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The Julian Assange Trial: the Mask of Empire Has Fallen
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The concept of “History in the making” has been pushed to extremes when it comes to the extraordinary public service being performed by historian, former UK diplomat and human rights activist Craig Murray.

Murray – literally, and on a global level – is now positioned as our man in the public gallery, as he painstakingly documents in vivid detail what could be defined as the trial of the century as far as the practice of journalism is concerned: the kangaroo court judging Julian Assange in Old Bailey, London.

Let’s focus on three of Murray’s reports this week – with an emphasis on two intertwined themes: what the US is really prosecuting, and how Western corporate media is ignoring the court proceedings.

Here, Murray reports the exact moment when the mask of Empire fell, not with a bang, but a whimper:

“The gloves were off on Tuesday as the US Government explicitly argued that all journalists are liable to prosecution under the Espionage Act (1917) for publishing classified information.” (italics mine).

“All journalists” means every legitimate journalist, from every nationality, operating in any jurisdiction.

Interpreting the argument, Murray added, “the US government is now saying, completely explicitly, in court, those reporters could and should have gone to jail and that is how we will act in future. The Washington Post, the New York Times, and all the “great liberal media” of the US are not in court to hear it and do not report it (italics mine), because of their active complicity in the “othering” of Julian Assange as something sub-human whose fate can be ignored. Are they really so stupid as not to understand that they are next?

Err, yes.”

The point is not that self-described paladins of “great liberal media” are stupid. They are not covering the charade in Old Bailey because they are cowards. They must keep their fabled “access” to the bowels of Empire – the kind of “access” that allowed Judith Miller to “sell” the illegal war on Iraq in countless front pages, and allows CIA asset and uber-opportunist Bob Woodward to write his “insider” books.

Nothing to see here

Previously, Murray had already detailed how “the mainstream media are turning a blind eye. There were three reporters in the press gallery, one of them an intern and one representing the NUJ. Public access continues to be restricted and major NGOs, including Amnesty, PEN and Reporters Without Borders, continue to be excluded both physically and from watching online.”

Murray also detailed how “the six of us allowed in the public gallery, incidentally, have to climb 132 steps to get there, several times a day. As you know, I have a very dodgy ticker; I am with Julian’s dad John who is 78; and another of us has a pacemaker.”

So why is he “the man in the public gallery”? “I do not in the least discount the gallant efforts of others when I explain that I feel obliged to write this up, and in this detail, because otherwise the vital basic facts of the most important trial this century, and how it is being conducted, would pass almost completely unknown to the public. If it were a genuine process, they would want people to see it, not completely minimize attendance both physically and online.”

Unless people around the world are reading Murray’s reports – and very few others with much less detail – they will ignore immensely important aspects plus the overall appalling context of what’s really happening in the heart of London. The main fact, as far as journalism is concerned, is that Western corporate media is completely ignoring it.

Let’s check the UK coverage on Day 9, for instance.

There was no article in The Guardian – which cannot possibly cover the trial because the paper, for years, was deep into no holds barred smearing and total demonization of Julian Assange.

There was nothing on The Telegraph – very close to MI6 – and only a brief AP story on the Daily Mail.

There was a brief article in The Independent only because one of the witnesses, Eric Lewis, is one of the directors of the Independent Digital News and Media Ltd which publishes the paper.

For years, the process of degrading Julian Assange to sub-human level was based on repeating a bunch of lies so often they become truth. Now, the conspiracy of silence about the trial does wonders to expose the true face of Western liberal “values” and liberal “democracy”.

Daniel Ellsberg speaks

Murray provided absolutely essential context for what Daniel “Pentagon Papers” Ellsberg made it very clear in the witness stand.

The Afghan War logs published by WikiLeaks were quite similar to low-level reports Ellsberg himself had written about Vietnam. The geopolitical framework is the same: invasion and occupation, against the interests of the absolute majority of the invaded and occupied.

Murray, illustrating Ellsberg, writes that “the war logs had exposed a pattern of war crimes: torture, assassination and death squads. The one thing that had changed since Vietnam was that these things were now so normalized they were classified below Top Secret.”

This is a very important point. All the Pentagon Papers were in fact Top Secret. But crucially, the WikiLeaks papers were not Top Secret: in fact they were below Top Secret, not subject to restricted distribution. So they were not really sensitive – as the United States government now alleges.

On the by now legendary Collateral Murder video, Murray details Ellsberg’s argument: “Ellsberg stated that it definitely showed murder, including the deliberate machine gunning of a wounded and unarmed civilian. That it was murder was undoubted. The dubious word was “collateral”, which implies accidental. What was truly shocking about it was the Pentagon reaction that these war crimes were within the Rules of Engagement. Which permitted murder.”


The prosecution cannot explain why Julian Assange withheld no less than 15,000 files; how he took a lot of time to redact the ones that were published; and why both the Pentagon and the State Dept. refused to collaborate with WikiLeaks. Murray: “Ten years later, the US Government has still not been able to name one single individual who was actually harmed by the WikiLeaks releases.”

Prometheus Bound 2.0

President Trump has made two notorious references to WikiLeaks on the record: “I love WikiLeaks” and “I know nothing about WikiLeaks”. That may reveal nothing on how a hypothetical Trump 2.0 administration would act if Julian Assange was extradited to the US. What we do now is that the most powerful Deep State factions want him “neutralized”. Forever.

I felt compelled to portray Julian Assange’s plight as Prometheus Bound 2.0. In this poignant post-modern tragedy, the key subplot centers on a deadly blow to true journalism, in the sense of speaking truth to power.

Julian Assange continues to be treated as an extremely dangerous criminal, as his partner Stella Moris describes it in a tweet.

Craig Murray will arguably enter History as the central character in a very small chorus warning us all about the tragedy’s ramifications.

It’s also quite fitting that the tragedy is also a commentary on a previous era that featured, unlike Blake’s poem, a Marriage of Hell and Hell: GWOT and OCO (Global War on Terror, under George W. Bush, and Overseas Contingency Operations under Barack Obama).

Julian Assange is being condemned for revealing imperial war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan. Yet in the end all that post-9/11 sound and fury signified nothing.

It actually metastasized into the worst imperial nightmare: the emergence of a prime, compounded peer competitor, the Russia-China strategic partnership.

“Not here the darkness, in this twittering world” (T.S. Eliot, Burnt Norton). An army of future Assanges awaits.

(Republished from Asia Times by permission of author or representative)
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  1. “Not here the darkness, in this twittering world” (T.S. Eliot, Burnt Norton). An army of future Assanges awaits.

    That is of course the strategy, for any entity with ambitions, and a true spirit of journalism. As for Julian, whatever happens to him, they took already the best of yet. He is a martyr, his place in history is set. White, Anglo-Saxon, not a Jew, how pitiful his in-group, how depraved his peers, Whites deserve their downtrodden reputation, middle-class Whites deserve their mark as whores of the early twenty-first century. Enlightenment down the drain. The clash of “justice’ in all of it´s facets, and any ethics left.

    What is pathetic is the misery way the public reacts to the processing of such an icon. A bunch of Maria Magdalena-s. There should be cobblestones through the windows. Passive violence should incite violence tout court. Degenerates we are. The less able negros under the guidance of a few Jewish activists do better!

    • Agree: Vojkan
    • Thanks: dogbumbreath
  2. reminder says:

    Mr Assange reveiled that Benjamin Netanyahu Sent Bush & Blair on a war for Israel,
    that cost the US it’s empire.

    So Mr Assange gets kidnapped from an embassy, tortured and disappeared into a CIA prison for 175 years, for tell in the truth.

    Hopefully the empire will be dead in 5 years and Mr Assange will be set free.

