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Why America’s Revolution Won’t be Televised
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The Revolution Won’t Be Televised because this is not a revolution. At least not yet.

Burning and/or looting Target or Macy’s is a minor diversion. No one is aiming at the Pentagon (or even the shops at the Pentagon Mall). The FBI. The NY Federal Reserve. The Treasury Department. The CIA in Langley. Wall Street houses.

The real looters – the ruling class – are comfortably surveying the show on their massive 4K Bravias, sipping single malt.

This is a class war much more than a race war and should be approached as such. Yet it was hijacked from the start to unfold as a mere color revolution.

US corporate media dropped their breathless Planet Lockdown coverage like a ton of – pre-arranged? – bricks to breathlessly cover en masse the new American “revolution.” Social distancing is not exactly conducive to a revolutionary spirit.

There’s no question the US is mired in a convoluted civil war in progress, as serious as what happened after the assassination of Dr Martin Luther King in Memphis in April 1968.

Yet massive cognitive dissonance is the norm across the full “strategy of tension” spectrum. Powerful factions pull no punches to control the narrative. No one is able to fully identify all the shadowplay intricacies and inconsistencies.

Hardcore agendas mingle: an attempt at color revolution/regime change (blowback is a bitch) interacts with the Boogaloo Bois – arguably tactical allies of Black Lives Matter – while white supremacist “accelerationists” attempt to provoke a race war.

To quote the Temptations: it’s a ball of confusion.

Antifa is criminalized but the Boogaloo Bois get a pass (here is how Antifa’s main conceptualizer defends his ideas). Yet another tribal war, yet another – now domestic – color revolution under the sign of divide and rule, pitting Antifa anti-fascists vs. fascist white supremacists.

Meanwhile, the policy infrastructure necessary for enacting martial law has evolved as a bipartisan project.

Protesters jump on a street sign near a burning barricade near the White House during a demonstration against the death of George Floyd on May 31, 2020 in Washington, DC. Photo: AFP
Protesters jump on a street sign near a burning barricade near the White House during a demonstration against the death of George Floyd on May 31, 2020 in Washington, DC. Photo: AFP

We are in the middle of the proverbial, total fog of war. Those defending the US Army crushing “insurrectionists” in the streets advocate at the same time a swift ending to the American empire.

Amidst so much sound and fury signifying perplexity and paralysis, we may be reaching a supreme moment of historical irony, where US homeland (in)security is being boomerang-hit not only by one of the key artifacts of its own Deep State making – a color revolution – but by combined elements of a perfect blowback trifecta: Operation Phoenix; Operation Jakarta; and Operation Gladio.

But the targets this time won’t be millions across the Global South. They will be American citizens.

Empire come home

Quite a few progressives contend this is a spontaneous mass uprising against police repression and system oppression – and that would necessarily lead to a revolution, like the February 1917 revolution in Russia sprouting out of the scarcity of bread in Petrograd.

So the protests against endemic police brutality would be a prelude to a Levitate the Pentagon remix – with the interregnum soon entailing a possible face-off with the US military in the streets.

But we got a problem. The insurrection, so far purely emotional, has yielded no political structure and no credible leader to articulate myriad, complex grievances. As it stands, it amounts to an inchoate insurrection, under the sign of impoverishment and perpetual debt.

Adding to the perplexity, Americans are now confronted with what it feels like to be in Vietnam, El Salvador, the Pakistani tribal areas or Sadr City in Baghdad.

Iraq came to Washington DC in full regalia, with Pentagon Blackhawks doing “show of force” passes over protestors, the tried and tested dispersal technique applied in countless counter-insurgency ops across the Global South.

And then, the Elvis moment: General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, patrolling the streets of DC. The Raytheon lobbyist now heading the Pentagon, Mark Esper, called it “dominating the battlespace.”

Well, after they got their butts kicked in Afghanistan and Iraq, and indirectly in Syria, full spectrum dominance must dominate somewhere. So why not back home?

Troops gather during a demonstration on June 1, 2020 in Washington, DC. Photo: Joshua Roberts/Getty Images/AFP
Troops gather during a demonstration on June 1, 2020 in Washington, DC. Photo: Joshua Roberts/Getty Images/AFP

Troops from the 82nd Airborne Division, the 10th Mountain Division and the 1st Infantry Division – who lost wars in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq and, yes, Somalia – have been deployed to Andrews Airbase near Washington.

Super-hawk Tom Cotton even called, in a tweet, for the 82nd Airborne to do “whatever it takes to restore order. No quarter for insurrectionists, anarchists, rioters and looters.” These are certainly more amenable targets than the Russian, Chinese and Iranian militaries.

Milley’s performance reminds me of John McCain walking around in Baghdad in 2007, macho man-style, no helmet, to prove everything was OK. Of course: he had a small army weaponized to the teeth watching his back.

And complementing the racism angle, it’s never enough to remember that both a white president and a black president signed off on drone attacks on wedding parties in the Pakistani tribal areas.

Esper spelled it out: an occupying army may soon be “dominating the battlespace” in the nation’s capital, and possibly elsewhere. What next? A Coalition Provisional Authority?

Compared to similar ops across the Global South, this will not only prevent regime change but also produce the desired effect for the ruling oligarchy: a neo-fascist turning of the screws. Proving once again that when you don’t have a Martin Luther King or a Malcolm X to fight the power, then power crushes you whatever you do.

Inverted Totalitarianism

The late, great political theorist Sheldon Wolin had already nailed it in a book first published in 2008: this is all about Inverted Totalitarianism.

Wolin showed how “the cruder forms of control – from militarized police to wholesale surveillance, as well as police serving as judge, jury and executioner, now a reality for the underclass – will become a reality for all of us should we begin to resist the continued funneling of power and wealth upward.


“We are tolerated as citizens only as long as we participate in the illusion of a participatory democracy. The moment we rebel and refuse to take part in the illusion, the face of inverted totalitarianism will look like the face of past systems of totalitarianism,” he wrote.

Sinclair Lewis (who did not say that, “when fascism comes to America, it will come wrapped in the flag and waving the cross”) actually wrote, in It Can’t Happen Here (1935), that American fascists would be those “who disowned the word ‘fascism’ and preached enslavement to capitalism under the style of constitutional and traditional native American liberty.”

So American fascism, when it happens, will walk and talk American.

George Floyd was the spark. In a Freudian twist, the return of the repressed came out swinging, laying bare multiple wounds: how the US political economy shattered the working classes; failed miserably on Covid-19; failed to provide affordable healthcare; profits a plutocracy; and thrives on a racialized labor market, a militarized police, multi-trillion-dollar imperial wars and serial bailouts of the too big to fail.

Instinctively at least, although in an inchoate manner, millions of Americans clearly see how, since Reaganism, the whole game is about an oligarchy/plutocracy weaponizing white supremacism for political power goals, with the extra bonus of a steady, massive, upwards transfer of wealth.

US President Donald Trump walks back to the White House escorted by the Secret Service after appearing outside of St John’s Episcopal church across Lafayette Park in Washington, DC, June 1, 2020. Photo: AFP/ Brendan Smialowski
US President Donald Trump walks back to the White House escorted by the Secret Service after appearing outside of St John’s Episcopal church across Lafayette Park in Washington, DC, June 1, 2020. Photo: AFP/ Brendan Smialowski

Slightly before the first, peaceful Minneapolis protests, I argued that the realpolitik perspectives post-lockdown were grim, privileging both restored neoliberalism – already in effect – and hybrid neofascism.

President Trump’s by now iconic Bible photo op in front of St John’s church – including a citizen tear-gassing preview – took it to a whole new level. Trump wanted to send a carefully choreographed signal to his evangelical base. Mission accomplished.

But arguably the most important (invisible) signal was the fourth man in one of the photos.

Giorgio Agamben has already proved beyond reasonable doubt that the state of siege is now totally normalized in the West. Attorney General William Barr now is aiming to institutionalize it in the US: he’s the man with the leeway to go all out for a permanent state of emergency, a Patriot Act on steroids, complete with “show of force” Blackhawk support.

(Republished from Asia Times by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Of yet, there is no canting moment. The statue of Hussein Pelosi still stands. There will not be, apparently, there is no probable entity in the shadows that can even pin a single directed move. When the circumstances are a dream opportunity to prick a real stress point. No leaders, no thinkers, no strategy, …no soldiers.

    Missing, playing out parallel loyalties, every copper, every military man comes home to his single neighborhood, that he should consider. No pressure there. As for the farts “leading” the real plunder, no pressure is on their hard assets. Manhattan, Wall Street, gated communities, public facilities above the level of retail and precincts feel no pressure yet. Complete neglect. No names denounced of the real players(bankers, policy makers, billionaires), they still blend in anonymously. To get somewhere much more and faster, or …fizzle. No inspiration for the onlookers in the Rest of the West. All exploited in a blatant way. Macron actually has now less pressure on his regalty by disbanded negros, then the Yellow Vests could muster.

    Other factors fail, the US elites will win this tail of Corona over finger in the nose. Next time around, after “another round of Corona”?. Disruption with regard to the US owners-bootleggers is an asset to all that fall outside the platform of remuneration and opportunity. The larger part of the middle class, some will loose some years of sleep to have so blatantly neglected the offered moment of opportunity. The young Turks, university students, their generation at stake, where are they?

    • Replies: @Dan
    , @PetrOldSack
    , @Moi
  2. If I read this right you are laying blame on this new administration?
    You don’t see anything with Saint Obama ditching the Rule of Law. You don’t see the Clinton NAFTA or the Clinton Foundation and the many ways that leftist Democrats enhance their living and big bank accounts. Of course , you got in your swipe on Reagan. That is mandatory for all leftists. Wo taught you?What’s your point.?

    I do not belong to a political party but I research before I vote.
    I am confused as to what the point of your article is. How much world and American history do people in the USA know? Very little- a nation of morons and history illiterates. I spoke with Russians in several countries and found out from Russian men in their 20s to 40s that world history and current politics was stressed in their high schools. I could tell they were far superior to Americans.
    Of course our high school and college students who go to public and leftist private universities to include the Ivy Leagues are historically illiterate- witness especially Obama’s cabinet members and advisors.
    I am not stupid. I worked in science with 143 Stanford-Binet IQ.

    I don’t know what you are pushing. Many writers especially leftists are always pushing their agendas.

  3. joe2.5 says:
    @Lost american

    And with all that IQ, you forgot how to read. Read it again.

    • Agree: Biff
    • LOL: Parfois1
  4. Last night on the Australian ABC current affairs program “The Drum”, the host actually asked a guest “Is it possible that the USA is becoming a fascist state?”.

    The guest replied that he thought the USA has been traveling down this path for the last 20 years.

