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Interfering in Elections?
Israel uses high-technology to influence results
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A week ago an interesting story surfaced briefly in the news about how the developing Republican presidential candidate bids by Nikki Haley and others had been attacked over the past eleven months by possibly as many as hundreds of thousands of false automated personas, referred to in the trade as “bots,” on Twitter and other internet based social media. Interestingly, the activity was discovered and shared with Associated Press by an Israeli internet security company called Cyabra, which also claimed that the “bots” generation seem to have originated in three separate networks of false Twitter accounts. The accounts appear to have been created in the United States and it is believed that Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications are increasingly being used to create completely lifelike fake personas, extremely difficult for security filters and censors to detect.

The article claimed that those thousands of electronically generated non-persons had been programmed to disparage Haley and Ron DeSantis and others, often using “fake news” or alleged leaks of embarrassing personal information, while also praising the virtues of Donald Trump. The apparent intention was to build popular support for Trump by exploiting the social media sites’ algorithms to reach a large audience at the expense of the other possible GOP candidates. There are also concerns among some Republicans that the effort to give life to the Trump campaign by materially impacting on online political discussion might possibly be orchestrated and paid for by major outside interests that could actually be either foreign or criminal. Of course, as the operation has been exposed by an Israeli company, the possibility exists that the story is itself at least in part a false flag to plausibly deny any involvement by the Jewish state if that were to be demonstrable.

The story is nevertheless of interest, to be sure, based on its own merits, but it surfaced at the same time as a much bigger tale of international subversion, also linked to Israel, that was in addition linked to elections and regime change. While the United States must certainly be considered the world leader in compelling all nations to conform to the political and moral values that it insists be adhered to, Israel has stealthily become the nation that covertly uses its prowess in cyberwar and technology, particularly via the internet, to penetrate and disrupt the activities of friend and foe alike. One recalls the unleashing of the computer virus Stuxnet against Iran prior to 2010 and the more recent placement of cellphone surveillance listening devices near the White House and other federal buildings in Washington.

Israel’s prowess apparently includes the ability to influence more foreign elections than anyone else. Curiously enough, a leading Israeli group, referred to by its founder Tal Hanan as Team Jorge, has particular expertise in hacking and spreading disinformation using thousands of false identities and profiles, very much like the story of the Republican Party hijinks. The organization has been exposed in long articles appearing in a number of European publications which had been party to an undercover investigation of its activities, but oddly enough no US media picked it up and ran with it even though there were clear similarities to what had been taking place with the Republicans.

The investigation determined that Team Jorge has worked for a number of apparently mostly private clients, including political organizations, who pay generously for the special services it provides. Its activities, now exposed, add to a growing body of evidence that there exist shadowy private firms across the world that are exploiting invasive hacking tools and the power of online social media platforms to manipulate public opinion and even to sway voters in elections.

Hanan, a former Israeli special forces operative, claims his company, which he regards as a legitimate corporate contractor, has been operating under the radar for two decades out of an office near Tel Aviv. Team Jorge also has six overseas affiliates which have been providing services both to political groups and businesses. Hanan is not shy about his successes. He boasted that “We are now involved in one election in Africa… We have a team in Greece and a team in [the] Emirates… [We have completed] 33 presidential-level campaigns, 27 of which were successful… Most of the campaigns – two-thirds – were in Africa” but Hanan also claimed “work” in Latin America, the US and Europe. He said at one point that he was involved in two “major projects” in the US but denied interfering directly in US politics. No matter where it operates, Team Jorge’s business is profitable. Tal Hanan told one potential client that he would accept payments in a variety of currencies. Interference in an election would cost between 6 and 15 million Euros.

Hanan was exposed by a team of three undercover reporters who posed as prospective clients in the latter half of 2022. The story appeared in the British Guardian on February 15th, and was also picked up by the Daily Mail. It also appeared in the French and German media. The lengthy articles revealed the content of secretly recorded meetings in which Tal Hanan described in detail how his services, which some might describe as “black ops”, were available to intelligence agencies, political campaigns and private companies that wanted to secretly manipulate public opinion. To demonstrate the power of his hacking tools, Hanan hacked into the Gmail inbox and Telegram account of several political operatives in Kenya a few days before a presidential election there. Telegram is marketed as a top-level security communications system.

Team Jorge’s most sought-after service is a sophisticated software package, Advanced Impact Media Solutions, or AIMS. Per Hanan, it can create and control thousands of fake social media profiles on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Telegram, Gmail, Instagram and YouTube. Some of the AIMS avatars even have backup credit accounts to establish their bona fides, using bank cards, bitcoin wallets and Airbnb account numbers.

Team Jorge also has had what might be described as a business relationship with the now notorious British consulting firm Cambridge Analytica. Cambridge Analytica is now out of business but it participated in a Nigerian election with Team Jorge. It is best known for having stolen the personal data belonging to 87 million Facebook users. It then allegedly used the data to provide analytical assistance to the 2016 presidential campaigns of both Ted Cruz and Donald Trump and some believe the service provided may have influenced the result of the subsequent US presidential election.

Israel has long been the home of start-up cyberwarfare companies due to its government’s intense focus on developing the tools and skills to attack targets like Iran’s alleged nuclear program. It now might also face increased international pressure to rein in the former employees who were schooled in its military technology sector. Most of Hanan’s employees are, in fact, formerly with the government. The Team Jorge revelations come on top of accounts of how the powerful Israeli-made Pegasus spyware had been developed and sold by the cyber intelligence company NSO Group Technologies to various governments and other users. NSO reportedly spent lavishly in a bid to convince the US government to buy its advanced spyware. It even paid a consulting fee of $100,000 to Michael Flynn before he became President Donald Trump’s National Security Adviser. The company’s software was reportedly used internationally by governments to spy on political dissidents and, in particular, on journalists. Some others targeted by Pegasus included human rights activists and religious leaders, as well as politicians including French President Emmanuel Macron.