    Let’s hope!

    • Replies: @brabantian
  3. thank you, pepe, thank you, ron. much appreciated.

    • Agree: Iris
  4. Thank you for this excellent article!

    • Agree: alfred
  5. isw says:

    The most poignant image of the Australian government’s lack of action for one of it’s citizens is a cartoon by David Pope at Canberra Times, unfortunately behind a paywall, of our hypocrite Minister for Foreign Affairs:- Marise Payne, , squirrelling two Australian journalists out the door of our embassy in China while almost tripping on Julian Assange depicted as a homeless bum collapsed in a fetal position on the door step.

    • Replies: @Anon
  6. Assange should waive extradition and just come to America. Thus he can challenge the attack on journalism and free speech and defeat it. He’s going to get extradited anyway. Might as well make a bold move.

  7. jsinton says:

    The most hypocritical thing about these opinion pieces that wax on about “journalism” is how they never tell you what Assange REALLY did, and why the Beast/Military-Industrial-Congressional complex/Globocap/Intellegence alphabets are taking no prisoners and sparing no niceties to execute Assange.

    FYI: Opinion pieces are not “journalism”. When I went to journalism class, it was the study of the “5 Ws”: Who, what, when, where, why. And as a corollary: How. There were rules to the road. You didn’t embellish. It wasn’t opinion. You never print anything you can get sued for. Nothing that can harm people needlessly. You protect innocent people. You verify, verify, verify.

    Of course today, journalism is dead. It’s given way to the propagandists. It takes no prisoners. Anonymous sources are good. Rumors are taken as fact Opinion piece hacks like to call themselves “journalists” and try to hide behind First Amendment protections.

    But there was always “limits” to free speech. You don’t shout “fire” in a crowded movie theater unless there really is fire. You don’t libel private persons for personal gain. You don’t lie to commit seditious conspiracy. You don’t talk about assassination of a President of the US, etc.

    Assange started out as a “journalist”. He made some big splashes early on, became famous. He did well until he met Manning, and then it ran afoul. He lost control of the Embassy cables, so he took it upon himself to release the cables unredacted. He fell into a gray area where no sovereign government could take legal action. But he published a lot of names of innocent people who suffered for it. Priests in China and Syria. Reporters in Africa. NGOs in Pakistan. Tens of thousands of names. We can never know the harm it caused, no one will admit it.

    No self respecting journalists would have ever done such a thing without fear of repercussions. No ethical journalist could allow it. Escobar, Joe Lauria, all the political journalist hacks who gush over Assange as a “journalist” know that. Escobar or Lauria would NEVER publish such things and expect no repercussions. Assange had graduated from “journalist” to “activist” and there was no turning back. He was marked and had to go.

    We learned today that Trump had offered Assange a “pardon” if he came clean and told the world who hacked the Podesta emails. Everyone already assumes it was Seth Rich, but we need Assange to tell us that. It would have been easy for him since Seth is already dead. No harm done. But such is the Assange ego, he would not allow it.

    So Assange tried to blackmail his way out of the Ecuadorian embassy by dangling the Vault 7 hacker’s nuclear weapons tools as bait. If they let him go, he wouldn’t release Vault 7 and allow people to hack and extort governments and entities around the world from Mom’s basement. But the story is the CIA wouldn’t allow it, so Assange murdered the Lindburg baby and released Vault 7 instead.

    Assange had now graduated from “activists” to “bomb throwing anarchist – kidnapper”. He became a monster. He was now no better than those he sought to expose. Such is the “good” war which make murders out of everyone, good and evil.

    So when they chop off his head and place it upon a pike in the middle of the ellipse for all of Washington to view, the sign will read “Behold The Head of a Traitor”, and not a tear should be shed, for in the end he was no better than those he battled. There was no 4th Estate worth saving.

  8. The Judge presiding over Assange’s case has extremely significamt conflicts of interest amd should be prohibitted from presiding over the case. She is involved in the intelligence community think tank, Henry Jackson Society and also has ties to French defense contractors which would habe been significantly harmed from Wikileaks reporting on Qadafi’s overthrow with the motive of abandoning the Franc and creating a gold based Trans African Dinar with leaks between Sidney Blumenthal and Hillary Clinton as Sectretary of State.

    The U.N. has also expressed concern over Assange’s heath. This judge is evil and really has it in for Assange on a personal level, which she demonstrated by refusing to release Assange after Sweden dropped charges. She is a pariah and a piranha.

    She also said that Assange is casting doubt on the Western regimes moral intemtions. Hey, there is no doubt! You are evil! It is not a conspiracy theory! It is an evil conspiracy! You prove it everyday!

    • Agree: Old and Grumpy
    • Thanks: Majority of One
    • Replies: @brabantian
  9. @jsinton

    Complete bullshit. All the files were up on the internet encrypted. That was a last defence and Assange didn’t release the key. It was released by a Guardian editor for fun.

    The US Government has already admitted in court that none of the traitors who worked for them have been harmed. There appears to be nothing that should be blamed on that editor.

    Anybody, who believes that every Government on Earth should be allowed to punish any publisher on Earth for revealing its secrets, is more extreme in that view than anybody in history. This is the first time such a degree of censorship has been proposed.
    [email protected]

  10. Erebus says:

    While I don’t think he can “defeat it”, he has nothing to lose and possibly much to gain by bringing the fight to the enemy.
    When the two Russian companies accused of funding the campaign to sway Americans during the 2016 election offered to come to the US and stand trial, the Justice Dept promptly dropped the case.

    • Agree: restless94110
    • Replies: @m___
  11. reminder says:

    #no one mentioned

    Israel = War(Iraq);

    Assange = Tell(Israel = War(Iraq));

    Israel = Destroy (Assange);

    #why no one mentioned?
    #why no one Tell(Again)!

    • Thanks: Thim
  12. @reminder

    When Assange was first promoted by the NY Times and Guardian – known CIA shill venues – Netanyahu told Israeli media Assange was a Mossad-Israeli asset who was working to shield the Zionist state from any negative ‘leaks’ … so-called leaks on war crimes by pro-Israel, anti-9-11 truth Assange, were really nothing new … the whole Assange ‘story’ is a con … As noted on 4-chan:


    Assange Has Shite Worthless Lawyers, Why?

    Is it because Julian Assange is Israeli-CIA agent & fraud himself? Is Wikileaks fund-raising a fraud of duped donors worldwide?

    ‘Doughty Chambers’ of coward UK lawyers, works to sabotage Assange’s defence, hiding facts & law which would block his extradition

    They hide a DOJ file Trump tweeted about, on court corruption & political threats to kill people, involving R Mueller with Eastern District Virginia federal judges where Assange is indicted & who would put him on trial – info that blocked other extraditions

    Doughty lawyer John Jones was ‘suicided’, thrown under a train in 2016, it’s said when he found out Assange was a fraud, Wikileaks an op, Assange staying at posh UK country estates, Ecuador embassy staff bribed to say he was ‘living’ there, not just in for photos, meetings

    Assange is pro-Israel, anti-Palestinian, anti-9-11-truth, praised by Israel’s Netanyahu as Mossad asset who shields Israel in his leaks

    Rothschild sister-in-law Jemima Khan Goldsmith posted Assange bail – Rothschild Trust lawyer Mark Stephens worked for Assange – Rothschild rival bank Julius Baer was decimated by Assange ‘leaks’

    People contacting Wikileaks turn up dead like Peter W Smith, Assange denying he got files … Zbig Brzezinski said on USA TV Wikileaks was intel [PBS news hour, 29 Nov 2010]

    DOJ file makes Assange’s extradition impossible, but Doughty & Wikileaks, led now by Kristinn Hrafnsson, hide it

    ‘Arrest of Julian Assange is Theatre, Assange a Rothschild-Israeli Operative’
    ‘Assange & Snowden are CIA ‘Rat Traps’

    • Replies: @jsinton
    , @anon
    , @NormanBrandi
  13. m___ says:

    Difference in resources of the parties considered does efface the example as valid. Could be a Snowden option?

