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Why the CIA Attempted a 'Maidan Uprising' in Brazil
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A former US intelligence official has confirmed that the shambolic Maidan remix staged in Brasilia on 8 January was a CIA operation, and linked it to the recent attempts at color revolution in Iran.

On Sunday, alleged supporters of former right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro stormed Brazil’s Congress, Supreme Court, and presidential palace, bypassing flimsy security barricades, climbing on roofs, smashing windows, destroying public property including precious paintings, while calling for a military coup as part of a regime change scheme targeting elected President Luis Inacio “Lula” da Silva.

According to the US source, the reason for staging the operation – which bears visible signs of hasty planning – now, is that Brazil is set to reassert itself in global geopolitics alongside fellow BRICS states Russia, India, and China.

That suggests CIA planners are avid readers of Credit Suisse strategist Zoltan Pozsar, formerly of the New York Fed. In his ground-breaking 27 December report titled War and Commodity Encumbrance, Pozsar states that “the multipolar world order is being built not by G7 heads of state but by the ‘G7 of the East’ (the BRICS heads of state), which is a G5 really but because of ‘BRICSpansion’, I took the liberty to round up.”

He refers here to reports that Algeria, Argentina, Iran have already applied to join the BRICS – or rather its expanded version “BRICS+” – with further interest expressed by Saudi Arabia, Turkiye, Egypt, Afghanistan, and Indonesia.

The US source drew a parallel between the CIA’s Maidan in Brazil and a series of recent street demonstrations in Iran instrumentalized by the agency as part of a new color revolution drive: “These CIA operations in Brazil and Iran parallel the operation in Venezuela in 2002 that was highly successful at the start as rioters managed to seize Hugo Chavez.”

Enter the “G7 of the East”

Straussian neo-cons placed at the top of the CIA, irrespective of their political affiliation, are livid that the “G7 of the East” – as in the BRICS+ configuration of the near future – are fast moving out of the US dollar orbit.

Straussian John Bolton – who has just publicized his interest in running for the US presidency – is now demanding the ouster of Turkey from NATO as the Global South realigns rapidly within new multipolar institutions.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and his new Chinese counterpart Qin Gang have just announced the merging of the China-driven Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and the Russia-driven Eurasia Economic Union (EAEU). This means that the largest 21st century trade/connectivity/development project – the Chinese New Silk Roads – is now even more complex, and keeps expanding.

That sets the stage for the introduction, already being designed at various levels, of a new international trading currency aimed at supplanting then replacing the US dollar. Apart from an internal debate among the BRICS, one of the key vectors is the discussion team set up between the EAEU and China. When concluded, these deliberations will be presented to BRI-EAEU partner nations and of course the expanded BRICS+.

Lula at the helm in Brazil, in what is now his third non-successive presidential term, will offer a tremendous boost to BRICS+, In the 2000s, side by side with Russian President Putin and former Chinese President Hu Jintao, Lula was a key conceptualizer of a deeper role for BRICS, including trade in their own currencies.

BRICS as “the new G7 of the East,” as defined by Pozsar, is beyond anathema – as much for Straussian neo-cons as for neoliberal.

The US is being slowly but surely expelled from wider Eurasia by concerted actions of the Russia-China strategic partnership.

Ukraine is a black hole – where NATO faces a humiliation that will make Afghanistan look like Alice in Wonderland. A feeble EU being forced by Washington to de-industrialize and buy US Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) at absurdly high cost has no essential resources for the Empire to plunder.

Geoeconomically, that leaves the US-denominated “Western Hemisphere,” especially immense energy-rich Venezuela as the key target. And geopolitically, the key regional actor is Brazil.

The Straussian neo-con play is to pull all stops to prevent Chinese and Russian trade expansion and political influence in Latin America, which Washington – irrespective of international law and the concept of sovereignty, continues to call “our backyard.” In times where neoliberalism is so “inclusive” that Zionists wear swastikas, the Monroe Doctrine is back, on steroids.

All about the ‘strategy of tension’

Clues for Maidan in Brazil can be obtained, for instance, at the US Army Cyber Command at Fort Gordon, where it’s no secret the CIA deployed hundreds of assets across Brazil ahead of the recent presidential election – faithful to the “strategy of tension” playbook.

CIA chatter was intercepted at Fort Gordon since mid-2022. The main theme then was the imposition of the widespread narrative that ‘Lula could only win by cheating.’

A key target of the CIA operation was to discredit by all means the Brazilian electoral process, paving the way for a prepackaged narrative that is now unraveling: a defeated Bolsonaro fleeing Brazil and seeking refuge at former US president Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago mansion. Bolsonaro, advised by Steve Bannon, did flee Brazil, skipping Lula’s inauguration, but because he’s terrified he may be facing the slammer sooner rather than later. And by the way, he is in Orlando, not Mar-a-Lago.

The icing on the stale Maidan cake was what happened this past Sunday: fabricating a 8 January in Brasilia mirroring the events of 6 January, 2021 in Washington, and of course imprinting the Bolsonaro-Trump link on people’s minds.

