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Xi's New Communist Manifesto
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Chinese President Xi Jinping is poised to take a third five-year term. Image: Agencies / Pool
Chinese President Xi Jinping is poised to take a third five-year term. Image: Agencies / Pool

Marx. Lenin. Mao. Deng. Xi.

Late last week in Beijing, the sixth plenum of the Chinese Communist Party adopted a historic resolution – only the third in its 100-year history – detailing major accomplishments and laying out a vision for the future.

Essentially, the resolution poses three questions. How did we get here? How come we were so successful? And what have we learned to make these successes long-lasting?

The importance of this resolution should not be underestimated. It imprints a major geopolitical fact: China is back. Big time. And doing it their way. No amount of fear and loathing deployed by the declining hegemon will alter this path.

The resolution will inevitably prompt quite a few misunderstandings. So allow me a little deconstruction, from the point of view of a gwailo who has lived between East and West for the past 27 years.

If we compare China’s 31 provinces with the 214 sovereign states that compose the “international community”, every Chinese region has experienced the fastest economic growth rates in the world.

Across the West, the lineaments of China’s notorious growth equation – without any historical parallel – have usually assumed the mantle of an unsolvable mystery.

Little Helmsman Deng Xiaoping’s ’s famous “crossing the river while feeling the stones”, described as the path to build “socialism with Chinese characteristics” may be the overarching vision. But the devil has always been in the details: how the Chinese applied – with a mix of prudence and audaciousness – every possible device to facilitate the transition towards a modern economy.

The – hybrid – result has been defined by a delightful oxymoron: “communist market economy.” Actually, that’s the perfect practical translation of Deng’s legendary “it doesn’t matter the color of the cat, as long as it catches mice.” And it was this oxymoron, in fact, that the new resolution passed in Beijing celebrated last week.

Made in China 2025

Mao and Deng have been exhaustively analyzed over the years. Let’s focus here on Papa Xi’s brand new bag.

Right after he was elevated to the apex of the party, Xi defined his unambiguous master plan: to accomplish the “Chinese dream”, or China’s “renaissance.” In this case, in political economy terms, “renaissance” meant to realign China to its rightful place in a history spanning at least three millennia: right at the center. Middle Kingdom, indeed.

Already during his first term Xi managed to imprint a new ideological framework. The Party – as in centralized power – should lead the economy towards what was rebranded as “the new era.” A reductionist formulation would be The State Strikes Back. In fact, it was way more complicated.

Students wave flags of China and the Communist Party of China before celebrations in Beijing on July 1, 2021, to mark the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. Photo: AFP / Wang Zhao
Students wave flags of China and the Communist Party of China before celebrations in Beijing on July 1, 2021, to mark the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. Photo: AFP / Wang Zhao

This was not merely a rehash of state-run economy standards. Nothing to do with a Maoist structure capturing large swathes of the economy. Xi embarked in what we could sum up as a quite original form of authoritarian state capitalism – where the state is simultaneously an actor and the arbiter of economic life.

Team Xi did learn a lot of lessons from the West, using mechanisms of regulation and supervision to check, for instance, the shadow banking sphere. Macroeconomically, the expansion of public debt in China was contained, and the extension of credit better supervised. It took only a few years for Beijing to be convinced that major financial sphere risks were under control.

China’s new economic groove was de facto announced in 2015 via “Made in China 2025”, reflecting the centralized ambition of reinforcing the civilization-state’s economic and technological independence. That would imply a serious reform of somewhat inefficient public companies – as some had become states within the state.

In tandem, there was a redesign of the “decisive role of the market” – with the emphasis that new riches would have to be at the disposal of China’s renaissance as its strategic interests – defined, of course, by the party.

So the new arrangement amounted to imprinting a “culture of results” into the public sector while associating the private sector to the pursuit of an overarching national ambition. How to pull it off? By facilitating the party’s role as general director and encouraging public-private partnerships.

The Chinese state disposes of immense means and resources that fit its ambition. Beijing made sure that these resources would be available for those companies that perfectly understood they were on a mission: to contribute to the advent of a “new era.”

Manual for power projection

There’s no question that China under Xi, in eight short years, was deeply transformed. Whatever the liberal West makes of it – hysteria about neo-Maoism included – from a Chinese point of view that’s absolutely irrelevant, and won’t derail the process.

What must be understood, by both the Global North and South, is the conceptual framework of the “Chinese dream”: Xi’s unshakeable ambition is that the renaissance of China will finally smash the memories of the “century of humiliation” for good.

Party discipline – the Chinese way – is really something to behold. The CCP is the only communist party on the planet that thanks to Deng has discovered the secret of amassing wealth.

And that brings us to Xi’s role enshrined as a great transformer, on the same conceptual level as Mao and Deng. He fully grasped how the state and the party created wealth: the next step is to use the party and wealth as instruments to be put at the service of China’s renaissance.

Nothing, not even a nuclear war, will deviate Xi and the Beijing leadership from this path. They even devised a mechanism – and a slogan – for the new power projection: the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), originally One Belt, One Road (OBOR).

A mountain pass along the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. Image: Facebook
A mountain pass along the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. Image: Facebook

In 2017, BRI was incorporated into the party statutes. Even considering the “lost in translation” angle, there’s no Westernized, linear definition for BRI.

BRI is deployed on many superimposed levels. It started with a series of investments facilitating the supply of commodities to China.

Then came investments in transport and connectivity infrastructure, with all their nodes and hubs such as Khorgos, at the Chinese-Kazakh border. The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), announced in 2013, symbolized the symbiosis of these two investment paths.


The next step was to transform logistical hubs into integrated economic zones – for instance as in HP based in Chongjing exporting its products via a BRI rail network to the Netherlands. Then came the Digital Silk Roads – from 5G to AI – and the Covid-linked Health Silk Roads.

What’s certain is that all these roads lead to Beijing. They work as much as economic corridors as soft power avenues, “selling” the Chinese way especially across the Global South.

Make Trade, Not War

Make Trade, Not War: that would be the motto of a Pax Sinica under Xi. The crucial aspect is that Beijing does not aim to replace Pax Americana, which always relied on the Pentagon’s variant of gunboat diplomacy.

The declaration subtly reinforced that Beijing is not interested in becoming a new hegemon. What matters above all is to remove any possible constraints that the outside world may impose over its own internal decisions, and especially over its unique political setup.

The West may embark on hysteria fits over anything – from Tibet and Hong Kong to Xinjiang and Taiwan. It won’t change a thing.

Concisely, this is how “socialism with Chinese characteristics” – a unique, always mutant economic system – arrived at the Covid-linked techno-feudalist era. But no one knows how long the system will last, and in which mutant form.

Corruption, debt – which tripled in ten years – political infighting – none of that has disappeared in China. To reach 5% annual growth, China would have to recover the growth in productivity comparable to those breakneck times in the 80s and 90s, but that will not happen because a decrease in growth is accompanied by a parallel decrease in productivity.

A final note on terminology. The CCP is always extremely precise. Xi’s two predecessors espoused “perspectives” or “visions.” Deng wrote “theory.” But only Mao was accredited with “thought.” The “new era” has now seen Xi, for all practical purposes, elevated to the status of “thought” – and part of the civilization-state’s constitution.

That’s why the party resolution last week in Beijing could be interpreted as the New Communist Manifesto. And its main author is, without a shadow of a doubt, Xi Jinping. Whether the manifesto will be the ideal road map for a wealthier, more educated and infinitely more complex society than in the times of Deng, all bets are off.

(Republished from Asia Times by permission of author or representative)
The China/America Series
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  1. Anonymous[366] • Disclaimer says:

    It doesn’t really matter what Xi does or who’s in charge of China now. China’s human capital is just too big and developed for China’s ascent to be stopped. It has more population than the Western world combined, it’s much more homogenous racially and culturally, it has a better work ethic, it has good education, good infrastructure, a higher average IQ than most Western countries.

    Basically it would take a monumental fuckup by their leadership to NOT become the dominant power in the next 20 years or so. And that’s presuming Western leadership will be able and competent enough to stave off an internal collapse until then.

  2. TG says:

    Umm… The thing is not that China’s human capital is so big – the thing is that the Chinese population has largely stabilized, allowing economic growth to be used to advance things forwards, rather than simply be absorbed by an ever increasing mass of chronically malnourished peasants.

    India, though with a fraction of the landmass, has a population nearly as big as China’s (soon more), and has had extended periods of double-digit economic growth. But with massive population pressure, all of that was growth went into asset-price inflation and the costs of feeding ever more people at ever higher densities, and the average Indian is as miserably poor as ever. The Indian fertility rates is indeed falling – but not in a good way, not like China’s! The Indians are having fewer children because they are so miserably poor that they physically can’t afford to have any more. This is not just bad for the average Indian, it reduces national power, because there is very little in the way of free resources left over after subsistence-level survival is taken into account.

    A Chinese economist remarked words to the effect ‘we decided to eat, and the Indians decided to have lots of children’.

    One is reminded that in the 1940’s and 1950’s, the United States had basically zero immigration, a very low fertility rate (yes even at the peak of the baby boom it was hardly more than 3 kids/woman, and typically much less), and a population a fraction the size of India or China (which in the 1940’s had been run by the capitalists who now run Taiwan) – and it was the United States that became the dominant power. So the size of the population doesn’t really matter. It’s the amount of production in excess of subsistence, which can be easily driven to near zero by rapid population growth.

  3. Anonymous[366] • Disclaimer says:

    You’re incredibly, spectacularly wrong. The size of the population is absolutely crucial in creating an advanced society. A small population cannot create a wide variety of high quality products or infrastructure the way a large one can. A small country like Sweden or Taiwan for example is only well developed because it is integrated into a gigantic global economy. If those countries would be cut off from trade, they would be less developed than North Korea.

    The US had a peak fertility of around 3.7 in 1958. It was absolutely huge for a developed country, higher than any developed country right now (including Israel), and that was crucial to its success in the following decades.

    The reason Russia is doing so poorly economically and China so well is precisely the size of their population. If Russia had 500 million people instead of 150, it would be impossible to isolate economically. It would also be capable of building much more and better infrastructure as well as a more diversified and technologically advanced economy.

    Conversely, if China had 200 million people instead of 1.4 billion, it would have to choose between independence and poverty (similar to Russia) or accept becoming a political colony of the US like Japan. It would not be capable of having both independence and development.

    • Agree: Realist, jim bob beers
    • Disagree: GazaPlanet
  4. @Anonymous

    You’re definitely right! Because of this population decline in Russia the Kremlin is doing all it can to increase the birthrate. There are too many programs to name meant to support families here. The age of China is here. I’m hoping it doesn’t start with a bang from a dying America. I wouldn’t consider China a benevolent nation, but we can be glad they don’t engage in gunboat diplomacy like the US. For the sake of European society I sure hope Russia can pick itself back up and make peace with Europe.

  5. @Anonymous

    Population alone is not a sufficient condition for economic advancement. China was economically isolated for many years and it showed. The Soviet Union had economic growth, but it plateaued in the 80s, and Russia started going backwards. China, so far, has managed to keep going, but it is starting to show the effects of an authoritarian central government, just as the Soviets did.

    A centrally controlled country can grow to a point. You could even steal anything you can form other countries, as the Chinese have done with almost all of their military technology. But you can not maintain a country over the long haul by doing as the Red Chinese are doing. What Xi has managed to do, is place himself atop the ant hill as Mao did. It will be no better for Red China than Maoism was.

    • Agree: Clyde
    • Troll: Realist
  6. anon[181] • Disclaimer says:

    The speech has to be interpreted in the context of China’s ICESCR ratification. The speech says, We’re progressing in accordance with our commitments, don’t get in our way.

    China has been an ICESCR treaty party since 2000. The structural reform that Pepe describes is great, the kind of thing the US has been unable to do for a generation. But the CPC’s real breakthrough was the commitment China made to allocating all available state resources to economic rights. That’s the two assurances and three guarantees: the ICESCR economic rights boiled down.

    The one area where the CPC falls short with a US-type reservation is labor rights. Their current focus is on poverty, so we can hope that as the US degenerates and weakens, China will extend rights that they currently view as susceptible to subversion and coercive interference. CIA’s been using crooked unions as weapons since inception. When the Langley regime is bottled up, China has no reason to fear labor rights.

  7. I look on China with envy in the knowledge that there is literally no reason but stupidity and corruption that that couldn’t have been us instead. Even today, if only we got our act together we could catch up pretty soon. But of course… the toxic cocktail of minoritarian ideologies and robber capitalism makes that impossible until our system gets so corrupt it just plain collapses.

    Ah well. Never despair. We have only truly lost once we do.

    Good for the Chinese anyway. Xi Jinping will go down in history as one of the great men of the 21st century. Unfortunately he is already growing old. The Chinese had better hope his successor will be a man of similar integrity.

    If there’s any lesson our own fate ought to have taught them, it’s just that: Corruption at the top can ruin any nation. No matter how great, no matter how seemingly invincible.

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
    , @Anon62
  8. neutral says:

    China also has the low fertility rates that the post Western countries have. It may sound crazy, but China could be overrun by the sub Saharan demographics, look at how rapidly the demographics changed in France/America/UK/Germany, With their plummeting fertility they could also look for foreigners to solve their demographic problems, and once they start the demographic change will accelerate.

    • Agree: Peripatetic Itch
    • LOL: Fred777
    • Replies: @Fred777
  9. abon says:

    “Xi embarked in what we could sum up as a quite original form of authoritarian state capitalism – where the state is simultaneously an actor and the arbiter of economic life.”

    Not really original. Hitler did exactly the same thing to get Germany out of debt and on the road to prosperity. He usurped the capitalist bankers and for that alone he and the whole German people were targeted for death. The rest of current history is just fortune cookies.

  10. Ron Unz says:
    @John Regan

    Good for the Chinese anyway. Xi Jinping will go down in history as one of the great men of the 21st century.

    One interesting but lesser-known fact is that a century ago many of the leading Western observers fully expected China achieve this sort of transformation, though intervening events did delay the outcome for a couple of generations. As I wrote a few years ago:

    Although these developments might have shocked Westerners of the mid-20th Century—when China was best known for its terrible poverty and Maoist revolutionary fanaticism—they would have seemed far less unexpected to our leading thinkers of 100 years ago, many of whom prophesied that the Middle Kingdom would eventually regain its ranking among the foremost nations of the world. This was certainly the expectation of E.A. Ross, one of America’s greatest early sociologists, whose book The Changing Chinese looked past the destitution, misery, and corruption of the China of his day to a future modernized China perhaps on a technological par with America and the leading European nations. Ross’s views were widely echoed by public intellectuals such as Lothrop Stoddard, who foresaw China’s probable awakening from centuries of inward-looking slumber as a looming challenge to the worldwide hegemony long enjoyed by the various European-descended nations.

    I discussed all of this in a couple of my long articles:

  11. jamie b. says:

    It’s Xi, not XI. A name, not a Roman numeral.

  12. Baxter says:

    Something I’ve never understood (because I cannot think in Chinese or see the world through Chinese eyes) is the abrupt discontinuing of Chinese seafaring exploration in the fifteenth century. Zheng He (I think that’s right) sailed all the way to the East Coast of Africa. That is not something a government or sane captain (this was the 1400s) would undertaken on a whim. It took a staggering amount of human capital and serious brains to put an adventure like that into action-but they did-and then it was over. No rounding the toe of Africa, no circumnavigation of the globe, no far-flung colonies. Europe-a very small place in comparison-was the pioneer (and we all remember the empires built: Portugal, Spain, Britain, France).
    I suspect that religion accounts for the advance of Western Europe and not China. The Catholic mind of Spain was informed by a very different spirit and produced a different character than that its non-Catholic counterparts at that time.
    That’s my guess. Nothing else makes sense.

  13. A person might suppose from Mr. Escobar’s hym of praise to China that they pulled themselves up by their bootstraps.

    No, they had quite a bit of help from greedy American Companies and assorted Billionaires. Outsorcing manufacturing made their profits soar, and similarly increased the wealth of the Managers whose company stock prices went skyward.

    Soon it was happening everywhere, and you can see the result at the Big Box stores today. “Made In China” on just about every item.

    I’m not a historian enough to know if a nation was ever de-industrialized in such a short time for the sole purpose of turning wealthy bastards into super-rich ones.

    Free Trade. Greed Is Good. Ah, but wasn’t St. Ronald Reagan just the greatest ever!

    • Replies: @dogbumbreath
  14. kauchai says:

    “it doesn’t matter the color of the cat, as long as it catches mice.” And it was this oxymoron, in fact, that the new resolution passed in Beijing celebrated last week.

    Oxymoron Mr Escobar?

    This when compared to the old, tired, much abused, and should I say putrefying “democracy” and “liberal economics”, I find and smell a breath of fresh and fragrant breeze blowing across the political and economic mind-scapes among the newly impoverished young people of the world. The fragrance is getting stronger and fresher by the day.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  15. kauchai says:

    Let me offer my 2 cents worth.

    Zheng He’s 7 voyages into the western pacific, south east asia, india, middle-east and east africa lasted from 1405-1433.

    He had a champion and sponsor in the form of emperor YongLe (who by the way muscled himself onto the throne upon the death of his brother to displace his nephew, the rightful heir).

    Massive amounts of state treasury were used to construct giant ocean going vessels (measuring 400ft long by 180 ft wide known as treasure ships) with accompanying smaller ships for soldiers, doctors, engineers, workers, farmers, farm animals, etc, to supplement the fleets. At any one time, each of these voyages consisted of between 200-400 ships – a sight enough to scare even the most battle hardened natives upon the land they visited.

    The emperor’s first and foremost order to his admiral was trade and diplomatic relation and NOT ONE INCH of foreign native soil was to be conquered and occupied. And so, chinese manufactured porcelain wares, silk, paper, etc were traded for spices, precious stones and metals across this ancient maritime silk road. Exotic animals from faraway lands like the ziraffe were brought back to be displayed at the ming court.

    All was hunky dory until YongLe passed on in one of Zheng He’s very last voyages. This set off infighting among the officials on the economic viability of these maritime expeditions. It was argued that the economic returns were very unfavourable to china and the national treasury was in dire straits. In addition, the ming court was facing threats from nomadic tribes to the west and the north which required more attention from the court and money. It was these reasons that prompted YongLe’s descendants to halt these costly voyages.

    Historians always argued that these voyages was to show off china’s strength and the emperor demanded tributes from foreign lands. Facts from the ground had proven this to be a fallacy.

    Take the old malay principality of malacca for instance. This place was setup by a hindu prince known as parameswara who also used to ruled over a tiny island known the in old days as Temasek (present day Singapore). He ruled this tiny empire until 1398 when he was ousted by the javanese kingdom of majapahit (also another hindu based kingdom). When ZhengHe landed in malacca in 1405, parameswara’s heir saw his chance to redeem his father and promptly allied himself to the chinese. In no time, malacca was back in the control of the parameswara clan. (Local folklore had it that the chinese emperor even sent one of his princesses to marry one of the kings)

    In java, the chinese fleet helped resolved a long standing dispute between two warring “states” and in sri lanka brought the reigning king to china for sentencing after he ordered his soldiers to massacre a boatload of chinese soldiers. Yet sri lanka (Ceylon in the old) was never conquered and occupied by china despite this fact.

    My take: Had china under the ming dynasty set out to conquer, occupy and plunder the world like europe and later on the US, we would be facing a very different world today. But territorial expansionism was never in the chinese DNA despite its superior strength for the last 2000 plus years.

  16. Anon62 says:
    @John Regan

    there is literally no reason but stupidity and corruption that that couldn’t have been us instead.
    . . .
    the toxic cocktail of minoritarian ideologies and robber capitalism makes that impossible until our system gets so corrupt it just plain collapses.

    A stupid and corrupt people rarely perceive their own role in their collapse. They are more likely to blame others.

  17. @TG

    India and China started out basically level in the late 40s, although China was vastly more devastated by invasion, foreign aggression and civil war. In the seventy years since China has made the greatest economic and social welfare advance in human history, and is now the largest, and by very far the most productive economy on Earth. India has stagnated, no little due to ‘democrazy’, the caste incubus and delusions of ‘Honorary White’ status.

    • Replies: @foolisholdman
  18. @kauchai

    Exactly! ‘Democrazy’ has manifestly failed, producing social division and hatred, ruthless elite rule, record inequality, stagnant societies, debased ‘culture’, utter venality in all things and ceaseless aggression and destruction. ‘Authoritarian’ (a moronic Orientalist label applied by arrogant Western racists)China has advanced as no other country in history. The ruling party and Government enjoy c.90% satisfaction, or very satisfied, from the populace, while ruling regimes in the West generally enjoy the same approval as paedophiles and real estate agents. Any poor world youth who throws their lot in with the West is either a wannabe compradore and crook, or a dullard.

    • Replies: @von Frey
  19. Rahan says:

    Outside of tanks and missiles, the Soviets relied to a large extent on copying the imperialist pig-dogs.


    This works perfectly well when the west is stagnating or in turmoil, and doesn’t work when the west resumes being lively and courageous. Between 1970 and 1980 it seemed as if the Eastern Block has achieved parity with the west, and is in fact more stable, albeit more drab and boring.

    Red China today is much more economy-savvy than Red Russia ever was. No-one in the world can innovate better than the classical west. Even the Japs couldn’t — even at their peak they could at best be world class competitors at what westerners invented. However, is the classical west still around?

    When over 50% of children are colored, and heritage whites are being disenfranchised, and opioids and degenerate porn are chipping away from all sides, and the inherited soci0-cultural structures are aggressively dismantled, and the nervous system of society has been taken over by megalomaniac Jews, menopausal bitches, and doped up perverts, is the classical west still around?

    It looks rather that the whole world has entered an era of “trying to not regress too quickly” for some, and “let’s get this over with and do an engineered implosion genocide” for others.

    And in this sense Red China may very well have a solid program. While some are clinging on to pale shades of normality while others are being ethnically cleansed, sterilized and reduced to gulag poverty for their own good, China only has to stand in one place to look like some sort of amazing hi-tech clean safe Gookkanda.

    • Replies: @The_MasterWang
  20. Acts 17
    26 And He has made from one blood every nation of men to dwell on all the face of the earth, and has determined their preappointed times and the boundaries of their dwellings, 27 so that they should seek the Lord, in the hope that they might grope for Him and find Him, though He is not far from each one of us; 28 for in Him we live and move and have our being, as also some of your own poets have said, ‘For we are also His offspring.’

    Psalm 133
    1 Behold, how good and how pleasant it is
    For brethren to dwell together in unity!
    3 … For there the Lord commanded the blessing — Life forevermore.

    • Thanks: jim bob beers
  21. This is very good information about what is really happening inside China. The reality of China from an insider. The real politics of the Chinese Communist regime.

    How 50 oligarchs control China & now most of the world Part 1

    How 50 oligarchs control China & now most of the world Part 2

    50 Communist Mafia families run China behind the scenes, including the family of Xi. Their struggles for power in the Communist system while the common Chinese work like ants.
    ———-Mehool Bhai

  22. Friends, Mehool here, Mainland Chinese businessman Desmund Shum was a business partner to Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao. He escaped China recently and spills the beans on how Communist China really works behind all the facade. He talks of the greedy Red Aristocracy who enjoy most of the wealth while the Common Chinese are actually given peanuts. His wife was imprisoned because of his revelations by the authoritarian regime.

    Check out this video where he talks about China’s ruthless and greedy elite Communist Red aristocracy.

    Desmond Shum Red Roulette

    ———–Mehool Bhai from Mumbai

    • Disagree: GomezAdddams
    • Thanks: Ann Nonny Mouse
    • Replies: @RJ Macready
  23. Freinds, Mehool again, please read this book by Desmond Shum
    RED ROULETTE: Wealth, Power, Corruption, and Vengeance in Today’s China.


    Book summary
    A riveting insider’s story of how the Party and big money work in China today, by a man who, with his wife, Whitney Duan, rose to the zenith of power and wealth—and then fell out of favor. She was disappeared four years ago. News of this book led to a phone call from Whitney, proof that she’s alive.

    As Desmond Shum was growing up impoverished in China, he vowed his life would be different.

    Through hard work and sheer tenacity he earned an American college degree and returned to his native country to establish himself in business. There, he met his future wife, the highly intelligent and equally ambitious Whitney Duan who was determined to make her mark within China’s male-dominated society. Whitney and Desmond formed an effective team and, aided by relationships they formed with top members of China’s Communist Party, the so-called red aristocracy, he vaulted into China’s billionaire class. Soon they were developing the massive air cargo facility at Beijing International Airport, and they followed that feat with the creation of one of Beijing’s premier hotels. They were dazzlingly successful, traveling in private jets, funding multi-million-dollar buildings and endowments, and purchasing expensive homes, vehicles, and art.

    But in 2017, their fates diverged irrevocably when Desmond, while residing overseas with his son, learned that his now ex-wife Whitney had vanished along with three coworkers.

    This is both Desmond’s story and Whitney’s, because she has not been able to tell it herself.

    ————-Mehool Bhai

    • Thanks: Ann Nonny Mouse, Thim
    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  24. @Anonymous

    (…) good education, good infrastructure, a higher average IQ (…) – well, this sounds rather good, doesn’t it? the more so as we read in the article that Xi, for all practical purposes, elevated to the status of “thought”. But, there seems to me a

    BUT: thought without spirit doesn’t exist, and according to Hegel (La Raison dans l’Histoire, éditions 10/18, Paris 1965, p. 64), “spirit = freedom”. And that, in China, simply doesn’t exist. In the long run, without freedom, creativity and originality – the prerequisites for true innovation – cannot deploy themselves.

    The 72 millions CCP criminals are facing an awkward choice, seems to me.

  25. Friends, Mehool Again. This is good info about President Xi and about deep links in between Chinese Communists and American politicians.

    Did Obama/ Hillary/ Susan anoint Xi Jinping as China’s Premier?

    ——-Mehool Bhai from Mumbai, Bharat

    • Troll: Showmethereal
    • Replies: @anon
    , @迪路
    , @Olivier1973
  26. Yee says:

    50 Communist Mafia families run China behind the scenes,

    Since banks, MIC, oil companies, railroads, electricity, water, universities, hospitals… almost all important resourses are state-owned, who cares who runs China behind the scence? As long as they’re running it well and deliver what they have promised to the public.

    • Replies: @Kidist Paulos Asrat
  27. @Baxter

    They stopped the expeditions because it was a dumb idea they looked around everywhere and found nothing of value.

    They didn’t start colonies or trade because it made no economic sense.

    Why start a colony to mine iron in Africa when there was plenty of unmined iron in China?

