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What Putin Really Told Biden
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So Russian President Vladimir Putin, by himself, and United States President Joe Biden, surrounded by aides, finally had their secret video link conference for two hours and two minutes – with translators placed in different rooms.

That was their first serious exchange since they met in person in Geneva last June – the first Russia-US summit since 2018. For global public opinion, led to believe a “war” in Ukraine was all but imminent, what’s left is essentially a torrent of spin.

So let’s start with a simple exercise focusing on the key issue of the video link – Ukraine – contrasting the White House and Kremlin versions of what transpired.

The White House: Biden made it “clear” to Putin that the US and allies will respond with “decisive economic and other measures” to a military escalation in Ukraine. At the same time, Biden called on Putin to de-escalate around Ukraine and “return to diplomacy.”

Kremlin: Putin offered Biden to nullify all restrictions on the functioning of diplomatic missions. He remarked that cooperation between Russia and the US is still in an “unsatisfactory” state.

He urged the US not to shift “responsibility on the shoulders of Russia” for the escalation of the situation around Ukraine.

The White House: The US will expand military aid to Ukraine if Russia takes steps against it.

Kremlin: Putin told Biden that Russia is interested in obtaining legally fixed guarantees excluding NATO’s eastward expansion and the deployment of offensive strike systems in Russia’s neighboring countries.

The White House: Biden did not give Putin any commitments that Ukraine will remain outside NATO.

Minsk or bust

Now for what really matters: the red line.

What Putin diplomatically told Team Biden, sitting at their table, is that Russia’s red line – no Ukraine in NATO – is unmovable. The same applies to Ukraine turned into a hub of the Pentagon’s empire of bases and hosting NATO weaponry.

Washington may deny it ad infinitum, but Ukraine is part of Russia’s sphere of influence. If nothing is done to force Kiev to abide by the Minsk Agreement, Russia will “neutralize” the threat on its own terms.

The root cause of all this drama, absent from any NATO narrative, is straightforward: Kiev simply refuses to respect the February 2015 Minsk Agreement.

According to the deal, Kiev should grant autonomy to Donbass via a constitutional amendment, referred to as “special status”; issue a general amnesty; and start a dialogue with the people’s republics of Donetsk and Lugansk.

Over the years, Kiev fulfilled less than zero of these commitments – while the NATO media machine kept spinning that Russia was violating Minsk. Russia is not even mentioned (italics mine) in the agreement.

Moscow always respected the Minsk Agreement, which establishes Donbass as an integral, autonomous part of Ukraine. Russia has made it very clear, over and over again, it has no interest whatsoever in promoting regime change in Kiev.

Before the video link, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov remarked: “Putin will listen to Biden’s proposals on Ukraine ‘with great interest.’” Even the White House did not propose for Kiev to obey the Minsk Agreement. So regardless of what Biden may have said, Putin, pragmatically, will adopt a “wait and see” approach, and then act accordingly.

In the run-up to the video link, maximum hype revolved on Washington seeking to stop Nord Stream 2 if Russia “invades” Ukraine.

What never transpires out of the “invasion” narrative, repeated ad nauseam across NATO, is that hawks overseeing an immensely polarized US, corroded from the inside, desperately need a war in what military analyst Andrei Martyanov calls “country 404,” a play on the error message when an online page or link doesn’t exist.

The crux of the matter is that European vassals must not have access to Russian energy: only American LNG.

And that’s what led the most extreme Russophobes in Washington to start threatening sanctions on Putin’s inner circle, Russian energy producers and even disconnecting Russia from SWIFT. All that was supposed to prevent Russia from “invading” Country 404.

US Secretary of State Tony Blinken – present at the video link – said a few days ago in Riga, Latvia, that “if Russia invades Ukraine,” NATO will respond “with a range of high impact economic measures.” As for NATO, it’s far from aggressive: just a “defensive” organization.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, in early December at the OCSE Ministerial Council meeting in Stockholm, was already warning that “strategic stability” in Europe was “rapidly eroding.”

Lavrov said: “NATO refuses to consider our proposals on de-escalation of tensions and prevention of dangerous incidents … On the contrary, the alliance’s military infrastructure is moving closer to Russia’s borders … The nightmarish scenario of military confrontation is returning.”

So no wonder the heart of the matter for Moscow is NATO encroachment. The “invasion” narrative is crass fake news sold as fact. Even the CIA’s William Burns admitted that US intel had no intel to “conclude” that Russia will dutifully answer the War Inc prayers and finally “invade” Ukraine.

Still, that did not prevent a German sensationalist rag from presenting the full contours of the Russian blitzkrieg, when the actual story is the US and NATO attempting to push “country 404” to commit suicide by attacking the people’s republics of Donetsk and Lugansk.

That legally binding guarantee

It’s idle to expect the video link to produce practical results. As NATO remains mired in concentric crises, the current level of high tension between NATO and Russia is a gift from heaven in terms of maintaining the convenient narrative of an external Slavic evil. It’s also an extra bonus for the military-industrial-intelligence-media think tank complex.


The tension will continue to simmer without becoming incandescent only if NATO does not expand in any shape or form inside Ukraine. Diplomats in Brussels routinely comment that Kiev will never be accepted as a NATO member. But if things can get worse, they will: Kiev will become one of those NATO special partners, a desperately poor, hungry for territory, rogue actor.

Putin demanding from the US – which runs NATO – a written, legally binding guarantee that the alliance will not advance further eastward towards Russian borders is the game-changer here.

Team Biden cannot possibly deliver: they would be eaten alive by the War Inc establishment. Putin studied his history and knows that Daddy Bush’s “promise” to Gorbachev on NATO expansion was just a lie. He knows those who run NATO will never commit themselves in writing.

So that allows Putin a full range of options to defend Russian national security. “Invasion” is a joke; Ukraine, rotting from the inside, consumed by fear, loathing and poverty, will remain in limbo, while Donetsk and Lugansk will be progressively interconnected with the Russian Federation.

There will be no NATO war on Russia – as Martyanov himself has extensively demonstrated NATO wouldn’t last five minutes against Russian hypersonic weapons. And Moscow will be focused on what really matters geoeconomically and geopolitically: solidifying the Eurasia Economic Union (EAEU) and the Greater Eurasia Partnership.

(Republished from Asia Times by permission of author or representative)
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  1. If the Nato wont attack and Russia wont invade, than it seems that there is no problem. But maybe the situation is more complicated.

    Russia was defeated in Afghanistan because the other side got modern weapons which were effective against Russian troops. Tchetchenia was defeated, but it was hard and took a lot of time. Azerbaidjan got modern weapons and defeated easily Armenia. Russia knows all that and sees that the Ukraine is also getting modern weapons. If Russia waits too long, one day the Ukraine could be much better prepared for a war. The Ukraine might want to follow the path of Azerbaidjan. For Russia it would then be more favourable to solve the question now either through negotiations or an attack against the Ukraine.

    In any case, negotiations might be the most reasonable option for us in Europe and for Russia.

  2. @UncommonGround

    The way I understand it, the primary weapon of defeat for Russia was the US shoulder-mounted TOW missile launcher, which took down Russian helicopters at will.

    Russia never invaded Afghanistan in the 1980s. It was requested by the government to come in and assist in the subordination of the growing terrorist elements in the country; funded by the US…

  3. Notsofast says:

    just goes to show that the u.s. and it’s lackeys never intend to keep any agreements they sign and immediately start to move the goal posts to their advantage, while blaming the other party for their inflexibility. it also shows that biden can never be allowed to talk to any foreign leaders without his team of handlers, i wonder if they use hand signals or perhaps a clicker like they use to train dolphins.

  4. Notsofast says:
    @Steve Naidamast

    the u.s. even bragged about arming the mujahideen, the 2007 “comedy” charlie wilson’s war tells the story openly. they then had the nerve to baselessly accuse the russians of placing bounties on their troops and threatening retaliation once again demonstrating their utter hypocrisy.

    • Agree: Derer
    • Replies: @Doug Ryler
  5. Anonymous[730] • Disclaimer says:

    Oh god, Poopie and his masturbatory fantasies about hypersonic missiles. Hey Poopie, maybe the Russians should use those to keep the Israelis from attacking Latakia, what do you think?

    • Disagree: Derer
  6. TKK says:

    We don’t have a border. It is open and if you object, you are a racist, hate monger who is a domestic terrorist.

    But Ukraine’s border? We must defend it ferociously with American blood and treasure!!!

    It’s just all too dumb to even analyze anymore. I want out.

  7. Derer says:

    He knows those who run NATO will never commit themselves in writing.

    It actually does not matter “in writing” or not, it means nothing. Remember Iran Agreement, it was in writing. US war with Russia will be the last 3 day humiliation of a self appointed world policemen. What a laugh, they are lacking mental capacity to put in order their internal violence that borderlines with medieval tribe massacres. Daily killings of Asians women in the US is a symptom of illiterate barbarism.

  8. Today, two political anecdotes were born in the process of discussion

    “Biden told Putin there are only two options for Ukraine: a bad one and a very bad one.
    Bad: This is when, because of its stupidity, Ukraine will cease to exist;
    Very bad: Because of our stupidity and greed to invest trillions in it and, with such an outcome, lose them.”

    “Armenian radio is asked the question: – What if Ukraine attacks HP and HP, Russia breaks them into trash, and refuses to go to Kiev?
    Armenian Radio responds: – As an option, it is quite possible. But if I were Ukraine, I would not bet on it for only one reason: – Every year Russia celebrates the victory, great and suffered by the people, and the Ukrainians will celebrate mourning until the end of their days.”

  9. Derer says:

    Apparently, these days he is wandering in the WH in pajamas.

  10. mike99588 says:

    99% of Americans can’t even understand the geopolitics circa Ukraine beyond some hazy (to US) ethnicity differences. Probably should link more on backround.

    “Secure” over priced LNG sales to Europe, to avoid Russian extortion. Well, ok.
    Big weapons a few miles closer, or not, to prod the Bear. hmmmm
    Two county sized “republics” that may or may not have industrial value over being industrial sewers.
    A place where the Bidens already nearly got their pee-pees exposed.
    Sex tours to places they’ll clean you out if brought home.

    Well, the girls are better looking than Iraq. What a deal.
    More preteens for the Bidens and supporters.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  11. @UncommonGround

    Russia agreed to negotiations. Anyone recall the Minsk Accords? Both the puppet regime in Kiev, basically a bunch of Ko$her hoodlums, and the nervous nellies calling themselves NATO immediately welshed on that one. Violations all up and down the line. Russia gave them every opportunity to behave like civilized human beings. Those creeps treated him like a sucker. This time around, does anyone with unimpeded memory glands believe he will even consider falling for that one again?

    Let’s get real, gang. The 2014 Maidan affair in Kiev was totally a coup d’ etat against a duly elected democratic government. It was orchestrated by a devil’s brew combo of the Rottenchild’s #1 Made-Man agent, Little Georgie of our $orrow$; Vicious Nudleman (aka Vikki Nuland); the CIA’s local district manager and none other than the cackling witch herself, the bloodthirsty former Secretary of $tate who was married to that guy from Arkansas whom his former secretaries at the governor’s mansion in Little Rock described as a pretzeldick.

    • Replies: @Suncoastcraig
  12. “promise” to Gorbachev on NATO expansion was just a lie

    one little lie to Gorby, one giant leap towards Armageddon. Obrogado!

  13. @Anonymous

    One enemy at a time. Yidsville is totally opportunistic. They strike when their target is preoccupied with heavier responsibilities. Like elephants, Russians have long memories.

    Hezbollah has masses of missiles stored deep underground. Last time the chairborne warriors attempted to attack Lebanon and seize those lands up to the Litani River, the Hezzies offed a bunch of their prime battle tanks and sent the vaunted IDFers back to cry on mama’s shoulders. That bunch is simply drooling for a good excuse to light up the skies around Tel Aviv and Dimona to boot.

    • Replies: @traducteur
    , @Cohen
  14. Begemot says:
    @Steve Naidamast

    I think you meant, rather than the TOW, the Stinger. The Stinger is a man portable shoulder fired anti-aircraft missile. The TOW is a heavy wire guided anti-tank missile, usually carried about in vehicles.

    Nit picking, I know.