The amateurish nature of 8 January in Brasilia suggests CIA planners got lost in their own plot. The whole farce had to be anticipated because of Pozsar’s report, which everyone-who-matters has read across the New York-Beltway axis.

What is clear, is that for some factions of the powerful US establishment, getting rid of Trump at all costs is even more crucial than crippling Brazil’s role in BRICS+.


When it comes to the internal factors of Maidan in Brazil, borrowing from novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez, everything walks and talks like the Chronicle of a Coup Foretold. It is impossible that the security apparatus around Lula could not have foreseen these events, especially considering the tsunami of signs on social networks.

So there must have been a concerted effort to act softly – without any preventive big sticks – while just emitting the usual neoliberal babble.

After all, Lula’s cabinet is a mess, with ministers constantly clashing and some members supporting Bolsonaro even a few months ago. Lula calls it a “national unity government,” but it is more like a tawdry patchwork job.

Brazilian analyst Quantum Bird, a globally respected physics scholar who has returned home after a long stint in NATO lands, notes how there are “too many actors in play and too many antagonistic interests. Among Lula’s ministers, we find Bolsonarists, neoliberal-rentiers, climate interventionism converts, identity politics practitioners and a vast fauna of political neophytes and social climbers, all well aligned with Washington’s imperial interests.”

CIA-stoked ‘militants’ on the prowl

One plausible scenario is that powerful sectors of the Brazilian military – at the service of the usual Straussian neo-con think tanks, plus global finance capital – could not really pull off a real coup, considering massive popular rejection, and had to settle at best for a “soft” farce. That illustrates just how much this self-aggrandizing and highly corrupt military faction is isolated from Brazilian society.

What is deeply worrying, as Quantum Bird notes, is that the unanimity in condemning 8 January from all quarters, while no one took responsibility, “shows how Lula navigates virtually alone in a shallow sea infested by sharpened corals and hungry sharks.”

Lula’s position, he adds, “decreeing a federal intervention all by himself, without strong faces of his own government or relevant authorities, shows an improvised, disorganized and amateurish reaction.”

And all that, once again, after CIA-stoked “militants” had been organizing the “protests” openly on social media for days.

The same old CIA playbook though remains at work. It still boggles the mind how easy it is to subvert Brazil, one of the natural leaders of the Global South. Attempted old school coups cum regime change/color revolution scripts will keep being played – remember Kazakhstan in early 2021, and Iran only a few months ago.

As much as the self-aggrandizing faction of the Brazilian military may believe they control the nation, if Lula’s significant masses hit the streets in full force against the 8 January farce, the army’s impotence will be graphically imprinted. And since this is a CIA operation, the handlers will order their tropical military vassals to behave like ostriches.

The future, unfortunately, is ominous. The US establishment will not allow Brazil, the BRICS economy with the best potential after China, to be back in business with full force and in synch with the Russia-China strategic partnership.

Straussian neo-cons and neoliberals, certified geopolitical jackals and hyenas, will get even more ferocious as the “G7 of the East,” Brazil included, moves to end the suzerainty of the US dollar as imperial control of the world vanishes.

(Republished from The Cradle by permission of author or representative)
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  1. The expanding Turkey ‘worldview’ to Syria and other countries in the region looks like it will be more relevant than all these lesser manipulations, but so far very little coverage.

  2. Anon[239] • Disclaimer says:

    Unnamed ” source” said . Well you have it lads , ironclad proof.

    • Agree: Wade Hampton
    • LOL: JimDandy
    • Replies: @Wade Hampton
  3. SteveK9 says:

    Utter nonsense. The Dems and the Establishment are one and the same now, and that includes the CIA … and the Dems love the lefty … Lula. Having the freeloaders from the NE win, is not going to be good for Brazil. Next they will demand ‘reparations’ from the South.

    • Agree: Getaclue
    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  4. Others think the neocons wanted Lula to keep the restless peasants in check with promises that he can’t implement. They think Bolsonaro might ignite a rebellion. But the CIA has overthrown Brazil’s democracy before.

    • Thanks: Maowasayali
  5. SteveK9 says:

    Try this on as an antidote to Pepe. And enjoy an author who can actually write.

    • Thanks: 36 ulster
    • Replies: @Wokechoke
    , @36 ulster
  6. Wokechoke says:

    Kunstler tries his best.

    The big problem with forcing Biden’s resignation is that Kamala would become Head of State and so would her Jewish Husband.

    Impeachment with that Ace in the hole for Judaea would only suit Multiculti driven agendas.

    Biden isn’t all that dumb.

  7. Sounds like that intelligence source fed you a tall tale, Mr. Escobar.

    The reason it was so amateurish was because it was actually a popular, unorganized uprising. That’s the sense I get from it, at least.

    And it has been brewing since the election, as the enourmous demonstrations that have been ongoing since then make clear. It doesn’t speak well for the decency of the Brazilian establishment that it didn’t just put all the cards on the table, if the election was really as legit as it claims. Instead, it preferred to let the people walk into an ugly situation that could be seen from a mile away, and can now smear them as “terrorists” and “extremists”.

    Good luck to the Brazillian people!

