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US Paralyzed by Islamic Republic of Iran's Strategic Swing
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Iran’s parliament has just approved the accession of the Islamic Republic to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), previously enshrined at the Samarkand summit last September, marking the culmination of a process that lasted no less than 15 years.

Iran has already applied to become a member of the expanding BRICS+, which before 2025 will be inevitably configured as the alternative Global South G20 that really matters.

Iran is already part of the Quad that really matters – alongside BRICS members Russia, China and India. Iran is deepening its strategic partnership with both China and Russia and increasing bilateral cooperation with India.

Iran is a key Chinese partner in the New Silk Roads, or Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). It is set to clinch a free trade agreement with the Eurasia Economic Union (EAEU) and is a key node of the International North-South Transportation Corridor (INSTC), alongside Russia and India.

All of the above configures the lightning-fast emergence of the Islamic Republic of Iran as a West Asia and Eurasia big power, with vast reach across the Global South.

That has left the whole set of imperial “policies” towards Tehran lying in the dust.

So it’s no wonder that previously accumulated strands of Iranophobia – fed by the Empire over four decades — have recently metastasized into yet another color revolution offensive, fully supported and disseminated by Anglo-American media.

The playbook is always the same. Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei actually came up with a concise definition. The problem is not bands of oblivious rioters and/or mercenaries: “the main confrontation”, he said, is with “global hegemony.”

Ayatollah Khamenei was somewhat echoed by American intellectual and author Noam Chomsky, who has remarked how an array of US sanctions over four decades have severely harmed the Iranian economy and “caused enormous suffering.”

Using Kurds as expendable assets

The latest color revolution overdrive overlaps with the manipulation of Kurds in both Syria and Iraq. From the imperial perspective, the proxy war in Syria, which is far from over, not only works as an additional front in the fight against Russia but also allows the instrumentalization of highly dependent Kurds against both Iran and Turkey.

Iran is currently being attacked according to a perverse variation of the scheme applied to Syria in 2011. A sort of “permanent protest” situation has been imposed across vast swathes of northwestern Iran.

What changed in mid-November is that armed gangs started to apply terrorist tactics in several towns close to the Iraqi border, and were even believed to be weaponized enough to take control of some of the towns.

Tehran inevitably had to send IRGC troops to contain the situation and beef up border security. They engaged in operations similar to what has been done before in Dara’a, in the Syrian southwest.

This military intervention was effective. But in a few latitudes, terror gangs continue to attack government infrastructure and even civilian property. The key fact is that Tehran prefers not to repress these unruly demonstrations using deadly force.

The really critical issue is not the protests per se: it’s the transfer of weapons by the Kurds from Iraq to Iran to bolster the color revolution scenario.

Tehran has issued a de facto ultimatum to Baghdad: get your act together with the Kurds, and make them understand the red lines.

As it stands, Iran is massively employing Fateh ballistic missiles and Shahed-131 and Shahed-136 kamikaze drones against selected Kurdish terrorist bases in northern Iraq.

It’s debatable whether that will be enough to control the situation. What is clear is that the “Kurdish card”, if not tamed, could be easily played by the usual suspects in other Iranian provinces, considering the solid financial, military and informational support offered by Iraqi Kurds to Iranian Kurds.

Turkey is facing a relatively similar problem with the Syrian Kurds instrumentalized by the US.

In northern Syria, they are mostly armed gangs posing as “Kurds”. So it’s quite possible that these Kurdish armed gangs, essentially played by Washington as useful idiots, may end up being decimated, simultaneously, in the short to medium term, by both Ankara and Tehran.

If all fails, pray for regime change

A geopolitical game-changer which was unthinkable until recently may soon be on the cards: a high-level meeting between Turkish President Recep Erdogan and his Syrian counterpart Bashar al-Assad (remember the decade-long refrain “Assad must go”?) in Russia, with mediation by none other than Russian president Vladimir Putin.

What would it take for Kurds to understand no state – be it Iran, Syria or Turkey – will offer them land for their own nation? Parameters could eventually change in case Iraqis in Baghdad finally manage to expel the US.

Before we get there, the fact is Iran has already turned West Asian geopolitics upside down – via its smart cruise missiles, extremely effective kamikaze drones, electronic warfare and even state-of-the-art hypersonic missiles.

Empire “planners” never saw this coming: a Russia-Iran strategic partnership that not only makes total sense geo-economically , but is also a military force multiplier.

Moreover, that is inscribed in the looming Big Picture on which the expanded BRICS+ is focusing: Eurasia (and beyond) integration via multimodal economic corridors such as the INTSC, pipelines and high-speed rail.