    Raw materials were plentiful, you had Tiny furnaces and men hitting anvils with hammers the issue was you couldn’t process raw material

    It was the industrial revolution that made colonization and trading with other countries feasible.

    After the industrial revolution you had massive steel mills, and massive factories stamping out metal parts instead of guys with hammers

  28. @Yee


    We will let you do what you want, but we will hold you by your throats. You are OURS. Which means you will do what WE want.

    Rephrasing Comrade Xi, of the Communist Party of China: “The Revolution comes with Our Consent.”

    Kidist Paulos Asrat
    Art and Commentary by Kidist Paulos Asrat
    Articles on China:

    [email protected]

  29. @Ron Unz

    Thank you. I read both of those articles with interest though IIRC I didn’t comment on either.

    I think that given its vast territories and population, China’s potential reemergence as a major power was always obvious absent drastic interventions by its more advanced competitors. (In that respect she was fortunate indeed that all such efforts were used up in the wars against Germany and Japan instead.) That or internal collapse. The only other factor that could have inhibited it would have been if the Chinese really were somehow drastically inferior to white men on the biological level. And certainly by the early 1900s the example of Japan had unambiguously proved that East Asians were capable of adopting Western technology and forms of organization.

    However in defense of the Western China pessimists one should also bear in mind that at the time they wrote China had been a depressing and dysfunctional failed state with massive civil wars and mass starvation literally for generations. It was something that most people just took for granted as the status quo. Similar to how until quite recently most people just assumed out of habit America would always stay on top no matter what (and I think there are still a lot who do even today).

    Potential is not always realized. An awful ruling class can cripple the most talented and promising nation. The West of today is the proof of that in the flesh. In China generations of misrule (together with the normal disruptions of modernity as well as some foreign malice) likewise exerted a strongly depressing effect. It wasn’t all that implausible that this could go on for some time.

    Really it was only World War II that allowed for China to be unified again (and to annex some of its neighbors such as Tibet) by both exhausting the main competitors to the Communists and aligning the international scene in a way favorable to them. If not for that the civil war might have continued for decades more. And then what? Maybe if the Kuomintang finally crashed after heroic efforts but without a strong CCP to replace it China would have ended up splintered into a dozen principalities for good like the Holy Roman Empire? If all or some of them had then chucked the awkward but unifying Chinese writing system (like Mao himself wanted to do but couldn’t) they wouldn’t even be speaking the same language today. Leading to a very different political future for the world even if their eventual modernization would still be a certainty.

    Or maybe not. After 1949 though and certainly after the 1960s at the latest the only thing that could have stopped a Chinese juggernaut was all out war with either NATO or the USSR. Absent that the question then became when not if.

    Myself I first realized that China was rapidly transforming its potential superpower status into an active one sometime in the 1990s. So I was a little late to that party but not all that bad for a layman in the days before the Internet was mainstream.

    As for your theory about the evolutionary history of the Chinese national character I feel I don’t know the history of China before the 19th century anywhere near well enough to comment intelligently on it. I would be surprised if there isn’t some truth to it but I couldn’t tell you how much. As you note in the article the high performance of East Asians other than the Chinese who were quite different culturally (most obviously Japan) implies a strong argument that there is some other underlying factor affecting both. If we look at human capital alone it would even seem that the Japanese are superior to the Chinese in at least some respects. Their more cooperative and less corrupt culture would be the most obvious advantage.

    For such and related reasons it may also be that China’s economic growth ultimately peaks (or rather slows down drastically) at a somewhat lower per capita level than Japan. On the other hand China obviously has very powerful economies of scale that Japan cannot match. As a non-expert I once again feel unqualified to comment on the specifics of what factor weighs heavier. Whatever level it settles on the material prosperity of modern China is obviously assured. As well as its status as one of the great superpowers of the world for generations to come. Perhaps even a global hegemon eventually.

    Again of course absent either drastic foreign interventions or crippling corruption at the top after Xi.

  30. @Anonymous

    In addition to the positives that you mention we should add what China does not have: political correctness and affirmative action. That translates into a high degree of meritocracy that the West in general and the U. S . specifically are deprived of.

    • Agree: RoatanBill, Realist, Levtraro
    • Replies: @nsa
  31. @René Fries

    “spirit = freedom”.

    Indeed. Yet, looking at the Covid measures in Europe and in China, can anyone tell the difference? We have not seen, yet, the Chinese version of the Austrian Chancellor’s diktat that all unvaccinated citizens are obliged to confine.

    • Replies: @Stephane
    , @René Fries
  32. onebornfree says: • Website

    “And that brings us to Xi’s role enshrined as a great transformer, on the same conceptual level as Mao and Deng. He fully grasped how the state and the party created wealth”

    This “just” in: Governments cannot, and do not, create wealth” They never have, they never will.

    All they can do is rob the privately created wealth of their citizen slaves at the point of a gun, and the more they do it, the more that gets stolen, and the poorer everyone outside of government ultimately becomes.

    All the tyrant con man Xi has done is to figure out how to steal even more than his tyrant predecessors, Mao and Deng.

    “The idea that socialism is a share-the-wealth program is strictly a confidence game to get the people to surrender their freedom to an all-powerful collectivist government. While the Insiders tell us we are building a paradise on earth, we are actually constructing a jail for ourselves.” Gary Allen, None Dare Call It Conspiracy

    “socialism is not a share-the-wealth program, as the socialists would like you to believe, but a consolidate-and-control-the-wealth program for the Insiders.” Gary Allen, None Dare Call It Conspiracy

    Regards, onebornfree

    • Troll: Mulga Mumblebrain
    • Replies: @Zorost
  33. Take it from one who has experienced this:

    Little inroads into “socialism” is the beginnings of the death knell of a society.

    Each who glorifies the “advanced” society of China should consider this: How much information are we really getting from China?

    How can a country rule under market “liberalism” but still hold Communist principles under its leadership?

    What is the real backstory?

    The US (or the US “management”) has, I acknowledge, led the country toward many ills.

    But what are YOU doing about it? And “politics” is not where its at.

    And, there is always hope. Nihilism is never the answer, but a cop out. In fact, it is unholy, a sin.

    Start, before you genuflect before the various “Asian” gods.

    Tough times make tough people. Get started.

    But on my optimist’s note, I don’t think this will happen in the West… Too many differences. Even the Chinese here STILL cannot “integrate” into the Western system, and way of life. There is still such a system, multi-culti notwithstanding. There is still a West.

    Communism ALWAYS falls apart. And then what?


    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  34. bjondo says:

    Will trade Democrats, Repubs, Libertarians, for a Xi.
    Shit Deep State thrown in for free. Even pay to take.

    5 dancing shlomos

  35. Yee says:

    Kidist Paulos Asrat,

    We will let you do what you want, but we will hold you by your throats. You are OURS. Which means you will do what WE want.

    This is an apt description of the US government… Or are you trying to tell me you people come up with the “diversity”, “LGBT” and other shit you’re whining about all by yourselves?

    While all governments tell their people what to want, at least the commie give us something we can live with…

    • Replies: @bombthe3gorgesdam
  36. What this ‘manifesto’ proves beyond a doubt is that fascism is correct. All things turn to fascism. The real choice is between sane humanist national fascism and insane supremacist global fascism.

    Xi combines pragmatism with national vision, but his imagination is limited. And he looks like a manatee.

  37. @Yee

    Your “commie” government is going to provoke the Americans into nuking china. Is that “something we can live with”? America does not tolerate peer competitors. You’ll all find this out, just like japan, germany (twice), and the soviet union found out.

  38. @Kidist Paulos Asrat

    Puerile racist, Orientalist, idiocy. Sorry White Boy-the East is Red!

    • Agree: GomezAdddams
  39. @René Fries

    You are reduced to clinging on to some esoteric notion of mythical superiority now. It pleases me.

    • Replies: @René Fries
  40. @René Fries

    Orientalist, intensely racist, garbage. Pig ignorance about China, its culture, civilization, history, philosophies etc, is rampant in the West, and celebrated as ‘insight’. It’s quite risible.

    • Replies: @The_MasterWang
  41. @René Fries

    This comment was so stupid that I had to read it twice to make sure it was real.

    How stupid does one need to be to spout this kind of super moronic non sense?

    • Agree: Mulga Mumblebrain
  42. @brostoevsky

    More like Europe must pick themselves up and make peace with Russia.

  43. @Mehool Mehta

    Punka-wallah envy of Chinese success is truly mirth-inducing.

    • Replies: @Mehool Mehta
  44. anon[230] • Disclaimer says:
    @Mehool Mehta

    Modi anointed from Sydney .

  45. glib says:

    Your comment is slightly inaccurate. China’s economic boom is over, but China will not decline as steeply as the West, therefore becoming comparatively better. There is no longer sufficient energy to maintain the boom, but China acted to secure supplies from Russia, who is willing. Yesterday’s announcement of gas discovery in the Caspian by Iran also will find its way to China, through the russian pipeline network. But it is still a fact that concrete production in China has flatlined since 2015, that new cars and new cell phone sales peaked in 2017, and that they now have to deal with a housing bubble of their own making. Still, a much better managed country than Europe for example.

    • Replies: @GomezAdddams
  46. JM says:
    @Ron Unz

    All these generalisationas are fine, but they seem to ignore the three main elements in the success of China, which are
    i) an intelligent, disciplined, cheap workforce (in the early stages 1/50th the cost of Western organised labor), directed by

    ii) a government that learned the lessons of the Maoist project which was full of errors, even from a Marxist viewpoint (mainly the nonsense of trying to substitute labor for capital and even technology, systematically and in extreme ways), but both of these subordinated to the other factor

    iii) which was orchestrated from the “benevolent” world economic bodies, all arms of US Finance Capital which was to restructure the Post-War arrangement in which Multinational Corporations were operating behind tariff/protection barriers – mainly for the home market of fairly sovereign nations. Initially at the Asian periphery to China – South Korea, Philippines, Taiwan as well as in the Latin American maquiladoras but later in the closing phases of the Vietnam adventure, to deals struck with the Chinese communists which eventually opened up Eastern China (a home supervised Grand maquiladora) to Chinese capital both from the periphery and within and from the West. This was tantamount to exporting manufacturing from the US and most Western nations and was initiated from the West, not China.

    The truth of this lives on today in that – with some difficult adjustments over an extended time it could be, in large part, reversed. And where would that leave the “Chinese Miracle”?

    • Replies: @antibeast
  47. FvS says:

    The existential meaning of Asians is hatred of whites. The Chinese especially have never gotten over European civilization surpassing their own. Now that the Chinese economy has matured, the vast majority of whites are no longer needed to serve the needs of the Jewish parasite and their non-white hordes.

    What’s that? Hand me another beer, the sportsball game just started.

    • Replies: @The_MasterWang
  48. @Rahan

    Future Chinese historians will incorporate statements like this into their narrative.

    “…as their civilization entered terminal decline the Whites clung ever more rigorously to their notion of racial superiority and attributed their downfall to their noble nature enabling the Jews to subvert and degenerate their society. In other words, they declared they were too pure and noble for this world before they died. They raged before they entered into that good night.”

    It’s rather amusing, really.

    • Replies: @Rahan
  49. 迪路 says:
    @Mehool Mehta

    Chinese don’t care about you Indians. If you want to start a rumor, then I advise you to make more rumors, so that garbage will not queue up to come to China. I’ll be rooting for you.
    Only in India can you enjoy your right to rape women.
    Generally speaking, when Indian rapists come to China, they will be sent directly to face death penalty.

    • Replies: @Mehool Mehta
  50. Stephane says:
    @Joe Levantine

    We have not seen, yet, the Chinese version of the Austrian Chancellor’s diktat that all unvaccinated citizens are obliged to confine.

    They can afford not to, because as soon as a COVID case pops up, this trigger immediate, very strict lockdowns and massive testing and contact tracing over a wide area to contain it before it can spread.

    And they have an aggressive and broad vaccination program in place.

    They also implemented restriction for the unvaccinated persons, like suspension from work and salary for public employees, restriction on travel or loosing social credit points, but IIRC it’s more on a local basis than a nation-wide, uniform policy.

    • Agree: Jake Dee
  51. @Mehool Mehta

    Hey Slumdog,
    Go mind your own business. India is a 3rd world shithole which will either be ruled by china or broken into pieces. And that’s because most indians are utterly deluded self obsessed morons. The worst traits of humanity can be found amongst indians and is in full bloom all over the internet….jealous, self obsessed, self centered, haughty, arrogant and greedy. And now that china is the superpower that you clowns were thinking you would become the jealousy overflows. Go build toilets or something and stop coming over these sites.

    From a fellow Bombay(not mumbai) native.

    • Replies: @Mehool Mehta
  52. antibeast says:

    I suspect that religion accounts for the advance of Western Europe and not China. The Catholic mind of Spain was informed by a very different spirit and produced a different character than that its non-Catholic counterparts at that time.

    The reason why Portugal sailed around Africa was to find a trade route to India in order to bypass the Muslims in the Ottoman Empire which controlled the Mediterranean Sea. Spain followed by chartering Columbus’ voyages which ended with his ‘discovery’ of the Americas which he thought was India.

    Both Iberian Powers were hostile to the Ottoman Empire which had to do with their religion — Roman Catholicism — which forbade trade with the Muslims. That’s why the Pope issued the Papal bull authorizing the European ‘discovery’ and subsequent Christian ‘colonization’ of the New World which was indeed based on their European religion: Roman Catholicism.

    That’s why the Catholic Powers — Catholic Spain, Portugal and France — established the largest European Empires in the Americas, followed by Protestant England which established the original thirteen colonies in New England as a geopolitical rival to the Catholic Powers.

    China OTOH never had this ‘Christianizing’ missionary complex which seems to afflict Westerners, from the Pope then to the Yanks today.

  53. @Joe Levantine

    looking at the Covid measures in Europe and in China

    we may as well look at the “witchcraft” measures taken in Europe and in America. Both were/are based on “science” (the “Hexenhammer” was university stuff) and nonetheless, “witchcraft” completely disappeared. Covid will go the same way. This mainly is because, as Hans Blumenberg writes, “der wissenschaftliche Fortschritt kein als additiv zu begreifender Prozess ist; die in ihm auftretende Spontaneität hat vielmehr den Charakter einer technique for producing surprises“, in Wirklichkeiten in denen wir leben, Verlag Reclam Jr., book nr 7715, p. 158, translation: “scientific progress is not a process to be deemed additional; the spontaneity therein appearing rather has the character of a technique for producing surprises“. And according to Blumenberg, the said technique is impossible without the Hegelian equation “spirit = freedom”.

    • Replies: @Olivier1973
  54. @René Fries

    thought without spirit doesn’t exist

    The Chinese being unable of creativity, originality and innovation?! The Chinese being without spirit?! ROTFL!

    Such stupid thoughts are indeed the consequence of a pure spirit!

    In the mean time the Chinese are publishing more scientific papers in all fields than any other country. And they will not care about such prejudicial and racist “thoughts” without any spirit.

    The dogs bark, the Chinese move forward.

  55. @The_MasterWang

    “But I am increasingly skeptical about its ability to produce anything that is… really interesting/world-transformational.” That’s from ANATOLY KARLIN . Anything more?

    • Replies: @The_MasterWang
  56. Zorost says:

    Shut up, hippie. Anarcho-capitalism stopped being edgy over 10 years ago.

    • Replies: @onebornfree
  57. @René Fries

    we may as well look at the “witchcraft” measures taken in Europe and in America. Both were/are based on “science”

    No, they are not based on science, but are policy measures to control and enslave people. And make a lot of money for corrupt people.

    Blumenberg, OK, everyone will understand where you come from.

    Scientific progress in Europe was doomed for 15 centuries because of the catholicism spiritual totalitarism.

    As you can read German, read the books of Karl-Heinz Deschner, “Kriminalgeschichte des Christentums”, in 10 volumes:

    Hence: spirit = absence of freedom.

  58. @Mehool Mehta

    Primary anti-chinese propaganda. The reality is that the Chinese hold the yankees by the balls and by their (yankee) cupidity and stupidity.

    Now to check the average IQ of China and India.

  59. @bombthe3gorgesdam

    Please stop being a bitch and walk the talk.

    • Replies: @bombthe3gorgesdam
  60. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Shut up, you fool. Sticks and stones and hypersonic weapons will break their bones. Words will never hurt them.

    You don’t denounce the enemy. You make preparations to destroy them.

  61. @FvS

    You think too highly of yourselves, rabid dogs.

  62. PJ London says:
    @Ron Unz

    To me the glaring (and I have commented on it a number of times) difference is the total reversal of Western thought identified, with enormous clarity, by Pepe.
    The Government concentrated on increasing wealth, growing the economy and doing everything to make growth happen.

    “In a country well governed, poverty is something to be ashamed of. In a country badly governed, wealth is something to be ashamed of.”
    ― Confucius

    At the same time they enforced a vision that the private sector had to take care of society and ensure the poorest were cared for.

    “To be wealthy and honoured in an unjust society is a disgrace.”
    ― Confucius,

    Thus great infrastructure was put in place and yet ‘celebrity’ and ‘wealth’ in stead of being idolised was required to suborn itself social responsibility.
    China places great store on social ‘score’,

    “Consideration for others is the basis of a good life, a good society.”
    ― Confucius

    The west has turned from Philosophers


    (I wonder why :
    The Rockefeller’s General Education Board proudly announced in its 1906 that,
    In our dreams…people yield themselves with perfect docility to our moulding hands. The present educational conventions [intellectual and character education]… We shall not try to make these people or any of their children into philosophers or men of learning or men of science. We have not to raise up from among them authors, educators, poets or men of letters. We shall not search for embryo great artists, painters, musicians, nor lawyers, doctors, preachers, politicians, statesmen, of whom we have ample supply.)

    Whilst China considers them Gods.

    Until the West regains its’ soul nothing good can happen.
    As I very much doubt that this is possible I do not have any belief in the hopes for western thought or prosperity.
    The only question is how far down will it go before total collapse and return to an almost pre-industrial age.

    PS this was set in a fictional African country but was in fact almost the model for two countries.
    I wrote it ten years ago.

    “A team was looking at how to recruit displaced African farmers who wished to operate in Africa without becoming multi-millionaires or ripping off the locals.
    Fourth and fifth generation settlers from South Africa, Rhodesia, Kenya, Angola and Mozambique found resettling in the “old countries of Portugal and England” most, well, unsettling. They were Africans, just not 100% black, and they wanted to live and work and die in Africa. But they were by training and desire farmers first and foremost, with a background and experience that Malundi could utilise. Most of them only had their hands and brains to offer, their property and assets being seized long ago. Malundi was happy to embrace capitalism and property rights, the farmers had to embrace social cohesion and communal responsibility. Unlike the foreign corporations, the ex-settlers understood and applauded the culture.
    The sales pitch to the farmers was, “You will live well, you will have a nice home, you will eat well, your kids will go to good schools and maybe universities, but your prime aim is to feed the people around you. Share your good fortune. You will not become tycoons, millionaires or get to own half of Malundi. You will be respected, and admired, you will be safe and your children will grow up healthy and happy with many friends and with a wide knowledge of Africa. If this is a future that you can buy into, then welcome. If being millionaires at the expense of those less able and less fortunate is your dream, then Malundi is not for you. We will help you to farm and set up export businesses in the agricultural and horticultural sectors, but you must want to build Malundi and all its’ people not just your bank balance.” An amazing number of ex-Africans rushed to sign up. Not one of them wanted to be a corporation, they just wanted to grow things.”

    • Thanks: Olivier1973
  63. reading says:

    Because the United States is so obsessed with China, the opportunity for all players in the world has come

    If you regard the United States as the head of the guild and China as the wild boss. Because the head is so obsessed with getting the first kill and can’t act alone, it’s time for the members of the guild to ask. All kinds of benefits and benefits can be asked. Not only the allies of the United States, but also the people at the bottom of the United States. If you need the blood of the league members, the head doesn’t Willing to pay… Then how cold and greedy the head without goal is

    If you regard the United States as the boss, then Russia and China, which are so obsessed with the United States, have become the main defense soldiers. All kinds of small and large guilds can develop and grow.. like South America and Africa, the suppressed guilds and guilds in Africa will have more space for activities

    In short, a good time for players has come

  64. @迪路

    It is not a rumour. Watch video.

    —-Mehool Bhai

    • Replies: @迪路
  65. “Marx. Lenin. Mao. Deng. Xi.”

    A Jew, a quarter Jew and three chinamen. Now we know the world is screwed!

    • Replies: @GomezAdddams
  66. @John Regan

    Perhaps even a global hegemon eventually.

    Ludicrous, but typical western imperialist way of thinking. China is not in attack, but in defensive mode. And first of all the Chinese are not racist, unlike the yankees and the europeans West of Russia.

    Xinzang is a province of China, it was not annexed. It is India which annexed Arunachal Pradesh because of the british imperialism.

  67. antibeast says:

    The truth of this lives on today in that – with some difficult adjustments over an extended time it could be, in large part, reversed. And where would that leave the “Chinese Miracle”?

    That’s only partly true as China’s economy had two parts: 1). Capitalist-driven, export-led manufacturing, and 2). State-driven, infrastructure and technology investment. While your thesis might hold for the first part which relied on the mass production of high-volume, low-value consumer goods based on the exploitation of cheap and abundant labor, it fails on the second part which depended upon high-value, low-volume infrastructure and technology industries based on the State allocation of capital and resources.

    The first part allowed foreign Capital to invest in China to exports cheap goods at low prices all over the world which then allowed it to pile up trillions of dollars but it is the second part which allowed the State to allocate those trillions of dollars to build up its infrastructure and technology industries.

    That was the difference between China and the rest of the developing world which was also exporting cheap goods all over the world. If foreign Capital alone was the sole factor in China’s economic development, then other developing countries would have developed much earlier than China.

    Instead of piling up trillions of dollars which is rapidly losing its value, China wants its economy to serve its own domestic market by building its own technology industries.

    China has been moving away from its old business model of Capitalist-driven, export-led manufacturing industries to its new business model of State-led, innovation-driven, technology industries since 2008. And the results can be seen today in China which has 70% of the world’s high-speed rail lines as well as 80% of the world’s 5G basestations.

    • Agree: Jake Dee
    • Thanks: John Regan
    • Replies: @JM
  68. @RJ Macready

    Bhai, see through the facade of the West and see through the facade of China too. China is an authoritarian state. West will become like that.

    The Daily Life of Chinese People under the high pressure of power/The arrogance of power in China
    Bharata will always be democracy. Indians like you are shame to Bharata. You call me slumdog? Bhai, I am Gujrathi Businessman, you know the money we guys got, we guys run Mumbai. We are buying up London. We are decimating Jews in diamond trade in Antwerp. And yes it is Mumbai not Portuguese -British name, Bombay. Amchi Mumbai. I know Indians like you, Westernised shits, ashamed of their own Indic heritage, always worship West and China. Traitors like you should be kicked out of India. When they racist White men and Chinese men call you slumdog, you will have to come back to Mother India. West is collapsing, there are slums in Western cities with shit, Communists are taking over the West. Both West and China will collapse and India will rise as it rightfully should.

  69. KA says:

    There was an intersting discussion on the begining of the inward – looking period in the book

    1421 When China Discovered America by G Menzes .

  70. “Essentially, the resolution poses three questions. How did we get here? How come we were so successful? And what have we learned to make these successes long-lasting?”

    Let me answer the three essential questions for you:

    1) We got there because the Jew tricked the West into a false belief that opening relationships with China was beneficial,

    2) We have been successful because the Jew has conned Americans and Europeans to part with the White man’s technology to the us for his own narrow goals,

    3) We haven’t learnt anything because the perfidious Jew having failed in his design to use us as the field yegros, i.e. his inability to turn China into a plantation for usurious profits, plans to use the gullible Christian soldiers to eff up us in a not very distant future using Taiwan as the bait.

    May the Lord God Confucius cum Tao (or is it Dao) help us from turning into a wasteland!

    • Replies: @迪路
    , @RJ Macready
  71. 迪路 says:
    @Mehool Mehta

    Yes, I believe what you said must be true for you. I fully support you making more of these facts.
    I could tell you a little truth, too. You go home and find out if it’s true.
    The Mountbatten plan led to the first Indo-Pakistani war. In fact, Mountbatten was actually married to a Jewish family as a British royal. You can think about who was trying to use the partition plan to pit Pakistan against India in those years. I won’t go into detail. Please go home and check for yourself. Please don’t make me doubt your intelligence.
    You don’t think Liaquat Ali Khan and Mahatma Gandhi represent you and muslims? They are all excellent students studying in The UK. That doesn’t look good on you poor people. Playing the ascetic is nothing more than a sublime performance. In fact, the Nobel Prize is a matter of masons controlling who gets to win it, and most Of the Nobile Peace Prizes are explicitly political.
    As for why they want to start a conflict with Pakistan, it’s simple, it’s a strategy of the British empire to divide and rule so that they can control India better.

    • Replies: @Mehool Mehta
  72. 迪路 says:

    At first, I thought I should argue with someone, but now I understand. You don’t have to argue with them about whether they are right or wrong. Tell them they must be right. Then they will also be satisfied. You win, they win.No one was hurt.

  73. 迪路 says:
    @Chinaman's Nightmare

    There is some truth in what you say. But I don’t recommend Hitler’s extreme measures. For Chinese, it is not a problem for me to make money from my business, although Jews account for 70% of the profit, but 30% is not a loss for the development of our country. Honestly, I think the Jews should accept communism, because the Jews invented it.

  74. onebornfree says: • Website

    “If one rejects laissez faire on account of mans fallibility and moral weakness, one must for the same reason also reject every kind of government action.” Ludwig von Mises

    “Socialism is not in the least what it pretends to be. It is not the pioneer of a better and finer world, but the spoiler of what thousands of years of civilization have created. It does not build, it destroys. For destruction is the essence of it. It produces nothing, it only consumes what the social order based on private ownership in the means of production has created.” Ludwig von Mises

    “The main propoganda trick of supporters of the allegedly “progressive” policy of government control is to blame capitalism for all that is unsatisfactory in present-day conditions and to extol the blessings of socialism. They have never attempted to prove their fallacious dogmas, all they did was to call their adversaries names and cast suspicion upon their motives. And, unfortunately, the average citizen cannot see through these stratagems. The liars must be afraid of the truth and are therefore driven to suppress its pronouncement.” Ludwig von Mises

    “The State is, and always has been, the great single enemy of the human race, its liberty, happiness, and progress.” Murray Rothbard

    “Regards” onebornfree

  75. “Honestly, I think the Jews should accept communism, because the Jews invented it.”

