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The Russia-China Vote
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Whatever the geopolitical and geoeconomic consequences of the spectacular US dystopia, the Russia-China strategic partnership, in their own slightly different registers, have already voted on their path forward.

Here is how I framed what is at the heart of the Chinese 2021-2025 five-year plan approved at the plenum in Beijing last week.

Here is a standard Chinese think tank interpretation.

And here is some especially pertinent context examining how rampant Sinophobia is impotent when faced with an extremely efficient made in China model of governance. This study shows how China’s complex history, culture and civilizational axioms simply cannot fit into the Western, Christian hegemonic worldview.

The not so hidden “secret” of China’s 2021-2025 five-year plan – which the Global Times described as “economic self-reliance” – is to base the civilization-state’s increasing geopolitical clout on technological breakthroughs.

Crucially, China is on a “self-driven” path – depending on little to no foreign input. Even a clear – “pragmatic” – horizon has been set: 2035, halfway between now and 2049. By this time China should be on a par or even surpassing the US in geopolitical, geoeconomic and techno power.

That is the rationale behind the Chinese leadership actively studying the convergence of quantum physics and information sciences – which is regarded as the backbone of the Made in China push towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The five-year plan makes it quite clear that the two key vectors are AI and robotics – where Chinese research is already quite advanced. Innovations in these fields will yield a matrix of applications in every area from transportation to medicine, not to mention weaponry.

Huawei is essential in this ongoing process, as it’s not a mere data behemoth, but a hardware provider, creating platforms and the physical infrastructure for a slew of companies to develop their own versions of smart cities, safe cities – or medicines.

Big Capital – from East and West – is very much in tune with where all of this is going, a process that also implicates the core hubs of the New Silk Roads. In tune with the 21st century “land of opportunity” script, Big Capital will increasingly move towards East Asia, China and these New Silk hubs.

This new geoeconomic matrix will mostly rely on spin offs of the Made in China 2025 strategy. A clear choice will be presented for most of the planet: “win win” or “zero sum”.

The failures of neoliberalism

After observing the mighty clash, enhanced by Covid-19, between the neoliberal paradigm and “socialism with Chinese characteristics”, the Global South is only beginning to draw the necessary conclusions.

No Western propaganda tsunami can favorably spin what is in effect a devastating, one-two, ideological collapse.

Neoliberalism’s abject failure in dealing with Covid-19 is manifestly evident all across the West.

The US election dystopia is now sealing the abject failure of Western liberal “democracy”: what kind of “choice” is offered by Trump-Biden?

This is happening just as the ultra-efficient, relentlessly demonized “Chinese Communist Party” rolls out the road map for the next five years. Washington cannot even plan what happens the day ahead.

Trump’s original drive, suggested by Henry Kissinger before the January 2017 inauguration, was to play – what else – Divide and Rule, seducing Russia against China.

This was absolute anathema for the Deep State and its Dem minions. Thus the subsequent, relentless demonization of Trump – with Russiagate topping the charts. And then Trump unilaterally chose to sanction and demonize China anyway.

Assuming a Dem victory, the scenario will veer towards Russia demonization on steroids even as hysterical Hybrid War on China will persist on all fronts – Uighurs, Tibet, Hong Kong, South China Sea, Taiwan.

Now compare all of the above with the Russian road map.

That was clearly stated in crucial interventions by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and President Putin at the recent Valdai Club discussions.

Putin has made a key assertion on the role of Capital, stressing the necessity of “abandoning the practice of unrestrained and unlimited consumption – overconsumption – in favor of judicious and reasonable sufficiency, when you do not live just for today but also think about tomorrow.”

Putin once again stressed the importance of the role of the state: “The state is a necessary fixture, there is no way […] could do without state support.”


And, in concert with the endless Chinese experimentation, he added that in fact there are no economic rules set in stone: “No model is pure or rigid, neither the market economy nor the command economy today, but we simply have to determine the level of the state’s involvement in the economy. What do we use as a baseline for this decision? Expediency. We need to avoid using any templates, and so far, we have successfully avoided that.”

