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Déjà Vu?
The Goths came en masse and unopposed as immigrants to Rome
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When discussing the influx of Syrian refugees into Europe, we often ignore one thing: most of them are neither Syrians nor refugees. The majority are Iraqis, Iranians, Afghans, Pakistanis, or even Bangladeshis. They live crummy lives but are in no immediate danger, their motive being simply the prospect of a better life in the West.

A Pakistani identity card in the bushes, a Bangladeshi one in a cornfield. A torn Iraqi driver’s license bearing the photo of a man with a Saddam-style mustache, another one with a scarfed woman displaying a shy smile.

Documents scattered only metres from Serbia’s border with Hungary provide evidence that many of the migrants flooding Europe to escape war or poverty are scrapping their true nationalities and likely assuming new ones, just as they enter the European Union. Serbian border police say that 90 percent of those arriving from Macedonia, some 3,000 a day, claim they are Syrian, although they have no documents to prove it. […]

“You can see that something is fishy when most of those who cross into Serbia enter January first as the date of their birth,” said border police officer Miroslav Jovic. “Guess that’s the first date that comes to their mind.”

A breach has opened up in the defenses of Europe, and large numbers of people are pouring through. Meanwhile, another breach has been made in Libya. (The New Zealand Herald, 2015)

Steve Sailer has compared this influx to the entry of the Goths into the Roman Empire (Sailer, 2015). They too came en masse and unopposed, as refugees. Is the comparison justified? There are both similarities and dissimilarities, but the latter, I will argue, are such that the current crisis may actually be the worse one.

Let’s begin with the similarities:

Demographic imbalance

Contemporary observers (Augustus, Tacitus, Pliny the Younger, Plutarch, Stobaeus) believed that birth rates had fallen considerably, largely because too many people were postponing marriage and resorting to abortion or infanticide within marriage (Harris, 1982;Rawson, 1986). This opinion is supported by archaeological evidence that Roman towns and cities lost population between the 2nd and 5th centuries, with no signs of population growth elsewhere. Using this evidence, Latouche (1947) argued that birth rates were falling throughout the Empire by the 3rd century. Nonetheless, other historians tend to be dismissive, saying that the contemporary observers in question had pro-family biases.

There is agreement on one point: infantile mortality was high, particularly in urban areas. Even a modest fertility decline would have led to a shrinking population (Frost, 2010b). Just to keep the population stable, each Roman mother would have had to bear at least five children (Parkin, 1992).

Conditions were better for growth just outside the Empire, where people enjoyed increased opportunities for trade without the cultural influences that tend to delay family formation and reduce fertility (Wells, 1999, p. 225). The result would have been an increasing pressure of population on the Empire’s borders.

Controlled immigration: beginnings of the mass influx

The fall of Rome evokes horrific images of death and plunder. At first, however, the barbarians came peacefully, being recruited as soldiers and rewarded with land grants at the end of their military service (Goffart, 1980). It was with this outcome in mind that the Goths, fleeing the advance of the Huns in the 4th century, showed up along the Danube and begged to be allowed in. But this time the influx would be much greater, perhaps in the hundreds of thousands. They were nonetheless allowed in, and the Emperor’s entourage saw this influx as business as usual.

Optimism among the elites

By that time, Rome’s capacity to assimilate was at its height. Ethnic and regional identities were dissolving throughout the Empire and being replaced by a common identity of Roman civilization or humanitas. This broader identity seemed to be spreading even beyond the Empire:

The most profound effect of the interactions was to spread Roman goods, practices, and values beyond the provinces out to regions far removed from the territories conquered by Rome. When auxiliary soldiers returned home to regions such as Denmark or Poland, they brought with them not only their weapons and perhaps Roman bronze vessels and ornate pottery, but also personal familiarity with large-scale political organization, cities, writing, and all of the myriad other features that distinguished Roman civilization from the cultures of the peoples of northern Europe. (Wells, 1999, p. 225)

Christianity was likewise making inroads. For all these reasons, the northern barbarians didn’t form a rival civilization like the Persian Empire to the east. They were merely disparate tribes being drawn economically and culturally into Rome’s orbit and apparently destined to become future Romans. This should be kept in mind when we read about the optimism of the Emperor’s entourage, who considered the Gothic influx to be a godsend of future soldiers and loyal subjects (Pohl, 1997, p. 4). Goffart (1980, p. 35) is not far off the mark when he states, “what we call the fall of the Western Roman Empire was an imaginative experiment that got a little out of hand.”

Why things went wrong

To some degree, optimism was justified. Large numbers of barbarians had become useful citizens, particularly soldiers. But past success is no guarantee against future failure. First, a demographic pressure cooker was developing beyond the Empire’s borders, and many more barbarians would soon follow the example of the Goths. Second, even as longtime Roman soldiers, they often felt greater loyalty to their own people than to abstract principles of humanitas. Third, many had trouble accepting the Roman idea that only the State may use violence.

Barbarians considered violence to be legitimate. In their eyes, every adult male had the right to use violent means when and if appropriate, even to the point of committing murder. In barbarian society, a victim of violence could go to a court of law, but the court’s decision had to be enforced by the victim and his kinsmen. In short, no one had an inherent right to life and property. That right had to be continually earned through one’s ability to defend oneself and rally support from friends and family (Frost, 2010a).

Things were very different within the Empire, as summed up by the term Pax Romana. Only the State had the right to use violence, and people who usurped that right were branded as bandits and treated as such. It was this pacification of social relations that made possible the creation of a large complex society where people could live, trade, and come and go in relative peace.

The barbarian influx would destroy the Pax Romana. If we take the case of the Goths, so many were allowed to enter that the Empire lacked the means to feed them. The resulting famine pushed them to plunder towns and villages for food. At that point, they saw with their own eyes the defenselessness of the average Roman, who in any altercation would not defend himself and would typically flee.

The Romans did have a system of collective defense. By the 4th century, there was an extensive network of walls, forts, and watchtowers along the border, as well as defense in depth—legions stationed farther behind to contain any incursions. But this system failed to allow for a situation where large numbers of barbarians would be invited to cross the militarized border zone with no opposition whatsoever. At that point, they entered the so-called ‘civil zone,’ where defenses were much weaker.

The resulting crisis tended to feed on itself. When large numbers of barbarians were invited in, even more decided to invite themselves. The border ceased to exist. There was no longer any barrier between the barbaric outer world and the pacified Roman world, which was home to millions of people who didn’t know how to defend themselves and who had not done so for generations.

And so the inevitable happened. The barbarians didn’t wish to destroy Roman society—they just wanted to help themselves to its wealth—-but their very presence made the survival of Roman society impossible. No, they didn’t completely destroy the heritage of Rome. They came to plunder, not to destroy; moreover, they were already semi-Roman and semi-Christian, and in time the kingdoms they founded would preserve some of that heritage. But the Empire did collapse, as a French historian has wryly pointed out:

For the decisive point is that Rome had shown its weakness by admitting peoples onto its territory whom it had been unable to subordinate and whose presence it had regularized without having vanquished them in the field. Contrary to what is commonly said today, the invasions really did happen. The Barbarians were in no way “invited” to settle in the empire. They entered in large numbers by immigration and also, at least in equal numbers, by violent invasion, by piercing the defense lines, plundering the cities, and massacring people as much in Italy and Greece as in Gaul, Spain, and Africa. (Voisin, 2014)

And now the differences

While the fall of Rome resembles the current crisis, there are differences. First, the demographic imbalance between Romans and barbarians was hardly comparable to the one that now exists between Europeans, on the one hand, and Muslims and Africans, on the other. When the Roman Empire collapsed, barbarians replaced the native population in only a few areas: England, Flanders, southern Germany, parts of Switzerland, and Austria (furthermore, the case of England is disputed by some historians). Elsewhere, they were no more than 5 to 10% of the local population. The population replacement now under way—which is merely in its initial stages—promises to be much greater.

Second, the peoples of Africa and the Muslim world may covet Europe’s higher standard of living, but they don’t see themselves as future Europeans. They see themselves as Africans and Muslims, and that’s not going to change. The difference is crucial. Whereas Europe was still European when the Dark Ages ended, it may be something else when this is all over.

The outcome will depend on what you do or fail to do. When people look on and say nothing, they hand over the keys of history to those who have no such inhibitions.


Frost, P. (2010a). The Roman State and genetic pacification,Evolutionary Psychology, 8(3), 376-389.

Frost, P. (2010b). Are empires bad for your health? Evo and Proud, January 14

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Latouche, R. (1947). Aspect démographique de la crise des grandes invasions, Population, 2, 681-690.

Parkin, T.G. (1992). Demography and Roman Society, Ancient Society and History, Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press.

Pohl, W. (1997). Kingdoms of the Empire. The Integration of Barbarians in Late Antiquity, Brill.

Rawson, B. (1986). The Roman Family, in B. Rawson (ed.) The Family in Ancient Rom, New Perspectives, Cornell University Press.

Sailer, S. (2015). Civilization capitulates to barbarism at the Danube in “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire,” The Unz Review, September 7

The New Zealand Herald. (2015). The big migrant passport scam, September 7

Voisin, J.L. (2014). Ce que nous enseigne la chute de l’empire romain, Le Figaro, October 17

Wells, P.S. (1999). The Barbarians Speak. How the Conquered Peoples Shaped Roman Europe, Princeton University Press.

(Republished from Evo and Proud by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Hopefully, the Europeans will start using DNA sequencing on those who “lose” their documents.

    “In one test, the team could place 25 percent of residents of 10 villages in Sardinia to their specific villages, and the other 75 percent to within 31 miles. In 20 islands within Oceania, they could track 90 percent back to their exact island.”

    Those who fail the test can be flown back to their native lands and dropped from 20,000 feet – preferably without a parachute.

  2. German_reader says:

    “The outcome will depend on what you do or fail to do. When people look on and say nothing…”

    That’s certainly true…but in Germany right now the situation is pretty bleak, and it’s not clear (at least to me) what the average citizen can do about it. Border control seems to have broken down more or less, with at least 10 000 “refugees” arriving every day; Merkel and the pro-immigration part of the Christian Democrats have pretty much abdicated responsibility. Much of the media is still in open borders propaganda mode…and most of their online sites have shut down comments on immigration-related articles.
    Of course one can write to one’s MP…and there’ll be state elections next year in the state I’m living in (I’m going to vote for the right-wing AfD)…but right now, it’s all pretty depressing. The German government seems to be no longer willing to enforce German sovereignty, and even “refugees” whose claims to asylum are obviously fraudulent aren’t deported…pro-immigration sentiment and “anti-fascist” frenzy dominate the media, and there’s a genereal exspectation that the new arrivals will stay and eventually be naturalized. Astonishing and scary, even I didn’t think the rot was that deep.

  3. Ivy says:

    Roman citizens and their non-citizen neighbors suffered from the barbarian tourism, but the story of John Q. Publius gets lost to history. The typical response is that “things worked out well in the end”, but that elides a lot of death and destruction along the way.

    Ask how many Europeans are willing to lose their lives or have their equanimity perish for the benefit of future generations. Those asking people to take one for the team aren’t even in the stadium.

    • Replies: @bomag
    , @JayMan
  4. KFoy says:

    Great stuff Doc. You know what, those maps that show all the of different locations routes migrants are taking did always remind me of the maps that showed all the Germanic tribes raiding the Roman empire. Funny how they’re all pouring into Germany now, whereas they used to pouring out!

  5. At that point, they saw with their own eyes the defenselessness of the average Roman, who in any altercation would not defend himself and would typically flee.

    It’s amazing the way formerly warrior-like peoples go soft. This sentence almost hits harder than witnessing Europe be colonized by its former colonies.

  6. @German_reader

    My sympathies German reader – everywhere you look though – the same story is getting repeated. And we’re pretty much helpless to do anything about it. The physical means are there to stop it, but hardly anyone wants it to stop, including those at the highest levels of Government, they seem to love this, even though it’s not going to end well for them. The current invaders do not love their enablers, they see them as weak fools to be taken advantage of. And gleefully taking advantage is what they are doing, as we can see. Only Hungary stands alone (or last I heard) is the next wave of refugees (and genuine ones at that) going to be white citizens fleeing western Europe, the UK & the Nordic countries into Eastern Europe – with all the attendant tales of horror, which we are starting to see but routinely ignored or underplayed by the media? It reminds me of a cartoon that was around during the French Revolution – where the King of France, caricatured as a monkey, has his nobles and so forth gathered around him – caricatured as Geese, he asks them (this may not be exact I’m remembering High School French History here) ‘My dear Ministers I have called you before me to ask what sauce you wish to be eaten in?’ To which the Geese reply ‘But we don’t want to be eaten’ Different situation in our day and age but similar circumstances. Whites could start self immolating in protest ala Vietnamese monks, but who is willing to do that?

  7. Biff says:

    To a Chinaman, what is the difference between a Roman and a Barbarian?

    • Replies: @Seck
    , @random observer
  8. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    Because of the awesomely great achievements of the West, it is sad to see it overrun by Middle Easterners and especially the ghastly Negroes.

    But maybe the greatness is the reason for the decline in ethnic passion.
    In some cases, civilizational greatness can lead to ethnic/national pride.
    Nazis tried to do this by associating everything great with the ‘Aryans’.

    But civilizational greatness can also have a deracinating effect.
    Because great achievements are made by rare individuals of genius, the great culture is seen less in ethnic-communal terms and more in terms of individual feats of great intelligence or imagination
    It’s like if your family is average, you focus on blood ties of the members. You all belong to one another most of all.
    But if your father is a great artist or scientist, his being transcends family ties. His significance expands beyond the family, and his great achievement inspires all mankind.

    Likewise, a non-great culture survives mainly by feelings of kinship, community, lineage, and history. It’s about a people sharing blood and soil unique to them.
    But if it’s a great culture, it is defined by great individual feats. The culture is less about what binds all people together by shared ethnos than about which individuals rose above the common rabble to achieve something that could inspire and win the admiration of people everywhere.
    That kind of culture no longer belongs only to the people of the tribe. It’s is about peaks than about a shared plateau. As the peaks rise above the common folks of the community, it is beyond the community and attracts the attention of those outside the community. Chinese don’t wanna lean Serbian folk songs but they wanna master Beethoven.

    European civilization produced so many peaks that Europeans see their civilization in terms of transcendent ideas, sublime expressions, or universal applications. They ignore the humdrum reality that binds most people: blood and soil ethnos. European emphasis on peak achievements encourage them to rise and see beyond the tribe and kin. This has been in discovering other worlds and also in inviting humanity to discover the glories of Europe.

    A culture that is too primitive and crude will fade cuz it’s too shallow and simple. Like preliterate jungle cultures.

    A culture that is too advanced and highfalutin will fade cuz people will focus only on the peaks ans summits while ignoring the rest of the common landscape that supports the slopes that lead to peaks. After all, if the German people hadn’t existed, a Beethoven wouldn’t have been born among them. Germans focus Beethoven while ignoring the ethnoven.

    A culture that is substantive, historical, and complex but hasn’t produced many great geniuses and achievements will be best suited to survive. They have a powerful enough sense of identity and history but don’t lose sight of the value of the whole in favor of the transcendent peaks.

    Because Jews created great ideas in God and modern science/arts, they were faced by challenges of abandoning tribal unity for universal applicability. The achievements were too great to be limited to one tribe.
    So, people like Jesus, Marx, and Freud came along.
    But ten, Jews always found some way to keep it all together in the tribe despite the peaks.
    Sometimes, it was the result of sheer tribal will, but at other times, it was the result of external pressure that led to exile and distrust.

  9. Biff says:

    A question for Peter Frost. Near the end of the Roman Empire, who possessed more intelligence? A Roman, or a Muslim?

  10. “Second, the peoples of Africa and the Muslim world may covet Europe’s higher standard of living, but they don’t see themselves as future Europeans. They see themselves as Africans and Muslims, and that’s not going to change.”
    thats certainly true for muslims, not matter where from. But I am not sure about Africans. I have the impression that Nigerians in England are very proud to be british, Senegalese in France proud to be French etc. Still the immigration from subsaharan Africa brings probably even more problems than the immigration from near eastern muslim regions.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
    , @KA
  11. Well, at least in Britain we will have a small chance to escape the depredations of Empress Angela Vortigern, if we vote for Brexit.

    It’s a real pity the Scots voted No – without them the chances of Brexit improve substantially.

  12. KREIOS says:
    @Adolf Verloc

    “Those who fail the test can be flown back to their native lands and dropped from 20,000 feet – preferably without a parachute”
    The other ‘ Adolf’ would approve.Shows what’ s in a name.

  13. Art says:

    Ho hum – all these Europeans are whining, whimpering, crying about losing their Christian based culture – but none of them go to church. They are doing more to trash their own culture then all of those immigrants combined.

    If the Euros acted like Christians, most all of those immigrants would gladly join and embrace the culture. By the third generation there would be little real division. The cultural would become theirs.

    Christianity is a one-on-one contact philosophy. To work, it requires people coming together – loving their neighbor as the love themselves – how could that lead to trouble?

    • Replies: @Jim
    , @Friedrich
  14. Kat Grey says:

    Europe has a clear choice in this momentuous turning point in world history: mass deportations of the Third World invaders or succumb to becoming an occupied continent accepting the anarchy and mayhem that will follow in the wake of the demographic tsunami. No ifs or buts. The western ostrich needs to take his head out of the san and to hell with the Left media and “sociologists”.

  15. @Adolf Verloc

    Those who fail the test can be flown back to their native lands and dropped from 20,000 feet – preferably without a parachute.

    That’s idiotic. Obviously we won’t be killing these people, but simply transporting them back might be enough.

  16. @The Albino Sasquatch

    In Hungary a lot of people are actively helping the invaders. It’s only because the leftist government screwed up majestically 2002-2010 which discredited not only them but the whole leftist intelligentsia, and that pushed everything to the right in Hungary, and so now we have a nationalist government. Even so, if it wasn’t Orbán’s personal hobby horse, I bet you very few people would care for it in Hungary, or at least very few people would care enough to organize and participate in protests etc.

  17. Big Bill says:

    This is teh second time I have seen the ~10K immigrants per day statistic. Could someone post some online sources?

    • Replies: @Erik Sieven
  18. Bartolo says:

    A “politique du pire” (the worse, the better) might be the last hope.

    If a ridiculously high number of gimmigrants is “welcomed” in a very short period of time, problems will be massive and it might lead to a change of mind (or, more precisely, to people speaking their minds without fear).

    Think about it: if the elites manage to somehow control the flow and make it a little by little, drop by drop matter, the likelihood that there is a reaction will be even smaller.

  19. Dear Mr Frost, your article is interesting, and makes a few valid points.
    However, the motivation behind this article is entirely suspect.
    “we often ignore one thing: most of
    them are neither Syrians nor
    refugees. The majority are Iraqis,
    Iranians, Afghans, Pakistanis, or
    even Bangladeshis. They live
    crummy lives but are in no
    immediate danger, their motive
    being simply the prospect of a
    better life in the West.”
    Are you joking ? “Crummy lives”? Wow ! That’s it ? Mr Frost, Iraq IS a war zone. Pakistan and Afganistan are also either war zones or suffer from lack of security. They are DANGEROUS places. So lets ease up on the “they’re not refugees” chant…
    And, incidently, rather maaking “clever” analogies between today and the “Barbarian invasions” of the late classical period, it might serve your readers better if you analysed the CAUSES of the current refugee debacle.
    You might like to start by emphasising the responsibility of the U.S and the west generally for the chaos in the middle east. WE destroyed Iraq, WE destroyed Libyia ,WE destroyed Afganistan and WE are destroying Syria. US !
    Do you think ISIS just poped up, out of the ground ? They were created, fundedinto existence by our mates in Saudi and UAE etc. And lets not forget about the direct funding and training the zU.S

  20. (Lost ability to edit)
    And lets not forget about the
    direct funding and training the
    U.S…….provided to so-called “moderate” rebels. Face it : the West, and its willing middle eastern tools cared about nothing else than destroying Assad.
    This vicious, pychotic, vile, disgraceful exhibition of everything disgusting in today’s neoliberal politics is OUR fault.
    Oh, and as to the E.U, perhaps if they had been willing to genuinely help Turkey and Jordan etc with LOTS of money to help the MILLIONS of refugees that flushed over their borders, there would NOT have been a European refugee crisis. Or do you actually think Turkey has no control over the exodus from its shores to Europe ?

    • Replies: @Thea
  21. bomag says:

    Those asking people to take one for the team aren’t even in the stadium.

    That is a big part of it. The elites are walled off in high cost real estate and won’t have to deal with any of this.

  22. Neither the article or hardly any comments (except for animalogic) to the article mention that the US and its Anglosphere and EU vassals are the cause of the recent tidal wave of immigration into the EU.

    The US caused it by blowing up several countries in North Africa and the Middle East. And the US also blew up Ukraine.

    The US agenda seems to be to embroil the EU in wars and chaos.

    • Replies: @JayMan
  23. Big Bill says:

    WE destroyed Iraq, WE destroyed Libya ,WE destroyed Afganistan and WE are destroying Syria. US !

    …and therefore WE as Evil Nazi Gangsta Killas deserve to die, Die, DIE!

    Yeah, baby! Let’s flood America and Europe with all those Sunni/Shia/Wahhabi killas! WE deserve it! WE are Evil!

    • Replies: @bunga
  24. @The Albino Sasquatch

    The people most likely to be immolated are the invaders. There is already an undercurrent of resentment and if the government does not stop it, the people eventually will. Even the German desire for ordnung has a breaking point.

  25. @animalogic

    You might like to start by emphasising the responsibility of the U.S and the west generally for the chaos in the middle east. WE destroyed Iraq, WE destroyed Libyia ,WE destroyed Afganistan and WE are destroying Syria. US !
    Do you think ISIS just poped up, out of the ground ? They were created, fundedinto existence by our mates in Saudi and UAE etc. And lets not forget about the direct funding and training the zU.S

    If you’re a member of the ruling classes/influence peddlers of the West, then please, by all means, castigate yourself and the rest of the members of “WE” for your idiotic foreign/military policies.

    The rest of us out here have had no say whatsoever in these ongoing idiocies – and they’ve been going on for a long time, regardless of which set of puppets are periodically presented to us for another sham exercise in “democracy”.

    Yeah, it’d be great if it were the members of this “WE” you’re invoking who were going to be served a satisfying karmic justice for their follies. But it won’t be. They’ll go right on living as they always have, heedlessly adding insanity to folly as they go along, and never paying for it. It will be the ordinary Europeans who are going to get screwed, are already being screwed. With the added delight of having some sanctimonious member of “WE” screech “Nazi!” or “fascist!” at them if they utter a peep of protest.

  26. The outcome will depend on what you do or fail to do. When people look on and say nothing, they hand over the keys of history to those who have no such inhibitions.

    Now, Mr. Frost, your erudite discursion on the barbarian invasions of late antiquity is all fine and well, but I thought it had been agreed that the only useful historical parallels for fruitfully examining the current events in question occurred c. 1930-1945. At least, that’s the impression I get from reading newspaper editorials.

  27. fnn says:
    @The Albino Sasquatch

    Whites who self-immolate are ignored unless they commit the act in service to a leftist cause:

    • Replies: @fnn
  28. JayMan says: • Website

    Roman citizens and their non-citizen neighbors suffered from the barbarian tourism, but the story of John Q. Publius gets lost to history. The typical response is that “things worked out well in the end”, but that elides a lot of death and destruction along the way.

    Well, they were correct, ultimately. It just took about millennium to get there.

  29. JayMan says: • Website

    The US caused it by blowing up several countries in North Africa and the Middle East. And the US also blew up Ukraine.

    If anything, the U.S. just hastened the inevitable – blasted a dam that was well on its way to collapse.

    • Replies: @reiner Tor
    , @Jim
  30. JayMan says: • Website

    Good to have you back Peter, and a great post. One question:

    While the fall of Rome resembles the current crisis, there are differences. First, the demographic imbalance between Romans and barbarians was hardly comparable to the one that now exists between Europeans, on the one hand, and Muslims and Africans, on the other. When the Roman Empire collapsed, barbarians replaced the native population in only a few areas: England, Flanders, southern Germany, parts of Switzerland, and Austria (furthermore, the case of England is disputed by some historians). Elsewhere, they were no more than 5 to 10% of the local population.