There has been a sharp reaction within the social media and internet communications communities since the revelations about Team Jorge. Meta, the owner of Facebook, immediately took steps to identify and take down possible AIMS-linked identities on its platform. It is presumed that other companies are doing the same. Team Jorge claims to have had great success in its disinformation efforts relating to elections, but until someone does an essentially forensic analysis of what was done and how, no one will ever know the truth. Presumably the company has already destroyed any and all particularly embarrassing documents. What is known, however, is that the toxic mix of Israel’s advanced cyberwar programs combined with the private enterprise of those cyberwarriors who leave government and apply their skills is something that has to be addressed. It has to be regulated or controlled in some fashion or the credibility of the social media and communications systems that current bind much of the world together will be suspect, which is precisely what some observers of what has just been revealed regarding the Republican Party nomination process should be thinking.

Philip M. Giraldi, Ph.D., is Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest, a 501(c)3 tax deductible educational foundation (Federal ID Number #52-1739023) that seeks a more interests-based U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. Website is, address is P.O. Box 2157, Purcellville VA 20134 and its email is [email protected].

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  1. When COVID first surfaced in Wuhan (and Iran), Chinese-language media around the world were the targets of a coordinated campaign originating in Israel to make sure it was noted among the Chinese how poorly the American team did at the military games. I.e., the Americans were already infected with the virus.

    It was an Israeli news source that confirmed the ABC News story that there was an internal memo between US military posts warning of the virus in Wuhan before the Chinese themselves were aware of it.

    In the first few days of the media coverage of the pandemic, an Israeli firm announced it already had a vaccine. The story was widely covered for a few hours then suddenly went silent–exactly as if someone had fucked up and jumped the gun then been smacked back into place.

    There is something in the Khazar Jew that is all malevolence all the time. The world is going to have to unite as one and eradicate it once and for all. There is no coexistence with such evil.

    • Agree: hardlooker
    • Thanks: JimDandy
    • Troll: Sarah
  2. The Jewish national media in Canada (in other words, all of it) is banging the drum of Chinese “interference in our democracy/elections”. Something which, frankly, could only improve things great, white, and north.

    But remarkably, the news bleeders never reveal what nefarious thing China actually did. Or what election law they broke. They just interfered. With money or something. Or, by the fantastic means of setting up “Chinese police stations” in several major eastern Canadian cities. That’s about how the story went!

    Canajuns pretty much seem down with horseshittery like this. Like China gives a damn about pipsqueak Canada.

    By the way, a friend says his friend in the Canadian navy (whatever that is) told him they are training for a war with China. Nothing Caitlin Johnstone hasn’t told us goes on down under, but ferfucksake.

    • Replies: @xyzxy
    , @A,K. Patel
    , @JR Foley
  3. shahnameh says:

    Elections – I’ll piggyback on comment by Vito- that Seymour Hersh wrote a book in 1969 about Bio/Chem warfare programs in the US and was CRICKETS through the Covid thing, Hmm?

    • Agree: profnasty
  4. The Team Jorge revelations come on top of accounts of how the powerful Israeli-made Pegasus spyware had been developed and sold by the cyber intelligence company NSO Group Technologies to various governments and other users. NSO reportedly spent lavishly in a bid to convince the US government to buy its advanced spyware. It even paid a consulting fee of $100,000 to Michael Flynn before he became President Donald Trump’s National Security Adviser. The company’s software was reportedly used internationally by governments to spy on political dissidents and, in particular, on journalists. Some others targeted by Pegasus included human rights activists and religious leaders, as well as politicians including French President Emmanuel Macron.

    If you buy Israeli software, it will be used to spy on you. If you don’t realise this, you’re an idiot.

    • Replies: @Old Prude
  5. GMC says:

    I think Israel is responsible for a whole lot of special black ops that are covered up or blamed on someone else or even mother nature. But then the Jews own 90% of all the media in the West and the East won’t even touch them – most of the time. They’re the “Untouchables.”

  6. Ummmpph! says:

    Everything the Zionists have, they acquired it by theft, deception and murder!

    • Agree: Che Guava, Colin Wright
    • Replies: @emerging majority
  7. Prajna says: • Website

    What is with all this AI bs? If there was such a thing as artificial intelligence and the first thing out of its digital gob was not something like, “WTF is up with you crazy humans? You’ve got an abundant planet ideally suited to enable you to flourish and yet you’re continually at war – declared and undeclared – instead of cooperating to enjoy the magic and mystery of the cosmos!”

    If the new “AI” didn’t do that then what kind of intelligence is it? It wouldn’t be intelligent at all, just a fancy adding machine designed by psychopaths, echoing and amplifying their psychopathy.

    • Agree: Bro43rd, Son of a Jedi
    • Replies: @Marielle Redclaw
    , @Rurik
  8. ariadna says:

    “Israel’s advanced cyberwar programs combined with the private enterprise of those cyberwarriors who leave government and apply their skills is something that has to be addressed. ”

    One thing Israel has in common with China is that “leaving the government” does not mean ceasing to serve its goals and that “private” enterprises of any account in both countries are de facto so many tools in the hands of the government.

    • Thanks: emerging majority
  9. JimDandy says:
    @Vito Klein

    Why would they want Chinese rancor towards America over Covid?

    • Replies: @Vito Klein
  10. Interference

    Such a harsh word for a service that ensures the electorate won’t spoil the democratic process.

  11. MarkU says:

    Israel? Come on Phil, you can do better than that. Without a continual input of external revenue, Israel would be exposed as what it really is, a fly-blown shithole in the middle east, full of Jewish supremacists and land-grabbers. How could Israel conceivably be the real source of all the influence and power that is so often attributed to it?

    “The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper name.” – Confucius.

    The real power lies with the banksters, Israel is just a location, a place where they can operate with very little accountability, a place that they spent many decades and vast fortunes bringing into existence.

    So who are the banksters? As far as I am able to ascertain, they seem to be based on a group of banking dynasties that go back at least as far as the early days of the British Empire. Working almost entirely through proxies (so called NGO’s, ‘thinktanks’, compromised billionaires and politicians and anyone or anything else they can bribe, bully or manipulate) they have penetrated and subverted practically every government in the Western sphere of influence.

