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String of Pearls: Yemen Could be the Arab Hub of the Maritime Silk Road
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Photo Credit: The Cradle

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The usual suspects tried everything against Yemen.

First, coercing it into ‘structural reform.’ When that didn’t work, they instrumentalized takfiri mercenaries. They infiltrated and manipulated the Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), ISIS. They used US drones and occasional marines.

And then, in 2015, they went Total Warfare: a UN-backed rogue coalition started bombing and starving Yemenis into submission – with barely a peep from the denizens of the ‘rules-based international order.’

The coalition – House of Saud, Qatar, UAE, US, UK – for all practical purposes, embarked on a final solution for Yemen.

Sovereignty and unity were never part of the deal. Yet soon the project stalled. Saudis and Emiratis were fighting each other for primacy in southern and eastern Yemen using mercenaries. In April 2017, Qatar clashed with both Saudis and Emiratis. The coalition started to unravel.

Now we reach a crucial inflexion point. Yemeni Armed Forces and allied fighters from Popular Committees, backed by a coalition of tribes, including the very powerful Murad, are on the verge of liberating strategic, oil and natural gas-rich Marib – the last stronghold of the House of Saud-backed mercenary army.

Tribal leaders are in the capital Sanaa talking to the quite popular Ansarallah movement to organize a peaceful takeover of Marib. So this process is in effect the result of a wide-ranging national interest deal between the Houthis and the Murad tribe.

The House of Saud, for its part, is allied with the collapsing forces behind former president Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, as well as political parties such as Al-Islah, Yemen’s Muslim Brotherhood. They have been incapable of resisting Ansarallah.

A repeat scenario is now playing in the western coastal port of Hodeidah, where takfiri mercenaries have vanished from the province’s southern and eastern districts.

Yemen’s Defense Minister Mohammad al-Atefi, talking to Lebanon’s al-Akhbar newspaper, stressed that, “according to strategic and military implications…we declare to the whole world that the international aggression against Yemen has already been defeated.”

It’s not a done deal yet – but we’re getting there.

Hezbollah, via its Executive Council Chairman Hashim Safieddine, adds to the context, stressing how the current diplomatic crisis between Lebanon and Saudi Arabia is directly linked to Mohammad bin Salman’s (MbS) fear and impotence when confronted with the liberation of strategic Marib and Hezbollah’s unwavering support for Yemen throughout the war.

A fabricated ‘civil war’

So how did we get here?

Venturing beyond the excellent analysis by Karim Shami here on The Cradle, some geoeconomic background is essential to understanding what’s really going on in Yemen.

For at least half a millennium before the Europeans started to show up, the ruling classes in southern Arabia built the area into a prime hub of intellectual and commercial exchange. Yemen became the prized destination of Prophet Muhammad’s descendants; by the 11th century they had woven solid spiritual and intellectual links with the wider world.

By the end of the 19th century, as noted in Isa Blumi’s outstanding Destroying Yemen (University of California Press, 2018), a “remarkable infrastructure that harnessed seasonal rains to produce a seemingly endless amount of wealth attracted no longer just disciples and descendants of prophets, but aggressive agents of capital seeking profits.”

Soon we had Dutch traders venturing on terraced hills covered in coffee beans clashing with Ottoman Janissaries from Crimea, claiming them for the Sultan in Istanbul.

By the post-modern era, those “aggressive agents of capital seeking profits” had reduced Yemen to one of the advanced battlegrounds of the toxic mix between neoliberalism and Wahhabism.

The Anglo-American axis, since the Afghan jihad in the 1980s, promoted, financed and instrumentalized an essentialist, ahistorical version of ‘Islam’ that was simplistically reduced to Wahhabism: a deeply reactionary social engineering movement led by an antisocial front based in Arabia.

That operation shaped a shallow version of Islam sold to western public opinion as antithetical to universal – as in ‘rules-based international order’ – values. Hence, essentially anti-progressive. Yemen was at the frontline of this cultural and historical perversion.

Yet the promoters of the war unleashed in 2015 – a gloomy celebration of humanitarian imperialism, complete with carpet bombing, embargoes, and widespread forced starvation – did not factor in the role of the Yemeni Resistance. Much as it happened with the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The war was a perverse manipulation by US, UK, French, Israeli and minions Saudi, Emirati and Qatari intel agencies. It was never a ‘civil war’ – as the hegemonic narrative goes – but an engineered project to reverse the gains of Yemen’s own ‘Arab Spring.’

The target was to return Yemen back to a mere satellite in Saudi Arabia’s backyard. And to ensure that Yemenis never dare to even dream of regaining their historic role as the economic, spiritual, cultural and political reference for a great deal of the Indian Ocean universe.

Add to the narrative the simplistic trope of blaming Shia Iran for supporting the Houthis. When it was clear that coalition mercenaries would fail to stop the Yemeni Resistance, a new narrative was birthed: the war was important to provide ‘security’ for the Saudi hacienda facing an ‘Iran-backed’ enemy.

That’s how Ansarallah became cast as Shia Houthis fighting Saudis and local ‘Sunni’ proxies. Context was thrown to the dogs, as in the vast, complex differences between Muslims in Yemen – Sufis of various orders, Zaydis (Houthis, the backbone of the Ansarallah movement, are Zaydis), Ismailis, and Shafii Sunnis – and the wider Islamic world.

Yemen goes BRI

So the whole Yemen story, once again, is essentially a tragic chapter of Empire attempting to plunder Third World/Global South wealth.

The House of Saud played the role of vassals seeking rewards. They do need it, as the House of Saud is in desperate financial straits that include subsidizing the US economy via mega-contracts and purchasing US debt.


The bottom line: the House of Saud won’t survive unless it dominates Yemen. The future of MBS is totally leveraged on winning his war, not least to pay his bills for western weapons and technical assistance already used. There are no definitive figures, but according to a western intel source close to the House of Saud, that bill amounted to at least $500 billion by 2017.

The stark reality made plain by the alliance between Ansarallah and major tribes is that Yemen refuses to surrender its national wealth to subsidize the Empire’s desperate need of liquidity, collateral for new infusions of cash, and thirst for commodities. Stark reality has absolutely nothing to do with the imperial narrative of Yemen as ‘pre-modern tribal traditions’ averse to change, thus susceptible to violence and mired in endless ‘civil war.’

And that brings us to the enticing ‘another world is possible’ angle when the Yemeni Resistance finally extricates the nation from the grip of the hawkish, crumbling neoliberal/Wahhabi coalition.

As the Chinese very well know, Yemen is rich not only in the so far unexplored oil and gas reserves, but also in gold, silver, zinc, copper and nickel.

Beijing also knows all there is to know about the ultra-strategic Bab al Mandab between Yemen’s southwestern coast and the Horn of Africa. Moreover, Yemen boasts a series of strategically located Indian Ocean ports and Red Sea ports on the way to the Mediterranean, such as Hodeidah.

These waterways practically scream Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and especially the Maritime Silk Road – with Yemeni ports complementing China’s only overseas naval base in Djibouti, where roads and railways connect to Ethiopia.

The Ansarallah–tribal alliance may even, in the medium to long term, exercise full control for access to the Suez Canal.

One very possible scenario is Yemen joining the ‘string of pearls’ – ports linked by the BRI across the Indian Ocean. There will, of course, be major pushback by proponents of the ‘Indo-Pacific’ agenda. That’s where the Iranian connection enters the picture.

BRI in the near future will feature the progressive interconnection between the China–Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) – with a special role for the port of Gwadar – and the emerging China–Iran corridor that will traverse Afghanistan. The port of Chabahar in Iran, only 80 km away from Gwadar, will also bloom, whether by definitive commitments by India or a possible future takeover by China.