    • Agree: europeasant
    • Thanks: schnelladine
  15. And Chabad surrounds both leaders, and has penetrated all levels of government in both nations, as well as both of their families (as well as Trump and Zelensky). They have “emissaries” and “eyes and ears of the Rebbe” all over departments, agencies, and NGOs. This whole spectacle has a lot of hidden activity with its evil-mind located in Brooklyn.

  16. Alfred says:
    @Steve Naidamast

    The way I understand it, the primary weapon of defeat for Russia was the US shoulder-mounted TOW missile launcher, which took down Russian helicopters at will.

    Total fake news by the usual liars. In reality, the Soviets withdrew after stabilising the country. The Afghan government they left behind was pretty stable. It lasted for 3 years until the USSR collapsed. Nothing whatsoever to do with TOW missiles and similar nonsense of the MSM.

    The same people who are selling you the current virus nonsense, the WMD lies and the current fake “Russian invasion” stories.

    • Replies: @Fart Blossom
  17. @UncommonGround

    The SOVIET UNION (not ‘Russia’) was NOT defeated in Afghanistan. They left the country in the capable hands of Najibullah, who kept the religious thugs at bay, until the drunken Quisling, Yeltsin, cut off military aid in 1992. Pure idiocy, by the way.

    • Disagree: Dingo bay rum
    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  18. @Steve Naidamast

    Didn’t one of the last Rocky movies feature Our Hero fighting alongside our brave allies The Mujahedin?

  19. Anon[278] • Disclaimer says:

    Good article – a side note; does the current war mongering hysteria from Washington sound just a bit desperate ? It’s almost as if the War Party has realized they are a embarrassment.

    No one believes any of the War Party’s lies anymore. A Pew Poll last month found that 19% of Americans thought Washington was a force for good.

    Biden = Andropov

  20. Ross23 says:

    Russia doesn’t need or want those two regions in Ukraine. They are tiny with nothing there.

    The whole point of it supporting these regions was to prevent the Ukraine joining NATO that’s it.

    NATO policy states a country with a border dispute is not allowed to join

    So those who talk about Russia absorbing part of Ukraine or those two states is missing the point.

    Of course Ukraine could in theory tell Crimea and those two states to fuck off and formally re-draw their border as it is now and then join NATO, putting US missiles there, which would be a nightmare for Russia but would also take away the main sanctions excuse.

    So what we have is 4D chess between rivals where each move comes with its advantages and disadvantages.

    Some people get frustrated and want Russia to make a move which is understandable, but without understanding the full complexity above

  21. After Putin and Biden met in Geneva, June 2021, Russia started to tighten its Covid rules a la West, with vaccine passports and so on. I don’t think it was a coincidence, there was some sort of quid pro quo, and it worries me.
    I wish Putin would start to flex his muscles properly and understand that he holds more cards than he probably realizes. If (when) the financial system collapses Russia is better prepared than most.

    • Agree: GMC, Joe Levantine
    • Replies: @John Regan
  22. profnasty says:

    I think Israel’s goal is to expand, Nile to Euphrates; and to rebuild Solomon’s Temple: Failure.
    Everything else is just commentary.

  23. The talk was useless, but if Russia withdrew from Syria, the Western democratic rebellion would be quelled. And if additionally Russia were to face the successful China they would give it all of Eastern Europe and half of Africa as a gift .. The worst of the case is that busy with false accusations nothing useful is done in real political life.

  24. @Emerging Majority

    Hope you’re right, but my impression is that Nasrallah talks a good game but never actually does anything. Several opportunities of liquidating the Zionist abomination have already been missed, and the Zios continue to bomb Syria and shoot the children of Gaza at will. If the sheikh really means business, I don’t know what he is waiting for.

  25. GMC says:

    It’s all a show, that could turn a bit ugly, but I doubt it will turn into any big war. Russia is onboard with it all, all of the NWO /UN/Bankers plans to ditch money and deal with the CBDC, hiding the fact that 95% of all countries have been stealing money from their populaces. The US comes into the #1 position at 20 to 30 trillion, according to top independent financial experts and a few Universities, but they all have embezzled billions and need to bury it , once and for all. Ms. Catherine Fisk explains it beautifully.

    Ukraine will do as it it told because they need some of that stolen money that comes their way, but they could be told pretty much to keep annoying/shelling Donbas or told just to keep training . The UKies don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground at this point, but if Kyiv steals the military money , like they did in the past , no one will want to fight. And this is how we will know if the West continues to fund the Ukies and thumb their noses at Russia.
    It’s another Bankers war – Dollar goes up – Ruble goes down. And in time , Both Central Banks will switch to CBDC in the end, and Both populaces will be corralled.

    • Agree: Alfred
  26. Emslander says:

    A real election in Ukraine would result in a Russia-leaning leadership. The troops on the border might be enough to discourage a “color” insurrection managed by a couple of State Department lesbians. Let’s hope so.

    • Replies: @Alfred
  27. Commentor Maddaugh is right about Pepe going on ad infinitum about war between Russia and America … it’s all blah, blah, blah … the only thing that’s going to happen is that Russia will have satisfaction in Ukraine and then the two western (read: White) powers will dislodge China from its self erected pedestal, just like that statue of hapless Sadam Hussein in Baghdad. From Poland to Russia, the territories where their most revered rabbis are buried, the powers that be will damned if they allow any real destruction to those relics. It’s all about, in the end, containing Chinaman She and the yellow plans to conquer the world!

    • Replies: @Badger Down
    , @Maddaugh
  28. @Notsofast

    …just goes to show that the u.s. and it’s lackeys never intend to keep any agreements they sign and immediately start to move the goal posts to their advantage, while blaming the other party for their inflexibility.

    And preaching to the rest about how they should conduct their affairs.

    As for Biden, he like all others, both foreign and domestic, who work on behalf of the empire of lies, is chosen both for his malleability and expendability. He’ll get tossed under the bus the moment his usefulness expires and I’m always amazed that the goons never seem to figure it out or just don’t care.

    And the circus goes on forever and at “our” expense.

    • Replies: @schnelladine
  29. Cohen says:
    @Emerging Majority

    The IDF paper tiger were humiliated in early 2000s Lebanon invasion. Of course at the time the Jewish media or MSM was singing praises for Israel.
    A Lebanese friend told me an interesting story of this father and son who installed and under ground mechanical anti tank/machine gun system that could maneuvered manually to surface and go down.
    The paper tigers could not understand, suffered causalities and retreated.

    You can kill people but not their will and pride.

    • Replies: @Arthur MacBride
    , @Fred777
  30. @Alfred

    The same people who are selling you the current virus nonsense, the WMD lies and the current fake “Russian invasion” stories.

    Yup. Total bullshit from the get-go. I’ve given up hoping that the masses will ever see through the lies.

    • Agree: Decoy
  31. Cohen says:

    Pepe also took the bait of the grand circus of Putin/Biden show.
    If you look at the leaked video in Daily mail (unless it is doctored). They both are smiling and saying goodbye to each other. Any low grade body language expert can tell you if they had tough conversation or what.

    Then Biden is talking about how he threatened Putin etc. Another item: with all this mutual saber rattling and paper threats going on why on earth several big Russian Tanker of Diesel are visiting Eastern US? where are those sanctions.

    • Replies: @Erzberger
    , @Alfa158
  32. padre says:

    Why would Russia do that, it’s not her fight?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  33. @Chinaman's Nightmare

    Your silly racism is just a relic. China and Russia are on the same continent. Eurasia is big enough for both of them, and the other countries. The splittist US is on a different continent, and should stay there. You are released from your obligation to break up Asia. Go home, yanqui, and have a nice life.

    Putin and Xi are adults, Biden is senile, and Tamala hasn’t made any sense yet. Good luck with that.

    • Replies: @Chinaman's Nightmare
  34. Erzberger says:

    “ where are those sanctions”

    Who are those sanctions, be they directed against Russia or Iran, supposed to hurt?

    Primarily the EU countries that are major trading partners of those US adversaries. It’s all a bunch of smoke and mirrors. The EU is a massive protectionist market with an intact manufacturing sector as well as certain other “values”, and it is in the national interest of both the US and Russia, and perhaps even China, to dissolve it by whatever means it takes. I would not be surprised if Germany once again looks like it did in 45 during my lifetime.

    • Replies: @nadim
  35. @Badger Down

    Per Wikipedia, relating to Badgers …

    “The species of Asiatic stink badgers of the genus Mydaus were formerly included within Melinae, but more recent genetic evidence indicates these are actually members of the skunk family.”

    Stinker, are you a skunk? If yes, then I stand by my view that the perceived enemy of Russia, yes, Russia and the West in general is China. And the bully boy, She, ain’t fooling anyone with his greased up hair (he must put a whole bottle of black ink in that bouffant of his) and his slicked up foreign ministry talking heads. Go back to the ways of your eunuch forefathers and bind your collective feet and sport long monkey tails out of your heads and you shall be set free.

  36. @Fart Blossom

    Very mature screen name. Pure class.

    • Thanks: TKK
  37. @Cohen

    That’s right.
    Essentially Hezbollah is defensive, as seen by Israel’s failed invasion. They gave the IDF a bloody nose and chased them out but did not advance into Occupied Palestine.
    That would have set off a hornet’s nest re Israeli’s demanding that their golems take up arms to “defend poor little Israel from aggression”.

    Golem no.1 USA is attempting to buy off/threaten/starve Arab States to preclude any such attack. It might reasonably be said that the main (perhaps only) reason for the continued existence of USA is to protect Israel. There is talk of relocation of US forces to Jordan, which has just concluded a massively unpopular deal with Israel —

    Jordanian MPs leave parliamentary session in protest over water-for-energy deal with Israel

    Iow, the ME is an ideological battleground.
    Perfidious Albion exerts influence in UAE, Oman.
    There is also the significance of the Houthi chasing out the Sauds, allies of USA/Israel.
    And that Putin is influenced by Jews, that many of those who shoot down pregnant women and children in Palestine are Russian Jews and that Israel shoots missiles into Syria, eg destroying food shipments in Latakia, despite Russian “protection”.

    All to ensure the safety and indeed expansion of an illegal and criminal State.

    • Replies: @Cohen
  38. Z-man says:

    Donetsk and Lugansk will be progressively interconnected with the Russian Federation.

    That’s the crux of the matter. Russia should ‘talk’ to Ukraine and make border adjustments and eventually annex the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.
    As for NATO it is a US puppet organization with the most important members not interested in confronting Russia.

  39. Fred777 says:

    “You can kill people but not their will and pride.“

    Been to America lately?

    • Agree: Old and Grumpy
    • Replies: @Decoy
  40. Anonymous[730] • Disclaimer says:

    Exactly. NATO’s by-laws explicitly state that countries involved in external hostilities are ineligible to join. Now, I suppose the US and EU could simply disregard this, but more likely they’d “rediscover” this restriction at a suitable time. More curious is why Putin himself doesn’t make very public statements about it. Yet another indication that this whole thing is just for show.

    • Replies: @GMC
  41. Anonymous[317] • Disclaimer says:

    Preventing an ally whose stability and survival is an important regional interest for Russia, is not their fight? Putin’s apologists are just as bad as clueless Trump supporters.

    • Agree: Arthur MacBride
    • Disagree: Ukraine Tiger
  42. Fuzzbunny says:

    Maybe Putin told him where to shove it considering Biden is preaching to him as a representative of a lost white majority country that is so mixed up and feminized that it elevates and favors 13% of the population above the majority Turn on the tv and it’s a black face 2/3 of the time because of wokeness.
    The Russians have enough self pride and embrace traditonal values as do most of the people in eastern Europe that Putin can utilize the perversion and immoral nonsensical cultural sludge of the west to encourage and influence inhabitants of the regions in dispute to reject being hustled and manipulated by these con-artists from Washington and NATO and their Ukrainian lackeys as they do not share their values.

    • Agree: TKK, Ukraine Tiger
    • Replies: @TKK
  43. Z-man says:

    By ‘most important members’ I mean some of the biggest members, Germany for many reasons, Italy historically friendly with Russia and France, also historically friendly and which has nuclear weapons and doesn’t want to be a lackey of the Anglo Zionist Empire like the UK is, even though there are many Zionists infesting France.

  44. Nat X says:

    What is it with yt and they penchant for suicidal wars? Any crimes committed by the dindoo against yt pales in comparison with the self inflicted harm yt has done to they selves. yt’s response: its all the hebes fault!

