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Illegal Immigration Comes Home
Taxpayers get the bill for an Obama policy
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One might well argue that providing a safe and nurturing refuge for the more than 60,000 young illegal immigrants who crossed the border into the United States in 2014 is the humane and honorable thing to do. Unless, of course, if one regards the flood of youngsters as little more than a cynical exploitation of the flaws in a broken immigration policy whereby many Central Americans have come to believe rightly or wrongly that if they persist they will be rewarded with some kind of work in the United States that will eventually lead to amnesty.

The Department of Homeland Security has considerable latitude in terms of when and how to prosecute a case of illegal entry into the U.S., but the White House has preferred to view the surge in would-be immigrants as a “humanitarian crisis” that has to be dealt with on several levels. It has inevitably created a task force and called for a \$1.4 billion budget to deal with the problem. This approach raises concerns among conservatives that the White House is de facto creating a path for legalizing the status of a large group of individuals who are indisputably lawbreakers and also providing considerable taxpayer support to enable them to remain in this country.

For those who have not followed developments closely, there has been an enormous surge in the numbers of illegal immigrant children crossing into the United States from Mexico. Mexican children are quickly deported but Central Americans and adult women who are “Other Than Mexican” accompanied by minors are allowed to remain. In 2014 a total of 68,541 unaccompanied children from the Central American countries of Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras crossed into the United States in a bid to find black economy work or eventually obtain green cards from the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service. As recently as 2009 fewer than 4,000 made the crossing, so the increase is significant, so much so that it threatens to overwhelm Border Patrol and immigration court resources.

Advocates for the would-be immigrants claim that the surge in numbers in due to an increase in violence and poverty in Central America, which is difficult to document individually but it almost certainly true for some regions of the countries in question. The three countries in question are among the top five worldwide in murder rates, for example, and all of them possess large and powerful criminal gangs. The White House has accepted that line, citing the danger of exploitation or abuse if the children were to be repatriated immediately and permitting the would-be immigrants to demonstrate that they are in fact refugees or asylum seekers.

Critics are not convinced, however. Some note that lurid tales of rape and mistreatment are easy to contrive and hard to document while at least one assessment indicates that many illegals are convinced that they will be receiving “permisos” to stay because of the widely reported relaxed immigration policies supported by the president. Indeed, President Obama employed executive authority in 2012 to initiate his Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals directive, which was basically an eventual amnesty plan for children under the age of 16 who arrived in the U.S. prior to 2010. Many consider DACA to be illegal as it changed immigration law without the consent of Congress. In short, it is possible to believe what one chooses to believe regarding the motivation for the mass immigration, which in no way mitigates its real impact.

After being detained at or near the border the children, most of whom appear to be teenagers, are turned over to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), which places them in one of 116 settlement centers for further processing. Many of the centers are privately run and paid for by HHS grants. In the centers, the children receive medical care, are fed, housed, taught basic English and provided with amenities to make their stay more comfortable. The transition in the government financed centers averages six weeks and the cost to the taxpayer in 2014 exceeded \$1 billion.

While the children are in the centers, the paperwork is prepared for the HHS Office of Refugee Resettlement to arrange for a transfer to a sponsor, frequently but not always a family member already residing either legally or illegally in the United States. During the first half of 2014 37,000 children were transferred from HHS facilities to sponsors. Given the problems with documentation of many illegal immigrants, it is reportedly often difficult to determine if sponsors are actually family members.

After that, the children are scheduled for an eventual immigration court hearing, but in many districts the docket is overloaded with cases and few of them actually show up. At a July 22, 2014 immigration court hearing in Dallas 90% of the children were no-shows. Even though the children are subsequently cited for deportation in most cases they effectively drop out of the enforcement system and disappear from a legal point of view. In 2013, only 1,800 child would-be immigrants from Central America were actual deported.

During the time when the children are living with sponsors they are provided an education by local school districts which per U.S. Department of Education mandate cannot query the immigration status or even the residency of the unaccompanied children. Nor can they insist that the child confirm that he or she has received required immunizations, putting the entire school community at risk.

Local school districts cannot even verify age for educational purposes, which nearly all state Departments of Education normally require. The Mayor of Lynn, Massachusetts, wondering why her district was responsible for twice as many illegal immigrant children in 2014 as in 2013, noted that some of the students entered in the local high school had grey hair and wrinkles. One turned out to be 35 years old.

