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Hypocrisy Thy Name Is Zion
Jewish groups support BLM while ignoring Palestinian genocide
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There is a tendency on the part of major Jewish groups in the United States and in Europe to discover what they describe as anti-Semitism wherever one turns. Last month, a statue of the well-known and highly respected 18th century French writer and political philosopher Voltaire was removed from outside the Académie Française in Paris. Voltaire was a major figure in the “Enlightenment,” during which what we now call science and applied rationalism challenged the authority of the church and the King.

The statue had recently been vandalized by the French version of Black Lives Matter (BLM) because Voltaire had reportedly invested in the French East India Company, which engaged in the triangular trade between Europe, Africa and the New World. The commodities included Africans who were destined to become slaves in the European colonies. Beyond that Voltaire, a man of his times, believed blacks to have “little or no intelligence” and also considered Jews to be born “with raging fanaticism in their hearts.”

Voltaire was reportedly much admired by Hitler, so perhaps it would not be off base to suggest that in France, where the Jewish community is extremely powerful while Africans are not, it was Voltaire cast as the anti-Semite that consigned his statue to a government warehouse never to be seen again. By that reasoning, one expects that the world will soon have a ban on the music of Richard Wagner and Ludwig van Beethoven as they too were admired by Hitler.

The idea that someone can change history by ignoring aspects of it means that school textbooks are being rewritten at a furious pace to make sure that there is overwhelming coverage of the holocaust and black achievement. Also, the erasing of monuments is being pursued with singular intensity in the United States, where the Founding Fathers and other dead white males are being one by one consigned to the trash heap. Doing so, unfortunately, also destroys the learning experience that can be derived from using the monuments as visual mechanisms for confronting and understanding the mistakes made in the past. A commission set up by the mayor of the District of Columbia has, for example, compiled a hit list of monuments and commemorations that must be either removed, renamed or placed into “context.” It includes the Jefferson Memorial and the Washington Monument. The name “Columbia” is, of course, certain to be changed.

Interestingly, Jewish groups in the United States have been in the forefront in supporting BLM’s apparent mission to upend what used to pass for America’s European-derived culture. Ironically, that culture includes free speech, democracy and mercantilism, all of which have greatly benefited Jews. The narrative is, of course, being wrapped around the common cause of blacks and Jews together fighting against the alleged white nationalists who are being blamed by the media for much of the violence taking place even when videos taken at the scenes of the rioting definitely show nearly all black mobs doing the arson and looting.

And blacks who are skeptical of the Jewish role are quickly put in their place, as was Rodney Muhammad of Philadelphia, who was removed from his executive position with the NAACP after expressing skepticism about all the Jewish friends that blacks suddenly appeared to be acquiring, quoting an observation often attributed to the now disgraced Voltaire on a Facebook entry, “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

The lead organization in shaping the acceptable narrative is the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which promotes itself as “Fighting Hate for Good.” In other words, anyone on the other side of the narrative is by definition a “hater.” ADL apparently advertised an online discussion topic for August 28th, shortly after the shooting incident in Kenosha Wisconsin that killed two white men and injured a third. The headline reads “Why all white American middle schoolers must publicly condemn the Anti-Semitic murders by white supremacist Kyle Rittenhouse.”

If the ad is indeed genuine, one notes immediately that the killings are being framed as anti-Semitism without any actual evidence to suggest that anything like that was involved or that the shooter knew the religion of those who were confronting him. All three of the “victims” are described as BLM supporters, which they apparently were, but it ignores the fact that they were also Antifa activists and all three had criminal records involving violence. One of them, Joseph Rosenbaum, is, to be sure Jewish, and also a pedophile, and the other two might also be Jews if ADL is correct, but that does not seem to have been material in what took place. Credible accounts of the shooting suggest that Rittenhouse was attacked by the three, one of whom, Grosskreutz, had a gun, and was being beaten on his head with Huber’s sidewalk surfboard. He responded in self-defense.

And ADL is not alone in its defense of BLM. More than six hundred Jewish groups have signed on to a full page newspaper ad supporting the movement. The ad says “We speak with one voice when we say, unequivocally: Black Lives Matter” and then goes on to assert “There are politicians and political movements in this country who build power by deliberately manufacturing fear to divide us against each other. All too often, anti-Semitism is at the center of these manufactured divisions.”

So, once again, it is all about the perpetual victimhood of Jews. That Jews constitute the wealthiest and best educated demographic in the United States would seem to suggest that they are especially favored, which they are, rather than targeted by raging mobs of hillbillies. More than 90% of discretionary Department of Homeland Security funds goes to protect Jewish facilities and the Department of Education and Congress are always prepared to create new rules protecting Jews from feeling “uncomfortable” in their occasional interactions with critics of Israel.

Jews largely think and vote progressive, which is part of the reason for aligning with blacks even though rioting and looting is likely to affect them more than other demographics as many of them might still have businesses in the cities that are most likely to be hit. But there is also a much bigger reason to do so. Many blacks in BLM as well as progressive white supporters were beginning to suggest that the movement should broaden its agenda and recognize inter alia the suffering of others, to include the Palestinian people. A strong show of support from Jewish groups, backed up by what one might presume to be a flow of contributions to the cause, would presumably be a way of nipping that sentiment in the bud just as Jewish donors to the Democratic Party were able to block any language in the party platform sympathetic to the Palestinians.

It is of course the ultimate irony that Jewish groups are very sensitive to the suffering of blacks in the United State while at the same time largely ignoring the war crimes and other devastation going on in Israel and Palestine at the hands of their co-religionists. The beating and shooting of unarmed and unresisting Palestinians, to include children, the destruction of the livelihoods of farmers, and the demolition of homes to make way for Jewish settlers is beyond belief and is largely invisible as the Jewish influenced U.S. media does not report it. It is, simply put, genocide. And on top of that, Israel has been bombing defenseless civilians in Gaza nearly daily of late, attacking and destabilizing Lebanon and Syria, and also conniving with American Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to go to war with Iran.

It should not be surprising if black groups would be suspicious of the motives of the Jewish organizations that suddenly seem to want to be friendly. When Rodney Muhammad was removed from his position with the NAACP in Philadelphia, Jonathan Greenblatt, the head of ADL, tweeted “Credit to Executive Committee of Philly NAACP & National NAACP for taking action here. We hope this will enable new opportunities for collaboration as the local Black & Jewish communities can do more to fight against hate & push for dignity of all people.”

Greenblatt has been a leader in the fight to criminalize both criticism of Israel and also the free speech being exercised by supporters of the non-violent Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS). For him, “dignity of all people” clearly does not include Palestinians or even anyone who peacefully supports their cause.

Philip M. Giraldi, Ph.D., is Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest, a 501(c)3 tax deductible educational foundation (Federal ID Number #52-1739023) that seeks a more interests-based U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. Website is, address is P.O. Box 2157, Purcellville VA 20134 and its email is [email protected].

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  1. ivan says:

    Assuming that the ADL poster is not a fake, they have scored an own goal. The young man Kyle displayed a presence of mind with skills to match, that makes him an exemplar for young and old alike, They are trying to make him out to be some sort of a Nazi, but everything about him with his direct quotations, speak of a man who took the responsibility of looking after his neighbors seriously.

  2. Frankie P says:

    F*** every single one of those Jewish organizations! They are the enemy, especially the ADL. Prepare for war!

    • Replies: @Z-man
    , @Moi
    , @Rich
  3. R.C. says:

    ADL should be investigated for its PC bullshit. AIPAC is guilty of treason.

    • Agree: annamaria, Socrates
    • Replies: @annamaria
  4. George Orwell described the phenomenon very well in his monumental “Animal Farm”. The most telling line, after the animals revolted against the farmer, with the pigs calling the shots, one of the other critters demurred about the pigs getting all the choice stuff.

    BossPig promptly riposted, “some are more equal than others.” It is interesting to note that tribal people with primitive mentalities refuse to eat of the meat from their totem animal. Their reason is that it is not Kosher.

    • Replies: @Deep Thought
  5. @ivan

    The Anti Defecation League of the world’s largest quasi-Masonic secret society, the Bnai Brith, with over half a million members worldwide happens to be the action-arm for that Sanhedrin-directed organization which is a “Jews Only” exclusionist, totally racist group.

    • Agree: Durruti, Alfred
  6. They will support BLM, Antifa, and other commies until they no longer have use for them. Just like getting in with China, because they are getting ready to throw the US under the bus, which began with their murder of 34 sailors on the USS Liberty in 1967 to get the US to fight their battles (as usual) in a war that they were winning anyway! “Thy name is Zion” I take it also refers to Israel, not just the ADL. In other words, they are useful-idiot-ing BLM, etc. to try to destroy the US since they no longer have any use for the US (like I said, they are now caressing China, right? But will the Chinese, whom they can’t lay a Holocaust guilt trip on, fall for it? Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah).

    • Replies: @R.C.
  7. Though it’s not about to happen with the name change of the Di\$trict of Columbia, the proper semantic replacement would be the Di\$trict of Corruption.

    • Agree: Lee
  8. MrVoid says:

    I need to see some kind of verification that the poster is real. I haven’t seen that yet.

    • Replies: @John Achterhof
  9. JimDandy says:

    Are any of the guys Kyle shot actually Jewish or not? I’ve seen no proof that any of them are, and some of the Jewish posters here have made strong arguments that they are not.

    Can’t have it both ways, though–“No, those creeps aren’t Jews” and “Kyle killed innocent Jews.”

    My suspicion has always been that the poster is fake.

  10. It is insane for the ADL to claim that they are attempting to fight hatred in their support and defense of acts of violent hatred, destruction, and violence. The ADLs, AIPACs, and BLMs actions all promote and increase hatred and racism. Surely they are totally aware of this and are deliberately pushing peoples’ buttons to incite racial hatred and violence against them. Their actions are indefensible and they know that. They need to be victims and are unable to defend their violent actions and acts of hatred and censorship and hypocrisy, therefore, they will push people over the edge and defy all logic so that they can claim that they are victims.

    Of course there are some people who are truly racists, and to claim that the practice of racism is limited to white American Christians is totally insane and totally false. The policies that thhe ADL, BLM, and AIPAC are pushing for are completely racist policies aimed at demonizing all white American Christians which is a policy of racism. It assumes that if someone is a white American Christian that it is their plan to destroy and kill Jews and blacks, which is obviously not the case, because they all would have been dead long ago if it was since they severely out number blacks and Jews, even more in the past when the statues were errected and when those who were portrayed in the statues were alive.

    Andrea Iravani

    • Agree: Majority of One
    • Thanks: FLgeezer
  11. Mr Jew says:

    Jews have their knees on all of our necks.

    • Replies: @Old and Grumpy
  12. JimDandy says:

    I feel like there has been surprisingly little talk here about the fact that the current attack on America/Western Civilization–the riots, the looting, cancel culture, calls to defund the police, the tearing down of statues, the 1619 movement to rewrite American history, the demonization of whiteness, etc. etc. etc.–can be explained with a brief summary of Kevin MacDonald’s central thesis.

  13. Why “middle-schoolers” though?
    That’s oddly specific.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  14. The ADL is awful, but that ADL poster is just too on the nose. I can’t turn it up by searching their site. Think it’s fake. Can someone provide a link? Otherwise, Giraldi should correct his article.

    • Replies: @BADmejr
  15. That list of 600 Jewish organizations should be saved for future reference by all American patriots. That is an enemies list of people who need to be brought to account. Add to it addresses, phone numbers and names of key people.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  16. @ivan

    Thanks for making me look again – the “Talented Skateboarder” and “Kommisar”[sic!] are suspicious; they are becoming harder to distinguish from their own parody – that´s how Juvenal must have felt
    (“difficile est, satiram non scribere”)
    And I thought they already overstretched it with their fatwa the belief the Land is run by satanic pedos (“Q Anon”) is – wait for it – anti-semitic! 😀

  17. Jewish groups are turning a blind eye to the ongoing genocide of Palestinians but are making unlikely bedfellows with BLM to appear color-blind and indifferent to race. Is that not identical to the rank hypocrisy of our pushing Germany to scrap Russia’s Nordstream 2 because of the unproved poisoning of Navalny while sweeping under the rug millions killed in Asia, the Middle East, Libya, Afghanistan and Syria in unprovoked criminal wars of aggression? Would Trump, with all his venom against BLM have the balls to criticize Jews for making common cause with that organization? Not a snowball’s chance in hell. And we all know why. Nothing sticks tighter than the anti-Semitic card.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  18. Ano says:

    Er, I think it’s dawned on a fair few people (admittedly far too few) that the ADL’s end goal is to make all white Americans out to be some sort of Nazi.

    Others believe the ADL’s end goal is in fact the end of white America, or even of white Americans…

    • Replies: @Emslander
  19. Nothing scares the sneaky jew gangsters at the ADL more than a vital young patriot who defends themself when attacked. That may set a precedent! We can’t have that!

    With its history of repression, surveillance, targeting, infilltrating and then trampling other persons and groups, one would think that the ADL would be anathema by now…

    Clownworld continues: JoJo Rosenbaum as a pure soul, George Floyd as a gentle angel, Dianne Goldman Feinstein as an energetic senator working for the American people.

  20. El Dato says:

    Is this ADL poster for real? Not satire? This can only be satire? No?

    If so, from here the next step up can only be a fund drive on YouTube to rebuild gas chamber ruins more realistically and in line with tourist expectations.

  21. Anon[406] • Disclaimer says:

    Built your own history, your own founding myths thats the best response to their lunacy .

    Stop listening to them !

  22. anonymous[299] • Disclaimer says:

    Was the coronavirus a black specific bio-weapon and the BLM agitating just a cover?

    • Replies: @El Dato
  23. anon[380] • Disclaimer says:

    That poster must be a fake…”talented skateboarder”, “Kommissar”, lol, come on! I have some sympathy for Giraldi and his views, but here he’s really suffering from his own confirmation bias.

  24. [Hypocrisy Thy Name Is Zion
    Jewish groups support BLM while ignoring Palestinian genocide]
    White groups support Uighur/Tibetan “rights” while ignoring Black/Chinese genocides in Amelika and massacres of Muslims around the world.



    From 24.28
    “Hypocrisy Thy Name Is White People!!!”

    • LOL: true.enough
  25. Credible accounts seem to suggest Rittenhouse was attacked.

    What’s with all the hedging language? The video—which is the most credible account of all—testifies emphatically that he was attacked.

    • Agree: Realist
  26. Kali says:

    Very good article. – I just tried to open it in your website, Philip Geraldi, so I could share on social media, but “dns probe failed:bad config” was the message I got.
    Thought it might be helpful for you to know.

    Thank you for many excellent articles.


    • Agree: DaveE
  27. Altai says:

    Jewish groups support BLM until they bring up the Palestinians


    One of the more interesting ones was the day after BLM UK tweeted something pro-Palestinian, the BBC news website put up a big feature story on a photographer who took pictures of the cultural revolution.

  28. Z-man says:

    Wasn’t there supposed to be a ‘rift’ between blacks and the Jews? Oh please God bring back the good ole days of black /Jew animosity. (Grin)
    As I’ve said before, with some of my comments being removed from The Hill (grin), give that kid, Kyle Rittenhouse, a medal.
    He will be getting a lot of legal and financial help. Thank God that there are still some people with backbone who will defend the kid from The Beast.

    • Replies: @Realist
  29. Jewish groups support BLM while ignoring Palestinian genocide

    BLM Jews focus on White genocide; Israeli Jews focus on Palestinian genocide.

    • Agree: DaveE
  30. That ADL poster is a fake? Right?!

    What next?

    ‘Five-year old white supremacist’s family to reseed black neighbours’ lawn as compensation’

    • Thanks: true.enough
  31. R2b says:

    From what can be seen in video recordings, Kyle Rittenhouse was defending himself.
    The three boys tried to inflict injury to the philantropic worker.
    Especially vicious was the fake surrender by GP Grosskreutz, where had not KR been so alert, he would probably been shot by the antifa-thug.
    Sad to see young people throw their lives away, in Soros-paid activism.
    Honor to Kyle Rittenhouse!

  32. Z-man says:
    @Frankie P

    Something’s coming, after the election. If Trump wins, please God let Donald win, the revolution will rapidly develop. If senile Joe wins, the Jew controlled negroes will take over and the revolution will develop, only a bit slower… but I want to get it done soon so Trump’s got to win and save the Republic!
    I gotta get a permit and sneak a .22 hand gun past my wife. Why a permit? Sure it would be easier for ‘big brother’ to track my weapon down but hey I’m betting on the good nature and right wing tendencies of my local cops that when they see I have a permit they’ll let it slide. It won’t really matter if the shooting really starts and gets to my neck of the woods.

  33. @ivan

    Kyle was action movie perfection on the first take. Not bad for a 17-year-old.

    Much to the chagrin of our (((media shyster overlords))), (((they))) haven’t been able to dig up any dirt on Kyle, and we know it’s not for lack of trying.


    some sort of a Nazi

    Germany was (((betrayed))).

    • Replies: @Deep Thought
    , @true.enough
  34. Hypocrisy.

    Much like claiming that American and Israeli interests are one and the same while Israel pushes for abolition of the First Amendment.

    Indeed, zionists are hypocrites non pariel.

    • Agree: Pat Kittle
  35. Dumbo says:

    One of them, Joseph Rosenbaum, is, to be sure Jewish, and also a pedophile,

    Well, maybe Rittenhouse was an “anti-pedophilite”, which in these day and age, considering the preferences of the elite, might be an even worse crime.

  36. Be careful ADL, people might start to ask the question, Why are there so many Jews in the ranks of Antifa?

    • Agree: Iva
    • Replies: @Beavertales
  37. Why all white American middle schoolers must publicly condemn the Anti-Semitic murders by white supremacist Kyle Rittenhouse.”

    Rosenbaum, Huber and the other one don’t actually appear to be Jewish. Rosenbaum’s cousin specifically said they weren’t. Meanwhile the other two just have straightforwardly German names. The great, many cigarette a day, striker, Dario Huber, is testament to that.

    The ADL are certainly dishonest in their framing here, but they are not outright lying. They aren’t directly claiming that any of the dead were Jews (because they weren’t). Nor are they even outright claiming that Rittenhouse was motivated by anti-Semitism (because that’d be completely absurd). Instead, they’re trying to, as an ethnic booster organisation, claim BLM street cred from the culturally much more powerful BLM movement by implying that Jews sacrificed for the progressive cause, just as all people should be sacrificing to help black people.

    In other words, as always, Giraldi has it the wrong way round.

    The substance for their claim that anti-Semitism surrounds the killings is solely the articles and internet comments of people like those here on Unz. In other words, Giraldi is their justification for their rather pathetic and desperate attempt to piggy back on black cultural power. Or, more specifically, to use this false martyrdom to try to shield their small community from black cultural attacks.

    It’d be like if reparations became a legal requirement and were vast. All groups would try to find ways to justify not being in the oppressor category. This is the ADL’s attempt.

    Basically, Giraldi doesn’t realise that the ADL is simply scared of being lumped in with the evil oppressor group, for the understandable reason that being lumped in with that group gets you oppressed. (The irony that this should then disqualify you from being lumped into that evil oppressor group seems lost on just about everyone. Not that there ever are situations as simple as that, instead there are always dynamics, but that’s far too real an observation for our moralistic age.)

    This all said, one can hardly blame them for their cowardice. Giraldi’s entire ouevre is an attempt to do the same by pretending that Jews are actually the real oppressor group and begging blacks to therefore stop burning and pillaging whatever group he associates with. “Hey, people lost in sadistic, suffering confusion, it is actually this other set of people who can be projected upon as cold, calculating, shadowy reptilians, who are always trying to control you and keep you down.” I guess there is some “fair enough” in this, the ADL does it to Giraldi and co. but then Giraldi and co. do make it easy for them. If you don’t want to be cast as the bad guys then perhaps don’t get a creepy looking monacle and stand there glowering while twirling a huge false moustache.

  38. BCB232 says:

    I can’t imagine the kid could have possibly known they were Jewish. It’s not even obvious to me now that they all were. The one dude is blond (yes, I know there are blond Jews).

    I’m not even sure that the Rittenhouse kid isn’t Jewish – he’s Brunette haired – not exactly Nordic looking.

    I knew a Lutheran pastor named surnamed “Rosenbaum” and there are German Jewish and German Gentile “Huber’s”. I have no idea if “Grosskreutz” is German-Jewish or just German. How could this kid have known since he didn’t even know their names. It’s not like they were wearing those funny little hats.

  39. They are disgusting beasts. It is shameful, immoral, for someone not to be anti-Semitic, as they call it, immoral not to be a Judeophobe.

    Particularly when the beasts are the privileged class. What greater betrayal of trust is conceivable?

    Thanks for this sickening but important article, Phil. More people need to know how evil they are.

  40. Iris says:

    In this recent article, Russian media RT uses twice the phrase “Ground Zero” to describe the aftermath of the Beirut harbor bombing:

    New drone footage captured by RT’s video agency Ruptly reveals the devastation at ground zero in Beirut’s port in detail

    Ground zero looks like a barren wasteland marked with the shells of buildings,

    When used within the context of an explosion, “Ground Zero” means exclusively the location of a nuclear detonation. From the Cambridge online dictionary:

    Ground Zero: the exact place where a nuclear bomb explodes

    The Russian are aces in physics as well as in diplomacy; by using such specific words, they are clearly hinting that Beirut was struck by a thermonuclear detonation.

    This is what the hypocrite pro-Zion are endorsing: a psychopathic racist entity able to commit the most unimaginable war crimes, including striking innocent civilians with nuclear weapons during peacetime.

  41. @ivan

    The Rittenhouse case seems to have been quite bizarre, in the initial aftermath many news outlets and journalists were labelling him a “White supremacist” for no reason at all.

    They seem to have dropped this line of attack when various videos of the shootings came to light and reasonable observers concluded that he was under attack and in the last case with Grosskreutz, would certainly have been killed had he not fired at the attacker.

