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Diversity Gone Mad at CIA
New recruiting ads emphasize woke culture
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You can’t have it both ways. Either the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is composed of a group of mad psychopaths who are controlling most of the world or it is a bit of a kabuki performance consisting of poseurs playing bizarre, stylized characters that seek to provide amusement for an audience prepared to watch an unrealistic display. To be sure what occurs at CIA stays in Las Vegas, to borrow a metaphor, as it is able to classify all of its failures to make them go away. And on the bright side it does serve a purpose for its bosses in the White House, enabling the government to hide behind “intelligence community (IC) assessments” when it is preparing to do something really stupid.

A recent bit of much derided apparent foolishness on the part of the IC appears to be driven by the “social justice warrior team” currently in place in Washington. President Joe Biden made a point of indicating that there is a dangerous new enemy in town in addition to those naughty foreigners in Russia, China, North Korea, Venezuela, Iran and Syria. He said in a televised address to both houses of Congress subsequent to the Derek Chauvin verdict that “…we won’t ignore what our own intelligence agencies have determined – the most lethal terrorist threat to the homeland today is from white supremacist terrorism.”

The statement is ridiculous and if the IC is indeed behind it, the entire community should be disbanded to save the taxpayer some money. To be sure, there have been a number of multiple killings by white males, but to assert that the perpetrators identify or are organized as “white supremacists” is a stretch. And those deaths are far outnumbered by the killings and woundings by black males, which the media and chattering class have basically ignored, not to mention the looting, arson and robberies based on the George Floyd factor which have rocked the country over the past year.

Be that as it may, the purge of “dissidents” in both the military and the intelligence agencies is continuing and it’s producing some exceptional comedy as the new woke culture develops under the aegis of a protective Democratic Party. Not surprisingly, some conservatives, including Tucker Carlson, have been shocked by the latest series of CIA recruitment ads, which, quite frankly, have to be seen to be believed. One might even be tempted to suggest that they are an actual Kremlin disinformation conspiracy which will leave America defenseless because everyone is laughing so hard.

Several of the new CIA recruitment ads, marketed under the headline “Humans of CIA,” can be watched on You Tube, here and here. If you are watching them you will need to pause the recording and refer to a newspeak dictionary to understand what the hell they are talking about. One of the young women to appear in the ads is a Hispanic, a “woman of color” and the “daughter of immigrants,” who declares “I am a walking declaration….educated, qualified and competent.” She nevertheless admits that she has been “diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder” and is also “cisgender.” She explains how she is actually “…intersectional, but my existence is not a box-checking exercise.” If you can get through that even though you fail to understand how that relates to national security, she then expresses having had some concerns about working at CIA prior to taking the job because she feared having to confront and refuse “to internalize misguided, patriarchal ideas of what a woman can or should be.” She does not describe her job at the Agency, though she may be a lawyer, but one has to hope that it involves working in the small shop on the ground floor that sells magazines, newspapers and CIA souvenir items.

In one of the other YouTubes a CIA librarian talks about how pleased he is to be able to talk about being gay at work, and how positive the atmosphere at the Agency is for homosexuals. Yet another video is of a blind woman who might also be gay who found that her working for the Agency has been a rewarding experience because CIA is “caring and inclusive.”

In yet another clip a black woman analyst explains how important it was that an “ally” at the agency “stood up for her.” She really likes her job at CIA because there are now employees working there who are “holding CIA accountable for the diversity and inclusion that it champions.”

One might note that no one being interviewed in the ads spoke very much about running intelligence operations or anything similar, which is presumably what CIA is supposed to be all about. The monologues largely consist of “identity politics” narratives combined with achieving diversity goals for the speakers, but they are also intended to demonstrate that today’s CIA is socially progressive, doing good for the world. One could observe that the employees might as well be working for the Department of Agriculture but for the fact that they may endanger the country’s food supplies while they sit around in their offices navel gazing.

More interesting is the likelihood that the CIA ads reflect who the Agency senior managers and the White House think to be likely candidates to work for them in the new social environment. It might be described as wokeness comes to the intelligence world. The Nation calls it the age of “intersectional empire,” an example of “imperial rebranding.” A lesbian on one of the videos describes how she knew she was welcome when she took the oath of loyalty to the Constitution at a ceremony presided over by Director John Brennan, who was wearing a LGBT rainbow ribbon on the lanyard supporting his badge. Excuse me, but as Brennan was a monster, the architect of President Barack Obama’s kill by drone program, he should hardly be honored because he was friendly to gays.

Some do not believe that the United States needs an intelligence community at all, but if one concedes that threats to national survival can and possibly even do exist, it is perhaps necessary to consider why a country’s intelligence agencies have security clearances and background checks. They are primarily done to make sure that the candidate does not have a close and continuing relationship with a foreign nation that can be exploited by that nation to seek the betrayal of classified information. A number of spy cases have included Chinese and Jewish Americans who were susceptible to pitches made by their co-ethnics and co-religionists. Beyond that, the background screening and polygraph exams are intended to expose any personal vices or criminal behavior that can likewise be exploited by foreign intelligence services. Up until fairly recently, homosexuality was grounds for rejection by CIA because employees have to operate in countries where such relationships are illegal, making the new hire vulnerable to a recruitment approach essentially based on blackmail.

One has to wonder what categories of behavior are now considered outside the pale when it comes to hiring by CIA. “White supremacists?” one might conjecture, however they choose to define them, or do they not do background security checks at all if the candidate checks some of the desirable diversity boxes? As the new Agency ads reveal, rejecting gay hiring prospects is clearly no longer the case, nor was it ever really fully enforced. Indeed, one recent Director was homosexual. Even during my own long-ago time in CIA there were a number of fairly openly acknowledged homosexual officers who somehow managed to dodge the polygraph questions and two of them were likely pedophiles. State Department, which had many more personnel in sensitive positions overseas than did the Agency, never had an effective ban on homosexuality and, in fact, employed numerous gay officers.

It is telling that none of the ads featured new officers referring to “patriotism” or “to serve my country.” Nor is there much indication that they speak desirable foreign languages or have valuable experience living overseas or understanding foreigners. The fact is that under the new regime in Washington, diversity has become the wedge issue to turn the federal hiring and promotion system on its head. It is intended to make the government look more like the Democratic Party demographically speaking, which means that it will effectively be anti-white. The bureaucracy will never be the same after four to eight years of Democratic Party imposed political correctness, which is, of course, the intention. And there will be consequences. One might anticipate more resources wasted on social engineering which will lead to CIA intelligence failures derived from the inability of inward-looking newly hired officers to understand the world as it is as opposed to the woke world that exists largely in their imaginations.

Philip Giraldi has a PhD in modern history from University College London and served in the US Army during the Vietnam War followed by 18 years as an operations officer with the Central Intelligence Agency.

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  1. Clyde says:

    Several of the new CIA recruitment ads, marketed under the headline “Humans of CIA,” can be watched on You Tube, here and here. If you are watching them you will need to pause the recording and refer to a newspeak dictionary to understand……..

    I went to those youtube links. Comments are turned off! Hahahaha. CIA cannot take the heat.

    • Agree: Obama's boyfriend
    • Replies: @xyzxy
    , @moi
  2. Lefty Jimmy Dore mocked this too:

    • Thanks: follyofwar
    • LOL: ChuckOrloski
  3. CIA Woke Recruitment Ad – Director’s Cut

    • Thanks: bomag
    • LOL: Ray Caruso, Garliv, Corrupt, Hibernian, bruce county
    • Replies: @thotmonger
    , @Angharad
  4. CIA field manual 2022:

    “When approaching the target in a covered vehicle, make sure the raiding party has at least one bug chaser, one non-binary transexual, one black crossdresser, two hermaphrodites and a disable native indian.

    It is imperative that they engage in multipronged anal sex for the duration of the venture and wear no protection during the ritual. Deep cover missions are no excuse for hateful act that reinforces homophobic rhetoric.

    Now go forth and sodomize in the name of George Floyd, peace be upon him ”

    • LOL: Kolya Krassotkin
    • Replies: @Anon
    , @ImaBotKnot
    , @TheMoon
  5. I’m sure some might see this as a good sign–i.e., that by walking the walk of their disastrous woke ideology talk, the federal leviathan is sealing its own doom. While that’s no doubt the case, it doesn’t mean we’ll be able to enjoy the view from the sidelines. Like the failed Communist experiments of the last century, the more these zealots ruin everything around them, the more hateful they’ll grow toward those of us–namely whites/conservatives–who knew better, and thus the more sadistic they’ll get with their treatment of us.

    We little people will be crushed underfoot by yet another insane and bloodthirsty mob, while the usual suspects will no doubt ultimately make off with all the loot.

    I’m not seeing much hope for avoiding this.

    Paging General Flynn.

  6. Honestly its good that the CIA is doing this. Its pulling off the mask of American patriotism and the chiseled WASP man and fully embracing its judeo-marxist identity.

    There will be no illusions from here on about what the CIA really is: the mercenary army of the Jewish financial establishment out of wall street.

    Furthermore, packing the CIA with this imbeciles will no doubt reduce its effectiveness. In the past CIA would infiltrate a nation and buy up its generals and intel officers or ensnare them in blackmail traps. Now they’re more likely to go there, throw a fit, get caught and get castrated by some local warlord

    • Agree: BB753
    • Replies: @El Dato
    , @Franz
    , @animalogic
    , @RodW
  7. Initially, i enjoyed reading that the alphabet soup bunch put its own decay and rot from within in higher gear. But on second thought, these woke employees are likely to increase paranoia and hypocrisy, which will bring more suffering.

