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Russia Rewrites the Art of Hybrid War
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Hybrid War is being fought predominantly in the economic/financial battleground – and the pain dial for the collective West will only go up.

The ironclad fictional “narrative” imposed all across NATOstan is that Ukraine is “winning”.

So why would weapons peddler retrofitted as Pentagon head Lloyd “Raytheon” Austin literally beg since late February to have his phone calls answered by Russian Defense Minister Shoigu, only to have his wish finally granted?

It’s now confirmed by one of my top intel sources. The call was a direct consequence of panic. The United States Government (USG) by all means wants to scotch the detailed Russian investigation – and accumulation of evidence – on the US bioweapon labs in Ukraine, as I outlined in a previous column.

This phone call happened exactly after an official Russian statement to the UN Security Council on May 13: we will use articles 5 and 6 of the Convention on the Prohibition of Bioweapons to investigate the Pentagon’s biological “experiments” in Ukraine.

That was reiterated by Under Secretary-General of the UN in charge of disarmament, Thomas Markram, even as all ambassadors of NATO member countries predictably denied the collected evidence as “Russian disinformation”.

Shoigu could see the call coming eons away. Reuters, merely quoting the proverbial “Pentagon official”, spun that the allegedly one-hour-long call led to nothing. Nonsense. Austin, according to the Americans, demanded a “ceasefire” – which must have originated a Siberian cat smirk on Shoigu’s face.

Shoigu knows exactly which way the wind is blowing on the ground – for Ukrainian Armed Forces and UkroNazis alike. It’s not only the Azovstal debacle – and Kiev’s all-around army breakdown.

After the fall of Popasnaya – the crucial, most fortified Ukrainian stronghold in Donbass – the Russians and Donetsk/Luhansk forces have breached defenses along four different vectors to north, northwest, west and south. What’s left of the Ukrainian front is crumbling – fast, with a massive cauldron subdivided in a maze of mini-cauldrons: a military disaster the USG cannot possibly spin.

Now, in parallel, we can also expect full exposure – on overdrive – of the Pentagon bioweapons racket. The only “offer you can’t refuse” left to the USG would be to present something tangible to the Russians to avoid a full investigation.

That’s not gonna happen. Moscow is fully aware that going public with illegal work on banned biological weapons is an existential threat to the US Deep State. Especially when documents seized by the Russians show that Big Pharma – via Pfizer, Moderna, Merck and Gilead – was involved in several “experiments”. Fully exposing the whole maze, from the start, was one of Putin’s stated objectives.

More “military-technical measures”?

Three days after the UN presentation, the board of the Russian Foreign Ministry held a special session to discuss “the radically changed geopolitical realities that have developed as a result of the hybrid war against our country unleashed by the West – under the pretext of the situation in Ukraine – unprecedented in scale and ferocity, including the revival in Europe of a racist worldview in the form of cave Russophobia, an open course for the ‘abolition’ of Russia and everything Russian.”

So it’s no wonder “the aggressive revisionist course of the West requires a radical revision of Russia’s relations with unfriendly states.”

We should expect “a new edition of the Foreign Policy Concept of the Russian Federation” coming out soon.

This new Foreign Policy Concept will elaborate on what Foreign Minister Lavrov once again stressed at a meeting honoring the 30th Assembly of the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy: the US has declared an all-round Hybrid War on Russia. The only thing lacking, as it stands, is a formal declaration of war.

Beyond the disinformation fog veiling the application of Finland and Sweden – call them the Dumb and Dumber Nordics – to join NATO, what really matters is another instance of declaration of war: the prospect of missiles with nuclear warheads stationed really close to Russian borders. Moscow already warned the Finns and Swedes, politely, that this would be dealt with it via “military-technical measures”. That’s exactly what Washington – and NATO minions – were told would happen before the start of Operation Z.

And of course this goes much deeper, involving Romania and Poland as well. Bucharest already has Aegis Ashore missile launchers capable of sending Tomahawks with nuclear warheads at Russia, while Warsaw is receiving the same systems. To cut to the chase, if there’s no de-escalation, they will all eventually end up receiving Mr. Khinzal’s hypersonic business card.

NATO member Turkey, meanwhile, plays a deft game, issuing its own list of demands before even considering the Nordics’ gamble. Ankara wants no more sanctions on its purchase of S-400s and on top if be re-included in the F-35 program. It will be fascinating to watch what His Master’s Voice will come up with to seduce the Sultan. The Nordics engaged in a self-correcting “clear unequivocal stance” against the PKK and the PYD is clearly not enough for the Sultan, who relished muddying the waters even more as he stressed that buying Russian energy is a “strategic” issue for Turkey.

Counteracting financial Shock’n Awe

By now it’s evidently clear that open-ended Operation Z targets unipolar Hegemon power, the infinite expansion of vassalized NATO, and the world’s financial architecture – an intertwined combo that largely transcends the Ukraine battleground.

Serial Western sanctions package hysteria ended up triggering Russia’s so far quite successful counter-financial moves. Hybrid War is being fought predominantly in the economic/financial battleground – and the pain dial for the collective West will only go up: inflation, higher commodity prices, breakdown of supply chains, exploding cost of living, impoverishment of the middle classes, and unfortunately for great swathes of the Global South, outright poverty and starvation.

In the near future, as insider evidence surfaces, a convincing case will be made that the Russian leadership even gamed the Western financial gamble/blatant robbery of over \$300 billion in Russian reserves.


This implies that already years ago – let’s say, at least from 2016, based on analyses by Sergey Glazyev – the Kremlin knew this would inevitably happen. As trust remains a rigid foundation of a monetary system, the Russian leadership may have calculated that the Americans and their vassals, driven by blind Russophobia, would play all their cards at once when push came to shove – utterly demolishing global trust on “their” system.

Because of Russia’s infinite natural resources, the Kremlin may have factored that the nation would eventually survive the financial Shock’n Awe – and even profit from it (ruble appreciation included). The reward is just too sweet: opening the way to The Doomed Dollar – without having to ask Mr. Sarmat to present his nuclear business card.

Russia could even entertain the hypothesis of getting a mighty return on those stolen funds. A great deal of Western assets – totaling as much as \$500 billion – may be nationalized if the Kremlin so chooses.

So Russia is winning not only militarily but also to a large extent geopolitically – 88% of the planet does not align with NATOstan hysteria – and of course in the economic/financial sphere.

This in fact is the key Hybrid War battleground where the collective West is being checkmated. One of the next key steps will be an expanded BRICS coordinating their dollar-bypassing strategy.

None of the above should overshadow the still to be measured interconnected repercussions of the mass surrender of Azov neo-Nazis at UkroNazistan Central in Azovstal.

The mythical Western “narrative” about freedom-fighting heroes imposed since February by NATOstan media collapsed with a single blow. Cue to the thunderous silence all over the Western infowar front, where no mutts even attempted to sing that crappy, “winning” Eurovision song.

What happened, in essence, is that the creme de la creme of NATO-trained neo-Nazis, “advised” by top Western experts, weaponized to death, entrenched in deep concrete anti-nuclear bunkers in the bowels of Azovstal, was either pulverized or forced to surrender like cornered rats.

Novorossiya as a game-changer

The Russian General Staff will be adjusting their tactics for the major follow-up in Donbass – as the best Russian analysts and war correspondents incessantly debate. They will have to face an inescapable problem: as much as the Russian methodically grind down the – disaggregated – Ukrainian Army in Donbass, a new NATO army is being trained and weaponized in western Ukraine.

So there is a real danger that depending on the ultimate long-term aims of Operation Z – which are only shared by the Russian military leadership – Moscow runs the risk of encountering, in a few months, a mobile and better weaponized incarnation of the demoralized army it is now destroying. And this is exactly what the Americans mean by “weakening” Russia.

As it stands, there are several reasons why a new Novorossiya reality may turn out to be a positive game-changer for Russia. Among them:

  1. The economic/logistics complex from Kharkov to Odessa – along Donetsk, Luhansk, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye, Kherson, Nikolaev – is intimately linked with Russian industry.
  2. By controlling the Sea of Azov – already a de facto “Russian lake” – and subsequently the Black Sea, Russia will have total control of export routes for the region’s world-class grain production. Extra bonus: total exclusion of NATO.
  3. All of the above suggests a concerted drive for the development of an integrated agro-heavy industry complex – with the extra bonus of serious tourism potential.

Under this scenario, a remaining Kiev-Lviv rump Ukraine, not incorporated to Russia, and of course not rebuilt, would be at best subjected to a no-fly zone plus selected artillery/missile/drone strikes in case NATO continues to entertain funny ideas.

This would be a logical conclusion for a Special Military Operation focused on precision strikes and a deliberate emphasis on sparing civilian lives and infrastructure while methodically disabling the Ukrainian military/logistics spectrum. All of that takes time. Yet Russia may have all the time in the world, as we all keep listening to the sound of the collective West spiraling down.

(Republished from Strategic Culture Foundation by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: American Military, Bioweapons, EU, NATO, Russia, Ukraine 
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  1. Wait for Russia to offer to sell wheat, etc to Europe, for gold.

    Wait for Russia to offer to sell minerals, etc to the US, for gold, but with the added condition of returning Russia’s seized reserves, but paid in gold.

    Wait for the coup or sudden unexpected death of Erdogan and Turkey being thrown out of NATO or actually invaded using the US weapons already on its soil. Turkey will eventually align with Russia since the Europeans will never allow Turkey into their dying European Union club.

    • Agree: JR Foley
  2. Notsofast says:

    another great article from pepe focusing on the larger economic war the mockingbird media is trying to ignore. now that all mainstream news sources have been purged of any opposing views points, it will be interesting to see how long they can continue to ignore the bioweapons labs and their big pharma, deepstate, and political connections to all of this. unfortunately the average american has lobotomized by a steady diet of propaganda and cultural brainwashing.

    • Agree: JR Foley
    • Replies: @Princeone
  3. Swastikas, Satan and Hitler: tattoos of the “Azov people” who surrendered in Mariupol

    • Thanks: Justrambling, Agent76
    • Replies: @James of Africa
    , @Levtraro
  4. Trial balloon article?


    Why doesn’t that International Space Station Have a Name?

    • Agree: V. K. Ovelund
    • Replies: @Thirdtwin
  5. A Russian hacker that shuts off the EBT card system on payday will do more damage than then entire Russian army.

    For starters, almost every Walmart in America will end up looted and most will get torched. Imagine lines full of our urban blacks with full shopping carts being told by a minimum wage employee that their payment didn’t go thru and they have to put the items back. The ensuing chaos will last for days.

    • Agree: follyofwar
    • LOL: Ray Caruso, Stones
  6. Realist says:

    Wait for Russia to offer to sell wheat, etc to Europe, for gold.

    Wait for Russia to offer to sell minerals, etc to the US, for gold, but with the added condition of returning Russia’s seized reserves, but paid in gold.

    That would be excellent…I hope it comes to pass…before I do.

  7. @Mike_from_Russia

    People are trained to be blind to facts that don’t serve the narrative. Media says nothing about neo Nazis in Ukraine, but capitalize on them elsewhere. In South Africa, our government and government media seem neutral, commercial and white media are total libtards, and cry hysterically about Russian war crimes. On telegram, video and photo evidence about the situation in Ukraine seems to show the Russians in charge but suffering casualties and occasional setbacks.

    The Ukrainians fight back honorably here, criminally there, but it looks like they are getting pulped, slowly. Social media users in SA generally seem to honestly believe that the Russians are on the retreat. Liberal SA media reacts to news like the fall of Mariupol by raising concerns about Ukrainian prisoners being harmed or even massacred. They also love to report that Putin, the one-man invading army, is about to use nukes rather than admit defeat. SA lib media also make the classic mistake of not knowing reporting from editorializing, just like in the West.

  8. Levtraro says:

    Losers, morons, fanatics. Off-camera, they are understanding right now how bad were the choices they made with their peanut-sized brains.

  9. Notsofast says:

    wait for the coup….. obama tried that and would have succeeded if putin hadn’t tipped off erdogan whose supporter put down the coup, allowing erdogan to purge the military and government of all of his enemies. this shows us the genius of putin, rather than enjoy the schadenfreude of one of his enemies being destroyed, he played the long game knowing that driving a wedge between turkey and nato would suit his geopolitical goals far more than allowing a new nato puppet to be installed in this strategically located country that controls the gateway to the black sea. in addition erdogan controls the gates of middle eastern refugees flowing into europe.

    can erdogan be trusted? hell no, he would stab his own mother in the back if it benefited him and putin knows this well but i’ll bet he’s damn glad he was able to keep this slimy rat in power.

  10. @Notsofast

    Erdogan isn’t stupid. He may be just another SOB ruling a territory, but he’s not stupid. He knows the US tried to do him in. He’s been playing a dangerous game for quite some time by being in NATO and purchasing Russian systems. He knows Putin saved his hide. He also knows he’s on the US’s shit list because he can’t get spare parts for US weapons systems.

    I think he realizes that playing the west’s game is never going to get Turkey full recognition by the west. Now that it looks like Russia has all the cards going forward with food, fuel, minerals, advanced weapons systems, a solid relationship with China, etc, I think he’s going to decide to abandon NATO before NATO kills him. The US will replace Turkey with Finland and to a lesser extend Sweden. That 830 mile border Finland has with Russia is just as good as the Ukraine border to piss off Russia. The US has been putting bases in Greece, I believe in anticipation of removing all US and NATO infrastructure from Turkey, particularly the Incirlik base.

    Erdogan is not a reliable partner to the west or Russia. He’s looking out for himself and to a lesser extent Turkey, given their economy and currency is in the dumpster, but he sits on a strategic patch of dirt and with it he can purchase some temporary friends. Russia will play ball with him due to the access to the Mediterranean and using that access to possibly deny NATO and US access to the Black sea down the road. The fact that Turkey also has a huge military should sweeten a deal between Russia and Turkey to be on Russia’s side during the coming conflict.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @anonymous
    , @Wokechoke
  11. TG says:

    What’a really going on in the Russia Ukraine war? Is Russia grinding down the last remnants of the Ukrainian regular army, or is Russia bleeding itself dry in futile massed attacks against a tough Ukrainian defense? (Though the abject failure of Russia’s initial invasion shows that the Russians are not ten feet tall). I don’t know and neither do you.

    However, I was pleased to see this author acknowledge that it doesn’t really matter. The Ukrainians will build a larger and better equipped army in the west and then throw that at the Russians. And if that fails, do it again. It doesn’t matter how many Ukrainian soldiers die, it doesn’t matter if the Ukraine is made an economic basket case, the western elites will not stop until Putin is gone and Russia made a vassal state.

    In my humble and amateur opinion, Putin is going to have to expand the war beyond Ukraine – maybe mining the large western sea ports? Find some appropriate country that it can use for its own proxy war against the west? (Maybe arm the hell out of the Mexican cartels with modern heavy weapons – oh that would be fun). I don’t know, something, but the current arc of events does not I think favor Russia.

    Still, I do agree, IF Russia survives the sanctions, it could become much stronger. Look at how past food embargoes resulted in Russia becoming a major food exporter! But to get to the long run you first have to survive the short run, and we will see.

    Interesting times.

    A few other points:

    1. No, the western elites could care less if evidence about bioweapons technology surfaces. The western elites control the media totally, they will just deny the story and bury it and censor and deplatform it. It is a non-issue.

    2. The western elites could care less if their own domestic economies crater. The elites themselves will have all they want, and they are in total charge. If the peasants go hungry, there will not be a revolution, just like there has not been one in India (where chronic malnutrition is so bad that people physically cannot have more than two children each – it’s not a choice, it’s a necessity!). The elites will blame it all on white supremacy or homophobia or something and get away with it.

  12. Notsofast says:

    agree completely but i don’t know if anyone can leave nato. de gaulle pulled france out but this isn’t 1967, there aren’t anymore de gaulles left and remember what happened to france in 1968. operation gladio is still in effect and even the british have no say in the upper echelons of nato. i think erdogan realizes his best chance for survival is just to stay in nato and play both ends against the middle until the hedgemon finally implodes.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  13. Is Monkey Pox a convenient opportunity for further USA/NATO/EU hijinx?

    As soon as I read the first news reports about Monkey Pox, I realized this is currently just a problem for homosexuals. It’s basically a venereal disease, which outside of Africa is transmitted primarily within the homosexual community. There are almost no cases of such diseases becoming pandemic/endemic in European populations. (One notable exception is pre-WW II Ruthenia, where a variant of Syphilis was endemic.) The current chain of events seems somewhat like a very rapid replay of how the on-going—although now almost entirely restricted to the homosexual/IVDU community—AIDS epidemic played out in its early stages.

