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Door Is Closing on an Iran Nuclear Deal
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Critics of the foreign and national security policies of the Joe Biden regime were quick to note that the American soldiers being pulled out of Afghanistan were no doubt a resource that will be committed to a new adventure somewhere else. There was considerable speculation that the new model army, fully vaccinated, glorious in all its gender and racial diversity and purged of extremists in the ranks, might be destined to put down potentially rebellious supremacists in unenlightened parts of the United States. But even given an increasingly totalitarian White House, that civil war type option must have seemed a bridge too far for an administration plagued by plummeting approval ratings, so the old hands in Washington apparently turned to what has always been a winner: pick a suitable foreign enemy and stick it to him.

It is of course generally known that when Joe Biden was running for president, he committed himself to making an attempt to reenter the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) of 2015 which placed limits on the Iranian nuclear program and also established an intrusive inspection routine. In turn, the Iranians were to receive relief from sanctions related to the program. In 2018 President Donald Trump withdrew the United States from the agreement based on the false argument that Iran was cheating on the arrangement and was secretly engaged in developing a weapon. Trump’s neocon supporters on the issue also argued without any evidence that Iran was intending to use the agreement as cover for its efforts to accumulate enriched uranium, guaranteeing that they would be able develop a weapon quickly when the inspection regime expires in 2025.

The Trump move was, of course, backed by the Israel Lobby and it was widely seen as deferring to Israeli interests at a time when the agreement was actually good for the United States as it blocked an unfriendly country’s possible nuclear proliferation. Unfortunately, a US government’s bowing to Israel is not exactly unusual and the withdrawal was subject to only limited criticism in the mainstream media.

Joe Biden, who has described himself as a Zionist, is no less prone to pandering to Israel than is Trump. When he raised the issue of JCPOA during his campaign in a bid to appeal to his party’s progressives, he also caveated the move by indicating that the agreement would have to be updated and improved. The talks in Vienna, which Iran and the US are indirectly engaged in, have been stalled for several months due to Iranian elections and over Washington’s insistence that Iran include in the agreement restrictions on the country’s ballistic missile program while also ceasing its alleged interference in the political turmoil in the region. The interference charge relates to Iranian support of the completely legitimate Syrian and Lebanese governments as well as of the Houthi rebels in Yemen who have been on the receiving end of Saudi Arabian aggression supported by Washington.

As Iran insists that any return to status quo ante be based on the existing agreement without any additions, to include relief from sanctions which Washington has rebuffed, it has been clear from the beginning that there is nowhere to go. Recently it has been argued in neocon and media circles (essentially the same thing) that the new conservative president of Iran Ebrahim Raisi means that no arrangement with Iran can be trusted and they point to International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) reports that suggest that Iran has started to enrich admittedly small amounts of uranium. To add to the confusion, there have been some reports suggesting that Israel deliberately targeted and destroyed IAEA monitoring equipment in a June raid to make clear assessments of nuclear developments more difficult to obtain.

To finish the charade, which was not expected to result in anything, Secretary of State Tony Blinken, traveling Germany to mend fences over the Afghanistan debacle, has now warned that the US is getting “closer” to giving up on renegotiating the Iran nuclear deal. Blinken declared to reporters that “I’m not going to put a date on it but we are getting closer to the point at which a strict return to compliance with the JCPOA does not reproduce the benefits that that agreement achieved.”

When Blinken refers to benefits he is now of course meaning the full package of demands being made by Washington, which, as noted above, go far beyond the original intention of the agreement. As Iran has repeatedly insisted that it is only willing to discuss the original formulation which would provide for them some sanctions relief, something that Blinken certainly knows, he evades the issue of Washington being the spoiler in the Vienna talks.

Now that Afghanistan has fallen with considerable blowback to the fortunes of the Biden Administration, the situation with Iran becomes potentially more important, even while recognizing the Iran does not threaten the United States or its actual interests in any way. Biden-Blinken are clearly interested in sustaining a purported vital interest in the Middle East so troop levels throughout the region can be maintained. There is a commitment with Baghdad to remove all US “combat troops,” however that will be defined, by year’s end, but there are also American soldiers in Syria fighting a war and large military bases in Kuwait, Doha, and Bahrain. The US also maintains a skeleton presence of air force personnel in Israel as well as large arms supply depots.

To justify all that an enemy is essential and Iran fits the bill. And it should surprise no one that steps are now being taken to confront the evil Persians in their home waters. The United States Navy’s Bahrain-based 5th Fleet announced last week that it will create a special new task force that will incorporate airborne, sailing and underwater drones to confront Iran. In the announcement the spokesmen revealed that in coming months drone capabilities would be expanded to cover a number of chokepoints critical to the movement both of global energy supplies and worldwide shipping, to include the crucial Strait of Hormuz, through which 20% of all oil passes. It also will presumably include the Red Sea approaches to the Suez Canal as well as the Bab el-Mandeb Strait off Yemen.

The systems being deployed by what has been dubbed the 5th Fleet Task Force 59 will include some recently developed innovative technologies, to include underwater, long range, and special surveillance drones. Armed drones will use the same platforms and some of the drones will be small enough to be fired from submarines, which will confuse points of origin and permit plausible denial by Washington if they should be used to deter or intimidate the Iranians.

So, the fall of Afghanistan might be seen as welcome after all these years of mayhem, but it may have opened the door to heightened tension in the nearby Persian Gulf. Washington-Biden-Blinken are intent on proving to the world that in spite of Afghanistan the United States is nobody’s patsy. Unfortunately, putting the screws to Iran yet again is no solution to Washington’s inability to perceive its proper role in the world. The lesson that might have been learned in Afghanistan and also Iraq apparently has already been forgotten.

Philip M. Giraldi, Ph.D., is Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest, a 501(c)3 tax deductible educational foundation (Federal ID Number #52-1739023) that seeks a more interests-based U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. Website is address is P.O. Box 2157, Purcellville VA 20134 and its email is [email protected]

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  1. Ghali says:

    Iran does NOT qualify for US (NATO-Israel) criminal aggression. Unfortunately, only defenceless poor nations qualify. But, the US and Israel – supported by other allies and vassals – have been using terrorism, including economic terrorism (sanctions) and targeted assassination to inflict great suffering on the Iranian people and on Iran itself.

  2. A better title is “Biden is Closing Hopes for an Iran Nuclear Deal.” Trump pulled out of the deal as ordered and imposed sanctions. Biden can remove sanctions and reenter the deal that was already agreed upon by President Obama and leaders of six other major powers, something he promised while running for President.

    But Biden is just playing a game, as ordered. His next target is obvious – Syria. He must get the Russians to abandon Syria with a carrot and/or stick so a false flag can be used to finish off Syria. He already told Ukraine to forget about NATO membership. He allowed the Nord-Stream pipeline to finish. Will Biden remove stupid sanctions against Russia? Will he recognize Russia’s reannexation of Ukraine? Or just wait to Putin to move on?

    Or attack Syria with Russians there and hope things don’t go nuclear? He’s freed resources from the pointless effort in Afghanistan that was never part of the Yinon Plan. He’s already moving troops to prepare for the invasion of the rest of Syria:

    • Thanks: Sarah, showmethereal
    • Replies: @Tdstype2
    , @Mustapha Mond
    , @anon
  3. “Door Is Closing on an Iran Nuclear Deal”

    Actually, given the strength of the zionist lobby in America and Europe, it was never really open………

  4. Tdstype2 says:

    Agree. I do not know of a single country which the US invaded or toppled since 1946 deserved any of it

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  5. Tdstype2 says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    Nah, US only try to pick on much weaker victims. Fight the Russians? Only if Hell freezes over

  6. Piss on Antony Blinken, that Israel First hack who’s impersonating a Secretary of State.

  7. JWalters says:

    How about if the US recognizes that Israel is its real enemy in the Middle East? The evidence for this is overwhelming, as most UR readers know. As Trump said, the only reason the US is in the Middle East is for Israel, that we should get out, and should never have gotten in. First, it would save the US billions of dollars every year – the billions in “aid” (extortion) money to Israel, the billions in bribes to Egypt and Saudi Arabia, and the billions in military deployment costs. All that money could be invested in America.

    Further, if we acknowledged Israel is our dire enemy we could weed Israeli agents out of our military and technology infrastructures. We could also bar Israeli money from elections, and free our government from Israel’s grip. And we could bar Israeli money from owning major media corporations, thus freeing Americans from the constant barrage of Israeli propaganda. And we could restore America’s reputation around the world as actually caring about justice and liberty, rather than being dumb muscle in the service of evil.

    It seems to me these are a significant set of benefits.

  8. @Carlton Meyer

    Another excellent and highly informative video, CM. As always, my thanks for your efforts.

    The most nauseating moment was when zionist-neocon plaything, John Kirby, openly and repeatedly lied about the numerous and utterly unambiguous promises that President Obomber made to the American public and world at large to NOT put ‘boots on the ground’ in Syria. A stunning juxtaposition and alone worth the time required to enjoy the video.

