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Declaring Independence from Israel
It's Way Overdue!
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When Republican Presidential contender Senator Ted Cruz announced his intention to run before a packed audience at Liberty University in Lynchburg Virginia, the one line in his speech that drew the most applause was “Instead of a president who boycotts Prime Minister Netanyahu, imagine a president who stands unapologetically with the nation of Israel.” I do not know if those who were cheering were really aware of what Cruz was saying, but the preposition “with” committing President Cruz to some kind of ad hoc equal partnership with a foreign government was both unseemly and ultimately un-American. A President of the United States should be prepared and expected to advance only American interests.

There is no ambiguity in Cruz. As keynote speaker for a conference held last September by the newly formed In Defense of Christians group, he demonstrated that even in front of Middle Eastern Christians it was necessary to play the Israel card, bringing Jewish “persecution” into the discussion before walking off stage. Just before exiting, he said, “If you will not stand with Israel and the Jews, then I will not stand with you. Good night, and God bless.”

A day after Cruz and Liberty it was Jeb Bush’s turn. He repudiated James Baker, his father’s secretary of state, after Baker had mildly criticized Netanyahu’s rejection of a possible Palestinian state, with Bush’s press spokesman asserting “Governor Bush’s support for Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu is unwavering.” In a follow-up op-ed last Wednesday, Bush cemented his credentials as a worthy heir to his brother George in terms of intellectual vacuity by opposing nuclear negotiations with Iran before asserting “The Obama administration treats announcements of new apartment buildings in Jerusalem like acts of aggression.” Jeb is apparently unaware that there are half a million settlers on the West Bank on stolen Palestinian land.

Every Republican presidential wannabe makes an obligatory trip to Israel to kiss Netanyahu’s ring. And the neoconservative claque is meanwhile crowing about Bibi, calling him the “leader of the free world.” One blogger quipped “Has it got to the point that the GOP should cut through all the red tape and simply nominate Benjamin Netanyahu as their 2016 candidate?”

The most recent GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney went so far as to pledge himself to take Israel’s advice before doing anything in the Middle East. Cruz, like Romney, has made very clear his willingness to be guided by Israel and it appears that Bush 3 will do more of the same. As will every other leading Republican, including Rand Paul who recently defended critics who claimed that he was applauding too slowly during the Netanyahu speech, saying “I gave the prime minister 50 standing ovations, I co-sponsored bringing him here.”

Marco Rubio another presidential aspirant, has already declared that if he is elected president, he would be willing to defy America’s European allies if necessary to revoke any deal with Iran he might inherit. Rubio’s foreign policy advisers feature Dan Senor, Elliot Abrams, Robert Kagan and Eric Edelman.

Selling out to Israeli interests has become de rigueur for Republican politicians and presidential hopefuls as well as for a heck of a lot of Democrats as well. Former Bill Clinton U.N. Ambassador Bill Richardson recently commented that Israel is “our anchor in the Mideast. Our beachfront is Israel. They’re our strongest ally” while Senator Chuck Schumer, who is poised to become Senate Minority Leader, has declared “One of my roles, very important in the United States senate, is to be a shomer – to be the shomer Yisrael (guardian for Israel). And I will continue to be that with every bone in my body …”

The description of Israel as a close ally is not true, of course. Though Israel is persistently referred to as America’s greatest friend by the chattering class it is not legally or practically an ally at all and never has been. And then there is the recent revelation that Israel not only spied on Americans officials negotiating with Iran but also used the information obtained with members of Congress to undercut the talks. It is quite possible that Netanyahu was getting his intelligence from someone inside the United States delegation, raising a perhaps more troubling issue about the loyalty of some senior officials. It also suggests that at least some Congressmen received briefings from the Israeli government that included classified information obtained from the U.S. negotiating team and did nothing about it.

That revelation of spying came on top of Benjamin Netanyahu’s apparent strategic decision to deal only with American leaders whom he likes and who like him in return. His 2012 endorsement of Romney preceded an unrelenting two year campaign excoriating the Obama Administration for its “weakness” regarding Iran. There have been two speeches by Netanyahu before Congress piling on more of the same but the coup de grace came when a desperate Netanyahu seeking reelection explicitly rejected the U.S. backed negotiations seeking to create a peaceful settlement for the Israel-Palestine problem. And then Netanyahu, confident that he can get away with anything without consequence, threw into the hopper a racist rant encouraging right wing support at the polls in Israel by creating fears over Israeli Arabs who might want to vote.

Senator John McCain inevitably accused President Obama of having a tantrum and told him “to get over it” after the White House expressed some concern regarding the extreme right wing Israeli election result. And now that the elections are over, it is reported that Israeli intelligence Israeli intelligence officers who exposed some of Netanyahu’s lies will be purged after the new government is formed. The GOP majority in Congress meanwhile has already rewarded Bibi for his enlightened statesmanship by giving him 50 ovations, thanking him for making the American Secretary of State and President look ridiculous. Forty-seven Senators subsequently signed a letter to the Iranian leadership warning that they would repudiate any nuclear agreement entered into by President Obama and Speaker of the House John Boehner will be traveling to Israel this week, presumably to personally thank Netanyahu for his understanding and continued support.

And meanwhile Washington continues to reward Israel with more than $3 billion per year in direct assistance plus billions more in tax exempt “charitable contributions” from American citizens, some of which goes to build illegal settlements. It continues to provide Israel with political cover at the United Nations; supplies it with weapons, some of which have been used in contravention of American law; and it regularly defers to Israeli concerns about the political situation in the Middle East.

As a reward for Washington’s largesse, Israel’s many enemies have made the United States a terrorist target. And then there is what the White House and Justice Department (DOJ) do not do. Israel is the number one “friendly” country in terms of the level of espionage directed against the United States but the federal government chooses not prosecute the hundreds of Israelis and Americans caught spying. The DOJ has even blocked any inquiries by concerned citizens into the details of Israeli espionage using mechanisms like the Freedom of Information Act.

One might well come to the conclusion that the American people are not very well served by all of this nonsense. Israel has sometimes been called the “fifty-first state” but it is worse than that as it pays no taxes, is never held accountable for anything, damages U.S. interests and is a net beneficiary at all levels. And all of Netanyahu’s subterfuge has taken place against a backdrop of repeated U.S. pledges of support for Israel coupled with fulsome assertions by policy makers that America “has Israel’s back” if there is any conflict in the region, a virtual commitment that Washington will join in any war that Tel Aviv initiates.

As Israel has done and continues to do grave damage to the United States through its actions, it is past time for an amicable divorce, to enable the dog to again wag its tail, as it were. It is quite possible to wish Israel and the Israeli people well without having to become an accomplice in war crimes. As there is more than sufficient justification to change the existing injurious special relationship, I would propose a new Declaration of Independence, this time not directed at King George III but at King Bibi Netanyahu and his associates in government.

As a prologue to the injuries suffered by the United States, I cannot put it any better than did America’s Founders: “When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation:”

  • Washington wishes Israel and all other countries in the Middle East well and hopes that they will prosper, but from now on Israel, having abused its privileged position, must be treated just like any other country, with the depth of the bilateral relationship dictated by actual American interests.
  • American taxpayer contributions to Israel’s high tech first world economy are both unnecessary and unwarranted and will cease.
  • Diplomatic protection of Israel at the United Nations and in other international bodies damages American interests and will only be considered when Israeli and U.S. interests coincide.
  • Israeli has violated U.S. laws regarding the use of American provided military equipment for defensive purposes only. Future sales of equipment will be reviewed and American military equipment prepositioned in Israel will also be removed.
  • Because it is a violation of Article 4 of the U.S. Constitution American intelligence agencies will no longer share raw data obtained illegally on American citizens with Israel.
  • Because funding the occupation of the West Bank is illegal, any private donations to Israel will only be considered charitable when it can be demonstrated that the recipients are actually eligible for that tax status.
  • As it is in Washington’s interest to do so, the United States will be free to negotiate with Iran, Syria and all other countries in the Middle East. The United States will specifically respect the national integrity and sovereignty of all nations in the region, i.e. there will be no more threats that a “military option” is on the table.
  • As there is a clear conflict of interest, trips to Israel funded by private foundations and lobbies to acquaint Congressmen, military officers, and other elected officials with the Israeli point of view will be considered gifts and subject to appropriate regulation and taxation.
  • Israeli lobbying groups to include AIPAC, WINEP and JINSA have done great damage to the interests of the United States and will be required to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938.
  • How Israel conducts its domestic governance is its own business, but the United States will oppose the continuation of legal and administrative infringements on the fundamental rights of ethnic and religious minorities in any and all countries, including those that regard themselves as democratic, to include Israel’s treatment of its Arab minority.
  • As it is in the United States interest to do so, Washington will support in international fora the creation of a sovereign and functional Palestinian state to include full recognition by Washington, understanding that the persistence of the Palestinian problem has been both an incubator of and recruiting poster for terrorism worldwide.
  • Stealing American high technology and government secrets has done grave damage. Israelis and Americans caught spying against the United States will be arrested, charged and prosecuted under applicable statutes. There will be no exceptions.

I am convinced that a new Declaration of Independence will be good both for the United States and for Israel. The U.S. can remove the issue of Israel from its fractious political discourse and will at last be free of a major distortion in its ability to conduct foreign and security policy based on America’s own interests. Israel, which is military dominant in its region, can begin to think seriously of how to coexist with its neighbors rather than bomb them into submission. A reset for both countries would be healthy as well as the right thing to do.

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  1. Don Nash says:

    Israel. Israel first. Netanyahu. The United States Congress is obsequious to Israel. ENOUGH!!!
    If the clowns that serve AIPAC in the US Congress can’t put America first, well, they need to be removed from office, tried for treason, and held to account.
    Israel can go pound sand.

  2. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Obama is a warmonger and has already stablished that by invading so many countries and continue to do so. Stop apologizing for US crimes against humanity by holding others responsible. Are you that crazy to say that Obama is so coward that cannot not say NO?

  3. Great article Phil, Netanyahu is a war criminal as are his non indicted co-conspirators, George W. Bush and a number of his administration. Obama is also included in that bunch. I am afraid it is already too late to change things as Amerikans are asleep. Also they are fooled by the Republican and Democratic party propaganda. They are two wings of the same party. If we don’t take our country back soon it will be too late if it isn’t already. How many elected officials would have the courage to support this declaration. I fear very few will.

    • Replies: @donut
    , @Realist
  4. Right! says:

    Independence from Israel?
    The only way a slave gains his independence is by the death of his master or himself, and sometimes both.

    I’ll believe it when I see it. Like aliens, UFO.

  5. donut says:
    @Aaron Klein

    Years ago in a Playboy magazine interview Gore Vidal said that the US is a one party system with a right and a left wing . That had to be in the 70’s . About ten years or so ago I saw another interview with him where he referenced that remark and updated it . He said that now the US is a one party system with two right wings .

  6. “Instead of a president who boycotts Prime Minister Netanyahu, imagine a president who stands unapologetically with the nation of Israel.”

    Doesn’t he rather mean “stands apologetically”? Kind of like the apologists who called the De Klerck regime a bastion of democracy and freedom.

    But a lot of it is blowback for our own nation’s past hard and soft antisemitism, the inadequate defense or rescue of Europe’s Jewry annihilated by Nazis. If only the West had accepted far more, or exerted more power on their behalf, we would not now have this situation where so many American Jewish citizens have felt compelled to maintain divided loyalties, or even primacy of loyalty to Israel, rather than the interests they share in common with their fellow Americans.

  7. An Israeli leader addressing the Congress-critters always reminds me of Stalin and the Comrades.

  8. LondonBob says:

    JFK tried that, didn’t work out well.

  9. To this We pledge our lives, our fortunes, our sacred honor . . .

    Thank you Dr. Giraldi

  10. I am convinced that a new Declaration of Independence will be good both for the United States and for Israel.

    What fantastic phoney baloney. How in the world would that be good for Israel? And after the serious harm that Israel has caused America why should any American care whether a pro-American policy is good for Israel or not? I suppose Giraldi think he sounds reasonable when he says these things, but really he sounds ridiculous.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @james wilson
  11. geokat62 says:

    Phil, your articles keep getting better and better!

  12. @Don Nash

    All of the dual citizens, including Ted Cruz, need to be kicked out of government. That would be a start.

    • Replies: @Chris Mallory
  13. @Semi-employed White Guy

    That doesn’t go quite far enough. The legal status of “dual citizen” should be ended. Doesn’t matter if the other nation is Ireland, India or Israel, pick which nation will you give your loyalty.

    US citizens serving in foreign armies should face a loss of citizenship as well.

    • Replies: @donut
  14. The only possible good that has come out of the Obama administration has been the deterioration in relations with Israel. Obama obviously does not like these folks. However, it has been a high price to pay to get such a president into the White House. And no matter who the next Republican candidate is, Jews will vote for the Democrat.

    • Replies: @silviosilver
    , @Anonymous
  15. @Fran Macadam

    If that’s how you see things, I think you’re destined to be kicked in the head by Jewish power for the rest of your days. Sorry.

  16. @Epaminondas

    The only possible good that has come out of the Obama administration has been the deterioration in relations with Israel.

    It’s only the merest beginnings of a deterioration. Still, Obama’s got over 18 months left in which to do some serious damage, so I’m really hoping he can put principles before party and create a lasting divide.

  17. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Great article Mr. Giraldi. In answer to Silviosilver’s question, “how would that be good for Israel,” I suggest it’s because the status quo is leading us both toward fascism and the loss of democracy to genuine fascist thought in both countries, and that never turns out well. Israel’s using “war” as a pretext for their continued military expansion and ethnic cleansing with settlers leading at the front of the invasion under military protection. The IDF then claims to be “experts” at counterterrorism when what they are really doing is using military oppression and occupation government to suppress any dissent, even just verbal, to their continuing occupation and takeover of the occupied territory. Our own proto-fascists have adopted this version of martial law as what our country requires to respond to the “terrorist” threat, so we are voluntarily displacing our own constitutional system for one of military principles of martial law of the sort that all despotic militaristic (fascist) regimes adopt under the same pretext; permanent war. And here’s why we are doing it:

  18. Sam Shama says:

    It seems, you think that the U.S./Israel relationship, is a net one-way street.
    Of course you are entitled to your opinion. Just so happens that it is not true. So do write a 1000 more such innumerate and deluded blogs. Then gauge what the appetite is for your proposed dis-engagement: from finance, media, defence, biotech industry, Silicon Valley, and politics.