    What now concerns me is Biden’s announcement that the US is about to stockpile “Monkey Pox Vaccine”. This is a misnomer. The current vaccine against Monkey Pox also provides protection against other Pox viruses, e.g. Smallpox.

    Why would the USA’s current rulers stockpile a vaccine against a disease that should be largely restricted to far less than one percent of the population and can easily be dealt with via traditional public health measures?

    Why stockpile millions of doses at a cost of \$120 million?

    Does this relate in any way to the bio-warfare research the USA has been surreptitiously conducting in biohazard labs scattered across the globe, e.g. twenty odd in the Ukraine alone?

    Questions like these scare the hell out of me, since the USA’s current rulers seem willing to let or force their proxy war in the Ukraine escalate up to the level of a nuclear exchange. This would almost inevitably lead to a full nuclear war.

    Might the ultimate plan of the USA’s current rulers be to conduct a bio-war mopping up operation after a nuclear war? I have begun to accept at least the possibility that they are literally that insane.

    The likely disastrous—for them—midterm elections might force their hand by threatening to reduce their grip on power. Could a potential Armageddon be a half year away?

    These days it’s getting harder and harder to come up with a completely unreasonable conspiracy/catastrophe theory!!!

    • Replies: @RobinG
    , @Emslander
  14. All that looks like the best case scenario in the short term.

    There is a number of some other things happening worth paying attention to. First the South American countries are discussing whether they should create their own common currency.

    Second the Americans are discussing whether they should give the Ukrainians the Patriot air defense systems and the Harpoon anti-ship missiles. That might affect the situation on the front.

  15. Anon[364] • Disclaimer says:

    Turkey depends on Russia not only for energy but also Russian tourists, selling Turkish Produce in Russia, and viability of many small and medium Turkish companies and contractors in Russia. Without Russian economic help, Turkish economy would collapse. This prompted Erdogan writing a letter of apology to Putin after downing of SU 34 in Syria, and murdering one of its pilots and subsequent Economic sanctions by Russia. Erdogan needs Russia more than the West. He is just trying to milk the West as much as possible by playing both sides. Putin knows this very well and has Erdogan on a tight leash.

    • Agree: RoatanBill
  16. Carlo_9 says:

    The question is very simple: why Russia doesn’t set any nuke missiles in Cuba?

    • Replies: @GMC
    , @Ross23
    , @Badger Down
  17. peterAUS says:

    …After the fall of Popasnaya – the crucial, most fortified Ukrainian stronghold in Donbass – the Russians and Donetsk/Luhansk forces have breached defenses along four different vectors to north, northwest, west and south. What’s left of the Ukrainian front is crumbling – fast…

    Stopped reading there.

    Let’s see can a comment, or two, salvage the thread.

    • Replies: @Ray Caruso
    , @White Noise
  18. The ironclad fictional “narrative” imposed all across NATOstan is that Ukraine is “winning”.

    It’s just the opposite. Russia isn’t winning and is weakening. Ukraine isn’t losing and is gathering strength. The direction of Russia is towards utter humiliation in Ukraine. They have been fought to a standstill by an underequipped, but highly motivated people who are gaining strength as I write.

    You can keep listening to those voices in your head, like Putin has, or you can wake up and get an attachment to reality. Given your past behavior, I’d say there isn’t much chance of that. You can follow the little rodent in Moscow to his destruction and I hope you enjoy it as much as he does.

    • Agree: meamjojo
    • Troll: Bro43rd, Realist
  19. Mefobills says:

    It does matter how many Ukrainians die. Russia is meat grinding Ukrainian soldiers. My understanding is about 500 per day are dying.

    Globo homo cannot run no fly zones or import mercenary Takfiris into Ukraine.

    • Replies: @TG
  20. @Quartermaster

    Your irrational rhetoric begins to irritate.

    Ukraine is not under-equipped, it is equipped a lot better than the Russians, with thousands of Javelins and what not. Ukraine is now using fortification lines and bunkers and is getting intelligence from the US. Ukraine outnumbers the Russians. And the Russians are still using a part of their forces and will be able to double it if required.

    You trolls are all the same.

    Here is PeterAUS who often writes “stopped reading here” and a couple of weeks ago he also stopped reading there. He said that “all is gonna be fine with the fellows on Azovstal” and even promised to explain that, if someone asked him, but no one did because its obvious that Peter does not have a clue. How is it going for the fellows, Peter? All is fine I guess.

    Your motivated people are not gaining strength. Five thousand have surrendered. Most aircraft has been lost. Most capable personnel has been defeated. Ukraine is losing.

    • Agree: JR Foley
    • Replies: @Ulf Thorsen
  21. RobinG says:
    @Jus' Sayin'...

    “the golden billion”

    This term seems to mean different things to different people. For example, the person who mentioned it to me believes it’s about culling world population down to a billion. Others say it refers to those who consume the majority of resources, live high on the hog, etc. This article speaks about future wealth.

    Why does China heavily invest in AI when she has a huge population and if AI replaced human, what would their people do?
    “The Chinese Communist Party is positioning “Red China” as the USSR 2.0 opposing to American Imperialism, with its oppression and exploitation. … So the Chinese Communist Party is aiming to disrupt all global politics with the current trends making its population “the golden billion”, while the Capitalist West will go to forceful machine-human replacements, with all nasty consequences, mass unemployment, poverty, unrest, and social revolutions.”

  22. If the Russians stop all that will happen is that the US and its allies will build up military strength and attack again, so why stop?
    There is a Wiki page “Dissolution of Russia” which I think indicates what the aim of the US is, so why shouldn’t Russia’s aim be the dissolution of the USA?
    Just wait until winter, hit a few US power stations and stand back.

  23. @American Citizen

    Well said. I’ll just note that most EBT recipients aren’t Africans, and that millions of white and Hispanic EBT recipients would likely feel forced to use theft or violence (before long) to get food in that scenario, too. This is sad on several levels.

    • Agree: showmethereal
    • Replies: @Possum
  24. at least from 2016, based on analyses by Sergey Glazyev – the Kremlin knew this would inevitably happen. As trust remains a rigid foundation of a monetary system, the Russian leadership may have calculated that the Americans and their vassals, driven by blind Russophobia, would play all their cards at once when push came to shove – utterly demolishing global trust on “their” system.

    I’d wondered why, if Russia had meticulously decoupled itself from the dollar during the preceding years, they’d left so much of their reserves where they could simply be grabbed.

    The Russians could not have failed to predict that.
    “Blind Freddy” would have seen it coming.
    The explanation in the article – a soft power nuke on financial trust – makes perfect sense.

  25. Eudion2 says:

    The Western elites may not care if their own economies crater, but that only means they are even more out of touch. If their economies collapse, it means they won’t be able to afford war in Ukraine. It means they’ll face revolution once people miss ten meals.

    • Replies: @Wielgus
    , @TG
  26. In some lifetime this egregious poster was drawn and quartered for never-ending lying. Why does he keep it up when most folks on U.R. are totally onto his blathering? Is there a masochistic strain in operation?

  27. As for the propounded new army and advanced weaponry in the nazified Galicia as a threat to Russia,; that seems a bit of a stretch. Logical Russian strategy is that if Ukraine proper wishes to have peace it will need to divorce the nutcases in Lvov and the other thoroughly westernized Uniate populated areas bordering Poland and Belarus.

    For somewhat of a sop to the fragile eastern flank of Natostan, Russia can offer the Slovaks, the Hungarians and the Romanians those Carpathian regions of their nations which were seized by Stalin in WWII and turned over to Ukraine SSR. They might also be the recipients of favorable trade relations, particularly in petroleum products. Hungary has already come to terms with such a relationship.

    Ukraine itself would retain its independence, albeit militarily neutralized and in league with Belarus and Russia as a lightly structured Eastern Slavic convention. A paramilitary national guard would keep the ultra-nationalists in line and all ukonazis would be deported to Galiciastan. If in a generous mood, the new Ukraine nation would be given favorable export terms via Russian controlled Odessa and other Black Sea ports.

    • Agree: inspector general
    • Replies: @Zachary Smith
  28. meamjojo says:

    You’re an idiot Escobar. Putin war on Ukraine is going to be know as “Putin’s Folly” in historical writings. Here is the future for Russia:
    How the West Is Strangling Putin’s Economy
    May 19, 2022, 7:00 p.m. ET
    By Paul Krugman

    Russia’s military failure in Ukraine has defied almost everyone’s predictions. First came abject defeat at the gates of Kyiv. Then came the incredible shrinking blitzkrieg, as attempts to encircle Ukrainian forces in the supposedly more favorable terrain in the east have devolved into a slow-motion battle of attrition.

    What’s important about this second Russian setback is that it interacts with another big surprise: The remarkable — and, in some ways, puzzling — effectiveness, at least so far, of Western economic sanctions against the Putin regime, sanctions that are working in an unexpected way.

    As soon as the war began there was a great deal of talk about bringing economic pressure to bear against the invading nation. Most of this focused on ways to cut off Russia’s exports, especially its sales of oil and natural gas. Unfortunately, however, there has been shamefully little meaningful movement on that front. The Biden administration has banned imports of Russian oil, but this will have little impact unless other nations follow our lead. And Europe, in particular, still hasn’t placed an embargo on Russian oil, let alone done anything substantive to wean itself from dependence on Russian gas.

    As a result, Russian exports have held up, and the country appears to be headed for a record trade surplus. So is Vladimir Putin winning the economic war?

    No, he’s losing it. That surging surplus is a sign of weakness, not strength — it largely reflects a plunge in Russia’s imports, which even state-backed analysts say is hobbling its economy. Russia is, in effect, making a lot of money selling oil and gas, but finding it hard to use that money to buy the things it needs, reportedly including crucial components used in the production of tanks and other military equipment.

    Why is Russia apparently having so much trouble buying stuff? Part of the answer is that many of the world’s democracies have banned sales to Russia of a variety of goods — weapons, of course, but also industrial components that can, directly or indirectly, be used to produce weapons.

  29. @James of Africa

    These people from Azov are really Satanists. For example

    Transplantology of the ATO. Bodies to the west. +18. (In Russian, you can use Yandex.translate)

    How Ukraine “did not want” to fight (In Russian)

    January 1, 2022 – Torchlight procession in honor of Bandera in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine (3.5 thousand participants guarded by 2.5 thousand police officers)
    January 4, 2022 – The states of the North Atlantic Alliance, including the United States, ignore Moscow’s calls to reduce the intensity of military maneuvers in Ukraine // Sergey Lavrov.
    The list of joint NATO exercises in Ukraine for 2022 has been published.
    The number of NATO and Ukrainian military personnel in the exercises has been increased to 64,000, planes and helicopters to 361, warships to 256. // Autonomous NGO “TV-News”

    January 5, 2022 – Any military aggression against Ukraine will have huge consequences and a serious price // Barrel Zh.
    54 violations of the ceasefire regime on the border with the DPR,
    3 violations of the ceasefire regime on the border with the PRC // Report No. 2/2022, OSCE..
    … more..more…

    • Replies: @Wielgus
  30. MarkU says:

    Your apparent faith in the competence of the US leadership and the veracity of their narrative is surprising. Shall we examine their track record of the last few decades?

    They started with the most technologically advanced and biggest armed forces in the world and the biggest economy in the world by far, all underpinned by having the worlds reserve currency.

    Now the status of the US dollar as a reserve currency has been undermined and that status will soon be over. The US has easily the worlds biggest debts (30 + trillion and counting) US industry has largely been offshored and China has been turned into an industrial giant as a result. Americans were once described by we British as ‘Overdressed, overpaid, oversexed and over here’ now ordinary Americans need three jobs just to make ends meet. Your infrastructure has been rotting away from neglect for decades, your cities are full of human wreckage and littered with human faecal matter. Crime and racial strife has been running rampant. Social capital has been destroyed by ‘diversity’ and continental scales of immigration/political gerrymandering. Your armed forces are now armed mostly with expensive garbage. The F-35 is already scheduled for retirement and it hasn’t even fully entered service yet, same story with the LSC’s (now dubbed ‘little crappy ships’)

    If someone had deliberately set out to destroy the US (and Europe with it) it is difficult to see how they could have done a better job. Isn’t it time you rats were thinking of leaving the sinking ship?

  31. GMC says:

    Well, since NO Country that Nato , USA , Israel, Saudi Arabia and others destroy, steal their gold, monies, natural resources, etc. get their rightly deserved day in the International courts – Why should the USA, Nato or Israel have any say so with regards to the massive crimes they have committed.

    Russia never got a day in Court to defend itself on MH-17 nor Donbas, So. Ossetia, Crimea, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and a dozen others seemed to get a Judicial Bypass or ” Case Dismissed “before they even get their evidence submitted to the phoney European courts, UN , ICC, OSCE and other dysfunctional agencies. And when it comes for a day in court to defend against the bogus sanctions, Financial freezes, assassinations, extortion etc. – Case Closed before it even starts.

    If China, Russia, Iran, and a few others don’t construct a new International Court system soon, they and other innocent countries will continue to be hung by the Western Court System.

  32. Wielgus says:

    There has been a strengthening of the surveillance state in recent decades, perhaps rulers saw trouble down the road, but precautions and repression might not be enough if there is sufficient desperation.

  33. Wielgus says:
    Russian Vzglyad site – Ukrainian authorities trying to stop images of Ukrainians surrendering in Mariupol. Probably because they are obviously going into captivity and this interferes with presentation of it as an “evacuation”.

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
    , @Thirdtwin
  34. GMC says:

    Russian Military and Putin has mentioned several times that they won’t put Nukes in other countries far awy from their control. I don’t think they have nukes in any other country – they have enough nuclear subs for this.

    • Replies: @Miha
    , @GMC
  35. Wielgus says:

    3.5 thousand participants guarded by 2.5 thousand police – suggests the procession is controversial and might encounter opposition, but also that it enjoys state support.

  36. Lavrov stated explicitly that Russia will not accept the theft of its hard earned valuables abroad…
    The Russian Ukraine is no longer tolerating the Galician Ukraine, because of its crimes and genocide against todays Russia; Holodomor or not – it now does not matter anymore.
    Russian soldiers now call the Ukrainians “Germans”, apart from “Nazis”.
    The FRG lackeys – the American Zone – of the German remnants made sure that all the good will people like Putin (German speaker), Schroeder and back to Adenauer, and most of all the communists of the GDR, had rebuilt with public Russia is gone too. It makes Jewmericans and their poison green red-fascist dogs happy. The Jew must not be allowed to be, as instigator, the winner of this evil game.
    The Russian Galician bride and pride (like Antonov Industries) has turned into Jews’ bloody whore in every sense of the word. Russia is cleaning out the whore house and that includes Kiew – Lemberg (Galicia) and the fake religions there. (Will include the synagogues of Satan?) (Israhell is now supplying Jewkraine with weapons and experts in nastiness).
    Russia is going to take the whole Ukraine back. Does it have a choice, another real working choice? Once again it is forced to fertilize the Kiew RUS with the blood of its best men.
    Since Jewmerica is preparing a second wave with the sacrifice of a young Galician Army, is Russia starting to build its own “German” Army out of those sobered POWs? The reeducation has started. On average 100 new POWs are taken daily. Ca. 15.000 FUs are about to be encircled…
    Also notable is, that Russia said it will not tolerate a Third Jewish World War; “whoever tries another world war will get a swift and overwhelming response from us” (Medvedev).
    BRICS + Iran: China said years ago that it will not hesitate to lead a nuclear war to protect Iran…
    Russia wants China + India to get along… Russia wants India + Pakistan to reintegrate…
    Russia is already making land concessions to China by allowing Chinese to settle within Russia and especially “Little Asia”. Has Japan finally blown it?
    China knows, if Russia falls, Jew & hyena will re-colonize China (and India for that matter).
    Russia said, before the 24th of February 2022, that it will create conditions for Europe’s peoples to decide for themselves if they want to stay enslaved to Jewmerica or regain sovereignty.
    The American Army in Europe – there are alone within the German remnants 155.000 US Army rats – must get its own Dunkirk experience, with the only difference that this time there will not be a Hitler to let them purposely get away (with murder). We will need every JewS rat “to put boots on the ground” of the rebuilding sites in Europe when this is finished.
    Jewmerica wants to have and keep strive in Europe to fleece everyone. Russia is willing and able to strike Satan at home. This time Russia is the Good Force. Russia is able and willing to teach Jewmerica & Israhell at home. That is novum. The most lucrative export business of the Jewnighted States of Israhell – war – is about to turn into re-imports. Physicists call it Newton’s Second Law. I call it Go(o)d.