  8. Anon[363] • Disclaimer says:
    @Caspar Von Everec

    That’s some seriously funny shit there.

  9. Anon[363] • Disclaimer says:
    @Matthew Kelly

    Walking the walk and talking the talk is not good enough to avoid disaster, like the Colonial Pipeline cluster fuck. You gotta walk the talk and talk the walk. Don’t go halfway.

    • Replies: @Buck Ransom
  10. The ideal CIA recruit in the Biden era is black, handicapped, “transgender”, illiterate, and an illegal alien.

    That gladdens the hearts of those of us who regard the US as a pitbull owned by malevolent masters. Thank God the anti-Christians’ thirst for destruction is even greater than their thirst for power. They wouldn’t otherwise so abuse their ferocious but stupid doggy.

  11. This is just a ‘moral cover’ for all the bad things they do.

    It’s like ‘pink-washing’ Israel’s crimes with globo-homo.

    This is what Jews do.

    Jews control the gods and decide what is holy.

    So, Jews make ‘diversity’ holy.

    Then, Jews associate their institutions and weapons with the ‘holiness’.

    This fools the dummies who think, “Gee, diversity is good, and if CIA is about ‘diversity’, it too must be good, uh duh.”

    And of course, white libby-dibs fall for this cuz they are driven mainly by status and conceit.

    • Replies: @James Forrestal
  12. These are the freedom fighters who will crush China and Russia, LOL

    Sun Tzu’s teaching is so relevant right now.

    “Appear strong when you are weak”

    But if Sun Tzu can take a look at muttmerica today, he might have to redefine “weakness”, KEK

    • Replies: @Boomthorkell
  13. “…Now they’re more likely to go there, throw a fit, get caught and get castrated by some local warlord…”

    Good, that would add a new kind to their “woke” categories: trans-testicular.
    (before that they were of course cis-testicular)

  14. Consistently with everything in the article let me hypothesise that proactive CIA leadership wants to get on the front foot under a dangerously woke regime. The products on YouTube are the work of advertising and PR consultants more than HR and the people describing what they do in the CIA may only be actors following scripts. Even if they are not actors and more or less believe what they are saying it is a script they are speaking to with the design of the script having behind it a sophisticated purpose. Cheer yourself up by scripting the reactions at a preview for senior CIA people and a couple of long serving hard-boiled PA/secretaries of any sex.

    • Replies: @Alden
  15. While the FBI, DoJ, and CIA have deployed and diverted all available resources to investigating hate crimes of their own creation, hate hoaxes, and imaginary white supremacist terrorism at every level of the both the US Federal Govt and all legal jurisdictions in all 50 states, real terrorists are holding for ransom the energy supply for one-third of the US population. What the f***k are cuckservatives going to do about it?

    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
  16. Honestly its good that the CIA is doing this. I

    I disagree. Lord Biden proclaimed that white terrorist are this nation’s greatest threat. The woke brigade will render decisions condemning whites for the crime of being white.

    • Replies: @Miville
  17. anon[410] • Disclaimer says:

    I dunno, maybe after the age of innocence it really isn’t a good idea to share your knowledge of natural foods with sophisticates.

  18. El Dato says:

    That’s not the worst of it.

    An upwardly mobile and possibly unstable cnut and Russiagate Conspiracy LARPer is now senior counsel in the DOJ’s National Security Division.

    Leading Russiagate conspiracy theorist appointed to key national security role at Biden’s Department of Justice

    In between her roles with Obama-Biden and now Biden-Harris, Hennessey served as one of the more unhinged voices of the anti-Trump “#Resistance” and supported the Russiagate propaganda campaign through jobs as CNN analyst, Lawfare blog executive editor and a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution think tank.

    Responding to the appointment, journalist Glenn Greenwald called Hennessey “one of the most deranged Russiagate conspiracists.”

    It’s as if the empire looks to inject itself with good dose of Pervitin to give itself the courage to start a war or two.

    Looks also like yet another Casus Belli is being constructed

    Using ‘Russiagate’ & ‘bounties’ logic, anonymous officials now claim GRU behind mysterious ‘sonic attacks’ on US spies

    • Replies: @James Forrestal
  19. El Dato says:
    @Caspar Von Everec

    Will be fun when the whole team in Iran is doxxed because someone in an office got a transcript where they said something bad about trannies.

  20. Diversity Gone Mad at the CIA, writes Giraldi. This assumes that Diversity Policy is somehow a reasonable policy that is being misapplied in this case.
    No, Diversity Policy is Mad and Wrong

  21. @Kolya Krassotkin

    Impossible character. Put her on a rocket and send her to Pluto. Alas the CIA have been Zionist bootlickers for year, but this new edict is the fast track to defeat. True, the intention is domestic victory against the dreaded WS, but that will fail like trying to beat Daddy wrestling.

    As for foreign conflicts, USA is doomed with these new gender bent self absorbed recruits. Like shut up with you gender obsession and show us you can reassemble a rifle in the snow, blindfolded. Like the Russian soldiers do. Ha.

    In any case on behalf of the First Amendment, FREE ASSANGE. Perhaps on the one condition that he release all of what he has on Netanyahu et al.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
  22. Ross23 says:

    Somewhere up in the afterlife some dead KGB officers are smiling:)

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  23. Franz says:
    @Caspar Von Everec

    Honestly its good that the CIA is doing this. Its pulling off the mask of American patriotism…

    Serious agreement on that.

    When similar poop went on 50 years ago, a black CIA man, either in jest or for real, wrote a novel entitled The Spook Who Sat By The Door. The title is a double entendre for Spook = Spy or Spook = Old Racial Nickname not used… for about 50 years.

    The The Spook Who Sat By The Door was about black guys getting hired at the Agencies and using their insider status as a means to destroy the country. Believe it or not there was a movie. Still available to watch online for free at various places.

    But being infiltrated by trannies… the remake might be fun.

  24. black dog says:

    Being British, I’ve got to know what a CIA souvenir looks like. A model of the Watergate Hotel? One of Obama’s drones? A bug hidden in a pair of chopsticks?

    Still, the CIA and its new recruits may turn out to be a good thing. They can demonise China and Russia and fire drones in a caring way. Good luck, America.

    • Replies: @Max Payne
  25. Rahan says:

    It’s like being on a generation spaceship which still maintain itself through automatics, although gradual decay is creeping in, and the new generation of the colonist crew have completely lost touch with reality and are neo-barbarian cultists shrouding their mini-society in a solipsist bubble.

    While still using the tech produced by those before them and using access to this tech as validation of their delusions (see what cool robotics we have, therefore everything we say is true). All the while putting increasing pressure on the “damn peasants” who still remember how to maintain at least some of the generation ship’s systems.

    Now the plot is more or less down to will this society manage to reclaim the lost knowledge of how to run the spaceship before it starts falling apart, and will they remember what the original point of the journey was, or just shift to a random rampage through space.

    And, should they fail to remember how to maintain the ship and what the point of the journey is, will they manage to destroy other ships and planets on their way, before their spaceship stops functioning, or will they lose the ability to destroy other ships and planets before the ship turns into a drifting wreck with spotty life-support.

    • Replies: @Kolya Krassotkin
  26. Blankaerd says:

    CIA was at least partially responsible in creating the ‘woke’ culture that we have today. It was done back in the Cold War to control the left-wing opposition. Instead of advocating for Soviet-style central planning or great concern for the wages of the American worker, this ‘new left’ focused on progressive social issues, including but not limited to:

    1. Anti-colonialism (benefitted the American empire because European powers still drew power from the colonies in the fifties and sixties)
    2. Anti-racism (The oligarchs would benefit from a supply of a cheap labour from across the border, the left becomes useful idiots even for right-wing owners of the means of production)
    3. Feminism (Again, greatly expanded the pool of workers for the United States)

    That’s not even mentioning things like crazy experiments on Americans using LSD.

    A lot of the subversive stuff Yuri Bezmenov talks about was used by the CIA itself in the United States, Yuri Bezmenov was a useful idiot himself, thinking the CIA was some sort of force for good. With that knowledge in mind, these videos should not come to nobody’s surprise.

    Though I’ve always been a staunch anti-communist, the older I get the more I learn that liberalism is the bigger cancer and threat to our world than communism is/was. The sooner the American empire collapses, the better it will be for white people.

    • Replies: @Hibernian

    • Agree: Mulga Mumblebrain
    • Replies: @Malla
  28. Emslander says:
    @Matthew Kelly

    We little people will be crushed underfoot by yet another insane and bloodthirsty mob, while the usual suspects will no doubt ultimately make off with all the loot.

    There are too many of us. We’ll bury them this time.

    • Agree: Kali
  29. @Caspar Von Everec

    I was inclined to your view. I mean, this shit is hilarious. Frankly, if a new version of Air America is going to drop a couple of tonne of Afghanistan’s best on you it’s vitally important that the pilot be a black lesbian.
    But, then I thought…. leopards don’t change their spots. Sure, some of these PC dicks will be recruited, but as to their advancement in the CIA? Let’s just say, if the sodomite can torture, assassinate, cheat, steal etc (as per Mr Pompeo) then, why shouldn’t he advance? ( it’s probably OK if you crush everyones’ – anyones’ testicles as long as they are neither black nor Jewish testicles?)

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  30. Max Payne says:

    They hired a handful of Uncle Toms to make a commerical they can loop in the lobby at Langley. So…. CIA has a corp of ready-to-deploy wokes to command its Internal Troops divisions (Antifa, BLM, etc)

    At least all the white ladies working at CIA don’t have to feel guilty anymore.

