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Xi Reads Multilateral Riot Act to Virtual Davos
Xi shows the contrast between Asia's relative serenity and the chaos engulfing the West’s top power centers
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The virtual Davos Agenda is finally on, from Monday to Friday this week, promoted by the World Economic Forum (WEF).

No, this is not The Great Reset. At least not yet. The Agenda is the aperitivo towards the Great Reset apotheosis at the WEF’s Special Annual Meeting, which will take place this coming spring in Singapore.

The Agenda’s theme for 2021 is “A Crucial Year to Rebuild Trust.”

Oops. Davos, we got a problem: trust is always earned, never built.

Trust, anyway, in Davos speak, must always lead towards – what else – the Great Reset, introduced here in a Tik Tok-ready clip crammed with catchy slogans such as “a new dashboard for the new economy” or “right people, right place, right time”.

The message clincher is “tune in, turn on, get involved”, borrowing shamelessly from 1960s Timothy Leary (but ditching “drop out”).

It obviously escaped the clip’s producers that their P.R. opus indirectly admits to rigged elections and blanket censorship on social media.

The Agenda’s P.R. blitz must have a hard time dismissing the predominant perception this is all about Davos Man – and Woman – losing their sleep over global wealth inequality while enthusiastically applauded by a bunch of glitterati sociopaths.

Onwards with the sessions.

Here’s your new social contract

On day one, a “Leadership Panel” examined how to restore growth, advising the public and private sectors on how to build a “new economic agenda”. Sleep-inducing platitudes were the norm.

WEF’s Agenda sessions cannot possibly address the iron imperative: the implosion of the old economic order under a Green camouflage, conducted by self-appointed, sub-Platonic sages which belong to the world’s wealthiest, will only benefit this 0.0001%.

The Great Reset is not an organic grassroots movement coordinated and benefitting the over 99%. It will lead, inevitably, to techno-feudalism, as I previously argued. Herr Schwab, the Oracle of Ravensburg and Davos supremo, insists in his writings “you will own nothing”.

A WEF graph – Top Ten Most Likely Fall Out for the World – should in fact be interpreted as The Great Reset’s ultimate targets. This is not a warning: it’s the road map ahead.

A session on advancing the new social contract neatly merged with a discussion about “stakeholder capitalism”. That’s a clever P.R. advertisement – what else – for Herr Schwab’s new book: Stakeholder Capitalism, which advances a “more sustainable, resilient and inclusive” global economy and argues for – what else – a “clearly defined social contract” which will allow “governments, business and individuals to produce the most optimal outcomes.”

So here’s how it works. You don’t earn trust: you rebuild it (italics mine). This trust metastasizes into the social contract – which is absolutely necessary for The Great Reset. Selling this new social contract is a matter of rebranding turbo-capitalism globally as “stakeholer capitalism”, or capitalism with a human face.

Not a peep about the Great Reset as a mechanism of unbridled expansion of mega-corporate power, hermetically securing/serving the 0.0001%, which are not, and will never be, suffering The Great Depression.

Stripped to the bone, that’s also one of the key themes of the Fourth Industrial Revolution: consolidating, crushing and shepherding the working class masses into the unstable gig economy, commanded by “emotionally intelligent” leaders.

The Who nailed it half a century ago: meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

A realpolitik stunner

It’s still unclear what China, Russia and Iran – the real Three Sovereigns in this Brave New World, and the key nodes of progressive Eurasia integration – will counter-propose when faced with the Great Reset.

Into this toxic mix steps in none other than President Xi Jinping, the leader of the global superpower in the making. Instead of Reset platitudes, his Davos Agenda address was quite a realpolitik stunner.


Xi stressed, “to build small circles or start a new Cold War, to reject, threaten or intimidate others, to willfully impose decoupling, supply disruptions or sanctions, and to create isolation or estrangement will only push the world into division and even confrontation (…) We cannot tackle common challenges in a divided world, and confrontation will lead us to a dead end.”

Xi might be interpreted as aligning with Herr Schwab. Not really. Xi stressed solutions to our current plight must be multilateral; but the key is how to implement them geopolitically.

It’s unclear how the new dispensation in the US – humanitarian imperialists, Dem oligarchs, Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Media – will react to Xi’s call: “The misguided approach of antagonism and confrontation, be it in the form of a Cold War, hot war, trade war or tech war, would eventually hurt all countries’ interests (…) “Difference in itself is no cause for alarm. What is alarming are arrogance, prejudice and hatred.”

Xi emphasized a straight to the point definition of multilateralism as

“having international affairs addressed through consultation and the future of the world decided by everyone working together (…) To beggar thy neighbor, to go it alone, and to slip into arrogant isolation will always fail.”

What Xi has made it crystal clear, once again, is the acute contrast between relative Asian serenity and stability and the volcanic chaos engulfing the West’s top power centers. How this intertwines – in realpolitik terms – with Her Schwab’s Brave New World will be a work in progress. For the moment, Xi has just read the Multilateral Riot Act at Davos. The whole Global South is paying attention.

(Republished from Asia Times by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Economics, Foreign Policy • Tags: China, Davos, Free Trade 
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  1. GeeBee says:

    I suppose the real question should be: ‘what happens when the formerly irresistible force of international Finance Capitalism meets the newly unmoveable object of nationalist Industrial Capitalism?’

