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'Samarkand Spirit' to be Driven by 'Responsible Powers' Russia and China
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Amidst serious tremors in the world of geopolitics, it is so fitting that this year’s Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) heads of state summit should have taken place in Samarkand – the ultimate Silk Road crossroads for 2,500 years.

When in 329 BC Alexander the Great reached the then Sogdian city of Marakanda, part of the Achaemenid empire, he was stunned: “Everything I have heard about Samarkand it’s true, except it is even more beautiful than I had imagined.”

Fast forward to an Op-Ed by Uzbekistan’s President Shavkat Mirziyoyev published ahead of the SCO summit, where he stresses how Samarkand now “can become a platform that is able to unite and reconcile states with various foreign policy priorities.”

After all, historically, the world from the point of view of the Silk Road landmark has always been “perceived as one and indivisible, not divided. This is the essence of a unique phenomenon – the ‘Samarkand spirit’.”

And here Mirziyoyev ties the “Samarkand Spirit” to the original SCO “Shanghai Spirit” established in early 2001, a few months before the events of September 11, when the world was forced into strife and endless war, almost overnight.

All these years, the culture of the SCO has been evolving in a distinctive Chinese way. Initially, the Shanghai Five were focused on fighting terrorism – months before the US war of terror (italics mine) metastasized from Afghanistan to Iraq and beyond.

Over the years, the initial “three no’s” – no alliance, no confrontation, no targeting any third party – ended up equipping a fast, hybrid vehicle whose ‘four wheels’ are ‘politics, security, economy, and humanities,’ complete with a Global Development Initiative, all of which contrast sharply with the priorities of a hegemonic, confrontational west.

Arguably the biggest takeaway of this week’s Samarkand summit is that Chinese President Xi Jinping presented China and Russia, together, as “responsible global powers” bent on securing the emergence of multipolarity, and refusing the arbitrary “order” imposed by the United States and its unipolar worldview.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov pronounced Xi’s bilateral conversation with President Vladimir Putin as “excellent.” Xi Jinping, previous to their meeting, and addressing Putin directly, had already stressed the common Russia-China objectives:

“In the face of the colossal changes of our time on a global scale, unprecedented in history, we are ready with our Russian colleagues to set an example of a responsible world power and play a leading role in order to put such a rapidly changing world on the trajectory of sustainable and positive development.”

Later, in the preamble to the heads of state meeting, Xi went straight to the point: it is important to “prevent attempts by external forces to organize ‘color revolutions’ in the SCO countries.” Well, Europe wouldn’t be able to tell, because it has been color-revolutionized non-stop since 1945.

Putin, for his part, sent a message that will be ringing all across the Global South: “Fundamental transformations have been outlined in world politics and economics, and they are irreversible.” (italics mine)

Iran: it’s showtime

Iran was the guest star of the Samarkand show, officially embraced as the 9th member of the SCO. President Ebrahim Raisi, significantly, stressed before meeting Putin that “Iran does not recognize sanctions against Russia.” Their strategic partnership will be enhanced. On the business front, a hefty delegation comprising leaders of 80 large Russian companies will be visiting Tehran next week.

The increasing Russia-China-Iran interpolation – the three top drivers of Eurasia integration – scares the hell out of the usual suspects, who may be starting to grasp how the SCO represents, in the long run, a serious challenge to their geoeconomic game. So, as every grain of sand in every Heartland desert is already aware, the geopolitical pressure against the trio will increase exponentially.

And then there was the mega-crucial Samarkand trilateral: Russia-China-Mongolia. There were no official leaks, but this trio arguably discussed the Power of Siberia-2 gas pipeline – the interconnector to be built across Mongolia; and Mongolia’s enhanced role in a crucial Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) connectivity corridor, now that China is not using the Trans-Siberian route for exports to Europe because of sanctions.

Putin briefed Xi on all aspects of Russia’s Special Military Operation (SMO) in Ukraine, and arguably answered some really tough questions, many of them circulating wildly on the Chinese web for months now.

Which brings us to Putin’s presser at the end of the summit – with virtually all questions predictably revolving around the military theater in Ukraine.

The key takeaway from the Russian president: “There are no changes on the SMO plan. The main tasks are being implemented.” On peace prospects, it is Ukraine that “is not ready to talk to Russia.” And overall, “it is regrettable that the west had the idea to use Ukraine to try to collapse Russia.”

On the fertilizer soap opera, Putin remarked, “food supply, energy supply, they (the west) created these problems, and now are trying to resolve them at the expense of someone else” – meaning the poorest nations. “European countries are former colonial powers and they still have this paradigm of colonial philosophy. The time has come to change their behavior, to become more civilized.”

On his meeting with Xi Jinping: “It was just a regular meeting, it’s been quite some time we haven’t had a meeting face to face.” They talked about how to “expand trade turnover” and circumvent the “trade wars caused by our so-called partners,” with “expansion of settlements in national currencies not progressing as fast as we want.”

Strenghtening multipolarity

Putin’s bilateral with India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi could not have been more cordial – on a “very special friendship” register – with Modi calling for serious solutions to the food and fuel crises, actually addressing the west. Meanwhile, the State Bank of India will be opening special rupee accounts to handle Russia-related trade.


This is Xi’s first foreign trip since the Covid pandemic. He could do it because he’s totally confident of being awarded a third term during the Communist Party Congress next month in Beijing. Xi now controls and/or has allies placed in at least 90 percent of the Politburo.

The other serious reason was to recharge the appeal of BRI in close connection to the SCO. China’s ambitious BRI project was officially launched by Xi in Astana (now Nur-Sultan) nine years ago. It will remain the overarching Chinese foreign policy concept for decades ahead.

BRI’s emphasis on trade and connectivity ties in with the SCO’s evolving multilateral cooperation mechanisms, congregating nations focusing on economic development independent from the hazy, hegemonic “rules-based order.” Even India under Modi is having second thoughts about relying on western blocs, where New Delhi is at best a neo-colonized “partner.”

So Xi and Putin, in Samarkand, for all practical purposes delineated a road map for strengthening multipolarity – as stressed by the final Samarkand declaration signed by all SCO members.

The Kazakh puzzle

There will be bumps on the road aplenty. It’s no accident that Xi started his trip in Kazakhstan – China’s mega-strategic western rear, sharing a very long border with Xinjiang. The tri-border at the dry port of Khorgos – for lorries, buses and trains, separately – is quite something, an absolutely key BRI node.

The administration of President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev in Nur-Sultan (soon to be re-named Astana again) is quite tricky, swinging between eastern and western political orientations, and infiltrated by Americans as much as during the era of predecessor Nursultan Nazarbayev, Kazakhstan’s first post-USSR president.

Earlier this month, for instance, Nur-Sultan, in partnership with Ankara and British Petroleum (BP) – which virtually rules Azerbaijan – agreed to increase the volume of oil on the Baku-Tblisi-Ceyhan (BTC) pipeline to up to 4 million tons a month by the end of this year. Chevron and ExxonMobil, very active in Kazakhstan, are part of the deal.