  8. Notsofast says:

    bolsonaro is such a genius he goes to mar-a-lago to get the blueprint for the jan 6 “insurrection” complete with instructions on how to make the all important horned shaman headdress. if the cia is behind it, they’re not even trying anymore.

  9. Straussian John Bolton –…..– is now demanding the ouster of Turkey from NATO

    A very clear case of a stopped clock or a blind hog . In Bolton’s case I suppose he is closer to being a blind hog.

  10. President Bolton ?

    These people need to learn to not use their own product.

    • Replies: @ShowMeState
  11. Anon[250] • Disclaimer says:

    Corrupt and bloated deep state now gives rise to figure like Bolton who knows that the corrupt system won’t bother to prosecute him . Because he is no worse than anyone else in the game of one up man ship which is the only game in the town . So we get corrupt bombastic ineffective arrogant leaders . Some among them are suave like Blinken but most are like Bannon or Bolton – —thugs and useless .
    When they plan wars or coups or astroturf agitation , they don’t leave their idiocies at home . They bring it to the theater of the farce . At least ,in the past , these buffoons would have been told to go back and repeat the pre-K . Now they make decisions . How long can the nation suffer these morons ?

  12. JimDandy says:

    The CIA didn’t organize the exact same “insurrection” on January 6, ’20 to destabilize and discredit the new president. They did it to stomp out a growing populist uprising and scare Trump supporters into obedience.

  13. • Agree: lmao zedong
    • Thanks: L.K
    • Replies: @L.K
  14. @Thomas Faber

    I congratule you for your above comment, THOMAS FABER. Sir, your have hit the nail right on the head. Just like PEPE ESCOBAR, I am Brazilian. But unlike him I have always felt repulse for LULA DA SILVA and his Marxist-turned-woke “Workers Party”. PEPE ESCOBAR is totally off the mark when he links what happened in Brasília on January 8, 2023 with what happened in Kiev in 2014, after all, BIDEN and the Democratic Party are not only unashamed supporters of LULA DA SILVA but also openly hostile to JAIR BOLSONARO, who is a TRUMP supporter. What PEPE ESCOBAR is hiding from you, Americans, is the plain fact that 49,10% of the Brazilian voters (actually, the percentage is visibly higher: just walk down the streets and see the presidential campaign rally pictures and videos…) are desperate at having an illiterate-woke-looter-communist as president, especially one who was hauled out of prison (in November 2019, after having been there since April 2018) by his buddy Justices on the Supreme Court (whose overwhelming majority is made up of nominees by the “Workers Party” along the years 2003-2016), who, since then, have been short-circuiting due process, the rule of law, and representative government by basically by-passing the Prosecution Offices, the lower Courts of Justice, and the Legislative Power, neutralizing them all: a nightmarish Juristocracy. What a dismal future for the decent, hard-working Brazilians…

    • Agree: PeterIke
    • Thanks: Malla
  15. The more of the same has always been a political failure, but for many it is a good way to get easy money and secure the future.

  16. @SteveK9

    Perhaps the CIA staged it knowing it was going to go nowhere except for the protesters to go to jail and Lula to enforce draconian measures.

    • Agree: Reverend Goody
  17. For there are those who believe, Pepe, that precisely the CIA participated in the electoral fraud against Bolsonaro, which opposes the globalist agenda, while Lula is a servant of that agenda. At the very least, it all seems confusing.

    Some believe that this assault on state institutions is nothing more than a setup to be able to act against those who peacefully protest against what they believe has been a blatant electoral fraud in favor of Lula.

    In fact, a Spanish historian and journalist, who lives in the United States and very opposed to the globalist agenda, is convinced that Lula is not to be trusted and will implement the globalist agenda that those who control the CIA like so much. He says that someone from the CIA warned Bolsonaro to accept the result of the elections before they were held, as if he knew there would be irregularities against Bolsonaro.

    We’ll see.

  18. The Justice Minister of Brazil, Flavio Dino, was well aware of the uprising planned for January 8, at least a day beforehand – and he did nothing to reinforce security at the Three Powers Square (Praça dos Três Poderes). It does seem, therefore, that the Lula government was at least partially responsible for permitting the protesters to just walk into the Presidential Palace, the National Congress and the Supreme Federal Court: there are videos on social media showing how the protesters strolled into some of these buildings unimpeded.

    Once the protesters caused damage inside the halls of power, what was the final result? Lula decreed a federal intervention, with only minimal protest from a few senators, and was also able to forcibly remove hundreds of protesters who had been camped out for a couple of months in front of the army’s general headquarters, evert since the result of the elections. And the governor of the Federal District, Ibaneis Rocha, where Brasília is located, was temporarily removed from office for at least 90 days.

    Therefore, cui bono? It seems that the one who benefited the most from the 8 January protests was Lula himself: he now has more power and more legitimacy to exercise that power, without being accused of being a dictator. But now we must watch Lula’s next moves, for if somehow other federal interventions are decreed, such as in São Paulo, where the governor is an ex-Bolsonaro minister, then it will become evident that the Lula regime is bent on granting itself dictatorial powers.