    I think you will be left with no illusions!

    • Replies: @Chris Mallory
    , @Neutral
    , @KA
  19. MarkinLA says:
    @Fran Macadam

    the inadequate defense or rescue of Europe’s Jewry annihilated by Nazis.

    If you want to see crazytown, go on any Jewish site and start a thread about this nonsense.

    The idea that the US should have taken them all in prior to the war or wasted tens of thousands of men on ultimately futile suicide missions to rescue them during the war is insane. Of course even if we had done that and one Jew would have been left behind or died during the operation, it still wouldn’t have been enough for them to stop believing that somehow this is the result of anti-Semitism in America or with FDR.

  20. I’ve not visited a holocaust museum.

    Maybe someone who has can answer this question:

    Are there memorials to the German Jews who died in the firebombing of Germany?
    How many German Jews died in those Allied attacks on German civilians?

  21. I’m not sure whether the virulent antisemitism expressed by many commenters here is real, or an ersatz version in a coordinated attempt to smear Phil Giraldi and his analysis by sticking a Jew Hatred Tar Baby to him, a la Brer Rabbit by Brer Fox, who escaped only through the painful expedient of the briar patch.

    The truth of the matter is that fanning hatreds instead of fostering understanding of other peoples’ points of view can come to a very bad end, especially when it involves very heavily armed and even nuclear powered entities in close proximity to one another.

    Much has been made of evangelical Americans’ theological motivations in all this, often derided. However, messianic aspirations of peoples there, let alone the aspirations for a normal life by millions in the Middle East, all play a large part, whether Jewish, Sunni, Shiite, Sufi or even Zoroastrian. They can’t be overlooked or derided, because their ancient scriptures all warn of a history-ending armageddon there, without predicting the time.

    Christians of all stripes who purport to follow Jesus ought to realize He refused to provide dates, a wise decision given the history of trying to do so and even usurping God’s authority by trying to hurry it along in this nuclear age by encouraging End of Days scenarios.

    But I ask any so deluded, what does this “Day of the Lord” have to do with you, involving the death and destruction of millions of fellow human beings, whom you are commanded by Him to love, while only responding with good for any evil? And what if you yourselves, caught up in the destruction so evilly unleashed by human hands, not God’s, find yourselves not in Heaven but in Hell, when it turns out that He says He never knew you?

  22. Just looking at the complaint about cash… $3 billion. Sheesh. That’s it?

    The Bushes spent a thousand times as much, roughly $3 trillion, defending Kuwait and the Saudis from Iraq and Iran. And what do we get for that but a Saudi sponsored economic war against our domestic oil industry?

    Or on different note, various sources say tax fraud in the past decade also comes to around $3 trillion. Still another web source says federally employed tax crooks owe several hundred billion to the federal government.

    But I have come to see that when Israel is the subject, there is no sense of scale. Worthless wars and even home grown tax evasion can be thousands of times more significant in financial terms. But it doesn’t matter. The big enemy is the Zionist entity.

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @Noah172
    , @Chet Roman
  23. Wally [AKA "BobbyBeGood"] says: • Website
    @Fran Macadam

    “But a lot of it is blowback for our own nation’s past hard and soft antisemitism, the inadequate defense or rescue of Europe’s Jewry annihilated by Nazis. If only the West had accepted far more, or exerted more power on their behalf, we would not now have this situation where so many American Jewish citizens have felt compelled to maintain divided loyalties, or even primacy of loyalty to Israel, rather than the interests they share in common with their fellow Americans.”

    A classic example of garbage in, garbage out by Israeli propagandist, Fran Macadam.


    The laughable ‘6M & gas chambers’ are scientifically impossible lies. If it can’t happen as alleged, then it didn’t.

    There is no proof whatsoever. I challenge you or anyone to actually show us the proof.

    Ask yourself why are there anti free speech laws which imprison those who scrutinize the ridiculous ‘holocaust’ storyline?

    Simply stated, the patently absurd ‘holocau$t, now a religion, cannot withstand scrutiny.

    No verifiable massive human remains at any of the alleged enormous mass graves can actually be shown in spite of the fact that Jews claim to know exactly where they are. Think about that. An alleged 6M Jews, but not a single mass grave as alleged can actually be shown, not one.

    The ‘holocaust’ storyline is one of the most easily debunked narratives ever contrive. That is why those who question it are arrested and persecuted. That is why violent, racist, privileged Jewish supremacists demand censorship and the elimination of free speech.

    What sort of ‘truth’ is it that crushes the freedom to seek the truth? Truth needs no protection from scrutiny.

    • Replies: @Andrew E. Mathis
  24. Wally says: • Website
    @Fran Macadam

    Hasbara talking Fran Macadam said:

    “I’m not sure whether the virulent antisemitism expressed by many commenters here is real, or an ersatz version in a coordinated attempt to smear Phil Giraldi and his analysis by sticking a Jew Hatred Tar Baby to him, a la Brer Rabbit by Brer Fox, who escaped only through the painful expedient of the briar patch.”

    Oh please, it is violent racist Jewish supremacist actions and lies that are fanning the fire of hatred. You are obviously ignoring the facts.

    antisemite: any thought or person that a Jew doesn’t like.

    • Replies: @Philip Giraldi
  25. Wally [AKA "BobbyBeGood"] says: • Website
    @The Grate Deign

    The hasbara trolls are at again.

    If the cash we give “that shitty little country” is so small then why do they take it?

    Not to mention that every US taxpayers “loan” that ‘Israel’ has received have never been paid back. The Israeli Occupied Congress curiously “forgave” all these huge debts. As if it wasn’t assumed at the beginning.

    Let’s not mention the vast sums they receive from ‘Homeland Security to do much of the spying.

    “Jame Bamford of Wired subsequently reported that the NSA had hired secretive contractors with extensive ties to Israeli intelligence to establish 10 to 20 wiretapping rooms at key telecommunication points throughout the country.”
    Read more:

    “Jewish groups get up to 97% of grants from the Homeland Security”

    “Two Secretive Israeli Companies Reportedly Bugged The US Telecommunications Grid For The NSA”
    Read more:

    “IDF Unit 8200 Cyberwar Veterans Developed NSA Snooping Technology”
    Read more:

  26. Realist says:
    @Aaron Klein

    “How many elected officials would have the courage to support this declaration.”

    There are big bucks in war. And the U. S. President and Congress are on the payroll.

  27. Noah172 says:
    @The Grate Deign

    Just looking at the complaint about cash… $3 billion. Sheesh. That’s it? … But I have come to see that when Israel is the subject, there is no sense of scale

    3 billion USD for Israel is ~1.2% of Israeli GDP — equivalent to another country giving the US ~210 billion dollars — and that’s just for one year.

    More importantly, US support for Israel does not begin or end with direct cash aid.

    Israel also has a very favorable free trade agreement with the US through which Israel has reaped large annual trade surpluses in bilateral trade (meaning trade deficits for America) of around 4% of Israeli GDP. Sense of scale: China’s trade surplus with the US, a subject of no small degree of consternation in this country, is similar in size relative to Chinese GDP as Israel’s bilateral trade surplus.

    Israel gets intelligence cooperation with the US to a degree no other non-military-treaty ally gets, and Israel steals what secrets we won’t tell them, and we don’t punish them for it (by, say, withdrawing their aid or revoking their favored trade status).

    Worst of all by far, America has fought, and may fight yet again, Israel’s enemies at atrocious and increasing cost in American blood and treasure. In 1973, there was Operation Nickel Grass, which cost no American casualties (thank heaven) but sent us into a bad recession when the Arabs retaliated with an oil embargo. In 1982, Reagan sent our marines and sailors to intervene in Lebanon’s civil war on Israel’s behalf, not America’s interest: 265 American lives down the drain, plus an inspiration to future terrorist Osama bin Laden. Then came the Persian Gulf War, fought in part to rein in an enemy of Israel (as well as, yes, securing oil supplies), and in which Americans were sent into harm’s way in direct defense of Israel in the form of Patriot missile batteries warding off Scud missile launches at Israel. Results: more than 300 Americans dead, some billions spent, Patriot tech secrets sold to Communist China, and an aftermath which has left America militarily entangled in Mesopotamia to this day. Then came the Iraq War: 4500 dead Americans, 30+ thousand wounded, 1-2 trillion bucks squandered, reverberating chaos across the Middle East. Now Israel and its American fifth column want a war with Iran, which would be even more disastrous than all the previous pro-Israel interventions, cataclysmically so.

    How do those scales tip now?

  28. joe webb says:

    with what Voltaire described as “the enemy of Mankind,” here is a piece from a couple days ago:

    Subject: Fw: For G.O.P., Support for Israel Becomes New Litmus Test – (from fuk the Jews to total embrace)

    Times change department. from Slate:

    “And then there was Secretary of State James Baker’s infamous “fuck the Jews” remark. In a private conversation with a colleague about Israel, Baker reportedly uttered the vulgarity, noting that Jews “didn’t vote for us anyway.” This was more or less true—Bush got 27 percent of the Jewish vote, compared with 73 percent for Dukakis, in 1988. And thanks in part to Baker, it was even truer in 1992, when Bill Clinton got 78 percent of the Jewish vote and Bush got only 15 percent—the poorest showing by a Republican candidate since Barry Goldwater …”
    From this article: Bill Kristol, chief zion elder of The Weekly Standard “…. added that “the conservative belief in American exceptionalism is akin to Zionism.”

    This truth , as I keep on reminding folks and myself, goes back to the fundamental subversion of Protestantism by the Jews, with Calvin and Luther appropriating the Old Testament as a weapon against The Church. The Puritans , landing in New England, brought with them the Hebraizing tendency, and thought that Amerindians were one of the lost tribes of Israel. Puritans set up The City on a Hill, the New Jerusalem theocratic vision: a united religious and political realm.

    That fueled the American Exceptionalism ideology, aided by hostility to European Hellenism (from Matthew Arnold’s cultural archetypes: Hellenism vs. Hebraism) as well as the hubris of American Can Do know-nothingism, and too many years of freedom from war on our own soil and the consequent innocence of not knowing the shrieks and howls of dying men, women , and children …war is over there, not here.

    So, as the Zion Elders note, 9-11, if not changing everything, certainly rendered the GOP the Maximizer of Jewish Power.

    We were humbugged into believing we were bringing Democracy to the Arabs, by the neocons. Now we are just bringing Death to the Arabs.

    Think about a Republican victory in 2014. Death to Arabs, Russians, and anybody refusing the American Way.

    As much as I hate Billary, etc. the world and our country could be safer with her/him than with any GOP zombie.

    OBONGO brought us more racial polarization, a good thing, and more or less kept the Hebraizers in check. Billary or any other Demagogue would probably be about the same, because while Billary’s bucks come from the Jews and Liberal internationalizers, her constituents have little interest in war. Also, a Billary or Demagogue of any other type, would continue the unraveling of the Liberal Order. That too is Good. A GOP regime will mean more vigorous prosecution of War, which will slow the domestic political process, thus retarding the development of race realism in the White American psyche.

    The GOP is on a mission from G-d, the Old Testament God, not Christ. Zionism, by the way, historically is secular, not religious. However, as the great Israeli writer, Israel Shahak put it, the religious passes or osmoses (he was a chemist) into the political. Hence, Zionism , from an evolutionary psychology perspective, picks up the energy of nationalism, of the In-Group vs. the Outgroup, and the OT “Kill them all, even their little ones” mixes quickly with the biological imperative of survival. Survival then mixes with domination. Here we are folks.

    We are, from a psychological point of view, in a Crusade. America is God’s Chosen People, especially when racially mixed, a rainbow of Humanity. How can anybody disagree with us? And if they do, they will get a sharp reminder of who’s boss, for their own good. Will it be Jehovah , or Christ?

    Joe Webb

  29. @Sam Shama

    “Then gauge what the appetite is for your proposed dis-engagement: from finance, media, defence, biotech industry, Silicon Valley, and politics.”

    Removing the Israeli influence from all these areas and returning them to a position of putting the interests of the United States first? Oh No! Don’t throw us in that briar patch.

    • Replies: @Sam Shama
  30. @Fran Macadam

    “Brer Rabbit by Brer Fox, who escaped only through the painful expedient of the briar patch.”

    For the rabbit, the briar patch isn’t painful. It is protection and cover. Larger predators are unable to penetrate it allowing the rabbit to escape. “Don’t toss me in that briar patch” means “Tossing me in that briar patch is exactly what I want you to do.”

    • Replies: @Jim
  31. @Wally

    Bobby – Fran Macadam has been a serious contributor to this site and also over at The American Conservative for many years. She is a careful observer and friend and is merely noting that sometimes the comments to my pieces are a bit over the top in how they express themselves, which gives the real hasbara an opportunity to attack and dismiss what we are writing and saying. The policy of Unz Mag is to let everyone say what they want to say as long as they are not being obscene or unacceptably ad hominem and I personally find that many of the comments add greatly to the discussion. Your quote that an antisemite has become anyone that Jews don’t like came from the late and greatly missed Joe Sobran. How true!

    • Replies: @The Grate Deign
    , @Wally
  32. Thanks for that Shumer quote.
    “One of my roles, very important in the United States senate, is to be a shomer – to be the shomer Yisrael (guardian for Israel). And I will continue to be that with every bone in my body …”

    The arrogant insistence to press an advantage such as the above will ultimately collapse the whole Zionist, Israeli American position. As Steve Sailer points out, the whole regime of victim mongering is turning in on itself. American Jews who have bullied and co-opted our national life are under attack by Blacks, Hispanics and others now playing the same game from within the left.

    It needs to be said that the GOP clowns who are at Netanyahu’s service today are not pro-Jewish. They are pro-money. That is, as Obama and his base, a coalition of the fringes with no love for the Jews, turn on Israel and Jewish dominance of the Democrat Party, the GOP is moving to get those fat Jewish checks for themselves. It’s estimated that a full 70% of the cost of running the DNC comes from Jewish sources. A cynical GOP wants to turn that around. In order to do it, they are willing to sell whatever souls they have. They would be just as willing to become the ersatz Hindu party if it came to it.

