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Sinclair Lewis once opined that if fascism ever comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross. I was reminded of that comment when a good friend of mine recently wrote a letter to her local newspaper in Augusta Georgia decrying the killing of nearly two thousand Palestinian civilians in Gaza, describing the deaths as part of “the systemic erosion of the rule of law in our nation and across the globe” since 9/11. A devout Christian, she concluded how from her perspective “The world, it seems, has lost its moral compass.”

Unlike many letter writers, my friend has the life experience to back up her opinion, having served twenty-seven years as a United States Army lawyer, retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel. Much of her most recent work has involved the cases of Guantanamo detainees.

It would have been reasonable to assume that my friend’s letter would elicit a variety of responses, and one might have expected that there would be at least some agreement that a world in which killing and wars have become the norm is an unwelcome aberration. But it was not so. Out of the more than one hundred comments the vast majority were violently and caustically opposed to the principle that Israel and the United States have not exactly been role models for a peaceful world. Many of the comments were both personally insulting and, frequently, highly offensive. Some of the remarks clearly came from military veterans while others had a Christian context.

Regarding the genesis of the recent conflict in Gaza the good folks of Augusta Georgia saw it this way, frequently using the same expressions, suggesting a common source either in the media or through networking with other like-minded individuals:

  • “Hamas started using the rockets and tunnels in violation of rules of war long before Israel reacted.”
  • “…it was Hamas firing thousands of missiles at Israel from Gaza that triggered the Israeli counter attacks.”
  • “…doesn’t mention a single time the illegality of Hamas launching rockets DAILY against Israel, not just in War! This war is a direct result of Hamas’ daily attacks on Isreal (sic) l!!!”
  • “Hamas would gladly kill, without reservation, every living Jewish soul on the planet. That is their goal, after all.”
  • “Why did Israel move into Gaza? Because they were being attacked with missiles from there.”
  • “Hamas set up rocket caches, tunnels, command and control HQ, and rocket launching sites in and under schools and hospitals ‘run’ by the UN.”
  • “Israel has been negotiating with terrorist groups that want to destroy them since 1948…Hamas [is] continuing this barbaric, unprovoked assault on Israel…”

Every story of course has a beginning and end. Where one chooses to begin is critical. All of the commenters are wrong because they see a poor beleaguered Israel with missiles raining down without considering what preceded that development. Israel, a regional military superpower, has been occupying Arab land by force of arms since before the foundation of the country in 1948. Even though it has no soldiers permanently stationed in Gaza it occupies the territory by controlling its borders as well as any and all access to it. It periodically attacks “targets” in the strip, killing Palestinian civilians.

The most recent fighting in Gaza was in fact started by Israel, which exploited the pretext of a kidnapping on the West Bank that it knew was not carried out by Hamas to use its armed forces to eliminate that group from power. It made mass arrests and killed some Palestinians on the West Bank before the Gazans responded with a barrage of homemade missiles, a weapon so ineffective that to this date it has only succeeded in killing one Israeli civilian. Israel has destroyed hundreds of homes in Gaza, devastated its infrastructure, and has killed nearly two thousand civilians who had no place to flee to.

And as for the killing of those thousands of Arab civilians including hundreds of children, how do the good Christians of Augusta Georgia explain it, in their own words:

  • “’Israel has killed 1,800 people, mostly civilians.’ And if they must, IN ORDER TO SURVIVE…then they should kill 1,000 times that number…”
  • “-it’s at war. Israel being stronger militarily, could kill all 4.5 million Palestinians (Gaza and West Bank combined), women and children included and would be entirely justified in doing so… Sounds really good to me.”
  • “Normal people would call that self-defense.”
  • “As I said, if it’s them or us, then send them on their way. I’ll leave it to [others] to ruminate over what drove them to extinction.”
  • “If Israel desired they could turn all of Gaza into a smoking hole in the ground but instead only a small number have been killed…I just saw a video of supposedly dead civilians under white sheets but the camera caught some of them moving around. They were fake dead people!”
  • “…always mentioning the ‘women and children’ being killed, but those who know the TRUTH, know that’s on Hamas!! They’re using them as shields!!…with Hamas continuing this barbaric unprovoked assault on Israel, then I say Israel should bomb Gaza back into a large trash dump!!! That clear enough for you?”
  • “War is the ultimate expression of shit happens.”
  • “Israel efforts have gone far beyond any reasonable [sic] to avoid civilian casualties…”
  • “Personally I would want my President to carpet bomb a 500 mile radius of Israel.”
  • “It irritates the mess out of them, that Israel and America would actually defend themselves!”
  • “If his wife and kids are killed, then that’s because he chose to put them there…this letter to the editor is nothing more than an anti-semite hate piece…it goes well beyond free speech.”
  • “…people like this letter writer are the direct cause of many of the casualties…”
  • “…we will soon be lost forever because we don’t have the GUTS that Israel has.”
  • “We are blessed with tremendous technology and power; by the true God!!”
  • “Yes, and it will only get worse until the Anti-Christ arrives on the scene and gains the support of the world promising peace…”

In reality, Israel made only minimal efforts to avoid killing civilians, likewise when it attacked Gaza in 2009, and both the United Nations and many other international bodies maintain that it has committed numerous war crimes. Of course the good people of Augusta Georgia probably consider the UN and international bodies of any kind to be just one step up from Hamas and other “terrorist” groups so they are not worth listening to.

My friend was also subjected to personal abuse, being accused of sitting in her JAG office for 27 years “drinking coffee and eating donuts,” and:

  • “If you had to [sic] many people like this in the military we would have lost WW2…I hope this woman is no longer in our military.”
  • “It is sad to see such a person paid by our military.”
  • “I view the letter writer as the enemy within. She could be the poster child for the hate America crowd.”
  • “How do these people in up [sic] in our military! Scarry [sic]! Answer: Pretty much the same way Major Nidal Hasan did. We don’t vet and screen the way we should.”
  • “Attitudes like this are the EXACT reason America’s power and influence are diminishing.”
  • “Articles like this almost make me upchuck.”
  • “…she [should] seek assistance from a mental health professional very soon.”
  • “Fools like this impede our ability to defend ourselves…”
  • “She apparently hates this country.”
  • “This moron has blood all over her hands.”
  • “…hatred for America and America’s God!”
  • “…the ranting of a easily duped NPR listening, MSNBC watching myrmidon…”

‘Nuff said for the punishment meted out to someone who dared to express an unpopular viewpoint. The vitriol is astonishing, as is the in-your-face ignorance. What distinguishes this sort of thinking from European style fascism? Not much, though it does have a particularly American flavor of evangelical Christianity.

Fascism is generally linked to ultra-right wing politics or attitudes. A fascist is a totalitarian who supports an all-powerful and centralized state that can do no wrong precisely because it is the government. Fascism views political violence, war, and imperialism as a means to achieve national rejuvenation, and it asserts that stronger nations have the right to expand their territory by displacing weaker nations.

There are common themes that generally surface when one speaks of fascist style states. All fascist regimes have an assertive ultra-nationalism that frequently feeds off a sense of victimhood. This need to assert a frequently mythical notion of national power and greatness, often through war or imperial expansion, generally produces a militarization of society as well as a rewriting of history to support the new agenda. Fascist government frequently evolve into police states to suppress dissent and maintain the regime.

Both Israel and the United States are increasingly characterized as police states where authority trumps liberties. They both claim victimhood from terrorism and have used that as an excuse to maintain aggressive foreign policies that emphasize the use of force as a first option. Both spend far more proportionately on “defense” than other developed countries and both are actively engaged in proxy and shooting wars around the world. Israel exploits its alleged victimhood to occupy Palestinian land and kill Arabs while the United States does the same to justify its continued presence in Afghanistan and its threats to use military force against nations like Iran and Syria.

The attitudes expressed by at least some of the residents of Augusta Georgia suggest that they essentially support a “might makes right” and “you do what you have to do” attitude as it applies both to the United States and Israel. That the policies of both Washington and Tel Aviv have frequently created enemies abroad is apparently immaterial and not worthy of consideration, nor is there much receptiveness to a Christian appeal for peace and understanding. If that assessment is correct, it reflects a dangerous hardlining of attitudes held by Americans vis-à-vis the rest of the world. And if these and similar viewpoints predominate in Georgia or elsewhere then it should be a cause for concern as they are based on ignorance and prejudice rather than on any careful assessment of what America’s real interests might be. The barbaric willingness of several commenters to incinerate 4.5 million Arabs as “self-defense” should be particularly noted. Is such thinking, sometimes possibly expressed as “American exceptionalism,” both racist and a precursor for other amoral values that might be described as “fascist?” Quite possibly.

• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Fascism, Gaza, Israel 
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  1. Don Nash says: • Website

    Fascism? No, this is national insanity. Cancerously rabid and dangerous.

  2. Being xtian-fascists, these folks all kneel for prayer toward Washington several times each day. And the trash that pours out of their mouths is just as it is programmed in Washington DC.

    Washington doesn’t talk this trash itself, of course … they have the armed forces, the President has his license to kill from Norway, and they now have all the police of the USA at their command. These folks in Georgia don’t have that … so they talk.

    I imagine the same sort of reasoned criticism of police in Ferguson would draw the same sort of responses, just more hateful and sordid.

    • Replies: @Fred
    , @Marquelot
  3. GoDark says:

    The link between Evangelical Christianity (a.k.a. Calvinism) and Zionism is rooted in a common heritage. Both are Ideologies of Election. With election, there are always winners and losers. The winners are seen as the elect of God; the losers are often described as the “spawn of the devil” who must be eliminated as a necessary evil to carve out the City of God (a.k.a the Thousand Year Reich; the White Man’s Burden, Manifest Destiny, God’s Promise to Israel) on earth. In Germanic Europe, the home of Calvinism, the Ideology of Election led to the gas chambers; in America, it led to chattel slavery and systemic racism; in the Middle East, it led to Gaza … and we can anticipate worse from Israel. Election for some at the expense of others is a common thread, a cancer, at the heart of Western civilization that is traceable from ancient Israel, to the Roman Empire, to the British Empire, to Nazi Germany, to Stalinist Russia, to Zionist Israel. Indeed, given the philosophical, psychological, political and moral mechanics of election, the evils of fascism, communism, imperialism, and racism have been historically inevitable. There will never be peace in Western civilization until the Ideologies of Election at its core are exposed for what they are: mass delusions, a cultural psychosis, a form of collective mental illness.

  4. Giraldi seems to ignore the fairly basic fact that much of the comment in said hostile letters is entirely justified. If Hamas wish to avoid civilian casualties, they could take their rockets out to uninhabited desert areas in order to give the Israelis a clearer line of fire which would not involve putting civilians in danger. Or, even more logically, they could stop rocketing Israel.

    The fact that they do not do so would seem to indicate that Hamas simply does not care very much about civilian casualties since (a) dead kiddies are great for propaganda and (b) as Islamocrazies who believe in the 72 virgins, they are not that bothered about them. In previous engagements, when the propaganda fog has cleared, a large chunk of the civilian casualties were in retrospect found to have been caused by misfiring Hamas rockets falling on their own people. Hamas HAVE placed rocket launchers in schools and hospital grounds. And they have threatened to shoot journos who point this out. They HAVE used US and EU aid money to build tunnels and their general war making infrastructure.

    A few dogs that are not barking here: why has Hamas received absolutely no support from the more secular Fatah folks running the West Bank? Well, it might be something to do with the hundreds of Fatah police and civil servants murdered by Hamas when they took over. Why has Israel not been attacking the West Bank? Well, might be something to do with the fact that the West Bank is not attacking them.

