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Fifty-One Foreign Service Officers Can't be Wrong
Or can they? More bombs and less talk on Syria
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It is ironic that fifty-one U.S. State Department employees, perhaps overly-generously dignified in the media with the title of “diplomats,” have come out in favor of removing a foreign head of state by force. Detailing their opposition to the status quo, the signatories submitted a dissent memo through established Foreign Service channels. The document itself is classified, even though the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal clearly have obtained copies, presumably leaked to them by some of the dissident officers.

The signatories have reportedly demanded “targeted air strikes” and the “judicious use of stand-off and air weapons which would undergird and drive a more focused and hard-nosed U.S.-led diplomatic process” to bring down the al-Assad government. They justify their dissent by arguing that “The moral rationale for taking steps to end the deaths and suffering in Syria, after five years of brutal war, is evident and unquestionable. The status quo in Syria will continue to present increasingly dire, if not disastrous, humanitarian, diplomatic and terrorism-related challenges.”

The memo describes the Syrian government’s alleged barrel bomb attacks on civilians “the root cause of the instability that continues to grip Syria and the broader region. Crucially, Syria’s Sunni population continues to view the Assad regime as the primary enemy in the conflict. Failure to stem Assad’s flagrant abuses will only bolster the ideological appeal of groups such as (IS), even as they endure tactical setbacks on the battlefield.”

Based on the media leaks though without having seen the actual document, one might nevertheless reasonably conclude that the authors of the memo clearly see Bashar al-Assad as the fons et origo of all the evils currently prevailing in Syria. The intention is to use military force to compel al-Assad to negotiate seriously to dismantle his own government, himself included, a blunt approach that has not necessarily worked very well elsewhere in recent memory. In fact, it has not worked at all. And the assertion that al-Assad is the major problem is, of course, questionable, ignoring as it does ISIS. The memo conveniently leaves out of the reckoning the U.S. role in destabilizing the entire region by invading Iraq and also pushing for regime change in Syria as early as 2003 since that would presumably implicate the signers in counterproductive policies. The Syria Accountability Acts of 2004 and also of 2010, like similar legislation directed against Iran, have resulted in little accountability and have instead actually stifled diplomacy. Congress sought to punish Syria with sanctions for supporting Hezbollah in Lebanon and for its links to Tehran, making any possible improvement in relations problematical. The 2010 Act even called for steps to bring about regime change in Damascus.

Nor is there any consideration of what most Americans might well want to see come out of a new military intervention in the Middle East. Specifically, as Syria in no way threatens the U.S. what is the actual United States national interest in toppling the government in Damascus, apart from some fantastical messianic desire to bring about a peaceable kingdom in the heart of the Arab world through the deployment of American military power. The U.S. would be launching cruise missiles against targets in a country with which Washington is not at war. And being able to bomb Syria does not necessarily mean that Washington will be able to dictate what happens next. Does no one at the State Department remember what happened in Iraq?

The memo also apparently does not address what might happen to the majority Syrian population loyal to the government if and when the regime were to fall to the “rebels.” Attacking and weakening the Syrian military, the presumed target of air attacks, would only make easier a post-al-Assad transition into something even more toxic. Many observers believe that the most radical elements would quickly overpower the alleged moderates that the United States perhaps erroneously believes that it is supporting, leading to even more atrocities directed against religious non-conformists and minority groups. This would include the country’s dwindling number of Christians, who overwhelmingly support the al-Assad regime.

Now consider for a moment who might have been involved in writing this memo. The authors are described by the newspapers that obtained copies of the memo as “mid-level.” That means they are products of the non-diplomacy diplomacy of the George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama presidencies, when the recurrent negotiating tactic in dealing with other countries has almost invariably started with threatening the use of force followed almost immediately by the dispatch of several carrier groups. They probably believe as Madeleine Albright once put it, that we Americans are the indispensable nation, we “see far.” Some of the signatories are undoubtedly Bush era believers in American exceptionalism and global leadership exercised at gunpoint who believe intervention is a national imperative while the Obamaites no doubt see their role as humanitarian, helping oppressed and endangered people of the world who are striving to be free. Both views are delusional from every point of view and do not consider what the people in the countries most affected by American “benevolence” might actually want.

So in short, the ideologically driven signatories probably don’t know a whole lot about traditional diplomacy and would be well advised to read up on Hans Morgenthau’s Politics Among Nations before they open their mouths because overthrowing established governments has consequences, an issue largely avoided by the drafters of the memo as they make no suggestions about what might happen or what must be done after al-Assad and his government disappear.

And then there is the rather embarrassing issue of who the enemy actually is. The suggestion that ISIS is empowered by al-Assad’s survival is a bit of a stretch as the Syrian government and its allies Iran, Hezbollah and Russia are bearing the brunt of the fighting against it and also against al-Qaeda proxy al-Nusrah. And if there is an actual American interest in the conflict it would be to work with those who are enemies of ISIS instead of so-called friends like Turkey and Saudi Arabia that are actually enabling the group.

Of course, willful ignorance about reality is not very important when one has a career to nurture. Can it be that the fifty-one signatories have carefully read the Washington Post and figured out that Hillary Clinton will be our next president? She has promised just what the letter writers are suggesting, a U.S. controlled no-fly zone and aggressive steps that will lead to the removal of al-Assad. As apparent adherents to the Victoria Nuland school of Foreign Policy where one overthrows a government, arranges for new leaders and then threatens concerned neighbors with reprisals, the signatories should fit in quite well with the Clinton regime’s vision of peace through military dominance.

Or if Nuland is not to one’s taste there is also former Obama Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford. The Times, perhaps characteristically, interviews two “experts” on Syria, ex-Ambassador Robert Ford and Andrew Tabler of the Washington Institute for Near Eastern Policy (WINEP). While Ambassador to Syria Ford deliberately sought to provoke the government by meeting with opposition leaders and making public demands for greater democracy. Though his role as ambassador was actually to support American interests, he instead interfered in Syrian politics, speaking openly in support of anti-regime protesters while serving in Damascus in 2010. On one occasion he was pelted with tomatoes and was eventually removed over safety concerns before resigning in 2014 over his demands for a “tougher policy” in Syria. Now he is selling the same kool-aid, regularly appearing on television to urge military action against al-Assad. Tabler, who speaks about frustration over the current Syrian policy, is a standard issue neoconservative. WINEP is a spin-off from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).

And then there is the small matter of Russia, which is increasingly promoted as the enemy of choice to sustain the threat narrative that excuses American interventions worldwide. The memo indicates that the signatories are not “advocating for a slippery slope that ends in a military confrontation with Russia” even though that is precisely what they are promoting. What would happen when sophisticated Russian air defenses in place in Syria shoot down an attacking U.S. warplane? Russia has indicated that it is willing to consider supporting the replacement of al-Assad as part of an eventual peace settlement but it has also insisted that there has to be stability by way of a transition that permits a recognized government to stay in place to avoid the type of anarchy that would guarantee an ISIS takeover. Apparently the 51 “diplomats” who have been unable to practice much diplomacy in the real world somehow believe that bombing the Syrian government can be accomplished with Moscow sitting idly by, too terrified by Washington’s show of force to respond. It would be a mistake to think that.

It is interesting to note, per the New York Times article, that a reluctant Pentagon has been engaged in pushback against the advocates of deeper involvement in Syria. As ever, it is the Foggy Bottom’s non-combatants with no skin in the game who are the fiercest chair-borne warriors. What the signatories to the memo appear to sidestep is the inevitable conclusion that their recommendations are a reversion to George W. Bush foreign policy at its most pig-shit ignorant. But perhaps it is all old wine in new bottles, particularly if one accepts that the memo might actually be an application letter to join the hawkish Hillary Clinton foreign policy team. Bomb al-Assad to make him agree to our terms. Ignore Russian interests. Don’t worry, it will all work out.

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  1. AC says:

    Well, at least we now have a list of people that need to be removed from the State Department if peace in the Middle East – or, really, anywhere else – is actually desired.

    I wonder if they all have jobs waiting for them at the Podesta Group? Because having the Saudi government just pay them directly might be unseemly.

  2. Daniel H says:

    It is precisely America’s efforts over the past 10 years to overthrow Assad that has caused all the suffering, death and destruction in Syria. Yeah, let these state department a**holes have their way and we will have an Isis state centered on Baghdad that will attack Lebanon and Jordan soon after.

    We are led by truely evil people. In our future we need some Nuremburg style accounting for these people.

    • Agree: Che Guava
    • Replies: @alexander
    , @Moi
  3. It seems to me that fear of armageddon on behalf of el qaeda thugs ‘trumps” politically correct war criminals every time.

  4. edNels [AKA "geoshmoe"] says:

    To better understand the situation over there in ”Foggie Bottom”, I recomend the TV show Veep.

    Dimwits need dimmerwits to appoint to their cabinets/etc. positions. Pretty soon, you got sort of a Keystone Cops chasing the Marx Bros. and close behind Larry, Schemp, Curly, and Moe, in and out of the gov. bldgs.

    Have these 51 Heinz doofuses read what they signed? Can they read, is it in English, or Gobbledygook.

    In the old days, back then, they might do an impeachment for a breach of the Constitution, but now it’s go after other little tiny countries leaders, who probably never heard of a BJ under a desk in the palace/oval office equivalent.

    • Replies: @guest
  5. Giraldi:

    ” . . . As ever, it is the Foggy Bottom’s non-combatants with no skin in the game who are the fiercest chair-borne warriors. What the signatories to the memo appear to sidestep is the inevitable conclusion that their recommendations are a reversion to George W. Bush foreign policy at its most pig-shit ignorant. . . .”

    That’s right. And, of course, it’s probable that some of these armchair commandos are angling for a big job if The Pantsuited One is elected. They’re perfectly aware of her penchant for warmongering and intervention.

    Piss on the lot of ’em.

    • Agree: Kiza, Realist
  6. Kiza says:

    I would send 51 hand mirrors, one to each of the “diplomats” to look at the “fons et origo of all the evils currently prevailing in Syria” next time they talk or write about evil. It is a typical Jewish chutzpah to accuse the victim of creating the conditions of suffering – blaming Assad for where Syria is now. It is not difficult to guess who the “diplomats” work for. After the non-stop clapping to a foreign government leader in Congress for half-hour, this letter is the second biggest scandal in the recent US political history, puppetry of the lowest kind.

    • Replies: @Captain Willard
  7. Rehmat says:

    Mr. Giraldi, one has to ignore the behavior of the AIPAC-controlled US State Department employees and headed by a Crypto-Jew John Kerry whose younger brother Cameron Kerry is a proud Zionist Jew.

    The regime change in Damascus had always been an ISRAEL PROJECT, and therefore, those 51 staffers were giving support to what their masters at the AIPAC told to do.

    On July 4, 2011, a conference of Syrian anti-regime groups was held in Saint-Germain in France. The meeting was attended by 200 people representing none of the Syrian groups calling for reforms in Syria – the ‘Democratic change in Syria’. The meeting was organized by La Regle du Jeu (The Rule of the Game) magazine and website which is headed by Zionist Jew Bernard-Henri Levy. The other Zionist Jews who attended the meeting included Bernard Kouchner, former French foreign minister, Frederik Ansel, a member of Israel’s ruling Likud Party, Alex Goldfarb, former Knesset member and adviser to Israeli defense minister Ehud Barak and Andre Glucksmann, an Islamophobe French writer.

    The symbolic Syrian attendee was no other than Moulhem Droubi, the Muslim Brotherhood representative in Paris. That show how much threat Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Syria poses to the Zionist entity.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
    , @TjM
  8. “Of course, willful ignorance about reality is not very important when one has a career to nurture.”

    I would have to be a poet to express my contempt for these people.

    • Agree: The Anti-Gnostic
  9. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Groovy Battle for Blair Mountain"] says:

    Why isn’t Donald Trump calling for the indictment of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for War Crimes? It is very interesting to ask this question as a thought experiment to probe Donald Trump’s own world view at a time that he is taking foreign policy advice from Henry Kissinger.

    Even if it cost Donald Trump the election he should call for the indictment of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for War Crimes. If he did, it would go a long way to making America and the World Great!!!.

    Donald Trump has no intention of pulling the US Military out of Syria.

  10. macilrae says:

    Seem just a touch light on token blacks but other minorities are more than adequately represented or I’ll eat my hat.

    They all know the prevailing doctrine and they all have large mortgages – average age, what 40ish? Quite a bit of career time to go.

  11. Tom Welsh says:

    I see, without surprise, that the letter invokes the usual humanitarian motives, or “responsibility to protect” Syrian civilians. This is very noble, except that the “judicious” bombing the State Department employees urge would, in fact, be a “judicious” unprovoked war of aggression – the supreme international crime, for which many were hanged at Nuremberg.

    It’s interesting to note that the UN has just issued a report stating that over 60 million people are now refugees as a result of wars and other violence. The three countries that are singled out as the greatest contributors to the total of refugees are Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia. (What, no Syria? Note to State Department: must try harder). Can we think of any common factor that the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia might have? Yes, that’s right – all of them were launched and carried out (and two of them are still being carried out, after more than a decade) by the USA. Also, all of them were started for “humanitarian” motives. In order (supposedly) to protect a few thousand people from persecution, the USA has destroyed three nations, killed at least 3 million, maimed, wounded and bereaved many more, and rendered at least 10 million homeless. Most of the refugees who have been flocking to Europe were driven out of their homes by US aggression or its direct consequences.

    Yay, yay, USA!
    How many kids did you kill today?

    • Replies: @Tom Welsh
  12. Tom Welsh says:

    “Well, at least we now have a list of people that need to be removed from the State Department…”

    That need to be hanged by the neck until dead, more like. Or do the Nuremberg Principles not apply to the exceptional nation?

  13. Tom Welsh says:
    @Tom Welsh

    Q: How many kids did you kill today?

    A: Not as many as Madeleine Albright… but we’re working on it.

  14. Which Middle East regimes are for sowing permanent chaos in that region as policy?
    Some of our own government employees are serving interests other than those of the American people.

  15. JackOH says:

    Bullhockey on the Gang of 51 FSOs. “[T]argeted air strikes” and the “judicious use of stand-off and air weapons which would undergird and drive a more focused and hard-nosed U.S.-led diplomatic process” sounds like the sort of careerist, mission creep-type mush talk I’d want to run like hell from.

    FWIW-Back in the 1980s I occasionally mentioned my belief that a united Germany was in the offing. My theory was the Four Powers in Germany had become costly jobs programs emptied of their original meaning, and that a unified, pacific Germany was better than a divided Germany gaming its masters in D. C. and Moscow. I got local pushback from people who still lived in 1945. Nationally, the foreign policy experts smugly believed the “two Germanys” solution in Europe was permanent, a position I thought suited lazy academics and policy makers.

    “Of course, willful ignorance about reality is not very important when one has a career to nurture.” That’s about it.

    • Replies: @Tom Welsh
  16. Tom Welsh says:

    “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it”.