Pragmatic Putin defined how to regulate the role of the state as “a form of art”.

And he offered as an example, “keeping inflation up by a bit will make it easier for Russian consumers and companies to pay back their loans. It is economically healthier than the deflationary policies of western societies.”

As a direct consequence of Putin’s pragmatic policies – which include wide-ranging social programs and vast national projects – the West ignores that Russia may well be on the way to overtake Germany as the fifth largest economy in the world.

The bottom line is that, combined, the Russia-China strategic partnership is offering, especially to the Global South, two radically different approaches to the standard Western neoliberal dogma. And that, for the whole US establishment, is anathema.

So whatever the result of the Trump-Biden “choice”, the clash between the Hegemon and the Top Two Sovereigns is only bound to become more incandescent.

(Republished from Asia Times by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: 2020 Election, China, Donald Trump, Russia 
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  1. aname says:

    depending on little to no foreign input

    Besides all the stolen technology from the West.

    This is happening just as the ultra-efficient, relentlessly demonized “Chinese Communist Party”

    The CCP should be demonized as with all communists. The Godless communists are possessed by demons. Imagine if the Chinese people were able to rise up against their communist dictators. What a blessing that would be for those people.

  2. It seems the next 5 years will be even more interesting than 2020 has been. We really do live in a great time! 👍

  3. Hillbob says:

    Hey genius…anyone who does not belong to ‘your’ religion would be godless from your perspective

    • Replies: @Jack Bray
  4. Ric says:

    Rindo dos ocidentais ignorantes a chorando nós comentários. Viva o PCC!!!!

  5. China won’t buy Russia’s pigs despite a shortage due to African Swine Fever. Russia is no longer buying Chinese masks. There is no deep alliance.

    • Replies: @anon
  6. anon[879] • Disclaimer says:
    @Philip Owen

    But there is and will be an alliance dictated by the need for mutual survival. It is naive to think that China would be totally disinterested in Russia and would calmly accept a color revolution against Putin to replace him with a puppet from the West, trusting the “friendship” of the Americans. For that, it would be necessary to forget what happened to so many “friends” in the United States. A Washington-controlled regime established in Moscow and extending to Vladivostok would be too obvious a threat to ignore.

  7. The 4th Industrial “Revolution” is based on total lies, regardless of which country they are coming from, the lies that covid-19 warranted such tyrannical measures, the lie that it is a revolution and not the total tyranny and global governance that it actually is in a lock step march towards the most oppressive, malevolent, encroaching apparatus and war against every individual by tyrants engaged in multiple frauds, scientific, economic, and political.

    Richard Nixon chose the word Crook when caught for the Watergate scandal, and not spy, because Richard Nixon was well aware that all spies are Crooks. Their justifications for Crooking have maligned with the absurd, ranging from the inside job of 9/11 to spying on a virus. These are psychopaths, scumbags, and as Richard Nixon taught us, they are above all else, Crooks and Tyrants!

    This is a dystopian horror that all involved and fully engaged in the psy-op of the Health Scare Scamdemic, and the Great Reset which would allow corrupt financial institutions, multi-national corporations, and corrupt, malevolent, governments world wide, obviously including America, asking for a crypto-currency, since banks never run out of nothing and there would never again be another bank failure since nothing is in infinite supply, rewarding bad actors and mentally derranged and mentally incompetent psychopaths for bad behavior, and creating the most heinous crimes against humanity ever perpetrated, ending every single liberty in existence, and handing more power over to malevolent, corrupt, incompetent, tyrants.