    These sorts of episodes do highlight how much of history is likely false, had there not been video footage, the lügenpresse would have kept repeating the same talking points and suddenly it would have become a White nationalist mass shooting!

    Mainstream journalists are truly the lowest of the low.

    • Agree: Stan
  42. Anonymous[661] • Disclaimer says:

    “Interestingly, Jewish groups in the United States have been in the forefront in supporting BLM’s apparent mission to upend what used to pass for America’s European-derived culture. Ironically, that culture includes free speech, democracy and mercantilism, all of which have greatly benefited Jews.”

    The Jews especially benefited from being the core of the slave-trading commerce in 18th and 19th century America. Just as Israel was ranked by the UN in modern times as number one in the world for human slavery and sex trafficking.

    The Chief Rabbi in Israel publicly refers to blacks as “monkeys”.

    Of course, the last thing Jewish power wants is for blacks to realize they share a common enemy with the whites so they do everything possible to keep them divided.

  43. geokat62 says:
    @Chris in Cackalacky

    Truth be told, the ADL and the 599 other Jewish Supremacist Organizations (JSOs) should be placed on the domestic terrorist organizations list.

  44. Excellent article, Phillip. The ‘Anti-Defamation League’ (ADL) is a truly menacing Jewish Power Organization (JPO). Their stated interest in ‘civil rights’ and ‘fighting hate’ are deceptive stratagems. Hypocrisy only begins to describe their deceitful mission.

    The ADL’s primary goals are to 1) eradicate anti-Jewish speech (no matter how accurate or well-earned), 2) eliminate or denounce racial and religious bias (except in Israel), 3) fight ‘hate’ (except when it’s an anti-Zionist critic hated by organized Jewry), and 4) preserve the elevated and privileged status of Jews and Israel throughout the US–which includes Hollywood, Wall St., Silicon Valley, and Washington.

    The ADL’s totalitarian objective is submission and conformity. Towards this end, global Jewry is making disturbing headway. Their freedom-wrecking objective requires unwavering, pro-Jewish activism, media pressure, financial shenanigans, and political corruption.

    The Jewish people: Holy. Special. Exceptional. Coordinated.

    Humanity can wait. (Humanity can serve.)

    Meanwhile, the endlessly-promoted Holyhoax yarn is the moral camouflage they use to justify their ethnocentrism, group ‘insecurity’ (chauvinism combined with xenophobia), as well as their tribal militancy. This explains why the chosen people are constantly full of complaints and canards. In the case of the ADL, even its name is deceptive. After all, this particular JPO actually specializes in defamation–not to mention deplatforming, censorship, and targeted firings. Beneath their pious veneer of compassion and ‘civil rights’, JPOs like the ADL perceive Jews–wherever they dwell–as uniquely special, threatened, entitled, and more equal than the goyim they brainwash and bully.

    Meanwhile, operatives from the ADL proceed confidently in their self-serving campaign to eradicate completely so-called ‘anti-Semitism’ (White resistance.)

    To put it mildly, if liberty, free expression, and political independence (for White peoples) are among your political values, the ADL is not your friend.

    Indeed, the ADL’s stated interest in ‘fighting hate’ is actually all about protecting Jewry from the slings and arrows (criticism) that normally accompany any nation or group that routinely operates above the law while parasitizing (and even subverting) their host country.

    But is it good for the Jews?

    Sadly, yes.

    The ADL is one just influential cog in a power matrix that includes scores of well-funded, international organizations which share information, plot destructive strategies, apply unrelenting pressure, and interfere in any grass roots movement (BDS, for instance) which seeks to impose some level of accountability on pan-Zionist wrongdoing. Global Jewry respects no national borders. Israel yields to no US President. Why? Israel doesn’t have to.

    Virtually all candidates for any high office in America are vetted about Zio-Jewish issues long before they get any invitation to join either political party. There are a handful of young, new politicians who have defied this unofficial mandate, but they are being pilloried continuously by the (((msm))) as well as top media pundits, all of whom are permitted to appear on TV because they are loyal to Israel.

    Ironically, Jews–while condemning hatredin others–commonly use the concept (and stigma) of hate to shame and silence their adversaries. It’s an underhanded trick but it’s effective. Fortunately, there’s hope. Hatred in fact is a virtue. (Jews secretly know this and act on it each and every day, though they commonly decry ‘hatred’ in others.)

    Hatred is actually a useful and essential human sentiment. All morally-engaged individuals must discriminate and choose between good and evil. And they must do so forcefully if they wish to prosper and survive.

    Don’t you hate people who commit cruel, dishonest, mean, deceptive or injurious acts upon others? Of course you do! This is our moral conscience talking. Outrage (and hate) occur naturally and appropriately in the face of wickedness. In these instances, hatred is a protective and mature emotion. It is a righteous judgement. It emerges spontaneously among morally-centered people because most people support justice, honesty, compassion, and fair play. Don’t you?

    Laws in general are designed to uphold universal rules which are evenhanded. These rules are the basis of civilization. Granted, separating good conduct from bad is not always a simple task. Gray areas (and conflicts of interest) cause confusion. This is where Zionist obfuscation and propaganda come into play.

    Media-savvy Zionists often distort and undermine normal, everyday political sensibilities by virtue of their cleverness and easy access to mass media. Jewish groups as well as activist Jewish billionaires also use their wealth to suborn financially-vulnerable politicians.

    It’s only a mild exaggeration to say that the ADL functions as a domestic terror group that wages non-lethal war on non-Zionized Americans via ‘lawfare’, financial chicanery, information manipulation, ‘anti-bias training’, as well as outright character assassination.

    The ADL operates alongside other JPOs such as the SPLC, Hillel, WJC, AIPAC, ACLU (crypto), The Conference of the Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations, and the dozens of other kosher-certified, pro-Israel NGOs which have come to dominate Washington if not the collective American mind.

    Zionists enjoy the power of the pulpit. America’s national megaphone is largely under their control. They like this advantage. It gives them greater power and us less. The game is therefore rigged.

    They wouldn’t have it any other way.

  45. @MrVoid

    Notwithstanding his stalwart contributions to the public dialogue, Giraldi seems to be on the side a bit of a baiter.

  46. geokat62 says:

    Hypocrisy Thy Name Is Zion

    Speaking of hypocrisy, a Jewish rabbi has just penned this article, My fellow Jews: Getting rid of Trump is a religious imperative

    Penultimate paragraph:

    Recently, our[black and Jewish] communities have been pinned against each other, entangled in disagreements over inflammatory statements widely condemned and old platforms that have been removed, rather than uniting to defeat our common enemies of white supremacy and hatred of all forms. While those subjects do warrant further conversations, it’s not the time for grudges or the celebration of efforts long ago; it’s time to display those values, not just with pleasant statements of support, but also with actions as key allies of the racial justice movement. It’s time to create a new shared history.

    So, with the temperature rising in places like Crown Heights, Jewish Supremacist Organizations are hard at work trying to shift the hostilities from blacks and Jews (due to bona fide Jewish Supremacy) onto whites and blacks (due to bogus white supremacy).

    Let’s see if it works.

  47. anonymous[299] • Disclaimer says:

    It is all to prepare the world for the Moshiach, the Jew messiah, the anti-Christ and to hasten his arrival. The promise of the Jew religion to the Jew people is the subjugation of the non-Jew. Moshiach is to come and establish Jewish rule of human kind but first faith in Christ and Christianity must be destroyed. But how? By provoking race war and using guilt to turn people away from Christ and more inclined to accepting the Moshiach. You see Christ rejected the Jews in the name of God mighty as unfit to lead and to rule over human kind for good reasons. Jews do not have the ability to treat others in the way they would like to be treated, exhibited A—the Palestinians, that is why they need Christ so badly. But still they reject him and are so so very blind just how much they need him in their hearts and their lives. So blind.

  48. Lee says:

    JS said:

    Jewish groups are turning a blind eye to the ongoing genocide of Palestinians but are making unlikely bedfellows with BLM to appear color-blind and indifferent to race.

    Israel really needs to bone up on this Palestinian genocide thing as they are obviously not very good at it. (Sarcasm)

    Israelis and Palestinians certainly have imperfections. Their shared home isn’t yet the land of milk and honey, but nor is it the hellhole often depicted by intellectuals and the media. To understand this truth, all you have to do is look at the objective data.

    Next time a commentator starts to catastrophize about Israel, cheer them up with truths of increasing Palestinian life expectancy, declining infant mortality, growing populations, improved water conditions, amazing literacy, comparatively low casualty rates, and much of the other good news in Yemini’s level-headed book.

    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
  49. geokat62 says:
    @mark green

    As usual, great comment, mark.

    If I could make one unsolicited suggestion? As you well know, organized Jewry are masters of crafting language. They endlessly perfect the language they use, as they know that it has a very powerful influence on the thought process.

    I’ll give just one example. The subtle distinction between insurgents and rebels. Because the Lügenpresse supported the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) in Iraq, they chose to use the term “insurgent“ to label its opponents, the connotation being that they were outlaws for opposing a legitimate regime. A few years later, however, the Lügenpresse chose to baptize the opponents of the Assad regime as rebels, instead of insurgents. This has the connotation that they were rebelling – like the American revolutionaries – against a tyrannical regime. Subtle difference, big impact!

    I mention all this to make a simple request. Rather than referring to Jewish organizations by a multiple of descriptors, we need to settle on one. Given that they falsely accuse those of us who wish to retain our European-derived identities as “white supremacists,” I think we should return the favour and refer to their powerful organizations as Jewish Supremacist Organizations or JSOs. Based on their Talmudic teachings, our labels are closer to the truth than theirs.

    Thanks for “listening,” mark.

    • Agree: Ugetit
    • Thanks: mark green
  50. Ugetit says:

    It should not be surprising if black groups would be suspicious of the motives of the Jewish organizations that suddenly seem to want to be friendly.

    If blacks didn’t exist, the “Semites” would have to invent them. What a convenient way for the SINO mafia to divert attention from their many crimes including their treatment of real Semites such as the Palestinians.

  51. @Pat Kittle

    Was he using an AR-15? What weapons did his opponents have?
    I think this boy is as good as JFK!!! JFK’s Amelika was in a position to nuke the USSR into oblivion, while Khrushchev had little he could fight back with. Was there any surprise then that JFK won???
    Make this Kyle boy the president of Amelika. One day, he might get a bullet through his brain– something that he deserves!

    • Troll: Majority of One
    • Replies: @Pat Kittle
    , @Curmudgeon
  52. Realist says:

    I gotta get a permit and sneak a .22 hand gun past my wife.

    What the hell are you going to do with a .22…rabbit or squirrel hunt…plink tin cans???

  53. Realist says:

    Another piss and moan article…what to do…oooh what to do?

  54. @Pat Kittle

    Much to the chagrin of our (((media shyster overlords))), (((they))) haven’t been able to dig up any dirt on Kyle, and we know it’s not for lack of trying.

    Good point. I hadn’t given that any thought.

  55. A nice read by PG, but what to do about it in the fractured political social landscape of the US and faltering economy and all, whose balloon is expected to fully burst some time later this year.

    It is of course the ultimate irony that Jewish groups are very sensitive to the suffering of blacks in the United State while at the same time largely ignoring the war crimes and other devastation going on in Israel and Palestine at the hands of their co-religionists. The beating and shooting of unarmed and unresisting Palestinians, to include children, the destruction of the livelihoods of farmers, and the demolition of homes to make way for Jewish settlers is beyond belief and is largely invisible as the Jewish influenced U.S. media does not report it. It is, simply put, genocide. The beating and shooting of unarmed and unresisting Palestinians, to include children, the destruction of the livelihoods of farmers, and the demolition of homes to make way for Jewish settlers is beyond belief and is largely invisible as the Jewish influenced U.S. media does not report it. It is, simply put, genocide.

    The fault of where and why Zio power (prefer this term rather than Jewish, as many Jews are still divided in their loyalties whether to goose step behind their self appointed Israeli and Zio leaders or not) so ascendent in the US right now, the West in general and now virtually world wide, is really the fault of the non-Jews or Goyim themselves. The 2 party system is in open war, competing for the favors of the Zio mega donors and their political and propaganda machine and the general population has little control on the direction of the agenda promoted by the political elite, though they keep believing otherwise. Look at the prostrations of VP candidate Kamila Harris as she seeks to out do, VP Pence for tap dancing at ADL conventions.

    Anyhow, most Americans seek only individual advantage and will roll over and do jumping tricks to gain material advantage over their peers. In such a morally hallowed out, unethical society which is so self centered at this time, control will go to those with the big money, big Media and big Political Control as that is what the system is about.

    So demanding an end to the endless persecution of the Palestinians (Muslims or non Protestant Christians) is just not on anyone’s radar screen. Americans in general have not be very good at sympathizing with any oppressed group outside the USA, unless they were duly instructed by their governing elite via barrages of MSM news blitzes and neat sound bites.

    American society is now fully atomized and entering a subjugation state by the political opportunists that surround us and that are in a position to take full material advantage benefit of the Zio dominated money exchange system emanating from the NY financial district. There is no upwardly mobile or business person in the USA that if not already controlled or subservient to the Wall Street money ex changers, that would be willing to challenge them in any meaningful way, as it is a sure recipe for SAD (Self Assured Destruction) or so we have been led to believe.

    Also, our alphabet agencies that everyone believed were built and funded to protect the American public at large and its democratic institutions, which should have included the founding stone of the USA, the Constitution/Bill or Rights, we now find were actually made to only protect the financial and now Zio ruling elites from the general public: white majority, and all minorities black, brown, Christian, Agnotics, Muslim, etc, etc.

    Palestinians cannot be defended by anyone in the USA unless one is from the J tribe itself and gone off the reservation so to speak. All else seem pretty much frozen in a state of fear and paranoia about consequences for thrashing the Zio. Or as the vast majority, still seeking economic self preservation or advancement if not distracted by Chemical, Media, Material or Self induced (sexual) pleasure machines.

    Many frustrated Americans falsely see their solution lies in becoming a White Nationalist gun toting Boy Scout (soon to be hero aka Kyle Rittenhouse) or a BLM demonstrator (peaceful or rioting) if African American.

    Today the US is surely an Orwellian Society, that includes all sides which make the whole, 1984 is surely 2020.

    • Replies: @Pat Kittle
  56. Realist says:

    He will be getting a lot of legal and financial help. Thank God that there are still some people with backbone who will defend the kid from The Beast.

    Yes, support Rittenhouse by sending money to his defense fund at

  57. @Majority of One

    “some are more equal than others” INDEED!!!
    If you take a look at the “Animal Farm” world, you will see that the white animals see the world as one giant Animal Farm, in which “All animals are equal, but the white animals are more equal than other (especially the Chinese, and the Black) animals!!!”

  58. @Deep Thought

    Make this Kyle boy the president of Amelika. One day, he might get a bullet through his brain– something that he deserves!

    Another peaceful Deep Thought from one of those peaceful protesters the Jewmedia keep telling us about.

    • Replies: @Socrates
  59. @Z-man

    Get a .380 or a 9MM.

    • Replies: @Z-man
  60. Robjil says:

    Voltaire said a lot of things that was spot on about Jewish culture. It fits like glove in our days. He did not say “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”
    The phrase’s origin can be traced to Kevin Alfred Strom. Who is labeled as a holocaust “denier”.
    Thus, anyone who thinks Voltaire said this and uses Strom’s phrase is labeled as a Big 6 denier and a “Nazi”.

    Anyone who looks at this phrase, would know that Voltaire could not have said that. Why? The King ruled France under his time. The Jews did not rule France after the Revolution.

    What Voltaire really said about Jewish culture is more interesting. The raging fanaticism we see today with the endless calls for big 6 worship , the endless clamp downs on free speech and the endless twisting of words for whatever is “good for the Jews”. We are living with Jewish culture fanaticism in our times, at the most extreme level.

    “… [Jews] are, all of them, born with raging fanaticism in their hearts, just as the Bretons and the Germans are born with blond hair. I would not be in the least bit surprised if these people would not some day become deadly to the human race.[2] —Voltaire, Lettres de Memmius a Ciceron (1771)

    He noted the barbarity of the creation of the first Israel, seven nations destroyed to do so. We have been reliving this barbarity in our times. The Seven Nations to destroy for the Zion 9 11 False Flag is it. Iran is the last of the seven. Thus, Iran is always in our Zion “Free” Press as an “enemy”. It is too big for a “quick” easy attack like the first six.

    “If we read the history of the Jews written by an author of another nation, we would have sorrow to believe that there were indeed fugitive people of Egypt which came by express order from God immoler seven or eight small nations that they didn’t know; to cut the throat without mercy of a woman, old men and children with the udder, and to reserve only the small girls; that these holy people were punished of his God when it had been enough criminal to save only one man devoted to the anathema. We would not believe that so abominable people (Jews) had been able to exist on the earth. But as this nation itself brings back all its facts in its holy books to us, it should be believed. —Voltaire, Essai sur les mœurs (1756) Tome 1, pages 158–159

    He noted that Jewish culture is the most barbaric culture of all. Even the most “primitive” had more compassion or humanity than Jewish culture. It is very sad for our planet that such a barbaric culture is at the top of heap of our planet. It will not end well for our planet if the ideas of this barbaric culture continues. Judaism needs a reformation to change it ways for the sake of our planet.

    “You seem to me to be the maddest of the lot. The Kaffirs, the Hottentots, and the Negroes of Guinea are much more reasonable and more honest people than your ancestors, the Jews. You have surpassed all nations in impertinent fables in bad conduct and in barbarism. You deserve to be punished, for this is your destiny.[2] —Voltaire, From a letter to a Jew who had written to him, complaining of his antisemitism in L’Essai sur le Moeurs

    • Thanks: Rurik, Ann Nonny Mouse
  61. The Jewish establishment thinks Blacks are great folk since supporting them weakens the white Christian majority, which Jews hate and fear. Blacks are good people, until they start criticizing Jews and the Zionist enterprise, then, of course, they become antisemities.

  62. Divide et impera policy of the “Chosen” vis-à-vis blacks and whites is going to boomerang sooner rather than later… caveat emptor!

  63. “L’hypocrisie est un hommage que le vice rend à la vertu.“

    Or, Hypocrisy is the homage vice pays to virtue.

    Or, in the case of the ADL defense, it will defend anything done to further its cause, whether criminal, unethical or immoral. Any of those three vices are virtues, if they shield or better promote a Jew accused of them.

    This case is an example thereof.

  64. @Mr Jew

    Well the knee to the neck was perfected by the IDF to use on the Palestinians. It’s probably just me, but the one knee kneel down the idiots are doing looks like its a tribute to the Jewish maneuver rather than respect for the black man.

    • Agree: Moi
    • Replies: @Mr Jew
  65. @Realist

    Would you want to get hit with a 22?

    My father regularly hunted deer with a 22 rifle when he was a young man.

    • Agree: Z-man
  66. Hypocrisy is a very Jewish thing. Call it a perk of being chosen. However it is the source of their debilitating, albeit collective, stupidity. As an old teacher pal of my mother use to say, “there is nothing dumber than a dumb Jew.” Watching their very pasty pale faces get all giddy over the destruction of the west, I’ve been thinking about that comment a lot lately.

  67. @Tommy Thompson

    Look at the prostrations of VP candidate Kamila Harris as she seeks to out do, VP Pence for tap dancing at ADL conventions.

    Anti-Whites will vote for the White senile citizen, gleefully expecting Harris to soon take over if they win. But would she?

    “Douglas Emhoff, Kamala Harris’ husband, is the Democrats’ newest Jewish star”:
    — (

    This election will determine whether President Emhoff dethrones President Kushner.

    The rest is farce.

    • Thanks: Tommy Thompson
    • Replies: @geokat62
  68. @Realist

    Ah yes, the cuck arrives to talk about caliber. .22 is fine as a practice round, some of the only available ammo atm, and he mentioned the coming revolution, so one would hope he intends to organize.

    At a certain point you retarded Anglo boomer smallholders need to realize that no amount of castle doctrine will save you. No caliber will save you. Commissar Jamal will thrust white women at your front door while they smash a window in back. The solution is to grab as many friends and family as you can, arm them with whatever you can for optics purposes, and be prepared to march on and dissolve your local governments on November 4 if Democrats win.

    • Replies: @Z-man
    , @Alden
  69. Anonymous[375] • Disclaimer says:

    Jonathan Greenblatt, the head of ADL

    At least he’s got a disarmingly trustworthy face. Makes me think of glue and soap for some reason but it’s undeniably trustworthy.

    • LOL: Iris
    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  70. Moi says:
    @Majority of One

    Wrong! DC = District of Coons 🙂

  71. Moi says:
    @Frankie P

    America is so effed-up that it supports the oppressor and illegal occupier (Israel) rather than the victim of oppression and dispossession (Palestinians). What more is there to say!

    Too late to cry now about Jews and/or the BLM.

  72. Realist says:

    Would you want to get hit with a 22?

    The gun or the projectile? Throwing the .22 cal gun at an assailant would probably do more damage than shooting them.

    I would rather be shot with a .22 than any other chemical propellent projectile…they are the least likely to stop a human with malicious intent. When choosing a weapon for defense, always select one with overwhelming stopping power.

    My father regularly hunted deer with a 22 rifle when he was a young man.

    You father was a cruel hunter. A deer shot with a .22 dies a slow, painful death…usually by bleeding to death. A true sportsman will assure his kills are clean and quick.

  73. annamaria says:

    The US/UK mega war profiteers and the army of ZUSA presstitutes have nothing better to cover their stinky poop than to issue a virtuous cry:

    Putin! Putin!!! The authoritarian dictator killing freedom of speech!!!

    Posted by: Nathan Mulcahy | Sep 7 2020 16:20 utc | 8:
    Not only the war profiteers (see the ghastly family of Arbuthnots and Cheneys) are livid about real journalism, they and the ZUSA ideologues have been aggressively killing the freedom of speech.