    – Upton Sinclair

    • Replies: @JackOH
  17. TG says:

    51 foreign service members? Or one establishment?

    Nowadays jobs are in short supply. There are harsh penalties for not doing what your supervisor ‘suggests’. That’s why nowadays pretty much all the reporters at corporate owned media outlets only party the corporate line – they are afraid of being fired and blacklisted.

    So maybe these 51 really are this bad. Or maybe the system is so corrupt that when the chief has a stupid idea everyone is too demoralized to resist…

  18. According to the Saker, Russian diplomats have nothing but disdain for their American counterparts. This is not surprising as the Neocons have been in control of US foreign policy for 20-odd years now.
    Proper diplomats will be very few now, especially in posts of authority. They will have retired, been removed or just not been promoted. If America is to have a sensible foreign policy again, replacing the neocons with real diplomats will be a major consideration.

    • Replies: @Jacques Sheete
  19. @Kiza

    Please explain why you’re so sure Israel wants to get rid of Assad. Who/What comes next could be even worse for Israel. It’s far more likely the Saudis and the Gulf Council are behind this State Department mutiny.

    But I agree with you that this is yet another case of Fire Department arson. If peace breaks out, these folks don’t have much career potential. It’s an amazing irony that the Pentagon is now full of doves and the State Dept. is full of warm-mongering lunatics.

    As we saw in Iraq and Afghanistan, military careers get ruined over failed interventions and political interference. Gen. McChrystal was cashiered for far less than this memo. The folks who actually have to go and fight have learned to be more circumspect. It will take USAF/USN pilots with a big pair of balls to fly missions over Syria after Benghazi and the Russian Su-24 pilots episodes.

    In contrast, the State Department has been emboldened by their many failures because there have been no career consequences so far.

  20. Rehmat says:

    The fact that the injury fighters of al-Qaeda proxy al-Nusra are being treated by the makeshift Israeli clinic along Syria-Israel border which had been Benjamin Netanyahu is enough proof that both al-Qaeda and its proxy al-Nusra are bastard kids of CIA and Mossad.

    Syrian army couldn’t have achieved its recent victories against US-Israel-Saudi Arabia funded and trained merchant of death with the help of fighters from Hizbullah, Iran and Iraq. They all fought together for over three year before Putin ordered Russian airstrikes to blunt Iranian influence among Syrian Muslims and Christian population. Putin’s move was to make sure that Damascus doesn’t fall totally in the hands of Tehran.

    In July 2014 acknowledged this fact. Assad praised the Syrians for standing against the military aggression and propaganda war by the western colonists and their regional stooges for the last three and a half years. He said Syria doesn’t belong to either of the two (US and Russia) western power blocks. He said that Damascus was against US-UK invasion of Iraq in 2003 because it feared that would spit Arabs against Arabs and create religious intolerance – and those fears have become realty in the region now.

    Assad said that in spite some Palestinian leaders’ anti-Syria attitude, his regime never stopped supporting Palestinian military resistance against the Zionist regime…

  21. alexander says:
    @Daniel H

    Well put.

    I think what we are all bearing witness to is the “actualization” of a 30/30 Neocon “plan of action”.

    30 years of “wars of aggression”…essentially pummeling to smithereens the “Shia Crescent”.

    ..combined with…

    30 trillion dollars of our country’s liquidity “pummeled to smithereens” by the double whammy of perpetual war-making and perpetual war profiteering.

    And that , in a nutshell, is what we can all look forward to.

    Zero accountability….Absolute Impunity…….and total insolvency.

    Welcome to another decade and a half of perpetual war.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  22. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Looking through various history books I can’t find it: when did the US become the owner of the planet? The hubris of these people and many others like them is just staggering. Using terms such as “moral rationale” when crying for more bombs to be dropped is truly Orwellian but unfortunately is so commonplace that it doesn’t even stand out. Those Islamic fanatics are an Islamic Pol Pot and would create a humanitarian disaster were they ever to be able to seize power. The US supported the original Pol Pot group after they were deposed so the track record of allying with abominations is well established. This group of employees are a well paid, well fed and groomed bunch who probably went to some of our better schools and are considered to be high-status citizens but yet feel they should determine who lives and who dies with a wave of their hand. Who gave them to right to decide on the lives of others around the world? What gives the US the right to roam the entire world bombing and invading other people’s countries?

    • Agree: SolontoCroesus, Druid
    • Replies: @Jacques Sheete
  23. Kiza says:
    @Captain Willard

    You pose valid questions throughout your comment.

    To start from the back. The problem is not with the State Department memo as a form, such memos are a great feedback mechanism from middle management to top executives. The problem is that this feedback mechanism is being abused by the Ziocons for furthering their agenda, as if they do not already totally dominate all of US agenda.

    The main point is that although the interests of Saudi Barbaria and Gulf Council align with state of Israel agenda, the relative pover of the Ziocons is unmatched. Simply, the Arabs can only bribe once-off (which they do), but only the Ziocons can create political careers for their protégés or destroy them. It is quite clear that this memo is an announcement of what is next if Hillary Clinton is pushed through by them. Consider this memo to be a group job application.

    It is an unwavering Israeli interest for Syria to be destroyed to keep Golan land, water and oil, plus, plus. Destruction of Syria by Israel is the biggest secret that Western MSM are entrusted with keeping from their gullible and disinterested audiences.

    • Replies: @chris
  24. @Captain Willard

    It is not in the interest of Israel for Assad to be overthrown. It certainly is not in the interest of the Christian population of Syria for Assad to be overthrown. Everyone else that could possibly come to power is worse all around. At least Assad knows what he can and can’t do and has pretty much kept to himself in recent years. The people waiting in the wings are not of the same sort and we will see chaos erupt again.

    • Agree: Wizard of Oz
  25. @Captain Willard

    And just how much accountability was there at the CIA after the 9/11 and Iraqi WMD busts? And we’re still forced to listen to the talking heads and jurnos who got Iraq, Libya, Syria, etc., etc. totally wrong.

    • Replies: @Captain Willard
  26. Yep, I’ve about reached the point that I’m rooting for Russia on all these deals. If you have the rational ability to put yourself into the other guys’ shoes (ALL of them, Russia, Syria, China and the rest), the United States looks like an insane, militaristic monster of tyranny looking to inflict worldwide destruction on a massive scale.

    If Hillary isn’t taken down over her State activities, there is no longer any rule of law and I have no notion that I can support anything this government does overseas. It’s all gone bad. There is no law, no Constitution, there is no justice. It’s over, the American Experiment. R.I.Pieces.

    One man’s view, someone please tell my where my impressions are wrong.

    • Replies: @Seoulsurvivor
  27. joef says:

    Why is our foreign policy often seems to be based on false dichotomies: if you are against free trade you are for autarky, if you are against intervention then you are an isolationist. Its probably has to do with the baby boomers taking over the reigns of management in the 1990s (just wait until their vacuous children, the millenials, do so).
    We have destabilized Libya and Iraq with disastrous results. We almost accomplished the same thing in Egypt, and now we want to do it to Syria. With all these Ivy League degrees you figure they would learn from history. Where do they think the migrant crisis, regional Christian persecutions, and ISIS came from? But academic learning seems to be cut off from the real world these days.
    Perpetual war is not the path to prosperity for Israel as well as the United States. We should go in and clean out the problem that we helped to create, ISIS; and stop destabilizing the rest of the world with our hubris.

    • Replies: @Druid
  28. The eventual fate of Syria was actually determined way back in the nineteenth century with the rise of the Zionist movement.

    The flag of Israel reveals all this for all to see. The flag has a blue star of David at its center with two blue stripes at its top and bottom. The blue stripes signify the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers to the west and the Nile River to the east. This is Eretz (greater) Israel.

    For the last one hundred and fifty years, the plan of the Zionist movement has been to expand its control between these two rivers because the Zionists have always known that water (not oil) controls destiny in the Mideast.

    I can’t understand people fail to grasp this concept. The fifty one people on this list certainly understand it and also realize that their future success in government depends on it.

    Once Syria falls, Egypt is next.

  29. JackOH says:
    @Tom Welsh

    Tom, thanks. Sinclair’s observations about the American scene mostly stand up pretty well today.

    Philip’s article had me thinking of ambitious, underemployed, university-educated young Germans and Russians in the 1920s and 1930s. How many of them signed up for Nazi and Communist Party jobs because they really wanted a fresh set of clothes, a decent restaurant meal, a second-hand car, and the esteem of their families and friends? Is that what this Gang of 51 really wants? Are they just kiting their resumes and CVs?

    • Replies: @Tom Welsh
  30. @JoaoAlfaiate

    I agree completely. I left them out for brevity’s sake. The CIA you could understand, because they were just echoing the party line. The major jurnos are just politicians in waiting now. The minor ones are on the CIA payroll.

  31. @Quartermaster

    Agreed. This Syria business has been a Saudi/GC project from the beginning.

    • Disagree: schmenz
  32. Mark Green says: • Website

    If ‘hate speech’ can be declared a criminal offense, why not warmongering? Arrest these neatly-dressed swine. It’s time to get tough on war criminals and their loathsome supporters.

    • Replies: @Tom Welsh
  33. anon • Disclaimer says:

    About 15-20 years ago, Israel came up with a plan to get the US to destroy its enemies in the Middle East.

    So far Iraq and Libya are gone, and Syria is on the ropes.

    Al Qaeda translates literally to “the database” and references a CIA database of people willing to fight the Russians in Afghanistan

    ISIS is funded and supported by Saudi Arabia and Turkey as well as Israel. There are news stories about Israel using helicopters to extract ISIS fighters from battles they were loosing.

    Other Syrian rebel groups are directly funded and trained by the US. Many of those trained switch over to ISIS.

    Israels supremacy in the Middle East is now obvious, even discounting the fact that it has hundreds of nuclear weapons.

  34. @Quartermaster

    At least Assad knows what he can and can’t do and has pretty much kept to himself in recent years. The people waiting in the wings are not of the same sort and we will see chaos erupt again.

    Sounds like Libya, pre-Libya. Quadaffi (sp) was finally in line, except for an oft-quoted desire to receive some other currency for his oil. Such as Euros or gold. Libya today? Syria tomorrow.

  35. So it’s bombs away in Syria eh? Get rid of al-Assad. Then what? I don’t hear any answers. Sounds like a re-run of the Junior Bush and the mystery WMDs…which never materialized. Get rid of Saddam Hussein. Then what? Still no answers. 6000 American casualties, hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqis and six trillion dollars later…we accomplished nothing!!

    “Chair-borne warriors” is indeed an appropriate phrase.

    • Replies: @Tom Welsh
  36. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    {one might nevertheless reasonably conclude that the authors of the memo clearly see Bashar al-Assad as the fons et origo of all the evils currently prevailing in Syria. }

    Stop injecting this kind of stupid lines! No one will conclude your conclusion except a dumb population under US educational system which breads dummy war criminals and illiterate ‘citizens’. Looking at US criminal history you will get the picture.

    Someone please list the names of these criminals, so if they dare to go against Syrian government and Dr. Bashar al-Assad, then people have some idea whom should be destroyed.

    Down with Assad’s enemies and the dumb population of the police state who support criminals as their ‘representatives’, and sit on there fact asses comfortably.

    It is time to destroy these bastards. How many more millions or billions do you want these illiterate and arrogant kill before you move in. Down with Russia and China.

    Russia is with the criminal West and Israel against Muslims. It is Hizbullar and Iran who have done all the heavy work and they never get credits by the so called ‘moderate’ critics such as this author. Don’t trust them. Look at Noam chomsky, a public ‘intellectual’ of the west where in fact is a copy of Kissinger, says the same things and vote for the same criminal pussy.

    No one should be fooled by the criminal West. It is the time to do the same to these criminals.

    • Replies: @RobinG
  37. anonymous • Disclaimer says:


    You forgot the 30 million refugees the Zionists plan on transplanting in Europe.

  38. Durruti says:


    You can’t live forever.

    Pink Elephant in the Room! Pink Elephant in the Room! Pink Elephant in the Room!

    Pink Elephant in the Room! Pink…. Pink…. Pink….. My fingers hurt.

    We Americans need to reaffirm our Sovereignty. Arrest the Zionist land Thieves & all their agents & bought politicians!

    For the Restoration of our American Democratic Republic! (assassinated on 11-22-63)

    Pink Elephant in the Room! How can a good writer write lengthy articles on the imperialist terror against the peoples (the actual Semites), of the Middle East, and not mention the Foul, Smelly, Defecating, Pink Elephant in the Room??? (and slaughtering millions of inhabitants/civilians/disrupting entire Nations/ and occupying their land).

    European and American leaders should offer to house all those Zionist Land Thieves who are willing to return their Stolen land to its rightful occupants, and vacate the area. There is some prime Real Estate along Kings Highway for them.

    AIPAC officials should be arrested and charged with Treason to the American People & complicity in the murder (and, or, the coverup of), of our last Constitutional President.

    Our Yellow Brick Road

    The Restoration of our Democratic Republic!

  39. DaveE says:

    The State Dept. document in question, calling for bombing Syria, was “provided to the NYT on the condition that the names of the signatories would not be released.”

    Gee, I wonder why?

    Maybe those surnames would make it obvious to a stinkweed just who, exactly, is behind the Torah-inspired murder and mayhem we see under the “ISIS” brand-name.

    • Replies: @Philip Giraldi
  40. Tom Welsh says:

    Roger that. Have you ever seen the (old) movie “The Young Lions”? If not, I think you’ll find it exactly depicts what you describe. With added Marlon Brando!

  41. Tom Welsh says:
    @Connecticut Famer

    “Every ten years or so, the United States needs to pick up some small crappy little country and throw it against the wall, just to show the world we mean business”.

    – Michael Ledeen (The Ledeen Doctrine)

    • Replies: @Tom Welsh
    , @JackOH
  42. Tom Welsh says:
    @Tom Welsh

    Incidentally, the “Ledeen Doctrine” makes the Nazis look really good. They mostly did what they did because they thought the German people needed more space, or more resources, or at least because it was the Master Race. Not “just to show the world we mean business”. That is unspeakably low.

  43. Tom Welsh says:
    @Mark Green

    I couldn’t agree more. The only problem is that they have kidnapped the government and the judiciary and now they tell those institutions what to do. No one can be prosecuted, no matter how terrible their crimes, without a prosecutor. And guess who employs all the prosecutors?

    Welcome to the wonderful world of, ahem, “democracy” – where the people rule supreme.

  44. @DaveE

    The text of the memo has been leaked but not the names of the signatories;

    • Replies: @edNels
    , @bunga
  45. edNels [AKA "geoshmoe"] says:
    @Philip Giraldi

    They just ”got smart” and lawyered up! Or, their ”handlers” read your article and figured, they better reduce exposure. Now they will hide their names, so what good is a signature, when it is kept out of view?