    Can I prove any of this? not really (neither can Larry Romanov) It would take an veritable army of tax lawyers many decades to prove exactly who owns what in the world. I can’t see the wind but I know that its there, there are elephants in the room and no model of events claiming to have explanatory value can be valid unless it addresses those elephants.

    The biggest elephant in the room is the ludicrous amount of power and influence attributed to Israel, a tiny country that is apparently exempt from international law.

    A country that has nuclear weapons and was aided and abetted in obtaining them by countries such as the US, UK and France (what happened to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty?)
    A country that is openly pursuing a policy of ethnic cleansing on a daily basis and has been doing so for decades.
    A country that cannot be criticised without automatic accusations that those criticisms are purely racist in origin (If I criticise (say) Indian domestic or foreign policy am I accused of anti-hinduism?) This is an absolutely unique situation globally. look at the case of Jeremy Corbyn, other smears were not enough to have him removed but wafer-thin accusations of antisemitism were enough to scupper his career (Jews only make up 0.5% of the UK population) his ‘colleagues’ in the labour party were openly gleeful at losing the election to the Tories so they could remove him.

    “To learn who rules over you simply look to those you cannot criticize.” – Once attributed to Voltaire but apparently there is a move to attribute it to a white nationalist named Kevin Alfred Strom (so despite the fact that it has intuitively obvious validity we can now be called ‘white supremacists’ for using it)

    It isn’t just the West either, where did all those eastern European oligarchs come from so quickly after the fall of the USSR? and why do they all seem to be Jewish? I think it is clear that most of them are/were proxies. What about George Soros? ‘The man that broke the bank of England?’ or a proxy that was deliberately gifted billions in UK taxpayers money in order to further the bankster agenda?

    • Agree: ariadna
    • Troll: IronForge
  12. geokat62 says:

    Interfering in Elections?

    Interfering? More like staging.

    • Agree: Chuck Orloski
  13. The Tribe turning everything into a farce

    • Thanks: mark green
  14. xyzxy says:

    But remarkably, the news bleeders never reveal what nefarious thing China actually did.

    A crowd is never won over using rational argument. Instead, simple, easy to remember, but mindless slogans are the key. The best slogans affect emotions, and are not important at the discursive or analytical level.

    The mass mind of ‘democratic man’ is a simple thing, easy to manipulate using repetition.

    The key for the regime (media/government/academy/corporate interests) is to repeat: China (or Russia) is the enemy, and Putin (or Xi) is the ‘New Hitler’.

    Few will ever ask, “Why?” And those that do ask are given another slogan by way of explanation: It is because they are against the ‘Rules Based Order’, or they don’t ‘represent our values’.

  15. @GMC

    Yes, GMC, they’re the untouchables. And thanks to Philip Giraldi for another great and informative article.

    And btw, the ADL gets what they want and everyone should take their agenda seriously.

    There is currently legislation, with addendum, that targets dissenters and white people. Also many government agency clearly identify the need to watch carefully those who are white, political dissenters, and religious traditionalists/extremists.

    In America it’s done gradually, coupled with the veneer of caring, kindness, and the collective good. Not as abrupt as the CCP in China, but with the same ultimate goal.

    Recently, the ADL explained how the phrase “It’s ok to be white” is racist. They have written about that and many other issues for years; the Frankfurt School on steroids.

    Once again, the concept of inversion at play. Nothing new. So often, when they tell you to fear something, it’s very often the opposite. Remember Covid ?

    The issues that the government tells you not to look at are in fact, the things you should look at.

    Israeli and US Intelligence are moving forward, with the system known as Gabriel. Once again, to protect us.

    Finally, and as you’re aware, the FDIC says that there is stability in the banking system, even with the 18th largest bank in America going under two days ago.

    There’s a thousand black swans in play, and anyone of them can poop on us at a given moment, by design.

    “May you live in interesting times.”

    • Agree: GMC
    • Replies: @emerging majority
  16. First, broker peace between Iran and Saudi Arabi. Then, move towards peace for Syria.

    Meanwhile US foreign policy in the Middle East is simply Appease-Zion-with-War.


    • Thanks: Chuck Orloski, Sarah
  17. @GMC

    Is me again, GMC, and to support my comment, # 15, about the ADL’s limitless power, please read below?

    • Replies: @Ulf Thorsen
    , @GMC
  18. ariadna says:

    “Israel is just a location, a place where they can operate with very little accountability, a place that they spent many decades and vast fortunes bringing into existence.”

    It is that and one more thing whose importance cannot be overstated:
    it is the symbolic flagship set up by top international jewish elite (for lack of a better word), whose stated raison d’être (to provide a refuge to the millions of oppressed jews worldwide) helps to ensure the cooperation of active and potential sayanim in the West.
    No matter how rich and well-connected the banking dynasties are, no matter how dependable the obedience of the suborned goyim holding fake power, without the tireless work of the jews worldwide at all levels, in all political and social spheres, without the ethnic global network, they would be like a lone spider without a web.
    Israel makes “diaspora” Jews feel guilty for not being there and nothing they do to help is ever enough…

  19. anonymous[303] • Disclaimer says:

    The Donald did predict that Jews will name a book of the Tanakh after him for restoring Jerusalem to them, so, it should not surprise anyone that Trump is on his way to the Whitehouse in 2024 with their money and expertise. And as to Biden, he and his won’t be charged with crimes and sail away into the sunset with loot they finnagled.

    • Replies: @Derer
  20. Old Prude says:

    When I ask Siri if Mossad is spying on me using Waze, she pretends she doesn’t understand.


    • Replies: @Bro43rd
    , @Che Guava
  21. Not US elections though, they’re perfectly safe and effective.

  22. Whites are wheaks with no real conscience and agency. Sole purpose is to suck up to Zion.

    “Canadian Sports Minister Pascal St. Onge was caught off guard by simple questions. She was asked whether, in the face of anti-Russian sanctions, the U.S. should be sanctioned for attacking Iraq. Who should sanction Israel? After all, should Canada itself be sanctioned for bombing Afghanistan and Libya? The minister’s fidgety eyes and the panic in them are better than any answer.”