    The western left has a long history of ignoring or whitewashing the corruption, incompetence nepotism and propensity for extreme internecine violence among the Palestinian leadership. Few peoples have been so ill served by their leaders as the Palestinians. The reason that Hamas did out poll Fatah in Gaza in the first place was primarily as a protest against the corruption of the PLO: their wives were squandering your aid money in Harrods when their people were starving.

  5. Americans are ignorant, but they are ideological, so they believe whatever they want to.

  6. @john cronin

    Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, huh, John?

    Did you miss the part where Israel’s attacks on the civilian population of Palestine were executed as a planned and deliberate phony-up? That they created an incident, blamed it on Palestine, and launched punitive measures?

    Yeah, I know. You missed that part.

    Can you give me a good, moral, well-founded reason why every Palestinian is regarded by Israel as an agent of Hamas? How does a 5-year-old hiding in a UN school join Hamas? By signing on the dotted line? With an X?

    Since when is “Well, we warned them” an excuse for slaughtering non-combatants, women and children?

    Since when does an army, armed with weapons supplied by the Great Defender of Freedom, Justice and Democracy — the USA, deliberately kill children and claim they’re attacking Hamas? A squad of heavily armed and armored Israelis is incapable of going to the UN school, verifying the presence of rocket launchers and Hamas agents, and dealing death to the guilty, AT LEAST? What? Not brave enough? Not armed enough? Not armoured enough?

    Not moral enough, perhaps?

    • Replies: @Ace
  7. Jason says:

    I’m not sure the Faith & Values crowd is exactly fascist. But it has gone for a ridiculous Lincoln worship that inevitably leads to utter submission to the federal government.

    And now Glen Beck has added Saint Martin Luther King Jr. to the pantheon of Gods to be worshiped. A group of people who grovel before Lincoln, MLK and Israel are not actually “conservative” nor can they be for any kind of limited government.

    It’s sad but true – many of these people are just whatever liberals were 40 years ago.

  8. Le devin says:

    Another timely and to-the-point piece by Mr. Giraldi, and much needed.

    In a recent response to a comment on this site, also about Israel, Mr. Giraldi asked where the commentator was writing from, in other words, was he/she writing from Israel. Having read many articles and comments about Gaza in recent weeks, on various international sites, I’ve often wondered to what extent the pro-Israel comments come directly from Israel, and to what extent they’re organized outside of Israel. The racism and hatred contained in many of them is unbelievable.

    One common thread is their repetition of the Israeli line on the latest massacre. If one delves deep enough, there is plenty of evidence available to refute all the Israeli propaganda, including much from Jews who champion the Palestinian cause, but unfortunately the pro-Israel lobby controls the American media. In Europe, where they approach this from a different perspective – their media is not ‘controlled’ by the Israel lobby – they’re just the same as in the US, because they’re so scared of the anti-semitism slur, and there might also be an underlying ‘angst’ concerning Muslim immigration. Nevertheless there are influential pro-Israel lobbies in France, Britain and Germany, and the reaction, or non-reaction, to the latest massacre from Merkel in particular is just sickening.

    In my view, a lot of this ‘support’ for Israel is racist in nature. The Arabs and Muslims are totally different societies, they talk, behave, dress differently etc., and that is their right, whereas most Israelis talk, behave, dress much like Americans and Europeans, so for the narrow-minded bigots in America and Europe the Muslims make a convenient target.

    The pressure and vitriol of the pro-Israel lobbly described in this article is also reflected in the way the Israeli state conducts it’s business. Watch how it will react to the possibility of a war crimes tribunal, much like the pressure it applied against Mr. Goldstone after his report on the Israeli massacre in 2008/09.

    Thank you Mr. Giraldi for describing the situation as it is.

  9. TomB says:

    It seems to me there is what might be a non-immediately obvious twist to the circumstances involved with this issue that has led to what Giraldi has observed.

    Of course the background circumstance is that there has long been a a strong pro-Israel lobbying and public relations effort here in the U.S. that, with the vigorous if corrupt help of the mainstream media, has bent people’s perceptions for a long time now. And there are any number of perceptions that have been so bent, not only in terms of the rights and wrongs involved in the Israel/Palestinian conflict but even as to the more foundational issue of whether zionist judaism really is the Western religion and conception that it’s just so commonly represented as. Accordingly, as opposed to what seems to be the more accurate understanding of its roots at least as a religion and conception that is pretty violently opposed to pretty much all of the tenets of Christianity. It should be noted at this point that some of this hasn’t been the result of any conscious false “bending” at all but just the American experience with most of American jewry which *did* shed that anti-Christian hostility and did very much embrace the American idea of a place in which religious hostilities are an almost un-American thing. And thus the American understanding of jewry has much come to the understanding that being jewish is little different than being … Protestant, or Presbyterian or etc.; just yet another religion that everyone can get along with and that can get along with everyone. All of which is most certainly overwhelmingly true when it comes to *American* jewry.

    On the other hand however there certainly has been a lot of consciously false “bending” of pretending this is also the case with lots of *Israeli* jewry, so leading to the understanding of many American Christians that they are just like American jewry whereas they most definitely are not, and who evidence all kinds of hostility not only towards Christians but moslems and all other people of all other religions as well. (With the still-modern truth of this being easy to point out from the letters to the editor of the Jerusalem Times that, for instance, will call Christians “cross-luggers,” or to some of the jewish holy books speaking happily of Jesus residing in hell in a pot of boiling excrement, or perhaps the words of its most popular rabbis equating gentiles with cattle.)

    But of course everyone who doesn’t like public opinion always asserts that the public has been misled and thus there would seem to be something more involved in the kind of reaction Phil Giraldi’s friend got and I think there are.

    Not only, that is, has there been the above lobbying and public relations campaign on Israel’s side, and an utter absence of same on the moslem side, but almost invariably what one will see among those trying to correct that imbalance here is what can appear to be an attempted whitewashing or ignoring of the terrible things that the arabs and moslems have so clearly been guilty of, which then makes the situation to seem to be the simple one of “whose side do you take?”

    That, it appears to me, is *exactly* the wrong formulation to be presenting to the American people if you are wanting better U.S. policies and outlooks on things.

    Firstly because it fails to take advantage of the wonderfully natural and wholesome latent impulse of Americans to just concentrate on our own country and not regard our mission to go galavanting around the world imposing our values on everyone else. We have two huge oceans protecting us from the idiocies of the rest of the world, and our historical impulse has wisely been to use those oceans.

    Secondly however I would implore those who want better U.S. policies and a more balanced approach to directly confront arab and moslem atrocities simply because to not do so so harms if not destroys one’s credibility.

    People know what they see. They know that beheading people is wrong. They know that dancing in the streets dragging naked corpses (of U.S. servicepeople, among others) is wrong. They saw Palestinians dancing in the streets celebrating Saddam Hussein. And they see that Islam in the Middle East isn’t a Western religion either.

    In brief it seems to me there’s just been an absolutely mammoth mistake made by those trying to correct the imbalance Phil talks about in the U.S. by presenting the intellectual/moral issue to Americans as an “either/or” choice, instead of one in which “neither” is an option.

    And finally yet another component that I think can be seen in the kind of reaction Phil’s friend received is that of reactionism. That is, on all kinds of issues and in all kinds of ways they see the U.S. as being taken advantage of, ripped off, being defeated, and its traditional values being trashed.

    Thus, when they see anybody taking opposition to U.S. policies favoring Israel, that becomes a focal point to express all their reactionist anger at what seems to them to be nothing less than part and parcel of that trashing.

    Even if the reality is that the U.S. becoming insanely beholden to any foreign state such as we have become with Israel is in fact the *real* trashing of U.S. tradition and ideals, and where and how we are *really* being ripped off and taken advantage of.

    To sum up then I don’t think it either desirable nor necessary to try to educate the American people on the difference between American jewry and Israeli jewry: What trumps that easily it seems to me is instead to merely remind of our own long tradition and value of not getting involved overseas especially in others’ religious wars.

    But what does have to be done is to show that reactionism to be as misplaced and misguided as it is, and that siding with Israel as we do is in fact the perfect illustration of the evils and wrongs the reactionists are against.

    However and again, I don’t think this can be done without the first crucial step being to speak in a manner that, above all, preserves one’s credibility. And here again is where I would say that far from advancing the cause of obtaining a more balanced American view vis a vis Israel and the arabs and moslems by just whacking at how Israel behaves but not the latter just plays into that reactionism and so is counter-productive as hell.

    The great mass of people may not be so well-informed as one would like, but they aren’t stupid, and know what they see and hear. And ignoring the evils and sins being committed by the arabs and moslems just tells them not to listen to you anymore because you are not reliable. That you are trying to fool them, and go ask any trial lawyer what it means in a trial to ever have their basic credibility even once shot out from under them. Because what they will tell you is that it’s like having your horse shot out from under you: *Nothing* you say thereafter is going to be regarded in the same way. And it’s a long time before your words are going to have any attention paid to them *whatsoever*—other than with scorn.

    People just simply don’t like their basic intelligence insulted, period, and yet it seems to me that’s really the mistake being made by those wanting a more different U.S. view of the Middle East’s conflicts, even if, ironically enough, all they want is just a more *balanced* view rather than any revolutionary one.

    Maybe I’m wrong here, but look again at those responses to Phil’s friend: Don’t they at least suggest that his friend’s approach *isn’t* working?

  10. Fascism is the State uber alles. White nationalists are tribalists, not fascist. It’s kind of difficult for a conservative to be fascist, because they also believe in non-State institutions like Market, Family and Church, which are competitors for citizen loyalties.

    Fascism is actually a leftist phenomenon, because all those grand, uplifting, social democratic visions don’t get much traction among a people who just want to be left alone to raise their families.

    Naturally therefore, the State is setting about electing a new people.

  11. Most of the extremist views down in Georgia are being expressed by fundamentalists. These are the descendants of people in the South who were converted to various faiths that originated in the Northeast. Southerners prior to about 1820 were of four main branches: Episcopalians (by far the most numerous and previously members of the Church of England), Methodists, Presbyterians, and Catholics. After the Revolutionary War, crusading Puritan preachers from the Northeast came south and west spreading out with the new settlers. Hence in the South one finds Protestant denominations which were never before present in the Old South: Baptists, Christian Scientists, Assemblies of God, Mormons, Seventh Day Adventists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and many others. Along with these new branches of Christianity came the old Puritan fanaticism. And that, my friends, is what is on display in Georgia and many other parts of our nation. What a pity.

    • Replies: @Ace
  12. Giuseppe says:

    A feel a few words about Calvinism are in order. Evangelical Christianity is not the same as Calvinism. Evangelical Christianity is actually a very broad designation for what might be termed low church Protestantism. While Calvinist congregations might be said to form a very small part of Evangelical Christianity, the vast majority of Evangelicals are not Calvinists and indeed are often hostile to Calvinism.

    Furthermore your understanding of Calvinism in Germanic lands is flawed. Calvinism was predominant in the tiny Netherlands, but Germany is actually overwhelmingly Lutheran; Calvinism was relatively unimportant and centered in only a few places, like Heidelberg. It is doubtful that many of the Christian fascists quoted in response to Mr. Giraldi’s friend’s letter were in fact Calvinist. There just are not many of them out there anymore.

    Calvinism and election are not important enough in the world to merit depiction by you as “mass delusions, cultural psychosis, a form of collective mental illness.” If instead you wanted to use those terms to characterize the uber patriotism of Americans standing for the national anthem at a sporting event while they hymn the glories of the state in devout worship, something that has begun to remind me of uber patriotic crowds of Germans from the 1940’s giving the stiff arm salute, I would agree.