The U.S. Department of Education has made it clear that local school districts are expected to provide an education up to high school level because it is a “right” and most districts do indeed take the responsibility very seriously. The first wave of students from among the illegal immigrants is now half way through its first year of school, so it is possible to get some idea of the costs involved beyond the \$1.4 billion that the federal government budgeted for its settlement centers.

The cost of educating one student varies from school district to school district. In one Virginia county 1,130 Central American students were placed in the school district for the academic year 2014. The average cost for educating a single student in that county is nearly \$15,000, which means that the local taxpayers have to come up with nearly \$17 million for the students that have been sent to them by the federal government. But the \$15 million is only the most visible part of the costs. The new students do not speak English so they need more expensive bi-lingual teachers, which one study reveals cost 30% more per student. The children are mostly of high school age but 70% are illiterate and cannot do simple math so they are not prepared to take most courses in the U.S. They are consequently placed in special education classes that are also more expensive. In some schools the immigrant students are bussed in separately and as they generally come from poor families they received free meals and other benefits. Some have been traumatized by their experiences back at home and travel to the U.S. so they need special medical and psychiatric care.

New York City public schools are being forced to educate 2,350 illegal immigrants at a cost of nearly \$21,000 per student, totaling nearly \$50 million system-wide. New York State’s costs are \$147 million. One estimate suggests that the White House program to use the school system to take care of the Central American children who have crossed into the U.S. illegally costs local taxpayers \$761 million annually nationwide.

The Obama White House tendency is to transform any essentially political or legal issue into a humanitarian crisis, permitting the rules to be suspended while the Administration makes up its mind what to do. As is all too familiar, bombing Syria and Libya were conveniently described as “humanitarian interventions” and the issue of illegal immigration has been similarly turned on its head to make it more moral dilemma and less a rule-of-law issue.

What to do about Central American children who are taking advantage of a chaotic situation to enter the United States is certainly worth some honest discussion about options, but the Administration prefers to promote solutions that coincide with its essentially globalist world view. The current formula which incorporates throwing money at the problem through establishment of resettlement centers while at the same time creating an unfunded mandate for school districts nationwide does not solve the problem and does not stop the flow of would-be immigrants. All it really does is kick the can down the road a little farther while it avoids the real issue, which is what to do about controlling America’s borders and how to handle both the people seeking to enter and those who have already arrived in the United States illegally.

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  1. Going south wasn’t option with taps going dry.

    [Taps run dry in Brazil’s biggest city as drought bites]
    It is the afternoon in Brazil’s commercial capital, and she knows her mother-in-law will be without water as the city struggles with its worst drought on record. “The water goes off at 1pm and comes back on the next day …Daily Telegraph

    The U.S. west, including Southern California, as well as swaths of subtropical Brazil that are suffering from acute drought lie in the heart of the … “That includes the western U.S., southwestern U.S., Mexico, Brazil …Los Angeles Times ·

    All the future wars will be over water instead of oil.

  2. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    All it really does is kick the can down the road a little farther while it avoids the real issue, which is what to do about controlling America’s borders and how to handle both the people seeking to enter and those who have already arrived in the United States illegally.

    I’m afraid only end I can imagine at this point is America’s joining Latin America culturally and racially. Imagine a massive Brazil-Mexico, with a few halfway decent outposts in Uruguay, Canada, and the far north of America. It isn’t hard to do.

  3. Thank you, Mr. Giraldi, for a timely and astute summation of a rising political crisis engineered by elites, globalists, Hispanic activists, anti-white activists, and other multi-culturalists in and around Washington. But this crisis is misnamed. The ‘immigration crisis’ (as well as the calls for ‘immigration reform’) must be re-branded. ‘Immigration’?

    What we have underway is actually a soft invasion. And this invasion is producing very hard consequences. These illegal immigrants are here to usurp American wealth and exploit the benefits of our culture’s high levels of orderliness, ingenuity, and productivity. But these rare qualities do not grow on trees.

    American culture–which is primarily a product of the traditions and customs and people of Western Europe–is under siege. Our nation is being transformed against the will of the people. And this transformation stands to diminish the lives of hundreds of millions of Americans and their descendents.

    These ‘immigrants’ have arrived unlawfully. And their numbers keep growing. Outside of the Hispanic community, these Spanish-speaking newcomers are largely unwelcome. What’s worse, they have no intention of obeying US laws if it means returning peacefully to the country of their birth. Why are they here? They envy our standard of living and admire our national accomplishments. They want a piece of the action.