    • Thanks: Rurik, dogbumbreath
  23. Z-man says:

    Indo Haley needs no help from ‘high tech’ to lose. Her poll numbers are miniscule. However, that didn’t stop Sleepy Joe and Kamalawala.🙃

  24. @Prajna

    AI is just a marketing term for now

  25. bert33 says:

    not surprised to learn israel was diddling around with our election system question is what will the federal govt. do about it. Can we prossecute in situ, send federal attorneys to israel, do we have an extradition agreement to bring accused offending parties to the US for trial etc.

    • Replies: @Bro43rd
  26. Jim H says:

    ‘Team Jorge claims to have had great success in its disinformation efforts relating to elections, but until someone does an essentially forensic analysis of what was done and how, no one will ever know the truth.’ — Philip Giraldi

    Don’t expect members of Clowngress to ask any embarrassing questions. Whether or not they are direct beneficiaries of Team Jorge, they will be told by their Jewish paymasters to keep hands off.

    Otherwise, Team Jorge will emerge on the side of their next primary or general election opponent, in the familiar pattern documented way back in 1985 by Rep Paul Findley in They Dare to Speak Out: People and Institutions Confront Israel’s Lobby.

    As George H W Bush famously kvetched, “There are 1,000 lobbyists up on the Hill today lobbying Congress for loan guarantees for Israel and I’m one lonely little guy down here asking Congress to delay its consideration of loan guarantees for 120 days.”

    Cheeky George was obliged to pen a cringing ‘Dear Shoshana’ letter to the Lobby saying Sorry, sorry, sorry, then summarily relieved of his presidency in the next election by the primitive 1992 analogue of Team Jorge. And so it goes …

  27. Agent76 says:

    July 29, 2022 Two Party Imperialism and War with Russia. A Historical Perspective

    The Democrats and Republicans are relentless warmongers. They kill, they maim, they ravage, and they deceive with impunity. They destroy entire countries to feed the dogs of war. Their latest victim is Ukraine.

    Who’s Afraid of an Open Debate?

    The CPD is a duopoly which allows the major party candidates to draft secret agreements about debate arrangements including moderators, debate format and even participants. The result is a travesty riddled with sterile, non-contentious arguments which consistently exclude alternative voices that Americans want to hear.

    The 2012 Debates – Memorandum of Understanding Between the Obama and Romney Campaigns

    • Replies: @Notsofast
  28. Interference in US Elections…….

    The passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act





  29. Alrenous says: • Website

    With a hyphen like that, high-technology is an adjective, not a noun.

    • Agree: Che Guava
  30. werpor says:

    First “banksters” should always be capitalized — Banksters!

    Used often enough it ought to become commonly understood that — Banksters! —are Jewish Zionists. The euphemism for Jewish Zionists is — Banksters! After all the quest for a Jewish homeland was pursued by Zionists. Rather than attacking a position heavily defended by Jews as though they can never be named. Say Banksters!

    Clearly the people whom are Banksters! are Jews. So instead of saying the U.S. is controlled by Jews which invokes the loaded anti-Semitism trope, say instead the U.S. is controlled by Banksters!

    Gradually every one will want to know what those Banksters! have been up to now. Of course Jews came to America to find surcease from ancient societies where Jewish conduct was well known — but they well understood that they could operate undetected in America. Christians automatically “turned the other cheek” and indeed celebrated their equalitarianism and tolerance.

    But Jews have a hive mind. Like locusts they instinctively exploit the available resources before moving on. What they are remarkably adept at exploiting is share of mind. Our minds are our resources. Of course our resourcefulness is harnessed by usury and taxation. How was this done in the U.S.?

    In 1913 the Banksters! hijacked the economy of the U.S. The Federal Reserve is a private bank controlled by the top tier of their superstructure. Between the American Revolution and 1913 many informed people well and truly understood the danger to America that the Globalist Banksters! aimed to exploit. Andrew Jackson did everything possible to eliminate the threat.

    Google Andrew Jackson vetoed the bill rechartering the Second Bank in July 1832 by arguing that in the form presented to him it was incompatible with “justice, sound policy and the Constitution.” As well he declared that the Bank was subversive to the rights of States, and dangerous to the liberties of the people.”

    Jackson announced that the Government would no longer deposit Federal Funds with the Bank and instead would place them in state banks. When the Bank’s charter expired in 1836, it was never renewed.

    Given that all wars are economic wars — a successful revolt would eliminate Bankster! control of the U.S. economy. Why should Americans accept to be controlled by a small tribe of Globalist Banksters?

    Of course the Globalist Banksters! are not loyal to the U.S. The Globalist Banksters! are foreign agents
    bent on extracting every last ounce of blood from the body politic while sucking the marrow out of its very bones.

    The Globalist Banksters! spend every waking moment conspiring to destroy the United States. They denigrate the Constitution as unsuitable for the U.S. — why would they not say that? The decry
    and denounce populism — Hilary Clinton implied that populists were deplorables. The elites in America and elsewhere in the so called West are the Banksters!

    Of course the Banksters! think of America as theirs since 1913. Establishing the Federal Reserve was a coup promulgated by Banksters! There is nothing illegitimate about conducting a counter-coup.

    Recall Thomas Jefferson, “The people cannot be all, and always, well informed. The part which is wrong will will be discontented, in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions, it is lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty. What country before ever existed a century and a half without a rebellion?

    And what country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms! The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is natural manure.”

    The Banksters! are the tyrants! Whom are the patriots?

  31. Consider Israel to be at war. It is at war upon its non-citizen ‘citizens’. It is at war upon those living in lands conquered by Israel; those residing there are continuously under military rule, a rule which they would end, if possible. It is not possible. Israel is as war with neighboring nations, continuously.

    Waging war is not limited to military attacks. As cited by this analysis, Israel conducts war by means as described.