    Summing up, Pepe’s article seems very one-sided – and always to the same side, in favor of Lula. Pepe can see no wrong coming from the Lula regime, which weakens his arguments and just feeds the division already evident in Brazilian society.

    • Agree: Decoy
  19. @Thomas Faber

    Dear thomas faber. Either You have no idea what you are talking about, or you are a mossad troll.

    • Replies: @Thomas Faber
  20. @Felixdacat

    Well, a Mossad-troll I am not, so…

    Perhaps you would care to enlighten me on the matter?

    If there was no fraud, why would the establishment not come clean and show the people who have been demonstrating for months what they where asking to see? Why hide it, if there was no fraud? And if there was no fraud, and they didn’t show it, but instead preferred to ruthlessly crush the protestors once the pot boiled over, what does that say about the regard that the establishment has for its own citizens?

    • Replies: @Alfa158
  21. Alfa158 says:
    @Thomas Faber

    In your last paragraph, are you talking about the USA, Brazil, or both?

    • Replies: @Thomas Faber
  22. Renoman says:

    I think it’s like a gambling addict going back to the Casino every week, they figure they have nothing to loose, the more they try the better the odds. Problem is they are not getting better at it and with the Net it’s getting more and more difficult to sell the lies. But hey, never doubt people’s stupidity!

  23. 36 ulster says:

    Kunstler is my go-to guy on Mondays and Fridays. And he is the author of several books, one of which, The City in Mind, is a lament for the cities of the world and, oddly enough for a guy on the Right, a disparagement of suburbia. Since its publishing, suburbia has taken on some would view as positive characteristics, while many cities have experienced, if anything, a worsening in their qualities of life, if that can be imagined. The only thing that vexed me about his writings was that he didn’t address his glib forecast of that red tsunami. It’ll be interesting to see how his predictions of a “Biden” impeachment and a Harris abdication come about.

  24. “To end the suzerainty of the US dollar”:
    End Jewish control of Central Banks!
    End “financial engineering” – usury!
    End “financial markets” including “investors”!
    End “private banking”!
    End “stock & bond markets”!
    End political parties – end the party of the Jew!
    End “liberty”, start loyalty (to truth)!
    Prohibit greed; one man one house only!
    Prohibit Judaism!
    Atomize media and start self government!

  25. @Anon

    The Gramps Regime and the CIA were involved in Brazilian politics all right (how could they not be?), just not in the way Señor Escobar says.

    The Gramps Regime helped enable the installation of the criminal Lula for two reasons:

    1) Bolsonaro was excessively Trump-nationalist-populist and insufficiently globalist.

    2) The election fraud that was conducted in Brazil has reduced that country to chaos. America today is the Empire of Chaos and our goal is to sow chaos around the world. If our colonies are in chaos, they are easier to subjugate.

    • Agree: bike-anarkist
    • Replies: @showmethereal
  26. @Alfa158

    I was talking about Brazil – but the situation looks similar to what went on in America with the 2020 and 2022 elections. I mean, if there was no fraud, the best thing, tactically, would be to just come clean – that would ensure more stability inside the nation, and would also be the best way to discredit Bolsonaro/Trump (“look, they are just crazy to doubt election integrity, nyah nyah“). In Brazil, it may be due to a mixture of great incompetence, lack of care for the society, and arrogance, but it looks highly suspicious to me.

    • Replies: @bike-anarkist
  27. Say it ain’t so, Pepe.

  28. Dumbo says:

    That was a fake insurrection manipulation dumb peasants and a few agents, an almost exact repeat of January 6 in the US – it worked there, so why not in Brazil too? Bolsonaro is “the Brazilian Trump” isn’t it?

    Lula is just Biden’s and Davos/WEF’s man in Brazil. C’mon, Pepe! Transgender stuff, CRT, abortion, 10% for the Big Guy, the program is all the same.

  29. @Al Fontaine

    I do not believe that you are Brazilian. Your diction, syntax, periodic run on sentences and overall grammar was not written by a Brazilian. Nice con job though.

    • Replies: @Al Fontaine
  30. Athena says:

    Excerpted from : Venezuela’s Maduro Denounces ‘Neo-Fascist’ Coup Attempt in Brazil

    “What’s happening in Brasilia is neither a mass movement, nor spontaneous. It’s organized by bandits who have very objective interests: illegal mining, illegal land grabbing, liberation of weapons, militias, and other things, all blessed by Bolsonaro,” said Hoffmann.

    The anti-government protest had been planned for weeks on social media platforms, with organizers clear in their intentions to carry out a violent occupation. Brasilia’s militarized police force, controlled by local governor and Bolsonaro ally Ibaneis Rocha, nonetheless, did not take measures to prevent the attack.

    Lula specifically accused state police of doing nothing to stop the mob. Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes ordered Rocha removed from office for 90 days over the incident.

  31. FifthDim says:

    Brazil is just another “pais latinoamericano” where the masses believe that money grows in trees planted by crocks politicians. And yes, it is still US backyard. All this CIA nonsense is just BS, these protesters where angry because Brazil wasn’t FIFA world champion, something that Brazilian politicians promised to the mass of ignorant useless idiots.