    This is supposed to be a public hearing, to which in normal times anybody should be able to walk in off the street into the large public gallery, and anyone with a press card into the press gallery. …

    Some 40 NGOs, including Amnesty International, had been told that they would have remote access to the trial but today the judge revoked that access without giving any reason.

    The ZUSA hatred towards Julian Assange is palpable. He is an honest and courageous person, which is intolerable for the usurers and war-makers.

    • Agree: Ann Nonny Mouse
  74. Anonymous[125] • Disclaimer says:

    I’ve worked with aggressive Jews in NYC on Wall St and another related field and I’ve never known a person to be intimidated by the anti-Semitic canard, not ever. In general, civil people don’t go around groundlessly criticizing Israel or Jewish collective behavior, especially in polite mixed company. Obviously. Based on American Jewry’s own standards of civil rights and promotion of BLM in that 600-strong manifesto, however, it follows that the Jews in Israel are guilty of genocide against the Palestinians (for starters in their crimes against humanity). On what possible grounds, therefore, can a slimy little shithead like Rosenblatt call someone an anti-Semite to his face? Let me tell you it’d never happen in real life, although it obviously does in the Jewish-scripted inversion of reality that characterizes the entire spectrum of civil discourse in this country, as well as 24/7/365 on the kosher TV news ranging from CNN to Fox News, which in the latter case, as we see, isn’t really conservative at all, but poses as conservative solely to encapsulate the toxic Jewish memes in flag-waving shtick and Country Western hokum.

    The Jews not only control the MSM and social media, they also unarguably boast about controlling all the significant determinants of public opinion. He who controls the “press” controls the formation of men’s attitudes and thereby the outcome of elections, and all the more so by controlling those determinants of popular culture, such as Hollywood, “music,” and TV. There’s also the matter of Congress. If Richard Perle can be taken at his word in his response to some Chinese female reporter’s question about Jewish power, then Jews control the re-election prospects of all but, he guessed, maybe 5 out of 535 members of Congress. That such a bought-and-paid-for body would pretend to be offended by groundless charges of anti-Semitism is as much a given as their treason in foreign policy.

    There’s also the logical grounds for calling someone an anti-Semite. Unless Israel and Jews acting collectively have never and can never do anything wrong and are therefore morally perfect, it automatically follows that their actions and words are not morally above reasoned criticism grounded in natural law, international law, religious belief, or simply one’s personal abhorence at Israel and Israel-firsters supporting the genocide of Palestinians, or (in just three examples of betrayal and capital treason), assassinating JFK and then RFK, incinerating civilians in the US on 9-11, or machine-gunning sailors manning lifeboats aboard the USS Liberty. We should realize that that quip by Voltaire literally defines the essence of Congress and on both sides of the aisle.

    • Thanks: Tommy Thompson, annamaria
    • Replies: @Justsaying
  75. FoSquare says:
    @mark green

    Meanwhile, the endlessly-promoted Holyhoax yarn is the moral camouflage they use to justify their ethnocentrism, group ‘insecurity’ (chauvinism combined with xenophobia), as well as their tribal militancy.

    The Parasite is always “insecure” in its relationship with the Host, and this insecurity underlies it’s fanaticism, sociopathy, and genocidal tendencies toward the Host. It always fears, and justifiably so, the consequences of being exposed to the light of day.

  76. geokat62 says:
    @Pat Kittle

    This election will determine whether President Emhoff dethrones President Kushner.

    The rest is farce.

    Well said.

    • Agree: Iva
  77. profnasty says:

    ADL/B’Nai Brith, murdered and anally raped a 13yr old White girl. All the rest is commentary.

  78. Realist says:

    Comment #73 was meant for you.

  79. Realist says:

    This comment was meant for RoatanBill’s comment #66

  80. BADmejr says:

    The author did state, “If the ad is indeed genuine . . .” but it doesn’t really matter in the scheme of things, as it accurately portrays the narrative. Kind of like the “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” document that the Jews have vehemently complained has been “debunked” (one of their favorite words) and a “fraud.” However, that isn’t the point of the document. It likely was put together by a goy as a means of demonstrating the evil that is Jewish influence to those who would come across it. All I’m trying to say is that there is no need for the author of the article to retract anything regardless of whether the poster was really put out by the ADL. It still accurately conveys their intentions and sentiment, which is in line with the article.

    • Replies: @Cranberries
  81. Z-man says:
    @Supply and Demand

    I’m neither a cuck or of English decent.

    The solution is to grab as many friends and family as you can, arm them with whatever you can for optics purposes, and be prepared to march on and dissolve your local governments on November 4 if Democrats win.

    LOL. It’s gonna take more than that!

  82. Z-man says:

    Less recoil and with the best bullets serious damage.

    • Replies: @Realist
  83. @Realist

    Throwing the .22 cal gun at an assailant would probably do more damage than shooting them.
    Pure hyperbolic fluff.

    If I shoot someone with a 22 round, what is he going to do? Will he decide to bleed to death and continue on his existing path or will he use his survival instinct to alter course?

    I never claimed a 22 was the best weapon, but it is also not some toy to be taken lightly. Minimal recoil means putting multiple shots on target per unit time with better accuracy than a large caliber with more recoil. A sub sonic round is also amenable to a silencer when you would rather not attract attention.

    I own numerous pistols from 22 through 44 mag.

    Answer truthfully – If I just point a 22 at you would you be foolish enough to approach me or would you back off?

    BTW – my father grew up dirt poor and the 22 was what he had to bring back meat for the family.

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @Robert Dolan
    , @R.C.
  84. Z-man says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Shit, I haven’t shot a 9MM in 26 years. I gotta work my way up, the ‘girly’ man I am LOL. Like I told ‘Realist’ a Smith & Wesson .22 is just fine with the right bullet. And I can pack a compact version in my jacket.

  85. sonofman says:

    Now I understand why BAR calls them the Black mis-leadership class. Black is an American sub-culture, and since most people tend to generalize, most African-Americans are being associated with the BLM’s accusations of racial prejudice and the approval of rioting and looting. Why aren’t the Black leaders stepping up, and reassuring all Americans that, as a community, they honor the sacrifices made by Medgar, Malcolm, Martin and many others, and also acknowledge the concessions made and the progress of awareness.

    Why aren’t they saying: No, we will not use the tragic death of an African American caused by questionable decisions and actions made by an individual police officer to amplify an overplayed and polarizing narrative, because we understand that “racism” is in truth, the family, friendship and factional favoritism that everybody is guilty of.

    Why aren’t they saying: Yes, we will demand accountability and evaluate reforms, but because of a few bad apples, we will not condemn or seek to eliminate a necessary function of society.

    Why aren’t they saying: No, we do not condone the theft and destruction of other people’s property, nor do we condone the injuring or killing of other people.

    Why aren’t they saying: We are Americans. We do not want revolution, because we do not see a necessity for revolution. We are not soldiers for Antifa, nor are we cannon fodder for Zionist interests.

    Why don’t they say: Even though we are an American sub-culture, please do not throw us all in one boat, and start using determiners (some, many,, a few, etc.) or adjectives (intelligent, uninformed, cool, crazy, etc.) to distinguish and individuate Black people.

  86. El Dato says:
    @Deep Thought

    “Genocide” nowadays is when someone’s shop is being burnt down and two people die.

    Everybody has one. If you don’t you ain’t classy.

  87. Realist says:

    If I shoot someone with a 22 round, what is he going to do?

    He might break your neck…or return fire with a real gun.

    Answer truthfully – If I just point a 22 at you would you be foolish enough to approach me or would you back off?

    What the hell difference does it make what I would do??? The important thing is what would the person confronting you do. There are volumes of instances where a potential victim points, a lot larger caliber weapon than a .22, at an assailant only to have the assailant continue his advance.

    BTW – my father grew up dirt poor and the 22 was what he had to bring back meat for the family.

    And probably poaching it.

    • Replies: @Chris Mallory
  88. Realist says:

    Less recoil and with the best bullets serious damage.

    Less recoil…are you a little girl?

  89. @RoatanBill

    Oh c’mon…..a 22 is ok for a kid learning to shoot, cheap ammo, etc., but not a good round for hunting or concealed carry.

    Overall, for concealed carry, the .380 is probably the best because they are so small and easy to conceal, so you’ll probably carry it all the time, and consistency is important. And it’s a better round than the 22.

    The SW Airweight .38 is a great gun, five shot, hidden hammer. Small and light.

    The 9MM is a great gun but a little harder to conceal, although some of them are getting really small and light, almost as small as the .380’s.

    Ask a cop if he wants to carry a .22 on duty.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @Chris Mallory
  90. @Anonymous

    Here is his caricature, which I found on the Internet by the grace of Yahweh Himself:

    • LOL: Socrates
  91. Jaybo says: • Website

    Kyle was in the right. The author is just as much a hypocrite as the liberal Jews. Palestinians are a fraud, and muslims have a better standard of living in Israel than anywhere in the middle east. Liberal Jews vote with the “underdog” because of hatred like the author has.

    • Troll: Ann Nonny Mouse
    • Replies: @Greg Bacon
  92. Durruti says:


    Hypocrisy Thy Name Is Zion
    Jewish groups support BLM while ignoring Palestinian genocide

    The Title – alone, is worth the read.

    • Agree: ChuckOrloski
  93. @Anonymous

    While I concur with much that you write in your post, even though I haven’t worked with Jews in Wall Street, your lengthy response did not address my question if Trump would have the balls to criticize Jews who made common cause with BLM, despite his open hostility toward that movement.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  94. @Robert Dolan

    My point is a 22 is no toy. It’s not the best choice but at least it’s something.

    I carried a Colt 45 Gold Cup for over a decade without a permission slip from nanny gov’t. I then switched to a Glock 9mm. My wife has a tiny Beretta 25 for her purse. I put a round of that into a 4×4 fence post and it penetrated half way through.

    I wouldn’t want to get hit with any caliber, anywhere.

    • Agree: Z-man
  95. @Realist

    What the hell difference does it make what I would do??? The important thing is what would the person confronting you do. There are volumes of instances where a potential victim points, a lot larger caliber weapon than a .22, at an assailant only to have the assailant continue his advance.

    And there are volumes of instances where pointing a 22 causes the aggressor to back off.

    BTW – my father grew up dirt poor and the 22 was what he had to bring back meat for the family.

    And probably poaching it.

    Better not use the King’s deer to feed your starving family, right?

    Is the 22 the best round? No. Is the 9mm the best? No.
    The best round and best gun are the ones you have on hand and shoot the best. A hit with a 22 is better than a miss with a 12 gauge.

    People do get older. They develop arthritis and other impairments that might keep them from shooting a full bore handgun round. If they can hit the target with a 22 they are better off than being unarmed or having a gun they cannot shoot accurately.

    I know, you are a tough guy who will shake off anything other than a direct hit with a 120mm HEAT round. But if you want to get real, a 22 through your brain pan will drop you just as quick as anything else.

  96. Wally says:

    “They are trying to make him out to be some sort of a Nazi …”

    Do get your facts straight.

    The ‘Nazis” never did what is alleged. Don’t take the bait.

  97. Jiminy says:

    For adl to say the killings are anti- semantic is a strange one. It’s as if Rittenhouse first asked their faith before shooting them. Another strange one is how the Beirut event has completely disappeared as suddenly as it appeared. Everyone should forget about it as if it never happened. Somebody mentioned a .22 caliber weapon earlier saying that they are a bit weak. A lot of countries forces use the f88 steyr rifle which I believe has a 5.56 mm x45 mm round.

  98. @Robert Dolan

    Oh c’mon…..a 22 is ok for a kid learning to shoot, cheap ammo, etc., but not a good round for hunting or concealed carry.

    22 is a great round for small game and with well aimed shots can take whitetail deer DRT. A 22 in your pocket beats the .45 in the gunsafe at home.

    Overall, for concealed carry, the .380 is probably the best because they are so small and easy to conceal, so you’ll probably carry it all the time, and consistency is important. And it’s a better round than the 22.

    I own a small 380. I have shot a small .380. Yes they are easy to conceal, but they are hard to shoot with poor sights and a very snappy recoil. That small frame has it’s con’s to offset the pro’s of easy to conceal. Better round than a 22? It is harder to find and much more expensive. The guns it is chambered in are not very pleasant to shoot, most people will not burn 100s of rounds through them.
    A study of 1800 shootings, shows the 22 giving the same percentage of fatal hits and within 1% of the percentage of one shot incapacitation.

  99. Socrates says:
    @Pat Kittle

    It is NOT “Deep Thought” but ….Deep Shit.
    He is a lunatic jew or a desperate nigger, so, what do you expect?

    On a second thought why NOT to make this “Kyle boy” the prez of AmeriKa?
    Here we elect president of America a nigger.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  100. @Realist

    I would rather be shot with a .22 than any other chemical propellent projectile…they are the least likely to stop a human with malicious intent. When choosing a weapon for defense, always select one with overwhelming stopping power.

    Real world shootings prove you wrong.

    If you want overwhelming stopping power you need a centerfire rifle or a 12 gauge shotgun, not a handgun of any caliber.

  101. Trinity says:

    Brings to mind some of the comments on another article appearing on this site titled, “Will The Denazification Ever End?” Seems our Jewish friends have a history of stabbing people in the back, Greece, France, Spain, Russia, Germany, Palestinians and now good ole mutts that call themselves Americans, particularly White Americans.

    ALLEGEDLY, American guinea pigs saved Jews from the gas chambers and Satan’s leading henchman, a doughy guy with a funny little moustache named Hitler. And immediately Jews began showing how grateful they were to America and Western Europe by bashing Whitey 24/7 through Hymiewood films, interracial (((pornography))) that often featured blonde women bedding down with Blacks, stirring up racial division with movements like The Swindle Whites Movement, legislating the Immigration Reform Act to make America more inclusive to nonwhites and now demanding that White nations flood their nations with hostile third world biological weapons of mass destruction aka illegal invaders.

    America can now join Greece, Spain, France, Russia, and Germany. How does that knife feel sticking in your back, America? And the topper is that while these racist Jewish Supremacists do their best to destroy Western Civilization through promoting degenerate and disgusting behavior, drug and alcohol abuse, inciting anti-White racism and violence against Whites, etc., (((our leaders))) continue to sacrifice our young and strong to expand Israel’s borders. I guess some people never learn. You can’t fix stupid.

    • Thanks: FLgeezer
  102. Rurik says:

    Why “middle-schoolers” though?
    That’s oddly specific.

    optimum age of susceptibility to programming.

    Young children are not thoughtful enough, but Middle Schooler’s are at the perfect age of vulnerability to the agenda-driven lies of adults.

    High Schoolers are becoming too jaded, and are beginning to understand (hopefully), that just about everything they’re told is agenda-driven lies- that the adults of their society want to infuse into their psyches for the benefit of those same adults.

    So they have to target the most ingenuous segment of society and fill their just-developing and trusting minds with lies, in order to be their standard bearers for those lies in the next generations.

    There’s a reason Hollywood and the tribe go to great efforts to create role models for young girls like Hanna Montana- in order to morph them into gutter skanks for the young teens to admire and emulate.

    This is a very critical age, and they know it.

    If you can poison their young souls at that age, there’s a much greater chance that they’ll become drug-addled, zombied-out losers for the rest of their pathetic lives.

    And if you can indoctrinate them into suicidal weapons against their own folks, full of hatred for their own heritage and ancestors and culture, then it would be that much harder to undo that once they grow up.

    • Agree: Majority of One
    • Replies: @Sollipsist
  103. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    That BLM and PANTIFA–always in a bunch–are funded by rich Jews, like Soros’ Open Society Foundation and have Jews in the background, giving advice and commands, like the convicted Jew terrorist Susan Rosenberg, sent to prison for 50+ years, but pardoned by Comrade Clinton is one fact that you won’t see in the MSM, as they portray violent thugs burning down cities as “mostly peaceful protests” as the terrorists loot liquor stores and liberate the alcohol and cigs being kept down by Whitey.

    BLM showed how much of a fraud & front they are when Biden chose K Harris as his VP. Harris is descended from a slave owning family and as California AG, came down harder on black defendants than whites. That they did not raise hell about that tells me BLM leadership is not only rotten, it’s also it’s a controlled front.

    BLM haven’t said a damn thing about the ongoing civil wars in Libya, a nation of mostly black people getting killed by American backed war lords.
    BLM hasn’t said a damn thing when we help the Kingdom of Head Choppers bomb the hell out of one of the poorest nations on Earth Yemen, where most of the people are black. We also assist Jared the Snake’s buds by helping with the blockade of food, medicines and the supplies need to purify Yemens water, if the plant hasn’t already been bombed by mercs recruited by the Saudis.

    BLM also isn’t saying anything that Jews are wanting to erase one of their dead heroes, Malcolm X from history because he got too uppity to Jews.

    Malcolm X Must Fall: Hundreds of Streets, Schools Named After Black Ally of the KKK

    “Between the Klu Klux Klan and the NAACP group, give me the Klan,” Garvey had once said.

    This proves that BLM are nothing more than Commie race baiters wanting not to help blacks in general, but to cause enough confusion for the Communist PANTIFA brigades to swoop in and take over.

  104. @Socrates

    My guess is that Deep Thought is a Chinese troll.

  105. bob jones says:


    there are more palestinians now than there ever were- this is the OPPOSITE of genocide

    nonetheless, the jews are a vicious people

    • Replies: @anon
  106. Emslander says:

    I think it’s dawned on a fair few people (admittedly far too few) that the ADL’s end goal is to make all white Americans out to be some sort of Nazi.

    If a man calls his loving wife an unfaithful whore enough, she will turn unfaithful.

    If Jews and Blacks accuse the American majority, that has bent over backward and forward to accommodate all of their sensibilities for more than a century, of being racists and anti-Semites, we will all become racist and anti-Semitic.

  107. anonymous[299] • Disclaimer says:
    @El Dato

    Professor, black have been disproportionately harmed by coronavirus and the protests have happen at approximately the same time as the coronavirus pandemic, state your reasons for refuting.

  108. @Deep Thought

    The USSR had way more nukes than the US knew about. It was Krushchev that said “We will crank them out like sausages”, and they did.

    • Replies: @Pat Kittle
  109. bob jones says:

    on stopping power-

    a .22 is frequently lethal. Anyone who claims it isn’t is delusional

    however it does not have terminal ballistics equivalent to larger calibers.

    Watch Paul Harrel’s video on YT about .22 for home defense. He engages a target with a .22 and engages a similar target with nothing. Then he misses with a .44 mag and hits with a .22 and compares the terminal effects.

    .22 however is a rimfire cartridge and is inherently less reliable than .25 which is probably a better bet for this small pistol carry.

    That said, if you want to have a good chance at a physiological stop not requiring fatal wounding or a CNS hit, you need a much higher energy round. A subcompact in 9mm or .380 is not adequate.

    There is a difference between wounding and eventual bleedout and a physiological stop. Those who have hunted with handguns will absolutely note and describe a significant gap between 9mm and for example .357 mag in terms of incapacitation curves measured in both time and distance between shot and stop for deer and other animals. The higher energy rounds of the same weight are more effective in terms of stop probability.

    This is probably due to a hydraulic vascular effect caused by pressure waves caused by the bullet impact.

    If you go to YT you can watch for example FLIR camera hog hunts where hogs are shot, dropped, go stiff, then get back up and run. It happens all the time. They are shot and dropped/stopped, but not dead. Hogs have the ability to shake off being stunned like a zombie. However, something unrelated to the wound severity causes them to get dropped. Humans, when similarly dropped, have far less recovery potential.

    9mm rounds produce wounds fairly equivalent to other calibers but do not deliver as much energy on impact. Stopping a robber or other assailant can typically be achieved with any caliber as there is a pecuniary motive in this encounter that is not worth dying for. But a crazed knife wielding attacker like that random man who stabbed someone in Michigan over a COVID mask issue- he required 9 rounds of 9mm to be put down. You can watch 1st person bodycam footage from the officer who was required to shoot him. He absorbed multiple 9mm rounds from a fullsize pistol and was even able to grab the officer’s sidearm and force a malfunction.

    Based upon the mediocre to worse track record of 9mm historically and the overexaggeration of the improvement in effectiveness of the modern “hyper” ammo, I counsel people to consider larger carry weapons chambered in .40 S&W. Obviously, something is better than nothing, but do not fall for the hype from ammo manufacturers about the ostensibly profound improvements in bullet designs that have made “all calibers equal.” They haven’t. The newer bullet designs merely have improved expansion characteristics when faced with heavy clothing barriers and their penetration is now tailored to be uniform. There *always* were rounds- in some cases for 40 years- that have serendipitously had “ideal” FBI metrics terminal performance, even in 9mm.

    In addition, the failures of 9mm historically (or 22 or 25 or 380 etc) were not attributable to failure to expand or heavy denim barriers. For example, 147gr 9mm ammo was an atrocious street performer when introduced (and widely adopted)- yet now with “new” bullet designs it is supposed to have been transformed into something as effective as .357- no bullet design is capable of overcoming the massive kinetic energy deficit between these.

    Those such as Harrell who do comparison tests against target analogs note that the performance of basic generic JHP rounds is in most cases incredibly close to the performance of “hyper” ammo. This is a comparison of JHP designs that date back decades versus the best of the best of today- the performance gap is relatively small and in terms of the tests performed against analog (not gel) targets, higher energy rounds produce more tissue damage, a tendency mirrored by hunters’ experience after field dressing handgun-shot animals such as deer.

    All that said, the effectiveness of a rifle or shotgun with appropriate shot simply outclasses any handgun in existence.

    • Replies: @R.C.
  110. @BADmejr

    ADL apparently advertised an online discussion topic for August 28th, shortly after the shooting incident in Kenosha Wisconsin that killed two white men and injured a third. The headline reads “Why all white American middle schoolers must publicly condemn the Anti-Semitic murders by white supremacist Kyle Rittenhouse.”

