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The Empire Is Not Done Torturing Afghanistan
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Photo Credit: The Cradle

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Once upon a time, in a galaxy not far away, the Empire of Chaos launched the so-called “War on Terror” against an impoverished cemetery of empires at the crossroads of Central and South Asia.

In the name of national security, the land of the Afghans was bombed until the Pentagon ran out of targets, as their chief Donald Rumsfeld, addicted to “known unknowns,” complained at the time.

Operation ‘Enduring Captivity’

Civilian targets, also knows as “collateral damage,” was the norm for years. Multitudes had to flee to neighboring nations to find shelter, while tens of thousands were incarcerated for unknown reasons, some even dispatched to an illegal imperial gulag on a tropical island in the Caribbean.

War crimes were duly perpetrated – some of them denounced by an organization led by a sterling journalist who was subsequently subjected to years of psychological torture by the same Empire, obsessed with extraditing him into its own prison dystopia.

All the time, the smug, civilized ‘international community’ – shorthand for the collective west – was virtually deaf, dumb and blind. Afghanistan was occupied by over 40 nations – while repeatedly bombed and droned by the Empire, which suffered no condemnation for its aggression; no package after package of sanctions; no confiscation of hundreds of billions of dollars; no punishment at all.

The first casualty of war

At the peak of its unipolar moment, the Empire could experiment with anything in Afghanistan because impunity was the norm. Two examples spring to mind: Kandahar, Panjwayi district, March 2012: an imperial soldier kills 16 civilians and then burns their bodies. While in Kunduz, April 2018: a graduation ceremony receives a Hellfire missile greeting, with over 30 civilians killed.

The final act of the imperial “non-aggression” against Afghanistan was a drone strike in Kabul that did not hit “multiple suicide bombers” but instead eviscerated a family of 10, including several children. The “imminent threat” in question, identified as an “ISIS facilitator” by US intelligence, was actually an aid worker returning to meet his family. The ‘international community’ duly spewed imperial propaganda for days until serious questions started to be asked.

Questions also keep emerging on the conditions surrounding the Pentagon training of Afghan pilots to fly the Brazilian-built A-29 Super Tucano between 2016 and 2020, which completed over 2,000 missions providing support for imperial strikes. During training at Moody Air Force base in the US, more than half of the Afghan pilots actually went AWOL, and afterward, most were quite uneasy with the pile up of civilian ‘collateral damage.’ Of course the Pentagon has kept no record of Afghan victims.

What was extolled instead by the US Air Force is how the Super Tucanos dropped laser bombs on ‘enemy targets:’ Taliban fighters who “like to hide in towns and places” where civilians live. Miraculously, it was claimed that the “precision” strikes never “hurt the local people.”

That’s not exactly what an Afghan refugee in Britain, sent away by his family when he was only 13, revealed over a month ago, talking about his village in Tagab: “All the time there was fighting over there. The village belongs to the Taliban (…) My family is still there, I do not know if they are alive or died. I don’t have any contact with them.”

Drone diplomacy

One of the first foreign policy decisions of the Obama administration in early 2009 was to turbo-charge a drone war over Afghanistan and the tribal areas in Pakistan. Years later, a few intelligence analysts from other NATO nations started to vent off the record, about CIA impunity: drone strikes would get a green light even if killing scores of civilians was a near certainty – as it happened not only in ‘AfPak’ but also across other war theaters in West Asia and North Africa.

Nevertheless, imperial logic is ironclad. The Taliban were by definition “terra-rists” – in trademark Bush drawl. By extension, villages in Afghan deserts and mountains were aiding and abetting “terra-rists,” so eventual drone victims would never raise a ‘human rights’ issue.

When Afghans – or Palestinians – become collateral damage, that’s irrelevant. When they become war refugees, they are a threat. Yet Ukrainian civilian deaths are meticulously recorded and when they become refugees, they are treated as heroes.

A massive ‘data-driven defeat’

As former British diplomat Alastair Crooke has remarked, Afghanistan was the definitive showcase for technical managerialism, the test bed for “every single innovation in technocratic project management” encompassing Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and military sociology embedded in ‘Human Terrain Teams’ – this experiment helped spawn Empire’s ‘rules-based international order.’

But then, the US-backed puppet regime in Kabul collapsed not with a bang, but a whimper: a spectacular “data-driven defeat.”

Hell hath no fury like Empire scorned. As if all the bombing, droning, years of occupation and serial collateral damage was not misery enough, a resentful Washington topped its performance by effectively stealing \$7 billion from the Afghan central bank: that is, funds that belong to roughly 40 million battered Afghan citizens.

Now, exiled Afghans are getting together trying to prevent relatives from 9/11 victims in the US to seize \$3.5 billion of these funds to pay off debts allegedly owed by the Taliban – who have absolutely nothing to do with 9/11.

Unlawful does not even begin to qualify the confiscation of assets from an impoverished nation afflicted by a currency in free fall, high inflation and a terrifying humanitarian crisis, whose only ‘crime’ was to defeat the imperial occupation on the battleground fair and square. By any standards, would that persist, the qualification of international war crime applies. And collateral damage, in this case, will mean the termination of any “credibility” still enjoyed by the “indispensable nation.”

The full amount of foreign reserves should be unequivocally returned to the Afghan Central Bank. Yet everyone knows that’s not going to happen. At best, a limited monthly installment will be released, barely enough to stabilize prices and allow average Afghans to buy essentials such as bread, cooking oil, sugar and fuel.

The west’s own ‘Silk Road’ was dead on arrival


No one remembers today that the US State Department came up with its own New Silk Road idea in July 2011, formally announced by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in a speech in India. Washington’s aim, at least in theory, was to re-link Afghanistan with Central/South Asia, yet privileging security over the economy.

The spin was to “turn enemies into friends and aid into trade.” The reality, however, was to prevent Kabul from falling into the Russia/China sphere of influence – represented by the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) – after the tentative withdrawal of US troops in 2014 (the Empire ended up formally being expelled only in 2021).

The American Silk Road would eventually allow the go-ahead for projects such as the TAPI natural gas pipeline, the CASA-1000 electricity line, the Sheberghan thermal power facility and a national fiber optic ring in the telecom sector.

There was much talk about “development of human resources;” building infrastructure – railways, roads, dams, economic zones, resource corridors; promotion of good governance; building the capacity of “local stakeholders.”

A zombie of an empire

In the end, the Americans did less than nothing. The Chinese, playing the long game, will be leading Afghanistan’s resurgence, after patiently waiting for the Empire to be expelled.

Afghanistan for its part will be welcomed into the real New Silk Roads: the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), complete with financing by the Silk Road Bank and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), and interconnecting with the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), the Central Asian BRI corridor, and eventually the Russian-led Eurasia Economic Union (EAEU) and the Iran-India-Russia-led International North South Transportation Corridor (INSTC).

Now compare and contrast with imperial minions NATO, whose “new” strategic concept boils down to expanded warmongering against the Global South, and beyond – including the outer galaxies. At least we know that should NATO ever be tempted back into Afghanistan, then another ritual, excruciating humiliation awaits.