    If the barbarians were so small a fraction of the population, then why did the Western Empire collapse?

    Non-NW Euros make up a much larger fraction of the U.S., indeed, a much larger segment in NW Europe today.

    • Replies: @random observer
  31. @animalogic

    WE destroyed Iraq, WE destroyed Libyia ,WE destroyed Afganistan and WE are destroying Syria.

    If you were part of the cabal responsible for it, maybe you should be punished. Please don’t include the rest of us, since most of us weren’t part of that cabal.

    On the other hand, if you meant to say ‘we, the West’, then your thinking has some curious blind spots.

    1) Regarding Syria, Turkey is also part of the problem. In fact, Turkish meddling was way more, than German meddling, the latter being virtually nonexistent, while the former actively participated in the fighting, bombing Assad, downing his fighter jets etc. Without Turkish involvement the West would have been unable to meddle at all, because much of the weaponry etc. sent to Syria went through Turkey.

    2) For some reason you forget that it’s not only the West that’s meddling in Syria: Israel, Qatar and Saudi Arabia all do that, without accepting a single refugee. Why is it only the West’s responsibility of all meddling powers to accept refugees? Moreover, why Germany and Sweden? Actually, in Iraq there has been Iranian involvement (and ISIS was part of the Syrian civil war already discussed).

    3) Why forget the responsibility of the locals? After all, in Syria until recently foreign powers merely gave weapons and organization to locals willing to fight the government. It was the locals who started the fighting, on both sides. OK, there was some Israeli and Turkish involvement, but that’s about it. Iraqi Sunnis have also supported ISIS.

    4) Afghanistan has been in a state of civil war for all of written history. In fact, it was in a state of civil war before American involvement. Do Afghans have a right to pick any country of their choice to move to only because they have spent their entire history killing each other?

    5) Why do you think even genuine refugees have a right to choose their destinations? I mean, a basic principle of insurance is that nobody should benefit from a loss, i.e. the insurable interest cannot be smaller than the indemnity. Moving to Germany after losing one’s home in Syria leads to a huge improvement in living standards for that person. Why is he entitled to that? Why is he entitled to then choose Sweden instead of Germany? To choose the Swedish city where he’s given accommodation? To later choose Finland over Sweden? To finally decide that Finland doesn’t have good enough nightlife and restaurants, so he wants to go back to Sweden?

  32. @JayMan

    I largely disagree. Oppressive regimes dominated by a minority can go on for a very long time. They are inherently unstable but usually need some outside influence (e.g. weapons flowing in from outside) to blow up.

  33. JustJeff says:


  34. Seck says:

    A Roman is a brave soldier, willing to sacrifice for his country and fought with his heart.

    A Barbarian is basically a European (French, British), looted, plundered, damaged foreign palace when they knew the only way to the top is ruining the ruling system.


  35. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    One good thing about the Germanic invasion of Rome was it stopped the Roman import of non-Europeans.

    Though Germanics were barbarian, they were European and white. So, their dismantling of Rome ended the Roman project of Arab-izing and Africanizing Europe.

    In a way, the Soviets played similar role for Eastern Europe during the Cold War. As Eastern Europe came under white communist domination, it was a closed society, and so there was virtually no non-white immigration into them(not that anyone wanted to move there). In contrast, Western Europe began to adopt the project of ‘diversity’. It began to act like the Roman Empire, i.e. all roads to lead to Rome or all sea lanes and all air travel lead to Western Europe.

    In that sense, the fall of Rome at the hands of the Germanic barbarians saved Europe. Suppose Rome hadn’t fallen but grew more powerful and enforced its project all across Europe. Suppose the Romans imported more Arabs, non-whites, and ghastly Negroes into Italy and then encouraged those non-Europeans to spread out all over Europe. What is happening now could have happened then.

    What would truly be nice if Russians, Poles, Hungarians, and etc went ‘far right’ and invaded all of Europe like the Germanic barbarians invaded Rome. That would end the Neo-Romanist project of turning Europe into a land of ‘universal citizenship’ than blood-and-soil homelands.

    It is time for European barbarians to bring down the neo-Romanist globalist elites.
    It is time for Reconquista or Re-honkey-sta.

  36. Bo Sears says: • Website

    I wonder when we will abandon the concept that our ancestors were “barbarians” and that the Roman Empire was central to our being? The Roman Empire was based on massively enforced slave labor with as many as 2/3 of its residents being enslaved persons.

    If any of the tribes, kingdoms, or empires of those days deserves the label of “barbarian,” it is the Roman Empire where the few lived lives of ease, and the vast majority lived lives of servitude.

    Drop the “barbarian,” it is applied to the wrong parties.

  37. @Biff

    If one asks, I would suggest to him that he again permit China to be ruled by Mongolians and Jurchens/Manchus [if any of the latter are really left] or indeed to have the Mongols complete the demographic replacement of the Han people, which they were within plausible distance of doing at the end of the war with the Southern Song.

    Perhaps then a Chinaman would have the analogy he needs to understand.

    Or if the Chinaman is of a less historical cast of mind, substitute Japanese.

  38. @KREIOS

    I’m not sure tossing them out of planes is necessary, and in any case flying would be a very expensive means of transport when ships or overland could be used for larger numbers.

    Apart from that, it is noteworthy that the first Adolf aimed to first massacre a bunch of Germany’s own citizens, people with centuries of roots, and then to invade many other countries for the end of both conquering them and exterminating many of THEIR citizens on their own soil.

    No one is discussing sending European troops to follow Alexander’s route all the way to the Indus valley, corralling and massacring peoples who had not even tried to come to Europe. That would be the analogous situation.

    • Replies: @KREIOS
  39. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website
    @Erik Sieven

    “I have the impression that Nigerians in England are very proud to be british, Senegalese in France proud to be French etc.”

    Patriot scamming.

    Remember Idi Amin was ‘proud’ to be the last king of Scotland.

    It is not pride of assimilation. It is pride of conquest. Negro men in the West feel that they are taking over by sexually conquering white women while white men act like cucks.

  40. @JayMan

    I would think the greater institutional decay of the Western Roman Empire [admitting that any such civilization had fewer institutions than a modern state to begin with] must be part of that picture.

    Remember, many of the Germanic/Indo-Iranian incomers continued to live not only in discrete regions, but in all Gothic/Alan/Suevi/whichever communities, under their own command structure right up to their warrior aristocracy and kings. “States” within the state, in modern parlance. Able to mobilize fighting men by using their established methods and hierarchies.

    And by the beginning of the fifth century, many of those warriors had done service with what passed for the legions and knew the fighting techniques of both worlds.

    The Roman authorities had also reached the point of enlisting Germans en masse, as their own units, and even of calling on their German foederati ‘allies’ to just show up for a campaign with their hosts. That moved procedures from enlisting individual Germans in the Roman military system, in whatever numbers, to relying on all-German formations within the Roman army, to just having allied German contingents under their own kings and nobles.

    Add that to the number of times German nobles or even already inaugurated Gothic/Burgundian Kings actually served double-hatted as top Roman generals and emperor-makers and you have a military/political system waiting to be shunted aside.

    All of that, I am sure, was cherry on top of the larger demographic and economic weaknesses, but by the time the late empire started to look like the early-post-empire on those levels, the institutions themselves had grown shadowy very fast.

    One quick step to having the Emperor at Constantinople just recognizing the last German warlord in the sequence, Odoacer, as “Patrician” of Italy and starting a long game of political ‘let’s pretend’.

    When America starts forming Mexican battalions, and then treating Aztlan leaders as the official government of Mexican Americans and asking them to contribute troops alongside the regular army, then it’ll start to look like Rome.

    • Replies: @Jim
    , @iffen
  41. German_reader says:
    @reiner Tor

    Great post, I completely agree.

  42. joe webb says:

    This is really an absurd article. The Goths, etc. were White.

    The Goths and other northern tribes like the Vandals were all super White folks. They saved southern Europe from being overrun by Turkic and Arab peoples with their low intelligence and temperament problems.

    Pure garbage this piece.

    As Disraeli said, Race is Everything.

    Joe Webb

    • Replies: @Kamran
    , @anonymus
    , @Jim
  43. tbraton says:
    @reiner Tor

    “Moving to Germany after losing one’s home in Syria leads to a huge improvement in living standards for that person.”

    I agree with everything you said, but I would point out that not every “Syrian refugee” wants to go to Germany. I heard an interview on NPR’s “All Thing Considered” (late afternoon radio news program) back in early August when the rafts from Turkey started showing up on the Greek isle of Lesbos. The man who was interviewed had come alone and expressed a desire to go to London “because he was involved in trading financial securities back in Syria” and thought he would fit in quite well there. Once firmly established in London, he expected to bring his wife and children who had remained in Turkey. (I tried locating the interview, but ATC has a lousy search engine. The first interview of then co-host Melissa Block with her one of her husband’s Greek cousins re the first wave of “Syrian refugees” to arrive on Lesbos, which I heard at the time, occurred on August 10, and I was able to locate that. The later interview with the Syrian stock broker occurred several days later.) So the “refugees” are quite discriminating in their final destinations, sort of like well-heeled American tourists. It’s pretty obvious that they are not seeking “safety” in Kosovo or Finland.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  44. Sam Shama says:
    @reiner Tor

    I’d be curious to know if any of you are in favour of the ‘Right of Return’ of Palestinians to Israel.


  45. Kamran says:
    @joe webb

    White people did not exist until 1000 CE. It’s only then that European changed skin-color to white. Before that they were brown-skinned and smelled like curry.

    Actually even today, whites don’t exist. They are a complex optical illusion.

  46. Barbarians formed the bulk of the military in the Late Roman Empire, which is why, when they decided to conquer, there was no one to stop them. Migrants now coming in are not military and Europe has its own defence forces.

    • Replies: @Jim
  47. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The man who was interviewed had come alone and expressed a desire to go to London “because he was involved in trading financial securities back in Syria” and thought he would fit in quite well there. Once firmly established in London, he expected to bring his wife and children who had remained in Turkey.

    These people act as if the process is that easy. I’m sure there are tons of “traders” in the Middle East. If this guy were merely looking for a financial hub, then why couldn’t he go to Dubai? I’m sure there are plenty of trading shops in Turkey. These financial services firms don’t exactly have a “welcome mat” sitting out for anyone who wants to join; instead they’re some of the most competitive companies in terms of finding jobs. This especially comes at a time when many companies are in the process of downsizing.

    • Replies: @tbraton
  48. vinteuil says: • Website
    @reiner Tor

    I think this comment by Parsifal deserves the much-coveted Golden Frame.

  49. anonymus says:
    @joe webb

    “Race is Everything”

    Of course, what you really imply is that, “Being white is everything.”

    So, you think The Almighty will treat whites better during judgment? Perhaps you are in for a surprise?

    • Replies: @joe webb
  50. bunga says:
    @Big Bill

    Your frustration is valid and legitimate . But how can you not understand the pattern?
    US messed up in Afghanistan and Pakistan-Iran bore the brunt of millions of refugees for 20 odd years
    Iraq war sent thousands to Syria
    Syrian gambit has sent to Turkey in millions and has sent similar number to Jordan.

    So where they would go? Turkey Saudi Arab ,France ,USA bear responsibility and not in that order .
    Libyan /SubSharan migrants flocking to EU out of same reasons .

    Rome was not attacked or invaded by barbarians out of fun.
    Their habitat was destroyed . The author might think the Africaners and Muslim wont change , Back in those days the barbarians also did not change as was expected by the cheer -leaders of the empire . They did not become Roman They became European .

  51. vinteuil says:

    “WE destroyed Iraq, WE destroyed Libya ,WE destroyed Afganistan and WE are destroying Syria. US !”

    What’s this “WE” and “US!” stuff, dude?

    Has it entirely escaped your attention that commenters at ISteve are pretty much 100 percent “whom” rather than “who?”

    You expect us to feel guilty because the powers that be who have comprehensively screwed us over also do their best to screw over the third world hordes, from time to time?

    Sorry, but no sale.

  52. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website
    @reiner Tor

    “WE destroyed Iraq, WE destroyed Libyia ,WE destroyed Afganistan and WE are destroying Syria.”

    “If you were part of the cabal responsible for it, maybe you should be punished. Please don’t include the rest of us, since most of us weren’t part of that cabal.”

    Yes, what we need is SPECIFICISM. We need to be more specific and clear in the way we use language and in pointing out exactly who did what.

    Too often, the ‘we’ is used for something most of us had no say in. Or ‘US’ or ‘EU’ is used to describe the policies that are really elitist, oligarchic, and/or minoritarian.

    The Way of the World would become clearer if we were more SPECIFICIST in naming names.
    For example, the notion of ‘white privilege’ misses the point cuz the privilege really belongs to white urban Liberal gentry elites. And it is misleading to say Hollywood is run by white males when the kind of ‘whites’ who really run Hollywood tend to belong to a certain ethnic category. Also, many of them tend to be fruity.

    Also, it misses the point to say ‘teens’ and ‘youths’ are committing so many crimes when the perps tend to be Negroes.

    Generalization dominates much of our discourse, except in blaming white gentile straight males for everything. Americans are misled into supporting the ‘US’ policies in Ukraine cuz it’s discussed as an American Interest issue when, in fact, it has been hatched by and serves the interest of American Jews who have particular gripes with current Russian policy.

    We need specificism cuz the the real elite perpetrators can always hide their agenda behind generalized labels. Imagine if a bunch of lowlife Italian-American mafia commit a crime but then say ‘the white race carried out the heist’.
    No, we will understand the situation better if we specify which individuals of which particular group carried out the crime.

    So, on the issue of this migration, WE had nothing to do with this. If anything, we are the victims because the elites(who are chosen by top globo-elites) overrode our protests and proposals so many times.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  53. tbraton says:

    And, of course, the reporter for NPR did not ask the “Syrian refugee” whether he had any guilt feelings about possibly taking the job of an Englishman. The sense I got from the interview was that this was just a career move by this ostensible refugee. The sense of entitlement among the refugees is exceeded only by the utter insanity of Europe’s political leaders.

  54. Jim says:

    You think immigrants from the Middle East will convert to Christianity when Europeans themselves are for the most part indifferent to Christianity?

    In addition to the huge cultural differences between Europeans and people from the Middle East and Africa there is also a huge genetic difference. The IQ’s of Sub-Saharan Africans average about 70 and the IQ’s of Middle Easterners about 90. Massive migration of people from Africa and the Middle East will soon result in the areas of Europe affected slipping economically into the Third World.

    Massive violence is inevitable if this migration continues.

  55. Thea says:

    Can “we” at least agree the Hungarians had nothing to do with any of that?

  56. KA says:

    Kuthamare the dog catcher is spouting on Fox that ” Soviet” is going to non IS areas and attacking American trained Free Syrian Army
    He used the word-Soviet.
    I am glad the bomber boy is somewhere getting hurt big time. May be his DNA getting fragmented like his brain .
    Europeans should stamp this guy as one of those whose tribal affiliations led to this ghoulish development of marathon march of the migrant to EU. He is showcased by a few including Bret Baier ,each supporting other. Just the other day they were supporting of taking the war over there so that they couldn’t fight over here .
    Well IS is definitely moving with these migrants. Who knows next time these neocons will order fleeing ISIS to stage another 911 type on EU .

  57. Jim says:

    No doubt the Middle East and Africa are inherently unstable. But US foreign policy there in the last few years has been akin to lighting a bonfire on a ship loaded with gunpowder.

    • Replies: @KA
  58. Jim says:
    @random observer

    Yes the Roman army eventually consisted mostly of barbarians. The history books sometimes describe Chalons as where the Romans defeated the Huns. But the so-called “Roman army” at Chalons consisted mostly of Visigoths and even the “Roman generals” were mostly Latinized Germans.

    • Replies: @random observer
  59. Jim says:
    @joe webb

    At the time of the Gothic invasions neither Arabs or Turkic peoples were any threat to the West.
    The Romans knew virtually nothing of such people. The Hunnish language may belong to the Altaic family but the number of ethnic Huns was too small to be of any significance. The “Hunnish hordes” were mostly Ostrogoths and assorted other East Germans.

    • Replies: @joe webb
  60. KA says:

    1 Eyebrows were raised when former British Guantanamo and Bagram detainee Moazzam Begg traveled first to Libya and met Hakim Belhaj in 2012, and then went openly and illegally into Aleppo, Syria to openly support a death squad by the name of Katiba Muhijareen, which in its modus operandi and ideology is very similar to other more infamous armed gangs in Syria. Begg’s trial earlier this year collapsed as MI5 convinced the judge to drop the case when it came out that Begg’s visit to Syria was green-lighted in at least one secret meeting with MI5:

    “Begg then says he was “assured by MI5” that he could return to Syria and continue his work “unhindered””. (Guardian, 02/10/2014)

    2 In addition to MI5’s outreach to Emwazi,[ so-called ‘Jihadi John’ (AKA Mohammed Emwazi), w]
    MI5 has also admitted to trying to recruit the killer of Lee Rigby Michael Adebalajo.

    More recently there has been a stunning public admission by Abu Muntasir stating he was a senior, if not the most senior, British-based recruiting sergeant for death squads in Chechnya, Kashmir, Bosnia, Afghanistan and Myanmar for some 20 years with de facto impunity from the British state: “I came back [from war] and opened the door and the trickle turned to a flood. I inspired and recruited, I raised funds and bought weapons, not just a one-off but for 15 to 20 years. Why I have never been arrested I don’t know.”” (Guardian, 13/06/2015)

    UK ,like the leopard doesn’t and can’t change it’s spot. It possesses the most degenerate political apparatchik . Divide and rule is its policy . Staging false choices and supporting murderers in the name of protecting the same group has been well honed and put to the task by Britain over the centuries .

  61. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website
    @Priss Factor

    Specificism of Power.

  62. KA says:
    @Erik Sieven

    This article ( part of it ) from Mr Giraldi-

    On April 29th, 2008 I had a Saul on the Road to Damascus moment. I had flipped open the Washington Post and there, on the front page, was a color photo of a two year old Iraqi boy named Ali Hussein being pulled from the rubble of a house that had been destroyed by American missiles. The little boy was wearing shorts and a t-shirt and had on his feet flip-flops. His head was hanging back at an angle that told the viewer immediately that he was dead.

    Four days later on May 3rd a letter by a Dunn Loring Virginia woman named Valerie Murphy was printed by the Post. Murphy complained that the Iraqi child victim photo should not have been run in the paper because it would “stir up opposition to the war and feed anti-US sentiment.” I suppose the newspaper thought it was being impartial in printing the woman’s letter, though I couldn’t help but remember that the neocon-dominated Post had generally been unwilling to cover anything antiwar, even ignoring a gathering of 300,000 protesters in Washington in 2005. Rereading the woman’s complaint and also a comment on a website suggesting that the photo of the dead little boy had been staged, I thought to myself, “What kind of monsters have we become.” And in truth we had become monsters. Bipartisan monsters wrapped in the American flag. Bill Clinton’s Secretary of State Madeleine Albright once said that killing 500,000 Iraqi children through sanctions was “worth it.” She is now a respected elder statesman close to the Hillary Clinton campaign.

    I had another epiphany last week when I saw the photo of the little Syrian boy Aylan Kurdi washed up on a Turkish beach like a bit of flotsam.

    The recent discovery of 71 dead would-be migrants who suffocated in the back of a locked truck found in Austria, to include five children and a toddler, horrified the world. And that was before the dead three year old on the Turkish beach.

    The United States has taken in only a small number of the refugees and a usually voluble White House has been uncharacteristically quiet about the problem, possibly realizing that allowing in a lot of displaced foreigners at a time when there is an increasingly heated debate over immigration policy in general

    Indeed, I would assign to Washington most of the blame for what is happening right now. Since folks inside the beltway are particularly given to making judgements based on numerical data they might be interested in the toll exacted through America’s global war on terror. By one not unreasonable estimate, as many as four million Muslims have died or been killed as a result of the ongoing conflicts that Washington has either initiated or been party to since 2001.

    The number of internally displaced within each country is roughly double

    Significantly, the countries that have generated most of the refugees are all places where the United States has invaded, overthrown governments, supported insurgencies,

    Everywhere people are fleeing the violence, which, among other benefits, has virtually obliterated the ancient Christian presence in the Middle East.

    It is perhaps past time for Washington to begin to become accountable for what it does. The millions of people living rough or in tents, if they are lucky, need help and it is not satisfactory for the White House to continue with its silence, a posture that suggests that the refugees are somehow somebody else’s problem. They are, in fact, our problem. A modicum of honesty from President Barack Obama would be appreciated, perhaps an admission that things have not exactly worked out as planned by his administration and that of his predecessor. And money is needed. Washington throws billions of dollars to fight wars it doesn’t have to fight and to prop up feckless allies

    Ironically, American hawks are exploiting the photo of the dead Syrian boy to blame the Europeans for the humanitarian crisis while also demanding an all-out effort to depose Bashar al-Assad. Last Friday’s Washington Post had a lead editorial headlined “Europe’s Abdication,” and also featured a Michael Gerson op-ed urging immediate regime change in Syria,

    We Americans are in something approaching complete denial about how truly horrible our nation’s recent impact on the rest of the world has been.

    In writing this piece I looked up Ali Hussein, the little Iraqi boy who was killed by the American bomb. He has been “disappeared” from Google, as well has the photo, presumably because his death did not meet community standards. He has likewise been eliminated from the Washington Post archive. The experience of Winston Smith in George Orwell’s 1984 immediately came to mind.

    Philip Giraldi, a former CIA officer, is executive director of the Council for the National Interest.

    American citizen has remained largely most,y not only silent,they voted second time Bush Cheney . The Republican think Moslems are coming here to kill them . GOP supporters want to bomb the hell out f Iran GOP delegates want more blood shedding in Syria . They blindly support
    cancerous growth of garrison settlement based country of Israel. Their leaders churn out blood curling statements against Arab,against muslim,and want only one thing – more bombing .
    Refugee crisis is the side effects of this much wider genocidal policy .

  63. joe webb says:

    well, Jim…let us see, the Battle of Tours, about 731 as I recall , successfully beat hell out of the Arabs and sent them back toward Spain, and presumably home as well. If the Germans had not taken up residence in the European South, the law of vacuums, would have sucked in Turkic and Arab, Berber peoples. Rooughly speaking, it was the year 500 that Rome fell, and a couple hundred years later Charles Martel and his big White men on foot, mangled the little guys from the south who were on horseback. Would I have loved to be there.

    The reason the Balkans today and southern Italy are low IQ…as down below 95, Greece at 92 , is that Turkey occupied Greece for 400 years. Turkey’s average is 90. ARab average is 84-5.

    The Saracens ? (Arabs) of course got into Spain with the help of jewish gate openers per my WN friends…Granada ?? and stayed about 700 years until Ferdinand and Isabella threw them out in 1492 when Columbus sailed the ocean blue. Spanish IQ today is 98 ; and Portugal’s is 95, probably cuz of the importation of African slaves I have read.

    The law of miscegenation amongst the dumbest, like in Brazil and otherwise in Latin America, is sad but true. Men without women of their own race will miscegenate. Brazil in the early 20th century actively recruited white guys from Europe and white women as well, to get the population numbers up…of Whites. They got it up to about parity with blacks and mulattoes, where it stands today.

    If you want more on Brazil, I got a book review on same at American Renaissance.

    The law of Falling IQ Southward is compelling. No snow and ice in the global South to cull the dummies.

    • Replies: @Jim
  64. joe webb says:

    Anon, yes that is about it, being White IS Everything, all things considered…temperment, beauty, intelligence, creativity, and Individualism and bravery.

    Whites constitute 99 % of the extreme sports guys. Adventure, and balls we got …big balls, and don’t need anybody to tell us what to do, like chinks always, who are as one liberal friend described recently here in SF Bay Area, “rapacious.” I recall a chink MD I had a while back…we were arguing about something, and he said, “well, I just do what I am told.” Grifters and hustlers.

    That sums it up. Chink personality is non-existent…just cookie-cutter grifters.
    At least the men. The women seem like they have some personality, but I dunno, cuz the only experience I have of them is in the romance dept, wherein they luv the blonde, blue eyed big White guy. I asked a couple of them a while back why Asian women go for white guys…they both said the same thing,: “.white men treat you better, with Asian men it is all business.” I stay away in any case.