    These aliens expect to be accommodated via taxpayer subsidies, permissive and undemocratic court edits, as well as assorted bi-lingual comforts. Who benefits?

    The biggest losers are non-elite, English-speaking, European-derived peoples of America who have the least in common with these newcomers and cannot isolate themselves from the cultural fallout that their invasion brings. But neither our elites nor the newcomers themselves could care less.

    Our nation is quietly being captured by the next block of Democratic voters.

    The only solution to this invasion is firm but massive deportation. After all, Mexico does not permit the violation of its borders by illiterate Guatemalans or El Salvadorans. Why should we?

    To preserve our cultural integrity and our national greatness, America must act decisively. It’s time to put ‘deportation’ back on the table–front and center–where it belongs.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  4. Illegal immigration, since 1492.
    Get yours, then try to stop everyone else from doing the same.

  5. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Bill Blizzard and his Men"] says:

    The open intent of the Democratic Party is to import its highly racialized high fertility voting block so that this voting block can enthusiastically vote Whitey into violently persecuted racial minority on Nov 3 2016….election night.

    Jose sends his wife and kids across the border where there will be free High School and University Education…..Jose starts a second family back in El Salvador….Young Native Born White American Males in the US are forced to subsidized Jose’s Family through higher property and county taxes….This is pure unadulturated racial cuckholdery.

    The US is heading towards a state of very high national stress….you have been warned!!!

    The Historic Native Born White American Majority is under no obligation to commit demographic suicide within the borders of the US because the greedy cheating multimillionaire Noam Chomsky demands it..Noam Chomsky along with other very greedy cheating White Liberals are in collusion with The Mega Corporations in a very vicious war of economic violence and demographic violence against The Historic Native Born White American Working Class……

  6. @Fran Macadam

    Indeed. Nothing new.

    Poor have to physically go and try to get some.
    The rich (Americans) send their military and ngo’s around the world and pave the way to get cheap recources.

    • Replies: @The Anti-Gnostic
  7. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Bill Blizzard and his Men"] says:
    @Fran Macadam

    When the US is carved up into several highly racialized non-white Nation States, the “only The Native Americans an be Native American” fairy tale will come to an end real fast….it will never be raised in the territory caved out by the Han People from China… was a racial guilt trip meant to only apply to Whitey…

    Only one thing matters in this “debate”: What would be the great benefit to The Historic Native Born White American Majority if they become a White racial minority in post-white “America”?…Obvious Answer:0…so the Counterpunch-Z Magazine crowd shouldn’t be the least bit shocked when there is full-blown revolt against the majority nonwhite Democratic Party’s open and deliberate policy of race-replacing The Historic Native Born American Majority.

  8. With fertility rate below replacement the Americans should be happy with such an influx of youngsters.

    Think of all the countries who have to harbor millions of (older) refugees because of liberating U.S. bombings.

  9. TheJester says:

    Let me take a different tact. The social rot in this country started in the 1960s with the Civil Rights Movement. This was the beginning of affirmative action, feminism, identity politics, integrated schools, and social relativism. To avoid civil war, the ruling elite proselytized that Black culture (or whatever passed for Black culture in the ghettos) was equal to White culture. How else could they enforce integration? Ebonics was equal to Shakespeare. Then, White women decided that no Black man was going to get equal rights before they did (yes, feminism has racist roots) … hence, the beginning of the radical feminist movement and a “victim culture” now comprising a majority of the population. If the majority of the population are victims, someone must be the victimizer … and he must be everywhere. The White male was, through default, the only available candidate for this role.

    Being a victim was so lucrative that other fringe elements of society jumped on the bandwagon of victimization and cultural relativism: gays, lesbians, and now the transgendered. This laid the perfect background for extending the hand of cultural relativism to the storm of immigrants crossing the Rio Grande as well as Muslims from the Levant, newly arrived Blacks from Africa, and Hindi from India.

    One cannot identify the Hispanic flood as a threat to America’s European culture because that issue was politically settled in the 1960s. Traditional White culture is now officially on a culture par with Black, Muslim, Hindi, gay, transgendered, and Hispanic culture. Anyone who professes otherwise is a hateful bigot and can be suppressed as an enemy of the state. Yes, contemporary American culture is an anarchic “freak” show. As the philosopher Hegel suggested in his Philosophy of History, the next cultural and political step is a dictator to sort out the mess.

