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Russia, India, China, Iran: The Quad That Really Matters
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(Courtesy of PressTV)

Southeast Asia is right at the center of international relations for a whole week viz a viz three consecutive summits: Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) summit in Phnom Penh, the Group of Twenty (G20) summit in Bali, and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Bangkok.

Eighteen nations accounting for roughly half of the global economy represented at the first in-person ASEAN summit since the Covid-19 pandemic in Cambodia: the ASEAN 10, Japan, South Korea, China, India, US, Russia, Australia, and New Zealand.

With characteristic Asian politeness, the summit chair, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen (or “Colombian”, according to the so-called “leader of the free world”), said the plenary meeting was somewhat heated, but the atmosphere was not tense: “Leaders talked in a mature way, no one left.”

It was up to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov to express what was really significant at the end of the summit.

While praising the “inclusive, open, equal structure of security and cooperation at ASEAN”, Lavrov stressed how Europe and NATO “want to militarize the region in order to contain Russia and China’s interests in the Indo-Pacific.”

A manifestation of this policy is how “AUKUS is openly aiming at confrontation in the South China Sea,” he said.

Lavrov also stressed how the West, via the NATO military alliance, is accepting ASEAN “only nominally” while promoting a completely “unclear” agenda.

What’s clear though is how NATO “has moved towards Russian borders several times and now declared at the Madrid summit that they have taken global responsibility.”

This leads us to the clincher: “NATO is moving their line of defense to the South China Sea.” And, Lavrov added, Beijing holds the same assessment.

Here, concisely, is the open “secret” of our current geopolitical incandescence. Washington’s number one priority is the containment of China. That implies blocking the EU from getting closer to the key Eurasia drivers – China, Russia, and Iran – engaged in building the world’s largest free trade/connectivity environment.

Adding to the decades-long hybrid war against Iran, the infinite weaponizing of the Ukrainian black hole fits into the initial stages of the battle.

For the Empire, Iran cannot profit from becoming a provider of cheap, quality energy to the EU. And in parallel, Russia must be cut off from the EU. The next step is to force the EU to cut itself off from China.

All that fits into the wildest, warped Straussian/neo-con wet dreams: to attack China, by emboldening Taiwan, first Russia must be weakened, via the instrumentalization (and destruction) of Ukraine.

And all along the scenario, Europe simply has no agency.

Putin, Raeisi and the Erdogan track

Real life across key Eurasia nodes reveals a completely different picture. Take the relaxed get-together in Tehran between Russia’s top security official Nikolai Patrushev and his Iranian counterpart Ali Shamkhani last week.

They discussed not only security matters but also serious business – as in turbo-charged trade.

The National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) will sign a $40 billion deal next month with Gazprom, bypassing US sanctions, and encompassing the development of two gas fields and six oilfields, swaps in natural gas and oil products, LNG projects, and the construction of gas pipelines.

Immediately after the Patrushev-Shamkhani meeting, President Putin called President Ebrahim Raeisi to keep up the “interaction in politics, trade and the economy, including transport and logistics,” according to the Kremlin.

Iranian president reportedly more than “welcomed” the “strengthening” of Moscow-Tehran ties.

Patrushev unequivocally supported Tehran over the latest color revolution adventure perpetrated under the framework of the Empire’s endless hybrid war.

Iran and the EAEU are negotiating a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) in parallel to the swap deals with Russian oil. Soon, SWIFT may be completely bypassed. The whole Global South is watching.

Simultaneous to Putin’s phone call, Turkiye’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan – conducting his own diplomatic overdrive, and just back from a summit of Turkic nations in Samarkand – stressed that the US and the collective West are attacking Russia “almost without limits”.

Erdogan made it clear that Russia is a “powerful” state and commended its “great resistance”.

The response came exactly 24 hours later. Turkish intelligence cut to the chase, pointing out that the terrorist bombing in the perpetually busy Istiklal pedestrian street in Istanbul was designed in Kobane in northern Syria, which essentially responds to the US.