    White men have invented everything, from poetry to voyage to the moon, etc.. A handful of white women have written a few good books. Women are not wired like men…another story…but an evolution story obviously.

    AS for God, I have no need of it in my crib a phrase. Actually, it is no longer a hypothesis. It is genes, genes, genes and evolution in long term different environments lasting not a few years but tens of thousands of years, wherein genes are selected.

    Basically almost nothing can be taught when it comes to being a human being. Some exposure to the basics of courtesy and manners can be delivered and taken up but only by those who have the courtesy gene, etc.

    Schooling is useful but only for those who are smart enough to feel the poetry, or see the equation, or get the reasoning in complex matters.

    Whites have tried to missionize the world and it is a complete failure…our altruism is just pearls before swine, only worse, since the swine eat us too.

    Complete separation is the only way forward for White Civilization. Go in Peace, you wretcheds, and we will leave you along, but GO Away.
    PS, The Logos of the ancients and of the Church is true, but it is a logic of genes and HBD, not God or Magic. Death is just fine, but preferably after I have done my duty and had kids and accomplished something. So..get out of the way and let someone else , hopefully strong White men and their women, continue the Western Way.
    Joe Webb

    • Replies: @Seck
    , @RobinG
    , @Priss Factor
  65. Luke Lea says: • Website

    Very good. One advantage we have that the Romans didn’t is their example.

  66. Luke Lea says: • Website

    “The outcome will depend on what you do or fail to do. When people look on and say nothing…”

    That’s certainly true…but in Germany right now the situation is pretty bleak, and it’s not clear (at least to me) what the average citizen can do about it.

    Mass civil disobedience possibly? Refuse to go to work as a means of protest (general strike), flood the courts and jails with minimum jailable offenses, sitdown strikes in the midst of major public thoroughfares, children’s crusades, giant human chains across railroad tracks, whatever it takes to manifest the will of the majority. Marches and petitions are clearly not enough. Gandhian non-violent tactics. It’s all about the numbers:

  67. there’ll be state elections next year in the state I’m living in (I’m going to vote for the right-wing AfD)…but right now, it’s all pretty depressing

    That’s already a lot. Let me ask my readers to do the same thing. PLEASE EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE! There are now nationalist parties in most Western countries. All you have to do is go into the voting booth and cast your vote. You don’t even have to talk about it afterwards.

    Too many people are unhappy with the current situation and yet continuing to vote for one of the mainstream parties (usually a “conservative” one). Remember what Angela Merkel said about multiculturalism? That was “dog-whistling,” and conservative politicians are very good at that.

    Are you joking ? “Crummy lives”? Wow ! That’s it ? Mr Frost, Iraq IS a war zone. Pakistan and Afganistan are also either war zones or suffer from lack of security.

    Most of the current migrants are not coming from war zones. There is no war going on in Pakistan, Iran, or Bangladesh. There are war zones in parts of Afghanistan and Iraq, but the migrants are coming from all parts of both countries. Because life is crummy.

    All of those countries share one thing in common … and it isn’t war. The number of young men coming onto the labor market is much greater than the capacity of the economy to create new jobs. So there are very large numbers of unemployed young men who, in time, become unemployable.

    In the Middle East, a man usually cannot get married until he has enough money to buy a home for his bride and future family. Being male and single in the Middle East has a very high correlation with being unemployed and a high correlation with being financially irresponsible. That’s why Saudi Arabia — a fellow Muslim country — won’t accept any of these migrants. Maybe the Saudis know something you don’t.

    WE destroyed Iraq, WE destroyed Libyia ,WE destroyed Afganistan and WE are destroying Syria. US !

    Does the pronoun “we” mean George Bush, Tony Blair, and Nicolas Sarkozy?

    If the barbarians were so small a fraction of the population, then why did the Western Empire collapse?

    1. Both the Western and Eastern Empires suffered from a fundamental contradiction: a militarized periphery and a pacified core. Once barbarians managed to get through the periphery, they found themselves among civilians who were incapable of defending themselves.

    2. This contradiction might have been maintained if the Roman Empire had respected its strategy of maintaining a defense perimeter along the Rhine and the Danube. Unfortunately, out of naivete or hubris, they allowed large numbers of barbarians to cross that perimeter peacefully, first the Goths and then others.

    3. By the 3rd century, the Roman army was suffering from serious problems with recruitment. Most legions were undermanned, with fewer soldiers than they claimed to have. Contemporary observers also complained about the quality of recruits. On several occasions, Roman generals preferred to recruit barbarian prisoners of war, saying they were more reliable than Romans. To alleviate these recruitment problems, the Romans recruited more and more barbarians, who were often of questionable loyalty.

    4. Both the Western and Eastern empires imploded, but the implosion was better managed (and more prolonged) in the East than in the West. There were several reasons.
    – The Eastern empire was farther removed from the main invasion routes (until the Arab invasions).
    – It developed new military innovations (Greek fire) and better defense in depth.
    – It was much better at “divide and rule” (pitting one group of barbarians against another).
    – The Church did not challenge the Emperor to the same extent.

    This being said, the outcomes were not all that different between the Western and Eastern empires. The Eastern Empire had become a rump state by the 7th century and was living on borrowed time from the 12th century onward.

    • Replies: @German_reader
    , @Curle
  68. Deduction says:

    I hate these guilt pushing weirdos who frequent

    The Arab and Islamic worlds are not a mess because of the West, they are a mess despite the West.

    Those who disagree seem to consider that any deviation from perfection is our fault and so they don’t even try to imagine what these places would look like if we didn’t exist.

    It’s like how teenagers blame their parents for all of the teenagers’ faults, well sadder actually, because we are not their parents. It’s like when a middle aged man blames his lack of success in life on his parents’ long ago divorce. Indeed it’s even sadder than that.

    Blaming the West for your faults is the default defence of the useless.

    • Replies: @KA
  69. KA says:

    A lot of Zio has been inserting that idea for a long time .It started with Herzl.Ben Guriorn polished it a little after Chaim Weizmann had whispered to the ears of Lloyd George that Arab worshiped and respected one thing and one thing only that was power .He told the big stooge ,Balfour and later Churchill -“don’t look weak”. Then came the commissioned book by name EXODUS by some adulation seeker of name Leon Uris .Hollywood continued to add and sharpen the prominent angle of the narrative of EXODUS of -how stupid 5 Arab countries couldn’t defeat 1 Israel in 1948 .
    Hollywood ,EXODUS and years later the pulp magazine like Readers Digest and Commentary also made sure that the articles from NYT archives detailing the man power and the weapons in the respective possession did not get outed .That would show the stealing of US weapons from 1945 by Zio and the 100,000 trained Zio fighters against 30,000 Arab peasant turned into military men overnight plus 5000 British trained Jordanian army . ( Read NYT archives available from the links at . Or Google search -Picking apart the New York Times Zionist narrative on the ……/picking-apart-the-new-york-timess-zionis…
    May 17, 2011 – )
    If the Zio did not establish a beachhead ,Arab would have achieved a unified country from Egypt to Iran as was the original push by the educated Arab masses ( Read Paris 1919 ) . It would not have given the rise of splintered monarchs and Sheik ruled fiefdom as was planned by British and French ) . The entire Arab would have attained same technological and social maturity as it did under Saddam’s rule ( again read the psychopathic reasoning of removal of Saddam given by Edward Luttwak as captured by Maurizio Blondet in chapter 3 ,page 30 in the book neo-CONNED AGAIN ). There would have been no Jewish migration out of Egypt or Iraq as were inspired by Lavon affair and Ben Guiron induced Baghdad bombing respectively.

    • Replies: @Deduction
  70. Deduction says:

    Yeah the mere presence of a few million Jews somehow made the Arabs a fractious and otherwise useless lot…that makes sense haha…well, at least you concede the bit about being fractious and useless.

    • Replies: @bunga
  71. bunga says:

    I agree with you on this. It is sometimes difficult to understand the logic of KA. But then this view also answers the question why and how does elite manage to control the narrative in any society. Look at the early Zionism’s success. This elite’s monumental success in transiting from a fringe, ridiculed section within Jewish faithful to the dominant powerful respected political-financial-religious entity and enforcer of new racism , nationalism and religious bigotry in an age when all three evils were disappearing from the world narrative from Europe ,proves that a few committed aggressive can shape the direction of the history.
    Look at US. Money can achieve a lot when combined with other powers or tools that undergird any nation: media, education ,culture , and most important when it can force 2 opposing ideas or multiple contradictions within a system without letting it reach the consciousness level of common folks .

  72. Jim says:
    @joe webb

    The “official” end of the Western Roman Empire was 476 when Romulus Augustulus, the last empereor in the west abdicated. But 476 is a meaningless date since the Western Roman Empereors ceased to have any significant power long before 476. After the withdrawal of the legions from Britain about 410 it was pretty close to over.

    • Replies: @joe webb
  73. Jim says:
    @silver surfer

    Yes the Europeans have the military capability to stop this invasion. but Europeans seem to lack the will to survive. No weapon is any good if you are not willing to use it.

  74. Seck says:
    @joe webb

    Sounds cool.

    Whites are forefront of bravery? hahaha I’m laughing to death. The single most achievement mankind has made shooting his genes everywhere is Asian, Genghis Khan, not your freaking Goths or Germanic tribe or whatever albino prone, freckle sparkled crackers.

    Whites are creative? Jesus christ, wait, even Jesus was from Middle East, not European origin. Whites can’t come up with something imaginary for their worship. They had to copy from other religion and made it as if they invented.

    All adventures you’d see Whites? Where in the world you’d see White guy wrestling with Anaconda or Burmese Pythons in the jungle? You think just flipping and flapping like Ninja Warriors give you a verdict that Whites are adventurous?

    Your one anecdote of Chick telling you “Well, I just do what I’m told.” is a definitive answer to the Chink bravery? Well, I came across a White guy who don’t even know what is “Shorting” in trading terms. Well I guess entire White race is not adapted for trading and finance then. Look at the mess and debt 1.3T Chink owns to your Whites.

    Even the science, Whites have been thinking humans have 48 chromosomes, until the guy, (Well, yeah, he’s a Chink born in Indonesia, his parents immigrated from China), proved that we only have 46 chromosomes. What have Whites been doing then? Following the pre-existing notion that we have 48 chromosomes?

    Now you see Chink Xi Jingping kicking White ass? Your epitome of White guy elected from UK went to China to play ping pong, hoping he’d get funding. Guess who he is. You’re right. David Cameron.

    White men and White women are separate issues. I’d leave at that. If Asian women go for White men, I’d say Kudos to them. One less White man, one less White progeny. It doesn’t matter it’s a black cat or white cat as long as it catches a mouse. So mission accomplished. Asian women are forefront of Asian hegemony over the world. White men don’t see the pattern. They only see demure, willing Asian women. So go for it.

    • Replies: @Deduction
    , @Priss Factor
  75. German_reader says:
    @Peter Frost

    “Too many people are unhappy with the current situation and yet continuing to vote for one of the mainstream parties (usually a “conservative” one). Remember what Angela Merkel said about multiculturalism? That was “dog-whistling,” and conservative politicians are very good at that. ”

    I agree…unfortunately “nationalist” parties seem to have a tendency to self-implosion. I don’t know if you’ve been following developments within the right-wing AfD in Germany; they are almost a textbook example of the problems a new party in opposition to the mainstream inevitably faces. One of its founders, an economics professor who cares mostly about the Euro issue, left the party after losing a power struggle and is now busy denouncing the AfD as an assortment of “Islamophobic” right-wing extremists (he’s also taken a few hundred of his followers with him and is now trying to found a new, more “respectable” party…which looks pretty hopeless to me). For a while it looked as if this was the end of the AfD…but now, I’m somewhat more optimistic about this (though the party will have to take care to distance itself from genuine neo-Nazis).
    UKIP in England seems to be plagued by similar problems…some of the defectors from the Tories (notably UKIP’s single MP Carswell) apparently want to take the party in a less “nationalist” direction.
    As for Merkel you’re right…though I never was fooled by her “multiculturalism” statement (she never explained anyway what she meant by that…it was just opportunist posturing). Some of the Christian Democrats are now trying to pull similar stunts and are speaking out in favour of measures like banning the burqa…as if that would really solve anything. But I think this time it won’t be as effective, because in the last few years they’ve just gone too far, with Merkel stating several times in a very emphatic manner “Islam belongs to Germany” and being very pro-immigration in general. Hopefully people won’t be fooled again this time and punish the mainstream parties at the coming elections.

  76. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website


    Only ‘tip of the iceberg’. Now, what ship sank because it hit an iceberg? When you see small blocks of ice and then see bigger and bigger ones, it could be a giant iceberg is coming your way.

    Germany is a ship called Teutonic that is about to hit the Big One.

    German future should be called SINK THE BISMARCK.

    If Germans wanna survive, they better Sink the Merkel. Merkel is no true captain of Germany. She is a pirate bitch.

    PS. All these WWII-Holocaust references about why Europe must take in refugees(or refuse) are nuts.
    WWII really happened largely because of massive migrations that had taken place in earlier centuries. Germans had migrated into other areas and gained elite and even demographic power in non-German lands. When Poland had been divided between Germans and Russians in the 18th and 19th century, lots of non-Poles migrated into those lands, and Poles had migrated into non-Pole lands(which is why a good number of Soviet commies were Poles or Latvians). And there had been lots of migration among groups all over Austro-Hungarian Empire.
    And even when the Polish Empire existed, Poles migrated into Ukraine and gained lots of economic and political power, often at the expense of Ukrainian Cossack population that came to seethe with resentment.
    This was a time when borders were fluid and even Swedes invaded Poland from the north(subject of THE DELUGE by Sienkiewicz) and Turks from the South(subject of PAN MICHAEL aka FIRE IN THE STEPPES). All these mutual migration hither and thither led to lots of headache and heartache and lots of bloodshed.

    Progs would have us believe that Europe has been these tidy homogeneous political units with solid borders and that was the reason why Europe blew up in WWI and WWII, but that is a totally bogus reading of history.
    Notice WWI didn’t happen between UK and France cuz UK was ‘over here’ and France was ‘over there’. And there was no war between Spain and Italy cuz Spain was ‘over here’ and Italy was ‘over there’. Wars happened due to migrations that had taken place in earlier centuries and confused borders & identities. Irish fought the British cuz of British migration to Ireland. Germans and French fought over Alsace-Lorraine cuz the demographics were mixed. Some places would be mostly German but ruled by French or vice versa.

    The Balkans and Poland was the hotbed of problems cuz migrations over centuries had led to crazy-quilt politician situations. And during the Ottoman Empire, many Greeks and Armenians had migrated to Turkey, and many Turks had migrated to what is now Greece. All these would later blow up into ethnic tensions as Greeks and Armenians sought independence from Ottoman domination(the then EU or Soviet Union of the Near East). Migrations were the seeds of later conflicts.

    WWI didn’t happen between nations with solid borders. It was triggered from a place of unsure borders that had been ethnically and politically destabilized by centuries of migration of all sorts of groups. So, Serbs had squabble with Austrians and with other Slavic groups.
    And Hitler’s aggression started with the fact that Germans were angry with the treatment of German minorities in non-German lands. Germans had a right to be angry cuz of the mistreatment. But non-Germans had a right to be angry with German settlers cuz they’d arrived as migrant-invaders long ago(and often dominated the economy). But again, this problem resulted from ‘too many Germans’ having migrated and settled in non-German lands, often at the expense of the locals.

    When WWII finally came to a close, there was a massive migration crisis BUT the solution to that crisis was to make sure that everyone migrated to his own country. Push Poles outside Poland into Poland, push Germans outside Germany into Germany, push Austrians outside Austria into Austria, and etc. And it did wonders for peace. The post-WWII migration policy was not to push peoples into OTHER nations. It was to push people into their own nations. That way, each nation would be homogeneous, peaceful, and at ease. Homogeneity was the solution to the age-old problems that had plagued Europe. Homogeneity wasn’t the reason for WWI and WWII but the solution to the tensions that led to those conflicts.

    And nations in Europe that had erected solid borders and increased homogeneity were not only more stable but were more likely to have peaceful relations with other nations with similar attributes. There had once been a time when France and Britain fought cuz French had an eye on a piece of Britain and Britain had an eye on a piece of France. But when Britain and France mutually agreed that ‘this is Britain’ and ‘that is France’, they got along despite their rivalries.

    And Norwegians and Swedes got along better when Swedes let Norwegians have their own nation. And Russia and Finland got along when Finland established its own borders.
    And look at Asia. It was because of massive Japanese migration into Manchuria that tensions rose between Japan and China. And Chinese migration into Tibet hasn’t made Tibetans very happy, to say the least. (But Tibet seems to be less of an issue in the West cuz diversity-mongering in Tibet seems to be in tune with the Western PC project.) And why is there tensions in Ukraine? Cuz of migrations of Russians into Ukraine long ago — though one could argue Ukies are really just renegade Russians. (For some reason, EU doesn’t seem bothered by Ukraine nationalism against Russians and even Ukie violence against Russian minorities.)

    Now, what was the creation of Israel all about? It too followed the post-WWII formula. If Jews needed to migrate, the idea was they should migrate to their own nation. So, many European Jews migrated to Palestine/Israel. And Israel urged Jews all across the Middle East to migrate to Israel. Homeward Migration than Outbound Migration.

    After WWII, most Germans who’d settled in non-German lands in the earlier centuries were made to migrate to Germany. And Poles in non-Polish lands were made to migrate back to Poland. To be sure, as a sizable chunk of Germany was given to Poland, Germans there had to be moved westward, and Poles in the territories that had been occupied by Soviets were pushed into newly constituted Poland.

    At any rate, the real cause of WWI and WWII was the centuries-old migrations among various nationalities that had made for murky borders in the eastern parts of Europe.
    WWI didn’t happen because European nations had been too homogeneous. If so, Sweden would have been the main aggressor and instigator cuz it was more homogeneous than most nations at the time.
    Homogeneous nations were a problem ONLY WHEN they encouraged their people to migrate to other nations, like when Japan encouraged millions to emigrate to Taiwan, Korea, and Manchuria(and then into China proper). In other words, when they created diverse situations outside their homeland.

    Homeward migration makes for greater stability and peace. Outbound migration sows the seeds for future conflict as it destabilizes social and political order. The native people are bound to feel threatened, and the newcomer-settlers are bound to feel alienated and ‘marginalized’.

    Also, migrants can be used as excuse by nations for aggression. When Brits settled in China, any violence done to the Brits by angry Chinese patriots was used as justification by Brits to take a bigger chunk of China, and that made the Chinese even angrier. When American migrants settled parts of Mexico at the stupid invitation of the Mexican government and when those gringo migrants got into a tussle with Mexican authorities, US government used it a pretext for US imperial motions against Mexico. US even lied about Spanish mistreatment of Americans to trigger Spanish-American War that wrested Cuba and Philippines away from Spain. Migration into other lands sows seeds of future discord.

    In our globalized world, it’s a good thing that people can work in other nations and travel around the world. But it should all be done with legal paperwork bound to sound laws. As for citizenship, it should be determined by blood-and-soil as all other considerations are too wobbly and weak.
    All nations should opt for the Israeli-ethno-option or ethnoption.
    Some nations can be multi-ethnic in its identity. Given the particular history of Australia, Aborigines and Anglos should both be considered the ethnic core of Australia. As for others, they should just be treated as workers and tourists unless they marry into the Australian folk and their children become Australian by blood. Otherwise, work, travel, and then go home.

    One could argue that the new EU is okay with migration, at least among various Europeans, and it’s true enough that many Europeans have moved back and forth into each other nations without much trouble in the past 15 yrs. There are lots of Poles in France and UK, and other Eastern Europeans have also migrated to Germany. One might say people are more tolerant today cuz of easing of ethnic identity and nationalism.
    But then, what is the new so-called magic glue that allows such kind of cohesion? It is consumerism, pop culture, celebrity culture, Euro-vision trashiness, homomania(with the ‘gay rainbow’ becoming the new flag and symbol of Western identity), and etc. Are such tripe a sound long-term basis for the future of a people and culture? Can nations thrive in the long run without ethnic sense of heritage and with only one’s mania for pop fashions and mind-numbing PC tripe?
    Does demo-crassy have a future? I would say No.
    The rise of narcissism, consumerism, materialism, and hedonism as the New European Culture has made Europeans shallow and trashy, idiots who look to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West as model of humanity.
    Also, PC and Holocaust-worship have bled Europeans dry of their pride and will to survive. The failure of the New European Identity and Values can be seen in the utter helplessness of Europe when faced with the terror of Arab migration and the ghastly horror of the African invasion. Europeans don’t know what to do. They don’t know what is and isn’t European. They are too hooked on popium of pop culture or too brainwashed by PC to assert that Europeanness has a racial and historical basis. Instead, they are under the globalist spell(esp favored by Jews) that Europeanness is merely an idea and that ANYONE can come to partake of it. Theoretically, if all whites were to vanish and if Europe were taken over by blacks and Arabs, it would still be ‘European’ as long as…. homomania and feminism were practiced by blacks and Arabs.
    Europe is an ideological fixation than a racial/cultural foundation. It’d be like a Jew saying Jewishness is about voting Democratic than being Jewish by lineage. In that case, Puerto Ricans and Mexicans must be Jewish.

    A people bound by shallow pop culture(especially one emanating from America) and demoralized by PC(that says Europeans can only claim moral pride by committing racial, national, and cultural suicide) won’t be a people of a meaningful racial and cultural community for long.

    • Replies: @joe webb
  77. @Jim

    It’s true- the model can work when everybody’s interests are aligned, as at Chalons.

    Aetius was able to run for years forming coalitions with the Huns outside the empire to use them against the Visigoths, then allying with the Visigoths, Burgundians etc. settled in ‘Roman’ Gaul when it looked like the Huns/Ostrogoths/Alans etc. were going to sweep in en masse and end the nice little arrangement the peoples inside the empire’s theoretical borders had going. The Visigoth army and king were decisive.

    It’s still far from ideal to have to raise an army that way when once you could have raised a regular army under systematic state control or, at least, in an integrated system subject to the control of citizen commanders.

    Aetius army was very far along toward being an early feudal force.

    • Replies: @Jim
  78. Deduction says:

    Your post may be rambling and nonsensical but I really don’t have a problem with it. You Chinese are alright, really!

    It would be nice if you guys would stop migrating en mass to live among whitey but, when you do, you’re mostly a pleasant bunch.

    One thing though, I’ve been to China and it’s pretty obvious that you send your first team abroad and leave the second and lower tiers at home. Not that they are bad people but your typical rural Chinese ain’t all that bright.

    • Replies: @Seck
  79. RobinG says:
    @joe webb

    “…. preferably after I have done my duty and had kids and accomplished something.”

    And meanwhile you’ll just keep living in your parents’ basement (or attic…., or garage…).

  80. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    “If Asian women go for White men, I’d say Kudos to them. One less White man, one less White progeny.”

    But chinee girl take no-chinee name, and kid think he or she white. Amy Chua kids learn chinee letter but they think they Jew. Cuz they grow up in America, they feel close to whitey or Jew, not Chinee. And their kids likely no marry Chinee but marry another non-Chinee, in which case the kid no Chinee at all in feeling.

    • Replies: @Seck
  81. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website
    @joe webb

    “Anon, yes that is about it, being White IS Everything, all things considered…temperment, beauty, intelligence, creativity, and Individualism and bravery.”

    White men are a story of the love of bravery… but for all the wrong things.
    When it comes to defending their own land and women, they got no bravery. Instead, their bravery is channeled to stupid stuff like fighting Wars for Israel and jumping off buildings with skateboards. (Extreme sports are more dumb than brave. And whites go into them cuz they lost the mainstream sports to blacks.)

    • Replies: @joe webb
    , @joe webb
  82. Seck says:
    @Priss Factor

    Great then. If those mixed kids grow up and marry non-Asian man, it’s a way of spreading maternal mitochondrial genes through mother.

    Look at Taylor Swift, even Jackie Chan eyes (double-eyelids) are bigger than her slanted eyes, so maybe somewhere along the line, her great great parents must have married Asian women. Well that’s the thought. But people look at Jackie Chan as Chinese, Taylor Swift as Whites.

