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The Reconquest: In 2022 Elections, an Algerian Islamophobe Wants to Purge France from 'The Muslim Peril'
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In sharp contrast with the morose political environment across Europe, the French presidential election – against all odds – is now set to become the most enthralling polls to watch in 2022.

Just when everyone from Normandy to the Cote d’Azur seemed all but resigned to suffer a second bout of Macronism, polemicist-turned-politician Eric Zemmour came up with a lurid plot twist.

It took him less than a week. On Monday, 29 November, Zemmour officially announced he would run in the elections. He played full De Gaulle, reading his own speech to the sound of Beethoven, and in front of an old-school microphone surrounded by books.

Then Zemmour announced the name of his new political party: ‘Reconquete’ – named after the seven century-long Christian battle to expel the Moors from Iberia, finally achieved in 1492.

For Zemmour and his eager acolytes, it’s all about reconquering France once again from the Muslim enemy.

Then, on Sunday, 5 December, he held his first rally as a candidate in front of over 10,000 people. No current French politician is able to draw such a crowd.

The next day’s headlines were all about uninvited protestors, one of whom lunged at Zemmour and held him in a headlock on his way to the podium, and scuffles between his supporters. But in Zemmour’s book, this was a triumph: stepping beyond his trademark, well-known incendiary proposals, he managed to transition from pundit to presidential hopeful overnight.

Now all bets are off. The Zemmour saga, of course, offers parallels with the rise of Trump in 2016, who also shifted from media to politics. It is rabidly anti-immigration, and pits fervent nationalism against what is described by conservatives across the west as ‘Islamo-leftism’.

That talk show pulpit

Even in France, most people don’t know that the Zemmour presidential run started at a somewhat secret dinner in Paris last June.

The crème de la crème of the French establishment were there, including Count Henri de Castries, 66, a former luminary of the Ecole Nationale d’Administration (ENA), the alma mater of virtually everyone that counts in Parisian circles of power.

De Castries is a former CEO of insurance giant AXA, at the board of directors of Nestlé; president of the Bilderberg Club; and head of the corporate-financed think tank Institut Montaigne – which virtually ‘invented’ a certain Emmanuel Macron in 2017 after Francois Fillon, favorite to win the nomination for the Right, was destroyed by a leak over his wife’s dodgy employment duties.

If Fillon had won the presidential election in 2017, de Castries would have been Defense Minister.

At the dinner, Zemmour unleashed two political grenades:

The first: “We must prohibit non-French first names.”

The second: “The central issue before us, for the next presidential election and the next 30 years, is Muslim immigration.”

It may have taken six months, but since last summer Zemmour’s irresistible ascension carried an aura of inevitability, even drawing attention from an anxious Elysée Palace, where functionaries duly noted that, on an ideological and cultural level, Zemmour was dictating the whole agenda of the French Right.

Zemmour’s regular pulpit at CNews – the French answer to Fox News – was reaching at least one million viewers every night. He had become the darling of mega-magnate Vincent Bolloré, who owns a Murdoch-style media empire. Bolloré’s Vivendi conglomerate owns Canal+ group, which includes Cnews; 27 percent of Lagardere, which owns Europe 1, Paris Match and Le Journal du Dimanche; and Hachette Livre, which owns publishing houses, Grasset and Fayard.

Bolloré, who is not a snotty Parisian but a ‘provincial’ from Britanny, was fascinated from the start by Zemmour’s social ascension – of the kind only found in sports or music. A similar journey in the intellectual sphere is virtually non-existent in hyper-coded France.

The Arabophobe

Zemmour comes from a Jewish Algerian family of modest means which settled in St Denis, a ‘hot’ Paris suburb. He built his persona – and his impact on the Paris beau monde – with Cartesian rationalism. Underneath it all lies an unmistakable class complex: he craves approbation from intelligentsia notables.

Zemmour is a complex character, but he is also usually reduced to his monothematic obsession: The ‘Muslim Peril.’ At the same time, he favors assimilation, and has nothing against Muslims who become full republicans.

Zemmour took some time to find his political niche. Les Republicans party – of former President Nicolas Sarkozy – is too soft and amorphous. Far-right superstar Marine Le Pen always collects 20 percent of votes in the first presidential round just to fail breaking the glass ceiling in the second (that’s one of the worst kept secrets in France; because of her fascist father, and because she’s not part of the elite).

Now, the financial elite has identified a golden path straight out of Lampedusa’s The Leopard (“everything must change so everything remains the same”). Macron remains their boy. Zemmour is being used – by ‘invisible’ banking donors – to outflank Marine Le Pen from the Right and allow Macron an easy re-election.

And even if Zemmour does not win in 2022, what matters is that Marine Le Pen will definitely be buried and the path will be open for a unified conservative movement closer to its cherished ‘values,’ led of course by Zemmour.

Zemmour, however, faces a very serious problem: how to enlarge his electorate beyond Trumpian angry white males. Trump was a billionaire and a communication beast, so that was easier. Zemmour is an awkward class defector who blossomed in the very small, incestuous Parisian media-literary milieu.

Inside the Zemmour family, identity was always a crucial theme of debate. General De Gaulle was the supreme entity – including his admiration of Jews, “sure of themselves and dominating.” Zemmour’s father, Roger, used to speak Arabic and play cards in the bars of the Goutte D’Or neighborhood.


Zemmour, a Berber family name, means ‘noisy horn’ in Arabic, while its derivative, Ezmour, is the name of the male olive tree in the Berber (Amazigh) language, mainly in Algeria. Zemmour always refers to himself as a Berber Jew. He refuses to be called an Arab, emphasizing that “the Berbers were colonized, massacred and persecuted by the Arabs, Islamized by force.”

And here we approach the heart of the enigma: Zemmour is essentially an Arabophobe, and very specifically against Arabs from the Maghreb. He never refers to Persian Gulf Arabs, and especially Wahhabis and Salafi-jihadis – denoting scarce knowledge of historical Islam and its perversions by western empires. He seems to be illiterate on Shia Islam in the arc of resistance, the Islam of Sufism in Central Asia, and the soft, tropical Islam of Indonesia.

In France, it’s taboo to openly discriminate against Arabs. That’s why Zemmour promoted ‘Islam’ as his portmanteau term to essentially demonize Arabs from the Maghreb.

A hero in a Balzac remix

To understand Zemmour, one must read Balzac. To his credit, Zemmour is a dying breed: a product of literary culture. He grew up buried in Alexandre Dumas and Balzac – the latter’s Lost Illusions is his ultimate reference.

Since he was 11, Zemmour pictured himself as Lucien de Rubempré, the hero of Lost Illusions: that’s when he decided he would become a journalist and author. The Balzacian masterpiece concentrates all his passions: history, journalism and literature. Rubempré is a poet who becomes a journalist and dreams of writing historical novels.

Of all of Balzac’s memorable heroes, Zemmour chose a seducer that overcompensates his modest, provincial origins by a tremendous panache. His critics, though sharply identify him with another Balzac character, Rastignac, the ultra-ambitious one who is obsessed with becoming wealthy and a government minister. That’s not exactly correct: Zemmour would rather linger in a perpetual blaze of glory instead of becoming just a cog in the bourgeois machine.

Seven years ago, way before Trump, there were already rumblings of a Generation Zemmour popping up in France: those who were feeling the heat when faced with the combined blitzkrieg of the European Union, immigration, and globalization.

This is the bulk of Zemmour’s electorate: bourgeois conservatives, victims of globalization, and the declassified popular classes, those who really lost with the globalist open borders. They offered Zemmour the chance to become the spokesperson of the shattered Right.

Not even Marine Le Pen could play that role, because she’s considered too “populist” by the bourgeois, and on top of that, she invested too heavily in her de-demonization process to be accepted by the establishment.

As for Sarkozy, he was too ‘bling bling’ for the families of old France. Zemmour, with his ‘son of the periphery swagger’ and the classic cultural baggage of a very good student, was clever enough to identify the opening.

Dynamiting himself?

Zemmour may not be a Virgin Mary groupie. But when he published his book French Destiny, in 2018, he had to admit, in front of a fervent Catholic audience, that “he is convinced that one cannot be French without being deeply impregnated by Catholicism, its cult of images, the pomp, the order installed by the Church, this subtle mélange of Jewish morals, Greek reason and Roman law, but also the humility of servants.”

This is as close as one gets to the Zemmour creed.

What makes the Zemmour story eyebrow-raising across all the lands of Islam – from Northern Africa to West, Central and South Asia – is that he defines the “enemy not as political Islam, Islamism, jihadism or Islamic radicalism: the enemy is Islam” (my italics).

He charges, without proof, that ‘hatred of France’ is consubstantial to this religion. Islam is incompatible with secularism, democracy, a secular Republic. Islam is incompatible with France.”

That’s exactly what he repeated this past Sunday during his first speech as a presidential candidate: a clash of civilizations redux.

His catalogue of propositions includes no Muslim first names to be adopted in France; “social measures of national solidarity” only for the French; the expulsion of all foreigners who have committed crimes (at least 15,000, as it stands); to close French borders if necessary; and to stop the migration inflow – as many as 400,000 a year, including legal asylum seekers. He explicitly wants students from Africa and the Maghreb to have no access to student grants.

Zemmour wants to limit legal immigration to a minimum. He maintains that Islam is a “civilization very far apart from ours.” He mercilessly blasts Macron, accused of wanting to “dissolve France into Europe and Africa.” Macron explains that a woman may also be a father, but Zemmour says: “I don’t agree. I want children to have a father and a mother.”

That’s where Zemmour’s Islamophobia morphs with his critique of ‘Islamo-Leftism’ and the woke-ism nebulae encompassing race theory, gender studies, post-colonialism, intersectionality, identity politics and cancel culture. That’s the privileged terrain where he could get further traction with the France of traditional values.

CNews have extolled Zemmour as The Dynamiter. Yet he runs the risk of dynamiting himself, self-cornered in an Islamophobia trap of his own making as he aims to re-found the French radical right and ‘reconquer’ the Republic.

It may be too early, but he did not get the electoral bump he expected after entering the ring. As it stands, he’s out of the second round, neck to neck with the perennial Marine Le Pen and largely overtaken by another woman, Valerie Pecresse, a Sarkozy disciple with a dominatrix streak who’s selling the union of the ‘respectable’ Right and her capability of getting rid of Macron for good.

Yet never underestimate the immensely ambitious, self-described Berber Jew who aims to ‘reconquer’ a Republic fighting an Islamophobic jihad.

(Republished from The Cradle by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Underneath it all lies an unmistakable class complex: he craves approbation from intelligentsia notables.

    This has been the ruin of many a poor boy dear god I know I’m one.

    • Thanks: Rahan, SafeNow
  2. Zemmour exists to split the nationalist vote, so that FN has less chance of making it past the first round of voting in the next presidential election.

    As one might expect from his cult, he’s there to infiltrate and misdirect.

    That’s why the French oligarch-media complex is push-polling the hell out of the guy: trying to create a media frisson.

    The current incumbent is a granny-bearded closet-homo who loves black dick… but the proles are never going to find that out. But they can see ‘kike’ emblazoned across Zemmour’s phyzzog.

    Rural Frenchmen – les ploucs – will not vote for a Red Sea Pedestrian, because they’ve seen this show before and they simply don’t trust Jews.

    They are generally less interested in what happens outside their departement – the local election for mayor is usually more interesting, and thereafter the departmental roles.

  3. Who knows what Zemmour thinks. France has had as many or more phony two bit politicians, as the U.S. has had.

    • Replies: @JM
  4. Anonymous[395] • Disclaimer says:

    Anyone who complains about “Islamophobia” in Europe is anti-white trash. Absolutely no exceptions.

    • Agree: Mike Tre, Ace, Bernie
    • Disagree: profnasty, Justrambling, Fr. John
    • Replies: @Jim Christian
    , @Anon
  5. Vous avez mis le doigt dessus. Obama and Macron, two of a kind, test tube babies from the New World Order laboratory.

    • Agree: Iris
  6. Of course Zemmour´s main purpose is to bury Marine –
    I found it gauche how she dumped her father but his OAS-sensibility
    electorate is dying off and the present generation are too ahistorical and
    brainwashed for these finesses.

    … but even taken on his own merit he is incoherent:
    Islam is the enemy of humankind (which is, la France) but a
    républicain carpet worshipper is ah-okey (nevermind the French take the
    separation of church and state more seriously even though being Catholic to the bone);
    Jews are the founding stock of la France and the teachers of morality.
    This careful pilpul says exactly zilch, least of all does it address the Peoples´woes
    (“We do not want the swarthies! We do not give a merde if they worship carpets or genitally mutilate their little or eat wholesome pig like human beings*
    but they knife and they rape and they loot. And they stink. “)
    nor, nota bene, does he promise anything but Jewish rule.