    Be it Iran or Syria, American military intentions in the Middle East are malevolent and one can assume the troops we send there will be up to no good, as usual. All-out war with Syria? Not sure that’s what they have in mind. If the Americans go all-in and launch a large-scale attack on Syria, they get everyone, and I mean everyone (Russia, Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, and to a much smaller degree, China) involved directly. But such a US attack on Iran gets Israel hit hard by Iran, Hezbollah and friends, as well as multiple US bases and the KSA, which is slightly less likely if the ‘attack’ on Syria is done gradually and based on a series of smaller false flags, rather than one big one. So maybe your scenario, take out Syria first, might be the most plausible way forward if that is what is desired and on the drawing boards in Washington and Tel-Aviv. Neither option (attacking Iran or Syria) looks painless, though, for Israel and the USA and their ME associates, which will possibly dampen their collective military adventurousness.

    Let’s hope none of this comes to pass, and that the Yanks decide it’s better to slowly bleed everyone dry with sanctions, rather than risk the fallout, both figuratively and literally, that a war with Iran or Syria will possibly lead to. But then again, we’re talking Israeli and American zionist-neocons, so anything is possible, sad to say…..

  9. Anonymous[833] • Disclaimer says:

    What is left to say? American foreign policy is stark raving criminal aggression. What’s more is they do not care that everyone else in the world can see through their provocations and disdains the madness but dares not try to interfere, even with constructive criticism, to avoid being targeted themselves. Being a NATO “ally” must be like living in Mordor with an American combat boot on your throat continuously. No sane leadership could believe that maintaining constant high threat levels and active military attacks is a functional civilised way to pursue the best interests of one’s citizens or the future of this planet. It is the road to self annihilation. Why do they not see this or give the slightest damn about it? When does someone finally rush the cockpit and extricate these maniacs?

    • Replies: @El Dato
  10. @ PG,

    “Recently it has been argued in neocon and media circles (essentially the same thing) that the new conservative president of Iran Ebrahim Raisi means that no arrangement with Iran can be trusted….”

    Did you mean to say the US can’t be trusted?

  11. The retreat from Afghanistan was to prepare for the Zionazis’ long craved New Purim against Iran. The Taliban are ferociously anti-Shia, and have just been gifted several billion in arms, from Uncle Satan, for use, I would assume, against Iran, the BRI and China.

  12. Thanks for an interesting survey, Dr Giraldi.
    But the reality is that the door is closing on increasingly feeble yet still recalcitrant USA, attack dog for Israel, servant of MCI.

    There is not a chance that USA could clandestinely attack Iran and get away with it, even the Hottentots would know who caused any such attack.
    Perhaps Alzheimer Joe hasn’t heard of the SCO …

    USA ejected from Afghan, SCO will be a solid up to the Persian Gulf.

    If USA overthrew its parasite masters it could have a prosperous future.

  13. anon[222] • Disclaimer says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    Why will Russia believe America ? It will if it were stupid. Hasnt it learnt ? Same lessons have been delivered to Russia few times- enlargement of NATO
    Attack on Serbia proper
    Attack on Iraq
    Color Revolution in Uzbekistan in 2005
    Giving Georgia green signal to attack Russian enclave
    Sabotaging Ukraine
    Ferrying ISIS to northern border of Afghanistan.

    In between making martyrs out of Pussy Riot

    Russia ,if still wants to believe that it will get off the hook,it is sadly mistaken . It will prove that one can deceive same person year after year . But then Russia is torn between many impulses . It gives up easily just when it enjoys the upper power . Somewhere it does still maintain a shrine decicated to worshipping UK- USA .

    • Agree: Herald
    • Replies: @Herald
  14. El Dato says:

    When does someone finally rush the cockpit and extricate these maniacs?

    These are hard & uncertain times when you hope that someone has the willpower and pitylessness of Feric Jaggar.

    But … here we are.

  15. Sarah says:

    In a court of law, it is the rule to hear both parties and to cross-examine. But for Washington the political opponents and the countries it wants to subjugate or destroy, this is not the case: it demonizes them, déclares them evil, declares them guilty of the worst crimes without trial.
    The declarations, protests of these countries are silenced by the media and Washington.

    Iran: since the Ayatollahs took power in 1979, the media propagandized that Iran would get the atomic bomb and would have it a few years later.
    A few years ago, we were told that it was only a matter of months; since the beginning of 2021, they have been hammering us that it is only a matter of weeks!

    But what do the Iranians say? ” We are enriching uranium for medical use. ”

    I have also read that once the uranium is enriched for medical use, it is no longer possible to go back and enrich it for an atomic bomb.

    So what should we think?

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
    , @showmethereal
  16. Andreas says:

    The United States Navy’s Bahrain-based 5th Fleet announced last week that it will create a special new task force that will incorporate airborne, sailing and underwater drones to confront Iran.

    The systems being deployed by what has been dubbed the 5th Fleet Task Force 59 will include some recently developed innovative technologies, to include underwater, long range, and special surveillance drones.

    It reads like another expenditure for Wunderwaffen that will do nothing to change the ultimate outcome in the US’s favor. At best it will sustain sectors of the “too big to fail” MIC through another series of funding increments.

    I’m not placing any bets on a military attack on Iran.

    • Replies: @Philip Giraldi
  17. Herald says:

    If Russia had done the job properly in Syria back in 2015, there would be no American boots “guarding” Syrian oil. Just when it was handing out a well deserved thrashing to those interfering in Syria Russia suddenly got cold feet.

    Russia then let Turkey off the hook for aggression in Syria and the cold blooded shooting down of an Su-24. Blatant Israeli aggression led to a devastating loss of an IL-20 with 15 dead and again Russia did nothing of substance. As a token, it provided Syria with a fairly advanced version of the S-300 missile but didn’t give it the on switch. Israel still continues to lob missiles into Syria whenever it feels like and whilst most of them are usually shot down, the attackers are always allowed to get away unscathed.

    It’s long overdue for Russia to stop wanting to play tag with it big boy US “partner”. Its US partner actually wants it dead and anything less than Russia’s total demise will not be enough.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Alfred
  18. Andreas says:
    @Arthur MacBride

    I agree that the “door is closing”.

    If USA overthrew its parasite masters it could have a prosperous future.

    Yet, even if the US could somehow remove from power and influence the Zionists, with their demonstrably questionable loyalties, and once again assume the reins of its own destiny, there is the problem of dissolving the MIC and transitioning the US back to an economy that works for and by its own people.

    While Zionists, who are mere individuals, could in theory be rounded up overnight and expediently deported, the process of replacing the MIC with a sane economic policy is a vastly more complex endeavor that could conceivably take decades. It would take not only visionary leadership, which simply doesn’t exist anymore in the US, but a galvanized and cohesive population willing to make the personal sacrifices to bring it all about.

    And this is where my optimism fails.

    • Agree: Arthur MacBride
    • Replies: @Weaver
  19. There is no shortage of enemies. Iran is number one on the list, to be followed by Pakistan and China. Russia isn’t on the list and it never was and never will be because it would be untenable. After the defeat of the axis of three there will be peace on earth and neo western hegemony will be complete. Neo-Western is a code word for Zionists!

    • Replies: @Carroll Price
  20. geokat62 says:

    Washington-Biden-Blinken are intent on proving to the world that in spite of Afghanistan the United States is nobody’s patsy.

    Over the years, the Israel Lobby and Jewish Supremacists have demonstrated there is no bigger patsy than the United States.

  21. Weaver says:

    Raise trade tariffs/VAT that are extremely simple and thus can’t be corrupted. Trade policy that applies equally to all trading partners, no sanctions.

    UBI which can’t be corrupted, to replace all the free stuff. No “Obama is going to pay my rent,” no free healthcare.

    Hopefully people would spend on education and training. But we’ve had massive increases to the administrative jobs in schools and hospitals.

    It might be easier to rebuild elsewhere, somewhere smaller, but I dunno where that’d be. Deep Sea mining is promising, will hopefully be the next big revolution, enough resources for everyone, for a time.

    • Replies: @Randy Dazzler
  22. Cking says:

    What angers me and most Americans is the constant disparagement of Biden and/or the Biden Administration as bungling, incompetents, when surely these public servants are actually carrying out a sinister plan for God knows who and for what objectives we don’t know. However, in these machinations, we should at least see the assembly of a detonator for war.

    Apparently the constant state of chaos in both Washington and the Middle East serves some Global initiative, some Imperial and Financial for war policy, ‘because war is profitable’. And we should not be surprised since before the Great Game was called the Great Game, Imperium’s policy to cover the world with hot spots that could instantly erupt into all out regional or world war can easily be referenced in the study of history. Over 100 years ago, in response to Lincoln’s stabilization of the United States, the success of the American system, the British Imperial Power counter-attacked unleashing wars forever and everywhere. The great Marxist, British agent, Alexander Parvus, codified Permanent Revolution-Permanent War as the basis for all ill-fated, never to be realized, social and economic change. We can’t be surprised, yet we, the American people are ignorant, we just don’t know. And it’s unacceptable, ironic actually, that we suffer the Trotskyist Neocons in the US government carrying on that eternal, perpetual war against the nation-state wherever they exist. The American people must recognize our own Perpetual Immigrant Invasion crisis, the Covid-19 PsyOp, and the agitation for war in the Middle East and Asia as neocon madness, that will surely destroy the United States and her target enemies.

