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The Mask of "Liberal Democracy" Falls with a Bang
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Nakba, May 15, 2021. Future historians will mark the day when Western “liberal democracy” issued a graphic proclamation: We bomb media offices and destroy “freedom of the press” in an open air concentration camp while we forbid peaceful demonstrations under a state of siege in the heart of Europe.

And if you revolt, we cancel you.

Gaza meets Paris. The bombing of the al-Jalaa tower – an eminently residential building which also housed the bureaus of al-Jazeera and AP, among others – by “the only democracy in the Middle East” is directly connected to the verboten order carried out by Macron’s Ministry of Interior.

For all practical purposes Paris endorsed the occupying power’s provocations in East Jerusalem; the invasion of al-Aqsa mosque – complete with tear gas and stun grenades; racist Zionist gangs harassing and crying “death to Arabs”; armed settlers aggressing Palestinian families threatened with expulsion from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah and Silwan; a campaign of carpet bombing whose lethal victims – on average – are 30% children.

Paris crowds were not intimidated. From Barbes to Republique, they marched in the streets – their rallying cry being Israel assassin, Macron complice. They instinctively understodood that Le Petit Roi – a puny Rothschild employee – had just firebombed the historical legacy of the nation that coined the Déclaration Universelle des Droits de L’Homme.

The mask of “liberal democracy” kept falling again and again in a loop – with imperial Big Tech dutifully canceling the voices of Palestinians and defenders of Palestine en masse, in tandem with a diplomatic kabuki that could fool only the already brain-dead.

On May 16, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi chaired a United States Security Council (UNSC) debate via video link that had been stalled by Washington, non-stop, throughout the week. China presides over the UNSC throughout May.

The UNSC could not even agree on a mere joint statement. Once again because the UNSC was blocked by the – cowardly – Empire of Chaos.

It was up to Hua Liming, former Chinese ambassador to Iran, to break it all down in a single sentence:

“The US doesn’t want to give the credit of mediating the Palestine-Israel conflict to China, especially when China is the president of the UNSC.”

The usual imperial procedure is to “talk”, “offer you can’t refuse” Mafia-style, to both sides under the table – as the combo behind Crash Test Dummy, an avowed Zionist, had already admitted on an appalling White House tweet “reaffirming” its “strong support for Israel’s right to defend itself”.

Hua emphasized, correctly, “this is the key reason why any solution or ceasefire between Israel and Gaza or other forces in the region would be temporary.”

The whole Global South is incessantly bombarded by the imperial “human rights” rhetoric – from convicted crook Navalny to fake reports on Xinjiang. Yet when there is a real human rights catastrophe unleashed by the settler colonialist ally’s carpet bombing, Hua pointed out how “the hypocrisy and double standards of the US have been exposed again”.

One phone call can stop it

Amos Yadlin is the former IDF Military Intelligence Directorate chief, and also former Israeli military attaché to the US.

In a meeting with South African Zionists, he admitted the obvious: the Zionist carnage against Gaza can be stopped by Crash Test Dummy – who happens to be, what else, a Zionist puppet.

Yadlin claimed that the Crash Test Dummy administration, rather the combo behind it, was getting “impatient” and he would be “not surprised if this will all stop in 48 hours.” And once again he had to reinforce the obvious: “When the Egyptians ask Israel to stop, Israel doesn’t want to stop. But if the Americans will ask Israel to stop, Israel will have to listen.”

The Empire practices trademark doublespeak when referring to the “international community” – which in theory gathers at the UN. The concomitant 24/7 propaganda barrage applies only to the motley crew of partners in crime, minions, lackeys, poodles and vassals, imperially ignoring and/or pissing on the heads of over 80% of the planet. Confronted with the reality of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Ukraine and others, “rules-based international order” does not even qualify as a joke for retards.

So next time you see some sub-zoology specimen deploying the “Israel has the right to defend itself” Maximum Stupidity argument, the only possible response is to unleash facts as missiles.

Every sentient being with a conscience knows Palestine faces a racist settler colonialism project boasting an armed-to-the-hilt-military and several nuclear bombs, specialized in practicing state terrorism.

Gaza though is a particularly horrifying case. Population: nearly 2 million people. One of the top densely populated areas on the planet. A de facto open air concentration camp where no less than 50% are children, one in ten stunted to a great extent because of food shortages provoked by the Israeli blockade. The official Israeli military plan is to allow just enough food in so the whole population barely survives. 50% of the population depends on food aid.

No less than 70% of families are refugees, who were ethnically cleansed from what is now southern Israel: there are roughly 1.46 million refugees out of a population of 1.9 million.

Gaza has 8 refugee camps – some being bombed as we speak. Never forget that Israel ruled Gaza directly from 1967 to 2005 and did less than zero to better their appalling conditions.

There are only 22 health centers, 16 social services offices and 11 food distribution centers, serving roughly 1 million people. No airport or port: both destroyed by Israel. The unemployment rate is 50% – the highest on the whole planet. Clean water is available to only 5% of the population.

But then there’s the Resistance. Elijah Magnier has shown how they have already pierced Israel’s pre-fabricated aura of invulnerability and “prestige” – and there’s only one way to go, as the speed, accuracy, range and potency of rockets and missiles can only improve.

In parallel, in a wise strategic move, Hamas and Islamic Jihad have made it very clear they prefer that Hezbollah does not get itself directly involved – for now, thus allowing the whole Global South to be focused on the carnage perpetrated against Gaza.

“A landscape of iron and desolation”

Sociologie de Jerusalem, by Sylvaine Bulle, is a short but quite illuminating book showing how the battle for East Jerusalem is as imperative for the future of Palestine as the tragedy in Gaza.

Bulle focuses on the “internal racism” in Israel directly linked to the hegemony of extreme-right Zionist “elites”. A key consequence has been the “peripherization” and marginalization of East Jerusalem, thrown into a situation of “forced dependence” of Westernized West Jerusalem.

Bulle shows how East Jerusalem only exists as “a landscape of iron and desolation”, through a juxtaposition of ultra-dense and totally abandoned zones. Palestinians who live in these areas are not regarded or respected as citizens.


It got much worse after 2004 and the construction of The Wall – which prevented the daily mobility of Palestinians living in the occupied territories and the Palestinians in Jerusalem. That was an extra fracture, with parts of East Jerusalem isolated on the other side of the wall and a lot of people now living in a real no man’s land. Very few across the “liberal democratic” West have any idea how does that feel in practice.

Palestinians in East Jerusalem don’t have Israeli nationality. Most have Jordanian passports. Yet now even Palestinians with Israeli nationality are rebelling – in most cases in very poor towns in the center of the country. Young generations simply have no reason to believe they belong in Israel.

As for Israeli secular leftists, they have been “neutralized” and carry no political power, as they were incapable of integrating the working masses, which in turn were completely captured by hardcore religious extremists.

Bulle’s conclusion, expressed with way too much diplomacy (this is France, after all), is inevitable: the state of Israel is more and more Jewish and less and less democratic, a de facto Zionist regime. She believes it might be possible to rebuild the link between Jewish national identity and democracy, including the rights of Palestinian minorities.

Sorry, but that’s not gonna happen, as the current tragedy, which started in East Jerusalem, graphically shows.

The Via Dolorosa continues – as we all watch in horror. Just imagine the inter-galactic Western levels of hysteria if Russia or China were bombing, firing shells and missiles and killing children in residential areas. No wonder the Empire of Chaos – and Lies, posing as a “liberal democracy” while enabling the murderous Zionist project, is firmly flirting with the dustbin of History.

Pepe Escobar’s new book is Raging Twenties. Follow him on VK, Telegram and Instagram.

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  1. that cold fool only the brain dead

    Typo there Pepe, but thanks for a great article.

    • Replies: @Leo Den
    , @Eagle Eye
  2. “…Just imagine the inter-galactic Western levels of hysteria if Russia or China were bombing, firing shells and missiles and killing children in residential areas….”

    “All children of the ‘goyim’ (Gentiles) are animals.” (Yebamoth 98a).

    This is what you see in action in Israel. It’s straight from the Talmud.

    “If a Jew murders a ‘goy’ there will be no death penalty.” (Sanhedrin 57a)

    Talmud protocol in action!

    That’s why the West cheers as Israel slaughters Palestinians. They’ve been zombified by their Zionist masters – look at France who gave Israel nuclear weapons in order to exterminate the Arabs – they haven’t been used yet but do you think that the decision to hand over WMD to Israel after 1948 was decided in the French parliament?

    Russia and China have so far escaped the Zionist zombification project (at least Putin is not Boris Yeltsin ) and that’s why they are demonized in the West.

    There is nothing called “Democracy” in the West, it’s pure illusionism run by zionist zombies. Does anything Biden and his Secretary of State say about the Middle East make sense if you are not a zionist or zionist zombie?

  3. Liberal Democracy is a deadly joke; it is the mask behind which lurks the most hideous tyranny of colonialism at the service of the oligarchs and the bankers as well as the biggest internal propaganda setup that continuously brainwashes the masses under the pretence of free speech, free media and representative legislative bodies. Fascism, despite its overt raw brutality has more honesty.

    • Replies: @tgordon
    , @padre
  4. Well, like the saying goes, WE ARE ALL PALESTINIANS.

    This is why white people need to pay attention to Palestinians. If Jews treat such a powerless people in that way, what do they have in store for whites? Jews say Pallies are terrorists and of course Trump supporters are ‘domestic terrorists’. Sadly, white conzos are total cuck morons of Jews.

    In the Jewish Supremocratic US, the totally unfounded and slanderous allegations of Russia Collusion was combed over by the Big Media and Deep State for 3 1/2 years(and the powers-that-be continue to insinuate that Trump works for Putin). But when howling irregularities showed up in the 2020 election, the entire deep state and Jewish media complex told us, “there is nothing to see, folks” and shut down and defamed anyone raising questions. Sadly, Fox News and GOP played along. Even if half the nation supported Trump, the elite institutions are entirely controlled by globalists. And even though Jews spearhead the war on America First, so many conzos suck up to Jews as their god. Pathetic. And so many conzos will be too busy foaming at the mouth about China and Iran to ever get around to dealing with the evil of Jewish supremacist power.

  5. Diversity doesn’t work in the Middle East either.

    • Agree: TKK, HbutnotG
  6. Kali [AKA "Unpersoned by fb"] says:

    Things will end differently this time. The worm is turning. US is loosing its grip on “superpower ” status, (even Saudi can see that, hence why it’s buddying up to Iran) and as American sinks so “israel” sinks.

    Then maybe we can have some real truth and reconciliation! And an end to zionism, “israel” and the “jewish problem” for a new world order that may actually benefit mankind!


    • Replies: @Nostradamus
    , @Beagle
  7. SafeNow says:

    Any chance the U.S. can buy some sort of permanent resolution? Although the Israelis embrace perpetual conflict and contentiousness, they also embrace money. The Palestinians could sure use the monetary relief. I wonder how much a monetary solution would cost, and what it wound look like. Probably impossible?

    • LOL: Emslander
  8. Stan says:

    Mutually Assured Survival: Mahmood Mamdani’s Call to Decolonise the Political and Decriminalise Justice

    In ‘Neither Setter nor Native’, the Ugandan scholar draws valuable lessons from the history of the United States, Sudan, Israel/Palestine, Nuremberg and South Africa.

    Mahmood Mamdani’s latest book, Neither Settler nor Native: The Making and Unmaking of Permanent Minorities (Harvard University Press, 2020) makes an urgent intervention in contemporary politics. In a searing critique of the nation-state, Mamdani persuasively argues that there will be no decolonisation, no democracy, no peace until we de-link the association between the “nation” and state power.

    Bloody battles over who does – and does not – “belong” in the “nation” and, therefore, who should – and should not – be allowed to govern “its” state, Mamdani argues, are a structural characteristic of the global system of nation-states. The extreme violence raging in nation-sates across our world – including political warfare in the world’s newest nation-state, South Sudan, the genocidal violence directed at Rohingya people in Myanmar and the intensifying anti-immigrant politics everywhere – is a banal feature of the culling process engaged in by all nation-states. And is no less deadly for being so predictable.


    Instead of indicating a failure of the international regime, nationalist violence, Mamdani says, functions precisely as intended by the logic of colonial modernity. Drawing upon fundamental insights of postcolonial theorists, including his own germinal thinking on the subject, Mamdani sets out to examine how nation-states reproduce the bifurcated mode of thinking that marked colonialism. Although nationalist modes of identification are thought by their adherents to represent a radical break from colonialism, they are borne of colonialism (think of the politicisation of Hindu and Muslim identities in British India) and revamped to fit new national contexts (think of the Hindutva project).

    European empires placed people in two broad and opposing categories: coloniser and native. The social and political distinction nation-states make is between national majorities and national minorities. While portrayed as “natural” and “timeless,” national majorities are made through a political process wherein the particular cultural identity of one group, which exists amongst many, is turned into the identity of the state.

    It is perhaps odd to think of states as having “identities” but national sovereignty is uniquely portrayed as a mere representative structure of The People, i.e. those people who can form themselves into a “nation.” Claims such as: “this is a German nation,” “this is a White nation,” “this is a Jewish nation,” or “this is a Hindu nation” abound. Although all nationalists claim that the “nations” they speak for are “ancient,” Mamdani makes it clear that the leaders of today’s nation-states are not governing as their ancestors did but as the colonisers did. For example, the India of Narendra Modi is not the same polity as the one in the storied Vedas, no matter how often he publicly recites them. Rather, the post-1947 Indian nation-state, like all others, represents a continuation of colonial thought and, importantly, of colonial practices in the name of the (Hindu) national majority.