    • Replies: @d dan
  14. anonymous[413] • Disclaimer says:

    You never print anything you can get sued for. Nothing that can harm people needlessly. You protect innocent people. You verify, verify, verify.


    But he published a lot of names of innocent people who suffered for it. Priests in China and Syria. Reporters in Africa. NGOs in Pakistan. Tens of thousands of names. We can never know the harm it caused, no one will admit it.

    No source for this, either:

    We learned today that Trump had offered Assange a “pardon” if he came clean and told the world who hacked the Podesta emails.

    Why should anyone believe what you say, especially about “journalism”?

    And it’s Lindbergh, baby.

    • Replies: @anonymous
    , @jsinton
  15. The reports of Murray are really impressive. I haven’t seen anyone like Murray and Unz in their work and commitments to the public, to public life.

    • Replies: @Waitemata
    , @republic
  16. anonymous[771] • Disclaimer says:

    P. S. Here (with my emphases added) is the report of Joe Lauria published at about the purported “‘pardon’” that “Trump had offered Assange”:


    Robinson Tells Court of Congressman’s
    to Julian Assange in 2017

    7:24 am EDT: Jennifer Robinson, a member of Assange’s legal team, had a statement read out in court on her behalf in which she recounted a visit by then U.S. Congressman Dana Rohrabacher to Julian Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy in London on Aug. 15, 2017 where Robison was present.

    Robinson said in her statement that Rohrabacher claimed to be representing President Donald Trump on a mission in which the president would look favorably on preventing an indictment of Assange in return for the WikiLeaks publisher naming his source for the Democratic National Committee emails.

    The leaks before the 2016 U.S. presidential election had led to a firestorm of allegations that Russia had provided those documents and that Trump was somehow in league with Russia and WikiLeaks to hurt his Democratic challenger, Hilary Clinton.

    Rohrabacher told Assange, according to Robinson’s statement, that Assange could help Trump politically as well as to end the dangerous escalation of Cold War-like tensions between Russia and the United States if he could provide evidence of who the actual leaker of the Democratic emails was. “Rohrabacher proposed a ‘win-win’ situation, Mr. Assange can get ‘get on with his life’ – a pardon in exchange for information about the source,” Robinson’s statement said. “Information from Mr. Assange about the source of the DNC leaks would be of value to Mr. Trump.”

    Assange refused, Robinson’s statement said.

    James Lewis QC for the prosecution rose after the statement was read to say the U.S. government did not contest that Robinson was telling the truth but that it did not accept that Rohrabacher was.


    Is this report of someone he calls a “hack” what jsinton used for his source to claim that Mr. Assange would have been pardoned but for his “ego”?

  17. @Donald A Thomson

    Thank you Mr. Thomson for articulating the nub (and the ‘rub’) of the issue, that the Assange prosecution seeks to establish (and must for conviction purposes establish) as principle the appalling idea that
    “every Government on Earth should be allowed to punish any publisher on Earth for revealing its secrets”

  18. jsinton says:
    @Donald A Thomson

    After the Guardian “accidental” data breach, Assange made the command decision to publish the embassy cables unredacted. You can view them on the Wikileaks website today in their entirety, unredacted, with thousands of names of innocent people. And you have no idea how an embassy works, or what they do, or how they do it. But you might have some idea of the names exposed, or exactly what an embassy does if you had read the Wikileaks cables.

    • Replies: @Antiwar7
  19. jsinton says:

    I can tell you are another expert who never tried reading the cables and deciding for themselves, like I did. Just bliovating in the dark.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  20. jsinton says:

    I have no reason to refute that Assange is some sort of deep state asset. Since no one ever verifies what is said, there is no way to know.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  21. anonymous[245] • Disclaimer says:

    Just spiel checking you.

  22. d dan says:

    “Difference in resources of the parties considered does efface the example as valid. Could be a Snowden option?”

    I hope some rich guys could donate enough money to bribe security guards to get Assange to escape, a.k.a. Carlos Ghosn’s style, preferably paste a “f – – k you” note in the prison cell before he leave.

  23. @jsinton

    If Assange is “some sort of deep state asset” would he really be where he is today? I have had questions about Assange since Day 1, primarily because nothing of any real significance about Israel ever came out. On top of that, both the Guardian and NYT as Israeli propaganda organs.

    There is, however, much more going on here than meets the eye. The Swedish government concocted charges. The original complainants did not accuse him of rape, the wanted him to submit to HIV testing. One, after she found out about the rape charge, withdrew her complaint, yet the prosecution continued. The broken condom that the second complainant said was Assange’s tested negative for his DNA, yet the charges continued. All this from a government of a “neutral” country that won’t prosecute migrants for raping Swedish women and underage girls in public.

    Jonathon Pollard, a spy convicted under the same Espionage Act, whose very sensitive information during the Cold War was stated by the US government as having led to the deaths of hundreds of US assets around the world, was pardoned. Yet Assange’s release of low level information of which the US government states they know of no one harmed, is being prosecuted to the max.

    Sorry, this shit does not add up.

    • Agree: annamaria
    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @brabantian
  24. Saggy says:

    The Washington Post, the New York Times, and all the “great liberal media” of the US are not in court to hear it and do not report it (italics mine), because of their active complicity in the “othering” of Julian Assange as something sub-human whose fate can be ignored. Are they really so stupid as not to understand that they are next?

    The usual BS …. The New York Times will not be ‘next’, they are a propaganda front for the govt.

    There is nothing resembling a free press in the US. The trial is not about the press, it is about the Jews telling us 2+2 = 5 and watching us squirm.

    • Replies: @m___
    , @Francis Miville
  25. @emersonreturn

    It might play in the following way:

    Assange comes to the US, and outrageous nonsense charges are made against him. This will cause non-stop headlines and bring even more attention to the federal prosecutor cretins who have been running wild these past years (Mueller, Weinstein, the Flynn gang, the Roger Stone gang, etc., etc.), and will call into play the 1st A and journalism.

    While it might be somewhat easy to pooh-pooh and ignore Assange while in England, it will be impossible to do that same when he is in America.

    I believe the Assange case will be the last straw for many in this totalitarian prosecutor cabal that seems to be unhinged running crazy in DC and in NY. It will force a comeuppance long long overdue.

    Either that or it will be the death of the Constitution. Which way do you think it will go?

    At any rate, the UK court is clearly rigged and Assange is getting extradited. sooner or later.

    • Replies: @Antiwar7
  26. Murray includes the bullshit line: ” every legitimate journalist”

    Who passes laws?
    Who makes legitimate or illegitimate?

    Dyed in the wool Statist.

  27. As a retired lawyer I am pleased to say that defence attorneys,”Counsel” in English legal parlance,
    Fitzgerald QC and Summers QC are doing an excellent job in cracking the eggshell case of the US Government. I would say the defence case is 50/50 at the moment with much to develope.

    The lack of communication facilities is unusual and shocking if deliberate.

    Good and incisive article-shame on the Guardian who appear to be the xxxxxin the woodpile.

  28. The whole fiasco would be believable if the US supported institutions like the ICJ and if foreign countries could arrest US journalists for exposing their “secrets” with no protest. But we all know the answer.