The avowed agenda of the usual suspects is to “ultimately disconnect the economies of Central Asian countries from the Russian economy.” As Kazakhstan is a member not only of the Russian-led Eurasia Economic Union (EAEU), but also the BRI, it is fair to assume that Xi – as well as Putin – discussed some pretty serious issues with Tokayev, told him to grasp which way the wind is blowing, and advised him to keep the internal political situation under control (see the aborted coup in January, when Tokayev was de facto saved by the Russian-led Collective Security Treaty Organization [CSTO]).

There’s no question Central Asia, historically known as a “box of gems” at the center of the Heartland, striding the Ancient Silk Roads and blessed with immense natural wealth – fossil fuels, rare earth metals, fertile agrarian lands – will be used by the usual suspects as a Pandora’s box, releasing all manner of toxic tricks against legitimate Eurasian integration.

That’s in sharp contrast with West Asia, where Iran in the SCO will turbo-charge its key role of crossroads connectivity between Eurasia and Africa, in connection with the BRI and the International North-South Transportation Corridor (INSTC).

So it’s no wonder that the UAE, Bahrain and Kuwait, all in West Asia, do recognize which way the wind is blowing. The three Persian Gulf states received official SCO ‘partner status’ in Samarkand, alongside the Maldives and Myanmar.

A cohesion of goals

Samarkand also gave an extra impulse to integration along the Russian-conceptualized Greater Eurasia Partnership – which includes the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) – and that, just two weeks after the game-changing Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) held in Vladivostok, on Russia’s strategic Pacific coast.

Moscow’s priority at the EAEU is to implement a union-state with Belarus (which looks bound to become a new SCO member before 2024), side-by-side with closer integration with the BRI. Serbia, Singapore and Iran have trade agreements with the EAEU too.

The Greater Eurasian Partnership was proposed by Putin in 2015 – and it’s getting sharper as the EAEU commission, led by Sergey Glazyev, actively designs a new financial system, based on gold and natural resources and counter-acting the Bretton Woods system. Once the new framework is ready to be tested, the key disseminator is likely to be the SCO.

So here we see in play the full cohesion of goals – and the interaction mechanisms – deployed by the Greater Eurasia Partnership, BRI, EAEU, SCO, BRICS+ and the INSTC. It’s a titanic struggle to unite all these organizations and take into account the geoeconomic priorities of each member and associate partner, but that’s exactly what’s happening, at breakneck speed.

In this connectivity feast, practical imperatives range from fighting local bottlenecks to setting up complex multi-party corridors – from the Caucasus to Central Asia, from Iran to India, everything discussed in multiple roundtables.

Successes are already notable: from Russia and Iran introducing direct settlements in rubles and rials, to Russia and China increasing their trade in rubles and yuan to 20 percent – and counting. An Eastern Commodity Exchange may be soon established in Vladivostok to facilitate trade in futures and derivatives with the Asia-Pacific.

China is the undisputed primary creditor/investor in infrastructure across Central Asia. Beijing’s priorities may be importing gas from Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan and oil from Kazakhstan, but connectivity is not far behind.

The \$5 billion construction of the 600 km-long Pakistan-Afghanistan-Uzbekistan (Pakafuz) railway will deliver cargo from Central Asia to the Indian Ocean in only three days instead of 30. And that railway will be linked to Kazakhstan and the already in progress 4,380 km-long Chinese-built railway from Lanzhou to Tashkent, a BRI project.

Nur-Sultan is also interested in a Turkmenistan-Iran-Türkiye railway, which would connect its port of Aktau on the Caspian Sea with the Persian Gulf and the Mediterranean Sea.

Türkiye, meanwhile, still a SCO observer and constantly hedging its bets, slowly but surely is trying to strategically advance its own Pax Turcica, from technological development to defense cooperation, all that under a sort of politico-economic-security package. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan did discuss it in Samarkand with Putin, as the latter later announced that 25 percent of Russian gas bought by Ankara will be paid in rubles.

Welcome to Great Game 2.0


Russia, even more than China, knows that the usual suspects are going for broke. In 2022 alone, there was a failed coup in Kazakhstan in January; troubles in Badakhshan, in Tajikistan, in May; troubles in Karakalpakstan in Uzbekistan in June; the non-stop border clashes between Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan (both presidents, in Samarkand, at least agreed on a ceasefire and to remove troops from their borders).

And then there is recently-liberated Afghanistan – with no less than 11 provinces crisscrossed by ISIS-Khorasan and its Tajik and Uzbek associates. Thousands of would-be Heartland jihadis have made the trip to Idlib in Syria and then back to Afghanistan – ‘encouraged’ by the usual suspects, who will use every trick under the sun to harass and ‘isolate’ Russia from Central Asia.

So Russia and China should be ready to be involved in a sort of immensely complex, rolling Great Game 2.0 on steroids, with the US/NATO fighting united Eurasia and Turkiye in the middle.

On a brighter note, Samarkand proved that at least consensus exists among all the players at different institutional organizations that: technological sovereignty will determine sovereignty; and that regionalization – in this case Eurasian – is bound to replace US-ruled globalization.

These players also understand that the Mackinder and Spykman era is coming to a close – when Eurasia was ‘contained’ in a semi-disassembled shape so western maritime powers could exercise total domination, contrary to the national interests of Global South actors.

It’s now a completely different ball game. As much as the Greater Eurasia Partnership is fully supported by China, both favor the interconnection of BRI and EAEU projects, while the SCO shapes a common environment.

Yes, this is an Eurasian civilizational project for the 21st century and beyond. Under the aegis of the ‘Spirit of Samarkand.’

(Republished from The Cradle by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Notsofast says:

    thank you pepe, to for once again, showing us the big picture outside of filthy, bullshit spattered, overton window they give us to view the world. paul craig roberts has apparently locked himself into his bomb shelter and is screaming that the sky is falling again and it’s all putins fault because he is so stupid and refuses to listen to his advice. maybe someone can read pepe’s article through the vent to him and he might calm down and come out.

    “the time has come to change their behavior, to become more civilized.”, you gotta admit that man has a way with words.

    • Agree: A B Coreopsis
  2. Russia has lost the SCO. Putin was on time for every meeting. It is China and Turkey in charge now with Iran as China’s counterweight to Turkey. The CSTO has also disintegrated this week. How long wil Lukashenko last?

    • LOL: Notsofast, Realist
    • Replies: @Anon001
    , @RadicalCenter
  3. Xi’s.. totally confident of being awarded a third term during the Communist Party Congress next month in Beijing. Xi now controls and/or has allies placed in at least 90 percent of the Politburo.

    This explanation, while in line with the Official Bad China Narrative, bears no relation to Chinese reality. China is moving too fast to waste time promoting second-raters as suggested here.

    Xi’s authority has never been in doubt. He got his job the same way every official gets theirs: on KPIs. Plain old.

    He keeps his job because he doubled everyone’s real incomes, including pensioners, ended poverty, knocked corruption on its ass, and established military domination of the West Pacific. What’s not to like? Who could compete with such a record of success? Or wish to?

