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If Bill Kristol Can Quote Horace My Corgi Can Write Hamlet
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Amazing seeing Bill Kristol quoting Horace in the NYT this past week, pretending that he’s not really one of those nasty neocons who hate everyone who doesn’t agree with them. Somehow I can’t quite see Bill parsing a Latin text, so I guess one of the clever staff at Weekly Standard must have given him an assist. Probably that little weasel Matthew Continetti who has the look of someone who spent some down time in a seminary. Bill and his gang are definitely working hard to put the lipstick on the pig.

Meanwhile, here in Purcellville Virginia no one I know has seemed to care a fig about my views on the upcoming election. Truth is, like many old school conservatives, I am conflicted and will likely wind up voting a split ticket featuring Obama at the top with Frank Wolf for Congress and Mark Warner for Governor. I have been following Pat Buchanan’s arguments against an Obama who would be the standard bearer of the most left wing administration ever to be seen in America as well as Justin Raimondo’s warning that the Democrats have already been coopted by foreign policy interests that are hawkish to say the least. Like others, I am disturbed by Obama’s apparently high level of comfort with extreme leftists like Bill Ayers juxtaposed against his apparent willingness to invade or bomb sovereign countries in a fashion not so dissimilar to George W. Bush.

But against that, Obama is smart and thoughtful and was raised poor, something I consider a virtue. He may actually have some compassion in him – he once spoke sympathetically about the Palestinians before AIPAC gained control of his campaign. He is also likely to be a president who will move to the center politically, something that his campaign has already demonstrated, for fear of triggering a backlash a la Clinton with Gingrich. John McCain is, on the contrary, a silver spoon baby driven by blind ambition, reckless, married to pointless soundbites, lacking an independent thought on anything, and clearly prone to fits of extreme and uncontrollable anger. Whoever is elected president will have to raise taxes and I, quite frankly, wouldn’t mind seeing America’s crop of new billionaires get really squeezed. Screw ’em. They’ve been screwing the rest of us for the past eight years. In foreign policy, Obama has demonstrated some desire to negotiate rather than launch cruise missiles. I think it is clear that the McCain-Palin instinct runs the other way, so that has to be a plus. In immigration policy I don’t see any difference between Republicans and Democrats – they both want a flood of immigrants even if the people are saying no. In social programs they are also pretty much the same. No one will ban abortion or gay marriage. No one will make the American economy more competitive or slow globalization. So it all comes down to my conviction that McCain-Palin don’t stand for anything that I want to see while Obama just might do something that is a tad better. It’s a pathetic choice, quite frankly, and I do wish that Ron Paul had somehow made it this far.

(Republished from The American Conservative by permission of author or representative)
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