    Who benefits? Some New World Order? Only the American people can call all this back, perform the necessary political intervention that will oust the Trotskyites from government. The US national security, the whole world, all of humanity, are depending on the stabilization of the United States; the only imperative, the only power on Earth, that can ensure the survival and perpetuation of the human species, able to, at once, elevate the individual with the capacity to know and serve God and mankind.

    • Replies: @Sir Launcelot Canning
  23. moi says:

    Let’s just say it: it’s the Jews (Blinken, etc.) and Zios (Biden, etc.) running the show.

  24. Anonymous[191] • Disclaimer says:

    Exactly. Putin is the Russian Trump: all talk. When the Americans do decide to strike in Syria, they will coordinate this with Ukrainian assaults on Crimea, a Polish attack on Belarus, and Turkish/Azeri invasion of Armenia. Hypersonic missiles won’t mean shit then. Russia is in this mess because of Putin’s lack of strategic nerve.

    • Disagree: GMC
    • LOL: Alfred
    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Anon
  25. TG says:

    1. Given what the US did to Libya and Iraq – and given what the US is not doing to North Korea – if the Iranians don’t keep trying to get nuclear weapons they are fools. Seriously, how can anyone say that the Iranians don’t have a perfect right to nukes given the behavior of the US?

    2. Not sure the US can really take on Iran in a stand-up fight. I don’t think the US has the ground power power to invade Iran – but to destabilize? Destroy the electrical grid and the water supply and the bridges, let the place fall apart, that they can do. That’s how the US broke Serbia. The real issue is if the US can absorb Iranian retaliation, or not. That I don’t know.

    3. Not clear that Afghanistan was a failure. Depends on what the true goals of the people in charge really were. Lots of money was made by defense contractors, and now there are countless millions – soon, tens of millions – of desperate starving Afghanis ready to be airlifted to the United States, and even conservatives are screaming that we must help our ‘loyal allies.’ All that cheap labor, all that increased upwards pressure on rents, what’s not to like?

    • Replies: @GMC
  26. Blinken has publicly blamed the US for the Holocaust. Why does that matter? He wants revenge for our “responsibility.” Once you get that, all his myriad of failures makes sense. Now talk to someone from Iranian descent. They all claim the Mullahs are a CIA operation. I have no clue, but I thought it odd the plane shot down by Iran was carrying Canadians and Ukrainians to Ukraine, which houses a FBI outpost. Guess my point whatever they are planning, white working and middle class will be paying the price. For the record, I don’t see a deal mattering one way or another. Deals are made to be broken. Especially any deal made with the US government.

  27. Nothing will happen until China will finally abandon dollar and change its reserves to Euro.

    • Replies: @Naughtius Maximus
  28. Anon[325] • Disclaimer says:

    Russian engagement with Taliban is also wishy-washy. It tries to meet Indian, American and British concerns whose plan is to keep the war going that allows ISIS to operate against Russia .
    It still lectures Iran to comply while America pushes for inclusion of -1 missiles 2 democratic political foreign policy behaviors expected by or mapped by USA ( Neocons and Mossad ) .

  29. Agent76 says:

    Jan 26, 2021 U.S. General manipulates media to push for war with Iran

    The Grayzone which explores the role CENTCOM Chief General Kenneth McKenzie played in escalating tensions with Iran in the final days of the Trump Administration. Porter also discusses the role General McKenzie will have in the Biden Administration as well as the new president’s Iran strategy.

    Jun 19, 2021 Iran election: Hardliner Raisi sweeps to victory amid low turnout

    A hardline cleric has swept to victory in Iran’s presidential election. Officials say Ebrahim Raisi has won nearly two thirds of the vote.

  30. @Zarathustra

    How would that change anything? Same bankers.

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
    , @Robert Bruce
  31. eah says:

    As I’ve said several times: if MAD (mutually assured destruction) was good enough for the US and USSR during the Cold War, it’s good enough for the Jews/Israel and Iran today.

    • Replies: @Z-man
  32. @Weaver

    I agree with this. For more detail:

    On a more proper UBI:

    On Tariffs:

    When a Capitalistic economic system reaches labor surplus, the government usually steps in with “Jobs programs” since that is somehow morally superior to a “handout” (mis-labeled). Government jobs are the biggest jobs program there is. And it grows like a cancer, as budgets are fought for and friends and frat brothers are brought on board to the trough. They are “working” for it, so it must be respectable. And most this growth is at the managerial level.

    Ask their underlings (staff and contractors), that actually do the government work if they are really helpful.

    • Replies: @Weaver
  33. If the EU, China, Russia and USA are really interetsed in peace, they would collectively finance a reactor core conversion from MOX (uranium cycle) to a Thorium one at Bushehr. How can a dollar limit be placed for this project with WW III looming over our collective heads like some sword of Damocles?

    On the one hand, we’re asked to believe that a nation waist deep in oil, second only to Russia in natural gas reserves, with a large central desert, sunny all the time, in the Isfahan, could not be transformed into the worlds showcase and largest solar energy grid system? In light of these various energy options, Iran, needs the filthy nuclear MOX Uranium-Plutonium cycle? Again, we’re all asked to believe that Iran was unable to formulate a deal with India, a nation with the largest known deposits of Thorium 232, and the Iranians couldn’t manage an oil for thorium swap? Thorium, the logical alternative to a plutonium stream for purposes of commercial nuclear power generation? Lest we forget to mention, tapping India’s nuclear expertise, ditto for similar arrangements with China. China has an up and running Thorium Gen IV passive cooling Thorium based reactor. As I’ve commented at CONSORTIUMNEWS many times previous to this latest VIPS article, Thorium cannot be used for A-bomb making, because in the simplest of terms, it’s technically impossible to do so.

    Why the MOX reactor cycle? For sure, it’s an environmental, financial and political mistake. A bad choice and liability from the very beginning for the Iranian people.
    A treaty could have been arranged for China or Russia to ensure that Iran will never be deighed radio-pharaceuticals. It would be next to imposssible to make atomic weapons from a Thorium based reactor.

    During the Eisenhower administration, the scientific community at large, announced their general consensus and sputtered a good deal of propaganda such as; electricity will be too cheap to meter, it’s an environmentally cleaner source of electrical power, burial of radioactive materials poses no special problem(s) and so on (Iran was a recipient of IKE’s program and obtained a small research reactor from the USA). Gradually the curtain was pulled back, sometime after the Atoms for Peace Program . The scientific community at large began to realize the pitfalls behind commercial nuclear power that employ Uranium cycle fuel.Just to name a few; expensive security to protect against terror, environmental disaster (melt downs), costs associated with safe? long term storage of fission product nuclear wastes for example; escalating political frictions with “have not” neighbors, potential military applications towards the creation of dirty or Atomic bombs, power disruptions from quakes (common to the ME region) sabotage, tsunami, and the list goes on and on….

    Early on, there were many suspicions and much gossip within the in the GCC countries regarding the Bushehr plant and facilities like it (heavy water reactor at Arak). Eventually their concerns were justified when in 2003, Iran’s “Amad Plan” and shock-wave generator research was uncovered. Yet, with all this needless baggage, from inside Iran and mounting global concerns, the Mullahs decided to continue the Plutonium-Uranium MOX nuclear power programs, then waving a piece of paper, The Iran Nuclear deal, not unlike Neville Chamberlains’ signing of the Munich Agreement “peace in our time” bull. Let’s face it, the Europeans Fell For It Again, so to speak. Vigilant readers may recall this same scenario from recent history. Pakistan’s General Ziaul Haq’s (RIP) assurances to Ronald Reagan that they would not build an atomic bomb and this was repeated to our ambassador at the time, Vernon Walters. “I can assure you that we neither possess nor have transmitted any designs or specifications of nuclear weapons components to anyone,” Of course, what stands out in this statement as a corollary to the present moment and that, JCPOA “document” (not treaty) is the fact that Iran was happy to TAKE nuclear weapons design and rocket delivery systems from A.Q. Khan’s criminal networks, indeed! and again a similar scenario arose with Israel’s David Ben-Gurion’s assurances to JFK that Dimona was intended only for peaceful purposes. For more information on this Visit Foreign Policy mag article @

    • Thanks: Ann Nonny Mouse
  34. Z-man says:

    Unfortunately the CABAL is still in control in DC. It must be exposed and destroyed.
    Blinken, still a funny name, is basically NEOCON lite but still damaging to this country.
    I like your term Biden-Blinken. (Grin)

  35. Z-man says:

    Unfortunately the Jews/Zionists want it all in their favor (no opposition/threat).

  36. GMC says:

    Good synopsis – I’d say that the Iranians have nukes by now – pretty simple – the Caspian Sea is definitely a Russian/ Iranian lake and the place has reserved seating – only. Russia does not give nukes to anyone, I think it it would give certain parts though.
    The Israelis remind me of the crazy Colombians { a Little} that are in the drug trade in Costa Rica/Central America. Every now and then you will be at a club and run into them – they love to pull their guns on the underpaid cops – to show everyone – who’s boss – I witnessed this in Jaco in 2015. I think the Colombians are much tougher than the Israelis tho – that’s why they want them in Nato. lol No shit .