(Republished from The Cradle by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Afghanistan, American Military, Eurasia, NATO 
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  1. One of the first foreign policy decisions of the Obama administration in early 2009 was to turbo-charge a drone war over Afghanistan and the tribal areas in Pakistan.

    B-but…but…B-B-Barack Ob-b-bama was awarded the 2009 Nob-b-bel P-peace P-prize for his “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international dip-p-plomacy and coop-p-peration b-b-between p-peoples”.

    • LOL: Mary Marianne
    • Replies: @Malla
    , @animalogic
  2. Every US soldier that set foot in Afghanistan is a war criminal and should be hung along with the decision makers that put him there.

    Wars won’t end until the grunts are educated enough to understand that they are the actual dispensers of death and destruction. Their “leader” keep their hands clean back in DC. I was just following orders didn’t work for the Nazi’s and that should have been lesson enough to not cooperate in wholesale murder in every US offensive war of choice.

    From :

    The United States has officially declared war 11 times during five separate military conflicts.
    1. War of 1812
    2. Mexican-American War
    3. Spanish-American War
    4. World War I – Germany
    5. World War I – Austria-Hungary
    6. World War II – Japan
    7. – 8. World War II – Germany and Italy
    9. -11. World War II – Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania

    Therefore, the US never declared war on Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. The US illegally invaded those countries and the US military members had no legal basis for their participation.

  3. Alrenous says: • Website

    The strong do what they can; the weak suffer what they must.

    If Afghanistan was not foolish and deluded, it would not be too poor to repel the pathetic GAE-terrorist stormtroopers. Indeed, even backwards goatherders started to figure it out. Eventually.

    Afghanistan has a central bank? Well, that was stupid, now wasn’t it?

  4. FifthDim says:

    Not to mention the bullets manufactured with depleted uranium that quickly killed Afghans and are slowly killing NATO “contractors”.

    • Agree: Ann Nonny Mouse
  5. If, as is suspected, the funds confiscated from the Afghans were distributed among friends in the times of Busch, it is forced to maintain a situation of war forever because they do not intend to return it. Not even those from Libya should exist since when Obama and his team should have distributed it to them as spoils of war.

  6. TG says:

    When the United States invaded, the population of Afghanistan was 20 million. With the highest fertility rate outside Africa, the population has since doubled to about 40 million.

    During this time the ability of the Afghani economy to (among other things) grow food was basically stagnant. Maybe if things had been different the economy could have grown along with the population, but the key point is that it didn’t – although for countries larger than a city state and without an open frontier, there is basically zero record of this pace of population growth ever leading to anything other than a larger mass of poverty.

    The United States did NOT engage in “nation building.” There was minimal real investment in real physical infrastructure – most of the funds seem likely to have been stolen by politically-connected western contractors with some portion siphoned off by corrupt local officials. The United States simply fed the exploding Afghani population. Whatever their faults, the Taliban did not cause the economy to collapse, because there was never a real economy to begin with.

    Now about half (or so) of the population of Afghanistan is dependent on foreign food aid, and the United States has both cut off this aid, and frozen external accounts, blocking the Afghanis from importing food. Note also that due to the phenomenon of “demographic momentum,” the Afghani population is set to double yet again to about 80 million in the next 20 years – but only if they have enough food.

    I wonder: did the United States withdraw because the costs of feeding this exploding population was starting to cut into defense contractor profits? Color me cynical.

    Without massive foreign aid the population of Afghanistan is likely to crash back to around 20 million – give or take- and that won’t be pretty. There might be famine, but as Malthus correctly described, famine is nature’s last resort at maintaining the balance. The Malthusian catastrophe is not a global apocalypse, but slow grinding misery and chronic malnutrition that crushes people to bare subsistence. And it’s not science fiction, but established historical fact, and it can easily happen again.

    But this oncoming catastrophe did not spring out of nowhere: for years now anyone could track the growing Afghani population, and the non-growing local economy. Why didn’t anyone sound the alarm?

    • Agree: James N. Kennett
    • Replies: @beavertales
  7. @TG

    Ukraine is the new Afghanistan.

    In Afghanistan, the US was paying the salaries and everyone was on the take, including the lowest Afghani army recruits who only joined for that sweet cash. No American occupation = no economy.

    Ukraine is on life support. If the NATO coalition turns off the money spigot, Kiev can’t make EMT transfers to the bank accounts of soldiers and government workers.

    • Agree: JR Foley, Franz
    • Replies: @GMC
  8. Cookie says:

    You know an empire is in decline when any country that says enough is enough is viewed as an enemy.

    All empires go through this, for the British…it was Germany they weren’t prepared to share with.

    The decline is inevitable…it depends on the U.S peoples attitude to their leaders how quick it happens.

    Keep electing the morons they have been will see a rapid descent into irrelevance.

  9. Malla says:

    The Nobel peace prize should have gone to Trump. There were no new wars under him.

  10. satya says:

    The Empire Is Not Done Torturing Iran

    People of the world must know that Zionist Biden is trying to deceive the world by presenting Iran as the reason behind the failed ‘negotiation’. He is a LIAR, don’t believe him.
    I should warn the public that if you believe this LIE you are the most gullible and stupid person in the world. These war criminals are trying to deceive you that ‘diplomacy’ is not working.

    Biden is a LIAR where during his SELECTION campaign deceived the world saying that Trump was stupid to leave the JCPOA, I will join the deal if you select me for the office.
    Now, this liar and war criminal is following Trump’s policy and his 12 points ultimatum where Iran rejected and Trump’s policy was defeated.

    Biden is very WEAK not wanting to give guarantees not to leave again for during his term, meaning two years. He is threatening Iran that if you don’t surrender then more sanctions will come to kill your population. They have no principles, these criminals are responsible for destruction of Ukraine and still can fuck and sleep at nights.
    The reasons behind Iran’s insistence that US should give, at least, two years guarantees is because Iran was selling 1 million barrel of oil a day before JCPOA, but after the deal her sell was 2 Millions barrel a day. But when gullible Trump left the deal, Iran’s sell went down, reaching 100K daily. So Iran lost billions of dollars, but America who left the deal lost NOTHING. Now, the traitor Biden, wants to repeat the same thing and expects Iran to sign it. Shame on you liar. You are NOT a leader, but a thief who steals oil from others. The Biden regime who has occupied Syria ILLEGALLY is stealing Syrian oil in for his troops. These people has NO shame.

