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A Marc Too Far
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Hillary Clinton has appointed Marc Grossman her special AfPak representative to replace Richard Holbrooke. Readers of TAC might well recall the Grossman saga as related by FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds. Per Edmonds, Grossman was involved in suspected illegal activity connected to the Turkish and Israeli governments and was under investigation by the FBI.

Part of Sibel Edmonds’ interview went as follows, picking up the account after Grossman had to return to the United States from Turkey:

GIRALDI: So Grossman at this point comes back to the United States. He’s rewarded with the third-highest position at the State Department, and he allegedly uses this position to do favors for “Turkish interests”—both for the Turkish government and for possible criminal interests. Sometimes, the two converge. The FBI is aware of his activities and is listening to his phone calls. When someone who is Turkish calls Grossman, the FBI monitors that individual’s phone calls, and when the Turk calls a friend who is a Pakistani or an Egyptian or a Saudi, they monitor all those contacts, widening the net.

EDMONDS: Correct.

GIRALDI: And Grossman received money as a result. In one case, you said that a State Department colleague went to pick up a bag of money…

EDMONDS : $14,000

GIRALDI: What kind of information was Grossman giving to foreign countries? Did he give assistance to foreign individuals penetrating U.S. government labs and defense installations as has been reported? It’s also been reported that he was the conduit to a group of congressmen who become, in a sense, the targets to be recruited as “agents of influence.”

EDMONDS: Yes, that’s correct. Grossman assisted his Turkish and Israeli contacts directly, and he also facilitated access to members of Congress who mig ht be inclined to help for reasons of their own or could be bribed into cooperation. The top person obtaining classified information was Congressman Tom Lantos. A Lantos associate, Alan Makovsky worked very closely with Dr. Sabri Sayari in Georgetown University, who is widely believed to be a Turkish spy. Lantos would give Makovsky highly classified policy-related documents obtained during defense briefings for passage to Israel because Makovsky was also working for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).

Grossman has denied involvement in any illegal activity, but the charges made by Edmonds have never actually been refuted. Unless Edmonds is lying, there presumably is an FBI file on the Grossman case. So the question becomes, did Hillary Clinton check out Grossman to determine if the charges made by Sibel Edmonds have any validity or not? If she did not, she is guilty of gross dereliction of duty and might be responsible for placing a possibly corrupt individual in a position that is critical to the conduct of US foreign policy. So what is it Hillary? What did you do?

(Republished from The American Conservative by permission of author or representative)
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  1. tbraton says:

    And, of course, PG, the late Congressman Tom Lantos was complicit with the Ambassador of Kuwait in fabricating the hoax during the build-up to the first Gulf War in 1991 about Saddam’s troops invading maternity hospitals in Kuwait and tossing out the newborn Kuwaiti babies in order to steal the incubators. It turns out that young “Kuwaiti woman” making those allegations (carefully not before a Congressional committee under oath) was, in actuality, the daughter of the Ambassador to the U.S. from Kuwait. All part of the propaganda campaign to portray Saddam not only as another Hitler but even worse.

  2. What did Hillary do? If history is any guide, whatever she did was surely illegal. You can be sure she’ll lie about it too. Merely documenting this woman’s litany of whoppers over the years would require a multi-volume set in small print.

  3. The MSM will ignore this as it has the other examples of treason on behalf of Israel and Turkey. Congressman Issa, let’s have an investigation.

  4. The Feeble Bureau of Investigation looked at this guy for 10 years? I’d like to read that file – even they must have enough to make a case in there. But, BUT, one important thing everyone should remember is the FBI doesn’t decide if the case is filed, the US Attorney does. And the AAG tells the US Attorney what is a good case. And, the AG tells the AAG what is, etc. In other words, the investigators can do a very good job, get it all in a well-organized report, trot it over to the local DOJ & it can die there. A case at the level of Marc Grossman these days would go nowhere w/o the approval of likely the President. Remember, this guy worked for Cheney. No one wants him cutting deals for a lighter sentence. My prediction: if he isn’t on video he’ll never be charged. And if he is, then we have the judges . . . .!

    I think Hillary trusts him precisely because he is corrupt. His experience in bringing Turkey & Israel together may be what she thinks she needs in AfPak, where everyone is on the take.

  5. Alison Weir says: • Website

    In addition, Marc Grossman was one of 15 high level U.S. officials who were going to be subpoenaed in a spying trial “to show they regularly gave AIPAC officials sensitive [i.e. classified] information with the full expectation that it would be passed along to Israelis and others.”