  10. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Bill Blizzard and his Men"] says:
    @Willem Hendrik

    There is no economic case for race-replacing The Historic Native Born White American doesn’t exist. But anyone who makes the case for replacing The Historic Native Born White American Majority wants to deprive The Native Born White American Majority of the very great benefit of a very severe labor scarcity … which is a very high real wage(the immigration-time out proposal would also deprive The Historic Native Born White American Working Class of the very great benefit of a very severe labor scarcity).

    In 2015, the nonwhite high fertility highly racialized Demcratic Party Voting Block in coalition with the gay marriage enthusiasts are waging war against Orthodox Conservative Christian European Russia…it is literally an extermination military campaign against the Eastern Ukranian Russian People……I am a Native Born White American Patriot and I have 0 allegiance to the majority nonwhite Democratic Party…

  11. @Fran Macadam

    Boo-effing hoo. The Mohammedans brutally homogenized cultures from Africa to Persia. The Americas were conquered by Spain and Portugal and France, from people who never got around to inventing the wheel and treated rival tribes with terrible brutality. This is surrender by our own hand, and by the machinations of people who are purportedly fiduciaries for the good of the nation.

    As I always say, rather than Open Borders, let’s have No Borders so people can draw their own.

  12. @Willem Hendrik

    You do realize immigration is one of the reasons the American working class hasn’t gotten a raise in 40 years, tovarich?

  13. David says:

    I lived in Southern Honduras for over a year starting in 2010. I remember the first instance of a 20-year old Hondurano escorting a 4-year old girl to Texas in exchange for the girl’s family covering all transportation costs. When he got there, he took the girl to a church shelter and abandoned her. He traveled on to work at a gas station in Alexandria, VA. I knew once discovered, this exchange was going to grow fast. According to papers in Honduras, as of 6 months ago traffic north is still high, like 3 thousand a week.

    After Hurricane Mitch, 80,000 Hondurans were given work visas in the US. They never left. At this point, 10% plus of Hondurans live in the US. Their Western Union cash transfers helped create a huge wealth divide between Hondurans with contacts and those without. It is impossible to buy land or build a house without funds from the US.

    Most Hondurans are irremediably stupid. They will never stop coming here until life is made worse here than it is there. And that is very bad. I am willing to do my part. Fran Mac should be made to live in any part of Honduras except Roaton for ten years. After that, he will beg with tears in his righteous little eyes to be readmitted to Civilized society, even if it means being a hypocrite.

  14. Clyde says:

    Great article with the money details how US natives are being forced to pay for their own displacement. Same goes on in Europe but with high demographic Muslims being imported to displace the natives aka taxpayers.

    Immigrant credo— “only suckers pay taxes”
    This applies to legals and illegals. Of course a generalization. Here we see via Mr G, we are going from “immigrant” tax avoidance to their theft from the average taxpayer. All enabled by the America hating regime in DC.

  15. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Bill Blizzard and his Men"] says:
    @The Anti-Gnostic

    Nonwhite Legal immigrants+nonwhite illegal aliens=violent demographic warfare+violent economic warfare against the Historic Native Born White American Majority Working Class.

    Multimillionaire Greedy Cheating Noam Chomsky….nice second home on an island off the coast of MA. I know this for a fact….

    • Replies: @Clyde
  16. The US is on the same path it and its liberal allies placed South Africa on back in the ’60s already. To get an idea of what the US will look like a decade – if you are lucky – from now, come to South Africa, that wonderful Rainbow Nation, that miracle of “democracy”, that bastion of human rights. Or not.

    Whites in the US are not so slowly being overrun by foreigners who have a significantly higher population growth, a much higher demand on taxpayer resources on many levels, a higher crime rate, non-Christian values, low literacy rates, poor levels of education, limited skills applicable to a modern Western industrial economy. Plus the illegal immigrants have a serious chip on their shoulder, demanding (and getting) all sorts of rights and special concessions denied the legal and lawful citizens of the US.