  37. Boll says:

    The Ukraine is bait. The US focus is to damage the European Union. So they fuel that conflict to make it last as long as possible. While it‘s likely that the Ukrainian forces will be pushed back, only a total breakdown of the Ukrainian military would enable the formation of that Novosomething. That‘s not going to happen soon. If NATO dissolves, Russia might advance in that direction. However, if the larger European war erupts after 2026 as a result of the US-retreat a complete realignment of borders in Eastern Europe including Poland, Romania, Hungary, Ukraine and Russia could be possible.

  38. Possum says:

    But most African Americans are EBT users. They also tend to be more violent in general, on EBT or not according to well-known and reliable statistics readily accessible to you. Sad on several levels.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  39. @meamjojo

    YES, the one that is doing very well is the US economy thanks to guys like Krugman.

    • Agree: Drapetomaniac
    • LOL: Ulf Thorsen
  40. Russia should have pulled all its assets out of the West a long time ago. I’m sure it can make up for these losses easily but why give the Western pirates even that? Now wait when the West turns to starling Chinese assets and property owned by Chinese; surely this will dwarf what it stole from Russia.

  41. @Carlton Meyer

    That’s what the Ukrainians themselves should have proposed long ago. They could then have been a peaceful, stable, and independent nation composed almost entirely of ethnic Ukrainians who wanted to be part of the Ukraine. Instead, they insisted on having a mini-empire. Empires are unstable by nature, but an empire where half of the citizenry is composed of an ethnicity with roots in a neighboring state that is much larger and stronger is just stupid. Ukrainians are fundamentally stupid. That’s why they never achieved a state of their own except by default with the fall of the Soviet Union. It’s also why they imagined putting a Jew cockroach in charge would secure them membership in the Western clubs they longed to be part of rather than result in economic exploitation and bloodshed.

    No Ukrainian state at all is the historical default, and it seems to be better for all concerned, even the Ukros themselves. Sadly, they are too stupid to realize they are too stupid to be self-governing.

  42. @peterAUS

    How dare anyone suggest Holy Ukraine is not on the way to a glorious triumph? Your tender eyes understandably could not take anymore blasphemy against Holy Ukraine and Saint ‘elensky.

    Ukraine is every bit as ridiculous as the other liberal Current Thing causes: “climate change”, “covid”, poh-leece brutality, LGBTQ liberation, etc. That’s why only ridiculous people support it.

    • Agree: dogbumbreath
  43. WHAT says:

    They knew not in 2016, but in 1999. Primakov’s turn was the starting point.
    Last thing anglo will see is Sarmat hypersonic warheads coming in.

    • Replies: @Swaytonious
  44. @American Citizen

    Nothing like twenty million ferocious negros rampaging through demoralized America. Now that’s one war Washington would not know what to do with. And I am not so sure that it can’t happen but it could be the end of the civilized world.

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  45. @TG

    One month till midsummer, then the sun slowly goes back South. Europe will be a cold place again by October.

  46. @RobinG

    That’s a very interesting hypothesis, thank you.

  47. Emslander says:

    This is what a global political-military realignment looks like: irrelevant domestic politics, stolen elections, moral decay at home, once-dominant tribe too tired to procreate, wars at a distance fought by proxy and aliens overrunning the homeland.

    Russians, not just Putin, know that time and economic history are on their side.

    • Agree: Ulf Thorsen, Iris
  48. Ross23 says:

    Who says Cuba would agree to that. They probably won’t as it would put huge pressure on them at a time they are still vulnerable to full US attack.

    The US would probably go crazy and blockade the country go on full military posture and Iraq style threats to invade which they probably would.

    Finally Russia is a land power it can’t defend Cuba if attacked as it would, so what’s the point in loosing an old friend in the end for no gain

    • Replies: @anonymous
  49. @Carlo_9

    Russia is friendly to Cuba and doesn’t want to make it a target for US “defense”.
    (Japan, South Korea, and Australia should take note.)

    • Replies: @Here Be Dragon
  50. Emslander says:
    @Jus' Sayin'...

    These days it’s getting harder and harder to come up with a completely unreasonable conspiracy/catastrophe theory!!!

    The schemes aren’t theoretical any longer. Just recite accurately the events that are taking place in chronological order, starting with the September 2019 overnight banking markets in New York, up to the present monkey-pox moment and you have the scenario played out in front of you.

    • Agree: Iris
  51. Bruno says:

    It’s interesting to see that the head of ukro-Nazi is an ethnic Finn.

    My Spanish grandfather who fought with 3d Reich against Russian to « protect » Leningrad admired the Finns immensely … Even Hitler said Finns were the best soldiers ever.

  52. Emslander says:

    How the West Is Strangling Putin’s Economy
    May 19, 2022, 7:00 p.m. ET
    By Paul Krugman

    Paul Krugman? Really? Paul Krugman?

    Krugman is the fantasyland chronicler of the USA “borrow and spend” economic philosophy that would result in no inflation. You’ve exploded your assertions from the inside.

  53. @meamjojo

    Krugman always got it right in the past….

    • Replies: @Sollipsist
  54. @Here Be Dragon

    Agree. The only ones hearing “voices” are clowns like Quartermaster who have allowed their minds to be overrun by the 24/7 Western propaganda narrative.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  55. They will have to face an inescapable problem: as much as the Russian methodically grind down the – disaggregated – Ukrainian Army in Donbass, a new NATO army is being trained and weaponized in western Ukraine.

    So there is a real danger that depending on the ultimate long-term aims of Operation Z – which are only shared by the Russian military leadership – Moscow runs the risk of encountering, in a few months, a mobile and better weaponized incarnation of the demoralized army it is now destroying. And this is exactly what the Americans mean by “weakening” Russia.

    Russia will perhaps have to face terrorist groups, a “mobile and better weaponized incarnation” of the Ukrainian army, I very much doubt it. There are just so many extremists on whom you can count to value an utterly moronic cause more than their lives and they are currently being destroyed.
    Zelensky and the clique around him aren’t going to fight man to man and dropping weapons is not enough, you need men to make an army and you need those men to be willing to die for the cause. Western Ukrainians know that their leaders are corrupt to the core and that they are criminals. They have voted for Poroshenko and they have voted for Zelensky because both promised to negotiate with the Donbass, neither did what people wanted them to do and neither promised to do what they ended up doing, both did what the Khazarian mafia wanted them to do. Given a choice between peace and dying for such leaders, I think that they are likely to prefer peace.
    What I fear more is the Russian being merciful and accepting a cease-fire that will leave the current Ukrainian leadership in place, instead of proceeding with cleansing Ukraine of extremists.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
    • Replies: @emerging majority
    , @Avery
  56. anon[378] • Disclaimer says:

    Keyboard Commando Quartermasterbater has been awarded the Joseph Ward Clark Medal of Honor for futile waste of human flesh in humiliating defeat.

  57. @meamjojo

    This is a short sitrep just to bring the latest information together. First, Brian Berletic does a fine job of describing the battlefield for us, without drowning it in detail. He makes a lot of sense and touches on those ‘wonderful M777 howitzers’, which, if we believe the Wurlitzer Media, are making a decisive difference. Well, they are not.

    A summary of Berletic’s update for Russian military operations in Ukraine for May 21, 2022:

    Ukrainian militants in the Azovstal steel works have unconditionally surrendered numbering between hundreds (current Red Cross count) to thousands according to Russian sources;
    Mariupol has been secured by Russia since mid to late-April – Ukraine finally admits however that its “combat operations” have fully ended;
    Russia continues to make progress in the Donbas region – Ukrainian forces are being encircled in Severodonestsk and Lysychansk – the salient around Papasnya is expanding both west and north as part of this major encirclement;
    Pentagon admits Russia still poses the majority of its combat power – possess a “numerical advantage” over Ukraine – and is making “slow, uneven” progress, but progress nonetheless;
    Kharkov “offensive” has either stalled or is in the process of being rolled back;
    US M777 howitzers have been found, tracked, targeted, and destroyed by Russian forces;
    Additional attempts to send heavy weapons will face similar technical, tactical, strategic, and manpower challenges;

    While ‘The Grind’ continues, take a look at Brian’s update in order to fully understand the shape of the battlefield according to Readovka’s short machine translated report:

    Kharkiv Front. Medium-intensity fights. The collision occurs in the area of the village of Liptsy and Rubezhnoye.

    The Izyum front. One of the most stressful areas. Serious battles are taking place near Kurulka, Velikaya Kamyshevakha, and Dolgenky. The military is heading for the encirclement of the Krasnolimansk group. The front is leaning towards Slavyansk.

    Luhansk front. The offensive of groups of fighters continues in several directions from Popasna, the main one of which is now Severodonetsk. Thanks to the destruction of the automobile bridge between Lisichansk and Severodonetsk, the situation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the latter is becoming increasingly difficult. Fighters go to Vozdvizhenka, threatening to cut the route “Artemovsk-Svetlodarsk”, fight in Pilipchatino, directly on the way to Artemovsk. An active clash near the Soledar-Lisichansk highway, a cauldron is being erected for the Gorsky and Zolotoye grouping, battles in Viktorovka, Kamyshevakha, on the approaches to Vrubovka, Toshkovka.

    Donetsk front. Heavy fighting continues at Novobakhmutovka and Novoselovka-Vtoroi, as well as near New York. In the area of Marinka and Ugledar, there are no changes yet.

    In Russia. They were applied on the villages of the Kursk border area-Tetkino and Popovo-Lezhachi, as reported by the governor of Starovoit. The Ukrainian Armed Forces also shelled Gorlovka, hitting the surrounding villages of Panteleimonovka and Aksenovka. Over Ilovaisk, where a large train with humanitarian aid arrived, was shot down of “Tochka-U”, two women were injured.

    What is heartwarming is Graham Philips with a short video essay of Mariupol coming back to life. However, the area was extensively mined, and currently de-mining is underway by the DNR / Russia side, before any journalistic access is permitted.

    The size of the Russian Aid to liberated areas is massive. The Donbass Aid Train arrived in Ilovaisk. It was formed on the initiative of the All-Russian People’s Front and Russian Railways. It departed from Moscow, consisted of 68 wagons, of which 27 were intended for the LPR, and 41 for the liberated territories of the DPR. This is more than 2,400 tons of humanitarian cargo: food, personal hygiene products, medicines, flour, stationery, building materials and equipment, generators.

    Zelensky babbled on about ‘diplomatic solutions’ but he changes daily, as Lavrov says, depending on what he had to drink or what he smoked.

    Remember the Russian Pain Dial? We’re seeing it being notched up slowly. Russia bans 963 Americans. Is this tit for tat? Not really: it is anything you can do we can triple up on! The political and diplomatic landscape is heating up and in this next week we will see some of that being reported on. Major new reveals came in this past week on the biolabs issue. Pepe Escobar weighs in via his Telegram channel.

    The big news is more tests of Sarmat. 🔎 “…today, they say that air defense does not exist for the Sarmat missile system, and it probably will not exist in the coming decades,” Commander of Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces, Col. Gen. Sergei Karakaev, says.

    That is it for today. Enjoy your discussion and be careful with the Ukie propaganda. It is everywhere.

    • Thanks: GMC, Levtraro, dogbumbreath
  58. Boyo says:

    Now that… is some great news.

  59. @meamjojo

    My earlier reply should have included the following video update on military operations in Ukraine, with special focus on destruction of US supplied M777 howitzers:

  60. nsa says:

    Meamjuju, PetereaterAUS, Quartermasterbator:
    We here in Ft. Meade are monitoring your activities closely so kindly stop disseminating disinfo or you can expect an early am visit from one of our kinetic action units. And it is advised that you lads scurry down to your neighborhood laser tattoo removal clinic and have the nazi tats fried off. Nazi iconography will only get you special attention at the reeducation camp.

    • Replies: @peterAUS
  61. @Matt Lazarus

    They should use the captured Azov Nazis to do the de-mining. After all they set the mines so they may as well clear them.

    • Agree: Avery
    • Replies: @Levtraro
  62. GMC says:

    Thanks M – I would bet my last dollar that Israel has nukes under the water too.

  63. @Wielgus

    … interferes with presentation of it as an “evacuation”.


  64. @Possum

    I suffer a permanent spinal injury from a random and unprovoked attack by an African-“American.” So I’m painfully aware of the generally more-violent nature of that demographic; thanks so much for your lecture. Every time I can’t hold up one of our youngest children, sit for too long, stand for too long, “turn my neck the wrong way”, need to ask the kids to help me with something that I could easily lift or carry a few years ago, etc.

    Feel good about your snarky remark and imitation of my language?

    My point was correct: most EBT beneficiaries in the USA are not African, and many millions of white and hispanic people in the US will be quickly committing theft and violence to get food if the EBT is turned off. And I wasn’t mocking the beneficiaries, either. Many of them are not bad, lazy or aggressive people — even though, when it comes to the hispanics, my preferred policies would have kept them out of our country.

    • Replies: @Kim
  65. @Commentator Mike

    Yeah, I wouldn’t put anything past the people ruling and leeching off of Americans and picking fights at our expense far abroad.

    But if the US does that, China can easily retaliate by quickly destroying our economy, our health, and our standard of living. How much medical equipment in the US needs parts made in China to work? How many of our tablets, cell phones, laptop computers, TVs, internet routers, satellite equipment, etc., are made in China or use Chinese components? Passenger vehicles? Trains?

    Even more to the point, can the US even continue to build, operate and maintain MILITARY equipment without Chinese-made parts and/or Russian minerals/metals/resources?

    As for Americans substituting imports from elsewhere, the scale of the necessary substitution makes it impossible to achieve in a reasonable period of time — before we have economic collapse and mass violence and starvation here.

    Moreover, who would we ask to start or increase their production or export of these materials or parts — Germany and Japan? Not if Germany and Japan continue to sanction, slander, and send weapons to kill Russians and destroy their country. Because without Russian energy, Germany and Japan’s factories will eventually grind to a halt.

  66. @TG

    (Though the abject failure of Russia’s initial invasion shows that the Russians are not ten feet tall).

    What constituted “failure”?

    I would seriously like to know what you meant.

    • Replies: @TG
  67. @Passing By

    Yes, that concern about Russia leaving the current Ukie leadership in place has crossed my mind as well. Doubtful, though, when considered in more depth.

    Were they not so arrogant and hubristic, the actual leaders of the West would offer to remove sanctions in order to enable such a scenario. Likely though, that Russian staff war-gamers have already anticipated that scenario and the word has been passed to the political leadership.

    When Ukraine’s most motivated and highly-trained troops who had been intended as the sledgehammer to attack the Donbass republics, have been thoroughly ground down and surrenders mount—after they shoot their yellow-band Ukronazi “monitors”—the remaining Ukrainian forces will be but a shell.

    Stage number next, then, logically would be to liberate the Black Sea littoral, clear up to the Transdnistrian border. That would include Nicolaev and Odessa. That region is ethnically mixed, with Russian speakers being the plurality, while Ukies are a moderately large minority. One can be sure that those people, should they not prefer to become citizens of Novorossia will be given every opportunity to relocate to the then much attenuated Ukraine.

    Peace terms offered by Russia would be that the remaining rump-state of Ukraine, minus its eastern and southern “empire” would also be obliged to divorce itself from the westernized fascistic, Galicia and possibly Volhynia as well. Let those crazies stew in their own juices, but be obliged to be demilitarized…or taught yet another geopolitical lesson.

  68. Thirdtwin says:
    @o'chad of 'lighting

    “New Kyiv”?


    • Replies: @Wielgus
  69. Jamis77 says:

    I’ve worked with robots in manufacturing for 25 years. In my opinion, this stuff about replacing workers with robots/machines is never going to happen (“while the Capitalist West will go to forceful machine-human replacements”). AI is not the same thing as doing real work. It worked to reduce costs in Insurance and Financial Advising then they extrapolated it out to everything.

    If anything, we are most likely going to go backwards. When I started in this, management had a clue but many of them were malignant narcissists. The rest were enablers. It made the job pure hell. Gradually things changed where today we have managers that don’t throw tantrums or openly try to make individuals lives a living hell.

    The problem (one of many) is that management are wrapped up in these management systems and have no idea what is happening on the factory floor. It used to be the maintenance manager was the go to guy for info on anything. Now he just says he hasn’t been involved in that. He’s in his office on his computer dealing with red tape all the time. And if you tell management that you need something or this isn’t going to work, it’s as if they forget it 5 minutes later. I suspect the pressure and specificity of instructions from above is so intense that they can’t cognitively deal with real stuff, even though it’s really simple.