    • Replies: @Ace
  13. Michael H says:

    GoDark, you obviously have not seriously studied Calvinism (the Reformed perspective) or you would not make such outlandish comparisons. True Calvinists vigorously oppose the mindset of contemporary Evangelicalism. Calvinists have biblical texts as well as church history to buttress their claims. It is the fundamentalist wing of contemporary Christianity who blindly support the Zionist imposters in their blatant assault on Gaza Palestinians. The Dispensational hermeneutic of contemporary Christianity is the true danger, not the humble inspiration of the 16th Century genius John Calvin and his lingering supporters in the world today.

  14. The rise of the Christian Right and celebrity Christian Zionist doomsday cults as a political force during the past five decades, a phenomenon fueled by the Israeli government for its own reasons (Menachem Begin gave Jerry Falwell a business jet in 1979, the same year that Falwell formed his Moral Majority), in combination with the tsunami of post-9/11 jingoism, the glorification militarism and, the promotion of a warrior culture goes a long way toward explaining the ignorance, bigotry, racism, hate, and rigid ultranationalism evident in the comments elicited by the letter Mr. Giraldi’s lawyer friend wrote to the editor of her local newspaper. The South has long been the region most profoundly affected by celebrity Christian Zionist doomsday cults and is likewise the region that provides an outsized share of our volunteer military’s personnel and private military corporation contract personnel.

    The mixture of Christian and Jewish Zionism, militarism, the thumping echo chamber of rabid Right wing media outlets, plus the deluge of lucrative, socially-destabilizing violent media product that Hollywood pumps into American popular culture with criminal abandon, is a phenomenon with not merely regional but national and international reach and consequence.

    If you think the USA has lost its moral compass now, well, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Legal marijuana is coming and it looks like coming fast. As if young Americans didn’t already have enough cognitively disorienting distractions, the growers and sellers of America’s newest best-drug-ever are making themselves wealthy and changing the political landscape under the noses of think cannabis is yesterday’s phenomenon.

    Some political movers and shakers think the political party that champions legal cannabis is destined to be the party of the foreseeable future. Cannabis brand loyalty will, they hope, translate to party loyalty. Moreover, audiences habituated to a psychoactive drug that causes cognitive impairment are more – not less – easily manipulated for political purposes. It is worth recalling that when the nonviolent youth movement of the early and middle 60s turned to violence, which is to say, when Karen Ashley, Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, John Jacobs, Jeff Jones, Gerry Long, Howie Machtinger, Jim Mellen, Terry Robbins, Mark Rudd, and Steve Tappis turned the SDS away from organizing and into the revolutionary Weather Underground in Chicago in 1969, they did so with a manifesto for a clandestine revolutionary party, a manifesto titled, “You Don’t Need a Weatherman to Know Which Way the Wind Blows,” a line lifted directly from Bob Dylan’s paean to drugs and the drug subculture, a popular song titled Subterranean Homesick Blues.

    Here in Iowa, we see this phenomenon developing already. Occupy organizer David Goodner was arrested in 2011 on suspicion of trespass, interference with official acts, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia after he and others entered a Wells Fargo Bank branch to read a protest letter and refused to leave when asked. Goodner, an Iowa CCI organizer and a resident at the Des Moines Catholic Worker, recently turned to militancy declaring, “Jesus was a gangster!” Goodner argues that Jesus was a radical revolutionary with a political agenda, and he does so while celebrating hip-hop gangsterism and defending if not actively promoting black bloc tactics. Mark Rudd, who now champions organizing for nonviolent social and political change, says that when he turned to violent revolution in the late 60s he was “doing the FBI’s work for them.” One wonders, who is Goodner working for?

    Get ready for the new politics of marijuana.

  15. rod1963 says:

    What a crock.

    Blame the Christians, typical Marxist/Communist agit-prop.

    Our foreign policy is not dictated by a bunch of fundamentalist nor by the American people as a whole. That’s well known, but the both sides ignore it because it suits them to demonize the American people for their own purposes.

    The fact our foreign policy is dictated by a bunch of professional insiders who answer to no one and corporate interests. In a sense a nasty mix of politics and money. Congress has little say outside of rubber stamping what the executive wants. It’s been like that for a long time. It shouldn’t be that way, but ever since Congress abdicated in favor of the imperial executive…

    In addition what the Giraldi’s of the world won’t tell you, is that the Executive branch has more in common with Caesar Augustus than anything else. The President is chief of his of party, commander of the armed forces, can arbitrarily declare war, trade prisoners, execute Americans via fiat, among other things. He’s a defacto emperor given the political rot that’s taken place.

    You want to blame people – get your pampered white rear ends to D.C. and find those who advise the Preznit and give them a earful. But you won’t, you want to play dirty politics and cuddle up with terrorists.

  16. IA says:

    Can Islam be civilized? I doubt it. How do you civilize a culture that ritually sacrifices animals? I suspect in a few years many in the West will be doing the same.

    • Replies: @antonio
  17. J1234 says:

    I’m sometimes critical of Israel and Jewish power – mostly because I believe that no group should be beyond scrutiny – but views like mine have been called “fascist” enough that I’m not really willing to hurl such accusations at others who have opposing and angrily stated opinions.

    Fascism comes from the Italian concept of unity. That’s sort of what the word means, or at least implies – in the usual context, national unity. America going around the world and taking sides in other people’s wars or solving other people’s problems (like those angry critics in Augusta want America to do) is not an expression of national unity. So it’s not really fascism, in my mind.

    It reminds me more of Oswald Spengler’s “Caesarism” – a once mighty empire compensating for it’s declining cultural and economic power with a global show of military influence. Fascism could be an expression of Caesarism, but when Spengler wrote his book he was probably referring to Great Britain, which controlled a quarter of the world’s land mass and a fifth of the world’s population at that time.

    So, although I’m not an apologist for fascism, I think that “fascist” may be too good of a label for those fools in Augusta. “Idiot” may be more appropriate.

  18. I think the Calvinist would be the hardcore biological determinism supporters. You are either born lucky or not. The Calvinist aren’t the only ones who believed in the Elect. Primitive Baptist did as well so Calvinist aren’t the only group to believe in limited atonement. I agree with Michael H, that it comes from the Dispensationalism. Also they get their information from a corporation owned by an Australian fascist. They identify with the Republican party. They support candidates like Sarah Palin and Mike Hucklebee from my experience. They support Israel because that is what God told them to. The bible is a story about a small group of people nursing an inferiority complex through narcissism. The Jewish people are the Elect in their own story. Dispensationalist Christians recognize that in their end of the world soap opera. Christians have always wanted to be apart of that story by claiming that Jesus passed the blessing onto themselves (I think Muslims do the same), or like the British claim that they are descendants of the lost tribes of Israel. Aristocrats used to trace their ancestry back to the Jewish people and Adam and Eve. Dispensationalist have merged their politics, religion, and fantasy. Because Israel exists their fantasy and thus their religion is being affirmed. They need Israel for Christ to come back. I don’t see how that fantasy can be destroyed. There is a lot of money and sheeple being made from it. There is no alternative faith either. Indigenous Western Religions are at best being reconstructed. I think these people are have nothing between the ears but what televangelist and Fox News has taught them. Of course they would respond to anger because it goes against everything they know. I think the truth is irrelevant for them because fantasy is much more exciting than reality which isn’t black and white with clear villains and heroes.

  19. @Anonymous

    “Fascism” (by people who clearly lack any historical understanding of the term) is the lurid tale of every American Progressive: the country is full of Bible-thumping patriarchs, just one election cycle away from turning all women into brood mares and selling the negroes into slavery.

    The Arab sheiks don’t give a single mouse dropping about their ethnic/creedal/linguistic kin–why should American liberals? Why are liberals more concerned about Palestinian borders than American borders?

    Liberals are blood-and-soil partisans for Palestine but when American whites talk about borders and territorial and cultural integrity, it’s “fascism.”

    • Replies: @Ross
  20. @Jason

    I’m not sure the Faith & Values crowd is exactly fascist. But it has gone for a ridiculous Lincoln worship that inevitably leads to utter submission to the federal government.

    This statement is so weird as to be surreal.

    • Replies: @Jason
  21. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    What I found truly disturbing about the reaction to the original author’s article was the utter disdain for Palestinian life. You could count the Israelis who have died in rocket attacks on one hand. Compare that to the thousands of Palestinians who have died trying to reclaim a land that was their land until recently. Would Americans not fight back if someone took their land? Why is an Israeli life worth so much more than a Palestinian? The vitriol in support of death is sickening.

    • Replies: @Ace
  22. Adam says:

    Sam Harris — The same failure of liberalism is evident in Western Europe, where the dogma of multiculturalism has left a secular Europe very slow to address the looming problem of religious extremism among its immigrants. The people who speak most sensibly about the threat that Islam poses to Europe are actually fascists.

    Where is the fascism? In Islamic countries are there even “letters to the editor?” If there are, do people even have the ability to, without fear, write what they really feel?

    This is fascism: Don’t drink, don’t kiss, don’t embrace, don’t date, don’t be nudists, cover your head, women, reject literature, reject secularism, reject modernism, stone to death for adultery, hang for being gay, hate Jews, destroy churches and elect the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt.

  23. vinteuil says:

    “…A fascist is a totalitarian who supports an all-powerful and centralized state that can do no wrong precisely because it is the government. Fascism views political violence, war, and imperialism as a means to achieve national rejuvenation, and it asserts that stronger nations have the right to expand their territory by displacing weaker nations.”

    Wow. And here I thought Juan Cole’s “The New Jim Crow” took the cake for the stupidest line of drivel ever posted to this site.

    Did Mussolini ever claim that “an all-powerful and centralized state…can do no wrong…because it is the government?” Did Franco? Did either ever claim “that stronger nations have the right to expand their territory by displacing weaker nations,” tout court?

    Have any such claims ever been made, by anybody, outside of Philip Giraldi’s fevered imagination?

    • Replies: @Ace
    , @Ace
  24. @jjjj

    Nor did Huey Long. As near as I can recall it was mentioned in some editorial, opinion piece, or letter to the editor, back in the 20s or 30s. But, it always gets attributed to Lewis or Long. Lewis’s book was more about how easily fascism could happen here, and not at all about how it absolutely could NOT happen here. It was more of a warning than a statement that we were above it all.

  25. Adam says:

    To say that Fascism is “right” or “left” just reveals that the person saying so has never read history nor has any knowledge of history at all. (And there are plenty people who fit this category.) The “left” in America with their out of control “political correctness” and the “right” in America with their “let’s teach creationism in science classes” are EQUALLY fascist.

    • Replies: @Ace
  26. KA says:

    “Nine days after the swearing in of the unity government, on June 11th, the IDF made a raid on Gaza in which they killed a 10 year old boy on a bicycle. But still Hamas held their fire.

    .The following day, however, the apparent kidnapping of three Israeli settlers in the West Bank provided the opportunity for a provocation on an altogether larger scale. Having blamed the kidnapping on Hamas (without ever producing a scrap of evidence), Netanyahu used it as an excuse for an attack on the entire Hamas leadership in the West Bank, while his economy minister Naftali Bennett announced that “We’re turning the membership card for Hamas into a ticket to hell”. Operation Brother’s Keeper did precisely that, with 335 Hamas leaders arrested (including over 50 who had only just been released under a prisoner exchange scheme), and well over 1000 house raids (which left them looking “like an earthquake had taken place” according to one Palestinian activist). Noam Chomsky notes: “The 18-day rampage….did succeed in undermining the feared unity government, and sharply increasing Israeli repression. According to Israeli military sources, Israeli soldiers arrested 419 Palestinians, including 335 affiliated with Hamas, and killed six Palestinians, also searching thousands of locations and confiscating \$350,000. Israel also conducted dozens of attacks in Gaza, killing 5 Hamas members on July 7. Hamas finally reacted with its first rockets in 19 months, Israeli officials reported, providing Israel with the pretext for Operation Protective Edge on July 8.” Thus having killed eleven Palestinians in under a month, Israel then used retaliatory rocket attacks which killed no one as an excuse to launch the biggest slaughter of Palestinians in decades.