  45. Maddaugh says:
    @Chinaman's Nightmare

    Commentor Maddaugh is right about Pepe going on ad infinitum about war between Russia and America … it’s all blah, blah, blah

    Take it to the Bank Bro ! First of all I would like to make these observations and anyone living in Ukraine can add their piece.

    >Logistics ! The supply line to the Ukraine Military will source where ?? In the US 5000 km away ? LOL
    >Therefore you can have the best equipment say tanks, but without supplies they are merely scrap
    >The Ukraine’s military are demoralized and bogged down in trench warfare in the East.
    >While the US is sending equipment so far it is not heavy tanks etc and if it were these I understand were never designed for the appalling winter conditions in the East
    >Heavy equipment require extensive training. This is not Jailall Singh;s driving school where you get your licence in 10 easy lessons.
    >If Ukraine attacks first, Russia will put a pincer around the attacking force and it is game over
    >If Russia attacks first, they will circumvent the Ukraine trench positions in a massive pincer movement and its game over AND if Putin is really pissed at this time, drive straight to the Capital. The US taxpayer can once again say good bye to billions of dollars of equipment LMAO.

    People need to realize that the Russians have made a fetish of studying and re-gaming every single German and Russian WW2 action in the East. They learnt their trade from the masters in the Wehrmacht and the SS AND improved on it. Neither Ukraine or the Twinkies in the US have the skills or nerves to match this. Russia is particularly skilled in tactical and strategic operations in the Donbas !!!!!!

    Hence if Putin decides to rumble it will be a fast moving combined arms assault that will overwhelm Ukraine (even reinforced with heavy US equipment). The “WAR” will be over before Joey can say “pass me another Depends”. The US will be unable to respond ! They will have no place to establish a foothold for a buildup and even of they did it would take MONTHS to do so.

    Friends in the Ukraine tell me all this talk about 175,000 troops on the Border and an attack in January is bullshit ! They tell me that life in Ukraine is as normal as can be !

    There will be no war between the US and Russia. Any action will be between Russia and Ukraine. If this goes down the US will do what it usually does……….throw their allies under the bus. There is no way the US is going to commit men in Russia and I doubt very much ANY Nato country is going to have the balls to do so.

    Ukraine shares a close cultural heritage with Russia. When Russia “invaded Crimea” there was the usual braying in the US and not much else. Biden, Blinken, Nuland and the Joo Crew can talk all the shit they want but it all just hot air.

    For these and a whole lot of other reasons there will be no US/ Russia war and all that Peepee asserts is humbug !

  46. Very minor quibble: there’s no need to say “italics mine” if it’s not a quote.

  47. anonymous[133] • Disclaimer says:

    Well, the girls are better looking than Iraq.

    Yeah, it is a white civilisational curse. The better looking the “girls” are, the more whorish they become, seeking the desire of strangers, first visual and then physical.

    White men (presumably) such as you, themselves the spawn of these whores, take great pride in their civilisational feminine beauty, and the cycle continues on… hordes of whores and their adoring pimps.

    • Replies: @Badger Down
  48. BAMA says: • Website

    If anyone believes that Vladimir Putin took seriously Joe Biden’s foncon meeting before, during or after, they should dispel themselves of the thought. For Vladimir, this
    was nothing more than an opportunity to be on a world stage with a U.S. President. Putin is well aware that Joe Biden is run by a special group of Washington handlers. Besides showing signs of incompetency, one only needs to took at his record of actions to see most bear the stamp of one group.

    Biden would not have been given a second glance to lead in any other country, but here the Washington lobby crowd saw him as the perfect guy to take orders. His nomination was scripted and Democrat voters fell in line, thereafter.That Biden is becoming the laughing stock of leadership at home pales at how leaders and populations overseas view his filling the Presidential shoes as a national and world leader.

    The longer he remains in office, the better it is for that special lobby group, but the worse it is for the nation. No matter, though, for his handlers as they together with black and liberal leaders are re-shaping the face of America as never before to its detriment. The Democrats have many loyal soldiers to eventually replace him, but maybe not so lost in space.

    Americans are good at organizing and building stuff. They are down right stupid when it comes to seeing who has been fleecing them for so very long.

    • Agree: HdC
  49. Decoy says:

    “You can kill people but not their will and pride”

    “Been to America lately?”

    Wowser!! That was a snack to the head. And very accurate.

  50. GMC says:

    The IMF and World Bank had the exact same rule about loaning money to a country with a civil war or internal/external hostilities. Two weeks later the IMF changed their rules/laws and Bingo – Ukraine got a huge loan. Russia at the time protested not only to this BS but about the IMF rules concerning loaning money to a country who owes millions or billions in outstanding debt { as Ukraine did to Russia and GazProm} and the IMF told Russia and Gazprom they would make an exception for Ukraine.
    The Minsk agreements was meant for Suckers, as is any agreement from the Western Agencies dba UN, Nato, EU, IMF, World Bank, WHO/Gates Found., NGOs, and the rest of all those agencies that use the Alphabet instead of their long winded BS names. Good point tho – Anon

  51. Che Guava says:

    I may be repeating another reply above, but have read that the invited Red Army worked out effective countermeasures against the US-supplied Stingers long before their withdrawal from a better Afghanistan, that soon fell, thanks to Saud, U.S., and Paki efforts.

    When the U.S. was first invading, twenty years ago I was thinking ‘What about the huge number of Stingers?’

    They had almost no effect because
    1 post-useful life as weapons
    2 U.S.A. had a Red Army traitor inform them of the countermeasures
    3 U.S.A. always had a kill switch

    Perhaps 4, they had none remaining, but from my reading, that was not the case.

    A mix of one to three, or two and three
    the more likely.

    • Disagree: Dingo bay rum
    • Replies: @Che Guava
  52. nadim says:

    Are you trying to deny the cruelty of the sanctions on Iran designed by the Jewish mafia at the house of Israel, US TREASURY, implemented by Trump, Clinton, Obama and Biden? Then watch the following video to know how criminal the US and the Tribe are.
    The criminal policy of ‘extreme pressure’ designed by the baby killer Netanyahu regime and promoted by the fifth column propagandist, Mark Dubowitz from FDD, where still is barking for more, this time military action by US not Israel against Iran where the TRIBE will take it into its GRAVE.
    Now, the zionists are begging US to go back to the deal because the mafia believes that the exit from the deal by Trump on Netanyahu’s order, was a big MISTAKE. The zionists including Thomas Friedman say ‘that was a STUPID policy. This stupid policy is continued by the zionist Biden and its fifth column ‘secretary of Israel’, tony Blinken.
    In the past, one of the tribe’s members, Albright, claimed that killing of Iraqi children, more than 500,000 of them, through SANCTIONS designed by AIPAC stooges, Martin Indyk &Inc.,
    implemented by the zionist servant Clinton, in Iraq WAS WORTH IT. No one takes the criminal zionists seriously anymore, and want you all disappear from the region. The ‘sanction’ against Russia, Israel’s ally, is totally another ball game.

    • Replies: @Erzberger
  53. Since 1945 (Operation Unthinkable) Heaven is holding back the wind of the WW3. And so it will be until the appointed time. In the Book of Daniel, we read, “And both these kings [Great Britain and Russia. In 1882 British troops occupied Egypt. Great Britain then took the role of “the king of the south”. Around the same time, Russia expanded its influence in the region, which previously belonged to Seleucus I Nicator, and took the role of “the king of the north”], their hearts (will be) to do mischief, and at one table (they) will speak a lie; but it will not succeed. Indeed yet (the) completion to (the) appointed time. And [the king of the north] will go back (to) his land with great wealth [1945. This detail indicated that after the previous victories Hitler will attack the Soviet Union and will fight to the bitter end]; and his heart (will be) against the holy covenant [Soviet Union introduced state atheism and believers were repressed]; and will act [it means a lot of activity in the international arena]; and go back to his own land [1991-1993. The collapse of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact. The troops from the Soviet military bases returned to their country]. At the appointed time (he) will return back [it also means the break-up of the EU and NATO. Many countries of the former Eastern block will return to a military alliance with Russia], and will enter into the south [this will be the beginning of the global nuclear war. The detonator will be the ethnic conflict to the south of Russia’s borders (Matthew 24:7)], but it will not be as the former [2008 – Georgia] or as the latter [Ukraine. Here too, a military response from the West is not to be expected now. However, the next time, after the return of Russia, there will be a military confrontation with the United States], for the dwellers of coastlands of Kittim [the distant West, to be precise – Americans] will come against him, and (he) will break down [will lose hope], and will go back.” (11:27-30a) This time it will be a world war not only by name. This will be a mutual slaughter. “The great power sword” will also be used. (Revelation 6:4) Jesus characterized him in this way: “A frightening things [φοβητρα] both [τε] and [και] extraordinary (related to unusual phenomena) [σημεια] from [απ] sky [ουρανου] powerful [μεγαλα] will be [εσται].” (Luke 21:11)
    Some ancient manuscripts contain the words “and frosts” [και χειμωνες].
    The Aramaic Peshitta: “וסתוא רורבא נהוון” – “and will be great frosts”. We call this today “nuclear winter”.
    In Mark 13:8 there are also words of Jesus: “and disorders” [και ταραχαι] (in the sense of confusion and chaos).
    The Aramaic Peshitta: “ושגושיא” – “and confusion” (on the state of public order).
    There will be also significant tremors along the length and breadth of the regions, food shortages and epidemics as a result of using this weapon.
    Jesus stated: “All these are but the beginning of the birth pains.” (Matthew 24:8) But is it worth accelerating this.

    • Disagree: Ukraine Tiger
    • Thanks: John Regan
  54. This could all be resolved so simply. If I were president, and hadn’t already been assassinated by CIA, I would tell Putin: I can’t say anything about what NATO will or won’t do, because I represent only the United States, which just five minutes ago served notice of its withdrawal from NATO. Very likely, this means that NATO will dissolve within a day or two, but who knows? Whatever happens, pretty sure you can deal with what’s left of NATO.

    Now then, let’s schedule some negotiations about getting rid of most of the nukes.

  55. @traducteur

    Could be Nasrallah is holding his cards very close to his vest…waiting for the right moment…whether it’s more outrages against the West Bank people or another devastating “Cast Lead” type assault on Gaza, OR even if they’re stoopid enough to assault Lebanon again. Much of that will depend on which orders Tel Aviv is getting from the Sanhedrin and their Rottenchild money monger shotcallers.

  56. Alfa158 says:

    Tankers normally carry crude oil not refined products like diesel. If US refineries are indeed importing diesel as well, they must be getting a good price on it.
    Biden shut down the Keystone pipeline and restricted shale oil production, Mexican oil production is down and the US is embargoing Venezuelan oil, therefore Russia is now the largest exporter of oil to the USA. The sanctions are aimed at not selling Western products to Russia, not letting Russian oligarchs spend their money in the West, and restricting Russian access to finances. The only Russian product I know that is affected is that Biden has stopped renewal of licenses for importing cheap Russian ammunition. No more ten cents a round 5.56, 5.45 or 7.62.

    • Replies: @Alfred
    , @Cohen
  57. @Ross23

    The two Donbass statelets are not insignificant. They probably represent 60+% of Ukraine’s potential heavy-industrial power. They received their ethnic Russian majority population during the Stalinoid era, shortly after millions were starved to death during the Holodomor.

    Ironic, isn’t it, that the goon in chief of starving those peasants by making off with their food supplies, including all their livestock, was none other than Lazar Kaganovitch. One can tell by his surname is that he claimed direct descent from the ruling Kagans of Khazaria. The then ruling Kagan converted that people en masse to Judaism ca 740 A.D.—yeah that long after Jesus, the Jewish rebel. So virtually ALL Russian, Ukrainian, Belorussian Jews have no ancient Hebrew ancestry.

    Meanwhile, Kiev is dominated by that particular bunch. Interesting that Vicious Nudelman (aka Vikki Nuland) is married to the egregious Neocon, Robert Kagan. Were it not so tragic, this whole affair would stun the likes of H.G. Welles, in its farcical quality.

    Yes, there is some possibility that this is part of one big game to bring about the New World Order by those high finance schemers and the shadowy forces who give them their orders.

    The entire China thing was set up by the Rottenfeller’s prime agent, Heinrich Kissinger, who had his little confab with Chou en Lai. They set the table for the deal between Tricky Dick and Mao the mass murderer. In the process, the Republic of China was denuded of their seat on the UN Security Council and it was given over to Mao’s minions.