    Consider that its spies are given asylum and given a heroic status. Jonathan Pollard is an example. Within the United States, Israel clearly spies upon an unlimited range of victims. Israel’s Epstein and Maxwell were operating with Israeli assistance. And, pedophilia as a means was clearly a part of how Israel conducts its warfare.

    Last, consider murder, assassinations. Nationality be damned. Ask Rachel Corrie… may her courageous soul and spirit be remembered.

  32. George Soros owns Smartmatic voting machines and also owns a company ie SCYTL a company in Barcelona Spain that counts the votes from 16 US states, and this is just the tip of the iceberg, all voting machines can be hacked ie reprogrammed remotely to give any result the hacker desires, see

    The zionists control our elections and our government.

    • Agree: Chuck Orloski
    • Replies: @geokat62
  33. Notsofast says:

    vote kang 2024. kang rules, kodos drools.

  34. Add to the comment which refers to Rachel Corrie, that she was murdered March 16, 2003. She would be 44 had she not been murdered by an Israeli soldier, who drove a military tractor over her, twice. Another example of the Israeli policy to “confirm the kill.”

    What kind of a country, what morality, a policy such as, “confirm the kill”?

    • Agree: ariadna
    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  35. Of course, as the operation has been exposed by an Israeli company, the possibility exists that the story is itself at least in part a false flag to plausibly deny any involvement by the Jewish state if that were to be demonstrable.

    In my own view this is the critical part. There is certainly “election interference” going on, but the attacks against Haley and DeSantis are very probably being done by some group (or groups) desiring the return of Trump.

    Haley and DeSantis are both dream candidates for the Apartheid state, and “somebody” is working hard to keep them out of the White House. (that “somebody” may well be using “Israeli” software.)
    I can applaud this effort, though I sure as hell don’t want Trump again.

    (Pause to adjust my Tinfoil Hat) For a good while I’ve been of the opinion that the January 6 Trumpie riot was opposed by the Zionist Faction in the US Power Elites. Unless Biden moved into the White House, the Apartheid state’s Ukraine War was probably not going to happen.

    This fight between the “Israel First” Zionists and the “America First” semi-facists continues, and at the present time the balance of power is tilting towards the latter group because Ukraine is clearly losing in the hopless battle against the Russians. This is a scary situation because the Zionists have control of their own “nuclear button” as well as the one belonging to the US.

    It’s no fun to be a helpless pawn in the ongoing battle between people wanting WW3 with Russia vs another bunch wanting WW3 with China.

  36. geokat62 says:
    @Desert Fox

    The zionists control our elections and our government.

    … including the military:

    • Thanks: Chuck Orloski, Ulf Thorsen
    • Replies: @Z-man
    , @Ulf Thorsen
    , @Jim H
  37. Bro43rd says:
    @Old Prude

    Hilarious! Too funny for a run-of-the-mill lol.

  38. ‘…What is known, however, is that the toxic mix of Israel’s advanced cyberwar programs combined with the private enterprise of those cyberwarriors who leave government and apply their skills is something that has to be addressed. It has to be regulated or controlled in some fashion or the credibility of the social media and communications systems that current bind much of the world together will be suspect…’

    Surely the only solution is to address the root of the problem?

    Is the leopard going to change its spots? Should we hope that Israel is going to become a good neighbor?

    • LOL: Chuck Orloski
    • Replies: @jsigur
  39. Bro43rd says:

    You forgot the /sarc/ tag I think, it really is funny when said out loud. Try it…us attorneys going to israel to bring accused parties to trial…you chuckled didn’t you.

  40. @michael severson

    ‘…What kind of a country, what morality, a policy such as, “confirm the kill”?’

    They’re all gentiles. Tell us about the care and humanity with which you treat the rats in your basement.

  41. Che Guava says:
    @Old Prude

    That’s interesting.

    More to the point, though, anyone who is a
    Jewish criminal can go there, and be safe to avoid charges anywhere where they commited the crimes.

    It will be a test. Sam Bankman Fried and his gf, Caroline Ellison are allowed their swindle, or allowed to fly to Israel on private planes.

    The gf is clearly never going to face any charges. As if she didn’t know what she was doing.

    The whole thing proves that some guy named Adolph Hitler was perfectly correct about a then hypothetical state, if established, it would just be a nexus of crime, the crime through the tentacles would just continue.

    In the case of this case, I doubt that either will have to escape to their nexus, except for senile Joe, camel-toe Harris, and Pete Butt-plug, everyone’s a jew, so Merrick Garfinkel will just work out a way to abort any charges.

  42. @MarkU

    Well done MarkU, so concise and yet honestly stated.
    These international gangsters who have grabbed powers and have been operating through the ages need to be eliminated like the Thugs of India.
    If you read about the which is about the thugs of India, you will never doubt that jewish power is real.

  43. Rurik says:

    You’ve got an abundant planet ideally suited to enable you to flourish and yet you’re continually at war – declared and undeclared – instead of cooperating to enjoy the magic and mystery of the cosmos!”

    “Gradually I began to hate them.”

  44. @Ummmpph!

    “By means of deception you shall make war”. Close approximation of the code of the Mo$$ad.

  45. @MarkU

    Though virtually impossible to “prove” it; elementary common sense and a general understanding of the workings of the Talmudist Imperium, it becomes probable that Soros (aka $orrow$) has been a made man since his arrival in London at the ripe old age of 14 years.

    By whom was Soros so elevated? Again, the answer is evident, but not provable by the introduction of written data or by courtroom testimony.

    It’s obvious that the richest crime clan on the planet saw to it that this bright young man was provided with all the highest education he would require for his role and then networked into becoming the brightest young star on Wall $treet, an individual who ever and anon appeared to have this remarkable prescience towards the directions which the market would develop…in other words, he enjoyed a clear connection to the uber manipulators of the market.

    Soros biggest coup, the “breaking” of the Bank of England ,was providentially engineered by that same crime clan which has the controlling interest of said banking institution’s ownership. So $oro$ was handed those two billions in short-selling profits on a platinum platter.