    This liar is listening to the fifth column, the Jewish mafia, to force Iran to sign a different deal, “the longer and stronger’ in return Zionist Biden expects the jewish mafia helps him to keep his office. These fools think they are signing their marriage certificate and want to look ‘good’ by having ‘The longer and stronger’ in their file. Your time is over and it never get ‘longer and stronger’, but ‘shorter and weaker’. Your rule is over, over, over, over. You are lying all the time for an office that no one respects.
    The war criminals are targeting Iran’s sales to China, trying to KILL two birds with one stone. You the foll should know that, the time that American sanctions could fold people and bring them in as COLONY has passed and you cannot do anything about it. Russian economy is STRONGER as a result of your stupid sanctions where all these stupidity bring the collapse of your currency, the \$\$\$.
    Iran has suggested a single currency against Dollar, which is going to bring your evil empire down. In Latin America, also they are seeking to have a single currency different from \$\$\$ that people hate. Yours is not going to be ‘longer and stronger’ after all, is going to be ‘shorter and weaker’, war criminals.
    The following tweet shows how criminal these criminals are. Down with Zionism/Imperialism. The sooner they go into their graves, the better for the future of our children. The following is the sanction announcement by a criminal jewish mafia member
    signed by a zionist war criminal, Biden.

    Secretary Antony Blinken
    United States government official
    We are imposing sanctions on Iranian petroleum and petrochemical producers, transporters, and front companies. Absent a commitment from Iran to return to the JCPOA, an outcome we continue to pursue, we will keep using our authorities to target Iran’s exports of energy products.

    Look at the Blinken’s line that “Absent a commitment from Iran to return to the JCPOA”
    Blinken should know that Iran never left JCPOA, but Trump,USA, did where Biden should come back and sign the deal as he told the world. Do you understand liars?,

    • Agree: Ann Nonny Mouse
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  11. Antiwar7 says:

    Yes, I remember O-bomb-a’s first presidential race. He said the US was focusing on the “wrong” war, Iraq, and should instead focus on Afghanistan. His position was to support a “surge to nowhere” in Afghanistan. As dumb as Sarah Palin’s “bridge to nowhere”, but way more evil and deadly.

    Barack Obama: a walking illustration of the banality of evil.

  12. JR Foley says:

    What has me HOT and BOTHERED is Canada. Canada sent troops to Afghanistan and what did they accomplish? They regularly shot women and children after sunset —–enter house –no men–open fire. NOW these criminals returned to Canada and were given medals and are Now in Ukraine —helping Zylenskyy.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  13. What about the MOAB bombing and the Iranian General killing?

  14. GMC says:

    I rather doubt the Ukies will get a whole lot of what they are owed – regardless. They still owe 4+ billion in pension checks from 7 years ago and the IMF and other Banks could care less about the people.
    In fact – Nobody in Kiev’s Gov. cares about the Ukrainian people— of course, the exception is those that read the news or listen to the MSM in North America, but they don’t count because they want to send weapons and have No clue, with what has transpired in the past 8 years – much less in the last 30 yrs. It should be an Honest Russian/Ukrainian state with the western part being totally neutral – with an East/West German type wall, partitioning the Nato terrorist states of Poland and Romania.

  15. Anonymous[259] • Disclaimer says:

    And your comment was understatement!

  16. Franz says:

    No one remembers today that the US State Department came up with its own New Silk Road idea in July 2011, formally announced by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in a speech in India.

    That’s why it never went anywhere.

    The Clintons are all about talk, talk, talk while they pickpocket the world. An accountant friend who has access to lots more information than me says the Clinton Foundation is the champagne of slush funds for rich criminals — starting with Hillary.

    With her promoting it it was certain to go nowhere. Doubtless she was paid a lot anyway.

  17. @Malla

    I nominated Don for a Nobel Peace Prize but the prize committee did not respond. Perhaps my email was lost in the post.

    They did not forget Menachem Begin, the well known Jew and terrorist. He got his peace prize with murder warrants outstanding.

    • Replies: @Malla
  18. @true.enough

    Obama & a peace prize?
    Well, all you can say is, if there’s a god then that entity has a really good sense of humour…..

  19. Raju says:

    Nobel peace prize for your prime minister Modi may be in order if Trump is in line.

    Does anyone cares about these so call awards given by a committee whose members have not clue of the subject they are giving the award for.

    Unfortunately, Prime minister or Pride of India has set India up for future false flag operations, by pissing off Americans.

    Why the proud or nationalist Indians cheat like Jews.
    They sprinkle cow urine in their guest rooms with guest’s knowledge, or put little bit in sweets and other products as goodwill.

    A real cheating: Indians, I am told, buy pink salt from Pakistan and sell it under the name of Himalaya salt specially on Amazon (1000 times the original price).
    They sell Ashugandha as organic product while the damn thing grows on its own in barren land. Why advertised as organic. It is a big market in US like Yoga BS. Always take credit for someone else work.

  20. Cohen says:

    Is Hunter Biden dumb or what? admitting about his computer fiasco.

    May be Afghans should hire him as a consultant to free up 10 billions or so dollars frozen by his dad. Hunter woudl have a field day in Kabul. Free or very high quality drugs all over.

  21. The Empire Is Not Done Torturing Afghanistan

    I bet we caused the recent earthquake too. I’ve thought for a long time we have the capacity to control weather and sea and land disturbances

    • Replies: @Notsofast
  22. anon[296] • Disclaimer says:

    How come Yellen is never mentioned in these articles. She’s the one who stole Afgh’s gold, forcing parents to sell their children into slavery. Another ‘Mudist demon like Allbright.

  23. @JR Foley

    If one views every national gov’t as a criminal mafia, then actions that were previously perplexing are no longer inexplicable.

    Every military is comprised of the worst individuals the society has produced. Military personnel opt for a legitimate (legal) criminal career that offers steady pay and a retirement pension for murdering their counterpart in some other gang, along with any civilians that get caught in the crossfire. For the most part as a gang member, they loaf around on a military base interrupted by playing in the dirt and firing off weapons for practice. Simple minds like loud noises and making holes in the dirt. I refer to them as the M&M’s, the murderers and malingerers.

    All wars are the result of one national mafia having a dispute with another national mafia, usually over coveted resources and control over a larger population. These super mafias are different in many respect to the ordinary variety. Their propaganda mechanisms convince the majority dolts in their area that they are a protection force out to do good in the world. They give parts of the mafia names like “Department of Defense” as a suggestion for weak minds.

    When the time comes, the national mafia enslaves the civilians to also become murderers for their cause by calling it a “draft” and most people, the dolts that vote, are fine with that concept because when drafted, they actually submit. The population is constantly propagandized with the nonsense of patriotism and nationalism which are actually undiagnosed mental disorders to support their mafia in anything it wants to do. Any religious teachings the dolts claim to abide by are put aside to murder and destroy on command and have a good time doing it to boot. Many fondly remember their military days and the comradery they had with their fellow murderers and criminals.

    Where the unsophisticated mafia uses threats of extortion and violence for their income, the national mafias write their demands into things they call law and, once again, the dolts feel an obligation to obey these laws that steal half their income while constantly hovering over them with the junior gang members known as police.

    To understand the world, one needs to have the correct perspective.

    • LOL: mark green
    • Troll: Swaytonious
  24. Iva says:

    Bombing Yugoslavia without any reason was a declaration of war also.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @anonymous
  25. Pardon Robert Bales.