  29. @reminder

    Find Gordon Duff’s recently -archived article on Mr. Duff connects the dots and voila! WikiLeaks =’s Mossad;

    • Replies: @Majority of One
  30. Anonymous[938] • Disclaimer says:

    Jonathon Pollard, a spy convicted under the same Espionage Act, whose very sensitive information during the Cold War was stated by the US government as having led to the deaths of hundreds of US assets around the world, was pardoned.

    Pollard wasn’t pardoned. Get it right won’t you?

    To the article’s writer: there are at least two classification levels below Top Secret and they also involve restrictions on distribution. Get it right won’t you?

    • Disagree: Biff
    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  31. Abbybwood says:

    Ask Assange’s lawyers and they will tell you it will be impossible for Assange to have a free and fair “trial” in Virginia (near McLean, which is CIA central).

    The Federal prosecutors and corrupt judge will not allow any evidence or witnesses to testify for Assange due to “States Secret Privilege”. Assange and his legal team won’t even be allowed in court when the feds make their case cause that’s just the way they roll. Just ask Sybil Edmonds about her case against the FBI. And she had a team of ACLU lawyers who were told to leave the courtroom due to sensitive information being discussed.

    Unless there were to be a total uprising by American journalists and newspapers in Assange’s defense and this done very publicly, I see no possibility of him ever getting a fair trial here.

    Committing war crimes is not indictable in the US. Reporting on them and the DNC emails and refusing to name your source now IS indictable. Only a patriotic Attorney General who cares about indicting war criminals would have the real power to stop the unConstitutional railroading of Assange.

    And after this precedent is set the rest of any investigative journalists will likely change professions rather than face prison for telling the truth to the American people.

  32. Our country has gone truly rogue. From a country that once extolled and venerated whistle blowers to one that criminalizes, vilifies, punishes and stigmatises them. How sickening and beyond shameful! Lies have become truths and vice versa. The criminals in power want to have their cake and eat it. With impunity and later pardoned by their fellow presidential criminals.

    • Thanks: Majority of One
  33. Waitemata says:

    There are lesser known but nonetheless impressive keepers of human honour, truth and dignity in more remote geographic countries like New Zealand.

  34. @No Friend Of The Devil

    Yes, the Assange judges’ conflicts of interest are massive

    Westminster Magistrates Court Chief Judge Lady Emma Arbuthnot, who directly ran the Assange case 2017-19, has son Alexander with multi-million company Darktrace to ‘fight Assanges & Snowdens’. The whole Assange trial is like a commercial for her son’s business, her son in partnership with CIA NSA MI5 MI6 & GCHQ personnel, including MI5 former director-general Sir Jonathan Evans.

    Darktrace was incorporated within a week of Snowden ‘revelations’ hitting in 2013, and the judge’s son, young Alexander, began his anti-Assange cyber-security work back in 2010 right after the Wikileaks-Manning news broke. Assange-Snowden are profit machines for the cyber-security industry of ex-intel staff. Darktrace involves many millions, now with over 1000 employees, corp-gov clients worldwide, and getting a filip from the Assange ‘trial’.

    The judge’s husband Lord Arbuthnot is former UK defence procurement minister, Friends of Israel chair, more recently on the boards etc with defence, surveillance, & cyber-security firms as her son.

    With it all so obviously oily, the Assange trial is now run by Arbuthnot’s underling, Judge Vanessa Baraitser, under Lady Arbuthnot’s tutelage, and subject to Arbuthnot for career favours.

  35. @Curmudgeon

    Assange-Snowden are complex scams with multiple long-term motives:
    – Being a ‘rat trap’, inducing real dissidents or whistle-blowers to contact Wikileaks or Assange-Snowden media, so they can be sidelined, silenced, even killed
    – Frightening the world with USA power, brutality & surveillance
    – De-legitimising real dissidents, who stay obscure without CIA-tied media backing by such as NY Times or UK Guardian
    – Paving the way for a more globalist New World Order, furthered by Wikileaks & Greenwald stories of yet more USA government crimes
    – Marketing for huge profits and data control and dominance, by USA-UK-Israeli cyber-security firms owned & run by intel agency veterans, such as the Darktrace firm involving the son of UK Judge Arbuthnot who is overseeing the Assange ‘trial’

    It’s hard to digest that Assange was with virtual certainty never ‘living’ in the London Ecuador embassy for 7 years, and also that the current ‘trial’ is a fake as were the Swedish ‘charges’, with zero intention of truly imprisoning Agent Assange

    It’s all spun out to try to legitimise the Assange scam, which Netanyahu & Brzezinski both blurted out to be a stage-managed intel project, when Wikileaks was first ballyhooed 10 years ago.

    In addition to the truth blurts of Bibi Netanyahu and Zbig Brzezinski, you have multiple links by Assange-Snowden to the Rothschilds, people dead after contacting Assange, his lawyer thrown under a train after apparently realising Assange was fake, Snowden ‘leaking’ to Dick Cheney’s biographer, both being anti-9-11-truth & supporting Israel, both of them hiding files that would make their ‘extraditions’ impossible, & much more … links in my 1st post above

    • Thanks: G J T, dogbumbreath
    • Replies: @eD
  36. Dingbat says:

    USA gets hold of him, tries him and either finds him guilty of an an insignificant offence or aquits him.
    Hollywood rules.

  37. Vojkan says:

    And if it wasn’t Seth Rich but someone still alive, he would have put his source in harm’s way. Journalists don’t out their sources. I mean real journalists, not presstitutes.
    Why does no one ever ask presstitutes who present hearsay as facts citing unnamed “officials” to out their sources. Their “journalism” has enabled wars and war crimes that have killed hundreds of thousands of people.
    Trump asking Assange to out his source is what sealed my opinion of the orange clown.

  38. @PetrOldSack

    “The less able negros under the guidance of a few Jewish activists do better!”

    It describes the future that is here and now … how sad!

  39. annamaria says:

    Your attempts at dirtying Assange legacy are disgusting. Your post stinks.

    Here are YOUR people: Maxwell, Pollard, Epstein, Browder, and the whole menagerie of the “most victimized suffers” who cannot stop from being the blood-sucking moneychangers and supremacists:

    Browder’s CIA code is said to be “Solomon” … with obvious deep symbolic meaning to a deep state. …

    Turning to Browder as an alleged CIA asset and the successful anti-Russia agent was an obvious choice for Brennan, but an internal dissident connection was needed. Navalny seemed perfect with alleged connections to Browder’s funding operations (Hermitage Capital) and Magnitsky propaganda videos. In 2016, Sergei Sokolov head of security for Boris Berezovsky revealed Navalny’s connection to Hermitage Capital and the CIA…

    The “most victimized and the most moral” had exposed themselves to the utmost during the Red Terror in Russia a hundred years ago. They were the directors and managers of concentration camps (GULAG) and the principal operatives (torturers and murderers) at the Soviet secret police.
    The ZUSA hates Assange because the Wars for Israel have been good for war-profiteers of all stripes. The last thing the ZUSA wants is an honest and courageous person exposing the ZUSA’s heinous war crimes.

  40. JR says:

    Using Murray’s reporting on the Alex Salmond (former party leader in Scotland SNP) prosecution as a pretext, the UK goverment is trying to sue Murray into bankruptcy.
    Most probably this is payback for questioning and exposing the Skripal hoax. UK “elites” can’t stand being exposed. Most concerning is using the judicial branch for retribution. This looks like becoming a pattern in the west.

    • Agree: Antiwar7, annamaria
  41. Antiwar7 says:

    This will cause non-stop headlines…

    Unfortunately, no. There would be a conspiracy of silence, just like now.

    • Replies: @annamaria
    , @restless94110
  42. Antiwar7 says:

    Accidental, my ass. None of the outright lies in that book were accidental, either. Luke Harding is a lying POS.