    Nationalist claims, in addition, to being historical are also always relational. They are made against others defined as national minorities who, in one way or another, fall short of the criteria for “true” national membership (as determined, of course, by the national majority and institutionalised in the state’s laws). They are not part of the “national race,” they don’t speak the “national language,” “they don’t follow the “national religion,” and, perhaps most forcefully in the territorial (and metaphysical) logics of national sovereignty, “they are not from here.” Because national minorities can make no (recognised) claim to being the “nation” purportedly represented by the nation-state, they are easily portrayed as threats to the national majority (and thus the nation-state itself). As such, they are ripe and ready targets for nationalist violence.

    In Neither Settler Nor Native, Mamdani examines the political work done by the formation and maintenance of national majorities and minorities. Lengthy chapters are devoted to understanding how different nationalist projects politicise identities in the formation of nation-states. He examines the United States, post-World War Two Germany, South Africa, Sudan/South Sudan, and Israel/Palestine. Most of today’s deadly conflicts are revealed to be focused inward, fought (often asymmetrically) between national majorities and minorities. Far from being revolutionary, i.e. trying to end practices of expropriation and exploitation or practices of labour discipline and state punishment, nationalist conflicts are reactionary. In some cases, deadly conflicts arise between contending would-be national sovereigns. In other cases, they are conflicts driven by states mobilising national majorities to eliminate national minorities (and deflect attention from state practices that cause harm). In all cases, the lines of divisions are not social but political. They are fought over whose particular group identity will come to define the identity of the nation-state.

    Sometimes this violence results in the break-up of existing states (for example. Sudan in 2011) and at other times to their expansion (Israel periodically since 1948). Whatever the outcome, nationalist conflicts serve to reproduce the global hegemony of the nation-state system and the globally operative capitalism it has greatly enriched and empowered. The era of postcolonialism, after all, not only delegitimised the imperial form of state power and made the national form the only acceptable one, it also led to an expansion of capitalist social relations.

    The hegemony of nation-states was established in the post-WWII era, when (most) former colonies and former metropoles of empires nationalised their state sovereignty. Instead of returning land to the producers and ending the exploitation of people’s labour, new nation-states carried out further land expropriations and enacted policies greatly expanding the power of capitalist markets in people’s lives. Think of mega-development projects, the race to industrialise (including industrialising farming), and the search for new markets for new commodities. Nation-states, then, far from marking a break with ruling relations, intensified them.

    • Thanks: Kali
  9. @Kali


    If things do end differently this time it may not really change the 1,031 number by much and history will continue.

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @FedUp
  10. joe2.5 says:

    Oh yeah. The firmly Zionist-controlled if not directly Zionist-managed US Empire and the governments of its appendages and messuages, plus the world monopoly capitalist money system will pay the Zionists enough to convince them to take back their 6 millions of fanatical cannon-fodder. Plus, of course, full reparations to the Palestinian people!
    Genius solution.
    Who’s buying?

  11. raga10 says:

    Any chance the U.S. can buy some sort of permanent resolution? Although the Israelis embrace perpetual conflict and contentiousness, they also embrace money. The Palestinians could sure use the monetary relief.

    Hamas needs conflict to be relevant, and Netanyahu needs conflict to survive… sometimes even money is not enough. That’s leaving aside the question of why should US or Europe be the ones paying for resolution of conflict in the Middle East? I don’t support Israel and I don’t like Arabs so for all I care they can sort out their own mess.

    As for Palestinians needing monetary relief they might not have hospitals or food, but they sure seem to have plenty of rockets! I wonder if there is some connection here?

    • Replies: @Joe Levantine
  12. Notsofast says:

    6 rockets were recently launched from southern lebanon towards israel but all landed in lebanon. this looks like a warning and of course israel responded with an artillery barrage into lebanon. hamas has been able to launch over 3100 rockets with a few iranian cruise missiles thrown in to get their attention and the israelis have only been able to intercept 1210 exposing glaring weakness in the iron dome and patriot missile systems. if memory serves me these missiles cost around \$50,000 each to knock down homemade rockets launched from a prison camp while being totally ineffective on the advanced iranian cruise missile. of course there is no limit to the money and arms given to israel by it’s generous uncle sam (735 million on the latest donation), but there may be limit to the inventory available. if israel is forced to burn through it’s arsenal knocking down palestinian bottle rockets and then hezbollah decides to jump in lobbing advanced cruise missiles they may just find themselves in the shit. i have long wondered what hezbollahs response was going to be to the beirut “fireworks incident” and this just may answer that question. something tells me the iranians are popping corn right about now.

    • Agree: Alfred
    • Thanks: animalogic
    • LOL: InnerCynic
    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
    , @mcohen
  13. Avianthro says:

    At this point in time, the story of the “promised land” is still deja vu all over again. Since Joshua fought the battle of Jericho, as the “chosen people” followed the orders from God himself to take possession of the land flowing with milk and honey from those non-Jewish-non-chosen tribes occupying the place, and to genocide them as necessary…The Jewish true-believers and leaders who derive their power from faith in the old holy book’s tales, have been warring with the “Palestinians”. On it goes, a never-ending war of usses-vs-thems. This may never end, but then again, as time marches on, Israel may be heading into the dustbin of history even faster than is the US empire…

    The fundamental motive for US support of Israel has long been and remains: global dependence on petroleum, with the Middle East being the world’s largest reserve of the precious economic-life-giving black gold. This is however a limited resource, and every single day, the ME oil reserves are diminished. The grains of sand are inexorably falling through the hourglass’s neck. A day is coming when the oil will be gone and/or the dependency on fossil oil will be no longer as we transition to an economy that will use non-fossil and non-ME energy inputs. The USA will no longer need its “best friend and ally” in the ME as a sort of permanently moored aircraft carrier there protecting its vital economic interests.

    At the same time, the secular left portion of the Israeli population, a very interesting phenomenon, perhaps truly a new thing under the sun, may very well find that a younger generation is much more in harmony with their thinking. Perhaps too, the future, maybe even today’s (?) Israeli government will also be feeling much more pressure under the reality of oil no longer being important, to seek a real peace with those Arabic-Islamic nations by which it is surrounded. Already today too, the world is growing increasingly aware of the hypocrisy of Uncle Sam and the no-better-than-Nazi behavior of Israel. The final nail in the coffin for Israel may be the simple fact that religion is severely on the wane in the USA…the younger generation is no longer being indoctrinated with Sunday school stories.

    Time will tell.

  14. Too many late circumcisions, that is the problem.

  15. aspnaz says:

    The CCP death toll is way higher than that of the Israelis, so why would you ask a bunch of mass murderers, who have never negotiated any form of ceasefire, to march into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as “the solution”?

    A CCP ceasefire is a bullet to the head.

    Kind of like putting the pedo in charge of the childrens dormitory?

    • Troll: antibeast
  16. Dumbo says:

    Paris crowds were not intimidated. From Barbes to Republique, they marched in the streets – their rallying cry being Israel assassin, Macron complice. They instinctively understodood that Le Petit Roi – a puny Rothschild employee – had just firebombed the historical legacy of the nation that coined the Déclaration Universelle des Droits de L’Homme.

    Paris these day is full of Arabs and Negros… They love to riot.

    La Déclaration was the founding document of the “liberal democracy” you decry. The French have been on the side of Evil and Revolution for quite some time.

    As for Palestine, as someone else suggested, it’s possible that this is partly a charade, that the rockets are somehow provided to Hamas by Israel itself. Both sides in a way profit from conflict. (the governments, not the population of course)

    But yeah in a way perhaps Priss is right, we are all Palestinians, in a larger context.

  17. I read this article on the Junkyard of the Faker, and noticed that the Faker himself has been totally silent about it. It’s almost as though the half White Russian emigre descendant Swiss resident in America doesn’t want to explain how his thesis that Putin isn’t a zionist stooge, despite all evidence to the contrary, matches Putin’s own total silence on the Gaza genocide.

  18. gatobart says:

    What mask…? Oh, that one.

    It reminds me of what a big mouth (as they used to call radio commentators who were a tad too outspoken and honest in their comments) here in this North American city used to say about how we can make the difference between dictatorship and Western democracy: He said: Dictatorship is : “Shut up and obey”. Liberal democracy is “Protest all you want but we are in control here so we’ll do what we want anyway”. He was wrong. Liberal Western democracy is more like: “Pretend you are happy and if you want to protest about something, make sure we approve of your protest”

  19. raga10 says:

    hamas has been able to launch over 3100 rockets with a few iranian cruise missiles thrown in to get their attention and the israelis have only been able to intercept 1210 exposing glaring weakness in the iron dome and patriot missile systems.

    It’s not quite as bad as this statistic makes it out to be because Israelis don’t attempt to shoot down *every* rocket – just the ones they decide are worth the effort because they are heading for populated areas. They do this because as you point out, missiles are not cheap.

    It is said in real use Iron Dome is anywhere between 80-85% effective – that’s not perfect, but far from ‘glaring weakness’, In fact that’s probably better than any other system currently in service could manage.

  20. anon[145] • Disclaimer says:

    Pretty simplistic. Interpreted as: ‘Let’s keep the conversation in the Jewish groove.’
    I am tired of the Jewish groove. I would like to think in Human groove. i don’t want followers, I want people to think for themselves.

    • Thanks: Angharad
  21. Miro23 says:

    If you take the view that the West is run by a group of giant hedge funds (WEF/Davos crowd + their subsidiary organizations, MSM and CIA/FBI enforcers and client politicians) – then that’s not “Liberal Democracy”.

    If everything is “financialized” (indebted and made tradeable), then it’s like making a riverboat gambler responsible for “Democracy”. He doesn’t know how do it, it’s not his thing, and it doesn’t interest him – so he’ll grab what he can and let the place rot.

    Example, Yeltsin’s Russia under the Jewish oligarchs or the US today. The idea is to loot a country down to its last dollar – and if the people are destitute then that’s too bad – they were deporable white supremacists anyway – and they deserved it.

  22. Wally says:

    A more complete list here:

    Complete list of Jewish Expulsions / Jews expelled from over 1,000 places in history:

    And notice how the absurd “Holocaust” Big Lie is being trotted out in seemingly in every report.
    Jews have been pushing their ‘6,000,000’ lie since at least 1823, see newspaper records
    Click on this & scroll down:

    6 MILLION?

    • Replies: @HbutnotG
  23. a United States Security Council (UNSC) debate via video link

    That should be United Nations Security Council, although both are in the hands of the same scum.

  24. Ghali says:

    As always, Pepe is a courageous man. The Jews control the Global Media from A to Z, even those in Russia and neo-Fascist Eas European countries.

  25. An interesting thing happened on the Austfailian SBS news the other night. The SBS is far right in foreign matters, like ALL Austfailian fakestream media, pushing any filthy lie re. China, Russia, Venezuela and Iran and generally pro-Israel.
    The newsreader, a young woman, interviewed an ‘independent journalist’ in Gaza, concerning the destruction of the tower where the AP and al Jazeera et al had had their offices. She flat out stated that Hamas had NO presence in the building, as the AP and al Jazeera have reiterated, confounding the lies hissed out by the Zionazi State propaganda liars.
    The Gazan journalist went on a bit, eloquently, despite a few attempts to end the conversation. After the next news item came the interesting development.
    The newsreader returned, looking distraught.She managed to mutter a few lines, obviously not her own or the news thread, reiterating that the Israelis had insisted that Hamas was in that tower. I was immediately convinced that someone or other, probably a Zionazi attack dog in the News staff, has screeched at her that she had let the ‘fucking two-legged bitch get away with contradicting an Israeli’, or some such. You would need to have seen the look on the poor girl’s face, and heard her faltering delivery to comprehend that she had just been mauled by a hissing and spitting Zionazi, always a nassty experience, but I would bet that that piece of video has been ‘Memory Holed’.

    • Thanks: Alfred
  26. @Notsofast

    Well let’s hope it doesn’t happen because then everyone would burn. If only Hezbollah could lob a missile into a Knesset sitting, or a meeting of Bibi’s Cabinet of Cagliaris.

  27. @The Anti-Gnostic

    Crap. Syria and Iraq were happily very diverse until Uncle Satan and the Saud vermin destroyed the countries and introduced Wahhabi butchers to the unfortunate victims. The ones who do not do diversity are the Zionazis-why they even hate one another along religious versus secular lines.

    • Replies: @The Anti-Gnostic
    , @Theone
  28. Andreas says:

    In operational terms, liberal democracy has been little more than a massive wealth transfer into just a few hands while at the same time the bewildered herd are given a very long leash to engage in whatever vice suits their binge impulses be it credit, drugs, porn, sex; or, like rats pressing on a food lever, incessant clicking on social media sites. That is to say the little people are encouraged to engage in any behavior except that which would awaken them to their plight and free them from their own servitude.

    • Agree: Miro23, emersonreturn
  29. TKK says:
    @The Anti-Gnostic

    There are millions of bleeding heart Israelis that hate their own country- just like American Jews do.

    But- this article has many untruths. To say that Arabs living in Palestine are starving is akin to saying welfare mothers on EBT are starving in Detroit.. Most middle aged women in Palestine are obese. The men do not work unless they want to do so.

    According to the World Health Organization, obesity affects 26.8% of the Palestinian population (23.3% males, 30.8% females). This is mostly due to decreased physical activity and greater than necessary food consumption, particularly with an increase in energy coming from fat.

    – El Kishawi, R. R.; Soo, K. L.; Abed, Y. A.; Muda, W. A. (2014). “Obesity and overweight: Prevalence and associated socio demographic factors among mothers in three different areas in the Gaza Strip-Palestine: A cross-sectional study”. BMC Obesity. 1: 7. doi:10.1186/2052-9538-1-7. PMC 4510884. PMID 26217499.