    Free Robert Bales.

    • Replies: @Swaytonious
  26. satya says:

    Americans must kick out traitors out of the office. The zionist Biden like Trump, the mafia member, is under the influence of the same terrorist members of the Jewish mafia like fifth column including, Mark dubowitz.
    Mark Dubowitz
    @mdubowitz 18m
    [Biden’s upcoming trip provides an opportunity to establish unprecedented Arab-Israeli cooperation against the Iranian threat — and counter Chinese and Russian influence.]

    The Jewish Mafia is after Russia – Iran – China to continue its own criminal existence.

    The fifth column, Dubowitz, is directing the gullible Americans to read the propaganda of another Jewish mafia member, John Hannah. And who is this terrorist jewish mafia member?
    [John Hannah, senior fellow at the Jewish Institute for National Security of America, served as former Vice President Dick Cheney’s national security adviser.]

    The American people should know that there is NO difference between the zionist Biden regime and
    Bush/cheney or the gullible mafia member, an assassin, Trump. No difference between Democrats or Republicans, majority are criminals and traitors.

  27. @Iva

    There’s a legal distinction that surrounds the term declaration of war. Usually it requires a governing body to formally announce the intent to start hostilities and transmit that intention to the other party.

    The US hasn’t done a formal declaration since WW-II. Therefore every military action since then was done illegally under US law and international law. The US has been immune to prosecution because it has cowed the rest of the world into submission of its domination until lately.

    I heard one opinion that WW-II never ended officially and that the US has been operating under the umbrella of declarations from that time, but that’s thin gruel. I also heard that the Congress authorizing that asshole Bush to invade Iraq was equivalent to the formal declaration, but that makes no sense. What Congress did is protect their sorry asses from future prosecution because they can claim they never authorised the rogue Bush regime formally with an official declaration of war. I think any war crimes tribunal will look right through that ruse.

    What I can’t understand is the vast bulk of the US population’s support for all the death and destruction the warmongers have caused. They keep voting and acting as though nothing has happened, and to some extent, they’re correct. No bombs have landed on US territory from a foreign nation, but I suspect that if the US doesn’t back off current political tensions that the US population will get a taste of what it feels like to be the target.

    • Replies: @InnerCynic
  28. Jimmy1969 says:

    Even the Pacifist Canadians up there got in on the act for awhile and sacrificed a 100 or so dead and a few hundred maimed and permanently disfigured. But like us here in America there were no Jews fighting in those wars over there. in the front row. No Silver Stars or Purple Hearts. They just waived flags of support from Wall St. and Hollywood and the Ivy League. I have an old Aunt that lives up there in Ottawa Canada right near the National Veterans cemetery. She goes for a walk through the place every few months and has indicated to me numerous times that they are all Christian names, like her relatives who fought in many Canadian wars.

  29. TKK says:

    Is the relevant or timely or even important?

    With complete certainty, we now understand that we are taxed without representation. The working class of America has no power. We cannot change any policy, effect no change, make one thing happen in a civic matter, let alone Afghanistan.

    We have no more control over what TPTB do than we can control the tides of the ocean.

    Over 80% of the populace wants Biden removed. He is still living in Emperor luxury, giving our reserve oil to China, India and Europe. When I go for a medical appointment, I have to suffocate in a mask or security is called when I take if off- appointment canceled. As a white person, I have to work to support illegals and blacks – 39% of my income – but they are given job preference over me and mine. As things collapse further, blacks and illegals have a carte blanche on lawless living, but whites are still expected to tow the line and keep earning.

    There is nothing we can do and there is NO value in hand wringing over these issues. Our entire government is compromised, but Biden seems uniquely focused on punishing the Deplorables who voted for Trump.

    We need insights and intel on how to survive this American pogrom. Where’s the inside take on that?

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  30. “When Afghans – or Palestinians – become collateral damage, that’s irrelevant. When they become war refugees, they are a threat. Yet Ukrainian civilian deaths are meticulously recorded and when they become refugees, they are treated as heroes.”

    Do you mean to tell US that we shouldn’t distinguish between White folks and pseudo white people?


    Speakers include: former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, MOBY Group Co-Founder and Chairman Saad Mohseni, former Executive Director of the 9/11 Commission Philip Zelikow, former Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security Jane Holl Lute, Wilson Center President Emerita Jane Harman, Taliban and Descent Into Chaos Author Ahmed Rashid, former Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern and North African Affairs Anne Patterson, former U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan and Iraq Ryan Crocker, and more.

    The Aspen Strategy Group is delighted to announce that the 13th annual Aspen Security Forum will take place in person in Aspen, Colorado on July 19 – 22, 2022.

    Speakers and moderators…. Lots of people involved with invading Afghanistan
    I would like to think that she is not as evil as the rest of the people in this security forum.

    Lots of countries used and destroyed in advancing The New World Order, remember the International Financiers, Committee of 300, Tavistock Group, Bilderbergs, World Economic Forum, finance both sides in any war, soldiers on both sides are just cannon fodder. Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Lebanon – ( Benny Gantz is attending this Aspen Forum, Will any of the news organizations attending, Ask him if Israel mini-nuked the Beirut port? Ask him if Israeli operatives set the Demolition charges in the twin towers?).

    Now the people of Ukraine and the Russian military are just pawns in the New World Order game. Remember they want us to kill each other worldwide.

    We’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran. Sudan very complicated, also fights over oil in Sudan. Somalia very complicated…. See Al Shabaab Remember They fund and equip all sides in the wars, just like they created Al-Queda, ISIS, they probably created Al Shabaab, possibly through a Muslim Brotherhood Front, don’t know just asking.

    Why does the US now have Africa Command?

    A formerly secret map from AFRICOM shows a network of 29 U.S. military bases that stretch from one side of Africa to another.

    • Replies: @ImaBotKnot
  32. Agent76 says:

    Feb 7, 2022 The Warmongers Miscalculated

    Nov 9, 2016 Costs of War: the Human Toll of the Post-9/11 Wars By Brown University

    The Costs of War Project at Brown University’s Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs illustrates the human toll of the post-9/11 wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

    • Thanks: mark green
    • Replies: @mark green
  33. Treg says:

    Tying Military soldier liability to the Military Campaign is a FUNDAMENTAL MORAL requirement of any legit “all volunteer army” and could be a very wise thing to do.

    With no draft, comes moral culpability, and it should be subject to a loss of just enough to make Patriots Pat speak up and say “Well hold on here, if I volunteer, I’ll be liable for what?”

    And even if the penalty is low and standardized, like- 12 months wages and loss of all future benefits – that just might be enough to force the MORAL issue of the venture to the front and center in Patriot Pat’s mind.