    The unusual aspect of this exchange was that a host on an Australian mainstream news program had the courage to ask such a question at all.

    Interesting times.

  5. Dan says:

    The young Turks, university students, their generation at stake, where are they?

    They’re in the streets douchebag.

  6. TG says:

    “This is a class war much more than a race war and should be approached as such.” Triple kudos.

    But really: anyone saying that the elites are looting the country and sipping their single malts while the rest of the country devolves into another Brazil (at best), is denying that the real problem is RACISM. Not the endless pointless overseas wars. RACISM. Not the federal reserve buying up trillions of dollars of worthless paper assets for hard cash, but only from the well-connected, no, it’s RACISM. Anyone saying that this is class war, is simply hiding behind their white privilege and denying the essential RACISM of the United States. That’s the corporate meme. And it’s probably going to work.

  7. I don’t see a revolution as inevitable only a major change. Either a revolution or civil war. Which it shall be will depend on the Right. Currently, they are mostly seeing this through heavily blinkered eyes. They are seeing ANTIFA or BLM everywhere and refusing to acknowledge there are more issues than just one killing or even multiples police killings of black men. They as well as too many of the protesters and rioters are making this about race and whilst there is a racial element in some of the grievances it is as the author says about class. I’d say inequality especially between the very top 0.1% and the bottom 99%.

    The Right whether well to do, doing Ok and Middle class or recently unemployed or out of business (more to the point) are just as much subject to the greed and fascism of their masters at the top, an unelected elite which instead controls our elections and our lives through myriad levers. Media and Education are theirs to direct etc. They may presently see the ‘other’ in many cases, hated blacks or the screaming hysterical Liberals as the recipients of ‘justice’. Yet its been them on other occasions such as this ill-advised and historically counterproductive lockdown and social distancing BS which has cost so many jobs and businesses…whilst yet still somehow enriching that very tiny percentage of uber-wealthy who did and do control such things as pandemics and wars and their results once again through myriad means Many points of control which as has been seen extend into virtually all countries on the planet no matter which side of the geopolitical obelisk they stand.

    Today its the Libs and boongs getting a beating but tomorrow it will again be you. So the Right has to make up its collective mind to cease with the cheerleading of tougher and tougher measures, stop defending a violent and out of control police force which enjoys near-perfect immunity from prosecution for any abuses and which as some of them know already will as easily turn the same abuse on them when it is their interests at stake. The same Right has got to find common ground with those protesters and yes even the rioters to some degree. Which doesn’t mean joining them exactly but it may mean directing the violence to the correct targets which the author has been so kind as to already list at the start. Unless the right does this, joins with the Left as such in this then civil was seems to me inevitable even if it is briefly subdued for a little longer.

    If the Right does this, then I sincerely believe they will bring the balance and even leadership that is lacking. The leader of the next revolution is not necessarily coming from the Left. The Left today is living in an imaginary world and is lacking in a practical vision as a result. They are unable to identify their true enemy at any stage, looking for it in the Right to the extent of fabricating the whole stage and action in their minds and concentrating their energy on fighting this strawman. Most of the Right are no brighter failing to see the nuances and ignoring the largely genuine concerns of the Left even if they are couched in the wrong terms and directed at the wrong parties. However, there are some voices on the Right who do grasp the reality, who can see who the real enemy is and what has to be done. The proof is in the voices of some such as the author of this piece once again. They know how little really divides the Left and Right and who and how that is being manipulated. The Right is going to have to be the one to cross the aisle I suggest because there simply aren’t that many if any reality-based and nuanced thinking types in the forefront of the Left as a movement. If this can happen then I have a certain belief that a truly great nation may arise and rather than regain a former glory it will set a new benchmark in civilized governance. There is potential in the US people and the principles they fondly imagine are represented by their country. They may fall far short in fact but the desire to be that shining white knight is no less real for that.

    If the Right does continue to close ranks with the masters and their sheepdogs then they are ensuring just as likely that the opposite of what they desire will ensue. That will not save their nation. Instead, it will lead to civil war. It is my understanding that the American Civil war is the single most traumatic event in US history and going by the statistics alone it would seem believable. Surely there can be no thinking and educated American who would wish another civil war? In the age of automatic weapons? Surely by the same token, there can be no educated and intelligent American who cannot recognize the current system of government and administration of their country is anathema to their best interests at the service of a small elite which will never permit them to cross their threshold no matter how hard the work and try.

    • Replies: @Joel Ryan
    , @HeebHunter
  8. @TG

    Not at all, I say the real distraction is racism. It is created and fostered by each side in their narratives of each other but those narratives have been fed to them by their masters. At the top those masters are one and the same. The problem is inequality but the masters create numerous divisions of race, religion, class and educational levels etc to keep the mass of people, the real power, from being able to clearly see the actual problem which is inequality. Not the small class differences and income levels but the privileged monstrously rich class which exist beyond the world we all inhabit and who do in fact call the shots in ours…and for the sole purpose of their own enrichment and perceived security of that entitled life. Even unto culling most people alive to a level, they feel will best serve their interests. Which is a known and oft-stated goal of that class. It would appear to be quite evident around us in various formats and very probably being prepared even as we speak to go to a whole new level. There is an agenda at work and it is only begun with this ginned up pandemic.

  9. @Lost american

    This has nothing to do with presidents/ This is about the USA. Why do Americans ALWAYS seek to find someone else to blame? The time has come for Americans to wake up and take a good long look in the mirror. This is YOUR country. Nobody else made it what it is. You did it and you let it. This is nothing special and yet we still need to tell Americans? You as a people treat everyone else as responsible for their own nations, you blame and punish the people of whatever states you have in your crosshairs yet never fail to ignore yourselves when anything goes wrong in the USA. One side is blaming Russia and the other is blaming China for most of your problems and the rest are blaming the Left or the Right as if either has had a damned thing really to do with anything. Given all your governments have been very similar in my nearly 40 years of watching. There have been ZERO differences seen from the point of view of anyone but an American. The rhetoric changes but that’s nothing.

  10. Bill H says:

    Yes, another “Occupy Wall Street” moment. The US Congress screwed the taxpayers, so the revolt took the form of sitting in a park in New York and claiming it as an “occupation” of Wall Street while roasting marshmallows and singing songs.

    Now, the police kill a black man so, white people and black people burn churches and loot department stores.

    If you’re going to have a revolution, you need to figure out who to revolt against. The oligarchs are safe, because the idiots who make up the population of this benighted nation can’t figure out who their enemy is.

  11. @TG

    Please people,step back and see a larger view…
    Are we are so naive,egotistical and air conditioned that the base of the racism is
    forever denied?
    Those people are chosen, by golly
    everybody else is not.
    If we could get to the rot cause,maybe healing could begin.
    But then again,the saved people would completely screw it up.


  12. anonymous[327] • Disclaimer says:
    @Lost american

    I research before I vote.

    Then you haven’t done enough research.

    • Agree: Omegabooks
    • Replies: @Realist
  13. Malla says:

    The race war is used to divert energy from the possibility of a true class war. A class war where the working classes and middle classes unite in revolt against the banker elite blood sucker class. Not a fake Marxist “revolution’ funded by those same banker classes around the world but a true Nationalist Socialist revolution.
    And that is why you have non-Whites in Western countries. To deflect the anger of the White native/ majority masses against the blood sucker banking elites.
    Remember the Jews in those ghettos in medieval Europe always afraid of the European peasants, tired of the exploitation by an alien obnoxious elite, taking up rakes and torches and marching to dislodge the parasites. Those “dumb uncouth Redneck” Euro peasants, how dare they protest their exploitation by us chosen people, wise sophisticated people (smelly sophisticated people with loads of lice in hair)? There was once a famous Euro peasant revolution incident with the Cossacks revolting, the whole Hitler revolution was one such recent incident.
    Oy Vey, that may happen again!!! Well now you have black and brown immigrant masses, they shall act like bodyguards, as bouncers against the exploited Euro peasants, descendants of those earlier redneck Euro peasants of Europe. That is one reason why most of these financial capitals like London, New York, Paris are so diverse, in other words have a large number of body guards and less Euro peasants. The Euro peasants are away somewhere in the rural area, in some Whitebread land. Their expositors are safe in their ghettos (New York) surrounded by bodyguards (brown blacks). Let the dumb White, brown, black goyim get at each other and expend energy while we remain safe.
    It is surprising how the social dynamics of medieval Europe continues in North America with the descendants of tribesmen in Africa as new entrants as shocktroopers for an eventual Jew Raj Orwellian Satanic Communist revolution and body guard/bouncer population. Those blacks were in plantations before, their descendants are today in a more dangerous plantation today, a mental plantation.

  14. @Rabbitnexus

    Yes,very well said.Now how do we get the message out to 7,523,478,692 + people?
    Half of which won’t get it.
    Press on,I know I will.
    Culling peoples lives SHOULD be against some law,somewhere,right?


  15. Realist says:
    @Lost american

    If I read this right you are laying blame on this new administration?

    New? New? Trump has been in power for over three years…and has done nothing of significance.
    Just one example of hundreds…why has Trump ignored the Antifa situation from day one? Antifa has been around for years.

    Yes, Obama was as big an asshole as Trump…both are Deep State minions.

    Anyone who states their IQ is most likely lying.

    The right has agendas also.

  16. “…When you don’t have a Martin Luther King or a Malcolm X to fight the power, then power crushes you whatever you do.”
    Struggle is about power. Those with it desire to keep it: those without it desire a fair share of it. It’s less to do with class, religion, politics or race. “A white president and a black president signed off on drone attacks on wedding parties in the Pakistani tribal areas.” The fog of war keeps getting thicker, obscuring the apocalyptic conflagration mankind is stumbling towards.

  17. Svevlad says:

    The “hidden fascists” are at a loss, while those who literally call themselves fascists win by doing absolutely nothing as the stooges fight amongst themselves

    As for me, well, I support max casualties on all sides. Whoever “wins” will probably just be more antiserbian than the current installation

  18. Sir you write some fine articles, but if the USA is nothing more than a hegemonic, imperialist regime, why do so many denizens of the “global south” continue to invade our boarders to escape the Utopia’s of the “global south” the Brazil’s, Venezuela’s, Cuba’s and Mexico’s of the “global south”? And as a politically astute individual, I’m sure you are aware that the common citizen gets the USA as a hegemonic, Imperialist Empire REGARDLESS of who we vote for, Republican, Democrat and all the subdivisions within those parties IE: “Neocons”. How much difference is there between Bush II’s foreign policy and Hillary’s? Obamas? None, zip nodda! Trump voters thought they were getting a president who was “bringing the troops home”. So we evil deplorables tried! So please from now on refer to our deep state master’s and specifically Isreal as the responsible party, not the average, everyday Joe Blow citizen who is fed up with it, and has zero say in the matter! I can read between the lines that your point is we Americans are getting a taste of our own medicine… We never wrote the RX for American Empire!