That constitutes a de-facto act of war and may unleash serious consequences, including a profound revision of Turkiye’s presence inside NATO.

Iran’s multi-track strategy

A Russia-Iran strategic alliance manifests itself practically as a historical inevitability. It recalls the time when the erstwhile USSR helped Iran militarily via North Korea, after an enforced US/Europe blockade.

Putin and Raeisi are taking it to the next level. Moscow and Tehran are developing a joint strategy to defeat the weaponization of sanctions by the collective West.

Iran, after all, has an absolutely stellar record of smashing variants of “maximum pressure” to bits. Also, it is now linked to a strategic nuclear umbrella offered by the “RICs” in BRICS (Russia, India, China).

So, Tehran may now plan to develop its massive economic potential within the framework of BRI, SCO, INSTC, the Eurasia Economic Union (EAEU), and the Russian-led Greater Eurasia Partnership.

Moscow’s game is pure sophistication: engaging in a high-level strategic oil alliance with Saudi Arabia while deepening its strategic partnership with Iran.

Immediately after Patrushev’s visit, Tehran announced the development of an indigenously built hypersonic ballistic missile, quite similar to the Russian KH-47 M2 Khinzal.

And the other significant news was connectivity-wise: the completion of part of a railway from strategic Chabahar Port to the border with Turkmenistan. That means imminent direct rail connectivity to the Central Asian, Russian and Chinese spheres.

Add to it the predominant role of OPEC+, the development of BRICS+, and the pan-Eurasian drive to pricing trade, insurance, security, investments in the ruble, yuan, rial, etc.

There’s also the fact that Tehran could not care less about the endless collective West procrastination on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), commonly known as Iran nuclear deal: what really matters now is the deepening relationship with the “RICs” in BRICS.

Tehran refused to sign a tampered-with EU draft nuclear deal in Vienna. Brussels was enraged; no Iranian oil will “save” Europe, replacing Russian oil under a nonsensical cap to be imposed next month.

And Washington was enraged because it was betting on internal tensions to split OPEC.

Considering all of the above, no wonder US ‘Think Tankland’ is behaving like a bunch of headless chickens.

The queue to join BRICS

During the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit in Samarkand last September, it was already tacit to all players how the Empire is cannibalizing its closest allies.

And how, simultaneously, the shrinking NATO-sphere is turning inwards, with a focus on The Enemy Within, relentlessly corralling average citizens to march in lockstep behind total compliance with a two-pronged war – hybrid and otherwise – against imperial peer competitors Russia and China.

Now compare it with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Samarkand presenting China and Russia, together, as the top “responsible global powers” bent on securing the emergence of multipolarity.

Samarkand also reaffirmed the strategic political partnership between Russia and India (Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi called it an unbreakable friendship).

That was corroborated by the meeting between Lavrov and his Indian counterpart Subrahmanyam Jaishankar last week in Moscow.

Lavrov praised the strategic partnership in every crucial area – politics, trade and economics, investment, and technology, as well as “closely coordinated actions” at the UN Security Council, BRICS, SCO and the G20.

On BRICS, crucially, Lavrov confirmed that “over a dozen countries” are lining up for membership, including Iran: “We expect the work on coordinating the criteria and principles that should underlie BRICS expansion to not take much time”.

But first, the five members need to analyze the ground-breaking repercussions of an expanded BRICS+.

Once again: contrast. What is the EU’s “response” to these developments? Coming up with yet another sanctions package against Iran, targeting officials and entities “connected with security affairs” as well as companies, for their alleged “violence and repressions”.

“Diplomacy”, collective West-style, barely registers as bullying.


Back to the real economy – as in the gas front – the national interests of Russia, Iran and Turkiye are increasingly intertwined; and that is bound to influence developments in Syria, Iraq, and Libya, and will be a key factor to facilitate Erdogan’s re-election next year.