    So down the road, we will see more small eyes Whites and bigger eyes Asians.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  83. Seck says:

    If one starts spewing out nonsense, the only way to counteract is just ramble. You can’t argue or discuss with someone whose only idea is throwing out all shits he can vomit and see what sticks. That’s what Joe Webb has been brandishing with his mighty tighty-whities.

    • Replies: @joe webb
  84. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    “So down the road, we will see more small eyes Whites and bigger eyes Asians.”

    You silly dammy, it could be that plenty of Russians and Central Asians have some Asian/Chinese genes, even if slight. But that doesn’t make them hate, fear, or dread the Chinese any less.

    So what if future Americans have traces of Chinese genes. They are gonna hate China just the same. So, all it means Chinese-American women helped spawn future generations that hate China.

    But then, you’re just a troll, so go have an eggroll.

    • Replies: @Seck
  85. joe webb says:

    Seck, you got no argument. Try responding point by point. Start with my claim that White Men have invented everything… hint: walk outside and look around you if your are in the city, and see what non-whites have invented. If you are in the country, look around you and ask yourself which race has celebrated nature far more than any other race. look at art and literature and music. We invented the best of all of it,

    Ask yourself which race never enslaved its women, which race abolished slavery, which race saves the whales, which race invented relatively democratic norms in politics, which race invented competitive capitalism, and which race has tried to save everybody…altruism.

    Take the chinks…N. Korea and China as exemplars of chink genotype.
    Mexers and Amer Indians…savages still. US injuns commit 20 times the violent crime of US generally…and that includes the darkies.

    Africa, unrelieved shit-hole. Arabia, ditto more or less, Asia Minor…more oriental despotism.

    Try a point by point refutation you damned fool ….all you got is ad hominems, the mark of an idiot and a fool, and probably a physical coward to boot. I have knocked down commies and Jews at demos recently, and in short, like the other dude, you need your butt kicked for your insolence.

    Joe Welbb

    • Replies: @Seck
    , @Santoculto
  86. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The Huns and the Mongols eventually left Europe and good that they did. The Mexicans,
    Latinos, Arabs, Blacks, sub-continental Indians, Chinese, Koreans, and Southeast Asians
    are with us forever, and they will be the death knell of White America forever. A multi-
    culti world we never wanted forced on us by the reprobates in Congress. I hate them.

  87. joe webb says:
    @Priss Factor

    Priss, true enough for right now, but look at the general historical record.

    A mighty rebellion is appearing right now….and Trump is leading it. He is not perfect, but he fits the American Dream and the Cowboy cleaning out the liberal grifters and race cowards. Whether he wins or not, he advances the cause of White Insurrection, just like what is starting to happen in Europe.

    Uncle Karl said, Man makes his own history, but he does not make it just as he chooses.

    So, it will be a bumpy road back to sanity, but we have started. With regard to the Jews, remember that Protestantism was subverted by jews and the OT. That is more important than Jewish Money or the Holocaust Story.

    Israel is the best thing to come down the pike for the cause of anti-semitism. Even liberals are wringing their hands over the Jews.

    Things are looking up and the White genotype is beginning to trim its pathological altruism back.

    Whites are not perfect, but we have many fewer warts than any other race.

    Joe Webb

  88. Curle says:
    @Peter Frost

    There are now nationalist parties in most Western countries.

    Excepting the U.S.

  89. KREIOS says:
    @random observer

    @ramdom observer

    My earlier comment was intended to be sarcastic.I am pretty sure there are different ways to deal with this issue without forcing people out of planes…without parachutes as intended by ” Adolf”.Maybe for a starter,we could refrain from creating chaos,,sorry,aka bringing “democracy” to those countries.

  90. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    The world is dominated by Jewish-Americans, and this impacts policies and narratives in Europe as well. To understand the Jewish mind is to understand the world.
    What is this special relation between immigration and Jews?

    Well, which immigrant group came to dominate America due to massive immigration?

    If arch-right-wing anti-Jewish Catholic immigrants, instead of leftist anti-white Jewish immigrants, had come to dominate America, would Jews be so enthused about immigration?

    Or if Muslim immigrants have an average IQ of 130 and were posed to take elite power away from Jews in future America, would Jews like it? Jews use Clock Boy but really laugh at the dummy as no threat to Jewish power in science.

    Sure, hypothetically smart Muslims may do wonders for US technology and economy, but they will gain control of America and use American power for Muslim agendas just like US power is currently used for Jewish agendas.

    Since Jews have the commanding heights that makes the big decisions and steers the Ship of America, they are the captain and the rest of us galley wage slaves.
    Jews like immigration cuz they think in terms of ‘all those new slaves will work for us’.
    And they will have a scab-effect on American workers.

    More people via immigration may grow the economy and make it stronger overall, but all the big decisions are made by the elites. In the past, Jews were for immigration cuz it gave them an entry into America. Now, they like immigration cuz they see immigrants as more galley slaves for the Jewish-steered ship.
    But if Jews really feared that new immigrants will (1) have the ability to outsmart Jews and (2) will be hostile to Jewish interests as the new elites, Jews would turn against immigration.

    Captain wants more galley slaves, not another would-be-captain who threatens his authority.

    It’s like the owner of the sports team doesn’t care if new players are brought in and which race they are. Even if all the players are changed and all the original ones are replaced by new ones, the team still belongs to him. But the owner will feel differently if someone else tries to take ownership of the team.
    Jews see America as a sports team. White patriots see it as homeland.
    Jews see America from the POV of the owner class. White patriots see it from the POV of the team class. For patriots, the team is America. For the Jews, America is whatever they can do with the team–even getting a totally new roster to win more goodies for their owner-interest at less cost. (Europe used to field European athletes, win or lose. It was all about the national family. Now, they field blacks cuz Europe is no longer about Europeans but about getting-anyone-to-win-more-medals-for-the-owner-class.)

    An enterprise can change all the personnel and still be that enterprise.
    Even a Walmart that fires all whites and hires Asian-Indians in their stead is still Walmart.
    But if a nation replaces its people with a different people, that nation is no more.
    Enterprise is about win-loss stats and nickels and dimes. Nation is about blood and soil, identity and heritage.
    Jews defend blood and soil of Israel. Israel is not merely an enterprise.
    But Jews act as though gentile nations should be about nothing but economics and ‘values’.

    Using the values-ideal, West Germany should have unified with France as both were democratic and capitalist AND East Germany should have unified with Hungary & Poland since all those were communist during the Cold War.
    And South Korea should unite with Japan since both are democratic and North Korea should unite with China since both are run by the communist parties.
    If values or ideology trumps ethnos, that should be the case. But West Germany unified with East Germany. And South Korea wants to unify with North Korea despite difference in political and economic ideology. Is that evil and ‘atavistic’?

    But Jews are ‘atavistic’ about their nationalism. Israel is open to all Jews on the basis of ethnos. Far left Jews, far right Jews, secular Jews, orthodox Jews, socialist Jews, libertarian Jews, and etc are welcome. Leftist Jews in Israel don’t favor leftist gentiles over rightist Jews for immigration. And religious Jews don’t favor religious non-Jews over atheist Jews for immigration.
    No, ethnos comes first… at least for Jews.

    • Replies: @joe webb
  91. Seck says:
    @Priss Factor

    Chinese American women spawn generations that hate China? Yea you’re right. You haven’t been traveling around the world.

    I’m just a troll, whatever preference you want to use. That’s perfectly fine with me.

    But you are a saint that always post 7000 words anti-semite comments that serve as a masterpiece of Unz review blogpost?

    I get that. Keep on rolling, PrissFactory. We need you.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  92. Seck says:
    @joe webb

    I got no argument? Ad hominen? Where did I attack you personally? I laid out point by point in my previous comment 77. Nowhere in your comment did you start with gentleman behavior. You started off with racial hominen, Chink. That’s fine. It’s just Chink, who got the White mens country by the balls.

    Give credits where credit is due. I agree that Most of the 20th century inventions have been due to Western countries, which implies White men have contributed much to humankind advancement in Science. I wouldn’t say Art and Literature because they are subjective.

    If one oxygen and two hydrogens combine to form “Water”, it’s water. Nobody can deny that. It’s objective observation. But do you honestly think that only Western art and literature are the only ones that truly advance the humankind? There are so many revolutionary literatures coming out from East Asia and you can’t read single one of them because they’re not in English.

    So Science, I’ll give credits to Westerners, but not Art and Literature.

    Ask yourself which race never enslaved its women, which race abolished slavery, which race saves the whales, which race invented relatively democratic norms in politics, which race invented competitive capitalism, and which race has tried to save everybody…altruism.

    Take the chinks…N. Korea and China as exemplars of chink genotype.
    Mexers and Amer Indians…savages still. US injuns commit 20 times the violent crime of US generally…and that includes the darkies.

    Africa, unrelieved shit-hole. Arabia, ditto more or less, Asia Minor…more oriental despotism.
    You just dumped your mass and wipe your ass after you wake up. What did you use? Sponge? Brush? Look at the toilet paper.

    This is hard to absorb because 1st, it doesn’t make sense, 2nd it doesn’t advance the discussion. You just simply grouped all kinds of past activities and said Whites managed and succeeded them. It’s like I’m saying India with its 1.2B population is the most democratic country in the world, outperforming its counterpart the US. The entire description of the sentence is “Democratic” and India somehow succeeded with her 1.2 billion people.

    The same goes for your description. Enslaving and Liberating as if White men succeeded in abolishing slavery. You’re taking a sweeping generalization. Many nations have tried to abolish slavery. It’s an on-and-off ongoing process throughout the recorded history. If you’re talking about your text book: the great American achievement you’re right, only White men abolished slavery. Read the history book and study timeline how slavery evolved. Any attempt at abolishing slavery, some failed and some re-instituted. It’s an on and off going process. You dumb fool. As I said, you took a sweeping generalization as if White men abolished slavery. That’s why I said in my 86. comment you’re spewing out verbal diarrhea and see what sticks.

    Throwing out all inventions, achievements, etc etc etc, and see what sticks. That’s what you’ve been doing here all along. The palpable agreement here is European countries have contributed much to the advancement of humankind in Scientific forefront. The other areas of human development, there are gray area where each nation can claim their share of contributions. But you took a generalization, and see what sticks.

    Ask yourself which race never enslaved its women, which race abolished slavery, which race saves the whales, which race invented relatively democratic norms in politics, which race invented competitive capitalism, and which race has tried to save everybody…altruism.

    Ask yourself which race colonized other nations. I’m sure a proud Joe Webb will answer “Hey this proves how mighty the Whites are.” Competitive capitalism was not invented by race. It was the product of governing elites who want to take control of emerging markets by creating free markets. Read some Islamic golden age. Everything seems created and invented by White race according to Joe Webb. Which race has tried to save everybody … altruism. Ugh, Joe Webb has been feeding his memory from MSM.

    Try a point by point refutation you damned fool ….all you got is ad hominems, the mark of an idiot and a fool, and probably a physical coward to boot. I have knocked down commies and Jews at demos recently, and in short, like the other dude, you need your butt kicked for your insolence.

    We can argue all day long point by point if you have a specific argument. But you came up with a sweeping generalization; there’s no point by point rebuttal. (Remember I gave credit where credit is due.) When it comes to internet, there’s always a chance that you’re seeing a keyboard warrior, like you. A keyboard warrior who has done his share of White progeny and spewing out here how great the White men are. Hey that’s your rights. You can ramble whatever you want. I can ramble whatever I want, right? But reading your powerful ego-stroking post is not rambling for White readers, but refuting your arguments point by point is considered just rambling.

    I have knocked down commies and Jews at demos recently,

    Wow, such a powerful trash talk. Where on earth commies come to your conclusion? When it comes to physical fighting, there’s no commies, Nazi, you dumbass. Either you fight with a person; Chinese or German. I’m feel pity for future White generations, esp from Joe Webb, who can’t differentiate between affiliation and a person. Let me just point it out if you still can’t wrap around your head; KKK was made up of White men, but not all White men are KKK. So saying I knocked down KKKs doesn’t make any sense at all when we’re talking about Whites and the rest.

    • Replies: @iffen
    , @Priss Factor
  93. joe webb says:
    @Priss Factor

    Priss…again, right, but only for the last half century after the commies, jews, and pimping little sisters of communism…liberals, took over. The long haul …of White behavior over the centuries is the proper measure of evidence.

    We are starting to awaken from our thrall to our own Achille’s Heel, pathological altruism, which arguably is the main reason that we have done so well, so much better than all other races up till now, now meaning ca. 1960.

    I was born to a communist family, went thru the 60s, was a democratic socialist, went to jail over Vietnam and marched with King in 1963. My surplus altruism was large.

    Only after getting retired and having time to look around again, did I awaken, starting, thank Jehovah, with studying Israel, then the Jews, and the rest followed in train.

    On a personal note, I feel great, having achieved a ripeness, like king Lear, which will elicit a sneer from the resenters on this list.

    I got it all figured out, and from Hamlet, “If thus art privy to thy country’s fate, which , happily, foreknowing may avoid, O speak! Act 1, scene 1.

    I am still a bit of a socialist, and a nationalist , and a racist of course, so you get the idea.
    I am not a National Socialist, but that is another story.

    Joe Webb

  94. iffen says:

    Ask yourself which race colonized other nations.

    Instead of self, may we ask someone from Tibet?

    • Replies: @Seck
  95. joe webb says:
    @Priss Factor

    PRiss, very good and thanks, Joe Webb

  96. joe webb says:
    @Priss Factor

    To which, Priss, I would add that the jews knocked down the gates of the US to get themselves in and proceeded to write virtually all the race equality books, starting with Boas, and in part are still welcoming the Other into Europe, while practical “European” jews are striking their tents and flying Home to the Judenstaat.

    The point is that Jews work only for Jews, immigration into White lands promoted for one reason only…to confuse, dilute, and demoralize Whites, who are the only real threat to The Jew.

    The only people, if People can be rescued from the lies of the jews and their shabbas goyim liberals…the only people who can threaten the jews are Whites.

    Thank God for Israel, the truth naked at last for the liberals to hand wring and gnash their dialectics in their enfeebled tiny little brains. O Lord why do they do these things?

    Because they can, and of course, because they Obey Jehovah and Nature…kill the other.

    Joe Webb

  97. Jim says:
    @random observer

    It only works in a purely nominal sense. You just say that the barbarian armies are “Roman”. But after 410 virtually all real power in the Western Roman Empire is in the hands of barbarian chieftains.

  98. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    “Chinese American women spawn generations that hate China? Yea you’re right. You haven’t been traveling around the world.”

    I see Amy Chua kids and they not much chinee in their loyalty.
    They likey Jomo stuff most. You not know truth cuz you filled with middle kingdom arrogance.

    “But you are a saint that always post 7000 words anti-semite comments that serve as a masterpiece of Unz review blogpost?”

    It just speak truth to power. If Jews all live in trailers and drink moonshine while Mormons got big power and start wars, I bash Mormons.

    It not about Jew. It about Jewish Power. Power need be countered, but in America, the most powerful group treated like biggest victim.
    That no good.

    When homo not powerful in past, I ignore them and even sympathize when they called ‘fa-s’.
    But now homos much powerful and treat us like negroes treat white butts in prison.
    US now like homo prison.
    So, I counter and criticize fruity power. Same thing with Jew.

  99. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    “You started off with racial hominen, Chink. That’s fine. It’s just Chink, who got the White mens country by the balls.”

    You one tough chink in the armor.

    “There are so many revolutionary literatures coming out from East Asia and you can’t read single one of them because they’re not in English.”

    But we can see pictures in manga. Why yellows only ‘write’ comic books?

    “Read some Islamic golden age.”

    It was like Clock Boy.
    Muslims just take stuff from Greeks and Hindus and stuff it in Arab box.

    • Replies: @Sam Shama
  100. Seck says:

    I see Amy Chua kids and they not much chinee in their loyalty.
    They likey Jomo stuff most. You not know truth cuz you filled with middle kingdom arrogance.

    Whether Amy Chua kids have loyalty to both sides of their parents does not matter. Every hapa kid will have identity issue. Only when their population comes into certain extent, their loyalty becomes palpable. Or they will establish themselves as new identity in racial category. Either case, they side with the winners. That’s the nature. So let’s see them in 100 years.

    But we can see pictures in manga. Why yellows only ‘write’ comic books?

    So that’s what you’ve been devouring Asian literatures? What a revelation. Keep on digging Asian literature in Manga. If you’re fortunate (Hey fortune cookies!!), you’d stumble upon some tentacle webbed erotica. Who knows, only Priss knows that any great literature begins from Comic.

    You one tough chink in the armor.

    Haha, does that work for you? Glad that you like that word.

    No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. Call me Gooks, Chinks, whatever makes you feel strong enough to win the argument, the truth lies in the facts, not in the L E T T E R. I spelled out for you.

    It just speak truth to power. If Jews all live in trailers and drink moonshine while Mormons got big power and start wars, I bash Mormons.

    It not about Jew. It about Jewish Power. Power need be countered, but in America, the most powerful group treated like biggest victim.
    That no good.

    That’s what I agreed on. I’ve been talking about that early on in other comments, I was banned, I was ridiculed. But I think general white people can’t see it through. Every waking morning, those Fed Jews got the general White people by the balls. FOMC, Interest rate, so on and so forth.

    I can see what Jews are doing right now. I’m gonna lay out here. Either you like it or not, those will stand the test of time.

    In coming years Jews will work together with China. From WWII onwards, it’s been smooth sailing for Jews to easily blend in with White people in the Western countries. When the US eventually rise to the world power, Jews easily took the reins. When it comes to disguising in power, they play holocaust victims. In public, they stay “safe” because they act White in White dominant countries. But when it comes to racial divides, they become “Jews”, not Whites, so Blacks can throw all their hatred towards Whites, not Jews.

    Now with the Empire in decline, and a new sun rise from the East, Jews have to play a different game. They can’t easily mingle in Han dominant community. They can’t play victim role in East Asia. Basically they can’t disguise their true identity. The only way to achieve smooth jumping from sinking ship to sailing ship is try to mix with the population. So you see Jew married to Amy Chua, have 2 daughters; Mark the facebook married the ugly Chinese chick, now expecting a boy. So go figure what the next plan Jews are devising. And the only guy who shoke hands with Mr Xi and spoke entirely in Mandarin. I can see lots of jumping Jews in next couple of decades.

    They are now working how to transfer their wealth from $ to Remnibi. It’d take time. But during that time, we all have to bite the bullet and ride with the Shanghai Stock Market.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
    , @Sam Shama
  101. Sam Shama says:
    @Priss Factor

    Besides the the fact that I am rotflmao, picturing your animations and exchanges with our man from the middle kingdom, there is truth in what you say.

    The odd thing about jewish power is that it is certainly there, but probably overblown by (I am guessing) about 50%. The Jewish lobbies certainly exercise great influence in DC, funded by deep pockets, but there are other equally powerful groups, like the oil and gas lobby, the Latino lobbies and don’t forget the overarching influence of the Five Eyes interests. Your average jewish family just goes about their lives like all others, totally unaware of the sort of power (and the resulting animosity) that they are being credited with, or rather accused of, in the UR.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  102. Seck says:

    Be my guest. Go for it. You might as well try Butan.

  103. Seck says:

    On a personal note, I feel great, having achieved a ripeness, like king Lear, which will elicit a sneer from the resenters on this list.

    Not a sneer, just a relief, knowing that what you really are.

    Joe must be one hell of a guy, standing on the giant shoulders of all White men achievement for the last 200 years, feeling proud of whatever a remotely relevant invention comes into mind.

    Don’t forget when you wake up in the morning and do your morning dump, be thankful for Chinese invention of toilet roll. Otherwise King Lear will be wiping his xxx with communal brush.

  104. @joe webb

    ”Ask yourself which race never enslaved its women”

    Despise Dark middle age when ”white race” enslaved its women in the name of lord.

  105. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website
    @Sam Shama

    “The Jewish lobbies certainly exercise great influence in DC, funded by deep pockets, but there are other equally powerful groups, like the oil and gas lobby…”

    Here’s the thing. I agree there are powerful non-Jewish lobbies. But power alone isn’t shielded from protection. We have all the freedom in the world to bash Big Oil and the Koch Brothers and Enrons of the world. We can bash auto companies and criticize labor unions. We can talk about Arabs, Chinese, and Russians.
    But we cannot name Jewish Power as Jewish Power cuz any discussion of
    Jewish + Power = charges of ‘antisemitism’.

    It’s really about power. In the past, there were people who hated Jews for being Jewish. But most people don’t have any animus against Jews for being Jews. It’s about power.

    It is a matter of Jews having power and how that power is used to hurt Western gentiles.
    If Jews had no power in the West, no one would pay Jews any mind.
    If Jews had power in the West but didn’t use it to hurt Western/White interests, there would be no problem on the Right with Jews.

    But when Jews have power and use the power against the West, there’s bound to a rise in anxious(even hostile) feelings among white gentiles who grow more desperate as they face huge demographic challenges.

    But it’s really about power and the agenda. It’s not about Jewishness per se though Jewishness may hold some formula, genetic and cultural and otherwise, that leads to greater power for the Jews.

    • Replies: @Sam Shama
    , @joe webb
  106. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    “Now with the Empire in decline, and a new sun rise from the East, Jews have to play a different game. They can’t easily mingle in Han dominant community. They can’t play victim role in East Asia.”

    But Jews hold wild card in global game. It called South Korea aka Whorea.
    ‘Kool Korea’ — more like Fool Korea — now culture capital of Asia with Korea Wave aka Korea Sewage. Korean-American and South Korean biggest whores of Empire, and they spread worship of West with plastic surgery, hair dyeing, aping rap culture better than other yellows, and homo agenda. Since South Korea is culture capital of Asia, even Chinee kids follow in time and become clones of Koreans who are mental clones of American PC and ghetto culture.
    And US work on Vietnam too. Vietnam now leader in homo pride parades in Asia. It gone so homo that US even send fruity ambassador there with mulatto ‘gay hubby’.
    And Asian-American, as far I see, all just cucks of PC. They not defend their country from empire. They just cuck out to empire and try spread empire in Asia.
    So, in time Asia become vassal of US like EU is. EU not become vassal mainly due to economic power or even military power. EU fall to soft power as US control mind and heart through academia, media, and entertainment. Pop culture of America is big mind-changer. As Asian entertainment copy American entertainment, Asian entertainment, like European entertainment, turn into homo-fest. And once homos gain power elite protection and power in Asia, they work with Jewish globalists to spread multi-culti and other PC stuff in Asia.
    What EU is today, Asia soon to follow. Asia no able to think for itself. Asian universities from what I hear are no good. Asians outsource thinking and values to West, and West now say nothing better than homo stuff and diversity and PC.
    Since Asians no think for himself, he or she just follow West.

    • Replies: @Sam Shama
    , @Seck
  107. Sam Shama says:
    @Priss Factor

    Jewish + Power = charges of ‘antisemitism’.

    I would agree with this in general (with mild caveats), however it is useful to actually measure how often this is encountered in the media anymore these days. To that end we can monitor this keyword going forward. should be interesting.

  108. Wade says:

    A much needed analysis and a good one at that. One can only hope that Europe acts now. I hate to say it this way but it’s almost as if a “crises” is needed to prod Europeans into taking extremely drastic measures against their leaders. It’s not too late. Furthermore I believe there is still time to stop this and remove the illegal infiltrators in a humane way.

    I can’t believe the New York Times and the media in general have become so corrupt as to turn a blind eye to all of the dangers facing The West.

    Great to see you back here writing, Peter!

    • Replies: @joe webb
  109. joe webb says:

    Is this the Wade as in Nicholas? good for you if so…of course you pull your punches but are forgiven cuz you got stuff out there for the liberals to grind their teeth over.

    joe Webb

  110. Sam Shama says:
    @Priss Factor

    It called South Korea aka Whorea.
    ‘Kool Korea’ — more like Fool Korea — now culture capital of Asia with Korea Wave aka Korea Sewage. Korean-American and South Korean biggest whores of Empire, and they spread worship of West with plastic surgery, hair dyeing, aping rap culture better than other yellows, and homo agenda. Since South Korea is culture capital of Asia, even Chinee kids follow in time and become clones of Koreans who are mental clones of American PC and ghetto culture. [….]