    • Replies: @Prester John
  19. @Rabbitnexus

    Yet another way of speaking the unsaid. There is indeed a glass ceiling, or if you prefer swimming rounds in a fish-bowl and not being able to get out for the surplus gold fish. Most people are happy inside the bowl, and the vision to the outside is blurred by the glass. What? half of the world population? Not even a single percent of the surplus populations, the waste populations if you prefer(thus are they seen by the elites(@Jeffersonian, @Paine) grasp the situation they are in. Tuning them individually for anything is very hard, playing them on other then their base instincts(hunger, angst to die, sex and violence) collectively is impossible. Hence the policies of nations, corpo-nations media blends. Well said Rabbitnexus, as a provocation or other, well said.

  20. @Rabbitnexus

    I thought ‘TG’ was being sarcastic. Am I wrong?

    • Replies: @Parfois1
    , @Rabbitnexus
  21. But we got a problem. The insurrection, so far purely emotional, has yielded no political structure and no credible leader to articulate myriad, complex grievances.

    That’s where you are oh-so-wrong, sir! This time, we’ve got Nike and Target to lead the revolution. (Revo-loot-ion?) 😀

    Sinclair Lewis (who did not say that, “when fascism comes to America, it will come wrapped in the flag and waving the cross”) actually wrote, in It Can’t Happen Here (1935), that American fascists would be those “who disowned the word ‘fascism’ and preached enslavement to capitalism under the style of constitutional and traditional native American liberty.”

    Personally, I prefer Huey Long’s version: ‘When fascism comes to America, it’ll be called anti-fascism.’

    Instinctively at least, although in an inchoate manner, millions of Americans clearly see how, since Reaganism, the whole game is about an oligarchy/plutocracy weaponizing white supremacism for political power goals, with the extra bonus of a steady, massive, upwards transfer of wealth.

    So when cops, mayors and guardsmen kneel before Black rioters, how exactly is that “White supremacy”? And by the way, where are all these “Boogaloo Bois” that liberals keep talking about? The only White people I see participating in these riots are cops and Antifa. Am I looking in the wrong place? Help me.

    • Replies: @Ragno
  22. This is the way America ends
    This is the way America ends
    This is the way America ends
    Not with a bang but a whimper.

  23. Realist says:

    Iraq came to Washington DC in full regalia, with Pentagon Blackhawks doing “show of force” passes over protestors, the tried and tested dispersal technique applied in countless counter-insurgency ops across the Global South.

    Escobar…I thought you were better than that. You are publishing bullshit. The helicopters over DC were military medical helicopters…not Blackhawkes. I will now always read your articles with reservation.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  24. Realist says:

    There have been ZERO differences seen from the point of view of anyone but an American. The rhetoric changes but that’s nothing.

    Yes, the DNC and GOP are two sides to the Deep State coin.

    The Deep State doesn’t care about the unimportant internecine squabbles of the two parties as long as their important issues are advanced (wealth and power). As a matter of fact it strengthens the false perception that there is a choice when voting.

    • Agree: PetrOldSack
    • Replies: @PetrOldSack
  25. Joel Ryan says:

    You lost me at “boongs.” Apparently you just couldn’t resist casually throwing a racial slur into your comment. Nevermind that it undermines the credibility of your argument, it also exposes you as disgusting person. Do better buddy.

    • Replies: @Rabbitnexus
  26. It’s the wrath of God, baby. Embrace it.

  27. @Realist

    @Corona, all towed the line. They(elites de facto, and globally) succeeded admiringly, and globally in suppressing to a dumb-down of the surplus populations. When the loot was safe for Deep State, the infighting could resume.

    To consider though as for the long-term significance and quality of Deep State policies. They mise quite low as to the public (pro-wrestling), communication. Makes them look as clowns to some of the outer US(Russia, China, Europe). This might also loose the credibility of part of the middle class that is now depressed into the outer remuneration and opportunity circle of oligarchic off-spring. It could birth a second and third Assange.

    @Corona was by far the greatest move ever to play the masses of waste populations. Add to it’s percentage as to the world’s total population. Nothing beats the fear to die. Will it work a second time around though? They, the elites will have to come up with something stronger, a combination of direct measures, “applauding at the NASDAC bell moment” is obsolete. After all they are running against the clock. The planet deteriorates at a fast pace. The Corona shift of policies was a strong indicator that the Deep State grasped that Con-Z-umerism was a dead end. Derivatives were exceeding the benefits.

    To tempt a fast forward, a large chunk of the surplus populations must somehow be amputated to give a chance to new cycles of quality of life growth for our Deep State privileged. Playing out the sub-groups against each other is again quite noisy, as these last two weeks show. It also seems to be, clio-metrically measuring, below the pace of what is at task.

    Comment owned by

    • Replies: @Realist
  28. anonymous[946] • Disclaimer says:

    most of the past 2 months i’ve been getting chemo in a hospital.
    The docs, nurses & tech’s dress just like the photo of the “Troops gather . . .” guy with the face shield. except not camo, scrubs.
    and sometimes not face shields but industrial respirators like you wear when your using muriatic acid to clean your garage floor. so you can fantasize getting the garage ready for epoxy while they’re pumping chemicals into you.

    wonder what “Troops gather . . ” think about when they’re wearing a mask busting heads.

  29. Parfois1 says:
    @Digital Samizdat

    I thought ‘TG’ was being sarcastic. Am I wrong?

    You are right – from a teacher!

    Sometimes sarcasm and irony are hard to detect in a simple comment but ‘TG” took care to highlight it with repetition and caps.

  30. Look, everyone is missing it.

    The vaccine was ready before the “pandemic” but certainly not for the elites and oligarchs. It’s meant for YOU, the rabble, the hoi-polloi, the proletariat. And it’s an unproven, dangerous RNA vaccine that will destroy everyone’s health (what’s left of it). Look, Big Pharma’s been destroying childrens’ health since the 1960s. Autiusm really took off when Reagan indemnified Big Pharma in 1986.

    Now it’s the adults turn!

    The riots were completely planned, my friend, and have gone swimmingly. The entire motivation behind them is obviously to vilify whitey.

    But why now? Why smack dap in the middle of a “pandemic” ?

    Well, the ONLY race that might really resist the mandatory vaccine plan for COVID is the white race. Therefore, vilify the white race. Gin up the numbers of poor minorities “dying” from COVID disproportionately, and then make whitey look worse than ever for REFUSING to bow down to Bill Gates’ vaccine.


    Get it?


    • Agree: TheTrumanShow
    • Replies: @TheTrumanShow
  31. “Instinctively at least, although in an inchoate manner, millions of Americans clearly see how, since Reaganism, the whole game is about an oligarchy/plutocracy weaponizing white supremacism for political power goals, with the extra bonus of a steady, massive, upwards transfer of wealth.”

    WTF? This is classic Escobar baffle-’em-with-bullshit, and why I can never finish anything he writes. I’m wondering how a Brazilian leftist can peek into any foreign country’s psyche over 40 years and pull this out of his ass. Maybe it’s his instinctive inchoate-ness talking.

    He should stick to what he does best, producing propaganda for the CCP while doing an Alfred E. Neuman about the Uighurs, Falun Gong, organ harvesting, and about 50 million corpses.

  32. Ragno says:
    @Digital Samizdat

    I only wish there were a nascent force for freeing America even if it was called something ridiculous-sounding like “boogaloo bois” – there would at least be an ember of hope still burning inside me. When one political party completely, publicly, capitulates to a microcephalic mob financed and guided by a Jewish financier, well, that’s semi-shocking. (No one can possibly be shocked by American politicians dancing on the puppet-strings of Jewish capital – it’s what they do.)

    But when the, cough, “opposition party” neither sounds the alarm nor goes to the mattresses – with the country on fire – that’s shocking. In fact, the GOP appear to be biting their collective lip trying to restrain themselves from falling to their knees, sobbing and begging like everybody else. The wave of corporate cowardice that struck late last week as America’s oligarchs all took the virtual knee and announced their fealty to our newest religion pretty much sealed the GOP’s fate. (If the pandemic accomplished anything, it was less killing small owner-operated businesses dead and more officially coronating Amazon as Lord Of the Western Hemisphere. Every dollar lost to small and medium businesses can be found in Amazon’s coffers, and that’s an unimaginable amount of mazuma. So in a very real way, centrists and conservatives ended up funding the Washington Post’s aggressive propagandizing of the public for years to come with every arrival of a Prime package – savor the irony, irony-savorers.) Money rules politics and right now the Left has cornered most of it, so count on returning to Coke v Pepsi at the ballot box once Trump is taken care of. Only instead of a wobbly centrism veering slightly more left every few years, this time the Uniparty will discard the gradualism and swerve hard, avoiding centrism like it was a baby carriage on the freeway.

    Come on, boogaloi boys; if you’re out there, give us a sign.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
  33. @Ultrafart the Brave

    “Is it possible that the USA is becoming a fascist state?”.

    Not until this happens:

    “USURY is the cancer of the world, which only the surgeon’s knife of Fascism can cut out of the life of the nations.” ~ Ezra Pound

    If the guest who replied thought the USA has been traveling down this path for the last 20 years, it would follow that the plight of those who are not elites, would be better, not worse.

    • Replies: @Ultrafart the Brave
  34. Miro23 says:

    Anyone saying that this is class war, is simply hiding behind their white privilege and denying the essential RACISM of the United States. That’s the corporate meme. And it’s probably going to work.

    Problem here that the George Floyd protestors/rioters are a happy counter-cultural mix of SJW, young blacks and young whites – impossible to portray them as the white power KKK

    In fact the RACISM shield doesn’t work. The ZioGlob are left exposed, and in my opinion they’re scared by these protests. If they crack down with the national Guard or the military it only makes the situation worse. Things polarize, with them being further identified as a privileged exploitative elite.

    • Disagree: Robert Dolan
    • Replies: @Miro23
    , @Robert Dolan
  35. I do not believe in any kind of revolutionary change from this movement.
    All whites in those demonstration did participate because of belief that it will impact the Trumps chance to win.
    After November nobody will remember any clauses any improvements etc.
    Democrats will rule without too much black influence.
    The pattern is set and it will be repetition.

    • Replies: @Ber
  36. Pepe, you have ZERO understanding of The United States. The riots have been over for a week and it was merely the latest chimpout by moronic, useless, coddled Black Trash. We will clean up the mess made by the Black Apes and get on with life. The Negro is a millstone around the neck of America, but we have been dealing with it for 155 years. The new flavor in the mix is the Antifagz, but no one in America takes idiots in blue hair and stupid tats seriously. Pepe, stick to fluff pieces about how a two lane road in the middle of nowhere that goes over high mountain passes with hairpin turns with no guardrails or even reflectors is actually a genius level “game changing” project resulting in “Eurasian connectivity” that will leave America standing in China’s turbocharged dust with a bewildered look on its face.