The Empire’s Plan A, on Iran, was a mere nuclear deal (JCPOA), devised by the Barack Obama administration as nothing but a crude containment scheme.

Trump actually blew it all up – and there’s nothing left: a JCPOA revival, which has been – in theory – attempted for months in Vienna, was always a non-starter because the Americans themselves don’t know anymore what they want from it.

So what’s left as Plan B for the Straussian neocon/neoliberal psychos in charge of US foreign policy is to hurl all manner of fall guys – from Kurds to the toxic MEK – into the Iran cauldron and, amplified 24/7 by hysterical mainstream media, pray for regime change.

Well, that’s not going to happen. Tehran just needs to wait, exercise restraint, and observe how so much color revolution virtue signaling will eventually fizzle out.

Pepe Escobar is an independent geopolitical analyst and author, focused on Eurasia integration. His latest book is Raging Twenties.

(Republished from PressTV by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Notsofast says:

    when the u.s. clusterfucked their way out of afghanistan, they left behind $85 billion dollars worth of arms and equipment. at that time, i said it was purposeful and that they intended it for a broader war against iran. fast forward to now and we see the u.s. using the kurds to ignite this broader war, running arms into iran, like they used wahbabist terrorists in syria. then they facilitate terrorists acts in turkiye to cause erdogan to retaliate, stirring unrest and social division. the kurds in iraq are order to attack iranian assets in iraq, causing an iranian response that strains iran, iraq relations, again causing social unrest and division.

    there have already been border clashes between iran and afghanistan, resulting in casualties. the u.s. is doing it’s best to ignite a regional war and they may not be satisfied with merely a regional war, when you consider what is currently happening in china. the u.s. will not rest until the entire planet is ablaze.

    hopefully the russians, can help erdogan and assad to restore diplomatic relations, allowing the resumption of pan arab unity, the thing the zioneocons fear most. let us hope the rest of the world comes together and achieves the critical mass necessary, for the bloated u.s. hegemon, to become irrelevant and simply be ignored to death.

    • Agree: Son of a jedi
  2. We can appreciate Iran’s sovereignty and defiance of the Jewish-supremacist US global world order, but is it viable for a modern nation to keep clinging to theocracy? Isn’t the Russian and Hungarian way better? Secular government with special ties with certain spiritual institutions with deep historical and cultural significance? I think most Iranians would be okay with that, but the theocracy rubs many the wrong way.

    The ONLY reason why Iran became a theocracy was because the Shah was such a tool of the US. But it wasn’t only the Muslim Fundamentalists who led the revolt. Indeed, they couldn’t have done it on their own. It was all of civil society, from religious folks to liberals and modernists. Tragedy of Cuba is Castro imposed communism on all of society, and the tragedy of Iran is the Muslims enforced their code on all of society.

    Iran should be guided by Islam but not ruled by it. The Islamic regime still has legitimacy because of the memory of American imposition of the Shah and his willy-nilly modernization efforts that rang false for being so imitative and servile to Western trends.

    Paradoxically, America’s strong anti-Iranian stance surely lent more power and legitimacy to the regime as standing up the Great Satan. If the US had ended sanctions and been friendly to Iran, the regime in Tehran might be faced with bigger problems. More popular pressure to lean to the West.

    But the US is ruled by Zionists, and their priority #1 is to damage Iran for the sake of Israel. So, the US has to maintain a hateful stance toward Iran, and that makes the Muslim government legit in the eyes of Iranians who feel anger toward the US.

  3. As usual, the USA is attempting regime change in Iran by astroturf shenanigans and using terrorist proxies. Iranians have been wise to these tactics ever since they regained control of their own country in 1979.
    Iran’s support of Hezbollah in Lebanon, of the majority Shi’ites in Iraq, of anti terrorist fighters in Syria and now of Russia against UkroNazi terrorists (providing cheap drone technology etc) have caused the chickenshit armchair warmongering US neocons to spit the dummy and shit their pants. Sanctions have failed and all the crazed psychopaths like John Bolturd can do is scream “bomb Iran”.
    We need to do a Lindsay Graham on Bolturd and his ilk, including on Graham himself.

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  4. Here is a brilliant idea. Russia can actually deliver on the fake promises that the US made to the Iraqi, Syrian and Turkish Kurds about delivering to them their own Kurdish homeland. Once Western Ukraine is rid of the UkrozNazis, that rump state can be resettled and turned into a new Kurdistan! An even better idea than the creation of new Zion in 1948!
    Let’s go Brandon!