    Omg….hahahahaaa…please no more

    • Replies: @RobinG
  111. Sam Shama says:

    Now with the Empire in decline, and a new sun rise from the East, Jews have to play a different game. They can’t easily mingle in Han dominant community. They can’t play victim role in East Asia.

    Nonsense (the words in bold). Have you seen Peter Sellers (he was a Jew) in ‘Return of the Pink Panther’ as Mr You-know Who? We can easily mingle in a Han majority. Before you know, the Koreans and Chinese will start eating Chinese take out on Christmas Eve.

  112. RobinG says:
    @Sam Shama


    Let Miss Priss add Hindus to the Hate List. Religious fanatics, for sure.

    BTW, he was only suspected of eating beef. Good enough excuse for crazy Hindu nationalists, and India’s president is one.

    • Replies: @Sam Shama
  113. joe webb says:
    @Priss Factor

    Priss, Jewish IQ is 110 average, the highest int he world. Probably the main reason Jews are given a pass by most folks is that Protestantism loved and loves the Jews, except for the liberals now kvetching about zionism.

    The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit by E. Michael Jones, runs all of this Reformation and Protestant connection down very well. Buy it lowest at Culture Wars at about $50. Thousand or so pages and about 4-5oo are about the Reformation.

    Protestants needed to hammer The Church, so what was at hand was the OT. Then there is the essentially sinful nature of Man ( read narcissistic ) that gets World Improvers going real good…they are going to Change! Mankind. Hence “Puritans” and various Reformers of the Human Spirit…lilke Jews in general and especially the zealots, and all the legions of Dreamers, religious and left-wing political types.

    Jones has Jews as the prototypes for pushing for Heaven on Earth, a real heresy of course for The Church. So, Jews, commies, liberals, religious nuts, will kill for God or The Revolution, etc.

    Think Dostoyevsky, Solzhenitsyn, Burke , Camus, and on and on of conservative writers who have largely plumbed the souls of these presenters/crusaders/revolutionaries. Today, maybe it is a Tom Wolfe who has examined the Race Equalizers, and a few others. Etc, etc.

    So, it is not just jewish money. Although that helps. No Catholic country could have an Aipac.

    Joe Webb

  114. @KREIOS

    Adolf is a fine name. Used over here, too.

    Adolfo Phillips, the Panamanian flash, played for the Phillies, Cubs, and others. Adolph Green wrote classic Broadway lyrics with Betty Comden, though they lived 3,000 miles apart. (How American can you get?) Adolphe Menjou opposed FDR during the New Deal and the war, and so pissed off Katherine Hepburn that she wouldn’t speak to him on the set, unless it was in the script.

    Gotta like these Adolfs!

    I don’t think any of them would have dumped people from planes, though Menjou might have made an exception for Eleanor.

  115. @Adolf Verloc

    …dropped from 20,000 feet – preferably without a parachute

    When I was about to fly to Asia from the West Coast 30 years ago, an older Canadian told me stories of some Asian guys, probably Indochinese, playing poker or whatever in the back of a freight plane, and tossing the loser out the open door.

    Without a parachute.

  116. unfortunately “nationalist” parties seem to have a tendency to self-implosion.

    One has to be abnormal to break away from the dominant ideology. Sometimes, this abnormality takes the form of mild autism. Sometimes, it takes the form of psychopathy. This is a recurring problem with any new political movement, and it’s a big reason why normal people are afraid to join. And it’s a big reason why new political movements tend to implode. They often attract abnormal people who suffer from personality problems of various sorts.

    This is a big challenge for nationalist parties. How does one exclude the nut cases while not becoming like the mainstream parties?

    There are now nationalist parties in most Western countries. – Excepting the U.S.

    And Canada. There is a window of opportunity to create a nationalist party in the U.S., particularly at the state level. If Trump fails to win, people will understand that the Republican Party is hopeless.

    To certain other commenters:

    This column is not about Jews, Jews, Jews. Please take your obsessions elsewhere.

    • Replies: @Santoculto
    , @joe webb
  117. @Peter Frost

    This is a fantastic mental picture to explain a little about the arrogance and stupidity that reigns between (cons) hbd’dears. The vast majority of ” normal ” people are intellectually headless. I know a huge amount of these people, including close relatives, who are naturally unable to catch the bigger picture.

    Use these terms that are disproportionate, to generalize and give the impression that this is a very bad thing the supposed higher proportion of ”mentally atypical people” here, it is a way to be extremely ungrateful with them and ignorant about the psychological nature of the outsider who can save your life.

    so if you had here 99% of ” normal ” people there would be no major difference in the collective attitude, sometimes as if they are just the masses that are a major responsible for the triumph of evil.

    ” Normal ” people need not be called for any dissident movement because as I said, would not make any great difference, just as the quantitative, and even then, Hitler’s empire for example, would consisted of a large body of German folk and a few individuals actually able to direct them. ” normal ” people are strongly dependent on created narratives that people who you disqualifies , whether they are psychopaths, autistic or just a little out of the neurotypical order.

    Do not blame these people for their own inability to be what you think it is, but it’s not, a genius. In terms of politics we already know that you are just above average. And brilliantly to manipulate the nowadays politics in favor of conservatoids it is so easy …. just break the dualistic mentality, confuse first, convince then.

    the human being is an abnormality himself, especially if there is no such thing as God and the afterlife. And as I heard once, there are no ” normal ” people. Indeed, the absolute standard should be an extremely perfect type of human being. Please do not tell me that you think is super perfect.

  118. joe webb says:
    @Peter Frost

    The arbiter of political sanity…I give you Peter Frost! Applause.

    Autism and psychopathology and Normal and nut-cases and Abnormal people and personality problems and , hoo-boy! Frost strides and struts and presents himself as Exhibit A: a Normal who will be a civilized Liberal Nationalist !! if I read him correctly.

    A Nationalist cannot be a liberal which is why when the Times change toward breaking down the “dominant ideology” the faint of heart and cluck-cluckers fade away staring into their martinis.

    Joe Webb

    • Replies: @German_reader
  119. joe webb says:

    So I see that my last piece which touched on sensitive and O so delicate sexual aspects of the races was censored and the Unz readers spared such insights as I may have delivered on matters of sexual attractiveness and race..

    We can talk about Natural Selection but not Sexual Selection which is foundational in the Darwinian Order?

    Are Unz readers prudes? Don’t think so. Or was it my personal experiences that queered the whole thing or both. I never bring up personal stuff unless it contributes to the general understandng.

    Since sex is apparently fundamental to almost animal life, I would think it would be worth discussion
    when considering ALL the alleged incompatibilities of race mixing and race relations, since that would seem to be what we are talking about here, including all of us ‘obsessives’ quoth Frost who worry about how come we fight Israel’s wars, etc, etc.
    Joe Webb

  120. German_reader says:
    @joe webb

    You guys with your thread-jacking jew-obsession and your caricature of extreme “White nationalist” positions are really annoying…Ron Unz should give Peter Frost the power to moderate and delete comments since you are unwilling to stay on topic and don’t contribute anything useful or interesting.

  121. Sam Shama says:

    Think you may have misinterpreted the reason for my laughter. I find Priss’ uncanny ability to pick up the idiosyncrasies of speech among various groups, in this case Asians (“chinee” etc.) and abruptly switch her writing style, dead centre of discussion, very funny and therefore effective. I was not laughing at what you may have taken for a stand against un-PC bigotry.

    • Replies: @RobinG
  122. I am neuroatypical and may ‘seem’ crazy to most of you, but I’m the guy really more ” normal ” I know and in much of this insane country where I had the misfortune to be born.

    The world is so simple, so simple … I’m not crying about a boy on a beach and blaming my friends not to open the doors of my country to all United Nations countries that are below the Tropic of Cancer.

    I’m not blaming me for something I never did, called ” white guilt ” or ” collective memory ”.

    I’m not legitimizing wars. Yes, you can kill the son of the others I do not care.

    Please man !!

    Yes, let’s call the nice lady teacher, the policemen, maybe, all ”normal” ones and all anti-intellectual averages for read UNZ … so the site will have the same popularity as the The New York Times.

    Let’s call all those beautiful and perfect university teachers in the Gothemburg that are favorable for the mass immigration in your country.

    You have to think before to say nonsense.

  123. Frost strides and struts and presents himself as Exhibit A: a Normal who will be a civilized Liberal Nationalist !!


    I’m not a normal person. I tend to daydream a lot and I often feel a strong desire to be alone so that I can think. Maybe I’m mildly autistic. Maybe this is why I’m not like most people.

    From my observations, I would say that antiracists are usually very normal people. That’s the problem. Normal people can more easily assimilate the dominant ideology. They don’t suffer from the doubts that I suffer from, and they don’t ask the questions that I ask. Life is easier for them.

    I’m neither a liberal nor a nationalist. I don’t believe in either left-wing autonomy theory or right-wing libertarianism. I support nationalists because they are the only organized opposition to globalism. But I have no illusions about nationalism. It was the first stage in a political evolution that led to present-day globalism.

    • Replies: @Sean
    , @RobinG
  124. Seck says:
    @Priss Factor

    Inevitable Freudian slip from Priss (first Jews, now Koreans) and constant tail wiggling applause from Sam Shama will hijack your post to anything imaginable, Peter.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  125. Sean says:
    @Peter Frost

    Peter, not sure that nationalism was not coming through in the Nation- states are a political entity, but surely there were French Italian and German nations before political unification. What led to the evolution of nation-statism was peoples got fed up with being kicked around and divided up by larger entities. Nations are just right as a repository for the allegiance of a people and hardly compatible with making maximum profits.Business is Globalism which is incompatible with religion, nationalism or the wellbeing of the Earth’s inhabitants and environment. As you said in the paper of Rome and genetic pacification “Second, the Roman state made violence against individuals an offense against the community. All citizens were given access to law courts and, more importantly, the courts could enforce their decisions (Liebeschuetz, 2006, p. 40)” In the posts about genetic pacification and natural law you note that the behaviour changed to a new definition of morality. However would the policy of the state, dominated by the class of men who were the most pacified of all, not have altered even more? The people who opened the doors of the empire way have not been capable of the instinctive reaction to barbarians, whatever the official ideology. Of course everyone likes to think their decisions are reasoned out, but adherence to Christian principles would be easier after many generations of genetic pacification, and those hereditary predispositions would be stronger in the elite.

    German Reader, in fairness the issue of refugees being conflated with Jews is much more often dome by mainstream media. The current received wisdom among indigenous public intellectuals goes like this: People trying to get into Europe are at the most fundamental level equivalent to Jews fleeing Nazi death camps, and like Jews they are higher quality people than the indigenous populations. The only way nation states can survive is to take immigrants to economically support their decrepit populations. Europe was created to stop Nazis and abolish nationalism (which leads to war and mass murder) not to allow inherent barbarian tendencies to become ascendant through democracy again. All this was explained to EU countries when they joined. Therefore undercover Nazi nature of Europeans has to be suppressed .

    Joe Webb thinks he is average and the mainstream would probably agree that his kind of views are the hereditary disposition we have naturally. I think most of the people who are letting opening the doors to majority European countries think they are overcoming the inherent human tendencies to hate other peoples. Morality for us is as Kant said: to be moral is to go against inclination.

    By imperial times, this effort had succeeded so well that the Romans saw themselves as being inherently less violent than the “barbarians” beyond their borders. By creating a pacified and submissive population, the empire also became conducive to the spread of Christianity–a religion of peace and submission. In sum, the Roman state imposed a behavioral change that would over time alter the mix of genotypes, thus facilitating a subsequent ideological change.

    The Romans, above all those taking the decisions, did not have the same inclination to be confrontational as the ones who had founded the Empire. Yes there was an ideology of peace and acceptance, but for hereditary reasons the people who were administering the Empire were inherently different different in their attitudes to barbarians. Basically people like Joe Webb were a lot more common back then. I’m sure Joe would like to think that he thought things out for himself.

    Joe, you seem to think the West is being brainwashed, apparently because you can’t understand why else people would do something that is going to result in the end of their society, and people, but I think you are assuming that the decisions are being taken on a practical criterion, such as ‘immigrants will assimilate and it will improve things’. But that is not why Merkel or any other leaders say it is happening; they say it is being done because it is the right thing to do. Acting according to cosmic law is supposed to be it’s own reward. The stoic view is do it without thinking that it will be crowned with success. . There is probably a genetic component to being a white nationalist activist, or welcoming non European immigration.

    • Replies: @German_reader
    , @joe webb
  126. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    If only all Europeans could be like this patriot:

    Europe would be great forever.

  127. joe webb says:

    ok, Peter, what is “left wing autonomy theory”?

    Your daydreaming or your sense that you might not be like other people, suggests, and I say only “suggests” that you just might have a wee bit of an ego problem.

    You O so easily dismiss people who seriously disagree with you by name -calling. This is the mark of a Liberal, although you claim not to be one.

    If you are anti-globalist, then the only logical expression of that is either, 1, a call to a return to an earlier Time in hsitory, which is impossible and therefore utopian, or, 2, you got some pie-in-sky utopia in mind yourself.

    Or, you might claim that we need economic autarky, which I agree would be a good thing. You cannot have autarky along with immigration, or you could if you think people are interchangeable parts, and only if we only spend enough on civics lessons for the Uninstructed darkies then all would be well.

    Once a democratic leftist still believing in Some Pie in the sky, I finally came to grips first with my own surplus or pathological altruism, and then with biological reality and race and Jewish Power, etc.

    I try to live in the real world and have put aside dreaming. So your refusal to identify a personal political position except in a couple negatives, does not convince me that you have a positive position, that is, an affirmation of what can work in our Time , and which would also lead to a better time, whatever “better” means to you.

    I assume you are a HBD guy in your professional life. Politics includes figuring out how we can “live together’ with folks who are not like us, and may threaten “us” if we do not take certain defensive measures.

    Separetion or segregation of the races is the most obvious way to general relative peace. This cannot be done without a Nationalist kind of politics, etc.

    Your claim that nationalism led to globalism has got to be a the sound of one hand clapping. There are many reasons why the world has ended up in globalism, but nationalism is the direct contradiction of globalism, just as Internationalist communism and Fascism are in total contradiction. One is global, the other is local. Clear as day, or as clear as my arguments are generally. Some may dislike them…O I am offended. Tough shit if anybody is offended.

    The Real World demands clarity and full disclosure of one’s politics when one appoints oneself a critic or political scientist. Cynicism is useless and worse. Optimism without an argument is also useless.

    The HBD intellectual position is radical. It demands full disclosure of its adherents, which it does not get given the Steve Pinkers of the world, who would rather get published again, than tell the Truth…I have tangled with him at a local venue, and he would not let me speak…the audience supporting him and his pseudo-academese and, yes, Jewish relative subversion of a genuine HBD position, which is too much for the Liberals.

    Money and Fame trumps Truth for most folks, Whites included. We are all sinners.

    Joe Webb

  128. German_reader says:

    “German Reader, in fairness the issue of refugees being conflated with Jews is much more often dome by mainstream media. The current received wisdom among indigenous public intellectuals goes like this: People trying to get into Europe are at the most fundamental level equivalent to Jews fleeing Nazi death camps, and like Jews they are higher quality people than the indigenous populations”

    I know, and that’s a valid point. But still, a lot of the postings on this thread aren’t on-topic and are unintentionally hilarious at best…a debate about the relative merits of whites and Chinese has nothing to do with the current migration crisis in Europe.

  129. RobinG says:
    @Sam Shama

    ” I was not laughing at what you may have taken for a stand against un-PC bigotry.”

    Huh??? Are you saying that I may have thought that Prissy was taking “a stand against un-PC bigotry”? Quite a bizarre suggestion. Do you find her bigotry PC? She is the Queen of Bigots. Even someone on the low end of her HBD scale could see that.

    • Replies: @Sam Shama
  130. RobinG says:
    @Peter Frost

    Well then, Peter Frost, aren’t you just SPECIAL!

    Please don’t confuse “normal” and “average”. You seem to be both.

  131. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    Why you no listen? Why you so blind to empire?
    Empire real.

    Empire not just use raw power. It use proxy. Example: America use proxy of homo. Why you see homo agenda all around? Why so many homo poo-ride parade in Vietnam? Viets come up with own idea to have homo march? No, America fund homo pride in Vietnam.
    Empire use Korea as proxy. South Korea a whore of US. It long time whore that join US in Vietnam War. US see Korea as special dog. K-pop serve as Voice of America all over Asia.
    US use proxy all over. You not notice US use Colombia against Venezuela? You not see US use Saudis against Iran? US and Saudi no see eye on eye on social value, but they much agree that Iran bad. So, Saudi happy to be proxy of US. And US even use ISIS as proxy in Syria. And US even use neo-Nazis as proxy to hurt Russia in Ukraine.

    I thought you chinee smart. I thought you chinee read books and learn news. But you chinee blind as bat. You not see truth; you silly and think chinee will rule world cuz chinee women use womb to have babies for Jews, whites, blacks, etc. You retard? You eat too much dog soup and rot brain?

    Why you no see? Maybe you just troll and fool me, but you no make sense. You not know how power work. Power work like chinee cook use wok. Chinee cook put all ingredient in wok and stir. Power work same way. US take all proxy and stir real good and make world very hot.

    Why you no see? If you know chinee history, you not need me explain. For long time, chinee believe in ‘make barbarian fight barbarian’. That way, it save chinee trouble.

    US big and powerful, but american people no like fight too much. So US make proxies mess things up all over world.
    US invade Iraq and much headache. So US decide in Libya and Syria to use proxy of rebels and terrorists to mess thing.
    And in Asia, you now see how US use Japan, Vietnam and esp South Korea as proxy against Chinee land? You no see?

    Maybe not all Chinee so blind at bat as you, but you not too bright for chinee.

    • Replies: @Seck
    , @joe webb
  132. Seck says:
    @Priss Factor

    Regurgitating Lawrence Wilkerson speech. Nice job.

    • Replies: @Sam Shama
  133. Sam Shama says:

    never mind….misunderstanding

    • Replies: @RobinG
  134. Sam Shama says:


    wha’ u say? u no like fed? We give you nice $3.55tr crispy egg roll paper called U.S. T-bill, that you can put in eqq foo yong when inflashang go to 5%. Wha’ you say? you no like it? Try new recipe, with a litte bit a pork.

  135. RobinG says:
    @Sam Shama

    No problem.

    Her last post, #136, is fine (Larry Wilkerson’s?) analysis, but I bet she gets the fake/mock Chinee voice from all the Hollywood movies she watches. Clever girl.

    Anyway, still no blanket smears of loony Hindus, a good follow-on to the violent genocidal Buddhist monks of Burma. Prissy probably applauds them for their pure racist policies. (Aung San Suu Kyi looking like a color revolutionary.)

  136. joe webb says:
    @Priss Factor

    thanks priss, you gave me my first laugh of the day, and almost a belly laugh at that.

    However, why you not explain tail wag dog to honabl Mr. Seck? Me, obsessive jew watch person, watch jew get US proxy as you say it to fight jew wars. I no want piss on or off shabbas goyim here but have to say, we proxy for jew. Ask Arab, like Palestine people. onward cristin soldrs!!!

    Why you no say so? Keep ammo dry? No pee ‘way capilal and what intellekul say crebillee? Still, you be number 9 an’ one half! Time next you be number 10!

    Joe Webb

    If chinneeee use wok, jew use witch’s pot, cook up much lie, likeee race equalee, everybody smart, white man bad , black man good..hee, hee…jew double good….make all equallee and happy and lucky jew watch out for you.

  137. joe webb says:

    Sean. “Joe, you seem to think the West is being brainwashed, apparently because you can’t understand why else people would do something that is going to result in the end of their society, and people, but I think you are assuming that the decisions are being taken on a practical criterion, such as ‘immigrants will assimilate and it will improve things’. But that is not why Merkel or any other leaders say it is happening; they say it is being done because it is the right thing to do. Acting according to cosmic law….”

    Doing the right thing is my general sense of what liberals have in mind, and ordinary people , brainwashed by jews ( make a list of the race equality books written by jews vs. white liberals..never mind negro scribblings) and liberal intellectuals for decades now. All of this feels good to whites with high AQs (altruism Quotients.) Unfortunately it is all a lie or an illusion, depending on who wrote the books.

    However as we White Nationalist perseverate on the theme of pathological altruism, we do so because Whites as a race have this altruism in spades compared to other races. No other race allows interlopers into their countries, even giving them free money and the benefit of the doubt.

    As you say, this is totally outside the psychic constitutions of every other race. It’s never give a sucker an even break.

    Funny that you should use the term ‘cosmic law.’ That is what Logos was and is for Greek and Christian and forward. There is an Order to life, and because there is order, at least amongst Whites, it must be a universal that Others will awaken to. Compare to the Catholic Church for two thousand years teaching that the Jews will convert and therefore they cannot be harmed, never mind the provocations.

    What these classical Whites did , in late Hellenism/Epicureanism, is project the White psyche into racial Others. This was a huge mistake. No other race is capable of treating another race equitably, and this is true of the Jews as well.

    Other Races think differently, very differently. There is no WE, no universal humanity, etc.
    They range from the simply chaotic like Black Africa, to the hyper collectivistic as in Asia and the Middle East, including the Jews, to the moderately collectivistic , like perhaps some Whites as in Russia and east Europe. On this I am in no way certain…other eastern whites.

    Whites are the only Individualistic race on the planet, which in large part accounts for our success. We think for ourselves, and are also, most of us, capable of understanding the need for rules and self-restraint.

    All of this said, historically we did view other races unfavorably, and did not, outside of antiquity and Christianity try to do so. We figured it out without the help of pointy-headed intellectuals that race matters, etc. I run into average people all the time who have figured all of this out for themselves. Most of these people did not go to college to get their blood cleaned of all normal suspicions of the Other. I was just talking to a guy, a “petty bourgeois shop keeper” for the lefties out there, who said, all you gotta do is look at a map of the world and there it is, the North vs. the South. Dummies are from the lower latitudes. That is what he said, and I offered the Snow and Ice of the last Ice Age times to complete his thought. I use that one all the time and people are Impressed,…one smart math gal said….ahhh natural selection! Or de-selection, or culling

    On top of all of this is the jewish propaganda of holy negroes and holocaust and there cometh White Guilt!

    Trying to stay on point here…your ‘cosmic law’ most folks try to discover and are tripped up by leftie classism claims, like myself for years, and ignorance about how the brain works with regard to nurture/nature. but again, it is mostly just guts…altruism, Logos or cosmic law is for grad students, not ordinary Whites.

    Identical twin study (Minnesota) proves that it is Nature. That really upsets lots of people, cuz not only is politics drastically circumscribed, but so is oneself. You mean I cannot Change and Get Better? How disappointing! How could God let this happen, etc?

    So the psychology of adjustment to reality here is complex and most people, whites especially, don’t like it very much.

    Somebody said that if you are going to tell people the truth, you better make them laugh, or they will kill you. We are somewhat into this stage of matters with regard to race and immigration. However, thinking philosophical thoughts goes out the window when the Other appears. in your window, intent on harm….the menace. That is what is happening in Europe.

    Forget the intellectual details, and get these people away from me! That is what is happening. Out of the armchair and reach for our weapons, the rest of it can wait.

    The Germans and the Swedes (of which I am mostly one) are invoking cosmic law, but they are finding that the genuine cosmic law is evolution, race difference, territory, borders, and the like.
    This whole Liberal Logos is dreamtime, not of this world. Dreams die hard. And it is particularly a Protestant Purifier disorder, although the Church is trying hard to get into the act…every White family to adopt a third world family…we are God’s chillun’. Pope as Jim Jones with his holy kool-aid committing revolutionary suicide for God.

    We are nutty, but not as nutty as all the Others, cutting their female’s private parts, lopping off arms in Africa from albinos for potions, killing girl infants in China, the list is long of these lower life forms, and don’t forget slavery almost everywhere except for Whiteland.

    Joe Webb

    • Replies: @Santoculto
    , @Sean
  138. helena says:

    It’s the science authors who don’t seem able to deal with comments. To Pete’s credit, he doesn’t spray invective. I like to think that Ron realises that the articles here are only part of the ‘zine’s success. Priss is hilarious and, I don’t mind if she mocks my ethnic group. Insightful mockery is healthy.