As it stands, Riyadh for all practical purposes has performed a stunning 180-degree maneuver against Washington via OPEC+. That may signify, even in a twisted way, the onset of a process of unification of Arab interests, guided by Moscow.

Stranger things have happened in modern history. Now appears to be the time for the Arab world to be finally ready to join the Quad that really matters: Russia, India, China, and Iran.

Press TV’s website can also be accessed at the following alternate addresses:

(Republished from PressTV by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Economics, Foreign Policy • Tags: American Military, China, EU, G20, India, Iran, NATO, Russia 
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  1. This is so tiresome… All of the planet-wide madness we’ve been experiencing was designed and implemented by a hierarchy that resides above the sovereignty of nations, at the very top of the global power structure. One does not simultaneously shut the entire world down over a cold virus, without first having control of every government on earth.

    Now nations around the world doing everything they can to make their citizens lose all faith in them is a part of the demoralization phase Yuri spoke about.

    Mission accomplished.

    Here is that traitor Obama explaining one way to achieve exactly that:

    Please pull back the camera and see how coordinated all of this is, for Christ sake. The song and dance routine wouldn’t survive one second in the gaze of a critical eye.

    We’re dealing with a captured media and the transparently obvious military grade psychological operations they are relentlessly employing, the millions of sheep that believe their every obvious lie and preach it as gospel, and their near total obliviousness to the self-evident fact that this plandemic is a blatant takeover of the world.

    • Agree: Backward, Ummmpph!
  2. Making Moscow also a center of Islam and reinstating the Chechens as part of the prime warriors of and for Russia – also including Kadyrov as an ambassador to the Arab world – appears as a crucial part of the bigger picture of sincere and smart RUS Diplomacy; American English: “a win-win situation”. Russia also said America has to leave Europe, but the EU slave hounds are clinging to the slave master like rats to shipwrecked planks. Awesome too is the Russian-Iranian cooperation. Where does that leave Israhell? Regarding Iran let us not forget that the evil NATO expansion was to provide “Old Europe” (re. fragile, helpless needing caretakers) with an iron dome against “The Iranian Threat” and it turned out to provide Jewmerica with a violent platform against Mother Russia. Raping Russia once again; aka “Stretching Russia”! Glory to all those peoples pushing back against the enslaver – Judaism. (Judaism is not a religion. It is a mafia.)

    • Replies: @Hapalong Cassidy
  3. Notsofast says:

    erdogan refused to accept u.s. condolences on the bombing and has implied that the turks will respond in kind in the future. with israels attacks on iranian assets in syria increasing, it seems like it might be a hot winter in syria.

    • Replies: @Doug Ryler
  4. @Kurt Knispel

    Orwell was prescient in many ways. The Islam/Russia bloc basically corresponds to “Eurasia”, with China being “Eastasia”, and the US, NATO countries, and the rest of the Five Eyes being “Oceania”.

    • Replies: @antibeast
    , @Kurt Knispel
  5. China, Russia and India also just signed up for the “global plandemic fund” they just announced at the G20 get-together. That’s along with the terrorist USEUNATO conglomerate Russia/China insinuatingly accuse of operating biolabs and of creating covid19 every other day.

    So the “alternative” to Western globalism is nothing more than a slightly-tweaked version of the same shit the US-led terrorists sell.

    Russia so-called attacks Poland? Great for the climate change dogma, EU will now have to buy Russian fuels from resellers at markup prices to exacerbate the post-plandemic/war crises for the taxcattle.

    • Agree: Backward
    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  6. Wokechoke says:

    The Anglo-Indian English-Hindu Supreme Warlord…Sunak confronts Lavrov. Poland Hardest Hit.

    Does this end well?

  7. Brilliant, Pepe, thanks.

  8. roonaldo says:

    We have the US/Brits/NATO/Israel sabotaging gas pipelines and industrial facilities and computer networks, assassinating statesmen and scientists and engineers, subverting governments and fomenting war and wrecking economies, issuing threats and ultimatums and insults. They tried to overthrow Erdogan and are now overseeing terrorism in Instanbul. Their leaders are a sordid collection of queers, child mutilators, knaves, thieves, traitors, and cowards.