  32. @Al Fontaine

    LULA DA SILVA and his Marxist-turned-woke “Workers Party”

    The PT was never Marxist. It’s a very moderate conservative party with a light social side.

    BIDEN and the Democratic Party are not only unashamed supporters of LULA DA SILVA but also openly hostile to JAIR BOLSONARO, who is a TRUMP supporter.

    BIDEN’S name is actually Joe Biden. There is no difference between Biden and Trump. AlFontaine seems to not have noticed this. Bolsonaro will be able to remain in the US as long as he wants. Biden doesn’t have any problem with that.

    an illiterate-woke-looter-communist as president,

    Lula is not illiterate. He has certainly read much more than AlFontaine and has a lot of common sense. Contrary to Bolsonaro, he is an honest person.

    one who was hauled out of prison (in November 2019, after having been there since April 2018) by his buddy Justices

    Hahaha. He was put in prison by two extremely dubious figures, one of them, who can be said to be quite stupid and pretends to speak English, hated the PT and the other sold his juridical products, for instance, he bought social appartments that were to be bought by poor people. You have to consider that people in the sector of justice in Brazil are very high earners. Besides, an article in the Le monde diplomatique (I think 2021) showed that the prosecution of Lula was directed from the US.

    • Agree: bike-anarkist
    • Replies: @Al Fontaine
  33. anon[786] • Disclaimer says:

    Brazilian foreign minister ejects Israeli ambassador

    Brazil’s Foreign Minister, Mauro Vieira, of the newly sworn-in government of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, has dismissed the country’s Israeli ambassador in an apparent policy shift which comes in the wake of the ousting of staunchly Zionist, former right-wing president Jair Bolsonaro.

    The envoy, a Bolsonaro loyalist who was reportedly appointed by the former president to bolster security ties with Israel, was fired as part of the government’s vow to find a more “balanced and traditional” approach to the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

    Bomb Apartheid Israel, assassinate the ASSASSIN, Netanyahu

    • Agree: bike-anarkist
    • Replies: @Kurt Knispel
  34. @anon

    Venezuela (Maduro?): “Only after kicking out the American ambassador peace settled in”

    I would not kick em out. I would blow em up – hello Nordstream – and accuse their home countries of liquidating uncomfortable staff, “because the very nice ambassador was a friend of Venezuela and wanted to help Venezuela”. When in a Jewish world do as the Jew. Doing as the Jew is the only thing that can heal the Jew.

  35. Satya says:

    To everyone in the world:

    The piece reported on Iran protest Thursday January 12, 2023 on PBS was manufactured and is FAKE. They staged a color revolution through social media in Iran, CIA – Israel – UK, funded by Saudi Arabia supported by the major criminal western regimes, France, Germany, Canada was put down by Iranian security forces where more than hundreds of them were murdered by these ‘protesters’. These bastards still are talking about “January 6 uprising” where arrested hundreds of people and many were given long prison sentences for a simple protest because they attack ‘US democracy’ which is FAKE.
    What happened in Iran was a PLAN B regime change where thousands of their agents were at work killing people including security forces to topple the government and carve Iranian territory outlet where should be burned down.

    Those who have been arrested and put on trial have murdered the security forces and created an environment of FEAR to topple the government. They have confessed to their CRIMES because their criminal activities, murdering people have been captured on video taken by the drones shown in the court where they admitted they have done the killing.

    PBS must be exposed as a propagandist outlet where makes FAKE news all over the world.

    The terrorist Kurdish groups and their backers, the Jewish mafia criminals are doing everything to
    carve an imaginary state like ‘kurdistan’ as an ally of the apartheid entity. They terrorist Kurdish groups are doing what the zionist Jews did, meaning making a lot of lies and fabricate NEWS, to buy sympathy, like what the zionist Jews did regarding FAKE holocaust to buy sympathy to erect apartheid entity in the Palestinian land killing the indigenous people with the supports of the criminals in the western capitals.

    Iran will not bend under pressure coming from the criminal centers like Washington and Tel Aviv and will destroy the terrorists and murderers on behalf of their superiors in the Western capitals.

  36. “Pepe Escobar” is a commie. Nothing more than a commie. His theory that this “insurrection” was stimulated by the CIA is absurd. *Millions* of Brazilians voted for Bolsonaro. Even if Lula won the election, it was still very, very close. There were over 100,000 people in that insurrection: were they all CIA operatives? Also, the whole argument is ridiculous because the CIA and FBI clearly work for Biden in every sense of the word.

    As for the whole thing about the U.S opposing Lula because Lula will have Brazil exert a more more “active” role abroad, here is what communist, Pepe Escobar considers a more active foreign policy:

    – Inviting millions of dirt-poor Nigerians, Haitian and Congolese refugees to Brazil, people that are even poorer and less educated than Brazilians.

    – Financing leftists revolutions abroad with Brazilian tax payer money.

    – Sendind U.N sanctioned Brazilian military pacification missions abroad, at a huge cost to Brazilian tax payers.

    – Aiding with Brazilian tax payere money the failing economies of fellow Leftist countries like Argentina and Venezuela.