    Every morning they can walk into Langley, swipe their ID, look up at the lobby TVs and say to themselves “so people of colour DO work here”. No muss, no fuss.

    • Replies: @Simon Tugmutton
  31. Max Payne says:
    @black dog

    USA flags, emblems, baubles, you know. Stuff made in China. The usual overpriced malarkey.

    • Replies: @Buck Ransom
  32. Realist says:

    This is just another episode in the downfall of the empire.

  33. Well, imagine that, for the first time, maybe in its entire history, you can take something the CIA is doing at face value! No sir, no ulterior motives at work here, those ads must be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

    The magicians are always pulling new rabbits out of the hat, because they figure the audience has the recall and attention span of chimps. Pay attention to what’s not being publicized. What is their other hand doing, that they would distract us from with such transparent nonsense?

  34. This may explain why the Deep State’s serial attempts to remove Trump resembled Rosie’s Walk:

  35. RodW says:
    @Caspar Von Everec

    Now they’re more likely to go there, throw a fit, get caught and get castrated by some local warlord

    The warlord will need a Plan B in case the agent has already castrated xself hormonally.

    • LOL: Matthew Kelly
    • Replies: @Caspar von Everec
  36. xyzxy says:

    Very small thinking on the part of the CIA. If they turned comments back on it would be so much easier for them to make a list of ‘usual suspects’, for future use. But that’s AA for you.

    Really, anyone who has ever worked with or hired a women with an ‘anxiety disorder’ knows that you want to place them right at the top, where sensitive information is kept, so they can monitor the situation. LOL

  37. The woke supremacyst demokkkrats are in a race to the bottom

    themasses must watch their back !

  38. Publius 2 says:

    White man here. I’m a lawyer. I have a very impressive real-world resume. In late September of 2001, when I was still very much a normie patriot, I sent a resume and brilliant cover letter to the (((CIA))) and (((FBI))). My resume was even more impressive then, for a person my age at the time. (I have a lot more experience and knowledge now, of course, but back then my resume was perfect for a 26-year-old.)

    Got no response. Of course. They didn’t want white men then either. I would have worked hard every day–as I have done for my clients my entire career–actually trying to protect my country. Sorry to be arrogant, but I’ve been 95th percentile in everything I do since elementary school, both in academics and athletics, and I am exactly what the (((CIA))) or (((FBI))) would want if they hired purely based on merit and were actually healthy agencies with the desire to help the good people of the United States.

    That’s not what the (((CIA))) — or any government agency — wants.

    The real victims of discrimination, of course, are white men. It’s been that way since at least the 1990s.

  39. “Diversity” is just code for Sailer’s coalition of the fringes and fewer heterosexual males of European descent who built the country from scratch. It’s dispossession.

    Certain people also think societal fragmentation is an insurance policy against an American version of the Third Reich.

  40. Clyde says:
    @Publius 2

    Thanks for your personal account, your job seeking in the CIA years ago.
    “It ain’t bragging if you can do it!” — Dizzy Dean –old time baseball pitcher with a stellar record.

  41. The official “heroes” in the war against whites.

    Freaks on a leash.

  42. I can’t believe that some are mocking the Intelligence agencies. Have men already forgot they prepared us for the collapse of the Soviet Union and the tearing down of The Berlin Wall well in advance of that happening?

    Have men forgot they had America prepared in advance for the 911 attacks?

    Instead of criticizing the intelligence agencies why not support a massive increase in their budgets?

  43. @RodW

    Yeah. How do you torture someone who has willingly castrated and mutilated themselves?

    Quite a quandry

    • Replies: @Boomthorkell
  44. geokat62 says:

    … but if one concedes that threats to national survival can and possibly even do exist, it is perhaps necessary to consider why a country’s intelligence agencies have security clearances and background checks. They are primarily done to make sure that the candidate does not have a close and continuing relationship with a foreign nation that can be exploited by that nation to seek the betrayal of classified information.

    I guess the “special relationship” excluded ApartheidIsrael from being considered a foreign nation? That would explain how Pollard et al got hired.

    • Agree: ChuckOrloski
  45. @Max Payne

    “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” — William Casey, CIA Director 1981-1987

    • Replies: @Bruce Arney
  46. TKK says:

    But Mr. Giraldi-

    What this article leaves out, and what is the actual outrage is the following:

    1) how hard it is for an average, under connected white male to work for any federal agencies
    2) how rich and cushy those federal jobs are.

    A white male with no connections or military service has a better chance of winning the lottery than scoring a federal job. They can’t even get hired at the USPS.

    And those jobs get the bills paid. They lift these AA hires out of poverty. Tons of time off, amazing savings (Thrifty Savings Plans matched dollar for dollar), and Federal BC/BS that will cover a 30 days stint in rehab for \$10- and your job is guaranteed safe while you navel gaze and explore why your papa was mean to you.

    That’s the 5 alarm fire. This is now glossed over. This is the way they kill off the white working class.

    The propaganda is repellent, but the ability to feed oneself and survive in a rapacious capitalist dystopia while working in the gig economy while being told you are privileged is the real cancer. . It’s already at Stage 3- metastasized.

  47. Realist says:
    @Matthew Kelly

    Like the failed Communist experiments of the last century, the more these zealots ruin everything around them, the more hateful they’ll grow toward those of us–namely whites/conservatives–who knew better, and thus the more sadistic they’ll get with their treatment of us.

    What a pussy statement…man-up boy…grow a pair.

    • Troll: AndrewR
  48. TKK says:
    @Publius 2

    I didn’t see your comment but wrote one below emphasizing your point.

    For less than 4 years, I worked for the DoD, and my time there proved to me one important thing:

    Large groups of people can keep a secret.

    Because no white person is talking about the disgusting, unbelievable laziness of the AA hires in the federal government.

    Janitors sleeping on buffer mats in halls closets for \$26 an hour. When told to get up and work: F*ck you!

    Greasy Hog La- Quandas, talking on the phone, fake nails deep in BBQ- you ring the buzzer to get in and they look at you through the glass, suck their teeth, head bob- go back to their cell phone.

    The one that stands out the most was a big meeting with all the “important” stake holders over the entire revamp of a VA kitchen- millions of dollars.

    White shoe A&E firm is there- on time, in suits, well groomed, ultra prepared. White, with- it, classy.

    Here comes the “leadership” of the VA Hospital we were at:

    ALL EATING BISCUITS AS THEY CAME IN THE MEETING. Laughing, cutting up, talking on their phones.

    These morons were all GS-15s and one was SEC. You cannot imagine how good their lives are.

    The men looked at me like: Really?

    But the problem is- no one did anything. The A&E firm did not speak up and say: Why aren’t you prepared? Why can’t you speak English? Why is there biscuit grease on these blue prints?

    Because they wanted that government contract payment.

    I did say things, from time to time, and now I am self employed. I am actually getting depressed writing this.

    Trust me brother: You could have killed the job, but the people there would have killed your spirit.

    • Thanks: AndrewR, tyrone
    • Replies: @Publius 2
    , @Alden
  49. This is one of those times when it’s a good idea – an opportunity – to bring together a few key strategies or themes, namely: “litmus test” and “make one good example”.

    Make one good example of the CIA. Abolish it. Not in 15 years, not gradually. Abolish it as fast as humanly possible. Redistribute its duties to other agencies, but if someone was working for the CIA they are out of a job and ineligible for federal hire for 15 years, no exceptions – every single one of them. Make sure the example is felt.

    Litmus test – “abolish the CIA” is a qualification litmus test for all GOP elected officials. Not 100% behind it? No discussion, no dice. Go home, we aren’t even talking about you.

    • Agree: Emslander
  50. Anonymous[112] • Disclaimer says:
    @Publius 2

    It’s clear that the CIA spotted you as a ginormous douche. Even in your short post here you are intolerable. What a waste of your father’s seed!

    • Replies: @Publius 2
  51. BL says:

    It’s useful to follow how these institutions are portrayed to a general audience. Whether through books, movies, or what passes for the news.

    I won’t belabor it, but it isn’t that long ago that CIA, whatever the content or message, would never have offered such direct, crass, and parodied propaganda to a general audience through what purports to be recruitment advertisements.

    Thus this is notable in and of itself without regard to the embarrassing content.

    Now to the messaging. While he didn’t discuss it here, I suspect this former CIA author would agree that these recruitment ads are as much a cruel joke to the none too bright sitting at home dreaming of a career at the CIA as a YouTube video offering visions of sugarplums awaiting if only you apply to Yale.

    It’s just like the ads I used to see for truck driver school on the TV during the day when I was a kid home sick watching The Price Is Right — “Now I can’t call you . . . .”

  52. anon[145] • Disclaimer says:

    When Joe Blow goes postal and shoots his bosses he goes to jail. When CIA goes postal and shoots their bosses, as CIA did in 1963 and 1981, they control the investigation from the outset and replace the boss with their handpicked nomenklatura. See the difference? Of course you do.

    You really need to fall off this “CIA works for the president” shit. It wasn’t credible when Don Gregg threatened martial law and stuffed it up the Pike Committee’s ass, and no one with a 3-digit IQ believes it now. You don’t want to end up like Pat Buchanan, living in a dream world of abstract magic words.

    “the entire community should be disbanded”

    Self-evidently true. But then they will stay in business as transnational organized crime and rip the country apart to preserve impunity. You will need lustration and transitional justice for the SIS command structure and exemplary criminals.

