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Having missed the first two presidential debates because they conflicted with “Dancing with the Stars,” I was quite excited to note that the third debate posed no programming conundrum and that it would start at nine o’clock, meaning that I would be able to watch the first hour before falling asleep. What I saw was a curmudgeonly and physically frail old man who was inarticulate and angry avoiding answering questions and instead spewing out soundbites about somebody named Joe who is a plumber making \$250,000 per year. Obama might not seriously believe that he can do anything about health care and the economy and he might turn out to be the worst president since Jimmy Carter, but he was, at least, articulate and intelligent and was able to speak outside his briefing notes.

But apparently I missed something. The media this morning is telling me that McCain did a good job in the debate. I must have gotten up to get a glass of wine and hunk of cheese when that happened, or perhaps the good part occurred after I fell asleep. Can someone please clue me in? What did McCain do that was good?

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• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: 2008 Election 
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