  5. @Eric Arthur Blair

    Scott Ritter holds the Usual Suspects are just burning their assets without
    any hope of “success”, and that it will make Iran stronger (i.e. the Guardians
    of the Revolution are … busy taking names and mugs);
    add the ignominious departure from Afghanistan –
    maybe the chessboard is too big?

    • Replies: @Notsofast
  6. Notsofast says:

    it’s not so much that the chess board is too big but more that they can’t figure out how the horsey piece moves. now they’re forked and you can flip em, because they’re done.

    • LOL: Kratoklastes
  7. Alfa158 says:

    The Kurds are nothing if not persistent. 2500 years ago Xenophon described in the Anabasis how the Greek mercenaries had a tougher time fighting their way through the Kurds to the Black Sea, than they had in fighting their way clear of the Persian army. I think he also claimed that although the Kurdish area of Asia Minor was supposedly part of the Persian empire, in practice one time the Persians sent an army of 100,000 in to subdue the Kurds and no one came back out. (I wouldn’t trust that number though, the Greeks were notorious for exaggeration, such as in their claim they defeated a one million man Persian army that invaded Greece.)

  8. Mahdan says:
    @Priss Factor

    [[If the US had ended sanctions and been friendly to Iran, the regime in Tehran might be faced with bigger problems. More popular pressure to lean to the West.]]

    Don’t worry, the US policy never had an intention to remove the sanctions. This misunderstanding, either genuine or fake, belongs to Iran fifth column, ‘the reformists’ who hide this fact from their gullible followers. Thank God, Supreme leader Mr. Khamenaie has control over the military forces . He always warns the ‘reformists’ that US wants a WEAK and obedient Iran to achieve her goals in the region. And that’s exactly the US has done and is doing in the West Asia and against Iran. Majority of the Iranian people do believe Mr. Khamenei and standing with him against the enemy, especially those above 30 years of age who are literate in history of Iran and the region, not the illiterate young twitter generation, like in other countries, who live and die in the social media where countries like US/Israel and Saudi Arabia manipulate the dummies. “Iran International” should be called ‘Saudi International’ because this media outlet is funded by the butcher MBS and run by Mossad. Many illiterate people think that this media belongs to Iran, because of NAME, where is NOT true.
    Ayatollah Khamenei in his recent speech, referring to the plan of the Americans, which was revealed about 15 years ago by prominent figures of US country, (seven countries in five years) said: “Their plan was to overthrow the six countries of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Sudan, and Somalia, so that in the end, the extension and the strategic depth of Iran in the region will be lost and with the weakening of the country, the Islamic Republic of Iran will eventually fall.” Ayatollah Khamenei pointed out: But the thinking and expansion of the Islamic revolution in the three countries of Iraq, Syria and Lebanon became effective and a great and important work was done, which is the defeat of America in these three countries. Referring to the failure of America’s plan to destroy Hezbollah and Amal in Lebanon, as well as the failure in Iraq and Syria, despite spending many billion dollars and thousands of hours of intellectual work by employing hundreds of thinkers, he emphasized: This plan and the conspiracy in the region, were neutralized by the power of the Islamic Republic, and the embodiment and work of Great General Soleimani, who is very popular.
    He said: the Islamic Revolution became a strong obstacle against the presence of America and the West in the region and their project. Iran created “the identity of independence and strength and the spirit of standing on one’s own feet and from the position of power to talk and not pay RANSOM”, and this thinking was naturally not limited to Iran and had an impact in the region. Mr. Khamenei said: Our problems with America is NOT going to be solved because The US wants Iran to pay RANSOM. We have already paid ransom, in JCPOA, but this is not enough because they want more ransom until nothing left of you. US is looking for more concessions in the form of JCPOA2, and 3, god knows where is going to stop. He added: “JCPOA 2 means that Iran completely abandons its presence in the region and JCPOA 3 means that Iran commits not to produce any strategic and important weapons such as missiles and drones, so that it will be empty-handed in the face of aggression.” In the other word, US is targeting Iran’s strengths, trying to disarm Iran which is not possible. Iran is not stupid to hand over her wopeans which is necessary to protect the country from so much imperialists/zionists agressions and terrorism, who have invaded the region using armed proxies to attack other states. Then all these ‘negotiations’ regarding the ‘nuclear talk’ are nothing but tricks.
    Iran and world have voted for a FREE NUCLEAR WEAPONS ZONE in the Middle EAST, everyone including the US have voted YES, bur Israel voted NO. Why Doesn’t Biden talk about this issue to make Israel to obey the will of the world. When he is shut up, then people like Mr. Khamenie thinks US is NOT serious and wants something that is not possible to get. Biden is hiding the true intention of US/Israel which is destruction of Iran. Biden is only thinking about his own position to stay in power. Then the people must push him until he realizes that Israel lobby does not hold a magic, itself is a LIABILITY.
    The Iran fifth column ‘reformists’ are very angry at Iran’s alliances with Russia and China and they are doing anything to destroy this relations to bring a new government like the traitor Rouhani who should be put on trial for his treasonous policy against the interest of Iran. There was no difference between Obama and Trump’ policy towards Iran, the only difference was STYLE. Both wanted to weaken Iran for the interest of their ally Israel to achieve their goal in the region. Only the gullible people believe otherwise.