    • Agree: Tom
    • Replies: @dimples
    , @Commentator Mike
  37. Miro23 says:

    Problem here that the George Floyd protestors/rioters are a happy counter-cultural mix of SJW, young blacks and young whites – impossible to portray them as the white power KKK.

    Same way that the Polish communist government couldn’t effectively attack the Solidarity worker’s uprising. Government propaganda was designed to attack capitalists, exploiters of the working class etc. which didn’t make any sense against shipyard workers.

  38. “….a white president and a black president both signed off on drone attacks…”

    Who was this “black president”? I’m only aware of Nobel Peace Prize “winner”, destroyer of Libya, sponsor of jihadis in Syria and Nazis in Ukraine, genocidaire of Yemenis, and mass murderer extraordinaire Barack Hussein Obama, who, if being the child of a black father makes him “black”, is, from being the child of a white mother, equally “white”.

  39. Pft says:
    @Lost american

    You do know NAFTA was negotiated in the Bush administration?. Too late to get passed while he was in office Clinton then signed off on it unchanged when passed by Congress

    Have you forgot October Surprise, the Bush run Iran Contra (Clinton was part of that too as Governor of the state where drugs were off loaded and money laundered through Stevens bank Systematic which fronted for BCCI and who supported both Bush and Clinton) , signing the 1992 Earth Summit Framework Convention on Climate Change . Not to mention Bush having Barr develop a secret program for the NSA’s mass surveillance of Americans’ phone records 9 years before 9/11? Barr then went on to work in the telecom industry before retiring with Verizon.

    Heres what we know of Trumps administrations preparations in reactions which taken together suggest possible motives for destroying the economy over a bad cold. As President he is responsible for allowing unconstitutional actions of the Governors and his agencies are providing guidelines as justifications


    2017/December 19: The NIH and Dr. Fauci’s NIAID restore federal funding for gain-of-function research, ending the moratorium that began in October 2014

    2018-May 11-The NSC directorate for global health and security and bio-defense disbanded by Trump

    2018-National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence (NSCAI). It was created by the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and its official purpose is “to consider the methods and means necessary to advance the development of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and associated technologies to comprehensively address the national security and defense needs of the United States and figure out how the government can work with industry to compete with China’s ‘civil-military fusion’ concept.”

    2019-Trumps NSAIC headed by former Googles Eric Schmidt recommended” structural” changes for the American economy and society so as to follow China’s lead and surpass them in AI-driven technologies, particularly mass surveillance, self driving cars, fleet ownership of cars replacing personal ownership, cashless society, herding people into high urban density areas, eliminating in-store shopping, etc.
    Trump then signed an EO making AI development a national security priority.

    2019-March 27-H.R.1931 – Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2019 proposed

    2019-July Senators Bill Cassidy and Ted Cruz introduced a nonbinding resolution that would designate antifa a domestic terrorist organization, as it attacks Americans “who don’t agree with them

    2019: Fauci’s NIAID awards a six-year renewal grant of $3.7 million to EcoHealth Alliance and the Wuhan Institute of Virology to continue their gain-of-function studies on bat coronaviruses. The renewal is approved “unusually quickly,” receiving a “really extremely high priority for funding.”

    July 9, 2019 CDC chose to withdraw the only American epidemiologist embedded with Beijing’s CDC.

    2019- September, Urban Outbreak Exercise, by the US Naval War College and Johns Hopkins .

    2019- September 19 Trump issues Executive Order on Modernizing Influenza Vaccines in the United States to Promote National Security and Public Health and creating the Flu Vaccine Task Force.

    2019 October 1 , the Strategic National Stockpile was transferred from the CDC to BARDA, and BARDA’s budget was increased by $722 million to a total of $2.2 billion. The stockpiles for life-saving medicines and medical equipment had been depleted during the bogus H1N1 influenza epidemic in 2009. The emergency stockpile was never replenished with essential medical equipment, therapeutics, or personal protective equipment (PPE) for doctors and nurses. The lives of both patients in need of ventilators, and the lives of medical professionals were put at increased risk of death.BARDA activities are not subject to FOIA requests. How convenient.

    2019 May 30, -The FBI stated in an internal memo “conspiracy theories” were motivating some domestic terror threats and a series of questionable academic studies link “conspiracy theorists” to mental illnesses. 

    2019- September Trump had proposed is to establish a new agency called the Health Advanced Research Projects Agency or HARPA, which would sit inside the Health and Human Services Department. Its director would be appointed by the president, and the agency would have a separate budget, according to three people with knowledge of conversations around the plan. One of the leading proponents of this agency’s main program, called “Safe Home” (Stopping Aberrant Fatal Events by Helping Overcome Mental Extremes), aims to develop an artificial intelligence-based system that would analyze data harvested from consumer electronic devices as well as information provided by health-care providers to identify those who might threaten others.

    Though HARPA ultimately failed to gain traction, a similarly mass surveillance system is now being promoted in its place, with coronavirus now replacing mass shootings as the official justification.

    October 16 , 2019 -Attorney General William Barr develops a “pre-crime” program. Officially known as the “National Disruption and Early Engagement Program” (DEEP), it aims to “identify, assess and engage” potentially violent individuals “before they strike.” Barr first announced this in an official memorandum and therein stated that the program was to be implemented sometime over the course of 2020 and would involve “an efficient, effective and programmatic strategy to disrupt individuals who are deemed to be mobilizing towards violence, by all lawful means.”
    In his memorandum, Barr further notes that the program’s “early engagement tactics” were “born of the posture we adopted with respect to terrorist threats” following the September 11 attacks, essentially stating that this pre-crime program will utilize methods from the “War on Terror” domestically and on a massive scale.

    In the part of the document where Barr outlines what actions will be taken once an individual is deemed potentially violent or threatening, he writes that those individuals will be subject to detention, court-ordered mental health treatment and electronic monitoring, among other measures.

    2019 October 18: The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Economic Forum and the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security convene an invitation-only “tabletop exercise” called Event 201 to map out the response to a hypothetical global coronavirus pandemic.Attended by IS CDC and George Gao of China CDC

    October 2019- draft of
    Crimson Contagion 2019 exercise conducted from January-August in 2019- FunctionalExercise scenario was based on a novel influenza A(H7N9) virus that originates in China and is antigenically distinct (not matched ) from stockpiled vaccines.

    2019-November -The Federal Reserve held a conference titled, Economics of Climate Change. Lael Brainard, Chair of the Fed’s Committee on Financial Stability, says Climate Change Matters for Monetary Policy and Financial Stability.

    2019- November 15, before the coronavirus emerged, the CDC posted a job offer for an advisor for a US Quarantine Program and staff to fill positions in 20 locations. Seems a lot of positions opened up or is that normal?

    January 14, 2020 -just days before the Davos meeting featuring climate change, BlackRock founder and CEO Larry Fink published a newsletter jumping aboard the climate investing train big time.

    Declaring that, “In the near future – and sooner than most anticipate – there will be a significant reallocation of capital.” And a handful of the world’s largest money groups will steer that reallocation of capital we learn.
    Black Rock plans to demand that companies it invests its $7 trillion into show proof that they are green compliant by, “making sustainability integral to portfolio construction and risk management.

    Flash forward to March 25

    March 25, 2020-The US Federal Reserve on Tuesday tapped a division of BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, to manage billions of dollars in bond and mortgage-backed security purchases as the US central bank works to cushion the economic and financial fallout from the coronavirus pandemic.

    BlackRock’s Financial Markets Advisory unit, the company’s consulting arm, will act as the investment manager for three new facilities: two Fed-backed vehicles that will buy corporate bonds, and a programme that will buy mortgage-backed securities issued by US government agencies. 

    Larry Flint now has more leverage to push his Green Agenda

    January 2020- simulations called Operation Blackout s for the U.S. 2020 election were held in January , organized by the company Cybereason, a firm led by former members of Israel’s military intelligence Unit 8200 and advised by former top and current officials in both Israeli military intelligence and the CIA, and partnered with Lockheed Martin. Those simulations were attended by federal officials from the FBI, DHS and the U.S. Secret Service, and ended with the elections ultimately canceled and martial law declared due to the chaos created by a group of hackers. The hackers targeted devices and appliances connected to the internet, often referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT) and which includes everything from smartphones to power grid infrastructure to city traffic lights.

    Flash forward to May 1

    President Trump issued an executive order declaring a national emergency over threats to the U.S. power system, taking steps to defend the grid against cyberattacks and foreign interference. 
    Hmmmm. Darkest Winter?

    Feb 4, 2020-With just 11 people in the U.S. who are confirmed to have COVID-19, Trumps HHS issues Notice of Declaration under the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act for medical countermeasures against COVID-19. The Secretary is issuing this Declaration pursuant to section 319F-3 of the Public Health Service Act (42 U.S.C. 247d-6d) to provide liability immunity for activities related to medical countermeasures against COVID-19. The Declaration is effective as of February 4, 2020.

    March 9, 2020-Trumps Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released two long-awaited final rules that would prohibit information blocking in health care and advance more seamless exchange of health care data. But publication in the Federal Register, necessary to activate the rules, has been inexplicably delayed.

    March 17, 2020 Centers for Disease Control (CDC) enlisted Palantir (Peter Theils company, one of Trumps largest supporters) , a data scraping and modeling behemoth that works with law enforcement and other government security agencies, to model outbreak data. Palantir and Clearview AI, the facial recognition startup that acquired billions of facial images through public web scraping, have been in contact with state governments about tracking people who came in contact with infected individuals. 

    2020, March 18 – israeli backed ESD Announces Call for Applications for Smart Cities Partnership with Israel Innovation Authority. They will declare the five “winning” New York municipalities, in July. The municipalities will be required “to designate physical or virtual sites to be used in new pilot technologies” sometime over the course of 2020, with those “smart city” technologies being implemented in early 2021.

    The selection of the projects will be overseen by Eric Gertler, President and CEO of the Empire State Development (ESD). Gertler is also currently chairman of the America-Israel Friendship League (AIFL) and is on the Board of Governors for Tel Aviv University and Israel’s Technion.

