we are allowing that to be done.

  4. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Bottom line people are being killed…babies, children, adults, elderly, etc….
    God be with the people of Palestine and the people of Gaza Moslems and Christians…it is the end of time, no mercy no heart …ruthless…unbelievable once you see the human suffering and all are watching…the conclusion is that Governments all over must act decisively and stop the Jews from their actions and stop the genocide.
    May God Help the People of Palestine.

  5. As an aside, Marc Regev is now the Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf Ali of this conflict. I’m referring to “Bagdad Bob, the Iraqi military flack who pronounced all manner of hilariously, mendacious reports of American defeats and retreats as our forces actually stormed his position. Even CNN newsies can’t make him look good. He is just now explaining how Hamas is bombing itself! And this from a man coming from Australia just to get in touch with his heritage.

    My point is that finally, Israeli aggression and mendacity are no longer explainable or excusable to the world or the US public. They have finally overplayed their hand.

    • Replies: @moi
  6. moi says:
    @Thomas O. Meehan

    We need to set up a Mark Regev-Wolf Blitzer Hasbara Award.

    • Replies: @Philip Giraldi
    , @Anonymous
  7. @moi

    And let’s not forget the performance of the Israeli Ambassador to the US on Sunday when he said that Israel was killing its own soldiers because it was being so punctilious about not harming civilians. It is amazing how bad they are as liars considering the fact that they have to do it so often.

  8. quercus says:

    Does anyone notice the extreme juvenile character of the diagram shown above? As with the thug Netanyahu’s bomb cartoon at the UN, the diagram above and the bomb cartoon are both representative of a belief on the part of some Jews that gentiles are so very, very, stupid that it is necessary to simplify Zionist arguments to a level that a 5th-grader could understand. The truth is, however, that Zionists such as Netanyahu are so unspeakably obtuse and quite outlandishly stupid themselves to believe their own propaganda.

  9. @JustSomebody

    “To some Christians its this strange “Judeo-Christian” values nonsense (when Judaism is as different to Christianity as Islam is).”

    Islam is actually more Christian than Judaism as it accepts the virgin birth of Jesus, his resurrection, and that he is a great prophet of Allah. His mother Maryam is mentioned in the Quran dozens of times.

    That many Christians and Jews are now claiming to be one religion, the one Palin describes as “the Judeo-Christian Faith” is very odd and looks even odder to someone like me, a total outsider to the Abrahamic traditions altogether, looking in.

    “Then there is the whole “we are the eternal victims of anti semitism”.

    Arabs are also Semites. Native Jews are Arabs.

    Anyway, let the native Jews stay there and return the 40-ish % of European Jews to the countries they belong to. For the most part those European Jews do not assimilate to the environment and cultural mores of that area of the world very well. They are not religiously observant and they persist in sexually libertineism and other western habits that are just not de rigueur for that part of the world.

    Their intelligence can be better utilized in the West and they can get their freak on more easily over here as well.

  10. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    This article accurately describes what’s going on.

    One aspect that American readers may not be aware of is that the European leaders are probably worse than Obama and the American politicians where it concerns Israel. (Can Obama be the worst American president of all time? He is just a hollow individual.)

    What has happened in Germany is very peculiar. As the tide of public opinion was turning against Israel shortly after they initiated this latest massacre – and you have to bear in mind the peculiar mind-set in Germany on anything concerning Judaism – suddenly, after some relatively small demonstrations mainly by people with Arabic or Muslim backgrounds against Israel, at which some anti-semitic slogans were voiced, and after reports of the Israeli ambassador there apparently being enraged by these expressions, the German press then presented a virtual avalanche of articles concerning anti-semitism, and one of the main newspapers, the Suddeutsche Zeitung, went so far as to prohibit reader comments about the massacre, others, such as Die Welt, have limited discussion. All of a sudden, reporting of Israels crimes was replaced by that old reliable, anti-semitism, the inference being, that if you condemn Israel then you must be anti-semitic. As Germany is so subservient to Israel, I’m left to wonder whether all this was arranged between Bibi, Merkel and Hollande, as the last 2 have not uttered a word about the latest massacre, and the situation in France is very similar to Germany, where the prime minister, Manuel Valls, is extremely pro Israel. The French have gone so far as to prohibit demonstrations against Israel.

    As far as I know, and I may have missed it, not one EU leader has criticised Israel, but they’re not lost for words where it concerns Russia.

    • Replies: @Option Value
    , @Anonymous
    , @Mary
  11. @AmericaFirstNow

    Following URL conveys the root cause of the problem with ‘US’ media:

    Do Jews Dominate in American Media? And So What If We Do?:

  12. @Philip Giraldi

    Israel has been lying all the way back to the USS Liberty attack and more recently with Rachel Corrie as well:

    USS Liberty Cover-up & Media Accomplices:

    Former GOP Congressman Paul Findley (author of ‘They Dare to Speak Out’ about Israel lobby) nailed it in following article and included mention of Israel’s deliberate attack on the USS Liberty as well:

    The High Cost of Subservience to Israel:

    Can see/hear Paul Findley near beginning of following youtube by Tom Murphy of Representative Press:

  13. Israel Attacks Gaza, Silence from Mainstream Media about Israeli Violations of International Law:

    • Replies: @XJeem
  14. US support for Israel vs Gaza Palestinians motive for AQAP (Al Qaeda of the Arabian Pennisula) to include the Underwear Bomber:

  15. This concept of Israelis being surrounded by “barbarians” who are trying to kill them all the time, did that originate with Ayn Rand’s Phil Donahue interview decades ago?

    Prior to the influx of culturally incongruent, socially and sexually liberal, modern, secular, western Jews entering Israel en masse, weren’t the Jewish residents culturally-congruent native Jews? Were the “barbaric” Muslims at the time surrounding and killing them?

  16. Israeli Jews rightfully or not consider themselves to be the smartest people of all time. It makes me wonder why they have not been very successful at figuring out how to live with their neighbors, with all that brain power & all other resources at their disposal.

  17. @Anonymous

    Can Obama be the worst American president of all time?

    Yes, this reckless baiting of Russia puts him over the top. The scary part is that Hillary would be worse.

  18. Svigor says:

    I appreciate that this site has been given a focus on the Palestinian situation. It will draw lefty eyeballs, and they’ll be forced to confront many other issues they typically ignore. Or at least, forced to confront the fact that they refuse to confront these issues.

  19. Hey, where’s all my Has’bros at? Did they all just say screw it, or did they figure out Phil is beyond redemption? Headed for the front, or just watching the fireworks from a safe hillside?


  20. Svigor says:

    The President of the United States reaffirms America’s solemn pledge to protect Israel at all costs and justifies the carnage by stating that Israel has a right to defend itself.

    Hmm, I just had an interesting thought. What if the death ratio (Palestinian to Israeli) justifies the Holocaust? I mean, surely Jews were responsible for the deaths of Germans prior to the rise of the Nazis, yes? Even if it was in very small numbers? Can we go back and count them up and then slot them into the aforementioned ratio, and at least come up with a number of Jewish deaths at the hands of the Nazis that can be (in retrospect) “justified” with the “self-defense” excuse? Garden-variety murder (blackmailing shiksa housemaids and the like) aside, I’m no expert, but I’d be unsurprised to find a decent number of political assassinations by Jews in Weimar Germany, as in the Communist Revolution in Russia.

    Food for thought, I suppose.

    Their only concern is for Israel and they stay in the United States to cash in and to make sure that the rest of the American people are coerced and propagandized sufficiently so as to guarantee that the US will remain Israel’s patsy.

    Uh, among other things. Foremost among them that European populations are never allowed to freely contemplate having for themselves what Jews have for themselves in Israel.

  21. Svigor says:

    To the kind that hang out at Breitbart or Freerepublic, the killing of non white Muslims is what appeals to most of the people there and is why they support Israel.

    I call this the cuckold voyeur strategy: Jews completely castrate Euro-Americans in their ability and inclination to stand up for themselves as a people (or peoples), to do for themselves what Jews do for themselves in Israel (inter alia), then steal their tax monies to beat down the Palestinians and offer to air the show, for a small fee. It’s like castrating a man and then charging him to watch you have sex with your wife.

    the diagram above and the bomb cartoon are both representative of a belief on the part of some Jews that gentiles are so very, very, stupid

    My God, yes. Jewish contempt for heathen (“gentile”) intelligence often seems boundless. Someone should tell them that for bright people, an IQ of 108 (or 115, or whatever they’re telling themselves their mean is these days) is not impressive. At all.

    In my opinion, being conniving does a lot of subbing for Jewish intelligence, which, when combined with other Jewish psychological traits, may account for part of their overblown opinion of themselves.

    That many Christians and Jews are now claiming to be one religion, the one Palin describes as “the Judeo-Christian Faith” is very odd and looks even odder to someone like me, a total outsider to the Abrahamic traditions altogether, looking in.

    You’re not the only one, sir. “Judeo-Christianity” is a heresy even further out there than most of the leftist heresy that passes for Christianity these days.

    Anyway, let the native Jews stay there and return the 40-ish % of European Jews to the countries they belong to.

    What did we ever do to you?

    Israeli Jews rightfully or not consider themselves to be the smartest people of all time.\

    That’s counter factual, considering that mean Ashkenazi Jewish IQ in Israel is 104, and in the diaspora, it’s 107-108. The dumber Jews live in Israel, the smart ones live in the diaspora.

  22. Svigor says:

    I suppose “eunuch voyeurism strategy” would be more apt.

  23. KA says:

    Israeli firsertes won’t allow same free education,housing,healthcare and government involvement in start up companies and researches as they would allow for Israel. They won’t allow separation of churches ( synagogue) and state. They won’t allow return of indigenous people but demand immigration ( and demand citizenship for the victims of past European practices going back all the way to inquisition but excluding non Jews from consideration) be freely available here in US.
    I am still looking for shared values between Israel and US.May be it is in the torture practices and in the manual for the interrogation. The Zionist had similar shared value with the Islam under Shah of Iran.

  24. “Hmm, I just had an interesting thought. What if the death ratio
    (Palestinian to Israeli) justifies the Holocaust?”
    A kind of pre-emptive punishment, pre-crime as it were?
    On the basis of an eye-for-an-eye, Gentiles could be said to have no moral standing to judge Israel, until 6 million Gentiles perish at the hands of Israelis.