    If the ad is fake, then this is an outright false statement. Satire should be deployed as satire, not represented as the real article.

  111. @Deep Thought

    “All animals are equal, but the white animals are more equal than other (especially the Chinese, and the Black) animals!!!”
    You are projecting. There are many breeds of pigs. Most in North America are “White”, but in Orwell’s England (and Spain) they are not.

  112. BLM is supported by zionists and even main stream companies and the MSM and BLM and antifa are precursors to the bolshevik revolution that is in its beginning stages here in the ZUSS and is going to get worse as time goes on, to see what is coming read Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago and The Protocols of Zion.

    Zionists are destroyers of nations and humanity.

  113. @Iris

    Interesting take. The hypothesis is conceivable.

  114. R.C. says:

    But will the Chinese, whom they can’t lay a Holocaust guilt trip on, fall for it?

    When one thinks about it, the only group of people on this earth one CAN lay an effective ‘guilt trip’ on, are Western whites.
    I dare say it’s directly related to the scumbags taking advantage of the Enlightenment and Christianity.

    • Replies: @Parsnipitous
  115. @Deep Thought

    Truly you are deeply taught by Talmudist rebbes at the Shul.

    • Agree: Richard B
  116. Alden says:

    Never forget why ADL was created to defend, through bribery, extortion and intimidation; a child molesting girl employee harassing rapist and murder of one of his \$1.25 a week 13 year old girl factory slaves Leo Frank and blame the rape murder on another man.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
    • Thanks: Trinity
    • Replies: @anonymous
  117. Mr Jew says:
    @Old and Grumpy

    I meant that *metaphorically* and you have to ruin it with a concrete example. Now I have to send the Anti Gentile League after you, and you will attend one of their “reeducation camps.”

  118. @sonofman

    Well thought out. Nicely stated.

  119. Anon[367] • Disclaimer says:
    @mark green

    INTERESTING, and REVEALING, that the ACLU has objected to Nick Sandman being accepted at a high class college. The ACLU, obviously hates the kid as do his detractors. Why is the ACLU, even involved in his life?????

    • Replies: @Alden
  120. Alden says:
    @Supply and Demand

    You and your friends and family go first. See how it works out.

    • Replies: @Supply and Demand
  121. Anonymous[125] • Disclaimer says:

    I doubt Trump or anyone who works closely with Jews is going to go around criticizing them as Jews while in their company, as I mentioned, but that’s a far cry from being inhibited from criticizing Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians or organized Jewry’s hypocrisy in their support of BLM. Regarding these specifics, the president has surrounded himself with Jewish advisors and not least his son-in-law of the Lubavitcher crime syndicate, so there won’t be any criticism of Jewish support per se, I’m sure.

    Unless I’m mistaken, BLM as a political force isn’t merely supported by organized Jewry as you mention and the manifesto makes clear, but has its vast \$10s of millions in corporate and Jewish contributions under the control of Janet Rosenberg, the convicted terrorist pardoned by Clinton and hired the next day to work for organized Jewry, which she presumably still works for as the real power behind BLM. My guess is that if an investigation of the money were undertaken, it’d prove BLM, Antifa, and these riots are as Jewish and as similarly motivated as the Bolshevik massacre of tens of millions of Russians a century ago that we now know was financed by Wall Street’s Jews.

    • Agree: Justsaying
  122. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    If you need more proof that the PANTIFA thugs are Zionist Jew terrorists, look at the two white boys arrested by the corrupt fbi.
    The MSM claimed they were right-wing fanatics working with HAMAS to overthrow the govt, but they’re Commies shape-shifters that left some incriminating comments on Twaddle about killing off white people.

    To claim HAMAS is in the US, recruiting white bois is more proof that the hidden hand here is Israel and their Zionist Jew fellow travelers.
    HAMAS has been trying to keep Apartheid Israel from wiping Gaza off the map and PM Nuttyahoo would love to have an excuse to flatten Gaza while the Deep State psychos, who did 9/11, send off to Gulags tens of millions white people when not busy killing them.

    Two ‘Boogaloo Bois’ charged for ‘conspiring with HAMAS’ in alleged plot to overthrow US government

    So us white bois have been conspiring with the group fighting to keep the Khazar terrorists out of Gaza, HAMAS?

    Look for this to develop into a bigger story. with the Shin Bet, uh sorry, the FBI finding these HAMAS loving cells all over the US, and that’s when BLM/PANTIFA will start attacking white people wherever they find them.

    Worst case scenario is that the same homicidal maniacs that wiped out part of Beirut and blamed it on 7 yo stored fertilizer realize that their COVID hysteria is running on fumes, so they’ll do a Beirut on some Midwest farming community–where A Nitrate is stored by the tons and tons–and blame it white supremacists working with HAMAS.

    Just like the Israeli master-minded 9/11 False Flag was used the GW Bush to lay waste to nations Israel wanted wiped out, this false flag will give them the excuse to go after white people, not just men, but those who give them shelter and Israel will have the excuse it wants to complete its ethnic genocide of the native Palestinians.

    The Deep State f8cks will announce a temporary suspension of the Bill of Rights, but only until the emergency is over…which will be never.

  123. Notsofast says:

    Wikipedia states ground zero refers to nuclear and other large bombs. I think it is unlikely they used a nuke, there would be radiation that would be a finger pointing right at isreal. I think they used a moab on a small boat most likely remote controlled. This would have the explosive force of a small nuke (combined with 275 tons of ammonium nitrate) but leave no evidence.

    • Replies: @Iris
  124. Z-man says:

    A true sportsman will assure his kills are clean and quick.

    Sportsman? I ain’t no friggin sportsman, I want to shoot quickly and hit someone threatening me. If he’s screaming in pain so be it.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Realist
  125. “All Things Must Pass…”… George Harrison

    And this will pass too…

    In the scheme of things, Israel is not even a blip in the universe. The idea that it will survive the future simply because it survived the past goes against the grain of logic, considering that past performance has never been an indicator of the future.

    The fact so many here and even on the Jewish News Syndicate site that Phil provided a link to for the advertisement he described in his essay demonstrates that Israel and all its supporters are done.

    It is just a matter of time. And all we have to do is wait…

  126. @Rurik

    That makes sense. Even if there wasn’t any concerted diabolical intent, any combination of callous marketing and misguided people who fully believe in their ‘good intentions’ would gravitate toward exploiting the most impressionable and least critical time in a child’s life. Everything after that is just ideological maintenance.

    So the only way to counter that would be to focus on the rebellious high school/early college stage, by portraying the previous stage’s influences as repressive and/or unfashionable. All of the tricks of the 20th Century counterculture, in the opposite direction. Somehow you’d have to present positive attitudes and behaviors as going against mainstream culture, but without losing them again when they’re old enough to get to the “with real life experience I grudgingly realized my parents were right after all” stage.

    And even that much manipulation seems a bit distasteful. Ideally the endpoint is to have a culture that allows children to grow naturally and enjoy their childhood without any manipulation, aside from the roles that parents and peers play in developing and reinforcing positive values and beliefs. Is that even achievable anymore?

  127. @Alden

    You’re wasting your time, Yakubian woman. I married a Chinese. Run along and destroy Western civilization somewhere else.

    • Replies: @Alden
  128. Svigor says:

    It’s amazing how God is so totally on the jevvs’ side that He set the world up so that literally the only downtrodden underdog minority population that’s composed of bad people who deserve to suffer just happen to be the ones in jevvs’ way, the people inhabiting the Holy Land before He gave it back to its rightful owners!

    But we all know jevvs totally didn’t write this script to serve their interests and then sign, “a co-production of History, Truth, and God!” at the bottom.

    You know, by now eons of history have shown this is just how jevvs roll. But actually believing this shit? I got nothin’. Cuckservatives and boomers will actually regurgitate this shit at you as if it has some value beyond vomit…

    And then when jevvs turn around and join the oppressed underdog minorities, and/or flat-out stir them up and set them on Whites, these same cucks and boomers will smile and eat that slop, too. It’s all really quite breathtaking.

    P.S., no Palestinian ever called me goy. Jews say Whites and Pals don’t exist.

  129. anon[228] • Disclaimer says:
    @Deep Thought

    Film Mualn is being criticized on the same day both at NPR and by Washington Post . NYTimes is not lagging It has joined the bandwagon on the sameday making the entire thing sound like a chorus emanating from the deep womb of the incestuous Neoconservative movement . How do they synchronize it ? “The predominantly Muslim, Turkic-speaking ethnic minority have lived for years under increasingly expansive surveillance and repression in the region.” It seems less worrisome than it seems for people in Gaza or West Bank or in Jerusalem or even in Israeli tortured Golan Heights .

    It seems the Evil empire is having problem in getting the QUAD fight China They want the Muslim blood to be shed .

    What Israel would do? It will wedge itself in the middle offering services to all 3- USA, China and the Uighur simultaneously offering its services and propaganda to one of them using any combination of two out of three at a given time .

    Jewish and Brahamin have something in common They co-opt and devour They strip the resistance off its ideological the strength .They embellish and add But the accommodation is for the fool only They always make sure their side of the toast is buttered and the other side is burnt .They use the language and the deity of the west and of the lower caste . But they control the levers of the power

  130. Hillbob says:

    White and Jewish elites are the same. Have an affinity for each other

  131. Alden says:

    Why???? Because the ACLU is an anti White organization. That’s why.

  132. Alden says:

    Hunting animals is different from self defense from criminals. Much less legal problems if the intended victim just wounds them.

    • Agree: Z-man
  133. Alden says:
    @Supply and Demand

    Old Confucian saying. Don’t bring a hunting rifle to a tank battle or confrontation with a small town SWAT team. Another proud miscegenationist White man. Not that I care, but many White men do.

  134. “We speak with one voice when we say, unequivocally: Black Lives Matter” and then goes on to assert “There are politicians and political movements in this country who build power by deliberately manufacturing fear to divide us against each other. All too often, anti-Semitism is at the center of these manufactured divisions.”

    To me, all lives matter. I do notice though, how the jewish angle of perceived ‘prosecution’ [the AS BS] is squarely injected into a message concerning da BLM [Bullshit Looses Momentum] crapola.

  135. @sonofman

    There are some black leaders like Robert Woodson of the Woodson Center, Leo Terrell civil rights lawyer and Larry Elder radio host who are against the current lies promoted by the Democrats, BLM and Antifa. But they have a message that is counter to the narrative that CNN, MSNBC, NYT, the Washington Post and the black political leadership are promoting and will get little air time.

    The problem is there is serious money to be made and millions of dollars are being showered by corporations on any organization with the words “Black”, “Justice” or “Equality” in the name regardless of their actual motives. I recently read that the NBA is ready to fund \$100 million to BLM and other “progressive” organizations. With this kind of money in play the hucksters like Al Sharpton and friends will be will support any narrative that gets them closer to the money spigot.

    Black Lives Matter does not care about black lives if they did they would be concerned about the fact that 94% of all blacks are killed by other blacks. BLM is a Marxist organization and is against the nuclear family, as if the black culture isn’t dysfunctional already with 70+% of children born out of wedlock.

    Don’t count on the black leadership, too much money to be made supporting the radical Democrats and the “white privilege” and “white supremacy” propaganda.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Cloudbuster
  136. Iris says:

    Hi. I don’t think a MOAB was used to blow up the Beirut harbor. A MOAB is an enormous piece of weaponry, weighing 10+ tons, normally dropped from a cargo plane, difficult to conceal. Moreover, it contains large quantities of military-grade explosive which signature traces would be found in the aftermath.

    Of course, the “ammonium nitrate” story is utter BS. There is not a snowball’s chance in hell that hundreds of separate AN bags would have exploded in a perfectly synchronised fashion to produce one, single, coherent supersonic shockwave. Not in the real world.

    What was used had to be a “clean” type of explosive, without incriminating by-products, to conceal the crime against humanity. A pure fusion thermonuclear bomb fits the bill, as it leaves only harmless Helium in the aftermath, a gas always present in the atmosphere. Such bombs have been developed in the US under Israeli supervision since 2006.

    • Thanks: Robjil
    • Replies: @Notsofast
    , @Greg Bacon
  137. @anon

    Daffy Duck was a “Brahmin.”

  138. @mark green

    The essence of Judaism is hate. They hate non-Jews. Everything else is secondary with them. Historically they have massacred non-Jews whenever they could get away with it. Or even killed off assimilated Jews and non-Talmudic Jews. They hate. They. Hate. And also express their hatred by accusing non-Jews of hate, and from their privileged place in society, above society, imposing hate speech laws on us. A generation ago there were no hate speech laws. Why are they needed now?

    • Agree: Greg Bacon
  139. The connection with mercantilism is well made.
    Shakespeare wrote a play about mercantilism – evident in the title: The Merchant of Venice – making the point that “the quality of mercy” is alien to mercantilism.
    Human endeavor/industry divorced from the quality of mercy leads to ill ends. Look at the junk food industry, the military and medical industrial complexes for examples galore.
    The merciful precautionary principle receives – at best – insincere lip service from our merciless mercantile monetary civilization.

    • Agree: Neo-Socratic
  140. Bulan S says:

    The ADL is a left wing organization that is run by a Soros employee. They don’t act for Israel or Zionists. Antisemitism is their excuse for power, even as they protect leftist-antisemites

  141. @Lee

    But Lee, it was pretty close to a land flowing with milk and honey before the European Jews invaded. Europe had been importing Jaffa oranges for a couple of centuries. But the Jews have been vandalizing the place since they came, destroying natural wells and all historic wells to divert the water to Jewish settlements, destroying orchards, demolishing ancient churches, … They’ve been ruining that historic land, the Jews have. And it’s still going on, destroying that land at a rapid rate.

    They grow trees on the sites of villages they destroyed, but only to prevent the villagers from returning.

    • Agree: Iris, Sya Beerens
  142. Jewish Behavior is hypocritical or consistent depending on how one looks at it.

    IF Jewish attitudes claim to be anti-supremacist and if Jews contend that they are championing the cause of downtrodden blacks against White Supremacism, especially as embodied by White Police Brutality, then they are indeed hypocritical, not to mention anti-factual, as there is no white supremacist ‘genocide’ being carried out against blacks and, furthermore, the racial violence and animus in the US is mainly black-on-white, black-on-non-black, and yes, black-on-black. Still, supposing that most Jews in the US are indeed ‘liberal’ and ‘progressive’ and that they’re truly invested in the well-being of blacks as a historically oppressed group, one would think they’d have similar sympathies about other unfortunate groups all around the world. You’d think Jews would oppose the West’s cruel sanctions against Iran and Syria that have cost so many lives and livelihoods. You’d think Jews would call on the West to distance itself from Saudi Arabia’s truly genocidal war in Yemen.
    But we don’t see or hear any such. Though there are Jewish individuals who condemn Jewish/Zionist abuses, the bulk of Jewish Power and Population are indifferent or even downright hostile to the aforementioned nations and groups that are being destroyed by machinations of the West. Also, most Jews seem oblivious to or totally supportive of Zionism’s cruelty and violence toward Palestinians. How could this be IF INDEED most Jews are ‘liberal’ and ‘progressive’, for the little guy, the underdog, the wretched of the earth? How could Jews claim to care so much for blacks in the US but then be so uncaring about other non-whites around the world who are truly crushed by the weight of Western Neo-Imperialism? How many unarmed blacks are killed in the US every year? A mere handful, and most of them provoked the police. By comparison, how many Arabs/Muslims have died in the Middle East and North Africa due to Western invasions, occupations, sanctions, and unconditional support for Israel? Too many to count. According to Madeleine Albright, even killing 500,000 Iraqi children was ‘worth it’. Where is the Jewish sadness and despair? So, on those grounds, Jews would seem hypocritical. If indeed we conflate the Palestinians with blacks while conflating Jews/Zionists with whites(as the privileged and powerful folks), then Moral Logic would dictate that Jews condemn both White Supremacy over blacks and Jewish Supremacy over Palestinians. The Jewish hypocrisy should be most blatant and blaring.

    And yet, Jewish attitude and behavior are consistent if seen within a different context. If we regard Jews as supremacists, then they are being totally consistent, even if publicly dishonest(as they claim to be ‘liberal’ — in a way, Jewish Liberalism, even where it exists, is founded on a basis totally different from White Liberalism. If White Liberalism is an outgrowth of white power, privilege, security, generosity, conscience, and magnanimity, Jewish Liberalism is an outgrowth of Jewish insecurity, anxiety, paranoia, defensiveness, and tribalism. White Liberalism is based on, “We whites are secure, powerful, and rich enough to make things more equal and fair with other groups”, whereas Jewish Liberalism is based on “We Jews must stick together and work to undermine the solidarity of OTHER groups so that we Jews can prosper and gain more power.” White Liberalism is about letting go of ‘too much’ white power, whereas Jewish Liberalism is about accumulating and consolidating more Jewish Power, which is never enough. Same goes for so-called Black Liberalism. Jews and Blacks are fixated on “What’s in it for us?” whereas White Liberalism is about “What’s in it for OTHER groups?” Now, this was understandable at one time as Christian White Power was truly dominant and there were discriminatory policies, often official in nature, for non-whites. Ideally, the powerful use liberalism to be more fair-minded and generous whereas, naturally, the weak look to liberalism to get a larger share of the pie. But things aren’t so simple in our world where Jews are the MOST POWERFUL group in the West and when blacks enjoy so many legal favoritism and are nearly worshiped as a god-race. Indeed, White Liberalism went from one of generosity to one of obeisance. Jewish Demands destroyed whatever had been noble-if-naive about White Liberalism. It used to be White Liberalism tried to be fair to ALL non-white groups, and that included not just blacks and Jews but also Arabs, browns, yellows, and etc. There was a time when America tried to be fairer with the Palestinians. Even though the US fatally threw in its lot with Zionism in 1948, there were attempts by John F. Kennedy, George H.W. Bush, and Bill Clinton to broker some kind of deal for Palestinians. And there was a time when whites were as concerned about the plight of American Indians as about blacks. But as the Power in America shifted from whites to Jews and their main political allies, blacks and homos, the New Dominant Liberalism was less about white fairness to all than white/goy obeisance to Jewish demands, black megalomania, and homo vanity. Liberalism went from ideology based on principles to idolatry based on special identity. As Nancy Pelosi said, even if Washington D.C. burns to the ground, US will be there for Israel. As so many GOP cucks have pledged to AIPAC, they eat, drink, and think for Israel, Israel, Israel. And even as Jewish Power rams Donald Trump in the ass, his main plea is, “Can I suck your dic* that’s been up my arse?” It’s truly a sad state of affairs.) The CONSISTENCY of the Jewish position on BLM becomes clear when we regard Jewish power as supremacist. What fails as moralism succeeds as nihilism. Indeed, what Jews value about BLM is not that it is a genuine movement for black justice, which it most certainly is not, but that it is a black supremacist position partnered with the supremacist positions of Jews and homos.

    Now, what do all three groups have in common despite their great differences? (Jews and blacks are very different, and if the two groups were placed on an island, they would not get along.) The commonality is their dependence on White Submissivism for them to get their goodies. Without white submission and support, Jews cannot use the West as the vessel for Jewish Hegemony. Without white submission and support, blacks can’t have it so good. Indeed, compare blacks in the US with blacks in Africa. Why do all those blacks intend to move to US or EU? Because living with whites is an instant-ticket to a better life. But if, in the past, blacks just hoped to live UNDER whites, they now love lording OVER whites. Even though majority of blacks are economically below that of majority of whites, they enjoy superiority over whites in key ways. As top athletes, they are seen as ‘heroes’. As music stars, they are seen as ‘divas’. As sexual objects, they are seen as super-studs or super-ho’s. And the historical narrative of black slavery, Jim Crow, and etc. makes blacks out to be the only equals of Jews in the White Guilt sweepstakes. (Of course, one could argue that blacks gained more under whites in a few centuries than on their own through the eons and, furthermore, other groups suffered even more under whites — especially the American Indians who lost their homelands forever and experienced something like ‘genocide’ — , but ‘narratives’ are not objective accounts but subjective and highly politicized storytelling to push a specific agenda.) So, both Jewish Supremacism and Black Supremacism are invested in belittling, berating, insulting, degrading, threatening, intimidating, and attacking any sign of white identity, white interests, white consciousness, white pride, and white okay-ness as UPPITY.


    In a way, the current Jewish-Black attitude toward whites is not unlike that of white slave-masters over black slaves. Blacks were not supposed to be assertive; any black with a noticeable sense of self was deemed ‘uppity’. At one time, Jews and blacks may have hoped for white kindness under white domination. Then, they may have hoped for equality with whites. But over the years, they’ve grown accustomed and addicted to supremacy over whites. In the past, Jews and blacks denounced white supremacist attitudes. Today, they demean ANY kind of white consciousness as ‘nazi’ or ‘supremacist’ or something to do with ‘white fragility’ borne of ‘white privilege’. In other words, it’s not enough for whites to call for equality among the races. Instead, whites must accept an inferior role vis-a-vis Jews and blacks(and homos). This is why even “It’s Okay to be White” or “All Lives Matter” is threatening to Jewish and Black power. (One thing for sure, even most ‘liberal’ Jews do NOT want white Americans to be equal in their feelings toward Jews and Palestinians or toward Israel and Iran. For Jews, Zionist Lives Matter infinitely more than Arab/Muslim lives, as Madeleine Albright made so clear so eloquently.) Even white call for equality-for-all is deemed as ‘uppity’ from the perspective of Jewish/Black master-mentality. Whites must accept and celebrate their INFERIORITY before Jews and blacks.