    My own Congress Critter, Patrick Fitzpatrick wants everyone to know that he stands with Israel. He also fronts for Chinese H1B hipsters seeking to hide their cash in America.

  33. @The Grate Deign

    This comment is just another version of, why are you focusing on Israel, there are other countries that are even more brutal and manipulative than Israel. This version of zionist deflection points at aother deflection, because there are other more expensive criminal activities you should turn a blind eye to the unnecessary Israeli welfare. Surely you can’t be against more than one criminal enterprise. George Bush lost trillions invading Iraq (not mentioning that it was influenced by Israel’s and its agents lobbying) so you should ignore wasting billions on our little racist state.

    The perennial theme is victimhood. Oy vey, we are a weak little country surrounded by enemies and need your billions to survive. Yet what is not mentioned is they are the hegemonic military power in the Middle East with the strongest military, nuclear weapons, a per capita GDP close to that of Europe. And that they don’t have official borders because they want more land, a Greater Israel, not peace. They refused multiple offers from the Arab League for a peace with all its members to which they didn’t even respond and kept the almost 20-year charade of peace negotiations to establish facts on the ground. Unfortunately, for the hasbara brigade Netanyahoo pulled back the curtain and revealed the real face of israel to the public.

    • Replies: @The Grate Deign
  34. @Philip Giraldi

    On this we heartily agree, that Mr. Sobran’s passing was a great loss.

  35. EssEm says:

    Two items seem to get lost when the issue of Israel comes up. Regardless of what you think of Israel, or Jews, consider:

    As far as the Arab world goes, no matter what we do, now or in future, the US is considered to be Israel’s ally. It is a First World/Western(ish) Fort Apache in Indian country. If it goes down to the Muslims, that will be –like it or not– a disastrous defeat for us, our position and our perceived power in the world, emboldening the Mohammedan barbarians both abroad and the far too many within our gates.

    Second, if Israel does go down, where do you think all those millions of enraged Saba refugees are going to go? They will be all over Europe and especially the US. Consider the unfolding of that scenario. No, really. Think about it.

    We don’t have to let the tail wag the dog, but it seems to me we are dug in there, like it or not. Perhaps the mess we have now is preferable to other messes down the road if we wash our hands and walk off. This mess, alas, will follow us no matter where we go.

    • Replies: @KA
    , @KA
  36. Renoman says:

    Think about a World without Israel. No interference in the economy, control over the media, no more Middle East bullshit, no more sacks of money from the American tax payer, Some control of the banking system and the stock market. Sounds like paradise doesn’t it? What are you waiting for it’s only a few million people in a desert shit hole, cast em loose. It’s a real shame a Country like the USA having to crawl for them.

  37. @Chet Roman

    You’re asking my question, Chet. If a part of the opposition is financial, let’s go after the big hitters first and save the teensy-weensy offenders for later. Annual expenditures on Israel, even if you find them insufferable, amount to 0.05% of the combined total of lost wars and tax fraud. The complaint about the money is picking at a wart while you’re strangling on a goiter. Can we get a grip on some sense of proportion here? And besides, given the outright omnipotence ascribed to the Israel lobby, it’s impossible to cut that anyway, right?

    • Replies: @Chet Roman
  38. Jim says:
    @Chris Mallory

    Yeah, Fran didn’t understand the story. The Briar Patch is Brer Rabbit’s heaven.

  39. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factor"] says:

    GOP loves money, and Jews got plenty of it.

  40. @The Grate Deign

    Again, your point is deflection nothing more. It amounts to saying that since felonies are more agregeous criminal acts than misdemeanors we should not enforce misdemeaners, as if we can’t do both. We have a very large Federal government that can focus on more than one issue.

    I would also point out that the most catastrophic foreign policy boondoggle was the invasion of Iraq, which is estimated to cost many trillions of dollars, was promoted by Israel and its agents of influence in the U.S. And the effects and costs continue to grow. So, Israel’s impact is not as small as you would have us believe.

    The trillions spent on Iraq will be like small change compared to the results of a war with Iran that Israel and its agents of influence are very strongly lobbying for the U.S. to wage on Israel’s behalf. On a geopolitical and economic basis Iran would be a much more important strategic ally than Israel.

    Sometimes small changes can reap very large benefits. Giraldi has quite rightly listed the necessary changes and the benefits will be significant.

    • Replies: @The Grate Deign
  41. A Truther says:

    An interesting demographic is that, historically, any Western/European country whose Jewish population is at least 1% has been, de facto, controlled by the Jews. This makes sense in that the Medieval Jewish gold merchants and traders have since morphed into bankers and financiers with global connections. Pair that with fractional banking (the ability to create money) and fiat currencies and the Jews are uniquely positioned to buy their way into the ruling elite — the 1% — who rule any country. They control the printing presses. Once in a position of financial control, the Jews march through the “organs of state power” as the Soviets might have described it, gobbling up the media and culture expressions (one must control the narrative you know) and privileged access to elite institutions. Historically, this happened to the Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Germany (during the Wiemar Republic), France, Britain … and now the United States. The Medieval sorcerers sought the alchemy to make gold out of common metals. The Jews discovered that fractional banking and fiat currencies serve the same purpose, which uniquely positioned them to corrupt every society and institution they have touched. Russia, Germany, and Poland have come to terms with their “Jewish problem”. Are we next?

  42. The Economist chastised Obama for not embracing Netanyahu, bigotry and all.

    This comment was posted, in response:

    simon says41 mins ago
    The US provides Israel with billions in aid every year. The US has stockpiled billions in weapons in Israel supposedly to be available to the US in case needed for a war in the region but in reality as additional aid to Israel. The US stands ready to defend Israel in the event it is attacked and needs assistance. It has repeatedly used its veto power in the UN to protect Israel against various sanctions and condemnations.

    What has Israel done for the US? It illegally developed nuclear weapons thus placing the US in the awkward position of condemning Iran’s activities while supporting Israel. It attacked a US surveillance ship for hours on end killing several US sailors in the 1967 war claiming that throughout those multiple attacks not one pilot recognized the US flag on the ship. It ignores UN resolutions to return to the pre-1967 borders – resolutions which the US voted for. It spied rabidly on the US. While the US attempts to support human rights globally, Israel has interred an entire population for nearly 50 years. And while the US has attempted to settle the Palestinian issue, Israel has intentionally stalled negotiations buying time to build more settlements making it more and more difficult to go back to the 67 borders.

    As an American who is not liberal by any means I tell you I am sick and tired of this one way relationship. I am sick of my tax dollars supporting a nation which in any other situation would be the subject of US sanctions for the human rights abuses it is directing. I am sick of US efforts to support human rights being undermined by its support of one of the leading abusers of human rights.

    I am no fan of Obama, but he is right on this one. It is time, in fact well passed time, to redefine this relationship. Israel needs to be privately given a deadline of 6 months to get a deal done or to publicly lose all American support. The US should defy the embargoes placed on the occupied Palestinian lands to deliver humanitarian aid. Send in supplies protected by US Navy ships and dare Israel to try to stop them.

    Israel’s claim of the fear of being removed from the map by evil neighbors is a farce. It has defeated those neighbors multiple times. And the US has always stood ready to defend it. And this bogey man of a nuclear armed Iran being the greatest threat to Israel is a crock. A threat it may be but to what level. Will Iran actually use a nuke against Israel – a nation which likely has over a hundred nuke warheads? Will Iran had nukes to terrorists knowing that the use of them against the US or its allies will result in a direct massive attack on Iran? Hardly.

    And yes, Hamas will continue to not recognize Israel’s right to exist. So what. If Israel is a reliable partner to the US the US will always ensure Israel can win any conflict.

    I don’t relish the thought of nukes in Iran any more than others. But the fact is the end result of Iran having them will be to limit direct involvement of major powers in the region, and a change to proxy wars as went on between the US and USSR for decades – e.g. Iran wants to screw in Iraq, the US arms the Sunni nations to make Iran’s life difficult. It sucks and is a lousy situation, but ultimately not much different than today.

    So it is time to reassess and for Israel to start being a reliable partner to the US in a relationship which benefits both sides. Otherwise, cut them off and let them see how they do on their own with no more money from daddy.

    Hillary Mann Leverett was on C Span this morning to discuss Iran negotiations.

    An elderly lady phoned in to say she “thinks for herself,” and thinks that “the world wants peace.” As for Israel, she said, “Everyone loves Israel, what’s not to love.”

    Ask the family of Bahaa Samir Badir

    or the families of the 9,127 other Palestinians killed by Israeli actions (between Sept 2000 and March 2014)

    “What’s not to love.”

  43. joe webb says:

    Imagine, as Johnny Lennon said, a world without Israel. Without doubt , it would be much much safer. As Voltaire, said, the Jews are the Enemy of Mankind.

    Their saving grace, the world’s grace, is that they do not think very well, despite their high intelligence.

    As I keep plugging the HBO Show, Deadwood, for its Shakespearean character, Milch the guy who conceived and wrote a lot of it, a Jew, and despite his whitewash of his jewish and black characters, is , ahem , brilliant….he rated Rationality about 17th in line of what it is to be a human being.

    With the behavior of Israel, and Jews generally, with many exceptions, rationality is about 27th if the rest of is come in at about 17th.

    They are Darwinian and to be congratulated on that. However, they go too far in their chauvinism, etc. Euphrates to the Nile and then the World under the Jew World Order. Too bad , for it will be a loss to Whites as least, when they are severely punished.

    Jews, if they could think straight, would stop attacking the White and Christian West, and join up with the people who give them their best bet.

    Joe Webb

  44. One more reason US-Iran rapprochement is in best interest of US and of the entire region:

    Iran could assist the US in containing nuclear-armed Israel.

    Surely the compass needle can be redirected from all of the weaponry at all of the bases that surround Iran

    Perhaps with all these “options on the table,” the conference to discuss a Nuclear-free Zone in the Middle East that was promised to the Arab and Islamic states, at which Israel’s nuclear weapons would be the major topic of discussion, can finally be convoked.

  45. Sam Shama says:
    @Chris Mallory

    Not so much throwing us in the briar patch, as misguided conspiracy theorists advocating a wilful exit of well-established, mutually beneficial eco-systems (finance, media, botech, Silicon valley, DoD co-operation, etc).

    Try it, and see how far you get!

  46. @Wally

    Dear Spambot,

    You wrote:

    The laughable ’6M & gas chambers’ are scientifically impossible lies. If it can’t happen as alleged, then it didn’t. There is no proof whatsoever. I challenge you or anyone to actually show us the proof.

    I responded to your challenge but you continue to ignore it. Why? What are you afraid of?

  47. @Sam Shama

    Try it, and see how far you get!

  48. MarkinLA says:
    @Fran Macadam

    The truth of the matter is that fanning hatreds instead of fostering understanding of other peoples’ points of view can come to a very bad end, especially when it involves very heavily armed and even nuclear powered entities in close proximity to one another.

    Let me know when the people speaking for Jews in America start trying to understand the point of view of white middle class center right Americans.

  49. @Chet Roman

    Chet, for the size of the financial impact, I quoted from Mr. Giraldi. If the accounting is unsat, complain to him. I’m just pointing out that if money is part of the grievance as claimed, then Israel is about the smallest offender in, quite literally, the whole world. A much bigger offender is the tax-dodging employees of the federal machine. If you want to go after the people who are really harming America, look to the two richest counties in America — one on either side of Washington, D.C.

  50. @Sam Shama

    Having a foreign nation in control of so many areas of American life has not been beneficial to the average American at all. Please grant us a divorce from Israel.

    I would guess you are another Israeli who doesn’t under stand the Briar Patch fable.

    • Replies: @Sam Shama
  51. mm says:

    I am from the middle east, The west should understand one thing: Wether you support Israel or no, the Arabs will always hate you and will always be against you.
    You cannot change this. They are programmed by their religion.

  52. donut says:
    @Chris Mallory

    I agree . Dual citizen ship is the same as agreeing to have your wife fly off to another country to f**k her foreign boyfriend on your dime . And in the case of Israel sending child support to boot .

  53. @mm

    Great, then let’s save $3 billion a year by not supporting Israel. If we are going to be hated anyway, I would just as soon keep the money.

    • Replies: @mm
  54. Br’er Rabbit gets away, as does Phil Giraldi, but not before the adversary threw out what he thought would stick. The way to get unstuck is to keep to your own principles, where the falsehoods you’ve been tarred with get scraped off, as per the briar patch. The analogy is apt, and a bit of Americana to boot. Always a bit disappointing, though, when you have to explain it to an audience that ought to know – if they really are American.

    • Replies: @Chris Mallory
  55. mm says:
    @fredyetagain aka superhonky

    it is a way to look at it. you might be right. but, then, if israel disappears, the arabs might unite and then bring their hatred to the west. Israel is keeping them busy….

  56. Art says:

    The question is “where does it go from here?” The answer is “that it is going to go on until there is a cataclysmic failure.” Things cannot change because the nomination process to get into congress is controlled by Zionism through their control of the political parties and the media.

    Within a year Obama will be compromised and there is no one in politics who will step up to stop the left and right wing Zionist hegemony over America.

    The Jews can NOT help themselves – they themselves cannot change the situation. The little Jews in America will never buck the big Jews – the ones with the mega money. The Jew psyche is such that it is permanently paranoid and at the same time it believes that its leaders can manipulate any situation in their favor. The people who should fear the outcome of all this manipulation are the little Jews – they are always left holding the giant bag of pop that the big Jews create. After two thousand years of this, how stupid can a people be? After WWII the people of Japan and Germany learned to fear their own sick primordial tribalness – but not the Jews – to bad for them.

    The next logical progression is going to be the English speaking countries, the Sunnis, and Zionism against the world. That is two billion against five billion – we are going to lose big time. We need to be peacefully on the side of the seven billion.

  57. Wally [AKA "BobbyBeGood"] says:
    @Philip Giraldi


    I respect your comment and I read The American Conservative, but people like Fran Macadam need to grow up and stop promoting their false idol, the ‘holocaust’ religion.

    Macadam needs to examine & scrutinize an impossible storyline that is maintained only by the use of bluff, coercion, brute force, and Potemkin Village Theme Parks.

    If it can’t happen as alleged, then it didn’t.

    Indeed, Joe Sobran is missed. I saw him speak and spoke with him. He knew the score.