    March 21 2020- Trumps DOJ requests new “emergency powers” in light of the coronavirus crisis, as it specifically asks that those new powers apply to “any statutes or rules of procedure otherwise affecting pre-arrest, post-arrest, pre-trial, trial, and post-trial procedures in criminal and juvenile proceedings and all civil process and proceedings.” The inclusion of the term “pre-arrest” likely means that “you could be arrested and never brought before a judge until they decide that the emergency or the civil disobedience is over. “

    March 26, 2020-Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and the face of the White House coronavirus response team, is now saying life probably will not go back to normal until we have the ability to vaccinate the entire global population against COVID-19.3

    March 27: President Trump signs the $2 trillion CARES Act into law.

    March 29: President Trump extends nationwide social distancing guidelines until April 30.

    March 31: White House coronavirus advisors Dr. Deborah Birx and Dr. Fauci cite models showing a potential 100,000 to 240,000 coronavirus deaths “even if the country keeps stringent social distancing guidelines in place.” Fauci describes social distancing and lockdowns as “inconvenient” but “the answer to our problems.”

    April 16: Moderna announces up to $483 million in funding from the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) to speed up the mRNA-1273 vaccine’s development.

    April President Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed,” a planned pharmaceutical-government-military collaboration to shrink the development time for a coronavirus vaccine.

    May 15-Trump hired Dr. Slaoui to head Operation Warp Speed. Slaoui has worked in the pharmaceutical industry on vaccine development for decades. Several companies he has worked with or sits on the Board of Directors are funded in part by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. One of these companies, Moderna Therapeutics, is conducting research on RNA vaccines in partnership with the U.S. government’s organization, DARPA. In 2016, Slaoui was appointed to the Board of Directors of Moderna Therapeutics, the apparent front runner for the Covid vaccine although multiple vaccines are likely to be approved to handle 8 billion shots or more annually. Dr Slaoui holds 10 million in Moderna at time of appointment

    May 21, 2020 Forbes reported on May 21 that the U.S. Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) has given $1 billion to Astra Zeneca in partnership with Oxford for a rushed rollout of the vaccine in September. Thats a UK company

    May 22, 2020-For the first time, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has given a realistic estimate of the overall death rate for COVID-19, which in its most likely scenario is 0.26 %

    May 27, 2020-An incredible 43 percent of coronavirus deaths occurred in nursing homes and assisted-living facilities (ALF), reports Forbes.
    The 2.1 million Americans who live in nursing homes and ALFs represent just 0.62 percent of the population, but a staggering 43 percent of America’s coronavirus deaths.

  40. @Miro23

    The zio-globalists are scared of the protests?


    The zionist media CAUSED the protests. They engineered the whole thing. They incited the negroes and loosed them on our cities.

    How do you not see this?

    • Replies: @BusterHymen
    , @Miro23
  41. thordaddy says:

    There are no true revolutions for a “thing“ never ends at its beginning as is absolutely necessary to “come full circle.”

  42. Anonymous[382] • Disclaimer says:

    Why do Americans ALWAYS seek to find someone else to blame?

    Back in High School, a long time ago, we were (with out explanation) marched into the gymnasium, and saw the entire “student government” sitting in session. They the, in front of the entire student body, passed a resolution that smoking would no longer be allowed in school. The student body was then marched back to class.

    Nobody said anything. Why bother — the Administration had all the cards.

    After that, I’ve been told that I’m responsible for American governmental policy because
    (a) I voted
    (b) I didn’t vote
    At one time I tried to find some connection with a political party. Spent about a year at it. There wasn’t any citizen access to the political party. The “monthly meeting” wasn’t held, merely announced. One could work for a campaign (and I did), but once elected, I never heard from him again.
    This is more or less typical.

    And you, my friend, are the same. Your criticism amounts to “American people have disqualified themselves from politics, or for that matter any human consideration”.
    Well, no. You have, though.

  43. @PetrOldSack

    Of yet, there is no canting moment (commented seven days ago)

    Since the article was made visible, on the main page, and today —figuring as a lead …there has been a canting moment. The “riots” and “protests” have been hi-jacked by a narrow agenda to suit the next US elections outcome. Probably to “purge” the public face of D. Trump, as it was deemed not representative to the elite cause, and some embedded authors and actors that are not blindly trusting and executing the policy directives of the one party elites.

    One more remark, there was (minimal) participation by the crows of surplus populations in other Western countries, which suggest that the “US liberal left agenda”(all of these terms have little significance), has taken minimal roots in “democratic” territory across the Atlantic plus Australia. Worrisome, but long standing phenomenon.

    Evident observation, the surplus populations, including Whites(Euro-North-Western), in grand majority are only susceptible to primitive imagery. The capacity for abstract thinking is as small as five-thousand years ago, when paintings appeared in the caves of Southern Spain(top of the head, correct me if wrong). Taking a knee, washing feet, Black – White, Biblical times, and Jesus-es as heroes.

    As to the language and vocabulary of the Western Twenty-first century, shouting prevails! Meta data truncate all content.

    Owned by, plucking the berries for free. Honeypot material.

  44. dimples says:

    I generally agreed with this comment until it came to the guard rails and reflectors bit. What was that about?

    • Replies: @ploni almoni
  45. @Joel Ryan

    No, you lost yourself. I was referring to the point of view of the right, as the full sentence and context should make clear. I’m actually allied with the oldest Aboriginal tribe in Oz, hence them all, and a convert to Islam who’s married to a Pakistani so you’re barking up the wrong tree looking for negative racism here. I enjoy racial diversity and my life is a testament to it. My own viewpoint is encapsulated in the entirety of this comment not by decontextualizing a word here or there..

  46. @Digital Samizdat

    No, you’re correct. I was too hasty.

  47. Ber says:

    There is something in what you say especially, when a lot of this talk of population reduction to 500 million stated in the Georgia Guide Stones…this all being linked to the harms of vaccinations and the quantum tattoo and the Mark of the Beast etc etc.

    Those people protesters/rioters etc who believe in the above, and if they have the conviction, would have demolished the Guide stones. At one stroke the thrust of the message would have been delivered to those behind the scenes…No?

  48. @aleksander

    “The Poisoned Needle”


    “Vaccination is a business based on fear.” —Dr. Gerhard Buchwald, MD


    “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.” —Vladimir Lenin
    Anyone who thinks vaccines are safe and effective has never read a book
    presenting the other side of vaccination. They believe vaccines are safe and
    effective through the carefully orchestrated advertising and marketing campaigns
    of the drug companies, who make tens of billions from vaccines each year.”

    “If you’re busy, and don’t require a lecture on the history of vaccination, you only
    need to inspect the graphs and tables below. These tables and graphs, compiled
    from historical data, demonstrate that THERE IS NO REASON FOR ANYONE TO GET

    “The Poisoned Needle”

  49. Emily says:

    ‘fascist white supremacists.’
    Could you tell us who these folk are.
    As a white woman I ould like to know the ‘fascist white supremacists’ I may have to look to for salvation, protection and for my country, its history, culture and future.
    Where are these ‘fascist white supremacists’ lurking?.
    So far I haven’t noticed any – just the disgraceful sight of the police – not least the chief constable of Kent – bending their weak and feeble knees to rioters and looters.
    Where is the cavalry?
    If it has to be ‘fascist white supremacists’ and no one else has the guts to stand, including craven cops – then I will have to beg their protection.
    Name them Pepe or is it just neo lib abuse and lies.
    Lets take a look at what these ‘fascist white supremacists’ look like and believe.
    I am starting to think they could be white ‘knights’ in disguise.

    • Replies: @Craig Nelsen
  50. @Lost american

    >Im not stupid
    >I can read hurr hurr

    Yet you failed to see the article for what it is, simple as it was. I don’t think this author likes muttmerica at all. Hell, aint nobody with an ethnic sense does.

    For someone with doubtfully three digits IQ you are still stuck on this “democracy” farce. Hilarious. In a sane world you would be locked up in a lab. Just like the good old days in the new world and old world.

  51. Tom says:

    El InChoaté! What planet are you on? The USA is now a de facto Communist nation. Has been for a while. And the Straight-White-Gentile-Male (increasingly white women of this classification also) is the designated “oppressor”. Everyone else, to one degree or another, are the oppressed class. This method of cultural incineration mixes well with International Monopoly Capitalism. Fascist? Are you expanding definitions on your path to literary fame & fortune? Or is it that you’re following the inversion of truth protocols so popular on the Leftist Front?

  52. @Rabbitnexus

    Left right left right

    All that text and still stuck in an imagined dichotomy.

  53. @Bombercommand

    We will clean up the mess made by the Black Apes and get on with life.

    I’m not so sure. They have many things planned NOT to let you get on with life as you’d like. Like a second wave of Covid-19 in the autumn and more lockdowns. Or how about a false-flag or real attack by a lone wolf white nationalist on one of these multiracial anti-racist protests to revive the riots and looting; and more attacks on free speech and right-wing groups, activists, and bloggers? And they could be coming for your guns that are preventing the looters from expanding their zone of operations.

    • Replies: @Escher
  54. @Rabbitnexus

    This. Amerishits have shown what they truly stand for since their civil war, ww1, ww2 and all the horrors afterward.
    They are satanic degenerates of their own making.

    They are getting what they deserve. Not a soul there will not go to hell, unless they truly repent, of course. Which is unlikely.

    You get what you deserve for serving the kikes.

  55. @Robert Dolan

    If it weren’t for (((the media))) color would not exist.

  56. anastasia says:

    j”….slightly before the first peaceful Minneapolis protests….”

    The writer is hallucinating. The first protest in Minneapolis was hundreds of people with backpacks in front of the CUP Food Store on May 26th during daylight. The death occurred between 9 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. the night before. The media said they were from out of town. How they got there so fast should leave people to wonder.

    By May 28th, they already burned the Precinct down. Before then, they were looting, destroying stores in the town.

    There were not initial “….peaceful Minneapolis protests”.

    • Thanks: anon8383892
  57. @Bourlinguer

    Agreed. The alt-media really has become a joke when guys like Pepe, Saker, etc. are considered insightful commentators.

  58. Thank you. What an excellent analysis

  59. bluedog says:
    @Lost american

    And what was Reagan but a sack of shit a tool of the one percent,come to Washington and let us show you how to move your jobs out of the country and increase your profit,screw the American worker we even created off-shore accounts for you.Then came along old Bush another sack of shit who said screw the American worker as we made it so American business can steal your pension so we can usher in the 401K program to remove the cost of the pension and put it on the back of the this also will drive the market to new levels why for the business and the bankers it couldn’t be better…Screw the republican that party ought to outlawed as a terrorist group.!!!!

  60. Moi says:

    I do think that a key demand of BlackLives Matter, which is to “defund” the police, is eminently sane and doable. It can be accomplished very easily by police not entering black neighborhoods at all, and the money saved could used to bolster policing in non-black neighborhoods.

    On the same broad issue, how appropriate that Mr. George Floyd was given a state-level funeral. What better poster person for black folks than a convicted drug abuser and former felon.