    Of course, it’s complicated by history. Many Jews and blacks may sincerely believe they are for ‘progress’ and ‘justice’ because they’d been historically wronged by the White Christian/Gentile community. Even though things are so different now, the official narrative colors how people see the world around them. It’s like Christians took over Europe and did horrible things to pagan heretics, but they kept with their official narrative of Christians being fed to the lions by the Roman pagans. The moral narrative of pagans killing Christians made Christians morally blind to their killing of pagans. (In our time, Antifa goons are blind to their own ‘fascistic’ behavior because they hunt down ‘nazis’.) And even though Christian Europe often kept Jews down, the official Christian Narrative fixated on Jesus, the Son of God, murdered by Jews as a bunch of Judases. People live in the present but ‘feel’ in the past, or the Official Past as kept alive by the Narrative.
    Indeed, this was also why whites in the past were more accepting of black slavery. Even though they knew that slavery went against American Principles, the official narrative of blacks-as-savages-being-elevated-by-white-stewardship sweetened the existence of the ignoble institution. It wasn’t merely a case of People A enslaving and exploiting People B but a case of People B being elevated by enlightened enforcement by People A who knew better. Even in the 1960s, the National Review and William F. Buckley opposed the Civil Rights Movement on those grounds: Blacks were NOT READY for full participation in US power because they still had some ways to go in social and cultural advancement. Because Christians fixated on their own history of victimization under Jews and Romans, they became blind to their own supremacist oppression of others. And because of the American Narrative that white folks were creating a new and better world, even the ‘genocide’ of the American Indians and slavery of blacks seemed partly justified as contributing to the creation of the City on the Hill. Ends would justify the Means. Sure, the Indians had to be pushed aside and blacks would have to pick cotton, but all would benefit from white triumph in the end as, on their own, non-whites would be mired in their own savagery, backwardness, or childishness.

    Incidentally, the power-neuroses of Jews and blacks are different vis-a-vis whites because Jews got too much power whereas blacks feel they got too little. Paradoxically, Jews are more anxious and paranoid especially because they are richer and more powerful than ever. In some ways, such power makes Jews arrogant and confident, but it also makes them fearful that they will be found out and seen(and criticized) as the New Ruling Elites of the US and Empire. Jews want the dominant role but want to remain behind the curtains, much like Jewish Hollywood moguls run the place but use mostly goy actors as the Face of Hollywood. Most of Washington D.C. is like Jewish-run Hollywood with goy politicians as ‘actors’ reading scripts written by Jewish handlers. The excessive power of Jews has made them both paranoid and arrogant or ‘parrogant’. Jews got so much money, control media and big tech, dominate finance, own Las Vegas, and control much of real estate. They dominate elite academia and think tanks that mold both elite minds and mass mentalities.

    In contrast, blacks are especially bitter because they feel they don’t have the wealth, power, and privilege that should be rightfully theirs as the superior race. Blacks don’t care about equality and justice for all. If they did, why would they burn down the businesses and properties of immigrant groups, many of whom are not white, whenever “there’s a riot going on”? Why do blacks join the US military when it invades and destroys other nations? How many blacks are like Muhammad Ali during the Vietnam War when he said, “Viet Cong didn’t call me no ni**er”? Most blacks don’t mind serving in the US military as long as they get money and promotions. Blacks don’t care about non-blacks, and blacks don’t care for socialism. Blacks make ‘socialist’ noises not because they want equality but because they are resentful that not all blacks can live like Obama, Oprah, and rich rappers. Blacks feel that they be the kangz, and therefore, everything should be given to them-as-natural-royalty. Blacks got the Meghan Markle Mentality. Even as she makes noises about ‘justice’, she married a prince and lives like a pig. If blacks are truly socialist, they should be denouncing rich blacks, but they can’t get enough of other blacks having all the blings, mansions with swimming pools, limos, and the like. The problem is blacks succeed most in fields where ONLY A FEW can win. Sports is winner-takes-all. In pop entertainment, only a handful make all the dough while the rest barely make a living performing at small clubs. For every successful rapper or actor, there are countless others with nothing. Blacks have done well in government, but at the uppermost echelons, they serve as tokens to Jews, homos, and even white cucks.
    The childish black mentality, being fixated on song-dong-strong-wrong, feels that blackness is the greatest thing in the world that should be revered and served by all other races, but black weakness in brainy fields keeps them far behind others who succeed in science, math, law, technology, medicine, business, and etc. (‘Song-dong-strong-wrong’ or SDSW refers to black fixation on rappers, sex, sports, and the narrative.) Now, the reasons for black failures in certain key fields is due to genetics and culture. Blacks are generally less intelligent and more impulsive. Also, black culture emphasizes acting the fool. But, black egotism or Negrotism makes it difficult for most blacks to be like Jesse Lee Peterson and reflect on the possibility that maybe not all black problems are due to ‘dem honk*y-ass mothafuc*az’. So, even though most blacks die from black violence, everything is blamed on whitey. And of course, Jews encourage this by coming up with terms like ‘systemic racism’ — never mind the biggest form of ‘systemic racism’ in US is the unconditional support of Israel and turning a blind eye to every black degeneracy; black problem is more endemic than systemic, i.e. blackity-ness is inherent in blacks and makes them more impulsive, aggressive, funky, and jivey in a manner that isn’t conducive to modern society. Something in the black gene pool makes them feel more along the lines of ‘sheeeeeeeiiiiiit’.

    Now, why do Jews encourage such blackity-ness? Why do Jews tell blacks to blame it all on whitey? Is it because Jews really care about blacks? Now, some Jewish women got jungle fever, and some Jewish guys make big bucks off black sports, music, sex, and comedy. But, privately, many Jews fear blacks and know the ‘schvartzes are crazy’. But Jews go along with the Jewish-Black alliance charade because it’s good for the Narrative and Maintenance of Jewish Supremacism over whites. While there is the Holocaust Narrative, which is mostly about ‘white guilt’, it is bolstered by White Guilt about Blacks. Besides, having blacks as symbolic allies gives moral cover to what Jews have done to Arabs and Muslims. As Jews love to say, MLK was pro-Zionist and friends with Jews. So, that settles it! Ironically, the more Jews treat Palestinians the way whites once treated blacks in the past in the US South and South Africa, the more they cling to blacks as symbolic allies. Jim Crowitz in West Bank and neo-imperialist violence in Gaza are given moral cover by Jews emoting about Emmett Till for the umpteenth time.

    Though the Narrative is victimological in nature, it is to give moral support to Jewish Supremacism in the Present. By making Jews and their black allies into Eternal Moral Paragons who suffered under ‘antisemitism’ and ‘racism’, it has become nearly impossible to criticize those two groups and put them under any kind of fair-minded scrutiny. Why, that would be ‘antisemitic’ or ‘racist’, the two greatest sins in the present(along with ‘homophobia’)!! Just like the peons couldn’t criticize kings and noblemen, whites as neo-peons cannot criticize Jews and blacks. When a group cannot be criticized, it is enjoying a supremacist position in society. Of course, Jews get richer while many blacks become even poorer, but Power isn’t about most people but about the elites exploiting symbolism to gain more power for themselves. It’s like the communist ‘dictatorship of the proletariat’ didn’t mean the actual proles got the power. They remained peons while the intellectual class ruled as representatives of the Workers of the World; they were like the pigs in ANIMAL FARM. So, Jews don’t care about most blacks. Deep down inside, most Jews know that black problems are intractable because of black genetics. The only thing that matters is Jews preserving their own supremacist power by radicalizing the politics of ‘white guilt’. By blaming ‘systemic racism’, Jews make blacks and white cucky-wucks fixate on White Evil as the source of all problems. This means blacks(and Jews and homos) get to make more demands on whites while whites must keep groveling and wash/kiss the stinking feet of Negroes. Jews and blacks make-believe that Fentanyl Floyd was some kind of a saint, and white cucks get on their knees and go boo-hoo-hoo and cry like babies while babbling, “Saint George, I wish you were alive so I could kiss your sacred black ass.”

    Of course, unlike the situation of Palestinians, blacks in the US are not facing any kind of racial violence. If anything, the police, especially white ones, are extra-mindful not to mistreat blacks lest there be another riot. Also, if blacks are getting gunned down, it’s by other blacks who are into gangsta culture, egotism, and drug trade. As blacks know they are stronger and tougher than other races, the interracial violence is usually black-on-non-black, even against Jews, but Jewish Power overlooks black-on-Jewish violence to maintain what they deem to be far more crucial to the perpetuation of Jewish Supremacism: White Obeisance fueled by ‘white guilt’, especially regarding blacks. So, it’s the Jewish Gambit: Indulge black stupidity and destructiveness, which even harms Jews on occasion, to make blacks blame Evil Whitey, therefore keeping whites morally ashamed and browbeaten(and redemptive and ‘saved’ ONLY WHEN they revere and serve the Other).
    If Jews and whites were to pool their resources to be honest about the Black Problem, blacks might come under pressure to behave better and wreak less havoc, but it would also mean the ebbing away of ‘white guilt’, and that would mean whites would be more assertive of their own identity, leading to whites asking, “Why should we whites be subservient to Jewish identity and interests when we have our own?” That is what Jews fear most, and so, they carry on with the politics of black lunacy and stuff like 1619 Project, Emmett-Till-Forever, and BLM propaganda to keep whites feeling morally paralyzed with ‘guilt’. Of course, such has the added advantage of steering black rage from Jewish Power to ‘white privilege’. It’s like Jewish Power pushed the Russia-Russia-Russia Narrative to distract Americans from the fact that the main ‘alien’ interference in US politics is Jewish Globalist Power.

    Many on the Real Left tend to think in terms of Blacks = Palestinians / Whites = Zionist Jews. But most Jews in supremacist mode see it differently: Whites = Palestinians / Jews = Blacks.
    Just like the existence of Israel as a Jewish-Supremacist State depends on Jewish domination over Palestinians and Arabs/Muslims cowering in fear or accepting of inferior roles, the continuation of Jewish Supremacism in the West depends on white submission, obeisance, and inferiority.
    In the Middle East, Jews send a clear message to Palestinians that the latter is a subject people who must do as the Jews say. Jews constantly bomb Syria and threaten Iran. And Jews use their control of the US to pressure key Arab nations like Saudi Arabia and UAE to suck up to Israel. And of course, the Arabs/Muslims are too divided among themselves to unite against Jewish Supremacism. Saudi Arabia is anti-Iran, not anti-Israel.
    In the West, Jews use their media, legal, financial, and political power to send a message to whites, “If you don’t kiss our Jewish ass, you are toast.” Also, Jews use the ‘spiritual’ power of the Narrative to tag whiteness with forever-holocaust-guilt and forever-slavery-guilt. Whites who strive for individual success and status play along and go along. And their children come under Jewish influence via media and academia. No wonder then that so many young whites are going boo-hoo about Fentanyl Floyd as one of the greatest saints of all time. And like the Arabs/Muslims, whites are so divided along ‘liberal’ and ‘conservative’ lines, though to be sure, the feckless and craven ‘conservatives’ are useless while the ‘liberal’ ones, for all their anti-supremacist rhetoric, seem invested in the elevation of only three groups at the expense of all else: Jews, blacks, and homos. Has any bunch of ‘liberals’ painted their streets with ‘Palestinian Lives Matter’ or held up placards with ‘End Wars for Israel and Say NO to Zionist Genocide of Palestinians’?

    Jews and blacks share in their supremacist attitudes toward whites, and that’s why, despite essential differences between them, they are natural allies AS LONG AS they live in a white majority nation. In an island with only Jews and blacks, they would NOT get along. Jews feel superior for being brainier than whites, blacks feel superior for being brawnier than whites. And both have staked their collective identities on the Narrative of Evil Whitey. Polls show that for most Jews, the Shoah is what defines them most in the ‘spiritual’ sense. And blacks, increasingly even in Europe and Africa, center their identity on the American Experience(as if savagery, slavery, and other horrors didn’t exist in black Africa). Black African Immigrants in the US immediately adopt the Black American attitude of victimization(even though their own ancestors captured and sold black slaves to whites and Arabs); black African actors take up roles as historic American blacks. Black Africans listen to rap and pick up Black American attitudes about Whitey. And blacks in Europe assimilate less to European values and culture than to Black American ones based on rap music, gangsta culture, and the evil of ‘white racism’, esp of the KKK kind. But then, even white European values of late are parallels or reflections of white American cuckery to blacks, homos, and Jews. The current Irish are like a bunch of globo-homo ‘whiggers’ invested in remaking Ireland into Afro-Homo-Diversitopia. They have little sense of Irish history, culture, or values except for being lame. U2 songs might as well be anthems of New Ireland.

    So, when Jews feel that both whites and Palestinians must be morally browbeaten and even physically beaten to keep them intimidated and submissive to Jewish Domination, there is great consistency in the Art of Jewish Supremacism. The truly outrageous hypocrisy and even greater stupidity are with whites who are treated like Palestinians by Jewish Power but identify far more with Jews than with Palestinians. Likewise, so many white ‘conservatives’ are so anti-socialist and pro-capitalist when it is the Jewish-dominated capitalist class that is so heavily invested in anti-white vitriol, anti-white campaigns, anti-nationalism, anti-populism, anti-tradition, anti-morality, anti-normality, and etc. While whites should reject communism, it would make more sense than ever for whites to adopt a nationalist version of social-democracy. White ‘conservatives’ are so dumb because they (1) abandoned all socialist principles and (2) were abandoned by the capitalist class that is for LGBT, BLM, ADL, and SPLC. If at least white conzos gave up all vestiges of socialism in exchange for support from the capitalist rich, it wouldn’t be so bad. But whites gave up social-democracy and state power only to be insulted, demeaned, deplatformed, and blacklisted by Big Capital also. Given the nature of Jewish Power and its influence on Big Capital and Elite Institutions, the vast majority of whites would have done better with a nationalist version of social-democracy — without the nationalist element, Social-Democracy turns into worthless cuckery of Sweden and Minnesota — and with identifying with Palestinians who’ve been resisting Jewish Power since the great tragedy of Nakba. But even as whites face White Nakba, the great majority of them from Donald Trump to some MAGA-hat wearing ‘white trash’ are into “Muh Israel” and “Socialism sucks”.

    Behind the facade of Jewish Moral Hypocrisy, there is the consistency of Jewish Supremacism. And it plays it smart, which is why it wins against the Great White Stupidity that still favors capitalism over socialism and favors Jews/Zionists over Palestinians/Syrians/Iranians.

    Jews as moralists are a total fraud. Jewish morality, unlike white morality, is almost never about “Did we do something wrong to others?” but invariably about “How OTHERS wronged us.” True morality is about both being wronged and doing wrong. Jews only fixate on being wronged, all the while fixating on what wrongs whites and Arabs/Muslims did to Jews. Same with Russian History. Jews will go on and on about the pogroms and ‘antisemitism’ but hardly discuss Jewish role in Bolshevism and 1990s pirate-capitalism that destroyed countless Slavic and other lives. True morality requires consistency. If group A does something and if it is bad, it is also bad when group B does it. But according to Jewish morality, apartheid policy was wrong in South Africa but is A-Okay in West Bank. Israeli Police can use any amount of brute force against Palestinians, but the US police is to be condemned for ‘racism’ even when blacks are in the wrong. Also, when Stop-and-Frisk was used in Jewish-dominated NY to bring down crime rates, Jews were hardly outraged. But the same Jews were throwing fits about what happened to Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, even though it was ‘gentle giant’ Brown who attacked the white police officer. Jewish morality is that of crooked lawyers and card sharks. It is worthless.

    But Jews aren’t realists either. Realism has problems, and some see it as a form of gangsterism in its Machiavellian extremes. But in a world where so many nations and peoples, the West included, often overlook or violate the rules(or where agreed-upon enforceable rules hardly exist), people must be pragmatic and realistic on grounds of “what’s in it for us?” For example, US foreign policy should forsake utopian dreams for the world, especially when US itself has tons of failings and problems. But to play this game of realism, the US must be honest with itself and the world. Honest, that is the saving grace of realism. Oftentimes, a honest gangster is easier to deal with than a hypocritical sermonizer. But even that isn’t possible in the US because national interest and the majority no longer matter. The question is never about what is good for America as a nation or for Most Americans because US is Jewish Supremacist and Jews make up only 2% of US population. Just like India under British Imperialism could not be about “What is good for most Indians?” as the priority was “What was good for the British Empire?”, the US cannot hope for any kind of realist policy as the politics, finance, and military are all fixated on “Is it great for Jewish Supremacist Power?”

    Under this conditions, any white person, even if on the Dissident Right, is useless UNLESS he makes White Liberation from Jewish Supremacism the primary goal of white folks, especially by exposing the true extent of Jewish Power and condemning all forms of Jewish supremacist hatred, arrogance, and murderousness, especially against Palestinians, Syrians, and Iranians. What has cucking to Jewish Power ever done for White Americans? “Cuck! What is it good for? Absolutely Nothing.”

  143. Never forget that the ADL was started to help a Jewish pedophile try and frame a black man for the rape and murder of a little white girl.

    • Agree: annamaria
    • Thanks: Trinity
  144. @Z-man

    Get yourself a 7 shot hammerless .357 loaded with 125gr JHP.

    You want to be able to kill with one shot center mass.

    Because your story will be a lot better than his.

  145. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    Chaim, calm down. You know getting agitated about the devious ways Israel & Zionist Jews manipulate the West, especially her American colony, gets your blood pressure too high.

    Tell me, how is it Israel is a serial violator of the Foreign Agents act & never gets charged? Is it the money bribes you offer those quislings in Congress or the Jeff Epstein videos of some Congressional critter romping in bed with a boy or girl that you use to blackmail those bozos?
    Then there’s always the MSM, over 90% of which is owned by Jews, Israelis or fellow travelers that always paints Israel in glowing terms while they’re carpet bombing Gaza or Lebanon or Syria or Iraq or helping the Kingdom of Head Choppers bomb the rubble in Yemen.

    Israel’s plan to secretly fund pro-Israel groups in the U.S.

    Last fall, officials with a shadowy Israeli government agency started knocking on the doors of America’s leading Jewish institutions.

    They came offering money with few strings attached. They wanted American Jewish institutions to help them fight the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement by running “missions” to Israel for influencers, something some of them were doing anyway.

    Guess a thuggish terrorist state like Apartheid Israel can and does get away with murder of the native Palestinians so they can keep stealing land while fake preachers like the odious Haggee keeps telling his flock to worship that Apartheid nightmare.

  146. Rich says:
    @Frankie P

    I’m almost there. I grew up in Queens and knew a lot of good Jews, but if this is where they’re going, I’m going to the other side. Do they actually support a pedophile, Rosenbaum, and a woman strangler, Huber? That’s it for me if Jewish organizations don’t come out in support of this courageous young man, Rittenhouse. I’ll give it a week or so, then I’m done. I’m trying hard to be fair, but anyone on the side of a pedophile, is automatically my enemy.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  147. Notsofast says:

    Excellent points, i agree with you 1000% the ammonium nitrate set off by fireworks or welders is pure bs. If anyone had these weapons it would be these bastards. They had been chirping about trying out new weapons. Nice of them to use kinder gentler and cleaner weapons so when they take over the harbor there wont be so much clean up. Wonder what hezbollah has to say about it.

  148. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    2,7000 tons of AN would need to be saturated with 162 tons of diesel fuel (properly mixed) plus high explosives to start the detonation as well as a charge.
    Plus the AN was over seven years old, so someone with a cutting torch wasn’t going to accidentally set off that AN, but that’s the story the MSM ran with almost immediately after the attack, just like after the Israeli masterminded 9/11 False Flag that had the MSM telling us it was Bin Laden and his posse about 1.5 hours after the first Twin was hit.

    “9-11/Israel did it”

    This article presents evidence that the Israeli deep state was a prime mover in the events of 9-11. Note that it does not imply that other groups (i.e. the US deep state and maybe others) were not involved in both the commission and cover up of the September 11 attacks.

    The 9-11 event advanced the Neocon PNAC agenda, with its explicitly stated need for “…a catastrophic and catalysing event – like a new Pearl Harbor” [1] in order to mobilise US public opinion for already planned wars, the effects of which would be to destroy Israel’s enemies.

  149. Trinity says:

    They have been going there for quite awhile. How many of those “good Jews” ever speak out against Israel’s treatment of Palestinians? How many of those “good Jews” support open borders for ALL TRADITIONALLY WHITE NATIONS while DEMANDING that Israel remain a Jewish nation? The HYPOCRISY of MOST Jews is UNBELIEVABLE. In regards to pedophilia, look no further than the Jewish/Mossad run honey pot, Epstein Island.

    • Replies: @DaveE
  150. Realist says:

    Sportsman? I ain’t no friggin sportsman, I want to shoot quickly and hit someone threatening me. If he’s screaming in pain so be it.

    Calm down…you’re a little confused. The comment wasn’t to you. And you read it out of context.

    My father regularly hunted deer with a 22 rifle when he was a young man.

    You father was a cruel hunter. A deer shot with a .22 dies a slow, painful death…usually by bleeding to death. A true sportsman will assure his kills are clean and quick.

    The comment was addressed to RoantanBill about his father’s hunting acumen.

    • Replies: @Z-man
  151. R.C. says:
    @bob jones

    Yup. As it’s been said, (as I recall by Col. Cooper, RIP) “The purpose of a pistol is to fight your way back to the rifle that you never should have left behind in the first place.”
    I, too, am often disgusted when I see ads (usually on inescapable popups) for how x cartridge has made y obsolete. Pure puffery.

  152. R.C. says:

    [Too much totally off-topic gun stuff. Henceforth such comments are less likely to be published.]

    I detect that all who have commented on sundry calibers and cartridges know at least the basics.