    Andrea Iravani

    • Replies: @Jack Bray
  8. Russia has been “forced” into self sufficient pragmatism as a result of the Crimea sanctions. China is facing the same issue because of Washington. What else would the two do? One example: China has been a piggy bank to Australia for 30 years. That is coming to an end now as China has begun to refuse to import from Australia within the past couple of weeks (the latest is wheat – just announced yesterday). Brazil will get some of that – but my guess is the main beneficiary of the sale of raw materials to China will be Russia. That would benefit both Russia and China. Both have begun to cooperate more on scientific research too. I read where Huawei has pulled R&D away from some Washington allies and increased those jobs in Russia. I would not be the least bit surprised if the two are now working on semiconductor supply chains to circumvent Washington. My only question is – why hasn’t Russia been able to attract a lot of the semiconductor talent that left for Silicon Valley and parts of Europe??? Is it just financial – or something else? If it is money – well I think Chinese companies like Huawei expanding R&D into Russia would make some want to return – as it is known they pay top dollar.

  9. @aname

    1) except China now leads in international patents

    2) do you know real signs of demon possession?

    3) if you understood history you would know it was western humiliation that gave rise to the peasants who put the communists into power in the first place

    4) the fact that they don’t act like communists anymore makes the people in China laugh at the notions you espouse.

    • Agree: animalogic
  10. Avianthro says:

    Sounds like perfect WEF talk…sustainable growth (increasing per-capita GDP) via ongoing technological progress…aka technocracy. Really, that’s also a fair way of stating the desire of humanity. We are lifeforms and, as such, we seek to increase our ability to acquire and utilize energy and material resources. Also, uniquely as human lifeforms we have the greatest technological abilities. We seek to do what lifeforms do using our unique abilities to the fullest.

    It should be clear to anyone who gives it a bit of serious thought that “sustainable growth” is an oxymoron…all ecosystems have limits. Those limits will ultimately be reached when we are no longer able to create a new tech+resource paradigm (TRP) and are forced into stasis as are other lifeforms on the planet, if there are any left that is, after we max out our own species’ growth.

    For this century, the greatest technological challenge now before us, the one that’s most critical to extending growth a bit further, is making the transition to that next paradigm beyond the extraction and exhaustion of resources previously accumulated and into a closed-loop system powered by non-fossil energy sources. If that can be achieved, we may indeed be able to continue with growth for a while(“sustainable” growth), but there is no guarantee we will make this transition and then there will be limits on how much longer we can continue to grow under a new, “sustainable” TRP. Also, there is the increasingly clear risk that technology itself may replace humanity.

    Better that we stop the pursuit of growth and the ongoing march of technological “progress” rather than seek “sustainable” growth and seek out a path of steady-state economics now before we go to the ultimate limits on growth and/or become a bunch of Borg. Can we really do that though? Is it simply an unavoidable necessity that for growth to stop and for tech progress to be blocked, it must be stopped by reaching its ultimate limits? What is the prime directive of lifeforms? Can we be or behave as anything else? Well, maybe we moderns, like a few remnant hunter-gatherers, can behave in a truly sustainable way, but only after we reach solid, insurmountable limits.

    Xi and the CCP are just playing right along with the WEF’s technocratic vision, and, on the whole, China is far better adapted culturally to be a better player than the USA in seeking to fulfill this vision. (If the USA does not adapt itself to the rules of the WEF game for ongoing progress via technocracy, it will be “downgraded” or “transformed-re-educated”…processes now underway.) We live in world controlled by entities that are supranational..a WEF-guided corporate-financial complex, and China is ready to serve that complex. Sustainable growth just means perpetuating that complex’s power as it leads humanity onward on the path of growth.

    • Replies: @Showmethereal
  11. @aname

    “…technology stolen from the West”…? Are you insane? You gave them the technology when you sent them the blueprints for the stuff you wanted to have manufactured cheaply by the wage slaves earning cents per hour, instead of paying your own countrymen a bit more for better quality and the stable society that industrialisation brings.
    The only thing anyone stole from you, was your mind, when you started listening to opinion makers.

    • Agree: Showmethereal
  12. antibeast says:

    Besides all the stolen technology from the West.

    Do you know that China has the world’s first gauge-changing high-speed trains:

    And the world’s first driverless high-speed trains:

    And 60% of the world’s high-speed rail lines, more than TWICE that of the entire West combined?