    • Thanks: dogbumbreath
    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  9. saba says:

    Seyed Mohammad Marandi
    Western media constantly accuses independent non-western governments of using rape as a weapon.

    A great deal can be said about the objectification, commodification & sexualization of women & children in the west, but only in the apartheid regimes can “academics” be so shameless.

  10. @Mahdan

    Thanks … now with Saudi Arabia seeing the light of reason things promise
    to become interesting; of course the fact that all oilfields are Shia is going
    to keep them paranoid to a degree, but it´s gotten so that anything is better
    than the USraeli yoke in the long run.
    Maybe it´s time to offer MbS a Quds Force bodyguard?

  11. USS Liberty, ISIS, 911 and Epstein filth all done by scumbag zionut satanic putrid P0S Israel not Iran. Nuke them.

  12. The Anglo/US alliance is experiencing a deficit of strength in extra-territorial power projection. Washington and London are increasingly relying on their allies to provide military muscle for their schemes.

    It was always a stretch to think the US could keep the world under its boot forever, by threatening armed force. The US, in spite of its aircraft carrier groups and 800 bases and installations, is actually holding a weak military hand in today’s world.

    It needs Europe, Canada and Australia to shore up any mission it undertakes. Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, the former Yugoslavia, and even Somalia had to be coalition undertakings. All were small, isolated countries without great power backers.

    The Washington neocons are deluded if they think they can entice Europeans into a war against the SCO.

  13. @Priss Factor

    “but it wasn’t only the Muslim Fundamentalists who led the revolt. Indeed, they couldn’t have done it on their own”

    That is incorrect, from everything I have gathered on this topic. The Shi’i were the main, and most significant, element of the revolution. They were in a state of rebellion against the shah from 1964 onward. The various leftwing and secular nationalist groups for the most part, at the time especially, acknowledged the leading and primary role of the Shi’i revolutionaries (clerical and the religiously observant/culturally Shi’i). The revisionism has been led by academic Iranian Studies professors and their zionist/neocon/neolib buddies in government. One of the most disturbing things I realized when researching this topic is how overwhelmingly the Iranian academics in the West are: Jewish, Zionist (some outright, others by silence on Palestine, and many by generic “Free Palestine” statements while enjoying Zionist funding and support), feminist, and overall just academic liberals pretending to be revolutionary leftists. They live in affluent Los Angeles area neighborhoods, for example, and write non-stop about “gender issues” in Iran and “ethnic minority issues” as well (seem familiar in the current propaganda?).

    As far as if they could have done it on their own? That is a tough one. They might have but it would have taken many more years, if at all possible. However, without them, there was no way it would ever have happened. The fascinating part is how much Heideggerian thought influenced Shi’i political philosophy and theory through several Iranian philosophers (Fardid, Al-e-Ahmad, Shariati, etc.), as well as Henri Corbin’s mystical interpretations of Shi’i and Iranian theology and philosophy. The Iranian revolution is an incredible event as it was the first counter-Enlightenment revolution and anti-modernity revolution (modernity here meaning liberal Enlightenment notions of “modern”). It incorporated Iranian thought, Islamic thought, mystical philosophy and theology, pragmatic philosophy and theology, German thought (Heidegger, Nietzsche), and French thought (Corbin). It went against the grain.

    Iran being ruled by Islam and not guided by, seems to be what most of my serious Iranian students who come from Iran to study here and almost always return, believe. As opposed to the ones that come here to party and get drunk/high, make tiktok vids, etc., they all talk about “freedom” a lot but get awful grades and many drop out.

    Anyways, I like your comments usually, even most of the one I am responding too, so please don’t take this as an attack, just as a disagreement on a couple points and an excuse to mention Heidegger in Iran (which I am researching right now and may be writing something on in the future).

    • Thanks: Iris, Polphil
    • Replies: @Mahdan
  14. @Priss Factor

    What difference would it make what type of government Iran has…?? And it’s nobody’s business. But fact is only two types of government matter in geopolitics now. Those who bend to the US and those that don’t.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  15. @showmethereal

    Because a lot of Iranians are upset living under theocracy.