    • Replies: @ploni almoni
  61. The Muslim Occupation Government (MOG) of London (or is it the UK by now?) has announced this:

    and this:

    so there is this planned:

    Let’s see how many turn up, and will they be attacked by the usual suspects, and will they be protected by the police?

  62. Eventually US will become fascist state by way of fighting and defeating Fascism.

  63. Remove Washington D. C. to the Kansas prairie for safety … and the new capital land should be allocated based on the national demographics. Christian whites will get the lion’s share to be followed by blacks at 13% (no more a majority in the national city) to be followed by the rest (the Hispanics get according to ethnicities not by sheer numbers) of the citizenry. The beloved Jew will get his fair share of 2% in land and in representation … no more lording over the goyim!

    • Replies: @Icy Blast
  64. @dimples

    He means the road is not up to US Department of Highways code.

  65. Anonymous[391] • Disclaimer says:

    I know, such blatant errors make you wonder about the rest of his work.

    Here’s another egregious lie:

    Antifa is criminalized but the Boogaloo Bois get a pass

    Not only is this not true, but the FBI has not arrested any member of Antifa. The only FBI arrests made in the orchestrated violent protests have been Boogaloo Bois.

    ‘Boogaloo’ arrests in Nevada portray extremists using protests to incite civil war

    …Federal agents arrested the men, Stephen Parshall and Andrew Lynam, along with a third man, William Loomis, before they allegedly planned to disrupt a Black Lives Matter protest in Las Vegas.

    The only arrests of [presumably] Antifa members has been done by local police. In none of the arrests is there any mention of a suspect’s ties to Antifa.

    It’s clear Antifa is a tool of Deep State. The FBI has been under the political control of the ADL for at least half a century and is now the FBI is just a leftist secret police.

    How crazy is it that in a small demonstration in Colorado a driver is passing slowly through an intersection with small crowd milling about sort of in the street and a 27-year old lawyer with ties to Antifa pulls out a gun and shoots the driver in the head. The driver is on life support. The lawyer is found and charged with a slew of crimes including attempted murder and assault.

    Man shot in head by defense attorney at Alamosa protest Thursday, police say

    ALAMOSA, Colo. (KRDO) — A man is in a Colorado Springs hospital tonight after police say he was shot in the head by a defense attorney during a protest in Alamosa.

    KRDO NewsChannel 13 investigative reporter Chelsea Brentzel was in Alamosa Friday where the violence has shaken the small southeastern Colorado community.

    Police tell us a 27-year-old defense attorney shot at a driver during a protest Thursday night on Main Street. Until then, the protests in town had been peaceful.

    The attorney is out on bail. Thanks Deep State!

    • Replies: @Realist
  66. Miro23 says:
    @Robert Dolan

    The zio-globalists are scared of the protests?


    The zionist media CAUSED the protests. They engineered the whole thing. They incited the negroes and loosed them on our cities.

    How do you not see this?

    The MSM story is White Supremacists attacking innocent black victims. This isn’t it. There’s not a white nationalist in sight. These are young blacks in alliance with disillusioned young whites (more than 50% and few Antifa).

    What the ZioGlob/MSM wants is Charlottesville (Antifa vs. White Supremacists) for their white on black violence meme – not this. This looks like youth (under cover of the George Floyd story) vs. the state – which in 2020 happens to be the ZioGlob.

    – If it was planned, the MSM would have the whole story at high volume from day one.. In the event they were silent. They ignored the riots until they couldn’t.

    – The riots forced their pre-planned Covid-19/China attack off the front pages, and basically wrecked their whole Covid-19 anti-China psyop.

    – Now that the ZioGlobs are the government they don’t like the unpredictable/ out of control street action – that was for their anti-Anglo campus days. If they had organized it, they wouldn’t have smashed up their own CNN offices.

  67. @Moi

    The police will be disbanded and then, after lawlessness, replaced by the new “people’s police” called Antifa, the People’s Commissariat for Internal Security or NKVD for short.

  68. Saggy says: • Website

    Nothing in this article rings true for me. And then …

    The late, great political theorist Sheldon Wolin had already nailed it in a book first published in 2008: this is all about Inverted Totalitarianism.

    Wolin, the great sage of the Marxists, complete with his own oxymoron – ‘inverted totalitarianism’ to go with ‘dictatorship of the proletariat’.

    And as we watch the US become an extension of Israel, Escobar is worried that ..

    So American fascism, when it happens, will walk and talk American.

    For the Jews and the Marxists, it’s always the fascists.

  69. The only black guy arrested was the funny dude who wanted to blow up the diamond district ,what does that tell you . In Vietnam the the big red one did not lose the war we won 90% of our battles ,it was the peace we lost so we could get our ass over to the Mideast ASAP.

    • Replies: @Anon
  70. Shall I get the manure spreader? International Bankers have financed everyone from Lenin, Mao, and Hitler. They are financing BLM and Antifa. So given what I know about fascism, doesn’t it mean the white founding stock is slated for extermination by the corporate socialist (AKA fascists) minions? You see we’re already fascist. Started with Lincoln, went big time with the Fed creation, and the project was completed with Reagan. We pesky little holdovers from an ancient time, need to go. Can’t have any private ownership or freedom of anything. Also the revolution will absolutely be televised. Not so much with what your beloved China is currently doing with the Uighurs or on the border with India. Kinda odd how what is happening here is just like Mao’s cultural revolution. Curious indeed, but hey the Silk Road II.

    PS I refuse to make anything for Apple in the FEMA reeducation camps. Nor am I assigning blame to China. They just do what their multinational corporate masters tell them.

    • Replies: @denk
    , @denk
  71. Why is everyone ignoring the obvious fact that 90-95 percent of the protesters/rioters/looters are stupid teenagers? Their brains are not fully developed. To them, everything is binary. Their thoughts and opinions are worthless. They are simply irrelevant and should be treated as the children they are, and spanked for their insolence. But no — the MSM and gutless politicians act as if they’re all Einsteins.

  72. Soon- very soon, the elephant in the room will be suddenly seen, and then, because of the internet, the elephant will be seen world wide, and then when the elephant cannot hide anymore, there will no more dishes or pottery, for him to destroy, and then , finally the elephant will be terminated.

    Finally, the room will be repaired

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  73. Realist says:

    Here’s another egregious lie:

    Antifa is criminalized but the Boogaloo Bois get a pass

    Not only is this not true, but the FBI has not arrested any member of Antifa. The only FBI arrests made in the orchestrated violent protests have been Boogaloo Bois.

    The guy is apparently a lefty.

    It’s clear Antifa is a tool of Deep State. The FBI has been under the political control of the ADL for at least half a century and is now the FBI is just a leftist secret police.

    Yes, Antifa is a tool of the Deep State but so is the FBI. Kudos to you for using the term Deep State.

    How crazy is it that in a small demonstration in Colorado a driver is passing slowly through an intersection with small crowd milling about sort of in the street and a 27-year old lawyer with ties to Antifa pulls out a gun and shoots the driver in the head.

    Here is something you may not agree with: I believe Trump is a minion of the Deep State. He has had the opportunity to do something about Antifa since he took office…but has not. Appointing a plethora of warmongering, hegemonic Deep State denizens to his administration is telling. His bluster and big talk about draining the swamp is a charade.

    Here is a take on the Deep State.

    The Deep State consists of the very wealthy who are greedy for more wealth and power. There are 607 billionaires in the US. There is no reason for the Deep State members to formally collude…they all know what needs to be done and how to do it. They use a relatively small amount of their money to place their minions in positions of power…heads of the movie industry, the media, the federal government, academia. From then on if the lessers in these groups want to keep their jobs/lives they will toe the line. It becomes self sustaining from tax money and the Deep State glories in more wealth and power. Here is an excellent example of the Deep State in action: The SCOTUS has passed down egregious decisions that abridge the First Amendment and show contempt for the concept of a representative democracy. Buckley v. Valeo, 424 U.S. 1976 and exacerbated by continuing stupid SCOTUS decisions First National Bank of Boston v. Bellotti, Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission and McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission.
    These decisions have codified that money is free speech thereby giving entities of wealth and power almost total influence in elections. By gaining control of the SCOTUS the Deep State is able to further their goals.

    Another take on the Deep State:

  74. Agent76 says:

    May 20, 2020 Anti-lockdown protests aren’t just an American thing. They’re a global phenomenon

    Just this month alone, thousands of people from Latin America to Europe have demonstrated against aggressive government policies intended to curb the coronavirus outbreak. They don’t perfectly mirror the protests in the US, but there are some striking similarities.

    May 11, 2020 Resistance Is Futile

    You will be assimilated.

  75. schrub says:

    I tend to look at the Trump regime as having three distinct epochs so far:

    1: Russia-gate was Epoch One. It eventually totally unraveled leaving the potential of jail sentences for all those many Obama-ites who sought to stage a coup again the Trumpster and remove him prematurely from office or at least ruin his chances of reelection.

    2: Covid19 -gate (AKA Hoax-gate) was Epoch Two where the “deep state” through its minions in the MSM managed to get all the now panicked Americans off the street in order to ruin the American economy and thereby spoiling Trump’s chances of reelection.

    3: Riot-gate is Epoch Three where the “deep state” manages to get people back on the streets in order to again attempt destroy Trump’s chances of reelection.

    I notice that some people here actually consider Trump to be a member of the “deep state” or the “hidden ruling class”.

    Are you kidding? He might be rich but he certainly isn’t one of “them”. The “deep state’ considers Trump too loud, too crude, and, worst of all, too “unreliable” to be a member. The “deep state” hates and fears Trump just as it did Richard Nixon and it has been doing everything to “Watergate” him since even before he entered the White House.

    Note: None of Epochs One through Three would have occurred if Hillary Clinton had been elected. The “deep state” simply wouldn’t have allowed it. (Covid19: What flu? It’s just a minor case of the sniffles. )

    Just as it ignored a potentially much more serious SARS outbreak in 2009 under Obama.

    Trump might be a clown and a buffoon but at least he is MY clown and buffoon. His monumental ego is the only thing that has protected him him from simply wilting under the virtually nonstop, relentless attacks that he has encountered. He actually seems to thrive under the attacks.

    As an example, Nixon was (according to Kissinger) a drunken wreck in the final stages of Watergate. Under the same barrage of attacks, Trump’s ego has only grown to dirigible like proportions. He LOVES fighting with people. he realizes that politics is just another form of professional wresting: both are totally fixed and phony to the core. (Is Mitch McConnell just an uglier reincarnation of Gorgeous George?)

    • Replies: @anon
  76. Anon[286] • Disclaimer says:

    Every protest group is infiltrated, ~1/6 with snitches and provocateurs. The protests are managed. And have been since before the Chicago riots of 1968. The American experiment continues, it’s all controlled and managed.