Warm links between Iran and Yemen will translate into renewed Indian Ocean trade, without Sanaa depending on Tehran, as it is essentially self-sufficient in energy and already manufactures its own weapons. Unlike the Saudi vassals of Empire, Iran will certainly invest in the Yemeni economy.

The Empire will not take any of this lightly. There are plenty of similarities with the Afghan scenario. Afghanistan is now set to be integrated into the New Silk Roads – a commitment shared by the SCO. Now it’s not so far-fetched to picture Yemen as a SCO observer, integrated to BRI and profiting from Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) packages. Stranger things have happened in the ongoing Eurasia saga.

(Republished from The Cradle by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy, History • Tags: New Silk Road, Saudi Arabia, Yemen 
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  1. TG says:

    I’m sorry, but this is complete and total rubbish.

    I don’t know what Yemen was like in the distant past – but today it is a typical third-world hell-hole, where people breed like rodents and crush themselves into subsistence level poverty. There is really nothing else to know about Yemen other than this. Dropping bombs on the Yemenis is what Churchill would have called “making the rubble bounce.”

    In 1990 the population of Yemen was about 12 million. In 2010, about 24 million. Forget the lies of Milton Friedman and Julian Simon, for nations larger than a city-state and without an open frontier, basically no society has ever had this rate of population growth and not been miserably poor.

    I mean: imagine a poor farmer who could maybe take decent care of two kids. Instead he has seven, and they grow up chronically malnourished to the point of being physically stunted. How does this create wealth? It doesn’t, duh.

    But of course the real villains are the corrupt western so-called academics like Friedman and Simon and Krugman, who have been screaming and howling that people breeding like rodents is GUARANTEED to create prosperity. Yeah, right.

    Bottom line: an overpopulated miserably poor and corrupt impoverished society is only a threat to those stupid enough to touch that tar-baby. Yemen is nothing but a trap for the foolish. If the Saudis really had any brains, they would just keep the Yemenis from escaping and they will die on their own.

    • Agree: Bardon Kaldian
    • Disagree: chris, Emslander
    • Thanks: Redneck farmer
  2. Informative article.Thank you.

    • Agree: Kali, Anon62
  3. As the Chinese very well know, Yemen is rich not only in the so far unexplored oil and gas reserves, but also in gold, silver, zinc, copper and nickel.

    I see a version of that quote just about everywhere, but nobody offered a source.

    Basically, my eyes glazed over with this article, for my knowledge of the area could probably be written in block letters on a 3×5″ index card.

    Some background from another author I found to be somewhat easier reading:

    The War Nerd Looks At Yemen: An Exile Classic – 2002

    The War Nerd: How Many Dead Yemeni Nobodies Does It Take To Equal 1 WaPo Contributor? – 2020

  4. [ ] may even, in the medium to long term, exercise full control for access to the Suez Canal.

    That would be as much a casus belli as closing the Canal itself. Sokotra has
    already been good as sold to the Israelis, and they will not allow the Ansar
    to acquire a wealthy and powerful patron, so whoever controls the Bab it won´t be the Yemenis (China is in no position either).
    Strategic location plus poor equals deep shit.

    • Thanks: Kali
    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  5. @TG

    I agree that massive population increase is a huge burden for any nation seeking to grow, to create common-wealth.
    However, foreign investment — NOT of the neoliberal variety — maybe a successful “kick-start”.
    One of the proven ways to decrease population growth is to shift as many as possible into an emerging middle class. (Thus, China is beginning to worry about it’s aging population. Japan has had this same worry for some years now.)

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  6. Yemen will have a population in misery, but for some reason the West and its cronies are killing them. They have something of great value there that justifies the slaughter.

  7. @nokangaroos

    What has become of the Bridge of the Horns project, the plan to span the 16+ mile distance between Djibouti and Yemen to connect Africa and Asia, with twin Cities of Light at each end?
    The bin Laden family was a leader in the project, and about 15 years ago American engineers and investors had been involved in the project’s earliest phase.

  8. Thanks Mr Escobar… But I am surprised you didnt go further back in history. The region of Yemen was important many centuries before Islam existed…

    But yeah it is true that the Saudis and the usual US lackeys cant understand why they cant win in Yemen. Hezbollah and Iran are indeed laughing….

    The one thing I dont hear enough analysis on is where Oman will fall in all of this…

    • Replies: @chris
  9. @SolontoCroesus

    Good point. The Bin Laden family are still big players on the scene. Undoubtedly geopolitics will play a role in whether that project every happens.

    • Replies: @chris
  10. chris says:


    He also skipped the Cold War years with that struggle for the strategic Yemen, where the country was split between communist and western allied parts. (I hope he didn’t skip this chapter because it would have been unflattering to the Soviet sponsored side).

    The rest of the analysis is very good, though the outlook may be unfortunately a bit too rosy; not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  11. chris says:

    Good point. With the bin Ladens we once again come back to the CIA role in the area.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  12. I don’t have much hopes about a peaceful growth of Yemen, but I understand that the present turmoil was instigated with an eye on capturing the oil fields. The Saudi oil deposits are said to be running out fast, and the oil frankenstein is looking for fresh pastures. But I doubt China will spill its blood for Yemen; all it has to do is to sit back and watch Yemenis beat the takfiris, now and then bolstered by a strategic arms transfer; Iran and Hezbollah are there to do the rest.

    The problem for the American empire is, it has stupidly burnt its own hinterland – a de-industrialised heartland, debt-bonded population hating the uncontrolled immigration, an unbelievable dependence on China for simple, day-to-day goods, no clear ideology or holy grail to pursue, a population kept together only by its propaganda media… And Europe? The only Europeans willing to die for their country are in Hungary and Poland, but I doubt if they will be willing to die for the EU. The American empire needs a spectacular Pearl Harbour to rally its subjects (are they citizens still?) around its faded out standards… And no earthly enemy can fill that role any more. Cue the UFO…

  13. glib says:

    Five bucks say that Yemen will start experiencing more serious famines in late 2022, as the energy crisis spawns a food crisis, and countries at the margins (like, also, Afghanistan and Lebanon) start to suffer. I know they have already had famines but this one will be worse. The Eurasian century is going to be awful, with depopulation everywhere, because it is concomitant to the end of oil..

    • LOL: Emslander
  14. China cultivates illustrious friends doesn’t she – North Korea, Cambodia, Pakistan, Iran and now probably Afghanistan and Yemen not counting Sub Saharan dumps like Djibuti ROFL.

    You have lost your goddamn mind Pepe you’re definitely a paid propagandist for Beijing because now your articles have reached that greatest political satirist of our era Godfree Roberts level of absurdity.

    Meanwhile in the real world.

    China’s government has accused Joe Biden of “a mistake” in inviting Taiwan to participate in a democracy summit alongside 109 other democratic governments.

    Taiwan was included in a list of participants for next month’s Summit for Democracy, published by the state department on Tuesday. Taiwan is a democracy and self-governing, but Beijing claims it is a province of China and has accused its government of separatism.

    The inaugural gathering is considered a test of Biden’s pledge that he would return the US to a position asserting global leadership to challenge authoritarian forces led by China and Russia. Neither is included in the virtual summit, scheduled for 9 and 10 December.

    Taiwanese military helicopters rehearsing for the island’s national day celebrations near Taipei, amid growing military threats from China.
    Taiwan president says China threat growing ‘every day’ as Biden criticises Beijing
    Read more
    On Wednesday, Zhu Fenglian, spokeswoman for China’s Taiwan Affairs Office, said the inclusion of Taiwan was a “mistake” and Beijing opposed “any official interaction between the US and China’s Taiwan region”.