    I agree with # 3 for sure – Afghanistan was a big success – financially.

  37. Anon[102] • Disclaimer says:

    … Russia is in this mess because of Putin’s lack of strategic nerve.…

    Disagree. Russia, China, and other neutrals are simply building their economies stronger and stronger. Meanwhile, Washington flails about squandering it’s wealth and ruining its prosperity. Russia and China are perfectly content to let Washington destroy itself.

    Our vassals are also slowly becoming aware of the same. We are likely to start seeing some subtle maneuvering by our Vassals to distance themselves from Washington‘s self-destructive policies.

  38. Alfred says:

    If Russia had done the job properly in Syria back in 2015

    Russia is far stronger today than it was 6 years ago. Many new weapon systems are in the process of being manufactured and deployed. OTOH, the USA is far less powerful today and much less feared.

    There is absolutely no reason for Russia to rush into a confrontation with the USA – time is on the side of Russia. Why should it meddle and interfere with a country that is committing Hari-kari?

    • Agree: Notsofast, Jazman
  39. @JWalters

    “All that money could be invested in America”

    All that money would never have ben created if the US was not constantly creating wars. All that would have happened is less creation of debt. The normal, “we don’t have the money for free education” or other such real needs would have prevailed.

    And please don’t use the word “gotten”. Surely you have acquired a higher standard of education.

    • Troll: JWalters
    • Replies: @Randy Dazzler
    , @JWalters
  40. Sarah says:

    What scares me most about the current situation – and I’m not the only one – is that these warmongers, warprofiteers, psychopaths, bloodthirsty megalomaniacs in Washington are thinking “It’s NOW or NEVER. ”

    Pure madness, of course.
    But they would rather exterminate the entire Earth than give up their imperialist ambitions and finally accept to live in peace.

  41. @Naughtius Maximus

    Europe would become Dominion and US would become a vassal state of Europe.

  42. @Ukraine Tiger

    Most of that money did return to the USA. It’s resources we lost.

    Explanation here:

    It could damn well have been better spent and the resources retained and all the suffering spared.

    • Thanks: JWalters
    • Replies: @Ukraine Tiger
  43. @Cking

    what objectives we don’t know

    Oh, I think we know what the objective is: world domination.

    • Agree: Cking
  44. Mr Giraldi,
    The US politicians and its military leaders are the agents of Zio-MIC. The Zio-MIC business groups are dictating the foreign policy to be enacted by their agents and in return the agents’ pockets are getting filled up with cash! Back to the topic of the Taliban! This terror group as they’re speaking even today, are the hired regional mercenaries for the sake of creating chaos and mayhem in the region as the US and others are pulling their forces out of Afghanistan. BTW, this is a continuation of the worksheet created by the Zio-Pimpeo as part of the Max-Pressure strategy against Iran. I’m betting that another terror group will be installed in Iraq as the forces are beginning to exit Iraq. The delay in exiting Iraq is due to the difficulties in finding another terror group to be installed in Iraq. Over the course of history the Empires have always had wishful ideas but at the end it is the empires which crumble and their forces end up running like a bunch of fearful mice!

    • Agree: Z-man
  45. Weaver says:
    @Randy Dazzler

    Workfare. I used to like workfare, ironically, but it’s better to have UBI and no minimum wage I think (a minimum wage is good without UBI).

    I think you’re correct on government. What we see in schools and hospitals is private sector. I assume government involvement and lack of competition are to blame. New “services” are offered to students. “Research” is performed. I think part of it is diversity hires. I don’t fully get the cause, but we seem to have unnecessary, or less necessary, workers.

    I obviously don’t have all the answers, but one day I’ll do the math on this. I suspect UBI and a ban on affirmative action would greatly improve things. Partly UBI is nice, because it seems like it would pass. It could be expanded or contracted as voters want. Higher taxes would mean higher prices on goods, but the poor would receive more money, more than balancing the higher costs.

    • Replies: @Randy Dazzler
  46. Mevashir says:

    Now that Afghanistan has fallen with considerable blowback to the fortunes of the Biden Administration, the situation with Iran becomes potentially more important, even while recognizing the Iran does not threaten the United States or its actual interests in any way.

    Iran threatens the US client state Israel, with its American military presence, its usefulness as a staging ground for the MIC, and its heavy investment by leading Wall St. corporations (not to mention its many dual U\$rAel citizens). It is foolhardy to expect the US to ignore the Iranian threats against the Zionists, no matter how sincere those threats actually are.

    • Troll: RedpilledAF, nokangaroos
    • Replies: @geokat62
    , @Che Guava
    , @arami
  47. Kneeling ” I am a Zionist” Joe, गृध्र Harris and Donald רמת טראמפ Trump are all 3rd-rate joostooges, allee samee the unanimous U.S. Senate among much other upper crust scum including Sulzberger Dynasty’s NYT. The only way to peace for Iran, for Palestine, for Colombia and for our whole Home Planet Earth lies through first establishing justice.

    One important step towards that vital goal = convicting Kabulshit Biden, Kackling Kamala, KinkHenKi & their lot for murder and then tossing them to Afghanistan, there to serve out their long times in Pul-e-Charkhi Prison.

    Two relevant links:
    #1.) RT:
    ‘They attacked us & killed our children’: Grieving Afghan fathers demand fair investigation of US drone strike in Kabul (VIDEO) OR

    #2.) Aljazeera:
    Once inmates, Taliban now in charge of a Kabul prison
    Group now runs Pul-e-Charkhi Prison, a sprawling complex on Kabul’s outskirts where thousands of them were imprisoned.

  48. geokat62 says:

    Iran threatens the US client state Israel…

    Isn’t it more appropriate to refer to America as the Israel client state?

    • Agree: Hal Womack
  49. Che Guava says:

    Good article as always, Doc. Giraldi.

    Two points.


    Alleged Biden”s supposd ‘phone call tn Xi.

    What rubbish. As if they will lay off on the ‘hate Russia and China’ game.

    I saw two Brits drinking on the street (not that I have any objection to that, and just about everywhere is closed)week before last, both with no connection to here. fat guts, military haircuts, and no visible tatoos.

    I first thought ‘escapees from the Tokyo Olympics detention’, but AFAIK, such didn’t exist except for a very few officials and ‘VIPs’.

    Thinking a little more, recalling that the U.S.A. had ordered the U.K. to send a couple of ships to be based in Japan to help in the harass China campaign, it was clear that they must have been fairly junior officers on shore leave.

    I wanted to ask directly, but knowing the bad personality type they were displaying, did not bother.

    To what extent was ‘the new model army’ responsble for doing the evac, so badly as to leave ludicrous amounts of materiel (lists are easy to find) to the Taliban.

    These morons are so ‘woke’ that they have no idea what they are doing.

    It also goes along with the USN’s many disastrous ‘accidents’ in recent years.

    Running a warshp like ‘The Love Boat’, great idea.

  50. Jim H says:

    ‘How about if the US recognizes that Israel is its real enemy in the Middle East?’ — JW

    How about we go even farther and recognize that Israel is the worst nuclear proliferator in the region, much more advanced and much more dangerous than Iran.

    And unlike Iran, Israel is subject to no IAEA inspection.

    That’s thanks to an agreement that ‘Biden’ reportedly renewed when Israel’s PM Bennett came calling. It involves the US staying silent about Israel’s well-known arsenal of nuclear warheads.

    Hysterical agitation about the potential danger of Iran going nuclear in the future completely lacks perspective, when Israel is nuclear armed now, and constantly stirring the pot by bombing and rocketing its neighbors.

    Biden’s complicity in covering for nuclear-armed Israel is both reckless and treasonous.

    • Agree: Hal Womack
    • Replies: @Mevashir
  51. Che Guava says:

    Idiot. Israel is massively subsidised by the taxes and debts of the U.S.A., but the client-state relation is precisely the reverse of what you say, U.S. is a client state of Israel and dispersed Zionism. Except for fast-food suppliers, bloatedly overpriced weapons systems (open for theft at will by the Zio-colonial masters), not much to see.

  52. @mulga mumblebrain

    I think there is something to this. Terrorist attacks against Iran from across the border in Afghanistan, perpetrated by Mossad/CIA goons and their affiliated forces. The arms and equipment was so much that a cover story was needed. The dope issue has also been finalized and so it was not necessary for a large U.S. troop presence anymore.

  53. Anonymous[371] • Disclaimer says:

    ISIS/K that Killed the 17 US marines are proxies for the Israeli Mossad…Tony Blinken is LOST He seems like a inexperience childish boy in the hands of the Chinese diplomats..He has no idea what happen in Afghanistan, …He often seems indecisive, ambivalent, doubful, he IS not a seasoned diplomat, estrategists…HE should resign asap..

    • Replies: @Z-man
  54. @Naughtius Maximus

    It would bury the United States though.