    Residents of Palestine receive free medical care, housing, cell phones and social services, but viciously hate the people that provide this largess.

    It’s all sound and fury- these crocodile tears over Palestine- signifying nothing.

    What population group does this mimic here in the USA?

  30. mcohen [AKA "mco"] says:

    indeed but the way those buildings are brought down must surely give all pause for thought.

    • Agree: Emslander
  31. tgordon says:
    @Joe Levantine

    Elegantly and succinctly stated. Your comment of a few sentences says more than the vast and obviously unnecessary paid opinions emanating from the keyboards of the paid pundit class. I have more respect for the bacteria on said keyboards than I do the folks who use them.

    • Thanks: Joe Levantine
  32. padre says:
    @Joe Levantine

    Even the word combination is stupid beyond me! “Liberal democracy”, what does it mean actually?

    • Replies: @Joe Levantine
  33. FatR says:

    Israel should just have done the standard procedure for ethnic conflicts and cleansed every single “Palestinian” from its borders. It’s not like Jews can conceivably expect anything less if the situation is ever to reverse. Unfortunately for Israel, while nobody but people with immediate ethinc ties to the participants gives a single fuck about the fact that, say, Armenians and Azeris immedidately cleanse each other from territories they de-facto control, and this policy was last applied less than a year ago, Israel’s actions are under constant, minute and hostile international observation, both by people and nations who don’t give a single fuck about Palestinians and just want to stick it to US (not that US does not deserve it, but both Jews and and Palestinians are simply caught in the crossfire here), and by various lefties who erroneously believe that they have any common interest with the oppressed worldwide.

    • Replies: @Old and Grumpy
  34. @aspnaz

    The CCP attacked the free world with virus WMD.

    And have killed more people than Israel ever could.

    Keep on worshiping the “palestinians” lol

    • Replies: @Theone
    , @Majority of One
  35. @padre

    Very true. None of these political classifications mean much for it is becoming very hard to distinguish what sets a socialist from a conservative from a liberal from a libertarian. All political parties are controlled by the same PTW and give the layperson the illusion of having a choice. Just consider the policies of the war criminal Tony Blair who rode to power as a Labour leader or how the Democratic Party in the U.S. has morphed into the party of war and political speech control.

    I wish some new political movement would focus on liberty, justice, peace and beauty for these are the qualities most lacking in our modern world and without them technological progress will enslave people evermore.

    • Thanks: Majority of One
  36. @TKK

    Interesting comparison, except the US variation isn’t confined to the bantustan. And when they revolt in US streets, the US government let them wreck stuff owned by others; the US government doesn’t bomb their homes and murder their babies. The point I’m making here isn’t to suggest that a one state solution works either way. There is something to be said for self determination of peoples in their own lands. Always the problem with diversity (and conquest, which results in diversity) is how to restore the equilibrium of a common people. Race mixing is always problematic because it’s never a matter of simple acculturation and assimilation. The real Semites in Israel will always be the odd folks out until they outnumber the Ashkenazi conquering hosts, which is why the Ashkenazis brutally round them up and keep them powerless on the bantustans. The Mask of Liberal Democracy won’t tolerate a Final Solution for the bantustans just yet. But when the current cold war goes kinetic on the planet, don’t be surprised to see the Palestinian problem vanish along with a number of the world’s hot spots that remain the thorn in the side of the conquering groups. A century or two later they will all be long forgotten.

  37. @Nostradamus

    I didn’t notice any massive pro-Palestine demonstrations in Russia, Eastern Europe or the Balkans, or even in China. And this is in countries that once actively supported the Palestinian struggle. I would assume that more people are pro-Palestine than pro-Israel in those countries but the governments perhaps not so. They may issue statements condemning Israeli actions and try something on the diplomatic front in the UN, but do little to support the righteous armed struggle of the Palestinian people against the racist fascist ZioNazi Jewish regime.

    • Replies: @moi
    , @JM
    , @Marckus
  38. Another bullshit article.

    Israelis try to save lives of Gaza Palis, which is evident by number of casualties, which are, according to Gaza authorities, ca. 200 people, out of which, according to Israeli sources, are ca. 150 Hamas & Islamic Jihad terrorists.

    If they did their bombing indiscriminately, there would have been, by now, tens of thousands dead Gaza Palis. IDF destroyed ca. 100 km (65 miles) of underground Hamas tunnels (by the way- where EU, US & Qatari financial help to Gaza goes?)

    So, it is evident that Israelis are, generally, right in this situation & Palis are simply wrong. Their entire world-view about life & world & future leads to – nowhere.

    Who is lacking the news because AP & Jazeera are gone with that tower? No one. We receive the same media material as before. Gaza is completely covered.

    As I posted before:

    • Troll: Alfred Muscaria
    • Replies: @Majority of One
  39. AH88 says:

    Another epic fail from Escobar. No mention of the how it was the Russian invasion of Syria that facilitated all this. No mention of how Russia could stop all this is they wanted but they are to busy giving the Israelis information on where to bomb. No mention that it was the KGB that corrupted the US media and government and that’s why the US can’t do anything to stop the jews. See Yuri Bezmenov.

    • Disagree: GMC
    • Troll: emersonreturn
    • Replies: @Theone
    , @Majority of One
  40. @TKK

    Israelis are, in this situation, ca. 80% right. With regard to Gaza- 100%.

    The only thing that is not clear yet is not about Gaza, but the West Bank.

    1. the occupation of the Al Aqsa mosque. I still don’t know why they did it. I don’t follow these things, so I’m clueless about motives.

    2. planned eviction of a few Arab families who resided in houses previously occupied by Jews. OK- just, Israelis can go back to their previous property, but Arabs- not. In my view, Israelis are ethnically cleansing Arabs from Jerusalem in order to completely ethnically possess Jerusalem, so that Palestinian Arabs will not get it when time for their autonomy/nation-state comes somewhere in the future.

    • Replies: @AaronB
    , @hillaire
  41. AReply says:

    Maybe we have to deal with the lying and grift here in states first before we can make meaningful change abroad

    Too bad you can’t believe a thing said by the Washington Post!

    Filed under ‘Bangs and Whimpers’:

    ‘Our democracy is imperiled’: [Republican] Maricopa County officials decry 2020 recount as a sham and call on Arizona Republicans to end the process

    Thank you Unzians for showing your true colors and being on the front-lines in your tireless fight for the conservative truth! The best change always starts at home.

  42. moi says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Spot on! Though Putin tries to sound stateman-like, I think he is pro-Jewish. His daughter was married to a thoroughly corrupt Jewish man.

  43. @raga10

    “ why should US or Europe be the ones paying for resolution of conflict in the Middle East?”

    Because the monstrous state of Israel was the brainchild of the Westerners and their Zionist handlers.

    “As for Palestinians needing monetary relief they might not have hospitals or food, but they sure seem to have plenty of rockets! “

    The Palestinians have plenty of firecrackers you mean?

    • Replies: @raga10
  44. JM says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Pimple on a pumpkin. Left Zionists have no problem giving full focus to ‘Zionist Atrocities’. As outrageous as the dispossession of the Palestinians and the associated violence is, the main action of Zionism is far more dangerous.

  45. @FatR

    Judaism can only survive on the pretext they are being victimized by some jealous gentile for their chosen status. The whole Palestine Zionist dream almost died with Jews behaving monstrous after the White Revolution and the viscous Holodomor. The Germans came along, and the rest is a well written narrative. Shortly after the world got stuck with a rogue state called Israel. Unfortunately for the Palestinians they serve as a marketable boogeyman to both the world and Jews. So it will be a slow extermination for them. Pity the Israelis though, they’ll get no official holiday to celebrate the official genocide date. The forever victim.

  46. Chris Moore says: • Website

    Excellent article as far as it goes, but you get a crucial part of the equation wrong.

    Escobar, why do you state “racist Zionist gangs” (meaning “Chosen Race” Jews) are attacking Arabs in the Levant, and Biden (and presumable all establishment Dems and neocons) is a “Zionist puppet” being coerced by international racial Zionists (meaning Jews), but simultaneously insist Zionism is a White “colonial settler project’? The colonial settler projects are all extinct or in retreat, while Chosen Race Zionism (a parasite on the Western world, leveraging international Judeofascism to extort every nation in which it dwells to finance its existence and advance its Chosen Race agenda) is marching and on the rise?

    Is it because you’re a leftist shilling for the Jewish 5th Columns who authored and advanced ((Marxism)) as a stepping stone for Judeofascism, and hence are yourself a part of Judeofascism? Is it because you’re a useful idiot who still believes Marxism is independent of Judeofascism even though the organized Jewish commonalities, entitled “vanguard,” and systemically mass murderous character of both have been proven time and again?

    Or is it simply because you’re unable to think and act independently of the intellectual milieu in which you were suckled?

  47. Liberal democracy is a lie. A lie can only die if people stop believing it. I think I have read just one piece that points out that Bibi Netanyahu is the big winner here , and likely just tossed aside the recent elections. Also a cynical reminder Hamas was created by the Israelis to counteract the influence of Arafat and PLO.

  48. The hasbara agents have really descended on Pepe’s writing as of late. I wonder why these Jews feel so threatened by China?

    Maybe they fear assimilation like the Kaifeng ones.

  49. “They instinctively understodood that Le Petit Roi – a puny Rothschild employee – had just firebombed the historical legacy of the nation that coined the Déclaration Universelle des Droits de L’Homme.”

    The phrase, “Le Petit Roi”, says it all. The faggot prince of Paris is either a part Jew or in the employ of the Jew or most likely, both. But anyway you cut it, it amounts to the surrender of the national sovereignty of France to the non white, Christian hating semites. Perhaps, storming of the Bastille is the only option left!

  50. This Gaza war boils partly down to the issue of Israeli courts being so crooked they approve endless land thefts and seizures, and Palestinians feeling the only way they can fight back is by firing rockets … Details of this in the E J Magnier link Escobar gives above

    In this case, Jordan which ruled part of Jerusalem 1951-67, gave Palestinians some land … Palestians presented documents supporting chain of ownership back to the Ottomans … but Israelis ‘found’ documents saying Jews acquired the land in 1885 … guess who ‘won’ in Israeli courts … leading to Jerusalem protests near Al-Aqsa, Israel’s mosque invasion and then Hamas rockets

    Even worse, the Palestinian families hired a Jewish Israeli lawyer, Tosia Cohen, who then apparently signed a document selling them out, saying Jews were the owners and Palestinians needed to pay rent or be evicted

    Just as across the Western world and especially in USA … courts sell out people, lawyers betray clients, and the ‘court’ legitimises theft and oppression … and here’s the masonic-illuminati Israeli Supreme Court building donated by the Rothschilds, pyramid included

  51. @Nostradamus

    “All children of the ‘goyim’ (Gentiles) are animals.” (Yebamoth 98a).

    Funny! My holy book ” The Shi-tto-leth” has the exact opposite sayings:

    “All children of the ‘chosen’ (Jews) are less than animals.” (Gibberish 89b).

  52. Z-man says:

    Yes an even a more forceful article than Giraldi’s.
    Democracy? What a scam!

  53. No less than 70% of families are refugees, who were ethnically cleansed from what is now southern Israel: there are roughly 1.46 million refugees out of a population of 1.9 million.

    Thank you for these statistics, Pepe, and the following about health centers, the bombed-by-Israel port and airport … clean water …

    Absolute murderous sadism.
    Are Jews again on the nearby hilltop cheering it on ?

    Like some of the commentators here.

    Shameful doesn’t even cover it.

  54. Marckus says:

    Your comment is accurate.

    Right or wrong the Israelis would like all the Palestinians gone. However, not a single one of the other Arab nations want them. They like them but don’t love them. So they are left there to be a thorn in the side of the Israelis and a financial drain to the Israeli government. The citizens of the US complain about the southern border crisis. What makes anyone think even the most prosperous oil rich Arab nation wants an influx of financially dependent refugees.

    Let me take this a bit further. Few if any Western nations want them either. Has anyone ever met a Palestinian in the West ?

    Then we have organisations like Hamas and PLA. If all their flock were to be absorbed in the rest of the Arab world, these ruling “elites” would become obsolete, disintegrate and be selling Kabobs in Paris. There would be no more free money. Does the US not also shell out millions in aid to these people ? We should also not be naive. A lot of that aid money vanishes into European banks. The leading figures in the Gaza and West Bank are sure to ensure that should the house of cards topple, they will be well set for a very comfortable life in Europe.

    Its a game of giant hypocrisy with the Palestinians the expendable pawns and no different than in any other part of the world. Everyone sympathises but that is it !

    Finally, everyone bleats about these poor people but ask any American to head to Immigration and sponsor one Palestinian family and there would be no takers. Who wants to put in a 16 hour day to look after seven or eight people with the father sitting around all day drinking coffee and smoking ? The initial pity and sympathy would soon vanish and we would happily see them GONE, anywhere but in our house. We already have a multitude of Mohammedans who chill at the coffee shops all day, smoking, drinking coffee and jabbering into their cellphones.

    I personally have no sympathy for any of the players. I am white and hang white. If their own care not a whit for them I dont see why anyone else should. Unfortunately, the reality is that Israel is there to stay and a wounded animal or one at bay is extremely dangerous. The state may go down but not without getting its pound of flesh and taking down others with it. In addition, I doubt the West, Russia or China want an influx of Jewish refugees. Better they remain there !