    Even the EU is talking to China so what is Xitler going to do sanction both of them, invade Taiwan?
    Let him try. The Paper Dragon will do neither just do wolf warrior diplomacy lot of tough talk which is now increasingly counterproductive.

    • Troll: showmethereal
    • Replies: @antibeast
    , @denk
    , @denk
    , @denk
  15. “As the Chinese very well know, Yemen is rich not only in the so far unexplored oil and gas reserves, but also in gold, silver, zinc, copper and nickel.”

    Pepe is always ready and willing to further the cause of the greedy chinaman but fear not because cavalry isn’t too far away. Bombs ahoy!

  16. antibeast says:

    How is Taiwan relevant to this thread about Yemen?

    • Replies: @The_MasterWang
  17. @chris

    You should check out “New Confessions of an Economic Hitman”… It’s not just the Bin Ladens…. All prominent Saudi families are part of it. There is a chapter in that book that details the deal that was made with the Saudis back in the 70’s. Saudis get the best of both worlds… Confirms what most know… They get US military and diplomatic protection – meanwhile they get the freedom to do what they want… Just as long as they keep the US dollar at the heart of the global oil industry. Pretty much the same deal the UAE and Qatar got later.
    Of course the Shah of Iran was the one who originally was given that deal – but his overthrow was well known. There is a chapter in that book that does give some on the ground accounts of the atmosphere leading up to his overthrow that were unique.

    • Thanks: Old and Grumpy
    • Replies: @chris
  18. arami says:

    [The war was a perverse manipulation by US, UK, French, Israeli and minions Saudi, Emirati and Qatari intel agencies. It was never a ‘civil war’ – as the hegemonic narrative goes – but an engineered project to reverse the gains of Yemen’s own ‘Arab Spring.’]

    Absolutely true Mr. Escobar.

    As Yemen’s Defense Minister Mohammad al-Atefisaid: “The International aggression against Yemen has been defeated.” This line of analysis came out of Germany as well.
    But Anthony Blinkin, a zionist fifth column, still pushing for more Yemenis’ bloodshed and is spreading lies that: “the Saudis have been engaged productively in trying to bring this war to an end.”
    After this lie, then he criticized the Houthi rebels, known formally as Ansar Allah, who “continue to hold out” by not agreeing to negotiate. Everyone knows what that means. Complete capitulization to Jewish mafia like ‘normalization’ where we have seen it in Sudan, Morocco, UAE and other traitors in different colonies.
    His statements reflect the official U.S. stance, yet they betray either a lack of information or a refusal to accept the reality on the ground: The Houthis have defeated the Saudis.
    Hear it? see it? The Houithis have already DEFEATED the Saudis. But these criminals and mass murderers are not going to give up and go to plan B, unless a front destroy them all and put them in their proper position.
    This is NOT Saudis’ war, rather is Jewish mafia and US war against Yemen where the stupid MBS is funding and ‘fighting’ for the interest of his MASTERS, US and Israel.
    When Saudi Arabia’s then-Defense Minister Mohammed bin Salman launched Operation Decisive Storm against the Houthis in March 2015, he assumed the military operation would bring an easy victory that would help confirm his eventual promotion to crown prince and future king.

    Instead, it became a nightmare for MBS, the butcher, as Saudi Arabia not only publicly brutalized an impoverished population but also proved incapable of defeating a group of rebels despite billions of dollars of U.S. military hardware that MBS spent on. The Saudis’ recent willingness to negotiate a cease-fire reflects their weakened position. Yet, Blinkin, a zionist liar, tell the dummies different story to continue the war against Yemen so stupid MBS pays more $Billions of dollars into Jewish mafia hand to continue the illegal wars against Muslims to ‘normalize’ relations with the apartheid regime.
    The war against Yemen is NOT only for oil and resources, but for Control of Bab al-Mandeb, a waterway goes into the Red sea carrying oils and goods is Very important for US and apartheid regime in occupied land.
    Accordingly, the Saudi government is pursuing new goals in the war against Yemen in order to reduce the burden of defeat in this war. One of the most important goals is to dominate the strategic Bab al-Mandeb Strait, which lies between Yemen, Djibouti and Artira.
    Bab al-Mandeb Strait can be considered as one of the most important strategic geographical centers in the world, which is of great importance. The strait is not only the point of contact between the Red Sea and the Mediterranean, but also connects southwest Asia to East Africa and Europe. The Bab al-Mandeb Strait also plays an important role in global energy transportation. According to estimates by the US Energy Information Administration in 2013, about 3.8 million barrels of oil are exported daily from the Bab al-Mandeb Strait, which is equivalent to six percent of world oil trade. At the same time, about 25,000 ships carrying all kinds of goods pass through Bab al-Mandeb annually.

    Therefore, the United States, Britain and the Zionist regime also support the war against Yemen and especially in trying to dominate Bab al-Mandeb because they do not want to see the strategic Strait of Bab al-Mandeb at the same time as the strategic Strait of Hormoz Be in the hands of their ‘enemies’.

  19. Good for Yemen if this happens… I think. Not sure why Mr. Escobar is so enamored about China and its silk roads. As an American, I’m good with the end of our superpower-dom. However I see nothing great about China taking our place. For that matter any country taking on the role. Also there is a wildcard . How will China’s somewhat buddy Israel be with Yemen being a maritime hub? No clue except the CCP owes the international small hat brigade for their fortune.

    • Replies: @The_MasterWang
  20. @animalogic

    Is there any hard-core Islamic country capable of progress & sustainable development?

    Doubt it.

    If all Norwegians converted to Islam, they’d be multiplying like rabbits & would have turned their county into a shithole.

    Islam Caused Islamic World’s Decline

  21. Alfred says:

    Pepe has lost his marbles. 🙂

    Yemen went into decline when the Portuguese circumnavigated Africa. Later, when the Suez Canal opened, Yemen revived as a coaling station for the ships of that era. But when shipping switched to oil, Yemen went into terminal decline.

    BTW, I am writing really about Aden and South Yemen. North Yemen never left the Middle Ages.

    In Biblical times, Yemen was the “Land of Milk and Honey”. The real Jericho and much else was in Yemen.

    • Thanks: chris
  22. PJ London says:

    I’m sorry but your comment is complete and total rubbish.
    In poor countries (all of them) children are wealth not a cost. The increase is seen as a vast improvement, mainly because of better survival rates of childhood. Arab culture sees children as a blessing, not as a curse.
    ” but today it is a typical third-world hell-hole, where people breed like rodents and crush themselves into subsistence level poverty.” as a result of the thousands of (US made) bombs dropped on the country by US made planes and missiles. You are seriously demented to make a statement such as “crush themselves into subsistence level poverty.” it is the destruction of homes, towns and infrastructure that causes poverty not the work of Yemenis. You are a fool to think otherwise.
    Yemen is a strategic chokepoint 1.2 billion tonnes of freight went through the Suez in 2020, all of which could have been stopped by Yemen.
    12% of the worlds freight goes past, the alternative route via the Cape would add a trillion dollars to the cost. It controls Israel’s access to the Indian Ocean and locks it into a Mediterranean country.
    Did you forget about the mineral and oil wealth of the country? Which cannot be exploited in a time of war, just like oh, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon, Iran et al.
    It is not a crime to be ignorant or stupid but to put it on display is really dumb.

    • Agree: Anon62
    • Thanks: Nancy
    • Replies: @chris
  23. Agent76 says:

    Mar 13, 2021 Yemen’s Ansarullah rejects fake Saudi-US ceasefire plan Press TV, 13 March 2021

    Jun 26, 2020 Millions of children face and starvation in Yemen warns United Nations – BBC News

    Yemen faces the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, with the coronavirus pandemic compounding the effect of five years of civil war.