    As in South Africa, once whites – those traditional, legal taxpaying citizens who built the country from nothing – are outnumbered by non-whites, the ENTIRE force of the state and its apparatus will be turned against whites. As in South Africa, white history will be rewritten; white culture will be removed, destroyed, defaced, and declared illegal; Christian standards and values will be denigrated and subverted, using white taxmoney. The white’s claim on his own country, developed and financed with white tax funds, will be denied and actively discouraged by the full might of the state.

    Whites will become outlaws and pariahs in their own country. Their only claim to residence being their tax money to support a massive and growing non-white population.

    If you think this cannot happen to the US, if you want a sneak preview of where the US (and Europe) is headed and what it will look like when you get there, come to Sunny South Africa. Come and view the total destruction of a Western country with Christian values, come and bath in the quagmire that is multiculturalism, come and experience life in the murder, rape and child molestation capital of the world.

    Seem unreal? It did to us too. Until non-whites gain absolute power without any sense of responsibility, curatorship or justice. It may seem like a bad dream to whites in the US right now while they are still a majority. Your black president is only the thin end of the wedge.

    Not long now.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  17. Mike Y says:

    Why not open our country to all Ukrainians and Greeks?

  18. eah says:

    broken immigration policy

    There’s nothing “broken” about “immigration policy”. America has a generous legal immigration system, taking in a huge number of immigrants every year (too damn many, actually). What’s “broken” is enforcement of existing law. Please make a note of it.

    And many Americans are pretty fucking tired of being morally blackmailed by such faits accomplis that result from malfeasance by the executive branch.

  19. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Bill Blizzard and his Men"] says:

    Nonwhite Legal immigrants are a very generous scab labor subsidy to the White Liberal Greedy Cheating Class….and a generous benefit to ruthless,predatory, and racist Tata Institute Hindus who are installing themselves as the gate keepers in the Tech Field….and the Tata Institute racist Hindu Legal immigrants can vote Whitey into a violently persecuted racial minority on Nov 3 2016.

    Beltway Liberal Immigration Reformers are worthless policy wonks….

    Noam Chomsky….beautifull Martha ‘s Vinyard Home overlooking the Atlantic…..driving around in a high-end Audi….Life Styles of the Famous White Liberal Greedy Cheating Class Rootless Cosmopolitans!….Behind every Great Fortune is a Great Crime!!!!!!!

  20. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Bill Blizzard and his Men"] says:
    @Mike Y

    Because the Greek and Ukranian Legal Immigrants are in a political coalition with the Hindu…Sihk..Korean…Pakistani…and Irish Legal immigrants who vote for more highly racialized high fertility nonwhite scab labor flooding into the US. The Greeks have been running a Mexican Slave Labor restaurant racket for years….I don’t want the Greeks in my country….and, I don’t want the Ukranians voting to nuke Russia on Nov 3 2016…

  21. Adar. says:

    That Supreme Court decision that said illegals had a right to an education was to be only implemented when it did not place AN UNDUE BURDEN on the school district. And only that.

    NO such right for EVERYONE.

  22. @Mike Y

    We should have ended all immigration in 1800. The Irish, Germans, Italians and Greeks have been destructive to our freedoms.

  23. Clyde says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    Noam Chomsky lives in the uber expensive suburb of Lexington, Massachusetts

    If he has lived there for 40+ years then it was less swanky back then, as in a Lexington fireman could buy a house there. Going by the above URL he has lived there 50+ years.

    When you have decent money in Massachusetts you can live in a whitesville, as white as any in Minnesota

  24. Clyde says:

    broken immigration policy…..

    and “pathway to citizenship” are buzz phrases The Hidden Persuaders in DC come up with to fool the sheeple. What needs fixing is our broken deportation system. (someone else came up with this line)

  25. iSteveFan says:
    @Mike Y

    Why not open our country to all Ukrainians and Greeks?

    Just for some perspective. In the 400 years since the founding of Jamestown in 1607, approximately 500,000 Greeks have come to this nation. Since 1980, around 11 million Mexicans have come to the USA. Since 1980, around 500,000 Salvadorans have come to the USA.

    Greeks are not the problem.

  26. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Bill Blizzard and his Men"] says:

    Right…. And greedy cheating rootless cosmopolitan Noam Chomsky demands that The Historic Native Born White American Majority Working Class give multimillionaires such as himself a massive cheap labor subsidy and commit demographic suicide within the borders of the US….while Noam insists on a Jew pure Israel and no right of return for Palestinians…..

    Noam Chomsky=Greedy Cheating Revolting White Liberal….and a bully…..