  55. @A Half Naked Fakir

    Its true that there’s no shortage of enemies, but there is a serious shortage of “good” enemies on which to waste munitions needed to sustain the US economy.

  56. arami says:

    [Iran threatens the US client state Israel, with its American military presence, its…]

    It is Israel that threatens Iran for over 40 years. It is the zionist expansionist policy that threatens the WORLD.

    Who is bombing Syria every single day and Putin, the zionist coward, stay numb and does not reciprocate to destroy this apartheid entity.

    Who has staged 9/11 and killed 3000 Americans to spread hatred against Muslims and bring down 7 countries in five years while killing millions of people and forcing millions more out of their countries to escape from Mossad/CIA trained terrorists?

    Who is threatening the world with more than 400 nuclear bombs which are ILLEGAL, refusing anyone to inspect Israel’s Bomb making industry but expanding ‘holocaust’ industries to silent dummies? At the same time, making lies about Iran LEGAL nuclear program under UN watch?

    Who is killing Palestinians in their own land and stealing their properties with US supports idiot?

    Don’t you consider your jewish army from the zionist think tanks including the fifth column Mark Dubowitz from The Foundation for Defense of Democracies: FDD, who is begging for a military attack on Iran, as a THREAT?
    If you want a fight, then you must do it alone coward.

    Every one knows what is your plan according to Oded Yinon. To become the superpower of the region, then Israel must create chaos through terrorism and propaganda to partition the regional states based on religion and ethnic divide into smaller entities. This is not going to happen.

    In Sudan where the zionist able to partition using propaganda staged by Jewish mafia think tank and people like zionist Bernard Henri Levy, there is still is a war going on. The Mossad is present in South Sudan as ‘businessmen’ robbing the country. The zionists made Sudan bend promising billions of dollars where ONLY millions have been delivered not Jewish money, but from Arabs oil money. The Jewish mafia only take fro you using black mail.

    The Jewish mafia wants to extend partition into Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Libya, Afghanistan and other places. The zionist thieves want to steal Lebanese litany River as well, that’s why they stage assassination and bombing, threatening Lebanese, then accuse the victims, Hezbollah, and they think they can get away with it.

    The Zionists are doing evil work in Lebanon as well. The Jewish mafia is trying to starve Lebanese to death in order to make Lebanon bend, like Sudan, through terrorism, sanction, propaganda and assassination creating chaos to black mail Lebanon.

    The zionist mass murderers demanding Lebanon naturalize those Palestinians Israel forced them out from their own land, which is against international law since they have a RIGHT to go back to their homeland. They also demand destruction of Hezbollah where both demands have been rejected.

    The Mossad is in Iraq, Kurdistan region, spying and carrying out terrorist activities, like in Syria, against people in Iraq and Iran using their terrorists, the Kurds. Also Israel is present in Azerbaijan, Iran northern border, spying on Iran and threatening Iranian people.
    You must know that people in the region are fed up with your terrorism, propaganda and assassinations. No one wants you in occupied Palestine.

    It is Israel who assassinate people including scientists. Iran own you at least 6 assassinations and you cannot blame Iran.

    • Thanks: Hal Womack
    • Replies: @Mevashir
    , @Monty Ahwazi
  57. Z-man says:

    He’s not lost. He’s just a ‘progressive’ agent of the CABAL. Being an Internationalist Jew, he could care less about the destruction of America.

  58. Anon[449] • Disclaimer says:

    Woodward/Costa book: Worried Trump could ‘go rogue,’ Milley took secret action to protect nuclear weapons

    False Flags: The Secret History of Al Qaeda — Part 1: Origin Story

    Pentagon Bio-weapons

    Larry Ellison, Netanyahu Trial Witness, Offers ex-PM Seat on Oracle’s Board

  59. @Sarah

    In the mid 2000s, there was a shortage of radio-pharmaceuticals caused by an unexpected shut down of one of Canada’s aging reactors. At the time, Canada supplied about 40 per cent of the world’s radio-pharmaceuticals, which were in high demand. A couple of years later, Canada decided to get out of the game, and stopped its new reactor’s testing before commissioning, and ordered de-commissioning of the old reactors. It is a multi billion dollar industry world wide, and Iran wanted to get into the game.
    Despite the rhetoric, there has never been any real evidence that Iran has wanted a nuke.
    Here is a link that lays out the realty of the Iranian “problem”, with several articles on the topic going back to 2004.

    • Thanks: Sarah
  60. Mevashir says:

    You make a lot of good points. Putin has frequently warned Iran to stop making existential threats against israel. Israel was firmly allied with the shah of Iran. The mullah’s tried to rewrite that history.

    How could Iran with 10 times the population and 50 times the landmass of Israel be threatened by an “expansionist Zionism”? Israel does have alliances all over the Middle East and all over the world. That’s their right.

    Powerful elements in the United States have always supported Israel and helped it to acquire its illegal nuclear weapons as well. Elements in the CIA and the Pentagon and in academia. So Israel and America are flip sides of the same coin. American Christians also support Israel because it safeguards the holy sites for Christian tourism.

    • Replies: @Hal Womack
  61. Tell everyone you know about the heavy Zionist influence in our media, central and large banks, gov’t, corporations, etc.

    Tell them the truth about the holocaust lie.

    Tell them the truth about 9/11. Point fingers.

    All that can be done without hating Jews or any other race, nationality or ethnic group.

    • Agree: Randy Dazzler
  62. Mevashir says:
    @Jim H

    That’s thanks to an agreement that ‘Biden’ reportedly renewed when Israel’s PM Bennett came calling. It involves the US staying silent about Israel’s well-known arsenal of nuclear warheads. That’s thanks to an agreement that ‘Biden’ reportedly renewed when Israel’s PM Bennett came calling. It involves the US staying silent about Israel’s well-known arsenal of nuclear warheads.

    I believe President Nixon initiated this policy and it’s been followed by every President since, including your beloved Trump and your hated Biden.

    • Agree: Orville H. Larson
    • Replies: @Jim H
  63. A123 says: • Website

    The merits of any deal are 100% irrelevant.

    Barack Hussein could not obtain a treaty ratification. The first executive power arrangement was signed because no one could imagine Hillary losing. Thus, an unratified handshake was enough.

    Not-The-President Biden cannot obtain treaty ratification. And, everyone rational sees a near certain loss for the SJW/DNC coming in 2024.

    Why would anyone, on any side, of any policy, on any topic, in any location rely on Not-The-President Biden’s handshake authority?

    Effectively, U.S. foreign policy with every nation is frozen for the next 40 months of DNC incompetence, illegitimacy, and Epic Failure. Kamala Harris is so much more hated than Not-The-President Biden, they do not even have a replacement option.

    Not-The-President Biden was savagely pwned by a group of 8-12 year olds. [MORE]

    Do not ask, “How can it get worse?” Just wait and find out.

    PEACE 😇


    • Troll: mulga mumblebrain
  64. SteveK9 says:

    Iran needs to forget about ‘sanctions’, focus on developing internally, work with Russia and China. Sure it would be nice to be able to trade with the West, but if it is not going to happen, then forget about it and stop whining. Simply end negotiations with the West.

  65. @Arthur MacBride

    And the Jews would, on the whole, be vastly better off, and, given time, less hated.

  66. Iran should never acquire a nuclear weapon.
    That would destabilize the world.
    Israel would become hysterical.

  67. This article and the confrontation with China – is what DaNeoConOligarchs need to change the Covidian disaster.

  68. @arami

    Very good comments and to the point!
    In addition to your points, majority of the Arab states which are lead by a bunch corrupt, incompetent and coward are not only Iran’s problem but they are the biggest problem for the entire ME region especially for the Palestinians. Iran has tried on numerous occasions to unify these Arab states for the good of the region but it hasn’t been successful. In fact Iran has been stabbed more than once by these states. Thus the reason for Iran to develop and support its own proxies in support of Palestinian people.

  69. Washington-Biden-Blinken are intent on proving to the world that in spite of Afghanistan the United States is nobody’s patsy.

    Too bad for Biden, that ship has already sailed and is out of reach.

    By the by, Trump pulled us out of the nuke deal for very good reasons. Israel was a very minor reason.

  70. @Mevashir

    Many “American Christians also support Israel because” the Jews control their misleaders by bribery and by threats of assassination both propagandistic and physical. JAR = “JewAmerican Regime” and that description dates way back before the 1963 Dallas Jack Whack, which sealed the deal.

    YKA = “You Knew Already?” dear reader that John Wilkes Booth and his master Judah P. Benjamin the “brains of the Confederacy” were both Sephardim; that Emma Goldman coached her triggerman against William McKinley in order to promote Teddy to the White House, the Roosevelt Family being a long-term Jew asset and that Bernard Baruch sent his button man against Huey Long so as to prop up his President-for-Life and lieutenant war monger FDR, right?

    JUDY COLLINS – “Marat/Sade” Lyrics

    Send Kneeling Joe Kabulshit Biden & Kackling Kamala गृध्र Harris to Pul-e-Charkhi ? AFTOC = “After a Fair Trial, Of Course”.

    Facts, logic & Law ==> D 2 I Death To Israel and
    L U Z Lock Up Zionists.

