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Her Country Right or Wrong
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A headline in today’s Washington Post appeared to provide confirmation of the suspicion that the economic-political oligarchy that controls the United States might actually regard the country as its personal property. It reads “On Mexico Trip, Clinton Criticizes US Drug Policy. She Says Her Country Shares Blame for Violence.”

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  1. TomT says:

    I think we have to see the nabobs of nuance for what they are. Everything is it’s apparent opposite.

    She doesn’t believe that, the Mexican Government doesn’t believe that.

    They see themselves as the ruling class, and set up that proposition as window dressing, while they meet in secret behind the facade.

    Right now, there is a planning meeting, and the most important question there will be, “How far can we go? What can the two respective governments get away with, given that Mexico used to be Catholic to a large degree, and that the US used to be against legalizing immoral acts and substances?”

    Look for some trial baloons in the US to see if we are ready to swallow gun control, and legalizing “victimless crime” drugs.

    On the Mexican side, look for evidence of secret meetings offerring a piece of the government, in exchange for a level of regulation imposed upon the cartels.

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