    As for Jewish history and culture, what about the story about Israelites and the Roman Empire*, or the one about Jewish mating habits? No articles about those. But it’s fair game to write articles about Germanic barbarians and weirdos, and not forgetting the pathology we all know drives Germanic culture. And of course, anti-semitism has no basis in behaviour, it’s irrefutably a mental illness. Jews run the West because, IQ=billionaires. Ta-da! No more research required, no contradiction allowed.

    *How about this story – Brits were conquered around the same time but they stayed home and put up with invasion after invasion, 300 years of feudalism (that’s a form of servitude), spent most of their history malnourished, decimated two generations of their families to save the refugees who couldn’t stomach Roman occupation, created a brand new country for the refugees but some decided to stay anyway, and in return there will soon be a giant cheese-grater erected right opposite the quintessential edifice of British history, the purpose of which is not to commemorate the help that the refugees had from the Brits. There’s symbolism in that for sure.

    [Ha! I just googled ‘quintessential’ and this was the first hit – “of the pure and essential essence of something: the quintessential Jewish delicatessen.”]

    I grew up in a Jewish area and had a great time. I didn’t want to come to the conclusions I have come to but, you know how it is, I put the flower in Group B. I can hear my Jewish friends laughing (in a friendly way) at my earnestness, ‘Give it up’ they’re saying, ‘Don’t take life so seriously’.

    ZOG conspiracy, HBD theory. ZOG theory, HBD conspiracy. Stories. Out, out, brief candle!

    • Replies: @Sam Shama
  139. Friedrich says:

    It’s christians or rather: believers who invite the invaders to Germany, actually. You see cardinals like Reinhard Marx or theologians like Margot Käßmann who embrace the invaders. Also, Jim is right: there are are race differences between people from the middle east (or even africa) and germans.

    The german is, on average, technically gifted/likes to tinker, hardworking, on time, has high respect for women* and has the urge to “get to the bottom of the nature of things” (like Faust). Laws are abided very thorougly (unlike in the south), and Ordnung is very important to him. If you read german to any level, check out Andreas Vonderach’s works and essays. He regularly writes for “Sezession”, here is an essay about traits found in germans (on average):

    * The respect for women goes so far back as to the german barabars who invaded Rome: they did not touch the roman’s women.

    All in all it must be said that millions of middle easterners could never integrate, _even_ if they did. This means that they will always be foreign due to genetic reasons; this is why I don’t want them to integrate, but return to their host countries as soon as possible. And most will not make the slightest attempt to integrate, they will drag their country into my country, and for that, they should be punished.

  140. Sam Shama says:

    As for Jewish history and culture, what about the story about Israelites and the Roman Empire*, or the one about Jewish mating habits? No articles about those.

    Oh yes some of that would be delightful. I know one about Ed Miliband, which would surely have me banned from these pages…..

    • Replies: @helena
  141. @joe webb

    I agree with almost everything you say. But you must use analytical thinking to try to understand the phenomenology that we are encapsulated and not just general thinking (different than holistic).

    When you said the ” white man ” never hurt their wives/women, I had to respond by showing him that things were not exactly that way. Just as white liberals idealize blacks, you’re doing the same thing with whites.

    It is true that we have an (little) astute mob/mafia of Jews who have globalist pretensions and one of them includes overthrow the whites who were the most likely to inherit the world, to the two major conflicts that have reduced their power from their motherland.

    But it is necessary that whites, on average, to be susceptible or vulnerable to accept certain narratives than just the Jewish imposition of a new world order.

    And most of them are naturally vulnerable. I have my doubts whether this weakness is only of whites. The events in South Korea in the coming years will show whether they are just the whites in an anthropomorphic and uprooted environment, act stupid or just globalistic ideology + technology will be enough to serve as a perfect recipe in the destruction of every cultures and peoples.

    When you use the term brainwashing to refer to the modern world and the dominant ideology, culturally liberal, economically capitalist, I wonder if in fact this is happening, that is, massive propaganda are really changing the mentality and even the behavior of people .

    My concept for brainwashing can be summed up in the famous scene from the film A Clockwork Orange.

    More than brainwashing victims, common whites are being victims themselves if democracy gives certain freedom of thinking to the citizen and opportunists use of natural weakness of the masses to fight for their rights by spontaneous and legitimate way. Sad to say this to you who is to idealize whites, on average, as intelectually fantastic, victim of his own innocence. I do not know, I think the average white are just intellectually stupid, that is, do not criticize, do not question what is being imposed and are still able to internalize absurd as the idea that Swedish and SSA are the same. In these Aryan white lily called Sweden a large proportion of people so far has believed in all leftist nonsense, devoid of substance, because advertising needs no elaboration, need just certainty in their exposure.

    The idea of ​​observable existence need of the idea of ​​difference, and just this whisper of philosophical appearance already shows us that no matter what name we give things, if they differ from each other or even from landscape so they will exist as separate entities.

    What is happen with white people is

    nurture on ignorance and not brainwashing.

    And those who were Awarded by the new elite, for now, as feminists and homosexuals, are doing just what you would do if it were you who had been awarded. We live in a world where hypocrisy, lies and personal convenience, absolute reign. The real kingdom of Satan,;)

    but this kingdom is not of fundamental result of Jewish domination, but long before him, when European women were treated as a path to sin and turned into organic inflatable dolls, they could not take pleasure in the sexual act, for example.

    The industrial revolution is another example of ignorance of white pro-cause movement, since while they continue to celebrate the ingenuity of the white man for this feat, they forget that millions of ordinary white gave their lives precociously to fill the money of some few bourgeois or/and depredation of green areas in the English countryside or any other country that has industrialized.

    The world of our grandparents was much worse. Only that the concerns were different. In a world where that silly concerns were eliminated will be the real paradise on earth.

    • Replies: @joe webb
  142. Sean says:
    @joe webb

    “Unfortunately it is all a lie or an illusion, depending on who wrote the books.”

    Not necessarily, the ancient Stoic philosophers did not believe that life had an end so in their ‘book’ the continued existence of a individual’s nation and ethnic group is not disbelieved, but thought unimportant. For the Stoics (an elite group) , one was a citizen of the world who was above worrying about that or anything else, and it might be thought that modern pro immigrationist elites accusing nationalist of the politics of fear are saying something rather similar. The alternative view is that life has an end that we have in mind when we do things. A good life in a flourishing society is not necessarily what elites have in mind. Practical reasoning towards an objective is more in the Aristotle tradition of metaphysical biology. A dolphin is looking to flourish, in the way which is inherent to its nature, and its actions are to that end. A human being does something similar except that humans have more complex social organisation to navigate, and that social interaction teaches a morality rooted in the society.

    But humans, above all those in the higher achieving sectors of Western society have been pacified to a great extent. What I am saying is that it may be a waste of your time to try and change their mind because the tender-mindedness of the decision makers may have very little to do with ideology, it is quite possibly an inherent tendency. The lower social classes are more tough-minded, but elites simply don’t think like that because their mindset is largely genetic. When a country is freed of front line threats and is without external enemies over the border, as Germany now is, the true nature of elite tender-mindedness become evident in policy. The ideology of Christianity altered into something quite new when Roman elite thought the Empire safe.

    Origen felt that Rome’s enemies were better fought through prayer [ContraCelsum 8.73]. Arnobius of Sicca thought it preferable to convert them. If everyone lent an ear to Christ’s commandments, the terms of peace treaties would be kept unbroken and “the whole world, long since having diverted the use of iron to more gentle pursuits, would be passing its days in the most placid tranquillity and would come together in wholesome harmony” [Arnobius, 1949Adversus nationes 1.6]. Christians thus sought to demilitarize the concept of pax, by giving it a meaning closer to the one we now give to “peace” (Theissen, 1992) HERE

    the interpretation of the national civil religion’s foundational text, the Basic Law, can be taken to similar extremes and become Cosmic Law which must be obeyed irrespective of the consequences. The text of the law was intended to restrain an inherently aggressive nation, but Germany safe from rivals has no limit on the extremes to which it can go. The law itself is a restraint on democracy and so interpretation of it is an unanswerable argument. in Germany

    The authors of the Basic Law sought to ensure that a potential dictator would never again have the chance to come into power in the country. Although some of the Basic Law is based on the Weimar republic constitution, the authors also ensured that human rights and human dignity was made the central and core part of the Basic Law. The principles of democracy, republicanism, social responsibility, and federalism are key components of the Basic Law; these principles are constitutionally entrenched, and they cannot be removed or repealed by the normal amendment process.

    Peter has had a few posts about genetic pacification, and if there is anything to them there actually is quite a difference between the pacified European interpretation of Christianity and the non pacified interpretation.

    They were merely disparate tribes being drawn economically and culturally into Rome’s orbit and apparently destined to become future Romans. This should be kept in mind when we read about the optimism of the Emperor’s entourage, who considered the Gothic influx to be a godsend of future soldiers and loyal subjects (Pohl, 1997, p. 4).

    The Roman acceptance of barbarian immigration does not seem to have been justified on the same grounds as the current influx into Germany, the last major Western country with few non Europeans. However the Roman elite did not say that it was the moral thing to do; they said it was in Rome’s interests.

    Anglo Saxon commentators such as the BBC economics editor Peston (Why Germany needs migrants more than UK) say that Germany is really taking the refugees for practical reasons. One would think that if Germans leaders have demographic -economic facts, whereby Germany ineluctably must take masses of people from outside Europe annually, Merkel and her advisors could explain that to the electorate. Although a politician in her party says there are skilled labor shortages, Merkel explicitly gives as the reason for the influx that German law and values mandate taking these refugees, and the country is doing no more and no less than required to discharge their duty. She never suggests there is anything to the argument that Germany needs these immigrants, because without them demographic shortfalls will mean economic difficulty. If Peston is correct and a falling support ratio is covertly part of the reasoning, why she wouldn’t she tell the electorate? It is hardly a concept too complex for explanation. Surely Germans are not so puritanical that they dislike being told of a practical reason for doing commendable things.

    A comparable country, Japan, which does not feel the need to import people despite having a very similar manufacturing based economy, either they are too stupid to understand the support ration argument. Peston/NYT are simply wrong when the suggestion of Germany slyly importing needed workers under the cover of humanitarianism is plain wrong. Germany and Japan are operating a different system to the UK and US. I think the Anglo Saxon view of Germany’s is skewed by the UK and US having a different economic strategy. When viewed through the prism of the low wage low skilled economy pumped up by endless population growth, more immigration makes some sense. The massive profits being made by banks on Wall Street are due to massive leveraging that does not occur in German banks. (There was a prof on BBC WS this morning who said while the situation in China is not really connected to the US, a pertinent fact may be that Wall Street bankers can’t leverage for massive profits once interest rates are raised).

    I think the evidence does not suggest any practical motivation for Germany’s initiative, which makes it rather different from the Roman Empire. The sudden reversal to the refugee policy is similar to the abrupt 2011 decision post to do away with nuclear power in Germany (when even previously pro-nuclear German politicians did a U-turn, and joined a consensus to abolish nuclear power) and is not motivated by objective economic concerns. What I think underlies both the opening to mass immigration and nuclear scrapping decisions, is a dread of war that lies very deep in German political culture. ermans are one sided on nuclear power (despite it being clean energy), because of the association of nuclear technology with war, which has been fermenting for a long time ( Austria built a nuclear power station in the seventies and then decided to close it down before it became operational).

    Since Poland joined the EU and Nato, Germany is cocooned within friendly states, instead of up against the iron Curtain. German leadership is going further and further in avoiding anything with associations with war. Top politicians in Germany describe it as a post-national nation. I think that mindset, like the related antinuclear feeling, was now free to take on a life of its own. The Fukushima disaster brought about an exaggerated apprehension of the only potential cause of meltdown in Germany ( a jumbo jet crash on a nuclear power station). It being discussed as an imminent threat. The resulting political crisis (crisis in the sense that things altered drastically) created a consensus and was the end of nuclear technology in Germany.

    The refugees dying in the Mediterranean were not new, (like anti-nuclear feeling in 2011 was not new), but the reaction in Germany was different this year. What I think caused a political crisis in Germany was not external pressure of dying migrants at all, it was something internal, and the implications of it are sad, depressing and very frightening.

    It happened with Germany portrayed as harsh in Eurozone bailout talks with Greece, and In my opinion the Fukushima-type event leading to meltdown of political stability and a decision by the political class to abolish key immigration restrictions in Germany was started by the firestorm in Dresden. I speak of the events in that city which began in October 2014 and were held every Monday: the 18,000 strong Pegida (patriotic Europeans against Islamisation of the occident) marches, and their imitators that sprung up across in other cities. By the turn of the year Merkel showed she considered the Pegida marches the number one issue in the country by spending her New Year’s Day address denouncing them as the work of cold hearts full of prejudice and hate (here). Gerhard Schroder, Merkel’s predecessor as Chancellor, publically asked for an uprising of the decent against the marches. I see the events of six months ago as having precipitated a fundamental reassessment by the German establishment, which concluded that there needed to be an change in policy to bring masses non Europeans into Germany and rub the noses of the dissenters in diversity.

    It wasn’t just the elite, the true mass movement in Germany about Muslims was against Pegida. Berlin authorities turned off the lights around the Brandenburg Gate anticipating the marchers, but they could not get anywhere near the gate because of a much larger anti-Pegida demonstration. The German leadership is even more tender-minded that the ‘decent’ majority, and were aghast at the Pegida marches. Nevertheless, nationalist rallies were met with a much stronger counter reaction by the public majority. I think the the minority of nationalist protesting to little apparent effect, actually precipitated the German leaderships recent decision for mass immigration of non Europeans.

    Anyway Joe, I think you may be underestimating the potential for counterproductive results from nationalist agitation. Your comments here may be having the opposite effect to what you think as well.

    • Replies: @joe webb
  143. L.K says:

    @Joe Webb

    As others have noticed, you are as dogmatic as the leftists/libs you criticize.

    Nowhere is this more visible than in your rigid beliefs re IQ and your false ideas that people from the Balkans and Southern Europe – you mention Southern Italy – are low IQ due to miscigenation.

    Non european admixture in the Balkans, Greece and Southern Italy is VERY LOW, and within European averages.

    As a disclaimer, my own heritage is half German and half Italian, with my Italian roots in the North(Veneto, Trentino and Piedmont). Interestingly, my grandmother(family in Veneto and Trentino) believes – and has told me this since I was a child – that northern italians r ‘germanic’, while southern italians she thinks are somewhat ‘arabic’. I used to believe it but it is BS.
    Normally, nordicists consider that ancient Greece and Rome became ‘mongrelized’ via the importation of middle easterners and even blacks, and that this is why they fell.
    That is all BS too. Later Sarracen invaders also left almost no trace.

    Anthropology, History and especially modern Genetics tell us a very different story, from the nonsense nordicists would want us to believe in.
    The Greeks and Romans( and other southern euros ) were NEVER nordic.
    This supposed miscigenation with non europeans also NEVER happened.

    Let’s take a look at some of the evidence;
    First the Greeks;

    American physical anthropologist, Carleton Stevens Coon, already in his popular ‘The Races of Europe'(1939), recognized the remarkable continuity in the Greek population, he wrote:

    “It is inaccurate to say that the modern Greeks are different physically from the ancient Greeks; such a statement is based on an ignorance of the Greek ethnic character…. The Greeks, in short, are a blend of [sub]racial types, of which two are most important: the Atlanto-Mediterranean and the Alpine. Dinaricism here is present, but not all pervading; true Alpines are commoner than complete Dinarics. The Nordic element is weak, as it probably has been since the days of Homer. The racial type to which Socrates belonged [Alpine] is today the most important, while the Atlanto-Mediterranean, prominent in Greece since the Bronze Age, is still a major factor. It is my personal reaction to the living Greeks that their continuity with their ancestors of the ancient world is remarkable, rather than the opposite.”

    Modern Genetics confirms:

    “In a sample of 125 Greeks from Thessaloniki and Sarakatsani, 2 Asian-specific mtDNA sequences (M and D) were detected (1.6%). No sub-Saharan African genes were observed in this population. Therefore, non-Caucasoid maternal ancestry in Greece is very low, as elsewhere in Europe.”
    (Richards et al. 2000)



    “In a sample of 366 Greeks from thirteen locations in continental Greece, Crete, Lesvos and Chios, a single African haplogroup A Y-chromosome was found (0.3%). This marks the only instance to date of sub-Saharan DNA being discovered in Greece. In another sample of 42 Greeks, one sequence of the Siberian Tat-C haplogroup turned up. Note that other studies with larger sample populations have failed to detect this paternal marker in the Greek gene pool (e.g. Malaspina et al. 2000; Weale et al. 2001), and that its frequencies are actually much higher in Scandinavian and Slavic populations.”
    (Di Giacomo et al. 2003; Helgason et al. 2000)

    And then some;

    “In this autosomal DNA plot of genetic distances derived from 120 allele frequencies, Greeks fall entirely within the cluster containing Caucasoid populations (upper right corner), wedged between Basques and Northern Europeans, and far away from Africans and Asians:”
    (Cavalli-Sforza, Menozzi and Piazza, 1994)

    About modern day Italians, wrote Coon:

    “…through her role as mistress of the world, Rome accumulated and assimilated a heterogeneous population. That this population was by no means purely or even predominantly Mediterranean is shown by the study of the skulls of Pompeians, victims of the eruption which turned their city from a metropolis into a museum. These crania, with a mean cranial index of 80, represent a population which had acquired a [sub]racial character of its own despite its mixed origin, and in which the Alpine element was the most important. … A series of 100 modern crania from Bologna, with a mean cranial index of 83.5, is almost purely Alpo-Dinaric, with the latter element in a position of prominence. The Dinaric race is common in northern, but not southern Italy, and this distinction has been true since the Bronze Age.”


    Combined data from two large mtDNA studies provides an estimate of non-Caucasoid maternal ancestry in Italians. The first study sampled 411 Italians from all over the country and found five South Asian M and East Asian D sequences (1.2%) and eight sub-Saharan African L sequences (1.9%). The second study sampled 465 Sicilians and detected ten M sequences (2.2%) and three L sequences (0.65%). This makes a total of 3% non-white maternal admixture (1.3% Asian and 1.7% African), which is very low and typical for European populations, since Pliss et al. 2005, e.g., observed 1.8% Asian admixture in Poles and 1.2% African admixture in Germans.
    (Plaza et al. 2003; Romano et al. 2003)

    Another one;

    Similar data from the Y-chromosome reveals Italians’ even lower non-Caucasoid paternal admixture. Both studies obtained samples from all over the mainland and islands. No Asian DNA was detected anywhere, but a single sub-Saharan African E(xE3b) sequence was found in the first study’s sample of 416 (0.2%), and six were observed in the second study’s sample of 746 (0.8%). The total is therefore a minuscule 0.6%, which decreases to 0.4% if only Southern Italians are considered and 0% if only Sicilians are considered. Again, these are normal levels of admixture for European populations (e.g. Austrians were found to have 0.8% E(xE3b) by Brion et al. 2004). (Semino et al. 2004; Cruciani et al. 2004)

    And this:

    An analysis of 10 autosomal allele frequencies in Southern Europeans (including Italians, Sicilians and Sardinians) and various Middle Eastern/North African populations revealed a “line of sharp genetic change [that] runs from Gibraltar to Lebanon,” which has divided the Mediterranean into distinct northern and southern clusters since at least the Neolithic period. The authors conclude that “gene flow [across the sea] was more the exception than the rule,” attributing this result to “a joint product of initial geographic isolation and successive cultural divergence, leading to the origin of cultural barriers to population admixture.”
    (Simoni et al. 1999)

    Regarding slavery in Roman times:

    “However, one piece of negative evidence…provides an intriguing hint that conventional estimates of slaves making up as much as 40 percent of Italy’s population by the late first century B.C. may be far too high. An analysis of the genetic makeup of Italy’s modern population argues that the various distinctive genetic combinations currently found in different regions within the peninsula by and large track the linguistic distribution that resulted from the migrations of the Iron Age. No data indicate the subsequent large-scale infusion of new genetic material into the populations of these regions except in the case of southern Italy and eastern Sicily, which is explained by the well-documented Greek migrations there. … But if a population of 3 million slaves, representing as much as 40 percent of Italy’s inhabitants in the first century B.C., was successfully reproducing itself, it would surely have left its mark on the genetic makeup of contemporary Italians. That it did not argues strongly for a very low rate of natural reproduction among Italy’s slaves, which in turn is difficult to reconcile with the hypothesis that the number of slaves ever grew large enough to comprise 40 percent of the Italian population.”
    (Rosenstein, 2004)

    At any rate, most foreigners(free men or slaves) who ended up in Italy during Roman times were themselves Europeans.

    Anybody who knows Italy well, will notice that Northern Italians are somewhat lighter, on average, than Southerners but the differences between them have been greatly exaggerated.
    This difference, unlike what my grandma thinks, has little to do with Germanic peoples, since germanic admixture in ethnic italians is low, and it’s actually HIGHER in central Italy than in the North. The North has an ancient Celtic component, absent in the rest of the country. The South, on the other hand, has a Greek component, which is also absent in the rest of Italy.

    As you can see, Mr.Webb, whatever IQ gaps may exist in Italy – and they exist in many other euro countries – have nothing to do with admixture.
    Moreover, these IQ scores must be taken with a grain of salt. I’ve seen many for Europe which have been calculated again, more recently, and yielded different results.
    Also, riddle me this; The Jews(Azkhenazi joos), you consider to be the smartest people in the world, are at best 50% european(and perhaps not even that), according to the latest genetic studies. The remainder is mostly from the Middle East and North Africa(supposed idiots according to u). How come? Why r these “mongrels”, to use a term u probably like, several points higher than Europeans?

    A list of Countries With The Highest Average IQ
    Rank Country Average IQ
    1 Hong Kong 107
    2 South Korea 106
    3 Japan 105
    4 Taiwan 104
    5 Singapore 103
    6 Austria 102
    6 Germany 102
    6 Italy 102
    6 Netherlands 102
    10 Sweden 101
    10 Switzerland 101
    12 Belgium 100
    12 China 100
    12 New Zealand 100
    12 United Kingdom 100
    16 Hungary 99
    16 Poland 99
    16 Spain 99
    19 Australia 98
    19 Denmark 98
    19 France 98
    19 Mongolia 98
    19 Norway 98
    19 United States 98
    25 Canada 97
    25 Czech Republic 97
    25 Finland 97

  144. L.K says:

    A good criticism of Lynn’s methodology, re in this case a possible gap in Italian IQ between the North and South has been done by racial reality;

    “Controversial psychologist Richard Lynn, who looks at IQ and its correlates, has published a study claiming to show regional (North-South) differences in intelligence within Italy, which he attempts to correlate with achievement and attribute to admixture.[…]


    Generally speaking, Lynn is not to be trusted. He’s been caught numerous times falsifying and manipulating data to fit his conclusions (e.g. here, here, here, here, here and here), and it looks like he’s up to his old tricks again.

    This time around, he’s not even using actual IQ data, but the proxy of scores on reading, math and science tests administered to 15-year-olds (PISA 2006). So he’s attempting to quantify innate general intelligence by looking at the academic performance of school kids, a measure that to a large extent involves learned knowledge and other factors. Indeed, while some researchers report a strong correlation between general intelligence and educational attainment, one of Lynn’s own sources, Deary et al. (2007), addressing two of his other sources, suggests that caution should be exercised when attempting to equate the two:

    There are various possible causes of the cognitive ability-educational achievement association. Bartels et al. (2002b) found a strong genetic correlation between cognitive ability (measured at 5, 7, 10, and 12 years) and educational achievement at age 12. In an overview, Petrill and Wilkerson (2000) concluded that genetics and shared and non-shared environmental factors all influence intelligence and education, with genetics being important in the correlation between them, and non-shared environment being important in discrepancies between intelligence and educational attainments.

    Whereas the correlations indicate that around 50% to 60% of the variance in GCSE [General Certificate of Secondary Education] examination points score can be statistically explained by the prior g [general intelligence] factor, by the same token a large proportion of the variance is not accounted for by g. Some of the remaining variance in GCSE scores will be measurement error, but some will be systematic. Thus, non-g factors have a substantial impact on educational attainment. These may include: school attendance and engagement; pupils’ personality traits, motivation and effort; the extent of parental support; and the provision of appropriate learning experiences, teaching quality, school ethos, and structure among other possible factors (Petrides, Chamorro-Premuzic, Frederickson, & Furnham, 2005; Strand, 2003).