    Should Washington’s Congressional Military Media Complex say “Lets shock and Aw ______ country next” and thousands of volunteers then think about it and say, “Hold on what I’m doing? Tell me whats the reason for this? Well I’m out, I resign”, then crazy murderous ideas like Vietnam, Gulf War 1&2, Afghanistan, Iraq, Lybia, Sryria and even Ukraine suddenly might not get the support it needs; at least not enough at the margins and so might not go forward at all.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  34. @ImaBotKnot

    From Fletcher Prouty author of The Secret Team

    In the world family of nations, sovereignty is one of the key conditions of existence, and sovereignty is inviolate. Even if we talk about some small country such as Monaco or Luxembourg, the code of nations regards their sovereignty to be as precious as that of the United States or the USSR. The day this code breaks down will be the beginning of the end of world order and of a return to the rule of brute force. Liberty begins as the aspiration of the individual, and sovereignty is the measure of the absolute power of a state. As we look around us today, we see an erosion of this fundament of international society. It is for this reason that we must look into this situation and consider how important it is to the world community to uphold principles that we hold to be essential and priceless assets of our civilization.

    Since sovereignty is priceless and must be inviolate, it is fundamental that no nation has the right to do that which if every other nation did likewise, would destroy this fragile fabric of civilization. We all agree in 99 percent of the cases that no nation has the right to infringe overtly upon the sovereignty of another. Since there is no higher court or other jurisdictional body empowered as final and absolute arbiter over the nations of the world, judgments in such cases must be left to the honor that exists among nations. When this fails, the only other alternative is for all nations large and small to form power blocks and alliances that in one way or another result in dependence upon brute force and sufficient leverage to demand compliance with the doctrine of sovereignty. [ But what happens when the International Rothschild Bank Network, Group of 30, own all the central banks and economies of all the countries of the world ]. Such moves in themselves result in the sacrifice of some measure of sovereignty. The price of alliance is generally some form of agreement and limitation of sovereignty that binds each party to assist the other even to the point of maintaining troops on the other’s soil, or some other such measure. But for lack of other means, all nations must in the final issue seek their own security as best they can, and somewhere in this fabric the common good directs that all nations honor and respect certain unassailable rights.

    Since no nation would then resort to overt infringement of sovereignty without being ready to face up to a war with that nation — perhaps a war of major proportions involving nations in alliance with that nation — then overt infringement is for all practical purposes out of the question. In all respects overt violation of the sovereignty of one nation by another would be a more difficult decision to make than a covert or clandestine infringement of sovereignty. If one nation believes that it has so much at stake that it must infringe upon the sovereignty of another nation, it will resort to clandestine [ Note MI6,Mossad, CIA ] means as the lesser of two evils.

    [But now they do not even care that their means are not so Covert anymore. Iraq war for instance, invading Afghanistan due to lies of false flag 9/11.]

  35. Malla says:

    Wherever I go, this Pakistani guy Raju follows me and cannot stop criticizing India.
    It is a national obsession, the Pakis have for us. What bad karmas have we done to deserve this. Boohoo.

    Pakistan’s Obsession with India

    Bruce Riedel: Pakistani Military Obsessed with India
    Bruce Riedel: The Pakistani army sees no way of defeating India conventionally, and has come up with two strategies to even the playing field: building nuclear weapons and asymmetric warfare.

    • Replies: @anonym123
    , @RoatanBill
  36. Malla says:

    Always take credit for someone else work.

    Pakistanis hate India but are obsessed with singing Indian songs. Why this craze for our songs?

    Original Indian Song. Sung by Hindus. The man and woman above are Hindus.

    But Pakistanis cannot stop singin Indian songs.

    Pakistanis singing the same Indian song, the one above.

  37. Brilhante artigo.
    Tive a oportunidade de lê-lo logo de imediato a sua publicação no The Cradle.

    Feliz por ver que questionamentos e esperanças do Jornalista e Escrtor Pepe Escobar estão sendo publicados em outros sites parceiros e assim chegar ao conhecimento de muitos outros frequentes seguidores de outros sites.

    Pobres afegãos, que os caminhos da Nova Rota da Seda possam trazer-lhes um futuro melhor e aos poucos esquecerem da devassidão injusta e desonesta a que foram submetidos pois a Luz sempre vencerá as sombras!

    Quem caminha em direção ao Sol não enxerga as sombras que ficam para trás.
    (provérbio chinês acho eu)

    Rio de Janeiro – Brasil

  38. Malla says:

    Original Indian Song. Sung by Hindus. The man and woman above are Hindus.

    But Pakistanis cannot stop singin Indian songs.

    Pakistani woman singing the same Indian song, the one above.

    Why this obsession of singing songs from a country Pakistanis hate?

  39. The full amount of foreign reserves should be unequivocally returned to the Afghan Central Bank. Yet everyone knows that’s not going to happen.


    China has big plans for Afghanistan. Maybe China should see that the Afghans don’t starve.

  40. @Treg

    The entire concept of handing over your decision making process to another via contract makes no sense. The very idea of following orders with no option to refuse or quit is easily one of the stupidest things ever conceived and yet we have the low IQ crowd opting for just such servitude. Common sense should indicate that some sociopath will eventually provide the orders as with the US deep state now.

    I don’t believe a full time military is needed or of any long term value since the US is the test case for how this ends up. There was never any original intent at the founding of the country to have a standing military. The Swiss model is about as far as is reasonable to go and even there, I’m against compulsory military service. I’m anti compulsion in everything. I would take advantage of the training the police and military get with regards to weapons, tactics, etc if it was freely available to the citizenry. That it’s only available to the inherently violent goons that are attracted to military and police work is in itself an indicator that something is seriously wrong.

    As I’ve said many times, I believe every adult should be armed and dangerous toward anyone, foreign or domestic, that would threaten him. Having people trained on missile systems and other complex gear for defensive purposes is reasonable but that shouldn’t constitute a full time obsession.

    Given that the US is shielded by two oceans, there should be no blue water navy since it’s only value is in an offensive posture. Fighter jets only have value when they’re flying over someone else’s territory and shouldn’t exist. These are systems that project power which is a euphemism for blatant aggression. With the advent of missiles, much of what was used in WW-II needs to be scrapped along with the thinking that produced those weapons systems.

    As for strictions and punishments for unwarranted aggression, it’s the death penalty. Anything short of that is a cop out as it will be stretched and made more malleable over time to produce the current monstrosity.

  41. @Malla

    May be the reason is this :

    Mohammed Zahur Khayyam Hashmi (18 February 1927 – 19 August 2019), better known mononymously as Khayyam, was an Indian music director and background score composer whose career spanned four decades.

    He won three Filmfare Awards: for Best Music in 1977 for Kabhi Kabhie and 1982 for Umrao Jaan, and a lifetime achievement award in 2010. He was awarded the 2007 Sangeet Natak Akademi Award in Creative Music, by the Sangeet Natak Akademi, India’s National Academy of Music, Dance and Theatre. He was awarded the third-highest civilian honour, Padma Bhushan, by the Government of India for 2011.

    In addition to that one expects the Pakistanis to like Bollywood because Pakistan was once part of India, geographically.

  42. @Agent76

    Thank you for the two short, excellent videos. Who is the man delivering that rousing anti-war speech in front of the White House? His name deserves to be known! Intelligent leadership is rare.