    • Agree: annamaria, acementhead
  43. anon[272] • Disclaimer says:

    Disinformation as a campaign of hate and mistrust against Assange. He is not a poodle sitting on the lap of the Sarah wife of Netnoooooo.

    • Agree: annamaria
  44. eD says:

    I think this (the accusation is that Assange himself is an intel project designed to draw dissidents out through their contacting him, among other things) is plausible. But these schemes keep striking me as over-complicated. Why involve Sweden, Ecuador, or the absurd rape charges?

    If Assange has really been working for the deep state all along, just “arrest” and “try” him normally when Wikileaks outlived its usefulness, without the entire circus. He would co-operate with this, because he was in on the plot! You could issue a warrant for his arrest and find his hideout, like with Maxwell, or he would just turn himself in, like with Epstein and which some commentators here have advised. Then if you really wanted to, you could have him “die” in prison and secretly get him out of prison and give him a new identity, which since everyone would assume he had been murdered would satisfy the goal of portraying the deep state as ruthless and something you don’t want to fight.

    • Replies: @trickster
  45. trickster says:

    A very nice commentary on your part. Of course the marshmallows on UNZ are going to get their panties all in a knot. I would like to add that People who have never fought in a war seem not to understand that this is a struggle. Take Iraq for example.Everyone squeals about the oil, the “war crimes” and all that but I will ask a simple question:

    When then American public wakes up in the middle of winter and there is no heat in the house will they yelp about the “EMPIRE “?

    When they head down to the gas station and the owner says “Sorry, no gas because we wanted to be nice to those people who ship us the oil…….”. OR will they want the US to do whatever it takes so that we can continue to live in comfort ?

    I for one will not give a hoot about who goes without as long as I have. A cruel thing to say ? Wait until the average Westerner does not have a piece of bread and see how righteous he is then.

    Another question. All I ever read about here on UNZ is Jew this and Jew that.

    “Does anyone believe that if the Arabs gain dominance in the Middle East that they are going to be our loving buddies ? And oh those Chinese, how unfair we are to them. How racist we are blah blah. If they get the upper hand we will come to realize, too late, that world politics is not the high school prom but man’s everlasting struggle for dominance over others no matter what. Like it or now, the Jews have faced this and wont let it happen again. I rather be the predator, I rather be the hammer .

    In the world of international politics there is far more going on than meets the eye. The variables are mind boggling and this is not a game of scrabble but full contact and life and death.

    Julian hurt a lot of people in the struggle and many who were not. His head got too big for his sombrero and now to make the hat fit he has to lose that noggin. As far as I am concerned he did his thing for personal fame and glory. Who really believes he gives a shit about goodness and the rest of humanity ? In this day and age ?

    Finally, in the end he was naive and downright stupid. He played in a field and at a level beyond his capability. He was out of his league. Did he really think he would get away with his actions ?

    Again, excellent commentary on your part compared to 80% of the comments here which are fruity, childish, delusional and off the board of reality. Julian played with the big boys and lost. He must take his flogging like a man instead of whining like a bitch. They are going to nail his nuts to the floor and if the hammer misses the nail a couple of times all the better.

  46. trickster says:

    You have made a good point there. These days one never knows who is who and their agenda. For all you and I know, Assange may have been part of the game to smoke out the pigeons. On the other hand if he was not he will give up everyone including his own mother to save his own skin. That;s the way things work. He could be a rat either way.

  47. @Saggy

    They are next nevertheless : the Zionists just get rid of their best employees and talents once they have outlived their use as useful idiots, especially when they consent to be idiots and fools. The NYT will go the way the very same way the Jewish-sponsored workers’ movements were disposed of under Reagan when they were finished with their job of bankrupting small goy businesses by excessive workers’ demands and only the Jewish-run corporations remained. The NYT while being the parangon of a propaganda organ thrive on the mythology of free progressive press: the day is coming when the greater public and even more so the Jews who pay them consider all journalists as parasites undeserving of their revenues and replace them with AI, or does away with the constitutional amendments as well as with all that leisure time necessary to read all that thick propaganda.

    • Replies: @PetrOldSack
  48. Wielgus says:

    Assuming they don’t cite security concerns in order to subject him to something nearer a military court-martial than a civilian trial, with severely restricted reporting and attendance. Or just stick him in an extra-legal place like Guantanamo.

  49. republic says:

    Craig Murray does an excellent job reporting from that courtroom

  50. polistra says:

    A faker writing about a faker.

    • Agree: Sya Beerens
    • Replies: @annamaria
  51. Agent76 says:

    Sep 21, 2020 DAY 10 Joe Lauria’s Daily Report on Assange Extradition Hearing

    Joe Lauria will report every weekday at 5pm BST on the Assange extradition hearing.

  52. @trickster

    Trickater: You appear to be a horrible human being–machievellian at best. Your perspectives are imperialist and colonialist.

    Currently the U\$ is exporting oil and natural gas, so your diatribes about the U\$ aggression against the PEOPLE of Iraq are pure balderdash. That war was committed on behalf of the traitors of the PNAC neocon zionists and the primary Rothschild-Zionist project of world domination. Whether you are personally a zionist, an intel apparatchik or a materialist academicist is up for grabs. At least one of those three possibilities has to be close to the mark.

    The District of Corruption and all of its chief actors constitute nothing more than a puppet regime, kowtowing and genuflecting to the demands of the lords of highest finance. You are guilty of aiding and abetting the enemies of humanity.

    • Agree: annamaria
    • Replies: @trickster
  53. “War is a Racket,” read the book by Butler. So called governments are corporations, in an acronym RICO. World Earth is a hostage via the worst of our species. Cui bono? Israel Rothchild & Rockefeller Et Al Ruthless Empire Builders? The bosses are long in the tooth VILE worst of our species worth repeating!

  54. lysias says:

    If Assange meets the same fate as Jesus, as you apparently want, then he will win in the end, as Jesus has. As Tertullian said, the blood of martyrs is the seed of the Church.

  55. @HarvardSqEddy

    Duff and his handler, the lowland Scot, are assets and Vets Today is a limited hangout for intel agencies. Do some research. The handler blackballed any further communications from me and when I had e-m.ed Duff in the first instance, the initial reply was from Charlie McCarthy’s Edgar Bergen. That site provides some useful material (the limited hangout aspect),, but when things get deep, beware their message. They lost my trust.

  56. trickster says:
    @Majority of One

    Yaaaaaaaaaawnnnnnn. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ !

    What I have been through, what I have seen, and the levels of the Corporate world I have attained you can only dream of. Look around you and tell me where is the kindness and consideration for the other man. It does not exist and has never existed in millenia ever since cave man figured he could club the next guy and take his shit.

    The name calling ( Zionist, Imperialist etc ) is all rubbish on your part and mean nothing to me.

    Come into the real world Bro, where the meat eaters prevail !!! Stop being a child.

    • Replies: @Majority of One
  57. @Abbybwood

    With the exception of the constitutionally mandated Supreme Court, all other federal courts have no constitutional standing outside of the District of Columbia, U\$ territories, Indian reservations and other specifically granted federal jurisdictions. The Constitution does make provisions for ad-hoc or temporary courts, but not for district, appeals or circuit courts. Even the never lawfully established 14th Amendment never made specific provisions for these entities.

    Where the inferior federal courts get their mandates is under the de-facto regime headquartered in the District of Corruption, the United \$tates of America CORPORATION. That corporate entity was established under the corporate laws of the state of Delaware in 1988, under the Reagan regime, in which Daddy WarBu\$h was the actual shotcaller, which ensued from the Bu\$h connected would-be assassin who pumped a bullet into Reagan shortly after his inauguration. Message taken: From that point on, Reagan merely served as the ACTING president, a role for which he was professionally very well suited.