  4. The Jews’ rampant and open attempts to destroy Russia and China have unironically been great for Russia and China. If they had just patiently continued flooding these countries with Hollywood movies and NBA they would have quietly submerged into cuckdom like all the rest. They were already heading in that direction.

    But all the unmasked Russophobia and Sinophobia has completely transformed the populations of Russia and China. There is now a great swell of militant nationalism among the common people in these countries. They are ready to fight.

    Dumb move, Jews.

    • Replies: @Bookish1
    , @Reverend Goody
  5. IronForge says:

    From what I’ve read, the SCO Conference –

    A) The PowerofSiberia2 pipelines tap into RUS’ Yamal Region – therefore allowing for Previously Europe+WesternPort CNG/LNG to be pumped as CNG to CHN.

    50Bm³ – similar to NordStream2. I don’t have the details on Hydrogen Pumping; but I’d expect some Hydrogen Pumping.

    B) SCO attendees discuss networking together all of their Regional Pipelines.

    You’ve seen my rants on this – if I were the RUS Program Mgr, I’d build these on Double/Triple Shifts to ensure more NatGas to CHN+IND+RCEP. CHN will keep expanding their distribution+consuming trends

    Sad news? DEU just confiscated Rosneft Oil/Refinery Assets. DEU confiscated Gazprom’s Facilities earlier this year, so the stages are set for Gazprom -AND- Rosneft to cut off NatGas+Crude to DEU – regardless of any EU Circus Acts walking away from RUS contracts.

    Asia always paid more for Tanker-brought Crude and LNG. Russia doing more in CHN+Asia – less expensively – is going to fare well for the SCO+RCEP.

    By giving up RUS supplies and allowing them to be consumed in Asia on a semi-permanent basis – expect worse things to occur in (Trade/Middle/Working/Mfg/Technical Class) €urope as less expensive Metals, Concrete, Goods, Electronics, etc. start getting Railwayed In from Asia.

    Obviously the Western Hegemony’s Plutocracy+Vassal_Oligarchs aren’t personally afflicted; but €urope’s Nation-State GDPs rates may be taking a bath for awhile…

    • Replies: @Notsofast
    , @showmethereal
  6. What honestly hurts and aggrieves me is that Main Steet America and its honest trying to earn a living crew have been stomped into the ground while a crew of undeserving criminals have high jacked Amerca —Biden and Trump are useless —-the future of Republicans ( Must be millionaire) or Democrat ( Must be multi-millionaire) MUST be replaced with personalities who SERVE the people and do it gratis —St Francis of Assisi —–where are you ?

    • Replies: @Notsofast
  7. Anon001 says:
    @Philip Owen

    Lukashenko will last for he relies neither on Putin, i.e. NWO-Schwab-certified Young Global Leader from the 90s [2], nor on Putin-dependent CSTO. We’ve seen what happened to Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh region that relied on Putin’s help, as well as how Putin betrayed Ukraine in 2014.

    Regarding non-NWO orgs: Any failure of those non-globalist and non-Western alliances or initiatives would mostly be due to Putin sabotaging them directly or indirectly. We know that he still values G20 more than BRICS [1]. In other words, he’s just not interested in any of those, as his heart is with his much beloved “partners”, but had to play along in order to prevent any red flags, as well as to get some business deals voters would like to hear about.

    Re Belarus/Lukashenko #1: Lukashenko told Putin that Belarus has kept all the nuke silos maintained, operational, and ready to be loaded with “content”, but of course, Putin is not giving him any. Now, had Putin/Russia given some to Lukashenko, Western “partners” would be threading carefully, as there’s no joking with Lukashenko. As you can see, Putin is acting here even as open and direct protector of the West from Lukashenko, while leaving Belarus exposed to potential invasion. Lukashenko has already threatened the West with targeting command centers in EU should they hit anything in Belarus! Now, one can only imagine what would have happened already if Lukashenko were the president of Russia, instead of this 5th-column liberal globalist clown!

    Re Belarus/Lukashenko #2: Belarus is actually one unbelievable success story against NWO colonization. For 28 years, Lukashenko managed to resists and survive who knows how many color revolutions, psyop campaigns, coups d’état, assassination attempts, etc. They tried to bribe him numerous time as well to no avail. In one of the latest takeover attempts, even Russian oligarchs were involved against him. Unlike in Russia, in Belarus there are no oligarchs or 5th column traitors except in prisons doing time. The fact that he’s still alive and that Belarus is not under western boot is a true miracle and his remarkable achievement. Especially knowing that he’s essentially all alone, since Putin has betrayed and back-stabbed pretty much all Orthodox Christian countries including Belarus and Serbia – to please his Western “partners”. There’s a reason why Klaus Schwab calls Putin one of the Young Global Leaders from the 90s [2].

    [1] Kremlin: BRICS Can Not Replace G20 | 2022-07-14 | Sputnik International:

    [2] Klaus Schwab in 2019 speaks of Putin, Tony Blair, and Angela Merkel as his Young Global Leaders back in the 90s – fast forward to 1:14:

    Video Link

    • Agree: profnasty
    • Thanks: Agent76
    • Replies: @GMC
    , @Poupon Marx
  8. zard says:

    Things are not looking good for the white race. We are between a rock and a hard place. Jewish politicians and its bastard organizations are forcing white people to split in this false dichotomy of “West is evil” vs “East is trad and based”. It’s amazing how potential nationalists fell completely for China and Russia, thinking they are on their side. Dugin has totally taken the alt-right, which was never really on our side, by assault. Tsar Putin (imagine calling Tsar to a dirtbag KGB agent like Putin). Russia literally is the closest thing to an Antifa State in Europe which persecutes, arrests and kills nationalists. All “nationalist” cells in Russia are KGB/Dugin assets for multipolarity and eurasianism. Curiously, legit russian nationalists are fighting on Ukraine against the sub-human hordes. Nationalists should take Ukraine’s stand (not Zelensky’s but the people’s), but the subversion makes them cheer for the new Sub-Human Union. It is incredible how Bezmenov was right. Soviet dialectics have destroyed western minds. In America, the conservatives and patriots/AF are full on “Russia-China first”. I’ve seen so many “nationalists” totally falling for Russia and China. I’ve always had my suspicious since they all seemed like those failed leftists. Muh liberalism and capitalism, but never a word against Stalin and communism. The new right is bolshevized to the marrow of the bone.

  9. profnasty says:

    Alt-right’s enemies are Black immigration, bastardization, and cultural pluralism. Non of which are provided for in the US Constitution.
    Strong borders and strong Christian morality are Alt-Right. Strong Jew morality is anti-White racism and sodomy.

  10. Notsofast says:

    agree with you gomez but we’re far more likely to get “the servant of the people”, rather than st. francis groovin with the animals.

  11. Can you provide an example of something that has happened since 2019 that would reduce the number of Chinese who think their country is heading in the right direction?

    Not an alleged or imagined thing like genocide in Xinjiang. Something we can measure and see.