    To minimize misunderstanding, I strongly recommend that folks be more specific.
    What’s a .22 caliber round? Well, a AR-15’s 5.56 X 45 technically is, but it should be generally described with sufficient specifics to be clear what the discussed round is, such as M855, .223 Rem. (which aren’t the same), et al.
    Likewise, a .22 short. A friend had the misfortune to prosecute some thick headed defendant. The ‘victim’ shot the big guy in the skull at point blank range with .22 shorts and the bullets simply migrated under the skin to the far side of the guy’s head, who then beat the ‘victim’ to death, and he was ordered to prosecute that! (It was pled to some simple assault misdemeanor I think – I don’t recall the ending of the story.)
    I dare say that all would agree that deer hunting with a .22 short ain’t appropriate.
    That said, I’d guess that when folks are talking about “a .22” or “a .22 cal” that they are referencing a .22 long rifle cartridge or .22LR; y’all should say it.
    To minimize confusion and enhance communication, I’d simply suggest that folks use reasonably specific terms, which a review of the discussion certainly shows such could be improved upon. 🙂 Further, given the topic, it seems it might be reasonable to even differentiate between, for example, 9mm and 9mm +P rounds.
    Just sayin.

    • Replies: @R.C.
  153. annamaria says:

    Julian Assange, a global petition:

    Julian Assange is an awarded and respected international journalist who has never incorrectly published any news.
    We respectfully request the Prime Minister and/or the Foreign Minister of the Australian Government intervene and ensure Julian Assange’s freedom of safe passage and return to his home Australia or any other location that Julian Assange requests to travel to. We further respectfully request that the Australian Government where influence can be made with friendly nations, that the Australian Government ensure that no extradition order is effected on Julian Assange from the USA that may otherwise impinge on his ongoing freedom of passage and existence.


    • Thanks: Iris
  154. Until I saw that ADL poster, I had not realized that all three were Jews.

    Not such nice boys.

    Palestinian Lives Matter!

    Boycott, Diversify, Sanction!

    • Replies: @JimDandy
  155. Anonymous[243] • Disclaimer says:

    Well even the black leader Louis Farrakhan has denounced the ADL-BLMANTIFA alliance argueing rightfully so that BLM is nothing more than an army of highly trained black proxies for the jewish cartels. Many black leaders haved spoken out against BLM not being truly a grass roots populist black movement quite the opposite. One has to be blind no to see the shadow crews of white looking JEWS probably MOSSAD agents coordinating ordering the lootings beatings burnings acts of terrorism. Jewish agents distributing piles of BRICKS ,planes tickets, bus fares, hotel vouchers, WEAPONS, etc. ..We are either in full denial or we do not care to SEE reality. They did IT…the USA Treasury is bankrupt, tHE USA mlitray over extended …the dollaar has collapsed with continous BAIL OUTS..that amount to several trillions-\$50trillions-in debt…lockdowns, mail voting, polling sabotage, TERROR campaigns…the writing is on the wall we are witnessing the rise and inposition of the ZIO JEWISH NWORDER one world govt from ISRAEL…without any democracy…PAX JUDAICA…they are done tolerating the ignorant inhuman deplorables GOYIM…whom must submit or perish..THE AMERICAN GREAT DEMISE IS COMING…soon…they did IT…

    • Replies: @annamaria
  156. JimDandy says:

    Or none of them are (or were) Jewish. I haven’t seen any conformation.

  157. Z-man says:

    I’m was calm, I was making a point in my sarcastically humorous way.

  158. Empire of Judea marches on

    Serbia and Kosovo get swindled

    • Replies: @Talha
  159. Never challenge the tribe’s monopoly on victimhood. Rubin could have turned it around and accused Hesh of trivializing the genocide of his people, but instead stormed off. Pity.

  160. @Curmudgeon

    Khrushchev also said in nuclear war the living would envy the dead.

    Someone said the nuclear arms race was/is like two grown men standing in a basement filled with gasoline up to their waists, arguing about who has more matches.

  161. @R.C.

    Exactly, Jews will not penetrate China the way they have the ‘West’. They may reach tactical agreements, but they cannot enter the body politic under disguise. The Chinese are not idealists and no soft target.

  162. @JimDandy

    Huber and Grosskreutz are not Jewish names. I’ve never seen a German name containing the word “cross” on a Jew. Huber is an agricultural name from southern Germany.

    Also, the ADL are not morons. They would not advertise their over-representation among Antifa.

    • Replies: @anon
  163. @Majority of One

    Some of these insufferable people want to tear down the Jefferson Memorial and the Washington Monument because slavery.

    But if the monument to the Father of His Country is no longer a proper embellishment to the nation’s capital, will the General’s name have to be stricken from every map, and the city’s name replaced with some other name? Maybe the place can be rechristened for a Kardashian, or Emmett Till, or Anne Frank.

  164. anon[327] • Disclaimer says:
    @bob jones

    Just not as many as intended.
    And many seriously injured.
    And worse.

    From the Holocaust Museum:

    The Term “Genocide”

    The term “genocide” did not exist before 1944. It is a very specific term, referring to violent crimes committed against groups with the intent to destroy the existence of the group. Human rights, as laid out in the US Bill of Rights or the 1948 United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, concern the rights of individuals.

    In 1944, Polish Jewish lawyer Raphael Lemkin (1900-1959) coined the term “genocide” in a book documenting Nazi policies of systematically destroying national and ethnic groups, including the mass murder of European Jews. He formed the word by combining geno-, from the Greek word for race or tribe, with -cide, from the Latin word for killing. Noting that the term denoted “an old practice in its modern development,” Lemkin defined genocide as “a coordinated plan of different actions aiming at the destruction of essential foundations of the life of national groups, with the aim of annihilating the groups themselves.”

    Yid committing genocide per Yid definition.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  165. ‘… And blacks who are skeptical of the Jewish role are quickly put in their place, as was Rodney Muhammad of Philadelphia, who was removed from his executive position with the NAACP after expressing skepticism about all the Jewish friends that blacks suddenly appeared to be acquiring, quoting an observation often attributed to the now disgraced Voltaire on a Facebook entry, “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”…’

    That’s really pretty funny. Rodney Muhammad found out.

  166. Talha says:
    @Priss Factor

    The reaction of the Serbian president was priceless:

    “We what??!!”


    • Replies: @Buck Ransom
  167. anon[327] • Disclaimer says:

    Huber and Grosskreutz are not Jewish names.

    Any name Yid chooses is Yid name:
    Christopher, Johansson, Garfield, Smith.

    • Replies: @Pat Kittle
  168. @Talha

    Jared Kushner switched out a page, right before the signing ceremony
    when no one was looking.

    • LOL: DaveE
  169. @anon

    Jews who change their names with a sincere desire to assimilate have my respect.

    Jews who change their names with a desire to infect have my sincere contempt.

  170. @anon

    The Evil Empire has been trying to fight China to the last Muslim, Hindu, Viets, ….
    Its first tool was the Nipponese, whom the Evil Empire gave support both BEFORE and AFTER WWII:
    ‘The FACTS are that the US facilitated and enabled Japan’s aggression against a China in decline:
    ‘One should keep in mind that it was in fact Japan, not China, that had benefited from these countries’ support. Japan’s primary source of raw materials like petroleum and scrap iron for its war in China, and of high-end technology like machine tools was the United States. In 1938 the United States (57.1 per cent), the United Kingdom and its empire (Malaya, Canada, India, Australia, 20.7 per cent), and the Dutch and Dutch East Indies (8.6 per cent) supplied 86.4 per cent of Japan’s imported war materials. The United States produced 60% of the world’s oil; the Dutch East Indies less than 10%; 55% of Japan’s oil came from the United States, 14% from the Soviet Union, and 10% from the Dutch Indies.’
    And protected and nurtured Japan after WWII:
    ‘The result of the U.S. role in the occupation and in controlling the treaty process has been described by John Dower in his recent book, Embracing Defeat: “One of the most pernicious aspects of the occupation was that the Asian peoples who had suffered most from imperial Japan’s depredations– the Chinese, Koreans, Indonesians, and Filipinos had no serious role, no influential presence at all in the defeated land. They became invisible. Asian contributions to defeating the emperor’s soldiers and sailors were displaced by an all-consuming focus on the American victory in the Pacific War” (p. 27). The peripheralization of Asia in the SFPT therefore was no coincidence. It reflected the U.S.’s appropriation of the pan-Asian fight against Japanese imperialism as well as its determination to project its imperial values in the region. Japan would be its adjutant, a role for which Yoshida carefully fought. This required that the U.S. government fully nurture Japan’s dual identity — aligning it with the West and alienating it from Asia. Behind this manipulation also lay a deep-seated fear of Asian nationalism that was expressed through the demonization of communism.”‘
    The US not only protected the Japanese state. It also gave protection to the known war criminals including the so-called “doctors” of Unit 731:
    US policy after WWII has been consistent. It punishes NOT the guilty, which is Japan, but the weak, which are Japan’s former victims. It maintained “peace” in Asia NOT by dispensing justice but used its military power to perpetuate the INJUSTICE that was the cause of the war in the first place. Why should anyone be surprised that there are those who do NOT like such an arrangement??? The victims of Japan had no choice for the past 50-60 years but to swallow that injustice, because they were militarily too weak to challenge that setup. Now, however, these countries are no longer so weak and want justice!
    And the massacre of ethnic Chinese in Indonesia was orchestrated by Amelika:
    The US also took a RACE view when it comes to the punishment of war-criminals:
    ‘In 1945-46, representatives of the United States government made similar discoveries in both Germany and Japan, unearthing evidence of unethical experiments on human beings that could be viewed as war crimes. The outcomes in the two defeated nations, however, were strikingly different. In Germany, the U.S., influenced by the Canadian physician John Thompson, played a key role in bringing Nazi physicians to trial and publicizing their misdeeds. In Japan, the U.S. played an equally key role in concealing information about the biological warfare experiments and securing immunity from prosecution for the perpetrators. The greater force of appeals to national security and wartime exigency help to explain these different outcomes.’
    “The greatest force” was, in fact, RACE. Race was the biggest factor that “explained these different outcomes”. Uncle Sam had a greater “security and wartime exigency” in Europe with respect to the Soviet Union, than it had in Asia with respect to China.

    • Replies: @Deep Thought
    , @Malla
  171. @Deep Thought

    “The greatest force” should be “The greater force”

  172. My theory goes something like this:
    Jewish people are using BLM as “useful idiots” to cause racial conflict in America. And it’s working like a charm.
    They want the West dunked into another dark ages, where Israel rises to be a beacon of light for the world — finally they can be “gods chosen”.
    They can’t be number one, if they have blonde swedes constantly doing things better, or whites in general being thorns in their side, so they are destroying our western countries from the inside, with mass immigration of the 3rd world, using their influence and soft power, through ownership of our media, entertainment, etc to push their agenda and values they’re imposing on us.

    All of a sudden, everything makes sense. What they are doing isn’t hypocritical — it’s all part of a grand plan.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
    • Replies: @artichoke
  173. DaveE says:

    How many of those “good Jews” support open borders for ALL TRADITIONALLY WHITE NATIONS while DEMANDING that Israel remain a Jewish nation?

    The “Good Jew” question is like the “Martian” question. There many be many, many of them walking among us.

    But I just haven’t met any.

    • Agree: Trinity
    • Replies: @Pat Kittle
  174. @The seventh shape

    “Why are there so many Jews in the ranks of Antifa?”

    Voltaire: “They are born with raging fanaticism in their hearts.”

    Progressive activism is an outlet for anger. Progressives are vectored by cultural indoctrination into using white civilization as their punching bag.

  175. annamaria says:

    On the other hand, here is a CIA stooge Obama pretending to be a ‘constitutional scholar’ and orchestrating the final demise of the republic.
    ”Obama’s CIA Director, John Brennan, set up a Task Force to target Donald Trump:”
    Comments section:

    Fred: But Brennan did it with the blessing of the Director of National Intelligence, Jim Clapper. ” Obama isn’t mentioned at all? I wonder who was actually running the show.

    Turcopolier: IMO Obama was VERY careful about this.

    Fred: I’m sure he was. He’s being very careful about all the current actions on the left too. He’ll be running what’s left of the democratic party, if they don’t succeed in bringing down the constitutional republic this election.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  176. annamaria says:
    A top Obama adviser, Rep. Mel Levine of California (and a former member of the board of the AIPAC):

    Jewish community that know him best is the Jewish community of Chicago [Obama’s home], and they love him. That isn’t as well known outside of Chicago.

    • Replies: @annamaria
    , @artichoke
  177. anon[154] • Disclaimer says:

    British pro-Israel lawyer admits staging graffiti attack to frame Palestine solidarity group
    A prominent Glasgow-based lawyer has been ordered to pay £500 in fines after helping fake anti-Semitic vandal attack on his home in order to smear a Scottish Palestinian solidarity group, the Daily Recordreported on Monday.
John Berlow, known for his staunch pro-Israel views, has been condemned by legal watchdogs over the scam aiming to defame the Scottish Palestinian Solidarity Campaign (SPSC).

According to an investigation by the Law Society of Scotland (LSS), Berlow acted alongside a man named Ed Sutherland, who had created a fake Facebook profile under the name Stevie Harrison in order to infiltrate the pressure group last year.

    Jews vandalize gravesites and antismetism charges fly.
    Jews post antisemitic racist rants on Facebook or on Commondrem’s websites posing as non Jews .Antisemtism charges fly.

    • Thanks: Iris, MrVoid
  178. annamaria says:
    A top Obama adviser (and a former member of the board of the AIPAC) Levine:

    Jewish community that knows him best is the Jewish community of Chicago [Obama’s home], and they love him. That isn’t as well known outside of Chicago.

    “Obama administration earmarks \$12m for Holocaust survivors:”

    “An insider’s view: Eight years watching the first Jewish US president:”

    Seven years into his presidency, Obama was talking “kishkes,” telling the Jewish community that he understood Israel in his gut from the days of his youth. As Matt Nosanchuk, the White House Jewish liaison at the time tells me, he has a “Jewish soul.”

    • Thanks: Iris
    • Replies: @artichoke
  179. geokat62 says:

    • Agree: ChuckOrloski
    • Replies: @Iris
    , @Colin Wright
  180. Iris says:

    Americans are not dupes, however.

    A recent Pew research shows that most US citizens believe their government, legislators and courts are corrupt and unaccountable to the public, with this opinion bridging accross Democrats and Republicans:
    – 73% of Americans say that elected officials do not face “serious consequences” for misconduct
    – 70% of US citizens don’t think the government is “open and transparent”
    – 60% believe that judges aren’t free from the influence of parties and politicians.

    Majority of Americans say significant changes are needed in the ‘fundamental design and structure of American government

  181. R.C. says:

    MODERATOR: 1) Did you add this to Comment #159?

    [Too much totally off-topic gun stuff. Henceforth such comments are less likely to be published.]

    2) Do you have a name?
    Polite suggestion: If you have that ability to restrict what and how things are published, as implied – and it appears that you do as you’ve somehow prevented my relatively short text from appearing on the first level – it seems that such a ‘warning’ would have been better applied to practically any other of the lengthy gun cartridge comments, rather than the single comment which was simply trying to get people to communicate better, right?

  182. @DaveE

    The “Good Jew” question is like the “Martian” question. There many be many, many of them walking among us.

    But I just haven’t met any.

    Ron Unz?

    • LOL: Larchmonter420
    • Replies: @Larchmonter420
  183. artichoke says:

    It would not surprise me that left-wing Jews would be supporting BLM, although their support may be wearing thin. Right wing Jews (yes there are some) never did.

    As for the Philistinian Genocide, I guess you can call it that if it means moving people off your land. Why don’t they read the OT they claim to adopt as part of their religion, and go?

    • Troll: Tommy Thompson
    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
  184. artichoke says:

    blonde swedes constantly doing things better

    Nothing against Swedes, I have known several interesting people from there, but … no we’re not worried about that. Elon Musk didn’t license Swedish self-driving car tech. He doesn’t license the Israeli tech anymore either. You can tell when the license ended because that’s when the crashes started, despite more sensors on the cars.

    • Replies: @BloodSpirit
  185. artichoke says:

    You have got to be kidding me, he was our biggest antisemite as a president. He strengthened Iran which wants to wipe Israel off the map. He was a friend to every anti-Israel Muslim group.

    Nobody can stop him from wearing a kippa. It doesn’t mean he’s Jewish.

    • Replies: @annamaria
    , @ivan
  186. annamaria says:

    Was it Obama’s alleged antisemitism that made him initiate two Wars for Israel ( against Syria and Libya) in addition to Bush’s war against Iraq?

    Under Obama, the US has been allocating money, weaponry, and logistical support to the ‘moderate’ terrorists operating in Syria against the legitimate government.
    In case you are not aware, Israel wants Golan Heights by any means; up to arming, providing health care, and relocating the ‘moderate’ terrorists to safe places in Europe and Canada (see White Helmets).

    Some 422 volunteers and family members were taken to Jordan via the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights overnight.

    Learn and enjoy:

    Why are the public once more being used as political pawns to further our government’s imperialist objectives inside Syria and their covert, illegal, proxy intervention of a sovereign nation via both terrorist forces and phony humanitarian first responders?

    Viva Obama!

    The same tragedy caused by the unbounded Jewish hatred and supremacism has befallen on Lybia (the former gem of North Africa) which used to have the best social security system, the best health care, and the best educational opportunities. Today, Libya enjoys the slave trade. Viva Obama!
    Oded Yinon plan for Eretz Israel:

    The Yinon plan is an Israeli strategic plan to ensure Israeli regional superiority. It insists and stipulates that Israel must reconfigure its geo-political environment through the balkanization of the surrounding Arab states into smaller and weaker states. …

    The Atlantic, in 2008, and the U.S. military’s Armed Forces Journal, in 2006, both published widely circulated maps that closely followed the outline of the Yinon Plan. Aside from a divided Iraq … the Yinon Plan calls for a divided Lebanon, Egypt, and Syria. … The Yinon Plan also calls for dissolution in North Africa and forecasts it as starting from Egypt and then spilling over into Sudan, Libya, and the rest of the region.

    • Thanks: acementhead
    • Replies: @artichoke
  187. artichoke says:

    It surely isn’t well known outside Chicago. Or inside Chicago as far as I know. There’s probably some wacky Reform group that appreciates his LGBTQ advocacy or something, or else the story is totally fake.

  188. artichoke says:

    Iran is a bigger threat than all of those. Syria is a complex situation, your links tell part of the story I suppose but there are many actors and alliances. And Obama never moved the US embassy to Jerusalem (as Congress long ago instructed) nor allowed Israel to secure the Golan Heights.

    You seriously have got to be kidding. Try to find an Israeli politician (other than the Left which wants to weaken Israel) that thinks Obama was a friend.

    • Troll: Socrates
    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  189. anarchyst says:

    For a true tome on “genocide”, obtain and read “Germany Must Perish” by jew author Theodore N. Kaufman.

    This vile tome received rave reviews in both the USA and Europe who were thoroughly brainwashed by the jew “fifth column” in place at the time.
    To wit:

    –Germany must be destroyed completely and its assets given to the victors.
    –German culture must be utterly destroyed and not allowed to flourish. It must be stamped out completely.
    –German art, buildings, culture, writings and music must be completely destroyed.
    –German schools will be run by the victors. No discussion of German topics will be allowed.
    –Those Germans who are allowed to live must be sterilized.
    –Germans living outside of Germany must be assigned “guardians” who will assure proper behavior.

    Sure sounds like genocide to me…

    • Replies: @mark green
  190. @geokat62

    ‘ …So your scumbag is better than my scumbag. Is THAT the election choice we have?” …’

    Yes. Now Quitchurbitchin and vote for Trump.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  191. @artichoke


    Zionist swine, actually.

    God, I hate you pigs.

    • Replies: @artichoke
  192. anaccount says:

    The same year we have this black revolution, Israel sets a record for demolished houses. It refuses to even return the dead bodies of Palestinians killed by its soldiers.

    Jewish Democrats can’t hear their screams, it would seem.

  193. ivan says:

    Obama was signed off by the big Jews in the USA. Your problem is that he didn’t jump high enough when told to. Not once did he sanction Israel in all of the eight years he was President. (And if he apparently did it was only after the Israelis feared getting caught in a quagmire, which then translates to some Security Council call for a ceasefire.) He was an effective gatekeeper for Israel. Whether that is a good or bad thing is debatable, but quit lying about how bad he was for Israel. The simple fact is the Jews in Israel hated Obama for playing the role of the articulate Mr Negro. That is their racism showing, nothing to do with Obama’s Jew friendly credentials. Heck he ran the most pro-Israel government since as far back as Jimmy Carter’s, until Trump came along.

  194. @anarchyst

    “For a true tome on “genocide”, obtain and read “Germany Must Perish” by jew author Theodore N. Kaufman.”

    So true! Theodore N. Kaufman’s ‘Germany Must Perish’ was not only a Jewish blueprint for genocide (though the term had not yet been coined) but was an incendiary, pro-war manifesto which was published before America’s entry into what later became WWII.

    It should also be remembered that World Jewry had declared economic war on Germany in 1933, which was just months after Hitler came into power and six years before the outbreak of war.

    Today, comparable acts of economic war and provocation are being orchestrated by crypto-Israelis using US power against Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, as well as any nation that refuses to surrender to Zio-American hegemony.

    Without the consent–or even comprehension–of the American people, US foreign policies are centered around breaking all international resistance to Israel’s ongoing subjugation of Palestine as well as its expansion into Syria.

    • Agree: annamaria, DaveE
  195. @Pat Kittle

    Ron Unz?


    Best regards,


    • Replies: @Pat Kittle
  196. geokat62 says:
    @Colin Wright

    Yes. Now Quitchurbitchin and vote for Trump.

    Just finished posting this comment on another thread:

    What happens after Trump? Do you really think four more years will forestall the inevitable? Fact of the matter is, there is no way to avoid this train wreck… no matter who you vote for in Nov.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  197. @artichoke

    You need to be choked, artie deceiver. The Palestinians are the indigenous people, the original Hebrews. Historical records and honest Jewish authors have made that clear. Even David Ben-Gurion asserted that in published writings, but later went into denial for purely political reasons.

