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How Israel Controls Its Narrative
Potential critics often self-censor
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It is interesting to note how the Israel Lobby is able to manage and contain the commentary of groups in America that might normally be critical of Israeli policies vis-à-vis the United States. A recent article by Professor Andrew Bacevich entitled “President Trump, Please End the American Era in the Middle East” is a good example of how self-censorship by authors works. The piece appeared as one of Bacevich’s regular weekly contributions to The American Conservative website under the rubric “Realism and Restraint.”

The article particularly focused on the foreign policy pronouncements of Bret Stephens, the resident neocon who writes for The New York Times. Stephens, per Bacevich, has been urging constant war in the Middle East and worrying lest “we may be witnessing the beginning of the end of the American era in the Middle East.” Bacevich, unlike Stephens, is a genuine foreign policy expert, a realist, an Army veteran, and always quite sensible. He correctly described how “in the Middle East, the military power of the United States has played a large part in exacerbating problems rather than contributing to their solution.”

The overall message is sound, but in this case, it is interesting to note what Bacevich left out rather than what he included. It is easy to understand the “realism” part when he writes and it is sometimes also possible to perceive the “restraint.” He cited Iran seven times as well as Saudi Arabia, but, strangely enough, he never mentioned Israel at all, which a number of commenters on the piece noted. It rather suggests that there is a line that Bacevich is reluctant to cross. The omission is particularly odd as Israel is absolutely central to and might even be described as driving American policy in the Middle East and Bret Stephens, whom Bacevich excoriates, is a notable Israel-firster who once worked as the editor of the Jerusalem Post. Almost everything Stephens writes is basically a promotion of Israel and its interests coupled with a call for the United States to do what it must to attack and destroy the Jewish state’s principal perceived enemy Iran.

The reticence is perhaps understandable as Bacevich is president of a newly organized group called the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft, which I have written about previously, that will have its official launch in November. It claims to promote “ideas that move U.S. foreign policy away from endless war and toward vigorous diplomacy in the pursuit of international peace” and further takes some pride in being non-partisan though bipartisan might be a better description. To be sure, Quincy’s two major donors are the highly controversial George Soros on the globalist left and the equally notorious Koch Foundation on the libertarian-lite right, which leads one to wonder who is ordering the restraint when it comes to Israel. Or is it both of them as neither organization, though very active in foreign policy, has indicated any desire to seriously criticize the many crimes of the Jewish state. I appear to have accurately predicted in my earlier article on Quincy that “…there will inevitably be major issues that Quincy will be afraid to confront, including the significant role played by Israel and its friends in driving America’s interventionist foreign policy.”

Indeed, anyone who wants to be a player in Washington DC has to avoid the Israel hot wire. That it should be so is a tribute to the power of the Jewish lobby coupled with the bulk support and Bible-belt votes of its brain-dead Christian Zionist spear carriers. Congress, once described by Pat Buchanan as “Israeli-occupied territory,” likewise knows whom not to offend lest one be unemployed in the next electoral cycle. That is why criminalizing criticism of Israel or support of a non-violent boycott of the country are regularly introduced in Congress and find themselves with more than one hundred sponsors and co-sponsors. Nearly two dozen such pro-Israel bills are currently at certain points in the legislative process, including one that will enable aggrieved Israelis to sue the Palestinian Authority (PA) in sympathetic U.S. courts for damages, a move that will potentially bankrupt the PA.

And the colleges and universities have not been immune from pressure to conform to the pro-Israel narrative. The White House acting through the Department of Education is functioning as thought police on behalf of the Jewish state. It is currently planning on withholding some federal funding of the University of North Carolina and Duke because their joint Middle Eastern studies program does not meet alleged government standards. The standards involved relate to the fact that the program has had speakers and course content that can be construed as critical of Israel and friendly to Muslims. The message clearly being sent to the schools by the Trump Administration is that if you criticize the Jewish state you will be punished.

The drive to eliminate any pushback against Israeli actions at colleges has been spearheaded by leading Zionist Kenneth L. Marcus, who was appointed the Education Department’s Assistant Secretary of Civil Rights. Marcus, who has worked as a paid pro-Israel activist, has been urging the government to define the BDS movement as anti-Semitic and has used his office to designate any Palestinian advocacy as a violation of Jewish students’ civil rights.

The federal action to enforce educational conformity on Israel is not exactly new as universities have long since been self-censoring, just like Bacevich, normally in response to complaints by Jewish groups. To cite only one example, in 2013, at nominally Catholic Fordham University in New York City, a student group sought to form a Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) club. Their paperwork advised that their goal was to “build support in the Fordham community among people of all ethnic and religious backgrounds for the promotion of justice, human rights, liberation and self-determination for the indigenous Palestinian people.” The applicants also revealed that they would support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement. Three years later, Fordham’s Dean of Education denied the application because of the support for BDS. The students took Fordham to court and in August of this year, three years later, a New York judge finally struck down the decision as “arbitrary and capricious.”

So it took six years and a lawsuit to enable a group of students to form a club that was admittedly political in nature but non-violent and welcoming of everyone. So much for freedom of speech and association at America’s colleges and universities when they run up against the Israel wall.

What is less observed is how Israel’s message is promoted at the state and local levels. At the state level, anti-BDS legislation is now the rule in 26 states, with some requiring government employees to sign a pledge not to boycott Israel. And the same thing is happening among Boards of Education. Fourteen states now require holocaust education, where students are compelled to read fiction like Eli Wiesel’s “Night” while also consuming the established and standard, largely fabricated, account of what the so-called holocaust was all about. In Virginia, for example, a shadowy group called the Institute for Curriculum Services (ICS), which is actually a “partisan group with backing by state and local Israel advocacy organizations,” is seeking to change the information conveyed by the history and social studies textbooks used in K-12 classrooms across the state. ICS recommended changes include: “1. Emphasizing Arab culpability for crisis initiation leading to military action and failure of peace efforts—and never Israeli culpability, even when it is undisputed historic fact. 2. Replacing the commonly used words of “settlers” with “communities,” “occupation” with “control of,” “wall” with “security fence,” and “militant” with “terrorist.” 3. Referencing Israeli claims such as “Israel annexed East Jerusalem” and the Golan Heights as accepted facts without referencing lack of official recognition by the United Nations and most member nation states.”

The ICS is only one example of the persistent Israel Lobby brainwashing of the American public on behalf of the Jewish state to completely alter the narrative about what is going on in the Middle East. Taken all together, the self-censorship of groups and individuals that wish to remain viable by ignoring the Israel problem, the criminalization of non-violent movements like BDS, and the pressure on universities and schools to conform with positive narratives about Israel means that any genuine understanding of that nation’s war crimes and crimes against humanity will, unfortunately, remain on the margins.

Philip M. Giraldi, Ph.D., is Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest, a 501(c)3 tax deductible educational foundation (Federal ID Number #52-1739023) that seeks a more interests-based U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. Website is, address is P.O. Box 2157, Purcellville VA 20134 and its email is [email protected].

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  1. Well if CNI printed pamphlets that we could distribute in the wee hours of night, then we could have our own narrative.


    Virginia, where the nation’s first religious liberty legislation was enacted.

    I’d say the choice was quite deliberate.

  3. If US policy was just we would sanction Israel until it withdraws from every inch of the territory it conquered in 1967 and approves a plan for nuclear disarmament.

  4. @AnonStarter

    An outfit centered in BocaRaton, FL has been surveilling Florida textbooks for a number of years:

    CITIZENS FOR NATIONAL SECURITY [a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) Public Charity]
    CFNS’s Executive Summary to a 2009 report begins:

    Students in K-12 schools lack the experience and skills to validate most of what they hear, easily absorb propaganda, tend to believe what their textbooks and teachers tell them, and form opinions that are difficult to change once established.

    Zealous promoters of Islam trying to win the hearts and minds of these children with their messages are well aware of these factors. All Floridians should be, too.

    In mid-2008, Citizens for National Security – a Florida nonprofit, 501(c)(3) Public Charity – assembled a volunteer Task Force to learn about and evaluate Islamic efforts to exert their influence in Florida’s public schools. In this initial report, CFNS focuses exclusively on “flawed” K-12 history and geography textbooks. Flawed textbooks are defined, within the context of this study, as those that include egregious errors, glaring omissions, questionable inclusions,
    or political, ethnic, cultural and other biases that clearly seek to foster an Islamic agenda.

    The declaration of awareness that young students “easily absorb propaganda” etc. makes it even more outrageous that American public school students are required, by law passed in many states, to absorb holocaust propaganda.

    • Replies: @Reality Check
    , @aleph
  5. Aside from the physical evil that all this goes to support, it’s depressing to realize how it collectively makes cowards and liars out of all of us, afraid to speak or even learn the truth.

    The trains leave for the East, and we decide it’s best not to ask any questions. What’s the difference, morally?

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @Altai
  6. Dan Hayes says:

    At the end of “Animal Farm” there are no longer distinctions between the men and pigs, just as distinctions ultimately disappear between the Soros and Koch foundations!

  7. Florida. Yeah.

    Sounds about right.

    Holocaustianity: America’s only state-sanctioned religion.

  8. renfro says:

    Bacevich is a coward who will never mention Israel .

    Bacevich, unlike Stephens, is a genuine foreign policy expert, a realist, an Army veteran, and always quite sensible

    Hah!…I am surprised Phil you don’t see right thru Bacevich, He wants “to be somebody”, he wants a ‘position’ as a ‘guru’ for foreign affairs. He want to be admired and his audience to think he has ‘superior knowledge’.
    In the army Bacevich was a paper pusher, the most combat he saw was getting a ‘paper cut’.And since he never mentions Israel he cant be a “realist”.

    That said the Quincy Institute should be put on our action list for citizens calling, faxing and mailing. I’ ve got 168 GB on Israel and US Israel relations collected to school them on what not to do if they want ‘Responsible Statecraft’.

    • Agree: Cloak And Dagger
    • Replies: @renfro
    , @Anonymous
    , @Rurik
  9. renfro says:

    Speaking of which….I was going thru some of my files today and saw something that i had forgotten…..another possible reason why Israel attacked the USS Liberty.
    Its bolded below….lets see how many people get it.
    Clue…..a ‘lesson’.

    Secretary of State Rusk 1
    Washington, June 12, 1967.

    The Ambassador of Israel presents his compliments to the Honorable the Secretary of State and has the honor to refer to the Secretary of State’s Note of June 10, 1967,2 concerning the attack by Israeli aircraft and torpedo boats on the United States naval vessel U.S.S. Liberty.
    The Government of Israel feels that the statement that “there is every reason to believe that the U.S.S. Liberty was identified, or at least her nationality determined, by Israeli aircraft approximately one hour before the attack” is unfounded.

    Nor can the Government of Israel accept the statement that “the attack must be condemned as an act of military recklessness reflecting wanton disregard for human life.”
    The Government of Israel is of the view that the drawing of such conclusions before a full investigation has been made is unwarranted.

    The Government of Israel has already announced the establishment by the Chief-of-Staff of the Israel Defense Forces of a Commission of Enquiry to make a full investigation of all the facts and circumstances. The Government of Israel will make available to the Government of the United States the findings of this investigation, and, for its part, would hope that the Government of the United States will make available to the Government of Israel the findings of its own investigation.
    The Government of Israel recalls that as soon as this tragic error occurred it immediately informed the Government of the United States of what had taken place. The Government of Israel immediately assumed responsibility for this error and conveyed its apologies and deep regret for what had occurred and for the grievous loss of life.
    Subsequently, as mentioned in the Secretary of State’s Note of June 10, 1967, the Government of Israel took the initiative to offer to make amends for the tragic loss of life and material damage. Further, all assistance was offered by the personnel of the Israel Defense Forces to [Page 441]the U.S.S. Liberty, but these personnel were informed by the U.S.S. Liberty that such help was not needed. The area around the U.S.S. Liberty was immediately searched by Israel Defense Forces personnel, by plane and boat, and subsequently search efforts were renewed.
    The Government of Israel has standard instructions of the most stringent nature to all its military personnel that the personnel and property of the United States as of all countries not involved in hostilities, shall not be endangered. These instructions have been renewed.

    The Government of Israel regrets that it was not given prior information by the Government of the United States of the presence of a United States vessel in an area which the United Arab Republic had warned neutral vessels to avoid, as it was an area of hostilities. The area was in fact being used by the United Arab Republic for purposes of hostilities against Israel. It would be appreciated if the Government of Israel could be given timely information of the approach by United States vessels to shores where the Israel Defense Forces are in authority.

    The Government of Israel renews its offer to make amends and has instructed the Ambassador of Israel to reiterate its profound regret for the consequences of what was admittedly a tragic error.
    The Ambassador of Israel avails himself of this opportunity to renew to the Honorable the Secretary of State the assurances of his highest regard.

  10. Attention all editors. Be on the lookout for countries Trump may have been looking to gain a re-election advantage from, by dealing with clandestinely . Ukraine, Russia, UAE, the Saudis. Do not include Israel in that mix. Not only is it incorrect it may be anti-Semitic to suggest such involvement. Also do not reference spies with regard to Israel or a “private” intel facility called “Black Cube.” To do so could affect Israels foreign relations (that would be wrong).

    • Agree: renfro
  11. Hail says: • Website

    [Bacevich] cited Iran seven times as well as Saudi Arabia, but, strangely enough, he never mentioned Israel at all, which a number of commenters on the piece noted. It rather suggests that there is a line that Bacevich is reluctant to cross. The omission is particularly odd as Israel is absolutely central to and might even be described as driving American policy in the Middle East and Bret Stephens, whom Bacevich excoriates, is a notable Israel-firster

    It’s worth making explicit, in this context, that Andrew Bacevich is not Jewish. His failure to mention Israel even once is not some kind of Jewish ‘gatekeeping’ behavior. It is the act of a gentile. Gentile kowtowing.

    Internet biographies suggest Andrew Bacevich is of entirely White-Christian, ‘Middle America’ origin. Born in 1947, in central Illinois, to a NW-European origin mother (probably of mainly Protestant ancestral stock) and a Lithuanian-Catholic father. Bacevich was raised Catholic and still seems to identify as one.

    Brett Stephens, meanwhile, is definitely Jewish, at times even looking like a caricature of the Jewish political operative.

    • Replies: @Wally
  12. renfro says:


    I just read Bacevich article….college sophomore level.
    Was delighted to see in the comments he got raked over the coals for not mentioning Israel. lol
    Down with simplistic babblers like Bacevich……down with phonies….every time they pen their ‘expert’ opinion without taking on the Israel Fifth Column influence on US ME foreign policy THEY COVER UP AND CONTRIBUTE TO THE PROBLEM. F them..

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  13. Wally says:
    @Colin Wright

    “The trains leave for the East, and we decide it’s best not to ask any questions. What’s the difference, morally?”

    Spare us another of your fake “holocaust” references.

    The difference is that there was no extermination of the occupants of those ‘trains which left for the east’, and you have no proof there was, as I demonstrated against you in the comments at UR.

    • Replies: @Beefcake the Mighty
  14. renfro says:

    Smash the narrative

  15. Pat Buchanan was right. I heard his comment Live on the PBS program, The McLaughlin Group. Pat called Capitol Hill “Israeli-held territory”. Right there on TV. Three decades years later, Buchanan’s more right than ever.