    Israeli behaviors before the launching of any rocket by Hamas was predictable and was consistent with the past . Israel has been very careful never to yield to any fairness or justice or morality and reach a solution.
    It knows it has the mouthpieces and the fire powers . It knows US will be forced to come to its side . It knows that any outburst of accusatory tones against the Zionist atrocities will be followed by apologetic denial and request for forgiveness .
    And US will actually bolster its coffers and send it more gadgets . It knows that the exposure of the corrupt ,weak,ingratiating and non- representative Palestine Authority in Guardian ( UK ) has proved two things that like US the Palestine Authoritu could be coerced and manipulated and second the world does not have the honesty to analyse and correct the situation.
    It knows it can do whatever it wants .

  27. Blurp says:

    It’s cute how Giraldi tries to mislead readers in the title of his piece. At first one is led to believe that its focus will be America, but it turns out to be yet another rant against Israel, because, after all, the man is biologically incapable of writing about any other topic. (Or maybe he’s been so instructed?)

    One of the feeblest, most disingenuous points the Israel bashers make is advancing the notion that the rockets launched by Hamas are virtually harmless. Shameless propagandists like Giraldi parrot this idea, fully knowing that no government, no sovereign territory, no place in the world would just sit on its hands and let its economy and national life simply grind to a halt, and let its people spend their days running for shelter, while allegedly harmless rockets rain down all over the place. This is key: nobody but Israel is expected, utterly expected, to put up with this massively disruptive assault without responding (and I haven’t even mentioned all the tunnels designed to terrorize, kidnap, extort and murder Israelis).

    Giraldi and his mendacious cohorts focus on the low casualty tolls inflicted by the rockets, as if that somehow passes for an intelligent, respectable point worthy of someone who fancies himself a political analyst. It’s actually complete horse manure, peddled by ill-intentioned hacks who never, ever, ever take Hamas to task for TARGETING CIVILIANS. We’re led to believe by the Giraldis of this world that launching thousands of rockets into neighbouring territory only ever matters if those rockets succeed in causing injury. Otherwise, as we are to infer, everyone on Earth should simply go about their business, go to school, go to work, go to the mall, go to the playground, even when thousands of harmless, utterly harmless, cute, cuddly, wee little rockets are falling all around them.

    In other words, the disingenuous (to use a polite term) Giraldi is telling us that he himself would have no problem at all if rockets were landing in his backyard, as long as he wasn’t taking the sun when it happened, or if they landed in his driveway, as long as he had already left home for the day, or if they landed in some field somewhere, as long as he personally wasn’t harmed or inconvenienced.

    Nauseating doesn’t even begin to cover the feeble excuses the Giraldis of the world are making for Hamas, and with such a straight face too.

    • Replies: @TomB
    , @Gary
    , @art guerrilla
    , @Ace
  28. Wonder says:

    These hateful people are southern white protestants who follow the old testament tribal teachings of the bible – they never had a problem with race hate.

    The Israeli see the Palestians in the same way as they see blacks – as total inferiors that are fair game to abuse – southern whites share a superiority complex with Zionist Israelis. (That the Jews look down on them and abuse them seems to be no problem.)

    “It is a principal of human nature to hate those whom we have injured.” — Gaius Cornelius Tacitus

    • Replies: @Jason
    , @Ace
  29. Voltaire says:

    I have started to come to the conclusion that the growth of the fundamentalist, evangelical sects in the south corresponded with the growth of the anti-slavery in the mainline protestant sects in the north.

    As the anti-slavery movement grew increasingly powerful in the early to mid nineteenth century among the most educated sectors of northern society, it might have been felt by the secret financial apparatus that has always controlled southern society that the average southerner, only 10% of which actually owned slaves, might start being more influenced by what their northern neighbors were proclaiming. These average southerners then might also come to the conclusion that they were in fact negatively effected by slavery since slavery drove down the wages of the non slave holding yoeman farmers in the south.

    it wasn’t just the poorer, lesser educated southerners who fled from , for example, the very august and very proper Episcopal Church, to the Baptist Church. This movement was also commonplace among all of the much more wealthy, but correspondingly less religious and increasingly skeptical upper classes as well. The south seemed to move en mass to the new churches. By cutting their links with the more established protestant sects, they also cut off their links with the northern reformers on not just on the issue of slavery but also with other northern based reform movements like women’s suffrage movement which never was able to forge strong ties in the south after the rise of the fundamentalists .

    I believe that there were powerful forces behind the scene who, through their control of southern newspapers, popularized the movement away from the increasingly reformist, northern based, mainstream sects.

    These same amoral forces can later been seen behind the curious appointment of Cyrus Scofield to lead the movement towards Dispensationalism which ultimately produced what came to be know as the Scofield Bible. . Apparently the very wealthy forces who chose him to lead their very well funded Oxford, England based project were more than willing to overlook charges against Scofield that included, among other things, adultery, abandonment of wife and daughters, divorce, drunkenness, swindling, bribery, stealing of political contributions., and forgery. The real architects (ie. the money men) behind Dispensationalism weren’t looking for a moralist. Rather they were looking for someone unscrupulous enough to follow their designs. These forces are still the main power behind fundamentalism in the USA today.

    Cyrpus Scofield, like his latter day progeny Jerry Falwell, died a wealthy man.

    • Replies: @Ace
  30. Ross says:
    @The Anti-Gnostic

    Liberals aren’t concerned about “borders”; they’re concerned about Palestinians being forced off their land and into open-air prisons. Border-crossing “illegal aliens” aren’t doing that to Americans.

    • Replies: @The Anti-Gnostic
  31. @Ross

    It’s just a milder form of dispossession. Immigrants raise housing and infrastructure costs for extant Americans and displace American cultural expressions. Again, the life or death of Palestinians (or Israelis) does not affect you in the slightest, while Central American immigration impacts property values, infrastructure, social cohesion, etc. But liberals, who hate humans and love incorporeal “humanity” would rather wring their hands over Muslim strangers on the other side of the planet. When Palestinians talk about “their land,” it’s no-justice-no-peace, yada yada. When Americans talk about “their land,” it’s “xenophobia,” “hate,” “fascism.”

  32. TomB says:

    Blurp wrote:

    Giraldi and his mendacious cohorts focus on the low casualty tolls inflicted by the rockets, as if that somehow passes for an intelligent, respectable point worthy of someone who fancies himself a political analyst. It’s actually complete horse manure, peddled by ill-intentioned hacks who never, ever, ever take Hamas to task for TARGETING CIVILIANS.

    Well I don’t think Giraldi or most of the people who agree with him are mendacious but I am on record here as saying that I think a mistake is made by not forthrightly mentioning the sins and evils of the arabs and moslems when talking about the sins and evils Israel is perpetrating.

    Regardless however, this “TARGETING CIVILIANS” meme so often heard by Israeli partisans is tendentious in the least if not mendacious:

    You cannot, as Israel has done, consciously allowed your population onto disputed territory (with Israel in fact *subsidizing such a move, by over 600,000 people), and then cry crocodile tears when they get attacked. That allowance of such a movement is indeed so bad that it violates the international law itself.

    And this is likewise applicable in judging the validity of the alleged outrage over Hamas’ use of “human shields.” (Even though the IDF has been caught doing likewise on occasion.) When Israel decided to start plunking its civilians onto the contested lands it *openly* and *expressly* said it was doing so to create “facts on the ground.” With those “facts” of course being nothing but a shield.

    Fairness, Blurp, fairness. *Both* sides are neck-deep in sins and evils.

    *Both* sides.

    (Which is yet another reason on top of our lack of vital interest in the conflict that the only reasonable posture of the U.S. ought to be one of strict neutrality between the parties. *Absolutely* strict neutrality.)

    • Replies: @Blurp
    , @Ace
  33. Blurp says:

    Huh? I’m talking about Hamas-controlled Gaza, not the Fatah-controlled West Bank. Apples and oranges. Focus, Tom, focus. Don’t change the subject.

    Hamas isn’t firing rockets because there are Israeli settlers in the West Bank. They’re firing rockets because they’re a terrorist group armed by Iran and financed by Qatar. They would be firing those rockets regardless of whether or not any Israelis lived in the West Bank, and regardless of whether or not Israel was imposing a blockade on Gaza intended to prevent Hamas from importing additional weapons.

    If Hamas didn’t run the show in Gaza, the criticism of Israel’s blockade would have far more merit. Hamas isn’t a resistance organization, as their name suggests. They’re an intolerant jihadi group similar to ISIS, bent on mass murder and tyrannical rule. No diplomatic solution is possible with radical groups like that, and their rockets would be flying as long as any Jews had the audacity to call one grain of sand their own. Giraldi knows this, hence my charge of mendacity.

    • Replies: @KA
    , @TomB
  34. KA says:

    You have issue . More information will just overload you. Explanation might help . It may not.
    Giraldi is talking about American Fascism. You got that right . You wonder why Israel is in this fight .
    The reason is this – American tendency to censorship,denial to access to information restricting the rights of the citizen, suspension of habeus corpus ,rendition ,torture,fabrication of facts ,manufacturing of information ,creation of intelligence and evisceration of international treaties and disavowal of intonational responsibilities have marked last 2 decades of American foreign policies and been entirely run by the Zionist for the benefit of Israel. It has be benefitted no one else . It has hurt America. The fascism in America may come wrapped in American flag but the anthem has Israeli tune and lyric.

    “”Even more warlike and authoritarian than in previous eras, the neocons are the biggest defenders of the Surveillance State: indeed, long before Edward Snowden revealed the all-pervasive spying on Americans post-9/11, a veritable blueprint for America’s emerging police state was presented in a 2004 book by two paradigmatic neocons, David Frum and Richard Perle: An End to Evil: How to Win the War on Terror. The Frum-Perle duo prefigured the complete elimination of the right of privacy and the destruction of the Bill of Rights that was actually occurring even as they were writing: in their book they averred that the government must maintain comprehensive records on every US citizen, including “an individual’s credit history, his recent movements, his immigration status and personal background, his age and sex, and a hundred other pieces of information.”

    • Replies: @Ace
  35. Jason says:
    @The Plutonium Kid

    I mean, if you worship Lincoln as a deity you will necessarily end up accepting almost unlimited power for the federal government.

  36. Jason says:

    “These hateful people are southern white protestants …”

    But we are to believe that the people who express this view don’t themselves hold hateful views toward a specific people?

  37. SFG says:


    “It’s just a milder form of dispossession. Immigrants raise housing and infrastructure costs for extant Americans and displace American cultural expressions. Again, the life or death of Palestinians (or Israelis) does not affect you in the slightest, while Central American immigration impacts property values, infrastructure, social cohesion, etc. But liberals, who hate humans and love incorporeal “humanity” would rather wring their hands over Muslim strangers on the other side of the planet. When Palestinians talk about “their land,” it’s no-justice-no-peace, yada yada. When Americans talk about “their land,” it’s “xenophobia,” “hate,” “fascism.””

    I basically agree with you. I’m sick of hearing about Israel from both sides–relatives who think they can do no wrong and libs who send me pro-Palestinian emails to the point I’m thinking of buying a SodaStream machine and putting a picture on Facebook.

    I simply don’t care that much about the Middle East, honestly, which is why I rarely post on these threads. The truly depressing thing is that if I were the Israelis, I’d probably do what they were doing now, and if I were the Palestinians, I’d probably do what they were doing now as well. There’s one hunk of land, two peoples, and they’re not going to live together in peace.

    As for the immigration thing, I agree with you there, but I’m afraid the fix is in. The Democrats want the votes and the Republicans want the cheap labor.