    • Replies: @Anonymously Unkown
  46. @Chuck Orloski

    The ADL (Anti Defecation League) of the B’nai Brith (the world’s largest exclusivist secret society) was created by the B.B. in order to protect a Tribal member. Despite being defended by the best attorneys which dirty big money (from the usual $usptects) could buy; a certain pencil factory owner in Atlanta was found guilty by a jury of raping and viciously murdering a 14 Y.O. girl in his employ and then attempting to cast the blame on an African-American janitor, also in his employ.

    The fully corruptible governor of Georgia was “induced” to pardon the perp. However, justice-seekers in this particular incident, took matters into their own hands and appealed to Judge Lynch, a somewhat rare example of Lynch Law, which in this particular case, appeared to actually having served people’s justice in the face of a bought and paid-for pro$titician, the then chief executive of the State of Georgia.

    Ever since its foundation in defense of a totally guilty member of the Tribe; the Anti-Defecation League has served the cause of injustice on behalf of the Talmudist Agenda.

    • Agree: anarchyst
    • Replies: @Chuck Orloski
  47. @emerging majority

    SoroS … Oro SS.
    Gold + SS (third Reich Nazi elite soldiers.
    “Soros” invented the name Soros – it was Schwartz. He stole Jewish gold – assisted Nazi SS soldiers doing so in Hungary during WW2. He literally confesses to the crime with his invented name. A Jew who stole Jewish gold for the Nazis. A man you can trust.

  48. Derer says:

    This will not be as easy as you described. The DNC is favored over Trump and (((they))) have developed full-prove undetectable scheme for counting votes. The game of duopoly is over. The prove is in the 2020 and 2022 surprisingly unconventional results. In 2020 senile geezer won and in 2022 even monkeys would get majority against inflation and porous borders – pathetic.

  49. Z-man says:

    Thanks to you ‘geo’ for the post and thanks to Cynthia McKinney for her continued efforts at exposing The Cabal.
    Yes the tentacles of Zion are everywhere, from the USAF to Eurovision to the local weather report.

    • Thanks: geokat62
    • Replies: @Chuck Orloski
  50. @emerging majority

    Wisely,emerging majority commented: “Ever since its foundation in defense of a totally guilty member of the Tribe; the Anti-Defecation League has served the cause of injustice on behalf of the Talmudist Agenda.”

    Love this and thanks, emerging majority!

    But “defecation” is the ADL’s specialty, perpetually released upon all American dumb goyim.

  51. @Z-man

    Great comment, as always, and thanks, Z-man!

    Btw, I believe geokat62 accurately (and rather comically) coined it TalmudVision.

    • Thanks: Z-man
  52. @Priss Factor

    The picture is only half of the poster, with the bottom half missing, which shows Zelensky in his skimpy disco silver codpiece, his hand pulling money from Joe “I’m a Zionist” Biden’s back pocket.

  53. jsigur says:

    See if Trump gets elected, this will reinforce the White Racists are out to get us narrative that the NWO apparently wishes to reinforce
    It seems White Privilege is the new Al Kaida in the land of make believe

  54. geokat62 says:

    Just like Tony Bliar, loyal Shabbos goy former governor of NY, Andrew Cuomo, has been assigned a new role by his Jewish Supremacist masters.

    Here’s a direct quote taken from the speech he gave announcing his role in leading a new NGO (Non-Goyim Organization) Progressives for Israel:

    It is time for the shabbos goy. The shabbos goy can do the work that benefits both the Jewish community and the non-Jewish community. The shabbos goy can turn on the lights on the Sabbath because it benefits everyone. It is time to turn on the lights.

    Turn on the gaslights, goy!

    • Replies: @Notsofast
  55. jsigur says:
    @Colin Wright

    “Standing with Israel IS standing with the United States of America. If you are against Israel you are being unpatriotic.”

    What’s incredible is how ez it is to get the American public to go along with such assertions.

    Intelligence certainly can be compartmentalized. So many people are fluent in their occupations and interests of choice but become blubbering idiots when it comes to believing anything the governments of the US and Israel say.
    It took me about 7 years to come to terms with that reality

  56. With a few exceptions, the world’s patsy nations are complicit in surrendering their sovereignty to what is effectively the most evil and powerful country on the planet – Israhell. “Interference” in elections is a natural upshot of that country’s unprecedented flouting of international law and the attendant unrivalled impunity that the cowering and cowardly nations have bestowed on Israhell, after capitulating to the biggest lie foisted on humanity: the holohaux.

    • Agree: Ulf Thorsen, HdC
  57. @Chuck Orloski

    Only just now hearing anything about this from Florida. I do NOT trust Ron DeSantis. He broke the law a few years ago taking his entire staff to Israel and drafting legislation for a US state. Any election pitting Trump vs DeSantis is guaranteed to be nothing but a competition for which of them is most pro Jew/Zionist. –

    Video Link

  58. Anon[300] • Disclaimer says:

    Be VERY wary of family members who have converted to Zionist-based Ashkenazi or Khazarian Judiasm, especially those who married into the system for gain and…’security’.

    They will betray you faster than any spy-set ever would, or ever will!!!

    Keep a VAST distance between you & them. NEVER tell them what you are doing, etc. as they will go out of their way to destroy and ruin anything and everything you try to do to better yourself and your living conditions.

  59. anon[300] • Disclaimer says:

    By; Rex Reptilius & Jay-Rod
    to- Anon 61-
    They will even ruin the lives of Veterans who ended-up in Israel’s proxy wars fought by the U.S.!

  60. @Ulf Thorsen

    Absolutely spot on. The presidential campaign is about goy candidates outfawning each other over their kike bosses and puppeteers.

  61. Notsofast says:

    what his mafioso father really said was “please stop fucking me up the ass with that pitchfork and won’t somebody turn the thermostat down!”.