    “likely candidates”

    Exactly. Now that CIA jumped parties and fucked over the right to oust Trump, they have to manipulate the left into murder, torture, extermination, child trafficking, gun-running, drug dealing, and coercive intervention. You have to use the divide-and-rule bullshit you used to brainwash that synthetic faction. It will work just as well.

    “One has to wonder what categories of behavior are now considered outside the pale”

    Belief in rights and rule of law, duh. Pedophilia is okey-dokey because it facilitates secure control.


    Fuck patriotism. A country that tolerates impunity doesn’t deserve to exist. The only meaningful service to country is destroying the CIA regime.

  53. @Publius 2

    I seriously doubt you had the cut of a varsity athlete.

  54. America is running out of college educated white people not terminally addicted to fentanyl or opioids. What is the issue with the CIA getting down with the BIPOC youth?

    Hopefully they take their millennial resentment of the boomers to the most violent possible end stage.

  55. Just skimmed this … seems lots of LOLs abt the Cocaine Importing Agency’s recruitment drive … to any sensible person this can only be a good trend.

    The more these murderous agencies of ZUSA are exposed to the contempt they so very richly deserve, the more their ranks will fill with beta’s, incompetents etc, bringing the day of their eagerly-sought and welcome collapse closer.

    Nobody of any moral decency should be signing on to what is a USG drug cartel that has a record of flooding America with pernicious illegal drugs.

    Or for that matter any arm of the zionist-masonic Mad Dog.

  56. moi says:

    The CIA should only recruit trannies because that would bring about world peace.

    ps: good to see the da USA going nuts and fast sliding down the tube.

    ppps: given white wimmins’ taste for dark meat, soon the US will be 100% non-whitey country.

    ppps: Juden uber alles!

    • Replies: @sally
    , @Anonymous
  57. Dystopian says:
    @Matthew Kelly

    Paraphrasing Solzhenitsyn once we realize that we have nothing to loose, we better fight. There are not that many of them. History has already recorded what happens when we don’t.

    • Agree: Matthew Kelly
  58. DanFromCT says:
    @Matthew Kelly

    I’d be more concerned about the monetary inflation needed to (1) pay these CIA and other deep state turds’ salaries, (2) fight these endless wars for Israel, and (3) pay off the welfare parasite voting bloc that, taken together, will shortly price everything we take for granted into luxuries, something along the lines of the distinction between the high life at the Caracas C.C. and everyday Venezuelans. But, we’re not Venezuelans and I believe that American truckers, as just one example, will boycott and blockade Washington, DC and other communist strongholds when the repression sets in and we’re facing annihilation by transferring indolent and violent black inner-city welfare people into white neighborhoods from NY to Oregon and everywhere in between except Florida, Texas, and a few other states. The defund-the-police movement also rather obviously has as its objective replacement with a federal police force that Obama promised would get more funding and manpower than the military, and no doubt be recruited from disaffected BIPOCS who’ve been brainwashed to believe they’re victims rather than unmerited beneficiaries of white civilization.

    It also seems beyond obvious at this point that there will never be another fair election in this country, such that the Republicans and Fox News’ insistence that we rely on elections to restore America (at a time when matching the insurrectionists in the streets is required) is now self-evidently a ruse to neutralize native opposition to communist rule and procrastinate until it’s too late. The Republican Party has never conserved so much as one element of traditional America since the Jews they ultimately answer to went to work undermining our institutions a century ago, simultaneously with these same East European Jews doing it in Russia with more lethal effect. It is not unfair at this point to characterize the Republican Party as a rearguard action covering the Democrats’ moves to the left.

    Can anyone argue this isn’t the case at this point, especially now that the Republicans are going full-woke and supporting a narcissistic pervert for governor of California, whose amazingly callous disregard for his own family to satisfy his self-lust (like all those middle-age men who “come out”) should be proof of his lack of fitness. Instead, Fox News and the Trump Team use that childish Kayleigh McEnary as a stalking horse to promote a narcissist like Jenner who’s so sick and evil that he’s still preening and primping in drag at 71 years of age.

  59. The woke, just like their gay predecessors, are obedient to their enablers. Straight married men and women tend to think first about their families, and are more concerned about the communities their children grow up in. All the woke want is a pat on their heads with a whispers in their ear telling them they are very special. Doesn’t really cost a the system a thing for their loyalty. The big question is can they actually do any tangible work besides pestering the non-woke ? Then again terrorizing Americans in the domestic war might be their sole purpose.

    • Agree: Z-man
    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
  60. The zionists are in control of the so called ZUS intel agencies, as well as the government, and the CIA and FBI and all of the 17 so called intel agencies aka chain dogs, should all be abolished as they are all zionist controlled and have America locked down in a prison and are acting as guards on this prison.

    Diversity is a zionist ploy , as are transgenders, the woke movement, etc., it is all from the Protocols of Zion, zionists are wreckers and destroyers of nations and humanity, it is what they do, it is in their DNA.

    • Replies: @Bruce Arney
  61. #fraudsidentbiden is the only white terrorist known by name who hates his own people.

    More diversity for CIA? OK.

    Agents Riotavius and Stabeethuh are gonna crack a chicom spyring.

    • LOL: CelestiaQuesta
    • Replies: @Supply and Demand
  62. This is a pre-emptive purge of potential whistle-blowers before an all-out war on patriotic Americans begins.

    SJWs with a visceral hatred of white America will be loyal no matter how low the Dirty War gets.

  63. CSFurious says:

    I had to look up “cisgender” to understand what it meant. Anyway, the gay librarian and the strategic games were hilarious. I am sure that Putin is very concerned about the “Woke” CIA.

  64. This is the result of women, especially stoopid and entitled White women, as well as mentally-ill faggots and brown sludge running things. The United States is going to lose the next major conflict.

    Take a look at this Russian military recruitment video:

    The West is rotting from within. When it falls I’m gonna laugh my ass off while smoking a fat cigar and drinking straight from the bottle of bourbon. It’s gonna be fucking hilarious.

  65. “Mija” is Spanish for my little girl. Mija is a red herring delivered on our doorstep to redirect our attention away from the CIA’s murderous assassinations and color-coded revolutions, including the Orange man one, here on the home front. As a red herring, the CIA’s psych op, is wildly successful. It lulls us into thinking the ‘.45 caliber gun aimed at our head is unloaded and merely a toy in the hands of a little girl.

  66. @Rahan

    Brilliant analogy.

    Serious question: Is the plot yours or an adaptation of someone else’s story? If yours, that would make a helluva good novel.

    • Replies: @Rahan
    , @Anonymous
  67. Be that as it may, the purge of “dissidents” in both the military and the intelligence agencies is continuing and it’s producing some exceptional comedy as the new woke culture develops under the aegis of a protective Democratic Party.

    Apparently it’s an example of how the contradictions inherent to evil end up working against or destroying the evil, IMO. And anything that will degrade uncle Shmuel’s ability to make war on the world is a good thing as I see it.

    And speaking of wokeness, hasn’t “mathematics” recently been recognized as another bastion of “white privilege”? IIRC the necessity of getting the right answer in a math problem is now deemed a manifestation of “white supremacy culture” or something like that. So I submit that cruise missiles and armed drones – which rely on “mathematics” to take out their targets – are instruments of “white privilege” and should be abolished.

  68. Emslander says:

    Here’s the scary part. These are the people who are making policy toward every country in the world, including China and Russia. They have marginally straight people in the high visibility jobs, but the memos are written by rainbow transgender dope smokers.

    Please take for example our recently embarrassing communications with and about the most powerful countries on earth. We are very badly misjudging our ability to manage the narrative. Assume that someone in the midst of a heavily hormone supplemented sex change operation is making the assessments of our relative strengths.

    • Agree: CelestiaQuesta
  69. Let the CIA implode with misfits… John Brennan deserves it!

  70. It’s funny that the left now loves the intelligence apparat. Not so long ago the CIA, NSA, etc. were evil, running and corrupting the world. But now the msm pushes for the prosecution of whistle blows like Julian Assange while circulating bogus stories about Russian bounties in Afghanistan. Ever since Brennan and company made up the-Russians-stole-the-election-from-Hilary story out of whole cloth, the left has come to love spooks.

    • Replies: @DanFromCT
  71. @Sick of Orcs

    90% of Chinese spying was just codified into university research agreements during the trump administration. The universities got a fat increase to their endowments even when whitey stopped paying in.

    • Replies: @Boomthorkell
  72. Publius 2 says:

    White families are under attack. The amazing thing is that I’m not more of an asshole at this point, given what I have to tolerate.

  73. @Matthew Kelly

    Like the failed Communist experiments of the last century, the more these zealots ruin everything around them, the more hateful they’ll grow toward those of us–namely whites/conservatives–who knew better, and thus the more sadistic they’ll get with their treatment of us.

    Ummmm… Not sure these failed. In fact I think they are still going strong. White poverty and misery is part of the plan not a mistake.

    • Agree: Matthew Kelly
    • Replies: @Matthew Kelly
  74. Anonymous[248] • Disclaimer says:

    Yuri Bezmenov was a fraud. Not that I discount what he said but his statements were provided to him by his DIA/IC handlers. Frankly, it is much worse than Bezmenov portrays. It’s not a political battle and it minimizes the evil to reduce it to that. It is a spiritual battle and communism was/is just a bulldozer.

    As the late Irish priest Fr. Andrew O’Brien explains (from Make Yourself an Ark! [transcript of audio recordings], p. 64)

    This, then, is the devil’s plan, to rule the whole world, and his people are almost ready to deliver it to him. The super-capitalists are in control of global high finance, with Zionism as their nationalism, and Communism as their bulldozer to eliminate all other nationalisms.