    • Replies: @KA
  38. geokat62 says:

    @Blurp… or is it @Glorp, @Glomp, @Glurp, @Gloop, @Glork? It is obvious you are a paid Zionist troll. Your signature expression (splenetic outburst or splenetic diatribe) is a dead giveaway. You used it in attacking both Giraldi and Raimondo! I get a kick out of your feeble attempts at defending the indefensible – i.e., mowing the lawn. Why don’t you take your specious arguments and try peddling them someplace else. While they may be effective on the uninformed, they have little to no impact on the informed!

    • Replies: @Blurp
  39. KA says:

    “I simply cant care that much about the Middle East”
    But your elected folks do they care. They care so much that some of them even claim to have joined the club ( senator / congress )only to look after the interest of Israel.
    Chuck Schumer is on record . So is Mark Kirk. Menendez and Booker won’t let you on in the dirty open secret . They don’t take their orders from you but from AIPAC

  40. Hepp says:

    A rule that says “don’t kill civilians” can only work if everyone else follows the same rule. Otherwise, it’s suicidal. This is especially the case for Israel, which is surrounded by neighbors that openly want to eliminate them.

    Looking around the Middle East, why would Israel believe that it could ever live in peace with Arab Sunnis, who can’t get along with anyone? So, unless you call for Israel giving up its country, there’s really no other option.

    • Replies: @KA
  41. KA says:

    Evangelical Christianity tied the knot to the Zionism in the esoteric and misinterpreted pages of the Scofield Bible.
    Scofield was promoted ,financed,and even protected from known sins,crimes,and antisocial behaviors that he committed by Samuel Untermyer .
    Samuel Untermyer a big gun in the fight against Germany was also president of various world Jewish organization. He started instigating boycott and starting forcing boycott against Nazi Germany weeks after Hitler was returned to power .

  42. KA says:

    Israel has been engaging in criminal behaviors for decades against the people inhabiting that part of the world. So the desire to eliminate Israel is fully understandable . But they – the Arab, never had that as article of faith to be honored and respected. For years Israel was inundated with proposals,concessions,third part involvement , money,freebies,and ironclad guarantee of security . But the beast can’t be satisfied . War is what keeps it afloat and alive. Peace will destroy Israel.

  43. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    To all the troglodytes who screech about “fairness” with regards to Arab and Muslim culpability being expounded upon whenever someone dares criticize Israeli barbarity: you aren’t even talking about a fair fight in the first place! These chickenshit Israelis with their modern military can’t even defeat a lightly armed resistance group in a one sided bloodbath! The KKK tribe can kill and whine all it wants but apparently can’t win! So I spit on you crybaby bullies and your outrageous claims of “fairness.” Kill some more civilians and cry about it, bloodthirsty mutants, instead of making a genuine peace once and for all (since that would put an end to the greater israel dream). The day is coming when the rug will be yanked out from under your little jewish nazi project and the sooner the better!

    • Replies: @Blurp
    , @The Plutonium Kid
  44. Giuseppe says:

    Your question is really about Zionism, and it all is way more convoluted than you have described. First of all, Israel is a secular (non-religious) state, nominally Jewish. Not being all that religious, I doubt Israelis base their Zionism (Zionism is the idea that God gave the Jews the land of Israel for eternity) on being the chosen people so much as they just want a place to call their own and as they would say, live in peace.

    The Christian Zionists who support Israel are not Calvinists but generic Evangelicals and Charismatics. Evangelicals and Charismatics don’t think of themselves as elect (they are not Calvinists), but they do consider the Jews to be the chosen people of God.

    So actually GoDark there is kind of a paradox here, non-religious Jews who don’t consider themselves chosen, and Christians who don’t consider themselves elect, but would say the Jews are. It’s a funny world.

  45. Blurp says:

    You’re not one of the “informed”. You’ve never encountered the word “splenetic” before, so you squeal the moment you see it twice. It’s obviously a big deal for you!

    You’re the buffoon who thought he was taking a brave stance by claiming to be “against the Holocaust”. Wow, how bold! And yet you never bothered to denounce the other post adjacent to yours which gleefully predicted a second Holocaust! You’ve got some nerve condemning me for defending Israel (not “mowing the lawn”, but Israel), when you let a heinous post like that stand. And so did everyone else, including Giraldi. (And so did the moderators, who claim to object to posts advocating any “illegal” behavior. I guess a second Holocaust doesn’t qualify!)

    Of course I’ll defend Israel against ignorance, racism, intolerance, bloodlust and double standards. I think Hamas is an ongoing tragedy for the Palestinians and I genuinely hope that terrorist group can be eradicated without any harm whatsoever to innocent Palestinians. I’ve never once supported, openly or privately, any massacres you disgustingly refer to as “mowing the lawn.” I’ll leave that type of sentiment to your buddies like uberface. Wonder if he’ll turn up again, like worms after the rain…

  46. Anonymous • Disclaimer says: • Website

    Go Dark.. agreed….there was a german speaking theologian worse than calvin, (who was french speaking) named zwingli…..

  47. TomB says:


    Huh? I’m talking about Hamas-controlled Gaza, not the Fatah-controlled West Bank. Apples and oranges. Focus, Tom, focus. Don’t change the subject.

    I’m not Blurp, because regardless of who is firing those missiles the subject is my point that neither side—the Israelis, nor the arab/moslems—have any better claim to behaving better than the other.

    Thus, as I said, to the degree that Hamas is indeed targeting civilians what is to be said of the corollary evil of Israel using 600,000 civilians as a shield for its actions? Thus alleviating me from even mentioning when Israel was indiscriminately shelling Beirut in the ’80’s for days and days at a time, at a much much higher rate and with far more destructiveness than Hamas has ever been able to throw. Or from mentioning that in its last withdrawal from Southern Lebanon the Israelis admitted to having salted over one *million* anti-personnel bomblets over its villages and fields where all those civilians live.

    *Who* exactly is firing those Hamas missiles, or why is thus utterly unimportant to the real subject here, which of course is the very one you wish to avoid.

    Although I do have to say that others taking issue with you here are still making the same mistake I talked about earlier in terms of failing to mention the sins of the arabs and moslems equally with those of Israel.

    The same big bad mistake, as is shown just yesterday with the release of that ISIS video showing the decapitation of that poor reporter’s head.

    With my whole point being again that … not only does the U.S. not have any vital interest in any current conflict going on in the Mideast it also does not particularly share its values with any side in those conflicts and indeed condemns many of the behaviors of all of those involved in same.

    All leading to the obvious conclusion that as opposed to supporting or defending this side or the other, the only really sensible attitude for the U.S. to take is one of absolute and strict neutrality, period. Supporting none and condemning none, and tending to our own interests and cares.

  48. Blurp says:

    It’s amusing when someone who spews such bigoted filth is so obtuse that he designates his opponents “troglodytes”. No irony there!

    You’re obviously clueless about asymmetric warfare. There’s no “beating” Hamas in the sense of wiping out every last one of them. That can’t be the standard by which to judge the success of any Israeli operation against them. Have you forgotten how hard it was for the mighty Soviets to subdue their far weaker Afghan enemies, or how superpower America has had its hands full in Iraq for a decade? Guerrilla warfare isn’t to be compared with two armies facing off a la WW2. It’s all too common for these kinds of “wars” to be inconclusive, and for small resistance groups to be an ongoing thorn in the side of a much more powerful adversary.

    You also don’t seem bright enough to realize that, because the rules of engagement have changed dramatically from the days of the Dresden bombing (to mention just one example of all-out war), modern military forces like the USA or Israel can’t simply do what you’re mocking the IDF for not doing. Try to keep up, trog.

  49. geokat62 says:


    Congratulations on another impressive splenetic diatribe!

    Buffoon? Ouch!

    Just for the record, since I’ve already denounced the racist comments of other posters on Unz,

    “Glad to see the kind of audience Unz and Giraldi are attracting:…”

    This Anonymous character is the exception, not the rule. Most posters on Unz are fair-minded and make responsible comments without any hints of racism. Knowing the MO of hasbarists, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was a zio-troll intentionally trying to damage the reputation of Unz by posting such repugnant comments!

    I’ll leave it to folks like you to do so in the future, given that you are being paid to “police the Goy” as another poster aptly put it.

    BTW – I noticed you didn’t bother matching my “brave stance” by condemning the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians.

    As for the evil Hamas, as you and other paid hasbarists well know, Israel helped create it!

    • Replies: @Blurp
  50. KA says:

    Israel has introduced the atmosphere of Fascism in US and Europe( France and UK ) . It taught SAVAK.( IRAN) and taught the torturing to the American interrogators in Iraq.
    Following Bolshevik revolution it were the Cheka and similar organization in Hungary that introduced torture in European heartland in 20 th century . Those socialist- communist organizations and the enforcer ( intelligence,police,military ) were operated and controlled by the atheist Jewish with deep connections to the capitalist families of Warburg,Kuhn,Schiff,,Untermyer,Rothschild, and to the political heavyweights in Roosevelt administration .
    McCarthy overshoot but his intuition and focus was razor sharp and laser sharp respectively . Even ADL seeing a future opportunity started inserting into McCarthyism but to inform on local groups involved in local issues . ADL remains ready as always to employ Fascist subterfuge and method to malign and provoke agitation in US to increase its role and influences .

  51. geokat62 says:

    “Of course I’ll defend Israel against ignorance, racism, intolerance, bloodlust and double standards.”

    Look, let me make this real simple for you. As long as Israel is oppressing another people, as long as AIPAC is intimidating Congress and the WH to: continue paying a \$3.5B tribute to, among other things, pay for mowing the lawn (BTW I didn’t coin this term, I believe it is home grown!), get the US to wage wars against its Muslim enemies, impose sanctions on those countries that take a different stance on foreign policy… as long as all these things continue – which Mearsheimer and Walt documented in The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy – you are going to have people who criticize Israel (i.e., anti-Zionists), which is distinct from people who criticize Jews (i.e., anti-Semites). Comprende?

    • Replies: @Blurp
  52. Voltaire says:

    When I hear the stories about the ongoing genocide in Gaza certain memories also come back to me. Slaughter is nothing new to these people. Nothing new at all.

    I recently goggled something about prisoners of war and I was linked to an interesting article. How many people realize that 1.3 million German soldiers actually disappeared AFTER they had surrendered to the American forces when the war ended in 1945. They are somehow now listed as “missing in action” even though most had surrendered after actual hostilities had ended. Anybody who has real John Sacks book “An Eye for an Eye” knows what happened. They were deliberately killed. This could only have been done with the active support of Eisenhower who allowed Jewish partisans to take control of the German prisoner concentration camps. These Jewish camp commander then started the wholesale slaughter of their German wards. The worst of the Jewish camp leaders, a man by the name of Simon Morel was then allowed to immigrate to Israel where he died a peaceful death in bed. The character in the Quentin Tarantino movie “Inglourious Basterds” who kills the German prisoner with the club isn’t just a “Jewish wet dream” as critics have said. It actually describes the way Simon Morel personally killed the approximately 1,500 German prisoners by clubbing them to death himself.

    But even these missing 1.3 million German soldiers pales in comparison to what was planned under the proposed Morgenthau Plan which would have resulted in the starvation of 30 million Germans if the American hadn’t become leery of Jewish demands for revenge. People don’t realize how seriously organized Jewry campaigned for the implementation of the 1944 Morgenthau Plan to “turn German back into pasture lands.” They fought tooth and nail for it from about 1944 on. Morgenthau’s continuing demand for its implimentation started to even unnerve the normally compliant FDR and Harry Truman.