  77. Anon[286] • Disclaimer says:
    @George brent

    Notice how he said the troops lost those conflicts, not the chain of command lost.

  78. schrub says:

    Do away with police? Are you willing to take their place? Apparently you don’t have any experience with the troubles staffing the volunteer fire departments that exist throughout rural America.

    The next time you are in a rural area and have an accident, hope that you don’t end up in the clutches of the local volunteer fire department EMT who has had to cajoled away from plowing his fields or slopping his hogs or watching “the game” on TV to aid a totally unwanted, (and probably aids infected ) city folk.

  79. Re: losing wars

    Wars are unwinnable (by design) when soldiers’ own government forces troops to adhere to Gentleman’s Rules. “Hearts & Minds” can’t be won if the enemy doesn’t believe their other choice is death.

    Vietnam — we won every battle when walter commiekite frightened psychotic a-hole LBJ into giving up.

    Somalia — draft-dodger-in-chief panicked

    Afghanistan — Endless War™ perfected

    Iraq — Endless War™ perfected

    War is a racket.

  80. ASS says:

    Stopped reading at boogaloo boys.

  81. c matt says:

    nor goes to the mattresses

    They did go to the mattresses – but it was on their backs with their legs spread open.

  82. Whites are all ‘racist’, but non-whites the world over scramble to come to white nations while leaving their own peoples/cultures behind.

    Funny that.

    Why are non-whites so attracted to ‘racist’ whites? It’s because whites are most productive & fair, and so non-whites want to leech off white success.

    In a way, all this anti-white bitching from non-whites is to hide the shame that they prefer white-everything over their own selves and own stuff.

  83. Anonymous[163] • Disclaimer says:

    Nice try at defiling our military. And while the Pentagon’s brass today are now indistinguishable but for the military costumes from other Dem hacks at the DOJ, our Army units barely lost an engagement, let alone a war. Like the police, their hands were tied by Democrats as much by the Republicans grabbing their ankles in the steam room when it was time to fight—unless, of course, it’s fighting for Israel so that, as Fox News and CNN would tell us, good Jewish boys in America and Israel need not bother dying and being maimed.

  84. It’s unlikely that active duty military will have much of a role in putting down the protesters. Esper and the generals correctly see that employing the troops could create dangerous fault lines within the military, with the risk of triggering a real civil war.

  85. @Rabbitnexus

    “The time has come for Americans to wake up and take a good long look in the mirror. This is YOUR country. Nobody else made it what it is. You did it and you let it.”

    Oh good, another “Americans are stupid” post. Haven’t had one of those for five minutes, and they’re always so helpful at propelling the narrative.

    Let’s take the example of Proposition 8 in California. Millions of Americans voted AGAINST gay marriage, just as they had several years earlier. But the LGBT mafia found a single gay judge to overturn the will of the people.

    What would you have us do? Assassinate the judge? Burn down the L.A. Times building?

    Since two Jews wrote the Hart-Celler act in 1965 California has evolved into Mexico. My 91405 zip code is ~75% Latinx, so a voter revolution has been an impossibility for awhile.

    Everybody’s an ersatz H.L. Mencken or George Orwell, when who we really need is Napoleon.

  86. Icy Blast says:
    @Really No Shit

    Just South of Lawrence, Kansas would be the most rational location for a new capitol.

  87. aandrews says:

    On a happier note…

    Ghana, considered a gateway of the brutal slave trade to the United States that began more than 400 years ago, is urging “unwanted” Americans of African heritage to resettle within its borders in the wake of the police killing of Minnesota resident George Floyd.

  88. Icy Blast says:

    I wish I could have benefited from some of this “white supremacy” I keep hearing about. It’s like Darwin’s theory of evolution: It’s always happening somewhere else.

    • Agree: Craig Nelsen
  89. Escher says:
    @Commentator Mike

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole Floyd affair was a setup, recorded and broadcast to fan the flames of protest.
    The massive gatherings worldwide look too large to have been spontaneous.

  90. Wally says:
    @Ultrafart the Brave

    “Is it possible that the USA is becoming a fascist state?”.

    Nope, a Communist state.

    • Agree: Craig Nelsen
    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  91. Wally says:

    – Indeed, it is RACISM.

    Against Euro-whites.

  92. Atilla says:

    This guy doesn’t no squat about what is going on. But it is politically correct.

  93. Hank T says:

    Anyone who uses the term “Boogaloo Bois” unironically is a r*tard.

    • Replies: @Alden
  94. @Wally

    Why not just settle for “totalitarian”?

  95. Ko says:

    This could’ve been an insurgency that included hundreds of thousands more, if not millions, if the uneducated woke and social justice indoctrinated retards called black people had not made a fatal mistake in using anti-white racism as their one and only cause.

    The blacks who think their lives matter more than everyone else isolated ordinary white people, they’ve built an irremovable barrier between their black lives and white lives that matter equally, and instead of whites joining them, the blacks eventually will be slaughtered by the whites with guns.

    And, it will happen whether in isolated incidents, or wholesale.

    What is what the state fears most is a union of blacks and real whites. I don’t mean the dumbassed apologising-for-being-white pussy liberals washing dirty black feet and begging for forgiveness while on their knees prepping for chicken head duty. The blacks can have them. Real white people have no use for them except potentially as dogmeat.

    But no, blacks are done. They chose communists, Antifa. And that is the end of the story. You wait and see.

  96. @VinnyVette

    “We never wrote the RX for American Empire!”

    Indeed we didn’t. We left it up to “the experts.” Starting, back in the late 40s and early 50s with a crew collectively known as The Wise Men (Dean Acheson, George Kennan, Averill Harriman, Charles “Chip” Bohlen etal), on through Kissinger, Jim Baker, Maddie Halbright, etc. etc. Meanwhile we American pilgrims did what we did best: getting and spending. Then—we woke up.

    Now what?

  97. Alden says:

    Ho hum another riot. Every 5 years or so the blacks riot. Riots are regular events, like bad weather hurricanes blizzards drought heat waves floods tornadoes earthquakes forest fires. Who cares.

    The government will give duh reveruns and the grant grifters billions to rebuild and they’ll spend it all. Detroit is still in ruins since the 1967 riots. Maxine Waters Watts district has not recovered from the Rodney King riots 28 years ago. The Brooklyn gentrifiers will flee as their grandparents did 65 years is new.

    Another year, another riot.

  98. Alden says:
    @Hank T

    Boogaloo Bois is some kind of degenerated French dialect for moving woods. Maybe it’s Haitian

  99. @TG

    I agree that over the last few decades the American Middle Class has been sheared and skinned and tossed aside. But, as Bakunin* once edified about Marx’s colorless “class struggle” (in 1872)

    “Marx completely ignores a most important element in the historic development of humanity, that is, the temperament and particular character of each race and each people, a temperament and character which are themselves the natural product of a multitude of ethnological, climatological, economic and historic causes, but which exercise, even apart from and independent of the economic conditions of each country, a considerable influence on its destinies, and even on the development of its economic forces.”

    Now, after years of continuous anti-white messaging, the mass media has yanked their joy stick Hard Left to see how easy it is to get angry blacks to burn down some cities. No problem. But this uprising was as “organic” as steroid fed chickens. They are being played. Around the planet, mass media controllers are working this. And face it, Barr, who did NOTHING with his antitrust “investigation” of the mass media conglomerates, must be working with them. He is not America First.

    Labeling Antifa as “terrorists” is from the same playbook as when the media labeled Iraq a sponsor of terrorism. It is an excuse to target and crush whoever they want. But who are “they” that control the media, so capable of manipulating practically all sides in a way so destructive to USA? Who are these master alchemists of propaganda? It is unlikely to be any White identity group, let alone White “supremacists” who have just been tossed into the cross hairs of Group Hate. Nor are they likely to be just those rich who actually were rather enjoying the myriad advantages of wealth.

    Those in control are of course those for whom it is forbidden to criticize. And when you begin to look into it, you will also learn they are also the Deans of Racism.

    *Quoted from Our God is your God, but He has Chosen Us; Essays on Jewish Power, by Laurent Guyenot. 2020. page 197. An excellent read.

  100. sally says:
    @Lost american

    look guys, you got the entire thing messed up.. This not about black, white, or here and there lock downs, or police brutality,.. its a bout the separation of the halves from the have nots.. What needs to be understood is not the various activities that have been produced for your enjoyment and consumption some government fights with demonstrators but instead to explain to yourself, how is it that a man 50 years ago with no more money than you had, is filthy rich and you are dirt poor.?

    The answer is to be found in monopoly power? ok, so what is monopoly power? best way to explain it is by example.. Think of five six year old each kids, playing in room together.. One of them, Joey, owns a Pacman game and the others want to play the game. Joey, the owner of the Packman games refuses to allow the others to play, unless they pay. When the contest to determine which person is the best Packman player comes, the only person who knows much about the game is Joey, he wins hands down..

    Consider by what device did joey become the owner of the object (Packman game)? U say he bought it? yes, but purchase does not what make Joey the owner.. Joey’s purchase might make Joey, the possessor, but the purchase does not make Joey the owner. In fact there is no way Joey could become the owner, because their is no law that prevents all the others from using the Pacman game, so in time, as one player puts down the game, another can pick it up and play, and so when the contest comes, all who practiced with the Packman game can compete for best Pacman player..

    So once again how did Joey become the owner of the Packman Game? The only way an owner can exist is if there is a law that takes the Packman Game out of the public domain, that is no body but Joey, can play the Packman game. Now many people want to compete in the Packman contest and so they come to Joey and ask him can their rent the Packman Game from Joey, and joey takes there money and allows the renter of the game to play for a short while. so the rule of law, made Joey some money, from thin air all of the kids but one, the owner, were deprived of access to the Packman game. The rule of law made for Joey a monopoly, he was the legal [that why we say legal owner] owner according to a law that made him the owner..

    So monopoly power is what has crushed the once great America.. Patents, copyrights and deeds.

    A lot of discussion is needed about this.

  101. like the February 1917 revolution in Russia sprouting out of the scarcity of bread in Petrograd.

    St Petersburg, commie

  102. It is a class war: among the elite Jewish Billionaire class.
    Soros v Adelson.
    Left wing secular, lunatic Jew v Right wing, religious, lunatic Jew.

    If American Jews packed up and left tomorrow do you actually believe that America wouldn’t naturally reduce to a more rational and equitable society?

    Where is the coverage of how this elite group is currently stealing America’s future with Trillions of taxpayer dollars being HANDED to predator investment private banks, like Goldman Sachs, by the predator private central Federal Reserve bank (owned by Rothschilds and Black Nobility members)?