    “Taking him to a high mountain, the devil showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor. ‘I will give you all these,’ he said, ‘if you fall at my feet and worship me’.” (Luke 4:8-10).

    As Honore de Balzac once said, “The final battle for Christianity will be over the money problem, and until that is solved there can be no universal application of Christianity.”

    • Thanks: Emslander
  75. If we ever needed proof of our political class involvement in deviant LGBTIQPWXYZ activities, this is it. It’s now in your face gender sex predators 24/7/365. Their idea of health is appointing a obese tranny to head the department of health, overseeing tax payer dollars for gender reassignment surgery and mutilations, required drag Queen story time for military and government personnel teaching critical race Theory.
    They have forced upon whites to be a subservient class, worshiping the most violent dark people to ever walk among us, and the most despicable sex perverts the world has ever known.
    When SHTF, they’re going to need every Homo, lesbian, tranny and hoodrat, every illegal and every LGBTiQPWXYZ from the armed GayForces to defend their one nation, one world rainbow caliphate from real men and women who have had enough of their bs.

    • Replies: @Alfred Muscaria
  76. Alfa158 says:

    The CIA is successfully carrying out the same primary mission as every other government agency. That mission is to provide millions of people with easy to perform, high paying jobs, with good benefits, and a real retirement plan. Every other mission they purportedly have is purely secondary, and incidental. They are organisms that function like every other organism in nature, absorbing nutrients, growing, and occupying as much of the ambient environment as they can.
    Sometimes they are forced by their masters to do something like start another war for Israel, but they have no burning motivation, and if it was up to them, they would be perfectly happy to sit around the office until they get their golden watch.
    That applies to pretty much the whole government apparatus. A colleague of mine worked briefly for a company doing business with NASA and was appalled by the culture at NASA headquarters. He couldn’t seem to get anything done with them, and told me that it was almost a danger to life and limb if you found yourself standing in front of the exit door at 4:59PM.
    My forlorn hope is that their growing incompetence means that their capacity to do damage to us will somehow be reduced.

    • Thanks: CelestiaQuesta
    • Replies: @SafeNow
  77. @Old and Grumpy

    (((Wokeism))) is the New Woke Religion of United Socialist States of Wokebergsteinnovitch.
    Take a knee or live in misery.

    • Replies: @Miville
  78. northeast says:

    The rot runs deep in the Republic. President Eisenhower’s military-industrial complex speech was one of the first public warnings about the reality we currently reside in.

    • Replies: @Alfred Muscaria
  79. SafeNow says:

    Meanwhile, in China, the recruitment process, the qualifications process, at work.
    And in Russia, the defense minister speaks 9 languages, including Mandarin and Japanese.

    • Replies: @Realist
  80. @Caspar Von Everec

    The Bridge at Andau by James Michener a good but short read about the Hungarian Revolution of 1956…..

    Hungary became a socialist state under the authoritarian leadership of Mátyás Rákosi Many of the Security Police put in place were sadistic gays, keeping in mind that how you treat other people is the main point, not that if you are gay or not. The book says that the government sought out the worst of the worst for their security police, we see this now as having been/seeking to at this time, be the goal of our own corrupt government from top to bottom.

  81. Malla says:
    @Priss Factor

    The Chinese have a good point there.

  82. @anon

    There will be no (((Nuremberg court))) for the bio weapon attack on the world. No justice for the genocide of whites worldwide, from Afrikaners to Appalachians, farmers and youths. The only justice they will receive is the wrath of a hundred million armed whites using taking back civilization.

  83. Agent76 says:

    February 13, 2021 Opening the CIA’s Can of Worms

    “The CIA and the media are part of the same criminal conspiracy,” wrote Douglas Valentine in his important book, The CIA As Organized Crime.

    Jan 9, 2021 Dept. of State establishes new cybersecurity bureau

    Secretary of State Mike Pompeo approved the formation of a new bureau within the State Department.

  84. SafeNow says:

    “My forlorn hope is that their growing incompetence means that their capacity to do damage to us will somehow be reduced.”

    Agreed. But there’s a flip side. Namely, through miscalculation, systems error, incompetence, or woke irrationality, a nuclear war results.

    • Replies: @TBeholder
  85. OK so what has happened is that most ALL countries are now under the control of the International bankers, Rothschilds and such and it used to be that MI6 and the CIA/State Department which is basically CIA, were the tools of these Shining Bankers, but now they are consolidating the control of “Intelligence” to the Israelis unit 8200 and such and all the mossad/Israeli intel resident inside the Government of the US….. so just as they are mocking the US by having Joe Biden as a mentally infirm president…look at his Chief of Staff and Kamala Harris look at her chief of staff they are mocking the entire US Intelligence app a rat us by such polices See So Gen. K are you co operating in the destruction of the world, are you helping prepare the way of the anti-christ? What was that Oppenheimer quote?

    • Replies: @ImaBotKnot
  86. Notsofast says:

    all of this is just window dressing and gingerbread to appeal to the wokesters and let them know the cia is your friend and has your best interests in mind. after they spike protein the boomers to death there will be no one left that understands their truly demonic nature. their world headquarters in tel aviv has been doing this for years.

  87. Stonewall Jackson [AKA "John Dillinger"] says:

    You have to be a veteran to get a federal job as a white male. Alternatively, you have to be connected. Unz’s tribe will usually figure a way to hire their own. SEC and Treasury have special hiring authority to avoid veteran’s preference and AA… that’s affirmative action and also African Americans… one in the same.

    • Agree: TKK
  88. DanFromCT says:

    Just like the Left used to call our soldiers in Vietnam “baby killers” when, with few exceptions, they readily gave their C-rations to hungry kids. Now the Left loves the military ever since the military became the handmaiden of Jewish supremacism and of Israeli genocide of the Palestinians, as well as the leading deep state actor in the moral corruption of America. The goy talking heads at Fox News have been calling them “our heroes in uniform” ever since. It’s also the case that Fox News’ elaborate efforts concealing Israel and its fifth column’s execution of 9/11 provide powerful evidence of its management’s guilt for capital treason.

    The greatest irony is the continued support from white evangelicals in the military, whose churches proudly hang photos of their vets for their part incinerating Arabs and anyone else in the way of the Synagogue of Satan’s genocide of Palestinians abroad and destruction of Christianity at home. It doesn’t even faze these young men and women whose minds are not their own that the military they serve with pride has publicly announced, in effect, that its greatest enemy and threat is (1) white America, and (2) Christianity.

    This is pure kosher hate going back to the end of WW II when the Jews were praising Arthur Miller’s novel Focus for characterizing all Americans, even those still coming home in boxes from having died to help the Jews in Europe, and those not yet born, as the real nazis who needed to be exterminated next. And so here we are with whites in the military and in federal and local law enforcement making it happen.

    It all does sound biblically prophetic, to me at least, of immanent destruction of the United States at the hand of a just God in the name of the little children and their mothers who’ve been incinerated from the air by the forces of unspeakable evil who dared say they did it for God, and of cops who aid and abet rioting and brandishing by BLM and other kosher deep-state actors against innocent citizens, but only if they’re white.

  89. So, the CIA is committing suicide. When it succeeds, >95% of the world population is going to say “good riddance”.

  90. @Bruce Arney

    Thanks, Harry Truman said he would never have agreed to the creation of the CIA had he known it would become the America gestapo, it operates in America contrary to the agreement that created the CIA, which makes everything done in America illegal, but this is no deterrent to the CIA or any of the other zionist chain dogs, we are living in an American Gulag.

    See The Secret Team by the late Col. L. Fletcher Prouty and also JFK, The CIA and Vietnam also by Prouty, both can be had on amazon.

  91. bayviking says:

    The former FBI director J Edgar Hoover, possibly gay himself, would turn over in his grave over this, if he could. He prefered to hire notoriously obedient Mormons. LGBT are one more group which is discriminated against, but only between 3.5% to 5% of the population. So this has little purpose as a recruitment tool.

  92. @CelestiaQuesta

    Their idea of health is appointing a obese tranny to head the department of health

    It’s not a tranny it’s a hideous (and probably not coincidentally Jewish) fag in a dress paraded in front of us to demoralize and disgust. I have seen no evidence that it has undergone any hormone “therapy” or surgery.

    • Replies: @Kolya Krassotkin
    , @gent
  93. @Eric Novak

    Eat your Woke Alphabet soup or risk a 4am raid by a few dozen heavily armed FBI thugs.

    • Agree: TKK
  94. anon[352] • Disclaimer says:

    James Jesus Angleton was probably a Mossad agent, running counter-intel for CIA. I wonder how many Mossad assets are employed by CIA? All they’d need are a person or two in H.R. and they could load the company up with others, and gather kompromat on loyal employees, silently making CIA work for Israel. Mockingbird would get em’ in television, a.k.a. ‘narrative factory’.

    Epstein had compromised Bill Gates. Gates flew on the Lolita Express. Perhaps Gates was made to push Moderna?

    The tail is still waging the dog President Nixon.

  95. @northeast

    The rot runs deep in the Republic. President Eisenhower’s military-industrial complex speech was one of the first public warnings about the reality we currently reside in.

    Henry Ford had it figured out 30 years earlier.