    Tesla is a vertically integrated manufacturer. All the rest of the car companies are the opposite. That’s why they haven’t been able to build electric cars that are competitive. As products and manufacturing processes get more complicated it could easily get to the point where the wheels fall off and we actually can’t get product out the door that actually works. You know that today a significant percentage of product is knowingly shipped even thought it’s defective and unrepairable? Wait till it’s 80%.

    We’ve had mega-dollar projects where management cut out critical steps in the process and the whole project collapsed. They thought they could save having to think about things and wound up having to have workers filling parts by hand to produce inadequate parts. Things are much more fragile than people realize. Our knowledge base has disappeared. Even our engineers and doctors are beyond incompetent.

    I’ve tried to figure out for myself what’s happening and the way I understand it is that a manufacturing cell (a fenced in area where a machine and several robots carry out a step in the process) is like a garden. You need to constantly take care of it and be hyper perceptive of what’s happening to prevent problems from escalating. Detecting problems when the signs are so subtle as to border on the intuitive is essential to efficiency and effectiveness. Essentially, you have to manifest loving care for the machines just like you have to with a garden.

    But the powers that be see automation as “a way out” of having to take care of things. They come up with funding to finance a cell then hire contractors to build and commission it. Gone are the days when we would do part of that ourselves. Now we’re more clueless than ever and trying to fix systems that are more complicated than ever. They’re so complex that things aren’t even documented anymore. That’s illegal. The central point of a skilled tradesman is to be able to read the documentation in the language of their trade.

    When the cell is first commissioned you have a few chronic problems that need to get ironed out but generally things run smoothly. As things start to wear out you find nobody knows how to fix it because it’s too complicated and/or we don’t have parts. Now the downtime accumulates and management orders parts to be stripped from another machine. Or maybe you have to run the machine with worn out parts and you have constant shutdowns that ruin the parts quality. We’ve had machines we’ve run for weeks that didn’t make a single good part but the area manager wanted to make his numbers. That’s the same reason defective finished product is shipped out. Everybody is in their own silo and trying to make themselves out to be heroes.

    And the parts that are made are far more complicated without offering real benefits to the consumer. Now you know why an oil pan went from \$300 to \$1200 and now you have to buy a new one when the oil pump goes. They bolt the oil pump to the oil pan using self threading bolts (to save 2 seconds during manufacturing). When the bolts are removed they strip the threads (it’s the aluminum) and you need a new pan in addition to everything else. The companies love this.

    Maybe they can automate trucks and ships but that’s just point and speed up or slow down. Most work that humans do is far too complicated to automate.

    To summarize, the problem really lies in human nature. You can identify a solution to a management issue but when it’s implemented, you wind up with even more problems. The world is becoming more siloed and run by big brains from ivory towers and powerful elites incapable of care and kindness. It’s as if they are spiritually rotten and God has created reality in such a way that these types of people cannot see enough of reality to not be a danger to everyone. Reality will be veiled to them or they will be under a strong delusion sent by God.

    Sorry for getting spiritual but as I’ve gotten older it’s become obvious that big brained atheists are a hazard to society. A few generations ago they saw the religious as the menace to society. I guess it’s similar to the management system dilemma except you can’t understand something by only looking at it’s worst elements.

    I realize this post is off topic but this fantasy of automating away humans and winding up with massive unemployment is one of the most fundamental assumptions of the powers that be and critical to their game plan. I generally don’t believe in certainty but on this specific topic I’d say it’s an absolute certainty that it’s impossible. Anticipate that this part of the plan will fail.

    • Agree: peterAUS, Sisifo
    • Thanks: Spanky, emerging majority
    • Replies: @ThreeCranes
    , @peterAUS
    , @Sisifo
  70. bert33 says:

    Hopefully by the time they all get done with their revisioning the people who all ukraine their home will be able to live their lives and go to work and be at peace without some uniformed a-hole foreing or domestic shooting up the place and causing death and destruction and wrecking their day to day lives over a bunch of political crap. Sometimes, wars must be fought, and sometimes, politicians need questioned, thrown out of office, their pockets dumped, questioned, prosecuted, arrested. May the truth prevail and the joint efforts of russia and western powers to get to the bottom of all the BS so the ukranians can go back to living their normal lives

  71. Thirdtwin says:

    The other day, I read some simping journo refer to the bedraggled, surrendering soldiers as “trooping out of the ruins”. Nice try, journo, but it’s still lipstick on a pig.

    • Replies: @Wielgus
  72. Mefobills says:

    Almost \$300B in FX was seized, stolen.

    This was nearly 1/2 of Russian total, when thet have very low external debts.

    My position is that it was a screw up, and typical of an Atlantacist like Nabiullina.

    She has always believed in having high FX to protect the Ruble. It would never occured to her to price oil in Rubles instead.

    God sometimes protects fools. Russia has done more foolish things under Nab. that Glazyev did not approve of.

    Russia has internal dissent, and the Atlantacists are being slowly marginalized.

    Nobody rational would have exposed half of their FX to seizure, the calculation was more likely that it would be safe, as that is how Atlantacists think. They really want to believe that the west is some mythical rainbow place, and not globo homo.

  73. TG says:
    @Bill Jones

    Good point. From what little I know, the Russians initially planned for a “coup de main” conquest of all of Ukraine, to do what they did previously in Crimea. Putin may have come much closer to victory than is commonly thought, perhaps if those elite paratroopers flying in to the airport near Kiev had not been shot out of the sky thanks to western intelligence, it could have gone the other way, but it didn’t.

    Many commentators have said that the initial Russian invasion was incompetent: I see that more as a gamble than a mistake. A lighting strike with unsupported armor can work – but if it doesn’t – you are truly screwed.

    Again, I can’t read minds, but it sure looks to me like the Russians wanted to control all of Ukraine in a lighting grab, and that didn’t happen.

    • Agree: Decoy
    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  74. TG says:

    Can’t import mercenary Takfiris into Ukraine? Watch them.

    But Ukraine has conscription and is under martial law. The Ukraine can easily gather many millions of men of military age, and the wester elites will give them all the weapons they can use.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  75. TG says:

    I hear you – but revolution requires organization and communication, which the western working classes don’t have. If the western people become poorer and cold and hungry, what are they gonna do? They have no leadership, no organized power. There are lot of desperately poor people all over the world who are not revolting for this exact reason. Can’t afford war? If the war is prioritized over all other things, yes, the west can afford it.

    • Agree: peterAUS
    • Replies: @Wielgus
  76. Joe Roger says:

    This guy is completely deluded. The Black Sea is controlled by Turkey, not by Russia and will stay this way. Turkey controls the Straits in and out of Black Sea and Russia can do nothing about it. The same to the Baltics which is indeed turning into a NATO lake.

    • Agree: Marcali
  77. Levtraro says:
    @Commentator Mike

    They did most of the de-mining in the Azovstall, in the rest of Mariupol, well, they haven’t been there for weeks.

  78. As early as the 1960’s, Russians developed a very advanced bio-warfare program. One viral infection in particular caught my attention; during the prodromal period the unnamed infection causes upper respiratory distress, then about two weeks later the subject fully recovers but a disease akin to multiple sclerosis develops and swiftly paralyses the victim. Physicians attempting to diagnose this condition wouldn’t have a clue what was really going on. The creator of this horror, one Sergei Popov PhD, bioweaponeer and researcher in the former CCCP, outlined several such secret project(s) on Youtube, for example, “Project Bonfire” and “Project Factor” How their research efforts successfully created new and synthetic life forms never before seen in nature having both high virulence and improved stability. All this horror was eventually mirrored by U.S. scientists but at a much later date circa 1990’s, with military projects like “killer ticks, and bee’s”. Early on, US Army viral research on Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis or VEE as a weapon, began in the mid sixties. The R&D done at Dugway, UT Proving grounds and Fort Detrick, MD.

    The Russians are ahead of our CBW programs in another area too, that of launching nuclear tipped hyper-sonic missiles from submarines patrolling off our eastern and western coastal areas. These Zircon missiles can circumvent anti-ballistic missile countermeasures (stationed in Alaska) specifically positioned to protect Silicon Valley, Boeing, the deep warm water submarine port and base situated in San Diego, I think the Ports of LA and Frisco are covered too but that’s probably classified, in any case, we have no countermeasures for the Zircon or the Chinese equivalent to Zircon. It also is an up and running program used by their naval ships.

    In summary then, D.C. NYC, Groton, Conn, Seattle, LA, the Bay areas all all subject to instant annihilation from attacks off our coast and this within minutes (less than ten). Back in the old days of ICBM exchanges it took a half hour or so. Long gone are the day’s of sirens and civil defense attack warnings …. duck and cover? will there be time for a short prayer? – perhaps. Of course our pentagon officialdom may already have decided on a policy to avoid panicking the general public with unnecessary alerts, eh?

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  79. Avery says:
    @Passing By

    {What I fear more is the Russian being merciful and accepting a cease-fire that will leave the current Ukrainian leadership in place, instead of proceeding with cleansing Ukraine of extremists.}

    Scott Ritter has touched on the matter of: “Why aren’t Russians taking out Zelensky ?”

    His argument was very sound: he said Russians could have taken him out anytime.
    But they didn’t, because they intend to use him for their own purposes.
    Since NATO/West have lionized the creep, if and when Zelensky submits and accepts whatever Russians place on his desk for his signature, the West can’t say Zelensky is Russia’s puppet, and therefore whatever he has signed is invalid. Ritter even believes that Russian agents are in Zelensky’s entourage, and will spring him to safety in case NATO/West decided to “martyr” the cretin.

    Russians will surely not allow any UkroNazis (Azov, Right Sektor, Aydar,….) to exist in liberated Uki government, but they understand that Zelensky is useful and manageable.

    • Replies: @Passing By
  80. Mefobills says:

    China’s power vertical dotted line connects to her general population.

    The power vertical, or elite, fully consider the general welfare of the masses under mandate of heaven.

    The power elite in globo homo west is the finance investor class, who are self interested.

    The West also runs under Jewy religion, which allows usury. Calvanist religions are “I’m special elect, and you are going to hell.”

    So, debt spreading of finance instruments and proselytizing go hand in hand: globo homo is imperialist and expansionary.

    China runs industrial capitalism economy and belt and road is a way to acquire resources and new markets.

    The West has already lost, because the ruling elite are sick. They have money sickness and sociopathy. The Global South has eyes…they can see the sickness. Putin often mentions that people privately whisper in his ear.

  81. @American Bulwark

    Unlike their handlers they cannot hide, three quarters are too fat to run,
    and the rest cannot shoot worth shit.
    If the civilized world ended so easily it would have done so long ago.

    • Replies: @American Bulwark
  82. TRM says:

    “application of Finland and Sweden – call them the Dumb and Dumber Nordics – to join NATO”

    I think you underestimate the amount of pressure/bribery being put on them. Even Switzerland has gone along with some sanctions. What could get Switzerland (400+ years neutral), Sweden (200+ years neutral) and Finland (70+ years neutral) to throw away all their success? Pressure/bribery by the EUSSA and lots of it.

    That is how serious a problem the EUSSA has gotten itself into. They are pulling in ALL their markers and strong arming everyone. This is the reserve currency war endgame and it isn’t going well for the EUSSA.

    Arrogance and hubris strike again. “Whom the gods would destroy, first they drive insane”.

    • Agree: Passing By, nokangaroos
    • Replies: @czagd
  83. Notsofast says:

    hoist with his own petard.

  84. @Commentator Mike

    If that’s viable they would have done it already. First, China is seize Western assets in China. And that means taking Wall Street Jews and Las Vegas Jews. Second, the US supply chain crisis will be immediately solved. No more ships waiting to unload. Ever again. Good luck rebuilding the supply chain without before nation wide riots. I don’t mean cheap toys. I mean Boeing needs to find someone else to make 737 wings and things like that.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  85. Azaki says:

    When the dog catches the car!
    This writer’s confidential sources are Russian intelligence.
    He’s a Kremlin running dog.
    His bullshit stinks too much even for Unz Review readers.
    The air is out of the balloon.
    Baghdad Bob.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  86. @Matt Lazarus

    Having met a few former US marines, I even worked with one for a few months in a software firm, I can tell that the way Hollywood represents them is insultingly inaccurate. Clever, focused on their tasks, no non-sense, no pilpul folks, they command respect and making their acquaintance was an instructive experience. When I first saw Berletic, he struck me as being one of those guys. I did a quick search, and yes, he was. Whence the quality of his analysis.

    PS: yep, you can be on the opposite side and still respect your adversary.

  87. It is hard to see how the killing of children, women and men in Ukraine will be good for anything, plus all the destruktion. Will Russia pay for all damages in Ukraine? Probably not.

    The West has a \$50 trillion economy and Russia has a \$1.7 trillion economy. If India and China would have to choose of doing business with Russia or the West, they would choose the West of course.

    I believe that Russia will be completely isolated from the West and all countries choosing the Western Market instead of the Russian market. Russia will be like a gigantic North Korea with a mad president threatening the world with nuclear weapons. Europe has had problems with Russia since 1700, war, revolution, war, Bolsjevism, Stalinism, kommunism and now Putinism.

    • Replies: @Levtraro
  88. vmlage says:

    We know that you’re stupid, that’s why you’re been played for so long.
    Obviously I’ll not tell you how you’re falling… now it’s just the right time to feel the crescent breeze, soon it will be impossible to stand near.

  89. TRM says:

    “abject failure”? WTF? For the first 4-6 weeks the Ukraine was locked up in their cities hiding behind civilians while Russia crushed the south from Crimea to Russia. Once the last remnants were isolated they redeployed all the northern forces to the Donbas and are crushing the trapped Ukrainian army with non-stop artillery.

    Once the Donbas capitulates the Ukraine will have lost 50-100 thousand troops. 1/4 to 1/2 of their well trained forces are done. You can conscript as many as you want but they will be cannon fodder. Little training and sent into battle? 70% no-shows for the first mobilization, 80% for the second and 90% for the third. What exactly are they going to be mobilizing now? 14 year old kids and 60+ year old geezers. Just like the final days of the third Reich.

    Why do Nazis always want to relive the glory of the third Reich by replaying Stalingrad? They got caught in 2 cauldrons in 2014 and now they get caught in a huge one. Maybe try that France thing as it seemed to have gone better? No just keep doing Stalingrad until you get it right. LMAO

    • Replies: @Mefobills
    , @Wokechoke
  90. This Magik negro idolization and taking a knee has already started to become a major embarrassment for Woke GlobalHomoZioBIGsRxMIC3BLM PIGs. While Lloyd Austin was playing knockdown game and supporting BLM thugs, Putin and his generals had mastered Tzu Sun ‘Art of War.

    They can only push this forever war, whites are Supremacists and domestic terrorists BS for so long before even non white nation/states begin to see right through their analology.

  91. Wielgus says:

    “Their heads held high and their hands held higher”.

    • Replies: @Thirdtwin
  92. The late Edgar Cayce predicted that Russia would return to its Christian roots and become the hope of the world and this has come true. Russia is fighting the satanist, zionist NWO and on the outcome rests the survival of the Christian world. Every country that is against Russia in the Ukraine is controlled by the zionist central banks, especially the ZUS FED which is printing the money out of thin air to support the zionist controlled Ukraine, thus adding more debt to the already bankrupt ZUS to the benefit of the zionist bankers and the destruction of the American taxpayers.

    God bless Russia for saving the people of Donbass and the people of Syria and for standing for Christians everywhere.

    Zionists are destroyers of nations and humanity.

  93. Wielgus says:

    Turning left-wing parties and groups into trannie rights organisations that often reinforce neo-con policies in the wider world rather than resisting them has probably long been an objective of the powers that be. Such as these are hardly going to lead the wretched of the earth, who exist, to a revolution.

  94. @The_Masterwang

    Yes, like Radical enter also mentioned. Then why all the talk about war with China? How are they going to have a hot war with China without sanctions and an economic war? So they’ll keep trading while warring?

  95. Kim says:

    My sympathies. Get yourself an inner tube from the front tire of a 150 cc motorbike. Cut it. Hold it with hands a few inches apart, hands supinated or pronated or mixed. Shoulders packed back and down. Pull the tube apart in various directions. Use your max strength to recruit max muscle fibres for at least 10 secs. This is a very effective quasi-isometric (limited movement yet with golgi tendon activation) exercise that will safely and quickly strengthen and rehabilitate neck, trapezius, shoulder girdle, lats, arms, hands. Effective for a wide variety of conditions from whiplash to Repetive Strain Syndrome to postural and myofascial pain. Movement will start to return quickly. If you don’t strengthen these things, they only deteriorate. Good luck.

    • Thanks: RadicalCenter
  96. Wielgus says:


  97. Mefobills says:

    Finance capital….um Jewish capital…channeled toward Muslim Takfiris to then fight for Western Ukraine?