  58. Neutral says:
    @Sam Shama

    Your comment is also innumerate, so why don’t you go ahead and throw some numbers at us. I bet you cannot, because if you look at the real numbers not your innumerate assertions (actually they are an outright lie), Israel provides nothing to America. The flow of taxpayer money, and other less well known money movement flows from American into Israel.

  59. Tower says:

    Your backhanded begging for more gifts and more freebies from German and from US for the parasitic nation of Israel would be considered favorably by the Congressmen and the Senators .

  60. Holocaust Deniers:

    “It never happened but they deserve it.”

    Unfortunately there is no cause so just that it doesn’t attract a few people who hold disreputable opinions. Everyone’s entitled to his own opinions, but not his own facts.

    These sorts, whether intentionally, through encouragement by others, or by outright deceit, play the de facto part of advancing the agenda of those they claim to oppose. The majority of our public is not going to be won over to a saner foreign policy and peaceful engagement in place of warmongering by appeals to Holocaust Denial and Protocols of Zion blood libels that feature the fantasy of monolithic Jewish Conspiracies as the cause of all ills in the world.

    I do realize that there are those who find it very useful politically to associate Giraldi with Nazi sympathies, and also useful to thwart those defending him against those extremist accusations by falsely claiming they are part of a Jewish conspiracy. An evenhanded, thoughtful and truthful stance is of no advantage to those with axes to grind and it is sought to make everyone not toeing the line literally beyond their pale.

    • Replies: @KA
    , @KA
    , @Anonymous
    , @KA
    , @solontoCroesus
  61. KA says:
    @Fran Macadam

    1 “How ironic therefore that a segment of the American plutocracy would now be conducting itself as if its aim were to revive the old stereotypes and paranoid fantasies! Sheldon Adelson is not the only one whose brazen antics make The Protocols of the Elders of Zion ring true.
    That even their doings don’t revive the old animosities is proof positive that genuine anti-Semitism truly is kaput.
    Adelson and other noxious poltroons pay dearly to sway public opinion their way.
    They get their money’s worth too. Corporate media, from NPR and The New York Times down into the nether regions where even Fox News seems luminous, are happy to oblige.
    Forsaking academic freedom and the once celebrated “life of the mind,” more than a few centers of Higher Learning have taken a similar turn – witness Steven Salaita’s troubles with the University of Illinois.”
    ANDREW LEVINE is a Senior Scholar at the Institute for Policy Studies,
    He was a Professor (philosophy) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a Research Professor (philosophy) at the University of Maryland-College Park.

    2 “In the crazy mental world of the anti-Semites, Jews control the cosmos. And here we have a Jew, straight out of the pages of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, trying to appoint the ruler of the mightiest country on the planet.— I am told that Adelson wants internet betting to be prohibited, so that ordinary, honest-to-goodness casinos can flourish. But I have no doubt that his right-wing Zionist passions come first. If he succeeds in installing his favorite in the White House, the US will become totally subservient to the extreme right-wing in Israel”
    .Uri Avnery

  62. KA says:
    @Fran Macadam

    End of Israeli ‘Nuclear Ambiguity’ Good For Peace

    ” 1.Ambiguity was premised on presidential fear of the Israel lobby. The history of so-called “ambiguity” is sordid, which is why it was classified for decades. Until the very end, JFK waged a two-front battle against Israel going nuclear and the undue influence of the Israel lobby. Both the LBJ and Nixon administrations considered withholding conventional military aid in order to keep Israel from going nuclear. In the end, fear of Israel’s US lobby, rather than any legitimate US national security concern, was the linchpin of “ambiguity.” As recently declassified administration papers put it, fears of a “Zionist campaign to try to undermine“(PDF) Nixon encouraged him to sign America on.”

    2 “US taxpayers defrauded. Beyond flouting the NNPT, what is the other real reason Israel, its US lobbying organizations like AIPAC, and presidents have been content to promote and maintain an ambiguity policy nobody actually believed in? Money. All US aid to Israel since 1976 has been delivered in direct violation of the Symington and Glenn Amendments to the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 which forbids US aid to nuclear states outside NNPT.”

  63. You know, NuttyYahoo could go before Knesset West–er, uh, Congress–and tell ’em this: “You Goddamn stupid Americans! We Israelis piss all over you. We steal your secrets, subvert your government, instigate wars and warmongering, kill your citizens. We take billions from you on and off the books. And what do you do about it? Not a friggin’ thing!”

    The bought-and-paid-for hacks would still cheer and applaud NuttyYahoo.

  64. Anonymous • Disclaimer says: • Website

    A bunch of letters that Woodrow Wilson wrote to the wife of a Princeton professor that caused him to be blackmailed, that led to the U.S. being brought into WWI when it was stalemated and ready for peace to be made between the parties, which ended instead with onerous reparations to Germany, and the rise of Adolf Hitler, World War II and 60 million deaths, and now the Israeli – Palestinian Middle East conflicts today.
    Background of how the United States became involved in the War against Germany.
    There were communications and pledges to limit unrestricted submarine warfare by the German Government not to attack passenger ships or non-military merchant ships, after the sinking of the Lusitania by a German U-boat U-20 on May 7, 1915 were 1198 people perished, including many Americans, including a member of the famous Vanderbilt family. Germany didn’t want the U.S. involved in a war, and Woodrow Wilson promised to keep the U.S. out of this European War.


    It was the Sussex matter, not the sinking of the Lusitania, which many believe was the reason the U.S. went to War against Germany.
    One of the communicated pledges has been called “the Sussex pledge”, which was later rescinded by Germany.
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Germany broke this pledge on March 24, 1916, when a U-boat torpedoed the French ship Sussex. This led to the Sussex pledge.
    Sussex pledge
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    • The Sussex pledge was a promise made in 1916 during World War I by Germany to the United States prior to the latter’s entry into the war. Early in 1916, Germany had instituted a policy of unrestricted submarine warfare,[1] allowing armed merchant ships – but not passenger ships – to be torpedoed without warning. Despite this avowed restriction, a French cross-channel passenger ferry, the Sussex, was torpedoed without warning on March 24, 1916; the ship was severely damaged and about 50 lives were lost.[2] Although no U.S. citizens were killed in this attack, it prompted President Woodrow Wilson to declare that if Germany were to continue this practice, the United States would break diplomatic relations with Germany. Fearing the entry of the United States into World War I, Germany attempted to appease the United States by issuing, on May 4, 1916, the Sussex pledge, which promised a change in Germany’s naval warfare policy. The primary elements of this undertaking were:
    • Passenger ships would not be targeted;
    • Merchant ships would not be sunk until the presence of weapons had been established, if necessary by a search of the ship;
    • Merchant ships would not be sunk without provision for the safety of passengers and crew.
    In 1917 Germany became convinced they could defeat the Allied Forces by instituting unrestricted submarine warfare before the United States could enter the war. The Sussex pledge was therefore rescinded in January 1917, thereby initiating the decisive stage of the so-called First Battle of the Atlantic. The resumption of unrestricted submarine warfare and the Zimmerman Telegram caused the United States to declare war on Germany on April 6, 1917.
    What was the famous Balfour Declaration?
    Balfour Declaration offered, without consulting the Arabs, Palestine as a Jewish homeland to the Jewish people.
    In essence, it said that if the Zionists support England and its Allies, Britain would offer them Palestine It would follow that important Zionists would get America into the War.
    James A. Malcolm and the origin of the Balfour Declaration.
    An Armenian Jew, James A. Malcolm, was giving expert help and advice to the Government about Middle Eastern matters.
    He (Malcolm) was passionately devoted to an Allied victory. While his home in London was being bombed by the Germans in 1944, he prepared the following account which speaks for itself. Mr. Malcolm feared he would not survive, and prepared the following which he deposited in the British Museum for the benefit of posterity. It has become one of the most important documents explaining how the United States was railroaded into World War I, and follows here:
    “During one of my visits to the War Cabinet Office in Whitehall Gardens in the late summer of 1916 I found Sir Mark Sykes less buoyant than usual… I (Malcolm) enquired what was troubling him… He spoke of military deadlock in France, the growing menace of submarine warfare, the unsatisfactory situation which was developing in Russia and the general bleak outlook… The Cabinet was looking anxiously for United States intervention…
    He had thought of enlisting the substantial Jewish influence in the United States but had been unable to do so… Reports from America revealed a very pro-German tendency among the wealthy American-Jewish bankers and bond houses, nearly all of German origin, and among Jewish journalists who took their cue from them… I inquired what special argument or consideration had the Allies put forward to win over American Jewry… Sir Mark replied that he made use of the same argument as used elsewhere, viz., that we shall eventually win and it was better to be on the winning side…
    I informed him that there was a way to make American Jewry thoroughly pro-Ally, and make them conscious that only an Allied victory could be of permanent benefit to Jewry all over the world… I said to him, ‘You are going the wrong way about it… do you know of the Zionist Movement?’… Sir Mark admitted ignorance of this movement and I told him something about it and concluded by saying, ‘You can win the sympathy of the Jews everywhere in one way only, and that way is by offering to try and secure Palestine for them’… Sir Mark was taken aback. He confessed that what I had told him was something quite new and most impressive…
    He told me that Lord Milner was greatly interested to learn of the Jewish Nationalist movement but could not see any possibility of promising Palestine to the Jews… I replied that it seemed to me the only way to achieve the desired result, and mentioned that one of President Wilson’s most intimate friends, for whose humanitarian views he has the greatest respect, was Justice Brandeis of the Supreme Court, who was a convinced Zionist…
    If he could obtain from the War Cabinet an assurance that help would be given towards securing Palestine for the Jews, it was certain that Jews in all neutral countries would become pro-British and pro-Ally… I said I thought it would be sufficient if I were personally convinced of the sincerity of the Cabinet’s intentions so that I could go to the Zionists and say, ‘If you help the Allies, you will have the support of the British in securing Palestine for the Jew’…
    A day or two later, he informed me that the Cabinet had agreed to my suggestion and authorized me to open negotiations with the Zionists … the messages which were sent to the Zionist leaders in Russia were intended to hearten them and obtain their support for the Allied cause… other messages were sent to Jewish leaders in neutral countries and the result was to strengthen the pro-Allied sympathies of Jews everywhere…
    A wealthy and influential anti-Zionist Jewish banker there was shown the telegram announcing the provisional promise of Palestine to the Jews… he was very much moved and said, ‘How can a Jew refuse such a gift?’…
    All these steps were taken with the full knowledge and approval of Justice Brandeis, between whom and [Zionist leader] Dr. Weizmann there was an active interchange of cables… [A]fter many anxious weeks and months, my seed had borne fruit and the Government (British) had become an ally of Zionism… the Declaration is dated 2nd November, 1917, and is known to history as the Balfour Declaration… its obligation to promise British help for the Jews to obtain Palestine.”
    Chaim Weizmann notified the leading Zionist in the USA, Supreme Court Justice Louis Dembitz Brandeis, that Great Britain had promised Palestine to “the Jews of the World” if President Wilson would declare war on Germany and come into the war as Great Britain’s ally.
    Supreme Court Justice Brandeis had been appointed to the United States Supreme Court at the suggestion of the powerful Jewish attorney Mr. Samuel Untermyer. Mr. Untermyer had been retained by a former sweetheart of then-President Woodrow Wilson to bring a breach-of-promise action against him shortly after he was installed in the White House. Mr. Untermyer’s client was seeking forty thousand dollars from President Wilson which he was unable to raise. To be of assistance to his friend, President Wilson, in the predicament in which he found himself, Mr. Untermyer volunteered to pay the forty-thousand dollars to President Wilson’s former sweetheart from his personal funds if in return President Wilson promised to appoint to the first vacancy on the United States Supreme Court the person Mr. Untermyer designated.
    The day soon arrived when the vacancy on the Court occurred. Mr. Untermyer submitted the name of his friend, Louis Dembitz Brandeis, a [Jewish] Boston lawyer, to fill the vacancy. Mr. Untermyer explained that he was motivated by the fact that no Jew had ever occupied a seat on the United States Supreme Court, and for that reason he would like to see Mr. Brandeis appointed.
    President Wilson and Justice Brandeis both knew the circumstances under which his appointment took place. They became close personal friends. President Wilson came to rely upon Justice Brandeis as an advisor in matters of state. When Chaim Weizmann confided in Justice Brandeis that he had made this arrangement with the British War Cabinet, he also told President Wilson that Germany had supplied provocation and justification for a US declaration of war against Germany. [But] President Wilson was running for re-election that year under the slogan “He Kept Us Out of War.” Justice Brandeis was unable to urge President Wilson to declare war against Germany at that time. Further evidence of German “guilt” was needed. [And so, it was provided]
    The publicity (FALSE PROPAGANDA -Sam) given to the alleged attack by Germany on the S.S. Sussex passenger ferry plying between Dover and Calais and the loss of 38 American lives led to the declaration of war by the USA against Germany on April 6, 1917. The S.S. Sussex had actually been concealed in a small port in the north of England and no American lives had been lost. The entrance of the USA into the war as Great Britain’s ally in World War I resulted in the crushing defeat of Germany in 1918.
    Because of the onerous reparations that Germany had to pay, Hitler was able to come to power, resulting in World War II, which combined with World War I, led to 60 million deaths, ironically initiated by a sheaf of letters blackmailing Woodrow Wilson.
    This story is also here, plus more:
    One more thing: Before the U.S. was railroaded into World War I:
    In 1916, just three years after the Federal Reserve System went into operation, President Wilson seems to have suddenly realized what a virtually uncontrollable power monopoly had been vested in the nation’s new Federal Reserve System. He wrote:
    “A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated [in the Federal Reserve System]. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men…. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated governments in the civilized world-no longer a government by free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of small groups of dominant men.” (Quoted in “National Economy and the Banking System,” Senate Documents Co. 3, No. 23, Seventy-sixth Congress, First session, 1939.)

  65. Don’t think for a moment that I approve of gambling magnates, whose enormous wealth is the result of what used to be illegal, and is in fact built upon Chicago organized crime profits used to buy Nevada laws, leveraging their house vigorish to buy either American or Israeli policy. Whatever their putative religion or ethnic background, such are highly unlikely to share the Christian views that inform how I look at things. I am mindful, however, that the Savior whose teachings conflict so completely with what Sheldon Adelman wants, was Himself born a Jew, and that the first Christians by whom we inherited the faith, were as well. We are told that in Christ, there is neither Jew nor Gentile, which makes it clear that it is what one does, not one’s ethnic origin, that is important to God. I am not about to correct Him.