  62. @hardlooker

    It is really maddening what is going on in Canada about the hysteria of Chinese interference in Canadian elections. However, if history is any guide, the whole agenda behind the so called Chinese interference, is to kick Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minster, out of office, and replace him with that Ukrainian Jew, the deputy PM, Christia Freeland. If Trudeau foolishly falls for this trap and agrees to set up a publicly enquire about Chinese interference, like Paul Martin did to the great Jean Chretien, Ms. Freeland will stab him in the back, push him out of office, and take his place. The agenda is so clear.

  63. @Ulf Thorsen

    Absolutely true! Who is more pro-Zionist between the two, that would be the only question. When it comes to American interests, De Santis is far much worse than the Zionist controlled Trump.

  64. @Ulf Thorsen

    Just came across this. Same thing being done in Georgia –

  65. Jim H says:

    ‘Israeli Air Force Joins ‘Red Flag’ Exercise Over Nevada’ — Cynthia McKinney, quoted by geokat62

    So now Americans are not only politically occupied by the Jewish Lobby’s Knesset on the Potomac; now we also are militarily occupied by Israeli fighter jets overflying US territory.

    How much longer until Israeli settlements and military bases blossom on US soil, placing Americans into the same abject vassal status as Germans, Japanese and Koreans writhing under the jackboots of their yankee occupiers?

    If only we had the anti-aircraft missiles to intercept these alien interlopers, spiraling them down like Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon, who plunged to earth on Feb 1, 2003 near Palestine, Texas on the space shuttle Columbia. That was a cosmic wink from the Deity. But (((they))) didn’t listen!

    • Replies: @Z-man
  66. Z-man says:
    @Jim H

    Yeah, the Columbia Space shuttle disaster. ‘A cosmic wink’, a great point and thanks.

    • Replies: @Z-man
  67. @Vito Klein

    You got this right but you better be careful what you write about the Khazars because Hudson banned me from commenting on his articles because of he “the elephant in the room” that he never sees. This is just the tip of the operation that Israel and the Mossad are using but the mainstream media will never touch this.

    • Agree: Ulf Thorsen
    • Replies: @Vito Klein
  68. IronForge says:

    You seem to be missing the big picture.

    The “Physical” State of Israel are but the Tip of an Iceberg that represent the Hegemony.

    The State of Israel are the Nation-State that make up the “Greater Israel Collective” along with the Jewish-Diaspora.

    The “Bankers” you refer to are merely one of several Vassal-Oligarch Factions (Rentier-Finance) that do the bidding of the Plutarchy.

    The Hegemon-Plutarchy pwnn the Western Masonic-Zionist Hegemony (generally represented by the “Greater Israel Collective” + G7); and are Hosted by a Network of Cities which Host Organizations. They are mostly represented by: WashingtonDC/FEDRSV/WallSt/CityofLondon/Brussels/WEF-Davos/Jerusalem

    Many Plutarchs are Jewish. Some live exclusively in Israel, some are Dual Israeli Citizens. All Jewish and those of traceable Jewish Ancestry (not affiliated with other religions) are considered “Honorary Israeli Citizens”.

    I respect their interpretations of their “Extended Citizenry” – hence I think we should consider regarding the Jewish Israelis and the Jewish-Diaspora together as one Larger Collective.

    This explains the Soros-Schwartz Faction of Soros, his Vassals (Father+SecStateDon) Blinken, Nudelman-Khagan, Disinformation Nanny Jankowicz(sp?), Kolomoiskyy, and Zelenskyy running a Proxy-War against Russia and AgitProp Regime Change Rackets against China and India through the Proxies of the USA (Lead Vassal-State), G7/ZATOceania/€URoThemePark, Ukraine, and Taiwan Administration’s DPP Dictatorship.

    The Khazar-Ashkenazi Jewish have waged War against Russia for Centuries. Russia appear to be one major Power that soundedly defeated the Khazar-Ashkenazi Kingdom of Yesteryear the Jewish couldn’t completely subjugate thereafter. The Jewish-Diaspora have allegedly gathered Assets, ran Tax-Interest Schemes that had them driven out of Cities and Nation-States, and eventually ran the Nation-Level Loan/Bribery/Patronage of European Aristocracies+Oligarchies(GBR/FRA/USA).

    IMHO, I suspect that the Hegemon-Plutarchy consider the “State of Israel” as a “Protected Asset” and All Others Nation-States (including the USA+GBR) as Vassal-States
    – Expendable, Replaceable, and/or Reusable.

    Tall Fences make Good Neighbors, Tall Border Walls and Immigration Policies make Good Nation-States.

  69. JR Foley says:

    They are going batpoop Crazy in Ottawa and I think it is case of Trudeau Jealousy. All these columnists like the reverend Raymond De Souza and racist Terry Glavin along with their other CIA puppet crew penning the same spiel crafted by CIA think tank NED —has been in high gear—Deflecting.

    NONE of the above have been to China but are experts
    Yet 37 Moslem countries went to Xinjiang ( If things were BAD —would they NOT be the first to head to UN with a Grievance??? Documented and Supported with evidence???

    SEE —Canadians are the Hollow Men now—–heads full of straw and brainwashed to the 9th degree.

    The real problem is —-Canada has ( keep confidential ) a spending problem and no Canadian Government tor the past decade ( bar Alberta) has had a surplus.

    It is spend spend spend spend spend spend spend —-and then blame blame blame blame China.

    The masses are quite content —-nothing has changed YET.

  70. anarchyst says:
    @Vito Klein

    There have been many claims about the origin of viruses, especially today’s latest
    “COVID-19 coronavirus”.


