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Ben Ami Kadish Again
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Those who have been following the various aspects of Israel’s consequence free spying against the United States have no doubt noted that the AIPAC duo Rosen and Weissman apparently will be walking soon as the presiding judge has permitted testimony that will make it impossible for the prosecution to make its case. Most anyone could have predicted that it would turn out that way about three years ago and saved the government a lot of money. Nobody messes with AIPAC.

But what about Ben Ami Kadish, the “where’s Waldo” of international espionage? Kadish was very naughty in stealing those US defense secrets while working as an engineer at an arsenal in New Jersey. He was part of the same Israeli spy network that included Jonathan Pollard. Kadish was arrested last April, released on bail, and was to appear in court a month later, but nothing happened. He finally showed up at the end of December and pleaded guilty on reduced charges. He returned to his retirement home and was supposed to be sentenced on February 13th but I can find no record of a sentencing in the court website or in any media source. Has he disappeared again or did his get out of jail free card come in the mail? When he last appeared in court he wished everyone a Happy New Year.

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  1. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Phil, Do you have an email address that I could reach you at?

  2. Dual loyalty regarding Israel has become so common as to be expected or normal. A Jewish woman of my acquaintance once announced in a room full of people that “Israel was just a part of Miami, ” as far as she was concerned. I’m reminded of the Rosenberg case in that it was “understood” that spying for the USSR was “no big deal.” They were our “Allies” after all.

  3. Jim says:

    Ben-ami Kadish’s sentencing was adjourned to April 24.

    Compare the kid-glove treatment he is receiving supposedly due to his age of 89 and the 32 year-long persecution suffered by John Demjanjuk, who, frail and ill at the age of 89, is now facing deportation and has been deprived of his Social Security benefits.

    Here are the details of the Kadish sentencing. I hope a few patriots can attend and ask news reporters since when has espionage been punished by mere probation. I would call the court at the number below to verify the Friday, April 24 date. Court usually starts at 9:00 AM.

    Hon. William H. Pauley
    United States District Judge
    Daniel Patrick Moynihan
    United States Courthouse
    500 Pearl St.
    New York, NY 10007-1312
    Courtroom: 11D

    Chambers Phone: (212) 805-6387
    Deputy Phone: (212) 805-6393

  4. Kathleen says:

    Spy for Israel and you get off. Why would anyone wonder why there is such deep disrespect for our so called justice system?

    How old was Cunningham when he wen to prison. Why is Kadish getting off? Throw him in prison

    The aipac espionage investigation and trial have barely been mentioned in the MSM. Rachel maddow just did a show but she spun the aipac espionage investigation as a joke. Was not a serious report.

  5. Annoyed says:

    No one will care when Iran uses a Bomb Design that America allowed them to steal, smuggled on a Syrian Ship, to level an American Port City, but it is headline news when someone gives Documents to An Ally, that America said it would share with them anyway, but planned to lie about.

    America let Chinese and Iranian Spies walk, sometimes with the Documents they Stole, on multiple occasions, so stop being shocked when some Israeli Agent escapes whatever Death Sentence you would reserve for them. Your Hypocrisy is Coming For You.

  6. douglas says:

    Even the judge thought this was a whitewash.

  7. Dan says:

    Annoyed – I have completely missed the story about the US bomb design that was allowed stolen, and about that Syrian ship.
    Any links?

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