    Corporate politicians try and defend the military actions of the Saudi led coalition in Yemen by sheer unadulterated lies. UK Foreign Office Minister Alistair Burt in a debate in the House of Commons blithely stated that the Saudi led coalition had not breached any international law.

  24. chris says:

    Thanks SMtR!
    Funnily enough, your description of the other ‘special relationship,’ confirms my suspicions about how this all functions.

    On top of the overt financial and military support, their oil selling competitors are constantly being hobbled through sanctions in order to keep the price real high and to keep all the profits flowing through them.

    Those profits are then shared (usually called a kickback) with our ‘intelligence community’ giving them a virtually unlimited, off-the-books budget, which can be tapped for things like Iran-Contra, the Yemen war, and as MBS said a few years ago in his WaPo interview, to set up a network of Madrassases all over the ME. (MBS essentially said: ‘you asked us to set these up!’)

    So yeah, that seems to be a big chunk of how our ‘special relationship’ all works.

    Thanks for the reference you provided, I’ll look into it.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  25. chris says:


    The postscript to your comment should read: ‘all others explanations for the genocidal war conducted on the Yemenis people are made up out of whole cloth in order to obfuscate these underlying strategic goals’

  26. @TG

    Disinformation unlimited. This poster strikes me as motivationally suspect. Its a sterling example of attacking the victim, particularly by means of blaming a tendency towards overbreeding for all of Yemen’s ills. Two of the Amish households in my own neighborhood have a combined total of 24 offspring. Perhaps the poster should be nagging about them instead of the Yemeni resistance.

    • Agree: L.K
  27. Mefobills says:

    The first string of pearls, was Portuguese outposts on their maritime routes.

    Of course, Jews were heavily involved, as they were re-stablishing their usury trade in spices and metal money.

    The East-West overland caravan routes (formerly haibaru donkey caravaneers) had been overturned by Vasco-de-Gama.

    In an impressive journey, he sailed along the African coast, beyond the Cape of Good Hope and managed to destroy the monopoly of Arab and Venetian merchants in the spice trade which was considered a luxury in that period of time.

    Jews intermediated trade between Venice and the Arab world, particularly at Arsinoe Canal. Our Jewish Sephardic friends fled Spain after Ferdinand and Isabella kicked them out in 1492.

    Sephardic Jews found Portugal as their destination, and then the Southern Route was discovered in 1497.

    Essentially the Haibaru Caravaneers took up their ancient usury methods of intermediating spices and metal money from East to West.

    To secure the routes, they set up entrepot ports along the route, which were a “string of pearls.”

    Silver would be extracted from the West, and Gold from the East. India (the East) also supplied spices. Jews raked off the exchange rate difference by virtue of their role in movement of the metal on trade routes. They effectively controlled the exchange rate.

    When you read the link above, note how Jews are not present in the analysis, yet they were the main actors.

    Pepe circles above the target with this comment:

    So the whole Yemen story, once again, is essentially a tragic chapter of Empire attempting to plunder Third World/Global South wealth.

    Once again, if we don’t follow the Jew, then we have an incomplete view. Atlantacism is Jewish method indurated into practice, especially the practice of arbitraging money and goods on maritime routes. This was done on the caravan routes, in the Mediterranean (Greek era), and later the Jew attached himself to Portugal, and then Amsterdam.

    Tragically, Nixon allowed his brain to be infected by the Jews surrounding him, and he should have known better. Kissinger and high level CFR types worked out a strategy to create the petrodollar system, when the trading gold standard was broken in 1971.

    The petrodollar/Tbill system is (((international))) credit, using the dollar as a golem. The secret 1973 Agreement with Saudi, established the petrodollar TBill system.

    Subverting nation states, to then own the money power, has long been a specialty of our friends. Indeed, it is their religion, and the source of the in-group power. If you doubt this, Trajan’s army when it interdicted the Caravan routes caused the Jews to let loose in a frenzy, where they killed thousands of Greeks. Our (((friends))) did not go bezerk when their religious centers were interdicted by Rome. The real religion of our friends is Usury and In-Group control.

    Portugal established itself as a creditocracy behind metal money, then later England with the Sterling Zone, and then the U.S. with the dollar. In all cases, the master string pullers were behind the scenes, pushing their most recent form of international credit. One of the key instrumentalities of power is blue water navy projection, and “strings of pearls.” This force projection allows “credits” to be grabbed by power. You don’t pay up, especially by paying up many times the original debt, then meet the gun-boats.

    The U.S. creditocracy extends its power with blue water Navy and “Lilipads.”

    China has its work cut out for it, if it is to overcome this many centuries long cabal, as said cabal will not relinquish their death grip peacefully.

    National Socialist Germany met the end of a gun barrel, as they had the temerity to attempt an escape from the Cabal. The Cabal had attacked them in World War, and then attached usurious Versailles debts, with the (((creditors))) intent of making permanent debt slaves.

  28. @Chinaman's Nightmare

    Neo-Maoist China is surely no angel, but compared with the Bank$ter crime clan dominated “free world”, it does not appear to be as rapacious–with the possible exception of Taiwan, which never did have a Han-Chinese majority population. Like Okinawa and the Ryukyus, Taiwan deserves its own independence from imperial greed.

    Nightmare appears to be an apologist for the “fear China” meme being shat out by U$ mind control media and the “intelligence” network, all on behalf of high-financier controlled corporate imperial dreams and schemes. Is Nightmare simply taken in by the propaganda or is this entity a tool for nefarious interests? Inquiring minds want to know.

  29. @Emerging Majority

    “Is Nightmare simply taken in by the propaganda or is this entity a tool for nefarious interests?”

    Neither! The Nightmare simply feels that we don’t need a new hegemon for already have one and for all its faults it is a devil we know, whereas, China is the devil we don’t know nor care to trust in the least.

    Meanwhile, let’s secure freedom for Tibet and all other non Han provinces while we have the will and the firepower!

  30. @arami

    Thank you for a deeply informed complement to another analytical masterpiece by Pepe Escobar. By calling attention to the Bab al-Mandeb bottleneck and its geostrategic pre-eminence; you have graphically demonstrated the primary point of contention between globalist highest finance and those who oppose their schemes for total aggrandizement on a worldwide basis.

    For years now, I have diligently perused the South Front site to get an alternative perspective on the un-civil war which allied crime-clans have imposed upon Yemen.

    Your commentaries on the background of Zionist schemes and the “Jewish Mafia” could use for some amplification. Derek Menuhin, one of those noble Jews such as Jon Rapoport and Michel Chossudovsky, in his little-known book: “Tell the Truth and Shame Satan” briefly touched on the godfathers of connected Judaics, the Sanhedrin.

    That body of “judges” has been in existence since the time of the Babylonian Captivity. It is not unlikely that those “gentlemen” are the carefully cosseted behind the scenes string-pullers for the “Jewish Mafia”, a multi-generational cabal of schemers intent on total global domination.

    There are a number of fools who infest this site who are unable to discriminate amongst basically everyday people who happen to be Jewish, those connected Jews such as the world’s largest secret society, the Bnai Brith and those of Jewish backgrounds who happen to be gifts to humanity in their diligent pursuit of truth as they see it.

    The Bernaysian mindfuck meme which even as early as late-Fifties/early Sixties teevee presenters protestations of “discrimination” being a bad word, when in all actuality, to discriminate is essentially contrapuntal to prejudice.