    – Creating a common currency with dirt poor leftist countries like Bolivia and Argentina, reducing the value and purchasing power of Brazilian crrently.

    Yeah, Pepe, what a fantastic deal for the average Brazilian for Brazil to take on your definition of a more “active” role in the World.

    Don’t be fooled by communist, Pepe Escobar. Lula is a thief of truly gargantuan proportions. His corruption scheme stole tens of billions of Dollars from the Brazilian people.

    Brazil’s Supreme Cpourt has gone Left as well,and is now having Brazilian citizens arrested just for *questioning* the elections result, in a clear violation of the Constitutional right to free speech. They have a Supreme Court Justice that is arresting people and freezing theior bank accounts for “anti-democratic protests” against the electoral result. How can a protest be anti-democratic? It is a Leftist revolution, nothing more.

    Pepe Escobar: pinko dummy.

    • Agree: Pop Warner
  37. Dumbo says:

    Whatever it is, the PT is not a “conservative party”, LOL.

    It was pretty much allied with Marxists when Cuba was all the rage in Latin America. Fidel and Lula were big friends. But it’s true, Lula wasn’t a hardcore Marxist. The proof is that the party (like all the Left, all over the world, bending to its Jewish masters), has gone “woke”, forgetting the “workers” it was supposed to defend, and fighting for transgenders, blacks, feminists, etc.

    Lula might not me illiterate, but he’s not an intellectual either. Have you watched his recent interviews? The man is a midwit, at best. An opportunist.

    I don’t think he’s honest, but then again, very few people in politics in Brazil are. Members of his party certainly sacked Petrobras, and whether he was directly involved, is anyone’s guess.

    His prison was partially politically motivated, but so is the current persecution of Bolsonaro. All political accusations and political arrests or impeachments in Brazil are politically motivated. Make that all of Latin America, too.

    No one needs to be a Bolsonaro fanatic to dislike Lula. There’s enough to dislike him as it is. There are other characters even on the left who are more palatable. You like him? Fine, take him. Maybe he can have a role at the UN, WEF or WHO, he seems cut out for those places.

    • Replies: @UncommonGround
  38. @Dumbo

    Contrary to AlFontaine, you write reasonably. But what you say is not right. The PT is a reasonably conservative party. Before Lula was elected the first time he wrote a letter to assure bankers that they had nothing to fear. Banks never made so high profits as when he was the president. Yes, the PT favours some social programs, just like conservative parties in Germany.

    It’s true that Lula isn’t an intellectual, he wont compensate the fact that he practically hasn’t had any formal education as a child, but he reads books and he has had lections many years ago by Brazilian intellectuals who prepared him to be a politician. Bolsonaro probably never read one book in his whole life.

    If Lula had stolen one cent, people would know this now. They tried very hard but failled to show that he was involved in corruption, even if he profited (moderately) from his position after he left power, like most politicians. The many cases against him had no substance. All processes linked with Car Wash are very suspect, we know that some people were forced to accuse others in order to get free, those were political trials. I think you underestimate Bolsonaro. There is no doubt that he or his sons employed people in parlament in order to get the money they earned. The family got quite rich and nobody knows how. The Bolsonaros seem to be a crime family.

    I’m no fan of Lula, I even don’t like the fact that he wanted to be the president again, but I don’t know of any other politician who has a chance to be elected who is much better than Bolsonaro.

    • Replies: @Zero Philosopher
  39. @UncommonGround

    “Contrary to AlFontaine, you write reasonably. But what you say is not right. The PT is a reasonably conservative party.”

    No,this is not true at all. He encourages land invasions in the form of the MST movement, he wants to renationalize several industries and he wants to take in millions of refugees from countries even poorer than Brazil into the country. He also wants to create a common currency with even poorer countries than Brazil, empoverishing the Brazilian economy, and he wants Brazilian tax payer money to finance Leftists regimes abroad.

    As for bankers, yes, he is corrupt and the bankers payed him off to be left alone. That is not the same as being a “conservative”. Lula is a classic Marxist in the molds of Trostsky. You clearly don’t know anything. He even invited Leftist Venezuelan dictator, Maduro, to his inauguration.

    • Replies: @L.K
  40. L.K says:
    @Zero Philosopher

    Nonsense. Lula is just another neoliberal president in a long line of neoliberals who have ruled Brazil since the neoliberal economic model was instituted in force with Collor after the redemocratization of the country. No wonder economic growth has just about stopped.

    The ‘Workers Party’, or at least its leadership, Lula included, are leftists in aesthetics not in substance.
    They are the Brazilian representatives of the ‘New Left’. For all his connections with – and co-opting of- the MST movement, Lula’s government carried out even less agrarian reforms than the prince of the Neoliberals, Fernando Henrique.
    Comparison with the FHC government is unfavorable to President Lula when the subject is agrarian reform,164280/comparacao-com-o-governo-de-fhc-e-desfavoravel-ao-presidente-lula-quando-o-assunto-reforma-agraria.shtml

  41. L.K says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    You are absolutely right the CIA was involved in the 1964 coup that overthrew Brazilian Democracy then, but, as Glenn explains, this one was hardly even a local coup. Pepe just makes up some anonymous CIA source. Well worth listening to the full segment at rumble, thank you;

    I find it funny that Pepe Escobar, who is a native Brazilian, despite living in Asia, talks about Lula’s coalition government containing all sorts of people, including neoliberals, as if this is something new; Firstly, because Lula, when in power before, picked up where Fernando Henrique left off, that is, carried out a neoliberal economic model which was destined to fail… as it did, luckily for him, he was already out of office, the bomb blowing up in the face of his inept ‘Workers Party’ successor, D. Rousseff. Secondly, because this type of spurious coalition government, extremely corrupt, was always Lula’s way.