    There is going to be a lot more bloodshed before this is over and we will see the end of this flare up just in time for the next. In the meantime, man being man everyone will shed crocodile tears for the Palestinians. Its the best they can hope for and should be grateful for because their own brothers dont even have a few to spare for them.

    I am afraid they will remain expendable pawns to be used by all sides, including their own in the pursuit of political agendas.

  55. @Avianthro

    religion being on the wane in the west is part of the plan. it’s not on the wane in israel…schools in israel teach children that arabs are meant to be their slaves. we teach our children to be inclusive & embrace others.

  56. Marckus says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Absolutely right !. Its like 2 acquaintances fighting in the next town over. If one or the other wins or they both destroy each other, they are coming to live with YOU !

    So the way I see it is the international community and the Arab states give enough to keep things hot but not enough for one or the other to win.

    This balancing act keeps the opponents busy THERE rather than have them flee HERE wherever that may be. Its the cynical aspect of politics but as the old saw says “we have no friends just interests ” and I would add that said interests are at best, forever and for always fickle.

  57. AaronB says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    planned eviction of a few Arab families who resided in houses previously occupied by Jews. OK- just, Israelis can go back to their previous property, but Arabs- not. In my view, Israelis are ethnically cleansing Arabs from Jerusalem in order to completely ethnically possess Jerusalem, so that Palestinian Arabs will not get it when time for their autonomy/nation-state comes somewhere in the future.

    Well, Jews were evicted from these properties after the 48 war.

    The way I see it, during the 48 war lots of Arabs were evicted/left Israel and lots of Jews were evicted/left the surrounding Arab countries, so it’s more or less a population transfer. Plus, it was during a war that Arabs started, so justice demands they suffer some loss. That’s only fair.

    All good and well.

    But then during peacetime Jordan decided to ethnically cleanse a neighborhood in Jerusalem that had been Jewish since ancient times. That’s like if Israel during peacetime decided to simply ethnically cleanse all Arabs out of Jaffa, which has been Arab for centuries.

    To me, the 48 thing is done and over with, with both sides suffering population transfers, and with Arabs starting the war to begin with . But after that, and during peacetime, is a different matter….so the Arab claim that they cant recover 48 land doesn’t seem at all similar to this.

    As for the ethnic composition of Jerusalem, it’s worth remembering that in the 19th century, before Zionism got going, Jerusalem was majority Jewish, and had been for some time.

    That being said, there is no official Israeli government policy to remove Arabs from Jerusalem, but there are certainly Jewish groups who want to make Jerusalem more Jewish, and they are welcome to try and do so through legal means, mostly by buying property from their Arab owners.

    As it stands, Arabs can live anywhere in Tel Aviv, but if a Jew legally buys a house in East Jerusalem from it’s Arab owner, the Arabs freak out and try and violently stop it. It’s quite absurd.

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  58. hillaire says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    Somewhat like yourself…

    next time you pop out for a ‘big mac’ and supersize ‘soda’ and come back to find a mariachi band and the local synogogue have moved into your house…

    having slaughtered your family they are spit-roasting your dog while it is still alive… all that killin’ sure is hungry work..

    they grab and spin you round kicking your arse as they push you out of the ‘front door’, one of them ‘kindly’ stabs you in the back…. you of course thank them…

    I’m sure an imbecile like yourself would be fine with that… and all your ‘jewish’ friends would agree with you.

    • Agree: Angharad
  59. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Syria and Iraq were held together by tough dictators who had no problem with killing their rivals. They hate the Kurds and vice versa. The Middle East is not the place to demonstrate that diversity is a strength.

    • Disagree: Alfred
    • Replies: @Alfred
  60. Theone says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Diversiry is a myth does not exist,it is simple “non white”.

  61. Theone says:
    @Jeffrey A Freeman

    Unfortunately it did not finish off the “free” world.But maybe next time with a bit of luck.

  62. Theone says:

    Russia merely kicked the worthless zombie MuttMerica out of Syria,and KGB influence?give us a break and go back to CNN.

  63. Leo Den says: • Website
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    There’s one reason why this is happening. A heinous cabal has taken over Western Governments.

  64. I sure am glad Vietnam won the war. Otherwise, Vietnam may have been colonized by Jews looking for more brown people to kill and steal from.

  65. @Jeffrey A Freeman

    Utter and total disinformation idiocy. China did NOT develop Covid. It was a production of the U\$ Army’s biowar division. “Worshiping the ‘Palestinians’ is proof positive that you are either a hate-filled “Chosen” or an egregious “Christian” Zionist self-hater.

    • Troll: Jeffrey A Freeman
    • Replies: @Majority of One
  66. @Bardon Kaldian

    “Chosen” disinformation bull\$hit as usual from this Hasbarfa/Sayanim.

  67. @AH88

    You Ha\$barfa/Sayanim paid posters are thicker on this site than fleas on a dog and flies on a hog.

  68. Rogue says:

    I don’t know if you’re right or wrong, but the Anti-Israel stuff here at Unz is way too over-egged for any semblance of balance in most of the articles – and especially the comments.

    I used to be very pro Israel in the past. Nowadays, I prefer to be neutral as much as possible.

    But just as I can now recognize pro-Israel bias, so I can also recognize the opposite of that.

    • Replies: @Marckus
  69. AaronB says:
    @Priss Factor

    What makes support for Palestinians so historically ineffective, and so unconcerning to Israel, is that people who instinctively “see themselves” in Palestinians, are the weak and the powerless, the ineffectual….but crucially, also the spiteful, the resentful, those who would be the powerful but can’t, not those who have given up power, those who would be the oppressors but can’t, not those who believe in justice.

    Such a combination, weakness plus spite, failure plus ill will, is perhaps, most calculated to repulse high-quality people, and attract those incapable of achieving anything.

    Weak and powerless people may not have physical power, but they have moral force. Witness how Ghandi harnessed the tremendous moral force of the Indian population. The weak and the powerless have always had a clam on the consciences of the powerful and have always been able to exert influence on them. Moral force is real, even if invisible, and the “bad guys” never understand this.

    But to be weak, powerless, and to surrender the one form of power you might have had, moral force? It is not a question of stupidity, i.e, strategy – it is a question of “essence”.

    Observers have long advised Palestinians to adopt a Ghandi-like approach and have been puzzled why they have not done so. But they fail to understand the Palestinian “self-image”, which is the fuel of their motivation to fight.

    Palestinians see themselves as proud Islamic warriors who conquer and rule over infidel Christians and Jews, who they oppress and treat as inferiors. In their minds it’s the 8th century still. They live in a fantasy, and this can be seen in the many absurdly macho pronouncements of Hamas during this mini-war. Palestinians live in dream-time, and are not concerned with the real world.

    To adopt a Ghandi-like approach would be self-defeating. If the Palestinians could see themselves in those terms, the conflict would be settled amicably in a day.

    The great irony if this fight, is that Israel has managed to harness more Ghandi-like moral force by doing so much to avoid civilian casualties, whereas the Palestinians, with their hyper-aggression and macho pronouncements, and rockets towards civilians, squandered the one power they might have had.

    When you read the articles of the Jew-haters like Giraldi, Dinh, Unz, and the many commenters, you are swimming in an atmosphere of spite and simmering resentment. There is a total absence of nobility, of a spirit of generosity, of largeness of mind. In Nietzschean terms, you are with the cannaille, the masters of ressentiment.

    The powerless who are pure do sometimes win. The spiteful cannaille – never.

    This conflict operates very much on the “mythic” level – mythologically, symbolically, the Palestinians “stand” for the would-be-powerful who have failed.

    That is why the American alt-right (but not European nationalists), “see themselves” in the Palestinians. It is a question of “essence”, not strategy.

    And that is why Muslim fundamentalists like AnonStarter try and recruit from the American alt-right. But that is also why both groups achieve nothing.

  70. gatobart says:

    But what i think is most worth of praise and admiration during this new Middle East crisis is the attitude of both President Vladimir Putin and Premier Xi, which have been both for all these days strongly and without any reserve denouncing Israeli aggression and brutality…oh, wait.

    (It reminds me of what the patron in Rick’s bar said to him when Ugarte was caught:” Thanks for sticking your neck out for us, Rick”.)

  71. Alfred says:

    Since Joshua fought the battle of Jericho

    The place the Jews call “Jericho” never had any walls. There were no walled cities in Palestine at that time.

    The reality is that the “Promised Land” was in Yemen. It had a lot of rain at that time and plenty of irrigation works prove that it was so. Palestine was barren and had been abandoned by the Ancient Egyptians. The Israelites were never in Egypt. That is as false as the official history of 9/11.

    It is a sad fact that of the town walls of the Late Bronze Age, within which period the attack by the Israelites must fall by any dating, not a trace remains.…The excavation of Jericho, therefore, has thrown no light on the walls of Jericho of which the destruction is so vividly described in the Book of Joshua (Kenyon 1957: 261-62).

    Kenyon concluded, with reference to the military conquest theory and the L[ate] B[ronze Age] walls, that there was no archaeological data to support the thesis that the town had been surrounded by a wall at the end of LB I (ca. 1400 BCE…) (Holland 1997: 223).

    Miss Kenyon’s work has presented scholars with the hard fact that if Joshua was active with the incoming Israelites either c. 1400 or c. 1200 B.C. he would not have been able to capture a great walled city of Jericho, because there was no city of Jericho in these periods…the huge ruins of the Hyksos city gave rise to the folktale attached to the hero Joshua (1965: 190, 200).

    The Walls of Jericho

  72. AaronB says:

    One gets the impression that the Palestinians view what happened to them as something incomprehensible, as some kind of weird mistake that will be corrected any day now, that can’t have any serious relationship to fundamental aspects of reality.

    Palestinians live in dream-time. It is still the 8th century, Jews and Christians are still weak and despised minority, and Arabs and Muslims are the most powerful force on the planet. I was laughing my ass off at the macho pronouncements Hamas was making during this war, even as it was asking for a cease fire by the 2nd day, but I also found it so sad, and so revealing.

    Palestinians have not taken the first step to making the hard and unsparing self-analysis to understand what happened. That requires being ruthless to oneself and not self-indulgent, in putting aside self-love and taking a cold hard look at reality.

    But this requires spiritual strength . Weak people can’t do this – they give in to emotion and fantasy. The Arab/Muslim world in modern times simply has not had this spiritual strength, this spiritual courage and vitality. In the 67 war, Arab leaders even didn’t have the moral courage to honestly tell each other of their defeats, instead they lied about victories, leading to more devastating losses.

    Arab/Muslim society today lacks moral courage – it’s macho hyper-aggression isn’t strength, it’s the mask of it’s weakness. It is a brittle culture. Weakness always tries to compensate by being hyper-aggressive. We see this with Black culture – low-status always over-compensate with violence.

    Another feature of spiritual weakness is blaming others. That is why White nationalists will never succeed – because they have not gone through the searing and unsparing self-analysis that would reveal what went wrong and instead self-indulgently blame Jews.

    Contrast this with a movement like Zionism, which did undergo an unsparing self-analysis. Zionist writers are unflinching in their cold hard analysis of the miserable and pathetic state Jews had allowed themselves to fall into in 19th century Europe. There is no self-indulgent sentimentality here. No living in dream-time. It isn’t the kingdom of David anymore for them. Zionist writers took seriously many of the claims of the anti-Semites and accepted many of them had a level of truth to them, even if they rejected the larger anti-Semitic picture as scurrilous.

    And while they acknowledged anti-Semitism, they put the blame squarely on Jewish deficiencies and shortcomings, and set out to correct them. They did not obsess over their enemies.

    • Agree: ben sampson, Marckus
    • Replies: @Mefobills
  73. HbutnotG says:

    Let me guess. ….Slovaks?

  74. HbutnotG says:
    @The Anti-Gnostic

    People have an innate dislike and will habitually avoid anybody who doesn’t look or act like they do. The USA was the lone exception until lazy no-talents discovered that money and votes could be gained by stirring that (melting) pot while just sitting on your fat ass. And “stirring” is the important word here.

    • Disagree: rgl
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  75. rgl says:

    Israel and the USSA.

    Fuck ’em both!

    • Troll: IronForge, Marckus
    • Replies: @Marckus
  76. HbutnotG says:

    Heck….there’s always Puerto Rico.

    Lots of water and closer to Palm Beach.

  77. Jiminy says:

    For months we have had to listen to Biden gabbling on about how China is mistreating the Muslim wegers and how they must be stopped. But now the silence is deafening as the jews are allowed to settle old scores, tidying up loose ends, wiping out as many Muslim arabs as they can. Just like in the beginning of the twentieth century, the jews are still involved in the persecution and death of less fortunate souls. It seems to be never ending.

  78. Alfred says:
    @The Anti-Gnostic

    They hate the Kurds and vice versa

    Complete crap. They happily intermarried. There were plenty of Kurds in the Iraqi army – lots of them officers.

    The problem is that the West bribed some leaders of the Kurds and encouraged separatism. That is why there are currently US troops in the north of Syria – they finance and train the SDF. But Kurdish kids throw stones at American vehicles.

    SDF official condemns youth throwing stones at coalition convoy in Syria

    Today, the Iranian army is full of non-Persians. A total amalgam of different tribes and creeds. At a guess, half the officers are Azaris (Turkic). They have no problem because the Iranians won’t allow the West to infiltrate its disparate communities. They root out these attempts.

    The West’s MI6, CIA and all the rest of them are trying to get the Kurds, Arabs and Baluchis of Iran to become a 5th column. With little success.