  12. Wokechoke says:

    Don’t worry the true Pariots like Lockheed and Raytheon are supplying the true nationalists in Ukraine with a real arsenal anyway. Biden, why he’s as nationalist as apple pie. His deputies Blinken and Austin are true fellow white allies…

  13. Wokechoke says:

    Bismarck always made sure to stay on Imperial Russia’s good side for a reason. It all went pear shaped for Germany when the Kaiser backed the Hapsburgs in their own anti-Russian obsessions.

    • Agree: Joe Levantine
  14. @Notsofast

    Now —consider their opponents–Amtrak Joe Biden ( open cheque book for Zylenskyy) Justin “Jackboot “Trudeau ( parading in his Rwanda crocodile proof diamond studded footwear) Boris Johnson ( fresh off Brexit and training combatants for Ukraine) Liz Truss ( an ignoramus as Foreign Affairs Minister –ask Sergy Lavrov) Freeland –Chrystia Freeland —grand daughter of newspaper man and propagandist Chomiak who was staunch supporter of Stepan Bandera.

    This team could well use the expertise of 3 additional talents —Moe Larry and Curly -nyuk nyuk nyuk —

    Queen Elizabeth expired 48 hours after meeting Liz Truss—was this concidence or random event?

    • Replies: @Notsofast
  15. Wokechoke says:

    I recall the 1990s as US factories shuttered and were rebuild in China. I also recall Thatcher importing Chinese coal to smash Arthur Scargill’s miners striker. Niggah stop blaming esoteric nationalist variations for the complete bipartisan betrayal of western industrial workers by Thatcher Reagan Major Blair Clinton Bush etc.

    • Agree: Pop Warner
  16. Bookish1 says:

    Not so fast about dumb jews. My knowledge of history has shown jews using other peoples nationalism for their own gain time after time in history

    • Agree: nokangaroos
  17. Bookish1 says:

    let’s not forget that the big big war down the road is going to be Russia against China for control of Siberia. But first we have to see this big change in the world that Escobar is talking about.

    • Troll: showmethereal
  18. Notsofast says:

    lol, old liz meet new liz, that was probably all the old girl could take and gave up the ghost, either that….or there can be only one.

  19. Che Guava says:

    Pepe Escobar and his Pollyanna ideas about all of his fave causes, even if to agreeing on many or some points, become very wearing when he is the most frequent on the ‘front page’ here.

    As I have said before, it is clear that he is a cheerleader for the long-dead and fake ‘non-aligned movement’, who has simply shifted his affections, with death of U.S.S.R., this can now include Russia, and I often agree, but the constant Pollyanna perspective on everything everywhere in his favoured sphere?

    It is boring and fake.

  20. Agent76 says:

    Sep 11, 2022 End of petrodollar? Saudi Arabia considers selling oil in China’s yuan

    Saudi Arabia is discussing selling oil in China’s currency the yuan/renminbi. Economist Michael Hudson says “we’re seeing a multipolar financial system. This is part of the de-dollarization of the whole rest of the world.”

    Mar 15, 2022 China, Russia Declare A NEW WORLD ORDER In Released Joint Statement

    Kim Iversen reviews Russia and China’s friendship pact made February 4, and how it might currently affect Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

  21. Karl1906 says:

    This could be the future. Not perfect but at least an improvement in some ways. And most certainly better than what the US establishment have in mind with the world and the human race. If you’re fortunate enough to live outside their clutches that is.

    • Thanks: showmethereal
  22. Escobar is a low IQ clown like unto a prepubescent girl writing an op-ed column for her middle school newspaper about how she’s just discovered boys. I have no idea why anyone takes him seriously, but then low-T Beta male followers are everywhere and will latch on to just about any jackass as their “inspiration,” these days.

    Russia has blown the war-not-a-war by failing to declare war, failing to mobilize, failing to retain contract soldiers (“it’s ok if you don’t want to fight, we will release you from your contract”), relying upon faulty intelligence, relying upon middle-aged coal miners, plumbers, welders, and auto mechanics instead of calling up conscripts. Russia went to war lacking sufficient night vision, lacking sufficient body armor, lacking sufficient quality, high powered optics, and lacking sufficient ammunition. Leadership in the Russian Armed Forces has been exposed as Yeltsin-era tier; instead of building up and properly equipping their military over the last 15 years, the Moscow brain trust instead chose to waste two decades partying with the westerners at black tie events, touring the world on high end yachts, and buying up luxury real estate in London.

    It may be that the true function of the war-not-a-war is to further accelerate the world toward Schwab’s “Great Reset:” impoverish and starve millions to death, get rid of Alpha males, and to expand the authority and reach of highly centralized, globalist institutions – especially central banks. Or it may simply be that people like Shoigu and Gerasimov are complete imbeciles (best case) or possibly even outright traitors (worst case). But either way they are running out of time to prevent a major geostrategic disaster for the Russian Federation.

  23. Anonymous[132] • Disclaimer says:

    I would not start celebrating just yet… we’ve a lot more tricks in our bag to undo Russia and China.

  24. @Ghan-buri-Ghan

    Russia is now shed of Coke, McDonalds, Disney, and the like. LUCKY!

  25. Chris Moore says: • Website

    And here Mirziyoyev ties the “Samarkand Spirit” to the original SCO “Shanghai Spirit” established in early 2001, a few months before the events of September 11, when the world was forced into strife and endless war, almost overnight.

    And if you understand that 9/11 was an inside job perped by ((Jews)) and Zionists, then you understand ((Jews)) and their stooges are responsible for “forcing the world into strife and endless war, almost overnight.”

    And if you have a conscience and a soul, you are compelled by a burning desire to bring them to justice. On the other hand, if you’re a do nothing, know nothing, woe-is-me Charlie Brown stooge and doormat and multi-cult Peanuts gang dimwit led around by evil Lucy and laughed at by dog Snoopy, your destiny as a ((Jew)) stooge and evil collaborator by default is complete.

  26. Notsofast says:

    excellent comment, very pertinent information, that of course, the mainstream mockingbirds are totally ignoring, while sticking their fingers in their ears and humming to prevent themselves from hearing this distressing news. here’s a link to another story being desperately ignored by the clueless morons, the comments on this story are as insightful as this well written article.

  27. @Reverend Goody

    Evidence of an advanced civilization.

  28. Notsofast says:
    @Event Horizon

    you are either a clueless imbecile or an overpaid 50 cent troll, most likely both.

  29. blaqua says:

    Türkiye is Turkey, the constantly hypocritical country that sells deadly Baysaktar drones to Ukraine, condemns Russia’s SMO, wants to join the EU and the SCO at the same time, violates again and again Greece’s airspace (more than 100 times in one day this week), invades Syria and Iraq killing even civilians, and shot down a Russian aircraft for violating only once its airspace. TURKEY

  30. Dystopian says:
    @Godfree Roberts

    Like ants or bees the Chinese people seem perfectly happy being a part of the hive or they are afraid their social credit score will go down if they answer truthfully. Folks like you think I should accept the chains of slavery from my betters. Being a man who desires to live free, I don’t want to live under any government’s jack boot.