    • Replies: @Peter
  25. Tania says:

    Yesterday I believe it was, Israel was telling European officials that they must “regulate”.all protests sympathetic to the Palestinians within their countries and that any that paint Israel as “the aggressor” must be immediately shut down.Danes balked a bit but everyone.else seemed agreeable. Israel explained that speech critical of Israel could.provoke a second Holocaust imminent anyway. These people have a death.wish, a not altogether and I dont.believe theyll be.happy.until.they.push that attacks on.Jews begin.

  26. NB says: • Website

    Giraldi claims, “It is a familiar scenario. Israeli is killing hundreds of civilians, mostly women and children…a conflict that has killed more than 1,000 Palestinians civilians”

    Here’s another familiar scenario: Giraldi is lying. As of 7/29/14, the UN reported “1,118 Palestinians killed, including at least 827 civilians, of whom 243 are children and 131 are women.”
    Among the 827 civilians, 45% are women and children. This means that 55% of the civilians who have been killed are men, even though men are roughly 1/4 of the population of Gaza. If Israel were deliberately targeting civilians, as Giraldi asserts, we would expect the civilian casualties to reflect the demographics of Gaza’s population, approximately half of which are children. Why does a demographic comprising ~25% of Gaza’s population that also happens to coincide with the demographic of combatants constitute 55% of the civilians killed?

    This brings us to the question of where the UN is getting its figures:
    In large part, this data is from the Gaza Ministry of Health, which is run by Hamas. The same Hamas that issued social media guidelines to always describe the dead as innocent civilians:

    Giraldi also claims, “But the Israel-Palestine problem truly began in 1948, when armed Jews deliberately terrorized and then drove more than 700,000 Palestinians from their homes.” I’m not sure I can isolate a date when it began, but perhaps we could start with the 1834 Safed Pogrom?
    The violence started long before 1948:
    Giraldi’s grasp of the history is clearly shaky, since the civil war between Palestinian Jews and Arabs actually started in 1947, following Arab leaders’ rejection of the UN Partition Plan two-state solution:
    Here’s a NYT article from the day after Arab leaders rejected the UN Partition Plan:
    “In a violent Arab retort to the United Nations decision on Palestine [the UN Partition Plan], seven Jews were killed by Arab ambushes in Palestine today. Five were slain in an attack on one bus and one in an assault on another bus…
    The Arabs will wage a holy war if an attempt is made to enforce the partition plan, Dr. Hussein Khalidi, acting chairman of the Palestine Arab Higher Committee, declared in an interview tonight…
    Partition, Dr. Khalidi said, ‘is going to lead to a crusade against the Jews.’”

    Giraldi blames AIPAC, Rahm Emanuel, Shmuley Boteach, and Sheldon Adelson for US support of Israel, insinuating that “the Jews” control the media. Funny how Giraldi failed to mention the owner of the most pro-Israel major news network and most pro-Israel major newspaper. but that doesn’t fit his narrative. nor do the polls showing a majority (or plurality) of Americans side with Israel in this conflict:

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @KA
    , @KA
  27. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Human rights? You are the Champion.

  28. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    “Why does a demographic comprising ~25% of Gaza’s population that also happens to coincide with the demographic of combatants constitute 55% of the civilians killed?”

    – because the women stay at home looking after the children, where they have some physical protection, while the men go out on the streets to search for food, water and essential requirements, and get killed by gunfire, shelling and bombs.

    “In a violent Arab retort to the United Nations decision on Palestine [the UN Partition Plan], seven Jews were killed by Arab ambushes in Palestine today. Five were slain in an attack on one bus and one in an assault on another bus…
    The Arabs will wage a holy war if an attempt is made to enforce the partition plan, Dr. Hussein Khalidi, acting chairman of the Palestine Arab Higher Committee, declared in an interview tonight…
    Partition, Dr. Khalidi said, ‘is going to lead to a crusade against the Jews.’”

    The UN Partition Plan was not a decision. The UN has no authority to divide a country against the wishes of its inhabitants. The Plan was a recommendation only. The Plan would have given 55% of the country to a minority of the population who were recent foreign immigrants. What people could accept that? They were perfectly entitled to reject the Plan as being against their interests and their rights. If there had been an attempt to impose it by force, that would have been a war against the Palestinians, and they would have defended themselves. In fact that is exactly what did happen. The Zionists went ahead and seized the land for themselves in their declaration of independence, and immediately began capturing more. The Palestinians were helpless and called on the Arab States to assist them fight the takeover of their land.

    • Replies: @KA
  29. KA says:

    The archives of NYTimes from those periods paint a picture that is diametrically different from what has been told by NY Times and Wa Po or by WSJ or by CNN or by FOX or by AIPAC or JINSA regarding the nature of the conflicts of 1947 and 1948.
    We grew up hearing the myth of 7 or 5 Arab States attacked new born Israel,that Arabs refused UN plans,that world free of pressure or bribes welcomed Israel in UN and even the illusion that UN assembly vote was legal and binding. All of those are false.

    I will provide the links to the archives and quote an article partially

    Above links are easily accessible from
    search on key words 1947 NY Times 1948

    Arabs wanted a Federal State whose constitution would have been based on that of US. They proposed it to UN but it was not discussed for vote– VOTES PALESTINE PARTITION; MARGIN IS 33 TO 13; ARABS WALK OUT; ARANHA HAILS WORK AS SESSION ENDS

    Proposal Driven Through by U.S. and Soviet Will Set Up Two Sates
    Britain Holds Out Hand to It – Arabs Fail in Last-Minute Resort to Federal Plan

    The United Nations General Assembly approved yesterday a proposal to partition Palestine into two states, one Arab and the other Jewish, that are to become fully independent by Oct.1. The vote was 33 to 13 with two abstentions and one delegation, the Siamese, absent.

    The decision was primarily a result of the fact that the delegations of the United States and the Soviet Union, which were at loggerheads on every other important issue before the Assembly, stood together on partition. Andrei A. Gromyko and Herschel V. Johnson both urged the Assembly yesterday not to agree to further delay but to vote for partition at once.

    The Assembly disregarded last minute Arab efforts to effect a compromise. Although the votes of a dozen or more delegations see-sawed to the last, supporters of partition had two votes more than the required two-thirds majority, or a margin of three. ‘


    Vote on Principles Sought

    Camille Chamoun, the Lebanese representative, tried to meet Dr. Aranha’s ruling by demanding that the committee vote first on the eleven principles on the future government of Palestine, which had been approved unanimously by the Special Committee on Palestine last summer.

    Mr. Chamoun remarked that the resolution before the Assembly did not mention these principles, but Dr. Aranha replied that they were covered by the plan substituted by the Palestine committee, to which the Assembly’s resolution will give effect, and rejected the final Arab attempt to postpone a decision.

    Dr. Alfonso Lopez, the Colombian representative, who on Friday had submitted a complicated proposal that, among other things, would have returned the question to the committee, had arranged with another delegate to make a simple proposal to recommit. However, the delegate, sensing the mood of the Assembly, remained silent and Dr. Aranha called for the decisive vote.

    U.S. Efforts Praised


    It was expected that had the Assembly failed to reach a decision the United States would have asked Britain to stay on in Palestine. Sir Alexander’s statement after the decision was taken was welcomed as being more cooperative than previous ones. It was generally expected that the United States and Britain would now agree on a working arrangement to facilitate the commission’s work.


    A few minutes before the Assembly convened Arab spokesmen announced that they had drawn up a new six-point program in twenty-four hours of conferences. The program involved this formula:

    (1) A federal independent state of Palestine shall be created not later than Aug. 1, 1949.

    (2) The Government of Palestine shall be constituted on a federal basis and shall include a federal government and governments for Arab and Jewish countries.

    (3) Boundaries of the cantons will be fixed so as to include a federal basis and shall include a federal government and governments for Arab and Jewish countries.

    (4) The population of Palestine shall elect by universal, direct suffrage a Constituent Assembly, which shall draft the Constitution of the future federated state of Palestine. The Constituent Assembly shall be composed of all elements of the population in proportion to the number of their respective citizens.

    (5) The Constituent Assembly, in defining the attributes of the federated government of Palestine as well as of its legislative and judiciary organs and the attributes of the governments of the cantons and of the relation of the governments of these cantons with the federal government, shall draw its inspiration chiefly from the principles of the Constitution of the United States as well as from the organization of laws in the states of the United States.

    (6) The Constitution will provide, among other things, for protection of the holy places, liberty of access to visit the holy places and freedom of religion as well as safeguarding of the rights of religious establishments of all nationalities in Palestine. )

  30. NB, what about Boteach’s bogus figure of tens of thousands of Americans killed in Israel by Palestinians? What about influential billionaire donorist Adelman’s proposal for a pre-emptive nuclear attack on Oran, which Boteach applauded? Yet these same are so mainstream and influential, that politicians genuflect and curry their largesse, be it spiritual or monetary. I submit that warmongers and racists like these are a grave danger to not just worldwide Jewry but the entire world.
    If ever there was a false prophet wed to a Mammon patron, surely it is the reprehensible, yet popular Boteach.

  31. in this inter-racial and inter-religious or inter-godddevilish war now hundred years old, the much weaker race [palestinians, arabs, muslims] cannot beat the white race, white jews, and dark jews.
    true, palestinians are nevertheless morally and legally obligated to resist occupation and defend their lands with whatever means necessary; includes a mother defending her child or son with her body or freedom fighters using civilians as shields.
    for palestinians it’s either death or freedom from white race. i see not third option.

  32. Consider for a moment that if the War Of Northern Aggression (1861-1865) were being fought today, Confederate soldiers who so honorably defended their homes and country from a Yankee invasion would be declared terrorist by the US government.

  33. @Philip Giraldi

    Phil: Magnificent and courageous, as usual. Mark my words, however; speaking too much truth will get you on their hit list, a la the late Joe Sobran or, especially, Pat Buchanan. Their modus operandi is to ignore you until you get too much notice, and then try to ruin you.
    BTW, have you observed the disgusting performances of Sean Hannity, Megan Kelly, “Judge” Pirro, and the usual buffoonery of “Ambassador” Bolton? They read straight from the AIPAC talking points, have a parade of Israeli and “American” Jews on their shows, abuse any Palestinian they allow on, and profess their undying love for Netanyahu and his murderous supporters. Then they all wring their hands when someone mentions that the American media is totally controlled by you-know-who.