    What the Chinese and the Indians should accept is not Marxism but their own way of life, just as Europeans should accept their way of life along with rest of world finding its own way but most importantly, Jews must accept its own modus vivendi without imposing their mythology and idea of god on to the rest of world; it’s a bit too much for fifteen million to preach or enslave seven thousand five hundred million. It’s the height of chutzpah!

    • Replies: @jim bob beers
  76. @Olivier1973

    They are utterly delusional mate. Trust me-I live here. I am surrounded by idiocy. Indians are the most delusional, arrogant, self-centered, self-obsessed, arrogant vermins on earth. I can write an essay on this. The west is importing these earthworms by bucketful every single day.

    This American blogger has been exposing them for a decade now, repeatedly getting banned. Have a read-there are at least a hundred such articles I will paste just two. And make sure to read the comments:

    • Replies: @Joe Wong
  77. @Mehool Mehta

    Apne gaand mai daal tirange ke or chilla- BHARAT MATA KI MAA KI CHOOT. BHARAT MATA KI MAA KA BHOSDA!

    Yeah India will be divided and broken up most likely, if its not invaded by China. And shove the Indian heritage up your gujju ass bhadve! There are many many young Indians who think like I do. Heck, we have an association here and we average 1500 people. So yeah, go fuck yourself samjha chutiye? Yeh bhai bhai apne paas rakh lavde. Aaja Bombay dikhata hu tujhe bhai-giri.

    Mother India LMAO- This mother should have been aborted in 1947. Now fuck off from this website lavde ke dandruff!!! Ja toilets bana poverty stricken slum dwelling street shitting sahib!! Lavda Mehta LMAO

    • Replies: @Chinaman's Nightmare
  78. @Mehool Mehta

    A Gujarati would not spell his name Gujarathi (a South Indian way of spelling) nor a real Mehta, leaving aside the spelling of Mehul as “Me-hool”, would not brag about his diamond prowess against the Jew because they’re both peas of the same pod and furthermore, the phrase “Amchi-Mumbai” was a Maratha construct by the nativists to counter the Indian “Jews”, viz. the Jains and the Zoroastrians and their control of Bombay…

    So, who are you and what’s your shtick?

    • Replies: @RJ Macready
  79. Agent76 says:

    Nov 16, 2021 China-US virtual summit. Xi calls Biden ‘my old friend’

    Oct 24, 2021 Inflection EP20: China Builds Up ASEAN, the US Bullies it…

    While the Western media insists China is a threat to global peace and prosperity, an objective look at China’s role in ASEAN development versus US coercion, political sedition, and even proxy conflict reveals the true threat to both Asia and the rest of the world.

  80. anonymous[317] • Disclaimer says:

    “Zheng He” is a political fable/historical revision like Ataturk’s Turkish History. It is meant to boost morale and perhaps be a model for the future. Compare it to real history of discovery: the Portuguese in their small ships over several generations. They left a real trace. “Zheng He” did not.

    • Replies: @John Regan
  81. @Chinaman's Nightmare

    The Jew did nothing wrong. It was your Christian morality that you white fuckers still carry with you in your heart that became your undoing. You wanted the world to be a better just place and didn’t realize that your Christian virtues go against nature……. because nature, and by extension all organisms are amoral. All life is amoral. There is no good there is no bad, There just is!

    You invented the theory of the survival of the fittest and failed to implement it in your own backyard. China, the CCP and Xi studied your blunder, analyzed it and put some rules and regulations in place- they realized what made ancient Egypt the greatest civilization on earth with 4000-year running longevity- the realization that life and the Universe is chaos. And to counter this chaos order is needed. This order cannot be brought about by some religious or spiritual mumbo jumbo but by strict governance and ruling with an iron fist. This is what made the ancient Egyptians control the chaos of the nile and this is what will ensure China rules the world. You guys would be great sheeple though-I give you that. The lord is my shepherd and all that….LMAO!!

    • Replies: @Maddaugh
  82. 迪路 says:
    @Mehool Mehta

    I fully support you, India will be the most powerful country in the world. Even the Jews will have to kneel before you. Women of the world will become appendages of Indian men. The average IQ of Indians will be in the top 3 in the world. India will complete the smuggling and migration, colonization of the world and become the king of the world.

    • LOL: Maddaugh
  83. @Olivier1973

    Free Tibet now! Long live His Holiness the Most Reverend Dalai Lama!

    • Replies: @Maddaugh
    , @antibeast
  84. Maddaugh says:

    Population alone is not a sufficient condition for economic advancement. China was economically isolated for many years and it showed.

    Finally, an intelligent observation !

    Thats right. China had a large population for thousands of years and wallowed in dreadful poverty because it was economically isolated.

    What would happen if it were economically isolated again. As I stated many times, its all well and good to manufacture an athletic shoe for \$1 and sell it in the US for \$300. What happens when you can no longer do so ? Not in the US, not in Europe, not in Canada and not in South America.

    When Chinese (and Jew) magnates see their wealth devastated (and many have moved their assets out of China) will Xi and the Communist party survive to mimic Pinky and the Brain ?

    One essentially ends up with the largest population in the world with nothing to do. Many of the commenters here on UR really need to visit China and get out of the glamour cities. They will encounter tens of millions living in poverty that would make the slums of Nigeria look like Beverly Hills. In China, locals hustle tourists steering them to this and that local establishment for a commission. Anyone ever see locals in Times Square or anywhere else in the US hustling Chinese tourists for small change. What does that tell me ? The place is still Third World. India and Mexico are the same. Make eye contact and the locals hound the shit out of you !!!

    In China a lot of their infrastructure is falling apart and falling down. China is the neighbour driving a Bentley, living in a 5000 sq foot house, wearing expensive suits and tottering on the verge of disaster.

    Looking back at history, this dream of world domination has been a shadow chased by many an ambitious dictator. It is an impossible delusion militarily and economically. China and world domination ? Yeah, when pigs shit Tiffany necklaces !

  85. @René Fries

    I want to you think good thoughts about yourselves as you wither and die. It will ease the pain. Pain that we will inflict.

  86. Maddaugh says:
    @Chinaman's Nightmare

    China is the bully boy who thumps the little kids for their lunch money. Tibet was low hanging fruit. When they tried the same with Viet Nam they got their nuts trimmed IN ONE MONTH.

    In typical fashion, China declared victory LOL and withdrew after the Viets gave them back their balls.

    Same with India. Here though, the Chinese were defeated by some dusky soldiers with English umbrellas, crutches and walking sticks.

    When they make their move for world domination against the US, we got something for them. I say, dont bring a chopstick and a limp noodle to a gunfight.

  87. Maddaugh says:
    @RJ Macready

    I strongly suggest you lay off the Wonton Soup ! You sound like a hysterical school girl who just got her first Willy !

    • Replies: @RJ Macready
  88. @brostoevsky

    I wouldn’t consider China a benevolent nation, but we can be glad they don’t engage in gunboat diplomacy like the US.

    China, at least in recent history (and over most of its existence) could perhaps be described as a benign, well-meaning and relatively friendly giant. IMO, benevolence would be far more compatible with their cultural psyche than the pathologic predation which is arguably the trademark of Western civilisation.

    That said, the choice between benevolence and peaceful coexistence versus aggressive dominance and exploitation really comes down to what choices the rest of the world present to China. The century of humiliation certainly didn’t give China any reason to trust the intentions of the West.

    If you come across a huge, incredibly powerful dragon that’s just woken from a long slumber and is happy to be your friend, it really makes no sense from any logical standpoint to sneak around behind him and kick him in the nuts.

  89. @Anonymous

    “A small country like Sweden or Taiwan for example is only well developed because it is integrated into a gigantic global economy. ”

    I’m not so sure about Sweden. During WW II, as a neutral country, Sweden was constructively restricted to trade with Germany and Sweden’s industry fared pretty well until the Third Reich started going south.

    • Replies: @Francis Miville
  90. antibeast says:
    @Chinaman's Nightmare

    Did you know that the Dalai Lama had been appointed by the Chinese Emperor since the Yuan Dynasty? And that the Dalai Lama actually lived in Beijing as the ‘Imperial Tutor’ to the Yuan and Qing Dynasties when Tibetan Buddhism became the official religion of the Imperial Court?

    • Replies: @Marcion
  91. nsa says:
    @Joe Levantine

    “….should add what China does not have………”
    Chop Suey says: chinee velly velly smalt not have gleedy heblew telmites fuking evelyone stealing evelything. Chinee velly velly smalt not have stupid lainbow flag gay plide palade pelvelted tlannies. Chinee not have stupid aflo affilmative action dummies pletending to wolk. Chinee not smoke pot all day collect flee shit and fake disability check. Xi velly velly gleat not have alzheimer pee in jockey sholts not falt all time velly smelly. Xi also have leal hail on head not like blandon need mole logaine tleatment.

  92. @Maddaugh

    Interesting. Go on line to a scrollable Air Quality Index map and start with your hometown and then mosey on over to China. It boggles the mind what the lung disease rates must be in China.

  93. @Olivier1973

    But China should be on the attack. You can quote all those nice sayings from the long dead sage but what actually matters is success at genocide.

    A Han dynasty scholar was alarmed by the presence of barbarians and he called for ethnic cleansing. “Those not of our race are inevitably alien in their hearts.” His warning fell on deaf ears. The result was a massive genocidal race war in the next generation.

    Point is, if you detect a threat, remove it from existence by any means necessary. And we certainly have an existential threat in the White Anglo West.

  94. Joe Wong says:
    @René Fries

    The West won the world not by the superiority of its ideas or values or religion […] but rather by its superiority in applying organized violence. Westerners often forget this fact; – Samuel P. Huntington, The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order.

    There is no “spirit = freedom” in the West but lie, cheat, steal, barbarism, cult and feudalism. The advent of the West on the world stage like the dark plague befell on humanity, it is a disaster for the mankind and civilizations.

    • Agree: Mulga Mumblebrain
    • LOL: Maddaugh
  95. @Ron Unz

    Hello Ron! These, as well as others, were exactly those articles from which I had learnt so much – thank you so much again! Are you, by any chance, familiar with writings by Matthew J.L. Ehret? I have the following article, and the series of articles it is part of, incredibly interesting.

    It seems as though the attempts at colour revolutions had begun very early on; it was a heck of a thing for me to consider that there had been one such incident that dated even before Tiananmen Square (an event, according to some, which seems to have been an attempt at regime change). Is it your view that the pandemic was potentially yet another attempt directed at China? It’s an excellent arrow to add to the Taiwan, Tibet and Xinjiang quivers in the deep state’s possession. They tried it even in funding the communist revolutions in Russia and China throughout the 20th century, right? (By Jacob Schiff, the Warburgs, and assorted others, if i remember correctly.) Seems like they’re still trying it today.

    On another note, are you a follower of the content being churned out by George Webb, Housatonic Live and the LaRouchePAC?

    Seems like the comment sections on this website are filled to the brim with either troll users, or highly bitter people of both Chinese and non-Chinese flavours – i hope my comment has help add some relief away from this hideous trend.

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  96. @Maddaugh

    Sure, whatever you say brah! I am simply a rationalist. Though you cannot deny China’s charms. They are a capitalist’s dream.

  97. @Chinaman's Nightmare

    How would you know this? Are you also an indian in exile? I like that and we can team up.

    On the other hand, he could be an NRI Indian in America/England/Canada. These clowns suddenly get this sense of patriotic fervor. Despite living in the west many of them never really gel and feel inferior. Then they visit India and realize they’re fucked both ways. Lmao. But yeah…he could be a western desi if what you say about his pronunciation is true. But he’s using “bhai” everywhere so I really don’t know.

    Boy, I love multicultural America. A lot of these Gujaratis have made a killing there-pretty much every 9-11 store is owned by them. I have to give Mehul this-the gujjus are expert Capitalists and incredibly wealthy. I understand it’s all usually in the family, but you got to hand them credit for going to any corner of the planet and stamping their authority. I personally do feel America, England, Canada and Australia will be run by the Gujjus and the Chinese in about 5 to 6 decades. They are very influential in the senate too lately. I used to work at an immigration service agency in Canada and remember the average 350-400 Indians arriving in Canada daily(mostly on students visas) and the majority were gujaratis. The Gujjus are the Jews of India in so many ways if one thinks about it. Might have to team with them in the future, and the Chinese.

  98. Joe Wong says:
    @RJ Macready

    “India Shattering the Illusion: The Birth of New Nations Kashmir to Eelam” by Columbus Falco

    A book about the real face of India. India is the worst horror of the modern age. The Truth is that India’s leadership in the form of radical militant Hinduism are the world’s most Degenerate, Duplicitous, and Debauched ruling class to have ever existed – carnage is happening today in India the likes of which has not been seen in thousands of years. All under an Illusion of harmony.

    • Agree: RJ Macready
    • Replies: @Anon
    , @antibeast
    , @Mehool Mehta
  99. Ron Unz says:
    @A western born and raised Chinese

    Hello Ron! These, as well as others, were exactly those articles from which I had learnt so much – thank you so much again!

    Thanks for the very kind words.

    Matthew J.L. Ehret? I have the following article, and the series of articles it is part of, incredibly interesting….On another note, are you a follower of the content being churned out by George Webb, Housatonic Live and the LaRouchePAC?

    I’m only slightly familiar with Ehret, but when I heard him once on Kevin Barrett’s podcast, I’m afraid he came across like a total lunatic. The LaRouche activists have been around for decades and I’m not familiar with those other individuals. Frankly, I’d be very cautious about taking any of their material seriously. It’s possible I’m being unfair, but that’s my impression.

    Is it your view that the pandemic was potentially yet another attempt directed at China?

    Sure, but in a very straightforward way. Since April 2020, I’ve published a long series of articles arguing that the Covid outbreak was probably an American biowarfare attack against China (and Iran), intended to damage and possibly destabilize those countries. Nothing particularly complicated, except that it very likely done without Trump’s awareness.

    Here’s a link to one of my recent articles and also the major elements of the series as a whole (also available as an eBook):

    Seems like the comment sections on this website are filled to the brim with either troll users, or highly bitter people of both Chinese and non-Chinese flavours – i hope my comment has help add some relief away from this hideous trend.

    Absolutely true, and it’s been getting much worse recently. So I greatly appreciate your level-headed comments.

  100. Escher says:

    China claims to be peaceful, but doesn’t hesitate to use force against its weaker neighbors, including invading and annexing the entire nation of Tibet.

    They are also masters of ethnic cleansing, and are smart enough to spread the effort out over decades so that people don’t realize it till it is too late.

    Ask the aforementioned Tibetans and East Turkestan Uighurs.

    • Troll: Mulga Mumblebrain
    • Replies: @dogbumbreath
  101. Communist China was created by the zionist communist international kabal, they sent Mao into China after schooling him in communist tactics in Paris and then Mao proceeded to murder millions in the process of changing China into a communist country and then David Rockefeller sent his gun slinger over to China to open up their slave labor to the ZUS corporations and Nixon sealed the deal.

    Communist China is a zionist plantation just like the ZUS and what is currently being done in China is a precursor to what the zionists have planned for America and they are using the covid-19 scam and psyop to get it done and covid-19 is a zionist weapon aimed at destroying America and installing a zionist communist gulag.

    Americans need to realize we are in the fight of our lives against this international zionist communist kabal and losing this fight is not a option.

    • Disagree: antibeast
    • Replies: @The_MasterWang
    , @Jake Dee
  102. Anon[254] • Disclaimer says:
    @Joe Wong

    India is not killing Muslims or Christians like China does .

    • Troll: dogbumbreath
  103. Rahan says:

    Future Chinese historians will incorporate statements like this into their narrative.

    “…as their civilization entered terminal decline the Whites clung ever more rigorously to their notion of racial superiority and attributed their downfall to their noble nature enabling the Jews to subvert and degenerate their society.

    Sounds like something a Jewish-Chinese hybrid that infiltrated Chinese academia would write.

    One generation before either bringing China down, or getting masturbated to death on electric floors with bears and eagles.

  104. @Maddaugh

    Such bravado.

    We are eager to find out. Show us what you are capable of.

    • Replies: @Maddaugh
  105. @Desert Fox

    At the risk of being accused of being a Jew, I will say this:

    Don’t drag us into your Jew-induced paranoia. The Jewish Problem isn’t really international. It’s mostly yours.

  106. @anonymous

    I wouldn’t go quite that far. The Chinese coastal expeditions under Zheng He and others were real enough and are both interesting and impressive on their own merits.

    However comparing them to those of a Columbus or Vasco da Gama is not valid for one critical reason: The Chinese navigated only previously known waters and ports. In modern terms these trips were more show-the-flag cruises than explorer’s journeys. Whereas Columbus sailed into totally unknown waters across the deep ocean and discovered a completely new continent.

    So far as I know that is something only Western explorers ever did. The great empires of Asia did much that was very impressive by the standards of their day. But they never seem to have possessed that spirit of curiosity.

    • Replies: @Joe Wong
    , @Francis Miville
  107. onebornfree says: • Website

    “While the US has its problems, future global Chinese supremacy won’t be one. Far from being in a position of overwhelming strength, China and its Communist leadership face imminent multifront domestic crises that will threaten the existence not only of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) but the existence of the Chinese state as a unified whole. Further, there are several insurmountable obstacles to it seriously disturbing core US interests or expanding its influence much beyond its own coasts before this happens.”

    From: “China Won’t Be Taking Over the World”:

    “One of China’s core strategies that dates back to the Warring States period that predated the first imperial dynasty is the use of deception and non-confrontation to quietly rise in power until it’s too late. Its rough English translation is to not ask the emperor the weight of his cauldrons, which essentially outlines the necessity to not declare your ambitions early on. The contemporary name for the idea is “hide and bide.” ”

    From: “China’s Charm Has Expired”:

    Regards, onebornfree

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  108. @TG

    There was plenty of immigration to the USA 1940-1960… millions of refugees from Europe, and plenty of Latin American movement. Nothing against what you said otherwise, but the USA needed more people and still does, if it was the right KIND of people.

    The problem is that we don’t need most of the EXISTING people, in large part.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  109. Looks like foaming-at-the-mouth time again.
    Western bandits shriek as their societies collapse under judeo-masonic bankster corruption. French Fries, bomb3gorges and Currystone Mehta all do their worst but alas as Pepe says it will not make any difference to the Chinese.

    Here is some lovely European culture.
    The lady in the painting asks you a question —
    “Are you sane enough to listen to Boccherini ?”
    Only you can give a truthful answer …

  110. @Zachary Smith

    No, they had quite a bit of help from greedy American Companies and assorted Billionaires. Outsorcing manufacturing made their profits soar, and similarly increased the wealth of the Managers whose company stock prices went skyward.

    This is often repeated but if this were true than any country where Western corporations outsourced manufacturing would see the same success. Look at India, Thailand, Mexico or name any other country which has cheap labor. Do you see the same success? If it were solely the greedy American Companies, then all these countries would climb to the top. Success is a two way street.

    • Agree: Jake Dee
  111. @RJ Macready

    In a retort to Me-Fool, you signed off “From a fellow Bombay(not mumbai) native.” but of course, we both know you’re either a practitioner of chang, ching, chong or a envy filled paki, who either looks to the east (China) or the west (Saudi dogs) for his financial or spiritual succor, however, the handle “McCready” may reveal a Kokani, i.e. a Goan Dalit convert to the Papist creed but that could be a good start given that only the White Christians can civilize you.

    • Replies: @RJ Macready
  112. Maddaugh says:

    Wong or Dong or whatever silly Chinese name you have, here are the facts:

    1. The US combat in Vietnam was from 1965 to 1975. Using my abacus I see that was around 10 years

    2. The Chinese combat in Vietnam lasted from Feb. 17, 1979 – Mar. 16, 1979. Lets see…that was one month. LOL

    We Americans have already shown what we are capable of and if I were you I would not be eager to find out. Not bravado Honey but FACT ! Dont take my word for it. There is an institution where you live in the West. Its called a library. Chinese forces were demolished in one month.

    I have worked with you Slopes before. You Chinese are too emotional and lack staying power. You may be a Dong but you are no Master. We are the Masters and you and all 1.4B are destined to be our Gophers. As it was in the past so will it be in the future. Count on it !

  113. @Escher

    China claims to be peaceful, but doesn’t hesitate to use force against its weaker neighbors, including invading and annexing the entire nation of Tibet.

    They are also masters of ethnic cleansing, and are smart enough to spread the effort out over decades so that people don’t realize it till it is too late.

    Ask the aforementioned Tibetans and East Turkestan Uighurs.

    You’re just repeating Western propaganda. Tibet has been a part of China since 1720 (and as early as Tang Dynasty). The USA was founded in 1776. People say they know Tibetan’s who tell them Tibet is not a part of China. Well, I also know Native Indians and Aborigines who say the USA, Canada and Australia are stolen land and does not belong to anyone but the Natives.

    There are enough videos online showing the truth in Tibet and Xinjiang. If you want to be 100% certain then just visit these places and see with your own eyes. The truth is there if you want to find it.

    • Thanks: Showmethereal
  114. @The_MasterWang

    “The Jewish Problem isn’t really international. It’s mostly yours.”

    Do you really think Tricky Dick (Richard Nixon) was that smart to think up a historic meeting with the Chinaman Mao? The Jewish learning curve with China was very old (not as ancient as India) and the international Jewry already had in their mind to normalize relationship to further their own narrow goals. Things aren’t always what it seem to be … just wait and see if you have failed them and what the penalty will be. Good luck!

    • Replies: @The_MasterWang
  115. @Maddaugh

    Yes, Maddog, the USA was in Indochina for years, murdering, torturing, raping destroying, conducting the greatest chemical war in history from which Indochinese still suffer, into the third generation, bombing Cambodia ‘back to the Stone Age’, from the cowardly safety of 30,000 feet etc. And the Vietnamese kicked your backsides, God bless ’em. Acting as ever, in 200 blood-drenched years- you are the ‘Masters’ alright. The Masters of Death and Horror.

  116. @jim bob beers

    ‘The ‘Right’ kind of people ie fascists and Nazis fleeing Europe, from butcher regimes in the Baltics, Ukraine, Belarus, Croatia, Slovenia etc. They were made VERY welcome in the ‘Free World’. Some were even hired by the OSS then CIA and other Western agencies, for their ‘expertise’ in terror and torture.

  117. @onebornfree

    One sees here, from this racist, libertarian’, imbecile, the true Western intentions for China. Vivisection and destruction and punishment for the audacity of threatening Eternal Global Dominance for the White Gods Upon the Earth. The intention is to commit a genocide that puts all the previous Western genocides in the shade. Good luck with that, you Evil swine. Too late.

  118. Joe Wong says:
    @John Regan

    You need to ask yourself a question, the European had sailed around the Mediterranean Sea since Ancient times, why didn’t they sail outside of the Mediterranean to discover the America way before Columbus if the Europeans had the guts or capability to sail into totally unknown water across the deep ocean and discovered a complete new continent?

    Because the Europeans were superstitious and ignorant, they believed earth was flat, sailing outside of the Mediterranean would fall off the edge of the earth into a monsters filled hell and be tortured and shredded alive.

    European could sail out of the Mediterranean about a century after the Chinese had made their around the world cruise, and stolen Chinese maps and navigation documents started to arrive Europe. Columbus relied on mysterious maps to persuade Spanish Queen to finance his venture into the rich East to grab wealth through the sea by bypassing the silk trade land route strangle held by the Ottomans and other Muslims. Those maps were stolen property of Chinese.

    Islamic navigator, Ahmad ibn-Majid had rounded the Cape 20-50 year before Vasco da Gama made his trip around the Cape. Sassanid Persians, Muslims, Javanese, Indians and Chinese had all made it across South China Sea, India Ocean to the Cape many decades, if not centuries, before Da Gama. And Da Gama only managed to navigate across to India because he was guided by an unnamed Gujarati Muslim pilot.

    • Replies: @d dan
    , @Bombercommand
  119. @Mehool Mehta

    I wasn´t terribly impressed with your cousin (((Zubin))) either.

    • Replies: @Chinaman's Nightmare
  120. d dan says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    “And the Vietnamese kicked your backsides,…”

    Hahaha, and then when they asked a “Chink” to design the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, it was objected by all the rednecks…. How ironic!

    • Replies: @Chinaman's Nightmare
  121. Fred777 says:

    “It may sound crazy, but China could be overrun by the sub Saharan demographics“

    China will NEVER let that happen. They have no equivalent to the woke stupidity of western whites, and even if they did they have seen what’s happened to the USA and Europe.

    • Agree: nokangaroos
    • Replies: @anon
  122. d dan says:
    @Joe Wong

    “Columbus relied on mysterious maps…”

    And of course, Columbus’ motivation was not curiosity nor exploratory, but greed and exploitation, whereas Zheng He’s missions were totally peaceful and noble: trade, cultural exchanges, diplomacy, … plus some local charity / propaganda / show off.

    Furthermore, Zheng He ventured more than what was commonly acknowledged. He did found Australia (and recorded the discovery of a strange long-legged “bunny” with a front pouch for its babies). Earlier Chinese almost certainly knew about America too (as evidenced by some Chinese classics, e.g. about a land far away from Japan). The only difference between Chinese and the West was that Chinese never bothered to conquer or colonize those lands, nor interested to exploit the local residents, nor wanted to convert them to Buddhist /Confucianism.

  123. Thim says:

    Young Chinese are so rich, yes so rich by some kind of measure, that they own no land at all, cannot afford to have children, or even to marry. Total success.

  124. Actually, Xi’s so-called manifesto is far more neo-fascist than neo-communist.

    After all, Xi concedes the need for capitalism as well as socialism. That was the fascist way.

    He believes in national unity and power. Again fascist, contra International Communism(though, to be sure, most successful communisms were nationalist if only out of pragmatism).

    He believes in close association between the state and markets for the common national good and strength of the nation. Again, fascist.

    Xi is for progress and modernity but also respect for the past. Again, fascist, as communists tended to wage wholesale war on the past and tradition(though eventually they came around to preserving certain traditions because communism alone proved to be too hollow as culture — how many songs can you sing about the Workers of the World Unite?)

    But even as things turn fascist, people cannot call it by its name because of the WWII narrative where fascists were the bad guys.

    • Agree: ..D.., John Regan
    • Troll: d dan
  125. @d dan

    And that clueless Maya Lin just wrapped up a mindless exhibition in the Madison Park, NYC…

    It was a copse of dried out tree trunks planted in the middle of the main lawn to represent earth devoid of life … the trunks were treated with chemicals to preserve them. How ironic, indeed!

    • Replies: @Maddaugh
  126. @Anonymous

    And so would go Asia with it. That is why the AUKUS is hoping to get China into a war with India or Japan… Both would greatly set back all of Asia.