    Controlled opposition.

    *I offer this as a universal litmus test 😛

    • Replies: @anonymous
  7. raga10 says:

    Zemmour, a Berber family name, means ‘noisy horn’ in Arabic

    Has there ever been a more perfectly named politician?

    As a rabid anti-Islamist myself I want to wish him luck but I don’t really know his views on any subjects other than Islam. I also think that getting elected is the easy part for people like him – running the government is where problems start (see: Trump)

    In any case let’s be real – he is not going to win… is he?

  8. It might have been more poetic if he had announced his candidacy from Tours, and reminded the French what Charles “The Hammer” Martel started there.

  9. A123 says: • Website

    Amazingly bizarre headline for the article. It should have read:

    The Reconquest: In 2022 Elections, an Algerian Islamo-Realist Wants to Protect French Citizens and Their Children from Merkel’s Muslim Rape-Ugees

    The new German leader, Olaf Scholz, will continue Merkel’s Open [Muslim] Borders. He also openly repudiates Christian values: (1)

    As the 63-year-old left-wing Social Democrat (SPD) politician Olaf Scholz took his oath to become chancellor of Germany yesterday, he explicitly left out the part of the oath, “So help me God,” which remains an optional part of the swearing ceremony in Germany.

    He is the first chancellor to leave the reference to God out of his oath.

    Who will defend French citizens from anti-Christian, German led, EU aggression?

    Le Pen has alienated Christians. There does not seem to be a good way for her to undo that damage.

    Zemmour is not the most obvious choice. However, he does have a solid track record backing Infidel (Christian & Jewish) resistance to Jhadi incursion.

    Can some one else take up the mantle of MAGA style Christian Populism? There is room for such a figure. However there are no rising stars headed that way, and time is running out on this election cycle.

    Do not let Perfect be the enemy of the Good — Voltaire

    Despite his imperfections, Zemmour appears to be the only current, credible option to end the Rape-ugee invasion. French de-islamification will be a task left to his successors.

    PEACE 😇


  10. It is already on the table that the trend towards the collapse of Western civilization includes its millennial accomplice Roman Christianity and we see that at the end of the road we have returned to those initial times of the crusades with merchants hidden under the religious habit.

  11. ‘Antisemitism’ vs ‘Islamophobia’. ROTFL.

    Never mind White Nakba where Jewish Power uses Muslims(and others) to replace whites.

    I can support Zemmour if and only if he calls out Jewish Power as the great globo-homo enemy of the West. I can respect any Jewish figure in media and politics who calls it out like it is. But if he or she takes up the nationalist flag without naming the main instigate of anti-white-ism, he or she is not to be trusted. Jewish person who takes up nationalism without naming the Jewish Power is, intentionally or not, only serving to mute the necessary naming and criticism of Jewish Supremacist influence in the West: “Hey, we have a sacred Jew on our side. Let’s not say or do anything to offend Jewish sensibilities.” How did this work out so far?

    In the late 60s, some of the biggest pro-immigration voices came from the French Juif bloc. If Zemmour wants White France to protect French Jews, he must protect White French from Jewish Supremacist Power(that is global and pushes White Nakba on every Western nation).

    Anyway, the biggest threat to France isn’t Islam. It’s Black Africa. If the only choice is between Jihad and Jungle, Jihad is better because Arab-Muslim societies are better black African ones(whatever the religion). Detroit and Baltimore are overwhelmingly black-Christian, but just look at them. However one feels about the Arab Muslim community in Michigan, it’s a lot saner than the Christian Negro one.

  12. The Zemmour fellow has a Wiki.

    Zemmour opposes abortion, which he has labeled as a “collective suicide”[107] and has argued that women were unsuited to positions of political power.[108]

    Zemmour wants to lower corporate taxes.[122]

    Éric Zemmour thinks that the retirement age should be raised to 64.[127][128]

    In addition, Zemmour has expressed support for Rattachism, the integration of Wallonia, the French-speaking part of Belgium, into France…

    And this:

    French army has a secret plan to ethnically cleanse Muslims from the country with help from the Israeli military, claims political commentator
    Eric Zemmour says ‘Operation Brambles’ seeks to rid France of Muslims

    France is a distant place with a foreign language, and I know precious little about the nation. Still, I don’t think much of a fellow who is willing to bring in ZioNazi experts from the Apartheid state to organize a French version of the “Nakba” death march.

    • Replies: @Iris
  13. Everybody knows this bozo is a classic stalking horse stuck in there to siphon votes from Le Pen and allow some incredibly tiny minority elect the new leader.

  14. ‘…Yet never underestimate the immensely ambitious, self-described Berber Jew who aims to ‘reconquer’ a Republic fighting an Islamophobic jihad.’

    I’d be careful about trusting him as well. Surely, the whites of France can save themselves. If only out of self-respect, they should try.

    If they hand their fate over to an Arab Jew, they deserve whatever they get.

    • Agree: mark green
  15. Anon[299] • Disclaimer says:

    Escobar is funny. Islamophobia if France doesn’t like Muslims, but no mention of China not liking them.

    I am pro-China myself, but Pepe’s nonsense undermines his normally good logic. Better to just not touch the topic.

  16. They are pushing this guy because Marine Le Pen has come out unequivocally against the medicofascism model. They need somebody to split the Anti-Macron vote and prevent her being the anti-establishment candidate. Unfortunately for them, medicofascism figures to be the big issue since the legitimacy of the system and the right to have any rights whatever is at the core of the problem, and she has profiled herself as the anti medicofascism. If Zemmour adds anti medicofascism to the mix, he might change the equation. A lot of people now see political correctness as being against their own historic ethnic identities. In that case it would be interesting if a sceptical, Franco-ized member of the competing ethnic group was the instrument of the destruction of the French establishment.

  17. Ross Perot, the vote splitter that elected Bill Clinton. Deja vu?

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
    , @Ace
  18. @A123

    “ The new German leader, Olaf Scholz, will continue Merkel’s Open [Muslim] Borders. He also openly repudiates Christian values: (1)”

    I wonder what the state of Christianity would be today had Germany remained pagan. From Martin Luther who split the church through his Protestant reformation opening the door to religious wars that almost wiped out the German population in The Thirty Years’ war, to today’s unfolding tragedy of a streak of anti European obsessed leaders like the duo Merkel/Scholz who are dead set to let refugees invade a demographically stagnant Europe instead of buttressing traditional family values and a higher European birthrate the way Hungary’s Orban is doing, German excesses of idealism, pragmatism and sheer stubbornness, are bound to put Europe in a perilous path were the incompatible three “Abrahamic” religions will tear apart the very fabric of European society. Nothing illustrates the destructive influence of the Teutonic race than the recent drastic anti democratic, anti constitutional Covid 19 measures promulgated in Austria and Germany where a rather complacent population put up a token resistance.

    I have personally been a lifelong admirer of German culture and achievements but the leadership of Merkel and her ersatz Scholz makes me wonder if the German spirit has entered its twilight zone.

  19. @Anonymous

    And you go to jail for reporting to the authorities that they raped your daughter. It’s an actual offense written into their laws.

    • Replies: @Rev. Spooner
  20. @Anon

    “ Islamophobia if France doesn’t like Muslims, but no mention of China not liking them.”

    You are comparing apples to oranges. France’s Muslim population as a percentage of overall French population makes more than 10% and accounts for the highest rate of newborns. The Uighur in China hardly number thirteen million officially and fifty million unofficially which makes them so tiny relative to the overall population of 1.4 billion. Furthermore, the Muslim Uighur are integrating much better in Chinese society courtesy of the Chinese government efforts at assimilating them through education and employment. Most of those who traveled to Xinjiang province deny all the Western alleged oppression of the Uighur never mind the blatant lies of the Western MSM. The Chinese do not dislike Muslims nor Christians but they dislike terrorism and religious practices like the Falun Gong sects that are fomented by Western intelligence to destroy the harmony of Chinese society. The French equally have no qualms about Islam but rather about Muslim cultural practices that overhears on French citizens’ sense of identity like loud prayers, occupying the streets in front of mosques for prayer time and looking at French female dress as an insinuation of a libertine attitude. But such Muslims are a minority in France and as far as my experience tells me most Muslim French immigrants strive to blend within French society. Yet the challenge of Christian/ Muslim coexistence is not a piece of cake as demonstrated in Lebanon.

    One thing is clear: any fragmentation of society under the banner of diversity plays handsomely into the hands of the eternal destroyers who happen to be the masters of discourse all over the West.

  21. Altai says:

    an Algerian Islamophobe Jew Wants to Purge France from ‘The Muslim Peril’ But Otherwise Continue Ethnic Displacement of Gallic France by Peoples With Less Innate Hostility to Jews and Israel


    Zemmour doesn’t really respect the right of self-determination or ownership of Gallic France to France. But since so much of the immigration to France to Muslim he pretends otherwise. His election would help undermine actual French nationalists which he would no doubt hopes. ‘Kosher nationalism’ isn’t nationalism.

  22. Phibbs says:

    Indonesia has “soft” Islam? Really? One Buddhist woman in Indonesia was sentenced to 8 years in prison for complaining how loud the speakers to a local mosque were. A Chinese-Indonesian running for mayor of Jakarta was accused of blasphemy simply for quoting from the Koran. There is no such thing as moderate Islam.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
    , @Avery
  23. @Priss Factor

    Great comment, with the correction that Detroit and Baltimore are not AT ALL Christian populations. That is badly out of date. Almost nobody who is not elderly in the African “community” attends church or reads the Bible, and this has been the case for decades. These cities probably have as many practicing Muslims as churchgoing Christians of any race.

    Despite the abundant nonsense in “the” bible, the people of baltimore and detroit, like the rest of us, could sorely use the guidance, love, kindness, hope, discipline, and inspiration offered by belief in God along with the Golden Rule and the Ten Commandments.

    • Thanks: Joe Levantine
  24. Not content with a Jew, Sarkozy, followed by a product of the Jews, Macron, as ‘French’ Presidents, the Jewish elite want to take over directly, through some sort of colonial plenipotentiary, and what could be more delightfully Talmudic than a Torah prophet preaching hatred, violence and destruction of Israel’s enemies. And once France is firmly under Zionazi control, even more so than at present, the great task of the Oded Yinon Plan may proceed, with Arabs slaughtered in their millions, to cries of ‘Hosanna’ from the Euro serfs.

    • Replies: @Olivier1973
  25. @Phibbs

    Indonesia HAD a soft Islam, but the Saud Mafia has spent billions proselytising their anti-Moslem Wahhabist death-cult there, with hideous success.

    • Replies: @Anon
  26. @A123

    Christ! Someone turned over a rock, and look what scuttled out. Pure Talmudism, ie hatred as a religion, Judaism’s great gift to humanity.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  27. A Jew that is angry at Muslims and loves Israel…sigh…Jews destroy the Middle East and North Africa as much as possible, create wars and destruction, terrorism constantly, then create and facilitate the various networks and NGOs necessary to bring in the lowest strata of those Middle Eastern and North African societies, simultaneously through manipulation or domination of various governments it is greenlighted, and then the Jews create “opposition” or “conservatives”, even for absurdly comical-“nationalists”, who then argue against Muslims, but not that most evil tribe.

    Talmudic dialectic in full view. Create turmoil, create hate, and then dominate all sides in the discourse.

    They really are evil.

    • Agree: mark green
    • Replies: @Looney Tunes
  28. Zemmour comes from a Jewish Algerian family…

    So, here we have the Hegelian counterpoint to the infamous Barbara Spectre, right on cue!

  29. “he is convinced that one cannot be French without being deeply impregnated by Catholicism, its cult of images, the pomp, the order installed by the Church, 

    Yet he hasn’t been Baptised or Confirmed in the Roman Catholic Church. He clings to his Jewish faith, a religion as foreign to France as Islam. He invoked Charles Martel, but he neglects to mention that it was jews working with Muslims as they drove North through Spain to conquer Christian lands. Judaism is not French, which was made very clear by the Disputation of Paris when King Saint Louis IX put the jews on trial for hateful passages in the Talmud that slandered and smeared Jesus Christ. His precious Talmud is at odds with France and always will be.