  96. Miville says:
    @James Speaks

    The woke brigade does not consider the fact of being white as a crime : in case you haven’t noticed the mean skin hue among that brigade is lighter than among the general population and the darkest among them are at the bottom rung of the ladder, they are generally given very physical tasks and low pay in the scheme of pillaging they practice. They consider the fact of being white without practising what white race is made for, i.e. pedophilia, as one of the greatest acts of treason of the gift they have been endowed with. Their resentment against Blacks that “play white” like Sowell is actually greater.
    Never forget that in their eyes Blacks are not a skin colour but a sexual minority of the alphabet soup. You can enter the woke brigade yourself : you can for instance enter it by being first a Khmer Rouge communist or an Isis Islamist. What they ask for you is not so much a black skin as a black heart.

    • Replies: @James Speaks
  97. Modris says:

    This is actually white-pilling to me. It shows us that the American elites have really gone off the deep end and are genuinely invested in this woke garbage. There is no 4D chess behind any of this. No master plan. Just plain ideological fanaticism and the rigidity and ineptitude that accompanies it. It’s the new face of America and it’s going to have catastrophic consequences of the US regime’s power projection capacity.

  98. Miville says:

    No. If you go woke you go broke. That’s the aim of the woke movement : bankrupting everybody that submit to it.

    • Thanks: CelestiaQuesta
  99. sally says:

    the world can do away with the MSM and the CIA if only if would reduce the number of nation states to just one and split the resultant world into two global parts (them vs us). The them (Oligarchs) can make laws that govern those caught (the governed) inside the nation state republics, but the us can make laws that contain the law makers and hold them accountable. The only binary needs is one world government and those governed by the one world government.

  100. Miville says:

    First of all the CIA was not founded in 1946, it was just renamed as such, like the KGB which is but the former NKVD. The CIA was renamed as such just to make America look cool, open-minded and progressive, because the specialty of what preceded it was waging a war without end against all intellectuals and free thinkers with the use of a combination of populism and religion. Instead of killing intellectuals, generally through false-flag criminality, they decided to recruit them on their side and corrupt them by financing various institutions of modern art and new thought. The aim of the CIA was to present the American Empire as the “Free World”, and to make it look free, so as to seduce Europeans. Under Roosevelt America had as many prisoners in as many gulags or the equivalent as the USSR, though apparently on non-political motives.

  101. TheMoon says:

    So the oil pipeline hack was not a deliberate act by the CIA to stir up RUSSIARUSSIARUSSIA hysteria, but perhaps a hissy fit between two formerly male agents arguing over mascara brands?

  102. TheMoon says:
    @Caspar Von Everec

    And for Gaia’s sake, coordinate your accessories!

    • LOL: RestiveUs
  103. Rahan says:
    @Kolya Krassotkin

    Just reading lots of Vogt, Silverberg, and Simak the last couple of years, and the conceptual approach of the vintage giants fits unexpectedly well the current crypto-sci-fi madness.

  104. ricpic says:

    Wall to wall Wise Latinas!!!

  105. Mike Tre says:

    Need more Palestinians in the CIA.

  106. @Alfred Muscaria

    Now, now, we should give a shout-out to “Rachel” Levine.

    It takes courage to admit you’re an overweight 75 year old yenta with saggy breasts trapped in the body of a 60 year old MD; and when nut jobs today are a dime a dozen, hers is the type of lunacy that really means something.

  107. Anonymous[418] • Disclaimer says:
    @Kolya Krassotkin

    If this is an interesting concept read the Galaxy’s Edge series by Cole & Anspach. A lot of the conflicts in it revolve around generation ships called light huggers (because they travel at sub luminal velocities) full of the insane descendants of earths centuries ago elites with wildly differing technologies, ideologies, and spiritual beliefs popping up hundreds of years later all over the galaxy that’s is already colonized and more or less United under a federation. The savages on their light huggers were already on their thousand year journeys when faster than light travel is developed and are therefore completely divergent and almost always anathema to all humanity that they encounter. In the book series the colonized galaxy fights for survival in a 1500 year long conflict against the things that emerge from the light huggers in the deep darkness between the stars that the call the savage wars. Most of what you learn about the early pre galaxy spanning civilization days in this literary universe is only hinted at. The whole series is great.

  108. gent says:
    @Alfred Muscaria

    Not a faggot. He has several kids and is still married to his wife. He’s just a fucking pervert.

  109. Realist says:

    Yes, the United States is truly screwed.

    • Agree: SafeNow
  110. Kali [AKA "Unpersoned by fb"] says:

    If the “globalist community” managest to secure for itself the technocratice, totalitarian global-empire it is currently preparing then the role of the CIA in the future will be gathering intelligence on we “global citizens” as well as to monitor our compliance with the new “Woke Empire” behavioural dictats.
    Without any external threat, the “citizens” become the threat. So filling the agency with woke identitarians makes a lot of sense.

    That’s IF the globalists manage to pull this multi-pole coup off. They may not.

  111. @Alfred Muscaria

    “Failed” from the perspective of the dreamers; succeeded from the perspective of the schemers.

    Or as I like to say: Marxism (communism/liberalism/etc.)–the more it fails, the more it succeeds.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  112. @Anon

    For all we know, the Colonial Pipeline clusterfuck is just another operation being run
    out of Langley by the same people who are decorating the CIA headquarters with all these jive-talking non-binary moral exemplars.

  113. The Demoncrazies packed the candidate lists in 2018 with ‘former’ CIA and military thugs, presaging the theft of the election, the removal of Trump and the full restoration of Deep State rule, preparatory to the coming war on China. ‘Woke’ fascists has a nice fin de siecle feel to it, like the SS in knee high leather kinky boots.

  114. @Max Payne

    And memorial photos of JFK.

  115. @ImaBotKnot

    Tina Flournoy ( not Michele Flournoy …..Who is possibly???? The “shadow” Defense Secretary)
    During the 2000 United States presidential election, Flournoy was traveling Chief of Staff to the Democratic vice-presidential nominee Joe Lieberman and Finance Director for the Al Gore 2000 presidential campaign. It has been reported that both Al Gore and Joe Lieberman were/are? On the Committee of 300 Who ever the real puppet masters are of the President and Vice President the Chiefs of staff help pull the strings??? ??? Shadow Director of the CIA

    • Replies: @ImaBotKnot
  116. @Matthew Kelly

    Communism didn’t ‘fail’-it was destroyed by the West’s unrelenting aggression. Yet, in China, and Cuba, it succeeded against the odds, and Vietnam did slay the dragon. Cuba, after all, for sixty years, has been the only Latin state to make any progress in human development for its people, while the rest of ‘America’s backyard’ has been a charnel-house of slaughter, torture and disappearances, while the people were mired in endless poverty and want.

    • Replies: @Malla
  117. @Supply and Demand

    More honest and cheaper than an invasion.

  118. Alden says:

    I wonder if ADL has anything to do with these new initiatives? The military has had something like that for decades; the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute. I remember about 12,15 years ago the ADL was consulting’s coordinating and counseling the army about KKK skinhead White Supremacist gangs in the US army in whatever Arab country we were destroying at the time.

    ADL was raising lots of money from jews to go fight these redneck gangsters. In reality, there were some gangsters in the military. Hispanic American soldiers from S California who met up and carried on in the army. There were a few incidents of black, often NOI soldiers killing other soldiers at the time too.

    ADL and the Jewish propaganda machine, especially the Jewish community newspapers all ran stories about ADLs heroic fight to rid the army of White Supremacist gangsters.

    CIA and it’s predecessor wasn’t the WASP institution of myth. The need for sons of E European immigrants who learned the language at home and looked Albanian Hungarian Polish etc was paramount during and for 50 years after WE2. I know in the 1950s -80s CIA was recruiting in the E European neighborhoods of Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburg Indiana steel towns. Now there’s ads in S California Persian neighborhoods looking for Farsi and Arab speakers. N

    ADL and other Jewish non profits slither into every government agency to preach their racial poison.

    • Replies: @James Forrestal
  119. @Caspar von Everec

    What one does with all Slaaneshi cultists: feed them a painkiller and deprive them of all sensation as you torture them.

  120. @HeebHunter

    I know it must be offensive to the other countries of the world that the American Empire, silly and evil as it is, remains such an outright danger.

    Here’s hoping.

  121. and Vietnam did slay the dragon

    Do they have sovereign currency or a Rothschilds controlled central bank? I’m betting the latter or we would still be bombing them.

  122. @Priss Factor

    This is just a ‘moral cover’ for all the bad things they do.

    Even the term “intelligence community” serves as “moral cover.” Language frames the narrative, and specific words matter. The dual meaning of “intelligence” is fairly obvious — that’s why they invariably use that instead of, say, “espionage agencies” or “federal security services,” but “community?”

    Think about it. In intersectional terms, “community” has strongly positive connotations — it’s typically applied to “morally superior” groups; those that are officially-sacralized as “designated victims,” rather than “oppressors.”

    The Black community

    Other non-White “communities”

    Which constitute a special “community” when they’re infiltrating White countries

    The homosexual and transsexual “communities”

    And of course, the granddaddy of them all, the Tribe of Supreme Victims “community”

    The officially-mandated semantic construct of “intelligence community” is very much a parallel construct — it serves as a sort of verbal empathy trigger to indicate to the reader that high status/ intelligent/ morally “superior” people should support this group.

    We can clearly see from this completely objective “news” item that the so-called “intelligence community” is morally “good,” an authoritative source of “facts”… and that it is working hard to protect us from the unimaginable evils of foreign malign* influence operations. The ever-present threat of malign foreigners attempting to hack our brains by posting malign things on benign social media platforms is second only to White supreemist terrorism as an existential threat to the unity of our diverse, multicultural non-nation in the current year. Just look at the context in which the word “intelligence” is used each of the 18x it appears in that brief piece [“espionage?” zero].