    If I’m some oil sultan bigwig in the Middle East I might, just maybe, start looking around for better folks to do business with.

  9. antibeast says:
    @Hapalong Cassidy

    Orwell was prescient in many ways. The Islam/Russia bloc basically corresponds to “Eurasia”, with China being “Eastasia”, and the US, NATO countries, and the rest of the Five Eyes being “Oceania”.

    That’s the wet dream of the Anglo-Saxon Atlanticists who have been trying to rule Europe for ages via the classic ‘divide and rule’ strategy. First, Europe must be prevented from joining Eurasia (WWI, WWII, Cold War). Then, split China from Eurasia (Opium Wars, 8-nation alliance, Cold War). Finally, get Japan to join Oceania together with the Five Eyes (Anglo-Japan entente, Cold War). The Anglo-Saxon-led West (NATO, AUKUS) view the EU and its Euro currency as the single biggest threat to its Petrodollar hegemony over Europe which must be prevented at all costs from joining the Russia/China/Iran-led Eurasia bloc consisting of BRICS, SCO, EAEU, CSTO, etc.

    And that’s why the Anglos supported BREXIT, blew up the NordStream pipelines, disrupted the EU-China CAI treaty and sabotaged the EU-Iran INSTEX deal. The Anglo-Saxons are a treacherous race. Perfidious Albion, indeed.

    • Agree: Ummmpph!, Mary Marianne
    • Thanks: dogbumbreath
  10. @Hapalong Cassidy

    Thanks, but how can Nato (= EU commanded by JewS) honestly be “Oceania”?
    Jewish dominated Anglo-America – Jewmerica’s Five Eyes – The New World – appears as “Oceania” (of the self chosen, violent elites); never continental Europe.
    Europe is Europe once the exploiting, violent Jewish occupier is pushed out with his US Army (I hope and beg everyday).

    “What it is about is that in the circles of the West, which keep their knowledge secret, it is very important that certain things develop in such a way that this West under all circumstances acquires dominion over the East. Let people today say in their consciousness what they want, that what is aimed at is to establish a master caste of the West and an economic slave caste of the East, which begins at the Rhine and goes further eastward into Asia. Not a slave caste in the old Greek sense, but an economic slave caste, a slave caste which is to be organized socialistically, which is to absorb all the impossibilities of a social structure,…” Rudolf Steiner, Dornach, 3rd Lecture, 1st Dec. 1918;

    • Thanks: antibeast
  11. Anonymous[196] • Disclaimer says:

    Complete nonsense. India and China are untrustworthy partners. India is only friendly to Iran for the sake of oil. China has significant economic problems, look up “Money and Macro – China real GDP” on YouTube. Indian Hindu nationalists are never going to fight for Muslim Iran. The author is an idiot.

    • Troll: picture111, Voltara
  12. anonymous[299] • Disclaimer says:

    They can save the fighting for after they’ve toppled the JUSA.

  13. Hacienda says:

    That’s the wet dream of the Anglo-Saxon Atlanticists

    Orwell, himself, was against this. The tripartite separation of the world was a con game that benefitted the small and powerful elite that understood their domains must be kept in constant terror of at least one of the other two. And stability could only be maintained by one never gaining too much power.
    A see-saw with two sides, the third side being on a slider that kept the system from falling.
    What made it evil was that it was a totalitarian closed system. Notice also the extreme Physics/Euclidean derived features of Orwell’s division. A marker of the Anglo way of processing the world. Deficient, crippling, as the world has revealed in the last several decades.

    Hard to argue that Anglos at this point in history see this as “wet dream”.

    I think I know what you will say in response- anti-China, genocide, media mafia, etc.

    But, just look at the arithmetic. That’s my counter response.