    Glenn, who is too soft on Lula, admits as much in his book Securing Democracy;

    How did Brazil leap from being a center-left country that fit comfortably into the mainstream ideological wing of the Western neoliberal order to one ruled by a figure as extreme as Bolsonaro?

    As has happened in so many countries, the failure of Brazil’s establishment—and particularly its prevailing neoliberal ideology—had left so many people so angry with the political system that they were willing to gamble on anyone who could successfully portray themselves as an enemy of the political class the population (rightly) blames for so much of their suffering and deprivation.

  42. camus10 says:

    pepe, don’t get sloppy

    asked you before to research this

    us intel/fedreserve/cabalists are underwriting the brics gold dinar. the obvious subversion of the brazilian insurrection is just further speculation.

    • Replies: @bike-anarkist
  43. @Political Science 101

    Well, I am Brazilian.

    I was born in the city of São Paulo 55 years ago, mainly of Portuguese descent (plus GOD only knows what else, and really: I couldn’t care less!)

    If you envisage a way of having me prove I am, then please just let me know it. Anyway, I take your comment as a compliment (heaping thanks!), but I have no illusions: I learned from Vladimir Nabokov that I will never be good at any foreign language, that is, any language I did not pick up as a child (from under the kitchen table)… My brain has been hardwired in Portuguese, though I have an unreciprocated love affair with the English language. Alas! I have become neither another JOSEPH CONRAD nor another FERNANDO PESSOA.

    By the way: would you likewise write you do not believe PEPE ESCOBAR is Brazilian? If so… Interestingly enough, in the Portuguese language version of WIKIPEDIA one reads that PEPE ESCOBAR’s journalistic career in Brazil was harmed by accusations of plagiarism (I am not sure they were settled as such – I sincerely hope he was cleared of them all), with the final nail in the (Brazilian) coffin having been his fictitious interview of ROMAN POLANSKI, which was published in the Brazilian newspaper of record (O Estado de São Paulo – ESTADÃO) as a… real one.

    Nice to have met you, ‘Political Science 101’.

    • Replies: @Political Science 101
  44. @Zero Philosopher

    And you can speak of no alternative, other than antagonism.

    It’s all “black and white”, “either/or”, “with us or against us”…

    spoken like a true ‘Murican.

  45. @camus10

    I like the chutzpah!
    “Hey PePe, make me a f***ing sammich!”

    So, have you researched this?
    If not, why not?

  46. @UncommonGround

    When you write that “[…] There is no difference between BIDEN and TRUMP […]” you come across to the world readership as a person who doesn’t know shit from shenola. Sorry, but you have just shamed yourself out of any serious intellectual arena.

    But what is it compared to stating that PT (Partido dos Trabalhadores – Workers Party – the current name of the Brazilian Communist Party since 1980, when it was founded) “[…] was never a Marxist Party […]”?


    I see your point: just as THE CASTRO BROTHERS, HUGO CHÁVEZ, SAUL ALINSKY, STALIN, LENIN, and MARX himself, right? After all, none of them were ever Marxists. I am going to inform the upper echelons of the PT because it is about time they really should know it.

    Right now that the Workers Party (PT) has just conceived the LULAG, the green-yellowed, tropical version of the GULAG… They will be most disappointed at being fed your above statements… Poor bastards!

  47. @Thomas Faber

    When Brazil’s “protest” becomes a carbon copy of the J6 insurrection, one has to agree that the Brazil’s was just as much farce as J6.

    Even the Brazilian “Buffalo Man”, LOL~!

  48. @Al Fontaine

    If I felt the way you did, I would leave Brazil.

  49. @Al Fontaine

    You are a fraud or you sent your text to someone in the US to edit it or rewrite it…like often happens today. My cousin who is still a Professor gets these papers written by hand in class and they are like a grade 9 level, but the essays show up like written by an English Professor or an Editor at the New York Times. Al Fonatine…just call me Ernst Hemingway

  50. camus10 says:

    pepe, don’t get sloppy

    asked you before to research this

    us intel/fedreserve/cabalists are underwriting the brics gold dinar. the obvious subversion of the brazilian popular insurrection just adds speculation.

  51. If the CIA were in on it, they were acting in cahoots with the “Lula” regime. Lula, the old man, as opposed to Lula the regime, is a mere figurehead. The regime is all in with the Jew World Order. Watch for the regime to distance itself from its BRIC partners, likely imposing sanctions on Russia and criticizing China for the usual bullshit, while declaring its allegiance to the Christ-killer dominated US and imposing (((liberal))) policies on “climate” and “gender”.