    That won’t settle well with the remaining Banderite Nazis.

    Also, if Ukraine conscripts old men since all the young fighters are dead, don’t you think the old guys might be talking among themselves? Eventually it might cross their minds that they are dupes.

    Even if globo homo manages to import mercenaries, they will only be meat for the grinder. Not having air superiority, or “no fly zones” is a killer failure for Ukraine.

    Even if Poland enters the war, their meat cannot move east because rail is shut down.

    The Novarussian lands are Russian speaking, and will not be friendly to Poles, Takfiris or JewNazis

  98. @meamjojo

    Paul Krugman? ‘Nuff said….

  99. anonymous[300] • Disclaimer says:

    It is hypocritical to bitch about Erdogan (I used to be a fan, but he has disappointed in some ways), especially with you mofers being the whitevils. A good example of, the pots calling the kettle black, you know.

    If Erdogan is “slimy” and “unreliable,” he is that because he understands that his counterparts in the west or Russia are exactly that too. Slimy unreliable whitevil bastards is what they all are. Expecting honourable behaviour from any of them would be ludicrous. Erdogan would be a total idiot if he engages with them honourably. There is never any honour amongst thieves.

    Many here seem to idolise Putin. But, in some cases he has shown himself to be the feckless cunt that he can be. Case in point, the coward looks the other way when IsraHell bombs Syria regularly, and won’t even let that wretched shithole utilise the S300’s he sold them. That is slimy and unreliable in my view.

    Ultimately, Islamic Turkey should use whatever cards it can surreptitiously play to help weaken both the west and Russia. I do understand that may not amount to much.

    Ultimately, all whitevil Chrizzie (and hopefully soon-to-be former-Chrizzie) entities will always be the sodomite allies of the juden Mordor (why, because Chrizztianity is indeed the polytheist bastard child of the “in-his-image” Juden mangod-worship, that’s why), and are thus enemies of Islamic nations.

  100. @antitermite

    I’d wondered why, if Russia had meticulously decoupled itself from the dollar during the preceding years, they’d left so much of their reserves where they could simply be grabbed.

    The Russians could not have failed to predict that.

    Maybe the Russians assumed the Americans were not that stupid, knowing that such an action would prompt most nations on earth to start moving their gold and other reserves outside the USA. But the US government did it, and now we quickly see the results with high inflation and non-dollar trading. The Saudis and other friendly dictators took notice. They realized their massive store of wealth can be taken with a simple American decree.

    • Agree: Avery
  101. @GMC

    Definitively. In submarines built in and partly paid for (!) by the FRG. That’s not much of a secret.

    • Thanks: GMC
  102. Mefobills says:

    What exactly are they going to be mobilizing now? 14 year old kids and 60+ year old geezers. Just like the final days of the third Reich.

    NSDAP Waffen SS was fighting against Atlantacist Globo -Homo finance. At the time of WW2, the Bolsheviks had control of the Soviet Union, and said Bolsheviks were a creature of western finance capital.

    In other words, NSDAP Nazis are rolling in their graves over Banderite Nazis, who are being funded by JewCapital. NSDAP fought to the last man, because they thought bolshevism was of the devil, and they loved their national socialism. The real European western traditions, defended by Germany, were under threat from two fronts, but had one source, that of finance capital.

    Post WW2, MI6 (London Capital) funded Banderite “Nazis” in Ukraine, as a mechanism to weaken the Soviet Union. The NSDAP Waffen SS was not friendly to Bandera types during WW2.

    Follow the money, otherwise you get confused and cannot tell up from down.

    The Waffen SS did not want Bolshevism to take over Europe, and said Waffen SS was full of European volunteers. The French volunteers in particular were in Ukraine region during WW2, and they considered themselves as the first pan European army. NATO is not pan-european, it is a creature of globo homo, and their self-aggrandizing agents in Brussels.

    The Banderite Nazis are dupes, who “think” they are protecting Europe in the Waffen SS tradition, but don’t realize that Russia is not the Bolshevik Soviet Union. It is easy to program normies with false narratives.

    It took some time for Stalin to purge Jewish Bolsheviks from control over Soviet Union. Sadly, Hitler never considered Stalin’s long term planning, or considered that a new form of communism would emerge, National Communism (not international).

    The emergence of National Communism caused Western Finance Capital (globo homo Atlantacist) to throw up a wall, just like they are trying to do with their Ukraine gambit.

    National Communism cut out the ability for global finance to take sordid gain, as there was no way to attach dollar/pound/franc debts to USSR lands. Stalin killed the Bolsheviks, and then proceeded eject Jews to their own oblast, and then hunted down “rootless cosmopolitans.” Stalin also made Soviet Union Citizens carry an ID card that would identify Jews, so they could not hide in the general population.

    • Thanks: dogbumbreath
  103. anonymous[300] • Disclaimer says:


    On a lighter note, where are you from?

    It looks like the Lose-Loose illiteracy virus has become endemic in the world. It’s everywhere!! Argh!!😀

  104. Wokechoke says:

    Endogan, would be the next dictator to get killed surely? Doesn’t he know this?

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @Carlton Meyer
  105. Thirdtwin says:

    lol “We’re trooping not drooping”

  106. Wokechoke says:

    The Ukrainians are not Nazis per se. They are a Judaeo-Ukie hybrid.

  107. @Mefobills

    It’s all a matter of determinedness. If the West is really bent on keeping UA at all costs, there are still plenty of options.

    For example, I expect that Germany will reintroduce the draft and dump half a million lads into Ukraine (because of, you know, the thing: Historical responsibility and all that). Never mind that most of them will be obese, gaming-addicted and partly illiterate, not to mentioned poorly trained – it is about the sheer mass of the onslaught. And the German government probably will not care whether their “citizens in uniform” get killed, freeze or starve – they want them replaced with orcs and beanies anyway, so they won’t bother to repatriate the survivors either.

    And of course there is the matter of China. The Chinese know that the final “boss fight” will be between them on the one side and the US and its stooges on the other, so they will do anything to improve their position and not allow themselves to be restricted by feelings of loyalty. That is to say, the Chinese-Russian alliance will hold precisely to the day on which the West makes China a better offer. Which may well involve some Mafia-style promise to the tune of “and we will most likely not use any further engineered viruses against China”.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
    , @Poupon Marx
  108. pyrrhus says:

    One has to wonder how much of those frozen Russian dollar reserves will eventually be laundered through Asia…quite a lot I would guess…Meanwhile, Russia is fully justified in confiscating valuable western assets in the energy industry…

  109. @anonymous

    Let me guess – You don’t consider yourself white, christian or jew; you’re probably muslim.

    I’m an atheist, anarchist and misanthrope. The two worst things man invented are religion and government. I come to be a misanthrope because the vast majority of the world’s people believe fervently in the necessity of religion and government.

    Throne and altar were twins–two vultures from the same egg.
    To attack the king was treason; to dispute the priest, blasphemy.
    The sword and cross were allies.
    Together they attacked the rights of men; they defended each other.
    The king owned the bodies of men, the priests the souls.
    One lived on taxes collected by force, the other on alms collected by fear.
    Both robbers, both beggars.
    The king made laws, the priest made creeds.
    With bowed backs the people carried the burdens of one, with open-mouthed wonder received the dogmas of the other.
    The king said rags and hovels for you, robes and palaces for me.
    The priest said God made you ignorant and immoral; He made me holy and wise; you are the sheep, I am the shepherd; your fleeces belong to me.
    You must not reason, you must not contradict, you must believe.
    Robert G. Ingersoll

    Almost all members of any political class, world wide, are sociopaths because they believe they have the right to force their views on everyone else. I would be ecstatic if they would all drop dead. Almost all religious people are intolerant mental midgets that believe in myths and legends with no basis in empirical evidence. I would be ecstatic if all the priests, rabbis, imams, etc dropped dead. Religion and government are two sides of the same coin.

    The religious and political teams continuously battle each other to make sure the world can never have peace. I’m not part of the mofers that cause all the problems, but you are.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
    , @JR Foley
  110. @anonymous

    Islam is just the cheap export form of Jewry, with much less style.
    The small hats at least understand what they are doing, whereas you beanies never have a clue. But keep on f*g your cousins, your genetic disorders are breath-taking.

  111. Wokechoke says:
    @Ulf Thorsen

    I was willing to entertain the possibility of Ukraine drawing even if they could be seen to be pushing around the Russians at will on a local level.

    I’ve not yet seen it.

  112. @Wokechoke

    Growing up in New York City, I was made well aware of the Italian mafia crime families. In the Italian neighborhoods where they primarily lived, they were celebrities. The average Italian rooted for John Gotti every time he was indicted for something, for example. He was given the moniker the Teflon Don. There were street parades and festivals, a real carnival atmosphere, whenever Gotti beat some charge. Many of the Italians forgave the murder, theft, extortion, etc because he was part of their tribe.

    I view all governments as just mafia operations where their tribe are the citizens too lacking of morality to acknowledge the wrong doing that their governments are so clearly responsible for. As long as their team’s flag is involved, they rally around the top criminal because they identify with him. I don’t understand this behavior but I acknowledge it exists.

    Erdogan is the head of his mafia family, the Turkish government. His mafia is in constant battle with the Russian, US, European and other mafia organizations represented by Putin, Biden, Macron, Scholz, etc. These are all criminal organizations that have no problem murdering innocent people to get their way. Worse, are the professional military murderers that provide the actual muscle and the morons that thank them for their service.

    Just like every mafia boss knows he’s playing a dangerous game, so does every head of state.

    • Thanks: showmethereal
  113. Mefobills says:
    @Gaylord of the German Gaylands

    For example, I expect that Germany will reintroduce the draft and dump half a million lads into Ukraine (because of, you know, the thing: Historical responsibility and all that).

    That could happen, but the middle of Ukraine is flat open lands, where mechanized columns can be interdicted by air power, or accurate missiles. There is no infantry that can mobilize and move West to East if the railroads are shut down. Movement on roads can be detected, especially where it crosses Dnieper river bridges, which are a choke point. Too bad normie Germans don’t know that they were the good guys in WW2, and that the bad guys won. But, it is easy to program and dupe entire populations by creating false narratives. (I’m American, to my ever lasting shame, as my forefathers allowed my country to be parasitized.)

    The new Ukraine will be land locked, with middle regions heavily agricultural, and indebted, and owned by a few (((Oligarchs))). New Ukraine will be a polarized Feudal zone, with a few approved new (((owners))) and the rest of the population will have been killed, or will have emigrated to Europe.

    Even if Zio Globo Homo can induce zombiefied Germans into NewUkraine, they will be targets in a killing field.

    New Ukraine will have no access to the black sea, and will be looking West to sell its agricultural exports. New Ukraine will not be an industrial powerhouse. New Ukraine will not have control over its skies, as anything not approved to fly by Russia will be shot down.

    So, keep your eye on a Russian no fly zone, as that can never be lifted. Keep your eye on Glazyev’s synthetic currency, as it is aimed directly at the heart of globo homo finance usury mechanisms, which have been in place since BOE inception in 1694.

    To my mind, the great game is over. Jews and London lose their funding mechanisms. But, it hangs in the balance unless Russia continues to control the skies, and a new synthetic trading currency is created.

    Drones are a weakness, and Starlink is a weakness. Both can provide targeting information for long range artillery. Russia will have to work to do on denying drones and targeting data, especially by getting new laser weapons into theater. If Russia cannot deny starlink targeting data or drones, Novorussia will be harassed just like the Donbass was.

    • Replies: @Ulf Thorsen
  114. For any who haven’t already seen this, here is video of George Bush being pranked by someone he thought was Zelenskyy and 2 Ukrainian “pilots”. Hilarious. Fast forward to 29:00 minute mark –

  115. @Badger Down

    Cuba does not need peace, Cuba needs Freedom. Freedom and independence, before all else. And even sugar is red in Cuba.

    • Replies: @dogbumbreath
  116. Mefobills says:

    I’m an atheist, anarchist and misanthrope.

    And a sociopath. You are part of the mofers.

    The question remains, how to insure that a civilizational hierarchy keeps out malformed individuals?

    There is always hierarchy, the question is who controls the levers? You obviously, would not make the cut. Empathy is a pre-requisite for leadership.

    Thorstein Veblen identified the “leisure class,” many of whom are drawn to religion, as they are feted and held up by virtue of their position. Religions that cannot self police, and keep out the malformed are setting themselves up for failure. Lack of an egoic mind is another prerequisite.

    Those who are drawn to leisure, who have money sickness (can never get enough), and who exhibit sociopathic tendencies are today allowed, are drawn, to the levers of power. Why do you think our (((friends))) so often are festooned around those levers?

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  117. peterAUS says:

    We here in Ft. Meade are monitoring your activities closely..

    Nope. It’s being done by A.S.D.

    …you can expect an early am visit from one of our kinetic action units….

    Nahh…It will be local cops.
    Now, should they get into any sort of trouble they’ll call The SRG. In (unlikely) case they get into any trouble the boys from Campbell Barracks will turn up.

    As for the war in Ukraine it simply got boring, I am afraid.
    Can’t get myself to get excited about taken/lost village here and there, somewhere in Ukraine.
    Just me.

    Will start, again, paying attention when/if the battle for Slavyansk starts in earnest. Probably, but can’t really promise.

  118. @Mefobills

    Russia will have to work to do on denying drones and targeting data, especially by getting new laser weapons into theater.

    Have they not already been using the Zadira system against drones in Ukraine? It is also my understanding that Russia in fact already has complete control over the skies in the areas of action and their EW systems are quite good. This info not coming from any pro-Russian source either but rather a top advisor for US military who has witnessed how Russia operates in Ukraine.

    Also seeing a ton of Russian drone footage flying over Ukrainian trenches, fortifications etc

    • Thanks: Mefobills
    • Replies: @Marcion
  119. @Jamis77

    You don’t have to say “Sorry..” for anything. There is much that is good in your post.

  120. @Wokechoke

    Endogan, would be the next dictator to get killed surely? Doesn’t he know this?

    He was elected. They already tried to coup him, shortly after he openly called Israel a terrorist state. Since then, Biden openly supported getting rid of him.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  121. peterAUS says:

    An excellent and timely post.

    I see the same in Information Technology.
    The systems support in the early 2000s can’t even be compared to the support now. It’s often ludicrous.
    I’ve been helping, recently, a person supporting an IT environment in one of (bigger..) enterprises here where I live. It’s just crazy how badly it was planned and implemented even worse. Making it work is both a nightmare and impossibility.

    There is a good thing about all those weaknesses and problems. I believe TPTBs are implementing, as we speak, a new financial system (digital currency) and new, say, “social contract” (as Social Credit seen in China).
    Now….it will be very hard, and probably impossible, to do that. There will be problems of magnitude which could create a climate for some positive changes.
    Or at least one can hope.

  122. @meamjojo

    Krugie derisively says, “Russia’s military failure…….ha[s] devolved into a slow-motion battle of attrition.”

    Yes, Paul. That’s what “destruction of the enemy’s army” looks like. This is precisely what Lincoln rejoiced in finding in U.S. Grant’s philosophy of war, in contradistinction to his predecessor’s aim to conquer the enemy’s Capitol City, Richmond.

    • Replies: @meamjojo
    , @Wokechoke
  123. Princeone says:

    Don’t include me as one of the lobotomized and culturally brainwashed.

  124. @TG

    What’a really going on in the Russia Ukraine war? Is Russia grinding down the last remnants of the Ukrainian regular army, or is Russia bleeding itself dry in futile massed attacks against a tough Ukrainian defense? (Though the abject failure of Russia’s initial invasion shows that the Russians are not ten feet tall). I don’t know and neither do you.

    Nonsense statement.

    The Ukrainians will build a larger and better equipped army in the west and then throw that at the Russians. And if that fails, do it again. It doesn’t matter how many Ukrainian soldiers die, it doesn’t matter if the Ukraine is made an economic basket case, the western elites will not stop until Putin is gone and Russia made a vassal state.

    Build an army out of what? From what? How many men of fighting age want to die for an Jewish puppet that is obviously installed for benefit of alien powers? So somehow they are given materiel and gear. What about food and medical supplies? Mobility, from points A to B? Your last sentence is meaningless.

    1. No, the western elites could care less if evidence about bioweapons technology surfaces. The western elites control the media totally, they will just deny the story and bury it and censor and deplatform it. It is a non-issue.

    2. The western elites could care less if their own domestic economies crater. The elites themselves will have all they want, and they are in total charge. If the peasants go hungry, there will not be a revolution, just like there has not been one in India (where chronic malnutrition is so bad that people physically cannot have more than two children each – it’s not a choice, it’s a necessity!). The elites will blame it all on white supremacy or homophobia or something and get away with it.