    • Replies: @antibeast
  14. antibeast says:

    I was refuting Hapalong Cassidy’s post below:

    Orwell was prescient in many ways. The Islam/Russia bloc basically corresponds to “Eurasia”, with China being “Eastasia”, and the US, NATO countries, and the rest of the Five Eyes being “Oceania”.

    Orwell didn’t see Europe as part of Oceania but as part of Eurasia, with China being part of Eastasia. Orwell was right in thinking that Oceania had always been at war with either Eurasia or Eastasia, in the context of the 20th century.

    YOU: The tripartite separation of the world was a con game that benefitted the small and powerful elite that understood their domains must be kept in constant terror of at least one of the other two. And stability could only be maintained by one never gaining too much power. A see-saw with two sides, the third side being on a slider that kept the system from falling.

    No, it wasn’t a con game but the ‘Great Game’ over Eurasia that Mackinder foresaw back in the day which is being articulated today by Dugin. The Atlanticists have long dreamt of ruling over Europe which became possible only in the 21st century after a hundred years of wars — WWI, WWII and the Cold War — which culminated in the destruction of the Soviet Union/Yugoslavia and the expansion of NATO to Russia’s borders. So the next obvious step is to destroy Russia in order to capture Eurasia while using Japan to pin down China in Eastasia. And just like what the British did to make WWI and WWII happen in order to prevent Germany from uniting Eurasia, the Yanks did the same to the Soviet Union/Yugoslavia during and after the Cold War, and are now doing the same to Russia/EU in order to prevent the rise of Eurasia. This is exactly the Atlanticist ‘wet dream’ that I was referring to but which Orwell didn’t anticipate in ‘1984’.

    In Eastasia, the Atlanticists have not changed their strategy much since the First Sino-Japanese War and the First Russo-Japanese War, i.e., use Japan as their attack dog against both China and Russia. Not too many people know this but China had excellent relations with Germany when it was attacked by Japan, precipitating the Second Sino-Japanese War. What has changed is the inclusion of Australia as part of AUKUS which is their rabies vaccine lest Japan bites them back again as in WWII.

    The Atlanticists have already started WWIII — albeit in slow motion — in order to prevent the rise of Eurasia. That’s the meaning and significance of the Ukraine Crisis unfolding right before our very eyes. Everything else is just a sideshow.

    • Replies: @Hacienda
  15. Hacienda says:

    This is exactly the Atlanticist ‘wet dream’ that I was referring to but which Orwell didn’t anticipate in ‘1984’.

    Good clarification.

    Orwell clearly did not anticipate the present world. He helped create opposite of “1984”- Feather Fascism. The Irresistible But Pleasing Stroke.

    I agree that the Atlanticists are pushing Ukraine war. Culturally, I’m still Anglo-America side. But culture isn’t everything.

    • Replies: @antibeast
  16. @SolarTErmination

    Lazrov is a genius. The entire Russian and Chinese Leadership is formidable. The West is represented by retardates and sub-mediocrity.

  17. So Iran’s hypersonic ballistic missile is from Russia. That make sense, LOL

  18. @Jesuitic Ziowahhabiz

    Jesuitic casuistry, the Russians and Chinese did NOT ‘insinuate’ that the USA was engaged in a gigantic bio-warfare effort, but openly denounced it and the Russians produced captured evidence of the effort in Ukraine.

  19. antibeast says:

    Orwell clearly did not anticipate the present world. He helped create opposite of “1984”- Feather Fascism. The Irresistible But Pleasing Stroke.

    Orwell’s ‘1984’ was written as a satirical work of pseudo-historical fiction which Alt-Right Conspiracy Theorists like to cite as proof of a nefarious Globalist plot to create a totalitarian NWO based in ‘Oceania’. But his work had nothing to do at all with the real world, unlike the geopolitical theories of Mackinder or Dugin.