  43. satya says:

    The latest news from a Jewish mafia member, and a fifth column, Mark Dubowitz:

    Mark Dubowitz

    [It will take time but this will happen. And the anti-Israel holdouts will either join it or regret it.
    Note: one is Kuwait whom we saved from Saddam in the first Gulf war.
    The other is Iraq whom we rescued from Saddam in the second Gulf war.]

    This zionist terrorist is trying to deceive these countries to join FAKE ‘abraham accord’. In fact, Iraq few months ago passed a law that ‘normalization’ with the apartheid entity is against the law and the violators will be charged to be given death penalty.

    This Jewish mafia member, Dubowitz, who pushed for Iraq war and killed millions of Iraqis, including thousands of Iraqi scientists and Iraqi children, now is presenting himself as a ‘savior’ to loot Iraqi’s wealth. The Iraqi oil is already looted through northern region of the country using Barzani’s family, who since 1950s are spying for Israel, with the cooperation of Erdogan, the zionist terrorist, to Israel.

    • Thanks: mark green
  44. @Malla

    “…Why this obsession of singing songs from a country Pakistanis hate..?”

    Well, Indian films and their songs are not only popular in Pakistan but all over Asia.
    Indian music has also been influenced by Muslim music, so there is some commonality.

    Pakistan is “obsessed” with India because it derives its identity from “not being Hindu Indians” from it. It has no roots of its own in the sub-continent.

    • Replies: @Malla
  45. anonymous[429] • Disclaimer says:

    Bombing Yugoslavia without any reason

    No, you blinkered morally deficient loose woman (you do have a euRapean name). The Herpians were and are genocidal maniacs.

    Of course, the whitevil entity of Amerikkka kicked the shit out of those Chrizzie slavoniggers to virtue signal to the world that they don’t slaughter “Muzzies & Ragheads” only. Everybody knows that.

    Those Herpian vermin deserved everything they got, and should have got much more up their asses.

    Apparently the pissant genocidal bastards are stirring the pot again. If they do start something, I hope they burn again, just like their fascist slavoid brothers in the Fuckraine.

  46. @aandrews

    Bwahahaaaa! I’ll take Biden any day over Tranny Frankenstein.

    • Replies: @Johnny Rico
  47. anonym123 says:

    In the real sense, your kind’s actual bad “karma” is the fact that you are all born into such an accursed rabidly pagan society. Queer/rapist deities, animal-head deities, worship of the phallus, the devilish Kali… you fellows are batshit crazy! I mean, really!!

    An absolute majority (99.999999%, discounting the handful who will revert) of your pagan godless souls are destined to burn in Hell for all eternity. Can you think of a worse “karma” than that?

    Is the Paki obsession of all things Dindoo responsible for that too?

    • Replies: @anonym123
    , @Malla
  48. @Johnny Rico

    At least we know he’ll be gone in a couple years. The Russians still haven’t learned the superiority of stable institutions and principles over individuals no matter how strong and smart those individuals might be.

    It is hilarious. Every 25 or 30 years they start the clusterfuck over again while carping the whole time about how they are better than everybody because they have a longer history.

    What idiocy. The Chinese are good at this, too. How many HUNDREDS of millions of Chinese have killed each other in civil wars the last 4000 years? In the name of being the “oldest, most economically powerful civilization.”

    Even Kissinger buys into this horseshit.

  49. anonym123 says:

    On the flip side you should also remember that the Dindoos obsess about the Pakis as a coping mechanism to quell their own pathetic position (and inferiority complexes) in the larger scheme of worldly affairs and various measurement indices.

    We may be at the 101st position in the hunger index, but at least we are 9 places below Pakistan! … Wait! Wtf!!


  50. One of the best opening paragraphs in awhile. In a world where GlobalHomoZioBIGsRxMIC3BLM heroes battle evil Russians, the breadbasket playground of Ukraine, becomes the most complete kosher battlefield scenario imaginable.

    You got all the (((bigs))) doing their part, with illegitimate Zionist comedian leader Zelensky, pandering to Zionist tribal elders, who pander to GlobalHomo freaks, Magik Negroz, JewMedia, western anal fornication governments, all giving a big thumbs up their azz to spend hundreds of billions of freshly printed paper worth of WMDs, while forcing their citizens to eat bugs, drink poo, watch prime time gay porn as they laugh at them being priced out of energy, food and any pursuit of happiness.

    Every goyim should be convinced by now that we are the primary cast and crew and background actors in Hollywood’s latest production of “Protocols Of The Wise Elders Of Zion”.
    Next up on the Disney Channel,
    Pull down you pants white Christian heterosexuals, it’s time for “What’s Inside Your Anal Cavity”, with your host America’s Funniest Black Drag Queen, Pounda Flesh. Cue applause and laugh track machine.

  51. @Raju

    I went back and read your twenty-six (26) absurd comments. You’re obsessed with 1) India, 2) with the commenter ‘Malla’ and the cow-piss. There isn’t much else in your brainless retorts but vituperative nonsense and which leads me to conclude that you are a paki with a desire to propagate your creed to the readers of this site.

    Fine! But I too have a wish to inform … did you know, pedophile Mohammed was a true believer in camel urine as an aphrodisiac and moist camel dung as a beauty cream for the Muslim women? On the wedding night to the nine-year old Ayesha, the old goat drank a gallon of that stuff to deflower the child and in the morning told her to apply camel cream to sooth her hurt soul.

    • LOL: Malla
  52. Malla says:

    Nobel peace prize for your prime minister Modi may be in order if Trump is in line.

    Nobody in his right mind would give the thug Mooodi a Nobel prize in peace. But if Obongo the warmonger can be given the prize before even proving himself (as a man of peace), it proves that the Nobel Prize for peace is bullshit. Obongo went ahead in spreading war all around the World.

    But as far as Trump spreading peace, even the mullahs of Pakistan agree on this fact. Listen to your Mullahs. At least those who speak facts.