    Or yagotta better idea, Olive Oyl?

    • Replies: @geokat62
  71. Yee says:

    The US use Iran, Russia and China to control MiddleEast, Europe and Asia respectively,so there’d be no genuine peace offer coming from the US.

    It’s not about Russia, but about controlling Europe, it’s not about Iran, but about controlling ME.

    Understand this and base your general strategy on it when dealing with the US is the key not to be made a fool…

  72. JWalters says:
    @Ukraine Tiger

    You sneer at my entire post because you claim the money wasted in wars for Israel would not have been spent on benefits to America. But you are overlooking a huge factor. The Wall Street “debt” scam is another branch of the overall Zionist scam, along with the Israel branch. Both the Israel scam and Wall Street’s Federal Reserve scam are orchestrated by the Zionist financial headquarters in the City of London. Once the Zionists are rooted out, the financial scam will disappear along with the Israel scam. Then American will be able to make sounder decisions, both on war and on finances. This is explained in
    “War Profiteers and Israel’s Bank”

    As for your snide put-down of my using the term “gotten”, five major dictionaries, including Oxford and Merriam Webster, say my usage was entirely correct.

    Overall, your comment looks like a typical Zionist troll’s fake intellectual diversion. Divert attention form the main points and smear the messenger. You even include the typical inept intellectual snobbery.

    • Replies: @Ukraine Tiger
  73. RobinG says:

    US is closing the door on itself. Iran is on the Belt and Road.

    If the Taliban plays smart, Afghanistan can transform West Asia’s Silk Road story

    • Replies: @Larchmonter420
  74. @JWalters

    “ We could also bar Israeli money from elections, and free our government from Israel’s grip.”

    A slight correction: it is American money handed over to Israel that is recycled in the US buying the American legislature.

    What you state makes for a sweet dream; but as John Kennedy once said “ it is ok to dream”. The Zionist noose around America’s neck is so tightly held that nothing short of a revolution can save the U.S. And as long as bread and circuses are aplenty, revolution will not happen.

    • Replies: @Jim H
  75. geokat62 says:
    @Hal Womack

    Great comment, Hal.

    Or yagotta better idea, Olive Oyl?

    Here’s the proper URL I used:

    • Replies: @Hal Womack
  76. @RobinG

    US is closing the door on itself. Iran is on the Belt and Road.

    RobinG, excellent post but….

    “In June 2019, the Alaska Railroad Corp. board of directors gave agreement to link Alaska and Canada by rail. Construction is estimated to cost \$13 billion USD and is still pending permitting, land acquisition, and other planning. Per the agreement, the Alaska-Alberta Railway Development Corp. (a.k.a. “A2A Rail”) will receive an “exclusive right” to operate an Alaska-Canada railroad between Alaska and Fort McMurray, Alberta. Business reasons for developing this railroad were cited as access to Alberta oil sands as well as providing an alternative to overloaded mainland U.S. ports for inbound intermodal shipping from Asia.”

    Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska famously said, that she can see Russia from her window, so the port Silk Route Belt will be in Alaska.

    USA has enriched China and demanded in return The Silk Route to be build and paid by them. Covid-19 is here to stay forever. The transportation through cars, trucks, 18 wheeler and planes will cease to exist. The transport of future will be massive sea ships delivering to ports, and then shipped through railroads.

    USA is letting their Interstates to fall apart, so there will be not very much travel from State to State. The future is bright for both Muslims and Christians. No alcohol is served on board planes any longer. Anyone who is not dress appropriately on board, and both men and women wear hijabs when they go out. Oops face masks!


    • Replies: @Larchmonter420
  77. anonymous[416] • Disclaimer says:

    The old hands in Washington? Oh, you mean the 7th floor.

    Deh Sabz. When Langley looks like this, then you know you’re getting somewhere.

  78. @Larchmonter420

    USA is letting their Interstates to fall apart, so there will be not very much travel from State to State. The future is bright for both Muslims and Christians. No alcohol is served on board planes any longer. Anyone who is not dress appropriately on board, and both men and women wear hijabs when they go out. Oops face masks!


    USA is letting their Interstates to fall apart, so there will be not very much travel from State to State. The future is bright for both Muslims and Christians. No alcohol is served on board planes any longer. Anyone who is not dress appropriately are not allowed on board, and both men and women wear hijabs when they go out. Oops face masks!


  79. @Philip Giraldi


    Please treat me here like you would treat a high-school kid, although I have 3 institutional degrees in the United States.

    Israel says that, it will never tolerate a nuclear-armed Islamic Republic of Iran in Middle East.

    However, once a country figures out and manufactures nuclear weapon(s), there is no going back.

    It’s like saying that, North Koreans will eat grass before giving up their nuclear arsenals! So, there is no going back once a country becomes a nuclear power.

    That means, full-scale war is on the horizon between Israeli armed-forces and the Islamic Republic.

    Now, my question(s) to you is(are):

    If Israel unilaterally attacks nuclear facilities of Iran without any warning, won’t the United States enter into World War V to protect American-Israeli interest(s) since there is a common understanding that Israel’s problem is also America’s problem?

    The Islamic Republic has 75 million people; but, the Jewish Republic of Israel has only 10 million people.

    If Israeli nuclear attacks kill about 500,000 Iranians, will the Islamic Republic of Iran surrender like the Imperialist Japan did at the end of World War II?

    Philip, you worked in the Central Intelligence Agency, what does CIA think Iranian surrender to America and the Jewish Republic of Israel will look like?

    We know that, the People’s Republic of China will stay out of any mess created by American-Israeli military action(s) on Iranian people.

    Will Russia also stay out?

    Current premier of the Jewish Republic of Israel came to Washington, D.C., to tell current U.S. President that, a nuclear-armed Islamic Republic would not be tolerated by Israeli armed-forces even for a minute.

    In a hypothetical scenario, may I ask, won’t a Japanese-style surrender by Iranians after Israeli nuclear attacks on multiple Iranian military installations be good for the world in general and Middle East in particular?

    Philip, I know you are a busy person; however, I will truly appreciate your reply.

    Yours respectfully,


    • Thanks: Showmethereal
  80. @Face_The_Truth

    Tom – The way you are posing the problem is perhaps turning it on its head. First of all, Iran has no nuclear weapons and no program to develop them, so the Israeli threat-line is a bit of a red herring. Israel has no intention of attacking Iran because Iran and its allies have many ways to retaliate that would do grave, possibly existential damage to Israel. What Israel wants is for the United States to destroy Iran and to accomplish that it will do something like a false flag attack that will make the Iranians think it was the US or possibly even the same scenario in reverse with the US believing it had been attacked by Iran. Either way you get a war and Israel goes into a full time defensive mode to wait things out. Iran will be beaten and destroyed as a threat and no one in Jerusalem could care less what happens to the United States. They have never cared what happens to the United States…

  81. RobinG says:

    Please treat me here like you would treat a high-school kid,
    Phil is too polite to you, by half.

    won’t….Israeli nuclear attacks on multiple Iranian military installations be good for the world
    You should be treated like the spawn of Satan that you are.

  82. Jim H says:

    ‘I believe President Nixon initiated this policy and it’s been followed by every President since, including your beloved Trump and your hated Biden.’ — Mevashir

    You are correct about Nixon.

    But I said nothing about Trump.

    I emphatically reject your putting words in my mouth.

  83. Jim H says:
    @Joe Levantine

    ‘It is American money handed over to Israel that is recycled in the US buying the American legislature.’ — Joe Levantine

    Precisely. A mere ten percent of \$3.8 billion a year amounts to \$380 million, more than enough to buy the relatively few competitive seats in Clowngress.

    Meanwhile, the US Treasury’s Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence (TFI) — only ever headed by Jewish under secretaries since its founding — devotes itself to starving Gaza and the West Bank of aid and remittances.

    At the same time, TFI turns an institutional blind eye not only to Jewish billionaires funding illegal settlements, but also to the comprehensive corruption of our elections by the Israel Lobby supplying about half of all campaign financing.

    Ever wondered why the House whoops through pro-Israel resolutions with majorities of at least 400 out of 435 Kongress Klowns? Look no further. It’s officially, institutionally sponsored, straight outta the imperial capital. Your tax dollars at work.

    • Thanks: Joe Levantine
  84. anon[391] • Disclaimer says:

    TG 26, yeah, speaking of what CIA did to Libya, we should be waiting for that kind of inept frame-up for Iran.

    That kind meaning amateurish, sloppy, relying on Wisner’s Wurlitzer to patch the gaping holes in the story.

  85. @mulga mumblebrain

    Nah… The Taliban have been told by Pakistan – Russia and China to temper their anti Shia stance. The Taliban has been having meetings with Tehran all year long. Iran is going to join the SCO and the Taliban hope to get in. So they can’t be overtly anti-Shia for that to happen. Pakistan has been building links with Iran for several years now also.