    Take Orwell’s conception of ‘Eastasia’ which had never existed except in his own imagination. While Japan had cultural ties to China, those two East Asian nations are historical rivals which made them geopolitical enemies at the time Orwell wrote his ‘1984’. His paradigmatic thinking corresponds to the ‘Yellow Peril’ syndrome of Alt-Right Conspiracy Theorists which is shared by the poster Hapalong Cassidy. And the reason why they fall for this ‘Oceania vs Eastasia’ paradigm is their Orientalist thinking with its nice ‘White-Yellow’ divide which validates their racialist White egos. Quite the opposite to Orwell’s ‘Eastasia’ construct, Japan had always been part of ‘Oceania’ ever since the Atlanticists formed the Anglo-Japan alliance in 1902, disrupted only by WWII when Japan became allied with Nazi Germany, but resumed by MacArthur after Hirohito’s surrender in the form of the US military occupation of Japan which continues to this day.

    In contrast to ‘Eastasia’, Orwell’s ‘Eurasia’ corresponds more accurately with the historical reality of the Soviet Union which encompassed almost the whole of the Eurasia continent by the end of WWII. That’s when Orwell wrote his book ‘1984’ on account of the expansion of the Soviet Union to Western Europe. Today, the closest equivalent to Orwell’s ‘Eurasia’ is the EU + Russia economic partnership which the Atlanticists want to disrupt by destroying the NordStream pipelines and instigating the Ukraine Crisis which led to the Russian SMO.

    • Thanks: littlereddot, dogbumbreath
    • Replies: @Hacienda
  20. Hacienda says:

    Orwell’s ‘1984’ was written as a satirical work of pseudo-historical fiction which Alt-Right Conspiracy Theorists like to cite as proof of a nefarious Globalist plot to create a totalitarian NWO based in ‘Oceania’. But his work had nothing to do at all with the real world, unlike the geopolitical theories of Mackinder or Dugin.

    Satire is supposed to be funny at least viewed from a certain angle and correct magnification. As I read it during the heat of the “Cold War”, there wasn’t much funny about it. 1974 or so- a time that the America was really afraid of the Soviet Union, China even. I’m sure it was thrown into our 6th grade reading list as a warning. War is Peace, Slavery is Freedom, Ignorance is Strength. Didn’t ring as satire at the time of reading. Felt like a very dark dream, captured somewhat by Star Wars’ Empire, THX 1138, or dystopian movies like “Soylent Green”. None of these qualify as satire except for a very distant, miniaturized, or over magnified viewing.

    It’s debatable who is more relevant to the “real” world. Mackinder, Dugin, or Orwell. I don’t think any of them are particularly relevant in 2022. Africa, India, ME, South America, LBGTQ community, robot sex partners, CHINA, CHINA, CHINA hardly mattered to these people. So, who cares about them. Dead white males. Good riddance.

    • Replies: @RobinG
    , @dogbumbreath
  21. @Poupon Marx

    It’s a stage play.

    The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media.
    Quoting: Former CIA Director William Colby


    In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.
    Quoting: Franklin D. Roosevelt

    Whoever controls the media controls the mind.
    Quoting: Jim Morrison – Son of a Disinformation Agent

    I was taught to lie, to betray and not to tell the truth to the public.

    I ended up publishing articles under my own name written by agents of the CIA and other intelligence services, especially the German secret service.

    Most journalists from respected and big media organisations are closely connected to the German Marshall Fund, the Atlantik-Brücke or other so-called transatlantic organisations…once you’re connected, you make friends with selected Americans. You think they are your friends and you start cooperating. They work on your ego, make you feel like you’re important. And one day one of them will ask you ‘Will you do me this favor’…

    We’re talking about puppets on a string, journalists who write or say whatever their masters tell them to say or write. If you see how the mainstream media is reporting about the Ukraine conflict and if you know what’s really going on, you get the picture. The masters in the background are pushing for war with Russia and western journalists are putting on their helmets.