  127. @Joe Wong

    Joe Wrong lying again. Yes Europeans had the “guts and capability to sail into totally unknown water across the deep ocean and discover a complete new continent”. They are called VIKINGS, who sailed into the harshest ocean on earth the North Atlantic, and discovered and settled Iceland, Greenland, and the east coast of North America, and more. Columbus did not rely on any “stolen Chinese maps” because the Chinese didn’t make any. The Chinese NEVER made an “around the world cruise” you are a liar, like the lying CCP. Zheng He likely made it to Mogadishu, perhaps Malindi, but there is ZERO EVIDENCE the Persians/Muzzies/Javanese/Indians/ Chinese made it anywhere near The Cape of Good Hope. ZERO EVIDENCE Ahmad ibn Majid rounded The Cape. Muzzie slave traders went as far south as Kilwa, but mostly only as far as Malindi, and they followed a route known to the Romans. It wasn’t navigating either, the East Africa route is basically drifting. Half the year the monsoon blows south the other half of the year it blows north. The Muzzies use a ship hull and rig, the Lateen, invented by the Romans. Like everythjng the Muzzies claim they invented, inherited from Rome. The difficult, enormously difficult task, was finding the way down the West African coast, and the Portugese accomplished that with methodical daring, no “Chinese maps” existed. In Columbus’s case he used the Greek estimate for the circumference of the world to argue that China was a relatively short distance west of Europe. However the Greeks made a mistake in calculation, judging the earth to be half its actual size. If Columbus had known the true circumference, I doubt he would have dared make that voyage. Columbus did not use any “Chinese maps” because there were none. Vasco de Gama used a Gujarati pilot, from Mogadishu, but he didn’t need one, the Portugese found the route up East Africa to Mogadishu entirely on their own. The Europeans were fully aware of the Roman sea route from Egypt, south on the Red Sea then east to India. Roman ships made this journey regularly. Once de Gama reached Mogodishu, he knew exactly where to sail.

    • Replies: @barr
  128. @Quartermaster

    When Mao was the head of China China was not the largest trading nation on earth. When Mao led China – China did not produce the most peer reviewed engineering papers on earth (and first or second in almost every other category)… Nor did it begin to file the most international patents each year either. Comparing Mao and Xi’s era is as silly as comparing China in 2021 to the Soviet Union in 1981. Not even remotely close

    Also China didnt steal much military tech. At least it paid the Soviets and Russia something unlike the US who just kidnapped German scientists (admittedly the Soviets did too). Who did China steal its quantum satellite tech from – since nobody else has it..?

    • Replies: @Bombercommand
    , @d dan
  129. @Baxter

    Part of it was insularity. Part of it was budgetary constraints. But you brought up a great point. Xi knows China declined in Ming and Qing days when it closed off trade and interaction with the outside world. That is why China is joining every free trade bloc it can. Even Made in China 2025 was simply in reaction to hostile western actions to prevent China from buying certain technology related companies.
    But as to colonies – again insularity. China did like having protectorates – but not colonies.

  130. Maddaugh says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    You Slopes need to read your military history. The US withdrawal in the Nam was never a military defeat. For the sake of discussion however I will assume that we were hammered on the battlefield.

    Well, under that assumption we were beaten after 10 years of war.

    You Chinks were defeated after 0ne month. Perhaps there is a problem with you abacus but that tells me we fought for 9 years and 11 months longer than YOU, the country with 1.4B people.

    Now back to the original assumption. We were never defeated MILITARILY. The Chinese were….in one month !!

    the USA was in Indochina for years, murdering, torturing, raping destroying, conducting the greatest chemical war in history from which Indochinese still suffer, into the third generation, bombing Cambodia ‘back to the Stone Age’, from the cowardly safety of 30,000 feet etc. And the Vietnamese kicked your backsides, God bless ’em. Acting as ever, in 200 blood-drenched years- you are the ‘Masters’ alright. The Masters of Death and Horror.

    Well, your Bro, Master Dang, stated that my comment was bravado and we had to show him what we got. You and Master Wang (shit these gook names are too much) need to talk to each other because in the block quote above you yourself just stated what we are capable of. Lets hope Wang reads your comment. I think we have already shown you what we can do. You guys are not too smart so thanks for the support you Dummy !

    Call it what you will but any military man will tell you that is what war is all about. So while you and Master Zang are eager for a demonstration, my advice is:
    -Be careful what you wish for
    -Dont start anything you cannot finish
    -Dont say Da Dogg LOL never taught you anything.

    By the way Maddaugh is my family name, Whats yours ?

  131. @nokangaroos

    Aussies aren’t as smart as the Americans but even you deserve some edification…

    The Zubin in question isn’t, I repeat, is not a (((triple bracket))) but a Zoroastrian aka a Parsi, a fire worshipper and his last name “Mehta” which means a keeper of accounts, i.e. a bookkeeper in the Hindu parlance, is akin to a Jew adopting an English surname for the purpose of blending into the host society. Freddie Mercury (born Farrokh Bulsara) of the British band the Queen was also a Parsi, meaning people of Pars, i.e. Persia, who have lived in India (mostly in Bombay) since the beastly Arabs overran it in the 12th century.

    Me-Hool in question may be a Hindu or a Jain but not a Zoroastrian (Nietzsche wrote a tome called “Thus Spake Zarathustra” aka Zoroaster) and definitely not related to Maestro Zubin Mehta, your lowbrow musical taste notwithstanding.

  132. Maddaugh says:
    @Chinaman's Nightmare

    And that clueless Maya Lin just wrapped up a mindless exhibition in the Madison Park, NYC…

    It was a copse of dried out tree trunks planted in the middle of the main lawn to represent earth devoid of life … the trunks were treated with chemicals to preserve them.

    Well, that’s Chinese creativity for you. When we rumble, you can bet the exhibition in Beijing will be photos of powder and shadows.

  133. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Mulga Fumblebrain and his tag teams of chinamen often remind me of the quatrain by Samuel Butler, in Hudibras…

    “A pretty new way of gallanting,
    Between soliciting and ranting;
    Like sturdy beggars, that intreat
    For charity at once, and threat.”

    • Replies: @Maddaugh
  134. Maddaugh says:
    @Chinaman's Nightmare

    Well you are better read and more intellectual than I am. They remind me of the famed Poet Maddaugh’s quatrain:


    Mumbo had a little dog
    Like Mumbo he was yellow
    And everwhere Mumbo would slog
    The mutt would sure follow

    One day he followed him to Wuhan
    That was a fateful date
    Mumbo chased it with a pan
    And sealed his Doogie;s fate

    Mumbo fought hard to keep his treat
    The battle was quite mean
    Cos his homies love tender dog meat
    Its all inside their genes

    So my warning, wise and sound
    To dog lovers I must preach
    When you see Chinks lurking around
    Keep the mutt on your leash

  135. Marcion says:

    I believe you are referring to the Panchen Lama, not the Dalai Lama.

  136. @Maddaugh

    Bold words.

    When your children ask why are we so cruel to them and where are we taking mommy and daddy what am I going to tell them?

    “We don’t like you.”

  137. @Chinaman's Nightmare

    We put down their goy beast, i.e. your race, and they will lose their primary leverage.

    Hopefully they will adapt and focus on using you people mostly for porn.

  138. @Maddaugh

    Maddaugh, you take the cake! I don’t about my, as you termed it, being well read but you are certainly a much better writer as in, it’s a joy to read your comments because it cracks me up every time. I do look forward to reading what you come up with every time. Thank you!

  139. @Showmethereal

    ALL of the J-10 was stolen tech, by way of the zionist entity’s failed Lavi jet fighter program, tech the joooz received from The United States. Without The United States the joooz could never have built the Lavi. We want payback for that crime. There is plenty more tech the joooz took from The United States and sold to China, other TUR commenters have posted it before. The United States did not “kidnap” any German scientists, it gave them well paid, high status careers, if they wanted it. China does not have a “quantum satellite”, whatever that is supposed to be, any more than it has “quantum radar”. What China does have is a failed naval aviation program.

    • Replies: @Showmethereal
    , @antibeast
  140. @onebornfree

    Always a pleasure knowing there are still freedom lovers here.

    All gov is violence.

    Fear or love.

    • Replies: @onebornfree
  141. @Chinaman's Nightmare

    Ohh so here we have another slumdog yapping away LMAO. BOY is this fun!! A lot of indians suddenly discovering unz lately haha. Nahi bhai…mumbai mai rehta hu. Phone number lega? I’m as indian as they come. And my ID is based on my favorite movie character RJ Macready from John Carpentar’s the Thing. Check my post history you’ll get the true picture. I am THAT fucked LMAO

    Have fun on this blog slumdog you’ll really like it. I am the uber mensch laughing at the mess that is you humanity and your need to belong. Woohoo

    • Replies: @Chinaman's Nightmare
  142. barr says:

    Columbus was sailing towards Japan on way to China to convince the Chinese to endow his fiture expeditons with helps . He convinced Pope that Chinese would help him to kill moslems .
    Pope listened to him and alllowed the journey with papal resources .
    Then Colombo found his mistress in the eastern sea board .He also misintrepreted the map and the calculations made by the Arab.

    • Replies: @Bombercommand
  143. @Marcion

    The lying chinaman doesn’t know his arse from the hole in the ground.

  144. @RJ Macready

    Are you an untouchable, i.e. an unter mensch, sirrah?

    • LOL: RJ Macready
  145. Art says:

    Nothing, not even a nuclear war, will deviate Xi and the Beijing leadership from this path.

    Xi is a bully. He has threatened to nuke his neighbors.

    Xi could easily be the Twenty First Century’s Hitler.

    He is an asshole, who wants to relive past domination glories.

    • Replies: @The_MasterWang
  146. d dan says:

    “Also China didnt steal much military tech.”

    China not only steal the most profitable commercial tech, somehow manages to commercialize the stolen tech to bigger commercial successes than the inventors, in the inventors’ home countries, under the intense gaze of their law-enforcement and government regulations…

    Than, China goes further to steal the even more secretive and closely guarded military tech, yet somehow manages to develop more advanced weaponry like hypersonic missiles, ballistic anti-ship missiles, twin-seated stealth fighters, etc, within a shorter period of time and under a fraction of budgets…

    After that, China doubles down to steal the most highly watched space tech, but manages to build its own space station without even stepping into ISS, and achieves multiple “first” by going to the far side of the moon and achieving the heaviest robotic retrieval of moon rocks…

    Finally, China fast forwards to steal the future prized tech of 5G, quantum satellite, anyway manages to do it before the victim countries have a chance to develop them and implement them, realizing all the gadgets by stealing ideas from the non-existent blueprints and power-point files.

    So, I think the key success is China’s STEALING technique. They must have found the most unique and innovative method ever imagined by any people in the history of mankind.

    But wait, that can’t be Chinese: so they must have stolen their stealing technique from someone too.

    • LOL: Showmethereal
  147. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    If there is any consolation they are getting it all back in the form of mass immigration. They might have killed a few hundred thousand or even millions, but with the way things are their entire race is headed for extinction. So karma perhaps.

    Nations are simply landmasses nothing more nothing less. Anyone can stake a claim. This is why patriotism is a mental disorder-far worse than any religion. People who achieve nothing on their own merit cling to a flag or a national fucking anthem. These people also tend to be poor or middle class. This is 98% of the white race currently living inside the lands called Germany, England, America, Canada etc. This is their mindset. This must go.

    • Replies: @Chinaman's Nightmare
  148. @Chinaman's Nightmare

    Try 600 million. The Israelite Commonwealth is vast and the children of Abraham like the stars in the sky. Everything you learn on UNZ is wrong, because it is secular. The only truth is the Bible Truth which is the Gospel Truth.

    The One True God will be imposed everywhere eventually, even in China.

    • LOL: RJ Macready
    • Replies: @RJ Macready
  149. @barr

    Every word of your comment is garbage and lies. The Arabs had no map and no calculations, they were merely “coastwise sailors”, the Vikings were real blue water navigators, far superior to the muzzies, who merely inherited Roman knowledge: ship hull design, Lateen sail, and sailing routes, the works. As I wrote, Columbus’s proposal to the King of Spain was based on the Greek assumption of the circumference of the globe, which would have put China approximately where the Americas are. What was truly stunning about Columbus’s navigation skills is how he managed to navigate back to Spain, Columbus actually plotted a course from the West Indies to Cadiz Spain without blundering into France or Africa. No muzzie poser could have achieved what Columbus achieved. All the muzzie was capable of was riding the monsoon up and down East Africa, even a floating log could duplicate muzzie “navigation”.

    • Replies: @barr
  150. Cking says:

    All discussion of China’s miracle and gigantic economic growth must be prefaced with the knowledge that it could not have happened without no less than \$7 Trillion dollars of US government and American investment money. Not only US and investment money, but the American system of political economy, intellectual property, jobs, industry, and manufactures were sent to China by our obviously fearless, unthinking, globalist, political, and financier class. All done to transfer US wealth from the 99% to the 1%. Everything China has today was done under the care and protection of the United States. War, another \$7 Trillion dollars, add \$60 (ish)Trillions in bailouts, and the lost, unaccounted for, and Stolen \$25 Trillions elsewhere in the government, Globalist redistribution of the Labor force around the world and you wonder why we’re cruising in today’s Greatest Depression? The present US political system owned by the Fed/Wall St. banking system demands reorganization before anyone starts warmongering.

    • Replies: @Showmethereal
    , @Joe Wong
  151. von Frey says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Exactly! ‘Democrazy’ has manifestly failed, producing social division and hatred, ruthless elite rule, record inequality, stagnant societies, debased ‘culture’, utter venality in all things and ceaseless aggression and destruction.


    • Replies: @RJ Macready
  152. kauchai says:
    @d dan


    Way to go d dan…keep it coming!

  153. @John Regan

    “Really it was only World War II that allowed for China to be unified again (and to annex some of its neighbors such as Tibet) ”

    The KMT Nationalist government claimed Tibet since they were the successor to the Qing Dynasty. Except the Brits – everyone accepted Tibet as being part of the Republic of China. Had the CPC not won the civil war – there would be no question and you would never hear about “annexation of Tibet”.

    • Replies: @John Regan
  154. JM says:

    You make a valid point.

    But as you say, the two sectors (“Departments” ?) are highly interconnected. In Dept 1, for example, foreign capital was always highly restrained by ownership/control from Dept 2, the state sector.
    The other strong connection, in what is a dialectical process, is that of the flow of capital between the wholly state sector and the private-state sector, the latter facilitating the development (and indeed character) of the former. The developments by the state sector are not just domestic in effect, but are essential for the growth and development of the export sector. The latter sector and thus the internal character of the Chinese economy has become, in essence, Imperialist in character (based on the mega export of Capital and Commodities). Of course the ideological paraphernalia, as in the past, always goes with, sometimes precedes, or just softens up, facilitates, the economic.

    The issues, then are: i) were the radical institutional changes brought about at the behest of Finance Capital essential to the exceptional growth and development of the Chinese economy (the “economic miracle”) and ii) what would be the effect of a concerted attempt by these same forces to reverse the process. I have expressed my view on both of these.

    What I didn’t say was that I think that China is intimately bound up with the new system of modern Globalism and that its apparent independence from it is mainly posturing on both sides for which there is far too much at stake as to jeopardize the arrangement.

    The sabre rattling by the USA is partly about getting China into line and in turn the encroachments by China on her neighbors is for internal consumption as well as asserting its independence externally. All of this is about the determination of behaviors and status within the ongoing Globalising project.

    • Replies: @antibeast
  155. @von Frey

    Yeah. I often disagree with Mulga(have interacted a few months ago) but when he is right he is spot on. And he is spot on here. Democracy simply cannot work. If two brothers of the same mother will never get along how can two different races, ethnicities or religions? Life is a struggle-a fight, and democracy, much like morality goes against this notion. You should read HL Mencken’s views on democracy.

    Good one Mulga! Cheers

    • Agree: Mulga Mumblebrain
  156. @Maddaugh

    “Thats right. China had a large population for thousands of years and wallowed in dreadful poverty because it was economically isolated.”

    Where on earth do you learn your history??? China was the – or one of the – most economically powerful countries on earth for much of human history. That renders most of the rest of your comment nonsense.

    • Agree: Jake Dee
    • Replies: @迪路
  157. @jim bob beers

    This true god of yours…the one who walked on water?lmao or the one they chained up a cross and sexually abused repeatedly? Yeah all religion is bullshit but your christianity is by far the most backward and redundant.

    There is no God. No scientific or archeological evidence. Show some proof or shut the fuck up.

  158. @Maddaugh

    I get it… Your IQ is not as high as you think. Chinese are not cowboys. China withdrew from Vietnam BUT it held on to Vietnamese territory for about 10 years. It held it until Vietnam left Cambodia – and then it gave it back. Breitbart and Rupert Murdoch media didn’t tell you that???? So who won and who lost??? China achieved it’s goal of getting Vietnam to leave Cambodia and it did so with fairly minimal loss of life. The US lost plenty of life relatively and Vietnam became unified under a communist government.

    • Replies: @Smith
  159. anon[271] • Disclaimer says:

    Are you sure about that?

    Still LOLing Fred?

    • Replies: @The_MasterWang
  160. luke2236 says:

    How did they do it? By stealing what technology wasnt handed to them on a silver[stein] platter and using their domestic slave labour to produce goods to sell cheaply to morons who shop at walmart. Cking 152 nails it, but theres more to it than that; this has been a planned transfer of wealth and manufacturing ability by (((those))) who see redchina as their next stop. Aided and abetted by treasonous buffoons like china joe, the transfer of wealth and power is nearly complete. red china has openly stated that they have every intention of invading and possessing the US and with a ‘woke’ and limpwristed military, their job is being made easier.
    IIChronicles 7:14 is still true, regardless of what the moron RJMacready says, and is, quite frankly, the White mans only hope. But dont give up your guns anyway.

    • Replies: @迪路
    , @Mulga Mumblebrain
  161. 迪路 says:

    You don’t have to say anything to him.
    Do you give alms to people who are dying?
    Only by making the living dead feel alive can they gradually lose their vitality.

    • Replies: @Showmethereal
  162. @John Regan

    FALSE : first of all, China, as a rule, except during exceptionally bad times for them like the late Manchu era or the Great Leap Forward, is by essence more creative and open to newness and to the unknown than Westerners. The Industrial Revolution just caught China when it was lying down injured : but at any other point of long term history the Far East INVENTS, the Near East COPIES AND TRANSMITS and the West ROBS AND DESTROYS. Paper was invented in China for the creation of more culture, transmitted (honestly) to the Arabs for the conservation of the sacred texts, and taken (robbed) by the Westerners as a technical means of cultural destruction through propaganda.

    The story of Columbus is a lie : he navigated perfectly well chartered waters where other Mediterranean-based navigators had regularly toured for maybe a whole millenium, but as is the rule in the West he was the mere puppet of a Jewish-Genoan enterprise who had no more to be informed of world geography and cosmology than Trump or Sleepy Joe of that of Afghanistan : the wronger their knowledge the better their careers. The inventions the West prides of are always copied from other known or unknown sources which had kept them secret. They tell you that America was named after Amerigo Vespucci. Hell no. Vespucci himself wrote that it had always been known by his own seamen under the name “La Merica”, the country of Mexico, which was then pronounced like Merico due to the Spanish jota still being a lingual consonant sounding like today’s rh. But the story of both Columbus and Vespucci’s voyages was sold to the general public as that of a discovery only from the 17th in Holland and England after the Renaissance was defeated by the Reformation and the idea of indefinite progress was put forward by the Calvinists mostly in a effort to belittle Europe’s own heritage. Up to then these navigators had all been called conquistadors, conquerors (and pirates in the case of England) never “descubridores” : the waters they sailed through were chartered and the best maps were in Ottoman possession.

  163. 迪路 says:

    If you think you can hate something you don’t know, why don’t you go after the Jews?
    Why? You obviously don’t. After all, you don’t want to end up like Epstein.

  164. antibeast says:

    The issues, then are: i) were the radical institutional changes brought about at the behest of Finance Capital essential to the exceptional growth and development of the Chinese economy (the “economic miracle”) and ii) what would be the effect of a concerted attempt by these same forces to reverse the process. I have expressed my view on both of these.

    You’re correct in that foreign Capital was able to convince Deng’s China to adopt its mixed-market economy, allowing private enterprises to operate in export industries alongside the state-sector which invested heavily in infrastructure and technology industries.

    China in effect became ‘coupled’ to the global economy via its export industries as well as its imports of commodities and technologies from the world. Without this ‘coupling’, China would have grown much slower as was the case with India which practiced economic autarchy. But even without these export industries, China could still rely on its huge domestic market which enticed foreign multinationals like BMW, Daimler-Benz, Audi, Toyota, Honda, Ford, GM, etc. to invest in the Chinese auto market, now the largest in the world. As a condition for their market entry, China demanded ‘technology transfer’ agreements from these foreign companies which allowed the Chinese to learn from and make improvements to those foreign technologies acquired from abroad. That’s how China caught up fast to the latest and greatest industrial technologies from the West and East Asia, all done legally.

    What I didn’t say was that I think that China is intimately bound up with the new system of modern Globalism and that its apparent independence from it is mainly posturing on both sides for which there is far too much at stake as to jeopardize the arrangement.

    No question about it: China has benefitted from ‘globalization’ as did the foreign multinationals which profited the most from the ‘outsourcing’ bandwagon.

    But this is nothing new as Mexico/Latin America, Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia had been the recipient of FDI for decades before China joined the ‘globalization’ bandwagon. In fact, China was so late to the game that by the time these foreign multinationals agreed to ‘transfer’ their technologies to China, the patents on those technologies had already expired which meant that Chinese manufacturers could then legally copy them and produce them at a lower cost than everybody else on this planet. That in a nutshell was how China became the manufacturing juggernaut that it has become today.

    Of course, nobody at that time expected China to grow so fast and climb the industrial value-chain so quickly. But China succeeded through a combination of timing, luck, patience and agility, something that has eluded other developing countries like India. Make no mistake about it, without China’s unique system, it is doubtful whether India could successfully replicate what China has accomplished. Just look at Mexico which has unlimited access to the nearby US market. Despite decades of foreign multinationals setting up their factories in Mexico, the Mexicans have not been able to climb out of their status as the sweatshop of the USA, relegated to producing foreign-brands for export to the US market.

    • Agree: Showmethereal
  165. Jake Dee says:
    @Desert Fox

    Communist China was created by the zionist communist international kabal, they sent Mao into China after schooling him in communist tactics in Paris

    Didn’t happen.
    Mao never went to Paris, you maybe thinking of Deng Xiaoping.
    You can run your international Zionist Kabbahlist Communist conspiracies if you wish, I think it’s lunacy but you are responsible for your thoughts and actions. However if you start making major errors in the well known biographies of famous historical people then it behooves you go back over your work and find out how those errors occurred. Perhaps there are other errors that need to be corrected.

  166. @Art

    And I love him for it.

    What’s wrong with “making X great again”? You think there’s a rule that says no one is to challenge your position?

  167. @luke2236

    Deranged racist -the Chinese Government has NEVER stated, openly or secretly, that they wish to invade the USA. Who would want the shit-hole full of lunatic racist swine like you?

  168. @d dan

    Listen you CommSymp-the Chinese stole time travel technology from…some White genius, of course…and have traveled forward and stolen from the future.

  169. @Maddaugh

    So-your ancestors must have been Mad Dogs, too. It stands to reason. The cosmos ain’t gonna miss your type.

  170. Smith says:

    Please don’t spread this false conspiracy.

    This is like saying America won in Vietnam because it managed to stay in South Vietnam for 25 years and manage to have positive relationship with both Vietnam and China afterwards.

    China’s goal in the 79’s Sino-Vietnam was to protect Pol Pot’s regime, it utterly failed in that.

    It’s an insult for both vietnamese and chinese to continue to defend Deng Xiaopeng’s mistep and 10 blood of years of cooperation between Pol Pot-China-CIA.

    • Replies: @Showmethereal
  171. @Maddaugh

    You all seem to be good at killing yourselves with this Covid-19, except for the Chinese. Out of a billion and a half they have had less than 5,000 dead and below 100,000 infected in nearly two years, less than a moderately sized city anywhere else, and all this with few lockdowns and disruptions to their society while you can’t even celebrate Christmas or New Year in public with crowds. Now why not learn something useful from the Chinese, like how to fight this pandemic and get back to normal? It’s certainly achievable as shown by the Chinese.

    • Replies: @Smith
    , @The_MasterWang
  172. onebornfree says: • Website
    @Freedom Awaits

    Thanks. These days there are very few if us, it seems😒.

    Regards, onebornfree

  173. Smith says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Is there any truth to the whole China had few lockdowns and disruptions to society?

    I read Global Times and I see they are locking down as soon as one infected is discovered, and they defend the zero-Covid policy resolutely.
    In fact, one of the controversial points was that they killed a dog on the spot because it might be infected with Covid.

    Killing a pet dog with no evidence of being infected by COVID-19 and displaying the video clip of the process clearly lack of the basis of rules. The official notice released after the case said that local authorities had “criticized and educated” those personnel involved and ordered them to “sincerely apologize” to the dog’s owner. The local authorities said they have realized the misconducts. But the above-mentioned notice did not express apologies in the name of the local authorities. And it described the killing of the dog as “a treatment to make it harmless,” which many people found difficult to accept. In my opinion, even from the perspective of crisis communication, this was certainly not a successful notice. It is not surprising to see it trigger controversies online.

    I don’t think China is that unlockdown-heaven like you are saying.

  174. @onebornfree

    I am suspicious by nature and I think they promoted certain ideas for cultural engineering purposes. I mean, they were pushing the idea that no organization is superior to organization and you are cool and superior if you are part of the unorganized masses. Glory to the individual.

    Very, very suspicious.

  175. @Smith

    Of course not. Brutal lockdowns still happen from time to time in China.

    But the Chinese are definitely in a position to look at you in the free West and laugh.

  176. @Commentator Mike

    No. Learning from an inferior race makes you inferior. Just suffer in stoic Ayran dignity. Or protest and get beat up by the riot police in stoic Ayran dignity.

  177. @Marcion

    Dalai Lamas had to be approved by the Qing emperor. For at least a couple of centuries before the 1911 revolution for the new Republic of China.

  178. @Bombercommand

    So if the Jews sold it to China as you say then how did China steal??? Make sense.

    Ok so giving war criminals cushy lives is your definition? So the US gave Nazi scientists the same deal that Colombian drug lords give politcians “take the silver or receive the lead”…. That is somehow noble to you??