    Some of the others: Condoleezza Rice; national-security adviser Stephen Hadley; Richard Armitage, former deputy secretary of State; William Burns, US ambassador to Russia; David Satterfield, former deputy assistant secretary of state and now head of the MFO in Egypt; Elliott Abrams, deputy national-security adviser; Paul Wolfowitz, former deputy secretary of Defense; and Douglas Feith, former undersecretary of Defense.

    The trial, like almost all concerning Israel’s extensive spying on the U.S., was dismissed before more information was revealed.

  6. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Phil wrote: “If she did not, she is guilty of gross dereliction of duty and might be responsible for placing a possibly corrupt individual in a position that is critical to the conduct of US foreign policy.”

    The Clintons turned shakedowns of foreign interests and recent immigrants into an art form. This was really the only qualification she had for the position of Secretary of State. So “gross direlection of duty” is the least of our worries, and there is no more “corrupt indvidual” in our government than Hillary Clinton herself.

    Before electing or appointing a Clinton to any given office, we should always ask ourselves how we want that office to SMELL afterward.

  7. Lorraine says:

    Is anyone surprised by this? There seems to be an utter blindness of the Clinton State Dept. to any whisper of impropriety when it comes to promoting and protecting what are surely her greatest benefactors.

  8. Perle, Wolfowitz and Feith, to name just three, had run ins with the “authorities” about their relationships with the zionist enterprise. Nevertheless, under the Bush Administration, they were all appointed and confirmed to high profile and important foreign policy positions. The Bush’s practice of appointing folks with obvious conflicts of interest to senior foreign policy positions continues under Obama. I’d like to think that there is so much negative stuff out there on Marc Grossman that some of it will surface during confirmation hearings. But I’m probably being optimistic.

  9. Andy says:

    “I think Hillary trusts him precisely because he is corrupt. His experience in bringing Turkey & Israel together may be what she thinks she needs in AfPak, where everyone is on the take”

    No surprise. Makes sense to me and I think for Obama as well or she wouldn’t have picked him for the position.

    Looking at the history of Int’l politics one learns it may be even sleazier than the domestic variety. He may be the right man for the job. It seems to me that even if they believed it was true nothing he is alleged to have done would disqualify him as far as those who hired him are concerned.
    We elect the politicians who appoint those they feel will best carry out there objectives, and Marc Grossman’s appointment seems to be an example of that policy.

  10. eep says:

    Why is she sending a nuke dealer to deal with one of his clients is what I want to know.

  11. jared says:

    The essential message appears very clear in all of this discussion: a moratorium on all dual-Israel citizenship posts to Federal and diplomatic departments. The current crop of probable spies for Israel working in our government should be given lie-detector tests grilling them on questions related to ‘a loyalty oath’. AIPAC must be registered as a foreign government agent as President Kennedy valiantly attempted to procure. Outside of this or similar iron-clad actions, our military should step in and do the job that our congress is failing miserably at: to take our country back.

  12. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The fact that Hillary is in Obama’s cabinet is of as much concern. I don’t even know where to start about her and her husband’s criminality and their ties to the Bush family. Hillary should know as she stated as to why we don’t fix America’s drug problem. She said, “There is too much money in it.” As governor, Bill Clinton prevented investigation into GHWB’s CIA drug smuggling ring through Mena, Arkansas. As president, preventing investigation into Iran Contra drug smuggling was also his job. Kenneth Starr, GHWB, and Bill Clinton were all CIA. The whole investigation into the Clintons was just a show trial. It has been said that Bill met Hillary in the CIA. Only one of their bodyguards that worked with them in Arkansas is still alive, only because he already came out with a book about them. Obama’s plane over St. Louis that almost crashed was on loan from Hillary. A woman who was warned by Hillary not to speak of the things she saw at the governor’s mansion said that she had never been scared of anybody more in her life. Hillary has claimed that she will do “anything” to win. She studied Machiavelli for her thesis.

  13. tbraton says:

    “It has been said that Bill met Hillary in the CIA.”

    I hate to sprinkle water on your conspiracy theories since they are so interesting, but didn’t Hillary meet Bill when they both attended Yale Law School?

    “She studied Machiavelli for her thesis.”

    Not according to Wikipedia: “Returning to Wellesley for her final year, Rodham wrote her senior thesis about the tactics of radical community organizer Saul Alinsky under Professor Schechter (years later while she was First Lady, access to the thesis was restricted at the request of the White House and it became the subject of some speculation).[25]”

  14. Israel and Turkey, both founded on the bloody mass eviction of Christians, in the Turkish case at least twice over.

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