  86. oqiul says:

    The jewnited states of america is, sadly, a vassal state. It is run by people who hate mainstream Christians, hate the country, and hate its constitutional traditions. These people conduct espionage against America, rob America, and plot to undermine America. It might be better for the world that China rise, since I think the Chinese will prove more resistant to the israeli lobby than america ever has. Once the israelis got away with killing three dozen unarmed American soldiers on the USS Liberty, there was no longer any reason to respect american life, or the american state. I am not even sure if I care to defend white Christians in the JEW S of A, since so many of them simply refuse to look at the evidence or to support other Christians. The clear-headed Christian Man might want to look at life abroad, preferably in a strongly Christian Eastern European country. Russia is not the bad guy, folks, no matter how much the Deep (Jew) State tries to make you believe it.

  87. @geokat62

    Hello geokat62:

    Good to see you again. You come here often? Will you please tell TOD [This Old Dog] what operational steps went through your mind when you first saw my Olive Oyl link? If so, then maybe I will at least copy and file them and see later do they grow on my brain. Either right here in public or else ==> [email protected] <==

    Can you also do it with this: Copy of JDF1 (1) (2) (1).jpg (40K) (?)

    That above is what I get when I send my banner design* via email; in that context it seems to work. * "JAPE Diagnostic Flag".

    T.I.A. from Womack

    • Replies: @geokat62
  88. @Face_The_Truth

    What “be good for the world in general and Middle East in particular” will be justice. That means we the HuRa defeat JAPE [Chorus: “JewAmerican Planetary Empire”] and then turn over at least 10K of its balebatim to prisons in Afghanistan and also at the other many sites of JAPE atrocities from Korea to el Mozote to Khartoum and so forth.

    Facts, logic and law lead us to conclusions such as: D 2 I for “Death To Israel” and L U Z for “Lock Up Zionists.

    “Face_The_Truth” here is faceless and nameless, such blatant perversion being quite typical of the child-murdering Jews such as:

    Ron Klain Chief of Staff
    Janet Yellin Secretary of Treasury
    Alejandro Mayorkas Secretary of Homeland Security
    Tony Blinken Secretary of State
    Merrick Brian Garland Attorney General
    Jared Bernstein

    Council of Economic Advisers
    Rochelle Walensky Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
    Wendy Sherman Deputy Secretary of State
    Anne Neuberger Deputy National Security Adviser for Cybersecurity
    Jeffrey Zients COVID-19 Response Coordinator
    David Kessler

    Co-chair of the COVID-19 Advisory Board and Head of Operation Warp Speed

    David Cohen CIA Deputy Director
    Rachel Levine Deputy Health Secretary
    Jennifer Klein Co-chair Council on Gender Policy
    Jessica Rosenworcel Chair of the Federal Communications Commission
    Stephanie Pollack Deputy Administrator of the Federal Highway Administration
    Polly Trottenberg Deputy Secretary of Transportation
    Mira Resnick usw.

  89. geokat62 says:
    @Hal Womack

    … what operational steps went through your mind when you first saw my Olive Oyl link?

    Hi, Hal.

    I noticed in your initial comment in which you tried to post an image of Olive Oyl that you had included the following text string:

    Unfortunately, this string doesn’t satisfy the necessary requirements for posting images:

    1. It doesn’t begin with https://
    2. It doesn’t end with a three-letter image extension e.g., jpg or png

    In my previous comment, I provided the proper text string:


    I separated it in two rows because it failed to wrap around and the string would cut off and not be fully displayed.

    All you have to do is remove all the quotation marks and combine the two lines into one.

    Give it a try.

    Can you also do it with this: Copy of JDF1 (1) (2) (1).jpg (40K) (?)

    If you could provide a link to the webpage on which this image resides, I can try and show you how to post it on Unz. The image must reside on a server on the internet, it can’t be from your personal picture library residing on your hard drive (see requirements 1 and 2, above).

    And remember, no text can appear after the three-letter extension.

    Hope this helps.

  90. arami says:

    An Iranian site, Alef, reports:

    The US move to deploy a drone unit in the Persian Gulf region after its defeat in Afghanistan and the decision to withdraw its troops from the region raises some questions.

    The geo-strategic location of the Persian Gulf region, as well as its vast energy resources throughout history, have attracted foreign powers to the region, led by the United States. The United States has strengthened its military presence in the Persian Gulf more than any other world power, and this role has become even more prominent, especially after the Second Gulf War and the crisis that followed in 1990.


    The Arab countries of the region have a special place in US policy due to their vast oil resources. Manifestations of this importance and status can be seen in bilateral defense cooperation agreements, US military bases, and security agreements with these countries. That is why the United States has military bases in almost all countries in the region.

    But about A WEEK AGO, following the escalation of several naval tensions in the Persian Gulf, the US Fifth Fleet announced the launch of a special drone force operating in the air and sea in the Persian Gulf. The task force will reportedly use drones and artificial intelligence technology in its missions. According to some reports, the unit will be equipped with naval, submarine and air drones, and the purpose of launching it is to monitor and dominate the sea routes in the sky and deep water.

    These US moves reflect the United States’ efforts to protect its interests in the Persian Gulf region and to counter threats using modern and advanced tools. In this regard, experts are examining Washington’s military and strategic goals of deploying a drone unit in the Persian Gulf.Of course, this US move could extend to the entire Middle East and not be limited to the Persian Gulf region.

    Analysts and Middle East experts believe that the United States should consider an alternative protecting its interests as it decides to withdraw its troops. Therefore, using an intelligent system such as a drone unit that does not require a human element, is the best option.

    In addition, recent maritime tensions in the region and other US foreign policy issues in West Asia, such as the long-suspended nuclear talks with Iran and the show of strength of allies such as Hezbollah and Ansarullah, as well as some threats against the Zionist regime at sea. It could be another US motive for deploying a drone unit in the Persian Gulf.

    The United States also understands the importance of the Persian Gulf region as a center for regional conflicts and rivalries, and for conducting some covert naval activities, and has decided to strengthen its oversight of naval activities in the Persian Gulf.

    The ‘Frontier Post’ writes that the United States intends to increase its special focus on Iran’s activities in the Oman Sea and the Caspian Sea, and subsequently to control China’s anti-American movements in the western part of the Indian Ocean.

    According to reports, Washington is seeking to prevent China from increasing its activities in the Indian Ocean, especially its covert submarine activities, and the role of its drone unit in the Persian Gulf is gradually expanding to the entire Indian and Pacific Oceans. Counter with the Chinese threat or suspicious mobility in the area.

    Some analyzes and assessments show that the deployment of a US drone unit in the Persian Gulf marks the beginning of a new phase for the Middle East under US umbrella and is interpreted as part of US efforts to establish a military presence in the region after the withdrawal of its troops. Washington may also use the unit to carry out attacks on its targets in the event of a conflict in the region.

    However, the US Navy has relied on regional companies and alliances with some countries in the region to support it; But the fact is that these countries are not able to support the interests of the United States, and especially at the same time as the movement of Iranian fuel ships to Lebanon, we must wait for new maritime developments in the region.

  91. arami says:

    Israel is playing a stupid game to influence US foreign policy pushing Binden into war, Israel calls it ‘Plan B’, with Iran to help Israel’s expansionist policy.

    [Defense Minister Bnei Gantz gave a special interview to the prestigious Foreign Policy magazine, in which he said that Israel “could live with a new nuclear agreement,”]

    The mafia Tribe with its propaganda is trying to divert the world’s attention from Israel’s ILLEGAL Nuclear Weapons onto Iran’s LEGAL nuclear program to fool the public with full US assistance.

    Iran has offered a Middle East free nuclear weapon zone for many years, instead the tribe with the help of both D & R including Trump, has rejected it and Israel keeps the right to have ILLEGAL nuclear weapons, but denies Iran’s right to enrichment for its fuel, although Iran is a member of NPT, where Israel is NOT. The NPT members have a right to enrich for their fuels and they expect helps if is needed.
    But Iran’s nuclear program is under UN watch for more than 25 years and Israel illegal bombs have been left alone. Where is Russia? Where is China?
    That’s why people are fed up with the current world system and wish to destroy it for good.

    NPT must help its members not to create problems. The Nuclear agency that inspect Iran’s nuclear program is 100% politically controlled by axis of evil, where gets its instructions from the zionists and imperialists. This agency like ICC and Human rights watch, Amnesty Int. and many others ‘int. agencies’ are the tools of the West against Iran to bring her down.

    Why don’t US and its colonies in Europe, Russia and China care about Israel’s nuclear weapons? Why these countries have not disarm Israel yet? Israel is a terrorist entity, killing indigenous population and bombs the neighboring countries on a daily basis, yet none of these criminal states have raised a question about Israel’s illegal nuclear industry? Why Israel is not sanctioned?

    Obama did everything, including economic terrorism, to force Iran to accept the zionist demand, meaning not to enrich in Iran, but Iran refused. Iran has given many concessions to remove some of the illegal sanctions to get these terrorists off its back. Zarif was naive to think that the deal is ‘safe’. Trump, the ignorant zionist servant, got out of the deal being brainwashed by the tribe’s lies and crying victimized, demanding ‘a new nuclear agreement’ where Iran rejected.