  46. I have, in various capacities, 9 years of experience with the State Department and the “fine” individuals that managed to BS their way into employment. Generally I have found them to be bookish, only book smart, introverted, full of themselves, elitist, 2 dimensional, fully out of touch with the real world and more often than not see themselves as the smartest person in any room. They have no idea of what they speak. They all seem to be Victoria Nuland wannabes. Let’s go out and fuck up some more countries. I guess they just want to make a new vacuum for ISIS to fill. To quote Peggy Noonan, We have a bunch of people that have seen the movie but didn’t read the book.

    It’s too bad. We have so many people with no talent other than being able to interview well being given the keys to a massively horse powered car with no idea how to drive it. But with the grinding and gnashing of gears they drive it anyway. Sure why not? They’ve been given the keys so they must know what they’re doing. Right?

  47. guest says:

    I doubt “dissident officers” leaked the documents. Or if they did, they were doing their masters’ work for them. We all know Foggy Bottom and the White House itself want war. They were surprised by a genuinely unexpected popular backlash years ago, and have never managed to get out ahead of us, propaganda-wise, since.

  48. guest says:

    The staffers are smarter than the politicians on Veep, excepting the PR guy, and the civil servants are smarter yet, or at least more responsible. That’s accurate. But I’d say a better guide would be the old series Yes, Minister, where the civil service and the politicians are in direct conflict, with the former winning almost every confrontation. Except that the civil servants on that show are far, far smarter and more competent than ours ever could be.

    Veep is politician-centric, for obvious reasons. It’s about the political aspect of politics, i.e. electioneering, public relations, etc. Fact is, politicians don’t matter that much. The type of people leaking this story do.

    • Agree: edNels
    • Replies: @Kratoklastes
  49. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    Jews are now allergic to the truth and go about browbeating anyone who dares to speak the truth. Jews denounce him or her as a ‘racist’, ‘homophobe’, ‘anti-Semite’, ‘xenophobe’, or whatever other bullshit term they’ve cooked up over the years. It’s like controlling dogs by saying, ‘bad dog!’. By hysterically abusing their media power to focus excessively on white ‘failings’ — according to Jewish Logic, even or especially courageous white truth-noticing-and-telling are demeaned as moral failings — , Jews render it near-impossible for people to notice and discuss the much more consequential issue of Jewish moral failings. (Jews are, after all, the most powerful people in America, thereby the world.)

    If your shirt is stained and the other guy’s shirt is totally filthy but if the other guy hogs the megaphone and screams nonstop to draw attention to the stain on your shirt, you will be the main object of derision. Much of socio-political morality is less about who-did-what than who-has-the-power-to-pontificate-about-who-did-what.

    It’s like Stalin and Mao could kill millions but still accuse OTHERS of moral failings while elevating themselves to the status of gods. It’s like Black Lives Matter thugs turn a blind eye to all the black-on-black and black-on-non-black violence while excoriating ‘white racists’ for all the problems in the black community.
    It’s like Jews can oppress Palestinians and dispossess white gentiles but act like they are the noblest and most helpless victims. Using Palestinians-as-a-metaphor, we need to exclaim WE ARE ALL PALESTINIANS since Jewish Suprmacists(80 to 90% of the Jewish population) are the new Hitlers, Stalins, and Maos of the world with near-total control of the media, academia, law, finance, and politicians(who serve as their whores).

    In a way, most Americans are even more oppressed than the Palestinians because Palestinians at the very least know who their enemies and tyrants are. Palestinians know they are living under Zionist Occupation. Palestinians know they’ve been dehumanized, defamed, and dispossessed by World Jewry.

    In contrast, the great majority of white Americans and white Europeans don’t even know they are living the Jewish Supremacist yoke. Being (1) unaware of the tyranny over your people (2) believing yourselves to be free, and (3) hating the very forces that may liberate your people… those constitute the worst kind of tyranny.

    In this sense, white people are the most oppressed in the world. Not because they are materially badly off — most white people enjoy far superior living standards to the rest of the world — but because they are blind to the Jewish Supremacist tyranny all around them, infected with the Zio-virus in their hearts & minds, and hostile to the very people who would wake them up & raise their Eurosphere Consciousness.

    PC is like a mass cult where white children have been cast under the spell of the Jewish equivalent of L. Ron Hubbard(the Founder of Scientology) or Rev. Mhoon(of Unification Church). When these SJW-ized kids are informed of the truth about their identity, heritage, and culture, they shriek with rage, hatred, and disgust. They hate their own race & heritage; they think they can only be saved and redeemed through the PC cult of the unholy trinity: the worship of Jews, Negroes, and Homos. It’s like Red Guards in China were oppressed and brutalized under Maoism but embraced Maoism as their empowerment.

    Today, young people are exploited and soul-damaged by Political Correctness and Pop Culture, but they think they are empowered by idiot fantasies of destruction, rap gangsta attitudes, and self-loathing. (Even young people in Japan are feeling the disgust of living in a homogeneous society since Diversity is the New Culture. So, Japanese now have massive homo parades funded by Jewish globalists, and there is promotion of Japanese women using their wombs to produce black babies.)

    At the very least, Palestinians know they are oppressed. So, in a way, the more apt slogan for our time would be WE ARE NOT EVEN PALESTINIANS. At least the Palestinians know the power that oppresses them. That knowledge means they are at least half-free. They are not free politically and physically, but they are free in their hearts & minds because they have no illusion about which people are crushing them. Therefore, Palestinians at least have a chance of struggling for freedom and power. They are focused on the enemy that rules over them. They are shackled but they are not blind. They can see their oppressors.

    In contrast, white gentiles don’t even know the power that rules over them. They may not be physically shackled but they’ve been blinded. As such, they go where they’re led by the Jews who monopolize the Political Sight.
    If anything, even the American Right pledges to fight and kill all those ‘evil Muslims’ to protect and save Jews when it was the Jews who destroyed the Middle East(by using dumb white Christian soldiers), created a massive ‘refugee’ crisis, and pressured Western nations to take in all these hostile hordes radicalized by America’s Wars for Israel.

    A man in chains who can see who chained him is freer than a unchained blind man who doesn’t even know who blinded him in the first place.

  50. bunga says:

    “Former Mossad director Tamir Pardo is joining the board of directors of the American non-profit United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI), which operates internationally in an effort to raise awareness of the dangers posed by the Shiite state’s regime

    “UANI was founded in 2008 by ambassador Mark D. Wallace, the late ambassador Richard Holbrooke, former CIA director Jim Woolsey and Middle East expert Dennis Ross.”,7340,L-4817195,00.html

    With Lantos and the anti-Iran Democrats leading the charge on the political front, the Bush administration is moving on the military front

    Tom Lantos, Warmonger – Original by —

    never forget to mention the brains behind these dunce and addled stupid monsters occupying State Dept

  51. RobinG says:

    You have clearly misunderstood (mistranslated…) the author’s criticism of the State Dept. 51. and putting Phil Giraldi in the same category as Chomsky is ridiculous.

    But your demand that the list of names be made public is correct. The sooner that is leaked, the better.

    • Replies: @Kiza
    , @Che Guava
  52. Art says:

    If Obama had any gonads he would fire these people – he attacks whistle blowers – puts them in jail.

    But then these people are probably Jews and neocons working for Israeli interests – so no can do.

    (The 51 favor Zionism and Wahhabism, two great evils in this world. The Israeli Zionist elite and Sunni Saudi royals are as thick as thieves.)

    (The 51 want to attack those who protect Christians and minorities in Syria.)

    (The 51 put in a job application with Hillary.)

    p.s. But then real important facts are inconvenient – especially when it comes to Jews.

    • Replies: @RobinG
  53. Kiza says:

    The leak without signatures was a targeted leak by the perpetrators of the memo. It is easy to understand why they would want their fielty to the state of Israel known but their names hidden from the US population they are supposed to serve. I would worry more for the careers of the non-signatories, because AIPAC already has both lists. No job for them under Hillary.

    • Agree: Che Guava
  54. bunga says:
    @Philip Giraldi

    “account of a National Review-sponsored cruise to Puerto Vallarta featuringNorman Podhoretz and Bill Buckley, along with a boatload of neocons and well-heeled red-state-fascist types on board. The Pod Man and Buckley nearly came to blows over the war question, when Buckley asked Poddy if it didn’t bother him that the famed “weapons of mass destruction” were nowhere to be found in Iraq. “There were WMD, and they were shipped to Syria,” snapped the Pod Man.

    Who needs signatures Ask this Pod Man He has the list

  55. RobinG says:

    Dear old Art,

    If Obama fired any of them, it would just be window dressing. To paraphrase Peter Lavelle, Obama thought he could get away with doing as little as possible while ISIS destroyed Assad. Obama has never been against destroying Syria, he just didn’t want to be perceived that way.

    Russia put a kink in the Zio-neocon plans. Perhaps Trump can foil Killery’s.

  56. TOM GILES says: • Website

    ISIS are mercenaries, martyrs wouldn’t need masks. This is all about the Greater Israel Project and Genie Oil Energy. The U.S, Israel and the West never met a terror group or plot that they couldn’t CREATE.

    • Replies: @Durruti
  57. The 51 State Department ‘diplomats’ push Israel Lobby agenda vs Syria:

    No surprise when Hillary Clinton emails (which Israel 1st media won’t mention) pushed Israel Lobby agenda vs Syria too:

    Clinton Email Shows US Sought Syria Regime Change for Israel’s Sake
    Insisted Russia Wouldn’t Dare Interfere

  58. @Jim Christian

    Your impressions are correct. America is pure evil. And Hillary is the latest face of that evil. The American people, for the most part, are OK. In our own uninformed, head in the sand way. But the way a relatively extremely small % of our populace (the gummint) fucks with the world it would be the equivalent of shooting a rabid dog if they nuked us and put the world out of its misery by eliminating us.

    I’m not a biblical scholar in regards to what the actual sex the antichrist has to be but if you shaved Hillary’s head don’t be surprised if you find the mark of the beast.

    • Replies: @utu
  59. Renoman says:

    The Gaul of them, who the Hell do they think they are, the pompous goofs!

    • Replies: @Art
  60. Durruti says:


    “ISIS are mercenaries, martyrs wouldn’t need masks. This is all about the Greater Israel Project and Genie Oil Energy. The U.S, Israel and the West never met a terror group or plot that they couldn’t CREATE.”

    Agree 100%

    The first modern Terror plot was created in Dallas, on November 22, 1963, where the American Republic and its last Constitutional President, John F. Kennedy, were assassinated in a coup d’etat.

    We have reaped the whirlwind ever since.

  61. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    This is what is meant by Homo Imperialism.

    Just get a load of this mindset.

    A nation has been totally destroyed. So many men are gone. So many women are at the mercy of ISIS and other terrorist thugs.

    But in all this melee, there is a bright spot: Lesbians get more muff.

    So, you see, there is a happy ending to the disaster that killed over 1/4 million lives.

    Maybe Holocaust Revision should follow the same path. Maybe some Jewish homos got to enjoy homo stuff in the camps because men and women were separated.
    You see, the Holocaust wasn’t all bad!

    This reads like Paul Johnson sick narrative on Hiroshima in MODERN TIMES. You see, so many innocents of all ages died.. but some bald-headed guy began to grow some hair.
    Well, that balances things out surely.

    Jews and Homos control foreign policy and the media. And the Narrative is the Jewish-led destruction of the Middle East is sort-of-okay because… uh… lesbians are having more fun. (Wait til ISIS and Alqaeda take over, but then, the Jewish-and-Homo controlled media will blank out on them.)

  62. bunga says:

    Graham: Opponents of lifting military spending caps are ‘a-holes’

    Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) is predicting an end to budget caps next year so that cuts to military can be rolled back, and he indicated he is prepared for a fight to make that happen”

    He has friends some of them wear a – D -Hat

    “Graham’s comments came Monday, during a conference at the Center for a New American Security, where he was joined on stage by rankingSenate Armed Services Committee member Jack Reed (D-R.I.).

    Pentagon officials have warned that the budget caps, known as sequestration, and budget instability are a threat to national security.

    The Pentagon has gotten temporary relief from the caps through a bipartisan budget agreement, but Defense Department leaders have voiced concern about returning to sequestration.

    They all go together They find the sky and the land where to pour the bombs from .
    Wasn’t his wish fulfilled when he said not to vote for him :”if you are against war ” ?

    Thees e guys keep on peddling same themes that have been discarded by electorates . That is American Democracy . State Department treats Nuremberg principle and Constitution no better than Graham or Kerry treats the citizen.

  63. Che Guava says:

    That was a silly comment that you replied to, but

    putting Phil Giraldi in the same category as Chomsky is ridiculous.

    is ridiculous. What the commenter to whom you are replying did was much better, and the only good point in the post (other than the one you mentioned about ‘sources under condition of anonymity’) was comparing Chomsky to Kissinger.

    Struck me as apt, in a strange way.

  64. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    More Homo Imperialism via Jewish Supremacist Globalist Power.

    Look at the homo symbol next to Youtube(owned by Google Jews).
    The Homo symbol means ‘proud to be’. Proud to indulge in homo fecal penetration and tranny genital mutilation.

    Jews control the global networks and spread homo agenda through their platforms. So, youtube promotes the pride of homo guys sticking penises into fecal holes and trannies cutting off penises to get fake vaginas.
    That is the Jewish message to the world. Worship homos who do sodomy and trannies to pretend to be the other ‘sex’.

    On the one hand, Jews encourage Muslim hatred against white Christians. On the other, Jews encourage homo-imperialism against the world.
    A demented people turning the entire world sick.

    Jews are a people who promote homo agenda but then work with Saudi theocrats to destroy modern secular Arab/Muslim nations.

    This is why the homos of Orlando deserve no sympathy. Homo imperialists are complicit in the Jewish War on the World.

    Before anyone weeps about 49 dead homos and trannies in Orlando, think of the 100,000s of Arabs/Muslims/Christians who have died in the Middle East due to wars pushed by the likes of Kerry, Bush II, Obama, Hillary, Nuland, Kagan, Kristol, Wolfowitz, Albright, and etc.

    Come you Masters of War.

  65. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    Is that the photo of the 51 US ‘diplomats’?

    What a diverse-looking bunch.

    True, mass non-white immigration is bad for white middle class and working class.

    But it is also bad for the nations whence the immigrants came.
    The children of these immigrants are educated and indoctrinated by PC and Zio-Homo supremacism. They become like Fareed Zarakria or Michio Kaku(or Cuckoo) who smears as ‘terrorist’ any nation that refuses to surrender to the globalist propaganda of Americanism, rap music, Hollywood, and homo agenda. This Tyranny of Tolerance must be accepted by all.

    As non-whites come from cultures without independent thought, their children make ideal teacher’s pets for Zio-homo supremacist radicals. They become globo-collaborators of the Jew-Homo or Homo Empire.

    You’d think this DIVERSE bunch would stand up for Syria from Jew-Homo imperialism but they are doing the bidding of the Empire cuz they are indoctrinated and/or opportunistic to rise up the ranks by kissing Jewish-and homo arse.

  66. Indeed. What can go wrong.

    Imagine “world-fixers” from elsewhere deciding who should and should not be in government in our country… oh, wait.