    Do you know how many high-speed rail lines are there in the USA?


    The CCP should be demonized as with all communists. The Godless communists are possessed by demons. Imagine if the Chinese people were able to rise up against their communist dictators. What a blessing that would be for those people.

    The USA should be demonized as it is possessed by demons. Imagine if the American people were able to rise up against their Globo-Homo dictators, they wouldn’t have to believe in homo rights, gay marriage, negro worship and transgender children anymore. What a blessing that would be for those people.

  13. @Avianthro

    It seems what Putin was saying was for the Russian to go steady instead of expecting explosive growth. In the US you cant win an election saying thingslike that. Likewise in China the leaders are saying the same thing – but because of continued urbanization they will grow faster than most mature economies. Both Russia and China though are not absorbing immigrants. In huge numbers. Both are slowing in population growth. In an age of further automation – that isnt a bad thing economically. Socially though you still want there to be solid families.

    • Replies: @Jack Bray
  14. ingotus says:

    The link in “And here is some especially pertinent context” appears broken.

    • Agree: Showmethereal
  15. anon[773] • Disclaimer says:

    Trump’s original drive, suggested by Henry Kissinger before the January 2017 inauguration, was to play – what else – Divide and Rule, seducing Russia against China.

    The Biden plan will be the other way around, seducing China against Russia.

  16. @aname

    USA 230,000 dead and how many infected? Sad reality is that long term consequences of contracting Covid are not completely known but Trump knows more than the science community combined. It has been a collosal failure —

  17. antibeast says:

    And here’s why the USA has no high-speed rail:

  18. @antibeast

    Not to mention – Maglev’s are already operating – at varying speeds and distances.

    • Replies: @antibeast
  19. antibeast says:

    Not to mention – Maglev’s are already operating – at varying speeds and distances.

    Yes but those Chinese maglevs are low to medium-speed unlike the Japanese high-speed maglev which set the world speed record of 603km/hr in 2015:

    Meanwhile, China is still testing its prototype high-speed maglev:

    By the way, Japan launched the world’s first high-speed rail line, Shinkansen, back in 1964:

    The Europeans followed the Japanese a decade later but the French launched their TGV only in 1981. China began experimenting with high-speed trains during the 90s but later decided to invest heavily in high-speed rail as a way to stimulate the economy as well as to wean the country away from imported oil after the GFC in 2008. Since then, China has already surpassed Japan and Western Europe in both length of high-speed rail lines as well as the operating speed of high-speed trains.

    Here’s a graph of the length of high-speed rail lines worldwide:

    The USA is not even close to having “high-speed rail” due to its MAXIMUM speed of 200km/hr which is the MINIMUM speed for high-speed rail in Western Europe and East Asia, the two regions with the longest and fastest high-speed rail lines in the world.

    Here’s a graph of the speed of high-speed trains worldwide:

    • Agree: Jack Bray
    • Replies: @showmethereal
    , @Jack Bray
  20. @antibeast

    Yes I’m aware… But the high speed Japanese one isn’t completed as yet. I was just talking about the operating ones.. From my understanding China started with low and medium speed in order to build up an ecosystem to make the high speed one more cost effective.
    There is one high speed one actually running in Shanghai from the airport.. But that was built on German technology. The Germans abandoned maglev because it was deemed too expensive. So they sold that to the China. But the Chinese government decided to build their own system. Japan considers it expensive too – so they were trying to build an economy of scale by offering a NYC to Washington DC line. Of course it hasn’t gotten anywhere yet. But that said a Texas group is buying the “regular” Shinkansen to use – which if it happens would be the only HSR in the US.

    • Replies: @antibeast
    , @antibeast
  21. antibeast says:

    The Japanese are building the Chūō Shinkansen — a new high-speed maglev line from Tokyo to Nagoya — scheduled to open in 2027, with future lines to Osaka. That project started in 2011 when the Japanese maglev technology called SCMaglev — low-temperature superconducting maglev — was deemed mature enough for commercialization.