    So you dont know what quantum communications are huh?? Well aside from executing a CIA ring under Obama – here is another reason US intelligence hasnt been able to get a read on what really goes on in China.

    • Replies: @Bombercommand
  179. @RJ Macready

    “This is 98% of the white race currently living inside the lands called Germany, England, America, Canada etc. This is their mindset. This must go.”

    The only thing that has got to go is the half naked fakirs of India and even filthier chinamen; both of those places need to be fumigated to rid off rats and vermin known as Indians and Chinese. Do you hear me, you whoreson?

    • LOL: RJ Macready
    • Replies: @RJ Macready
  180. @Cking

    80% of Chinese investment injtially was from Overseas Chinese. Then Japan and South Korea got in… The US actually didnt put much in …. They only outsourced into the supply chain.

  181. Erebus says:

    I don’t think China is that unlockdown-heaven like you are saying.

    I doubt you’ve got any more clue about what’s going on in China than you had 2 years ago.

    No more than the Bombercommand, Maddaugh, and Chinaman’s Nightmare noise makers. Whereof one doesn’t know the sqrt of fuck-all, thereof one should remain silent. You may just be clever enough to understand that advice, even if the rest aren’t.

    • Agree: Showmethereal
    • Replies: @Smith
  182. @showmethereal

    I’ve heard of a lot of obscure wars and annexations that absolutely no one else seems to care about today. So it’s not impossible that I would have. But obviously the media would treat it differently.

    However it seems clear that when it was conquered Tibet was a de facto independent state that only gave way to force. To me at least that is more important than whether it was part of China in the 18th century or not. America is not an English province now just because it was one under George III.

    The Tibetans are a people with their own language, culture, religion that are completely different from Han Chinese (however broadly one defines that identity). They even have their own system of writing. Since I am a believer in national self-determination that makes me believe they deserve to be their own country rather than a province of some vast empire.

    Of course what is practical and what is right is not always the same thing in geopolitics. Indeed the reverse would often seem closer to the truth.

    • Replies: @Showmethereal
  183. Smith says:

    Well, I just quote Global Times.

  184. @Smith

    I can’t say I know what the Chinese are doing but whatever it is it seems to be the right thing as comparing their data to all other countries it is obvious that the incidence of Covid-19 in PR China is miniscule. We have all seen the street parties in Wuhan, the parades in Beijing, etc. It would seem that their lockdowns are very localised and they work. I don’t know if “brutal” is the correct term to use; they do provide food and even cigarettes to those in self-isolation. I just wish our governments followed the Chinese approach so we could be rid of this to the extent they are (and of course I don’t believe they have killed millions of Covid-19 patients).

    • Replies: @迪路
  185. @迪路

    “you said must be true for you.”
    The guy who said that was one of the first entrepreneurs to enter China when China opened up, he knew Xi when Xi was in a lower position in the CCP. He knew Xi personally when you were a sperm in your Mom’s body.

    About Gandhi, sure Gandhi was a British-thief agent all along. It was Subhash Chnadra Bose and Patel who kicked the British-thief out. We know all that. And as far as British-thief supporting Muslim-evils to break our Bharat, we know it. They both worked together against us Dharmic Hindus as they are both Abrahamics. British-thief looted India of 45 trillion while Muslim-evils before them destroyed India. Muslim-evils raped, pillaged, enslaved millions of Indians, killed 70 million hindus in genocide. They destroyed the ancient Indic civilization permanently. But see the situation now, with all that looted money, British-thief bomb Muslim-evil while Muslim-evil immigrants destroy British-thief cities and make them nasty slum. Both our enemies destroy each other. Both are cursed when they harmed us. Except some incidents, the British-thief did not commit brutality on us like the Muslim-evil. Their Karma is they will become bankrupt for looting India dry. They will live in slums. Muslim-evils on the other hands will never have peace. Constant fighting is the curse of ancient Bharata and our holy sages on them. They need to be bombed continuously for 800 years (for their 800 barbaric brutality on Indic civilization). Constantly bombed, 24/7 so that their evil will be leached out and purified by Agni, the fire God, Only then they will become human from demon.
    The Chinese-backstabbers have same mentality as British-thief. Same adharmic imperialist mentality but more cunning and sneaky than the British-thief. They use fullspectrum war. The Chinese Communist mafia elites are one big mafia group far more dangerous than the Western mafia and make no mistake, they want to dominate the world. They tell us Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai and backstab us. They will face their karma. Once Chinese-backstabber came to India and sat on our feet to get knowledge and learn Dharma, now they have lost Dharma because of Western Marx cult. It is upto Elder Brother Civilization India to go in and give the younger Chinese nation, an ass whooping on their pretty asses to bring back Dharma.
    ———-Mehool Bhai

    • Replies: @迪路
  186. @Olivier1973

    Mehool Bhai here, Oh, you make fun of Mumbai!!! Oh, I see, and your West is all perfect? A civilization going down, full of drug addicts and dumb hippie types.

    Seattle Among Cities Rocked by Homeless Crisis

    This is only going to increase. Curse of Indian sages. Loot 45 trillion and party. Party ends. Karma bitches.

  187. @Showmethereal

    You have the habit of posting bogus “links” that supposedly support your ridiculously exaggerated claims of Chinese technical achievement, but don’t. You claim China operates a “quantum satellite”. Your linked article cites a Chinese experiment with the Micius satellite. The ground station only recieved one photon out of the six million photons/sec transmitted by Micius. That is not a quantum communications system, or even anything that is 50 years from being a quantum communications system. China does not have quantum comms via fiber optic, nor a quantum computer. This is in the same bucket of ludicrous nonsense as your claim that China’s “carrier-killer” IRBMs can hit a moving naval vessel at sea, or your claim that the J-15 at battle weight can take off from Liaoning.

    • Replies: @Showmethereal
  188. @Olivier1973

    And the facade that you worship, called China has no poverty? Fall like a fool to the smoke and mirror of that authoritarian regime. Did China really eradicate poverty? All fake, a lot 0f China is still poor.

    Where did China’s poor people go? Did China really get rid of poverty?

    The secrets of why many senior officials live beyond the age of 100 | Binary pension insurance

    China’s mafia Communist elite leech out the economy and live like kings and the rural poor are left to fend for themselves. LOL. Both West and China are good at hiding their problems and laugh at India.

    ——-Mehool Bhai.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  189. Joe Wong says:

    Your claim is contradictory to USA’s national motto “we lie, we cheat and we steal.” You are proving the Americans say what they meant.

  190. 迪路 says:
    @Commentator Mike

    I don’t think it’s a bad thing that more people are willing to believe that China is authoritarian. Let’s say they think they have a high death toll, so China has a higher death toll. I quite support this idea. Elites love this lack of independent thinking.

  191. 迪路 says:
    @Mehool Mehta

    I love how optimistic you Indians are. I really enjoy interacting with you Indians. I actually read a lot of ancient Indian epics myself. Mahabharata, for example. I was also amazed that someone could write something so simple in such detail and complexity. It’s full of praise for caste and dharma. It’s a great epic. You should really promote the greatness of this book in your country, for example, letting a woman enjoy the grace of 5 husbands at the same time.
    I want you to spread more about the Chinese threat, the Muslim threat, the British threat, the Jewish threat.
    Yes, if one day India is really divided into 2-3 parts, you will not regret the result.
    I think someone like Soros would love to short the Indian currency.

    • Replies: @Chinaman's Nightmare
  192. @迪路

    I know – but this is a forum and others who dont know better might believe their folly. I try to save others from the death that is ignorance. It might not work on him and the other clowns “high fiving” each other in their nonsense… But it might help someone else who genuinely doesnt know. I use Ukraine as an example. I knew nothing about Ukraine except that it was part of the Soviet Union and that I liked some of the boxers they produced… So on former bloggers I would read and go through the comments and look up info to see who was saying things closer to the truth…. So I believe others come on stories like this to do the same.

    • Replies: @迪路
  193. @Smith

    What conspiracy? Fact – China sought to discipline Vietnam over Cambodia. Fact – China faced stiffer resistance than expected and changed tactics. Fact – China held part of Vietnamese territory for over a decade for which there were skirmishes and shelling along the line. Fact – Veitnam left Cambodia and then that is when China negotiated to settle the border and gave back Vietnam the land it held since 1979. There is no conspiracy in any of that.

    What you spoke is conspiracy… China couldnt care less about Pol Pot. What it did care about – which every country in ASEAN now – was Vietnam tsking over the region (which is why the US side with Pol Pot too and gave China intelligence for the incursion into Vietnam). Whether that would have happened or not is a different matter. I prefer to stick to actual facts – which is what the paragraph above listed.

    • Replies: @Smith
  194. @John Regan

    No what I am saying is if the KMT had held on to power nobody in the west would claim that “China annexed Tibet”. There is no country that can point to saying they recognized Tibet as a country in 1911 except the Brits to suit their own purpose. The only reason anyone claims that China annexed Tibet in the 1950’s is because the Communist Party took over. The KMT even assassinated dissidents from Taiwan who moved to San Francisico – but nobody talks about it – why???? The KMT were an ally against the communists (now they are out of favor because they are on friendly terms with the CPC). My point is the telling of history is a very tricky thing.

    If you know Tibets history it was an empire who tried to expand…. It lost.. Contrary to what westerners think China has always been multi ethnic. Fact is more Tibetans live in lther parts of China than live in Tibet proper. This has been the case for many generations already that they spread themselves out… They still keep their customs and language.

    In all seriousness… If you believe in ethno states – when will it end??? How many nations would we end up with? Spain itself would be split into 4 right off the bat. Han people are very different too and could have 15 nations…

  195. Hegar says:

    Marx. Lenin. Mao. Deng. Xi.

    How do you put these in the same category? This is a puff piece for your new hero, but if you had any integrity you would state the obvious:

    Deng Xiaoping saved China by abolishing communism.

    Mao ruined China’s economy, when he wasn’t raping village girls to magic away his syphilis, or killing 20 million Chinese. Mao exiled Deng Xiaoping and other dissenting leaders to the western provinces.

    After Mao’s death Deng Xiaoping was brought back. He brought other dissenters to the government and they abolished the insane communist slave economy. They brought back normal trade and production. The Soviet Union fell but the “communist” party in China could survive thanks to this.

    Look up “Shanghai stock market” in Google Images and then pretend it is still a communist country.

    China is in many ways more right-wing than the West. They have no Affirmative Action – at least, not at U.S. levels. But they let minority students like Tibetans and Mongols go to college without having high enough grades. Seats are reserved for them. They also pour money into these regions.

    They have very loose market laws. In fact, they are too loose with the economy in many respects. They have labor laws, workplace laws, but these are easily ignored while government inspectors are bribed. So managers smoke in the workspace, and toxic waste is thrown on the factory floor. The workers have no recourse. This is a holdover from the communist time, as no communist slave owners care about the slaves, in any country.

    In China it is easy to produce vitamin pills with no one checking them. Too many people will buy the cheapest brand, so the other brands are outcompeted and you can’t find them. The crooked company then closes down and opens under a new name later.

    China is very corrupt, unfortunately. The Party’s local leaders give contracts to the businesses they get bribes from, businesses often owned by Party members. So you get schools that fall in pieces during earthquakes, killing children. You get the constant collapsing mines, and explosions in fireworks factories – these things happen every year. Shoddy building practices because of the corruption.

    They also have huge Keynesianism. Pablo here writes about “reigning in” banks, laughable. China’s government banks have been flooding the country with money. So you get enormous investments in infrastructure, in some places entire cities of empty apartment buildings. People buy them hoping to sell them at a higher price – the usual speculation. Fueled by the government’s banks and its allies. This is now causing big problems. As usual with the state’s Keynesianism.

    China was saved by Deng Xiaoping creating a market economy, but it retained the corruption and shoddy practices from the communist era. And government manipulation survived in the form of government banks and local government funneling money to allies. There is a reason everyone hates the Party.

  196. @Bombercommand

    I always try to use non pro Chinese sources to link with you. You know why??? They are usually bejind and only know part of the story (which is why they were shocked at the hypersonic systems China tested this year – and still confused in what it was). As stated clearly there are already quantum lines running from Shanghai to Beijing for a while now. I forget who you are again.. Reading comprehension is low for you. I get a headache with people like you. Arrogance couple with ignorance is a dangerous mix…. Someone like you should not be allowed to command any bombers. But it is probably just your fantasy anyway.

    As to the missiles. It is almost perfect timing of satellite images came out of exactly how China calibrates hitting ships with those missiles. They put them on rails wode open for the satelite to see. I told you what to look up. China stated clearly and openly it uses AWACS planes and drones to adjust the missile targets. Even in this USNI piece the Pentagon report states they fired on moving ships at sea.

    As to the J 15… You remind me of a woman when she loses an argument and tries to twist words. The link involved showed exactly how Su 33 and J15′ s work from a ski jump. You tried to give a back hand praise to Russia and tried to denigrate China but ended up looking stupid since the J 15 has a better weight to thrust ratio than the Su 33. You made yourself look stupid to any high school physics student and yet you double down. Scary.

  197. @迪路

    India is already divided into several countries from Banglastan to Pakistan but be rest assured those crazy Hindus will bring back those converted dogs back into the fold like China is going to bring back crazy Taiwan, kicking and screaming.

    • Replies: @迪路
  198. @Hegar

    “Mao ruined China’s economy, when he wasn’t raping village girls to magic away his syphilis, or killing 20 million Chinese.”

    And Chinaman Mao’s political heirs are still up to no good… you must have heard the latest news about that dog who combs his heavily colored hair sideways is being accused of molesting a Chinese tennis star and the funny thing is that animal does not even know that the woman is a lesbian, a butch, a dyke… man, those Chinese are worse than animals, they’re stupid!

  199. @bombthe3gorgesdam

    I thought Hitler already killed off defective soys like you.

    • Replies: @Chinaman's Nightmare
  200. Lemming says:
    @René Fries

    Believe it or not, people, but that’s actually how they teach us to reason in some European countries. Don’t create logical links, no, just create a random link out of a contextless quotation from a rich philosopher who never worked a day in his life to tell us how “freedom” is going to make everyone prosperous.

    Tough times create tough men, who create better times, which create weaker men, who create tougher times. Been this way for ever, not going to change. Right now the West is made of weak men, China of tough men.

  201. @Muricunt licks Hindu ass

    This your first comment under the latest avatar, so, I am going to ease you into the etiquette where the big boys play… keep your trap shut and listen to your betters, i.e. to the non Chinese or go play in the sandlot where you would get much needed arse whooping.

    Now repeat after me…

    “Uncle Sam, please do not bomb us poor Chinese devils into oblivion because our uncle She doesn’t know jack shite and he is going to get us all killed but all we want is a bowl of rice and a bit of rodent for protein.”

    • Troll: showmethereal
  202. @Showmethereal

    The entire structure of the current frenzy of hatred at China afflicting the West rests on race and civilization rage at China’s rise, which has put the lie to the deranged supremacist arrogance of the West. The Sinophobes, here and elsewhere, firmly believe, in the twisted reptilian labyrinth of their mind, with a murderous beast lying in its innermost depths, that the Chinese and all non-Whites are inferior species. It derives directly from the Judaic division of humanity into Godlike Jews, and goyim, just above mere animal brutes, below. That is the real truth of the constant reference to ‘Judeo-Christian’ Civilization. These monsters intend genocide for China, and the Chinese know it.

    • Replies: @RJ Macready
  203. @Hegar

    All surveys of popular opinion in China, by Westerners like Harvard and the Chinese themselves find that 90-95% of Chinese are ‘satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’ with their Government, ie the CPC. So you are either a demented, brainwashed, racist, sub-fascist, or a liar, or both.
    I see from your ignorant use of ‘reigning in’ instead of ‘reining in’ that English might not be your first language. From the deranged anti-communist lies, I suspect you might be a Balt, or Ukro facist, or someone of that ilk. I see that they have named dilators for vaginismus after you. I’m not surprised.

  204. @Mehool Mehta

    Imagine a punka-wallah criticising China for any residual poverty there. Coming from the world’s champion of poverty, immiseration, destitution and squalour. Some cheek, punkie.

    • Replies: @Chinaman's Nightmare
  205. jay says:

    Maybe India needed the relief from population pressure provided by Covid.

  206. Smith says:

    It’s a conspiracy that Vietnam wants to take over the region. There’s no actual fact over that.

    Deng Xiaopeng worked with the US, and invaded Vietnam with false premise.

    The only fact here is that China sought to defend Pol Pot, got beaten out and change to siege tactics, exactly like the US. When the work is done in Cambodia, Vietnam left because we do not want to stay in Cambodia forever.

    Again, please don’t spread false conspiracy and insult both vietnamese and chinese.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  207. @Showmethereal

    Your USNI link does not document or even claim a HIT against a moving naval vessel at sea. They fired “at”, but that is not a HIT. You have not provided a Chinese military claim to have achieved a hit against a moving naval vessel at sea. If they did achieve that, they would be crowing about it at maximum volume, and repeating the feat multiple times for all the world to see. But there is nothing. You are a bullshitter. There are zero “quantum lines”(whatever that is supposed to be) “running from Beijing to Shanghai for awhile now”. You are a bullshitter. The link you provided earlier about the J-15 admitted in the last line of that bogus article that they could not provide a photo of a battle weight J-15 taking off from Liaoning/Shandong, but maybe there would be one “someday”. Meanwhile Russia ran combat operations in Syria from Admiral Kuznetsov with SU-33s. DEPLOYMENT is proof of operational capability. If China could do the same you would see video of Liaoning in the Strait of Taiwan launching J-15s for practice bombing runs, but there is nothing. Again, YOU ARE A BULLSHITTER. Mr Unz posted in the “newslinks” section of TUR an article that dances around and archly implies your ludicrous claims of “carrier killer missiles”, but again, like you, that article cannot provide a documented case of a Chinese ballistic missile hitting a moving naval vessel at sea. You simply do not understand how difficult it is and how many live fire range tests, with numerous failures, it takes to reach your claimed capability. There is zero evidence China has conducted a test program of that magnitude. You are merely a bullshitter. What the Chinese are obviously doing with that mockup in the desert is trying to achieve enough accuracy to use a nuclear warhead against a naval target with a reasonable chance of damage. Gawd are you people idiotic. You really, really don’t want to go there. There was a treaty between USSR and US prohibiting IRBMs, for very good reasons. First the Russian Federation tore it up, then the imbeciles in China decided they wanted in too. You have opened a Pandora’s Box in your stupidity and hubris. Now your gonna have Dark Eagle on you ass, and you don’t want that.

    • Thanks: Johann Ricke
    • Replies: @showmethereal
  208. 迪路 says:
    @Chinaman's Nightmare

    Who knows, maybe current India will be divided into several pieces due to the self-consciousness of the Indian people.I love talking to clowns, especially clowns who are dying.

    • Replies: @Chinaman's Nightmare
  209. 迪路 says:

    I have to tell you. I especially like Indians. Their ability to fabricate and spread rumors is unmatched. China has been smeared as an evil regime by foreign media anyway. I don’t mind at all. I just wish they spread more rumors so people who don’t want to come can stay away. That would save a lot of trouble for the epidemic prevention effort, at least without everyone going to China. China is not an animal shelter.

  210. @Smith

    “It’s a conspiracy that Vietnam wants to take over the region. There’s no actual fact over that.”

    That is what I said in my own comment. I specifically separated the actual and unimpeachable facts into a a separate paragraph… Which I am copying again. Any neutral person can look up every sentence I wrote and see if it correct or not.

    “Fact – China sought to discipline Vietnam over Cambodia. Fact – China faced stiffer resistance than expected and changed tactics. Fact – China held part of Vietnamese territory for over a decade for which there were skirmishes and shelling along the line. Fact – Veitnam left Cambodia and then that is when China negotiated to settle the border and gave back Vietnam the land it held since 1979.”

    • Replies: @Smith
  211. @Bombercommand

    Wow you are really unhinged and psychotic.

    Everything you wrote is plain stupid and shows you don’t understand Chinese. Chinese are not gun slinging cowboys. chinese do not boast and bluff.

    – you still keep repeating the same stupidity about the Su 33 and J 15. China is not in combat. I tis good that Russia was able to use the Su 33 and hit targets in Syria to help keep back the maniac jihadists that the US was backing… Here is a reality though.. China’s carrier is more advanced than the Russian one. The J15 is lighter than the Su with the same engine. So it’s ability to carry more armaments and fuel is a simple calculation. Any high schooler with a C average could tell you. And why would China make videos of that in drills on Taiwan??? The carriers are not for that clown. Helicopters can make it over.

    -zero evidence? ok you are just plain stupid then… the satellite surveillance says they have known of the site and what it has been doing for years. can you seriously not read??? China landed a probe on the far side of the moon on it’s first try – something which has never been done before – and you think they can’t use a ballistic to hit a moving ship. The pentagon brief said China tested it on moving ships in the sea… but ok – in your world it didn’t happen… got it.

    – your last paragraph – name one missile tech the US is still ahead in. Go ask the Pentagon and they can tell you.

    You really need help. Or maybe this is just a character you play…
    In any event – I will let you alone to stew in your own psychotic juices.

    • Replies: @Bombercommand
  212. @The_MasterWang

    if it was up to me, china would have been nuked after sending soldiers to fight Americans in korea in the 1950s. lucky for you, Eisenhower was a pussy

  213. Smith says:

    So you ignore why China invades in the first place?

    And no, China didn’t discipline Vietnam, but invaded Vietnam to defend Pol Pot.

    Even when China failed in its invasion of Vietnam, China still supported Pol Pot in the jungle with weapons and monetary aid and tried to legitimize the regime in the UN with the US help.

    Please stick to the facts and don’t spread false conspiracy, please. It makes you look stupid.

    • Replies: @Showmethereal
  214. Ron Unz says:

    if it was up to me, china would have been nuked after sending soldiers to fight Americans in korea in the 1950s. lucky for you, Eisenhower was a pussy

    I sometimes wonder if “bombthe3gorgesdam” and “The_MasterWang” aren’t sitting in side-by-side cubicles in some office building in Tel Aviv…

  215. @Chinaman's Nightmare

    Try it. Lmao. Your race is headed for extinction white boy and you cant do shit. You know this. Only thing is I want to see it happen in my lifetime. I still believe the only way to eradicate your kind is through some biochemical method….mass sterilization or messing with the water and food supply chain….becuase going the way with sociology(mass immigration) it will happen but not so fast and not so….dramatically as I want deep down. And hey….next time you’re in Dallas let’s meet up..what say? I’ll show you around my indian neighbourhood and make you realize who owns this landmass you call America now. Bwahahahaha bwahahaha.

    • Replies: @Chinaman's Nightmare
  216. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Why havent these christian freaks been bombed back into the medieval times? I always thought christianity was dead. And with the influx of islam so widespread in europe I’d have thought no real Christian realm exists and yet they are moving out and about everywhere in canada and america. These clowns have been persecuted for as long as they have lived and yet like some random glitch in the system they are thriving. Religion must be exterminated if society must progress and in all religion nothing is as bad and backward as christianity it must be removed from every wester nation on earth.

  217. antibeast says:

    The Israelis canceled their first-ever Lavi jet fighter program in the 80s after being pressured by the Yanks who didn’t want any competitors to their F-16s. China had been developing its own indigenous jet fighters since the J-8 in the 60s and the J-10 in the 70s. Before then China built and exported thousands of its J-7s which were licensed copies of the MiG-21. Besides China’s two-decade headstart over the Israelis in jet fighters, the J-10 does not resemble the Lavi at all. So the oft-repeated rumors of Israel transferring its Lavi jet fighter technology to China is contradicted by easily verifiable historical and technical facts.

  218. denk says:

    Call it what you will but any military man will tell you that is what war is all about

    Hey you brave warrior,
    I dare you,
    Go tell that to Layla Anwar…

    A FUCK YOU from Iraq,

    For 20 years, I witnessed my country, the land of my father, my mother, my ancestors, disintegrate before my very eyes…20 fucking years. 20 fucking years.

  219. @Ron Unz

    Ha, ha, ha. But seriously, what do you suppose the Jewish state of Israel has to gain by increasing animosity between America and China? Wouldn’t Israel, which has been caught selling American military tech to China and which benefitted so much from America’s hyper-focus on the middle east (rather than on east asia, where it should have been focused) during the past 2 decades prefer an easing of tension and de-escalation between America and China? Doesn’t Israel want to maintain it’s lucrative and growing trade relationship with China without it’s benefactor America raising a fuss? Or is Jewish control over the foreign policy community in America so complete that Israel believes it doesn’t have to worry about America’s interest in containing China? And even if this is the case, it doesn’t suggest that Israel would benefit from an increase in hostility between America and china, only that its confident that it won’t be adversely affected by the increased hostility.
    A few weeks ago chinese commenter “the_masterwang” made a vivid and completely illegal threat to torture and murder specific white children, including the method by which he would carry out the threatened torture and murder, the pleasure he expected to experience from carrying out the torture and murder, and the reason that he wished to torture and murder these children, which is that they belong to the white race (making his threat a hate crime). He published that threat as a comment on your website. Though I know you were just joking, please don’t compare me with him. I’ve advocated for very harsh American policies against china and the chinese, but I’ve never broken the law in doing so, as “the_masterwang” so unmistakably has by publishing his perverted and racially motivated child torture and murder fantasies on your wonderful website.

    • Replies: @HDW
  220. antibeast says:
    @Joe Wong

    Modi has single-handedly destroyed the myth of ‘India’ which was painstakingly cultivated by the Gandhi-Nehru Dynasty of the Congress Party since Independence in 1947. Credit should be given to his Hindutva followers of the RSS/BJP which has succeeded in tearing apart the fragile unity achieved by the Congress Party. These Hindu supremacists will now reap what they have sown in remaking India into their own mythical image of Bharat.

  221. antibeast says:

    Where have you been, boy? You must have been daydreaming too much after watching so much gay porn in your mother’s basement.

    After his ascent to power in 2012, Xi has been cracking down on the endemic graft and corruption which has plagued China since Deng ‘liberalized’ the economy back in the 80s. A new China has emerged since Xi purged the Dengist Kleptocrats from power in less than a decade. Deng’s era is now over while Xi’s China is just beginning.

    • Agree: showmethereal
  222. @bombthe3gorgesdam

    Look Moshe, the USSR got the bomb in 1949, hence no nukes in Korea or China. One thing that the Yankee Doodles are is ‘cautious’ when it comes to picking adversaries.

  223. Smith says:

    What gets me is that most chinese don’t even know Pol Pot or that CCP supported Pol Pot.