    Here is a sample of the propaganda of the West. Their terrorist agents get executed and they lament this outcome. They pretend that they were not the instigators. 🤣

    According to the report, in 2020, the Iranian regime, used execution as a mean to suppress ethnic minorities such as the people of Baluchistan, Kurdistan and Arabs in Khuzestan provinces, and in implementing this policy, at least 24 Baloch and 11 Kurds were executed. It is worth mentioning that these numbers of executions were on the top of 166 Kurdish Koolbar (goods transporter) and dozens of Baloch fuel transporter shot and killed by this repressive regime last year.

    Iran: Dreadful Human Rights Violations By Regime – OpEd

    • Thanks: Majority of One
  79. FedUp says:

    Yeah, the biggest blackpill for me is seeing the best of the best Aryan males left seriously proclaiming that their ultimate solution is expulsion, again, as though it’s a “based” tactic. Vomit in mouth. Can’t/won’t even say it anonymously, online, in an intellectual argument.

    High on their Jewish drug, & fear. Lots of fear. Aryan Rome didn’t hesitate to go on the counter-offensive, read Apion. 50,000 put to the sword over a few days when they threatened our Greek ancestors (Jews were going to burn them alive in the stadium, the Roman military joined in & together, they gave them a thrashing).

    Our ancestors burned their temple, but they stupidly had some mercy. But not mercy like Aryans have shown since (((Constantine))). Sven Longshanks (King Edward), the “based christian” English king always kept a convent of Jews around him to study the “holy” men’s “holy” books…other Jews were expelled, but many used their failsafe backup option, dripping water upon themselves, to “convert” their DNA & their very being, to “transform” into Aryans, just like magic water droplets turn noggers into Aryans…same as sex can be changed. Same as magic dirt.

    But, half of ye, the best of the best Aryan males left, are running for the hills. How low the Aryan man wants to fester, to sink deeper into hell on Earth, for the “kang of kang” who would piss on your grave & denounce you as “filthy goyim” were (((he))) alive today.

    To whom applicable, your Jewish drug & fear of (((Yahweh))), your assumption the next life will be better (so screw our kids, or the kids we could have, if we just fought back…nah, yahweh will forgive us & indeed reward us if we don’t defend ourselves or our kids, same as our wretched cowardly ancestors who keep hitting the Jewish pipe…ffs, exercise more…do actual dope, if you must replace it with something, not even being strung out on alcohol via IV is as harmful as clinging onto a masochistic desert death cult)

    Did you know that, apparently, we sent a ton of gold to Jerusalem when Jews claimed that their religion required it be imported to their land? Pretty sure it was Amerikwa who fell for that. FDR definitely confiscated all the gold…yet, we have some sort of heritage of Amerikwa with which to revive? It’s rotten, to the core. Imagine i come & insist i must be allowed to sleep with your daughter or wife. It’s “holy.” Part of my religion. Imagine actually falling for that (i hope you’d shoot me if i or anyone else dared, you’d have every right to). We shipped our gold to the chosen, cuz they told us to do so.

    As Linder says, there is no way out but through the Jews. There’s nothing that can be done with them. Unz seems okay, presuming this isnt some sort of trap for us gullible “goyim” (idk). Still, his kind gotta go, if Aryans are to merely survive. If Unz isn’t on teamJew, fine, a handsome exile should be in store for him, but his kind gotta go. Or, they will wipe us out & piss on our kids graves. They don’t just want us dead, they want to torture us to death, after torturing our kids. Fight back, Aryan man!

    All the talk is designed to keep us from taking action to survive, yet the “movement’s” subculture must reject pacifism in order to hope to be effective. You dont even have to endorse anti-pacifism outright to help give Aryans a chance, just get out the way. If you were head of a massive family, on a sinking ship that has 5 lifeboats each with max capacity of just 3 ppl, would you put all your eggs in one basket in matters of survival? Our chances of victory as pacifists is 0.0%. And it’s torture. The worst part is not even trying to effectively fight back, now, as our women are out lulzing as they slurp on b**** *o*k about how their men arent even men. Instead of despairing or running for the hills like a pathetic woman, take it, & plan revenge. For fighters, a virgin bride can be yours for the taking. I know some of us have daughters. Shriek all you want, i’d much rather my daughters go to a man with some honor than be broken into this system by some young horny bastard before she is initiated full on, & wrecks everyone, especially herself/themselves.

    The Sabines sure defended the founding Romans when their fathers/husbands/brothers wanted to kill all the Romans. Act indignant all you want, it’s not fooling anyone. Once they hit puberty, they need to be married off, or they wind up like Katie Holmes. To those of you already married, you could perhaps use another wife, one that will have to respect you, & your wife will just have to deal with it, as will all other females. Micro communities are necessary. No reason aside from estrogenized mentalities it could not be done.

    We are losing, badly, & only by becoming equally as aggressive as are Jews do we even stand a chance. Aryan man is like a man with a roach (with a mouth full of razor sharp) teeth in his hand terrified to get his hands dirty by just…squeezing.

  80. HbutnotG says:


    It’s just like “I weigh 250 pounds.” And you put them on a scale, it’s 290. A catchy number is a catchy number. is the one cure I’ve found for amnesia.

  81. BorisMay says:

    You used to write good articles Pepe, but this one is not one of them.
    The history of mankind is of one bunch of lunatics oppressing another bunch of nutcases.
    We live in a world of empires, just that one hundred years ago there were a few more than there are today.
    Empires are run by greedy arrogant people who see themselves as above the herd in some way.
    This is how it has always been: lords ruling over peasants.
    Jews (Zionists in particular) are no different from all the previous empiricists.
    The Jews will have their day, just like the dogs they are, and then will slip in to the time warp of history just the same as every other tyrannical people…and be forgotten quite simply because they have done nothing worth remembering.
    The Jews will one day regret their behaviour but that day is yet to come.
    In the meantime the only thing you can do about it is to boycott everything that is either Jewish or Zionist.
    Bullies, which is essentially what Jews are, are also cowards. Thus when they are faced by a strong enemy they will run away with their tails between their legs, just like all cowards do.
    The important thing to remember about Jews is that in the order of things, they are nothing. It is easy to destroy but really difficult to build something of lasting value.
    The only thing Jews are good at is destroying everything around them.
    Jews are wankers. And Zionists are stupid wankers.
    And you know what wankers are good for: nothing!

  82. @AaronB

    Well, Jews were evicted from these properties after the 48 war.

    The way I see it, during the 48 war lots of Arabs were evicted/left Israel and lots of Jews were evicted/left the surrounding Arab countries, so it’s more or less a population transfer. Plus, it was during a war that Arabs started, so justice demands they suffer some loss. That’s only fair.

    Not going into details which I am not interested into:

    1. both Jews and Arabs were expelled/fled from what is now Israel +occupied territories

    2. According to International law, refugees can return- but only they, not their children born after 1948, let alone grandchildren etc. This applies to anyone. As regards property, this is more complicated. but essentially- private ownership of houses cannot be unilaterally proclaimed null and void. In most cases, both sides simply sign some contract where they “switch” possessions.

    3. so, after 1967, in what is now Gaza + Israel +West Bank, both Jews and Arabs could, in principle, go to where they resided in 1948 (if they are alive). In this case, it seems that Jews want to go to areas where their grandparents had lived. Just: a) it is not according to the International law, b) regarding private property, Israel does not respect International law. Nor do Jordan, Gaza, Syria,…. but it is another question.

    So, it is evident that in the area where, essentially, lawlessness rules, Israelis behave mostly according to legal standards, but there is a space where, by legal tricks & similar stuff, Israelis try to demographically conquer the entire Jerusalem.

    I don’t blame them because all Arabs are much worse than they are, but that’s the way it is. Israel is like a slightly corrupt sheriff in a town where lawless vagabonds, drunken cowboys, whores and pistoleros run amok.

    • Agree: AaronB
  83. @AaronB

    What makes support for Palestinians so historically ineffective, and so unconcerning to Israel, is that people who instinctively “see themselves” in Palestinians, are the weak and the powerless, the ineffectual….but crucially, also the spiteful, the resentful, those who would be the powerful but can’t, not those who have given up power, those who would be the oppressors but can’t, not those who believe in justice.

    That must be why Christian Zionists(Sodomists), who identify with ‘Jews’, are so powerful.


  84. A distraction for Israelis who have foolishly taken the mRNA “vaccines”. The deaths will be ratcheting up about now but will not be noticed due to this Bibi manufactured crisis.

  85. Emslander says:

    Your attempt to bottle up this Jew-hatred is noble, but I’m afraid that the attempt fails, because you try to make like it comes out of a slightly out-of-calibration reasoning.

    It has nothing to do with reasoning. Like attempts by the Jewish people to establish a prominent role in various cultures over the past two millennia, it rises from a troubled interior, explodes, then dies out.

    • Replies: @AaronB
  86. @Alfred

    I am glad Iran takes a stern approach with their ethnic minorities. Otherwise, QED, they are only too eager to become a fifth column for your enemies.

  87. Many thanks Mr Escobar for telling it as it is.

  88. Corrupt says:

    “There are only 22 health centers, 16 social services offices and 11 food distribution centers, serving roughly 1 million people”

    Perhaps the P.A. should spend \$\$ on health centers instead of paying the families of suicide bombers. In any event, they can exterminate each other and the world would probably be a better place.

  89. AaronB says:

    I am not really trying to change anything, just explain and diagnose.

    Reason is the slave of passion and always has been.

    If a person is consumed by resentment and spite, and does not have a generous, noble, personality, then that is who he is. You can’t argue him out of it.

    I would even say, he has a right to be that way. And it is probably healthy that such people should have a place to express themselves, like this. If there is any chance spite and resentment can dissipate, it is not by suppressing it.

    For the anti-Israel crowd, the conflict has been decided purely on the “mythical” level. Facts are then selectively chosen by how they support the myth. A certain type of personality cannot support Israel, by nature. It is predetermined.

    The pro-Israel side also makes it’s decisions partly on the mythological level, but is more open to facts and reason simply because the stronger side has less emotional need to compensate for the deficiencies of a harsh reality by turning to fantasy.

    That is not to say they are perfectly rational – no human is, nor should be.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  90. Belloc on Islam

    Indeed, in the history of the West, Islam has always sent a kind of terror through the hearts of those on its borders who were about to be attacked or in the hearts of those who had to live under its control. Belloc alludes to this phenomenon:

    These things being so, the recrudescence of Islam, the possibility of that terror under which we lived for centuries reappearing, and of our civilization again fighting for its life against what was its chief enemy for a thousand years, seems fantastic. Who in the Mohammedan world today can manufacture and maintain complicated machinery whereby the religion of Islam can play an equal part in the modern world? (131).

    The question seems less rhetorical today because numbers, in the end, count as does the willingness of people to die using modern machinery like normal airplanes to carry our what is attested to be a religious mission, however much we choose to identify it as simply “terrorism” without a cause. What is also true is that this terrorism, or its threat, is now everywhere. Thus far, at least, we see within Islam itself little effort to control its own “terrorists” or to sympathize with those who suffer from tem or who must defend themselves against them.

    The inconvertibility of Islam leads us to several perhaps radical reflections.

    Belloc thought that Islam expanded rapidly for the very good reason that “it won battles.” (81). This success should give modern pacifists pause, but it usually does not.

  91. gatobart says:

    What makes support for Palestinians so historically ineffective, and so unconcerning to Israel, is that people who instinctively “see themselves” in Palestinians, are the weak and the powerless, the ineffectual….but crucially, also the spiteful, the resentful, those who would be the powerful but can’t, not those who have given up power, those who would be the oppressors but can’t, not those who believe in justice.

    Maybe in part, but the main reason lies in the historical disunity and perpetual chicanery between Arabs, and we may say also Muslims in general. I was still a teen back home in South America when I remember one my pals saying it simply and in just a few words during one of the proverbial Arab Israeli wars. “Hundreds of millions of Arabs can’t defeat a few million Israelis because while Arabs keep fighting and hating each other, Jews show solidarity to another, they help each other”. Being myself from Latin America I, and the rest of us, know how effective solidarity even among the weak could be. Examples, during the Bay of Pigs invasion, when the invading Cubans were having their butts kicked badly, Kennedy was under heavy pressure to invade the island, but he resisted, mainly because he knew such an act would completely ruin all his plans for a productive US foreign policy in the continent. Let’s remember that he had a vision of what he called and Alliance for Progress that would include all the Americas, an ambitious plan for economic development and he knew that a U.S. invasion of Cuba would have killed that and turned him into a cursed figure in the continent. In the 1980s something similar happened with Reagan and his so much desired invasion of Nicaragua. Even if he wanted so much to invade the country and topple Daniel Ortega, he couldn’t at the end because not only Latin Americans but many “Americans” also, rallied in sympathy of the little Central American country. We may mention even now the case of Venezuela and even Bolivia. Every U.S. president knows that any invasion or attack on a Latin American country, specially those south of Panama, would have a very high political cost for Washington, and that is why Donald Trump was dissuaded by others of his military threats against Venezuela. That is what Palestinians are sorely lacking of, now and always in the past: political backing from others, which they even lack among their own. And not only them. Every time the Western empires, past and present, plan to invade, attack, bomb an Arab country, they will find at once more than one willing collaborator among Arab countries (just remember the two wars against Iraq). As long as Arabs don’t show a scintilla of sympathy or solidarity among themselves they won’t find any from third parties and Palestinians will keep suffering.

    • Replies: @AaronB
  92. The current illegitimate Biden Regime and its Zionist First (((Woke Directives))) alphabets are marching forward unchallenged with their planned eradication of Palestinians and white Supremacists. No one came to defend small businesses by Burn Loot Murder Inc., using Woke proxies of secretly funded undercover military assets disguised as Antifa black shirts when they torched cities. The same can be said for Palestinians now, as their buildings are bombed and children are slaughtered by a nuclear power funded by US taxpayers and billionaire dual citizen Zionists.
    Welcome to the Reset – A New Order Of Woke World.