    America’s future has been stolen by Jewish criminals. The criminality went out of control during the 80’s with the Savings and Loan scandals. Currently, another 6-10$ trillion has been stolen since September, 2019. CONJOB 19 and riots were necessary to keep Americans from noticing.
    What happens when the Economy NEVER recovers and people see the economy has collapsed this fall? There will be a 30% unemployment rate by that time. I foresee a lot of people dusting off second passports and leaving.

  103. @Rabbitnexus

    The same people who control our media also control yours. You have an even less accurate concept of what America is than we Americans do.

  104. Anonymous[309] • Disclaimer says:

    Hardcore agendas mingle: an attempt at color revolution/regime change (blowback is a bitch) interacts with the Boogaloo Bois – arguably tactical allies of Black Lives Matter – while white supremacist “accelerationists” attempt to provoke a race war.

    Instinctively at least, although in an inchoate manner, millions of Americans clearly see how, since Reaganism, the whole game is about an oligarchy/plutocracy weaponizing white supremacism for political power goals

    Sure, Pepe, let’s blame “white supremacism” for this latest Soros/BLM/Antifa clown show. Everything about it is so obviously prepackaged and amplified to be as anti-white as possible but there you are – somehow trying to sell the exact opposite of what we can see and hear right in front of us.

    here is how Antifa’s main conceptualizer defends his ideas

    LOL! A WaPo link, no less.

  105. @Bourlinguer

    Escobar is a classic charlatan high on a bit of intellect, a lot of hipsterism, and some self-promoting talent. He has some nice prose, and when he waxes poetic it can almost convince, sort of. He said some stuff that was interesting. But yeah, I think you basically got it here.
    I’m guessing the Chinese would have lent material support to the DNC/Soros brew in all this, but who knows. Certainly they’ve got Escobar on the case.

    • Replies: @denk
  106. @Emily

    Pepe cannot answer. He is a fraud and a lightweight. He adds nothing to the conversation except the same old pablum he wants us to think is profound. it’s not profound. It’s not even original.

    Yes, Pepe, you fraud. Name a name. Who are these white supremacist fascists of your fever dreams, you pathetic piece of nothing?

    Just one name, phony. Can you do it? If you can’t, then shut up and sit down. You are nothing but a joke.

  107. @Ultrafart the Brave

    The ABC is the Antipodean equivalent of the BBC, but is much more left-wing than the Beeb. In the early 1970’s, while Gough Whitlam was Prime Minister, it was taken over by the Marxists, and has remained firmly under their control ever since. Its staff have various obsessions, particularly Climate Change, same-sex marriage, racism, the intrinsic evil of white men, feminism etc.

    The Drum airs five nights a week. Nearly all of the presenters are female, there are usually four panellists, from the ABC’s favoured groups – Aboriginal activists, radical feminists, Green politicians, ethnic radicals, plus a few tame Muslims, etc. Everyone agrees that Orange Man Bad is a right wing maniac, that Black Lives Matter is agitating for justice, and so on.

    You say that it was unusual for the host to ask whether the USA was becoming a fascist state — I disagree, it is not unusual at all, it would have been unusual if the presenter had raised the question of the looting and riots, and asked whether there was an agenda behind it.

    • Thanks: Ultrafart the Brave
    • Replies: @schnellandine
  108. anon[327] • Disclaimer says:


    McConnell a POS.
    His only value is being Republican he has to pretend to support Trump.

  109. denk says:
    @Old and Grumpy


    You’ve been using your Indian cousins as sepoys ever since the eight nations alliance days.

    Who goaded India to provoke China in 1962 ?
    none other than yOur beloved JFK, no less !

    Every border skirmishes since then was started by Delhi, including the 2017 Dotlam face off.

    In 1962, India saw an opportunity to settle the border impasse by force, China was weakened by years of famine, its at odds with both USSR and US. The Indians took the chance and paid the price.
    But they never forgive China for their own folly.

    The Indians no doubt see another opportunity this time.
    China is again beleaguered by the eight nations alliance, sans Russia.
    Modi is no doubt emboldened by Trump the great white hope hoax.
    China might feel that another lesson is called for.

    YOu’r not a newbie.
    Why’r you spouting such nonsense.

  110. @Vox Australis

    VA, can you tell me what happened to Channel Nine’s Today Show? Was a big fan since 7 or 8 years ago (compared to similar American shows anyway), and thought Karl Stefanovic and company were a good holdout against PC. Then as though a bomb went off around the time of the Trump ascendency, the whole crew went off the rails to rival the worst American drivel. Apart from all the SJW taint, they even fell apart personnel wise.

    Maybe Aussies never thought much of them, but it was a shock to Americans when we first saw the show. We loved it. All gone now though.

    • Replies: @Vox Australis
  111. @schnellandine

    Schnellandine: I have to confess that I have never watched the Today Show. While I dislike and and distrust the ABC, I find the current affairs programs on the commercial channels unwatchable, some of them are real tabloid TV, with stories about heartless bureaucrats, love rats, unscrupulous tradesmen etc, others, such as The Project, are merely trite, and full of politically correct waffle.

    I feel that my native land has a real problem with debate, on TV issues are never discussed in any depth, or from any viewpoint other than that of the Left. One result is that most citizens of Australia are never exposed to diverse views, and I have to say that most Australians are quite ignorant about what is happening to their nation, and to the Western world.

    Rather than watching TV, I spend my time doing online reading, there are a couple of good Australian websites, such as, and, otherwise I read sites such as Unz and the Occidental Observer.

    • Thanks: schnellandine
  112. denk says:
    @Old and Grumpy

    what your beloved China is currently doing with the Uighurs

    Look at what your beloved India has been doing to your beloved moslems.
    old fart.


    • Replies: @denk
  113. denk says:

    I’m guessing the Chinese would have lent material support to the DNC/Soros brew in all this

    China has been at the receiving end of fukus covert/overt wars since 1949.

    You’r telling me the Chinese are now going into offensive mode, playing fukus own game, at [[[their]]] home ground.
    Good gawd, the China that I knew must have come of age lately.

    Not only that , the CCP is doing this in cahoot with the Dems, whose sinophobia make the repugs look like childs play these days.
    Does Clinton and Nancy ‘what a beautiful sight to behold‘ Pelosi ring a bell ?

    It gets better.
    The Chinese are in bed with their sworn enemy soros, who declare China a threat to the land of free[dumb], that must be USA ,I guess.

    CCP is now conducting joint ops with [[[Soros]]], that [[[CIA/MI6]]] pardner in crimes, from TAM to Tibet, Xinjiang and HK……!

    This is a helluva scoop !
    Can you tell me…..WTF are you smoking ??

  114. denk says:

    Eurasiafuture had been taken down.
    That article is only available in a Pak site now.

    This is the new normal.
    Full spectrum obliteration of dissident voice.

    MAGA !

  115. denk says:

    uIGHURS, uighurs…..murikkans new found love affair with their moslem bro.
    OMFG, dont make my toes laugh.

    fifty million corpse

    I dunno where you pull that magic figure out from…
    prolly your ass.

    What we do know , you killed at least five hundred thousands Iraqi children, never mind their parents, uncles….

    Thats from the horse mouth…
    Mad Albright

    ‘Saddam for the price of 500000 moslem children, hell thats a bargain

  116. denk says:

    As to what lies behind the aggressive attitude of the Nehru government, it must be borne in mind first of all that the imperialist world, particularly the U.S. would like nothing better than to see the two principal Asiatic powers, the two powers which hold the greatest revolutionary promise for mankind in the east, locked in military combat, shedding the blood of thousands, absorbing the resources and energies of millions of people, which should be used to construct a revolutionary way of life.

    The efforts of the U.S. government, it must be noted, have been directed, insofar as India is concerned, not only to make it economically and financially dependent upon U.S. monopoly interests, but also to inflame the Indian bourgeoisie, particularly its right-wing extremist elements, against the Chinese People’s Republic.

    Replace Nehru with Modi, JFK [yes that peacenik] with Trump……same script, different actors.

    India has deployed nukes at the border,
    thats WHAT they keep telling us,…..
    This isnt 1962.


    Taking out Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen etc etc at a price of one million mud huts,
    hell….thats a bargain.

    FUKUS is willing to fight the chicoms…..
    to the last Indian.
    I hope Indians aint THAT stoopid, ???

  117. @Common sense Giuseppe

    Right on cue, and miraculously, Gerald Nadler has a bill to reform police departments ready to go.

    It includes language to make “conspiracy to commit a hate crime” a federal offense.

    Jewish organizations have been working on this since they planned to subvert the Charlottesville protest.
    On Feb 11, 2019 C Span broadcast a Jewish Council for Public Affairs panel that discussed Countering Anti-Semitism, Racism and Xenophobia

    Amy Spitalnick, Executive Director Integrity First for America (IFA), a (then) newly-formed 501c-3 created to accumulate a war chest to prosecute Unite the Right organizers; Doron Ezickson, Director,
    Anti-Defamation League, Washington Office; and Cynthia Deitle, former FBI agent investigating civil rights offenses especially regarding LGBTQ: Deitle is now with the Matthew Shepherd organization.

    In their discussion, Spitalnick recounted that ADL and other Jewish groups “worked closely with FBI” in the project of turning “horrific [acts] like spray paint a swastika on a synagogue or attack someone outside of a gay bar” into hate crimes.

    Regarding the Charlottesville 24, IFA intended to prosecute them on the basis of a very old law concerning conspiracy to commit violence; they were delighted to have persuaded Judge Moon to give them access to social media accounts in order to prove those charges.

    It’s possible that turning such acts into federal hate crimes could also invoke terrorism charges.

  118. The civil war started in 1861.
    It has obviously not been concluded yet!

  119. Freeman says:

    I think this essay is a “Ball of Confusion.” What are the main points he is trying to make? Overall, a concise summary might help. In my opinion, reports of the death of the United States are exaggerated. Also in my opinion, there are going to be a lot more blacks voting for Trump this year than in 2020. Also in my opinion, in the end, BLM is not going to matter, because they have no sane solutions to the problems of black people.

  120. @Curmudgeon

    “USURY is the cancer of the world, which only the surgeon’s knife of Fascism can cut out of the life of the nations.” ~ Ezra Pound

    An interesting contribution. While I wholeheartedly agree that ursury is a toxic implement wielded by economic parasites, the quotation begs the question as to what kind of “fascism” can be used to cure such an evil?

    The style of “fascism” that I’m familiar with involves corporate control of government in the pursuit of corporate interests, and ultimately extends to control of the military for corporate ends. This concentrates power and wealth into the hands of a minority elite, something like what the USA is today. Not so good for the common folk.

    I don’t know what the ABC host or guest actually meant when they used the word “fascist”, apart from they seemed to think it was a bad thing.

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