    • Replies: @dogbumbreath
  31. @Dystopian

    Like ants or bees the Chinese people seem perfectly happy being a part of the hive or they are afraid their social credit score will go down if they answer truthfully. Folks like you think I should accept the chains of slavery from my betters. Being a man who desires to live free, I don’t want to live under any government’s jack boot.

    Do you even understand what the term “multi-polarity” means? It means Sovereign States where countries co-operate BUT stay out of each others “internal” politics. Of course most people in China are content, happy and look forward to their future. What is not to like? Have some balls and watch the video…..China is not what you think:

    And this talk of “Social Credit”….it’s misinformation and propaganda. In the West, you also have a “social credit”. What do you think happens when you apply for a credit card, a mortgage, a job, get Uber, etc…they check your history.

  32. @Reverend Goody

    I don’t know why, the new Double Cheeseburger with two-times Extra-large Fries is one of the best dinners ever. Especially with a raspberry sauce milkshake.

  33. GMC says:

    This is a good observation, and just about every country today has it’s 5th Column , especially concerning the Financial/ Economic/Banking sectors that hardly can be replaced at this time. But certainly reformed in the near future. It will take some more time for the Russian Federation to Nationalise the entire financial system, because it is a Globalist player that deals with natural resources, rare earth minerals, and other exports. I can rarely get a connection to videos or links from my location so I couldn’t see what went down in the 90s – but things can change in 25 years.

    President Putin says that they keep their Central Bank affiliated with the rest of the World because they claim, that their C B must strictly adhere to the RF Constitution or face serious consequences. And I would say that the RF – C B is more honest than the Federal Reserve is in the USA. At least the amounts of debt, compared to both countries, shows which country has been corrupted to the bone. The same can be said about the Leadership of each country – who would you rather have running your country – Putin and Company – or Biden and Company ? Of course President Putin could be replaced or worse, but his main Ideology of Russia first will/must be maintained. Biden and Company ? Just another bought off politician. I know if I had the chance to clean up America – I wouldn’t be a very nice guy at all. I would be Ruthless. Spacibo 001

    • Replies: @Anon001
  34. ko says:

    Let’s hope no one conjurs the late Tamerlane (Timur) of Samarkand, to construct towers of skull around the world during the BRICS conquest of the uncivilized West.

  35. There are many descriptions that can be applied to Russia and China, but “responsible” is not one of them.

    • Agree: John Frank
    • Replies: @Badger Down
  36. Sarita says:

    Most of those in the picture are genocidal maniacs.
    China, Russia and india kill people by the hundreds specially Russia.
    Putin stinks to high heaven. 490k in Chechnya, 15 millions in Afghanistan and 600k in Syria, including the use of chemical weapons on children.
    The only two missing above are George W. Bush and Netanyahu.
    What a joke of a planet.
    AS PEPE’S HOMEBOYS WOULD SAY: DE GUATEMALA A GUATEPEOR. (“out of the frying pan into the fire”)

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  37. samarkand says:

    The chinks arrived wearing masks and mask mandates have returned in Russian regions.

    Tell us again (((pepe))) how these clowns are fighting globoschlomohomo.

    • Troll: mulga mumblebrain
  38. @Event Horizon

    E.H.: You assert that Russia is running out of ammunition. Best proof of that would be for you to travel to Ukraine…all the way to say, a dozen kilometers behind Ukie lines in the Donbass, drop your trousers and shorts and promptly moon the Russians.

    You will be counting on your assertion the the RF forces have bad optics. Your wager will be your golden gate versus Russian observation. It may be a form of acid-testing your statements.

  39. Anon001 says:

    Not a problem – glad you like it.

    For more details on huge financial and other damages Putin allowed to be done to Russia, please see my comment #280 under: … Revolutions by Larry Romanoff | The Unz Review

    Excerpt: Putin 22-year rule, or rather mismanagement, has brought disasters including: “country’s birth rate has plummeted to levels not seen since 1943”, “Life expectancy has fallen by 4.5 years.”, “In terms of the total population loss, Russia is first place in the world”, “The “natural” population decline has exceeded one million people, which has never happened in any country in the world since 1950.”, etc.

    Also, regarding Ukraine, please see:

    1) Comment #283 under: … Revolutions by Larry Romanoff | The Unz Review

    2) Comment #78 under: The Kremlin’s “limited military operation” in Ukraine was a Strategic Blunder, by Paul Craig Roberts – The Unz Review

    Excerpt: Due to this Putin’s behavior and attitude towards the West and Turkey, US simply did not except Putin to react to the their final act in Ukraine. I remember at least one US analyst saying this. Why would they think/say that at the time you may ask? Well …

    • Disagree: Badger Down
    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
    , @GMC
  40. The 👹west👺 seeks to destroy the East as Cain killed his brother. It will wander the earth homeless and destitute, bearing the mark of the fool.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  41. @zard

    So if I support Ukraine, does that mean that we can form an Azov-like organization in the US as a vanguard against the nonwhite bolshevik hordes and their talmudic masters already residing within our lands? Same goes for all of Europe, where the same leaders who hate us and actively replace us make crude appeals to white nationalism in order to gain support for their proxy war.

    So far, it seems like those closest to Azov in ideology and goals are those most persecuted by ZOG. Until that changes, I see no reason to cheerlead the same people my genocidal leaders do.

  42. John Frank says: • Website

    “Putin’s bilateral with India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi could not have been more cordial – on a “very special friendship” register – with Modi calling for serious solutions to the food and fuel crises, actually addressing the west.”

    You’re right about one thing. Modi was very cordial as he gave Vladimir a verbal spanking for starting the war in Ukraine and insisted that Putin start finding an avenue for peace talks so0ner rather than later.

    • Disagree: emerging majority
    • LOL: Notsofast
  43. Russkies currently getting jammed by Ukies, but from a grand strategic satellite view the Russkies enduring apparent tactital difficulties might just do to begin the process of ruling class political decapitation in European Christian nations such as the USA, Germany, England, France, Australia, Canada and all the rest.

    How so?

    Monetary policy is just now starting to tighten and the Russkies may be inclined to completely and totally shut off certain European nations from energy supplies, and that might combine to detonate the political log jam in certain European Christian nations leading to rapid ruling class political decapitation.

    Young White European Christians in the nations they live might figure they’ll have a better future if they ditch the JEW/WASP Ruling Class of the American Empire.

    The answer to 1984 is 1066.

    The JEW/WASP Ruling Class of the American Empire is the Saxons on Senlac Hill at the Battle of Hastings and the Neo-Normans are the new political force called WHITE CORE AMERICA.

    To be clear, I love people of English ancestry wherever they are and especially in New England, but WASPS, as per the Baltzell definition, are a small cohort of the overall English population cohort.

    God Bless The English

    WASP Turds Can Go Burn And Rot In Hell!

    • Replies: @Sarita
  44. Italians and Greeks and French and Germans and most others in Europe know damn well the evil and treasonous and demonic JEW/WASP Ruling Class of the American Empire is waging war on the Russkie Bear with this proxy war business in Ukraine.