    • Replies: @David Evans
  67. Art says:

    The Gaul of them, who the Hell do they think they are, the pompous goofs!

    They are protected by the Jew MSM – no names are being published.

    One could suspect that they are known neocons and Jews.

    Their names will diminish their words.

  68. Wally says: • Website

    The Russians are not about to let this nonsense happen. Possibly sooner, but certainly if Hildabeast is about to be sworn in, the Russians will re-deploy big time and voila! Checkmate … while ISIS takes the hits.

  69. If the Syrians were to bomb both Foggy Bottom and Langley , should the American people send Assad a box of candy with the thank you card or would the card be enough?

    • Replies: @schmenz
  70. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    One thing for sure, let’s do away with the fiction that Hillary and Democrats are pro-Muslim.

    No, they only pretend to be such IN ORDER TO destroy much of the Muslim world(with the help of collaborator nations like Saudi Arabia, of course).

    Obama, Hillary, Bush II, and rest of them had to rhetorically praise Islam because if they do otherwise(like Trump is doing), it would create a CLASH OF CIVILIZATIONS scenario, and that will undermine America’s strategy of pushing Wars for Israel in the Middle East.

    If US officially comes out as ‘anti-Islam’, then even Saudis, Emirates, Egypt, and Turkey will no longer be able to cooperate with the US.
    If US says, “Muhammad sucks”, the people in nations like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan will go apeshit if the elites are perceived as cucking out to the US.

    So, in order for US to continue destroying the Muslim world, it must say nice things about Islam and Muslims. It’s a paradox. We saw it in Vietnam too. US couldn’t be anti-Vietnam if it wanted to remain in Vietnam and fight a war. In order for US to destroy Vietnam, it had to pose as trying to save the wonderful Vietnamese.

    Sometimes, professing sympathy for something is the price of admission for getting the chance to destroy it. It’s like an arsonist who gains entry into a building in the name of protecting it, only to set fire to it. To gain entry, he must profess to care about protecting the building.

    Zionists fear modern Arab and/or Muslim states more than anything. Despite all their yammering about ‘human rights’ and ‘westernization’, they do not want Arab nations to secularize and modernize because such nations will pose a real challenge to Israel.

    When the Mullahs took over Iran, some thought they would take Iran back to the middle ages(like Taliban did with Afghanistan). In that case, Iran would have been a basketcase. Instead, the Mullahs allowed science and technology to develop. And as long as people didn’t get too out of line, they were left alone.

    Jews tried to destroy this Iran by using Iraq, a secular modern state. But then, Hussein won the war(though not decisively) and got too big for his breeches. So, Jews decided to bring him down before he became a challenge to Israel. Jews lured Hussein with the Kuwait bait.
    But in having done so, the result was the Shia crescent from Iran to Lebanon as Shias gained dominance in Iraq. And contrary to Jewish wishes, it was not easy to set up and maintain a compliant puppet state in Iraq.

    So, Jews decided the next step was to spread mayhem all over the Middle East. In Iraq and Syria. And to do this, Libya had to be taken down. And its arms had to be shipped to Iraq and Syria. Also, Saudis and Turks would get on the bandwagon. It would be Shias vs Sunnis but on much larger scale than in the Iraq Civil War that erupted after US invasion. This Shia-Sunni battle also spread to Yemen.

    Jew-run US couldn’t do this alone. After all, US public got sick of American soldiers dying in the Middle East. So, the only option left was to create chaos by arming mercenaries, radicals, and terrorists to rip the Middle East apart. And in order to do this, US needed Saudis, Turkey, and Emirate states as partners and proxies. And to keep them as allies, US had to pretend to be a friendly nation to Islam(even as it goes around spreading homomania and fully supports Israel’s oppression of Palestinians).

    And that is why Obama and Hillary are reluctant to say anything about ‘radical Islam’. Obama is no secret Muslim. Hillary despises Islam. It’s just that they got business with the Saudis and Turks who are needed as allies in the Jew-run America’s destruction of the Middle East.
    It’s like Michael explaining to Pantangeli that he can’t do anything about the Rosato Brothers because he has business with Hyman Roth.

    Just think about it. If Hillary really cares about Arabs/Muslims, how come she is so utterly heartless about Palestinians who are still living under Zionist occupation? Why did she totally defend Israel’s attack on Gaza that killed 1000s of women and children?
    She doesn’t care one iota about Muslims and Arabs. She is a whore to the Lobby. And as AIPAC’s big goal is to create chaos in the Middle East and make ‘muzzies fight muzzies’ to secure more power for Israel, Hillary Clinton is actually committed to creating piles and piles of more dead Arab/Muslim bodies. She would like to see secular Assad gone from Syria and turn that nation into something that can never ever be constituted into a whole nation ever again.

    It’s like her intervention in Libya. She had no real plan to turn Libya into a nice harmonious and humanitarian nation. She wanted to see mayhem and chaos cuz that is what the Jews wanted and indeed foresaw. But in order to destroy Libya, US had to invoke ‘human rights’. So, in the name of saving Libyans, US created conditions that led to the utter destruction of Libya.

    US spares and works with cuck-Arab/Muslim nations like Saudis ruled by whores installed by Western Imperialists. Of course, to ‘spiritually’ justify its own power, the Saudi royal family have showered money on Wahabi extremist religion. And this sometimes led to terrorism against the West.

    But then Zio-America decided to use this radicalism for its own interest. Why not send the Jihadis to mess up Libya, Yemen, Syria, and Shia-dominant Iraq? Stave off blowback by blowing the terror at the Shias.

    And to the extent that Homos are among the main allies of Zionists in US foreign policy, they too are complicit in the destruction of millions of lives.
    But these very sociopathic killers pretend to be for ‘human rights’ by ‘welcoming’ refugees who, by they way, are never resettled close to where they themselves live in their gated opulence.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  71. utu says:

    The rabid dog must make attempt of getting rid of the 51 fleas otherwise there is no point of saving the dog. Yes, shoot it!

  72. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Every DC or other politician and bureaucrat calling for more wars are to be immediately drafted into the Army and sent to any front line of the many battle fields they have ignited – or shut the hell up. How many more trillions of dollars/debt and blood of our people and those in the battle zones must be handed over to these insatiable war-mongering psychopaths?
    And after they have all been shipped off to war, it’s time to go after their paymasters – the ones who tell these brainless, cowards, to spout off about endless wars and destruction – which benefit only them and their paymasters

  73. Sean2007 says:

    A carefully-prepared press release masquerading as a “leaked” classified memo to create the illusion the hacks that signed this piece of drivel actually believe a word of it. Of course it is all nonsense from a group of people who figure publicly promoting the Zionist/necocon agenda is a good career move. I especially love the “barrel-bomb” hysteria they always trot out as if Syria’s use of primitive home-made bombs dropped from helicopters is somehow more deadly and immoral than America’s use of vastly more powerful 1000 lb bombs dropped by jets. We need to bomb the hell out of Syria to stop them from using barrel bombs against their “own people!”

  74. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    “Legal” Title to Golan Heights post fracture…

  75. Ben_C says:
    @Captain Willard

    Please explain why you’re so sure Israel wants to get rid of Assad.

    Let’s see:

    Enough said?

    Please explain why any rational and sane person would come to any other conclusion.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  76. @Rehmat

    You just sound silly in saying they were obeying their AIPAC master’s orders. If you can add any reliable detail about who they are, what their careers have been, and what if any connections they have to AIPAC or any other lobbyists then you have a contribution to make which is worth reading. Otherwise you just remind the rest of us about your outsourcing to wet-behind-the-ears boys in Islamabad who wouldn”t even know that there is an interesting question to be asked about how somebody like William Hague could have been so naive in his anti-Assad push before everything went (predictably) pear shaped.

    • Replies: @Rehmat
  77. @Ben_C

    Well a rational and sane person could now see Israel as having Assad remain in power in a rump state where he protects Christians and other minorities but is himself in need of a friendly protective Israel just as the Saudi royal family is in its dying decsdes or half century of power.

  78. PG – aren’t you being unfair to State Department people “with no skin in the game” when you accuse them of being the belligerent bureaucrats? After all it was notorious in 2002-3 that Rumsfeld’s mob had sidelined the State Department sceptics.

  79. Yes, they can all be wrong!

    The Boston Ivy League version of foreign policy decision making has not been good fro USA! Their policies have been around and now the fruit of their decisions are laid bare, they are grasping to save their world. The world has changed but the Foreign Policy Ivy League influenced diplomacy has not kept up with the region for at least 50 years, at best.

  80. “We should go in and clean out the problem that we helped to create, ISIS”

    Nah, let Russia do it. They proved they had the moxie with 1/10th the resources and time.

    Sometimes Maurice was right, 50 million Frenchmen weren’t wrong about non-existent WMD in Iraq.

  81. @David Evans

    Interesting collection of links. Thanks.

  82. KA says:

    Israeli Intel Chief: We Don’t Want ISIS Defeated in Syria
    Says ISIS Faces Difficulty, Loss Would Put Israel in ‘Hard Position’
    by Jason Ditz, June 21, 2016

    In a speech at the Herzliya Conference, Israel’s military intelligence chief, Major General Herzi Halevy, took Israel’s long-standing position that it “prefers ISIS” over the Syrian government to a whole ‘nother level, declaring openly that Israel does not want to see ISIS defeated in the war.

    Maj. Gen. Halevy expressed concern about the recent offensives against ISIS territory, saying that in the last three months the Islamist group was facing the “most difficult” situation since its inception and declaration of a caliphate.

    Israeli officials have regularly expressed comfort with the idea of ISIS conquering the whole of Syria, saying they find it preferable to the Iran-allied government surviving the war. At the same time, they were never so overtly supportive of ISIS and its survival.

    Halevy went on to express concern that the defeat of ISIS might mean the “superpowers” leaving Syria, saying this would put Israel “in a hard position” after being so opposed to the survival of the Syrian government.

    He then said Israel will do “all we can so as to not find ourselves in such a situation,” suggesting that the Israeli military is looking at direct support for ISIS as a matter of policy, and not just rhetoric.

    • Replies: @Kiza
    , @Art
    , @schmenz
    , @ThomasMv
  83. Kiza says:

    Contrary to the usual Hasbara fog delivered here and in absolutely all Western MSM this is what the Israeli military intelligence chief admits: This link is the final word on the cooperation between ISIS and the state of Israel.

    Vote for Killary to get the WW3 started in Syria.

  84. JackOH says:
    @Tom Welsh

    Tom, I think it was Ledeen’s dissertation about “universal Fascism” where I read the phrase: “It’s no small thing to realize your country is a threat to its own people and others”, attributed, I think, to an Italian Communist or Socialist. (Quoted from memory.)

    I’m an insider-observer of my local state university, and the capacity of people with strong skills in the liberal arts to play to the money piper and carve out their own intellectual turf in behalf of some leader or popular movement is very great.

    Thanks for “The Young Lions” tip.

  85. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    It is ironic that fifty-one U.S. State Department employees, perhaps overly-generously dignified in the media with the title of “diplomats,” have come out in favor of removing a foreign head of state by force

    Really? Most of the citizens of the planet earth have a different view.

    Killing Hope
    U.S. Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II

    • Replies: @RobinG
  86. Kiza says:

    You beat me to it. Yes, this is the most open endorsement of ISIS by an Israeli functioneer, although this has been reported in the Syrian media only so far. It would be great if this statement from the “Herzliya” conference yesterday could be verified by a speaker of Hebrew.

    • Replies: @KA
    , @Sam Shama
  87. KA says:

    Yes that would be helpful.
    I don’t understand why Israel behaves the way it behaves. Does it really think that the status quo captured by American political hypocrisy will continue to buffet it for ever.? Collective memories ( Arab world) of shame,defeat,betrayal,and dishonesty is difficult to erase . They might lose the word,context,and fine grained details but they continue to exert powerful collective attitudes even among those who may not profess Muslim faith or just embrace a diluted one .
    Most of the wars and frictions are played out at at least in two levels- one is the political decision by the rulers ,other is the willful participation of the masses in emotional level which is often justified on the basis of some kind of historical memory . Israel is vulnerable to the latter for decades and centuries to come even if it becomes the custodian of Saudi Royal family and by extension of the holy places .( re Wizard of Oz @ 78 )
    Does it have to ? Does NATO or Pentagon or Hillary have to ? It is like a profession now for certain individuals and for certain branches of government . In case of Israel – it ‘s existential philosophy has been replaced by this profession- profession of perpetual war . It doesn’t know otherwise . It has not branched out to live like a normal entity – just like American politicians from Hillary to Graham who don’t know how to earn a decent living without promises of killing a whole lot of people who mean no harm to them.

    Peace and love is such a dirty word to the elite when applied in collective sense .

  88. Wallace says:

    I compliment the comment

  89. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Priss Factor

    Thanks for the brilliant comment. I agree completely but lack patience for writing. This should be submitted to Rense or other news sources. Just what we need to keep repeating the big picture

  90. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    As a foreign service officer-diplomat under Colin Powell’s tenure I am aghast at the arrogance of our foreign policy and the outspoken attitudes of our current reign of these diplomats… Indeed, they are ready for warmonger Hillary in 2017… What a world of hurt we are about to release to the world once she is in control… God help us…

  91. Rehmat says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Nyeth Hasbara AZZ – I’m a Toronto boy not a Tel Aviv filth.

    Who are creeps like John Kerry, Ashton Carter, Samantha Power, Nuland, Valerie Bowman Jarrett, Lincoln” Bloomfield, David Gordon, Stephen Krasner, Richard Haas, Bonnie Cohen, Elliott Abrams, and many others (mostly Zionist Jews), if not AIPAC poodles?

    In 2014, US ambassador at the United Nations, Samantha Power (married to a Jewish professor), welcomed the departure of the UNHRC’s envoy for Palestinian territories, professor Richard Falk (Jewish), by the end of the next month. Both Tel Aviv and Washington have accused Dr. Falk of being biased against the Zionist entity, questioning the “official 9/11 story”, and meeting Iran’s Iman Khomenei in Paris in 1970….

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  92. Art says:

    In a speech at the Herzliya Conference, Israel’s military intelligence chief, Major General Herzi Halevy, took Israel’s long-standing position that it “prefers ISIS” over the Syrian government to a whole ‘nother level, declaring openly that Israel does not want to see ISIS defeated in the war.



    FOX JEWS, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, Bloomberg.

    NY Times, Washington Post, the cities of Boston, LA, Chicago, Atlanta, Huston mainline papers.

    Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Microsoft, Wiki.

    What a country!

  93. @Rehmat

    Are you really very thick – yes, dim, unintelligent, stupid – or do you think your readers are so stupid that they won’t notice that your answer to my challenge has no logical connection to it at all?

    I suggest you might care to show that A has AIPAC connections to give your comments some relevance and credibility and you respond by asserting that B has such connections. You disqualify yourself from serious consideration.