  34. KA says:

    I will quote a comment for you

    “Emma says:
    May 18, 2011 at 6:54 am
    And let us not forget that other great plank in the Zionist myth – that the UN created Israel with the “partition plan,” a General Assembly resolution with no legal power, passed in violation of international law, the Geneva Conventions, and the UN’s own charter, a recommendation to the Security Council which the council refused to pass. In other words, the partition plan failed. The declaration of statehood by the Zionists in 1948 was illegal.

    link to

    • Replies: @Dave Pinsen
  35. KA says:

    Thank you for the clarification and the exposure .

  36. Peter says:
    @Shuddh Bharatiyaan

    From a reputable sourse I’ve learned that many younger professionals from Israel are immigrating to Germany

  37. Peter says:
    @Fran Macadam

    What are you talking about? Are you nuts? 6 million is a myth: there were no Jews living in Germany and elsewhere in Europe even close to that number. The real number does not exceed 300,000. The rest were Christians, gypsies, etc.. I don’t mean to say that it is OK to cleanse ethnically 300,000 Jews, not at all. I just want to say that 6 mln is far from the real number. Above all, however, don’t you think that a race that went through an ethnic cleansing, no matter what the exact number is, should know how horrible and unjust it is to NOT do it to another race?

  38. KA says:

    for NB

    Related to the pattern of distortions,lying,subterfuge from the Zionist is this piece from page 53
    Israel in the Mind of merica by Peter Grose .1983. On the back of the book is the recommendation by Shimon Peres

    Page 53 _” Brandeis devised an exclusive channel for exercising his magnetic leadarship,parallel to the official network of zionist organization across the country.This was an elitist secret society called “PARUSHIM”,the Hebrw word for ” Pharises and Separate “which grew out of Harvard’s Menorah Society. as the harvard men spread out across the land in their professional persuits,their interests in Zionism were kept alive by secretive exchangesand the trappings of a fraternal order.Each invited initiate underwent a solemn ceremony,swearing the oath”to guard and to obey and to keep secret the laws and the labor of the feloowship,its existence,and aims”- Peter Grose

    He populated his disciples in various government branches .
    He also brought Frankfurter in Supreme Court from where Frankfurter would call Phillipine President and thereaten unless Phillipne cast vote for Zionism in UN in 1947!!


  39. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    many of us forget that modern Israel was created by terrorist. many of its early leaders were mass murderers. some even bragged about killing women and children. every eight to ten years there is a spate of articles and films about the holocaust, we no longer see the film of Jewish gangs, Stern and Irgun, fire bombing Palestinian towns and villages in the early morning hours, then shooting them as they tried to escape the flames. they then would pass out leaflets telling others if they did not want that to happen to them they had better clear out. over the past decades we have been conditioned to except anything that Israel does. hell the U.S. even gives them free taxpayer dollars to finance it.

    • Replies: @quercus
  40. quercus says:

    There is a great, albeit, quiet group of Americans who are disgusted and angry with Israel, with the subservience of our Congress to Israel (Israel is nearly the only issue that is bipartisan). I have no illusions that it’s about money. If one could see into the hearts of many of these politicians, I believe it would show no love for Israel, but rather love of remaining in office.

    This same group of Americans no longer wants to hear about the holocaust, see another movie, read yet another book or hear nary a word about events that are now over 70 years old and which nearly no one alive today had any responsibility for. Enough with the holocaust talk. Enough!

    • Replies: @Gypsy
  41. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Perhaps the most consequential result of the US government’s unconditional support of Israel is the continuing supply of terrorists directing their rage at the US. America is seen throughout the Muslim world as a partner with Israel in its aggression, with good reason. Although you probably never saw it in the US media, Bin Laden himself cited US complicity with Israel as a main reason for the 9/11 attacks. Khalid Sheik Mohammad, the accused mastermind of 9/11, said essentially the same thing. It is unlikely that Israel will ever stop its abuse of Palestinians until the US stands up and demands it by threatening to cut off supplies of US weapons and money, and abandons “diplomacy” that lets Israel get away with whatever they want.

  42. TomB says:

    KA wrote:

    “Israeli firsertes [sic] won’t allow same free education,housing,healthcare and government involvement in start up companies and researches as they would allow for Israel.”

    Along with our rather unconscious acceptance of the Israeli claim whacking Hamas for using human shields (which they no doubt do, but which of course overlooks the express “shielding/aggrandizing” purpose that Israel followed in plunking its 1/2 million+ settlers down in the occupied territories), the other big laugher I get is is the one just glibly mentioning Israel’s supposedly oh-so dynamic and innovative tech industry.

    Well, my infomercial on the subject would go, “If you had the Mossad working as much more overtime than anyone else in the world stealing the U.S.’s industrial tech secrets and info as the FBI and others report, and passing same to your own industries, you too can have an apparently world-class dynamic high-tech industry!”

  43. Dave Pinsen says: • Website

    Incredibly, commentary on the Gaza conflict is less one-sided among some Arab pundits than it is on

  44. @Shuddh Bharatiyaan

    “Islam is actually more Christian than Judaism as it accepts the virgin birth of Jesus, his resurrection, and that he is a great prophet of Allah. His mother Maryam is mentioned in the Quran dozens of times.”

    To an extent this is true, although I think it applies more to Shia than Sunni. The Shia have their saints, shrines and a more defined clergy.

    • Replies: @Dave Pinsen
  45. Rex May says: • Website

    Splendid. Reblogged with commentary and illustration here:

  46. Dave Pinsen says: • Website
    @Thomas O. Meehan

    And yet Christian countries adhere more closely to Islamic values than Muslim ones do:

    • Replies: @Thomas O. Meehan
  47. NB says: • Website

    I’m not surprised to see that Giraldi’s readers now include Holocaust deniers and folks who refer to American Jews as “American” Jews, proclaiming that “the American media is totally controlled by you-know-who.” As such, I’m not going to waste much time replying to the folks trying to debunk my definitive demonstration that Giraldi lied in his piece, especially as Giraldi’s fanbois seem entirely unfazed that he explicitly lied. I will briefly respond to a few points:

    1. Fran MacAdam, you asked me to respond to the following passage of Giraldi’s piece:
    “[Boteach’s] article also plays fast and loose with the facts. He observes ‘In the wake of the Oslo Accords, in which Israel granted the PLO political autonomy in the West Bank, about 60,000 Americans were murdered in Israel.’”
    In fact, Boteach stated, “In the wake of the Oslo Accords, in which Israel granted the PLO political autonomy in the West Bank, the equivalent of about 60,000 Americans were murdered in Israel.” (emphasis mine)
    Perhaps it originally said what Giraldi claims, but as always, Giraldi proves it is he who plays fast and loose with the facts, as I assume Boteach corrected his error, something I’ve never seen Giraldi do.

    2. Walk Tall Hang Loose, according to the UN, many of the civilian casualties are due to airstrikes on residential buildings, so your hypothesis that men, who comprise ~25% of Gaza’s population yet 55% of the reported civilian deaths, are killed because women stay at home does not survive scrutiny, esp since many, if not most, of the airstrikes take place at night.

    The population of the Jewish partition of the UN Partition Plan was majority Jewish, meaning that the establishment of the state of Israel embodied the democratic will of its inhabitants. I find it odd that you would refer to Palestinians as helpless after I just cited a NYT article marking the first day of the Palestinian Jewish-Arab civil war, in which 7 Jews were murdered by Arabs. Your grasp of the history is awfully tenuous, much like Giraldi’s, so I suggest starting here:

    3. KA, anyone can cherry-pick the NYT archives to support their narrative. In my first comment, I linked to a NYT article from the day after Arab leaders rejected the UN Partition Plan, in which Arab leaders called for a “holy war” and a “crusade against the Jews.” Here’s another NYT article:
    “If the Jewish state becomes a fact, and this is realized by the Arab peoples, they will drive the Jews who live in their midst into the sea… Even if we are beaten now in Palestine, we will never submit. We will never accept the Jewish state… But for politics, the Egyptian army alone, or volunteers of the Muslim Brotherhood, could have destroyed the Jews.” – Hassan al-Banna, Muslim Brotherhood founder New York Times, August 2, 1948

    Also, if the declaration of the state of Israel were illegal as you claim, the UN would not have admitted Israel. However, I’m pleased to see you’re noting that General Assembly resolutions have no legal power, as many pro-Palestinians folks typically cite UNGA resolutions to support their claim that Palestinians have a right to return to a state of which they were never citizens.

    • Replies: @KA
    , @KA
    , @KA
    , @KA
    , @KA
    , @KA
    , @KA
    , @mikem
  48. @Dave Pinsen

    I don’t take theology lessons from NR neocons thank you very much.

    • Replies: @Dave Pinsen
  49. musings says:

    It may be that all sorts of people come to this site, including actual anti-Semites. I no longer care. I reject the premises on which they argue against Jews per se. But I’ll tell you this: that little trollop in the Knesset, Miss Ayelet Something-or-Other, whether or not her father or grandfather dropped his European name to become “Shaked” (not Stirred or even Stern), she is a credit to the teachings of Adolph Hitler, her actual father. That woman can sling genocidal fantasies with the worst of them. How differently she’d be viewed if she took to the airwaves in blonde braids and called for the destruction of anyone not truly European/Aryan. Then indeed, she would a blonde beast to Hitler’s specifications. She talks like someone in a third rate dictatorship, that’s for sure. I hope her own snakes bite her.

  50. Sertorius says:
    @Shuddh Bharatiyaan

    Seeing how Sarah Palin loves to run around wearing a Star of David I believe she would really be happier as a Noahide.

  51. KA says:

    The British report notes the Royal Commission had determined by 1937 that Jewish Arab co-operation was not possible, indeed, that the two sides were irreconcilable. “The Jewish desire for a National Home in fact excluded Arabs and this was the main objection of Arabs to further co-operation.” It’s important to realize that the conclusion arrived at in this report comes after the Zionist organization had taken absolute control of the Jews in Palestine. “The Zionist organization, the whole social structure which it has created in Palestine, has the trappings but none of the essentials of democracy. The community is under the closed oligarchy of the Jewish official organizations which control Zionist policy and circumscribe the lives of the Jewish community in all directions The reality of power is in the Agency, with the Hagana, the illegal military organization, always in the background.” (MacMichael, 2).