    The former is represented by the decaying bully and its supine poodles, the latter by China, Russia, Iran and the rest of the SCO (allowing that Iran is not as yet a full member).

    We all know what happened last time Zio-American Finance Capitalism took on Industrial Capitalism. It was pretty close run thing then. Today? Just let them try.

    Bring it on!

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  2. Notsofast says:

    i think xi is just reminding them that the shoe is on the other foot now and if they don’t want that shoe up their ass they better toe the line.

  3. Anon[374] • Disclaimer says:

    Globo Cap can only win by cheating. If it werent for outnumbering native populations with immigrants, while catering to homosexuals, and lavishing money on government bureaucrats, globo cap loses every time even in their own nations.

    Normal people dont want world government. Dont fight for it. Get out of the military. Let the nationalists win this round.

    This can be sped up by using small businesses whenever possible.

  4. @GeeBee

    Iran is only an observer of the SCO right now (I believe Mongolia is as well). They have been working with Pakistan recently on jihadist groups terrorizing both nations… So it probably is a matter of time.

  5. So far, China’s been nothing but an extremely nice business partner for the terrorist Ziocorporate scum that made China eat shit since the 1st Opium war. China should not be grateful for the Ziocorporate transfer of money and tech that Mao and Deng negotiated in the latter half of the 20th century as that will never even begin to make up for the previous 100yrs of exploitation.

    The Ziocorporate scum got unbelievably rich peddling narcotics, funny money, religious bullshit and everyone else’s natural resources, seized as colonial spoils or thru IMF/WB “development” schemes, and 10yrs ago China lost billions worth of investment to NATO’s ISIS/al-Qaeda hordes in Libya, so they’re really not trying to hide that they haven’t changed much in the almost 200yrs since the 1840s.

    As things go, it’s looking like China/Russia and even Iran are very willing, not to say eager, to set aside their pseudo-nationalistic pretentions to gain access to the juicy markets the Great Resetters offer; true “multilaralism”, with actual sovereignty, needs to reject that nonsense to become reality.

  6. Digital Samizdat [AKA "Uncle Scam"] says:

    It’s still unclear what China, Russia and Iran – the real Three Sovereigns in this Brave New World, and the key nodes of progressive Eurasia integration – will counter-propose when faced with the Great Reset.

    China, for one, actually doesn’t need a Great Reset, since they are already a one-party dictatorship with a full-blown ‘social credit’ system. That’s why they have been soft-pedalling the Wuhan outbreak ever since last spring, while the West is still in fake-plague mode.

    • Replies: @SteveK9
    , @Curmudgeon
  7. utu says:

    Pepe, it’s not what your Xi says but what he does.

    Taiwan reports ‘large incursion’ by Chinese warplanes for second day (Jan 26,2021)

    Would China Invade Taiwan for TSMC? (Dec 15, 2020)

    • Replies: @d dan
  8. A WEF graph – Top Ten Most Likely Fall Out for the World – should in fact be interpreted as The Great Reset’s ultimate targets. This is not a warning: it’s the road map ahead.

    “To Serve Man … It’s a Cookbook !”

  9. Nationalism, as defined by China, Russia, and Iran, vs. a crony capitalist international Ponzi scheme using petro-dollar monopoly money.

    If I were the global south, my trust would go to the nationalists. They keep their word.

  10. SteveK9 says:
    @Digital Samizdat

    Agree. The ‘Lockdowns’ (a prison term) originated in China, were then copied by panicked politicos in the West, who found out, to their joy, that their populations would willingly discard their personal liberty if they were exposed to non-stop fear propaganda. One thing this episode has told me, is that I do NOT want to give up traditional Western Liberalism (Locke, Mill, Smith, etc.) for a new ‘Chinese’ model.

  11. SteveK9 says:

    ‘ to go it alone, and to slip into arrogant isolation will always fail.’

    For the United States, moving in the direction of: ‘go it alone’ and slip into ‘isolation’, would mean giving up the Empire … and that would be a good thing for 99.99% of Americans.

  12. d dan says:

    “Taiwan reports ‘large incursion’ by Chinese warplanes for second day (Jan 26,2021)”

    Didn’t you read the full reports that Chinese warplanes were there in response to American Carrier group in that area, plus some bombers flying from Guam?

    Another stupid troll from utu.

    • Replies: @SafeNow
    , @showmethereal
  13. @Digital Samizdat

    since they are already a one-party dictatorship with a full-blown ‘social credit’ system.

    “There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the Democrat and Republican parties.”
    – George Wallace, 1966.
    In 1966, you could by a chocolate bar for a dime. Do you really think there is more difference today between Democrat Party Inc. and Republican Party Inc. than in 1966?
    The likes of the Squad, Jim Jordan, Rand Paul and a few others, are distractions from the main show.

  14. SafeNow says:
    @d dan

    As I posted elsewhere, China’s new, gigantic cutters have flat sides, perfect for “shouldering “other ships out of the way. Playing at bumper-boats is a clear signal that they are just establishing a “presence.” These are not warships. The worst-case scenario is an exchange of small-arms fire. That is better than World War III. If the US can spare an icebreaker, then that is what should be deployed, rather than a carrier group.

  15. @d dan

    I believe it was more of a response to a Taiwan official being publicly invited to Biden’s inauguration – which is the first time that had been done since the 1970’s…

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