    There is no such thing as a Jewish people, as there at least five distinct Jewish peoples. Hybridization is going on constantly, though. Similarly, some Jews (including cryptos like Madeleine Albright, John Kerry, the heads of the Rottenfeller Crime Clan and the “Young Turks” who authored the 1915 genocide of roughly a half of the entire Armenian population) happen to be monomaniacal racists with an agenda that has spanned generations for more than 2,500 years. Contrarily, there are Jewish individuals whose primary concerns are for all of humanity rather than tribalist exclusivism. Those Jews I consider to be among the spiritually blessed.

  31. @Emerging Majority

    Well this is a Yemen thread so I don’t want to get off topic – expecially because “Nightmare” is a troll… But you said:
    “with the possible exception of Taiwan, which never did have a Han-Chinese majority population. Like Okinawa and the Ryukyus, Taiwan deserves its own independence from imperial greed”

    It is true Han people are not natives to the island. But it is true that Han have been the dominant group for a couple of centuries already. A truly independent Taiwan then would mean getting rid of the Han people who are now 90% of the population – and control even more of the wealth. That would leave the island very poor. Of course the whole reason the Ming and then Qing decided to say “you know we need to formally control this island” was indeed because Europeans started knocking at the door (the Japanese pirates were always in the area but that was considered more policing action than anything). So there would need to be a military treaty also that would not allow foreign forces. If both of those things were true – then Taiwan could get independence. It would be poor – but it could be independent. Contrariwise – Japan was supposed to return everything she took through imperialism. So you are correct that Okinawa should have become an independent Ryuku again after WW2… But of course – it didn’t for the same reason… The US wanted military bases to aim at China.

    So in a way it does tie back to Yemen.. The same main protagonist – the US needs it’s middle eastern minions to not allow a US enemy to have a friendly regime in the area. So I guess it all comes back to the same thing.

  32. chris says:
    @PJ London

    Beautifully said, PJ.

    I don’t really understand someone taking the time to write such rot. Displaying such lack of consideration for human life, such callousness for the suffering which we, the West inflict on the people of Yemen out of purely strategic considerations.

    Thanks for taking the time to answer him more sensibly; I didn’t have the patience to do it properly.

  33. Mefobills says:

    There is no such thing as a Jewish people, as there at least five distinct Jewish peoples. Hybridization is going on constantly, though.

    The issue is the control matrix that the “creditors” have extended over the Jewish “debtors.”

    That control matrix hierarchy has now spread world-wide, with innocent jews being used as Sayanim, or useful idiots for the top of said creditor hierarchy.

    In other words, Jewish sheeple turn and bleet as one, especially when they are commanded to by the Sanhedrin.

    I get it that you want the average goy to be more discriminating, and have the ability to filter out the honorable jews, of which there are many.

    But, the average goy is not trained, and many do not have the intelligence for what you want. In fact, if they ever investigate the Jewish question, they are accused of anti-Semitism.


    Judaism went off the rails with Hillel and the Prozbul Clause. This was a successful attempt to create a permanent creditor class, which calls the shots within Jewish civilizations.

    This attempt to self aggrandize by a “class” was noted by the economist Thorstein Vleben:

    The (((creditors))) are a self-aggrandizing Leisure Class, who build themselves up as superior and god-like.

    Veblen’s reports of American political economy contradicted the (supply and demand) neoclassical economics of the 18th century, which define people as rational agents who seek utility and maximal pleasure from their economic activities; whereas Veblen’s economics define people as irrational economic agents who disregard personal happiness in the continual pursuit of the social status and the prestige inherent to having a place in society (class and economic stratum). Veblen concluded that conspicuous consumption did not constitute social progress, because American economic development was unduly influenced by the static economics of the British aristocracy; therefore, conspicuous consumption was an un-American activity contrary to the country’s dynamic culture of individualism.[5]

    Neo-classical economics is Jewish in origin, and the American System of Economy was its antithesis. Industrial Capitalism of China (and formerly National Socialist Germany) was American in origin.

    The class consciousness of the Sanhedrin, a creditor doctrine, is now part of Judaism as the Talmud is an apologetics screed.

    Jesus specifically bucked this class of people, and started his mission on the jubilee year. Jubilees were part of Jewish tradition, now forgotten as the creditor class won out.

    The Real Message of Jesus: Jesus’s first sermon announced that he had come to proclaim a Clean Slate debt cancellation (the Jubilee Year), as was first described in the Bible (Leviticus 25), and had been used in Babylonia since Hammurabi’s dynasty. This message – more than any other religious claim – is what threatened his enemies, and is why he was put to death. This interpretation has been all but expunged from our contemporary understanding of the phrase, “…and forgive them their debts,” in The Lord’s Prayer. It has been changed to “…and forgive them their trespasses (or sins),” depending on the particular Christian tradition that influenced the translation from the Greek opheilēma/opheiletēs (debts/debtors).

    Contrary to the message of Jesus, also found in the Old Testament of the Bible and in other ancient texts, debt repayment has become sanctified and mystified as a way of moralizing claims on borrowers, allowing creditor elites and oligarchs the leverage to take over societies and privatize personal and public assets – especially in hard times. Historically, no monarchy or government has survived takeover by creditor elites and oligarchs (viz: Rome). Perhaps most striking is that – according to a nearly complete consensus of Assyriologists and biblical scholars – the Bible is preoccupied with debt forgiveness more than with sin.

    In a time of increasing economic and political polarization, and a global economy deeper in debt than at the height of the 2008 financial crisis, …and forgive them their debts documents what individuals, governments and societies can learn from the ancient past for restoring economic and social stability today.

    Judasim as a creditor religion is due reform. Likewise Judeo-Christianity, which worships Mammon, is also due reform.

  34. Ian Smith says:

    So Yemen would be the Silicon Valley of Arabia but for those big bad white capitalists…got it!

    South Americans still go in for the most dunderheaded Marxism.

  35. @antibeast

    China is mentioned. Therefore Taiwan. Therefore Wiggers. Therefore Covid. There bat soup.

    This indicates the level of fear Whites have for China. Hysteria, I think it’s called. Now they must believe China is their worst existential threat and China is pathetically weak at the same time. I kid you not, over there at the War Zone some have gone so far to suggest China stole their hypersonic missile technology from some advanced lost civilization hidden in the desert or something. The somewhat more rational ones claim China stole that technology from the US 20 years ago. The White mind simply cannot accept the suggestion that an inferior race can do what they can’t.

    This is why I advocate for total war – peace is impossible with rabid animals. Putting them down is the only viable option.

  36. @Chinaman's Nightmare

    The cavalry left Afghanistan in utter disgrace.

    • Replies: @Chinaman's Nightmare
  37. @Old and Grumpy

    America is in a position where it MUST loot the world to sustain itself. Your choices are superpower-dom or death.

    What happens when you can no longer feed the unproductive minorities? Race war. And trust me the rest of the world will be very happy to interfere on humanitarian grounds when that happens.

  38. Seraphim says:

    The sinister Dr Fu Manchu is back! He never died.

  39. @The_MasterWang

    Did it, Master Chang? Or was it to make the Taliban realize that China is all talk and won’t spent money to help out starving Afghans? It ain’t over until the fat lady sings and there are no obese women in all of China to sing the tune. It’s a very complicated to figure it out but patience is a virtue Chinese know it well and in due time you shall be enlightened in a way not to your liking. You’re allowed one base in the horn of Africa, Djibouti, and you think you’re the masters of world but with our hundreds of bases in every corner of the world we have left in disgrace … what are you smoking, stale opium? Get with the program, number one son!

    • Replies: @The_MasterWang
  40. @The_MasterWang

    “And trust me the rest of the world will be very happy to interfere on humanitarian grounds when that happens.”