    Ever since Buchanan fired-off that ‘anti-Semitic’ (though accurate) comment, Israel’s grip on American government and culture has tightened. Even the vaunted ‘peace process’ (between Israel and the Palestinians) has been unceremoniously thrown overboard. No big deal? Not to Israel, anyway.

    So what’s taken its place?

    Israel has entered its Conquest Phase. Woe to its enemies near and far. And America is footing the bill. Unconditionally

    Do keep in mind that uninterrupted US economic aid, unwavering US diplomatic support, and unsurpassed US military assistance, will also always be available to the Jewish State. Always. So don’t fret. Nuclear Israel is safe, secure, and supreme.

    Yet even this apparently is not enough. Dissent inside America must be squashed. Free Speech denied. All for the safety of Israel and its far-flung, global community.

    To shape, indoctrinate, and mold US public opinion without opposition is what the Zionists are after. Propaganda and censorship are their tools. They’re certainly on their way.

    Israeli power is so formidable that the Zions can rely on ‘self-censorship’ (fear) to get the job done. This is where “sensible” scholars like Andrew Bacevich come in. Forgive me for saying this, Phil, but Bacevich is so flaccid and subordinate to Israel, the he can always be counted on to never criticize Israel except in the gentlest fashion, if at all. The man is a craven ‘centrist’ in the worst sense. We need better leaders than this. They’re surely out there.

    Bacevich’s obsequious relationship to the Zionist entity may explain why he’s a constant presence on that subversive, left wing site, TomDispatch. Yuk.

    America needs intellectual crusaders, not court historians. Bacevich consistently dares not speak truth to Israeli power.

    Maybe this is why he’s been enlisted to play the role of an ‘independent thinker’ at a fancy new think tank that’s funded by two Zionist-friendly billionaires. Hmm. At least he’ll know his place.

    To me, Bacevich is a well-meaning conformist who occasionally barks but never bites (unless the target is a safe one.)

    With ‘moderate’ intellectuals like Bacevich murmuring gently in the night, you can rest assured that Israeli power and Israeli interference in American life will never wither.

  16. Ahoy says:

    I don’t think they control it effectively any more. The boat takes in water from many holes. The latest is the multiculturalism shit. They force it on the goyim, but in Israel they expel Ethiopean Jews brcause they are black!!

    We live very ineresting times. The culture of more and more money for the oligarchs and more and more homelessness for the goyim is coming to an end.

    The shoddy show they put up after WW2 is coming down.

  17. Bumpkin says:

    It extends to that little backwater called Hollywood, such as when Gary Oldman stated the obvious five years back that “Mel Gibson is in a town that’s run by Jews and he said the wrong thing because he’s actually bitten the hand that I guess has fed him.” Pretty soon he was groveling and practically crying on the Kimmel show that he didn’t mean any of it. Within a couple years, they had him playing a pugnacious Churchill in the movie Darkest Hour- I wonder why so many Holocaust and WWII movies keep getting made, couldn’t be those Jews running Hollywood, could it?- and rewarded him with an Oscar last year, back in the fold after learning not to bite the hand that fed him.

    • Replies: @Robjil
  18. @mark green

    I don’t think we can expect everything from everybody. Bacevich is one of the few people who is criticising wars from inside the military (another one more recently is Danny Sjursen). His son died in Afghanistan. He may not criticise directly The Country, but he criticises the wars and the politics that led to wars. This is important because there aren’t many people doing this. Let there be some division of labor. The reason why people don’t dicuss matters more openly is because it’s not so easy, it’s because of censorship. ‘This always happen when there is censorship. There may be people who are lying, there may be people who do what they do for money. That’s not the case of Bacevich.

    • Replies: @Wally
  19. Realist says:

    It is interesting to note how the Israel Lobby is able to manage and contain the commentary of groups in America that might normally be critical of Israeli policies vis-à-vis the United States.

    Interesting…perhaps, but quite simple…Whites allow it.

  20. geokat62 says:
    @mark green

    Great comment, mark.

    The role they cast for the “independent thinker,” Bacevich:

    Maybe this is why he’s been enlisted to play the role of an ‘independent thinker’ at a fancy new think tank that’s funded by two Zionist-friendly billionaires. Hmm. At least he’ll know his place.

    is similar to the role they cast for that “radical individualist,” Jordan Peterson.

    These two phonies play the role of Judas Goat, leading The Dumb Goyim to their inevitable slaughter.

  21. Anonymous[416] • Disclaimer says:

    What I find bizarre is how a lot of white liberals who would be against a brutal, colonial, ethno-nationalist state like Israel, especially if it was white, yet because it is Jewish they support it and most of them would call you the racist and the bigot for opposing it.

  22. Realist says:
    @mark green

    With ‘moderate’ intellectuals like Bacevich murmuring gently in the night, you can rest assured that Israeli power and Israeli interference in American life will never wither.

    And with way too many dumbass White Americans watching inane television programs like America’s Got Talent, Dancing With The Stars, The Masked Singer and plenty others the subjugation will continue. You can be damn sure that most Jews don’t watch this brainless tripe. America is roughly 98% goyim, but mostly controlled by the 2%. America is roughly 65% white, but controlled by the 35% non-white.
    Our situation is a perfect example why Democracy/Democratic Republic doesn’t work…when you let idiots vote, bad things happen.

    • Replies: @Z-man
  23. Anonymous[102] • Disclaimer says:

    Renfro, with all due respects, where did you find Andrew Bacevich’s military experience in Vietnam to justify calling him a paper pusher, or basecamp commando. This is a mortal insult to Vietnam combat vets whose worst insult hasn’t been from the left, but from other Vietnam vets who were basecamp commandos but have made a career passing themselves off as grunts. These latter guys generally claim they “can’t talk about it” and for the good reason they have nothing to talk about except what they read in Stars & Stripes. Gordon Duff wrote a fine essay about this some years back, saying that these guys sound so real aping grunt lingo that it had him doubting if he’d actually been in combat and if he hadn’t dreamed it all up and was losing his mind.

    For one thing, in most photos of grunts in the field or riding in a slick, or helicopter, on an insertion are wearing nasty fatigues and boots, caked with red mud and torn from rot, while basecamp commandos who took a ride in a slick out to a firebase for a photo shoot are generally wearing basecamp attire, which would be starched and new-looking fatigues that were their own property. In the field, clean uniforms would be sent out in duffle bags once in a blue moon and it was a matter of passing them around based on what fit who. We had an hillbilly kid who got a set of fatigues with major’s insignia, which was great fun on a stand down when recent arrivals in starched uniforms were snapping to attention as this kid looked them over from head to toe. Anyway, the uniform in photos can be a tip off, and probably still today, but after stand downs grunts would be heading back to the field in nicer fatiques, so you can’t go completely by this. I hope this makes some sense.

    • Replies: @renfro
  24. I have reason to believe that is Zionist/Israeli outfit.You criticise Israel for its policies be it in Palestine or in the USA in the real sense you are banished.Cosmetic criticism of Israel is conveniently allowed.
    “I used to believe that Protocols of the Elders of Zion was a fiction. Not any more. It is reality”
    This was a comment I posted. It was deleted immediately.”I will not say much other than reminding you of Trotsky the “Great communist Leader” for whom Communism was only a mask. Decipher for yourself what I said if you can” I just implied that Trotsky’s Jewishness was the driving force behind his communism.that was not taken kindly by the moderator. Eventually I was banished from the forum. So much for and may be many, many other site and publications. Deception and spinning.
    Of course Israel can get away with all these

  25. they expel Ethiopean Jews brcause they are black!!

    They did the same thing in 1948 when young children from Yemen were brought into Israel.
    Same thing then! Except (((they))) couldn’t get them out of the country fast enough.
    Why? They were dark-skinned Yemeni so-called “jews”.
    That was a striking skin contrast from the lily white European arrivals and the Yemeni children.

    Research “the Yemeni children affair”.

  26. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    Stephens, per Bacevich, has been urging constant war in the Middle East and worrying lest “we may be witnessing the beginning of the end of the American era in the Middle East.”

    Not surprising, when one realizes that Stephens is Jewish.

    Israel knows it must keep its American colony bogged down in the ME or it will dry up and blow away, a victim of its own arrogance, greed and stupidity.

    “The role of the President of the United States is to support the decisions that are made by the people of Israel.”— Ann Lewis, speaking for Hillary Clinton, at the meeting for Jewish Leadership sponsored by the United Jewish Communities on March 18, 2008

    There you have it, American Goy. Our nation solely exists to make sure Israel stays alive and well and to hell with our needs and wants.

    Don’t pay any attention to our nation’s infrastructure falling apart, due to lack of money for maintenance, just be happy that much of that money went to support Israel.
    And if your son or daughter comes home in a body bag, be thankful they died fighting for Israel.

    Remember to always engage in your Two Minutes Hate each day for Islam and Muslims, unless you want to be branded as anti-Semitic.

    • Replies: @ChuckOrloski
    , @Patricus
    , @Moi
  27. @renfro

    What difference to the effect of his argument would it have made if he had mentioned Israel? Isn’t that of key importance?

    • Replies: @David
  28. The line that everyone is afraid to cross is the Israeli and zionist traitors in the ZUS governments attack on the WTC on 911 which led to the attack on Afghanistan and Iraq and Libya and Syria and the creation of AL CIADA aka ISIS by Israel and the ZUS and ZBritain and ZNATO, all for Israels greater Israel project which will turn the mideast into an Israeli empire!

    Zionists via their FED and IRS took control of America in 1913 and then branched out to control the MSM and the government and then came the wars starting with WWI and right down to the mideast, and all these wars fought for the zionist bankers and zionism, and this too is a line that the zionist controlled MSM will not cross!

    As Voltaire said, to find out who rules you , find out who you dare not condemn, and using that as a template, zionism rules America!

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Z-man
  29. I know this is old hat to many, but we must keep on trying to expose the the level of control a foreign government holds over our own.

    • Agree: Desert Fox
  30. Robjil says:

    We live in a new Middle Ages. One faith imposed on all of us. The faith is Israel first.

    Any dissenters mush grovel to the Israel first priests.

    Talk shows is the usual grovel place.

    Mel groveled to the Stephen Colbert show in 2016, ten years later. That wasn’t even “good enough” for the Faith.

    And yet that, in the end, is precisely the problem: Mel Gibson hasn’t, really, apologized. He has given statements. He has said some words. He has, to his credit, checked into rehab. But Tuesday’s appearance, with all its talk of “meat racks” and “hide-ing” and, ultimately, Mel Gibson’s own suffering, was a reminder of how little sorry-saying the star has actually engaged in.

    Instead, the disgraced star underplayed his mistakes, wallowed in his own suffering, and then offered that classic answer of those who are, finally, #sorrynotsorry: I apologize that you are upset.

    Gary Oldman defended Mel’s remarks. He got in hot water with our Rulers of the Faith. Apologies is not enough for the One Faith, groveling before the masses on Zion Uber Alles MSM is a “must”. Oldman had to do the same grovel gimmick like Mel.

    “The appearance on Kimmel came on the heels of Oldman’s official note to the Anti-Defamation League apologizing for perpetuating stereotypes about Jews in Hollywood. Those comments came in the initial Playboy chat when Oldman was ostensibly defending disgraced actor Mel Gibson. According to a statement from ADL director Abraham Foxman, the organization was not satisfied with Oldman’s note, calling his apology “insufficient and not satisfactory.” ”

    • Replies: @anon

  31. Replacing the commonly used words of “settlers” with “communities,” “occupation” with “control of,” “wall” with “security fence,” and “militant” with “terrorist.”

    Remember how I had a long drawn back & forth with a poli sci prof about whether it was a wall or a security fence. .. i ended up with a C-. This happened in a Canadian university.

  32. Stephen Wertheim is Quincy Institute’s co-founder and Director of Research Director of its Ending Endless War program. He is also a Research Scholar at the Saltzman Institute of War and Peace Studies at Columbia University.

    Stephen specializes in U.S. foreign relations and international order, particularly concepts of global politics from the late nineteenth century to the present. His first book, tentatively titled Tomorrow, the World: The Birth of U.S. Global Supremacy in World War II, is under contract with Harvard University Press. It argues that in the two years before the Pearl Harbor attack, American officials and intellectuals first decided that the United States should become the world’s supreme political-military power, even though armed supremacy had previously struck them as unnecessary at best and imperialistic at worst.

    Stephen received a PhD with distinction from Columbia University in 2015. His doctoral studies were supported by a Jacob K. Javits Fellowship, Doris G. Quinn Fellowship, and Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Dissertation Research Fellowship. Stephen received an MPhil from Columbia University in 2011 and an AB summa cum laude from Harvard University in 2007.

    Wertheim is the son of retired Montgomery County, MD social workers Linda Shapiro Wertheim and Alexander H. Wertheim and is 34 – 35 years old, according to the New York Times notice of his wedding to Kristen Elizabeth Loveland in 2016, which concluded:
    “The bride and groom grew close in 2012 after going out with a group of friends, and bonding over a shared appreciation of Stephen Colbert

    Matthew 18: 19.

  33. @Anonymous

    What I find bizarre — and what I imagine historians 200 years from now will look back and marvel at — is how a relatively small “transgenerational gang of criminals” conspired with world leaders and their military and financial institutions to bring about two wars that destroyed Europe (while making of USA a superpower — see Stephen Wertheim ); took over those remaining states including the USA while claiming supreme status as victims in those wars; have spent the decades since those wars shaking down the vanquished states, and have inserted their dishonest and concocted narrative of those events as the required history that all must recite, under penalty of law enforced by the states that they destroyed/occupied.

    • Replies: @allis
    , @Ace
  34. sally says:
    @Fidelios Automata

    I would amend your sanction as follows “US policy should be to sanction Israel until it withdraws from every inch of the territory it conquered since 1897 ( the first Zionist Congress in Basil Sweden. ) <= The banker and corporation backed Jewish congresses developed Jewish immigration into a weapon designed to take the oil rich Ottoman land (the Middle East) from the Ottomans.

    • Agree: Moi
  35. sally says:

    excellent work your comment

  36. sally says:

    its the corporate tribes that made it possible.

  37. anon[299] • Disclaimer says:

    We live in a new Middle Ages. One faith imposed on all of us. The faith is Israel first.

    Thinking about Middle Ages recently, and how E Michael Jones describes Henry VIII’s takeover of the monasteries to pay off his creditors
    (interesting blurb – background on that (apparently a Judeophile):

    Edward Longshankes (Edward I) got himself in debt to various moneylenders in order to fund his wars. . . .
    A king had a couple of options when on a quest for funds. 
    One, he can tax his people.  Edward certainly did that. 
    Two, he can confiscate funds from those over whom he wields power.  I blogged earlier about what he did to Jewish coinsmiths in 1278 ( 

    [Three] Henry VIII had the great plan of starting his own religion and confiscating the wealth of the Catholic Church.  That was a little more radical than Edward, who often relied on the third method, money lending.
    In the Middle Ages, a number of money lending options were open to him.  He borrowed from the Jews in England until he took all their money and expelled them from England.  Christians were forbidden to lend money, so he turned to the Italian banking families.

    Jews have been doing all three from Headquarters in USA then USA-Israel at least since 1913.

    Jews tried to take over Germany in ~1870; the German people groaned for a number of years,
    then finally resisted.

    In short, I don’t think we live in a “new Middle Ages.”
    I almost wish we did.