  93. Mefobills says:

    Liberal Democracy? Our (((friends)))/Oligarchs love it.

    To update Aristotle’s cycles:

    Democracy is the stage before Oligarchy. The West is now an Oligarchy.

    Democracy > Oligarchy > Populist Tyrant> Kingdom> Tyranny with idiot sons> Aristocracy > Democracy

    A populist tyrant in one oligarch who decides to release debts. (If only Trump had a few more brain cells?)

    The Tyrant then leads a populist rebellion, and kills the other Oligarchs. The Tyrant becomes King and the population has their debts released.

    The King has some idiot sons, and idiot son(s) soon forget how to release debts. The Kingdom becomes a Tyranny, and soon the hereditary King is replaced by an Aristocracy of “wise men.” The Aristocracy becomes democracy, which becomes oligarchy again.

    Hungary had a constitutional kingdom that lasted nearly 1000 years. No Hereditary idiot sons were allowed, so that helped break the cycle.

    Fascism would be an illiberal government type, which has the ability to release debts and is able to keep wannabe oligarchs (in the form of corporations) in their place. A fascist leader can be constitutionally bound in the same way as a constitutional kingdom.

    Democracies are the worst form of government, where an Oligarchy of hidden string pullers gas-light the population using fear, uncertainty, and disease (FUD).

    What was missing from Aristotle’s analysis was how debt polarizes civilization, and is a causative factor in the cycle.

    • Agree: GeeBee
    • Replies: @Biff
  94. Emslander says:

    What happened to the Andrew Anglin article that was on Unz this morning? It has been disappeared. It was a very interesting treatment of the Media hypocrisy over the bombing of the AP building.

    Just curious.

  95. Eagle Eye says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    I guess you don’t mind being LIED to by Senhor Escobar.

    Gaza though is a particularly horrifying case. Population: nearly 2 million people. One of the top densely populated areas on the planet. A de facto open air concentration camp where no less than 50% are children,

    How did Israel cause this amazing ratio of kids to adults? Perhaps there is a more, uh, natural explanation.

    The Strip’s population has continued to increase since that time, one of the main reasons being a total fertility rate which peaked at 8.3 children per woman in 1991 and fell to 4.4 children per woman in 2013 which was still among the highest worldwide. In a ranking by total fertility rate, this places Gaza 34th of 224 regions.[212][239] The high total fertility rate also leads to the Gaza Strip having an unusually high proportion of children in the population, with 43.5% of the population being 14 or younger and in 2014 the median age was 18, compared to a world average of 28 and 30 in Israel.

    Senhor Escobar continues:

    No less than 70% of families are refugees, who were ethnically cleansed from what is now southern Israel: there are roughly 1.46 million refugees out of a population of 1.9 million.

    Admit it: you understood from this that those 1.46 million were themselves expelled from Israel and found refuge in Gaza, as obviously intended by Senhor Escobar. DO YOU BELIEVE HIM?

    Fact: the total population of the Gaza Strip in 1967 was about 400,000, as is logical if one works backwards from the current population figure by reference to Gaza’s African-style fertility rates. Total population will have been much lower yet in 1948, perhaps 300,000, including perhaps 150,000 refugees from the time of the 1948 war. Since then, the Gazans have kept busy, with the result that the population almost quintupled since 1967.

    • Replies: @Majority of One
    , @Garliv
  96. neutral says:

    Always astonishing the absolute bullshit the jews manage to concoct to sell their ethnic cleansing of Palestine as a virtue.

    • Agree: Mulga Mumblebrain
    • Replies: @gent
  97. @Alfred

    The West’s MI6, CIA and all the rest of them are trying to get the Kurds, Arabs and Baluchis of Iran to become a 5th column. With little success.

    It wouldn’t be too difficult, and a legitimate tactic, for agents in western capital to execute some employees of said agencies. Doesn’t have to be the actual people doing the attempted 5th column, anyone would do.

    Word would soon get out and nobody should be working for Greater Israel and against their own country anyway.
    Which is essentially what such agencies are.

    • Replies: @Alfred
  98. AaronB says:

    Every time the Western empires, past and present, plan to invade, attack, bomb an Arab country, they will find at once more than one willing collaborator among Arab countries (just remember the two wars against Iraq). As long as Arabs don’t show a scintilla of sympathy or solidarity among themselves they won’t find any from third parties and Palestinians will keep suffering.

    Very, very true. There is always an Arab faction that hates the ruling regime and is willing to cooperate with outsiders. That is the source of Israels ability to have so many intelligence successes against it’s Arab foes.

    There are many Arabs who despise Hamas and want to work towards a liberal middle east, and Israel has a vast network of informants in the Gaza Strip.

    But this goes back to my point about spite, resentment, and lack of nobility and a generous mind. Arab and Muslim civilization cannot create unity because it cannot generate sufficient loyalty among it’s people, because illiberal, autocratic Arab/Muslim governments represent a culture that is harsh and unappealing, especially to the more sensitive and high quality people among them.

    Before Arabs can generate internal unity, there would have to be a moral revolution in the Arab world towards less harshness and less aggression and less brutality. Paradoxically, though, when that happens, Arabs won’t want to destroy Israel anymore.

    The problem with aggression and hostility is that you can’t turn it off. Hostility to others becomes hostility and distrust internally.

    The “macho”, aggressive, hostile, bully types never win ultimately, although they always make a splash, and that is why Arabs lose.

    Excellence is in the sweet middle spot.

    • Troll: Mulga Mumblebrain
    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  99. parand says:

    [What makes support for Palestinians so historically ineffective, and so unconcerning to Israel, is that people who instinctively “see themselves” in Palestinians, are the weak and the powerless, the ineffectual..]

    Please don’t take this zionist Troll seriously. He is trying to make people indifferent to zionist crimes against humanity by not ‘fighting’ back.

    Palestinians do not have the mafia thieves, the Rothschild family, on their sides who run British empire, and now American empire to set the policy by controlling their economy and selecting traitors as positions, or packing the Treasury department with Israel Firster, to design and implement ECONOMIC WAR at their victims to keep them weak. But Palestinian rights to their land now is supported by billions of people where you cannot control any more with your \$\$\$\$.

    [Weak and powerless people may not have physical power, but they have moral force. Witness how Ghandi harnessed the tremendous moral force of the Indian population. The weak and the powerless have always had a clam on the consciences of the powerful and have always been able to exert influence on them. ]

    F**k Gandhi. It was not Gandhi, per say, that British empire let their ‘jewel’ go away. It became too COSTLY for the empire to keep their colony as it was and they implemented plan B.

    The Palestinian position to free their homeland from the scum of humanity is not weak, then they would have been gone long time ago. Palestinians have the support of the World Opinions, billions of people that you can NOT buy.

    Palestinians are in the strongest position today. What else the Zionist mass murderers can do with their Weapon of Mass Destruction paid by the US tax payers? These tax payers are fed up and waking up one by one to come after you.
    What can you do, except going to the Internet and spread lies and deception for your apartheid entity.

    From now on, people TARGET those zionist politicians who cooperate with these criminals or DARE to sign a bill into a law to feed innocent children with zionist lies and to deny our people employment if they dare to expose zionist crimes against humanity.

    People will throw these zionist laws tht blocking FREE SPEECH into garbage can.

    No, Palestinian people are getting stronger by the day. They are supported by billions of people around the world. And how about you? you have to find a way to escape prosecution at the ICC for committing numerous war crimes against humanity.

    • Agree: HeebHunter, Aedib
  100. Jesus says:

    Keep an eye out for massive propaganda in the coming months, not only against the usual “evildoers” like China, Russia, Iran, etc., but also showing how much Jews have suffered just for being innocent Jews.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  101. Beagle says:

    It’s really tough to imagine Salafist Sunni Arab Saudi Arabia buddying up to Shiite Persian Iran. Can you be more specific? In general, Saudi clerics hate Iranians as much as anyone.

  102. raga10 says:
    @Joe Levantine

    Because the monstrous state of Israel was the brainchild of the Westerners and their Zionist handlers.

    Colonial powers did have something to do with it, but just like with Euro colonialism in general you can’t hide behind it forever. Eventually you need to stop blaming history and assume responsibility for your own environment – if you don’t like how things were done then do something different, and do it yourself.

    The Palestinians have plenty of firecrackers you mean?

    I’d bet you would not be so dismissive if one landed on your house! They might not be state of the art but they’d do the job just fine.

    • Troll: Mulga Mumblebrain
  103. Bravo Pepe, belo texto!!
    ST, saudaçoes Tricolores, ou dos Salvos por Jimmy Page! rsrs

  104. Well, well, don’t conzos always say that social platforms are all controlled by the ‘far left’ and that it censors only ‘conservatives’?

    Lookie here…. BDS, mostly associated with the Left, is being censored big time.
    If social platforms are controlled by the Left, why would this be happening?

    Of course, the truth is JEWS CONTROL BIG TECH, and they censor anything deemed threatening to Jewish supremacist power. So, the targets of censchwarzship could be dissident rightists and Donald Trump(even though he kisses Zionist butt). Or it could be BDS and the Palestinian cause. Or Glenn Greenwald and Chris Hedges.

    The censorship is primarily tribal, not ideological. In other words, social platforms prefer Neocons(associated with the GOP) than with BDS(associated with the left).

  105. @SafeNow

    The Zionazis live by and through hatred even more than they do through greed. The hatred born of 3500 years of Judaic dogma and brainwashing, Western colonial settler genocidal hatred of the Indigenous untermenschen who ‘get in our way’, and the Nazi Judeocide, is a fullminating cancer that will, I am now certain, kill billions, if not all humanity. The Zionazis will do it to punish a ‘Jew-hating world’ and because hatred such as theirs can have no end. Decent, non-hate crazed Jews have long walked away from the tribe, leaving just the lunatics and the coward fools.

  106. @Jesus

    That already happens 24/7 around the year here in Austfailia.

    • Agree: Alfred
  107. @AaronB

    You are such a hateful and vicious racist thug that I sometimes suspect that you are a plant designed to paint Zionazis as vicious, racist, arrogant, bullying thugs, but, then again, you are, aren’t you. And the hypocrisy and crude projection of your own filthy psychology onto your victims is text-book, too.

  108. gent says:

    Why would you be surprised? They claim the same moral high ground here while ethnically cleansing whites. Only difference is that they’ve can’t be as open as they are in Palestine.

  109. Mefobills says:

    Nice little inversion of history.

    Zionist writers are unflinching in their cold hard analysis of the miserable and pathetic state Jews had allowed themselves to fall into in 19th century Europe.

    That is true of the Polish Shtetls and Pale of Settlement, where religious leaders reduced the population to naval gazing.

    It is not true of the usury/merchant class who moved West, and operated as a parasite. This finance merchant class found succor in Berlin, London, Paris, and New York.

    The key moment in history is when Herzl linked up with Rothschild at the first Zionist conference. In other words, Jewish usury perfidy went into over-drive, as it was fueled with new money in the form of life-energy that had been stolen and continues to be stolen from the goyim.

    Zionism acknowledged the depraved state of Eastern European Jews, and this “eastern” group was to be used as labor for new Zion. The primacy of Jewish “capital” over labor remains as the dominant Jewish modus operandi; and if there was any cold hard analysis, it was along the same pathways that the merchant has always engaged in. It was more of the same. It was more self-aggrandizing for the merchant class who had made themselves god.

    And while they acknowledged anti-Semitism, they put the blame squarely on Jewish deficiencies and shortcomings, and set out to correct them. They did not obsess over their enemies.

    There are plenty of highly rational non-obsessive goyim who are able to connect the dots. Why is it that some of the greatest goyim minds are able to pierce the veil, and discover Jewish perfidy? Why is it that this pattern persists throughout history?

    Getting kicked out of 108 countries for operating the usury mechanism was canceled in modern history by Jewish financial maneuvering.

    What kind of maneuvering?: Finance Capitalism was able to insert itself at the head of the hierarchy. The King was usurped by hidden Jewish string pullers, who used various ploys, but most especially the debt mechanism. The Goy hierarchy was undone. The parasite inserted itself into the brain.

    There are two types of anti-semites. The knee jerk type who were probably trained by their culture (many arabs/muslims).

    Then there is another type, who cannot be easily baffled with BS, such as neat little inversions to blame the victim.

    The Jew cries out while he strikes you.

    • Replies: @GeeBee
  110. Anonymous[363] • Disclaimer says:

    We see you for what you are.

  111. Anonymous[363] • Disclaimer says:

    “Melting Pot” is a lie that was created by a jewish playwright. The United States of America were not intended to be multiracial/multikulti/etc. Jews pushed and pushed and won in 1965. Hart-Celler.

    • Replies: @HbutnotG
  112. John Hagan says: • Website

    The whole thing is a pantomine. The US and UK media are pantomine actors. Administrations in both countries and the ‘west’ generally are also bad actors in this stage comedy. The only answer to such innane stupidity it satire. The last gasp of many empires is pantomine and the answer for those who knew score realised such. Being to late to mount any rescue so they fell silent and lay low in their trenches waiting out the inevitable.

  113. @Majority of One

    Freeman. You just outed yourself as a “Chosen” troll.

  114. Biff says:

    Democracy > Oligarchy > Populist Tyrant> Kingdom> Tyranny with idiot sons> Aristocracy > Democracy

    I like it. Idiot sons would make a great Broadway play….