  94. bunga says:

    Hillary Clinton supported Iraq war because of Israel, say Matthews and …

    May 14, 2016 – Chris Matthews says that Hillary Clinton was concerned about Israel when she voted … the region into chaos and gave ISIS the space it needs to grow and prosper. … by Daniel McAdams, May 14, 2016 Can Honduras … has stated categorically that not one of them will be removed.

    HC supports removal of Basher Assad to get to teh task of removing Iran’s regime for same reason- for Israel.

    3 countries and counting Pakistan next through India-some trumped up crisis and bingo ! Next war on Pakistan heartland. It will be a lot easier given the proximity of drones and men on ground next door

  95. Moon of Alabama and possible link between Robert Ford and the State Dept letter

    To recap. Ford now asserts that he and Obama did not want immediate violent “regime change” in Syria. That they wanted to have a dialogue and negotiate with the Assad government.

    Rifai, who was there from the very beginning, says that those are lies. In his talks with the opposition Ford argued against any negotiations. His talks were not about peace or dialogue. They were for blatant, violent “regime change”.

    The “revolutionary” dupes fell for it.

    • Replies: @bunga
  96. Sam Shama says:

    Hi Kiza,
    Just saw this. Allright, I am going to give you a translation of the whole thing [give me an hour or so…in the midst of a few things]. Short version:

    Halevi said: “Israel doesn’t want the condition in Syria concluded with ISIS defeated, the superpowers leaving, and Israel facing off against Hezbollah and Iran with larger military capabilities”

    In other words he is looking for a buffer against Hezbollah supplied by, and with direct participation of Iranian elements.

    • Replies: @Art
    , @Kiza
  97. Art says:
    @Sam Shama

    Halevi said: “Israel doesn’t want the condition in Syria concluded with ISIS defeated, the superpowers leaving, and Israel facing off against Hezbollah and Iran with larger military capabilities”

    In other words he is looking for a buffer against Hezbollah supplied by, and with direct participation of Iranian elements.

    To whom it may concern,

    (Sam has chosen not to view my comments. Even though he has twice the brains that I have – he fears the small truths that I so meagerly write. They momentarily disturb his lifelong phony belief in Jew moral superiority.)

    Will someone relay to Sam that Israel’s problems with Hezbollah and Iran, do not justify all the killing that ISIS does in our world?

    People are being killed by ISIS, all the innocent dying in Syria, Iraq, those in North Africa, Turkey, Paris, Brussels, San Bernardino, Orlando. They are dying because of Israel’s wrongful desires. ISIS is the culmination of Jew ME actions.

    Will someone ask Sam why the world must put up with ISIS for Israel’s sake?

    Will someone tell Sam that Israel is the problem. That today Israel is a fountain of evil in this world.

    Will someone tell Sam that Israel MUST make peace with its neighbors or die – End of Story!

  98. Sam Shama says:

    Hey Kiza,
    here is a full translation [I tried my best to keep it as true to the original as possible, in return I might ask you to translate some Russian stuff for me 😉 ]



    -The rules of the game have changed

    Israel’s situation has improved, but it is still built to be explosive.

    “Israel is the strongest force in this area. Strong armies can become weak. The dangers that face Israel change, and we need to see how we [Israel] are perceived in our surroundings. Since the holocaust we have felt chased after, but according to our neighbours we are perceived as the stronger aggressor.”

    “I allow myself to say that wars change, and I have to say that the reasons for war between two sides change. The reasons for war in the near future will be increasingly difficult to validate.” He added “because in Iran there was little change in the past year”

    Rosh Agaf HaModeyin spoke to the terror attack in Orlando: “We live in an erratic world. You do not need to be a part of a terrorist organisation to execute terrorism, and it is especially easier with easy access to the weapons that let you do such.

    HaLevi then focused to the harsh war in Syria and said “ there is at present a superpower like there hasn’t been in almost 40 years.” He explained the present advantages however, such as nuclear capability reduction in Iran and it’s implication to Syria. “ There are times when we find situations in which an enemy is on his way to cause an attack and I find a reason to call him up and warn him, because it is neither in his, nor my interest to attack us.”

    “Things change” he continued “ We have moved from border disputes to religious disputes essentially, especially within Islam, Sunni’s and Shiite’s. Also the extreme Islam against the traditional interpretation. These disputes create ripples that affect many others far away from the origin of the argument. These ripples will definitely have huge effects on the state of Israel.

    “There is no victory”

    “In the last 20 years there hasn’t been a victory from a war, not only in Israel, but in the whole world”, said HaLevi. These images of wars and armies are less appealing to my generation [younger generation] . We have not experienced situations of gunfire as the older generation had in the Yom Kippur War.

    Achievements of the Iranian agreement are very clear, but Iran at the end of this process has twice the legitimacy to manage a nuclear programme and it is not limited.” No one believed this would happen, and she got the legitimacy to walk around the corridors of the United Nations as a minyan [a jewish quorum] . It could be wrong, but Khamenei said that another 25-year agreement will surely mean that Israel will no longer exist. The Director of intelligence indicated that Iran was responsible for about 60 percent of the budgets of the terrorist organisations: Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah. “We can be proud that in the era of war between Sunnah- Shia, Israel unites both sides,” he noted wryly and said that Israel estimates that Iran will implement the agreement early next year.

    “We have a technological race with Iran,” he added. “Most of the weapons that arrive in the Israeli neighbourhood during conflicts would be Iranian; it builds a lot of capabilities. It is important for Israel to be at a technological advantage that could let us also enjoy security advantages. A decade after the Second Lebanon War both sides would not object to another decade of silence. We are ready for war.” I think the military who did not know about his enemy as we know Hezbollah now, but the war still will not be simple. Hezbollah is studying in Syria, which is the new weapons operator, runs alongside foreign armies and has obtained many more weapons that it had In the past “. However, he stressed that Hezbollah suffered general economic crisis and internal chaos, and clarified that Lebanon may find it difficult to recover from the state of refugees and Hezbollah would lose its support space.

    The three most difficult months of Daesh

    Halevy concluded by referring to the Daesh [ISIS] and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”The three months were the most difficult in terms for Daesh since its inception,” he said. “Israel does not want the Syrian situation concluded with Daesh defeated, Super-powers exiting the area, and we faced with Hezbollah and Iran with better capabilities. State termination of this is problematic.
    We need to exert influence such that we will not get into this situation.”

    On Palestinian terrorism he said: “We are experiencing a wave of terrorist propaganda which relies on individuals, but cannot not sweep the entire Palestinian street. This escalation is postmodern: In the central unit and organisation, there is more than ideologues and anti-ideology and we must avoid collective punishment that can sweep the whole street.

    Halevy said that there is “an interesting phenomenon; interests of Islamic countries’ pragmatic approach to Israel’s interests. There is an opportunity here.” According to him, “Abbas threatened in September to go, but he did not; but he and we are not getting any younger,” continued HaLevy. “Alongside his opposition to armed struggle, he is aiming to internationalise the conflict. There goes the old split. Internationalisation, amongst the younger generation is a mystery – which is why there is going to be no organised terrorism but only of individuals.

    Hamas is deterred.

    Following the summer two years ago, it is an interesting debate. On the other hand, Hamas does not stop building the power tunnels and rocket manufacturing. The economic situation in Gaza is very difficult. Though the strategy is to continue to deter Hamas, on the one hand, on the other hand we have to help the public in Gaza, and make them understand that they have nothing to lose ” he said. ” how will the next conflict take shape? ” HaLevy concluded, “the next campaign mainly in the North will be different. Much different from Lebanon II or Yom Kippur. On Yom Kippur there was one fatality in the rear. In the next confrontation the situation will be different. I think we can cope with any challenge, but it is important that we know that the road to this achievement would not be easy. I believe that if our enemies would consider the capabilities and if so, we would avoid this conflict.

    • Replies: @Kiza
  99. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Out of 15,000 Foreign Service Officers it’s clear they work for Rothschild and are nothing but the highest level of infiltrators and hijackers of the US Government and its sick, destabilizing, and violent foreign policy.

  100. schmenz says:
    @Chris Mallory

    Lovely comment! My congrats.

  101. TjM says:

    Lets stop beating around the bush, the reality is Washington is run by Zionists, who wish to destabilize the Middle east for “greater Israel”, and as always hate Russia and wish to start WW3.

    I have come to believe there is only one group of people on earth that are crazy enough to wish a war with Russia, the Zionists.

    • Agree: Orville H. Larson
  102. schmenz says:

    I do hope Mr Putin has read Jason Ditz’s article.

  103. TjM says:
    @Captain Willard

    You either live in a cave or are a Zionist, pick one. Saudi Arabia, please that is the Zionist media shell game, and it is pretty obvious.

    How many Saudi “think tanks” operate in Washington, how many person in the governemnt have dual-citizenship with Saudi Arabia, as compared to our dear friends the Israeli’s

    Israel wants the land it stole during the war with Syria, that’s what they always want, more land.

    I mean come on, just google it, Israel is read between every line, or should I say Zionists.

    • Replies: @RobinG
    , @Captain Willard
  104. Big Bill says:

    What the fsck is this? We have 51 “career diplomats” (read “government bureaucrats”) trying to steer foreign policy because they are dissatisfied with their boss (the Secretary of State) and their boss’s boss (the President of the United States)?

    What kind of twisted, subversive, globalist, Trotskyite neoconnery is this?

    Unelected bureaucrats, suckled for their entire careers on inside-the-beltway neocons teats, decide they know best.

    Fire them. Pull their passports, and send them back to Israel. What are they going to do? Stage an insiders’ coup? They lack the [email protected] Hell, they probably don’t even shave yet.

  105. TjM says:

    Well said, and I laugh when people question your comment and demand YOU show proof, not them, typical.

    The “Wizard of idiotville” seems the burden of proof is on you, where as there was once a time when people believed the Sun circled the Earth, we don’t need to prove that anymore, it is certainly way beyond the pale for anyone to imply America is not run by Zionist Jews.

    I mean come on, 50% of all money that goes into our elections comes form Jews, and coincidentally we send Israel some \$18,000,000.00 A DAY, for what?!

    Sorry Dr Oz, you want to challenge someone YOU SHOW THE PROOF, because today only a fool and a Zionist try to argue against the obvious Zionist control of US media, entertainment and Washington.

  106. Anonymous • Disclaimer says: • Website

    One has to wonder how many State Department officials have non-leaked commentary saying something along the lines, “Yes. Assad is a Tyrant, but at least he is a predictable tyrant.”

    How many of the Arab Spring countries have yielded a stable, non-secular, democratic government? The chances of post-Assad being worse than Assad are approaching 100%.

    A much more logical approach would be to work with Russia to keep Assad in power, while minimizing Iran’s influence. If Russia is the major power behind the throne, maybe they can encourage Syria to work something out with Israel that would push out Hezbollah. Peace all around (well less shooting anyway) with no regime change needed.

  107. @AC

    These hideous critters need to be caged for life in very uncomfortable positions and put on public display with no chance for parole.

  108. @Verymuchalive

    I’d be surprised if the Russians or their predecessors, the Soviets could have had a grain of respect for any US “diplomat” except possibly for George F. Kennan who, despite his warts was probably the only American who dealt with them who was worthy of the title.

  109. @anonymous

    “Looking through various history books I can’t find it: when did the US become the owner of the planet? ”

    Ask, and you shall receive! I bet this will answer some of your questions, or at least put you on the right track. Enjoy! ; )


  110. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    All 51 are traitors to world peace and should be removed immediatly. Diplomats talk not advise about dropping bombs, non of them are qualified to be called diplomats!!!

  111. bunga says:

    Good lie but bad memory –

    “Hillary Clinton’s Likely Defense Secretary Wants More US Troops Fighting ISIS and Assad”

    UPDATE: After publication, Michele Flournoy responded to this article. See below for her letter to the editor.”
    this is her rebuttal “To the Editor of Defense One:

    I am writing in response to your piece on June 20 that fundamentally mischaracterized my views on the role U.S. forces should play in Syria. Both the headline and article erroneously suggested that I advocate sending more U.S. troops to “push President Bashar al-Assad’s forces out of southern Syria” and “remove Assad from power.” I do not.

    I have argued for increasing U.S. military support to moderate Syrian opposition groups fighting ISIS and the Assad regime, like the Southern Front, not asking U.S. troops to do the fighting in their stead.

    In short, I advocate doing more to support our partners on the ground to make them more effective”

    Oh Yeah!
    Bush did not lie He was led to war Cheney did not knowingly lie Hew as given wrong stuff .Neoocns wanted a better peaceful free secular democratic government nothing more. Its the fault of intelligence fault of Saddam and fault of Arab and fault of the rest of the world – not we are at fault Dont ask us not to repeat our actions and stare at our own visionary world of future.

    • Replies: @Art
  112. RobinG says:

    Informative, but very depressing read. As I told Blum, he killed my hope.

  113. RobinG says:

    Saudi Arabia, please that is the Zionist media shell game…

    Brilliant! And not just the media. From Congress to Codepink to the Truther crowd, they’re all clamoring for the ’28 pages’ so they can throw all the blame on the Saudis.

    • Replies: @Captain Willard
  114. Kiza says:
    @Sam Shama

    Thanks very much Sam for the short version translation, really appreciate your willingness to help us understand. During a war, there is a lot of propaganda from all sides, verification should never be skipped. This was originally published by a Syrian newspaper, it would never get even close to the Western MSM. Looking forward to the longer version, with an accent on:
    1) Did he say that Israel does not want the current Syrian government to remain, justifying this by Israel’s participation in the Syrian war and a possible post-war revenge by the current government?
    2) Did he mention ISIS defeated, in other words, is he implying that ISIS win in Syria would be good for Israel?

    Thanks again.

  115. Kiza says:
    @Sam Shama

    Hello Sam,
    Thanks for the more detailed translation of the hebrew language article. Here is another version:

    “The last three months were the most difficult for Daas since its inception,” he said. “Israel does not want Syria to end the situation where the world powers left the area and we remained with Hezbollah and Iran with better capabilities. [Syrian] state termination of this is problematic.

    Therefore, what is clearly stated is that ISIS (Daas) must not be defeated. The rest is Syrian newspaper interpretation and extension. However, even this statement, if given by a Palestinian leader for example, would have been blared all over Western MSM, but an Israeli statement is followed by a deafening silence. At least we here at do not belong to the MSM-fed cattle and we know that the state of Israel has been and currently supports ISIS.

    Regarding the Russian translation you need, Sam I am sorry but I am not Russian and I can only roughly understand the Russian language. My translation would be less accurate than an online translation. Really sorry I cannot return the favor. Thanks again.

    • Replies: @Sam Shama
  116. Sam Shama says:

    Hi Kiza,
    Not a problem re: Russian translation. It has certainly been clear that in the ME whirlpool, Israel has been using ISIS elements as a buffer against Hezbollah and Iran [I think there was an article in the WSJ regarding this dynamic late last year] .