  38. sally says:

    I summarize Mr. Giraldi your article as follows, then I explain what I think you may have omitted.
    Israel Lobby is able to manage [content to within acceptable limits ] and contain [reference to external inconvenient facts] the commentary of groups [and authors] in America that might normally be critical of Israeli policies.
    Bacevich left out..Israel but cited iran and Saudi Arabia
    “israel is absolutely central to and might even be described as driving American policy ie Middle East. .”
    Koch and Soros funded Quincy Institute for Whattttttt?
    A tribute te power oe Jewish lobby coupled w\e bulk support and Bible-belt votes of its brain-dead Christian Zionist spear carriers
    The White House acting through the Department of Education is functioning as thought police on behalf of the Jewish state.
    What is less observed is how Israel’s message is promoted at the state and local levels.
    persistent Israel Lobby brainwashing of the American public on behalf of the Jewish state
    From the article “How Israel controls its narrative Philip M. Giraldi

    Mr. Giraldi.. Maybe you left out the largest contributing group to the message of Israel Propaganda (MOIP)
    IMO the monopoly powered, USA franchised corporate establishments, direct consumer dollars to fund the
    MOIP when these corporate establishments make their tax deductible contribution (advertising expense) to the media; that tax deductible contribution is in fact a tax on every consumer in America, and it makes every consumer in America a contributor te MOIP.
    The price of every product and service has built in to its price, the contribution te MOIP.

    Secondly, the greatest most powerful accomplishment of the Jewish lobby its how the MOIP is funded through private corporate portals in the form of lobbyist, lawsuits, lawyers, and corporately sponsored
    elected and appointed members of the USA government.

    Also i think a strong definition of what is meant by the Message of Israel? What is that message exactly in defined terms.. I think it is more economically oriented that most people understand it to be. The corporations in the world are supported by the MOI but the benefactors of that support are the owners of the private corporations and their bankers and investors. IMO the reason Americans have not yet told Congress and the president to buzz off with regards to support for the foreign beast called Israel is Americans don’t fully understand the MOI. and I really don’t think anyone at this website has that message fully understood.

  39. The problem I have with Dr. Bacevic is that despite his advocacy against careless and needless interventions, he golds a position on climate change that at the end of the day requires international cooperation.

    Smaller or underdeveloped countries seeking to develop will be curtailed from doing so by the climate change restrictions and enforcement of such policies would require force. That means interventions no small number of them forceful. That position undermines his non-interventionists intentions, which on their face make sense.


    Anyone writing an article for TAC is going to lean careful based on the example provided by your experience. I support Israel’s right to exist and self defense and I have push back against own reticence in critiquing Israel.

    But there is this,

    one need not direct in direct confrontation to to confront all the time. I think it is a great that there are those of us willing to challenge Israel on her merits of behavior in the international community, but that doesn’t leave out the focus on issues regardless of Israeli involvement.

    Note: while we don’t agree on several points regarding Israel and other issues. I have always appreciated your wealth and volume of information on issues. An article on the efficacy of the CIA past, present and future would be an interesting read.

  40. Anonymous[102] • Disclaimer says:
    @Desert Fox

    Everything has changed since 9/11 and despite the recent U of Alaska Fairbanks four-year study disproving the official NIST account of Building 7 (and by implication that of the Twin Towers), Conservatism Inc are still hiding behind the skirts of the official narrative and pathologizing several thousand of the world’s top experts in the relevant fields who’ve uncovered the truth.

    For what it’s worth, I’m a native New Yorker who worked with Jews there all his life, and I have never witnessed anyone at any time displaying such cowardice as the groveling servility toward Jews and Israel that’s constantly on display from Conservatism Inc or the talking heads on Fox News. Now Jews are anything but somebody’s fool, so I imagine they must have nothing but loathing for a hired toadeater like Sean Hannity who repeats his love of the Jews and Israel to the point, as Samuel Johnson put it, that all men know it’s false. The same goes for the gushing worship of Israel on American Conservative. Who do these toadeating whores think they’re kidding?

    • Replies: @Desert Fox
  41. Skeptikal says:

    Here is an interesting analysis of the issue of the German “left” and Israel/Palestine:

  42. anon[299] • Disclaimer says:

    I really don’t think anyone at this website has that message fully understood.

    while offering kudos for effort, I suggest that a. your attempt to inform the poor deluded peons on this website might be more effective if you cut out the cutesy acronyms and concentrated on less abstract, more solid definitions and examples of your “MOIs.”
    b. for a newbie, Sally, it’s a bit presumptuous to characterize “anyone at this website” as “not fully understanding” how Israel is interconnected with international corporations that are in turn interconnected with US government institutions (do I have that right?),

    but again — don’t want to dampen your ardor, but do, please, try not dismiss so cavalierly many of the old hands here at UF.

    • Replies: @anon
  43. Wally says:

    “There may be people who are lying, there may be people who do what they do for money. That’s not the case of Bacevich”

    Complete horse shit.

    Did you even read the article under discussion? Who he works for? His funding?

  44. Wally says:
    @Dr. Joji Cheran

    Even one my favorites, the late Justin Raimondo towed the line when push came to shove.
    The fact is that censors comments if they go anywhere near the impossible “holocaust” propaganda.
    Particularly telling when the article being commented upon is about or contains supportive lies about the fake “holocaust”.

    • Agree: Saggy
  45. @Greg Bacon

    Interestingly, and addressing the “American goy,” Greg Bacon said: “Remember to always engage in your Two Minutes Hate each day for Islam and Muslims, unless you want to be branded as anti-Semitic.”

    Hey Greg!

    In my semi-hunble opinion, & no doubt, Israel’s ongoing “conquest”* of America gets a big bonus🤗when restless dumb goyim consumers take pause, and do Ten Minutes Hate for “Islam and Muslims.”

    Nonetheless, a Zion Amerika conquistador level of perfection shall be achieved when a majority of the general population does daily “Ten Minutes Hate” of anti-Semites; for example, Philip Giraldi and… oh, what the fuck?, me.😏

    Please pause, and look at article linked way down below? Title is “How Israel Lobby set EU antisemitism laws.” There you will meet Ms. Katherina von Schnurbein, who is the EU (“Ten Minutes Hate”) Coordinator against anti-Semitism. (Zigh)
    Such finishing touch “conquest laws” coming to Amerika soon, Greg Bacon, & thanks for this moment of attention!

    * As refresher, Mark Green wrote: “Israel has entered its Conquest Phase. Woe to its enemies near and far.”

    P.S.: A parting joke: Why did the Scranton-based antisemite toss bread & jelly sandwich crumbs off the Harrison Avenue bridge and into “living water” (below) on Rosh Hashana? Answer: He knew the local fish’s hardy appetites on “Days of Awe,” and wet bread & jelly Happy Meal feedings were not against the Pennsylvania Gelfite Game Commission Law.😏

  46. Wally says:

    “It’s worth making explicit, in this context, that Andrew Bacevich is not Jewish. His failure to mention Israel even once is not some kind of Jewish ‘gatekeeping’ behavior. It is the act of a gentile. Gentile kowtowing.”

    Which is exactly what Giraldi is talking about.

  47. anon[299] • Disclaimer says:

    that came out w/ more snark than intended. sorry.
    do wish you’d explain better what you mean.

    • Replies: @sally
  48. @Anonymous

    The zionists control America and they know it and since the attack on the USS Liberty, which was a joint attack by the zio/US and the fact that they got away with it, made the attack on the WTC a given as they knew nothing would be done to their killing 3000 Americans and pushing us into a war that has killed thousands of Americans and millions in the mideast.

    Sean Hannity and Limbaugh and Killmead and even Tucker Carlson are all puppets of the deep state and Hannity in particular is a warmonger from back in the attack on Iraq, and Carlson said a couple years ago that 911 truthers were nuts, so they are part of the mocking bird CIA control program.

    Zionism has control of America and is destroying America for the satanic zionist NWO!

    Please read the books Blood in the Water by Joan Mellen and Remember the Liberty by Phillip Nelson about the attack on the Liberty, which was a joint attack by Israel and the ZUS gov, just as was the attack on the WTC!

    • Replies: @Patrikios Stetsonis
  49. Israel is the most anti-Semitic country in the world. As Arabs and Palestinians are a Semitic people. And no one hates them or kills them more than Israel. So, if any idiot calls your criticism of Israel “hate speech” or anti-Semitic, point out the gross hypocrisy of Israel and it’s defenders. Most of the lying mainstream media is owned by Talmudists, that is why almost no one trust them. They still lie about 9-11. And almost no one believes the “official” version anymore. I would not be surprised if Israel is no longer a country in 100 years from now. Nations come and go, and no one likes Israel.

    • Agree: Desert Fox
    • Replies: @ChuckOrloski
  50. David says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Don’t be intentionally stupid.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  51. doggery says:

    Yet that holocaustianity can be exposed for what it is in a few short steps:

  52. Rurik says:

    Bacevich, unlike Stephens, is a genuine foreign policy expert, a realist, an Army veteran, and always quite sensible

    Hah!…I am surprised Phil you don’t see right thru Bacevich,

    Thank you. You beat me to it.

    Bacevich is a hack and a whore.

    An insipid sycophant shilling for shekels.

    How serendipitous that he should find himself at the American Cuckservative. A marriage made in Tel Aviv.

    I admit that I’m at a loss for why Mr. G. would sing his accolades, unless it’s nothing more than a veiled exercise in sarcasm.

  53. Rurik says:
    @mark green

    Excellent comment, as usual Mark.

    The only part that stuck in my craw was this..

    To me, Bacevich is a well-meaning conformist

    For me, ‘well-meaning’ is someone who doesn’t know the score. Like your typical freshman college student just out of Florida’s public schools.

    But something tells me Bacevich knows the score. He’s not retarded, which if he was, perhaps then we could give him the benefit of doubt.

    I’m at the point where we should be treating all liars and shills like the vermin they are.

    If you’re a expert or journalist or whatever, on foreign policy, and you faithfully- how did you put it.. “not speak truth to Israeli power”- when ruminating over the wars; then as far as I’m concerned, you’re like the doctor who ‘forgets’ to tell his patient that he has a tumor, that if not treated- will become malignant. And what a coincidence!, that doctor has major investments in the pharmaceutical lab that makes expensive medicines, but only for the malignant tumors.

    He’s not well-meaning. He’s a liar (by omission) and a scoundrel of the worst sort.

    He’s a Gentile version of the Kapo, wielding his club over ‘the narrative’, in service to his (((paymasters))).

    • Replies: @chris
    , @Anonymous
    , @mark green
  54. How does Israel control the narrative?


    With MONEY.

  55. @Dennis Gannon

    Dennis Gannon said: “… no one likes Israel.”

    Re above; I don’t want to be a nuisance- menace, Dennis, but “Homelanders” detached from you & I tend to differ.😕

    As part of the ZUS’s cultural narrative-imposition, linked below are celebrity (video) examples who show gushing love ❤️ for Israel. (Zigh) This is how they “control the narrative.”


    • Replies: @anon
  56. “Everything has changed since 9/11 and despite the recent U of Alaska Fairbanks four-year study disproving the official NIST account of Building 7 (and by implication that of the Twin Towers)”

    An alternative explanation does not disprove that others are plausible. The direct hit from burning debris coupled with a shockwave of winds and particles traveling several hundred miles and hour .

    • LOL: Wally
    • Replies: @Steven
  57. Patricus says:
    @Greg Bacon

    A Jewish friend once told me Israel’s security depends on the disorder of the Arabs. If the Arabs ever get their act together Israel will cease to exist.

  58. Agent76 says:

    December 20, 2016 Council on Foreign Relations – The Power Behind Big News (Fake News)

    From World War II to the present the Establishment has maintained it’s LOCK grip on the Presidency. The subservient media keeps such information from becoming news. The Elite however, occasionally have difficulty ruling themselves.

    March 19, 2017 The CIA’s 60-Year History of Fake News How the Deep State Corrupted Many American Writers

    During the interview, Scheer and Whitney discuss these manipulations and how the CIA controlled major news agencies and respected literary publications (such as the Paris Review).

  59. @Fidelios Automata

    Agreed, with the added possibility of a land swap if both sides agree to it (e.g. Israel keeps a post-1967 settlement and Palestine gets something else in return).
    Some swaps done right could help both sides.

  60. @AnonStarter

    Not the only one — you’re forgetting about Climatehoaxology.

  61. Patricus says:

    Is it possible there is another reason for the American interest in the ME, aside from Israel? Until very recently we all believed in ‘Peak Oil’. Now that peak oil is debunked the area is less vital for America.

    Like most other nations Israel is based upon conquest. Some unsavory things were done to the native people. Today Israel is a state with a pretty good economy. Their government is fairly representative. The courts are relatively fair. They manage to have clean water and decent sanitation. If the nation declines the ME will be worse than it is. Why should we prefer other ME nations over Israel?

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
    , @chris
  62. @Anonymous

    Indeed… If Austria (using that example because it has roughly as many inhabitants as Israel) suddenly decided to wage war on non-Austrian people in Austria, I’m pretty sure they’d all be VERY quick to take the opposing side and call for sanctions if not war on Austria.

  63. Robjil says:

    I agree.

    I used the theme of the Middle Ages as the Age of Faith as an example of our time.

    The Middle Ages of the 500-1500 AD was much more civilized and rational that our new Zion Age of Faith.

    Even the Roman times were a better time.

    The Zion Age of Faith is nightmare that does not give up.

    It lives on destroying.

    It destroying the human mind with its endless contraptions to protect every tiny Zion theme that pops up every moment.

    • Replies: @Robjil
    , @Ace
  64. The reason people think Israel controls the US is that the Freemasons control the US and people think that it must be Israel since the policies of the Freemasons seem to benefit the Jews which is sometimes true, but for the most part Freemasons support Zionism for their own reason.

  65. Ahoy says:

    @ Dennis Gannon #50

    On your nice canvas painting about Israel, this former Government of Israel Minister, adds a very delicate final stroke. It gives it more light. Enjoy.

  66. Robjil says:

    A typo in above post. It should read than instead that for this sentence.

    The Middle Ages of the 500-1500 AD was much more civilized and rational than our new Zion Age of Faith.

  67. @Patricus

    Why should we prefer other ME nations over Israel?

    Because it would be far less costly in terms of US treasury, political standing.

    How much less of a drain on US economy would it be for USA to engage in fair trade w/ Iran, KSA, etc., rather than surround Iran w/ military bases?

    How much less of a drain on US economy would it be to kick overgrown child Israel out of the basement and demand that it make its own way, including learning to get along in its neighborhood?

    How much freer would US society be without Israel-firsters & Israel dual-citizens spying on US citizens, imposing Jewish demands on US citizens, etc?

    Why should we prefer other ME nations over Israel?

    Geo Washington counseled that US should not “prefer” any nation over another.

    It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliances with any portion of the foreign world; so far, I mean, as we are now at liberty to do it; for let me not be understood as capable of patronizing infidelity to existing engagements. I hold the maxim no less applicable to public than to private affairs, that honesty is always the best policy. I repeat it, therefore, let those engagements be observed in their genuine sense. But, in my opinion, it is unnecessary and would be unwise to extend them.

    Taking care always to keep ourselves by suitable establishments on a respectable defensive posture, we may safely trust to temporary alliances for extraordinary emergencies.