  27. wrd9 says:

    MA is only 6% black so it’s easy to find a white majority place. For some reason our blacks are less violent than the Chicago/other major city blacks. No polar bear hunting, no black flash mobs attacking whites. Might be because we have more generous welfare benefits or, perhaps, we’re better at paying off the race baiters.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  28. wrd9 says:
    @Mike Y

    Because they come from corrupt countries and would bring that corrupt culture with them. There is a correlation between country culture and important traits like tax morale.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  29. jtgw says:
    @Fran Macadam

    Damn straight. I’m not going to sacrifice my children’s standard of living just to satisfy your bleeding heart sense of historical justice.

  30. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @RSA Patriot

    One key difference though is that the black percentage of the US population has remained relatively the same over the past few decades.

    That isn’t to say that the demographic changes haven’t had or won’t have negative effects on the US, but South Africa seems especially bad because of its particular demographics. I’ve traveled in Latin America and the Middle East, and as bad as parts of those places can get, they’re nowhere near as bad as South Africa and have some semblance of decent civilization.

  31. @wrd9

    For some reason our blacks are less violent than the Chicago/other major city blacks. No polar bear hunting, no black flash mobs attacking whites

    This is true of the Twin Cities even more than of Boston. Here, blacks are maybe a quarter of the non-white population, which is split between them, Hispanics, various Asians, and native Indians. And one in every five or six blacks– more among the young– is an African refugee, aloof from the black natives.

    Unlike Cincinnati or Philadelphia, where blacks are the only significant minority and can unite against whites, in Minnesota and Massachusetts they have to keep good relations with the whites they may have to turn to when conflict arises with other minorities.

    Divide and, if not conquer, at least survive!

  32. @Chris Mallory

    We should have ended all immigration in 1800. The Irish, Germans, Italians and Greeks have been destructive to our freedoms.

    None of these supported Prohibition, that twisted WASP fad. So “destroying our freedoms” is not a job Americans won’t do themselves!

    By the way, FDR’s best demographics were Jews and white Southerners. The Krauts and Micks turned on him; crackers, not so much.

  33. @wrd9

    There is a correlation between country culture and important traits like tax morale.

    The rates may be lower, but tax enforcement is far tougher in the US than anywhere in Europe. That explains much of the disparity in compliance.

    Also, IRS jurisdiction covers the whole world, unlike those of other countries or US states. You can’t just move away from it.

  34. This is not just in America. The left has long dreamed of a one-world government with one of their own in charge of it. In every place leftists have any significant influence, they see to it that national borders are weakened, and if possible, eradicated.

  35. abj_slant says:

    …White Liberals are in collusion with The Mega Corporations

    Interesting focus on the liberals. IMO, those Mega Corporations are the ones to be watching as this immigration fiasco unfolds.

    • Replies: @The Grate Deign
  36. Priss Factor [AKA "K. Arujo"] says:

    “No human being is illegal”

    Okay, I suggest Mexico take in 100 million Chinese and 100 million Asian-Indians and 100 million black Africans.
    No human being is illegal. Everyone is equally Mexican.

  37. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Chris Mallory

    My gosh, were that to have been the case then who would the inhabitants of this country have ended up being? Hillbillies and captive African slaves?

  38. donut says:

    “The Fire ant is an invasive pest . In the US the FDA estimates that more than US\$5 billion is spent annually on medical treatment, damage, and control in RIFA-infested areas.”

    But there’s actually a debate going on about whether or not we should welcome the human version .

    “called for a \$1.4 billion budget to deal with the problem”, less than we spend on Fire ants . And I worry about spending 6\$ on a book from Amazon .

  39. Edward says:


    Thanks for the great article. First of all, the US is the third most populous nation on earth, after China and India. Still, the US govt. not only issues more visas (6+ Million per year) than any other country (probably more than the rest of the world combined), but also lets in more people illegally than the rest of the world combined. Immigration fraud involving bogus job offers, phoney marriages and phoney documents is rampant.

    The alien flood is causing congestion and urban sprawl, shortages of land, water and food, more pollution, more cultural clashes and more crime. Jobs are becoming scarce and wages are falling due to a larger labor pool while the true unemployment rate, home, food and other prices keep rising due to a bigger supply labor and more consumers. As a result, more and more people are slipping into poverty.