    THAT was the foundation for the gradual switch of Red China to state sponsored capitalism AND the denuding of America’s industrial base, most of which was transferred to the Far East purportedly for the cheap labor.

    The game plan has run deep and extremely convoluted. Eyes on Australia. A false-flag incident allowed the bloody Quean’s Governor General to make certain that the parliament of that now tortured land would disarm the Aussie people. Psychotronic weaponry is deployed here in the U$ to create “crazy shooter” incidents to expedite their gun-control agenda. So far that ploy has yet to achieve much success—particularly in rural America and among city folk who work with their hands.

    This foofaraw over Ukraine is likely to be supplanted by the next gambit, meanwhile amping up the fear memes and keeping the Bank$ter controlled WarDefense industry humming.

    • Agree: Alfred, Ukraine Tiger
    • Replies: @Yee
  58. Alfred says:

    A real election in Ukraine would result in a Russia-leaning leadership

    Zelensky only got elected because he said that he would arrange a peace with Russia. As soon as he was elected, his real intention. became clean – including the effective banning of the Russian language.

    Elections don’t work in representative democracies. Just look at what is going on around you. 🙁

    • Replies: @Maddaugh
  59. Erzberger says:

    I watch GZ regularly, and have no issues with the Teheran prof being pissed off. Yes, the sanctions are brutal and immoral, I see no excuse for them. They are nothing new either, nor is imperial hypocracy. See Persia being starved by the millions, under gross violation of their desired neutrality by the British who at the same time beat the war drums against the allegedly outrageous violation of Belgian neutrality by the Germans. The latter, too, have first-hand experience with being starved to death by British/American sanctions and blockades during and after the world wars. The question is: what, realistically, can the Europeans actually do against the sanctions demanded by the US, without shooting themselves in the foot?

    Not much.

    • Replies: @Badger Down
  60. @traducteur

    When it comes to defensive moves Hizbollah has a lot of latitude. When it comes to offence the decision has to come from higher ups. The Middle East is a tinder box and it is wise for the protagonists not to play with matches.

    • Agree: Alfred
  61. @Anonymous

    Israeli raids are by and large directed against Iranian forces in Syria with occasional attacks against the Syrian army but are never crossing the Russian red line that protects her bases in Syria. Russia is also not so keen to share Syria with Iran so it could care less about Israeli inflicted damages on the Iranians even though Russia an China consider Iran as an indispensable node in the greater Asian plan with BRI as its backbone.

    Russia has no interest in using her advanced arsenal of S400 or S500 as that could reveal the electronic signature of these weapons. Also Russia is very much aware that she has no interest in creating a conflagration in the Middle East that could lead to new world war. Putin aims at winning his fight with the West by points and not by knock out, so he will make use of one asset that has often worked to Russia’s advantage and that patience coupled with a deep breath.

    • Replies: @Alfred
  62. Cohen says:
    @Arthur MacBride

    Putin is not protecting Syria as everyone is led to believe. He has Russia’s agenda in mind. All this propaganda of helping Syria is neutralized by the evidence Russia not selling SU-400 to Syria because that could take out Israeli planes violating Syrian air space at will. Putin has no problem selling these weapons to Turkey or India. Why not Syria. Even SU-300 system in Syria has not received software.

    Putin grew up in Jews dominated neighborhood. His collusion with NuttunYahoo was remarkably obvious. Look how may time Nutteun flew to Moscow during the Syrian war.

    • Agree: Arthur MacBride
    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  63. Alfred says:

    Tankers normally carry crude oil not refined products like diesel. If US refineries are indeed importing diesel as well, they must be getting a good price on it.

    The US has a shortage of the heavy crude required to refine diesel. There is a surplus of the lighter (fracking) grade. Some US refineries around the Gulf of Mexico were designed to process the heavy crude of Venezuela – which is no longer available.

    BTW, I worked for some months (Y2K) on converting the software of Exxon – for their refineries in the UK, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Thousands of databases and tens of thousands of programs. I automated the conversion so that it all happened in a few hours just before 01/01/2000. But I never told them how it was done. 🙂

    They had ships swapping cargoes of refined products between these different markets – depending on supply and demand. Complex software was used to try to optimise this process – which I converted. I visited several of these refineries but these visits just to reassure the nervous managers.

  64. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Yeltsin was no Quisling. Quisling was removed because he was seen as an obstacle by the German commander in Norway.
    Yeltsin, on the other hand did whatever his American masters told him to do, until he sobered up on death’s door and appointed Putin.

  65. Cohen says:

    You can transport gasoline (high vapor pressure) in tanker. Iceland, Malta and other countries that dont have refineries or forced to have no refining capability get their gasoline and other petroleum products in Tankers. Nigeria is a good example. The country exports all it crude but can not build a refinery, thanks to IMF and the World Bank, and is forced to import refined products.

    The keystone pipeline and similar projects were to refine heavy crude oil and sell to China. It was Cheney and Bush (the idiot one) who got rid of the old law prohibiting Us petroleum products to any foreign country. The big refineries in South east Texas and in Louisiana were designed to refine high APA crude from Venezuela in the good old day. Then Venezuela got on US shit list and that resulted in punishing Venezuelan population. and the birth of pipeline projects.

    China was all in on this project.

  66. Alfred says:
    @Joe Levantine

    Russia has no interest in using her advanced arsenal of S400 or S500 as that could reveal the electronic signature of these weapons.

    I agree completely with the rest of what you wrote. 🙂

    However, here is a technical update. Already, 40 years ago, air defense systems were using “frequency hopping”. Since then, things have continued developing. Deciphering the pattern of these electromagnetic emissions is almost impossible. Also, the power of the emissions can be greatly reduced so as to give the attacker the impression that the range is less than it really is. It is a very complicated area and the Russians know it better than anyone else.

    What I am getting at is that Russia has political not military reasons for not using these toys.

    • Thanks: Joe Levantine
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  67. Maddaugh says:

    A real election in Ukraine would result in a Russia-leaning leadership

    Absolutely ! I read a poll a few days ago that showed some 40% of the people would go fo this. A neighbour 2 houses down is from Ukraine and married to an Armenian.

    In discussing the situation with them while taking a walk they just laughed at the horseshit being pimped on MSM.

    The morons in the US (Nuland/ Blinken and flunkies) are responsible for this situation. What gets me is Biden and his macho bunk ” I looked into Putin’s eyes and saw no soul, and I told him so” and “He is a killer” . Strangely Putin cannot remember these remarks and nonchalantly brushes it off with a smooth comment.

    Biden is always talking about scaring off this and that gang or thug with a chain or razor and this false bragadoccio has rubbed off on his international relations. Putin just laughs at the lot of them and it is so embarassing to see how he consistently makes fools of them all. The trained KBG Colonel versus Buffoon Biden.

    We got a real bunch of cunts running this place.

    Question: What is the general mood in Ukraine given all the hype and panic mongering here in the West ?????????

    • Replies: @Ukraine Tiger
    , @Pontius
  68. nadim says:

    [The crux of the matter is that European vassals must not have access to Russian energy: only American LNG.]

    Of course, the main fight is over economic interest where is connected to geopolitical influence. The history of Russia tells us that Russia is an ally of the west against the rest.
    All these ‘fights’ between two zionist servants, Biden and Putin, is to confuse you.
    This show, Putin meets Biden, on TV is taking place because of the ‘negotiation’ between Iran and the zionist’s allies in Vienna. The west does not have much leverage against Iran, so Biden is trying to throw few bones in order to bring Russia and China on his sides to make Iran to accept the zionist position and give up.

    Iran is NOT in a weak position compare to few years ago and is firmed with its demands which is nothing but removal of All illegal sanctions that Russia voted for some of them to gain CONCESSIONS from the west.
    China, strongly supports Iran’s position in vienna, removal of ALL illegal sanctions including sanctions put in place by Trump against Iran on Netanyahu’s instructions where now the mafia thinks it was a BAD policy and they want the same deal but ‘longer and stronger’ against Iran, not giving even guarantees. This is NOT acceptable.
    Iran is concerned with Russian alliance with Israel in the region, where Russia allows Israel to bomb Syria on a daily basis and is silent against Israel spying on Iranian northern borders in the FAKE republic of Baku.
    Israel knows that they can rely on Russians’ supports against Iran and Arabs including Palestinians. Putin wants to play his cards in the Middle East and Central Asia without much obstacles where guarantees Russian upper hands and ignore Iranian interests, but Putin knows very well that without Iran’s agreement he cannot gain much, therefore, Putin is playing Israel against Iran in the middle east and Turkey in the central Asia and South Caucasus to strengthen his own hands.
    In the case of the South Caucasus, Russia’s influence has diminished because countries like republic of Baku and its ally Turkey and the influence of China. Putin is using Turkey in order to maintain its influence. But China has the most influence in the region not Russia.
    In the spring of 2016, when a series of clashes broke out again between Baku and Yerevan, Iran offered to mediate, and Russia tried to block its success by silencing Iran’s offer so that it could take over and to deny Iran success.

    Russia is Israel’s ally where Putin like Biden or the western colonies is devoted to ‘Israel’s security’ and recognizes ‘Israel has rights to defends itself’ if that means terrorist acts against Iranians or Palestinians or Arabs.
    The Russian Deputy Ambassador to Israel Leonid Frolov in 2018 said:
    “In the case of aggression against Israel, not only will the United States stand by Israel’s side — Russia, too, will be on Israel’s side,” he continued:
    “One can accuse the Iranians of many things, but they’re not stupid,” he went on. “They know what would happen if they sent a drone over to Israel. No one doubts that Israel has the capability to defeat Iranian military forces in Syria.

    Why Frolov does not say the same for Iran? Why is Putin silent on Israelis aggression, terrorism and assassinations of hundreds of people including the nuclear scientists and the father of the Iranian missile design program, Hassan Tehrani Moghaddam, who was assassinated along with many other Iranian engineer team in Iran by Mossad, with green blessing from the terrorists in Washington. What Russia and US did against Israel’s terrorism? Nothing. Because Russia is with Israel on the same page when it comes to the Iran nuclear program.
    Putin wants Iran to be dependent on Russia for fuel, where Iran refuses. Iran has every single right to enrich at home because contrary to apartheid entity, Iran is signatory to NPT
    like Russia and, contrary to zionist entity, has been under severe inspection regime for DECADES. Why Russia does not push the Zionists to open up their bomb making industry? An entity where has violated every single international law and has committed terrorism numerous times.
    “if Russia gives Israel the green light for those attacks, Frolov replied, “I don’t think that Israel is the type of country that takes instructions or waits for green light from anyone.
    oh, really. Why is that coward?
    We certainly support Israel’s right to defend itself, and the actions of Israeli pilots were entirely correct,” he said of Saturday’s flareup in the north, during which an Israeli fighter jet was shot down by a Syrian anti-aircraft battery and two pilots were injured.

    “Israel’s demand that Iran not be allowed to establish a strong military presence in Syria is “absolutely legitimate,” Frolov said.
    The Israel – Russian cooperation best is explained by the Israelis in the following video.

    • Replies: @Badger Down
  69. Anonymous[135] • Disclaimer says:

    Political reasons, LOL, in other words Russia’s just as Jew-controlled as the US.

  70. TKK says:

    My GF and I were eating a late dinner the other night and unfortunately, she wanted to watch Diners. Drive-Ins and Dives.

    I did a little test and counted the number of black people in the commercials.

    9 out of 10 commercials had black people in them, and 6 out of the 9 showed interracial couples.

    But this is where it is more sinister.

    Every incident of normal white man in a commercial – the white man is shown as a bumbling, stumbling idiot.

    Outsmarted by a Gingerbread man. Having deep conversations with an emu. Being emasculated by a mixed race child.

    I have now accepted that Jews are pushing the white destruction….there is simply too much evidence to deny it…..but who are the whites going along with this campaign of white demise?

    And, the disgusting number of blacks now with these big, dirty afros. That does not make me want to buy a product. It makes me want to retch.

    Hair that could house a small mammal and its food stores is not sexy.

    • Agree: HdC
    • Replies: @Fuzzbunny
    , @john cronk
  71. @Maddaugh

    I am in complete concert with your reasoning but I want to highlight one unique feature…

    “This is not Jailall Singh;s driving school where you get your licence in 10 easy lessons.”