    Harmony, liberal intercourse with all nations, are recommended by policy, humanity, and interest. But even our commercial policy should hold an equal and impartial hand; neither seeking nor granting exclusive favors or preferences; consulting the natural course of things; diffusing and diversifying by gentle means the streams of commerce, but forcing nothing; establishing (with powers so disposed, in order to give trade a stable course, to define the rights of our merchants, and to enable the government to support them) conventional rules of intercourse, the best that present circumstances and mutual opinion will permit, but temporary, and liable to be from time to time abandoned or varied, as experience and circumstances shall dictate; constantly keeping in view that it is folly in one nation to look for disinterested favors from another; that it must pay with a portion of its independence for whatever it may accept under that character; that, by such acceptance, it may place itself in the condition of having given equivalents for nominal favors, and yet of being reproached with ingratitude for not giving more. There can be no greater error than to expect or calculate upon real favors from nation to nation. It is an illusion, which experience must cure, which a just pride ought to discard.

    • Agree: Robjil, Cloak And Dagger
    • Replies: @Patricus
  68. @renfro

    The Liberty statement to Sec. Rusk was –as you would expect–sickening. It said in so many words that ‘your sailors were killed because you didn’t call us in advance.’ Consider it a lesson for you to learn when dealing with IDF authority.
    Now obviously even if they had been notified Israel would have resisted any US presence while they were in the process of their land grab. The bottom line is they know, that we know, that they know that they intentionally murdered US personnel and they don’t care.

    • Replies: @renfro
  69. Of course they self censor, to speak one’s mind in the jewish controlled English media is the equivalent of career suicide.

    Which is why when people bring up freedom of press or speech, I literally laugh in their face.

    On top of self censorship, you have layers of govt n corporate censorship.

    These layers works a million times better than the Chinese firewall the Chinese govt uses.

  70. Z-man says:
    @mark green

    Good to be reminded about PJB, my Liege.

  71. Z-man says:

    Yeah, I can’t help but agree with your statement, Realist.
    The Power of the Cabal is immense, but ultimately it will be defeated.

    • Replies: @Realist
  72. anon[337] • Disclaimer says:

    This is how Israel is helping the world and leading it to a far better future:

    Get out of your self-hating skin, you fool!

  73. Z-man says:
    @Dr. Joji Cheran

    Yes I was blocked from several of the ‘comment hosts’ on that site..I haven’t been on that site in two years. (Grin)

  74. Soraya says:

    Tragically, in the making for a long time. As neocon Podhoretz stated in 1991: “But the real world and the world of ideas aren’t always in the direct communication they should be. In the world of ideas the major media, the universities, the artistic community all of these are still on the left.” (Jerusalem Report). These were mastered, it seems.

  75. Z-man says:
    @Desert Fox

    ISIS-Israeli Secret Information Service.

  76. sally says:

    No problem, Thanks for the heads up.. I thought the ? “what is the “Message of Israel” and the request calling for a definitive definition of the Message of Israel, was crystal clear?

    Also, I thought my observation that multi powerful corporations are ardent “Message of Israel” propaganda supporters as corporate wealth is responsible for delivering that propaganda to the masses.

    Corporate contributions in the form of advertising supports engineering the Message Of Israel (MOI) into media content. Congress, the president and all of the kings men, cannot match in size corporate spending on advertising.

    Corporate wealth, much of it government subsidized, directly funds the fake news, the lobbyist, the lawyers, the chosen candidates in the congressional races. Without corporate advertising, there would be substantially less MOI propaganda embedded in the media that advertising supports. Tax deductible advertising ( basically a government subsidy ) allows corporate managements to use corporate wealth to support media that promotes the Message of Israel to the masses. Even the government buys advertising to support 92% Jewish owned media space but the owners of the media determine what that content contains.

    Its a mystery to me why the MDS movement did not target corporate advertising.

  77. @anon

    anon agent # 337🇮🇱 ordered me: “Get out of your self-hating skin, you fool!”

    Hey fucker,

    Fyi, I gave flat Kiran her idea about making plastic replacements. 😏

    • Replies: @Z-man
  78. anonymous[307] • Disclaimer says:

    {To be sure, Quincy’s two major donors are the highly controversial George Soros on the globalist left and the equally notorious Koch Foundation on the libertarian-lite right, which leads one to wonder who is ordering the restraint when it comes to Israel.}

    Quincy Institute is the latest plot to fool the ‘antiwar’ dummies. Don’t trust Bacevich either. He is trying to get a better job. Quincy institurte is funded by George Soros, the Jewish mafia and Charles Koch, both pro “world Government”. Also Trita Parsi, an Iranian pro Iran fifth column ‘reformists’ where Rouhani is included, is co funder. Who, except fools, can trust two criminal capitalists funders and its opportunist extension where majority of them are associated with the Western intelligence services including Mossad,. Trita Parsi is a CIA asset.

    These are involved in the Quincy Institute:

    [The other co-founders of the organization span the political spectrum: Eli Clifton, an editor at the left-leaning LobeLog; Stephen Wertheim, a professor at Columbia University; Suzanne DiMaggio, a senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace; and Trita Parsi, the president of the National Iranian American Council.]

    Don’t trust Eli Clifton. The is a zionist propaganda site with different STYLE where post mainly propaganda papers to fool the public. They do not expose the crimes of the zionists against Palestinians and the rest of the world. Don’t trust the impostors.

    On the other hand:

    Both US and Israel are behind the ‘impeachment’ plot.

    They know that this plot is going to help their stooge to be selected again. They are going to help the Jewish mafia servant to be SELECTED by dummies, and let the impeachment game goes on into 2021. Then speed up the process of impeachment to bring the zionist christian stooge, Pence, by kicking the zionist servant out. Trump has done for than enough for the criminal Tribe and is not able to destroy Iran, that criminal Jewish mafia want and has paid for it. Both CIA/Mossad are involved.

    The problem is that Iran does not live in 1980s anymore. Destroy the deep state, CIA/Mossad, now.
    Free Palestine and force the zionist into Jewish state of New York. The real Jewish State exist and that is NY. The whole history of Zionists is hoax. These criminals are nothing but Colonist Terrorists.

    • Agree: Desert Fox
  79. Agent76 says:

    October 1, 2019 Guns for Hire: No, the U.S. Government Shouldn’t be Using the Military to Police the Globe

    Eventually, all military empires fall and fail by spreading themselves too thin and spending themselves to death.

    It happened in Rome.

    It’s happening again.

    • Agree: Desert Fox
  80. lavoisier says: • Website

    Self-censorship is really just another description for cowardice.

    But I suspect the more likely explanation for the reticence to talk about the Jewish elephant in the room is that Bacevich could not publish any article critical of that elephant in the misnamed American Conservative.

    It is really ridiculous the lengths one must go today to get essays published in the controlled media.

  81. Wally says:
    @Fidelios Automata

    Nope, ‘Israel’ shouldn’t be there at all.

    But, if Jews want to live in ‘Israel’, fine, but it must be one country, not a ‘Jewish state’.

    Palestinians and Jews must live under absolutely the same rules, Palestinians are allowed to return and are compensated for being ethnically cleansed, a defined border, no apartheid, no double standards, no US taxpayers’ money, and no “dual citizenship”.

    • Agree: Colin Wright
    • Replies: @Fidelios Automata
  82. @Desert Fox

    although Tucker Carlson is somewhat, lite jew-puppet.
    I have see him many times who is ready to say IT.
    However, I understand he has a family behind him to support.

  83. Z-man says:

    Tucker Carlson, the only guy I watch on cable news has to skate a fine line when it comes to the ‘Israeli topic’. He’s become deft at it in order to stay on the air. Godspeed Tucker.

    • Replies: @Lot
  84. Anonymous[355] • Disclaimer says:

    This self-censorship is certainly degrading and horrific but it also reveals the owners of the boot stamping on a self-censored human face. You can’t self-censor and still honestly believe to be free.

  85. @mark green

    Pat Buchanan was right. I heard his comment Live on the PBS program, The McLaughlin Group. Pat called Capitol Hill “Israeli-held territory”. Right there on TV. Three decades years later, Buchanan’s more right than ever.

    Except now it is essentially annexed territory.

  86. Z-man says:


    *My buttons are frozen due to infrequent postings. (Grin)

    • Replies: @ChuckOrloski
  87. @anon

    I agree.
    We would actually be far better off in a Middle Ages situation.
    The Enlightenment is a big lie. The elites didn’t want power for the people. They wanted power for themselves and they took it from Kings. When it got harder to con the people they invented Communism to run a new con: the people would own the State and the means of production. Yeah, right. It was just a way for Jews to seize power from a traditional enemy: European Monarchs or Parliaments. It failed in Spain and Germany in the ’30’s but was wildly successful in 1920’s Russia; why else would Jacob Schiff and the other Jew bankers have sent Trotsky and thugs back from the East Side with 20\$million in gold unless they felt they had a good shot at seizing the Russian State?
    In the Middle ages you had large corporate entities with power that benefitted the average person: Trade guilds, the Church was a large employer on estates, the Cities and Towns offered opportunities and war was a lifetime profession open to many. Was it paradise? No. Was it a dark period full of ignorant morons? Absolutely not. Latin was a lingua franca, many had opportunities to advance and the overall society had a moral basis. No one was subject to Jewish predation for long; they were expelled when their predations provoked revolts and countermeasures. The suffering of that type was more acute due to lack of health care, epidemic disease and crop failures due to underdeveloped technology. In other words, suffering was more about life not about being opressed by any particular group of people. The overall society had a universal moral code in which people knew were they stood. We are currently having our labor exploited by insane elites, many jews, who wish to murder us. This is an entirely different kettle of fish than what my ancestors and, possibly, yours suffered through.

    • Agree: Alden
    • Replies: @sally
  88. Ron Unz on the lower level commotion and upper level studied silence in the ruling class caused by Valerie Plame’s Tweet about the Unz Review article titled “America’s Jews Are Driving America’s Wars” by CIA guy Philip Giraldi.

    Ron Unz from September 23, 2017:

    I’m really much too busy with my software work to waste any time on all this nonsense, any more than I would be willing to argue with some kindergarteners who dispute whether the clear sky is really blue. But I got a little curious about the dozen or more MSM stories regarding the controversy, and glancing at a few of them that topped the list at Google News, I noticed something quite telling.

    Offhand I’d say that Valerie Plame is probably about the most famous undercover CIA agent in American history, and during the 2000s her name was regularly on the the front pages. Even this past year, I’ve seen her occasionally mentioned in my morning NYT/WSJ. And we have someone of such reasonable prominence sending out an utterly explosive Tweet with the headline “America’s Jews Are Driving America’s Wars,” then backtracking an hour or two later under massive pressure and apologizing. That certainly seems like a pretty major story.

    Yet the coverage was almost entirely confined to second- or mostly third-rank media outlets, with virtually no significant journalists or foreign policy figures seeming to provide any critical quotes and almost all the shrill attacks I saw coming from people whom I’d never heard of. The only prominent public critics I noticed were Alan Dershowitz and Marc Levin, both especially fanatic Jewish Neocons. And not a single word got into the NYT, the WSJ, or any other top-tier mainstream news outlet.

    The obvious explanation of such remarkable silence is that roughly 100% of all the serious foreign policy experts and journalists know perfectly well that Plame and Giraldi were absolutely correct, and don’t want to have all their friends laughing at them if they publicly claim otherwise. Perhaps they’re also a bit concerned about putting statements on the record that might place them in front of a hangman’s noose a bit down the road.

    Anyway, I need to return to my software and let all of you get back to arguing about whether or not the sky is blue…

    • Replies: @ChuckOrloski
  89. I wrote this in September of 2017 about Valerie Plame getting a ton of bricks dumped on her because she happened to mention an Unz Review article by Philip Giraldi:

    Alan Dershowitz went on the Neo-Con Network Fox News and attacked “Girardi” for so-called “anti-Semitism.” Manners prevent me from suggesting that the anti-White scoundrel Dershowitz deliberately mispronounced the name of Giraldi just to be a snot.

    Joe Girardi was a fine baseball player and is now the manager of the New York Yankees. Since Dershowitz is a professor at Harvard in Boston, it could be that Dershowitz is so used to hearing “Girardi” while watching baseball games that he made an honest mistake. Since I don’t think Dershowitz is capable of any honesty whatsoever, I think Dershowitz did it to be a snot.

    Philip Giraldi should write about how Rupert Murdoch and the Murdoch Mob allows the Neo-Cons and those who support them to have prime television coverage of their opinions and worldviews. If Giraldi has covered Murdoch’s Neo-Con proclivities previously, perhaps he could update his stance on the Murdoch Mob.

    Dershowitz on the Murdoch Mob’s Fox News Neo-Con propaganda network:

  90. @David

    Better than being unintentionally, irredeemably stupid which you have just indicated you are. Or maybe you are just too lazy to think before emitting. Try thinking. It can even be fun.

    • Troll: Rurik
  91. Realist says:

    The Power of the Cabal is immense, but ultimately it will be defeated.

    I hope so…but probably not through the electoral process.

    • Replies: @Z-man
  92. renfro says:
    @Mark James

    You got it Mark ..100%…

  93. I was recently stroke by an epiphany ..How much of my knowledge, opinions, likes, dislikes, probably even my character have been shaped and defined by JEWISH influence. It seems that nothing is more powerful than jewish power over INFORMATION(schooling, media, books, digital,print,images etc.) that ultimately shapes our individual (collective) PERCEPTIONS that in time become inner (subconcius ) truths. Even SCIENTIFIC FACTS that deviate from the official jewish narrative are labeled ANTIsemetic. BUT going back to your article..the situation is not likely to change unless the Nationalists faction(s) in the USA converge to devise a COUNTERforce in all aspects of USA affairs, mainly political life. The main drawback is the absence of an equal contending MOVEMENT to the Neocons and the jewish Zionists lobbies. This will lack behind as long as the Nationalists forces (politics,cultural,media,religious) remain divided from within/without , sithout articulating a powerful alternative to the zio machine, it must take the form of a Nationalist PAC which main objective is to WIN elections (local,state,FEDERAL) and create an alternative REALITY base platform (information is the key). The American Middle Class is not yet aware of the heavy price that they, and their children are paying for jewish wars in the world. Sky high energy prices for OIL,(\$5.gallon) gas, water etc. The US Treasury bankrupted and financing a perpetual war machine, heavy taxation, debase of Social programs (SSecuirty), delapidated infratesructure. While China just Unveiled its State of the art Peking airport, USA infratestructure can not rival Chinas. Will the American (nonjews) ever CONNECT the dots???NO unless they KNOW the bubble of deception they live their daily existence. They MUST AWAKE from that slumber..How? On teh other hand It is puzzling that the Muslim/Christian Arab countries can not pull together a coalition to deter Israeli warlike behavior. And specially the LABOR/Working classes to boycott Israeli world commerce, goods, services (financially).

  94. Anonymous[364] • Disclaimer says:

    “The ICS is only one example of the persistent Israel Lobby brainwashing of the American public on behalf of the Jewish state to completely alter the narrative about what is going on in the Middle East.”

    Extremely unlikely that tens of millions of American whites, with high IQ and high time preferences, are bamboozled and hoodwinked by the “chosen ones”.

  95. renfro says:

    I know because Bacevich admitted it himself in a Amer Cons. article. in which I challenged him.