    This is a discussion on a Pakistani channel ‘Jamanah Gawah Hai’ (World is witness) where they have a discussion episode. (US President Elections & Its Global Impact| Ep#232). Released on YouTube on Nov 6, 2020.
    One of the guests, from Tarjime Islami, Mirza Ayub Beg (White beard dude with cap) sitting on the Right. I will translate the Urdu discussion into English as best I can, some of the things he says along with the host.
    At 20:10 minutes in the program (above video) Mirza Ayub Beg (Mullah dude with White beard and cap) says:
    “Yeh baat bilkul durust hai DEMOCRAT aur khas tar se yeh Biden jaab saib sadar tha,
    duniya ko bahuut jyada jango me mulaavas kiya gaya hai.”
    English Translation from Urdu: This is very correct that during DEMOCRAT rule and during the Vice Presidency of Biden, the World was pushed more into wars.
    20:18 mins Mirza Ayub Beg further says: “Trump ne nikala hai. Trump ko log is havale se
    galat samjhe hai. Trump ne Iraq se bhi nikala hai. Afghanistan se bhi nikala hai.”
    English Translation: Trump has removed the World from Wars. People misunderstand Trump in this respect. Trump has removed (American troops and American interference) in Iraq. Trump has removed (American troops and American interference) in Afghanistan.
    20:28 minutes Mirza Ayub Beg says: “Trump isi koshish me tha, aga chahe Shyam me se us tarah nikla nahi jaye lekin barhal…..”
    English Translation: Trump was trying to if he could not withdraw from Syria atleast
    20:39 minutes he says: “Trump ne apne aap ko, Amrika ko jungo se nikalne aur Trump kyo ki tajer hai, uski sari towojyo Amrika ke ECONOMY par hai. Amrika ki tasadiyat behtar ho jaye.”
    English Translation: Trump has always tried to remove the USA from earlier American wars and Trump’s main focus was on the ECONOMY. That the economic condition of the USA becomes better, that was his main focus.
    20:50 minutes he says further: “Aur yeh apko tasleem karna padega ki usne Amrika ki tasadiyat behtar kiya hai kuch na kuch.”
    English Translation: Translation: And you have to admit that he has improved the economic condition of the USA up to some extent.
    20:55 minutes he says further: “Jis tarh wo zawalpazeer thi isse pahale, iske daur me kamsekam ye to hua na wo zawal tasiyaad ka roka hai. Maashi zawaal roka hai.”
    English Translation: The way the USA was sliding downwards before him, during his tenure,
    he has stopped the down-slide of the country.

    21:07 minutes he says: Aur androon Amrika DOMESTIC POLICY ke hawale se uski POLICES ko pasaand kiya gaaya hai.
    English Translation: And interior America (Middle America) has liked and approved of Trump’s DOMESTIC POLICIES.

    • Replies: @Swaytonious
  53. Hymn 43 says:

    Congrats to TKK (comment #31) : boy did you hit the nail on the head. What we are being subject to is offensive and indefensible. You want to treat us like second class citizens behind coons and wetbacks thats fine but I personally am sick and tired of paying for it. It’s time for us to be set free from the shackles of the coastal government. Let tghe spooks have at it and see how well they do without living off the sweat of whitey.

  54. satya says:

    Russia’s foreign ministry on Monday called Israeli-blamed strikes on Syria unacceptable and demanded an unconditional cessation of the attacks.

    Russia should know that no one accepts this rhetoric to fool the public that Russia is doing ‘something’ anymore. Russia must bomb Israel back, otherwise Russia should shut up. We are tired of lies. Israel should be bombed now.

  55. Malla says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    Well, Indian films and their songs are not only popular in Pakistan but all over Asia.

    True, but not in East Asia though.

    Pakistanis are a copy cat culture too. The Ukrainians just termed the Russian Army in Ukraine as “Arda” or horde. Mongol Horde, propaganda bullshit, basically to inspire the Ukrainian soldiers to fight harder, like how the British used propaganda and used the term “Hun” for the Germans during WW1.

    Guess what? The national language of Pakistan ‘Urdu’ (sounds similar to ‘Arda’ doesn’t it ) is the Mongol term for horde. Yeah, the Mughals, who were part descendants of Mongols, called their army Urdu and they South Asian Muslims made a language named after it. LOL. Of course modern Urdu (and Hindi) was developed as a full fledged language by the British, primarily Scottish linguist Adam Gilchrist.

    • Replies: @Malla
  56. @Malla

    It always blows my mind when foreigners know the distinction of middle America verses the coastal satanists.

    • Replies: @Malla
  57. @Jeffrey Freeman

    I knew Bales personally.. he was a good dude when I knew him. What i think happened is that his wife got them into half a million dollars in debt via non dischargeable loans. Half a million dollars is the death gratuity your family receives when you did in combat. I think his intent was to go out and commit suicide by cop.. but the Afghan Police were too busy playing hide the weenie with little boys. This is why I think he went out the second time because he was like, “Shit! What do I do now?”

    I cannot reconcile the man I knew with the monster that killed those people.

  58. Malla says:

    godless souls are destined to burn in Hell for all eternity

    Ain’t you that low IQ goat Muzzie who called a fellow Muzzie, Raju, an idol worshiping pajeet dindoo and then went on to give a barrage of insults. Are Muzzies actually pajeet Dindoos and are pajeet Dindoos actually Muzzies? So nobody is going to heaven after all and those hot virgins (houris) shall remain virgins for eternity, it seems. Which is good for the universe, as seeing all those smelly sex crazed goatmen running after terrified beautiful virgin houris would have made the angels vomit with disgust.

    devilish Kali

    Kali is not a devil, in Hinduism she is just the black and ferocious version of Mother Goddess, the mother of the Universe. Hindu deities can take different forms. And the Mother Goddess took the form of Kali to kill evil demons.

    The Original Mother Goddess of Hinduism (Mother of the entire Universe), of whom Kali is just a form.

    Basically Kali was a tribal goddess of the native blacks of India, whom the Aryans included into their pantheon as the races were eventually mixing up. This is a very common phenomenon.

    Dindoos obsess about the Pakis as a coping mechanism to quell their own pathetic position (and inferiority complexes) in the larger scheme of worldly affairs and various measurement indices.

    Dindoos have ZERO inferiority complex feelings towards Muzzies, only Muzzies masturbate thinking dindoos have any inferiority complex towards Muzzies. Indeed Dinddos look down upon Muzzies as “low IQ, demon people who love to rape and kill”. Not my personal view but of most Hindoos..

    The brown Dindoos have arrogance towards say the Anglos (all Whites basically) and Chinese (all yellows basically) but deep inside he has some inferiority complex feeling. Towards Muzzies, nah….LOL. A Dindoo will have an inferiority complex feeling towards a poor Brit over a rich Arab Sheikh.

    • Replies: @American Bulwark
  59. @RoatanBill

    To get to any sort of war crimes tribunal this messed up nation would first have to be pounded into submission. These rat bags at the levers of power would have to be hounded to the gates of hell before they’d even squeeze out one syllable of contrition. And even then they’d likely blame some poor schmuck who hasn’t a clue as to what’s going on.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  60. @InnerCynic

    There’s more than one way to crash a nation. When the dollar dies, that will be the end of the United States of America. When the morons in costume can’t get paid in anything with purchasing power, they walk off the job leaving the Federal sociopaths at the top defenseless. The junior sociopaths known as governors will recognize their opportunity to become Caesar in their area and the breakup will commence.

    There’s a depression brewing and it’s going to be one for the record books. The entire world will be involved due to counterparty risk being realized. The world will dig itself out eventually and then the hunt will be on for the perpetrators of financial crimes and war crimes. The former US will hold the vast majority of the murderers in costume and the finance wizards that invented con after con.