    • Replies: @Maddaugh
  72. @Montmorency

    Not entirely sure about that. But anyway they’ve gotta stay in the game and not get WWIII’d before that happens…

  73. @Notsofast

    Russia is an IMPEDIMENT to Apartheid Israhell’s design for the MidEast.

    Without Russia, ASSAD would be long gone and IRAN would have been bombed to oblivion, and Greater Isra-h-e-l-l would have been fulfilled and ruling over the MidEast.

    In other words, Russophobia is simply PAYBACK by Israhell’s minions scattered throughout the USG and the media.

    • Replies: @nadim
  74. Fuzzbunny says:

    Amazing how they find some white to allow himself to made to look a fool and stand corrected.

  75. Maddaugh says:
    @Chinaman's Nightmare

    Yeah ! It look like every driving school is owned by a Babu. I swear they also have the driver examiners in their pockets. A quick survey of taxi drivers in the US turned up some startling facts.Most are coolies and are more dangerous than the Terminator in a car chase.. but I digress.

    A colleague in the South African Army told me that they were training some woman on an anti aircraft gun, she did something wrong and blew away and severely injured a whole section. In another drama, some douche bag tank driver in SA lost control of his machine and sent the Niggers on the reviewing stand fleeing as his tank crushed everything in its path.

    This is what happens when you put untrained people to run these highly sophisticated systems.

    It takes one year to be proficient in any tank crew position (driver, gunner etc). Of course the tank commander himself must be skilled in all functions.

    To think that the US might send heavy tanks to Ukraine given that the US assessment of a Russian attack is January 2022 is sheer madness. Sorry correction …….is sheer bull !

    However, this is what MSM is selling and who am I to say otherwise ?

    • Replies: @Chinaman's Nightmare
  76. @UncommonGround

    Not a geo-political genius are you?

    You really think Ukraine is obtaining modern weapons. Modern as in Zinzhal, Sarmat and Avangard which are weapons Ukraine would need against Russia because the standing, demoralised 200,000?

    Drunks stuck in trenches for the last year or so will hardly be enough to stop any form of Russian movement in Ukraine.

    As for Russia, there is no need to invade anybody as she watches from afar the disintigration of Ukraine and the western alliances.

  77. @Ross23

    Disagree and not many here are missing the point but there are ongoing Russian objectives here.

    Russia would really like to have the two republics as well as Zaporozhye, Kharkiv, Odessa and the oblasts between, because that is where the industrial areas of Ukraine are situated. Full access to the port of Odessa and significant land access to Crimea would remedy the Black Sea a Russian backyard pool as if it isn’t already.

    But of course, these inevitable acquisitions will take a little time. They will fall into Russia’s fold as Ukraine disolves from within. It could happen faster and Ukraine could make that fatal mistake but even as I hope they do, I doubt they will.

    As for Ukraine telling the two republics to fuck off, the red line has been drawn and any attempt by the US or anybody else to place strategic weapons in Ukraine will trigger the war. You have not been paying attention.

  78. Y’all crack me up!

    Bunch of racist Jews in Washington DC running around pretending to be pissed at Russia or China. They all fuckin work for Russia and China!

    Israel is merely a sometimes useful Soviet colony that can dress up for whatever geopolitical drag show they got. While Ukraine desperately wants to get on the Drag Stage to perform a shakedown hustle too ..

    This is all so boring. Same as it ever was.

  79. @Z-man

    I like your idea but would rather the new border be along the Dnipro River at least through Zaporozhye. Then NATO could put as many weapons in Lviv as they like. It is no different to placing them in Romania and just as easily extinguished.

    • Replies: @Z-man
  80. @Z-man

    The adjustment could be “unofficial”: Russia lets the border become completely porous, while Donetsk and Luhansk seal off the border with Ukraine.

    • Agree: Z-man
  81. anonymous[313] • Disclaimer says:

    IF Putin doesnt take Ukraine NOW..Russia will always suffer an existencial threat to its security always…Putin MUST take Ukraine Now…On the other hand USA Sanctions will be lmited inits effects…USA has the Corporate/tech power to in term of energy sources to make its weight the best tool of USA/Nato power…

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  82. @Maddaugh

    The population here is business as usual. Except for the mask wearing in supermarkets the rest is horseshit

    • Replies: @Maddaugh
  83. “The aide said that guys like me were ‘in what we call the reality-based community,’ which he defined as people who ‘believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality.’ I nodded and murmured something about enlightenment principles and empiricism. He cut me off. ‘That’s not the way the world really works anymore,’ he continued. ‘We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality— judiciously, as you will—we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors… and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.’”Ron Suskind interviewing Karl Rove

    • Replies: @Smashed Squash
  84. @Erzberger

    The answer is simple. Europe can and should recognise that the US is not its friend. It can admit that Iran, Russia, and China are on the same landmass as Europe. It can favour its neighbours above its distant (US) cousins.

    The result: a friendlier Eurasia, agreement capability, win-win trade, cheaper gas, and a far away quacking sound as the USers choke on it.

    • Replies: @Erzberger
  85. Pontius says:

    A Ukrainian temp at work claims Russian and Ukrainian soldiers are drinking together in their off hours.

    • Replies: @Maddaugh
  86. @Maddaugh

    Small point. Though its highly improbable that a planned military confrontation will actually occur; should that happen it is not highly probable that “the Russians would drive straight on to the capital”. While you make a number of excellent points, most probably they would avoid Kiev like the plague–in large part because it has become a psychologically plague-ridden pesthole.

    Also probable to be avoided would be the province of Galicia, where most of those Neo-Nazi, fascist types originate. Those particular Ukies had been highly Westernized, even to the point of abandoning their Orthodox faith while maintaining some of its rituals in their adoption of what has come to be called the Uniate element in the overalls of “Holy Mother Church”. In a word: Romanized. They were under the Jagellonian Lithuanian-Polish dynasty for decades and then fell under the thoroughly Romanized Hapsburgs in their Austro-Hungarian empire. They are no longer a part of the eastern Slavic people due to all of the above.

    Though I would tend to be somewhat doubtful over the following scenario, the logical moves would be to take the natural port city for the Donbass, Mariupol to the south, Kharkov to the north and just possibly envelop Odessa and move right up to the Moldovian border to the southwest.

    Ultimately, Kiev, Poltava and other Orthodox areas would beg to reunite with Mama Bear and once again become Russian. After all, when the Swedish Varangians founded Kiev, those merchant adventurers were known as the “Rus”—thus Russia essentially began in Ukraine’s capital city. Muscovy only became Russianized during the Mongol takeover of the steppe lands. And those semi-free Russians paid a yearly tribute to the Khans.

  87. nadim says:
    @Doug Ryler

    No child is here to believe your comment full of lies.

    Iran is the country in the region to stands against the aggressors and is opposed to ‘greater isreal’ not putin. Putin is trying to be given a task by the West and be recognized as ‘equal’ where never gets it. Iran has changed the equations in the region. Putin is serving the equation to be recognized as ‘equal’.

    That’s why you see SO MUCH fears of Iran among the Zionist mass murderers and its allies where wetting heir pans every night and begging the impotent and criminal US to attack Iran FOR them, a country that has been pushed out of Afghanistan, a poor country with 39M population and Rudimentary weapons and soon from the Middle East. The New Middle East designed by US/Israel killing 3000 Americans on 9/11 to start the journey – 7 countries in 5 years, to erect ‘greater Israel’ has gone into a garbage bin because of the axis of Resistance, NOT Russia.
    I know it is difficult to swallow baby, but that is the reality. Iranians have suffered a lot and waited long to come out of their military weaknesses, all designed and produced by the Iranian educated in Iran, not abroad, and produced inside the country, to help themselves and their allies.

  88. Other than perhaps Ukranian-Americans, can’t think of anyone who gives two shits about Russia/Ukraine.

    We have so many problems right here at home and 90% of them are government-caused. Putin probably believes–as we do–Fraudsident Diapers isn’t legit and never was.

    • Replies: @Showmethereal
  89. American Jews, who once larped as anti-war ‘liberals’ aghast at the Military-Industrial Complex with movies like DR. STRANGELOVE, FAIL SAFE, and SEVEN DAYS IN MAY, are now going all in with their media power and deep state goons to stir up truly insane war hysteria against Russia.

    Why? Is it because Russia still has a globalist ideology of world conquest? No, simply because Russia said no to Jewish supremacism and globo-homo, and because it wants to secure its borders by keeping the US war machine of NATO out of Ukraine.

    Of course, Jews around Biden could be doing this not so much to start a world war but to increase tensions in Ukraine to such fever pitch that Western Europe will be forced to junk the Nordstream deal.

    Unless Jewish Power is called out, nothing will change. Bunch of cucks among Democrats and GOP are pushing the same old garbage to appease the Zion King.

    P.S. People need to stop talking of Biden as if he has the power. They should talk of Jews-around-Biden or JAB. Yeah, JAB is what rules the West.

    • Replies: @Presocratic
    , @Presocratic
  90. @nadim

    Rabid zioprop! That vid is junk.

    • Replies: @nadim
  91. @Maddaugh

    “Most are coolies and are more dangerous than the Terminator in a car chase.”

    Jailall Singh Coolie … that’s a real Poonjabi mensch!

  92. Maddaugh says:
    @Emerging Majority

    I dont disagree with anything you say. There are all sorts of scenarios because war absorbs and expels many variables, seen and unseen, reacted to and ignored some with clear logic and some with mind boggling and inappropriate emotion and utter stupidity.

    So for one example, assuming Kiev attacks, Russia may be satisfied to pinch off the assault and destroy the attackers in a giant encirclement. If Russia initiates the attack it might be satisfied to pinch off the Ukrainian trench system and root out the occupants.

    Lets assume for a moment that a drive to Kiev would be unwise. Putin may think you know that he has endured enough and head for the capital to teach the cretins some lessons.

    1. I can defeat your forces and come for YOU
    2. Despite all the US assurances I want to demonstrate that once again America is an unreliable friend.
    3. The US aint going to come to your aid Tovarich
    4. Well, I, Putin has made my move now NATO, what are you going to do ? Oh, nothing but talk !!

    I do not know. I just wanted to outline in broad terms why war with the US is remote and war with the Ukraine, while possible is highly unlikely to happen.

    What other tactical and strategic considerations the Russian General Staff choose to incorporate in their plans, if implemented, is left to be seen, that is, if anything happens at all. These subtleties,not so subtle and outright hammer blows have probably been endlessly discussed, amended, added to,deleted and reviewed time and again with map exercises.

    The only certainty for us mortals is to wait and see or to be left wondering and speculating. Only God and Putin know and neither are talking LOL

    • Replies: @Drapetomaniac
  93. Maddaugh says:

    You know I would not be in the least surprised.

  94. Maddaugh says:
    @Ukraine Tiger

    Thanks for the reply. This is what I hear from friends in the Ukraine but you know there is always suspicion on my part that they dont want to alarm others.

    However, Ukranians here with family there tell the the whole thing is yet another farce.

    Now yours is yet another confirmation that once again its the jack off hour with the US MSM.

    • Agree: Ukraine Tiger
  95. Anonymous[917] • Disclaimer says:

    “In any case, negotiations might be the most reasonable option for us in Europe and for Russia.”

    My feeling is that the US and its puppet in Ukraine are not in the mood of negotiating anything right now. Lavrov knows that and Putin won’t respond to that kind of provocation and he won’t start a war. The Europeans will loose good business opportunities with Russia and Asia and they will likely suffer economically since the US has nothing to offer to Europe that will compensate for the economic stagnation that Europeans will experience. The economic situation in Turkey is just an example of what can happen in Europe.