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  66. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I love your name. The leader of the farm boys who beat Sparta.
    We peace mongers need somebody like the Euobian general.

  67. Dave says:

    The GOP’s groveling before Nut-and-Yahoo and AIPAC hearkens back to the 1960s-70s, when all Democrat politicians had to grovel before Richard Daley and the AFL-CIO. At least the Dems’ groveling got them the union and corpse votes; OTOH, Jews still vote Dem by nearly 3-1.

    Future historians will be arguing for centuries how the mightiest empire in human history became the sock puppet of a tiny artificial nation on the east shore of the Mediterranean.

  68. KA says:
    @Fran Macadam

    Why focus on ” monolithic Jewish conspiracy” ? There has never been a monolithic movement of historical significance in any period. Neither was Nazism,Fascism,nor was Communism . Masses were tugged by the few and most got towed along.So were the most of the victims of the wars on Taliban,Al Quida or Saddam . There were no monolithic single minded conspiracies .

    Jesus has no skin in this fight . Savior has no place in understanding the current developments .
    History has often been shaped by the rhetorics,machinations,and forces of the few . The periphery suffers when the central buckles . It can’t offer the excuse of not being part of the center or part of monolithic pyramid . It underpins the center and it has to face the consequences. This is why the extended elite around Czar of Russia and around the Moghul empire suffered whe the ends came unexpectedly
    . History is not good at delivering perfect justice but it is reciprocal .

  69. “There has never been a monolithic movement of historical significance in any period.”

    The phenomenon of totalitarianism and its impact with the deaths of millions proves otherwise.

    It is true there is no monolithic conspiracy intrinsic to Jewish ancestry, allowing a racial litmus test for loyalty, even if Netanyahu makes that dubious but self-serving appeal to Jewish people himself. What is “good for the Jews” is ultimately not what the Likud faction and its far-right allies are stirring up. It might be utilitarian in the very short term for their own political power, as are the bogus claims of antisemitism against political dissidents and their open race-baiting.

    On the contrary, Jesus’ practical message of understanding and peacemaking is a strong antidote to political and religious delusions about the redemptive power of violence that pervade the failed thinking underlying pre-emptive war making and asymmetrical terrorist cycles of revenge.

    • Replies: @solontoCroesus
  70. @Fran Macadam

    Not to Bring Peace, But a Sword, by Rev. William Sloane Coffin
    February 16, 1992.

    Let’s start by recognizing that there is a fundamental, unacceptability about
    unpleasant truth. We all shield ourselves against its wounding accuracy.
    Not only do we do this as individuals, but we do this as a people, as a nation.
    Twenty-seven hundred years ago, as some of you may remember, not because
    you were there, but because you read the Bible, the priest Amaziah said of the
    prophet Amos, “…the land is not able to bear all his words.”

    The Soviet Union is in bad shape today, as we all know. It proves
    that the hardest moment for a bad government is when it tries to mend
    its ways
    . At least let’s give credit to the Soviet leadership for having
    faced unacceptable, unpleasant truth.

    It was almost in prophetic fashion that Gorbachev and other leaders
    said that without repentance there is no salvation, (1) without judgment
    there is no hope. If there is a way to the better, it lies in taking a
    full look at the worst. Let’s give them credit for doing everything they
    could to try and bury once and for all the evils of Stalinism for the
    sake of a saner, safer future for everybody.

    I wonder if we Americans don’t also have something that we should
    contribute, as it were, to the burial grounds of the world, something
    that would make the world a safer place. I think there is something in
    us. It is an attitude more than an idea. It lives less in the American
    mind than under the American skin. That is the notion that we are not
    only the most powerful nation in the world, which we certainly are, but
    that we are also the most virtuous. I think this pride is our bane and I
    think it is so deep-seated that it is going to take the sword of
    Christ’s truth to do the surgical operation.

    Let’s recognize that there is good reason for this. I think this
    self-satisfaction may go all the way back to 1630, when on board the
    Arabella making its way towards what was going to be the Massachusetts
    Bay Colony, John Winthrop said in a now famous sermon, “We shall be
    as a city set upon a hill.”

    As moral aspiration for his Puritan hearers as for us, that image
    from the Sermon on the Mount was beautiful and appropriate, but think
    about it for a moment. It is fraught with dangerous implications.
    “We shall be as a city set upon a hill,” implies that other
    folk will look up to us, perhaps with an attention so admiring and so
    rooted that eventually the world will be populated by frustrated,
    potential Americans.

    That this has been the way most of us Americans have looked at
    ourselves and the world is borne out by brief testimony that I want to
    bring you from four famous outstanding Americans.
    In the middle of the last century, Herman Melville-most of you are
    probably still trying to finish Moby Dick, this was not Moby
    Dick, it was in a book called White-Jacket-wrote,
    “Long enough have we Americans been skeptics as regards ourselves,
    doubting whether or not the political messiah had come, but he has come
    in us if we would but give utterance to his promptings.” So wrote,
    arguably, the greatest American novelist.

    Moving ahead fifty years, at the turn of the century, Senator Albert
    J. Beveridge informed his colleagues in Washington, “God has marked
    the American people to lead in the redemption of the world. This is the
    divine mission of America.”

    In the middle of the war in Viet Nam, when tossing his hat into the
    presidential ring, Bobbie Kennedy said, “At stake is not only the
    leadership of a party and a country, at stake is our claim to the moral
    leadership of the world.
    ” Aids reading the speech ahead of time,
    begged him to take that sentence out. It was the very language that got
    us into the war in Viet Nam in the first place, but their pleadings went
    in vain.

    Fourthly, lastly, let me recall the words of President Reagan in his
    Second Inaugural in 1984. He said, “Peace is our highest
    aspiration. The record is clear, Americans resort to force only when
    they must. We have never been aggressors.(2)”

    That would certainly come as news to Native Americans. It would come
    as news to Blacks; it would come as news to Filipinos, to Cubans, to
    Nicaraguans, where our Marines landed fourteen times in their history.
    All of which is to say that no nation, ours or any other, is well served
    by illusions of righteousness
    . All nations make decisions based on
    self-interest and then defend them in the name of morality

    It was good advice for us in our personal relations and for us as a
    nation in our international relations when St. Augustine said,
    “Never fight evil as if it were something that arose totally
    outside of yourself,” a reflection of St. Paul’s words, “All
    have sinned and fallen short…”

    Not some, not a majority, not they, that evil empire, but all have
    sinned and fallen short. In other words, if we are not one in love with
    other nations in the world, at least we are one with them in sin which
    is no mean bond because it precludes the possibility of separation
    through judgment. That is the meaning of the scriptural injunction,
    “Judge not, that ye be not judged.”

    Children are innocent and their innocence is beautiful, but adults
    should not be innocents. They should know that in the stream of human
    life it is not innocence but holiness that is our only option.
    Nobody can doubt that the world would be a safer and saner place if
    somehow we Americans got over our self-righteousness in our foreign

    One more final thing, it is our pride-swollen faces that have closed
    up our eyes here at home to an almost unimaginable neglect of the poor,
    the bloat of the military, the size of the deficit, the sorrow of the
    aged and infirm among us. There are lots of implications to this and I
    find this tough text, “Do not suppose that I have come to bring
    peace on earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword,” is a
    wonderfully honest statement about the need for the sword of truth,
    Christ’s sword of truth, that heals the wounds it inflicts.

    (1) Online dictionaries state that ‘repent’ is derived from Fr. verbs for punish, or regret. I was taught that the root word was from pensare, to think, thus, repent = to think again.

  71. KA says:

    Israel uses this argument all the times. It also talks of hypothetical what if and when while Isreal railroads and jams up on a dialy basis of any possibility of negotiated settelements.

    It reminds US that Iran shouts death to America and calls it a Great Satan .No body dies from the slogans .Israel forgets to allude to the outpourings of support on 911 and of the help from regime following 911 . Israel focussing on polemics diverts attention from its own murderous activities against Lebanse,Syrians,and Plaestinian on one hand and on teh other hand steals ( money,assets,intelligences,loyalties) and demands more from US .
    So the mess we are in, isnt getting cleared anytime soon .t is increaisng in intensity and scope .
    We are drinking the opium of hatred and misinformation provided by Isreal. We are also somehow being goaded in believing that muslims or Arabs are exquisitely unnatural,unreliable, unreasonable creatures that are not like the rest of the humanity. Israel says :Us shouldnt and cant negotiate with them for these reasons.
    Decades of sanctions against Syria,Loibya,Iraq havent stopped those countries in seeking accomodation,receiving or asking for help from US. Doesnt this prove the Israeli utternaces are nothing but Talmuidc hokum and need to be trashed ?

  72. KA says:

    Israel has provided an undersnading of Arabs and Muslims to the western countries for last 50 years through Hollywood,academia,political rhetorics during the time of elections,Church sermons ,labor unions and through various guilds representing artists and writers. The concerete and distilled messages have been: You cant trust the Moslems,Moslems are unreasonable,emotional,simpletons guided by words rather than ideas , Mulsims worship the powerful and obeys authority. Their religion has been compared to Nazism and Fascism. So no contact,no negotiations,no sharing of space ,no joint walk along any path – that have been the doctrines of the Zionists. In 1947 Truman figured that out that he had no Arabs to depend on for votes and money nor propagnada. There no need to undersnad and forge common goal or share explore common interests . French was told the same stuff by the domestic Algerian and by the international Zionist when French were fighting the Alegrian wars . That doctrines until 1990 prevented US from engaging to a changed and open PLO. Thats what prevented US from exploring other options to Gulf wars 1 and 2.The same creed have destroyed the possible better outcome out of Yeemni,Somalian,Libyan and Syrian situations.
    This attitude of attributing the most vicious negative qualities and in the process taking away normal human values, analytical capacities , tendencies ,and shared faith in mutual coexistence from the muslims/Arabs is worse than the reflexive antisemitism or the imposed Nazism on the Europeans .
    But this attitude is also the very foundation of the doctrines that Isreal can’t shake off -precisely for out of the fear which is based on the guilt of the continued horrific injustices both within Israel and outside committed by it and committed by other countries at the behest of Isreal. Yes it is Israel that is in a dire mess for centuries to come. Not the West .

  73. @Fran Macadam

    I would rather deal with the most practiced hasbarist the MFA has on offer than with muddled, sentimental Christians.

    I was raised in the Roman Catholic tradition — deeply steeped in it from earliest days to most of my adult life. It is and will always be an essential part of me.

    Today I regard Catholics as some of the laziest, stupidest, least aware and most incurious of all religious groups in the USA. “We want peace” as long as it’s not parked in front of us on the way out of the parking lot after Mass.
    Catholics don’t want to confront realities that will shake their sense of being the “good guys,” the “tolerant” people.
    “Because you are lukewarm I will vomit thee out of my mouth.”

    Jesus said, “I have come into the world, to testify to the truth. Everyone who is of the truth hears My voice.” Pilate said to Him, “What is truth?”

    Where is the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic church, in its organized numbers and strong moral voice, calling out,




    • Replies: @Anonymous
  74. Sam Shama says:
    @Chris Mallory

    Not hastily assuming a person’s nationality, or position on a subject, is a tradition honoured more in the breach than in its observance, by self-absorbed Liberals. Which therefore leads you to conclude that I am Israeli, ineluctably unaware of the Briar patch fables. I reckon I am not very keen on American folklore, and gratefully thank the Maker for his little mercies!

    Nevertheless, my position stands, sans mis-identifications.

    • Replies: @KA
  75. @Fran Macadam

    Everyone’s entitled to his own opinions, but not his own facts.

    When the topic is holocaust only one set of “facts” is permitted.

    If the dogmatized facts of holocaust are so irrefutably sound, why were the school children of the Rialto School District NOT allowed to proceed with a critical analysis of it? What is ADL afraid of?

    If the zionist narrative on holocaust is true in all details without a doubt, then why did Debbie Lipstadt cause Connie Doebele to be humiliated when C Span invited David Irving to appear on the same program where she discussed her victory in their libel suit? Why is Lipstadt so eager to censor Irving’s extensive first hand research?

    People who “can’t handle the truth” have gone to the extent of destroying years of Irving’s research notes.

    • Replies: @Wally
  76. KA says:
    @Sam Shama

    If America could not survive the separation from Israel ,then it needs to explore what has gone wrong in last 50 years or so. Israel was groomed,raised,protected and nurtured in various times since the prenatal pre gestation period ( when it was known only as Zionism ) by UK ,Soviet,France,UK and US . Germany and US now share the cost of protecting its financial and military interests . US has done it on its own through conquer,subjugation,accommodation,adjustment,and maturation . America will still continue to flourish if Russia and China could without the Zionism managing its education and political processes . If UK could eventually break free in 1948 from one sided Zio centric approaches and maintain relation with Israel and Arabs , so can US and Germany.

  77. @silviosilver

    An Israel which is independent of the US has the potential to be a much more lethal force against the neighbors which are sworn to destroy it. Because it will have to be.

  78. @Fran Macadam

    The fable about the briar patch is that the rabbit was stuck to the tarbaby, but he knew the fox could not get him if he was safe in the briar patch. So he tricked the fox into tossing him into the briars by telling the fox that he didn’t want to be tossed there. It has nothing to do with scraping off what you have been tarred with. It is about using brains to beat brawn.

  79. Declaring independence from Israel will require de-coupling the hyphenated god:
    Judeo – Christianity was a post-WWII construct.

    It has not served Christianity well.

    Israel is doing pretty well by hyphenating itself to Christianity, as commenter arlobigdog in the link below observed:

    I’m not giving God a pass but we’re still here. In fact, we have gotten our act together and built a state that is the envy of the world.

    Several ostensibly Christian writers on “prophecy” — Mike Evans and Joel Rosenberg come to mind– have garnered large Christian audiences who buy their books, attend their sports-venue events, donate funds to build settlements in Israel, and travel with sponsored groups to Israel.