    We must always bear in mind that the federal court system is totally corrupted. Their current conviction rate is nearing 99 percent. Only two regimes in recent history, Stalin’s Russia and Hitler’s Germany had higher rates: 100%. Fair trials by a jury of one’s peers do not exist in federal district courts. Sir William Blackstone famously noted that self-defense is an elementary and primary human right, never to be superseded by mere “laws”. Federal district courts do not ALLOW self-defense arguments.

  58. @Anonymous

    OK, Pollard was “freed”. He should have been executed instead of given life in prison.

    On the basis oftwo classification levels below Top Secret and they also involve restrictions on distribution, Scooter Libby and Richard Perle should be doing life.

  59. Iva says:

    Veterans Today sees Asange as Mossad agent………

  60. @Francis Miville

    …the day is coming when the greater public and even more so the Jews who pay them consider all journalists as parasites undeserving of their revenues and replace them with AI, or does away with the constitutional amendments as well as with all that leisure time necessary to read all that thick propaganda.

    See it as the pertinent insider joke, I personally do not envision how this can turn out otherwise then the above. The media middle class is indeed suicidal! Called it ‘coathanger’ journalism in previous occasions. The derivative (overhead) versus benefit is out of proportion. The few know it, the egos of the media faces are a plage and constant irritant to the rival politicians, the corporate benefitters, the bankers. The ‘linear’ narratives’ are appendixes that do not justify the huge dicks attached to them. AI does already a better job in showing the trends in thinking of the grand public, and all of it´s sub-groups. This makes for shaping one step ahead of any content producing. Some other societies go with far less overhead, and get away with grasping their herd´s animus as well or better. The Amen of theme parks as our own, the main newspapers, Hollywood, paid journalism is near. Unpaid content, and more importantly how it plays out, virtually controlled by meta-data players as Fecesbook and Gooooogle are the real dominating forces of shaping the reality as the surplus population sees it. Journalists will produce cheap and anonymously as a rule (as science does ( is such a mutt)).

    How does this play out in the Assange´ case: his deployment of epistemology, his tools of gathering information, and distributing it was the right approach, as it still is as of today. No wrinkles, open to any-one with balls to pick up where left unattended.

    His visibility was his greatest tactical error, probably because Wikileaks was short of financing and worker bees. His tweets did him most certainly more damage and hurt the fire-crackers in the public domain that translate the wishes of the few more then any content in his sources. He managed on the cheap, not being an insider, to acid stain all in the public domain, over a vast territory, out of the ‘basement’.

    He must have had a half-opportunity or two to bargain himself out. For those who know the shale-ness of the conventional propositors-dealmakers, it must have been half-opportunities indeed. To his credit, since he is still disturbing the media class and all other public players (politicians, faces representing corporate interests (Bill Gates et al.)) he bailed out.

  61. @trickster

    When then American public wakes up in the middle of winter and there is no heat in the house will they yelp about the “EMPIRE “?

    When they head down to the gas station and the owner says “Sorry, no gas because we wanted to be nice to those people who ship us the oil…….”. OR will they want the US to do whatever it takes so that we can continue to live in comfort ?

    The United States is no longer an oil importer. We produce all the petroleum we need right here now, thank you.

    You have made the same, classic mistake that you accuse others here of making: You have oversimplified and misunderstood what is going on.

    But I agree with you on China, and on the principle that human life at the macro scale is a zero sum game.

    I have no idea what the hell Assange is, frankly. Since nothing he ever published surprised me, it was all for naught from my perspective.

  62. @trickster

    FUCK the corporate world and all the sociopaths and psychopaths which dominate it and have from the get-go. Meat-eaters, alright, complete with clogged arteries. Like one of my heroes, Thomas Jefferson, I prefer meat primarily as a condiment–as in traditional oriental cuisine and cookery–at perhaps 15 to 20 percent of total nutritional intake.

    Insane levels of competitiveness, based on greed and an insane lust for power over others is at the very core and essence of the warp-speed devolution of American culture. It has become near totally monetarized.

    Human values are relegated to the waste-disposal system in an utterly false economy which happens to be based on waste and virtually instantaneous obsolescence. Gotta keep those shekels pouring on in, right? Plastic wastes are choking our oceans and burning forests clogging up our air above and beyond those gargantuan garbage-burners employed in dealing with the waste-stream based on a corporate model of willing workers and compulsive consumers.

    This is a death culture, thanatotic in nature. Thanatos overcomes Eros, the life instinct. At its current trajectory of destruction and false value systems, this whole mess is soon a goner. Your corporate contributions are surely appreciated by those engorged on the death-instinct.

    • Replies: @trickster
  63. Avery says:

    {The Julian Assange Trial: the Mask of Empire Has Fallen}

    The Empire’s mask fell long before the persecution of Assange: when US & UK illegally* invaded Iraq, without approval of UN. Maybe even before that.

    US and UK constantly lecture everyone and his brother about Rule of Law, respect for International Law, blah, blah, blah. But only if the Law does not get in the way of The Empire.

    * the lengthy Chilcot report concluded that UK’s invasion of Iraq was illegal.
    Of course, nothing happened to either Blair or Bush.
    Isn’t a leader who launches an illegal invasion/war that kills 100s of 1,000s of (innocent) civilians in the invaded country guilty of war crimes?

    • Agree: Sya Beerens
  64. anon[454] • Disclaimer says:

    I thought that I had read the most idiotic post that was ever posted on this site and then you had to come along and prove me wrong.proving once again that their are always greater idiots out there then you thought which is a lesson for all..!!!

    • LOL: trickster
  65. annamaria says:

    Similar to the ADL silence about UnzReview, the presstituting MSM will be quiet about Assange. Julian is an exceptionally courageous man who is the embodiment of real journalism.
    The six owners of the MSM are no novices in destroying and murdering the innocent to maintain a baseline.

    • Replies: @restless94110
  66. @brabantian

    Pretty convoluted mess to miss a life time with your kids, just the cover for Israel? Have to be pretty hardcore Ziobot to pull that off.

    Still to your point, I lost much interest in Assange, when back in ’09 i think , he stated clearly that 9/11 was not a state conspiracy and was a waste of time to look into.

  67. annamaria says:

    Your very painful problem is that Ron Unz and Julian Assange are highly intelligent and courageous men. For the petty and insignificant characters, the very existence of Unz and Assange is intolerable.

    • Replies: @trickster
  68. annamaria says:

    You mean, Assange should be punished for not cheerleading for the Wars for Israel?
    Yes, he is no Judy Miller and the castrated corps of the ZUSA’s fake journalists who devoid totally of decency. Assange is a Mensch.
    PS: Never heard about ‘polistra’ and her exploits.

  69. @Antiwar7

    Nope. Not possible. Assange is the big kahuna. Just you wait. It’s going to happen no matter what.

  70. @annamaria

    Julian Assange is 100 times the magnitude of the Unz Review.

    This will be MAJOR MAJOR NEWS.

    Stop your hand wringing simp stuff, dude.

    Oh, no one will notice. I’ll just go sit in the corner of my kitchen and weep tears for 6 months,.

    Just stop it.

    • Agree: trickster
    • Replies: @annamaria
  71. @PetrOldSack

    White, Anglo-Saxon, not a Jew

    You left out male and heterosexual. [NB: you can just write ‘ gentile’ – or ‘goy‘ – instead of the cumbersome ‘not a Jew’].

    JA’s got the antiRoyal Flush – a full hand of anti-‘Get Out of Jail Free‘ cards.