    When I told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (Ulfkotte’s newspaper) that I would publish the book, their lawyers sent me a letter threatening with all legal consequences if I would publish any names or secrets — but I don’t mind. You see, I don’t have children to take care of.
    Quoting: Udo Ulfkotte, German Journalist 2017, Now Dead

    Once basic needs are met (food, water, roof, love), the two most powerful forms of passive mind control are money and politics.

    All nations answer to a singular higher authority. Here is what happens when a nation goes rogue:

    Here is how nations are controlled:

  22. anon[428] • Disclaimer says:

    How ironic that 1984 had Goldstein as the populist hero when he’s actually the real evil lord of the last 2 centuries. The Anglosphere has been completely co-opted by Jews, and all of Europe west of Russia is subsumed. But I’m not so sure China-Russia-Iran are beyond the reach of their tentacles either. Jew media is just too powerful, esp. now with the internet, English language news basically dominate the internet brainwashing the whole world. I wouldn’t get too excited about India either. They’re the biggest Jew dogs, even dumber than the Japanese.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  23. RobinG says:

    [1984] was thrown into our 6th grade reading list…

    Really? Where did you go to school?

    • Replies: @Hacienda
  24. Karl1906 says:

    Always looking forward to read a new article from Mr Escobar!

    Turkey will also play an important role in things to come. While it seemed at first that they may be the most unreliable of the candidates for multipolarism, now, “thanks” to staging a terror attack and very obviously going for “regime change” next will drive Erdogan firmly away from the rabid Western bloc.

    Iran will be interesting too. The increased terror attacks and “ngo”-steered attempts at “regime change” have clearly increased once it became clear how much the country has become an important partner for Russia and China. Yeah, it’s still not along “our” Western standards in regards to democracy, women’s right etc. But it has IMPROVED considerably. And now Western “superiority” wants to start a war with it for becoming too inconvenient (again). And replace its government with another bunch of complicit barbarians. As long as they will play along.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  25. Hacienda says:

    A “Gifted” program in Indianapolis. Thanks for asking.

    ‘Great Expectations’, ‘Tom Sawyer’, ‘Johnny Tremain’, ‘Animal Farm’ were on the list. But not regarded as uncommonly difficult in those days. Now, we had no idea what these books were about. I liked ‘Great Expectations’ because Estella kind of reminded me of my own girlfriend who lived in a mansion and was hot. She was Jewish. Our principal was Jewish. The Jew principal was not happy.

    Of course, they’ve shut down the program. Nazis-in-training, whatever. That was an actual complaint filed by a teacher.

    I got “Outstanding Student Award”, ridiculously. But the smartest kid in the class, at least by IQ score was a mulatto girl. At the beginning of the program she gave a presentation on MLK and she broke down crying.

  26. According to Aesop the delusional, unipolar mule is being led over a cliff pursuing a Zionist carrot.

    The blind mule ignores all warnings from friend and foe as he rushes headlong to the edge of the precipice.

    The American foreign policy is completely under the control of Jews,so let’s look back 2600 years and see how accurate their predictions have been:

    Nebuchadnezzar is just a blowhard;he can’t possibly harm us.

    The Roman Legions are vastly overrated.We will whip their asses.

    If we slaughter the Czar’s entire family,that will be the end of Christianity in Russia.

    *The Ukrainians are so stupid that even if we starve millions of them,someday they will elect a Jew as their president.

    If Hitler becomes Chancellor we will boycott German exports worldwide and teach him a lesson.

    The score is * one of five right.We are doomed.

  27. Anonymous[233] • Disclaimer says:

    about India either. They’re the biggest Jew dogs

    • LOL: nokangaroos
    • Replies: @Malla
    , @anon
  28. Backward says:

    Escobar, paid by China, pushing the “good East vs evil West” narrative as usual. No matter that the “East” is as capitalist, technocratic, pro-inoculations, pro-5g, pro-geoengineering as the “West”. No matter that the Rothschilds control China’s banks and gold exchange. The illusion of a saviour coming to the rescue of the disenfranchised masses must be kept alive, be it Jesus or Eurasia, lest they realise they need to act.