    Water shortages are spreading. America is becoming a third-world country, where people will have to stand in line for hours for water. Starvation and hunger, diseases and depravation will run rampant. Immigrants are bringing plague, AIDS, West Nile, SARS/Swine Flu, dengue fever and TB which kill thousands every year. Mexican and other 3rd world gangs are flooding our neighborhoods with drugs, attacking poor innocent women and killing people with impunity. Alien gang violence, crime and corruption are spreading like wild fire. Terrorist attacks such as 9/11, Christmas and Boston bombers, etc. were carried out by aliens.

    According to various studies, aliens cost about 100 Billion per year and their total cost exceeds several trillion dollars. Hospitals are overflowing with aliens who have not seen a doctor in ages but who come here with many diseases and demand, and get, free treatment at the taxpayer’s expense.

    By giving amnesty, we will have more aliens, who will sponsor even more relatives and tempt even more illegals, causing a population explosion. We cannot fit the whole world here.

    So the most rational thing the 3rd most populous country should do is to ban all immigration. China and India, both 3rd world countries crushing under the burden of large populations, have almost zero immigration, because they care about their own people. Never ever has a nation had so many people and remained rich–and neither will the USA, which is on its way to becoming a 3rd world country.

    Immigration is the biggest problem facing America today and is the root case of rising poverty and falling standards of living. Banning all immigration is the “immigration reform” we really need–badly. Please contact your Senator/Congressman and call radio-stations and stand up against the 3rd world war on USA/EU/AUS/Canada–immigration. Join Amend constitution to allow national referenda to let people ban immigration directly. See:

    Remember: Alienism is a crime against humanity.

    • Replies: @Kyle McKenna
  40. @abj_slant

    Dear abj slant,

    Big corporations ARE liberal, for the most part. Look and see who financed the last Democrat convention in Charlotte, NC, with huge loans that were later forgiven.

  41. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Mark Green

    To preserve our cultural integrity and our national greatness, America must act decisively. It’s time to put ‘deportation’ back on the table–front and center–where it belongs.

    And take attention away the Beltway frenzy over Eastern Europeans refusing to govern themselves as American neocons, warmongers, and Zionists demand? The Obama administration is too busy moving Muslims into and attempting to overthrow the governments of Macedonia and Serbia to care about protecting the American border. How can you expect the federal regime in Washington to uphold the rule of law at home when it is busying imposing “costs” on, “sanctioning,” and killing Ukrainian critics of Obama’s decision to violently overthrow (“transition” in Obama-speak) Ukraine’s democratically-elected government?

    As Obama made clear when he allowed Vicky “F*uck the EU” Nuland and John McCain to orchestrate the killing of Europeans on European soil, Whitey has no right to govern themselves anywhere. Europeans, like European-Americans, can either obey him or have the American imperial jackboot come down firmly on their throats. If White people are to survive, anywhere, it will be through the final, complete, and non-violent collapse of the Anglo-Zionist empire led from Washington, London, and Tel Aviv.

  42. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Willem Hendrik

    Well, since olden times (1970) we were warned by these people called Environmentalists, about something called overpopulation, but nobody did nothing.

    Other people, called Farmers, warned about the loss of the family farm to Big Ag.

    Big Agriculture and the Dems and Reps in office, bouyed by a dimwitted population stoned on Schlitz, surrendered political and economic sovereignty for the promise of cheap food.

    In the 80s and beyond, Big Ag and others, like Hoteliers and blue-collar labor got a shot in the arm by being able to avoid paying the fair market wage for labor by foisting costs on the rest of us. The Economists, lining their pockets with corporate profits told us all how much money we all make on the deal.

    Except if you was a farmer and you lost your farm, too bad. Maybe you got a job programming computers. Except if you were a kid who wanted to turn a wrench for a living. Screw that guy, maybe he should have figured out how to hook breathing machines up to old people.

    Scientists documented it all. Even the papers pretty much put it all out there. But those generations having a ball didn’t do squat about it. And now you have the Boomers sitting pretty on a mountain of cash made in the meantime. Fat and stupid and rich. We got overpopulated just like they said we would. Screw the kids, they’re for “replacement”.

  43. @Chris Mallory

    Get back to us when you’ve finally caught up with the 21st century.

  44. @Edward

    Good post. I’m going to copy and re-use some of it if you don’t mind. (I see a similar remark from Archimedes_777 on AmRen a couple years ago…)

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