  96. Seraphim says:
    @Emerging Majority

    There is a nuance regarding the beginning of Russia. It essentially began at Novgorod as the Primary Chronicle states:
    ”In the year 6360 (852), the fifteenth of the indiction/6 at the accession of the Emperor Michael, the land of Rus’ was first named. We have determined this date from the fact that in the reign of this Emperor Russes attacked Tsar’grad, as is written in the Greek Chronicle. Hence we shall begin at this point and record the dates”…
    ”6367 (859). The Varangians from beyond the sea imposed tribute upon the Chuds, the Slavians, the Merians, the Ves’, and the Krivichians. But the Khazars imposed it upon the Polyanians, the Severians, and the Vyatichians, and collected a white squirrel-skin from each hearth.
    6368-6370 (860-862). The tributaries of the Varangians drove them back beyond the sea and, refusing them further tribute, set out to govern themselves. There was no law among them, but tribe rose against tribe. Discord thus ensued among them, and they began to war one against another. They said to themselves, “Let us seek a prince who may rule over us and judge us according to the Law.” They accordingly went overseas to the Varangian Russes: these particular Varangians were known as Russes, just as some are called Swedes, and others Normans, English, and Gotlanders, for they were thus named. The Chuds, the Slavians, the Krivichians, and the Ves’ then said to the people of Rus’, “Our land is great and rich, but there is no order in it. Come to rule and reign over us.” They thus selected three brothers, with their kinsfolk, who took with them all the Russes and migrated. The oldest, Rurik, located himself in Novgorod; the second, Sineus, at Beloozero; and the third, Truvor, in Izborsk. On account of these Varangians, the district of Novgorod became known as the land of Rus’. The present inhabitants of Novgorod are descended from the Varangian race, but aforetime they were Slavians…
    After two years, Sineus and his brother Truvor died, and Rurik assumed the sole authority. He assigned cities to his followers, Polotsk to one, Rostov to another, and to another Beloozero. In these cities there are thus Varangian colonists, but the first settlers were, in Novgorod, Slavs; in Polotsk, Krivichians; at Beloozero, Ves’, in Rostov, Merians; and in Murom, Muromians. Rurik had dominion over all these districts.
    With Rurik there were two men who did not belong to his kin, but were boyars. They obtained permission to go to Tsar’grad with their families. They thus sailed down the Dnieper, and in the course of their journey they saw a small city on a hill. Upon their inquiry as to whose town it was, they were informed that three brothers, Kiy, Shchek, and Khoriv, had once built the city, but that since their deaths, their descendants were living there as tributaries of the Khazars.
    Askold and Dir remained in the city, and after gathering together many Varangians, they established their dominion over the country of the Polyanians at the same time that Rurik was ruling at Novgorod”…
    6378-6387 (870-879). On his deathbed, Rurik bequeathed his realm to Oleg, who belonged to his kin, and entrusted to Oleg’s hands his son Igor’, for he was very young.
    6388-6390 (880-882). Oleg set forth, taking with him many warriors from among the Varangians, the Chuds, the Slavians, the Merians and all the Krivichians…. He then came to the hills of Kiev, and saw how Askold and Dir reigned there…. Oleg said to Askold and Dir, “You are not princes nor even of princely stock, but I am of princely birth.” Igor’ was then brought forward, and Oleg announced
    that he was the son of Rurik. They killed Askold and Dir, and after carrying them to the hill, they buried them there… Oleg set himself up as prince in Kiev, and declared that it should be the mother of Russian cities. The Varangians, Slavians, and others who accompanied him, were called Russes. Oleg began to build stockaded towns, and imposed tribute on the Slavians, the Krivichians, and the Merians…”

    • Thanks: GMC, Emerging Majority
  97. @anonymous

    It could be the US is provoking tough action on part of Russia mainly to undermine the Nordstream deal.

    “Look, Russia is the aggressor! How can you EU nations deal with Russia!!”

    In the end, whether Russia attacks Ukraine is of secondary importance.

    What can finally start the healing is to NAME THE JEWISH POWER behind the US that controls EU as its puppet and whore.

    Unless Jewish Power is named, this madness will go on.

    For example, consider how Jewish-run US blames China of ‘genocide’ against Uighurs but China doesn’t blame US for sponsoring ‘genocide’ in West Bank. Jews are arrogant toward China, but China is afraid of Jews.

    This fear must be overcome. US is no longer US. It’s just one big aircraft carrier for the Zionic Mafia.

    • Agree: Robjil
    • Replies: @Seraphim
    , @Drapetomaniac
  98. nadim says:
    @Badger Down

    Are you saying the Israelis do not what kind of relations have with Putin and Russia?

  99. ricpic says:

    Where does Germany stand in all of this? It has to have a significant voice in what NATO does or doesn’t do even if the United States “runs” NATO. It seems to me Germany has a vital interest going forward in maintaining an amicable relationship with Russia.

    • Replies: @Drapetomaniac
  100. @flyingputer

    Creating chaos is not same as creating new reality. Rove only knows destabilization. If he hasn’t already, he will eventually create a profound ultra-reality where his security guard or doctor kills him. For cause.

    Fake tough guys like Rove throw around douchebag jargon to some effect. But only on the affected.

    • Replies: @flyingputer
  101. Avery says:

    { Azerbaidjan got modern weapons and defeated easily Armenia}
    { The Ukraine might want to follow the path of Azerbaidjan.}

    You have no clue what happened in the September 2020 war.
    Don’t bloviate about something you know nothing about.
    This is not the forum, so I won’t elaborate in detail here: I have detailed the many reasons why Armenians of Artsakh lost so badly to Turks in other threads.

    For example, how many of you ignoramuses know that the ground spearheads fighting Armenians of Artsakh were Turk special forces? Not so-called “Azeris”. How may of you ignoramuses know that Turkish drones were controlled entirely by Turkish military and the Israeli drones were controlled entirely by Israeli specialists in Azerbaijan during the war?

    In any case the “high tech” was successful against Armenians of Artsakh because….the Pashinyan SorosaGang had refused to get modern anti-air, anti-drone systems that Russia had readied. The whole debacle was planned by the treasonous Sorosa agents that had infiltrated the Governments of Republic of Armenia and Artsakh.

    Russia is not Armenia.
    Russia’s military has the technology to defeat the allegedly “invincible” Bayraktar TB2 drones that Ukraine has purchased. And any other crap that UkroNazis will get their hands on.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  102. Seraphim says:
    @Priss Factor

    China is not afraid of the Americans and you think it would be afraid of Jews?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  103. @Maddaugh

    Russia doesn’t have to do much except wait for the US and Europe to have their Thelma and Louise moment.

    • Replies: @Maddaugh
  104. Anonymous[199] • Disclaimer says:

    Jesus, you’re delusional. Doesn’t matter if it was Turkish special forces or native Azeris, Armenia suffered a major, humiliating defeat, and your Russian “ally” (whose ass you pathetically kiss here constantly) did jack shit. Now, Russia has major instability across its southern and western borders, all because of Putin’s lack of strategic nerve. But yeah, “Nazis”, “Great Patriotic War”, and all that rubbish. Just clueless.

    • Replies: @Avery
  105. @Priss Factor

    The Organ Grinder’s monkey is not capable of outing the Organ Grinder.

  106. @ricpic

    Germany has been intellectually and morally castrated.

    Not to worry, so has the rest of the West.

  107. @Priss Factor

    American Jews, who once larped as anti-war ‘liberals’ aghast at the Military-Industrial Complex with movies like DR. STRANGELOVE, FAIL SAFE, and SEVEN DAYS IN MAY, are now going all in with their media power and deep state goons to stir up truly insane war hysteria against Russia.

    Why? Is it because Russia still has a globalist ideology of world conquest? No, simply because Russia said no to Jewish supremacism and globo-homo, and because it wants to secure its borders by keeping the US war machine of NATO out of Ukraine.

    The hatred of Russia by Jewish elites is also geopolitical, driven by Russia’s alliances with Syria and Iran, whom Israel regards as its worst enemies.

  108. Some say Ukraine isn’t part of US national interest but that’s to miss the point. US has no national interest of any kind as it’s a global entity ruled by World Jewry. As the metropole of World Jewry, the role of US is to serve global interests(not talk of national interests), and Ukraine is part of Jewish imperial ambition that eventually leads to taking over Russia, a vast territory that Jews regard as a world of drunken slavs who should serve Jews. After all, if Jews conquered and soul-enslaved the great Anglos, who the hell are lowly backward Slavs to say NO to Jewish Power? Of course, Angluck dogs serve Jewish power in the War on Russia.

    If US had national interests, it would have strong borders. Rather, US border policy is much like its imperial policy. Non-white masses can invade US borders, and US can invade across borders all over the world with military bases all over, even where they are not invited, like Syria.

    Jews rule the US, and their agenda is ‘hey non-whites, come across US borders and replace whites’, and ‘white cuck soldiers, go overseas and violate the borders of other nations to spread Jewish globo-homo hegemony’. No national interest. Just Imperial Interest as devised by Jewish Globalist Supremacists.

    • Agree: Arthur MacBride, Robjil
  109. @Priss Factor

    And I don’t think you can discount the influence of the large corporate arms makers and other defense contractors on the Russia-hating phenomenon. Hatred of Russia has been very good for the defense business since the end of WW II. The industry is very good at buying influence in Washington and getting the politicians and retired generals to propagandize about the Russian “threat.” I don’t see this racket as specifically or even mostly Jewish on either the defense industry side or the political side, however.

  110. @Z-man

    I prefer to think off it as self preservation

  111. @Emerging Majority

    Odessa, that Mecca for great musicians, really MUST be liberated from the Ukronazi orcs.

  112. @Curmudgeon

    Well, ‘quisling’ has become a synonym for traitor. What would you call Yeltsin?

  113. @Cohen

    Putin is sane. Being in the Zionazis’ bad books invites plenty of trouble, plus makes the Zionazis even more unpredictable than ever. They can and gladly would destroy this ‘Jew-hating world’ in a nuclear ‘Samson Option’.

    • Replies: @traducteur
  114. Ukraine is being built as an inversed version of Iran. If Russia invades Ukraine, Israel will have justification to invade Iran. All this talk in the press how Israeli officials tell their US counterparts that they will not be bound by US policy and retain freedom of action is just smoke. The US is fully on board with Israel attacking Iran and would gladly support it. BUT, what is always omitted is who does not allow that to happen. Yes, this is Russia. That is the problem and root cause of what we are seeing in Central Europe.

    Then, the US can not promise in writing anything that is legally binding, because there is no court to hold them accountable, and Mr. Putin knows it. Say, they promise not to position nuclear weapons in Ukraine, but then send some, and then some more. What is Russia going to do? Sue the US?

    The third thing: there’s no need for a formal membership of Ukraine in NATO. The so-called Arab NATO is not constituted on paper, but has been functional for 10+ years, with Israeli participation, and made several wars in the Middle East and North Africa. The Israeli-US-UK-Sunni Arab partners are revisionists in terms of international law, and don’t see ANY need for them to do anything official, on paper, by the rules, plain and honest, published in the press, etc. In this respect, Ukraine is similar to Afghanistan – another black hole. There are private mercenaries, special forces, third party forces, CIA & co. agents, etc. They could smuggle in any equipment they feel necessary. And Russia is then dragged in in a reaction trap.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  115. @Smashed Squash

    The goal, his goal is the jewish utopia. 2800 slaves for every jew. eretz yisrael.
    Destabilization is required before rebuilding. We allow this by our continued use of money, obedience to written law and demand to be insured. All markers of fearful childhood.

  116. Anonymous[317] • Disclaimer says:

    China IS afraid of the Americans, precisely because its afraid of the Jews. Wise up.

  117. Anonymous[317] • Disclaimer says:
    @strategic instability

    Israel could have had war with Iran literally years ago, if they wanted. They could have carried out a false flag on American soil or simply launched air strikes against Iran, their American attack dog would have come to their rescue. The fact that they haven’t done this suggests they understand how disastrous such a war would be for International Jewry. I don’t entirely know what’s going on with all of this (it’s quite possible the global oligarchs don’t know either), but all of this saber-rattling is just that: bluster.

  118. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    I wouldn’t take that stuff about the ‘Samson option’ too seriously if I were you. The Zios are self-important braggarts, but in fact they are incompetent serial bunglers. My guess is that their nuclear weapons wouldn’t explode, even if they didn’t all miss their targets. Can and would destroy the world? Fortunately, not a chance. Machine-gunning children is about the best they can do.

    • Replies: @The Oracle
    , @Dave Bowman
  119. Putin vs Biden. Real man vs effete career politician. Shrewd patriot doing what’s best for his country vs. an embarrassing lapdog of the Zio-GloboHomo-Green agenda doing everything he can to harm his country.

    I know who I support. Change my mind, libs and FBI watchdogs here.

    • Replies: @anon
  120. @Notsofast

    Yup… Its the same issue with Iran and the JCPOA. Why on earth would anyone think Iran would trust the US again??? Unless another Yeltsin rises up – I doubt any Russians in this or the next generation would trust anything the US says (which we know really sets the NATO agenda).