    Iranian nationalism should be separate from religion.

    One can be Muslim and patriotic or secular and patriotic.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
    , @Truthfully
  16. Mahdan says:

    Thank you for your comment.
    [The Shi’i were the main, and most significant, element of the revolution.]

    This is true. The opposition groups against the Shah, in fact against the hegemony of the imperialism were from every faction of the society, the communist, nationalist, religious, the secular intellectuals, the businessmen, women. All were opposed to the influence and interference of US and its AGENT the shah in Iran’s political and economic policies. But the Shiites let by Khomeini was the most dominant who were giving special attention to the influence of Zionism and Israel in Iran and the region. The Shiites had the organization, creativity, money and the support needed to force the Shah out. The foreign powers blessed this movement, because they were anti Communist Soviet Union, thus the Americans thought, a religious anti communist is the best option they have where can be used against their enemy, the Soviet Union. Those figures who helped the transfer of power during the revolution from the Shah to Khomeini, were in contact with the state department, Ebrahim Yazdi and Sadegh Ghotbzadeh, who were Khomeini’s Aides. Khomeini used them both and then they were discarded. Ghotbzadeh, in my opinion was a CIA agent, who lived abroad for decades came back to Iran when Khomeini returned. He tried to stage a coup against Khomeini, but was arrested and executed. Ebrahim Yazdi, a medical Doctor who lived and worked in the United States for long time and was a US citizen, kept isolated from the political activities up to the end of his life. So, Khomeini, wisely, used these CIA assets, and then purged them both from the political scene, one by execution and the other one by isolation, not to harm the revolution.
    I am glad that the Iranian ‘left’ who sacrificed the best of its youths for a change and revolution in Iran was not successful to come to power, because they were inexperienced and disorganized with no creativity. Now, when I look at the Iranian ‘left’, I am very happy that these traitors did not come to power. Most of the them were living abroad, and continue to live abroad. They have fallen to the lowest point becoming the cheer leaders for the Neocons’ wars and the servants of the zionists/ imperialists. Some of them are given a ‘professorial’ job to carry the propaganda against the Iranian government, even the Iranian people. These traitors are supporting the sanctions against the Iranian people in order to weaken the government. These traitor ‘professors’ are so petty that for a fist of $$$ are willing to go to an enemy outlet, “Iran International”, a Saudis’ outlet funded by the Butcher MBS, to spread disinformation against Iran. Fake ‘professors’ such as Mehrzad Boroujerdi, Mansour Farhang, Abbas Milani, or Mosen Sazgara, a traitor CIA agent. They have NO respect for the Palestinian cause against the apartheid entity. The majority of them support Israel and ignore Palestine and Zionism.
    These Iranian ‘professors’ were supportive of every single aggressive war waged by the criminal Neocons, the zionist/imperialist. If you search the net, you will find the open letter signed by many ‘intellectuals’ written to Obama begging for a military attack against Qaddafi and the people of Libya by these traitor ‘professors’ like Mehrzad Boroujerdi, Abbas Milani, Azar Nafisi, Nader Hashemi and more traitors from the Iranian left who have become the servants of the Neocons and are proud of it. Thank god these traitors stayed away from Iran and I hope they will DIE abroad. This is the story of the ‘left’ around the planet including the Iranian left. Majority are supporting the neoliberal economy and the Neocons’ wars. I have not seen any of these traitors write a page demanding removal of the illegal sanctions or a page against Netanyahu who assassinated many Iranian scientists or Palestinian people. They don’t want to loose their jobs

  17. @Priss Factor

    Are they the majority? For instance in these latest protests…. The western media is not showing the pro government marches which are far larger. It’s not a coincidence. In any event in no country will everyone always be pleased. As far as I can tell Iranians are allowed to migrate. Plenty of the rich and or secular ones went to California. Europe also. What Iranians are MOST upset about are western sanctions trying to destroy the country.

  18. Saba says:

    Iranian government has designated FDD, ‘the Foundation for defense of democracies’ as a TERRORIST organization and its members as terrorists. Roya Hakakian, according to her own words, is a ZIONIST pro apartheid entity and a member of FDD spreads disinformation on her twitter account on a daily basis yet her account has not been blocked. The latest FAKE news by this zionist:

    Roya Hakakian Retweeted
    Iran International English
    @IranIntl_En 1h
    German security services believe Iran’s Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) is behind attacks against Jewish centers in Germany,
    @DasErste reported on Thursday.

    ‘Iran International’ is NOT Iranian outlet. This outlet has been funded by MBS saudi Arabia and runs by Mossad.