    The reason for Eisenhower’s complicity in this genocide might rest with an interesting fact. Eisenhower had never served in combat in World War One and yet was, oddly enough, promoted over 200 more senior and experienced commanders with combat experience and proven troop leadership skills to lead the war effort in Europe. Quote from Wikipedia: ” Although his administrative abilities had been noticed, on the eve of the U.S. entry into World War II he had never held an active command above a battalion and was far from being considered by many as a potential commander of major operations.” The appointment was specifically because of the very strong pressure exerted by the “very persuasive” and ever powerful Rothschild agent Bernard Baruch on FDR to appoint Eisenhower. Baruch had supposedly known Eisenhower though some work they had done together in the 1930s.

    • Replies: @TomB
    , @Ace
  53. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    “Israel, a regional military superpower, has been occupying Arab land by force of arms since before the foundation of the country in 1948.”

    That is true, but what is also true is that since long before even coming to be any sort of “nation” or people-group calling itself “Israel”, Israel has followed the ravings of a madman who actually thought at one point this hairy solitary-supremacy, unilateralist tyrant of a “deity” he encountered in dreams and hallucinations wanted him to slaughter his only son to prove his loyalty and devotion — and he was ready, eager, and willing to do so. This same madman renamed himself from “father” (Abram) to “father of many nations” (Abraham) before his son ever sired heirs and claimed this same supreme monolithic monster TOLD him the fertile crescent would one day belong to and be possessed by heirs he did not even have yet.

    This very first recorded instance of the doctrine we call “manifest destiny” today — the same odious and self-serving delusion that led to the slaughter of the native tribes of north America so travellers from Europe could lay claim to their land and possessions — is the source and origin of genocide itself. Indeed this same “Israel” is recorded in the pages of their own historical-mythic literature as committing wholesale genocide on numerous tribes in that region presumably in fulfillment of the dictates and mandates of the monolithic tyrannical monster they served as “the only one god”. Apparently said “god” could promise them possession of a land NOT their own that had NEVER BEEN their own, but was unable to DELIVER upon that promise himself and required bloody swathe after bloody swathe, genocide after genocide, from the supposed recipients of his dubious “favor” in this regard, to get the job done.

    As far as recorded history goes, it appears genocide not only originated with Israel some 4000+ years ago but the very term itself reflects the mentality behind it: the notion that this one group should be appointed by something beyond this world to “purge” the earth of “undesirables.” These other tribes were deemed EVIL for nothing more nor less than having beliefs, lifestyles, culture and traditions that were not those of “Israel” or those Israel could approve, and “Israel” took it upon itself to serve as prosecuting attorney, judge, jury AND executioner, all presumably with their hands tied because their murderous “god” demanded it from them and woe be unto them if they did not obey the dictates of one equally ready to slaughter even those supposedly his own people as he was those they used his name to label “evildoers”.

    This sick bullshit persists today in one form or another throughout all varieties of Abramic monotheism. Whether it is rabid zionism, bombing abortion clinics (a little cliched these days but still) or calling for jihad, the fanatical variety of Abramic monotheist proves himself in heart and spirit the very vile fountain of all evil even as labeled in their own religions — that fountain being deceit and murder — with these genocidal impulses. Where isolated smaller groups and individuals do not have the means to carry out open genocide of those who differ from themselves in either heritage or current lifestyle and belief choices, we see phenomena like the odious Phelps’ Westboro Baptist Church — a group of harrowing, harrassing, petty harridans with no shame, respect or honor in their blood who will not hesitate to choose the most painful and sorrowful moments of people’s lives to attempt to publicly besmirch the memories of their loved ones and crusade for their hate-fueled campaigns — all presumably in the name of this vile monolithic “deity” who has inspired both literal genocide and all actions and attitudes in the spirit thereof, since the day Abram first hallucinated him millenia ago.

    I look forward to the day these facts will no longer be considered radical to present, or denounced as somehow “disrespectful” because people brainwashed by some strain of Abramic bullshit get all butthurt having the actual historically-verifiable truth spread out before them about the origins and real meaning of all this nonsense they readily gloss over. I look forward to the day the world unites against this foul pack of lies and drives it permanently into a grave from which there will be no rising again.

  54. @Anonymous

    Another one of those tolerant, humane, open-minded liberals … I’ve long suspected that lefties who constantly accuse others of hate are projecting their own feelings on to others.

  55. Blurp says:

    Are you being paid? So why do you assume I’m being paid? Don’t you have room in that fevered imagination of yours for the possibility that people who oppose Israel bashing automatons (another shiny new word for you to look up!) do it pro bono?

    Conspiracy theorists like you are tiresomely predictable. The instant there’s a pro-Israel post, you paranoids press the “paid Zionist troll” button. Yawn. You can’t otherwise cope with the fact that there are many, many people out there who disagree with your take and are keen to challenge your assumptions. Diminishing such people with labels is all you can do in response.

    As for your “challenge” about ethnic cleansing, it was a childish question because no such cleansing campaign exists, and it’s moronic to compare it to the Holocaust anyway. Of course I oppose ethnic cleansing. When did I advocate for it? What are you insinuating by pressuring me to repudiate such things? I guess your basic assumption is that anyone who defends Israel’s existence is some kind of monster, so that was your “are you a monster” quiz question. Childish.

    I’m not impressed with your putative quote. You didn’t challenge the “uber” poster’s exterminatory zeal, so what makes you so self-righteous? Who are you to be vetting other posters with your obscene challenges? Who made you the moral arbiter, arrogantly sitting in judgment and asking pointed questions from on high?

    • Replies: @KA
  56. Blurp says:

    I encourage you to look up what Martin Luther King had to say about the distinction between antisemites and antiZionists.

  57. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Augusta has changed little since I landed there in the summer of 1957. Waiting for an army bus to pick us up for the ride to Ft Gordon the NCO told us we could go into the snack bar and get a cold drink. My friend from basic a black soldier declined. It was really hot and the sweat was pouring out of him. Thinking maybe he didn’t have any money I said come on, I’ll buy. No thanks, I’m OK. When I got inside it hit me. This not to bright white kid from Connecticut saw the whites only water fountain and rest rooms. This black soldier,my best friend couldn’t get a cold drink but any white draft dodger could. Augusta hated blacks, Catholics and Jews then and I think little has changed except they now love Israel. John Hagee, Pat Robertson and other Evangelical “Pastors” really have got a really good money maker going for them while the sheep make them millions.

  58. Mr. Blank says:

    Sounds like the residents of Augusta are doing us Southerners proud.

    Y’all might wanna consider that the South has some experience with an alien power attacking them, murdering their civilians and claiming the rights to their land.

    Or to put it another way: If Cuba was lobbing missiles into south Georgia, I do not suspect Georgians would be wringing their hands much about the “innocent civilians” that would die when the B-52s start dropping daisy cutters in downtown Havana. So it doesn’t surprise me that my Confederate brethren are gonna tend to sympathize more with Israelis than those Hamas goons.

    But you know us Jew-loving Southerners: We made a Jew our Secretary of War and were the first ones to send Jews to the U.S. Senate. Maybe we’re biased.

    • Replies: @KA
    , @Carroll Price
  59. KA says:

    Can you define what conspiracy theory mean or meant please ?

  60. geokat62 says:

    “Are you being paid? So why do you assume I’m being paid?”

    Excuse me? I’m not the one using 50 different handles. Perhaps you could provide us with a logical explanation as to why it is you use so many different names?

    You know why I think you do? I think these are all pseudonyms so you can feel at ease making personal attacks on people – like calling them ‘buffoons” – that wouldn’t reflect well on someone who has an MA in physics! It just a theory, but I’ll leave it to you to set the record straight, Nurit… I mean Blurp, Glorp, Glomp, Glurp, Gloop, Glork… or whatever your name is today!

  61. geokat62 says:

    “You can’t otherwise cope with the fact that there are many, many people out there who disagree with your take and are keen to challenge your assumptions.”

    That one made me chuckle… because you’re too blind to see the irony of such a statement. While it’s true that “there are many, many people out there who disagree with [my] take,” as the MSM has bombarded the airwaves with the dominant “narrative,” it is you who struggles with those few people who have the temerity (another shining word for you to look up) to challenge the underlying assumptions of that dominant narrative. You want to “police the Goy” so that that narrative continues to prevail without a single dissenting voice!

    Suck it up, Nurit. As I mentioned earlier, if your pet project mows the lawn every 2 or 3 years – which constitutes war crimes according to the Goldstone Report – you’re going to be left defending the indefensible. There’s no getting around it!

    • Replies: @Blurp
  62. Blurp says:

    Who the heck is Nurit?

    Jeez, the feverish drivel that you write. You’re the king of the conspiracy theorists. A neurotransmitter imbalance, perhaps? Seriously, get help.

    Since you insist on making these exchanges personal, and since I’d rather stick to matters related to the articles, I think it’s time we ended this. Cheers.

  63. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Good for Israel because its pattern of fascist being pasted in earth of occupied mind and in a developed country. But it is real irony to say good for Israel. Coz it is not our common Dream of the worthy World. Ask our fathers.

  64. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @john cronin

    If Hamas wish to avoid civilian casualties, they could take their rockets out to uninhabited desert areas in order to give the Israelis a clearer line of fire which would not involve putting civilians in danger.

    Rubbish. Israel were bombing civilian areas that they knew were not Hams targets, so that wouldn’t change a thing. Israel would just continue claiming there were Hamas in civilian areas and bomb them.

    Or, even more logically, they could stop rocketing Israel.

    They tried that, and it doesn’t stop Israel bombing Gaza anyway. Even the Time of Israel admitted on June 30th that Hamas had not fired a rocket since November 2012, but Israel bombed anyway.

    Hamas HAVE placed rocket launchers in schools and hospital grounds.

    False. There is no evidence to support that. Some rockets were fond in abandoned school buildings, but those weren’t the ones Israel were bombing.

    They HAVE used US and EU aid money to build tunnels and their general war making infrastructure.

    False again. The tunnels are actually the main source of revenue and economic activity in Gaza and actually felled a building boom in 2012.

    why has Hamas received absolutely no support from the more secular Fatah folks running the West Bank?

    Because Fatah and the PA are Israeli stooges who are funded by Washington.

    The western left has a long history of ignoring or whitewashing the corruption, incompetence nepotism and propensity for extreme internecine violence among the Palestinian leadership.

    Very true, like the PA, which is why Hamas won the last elections. The right are just as guilty of corruption BTW.

  65. Fred says: • Website
    @john francis lee

    I blame our pro zionist medeia and the Israel lobby for the ignorance and bias of the American people. about the situation in Gaza. They are so propagandized that they cannot think for themselves.

    The hatred expressed by people towards the people in Gaza and in Ferguson, show how difficult it is for them to have compassion for people. These people need to stay out of churches if they have no feeling for the cruelty Israel is doing with its sadistic blockade and high tech weapons used on sitting ducks. They probably don’t even know about the seven year old blockade which keeps them imprisoned because they can’t get in or out.


    • Replies: @Ace
  66. buddyc.22 says:
    @john cronin


    If Hamas wish to avoid civilian casualties, they could take their rockets out to uninhabited desert areas in order to give the Israelis a clearer line of fire which would not involve putting civilians in danger. Or, even more logically, they could stop rocketing Israel.

    …evidently you haven’t ever looked at a map of Gaza. It is a little postage stamp plot of land 4 miles wide and about 20 miles long and inhabited by 1.8 million people. I think they’d have a really hard time finding “uninhabited desert areas”. Moreover, the Israeli blockade of Gaza locks everyone in and throttles the supply of vital goods to a minimum.

  67. Pete says:
    @john cronin

    “In previous engagements, when the fog has cleared, a large chunk of casualties caused my misfiring of Hamas rockets falling on their own people.” The Source of this “INFORMATION”, please; the UN? Nope. IDF? yep!