    Did you mean intervene instead of interfere? I thought so. And pray tell, with what will you interfere in our domestic affairs, one leaky aircraft carrier steaming out of your one, precious little base on the Red Sea … not all the chinamen in the Middle Kingdom will able to do jack, when the race war starts. Stay tuned!

  41. @The_MasterWang

    “This is why I advocate for total war – peace is impossible with rabid animals. Putting them down is the only viable option.”

    I agree that nothing less than an all out nuclear war is the only solution to putting down the rabid yellow dogs because they don’t know the meaning of the Pax Americana!

    • Replies: @The_MasterWang
  42. denk says:

    China cultivates illustrious friends doesn’t she – North Korea, Cambodia, Pakistan, Iran a

    gringo, indians, ozzies, japs

    China threatens our way of life

    QUAD = Association for
    Delusional Persecutory Syndrome

    Probable cause….

    Biological factors: Brain abnormalities or an imbalance of chemicals in the brain as well as alcohol and drug use can contribute to persecutory delusions.

    Childhood trauma: Some studies have specifically linked childhood trauma to paranoia.2

    Genetic factors: Delusional disorders are more common in people who have a family member with a delusion disorder or schizophrenia.

    Societal factors: Movies, books, pop culture, and other societal factors may increase or fuel persecutory delusions.

  43. antibeast says:
    @Emerging Majority

    with the possible exception of Taiwan, which never did have a Han-Chinese majority population. Like Okinawa and the Ryukyus, Taiwan deserves its own independence from imperial greed.

    Taiwan has a 98% Han Chinese population with 2% Aboriginals who should seek Taiwanese Independence. The native Taiwanese should move back to Fujian Province where they came from since the 17th century.

    Same principle should apply to the White settlers in the Americas, South Africa and Australia. They should all move back to Europe where they came from since the 16th century.

    • Agree: showmethereal
  44. denk says:

    China’s government has accused Joe Biden of “a mistake” in inviting Taiwan to participate in a democracy summit alongside 109 other democratic governments.

    FUS is a democracy ?

    China is protecting its little bro from the great satan and its underlings.

    graham, you’r a fucking idiot. !




    • Replies: @Chinaman's Nightmare
  45. denk says:
    @Emerging Majority

    it does not appear to be as rapacious–with the possible exception of Taiwan, which never did have a Han-Chinese majority population. Like Okinawa and the Ryukyus, Taiwan deserves its own independence from imperial greed.

    Okinawa and the Ryukyus, ???

    Ryukyu was a Chinese tributary before it’s robbed by jp in 1879
    and renamed Okinawa.

    TW was a Chinese province before it’s robbed by jp in 1895

    China’s claim on TW is legit.

    Ryuku should be granted independence from the FUS/JP
    dual tyrannies.

    The exotification of Okinawans does not neutralize the discrimination that Okinawa continues to face from Japanese environmental racism and dual colonization by both Japan and the United States. The fact that this has become “invisible” suggests that the most discriminated minority in Japan are Okinawans, just after the Ainu, who have almost literally become invisible through Japan’s ethnic-cleansing politics.

  46. antibeast says:

    This is why I advocate for total war – peace is impossible with rabid animals.

    Don’t be too cruel to the White Trash. Better to interbreed them with Blacks or Browns and leave behind a few White Trash to do gay porn. Even rabid animals need love too, ya know, in their asses! That’ll be the new White Man’s Buttden.


    • Replies: @Chinaman's Nightmare
  47. anon[376] • Disclaimer says:

    American niggers going around attacking/killing elderly Asians while saying Asians are “racist” to them. American niggers are subhuman scum that deserve elimination.

  48. @The_MasterWang

    One must accept one’s fate with equanimity!

  49. @antibeast

    Black men atop yellow men and White men astride yellow women … is that a fantasy? No, it’s the sore reality today be it New York or San Francisco. It is only matter of time before that exercise is carried into the mainland China. Then truly, it’ll be called the Middle Kingdom!

  50. antibeast says:

    Here’s some stats for you: 90% of Chinese students from the PRC who study in the USA return to China after graduation. These young, English-speaking, Chinese college students number some 300,000 who are most likely to meet young Americans in school. But they opt to return rather than remain in the USA.

  51. anon[332] • Disclaimer says:

    Ask someone to come and demolish your house and your neighborhood .Then allow them to force you carry on whatever jobs are left with no access to outside world made possible by sanctions ,by fence, by walls, and by drones. You will be breeding baby like a freshly hatched arthropods even with your mature past the shelf -life aged ovaries or testis. Oh baby !
    You want to see demographics change in the dwindling Euroeopan Nordic areas? Bomb them Push them past the stone age and leave them with no escape. Then go back after 3 years- and you will see
    millions born but only thousands surviving after 3 years but the arrow ’s point is hopeful indicating optic in population.

  52. String of Pearls: Yemen Could be the Arab Hub of the Maritime Silk Road

    When South Yemen won independence from Britain in 1967, it was the maritime hub of Arabia. It soon lost that role to Dubai, which had greater stability and more far-sighted leadership. Yemen’s opportunity has been lost forever.

  53. denk says:

    Meanwhile in the real world.

    So GUardian is the real deal,
    UNZ is fake news. !!!

    I wonder WTF your ilks are hanging around here FOR ?
    YOu enjoy gringo BS ?

    Caitlin JOhnstones

    I’m developing a special disdain for people who mindlessly regurgitate US anti-China narratives,

    YOu prolly fancy mother Indian ‘the world’s largest democracy’ as well ?

    Back to earth,
    INdia is a FUS bitch.




    • Replies: @Chinaman's Nightmare
  54. @arami

    Armani, that’s a great post, thanks. As you seem quite well-educated on this, I ask, why did the Yemenis not continue striking Saudi oil facilities up north on the Red Sea? At Exiled Online, a long history devoted to this bears no mention of the strikes which tied up pipelines and storage for some weeks, but then there were no more. Did those strikes actually come out of Iran after all? There was much fuss back then about shoddy air defense of said facilities, big mystery about who did what. When that happened I thought maybe Yemenis were making progress on making MBS hurt, that is, in the wallet. There were the first destructive strikes and then no more, unfortunately.

    As to the issue of the worth of 250, 000 dead Yemeni children owing to famine-sanctions?. Ask Madeline Allbright, who actually said in Congress, the evil bitch, that 500,000 dead Iraqi children throughout the 90s were worth our expenditures enforcing no-fly zones and bombing here, there, everywhere all over Iraq. 250000 Dead Yemenis? Chickenfeed! The hard left bitched about W taking out Saddam, but Clinton killed just as many. The entire apparatus is corrupt and rotten.

    • Replies: @arami
    , @showmethereal
  55. arami says:
    @Jim Christian

    [why did the Yemenis not continue striking Saudi oil facilities up north on the Red Sea?]