    But Lynn already knows the pitfalls of his approach. Finland had the highest score in Europe on the 2006 PISA tests, and using his method leads to a calculated IQ of 107, yet he reports Finns’ IQ as being just 97. Romanians’ PISA score is near the very bottom of Europe, leading to an estimate of 85, though their measured IQ is in fact 94 according to Lynn, just three points lower than that of Finns. With discrepancies like that, there’s absolutely no reason to trust his calculated IQs of around 100 and 90 for Northern and Southern Italians. Clearly, PISA scores are not a good substitute for IQ.

    Then, to try to prove that disparities in intelligence are long-standing, and therefore genetically based, he uses literacy as another (questionable) proxy for IQ. But whereas for other correlates like stature and infant mortality he includes data from the past and present to show that the North-South gap has remained fairly stable, for literacy he only includes data from 1880, when it was extremely large (55% vs. 20%, on average). Obviously, he wants to hide the fact that the gap has been closing steadily since then, and by the 21st century, literacy among Italians under the age of sixty-five was 99.7% in the North and 99% in the South (Istat 2001).”

    Worth reading it all;

    • Replies: @joe webb
  145. L.K says:

    Peter Frost is mistaken re the alleged impact of barbarization in the late Roman army, at least before Adrianople in the late 4th century.

    New research shows such ideas to be problematic. Historian Hugh Elton in his ‘warfare in roman europe’ shows that the proportion of barbarians recruits/volunteers in the 4th century roman army has been greatly overestimated. So has the alleged negative impact of it.
    Both Elton and Goldsworthy(a military historian specializing in the roman army) mention, as a key factor to the fall of the Western half of the Roman Empire, the endemic civil wars, dating back to the professionalization of the army in the late Republic. There were of course many other factors. But indeed, following the history of civil wars it strikes me as odd the romans did not fall sooner.

    The problem after the bloody defeat at Adrianople, late 4th cent., seems to have been the fact that, before that the Romans energetically crushed barbarian invaders and raiders, launched punitive attacks into their territories, and then settled the survivors into the empire. After Adrianople, increasingly, the romans began to settle whole cantons under their own kings inside the empire and also began to depend more heavily on the Foederati, also fighting under their leaders as cohesive nationalities, and those things turned out to be indeed very bad decisions for the romans.

    • Replies: @Sean
  146. joe webb says:

    Santoculto…”When you said the ” white man ” never hurt their wives/women, I had to respond by showing him that things were not exactly that way. Just as white liberals idealize blacks, you’re doing the same thing with whites.”

    I did not say that about our women…I said that we never enslaved our women. With regard to idealizing Whites, I do not do that either. I have often said, and will say it again, that Whites are the least bad of all the races. What “bad” means from an abstract and perfectionist “ideal” is of course a hopeless utopianism which contradicts HBD and biological thinking.

    In general all races are very bad from this hopeless point of view. The correct HBD insight is that at best, races protect territory, cooperate with one-another, minimize violence amongst their own, work for the good of their community and race, and so on. That is the point of view of animals in general. This used to be “unconscious” until the Thinking One Worlders came along…and only amongst the White race due to our altruism…2400 years ago.

    I rarely use the term “brainwashing” but it must be said that this is exactly what happened after 1960. School kids today torment their parents if said parents don’t follow the party line on race.
    I hear about this and have also experienced it in my own family with grandkids, although at least one of them has Changed back to seeing what is in front of his eyes…of course helped along by Dad and Granddad.

    I was a leftie and marched with MLK in 1963, traveling across the country, etc. Did I know any Blacks? Nope, but I came up in a communist family. Birth book that my mother kept has me as a big mouth but always looking out for other kids and punishing bullies. I am still at it..

    I went to Cal Berkeley in the mid 60s. It was Free Speech movement days and civil rights.
    The emphasis was on Class, not race but it started of course to change then. There was zero pee-cee. Pee-cee started in the 70s with communist SDS types, who at first joked about it realizing that it was an inherited disease…got from their commie parents…mostly Jews of course. I have lived long enough to see the totalitarianizing of the Left infect the Liberals, etc. Liberals , Wilmot Robertson–The Dispossessed Majority, still great read–“liberals are the pimping little sisters of communism.” And one could add, to be fair, other One Worlders.

    The Jews have never believed in this nonsense. Communism and the Leninist party was a secular version of chosen people with you know who at the top. 1917 was mostly a race war.

    Finally, as you remark that the lower orders of whites are stupid, of course they are, to some degree. However not as stupid as their liberal elites. I travel around the US West in an RV in the fall. The fly-over folks hate the liberals, the blacks, and especially injuns if they live anywhere near a rez. They are somewhat aware of jewish power, but it is not high up….TV.

    Practical experience is what drives them. This is sanity. Intellectual day-dreaming is insanity if brought down to practical action. We have spent 15 trillion dollars on Blacks since 1964, and funny,, the NYT even comments on it a while back, that at least it relieved some of the distress from the lives of Blacks . Still they keep on keeping on roiling the Blacks to Get Whitey.

    So, I am decidedly not a dreamer. Whites are far from perfect, and perfect is not in our animal nature. Reminds me of a line a friend penned: Since there is no evidence of racial equality, it must be Believed.

    There is no evidence of perfectibility of Whites either, but if one wants to get the best deal available , be White and stay with Whites, and keep the Other out of our territory.

    Joe Webb

    • Replies: @Santoculto
  147. L.K says:


    This is an ENGINEERED refugee crisis. The criminal Turkish government, which has been at war with Syria trough its various islamic hardline proxies(including isis), all of course in coodination with the US, the empire of chaos, has been taking in refugees from Syria and Iraq for years.
    Why the sudden opening of the flood gates into Europe? Bc the Turkish government, certainly in complicity with the CIA and euro intel agencies, did so on purpose, at a time their terrorist proxies had, despite all msm propaganda, failed to topple the syrian government.
    The plan was to generate enough despair amongst european people that they would finally back NATO airstrikes as a game changer against Syria.
    This is why Russia has upped the ante in Syria, increasing somewhat its presence in the country to counter the US/NATO dirty little plans.
    As T.Cartalucci writes:
    “Cue the Refugees
    As this last attempt to justify a final push toward regime change in Syria falters, and as European powers begin deciding whether or not to intervene further in Syria alongside the US, a sudden and convenient deluge of refugees has flooded Europe, almost as if on cue. Scenes like that out of a movie showed hordes of tattered refugees herded along various borders as they apparently appeared out of what the Western media has portrayed as a puff of smoke at Europe’s gates.
    In reality, they did not appear out of a puff of smoke. They appeared in Turkey, a NATO member since the 1950’s and one of America’s closest regional allies. Turkey is currently hosting the US military, including special forces and the CIA who have, together with Turkish military and intelligence agencies, been conducting a proxy war on neighboring Syria since 2011.

    Turkey has suspiciously maintained a very enthusiastic “open door” policy for refugees, spending inexplicable sums of money and political capital in accommodating them.”
    Reat all at

    Angela Merkel is a traitor to the german people and a puppet of the US.
    Germany ceased being a sovereign country in 1945. As long as it remains a puppet, things will only get worse for Germany.
    Germany and other European countries should give the US the finger, exit NATO and close down zamerican bases in europe.
    Then, clean house, and europe might have a chance.

  148. joe webb says:

    “Anyway Joe, I think you may be underestimating the potential for counterproductive results from nationalist agitation. Your comments here may be having the opposite effect to what you think as well.”

    Please define “counterproductive.” I could take a strong and possibly wrong stand on this and say, “anything is better than what is happening to Europe, or us….race suicide, civilizational suicide.”

    Then I would have to define “anything.”

    So far we see Merkel backpedaling madly since even fools can count to one billion…a mere bean counting exercise like the Oral Office guy a while back would say.

    I would rather see many people killed (define many ) in a civil war, hopefully with a better outcome than our civil war which inflicted upon us the Blackness, than see Europe Jean Raspailed by the Third World. Race is Everything, and Country is also Everything.

    War is a normal event in animal life, especially humans, since we can organize , like ants, to defend territory.

    I do not claim to know what the outcome of our present suicidal ideas will be, but plenty of folks are awakening fast. War is much better than a slide into the swamp. One thing I do know, it is more or less now or never, like in Camp of the Saints with no White soldiers willing to pull the trigger. The only guy willing to pull the trigger , as I recall, was an Indian resident in Europe who knew what was coming.

    Now means the next couple of years. If the nationalist forces do not stop the invasions, i will predict societal breakdown, with attendant civil war, as in guerrilla operations. etc. Society is already breaking down, per Robt, Putnam’s study, Diversity and Community in the 21st century. Any society runs on social trust, except tyrannies. Trust, per Putnam, is evaporating in multi-racial communities, especially amongst Whites who no longer trust one-another…guess who and what brought this plague?

    Joe Webb

    • Replies: @Sean
  149. Sean says:

    I think Peter was talking about Pacification of Romans as the key event. The Roman State and Genetic Pacification . In an old comment Peter said “Because States seek to monopolize the use of violence, they diminish the pool of people who make suitable soldiers. So they end up recruiting barbarians who end up becoming a threat to the State”.

    Peter Turchin in War and Peace and War says Rome lost influence because the Legions came to be only 10% Roman; those from the Empire’s core area didn’t want to join up. So I think at some point the Legions were filled with soldiers who were Romans yet not very keen on fighting.

  150. @joe webb

    I agree in part that the ” white ” is the least bad, on average, but by a small margin of difference. For those who have fought in two absolutely disastrous world wars … I would say more. It is the white race we find in large proportion, when compared with the other groups, really good people, and many liberal bleeding-heart seem to belong to this group, as well as spiritual and truth-seekers.

    This is not exactly brainwashing, is a mixture of coercion to nurture on ignorance. The methods are, the white reciprocity is more complex than just brainwash. And more, whites rarely came together, because in fact they were never united. The nuclear family model may have been the positive differential but also a major cause for the lack of communitarianism among euro descent neighborhoods, with brief exception of those over to the other side of the Hajnal line. And you know what else ** You guys, white nationalists are also not coming together in this way. That is, it seems to be something so unfamiliar to do among you who, so far have not realized. The only ones who had little and weak insights were the people of the Greek Golden Dawn by now.

    Accused of brainwashing is to say

    ” whites are too innocent and intelligent not to be stupid enough to take part of the own genocide ”

    And it is idealize.

    According to Staffan, the Swedish blogger Hbd community, there has been an intellectual deterioration, dysgenic within the left-wing social movements. Before the left was almost as white nationalism, it improves society, realism on all races,
    today, naive, narcissists and sociopaths took account of the movement, but the intellectual elite is Jewish and is not just coincidence.

    However there is also the possibility of it showing us an essential part of the leftist nature, hyper-socializing and great disposition to follow their leaders, but this also happens with the conservatives.

    Accept imperfectibility of whites, on average, won’t deny help them, by contrast, especially for people such as you and I, it consists of a way to be even more realistic and efficient in the real world, with real actions that give real positive results.

    Most white deny the truth, not brainwashed or innocence (deep thought deficit on the subject), but also and perhaps primarily for convenience, status quo.

    Common whites are ALSO guilty for it but the chosen dumbs have enormous and fundamental guilty.

  151. Sean says:
    @joe webb

    “Society is already breaking down” Not in the way you mean, the indigenous community’s social bonding capital is being deliberately targeted and dissolved by government action, it’s called integration. The immigrants’ communities are being strengthened by government, and the protests by Pegida just made the government decide to swamp the dissenters with millions of Muslims. Adios Germany. The immigrants will dominate, because they are able to use intra-ethnic networks which are left alone. Indigenous ethnic networks are the target of anti discrimination law.

    I think Merkel’s decision for the demographic ellipse of entho-Germans was prompted by the Pegida demonstrations. So it would have been much be better for ethno Germans if those demonstrations had never happened, because their success brought very powerful forces onto play that Pegida was totally helpless against. All the things that Pegida was demonstrating against are going to be happening much sooner now and far worse. It would have been better if they had thought through the effect of such marches on people like Merkel, who have all the levers of power in their hands. he leader of Pegida is not someone Germans would listen to, he is a dissolute petty criminal. Ways were found to suppress the organisation and the key point is the majority of Germans were horrified at an anti Muslim organisation marching (the counter protests were predictably larger than Pegida’s almost everywhere).

    It is much like Peter said theese movements attract the freaks and failures looking for a shortcut to fame without worrying about the damage they do. Normal people are anti racist, and for obvious reasons in Germany any nationalistic policy is associated with catastrophic conflict. Did you not read what I wrote about Germany abandoning nuclear power completely in 2011, that was because nuclear technology is associated with WW3 being fought over Germany. Germany had escaped relatively unscathed compared to France and Britain now they will soon be catching up. It is really irresponsible to bring disaster on a whole country while claim to be representing Europeans as such.

    • Replies: @joe webb
  152. joe webb says:

    Sean, you got good points and you may be right about Germany, but elsewhere and even in Sweden things are better from the point of view of anti-immigration folks.

    The thing is underway no matter what position anybody takes. I tell my WN comrades that the most important thing we can do is to not screw it up, since few listen to us.

    The thing is going to blow-up one way or the other, and we need to keep an eye on it. When these horny muzzies male start raping like they do in Sweden, maybe some German men will grow some balls.

    Seems like little news is coming out on MSM for the last few days…Europe crisis. all the news not fit to print?

    Joe Webb

    • Replies: @Sean
  153. joe webb says:

    Santo…first to Sean: I forgot to remark that when I said “society was breaking down” I had referenced the Robt. Putnam study on the US that clearly demonstrates the breakdown of social trust. read his study Diversity and community in the 21st century. Havad.

    So Santo..For those who have fought in two absolutely disastrous world wars … I would say more
    “For those who have fought in two absolutely disastrous world wars … ” yes of course, but you know there was a but in there…

    WW1 was a nationalistic war. It also arguable was one of the first modern wars in the sense of mechanized and powerful weapons. Some say the US civil war was the first, with the guns, etc. far more advanced than the medicine to deal with the effects. So a terrible war with 600 K plus good white men killed for what?

    Then WW2 was fought over ideology which is almost a White specialty. Fighting over Ideas, in this case of course, secular. What other race has fought over secular Ideas, not religious ideas?
    The Asian wars involving China, Vietnam, Cambodia, and the USSR…all fighting over communist ideas…maybe just a White Man’s war, and not really genotypic, dunno but I throw it out there.

    So yes Whites are goofy enough to do this, but on the other hand, fighting over doctrine might be considered more noble than fighting over land and resources. Certainly fighting over Race is completely natural and ‘worth it’ to crib a phrase from Mdm Albright, the jewess oracle on how several thousand dead Iraqi kids was worth it…yeah , for the shitty little country that has the West tied up right now with the Migrant crisis…thanks again to the Jews. Gotta luv them though per the Protestants and now even the Pope.

    The Church was always anti-semitic, and for good reason….Jews preach Heaven on Earth (these days if only Whites were gone) while the Church used to , and probably still does abjure any such romantic impulses.

    We fight, and Whites fight a lot in terms of getting into fist fights. That is ultimately a good thing, compared to , for example, the chinks who do not get arrested for fighting, but spend all their time scheming and grifting. And when the time comes , they will fight for real, to take over, with armies. another story.

    Anyway, while I am accused by some White Nationalists of being biologistic to the detriment of cultural factors; theoretically I don’t think I am. But now, with White popular culture almost destroyed by Jews, White Liberals, of course television, etc. there is no Cultural Struggle worth mentioning that is going to make a difference in the next couple of years. It will be Biology that shows the True Believing liberals that they are wrong, that is, the behavior of the darkies as it worsens both here and in Europe. Out of this struggle will come a renewed Culture of Whites, that which obtained before 1960.

    It may be too late, and failing a political solution, it will become a military solution, and failing that it will be civil breakdown and civil war. Think…if blacks were half our population we would be in civil war right now.

    Joe Webb

    • Replies: @Santoculto
  154. joe webb says:

    For those who throw out the liberal cant that an anti-semite is a know-nothing, vile, virulent, and a real stinker…try reading Kevin MacDonald’s Culture of Critique, which pretty much sums up the anti-semitic argument.

    My only critique of it is that many White liberals contribute to the disasters, like our own immigration problem, besides the Harts and Cellars who wrote the 1965 immigration act, and the Jewish Wars….supported by the White Protestants mostly, who Believe in American Exceptionalism, a doctrine heavily indebted to the City on a Hill Puritan Jewish Chosenness theme. “Puritans”…think that one over. We will show the way to the Darkies, etc. funny .

    Nevertheless, imagine if there were no Jews in the US. No wars for Israel, no civil rights movement of the 60s, no Naacp (founded by Jews), no media monopoly by the hostile elite of jews, no championing of every Human Right imaginable, including ass-fuckers as worthy of the bonds of holy matrimony, marriage being for children after all, one of the few human universals on the planet.

    . The jews led the way to Opening the Gates to the great wretcheds..including smart chinks…they are already howling for their Rights…and that is just feeding at the common trough with White zombies throwing the slop to them. Ecce homo! is that the right one?

    So read Kevin MacDonald and then call us crazy if you will. Like i keep saying, the libs have no argument, all they got is Faith, Belief, Peter Panism…Never never land. Heaven on Earth, per the Jews. They know, the People of the Book.

    Joe Webb

  155. @joe webb

    The parasite is shiftable with your host. Jews, namely especially its ” intellectual ” elite has great knowledge about the European psyche, not to mention the problems this causes, such as hypocrisy.

    White, especially the average white, is the most honest of all human groups, on average, of course. The average Jew is the least honest or would be better, who have less tolerance to accept being past behind, to be betrayed, made/pass as a sucker.

    White besides being less aware about their own psyche, strengths and weaknesses, yet gets carried away by philosophical arguments that Jewish intellectuals have employed.

    The Jew knows all about the white, white knows little about yourself and even less about the Jew, with its obvious exceptions. It’s a cat and mouse game, but rabbit and snake.

    As I recently read on Facebook about kindness / atheism / religion.

    ” If you need religion to be good then it is a trained pet ”

    And I include

    ” If you need the Christian religion to understand people’s minds then you are a trained pet ”.

    And a religion that was invented by whom ****


    If I were a white nationalist activist has reportedly dropped Christianity a long time …

    Christianity is not an implicitly white ethno-religion, is one religion (I like to call any official religion of pseudo) that, if it was not created for this, has been used to tame the white man and remove him from himself in his biological transcendental path.

    White nationalists are already practicing the only religion that we all need, self-love wisely and this also includes the love of his race.

    • Replies: @helena
  156. helena says:
    @Sam Shama

    “I know one about Ed Miliband, which would surely have me banned from these pages”

    Ooh Sam, you tease 🙂

    • Replies: @Sam Shama
  157. helena says:

    “biological transcendental path”

    Nice. I’m not sure the path could have gone much differently without barricades. Maybe less medical help in Africa. But the Indian and Arab populations have mainly expanded on their own haven’t they? Plus, ‘mobile technology’ seems to be exactly that; ‘have mobile, will/can migrate’.

    • Replies: @Santoculto
  158. Sean says:
    @joe webb
    Feminist Initiative’s strong showing in the Swedish elections puts pressure on mainstream parties

    The elections to the European Parliament need to be seen in light of the mobilization of parties with racist, nazi and fascist ideologies around Europe. Several of those parties are already represented in the European Parliament and there is a significant risk that this group will continue to grow. More action is needed to counter structural discrimination. If this does not happen, racist and conservative forces will gain more ground. We need to raise the level of ambition in the struggle for democracy and human rights for all. Feminist parties are forming across Europe and our long-term goal is to work together for the establishment of a feminist political group.

    Feministiskt Initiativ is contesting the EP elections as an alternative for everyone who wants to see a different political trajectory. Our political platform is built on equality, human rights and freedom from all forms of discrimination. We want to reallocate resources by investing in welfare, sustainability, accessibility and human security.

    We challenge the image of Sweden and Europe as the paradise of gender equality. This is a false image that diminishes the existing problems and stands in the way of genuine change. It is an image that is used by nationalists wanting to portray women’s oppression as a foreign problem that originates in other parts of the world. Women’s rights are thus hijacked in racist rhetoric that aims to close borders. At the same time, nationalist and racist parties are the ones peddling the most misogynistic policies. Culture is in focus for these parties, described as something that is nationally homogenous, and is used to construct boundaries between people. […]

    See? The hairy armpit brigade always see white men as the enemy, because they can see that young Swedish women are not speaking up so it must be the stultifying male chauvinist pig culture repressing European women. How else to explain why non European women are so opinionated. Hence north European feminists are entranced by the likes of the half Iranian Somali Ayaan Hirsi Ali Iraqui <a Esabelle Dingizian who seem so confident

    MP Esabelle Dingizian demanded that in order to produce real “diversity” in Sweden, the state must make steps and enforce quotas for immigrants in the labor market. Dingizian, who herself comes from Iraq, writes in an article in “SVT Opinion” that there must be more ethnic diversity in Sweden. “Diversity is important, both for the individual and for the community. Without external influences, the country remains motionless. Unfortunately nowadays we see racist policies spreading all over Europe, but we must keep doing things our way”, she writes. According to Esabelle Dingizian, it is not enough to establish quotas just for women. Similar procedures must also be implemented for ethnic minorities. “It’s time now to think the same way when it comes to ethnic diversity. Without strong reforms, developments may take decades, if not more”, the politician of the Swedish Green Party writes.

    Nina Burleigh is half Iraqi too. But of course this lack of pushiness in European women is due to something hereditary:_

  159. Sean says:

    Leading left wing German politician is half Iranian b the way.

    Here is another example of a forthright Muslim woman, a recently elected British MP.

    Her mother poisoned her stepfather: in Bradford,[3] Shah was abandoned by her father when six years old after he ran off with their neighbour’s sixteen-year-old daughter. Age 12 she was sent to Pakistan to avoid her mother, Zoora’s, violent partner, whom Zoora fatally poisoned because she believed he was planning to sexually abuse her daughters. She served 14 years in prison for his murder. Whilst in Pakistan, Shah was forced into an arranged marriage.[3][4]

    These are the women who will be dominating the female influence on politics in the West

  160. Sean says:


    WW1 was a nationalistic war. It also arguable was one of the first modern wars in the sense of mechanized and powerful weapons. Some say the US civil war was the first, with the guns, etc. far more advanced than the medicine to deal with the effects. So a terrible war with 600 K plus good white men killed for what?

    I take a different view, nation-states are there to stop people being kicked around, as the German people were kicked around being invaded by France, its (Protestant) proxy Sweden, and then Napoleon. So they united over a long period, and became the German question. They were too big, and seen as a threat and potential hegemon.

    Europe: The Struggle for Supremacy, 1453 to the Present by Brendan Simms. SIMMS shows how both winners and losers were preoccupied, more or less effectively, with enhancing their economic capacity and administrative efficiency in order to withstand external pressure, or to exert it. Sometimes the domestic changes were revolutionary:”

    I would point out that in the Weimar period there was a youth bulge (ie a high proportion of the society was young people). Like Mearsheimer says they were driven to try to attain hegemon status, which was a rational course of action. But now Germany is freed from those constraints

    Simms: Germany’s power isn’t expressed militarily. It’s more of a structural increase in power, which can be clearly seen on an economic level. We also have an entirely new political situation. For the first time in its history, Germany is surrounded only by democratic allies, countries with which it has friendly relations. But this has also blunted Germany’s ability to assess risk. Germany’s refusal to continue with the planned expansion of NATO, to give serious consideration to a Russian threat or to participate in the intervention in Libya — all these are symptomatic of this lessened risk-assessment ability.

    Now we come to the connection between war and demographic replacement.
    With Russian troops now occupying Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula, Kiev’s beleagered interim leaders may be thinking twice about their nation’s 1994 decision to abandon nuclear weapons. The East European country actually held the world’s third-largest nuclear arsenal after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. But Kiev in 1994 agreed to transfer all its atomic arms to Russia for elimination, shortly thereafter joined the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty as a non-nuclear nation, and within two years was weapons-free. At the time, John Mearsheimer was one of very few who saw it as an unwise move.

    It is not so long ago that Ukraine had the lowest birthrate ever recorded, now it is much better. War is a solution.