  68. Dr. Roberts recently made the following observation regarding the large number of Americans who are unable to think and reason for themselves, and instead rely on religious hustlers like John Hagee and Pat Robinson to decide for them what their moral values should be. While the entire country is obviously over-loaded with ignorant people, the South is literally over-run with them.

    “…a significant percentage of the population is incapable of thought and rational response. They want to hear what they want to hear and go into a rage when they don’t. They read not to learn but to have their ignorant biases substantiated”. Paul Craig Roberts

    • Replies: @Ace
  69. Macroman says:

    Mr. Giraldi, I would argue that it is not fascist nationalism you describe but rather just nationalism. Fascism is government cooperation with business and industry. The two almost always go hand in hand, yes, and the angry commenters probably have fascists among them, but only base nationalism was expressed. Not a big deal, but we need a word for fascism; I can’t let it go.

    • Replies: @KA
    , @TomB
  70. morgan says: • Website
    @john cronin

    You are definitely a right wing troll. Israel has committed real war crimes over and over. They have seized land illegally, forcing out the residents and then moved Jews in. They have committed genocide on the Palestinian people for decades. They have destroyed farms, olive groves, etc. and infrastructure as they took more and more and forced those left to live as slaves in squalor. And before you go all high and mighty on me stating “they” had to do so in order to survive and have their own freedoms, what did attacking the USS Liberty have to do with any of that? It was an US flagship, attacked by Israel. Over 30 were killed and over 150 wounded. The only thing that stopped the sinking was an SOS one of the crewmen managed to get out to the 6th Fleet and Israel called off the attack. These fascist terror Jews like to cry and whine the blues about the Holocaust, what was done to them, but they took that playbook, ran with it, and gave a whole new meaning to genocide and outright murder.

    • Replies: @KA
    , @Anonymous
  71. antonio says:

    I wonder how people in the west do to eat meat from non sacrificed animals?

  72. KA says:

    Israel provides false o formation with full knowledge of US . US sometimes don’t act out of roadblock raised by public or by evidences and lack of fear ( fear was used by US enemy to get US in Iraq war under the pretext of helping Ametica)

    US did not. Attack Syria .That was the first time it advanced common American interests and respected wishes in last 100 yrs .

  73. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    You’re right if Calvinism is right; but, the election vs free will argument is also error. The Bible teaches BOTH election and free will and shows the 1,000 years as a time of healing, when all will know the truth.

  74. KA says:

    Long before Hitler , there was Trotosky . Long before Auswitchz , there were Gulag , imposed restriction on famished Soviet farmers ,and eradication of bourgeogise ( doctors,teachers,lawyers,journalists,mentors,clergy,and writers ) by the orders of the Soviet Politburo whose members were 80 percent Jewish and who came with the 90,000 exiles from Siberia, NY,Germany,UK. The major killings or the Russian genocide happened before Stalin came to power and happened under the Jewish machinery that had taken over the state .

    • Replies: @Ace
  75. KA says:
    @Mr. Blank

    “An astonishing piece by Henry Siegman, at the Norwegian Peacebuilding Resource Center, goes further than this Jewish leader, who escaped the Holocaust himself, has gone before. Siegman categorically defends the right of resistance for a subject people exposed to the violence of occupiers in occupied lands and says Palestinians may exercise the same right of resistance exercised by Jewish people in the 1940s. He uses the words “Dresden” and “incineration” to describe the destruction of Gaza, and then explicitly likens Netanyahu’s ideology of Jewish exceptionalism to the ideology of the Nazis.”

  76. TomB says:


    [After WWII] [t]hese Jewish camp commander [sic] then started the wholesale slaughter of their German wards. The worst of the Jewish camp leaders, a man by the name of Simon Morel was then allowed to immigrate to Israel where he died a peaceful death in bed.

    I hesitate to add any more to what certainly will seem to some as an Israeli-bashing detour this thread has taken along well-worn lines concerning the Russian Bolsheviks, but the Morel matter is a little known modern one that can seem indicative.

    Thus, instead of saying that Salomon Morel (a Polish secret service officer) was “allowed” to immigrate to Israel I think it’s more accurate to say that he fled to Israel from Poland as recently as 1992 or so as the communist regime there came tumbling down.

    Moreover, his crimes (lots involving the intentional starvation of tons of prisoners, both German and Polish) were subsequently and extensively investigated by the new, non-communist Polish government and he was indicted to stand trial and it’s hard to characterize Israel’s repeated refusals to even consider his extradition as anything other than a sneer. The first time on the remarkable grounds (coming from Israel especially) that the Statute of Limitations for War Crimes had elapsed, and the second time that the additional voluminous (if not to say undeniable) evidence submitted by the Polish government alleging “crimes against the population” not only was beyond some Statute of Limitations but was false and likely part of an anti-semitic conspiracy.

    And, again, these indictments and extradition refusals were not things taking place back in 1920 or so, with this last refusal by Israel taking place in 2005.

  77. KA says:

    Religious Jacobins are being created by Israel —

    “WASHINGTON: The former employee at US National Security Agency (NSA), Edward Snowden, has revealed that the British and American intelligence and the Mossad worked together to create the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

    Snowden said intelligence services of three countries created a terrorist organisation that is able to attract all extremists of the world to one place, using a strategy called “the hornet’s nest”.

    NSA documents refer to recent implementation of the hornet’s nest to protect the Zionist entity by creating religious and Islamic slogans.

    According to documents released by Snowden, “The only solution for the protection of the Jewish state “is to create an enemy near its borders”.

    Leaks revealed that ISIS leader and cleric Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi took intensive military training for a whole year in the hands of Mossad, besides courses in theology and the art of speech..”

    In the book – Dollars for Terrors the author quote the senior officers in intelligence of creating most sadistic fundamentalism in and around Central Asia to destabilize Russia and China.
    The war have not only got most vicious,destructive,horrifying in its effects but also have ruinously corrupted the belief system that define someone or group as member of human species.
    Stalin was more than right when he said one murder is a tragedy and million victims are statistic . One can manipulate the statistic to create new opportunity ,new scope,and above all change the direction of the history . May be that’s why the Zionist have always maintained that the situation when attention diverted out to some emotionally revolting situation could be used to further the interests of Israel. So why not create one!

  78. KA says:

    “The Double Identity of an “Anti-Semitic” Commenter
    Smearing a Progressive Website to Support Israel.By
    Lance Tapley

    There is a message in it for this website also .

    But in the larger scheme of things this news don’t come across as shocking. Israel itself routinely provokes its opponents to engage in fruitless responses that generate grounds for Israel to mount ferocious ,lucrative,profitable operations .
    Here the Zionist is spewing out Antisemitic remarks to sully a website and choke the financial contribution and ruin the reputation. But the deception from this Harvard student is multilayered and intentionally confusing . But his purpose is not .

  79. @Mr. Blank

    Nothing demonstrates the effectiveness of US propaganda any better than the fact that native Southerners, who failed to gain their independence as a result of US military invasion, are nearly always the first to defend similar US invasions abroad.

  80. Marquelot says:
    @john francis lee

    …reasoned criticism of police in Ferguson would draw the same sort of responses…
    Just look up the page here to see that.

  81. the Lion says:

    I have a question for all of these Christians who make comment about Israel’s rights to kill indiscriminately Women and Children as well as Christians in Gaza, how many people in Israel have been killed by missile strikes in the last ten years, noting that they can be counted on ones hand(s), do they realize that they do NOT contain explosives! Are those that are sending off the missiles War Criminals absolutely but no more or no less than those who retaliate against women and children and non combatants! Group retaliation is and always has been a war crime!

    However I have a much more important question for them as well, If they were taken to a hill overlooking Gaza by Jesus Christ himself and asked the Question “WHY ARE YOU KILLING MY CHILDREN” how would they answer him? I also ask especially for those Fundamentalists amongst them, have you purchased a Millstone for your necks, remembering that amongst those children a are Christians (not that their religion should be a matter for consideration)! You should also ask yourself why Muslims consider Mary the mother of Jesus gave birth to Jesus in a virgin birth but Jews do not, you should also ask yourself why most Muslims consider the Christian Bible as being Holy! finally one should also ask themselves why Gaza was mentioned as the home of the Phillistines in Exodus, when Moses left Egypt and realize that contrary to oft spoken comments out of Israel that the Palestinians didn’t exist until the 20th century, Aristotle the Greek mentioned them as Palestinians in 400 BC and made comment of them living next to a lake where one cannot drown, obviously a reference to the Dead Sea and its buoyancy!

  82. TomB says:


    Mr. Giraldi, I would argue that it is not fascist nationalism you describe but rather just nationalism. Fascism is government cooperation with business and industry. The two almost always go hand in hand, yes, and the angry commenters probably have fascists among them, but only base nationalism was expressed. Not a big deal, but …

    Actually, I think it is a big deal, and Macroman’s comment here is almost certainly not only one of the most important contributions to the discussion of Giraldi’s comments, but unfortunately also one of the least noticed. (Hopefully, especially not by Phil.)

    Calling things by their right name is no different than seeing things for what they truly are, which has consequences.

    Calling our present U.S. regime “fascist” may well satisfy in terms of evoking the maximum of emotion, but it confuses and distracts from the real evil that Giraldi is describing and which we should be identifying which in the main is the use of false patriotism by false nationalists.

    Macroman’s comment here was a great one.

  83. geokat62 says:

    “I encourage you to look up what Martin Luther King had to say about the distinction between antisemites and antiZionists.”

    I prefer the distinction made by a commenter at the PJ Media blog:

    I will, however, note that when members of the Neturei Karta returned to upstate New York after cozying up with Ahmedinejad in Iran, a number of them were beaten up by religious Jews no less anti-Zionist than the Neturei Karta—not because they disagreed with NK’s anti-Zionist views, but because NK had cozied up to an antisemite.

  84. @Blurp

    okay, so rockets are real scary and stuff…
    got it…
    as scary as tanks, howitzer shells and bombers ? ? ?
    um, HOW MANY people have these really scary rockets actually injured/killed ? ? ?
    what is the butcher’s bill again ? ? ?
    i get confused, you sound like this is an equal ‘war’, when it is not…
    i stand outside your yard and shoot bottle rockets off in your general direction with approximately ZERO chance of any damage, much less death, and you get to blow up me, my house, my family, and everyone else in the neighborhood ? ? ?
    sure, that sounds fair and proportional…

    • Replies: @Ace
  85. reality says:

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the comments analyzed in this article. They are most likely just the results of Persona Management, and various sock puppets employed to promote and defend the national policies of these military governments.

  86. The Giraldi article is pretty short on facts when it comes to digging into the roots of American fascism:

    ^ ‘Sociopaths & Democracy’ lays it out; how a NAZI meme infecting the USA’s security structures is at the root of American fascism, and I’m not talking about some weenie neo-nazis

  87. Fascism is government cooperation with business and industry.

    No it’s not. Fascism is the State uber alles, a political philosophy which competed with Marxism for the power vacuums left by the destruction of the old monarchies after World War I.

    Americans don’t really think about the State in the same way as Europeans, since they’ve never belonged to a traditional nation-state. All the “Xtian bigots” the Left is perennially wetting their pants over inevitably switch to talk about the Tenth Amendment and right to bear arms whenever somebody they don’t favor is in power. That’s not how fascism works, and I don’t think Americans could be fascist if they wanted to be. By contrast, it is the Left which wants to destroy all rival, pre-State institutions from competing for citizen loyalties.

    This article is actually a very ugly, insidious bit of conflation and deflection.

  88. sglover says:

    “And now Glen Beck has added Saint Martin Luther King Jr. to the pantheon of Gods to be worshiped.”