    ”’This is a mortal insult to Vietnam combat vets whose worst insult hasn’t been from the left

    No lectures on Vietnam please. One brother in Marines, 3 Purple hearts, 2 Bronze Stars and 1 Silver star and the scars to prove it , 2 dead friends , one a A/F pilot, bother of one of my friends., the other a classmate of brother also a Marine Lt.
    I don’t care to hear anything from that jumped up pos who’s trying to make a name and place for himself after his retirement by mumbling about war. ….and not just Vietnam but every US war including the Revolution.
    I do not take kindly to Ellis Island opportunist whose families , like Bacevich’s criticize Americans who fought in those wars that enabled their sorry asses to come here.

  96. @Z-man

    After a “LOL!!,” Z-man informed me: “My buttons are frozen due to infrequent postings. (Grin)”

    Hey Z-man!

    As well as any Jewish Scientist/Inventor who’s domiciled in Northeast Pennsylvania, I can unfreeze your buttons.

    👍! Laughter makes Zion life livable.

  97. allis says:

    What I find bizarre is how meekly we’ve submitted to their domination.

    I suspect that our cowardice is due to our being in monetary straight jackets. The “hostile elite” makes the money, (literally through their banking “octopus”) and can cut us off from it at will. How many of us can afford to lose the jobs that provide us with the money we need for a decent life? How many congressmen could get elected without funds from that elite?

    Personally, I wish someone could tell me how we could all get out of these straight jackets. I also wish I knew the names of those who are actually making and distributing and controlling the money, and how they do it. Are there any books (or internet sites) about money men that actually identify who they are by name and how they do it? Would be interesting!

    • Replies: @Lot
    , @Robert Dolan
  98. Lot says:

    • Replies: @Z-man
  99. Lot says:

    Giraldi, you blame conservative writers for not being anti-Israel out of “fear.” The reality is 98% of conservatives love and admire Israel.

    And even for the few who don’t, look at the complete nuts here your anti-Israel obsession attracts.

    Half the comments on your articles are attacks by the ultra-crazy like Wally against the mildly crazy like Colin Wright.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
    , @Lot
  100. Lot says:

    Nobody’s stopping you from being self employed or using silver dollars and gold and bitcoins.

    The reality is American Jews are widely loved by normal Americans, and antisemites are hated. You strike us mentally ill and unsavory pariahs.

    • Troll: renfro
  101. @allis

    We didn’t exactly submit.

    The formation of the FED was done by trickery.

    Once they got control of the money supply it was over.

    • Agree: Desert Fox
  102. @AnonStarter

    How israel first jews shut down free speech: Kenneth Marcus, Jewish Trump nominee for Asst Sec, Office of Civil Rights at the Department of Education explains how with threats of law suits, he coerces and blackmails our educational institutions to limit, restrict and deny our 1st amendment right to free speech:

    ‘Trump Nominee Has History of Suing Colleges Over Israel Boycotts ‘ – Marcus is currently head of the Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law, which he founded in 2011. The Center has been involved in serial litigation with one objective – stopping protests staged by students at colleges and universities against Israeli policies. Marcus is focused on silencing the non-violent Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS).

    The Brandeis Center mission statement is clear: “The leading civil and human rights challenge facing North American Jewry is the resurgent problem of anti-Semitism and anti-Israelism on university campuses.”

    As he wrote in the Jerusalem Post, “These cases — even when rejected — expose administrators to bad publicity… Israel haters now publicly complain that these cases make it harder for them to recruit new adherents… If a university shows a failure to treat initial complaints seriously, it hurts them with donors, faculty, political leaders and prospective students.”

  103. @Charles Pewitt

    Hey Charles Pewitt!

    Thanks for spiking the Valerie & Phil remembrance.

    Fyi, & with no argument whatsoever, our “Homeland” sky is white & blue.

    And it’s 🇮🇱, cloudy all day!

    P.S.: Joe Girardi ain’t New York Yankee manager no more.😟 I think a George Steinbrenner offspring fired him.

  104. @renfro

    well excuuuu-uuse me.
    and my grandparents & parents “Ellis Island opportunists.”
    they dug the ditches & built the roads you and your elite lot ride upon
    they designed and carved the monuments you claim as yours
    they fought the wars you and your elite lot hip-hip-hoorahed — wars that were fought on their native lands and that destroyed their homes, farms, sacred shrines.
    and me? I paid for what I own in this land that you call yours — bought it fair & square, and made it better than I found it.

    sorry ass indeed.

    • Agree: Hibernian
    • Replies: @renfro
  105. @renfro

    The Israel Air Force warplanes and Israel Navy warships that attacked the USS Liberty on June 8, 1967, at the height of the Six-Day War, were aware that the vessel was an American spy ship, according to new testimony published Thursday in the Chicago Tribune.

    Oliver Kirby, the NSA’s deputy director for operations at the time of the Liberty attack, is quoted by the Tribune as confirming the existence of the transcripts, saying he personally read them.

    “They said, ‘We’ve got him in the zero,’” Kirby was quoted as saying, “whatever that meant – I guess the sights or something. And then one of them said, ‘Can you see the flag?’ They said ‘Yes, it’s U.S, it’s U.S.’ They said it several times, so there wasn’t any doubt in anybody’s mind that they knew it.”

    The report stated that the U.S. National Security Agency – to which the intelligence gathering ship belonged – was able to intercept IAF communications according to which, at some stage, the pilots identified the ship as American but were nonetheless instructed to push ahead with the attack.

    According to the report, some of the transcripts and intelligence information have disappeared, while the rest can be found in U.S. government archives.

    • Replies: @renfro
  106. @anon

    ‘This is how Israel is helping the world and leading it to a far better future…’

    Plus, they invented the cherry tomato.

    • LOL: AnonStarter
  107. Bacevich is NOT the exception, but the rule.

  108. renfro says:

    I try to keep up with all the US agencies Israel has infiltrated.

    Just discovered two that I missed.

    The establishment of a US Israel “Cyber Group” that somehow went under the radar in the US.
    What it does is give Israel all kinds of on info of US security ….fox in hen house.

    US, Israel Establish Bilateral Working Group to Help Defend … › News
    Jun 27, 2017 – The U.S. and Israel have formed a bilateral cyber working group that will work to protect critical infrastructure in both countries against potential

    Then there’s this one, US HUD and Israel forming a partnership to study ‘housing.’ lol…one might ask why HUD needs to spend extra money on a program with Israel to study housing.

    What Country Is HUD Partnering With on Housing?

    I looked all thru this agreement and could find no logical ‘reason’ given or statement made on what benefits this partnership was expected to ‘result ‘in.
    Most of it was babble about another ” Israeli US tie”.
    There was one paragraph from it I quoted below about ‘contracting out’ the study group work.
    Want to make a bet on who will get the ‘contract work’ in the US….and on the Israeli side naturally.

    Memorandum of Cooperation
    The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development
    The Israeli Ministry of Finance
    October 22, 2018

    ”To conduct research work to implement this MOC, the Participants may contract out the research work partially or entirely to outside entities and/or researchers with the consent of both Participants.”’

    I am desperately looking now for one segment of anything of value in this country that hasn’t been infiltrated by Jews for Israel.
    The more I fly the search machines looking around, the more I think..seriously think….that at least half of the 6 million Jews in the US are employed by the gov and all its agencies, both federal and in state and in the hundreds upon hundreds of Jewish organizations , charities , think tanks. lobby groups. etc..

    • Agree: tac
  109. @Dr. Joji Cheran

    Join the crowd. banned me years ago for identifying Israel as the culprit behind endless wars in the Middle East that editors make a good living criticizing. Which makes sense I guess, since if Israel were to stop creating wars for Americans to criticize and fight, the editors at would be out of a job.

  110. Steven says:

    Interesting, although the asymmetric damage claimed in the video would have most likely caused an asymmetric failure. The failure observed is symmetric and, perhaps more alarmingly, at g acceleration, indicating no supporting structure underneath.

  111. @Wally

    At one time I believed that way but since 2016 I’ve been “woke” to race-consciousness. There’s no way Jews and Arabs can coexist peacefully in the same state. And if Israel ceased to exist, all of those extremist Zionist Jews would want to come to the US. So I’m fine with the existence of a Jewish state.

  112. bjondo says:
    @Dr. Joji Cheran

    Same experience.
    My comments deleted instantly.
    Haven’t been back in years.

  113. bjondo says:

    Col Lawrence Wilkerson, a signatory,
    would have made a good NSA
    for Trump and USA.
    Never too late.
    Trump will be pres through 2024.

    Giraldi, too.

    • Replies: @anon
  114. stevecel says:

    I don’t get how Americans, Europeans and whoever else let this happen. We are supposed to be the best humanity has to offer and we end up like this? There has to be a higher cause, right? Or do we end it all as animals?

  115. tac says:

    Your cowards in US Congress: Amy Klobuchar dodging questions about Israeli involvement in Eptstein, 9/11

  116. tac says:

    Your cowards in US Congress: Elizabeth Warren dodging questions about Israeli involvement in Eptstein, 9/11

    • LOL: Lot
  117. tac says:

    Some what lukewarm responses from you contenders:
    Tom Steyer only to Israeli tech takeover (not 9/11):

    Dem Pres Candidate and Retired Navy Admiral Joe Sestak:

    Interview with Cenk Uygur

  118. anon[113] • Disclaimer says:

    Thanks for confirming my impressions.

    EXCLUSIVE: Twitter executive for Middle East is British Army ‘psyops’ soldier
    Head of editorial for MENA is part-time officer in the 77th Brigade, an ‘information warfare’ unit which has worked on ‘behavioural change’ projects in the region

  119. anon[113] • Disclaimer says:

    Larry doesn’t like Trump, was sure Mueller “had the goods” on him. Don’t know if he’d serve – for the good of the country, and all that. He’s also still doing pennance for his cock-up with Powell’s big UN lie and the Iraq invasion. Damaged goods, maybe a little twisted.

    • Replies: @bjondo
  120. Frankie P says:

    We would like to strike you mentally ill and unsavory pariahs…repeatedly.

    • Replies: @Lot
  121. renfro says:

    Get off your high horse…..I said I didnt like Ellis Island opportunist ……who then torn down the reputations of the leaders/men who fought the wars that enabled then to come here.

    And get over yourself…..the pre Ellis Islanders also built roads, toiled the soil, bought their land, wrote the Dec of Independence , fought for it and spilled their blood in this land.

    Come to think of it ……”your elite lot hip-hip-hoorahed ”… the same type of insulting Bacevich did when he wrote about Colonial America.

    So …If you want to baselessly insult me again, bring it on…..and I will verbally bury your cornpone ass.

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  122. “Interesting, although the asymmetric damage claimed in the video would have most likely caused an asymmetric failure.”

    I think the fall was canted. But given the magnitude of the collapses and I think that of all three buildings. Because one would expect the buildings to fall towards the weakest, where the failures occurred. but the weak point is just too small for the cant/tilt to register to the naked eye.

    I am not ruling anything out. But the alternative view would rule the original stated cause and effects.

  123. renfro says:
    @Reality Check

    Yes, there were 3 tapes and one has disappeared. Col Lang was at the War College and hesrd them. Go to his site and select USS Liberty in the categories list and you can find coverage of it.

  124. renfro says:

    Tick tock, tick tock….

    Why Muslims are the world’s fastest-growing religious group › fact-tank › 2017/04/06 › why-muslims-are-…

    Apr 6, 2017 – In the next half century or so, Christianity’s long reign as the world’s largest religion may come to an end, according to a just-released report that …

    ‎Islam: The world’s fastest growing religion – BBC News › news › world-39279631 › islam-the-world-s-fastest…
    Islam is the world’s second-largest religion, after Christianity. But this could change if the current demographic trends continue, according to research published …

  125. @Lot

    ‘…Half the comments on your articles are attacks by the ultra-crazy like Wally against the mildly crazy like Colin Wright.’

    I suppose if you can’t win the argument on the actual merits of your case, you can always abuse your interlocutors.

    …and if you’re trying to defend Israel, what else have you got?

    • Replies: @AnonStarter
  126. @Lot

    ‘…The reality is American Jews are widely loved by normal Americans, and antisemites are hated. You strike us mentally ill and unsavory pariahs.’

    It would be more impressive if you responded to your interlocutor’s actual post and cited numbers to show that Jews aren’t any richer than anyone else, and don’t exert an influence on the political process entirely disproportionate to their numbers…but perhaps that wouldn’t work out so well.

  127. Ace says:

    An excellent distillation.

  128. correction:

    But the alternative view would not rule out the original stated cause and effects contend.

  129. sally says:

    A very broad in scope, revealing, deep and thoughtful insight that exposes the central European Enlightenment as a con..

    Question? How does the history of Magedeburg rights play into the Enlightenment propaganda?

  130. Ace says:

    In the Middle Ages, or any pre-20th-c. time, the presence of massive numbers of foreigners within the borders was the result of a catastrophic failure of the army. Now it is celebrated. Every foreigner or minority with a pulse is a new princeling without whom America simply cannot thrive and whose every criminal, destructive, moronic, seditious, rejectionist, or diseased thought, word, or deed must be celebrated or understood as a justifiable response to white perfidy, greed, hostility, hypocrisy, racism, and supremacism. Jews, a mere two per cent of the US, have been at the forefront of all efforts to effect massive third-world immigration.

    The Constitution is at best mere guidance devised by corrupt, rich, white, male oligarchs and at worst an instrument of capitalist oppression. Change is improvement and progressives must be cherished for their ability to effect change, the more ludicrous the better. Arithmetic is passe. The Federal Reserve bank is owned by Rothschild and other massively wealthy private bankers.

    Jewish political control and media monopoly is unmentionable. Free speech is oppression, an expression of hate, and to be prevented by severe economic and physical methods. The ADL and SPLC are the sole arbiters of what is acceptable in public life. AIPAC promotes American interests and only American interests.

    Massive Jewish over-representation in the Bolshevik catastrophe of murder, enslavement, and stupidity is a trifle and simply a manifestation of Jewish idealism. It must never, ever be mentioned. Jewish leadership in all communist revolution is similarly unmentionable. The German soul, however, is innately diseased.

    Jewish behavior is always defensive and a normal response to innate hostility on the part of Christians. Jews are simply above criticism and any such criticism, no matter how accurate, is certifiable proof of the critic’s desire that all Jews be exterminated forthwith.

    Israel is a benign and magnificent presence in the world, a light unto the nations, whose seizure of Arab land is ordained by God. Christian America is by definition a suspect, flawed enterprise that owes billions to Israel in annual tribute and its blood and treasure to fight Israel’s wars.

    It us the duty of white Christians to simply submit to their extinguishment by arrogant minorities who are clueless about discipline, order, hygiene, and common decency.

    These are the themes that wash over our political landscape.

    • Agree: Robjil
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  131. Anonymous[177] • Disclaimer says:

    Well said.

    • Replies: @Ace
  132. Moi says:
    @Greg Bacon

    PG does not get it that most Americans are pussies and stupid with a crypto-Jew for prez.

  133. Israel Narrative,

    History & Myth…. To fast backward into the Wayback Machine, Peabody & Sherman fame. One must read history from its allegorical mythology of the imaginative mental art of perceptions via the age before time started… the latter being, before the advent of the current delusional reality of the dogmatic religion of the Talmud and its rhetorical counterpart the New testament biblical franchise of the Jewish persuasion… AKA… that Israel belongs to the Jews of the New World Order, that is in fact, even if they are Jews at all. But, more like time travelers into the past mythology methodology of imperial illusion and mind hypnosis brought on by reading the words of Rabbinic soothsayers from the time of Gnostic mysticism and mass ignorance of the people they brainwashed with the latter.