    *As opposed to the foreign benign influence operations — like open borders and AIPAC — that “xenophobes,” “nativists,” and “racists” say such mean things about. Don’t worry if you’re confused. The federal security services — with the aid of corporate narrative promotion agencies — will tell you which is which.

    • Agree: CelestiaQuesta, dfordoom

    But Americans cannot feign neutrality as the US has supported the Zionist erasure of Palestine from day one. US enabled the Nakba pogroms, Israeli nuclear program, the IDF death squads, and the occupation of West Bank. US gave billions to Israel in it crushing of the Palestinian people.
    So, for Americans to just throw up their hands and pretend it’s not their problem is disingenuous. US is totally complicit in the Zionist crimes against Palestinians. The only decent thing to do is to lend support to Palestinians and reverse America’s vile decisions over the decades in favor of Jewish supremacists.
    Also, it’s about time Americans woke up to the fact that Jews never showed gratitude. White Americans supported Jews and Israel 100% in the Great Replacement of Palestinians, BUT Jews have been using non-white mass immigration to effect Great Replacement in Europe, Canada, and the US. In other words, Jews now target white populations just like they once targeted the Palestinian population.

    • Agree: Alden
  124. Alden says:

    Only 5 years ago talking about one’s sex life at work was deemed inappropriate and sex harassment. It was in all the HR manuals. It was mostly gays and butch lesbians who were spoken to about it by HR. Because they just love to brag about their sex lives. And who wants to hear about it?

    Now gays are encouraged to talk about it at work.

  125. @El Dato

    Hennessey served as one of the more unhinged voices of the anti-Trump “#Resistance” and supported the Russiagate propaganda campaign through jobs as CNN analyst, Lawfare blog executive editor

    The co-author on the linked Lawfare piece is Benjamin Wittes, editor in chief of Lawfare — perhaps best known for his League of All Oligarchic Forces rant.

    He’s an optics jew, thus not a big Bibi fan:

    Plus he feels strongly that, after a century of “experimenting” on the goyim, systemic semitism in America has progressed to the point that it’s a better host society for the Tribe than the Zionist colony in Palestine:

    Incidentally, Wittes’ wife writes for Lawfare as well, and she’s a better writer than he is. Here’s a good optics jew take from her as of 2016 on perceived threats to Israeli regional hegemony and [implicitly] why Trump and Bibi are “bad for the jews.”

  126. Alden says:
    @Desert Fox

    The largest CIA station in the world, excepting the headquarters near DC was in Chicago. Supposedly because of the large E European immigrant population but who really knows? Could be CIA was heavily involved with the rise of the Pritzker family. What was CIA doing in Chicago?

  127. The CIA is a complete, total failure. While they were on watch the American nation was inundated by every evil known to man while the CIA did nothing, in fact they participated. Given their immenses failure they should all be given the option of suicide at dawn or a firing squad.

    • Agree: Alfred Muscaria
  128. On first viewing I thought the ad was targeting chunky Latinas in search of woke incontinence products.

  129. @Alden

    The CIA and the mossad are twins in crime and are involved with MI6 also, they are the unholy trinity, the zionist chain dogs.

  130. The CIA is in the service of evil. Anything that weakens it is welcome. This is true of the entire apparatus of Imperial Washington.

    • Agree: Alfred Muscaria
  131. @Alden

    CIA and it’s predecessor wasn’t the WASP institution of myth. The need for sons of E European immigrants who learned the language at home and looked Albanian Hungarian Polish etc was paramount during and for 50 years after WE2.

    Among the “oddest” pairings that World War II produced was the bringing together of William “Wild Bill” Donovan, head of the U.S. Office of Strategic Services (OSS) — a precursor to the CIA — and a group of German Jewish Marxists he hired to help the United States understand the Nazis.

    British and American spy agencies were also heavily Jewish. Britain’s Special Operations Executive (SOE), which would be instrumental in the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich, employed more than 1,000 Jewish spies, the most famous of whom were the female spies Vera Atkins (born Vera Rosenberg) and French Jew Denise Bloch (later executed at Ravensbruck concentration camp). The director of the SOE was the Jewish banker Sir Charles Hambro, while its chief cryptographer was the Jew Leo Marks. The American equivalent of the SOE was the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), an early incarnation of the CIA. As well as boasting a large number of Jewish spies, Ginsberg writes that one group of ‘analysts’ within the OSS “consisted of a number of refugee Jewish intellectuals associated with the so-called Frankfurt School of neo-marxist social theorists. These included such luminaries as Franz Neumann, Herbert Marcuse, and Otto Kirchheimer.”[9] These Frankfurt School intellectuals were tasked with assessing the prospects for propaganda and psychological warfare as weapons against the German people.

    • Thanks: Malla
  132. Hibernian says:

    It was done back in the Cold War to control the left-wing opposition.

    It was done back in the Cold War to aid the left-wing opposition. FIFY

  133. Hibernian says:

    Chicago is the New York of the Midwest.

  134. some_loon says:

    As the author points out, homosexuality was once considered as something that would make a person vulnerable to blackmail.

    CIA has found a a way to immunize themselves from that, as the broader society has changed, while still being able to use that as a tool overseas.

    Western intelligence agencies going along with these changes might just be their adaptation to the current environment, however much or however little they had a role in shaping it.

  135. some_loon says:

    Chicago is the ‘Second City’, after NYC.

    It is both the biggest city in the interior of the US and an international port (and not just with Canada, though that isn’t really to be sneezed at, either).

    It may be of note that Boeing moved its headquarters to Chicago, from Seattle. The story was that the wife of one of the senior executives, after the merger with McDonnell Douglas, really liked Chicago, with its shopping and social scene, but not Seattle.

  136. Malla says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    That is bullshit, Castro was put in power by the USA.

  137. @Publius 2

    It’s been that way since Griggs v. Duke Power, 1971. That’s how long it’s been that way.

    • Agree: Alden
  138. @Miville

    Consider that it’s all smokescreen. Their professions of outrage are disingenuous. The goal is to enslave and exterminate whites before moving on to other non-negro groups. It’s what they do. It’s who they are. The whites involved are useful idiots. Remember, in Zulu, there are no words for keeping a promise.

  139. Is Comedy Central a cover the Central Intelligence Agency? I always wondered where they get their material and secret agent stand ups.

  140. SOL says:
    @Publius 2

    Use your skills and talents to build up your tribe.

  141. Only unisex underpants are available around here now. I just heard the man outside this mouse hole say he’s been out to buy boxer shorts but they’ve disappeared from the market. All he could get were a kind with no opening at the front, nothing there to unbutton and open. He hasn’t yet worked out how he can piss at a urinal wearing them, guesses they’re stretchable enough that the leg opening can be pulled aside far enough to serve that other purpose.

    I’ll keep listening.

    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
    , @Anon
  142. SOL says:

    Especially grating are the women, especially non-white, who are ex-FBI or ex-CIA but make their living now as “experts” giving commentary for CNN, etc.

  143. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    I mean it’s unwoke, discriminatory, to have an opening at the front of men’s underpants, isn’t it?

  144. Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiit.

    • LOL: Angharad
    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
  145. Blade says:

    And on the bright side it does serve a purpose for its bosses in the White House, enabling the government to hide behind “intelligence community (IC) assessments” when it is preparing to do something really stupid.

    Very funny. But isn’t the government supposed to be run by the best and the brightest? When you look at their resumes, many of them are from colleges like Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and so on. Impressive credentials on paper. So where is the problem?

  146. No presidents since Kennedy have dared cross this despicable organization, maybe diversity and inclusion will finally do it in.

  147. Meimou says:
    @Matthew Kelly

    Paging General Flynn

    A Zionist. Not sure how helpful he will be to you.

  148. @DanFromCT

    Didn’t know of the novel but have been aware of the irony of Jew hatred of those who sacrificed for the Jew cause

    This is pure kosher hate going back to the end of WW II when the Jews were praising Arthur Miller’s novel Focus for characterizing all Americans, even those still coming home in boxes from having died to help the Jews in Europe, and those not yet born, as the real nazis who needed to be exterminated next.

    which only makes sence since learning of the words “goyim” and “golem”.

    The great overlooked dynamic of the post-war era and the disastrous changes in culture the baby boomers caused or had inflicted upon them is the shell-shocked mindset of the WWII vets who came home physically healthy but permanently scarred mentally/emotionally. Then beyond their weakened psychological condition those white vets and their children experienced nothing by relentless attacks by the Jews’ Media to this day.

  149. Anonymous[162] • Disclaimer says:

    “The CIA should only recruit trannies because that would bring about world peace.” Jesus would love this: the first shall be last, and the last shall be first.

    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
  150. @Priss Factor

    Negro Worshiping on steroids…take a knee and bow to yo black Masta offering yo white female hoes as a sacrifice to fulfill the prophecy of St. Floyd the Innocent.

  151. @Desert Fox

    we are living in an American Gulag.

    At least the food is still good here. No watery gruel yet.

    • Replies: @Alfred Muscaria
  152. @Sir Launcelot Canning

    At least the food is still good here. No watery gruel yet.

    Pharma grown meat and bugs are on their way to a gulag near you!

    • Replies: @Desert Fox
  153. @Alfred Muscaria

    Thanks, regarding this , please check, the zionists/globalists are not only going to use the vaxx to genocide us, but are going to attempt to starve us, we are in for a hell of a ride.