  121. Erzberger says:
    @Badger Down

    Sorry, but the fact that people on the same landmass are more likely to be your friend than distant cousins is not part of the German, or for that matter, the Persian/Iranian experience. Sure, Russia has presumably a more vital interest in not turning their backyard (Europe) into a smouldering ruin full of rotting corpses than the US. Call it Stockholm syndrome or whatever, many people in Germany and Europe still prefer the distant cousins, whether you or I agree with it or not

  122. anon[377] • Disclaimer says:

    Putin is also a Zionist stooge. The Russia fanboys on here are in denial, there is no nation on earth that is not controlled by ((them)), with the possible exceptions of iran and north korea, and its quite possible that despite sanctions and public hostility, those two are also secretly controlled by the ratfaced kikes.

  123. Maddaugh says:

    Russia doesn’t have to do much except wait for the US and Europe to have their Thelma and Louise moment.

    Well you are right but I think they have already done the Thelma and Louise jump.

    I just read on that our fearless leader Biden has stated there will be no US combat troops sent to Ukraine and that the US has no obligation to defend them. I also note that suddenly its not 175,000 Russian troops on the Border but 100,000.

    I guess the “Killer” and the “Man with no Soul” wins again LMAO. Vlad has the lot of them by the balls. Maybe one day in a fit of generosity he will give them back.

    Now, what will tomorrow’s drama be ?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  124. Avis says:

    What Putin really told Biden:

    “Well dude, you talk like a fag & your shit’s all fucked up.”

    • Replies: @Automatic Slim
  125. @UncommonGround

    Russia has modern weapons and a well run military. Armenia did not. Russia would crush the Zio Nazi Uku government in 48 hours or less.

    Then Russia will install a Russia friendly government in Ukraine with the support of the Ukrainian people.

    Russia will then expel the racist supremacist Jewish Zio oligarchs who have robbed and raped Ukraine since the end of the Soviet Union. Then Chinese and Russian investment will flood into Ukraine rebuilding the economy.

    Russia will also sign treaty with Ukraine to keep Ukraine in the Russian military and economic sphere forever with large Russian military bases on the Uku Zio NATO border forever with Russia and Ukraine jointly patrolling the Ukraine Zio empire border forever. The Ukraine will be administered by a pro-Russian government not by Russia. Russian troops will only be on the border of Zio NATO.

    This will ensure there will never be another Zio Nazi coup in Ukraine ever again.

    • Agree: Ukraine Tiger
    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  126. @traducteur

    Yes, exactly the Dimona nuclear reactor is Iran’s and Hezbollah’s nuclear weapon against Israel. They don’t need any other nuclear weapons.

    If they destroy Dimona Israel will be un-inhabitable for decades. Just look at Chernobyl and Fukushima.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  127. @Avis

    And Biden replied “Thank you sir, may I have another?”

  128. The discussion began this way; Oh, Joe your corporations have done so well in Afghanistan! what a fortune was made just on armaments alone! and so clever an idea to guarantee prolonged and endless turmoil in the wake, by leaving all that battlefield materiel behind! It was almost as good as that helicopter money idea, dropping pallets of one hundred dollar bills to be used for terror and opium
    exchanges. What new levels of treachery to outdo the Brits and their dope scheme to keep China numbed up (both laugh)…Yep Puttie baby it’s been great! but now to more MIC business. Our bedrock corporations (the big five military) want to financialize shame and defeat for profit-again! but with new heights. Here’s the plot, you or I will start something in Donbass, your EW, superior to ours, will take out key satellites and a few heavily armed companies stationed at the border, meanwhile the stock market will go crazy with speculation as our ground forces retreat in shame. Don’t you see Puttie, it’s a novel idea to expand the possibility of future space wars by funneling more money in satellite protection, you know, introducing space station platforms to protect a whole upgraded line of spy satellites…Hummmm, Ya know Joe, you’ve taken a guise of a capitalism and brought astonishing profits to the military hardware oligarchs. But a word of caution Joe, you can’t squeeze anymore blood from your proles, who have witnessed mass migrations of homeless, rusting bridges and lack of minimum levels of social services(s) and overseas tax evasions running in the trillions of dollars. Joe responds, Well perhaps another bug will suddenly appear and we’ll blame Xi, again, leaving you out of the blame game completely, agreed? Dog gonnit Joe, you’ve got some real help over there to keep the WH , not to mention your economy, running. it’s a deal!

    Just a reminder Unz readers, that during the height of the cold war, Old man Rockefeller had his own private landing strip at an airport in Moscow, where large crowds would cheer him on arrival !

  129. nadim says:

    The US and its colonies have gathered in Vienna to restore the JCPOA to serve the interest of an apartheid regime, Israel. Biden is feeling pressure from Congress and from Israel to put more pressure on Iranians to squeeze more concessions to strengthen the hands of the baby killers in occupied Palestine by demanding a JCPOA but “longer and stronger’ to give the zionist the desired PLEASURE.
    Earlier this week, in an interview with Danny Cintrinowicz, who headed the Iran branch of the Israeli Military Intelligence’s Research and Analysis Division from 2013 to 2016, he called Israel’s policy on Iran is a failure, explaining that Israel pushed the US to leave the agreement when there are no other options.”
    On the other hand, Major General Isaac Ben Israel who played a key role in Israel’s attack on Iraq’s nuclear reactor in 1980s joined a growing crowd emerging from the Israeli security establishment that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s obsessive opposition to the Iran nuclear deal has worsened Israel’s security.
    This condemnation of the policy leaving JCPOA is not limited to the Israeli security apparatus, but others came out to express their frustration because Trump exit from the deal did not bring them the FRUIT they want, thus they are complaining now and are nervous. That’s why so many zionists using their worthless twitter page and other form of media to threaten Iran with military action if Iran does not give in.
    The latest zionist who came out of his cave was NYT columnist Thomas Friedman declared that “President Donald Trump’s decision to tear up the Iran nuclear deal in 2018 …was one of the dumbest, most poorly thought out and counterproductive U.S. national security decisions of the post-Cold War era.”
    Trump who violated UN and international laws to transfer the stolen lands to apartheid regime, is defending himself. He address Netanyahu who thinks betrayed him after so much he did for him and Israel as Fuck You.Trump told Israeli journalist Barak Ravid during an April interview which was published by Axios Friday.
    [There was no one who did for Israel more than I did. And the first person to run to greet Joe Biden was Netanyahu. And not only did he congratulate him — he did it in a video. If you look at the leaders of other countries — like Brazil — he waited months. Putin. Many other leaders. Mexico.]

    “I haven’t spoken to him since. Fuck him,” Trump was quoted as saying.

    He also emphasized what he called the Golan Heights deal: “Some said the gift (to Netanyahu) was worth $ 10 billion.” I did this before the election and it helped him a lot.
    Now, the zionists are desperate because Trump exit from JCPOA and policy of ‘maximum pressure’ on Iran designed by Netanyahu and pushed on an illiterate ‘president’, did not brought them the desired results. Therefore, they are pushing Biden to give Israel another favor by attacking Iran, the last resort to erect ‘Greater Israel’. They won’t get it.
    Even Trump, zionist stooge, thinks that without so many favors that he had given them, the apartheid state would have not been able to survive.
    He said:
    “I think Israel would have been destroyed maybe by now,” said Trump in reference to his decision to leave the 2015 Iran nuclear deal that Israel so vehemently opposed.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  130. Che Guava says:
    @Che Guava

    Interesting that you disagree with a statement where you have no knowledge and no refutation.

    As a more conscious person, I never do that.

  131. Anonymous[296] • Disclaimer says:

    Yes, too funny:

    Basically, after all this drama, nothing happened. Big shocker. Ultimately, as with Iran, the Americans are just trying to keep the sanctions game going, that’s about all they can do at this stage. When they can manufacture a reason to apply them against China, they will. But there will be no war, hypersonic fantasies aside.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  132. @Sick of Orcs

    But that is the reason the mainstream media pumps out so many foreign “threats” against US i terest with the buzzwords “freedom” and “values” and “democracy”. It distracts Americans from the fact the blowhard politicians do nothing to really solve healthcare and education and lack of modern infrastructure and drug abuse and crime. That and the NFL.

  133. @Curmudgeon

    Yeltsin was the biggest buffoon, ever to serve in politics. If he were an American politician, he would be the perfect example of a useless swamp politician, some what like Biden, only worthy of being removed from office.

  134. @nadim

    The behaviour of Zionazistan over decades, its barbarity in brutally pressing the Palestinians while periodically murdering hundreds of them in the most cowardly manner, torturing tens of thousands of them, including children, destroying their homes by the thousands, imprisoning millions in the Gaza concentration camp, murdering their leaders by the hundreds, stealing their land, water and olive trees, killing their animals and slandering them throughout the Western Zionazi-controlled MSM hate-machine, and the West’s almost complete silence, and, latterly, increasing collaboration in these crimes against humanity puts the lie to Western protestations of concern for the Uighurs. A lie that Big is really worthy of the Big Lie’s father, Adolph Hitler.

    • Replies: @nadim
  135. @The Oracle

    Yes, but Lebanon, Palestine and Egypt and Jordan in part, and who knows who else, will be sorely afflicted. The Zionazis would gladly do it (they did to the reactor in Iraq in 1981)but the Iranians are more humane than that.

  136. @The Oracle

    No, no-any of the parasite scum that they can get their hands on must face trial. That includes the scum from the Western emigre’ communities, hereditary fascists who have infested Ukraine since 1991. But, for pity’s sake, DON’T send them back here. Siberia needs settling, I believe.

  137. Yee says:
    @Emerging Majority

    The entire China thing was set up by the Rottenfeller’s prime agent, Heinrich Kissinger,
    THAT was the foundation for the gradual switch of Red China to state sponsored capitalism AND the denuding of America’s industrial base,

    Industrial Revolution started in England and spreaded to France, Germany and later spreaded to the US, Japan, then further to Southeast Asia, lastly arrived in China. Industries came into China from other Asian countries, not from the USA. It will continue to the rest of the world, with or without Kissinger in the process…

    See the world for what really happened. Filling yourself with hatred of other people wouldn’t solve any problem.

    • Agree: showmethereal
  138. nadim says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    […increasing collaboration in these crimes against humanity puts the lie to Western protestations of concern for the Uighurs.]

    This is a joke. One of the propaganda tool of the west is ‘Tribunal’ making. First, there was ‘Iran tribunal’ to spread hatred against Iran using his servants such as Sir Geoffrey Nice, Q.C, the Machiavellian British barrister, Hamid Sabi, an Iranian Jew who became resident and citizen of UK, and Payam Akhavan an Iranian jew who became a Bahia, left Iran at the age of nine, 46 years ago who became citizen of Canada and is living there since.
    Second, the propagandists formed “Uyghur Tribunal” to spread hatred against China to bring fools on board. The same criminals who were in ‘Iran Tribunal’ are involved in this tribunal such as Sir Geoffrey Nice, where is not NICE at all only a criminal, Hamid Sabi and other servants.
    No one takes these stooges seriously, and the ‘tribunal’ has NO legal binding, but it is a good propaganda tool. Christopher Black wrote the following on this FAKE tribunal:
    [ the “Uyghur Tribunal,” it is headed by Sir Geoffrey Nice, Q.C, the Machiavellian British barrister, knighted by the Queen for his services to Britain, who became notorious for trying to frame-up Yugoslavia’s President Milosevic at the Yugoslav War Crimes Tribunal.
    This new ‘tribunal’ follows on the China Tribunal also headed by Nice and also based in London, which focused on fabricated allegations of forced organ trafficking by China. This second tribunal focuses on fabricated allegations against China concerning the treatment of Uyghurs in the Chinese province of Xinjiang. The allegations before both of these ‘tribunals’ have one objective; to slander the Communist Party of China and to undermine China as a developing and sovereign nation.The ‘tribunal’ is part of the propaganda matrix being constructed by NATO, led by the USA and UK, which has the objective of manipulating peoples minds to generate hatred and hostility towards China to, at the least, hinder its trade and development, at worst, to prepare the minds of people for war.]

    I know these stooges who pose as ‘judge’ and ‘human right activists’ in fact are working for the evil empire. Payam Akhavan is working closely with Irwin Cotler, Israel lobby, in Canada that promotes the terrorist MEK and use them in the Canadian parliament as ‘witness’ against Iran. It is a JOKE. They work as propagandists for the Zionists and imperialists.
    To ignore these criminals who pose as ‘judges’, there is no better way than listening to music.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  139. Smith says:

    So this year Biden has 2 conversations with Putin and 1 with Xi.