    A good read is Joseph Campbell’s the “Power of Myth”…”The Mask of Gods-Occidental Mythology… Here we see the reasons for the blind leading the blind… How the Narrative and Illusion of the Land of Israel keeps us ignorant of out true spirituality and human solidarity in the mind of peaceful way to live.

    The path to enlightened wisdom comes in the form of history and the realization most of what is thought about reality is that we just follow a conjured conditioned ideology formed from our experiential and experimental lack of facts that keep us controlled by the powers that are as human as they are symbiotically mythological. Yet, we think in the myopia of the now, when the past is our future NOW!

  134. @renfro

    3 tablespoons/42 grams butter, melted, plus more for dish
    2 cups/350 grams corn (from about 3 ears / pones)
    ⅓ cup/67 grams sugar
    1 teaspoon/5 grams salt
    2 large eggs, beaten
    2 cups/480 milliliters whole milk
    ½ teaspoon/1 gram freshly grated nutmeg

    • LOL: Carroll Price
  135. How the “Narrative” controls the t-Rump impeachment process, and how he can likely wiggle out of it by waging an Israel-required war against Iran!😈

    As Bolton has checked out of the Blue & White House, a newbee set of Neoconservatives checked in. Haha. So a Likud Party memorandum to President Trumpstein: “It’s either attack Iran, or you just get four (4) years!”

    Linked below is an interesting National Interest article which presents an Inferno narrative of a t-Trump descent & a Pence rise. “Good night America.”😔

    • Agree: Desert Fox
    • Replies: @Robjil
  136. Che Guava says:

    Doc. Giraldi,

    Many of us here enjoy your always interersting comments on the zio-crap, and they are always of interest to read.

    As a relativley long-term reader, i have made the request before, here.

    I am sure that many readers, woukd l.hke to hear your opininions on the Snowden case,

    Clearly, from my heart.

  137. Patricus says:

    Good points. We should stop subsidizing Israel, Egypt and any other nations. For a perspective, our 3.5 billion to Israel amounts to about 1% of their GDP. They could do fine on their own.

    • Replies: @Beefcake the Mighty
    , @anon
  138. chris says:

    He’s not well-meaning. He’s a liar (by omission) and a scoundrel of the worst sort.

    Yeah, that’s exactly the point Rurik.

    After my initial indignation at Phil’s description of Bacevich’s article (I don’t have the stomach to actually read through that kind of crap), I have to say I found it so funny to think of the physics-defying contortions the great ME policy ‘expert’ professor had to go through to write such an analysis, while completely omitting the main driving force! Like discussing the pyramids without mentioning who built them and why?

    It’s also very funny to think of who he wrote this piece of trash for ? In the first instance, obviously for his paymasters, of course, demonstrating to them the solid reliability of a good slave.

    But which audience was to ‘benefit’ from the talented professor’s great wisdom ? Nobody really ! The Jews themselves know the score and it helps them only indirectly to see how well the narrative can be sold. If they were discussing the subject among themselves and one of them would be bringing up only Bacevich’s talking points, they would all be like: ‘what the hell are you talking about ?’

    And since anyone without a dog in the fight will see right through his entire analysis, it seems like only sycophants and other dunces will get the benefit of being shown how far the perimeter of their electric collars now reach.

    It seems like the contents itself was meant for the dumpster from the very beginning.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  139. Z-man says:

    Yeah right. Bull feathers.

  140. Z-man says:

    Oh definitely not thru the electoral process. (Wry grin)

  141. Robjil says:

    This might be a Wag the Dog moment.The ZUS attack on Yugoslavia in 1999 was distraction from the Clinton impeachment charade.

    In 1997 the film “Wag the Dog” debuted to rave reviews. The dark comedy concerns a Washington, DC spin doctor and a Hollywood producer who fabricate a fictional war in Albania to distract American voters from a presidential sex scandal. Many observers couldn’t help but draw parallels between the film and the real-life events of 1998-99, which included the Monica Lewinsky scandal, Clinton’s impeachment and a very real war brewing in the Balkans. As in “Wag the Dog,” there were exaggerated or completely fabricated tales of atrocities, and as in the film the US and NATO powers tried to sell their war as a humanitarian intervention. An attack on Yugoslavia, we were told, was needed to avert Serb ethnic cleansing of Albanians.

  142. @Colin Wright

    /what else have you got?/

    He’s always got Christianity.

    Though you wouldn’t know it from reading what he offers.

  143. Robjil reflected, wrote: “This might be a Wag the Dog moment.The ZUS attack on Yugoslavia in 1999 was distraction from the Clinton impeachment charade.”

    Interesting, Robjil, but lest we forget how, while under impeachment fire,🇮🇱, August 1998, the horny & cowardly Clinton bombed a Sudan pharmaceutical facility.😈

    Also, it’s timely to recall the NYT cartoonist who lampooned the truth🤗and displayed P.M. Netanyahu’s taking his pet dog, Trump, for a walk, & tied to a leash. Haha. (Zigh)

    Lastly, it’s counterproductive for the very kennelled Amerikan population to surmise that they’re not leashed to a Zionist Jew ball & chain. Thanks, & like always, my respect, Robjil!

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  144. chris says:

    Some unsavory things were done to the native people. … Their government is fairly representative. The courts are relatively fair.

    You’re kidding, right ? If your “were” refers to the Israeli policies starting in 1948 and continuing into last night, then I agree, if by”unsavory” you mean large scale murder, ethnic cleansing, torture, imprisonment of minors, institutionalized racism, land theft, wars of aggression (1967, 2006), scapegoating, revenge killings by the state.
    Also by “relatively fair” if you mean for the Jewish population, and which in no way extends to the nearly half of the population which is Palestinian, then again we agree.
    Regarding why we should prefer other ME nations over Israel, then maybe in order to conduct business with them, such as buying oil from them for starters. Other than racketeering and extortion, I’m not sure what we’re getting from Israel in return for the tribute we pay annually in perpetuity.

  145. Anonymous[177] • Disclaimer says:

    For me, ‘well-meaning’ is someone who doesn’t know the score. Like your typical freshman college student just out of Florida’s public schools.

    Very, very true.

    A truly red-pilled goy is not “well-meaning” – at all. He’s a brutal, dedicated, hungry carnivore.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  146. Rurik says:

    contortions the great ME policy ‘expert’ professor had to go through to write such an analysis, while completely omitting the main driving force!

    Because he’s paid to not notice the elephant in the living room.

    A hack and a whore.

    (With apologies to crack whore prostitutes, who’re a thousand times more noble and honorable than the Bacevich ilk).

    How many more thousands of innocent men, women and children will die or be maimed or displaced or orphaned in the Zio-wars- because of professional liars doing all they can to obfuscate the motivations behind those wars?

    If Soros didn’t think his shekels wouldn’t buy a veil to hide the atrocities, (so that more atrocities can happen), then he wouldn’t be paying Bacevich’s salary. It’s a cold, calculated effort for ROI, and that ROI means more slaughtered innocents for every penny invested.

    • Agree: Desert Fox, chris
  147. Rurik says:

    A truly red-pilled goy is not “well-meaning” – at all. He’s a brutal, dedicated, hungry carnivore.

    utterly unprincipled

    venal, and (I started to write vapid, and recalled V’s virtuous volley)

    “..venal and virulent vermin, van guarding vice and vouchsafing the violently vicious and voracious violation of volition.”

    Well said, V.

  148. Lot says:

    It isn’t about argument, but the Mandate of Heaven.


    • Replies: @Robjil
  149. @ChuckOrloski

    ‘…Also, it’s timely to recall the NYT cartoonist who lampooned the truth🤗and displayed P.M. Netanyahu’s taking his pet dog, Trump, for a walk, & tied to a leash. Haha…’

    There you go. If Hillary had won, such a cartoon would have been unimaginable. Obama knelt in submission as well — but the NYT would never have permitted cartoons pointing it out.

    With Trump serving Israel, our groveling at least starts to become a partisan issue. The Democratic convention could be interesting. Remember Villaraigosa’s ‘what do I do now?’ moment?

    • Agree: ChuckOrloski
    • Replies: @ChuckOrloski
  150. Robjil says:

    That was the war on the US and Israel “won”.

    June 8 1967. The day, month and year that the US lost its sovereignty.

    We are still living with this 52 years later that has grown to a gigantic scale towering over all things on earth..

    An more horrible Israel first crime was committed on the US territory on 9/11/01.

    It was on Elul 23, Jewish Calendar. Dove brings Olive leaf to Noah day

    Dove brings Olive Leaf (2105 BCE)

    On the 301st day of the great Flood, Noah sent a dove for the 2nd time from the ark (see “Today in Jewish History” for Elul 17). This time, the dove stayed away all day; “the dove came in to him in the evening, and, lo, in her mouth was an olive leaf plucked off; and Noah knew that the waters were abated from off the earth” (Genesis 8:11).
    Yahrzeit of the 9/11 Terror Attack Victims (2001)

    Two days later Elul 25 is Creation of the world day, Jewish Calendar

    Many people erroneously believe that Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, falls on the day the world was created. In fact, it falls on the day that man was created which was on the last of the six days of creation. The creation of the world, therefore, took place six days earlier, which corresponds to the Hebrew date of the twenty-fifth of Elul.

    What happened on Elul 25/ 9/13/01?

    Civilian aircraft traffic resumes in the U.S. after the September 11, 2001 attacks.
    Relative calm returns to world oil markets as US retail gasoline prices return to normal levels; energy trading by Houston energy companies resumes and limited commercial aviation star

    Everything had to put back in place like Yahweh’s creation of world.

    In other words we live in the Zion Age of Faith. If you make fun of it, criticize it or investigate it then jail time, jobless or one is ostracized. The Middle Ages were a blessing or any time compared to our times.

    A mind is a terrible thing to waste. If any aliens on other planets looked at this planet, they would be shocked that we are held in fear of stupid idea systems of a tiny little tribe.

    • Replies: @Desert Fox
  151. Hibernian says:

    There are a lot of us Ellis Island opportunists around. My grandfather landed there in 1902.

  152. @Rurik

    You are right about Bacevich. He’s just another compromised, paid-for ‘centrist’ who pretends to be an independent scholar. What a crock.

    Unfortunately, Bacevich will not criticize (or even identify) the primary driver behind Zio-Washington’s despicable Mideast policies. This makes him a fraud.

    Out of respect to PG, I was being soft on Bacevich, but he deserves nothing more than censure and contempt. You hit the nail on the head, Rurik.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  153. @Colin Wright

    Hey Colin!

    Although I routinely shy away from going into what might have been with Hillary as preZident,🤔 you positively rocked my prejudice by writing: “There you go. If Hillary had won, such a cartoon would have been unimaginable. Obama knelt in submission as well — but the NYT would never have permitted cartoons pointing it out.”

    👍! In addition you made me laugh, positively, by emphasizing, “With Trump serving Israel, our groveling at least starts to become a partisan issue.” Haha, thumbs up again, 👍!

    However, the Democratic convention won’t interest me, haha; too many dullard Zion phonies, but at least Tulsi is good to look at & that’s no joke, Colin! Thanks & my respect.

    P.S.: Soon as I tap “Publish Comment,” I will go & learn stuff about Villaraigosa’s ‘what do I do now?’ moment?” 🤔 Haha. Fyi, no one had to tell Vito Corleone what he must do in order to get his crooning relative a role in a Jew Hollywood film.☠️

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  154. @Robjil

    Agree, but think the day America lost its sovereignty was the day the zionists had JFK shot.

    • Agree: Robjil
  155. @Patricus

    We always hear about how small aid to Israel is, but their organs and agents in the US fight tooth and nail to keep it flowing, so it can’t be insignificant.

  156. @ChuckOrloski

    ‘…P.S.: Soon as I tap “Publish Comment,” I will go & learn stuff about Villaraigosa’s ‘what do I do now?’ moment?”…’

    (Understandably) it’s been buried as thoroughly as possible; but here it is:

    The al Jazeera announcer is all but visibly licking her chops as she introduces the clip: it lets at least two cats out of the bag that I can see.

  157. Lot says:
    @Frankie P

    You’d like to, but won’t and can’t.


    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  158. “Everytime we do something you tell me that America will do this or that …I want to tell you something very clear : Don’t worry about American pressure on Israel . We , the Jewish people control America , and the Americans know it .” Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to Shimon Peres as reported on Kol Yisrael (Voice of Israel) radio one month after 9/11.

  159. Altai says:
    @Colin Wright

    It is also somewhat of a paper tiger. All these modes of control exert so much force because people are afraid to simply point them out. But as Holocaust guilt gets worn out (Like 9/11, the solemnity has been erased by cynical schmalz) and people tire of Jewish double standards, it will end.

    Do you think all the people clapping here are true believers? Or would they wield the axe to cut it all apart if only somebody stumbled out to revealed it all first?

    • Replies: @anonymous
  160. Speak of the devil.

    Makin’ new friends…

    ”Israel-Australia Relations Irreparably Damaged’: Diplomatic Row Erupts Over House Arrest for Accused Pedophile Leifer
    Diplomatic sources say the case could cause a serious rift, while the Australian Jewish community threatens to cut off donations…’

    I doubt they’ve forgotten Zygier’s ‘suicide’ either.

  161. @Lot

    That would be the twenty-first century’s answer to the ghetto wall, Lot?

  162. anonymous[299] • Disclaimer says:

    but did anybody count the silverware after Sarah left town?

  163. Rurik says:
    @mark green

    Sorry for the long post. It had to be done.

    Out of respect to PG, I was being soft on Bacevich, but he deserves nothing more than censure and contempt

    I feel the same way about PG, so I understand.

    But in the end, it’s the thunderous sound of crickets chirping that is why most people have no idea why we’re in the Middle East. A silence that is bought and paid for.

    It’s a little over a hundred years since the US was treasonously dragged into the first World War.

    A catastrophic adventure that led to the second WW, and the death of the West.

    Yet all these years later, how many people actually know why we fought in those wars.

    I see Mr. Bacevich wrote a book. America’s War for the Greater Middle East: A Military History

    I haven’t read it, but sure would like to know what’s in it.

    Does it reveal why we’re in the Middle East? Does it name names?

    Here are some reviews..

    “The book reveals a number of critical truths, exposing deep flaws that have persisted for decades in American strategic thinking—flaws that have led successive American presidents to ask the American military to accomplish the impossible, often while barely providing it with the resources to accomplish even the most modest of goals. . . . Read Bacevich—not for the solutions he proposes but to be sobered by the challenge.”—National Review

    Well, if Jonah Goldberg’s rag approves, then who am I to question it.

    “Bacevich’s magnum opus . . . a deft and rhythmic polemic aimed at America’s failures in the Middle East from the end of Jimmy Carter’s presidency to the present.”—Robert D. Kaplan, The Wall Street Journal

    My suspicion is that this ‘magnum opus’ does all it can to point out the folly of these wars, without ever actually mentioning who and what is the driving force. Zionism.

    Global, imperial Jewish supremacism.

    The driving force behind the World Wars, and all the wars America has fought post (((9/11))).

    Bacevick is not fit to lick the dust from Charles Lindbergh’s boots.

    Nor is he anywhere near a thousand leagues from Dr. G.

    A lot of people are intelligent and educated and articulate, even occasionally eloquent.