    I thought the Anglo-Saxon nations and the Spaniards and the Leprechauns were the ones so enamored of cooking up real estate asset bubbles by means of monetary policy? I thought the stolid Krauts avoided such an exuberant embrace of real estate asset bubble creation?

    Germans playing with fire with mortgage-backed securities like the USA and others? Who Knew?

    Financial Implosion Is Coming To Europe

  45. @Notsofast

    The West CANNOT change their behaviour or become civilised as a wolverine cannot learn table manners. If they became civilised they would no longer be the genocidal, aggressive, arrogant West.

    • Replies: @Notsofast
  46. @SeekerofthePresence

    The West has genocidal plans for China because they project their characteristics onto the Chinese. You see that a lot on US TV-the Chinese want to ‘conquer’ the USA, as if any sane State would wish to control that stinking shit-hole. A psychopath projects psychopathy on all others, and a serial killer must kill unceasingly lest they become victims themselves (Israel for example).
    China desires, (as Chinese regimes always have)harmony within society and between societies (although they have often failed). The US system, in direct contrast, is one of DOMINATION, of the ruling elites within the cesspool of US ‘society’, and between nations, ALL of whom MUST bow down before the ‘Exceptional’ Americans. Thus ANY Chinese State is anathema to the USA. Even the Taiwan colony could not be trusted not to return to Chinese cultural characteristics, so it, too, must be destroyed. Seres delenda est!

    • Agree: Godfree Roberts
    • Thanks: SeekerofthePresence
    • Replies: @SafeNow
  47. @Godfree Roberts

    But, but, but, Godfree-he’s ‘yellow’. One must NEVER underestimate the role of race hatred in the West’s deranged hate campaign against China. You can see it in the reptilian eyes and body language of Austfailian presstitutes as they peddle imbecile lies like the Xinjiang ‘genocide’. I know it is part performative, because their jobs depend on it, but much is plainly innate and intractable.

    • Agree: Godfree Roberts
  48. @Sarita

    Sarita: Either one of the most ignorant of facts posters I’ve encountered here or a lying sack of shit. Syria, for starters did NOT kill 600,000 civilians and particularly the alleged chemical warfare vs children was a false-flag instigated by the CIA controllers of the Wahabi and Takfirist terrorists who arranged the “deal”.

    Fifteen MILLION in Afghanistan??? Even the Americans and their puppet allies did not kill that many. A totally ridiculous figure, as it would have been a good third or thereabouts of the entire population.

    Nearly half a million in Chechnya? Then why are Kadyrov’s dedicated Chechnyan troops currently among the most feared and dedicated of all the Russian forces fighting the puppet regime in Kiev?

    The bullshit is so deep I needed hip-waders to navigate through it.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
    • Thanks: Nancy
    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
    , @Sarita
  49. Andonandonandon#42

    Quoting your own previous barf and garbage from previous postings is not gonna get you nowhere.Total trash.


    Putin now in a “junior partner” position not only to superpower China, but also emerging power India.

  51. @emerging majority

    The gassing of children in Syria was conducted by Hollywood’s favourites The White Helmets. Not only were they carrying out these false flags to blame Assad but most probably also harvesting Adrenochrome to supply to their paymasters.

  52. Sarita says:
    @emerging majority

    Kadirov is an ass kisser and will encounter his fate soon enough.
    Yes, the figure in Syria is 600k dead, half of them children, 12 million refugees, seven cities flattened left looking like parking lots and ice rinks; an stone age picture including Aleppo; that’s why the russian embassador was shot dead while the hero who did it yelled NEVER FORGET ALEPPO ….
    15 million is a small figure if you start counting since the days of deceased, smelly, rotten Gorbachev.

  53. Sarita says:
    @Charles Pewitt

    Excellent comment.
    Tbe wasp/Jew society is evil.

  54. @profnasty

    Deep, man, really deep.

    Thanks for updating us on the state of your personal plumbing.

  55. @Che Guava

    If it’s “clear” to you, then it’s obviously wrong in actuality.

  56. @Event Horizon

    You sound envious of Pepe’s knowledge and specific facts on the ground in contrast to your own eructions.

    Just go back to your prepubescent girls, real or imaginary, alive or dead.

  57. SafeNow says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    China desires, (as Chinese regimes always have)harmony within society and between societies (although they have often failed). The US system, in direct contrast, is one of DOMINATION,

    Agreed. Here’s a telling signal. A few years ago, China constructed its gigantic “coast guard cutters.” (12,000 tons – the size of a destroyer!). These are not warships. Ramming and “shouldering” will not start WWIII. Worst-case scenario: the exchange of small- arms fire. U.S. response to “let’s play at bumper boats” was to send a carrier group. (U.S. could have sent an icebreaker, except we only have two, and one of them is broken.)

  58. Notsofast says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    i don’t think he was speaking about teaching them table manners, there’s no hope there (they tried with john bolton, did not work at all), he’s talking about teaching them a lesson they will never forget. i would say winter’s coming but the moderator says i’ve reached my limit of cliches for an 8 hour window.

  59. @Anon001

    You are Phillip Owen are gaslighting, for shekels evidently. Your links do not support your thesis or are very weak. I can smell deception and ulterior motives rather easily.

    You misrepresented the G20-SCO organizations as explained by Putin. You characterized it as either/or, while Putin stated that they are complimentary.

    Such clumsiness and low level deception. Each assertion creates multiple problems of credibility and incompatible alternatives based on the way the Real World operates.

  60. nsa says:
    @Godfree Roberts

    Godflee Loberts velly velly talk tluth to hollible heblew tlibe want lun evelything in amelika. Middle kingdon not want polnoglaphy not want stupid gay plide palade not want tlanny pelvelsion velly velly sick stupid. Chinee not want stupid divelsity not want ovellun with neglos and beaners and stupid chlistians and hollible heblews like stupid amelika cucks. Godflee velly velly smalt and tell tluth.

    • Replies: @A B Coreopsis
  61. @Anon001

    Putin 22-year rule, or rather mismanagement, has brought disasters including: “country’s birth rate has plummeted to levels not seen since 1943”, “Life expectancy has fallen by 4.5 years.”, “In terms of the total population loss, Russia is first place in the world”, “The “natural” population decline has exceeded one million people, which has never happened in any country in the world since 1950.”, etc.

    I didn’t bother to read any more of your brown bilge, because it is infantile. Russia has been assailed for 30 years, continuously, isolated and demonized in every western outlet, and subtlety but very effectively in the popular culture of movies, drama, and political public commentary. “Putin has brought…..”

    Do I have to tell you that Putin took over a country that was destitute, pillaged, and pilloried? You and PO are evidently on board with this filth.

    How many shekels? What is your NGO, No Good Ordinary?

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
    , @Anon001
  62. @Event Horizon

    Time is on Russia’s side. Ukraine is a country that has several diseases that are terminal. It is bleeding out, and Putin is going to let Natural Law assist him in total defeat of Ukraine. This is the “invisible hand” that Ukraine has no defense against.