    Pepe Escobar is showing himself to be a fool. He’d better take it easy with the pro-BRICs talk or he will end up in the Lulag with the Bolsonaristas he despises.

  52. @Al Fontaine

    Spoken as a true fascist. No hate is stronger than class hatred mixed with race hatred.

  53. @Zero Philosopher

    Brazil and Latin America’s terminal disease is Pentecostal mind-fuckery, introduced by the USA. Rank Evil posing as ‘religion’. We just had a specimen of the type, Morrison, as PM.

  54. @Al Fontaine

    Lula has not yet produced a Lulag, but Rightists, under the direction of the USA, have produced death-squad regimes in most Latin American countries, often more than once, over the decades since, and before, WW2. But I’m sure that REALITY was quite OK with you.

  55. @Thomas Faber

    So if it was a popular uprising then why did it fail???? The police and military support Bolsonaro…. So seems your analysis is way off.

    • Replies: @Thomas Faber
  56. @Wade Hampton

    Brazil’s military dictatorship was supported by the US to keep down leftists. Bolsonaro is a child of that regime… Bolsonaro was a globalist – stop it. I bet you think Trump was peaceful… Except he escalated in Syria and almost started a war with Iran.

  57. camus10 says:

    Troll farmer, —-bike anarchist is noted

    Mr Escobar has been prompted on many other prolific blogs he authored. he doesn’t answer.

    he is sloppy, just wants to post wild speculation with tantalizing minutiae foisting muscle shirt neolib cabalist & corp marxists. The one blogr who is too kool to recognize feedback. both PE and Romanoff bring insults agendas, eastern shills. PE does a stink/hit-run

    other TUR blogger (Unz Barrett EMjones Giraldi, Guyenot…list….) are interacting with the comments, with mutual respect. so biker compose yourself before start planting your fecal labels – slap back to you

  58. @showmethereal

    There have been many popular uprisings throughout history that have failed, for one reason or another. In this case, perhaps it was too disorganized, or the power structures too entrenched?

    I am no expert on Brazil, but it looks like the courts and the police are not on the side of Bolsonaro. And the military leadership could have forced the issue, i.e. demanded and enforced an audit of the voting process, but it didn’t, so… not on the side of Bolsonaro either, it seems.

    On the other hand, it seems that the CIA was involved, but on Lulas side –

    “Top officials from the White House, Defense Department, State Department, and even the CIA have held meetings and calls with Brazilian officials to try to head off any efforts by Bolsonaro to subvert the results of the country’s heated presidential elections.”


    It looks quite similar to what went on in America up to, during, and after the 2020 and 2022 elections.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  59. And, the CIA helped rig the Brazil election. Both ends against the middle, eh?

  60. @Thomas Faber

    The courts that put Lula in prison on fake charges and had to exonerate him later? The police that were posing taking selfies with the “protestors”? So much so the security official for the area had to be fired? Not on his side?

    Foreign policy??? LOL … The same Bolsonaro who openly visited CIA headquarters with his sons and they openly bragged about it on social media…?? Now they wanted him out??? LOLOL…. Foreign policy??? Oh please.

    • Replies: @Thomas Faber
  61. @showmethereal

    In this particular case, I think you can take their word for it. One never knows, of course, but why would they lie about that?

    You misunderstand me if you think I am pro-Bolsonaro. I am not a partisan in this matter; but I wish the Brazilian people well. They are the real losers here.

    My observations still stand – what you are saying does not make sense to me: if the courts were on the side of Bolsonaro, why would they block an audit of the vote, and crush those who publically doubt the integrity of the election? And while some police may have been on his side (maybe they doubted the outcome, too?), it does not make sense to say that “the police” were on his side – since that would mean demanding an audit, and not being willing to round up the protestors.

    The fact remains – as I stated in the beginning: the situation is extremely mishandled. If the vote was fair and just, there would be no good reason not to just show the protestors what they wanted to see. Instead, the establishment has preferred to just crush them. The most innocent explanation, that I can see, is that establishment is deeply incompetent, and does not care about the country, or the people.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  62. @Thomas Faber

    Mandatory electronic voting has been in place in Brazil for a good while. If anything the fraud was giving Bolsonaro more votes than he deserved. Ironic that he and his team were claiming before the election even started that the vote would be a fraud. He followed the same script of his mentor at Mar-a-lago. Democracy is always a fraud anytime the other side wins.

    • Replies: @Thomas Faber
  63. @showmethereal

    I notice that you still do not take on my questions. My point is still – fraud or no fraud: not to show the protestors what they want to see, ignoring their claims of cheating, glossing them over, and crushing them when the thing (very predictably) boils over is, at best, gross neglect of the population. This goes for the recent elections of both America and Brazil.

    If there was no fraud – it would be both cheaper, simpler, and more conducive to internal stability to just show, in a transparent way, why and how the protestors have misunderstood what it is they consider evidence of cheating. That this has not been done – well… it is highly suspicious; or a sign of neglect.

    It is out of our hands, in any case. Good luck to Brazil!

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