    The Yemeni fighters’ policy is not focused only on attacks on the saudi let coalition, but they are interested in winning and liberating the land under control of the established regime of Mansour Hadi in Sanaa supported by Saudis through military attacks and diplomacy. Therefore the victory in the field is used at the table when they do negotiation.
    In 2018, a ceasefire was agreed between the warring parties at Yemen’s last peace talks in Sweden, but clashes have since broken out between rebels and pro-government troops around the city.
    In the second half of November this year, the Saudi coalition in a sudden decision withdrew its elements from the west coast of Yemen to occupy an area of ​​more than 700 square kilometers to take control of fighters. The forces under Riyadh have withdrawn from large parts of al-Hudaidah province, where this territory has tremendous strategic importance for the Ansarullah fighters.
    From the beginning of 2019 and after the end of the famous battle of al-Hudaidah, which ended with the success of Ansarullah in maintaining the city and the UN-mediated ceasefire, the situation on Yemeni soil and the balance of power changed.
    al-Hudaidah province is the main entry point for commercial goods and humanitarian aid, and a lifeline for millions facing starvation.
    In addition, al-Hudaidah should be assessed at the same time as an advantage for the fighters in reaching the gates of the city of Marib and the possibility of continuing operations in the south and west of Shabwa province.
    Marib (the heart of Yemen) is the connection point between the south and the north of the country, and on the other hand, along with Shabwa province, it is rich in valuable oil resources.
    Riyadh has realized that if it loses the provinces of Marib and Shabwa, it will no longer have influence in Yemen and the balance of power will change in favor of the fighters, which means complete defeat and will have a small share against Ansarullah and the UAE.
    At the same time, there is a rivalry between UAE, with the help of the apartheid regime, and Saudi Arabia in Yemen and the control of Bab el-Mandeb.
    the Saudis see that the Zionists are strengthening the Emirati territory in Yemen (south) and have realized that they are losing the field despite huge costs in the recent years.
    By leaving Al-Hudaidah province, the Saudis seem to be are trying to gain some credibility, as well as prevent the rapid loss of other occupied areas in Yemen and delay their defeat.
    It is possible that Riyadh’s intention is to leave the strategic area of ​​ Bab el-Mandeb and other important coastal areas as the next destination of Ansarullah. By leaving al-Hudaidah, they think it will ignite the conflicts in these areas bringing heavy pressure on UAE from the fighters .
    As ‘Middle East Eye’ observed: “The UAE, either in the spotlight or under the radar, continues to be an aggressor in the region,”
    They wrote:
    The UAE announced in October 2020 that it had ended its military involvement in Yemen, but four months later, those documenting the war have insisted otherwise. From strategic islands to air and sea ports, military bases and militias, the UAE is accused of being heavily active in the civil-turned-proxy war. The UAE’s interests in Yemen are varied, but a key goal of the small Gulf nation – which shares no border with Yemen – is maintaining influence over the Bab-el-Mandeb Strait, which is important for the apartheid regime and US.

  56. @denk

    “INdia is a FUS bitch.”

    I don’t much about India or bitches there but I do know that after we have bombed the shit out of you yellow rats, we’ll need the Indian army to occupy China and the people who killed one million of their own in one one month with crude weapons back when they got their independence won’t be easy on you, slanted pussies … methinks those turbaned mensch are going to enjoy the very deep peneration, immensely. Who will be the bitch remains to be seen. Standby for the action, denk!

    P. S. I look forward to buying a nice piece of property near the ancient Lhasa Palace to be near His Highnesse, the Most Holy Dalai Lama. Oh, what a wonderful feeling it’ll be to be in Free Tibet!

  57. @denk




    I do agree that you’re an idiot who suffers from the Tourette syndrome. And my research shows that a mixture of four essential ingredients will cure you of it but obtaining them might be very difficult unless you’re an enterprising chinaman. Here are the ingredients:

    1 oz of dried panda turd
    2 oz of tiger penis powder
    3 oz of yellow snake oil
    4 oz of rhino horn powder

    Roasted with castor oil, sun dried and pounded into paste and to be applied in all bodily orifices but especially those that are slanted, e.g. eyes.

    P. S. And permanent rest from the ministry of yellow propaganda is the most important part of the treatment therefore must be adhered to with a special care because any slip-up will aggregate the existing condition prompting the desire to type “hehehehehehehehehehehehe” excessively.

  58. @arami

    Along with Syria and to some degree Lebanon and Iraq, Yemen is the cockpit, where the indigenous forces of national liberty are fighting the Beast. That Beast is commanded out of City of London, and its primary subsidiary, Wall $treet.

    Though it be gradual, due to the massive amounts of U.$. armaments supplied the Saudis and the UAE as part of the petrodollar scheme which undergirds the so-called “Federal” Reserve and its closely connected commercial bank$ters; the forces of national liberation are winning their war of independence versus the $hotcallers and their various clients, minions and controlled states.

    Also central to the conflict are the largely Shia dominated states versus the most extremist factions among the Sunnis, the Wahabis, the Salafists and the Muslim Brotherhood, a grouping originally financed and developed clear back in the 1920’s by the claws of Perfidious Albion, their “intelligence” services.

    Islam, contrary to the imposition beliefs of many Westerners, is hardly a monolithic entity. The original conflict within the Muslim peoples has long been the conflict between the Sunnis and the Shiites. Generally overlooked are the Ismailis and the spiritually infused Muslims, the Sufis. As of yet, Islam has yet to experience a Reformation, similar to that inspired by Martin Luther in 1517, by the Roman calendar. Reformed Islam would do away with the literalism of the 7th Century Kor’an and the Hadiths, resolving itself along somewhat Sufist lines into a spiritual rather than a religious culture.

    Current events at the projective point of the Arabian peninsula are central to the eventual and ultimate reformation of Islam.

    • Replies: @arami
  59. arami says:
    @Emerging Majority

    [Islam, contrary to the imposition beliefs of many Westerners, is hardly a monolithic entity. The original conflict within the Muslim peoples has long been the conflict between the Sunnis and the Shiites.]

    Thank you for your comment. You are right saying Islam is not a monolithic entity.
    However, in My opinion, the conflict between Shiite and Sunni is mainly political not religious, but the empire and the Saudis use religion to keep masses on board to fight the ‘enemy’ shiites, for the interest of the Zionists and imperialists.
    The west is using Sunni and Shiite against each other to sell billions of dollars of WMD and prevent unity among Muslims. This policy has been used to keep China and Russia against each other to advance the western interest. But, China and Russia are much stronger now and do not allow to be fooled anymore, not Saudis and some of the Arab head of states who are very weak and the West does not give them any room to breath. Another example would be the case of two Korea, where the empire prevents unification. Is religion a dividing factor in this case? Or is the politics that deep them at each other throat, so the interest of the West be maintained.

    UAE made an agreement with the Chinese, but US asked them to cancel it immediately, and they did. When you are a servant, you don’t have any option except to do what you are told. The empire wants these countries against each other to keep them weak, then it is easier for the west to manipulate them against the main enemy, the axis of resistance.

    • Thanks: showmethereal
  60. @chris

    Oh well yes the OPEC cartel was also set up as a part of that system. Indeed manipulating supply is the goal. The sweet deal was given to avoid situations like the “oil crises”..

    And yes the book is worth the read. The author gives lots of talks and you can see some on the internet – but the book is more substantive. As he says – keeping himself in the public eye is part of what kept him alive after exposing his former work

  61. @The_MasterWang

    “The War Zone” indeed is pretty horrible in the comments. It is one of the most anti Russia and anti China comments section on the internet. I can’t read more than 5 comments on any of those stories. I am not the list bit surprised if some of the posters on here with the most outlandish views also post there (I refuse to post there).

    That said – I only believe in defensive wars – so I can’t agree with you.

    But yeah they ruin what could have been a perfectly good conversation about the geopolitics surrounding the war in Yemen (which China is NOT involved in) just to say something anti China. They are either stuck with an unhealthy obsession – or it is their “job”.

  62. @arami

    Man oh man, what a mess. I know Israel is basing F15s at UAE bases for their coming strikes on Iranian facilities, but I believe Israel proper will suffer conventional warfare strikes from Iran and maybe Iraqi territory if Israel should pull some bullshit stunt of an attack from UAE territory. Dubai could find their beautiful towers levelled also. If I was Iran I’d scorch the Western Persian Gulf coast if they allow Israel to launch across the Gulf from Gulf Coast countries. That would shave hundreds of miles off the trip. Muslim countries allowing the Jews to launch against a Muslim country from a Muslim country? Really? Something tells me Iran is quite prepared. Funny part? We’re in no position to help. Attack Iran and the flow of oil out of the Gulf will become very thin.