    P. G. Roberts evidently has not read Sun Tau or other great military strategists. And neither have all-in, right now premature ejaculation clowns like you.

    The least you can do is read Scott Ritter on RT. Or just read more, Pedestrian Sleepwalker.

  63. @Bookish1

    Oh that again. If you could spell Heilongjian, you might know that China has vast areas just waiting to suck up any excess population. The border with Russia is much too far north for most Chinese people.

    • Replies: @antibeast
    , @showmethereal
  64. @nsa

    This is very interesting. Can you expand on this, or perhaps make a video? There’ll be a lot of interest in your perspective on this.

  65. @Sarita

    So now I get it, Sarita, you are a Ukie and most likely a Galician Banderite/Uniate…or a descendant of suchlike ilk living in Canuckistan or the U\$\$A.

  66. @John Frank

    You are actually dimwitted enough to quote the Chew Pork Slymes? So does that make you one of Khazarian descent and perhaps even a Frankist?

    • Replies: @John Frank
  67. @Quartermaster

    “Irresponsible” fits USUKisrael, Australia, Ukraine, Poland, and Germany. Pump up the national debt, cut off your energy supply, steal stuff, and agitate for war.

  68. @John Frank

    Soon it will dawn on USUK that it is now in a “junior partner” position to superpower Asia.

  69. antibeast says:
    @Badger Down

    Heilongjian is losing people due to its bitterly cold winters. But China has enough land (especially its sparsely populated West) to accommodate its 1.4B population which will start declining this decade. That demographic fact belies the persistent myth of land scarcity in China whose population density is actually lower than that of Western Europe which is seeing the massive influx of immigrants and refugees from the Global South. As Captain Kirk would say in Star Trek: “We have a problem!”

    • Agree: showmethereal
  70. @Poupon Marx

    But Putin could have done a lot more to support LDNRs militarily early on before the UkroNazis dug themselves in. He didn’t need to wait eight years to develop superweapons to help LDNRs establish their borders and keep UkroNazis out. It is a fact that Russia regaining the lost territory in the Ukraine, and gaining any new territory, will be more difficult and come at a greater cost with each day. Obviously the earlier this would have been done the easier it could have been done and there would have been less support for the UkroNazis. Russia should have taken advantage of the chaos post Maidan but instead it was the West that took advantage. But then maybe this is all part of some plan as having dealt with it early on would have avoided any major war which could now be forthcoming. But to give him credit, Putin couldn’t have known how things would develop and what his Western “partners” would do. Or maybe he should have.

    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
  71. GMC says:

    Ya, I can see your point about Putin , since I worked and later retired in Ukraine in 2012, which means I saw it all. But I was looking at things from an American point of view and so are you ?. It takes years to understand the Russian frame of mind , and I’m just getting to the point that – they will do it – the Russian way – ” We have what we Have” is a good example.of the populace’s mindset.

    Still to me , American logic from an honest and worldly position , not the USG or any off it’s BS agencies, is a dying wisdom of truth. I have No idea how to counteract all the programming and Propaganda.Having missed all this programming and propaganda from the TV and Media for 35 years straight , and traveling a little here , there and being married to 2 foreign women , I have a different and sometimes bazaar viewpoint. It’s the Russian People that will judge Putin on his success and failures and after having conversations with many , that went thru the collapse of the CCCP, Chernobyl, etc. etc. etc. and their horrendous times, they were happy to have him bring back the Russian Federation. As stated in my last comment – He is a Globalist Leader and he has to Work all the sides – the Good , the Bad and the Ugly. A man like this , with sooo many acquaintances, friends, and many enemies, will not be able to satisfy everyone – especially a foreigner looking in. And this is partially what I have learned about this place. Spacibo 001

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
    , @Anon001
  72. @Philip Owen

    Too obvious and heavyhanded this time.

  73. @GMC

    Whatever, but the Ukrainians are surely digging in very well in all the territories they are regaining and building their fortifications while pouring in fighters They have learned a lot from this war and have learned that whatever fortifications they built at Adeevka, and some other places, are good enough to have kept the Russians from taking them over. So the next time round Russia will have to go extremely slowly letting the war drag on even longer. I’m not saying Russians can’t do it but they’re making things extremely difficult for themselves. Whatever the Russian mindset, there’s a right way and a wrong way of going about things. When Stalin was trying to run his trains he wasn’t thinking about different mindsets, all he cared was that they run on time.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
    , @GMC
  74. Wokechoke says:
    @Commentator Mike

    If he keeps the Crimea and the Azov sea he’s done well.

    • Agree: Commentator Mike
    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  75. GMC says:
    @Commentator Mike

    You don’t have to tell about the way Russia is doing this – lol I saw it before most people , but it’s their SMO. I was in the US military and know how they walk in and destroy as much as they can , but this is not how Russia wants to do things – next door. They, along with China and others are selling the World a multi polar new world , so bombing the F… out of it’s neighbor wouldn’t look good at the start of things. The sheeple of the West – or FARGO- is a better name – have been sooo programmed , that they’d still love Zelensky – even if he executed a Ukie civilian on TV. PS :Flying over, right after a B-52 bombing run in a Huey is something you never forget.

    Now the Ukie army is a Nato Army and No , they didn’t have to Join Nato for that one. They are soldiers bought and paid for – and for the sole purpose of dying in order to appease Nato DBA USA/Fargo. Going after Russia and China is the only thing Fargo can do, in order to keep the Sheep from seeing the truth at home. Transferring the hate to someone else is the number one tool of the West , however Western populaces aren’t the only player that have to be brainwashed, and the East ain’t buyin the BS. So the proxy armies will be sacrificed – Ukraine being one of them. At a cost to Russia that no one will see right away. But even if Russia were to go for Peace – Nato will still keep the terrorism going on the Russian Ukies in Donbas, Tavrida and in Mainland RF. Spacibo CM

    • Thanks: Commentator Mike
  76. @IronForge

    Also of note is Erdogan announced after the SCO summit Turkiye is formally applying for membership.

  77. @profnasty

    You are probably talking about Covid lockdowns. People don’t get the full picture. At the start of the pandemic the CPC declared war against Covid. These lockdowns have more to do with instilling militant discipline in a populace that has gotten more comfortable than it is about Covid. China is preparing for other types of war… Discipline of the populace will be key (if the US really starts one) – to ensure the country outlasts any difficulty.

  78. @Bookish1

    You don’t even know the difference between Siberia and the Russian Far East. Mongolia had claims on parts of Siberia… They don’t have them anymore. China and Russia solved their issues over the Russian Far East. China has no more claims. If you had any clue about anything the SCO – which is article is about – LITERALLY came about as a result of China and Russia solving their border issue. The whole point was to push friendliness among all of Central Asia too. That’s also why they invited Pakistan and India into the SCO….