    Daniel Silva converted to Judaism when he married reporter Jamie Gangel (of 9/11 fame). Silva now enjoys a fiction franchise centered on Mossad hit-man slash restorer of Italian masters. Silva’s plots are loaded with tales of bringing the children of German collaborators to repent of their — what, repent that they were born? A recent Silva product had the pope apologizing to the Jewish community in Rome. Don’t hold your breathe waiting for Silva to script an apology for the Allied destruction of Monte Cassino,or of innumerable cathedrals in Germany as well as France.

    That hyphen has functioned as hypodermic needle to inject themes from Hebrew scripture that are of primary importance to Jewish people and liturgy into mainstream Christian thinking.

    Some of those themes have been secularized and (perhaps) distorted to the extent that they are relied upon and enacted to normalize genocide, assassination, and dispossession. AIPAC schedules its bash in Washington DC to coincide with Purim, and several times Netanyahu has used the occasion to state that “the Persians tried to kill Jews then and they want to kill Jews now.”
    Neither Netanyahu nor any participant in the AIPAC hate-fests has mentioned that in the Esther story, no Jews were killed but 75,000 Persians, plus the Persian king’s foreign minister, plus his ten sons, were slaughtered by Jews.

    The Exodus story has roughly the same equation: no Jews were killed (by Egyptians) but the first born of the Egyptian people were hunted down and killed, as were Egyptian leaders.

    These events, Purim and Passover, are major celebrations in the zionist calendar. They celebrate killing.

    Are these the values that Christians share with Jews, or that Americans share with Israel?
    If these values have, indeed, become part of the Christian and American value set, are they based in the teachings of Jesus or of George Washington?

    Or has that hyphen served as a conduit to the strategy of the former head of the Israeli Defense Forces’ (IDF) Legal Department and his colleague who participate in “the concerted effort to rewrite international law to permit actions that it traditionally prohibited, in effect enshrining the principle that might makes right.”

    Hebrew scripture themes that celebrate, or at least normalize, killing on a mass scale appear to be part of the every-day thinking of rank-and-file participants on Jewish blogs. Check out this recent Israeli newspapers comments section, for example:

    • Replies: @Sure Thing
  80. ” It has nothing to do with scraping off what you have been tarred with.”

    I realize that you don’t think it’s necessary to have those associations scraped off.

  81. KA says:
    @Sam Shama

    “At the center of it is an anti-Iranian group calling itself “United Against Nuclear Iran” (UANI), which is very likely a front for some combination of the Israeli and U.S. intelligence services. One of its key advisers is Olli Heinonen” Yes the guy from -“Olli Heinonen is a senior fellow at Harvard’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs and a former deputy director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency. “

    and then “It is worth noting in passing how often CNN’s “National Security Analyst” Fran Townsend is at the center of the most extreme neocon activism. She was one of those D.C. operatives taking cash from the anti-Iranian cult MEK at a time when the group was on the U.S. list of designated terror groups. And now here she is on the board of advisers of this group waging “warfare” against Iran. And then CNN trots her out regularly to offer “analysis” on national security matters — including on The Iran Threat — without any hint of her very vested activism in many of the issues which she’s “analyzing” for the “news network”

    Is it still surpising why Americans believe what and when they are told anything about threats from Iran ( in the same vein -about Iraq,Syria,Somalia,Libya,and Yemen) by respected figures from CNN,Harvard or IAEA or from foreign nation like the one Dr. August Hanning who was the former State Secretary in the Federal Interior Ministry of the Federal Republic of Germany .?

  82. Wally [AKA "BobbyBeGood"] says: • Website

    solontoCroesus said:

    When the topic is holocaust only one set of “facts” is permitted.

    Indeed, why are there laws against scrutiny of the ‘holocaust’ storyline?
    Simple, it cannot withstand scrutiny.

    Free speech on the impossible narrative is forbidden. Whether it be jail time, fines, or both, physical attacks, persecution, threats, loss of employment, on & on.
    I’ve personally experienced most of these, repeatedly.

    See here for a petition in France to ban free speech on the internet about the ‘holocaust’ storyline:

    Simply stated, besides the scientific impossibility and lack human remains that are alleged but cannot be shown, it is censorship of free speech on the ‘holocaust’ narrative that exposes it’s fraudulence.

    The ‘holocaust’ storyline is the only alleged historical event that cannot be openly debated without fear for one’s well being.

    We are just the messengers.
    We bring good news that 6M Jews were not gassed and shot into enormous pits, why aren’t Jews overjoyed with that fact?

    Je Suis Revisionniste

    • Replies: @Andrew E. Mathis
  83. Because some Jewish people misuse the Holocaust to get a pass for otherwise questionable current policy or personal vendettas does not disprove it happened. Rather, the misuse is effective precisely because of the gross truth of the horrors.

    No less than Hannah Arendt was pilloried for her reporting on the Nuremberg Trials, where she did not downplay the exposure of some Jewish leaders having betrayed their own people to the liquidation camps through collaboration with the Nazis. To her, this was the most tragic aspect of the annihilation, but she was accused that by not covering it up, she herself had betrayed her own people, and that she owed loyalty to them rather than the truth. She replied her loyalty could not be to any people above the truth. For this she was shunned by some of her closest friends. Nevertheless, Arendt by no means edited out historical facts of the Holocaust, misleading either by embellishment, or denial of essential but uncomfortable revelations. As most recognize, she was prescient in analyzing the origins of totalitarianism, potentials for which can exist in both Gentile and Jew, aggressor and victim.

    • Replies: @X
  84. @solontoCroesus

    @Solonto Croesus:

    And what is the Wolfowitz ‘doctrine’ if not serial-killing on a global scale? It is Caligula-like in its sheer evil.

    Seeing just one of the many consequences in the Ukraine – a young girl of ten killed and terribly mutilated carried in her devastated fathers arms – brings home this evil.

    That’s why they have the media – now accessories to mass-murder in their collusion – sewn up.

    The truth of the carnage and suffering would spark riots from London to Washington.

    • Replies: @solontoCroesus
  85. KA says:

    World body needs separation from Israel-”

    Iran’s experience with an IAEA highly influenced by the U.S. and Israel has been, well, not the best – particularly since December 2009 under the tenure of Director-General Yukiya Amano, a Japanese diplomat whom State Department cables reveal to be in Washington’s pocket.

    Classified cables released by Pvt. Bradley (now Chelsea) Manning and WikiLeaks show that Amano credited his success in becoming director-general largely to U.S. government support – and promptly stuck his hand out for U.S. money.

    Further, Amano left little doubt that he would side with the United States in the confrontation with Iran and that he would even meet secretly with Israeli officials regarding their purported evidence on Iran’s hypothetical nuclear weapons program, while staying mum about Israel’s actual nuclear weapons arsenal.

    According to U.S. embassy cables from Vienna, Austria, the site of IAEA’s headquarters, American diplomats in 2009 were cheering the prospect that Amano would advance U.S. interests in ways that outgoing IAEA Director General Mohamed ElBaradei never did.

    In a July 9, 2009, cable, American chargé Geoffrey Pyatt – yes, the same diplomat who helped Assistant Secretary Victoria Nuland choose “Yats” (Arseniy Yatsenyuk) to be the post-coup prime minister of Ukraine – said Amano was thankful for U.S. support for his election,” noting that “U.S. intervention with Argentina was particularly decisive.”

    A grateful Amano told Pyatt that as IAEA director-general, he would take a different “approach on Iran from that of ElBaradei” and that he “saw his primary role as implementing” U.S.-driven sanctions and demands against Iran.

    Pyatt also reported that Amano had consulted with Israeli Ambassador Israel Michaeli “immediately after his appointment” and that Michaeli “was fully confident of the priority Amano accords verification issues.” Pyatt added that Amano privately agreed to “consultations” with the head of the Israeli Atomic Energy Commission.

    In other words, Amano has shown himself eager to bend in directions favored by the United States and Israel, especially regarding Iran’s nuclear program. His behavior contrasts with that of the more independent-minded ElBaradei, who resisted some of Bush’s key claims about Iraq’s supposed nuclear weapons program, and even openly denounced forged documents about “yellowcake uranium” as “not authentic.” [For more on Amano, see’s “America’s Debt to Bradley Manning.”]
    from Ray McGovern .He was an Army officer and CIA analyst for almost 30 year.

    • Replies: @Orville H. Larson
  86. KA says:

    Time to declare independence from these pseudo intellectuals who fight for the freedom of speech except when it exposes their ideological loyalty .

    “We are All Palestinians
    From Gaza to Southampton
    For the second time in just a month, a British academic institution has been intimidated by an orchestrated Zionist lobby.

    Yesterday we learned that Southampton University has decided to withdraw its permission to hold the academic conference on International Law and the State of Israel. The decision was taken on the grounds of “health and safety” with the university claiming it did not have enough resources to mitigate the “risks.”

    This comes just one month after the Royal Northern College Of Musiccancelled a concert of mine for similar safety reasons. Like Southampton University, the RNCM was bullied by a violent pro-Israel group and it took us only a few hours to learn that the spokesperson for the pro-Israeli body was an infamous crook as well as a football hooligan (see here).

    This raises the immediate question: Is it possible that like the Palestinians, British academia is now also subject to Zionist terror?

    The vile campaign against the Southampton Conference was led by the Board Of Deputies of British Jews, a body that claims to represent Jews in Britain. So far, not one single British Jewish body has stood up for the conference and for elementary academic freedom nor has a single Jewish institution criticised the Board of Deputies’ campaign against British academic institutes. I guess that the meaning of it is as simple as it is devastating: We now see a clear conflict between the Jewish community and those precious British values of tolerance and academic freedom.”

    Charlie Hedbo should have stopped publishing the pictures out of the concerns for the safety . But terrorists who hide behind the garb are no match for the deputies who consort with the rulers.

    • Replies: @Threecranes
  87. X says:
    @Fran Macadam

    Can you tell us why most American Christians love the Old Testament, but deny the New?
    Have you ever heard a sermon on these verses…
    (Jesus to the Pharisees, spiritual fathers of our modern Talmudics) “You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.” John 8.44
    and “I know about the slander of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.” Revelation 2.9

    • Replies: @KA
  88. @Wally

    Indeed, why are there laws against scrutiny of the ‘holocaust’ storyline?

    There are no such laws.

    Simply stated, besides the scientific impossibility and lack human remains that are alleged but cannot be shown, it is censorship of free speech on the ‘holocaust’ narrative that exposes it’s fraudulence.

    Denial of communist crimes is illegal in the Baltic states and in Poland — so these are also “fraudulent”?

    The ‘holocaust’ storyline is the only alleged historical event that cannot be openly debated without fear for one’s well being.

    It’s also illegal in France to say the Armenian genocide didn’t happen. It’s illegal in Turkey to say it did happen. Certainly all this, beyond the aforementioned laws in Poland and the Baltic states, indicates that you’re wrong. Repeating the same wrong thing over and over doesn’t somehow magically make it true, you know.

    We bring good news that 6M Jews were not gassed and shot into enormous pits, why aren’t Jews overjoyed with that fact?

    Because millions of Jews were never seen again.
    Because you know it’s a lie.
    Because you’d do it again if only you could.

    Je Suis Revisionniste

    Du bist nationalsozialistische.

  89. @Sure Thing

    Sure Thing —

    The Wolfowitz doctrine is based on a Moses doctrine, as Michael Ledeen, counselor to the neocons, explained here:

    [Machiavelli] reminds you of all these basic things that we’ve forgotten, like Moses killing all those Jews at Mt Sinai.

    And almost universally people would say, What are you talking about? Because this is [what] . . . most people have forgotten, having seen the movie instead of reading the book.* [laughter]

    This is an extremely important laugh line: Most Americans know with certainty that Charlton Heston parted the Red Sea, Paul Newman claimed Israel as his homeland; they can hum along with Pat Boone: “this land is mine.” They know that the holocaust happened because Steven Spielberg made movies about it. My own holocaust awakening occurred after I purchased a DVD titled Imaginary Witness: Hollywood and the Holocaust. One detail nagged: a snip of movie produced in 1939 was shown. The segment showed young Jews at home with family, discussing events in Germany. “They’re gassing us,” one young man says.”

    Were Jews gassed in 1939?

    Not according to Jewish Virtual Library:

    The systematic murdering of humans through gas during the Nazi rule was introduced for the first time from January 1940 on in the area of the “Euthanasia,” the extermination of the “lives not worthy to live” of the handicapped, mental patients and the terminally ill, and from fall 1941 on was continued to a much larger extent by the pogroms of the operation groups of the security police and the SD in the seized eastern areas with the help of mobile gas vans.
    Beginning December of 1941 one proceeded in the camp Kulmhof (Polish Chelmno) to use stationary gas vans for the killing of Jews, and from the beginning of 1942 in different camps fixed gas chambers were built, or already existing buildings were restructured for this purpose.

    As the DVD title says, Hollywood produces imaginary witnesses, not reality. In the case of the 1939 movie, the “imaginary witness” witnessed the gassing of Jews two or three years before it is alleged to have actually occurred!
    The imaginary witness phenomenon, aka fictionalization, applies to holocaustism as well as to major stories from the Old Testament.

    Back to Ledeen:

    This is the scene, the golden calf — Most people [*who have seen the movie but not read the book] think this is what happens: Moses comes down from Sinai, he’s got the tablets, this idolatry is going on, he throws a snit, smashes the tablet, they calm him down and after some period of time when he calms down he goes up and gets a new set of tablets and then they move on.

    Which is not what happens.

    What happens is he throws the snit, smashes the tablets and then says Kill them all. And the Levites , and I pay attention to this being one, and y’know I’m proud of this particular passage, the Levites come and kill them all! All those people who were worshiping the golden calf. Except Aaron who somehow escaped . . .

    So– and this scene of Moses killing Jews recurs several times in the Old Testament and . . . Anybody looking carefully at Moses has to admit that in order to create a new state and a new religion had to kill countless people.” And he insists on this, that in order to create anything truly meaningful destruction is required because people are not inclined to go for that.

    Try to wrap your head around that concept: you have to kill people — an entire generation of people, as in, an entire generation of Iraqis, or Palestinians, or Germans (as Ledeen explain further on) in order to “liberate” them and to establish “self-rule”; you have to kill them because “people are not inclined to go for that.”