    Idle chatter and palaver. Russia has several options right now, that any one of which would bring the JUSA to its knees.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  125. @Avery

    I can only hope that they know what they’re doing in that regard, though I never considered Zelensky to be the real problem. He does what his handlers, Ukrainian and American, tell him to do and I think that he is very much their prisoner at this point.

    • Agree: Avery
    • Replies: @RobinG
  126. meamjojo says:

    Here ya go! Found some new materials about the kicking of Putin/Russia’s ass.
    Ukraine update: Russia’s advance stalls again, and a new Ukrainian tank brigade enters the fight
    Daily Kos Staff
    Saturday May 21, 2022 · 8:29 PM PDT

    Beware of Wormtongue; Ukraine will complete its muster in the west and ride forth
    Peter Olandt
    Sunday May 22, 2022

    • Replies: @White Noise
    , @Wokechoke
  127. meamjojo says:

    Thanks YouTube for puttng a dent in Russia’s propaganda efforts!
    YouTube removes more than 9,000 channels relating to Ukraine war
    Exclusive: Platform takes ‘unprecedented action’ to address content guideline violations since invasion

    Sun 22 May 2022 06.07 EDT

    YouTube has taken down more than 70,000 videos and 9,000 channels related to the war in Ukraine for violating content guidelines, including removal of videos that referred to the invasion as a “liberation mission”.

    The platform is hugely popular in Russia, where, unlike some of its US peers, it has not been shut down despite hosting content from opposition figures such as Alexei Navalny. YouTube has also been able to operate in Russia despite cracking down on pro-Kremlin content that has broken guidelines including its major violent events policy, which prohibits denying or trivialising the invasion.

    Since the conflict began in February, YouTube has taken down channels including that of the pro-Kremlin journalist Vladimir Solovyov. Channels associated with Russia’s Ministries of Defence and Foreign Affairs have also been temporarily suspended from uploading videos in recent months for describing the war as a “liberation mission”.

    YouTube’s chief product officer, Neal Mohan, said: “We have a major violent events policy and that applies to things like denial of major violent events: everything from the Holocaust to Sandy Hook. And of course, what’s happening in Ukraine is a major violent event. And so we’ve used that policy to take unprecedented action.”

  128. meamjojo says:

    Unfortunately for your POV, the attrition is in Russia’s support for Putin’s war. The natives are getting restless w/o their western hamburgers and iPhones. The pot is boiling, the seasons have been added. Now whose goose is going to get cooked?
    ‘F*** the war!’ Putin backlash begins as thousands stage revolt at St Petersburg concert
    RUSSIAN people have been recorded shouting criticisms of the war in Ukraine at a concert in St Petersburg

    Sun, May 22, 2022

    Russian people screamed condemnation of the war in Ukraine at a concert in St Petersburg.

    Footage from the concert records a crowd of thousands of Russians chanting “F**k the war” over and over again.

    The defiant display of opposition to Putin’s ‘special military operation’ suggests the Russian leader’s propaganda machine of state television is failing.

    Russian authorities have attempted to maintain strict censorship over information relating to the war but anti-invasion protests and demonstrations have still broken out across the authoritarian nation.

    • Disagree: JR Foley
    • Replies: @emerging majority
  129. @Gaylord of the German Gaylands

    A lot of these comments are similar to academic treatises and hypotheticals. They are monorail in nature and desperately provide retro justifications. By monorail I mean there is no mention of amelioration actions, contra force, or options for the one of the belligerents. Have you factored in the cutoff of gas, oil, and metals to all “unfriendly”nations? How hard would it be to destroy all the LNG terminals that the stupid EU thinks will substitute for Russian energy?

    And somehow the population will tolerate hunger, no fuel, their homes at an internal freezing temrperature? No income. All industry shut down . For the technically challenged, almost all industry relies on multiple suppliers for raw and finished materials. The BASF chemical conglomerate has stated that they are in danger of a complete shutdown if gas prices go up much higher. This is a critical bottleneck for almost any industry or manufacturing you can name. They employ 40,000 just at the Hamburg plant.

    And think of the constituent populations of West Europe: low IQ, low info, impulsive and already a hair trigger from massive destruction of life and property á la France.

  130. @peterAUS

    Ok”Stopped reading there.”

    You always say that, you troll. You repeat your words a lot.

    Oh… I suppose you don’t like the facts-based narrative..

    By the way, you said the guys trapped in Azovstal were going to be just fine… Are they still doing fine? Apparently, they surrendered en-masse…

    Oh but it was a “strategic victory”, right? 😀


    Something’s wrong with your theory that Russia is failing LOL 😀

    You trolls are laughable 😀

  131. @meamjojo

    And you rejoice in these fake news…

    Yes, many trolls actually refuse to believe in facts, they prefer the safety of their fantasies..

    More than 2,000 Ukronazis surrendered in Azovstal, and now Mariupol is totally under Russian control… That sounds more like kicking Ukraine’s ass… Oops… How do you like that, meam jewjew? 😀

    I used to think you were just another boot-licking hasbara troll… Now I think you’re a native troll… That you are part of the tribe.

    Are you worried? You’ve seen nothing yet… The best is yet to come! 🙂

  132. @nokangaroos

    “If the civilized world ended so easily it would have done so long ago.”

    I think you are right on that account… we’re much more resilient then to throw in the towel.

  133. @James of Africa

    As is the case with the media in Australia, notably led by the Australian Broadcasting Corporatiin.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  134. @meamjojo

    YouTube removes more than 9,000 channels relating to Ukraine war

    No wonder you think Russia is losing following YouTube and the rest of the MSM.

    • Replies: @Wielgus
  135. RobinG says:
    @Passing By

    Wasn’t a big move, from puppet to prisoner. We in the West are the most propagandized with fake news.

    MAY 21, 2022 BY M. K. BHADRAKUMAR
    In the wake of Russian victory in Mariupol

    • Thanks: Spanky, Levtraro
  136. NATO Officers in Azovstol Murdered & Mutilated by Azov to Spare Western Governments Embarrassment?

    Russian interrogators should get to the bottom of this and everything else that went on in those tunnels, like cannibalism, biowarfare labs, etc. from those they have captured alive.

    • Replies: @Ben Sampson
  137. Iris says:

    Krugman is the fantasyland chronicler of the USA “borrow and spend” economic philosophy that would result in no inflation

    Krugman is also the crony charlatan who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Economics just a few months before the 2008 Great Financial Crisis, which he never saw coming.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  138. @Kurt Knispel

    My only hope is that he goes after the elites and has some mercy on the commons… Lord knows we don’t deserve it.

  139. @emerging majority

    As for the propounded new army and advanced weaponry in the nazified Galicia as a threat to Russia,; that seems a bit of a stretch.

    That’s my own thinking as well. How could Escobar possibly know this? Unless Russia runs out of precision missiles, training and equipping that army will be a big problem. Never mind the matter of future logistics.

    And there is the issue of where they’d get the soldiers. Dying for nothing isn’t high on anybody’s agenda, and I’d expect most suitable recruits are already “refugees” elsewhere.

  140. @WHAT

    Anglos haven’t had a say in the US since the Russian Revolution.. it’s the Jews.

  141. Notsofast says:

    sodomite allies applies more to your lord erdogan and his nato masters. be sure to bow down and kiss putin’s ass for keeping your tinhorn dark lord in power.

  142. @Kurt Knispel

    One hopes that this is what’s happening.

  143. Wokechoke says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    He’s one of them there lected dictaters.

  144. Agent76 says:

    May 22, 2022 Back To The Russia Ukraine War Frontline Villages (As Promised)

    We Went Back To The Russia Ukraine War Frontline Village (As Promised) where we came under shelling days ago. We had met 2 families with six children. We promised them we would come back to help them. We have returned and did not only help them but more families aswell.

  145. @meamjojo

    Hey noam, how’s the US war in Ukraine going? Ya winning yet?

  146. Wokechoke says:

    Lol. Well Moulitsas was an artillery sergeant before he joined the CIA and launched Dkos.

    He was the back up plan in case the anti war side in Iraq got too aggressive and did something about Bush.

    Not shocked his site is now a sort of pro war organ. The insincerity of the man was evident a long time ago.

  147. Wokechoke says:

    If the French had actually fought in 1940 the Wehrmacht would have run into the same ditch the Russians found. Reputation would be a little different today.

    Of course the French would have still been whipped but in this case whipped thoroughly and for good.

  148. @meamjojo

    When are people going to realize that Jews absolutely HATE Russia.

    Putin threw out the Jewish oligarchs and imprisoned Khodorkovsky. They were raping all the natural resources of Mother Russia and expatriating the profits, usually to GB.

    Not the Jews! They’ve never done that before. They’re always loyal to the country where they profit. Always.

    Sure, OK.

    ANY Jewish media (which means ALL media), or columnist or analyst or video or article is going to HATE Putin viciously.

    Shouldn’t this be obvious by now?

    Krugman….? God help us.

  149. @Oildriller

    Always equals once. He’s a reliable source like Flock of Seagulls is a hit song factory.

  150. @Here Be Dragon

    Cuba does not need peace, Cuba needs Freedom. Freedom and independence, before all else. And even sugar is red in Cuba.

    Have you been to Cuba? If not, then go to Cuba. Cuba as you see it is a result of 60 years of Western (USA) sanctions. Cuba just needs “sanctions removed”.

    • Replies: @MarkU
    , @Here Be Dragon
  151. MarkU says:

    I confess that I have never been to Cuba myself but I know a couple of people (that didn’t even know each other) that had both been to Cuba that reckoned that Cubans were happier than we Brits. I also know they have a very high literacy rate and a very good medical service. Quality of life can’t be measured in Hamburgers and F-35’s. I’m pretty sure I’m agreeing with you.

    • Thanks: Iris
  152. @aleksander

    There is a considerable portion of Jewry that hates ALL goyim. It is, after all, the root of their cult. I really admire those Jews who have managed to drive that golem from their psyches.

  153. @Iris

    There is NO ‘Nobel Prize for Economics’.

    • Replies: @Avery
  154. @Stephen Allen

    The ABC is, as ever, a shit-sewer of Imperial lies, but it seems very Heaven compared to the Ukronazi redoubt that is SBS.

  155. @Poupon Marx

    TG must think that Ukraine has a BILLION people or something. In reality, they are already running out of young men willing to fight. According to Dmitry Orlov, tens of thousands fled to Russia after the Nuland/McCain Maidan coup. And once most conscripts realize that they are going to be nothing but cannon fodder, how many will fight for Zelensky and the New World Order? The collapse of the fearsome Azov Brigade couldn’t have done much for their morale.

    I’d love to see the situation get so bad for Zelensky and his Jewish henchmen that his army will collapse in a matter of days, like when the Taliban steamrolled thru US-trained Afghan army, who laid down their weapons and surrendered right after the US left, though the Biden Regime assured us that it wouldn’t happen (at least not that fast).

    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
  156. @Commentator Mike

    Of course get to the bottom of it all. The Azoz crowd has been sung to the rafters as huge heros. If they can be exposed as the lowest of the low the Russians should hot hesitate

  157. @MarkU

    Me too! And they have achieved and maintained that standard of life for a generation now, under pressure. I would call that hero not the Azoz folks.

  158. @dogbumbreath

    Well in my humble opinion Cuba is a great country and the Cubans are a great people. Creative and intelligent, a people with good taste. Very musical, idealistic and kind-hearted.

    But the sanctions can only be removed on the condition of letting the American capital in, and that would turn Cuba into a brothel in a matter of a year or two. So in my opinion that is not what Cuba really needs. A strong shoulder of Russia is what Cuba really needs.

    Viva la revolución.

  159. Avery says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    You are correct: Technically.

    But apparently there is something that is popularly known as “Nobel Prize for Economics”, which technically isn’t a Nobel Prize, but……
    So I think it is understandable that poster [Iris] wrote that.

    According to Britannica:

    [The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel was established in 1968 by the Bank of Sweden, and it was first awarded in 1969, more than 60 years after the distribution of the first Nobel Prizes. Although not technically a Nobel Prize, the Prize in Economic Sciences is identified with the award; its winners are announced with the Nobel Prize recipients, and it is presented at the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony. It is conferred by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in Stockholm.]

    You learn something every day.
    I didn’t know about this either: just looked it up.

    • Thanks: Commentator Mike
  160. @follyofwar

    I regret the waste of my time reading or giving attention to such unthinking, unblinking nonsense and flatulence.

  161. meamjojo says:

    Krugman….? God help us.

    So keep your head buried in your ass. You’ll learn nothing new in life if all you see is the same dark place.

  162. JR Foley says:

    40,000,000,000 divided by 6,000,000 = 6,667 Steve Autins paid and will be delivered to Western Ukraine after a big breakfast of Polish sausage and will march arm in arm with no clothes to Moscow unimpeded —–the wonders of the NEW Bionic Army !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • LOL: DevilAdvocate
  163. JR Foley says:

    You have better morals than most Jews-Christians or whatever. All MEN have sinned and fall short ( MEANS MAN dies —) but there are those ( Like RoatanBill) who have found the narrow gate and lead a life with high moral principles and YOU will –inherit eternal life —the “wide gate” with trappings of power-wealth-conceit and pride was NEVER intended as a spiritual quest !

    • LOL: meamjojo
  164. Legba says:

    OK, so the USG has bio-terror labs all over the world. Have you considered contacting the police?

  165. Wielgus says:

    Vzglyad Russian source – Deepl translation with my note

    Ukrainian girl destroys sheltering British family in ten days
    23 May 2022, 07:45Text: Dmytro Zubarev


    A Ukrainian woman has destroyed a sheltered British family in just ten days, The Sun magazine has reported.

    Sophia Karkadym, 22, who was working in IT in Lviv, left Ukraine and ended up with the family of 28-year-old West Yorkshire resident Lorna Garnett. She and her husband Anthony gave the girl their home as a refuge. Ten days later, however, the head of the family gave up on ten years of marriage and left for a new chosen one, RIA Novosti reports.

    Lorna eventually suggested Sofia move out of their home – and Tony moved out with Sofia. “We are very sorry that we had to cause so much pain, but I have developed such a close bond with Sofia that I have never had before,” the publication quotes the man as saying.

    Now the Ukrainian and her chosen one are looking through advertisements for flat rentals, paying particular attention to modern apartments in the city centre, and they have already applied for a permanent visa for the girl.

    Earlier, drunken Ukrainians stabbed a Pole on the street in Warsaw.

    (My note – In Turkey they would call this “the Natasha problem” as some hot young bunny from Eastern Europe wreaks havoc)

    Translated with (free version)

  166. czagd says:

    (I think you underestimate the amount of pressure/bribery being put on them. Even Switzerland has gone along with some sanctions. What could get Switzerland (400+ years neutral), Sweden (200+ years neutral) and Finland (70+ years neutral) to throw away all their success? Pressure/bribery by the EUSSA and lots of it.)

    the one factor that i think that plays into this, that is a historical outlier, is women in elective and high administrative position in the above named countries ,, this situation has never happened before in history i ask the question- are we better off ?
    we (the world) have never had this many women in government in any epoch of history,, they are in every level of bureaucracy throughout government now, business, education, medicine ,, every facet of power –
    and every one of those institutions have actively recently overtly lied to the people they are supposedly employed to serve,


    are governments better serving the citizens ? or pushing the narrative ?
    are businesses providing the best value for the customer ? or pushing the narrative ?
    are schools educating the kids ? or pushing the narrative ?
    is medicines primary focus on patient health ? or pushing the narrative ?
    women teachers have been demanding for decades that we do something about the “boys” behavior in schools, since the late 80s early 90s in my experience,
    that got us the “Ritalin kid” a.d.h.d. , o.d.d., hyperactive, dope-em-up style of teaching problems that only seem to effect white males between the ages of 8 or 9, all the way up until middle age now, that was pushed in the schools, did that work out well ? most white mass shooters turn out to have been on the public school chemical cocktail at some point, or still on it
    we never hear those details on most minority mass shooters,
    hell we mostly never hear about minority mass shooters (chicago every weekend)
    starting in elementary schools, the school message was
    drugs are bad kids – unless we give too you /force them on you , and they did/do force the kids to take them ,,
    seems we also had a push (at the same time) by the teachers to get cops in every school-
    pushed by the very same teachers/unions that just recently( 2020) were the first to move to toss the police unions out of labor temples across the country,,
    because they (cops) suddenly overnite became “racist”
    after 30 years of the teachers unions pushing for “cops in schools”
    and after having kids arrested by those very same cops in schools
    for crimes like making fingerguns and saying “bang”, eating pop-tarts into the shape (roughly) of a gun , kissing a girl on the cheek,
    stuff like that became an arrest-able offence for a 7 or 8 year old male
    thats what we have devolved too…..
    now dont get me wrong i love women,
    but ive been watching that new docudramacomedy show “the johnny depp trial”
    staring johnny depp and amber heard,
    boy o boy does she encompass all that todays woman is,
    vain, self centered, antagonistic, deceitful, calculating ,
    toxic is the closest word i can find to fit,
    a product of the culture
    anything a man can do they say
    a women can do better
    it holds true in ambers case
    no man could be that much of a bitch .