  79. @Wokechoke

    It would be even better if he got Odessa, linked up to Transnistria, and took the entire Black Sea coast. There are some indications Russia is not happy about how those grain shipments have been conducted and distributed, so maybe we’ll see if they’ll cut them off and move on that front.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  80. @Commentator Mike

    Yours is a plausible case, but experience and knowledge-that what I know-leads me to a different opinion. In addition to a military, a supporting and sufficiently robust economy is necessary, for resources must be sequestered and prioritized and directed to the military. This is almost always, in real terms, at the expense of the general population. Additionally, those resources used, take time after the military action to be replenished.

    Russia is a thousand year old civilization, and the time frames for evaluation and memory are on a longer and deeper basis than a short, bright-and now flickering country like JUSA and Canuckistan, Nation of Cheese and Shit Heads. Russian peoples trust in Putin therefore is directly correlated with performance and time– same as any job rating.

    You have to remember that the West, since Clinton brushed off Putin’s request to limit the expansion of NATO, in order to prepare for dismantling Russia for pillage and plunder. Therefore, as in a track race, Russia started considerably back from NATO. That meant more than accumulation of war materiel; it meant DEVELOPING more advanced systems and armaments to be able to reach parity with the multi-nation, “richer”, and deeper NATO.

    If you have been following China’s military buildup, it has advance very rapidly. Only recently has China been able to achieve rough equivalence to the JUSA in this regard. The rest of NATO is irrelevant in this regard. As the old aphorism goes, “Timing is everything.”

    It is a fact that Russia regaining the lost territory in the Ukraine, and gaining any new territory, will be more difficult and come at a greater cost with each day. Obviously the earlier this would have been done the easier it could have been done and there would have been less support for the UkroNazis

    I do not think there is sufficient concrete and empirical to support these statements. The slope of difficulties as a function of time will be much greater for the West and Ukraine. Time is on Russia’s side. The West is exhausted, bankrupt, deeply corrupted, and soon to have much greater and increasing chaos, societal breakdown, and mass uprisings over SURVIVAL of the polity. By 2030, I have concluded there will be a revolution in the JUSA, which will lead to secession calls from a sufficient group of states.

    The West’s Green Movement, which is the not Green Green Movement could have not been designed by Russia and China to be of a Fifth Column in their favor. One massive Clot Shot, brain parasite, slicing of the wrists and slowly bleeding out. The immigration demographic alone choking the cohesion and social fabric of the West progressively and morbidly.

    Two lines on a graph, one representing the entire advantages of Ukraine, and the other representing Russia would look like this: Ukraine maxing out and flatlining and now declining inexorably, while Russia’s line is on a gradual up slope. I believe that Russia’s resource line cannot fall or slope downward appreciably because support from China forms a baseline. China cannot afford to allow Russia to be weakened or vanquished, anymore than a battle commander can lose an entire flank of his army. He-and China-will be encircled and the end will be final.

    • Agree: Joe Levantine
    • Thanks: Commentator Mike
  81. @emerging majority

    No. Just a guy who gathers information from many different sources and is objective enough not to let my personal preferences interfere with common sense. That makes me less dimwitted than most people on this comment board.

  82. @Badger Down

    Correct… Though to go even further vast stretches of that province China is not even letting any new development or industry happen as it wants most of it to become forest land again… And yeah even there most people are moving out of the cold.

  83. @Commentator Mike

    Putin noted that the grain shipments, allegedly going to the starving Africans, about whom Western liberal fascists care SO deeply, were almost entirely diverted to Europe. Not much of a story in the Western MSM sewer-the presstitute corpse maggots must have missed it.

  84. @Sarita

    Oh look-a salafist, Wahhabist, Daesh bitch, no doubt looking forward to the mass head sawings-off when her Uighur and other butcher psycho friends take over Syria. Just about as low as hominids can possibly come.

  85. Anon001 says:
    @Poupon Marx

    Russia has been assailed for 30 years, continuously, isolated and demonized in every western outlet,

    And Putin kept calling them partners (Western, Turkish). Kept providing cheap energy and all other resources for 20+ years. Kept exporting rocket engines they could not produce. Kept allowing them to use Russian Space Station MIR2 (aka “International” Space Station), and even taxing US astronauts back and forth as they could not even do that. Kept putting EU satellites into orbit they could not do themselves, i.e. in spite of German “Engineering”. Kept allowing Erdogan to humiliate him and Russia repeatedly (killing a diplomat, killing pilots over Syria and over Armenia, and who knows how many Russian foot soldiers in Syria, not paying back huge loans given to Turkey by Russia, not respecting any agreements in Syria, exporting drones Ukraine, etc.). Kept betraying and helping West harm Russia’s true friends and partners like Belarus, Serbia, Armenia, etc. Helped NATO destroy Libya. Voted numerous times in the UNSC the way US wanted and got nothing in return but scorn. Kept making enemies to Russia just to please NATO. Kept asking for Russia’s NATO membership even after Bill Clinton laughed in this face as reply. Kept saying that Russia needs to integrate into Western systems. Kept saying that he has nothing against US being the boss of the world. He even brought flowers and smiles to that dull and soulless Nazi Angela, after Nazi Germany openly admitted lying about Navalny just to put more pressure on Russia. Etc. etc. etc.

    Do I have to tell you that Putin took over a country that was destitute, pillaged, and pilloried?

    And Putin continued to keep it so. How many oligarchs has he arrested, and how much stolen was nationalized? E.g. Chubais, one of the most hated people in Russia, main organizer of the loot, was kept in power by Putin for 22 years, until he left on its own, never facing any charges. List is endless.

    In summary: Putin kept being a fool – a spineless narcissist that craves to be invited into a “popular” and “cool” group he loves (West), that hates and humiliates him, but he kept on bringing gifts and smiling like an idiot, hoping that one day, they will love him back. Just look at the photos of his meetings with US presidents – he’s just one happy chip-on-his-shoulder puppy-love character visiting his idols. It’s an inferiority complex case clinical psychiatry has rarely seen. I call it battered-Putin-syndrome in his one-sided abusive love relationship with the West.

  86. Anon001 says:

    He does not strike me as leader, but rather as globalist servant. They just call them “leaders” to boost their egos. They also call them “partners” as one can hear in Putin’s friend Karl’s interviews. Do you think that the forces behind the scenes, NWO high priest Karl Schwab serves, would recruit true leaders rather than malleable weaklings that crave power, would do anything to get it, as they could not get it on their own? They abhor strong leaders and patriots as they stand in their way. Removal of which is the essence of the Regime Change (TM).

    To me, it seems obvious that Putin made the deal years back. Just like Clinton, Blair, Obama, Macron, and similar unfortunate characters, he just appeared out of obscurity and rose to the top in just few years. In those days, Russia was 100% controlled by the West. His rise was unrealistically fast, while he strikes me as someone who is neither very smart nor charismatic nor intellectual nor good looking. He was also photographed sporting that well-known red string bracelet – click MORE to see two examples.

    IMHO, he’s not playing both sides – he’s on one side, while pretending to be all-smart playing both sides.

    For my quick summary regarding Putin, please my comment #89 (my reply to Poupon Marx):


    Photo #1: Putin wearing Kabbalah red bracelet

    Photo #2: Putin wearing Kabbalah red bracelet

    • Disagree: GMC
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