  115. @AaronB

    Masters of wordsmithering deception, the “Chosen” consider themselves and their self-chosen tribal WarGod, Yahweh (may he perish in a vat of boiling excrement) as superior to all of humanity and even to those of their affiliation who do not toe the party-line and remain consistently and constantly “on message”.

    As historical researchers know from the trial of Leo Frank in Atlanta for the rape/murder of a 14 Y.O. girl in his employ (and in his power) and the ensuing development of the Anti-Defecation League by the world’s largest secret society, the Bnai Brith; the self-“Chosen” know very well to stick together to maintain their ultimate of Eretz Yisroel as not only the dominant power in the Muddle East, but also to ultimate suzreignty over the entire planet.

    Is AaronB indeed an Aharonite, a worshipper of the golden calf? It would appear that way when one carefully dissects his clever remarks intended to make the Zionist state appear to have moral suasion in a one-sided destruction of the essentially devastated legitimate owners of Occupied Palestine.

    • Replies: @AaronB
  116. IA fun read is Zone23

    I’ve never been to Gaza, but I think this book is loosely based on a future where “Gaza” is brought to the USA.

    The zionists need the occupied territories to remain “occupied” (as opposed to completely annexed).
    The “arabs” serve a vital purpose as a unifying terrifying, yet easily contained & minimally harmful bugbear.

    It is all a social modelling program, on both sides of the wall.
    With the aim of exporting it to a neighbourhood near You.

  117. @Eagle Eye

    Clever, clever, you Hasbarfa/Sayanim fanatics. Always you work to downgrade and debase those whom you debar from their very homeland. Said homeland is now the home of Khazarians as the ruling elite, a people late converted to Talmudism and with scarcely a snippet of ancient Hebrew DNA among the lot of you.

    Do you not realize that you are creating for yourselves some tar-baby karma as described in the admonitory tales of Joel Chandler Harris’ “Uncle Remus”? Your insinuations and your denigrations will stick to you like Superglue.,

    • Replies: @Eagle Eye
  118. GeeBee says:

    Finance Capitalism was able to insert itself at the head of the hierarchy. The King was usurped by hidden Jewish string pullers, who used various ploys, but most especially the debt mechanism. The Goy hierarchy was undone. The parasite inserted itself into the brain.

    This is it exactly. So completely has the parasite entered our collective brain that the vast majority no longer have even the faintest notion of what their lives could be like if freed from it. Their world has been progressively narrowed, until it resembles that of the metaphorical goldfish-in-the-bowl’s water: it is all they can see, all that they know and, worst of all, all that they are able to imagine. They no longer have the faintest idea that all the torrent of vulgar advertising that infests every nook and cranny of their world is unnatural and a direct result of what you highlight. They no longer feel the yoke around their neck. They no longer recognise the shackles that bind them. They are no longer even aware that their pockets are being picked day in, day out.

    Anthony Ludovici described this long process so well in his 1938 work Jews and the Jews in England, from which I have quoted before, and shall not try the reader’s patience by doing so right now. It is available online and is more than worth the read:

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  119. Alfred says:
    @Arthur MacBride

    Word would soon get out and nobody should be working for Greater Israel and against their own country anyway.

    For some strange reason, the Iranians won’t kill Israeli scientists to make up for the ones who the Israelis killed. It is their policy. Personally, I agree with you a few people from the BBC and the FT really deserve it.

    The funny thing is that the Iranians get called “terrorists”. 🙁

    Citing intelligence sources, the British weekly said a team of more than 20 agents, including Israeli and Iranian nationals, carried out the ambush on scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh after eight months of surveillance.

    Iranian nuclear scientist killed by one-ton automated gun in Israeli hit: Jewish Chronicle

    • Replies: @Arthur MacBride
  120. @Alfred

    For some strange reason, the Iranians won’t kill Israeli scientists to make up for the ones who the Israelis killed. It is their policy.

    Maybe due to Islam but don’t really know enough about it (some little reading, conversations with Muslims) to say for certain. What I have gleaned plus observed is that Islam in practice is morally far superior to so-called “morals” in the west.
    No doubt centuries of talmudic poisoning … failure of churchianity’s myriad denominations … lack of any light from anyone of substance … descent into mass depravity since the jewish victory of ww2, similar to Weimar/USA “Roaring 20s” …

    And yet there are still dupes prepared to trot out the same old talmudic trash that is poisoning them, and actively work, propagandise and even fight for the demons that are killing them, their families, their country.

    Even when almost wiped out, the same dogged self-destruction.

    I don’t have the same tolerance as Muslims for bonehead destructive dupes, I guess, none at all for the openly rabid ones.

  121. Marckus says:

    I bet you live in the USSA and if you met a Jew you would shake in your boots. He would bitch slap you with his cap ! He might even end up fucking you LOL

  122. Marckus says:

    Your observation is quite astute ! Every story has two sides but we see a slant here on Unz. Of course many of the comments are quite amusing and Trolls are patrolling the site getting people all upset.

    From time to time I have to admit I also engage in this type of nefarious activity. No one is perfect LOL

    Some idiots are triggered into mouth foaming rage at the most logical remark by someone they dont even know, would not want to know and if they were acquainted with them would not care one whit what they thought.

    All too often, when the target (or rather the victim of such insinuations/ provocations etc) are unable to respond they react with “Hasbara Alert”- “Schlomo”- “Jew Lover” and a host of such names. Like Racist, Fascist, Nazi, Awesome, Totally Amazing this silly name calling and tagging has become a bore, a yawn, a snore. Its quite entertaining.

    Then of course we also have people whose comments are sheer gibberish like Heebhunter for example. His contribution to intellectual discourse is always Kikes, Amerimutts, Fags, Burn in Hell and such with an odd verb, a misplaced adjective and a general tone of utter nonsense and gobbledeegook.

    What is astounding is that the vulgar multitude are marching and protesting for the Palestinians yet to protest the violation of their own interests not a peep is to be heard.

    Human nature which revolves around emotion and stupidity is a sight to behold. As I commented elsewhere I could care less about what mischief they are up to in the Middle East. They need to sort their problems out.

    The very countries we live in, and our own personal lives are filled with challenges and obstacles that must be overcome. Its enough of a burden dealing with the things that affect us directly without taking on the endless conflicts that are always brewing somewhere else.

    On another note I will be in South Africa later this year (God sparing with this damn Covid) for a get together with some friends who served up in Angola. I will be in Paarl but could tool down to the Cape. We could hook up at the Cape Point restaurant and enjoy the antics of the baboons before dining. I would say October/ November or if not April/ May. Paarl is a furnace in between.My wife is coming down with me so if you have a lady love they can get acquainted and indulge in their lady talk.

    Let me know.

  123. Mefobills says:

    Ludovici gives names and dates below.

    Anti-semitism is a learned response. You cannot learn this stuff in skooool, because it is purposefully hidden from view. A learned person has to seek out information.

    Clownworld requires populations to be ignorant, to not know of their invisible chains; to not be aware of invisible hands picking their pockets.

    Page 64. England is supremely important, because once England fell, then Jewish usury/debt mechanics spread throughout the world, culminating in today’s reality:


    At any rate, to cut a long story short, in 1656 Cromwell tolerated the presence of Jews in England, and not only was his tolerance to them extended under Charles II. and James II., but in the latter’s reign the alien duty was also remitted in their favour.
    There was a good deal of opposition to the readmission of the Jews, both from the clerical, cavalier, and commercial sections of the community, and in 1658 the merchants made an attempt to effect their expulsion. But it failed, as did other subsequent attempts of a similar nature.
    The outstanding events relating to Jews since their resettlement in the country under Cromwell are:
    The passing of the Act under George II. which provided for the naturalization of Jews who had resided in the British Colonies for over seven years (1740).
    The passing of the Jewish Naturalisation Act, which provided for the naturalization of Jews in the United Kingdom (1753). This was immediately repealed owing to popular clamour. 1
    The passing of the first Jewish Emancipation Bill (1830). Owing to the opposition of the whole of the Tory party, however, it had to be dropped. 2
    The passing of the Sheriff’s Declaration Bill in 1835, whereby Jews were made eligible for the ancient and important office of sheriff.
    The creation of the first Jewish baronet (Sir Isaac Lyon Goldsmid) in 1841.
    The passing of a Bill providing for the admission of Jews to municipal office in 1845.
    The passing of the Religious Opinions Relief Bill, which left only the doors of Parliament closed to the Jews (1846).
    The election of a Jew — Baron Lionel de Rothschild — to Parliament (1847).
    The passing by the Commons of a Bill to admit Jews to Parliament (1848). Three times, in 1848, 1850 and 1853, the Lords, who were preponderatingly Tory, rejected the Bill; and although in 1858 it was agreed between the two Houses that Jews might be admitted by special resolution, it was not until 1866 that the Liberals freed the Jews from all disability.
    The appointment of the first Jew (Benjamin Disraeli) as Prime Minister (1868).

    • Agree: GeeBee
  124. Pepe’s article is full of accusations but very few facts. I am not if favor of Israel’s actions but I do know that the Palestinians are also to blame. Denigrating Jews does not make Muslims a perfectly wonderful people. They both are to blame for the current situation. Misleading statements that hide the truth such as this article is full of, don’t help. For example, “Palestinians who live in these areas are not regarded or respected as citizens” leaves out the fact that Americans fighting for Kuwait in Desert Storm were considered as sub humans lower than dogs by the Muslims they were fighting for. Neither culture is worthy of praise and I have liked some of Pepe’s writing in the past. He has fallen to a low level with this article.

  125. AReply says:

    Israel is a terrible output of an American sickness… To deal with that sickness, look at the American homeland, and American conservatives

    If only we could trust anything the Business Insider reports, we could get a grip on the rampant political grifting that dominates the Republican Party.

    [Republican] Arizona election auditors found the voting data that Trump claimed had been destroyed as part of a plot to deprive him of victory

    //”Just want to underscore that AZ Senate’s @ArizonaAudit account accused Maricopa County of deleting files- which would be a crime- then a day after our technical letter explained they were just looking in the wrong place,” the tweet said. “All of a sudden ‘auditors’ have recovered the files.”//

    Unfortunately, in a democracy, the voices of a mob of 74 million deplorable political grifters cannot be denied!

  126. Garliv says:
    @Eagle Eye

    Are you by any chance justifying bombing of Gazans because they have higher fertility rates? Is it a crime? Or do you mean with higher population growth Israelis have to do some culling of Palestinians?

    • Replies: @Eagle Eye
  127. @David Homer

    “Americans” fighting in Kuwait had no friggen business there whatsoforever. Not that I blame the grunts. It was the Bra\$\$, deploying on behalf of the “Chosens” of the PNAC and their hideous agenda and, of course, of the WarDefense industry. I do despise the mercenaries the U\$ used there, particularly the many murders and tortures for which they were responsible. Mercenary means mercenary. They are out for the bucks, not doing their duty as former soldiers.

    If my country had been invaded as was the case with Iraq; my opinion of the aggressors would have placed them lower than dogs as well. Aggressor troops, totally lacking in due cause for their assaults, should receive no more mercy than the defenders received at their hands—Abu Grabass and all.

  128. @David Homer

    A typically slimy Zionazi tactic replete with the vilest hypocrisy. ‘Blaming both’ is like blaming both the Jews and Roma etc as well as the Germans for Nazi exterminist policies. It is like blaming the Jews and the Germans for the carnage of the Warsaw Ghetto, or blaming the women and Ted Bundy for his serial murders.
    One side is the Occupier, the other the Occupied. It ends there Zionazi hasbara troll. The Palestinians have an inalienable right under International Law to resist their racist, terrorist, Occupiers BY ANY MEANS. The Occupying Zionazis have NO rights to commit mass murder whenever their ritual blood-lust demands it.

    • Replies: @David Homer
  129. AaronB says:
    @Majority of One

    Lol, I’m not religious – I don’t believe Jews are any more chosen than anyone else and I certainly don’t believe I’m chosen. At least I’d seriously question the sanity of a God who would choose me for anything 🙂

    I just think people like you are consumed by resentment and spite. Your hatred of Jews has nothing to do with desire for equality and everything to do with a dull resentment that you’re not the ones on top and a desire to drag down to the mud anyone who isn’t on your level.

    You lack nobility and generosity of spirit. Look, I think both extremist Islam and you White nationalists have at the moment a pretty bad outlook on life that isn’t admirable and should be opposed, and I even think you guys have awful characters.

    But I don’t hate you or demonize you and often express sympathy and the hope that you’ll improve and get better. I try and understand where you’re coming from, and I always remember that you’re human beings responding to pain and fear that are endemic to the human condition, even if your response is dysfunctional. I never speak of you in dehumanizing and scurrilous terms.

    So let’s say absolutely everything you say about Jews is true. Our religion is just the most awful thing in the world and since ancient times were the most awful cheating arrogant people etc etc.

    Wouldn’t a man with a noble mind and generous spirit want to save us? Perhaps he’d see that were human beings who are also faced with the pain and fear endemic to the human condition and that if our culture is so bad it’s because it’s a dysfunctional response to the fear and pain of being human. You wouldn’t demonize us and dehumanize us.

    But to do this you’d have to be “large minded” – be able to step out of your petty ego and narcissism and look at the world from a larger frame of reference. But you look at the world from the perspective of a frog in a swamp.

    Why always dwell in the swamp?

    But you know what? It’s ok that you are the way you are – totally and completely ok and you don’t have to change for now.

    There is a Hindu/Buddhist idea of the world that goes like this – we are all souls on different levels of maturity who have to go through many incarnations until we achieve final release from the illusions of this world. Some souls are very young – they haven’t grown tired of violence, hatred, and war. They actually need to taste these things to the full to finally see their emptiness. So it’s not a bad thing that some people are drawn to violence and hate. It’s part of the education of their soul.