    • Replies: @Saba
  19. @Priss Factor

    Why are you spouting neoliberal, neoconservative, and zionist propaganda? It is the “soft” variety, but it is still propaganda nonsense. Take notice of some of the other responses to your post.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  20. Saba says:

    Another FAKE news by ADL, a terrorist organization and is retweeted by Mark Dubowitz, a member of FDD, a designated terrorist foundation by Iran:

    Mark Dubowitz Retweeted

    Today we remember the more than 850,000 Mizrahi & Sephardic Jews expelled from Arab lands & Iran following Israel’s establishment. Jews who had lived throughout North Africa & the Middle East for centuries were forced to flee their homes solely because of their Jewish identity.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  21. @Truthfully

    Being anti-theocratic isn’t neocon or neoliberal.

    If anything, the current West is theocratic where we can’t question the holy Jews, homos, and blacks as the new Tri-Idolatry.

    I’m calling for neo-fascist modernity, a national socialism, where religion is respected but doesn’t rob one of reason and freedom.

    Israel model of governance(at least for Jews) is more workable because even as Israel shows respect for religion and rabbis, it is a modern state where people are free as individuals.

    There are turncoat Iranians doing the bidding of Zion, and these must be dragged out and punished.
    But there are patriotic Iranians who want a genuinely modern Iran where one doesn’t have to lick the boot of theocracy.

    Theocracy sucks. Granted, Allah and Jehovah are infinitely better than worshiping negro thuggery, homo perversion, and Jewish gangsterism, but the people of Iran shouldn’t be forced by Islamic code written in the Medieval era.

    • Replies: @Saba
  22. Saba says:
    @Priss Factor

    [Theocracy sucks. Granted, Allah and Jehovah are infinitely better than worshiping negro thuggery, homo perversion, and Jewish gangsterism, but the people of Iran shouldn’t be forced by Islamic code written in the Medieval era.]

    The rules-based system, supposedly MODERN, SUCKS, not the system in Iran that has a moral foreign policy. Your system has killed millions and millions of people and left billions more in the state of economic disaster.
    [I’m calling for neo-fascist modernity, a national socialism, where religion is respected but doesn’t rob one of reason and freedom.]
    If you mean freedom of expression, then you must know that Iranians have far more freedom than your fake system offers you. In the US and similar western countries, if you are oppose to the war policy you will end up in the prison or loose you job and means of supporting yourself. Remember the resent protest, January 6 and the fate of the protester who dared to use their 1st amendment to show their dissatisfaction with the broken system? They were quickly arrested and given long sentences not to dare to do it again, and the corrupt political body are still talking about it to create an environment of terror to prevent other to follow suit. Frankly In Iran, we have protests all the time, where some of them are designed by the west, to create chaos for ‘regime change’ and the rest are related to your illegal sanctions.
    Iranian people are complaining all the time, in the meetings, buses, Taxi, in the university and in the streets. Frankly, no university students in the world are as political as the Iranian students in Iran and that is a TRADITION that you LACK. The Iranians who studied abroad, for example in Canada, were surprised to see that the university students DO NOT participate in political protest. They just study. He, who had the experience of being an Iranian university student, was shocked to find this fact. From that time on, he became a ‘student’ only in Canada until he finished his studies. Remember the 1960s when the environment was more political in the US, then the students were gunned down more easily and many were imprisoned.

    Iranian people’s dissatisfaction is due to your savage economic sanctions, not lack of freedom. Why don’t you travel to Iran and see for yourself, rather to absorb the FAKE news that the zionist media feeds you and people like you.

    • Thanks: showmethereal
  23. Sari says:

    [[So what’s left as Plan B for the Straussian neocon/neoliberal psychos in charge of US foreign policy is to hurl all manner of fall guys – from Kurds to the toxic MEK – into the Iran cauldron and, amplified 24/7 by hysterical mainstream media, pray for regime change.]]

    There are more. The Israelis are frighten to see Iran and Russia are working as allies. They view this cooperation as a threat like the Iran legal nuclear program. Thus, they are thinking about other vicious ways to bring Iran down to save themselves. This criminal tribe has always used the military muscle of the empire to advance the Mafia’s goals, yet the members of the mafia deny the fact. The Jewish mafia has destroyed Iraq, Libya, Syria, Sudan, and Lebanon, still they deny that they have anything to do with it.
    For this reason, they have more poisonous tools to kill Iranian people because they are DESPERATE and have no hole to go into, according to this Israeli ‘expert’.