    Most of the people in China have never heard of Pol Pot. The government have never mentioned about the support in our history book. For me, I didn’t know him until I travelled to Cambodia for a few weeks and went to the war museum listened to a survivor sharing his story. i could never forget his bitter smile when he looked at me and said “this is another weapon made in China. That is the suppliance coming from china helping Pol Pot killing the innocent people, including the Chinese Cambodians”. I felt ashamed at that time for being Chinese and knowing nothing. after that i bought several books about that part of history. when i got back and shared my findings with people around me. they mostly felt nothing. one of the most typical conclusion to my stories is that “oh, that happened during that ‘special’ period in Chinese history”.

    Shameful! The chinese say the japanese omit history and now do the same thing.

  224. @bombthe3gorgesdam

    So which one of you isn’t a pussy?

  225. @Ron Unz

    Frankly I don’t even know how to feel about being accused of being Mossad.

  226. @antibeast

    “China had been developing its own indigenous fighters since…the J-10 in the 70s.” What are you babbling about moron???? The J-10 program wasn’t approved until 1986 and the design wasnt finished until 1994. First flight in 1998. Not operational until 2007. The Russians know there would be no J-10 without the zionist’s sale of a flyable Lavi to China, and there would be no Lavi without American Goyim tech. Like I said, “the Goyim know”, and we want payback…with interest…and penalties…and more.

    • Replies: @antibeast
  227. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    A yellow-coolie lecturing a punka-wallah… now the pot is calling the kettle black. Talk about an ignoramus!

    • Replies: @denk
  228. @RJ Macready

    “next time you’re in Dallas let’s meet up”

    What would a half naked fakir like you, who is not of one of the industrious types of India, e.g. Jains, Zoroastrians, Patels, Bohras, Ismailis etc be doing in Dallas? Did you sneak in with those wetbacks? Sneaky, sneaky!

    Don’t let me report you to the Homeland Dept. for surely they would deport your arse back to the slums because most likely you’re a no good commie Bong. Are you one those black Babus of Calcutta?

    • Troll: showmethereal
  229. @Ron Unz

    The “threegorgeousdames” and “Master-Wanker” are sitting side by side in the gay Tel Aviv…

    Dear venerable Ron Unz,

    Do you get out of Palo Alto much being that you’re so busy with managing the site, writing articles, archiving hard to find books at your own expense for the benefit of the curious? An occasional day trip to those neighboring vineyards would be very salubrious as long as it isn’t the Gallo Brothers.

    Highly Alarmed Reader

  230. antibeast says:

    No, you’re wrong. Chengdu Aircraft proposed the J-10 in 1981 based on its J-9 design which was cancelled the year before in 1980. Here’s the Wiki entry on the J-9:

    In late 1964 two indigenous fighter programs were initiated to follow up the MiG-21. The twin-engine project using the MiG-21’s R-11F-300 powerplants was the J-8. The J-9 project ran in parallel with the J-8 project, but used a completely new single-engine airframe. It adopted the canard layout. The designed target maximum speed was originally Mach 2.4 at above 20,000 metres (66,000 ft) of altitude. In order to achieve this target, the J-9 was fitted with an 8,500kgf (19,000 lbf)-thrust turbojet engine and the 601 Institute initially used a tailless delta design. Development at this point shifted to the newly built 611 Institute and the Chengdu Aircraft Factory. At the beginning of the 1970s, the 611 Institute proposed a new design using a canard ahead of the delta wing (similar to the Swedish Viggen), but because it required new materials and know-how (plus having engine performance problems), it was not until 1975 that the design could be completed.

    The new J-9 design had air intakes on the fuselage sides featuring variable inlet geometry to alter the compression mixture. It used a Chinese-designed Shenyang WS-6 turbofan engine with 12,400 kgf (27,000 lbf) afterburning thrust, and featured a Type 205 radar (with a search range of about 70 km) and four PL-4 radar-guided air-to-air missiles. The J-9 plan was discontinued in 1980, but the J-9 development enabled Chinese engineers to gain experience with the canard layout type, experience that would prove useful in the J-10 project.

    Here’s the Wiki entry on the J-10:

    Design proposals were made by the three major aircraft design institutes. Shenyang’s proposal was based on its cancelled J-13 with a F-16-like strake-wing. Hongdu’s proposal was MiG-23/Su-24-like with variable-sweep wing. Chengdu Aircraft Design Institute’s (CADI) proposal was a Saab 37 Viggen-like design based on its cancelled J-9. CADI’s proposal was selected in February 1984. The following month, CADI and Chengdu Fighter Factory were formally directed to develop and manufacture the aircraft, respectively. Song Wencong (宋文骢) became chief designer.

    So there you have it. The J-10 design was based on the J-9 which uses canards ahead of its delta wings as does the Lavi but the J-9 project was completed in the mid-70s BEFORE the Israelis even began their Lavi jet fighter program in the early 80s.

    • Replies: @Bombercommand
  231. @迪路

    Of course, there is a great deal of uncertainty about the future of India given the ethnic divisions, not to be confused with the racial one, but it’s for certain that China will be forced to part with all of its illegal provinces, Tibet, East Turkmenistan, Inner Mongolia, Manchuria and all tribal lands bordering the Southeast Asia and all claims to islands in the Pacific but most importantly, there will be a great reduction in the population of overbred Han (it is amazing how chopstick wielding chinaman keeps the me-love-you-long-time hussy so busy) with the upcoming campaign of carpet bombing delayed mainly due to the current administration’s foolish belief that they can have a meaningful dialogue with the inscrutable yellow duck.

    And by the way, I too love clowns, especially, the ones that come every year to make the all mighty dollars and I do make a point of going to see them each time they visit the Big Apple… they’re so loud, gaudy and exceedingly funny looking, on top of each other twirling little plates over their heads.

    • Replies: @迪路
  232. @Joe Wong

    Wong Pong Ping Pong. Hmmmm. Finally I meet a Chinese from mainland, I assume. A good snake creature.
    Evil Snake hisses
    “India is the worst horror of the modern age”

    You Chinese-backstabber snakes are not that different from British-thief or Muslim-evil, you are just more sneakier and cunning. We won’t we fooled. Eating snakes all day made you guys into snakes. The best way to deal with you Chinese-backstabber snakes is to crush the head. And that is what Holy Land Bharata will do you snake kind, crush snake head sooo good that you will not dare to rise your head again. Your big brother Civilization India will give your shitty second rate civilization bitch whore nation China, such a ass whooping to leech out all that arrogance and sneakiness. We are getting ready, we will wait. We always succeed. 1.2 billion of us. Adi Yogi created spiritual energies in our holy land of Bharat 15000 years ago. The British-thief is cursed, they will become poor for looting. The Muslim evil will be bombed mercilessly and know no peace for 800 years minimum their genocide and destruction of Indic civilization for 800 years. Your lowly nation is cursed too. You will see your nation collapse with tears in your eyes. Lord Krishna says in the Bhagwat Gita that when you see evil (China snake backstabber), it is our duty, our dharma to take up arms and fight evil like your kind. Your bad days are just starting. Mind it.
    Bhagwan Krushna telling Arjun the importance of taking up Shahstra/ weapons to destroy evil (Evil China) from this Earth and do ones Karma.
    —————-Mehool Bhai, Mumbai

    • Troll: showmethereal
  233. @Chinaman's Nightmare

    Hello, Mehool Bhai. I know this RJ Mcready fellow is. He is one of those posh Khan Market/ Luytens Delhi type Urban Naxalites types. Snobbish posh English speaking Lord Macaulay Putra traitor types. Anglified elite posh snobs like him ruled India till now but now Mannaiya Modiji the Great, has replaced these traitor gang. Gone are the days their types ruled India, they have lost power and the Bharatiya people have power now, the people of India have power after 1000 years of gulami/ slavery of Muslim-evils, British-thiefs and Congress-traitors . Many of these posh Anglo types are Indian Nationalists and have rightfully joined Hindutva but many are of a different kind. Half of the other kind (traitor kind who hate India) worship West all day and the other half China. China China China. All day praise China. All traitors, all these China loving English speaking posh snobs will be hunted down one day, it is because of traitors like him, and his type Nehru the Anglo loving China loving Nehru we lost our land to the Chinese. But now Indic Society has come of age, the society of ancient Bharata, the land of sages and rishis, of Dharma. Now we are in power and we will give those snake eating Chinese imperialist invaders an ass whooping they have never seen. How are the Chinese going to conquer India, by backstabbing one more time. Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai and then attack? You think we are dumb to fall for it? Like Macaulay putras like RJ Mcrundy like that idiot traitor Nehru?
    RJ Mcrundy must realise he is Bharatiya/Indian. he is not Chinese, he is not Whiteman, he is not Negro listening to foreign rap, not Korean listening to foreign K-pop, he is Indian, he will always be Indian. RJ Mcrundy reminds me of the filthy Muslim vermin of Greater Bharat/ Undivided Bharat. These Muslim vermin prater about how they are Turkish or Iranian or Arab Sheikh and want nothing to do with their Indic ancestors. Even Indian Christians never do that. Each and every Indian muslim/Pakistani or Bangladeshi claim to be descended from some “Sheikh” ,they want nothing to do with their Indic past. They want to associate with desert monkeys/ Arabi who have no culture but go and raid and loot in desert and live in tents like barbarians. It boggles my mind. What is this milkshake or sheik or nonsense these slave mentality muslim vermin want to be? Some desert rat leader who rapes and loots? Compared to our great Maharishis and saints of India. Imagine the brainwashing done on these misguided fools.
    But when these desi Muslim vermin go to gulf, the Arabs treat them worse than pigs. Where did their Sheikh status go now? Who respect these Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi muslim vermin now? And brown Arabs mistreat them mind you, who look more or less like us Indians, not Handsome White man or Cute East Asians man, but simple brown desert folk. These Desi Muslims people need to get their head in right order and realise that they are Indics, Bharatiyas and return to the Hindu fold and join the Hindutva movement where we can become fully Indian again, fully Bharatiya. They right now are the dog which does not belong to the house or the road. Arabs tyhreat them like slaves and they deny their glorious Hindu past,
    RJ Mcidiot needs to realize, he is Bharatiya, a Hindu, he is not Chinese, he is no White man, not Negro, not Arabi. He needs to embrace his ancestry which is far superior than these filthy Gora White, Chinese, Arabi, jungle negro kalu or whatever, the oldest civilization on Earth, land of Dharma and Devtas.

    And who is going to going to save those muslim-evil vermin in India now since we Indics have taken power now from the posh Anglo Macaulay Putras? The Muslim vermin have lost their political protection. All those traitor muslin demon scum will be wiped clean and these posh Macaulay Putra types will just watch haplessly as ancient Indic civilization takes its revenge for 800 years of slavery and brutality by these barbaric Muslim-evils. Just you watch.

    ————Mehool Bhai

    BTW please do not try to divide us Gujjus and Marathis. We are one now in Mumbai, the tensions of earlier decades in between both communities are gone. Most Gujratis speak Marathi at home now. Now Marathi Manus (Man) is interested in beating up UP and Bihari immigrants to Mumbai.

  234. “Now Marathi Manus (Man) is interested in beating up UP and Bihari immigrants to Mumbai.”

    If it’s one India as your lengthy post proposes then why would you sanction those people from north being beaten up by the Marathas? Would Shivaji, the killer of the dogs who converted to Islam, approve of your maltreatment of fellow Hindus? Please explain yourself bit more clearly.

    • Replies: @Mehool Mehta
  235. @antibeast

    More “pilpul”, your specialty. The J-9 was merely a series of failed design studies. These design studies featured numerous configurations, one with a canard, so what. Not only did no J-9 ever fly, no airframes were completed or even started, nor is there evidence that the design of any of the configurations of the imaginary J-9 were completed. The only pictures of the alleged J-9 available are “artist’s impressions”. You first stated China was developing the J-10 in the 1970s. Now you claim Chengdu Aircraft “proposed” in 1981, but your blockquote states Chengdu’s “proposal was selected”(whatever that is supposed to mean) in 1984, and yet nothing, zero had been designed. Then you contradict yourself in your last paragraph, claiming “the J-9 project was completed in the mid-70s” MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!! WHAT LIE IS IT GONNA BE??? Nothing you wrote falsified my statement that the J-10 program was approved in 1986, with basic design completed 1994, with a first flight 1998. Anyone can see that the J-10 is a doppelganger of the Lavi, it’s totally obvious. There is zero relationship between the artist’s renderings of the imaginary J-9 and the J-10. Even you admit the failed Lavi has canards. The J-10 program was first approved in 1986 the same year a Lavi prototype was built. There is no evidence that any design work on the J-10 occured before the joooz sold or loaned a Lavi(with blueprints) to China.

    • Replies: @antibeast
  236. Well done, Pepe, a Classic.

    Most incendiary column on RU … international Lunatic Asylum.

    The reader is reminded of the once common public entertainment in England of visiting Bethlem Royal Hospital (aka Bedlam) and observing the inmates …

    1946 film with Boris Karloff, Anna Lee.

    • Agree: GomezAdddams
  237. @Smith

    You tell me to use facts while you are the one using conspiracy… Irony.
    Fact is China gave back Vietnamese territory after it achieved its purpose. It was not imperial because it never wanted to keep Vietnamese territory nor carry out regime change. Yes it is true of the Paracel island China indeed removed Vietnam. But that again proves my point about the border and Cambodia. So back to the original evaluation. The US slaughtered and poisoned millions of Vietnamese… But the US lost because the whole of Vietnam ended up communist. China on the other hand never intended on such a thing. China achieved its goal whether Vietnam left Cambodia of its own volition or not. Vietnam did not get its land back from China until it left Cambodia. That is a measurable fact which does not rely on clandestine information.

    • Replies: @Smith
  238. @antibeast

    The funniest thing is he says China – I guess via Israel – stole the J10.. How hilarious then that the newest J10 outperforms the F16V in almost any metric. So if China was only wtealing then how come the US cant make the F16 outperform it. A rhetorical question – but guys like him give me a headache. I can only engage with him but so much.

    • Replies: @antibeast
  239. Smith says:

    It’s not about giving back or not.

    China cannot keep it forever, just like chinese troops cannot stayed in North Korea forever or Vietnamese troops cannot stay in Pnom Penh forever.

    When chinese failed to save Pol Pot and resurrect his regime, they already lost their objective. Everything else is just face saving.

    Otherwise, you can say the US achieves their objective too since while Vietnam is united, the communist domino effect is lost because the USSR got worn out and China starts to support anti-communist movements in SEA and worldwide, which is factual.

    Again, stick to the facts and no false conspiracy please.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  240. antibeast says:

    No, you’re wrong again. The first flight took place in 1975 after the design was completed that year. But the J-9 project was cancelled in 1980 which was then proposed one year later by the same company Chengdu Aircraft as the J-10 in 1981.

    So how did Chengdu Aircraft came up with the idea of using canards ahead of a full Delta wing design in 1981? By proposing the J-10 design based on the prior J-9 project that was cancelled the year before in 1980. In other words, the J-10 was practically a revival of the cancelled J-9 whose design was completed in the mid-70s.

    Knowing this fact, nobody can claim that the use of canards ahead of a full Delta wing design came from the Lavi project which was started only in the early 80s, a decade behind the J-9 with features that match the J-10, both coming from the same Chengdu Aircraft company. Besides that historical fact, the Lavi has a clipped Delta wing design which differs from the full Delta wing design of both the J-9 and the J-10. This technical feature proves that the design of the J-10 came directly from the cancelled J-9 not the non-existent Lavi.

    This oft-repeated rumor has been debunked in a number of defense-related forums.

    • Replies: @Bombercommand
  241. antibeast says:

    China already had two-decades worth of experience in jet fighter development before the J-10 project was first proposed in 1981, which included the use of domestically made turbofan jet engines that the Lavi project never had. Even Taiwan’s own indigenous jet fighter project called the ‘F-CK-1’ in the early 80s included the domestic production of jet engines unlike the Lavi project which only involved the design of its air-frame, whose similarity to the J-10 in the use of canards in a Delta wing design being purely coincidental as noted in my previous posts.

    China could have gained access to whatever US technologies was transferred to the ‘F-CK-1’ project in Taiwan during the 80s, as that project was successfully completed with the first ‘F-CK-1’ flight in 1989, unlike the cancelled Lavi project. Taiwan eventually mass-produced the ‘F-CK-1’ which still comprise the bulk of the ROC Airforce to this day.

    That being the case, Taiwan doesn’t even need to buy more F-16s from the USA since it already had its own indigenous ‘F-CK-1’ which is equivalent to the F-16s. All Taiwan needs to do is to upgrade the avionics and missiles of the ‘F-CK-1’ instead of buying more F-16s.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  242. 迪路 says:
    @Chinaman's Nightmare

    I actually think you’re kind of funny, too. I thought you knew the Jewish parasite was abandoning America for a new host. As for India, I just happen to know it will split.

    • Replies: @Chinaman's Nightmare
  243. denk says:
    @Chinaman's Nightmare

    A yellow-coolie

    Chinese work their ass off to make an honest living, nothing to be ashamed of.

    gringos and poms reckon they are meant for bigger stuff.
    They built their fortune by robbing entire nations and bloody proud of it…

    maddog is my family name.

    You two should book a room …

    • Replies: @Chinaman's Nightmare
  244. Smith says:

    Wait, hold the freaking presses:

    New documentary ‘A Day of Trans’ explores experiences of three generations of Chinese transgender persons

    The documentary A Day of Trans focusing on different generations of transgender persons in China, directed by Yennefer Fang, a Chinese transgender independent filmmaker who worked as Second Assistant Director in WWII-theme movie The Eight Hundred, was released in Beijing on Thursday. The film depicts the changes of four Chinese transgender individuals across generations.

    What is happening in mainland China that this is being broadcasted in Beijing of all places?

    When the camera focused on Mr C, a 35-year-old transgender man, audiences can see a different story. Mr C became the public face in the fight for job equality in China in 2016.

    He won the court case against his employer for discrimination for his gender identity.He talked with Fang in the movie about the progress of Chinese society’s views on transgender people and the whole LGBTQ community.

    I still can’t believe this is an actual article in the Global Times and I can’t believe this kind of misgender crime is a thing in mainland China.

  245. @glib

    One Belt one Road —with Middle East – Africa- South and Central America and ASEAN —China’s Belt and Road and likewise Europe just warming up —ask the Greeks about the new port announced couple weeks ago…..

  246. @Chinaman's Nightmare

    USA had its fling for 245 years and 20 years of peace—-give somelse a chance who is not a hegemon–

    • Replies: @Chinaman's Nightmare
  247. @Chinaman's Nightmare

    Hey–do you know Diamond Dallas Page? Hey—do you know JR ??? Are you by any chance related to the man on the knoll? Connelly was a good Governor and Lyndon Johnson had a way with women when Lady Bird was out with Batman ( that trans baseball legend) and then—do you know Kenny Boy Lay –of Enron fame or Jack Ruby? Kennedy was shot by a Russian agent—–from a warehouse 3 blocks from the motorade on the forth floor of a warehouse facing the opposite direction but got his shots pat –thanks to that mirror and great timing —Ruby was a Jew or simply a pawn owing coin ?? Dallas – Bushtown.

    • Replies: @Chinaman's Nightmare
  248. @迪路

    Dear Rudi (or is it Lu Di, in which case you are a Chinese Ru Di, i.e. Rudi… get it?)

    Whether India breaks up or not is inconsequential but China must be broken up and that’s written as Yul Bryner’s Rameses says in the movie “The Ten Commandments”, so it’s written and so it shall be done. But I like you, too, 迪路 because you have a funny name. Jews will never live America because they are made up of multiple races and Han-istan isn’t their idea of a cosmopolitan, multicultural society; they will milk you for all you’re worth remotely and in due time, flush you down the toilet.

  249. @GomezAdddams

    With your litany of Dallas, Texas perhaps you’re trying to say that you are not a wetback. Maybe! Whether milk-scandal Connelly was a good one or a corrupt governor is neither here nor there but Johnson was not very scrupulous, especially, if he had any dealing with the notorious Mossad. And who was the man on the knoll and who were his relatives, you’ll never know, just as why did Jack Rubinstein kill Lee Oswald. Lastly, I don’t keep up with the goings-on in your neck of the woods but is Kenny still alive… do keep us posted.

    P. S. Who really shot J. R.? Was it you Gomez? Was Trump right when he had said Mexicans are murderers?

  250. @Chinaman's Nightmare

    Hello Bhai,
    Bhai, I never said I condoned the beating up of North Indian immigrants/ workers by Marathi natives in Mumbai. I just mention it. In the 1960s there was some tensions in between Gujrati community and local Marathi but that has gone now. Marathis/ Shiv Sena lost interest in us and went after South Indians with the slogan “pungi bajao, lungi hatao”. Then they lost interest in South Indians and now they beat up North Indians from UP and Bihar.
    We prefer more immigrant workers as we try not to hire natives of a state. Local Marathis would have contacts with goons, politicians etc.. and thus hard to fire and worker may not work. Other state workers do not have such contacts. If local worker, some Union leader sniff opportunity and arrange a strike and then meet us in private and blackmail big money to stop strike. Then they give a cut to politicians and goons. You know how hard it is to do business in India. I would hire Marathi workers in some other state like say Karnataka or MP. There we would not hire local workers because of the reasons I mentioned.
    Best is to get people back from Gujrat, someone from your village you can trust to manage things. Gujrati lifestyle is the most scientific in the World. Our food, our lifestyle. Best in the World.

    • Replies: @Chinaman's Nightmare
  251. @denk

    You Chinese coolies constantly remind me of the quatrain from “Hudibras” by Samuel Butler …

    “A pretty new way of gallanting,
    Between soliciting and ranting;
    Like sturdy beggars, that intreat
    For charity at once, and threat.”

    • Replies: @denk
  252. All those knocking China should look at worldometers. China has long won the war against Covid-19, the most important issue of the last two years. Their curve for new deaths has been almost flat since April 2020. Had USA adopted whatever Chinese Covid-19 management policy and methodology there would have been about 1,000 dead and 20,000 infected Americans. Get that into your thick skulls. Victory to the Chinese Communist Party and down with inhuman genocidal western style capitalism and imperialism killing its own people with Covid-19 and with the vaccines.

    • Agree: denk
  253. @antibeast

    No J-9 ever flew or even taxied on a runway. No airframes were constructed or even started. The engineering design was never completed, if it was started, and that’s a big “if”. The J-9 program was nothing more than “design studies” of a number of possible configurations, including the canard, merely “artist’s impressions” of the outward appearance of the imaginary aircraft. You are terminally delusional. The J-10 program was not approved until 1986, the year the Lavi prototypes were constructed and first flight. There is zero evidence of any engineering work on J-10 before the Lavi was available to the Chinese. Basic design for the J-10 was not completed until 1994, that 1986-1994 timeline fits perfectly for a scenario of the J-10 being a knockoff of the Lavi. Sources oddly vary from 3 to 5 Lavi prototypes completed, but only one is accounted for, leaving plenty of opportunity for a Lavi to be sold to China for dissection, and of course blueprints would have been sold as well.

    • Replies: @antibeast
    , @kicktheroos
  254. denk says:
    @Chinaman's Nightmare

    Samuel Butler

    You spend too much time on junks.

    I like the other BUtler, Gen Smedley.

    Also JOhn Pilger.

    There are times when one tragedy, one crime tells us how a whole system works behind its democratic facade and helps us to understand how much of the world is run for the benefit of the powerful and how governments lie. To understand the catastrophe of Iraq, and all the other Iraq’s along imperial history’s trail of blood and tears, one need look no further than Diego Garcia.

    Do u know How many lies Pilger counted in that Diego Garcia scam ?


    Lie 1

    There aint no inhabitans , only seagulls and monkeys.

    LIe 2
    Dear folks, this is a temporary measure, once we finish our biz, you can come back to your homes.

    Lie 3
    oops !
    Too bad buddies, you cant come back.
    We just discover the island is sinking .
    you’ve to stay put where u are, for your own good,

    Sinking island ?
    Tell that to those gringo squatters who were LOLing,

    when it comes to BS, gotta hand it to those pommy [email protected]#\$%^

    Now you know why they call them the five liars clan. !

    • Replies: @Chinaman's Nightmare
  255. @Mehool Mehta

    “Gujrati lifestyle is the most scientific in the World. Our food, our lifestyle. Best in the World.”

    Mahatma Gandhi (today, when I walk by his statue in the Union Square, I will think of the essential of a simple life), was a Gujarati and I can see where those principles of simple lifestyle can not only useful but less harmful to the environment, unlike, the yellow dogs who kill everything in sight to consume, as if there isn’t going to any tomorrow.

  256. @GomezAdddams

    God has had His fling since the beginning and things always haven’t gone peachy cremy but we don’t think about usurpation of the Almighty in the favor of the Devil, now do we?

    It’s better to stick with the Hegemon you know than to trust a wannabe neophyte, whose motives, at best, are questionable.

    God bless America and long live Tibet and the Most Honorable Dalai Lama!

    Down with the Chinaman Mao and his gang of wetmarket thugs and may the Devil take them!

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  257. Smith says:

    @Commentator Mike

    I can’t say I know what the Chinese are doing but whatever it is it seems to be the right thing as comparing their data

    I think you previously said something very correct there, and the chinese should publicize their policy and methodology for the world to see and apply if possible.

    Vietnam was in a very good condition until recent outbreak with over 20,000 deaths, very regrettable.

    I also would like to know how some African countries do rather well too like Gabon, even better than China at part.

  258. antibeast says:

    The picture below shows the Lavi compared to the J-10:

    Note the BIG difference in the design of the air-frames for each aircraft:

    1). Lavi (in blue stripes) is shorter with a two-seater cockpit in the middle of which is the front canards, overlapped by the clipped delta-wings, swept backwards, capped by smaller tail fins.

    2). J-10 (with red lines) is longer with a one-seater cockpit ahead of the front canards, followed by a small gap, then enclosed by the full delta-wings, capped by bigger tail fins.

    Compare the J-10 to the J-9 pictured below:

    Now, it’s quite clear that the design of the J-10 came from the J-9 as acknowledged by none other than its Chief Designer Song Wencong who denied any connection to the Lavi.

    Any more questions?

    • Replies: @Bombercommand
  259. denk says:
    @Chinaman's Nightmare

    bUT U aint seen nuthin yet !

    Due to the exiled islanders decades old petition, the high court finally passed a verdict

    return the island to the people you sobs

    Here comes the clincher,

    Lie 4

    No way my lord,
    the island has been converted into a marine nature reserve, outta bound to human intruders, a vital part of our cop26 scam, er green initiative.
    We are just doing our part in saving the world from those rapacious humans u know ?