    Back to Ledeen, willing Levitic servant to a psychopathic god:

    I mean, Consider the Exodus, that’s topnotch leadership, Moses and god, hard to imagine better leadership than that, plus proven results every step of the way: plagues, parting of the red sea, lights at night across the desert, manna from the skies when you’re hungry. Everything possible.
    And what’s the reaction from the Jews? Always, at the first opportunity they’re ready to go back to Egypt. That happens repeatedly.
    when they get, finally, to the boundaries of the promised land — and I like to remind people of this because it’s the model of today: Everybody is very annoyed today that these formerly Communist countries, are taking so— they don’t seem to get it, about capitalism and democracy. why can’t they understand freedom? well that’s what exodus is all about . . .

    What happens – they get to the boundaries of the promised land, they organize an espionage operation, Joshua and Caleb and 38 other people go in and snoop around and come back and report good news and bad news: The good news: it’s even better than god said, milk and honey all around, …fabulous, a dream …. Bad news, these people are bigger than we are, superbly well defended and there is no way that we’re going to beat these people.

    And they riot and there’s the usual insurrection against Moses and they demand proper leadership people who will take them back to egypt — back to egypt at this point god says to Moses, Well, I can’t take this anymore, I’m going to kill them all. I’ll take you and joshua and couple of the other guys who seem to be all right and we’ll start all over again. because with these people it’s hopeless, y’know they’re worse than the Serbs. [laughter]
    And Moses talks god out of it as usual and god says Ok, BUT, but not one of these people is going to set foot in the promised land . We’re going to wait for them all to die

    In other words, according to Michael Ledeen, and the Scriptural teaching and example of Moses in the book of Exodus, JEWS KILLED JEWS, or arranged for their death. And that was the appropriate thing to do and should be done again.

    Don’t look at me.

    I didn’t write the book.
    I didn’t deliver the talk.
    I didn’t express pride in my Levite heritage and the act of slaughtering thousands.

    That person who did that was Michael Ledeen.

    I am an anonymous keyboard warrior.
    An antisemite.
    A holocaustism rejecter.
    Nobody hears what I say.

    But Michael Ledeen has been given hours and hours on C Span and elsewhere to convince the American people that killing masses of people is for their own good and that Iranians should be killed — they are in need of creative Destruction.

  90. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Far too many Catholic leaders and prelates want to be popular and powerful, just like politicians. Good Catholic leaders and prelates are treated like pariahs.

    You ask where is the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, in its organized numbers and strong moral voice, calling out…

    The four marks of the Church started to disappear after Vatican II when solid catechesis was abandoned, and the Church embraced the culture instead of resisting it.

    Why did Christ ask, “When the Son of Man returns, while He find any Faith?”

  91. Dante’s Divine Comedy, “the greatest work of spiritual literature in history,” can inform each person’s Declaration of Independence from the morally deficient judeo-christian literature that somehow Americans have been persuaded is the backbone of its culture.

    Independence begins with freeing the mind from the baggage of hate and envy and revenge and avarice.

  92. @andrew mathis

    As you no doubt know, the EU has rebuffed the ex-Soviet bloc nations’ calls to ban “denial” of Communist crimes. (Yes, these laws are just as obnoxious as the ones concerning Nazi crimes.). So, in the “liberal” West, the pecking order is clear.

  93. KA says:

    The answer is the rewriting of the NT by Scofield with the money of Rothchild and Untermyer .

  94. Sam Shama says:

    To commenters “Neutral”, “KA” and others.

    Your assertion that “Israel was groomed,raised,protected and nurtured in various times since the prenatal pre gestation period …….”, does have a grain of truth, but not cartfuls. After all in 1948, when the fledgling state was facing annihilation, it was Czechoslovakia, not the U.S, that provided munitions – a fact that is not widely known.

    Part of the insight resides in your observation that the UK, Sov Union and France shared the supportive role for the young state, relinquishing it to the post-war U.S. hegemony (one might call it the realpolitik which of course rendered the Europeans somewhat marginal in World affairs).

    All of this should prompt questions. People who scream “the $3b dollars and the loans…..” indefatigably, ought to realise that the $3b dollars are not in any real sense the crux of the matter: for Israel with a ~ $40k/capita income, or surely for the U.S with a ~$55k/capita.

    Obviously NO international trade flow matters that much for the U.S. It is indubitably the only economy in the World that can completely prosper (on a purely economic basis) if the gates were shut! Net of Exports and Imports account for about -1% of its GDP, and has rarely gone above the +/- 2% level.

    So why bother? The answer to that question is rather nuanced, but not complex. It’s all about 60+ years of developing co-dependent eco-systems: in Defence and Intelligence, large areas of digital technology, Biotechnology, Finance and Politics, to name a few. These things are permanent, desirable and beneficial to the U.S. Remember that the U.S (and not just it alone), has wiped out many agreements and arrangements in the past, keeping only the most beneficial ones.

    Global Realpolitik is not about producing a manifesto of sophomoric action points. Every nation charts its destiny according to its self interest and the United States is no exception. What after all, is more convincing than the principle of Revealed Preference?!

    • Replies: @KA
  95. C Span is focusing on media outlet The Daily Beast, which was begun by Barry Diller, who created Fox. Interesting to note that Diller spent less than a semester in college, got his start through family connections. Diller’s wikipedia entry discloses that he is Jewish.

    Daily Beast is run by millenials and their target is millenials and younger. They get their work into the hands of military in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere. Daily Beast has a definite pro-Israel pro-American fascism bias.

    The Daily Beast reporting that mentioned Iran and nuclear issues was boilerplate right out of Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs/propaganda.

    The reporters (stenographers/cheerleaders/cowpokes) that were interviewed talk very very fast. They are thoroughly saturated with the dogmatized narrative and they don’t even know it –which is not hard to figure out since the US public school system has been used by ADL and the Israel/Jewish establishment to inculcate holocaustism and zionism throughout our children’s primary and high school years. We taxpayers are subsidizing our own destruction.

    Last year’s National Summit was groundbreaking, but did it appeal to millenials and the people who are now running things, like the crowd at Daily Beast and the army of interns and congressional staffers?

    Are America’s young people lost?

    We are Weimar.

  96. PS one of the most chilling things said by John Avlon, DC editor at Daily Beast, was that compared to the “legacy” newspapers, the DB model is one of creative destruction.

  97. @KA

    Well, now, this is most informative. IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano is a pro-Israel, American-installed hack.

    • Replies: @KA
  98. KA says:
    @Sam Shama

    The story behind the story- how 1947 war narrative has been diostorted over the years but archives exist and the evidneces of culapbility of US Zionist orgnaization uisng US,Nicargaua,Checkeslovakia,Swtizerland

    :Picking apart the New York Times Zionist narrative on the Nakba . . . using the New York Times

    The referred NYT archives are read only .

    Bush 2 forgave Mr Winter in 2004 (despite violating stealing and supplying US arms/helicopter/planes in 1947 on behalf of Israel) after 60 yrs

    How US was duped and used by the Zionist is also available from the book–
    Spy Trade: How Israel’s Lobby Undermines America’s Economy Paperback – November 1, 2009
    by Grant F. Smith (Author), Michael Scheuer (Foreword)

    The book also will expose the falsehood of the claims of tany type of mutual benefit .

  99. KA says:
    @Orville H. Larson

    Not only him, Oill Heinhonen was also. Poor guy couldn’t get the chief’s position for the ritual day time visits to the TelAviv’s big brothel house after each IAEA meeting on Iran. But he now does it from an academic position at Harvard.,The shit is the fan revolving over the Washington Post with the cool radiance of Jennifer Rubin. What a match!(

  100. KA says:

    “”Alan Kessler, a longtime Democratic fundraiser based in Philadelphia, said Republican campaign operatives have told him they want to bring GOP candidates into synagogues to meet with Jewish voters. Mr. Kessler also said he worried that Pennsylvania’s Republican Sen. Pat Toomey might have an easier time of it in running for re-election in 2016 because he is seen as a steadfast supporter of Israel”
    May be the lawmakers should meet them in the churches and cathedral . May be the lawmakers should acknowledge the desires of American for peace and endorse their overwhelming support for the deal.
    May be the voters hound remind the lawmakers that to earn their votes,all they have to do is o be robustly pro American.
    One wonders why Republican strategists passed the secrets to him. It is déjà vu again – reminiscing
    of the 1913 history of how British being told inn1913 “if Balfour” didn’t come from Britain ,it could come from Germany .

  101. KA says:

    They think the deal is unpopular when the supports for the deal is more than 2 to 1 among the citizen.
    And how is Obama supposed to increase the popularity of these lawmakers who are against the deal and who are lying about the level of the support?

    The only way left open toAmerican is – Declare independence from Israel.
    Here is WSJ–

    “A group of Jewish Democratic House members met with White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough in his office last week and cautioned that for them to help “sell a very unpopular [Iran nuclear] deal to our constituents,” Mr. Obama must “increase his popularity with our constituents,” said a Democratic congressman involved in the meeting.

  102. KA says:
    ” Many Jewish leaders have said that if Mrs. Clinton who enjoys strong ties to Jewish community,becomes the party’s nominee,that would salve the discontent with the White House ”

    Nothing about Benghazi operation ,nothing about e mail destruction,nothing about sacntity of the government record ,nothing about constant war mongering against Russia,Assad,against Iran – its all about the interest of Israel.

  103. KA says:

    Irving Kristol, reacted to Vietnam War critic Senator George McGovern. The presidential contender’s proposed cut in U.S. military expenditure would, according to the “godfather” of neoconservatism, “drive a knife in the heart of Israel.”

    “Jews don’t like big military budgets,” the elder Kristol explained in a Jewish publication in 1973. “But it is now an interest of the Jews to have a large and powerful military establishment in the United States … American Jews who care about the survival of the state of Israel have to say, no, we don’t want to cut the military budget, it is important to keep that military budget big, so that we can defend Israel.”’s-wars/

  104. KA says:

    “There was, to be sure, one thing that many of even the
    most passionately committed American Zionists were reluctant to do, and that was
    to face up to the fact that continued American support for Israel depended upon
    continued American involvement in international affairs– from which it
    followed that an American withdrawal into the kind of isolationist mood
    that prevailed most recently between the two world wars, and that now looked as
    though it might soon prevail again, represented a direct threat to the security
    of Israel. “. Norman
    Podhoretz, neocon godfather, writing about the centralness of Israel, in Breaking Ranks (1979):

    “One major factor that drew [the first-generation neo-cons] inexorably to the right was their attachment to Israel and their growing frustration during the 1960s with a Democratic party that was becoming increasingly opposed to American military preparedness and increasingly enamored of Third World causes [e.g., Palestinian rights]. In the Reaganite right’s hard-line anti-communism, commitment to American military strength, and willingness to intervene politically and militarily in the affairs of other nations to promote democratic values (and American interests), neocons found a political movement that would guarantee Israel’s security.” (Benjamin Ginsberg, The Fatal Embrace (1993), p. 231)


    • Replies: @solontoCroesus
  105. KA says:

    If Russia to some extent could declare separation from corrupted elitism in politics so can US declare independence from undesirable foreign sway .

    “”After the election, according to several sources, the tycoons met and decided to insert one of their own into government. They debated who – and choose Potanin, who became deputy prime minister. One reason they choose Potanin was that he is not Jewish, and most of the rest of them are, and feared a backlash against the Jewish bankers.

  106. KA says:

    Falling not far from the father ‘s junk
    is the son

    “”I’ve always thought it was best for Israel for the U.S. to be generally engaged and generally strong, and then the commitment to Israel follows from a general foreign policy.” (William Kristol to the Jerusalem Post, July 27, 2000) – See more at:

  107. KA says:

    Chuck Schumer the eternal guardian sent by God to protect Israel has disclosed his intention to sabotage the deal if Congress decides to do so . He does it by emphasizing the power of the Congress. Its not his loyalty to Israel ! It is his loyalty to US congress!
    Well,anythingwill do that works !

  108. KA says:
    Saudi is on board. They endorse the broad outline of the deal and supports the approaches to the negotiating framework.

  109. @KA

    Professor Benjamin Ginsberg talked about his book, The Worth of War, about the upside of war, and in which he argues that war is a driver of human progress.

    This guy Ginsberg is one. very. creepy. dude in the model of the creative destructionists as defined (obliquely) by Michael Ledeen HERE and, overtly, HERE; by Niall Ferguson HERE and by Erich Mendelsohn, the so-called “Jewish architect” who was, in fact, the architect of the firebombing destruction of Germany, HERE.

    What these common psychopaths have in common is a commitment to the psychopathic god yahweh and his usurpers and war leaders, Abraham, Moses, and Esther, and Joshua.

    Thomas Jefferson made this assessment of the god of the Jews:

    “II. Jews.
    1. Their system was Deism; that is, the belief in one only God. But their ideas of him and of his attributes were degrading and injurious.
    2. Their Ethics were not only imperfect, but often irreconcilable with the sound dictates of reason and morality, as they respect intercourse with those around us; and repulsive and anti-social, as respecting other nations. They needed reformation, therefore, in an eminent degree.”

    PS. bookmark the link to The Jefferson Bible and Syllabus; better yet, copy it to your own archive and web page, it may not be there long. The topmost entries on the search engine of note have erased Jefferson’s negative comments about the “beliefs . . .and ethics” of the of Jews and Judaism.

    • Replies: @KA
  110. KA says:

    Thank you. I think he is the same guy who wrote ” Fatal Embrace” Where he writes that the financial deregulation of the 1980 s brought immense gains,power,prestige,and controlling position to the Jews .
    Americans have seen the effects of that power,prestige,control on American self -defeating ME policies from 1991 .

  111. NA says:

    “”During his appearance on ABC, though, the mask slipped. “How did you get a peaceful solution in Syria?” he asked, referring to the crisis of late-2013, when Syrian President Bashar al-Assad allegedly used chemical weapons against his own people, and did so despite President Obama’s earlier threats. “You ratcheted up the pressure,” Netanyahu continued. “And when Syria saw … those pressures were raining down on them, they agreed … to what was not agreed before.” But as Netanyahu surely knows, this answer is disingenuous at best.””