    How does this all end? While I don’t wish to speculate overly, I am inclined to believe that as long as Israel feels that Hezbollah as Iran’s proxy retains the power to wreak enormous damage in Israel’s North and indeed in the Sharon Valley [including Tel Aviv ] with Iranian missiles, it will strive to keep the ISIS as buffer. Removing Assad is a matter I am sure an objective of the Israeli Right, it is less than clear whether the defense establishment wants it without sufficient guarantees of what happens in the aftermath. Believe it or not, the IDF professional leadership is actually acting as a moderating influence on that thug Lieberman and his assortment of swines.

    • Replies: @Kiza
    , @Art
    , @L.K
  117. Art says:

    UPDATE: After publication, Michele Flournoy responded to this article. See below for her letter to the editor.

    I have argued for increasing U.S. military support to moderate Syrian opposition groups fighting ISIS and the Assad regime, like the Southern Front, not asking U.S. troops to do the fighting in their stead.

    In short, I advocate doing more to support our partners on the ground to make them more effective”

    This is a lie – what BS – what partners – where are the 60 partners – the Southern Front are glorified jihadists. They are noting more then paid mercenaries. They would bring more instability to Syria.

    This Flournoy women is a stone cold liar. She works for the Jews. She along with the other 50 are US taxpayer paid neocons working against the best interests of America and peace.

  118. Canute says:

    This merely proves that Victoria Nuland is sufficiently powerful to get 51 young, wholly pretentious and pompous DC sphincter muscles to sign a letter the she and husband, Robert Kagan drafted the previous evening over dinner. It also proves that the NYT and WSJ are safely within the grasp of the Zionist lobby to behave as directed.

  119. @TjM

    Israel has stated quite openly that they’re going to keep the Golan Heights. Is this a secret?

    For sure, the Israelis and their American supporters are spending lots of money in DC. Is this news?
    So are the Saudis. I wish I were in the lobbying business.

    My point was that the Saudis want Assad out. The Israelis are probably ambivalent (at best) about the prospect of his removal.

    If you disagree, please make your case.

    • Replies: @KA
  120. @RobinG

    Wow. Has it occurred to you that the State Dept. mutineers might have their own agenda? War is good business for them. It leads to great consulting gigs after their stint in government.

    The Israelis will be left to clean up whatever mess we leave behind. After Libya, Egypt, Iraq and Yemen, you’re quite sure the Great Zionist Conspiracy knows exactly how Syria will turn out? Anything could happen.

    My guess is that Israel would prefer to see a continuation of low-level chaos in Syria. Nobody there is powerful enough to make trouble for them.

    Meanwhile has it occured to you and your friend TjM that this State Dept. Memo is aimed at Russia primarily?

    A fanatic is a guy who won’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.

  121. Kiza says:
    @Sam Shama

    Taken out of context, I would agree with you that Israel has the right to defend itself from Hezbollah and its rockets. However, why is Hezbollah there in the first place? It would not be because of the occupation of the Palestinian lands and water and rootless killing of the Palestinians, destruction of the homes and means of sustenance of the occupied people Israel calls “terrorists” and so on, would it be? Now I agree that in the boiling ME cauldron anything is possible, including Israel making a pact with the Takfiri devils, but I was always asking: what is the Israeli plan when the devil turns against Israel one day – more US blood and treasure to save “the only democracy” in the ME? The same as the US banksters never suffer any consequences for their speculative and corrupt actions, the state of Israel is never to blame for any of its actions, alliances and their consequences. Always the poor victims. I wonder why such similarity?

    PS. I take your point on Israeli military leadership exercising a moderating influence on the political crazies. It is similar in the US sometimes (excluding politically ambitious Breedlove types), but I am not familiar of any other country in the World where this happens. Only in the Israel and US the military needs to play a calming role, go figure!.

  122. Art says:
    @Sam Shama

    It has certainly been clear that in the ME whirlpool, Israel has been using ISIS elements as a buffer against Hezbollah and Iran

    Would someone tell Sam that Israel does not have a right to harm or to use Syria and its people, as a buffer against anyone – PERIOD!

    This is the year 2016 AD – not 2016 BC – the rules have changed. Tribal Jew rules are not recognized today by the world. We have modern rules and precepts. Israel is doing harm to all its neighbors.

    The modern approach to human relations says “do no harm.”

    Another set of words says “what goes around comes around.”

    Another set of words says “the truth will set you free.”

    Not even the Jews with all their supposed brilliance can ignore these truths.

  123. Art says:

    Israel is kicking back at Obama – that is why these 51 traitor dummkofps have signed this letter.

    Obama Wants to Stop Subsidizing Israel’s Defense Firms

    If you want to understand just how special the U.S.-Israel relationship really is, look no further than the annual aid package. Israel is not only the greatest beneficiary of U.S. defense assistance, but also the only one allowed to spend a portion of that assistance on weapons and equipment from its own industry. Everyone else has to buy American. President Barack Obama is now looking to end this U.S. subsidy of Israel’s defense sector, according to U.S. and Israeli officials. They say the “offshore procurement” provision, unique to Israel’s aid package, is one of the last obstacles to completing an agreement to extend aid until 2029. Obama would like to phase out the agreement that allows Israel …

  124. KA says:
    @Captain Willard

    Yes I disagree . Israel has been asking for Assad’s scalp from 2002 . Israel occupies part of Syria Israel has attacked Syria periodically from 2003 .
    Saudi is a late comer to this game No Saudi lobby put the slogan of Red Line on American diplomatic milotary tool Israel did – Zionist did . Then after falsifying the red line,put pressure on US to attack Syria. Saudi didn’t .
    Syria Lebanon Accountability Act ? Didn’t come from Saud but from monster gang members like Liberman and other neocons

  125. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Delusion. Illusion. Drinking Dream. If u think can govern all parts of the World. Think.
    (The Ballad of John n Yoko)

  126. @guest

    “Yes, Minister” (and “Yes, Prime Minister”) was a very formative show for me: I was in my teens when it first showed on TV, and it informed my view of the political and bureaucratic classes from almost the first episode. (My only prior political memory was the resignation of Nixon when I was about 9: the first inoculation of my system against politicians).

    In the 30-odd years since “Yes, Minister”, literally nothing in my experience has laid a glove on the views I developed as a teen – namely,
    – that all politicians are second-quintilers at best (and those who rise to the top are megalomaniacal sociopaths);
    – that the bureaucracy runs the show, not the politicians (it doesn’t matter who has the Big Chair, in other words);
    – that the bureaucracy, while populated with superior talent to the political class, are still only 2nd-decile talent;
    – that there is no such thing as a failed policy, if the aims of the policy are properly understood.

    That last one is hard for most people to chew through, but it repays adoption as part of a serious conceptual framework for policy analysis.

    If you find yourself constantly flummoxed as to why the political class commits the same policy ‘errors’ time and time again, then you are operating form an incorrect premise as to the actual aim of the policies under consideration.

    Begin every analysis from the premise that the underlying objective of any – and every – policy is the furtherance of the interests of a little-known clique of cronies. Begin from that premise, and you will be surprised so seldom that you will feel like a policy guru, because everything then makes sense – from Solyndra to ObamaCare to the Large Hadron Collider to every war ever waged.

    Back when I was on my way to being a ‘career’ policy-analysis academic (at the Centre of Policy Studies – the best computable-GE economic modelling think-tank in the world, bar none), it used to amuse me no end that some senior analytical colleagues were mystified at some or other policy announcement: “How can [the Party promulgating the policy] possibly think this is a ‘national interest’ policy?”.

    All I would do is try to identify the actual beneficiaries of the policy, and work out what the party in question stood to gain as the quid pro quo.

    The thing about CoPS is that nobody got to be there unless they were in the top 1-2 students in their graduating class: the intellectual machinery at work in that place was so amazing that I think back on my time there as the apogee of intellectual engagement in my life.

    And when we were sat across the table from our consulting clients – be they from PwC/Deloitte, major corporates (banks, telcos), or the departments of Defence, Justice, Finance, or Treasury – it was abundantly clear that none of those places could retain genuine A-level talent. That’s because they were all bureaucracies, and bureaucracies stifle talent, and genuine A-level talent has too many economic alternatives to put up with bureaucracy.

    This is why the alphabet-soup security-theatre agencies – NSA, FBI, CIA, DIA, DSD, GCHQ, MI5, ASIO – are peopled with third-decile talent at all levels above entry-level.

    The same is true of State: to wade through the bullshit associated with their first 2-year hitch, an individual has to have zero alternative \$100k/yr opportunities (e.g., a hedge fund; a startup; an IB; a major law firm). Above GS9, everyone is a careerist triangulator.

    I think back to my graduating year – of the top 6 graduates, only 2 of them have worked for government as employees: both did so solely for a low-stress sinecure that enabled them to finish their PhDs once their merit scholarships ran out. Once their PhDs were done, they then promptly left for pastures that paid 4-5x the .gov rate.

    The folks who went from our graduating class to Treasury or Finance were all in the ‘second decile’, as expected. Only the dimmest among them would have remained in the bureaucracy until now, but I would never know because people like that are of no interest to people like me.

  127. JackOH says:

    “Begin every analysis from the premise that the underlying objective of any – and every – policy is the furtherance of the interests of a little-known clique of cronies.”

    Agree 100%. Even certifiably smart people refuse to believe the flaws or ill consequences of a policy are the policy, too.

  128. Moi says:
    @Daniel H

    A Nuremberg-like trial would leave us without a government.

  129. alexander says:

    This is a very interesting view of things from someone who was once inside one of our brilliant “think tanks”.

    But given the state of our Union today, nearly every “think tank” we have, has proven to be an absolute failure when functioning as an intellectual steward of our nations health , wealth and direction.

    Consider first, that our national debt has exploded to obscene and TRULY unprecedented proportions.
    Never, in the entire history of western civilization, has so much wealth been extracted from a nations future,….Never has so much debt been created in SO LITTLE time,…. then has been by these “think tank” policy decision-makers over the last fifteen years.

    The \$20,000,000,000,000.00 national debt generated by these imbeciles posing as think tankers is unconscionable.

    So irresponsible, in fact,it takes ones breath away to consider it.

    It is a mind-numbing catastrophe.

    It represents nearly \$ 56,000 of debt owed by every one of our 320 million citizens, nearly TWICE the \$33,000 owed by the 11 million Greeks in their tiny bankrupt nation.

    Truly beyond the pale.

    This alone is grounds to have every Neocon think tank and every billionaire backer who funds it, drawn and quartered , for treason,right away.

    What a grotesque and pernicious thing they all are…..sucking TRILLIONS upon TRILLIONS from our balance sheet like some twisted evil leech ,devouring in total, the solvency of our nations future.

    Consider second, in broad strokes, the RESULTS of all these endless “regime change” schemes, hatched in the bowels of our virtuous “think tanks”.
    SIXTY-THREE MILLION displaced persons roaming the earth today…refugees from war-torn regions……Several million dead..mostly innocent …..with boat loads of suffering and destitution spreading like the plague over the vast middle east arena.

    Five reasonably stable nations, which posed no actual THREAT to our country at all, totally eviscerated, …desecrated….immolated…and decimated.


    Consider third ,our way of life at home. Our freedom ….bound up in our bill of rights, the very cornerstone of our constitution ….thoroughly torched, overnight, by these myopic and malevolent “think tankers”.

    Can the United States truly withstand these odious, and supremely self-serving Neocon “agendas” and the “think tanks” they employ ?.

    I don’t think so.

    Do you ?

  130. @AC

    Actually, these 51 State Dept. officials have figured out how to get around federal laws prohibiting Government employees from getting involved in political campaigns. The picture shows them wearing suits, but this memo in essence puts them in T-shirts with slogans, “I’m with Her”. They figure that with the coming election (fixed for Hillary), this memo will help them get promoted in the new Clinton SuperNeocon Administration. This memo is less about political ideals than jockeying for better career maneuvering.

  131. ThomasMv says:

    Isreal openly @ militarily support ISIS? OH YESSS….. Bring it on….!!!!!!!!

  132. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Every one of these 50 goofballs needs to be terminated immediately. They are essentially suggesting illegal actions should be taken. We have not declared war on Syria, have we? Did I miss something?

  133. @alexander

    @alexander – I hear you… but you’ve got the debt wrong by an order of magnitude, at least.

    \$20T is the ‘headline’ number, which is based on .gov accounting.

    .gov accounting, if practised by a private entity, would result in the main officeholders going to jail for life.

    Private entities are required to post ‘accrual’ entries in their P&L and Balance Sheet, to reflect the present value of future promises. (There has been some jiggery-pokery on this front in the last couple of decades in the private-sector, with ‘blue-sky- actuarial assumptions and other ‘defined benefit’ scheme-scheming – all within the FASB’s rules, and nowhere near the same level of dishonesty as .gov accounting).

    The PV of future promises for SocSec, Health Care and other ‘legacy’ obligations for the US government, will see the NPSBR rise by a total of \$212 TRILLION DOLLARS in the next two decades.

    Here’s the thing, though: anybody who believes in democracy, believes in a system that has – baked into the cake – an in-built, systemic, irremediable failure to keep to a budget. There’s even a name for it in economic theory: Holmström’s Theorem.

    The other thing that few people consider is the ‘game theoretic‘ aspect of the ‘gov-contracting’ scam.

    Think about a \$200m government contract.

    Usually there are 2 or 3 bidders who are seriously in the running: the successful bidder will gain \$130m in gross margin (that’s the usual gross margin on a government contract – 65% gross margin sounds high… but trust me, that’s about right).

    So the ‘rational’ thing for all three bidders to do, is to spend ~\$40m in lobbying to get the work.

    2 firms wind up out of pocket \$40m; the third gains net \$90m. \$120m gets splashed around on ‘incentives’ to congressmen and senators. Lots of hookers and blow, in other words.

    Now… consider how much time the average voter should spend evaluating the policy that will transfer that \$90m net to the successful firm.

    There are ~200m voters in the US, so a \$200m contract represents an additional \$1 per voter in taxation.

    How much time would you spend on an issue where the ‘no consideration’ net cost to you is \$1? (That is: if you spend zero time evaluating the policy, it will cost you \$1 in new taxes).

    The answer is … if you earn roughly the median per hour, you should rationally spend about 3 minutes thinking about it.

    That’s 3 minutes from the first time you learn about the policy, to when the 3-minute egg-timer runs out: you’ve got that much time to gather all relevant information and reach a decision. Clock’s ticking!

    Now consider this fact: for most policies, the probability that additional research by individuals changes the policy decision, is zero.

    So that 3 minutes’ worth of time and resources you just spent evaluating the policy, will be time/resources wasted – because the policy is going ahead regardless of what you think… because the people who stand to gain the most – the three firms who are in the running – have spent tens of millions of dollars to ensure that the policy goes ahead.

    That’s how oligarchies work: game theory plus public ignorance. There is not a think-tank on the face of the earth who can save the populace from the inexorable logic of the .gov bezzle… which is why I left academia.

    • Replies: @Sam Shama
    , @Kiza
  134. @alexander

    Oh… the other point I would make is this…

    What duty of care does a think-tank owe to anyone except its financial backers?

    The correct answer is: none.