    Interviewer: What is more vital for Israel today? Uranium Enrichment or growing relations between Russia and Iran?
    ‘the expert’: Iranians support Russia. They send them drones , they teach them how to use drones, and what does the world do? I don’t care what they say, but behind the scenes, Americans are still looking for a way to return to the nuclear agreement. The protest that exist in Iran has not been forgotten!
    I think this is the biggest opportunity! I’m not sure that it will be like 1979, so I don’t want to call it a ‘regime change’, but this situation is weakening the system and hitting it. As I wrote in my recent article, Israel and US must do something in this regard. When we say an attack on Iran, we don’t mean that 400 or 500 planes go and attack Iran and that’s it, this is part of it. There are at least 7 to 10 more different parameters that can be part of attacking Iran.

    There are various parameters like: cyber-psychological attack, to collapse the system, support for the Iranian opposition groups, support for the protests, a blow to the economy, the collapse of banks, it is possible to make people think that, like during the Shah, their money no longer exist in the banks, tell them your officials are corrupt, go to the bank and withdraw your money.
    There was a lot of pressure for Israel to sell Ukraine the defense system. There are four reasons that Israel should not give advanced systems to Ukraine,
    1- Everything goes to Ukraine will reach Iran! I have said this for the past two weeks.
    2- we don’t have enough for ourselves, then why should we give it to Ukraine? Where can we get an iron dome? Yes, we have to give them one of our own collection!
    3- Even if we give them a system, it will takes few months to few years to train them how to use it.
    These three reasons are valid for American patriots as well.

  24. Mahdan says:

    At one point in the history of the Iran Islamic Revolution, the conflict between the German Heidegger fans and the English Karl Popper fans motivated religious intellectuals in Iran, especially in the 1990s in theoretical fields. Heidegger, the influential German philosopher was introduced to Iranian intellectuals by Ahmad Fardid in the criticism of the West. He did spend time in France and Germany to study during 1940s. Heidegger’s interest in metaphysics made some religious intellectuals in Iran to praise him and his philosophical opinions. On the other hand, the new kind of religious intellectuals who studied in England were interested in Karl Popper and ‘ the open society’ concept, like Abdulkarim Soroush, who denounced Ahmad Fardid, later was promoted by the West giving him many ‘awards’, worth more than $50,000 to show their appreciation. Soroush later moved abroad to the united States in mid 1990s where no one really cares about him so the West. He has been used by the West for a period of time, then discarded.
    Jalal Al-e-Ahmad (December 2, 1923 – September 9, 1969) on the other hand was a patriot. He was a prominent Iranian writer, thinker, and social and political critic. Al-e-Ahmad joined the Tudeh Party (communist pro Soviet Union) shortly after the World War II. Following the 1953 CIA coup Al-e-Ahmad was imprisoned for several years and then he completely lost faith in party politics. One of Israel’s trick for legitimacy, was to invite influential intellectuals to the occupied land to buy credibility so through these influential thinkers to attract their population’s supports against the Arabs. Thus, Jalal was invited to visit Israel in 1963, where he accepted. First he wrote a favorable view of Israel because the left, everywhere in the region, were brainwashed by the zionist propaganda where painted Arabs as native and ‘backward’ and their movement is ‘national’ NOT ‘International’.
    Soon after the 1967 war, however, he realized that his published view earlier does not make sense, thus, he wrote a second part in which he denounced Zionism and its US and European supporters.
    From then on he turned against Israel and called it a racist state and extension of US imperialism in the region, and he became strong supporter of Palestinians. Many Iranian opposition groups hate Al e Ahmad because he exposed the opportunist socialists, especially in Europe, and those intellectuals who said nothing against Israel, but were ready to condemn Palestinians as ‘backward’ Arabs who want ‘to kill the Jews.’
    Iranian socialists in 1950s and 1960s were strong supporters of Israel against ‘backward Arabs’ which may still be with few Iranian ‘leftist’, not all. The reason behind this, is due to the invasion of Persia by Arabs where let the demise of Sassanid in the 7th century, and the Iranian socialists were fed with misleading information by the socialists in the West especially those in France. These Iranian socialists became anti Stalin, and viewed the Stalinist Tudeh Party puts the interest of Soviet Union ahead of Iran’s interest, Therefore, they turned to European socialists, mainly, French left dominated by Jean Paul Sartre and its extension who called themselves ‘socialists’.
    Hamid Dabashi in his recent essay in ‘the Middle East Eye’ called “Jalal Al-e Ahmad: The last Muslim intellectual” and writes:
    [I place Al-e Ahmad next to Frantz Fanon, Aime Cesaire, Leopold Sedar Senghor and Edward Said. The argument thus required rethinking the significance of a Muslim critical thinker in larger global terms.]