    There are many conclusions that could be drawn from this description.
    1 Its a lie
    2 Lies can go unchallenged despite the opportunities of CNN,ABC,and FOX to challenge this liar who wants Americans blood to be shed
    3 This will be echoed by the lying brigade from AEI, SWI, ECI, FDD who get their marching orders from Bibi and his international donors and supporters
    4 This could have and still could be used ,if so desired by the Americans patriotic politicians to point out the intentional lying and intentional distortion by Netanyhu( of an event that is not even 5 yrs old),to force Americans in an war that ends up costing American lives,money,prestige,and international support and brings no benefit excepting to the reelection of Netanhyu and increased hegemony of Israel.
    5 and another conclusion could be drawn that Israel always draws wrongful disastrous,opposite conclusion and forces that narrative on American press,American media,and the Academia . That is true of Lavon Affairs,true of USS Liberty,true of 911,true f 2003war,true of Sarin gas attack by Syria,and true of the accusations against Iran . But the verbal accusation doesn’t end there . It forces America to act on those lies .

    6 Press then goes on to assess the degree of the warmth expressed by the American leader ( Rand Paul on speech of Netanyahu was gauged by Jennifer Rubin of WaPo and she him in red – big deficit per her assessment) to Netanhayu and how effective he has been in persuading an ill informed politician ( Thats what the FDD’s Duvronik does to the Canadian parliamentarian according to YNET ) !!

  112. KA says:

    “Last month, Eric Fingerhut, the director of Hillel International, backed out of an appearance at the liberal Zionist group J Street’s conference in Washington because he said that the Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat, who was also speaking there, had made “highly inflammatory statements against the Jewish state”– for instance comparing it to the Islamic State. Five hundred members of J Street’s campus organization then marched on Fingerhut’s office in protest.

    Well now, an anonymous Hillel director reached out to Derek Kwait of New Voices to say that Fingerhut wanted to go, but he was under pressure from big donors:”

    An American cant attend an American venue out of the fear of the donors who advocate Israeli interests at the cost of the American’s.

    BTW an Israeli PM can come to US joint Congress session and accuse the government of Iran of being worse than IS. Every body dances to the tune.

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  113. @KA

    “. . .Eric Fingerhut, the director of Hillel International. . .”

    Zalman Shapira was the man in charge of NUMEC when that company in Apollo, PA, stole uranium from USA and shipped it to Israel.

    Divert!: Numec, Zalman Shapiro and the Diversion of US Weapons Grade Uranium Into the Israeli Nuclear Weapons Program, by Grant Smith

    Arlen Specter switched parties to ensure that he would stay in the Senate. From there, he protected Shapira from prosecution.

    Today, Shapira lives happily ensconced in a condominium in Pittsburgh, PA surrounded by his grandchildren and enjoying his position on the Board of Directors of that city’s Hillel.

    Several years ago when the then-ambassador to Syria spoke at one of the universities just a stone’s throw from Shapira’s condo, the audience was salted with students wearing yarmulkes and carrying the latest edition of the Hasbara Manual. They harassed the speaker and dominated the Q&A segment. Afterward, they gathered for photos and to be interviewed by a reporter from the local Jewish newspaper.

  114. KA says:

    Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) wants to pass an amendment that would make Iran’s recognition of Israel a precondition to the implementation of a nuclear deal. This echoes Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent demand that an “unambiguous Iranian recognition of Israel’s right to exist” be included in the text of the final agreement.

    This moron doesn’t know what to say to remain obedient to Netanyahu’s Israel,to prove the honest servility ,to stay on the good accounting book of Adelson ,and to how to continue running like a pathetic lab rat in the wheel of the Zionism to stay at least in the same place. Now he has got some polluted water to drink from the Netanyahu’s fountain so he can defy the Florida hot summer until it really arrives .Parrotting the master in his busy times! His alertness should be at least acknowledged for keeping his antenna to the right direction.

    • Replies: @KA
  115. KA says:

    Or may be he will find his moral testicles in his tiny brain somewhere and demand Netanyahu recognize 2 state as the precondition of receiving the handout from US .

  116. KA says:


    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at a recent meeting of the security cabinet that if a comprehensive nuclear agreement between Iran and the six world powers is indeed signed by the June 30 deadline, the greatest concern is that Tehran will fully implement it without violations, two senior Israeli officials said.!!

    Pletka said same thing few yrs back.,
    Israeli military strategists and minister one time said same thing : the greatest concern is that Iran will not use the nukes or make threats with the nukes but be a responsible player and in the process undermine the Israeli advantage of unrestricted hegemony and the propaganda

  117. KA says:

    Following inmates of the solitary( Israeli) cells haven’t been yet released by Israel

    ““Diplomacy has failed,” Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., told AIPAC, “Iran is on the verge of becoming nuclear and we cannot afford that.”

    “We have to contemplate the final option,” said Sen. Evan Bayh, D-Ind., “the use of force to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon.”

    War is a “terrible thing,” said Sen. Lindsay Graham, R-S.C., but “sometimes it is better to go to war than to allow the Holocaust to develop a second time.”

    Graham then describes the war we Americans should fight:

    “If military force is ever employed, it should be done in a decisive fashion. The Iran government’s ability to wage conventional war against its neighbors and our troops in the region should not exist. They should not have one plane that can fly or one ship that can float.”

    Danielle Pletka of the American Enterprise Institute, Neocon Central, writes, “The only questions remaining, one Washington politico tells me, are who starts it, and how it ends.”

    As to who starts it, we know the answer. Teheran has not started a war in memory and is not going to launch a suicide attack on a superpower with thousands of nuclear weapons. As with Iraq in 2003, the war will be launched by the United States against a nation that did not attack us — to strip it of weapons it does not have.

    But to Graham’s point, if we are going to start this war, prudence dictates that we destroy Iran’s ability to fight back. At a minimum, we would have to use airstrikes and cruise missiles to hit a range of targets.

    First, Iran’s nuclear facilities such as the uranium enrichment plant at Natanz, the U.S.-built reactor that makes medical isotopes, the power plant at Bushehr, the centrifuge facility near Qom and the heavy water plant at Arak.

    Our problem here is that the last three are not even operational and all are subject to U.N. inspections. There are Russians at Bushehr. And there is no evidence that diversion to a weapons program has taken place.

    If Iran has secret plants working on nuclear weapons, why have we not been told where, and demanded that U.N. inspectors be let in? Why did 16 U.S. intelligence agencies, three years ago, tell us they did not exist and Iran gave up its drive for a nuclear weapon in 2003?

    If Iran is on the “verge” of a bomb, as Schumer claims, the entire U.S. intelligence community should be decapitated for incompetence.

    This week, in a hyped headline, “CIA: Iran capable of producing nukes,” the Washington Times said that a new CIA report claims, “Iran continues to develop a range of capabilities that could be applied to producing nuclear weapons, if a decision is made to do so.”

    Excuse me, but this is mush. We could say the same of a dozen countries that use nuclear power and study nuclear technology.

    Before the War Party stampedes us into yet another war, the Senate should find out if Teheran is really on the “verge” of getting a bomb, and why deterrence, which never failed us, cannot succeed with Iran.

    Patrick J. Buchanan is founding editor of The American Conservative and author, most recently, of Churchill, Hitler, and the “Unnecessary War”.

  118. KA says:

    They destroyed those who wanted to remain free,who warned of the threat from within .

  119. KA says:
    1 Henry Kissinger and George Shultz
    2 Senator Lindsey Graham
    3 Senator Tom Cotton, R-Arkansas
    who cant t keep their history straight.Its no due any intellectual deficit. It is entirely due to the clear and immidiate danger of being hauled up before the Sanhedrin .The dinosaurs both young and middle aged , would rather spend the time in the solitary cell than to question how they ended up like so many other in this Israeli run prison .

  120. KA [AKA "block"] says:

    In Israel’s army, more officers are now religious.

    The percentage of officer cadets who are religious has grown 10-fold since the early 1990s. Among secular Israelis, that’s being met with a mix of respect, and concern.
    By Christa Case Bryant, Staff writer April 17, 2015 “

    What it means is that despite the popularization of the idea of “Judeo Christian” culture and despite inculcation ,indoctrination, and shaping of American mind towards the theme of having a common core value that binds Israel and West together :there is none, never been.

    Religion is being systematically destroyed in West including in Air Force,military and Navy .

    The other ares of significant 180 degree divergences are in the rules,clauses,laws and practices in following areas – free education,free health,subsidized housing and in the tight knit revolving door relationship between government and the industry. In addition there are discrimination against its own citizen that are protected by the state.

    Its time to debunk the existence of any sharing of values and confront this abuse of the term of the shared value .

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  121. KA says:

    Analyzing this interview is Jim Lobe
    in -

  122. @KA

    “The times compelled us to take the defense of our meetings into our own hands; one can never count on protection on the part of the authorities; on the contrary, experience shows that it always and exclusively benefits the disturbers. For the sole actual result of intervention by the authorities–that is, the police–was at best to dissolve, in other words, to close the meeting. And that was the sole aim and purpose of the hostile disturbers.

    In this connection the police has developed a practice which represents the most monstrous form of injustice that can be conceived of. If through some sort of threats it becomes known to the authorities that there is danger of a meeting being broken up, they do not arrest the threateners, but forbid the others, the innocent, to hold the meeting, and what is more, the run-of-the-mill police mind is mighty proud of such wisdom. They call this a ‘precautionary measure for the prevention of an illegal act.

    Thus, the determined gangster is always in a position to make political activity and efforts impossible for decent people. In the name of law and order, the state authority gives in to the gangster and requests the others please not to provoke him.”…….

    “in large sections of the Reich they went so far as to designate a non-Marxist meeting as such a provocation of the proletariat; especially when the wirepullers sensed that the meeting might draw up the catalogue of their own sins and unmask the treachery with which they deceived and lied to the people. Then, as soon as such a meeting was announced, the whole Red press raised a furious outcry, and these men who in principle despised that law were not seldom the first to turn to the authorities, with the urgent and threatening request that this ‘provocation of the proletariat’ be prohibited at once, ‘in order to prevent worse things from happening’.

    “You need to have seen such a bourgeois meeting, you need to have seen its leaders in all their miserable fear! Often, upon such threats, a meeting was simply called off.”

    Adolf Hitler
    Mein Kampf

  123. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    How does the liberal pro gay,pro immigration pro abortion section of the elite pour money on anti gay,anti abortion,anti LGBT ,anti immigration party? This particular elite also sends money for eviction,torture,and expelling of local native from Holy Land .
    There is no sharing of secular or religious values between the two. Corruption has destroyed US secularism as well as it has corrupted churches,bible,and religious focus . It has destroyed the ability of people to question clear discordance and to differentiate between the evil and the good . America ,out of fear of the unknown forces within the country ,is falling victim to the power play of a sinister group who are psychopath and have no interest of American in heart.

  124. Jett Rucker says: • Website

    I’m a one-issue voter, unfortunately. I vote always for that candidate that I think has the least attachment/obligation to Israel. I do this not out of any antipathy for Israel, but because I fear Israel’s unparalleled power to drag the United States into war.

    Nothing against Israel – just an aversion to war, for them or for anybody else.

  125. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Don Nash

    There’s really no need to talk about any of these republican candidates…the party has changed its rules so that the primaries are nothing but a dog and pony show with the parties choice completely in the hands of those who run the RNC…the republican party is dead now…I will be changing my party affiliation….which party is Ralph with this year?
    Peace, truth, justice, freedom, health and prosperity for All…in-spite of those who control the US govt.

  126. william says:

    Here is some “holocaust remembrance” for you:
    These passages are the foundation of Israel’s self written “deed” to the land of Palestine.
    If they are not ALL true, then the entire “claim” to Palestine, in the book THEY WROTE, IS NOT TRUE.
    Deuteronomy 3:18 and I commanded you at that time, saying, The Lord your God hath given you this land to possess it: ye shall pass over armed before your brethren the children of Israel, all that are meet for the war.


    Deuteronomy 7:16, 20:16 “And thou shalt consume all the peoples which the Lord thy God shall deliver unto thee; thine eye shall not pity them…thou shalt save alive nothing that breatheth.”
    Deuteronomy 15:6 “For the LORD thy God blesseth thee, as he promised thee: and thou shalt lend unto many nations, but thou shalt not borrow; and thou shalt reign over many nations, but they shall not reign over thee.”
    Numbers c.5 v.2-4
    Leviticus c.20 v.13 well, really the whole chapter
    Exodus c.32 v.27
    Numbers c.11 v.1-2
    Numbers c.16 all
    Numbers c.21 v.5-6
    Numbers v.26 v.10
    KILL anyone who engages in “DIVERSITY” or “INTEGRATION”
    Numbers v25 v.4-8
    Deuteronomy c.14 v.2
    Numbers c.21 v.03 Canaanites
    Numbers c.21 v.24 Amorites
    Numbers c.21 v.33-35 Bashan
    Numbers c.31 all Midianites
    Numbers c.32 v. more Amorites
    Deuteronomy c.2 v.34 People of Heshbon
    Deuteronomy c.3 v.6 really the whole chapter. threescore cities
    Joshua c.12 A list of victims of Israeli GENOCIDE
    Where are THEIR “holocaust” Memorials!
    Numbers c.21 v.25
    Numbers c.32 v.39
    Numbers c.33 v.53
    (just to name a FEW)
    Numbers c.33 v.31-34
    Deuteronomy c.7 v.2
    Deuteronomy c.12 v.28-30
    Deuteronomy c.20 v.11-16
    Deuteronomy c.2 v.2
    Deuteronomy c.7 v.1
    Jews SELF-anointed “The CHOSEN People of GOD”
    Nazis SELF-anointed “The CHOSEN People of GENETICS”.
    TODAY Israel states that it is creating “A PURE Jewish State”
    YESTERDAY the Nazis were creating “A PURE German State”
    And they utterly destroyed all that was in the city, both man and woman, young and old, and ox, and sheep, and ass, with the edge of the sword . . . (Joshua 6:21)
    For modern day reinforcement of these “rules” research/google “the KINGS TORAH”

  127. redwood says:
    @Fran Macadam

    I don’t remember there being any De Klerck apologists. FW De Klerck was the last white prime minister of South Africa. He and Nelson Mandela worked to end Apartheid and were issued peace prizes. De Klerck’s son married a colored (mixed race) woman. So many US politicians stand apologetically with Israel. They are more concerned about being elected than doing what is right or what they think is right.

  128. Elena says:

    I totally agree. Time to free America from Israeli occupation.

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