    Perhaps if Zemmour converted to Catholicism and repudiated his Talmudic origins, I might believe he cares about France and her civilization above all. Instead he wants it both ways: out with the foreign Muslims, but the foreign jews like him can stay. It’s the very least he could have done to practice what he preaches; namely, the superiority of French culture and identity. He is as French as the Arabs he decries, not fit to lead them or call upon their glorious past of pushing back both Muslim and Jew. Does he think of them as mere cattle for his own selfish ambitions? As long as he clings to his foreign ways and makes an exception to his assimilationist vision, he will forever remain an outsider within the bosom of the Eldest Daughter of the Church.

    • Thanks: Pierre de Craon
  30. anonymous[176] • Disclaimer says:

    they worship carpets

    Lol! It would be so much more easier for you pagan godless albinonigers if muslims actually worshipped their carpets or the black cube or the moon-god, won’t it?

    But, sadly for you vermin, we are true monotheists, and your accursed kind worship pagan abominations (the idea behind father/son mangods, and the blessed Christ himself would reject such an abomination). Your kind is no different from the batshit Hindoos… ok, probably just a tad more spiritually civilised.

    Now, how exactly do you pagan/godless mofers fight this reality in the spiritual context? We are true monotheists, and your kind is pagan. This is indisputable.

    Surely, you don’t expect to win with pinpricks of “carpet/moon worship” or “worshipping the cube” or “genitally mutilate their little” or “FGM” or “terrorism” (when your psychopathic kind is orders of magnitude worse)? Rather pathetic, especially when we slit your spiritual jugulars in return, yeah?

    All you do to cope, is give yourselves the middle finger right in your ears, and go… la la la la la la…


  31. IronForge says:

    Tribals and Representatives have been in the French Presidency for awhile.

    Sarkozy is a Tribal. Garçon Macron is a Tribal Banker Vassal. Monsieur Zemmour is a Tribal, and Madame Le Pen’s “Husband” is a Tribal as well.

    So FRA the Colonial Power are Neck Deep in Migranvader/Ex-Colony Issues while Tribals and Muslims vie for Political+Societal Power.

    It may be prudent for Non-Tribals to Consider Emigrating to a Country NOT pwnd by Tribals.

    So Tribals “pwn” Five-Eyes, France, UKR, and what other Countries?

  32. Dumbo says:

    He’s not an Algerian, he’s a Jew. Is Pepe so disingenuous?

    I’m all in favour of expelling all Muslims and Africans from France, but that guy is likely a global agent. Notice he says nothing about vaccines, vaccine passports etc.

  33. @Anon

    China has its own population of native Han Muslims, the Hui. These people are as Han as anyone else. In that sense, Islam has a native presence amongst Han Chinese that it just doesn’t have in European countries other than Russia. Muslims in Europe belong to distinct non-European ethnicities, apart from a handful of white converts who always somehow retain the appearance of deluded people who don’t belong.

    • Agree: Showmethereal
  34. Anon[205] • Disclaimer says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Not just Saudi. GAM is radical Islamist movement in Aceh which were supported by guess who? Australia. The same Australia also supported christian tribal terrorist in West Papua. Hideous unprincipled bunches of scumbags.
    Who can blame them though? They reap loads of loots seceding Timor Leste while they just wash their hands off the looted country.

  35. Anon[412] • Disclaimer says:
    @Priss Factor

    The most bitter and violent opponents of the Jews used to be Christian. The ones that tolerant and giving shelters towards them used to be Muslim. Both Christians and Muslims used to opposes usury, debauchery, and moral degeneration. Both used to fervently distrust the jews.
    Changes to this happen almost seemingly overnight through Holocaust propaganda and creation of Israel. The Muslim becomes hostile towards jews, the Christian superimpose the ‘jews’ victory over the Muslims in middle east with the Christian crusaders that failed and become friendly towards them.

  36. anonyms says:

    Hey A123, how ya doin’, you pagan godless vermin! 😀

    Rape-ugee invasion

    Nice word play. Kind of similar to how I call the whitevils, euRapeans, given how you accursed albinos raped & plundered the world for centuries, and continue to do so even now (eg. withholding Venezuela’s and Afghanistan’s meagre wealth). Fcuking lowlife thieves *spit*!!

    Of course, another truth hidden in that coinage is your godmen literally raping the young and most vulnerable amongst you. Given how they are hardly punished, your accursed society approves of it, no doubt. Your spiritual house-of-cards is ablaze, and you vermin are deflecting… lol!

    Where you’re headed A123, PEACE 😇, is definitely not on the cards. When you reach your grave (and on to your eternal home, Hell), and by some miracle you still get access to a computer, you will be searching desperately for the “excruciating torment” emoji. And, that emoji will not be able to express even a fraction of a fraction, of what you will truly feel.

    Of course, this applies to the hordes of rabid Islamophobes here and elsewhere. You mofers are going to “party” with the devil!


    • Replies: @JM
    , @Freedomstillisntfree
  37. Croc du merde indeed—parlay vou da ding dong. Jewish Algerian playing the “get Palestine ” Card and kill the infidels –for Christ’s sake !! Meantime Herod and Barabbas are taking up a Parisienne collection for St. Clod –the patron saint of dead infidels.

  38. Malla says:

    The French were ready to make Algeria a part of Metropolitan France way back before Independence. And yet the Algerians wanted independence and soon after started coming to France to live with the French. How does that make sense? Reverse colonization more like it.
    India and Pakistan eventually became republics in 1950 and 1956 respectively and got rid of their monarchies they shared with Britain. Now millions go to countries like United Kingdoms, Australia, Canada, New Zealand etc… to live under and become subjects of that same Royal Family. Shamelessness and self interest.

  39. Petermx says:

    I think Pepe Escobar writes in a typical manner. When a European nationalist (in this case a French woman, Marine Le Pen) runs for office she or her father is a “fascist”. In case anyone doesn’t know this by now, that is always considered bad. But when that “European nationalist” is a Jew then he is safe from criticism. No one will be connecting him to Jewish Bolsheviks or God forbid, fascism.

    It reminds me of Ukraine again. In Ukraine many Ukrainians, the real Ukrainians that actually speak Ukrainian (not Russian), sided with Germany during WW II because their heavily Jewish Soviet government murdered millions of Ukrainians prior to the war. Today these people (the actual Ukrainians) are denounced as “NAZIS” by ignoramuses. They object to Ukrainians that are proud of their history and heritage, as when some Ukrainian soldiers still today give a “Roman salute” or display on their uniform their historic connection to the Waffen SS, the best fighting organization the world has ever witnessed. None of this is acceptable to the western phonies that want to attack Russia to make Ukraine free. The only acceptable Ukrainians for these phonies are the Jews that they first installed when they helped overthrow the Ukrainian gov’t in 2014 and the Jews are now firmly in the driver’s seat in Ukraine.

    To sum it up, the only acceptable European nationalists to westerners are Jews. While Zemmour says things that may sound good to a Frenchman, he identifies as a Jew and shows some pride in being a Jew. There is nothing wrong with that but is that the man that has to lead the country? To what degree does he advocate the policies that he does because he is Jewish? The article says he says “‘hatred of France’ is consubstantial to” Islam. For a lot longer than post Europe’s WW II experience with Islam, many Europeans from all across Europe have felt the same way about Jews and today Jews openly accuse much or most of Europe of murdering millions of Jews while denying their own substantial guilt in murdering millions of Europeans while holding the most powerful positions in lands.

    • Replies: @mark green
    , @RadicalCenter
  40. Anon[129] • Disclaimer says:

    We must prohibit non-French first names.”

    Eric ?

  41. Ghali says:

    Zemmour is a convicted felon to be France President. He is an ardent pro-Israel Zionist Jew and an Islamophobe. Europeans from South to North and from West to East should be ashamed of their utter submission to Jews.

    • Agree: Justrambling
  42. mcohen says:

    zemmour has my vote,someone has to draw a line in the sand and only a jew can.The white catholics are downcast at the moment but once they forgive themselves they will chop the chop,chop chop.need a different pope too.
    the shoes of the fisherman or the fishes and loaves but not both.
    you hear me brother.time for change.

  43. @Kratoklastes

    Rural Frenchmen – les ploucs – will not vote for a Red Sea Pedestrian

    Tacitly supported by BILLIONS who never accepted “world order” imposed by monotheistic hordes after destruction of AleKsandria.
    Nature and Universe abhor permanence of ANY kind.

  44. Now, the financial elite has identified a golden path straight out of Lampedusa’s The Leopard (“everything must change so everything remains the same”). Macron remains their boy. Zemmour is being used – by ‘invisible’ banking donors – to outflank Marine Le Pen from the Right and allow Macron an easy re-election.

    And even if Zemmour does not win in 2022, what matters is that Marine Le Pen will definitely be buried and the path will be open for a unified conservative movement closer to its cherished ‘values,’ led of course by Zemmour.

    Yes that was my conclusion as well.

    Zemmour’s candidacy is a ruse by those who own the country to split Le Pen’s constituency and ensure Manu gets a second term.

    • Replies: @Olivier1973
  45. chris says:

    OMG, this sounds like the most transparent psy-op since January 6! They’re running a classic like playing nagila hava at a Bar Mitzvah. Merrick Garland couldn’t have scripted them a more transparent plot if he tried.

    So they’re running a Jewish Islamophob, a position unavailable to any Christian or secularist in France, as a political party, without dragging millions to protest out in the streets.
    The 10000 supporters they did drag out must have been a virtual who’s who of the combined secret “services” of France, Israel, the US and UK.

    Is anyone really falling for any of this?

    • Replies: @Kratoklastes
  46. Smith says:

    France, the country that birthed the modern leftism vs rightism paradigm, has no “leftism” anymore. Sad!

  47. Anon[255] • Disclaimer says:


    All that needs to be said.

    • Agree: RedpilledAF
  48. Talisker says:

    Zemmour’s campaign is funded by the Rothschilds, same as Macron’s, that’s one data point that tells you all you need to know about this grifter…

    He’s been basically set up to bottle the French right into national zionism, set up as a hegelian dialectic against Macron’s neoliberal Rothschild globohomo. Look for France to have a large role in as Israeli strike against Iran and the Levant should Zemmour win.

    Pepe should have read Youssef Hindi’s expose, “L’Autre Zemmour”, penetrating research on the candidate’s background, his agenda and that of the elements who have created him.

    Video Link

  49. Whatever happened to that Marine Le Pen? How come she never wins? I thought she would be elected by now. It’s strange even in England where they’re seeing what leftism is doing and yet they keep electing clown after clown. Even if London has 7 million left leaning masses the rest of the nation is still 57 million odd and they would have elected someone sane by now.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  50. PJ London says:

    Trump was the perfect candidate to make sure that Clinton won.
    A ‘Reasonable’ Republican candidate with proper credentials could have beaten Clinton, so make sure a “Crazy” was nominated.
    Penn might just beat Macron so make sure a ‘Crazy’ stands against her and him to ensure that Macron wins again.
    The only problem is that every country has changed enormously since 2001. The adults of 2001 (IE people now over 45) hate what has happened. England, US, Germany, France the changes due to immigration and government over-reach are enormous. We hate it.
    So maybe, just maybe a politician such as Trump or Zemmour can bring back what we regard as sanity. (Are you listening Mr Rees Mogg?)
    I do not know about Paris, but the changes in ‘Province ‘ are significant and all to the detriment. It is no longer “French”.

    Here is an example of a Politician who believes in his country :

    “In Russia live Russians. Any minority, from anywhere, if it wants to live in Russia, to work and eat in Russia, should speak Russian, and should respect the Russian laws. If they prefer Shari’ya Law, then we advise them to go to those places where that’s the state law. Russia does not need minorities. Minorities need Russia, and we will not grant them special privileges, or try to change our laws to fit their desires, no matter how loud they yell ‘discrimination’. We better learn from the suicides of America, England, Holland and France, if we are to survive as a nation. The Russian customs and traditions are not compatible with the lack of culture or the primitive ways of most minorities. When this honourable legislative body thinks of creating new laws, it should have in mind the national interest first, observing that the minorities are not Russians.”
    — Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, addressing the Duma February 4th, 2013.
    The politicians in the Duma gave Putin a standing ovation for 5+ minutes!

    • Thanks: Ace
    • Replies: @Fred777
    , @raga10
  51. He’s a Kike.
    His object is to disrupt, create conflict, split Nationalist vote.
    Promote Israel.
    How obvious does it have to be ?

    Byzantium had the right idea about Jews —

    Allowed to live, practice trade/commerce, practice religion.

    Not allowed in politics, teaching, no Christian slaves.