    Your mention of contrition should remind readers that the US has never even mouthed the words of apology for all the death and destruction it has created around the globe, much less tried to make restitution. The criminals are still in charge but they recognize that their power is dissipating. With nuclear weapons at their disposal and a military full of war criminals, they can imagine what their future holds should they lose control. They need a new world war to just attempt to save their own hides and that could and probably would go nuclear.

    • Replies: @Swaytonious
    , @InnerCynic
  61. @TKK

    In my early 50’s I closed up my computer and software consultancy of over 20 years and exited the US. I didn’t want to contribute to the war machine and didn’t want to make the US successful since its success is the death to many.

    The only weapon you have is your labor. The sociopaths desperately need your labor to survive. If you want to stick it to the man, remove your labor. Retire early if you can. Move out of the US if you can. Sign up for every welfare program available. Take as much food from food banks as possible. Deny the gov’t the only real thing you have to offer while simultaneously being more of a negative on the economy.

    Stop cooperating in your own destruction and start throwing sand into the gears of outright criminality.

    • Agree: Ann Nonny Mouse
  62. @Malla

    At base, it’s your ridiculous religions.

    Each side hates the other because each side absolutely knows their religion is the one and only and therefore the other side is to be despised. Everything flows from you religions, even the partition and mass movement of peoples to create Pakistan.

    You can’t fix stupid.
    Ron White

    • Replies: @Malla
  63. @Malla

    “Basically Kali was a tribal goddess of the native blacks of India, whom the Aryans included into their pantheon as the races were eventually mixing up. This is a very common phenomenon.”


    You’re preaching to the donkeys. These converts to Arabic (stolen from the Jew) Islam were the lowest of the low of Indian Subcontinent before the thugs directed by the pedophile-in-chief, Mohammed the Bedou, rolled into what is Sindh (mark my word, it will go back to the Hindus because not unlike Jews, the dot-heads will never forget), Pakistan to offer them virgins in paradise. Imagine that! A bunch of ignorant and illiterate bastards grinning at the prospect of molesting fair skinned women (is it any wonder then Pakis in the UK were recruiting and raping underage innocent White Christian girls). I have always said that the Allah business is perfect for the incorrigible Arabs because they were wild like animals but not for anyone else, including the naked Africans let alone for the Indians however lowly they were in the caste system. Therefore, it’s impossible to put a sense of pride into a parroting paki using basic logic when only Alibaba and the forty thieves would do. Perhaps, the pragmatic but ruthless Chinese will straighten them out with a swift kick in their collective pantaloons. May your Black Kali have mercy on the morons!


    • Replies: @Mehool Mehta
  64. @American Bulwark

    Mehool Bhai
    Very very good comment, AB Bhai.

    raping underage innocent White Christian girls

    Islamic Clerics Behaving Badly

    Bhai, Mullah raping 16 years old female students in their madrasas (Islamic religious schools) (1:50 minutes), Imam of a mosque, raped a 13 years old mentally challenged girl inside the mosque (3:06 minutes), a Imam (a hafeez-who has memorized the whole Koran) has been raping a 4 years old daily (3:42 minutes).
    In Pakistani newspaper you have a sperate newspaper page for rapes (along with sports, business etc..) 5:46 minutes. So many rapes!!! A woman going for a job interview and ended up getting raped. A 13 years old boy raped.

    The Other Kaaba (Which Muhammad Destroyed)

    AB Bhai, Dhul Khalasa in Yemen was one more Kaaba, which Mohammed got the destroyed and Mohammed’s people killed all the people around them. It was locally called a Kaaba. The Yemen Kaaba had a White stone, which was worshipped like the Black Stone of Mecca. But Mohammed said that the Black stone of Mecca Kaaba was pure White before it became black because of the sins of humans. It were the Zoarastrians/ parsis who had earlier started these cube like temples which the Arabs copied in a cheap watered down style. Arab women would go around these cube temples naked once upon a time. Muslims say that Kaaba was Allah’s first house, built by Abraham, but bhai, there is no historical proof about it till after Islam. Muslims claim Mecca was a huge trade city before Islam but there is no proof of it until late after Islam. It is just Mohammed take the cube temple of his own family and made it the center of his new fake religion.

    May your Black Kali have mercy on the morons!

    Maa Kaali destroys the evils and demons. Hence she will destroy the Muslims because they are evil demons.

    Mehool Bhai, Mumbai.

  65. @RoatanBill

    I’m just looking forward to what happens to Israel when the west is no longer able to be their big stick.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  66. @Swaytonious

    Just recently, Putin stated that Russia is just getting started in Ukraine. I think he knew going in that he would eventually face NATO and the US. Recently Russia has also demanded that Israel stop its incursions into Syria. I think the relationship between Russia and Israel is souring so I think in the not too distant future Russia will knock off some Israeli jets to punctuate their demand.

    The whole Ukraine thing is just a proxy war that’s going to expand into the Middle East first to avoid a direct European war if possible. Once that happens Israel is going to get pounded by lots of players. I also suspect Russia will take out the US troops in Syria stealing oil if the US doesn’t pull them out first. The Middle East isn’t as important to Russia or the US as Europe is. I think Russia’s long game is to get the US out of Europe and make NATO look so inept that Europe just cancels it. That could also trigger the end of the EU and their phony currency.

    It’s my impression the US doesn’t want to tangle with Russia and will avoid a direct confrontation. NATO is a bullshit organization from top to bottom so I doubt they’ll do more than provide news interviews.

    • Thanks: Swaytonious
  67. Anon[203] • Disclaimer says:

    Truth shall set your souls free!

  68. @RoatanBill

    Things are going to get really really ugly. I had hoped to cash out everything and eventually bail for my wife’s country before the shit started. But, alas, it may well not turn out that way. Still hoping. When she mentions things like “retiring” I have to laugh. She’s seventeen years my junior and, God bless her, so naive. I love the fact that while she’s not ignorant to the situation she still has hope.

  69. Malla says:

    Sorry, the Mongol Army was called “Ordo”. hence the term for horde in Eastern European language which is “Arda” and the national language of Pakistan, “Urdu”.

  70. Malla says:

    It always blows my mind when foreigners know the distinction of middle America verses the coastal satanists.

    Yeah, that is true.
    What is interesting is that unlike some of the goat level IQ Muslims on this page (Raju or anonym123 post 50 on this page) , some (some, not all) Muslim Imams are really intelligent men who have a good knowledge of other societies. Even some of the great scholars of the Islamic World like Ibn Khaldun were intelligent men with a very humble and balance view of other societies.

  71. Malla says:

    Agree, very true.
    In South Asia low IQ masses (led by cunning elites) + religions = bad combination. Hell even high IQ masses like Europeans in the past went psycho over religion (30 years war).
    Religions are a mixed tool, has its pros and has its cons. Each religion or even sect has its own unique pros and cons for individuals and/or society, what is pro for an individual can be con for society in some cases.

  72. Malla says:
    @Indignant of Maidstone

    They did not forget Menachem Begin, the well known Jew and terrorist. He got his peace prize with murder warrants outstanding.

    Nobel piss er…sorry…peace prize is all bullshit.

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