    When the system has devolved to the extent that the US system has devolved, policy analysis degenerates into ‘competing press releases’.

    Everyone in the game tailors their analysis to suit their funders, and anyone who fails to realise this is being a bit silly.

    Academic life is not the selfless pursuit of the truth ‘and damn the torpedoes’: it is at least as ‘devil take the hindmost’ as the most aggressive investment banks, but with the false patina of the ‘ivory tower’ of academic independence.

    To presume that academic think tanks do not reflect the world view of their major donors, is to presume that funding is not conditional on continuing to please the funders. That’s totally naive.

    I would make exactly the same point about journalism… the difference being that journalists have only the most shallow and dilettante understanding of whatever it is that they write about. If I’m going to be snowed by a paid shill, I want that shill to bring an A-game: I want him to be a fucking ALPHA in his field, not some hack who went to J-school because they couldn’t6 get into Law school.

    (In reality I don’t get snowed… but you know what I’m driving at)

  135. L.K says:
    @Sam Shama

    What can one expect from a zionist propagandist such as sam shama? well, lies and obfuscation of course!

    Hezbollah’s rocket and missile arsenal is a deterrence against israeli aggression against Lebanon.

    Hezbollah came into existence in 1985 following the 1982 israeli INVASION and occupation of south Lebanon.

    During this long conflict Hezb shelled Israel bc Israel was an ocuppying force in Lebanon and, needless to say, the idf sissies carried out massive bombardments of Lebanon during the war, killing thousands of civilians.

    In the last war of 2006, Hezb conducted a special operation to capture zio soldiers and force the cowardly israelis to release the many prisoners, many of whom civilians, whom they had taken from Lebanon during their ILLEGAL occupation and were using as hostages.

    Israel responded with massive artillery and airstrikes and that is why Hezb fired back rockets against the zionist abomination.

    Given the general Ineffectiveness of the regular lebanese military, Hezbollah is the de facto Lebanese defense force.

    If not provoked, Hezbollah does not pose much threat to Israel. But, it has proven to be a hell of an obstacle to Israel hegemony in the region.

    That is what Israel cannot stand.

    ps: the zionist cowards think they r the only ones that should be armed in the region, all others must be either disarmed or can be armed only if they are zamerican client states.

  136. L.K says:

    Regarding the well documented Israeli cooperation with Daesh/isis and AL-CIADA groups:

    William Engdahl wrote:

    In December, 2014 the Jerusalem Post in Israel reported the findings of a largely ignored, and politically explosive report detailing UN sightings of Israeli military together with ISIS terrorist combatants. The UN peacekeeping force, UN Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF), stationed since 1974 along the Golan Heights border between Syria and Israel, revealed that Israel had been working closely with Syrian opposition terrorists, including Al Qaeda’s Al Nusra Front and IS in the Golan Heights, and “kept close contact over the past 18 months.” The report was submitted to the UN Security Council. Mainstream media in the US and West buried the explosive findings.
    The UN documents showed that the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) were maintaining regular contact with members of the so-called Islamic State since May of 2013.”

    Years ago, Michael Oren, the outgoing Israeli ambassador to the United States,lifted any doubts about who really wants Assad to go:

    “The initial message about the Syrian issue was that we always wanted [President] Bashar Assad to go, we always preferred the bad guys who weren’t backed by Iran to the bad guys who were backed by Iran,” he said.
    This was the case, he said, even if the other “bad guys” were affiliated to al-Qaida.
    “We understand that they are pretty bad guys,” he said, adding that this designation did not apply to everyone in the Syrian opposition. “Still, the greatest danger to Israel is by the strategic arc that extends from Tehran, to Damascus to Beirut. And we saw the Assad regime as the keystone in that arc. That is a position we had well before the outbreak of hostilities in Syria. With the outbreak of hostilities we continued to want Assad to go.”

    On other issues, Oren – who has contact in Washington with some ambassadors from Persian Gulf countries – said that that ;

    “in the last 64 years there has probably never been a greater confluence of interest between us and several Gulf States. With these Gulf Stateswe have agreements on Syria, on Egypt, on the Palestinian issue. We certainly have agreements on Iran. This is one of those opportunities presented by the Arab Spring.”


  137. Sam Shama says:

    Your assessment is valid and it underpins the weaknesses of agency based democracies, forced to faced the impossibility of identifying efficient outcomes under certain constraints. I have been thinking about this for some time and reckon that picking a benevolent-absolute entity, a choice that really cannot be left open to unconstrained representation, is the best bet; yet designing that pick is where all the intricacies lie. As far as debt and budgets [however measured, or mis-measured] our received systems have usually obtained clearance either via war, repudiation or inflation: the choice principally, is one of engineering the duration of cycles.

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  138. Druid says:

    Agree, but I fear these sociopaths know exactly what they’re doing. It’s their sociopathy at work!

  139. L.K says:

    I think it was Kiza who wrote the following re the Syrian “civil” war:

    It is a proxy war, in which Israel (and its Zionist fifth column in all Western countries) is the enemy, US is Israel’s proxy, Turkey is a US proxy, ISIS and Al Qaeda are the US, Turkish and Saudi proxies and so on.

    • Replies: @Kiza
  140. @Sam Shama

    the choice principally, is one of engineering the duration of cycles.

    Yellen-speak for “calculating when it is advantageous to the elites to pull the rug out from under the US economy.”

    • Replies: @Sam Shama
  141. L.K says:

    Although the war in Syria has many fathers, the main daddy are the zionists and this is absolutely clear from the record. There are even wiki cables which confirm this.

    Julian Assange: US & Israel Planned To Overthrow Assad In 2006

    Cables reveal that before the beginning of the Syrian revolt and civil war, the United States hoped to overthrow Assad and create strife between Shiite and Sunni Muslims.

    By Kit O’Connell @KitOConnell | September 14, 2015

    LONDON — Speaking from Ecuador’s embassy in London, Julian Assange revealed that the United States planned to overthrow the Syrian government as far back as 2006, several years before the start of the current crisis.[…]
    The United States and its allies in the Middle East, including Turkey and Israel, have been frequently accused of contributing to the ongoing destabilization of Syria in the wake of the uprising and subsequent civil war which began in 2011. But according to cables from the WikiLeaks archive, discussed in the Syria chapter of Assange’s book, plans to deliberately destabilize the region go back at least five years further.
    “In that chapter is a cable from US Ambassador William Roebuck, who was stationed in Damascus, which apparently discusses a plan for the overthrow of the Assad government in Syria,” RT reported.
    In his appearance on the RT program “Going Underground,” Assange elaborated on the cable’s contents:
    “… That plan was to use a number of different factors to create paranoia within the Syrian government; to push it to overreact, to make it fear there’s a coup …”
    Assange continued, explaining that the U.S. government sought to make the Syrian government appear weak by causing Assad to overreact to the threat of Islamic extremists crossing into his country.”
    WikiLeaks cables reveal that these plans came from the Israeli government, and show that the U.S. government intended to work with Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and Egypt to encourage the breakdown of the Assad regime as a way of also weakening Iran and Hezbollah.

  142. Kiza says:

    Well, I did enjoy reading your “Confessions of a Qaunt Analyst”, similar to the “Confessions of an Economic Hitman”. You worked and lived close to the establishment’s mid-range employees and I would guess you still do, but not for PWC which is probably a competitor to your employer. Or maybe you have gone freelance like I have. I agree with most of your facts, but I do have one major disagreement on methodology. Being a quant-hammer, you do see everything as a quant-nail. The Zen of Analysis is in being able to switch effortlessly between the Quant and Qual, whilst by reflex you always go for your own forte – the Quant. I do not want to insult you but I just feel that your “3 minutes of tax-payers consideration” is a total quant wank. It reminded me of Robert McNamara bringing the quant analysis from Ford to the US military, to count the dead VC, to quantify the US success in Vietnam. So the military compiled and compiled the kill counts from the field commanders until no Vietnamese were left alive. That is what too much quant without a qual cross-check does, and it helps lose wars.

    Within your story you imply that the system is totally corrupt and on the verge of financial collapse, due to the extreme uncovered liabilities, but then wrap that up in unnecessary 3 minute worth of consideration. Simply, this is where you should have switched to Qual and just said something like: the system is totally corrupt and has no feedback mechanism to correct because the market regulation has been captured. Even the recent financial crisis has not changed absolutely anything, the whole system is sleepwalking to collapse. Will the nuclear war happen before the complete financial collapse?

    Most of the unfunded liabilities are unfunded pensions, which will either collapse the whole financial system, or many elderly will pass away whilst stuffing up shelves in supermarkets. The figure I heard goes to \$242 trillion, not \$212T. Watch the situation in Chicago with firemen’s and policemen’s pensions as a preview of the future.

    On top of this, there is a mountain of underfunded financial tools (options, futures etc), some people say about 600T globally (not only US), plus about 20 times more paper gold than there is physical gold and so on. I loved the expression of one writer on zerohedge.comthe global markets are like a buble looking for a spike, which could be Brexit but does not have to be.

    BTW, you sold your story to Sam Sharma, who would not accept my similar point to him recently about the internal debt and unfunded liabilities being a greater threat than the 16T or 20T of the nominal government debt, but did not appear to dispute the same point when you made it. A good salesman you are.

    • Replies: @Sam Shama
  143. Kiza says:

    Yes, I do see a packing order in everything and I wrote that in Syria, Israel is the leader, US is an Israel’s proxy, EU (mainly France and UK), Turkey, Saudi and GC are the US proxies, ISIS and Al Qaeda are Turkish, Saudi and GC proxies.

    I also wrote that Russian bombers should not come within 100 miles of the Turkish or Israeli border without a fighter escort, which I wrote before SU-24 was shot-down by the US proxy, Turkey.

    I also wrote that following Western MSM is a source of endless amusement due to the constant supply of fog and pure BS.

    Finally, I wrote that I see current situation of the NATO facing Russia across a single border, with a margin of error reduced to almost zero, more risky than in 1914 and 1941 (when Hitler attacked Russia with operation Barbarossa) because, quite deservedly, WW3 would be called “The War to End all Wars” (you know the Einstein’s and sticks and stones).

    A friend of mine who just came back from Europe says that the Europeans have gone stark raving mad. They have to obey what the US orders (for example, Merkel, ha, ha), but it is f’ing their brains out being swamped by the muslim refugees and migrants without being able to do absolutely anything about it (that is, close borders). Under US management, the leadership is reduced to licking Turkish ass and taking in millions of Turks instead of the millions of desperate refugees, who the Turks are shooting dead at their Syria border to keep their part of the morbid bargain they struck with EU. Depopulate ME and populate Europe with Muslims (called multiculturalism), this is what Israel does to its lower-level servants, I am awaiting to see what they will do to US. The Europeans are so much on the edge now that one very hot summer could push the World into the proverbial WW3.

    • Replies: @L.K
  144. Sam Shama says:

    Hi Kiza,
    Debt on a global basis [funded and unfunded] is what we owe ourselves. The main concern ought to be the assets [physical equipment, infrastructure, know-how and human assets foremost, of course]; their productivity and their ability to service that debt. To the extent income generated from these assets far exceed debt service, economic stability obtains, and, the defeasance of debt can be aided by steady inflation [as opposed to runaway inflation] , in which case it is contextually useful to think of inflation as the price for liquidity or safe-haven fee charged by sovereign issuers. As I mentioned, the goal is to engineer long cycles over which economies grow and render old debt vanishingly insignificant. From time to time we have had wars and hyperinflation, which reduced debt load rapidly, accompanied of course, by much human distress. From a social context I look at increasing total stock of debt as an indicator of rising inequality, where ever smaller fractions of the human population corner ever greater portions of savings, turn highly capital conservative, self-incapacitate the spirit of investment and innovation – an affliction very much of the present era. I have written quite often here that our present problems stem from regulatory failure, inequality and pathetically inadequate spending on infrastructure. Remedy this failure and we shall be fine; leave it unattended and you have Brexit, and then a collapse of the Euro project possibly.[btw I voted for Brexit in a very tangible way, based very much on the preceding analysis]

    • Replies: @Kiza
    , @alexander
  145. Kiza says:
    @Sam Shama

    Sorry Sam, but I have to disagree with you on your first point: unfunded liabilities are not a debt that we owe to ourselves, it is the debt that we leave to the future generations of tax payers. Also, you talk about hyperinflation is if it were a normal financial remedy, just like an aspyrin. A bit of pain/distress and everything is good again. It is true that hyperinflation is one way of wealth transfer from the savers to the debtors, quite similar to the current printing of money by the Fed and giving it to the entitled banksters (and then we wonder why there is such inequality – the to big to fail class is robbing the society blind).

    But I like discussing economics with you and I respect your views, although I may be a pessimist compared with your optimism.

    I am glad that you voted for Brexit, I would have as well. I am entertained by how the absolutely horrible Labor party Blairites are using the Brexit outcome to get rid of Corbyn who had nothing to do with this outcome. No wonder most people in the West are demanding a new choice on the ballot papers: none of the above. Kick all the rotten turds out.

    • Replies: @Sam Shama
  146. alexander says:
    @Sam Shama

    Let us all be absolutely crystal clear on the cause of the heaving, massive, unconscionable debt creation over the last fifteen years.

    It all began with the big NEOCON LIE.

    Yes, they defrauded us into believing it was Saddams’ Anthrax in Tom Brokaws’ office…When it WASN’T.(etc,etc)….and used their FRAUD to extract TEN TRILLION DOLLARS from every honest hardworking american taxpayer to engage in entirely bogus wars of aggression abroad.

    Nearly every single dollar of their heinous FIFTEEN TRILLION in OVERSPENDING is directly attributed to “Terror Fraud”,”War Fraud”, and “Banking Fraud”.

    And THAT , in a nutshell, is where ALL our money has gone.

    The question to all, is, if they lied us into war (which they did) shouldn’t the burden of paying for it , be placed squarely on the shoulders of the defrauders , NOT the taxpayer ?

    Shouldn’t it be JOB ONE of the next Commander in Chief, to claw back all our stolen wealth ?

    Isn’t the solvency of the United States a supreme national security issue ?

    If it is not, why not ?

    Don’t we all want our money back ?

    Why , pray tell, do “they” deserve to keep it ?

    • Replies: @Sam Shama
  147. Sam Shama says:

    The distinction, if there is one, is not all that sharp; furthermore we are really speaking of overlapping generations models: we save portions of our current incomes exactly for what? Let us suppose that a small nation saves 5% of it current income and a group of entrepreneurs come along and offer to build a superb new road which will spur the production of new goods and greatly increase travel and commercial services with a neighbouring economy – a proposal heartily welcomed by all. It turns out that the cost of building this road is 100% of a year’s worth of income and lending the savings of 5% is not nearly enough. So what does this economy to do? One option is to scrap the project and continue on the current path of basically static output, while the other is to obtain the remaining 95% by issuing credit to the entrepreneurs against future incomes, when it is known with decent confidence that the new infrastructure will generate employment, enhance commerce and essentially increase incomes in the future years by a factor of 2.5 [this is called the investment to income multiplier in a simple model]. Most people would choose the 2nd option. Humans are hard-wired to advance. The greatly increased future income accrues to the population and the only a small portion , say 1.5% [so 1.5% *[5% funded + 95% unfunded] = 1.5% ] of the income each year is used in debt service.