  167. @MarkU

    The whole idea of “standard of living” as generally used is stupid. You get the West who pride themselves on their “standard of living” and the daft East and South who look up to it and want to move to the West to get it, but all a high standard of living implies is that you pay more for the same things. In the Third World you can have a far higher standard of living for much less expenditure, unless you want some highly priced Western luxuries with high import duty tax. And who does this standard of living refer to anyway? The homeless? Even the homeless are better off in the Third World where the weather is warm and they don’t have to contend with the cold of winter.

  168. Sisifo says:

    AI doesn’t exist and most likely will never exist. The current systems, at least the software part, is as close as being AI as a toddler is close to be a software engineer.

    Everyone talks about Waymo, but there is no AI at all in Waymo, a system that requires an extensive, time expensive map digitization made by engineers, that need to be updated every time something change.

    Then of course there is the non trivial issue of sensors cleaning, calibration and general maintenance, and a number of other issues that any system engineer not paid in shekels could easily point out.

  169. @Avery

    Well, it seems wholly appropriate to deliver a pseudo-Nobel to pseudo-scientists,

    • Agree: Avery, RobinG
  170. Levtraro says:

    I believe that Russia will be completely isolated from the West and all countries choosing the Western Market instead of the Russian market.

    Are you placing your bets accordingly?

    A few months back I told TUR readers that when the invasion happened, sanctions will lead to the drop of the ruble and then to its quick recovery. Do a search for my messages and you will find it. Great opportunity to make a lot of money. That’s exactly how it happened. Pragmatist people made a lot of money betting on the ruble.

    But hey I understand you, you prefer to lose money but to follow your ideology, typical leftist insanity.

  171. Levtraro says:

    The Russians suspected that the grab could happen but betted on it not happening and the bet was wrong. Nabiulina offered her resignation and it was rejected by Putin. End of story.

    Nabiulina has presided over an incredible resurgence of Russia in the economic realm. Since she was an adviser, then minister, then director of the RCB, Russia’s GDP increased 7-fold, improving the lifes of millions, consolidating fiscal position, accumulating large gold and currency reserves. Russia played by Western financial and commercial rules to her great advantage, as did China with even more spectacular success. Narrow-minded fanatics call that “Atlanticism”. It’s pragmatism, a core tenet of conservatism.

    After the sanctions started because of the invasion, Nabiulina has once again been a good contributor to Russia’s response, leading to Russia’s economy not crashing, as it was expected in the West, quite the contrary in fact.

    All those things surely were taken into account so Nabiulina still is where she should be.

    • Replies: @DevilAdvocate
  172. Wielgus says:

    Colonel Cassad Russian website – – Yandex translation edited with notes

    Passport of a “good Russian”


    The extra-systemic Russian opposition has proposed creating lists of “good Russians” so that Russia’s special operation in Ukraine would not prevent “proper Russians” from travelling to Europe

    People with “bright faces” at the so-called Second Anti-War Conference in Vilnius, sharing discussions on “how beautiful our circle is”, have come up with a “mega-idea” to ask the West to issue a “good Russian” document to those Russians who have opposed the Russian special operation in Ukraine. So that they are not attacked in a foreign land and can feel at ease in the West.

    In order to receive such a document, the drooling Gudkovs-Sobols-Kasparovs and their comrades called for applicants to confirm in writing three theses: “the special operation is criminal, the regime is illegitimate and Crimea is Ukraine”.

    But that is not all: in order to obtain a “good Russian” passport, one will have to go through three stages. A person registers, signs an anti-war declaration and undergoes identity verification. And after that he receives an ID. Alternatively, in the form of a six-pointed star, which can be affixed to clothing.

    Next, the Russian “demshiza” (my note: meaning unclear but probably disparaging term for Western-backed “democrats) has outlined “perks” for the “good Russians”: assistance with finding a job in the West and repatriation programmes there. It would be possible to open an account at a cryptocurrency exchange, book a hotel or order a taxi.

    “And with regime change, such a platform is a good base to get Russia back on track. We need to separate the lambs from the goats,” foreign agent Dmitry Gudkov concluded the debate.

    Now that’s what we understand – real democracy. What can you say. Emigration, of course, hits hard in the head. Especially political. Russia’s current political emigration is “a hundred times harder. For our part we suggest immediately exchanging the document of a “good Russian” for a passport. A European. Or an American one. So that such lambs and goats in one person go abroad and never return to Russia. – zinc

    “A development path for the good Russians”. A list of “good Russians” is attached.
    Of course, good for the sponsors of these events. For Russia nothing good can come of such “emigration”, of course.
    However, everything here is typical, approximately the same activities were paid for by the US in the years of the Cold War against the USSR, financing all kinds of trash like Solzhenitsyn and his ilk, who were waiting for an opportunity to “return Russia to the path of development” when the regime changed. How this happened in practice could be seen at the end of Perestroika, when all this rubbish poured into the country that was being destroyed and “development” came out of all the cracks.

    (My note: still photo from one of the Jason Bourne films, a close-up of the character with a Russian passport)
    Translated with (free version)

  173. @Azaki

    You’re merely calling attention to the fact that you have no substantive response to Ritter’s assessment.

  174. @Levtraro

    The Russians suspected that the grab could happen but betted on it not happening and the bet was wrong.

    Or they betted on leaving that possibility on the open, so as to bait the US to do the same as they did with Venezuela and Afghanistan, and as such accelerate the distrust of all countries on relying on the dollar ? And as such pave the way for a new multipolar, non-dollarised, world ?
    After all, the 300 billion loss could be largely balanced by seizing several western investments in Russia.

    • Agree: Notsofast
    • Replies: @Levtraro
  175. @Mefobills

    He doesn’t strike me as a sociopath, just someone with whom you disagree.

    • Agree: RestiveUs
    • Replies: @Mefobills
  176. @Joe Roger

    Turkey relies on Russian energy, some of its businesses rely on Russian partners and consumers, and Russian tourists and expats are a meaningful contributor to Turkey’s economy as well. There’s a lot that Russia can do to wreck Turkey’s economy if Turkey tries to block access into and out of the Black Sea.

    Turkey should be looking to leave NATO, adopt a stance of political and military neutrality, and reach a multi-decade contract for Russia to guarantee a supply of reasonably priced oil and natural gas.

    If Turkey has that steady affordable supply of Russian energy while Germany doesn’t, we’ll see Turkey being a bigger manufacturing and even R&D powerhouse than Germany is (perhaps soon to be “was”).

    • Replies: @Wielgus
  177. Levtraro says:

    Yes, that is another possible explanation.

  178. @Joe Roger

    Should NATOstan attempt to shut off the Baltic from Russian shipping or naval forces, it is highly likely that non-nuclear hypersonic missiles will rain down on both major bases as well as decision-making centers. Total control over the Baltic will be a no-go zone and the handful of cooler heads in the Pentagon fully realize the folly of such an adventure.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
    , @Joe Roger
  179. @elmerfudzie

    Thanks. Awareness of potentialities is of essence to any form of considering future events.

  180. @meamjojo

    There are deluded Westernized types in both St. Petersburg and in Moscow. No surprise. They are remnants of a materialistic ethos which developed during the bad years of Yeltsin and his Khazarian Mafiya overseers.

    However, this westernized minority happens to be a minority even in those megalopoli. Working class folks are not mesmerized by the Judaic false values of the West. Go outside those massive urban agglomerations and you will find but a tiny handful of mobs with that mesmerized mindset. The Russian soul has never been captured by the Vatican or with the exception of the Bolshevik era, by the Talmudists.

    Thus, a little Ha\$barfa troll like yourself, MeAmJuju, can only scream in frustration in your mother’s basement that the dreams and schemes of the \$anhedrin are being defeated in NovoRossia.

  181. Anonymous[970] • Disclaimer says:

    You’ve got your faqs wrong. France is still a NATO member, they’re just pussies and don’t step up.

    • Replies: @Notsofast
  182. Wielgus says:

    Russia years ago sanctioned Turkey and uncharacteristically Erdoğan performed a U-turn, underscoring Turkey’s economic dependence.

    • Agree: Arthur MacBride
  183. Alfred says:

    Erdogan is very smart in his own way. The problem is that he is overambitious. It is better for Russia to have a predictable adversary – even if only predictably unpredictable – like Erdogan than a clown who changes his mind twice a day.

    • Agree: Arthur MacBride
  184. Unlikely that Mad Dog will follow decades of military disaster and incompetence with more of the same … maybe at best try to induce maddogettes, Poland the most likely, to take the field after UAF is rendered inoperable.

  185. @American Citizen

    You are dead wrong, Buster!

    The checkers at WalMart will simply offer to put the grocery purchase on the customer’s WalMart credit card. Probem solved.

    • Replies: @Radicalcenter
  186. Pepe? Can you honestly say that all UN member ambassadors viewed the Russian presented evidence of US bio-weapons as Russian misinformation?
    I find that hard to believe.

  187. Notsofast says:

    france withdrew in 1966 and then returned in 2009. now as to whether anyone can really leave nato is another question all together and i would say no. it’s kinda like the mafia.

    • Replies: @Passing By
  188. @Avery

    You might as well have the Nobel Prize for Escapology, in memory of Harry Houdini.

    • Agree: Avery
  189. Mefobills says:

    We can test for sociopathy and psychopathy now.

    You think he would pass the tests?

    Testing could include virtual scenarios where his real nature would be exposed.

    • Replies: @Radicalcenter
  190. @Notsofast

    France didn’t withdraw from NATO. They withdrew from the integrated military command, recovered full military sovereignty over the territory of France and decided that their troops weren’t at the full disposal of NATO. They remained member of the alliance and Sarkozy simply cancelled de Gaulle’s decision in 2009. So no, no country leaves NATO on its own volition, unless the Americans kick it out, which they’ll never do b/c it would mean less profits for their MIC.
    That’s why I find Sweden’s decision to become a full-fledged member puzzling. They have a sizeable profitable military industry; just look what’ll happen to it in the coming years.

  191. Mefobills says:
    @emerging majority

    Northern Sea Route connects to Baltic via Kiel Canal. Northern Route has western finance class salivating over resource extraction and opportunity for profit.

    Sea power/Atlantacism is the world oceans, not just the Atlantic.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  192. barr says:

    Lincoln printed Greenbacks and paid for the wars.After the wars ,the printed money funded big mega projects from digging canals to building railways , to paying for subsidized college/schools/trade schools training and erecting warehouses and building manufacturing unit

    There was no problem ,no hyperinflation

    There was different kind of problems -trade imbalances with foreign trading partners on the gold standard.

    Russia can achieve a lot and not by suffering .

    • Agree: Notsofast
  193. barr says:

    Russia has resources robust educated middle class , religious and cultural homogeneity and vast land. This is where USA was in 1870. In addition it has military muscles and trusted allies .

    Russia can ask Vietnamese to supply garments and Russia will supply wheat gas and rare minerals to Vietnam through the exchanges of rouble and Vietnamese currency. China can open factories in Russia and employ local or expatriate Chinese to produce agricultural and industrial products .Products can serve the needs of both nations and send the surplus to ME in exchange or India earning the profit in currencies of the involved nations or Gold or exchanging finished goods or commodities or services.

    America tried in 1990s all the tools that France used against Haiti and British used against India to transfer wealth from Russia through myriad mechanisms ,abstract concepts, newfangled financial instruments and would try again those maneuverings which serve ruses through confusing play of words hoping the prey would experience psychological paralysis like a deer caught in a headlight .When that fails, it will try more brazen thievery just as British did in between 18 th and 19 the century in India and France did in Haiti in addition to both’s myriad arbitrary financial -banking regulations and monopolies that underpinned and undergirded their colonial projects.

  194. @Mefobills

    The Kiel Canal was dug by Bismarck’s Second Reich shortly after the Germanic nations and states made war on tiny Denmark in 1864. The idea was to enable Germany to have their own controlled exit from the Baltic to the North Sea. Slesvig-Holstein had long been Danish, with Germanic Volk gradually moving in over the centuries.

    There is an alternative route from the Baltic to the North Sea, the traditional one which is called the Kattegat between Kobenhavn in Denmark and Malmo in Scania, the southernmost part of Sweden.

    Sea-power has taken a huge dive since the development of anti-ship missiles. Russia and even China are now masters of that technology. Advanced students of naval science consider the U\$\$A’s carrier task forces as floating coffins for their 5,000 man crews.

    Perhaps you missed the news a few years back when a U\$\$A carrier task force had its maneuvers interrupted when a Chinese submarine showed up right in the middle of the agglomeration of vessels, in easy striking range for even torpedos, to say nothing of anti-ship missiles.

    There is considerable consternation within the mahogany halls regarding the growing irrelevance of aircraft carriers. However, the investment in them—the prime weapon of WWII in the Pacific– proves once again the axiom that military leaders are always stuck in adhering to the tactics and strategies of the last war and not giving due consideration to the present and future of naval reality.

    So, in essence, U\$\$A carrier task-forces are the contemporary equivalent of France’s much vaunted Maginot Line going into WWII. In other words, the primacy of Atlanticist sea-power has been all shot to hell, even without a hostile missile having been launched.

    Some 35,000 American sailors are in danger for their lives, should Pentagon brown-nosed rankers prevail over the cooler heads who concern themselves with operations; in contrast with the Grand Strategy propounded by the Neocons in the \$tate Department and their stooges in Arlington.

    • Agree: Mefobills
    • Thanks: Passing By, dogbumbreath
  195. Wielgus says:
    @Commentator Mike

    I pretty much only use Russian-language sources. Not necessarily pro-government ones. But free of any notion that, for example, Azovites were “evacuated” from the Azovstal in Mariupol, rather than surrendering.

  196. CMC says:
    @Joe Roger

    As it stands, there are several reasons why a new Novorossiya reality may turn out to be a positive game-changer for Russia. Among them:

    (2) By controlling the Sea of Azov – already a de facto “Russian lake” – and subsequently the Black Sea, Russia will have total control of export routes for the region’s world-class grain production. Extra bonus: total exclusion of NATO.


    This guy is completely deluded. The Black Sea is controlled by Turkey, not by Russia and will stay this way. Turkey controls the Straits in and out of Black Sea and Russia can do nothing about it. The same to the Baltics which is indeed turning into a NATO lake.


    Maybe he talked about the Black Sea elsewhere in the essay, but I think that’s it: “total control of export routes [out of Ukraine southern Russia to the Black Sea etc.].”

    I took him to mean Russia might come to have effective commercial control —the commanding trade heights or the bottleneck, for the outflow FROM the Ukraine area.

    Are you suggesting that Turkey might, down the road a bit, close the straits to Russian merchant ships in apparent violation of the controlling treaty (Montreux Convention)? On what basis would they do that?

    Maybe this would be one reason Russia might refuse to take the whole coast, not take Odessa: sort of like a ‘give them something so they don’t contest the will’ tactic. Take the best spot but don’t try to completely lock them out.

    Course then Odessa might become like a Guantanamo bay or Gibraltar of the Black Sea.

    • Replies: @CMC
    , @Joe Roger
  197. @RoatanBill

    I can see why NATO wanted Turkey because if territory – but I cannot understand why Turkey ever agreed to be a part of them

    • Replies: @Avery
  198. Avery says:

    { but I cannot understand why Turkey ever agreed to be a part of them}

    During WW2 Turkey was ostensibly neutral, but was secretly helping Nazi Germany.
    During the crucial battle of Stalingrad, Turks massed a huge invasion army on the border of USSR near Armenia SSR: the idea was that if Germans won in Stalingrad and raced to the Baku oilfields, Turks would also invade and race to Baku.

    Stalin never forgot nor forgave the Turks for the treachery.
    So after the WW2 victory, Stalin assembled a huge invasion army in Armenia SSR and Georgia SSR intending to invade Turkey. (I think it was in 1946 or 1947, but not sure). England and US threatened Stalin, so he backed off.

    But the Turks got the fright of their life and decided to join NATO, with the enthusiastic encouragement of US & UK.