  52. @RedpilledAF

    Pity most white Christians cannot see that reality.

    • Agree: RedpilledAF
  53. Talisker says:

    Further insights from French dissident Alain Soral (in French):

    Video Link

  54. Absolute Hilarity


    Video Link

    • LOL: Z-man
  55. the French presidential election – against all odds – is now set to become the most enthralling polls to watch in 2022.

    What a complete stupid comment! As if elections will change anything when the power is not political, but economic. It is all a show, nothing more.

    « Si voter servait à quelque chose, il y a longtemps que ça serait interdit. » (Coluche)

    If voting was useful, it is a long time it would have been forbidden.

    See “La société du spectacle” by Guy Debord. It is necessary to keep the people busy thinking they have a power, when they have none. Not even to decide about peace and war.

  56. Anonymous[661] • Disclaimer says:

    Imagine voting for a Jew for president of the US who is running on a platform based on saving traditional white America from the violent, unwashed black hordes? And, for good measure, he proposes outlawing names like DeShawn and Quaneesha?

    No, I’m hardly convinced the Zemmour spectacle is legit, though I have to admit it’s been amusing to observe.

  57. @Reverend Goody

    Valérie Pécresse, the Republican candidate, would be the more likely French incarnation of Ross Perot, but without the personality, who will allow Macron to keep the job.

  58. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Well, Z has zero risk to be elected. Fance is not (yet) Ukraine. He is the clown in the show.

    You forgot Hollande who with Fabius foreign ministry, was even more zionist than the two you mention. He was completely furious when Obama renounced to bomb Syria. Fabius support to terrorists: “Al Nosra fait du bon boulot.” (Al Nosra is doing a good job), or “Bachar should not be alive”.

  59. @A123

    Despite his imperfections, Zemmour appears to be the only current, credible option to end the Rape-ugee invasion.

    For jews, peace means war. Z and LP, one will likely give up before the vote. Anyway even if elected a president as NO power unless he gets a majority at the parlement and there is zero risk that any of the two can have it.

  60. Are the french that gullible that they will believe this man is going to do anything but pay lip service to halting the invasion?

    In the UK. People voted for Johnson thinking he would stop the boats. He hasn’t, nor will he. But it takes a while for people to understand that he is doing nothing.

    To paraphrase Arnold Toynbee.

    “People are watching our lips instead of watching our hands.”

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
  61. Ghost Dog says:

    “He is the first chancellor to leave the reference to God out of his oath.”
    As a puppet of the cabal, he probably wanted to swear an oath to the Devil, but couldn’t either.

  62. “Yet never underestimate the immensely ambitious, self-described Berber Jew who aims to ‘reconquer’ a Republic fighting an Islamophobic jihad.”

    Like the enemy he has identified, he too is an outsider in the traditional France and therefore, unwelcome by the true Frenchman. Is there really any difference between Jews and Arabs in their opposition to the Christianity? I don’t think so!

  63. Fred777 says:
    @PJ London

    Putin offers Russia a future, no wonder the western elites hate him so.

    • Agree: Miro23
  64. Short vdo just for information/comparison etc.
    The new Austrian Chancellor arrives to be sworn in, surrounded by military and heartily cheered and welcomed by the people … (erm, not) …

    However “we” are outside whistling derision, posting factual objections etc, while Nehammer, Alexander Boris de Pfeffer Johnson, toyboy Macron, Mutti Merkel etc are inside the halls of power making even further decisions to ruin our lives.
    Something has to change.
    Btw this drone is a member of the “Austrian People’s Party” (ÖVP) … really …

  65. And who will get rid of blacks? In America black birth rate is 22% in France it’s probably 30%+ won’t be a French country by 2100. Regardless the kike of course signs the song of allowing Christian converts to stay, that is import more nigg*ers and leee white passing Muslims. The problem of the black race needs to be named directly, otherwise the entire world is gonna get blacked

  66. Crusade says:

    So… What is wrong, exactly, about purging France (and all of Europe for that matter) of Muslims and Africans?

    • Replies: @Bernie
  67. Anonymous[124] • Disclaimer says:

    I wonder: does Monsieur Noisy Horn approve of the current antigentilic movie, “Santa, Inc.”? It stars 2 Jews as voice actors: Sarah Silverman and Seth Rogen. It’s also produced by Jews…and is mostly a noseberg joint-effort.

    Nothing like dumping on Jesus’ birthday to “heal the world, right?

    Anyway, Juden like Eric were big on Charlie Hebdo, thinking it more-than-kosher to dump on Islam. So I wonder: did Zemmour have stirrings of amour when Mohamed was publicly mocked? If so, would he similarly sprout wood if a similar venture mocked the Tribe?

    Imagine a sardonic homage to seasonal smallhattery. A goyim-created film that shat on Juden joys in the fashion of, say, “The Aristocrats” (

    Por ejemplo, a movie called…”Hanukkah, LLC.”

    In it, Sarah Silverman would star as Ann Frankfurter, a sonderkommando who “relishes”(!) her tattoo-artiste gig at the Treblinka Hotel. Her rival, Shlomo Homo, (Seth Rogen), would make soap and lampshades for…and from…guests.

    Now each year the pair puts aside differences to act in a Hanukkah play called “Moses Takes a Licking.”

    The period piece opens to an orchestra playing “Nothin’ Says Lovin’ Like Something’ in the Oven.”

    Moses then enters stage left and begins to fellate a donkey.

    Ann enters stage right and commences to “toss the salad” of the animal’s backside. Her own naked rump gets simultaneously rogered by a wild boar.

    Shlomo saunters onstage and immediately attends to Moses’ hindquarters. He turns it into a brown-butter churn by plunging a dreidel (carved from Torah scroll pole) in and out of the Commandments-Giver’s fundament.

    As the movie’s cinematic (and each actor’s) actual) climax nears, a wild Arabian horse gallops onstage to peg Shomo’s poopchute.

    It’s carnal appetite sated, Equus trots offstage…leaving Shlomo prostrate and unconscious from sheer prostate boinking-bliss.

    Ann rushes over to felch Shlomo’s digestion-vent, bringing him back “to life.”


    The End.

    Now, would that movie get a standing oy-vey from christkillers, the folks who endlessly chortle when other groups/faiths are savaged?

    • LOL: Mike Tre
  68. Avery says:

    Agree. (largely).

    To wit:

    [Decade After Maluku Massacre, Indonesia Still Dangerous for Christians]

    [On June 19, 2000, the Christian church in Duma—a village in the eastern Moluccan islands—was attacked by thousands of jihadist members of Laskar Jihad, an Islamist, anti-Christian militia that is now believed to be disbanded. More than 200 Christians were killed, 290 were injured and 120 drowned while escaping by boat.]

    I will disagree somewhat re Islam at large.
    {There is no such thing as moderate Islam.} characterization most certainly applies to Sunni Islam. Shia Islam is quite moderate, by comparison — repeat: by comparison. Christians, in particular Armenian Christians, have lived in peace in Iran since the days of Shah Abbas (circa 1600).

    Even then though, if you are a Christian living in any Muslim majority country — you have to know your place. You could never have a Christian version of the anti-Christian radical Islamist Ilhan Omar: in the Government of a Christian* country no less.

    * yeah, yeah I know: US is not officially a Christian country, and that’s a good thing. But by tradition, custom, and super-majority of the peoples living here since its founding it is. Christmas and Easter ARE Federal holidays. Don’t how long they will remain so, but as of now they are.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Anon
  69. Thim says:

    Dumbest article I have ever seen on this site. Escobar takes the Jews’ word for it. Whatever the Mossad candidate “says” is equated with what he “wants”.

    Is it even possible to be that naive, in 2021?

    If the Frogs fall for this, it will be the French being eliminated, while the Algerians and Jews prosper.

  70. MLK says:

    Now all bets are off. The Zemmour saga, of course, offers parallels with the rise of Trump in 2016, who also shifted from media to politics.

    It’s been memory-holed but worth remembering that the mainstream media gave Trump lots of “Earned Media” in 2015/16. Rather obviously, the plan of all the establishment factions was to have Trump destroy the Republican Party so that reviled Hillary could lumber across the finish line.

    Rather than belabor . . . it didn’t go according to plan.

    The dirty little secret is that what we could call the Bush faction of the Uni-Party was wholly satisfied with their deal with the Obama faction. The Obama faction, too, was a-okay with replacing the Clinton gang in trading off every eight years with the Bush gang.

    I would expect somewhat similar controlled-opposition machinations in support of Macron. Most especially because they’ve been a feature in French elections long before Trump came down the escalator. Macron’s approval/popularity rating dropped below 20% during the Yellow Vest protests etc. Don’t be fooled by French fake news and their fake polls, there is no honest way to come back from that. If Macron wins it will be because, once again, the French establishment figured out how to make the second round choice effectively no choice at all. We’ll see whether the French people will go for it one more time.

    • Replies: @Ace
  71. Z-man says:

    “Zemmour comes from a Jewish Algerian family of modest means which settled in St Denis, a ‘hot’ Paris suburb.”
    Oops, T-H-E-R-E it is!

    Zachary Smith said:
    “In addition, Zemmour has expressed support for Rattachism, the integration of Wallonia, the French-speaking part of Belgium, into France…”

    Well at least I can agree with him here. Belgium is the second most artificial country on earth, but way behind the first, Iz’ruel. It should be absorbed by the neighboring countries by its constituent parts, i.e., French, Dutch and a little German. (Wry Grin)

    The right wing in Europe is in a ‘crisis’. They naturally are disgusted with the Muslim/black hordes but then have ‘mixed’ feelings about Da Jooz. They have to learn to put them all in one boat, with a one way ticket back to hell. Le Pen who I think is uncharismatic (not that I’ve studied her much) is corrupted as are many right-wing figures in Europe. Take Salvini in Italy for example; He kisses Joo ass any chance he gets. Thankfully his political partner, Meloni, is a real firecracker who hasn’t outwardly kissed up to Da Joo, but who know what goes on in those smoke-filled back rooms. (Grin).

  72. @anonymous

    If my weak translation of the Serbian balja has amused you – my pleasure 😀

    As for the purity I have read Abd al-Wahhab´s condemnations of
    polytheisms (shirk) and assorted other heresies too –
    quite an impressive list so (((your))) horse isn´t that high either.

    … however this isn´t what I was trying to say …
    Bosniaks (of a relaxed and rather alcoholic Hanafi persuasion) are Western
    enough, and Kurdish Alewites are cute when they insist on being Aryan
    (with some justification, and their doctrine is sound).
    It is not the religion per se to which I object – and here is where Zemmour
    gets incoherent: Islam is eeevil except when it is not, and I decide when.

    My criterion by contrast is objective and reproducible by anyone with a paper bag.

  73. @Jim Christian

    You could be right, you could be mistaken or you could be lying. Evidence (link) please from a credible source.

  74. Anon[420] • Disclaimer says:

    I’m Indonesian that is actually witness this alleged ‘Massacre’. Maluku have almost even numbers of Christian and Muslim. This event precipitated first by Christian militants that stops a bus carrying Muslims that just came back from morning prayer and massacred the occupants. The situation escalated when the Military contingent stationed there at the time headed by a Christian took side and helped these Christian militants. Only after central units (from java island) arrived the situation were defused.
    There are no Christian vs Muslim at the time everyone else that uninvolved including me a Muslim as well my neighbors mostly Christians in Tana tinggi took refugee in the other islands. Both sides that took part in the conflict were extremists.

    • Replies: @Avery
  75. geokat62 says:

    The Reconquest: In 2022 Elections, an Algerian Islamophobe Wants to Purge France from ‘The Muslim Peril’

    More accurate headline…

    The Reconquest: In 2022 Elections, a Jewish Supremacist Wants to Purge France from ‘The Muslim Peril,’ a threat manufactured and orchestrated by Jewish Supremacist Organizations like CRIF.

    Problem- Reaction – Solution

    • Agree: Iris
  76. Anon[367] • Disclaimer says:

    I can assure you Indonesian Muslim majority are as moderate and ‘liberal’ they can be to the point of embracing liberal degeneracy and usury. Small percentage are extremists and frankly YOU are not helping the situation in anyway because you’re exporting the islamophobic brands of Christianity towards here that breed Christians Zionist that believe Indonesia should normalize with Israel. Luckily for us they’re minorities.

    • Thanks: nokangaroos, Rev. Spooner
    • Replies: @Art Deco
  77. Ace says:

    He’s not going to win . . .