    All time wasting.

  140. @Emerging Majority

    Drain the barrel and you will find Israel at the bottom. Every. Single. Time.

    • Agree: Orville H. Larson
  141. @Maddaugh

    People need to realize that the Russians have made a fetish of studying and re-gaming every single German and Russian WW2 action in the East. They learnt their trade from the masters in the Wehrmacht and the SS AND improved on it. Neither Ukraine or the Twinkies in the US have the skills or nerves to match this. Russia is particularly skilled in tactical and strategic operations in the Donbas !!!!!!

    This is a priceless and brilliant point – and in many ways the most important of all. Bravo !

    And just as a final cherry-on-top, please let’s not forget that only a senile cretin like Biden and his deranged and Zio-insane Jew advisors in the Shite House and the Pentagram could ever possibly be stupid enough even to contemplate any form of direct military movement – let alone an engagement – through the heart of an eastern European and Russian winter. On that level it might indeed be a possibility – after all, does anyone have any evidence that any Jew has ever been able to learn anything from history ? But Putin, thankfully, knows exactly what he is up against – and will NOT play ball.

    Putin, whatever else he may be, is nobody’s fool, and knows how to stay away from quicksand – that quicksand being the very war on Russia’s border and someone else’s cursed and worthless soil that the maniacal Jews in the US administration are masturbating over. Let them wank on – Putin is a thousand times smarter at 4D chess. For which we may be truly thankful – Amen.

    • Replies: @Maddaugh
  142. @traducteur

    Easily said – and on one level understandable. I hope to God you’re right.

    But on the other hand, I’m not sure who you think you’re trying to reassure.

    What EXACTLY do you imagine Israel has actually been buying with those literally un-countable BILLIONS of gifted US dollars every year since the end of the second world war – NO trade, NO business agreement, NO loan, NO payback, NO terms and conditions – just FREE American US tax-payer’s billions every single year, under one filthy, corrupt, traitorous Jew-loving administration after another since JFK, as America’s infrastructure collapses, and her cities deteriorate into crime-ridden hellholes of murderous Black street scum and homeless drug-addicted Whites. And worthless, work-shy, religiously-deranged, Christian-hating Israel receives this because… you know… HOLOCAUST.

    And that doesn’t even mention the literally incalculable trillions of dollars of US business wealth which have been slowly, carefully, systematically de-frauded, embezzled, tricked, stolen and spreadsheet-lied away from America’s shores by generations of the Khazar gangsters any which way they ever could, by any means possible in the West’s growing darkness as the Jew filth slowly turned the lights down on the free world of Whites. With the (non-Semitic) scum in full hidden power in the White House, the Pentagon, the Senate – and by UNLAWFUL legislation, every State capitol in the US, can anyone seriously imagine for a moment that America’s “gold reserves” are even still in America ?

    Perhaps if there’s a district of Tel Aviv called “America” – but not otherwise.

    WHY has Israel done this ? To assist you, here’s the answer:

    They’ve spent most or all of those stolen trillions of US dollars BUYING the scientists and the hardware for un-admitted, un-acknowledged, un-discussed, un-inspected – and completely internationally-illegal – nuclear technology to turn all of their ancient enemies – which is most of the civilised world – and everyone else for good measure, into radioactive dust piles. Why ? Because then at last their VERY disappointing, late, useless “Messiah” will come – to confirm they did a great job with the new Israel. And then everything will finally be OK for Jews !! Pity about the rest of us.

    I know you think I’m kidding.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Mulga Mumblebrain
  143. Anonymous[221] • Disclaimer says:

    One thing that can be concluded from this: if the Americans and Israelis do decide to attack Iran, it will be because they cut a deal with the Russians.

  144. yuri says:

    I suspect u r amerikan…USSR entirely defeated muhjadin; your stupidity is expected

  145. Anon[417] • Disclaimer says:
    @Dave Bowman

    Veterans Today ran an article some years back claiming the Israelis stole 300 spent nuclear warheads from a depository in Texas and they’ve been selling them on the black market all over the world.

  146. Maddaugh says:
    @Dave Bowman

    A very good comment on your part. As it is, since this thread began, the whole scenario has evolved in to the usual bullshit ! At one time there were 175,000 troops on the border but once Putin/ Biden met by magic these, overnight became 100,000.

    However, we here in the West seem remarkably well informed as to the number. Friends in Ukraine and friends here with relatives in the Ukraine seem blissfully unaware of Russian troops on the border or any intention in the part of Putin that he intends to invade.

    After a lot of tough guy rhetoric from Kung Fu Joe, we then heard US combat troops would not be sent to Ukraine. Now today, the G7 countries are “threatening dire consequences if Putin invades”

    The bullshit is so thick you need an air boat to stay on top of it. A Russian friend told me this joke at a dinner with 20 or so people. An American woman, an English woman and a Russian woman were upset at the Macho way their husbands were behaving. They exhorted each other to assert their femininity and equal rights. and to put their feet down. After a few weeks they met for coffee and the conversation went like this.

    American Woman: I SAW a great change once I put him in his place. I told him all sex was out until he got his act together. He now does the dishes, changes diapers, vacuums without my having to say a word.

    English Woman: Same here. I SAW him change overnight. Just like you I suspended all lovemaking. Now he does everything to please me even bringing me flowers and diamond jewellery. I can finally relax all day and do nothing. Most days I am shopping or having my nails and hair done.

    Russian Woman: I SAW nothing for several days as I had two black eyes. In addition my husband ravished me and demanded I be more of a wife. I now have to serve him his meals in bed. I wont be able to meet you two bitches again or I am in for it.

    This joke was met with uncontrollable laughter by the men and women alike. But what does this have to do with the Putin/ Ukraine invasion fairy tale ?

    Well, Nuland, the Ukraine shit disturber, went to Putin/ Lavrov and the Crew and did her “feminist” thing only to get two black eyes and told to fuck off. It looks like her ego was damaged and this is how this propaganda exercise developed.

    Russian men are not the twinkies Nuland is accustomed to dealing with in DC.

    • Troll: Mulga Mumblebrain
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  147. Pablo says:

    Whatever the reason the (then) Soviet Union entered Afghanistan and how it exited Afghanistan is beside the point, imho. This isn’t the 80’s. The capability of the Russian Military of today is far more advanced technologically than the Soviet Union’s capabilities in the 80’s. I believe the current Russian Military competence is FAR better than the NATO/ US War Machine’s capability of today. But like former Heavyweight Boxing Champion once said, “Everyone has a Battle Plan. Until they get punched in the face.” That said, I think Russia would prevail in a Military conflict with the US War Machine in Ukraine.

  148. @Dave Bowman

    In 2002 the Los Angeles Times published an opinion piece by University of Louisiana ‘academic’ David Perlmutter, who advocated that Israel should, in certain circumstances, cause a ‘nuclear winter’ by using its nukes, as punishment for ‘..the Jew-hating world…in repayment for thousands of years of massacres..’. What caused these omnicidal utterances? Some Euros had complained about Israel’s massacres of Palestinians during the al-Aqsa Intifada. One wonders how widespread such ideas are among those in control of Israel’s nukes.

    • Replies: @traducteur
  149. @nadim

    When Milosevic was winning his sham show trial, the Western thugs poisoned him with Rifampicin, an anti-TB medication that neutralised the effects of his cardiac medications. The Western psychopaths have bitten off more than they can chew in attacking China, and they know it, hence the mounting fury and rage of these Evil, Evil, terrorist thugs, outraged that their centuries of terrorising humanity are at an end.

  150. Anonymous[369] • Disclaimer says:

    Lol a good one but you have to be careful, there’s a number of Mumblebrains who hang around this site.

    • Replies: @Maddaugh
  151. Maddaugh says:

    Yeah. The Chinese and Afro crew lurking on this site (without white permission I might add) get upset at every little thing. Their sense of self worth and self importance is held together with these silly stitches.

    If Black is beautiful and Asians are so smart WHY OH WHY are they on UR. I cannot imagine myself sneaking around Ebony or some Chinese site.

    What I find curious is They live in the West, having rejected their native land, have everything to be thankful for and yet hate the West. This country, with all its problems (and every country has issues) has done so much for these people compared to the draining life of misery they must have fled and left behind in their native sewers.

    My job, is to pick at these stitches unravelling them one by one and from time to time nick raw flesh. It must be something in me that enjoys putting a burning cigarette on these miserable and ingrate leeches and watching them squirm.

  152. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    A good instance of Jewish self-importance: that barking, rabid loathing of us goyim, combined with the casual assumption that they can exterminate us all any time they feel like it. The latter is mere wishful thinking, of course, but it shows you the mentality.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  153. Avery says:

    No, you are.

    Post under a name, so I can prove you are.

    btw: there is no such thing as ‘native’ Azeri in the state of Azerbaijan: they are Caspian Turks. Nomad Turk tribes from Central and East Asia who are squatting on the lands of others. The term ‘Azeri’ was created by Stalin and his group in 1930s, with the goal of laying claim to Iran’s Northern provinces of Azarbaijan.

    As to what Russia did or didn’t do: you don’t know Jack S_____, so don’t spout nonsense out of your arse.

  154. @traducteur

    Certainly trad, but that is the mentality of the elites, the economic criminals, and certain Talmudists only. The latter, in particular, is a large group, but very many Jews may feel a sort of innate superiority to the goyim (after 3500 years of brainwashing)but don’t really want to destroy us.
    That, however, conversely, has been a selective force during Judaism’s history. Those that could not stomach the idea of universal supremacy over others, or some other diktat of the cult, simply left, if the Rabbis didn’t murder them for apostasy, joining other religions or ideologies. And those who fancied the Judaic worldview, and, no doubt, the racketeering inherent, converted to Judaism, like the Khazars and others. Both processes tend to reinforce xenophobia and fear and loathing of the goyim, as do the regular pogroms, committed against the Jews, and, often enough, by the Jews (ie the Kitos War massacres and the current plight of the Palestinians). As we can see in the history of Israel, its racist barbarity and perpetual aggression, and the activities of Judaic Fifth Columns in Western States, where straight bribery has brought them total control of politics, these tendencies are nearing another climax, one where all humanity is in the balance, threatened by a resolute refusal to compromise with the lesser beings, and by truly Messianic ambitions.

  155. @Maddaugh

    My oh my, MadDog, you do have yourself on. Whites as insanely unhinged by hatred (feelings of inadequacy showing) as yourself are still, one hopes, a purulent and pestiferous minority.

  156. Martyanov himself has extensively demonstrated NATO wouldn’t last five minutes against Russian hypersonic weapons.

    Yes they would.

    Exactly five minutes.

  157. M59 says:
    @Steve Naidamast

    TOWs are/were vehicle mounted and certainly not shoulder fired. You are thinking of the Stinger missile, which is shoulder fired.

  158. @Maddaugh

    What I find curious is They live in the West, having rejected their native land

    What assumptions you make. Just because we speak and write your language as fluently as you do, does not make us living amongst you.

    draining life of misery they must have fled and left behind in their native sewers

    . LOL. My native sewer has better life expectancy, literacy, per capita GDP, infant mortality etc etc than the USA. The first time I visited the USA, I was thoroughly disappointed. You Americans really ought to travel more. What a delusional self image you have.

    or some Chinese site.

    Perhaps if you could speak Chinese you might. Do not worry your children would probably do so in the coming years. It all goes around, the choice of lingua franca depends on the prevailing power in the world, don’t you know?

    Learn Chinese, young man.

  159. rgl says:
    @Steve Naidamast

    Simply confirming that the Tube-launched, Optically-tracked, Wire-guided missile systems (TOW) is not a shoulder fired weapon. Launchers are typically mounted on vehicles. I’d like to meet the Heracles who could fire this thing from his shoulder.

  160. Derer says:

    USA military was defeated in Afghanistan longest war by Taliban and you are talking about Soviets “defeat” being an indication of their present “dismal” strength – pathetic drivel.

  161. @TKK

    I notice this too. I don’t watch TV, but every ad is the same now – if there are 4 or 5 people together, one or two are black. If 3 neighborhood couples, one is bi-racial. In movies, a gang of robbers is 3 white guys and a black guy. Really?
    I resent this attempted hypnosis, and actually have sworn off watching anything that shoves this fake, disingenuous, disrespectful to one’s intelligence, and crudely obvious, nonsense in our face.

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