    The report itself, accompanied as it is with documentary evidence from the Jewish organizations detailing their activities, demonstrates that the Zionists had created “(1) a secret army and espionage system, (2) utilized smuggling, theft and the manufacture of arms (3) illegal immigration, (4) violence and civil disobedience, (5) seditious and hostile propaganda, and (6) encroachment upon the civil rights of Jewish citizens to force their will upon the Jewish people and undermine the legitimate government in Palestine.” This last item is perhaps the most telling and the least known or understood. The Zionists controlled the Jewish communities by intimidation, coercion, physical harm and even death. (Evidence, based on seized documents from the Jewish organizations, presented in the appendices of the report (see appendices XXXVII, XLb and B among others) reveal these methods of handling uncooperative Jews.
    Hope it helps

  52. KA says:

    FROM COUNTERPUNCH- The Feisal-Weizman agreement did not die altogether. Dr. Chaim Kalvarisky, working on behalf of the Brith Shalom, the Kidma Mizrahi, and the Jewish Arab Co-operation groups, and at the invitation of a Feisal advisor, outlined a plan based on the historical affinity of the two peoples that could serve as a foundation for collaboration, that both groups would have opportunities to administer the country, and practical measures for education based on the ideal of close co-operation and freedom of immigration into Palestine by Jews could work. The Zionists wanted a National Home supported, not by the Arab Federation, but by Europe and the United States. This plan was submitted to the Zionist Council in 1936 and was rejected out of hand. That rejection doomed the dreams of Dr. Kalvarisky for a state where Jewish and Arab cultures could develop “side by side in perfect and undisturbed harmony.”

    The British report notes the Royal Commission had determined by 1937 that Jewish Arab co-operation was not possible, indeed, that the two sides were irreconcilable. “The Jewish desire for a National Home in fact excluded Arabs and this was the main objection of Arabs to further co-operation.”

    Hope it helps

  53. KA says:

    This is recognized to have begun with the holding of the first Zionist Congress in 1897. The idea of establishing a Jewish National Fund (JNF), with the goal of acquiring Arab-owned lands in Palestine (and the region), for exclusive Jewish use, was proposed during that first Zionist Congress, over hundred years ago. The idea of JNF was formally approved in 1901, and was registered as a company in Britain in 1907, with the explicit objective of acquiring lands and immovable properties “in Palestine, Syria, and in any other parts of Turkey and the Sinai Peninsula”. It was later stipulated that the land acquired by JNF, irrespective of the means, and held by it, are “the inalienable property of the Jewish people, and only Jewish labor could be employed in the settlements.” (Lesch). Subsequently, a British Commission concluded that “the land has been extra-territorialized. It ceases to be land from which the [Palestinian] Arab can gain any advantage now or in the future. Not only can he never hope to lease or cultivate it, but he is deprived forever from employment on that land ” (Lesch) . In May 1954, and through an official memorandum from the Israeli government, the JNF was subsumed formally as a company within Israel. The signed Memorandum kept the objectives, as they were in the original registration, but identified the JNF’s activities “in the State of Israel and in any area under its jurisdiction, for the purpose of settling Jews on these lands and properties.” Furthermore, the JNF was recognized as one of the arms of the World Zionist Movement..

    To solidify Zionist control over the land and other critical economic resources, prominent Jewish businessmen were given monopolistic concessions by the British Government, immediately following the imposition of the Mandate, in the twenties and thirties of the last century, in spite of the fact that “in each case the concession was contested by other serious claimants” (Lesch). Thus, the Zionist enterprise was allowed to control critical natural resources (e.g., Palestine Electricity Company, the development of minerals in the Dead Sea, the Palestine Land Development Company, etc), in preparation for Al-Nakba.

    I hope it helps

  54. KA says:

    “…we all know how the [Balfour] Declaration was interpreted at the time of its publication, and how much exaggeration many of our workers and writers have tried to introduce into it from that day to this. The Jewish people listened, and believed that the end of the galush [exile] had indeed come, and that in a short time there would be a ‘Jewish state.’ The Arab people too… listened, and believed that the Jews were coming to expropriate its land and do with it what they liked. —April [1920]. ” (Ahad Ja’Am [Asher Ginzberg], “After the Balfour Declaration”, 1920, reprinted in Gary Smith, ed., Zionism: The Dream and the Reality, London 1974.)

    MICHAEL NEUMANN is a professor of philosophy at Trent University in Ontario, Canada

    I hope it helps

  55. KA says:

    1 (As early as 1895, Theodore Herzl had figured this out in an entry in his diary: “We shall try to spirit the penniless population across the border by procuring employment for it in the transit countries, while denying it any employment in our own country.” Others took a more direct approach: “As soon as we have a big settlement here we’ll seize the land, we’ll become strong, and then we’ll take care of the Left Bank. We’ll expel them from there, too. Let them go back to the Arab countries.” )
    In- Nur Masalha, Expulsion of the Palestinians (Washington, D.C.: Institute for Palestine Studies, 1992): 9.

    2 At around the same time, in 1982, the World Zionist Organization, published a report in its official organ, Kivunin, urging Israel to annex the West Bank and Gaza, reoccupy Sinai, convert Jordan into a Palestinian state, expel all Palestinians west of the River Jordan, and split up the Arab states into ethnic and religious micro-states. In order to dominate and control these micro-states, Israel would build garrisons on their borders, military outposts for projecting their power over these states. In addition, these states would be policed by local militias drawn from ethnic minorities in their population–like the Christian militia created by Israel in Southern Lebanon. Once executed, this plan would establish Israel as the dominant power in the Middle East, independent of the United States.

    Oded Yinon, “A strategy for Israel in the 1980s,” Kivunim, A Journal for Judaism and Zionism; Issue No, 14–Winter, 5742, February 1982.

    A clean break: A new strategy for securing the realm (Jerusalem: Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies, 1996). http://www.israeleconomy. org/ strat1.htm

    Hope it helps

  56. Svigor says:

    A kind of pre-emptive punishment, pre-crime as it were?
    On the basis of an eye-for-an-eye, Gentiles could be said to have no moral standing to judge Israel, until 6 million Gentiles perish at the hands of Israelis.

    No, you’re missing the point. It’s retroactive, not pre-emptive. See, we know that extremely outsized death ratios are justified with the “self-defense” excuse because the Chosen People have told us so.

    That being the case, we can work out the death ratio for Palestine:Israel and then justify Jews:Germans at at least that same ratio.

    But heck, the Jews have taught us a lot more than that; we now know that rocket attacks alone – never mind whether any deaths result – are enough to justify slaughter. One Hasbaroid or another, who was using the Palestinian rocket attacks to justify slaughter of Palestinians, recently pointed out that the rocket attacks are an economic attack; surely we can find some prewar economic warfare against Germany on the part of Jews of the day.

    More “an eye for an eyelash”; Jewish morality has progressed of late.

  57. KA says:

    1 -In 1895 Theodor Herzl, Zionism’s chief prophet, confided in his diary that he did not favour sharing Palestine with the natives. Better, he wrote, to “try to spirit the penniless [Palestinian] population across the border by denying it any employment in our own country … Both the process of expropriation and the removal of the poor must be carried out discreetly and circumspectly.”

    2 During the early waves of Jewish immigration to Palestine, the dominant Labor Zionist movement and its leader David Ben Gurion advanced policies much in line with Herzl’s goal. In particular, they promoted the twin principles of “Redemption of the Land” and “Hebrew Labor”, which took as their premise the idea that Jews needed to separate themselves from the native population in working the land and employing only other Jews. By being entirely self-reliant in Palestine, Jews could both “cure” themselves of their tainted Diaspora natures and deprive the Palestinians of the opportunity to subsist in their own homeland.

    At the forefront of this drive was the Zionist trade union federation, the Histadrut, which denied membership to Palestinians — and, for many years after the establishment of the Jewish state, even to the remants of the Palestinian population who became Israeli citizens.

    3 As Benny Morris notes, for example, Ben Gurion “understood that there could be no Jewish state with a large and hostile Arab minority in its midst.” The Israeli leadership therefore developed a plan for ethnic cleansing under cover of war, compiling detailed dossiers on the communities that needed to be driven out and then passing on the order, in Plan Dalet, to commanders in the field. During the 1948 war the new state of Israel was emptied of at least 80 per cent of its indigenous population.

    4 In 1923, Jabotinsky formulated his answer, one that implicitly included the notion of separation but not necessarily transfer: an “iron wall” of unremitting force to cow the natives into submission.

    Hope it helps

  58. Svigor says:

    Giraldi claims, “It is a familiar scenario. Israeli is killing hundreds of civilians, mostly women and children…a conflict that has killed more than 1,000 Palestinians civilians”

    Here’s another familiar scenario: Giraldi is lying. As of 7/29/14, the UN reported “1,118 Palestinians killed, including at least 827 civilians, of whom 243 are children and 131 are women.”

    You’re right, Giraldi was lying and you caught him out.

    We now we see the benign truth of the slaughter. Well done, counselor.

    Giraldi blames AIPAC, Rahm Emanuel, Shmuley Boteach, and Sheldon Adelson for US support of Israel, insinuating that “the Jews” control the media.

    No need to insinuate bald facts. Best to just state them: Jews control the media.

    Funny how Giraldi failed to mention the owner of the most pro-Israel major news network and most pro-Israel major newspaper.

    Funny how finding a man who thinks he’s a bear and who shits in the woods at least twice a day has nothing to do with the fact that all the bears shit in the woods at least once a day. Funny how a convert acting more Catholic than the Pope has absolutely no bearing (haha) on the fact that the Pope is indeed Catholic. Ever notice how ethnocentric Jews treat heathens (“gentiles”) like morons? The creepiest part is how hard it is to dissaude them to stop telling the same stupid lie – the goal being, I suppose, to keep repeating the stupid lie because somewhere out there, there’s a freier who will believe it. Eventually, a very cute psych profile develops.

    From a reputable sourse I’ve learned that many younger professionals from Israel are immigrating to Germany.