    Correct. The two-stage French presidential electoral system diffuses votes in the first round with multiple candidates. Even an unlikely win in the first round by a nationalist goes nowhere as the electorate as a whole goes for the pinata/socialist option.

    Zemmour comes from nowhere uttering Tough Words about Islam but is nowhere close to clearing the field and inaugurating a New Nationalist Day. Are there objective indications that he’s some kind of a big deal floating down from the topmost spire of the Eiffel Tower? “Oh, Eric! It’s you!”

    None of that. Zemmour is a spoiler who takes away from Le Pen and her years of being out front and taking the heat for a white France. She’s been out in the fields for years but this guy is a Jean qui arrive en retard whose ambitions are strictly personal. If he were concerned about the future of France as a white European nation he would be putting his weight, such as it is, behind Marine.

  78. TGD says:

    As the 63-year-old left-wing Social Democrat (SPD) politician Olaf Scholz took his oath to become chancellor of Germany yesterday, he explicitly left out the part of the oath, “So help me God,” which remains an optional part of the swearing ceremony in Germany.

    He is the first chancellor to leave the reference to God out of his oath.

    That’s a good start. Prince Charles has said that he will refuse to take the kingly oath if it contains the words, “defender of the faith.” He has said that “defender of faith” is an acceptable substitute. That’s maybe why Queen Elizabeth has not abdicated?

    Religion has been the cause of more strife and misery for the human population than anything else. Weaning the world from religionism is a noble goal.

    Wehrmacht belt buckle from WW2.

    • Replies: @Robjil
    , @Iris
  79. Ace says:
    @Reverend Goody

    Of course, then there was the vote splitter Donald Trump with a similar message, “Who looks out for Americans?” Too bad about Clinton but was George “Read My Lips” Bush anything but More of the Same? He was not his son but ’43 was surely one of our stellar lightweights. Think of those three and Obongo and Mr. Magoo now and raise a toast to our ability to select positively pathetic people to the highest office in the land. In the scheme of things I say hurrah for Perot for standing out of that inglorious “main stream.”

    But, yes, Zemmour is a vote splitter. Kind of a French libertarian.

    • Agree: Automatic Slim
  80. These muslims seem to be breeding like rats. Why should other nations feel obligated to absorb their population explosion if they are not thrilled with old Muhammad’s little story or the people who will cut your throat of you don’t.

  81. Art Deco says:

    Christians Zionist that believe Indonesia should normalize with Israel. Luckily for us they’re minorities.

    Why shouldn’t Indonesia have an embassy in Israel?

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  82. Agent76 says:

    Oct 30, 2021 French elections: Zemmour rises. Barnier gains. Macron spending money like crazy

    Oct 21, 2021 French politics: Far-right presidential hopeful points gun at journalists

  83. ‘Then Zemmour announced the name of his new political party: ‘Reconquete’ – named after the seven century-long Christian battle to expel the Moors from Iberia, finally achieved in 1492.’

    Ahem. Battle to expel Moors and Jews. Back then, Jews were on team Islam; it’s perfectly possible that’s how Zemmour’s ancestors wound up in Algeria.

    But now he’s on our side.


    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  84. @Art Deco

    ‘Why shouldn’t Indonesia have an embassy in Israel?’

    Because Israel is evil, an abomination, and in particular, plays a major role in the oppression of Muslims from Egypt to Iran?

    You might as well enquire as to why the US shouldn’t have pursued closer ties with Nazi Germany in 1941.

  85. There’s a serious flaw in your argument. It’s not just the Islamic countries, it’s all poverty stricken countries that have a positive (2.1) birth rate. It’s about survival.
    When survival becomes easy, and sex becomes banal, free of cost, when sex is delinked from reproduction and producing babies is actively discouraged, then every society will go into a nosedive.i.e. Japan, Europe, white USA, Russia, etc.
    The Cabal (NWO) knows this and is actively trying to reduce the numbers using the Covid jabs.

    Another barrier that’s created is the cost of upbringing, schooling and health.

    The Islamists don’t believe all this B.S. and reproduce with abandon.

    Their God has says that every grain has been pre-ordained with the eaters name written on it.

  86. It is striking that, in the article, Pepe talks about how Zemmour is instrumentalizing Islamophobia, but fails to mention all these synthetic terrorist incidents that have happened fairly recently in France — Charlie Hebdo, Bataclan, Nice truck attack, the kid who cut off his teacher’s head with a cleaver….

    All fake. I’m pretty sure of that. I’m also pretty sure that Pepe Escobar knows it’s all fake.

    So, isn’t it reasonable to assume that, broadly speaking, the same people behind all this fake stuff are also behind the Zemmour candidacy?

    But it’s a similar problem to the people who won’t go anywhere near 9/11 Truth. Their political analysis is at best very superficial because they’re ignoring the elephant in the room. At best the analysis is superficial but at worst…

    • Agree: RedpilledAF
  87. @Colin Wright

    Reconquest is Truth in advertising. It clearly shows that Zemmour is a true Judaic, and hatred is his one true religion.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  88. @Gidoutahere

    Perhaps if Islamophobe butchers like you ceased destroying Moslem states, by aggression or sanction, the Moslems might stay home, as most people do when their homes are left intact. You be the rat, buddy.

    • Replies: @Gidoutahere
  89. I generally enjoy your work Pepe, but this haranque is beneath you. It’s soiled underwear. Falsehood peppered with half-truths and premature conclusions.

    The word “Zemmour” bears no relationship to Arabic “horn,” or tooting – zamor. A false cognate Pepe.

    Do you have even a rudimentary knowledge of any Semitic language, let alone Hassaniya Arabic? Working for Al Jazeera has so thoroughly orientalised you that typically Arabic slanderous drivel comes naturally to you?

    The Tamazight a-zemur means olive tree, not specifically a “male” one. You are confusing gendered nouns, where “azemour” is simply Masculine. I assume is what you were trying to say – trying trying, no cigar.

    You belched out two pages about a man who outrages your woke sentiment based on a quick read of his Wikipedia page.

    You state categorically that Zemmour has never spoken ill of Wahabism. You are plagiarizing from the Preachers of Hate website, whose work is as shoddy as its sponsors. I’ll never read you with the same respect again. This is beyond clueless – it’s dune coon category.

    When Zemmour speaks of Saudi, he almost always characterizes it as an Islamic State on Steroids. Rarely does he raise the issue of Islam without speaking ill of the GCC.

    As we speak, he is visiting Armenia, standing in front of Mount Ararat, sending a clear message to sultan Erdogan.

    Regarding France, you have no clue where Montreuil is, nor what the Seine Saint Denis department represents.

    If you can’t bother to actually read any of Balzac’s works, watch the new movie. This way you will understand why Zemmour chose to relate his publishing endeavor to de Rubempre.

    Vincent Bollore is no Rupert Murdoch. He supported every previous candidate to the French presidency, none more than Macron. Other than MSM rumors about his ties with Zemmour, no such ties bear the evidence of existence. Bollore was never a conservative or right-winger. Cnews is not Fox News. Why are you recycling stupid rumors?!

    The ultimate libel of referring to Zemmour as an “Algerian Islamophobe,” is tantamount to calling you a Carcamano Americano-phobe. Beneath us both.

    Zemmour’s take on Islam is common sense. Everyone can see it is bilious and churly and its followers are surly. Zemmour gives Muslims a chance, not Islam.

    Read my far more accurate (but very Judaic) work on Zemmour on

    Zemmour will be in the second round, and he will be France’s next president.

    • LOL: Iris
    • Troll: RedpilledAF
  90. Anonymous[401] • Disclaimer says:

    The first: “We must prohibit non-French first names.”
    Ahmad…? 👎
    Vladimir…? 👎
    Frenchy McFrenchface…? 👍👍👍
    Jury is is still out on Baruch…

    • Replies: @Talisker
  91. Art Deco says:
    @Colin Wright

    Because Israel is evil, an abomination, and in particular, plays a major role in the oppression of Muslims from Egypt to Iran?

    It oppresses no one in Egypt or Iran. It doesn’t oppress the Muslims within its own borders. The Muslims on the West Bank are irritated by Israel’s security patrols. They’ve been offered deals on multiple occasions to have those patrols withdrawn, which they have sabotaged and rejected.

    Sort of grossly amusing the sort of flotsam and jetsam that collect on these boards.

  92. KenH says:

    At the same time, he favors assimilation, and has nothing against Muslims who become full republicans.

    Therein lies the problem since assimilation would eventually mean cross breeding the European Gauls with those of Arab, African and Turkish stock. This would be a loss for the French gene pool and Europe. Zemmour, a Jew, is not serious or should not be taken seriously.

    The Muslims must be expelled from Europe. For in Algeria they gave the French colonists the option of the suitcase or the grave so the French should reciprocate and give Muslims that very same choice.

  93. @raga10

    “I also think that getting elected is the easy part for people like him – running the government is where problems start (see: Trump)”

    You mean jews?

  94. @Art Deco

    “It oppresses no one in Egypt or Iran”

    Wow,that’s interesting so I guess the installation of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the Stuxnet attack on Iran’s nuclear enrichment facilities,where they were manufacturing nuclear FUEL,were a great boon for those people.

    “It doesn’t oppress the Muslims within its own borders.”

    You mean the Muslims within occupied Palestine? No,I’m sure they’re loving the daily calorie restrictions and being second-class citizens in a country they used to own.

    “They’ve been offered deals on multiple occasions to have those patrols withdrawn, which they have sabotaged and rejected.”

    Were they anything like the deal that Russian Bolsheviks offered Ukranian peasants whose grain they stole? “Come back to us when you’re eating your own children to survive”?

    Gee,I wonder why they didn’t take those “deals”?

    • Replies: @A123
    , @Art Deco
  95. R2b says:

    Rothschilds choice.
    Boiling frogs.
    Zey no moor.

  96. @Petermx

    Excellent summation. All the woke chatter about Ukrainian ‘Nazis’ and the bad people (‘fascists’) that pro-democracy crusaders must rightfully crush amounts to ideological terrorism. This is because the remedy for ‘hate speech’ of often isolation, punishment, and bombs. Zio-America is a pro-democracy war machine. Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iran. Shall we count the ways?

    Why is US foreign policy not a criminal enterprise? (Actually, it is. But saying so is prohibited.)

    Yet the mob of PC militarists who run things have the chutzpah to describe themselves as centrists and moderates. Co-conspirators in our MSM fortify these canards. But it’s pure, unadulterated baloney. This is gaslighting on a global scale.

    What’s worse, when a dissenting individual/entity gets labeled ‘fascist’, this designation amounts to a woke call for liquidation.

    The all-purpose ‘Nazi/Fascist’ smear is used to justify censorship, de-platforming, persecution, subversion, ‘regime change’ and even ‘preemptive’ war (whenever the good guys want it.)

    Consequently, entire countries get whacked. NATO’s foreign policies increasingly resemble political gangsterism. Russia sees it coming. But this is business as usual for the pro-democracy crowd.

    What France needs is an authentic Frenchman to carry the torch of demographic continuity, genuine self-determination, and no more Wars for Israel. It’s that simple. Realizing this objective however will require total political independence from Israel and Zio-America as well as unrestricted political discourse. That’s the hard part.

  97. Talisker says:

    The irony here with Zemmour wanting to ban muslim first names is that his real first name is Moïse, or Moishe: “à la synagogue, je m’appelle Moïse.” “Eric” is his public nom de guerre.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  98. raga10 says:
    @PJ London

    In Russia live Russians. Any minority, from anywhere, if it wants to live in Russia, to work and eat in Russia, should speak Russian, and should respect the Russian laws….

    It was a good speech. It would be even better if it was actually given… but sadly, apparently it’s just a hoax.

    • Replies: @PJ London
  99. A123 says: • Website
    @Art Deco

    [Israel] oppresses no one in Egypt or Iran.

    Muslims [have] been offered deals on multiple occasions to have those patrols withdrawn, which they have sabotaged and rejected.

    You are correct. Infidel France and Infidel Palestine have identical problems. Muslim settlers that occupy Jewish & Christians lands. A simple truth reveals the way forward:

        Muslim Colonies are the problem.
        Muslim Decolonization is the answer.

    Imagine how successful Christian France and Jewish Palestine (a.k.a. Israel) will be when they are 100% free of Muslim contamination.

    PEACE 😇

  100. Anon[216] • Disclaimer says:

    Anti white sentiment is remarkable absent in Mail Niger CAR Mozambique ,Mauritius, and and Algeria .

    This is wrong . These countries need to expel each and every vestige of the French presence .