    It also doesn’t help that although he’s not explicitly anti-Woke, he’s certainly anti-Woke-adjacent.

    Plus he’s alienated the Jeebus-cult (and the Muzzies) by arguing that religious freedom fighters should “seek to liberate people from the totalitarian concept of a monotheistic God” (JA said that to Hassan Nasrallah: that’s some heuvos ).

  72. @restless94110

    There is nothing more idiotic that people who continue to believe in due process.

    Wat Tyler accepted an offer from the Crown to parlay, and we all know how that ended. That was almost 700 years ago, so nobody has any excuse for continuing to believe that these vermin are capable of acting in good faith.

    Tyler should have ignored the offer to negotiate, and slaughtered the aristocracy and strangled their spawn in their cribs.

    That’s what it’s going to take: unless and until it’s done, the average peasant’s right to life, liberty and property will always be conditional on the whim of the overlords.

    Caedite Eos. It’s literally the only way.

    • Replies: @Black Picard
  73. sally says:

    Amazing court of injustice.. but the underlying question for me is “to whom does the Espionage Act of 1917.. apply?

    Categories of Recipients of government information:
    Insiders ( person who work for or contract with the government who have signed agreements not to reveal government secrets. or protected government documents) these would be Whistle blowers.. z
    but what about military personnel, enlisted vs officers, and so on.

    Other Recipients. NGOs, private corporations, Whistle blowers, publishers, journalist, newspaper editor, website commenters, providers of telecommunication or network services which transport government secrets from one place to another, newspaper sellers, reader and even researchers who make reference to government secrets to support their thesis.

    Another question I am interested in, is very constitutional:
    Part One. from what source does the government or anyone under color of government find the authority to classify or keep secret any information known to the government or any of its agents, employees or contractors or subsidiaries?
    Part Two: where does the government or anyone under color of government find the authority to establish intangible substance on tangible media or to enforce a monopoly or a secret in one or more intangibles (meaning things written on paper, or coded into software, or retained in a database) against any citizen of the United States of America government? Nothing in the constitution, which is the sole authority for the government to exist and to operate, says it does. Yes, I know the necessary clause, but its not necessary for those who operate the government to keep any part of their activity from the governed citizens.

    Obviously if Assange is not guilty because he is not in a class of recipient covered by the Espionage Act then I think the case question becomes is Assange guilty because the government made a law which says mere possession of information the government wants protected, is unlawful, and if that does not work, then Assange must be guilty because he wilfully and knowingly accepted the information from a source that was duty bound by the Espionage Act to protect secret or classified government information and if that does not work, the Assange is guilty because the information itself says it is secret and cannot be distributed and if that does not work the Assange is guilty because the operators of the government say so. .

    This case is very interesting

    But does the constitution actually give to the operators of the government the power to classify and keep secrets from American Citizens? I think maybe Amendment 9 of the 10 amendments that make up the Bill of Rights (BoRs) which says. The enumeration in the constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others (rights) retained by the people. Seems to me the governed people have the right and power to see all that there is to see of government, including it secrets, and the secrets of those who operate the government.

    • Thanks: annamaria
  74. No legal expertise here, but is there no punishable crime for any individual or entity for withholding information on crimes committed under any pretext – endangerment, national security or whatever? So should not the revelations of the crimes themselves prompt the holding of such individuals or entities to account?

  75. Since White seems to include gentile and jew, there was a need for something obviously stronger.

    Thanks for your corrections. Yes as to the Nasrallah interview on RT.

    NB: in some further comments there is a mention of R. Unz and Assange in a single breath. Since when and how made any effort in escaping hardware confinement and google analytics, have a drop-box for whistle blowers, any consideration for avoiding the middle-man trap of Fecesbook, Google, Patreon, Pay-Pal? There must be more meaningful differences as there could be any similarities. Unz is a conventional rig, a sand-box, not an argumentational framework that leads to altered concepts. Escaping the middle-man, severing the complicity between convention, approval, and raw data sources is not practiced. Not as a concept, no effort was ever made. Not so long ago R. Unz complained and prided himself (which of both was not obvious) as to Fecesbook drowning his access quantifications …based on the exact same AI Google analytics hard-soft framework! No view of independence, in method or data is´s ambition. Assange practiced a methodical solution to true journalism, does not, does not intend to, never had the ambition beyond influencing and capitalizing on the fringe. The model fits most conventions of reading second-tier meta data then producing content on the borders of the conventional allowances. A solid example? R. Unz´ stance on the medical importance of Covid-19!

    • Replies: @annamaria
  76. Pft says:

    If you read the act closely, at least the amended act, you can be prosecuted just for knowingly reading or downloading classified information, and it goes for anyone anywhere in the world if the Assange precedent is set.

    Furthermore Assange didn’t release it first. A US company did. The cofounders father was a CIA station chief in half dozen countries over 3 decades and former boss of a future CIA director named Colby. Hmm.

  77. Hat off to Mr Murray.
    Against the odds, his personal commitment to shining light on this abuse of law, masquerading as justice, lays bare the corruption rampant in our highest institutions, & daily ‘media’.

    Sir, you are worthy of being called a human being.

    Unfortunately, some commenters here totally miss that bar.
    They confuse what’s being done to Assange, with ‘natural’ justice….. ‘cos he didn’t play nice with the ‘no rules’ apply to us big boys.
    Like they do.

    It seems to me that Empire is omnipresent, it sees everything…. just like God, I am told.
    However, Empire challenged & pushed invariably reveals itself as ignoble.
    Greedy, petty & vindictive.
    Syphilitic of mind, like it’s supporters here. (you know who you are)

    Were it that I am mistaken & Empire was ‘the’ way, well, Romans would still be ruling.
    Undeniably they are not.
    They all eventually collapse into their own cancerous corruption, and history.

    Good riddance, pass the popcorn.

  78. @Kratoklastes

    Tyler should have ignored the offer to negotiate, and slaughtered the aristocracy and strangled their spawn in their cribs.

    Damn, I just had an orgasm thinking about a similar fate to TODAY’s corrupt treasonous 1% AngloZio/NWO/globalist/bankster “elites” who control the Deep State & continue to unleash chaos upon the world filled with cucked male sheep.

    I would seriously pay good money to SEE what Wat Tyler “should have” done back then, or what he would do today if he was the leader of a massive pro-2A militia. Thank you for educating my black ass about Tyler though. He’s my kinda guy.

  79. They are not covering the charade in Old Bailey because they are cowards. They must keep their fabled “access” to the bowels of Empire – the kind of “access” that allowed Judith Miller to “sell” the illegal war on Iraq in countless front pages, and allows CIA asset and uber-opportunist Bob Woodward to write his “insider” books…

    The main fact, as far as journalism is concerned, is that Western corporate media is completely ignoring it…
    There was no article in The Guardian – which cannot possibly cover the trial because the paper, for years, was deep into no holds barred smearing and total demonization of Julian Assange.

    Any Westernized cuck who can’t see that the mainstream media is the enemy & enabler for massive Deep State treachery against innocent citizens around the globe over the past 50 years is part of the problem.

    Furthermore, I am not so sure why the Western mainstream media is not considered an accessory to war & tyranny since they deliberately go out of their way to hide vital information from the (sheeple) masses.

    Anywho, if there is a Civil War 2 in the US, I pray to The Most High that angry vigilant patriotic mobs with pitchforks (or their 2A weapon of choice) TARGET the BIGGEST KNOWN LIARS in the MSM press for (gasp!) assassination. There, I said it!!

  80. Just so you know …

    there’s no coverage in Western MSM since a D Notice has been issued by the Anglo-zionist Five Eyes (FVEY) nations: Australia, Canada, NZ, UK & US.