    The Shanghai maglev started out as a demo project which the Germans tried to pitch to China. But the Germans refused to license their maglev technology from Siemens. So China ended up developing its own maglev technology based on high-temperature superconductive electromagnets which was used in the low- to medium-speed maglevs in Beijing, Changsha, etc. Besides that, the German maglev technology was not economically viable because its conventional electromagnets consumed too much power.

    The Japanese also have their low-speed maglev line “Linimo” in Aichi Prefecture near Nagoya but they are ahead of everybody else in high-speed maglevs because they invested heavily in commercializing their SCMaglev technology since the 70s while the Chinese are more cautious, preferring a “walk-before-you-run” approach. Elon Musk’s “hyperloop” is also based on maglev technology, which was first invented in the early 20th century, but still under development. The only high-speed rail project in the USA that is currently under construction is in California which has taken more than two decades from design to build.

  22. antibeast says:

    Japan considers it expensive too – so they were trying to build an economy of scale by offering a NYC to Washington DC line. Of course it hasn’t gotten anywhere yet.

    Abe’s pitch of Japan’s high-speed maglev technology for the Northeast corridor is a pipe dream because Amtrak is currently testing new high-speed trains for the NYC to Washington DC line. They’re 10mph faster than the current Acela trains which can only run at its maximum speed of 150mph at certain segments of the Northeast corridor. Here’s a video explaining why this is so:

    In technical terms, the USA does NOT have any high-speed rail lines, pending the completion of the California HSR project. What the USA has are high-speed trains, the fastest of which are those new Acela trains — built by the French company Alstom in the USA — which can run at maximum speeds of 160mph or 256km/h.

    By way of comparison, China’s fuxing hao series of high-speed trains specifically the CR400AF/BF models — indigenously designed and manufactured by CRRC — can run at maximum speeds of 250mph or 400km/h.

    But that said a Texas group is buying the “regular” Shinkansen to use – which if it happens would be the only HSR in the US.

    HSR for Texas? That would happen only if Texas became part of Mexico which will begin construction of the Mexico-Queretaro high-speed rail project in 2021:

    • Replies: @Showmethereal
  23. @antibeast

    California high speed rail appears dead in the water. Price projections are now 3x the cost of what was approved. Work has been suspended. They decided to just build a short line in the cheapest part of the state… But the issue is no one would ride a train not connected to the major cities.

    At this point – the Texas project – of course not guaranteed – looks more possible.

    • Replies: @antibeast
  24. antibeast says:

    California high speed rail appears dead in the water. Price projections are now 3x the cost of what was approved. Work has been suspended. They decided to just build a short line in the cheapest part of the state… But the issue is no one would ride a train not connected to the major cities.

    Trump pulled Federal funding from the California HSR project which forced California Governor Newsom to suspend the rest of the project while promising to complete the first phase which is the Merced to Bakersfield line in Central Valley. Without the connecting routes to coastal cities like San Francisco, San Jose or Los Angeles, the California HSR project would be a losing proposition as the desolate Central Valley is a sparsely populated area in the middle of nowhere.

    On hindsight, they should have built the San Francisco to San Jose line during the first phase which would have relieved auto traffic along highways 101 and 280, followed by the second phase which would then connect San Jose to Gilroy and thence to Merced, as shown in the map below:

  25. Jack Bray says:

    Goodness. aname appears to be a few screws lose!

  26. Jack Bray says:

    I couldn’t agree more Hillbob

  27. Jack Bray says:
    @No Friend Of The Devil

    Golly. Imagine having No Friend of the Devil at a dinner party. That would be a tense evening.

  28. Jack Bray says:

    You’ve lost me a bit on the need for China and Russia to absorb more immigrants.

  29. Jack Bray says:

    Looking at these stats reminds me that countries with such ingenuity tend to be the more efficient countries overall. Doesn’t surprise me therefore that the UK isn’t anywhere to be seen and the US barely sneaks in at the bottom. Yet those two countries think that they run the world.

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