    Ethiopia is succeeding but more need to follow the example .

    Expel the parasite cretin.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  101. JM says:
    @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    Who knows what Zemmour thinks….

    If the claim in the article is correct: that he is supported by powerful representatives of French Capital, it’s not so hard to guess. The dilemma of the right today arises from the truth that there’s hardly a decent sized capitalist in the world who’s against Globalization, particularly the immigration component. That means having to totally go against the Establishment in a way that is anything but traditional.

  102. A123 says: • Website

    “[Israel] oppresses no one in Egypt or Iran”

    Wow, that’s interesting so I guess the installation of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt … was a great boon for those people.


    Mohammed Morsi and his Muslim Terrorist Brotherhood threatened Israel. (1)

    Netanyahu revealed how in 2012, he managed to get Egypt to quickly withdraw tanks from the Sinai Peninsula that then-president Mohammed Morsi had ordered there shortly after taking office.

    “When Morsi came power, almost the first action he took was to bring tens of tanks into Sinai, in a clear violation of the peace agreement between Egypt and Israel,” Netanyahu said. The March 1979 peace treaty stipulated exactly how many Egyptian tanks are allowed to be stationed in the Sinai.

    Netanyahu and el-Sisi had an excellent track record of cooperation. They worked together to *save* Egypt from the violent Muslim Terrorist Brotherhood.

    PEACE 😇


    • Troll: Mulga Mumblebrain
    • Replies: @anon
    , @Mulga Mumblebrain
    , @anon
  103. @chris

    Is anyone really falling for any of this?

    The French equivalent of CNN/MSNBC viewers – urban bourgeoisie who think that ‘sophisticate’ (n) is not a pejorative.

    In other words, the same dingleberries who fall for localised variants of the same shit, everywhere.

    I was going to shoe-horn in Ross Perot’s candidacy in the 1992 US Presidential race as an example of the ‘localised variant of the same shit‘, but it’s not that good a fit (although it split the R vote enough to oust Pappy Bush and install a different Deep [Narco-]State creature).

    • Agree: chris
  104. Maddaugh says:

    Well let;s see:
    1. There was a SECRET meeting
    2. Even though SECRET we knew who attended
    3. Even though SECRET we knew what was said.

    LMAO !

    This whole article reads like a bedtime story. Finally, we have a Jew Arab who is not really an Arab but a Berber who is going to make France Moslem free. We even get into what his name means LOL.

    Here is Maddaugh’s Kids Bedtime Story.

    Once upon a time in a land far away there was an Arab named Ali Baba who had a gang of 40 thieves. He wanted to hook up with Bernie Madoff but Bernie was not interested in small change. In addition Bernie wanted to rip off his own Jews……blah blah blah………and they both lived happily ever after.

    This article in an incredible load of ………………. !!

    The Keystone Kops meet Abbot and Costello !

    • Troll: Showmethereal
  105. Maddaugh says:
    @Jeshurun Tsarfat

    Pepe, but this haranque is beneath you. It’s soiled underwear. Falsehood peppered with half-truths and premature conclusions.

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ! I am shocked you would even think such a thing !

    PP ? No way. Whatever he writes always makes perfect sense.


  106. Maddaugh says:

    These muslims seem to be breeding like rats.

    They are like the Gooks. What we need to do is cull them or better yet, send them to China after all, China is dumping its trash and scum on western nations.

    Just look at Jumblebrain for example, Xe sent that piece of garbage to Australia.

    Mulga insists on hanging with Whites. Like ticks, fleas, lice, leeches and other parasites we need to spray them and rid ourselves if such a vile infestation. I wonder if Dupont has any Agent Orange left over !!??

    • LOL: JM, Marcion
  107. Zemmour as saviour!

    Sorry guys but all you do is increase the angst. He cannot save himself nor his spiritual tribe sponsors.

  108. Jim H says:

    ‘At the dinner, Zemmour unleashed two political grenades:

    ‘The first: “We must prohibit non-French first names.”’ — Pepe Escobar

    How about prohibiting non-French LAST names, starting with ‘Zemmour’ — the surname of an alien, rootless cosmopolitan?

    Deport him to his country of first loyalty, Israel.

    • Agree: Justrambling
  109. Avery says:

    {I’m Indonesian that is actually witness this alleged ‘Massacre’. }

    Sure you did.
    I believe you.
    And I also believe that ‘Christian militants’ started it: sure.

    But unlike you, I know about world history.
    Christianity is about 600 years older than Islam.
    Islam spread from its birth in the region of Saudi* Arabia by violence and by sword.
    Formerly Christian lands were wiped out of their indigenous Christian peoples, or ethnically cleansed, or forcibly Islamized by invading Muslims.

    * wasn’t called “Saudi” then.

    • Agree: Irish Savant
    • Disagree: Colin Wright
    • Replies: @Anon
  110. JM says:

    Yes, far better to live apart.

  111. Anonymous[389] • Disclaimer says:

    LOOOL!!! Figures. Perhaps names like Moishe and Baruch (and other Semetic/Hebrew names) will be put into an addendum to the law as “exceptions to the general rule”.

  112. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Goodness, so they to come to the very people who destroy them? I’m far less tolerant of the Hymies. Did not the Ottomans invade Xtian lands and their detritus behind? Do they, or do they not bred like rats?

  113. Robjil says:

    Religion has been the cause of more strife and misery for the human population than anything else. Weaning the world from religionism is a noble goal

    Tell that to the US elected officials all across the nation. It would be good thing. It is not the Christian religions or Islam that the US government loves. It is the early faith. We are living the age of Zion religionism since 12.23.1913.

    Nancy Pelosi, the Democrat Speaker of the House of Representatives. said

    Pelosi: “[Even] if this [i.e. American] Capital crumbles to the ground, the one thing that would remain is our commitment [and] cooperation with Israel.”

    H.R.4156 — 116th Congress (2019-2020)
    This bill authorizes the President to introduce U.S. Armed Forces into hostilities or to direct immediate transfer of defense articles or services to ensure the survival of Israel and its people from an existing or imminent threat.

    To date, 35 states have adopted laws, executive orders or resolutions that are designed to discourage boycotts against Israel. Separately, the U.S. Congress is considering anti-boycott legislation as well in reaction to the BDS movement. The Senate passed S.1 which contains anti-boycott provisions on January 28, 2019, by a vote of 74-19. The House passed a resolution condemning the boycott of Israel on July 24, 2019, by a vote of 398-17. States are listed below by the date they adopted anti-BDS measures.

    • Thanks: Iris
  114. anon[244] • Disclaimer says:

    If Oslo leace processs could be violated by Israel, peace process between Egypt amd Isarel could be violated.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  115. Bernie says:

    No one thought it was wrong for Africans (whether Arab or black) to purge whites from their nations not so long ago. Does Pepe Escobar think this was an example of anti-white racism?

    • Troll: Mulga Mumblebrain
  116. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    ‘Reconquest is Truth in advertising. It clearly shows that Zemmour is a true Judaic, and hatred is his one true religion.’

    I wish I wasn’t starting to agree — but the truth is, I am.

  117. @anon

    Never argue with A123. You get all hot and dirty, and the pig just enjoys it.

  118. @Art Deco

    ‘It oppresses no one in Egypt or Iran. It doesn’t oppress the Muslims within its own borders…’

    Confuse me with a change-up. Make a true statement.

    • LOL: RadicalCenter
  119. @A123

    The Sabbat Goy sub-troll supports the fascist butcher al-Sisi, because he follows orders from the Zionazi thug, Nutty-yahoo. Same old same old.

  120. @JM

    The truth is that the global parasite elite find it increasingly hard to keep the serfs quiescent as their lives are destroyed by elite avarice and misanthropy. Hence the fury of Divide and Rule measures from BLM, to Wokeism, to MAGA, to Sinophobia, Russophobia, Iranophobia, Islamophobia, fraudulent ‘antisemitism’ witch-hunts to meaningless party politics growing ever more hateful etc.
    Still the proles won’t stay quiet forever. Hence the iron curtain of total MSM Groupthink, totalitarian Internet censorship, anti-BDS fascism, ferocious, multifaceted brainwashing and more besides. However, in the end, the lords of creation do NOT need the untermenschen anymore, so they represent only a threat, so they will have to go. Perhaps some will be preserved to act as underlings and hirelings, but I doubt that more than 500 million or so will qualify. If not this pandemic, then the next, or one thereafter. Nukes are too dangerous and destructive of precious property.

    • Agree: Justrambling
  121. @Anon

    Clearly a phony provocateur. Actions taken against ALL members of ANY group, no matter how various the members of that group are, are an obvious ‘Divide and Rule’ tactic. Kick out the shitty frogs, and keep the ones who love their adopted countries, or those adopted by their forebears in which they were born, because they will enrich those countries, and keep a bridge of friendship between nations and peoples.

    • Agree: Iris
  122. Algerian Jew? It’s his Jewishness that trumps his country of origin. A Jewish president for France is just what the doctor ordered. Puts the icing on the cake in a country where Jews may be just as powerful as they are in the US. Islamophobia will be forgiven but never antisemitism, no matter how fake. A comforting thought for those who equate migration with anti-whiteness.

  123. Art Deco says:

    Wow,that’s interesting so I guess the installation of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the Stuxnet attack on Iran’s nuclear enrichment facilities,where they were manufacturing nuclear FUEL,were a great boon for those people.

    Israel did not install the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Iran’s nuclear program benefits only the people who work in it and some megalomaniacs in the political class.

  124. Instead of creating convoluted knots of Larry Lightbulb reasoning to understand how Zemmour is somehow “good for us”, consider the simpler explanation: the simple pleasure of the Phoenicians watching the goyim jump as they pull the strings.

  125. anaccount says:

    I’m not sure how PeePee’s articles can be described as ‘alternate’ in anyway. Apparently what a politician says, matters. Not in the west! PeePee should stay focused on the stans.

  126. Seraphim says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Why is Christianophobia never addressed?

  127. @Kratoklastes

    Yes Zemmour exists to destroy France like Macron another Rothchild Co intel pro candidate, like Hitler talking pro European but only pro racist supremacist Jew.

  128. @Seraphim

    Christianophobia is satanic Talmudic Judiaism.

  129. @anonymous

    All religions are man made dogma meant to control as many people as possible. If any of you religious imbeciles had a brain you might question why every single religion, without exception, springs from a single geographic location. Common sense would suggest that if YOUR religion is the truth, its birth would not be so limited, would it? You’re all weak minded gullible fools who need man made scripture to dictate your morality. Its fucking pathetic.

  130. Décortiquer une personnalité? Est ce Pipo Escobar, l’auteur de l’article? Tout me semble hors de la compétence de notre cher auteur. Cet article parait être écrit par tiers.

  131. PJ London says:

    I read that too, but the “Fact Checker” is less reliable than the source.
    The western “Fact checkers” are blatant propaganda outlets for MSM and their governments.
    So I cannot check the Duma minutes for that day as I am not Russian speaking.

    • Replies: @raga10
  132. @Seraphim

    Because it does not exist. What ‘Christian’ country has been invaded, its society destroyed, and hundreds of thousands of its people murdered, like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria etc?

    • Replies: @René Fries
  133. Anon[595] • Disclaimer says:

    I live in Maluku in government housing complex located in hilltop called Tana Tinggi (high plains in English). It’s a housing units used by doctors and medical workers who works just downhill in the general Hospital and city medical department office adjacent to it. Said hospital received the wounded patients and bodies from the conflict. You wouldn’t find any other impartial source than the medical workers that receiving and giving medical aid to both sides.
    Police chief asked the Military to defuse the situation unaware that this particular unit later took sides and escalated the conflicts.

    Just to provide better context. Indonesia is a country that fight and resist colonialism primarily by Dutch so militancy is a culture that alive and well amongst its people whether they’re Christian or Muslim however it is more likely for its Christian to join the colonials to oppress the population in example the Christian KNIL that took part in massacre of 50.000 civilians in Sulawesi where the Dutch were looking for resistance forces member amongst them.
    Fortunately that’s not the only Christian we have since we do have someone like Pierre Tendean who sacrificed himself to save Indonesian general or Douwes Decker a Dutch National who speak critically against colonialist that make odds between ourselves not as bad you have in European spheres. We can always trust that the other side would see to our common interest.

    Christian in Maluku which are originally an Islamic kingdom prior the colonialist were mostly Ambonese.
    You might imagine poor white Christian oppressed by brown hairy goatee arabs. Nothing could be further than the truth for the Ambonese Christian militants are curly haired brown who wields Machetes who fight against bamboo armed Muslims militants who also were brown and mostly without facial hairs.