    Well, that’s what I always do: 1) The HOLOCAUST!!! 2) Demonize the awful Germans and guilt-trip them for money. 3) Start some shit with another group of people. 4) When 3 gets too hot, I go back and move in with the people I’ve been demonizing for 70 years.

    I’m not surprised to see that Giraldi’s readers now include Holocaust deniers and folks who refer to American Jews as “American” Jews, proclaiming that “the American media is totally controlled by you-know-who.” As such, I’m not going to waste much time replying to the folks trying to debunk my definitive demonstration that Giraldi lied in his piece, especially as Giraldi’s fanbois seem entirely unfazed that he explicitly lied. I will briefly respond to a few points:

    TLDR; if you can rule people out a priori, based on guilt by association (of ideas), so can I. Thanks for saving me the time.

  59. Dave Pinsen says: • Website

    Was the declaration of US statehood in 1776 legal? Does it matter? Britain didn’t agree with it, and fought to snuff it out. Was that legal? Does it matter?

    Certainly the Arabs didn’t agree with the declaration of the state of Israel – was it legal for them to invade it? Does it matter?

    If they succeeded, there’d be no Israel, and no court for zionists to go to to seek redress.

    • Replies: @KA
    , @KA
  60. KA says:
    @Dave Pinsen

    I can’t argue with you . I can’t compare between an orange and a dried stone of a dead peach.

  61. KA says:
    @Dave Pinsen

    Arabs did not invade Israel. The refugees poured in after May 1948. To stop the tide of refugees , Arab armies poured in the areas allotted to the Palestinian side.
    Combined Arab forces were less than 30,000. Total Israeli forces were 60 to 80,000 and highly trained ( war veterans, British Jewish League, Jewish veteran from US army,and from communist blocks joined Israel army )
    The only fighter with skill was Jordan Army who supplied 5000 but there was a deal between Jordan and Israel even back then. Also see-
    Also in website of Jeremy Slater Professor SUNY Buffalo .
    New York.

    • Replies: @Dave Pinsen
  62. Americans enjoy being the top dog and being exceptional, but they chose through the electoral system to be the officer in George Orwell’s story called “Shooting an Elephant.” The US is a slave to Israel and Saudi Arabia. It never had any meaningful control over Iraq. It provides security for countries in Asia and Europe that could pay for it themselves. It seems more like a victim of its client states each passing day.

    This is what is in it for Americans:

    Trauma and physical danger:


    Loss of freedoms:

    The destruction of morality:

    The spread of xenophobia, turning this country into a pre-civil rights society (not that we should let people in here or let people stay who are loyal to and fight for foreign nations/groups, a member of a group the US is at war with beyond innocent refugees, or gang members regardless of how you feel about immigration):

    In the end I am afraid Nemesis will reap the US. The Israelis are a settler colonial state bankrolled by the US. Their aggression is funded and supported by the US. The French bankrolled the American Revolution against the British and Native Americans. This costly proxy war with the British led to Nemesis visiting France. The US is playing the Great Game against Russia and China by helping the light skinned Israeli settler colonial state fight its own dark skinned aborigines (many of whom are aligned with Russia and China). The difference is that the US has no reason to want to implement the Clean Break strategy. Iran wants better relations with the US. Syria probably would like it too. It isn’t in American interest to radicalize the people there against us.

    As for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, since we cannot escape our fate I suggest the UN security council break the Palestinian territories in two and govern them like Germany was done after World War II. Unification can happen after all the crazy generations are just a memory. Jerusalem should remain an international city administered by the UN. People have such a fanatical attachment to it so no one should have it for themselves. If Israel’s puppets disagree then perhaps the Palestinians can find a suitor in the BRIC nations willing to stick it to the US by administering and defending Palestine against Israeli aggression. The peace process is dead so I think its time to brainstorm other options because our country is trapped supporting client states that work against its interest.

  63. XJeem says:

    I’m sorry the UN is attacking Israel and your claiming they’re ignoring it? How can that be?????

  64. Dave Pinsen says: • Website

    That’s a novel bit of revisionist history.

    • Replies: @KA
  65. VincentT says:

    Here is some video of what emergency rescue personnel in Gaza face from Israel.

  66. KA says:

    No it is not cherry picking . It is looking at the relentless pursuits of the Zionist from 1890 s with a clear game plan that incorporated meetings with theowerful colonial and non colonial powers,promises made to these colonial powers, use of the established access lines to these powerful court houses or cabinets ,creation of more access line to new countries, that showcased the economic and intelligence abilities of Zionist, ability to nfluencr popular movements, ability to influence the media and continuously sabotage any non Zionist interests even if it hurt the interest of the friendly countries mortally . It incorporated bribing and threat. It incorporated corrupting of democratic process,religious Ida’s,and practices,infiltration f academy.labor unions , of churches,of libraries,of presidential campaigns .
    There was no cherryicking.
    Now and then some one will throw a pious platitude from the Zionist quarters and be immortalized by the Zio as an expression of love for the due process . Bit that was for popular consumption with no teeth or sincerity . It is like Olmert saying Israel would become an apartheid state without doing anything or NYT showcasing some Jewish doctors helping the Syrian victims or Rabin trying to negotiate with Syria . The basic structure of Zionism is anathema to any concept of justice . That is not cherry picking .
    BTW who is this Hassan Bana? Did he ever meet with Churchill or Truman or enjoy a dark alley to traverse to , to make his intentions heard in the American Congress and Senate or cabinet ? Did his army have terrorist like Syern Gnag or Lehi ? Did he have a brigade trained by British! Did he talk to Sultan of Turkey or Czar of Russia or to Stalin or Atlee of England?
    Or was he a fringe figure like the West Boro Church ?
    Did Muslim Brotherhood influence Nasser to make any decision? Did it influence King Farouk? What did it do other than wanting – a,b ,c,d ,e ,f, —– z and writing the wishes in a prayer book?

    Can you give me the source of the quote that Hews would be sent to the seas ?
    About UN, the Secority Council resolution when accepted by the majority is binding and legal. If you want it to change when Israel is involved , you can . If monotheism or ideas of chosen ness by God could be recall rated,if ideas of national self determination could be twisted,if Ida’s of separation of churche and state in democracy could be so thoroughly twisted, if concept of preemptive at could be reinvented,if moral question could be answered with a forked tongue Then why not change the principle of UN? Was not the mandate by Britain on Pa
    Estine as repeatedly changed,altered,and obstructed by the Zio?

  67. KA says:
    @Dave Pinsen

    Why don’t you provide the facts?
    Your ideas of what history should be is like this – 5 or 50 yrs from now people will blame Hamas for the current war on the basis of the following relentless propaganda by the media – i.e.Fox,CNN,WSJ,Telegraph,NY Sun, Daily Miller ,J Post, Chicago Tribune or LA Times – 1 Hamas killed 3 youths
    2 Hamas are building tunnels for no reason other than to Hirt Jewish nation for no fault of a jewish nation
    3 Hamas rejected peace proposals ( Murdoch friend, Israeli Firster,war supporters and winner of Jerusalemm Award Blair used Sisi and his official seal . Sis who came to power illegally and who enjoyed backdoor communication with Israel and who received Israeli backings ) of Egypt
    4 Hamas is sending rocket to Israel ( no body getting hurt in Israel )
    5 Hamas wants to destroy Israel ( 10 yrs truce and no aggression is never mentioned as are not the blockade and frequent incursions into Gaza)
    6 No mention of Kerry proposals that included positions of Hamas and had international stipulations addressed regarding blockade and regarding the behavior of occupying forces
    7 no mention of hateful rejection of Kerry proposals by neocons in US and by thugs of Israel.
    8 Blaming Hamas for death of children in UN shelter and school

    That is your idea of history. It s revisionism when fact checked and denounced .
    The difference is that people have to wait 50 or 60 yrs for those past tainted and corrupted lying machines and the products to be exposed . Now it takes months or hours .

    • Replies: @Dave Pinsen
  68. KA,

    You say not a word about legally acquired land in accordance with Ottoman laws.

    Nor about ferocious efforts at working that land, and developing functioning (albeit ethnocentric) social structures.

    Nor about Arab in-migration to an economy that was providing much more opportunity than ancestral homes in Egypt & (what would become) Syria, etc.

    Nor about the often very friendly relations between Arab and Ashkenazi.

    Nor about the rivalry between more forward-looking and more xenophic Arab clans/notables.

    Nor about hysterical religious incitement (the Zionist core being secular, often atheist).

    Nor about early vs. late adoption of violence as a tactic.

    Nor about the whole-hearted genocidism of the Mufti, the most influential leader just prior to the world war.

    Nor about the pattern of brash, self-defeating Arab rejectionism, decade after decade.

    It’s one thing to shine a bright light on false or neglected aspects of the mainline Zionist narrative — and indeed some of the investigators who have done exactly that, with considerable tenacity, honesty and courage, remain Israeli Zionists, appreciating how limited were the options available at various points to a survival-seeking people — but your brand of revisionism is craven and loathsome.

    • Replies: @KA
  69. KA says:

    Ottoman rules were getting feeble in enforcing laws which stipulated about the rights of the peasants to continue to work on the land despite change in ownership ( paying rent or equivalent produce) . Often the title would be transferred to the vaguely defined jurisdiction of Russia or French or other Europeans after the lands were bought by Jews.
    Second even if one bought the lands ,one can’t start claiming sovereign rights of establishing a new state. In that case China could declare a new state in CA and British Columbia of Canada .

    Mufti did not show up until 1939. He initially wanted a federal free Palestine and no migration any further . That was his position until 1935.
    His radical view was the direct result of the failures of the negotiation.

    Rejection by Arab was against the continued migration at an alarming level.
    Rejection by Arab was the result of the policies of the Zionism that wanted a land but no indigenous native and the loud proclamation of that plan in behaviors and policies by the Zionist .
    Violence did not start until provocation by the Zionist went to far in 192os .
    Palestine lost its leaders and able youths in the clampdown and assassination by British and Jews between 1935 and 1940 .
    Mufti has been portrayed by the Zionist as Nazi. A lot of leaders met Nazi leaders including the German Zionist and Indian freedom fighters and American leaders. Mufti ,despite best efforts by the Zionist could not be found of guilty of those charges by British Home Dept.
    Yes a lot of Arab leaders ( Sheikhs,and kings ) did work openly against each other and against broader Arab interests . They still do. Look at Sisi. Those leaders are promoted by West and by Israel. They did same back them. Hashemite kingdom and Israel together objected to the truce and to the UN stewardship that was promoted by US in 1948 ( then under pressure revoked )
    The forward looking Arab wanted a free democratic country on the Wilsonian principle . They were eliminated and dispersed . That continues to happen – just think of Kasheim before Saddam and Iranianin PM before Shah and think of the elected leaders of Syria before the coup in 1940s .
    Arab rejectionist – ? For last 40 yrs Saudi has been offerring various plans based on 1967 . Those are still available to Israel . Who is rejecting ? Arab offered a federal plans to UN in 1947. It as not tabled .