    Now, Bnei Gantz, is pushing himself into the US-Iran talk telling Biden that Israel will accept a ‘a new nuclear agreement’, if does not work, then US should go to ‘plan B’ meaning an attack on Iran.

    Does this fool not knowing that ‘a new nuclear agreement’ has already offered by Trump and rejected by Iran. Doesn’t he know what happened to trump with his ‘extreme pressure’ pushing Iran, on behalf of Jewish mafia, to sing ‘the new nuclear agreement’ and Iran refused.

    Bennett, a war criminal, is promising Biden ‘ not to act against Iran’s return to nuclear deal’.
    I want to know when Bennett is going to get rid off its own nuclear bombs, because International law does not allow a terrorist state such as Israel where has killed thousands of indigenous people of Palestine, and many more outside of its borders including many children, assassinated numerous scientists and political activities to have a nuclear bomb industry with 400 bombs ready to go.

    It is the time that the security Council disarm Israel, otherwise they should shut up and get rid off their own nuclear weapons and leave other countries alone.

  92. arami says:

    As long as Biden is acting as a coward negotiator on Israel’s behalf to protect the interest of Israel, then no one takes him seriously, period.

    Biden should kick Israel’s ass and throw them all in the sea, then he will see everything is normal and Iran is pursuing its right to protect its investment in nuclear program. What is Israel doing here?

    The deal has been negotiated and signed by both parties. Israel has nothing to do with it. If this is hard for Biden to tell the apartheid entity, then Biden must remove himself from the office and allows those who can do the job telling these zionist to shut up and get lost.

    The criminal Tribe deceiving the public by saying that Iran legal nuclear program creates a nuclear race in the region. Israel is deceiving you, because it was Israel illegal nuclear weapons that made the states in the region, including Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Turkey and others, to realize that they should protect their resources from a terrorist entity armed with nuclear weapons where Israel bombed their facilities and killed their scientists, ‘ a Jewish mafia trademark’.

    Well, Israel’s nuclear weapon already has created a nuclear race where majority of the Arab states and non Arab states, like Turkey, have obtained the technology, but the Jewish mafia reserves the right to kill their scientists and bomb their facilities, with the assistant of the arrogant ‘security council members’ equipped with their own Nuclear Weapons. This arrogant Club has not made the Jewish nuclear weapons a THREAT to the world. Why is that?

    We read the following in the newspapers:

    [Yahya al-Meshad, an important scientist in Iraq’s nuclear program, arrived in France to test fuel for the reactor. The morning he was to return home a maid entered his Paris hotel room and found that he had been stabbed and bludgeoned to death.
    Bombs went off at the offices of one of the firms, in Italy, and at the home of the company’s director-general. Over the next several months two more Iraqi nuclear scientists died in separate poisoning incidents. Most experts today believe that Mossad–Israel’s secret service–was behind each of them.]

    It wouldn’t be the first time Israel turned to sabotage and assassination to deter another country from obtaining the same thing that apartheid entity has, the nuclear weapons, or the missiles to deliver them.

    [In the late 1950s Egypt launched a ballistic-missile program with the help of German scientists. In July of 1962 President Gamal Abdel Nasser unveiled two new test missiles at a military parade, bragging that they could hit targets “south of Beirut.” Mossad quickly responded with Operation Damocles, an intimidation campaign targeting the German scientists. One scientist was killed in September, two months after the parade, and in the following months the scientists’ families were threatened directly. In November several letter bombs addressed to the scientists were sent to the rocket facilities in Egypt; one of them killed five Egyptians. Soon all the German scientists had left Egypt–and its missile program–behind. Without them the program withered.]

    Everyone knows the history of Israel’s sabotage and assassination in Iran. Why the criminal ‘security council members’ have not deal with this criminal tribe and disarmed them or sanction them giving a medicine of their own, starve them to death yet?

    Is Biden afraid of his life to tell the Tribe shut up and get off my back. It is the zionist illegal nuclear weapons and the nuclear weapons of the arrogant security council members that push others seeking protection from these criminal states. Why the criminal nuclear club is silent against the evil.

    Why are Germany, Russia and China silent on Israel’s illegal nuclear weapons? No one respects hypocrites.

    Why don’t US & Israel have no objection of Turkey, a Trojan dog, nuclear weapon program where Turkey has done over 70%, percent enriched Uranium , like Japan, where can produce bombs in NO time if is needed? Is it because Turkey like Saudi Arabia a zionist stooge?

  93. @Weaver

    Workfare. I used to like workfare, ironically, but it’s better to have UBI and no minimum wage I think (a minimum wage is good without UBI).

    The “Workfare” programs are the same sort of demonic playground setup that prisons are. You have a bunch of undertrained, underpaid, not the best of society, supervising and guarding those not far below them on the social scale, with the weight of authority excusing their atrocities.

    Again, based on the faulty notion that “work ethic” implies “job ethic”. No, once somebody controls the jobs, they control the society.

    When the work force is not compelled to work or starve, labor market participation becomes voluntary. This changes the dynamic of the wage price equilibrium. On the side to raise wages is that people don’t have to work, thus they have to be high enough to make the work worthwhile. On the other side, having a large surplus labor pool pushes wages downward by competition. The balance being struck with the people wanting to work working, and those that don’t feel it is worth it, not. Those working get paid without losing their UBI, so no inherent disincentive as there is with unemployment insurance.

    The minimum wage becomes an impediment. With a guaranteed floor of base essentials covered, there is no justification for a minimum wage, and as a result, full employment (especially in the sense that anyone who wants to work can) becomes more likely. The chasm between doing volunteer work for the good of it and your personal satisfaction and having to work for the money to make a living gets eliminated. Pleasant and satisfying jobs should end up being lower paid than nasty dirty difficult tough jobs.

    It will to wonders to even out the disparity between people who do the real work and are underpaid and those who are part of the overhead structure and are overpaid.

    I think you’re correct on government. What we see in schools and hospitals is private sector. I assume government involvement and lack of competition are to blame. New “services” are offered to students. “Research” is performed. I think part of it is diversity hires. I don’t fully get the cause, but we seem to have unnecessary, or less necessary, workers.

    Well, what tends to happen is incredibly complicated bureaucratic procedures develop. Endless policy meetings, jockeying for local goals that are at odds with the broad organizational goals. Combined with a culture which says that it is demeaning to actually do any work and glorious to be the great leaders. Then budgets and positions are protected and those people employed are no longer effectively in the labor market.

    One function of government, particularly at the local level, should be to always have day jobs available for those who want them. They should be immediately useful though, and not permanent.

    I obviously don’t have all the answers, but one day I’ll do the math on this. I suspect UBI and a ban on affirmative action would greatly improve things. Partly UBI is nice, because it seems like it would pass. It could be expanded or contracted as voters want. Higher taxes would mean higher prices on goods, but the poor would receive more money, more than balancing the higher costs.

    What is not reflected in your reply is that my proposal is actually much more comprehensive than UBI. This is a very populace oriented, at a per person level. Believe me, I’ve worked the details to a much greater depth than presented here. However, there shouldn’t be a need as I see this as a ‘natural solution’, meaning that anybody doing the same analysis should be led to the same answer qualitatively.

    Putting numbers on the portions is a whole ‘nuther discussion. What percentage should go to each level of government, and what should their primary responsibilities be?

    What you are missing the most is the profound sense of security that will ensue when people realize that their survival in the future is ensured no matter what happens (as long as civilization survives), and they can always quit their job if they don’t like it.

    That’s freedom. If you don’t have those things, you don’t really have it.

    For completeness, what I haven’t mentioned previously is children. They should not start getting an allocation until the age of 12, then it steps up annually until they reach 18. Young children should not be subsidized by the state.

    Politically speaking, their voting power should be similarly allocated. This means a 15 year old gets a half vote. You know that all the kids will vote, whether they copy their parents (assuming they agree) or rebel, they start a good civic habit. For adults, it makes a mighty strong motivation that if you don’t vote, you are leaving it up to the kids.

  94. @Sarah

    Well I never saw evidence of them making a weapon (Iran)… But of course they would have the ability. But now Biden and his crew announced with Boris Johnson that the US and UK will supply Australia with nuclear powered submarines. The excuse is that they will only have conventional weapons (eye roll)… So there is another reason for Iran to say “go fly a kite”. The US is either against nuclear technology proliferation or not. Can’t have it both ways.

    • Thanks: Sarah
  95. @Randy Dazzler

    You miss my point. Without the MIC the money would never have been created in the first instance.

    • Replies: @Randy Dazzler
  96. @JWalters

    No I did not sneer your entire post, I merely pointed out that the money would not have been created in the first instance had it not been for the MIC. It is fiat remember, it doesnt actually exist.

    But obviuosly you did not gotten it into your thick head.

  97. @Ukraine Tiger

    You miss my point. Without the MIC the money would never have been created in the first instance.

    No, I understand your point, and agree, completely. The MIC and the created money, are in essence, simply tools for the redistribution of real wealth/income. It is theft on a gargantuan scale.

    The external costs are unacceptable, and mostly criminal.

    This is not possible if an economy is run like this:

    Each level of government then has a fixed allocation of funds per capital to work from and these kind of grifts are not possible.

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