    Thoughts on this since I have you on the horn?

    • Replies: @arami
  63. @Jim Christian

    “As you seem quite well-educated on this, I ask, why did the Yemenis not continue striking Saudi oil facilities up north on the Red Sea? ”

    arami seems to know much more detail than I do… But I will touch on that one issue… It appears that just like the sabotage of some UAE ships and the missile strike on the on the US base in Iraq as retaliation for killing the Iranian general… The objective of hitting those Saudi oil facilities was just to show “we can do this so don’t escalate things too far”. All three seemed to have worked. US air defense systems that were supposed to be protecting the Saudis appeared worthless.

    • Agree: Jim Christian
  64. arami says:
    @Jim Christian

    [I know Israel is basing F15s at UAE bases for their coming strikes on Iranian facilities, but I believe Israel proper will suffer conventional warfare strikes from Iran and maybe Iraqi territory if Israel should pull some bullshit stunt of an attack from UAE territory.]

    There won’t be an attack by Israel on Iran. Israel is bluffing because has no other option except daddy do it for her, where daddy is too tired and old to wage another war.
    Don’t listen to threats coming from Washington and Tel Aviv against Iran. These threats are spread around to influence the outcome of the coming ‘negotiation’ on (JCPOA). The secretary of war,Lloyd Austin, recently gave warning that “Washington was capable of deploying “overwhelming force,” and that all options would be open if diplomacy fails to halt Iran’s nuclear program.”
    He has already forgotten that US after 20 years of killing and bombing could not hold its position in Afghanistan and left. US could not defeat a poor country with population of 38 millions and no sophisticated weapons and missile industry, now Austin is threatening a country with 85 millions, much larger and with weapon and missile industry. Austin should keep these threats for the apartheid regime to make himself credible.
    Let’s see how credible is the Israelis’ threats. Every day we hear Bennett says nonsense such as “Israel won’t be obligated to Iran Deal if US returns.”
    According to former chief of Mossad, Tamir Pardo, in a recent Reichman University Conference in Israel, who said: [Prime Minister Naftali Bennett still has not decided on an Iran strategy, though he seems to be flirting with returning to the approach of the previous government,] Which means returning to terrorism and assassination in Iran.

    So, there is NO plan B either in Israel or US against Iran.
    They will continue to do the same, where has gain NOTHING because all options are NOT on the table, contrary to the lies of secretary of war.
    Israelis are happy with JCPOA, because this bad deal has brought Iran nuclear program to near zero activity. What else they want? These ‘negotiations’ is a tool to keep Iran poor and weak preventing Iran to become a developed country.
    Pardo was a firm critic of former prime minister Netanyahu’s policy which advocated open, strong criticism of the US-sponsored 2015 JCPOA nuclear deal. In contrast, the former Mossad chief has said that with all of its holes, the deal also has advantages and that Jerusalem must not fight with the US in public over Iran-related policy differences.
    Many former Israeli intelligence advisors believe that Israel should act according to its SIZE and population density and stop bluffing.
    So, there won’t be a war with Iran, because all options are not on the table at this time.

    • Thanks: Jim Christian
    • Replies: @antibeast
  65. antibeast says:

    So, there won’t be a war with Iran, because all options are not on the table at this time.

    There won’t be a war against Iran because it’s too late now to fight the Iranians whose power and influence has spread to Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and now Yemen. Over the last two decades, the biggest winner of the US-led wars in Iraq and Syria as well as the Saudi-led war in Yemen is Iran. Besides its geopolitical influence, Iran has demonstrated that it could go nuclear after Trump abandoned the Iran nuke deal but failed to stop Iran’s nuclear program.

    Escobar failed to mention the fact that the Biden Administration had withdrawn US missile defense systems from Saudi Arabia which is an implicit US acknowledgement that the Saudi-led coalition has all but lost the War in Yemen. That could explain why the Saudis are so anxious to negotiate an end to the war as they’re now vulnerable to Houthi missile attacks from Yemen as painfully demonstrated against the Saudis a few years ago which prompted Trump to install US missile defense systems in and deploy US troops to Saudi Arabia.

    These dramatic turn of events foretells a dim future for the House of Saud as the de-facto leader of the Islamic World which has seen Iran, Turkey and even Pakistan position themselves as powerful Islamic States. If the House of Saudi can’t even hold a coalition together to fight the Houthis in Yemen, how would the House of Saud lead Muslim countries all over the world now that their Wahhabi project has been exposed as a failed attempt by Western intelligence agencies to destroy the Islamic World by pitting Sunnis against Shias?

    That the Saudi version of Islamic fundamentalism called Wahhabism has failed miserably in Yemen can be proven by the fact that its 65% Sunni majority supports the 35% Shia minority leading the Houthi rebellion against the Saudi-backed Hadi regime. Blaming Iran for backing the Houthis can’t explain this glaring fact which contradicts the Saudi narrative. Beyond losing the War in Yemen, the Saudis would now have to accept Iran as the most powerful Islamic State in the world, excluding Turkey whose NATO membership precludes it from leading the Islamic World.

    And THAT is why there won’t be any war against Iran.

  66. Arami, I believe the Biden administration will wag the dog as they fall. At that point, Israel will launch, dragging the U.S. in. The whole thing has a Jimmy Carter Iranian Hostage feel, you know? That was my experience in an A6 Intruder squadron aboard Nimitz in 1980. Gunboat Diplomacy, failed hostage rescue, flight deck crashes and dead sailors, only I worry the dead sailors will be war casualties this time. The incompetence factor feels exactly the same., only we’re 40 years-on. But I digress. I wouldn’t put it past them also, or instead, to push the point in Ukraine, either. We disagree on this point, but the rest of your commentary is very good. Might I ask, are you from the military or State or one of the Intel Alphabet agencies? You write in similar technical fashion as Giraldi and Martyanov, both spooks in their day. That’s high praise, not to shine sunshine up your bloomers.

    Merry Christmas.

  67. barr says:

    Alex Rubinstein
    LEAKED: Former CIA Director George Tenet implores then-Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh to release Anwar al-Awlaki, who would become a top leader of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula from prison in connection to the bombing of the USS Cole.

    Read more:

    “Another document from the State Department dated 1998 highly suggests US interests in establishing a military presence in Yemen around the sea of Aden. Saudi-born Ali al-Ahmed of the Gulf Institute, a leading expert on Saudi politics and terrorism, told me that he is not at all surprised by the phone call between George Tenet and Yemen’s former president.

    “I’ve been saying this for a long time,” al-Ahmed told me. “People that think that these organizations; al-Qaeda, ISIS, are organic, non-state-backed organizations are either lying or are completely stupid. The fact that ISIS had all these American weapons, they didn’t come from thin air. This was part of a plan. The same thing with al-Qaeda; the fact that this organization which has been attacked all over the world continues to survive 20 years on, and spread, it’s not by accident. It’s done by security and intelligence organizations in Washington, D.C. and in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, and by Ali Abdullah Saleh.”

    “This recording,” he said, “fits the bill; that Anwar al-Awlaki and others, they were sometimes knowingly or unknown being used as a tool.”——

  68. DavidXX [AKA "David"] says:

    Great analysis of the Yemen situation past and current. Leaves one with much to think about as well as hoping your analysis plays out. The people of Yemen have suffered quite enough death and destruction at the hands of the jackals and deserve a prosperous future for themselves and their children. The people of Yemen certainly did no lie down and showed what determination can achieve.

  69. DavidXX [AKA "David"] says:

    Right on target!!! Thank you.

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