    By then,
    The gringo squatters were ROTFLMAOing

    So we’r now a Marine nature reserve ?
    Those gawd damned pommy [email protected]#\$%^%!
    What’ll they think of next ?

    • Replies: @Chinaman's Nightmare
  260. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Mehool Bhai here, you Mulga White thief. White thief said in some mother page “I find Hindutva fascists, RSS stormtroopers and similar very dangerous, although their pride in Hindu culture, if held with equal respect for other ci…blah blah”
    Mahool bhai and India answers: of course a White thief like you would not like Hindutva. You would want India to be weak so that we could be controlled by outside foreign forces like West, Muslims, Communists and China. You would want that right, to see India slave. Only hindutva can save India. British-thief collaborated with Muslim-evils to keep down Hindus, to prevent us Hindus from taking revenge on muslim evil. made a illegitimate terrorist failed state state to save their Muslim co-Abrahamic friends. Now China-backstabber feed the Paki terrorist nation. But bitch, Hindutva is only going to rise and you can do nothing about it.
    We know your tricks, how you guys want to keep India weak and dominated by hostile foreign forces for ever. Explained well in the video below. Watch it. We know your tricks, White-thief.

    Dismantling Hindutva – A Colonial Conspiracy ;#Sattology, Ratan Sharda, Anti-Hindu Racism

  261. @antibeast

    It is not the similarity of external appearance(which is still considerable), but the technology under the skin that China could not build and had to steal, you should know that and you do. You act like there was only one design study(ie “imaginary illustration”) for J-9, the canard version, but there were several all different and without the canard. China chose the imaginary canard version for the J-10 because it was closest to the Lavi, so as much of the Lavi as possible could be copied. China certainly wouldn’t copy exactly the external appearance of the Lavi, the ripoff would be too obvious, and the zionists likely made that a condition of sale. I notice you avoid the fact that the J-10 program was not approved until 1986, the year the Lavi first flew and the design was not completed until 1994, plenty of time to acquire and copy the tech in the Lavi, which was not zionist tech but American Goyim tech. You also avoid the fact that 2 or more Lavis are unaccounted for, but WE KNOW one was sold to China, with blueprints. Yeah, I do have at least one question. Why are you lying, claiming the J-9’s first flight was in 1975, when no J-9 was built or even designed much less ever flew???

    • Replies: @antibeast
  262. antibeast says:

    You’re now grasping at straws because you couldn’t defend the oft-repeated allegation that the DESIGN of the J-10 was based on the Lavi due to its use of canards with a delta-wing design. I have already given you the FACTS which prove that the design of the J-10 is VERY SIMILAR to the J-9, both of which are VERY DIFFERENT from the Lavi. If you’re talking about the avionics, missiles, jet engines etc., those were not part of the Lavi project which was tasked with designing the air-frame for a jet fighter to be produced in Israel.

    Several models of the J-9 were being designed from the late 60s to the 70s but the proposed model was the figure depicted in a page of the book linked in my last post. The J-9 was cancelled in 1980 but its proposed design became the basis for the J-10 BEFORE the Lavi project was started in the early 1980s. Since the design of the Lavi is VERY DIFFERENT from the J-10 whose design is VERY SIMILAR to the J-9, the physical evidence proves that China based its design of the J-10 from the cancelled J-9, NOT from any blueprints or prototypes of the Lavi, alleged to have been acquired from Israel.

    You also avoid the fact that 2 or more Lavis are unaccounted for, but WE KNOW one was sold to China, with blueprints. Yeah, I do have at least one question. Why are you lying, claiming the J-9’s first flight was in 1975, when no J-9 was built or even designed much less ever flew???

    I don’t know what happened to the Lavis but I do know that China was able to acquire Western defense technologies from the global arms market during the 80s as part of Deng’s ‘deal’ with the USA to counter the USSR. As for the J-9, do a google search on “J-9 fighter first flight” and then come back here and do tell us what year that was.

    • Replies: @Bombercommand
  263. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Reading western comments on the rise of the Chinese economy, I am struck by the fact that I never see, not even in writings sympathetic to the CCP, a due recognition of the way the Communists concentrated on educating the population, from well before they won the civil war. When the PRC was declared, they lost no time in sending out a call to educated Chinese in the diaspora (particularly STEM graduates) to come to China to help restore it to its former eminence.

    Even while China was still desperately poor, they poured resources into research, education, academic, vocational and universal literacy alike. They also spent untold amounts on building up a health service. India, by contrast did very little of this sort of thing and it shows. By the end of the 1970s when the influx of foreign capitalists happened, the workforce they found there was not simply masses of dumb peasants, but a relatively large force of skilled workers and a surprisingly large number of relatively expert technicians and scientists. There was also a relatively large industrial infrastructure. (Steel production and electricity supply for example).

    Other countries that did something similar, in the late 20th C, also prospered greatly, as a result e.g. South Korea and Ireland. The government of South Korea, which up until the mid ‘ 70s was a largely agricultural country. set up and equipped six, brand new, universities complete with scientific laboratories. Ireland also beefed up its spending on education at about the same time and became, like S.Korea, one of the so-called “Tiger Economies”.

    I don’t know why this seems to be so overlooked. Perhaps it is a symptom of the current western anti-intellectualism? Or perhaps it is a result of the general disparagement of anything that has to do with Mao?

    • Thanks: showmethereal
    • Replies: @Mary Marianne
  264. @denk

    Time for your medication: one part panda shite, one part tiger penis, one part snake oil and one part any endangered species, freshly butchered in a wet market. Mix them all together well and eat them raw, while smoking opium to avoid self administered castration, unless you desire to be employed in the Forbidden City as an eunuch.

    • Replies: @denk
  265. @Bombercommand

    No concession at all…. I just forgot to use wisdom as provided by Proverbs to “not answer a fool according to his folly”. I will leave you with this one. This is an article about how China was the first to develop an exascale supercomputer (not one but two) – but China didn’t submit them to the bi-annual Top 500 list for bragging rights. So this piece here is trying to figure out why coming up with all types of theories… So in the comments there is a guy named “Guy D’Esposito” saying that owe China lies and so they never achieved it. Well aside from the fact that this western publication – which is known as an authority HPC – says they themselves verified – Mr. Guy misses the fact that they demonstrated the system in order to win the Gordon Bell Prize – which is an international organization. He reminds me a lot of you…. Carry on..

    • Replies: @Bombercommand
  266. @Smith

    You keep arguing against conspiracy – but keep repeating the conspiracy that China was wedded to Pol Pot… Carry on.

    • Replies: @Smith
  267. Smith says:

    But it was factual that China was wedded to Pol Pot, it voiced support, sent military aid, monetary aid, and even invade Vietnam to aid Pol Pot.
    It seems you don’t actually stick to facts when facts don’t stick up to you. Shame!

    Again, I recommend you to study more history, learn to respect more of the dead vietnamese, dead chinese, dead cambodian resulted by Deng Xiaopeng collaboration with Pol Pot and the CIA. Thank you.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  268. @antibeast

    “That being the case, Taiwan doesn’t even need to buy more F-16s from the USA since it already had its own indigenous ‘F-CK-1’ which is equivalent to the F-16s. All Taiwan needs to do is to upgrade the avionics and missiles of the ‘F-CK-1’ instead of buying more F-16s.”

    Technically true – but not politically… They have to buy them to feed the US military industrial complex (Just like Japan is forced to buy more overpriced F35’s). If Taipei doesn’t they will get a slap from Washington.

    But yeah back to the Lavi – even IF China did glean something… The fact is the Lavi doesn’t exist and the J10 is more capable than the F16… So it doesn’t even matter. In fact – if an AWACS plane or other radar detects an F35 – that wouldn’t even be a good match. The J10 has higher ceiling – is faster – is more maneuverable – and has longer range missiles. Guys like that dude bomber only survive because of the bliss of their ignorance. An F35’s only hope against a peer is to hope it stays hidden. A big hope. Most likely they will stick to using it against defenseless opponents.

    • Replies: @antibeast
  269. @antibeast

    Did the search “J-9 fighter first flight”. No first flight, or any flight claimed, zero nothing nada. Closest I could find to your claim was the alledged ordering of three prototypes in 1975(no citation), no evidence they were built, or even any engineering work, project cancelled by 1980. You are a BULLSHITTER. You pretend a “design study”, which is merely an artist’s impression, is equivalent to blueprints by engineers. DESIGN means ENGINEERING. It is not the outward appearance of an aircraft that counts, it what is under the skin. Even African idiots can build the shell of an “African Skyhawk”, but it can’t fly it is nothing. There is zero evidence of any engineering work on the J-10 until after 1986.

    • Replies: @antibeast
  270. @Chinaman's Nightmare

    “God bless America and long live Tibet and the Most Honorable Dalai Lama!

    Down with the Chinaman Mao and his gang of wetmarket thugs and may the Devil take them!”

    Here is the problem with your equation. Americans claim to worship the God of the bible. But the problem for your is that Dalai Lama is a sorcerer according to the bible and his followers are all worshippers of false idols. Doesn’t that affect your trolling just a little????

  271. @Smith

    No what China was wedded to at the time was not letting Vietnam and the USSR expand influence in the region… Black or white cat doesn’t matter – as long as it catches rats. You don’t get that… So I said – carry on. China achieved it’s goals whether you like it or not.

    • Replies: @Smith
  272. denk says:
    @Chinaman's Nightmare

    Thats your best offer ?
    Rather disappointing,
    Not up to par .

    To continue….

    FUKUS skulldruggeries are the legend, but they had gone too far with this Diego Garcia farce.

    Even the normally comatose UN felt obliged to intervene,

    Give the gawd damned island back to the Chagosians pronto you mofo

    By then even the master of deceit had run out of excuse.
    When all else fails, they always show their true color..

    Come and get us , sucker !

    UK set to defy UN deadline to return Chagos Islands from worldnews

    The plight of Chagosians continues……

    • Replies: @Chinaman's Nightmare
  273. Smith says:

    No what China was wedded to at the time was not letting Vietnam and the USSR expand influence in the region

    Again, that is the false conspiracy here, there’s no proof of Vietnam or the USSR trying to expand in the region at all meanwhile we have proofs, documents of China being wedded to Pol Pot as I have posted above.

    I think this exposes you, when the facts hit you, you resort to conspiracy to defend China’s vile actions at the time. You are not a factual person at all, but just another chinese sycophant.

    Again, I urge you to stick to the facts and don’t spread false conspiracy, and study more history of course.

  274. @showmethereal

    I’m still waiting for you to back up your claim of “quantum lines running from Beijing to Shanghai for awhile now”.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  275. denk says:


    Peng Shuai: UN calls for proof of Chinese tennis star’s whereabouts; WTA chairman willing to pull out of China

    To recall,
    International communities demand inquisition into …

    Peng Xuai…

    A pic is worth a thousand words.
    Look at the map,
    Basically the same actors every time…

    Whites vs the rest
    Always has been, always will be,

    BUt not all colored are born equal,

    Some are licensed to kill and rape.
    As long as you’ve friends at high places, CUE London/Washington

    Exhibit A

    Where’s this ‘international commitiies’, WTA, IOC, UN during the pogrom in GUjarat, when many muslim Indians were gang raped ?

    Or during the intifada in Manipur,
    when naked mothers unfurled their banner in front of the notorious Assam rifles…

    Indian soldiers come rape us.

    After their daugthers were ganged raped and mutilated.

    Or during seventy years of genocide and mass rapes in the NE and Kashmir ?

    Where are u mofo ?


  276. antibeast says:

    Let me do the google search for you:

    Now please tell us what year that was.

    • Replies: @Bombercommand
  277. HDW says:

    Though I know you were just joking, please don’t compare me with him.

    But your comment history reveals many comments threatening racial violence and genocide, as well as gloating over previous instances of racial violence and genocide.

    Given these threats, as well as the many recent examples of such attempted and enacted genocides from the Holocaust to the Amerindians and elsewhere, it seems reasonable that the targets of your threats of genocide should countenance genocide or something like the Morgenthau Plan against your people as a defensive measure. Especially as such measures increasingly become more feasible as your people decline.

    • Agree: showmethereal
    • Replies: @The_MasterWang
  278. Same page I got when I did my search. I clicked onto every search result. Not one article documented, or even claimed, a first flight, or any flight, ever, by the imaginary J-9. That “1975” in the header is bullshit backed up by zero citations. There is not a single photograph available of the imaginary J-9, only drawings, and lately a few phony CGI images. No J-9s were ever built, not even prototypes, it only existed as pencil sketches. Just like the Google header you link to with the phony “1975” is illustrated not by a photograph of a real aircraft but by a pencil drawing/CGI image.

  279. antibeast says:

    Well, that guy obviously isn’t aware that China’s Achilles Heel has always been its lack of indigenous turbofan jet engines for its aerospace industry. That was the main problem plaguing China’s fighter jet program until the WS-10 Taihang series became mature enough to replace its Russian-made engines. The latest variant called WS-10C has surpassed its Russian counterpart AL-31F in thrust and is now powering the J-20A while the WS-10B is used to power the J-10C.

    That is a very significant milestone for China’s aerospace industry after nearly four decades of developing its own indigenous turbofan jet engines. What China wanted and lacked at the time was the capability to produce its own indigenous turbofan jet engines which prompted Deng to start the WS-10 Taihang program back in the 1980s. As it already had two-decades of experience designing its own air-frames for the J-8/J-9/J-10 by the early 1980s when the Lavi project started, why should China bother with the cancelled Lavi project when the design of the J-10 is not even remotely similar to the air-frame of the Lavi? If the J-10 were a licensed copy of the Lavi, then the J-10 would have looked exactly like the Lavi, similar to the way the J-11 looks exactly like the Su-27 because they’re licensed copies co-produced with Russia. But the J-10 doesn’t look like the Lavi; instead the J-10 looks like the J-9. That’s proof positive that the design of the J-10 was based on the air-frame of the J-9 not the Lavi.

    • Agree: showmethereal
  280. @denk

    And the chinaman She’s Eunuch continues the struggle on behalf of its master …

    Long live Free Tibet and His Holiness the Dalai Lama!

  281. @Ron Unz

    Sir, it’s richly deserved; your great website is one of my go-to places when it comes to scrutinising mainstream narratives, as well as a place outside of the ferocious and aggressive spread of demoralisation that’s seemingly so pervasive nowadays.

    Absolutely true, and it’s been getting much worse recently. So I greatly appreciate your level-headed comments.

    Thank you very much – and, indeed, your website is one of a few places where I go to in order to maintain a sense of level-headedness and perspective.

    Frankly, I’d be very cautious about taking any of their material seriously. It’s possible I’m being unfair, but that’s my impression.

    I’m certainly appreciative of your instincts and I don’t believe it’s insignificant at all; your very long experience with truthseeking and very-high-IQ credentials speak for themselves.

    In the cases of George Webb and Housatonic Live, I find the articles and papers (scentific, governmental, and the rest of it) they frequently bring up in their videos to be highly informative.
    George Webb has highlighted in his research a high concentration of NATO members and members of various US intelligence agencies connected with the related research (into not just coronaviruses, but also zika, MERS, ebola, SARS-1 and even anthrax) throughout the last few decades and the sequence of events surrounding the outbreak in Wuhan. Many, many recurring names and characters.
    Housatonic Live has supplemented a lot of GW’s research, bolstering GW’s angle, but he has also put forward a lot of incredibly fascinating research into many historical events (often connected to today’s situation at the very least in the way that they serve as more foundational narratives to the main modern narratives, like the heavy references to the 1918 pandemic during the beginning of the covid situation). A few examples of his research involves digging rather deeply into the suspicious circumstances surrounding the SARS-1 outbreak, how “China’s oprah” apparently had an apartment right above the apartment of the first patient of SARS-1 (whose apartment number was apparently 911, very much on the nose) and her deep connections to kissinger and the whole globohomo movement; and most recently, he has dug his heels very deeply into the importance of the anthrax attacks, more specifically the truth surrounding Bruce Ivins and the accusations laid against him. He worked with Sina Bavari, who was the head of fort detrick prior to the wuhan outbreak and just after a leak took place there; back in 2001, he was apparently the go-to specialist in anthrax, just as he is today an expert on covid.

    What i’ve found most interesting from LaRouche was finding out how aggressively the british had strived to subvert america, and how closely connected with america russia had long been, particularly during the civil war where russia had funded and supported the Union and Britain had done the same for the confederacy; it had shed a whole new light for me through which to look at the Civil War. What Ehret had written about the taiping rebellion reminds me a lot of what had happened to both China and Russia with the rise of communism in both countries (wasn’t either trotsky or lenin funded by the US and delivered to russia in some way?), what had potentially happened in tiananmen square, and what seems to have happened to America.

    Sure, but in a very straightforward way. Since April 2020, I’ve published a long series of articles arguing that the Covid outbreak was probably an American biowarfare attack against China (and Iran), intended to damage and possibly destabilize those countries. Nothing particularly complicated, except that it very likely done without Trump’s awareness.

    Here’s a link to one of my recent articles and also the major elements of the series as a whole (also available as an eBook):

    The articles on the whole situation on the website have been very helpful in my understanding of it all; I’m personally very appreciative of the fact that there’s so much information in this series that isn’t talked about elsewhere. They are frequently densely packed with information, so I’ll have to revisit a few of them, but it’s been very interesting to try to put it all together with what i have gathered from other sources, and I’ve been trying to spread your articles and perspectives to wake people up.

  282. @Smith

    Yes yes you and your clandestine documents. Yes of course – Vietnam was always innocent… Got it.

    • Replies: @Smith
  283. @Bombercommand

    It was already in the first one… But here are some more for you… This was 4 years ago… You can be assured further advancements have been made. You do realize that Austrians were on the other side of the first quantum video call right? Were the Austrians lying too? I don’t give you Chinese sources because you will claim they are lying… But if you did read them you would know banking – defense and political offices had been using the network in 2105 even before the first satellite was launched.,long-distance%20quantum%20communication%20link%20between%20Beijing%20and%20Shanghai

    And aside from AI and surveillance systems that make it easier to catch spies working for the US – those quantum communications are also a big reason for this from Bloomberg:

    • Replies: @Bombercommand
  284. @Chinaman's Nightmare

    You used the troll button and ignored my last comment. You are calling the Dalai Lama “His Holiness” – but how holy can he be if he spent years on the CIA payroll??? You pretend to reference the God of the bible – but again – according to the bible Tibetan Buddhism is idolatry…. So do you have any clue about anything except to try to troll Chinese??? You must be the one with the nightmares because your material is weak… Not sure if you know the commandments “you should not take the name of your God in vain”… Study what that means

  285. @Chinaman's Nightmare

    LOL. Long live China Taiwan reunification!

    • Replies: @Chinaman's Nightmare
  286. @Smith

    To be honest I am not sure that most Cambodians find Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge as odious as portrayed by the foreign regimes. Hun Sen, who has been Prime Minister of Cambodia since 1985, is a former Khmer Rouge soldier, and I would think that so are many others in the present day political and business elite in Cambodia. Also Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge had the seal of approval of Prince Sihanouk from his exile in Beijing.

    • Replies: @Smith
    , @Mulga Mumblebrain
  287. Smith says:

    Sounding unhinged there.

    Please get better and get back to me.

    • LOL: showmethereal
  288. Smith says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Hun Sen ran from the Pol Pot regime, gone over to Viet Nam (mimicking Pol Pot himself) and helped fought the Khmer Rouge since then. His modern turn-over is because chinese have much more investment than Vietnam and money talks but I don’t think to this date he has turned into a Khmer-rouge sympathizer.

    Most of actual political Khmer Rouge is either in exile or in trial.

  289. denk says:
    @Chinaman's Nightmare

    Dont run,
    we aint done yet !

    The shameful saga of Diego Garcia continues…


    GIve that damned island back to the Chagosians u mofo

    FUKUS showed the one finger salute.
    What could the UN do,..?
    NUthin !

    What about the ‘international communities’ aka the five liars , aka the rule based system, aka the world’s human rights enforcers ?
    Hell why’d they do anything, its a family affair. !

    What happened when some fool was brave enough to challenge the exceptional ?

    From JOhn Perkins
    Ex economic hitman

    the US is “exceptional” only in the unbridled violence it applies to others who get in its way.
    France-Albert Rene, president of Seychelles, threatened to reveal the illegal and inhumane eviction of the residents of Diego Garcia by Britain and Washington so that the island could be converted into an air base from which Washington could bomb noncompliant countries in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. Washington sent in a team of jackals to murder the president of Seychelles, but the assassins were foiled. All but one were captured, tried and sentenced to execution or prison, but a multi-million dollar bribe to Rene freed them. Rene got the message and became compliant.



    JOhn PIlger

    There are times when one tragedy, one crime tells us how a whole system works behind its democratic facade and helps us to understand how much of the world is run for the benefit of the powerful and how FUKUS lie. To understand the catastrophe of Iraq, and all the other Iraq’s along imperial history’s trail of blood and tears, one need look no further than Diego Garcia.

    fOR that, Pilger was called a self hating whitey LOL

    • Replies: @Chinaman's Nightmare
  290. @HDW

    Finally someone who gets it.
    You can’t coexist with that race.

  291. Smith says:

    Black or white cat doesn’t matter – as long as it catches rats.

    Also, I have seen chinese (singaporean?) telling me this above quote twice now, it’s mainly attributed to Deng Xiaopeng (or is it Lee Kuan Jew?)

    This quote seems to be about achieving profits/success without caring about the means, which makes sense for the merchants like Deng Xiaopeng or Lee Kuan Jew, but absolutely not for people who have a sense of morality.

    My refute is a quote from Confucius himself:
    “The superior man understands what is right; the inferior man understands what will sell.”

    • Replies: @Mary Marianne
  292. @foolisholdman

    That is also what I keep missing in those China analyses. It’s not merely a huge population that has made China the economic miracle. It’s a huge population that is also reasonably well educated, which makes for a large pool of quality human resources. If China had not made these investments during the Mao era, it would now probably be poorer than India.

    The west can’t compete with China, not only because their countries have smaller populations, it’s also the lack of investment in proper education that is currently a trend in many western countries. Rather than pouring more money into STEM research and classical education, the west prefers to teach its children that boys can become girls by wearing skirts, and girls can be boys by cutting short their hair.

    There is of course a ceiling to this population+education growth. Ever more high quality education costs ever more money. Parents cannot afford to have as many children, because they cannot afford the education these children will need to remain competitive in the modern job market. So, the population growth slows down and the population might even start shrinking, thereby also shrinking the country’s pool of quality human resources.

    • Thanks: Showmethereal
    • Replies: @Showmethereal
  293. @Smith

    You can keep choking on your non-existent mortality while your people live in tent camps OD’ing on fentanyl. Meanwhile everyone in China has a house, access to water, access to electricity, and access to 5G internet.

    What the truly superior man knows to be the right thing to do is his duty to feed and house his own people — and whether people call that duty a black cat, a white cat, a democratic cat, or a communist cat is of no concern to Deng Xiaoping.

    Meanwhile, the inferior man knows to sell hot air under the banner of freedom and democracy.

    • Agree: Mulga Mumblebrain
    • Replies: @Smith
  294. Smith says:
    @Mary Marianne

    Without morality, what separates man from beast? A beast that doesn’t care if it’s a black cat, white cat, you, your friends, your family, as long as it fills its belly.

    There’s a reason why old philosophers who suffer a much worse life than any of us still preach about morality, and this is common from East to West and North to South.

    • Replies: @Mary Marianne
  295. @Mary Marianne

    Very astute analysis. To your last paragraph – that is why China is coming down hard on the tutoring industry. Aside from overworking children which is unhealthy – it is one of the reasons couples of lesser means didnt want to have more children because they felt to compete it would be too burdensome.

  296. @showmethereal

    Proverbs 12:22

    Lying lips are abomination to the LORD: but they that deal truly are his delight.

    • Replies: @Showmethereal
  297. @Commentator Mike

    China-Taiwan natural like a man and woman but China-Tibet unnatural like a woman and woman; China a pretty, me-love-you-long-time woman or a lesbian dyke, 69 very inscrutable position…

    • Replies: @kicktheroos
  298. @denk

    Give up Tibet before the Lord Buddha bring very big destruction of greedy and shameless China …

    Long Live His Holiness, the Most Reverend Dalai Lama!

  299. @Chinaman's Nightmare

    Yes that is a onderful one. You should reflect on it a lot. I think your idol the Dalai Lama does. He must reflect on how deadly lying was when he was hanging out smiling with the Politburo as a representative of the People’s Congress in Beijing meanwhile working with the CIA to stage an armed insurrection. Sadly for him his abominable behavior means he is in exile and can’t see his (supposedly) beloved land again.
    His own brother wrote that one of the worst mistakes they made was to take CIA money. At least he reflected.

    • Replies: @Chinaman's Nightmare
  300. @showmethereal

    Thanks for the “link”. You Chinese are very good at shooting yourself in the foot, like when I was sent a link “proving” the J-15 at battle weight can take off from Liaoning, but didn’t. This linked article is written in the same deceptive way. First of all, I didn’t know the Micius satellite cannot be used during daylight hours for its “quantum whatever”. Thanks for that. This alleged “quantum line” from Beijing to Shanghai has the same lame performance of Micius, one in six million photons reach their destination. It is not a line either, but a series of lines connected by “nodes” that decrypt then recrypt again for transmission. 32 nodes are needed. The article then makes an error claiming the “line” is 1200 miles long, but appears to mix up miles and kilometers, as the actual distance is about 1,300km, so transmission is only good for about 40 kilometers, but the article claims China can transmit for 100 kilometers before needing a node, more exaggeration. The article does not actually make a claim that Micius streamed a “quantum video call” from China to Austria, only that it first transmitted a decryption key to China then to Austria. Elsewhere it states that the one photon in six million reception of Micius, and the Biejing-Shanghai fibre optic line, is insufficient to carry internet only capable of passing one or two pairs of “keys”. Because the article is written in such a vague and deceptive way, I take that to mean there was no “quantum video call” streamed by satellite from China to Austria.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  301. @Maddaugh

    I guess you did not see the video of your kala brothers being led away by the burly chinese soldiers in blindfold in galwan, look up zerohedege because no western msm or indian channels has shown the video LOL you people are scared the world will laugh at your cowardice and weakness after all the boast and lies your kala butt spewed about what actually happened in galwan , you cowards attacked and killed five chinesesoldiers with hundreds of indian troops on the chinese side initially , but got your butt handed to you later that night by chinese reinforcements, its no wonder modi declared that no chinese soldier crossed over to indian soil after he found out what really happened.