    • Agree: acementhead
  198. @geokat62

    ‘What happens after Trump? Do you really think four more years will forestall the inevitable? Fact of the matter is, there is no way to avoid this train wreck… no matter who you vote for in Nov.’

    Why put off the inevitable?

    You’re going to die someday anyhow — just commit suicide now.

    The longer this shit show goes on, the more people come over to our side. There’s more hope after four more years of Trump than after four years of Biden.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  199. @Larchmonter420

    If Ron Unz is a gatekeeper he’s the lousiest gatekeeper I’ve seen. By far.

    You disagree.


    Let’s see something convincing so you won’t be dismissed as a troll.

    • Replies: @Larchmonter420
  200. geokat62 says:
    @Colin Wright

    You’re going to die someday anyhow — just commit suicide now.

    Suicide? I guess I’m more optimistic than you. I expect a Phoenix rising from the ashes.

    The longer this shit show goes on, the more people come over to our side. There’s more hope after four more years…

    The indoctrination process has been implemented over several generations. How many people do you really think we can deprogram over the next four years?

    Tell you what… if Trump wins, we’ll talk again four years from now.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  201. @Pat Kittle


    Let’s see something convincing so you won’t be dismissed as a troll.

    Please define what does Jew mean to you?

    Please define what does Christian mean to you?

    Please define what does Muslim mean to you?

    Best regards,


    • Troll: Pat Kittle
    • Replies: @annamaria
  202. geokat62 says:

  203. aandrews says:

    EU court adviser backs ritual animal slaughter without stunning


    BRUSSELS (Reuters) – EU judges should strike down a Belgian law requiring all animals be stunned prior to their death, which has effectively outlawed slaughter according to Jewish and Muslim rites, an EU court adviser said on Thursday.


    The case came to the EU court in Luxembourg after a 2017 decree in the Belgian region of Flanders to amend its law on protection and welfare of animals by requiring all animals be first stunned.

    Jewish and Muslim association challenged the decree and Belgium’s Constitutional Court referred the case to the EU Court of Justice.

    Hogan said the religious exception reflected the European Union’s desire to respect freedom of religion and the right to manifest religious belief in practice and observance despite avoidable suffering caused to animals.

    Jewish and Muslim methods of slaughter involves the animals’ throats being cut with a sharp knife, which advocates says results in death almost immediately. Traditionally, prior stunning is not permitted.

    Jewish and Muslim seem to go together like peanut butter and chocolate.

    • Troll: Sya Beerens
  204. annamaria says:

    These two publications alone show that Ron Unz is a mensch:

    1. “The Myth of American Meritocracy”

    … although Asian-American high school graduates each year outnumber their Jewish classmates nearly three-to-one, American Jews are far more numerous at Harvard and throughout the Ivy League. Both groups are highly urbanized, generally affluent, and geographically concentrated within a few states, so the “diversity” factors considered above would hardly seem to apply; yet Jews seem to fare much better at the admissions office.

    2. “American Pravda: the ADL in American Society:”

    In 1913 Georgia, a 13-year-old pencil company worker named Mary Phagan was last seen alive visiting the office of factory manager Leo Frank on a Saturday morning to collect her weekly paycheck, while her raped and murdered body was found in the basement early the next morning and Frank eventually arrested for the crime. As the wealthy young president of the Atlanta chapter of B’nai B’rith, Frank ranked as one of the most prominent Jewish men in the South, and great resources were deployed in his legal defense, but after the longest and most expensive trial in state history, he was quickly convicted and sentenced to death.

    … relative to the American family incomes of the time, the total expenditures by Frank supporters may have been as high as \$25 million in present-day dollars, quite possibly more than any other homicide defense in American history before or after, and an almost unimaginable sum for the impoverished Deep South of that period. Years later, a leading donor privately admitted that much of this money was spent on perjury and similar falsifications, something which is very readily apparent to anyone who closely studies the case. …

    In many respects, the more important part of the Frank case began after his conviction and death sentence when many of America’s wealthiest and most influential Jewish leaders began mobilizing to save him from the hangman. They soon established the ADL as a new vehicle for that purpose and succeeded in making the Frank murder case one of the most famous in American history to that date.

    You are welcome to demonstrate YOUR courage and YOUR principled thinking.

    For instance, you might want to remind the ADL about their ghastly origin. The ADL activists continue doing their best, which is issuing pernicious lies:

    Founded in 1913 in response to an escalating climate of anti-Semitism and bigotry, its timeless mission is to protect the Jewish people and to secure justice and fair treatment for all.

    The ADL is certainly a hate organization (including the ADL support for Ukrainian neo-Nazi), and the ADL continues to abuse justice by protecting zionist interests by any means.

    • Agree: Pat Kittle
    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  205. anon[126] • Disclaimer says:

    I have just about given up! what bothers me is that for what 2 thousand years now the Jewish people who committed crimes against humanity non stop and have gotten away Scot free with it. and I cant Imagine why…..

    me a Black man from the Black base of humanity cant get away with being good far lass being bad.

    but the Jews get away with most massive and comprehensive lies, like the bible, ten commandments and the lie of Jesus! from the Jews massive lies of all kinds, massive crime and massive murder…lies, lies, murder, genocide all the time..a tiny group of people of the human population of billions, control more that all the billions themselves..and are about to turn us all non-Jews into cyborgs, over whom or over which they would exercise total permanent and irreversible control, ending forever all possibility of social revolution that would upend Jewish minority control of the world

    what a species we are…incredible! we are stupid believers in the most incredible stories that do not square with simple reality, on which basis we should have dismissed those stories from the very start: god in heaven, Jesus Christ and an after life, the Islamic and Buddhist nonsense additionally..and there is more too.

    oh boy! where is going…

    that is obvious as mandatory vaccines full of microchips loom on the horizon, while simple vitamin D and a host of other factors deal with Covid disease faithfully proving that vaccines are totally unnecessary

    • Replies: @aandrews
    , @artichoke
  206. aandrews says:

    Ques: “When you say it’s usually a quite mild disease, what do you mean by that?”
    Ans: “That most people who get it will not even notice that they were infected.”

  207. @geokat62

    ‘… Tell you what… if Trump wins, we’ll talk again four years from now.’

    That’s just it. If Biden’s handlers win, we may not have the opportunity.

    Trump certainly isn’t the answer — but maybe he’s a bridge loan.

    We’re reaching the point where we need a great leader. The problem with that is that people who need ‘great leaders’ tend to get them.

    • Replies: @geokat62
    , @anon
  208. @annamaria

    ‘… These two publications alone show that Ron Unz is a mensch…’

    Between you and Larchmont, I’ll park myself somewhere in the middle, if I may.

    Ron Unz’ site is invaluable, and since this is his site, it’s impractical to disagree with him or criticize him past a point. This isn’t a criticism of Ron so much as it’s just the reality of the situation. In fact, he permits more actual freedom of speech and more actual dissent than most site operators I’ve dealt with. He certainly doesn’t act as a ‘gatekeeper.’

    However, I will observe that from an objective point of view, Ron’s essays are lacking in certain respects.

    Happily, I don’t have to read them, so no problem there.

  209. geokat62 says:
    @Colin Wright

    We’re reaching the point where we need a great leader. The problem with that is that people who need ‘great leaders’ tend to get them.

    Doesn’t that suggest that things need to get worse before they get better? And rather than being a bridge loan, maybe Trumpstein is simply a bad loan.

  210. anonymous[309] • Disclaimer says:

    Southerners do not forget their own

    Ballad of Mary Phagan

    • Thanks: geokat62, ChuckOrloski
    • Replies: @Trinity
  211. anon[126] • Disclaimer says:
    @Colin Wright

    you are dead right about Trump..he not the answer save for the rich. trump is fascist married to the corporate world. we are watching the transfer of all the wealth in american into the hands of the rich guided by the Trump admin

    trump is no bridge loan..he is the real fascist answer for the elites. Biden is the same from the Demorats corner.

    and what is this about waiting for a great leader to solve your problem..The social crisis we all face….!!!

    how long are you prepared to wait. and he-she great leader do not show up what will you do….

    you will be old with long beard still waiting for Jesus at the same time as the great leader. what a yoke! err, meant joke.

    you do appear to have a grasp of the issues, understand the crisis and what can be done about it from your ordinary social interest. what makes you think any great leader would respond to the crisis from your ordinary social interest…..

    which social class will this great leader flow out from…ordinary middle or elites…..

    I do not know but nothing there guarantees any leader at all will act in the interest of society in which case he must act from the interest of the ordinary people whose interest at this point encompasses entirely what is good for society as a whole..the only social interest by which humanity can build and survive indefinitely

    so why are you not that leader..the very great leader you are looking out for…

    as far as I see you are totally qualified to be that leader..or among the many ordinary people who go out and revolutionize society. it is only you and the ordinary people have that interest at heart. and so there is no need to sit and wait for any goddamn great leader who will not come. that is the most silly waste of time and life I can imagine

    NOW is the time to move! by the time such a great leader comes you would be a cyborg and irredeemably damaged, cannot be recovered as human at all. now is the time to move and take over society..ALL ordinary people and build a state reflects the popular interest period. that is the answer, the only positive answer there is to the current stage achieved by humanity and the social crisis such achievement has brought with it..and only the ordinary people in spontaneous collective movement, without any organized political party at their helm, no politicians at all, out in the streets taking down the old rickety, savage and nasty capitalist state, in the process of creating the new as they go on the principle of putting the stage achieved by society, to work in the interest of all the the people..created by the people an run hands on by the people, eliminating all need for politicians, bureaucracy …and the RICH!!!

    ans when I say spontaneous I have such as you in mind which is a new kind of spontaneous. you know already, are fully aware and trained in social experience of the state of things you have lived all your life, by your involvement that sees you comment intelligently here on the UR. you would be spontaneous only in the fact that you have no prior organization to the movement into the streets by the people but all the way you are capable of all organizing that is possible on the spur, on the streets that would do the job essential for the people and the society…you and millions of others so capable..capable of creating a new democratic society, a real one this time, capable of standing up and capable of recognizing the counter revolution in the midst and dealing with them faithfully in preemption right away

    what the hell you waiting on..some figure who who is sure to betray the people once again…

    get up get moving, go all the way!

    (malfunctioning keyboard. no question marks)

  212. @Deep Thought

    Hey d0ucheb4g we now live in the modern sophisticated 21rst century. I hope u get the race war you’re beggin for SJW. Festering pussbags like u will be popped & cauterized.

    • Replies: @Deep Thought
  213. It is all incredibly foolish as they have alienated all the true hearted and intellectually honest even of their own race and religion. And in the dark hour coming on, especially for Israel, not even their own best will support them.

    • Agree: annamaria
  214. artichoke says:
    @Colin Wright

    Wow, that was coherent. Why are you so insistent on occupying the Promised Land?

  215. artichoke says:

    1. I agree about Covid. A lot of Jews have died of it, by the way, probably because they didn’t follow Dr. Zelenko’s public advice about HCQ and zinc. You heard it first from a Jew.

    2. I have to highlight your assertion that the Bible is a lie. Well it’s clearly written by a higher intelligence than ours — check out the Bible Codes.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Sya Beerens
  216. Anonymous[345] • Disclaimer says:
    @Chet Roman

    There are certainly some strong black voices being raised against the BLM narrative. Candace Owens is leading the charge. She has 612k subscribers on YouTube. redirects to, her website with Brandon Tatum.

  217. @cosMICjester

    That race war would be between the Jews and the whites– neither deserves help from the Chinese!!!

  218. Trinity says:

    That song is anti-Semitic, oy vey. Leo Frank dindu nuffin, yo.

  219. anon[228] • Disclaimer says:

    “Israel would have eaten up all the land in the West Bank”

    NEW YORK — Senior White House adviser Jared Kushner said on Wednesday that the Trump administration’s peace plan is an attempt to “save the two state solution” because it stops Israel from further expanding its presence in the West Bank.

    “The reality today is that a lot of this land is inhabited with Israelis,” Kushner told reporters during a phone briefing ahead of the White House signing next week of the Israel-UAE normalization deal.

    “What we did with our plan was we were trying to save the two-state solution, because… if we kept going with the status quo… ultimately, Israel would have eaten up all the land in the West Bank,” Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser specified. The comments mark some of the most specific the Trump administration has made at odds with Israel’s expanding settlement enterprise

    But but but Israel has no peace partner Never had .

    • Troll: Iris
    • Replies: @anon
  220. anon[126] • Disclaimer says:

    the Bible written by a higher intelligence…

    there are codes in the Bible different for example that the historical number codes that begins with the base Pyramid measurements that leads to all sorts of realities about the math about our planet…..

    I do not know Bible codes you refer to and I do not know if I will check that out anytime soon

    I was very religious as a kid immersed in Catholicism..went to Catholic school etc. I was whistle with my catechism etc, but I soon lost my faith. so I lost interest in all the religious books..ALL! of every faith.

    the content of the Bible that I know seems nonsense to me, content that yields only to belief, never to reason.

    we always talk about higher intelligence but a higher intelligence than mine would be more perfect than mine…therefore would exhibit perfect precision, and by the razor of Occam perfectly simple, explicable, comprehensible for the lesser minds

    and of course the Bible would have a built in evolutionary factor so that the language of every Bible in existence would be changing all on their very own, every day to reflect the evolution of human language so that we would be able to understand the Bible from age to age

    one imagines that that would be the case for the superior Intelligence would know all there is to know and would write the Bible in some way that would reflect evolution..either tell us all that is going to happen up front, removing the suspense..or make us with the ability to comprehend the Bible from its inception to now clearly, implicitly and so on…..

    one of the effects of this superior intelligence is that regardless of the language we grew up speaking we should be able t pick up a Bible in any language and be able to rad it immediately even though we never spoke a word of that language ever before in our lives

    by my calculation that superior intelligence responsible for the Bible gave us altogether too much trouble with it..subject to too many extreme fractious interpretations that have caused wars and the equally extreme loss of human life

    by all of that the signature to the Bible seems very human to me, hardly something a superior intelligence would bother with, even take the time to give to us.

    if that intelligence bothered with us at all their superiority would likely instead bother with whatever helped us not harmed us..not what helped create and make worse our general confusion in this dialectical, many sided natural reality that very Intelligence plunked us down into, right here on planet Earth

  221. Malla says:
    @Deep Thought

    Wrong. USA did not support Japan, the USA destroyed Japan to create Communist China.

    • Replies: @Deep Thought
  222. @artichoke

    A “lot of jews have died” of what? Sneezing? People with full-blown AIDS don’t even die of “it” let alone infect the entire globe with a handshake….

  223. It is of course the ultimate irony that Jewish groups are very sensitive to the suffering of blacks in the United State while at the same time largely ignoring the war crimes and other devastation going on in Israel and Palestine at the hands of their co-religionists.

    The support of Jewish groups for BLM is mainly to cover up the fact that indeed it is Whites exploiting Jews all these years, but, White Jews to more correctly state the case. It is a lesser-known fact that Jews have supported a fledgeling KKK and all those years of Black exploitation post-emancipation was for the purpose of exploiting cheap labour, almost as cheap as slavery, for which in fact many Jews actively participated and imported from Africa.
    Joining the BLM is not only to “nip on the bud” growing support for Palestinians but, mainly to cover their own role in keeping Blacks down all these years.

    • Agree: Sya Beerens
    • Replies: @Sya Beerens
  224. @Malla

    33. Tom Welsh says:
    August 26, 2016 at 2:21 pm GMT • 400 Words
    “Henceforth, the United States may have to determine how to cope with regional coalitions that seek to push America out of Eurasia…”
    A glance at any globe of the world will show that America has never been IN Eurasia. It is a separate continent, thousands of miles away from Europe and Asia whether you go East or West. (True, there are short hops across the Bering Straits and between Maine and Norway, but the main body of the continents are very far apart and separated by oceans).
    The USA spent most of the 19th century colonizing all of North America between Canada and Mexico (and stealing more than half of Mexico in the process, just because it felt like it). When the tide of migration, propelled by “Manifest Destiny”, reached the West Coast, Americans were not prepared to let the Pacific Ocean stop their irresistible expansion. Armed with a spanking new navy, they saw no reason why they should not just keep rolling Westward until they reached Europe again from the East. After all, there was no one in Asia except a bunch of primitive (or decadent – the story varied) peasants who were thoroughly uncivilized (in the sense of lacking machine guns, bombs, armoured battleships and, soon, military aircraft). Clearly such people would be just as easy to conquer, and just as much fun to exterminate, as the Native Americans.
    Quite early, the decision was taken (by Theodore Roosevelt among others) to co-opt the Japanese as “honorary Aryans” (Roosevelt’s exact words, so don’t blame me). The idea was to use them as a lever against China and the rest of Asia, and in the process to “borrow” their islands as a sort of giant American military base. There was a bit of a hiccup when the Japanese tried to go into the empire business on their own account, but a couple of atomic bombs took care of that. With the proper master-servant relationship duly restored, the USA continued with its plan to spread “democracy” (i.e. American rule) everywhere it could. Unfortunately, the Chinese and the Russians have twigged, and others like the Indians, Pakistanis and Iranians are also angry and frightened enough at American aggression to join them. Bad luck, Yanks – meet Fortress Asia!

    • Thanks: Sya Beerens
    • Replies: @Malla
    , @Malla
  225. Lee says:

    DT said:

    The USA spent most of the 19th century colonizing all of North America between Canada and Mexico (and stealing more than half of Mexico in the process, just because it felt like it)

    The US actually paid \$18M for the territory that you suggest was stolen from Mexico. The 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe helped seal the deal.

  226. Malla says:
    @Deep Thought

    Yes that is the theory of James Bradley but it is not conclusive in its effects on real politics. Japan wanted to modernize Korea and China on its own maybe as a competition to Western Empires and later to Soviet Communism. This had nothing much to do with the USA.
    That is because of all the North Eastern Asian states, Japan was first to effectively get out of its feudal past via the Meiji Restoration (tho there are theories of a free-masonic hand behind this). They had realised that they could not remain feudal anymore in this rapidly changing world. It could have been China, it could have been Korea, but for whatever reasons it was Japan.
    What you do not know that the King of Hawaii (Hawaiians are a type of Mongoloid) had told Japanese dignitaries that the Mongoloid World will have to modernize to compete with the White World and Japan has to lead the way or something of that sort.
    Bradly mentions this “honorary Aryans” thing in his narrative which centers on (but often drifts from) a 1905 diplomatic mission to Asia led by Roosevelt’s war secretary,William Howard Taft. The party included Roosevelt’s 21-year-old daughter, Alice, an international celebrity whose presence, Bradley says, deflected attention from Taft’s secret assignment.
    Despite cloak-and-dagger insinuations, nothing much of interest happens on the Asia trip. And the protagonist Roosevelt is far offstage, in Washington. Bradley doesn’t explain why, in the 1930s, imperial Japan would act on the secret words of a man dead for more than a decade and out of office since 1909.

    It was not Teddy bear Roosevelt but the actions of another Roosevelt which explains more. FDR whose mother’s side of the family Delano had made a fortune in the opium trade in between British India and China. But that is for a different post.

    • Replies: @Deep Thought
  227. Malla says:
    @Deep Thought

    This is a better book to understand Japanese Empire

    How the Far East Was Lost: American Policy and the Creation of Communist China, 1941-1949 by Anthony Kubek
    There are hundreds of footnotes, sources and the author had access to the private papers of General Patrick J. Hurley, former American Ambassador to Nationalist China. At the Hoover War Memorial Library in Stanford University the author was able to examine in detail the private diaries and correspondence of General Joseph Stilwell and learn the exact role played by “Vinegar Joe” in the China tragedy. Also, transcripts from the Harry Dexter White Papers at Princeton University library and many other sources.

    In 1920, the Communist movement in Asia was organized after Lenin sent his secretary, Marin, to establish secretly a Chinese Communist Party as a branch of the Communist International. In 1922, the Soviet government sent Adolf Joffe to China on the delicate mission of establishing official diplomatic relations with the internationally recognized Chinese government in Peking, while at the same time arranging for Soviet support of the revolutionary movement of Kuomintang, which aimed at overthrowing the Peking government. Joffe did not meet with success in Peking but met with Sun Yat-sen at Shanghai in January 1923, he was able to arrange an entente between Soviet Russia and the Kuomintang. Joffe returned to Soviet Russia and was succeeded by Leo Karakhan, the foremost Soviet expert in Oriental diplomacy. In 1924 he obtained official recognition of the Soviet Union from the Peking government.

    In Oct. 1927, a major speech before the Chamber of Commerce of the United States, George Bronson Rea outlined the picture of Bolshevism spreading over China. Friction developed between Russia and China over the administration of the Chinese Eastern Railway. The two parties had agreed in the Sino-Soviet agreement in 1924 that it would be a joint administration of the railway as a commercial enterprise. There was also an agreement forbidding the dissemination of propaganda inimical to the political and social institutions of either country. On April 6, 1927 the troops of Chang Tso-lin raided the Soviet Embassy in Peking and discovered documents that abundantly proved the Russians were spreading propaganda and planning to establish Communism in China.

    The Japanese saw this situation very clearly, and Japan to protect her own security, began to take measures to check the flow of the Red tide. The Japanese statesmen understood the Communist threat in the Far East far better than any other nation could have. It was clear to the Japanese that unless bastions of defense were built in Manchuria and Inner Mongolia, Communism would spread all of North China and seriously threaten the security of Japan.

    The United States had its danger zone in the Caribbean, and since the era of Thomas Jefferson, every effort had been made to strengthen the American position and keep foreign nations from establishing naval and military bases that would threaten American security. So Japan regarded Manchuria. But this fact was not recognized by the American Government after the close of WWI. Why?