    It isn’t intelligence that’s needed, but the courage to speak the truth. The kind of courage Dr. G. demonstrates weekly, with his profoundly biting articles, naming names.

    I’ve been doing a little reading…

    From an August 21st article in The American Cuckservative:

    Still, in those circles where a firm, fierce, unwavering, and unquestioning U.S. commitment to Israel ranks on a par with mom, apple pie, and supporting the troops as core American values, any suggestion of a threat to the longstanding, bipartisan pro-Israel consensus evokes panic. With the exception of AIPAC, few institutions are more sensitive to any hints of backsliding in U.S. support for Israel than The New York Times.

    Wow, that sounds almost Giraldian.

    He goes on to question the wisdom of the special relationship, and then come up with this little ditty:

    The aim of the diversity project is not to make the United States stronger but to redress a history of discrimination (a perfectly legitimate motivation, by the way).

    Did you hear that White guys?

    The act of demographically replacing your white arses, and fucking you over with Affirmation Action and ubiquitous demonization for your “history of discrimination”, is a “perfectly legitimate motivation”. IOW tossing white men under the bus of racial spoils and hatred, is a perfectly legitimate way for well-to-do white men to signal their virtue to the hive, by tossing your working class white arse under the ‘identity politics’ bus.

    Charming. But moving on…

    Back to the special relationship:

    “I have no doubt that American government agencies benefit from shared Israeli intelligence and technological exchanges.”…

    Yet what determines the strength or weakness of the U.S. position in the Middle East is not our connection with Israel but the wisdom or folly of decisions made in Washington. While some Americans—more than a handful, far fewer than a majority—believe that those decisions are made at Israel’s behest, little evidence exists to support that charge.

    [my emphasis]

    Says it all, I’d say.


    George W. Bush did not invade Iraq in 2003 to please Mr. Netanyahu, but in response to a bout of neo-imperial hubris laced with missionary fanaticism not seen since the days of Woodrow Wilson.

    Is Bacevich aware of the irony of that?

    I suspect so. I think he’s so convinced of how clever he is, that he can rub his irony right on our faces, and we won’t even notice.

    He’s this emeritus scholar’, blah, blah.. and anti-war savant, and yet would tell us the attack on Iraq had nothing to do with Israel.


    The government of Israel does whatever it sees as necessary to ensure its national security. I personally find much to admire in this single-mindedness, even if I find fault with the policy specifics.

    He admires Israeli’s single-mindedness, but thinks American white men deserve ‘diversity’, as a just punishment for all the wrongs they committed centuries ago.


    ..In other words, a strong Israel has not prevented the United States from exhibiting terminally stupid behavior. For evidence, examine recent U.S. policies toward Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Libya, and Yemen.

    In other words, U.S. policies towards Iraq, Iran and Libya, having nothing whatsoever to do with Israel!


    Here’s an alternative interpretation of what the U.S.-Israeli relationship signifies. Maintaining the pretense that the partnership is mutually beneficial provides American politicians of both parties—and The New York Times—an excuse to avoid critically reassessing what it is the United States thinks it’s doing in the Middle East and whether ongoing expenditures of blood and treasure will yield real success any time soon.

    Here’s an alternative interpretation of what Bacevich is trying to accomplish with all this dissembling..

    A concerted effort to obfuscate exactly ‘what the United State thinks it’s doing in the Middle East’.

    And I suspect that Bacevich knows, that we’re there specifically to advance Israel’s interests, at the direct expense of America’s and everyone else’s interests.

    He ends it with:

    I have absolutely no doubt that the U.S.-Israeli relationship is good for Israel. Perhaps it’s time to consider whether it’s actually good for us. Now there’s an issue worthy of examination by the nation’s newspaper of record.

    Now there’s an issue worthy of examination by a guy who’s entire career is defined by his unwillingness to honestly examine that very issue.


    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  164. Ahoy says:

    The Basevich’s of Europe and America have one specific role to play in the Jews war to conquer the planet. To erase from the goyim’s mind this.


    So under the mantle of pseudo science they invent words in order to make abhoring acts sound nice and easily digestible.

    The greek word paedophillia (paedo=child, phillia=frientship) cannot describe sectual acts between an adult and a child. This act in greek is called paedoviasmos, paedoraping.

    This word creating game by the so called Harvard scientists is supposed to hide the real driving Jew force which is this.
    and keep Americans completely oblivious to the fact that they are driven like lamb to slaughter by Luciferians.

  165. @Rurik

    If Andrew Bacevich’s dissembling has left you with some hair, check out the Steven Cohen post over here ——->Unasked Questions About US-Ukrainian Relations

    have to admit, I watched only the first 30 minutes of Cohen’s chat w/ Batchelor.
    Time-line explanation of what was done to whom and when — the important thing: WHEN — re the civil unrest in Maidan that preceded Russia’s take-over of Crimea.

    Props to Cohen: he stated plainly that Russia was NOT the aggressor; US was the aggressor, Russia retaliated.
    Further, he emphasized that Russia and Ukraine have been intimately linked for centuries; US has no interests in Ukraine.
    So ragging on Putin is ill-conceived.

    Cohen alluded to quest to expand NATO as the reason for the Maidan Orange Revolution.

    But (at least in the first half-hour), Cohen could not bring himself to utter the word(s), “Neocons.”
    God dam Russo-crazed Eastern European Trotsky Jews.
    THAT is why US is entangled in Ukraine.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  166. anon[117] • Disclaimer says:

    1 % of US GDP goes to 10 million people . How much of GDP goes to US citizen?

    • Replies: @Patricus
  167. In “Towers of deception : The media cover-up of 9/11 ” Barrie Zwicker provides twenty-six exhibits of evidence proving that beyond a reasonable doubt that 9/11 was a terror fraud and an inside job , he then presents multiple cases of de facto censorship by the mainstream media and by journalists of the truth regarding the false flag attacks on 9/11. As Julie Levesque writes in Global Research :” Whoever dares raise questions regarding the official 9/11 narrative , will be excluded from both the mainstream and progressive media , and will be dismissed as a mentally disturbed individual … harboring wild conspiracy theories .” It was J.P. Morgan , reputed to be Rothschild’s agent , who, recognizing the power of the mainstream media to control the narrative and brainwash the public , in 1915 purchased the 25 leading periodicals of the day and promptly fired their editors .

  168. Cp. #166 and contrast and compare the US and Australian situations.

    This is from today’s (The) Australian

    The Australian
    Friday, October 4, 2019

    Impasse on Malka Leifer shames Israel: Dave Sharma
    Malka Leifer, right, a former Australian teacher accused of dozens of cases of sexual abuse of girls at a school, arrives for a hearing at the District Court in Jerusalem in February, 2018. Picture: Ahmad Gharabli/AFP


    7:38PM OCTOBER 3,
    Australia’s former ambassador to Israel Dave Sharma has warned that the bilateral relationship is being damaged by the stalled extradition of accused child sex predator Malka Leifer from the Jewish state.

    The newly minted Liberal MP spoke out as former Victorian premier Ted Baillieu called on the Australian government to toughen its message that Ms ­Leifer must be returned to answer 74 charges of sexual assault over her time as principal of an ultra-Orthodox Jewish girls’ school in Melbourne.

    Mr Sharma, who dealt with the case as Australia’s man in Tel Aviv until mid-2017, said Wednesday’s decision by an Israeli judge to grant Ms Leifer bail was “almost inexplicable”, horrifying her alleged victims here.

    Foreign Minister Marise Payne described the woman’s release from jail as concerning.

    “I would say it is very important that Israel knows at all levels that this is an important case for Australia,” Mr Sharma told The Australian.

    “It is one that we will not let rest and it is one that is increasingly having an impact on ­bilateral relations and how Israel is viewed and perceived in ­Australia.”

    Asked how ties between Australia and Israel could be affect­ed, Mr Sharma said: “It becomes a focal point for the Australia-­Israel relationship and risks undermining public support for the broad and wide-ranging relationship with Israel, because it is seen that Israel is not co-operating with us on an issue that is important to us.

    “I think it is poor for Israel reputationally because no country wants to get a reputation as being a safe haven for sexual ­fugitives, which is the way this is heading.”

    Ms Leifer’s lawyers have slowed to a snail’s pace the legal proceedings in Israel by claiming anxiety and panic attacks rendered her unfit for court.

    This means that after 58 hearings and five years of frustration for the alleged victims, the case has not advanced to even first base of weighing the substantive issues of putting her on a plane.

    Sisters Nicole Meyer, 34, Dassi Erlich, 32, and Elly Sapper, 30, who complained to Victoria Police in 2012 of being groomed and sexually abused by Ms Leifer at Melbourne’s Adass Israel school, slammed the decision by Jerusalem judge Ram Winograd to allow her home detention.

    “This is a massive betrayal of any chance of justice happening,” Ms Erlich said.

    Interviewed on ABC’s News 24 on Thursday, Mr Baillieu said Scott Morrison and Senator Payne needed to tell the Israelis that the ongoing delays were unacceptable.

    “It’s just not fair on these girls, it’s not fair on other victims, it’s not fair on the Australian people and in fact I don’t believe it’s fair on the Israeli ­people, too, because Malka Leifer is fast becoming the face of Israel,” he said.

    A spokesman for the Prime Minister said the situation was “incredibly distressing” for the sisters, and Mr Morrison was open to meeting them.

    Malcolm Turnbull, former foreign minister Julie Bishop and Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews made personal representations to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about the case, and Senator Payne said she raised it again last week with her counterpart, Yisrael Katz, while at the UN General ­Assembly.

    “We maintain our consistent position to have Malka Leifer extradited from Israel to Australia to face allegations of child sex abuse in Australian courts,” she said. “The allegations are shocking and the victims deserve the opportunity for justice.”

  169. Patricus says:

    Actually that is 1% of Israeli GDP, roughly 350 billion. Our subsidy should be zero but it is not accurate to suggest the US is totally carrying Israel.

  170. Rurik says:

    Cohen alluded to quest to expand NATO as the reason for the Maidan Orange Revolution.

    Hey S2C,

    On 9/11, Ehud Barak was on TV giving props to Russia as a partner on the new global war on terror.

    Dubya looked into Putin’s eyes, and saw complicity.

    But after Libya, Putin was so complicit anymore, and told the Beast ‘nyet’, over Syria.

    So the ((Kagan cabal)) sent their slag into Kyiv to foment “democracy” on Putin’s doorstep.

    The rest, as they say…

    At least, that’s how I sort of see how it played out, (and is playing out).

  171. To S2C, Rurik shared: “At least, that’s how I sort of see how it played out, (and is playing out).”

    Hey Rurik & SolontoCroesus!


    And as you guys are aware, following the Israel “narrative” is hard stuff, but rewarding.

    Below is a fascinating Spectator article fyr, but in the end, I believe the Jews will always get their war & regrettably, they require American soldiers to perish in them. t-Rump is expendable.🙃

    Thanks & my respect.

  172. A new Mayor seeking-Scranton calling geokat!

    Brother Nathanael doesn’t allow Jews to control their “narrative.” Please refer below to “The Lyin’ (buggy 😅) eyes of Adam Schiff.”

    In my semi-hunble opinion, The Brother deserves being near top of The Saker’s Man ‘O Year listing. He speaks clearly & within scope of Everyman’s comprehension, and w/o doubt, & according to his Christian first name, * the Father of Real Jew News “has no guile.” 👍!

    Video Link
    * The Grand Obfuscator, Incitatus, destests Brother Nathanael’s extraordinary preaching, & he immaturely insists upon calling him “Milton.” Haha. (💤igh)

    • Replies: @geokat62
  173. geokat62 says:

    In my semi-hunble opinion, The Brother deserves being near top of The Saker’s Man ‘O Year listing.

    Good morning, Chuck!

    I agree, completely.

    And here’s why. I’ll let Brother Nathanael explain in his concluding paragraph of his video, The Lying Eyes Of Adam Schiff:

    You see, no one understands the Jewish menace better than me. I grew up in a B’nai B’rith intensive synagogue. I understand that the Jews want to keep on tearing, tearing down, fragment, distort, splinter, so they can rise to the top. I understand it, I grasp it, I’ve got all the bases covered.

    I want to fight it. I think we can win. In three years, America will be ready for a Brother Nathanael.

    Help me, as a Christian, continue this fight!

    We should all rally around Brother Nathanael and support him as much as we can to truly make America great again!

    Here is the transcript of the entire video. It is well worth reading.


    If outright lies bars a man from public office then Adam Schiff truly has to go.

    He lied about Russiagate and now he’s on a lying track of a ‘trumped up’ phone call.

    Known for his freaky bug-out eyes, Schiff in his opening statement as House Intelligence Chair falsified—I mean brazenly falsified—the transcript between Trump and Zelensky.

    If Schiff were not a privileged Jew that gets away with criminality (like Epstein and his co-conspirators) then he’d be hung from the rafters for his deliberate distortion of the Presidential transcript.

    No, you listen good.

    While telling us the transcript was ’shorn of its rambling character’ you added your own ‘rambling character’ to it.

    And while pretending to read the actual transcript you invented words Trump never said.

    But the lies keep coming. The Jew knows no shame.

    A repulsive looking Jew, a pathological liar, known for his freaky bug-out eyes, now calls President Trump a ‘traitor.’

    No, Schiffty, you’re the traitor.

    When you got busted for putting words in Trump’s mouth you shrugged it off as “parody.”

    Face it.

    Opening a formal Congressional Hearing with a Jewish-skewed parody is no place for your burlesque show.

    But you would never admit that you intentionaly lied so as to skew the process would you, Mister Jew?

    And to have a perjurer like you chair the House Intelligence Committee is surely not in America’s interest.

    Who would trust ‘intelligence’ in your hands? ‘Intelligence’ that you would distort, twist, and falsify?

    You can’t hide your lying eyes.

    And your Jew bug eyes are thin disguise for the demise of America.

    Sneaky eyes, freaky eyes, hideous, frenzied, vengeful, and vicious eyes.

    And through them a spectacle of strife, division, and deformity comes fully into view.

    We’re at a crossroads in America.

    Something must be done when we have the tribe:—who fill numerous chairs on Capitol Hill, and who anchor the press and media—spreading perfidious strife throughout America.

    A Jewish kind of strife that splinters, fractures, divides, and shatters all that’s left of the elevated civilization that Christianity built over the last twenty centuries.

    +BN off the cuff

    I mean, what can I say? We’re certainly at a crossroads, my fellow Americans. I mean, we’re witnessing the utter destruction of the elevated civilization that both Eastern and Western Christianity built throughout the centuries.

    Jews are tearing it down in their push for perversion. Homosexuality is the destruction of the family which is the primary root of a stable, responsible society.

    Transgenderism they’re pushing. Absolutely unheard of heretofore.

    And it’s being taught by the Anti-Defamation League and their books to public schoolchildren, beginning with kindergarten on up. That’s the kicker. The ADL is a Jew operation. And now with the ADL and Jews heading up this endless impeachment event, we’re seeing greater discord and division created by the Jewish hacks and their fellow tribesmen that own and control the media than ever before.

    Well, what can be done? We have an historical precedent for it, and a legitimate foundation right before our eyes. You see, Jews claim that Israel is their homeland, so let them get the hell out of here and go there. They’ve been kicked out of 109 countries for perfidious activity, and at this rate, America will be the 110th. It should be.