    I’m not exactly wowed by your comment over all, but this in particular begs for some pushing back. I don’t know what your problem with MLK is (I can guess, but I won’t go into that) But it’s a very, very safe bet that if Beck has tried to glom on to MLK, it is entirely opportunistic. If Beck had been playing his weepy celebrity schtick when MLK was alive, he would been playing to the George Wallace crowd, and insinuating that King was a Trotskyite Woodrow Wilson agent, or whatever Bizarroland fever dream Becks spins these days.

  89. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Great article! I, too, have experienced the same vitriol against me for expressing criticism of Israeli policies and actions towards the Palestinians. I’m a devout Catholic and merely suggesting that there’s 2 sides to the story, let alone trying to point out the facts, I’ve been called: anti-American, -jew, -Israel; Hamas or ISIS lover; a Muslim or closet Muslim, stupid, idiot, evil, a daughter of Satan (that’s also in response to me being Catholic), a witch, a liberal, an atheist. I’ve been told I should die, should suffer the same fate as ISIS, be beheaded, etc.

    It astonishes me that so-called Christians say the terrible things they do about the Palestinians and towards anyone showing sympathy for their plight. The people saying these things have also called for the total extermination of every Palestinian/Muslim/Arab. They run all of them together so Palestinian = Muslim = Arab = Hamas = ISIS.

    Sad to see this is getting spread around but also glad to see I’m not alone in standing up for what’s right!

  90. Phil, as Israel Shamir put it, “war has been good for America” and by extension, many Americans. As he pointed out, the war in which many millions of others perished, in other lands, while America itself remained untouched within its own borders, is called “The Good War,” as if there could ever be such a thing. And our veterans are all “Veterans of Foreign Wars,” as there are no other kinds anymore, since 1812, except the ethnic cleansing ones that ended a century ago against the Indians, which Israel’s own racist actions now are so reminiscent of.

    Like “the good Germans” who only recoiled from war when it rebounded against them in Germany itself, as they experienced the full force of it upon themselves instead of others, those who extol and promote it now against civilians because it serves their own interests without endangering themselves, will continue to do so.

    It’s quite telling how all of the points regurgitated by the gullible are the same ones megaphoned at them by an America-second mainstream corporate hypermedia. Freedom of screech, drowning out freedom of speech – which in the end is a value not because anybody can say anything they please, but because the truth itself can’t be heard without it.

  91. “audiences habituated to a psychoactive drug that causes cognitive impairment are more – not less – easily manipulated for political purposes.”

    It’s not Reefer Madness that has subverted American democracy. But you’re on to something. As I cross America there are innumerable billboards exhorting us all with variations of “Catch the Silver Bullet” (the latest fad being beer in silver cans) and every edifice imaginable named after alcoholic drink manufacturers. I’d say that bullet is one with an addled American democracy’s name on it.

    Since alcohol is often associated with violence, including the appreciation of bloodsport, it could be that it would be an improvement worldwide if America mellowed out instead.

  92. Fran says:

    With deference to what Phil Giraldi knows that I don’t and for which I appreciate him, I think it’s a pretty broad brush to paint “evangelical Christian” as a synonym for fascistic, militaristic war mongery. While there is an “evangelical” subset that has been tricked into following the Hagees and their ilk, whose own theology when examined is of recent manufacture and heretical to historic Christianity – in other words, more along the lines of cult – the majority of Christians who really believe in Christ and want to spread the good news – the heart of what being evangelical is – mostly are committed to trying to follow the example of Jesus. Obviously His message is contrary to these demagogues’.

    Moreover, unlike an ethnically or racially unified religion, which characteristic blots too much Mideast revenge religion, Christianity recognizes no favorite race or nation and essentially demands returning only good for evil. Moreover, Christianity is not Judaism and trying to turn it into its little brother completely misunderstands its nature.

    American Christianity, just as in other lands, has suffered by identification with particular nationalisms. Since religion is a potent force among the people (or has been here until recently) it is a tempting target to subvert by politicians for their own means ones contrary to those demanded by Jesus for those who would walk his path.

    It’s not inappropriate, nor naive, for Christians to ask themselves that famously Evangelical question, “What would Jesus do?” (WWJD) It would go far to help restore sanity not just in American Christianity, but for the essential prophetic function of speaking truth to power, not grovelling before it.

  93. Anonymous • Disclaimer says: • Website

    You show your ignorance in attempting to link “Calvinism” in with fascism. You might wish to read through the comments in the 1599 Geneva Bible. Pay attention to the many condemnations of tyranny and tyrants.

    You might wish to refer to the various writings of some noted Calvinists:
    John Ponet “Shorte Treatise of Politike Power” (his theory of justified opposition to unjust rulers).
    Christopher Goodman: “How superior Powders ought to be obeyed of their subjects, and wherein they may lawfully be by God’s word disobeyed and resisted”.
    Theodore Beza “Concerning the rights of rulers….”.
    Charles H. Spurgeon: “The Inquisition”.

    The list goes on. The Calvinist Reformers were a rather rebellious lot. They had their faults; a reflection of the times they in which they lived. But, they were anything but fascists.

  94. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Look. The main point here is that there are fewer Moslems in the world. I am no fan of the Jews, but they keep down the population, so there will be fewer of the followers of the Paedo Mohammed to move to Europe.

  95. Ace says:
    @John Jeremiah Smith

    Mr. Smith, “Not armoured enough” would be something good for you to investigate. Hamas killed several IDF troops by detonating an anti-tank mine under the APC they were in, so, you see, it’s not such a simple matter as just driving on over to the U.N. school. You make it sound easy enough to verify stuff. Why not volunteer your services to the IDF?

  96. Ace says:

    As that great witticism goes, GoDark, we are all dumber for having read your . . . your . . . analysis.

  97. Ace says:

    When we need help spotting fanatics we can always turn to you. I see that.

  98. Ace says:

    You were going good till you got to the “collective mental illness” and “uber patriotism” garbage.

  99. Ace says:

    Americans are busy giving away their land to illegal immigrants and Muslims so, no, they won’t fight back if someone takes their land. Europeans are the same.

    Hamas fired 4,005 rockets and 31 mortar rounds at Israel as of this date of retrieval. Hamas killed or injured 69 Israelis. Israelis killed or wounded 11,376 Arabs (1,663 killed). You don’t know beans about the Israeli casualties. One hand, my foot.

    If each Hamas projectile is capable of killing or injuring five Israelis (a modest casualty estimate), Hamas therefore attacked Israel intending to cause 20,180 casualties — about twice the casualties inflicted by Israel. If you estimate 10 casualties per Hamas projectile, Hamas was intending to cause 40,000+ Israeli casualties. And these were not pinpoint weapons. All were fired indiscriminately at Israeli civilian targets, including a civilian airport.

    So, CBGB, you’ve got it backwards. You’re valuing the lives of Arabs and Israelis backwards. You’re indifferent to the actual murderous intent of Hamas and focus on the legit actions of Israel.

    As for fighting for control of territory anywhere, the iron rule is that you get to keep what you can take or defend with vicious, overwhelming military force, by stealth invasion by illegal immigration, or by demographic swamping of aboriginal populations. No exceptions. If the Arabs want Israel, they are free to take it militarily if they want. The recent spate of rocket attacks were pathetic and hardly serious.

    However, Hamas got what it deserved. If Gaza Arabs want to support such an outfit they can do so but suffer the consequences. If they don’t like Hamas forcing them to stay in areas they’ve been warned out of by the Israelis, they can cease to support the Hamas animals.

  100. Ace says:

    Mussolini said, “All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.” Does that sound like a man who had any doubts about the correctness of any exercise of state power?

    He also said (1921), “Three cheers for the war. Three cheers for Italy’s war and three cheers for war in general. Peace is hence absurd or rather a pause in war.” The author didn’t mention Franco so I don’t know why you brought him up. Regardless, I don’t know Franco’s views on the rights of stronger nations or whether he was a Fascist in the Italian mould. However, the bona fide fascist Mussolini clearly indicated his unqualified love of war. Do you sense any misgivings he might have had about invading other countries, say, Ethiopia, for example?

    Mr. Giraldi’s not the one with the fevered imagination.

  101. Ace says:

    Oh, please. Could you at least muster a smidgin of conceptual clarity?

  102. Ace says:

    PS — Giraldi is, however, completely wrong about fascism’s being a product of ultra-right wing politics or attitudes. Now that is drivel.

  103. Ace says:

    It’s amazing how you feel free to denigrate southern Protestant Whites. Your arrogance is astonishing even if you can come up with a quote from Tacitus.

  104. Ace says:

    >> the main power behind fundamentalism in the USA today <<

    What garbage.

  105. Ace says:

    Israel can allow its population onto any portion of the territory of Israel provided the property rights of any Israeli citizens are protected under Israeli law. If the Israelis are violating Arab property rights they are dispossessing them but I don’t think that’s the case.

    It’s ironic how American liberals obsess about settlements in the West Bank that threaten to populate it with Jews but are indifferent to the same process being accomplished by illegal immigration here. (I don’t assume you are an American liberal.)

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  106. Ron Unz says:

    Instead of leaving a multitude of comments that clutter up a thread, it’s much preferable to combine them together into one or two long ones.

    • Replies: @Ace
  107. Ace says:

    Fascism is a radical left-wing phenomenon whose goals and methods are indistinguishable from socialists and other radical leftists. Remember that Obama’s father was a communist, his mentor was a communist, Obama hired a communist for his White House staff, and Valerie Jarrett, his closest adviser in the WH, had a grandfather and a father-in-law who were communists. Anita Dunn, also on Obama’s WH staff, had Mao as one of her favorite philosophers. Lord knows what Obama’s mother and grandparents were but I’ll go out on a limb and say they were lefties through and through.

    So I’m not talking about some long-dead political aberration in American political life. Fascism and Communism are just slightly different flavors of totalitarianism. The communists are as fresh as the morning dew in our society. “Fascism” is really a minor threat compared to the radical leftist one. Everything you brought up is happening right now under Obama with not a word of protest.

  108. Ace says:

    Excellent. These facts need to be brought out. I am sure you are familiar with James Bacque’s Other Losses, dealing with the treatment of the German POWs post VE Day.

  109. Ace says:

    Fred, I think Hamas sometimes prevents Gazan Arabs from leaving. I don’t know about the blockade but I’m willing to hazard a guess that it affects only attempts to import weaponry.

  110. Ace says:
    @Carroll Price

    >> South is literally over-run with them <<

    Your arrogance is stunning.

  111. Ace says:

    That is an accurate account.

  112. Ace says:
    @art guerrilla

    So, it’s ok to fire rockets with high-explosive warheads at Israeli civilians because there’s “ZERO chance of any damage”? So Hamas fired the rockets for the heck of it, just a pointless exercise with no danger to any Israeli?

  113. Ace says:
    @Ron Unz

    My initial response seems to have been deleted as spam when I sought to edit it within the five-minute period, Mr. Unz.

    There are over 100 interesting and varied comments on this article and it would be an onerous task to compile one or two comprehensive comments that address all points or attitudes I find interesting in them. No policy appears on your site directing that this be done or limiting the total number of comments that may be made.

    Moreover, the structure of your web site places replies to particular comments at the bottom of the list of comments rather than immediately after the comment being replied to and so they are detached from the comment in question by design. That more than anything contributes to the “clutter” of which you speak. Compare how Disqus handles comment threads. Comments by others here are not readily connected to their antecedents, any more than mine.

    Your site utilizes a “reply” option as well as the option to post a new comment that may or may not be a reply. I utilized your site as designed by you. Clutter is a feature of your site not a bug, in short.

    I’m happy to comply with any of your requirements. What is the cut off point re number of individual replies so that I will know when to post comprehensive replies, please?

    Best wishes.

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