    Even their militaries are integrated.

    For a first approximation see Wiki’s entry : AUSCANNZUKUS

    When war breaks out there’s gonna be a lotta white boyz exterminated for the good ol’ City of London and Wall Street banksters!

    History repeats, sadly.

  81. Any Westernized cuck who can’t see that the mainstream media is the enemy & enabler for massive Deep State treachery against innocent citizens around the globe over the past 50 years is part of the problem.

    Furthermore, I am not so sure why the Western mainstream media is not considered an accessory to war & tyranny since they deliberately go out of their way to hide vital information from the (sheeple) masses.

    And science, and politics, and virtually the whole of the middle class (pharma, food, you name it) is jolly collaborating in a society who´s progress grinded into a stand-still. “Crowing on a pile of dung” is the norm.

    On the other end, the masses are a physical barrier of the stand-still to progress.

  82. trickster says:

    My very painful problem is that there are deluded women like you who look for highly intelligent and courageous men to worship and gush over. You should know by now that intelligent men, courageous men and men in general dont want woman worship. They want head and sex! Just ask Julian.

    Hero worshippers must appropriately kneel and do their thing while men highly intelligent and courageous or petty and insignificant have a beer or enjoy a cigar. If they have a flat empty head like you where we can rest our brew or Cuban stogie all the better.

    Get some Baby !

    • Replies: @annamaria
  83. trickster says:
    @Majority of One

    Yes Fuck the Corporate world, fuck this, fuck that and so on. You got my vote ! We agree so why are we arguing?

    You strike me as an educated man. Lets look at it. I dont have the power to make the system or change the system. I do have the power to use the system. You have to take it, nobody is going to give it to you.

    This instinct is in operation from the lowest animal to individual man to the State itself. Throw a bunch of squirrels one peanut and watch the aggression, throw a bone to a pack of dogs and watch them fight over it and even bite each other. Are humans any different ?

    I look around me and observe that Human values mean shit, there is no such thing. People beat up the Western world but the fact is that we live a very sweet life just ask Singh, Ching, Abdul, Pablo and Babate all of them rafting to the land of milk and honey.

    We enjoy our lifestyle because we have and they dont, because we TAKE if necessary by force. I dont have any complaints !

    Jesus came to earth to save men and was prepared to die for their sins. Unfortunately he was not allowed to die for our sins but was crucified along with three thieves. There must be a moral there somewhere LOL

  84. @PetrOldSack

    What Assange did was not journalism, but espionage. He received classified material under illicit circumstances and the man he got it from, Bradley Manning, should have been executed for treason.

    • Replies: @anonymous
    , @trickster
  85. annamaria says:

    Oh, another Israel-firster with corrections and suggestions. You are welcome to keep your corrections and suggestions for yourself.

    • Replies: @restless94110
  86. annamaria says:

    Can not wait to see YOUR website [PetrOldSack] endowed with all the great things you long for so much. For now, we, the long-time readers and commenters, keep our right to respect Mr. Unz for his courage and dedication to truth.
    Unz is a mensch. PetrOldSack… never heard of this gal/dude.

  87. anonymous[245] • Disclaimer says:

    not journalism, but espionage

    should have been executed for treason

    It sounds like you don’t even know what “espionage” or “treason” means.

    Corporal Manning and Mr. Assange courageously showed Americans what Uncle Sam routinely does to innocents around the world. Too bad most haven’t the guts even to look. Or, if you have, what did you think of those executions in “Collateral Murder”?

  88. annamaria says:

    Relax, poor ‘trickster’ or whatever your real name is. Sorry that you have problems with women and employment. And don’t worry about me; I do have a child. And I do respect courageous, highly intelligent, and strong men and women. There are not many of them around. They are the humankind’s treasure.

  89. trickster says:

    Relax ? If I were your man you would have more than 1 child. If your husband is highly intelligent and strong you would be getting babies every year, loving the taking, loving the shaking, loving the making.

    Your husband’s problem is he is too relaxed. I do worry about you Annamaria or whatever your real name is. Your husband needs to use you more.

    Perhaps one day in an uncharacteristic fit of generosity I will give you my number and I will show you what a strong man is really all about. There are not many like me about and they dont call me the Trickster for nothing.

  90. Anon[194] • Disclaimer says:

    Bastard cretin midget racist who pounce on weak and shows the gravitas and beg for attention from the automatic acting out of his / her victim – I am talking about CH , Charlie Hedbo . Has it ever printed a cartoon in defense of Assange? Has it by skewering the powerful forces ?

    I am not aware of any .

  91. trickster says:

    What the fruitcakes here on Unz do not realize is that they know only what they are told. They further complicate matters by speculating about what they are told never realizing that there is more to the story and never thinking there is more to the story.

    What the Trickster knows for sure is that he does not know the whole story. The fact is that international events are never as simple as we think they are or would like them to be. Many times the fallout may be felt in the present but reverberate way in the future.

    How many of us have done something silly in our youth and have it bite us many years later. I doubt very much Assange acted out of any concern for US policies and practices. The Ego and his Ego is much too overinflated for that. Fame, fortune and those mythical 15 minutes burn brightly in every heart. And if by sheer chance he is a righteous Dude then he is an incredible simpleton, an amateur playing in the big league and thinking he can score a touchdown. He was a worm aspiring to be a viper who jumped into the snake pit.

    Even Stallone, Arnold, Willis, Norris, Segal and Lundgren know well enough to stay out of South Central LA.

    My feel is similar to yours. He was involved in espionage and got caught. We will never know how much direct and indirect blood he has on his hands. Execution is much too good a punishment for this Quisling and traitor.

    • Replies: @Patagonia Man
  92. @annamaria

    You are welcome to STFU. Not only am I not an Israel firster, what does Israel have to do with Assange? You are a derranged busybody school marm. Go shush somebody else, harridan.

  93. @trickster

    When reporting a (war) crime is treated as committing a crime – we are being ruled by criminals!

  94. Time to give thanks to those who are truly responsible for shit like this.

    So thanks to all of you domesticated animals who want government. You’ve not gotten anything right yet.

  95. @Abbybwood

    Your comment like the article and like numerous other articles and comments simply consists of you being a very negative gypsy fortune teller.

    You might be right. On the other hand, I might be right.

    But one thing I am 100 percent right about: Assange is getting extradited.

    Better sooner than later. For his health’s sake. For America’s sake.

  96. Meena says:

    An award-winning breathless New York Times podcast about Islamic Jihadism that was downloaded millions of times in 2018 turns out to have been based on a fraudulent liar — but so far the paper and its reporter, Rukmini Callimachi, have declined to fully acknowledge their error.

    “Caliphate” was based around the “revelations” of “Abu Huzayfah,” a young Canadian who said he had joined ISIS in Syria where he personally murdered prisoners. Skeptics raised doubts immediately — but it took until last week for Canadian authorities to arrest 25-year-old Shehroze Chaudhry, charging that he made up his story. n a remarkable report in The Baffler back in 2018, the Pakistani writer Rafia Zakaria warned that “Abu Huzaifa’s” story did not ring true.

    Rukmini Callimachi has also come under fire for seizing 15,000 pages of ISIS documents a
    fter Iraqi forces recaptured Mosel in 2016, and writing articles based on them. A long, persuasive exposé by Maryam Saleh in The Intercept noted that scholars and others had objected to Callimachi’s grabbing the documents and also asked if she had not put Iraqis at risk by reporting their names.

    Fraud and opportunistic like Rukmini Callimachi also a psychopath who put other people’s lives at risk keep on earning air time, plaudits ,and makes hay while Islamophobia shines in the intellectual chamber of NYT . Neither Truth nor consequences nor methods matter .

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