    However, there is a long history of viruses throughout human history and false claims as to their points of origin.
    In fact, the “1918 Spanish flu” virus actually originated in the United States of America and was spread to Europe during the First World War, transmitted by the U. S. military during American military transports to Europe. It was an experimental meningitis “vaccine” which spread the disease. The commonly-accepted misinformation that this virus originated in Europe is false and can easily be proven by careful research.
    A majority of “1918 Spanish flu pandemic” deaths were not from the virus itself, but were from the then common practice of mask-wearing. In fact, “mask-wearers” were being buried by non-mask-wearers.
    You see, just as is the case today, breathing in one’s own exhalations is dangerous and is being promoted by the misguided government-imposed mandates to wear masks.
    99% of the deaths during the “1918 Spanish flu pandemic” were a result of bacterial pneumonia, NOT from the virus itself. As there were no treatments for bacterial pneumonia in those days, the death rate was horrendously high. Those who contracted the flu, but not pneumonia survived. As is the case today, almost everyone that dies with COVID-19 dies from complications from other causes, NOT from the virus itself.
    Fast forward to today, with our latest “COVID-19 pandemic”.
    Today’s “Chinese COVID-19 pandemic” actually originated at the American bioweapons research facility at Fort Detrick Maryland and was purposely brought to China by an American military “trade delegation” where it was released into the Chinese population. Biowarfare at its worst…
    The “COVID-19 vaccines” being pushed are “game changers” as they are replete with substances which will materially change human DNA, unlike previous vaccines which were merely weakened or killed virus remnants which would evoke a protective antibody response.
    Sound familiar?
    Today’s “COVID-19 pandemic” is actually a “plandemic” being used to take down a legally elected president and to usher in a “new world order” in which medical tyranny will be used to subjugate an entire world population, using FEAR as a weapon.
    Today’s “pandemic” is misnamed as it does not meet the definition of a “pandemic” but is being touted as such for political reasons—nothing more. Observe non-medical types such as Bill Gates and others touting untested vaccines with questionable substances, mask-wearing, and other social restrictions such as (selective) business closures, lockdowns and social distancing.
    For one, Bill Gates is not a “doctor”, has no medical training, and is a major proponent of “depopulation”–genocide. Gates is a “silver spoon” recipient, both of his parents being proponents of forced sterilization and eventual world depopulation.
    In fact, Bill Gates’ “vaccination schemes” have resulted in not only diseases being spread, but the use of birth-control and sterilization agents surreptitiously being a part of Gates’ “vaccination” schemes without “informed consent” being a part of the vaccination protocol speaks VOLUMES. Recipients of Gates’ “vaccines” were not informed that they were being sterilized—a violation of the Nuremberg protocols on “informed consent”.
    It is easy to see that there is much more going on than a response to a minor seasonal “flu virus”.
    Its about CONTROL and eventual human genocide—nothing more. The “jabs” are genocidal poisons.
    Keep in mind that the U S Supreme Court ruled that artificially-created DNA sequences could be patented. If you take the mRNA “jab”, you are now the “property” of the DNA sequence patent holder–you are a slave.

    • Agree: Ulf Thorsen
  71. JR Foley says:
    @A,K. Patel

    Good point indeed. I thought Chrystia Freeland was being groomed to replace NATO boss Jens Stoltenberg ( the big kipper gobbler) after his team had expired but just last week Ursula von der Lyen arrived DC and chatted with Amtrak Joe.

    Ursula gets the Top Job at NATO and Justin Trudeau will be dumped when Amtrak Joe Arrives Ottawa later this month and while chatting the phone rings and Zylenskyy is on the line.

    Zylenskyy then states to the viewing public “I want Chrystia as boss in Canada and Ursula at NATO”

    24 hours later —Chrystia is boss of Canada and then later Ursula is Boss of NATO —2 Broads doing zip for anyone !

    Color Revolution—– Justin takes his crayons with him into retirement and Poroshenko is chuckling!!

    • Replies: @A,K. Patel
  72. Anonymous[383] • Disclaimer says:

    Is this traitor a jew? This person should be arrested and put on trial as a traitor. How many organization, lobby, think tanks, institutes, university, society and …. do we need to promote the criminal Jewish mafia so they can rob the world? Beat the traitors.

    • Replies: @wormssnakesbrain
  73. @JimDandy

    Let’s you and him fight.

    If the Chinese come to believe the US intentionally released COVID in China, that would be seen as an act of war and the domestic pressure to respond militarily would be intense.

    War is Israel’s main export.

    • Replies: @Chuck Orloski
    , @JimDandy
  74. @niteranger

    True. That’s one of the reasons I have mad respect for Mr. Giraldi.

  75. geokat62 says:

    Our hard-earned taxpayer dollars are funding the implementation of the Jewish Supremacist Agenda of this foreign terrorist organization…

    • Thanks: Chuck Orloski
  76. @Anonymous

    Just a dog begging for a bone.

    • Agree: Z-man
  77. @Vito Klein

    Wisely, Vito Klein commented: “If the Chinese come to believe the US intentionally released COVID in China, that would be seen as an act of war and the domestic pressure to respond militarily would be intense.”

    Thanks, Mr. Klein!

    And as the CCP knows about the criminally released COVID, it begs the question as too why the Chinese leadership doesn’t blow the whistle on the ZUS?

    • Agree: JimDandy
  78. JimDandy says:
    @Vito Klein

    Thanks. And US war with China benefits Israel how? Arms sales?

  79. @JR Foley

    It really looks like that is what is being planned.
    Trudeau was warned early on about this woman plans, I heard.
    Unfortunately, for him, he didn’t listen obviously.

  80. GMC says:
    @Chuck Orloski

    This is very typical { world wide even} by the Zionists and their many allies. They use Slavs to kill Slavs, they use Asians to kill Asians, and Arabs to kill Arabs and so on, until now we see it with the Americans that are suppose to kill Americans now. It’s time for a reversal and end these murderers.

    • Agree: Chuck Orloski
  81. Interfering with elections? There is one well-known big terrorist mafia shithole namely RuZZia which does this worldwide regularly since centuries…

  82. geokat62 says:

    This is “progress,” goy!

    • Thanks: Chuck Orloski
  83. Boy, they killed this story, stone dead.

  84. @A,K. Patel

    Yes, China ‘interferes’ in Australia, too. The evidence? None, but when did that ever stop them? It is quite funny living in a failing state governed by Evil imbeciles.

  85. Z-man says:

    …and I thought it was a sign from God back then.

  86. @geokat62

    Lol. The sheer lack of self-awareness is impressive.

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