    [so in alexander-speak, the 95% is the OVERSPENDING. THE SKY IS GOING TO FALL ON OUR HEADS, I SAY!!]

    Well this is not all that different from what we have on our hands. As long as we maintain the integrity of our assets, we shall be just fine.

    Also, I did not speak of hyperinflation or war lightly at all. Hyperinflation has occurred only very seldom and productive capacity destruction on account of wars somewhat more periodically [ note however we are not talking about effects of war related spending done by relatively untouched economies like the USA, which clearly were expansionary]. Both are to be avoided. What I spoke of is inflation within reasonable levels that tends to reduce debt load and spur economic activity.

  148. Sam Shama says:

    Please look at my reply to Kiza. Please also note that the solvency of the U.S.A is not in question and nor is it likely to be, unless our productive capacity drastically reduces [which on the contrary, is observably rising]. An entity that is threatened by solvency concerns does not see its debt-issuing costs [interest rates] go down [please think about this for a while; if you are a bad credit do you think the world at large would offer you credit at ever lower rates?]:

    • Replies: @alexander
  149. alexander says:
    @Sam Shama

    Excuse me ?

    Is this your ACTUAL ANSWER as to why YOU think it is OKAY for the citizenry of the United States to be defrauded out of TWENTY TRILLION DOLLARS ?

    The people of the United States should not be DEFRAUDED OUT OF ONE PENNY ! PERIOD !


    Truly unbelievable.

    • Replies: @L.K
    , @Sam Shama
  150. L.K says:

    I essentially agree with all the points you made in your post 145.

    In my mid 30s now, I’ve become something of a cynic.
    For example, it never ceases to amaze me how Americans seem to look at Trump as some sort of Messiah while at the same time never discussing meaningful political reform.

    Anyway, though I’m not getting my hopes up, perhaps this Brexit vote could be the beginning of something:

    We shall see.

    • Replies: @KA
  151. L.K says:

    If you have not yet, take a look at this book, a lot of great insights there;

    “Web of Debt: The Shocking Truth about Our Money System and How We Can Break Free”

    • Replies: @alexander
  152. Sam Shama says:

    Really? Examples please, when the Fed “pulled the rug out from under the US economy”.

    • Replies: @Art
  153. Sam Shama says:

    I can only respond to meaningful questions. For example, the questions and thoughts posed by Kiza.

    I don’t think you bothered to understand what I wrote. For example, if you held the opinion, that in the process of expenditure outlays and planning, there is pilferage and fraud, I would be sympathetic to that charge; if you said that bank regulations need to be tightened, I would be similarly persuaded; if like Kratolastes you were making a set of intriguing points I would be moved to make contributions that hopefully would make some difference to the discourse.

    If however, you scream and shout, and make wild allegations [U.S. insolvency e.g] I prefer to simply point out that you are wrong. The fact that I actually offered you some evidence and logic to the contrary [look at the U.S. borrowing rates etc] you should consider a patient and serious reply to theatrics.

    • Replies: @alexander
  154. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    They are not wrong.
    They deliver, what they promised Saudis to deliver, in exchange for the bribe from Saudies.

  155. alexander says:

    Hey L.K.

    I will check it out when I have a chance.

    But our fiscal woes are pretty straight forward.

    The taxpayers have given our representatives(on average) about 3.6 trillion a year, of our hard earned money, to run our country.

    If our representatives choose to spend 4.5 trillion that same year…they are running a 900 billion dollar deficit.

    If they don’t pay that money back right away, it gets rolled into our National Debt.

    Our dear representatives, under Neocon tutelage, have been overspending almost that exact amount,….NINE HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS, on average, every year, since 2000.

    That is about FIFTEEN TRILLION in overspending for a sixteen year period.

    Which is why our national Debt has ballooned from 5.7 trillion in 2000 to over 20 trillion today.

    Its not a big mystery to see this…just follow the money….. and follow the spending.

    This is an outrage to begin with, but it is a total outrage if ANY of that overspending has occurred through FRAUD.

    And most of has,L.K.

    The scaly truth is that EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN should have 15 trillion dollars returned to us, ASAP…..because it was extracted from us……through FRAUD.

    But this has very little to do with the fact that our Government CAN run a deficit, if it has to.

    This is not a crime, in itself. Sometimes it is even necessary.

    Its when those deficits are created through false and mendacious pretexts is where the crime occurs.

    And telling us ALL it was Saddams’ anthrax,….. when it wasn’t,…. to push us into a multi-trillion dollar war….. is most definitely FRAUD,…..L.K.

    How shameful is that ?.

  156. alexander says:
    @Sam Shama

    Hey Sam,

    Is that still your best answer ?


    • Replies: @Sam Shama
  157. Sam Shama says:

    [is that still your best answer]
    Hey alexander,
    it certainly achieved for us, however short-lived it may turn out to be, happy relief from stray block-capitalisation; frontal lobe activity for you, I am less than sanguine.

  158. KA says:

    The problem with Trump is that he doesn’t stick to the script of his own . He changes out of anger impulsivities and dismissivness to the forces that are arrayed against him. He started basically with stopping illegal immigration,terrorism from IS Al Quida sympathizers and getting tid of overseas military entanglements and focussing on economy . The war hawks draft dodgers incestuous Neo cons suddenly saw the new ideas as dangerous repudiation of their decade old obsession with wars and military adventures . They couldn’t say so . So they went after the divisve issues of immigration ,LGBT, abortion,and islamophobia ( which is their own creation to indirectly help Israel and directly propel more military adventurism)

    Unfortunately Trump doesn’t and didn’t realize the traps being set up . He has started deviating from his original positions . By doing that,he is actually diverting not his focus but also of his supporters and unfortunately of Trumpism In the process he is enabling these neocons . Even if he wins ,he will be rated ,evaluated and measured by these metrics – has he stopped immigration of Muslim and Latino,( legal) has he stopped IS in Syria , has he stopped China or Russia . He will allow himself to be overwhelmed by these noxious distraction. A creation of Neo Cons .
    He has forgot that calling Bush Cheney nothing but liars ,denouncing NAFTA, denouncing military’s kinetic activities in Syria and blaming the outsourcing ,he established himself to be different from the rest of the candidates but in agreement with the majority.
    Media ‘s obsession with stupid elements of the discourse should be attacked by him . He should retort that questions of these nature not matter and don’t count and he should not get distracted .

  159. KA says:

    State Department turned out to be just another Trojan Horse .

    It is reinventing the same lying arguments that have been tried by media,court jesters like Anne Marie Slaughyer and Chuck Todd ,Roger Cohen and by lobbyist and career opportunists
    Every conceivable argument has bee into service
    All of them are dishonest,known lies,and mockery of laws in varying combination with varying degree of support to Zionism.

    Some of these need to be revisited to see what nurtures these swamps filled with the lazy warmongers dreaming of more wars while figuring out the right sleep number of their future beds

    “The solution to the crisis in Ukraine lies in part in Syria. It is time for US President Barack Obama to demonstrate that he can order the offensive use of force in circumstances other than secret drone attacks or covert operations. The result will change the strategic calculus not only in Damascus, but also in Moscow, not to mention Beijing and Tokyo.”Anne-Marie Slaughter ./

    “U.S. credibility is on the line. For all the temptation to hide behind the decision to invade Iraq based on faulty intelligence about weapons of mass destruction, Obama must realize the tremendous damage he will do to the United States and to his legacy if he fails to act. He should understand the deep and lasting damage done when the gap between words and deeds becomes too great to ignore, when those who wield power are exposed as not saying what they mean or meaning what they say.”Anne Marie Slaughter

    It’s true that the international community has long condemned the use of chemical weapons. And Congress in 2003 signed legislation specifically forbidding Syria from using chemical weapons.

    As for the Syria Accountability Act (more formally the Syria Accountability and Lebanese Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2003), it states that Syria must “cease the development and production of biological and chemical weapons.” It lays out a number of economic sanctions for violations, but does not speak to military enforcement. So it may be a red line, but not a red line that authorizes military action.

    “Q Mr. President, could you update us on your latest thinking of where you think things are in Syria, and in particular, whether you envision using U.S. military, if simply for nothing else, the safe keeping of the chemical weapons, and if you’re confident that the chemical weapons are safe? “Chuck Todd – to Obama -

    “Above all, did his decision in August 2013 not to uphold with force his “red line” on the Syrian regime’s use of chemical weapons sound the death knell of American credibility, consolidate President Bashar al-Assad and empower President Putin?

    His dismissal of credibility is ahistorical and dangerous ”

  160. Art says:
    @Sam Shama

    Really? Examples please, when the Fed “pulled the rug out from under the US economy”.

    To whom it may concern,

    (Mr. Sam choses to not view my comments. His supremacist Jewish way of propagating a phalanx of pseudo eloquent words as truth – is intruded on and annoyed by facts. Rare among Jew chauvinists, Mr. Sam does know right from wrong. What a conflict – Jew chauvinism and truth – poor him.)

    Starting with Alan Greenspan in 1986 the American economy has been systematically undermined by the Federal Reserve. The facts are unquestionable – Bubbles Greenspan, Ben Bernanke, and Janet Yellen have propagated one bubble after another. Junk bonds, savings and loan, the internet bubble, the housing bubble, student loan bubble, and our current stock market bubble – all have been financed by ready money from the Federal Reserve.

    In the process they have engineered the greatest transfer of wealth ever to happen in human history – from the citizens of America, to their Jew tribesman. They transformed our nation into a debtor nation for the benefit of the world Jew nation.

    These facts are of total certitude.


  161. CAMILLO

    Sicilia cannot show himself over-kind to Bohemia.
    They were trained together in their childhoods; and
    there rooted betwixt them then such an affection,
    which cannot choose but branch now. Since their
    more mature dignities and royal necessities made
    separation of their society, their encounters,
    though not personal, have been royally attorneyed
    with interchange of gifts, letters, loving
    embassies; that they have seemed to be together,
    though absent, shook hands, as over a vast, and
    embraced, as it were, from the ends of opposed
    winds. The heavens continue their loves!


    I think there is not in the world either malice or
    matter to alter it. You have an unspeakable
    comfort of your young prince Mamillius: it is a
    gentleman of the greatest promise that ever came
    into my note.

    “Love and War are the same thing, and stratagems and policy are as allowable in the one as in the other.” Miguel de Cervantes

    The heavens can’t be wrong. Syria is hell and hell is no luxury.

  162. EdwardM says:

    “Some of the signatories are undoubtedly Bush era believers in American exceptionalism and global leadership exercised at gunpoint who believe intervention is a national imperative while…”

    It seems that all of the signatories are career bureaucrats, i.e., not Bush- or Obama-era in the sense that they were appointed by these presidents in support of their agendas.

    Are there many State careerists who are “believers in American exceptionalism and global leadership”? I suppose this memo suggests so, but this is not the attitude that one normally sees in this population. Someone once remarked that State bureaucrats generally see themselves as the world’s ambassadors to America, not the other way around.

    It’s really astonishing that Obama/Kerry have made hawks even of this group.

  163. Philip Owen [AKA "Soarintothesky"] says:

    This struck a chord.

    I went to an elite UK university, one notch below Oxbridge (there is such a level). I took an interest in politics. It also happened that some of my fellow school pupils went that way or into the higher reaches of the Civil Service, Cabinet Office and so forth. I strongly agree with you that overwhelmingly, the people who finally make a career in politics are not the brightest. Second quintile is generous to most of them. Rather average comes to mind. This is from a sample of about a dozen personal friends. Some ended up in the running for party leader or were appointed to major state office in all three major UK parties. That said, one of them was quite brilliant but derailed over allegations of homosexuality which did not show up when I knew him at school.

    I didn’t pursue politics. Life as a back bench MP seemed rather pointless compared to the challenges of designing nuclear power stations. I was also socially not suited. I entered the private education system at 16, unusual then, on scholarship due to my academic strength. I was not a “lifer”. I did, mid career, out earn all but a cabinet minister, based on official salary but the large venerable multinational with record making profits I worked in vanished in a puff of financial manipulation (pointlessly overburdened with debt for the sake of the chairman’s ego boosting ambitions). I am afraid I limped along after that rather than shone but certainly did no worse than backbench MP’s who had lost their seats.

    I don’t completely buy the details of your special interest thesis. “Who benefits” isn’t just money. In the UK, at least, politicians do actually pursue votes. Their analysis of what might earn votes can be rather superficial and short term (like abandoning nuclear power) but they do pursue votes. Certainly by avoiding positions that might be controversial. As Sir Humphrey said “that would be very brave Minister”. So far as I saw it, the big UK government contractors focused on pointing out the jobs at risk in various MP’s constituencies rather than wining and dining decision makers. And EU contracting mechanisms were and are very strict for the law abiding.

    From a UK/EU perspective, the undue influence seems to get exerted at the stage of policy formation rather than the award of a contract. The policy is formed to promote broadcast television technology (to take an old example in which I was involved) that will scatter enough money around for all the tv equipment companies to benefit. The contracts that are then awarded bear less relation to real commercial R&D requirements than designing the programme so that everyone gets something. DARPA would be a US equivalent. Ideally, some technical standard might arise from the project, unique to the UK, later EU. So this useless subsidy can be called corruption but it is not exactly brown paper envelope or hookers with cocaine stuff. Single contract corruption such as you were describing, no; at least not North or West of the Alps and then not without deliberately breaking the law. I found Greece far more criminally corrupt in business than (quite clean in business) Russia (OTOH school places, medical appointments, traffic tickets, exam results were all at one time areas of great corruption in Russia). But you were talking systematic corruption not criminal.

    The US is very good at corrupting European elites in an indirect way. I have talked to officials at the top of the UK security apparatus who use slight American accents discussing work topics (I did once in electronics) because they spend so much time at conferences in luxurious US hotels. When that isn’t happening their offices are full of US officials telling them who the UK’s enemies are and what British interests ought to be. A conference sponsored by a security contractor on behalf of a think tank or trade association is altogether different from a personal invitation to a week’s holiday on a private ranch in Texas. Isn’t it? Only Sir Humphrey’s snobbery keeps some of this at bay.

    By the way, the Ukrainian oligarch Pinchuk was brilliant at informing the global elite using conferences and think tanks. The Clintons, Blair, Bildt, Perez and many others received conference invitations and millions or at least hundreds of thousands from him for their foundations. The Petersen Institute published mightily on his behalf. Hilary knew what to think about future events between Ukraine and Russia in 2013 by 2006 at the latest.

  164. Anonymous [AKA "perpetual motion motor"] says: • Website

    The answer to this dilemma is employing magnetic power
    or magnetic energy. You can also choose second hand
    parts but be cautious while purchasing. Governments from many
    nations are pushing for which is named green renewable energy.

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