  70. Jack says:
    @Shuddh Bharatiyaan

    Except that the Jews worship the God of the Bible, the Muslims worship the old pagan moon god Allah.
    According to Romans 11, Zech. 12-14, Isaiah and other portions of Scripture, God will eventually save all of Israel.

    Both the Jews right now and the Muslims believe that Jesus was just a man… John 8:24.

    • Replies: @KA
  71. Gypsy says:

    You’re exactly right. U.S. politicians have no love for Israel: they merely want to get their hands into AIPAC’s deep pockets in order to get elected, and thus will subsidize Israeli atrocities for their benefactors. In other words, they’re whores.
    Contact your U.S. reps and senators, Americans: none of us can afford to remain quiet on this issue any longer. (I call mine on a daily basis.) And yes, I DO point out that they’re whoring for Israel, and the American people will no longer tolerate such.
    I also tell them there will come a time in the not-too-distant-future that support for genocidal Israel will be seen as a liability, not an asset.
    Thank the goddess for the internet, where our American youth receives their unbiased information. THESE are the people who will be dealing with murderous little Israel in coming years, and they’re not fooled by ZioNazi sound bites.

  72. KA says:

    ,pagan moon God? Where did you get the idea?Get your fact checked . There is nothing in Muslim religion about Moon or Sun or Stars other than they rotate in their respective orbits and submit to God .

  73. Gypsy says:

    Jack: keep your religious horse-puckey to yourself; why don’t you go visit some so-called “Christian” website, where you can collaborate with other people like yourself, who thinks some guy rose up from the dead and flew into the sky? Please. A book of fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm has more relevance than your “bible”.
    Johnny Ives: You’re entirely correct that supporting Israel places American lives in danger. Israeli officials have often boasted that they have “over 100 nuclear war heads, and that if we go down, we’re taking the rest of the world with us.”

  74. KA says:
    @Neil Schipper

    Atheism and Zionism is not mutually exclusive . Herzl was not particularly religious .Neither was Freud who said ” I am a Jew ” So was the progressive socialist Brandeis who was not observant . Most of the today’s Israeli firsters started as Trotskyites . A lot of Evangelics after the vigorous marketing of the Bible of Scofield ( promoted by Rothschild and Untermeyer ) have become a Zionist .
    The lack of religious faith did not stop the non evangelical zionist and non observant Jews to claim the land on the basis of the Bible ( God gave the land to us ) and to separate them from the local population ( native non Jews) from the larger socio economic educational programme successfully embarked on by the Zionism before and after the state was established .
    Today the vigorous claims of Israel being a Jewish state so that non Jews lose privileges and Jews can enter from any corners of the earth and native non Jews could not claim even to return and reside despite being evicted prove where the secularism or atheism of Zionist draw the line between the relevance of the religion in today’s Israel and the lack of faith in any religion. It can make dizzying claims and emit confusing talking points to avoid the sole relevance ,determining factor,and importance of sectarian,tribal,and religious identity of those who can claim it as their country ,in the open. But that’s what binds the Zionist and the political elite of Israel together with the rabbinical authorities of Judaism which defines Israel and the occupied
    areas in West Bank,Golan,and the blockade on Gaza.

  75. Dave Pinsen says: • Website

    Here are facts related to the Arab invasion in 1948:

    The Arabs were blunt in taking responsibility for starting the war. Jamal Husseini told the Security Council on April 16, 1948:

    The representative of the Jewish Agency told us yesterday that they were not the attackers, that the Arabs had begun the fighting. We did not deny this. We told the whole world that we were going to fight.9

    Re the situation in Gaza today:

    That only 3 civilians in Israel and Egypt have been killed by Hamas rockets (more Palestinians may have been killed by Hamas rockets misfiring) is not for lack of trying by Hamas. The Iron Dome anti-rocket system, combined with air raid warnings and bomb shelters have prevented what could have been a lot more civilian casualties.

    And, regarding Hamas’s tunnels, 160 Palestinian kids were killed digging them:

    The bottom line is that Hamas is a nihilistic organization that has only brought destruction on the Palestinians of Gaza. Even Arab leaders realize this:

    When Israel pulled its settlers out of Gaza in 2005, the Palestinians could have built a prosperous oasis there. Instead, Hamas used it to launch rockets at Israel and dig tunnels into Israel with which they planned to abduct Israelis. You’re seeing the result of that now.

    • Replies: @KA
    , @KA
    , @KA
    , @KA
  76. KA says:
    @Dave Pinsen

    The fight broke out between local Arabs and Jews after 1947 Gradually the refugees started leaving the areas even those slotted to Palestine to neighboring countries , more so after May 1948. Then the surrounding countries intervened and went on offensive but never in Jewsih part of Palestine given by UN.
    The sources are US,Irish,and British archives and also some of the Jewish documents ,
    The books are plenty . The recent one will be QUICKSAND by G Wawro from TEXAS , One of The Public University
    I will cite a few more later.

    • Replies: @Dave Pinsen
  77. Dave Pinsen says: • Website

    The fighting went back further than that, to the battle of Tel Hai ( ) and the Arab riots of 1920:

    • Replies: @KA
  78. KA says:
    @Dave Pinsen

    Public were angry . Arabs were no different than any other human beings . They had been lied,hoodwinked,and then forced to accept a fait accompli . So the rhetorics of Jamal Husseini is understandable .
    Here from the book JERUSALEM 1913 by AMY DOCKSER MARCUS –
    Page 46-47 Herzl tells Khalidi mayor of a Jerusalem ” As a people Jews have long lost the taste of war ,they are a thoroughly pacific element and content if left in peace. Therefore there is no reason to fear their immigration” He continued Arabs would see the rise of the value of their houses with the arrival of Jews and the native would be one friends of Zionism.
    Page 53 says ” Albert Antebi grandson of rabbi Jacob Antebi would get angry with Zionist who would proclaim loudly that they would hire only Jews to work on their settlements” Thst was around 1900.
    Arthur Ruppin was devising how to conceal the real aim of Zionism ,preach one thing in public and another completely different things to the central body of the Zionism in 1913.
    All these were not lost to Arabs .

    • Replies: @Dave Pinsen
  79. KA says:
    @Dave Pinsen

    NY Times is so morally bankrupt today that it can run a piece like this on front page . Syria is on tatters. Libya has disappeared as a country . So has Iraq. Lebanon is fighting to avoid next shock . New York Times reporting since before Iraq war should have anticipated that a fractured Middle East would pave the way for Israel to exact imaginary revenge against weakened Palestinian .
    The fracturing was what the neocons dreamt and realized . NY Times should enlighten the Americans with publishing the Guardian Letters that exposed the Abu Mazen’s bending backwards and backwards to Israeli demands and getting nothing in return. This alone can explain why Hamas dont trust Israel.
    If Hamas are hated by Sisi and by Isis ,that credit also could go to NYTimes for the way it denounced Morsi and welcomed Sisi who was colluding with Israel behind Morsi. When ME is concerned NY Times is still the mouthpiece of the person like
    Judith Miller who was a placeholder for the neocon . Now the actors ate different . Play is still the same .
    It is the same NYT who seeds doubt in the mind of readers that the killings of children in the UN shelter are still unresolved [ crime] . Why does not NYT ask simple question why Israel decided to round up citizen and Palestine leaders at this time and provoke reaction from Hamas ? Why does not it tell us that the excuses were pure imagination of Israeli gov. since the PM knew that the killings of the youth had nothing to do with Hamas Why does not it talk of blockade? Why does not it talk about the 24/7 siege of Gaza for last 7 yrs by Israel?.

  80. KA says:
    @Dave Pinsen

    Yes it went for Jews were creating facts on the grounds under the protection of British and threatening religious observation near Temple Mount and displacing Arabs from occupation and labor forces. That’s why .

  81. Dave Pinsen says: • Website

    Jews were lied to too. Compromise is when neither side gets all it wants. Jews in Palestine were willing to accept compromises from the beginning, even lousy ones for them like the Peel Commission partition plan:

    The Arabs rejected the Peel Commission partition, which gave them the lion’s share of what is now Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza. That became a recurring pattern over the next ~70 years: Arabs rejecting compromises, gambling on getting more via war, and then losing and ending up worse off than if they had agreed to the previous compromise.

    • Replies: @KA
  82. KA says:

    The Passionate Attachment by G Ball and D Ball 1992. ( Ball was undersecretary of state under Johnson adm and D Ball from London School of Economics and Yale )
    Page 29 tells that the military superiority in numbers and qualities and arms of Israel along with unity was in sharp contrast to the poorly trained ,disunited ,and embargoed Arab visible to everybody in the intelligence and the administration. Embargo affected Arabs more for Israel was circumventing the embargo openly and for long it had supply line from European countries open a and effective.

    On page 20 the book says ” eventually the votes of Haiti and Phillipines were secured by unauthorized intervention of US citizen ” and ” President Truman engaged in active lobbying for the Zionist cause ” over partition of Palestine .
    Other books go in much detail and explore the corrupted unholy alliances between Truman administration, Supreme , court , media and Zionism in orchestrating the partition while Arabs countries were still emerging from colonialism with no army ( Saudi Arab and Lebanon had none, Egypt total was 20,000) .

  83. Sherman says:

    While sifting through Giraldi’s virulently anti-Israel (and arguably anti-semitic) propaganda piece at no point does the word “tunnel” appear.

    I find it ironic that Hamas has been claiming for years that Israel’s embargo on Gaza has led to a massive shortage of raw materials and this is why Gaza’s infrastructure is so decrepid and why the lives of Gazans are so miserable.

    Yet, somehow during this period Hamas found thousands of tons of cement to build tunnels to terrorize Israelis.