  134. JM says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    The elites do like division, of that there is no doubt. But they also like cheap labor and the cosmopolitanising of nation states, their total loss of racial identity, preferring human zoos to tightly knit traditional nationality. Globalists either don’t recognize this truth or they support it for ideological reasons claimed to be derived from Marx. Most of the contemporary Left are in essence supporters of Open Borders.

    I’d dispute your claim that property destruction (of the “Means of Production”) is anathema to Capitalism. In fact it allows – has allowed in the past on a huge scale – most recently in WWII – the gleaning of huge profits by Finance Capital and massive shifts in world hegemony. In fact this is what is also happening with the Global Warming hoax where \$multi-trillions are being made/in the offing for the financing the “Green reconstruction” after effectively destroying the least cost technologies created by (by and large) say 100 years of competitive market iteration.

    The hunger for profit was also a central cause of the destruction in the 9-11 False Flag, out of which came a \$Multi-Trillion state enforced “Security Industry” and of the grossly overblown and hugely economically destructive “Covid Pandemic” hoax out of which is coming/will come a \$Multi-Trillion state enforced “Vaccination Industry”. Enormous and unprecedented social control on a global scale is a part of both.

    I also have doubts about this event being about deliberate mass destruction of human life in general. If one follows any kind of economic analysis that makes sense, new values are created out of living labor and I see no evidence that the incentive to accumulate has been diminished. The massive import of the Third World to the Western Nations has as one of its motivations, the creation of reserve armies of labor to lower the cost of that commodity. Over and over again, studies have shown that supply of labor and its qualitative characteristics is the primary determinate of the level of wages (OTBE).

  135. Muslims who become full republicans

    one can be Muslim OR republican: “res publica” essentially means “inclusion”, whilst “Islam” essentially means “exclusion”. Any faithful Muslim must abide by each and every prescription in the qur’ân. Now as it happens, “recently Mr. Wasim Rizvi, an prominent Shia Muslim leader in India, filed a petition in the Supreme Court of India asking for ban on 26 verses in the Quran, reasoning that they incite violence, hate and discrimination against Non-Muslims”,

  136. @Jeshurun Tsarfat

    de Rubempré (= Chardon)

    Balzac also wrote that “enfin, quand l’Europe ne sera plus qu’un troupeau d’hommes sans consistance parce qu’elle sera sans chefs, elle sera dévorée par de grossiers conquérants / finally, when Europe will be but a herd of men without consistence because it will be without leaders, it will be devoured by uncouth conquerors”, in: La confidence des Ruggieri.

  137. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    What ‘Christian’ country has been invaded, its society destroyed, and hundreds of thousands of its people murdered (…)?

    The Byzantine Empire, with its heartland Asia Minor. For example.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  138. @anonyms

    Its funny how u believe muslims to have the moral high ground vs europeans/christians when muslims commit rape at 3×’s the rate, when marrying 9 year olds is codified in multiple muslim countries, when muslisms still to this day practice slavery and have held far more slaves over the course of history than anyone. Muslims are engaging in a demographic war with euro christians and rape is their most potent weapon. Its obvious and denying it is cognitive dissonance at best, willful deciet at worst on your part and those orchestrating it. I will not defend europes/usa’s transgressions into arab lands but do not act like muslims are any better. Ottoman empire ring a bell? Oh and to say the pedos of the catholic church were accepted is ludicrous. Theyre all in prison as we speak and the church paid out vast amounts of money in settlements. I would love to see an imam of any muslim country see prison time for the same thing. Your entire diatribe is laughable and full of distortions and lies wrapped in faux morality. I detest religions in general but islam is by far the worst of them as it stands now.

    • Replies: @Mehool Mehta
    , @Anon
    , @Anon
  139. @anonymous

    Hello Mehool Bhai here
    Stupid whore wrote
    “Your kind is no different from the batshit Hindoos… ok”
    Hindu batshit??? Are you the Christian or Muslim vermin? Sanathan Dharma is oldest religion on earth since creation/ shrusti. I suspect you are muslim-evil, your kind has done terrible genocide and thus are cursed evils. No peace in your evil lands. You are cursed by our spiritual forces created by our sages. There will only be bloodshed in your lands, bleed out your evil, till you become human from evil demons.
    And all that brutality done for what? A fake stupid religion based on nonsense?

    The Truth About The Kaaba

    Who (Really) Wrote The Quran?

    Fake stupid brain disease religion creating genocide of poor Hindus. We will never forgive. We will never forget.
    —–Mehool Bhai from Mumbai.

    • Agree: René Fries
  140. @Freedomstillisntfree

    rape is their most potent weapon

    You talk about Muslim beast people right? So very true. We Hindus have suffered worse genocide in history with maybe 70 million killed by upper estimates by foreign Muslim-evil barbarian invaders. Muslim evils raped our women, destroyed our holy temples and looted us, muslim evils enslaved millions of us innocent Hindus. Entire villages of Hindus and Jains emptied by Muslim evil terror. Their own historians admit it happily. They destroyed our civilization permanently, V.S. Naipaul calls India a “wounded Civilization” because of foreign Islamic invasions. It pains us to know about the brutality committed by these Muslim beastly people on our ancestors. It was like the rakshasha demons appeared from naraka-loka (Hell) and fell upon our civilization. We will never forget, we will take our revenge one day. Never trust their kind, they come as friends and then put knife on your throat.
    But we Hindus did not take it lying down. We fought back but we were naive about this demonic evil hordes about their barbarity, about how brutal they could be about their backstabbing and cunning ways.

    Islamic Jihad Of Invaders And Heroic Hindu Resistance | Meenakshi Sharan

    How Did Hindus Resist Islamic Atrocities And Overcome Them | Rajat Mitra
    We Hindus survived because of our spiritual strength. Anyways it was a horrible experience in history with these Muslim evil demons, we 1 billion Hindus never would want repeated. NEVER EVER.
    ——Mehool Bhai from Mumbai.

    • Thanks: Goddard
    • Replies: @Anon
  141. anon[170] • Disclaimer says:

    “In the latest taped comments broadcast by Channel 12, Trump said he believed Netanyahu “did not want to make peace. Never did”; claimed he prevented the Israeli leader from annexing West Bank land (“I got angry and I stopped it”); offered his favorable opinion on Defense Minister Benny Gantz (“I think [he] wanted to make a deal… if he won, I think it would be a lot easier”); and his evolving view on the Israel-Palestinian conflict (“I [had] thought the Palestinians were impossible, and the Israelis would do anything to make peace and a deal. I found that not to be true”).

    Now Trump ,I dont blame you .So were Truman,Kenendey ,Carter ,Bush sr and Bish jr – they all were fucked by the Zionist and double crossed and were betrayed .Some were then dumped .

    Add to the list the names of the various denominations of the Protestants churches ,various media outlet and UN,US Labor Party ,Tory , even India government .Rajiv Ghandhi was killed by Mossad according Indian news paper .The plan was to make India violently anti muslim by paving the way of BJP’s rise and thus pro Israel .Look at India. now .

  142. Anon[108] • Disclaimer says:

    Ah yes the child bride practices. Go ask any Indonesian whether they’re accepted over here.
    Child bride practices actually also happened in Eastern Europe, Latin America, Mongolia, India and their sister cultures (bangladesh,Nepal,Pakistan etc) and Africa.
    Three main similarities where these practices happen.
    1. The region/people is poor.
    2. The people’s are undereducated.
    3. There’s no practices of birth controls.
    Use your brain matter to connect two to two together.
    Poverty really is vicious cycle that need strong measures the likes Chinese government employ (mandatory birth control, education, urbanization, and industrialization).

    As for rape i don’t know about that since US and UN army are regularly reported of Sexual abuse against minor nonetheless. Most notorious one happen in Japan Okinawa where they kill the victims and Iraq against minor Kurdish girl where again the girl where killed afterwards. That’s Christian for you.

    If you really believe that rape crimes doesn’t get persecuted here well you need to go swallow something. Wash your eyes and hands before you go to sleep. Oh and your meds.

    As for ottoman yes you’re right i agree with you which is i don’t agree with Israel existence.

    Not going to excuse the radicals but you should look into the mirror since you’re speaking in the exact same languages the Muslim extremist use that we actually banned over here (world renowned Zakir Naik gets no tv airtime or mention because the ban).

    Our only oversight is letting the church having someone speaking your language in the podium creating new generation of Christian Zionist giving the extremist the feedback they needed to fuel themselves.

  143. Anon[300] • Disclaimer says:

    I forgot about slaves. Well which one that brings with them Africans en masse (and Chinese sometimes) to work in their quarry, plantation, mines etc so much that they later have demographic problems that continues to be their problem all the way to modern times?

    • Replies: @Freedomstillisntfree
  144. Ummmm – a hateful member of the tribe yet again instructing his non-fellow congregationalists who they need to hate? (A Jewish Arab lecturing France about neglecting “Christian” values – hilarious!!!!)

    What’s new? Absolutely nothing. Chutzpah is merely a matter of getting some one else to do your dirty work.

    Just wait until this chap recommends bombing the Persians as a final solution.

    Oy Vey.

  145. The Goyim fall for it every time.

  146. raga10 says:
    @PJ London

    So I cannot check the Duma minutes for that day as I am not Russian speaking.

    If you can find the link to Duma minutes then post it. My Russian is sketchy, but it is good enough to see whether anything like that translation is being said or not.

    • Replies: @PJ London
  147. Iris says:
    @Zachary Smith

    Still, I don’t think much of a fellow who is willing to bring in ZioNazi experts from the Apartheid state to organize a French version of the “Nakba” death march.

    Especially that Israeli “ZioNazi experts from the Apartheid state” have actually already organised and executed such death marches against French youths and French citizens, as recently as 2015-2016, in the form of the false flag Paris and Nice terror attacks.

    While some “Muslim extremist” puppets were used as fig leaves, any reasonably-informed, ordinary French citizen knows why France was attacked.

    Starting from the fall of 2011, a gigantic secret war operation lead by Israel and the US, and involving all their NATO allies, was undertaken to bring down the Syrian government. It involved mobilising billions of dollars and billions of tons of weaponry, and utilising Al Qaeda/Isis/Daesh/Al Nusra as its strategic assets and public covers.
    This was called “Operation Timber Sycamore”.

    However, starting from 2015, due to how things were evolving in the field, and perhaps for his prescient view of Russian potential in the region, then-French President Francois Hollande decided to operate a significant U-turn and withdraw French support from the operation.

    France had to be punished for turning its back to Israel and refusing to help bringing about the Oded Yinon plan into existence in the ME.

    Netanyahu, with the help of the IS 5th column installed by Sarkozy, unleashed bloody attacks against innocent French civilians and killed hundreds of them. (For those who read French, please see ” La Guerre de l’Ombre en Syrie” by journalist Maxime Chaix).

    Any moderately informed French citizen knows these massacres were false flags and who executed them. Yet, the well-informed and very astute journalist Eric Zemmour allegedly does not, and on the contrary, he claims his resolve to rely on the obvious perpetrators of mass crimes against French citizens to bring back “order” in France. And some “White nationalists” even pretend to believe him, as demonstrated by Guillaume Durocher’s articles on the UR.

    Trusting Zemmour to look after France is akin to trusting Silverstein to look after another World Trade Centre. So a big kudos to Pepe Escobar, who although a Brazilian, did not fall in the trap.

    White nationalists who trust Zionists to promote their vital interests are either (1) profound retards, (2) principles-less opportunists, or most often, (3) Zionist Israelis deceivingly posing as White Nationalists.

  148. Iris says:

    Wehrmacht belt buckle from WW2.

    Wrong example and very poor insight.

    On the contrary, one can be certain that most Wehrmacht soldiers sincerely believed that God was on their side, since their personal reason to go to war was patriotism, to defend their families, their nation and their land.

    Most people engaged in patriotic war, with a lot of their own skin in the game, have to believe that God is on their side in order to find the strength and the courage to face death.

    Those, on the contrary, who fight their battles with the lives of others, don’t have such metaphysical fears and only pretend to care about faith. Like the Anglo-Saxons “caring” about Tibetan Buddhists and Muslim Uighurs in China , the Israelis “caring” about their fluffy ISIS terrorists in Syria, etc..

  149. @Petermx

    If you think “real” “Ukrainians” don’t speak Russian, you are fundamentally ignorant of the history of the Russian peoples (plural).