    Secretary of State Henry L. Stimson directed a long verbal barrage against the Japanese. When FDR became President in 1933, he supported the “Stimson Doctrine” without reservation. It is significant that during the first Cabinet meeting of the Roosevelt Administration, March 7, 1933 the eventuality of war with Japan was carefully considered. On October 5,1937, FDR made a famous address at Chicago, in which he advocated a “quarantine” against aggressor nations. His words of sharp criticism were directed at Japan. He had inaugurated a new policy of pressure that helped drive Americans down the road to war.

    On July 26,1939, notice was given to Japan that after six months the Commercial Treaty of February 21, 1911 would expire. This action was a blow to the national pride of the Japanese.
    Roosevelt wanted to employ economic sanctions against Japan. Ambassador Joseph C. Grew was against this idea so FDR brought into his Cabinet on June 20, 1940, the Secretary of war, Henry L. Stimson who had convinced him of the efficacy of that policy back in January,1933.
    With the arrival of Stimson in the Cabinet, FDR began to forge an economic chain around Japan that foreclosed any hope of understanding between the two countries.

    …to be CONTINUED….

    • Replies: @Malla
  228. Malla says:


    Under these circumstances, Japan was compelled to adopt a new policy. She began to expand to the south in order to control those areas which would supply not only the necessities of life, but also the products essential to the Japanese war effort- notably oil, rubber, tin and adequate foodstuffs.

    On July 25,1941, FDR issued an executive order, effective the next day, freezing all Japanese assets in the United States. In effect, it created an economic blockade of Japan. America’s highest military and naval authorities- among them Admiral Harold R. Stark, Chief of Naval Operations and General George C. Marshall, Army Chief of Staff- believed that the freezing order would cause Japan to take last-ditch measures.
    Six days before the order was issued the War Plans Division warned that an embargo on Japan would possibly involve the United States in an early war in the Pacific. Dr. Stanley K. Hornbeck, Advisor on Political Relations to the State Department and Secretaries Morgenthau and Stimson strongly advocated the order.
    When the Japanese Ambassador, Admiral Kichisabura Nomura, called at the Department of State to inquire as to the meaning of the executive order, he was coolly received. Tojo, then Minister of War, regarded the freezing order by the United States as driving Japan into a corner. Oil was vital to Japan, and from now on each fall of the level on oil brought the hour of decision closer. Historian Louis Morton, Chief of the Pacific Section, Department of Army, wrote that America by adopting a program of unrestricted economic warfare, left Japan the embarrassing choice of humiliating surrender or resistance by whatever means lay at hand. He termed the American order of July 26 “the Japanese Pearl Harbor,” suggesting a degree of provocation in excess of what many have been willing to concede.
    President Roosevelt and his advisors seemed to ignore the realities in the Far Eastern situation. They never understood the fact that Manchuria and Inner Mongolia were danger zones for Japan. Japanese statemen of every party had realized for years the significance of Soviet menace to Japanese security.

    Churchill said, the first time he met Roosevelt, Roosevelt had told him that,“regardless of whether Japan attacked us or not the United States would go to war” At noon on November 25, Secretaries Stimson and Knox met at the White House together with General Marshall and Admiral Stark. The discussion dealt mainly with the Japanese situation concerning the intercepted message fixing the November 29 deadline. The President brought up the event that we were likely to be attacked perhaps as soon as next Monday. The main question was “how we should maneuver into the position of firing the first shot without allowing too much danger to ourselves.”

    Harry Dexter White ( Soviet agent in the US Govt) putting pressure on the Japanese by sending a letter signed “Henry Morgenthau Jr.” to the President Roosevelt on the 24th or 25th of November. In words told of the dire consequences that would come in the wake of any agreement with Japan. Pressure exerted by Communist sympathizers in the Institute of Pacific Relations must also be taken into account when analyzing the reasons for the many rejections of a truce with Japan. On November 25, Professor Owen Lattimore, (Soviet spy in US Govt) the special advisor to Chiang Kai-shek dispatched an anxious cable to Presidential Assistant Lauchlin Currie ( Soviet Spy in US Govt) arguing against any agreement between the United States and Japan on a modus vivendi.

    When Congressman Martin Dies, Chairman of the House Committee on Un-American Activities, became insistent on digging Reds out of the Administration, he was summoned to the White House, where Roosevelt , in fury, told him, “several of my best friends I’ve got are Communist, You’re all wrong about this….” Roosevelt, indeed, acted as if some of them were. After Earl Browder the head of the Communist Party in the United States had been sent to the penitentiary for passport fraud in making a clandestine trip to Moscow, Roosevelt pardoned him as a contribution to “national unity,” now that Soviet Russia was our ally. Browder boasted, in his testimony before the Tydings Committee in 1950 that in 1942 and 1943 he reported to Roosevelt, and that the information he relayed to the White House had an important in reshaping American policy in China.

    Besides, Roosevelt seems to have had an exalted opinion of himself as a diplomat. Frequently his ambassadors were by-passed by his direct personal diplomacy. During the Beaverbrook-Haaiman Mission in October 1941 Harriman said to Marshal Stalin, “I hope you will feel free to cable President Roosevelt directly on any matters that you consider of importance. President Roosevelt would welcome such messages.” So the groundwork was laid for the personal negotiations between Roosevelt and Stalin that were to cause so much difficulty later on.
    The President had no doubt that he could enroll Stalin as a member of his circle and could lead the Soviet leader along new paths of accommodation. As early as March, 1942, the President in writing to Churchill had said: “I tell you that I think I can handle Stalin personally better than either your Foreign Office or my State Department.” Later Roosevelt told Ross McIntire, his private physician, “If I can convince him [Stalin] that our offer of co-operation is on the square, and that we want to be comrades rather than enemies, I’m betting that he’ll come in. And,” the President added with a grin, “what helps a lot is that Stalin is the only man I have to convince. Joe doesn’t worry about a Congress or a Parliament. He’s the whole works.”

    Roosevelt had little patience with diplomats who were well acquainted with Soviet policy and who warned him against any optimism about establishing cordial Soviet-American relations. Former Governor George H. Earle of Pennsylvania was a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy serving as assistant naval attaché in Turkey. Earle sent frantic dispatches to Washington concerning the alarming situation in that country in regard to Russia. In May, 1944, he flew to Washington to see the President. While waiting in an ante-room in the White House, he met Secretary Forrestal and conveyed his fears of Russia. Within the shadow of the President’s desk, Forrestal told him: “My God, I think this is dreadful. We were all alone over here. Russia can do no wrong. It is perfectly dreadful. They just simply are blind to the situation.” When Earle saw Roosevelt, he said: “Mr. President, the real menace is not Germany, it is Russia.” FDR gave Earle a smile and said: “George, Russia is a nation of 180 million people speaking 120 different dialects. When the war is over she will fly to pieces like a centrifugal machine at high speed.” A short time later, Roosevelt wrote a letter to Earle forbidding him to publish an article concerning his critical views of Russia. Commander Earle was exiled as Governor of Samoa, a remote island in the Pacific, “so I could not talk.”

    Harry Truman sent Marshall to China. On December 15, 1945 his directive is to form a coalition government between the free Chinese and the Communist. Marshall’s entire mission was one of convenience to the Reds. Before he went to China, the Communist occupied a very small portion of China. Their Army numbered less than 300,000 badly equipped troops. When Marshall returned from China to be rewarded by Truman with an appointment as Secretary of State, the Communist -controlled area had greatly increased. The Communist Army had grown from 300,000 badly equipped troops to an Army over 2,000,000 relatively well-equipped soldiers. The testimony of General Marshall corroborates the conclusion that an arms embargo was used in an attempt to force Chiang Kai-shek to admit Communist elements into the Government.

    The Institute of Pacific Relations (IPR) probably more than any other single factor, conditioned out people to abandon the mainland of China to the Communist. When Edward C. Carter became the chief administrator, July 1934, welcomed the USSR as a new member. The American branch of the IPR grew rapidly and prospered, boasting over 1,000 members. The Rockefeller, Carnegie foundations gave millions of dollars. J.P. Morgan, Shell Oil, International Business Machines, British Lever Brothers and many others. The IPR has been an organization whose chief function has been to influence United States public opinion on Far East matters. The Senate Subcommittee has concluded that the IPR has been neither objective nor nonpartisan and that since the mid 1930s, the net effect of the IPR activities on United States public opinion has been pro-Communist and pro-Soviet, and has frequently and repeatedly been such as to serve international Communist Chinese Communist and Soviet interests, and to subvert the interest of the United States. The the Japanese branch of the IPR was used as a spy ring for Russia Communist and the Russian Red Army. Elizabeth T. Bentley a former operator in the underground movement of the American Communist Party , mentioned that her superior, Jacob Golos, referred to the IPR as “…. Red as a rose….”

    It is no longer debatable that Cairo, Teheran, Yalta, Potsdam, and elsewhere the Western World took wrong actions in its wartime and postwar dealings with the U.S.S.R. The Red lava released by these actions has since engulfed the seven hundred million inhabitants of Poland, East Germany, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, mainland China, North Korea, Vietnam , Cuba etc. These wrong actions gained wide acceptability, if not outright approval, by a controlling percentage of policy-makers, scholars, writers, and other molders of policy and opinion. They had the “wrong thoughts,” about the Soviet Union and Communist China. The wartime activities of the IPR even penetrated the White House when Lauchlin Currie became executive assistant to the President and special advisor on Far Eastern affairs. Currie was responsible for setting up a conference in Washington, on October 12, 1942, between himself Sumner Welles, then Under Secretary of State, and Earl Browder( head of the Communist Party USA) and Robert Miner, then officials of the Communist Party. John T. Flynn made a study of thirty books dealing with the political conditions of China. He found that twenty-three of these books were pro-Communist, seven were anti-Communist. He explains the whole subject with this interesting statement: Every one of the 23 pro-communist books, where reviewed, received glowing approval in the literary reviews…. That is, in the New York Times, the Herald Tribune, the Nation, and the New Republic and the Saturday Review of Literature and every one of the anti-Communist books was either roundly condemned or ignored in the same reviews.

  229. anon[295] • Disclaimer says:

    Kushner is a troll . I agree . But not a very intelligent one .Successful abuse of power, position,sexual relation with the Trump family ,non sexual relation with Netanyahu , financial relation with the settler garrison state of Israel, financial molestation of the NewYorkers and have raised his hubris to the stratosphere where he thinks people would fall for his sudden discovery of Israel as a possible threat to peace or would get alarmed for his warnings that Israel would keep on lying or grabbing or stealing . Time to get alarmed is over. Israel should have to be dealt with same level and kind passion that was expressed on Hitler. Rest would follow .

  230. @artichoke

    A Swedes nature is the exact opposite of a Barbara Lerner Spectre.

  231. @RoatanBill

    .22 is preferred for Mob style murders

  232. Anonymous[401] • Disclaimer says:
    @Deep Thought

    >>” Jewish groups support BLM while ignoring Palestinian genocide]”

    > “White groups support Uighur/Tibetan ‘rights’ while ignoring Black/Chinese genocides in Amelika and massacres of Muslims around the world.”

    Ah, more PON (people of nose) hasbara deflections.

    Jews constantly focus on the Holycost while ignoring the Holodomor…which killed 10,000,000 Christians. They also ignore the 17,000,000 humans butchered by Tamerlane when the world was much less populous. Jews must always win the Whining Olympics…or they whine even more.

    Jews also claim Israel must be recognized as a Jewish State while Jews themselves refuse to admit the Aryan State similarly had a “right to exist,” too.

    Jews condemn Hamas (which Israel funded to oppose Arafat…who was ready to make peace) for smuggling weapons while lauding Tribalists who did the same for Matzonians:

    Jews want endless reparations for the Holycost. Meanwhile, victims of the Holodomor and Potato Famine have moved on. There is, for example, no endless push by the Irish for AID from Uncle Sucker or to create Potato Famine museums in every country.

    Jews don’t punish Flat-Earthers for THEIR investigations, but DO punish anyone questioning the shekels-garnering Shoah Business.

    Jews oppose ANY criticism of Bagelistan, no matter how peaceful…including boycotts. Yet Jews themselves boycotted Germany in 1933:

    Jews also claim their state is a strong, modern, First-World country while (1) it still mooches off Uncle Sucker after 72 years and (2) acts like a 19-century colonial power.

    Finally, the ADL hates Kyle is because he’s like Hizbollah: revealing that the Emperor has no gonads. He kicked antifa arse just like Hizbollah did the IDF (Israeli Donkey Fellators).

    Israel IS antifa, blustering around unopposed, mistaking cowardly cop responses for reality.

  233. Anonymous[401] • Disclaimer says:

    Not for nothing, but: a LOT of MSM and social-media outlets are run by PON (people of nose). They systemically quash the First Amendment when anyone dares to voice a view diverse from their own:

    SPLC, ADL, ACLU, Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, CNN, MSNBC, ad nauseum infinitum.

    Hence this fun clip per SS YouTube Reichkarencensorfuhrer SSusan Wojcicki…the risk-averse, control-freak, I’M YOUR MOTHER female scold who’s turning a once-thriving company into a steaming stool mound:

  234. @Malla

    Did not bother to read through your long and rather tedious posts.
    “but for whatever reasons”, Japan did NOT modernise the rest of East Asia–“it was Japan” that committed atrocities against the East Asian peoples 1000 times worse than the Western imperialists did!
    It would have done the SAME to the Indians too if the Chinese did not lay down their lives and stopped them dead in Burma.

    • Replies: @Deep Thought
    , @Malla
  235. @Deep Thought

    [Ah, more PON (people of nose) hasbara deflections.]
    That is precisely what you have done in the above long and tedious post of yours, which I did not bother to complete reading. What’s that English word that begins with “h”?
    [Jews constantly focus on the Holycost while ignoring the Holodomor…which killed 10,000,000 Christians. They also ignore the 17,000,000 humans butchered by Tamerlane when the world was much less populous. Jews must always win the Whining Olympics…or they whine even more.]
    Apologies for my ignorance. I am no historian and do not know that the Jews starved 10,000,000 Christians, or held Tamerlane’s hands when the latter butchered 17,000,000 humans!!!

  236. Malla says:
    @Deep Thought

    Did not bother to read through your long and rather tedious posts.

    I am not surprised.

    It would have done the SAME to the Indians too

    Ridiculous. Subhash Chandra Bose (the most respected freedom fighter among Indian youth, you can say shit about Gandhi or Nehru on an Indian street, nobody would giva damn, say something shit about Bose and a 1000 Indians youth will descend from all directions and beat the shit outta you—he that popular) was an ally of Japan. He was a very intelligent man, had topped the imperial services exams, had a very good sense of things. His intelligence was even commented upon in the British Parliament.He raised that the Soviets were not what they seem on the surface, he had that uncanny sense. If what you say would be the case, he would have never allied with Japan. It was Adolf Hitler who sent Bose to Japan.

    Hideki Tojo and Subhash Chandra Bose

    Japan did NOT modernise the rest of East Asia

    The Japanese Empire did modernise Korea, Taiwan and Manchuria.

    • Replies: @Deep Thought
  237. geokat62 says:

    Even the blind can see the US govt is simply an instrument in the hands of the Zionist entity…

  238. @Malla

    Jappon could/can have only one true ally– Amelika. That’s only because the Unclese NUKED it into adhering to an ally-hood. Did Subhash Chandra Bose have nukes?
    You have this “Ridiculous” sense of importance about your “1000 Indians youth”. I read that there are a couple of hundred thousand Indian youths along the Chinese border right now. Let us hope that they will give the Chinese “a bloody nose” they believe they are capable of.
    Jappon kidnapped a lot of people from China, Korea and sent them to Japan as “forced labourers” They lived life a hundred time worse than that of slaves in Amelika. Most of them lost their lives modernising Jappon. You clearly do not read you daily news.

    I thought I met at least one sensible Indian on this forum. Clearly I was wrong.

    • Replies: @Malla
  239. Malla says:
    @Deep Thought

    Jappon could/can have only one true ally– Amelika. That’s only because the Unclese NUKED it into adhering to an ally-hood. Did Subhash Chandra Bose have nukes?

    What does this even mean? This is one of the most illogical thing I have ever read on Unz.

    You have this “Ridiculous” sense of importance about your “1000 Indians youth”

    What? Are you normal? What I meant was compared to our official freedom fighters, Subhash Chandra Bose is the most popular among the youth, the most trusted. There are many conspiracy theories about Gandhi and Nehru, but Bose’s name is holy here. That is what I was trying to make you understand. I did this because most foreigners think first of Gandhi but do not know many Indians crack jokes on him.

    This has nothing to do with Indo China border dispute. You will find that I am one of the few Indians you will meet who is taking China’s point of view as far as India is concerned simply because I find China’s position true and more correct.

    Jappon kidnapped a lot of people from China, Korea and sent them to Japan as “forced labourers” They lived life a hundred time worse than that of slaves in Amelika. Most of them lost their lives modernising Jappon. You clearly do not read you daily news.

    Many of these allegations have been debunked or are highly controversial. But I will not get into that now.

  240. @Chet Roman

    Black conservatives like Larry Elder aren’t black leaders, they’re black orphans. The black community doesn’t follow them. They’re not leading anywhere. When blacks have the opportunity to elect their leaders, they choose the likes of Maxine Waters and Hank Johnson. The blacks show who their leaders are by who they elect and by what, as sonofman says, black leaders are not saying.

  241. Anon[386] • Disclaimer says:

    I find it worth discussing why some people are “woke” to the Jewish question while others remain asleep. My two thoughts:

    I’m a gentile from a 3rd-tier, flyover city that tested into the upper echelon of colleges and later worked within finance and technology startups.

    There’s a huge information bottleneck regarding Jews. Only a small subset of Gentiles will ever have access to the type of elite institutions within which Jews fester and within which one bears witness to their true behavior. There’s a limited time window– around college, or shortly after– to secure a peek behind the curtains and most people don’t make the cut. Those that do realize that there exist a segment of society for which there was always a different track to getting there. Whatever Gentiles do get there find that they would rather lie to secure their elevated social status than satisfy any trivial sense of altruism by raising the alarm on this sort of inequity. Their Gentile brethren continue to imagine the upper class as merely an extension of the Gentile middle class (aka. Trump) rather than a secretive, insulated, and alien elite that has absolutely nothing to do with actual America.

    I’m in a lawsuit with a Jewish landlord and my parents fit the above description. They’re salt of the earth middle Americans that, while well-intentioned, will continue to imagine all Americans as the same. They’ve never had an ethnic identity and thus lack the ability to conceptualize the existence of an ethnic minority hell-bent on controlling them. On the contrary, any train of thought that would lead to such a realization is almost self-censored. There is simply no way to explain this to someone that hasn’t experienced it before

    • Thanks: Iris, MrVoid
  242. [What does this even mean? ]
    If you can believe that the Togo’s Japponese militarists, or Hitler’s Nazis, could be true allies of anybody’s, no wonder you don’t know “what this even means”! Even the greatest of military alliances– that between the US of A and USSR– unraveled after WWII when each was no longer useful to the other. So, go figure.
    [There are many conspiracy theories about Gandhi and Nehru, but Bose’s name is holy here. That is what I was trying to make you understand. I did this because most foreigners think first of Gandhi but do not know many Indians crack jokes on him.]
    I am not interested in “conspiracy theories about Gandhi and Nehru”, or Bose. And I have no doubt that Bose was saintly and holy in his intentions. The real question is: Was Togo holy or saintly??? Togo and militarist Jappon might appear holy to our Indian friends, but that was certainly not true for the East Asians.
    [Many of these allegations have been debunked or are highly controversial. But I will not get into that now.]
    Jappon wanted to turn this “battleship island into a world heritage site” because it was one of their first example of Jappon’s modernisation:
    Can you give me credible links to articles that “debunk” the Japponese forced labour claims?
    However, I have come across more than a few websites that try to debunk the Indian claim that Churchill was responsible for the famine in Bengal. I often wonder if I should believe them.

  243. Meena says:

    White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said at Wednesday’s briefing:the President has “broken a 39-year streak of presidents either starting a war or bringing the United States into an international armed conflict.”

    She added that “the facts tell the story” and that Trump “unlike past presidents, has prioritized peace through strength.”

    Tuesday night at a campaign rally in North Carolina, President Trump told an approving audience, “The fact is, we don’t have to be in the Middle East, other than we want to protect Israel. We’ve been very good to Israel.”

    SEPTEMBER 10, 2020|12:01 AM

    Truth is anti Semitic by nature. We are starting war and prolonging war to protect Israel .

    Protecting Israel means protecting its right to extract grab steal . Protecting Israel means allowing it to attack Lebanon Syria , assassinate scientist , sabotage political reform , support authoritarian regimes , and deprive its own citizen any equality before law .

    • Agree: Iris, ChuckOrloski, annamaria
  244. geokat62 says:

    This is what a truth teller sounds and looks like…

  245. KA says:

    Danilee Pletka of AEI will vote for Trump because of tyranny of Iran .Earlier in her now -deleted posting she eventually agreed to the fact that Obama was Israeli hater

    Because “His Israel/Jew-hating pastor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright
    His good pal, Israel hating Rashid Khalidi
    His unprecedented, stronger than the Palestinians’ own, settlement policy
    His “overheard” remarks on Netanyahu
    His references to Israel as “one of our closest allies”… because…Egypt? Iraq? Saudi? Huh?
    His reference to Israel’s concerns about Iran as “noise”
    I don’t think Obama is a Muslim, I doubt he has plotted the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood, and reject all the nuttiness around the current White House. But a wise man once encouraged us not to shy away from a diagnosis when something looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck. Let’s face it: Perhaps hate is too strong. But dislike strongly? I’ll buy that quack.–“

  246. @JimDandy

    Are any of the guys Kyle shot actually Jewish or not? I’ve seen no proof that any of them are, and some of the Jewish posters here have made strong arguments that they are not.

    As far as the purported ADL poster/ announcement, yeah that looks fake. Showed up on in a thread on /pol/ on August 27, and the consensus from anons then was that it was an obvious troll.

    Anyone find it anywhere earlier than that?

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