    As usual, Giraldi has not given a complete picture of what’s happening there. Anybody with an iota of knowledge of the I/P conflict can rip his assertions apart.

  84. KA says:
    @Dave Pinsen

    I hope you had correct reading on it. You don’t.
    Read -
    And read the British sources ,still available on line.
    There was no compromise by Zionist. They wanted continued presence of mandatory power of UK and continued immigration and working( by UK ) towards fulfillment of Mandate( an internally inconsistent given the fact Mandate was to develop Palestinecfor indigenous Palestinian and building of the levers of the self rule per League of Nation-article)

    • Replies: @KA
  85. KA says:

    Prior to this White Paper accepted but layer under Zionist pressure Macdonald government repealed and rejected the decision by its own body.
    Peel commission was rejected by British .

  86. KA says:
    @Dave Pinsen
    Talks of sham decolonization of Gaza,talks of the coup engineered by Neocons and Israel ( Wurmser) but thwarted by Hamas . In turn Gazans have been put on economic and financial ” Diet” for last 8 yrs for resisting the Sharon/ Busgph-Cheny -neocon gangs

  87. KA says:

    Jewish political ,religious leaders,and the historians might argue that Zionism wanted a safe place in this part of the world to live a normal life side by side with the Palestinian and bring long overdue cultural,scientific,educational,and economic improvements to everybody . But the diary of Herzl,inadvertent comment by Max Nordue,repeated speeches to Zionist and layer actual behaviors in the conflict zones by Ben Guiron have proved that the total control of Israel minus its native population was the dreams . Those natives who understood it in 1908, 1913’1920 and later started raising the awareness to the general public would start negotiations,discussion,pleas with Ottoman,non Zionist Jews,and later British . But of no avail. So they did what any human being would have and would in future . They started organizing and demonstrating and revolting. There was nothing wrong . Nothing wrong.
    In 1908 to 1916′ there were newspapers that would not publish in Arabic despite pleas but would publish in Hebrew and French, there were Palestinian Bank that would not give loans to Arabs ,there were schools,colleges and even Technicon established by German ,that would not be allowed to teach Arabic or in Arabic , and the violence would break out for demand to exclude even German and only allow Hebrew . The violence organized by Jews students and teachers. The all three above denial to Arab population to improve education,economic,technical skills were gutted by the Zionist for they opposed the Europeans,locals,and the non Zionist Jews in these endeavors . They ,the Zionist wanted exclusive control,power,economic benefit,educational opportunities and cultural improvements only for the Jews .
    Source – JERUSALEM 1913 by Pulitzer winner ,ex WSJ reporter . A book with 8 pages of Bibilography in a book of 2007 pages

    • Replies: @KA
  88. KA says:

    A silver lining
    Senate did not pass emergency more dole to the Welfare Queen Israel despite the begging by Reid ( they need ,they need they had 3000 rocket fired at them at their latest beauty paesant ceremony of shooting exercise by F 16 )

  89. KA says:

    Sorry the pages are 207 ,a small book focussing the events around 1913

  90. Svigor says:

    Yeah…we should really be afraid of those Jews…

    Sure, let’s tally up the dead on both sides, correct for population, and see who’s doing more harm to whom. I.e., which column you’d rather pick if you had to take the risk. My guess is the ratio isn’t so far from 100:1 in favor of the Jews.

    The Iron Dome anti-rocket system, combined with air raid warnings and bomb shelters have prevented what could have been a lot more civilian casualties.

    We can easily get a rough idea of how important Iron Dome has been by comparing Jewish casualties from rockets before ID to after ID. I doubt there’s much difference.

  91. mikem says:


    Since the jews were kicked out of many countries for many years what the hell would make you think that the Palestinians and or Arabs would welcome them? They appear to be stuck with hteir aptly named moniker “the wandering jew” by all faults of their own.

  92. KA says:

    This is too much for Western public . So the article was taken down.
    But hey ! Why not .
    Genocide has been celebrated against Cannanite,Zebusite.Edomite,Amalek. So Why not again celebrate when its happening anyway

  93. KA says:

    I did not believe initially when this report came in globalresearch .ca
    But now Daily Mail is publishing how Israel kills it’s soldiers .

    Israel may have initiated the covert ‘Habbibal Directive’ following the alleged capture of Lieutenant Hadar Goldin, according to reports.
    The controversial protocol, introduced in the late 1980s, allows Israeli military commanders to prevent the abduction of a soldier ‘at any cost’, even if it means endangering the life of the captive.
    The directive is founded on a fear that captives could be used by the enemy as bargaining chips, according to the International Business Times.
    In this case, it views the soldiers as better dead than captured.
    In 2011, Gilad Shalit, who was held by Hamas militants for five years, was released in return for 1,027 Palestinian prisoners.
    Speaking of the ‘Hannibal Directive’, Brigadier-General Motti Baruch told Haaret: ‘The message is that no soldier will fall captive, and it’s an unequivocal message.’
    Despite reports of the protocol being issued today, the condition of Lt Goldin is currently unknown.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  94. KA says:

    “In a pointed essay on the Guardian, written by correspondent Chris McGreal on Friday, the veteran journalists asks “if evolving conversations on the ground” in Gaza demand probing questions for U.S. television news audiences, “Why does [American] TV news look like a Netanyahu ad?”

    America has a lot in stake what here it wants or desires or not. America is a confederate territory and everybody is Slave under the Zionist.

  95. TomB says:

    Well, I’ve said this before (and long ago) in fora such as this where lots of people don’t accept the Israeli line but I might as well say it again:

    There *is* a U.S.-centric position available that does not necessitate the changing of the minds of the U.S. public about who is more right than wrong in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, and indeed in my view the demanding of this alternative position is the only way possible—if possible at all—to limit the time in which the U.S. is going to continue to suffer for continuing its current policies.

    As stated, that position is most emphatically *not* trying to educate Americans on what one sees as the wrongful nature, history or position of Israel nor trying to educate them as to what one sees as the rightful nature, history or position of the Palestinians.

    It is instead the position that I think most American already share and that is for the U.S. to simply become neutral in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict as being one in which we have no vital nor even important national interest, and yet one in which our involvement causes immediate, unavoidable and innumerable harms to that national interest.

    There are any number of reasons why I think this is so, but perhaps the largest is because of the same sort of reason that we saw the other sort of tactic fail so thunderously by the opponents of the Vietnam War, and the same sort of reason why we saw this “neutrality” tactic prevail there.

    That is, there simply was no way—and in my mind no valid way either—to separate in the public consciousness the identification of North Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh from the other sins of communism.


    So when the anti-war people started trekking to Hanoi and sitting at their guns and waving the North’s flag at demonstrations, if anything they were bolstering (and very possibly to a degree that mattered years) the opponents of a withdrawal from that conflict.

    And my similar view is that there is no way—and at best only a *very* shakily valid way—to separate the U.S. public consciousness about “the Palestinians” from their consciousness about “the arabs” or “moslems” in general.

    So you can show all the weeping Palestinian women and disproportionate casualty figures and etc. you want in your program to try to get the U.S. public to side more with the Palestinians, but let’s face it, you are doing so in the face of the very next story they are reading about the arabs or moslems here or there elsewhere butchering people this way and that; using poison gas, celebrating by holding up human heads, and on and on and on.

    And if that weren’t enough—going to the question of the validity of trying to separate thinking about “the Palestinians” from “the arabs” or “moslems—just wait, because it won’t be long before the Palestinians demonstrate the shaky validity of that separation too. Remember the dancing in the (Palestinian) streets some years ago at the mutilation of some captured Israeli(s)? Remember them holding pro-Saddam parades? And notice that while Hamas has disclaimed responsibility for the recent killing of those poor jewish youths note further that it still did not condemn same and if anything *applauded* it?

    So before (continuing) to go down the route of essentially trusting the Palestinians, ask yourself this: Do you really wish to put your intellectual credentials on the table and bet that if the Palestinians got the state they wanted that, within 5-10 years say, it wouldn’t indeed just be taken over by extremists seeking to overturn ’48 and then become an outpost of terrorism against Israel to *that* end?

    And even more importantly ask yourself what’s more important: Advertising your own moral judgment(s) about the I/P conflict, or just getting the U.S. out of same?

    Of course there’s nothing wrong with discussion the moral intricacies of the I/P conflict as has been done here, and I indeed have even contributed to same. But what disappoints me over and over again in such conversations is what can seem the absolute rarity of any mention of a neutrality alternative, which I think can only help mirror the utter lack of what I see as the sole direction of pressure on our policy makers that will cause them to change our present policies.

    So far, it seems to me, in terms of real-world hurt, instead of representing some new reality, what 9-11 really represented was nothing but a mere warning of the magnitude of harm that we will inflict upon ourselves us if we continue down our present path. And fighting that present path by looking like you are simply urging an impossible 180-degree turnabout in our policy has not and is not going to get us anywhere with the American public.

    What’s needed instead in my view is the repeated, simpler call for them to make the far simpler and more sympathetic turn to their own benefit and to that of this country and that is disengagement and neutrality.

    • Replies: @KA
  96. Brilliant and finally ‘pointed’ exposition. The farthest out on the limb I’ve seen Phil go. It is long overdue, but never too late. Because the times they are a-changing, but many thousands more will die defending integrity and honor before the Sword of Damocles falls on our Judaist masters’ head. Everyone should share this article on their Twitter and Facebook…

  97. geokat62 says:

    “Yet, somehow during this period Hamas found thousands of tons of cement to build tunnels to terrorize Israelis.

    As usual, Giraldi has not given a complete picture of what’s happening there. Anybody with an iota of knowledge of the I/P conflict can rip his assertions apart.”

    Look who’s calling the kettle black! So your picture of what is happening is more complete by writing: “Hamas found thousands of tons of cement to build tunnels to terrorize Israelis.” Wouldn’t it be more accurate, based on the reporting, to state that “Hamas found thousands of tons of cement to build tunnels to terrorize Israeli soldiers”?

  98. IT’s probably inevitable that legitimate criticism of Israel’s current government and its policies will attract antisemites and Holocaust deniers or minimizers. It’s no doubt true that supporters of that government are not displeased to be able to discredit even legitimate – and needed – criticism in this way. But it’s dishonest – trying to bludgeon by insult into agreement with what is reprehensible and a dire threat to Israel’s long term viability.
    Sadly, there are even those who masquerade as bigots, in order to discredit honest but uncomfortable truth.