  302. @Bombercommand

    indians are out in force in this piece ever since they found out the chinese were speaking the truth about indians being the aggressor in galwan , did you weep when you saw the video of your brave hearts (snicker) being led away blindfolded by by burly chinese soldiers i have heard those indian bravehearts were made to lick the spit of the chinese soldiers in order for their release he he

    • Replies: @Bombercommand
  303. @Maddaugh

    Desi kala sarong wearer he he , did you see your soldiers being led away in blind fold by burly chinese soldiers and were made to lick the spit of the chinese men he he

  304. kicktheroos [AKA "damallriversinhimalay"] says:

    There is video @zerohedge showing chinese soldiers escorting indian soldiers away in blindfold after galwan clash, these soldiers were also (not shown)made to lick spit of chinese soldiers , pak troops instructed the chinese soldiers to make the indian soldiers lick spit as this is to show dominance over the one who is made to lick and to demorolise the indians this is ultimate insult to people of the state the pows are from.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  305. kicktheroos [AKA "damallriversinhimalay"] says:

    you kala your a sarong wearer from the ganges which is going to be a trickle as soon as china dams it and the brahmputi in tibet

  306. @kicktheroos

    I am not East Indian, but you are mentally ill. Your move.

    • Replies: @kicktheroos
  307. @kicktheroos

    NO recent commenting history, because the deranged punka-wallah was in elite RSS training, in moronic agit-prop.

  308. @Commentator Mike

    Cambodians know that more of their fellow citizens were murdered by the typically cowardly, genocidal and ‘secret’ US terror-bombing campaign, than in the ‘killing fields’.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  309. @Chinaman's Nightmare

    Typical brahmin coward all talk behind the comp screen did chinese kids bully you in school or are you salty that china released the video of coward indian pows in blindfold being escorted by chinese soldiers in galwan, those indian soldiers were given choice of freedom or to lick the spits of the chinese conquerors , the soldiers are back in their home states so you know the indian soldiers made the right choice.

    • Replies: @Chinaman's Nightmare
  310. @Bombercommand

    LOLOL…. I gave you two separate western sources… Never mind… You have a mental block for anything that invades your “safe space” in your fragile world of thinking you are superior to Chinese. Oh well.. Not much help for you.
    Nothing deceptive about what they wrote… You are just lacking comprehension. In any event – those western sources still missed parts but did a fair job. That was 4 years ago… It is much more comprehensive now. Oh well. Whatever you can make up in your mind. You should quit while you can. Except for 1 or 2 trolls on here – the information is embarrassing.

  311. @showmethereal

    No “quantum video call”, no J-9 airframes or even blueprints, no “carrier killer” missiles hitting moving naval targets, no battle weight J-15s taking off from Liaoning….and when called out on your bullshitting you react by getting smugly more vague and vaguely more certain. You are ridiculous.

    • Troll: showmethereal
  312. @showmethereal

    China has offered the punkas the opportunity to co-operate, but the Hindutva loonies have turned them all down. So India turned its back on the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, an opportunity to collaborate economically with China and fourteen other states ie ASEAN and ASEAN’s Free Trade Agreement partners, ie Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, with South Korea probably joining later. But India prefers being an ‘honorary White Man’ and licking Western arse. Dumb, dumb, dumb punkas.

    • Replies: @Mehool Mehta
  313. Smith says:

    Tech giant Alibaba’s stock continued to tumble on Tuesday, falling 18% this month and wiping out all of October’s gains on concerns over possible renewed regulation of online platforms in China.
    The company’s shares were down 3% at HK\$132.90 as of 11:06am in Hong Kong (03:06 GMT), hovering near record lows. Brokerages say that they see rival as a buy with much better profitability.

    China’s State Administration for Market Regulation said over the weekend that it had fined Alibaba, Tencent, and Baidu, among other tech companies, for breaching antitrust law by failing to declare deals as far back as 2012.

    Praise China, praise Xi Jinping!

    Hope he moves toward Tencent and NetEase next.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  314. @denk

    Mehool Bhai here. Denk??? What kind of weird name is that? Sounds like dung. Why not have a normal civilized name like Abhijit or Vishal??? Get yourself a good name, OK?


    Dung wrote
    “After their daugthers were ganged raped and mutilated.”
    Dung, this is fake news spread by West mostly Western Christian missionaries and Chinese agents, in other words, the enemies of India. There is a plan to divide India by the West, Muslims, Christians/ Pope, Communists and China. Do not fall for it, dung. Read the book “Breaking India” about their plans. Those women were paid agents to make fake charges against our brave soldiers protecting the integrity of our country. How shameless to make such fake charges of rape against Indian soldier who lives a tough life and works hard to protect country!!! They take foreign money.

    China’s ‘Break India’ Plot Exposed | What is Xi Plotting in Nagaland?

    Dung, please watch the above. Foreign forces want to separate our North East brothers from motherland. India is the most peaceful, most ancient civilization on Earth. Please do not help our enemies by spreading fake news, dung. It hurts the heart of Indian patriots. Some missionaries and Pope in your West is doing this to that region of India (along with enemy Chinese agents). Plans to destroy our Hindu Dharma. Dung, please raise awareness in your West about these missionary/ Pope anti-India activities and evil intentions of China.
    The history of India has for its landmarks not wars and emperors but saints and scriptures.
    – Dr. S. Radhakrishanan
    ——Mehool Bhai

    • Replies: @kicktheroos
    , @kicktheroos
  315. @denk

    Dung, Mehool Bhai again.
    And Kashmir always belong to India. Pakistan occupied half of Kashmir which must be united with our motherland. Dung, “Kashmir” name comes from the great Hindu sage Kashyap, who lived thousands of years before Islam even existed. It cannot belong to foreign Muslim-evils. It belong to motherland, to Indic civilization. Many great ancient Indian sages like Rishi Bhagwat were from Kashmir. Dung Bhai (Bhai=Brother in Hindi), please do not hurt Indian patriot feelings and raise awareness in your West (You from UK? US? Australia?) about Pakistan, Christian missionaries and China doing evil to India. Please watch below about Hindu sage Kashyap and Kashmir.


    Kashmir – the land of Kashyap – Dr CK Gariyali, IAS (Retd)

    Great ancient Hindu sage Kashyap and Kashmir.

    Rishi Kashyap is one of the Saptarishis, the seven ancient sages of the Rigveda, he is the most ancient Rishi/ sage listed in the colophon verse in the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad. In Buddhist Pali canonical texts such as Digha Nikaya, Tevijja Sutta describes a discussion between the Buddha and Vedic scholars of his time. The Buddha names ten rishis/sages, calls them “early sages” and makers of ancient verses that have been collected and chanted in his era, and among those ten rishi is Kassapa (the Pali spelling of Kashyapa in Sanskrit) behind whom is named Kashmir. Kashmir, the land of Kashyap cannot belong to dirty unclean Muslim foreigners, only to Indics. The foreign Muslims there can return to Turkey or Arabia, we do not care but Kashmir will only belong to its Indian motherland. We will fight and bleed for it, we will NEVER EVER give up Kashmir. It is like asking muslim-evils to give away Mecca!!!

    —–Mehool Bhai

  316. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Yeah that’s another thing seemingly brushed him history and the equation…. Laotians don’t forget at all. But they are forgotten about in terms of how much they suffered from the bombings. Some like the Hmong chose to work with the bombers. Well the descendants of one just won a gold medal for the US… and what did she get??? pepper sprayed…. couldn’t make this up if you tried.

    • Replies: @Bombercommand
  317. @kicktheroos

    Uh, uh! It looks like another illegal Chinese whore who snuck into the Down Under has woken up in a fit after a hard night’s work. Get some sleep, jade, you’ve a long night ahead of you to pay for your passage and the snake-eye pimp of yours ain’t gonna let you go without a good beating. Stick to your night job and leave the screaming to other chinamen on the site. But before you go to sleep…

    Long Live His Holiness the Most Reverend Dalai Lama and Death to Chinaman She and his wetmarket dogs, er, bitches! Long Live Free Tibet!

    • Replies: @kicktheroos
  318. @Mehool Mehta

    mefool the pee drinking and cow poop slathering on your body has damaged your brain,have you checked the video of mighty huangs escorting the cowarldy kala soldiers in galwan huangzuh have released it go find it on zero hedge, too bad there is no video of the great huangzuh forcing terrified hindoos soldiers to lick the spit of the mighty huangzuh.

    • Replies: @Mehool Mehta
  319. @Chinaman's Nightmare

    You did not reply to my main point piss drinking weak sarong wearing kala , what did you think about the weak kala soldiers being escorted by burly hwangzuhs in galwan , my sources tell me these cowards were forced to lick the spit of the mighty hwangs to show dominance over the kalawallah, dont get too mouthy or the mighty huang Xi will dam all rivers originating from chinese tibet.

    • Replies: @Chinaman's Nightmare
  320. @Bombercommand

    if your not a hindoo are you a curly haired british descandant that spawned the black american and black american culture shame on you for being related to savages

    • Replies: @Bombercommand
  321. @showmethereal

    If her attackers had been White, the article would have featured WHITE in the headline and repeated WHITE 50 times. Not one news outlet carrying the story named the race of the attackers. Sunisa declined a Washington Post interview and has said very little, therefore her attackers were negroes. White people suffer thousands of race hate attacks by negroes every year and get ZERO media coverage. In the case of Sunisa, it wasn’t much of an “attack”, it was some shouting from a moving automobile and some pepper spray allegedly got on her arm, sounds like pepper spray was deployed but missed, so her PR team juiced up the story(and told her not to mention they were negroes). Sunisa’s net worth is allegedly \$2,000,000, so she has lived a very privileged life and has been treated far better than deserving native born White Americans who have lived here for centuries and built this nation from nothing. Sunisa has a far better life in The United States than she would have had in Laos.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  322. @kicktheroos

    Keep posting, you are giving invaluable help to our cause.

    • Replies: @kicktheroos
  323. @Bombercommand

    your gay british aukus cause is gonna fail because china is not some brown unfortunate country that cant fight back ,deal with the nokos first if your able to.

  324. @Mehool Mehta

    MEFOOL WHATS IN A NAME AT LLEAST CHINESE DONT DRINK PEE AND THROW dung on eacth other like you unnoble brahmins, as for this comment of yours “India is the most peaceful, most ancient civilization on Earth” let me remind you about sikkim , encroaching into chinese land (cause of 1962 humiliation at the hands of mighty huangzuhs)AFSPA so your kalas can rape chinky eyed people in ne india with impunity, invasion of chinese land in Doklam, china is being very restrained but like a pressure cooker its gonna blow on you people one day, I also hope that hwang Xi dams every river in Tibet to teach you people a lesson onceand for all.

  325. @kicktheroos

    “dont get too mouthy or the mighty huang Xi will dam all rivers originating from chinese tibet”

    Chinaman She, an acolyte of Chinaman Dung ain’t gonna do shit to nobody because we’re getting ready to piss on the yellow rats… once the weak threegorgeousdames is busted wide open, you’ll have plenty of water to flush your grandma down the toilet and then we’re gonna send the Indians to pillage who will take Chinese women for whores and castrate the rest of you, but especially, that dog She. Now piss off, you filthy panda shite eating, rat!

    Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty, Tibet is free at last from the clutches of Chinaman She and his wetmarket pussies!

  326. @Smith

    China is regulating online platforms to protect its people, and improve their lives. In the ‘Free World’ every man is one his own, and if some capitalist blood-suckers can make money out of exploiting them to death or madness-all the better!

    • Replies: @Smith
  327. Smith says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Let’s they hope bring these immoral tech companies.
    Tencent and NetEase are quite famous known as companies who produce shitty mobile games with ton of microtransactions than even chinese devs run away from them.

  328. @Bombercommand

    Oh boy…. Your racial obsession at it again. But interesting that you support traitors – as long as they can get material gain (or is it only because those particular Hmong were serving US interests?). I guess you must be a fan of George Soros and what he said he learned growing up in Hungary and helping confiscate his own people’s goods.
    But ok – the US (while not being at war with either) destroyed Laos and Cambodia with bombs and poison – but it was ok because some traitors were able to get refugee status?? Hmmm – ok. Thanks for letting me know you think like George Soros.

    But hey – what stopped you from sending your daughter to learn gymnastics??? What makes your kin more deserving of a gold medal than her??
    The same “negros” you are complaining about – I hear your type also say that they live better in the US than had their ancestors never been brought over by slaves. Well guess what…. Africans in Africa actually look down on Black Americans believe it or not. Most people in the world don’t like traitors – nor do they like those who descend from servants to others. But if you dislike people like Sunisa and “negros” then why do you support all the things that bring them to the US in the first place??? You should be the biggest fan of Xi and the CPC then instead of trying to fight them. Chinese trade and infrastructure development in Southeast Asia and in Africa – helps keep more people like Sunisa and the “negros” you don’t like form wanting to live in the countries where whites live. In fact you should do all you can do to support the BRI so those countries develop faster. Your priorities are misplaced.

    • Replies: @Smith
  329. @kicktheroos

    Mehool Bhai here.
    You prickroo wrote
    “terrified hindoos soldiers to lick the spit of the mighty huangzuh.”
    I not the understand half the things you wrote. Show me proof bitch, show me video. You say our brave Indian jawans bow down to Chinese Imperialist pigs. Show me proof. That is impossible. You think your Chinese jawans are soo brave. Then explain this.

    Chinese Soldiers Ran Away From A UN Mission In Sudan when rebels attacked | Indian Army saved
    Hahahah. Chinese jawans run away from Sudanese kalus and they were saved by brave Indian jawans. Who is brave now?? Hahahaha. You Chinese Imperialist pigs only win via backstab and sudden attackings.
    —–Mehool Bhai

    • Troll: Mulga Mumblebrain
  330. Trust me the great huangzuhs made the kaala walla taste tasty beefy muttony hwangzuh spit , isnt the video showing kala walla pows being led away in blindfold by burly huangzuhs enoughy for you or are you in denial and are traumatized , the kind humane hwangs set the cowards free because anyother race would have strung those kaala soldiers up for killing of the five martyred gold skins who were the only chinese soldiers present at the time by hundreds of coward kalas invading the chinese side of the lake.and when the hell did chinese army go into sudan is this a fake video made in india

  331. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Mulga criminal White Aussie racist Thief wrote
    “China gave opportunity…”
    LOL. Chinky Imperialists never give opportunity, they try to dominate sneaky way. It would mean the destruction of your native industries, chinese foreign takeover of Indian economy and many of our workers losing their livelihood. We would never allow that. Also You Australians wanted your dairy products to flood our markets and destroy our dairy industries and make our farmers destitute. Aussie thief, we know your ways like Chinese sneaky backstabbers.
    Your Prime Minister did a great work to stand up bravely to evil China. Hundreds of millions of Indians hailed this move as a good move and we pray for Aussie Government in temples. The West finally realize our warnings about China was true. But it seems common Australians are fools, become good, do the right thing and support your Governments stand against China. Do the right thing. Come to India’s side. We both are democracies.
    Anyways, I must say, Australia has produced great cricketing talents like Ricky Ponting and Adam Gilchrist. Great talent has come from your Australia but only after India. Hehe.
    ———-Mehool Bhai

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  332. Smith says:

    But ok – the US (while not being at war with either) destroyed Laos and Cambodia with bombs and poison – but it was ok because some traitors were able to get refugee status??

    Not just the US, but China and Singapore played a huge role in the destabilizing of Cambodia and why there’s a huge refugee wave in the first place.

    I don’t think you are entitled to say that considering your country is an active collaborator.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  333. @Smith

    I don’t get your point…. Hmong are a recognized ethnic group in China. Centuries ago they faced pressure from different dynasties yes – but China was never in favor of them getting refugee status in the US. That is what we are talking about. China did not help the US to bomb and poison Cambodia and Laos. If you forget China was busy helping Vietnam fight the Americans at the time those bombings were going on. That was France and the US who were covertly using them. I think you are confusing issues here.

    • Replies: @Smith
  334. Smith says:

    China supported Pol Pot/Sihanouk and destabilized Cambodia for 10 years, propping up a refugee wave in Cambodia.

    Singapore followed suit and diverted ASEAN to sanction Cambodia/Laos/Vietnam, again starving people and forcing them to go to other countries to survive.

    About Hmong, they don’t have nice thing to say about chinese either:

    Conflict between the Hmong of southern China and newly arrived Han settlers increased during the 18th century under repressive economic and cultural reforms imposed by the Qing dynasty. This led to armed conflict and large-scale migrations well into the late 19th century, the period during which many Hmong people emigrated to Southeast Asia. The migration process had begun as early as the late-17th century, however, before the time of major social unrest, when small groups went in search of better agricultural opportunities.[16]

    The Hmong people were subjected to persecution and genocide by the Qing dynasty government. Kim Lacy Rogers wrote: “In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, while the Hmong lived in south-western China, their Manchu overlords had labeled them ‘Miao’ and targeted them for genocide. “[17]

    Again, please learn more history instead of talking bullshit all the times. You do this and you ask why they leave for the US, thief calling thief.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  335. @Mehool Mehta

    BORING punka-walla. India is more fucked than I thought if you are a typical example of the modern Indian. The last time I was there, in the South, I met only sane people. What happened?

  336. anon[255] • Disclaimer says:

    Average IQ than most ALL Western countries. FTFY.

    That’s why Westoids are having a cry-me-a-river moment.

  337. I translated this article into Russian and presented it on a similar forum

  338. @Smith

    Relying on Wikipedia for history is for silly amateurs.
    But if you had any sense you would see where I did say past dynasties did oppress the Hmong – but that was certainly not the case by the time of the US actions down there. By that time China was protecting them. But your rabid anti China obsession won’t let you realize what I wrote. it’s enough to make you gloss over the crimes against humanity perpetrated by the US (which I still think you are probably the spawn of a GI – “Smith”)…. The most pathetic thing is someone like “bombercommand” wouldn’t even want to walk over your dead corpse – but you butt into the conversation to try to throw anti China jabs. That’s pathetic really. I thought you were healed of that psychosis – but it came back.

    • Replies: @Smith
  339. Smith says:

    Why? Is quoting history such a sin now that I can’t “butt” in?

    The Hmong were so “protected” in China most of them left for Vietnam and South East Asia, that is the fact you have to live with. And then China support for US during the 70s-90s forced more of them abroad via sanctions and terrorism, and now you dare call them traitor.

    They are practically close to the native americans in America, except now they are officially called as Miao, a derogatory term meaning slow or dumb, and grouped with other tribes in China.

    I don’t care about your scuttle with bombercommand or whatever, but get your facts right and make amend via studying history. Vietnam doesn’t follow any sides on this, since we have beaten both China and US during their war of aggressions.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  340. Hello, Mehool Bhai here.
    Sir, Are you the Englishman or Vietnamese? Your name is confusing.
    If Englishman, you must know you guys have negative karma for looting of India but not as negative as Muslim-evils because you guys were not brutal in treatment of us Indians like the-muslim-evils. You guys can convert this negative karma into positive by 100% supporting the Great ancient land of India against Chinese Imperialist demons. We Democratic countries should make alliance to save World from Chinese evils. We had warned you from years about evil Chinese regime but you English not listen to us. Now you know why Bharata is always right. You helped Muslims against us Hindus and not listen to our warnings, now you face Muslim terrorists. Same with China.

    If Sir, you are Vietnamese, then Salutations to our brother country from India. We here love Vietnam, country of lions who defeat both China and USA. We should make an Asian alliance against the Chinese imperialist snakes among like minded good peaceful countries like India, Vietnam, Philippines, Mongolia, Japan, South Korea etc… I am not sure, how much we can trust the Whiteys against China even the Whiteys close to Asia like the Australians, New Zealander and Russians. The Whiteys here seem to worship China. Hence a new strong Asian alliance of resistance against Chinese Imperialist pigs needed, independent of the Whiteys (who worship evil Chinese regime because of stupidity and greed)

    Thank you
    ——Mehool Bhai from India.

    • Troll: showmethereal
    • Replies: @Smith
  341. Smith says:
    @Mehool Mehta

    If you mean me, I’m Vietnamese. Smith is my internet name.

    And nah, I think Vietnam should stay friendly to all, but not getting into alliance. I just want to be clear regarding history, especially history related to SEA and Vietnam.

  342. @Jim Bob Lassiter

    Sweden was very poor during those years as it had been for most of the previous modern era : but they were very disciplined : alcohol prohibition, obligatory gymnastics, obligatory work for welfare (which still remained up to now : either you work as a volunteer either you study and then only you get aid which is then generous but only if), obligatory production of food since Sweden was an economic colony of the Third Reich and had to renounce to all imports and provide steel for free. The only vacations were military-supervised excursions. Yes they were sexually open-minded … military-style : sex was a physical exercise, no romanticism. It was the drabbest country in the world.

    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
  343. @The_MasterWang

    I agree : 1776 was not a revolution but the signature of a collective pact with the Devil and the only celebrants around that could show up to that offer call happened to be Kabbalistic Jews down South, having prospered thanks to triangular commerce (though not as slave traders themselves but rather as speculators on commodities and equipment for the most part). These Jews wanted to fare the way they had done in most other places, that is to say as intermediaries, as number twos, not as number ones, so as to be capable to pull strings to avoid persecution but never to the point of eliciting envy ; but they were literally prayed to for their alleged contact with the occult. The effect of the pact was to last two centuries, after what the celebrants were to take back everything gained thereby. America was promised to become the richest country in the world, in exchange for its intellect that would dwindle down to below the world mean in the mean time and also the promise they would help the Jews gain back their own promised land in the Old World if the Americans were to be allowed to claim the new continent as their Biblically-promised land. The Jews in question provided young America not only with that financial protection from European finance but with world markets they had already access to all over the world, even though that kind of access hadn’t made them all so rich and privileged themselves : they were like the Jews of Curacao, well to do, but nothing more grandiose. Without those Jews and without the initial signature of such a pact the US would not have overtaken Maghreb economically, they would have remained a resource colony and probably never made it even to the Midwest.

  344. @Smith

    Whether they are called Miao or Hmong – we know they are treated better in China than in Vietnam – where they were persecuted and called traitors… As usual you leave out a huge piece. Now the government in China gives lots of attention to them and promotes the culture all the time… This is but one of dozens of examples I could show you:

    As to your statement about defeating the US and China… You wouldn’t have been able to withstand the US without Chinese help…. Again missing another huge piece… But of course you believe Vietnam was invincible. And you did not defeat China to get back your territory in 1991…. Nor were you able to get back the Paracels… You are not invincible… Just relax…

    In any event – what I stated to bomber was a fact. There were Hmong who collaborated with the US – while the US was bombing southeast Asia to pieces….

    The one thing I will give you that you are absolutely correct about is that China was wrong to support the US goals in the 70’s and 80’s (it was over by 1989 when the CPC realized how much “help” the US gave to disturbances in the protests and eventual riots in China). They should have known the US would eventually betray them (as they see again regarding Taiwan)… Unlike your telling of Vietnamese history – I don’t pretend the Chinese government always made right decisions.

    • Replies: @Smith
  345. barr says:

    Colombo was pleading Pope for supports in exchange for getting loots from Arab- muslims nations with trade from China . He took the information on navigation and map from Central Asian Islamic sources . Arabs were already in China and Vietnam using land sea corridor before Colombo .There was even an Islamic (Arab-Malay) state in Vietnam .

  346. KA says:

    “The Justice Department had charged in 2016 that JPMorgan’s Asia subsidiary had engaged in quid pro quo agreements with Chinese officials to obtain investment-banking business and had falsified internal documents to cover up the activities. The quid pro quo agreements boiled down to the bank putting the children of high Chinese government officials on its payroll in order to further its business interests in China.”

    Is Xi trying to clean tho house ?

    • Replies: @anon
  347. Smith says:

    I don’t know if chinese have treated Hmong better or not, that’s a matter for the chinese, I’m just here to tell you the history of what the chinese did to the the Hmong, as said, they are pretty much the equivalence of native americans in America, driven out of their land and still called ethnic name.

    I know for a fact vietnamese don’t call Hmong traitor, I just see you called them traitor though.

    Vietnam’s victory against the US is a matter of Vietnam and ton other countries (USSR, eastern bloc, North Korea), not just China.

    And yes, we did beat China when they invade in 1979, please stop with the cope, it sounds sad for you. Please again, stop hogging bullshit glory and study history.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  348. @Smith

    History…??? It is simple.

    Some Hmong helped the US and indeed were traitors which is why the US airlifted them out of South East Asia.

    China not hold on to Vietnamese land until the early 90’s and remove Vietnam from the Paracels

    China one with the most material and manpower support of Vietnam against the US.

    Those are facts. Be intellectually honest.

    I admitted to Chinese geopolitical mistakes – while you refuse to admit to any for Vietnam. You are the one with issues with truth.

    • Replies: @Smith
  349. anon[400] • Disclaimer says:

    China is not solution Neither is Russia . There are vultures, psychopaths, and opportunists with lot of expendable IQ for destructive things in every system. There are vile Pakistanis who want Sharif /or Mushraff back who destroyed Pakistan by signing up for drone and incursions by USA.They are now being courted by USA because those elements will sale Pakistan again, this time against China. There are huge numbers of Pakistani -Punjabis who enriched themselves in USA-UK-Canada .They looted Pakistan and gorged themselves with the doles provided by Saudi and Japan and USA in 80s and settled in USA with no intellectual traditions of any kind .

  350. Smith says:

    Let’s recheck those “facts”.

    The majority of Hmong helped the local communist guerillas and stayed in Vietnam.

    Vietnam beats China in 1979 and China cannot hold onto these border lands forever, the matter of Paracels will be resolved too.

    Early on China provided the most help, after the Sino-Soviet split in the 60s and the later Sino-Vietnam war, it was the USSR and the Eastern bloc with the most material help and support.

    You are factually wrong, yet you keep arguing when the facts are against you because you want to defend China’s vile actions.

    And surprise, surprise, Vietnam didn’t do anything wrong in the various conflict from the 50s-90s, we have no guilt to admit to, unlike you and the chinese.

    • LOL: Showmethereal
  351. @Francis Miville

    That’s fascinating. Can you suggest some further reading material on the subject?

  352. @Smith

    You just completely missed the point of my post, namely that just because someone *calls* something “moral” that doesn’t actually make it moral. Morality is in the actions that someone takes, not in empty words like “freedom” and “democracy”. That is also what the black cat / white cat quote from Deng Xiaoping (which you conveniently took completely out of context) was meant to say.

    • Replies: @Smith
  353. Smith says:
    @Mary Marianne

    I haven’t said anything about “freedom” or “democracy”, these are buzzwords that don’t imply morality.

    Deng Xiaopeng “black cat white cat” quote’s meaning was literally to do everything to succeed, no matter if it’s black or white, which runs contrary to the Confucius “The superior man understands what is right”.

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