    But eventually, every soul makes it. Every single last soul matures and sees through the illusions and gets enlightened. No one is left behind.

    As I said I’m not a religious man and have no idea if any of this is true – I make no claim to know of the truth – but I find this vision both inspiring and beautiful.

    So here’s to seeing you on the other side of the divide, when we are both enlightened.

  130. @AaronB


    This shit needs to be screenshotted and posted everywhere.

    This retarded zionist is saying even if the holocaust is true, the jews deserved it for being weak.

    This is fucking gold.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  131. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Your comment implies the palestinians are acting in defense by sending rockets into Israel. You do have a Mumblebrain if you think that is defending anything.

    • Troll: Mulga Mumblebrain
  132. bayviking says:
    @David Homer

    Your comment implies Israel is acting in “self-defense” when it sends F-16 fighter plans, tanks, artillery and snipers into Palestinian territory, swallowing acre and acre of Palestinian land for seventy years, all the while imposing limits on food and medical supplies within Palestinian territory. Bulldozers, always more bulldozers, to level thousand year old olive trees and Palestinian homes. Israeli bombs, supplied by the USA, level Palestinian hospitals, schools, apartments, cement plants, power stations, water and sewage treatment plants.

    Doesn’t matter, though, this is consistent with the US attitude towards the entire third world. Israel’s actions are a small part of a broader policy of destroying anything and everything that does not conform to the US plan for total economic and military global domination. Another added benefit is it provides cover for Netanyahu, who will face corruption charges if he ever leaves office. His agenda is far more important than any Palestinian lives.

  133. @David Homer

    Homer, unlike Zionazis like you, I support the Palestinians absolute right to resist Nazi-style occupation by brutal, racist, arrogant colonisers. International Law grants them that right, while the Israeli neo-Nazis have no right to oppress them. Palestinian rockets cause ACCIDENTAL deaths, whereas Israeli military might causes DELIBERATE murder of men, women and children.

    • Agree: Kratoklastes
  134. @Astuteobservor II

    That is the position of some fundamentalist Rabbis. The Jews murdered by the Nazis and other fascists, deserved their fate for becoming secularised. They HATE everyone, including one another. A nation of psychopaths, with honourable exceptions who recognise their fellow humanity with others.

  135. Eagle Eye says:

    Let’s hope Garliv is better at flipping burgers than at reading comprehension.

    Eagle Eye’s post above was in response to an earlier post, and to specific statements in Escobar’s article which were quoted.

    See if you can find an educated person (look for people with thick glasses) who can explain this to you.

  136. I dispute the assumption on this site (and by Escobar and others) that Israel is on the ‘American’ side, and China as representing some distinct ‘side’. In fact Israel and China are structurally entangled (in some ways dependent):

    1. The primary reason for China’s rise since the 2000s is Israel dragging the U.S. into the Middle East. If this did not occur from 9/11 to 2021, the United States would have pivoted to Asia much sooner. As it so happens, the U.S. is stuck in the Middle East indefinitely. Also, China and Israel had a de facto historical cooperation with each other from the Soviet days (weapons trade).
    Caveat: against this, you can argue that neoconservatives wanted an attack on the Middle East to be a ‘long term prelude’ to some attack on Russia and China. But this can be seen as another way that a ‘bad thing becomes a good thing’.

    2. Any negative comments China makes about Israeli policies about Palestinians is irrelevant, since the point is that they *benefit* from perceived violations from Israel, and seek to use and exploit this as much as possible. Their message is simply that Israeli actions in Palestine are a bit more extreme than their own (less visible, and less visibly proved) policies against Muslims. Every similarity between Israeli policies and Chinese policies weakens U.S. propaganda against China.
    The explanation for this is: neocons and Israelis are not on one ‘side’ against China, but China is succeeding in dividing Israelis and using one portion of them against the ‘mainstream West’ collectively. (Just like: the Arabs are not some monolithic entity, but Israel succeeds in dividing them.)

    3. Other parallels between the two countries are striking. Both were founded within a year of each other (1948, 1949), both were initially socialist and ‘became capitalist’ afterwards, both are structured in the same way (where oligarchs are controlled by the state and not vice versa), both are good at economic leverage.

  137. Eagle Eye says:
    @Majority of One

    Eagle Eye post (excerpts):

    … 2 million … 50% … 8.3 … 4.4 … 34th … 224 … 43.5% … 28 … 30 … 70% … 1.46 million … 1.9 million…. 1.46 million … 400,000 … 300,000 … 150,000 …

    Majority of One reply (excerpts):

    … Hasbarfa/Sayanim … Khazarians … Talmudism … Hebrew … tar-baby karma …Superglue.,

    Truly penetrating statistical analysis.

  138. AReply says:

    Comservatives wrecking democracy to improve their declining electoral odds continues unabated…

    When will the silence be broken on their intentions?

    Voting Machines in Arizona Recount Should Be Replaced, Election Official Says

    They should do it to appease Republicans, becsuse how can we trust that the firm that’s been screwing around with the audit hasn’t tampered with the gear?!

    When Republicans conduct an additional count, who will audit them? And so on…

    Imbeciles at work on Record Player X.

    Meanwhile, back over at cheering committee for law and order in Freedumbland, Republican’s can’t trust their conservative bodygaurds

    Tucker Carlson Calls U.S. Capitol Police Letter a ‘Ransom Note’ From ‘Armed Political Action Committee’

    I mean like dude, what do you do when your Capitol body guard thretens to let a future rampaging, murderous mob MAGA-heads breach the Capitol offices?!

    …Oh, wait you want them to allow future rampaging, murderous mob MAGA-heads breach the Capitol offices becsuse of political-purposes…? Because you are the lead cheerleader on America’s biggest Republican political cheering bulldozer who is cheering how to be above politicizing politics? By mobs of Capitol Police…

    Wait, WTF is the beef again?

    Jesus H. Calamity Christ!

    Who, who, who — WHO? — will use his reactionary, USA libertarian, white nationslist, messaging-platform-of-many-words and the esteem of rightwing intellectuals to from such high climes as The National Review and VDare to break the silence about Republican’s destruction of democracy?


  139. lydia says:

    The South Korean ambassador to Israel, Ma Young-sam, raised eyebrows recently when he told reporters the Talmud was mandatory reading for Korean schoolchildren.

    South Korea is a country with a deep Buddhist history, but one which has embraced with vigour the Christianity brought to its shores by missionaries in the late 1800s. Official statistics say some 30 per cent of South Koreans are church-going. In such a country, Jews are few and far between.

    The fascination with Judaism does not end there. Media outlets regularly run newspapers columns on “Jewish education”, weekly radio features, and television documentaries, all of them showing Jews in a glowing light.

  140. gatobart says:

    What else is new. Nowadays the most popular sports in Japan is, wait for it…Baseball. Of course Japan has a long and very rich baseball tradition dating back to II B.C. And it may go further than that. They have found in excavations dating from the Paleolithic Ages the drawings on rock of some Samurai warriors stretching and taking their stance before the pitch.

    No, seriously. When a foreign power invades you militarily and takes your lives and the very existence of your country under their control, they mean business. In the future you’ll become what they want you to be, that of course in their own interest, not yours. And they say, those skeptics!, that military defeat and forced occupation by foreign powers are not good for local cultures and for a broadening of their horizons.

  141. @aspnaz

    Check —-Afghanistan—–Iraq—Syria —Libya—USA itself with worst record in controlling Covid-19—a complete disaster from the brains of Donald Trump ( the big fat dough head JEW loving scum who has his lips on Netanyahus rectum kow towing with Mike Pence –another Loser) and the alternative is the other Jew Lover Amtrak Joe Biden with his crew of Yellen—-Blinken—all Jew Lovers. Sad note is John Hagee now has Covid 19—–Netanyahu states “Israel has no better friend than John Hagee” ——enough to make the common American —take up arms for liberation from this cabal in DC…….. this cabal only works for Israel and against Main Street USA.

  142. @lydia

    Most of these sort of stories are just Judaic narcissism running rampant. As for the Talmud, it declares that goyim who read the Talmud must be killed, so those Korean kids are in deep doo-doo. Of course it might just be to acquaint the children with spiritual Evil, because the old Talmud and its exegeses are full of that.

  143. Helios says:

    Demonstrations in France against Israel were mainly by muslim people who colonize France and other people that accept this colonization, but are against the colonization of Palestine…

  144. @lydia

    The relationship between Israel and the United States is impossible to ignore internationally.

    I was there on a conference about 10 years ago, and one academic showed me this book he was reading (I couldn’t tell which as it was translated into Korean) about Jewish values & success. He commented that it would be good for his country to emulate.

    Although North Korea was offered the “Libyan Option”, I’m sure that South Korea, and every other vassal, yearns for the “Israeli Option”.

  145. @AaronB

    Your handlers at Hasbara Central Command’s First Chairborne Division, obviously think that “They think it’s the 8th century” is a zinger that will appeal to low-information numbskulls who have a cartoon weltanschauung.

    The Pals might think it’s still the 8th century, but at least they think it’s the 8th century CE; the boxheads who rock back and forth like mental patients, think it’s sensible to base their worldview on stupid tribal fantasies from the early Bronze Age.

    So the Eurotrash hovel-dwellers who invaded Palestine post-WWII, did so based on a fraudulent title deed from the 8th century BCE (not really: the claim that the Talmud dates from ~500BCE is false, like the entire Old Testament historiogaphy).

    In ~800BCE, some non-pork-eating tribal nomads gained temporary ascendancy in a sandy shithole that was under the control of the Assyrians; in 1948CE some lice-infested hovel-dwellers from shittier parts of Eastern Europe started to displace the inhabitants of Palestine, based on a provably-false fairy tale.

    If some ignorant lice-ridden savages from Lithuania turned up on my doorstep and claimed that their invisible Sky Maniac tlod them they could have my house, they would get short shrift.

    So it should be in Palestine: the Zionists are there on fraudulent pretences, and they should be opposed until they sling their hook and go back where they came from – taking their anchor babies with them.

    Be grateful that the rightful inhabitants of Palestine do not have an Old Testament view of what to do with the Eurotrash riffraff currently occupying the place.

  146. So, as fate would have it the Jews continue to repeat an error in judgement; I reference John 18:40 (English Standard Version) Quote: They cried out again, “Not this man, but Barabbas!” Now Barabbas was a robber” end quote. Be it, in the likeness of a Benjamin Netanyahu, Ehud Olmert or Ariel Sharon, the people continue to re-elect scoundrels and when a peacenik “accidentally” appears such as Yitzhak Rabin, he is killed for reasons not unlike the Historical Jesus, advocate of love, even towards your enemies, equality and prosperity for all- in essence the entire crucifixion story. These men were murdered for desiring peace and debt forgiveness, again as defined by Michael Hudson. There’s an undertow to this particular era of politicking beneath Hudson’s description of a jubilee year; to forgive the debt of the antisemitism, forgive vengeful indigenous Arabs and the bitterness on all sides of this issue..Once Bibi is removed from office, will Israel shout out again, the same mistake? give us Barabus !!

    As an American, I can draw a few parallels between the State of Israel and USA. The persecution, land confiscations and injustice(s) done to he Red Man, the assassinations of JFK his son and RFK all point to the same (historical) error in judgement- Give us Barabbas!

    • Replies: @Mevashir
  147. Mevashir says:

    I am forever grateful to the readers of Unz Review for expanding my vocabulary with such wondrous terms as Kikenfilth and ZioNazistan. Truly memorable and funny.

    I your honor I created a new FB post with a heading:

    Please take a look before Suckerberg and Sandbagged censor it!

    Imagine the joy standing outside the IsNOTreal embassy in Washed out District of Corruption with signs!!!

  148. Mevashir says:

    With all due respect, I think Israel is worse than “give us barabbas”, rather they would simply murder Pilate!

    But you are correct that Netanyahu is a lot like Herod of that era. A toadie of the AmeRoman Empire

  149. HbutnotG says:

    1965? The Hunkies, Polacks, Juice were already there 60 years.

  150. @TKK

    The zionists conduct calorie counts for Gaza the way the nazis did for the Warsaw Ghetto. Obesity can result from lack of nutritious food. Zion and Nazi are permutations.

    • Agree: Commentator Mike
    • Replies: @gatobart
  151. gatobart says:

    That is true. During some of the dictatorships in South America people in some shanty towns used to feed themselves with leftovers from open food markets and restaurants, mainly potatoes, in common kitchens for the entire community. And many among them looked fat.

  152. @Nostradamus

    The 2,700-page \$1.2 trillion package, called the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, was a narrower version of the \$2 trillion measure President Biden wanted at the beginning of the year.

    The latest developments end weeks of negotiations between senators and the White House.

    Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y. is speeding up consideration for the bill, hoping for a final vote “in a matter of days.”

    According to the Associated Press, the bipartisan bill calls for \$550 billion in new spending over five years, higher than projected federal levels.

    Specifically, the new investments would provide \$110 billion to repair roads and bridges, \$39 billion for public transit and \$66 billion for passenger and freight rail. Another \$55 billion would be spent on water and wastewater infrastructure, along with funding for airports, ports and broadband Internet.

    Passage would clear the way for another budget measure, a \$3.5 trillion “human infrastructure” bill, proposed by Democratic leadership, which is focused on education, childcare, and climate change.

    5 Trillion on top of what 27 trilllion and NOW another 60 Trillion to compete against China’s One Belt One Road and Canada will shoulder half ?????

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