    Then we prevent Jews from funding Gentile shills from wherever they may live abroad. Don’t worry, my anti-Zionist friends, Hezbollah, Iran, the Axis of Resistance will be strong enough to bring about a one-state solution which will bring an end once and for all to a racist, bigoted, apartheid Jewish state.

    There is hope. Americans still marry between men and women, and bear children. You see, this is the basis of future aspirations that a country needs, and is done through the family that the Jews are trying to tear apart.

    Oh, not their own, but white Christian gentile families who built this country with their majority population still. They can still stop the Jews.

    This is my new vision for America. I started this on a video nine years ago. In the next three years, I’m going to do everything to see it’s brought about. The end of corruption in our culture and in our politics, in our society wrought by Jewry.

    You see, no one understands the Jewish menace better than me. I grew up in a B’nai B’rith intensive synagogue. I understand that the Jews want to keep on tearing, tearing down, fragment, distort, splinter, so they can rise to the top. I understand it, I grasp it, I’ve got all the bases covered.

    I want to fight it. I think we can win. In three years, America will be ready for a Brother Nathanael.

    Help me, as a Christian, continue this fight!

    • Replies: @ChuckOrloski
  174. geokat admonished All: “We should all rally around Brother Nathanael and support him as much as we can to truly make America great again!”

    👍, geo!

    Too bad Ron Unz hesitated to allow Brother Nathanael to become a regular contributor to widely read & respected Unz Review, because of the simple & profound fact that “no one understands the Jewish menace” better than him.

    Shall never forget how — as a “backdoor man” * — Brother Nathanael engaged an unbowed comment exchange with Sam The Sham Shama, and accurately branded him a “Maven.” Haha. He precisely knows how to throttle the stinky Israeli Jew ZUS “narrative” and even Soviet historian/political science Professor, Stephen Cohen, could take valuable lessons from The Brother’s Real Jew News.

    * Inspiration from Jim Morrison & The Doors, “Backdoor Man.”

    Thanks, geo.

  175. @geokat62

    Hey geokat!

    Below is a Keith Preston article which discussed Trumpenstein’s hunting posse pursuit & suggests possible hard times for The Land of Bilk & Money’s coalition to establish Greater Israel.🤔

    Please refer below below? Fundamentally, and as you know, geo, the Amerikan “people” don’t decide whose their president.

    • Replies: @ChuckOrloski
    , @geokat62
  176. @ChuckOrloski

    Hey Orloski!

    Get hold of your “narrative” to geokat, will ‘ya? 🙄 Linked below is the part you left behind!!!

    • LOL: geokat62
  177. Truth3 says:
    @mark green

    On target Mark…

    Watching the slow motion train wreck of the Jewish takeover of America since the death of JFK is not only disheartening, it’s disgusting in the extreme.

    Extreme courage is required. The fact that PJB is the strongest voice against the Jew takeover tells you something.

    Potential speakers of the rank of Father Charles Coughlin… where art thou?

  178. Ahoy says:

    @ ChuckOrloski

    Hey Chuck, folowing your discussion with geo and reading your links I can’t help noticing some strange pointers in America’s intrnational behavior.

    For two years now we are hearing that we are going to Venezuela to bring them denocracy and we are still in bla, bla, bal minus Bolton. In Iran after two well thought out provocations war stayed in the talking stage.

    I don’t credit tRump with this, because I don’t believe he is any different than all other Presidents after JFK was shot. So what is my theory. Iconoclastic indeed and here it is.

    The Pentagon has been feeding the American public with the famous First Hit dogma. This I believe is not accepted unanimously by the very top echelon of the Zion. Russia spreads over 27% of the earth’s landspace and today’s technology it makes it a dificult target for a first hit.

    tRump is not a Hercules fighting for peace, simply is backed for the Zion segment tha does not want war now.

    Just thinking, my best to you and geo.

    • Replies: @ChuckOrloski
  179. I think we should avoid the term anti-semitic since the Jews/Hebrews are only one of the semitic tribes. I know that this is the popular term for so-called anti-jewish beliefs, but Arabs are also semites, as are Assyrians and some of the folks in Ethiopia. Perhaps a better term is anti-zionist, since it seems it is the Zionists who are creating many of the problems. Also it is important to recognize that the majority of Israeli’s are probably not Zionists, just like the majority of Muslims in America are not radical islamist, and just like the majority of Americans have very little in common with the Washington DC swamp.

  180. geokat62 says:

    suggests possible hard times for The Land of Bilk & Money’s coalition to establish Greater Israel.🤔

    …Fundamentally, and as you know, geo, the Amerikan “people” don’t decide whose their president.

    Interesting read, Chuck. As you’re well aware, I’m very suspicious of the notion that Supremacist Jewry are prepared to back away from their plans to promote the Zionist Project’s hegemony in the region. After Trumpstein has furnished them with so many goodies, I suspect they are simply reshuffling the deck to (s)elect a new POTUS who’ll deliver even more goodies to the ZP. It is their hope that the goody-givers are bipartisan. They don’t want things to appear too obvious that even the dumbest of the dumb goyim could figure things out.

    • Replies: @ChuckOrloski
  181. Ahoy says:

    @ Ahoy

    Following my previews comment, I think another factor that is delaying the march towards war against Iran is the fact that their super weapon, CONSUMERISM and ENTERTAINMENT, is loosing its initial strength to play with peoples minds. The first because money is becoming sparse and the second because the Holywood shit tank has overflown and the stench is spreading all over America.

    The red necks of the Ozarks and the farmers in the plains of Montana can’t stand the stench. And they have guns.

    To lighten up a bit, enjoy magic clarinet from down South, Music that turns Holywood stomach over.

  182. @geokat62

    Wisely,👍, geokat, on Supremacist Jewry: “After Trumpstein has furnished them with so many goodies, I suspect they are simply reshuffling the deck to (s)elect a new POTUS who’ll deliver even more goodies to the ZP.”

    Hey geo!

    Am also impressed by your revelation on how: “They don’t want things to appear too obvious that even the dumbest of the dumb goyim could figure things out.”

    As you likely know, the 2016 HRC campaign had a stockpile of politically harmful “goodies” on Trumpenstein’s links to Roy Cohn and the Russian-born Jew NYC-based mafia player, Felix Sater.

    Haha. Of course, HRC had deplorable Zion skeletons lodged in their own Family closet, so Trumpenstein’s elite ghouls 🇮🇱 remained invisible, and subsequently near impossible for even the smartest of (Amerikan) dumb goyim voters to see.

    At any rate, the horror, relentless horror, the Israel horror “narrative.” Linked below & fyr, some creepy nostalgia, geo? From “The Nation, September 8, 2017, an unspeakable & “swimming with the fishes”article on candiadate Trumpenstein’s systemically unspeakable connection to Felix Sater. 😟

    (Zigh) Felix said, “Our boy can become president of the USA and we can engineer it.” And I don’t doubt that whatsoever, geo. Thanks again for your servus.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  183. geokat62 says:

    … and the Russian-born Jew NYC-based mafia player, Felix Sater.

    Fascinating read, Chuck.

    Sater you say? Kind of like how “Robert Maxwell” decided to ditch his real name (Ludvík Hyman Binyamin Hoch) or how “Madeleine Albright” chose to ditch hers (Marie Jana Korbelová) to avoid drawing any attention from the dumb goyim to which tribe the belong.

    Unsurprisingly, Sater’s father decided to do the same thing:

    Sater’s links to Trump’s circle can be traced back to not long after he came to the US as a child. His father, Mikhail Sheferovsky (who changed the family name after arriving in New York) became a local crime boss in Brighton Beach…

    • Replies: @ChuckOrloski
  184. @Ahoy

    Au go-go, Ahoy!

    Am very open to your skilled and un-Bacevich’d “thinking.” 👍!

    Linked below & fyr, a (Late for the Sunlight) Rothfeld interview on pre-candidate Trumpstein’s advantageous mob connections. (Zigh)

    Must credit Donald J. for skillfully doing the necessary stuff which qualified him to become the US Chosen One president? Haha.😟 Fyi, The”Teflon Don,” John Gotti, famously boasted “there are no choices, there’s just doing.”.
    Thanks & my loyal 😏school bus driver respect, Ahoy.

  185. @geokat62

    geokat raised me from temporary endarkenment and enlightened me: “(Felix) Sater you say? Kind of like how “Robert Maxwell” decided to ditch his real name (Ludvík Hyman Binyamin Hoch)…”

    Thanks a lot, geo! I figure The Land of Bilk & Money’s top (distorted) US Court of Records faculty, probably doesn’t like your having changed Donald J.’s surname to the real “Trumpstein.” 😏

  186. Ahoy says:

    @ ChuckOrloski

    Give me five big Chuck! Your video is all the money! Just great. Looking at that fat guy next to Trumpstein, I said to myself. Now, here is a respectable small business owner from South Dacota or a professor of a Midwest college.(ha, ha, ha).

    Your input was a jump start in my iconoclastic thinking. It could be that the mob doesn’t want a war with Iran that can get out of bounds. Just think, there woudn’t be any Bronx left or lower 20ies or the great needle state of California. War is ok for business, as lomg as it can be kept within bounds, like Vietnam, Lybia, Iraq. They have the know how in moving large numbers of people around and rebuilding cities. Their top model South Chicago!

    They only know the rule of “I will make you an offer you can not reject”, and a no from Iran was a first in centuries of experienc. They are back in their thinking room, lit another round of cigars and are trying to figure this out. For something that happens for the first time there are not contigency plans.

    My respect and have a nice Sunday evening!

    • Replies: @ChuckOrloski
  187. @Ahoy

    Haha. 2016 DNC Chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz put a hit upon Bernie Sanders’ “Berning” presidential campaign but they neglected to put a “hit” upon Trumpstein for his ‘Big Time” business connection to Felix “Sater” Sheferovsky.

    As this valuable P.G. article comment-thread regrettably fades, I must remain hopeful that some Amerikans are not totally fooled & divided over who shares the bulk of guilt in the present Ukraine scandalous/comic theater.

    Be it either victory or defeat for PreZident Trump (Zion R./NYC) or wannabe Senator Biden (Zion D./Scranton homey;
    De.), Israel maintains the rational Alfred E. Neumann mad attitude, “What, me worry?”

    Be it known, Ahoy, & regardless of whomever becomes the Chosen One, 2020,🥴 Supremacist Jews already have US election/selection “contingency plans.” (Zigh) They clandestinely own, publicize, and of course, enforce their criminal but entertaining “narrative.”

    Lastly, I am Black Jack “down & dirty” at Adelson’s Sands Casino, Bethlehem, Pa.🙄 Nonetheless and fyi, I will always take another “card” from the Minnesota-based straight-shootin’ dealer, Philip Giraldi. Thanks, Bro Ahoy!

  188. With attentive study & commitment to learning, Israel’s “narrative” can be tracked by reading the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.


    • Replies: @Desert Fox
  189. @ChuckOrloski

    Take a look at and video 177, on the home page, it is about adam schiff.

    • Replies: @ChuckOrloski
  190. @Desert Fox

    Consider it done, DESERT FOX. Thanks!

    Meanwhile, please look at link below, Protocol 7; “worldwide wars,” which is the “narrative” at work against Iran right now.
    (Zigh) In fact, it’s being used against my “Homeland.”🇺🇸

  191. Am following, the beauty of the “narrative,”🥴 and the rest of the beast story.

    Eh hem — Chosen One tRump wants to end endless wars, he won’t support Turkey military “incursions” into N.E. Syria, and per Times of Israel, top security members are meeting for the “first time in months,” in lieu of the Iran threat. Hm.

    Meanwhile, back in the “Homeland,”😟 expect an Israel False Flag soon.

    • Agree: Desert Fox
    • Replies: @anon
  192. anon[299] • Disclaimer says:

    DISAGREE w/ “expect an Israel False Flag soon.

    imo, while US media has been saturating Americans w/ impeachment porn, a Maidan event has been taking place in Iraq w/ “Iran” tagged as the bad guys.

    MoonofAlabama reported on it last week:

    The U.S. Led Coup Attempt In Iraq May Further Weaken That Country

    • Replies: @ChuckOrloski
  193. @anon

    Upfront & polite, 👍,anon # 299 responded to my comment, said: “DISAGREE w/ “expect an Israel False Flag soon.”

    Thanks, # 299. Figured I was the only one still standing here on this thread.

    At any rate, in my semi-humble opinion, I have a fairly basic & reasonable problem with this: “imo, while US media has been saturating Americans w/ impeachment porn, a Maidan event has been taking place in Iraq w/ “Iran” tagged as the bad guys.”

    First, it’s far from being the “US Media,” doing the impeachment “saturating.” If you delve into the Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion,” you’d inevitably understand that the political “porn” is brought to you by the Jewish Corporate Media.

    Second, and assuming you’re an Amerikan, 🤔, the W. Bush administration diabolically tagged the wrong “bad guys” as the 911 perps, and now the “liberated”🙄 nation of Iraq needs to be liberated again by the ZUS. 😈

    If any country has suffered a coup & is being weakened, #299, please look out your window? Meanwhile, linked below is an excellent learning experience, brought to you by Brother Nathanael. Here, you shall see “bug eyes,” Adam Schiff, insist that YOU🙉 listen, but Mighty Bro Nat intervenes, stops the shit-flow, and says to him, “You listen!”

    A sincere thanks #299, & I’m glad someone’s alive here at this late hour, & “tagged” me.🤗 Is the glory of The Unz Review?

    Video Link

  194. Ahoy says:


    Ever since the creation of Israel conquering the planet is its only and sole purpose. Through deceit and subversive action advances this purpose day and night. First they did in the unsuspecting Russians and went on to holocaust Germany. After this Israel was born. That was 1948.

    Ever since then the narrative was unfolding with great success(Chuck referred to the Protocalls of the Elders of Sion for the war parameter). For the last seventy years we had nothing but small wars somewhere in the world. General Clark informed us via TV that they have to erase seven countries in five years. Yugoslavia, Libya, Iraq were initial successes. Syria came up and they fell flat on their face,

    The narrative because of Syria starts to take in water in its first design. It needs overhaul. They lost time and in the meantime Pacistan, India, Russia, China have nukes. They are faced with a dilema. Any attack on Iran may spark nukes to fly around.

    It is difficult to control a narrative that has hit a brick wall. Wright now they run around like chickens without head. If they were in control of the narrative Ms. Sigal Mandelker would not have resigned(I think Chuck gave us a youtube link for this high Treasury Official).

    Lastly, I refer you to the link for Father Nathaniel(Chuck #200) and mainly to the comments on this video. These type of comments would not have been made the time when the narrative was under complete control.

  195. aleph says:

    Think of how outrageous all of this is: Americans are far more afraid to confront a FOREIGN entity whom THEY THEMSELVES INVOLUNTARILY FUND (at the expense of their own neighborhoods, families and country) to the tune of trillions, than their OWN society, elected officials or policies. Try screaming hate towards Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump, Nixon or Carter. Its an assumed right. But try the same towards Israel FOREIGN infiltration, criminal syndicate or their crimes, and you face prison?? There is nothing anywhere that makes US intrinsically compelled to put Israel above our own interests. Now these same foreign leeches living off our largesse, are going to change our laws and strip our rights to further suit them? Unless America wakes up, it will go the way of the dodo bird. The zionist leeches are already prepping for that, as their shift towards China is becoming ever more apparent. Good riddance. Best way to destroy China, is to unleash those parasites on them.

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