    THE war in Ukraine, for all its many other consequences, will cause Russia’s fertility rate to rise further. If that sounds strange consider that wars historically cause population growth. The biggest increase in the European population came about because of the Second World War. Chechnya’s population grew from 800,000 to 1.2 million because of the conflict there. In New York the number of weddings increased by 25% in the immediate aftermath of the attack on the World Trade Centre on 9/11. Four years later that increase had been lost in full.

    Hydra paradox: When culling animals makes them thrive: GARDENERS. who apply insecticide do not expect pest populations to flourish. Nor do fishery regulators anticipate that more fishing will boost the size of their stocks. Perhaps they should. Thanks to the complexity of the natural world, killing individuals doesn’t always end up diminishing their population. The failure to consider this possibility could be confounding resource management and pest eradication, and perhaps even attempts to boost numbers of threatened species. A decade ago, my collaborator Hiroyuki Matsuda and I coined the term hydra effect to describe all situations where a higher death rate in a particular species ultimately increases the size of its population.

    Germany will never be in another war for the aforementioned reasons, so the ethno-German birthrate can’t recover and there can’t be a nationalist turn because revolutionry political change requires a youth bulge to got of the ground (Heinsohn), but they are nonetheless dominating all of Europe and they are going to destroy us with a blitzkrieg of soft power. Merkel won the battle before anyone realised what was happening.

  161. @helena

    And even with planning policies in India since the 70s. The problem with these policies is that the first is the more educated class who decides to control their fertility. Only long time after that the poorest adhere to planning, and very slowly. It would be interesting to find a way to reverse this process. I am convinced that the cycle of poverty occurs mainly because the poor have family before creating secure socio-economic conditions for their children. It is like shooting yourself in the foot.

    It would be interesting to analyze what percentage of men and women in the Arab countries. This generation will, in many Middle Eastern countries, the latest generation where there will be a predominance of young people in the age pyramid, it seems.

    Some experts say that excess of men usually causes more violence. So far I have not data growth of violence in China perpetrated by single men. But one reason is because they are less sexually oriented in their lives, that is, sex has a less crucial role in their lives.
    And in almost every country, those who are more violent, will also be less likely to be single, because it will tend to be of the ” alpha ”.

  162. joe webb says:

    LK, you seem to have a dog in this fight. Your ‘heres’ with regard to Richard Lynn getting fast and loose with his evidence did not show up, and I would like to read those references.

    The general theory, and one that seems to fit the facts, despite Jews and Amerindians being not included in the global North vs. global South account for IQ inequality, is that the snow and ice of the North naturally selected for higher IQ because as the experts put it, higher cognitive abilities were and are needed to stay alive and keep your kids alive in the cold North while la dolce vita obtained in the global south, leading to today’s blackness…. Haiti and Black Africa at 67 IQ average..

    Pan-pipes have been found recently in Germany that are 30,000 years old, made from mammoth bone. This corresponds to homo sapien, some of us, leaving Africa about 50,000 years ago, or never having been in Africa in the first place. (This argument does not matter much to me)

    If you reject this general theory, then what do you suggest in its stead?

    The overall performance of far southern Europe does not compare to the North, and thus Lynn’s
    IQ numbers again, correspond to apparent reality.

    Then there is plain genotypic appearance. Southern Europeans are darker…for some reason…and darkness corresponds generally with lower IQ all over the planet…that is, Average IQ.

    By the way the Greeks and Romans apparently came down from around what is now Ukraine and above Black Sea about two millennia before Christ, and one millennia before Christ…respectively.

    The Nordic component would probably have split off from the same source around Ukraine.
    The art of the Greco-Roman world depicts Whites who look more or less Nordic, for the most part.
    Of course, the Latinis joined up with the apparently long existing in Italy, etc. Etruscans, another White race.

    It is possible that the art was falsified somewhat inasmuch as blondeism is highly regarded all over the world, and blondes tend to the larger and more muscular male mesomorphic body, again, generally admired by every race, at least today, along with the billions spent worldwide of skin lighteners.

    It is interesting that brunette women tend to be better looking in their faces, than blondes, while blonde women tend to be taller, more athletic looking , etc. Sexual Selection come into play here, not just geography and movement of peoples

    However to me anyway, it is clear that Turkic and Arab peoples got into the thing thru sheer propinquity. People got around a lot , mostly by boats thru trade, Phoenicians, Carthaginians and Persians, and Asia Minor Turks and later Greeks and Romans, and so on. A thousand years or so ago, Vikings even got down into the Mediterranean, which is why I suppose I have seen and know blue eyed Palestinians.

    You can struggle with texts, but the appearance of racial types in people simply reveals the truth of their genomes. Turks occupied Greece for about 400 years, and the significant Arab occupation of Spain of about 700 years made a dent in the Gothic gene set, and the previous Roman gene set.

    One reason I think that many Spanish women are beautiful
    is the contribution of Arab genes. Also, Spaniards tend to be smaller than Nordics, and more like the Arabs…bodies.

    Also, the allegedly hot blood of Spaniards and “Latins” may be due to Arab temperament genes.
    All of this is speculative, but makes sense, at least in part.”By the way, Hong Kong is not a country, and the US in your chart with its average IQ of 98 includes one third of our country which is composed of Negroes at about 85 average IQ and Mexicans at 90….if one can credit Lynn.

    I see no reason to doubt Lynn, as his numbers fit the facts as we see them, including the Greek IQ at average 92. I have a Greek friend with Phd working at Apple…so. Averages are averages. ( He does not think 92 is impossible for his countrymen.)

    By the way, as I recall the Inuit are significantly smarter than Amerindians, north and south at about 84. Inuit IQ is 92 as I recall, and they have been subjected to snow and ice now for maybe 10 thousand years, while their indian cousins are at 84. All of these folks came out of maybe Mongolia about 14 thousand years ago. and maybe in several waves. This is all from mere memory, so I could be off a bit.

    Jews raised their intelligence, say the folks like Lynn, because unlike we who sent our best and brightest to The Church who squandered their genes, the Jews had their rabbis marry the smart merchants’s daughters…and so dragged the general IQ upwards, particularly in an age without welfare wherein the poor had fewer if any kids, and the rich had more, a decidedly eugenic practice. Now we advance idiots first.

    so the above accounts probably for the only two exceptions of falling IQ Southward on the planet.
    The long and short of it however, is that Whites are probably around 103 average when the darker immigrant populations are taken into account in the various “White” countries

    IQ is not everything. Temperaments are extremely important, which explains why the chinks are so out of it, at least the Chinese. The piece on rice vs. wheat growing cultures a few months ago goes a long way to explain the collectivistic nature of chinkdom as opposed to the wheat growing Whites…and a resultant Individualism.

    Finally, the piece a while back on race and kissing was fantastic. Apparently just about the only race that kisses are whites. That tells you something about the White soul.

    Joe Webb

    • Replies: @helena
  163. helena says:
    @joe webb

    I think about this the way you do, I watch people, study features etc. But I think it’s true to say that the HBD/gene-blog types maintain that physical appearance is not indicative of overall genetics/SNPs. I’ve always wondered about this because appearance seems to bear the mark of every historical event I’ve heard of. But on the other hand there is the case of blood types, which truly are a case of ‘no rhyme, no reason’. [I, for instance, couldn’t look more n.euro if I tried, I look just like a reconstruction of an Anglo-Saxon 600ad. I do have an analytical mind. But really, I’m a party animal. I don’t get on with Germanic types, reserved English types. My friends have always been Jewish, Spanish, Irish, Greek. So I tend to think that I’m celtic in disguise. I can’t stand wurst; I long to live on a little Greek Island – well, maybe not now!]

    I don’t agree that greeks look nordic. The ‘Greek nose’ is distinct and different from the ‘nordic nose’. But the nose that interests me is not the large triangle but the small triangle. I see it in ethnic Russian, East europe, Denmark, Scot/Ireland, Australia, and Appalachia – lots of the old cowboy leads, Fonda, Maddison, Eastwood.

    Ho hum, bit OT, sorry Pete.

    “That tells you something about the White soul.”
    It’s in our mouths? Probably where we went wrong; should have kept it in the spleen 🙂

    • Replies: @Sam Shama
  164. joe webb says:

    Not really off-topic since I pointed out to Peter his use of strong emotionally laden negative words to characterize the racial right.

    Today the word “bigot” if you look it up at contemporary sources, is largely defined as having racist views.

    In my half-century old Webster’s a bigot is “blindly and obstinately attached to one own belief and opinions and intolerant of others.’…etc” Not one entry involves race, racism, etc.

    Examples do show up…mostly related to Religion .

    And Race is now a Religion for the Liberals, as in There are no Races, Only Humanity.

    And of course there are the common themes from holy war : hatred towards agnostics or atheists, witch burnings in the media, and dispensations granted to the jews and the Judenstaat as the holy people, and texts, speeches, and testimonials as to how one was lost but now was found as a Believer.

    The only thing remaining to be seen is whether holy war breaks out. Well, skirmishes are already happening with opposing side’s pickets taking pot-shots at one-another. When the main force arrives in the armies of the benighted, like a million more arabs in boats, planes and trains, maybe Europe will explode into armed resistance. etc for us here in Yankee land, now suffering the slings and arrows of Yanqui go back to Europe!

    let the bad times roll. Arm yourself.

    Joe Webb

  165. Sean says:

    Joe, that argument you are making for the desirability of civil war is totally counter-productive, look what the reaction to Pegida was. I’m not going to read you responding to yourself riffing on anything you please, so you are about to be put on hide along with Priss and company (people who are here because no one reads them at their own sites). Very few people read them here either, I bet. The armies of the empire were kept busy in holding the lines of the Rhine and the Danube. At length Roman weakness and incompetency permitted this barrier to be broken, and the beginning of the end was at hand. This is the important event which we have now to describe.
    In the year 375 A.D. there existed a great Gothic kingdom in the north, extending from the Baltic to [326] the Black Sea, under the rule of an able monarch named Hermanric, who had conquered and combined numerous tribes into a single nation. On this nation, just as assassination removed the Gothic conqueror, descended a vast and frightful horde from northern Asia, the mighty invasion of the Huns, which was to shake to its heart the empire of Rome.
    The Ostrogoths (Eastern Goths) were conquered by this savage horde. The Visigoths (Western Goths), stricken with mortal fear, hurried to the Danube and implored the Romans to save them from annihilation. For many miles along the banks of the river extended the panic-stricken multitude, with outstretched arms and pathetic lamentations, praying for permission to cross. If settled on the waste lands of Thrace they would pledge themselves to be faithful subjects of Rome, to obey its laws and guard its limits.
    Sympathy and pity counseled the emperor to grant the request. Political considerations bade him refuse. To admit such a host of warlike barbarians to the empire was full of danger. Finally they were permitted to cross, under two stringent conditions: they must deliver up their arms, and they must yield their children, who were to be taken to Asia, educated,… Such was the first fatal step in the overthrow of Rome.
    The task of crossing was a difficult one. The Danube there was more than a mile wide, and had been swollen with rains. A large fleet of boats and vessels was provided, but it took many days and nights to transport the mighty host, and numbers [327] of them were swept away and drowned by the rapid current. Probably the whole multitude numbered nearly a million, of whom two hundred thousand were warriors. […]
    While this was going on, the Ostrogoths also appeared on the Danube, and solicited permission to cross. Valens, the emperor, refused. He was beginning to fear that he had already too many subjects of that race. But the discontent of the Visigoths had drawn the soldiers from the stream and left it unguarded. The Ostrogoths seized vessels and built rafts. They crossed without opposition. […] It will suffice to say that other barbarians crossed the Danube, and that even some of the Huns joined the army of Fritigern. The borders of the empire were effectually broken, and the forest myriads swarmed unchecked into the empire.
    On August 9, 378, the Emperor Valens, inspired by ambition and moved by the demands of the ignorant multitude, left the strong walls of Adrianople and marched to attack the Goths, who were encamped twelve miles away. The result was fatal. The Romans, exhausted with their march, suffering from heat and thirst, confused and ill-organized, met with a complete defeat. The emperor was slain on the field or burnt to death in a hut to which he had been carried wounded…

    Yet another example of troops being too worn out by a forced march to fight. Anyway to get back on topic I have been reading that Valens, the Emperor (of the east empire) who let the Goths into the Empire was regarded as ill-educated. Interestingly he seems to have been heavily influenced by advisors who were eunuchs. It may mean nothing, but neither Merkel and her predecessor Gerhard Schroeder (who also denounced the Pegida marches very strongly) ever reproduced.

    • Replies: @German_reader
    , @joe webb
  166. German_reader says:

    “I have been reading that Valens, the Emperor (of the east empire) who let the Goths into the Empire was regarded as ill-educated. ”

    He and his brother Valentinian were soldiers by profession…as were many Roman emperors from about 260 to 395 (most of them also came from the Balkans – Illyria, Pannonia etc. – which was a prime recruiting ground for the legions in late antiquity). They may have been “ill-educated” by the standards of the decrepit senatorial elite (which obviously resented the power of the army), but most of them were actually fairly competent.
    Though maybe it could be argued that Valens’ Balkans origin played a role in his ill-fated decision about the Goths…after all Romanization had worked tremendously well in the Balkans and turned subject peoples into loyal servants of the empire and of Roman civilization…why shouldn’t it be the same with the Goths who obviously desired the benefits of life in the empire? But of course all of this is ultimately just guess-work.

  167. let the bad times roll. Arm yourself.

    Please, if you want to engage in exhibitionism, do it on your own blog. Not on mine. In many jurisdictions (including my own) that sort of comment would be considered “incitement to violence.” Until two years ago, Canadian bloggers were held legally responsible for the comments on their blogs. That law was changed but it could easily be brought back. And there are several existing laws that would cover that comment. I know of one person who had to spend time in jail because a “friend” left that sort of comment on his blog.

    Whenever I bring up this topic, I get all kinds of scoffing. “Aw c’mon Peter. Be a sport! We’re just having fun.”

    Really. You guys are so pathetic. When you’re not masturbating in front of the computer screen, you try to outdo yourselves with this sort of exhibitionism. Get a life.

  168. Sam Shama says:

    “I, for instance, couldn’t look more n.euro if I tried, I look just like a reconstruction of an Anglo-Saxon 600ad….”

    Really?! The maiden with yellow braided hair….. 🙂

  169. joe webb says:

    Peter, since when is self-defense a crime? As for the self-abuse factor, methinks the lady doth protest too much.

    Get a life? Is that the best you can do, to mouth some lame cliche? I would say, take a look at your defensiveness and self-righteousness.

    I know Canada is gun-shy. I once forgot to take a .38 out of my trunk when running up to Vancouver with girl-friend. ( was still a bit of a leftie at the time, but not a complete fool) I told the border folks and they went ape-shit on me. My God, a yank with a gun! The invasion has started. I told them I was a probation officer and they calmed down and let me store it there at the border until I came back and retrieved it. We yanks have something called the second amendment…you might familiarize yourself with it since you are filling up Canada with wretched who will make cannibal potage with us .

    You Peter are a total wimp, and wimps go limp at the sight of a gun. You are unable to defend your children or your wife or probably yourself, but maybe not, given your high opinion of your contributions to Humanity…dream on, you will give up anybody to save your hide, starting with your fellow whites, like me. Send my name into whatever, if you have not already.

    Gun is a magic word for liberals, time to start slavering and quaking and apologizing to the darkies.

    Joe Webb

  170. joe webb says:

    So Sean, what is being put on hide as opposed to being merely censored or moderated out of existence?

    ON several occasions you have misunderstood my words, which I guess is at least in part my fault.

    I did not recommend civil war, I stated that it is probably coming, and if it does, better to be prepared than not.

    When I remark that civil war is probably coming, that is not a recommendation, just as my remarks on arming oneself is completely sane and appropriate for the times that may be coming.
    Your emotional reaction to this demonstrates that you cannot take the heat of possible reality. As Harry Truman said, If you can’t take the heat , stay out of the kitchen.

    So you are threatening me with some kind of expulsion because what I say makes you nervous. I was unaware of your apparent official role here as some kind of policeman. Well, that makes sense I guess since Canada does not have free speech, thanks to the various liberals and Jews who have conspired to create a totalitarian Canada.

    It is akin even to the current deal now here in US colleges where free speech is subject to rules against making anybody upset.

    So you are upset? Like jews often say, I’m Offended. That means shut up or else. Else in this case is punished with expulsion.

    I see no evidence that many folks would like it if I were not here. I don’t trust you now to take a straw poll, but I invite folks to make their voices heard…if they want me to go or stay.


    • Replies: @Sam Shama
    , @Sean
  171. joe webb says:

    ….. Europe was still European when the Dark Ages ended, it may be something else when this is all over.

    The outcome will depend on what you do or fail to do.

    Joe Webb

    well no, these are the last couple lines of Peter’s piece. So Peter sets the limits on what speech is OK and which speech is not OK. Canada is in the hands of commissars, but not yet here, and as I understand it, I live under US law, not Canada’s.


  172. Sam Shama says:
    @joe webb

    Free Speech must be supported, whether or not it causes offence to some.

    So yes Joe, I support your right to say anything you wish (as I reserve my right to respond in any way I see fit 🙂 within similar bounds)

    • Agree: geokat62
  173. Sean says:
    @joe webb

    Well Joe the Jews did not influence Valens (a soldier and only weakly Christian) to admit the Goths so if you think about it, the Goths being allowed inside the Empire , either has nothing to do with the case of modern migration across the Mediterranean, or it indicates that advanced European civilisations have a tendency to develop indigenous ideologies leading to such fateful decisions, and all on their own.

    Why is there a civil war in Syria, obviously a civil war requires a huge popular uprising by the mass of the population. Far more opposition to the government than would be needed to defeat them in elections. Civil disorder is a sign that people oppose the government, not a way to get people to oppose the government. Moreover, despite your contention that because race is everything ancient European barbarians were similar to modern Europeans, they have been selected for being peaceable,

    In fact Joe you sound like mainstream global elite thought when you concentrate on the potential for anti-immigration feeling causing a breakdown of law and order. It is the mainstream who always say any particular party of anti immigrant leanings and violent rhetoric is on the ‘rise’.

    WITH the ultra-nationalists using the refugee crisis and economic despair of Greeks to gain ground, political scientists said Sunday’s election was further proof that the Golden Dawn phenomenon had assumed particularly worrying dimensions. All agreed that the virulent anti-immigrant, antisemitic, anti-EU party had spread its tentacles deep into Greek society. “It tells us that Golden Dawn is not just a symptom of the crisis but is here to stay,” said Dimitris Keridis, professor of international political science at Athens’ Panteion University. “And it shows that the Greek disease is not superficial, it’s much deeper than many think.”

    Golden Dawn had an electoral breakthrough and were going to take over Greece, or Pegida was sweeping Germany in fact they still are if you read the latest news .but Golden Dawn merely maintained it’s share and got under 7% of the vote last month. I think it getting nowhere fast simply shows that popular reaction to is not what the intelligentsia never tire of telling us it is (prejudice against, gypsies, Jews, Gays, Muslims immigrants and refugees). It’s not what anybody thought it was. Golden Dawn is the latest of a series of flashes in the pan for far right and nationalist movements, and if the current situation in Greece can not lead to a far right party making gains, or even influencing immigration policy, the scenario of a far right rise to power or shifting of all political parties’ policies toward meaningful restriction of immigration simply does not exist. A breakdown of order is in the realms of fantasy (and this is a key point) it is what the mainstream talk about all the time. Pegida movement rises in the wake of the migrant crisis, written the other week and it like you emphasises the prospect of violence. “In this deepest recess of the former East Germany everyone fears the unthinkable: a return to the extremes that spawned their evil Third Reich. The simmering tensions that lie very close to the surface have risen sharply in the wake of the migrant crisis, particularly in the past three months and escalating in the past three weeks.” If you believe the news Pegida is benefiting from Merkel’s decision (which I think was actually caused by the Pegida marches late last year). Despite the supposed perfect conditions with empty commercial property being seized to house immigrants in Hamburg,Pegida is getting about half as many on the marches than it was 6 months ago. There will be new nationalist movements along, the media need them.

    Greece’s governing party is the very left wing Syriza which dates from 2004 or 2013 depending on how you look at it. Syriza is radical nationalist is an economic sense The recently electorally successful Scottish nationalists are similarly left wing. I think it is becoming obvious that the really popular radical nationalism in Europe is equality-of-outcome-socialism, which is stronger that anyone thought in the current situation, and it only gets stronger with austerity. Left parties point to every inequality within Europe and globally (in the case of immigrants) as evidence of malevolent powers rigging the system in their own interest. The term for movements that oppose replacement immigration is ‘populist’, but the trouble is that in practice they are just not that popular. I think the nature of group psychology makes people nationalistic in a particular way that is orientated to opposing rival groups rather than those who want to join the group, the idea that whan the country is in trouble politicians can win support by attacking powerless minorities is totally wrong, because that sets off some kind of hardwired ‘weakening the group’ alarm. Outsiders once they have joined the group are sacrosanct, and those wanting to join are looked on favourably.

    The other day a British minister mentioned that immigration was bad for British workers. The very right wing Telegraph had a fit, see here. (and so did the leftie ones of course). But the amazing thing is the Telegraph writer could not accept that minister actually believes what she is saying, he assumed it was a political ploy, because being anti immigrant is always supposed to be politically popular, but it isn’t. The writer also says that immigration does not hurt indigenous workers, ora strong economy (Greece had plenty of immigration when it was running a boom). he commentators are part of the class that benefits, there is a left right nexus in which immigration is sacrosanct, and the whole thing is a juggernaut backed by serious money.

    Anyway Joe, as I already mentioned in the immigration debate globalists highlight Jews all the time (as the model for refugees, and hence refugees and deemed far more valuable citizens that the indigenous). Together with your proclivity for associating anti immigration with civil strife, it forms a pattern of you being the other side of the coin to the global elite and their lickspittles in the media. You talk about the same things as they do, they need people like you.

  174. helena says:

    Joe, you might like Peter Hitchens Mail on Sunday Column. I’m sure he doesn’t like gnus but he is verbally fighting a one-man verbal battle with the lack of language comprehension prevalent in modern Britain – e.g. understanding the difference between opinion and observation.

    Joe, you make the mistake of thinking that because HBDers talk about genetics that they think differently from liberals. I’m not sure they do. They have a range of agendas that they pursue by hiding what they don’t agree with rather than trying to understand what they don’t agree with. You make sense. I have read Sean for years and I still couldn’t tell you what standpoint he actually has or what he sees as the problem or the solution. I can easily understand what you think is happening and will happen. I don’t agree with you but I think the solution is for the Seans and Peters of Euroland to parley with the Joes.

    Sam, my hair is not flaxen. I’ve been genetically engineered with brown haired people and at least one red-head. I have some thick red-brown, as I call them, horse-hairs sprinkled in the mass of wheat-colour.

    • Replies: @iffen
  175. helena says:

    I forgot to say that until I read Peter’s hypothesis about hair and eye colour, I had never thought about my own. But he opened up a fascinating question as to where my hair came from. I don’t agree with Peter’s hypothesis because to my mind it does not explain why there is a cluster of thin white hair and grey eyes round the Baltic, black hair and blue eyes from Ireland to Norway, red hair from Portugal to Scandinavia and brown hair and yellow eyes in Bulgaria. It seems as if there were homogenous-ish groups that blended. But for raising the question in the first place, I think Peter is a bit of a genius.

  176. iffen says:

    I have read Sean for years and I still couldn’t tell you what standpoint he actually has or what he sees as the problem or the solution.

    This is a little discouraging. I have only read his comments for a little over two years and you have nailed it on the head with regard to Sean.

    • Replies: @Sean
  177. iffen says:
    @random observer

    All of that, I am sure, was cherry on top of the larger demographic and economic weaknesses, but by the time the late empire started to look like the early-post-empire on those levels, the institutions themselves had grown shadowy very fast.

    I am still doing my reading on the D & F, but it is pretty clear to me that the barbarians wanted to keep the Empire going and some tried their best to emulate the Romans but it was just too heavy of a lift for them over the longer term. To cut them (the barbarians) some slack, why should we expect them to have been able to keep it going if the Romans themselves couldn’t?

  178. Sean says:

    Problems that have “solutions” are in books. Conflicts between peoples have outcomes.

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