  25. Anon[939] • Disclaimer says:
    @Priss Factor

    great comment
    could not agree more
    i think with time great Iran will be a free muslin nation again without theocracy
    it is needed still cause they can see the evil talmudic greed filthy trying harder to destroy humanity but after the world wakes up Christians and Muslins will live in Peace

    • Replies: @Saba
  26. @Saba

    Well Saba, very many of those Jews didn’t want to leave, but were coerced by the Zionazis to do so, even to the extent of false flag attacks. There were goy locals who acted badly in worsening the situation, often to steal Jewish property, and, once the extent of Zionazi atrocities in Palestine during the Nakba was known, sympathy for the Jews was also affected.

    • Replies: @Saba
  27. Saba says:

    The people with BRAIN know Iran is FREE and you are the captive one. The captive Christians, however don’t know that are manipulated by the Talmudic greed. We hope the Christians and Muslims free the world by destroying the main enemy where the brainless are part of it.

  28. Saba says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    [[very many of those Jews didn’t want to leave, but were coerced by the Zionazis to do so,]]

    You are absolutely right. The case in point is Iraq, where the Zionists created an environment of terror against the Jews to force them out since they needed population to bring to the stolen land. But many of them didn’t go to Israel, they came to IRAN.

  29. Anonymous[705] • Disclaimer says:


    Jonathan Greenblatt, a zionist propagandist along with other zionists including his wife, Marjan Greenblatt, are circulating the following LIES in their twitter accounts with impunity, and the social media won’t block them. At the same time, if you put anything related to Qassem Soleimani on the net, they will be blocked.

    Jonathan Greenblatt
    {{Extremely concerning but not surprising that the Iranian regime is reportedly behind EFFORTS to target German Jewish communities. We urge the German government & law enforcement, as well as other countries, to ensure safety for Jews & Jewish sites against similar Iranian threats.}}

    Do you catch the TRICK? They use a vague word such as ‘efforts’, to spread the propaganda to generate HATRED against Iranian people. The zionists use anything to spread HATRED against Iranian people without paying any price for their crimes.

    These zionist propagandists coping the following piece of propaganda from Israeli media “the times of Israel’ to spread HATRED against Iranians.
    Yet, ADL, a terrorist organization, believes the following is ‘antisemitic’:

    {{Jews account for approximately 0.2 percent of the global population. And yet antisemites believe that this tiny minority is not only on a quest for total world domination but is already in control of banks, the media, industry, government }}

    Do you find this message antisemitic? What is the reality on the ground?

    World population must hold the Jewish mafia members accountable for their HATRED against Iranian people.

  30. ‘…All of the above configures the lightning-fast emergence of the Islamic Republic of Iran as a West Asia and Eurasia big power, with vast reach across the Global South…’

    I’m a big Iran fan myself — but let’s not get carried away.

    • Replies: @PolPhil
  31. PolPhil says:
    @Colin Wright

    I think that is accurate in the sense that many in the Global South look at Iran as an exemplar of resistance to American, British, and Israeli aggression and geo-political aspirations. Their reach is in influencing ideology, as well as a possible friendly trading partner. With their growing prestige, by defeating several attempted color revolutions and growing international activity (with Russia and China), and their weapons development which was displayed recently in the Russian SO, Iran is getting a good rep and more “street cred” with many in the world. Do they have the power and influence of the “big boys?” No, but they do have a certain amount of reach in the Global South by virtue of who they are and their history (and the future weapons sales, both drones and missiles, will not hurt their reach either, economically or ideologically).

    Am I a big fan/supporter? Absolutely 🙂

    • Replies: @antibeast
  32. antibeast says:

    Iran is one of the most under-rated countries in the world, which belies its relatively moderate size in terms of land area and human population. Aside from its geo-strategic position in the Persian Gulf which is named after itself, Iran can claim leadership of two distinct worlds — the Shiite Islamic and the ancient Iranic — which it helped create during its long history. Beyond these two worlds, Iran also exerts a significant influence in the world of Sunni Islam which is currently led by its geopolitical rivals such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE. But those Arab Sheiks — despite their oil wealth — can’t match Iran’s historic accomplishments, both in its ancient and medieval past as well as its modern present as the most powerful State in West and Central Asia, able to defend itself against the US-led West. Therein lies Iran’s potential as the future leader of the entire world of Islam — Sunni or Shiite — because it has succeeded in creating a modern nation out of Islamic Nationalism while rejecting Islamic extremism which characterizes much of failed Arab States, from Iraq to Libya, from Syria to Lebanon.

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