  150. @Colin Wright

    Don’t see the point at all. It would have been at least equally prudent or “moral” to seek closer ties with Germany at that time than the totalitarian expansionist Soviet Union.

  151. @Art Deco

    Insulting the other commenters probably not the best way to convince us. Sort of grossly amusing how you make excuses for the self-worshipping racial-supremacist Jews no matter what they do to the people whose land and homes they stole.

    • Replies: @Art Deco
  152. PJ London says:

    It is repeated on several blogs but not in Mainstream, However given the control of Google that may not be surprising. Snopes says it is false only because they did not (apparently) find it in the Presidents meetings and speeches. Snopes is not the most honest website.
    They do give this from an earlier speech
    “On the whole, the adaptation of guest workers is a separate and comprehensive issue. We must create the conditions for immigrants to normally integrate into our society, learn Russian and, of course, respect our culture and traditions and abide by Russian law. In this regard, I believe that the decision to make learning the Russian language compulsory and administer exams is well grounded. To do so, we will need to carry out major organisational work and introduce corresponding legislative amendments. I’d like to ask the Federal Migration Service and other departments to submit specific proposals to the government. These proposals should be openly discussed with ethnic minorities as well as public and religious organisations. This should be mandatory for all guest workers regardless of their future employment.”
    This may have been the forerunner to a later speech as the “Duma” version.
    Reuters also says no record of speech, but neither Snopes nor Reuters give details to show that it did not happen. (IE Putin was in Sochi or had meetings all day with others.)
    So I am going with “If it didn’t happen it should have. It is the spirit which infuses Russia and is in line with Putin’s general attitude.”

  153. @Stebbing Heuer

    Zemmour’s candidacy is a ruse by those who own the country to split Le Pen’s constituency and ensure Manu gets a second term.

    First: he must collect 500 signatures from elected people to validate his candidacy. It is not done.

    Second: either him or LePen have zero chance to be elected, zero.

    Third: it implies:

    a) he will give up sometimes before the election and vote for LePen;
    b) he gets the signatures (by LR) and stays so that Pecresse comes second and has a chance to beat Macron.

  154. @JM

    Yes, that’s a great point. Where are all the capitalists?

  155. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    It’s perfectly how you describe it. I’m just wondering what means they will use.

  156. @Anon

    You are uneducated to your own history. The reason african slave descendants have grown as much in population in the west is because they were emancipated sooner and werent subjected to mandatory castration as they were in muslim lands. Kinda hard to procreate without balls.

  157. @René Fries

    In the last 600 years. It has been all one-way traffic in aggression, pillage and genocide since the West rose to global dominance.

    • Replies: @raga10
    , @René Fries
  158. raga10 says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Turks (mostly Muslims) were killing hundreds of thousands of Armenians (mostly Christians) as recently as just over one hundred years ago.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  159. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Raphael Moore, in History of Asia Minor estimates the death toll at about 50 millions (source: ) – don’t forget this was at a time when the global world population averaged +/- 500 millions

    • LOL: Iris
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  160. Fr. John says:

    I like what Zemmour is saying, even as I distrust him saying it.

    I believe as the saints believed.

    St. Philaret of Moscow stated: “Love your personal enemies, hate the enemies of Christ, destroy the enemies of the fatherland.”

    Ορθοδοξία ή θάνατος

  161. @Anon

    You must be a filty Porkistani worm. Rape Epidemic in India is overblown by Western media and Indian feminist types.
    It is Porkistan or Pakistan which is reeling under rapist culture. Especially raping kidides.
    In Pakistan, rape culture is not only systemic, it is reinforced at every level
    The idea that men simply cannot be expected to control their baser impulses in the presence of women has been normalised. Maria Amir from Dawn Newspaper, Pakistan
    Tribune Pakistan: Child rape epidemic Not much has been done to understand or eliminate this social evil from our society.
    Epidemic of abuse against women by Mishal- e-Noor from Pakistan Today
    Rape rage in our society by M Ayyaz Khan Niazi , Daily Times Pakistan
    In India, Atrocities on Indian women during foreign Islamic invasion and rule.
    Estimated quarter of million Hindu/Buddhist/Jain/Sikh/Christian Indian women raped, enslaved, haremised by sex hungry Muslim men.

    In India, Muslim men prey on Hindu, Sikh and even Christian women.
    When Muslim Men Fake Identity To Trap Hindu Women – A Pattern Identified By Hindi Press But Ignored By English Press
    Now even the Catholic Church of India is speaking out about this preying of their Christian women along with Hindu, Sikh etc… women by Muslim men!!!
    ———-Mehool Bhai, highly concerned, in Mumbai.

    • Troll: Mulga Mumblebrain
    • Replies: @anon
    , @RJ Macready
  162. anon[212] • Disclaimer says:
    @Mehool Mehta

    Asia would be better off with India/Japan being the leaders instead of Chinkistan.

  163. JamesinNM says:

    Parisistan needs to close all mosques and madrassas and deport all non citizen Muslims.

  164. Anonymous[306] • Disclaimer says:
    @René Fries

    Wrong. Rev Raphael Moore only attributed 3.5 million to the Turks, the rest of the 50 million estimate is from communism. This is a direct translation of his work.

    So “Political Islam” is either mistaken or lying.

  165. @anon

    Very True Bhai. India + Japan + Vietnam can guide Asia better.

    • LOL: Showmethereal
  166. Moose limbs aren’t good for the West. They do not improve things. Their dismissal will improve France.

  167. @raga10

    Thank you. And just in the past two years, Turkish-aided Azerbaijanis have tortured and beheaded Armenian soldiers and intentionally killed civilian Armenian men, women, and children in Nagorno-Karabakh.

    Turkish drones provided to Azerbaijan made a big difference in the recent rout of Armenians from N-K:

    Turkey is also likely to sell attack aircraft to Azerbaijan’s military:

    Without big brother Russia as a deterrent, Turkey and its maniacal little brother would proceed to invade Armenia proper and complete the genocide.

  168. Art Deco says:

    I referred to a member of the gas-ovens caucus as ‘flotsam and jetsam’. How brutal.

  169. @Anon

    Who lied and told you China doesnt like Muslims??? China bans jihadis not Islam. One of the most famous Chinese was a Muslim navigator. Islam has been in China for many centuries. Uighurs arent even the largest group of Muslims in China. The Hui are and are indigenous people who adopted Islam many centuries ago.

  170. @Joe Levantine

    Very true. Western fake news doesnt even realize that Hui Muslims are the largest group of Muslims in China – not Uighurs. But since they havent had jihadis in the last century or so – they face no crackdown. In fact they were prized by the Qing dynasty for their bravery in fighting against the foreigners.

    But yeah completely different than France.

    This guy is right though. Berbers are not Arabs. In the same Uighurs and and Hui – if they did speak Arabic – would still not ethnically be Arabs.

  171. @Gidoutahere

    Just a hunch – but maybe if France would stop intervening in their countries there would be less reason to want to migrate there…

    • Replies: @raga10
  172. raga10 says:

    maybe if France would stop intervening in their countries there would be less reason to want to migrate there…

    Maybe. Or maybe there would be more reasons to migrate once ISIS types took over, but they would put an end to the mass exodus by force so the net result for us would be fewer migrants in Europe… Sure, it would suck for Africans but that’s their problem.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  173. @Mehool Mehta

    Why do you embarrass yourself like this? And what’s this bhai bhai bullshit? Just straight up type English here.

    • Replies: @Mehool Mehta
  174. @anon

    That is because you are brainless and full of hate. Asia is in ascendancy because China is taking the lead… Just as the other times in history. Japan is dropping in population and just about every technological and economic indicator. India and China were about the same level in 1980…. There is nothing left to even say in regards to compare the two. U less you are a white supremacist who wants to see Asia lagging. Just to compare – go look at the Vietnamese subway built by China that just opened. Then compare it to the one in Vietnam that Japan is supposed to complete. Same with high speed rail. Look at the line just opened in Laos built by China. India turned up its nose at China and instead chose Japan… Where is India’s high speed rail.

    • Replies: @Mehool Mehta
  175. @Mehool Mehta

    Comment number 180 is for you also. In addition check out the nice new rail linking Nepal to China. Tsk tsk – your attempts at extorting Nepal will be weaker and weaker

    • Agree: Mulga Mumblebrain
  176. @raga10

    But France and NATO, Zionazistan and the Saud Mafia are all on the side of Daesh. Were you always this stupid?

    • Replies: @raga10
  177. raga10 says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Were you always this stupid?

    No but I suspect a handful of my brain cells die every time I try to read your posts – which is why as a rule I don’t.

    I accept responsibility for my mistake in this case and now I go back to ignoring you, promising myself to do better.

    • Replies: @A123
  178. A123 says: • Website

    I placed Mulga NoBrain in my blocked commenters list some time ago. I suspect it is actually a failed “taqiyya bot” program based on the poorly constructed nearly unintelligible ranting.

    PEACE 😇

    • Troll: Iris, Olivier1973
  179. Che Guava says:

    I am always finding Pepe’s articles of interest, but

    the soft, tropical Islam of Indonesia.

    is hopelessly out of date. Also, geographically wrong.

    I know what he means, having seen that and grown up with it as a child. It no longer exists.

    Indondesia should more correctly be called the second Javanese empire. Many of the islands have or had majority non-Moslem populations. Where that has changed, it is mainly from export of Java’s excess population, termed transmigrasi.

    Malaysia has a federal constition, most of the states do not give a special status to Islam, but in Malacca, for one, the ruling party of the state has long been extreme Islamist, even though it wasn’t in the state constitution.

    Could easily write a long essay on it.

  180. @Showmethereal

    China wants to control Asia using sneaky techniques. India is true leader as such imperialism is not part of our Bharatiya culture. We never do this. The Chinese Imperialist snakes can keep on making their tofu dreg constructions and getting more and more countries under debt control. We will not fall for this. Pakistan has gone bankrupt, so has Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka was wooed away by outsider cunning Imperialist China and now give them seaport. All this done to keep down India, as India is biggest threat to Chinese ambitions of hegemony.
    Now same happen with Nepal. Oli, a traitor to his people and Chinese agent is putting our Nepali brothers in the orbit of Chinese Imperialists. He is fooling them and putting them in crocodile mouth. He even claim Shri Ram was not from India but he was Nepali!!! This is bloasphemy against Hindu Dharma, how can Nepali PM Oli a Hindu do this? he is under control of Chinese Communist Imperialist snakes. That is why.
    Nepal has always been India’s little brother, India always take care of smaller brother and Nepal always respect India is past. This is Indian culture which you foreigners will not understand. Nepalese Gurkhas even fight in Indian Army. We respect the Gorkha as truly brave kshatriya race. But small brother in foolishness is enticed by shiny things from across the border, by pedophile with lollypop and white Maruti van. India try to warn but small brother thinks he need not listen to big brother and go with outsider in this area.
    India does not need foreigners to come build our infrastructure, we can build it ourselves.

    —–Mehool Bhai

    • LOL: showmethereal
  181. @RJ Macready

    To Mcrundy
    Are you in India even now? Why you not go to China, traitor and shine your Chinese Imperialist master’s shoes. Maybe they will pat you in your back, call you loyal Indu Slumdog, maybe they will give you cute Chinese girl as wife, you cannot handle an Indian woman as it is. Enjoy while we fight for our motherland against foreign Chinese Imperialist Communist demon invaders.
    You remind me of that ugly leprosy guy from movie 3o0, who went to the Persians. While we 300 fight for India, you can go to enemy camp and get hot Chinese women and tasty Chinese food, all you will have to do is kneel at those Chinese Communist Imperialist bastards. And you will kneel.
    “May you live forever.”

    And what is wrong with calling people Bhai? You claim you Indian, you know what Bhai means in Hindi right? It means Brother. Like Marathi people say Bhau to brothers, you claim you from Mumbai. You should know. Even in our beautiful language of Gujrati we use the term Bhai for brothers. Afghans who were once Hindus (now they belong to fake foreign demon cult) call brother as barader in their Pathan language.
    What is wrong in calling people here Bhai or brother? Is not Hindu culture about spreading brotherhood in world and to destroy evil (Muslims, China). What Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam mean? If you really Indian, you should know.

  182. Bert33 says:

    I don’t get a good impression of any of France’s politicians or candidates. If you would lead the people, first talk and listen to them to learn of their concerns and problems, and this guy hasn’t apparently done that so he’ll be screaming into the wind like the rest of them while nobody shows up to vote. Candidates need to be credible, relevant, knowledgeable, and competent to fulfill their duties.

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