  99. TomB, I agree neutrality is the best option. I don’t see it happening though and since we fund it we have a right to say how our money is spent. What goes on in Israel and Palestine should be irrelevant to the US. If they want to play lord of the flies in a worthless desert then it should be their business alone. What they are doing can be found in nature shows where two packs of animals get into a fight over territory. Our interest is in not having more terrorist attacks against Americans because someone doesn’t like our support for Israel over the Palestinians. I’m concerned this recent war in Gaza is going to motivate people to carry out attacks against the US and those attacks will be used to push the US into war with Iran. The reason I say neutrality isn’t an option is because Rand Paul wanted to cut aid to Israel and its enemies. He learned real quick who his masters are. He knows his political career will be destroyed if he opposes Israel. Also American weapons manufacturers make a profit from all this. It is their weapons used to kill the Palestinians. Their focus needs to be adjusted towards our actual security need which is energy independence. The energy independence carrot needs to be more lucrative than the perpetual war profiteering carrot. I think we not only have to contend with the Israel lobby itself but other Americans who profit from its imperial desires.

    The Israel lobby creates a Manichean world view and spreads it in the media with the intention to confuse Israel’s interest with America’s interest. Charles Krauthammer recently said, “the American interest is to endorse and solidify this emerging axis of moderate pro-American partners (Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and other Gulf states, and the Palestinian Authority) intent on seeing Islamist radicalism blunted and ultimately defanged.”

    Saudi Arabia and the gulf states have been funding the salafi jihadist. What he really means is that those countries and Israel are against Iran (or whoever Israel is against) and the enemy of my enemy is my friend. He uses sophism to make Israel’s enemies America’s enemies. I’ve seen it ever since 9/11. They said Iraq supported terrorist (Palestinians) so it must be destroyed. Iran supports terror (Palestinians) so America must destroy it too. Americans are brainwashed with this propaganda. I guess we have to play nice with countries like Saudi Arabia but the sooner we get off their oil the better. If they have no oil revenue they aren’t going to be funding attacks against the US and chaos in the Middle East. Israel’s supporters want to continue implementing the clean break strategy and the US is their tool to implement it. It is hard being neutral when powerful forces want the US to step in it over and over again until it runs out of steam and drops dead.

    • Replies: @KA
  100. KA says:
    @Johnny F. Ive

    Your observation that ” we not only have to contend with the Lobby but with the American profiteers] is very apt and prophetic and historically based.
    Over the centuries ,Jewish elite have inserted itself in the fates of other cluntries’s citizen by working for the top echelon–
    ,kings,or nobles,or dictators,or imperial authorities and hurting the citizen enormously. The prototype of this activity is historical – emptying of Egyptian treasures and enriching the tribes and then leaving the land for another conquest.

    • Replies: @XJeem
  101. XJeem says:

    “Another conquest”

    Interesting. You consider looting gold the same as conquest of land.

  102. KA says:

    Some of the same neocons who wanted wars continue against countries like Egypt ans Saudi Arab in 2001 and after 2003 are now back with a different attitude towards these countries. Those two countries from where the radicalism and hijackers came from were shaking . Pentagon discussion suggested that US take control of Egypt,Saudi Arab and Jordan !
    They are offering a new vision of ME where moderate Saudi,new Egypt,and legitimate Jordan with democratic Israel will stabilize ME and stop fundamentalism spreading and will roll back radicalism.
    Americans who have been taught how to think and what to think about Egypt,Jordan,and Saudi Arab are again being taught what to think of Saudi and Egypt ! The ephemeral audio and visual memory is less than that of the fish in movie Nimo . So juxtaposing Palestine conflicts with the narrative that are unfolding in Syria and Iraq or have taken place in countries like Mynanmar,Sri Lank,Chechenya or India is highly effective and great way to maintain the subliminal perception on muslims.
    Word like Islamofasim originated in the minds of Joe Liberman and other uncouth Zionist precisely for the same reason. 13 yrs ago those Zionst came with the slogan Axis of Evil.That slogan took the need to think,analyze,and ponder away from US mind .That slogan like a Talmudic hymn offered Americans moral ,ethical and legal reasons of attacking Iraq,Iran and other ME countries without any moral,legal,and ethical reasons. Back then 911 was juxtaposed .Back then USS Cole was juxtaposed.Back then the caves of Afghanistan and pictures of Osama with gun toting veiled soldiers were juxtaposed .
    And when Bush proposed some negotiations on Palestine, Holocaust and Chamberlain picture was juxtaposed to derail any such deal .

    Agitation against Park 51 mosque was the most visible example . So was Boston marathon bombings as was played out in the media with active local Zionist participation .
    The daily experiences of Gazan or West Bank inhabitants are not known to Americans . If the realities were made known to US public, they would stop worrying of a free Palestine turning into terrorist state and would worry more about what Israel could do to America if it felt its interests were not to be supported by US tax money and US blood anymore .

  103. KA says:

    Still spying ,still going to negotiation table with the information of the opposite side and the line of thinking of the mediator.
    Der Spegl is saying.

    In Truman’s time it was done by the cabinet members and the financier of Truman .

  104. KA says:
    The soldier was not captured. He was not kidnapped. He died in the battle.
    Did he die after truce was imposed? Did he die during the talks about the truce? Was he moving around like an escaped child from a classroom before the school let out ? Did he walk in to the arms of Hamas once truce started? No . None of those .

    He definitely died during the battle that was continuing .
    But Israel used the death as missing, as kidnapping to resume the attack.
    This is nothing new . This has been done by Israel on many occasions.
    1948,1967’1982′ and scores of other times.
    The UN chief and US blamed Hamas . The worshipping of the powerful is nothing new also. UK says don’t criticize too harsh . Israel may not negotiate or come to table – that means wrongness of Israeli action would not be mentioned in case they do more of the same which is again wrong but US and UK will justify that next wrong also as Israeli right to defend itself.! —–UK condemnation of Israel would threaten peace hopes, says minister

  105. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Good idea! My vote is Regev (Freiberg, an Australian). He commiserates so sincerely with dead babies and the unfortunate destruction of a UN building. And this Australian presents himself as an expert on the region such that he can instruct interviewers who have more years in the region.

    I have personally taken to identifying the real birth names of Israeli big shots in everything I blog in an effort to remind others of the foreignness of Israel to the region, it’s colonial attributes. I recommend that all of us who recognize the monster in Israel continue this tact so that the info about foreign colonization becomes easier to understand for the uninitiated.

  106. Mary says:

    Voltaire had it exactly right when he said, “If you want to know who rules you, find out who it is you are not allowed to criticize.”

  107. The core national interests of the US in the middle east are twofold.

    1. Secure access to oil.
    2. Prevention of the rise of extremist groups.

    These are best achieved by strong stable secular governments- Iraq under Hussein and Syria under Assad are perfect examples.

    Israel’s interest in the middle east is primarily to prevent any military challenge to its hegemony.
    This is best achieved by encouraging a fragmentation of stable countries and the encouragement of extremist terrorism.

    The treasonous filth in DC have chosen to betray the best interests of the US for that of Israel.

  108. Strawman says:

    I recall that only a few months ago, Palestinians applied for some kind of official recognition with the UN, or was it the International Criminal Court in the Hague? I don’t remember the specifics, but THAT in my opinion is what began this latest round of slow motion genocide in Gaza. Another false flag staging of the kidnap and murder of ‘three teens’ and away we go! Now no one ever mentions the ‘teens’ just the ‘Israel has the right to defend itself’ mantra repeated over and over to dull the Christian America sheep into not examining the issue very deeply. However one wants to spin this, it is a genocide and the world stands by to its eternal shame.

  109. Tom says:

    Rabbi Boteaach also advocates wives performing fellatio on husbands as “a sign of respect”. Go figure.

  110. Rehmat says:

    On Monday, United Nations Humana Rights Council (UNHRC) named a panel of three legal experts to investigate possible war crimes committed by the Jewish army in Gaza Strip.

    Tel Aviv, however, rejected the enquiry as UNHRC “kangaroo court”.

    The panel is headed by an internationally renowned Canadian lawyer, professor William Schabas, who teaches internal law at Middlesex University in England, and is on editorial board of the Israel Law Review.

    William Schabas appointment is criticized by Canada’s pro-Israel gay foreign minister John Baird and Geneva-based Israeli advocacy Jewish group UN Watch. Both have accused Dr. Schabas being anti-Israel and a Jew hater.

    The other two members of the panel are Doudou Diene, a Senegalese veteran UN human rights expert and Amal Alamuddin, a British-Lebanese lawyer. Amal Alamuddin, is engaged to pro-Israel Hollywood Jew actor and anti-Sudan campaigner George Coolney. She has declined UNHRC offer.

    “I am honored to have received the offer, but given existing commitments – including eight ongoing cases – unfortunately could not accept this role,” she said in a statement. UNHRC is expected to announce the name of the replacement most probably within the next week.

    Despite rejecting the offer, Alamuddin said there should be an “independent investigation and accountability for crimes Israel may have committed, reported by UK’s Jewish Daily Mail.

    The Zionist entity has always refused to cooperate with the UNHRC. It has always blamed the international body being biased toward Israel and Jews even when these investigations were carried by Jews like South African judge Richard Goldstone or American Jewish academic Dr. Richard Falk. Furthermore, there have always been Israel’s allies among the UNHRC member states.

    Anthony Mathew Jacob, a Christian writer from India, in his recent article, entitled ‘Palestine And The Zionist Media’, wrote: Welcome to the world where the Israelis are “KILLED” by Palestinians and the Palestinians merely “DIE” to Israeli “retaliation,” the oppressed Palestinians are “terrorists” and the oppressor Israel is the “victim.” Media is an immensely powerful tool in forming, altering and camouflaging public opinion. For the last 67 years, millions of Palestinians have been forcefully evicted from their lands, displaced, tortured and killed. Villages, towns and cities have been destroyed and made way for Israeli settlements and the country called Israel. The nation that never existed before has been built over the last 67 years and all that the world has done is pass resolutions against the usurper.

    Watch American protesters explaining to Barack Obama what word “barbaric” means.

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