    • Replies: @Alfred Muscaria
  154. @Desert Fox

    Thanks, regarding this , please check, the zionists/globalists are not only going to use the vaxx to genocide us, but are going to attempt to starve us, we are in for a hell of a ride.

    They always use food to subdue the populace. The last big event was China and Ukraine before that. I’m skeptical they can keep control of the US but if they do we can expect the same treatment.

  155. @Anonymous

    Shouldn’t we all just migrate to Iran, where being a homosexual earns the death penalty? A much healthier place to live, mentally, I think.

  156. hillaire says:

    ‘Giraldi’ isn’t ‘borrowing’ his metaphors he is ‘mixing’ them, and just like the now somewhat adulterated alphabet men of the Central Imbecile Agency..

    That is unforgivable…

  157. @ImaBotKnot

    Within the U.S. government, the National Security Council (NSC) functions as the main planning group, devising strategy and policies for the operation of American power in the world. The NSC coordinates multiple other government agencies, bringing together the secretaries of the State and Defense Departments, the CIA, NSA, Joint Chiefs of Staff, and various other government bodies, with meetings directed by the National Security Adviser, who is generally one of the president’s most trusted and influential advisers. In several administrations, the National Security Adviser became the most influential voice and policymaker to do with foreign policy, such as during the Nixon administration (with Henry Kissinger) and the Carter administration (with Zbigniew Brzezinski). ….. David Rothkopf has written the official history of the National Security Council (NSC) in his book, Running the World: The Inside Story of the National Security Council and the Architects of American Power, published in 2005. Rothkopf writes from an insiders perspective, being a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, a visiting scholar at the Carnegie Endowment, he was Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade Policy and Development in the Clinton administration, and is currently president and CEO of Garten Rothkopf, an international advisory firm, CEO of Foreign Policy magazine, previously CEO of Intellibridge Corporation, and was also a managing director at Kissinger Associates, an international advisory firm founded and run by Henry Kissinger. In his book on the NSC, Rothkopf noted that, “[e]very single national security advisor since Kissinger is, in fact, within two degrees of Kissinger,” referring to the fact that they have all “worked with him as aides, on his staff, or directly with him in some capacity,” or worked for someone in those categories (hence, within “two degrees”).

    • Replies: @ImaBotKnot
  158. @Publius 2

    If you write your resume like that very few companies or organizations that hire on merit would even call you. Good resume writing is walking a fine line between telling them what you have achieved without sounding arrogant and doing enough self-promotion and selling while still appearing that you have a reasonable amount of humility. Employers are hiring the whole package, they’re interested in what you can do for them, but at the same time take into consideration your personality. Others will need to work with you, and you represent the organization to clients and customers.

    • Replies: @Alden
  159. HbutnotG says:

    Silly me. I for decades assumed the white supremacy thing was laid to rest once The South became “colored friendly” – so much so that many coloreds proudly returned to “their roots” (The South) in the 1970’s. It was just as much a fashion as the Afro hairdo. But same as always, people just by nature like to live amongst people that look and act like they do – even coloreds, I guess. The “For Rent” or “For Sale” ads in the (1950’s) newspapers had solidly dumped the “Colored” designation once meaning “OK for you.”

    But no. The Great Society (which is anything but) unexpectedly kept the segregation going. Blue cities went black, and whites eventually decided that 15 miles out wasn’t enough. Even ACORN I which put newly built colored “projects” plum in the middle of selected far out white suburbs didn’t go as planned. 25 Mile Rd was no longer far out enough – “52” Mile Rd was more like it. Long commute or not! Well, just wait for ACORN II! It’s right around the corner.

    So now this forced “mixing” has not only gone beyond somebody’s pipe dream, but is soon going to be the rule. The D’s said so out loud. In preparation, the youngin’s were fully indoctrinated for 30 years and have no issue with it.

    And in the same time period, getting (hetero) married and having kids has like, become way out of style. So what’s the issue regarding a neighborhood with “diversity?” Likewise, pediatricians have become affirmative action checklist fillers while the smart ones once trained to think for themselves threw down their eye and baby development charts and simply went to vet school – no government limits on what you can bill for those Gen Y’s four legged kids – like the MD’s had to undergo in that HCFA, 1983 law. I never thought I’d see the day where that 6:1 applicant to seat ratio would switch from med schools to vet schools.

    At least this dispersion of coloreds makes sense – potentially more D’s in DC. One of a dozen methods to accomplish that, as we have come to realize – whether you like it or not.

    I recall that we once told women “You can’t have it both ways!” But for them, even that has become a fable.

  160. Some what of a tangent, but
    https :// note Hansjörg Wyss who lives close to the Cheneys in Wyoming.
    If the globalist plan is to split the Republican Party, so that their Hegelian altar ego (occult also) the Demolitioncrat party stays in power – because the Republican party is evil, but at the common man level of the Republican party people are starting to wake up, as where the common Democrat is totally lost caught up in – if over 51% can make the rules then we will demand that the productive conservative element support us the left. If the evil right NEOcon Liz wanted to be fired, then this is part of the globalist plan also, which is coordinated with the evil Left. The top of the left and the top of the right co ordinate and are evil….. moral of the story I.e. Wyss Asking the question Are Podesta(s) kinda the minions of Bloomberg who is reported to be on the committee of 300?
    Board of Directors
    John Podesta, Chair ….. Neera Tanden, President …… Stacey Abrams
    Julián Castro ….. Steve Daetz …. Sen. Tom Daschle
    Andrew Hauptman …. Glenn Hutchins …. Eric Mindich
    Kristin Mugford ….. Donald Sussman …. Hansjörg Wy
    Also Podesta here with Chertoff Chertoff sides with Cheney

  161. Anon[264] • Disclaimer says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    Going commando is the solution – did it 30 years ago, never looked back.

  162. @animalogic

    Black lesbians can be murderous, self-righteous, psychopaths too, you know.

  163. Anastasia says:

    They really are a bunch of low life criminals.

  164. The statement is ridiculous and if the IC is indeed behind it, the entire community should be disbanded to save the taxpayer some money.

    The entire “community” should indeed be disbanded, all their buildings demolished, and the ground sown with salt. Saving the taxpayers some money would be welcome, but trivial in comparison to the primary benefit: a beginning to possibly returning the United States to being a limited-government republic, and restoring our liberties.

    By the way, I don’t know whether you were including the FBI in the “IC,” but in any case, it’s imperative that it be the very first to go. It’s marginally more dangerous to us than CIA, even.

  165. beau says:

    the most diabolical entity of the fedgov cares NOTHING about patriotism or serving country. it’s only care is itself and maintenance of its funding. ALL ELSE is secondary, including truth.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
  166. Alden says:

    Former government employee myself. I know how it works.

  167. Alden says:
    @Joe Paluka

    The only thing employers look for these days is the color of your skin or surname. And if you’re White, you don’t even get an interview if it’s a government agency. For government women and minorities doesn’t mean White women, just minority women.

    It’s 2021, not 921.

  168. Alden says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    The 60 year olds working in the federal and most government agencies at all levels in America are completely 100 percent indoctrinated liberals. Affirmative action became the law of the land in 1968 when today’s 60 year olds were 7 years old. The higher ups in their 50s and 60s in CIA and all government agencies have been brainwashed in insane liberalism their entire lives.

    They got their jobs at CIA either because 1 they are black brown asian or gay. 2 if White, children and grandchildren of communists and revolutionaries who were active in communist gay animal rights illegal immigrant rights groups in college.

    Maybe in 1980 the 50 60 year old higher ups would not have approved these recruitment videos. But every American born since 1950 has been throughly brainwashed in the cult of liberal insanity.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  169. @Alden

    No doubt you exaggerate, but I fear not much.

  170. TBeholder says:

    On the surface, this changes nothing. Because CIA, obviously, was “converged” long ago. It’s just that Cthulhu swam a little more left, and the crowd of Its usual followers swam after it.
    The obvious results, however, are:
    1. The Progressives (Tru Believers, of course) have a little defect (most often observable as “SJWs Always Project” principle): they…

    never think outside their own tradition. They actually have no theory of mind outside it. The world outside their revolution, past and present, cannot be taken seriously; it is dark and unknowable, like the mind of a chimpanzee; and if we could know it, probably not much more interesting.
    – Mencius Moldbug, “Noah Smith and the market for cruelty”

    Thus the more righteous it becomes, the more perfectly useless it will be as an intelligence agency.
    2. As a corollary, it’s going to turn more toward internal operations (as in, entire territory of nu-Theocracy including the satellites, not just formal borders of USA).
    The problem is that there are too many secret polices already, with overlapping powers, no serious real-world (non-hallucinatory) enemy to unite them against, and no Stalin grade dictator to firmly keep them all on their leashes.
    The most obvious outcome of this situation is a big and messy underworld power struggle within their circle, splashing outside as they all try to subjugate, by hook or crook, members of the rest of power structure, for advantages against each other.

  171. TBeholder says: • Website

    CIA is not a “strategical” military force with nuclear weapons.
    Also, it’s not long before this will stop being even a remote possibility. Because these weapons need maintenance, and the people supposed to do this delicate job… well… see the linked thread as to what sort of circus was seen at Sandia National Lab the last year. Follow links from there if you want, but it doesn’t get less insane in any direction.

  172. Remember all those Nazis absorbed into the CIA after WWII? And remember how many Nazis were self-styled Teutonic neo-pagans?

    Looks like they somehow resurrected the cult of Loki, the LGBTQ Norse Trickster, into the brain of the U.S. Deep State.

    Loki Lives! And there’s no Big Angry Green Guy to stop him! Bwahahahahaha!

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