    • Replies: @Wielgus
    , @showmethereal
  199. Wielgus says:

    Vzglyad Russian website – Yandex translation edited

    Hungary is preparing for the collapse of Ukraine
    Viktor Orban is accused of usurpation of power in Hungary
    May 25, 2022, 11:50
    Photo: Tamas Kovacs/EPA/TASS
    Text: Gevorg Mirzayan, Associate Professor of the Financial University


    Hungary, the only EU country effectively resisting the new wave of anti–Russian sanctions, has declared a state of emergency. What is happening is connected, of course, with Ukraine. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has already been bombarded with accusations of an attempt to usurp power, but in fact, even more cynical reasons have become the motive for introducing the state of emergency.

    On May 24, the Hungarian Parliament adopted the 10th amendment to the Constitution, expanding the grounds for the introduction of a state of emergency. If earlier it was already introduced in the country due to the migration crisis in the EU, as well as during the rampant coronavirus, now it can also be introduced in the case of armed conflicts, wars or humanitarian disasters occurring in countries neighbouring Hungary that pose or may pose a threat to the Hungarian people.

    Actually, on the same day, Prime Minister Orban used the new amendment. According to him, the fighting in Ukraine creates a “constant threat to Hungary,” which “jeopardises our physical security, as well as threatens the energy and financial security of our economy, as well as ordinary families.”

    “We see that the war (in Ukraine – Vzglyad) and the sanctions of Brussels have led to huge economic shocks and a sharp rise in prices. The world is on the verge of an economic crisis. The government, using its right in accordance with the constitution, declares a state of emergency from midnight,” the head of the Hungarian government said. “Like the state of emergency imposed during the epidemic, this will allow the government to respond immediately and protect Hungary and Hungarian families by all possible means.”

    Laws and powers

    The state of emergency introduced on May 25 allows Orban to make decisions bypassing parliament. Yes, he has a constitutional majority in the legislature, but procedures are still needed there to pass a bill. Now, within the framework of the law on emergency, Orban has been able to issue decrees that are valid for 15 days – after which the parliament has the right to either extend them or not extend them.

    Given that the Prime Minister has two-thirds of the seats in parliament, the option of non-renewal seems unlikely. Moreover, during an emergency, it is possible not to hold elections, referendums and other popular votes – that is, simply put, it will be extremely difficult to remove the head of state legitimately.

    Of course, Orban was immediately bombarded with accusations of abuse of power, its usurpation, and violation of rights and freedoms. “The Hungarian authoritarian leader is using the war in Ukraine as an excuse to seize more power,” writes one Western publication. However, the prime minister does not care.

    “We should not be discouraged by outraged cries, accusations of unfitness or the attitude towards us as troublemakers… In fact, it would be suspicious if none of the above would sound. Please note that anyone who plays by the rules of their opponents will definitely lose,” Orban says.

    Actually, the introduction of the state of emergency is the very “game not according to the rules” of Viktor Orban – more precisely, a counterplay. A response to external challenges that threaten both the security of Hungary itself and his personal power. “Obviously, this is a response to the wave of refugees from Ukraine, fuel issues, and pressure from the EU and NATO. And, perhaps, on some things related to Transcarpathia… In the current situation, he hardly has any other way out,” writes associate professor of the Russian State University Vadim Trukhachev.

    Risks and opportunities

    Thus, the state of emergency will help the Prime Minister to keep the situation under control during the rolling economic crisis. Rising inflation, budget problems, falling living standards – all this will inevitably cause discontent among the population, as well as the activation of domestic political opponents of the prime minister.

    Naturally, Brussels will actively invest in this growth of discontent – both through budgetary instruments (Hungary will be trying to deprive of subsidies) and through other channels. The European Commission understands that Viktor Orban needs to be roughly punished. After all, Orban, in fact, emasculated the sixth package of sanctions against Russia.

    Hungary has stated that it will not support the embargo against Russian oil, and asked European partners not to even put this item on the agenda of the EU summit, which will be held next week, in order to avoid scandals. “Discussing the package of sanctions at the level of leaders in the absence of consensus would be counterproductive. This would only emphasize our internal contradictions, and there would be no realistic opportunity to resolve them,” Viktor Orban said.

    Yes, the European Commission wants to allocate almost 300 billion euros for the process of abandoning Russian energy resources. But, firstly, this money is taken not from the ceiling, but from the pocket of European taxpayers – including Hungarians. Secondly, more than 90% of the funds of this package go to the development of “green energy” – that is, in other words, to the cutting of funds by various funds and startups that will create expensive and unreliable energy generation. At the same time, the adaptation of the countries dependent on Russia – the same Hungary – to new conditions (modernisation of oil and gas infrastructure, etc.) stands out, according to Budapest, negligibly little. Recall that Hungary demanded from 15 to 18 billion euros only for agreeing to abandon Russian oil.

    In fact, Orban has trapped Brussels. If you give Hungary money, then other EU countries will make the same demands. If you do not give it, then there will be no embargo. It is possible that the European bureaucrats will try to get out of this fork through the overthrow of Orban – and the prime minister will defend himself just through the powers within the state of emergency regime.

    Which is probably for a long time – after all, Orban himself said that the current decade for Europe will be “an era of danger, defencelessness and wars.” It is not surprising that Hungarian human rights activists complain that the state of emergency “will become a new normality that will threaten the basic freedoms of each of us, and governing the country through prime minister’s decrees will undermine the importance of parliament.”

    “Now two-thirds of the seats in parliament are not enough for him. Viktor Orban’s new normality will be a permanent state of emergency, allowing him to restrict basic rights and freedoms,” Torsten Benner, director of the Berlin Institute for Global Public Policy, is outraged.

    At the same time, the state of emergency may allow the Hungarian Prime Minister not only to protect the country and himself from threats, but also not to miss a historic opportunity.

    The fact is that the situation in Ukraine is clearly going haywire. The catastrophic economic situation, the collapse at the fronts, the mass surrender of Ukrainian reservists, the expected start of the liberation of Odessa and Nikolaev by Russian troops – all this creates an ideal storm that can not only bring down the Zelensky government, but also lead to the territorial disintegration of Ukraine. Actually, the Poles are already at a low start – Warsaw is preparing a legal framework, as well as troops for the occupation of the territory of Western Ukraine.

    There are already assessments that in this situation Viktor Orban not only can, but will be obliged to try to take control of Transcarpathia – historically Hungarian territory, still inhabited by ethnic Hungarians. To do this, he, in fact, needs special powers that allow him to make decisions quickly. After all, it is possible that the window of opportunity will be very narrow.

    • Thanks: Spanky, Levtraro
  200. Wielgus says:

    There was a lobby in Turkey for joining the Axis during WW2. A rather powerful lobby, including army officers. Before the war Turkish-Soviet relations had been rather good, but during the war they deteriorated. A failed attempt to kill German ambassador Franz von Papen in early 1942 was traced back to the Soviet embassy, which had a chilling affect on relations. It looked possible until Stalingrad that the Axis might win and some Turks wanted to capitalise on this. Some Turkish officers were present as observers on the German side at Kursk in 1943, but since this was a German defeat they probably told their government not to expect Germany to win the war. The following year Turkey broke off diplomatic relations with Germany and early in 1945 it finally declared war on Germany. The obvious growth in Soviet power alarmed Turkey and it moved closer to the USA – a US warship that docked in Istanbul was given star treatment. A left-wing bookshop in Istanbul was sacked by a crowd of anti-Communist students who were probably put up to it by figures in authority, and Turkey moved closer and closer to the USA, sending a brigade to the Korean War and joining NATO in 1952.

    • Agree: Avery
  201. CMC says:

    Just seeing an article in the Wall Street Journal reporting that the russian navy has the port of Odessa blockaded.

  202. @Wielgus

    As I’ve pointed out several times here; contemporary Ukraine is a Frankenstein’s monster. It was pieced together bit by bit through the actions of Lenin, Stalin and Khrushchev. The inner core national Ukraine is not a large, imperial country. However, during those Bolshevik and Soviet years, bits and pieces of those nations that were defeated in WWII (including Hungary) were, along with huge chunks of Russia itself, added to the Ukie stew.

    For weeks now, I’ve advocated that the entire, Russian plurality, Black Sea littoral, become part of NovoRossia; that Romania, Slovakia and Hungary be granted their former territories; that the primarily Russian-speaking east of that mess of a country revert to Mama Bear and that as part of the peace treaty with attenuated Ukraine; it would be obliged to cough up Galicia and Volhynia, which would become independent of both Ukraine and Poland and be cordoned off as a rogue nation, fully disarmed, but with its borders guaranteed by both East and West and become a fully neutral nation which can stew in its own juices.

  203. @TG

    Thanks for your response. I am seriously interested in how people whose views differ from mine form those views.

    Putin clearly laid out the goals, They did not include the removal of the current ukrainian government.
    They were.
    1. The end of the slaughter of ethnic Russians in the Donbass.
    2. De-nazification. The removal of the Banderas faction who formed a State within a State.
    3. Demilitarization of Ukraine to prevent its use as a springboard for further NATO aggression.

    I would be interest to see your Putin sources for what you claim.

  204. @Major Rage

    Nicely said. Of course, I’d use credit too if the alternative is that my family doesn’t eat or I have to take the food by theft or force.

    Truly scary is, what happens when the credit also runs out?

  205. @Mefobills

    Yeah man, but i’ve got enough issues itself, and so do most of us. I’m not prepared to seriously say he’s probably a sociopath.

    Viel Glueck —

  206. @CMC

    Good, Russia. Don’t be schmucks — don’t give up any black sea coastal land or the US will have a base there immediately.

  207. @CMC

    It’s a LIE as you would expect from the WSJ. It is Ukraine that mined the harbour and near coastal waters and refuses to allow grain ships to leave. Russia, in contrast, has guaranteed safe passage for any who escape the Ukronazis’ clutches. As ever with the Western MSM SCUM-a Big Lie.

    • Replies: @CMC
  208. Joe Roger says:

    Let’s not forget that Turkey shot down a Russian plane without thinking twice. And more important is not that Turkey is going to close the strait. More important is that they can. Read “they have the power” aka control.

    • Replies: @Wielgus
  209. Joe Roger says:
    @emerging majority

    Should NATOstan attempt to shut off the Baltic from Russian shipping or naval forces, it is highly likely that non-nuclear hypersonic missiles will rain down on both major bases as well as decision-making centers. Total control over the Baltic will be a no-go zone and the handful of cooler heads in the Pentagon fully realize the folly of such an adventure.

    As the Ukraine war proved, the Russians have only one escalation left: nuclear. In a conventional conflict, Russia has no chance. I think even Putin admitted that. If Russia attacks, Kaliningrad will be starved to death, there is nothing Russia can do about it. A nuclear conflict is feared by both NATO and Russia, so these is no option for Russia unless the situation is desperate.

    • Disagree: Radicalcenter
    • Replies: @emerging majority
  210. CMC says:

    You’re continuing to ignore Pepe’s point regarding Russia’s control (or potential control, or relative increase in control) of ukraine’s Black Sea coast . Why is that?

    • Replies: @CMC
  211. @Joe Roger

    BULL!!! While the U\$\$A spends umpteen zillions of weapons systems such as the F35 “Flying Turkey”, as pilots reference it, Russia has full control over its military industry, quite the opposite of the Untied \$kates and its no-bid, cost-over-run policies on behalf of the largest campaign donors and their Pentagon lickspittles.

    In conventional weaponry Russia is likely a full decade ahead of developments anywhere within the Bank\$ter dominated consortium, masquerading as a “defense” organization.

    Should push come to shove Russia has a wondrous alternative to nukes, hypersonic missiles, against which there is no current deterrent. One hypersonic precisely targeting the Rottenchild Crime Clan’s bank in City of London would send a most understandable message. Should a second one be needed, another, this one launched by a submarine some few hundred miles off the continental shelf could target the NY\$E in lowest Manhattan. Message understood.

  212. CMC says:

    Pardon, should be a reply to Joe Roger at 1:48 p.m. GMT.

  213. @meamjojo

    Do they ban videos that refer to Iraq or Libya as “liberations”…???? (Sarcasm)

  214. @Avery

    Ok. I was unaware of those angles. I will have to look further into what you said.
    If everything is as you say – I guess it’s a case of being in there so long and not wanting to change…?? But yeah I don’t think they fit with Europe really

  215. Truthor says:

    Pepe, have you registered yet as a Russian Agent. Your disinformatsiya is so heavy you have to be a Russian troll.

  216. @Truthor

    Consequences for you “Truth, or…” are that you clearly are a pot calling the kettle black.

  217. @Wielgus





  218. @Truthor

    said the troll with no substantive critique of the column.

  219. Wielgus says:
    @Joe Roger

    The subsequent Russian sanctions, however, did sober the Turks up.

  220. @Carlton Meyer

    From the Russian point of view, such a division might work, provided that the rump Ukraine makes binding guarantees regarding strategic neutrality. Otherwise the border is still too close in Chernihiv, Sumy and Poltava for missiles pointed at Moscow.

    • Replies: @Avery
  221. @GMC

    Carried in subs gifted by the hapless Germans?

  222. Avery says:
    @inspector general

    { provided that the rump Ukraine makes binding guarantees regarding strategic neutrality}

    The ONLY guarantee in this world is your boots on the ground and/or superior military.
    Nothing is binding as far as promises and written agreements go, as least as far as NATO/West is concerned: they break International Laws and written and verbal promises/agreements all the time.

    I am sure Russian leadership recognizes the dilemma and is hopefully working out something that will stick. Russia cannot absorb all of Ukraine, even if it wanted to: the West Ukraine/Galicia is hostile and will remain so forever. Even if most of the Western Ukraine is absorbed by Poland and Hungary, it doesn’t solve Russia’s problem, because Poland will be perennially hostile to Russia.

    Hard nut to crack for Russia.
    Russia may have no choice but to push as far West as they can, take all of the coastline and then live with it.

    • Agree: Spanky
    • Replies: @Jack Sparrow
  223. There is an excellent, informative interview on the CGTN talkshow Dialogue where an American professor expert in international law explains Russia’s invasion in purely legal terms. It can be found on UTube under the heading “How legitimate is Russia’s invasion of Ukraine”. I strongly recommend listening to this revealing information.

  224. @Notsofast

    The west has routinely and horribly underestimated Putin on many fronts. I believe that the NATO leadership hoped that Putin would waste his forces on Kiev and possibly take out Zelensky who is becoming a liability. Putin realizing this would benefit the enemy left Zelensky to help divide the Ukrainian leadership as the war goes from bad to worse. At this point I don’t really think Putin is at all interested in reaching a diplomatic agreement as everything they hoped to gain through diplomacy has already come into their possession so that offer is long off the table now and Zelensky will look like a fool for not taking it. The slow advance of Russian troops that some in the west take as Russian defeat is ensuring that all areas are fully subdued with minimal infrastructure and civilian damage, thereby keeping Russian supply lines short while dragging out the process a bit allows for the NATO hoped for insurgency to peter out before the war is even over. I believe Putin is playing Erdogan for maximum benefit just as he is Zelensky. You can already see a few seeds of discord between Zelensky and his masters. Zelensky realizes that NATO would happily see him dead. It is really brilliant how Putin is able to set the various so called “alliances” of rats to eating each other’s tails. When you know you are dealing with thieves all around it is easy to set them at each other because you know what their triggers are. They have no honor and will steal from each other at the first opportunity. It is possible that a coup attempt has already been thwarted in Ukraine so it is starting to happen and I believe this was anticipated.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  225. @Avery

    I agree. I believe they will push as far as what Poland wants to take but the Russians will have no interest in that anyway and let Poland deal with it. Poland will then have the Russians right on their border and also know how they got there. What is left of Ukraine will become a Russian client state and Buffer between Russia and NATO. I believe first the EU and then NATO will collapse or at least be significantly diminished in size for all their adding of Sweden and Finland. With Sweden already overrun by hordes of violent immigrants this looks a lot like subtraction by addition.

  226. @Jack Sparrow

    Putin’s laughin’. The sanctions inflicted by air-heads like Ursula vdL have only hurt EU proles, while strengthening Russia. That’s what you get when your ‘leadership’ are inferior liberal fascist drones, selected by Space Oddity Schwab and his pet golem Yuval Noah Harari and fueled by truly stratospheric self-regard and self-delusion.
    And they are up against Putin, even in his lingering death-throes, fifty times the operative of all the EU elite combined. Plus Lavrov, whose invitation to BoJo and the HIDEOUS feminazi nonentity ‘Surgical’ Truss to have a go at forcing Russia to its knees was the highlight of my week, and an elite that is ‘elite’ in talent, not arse-kissing.

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