  29. Anonymous[233] • Disclaimer says:

    Indian Hindu nationalists are never going to fight for Muslim Iran.

    You are right, but things are a bit more nuanced than that. Interestingly Indians are comparatively friendlier to Iran while being friendly to Israel as well. Indians have more of a problem with Turkey and Pakistan and their relationship with Arabs is dicey as best.
    But whenever the Taliban comes to power in Afghanistan (earlier as well as now) India and Iran slowly come closer to each other. Even if both have reasonable relations with the Taliban regime, deep inside, both of them look at the Taliban Government with alarm.
    Worldview with Suhasini Haidar | A new chapter in India-Iran ties?

    ” 1. India and Iran have faced attacks from the Taliban, Al Qaeda, Jundullah, Lashkar e Toiba and other sunni groups, and have a common concern about the Taliban gaining power in Kabul.
    2.      Mr. Zarif has said that an Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan is a security threat for India and Iran and an existential threat for Pakistan, and as neighbours, India and Iran have cause to worry”
    India, Iran, and the Afghanistan crisis
    Can Iran and India come together to manage the Afghanistan crisis and the security threat posed by it?

    • Replies: @Old Brown Fool
  30. @Backward

    I am sure the Germans have a term for “hoping that your neighbor is doomed too, because you can see your own demise approaching”.

    Is it Schadenfreude? Not really, but close.

    Please, some German person, educate me.

  31. Lurker says:

    I think you’ll find most Anglo-Saxons who voted for Brexit did so consciously or not to try and get out of all this.

    The Remainers are those far more wedded to Globohomo.

    • Replies: @antibeast
  32. Che Guava says:

    Many interesting comnents on this thread.

    As usual, after slightly interesting opening paragphaphs, Pepe is back to BRICS blah blah blah. I can’t even see why the ‘S’ in BRICS is even there.

    A place where the key points of now are Jewish control of the extraction industries (particularly diamonds) and of corrupt ‘big man’ African politicians.

    ASEAN was never a security alliance. Originally, the U.S.A. tried to set up a set of NATO copies, the South-West and South-East Asia Treaty Organisations (SWATO and SEATO), may be others I never read about, both were defunct almost at birth.

    Like the O.P. I first read 1984 at primary school, my father also reads English, so I think he left certain books around on assumption that I would read them.

  33. @SolarTErmination

    The media are not “captured”. Since the abolition of the domestic anti-propaganda law (the “modernization” of the Smith Mundt Act under Obama) the State Dept/ CIA now legally control all Official Narratives spewed by the six or so remaining media. These media are now State Media, essentially part of the Federal Government. And the State Dept/ CIA are now focused on getting rid of all, small alt media that are disputing or even questioning the Official Narratives.

  34. @Notsofast

    The USG loves to protect Apartheid Israhell.

    Which in the end will be the Empire’s downfall.

  35. sami says:

    Although Germany is one of the colonies involved in US/Israel war against Iran and her foreign minister is a bitch of Jewish mafia, yet we read the following in the news:
    {{Germany in secret talks to buy Iranian oil amid Russian war sanctions.
    The chief economist for the partially state-owned bank LBBW in the southwestern German state of Baden-Württemberg announced that Germany is engaged in secret talks with the Islamic Republic of Iran to buy Iranian oil.}}
    German is NOT a sovereign nation and they know it, but are trying to please the thugs in Washington, and the circle of Jewish mafia.
    Meanwhile, two Israelis from FDD, JACOB NAGEL AND MARK DUBOWITZ , who are influential in the zionist circle of both Republican and Democrat including their ‘presidents’, in an opinion piece in ‘Newsweek’ expressing that Israel should play a greater role in toppling the Iranian government using ANY MEANS if is necessary. The recent riots in Iran was staged by US/Isral/Saudis using the social media and Iranian gullible inside and traitors abroad. FDD was influential in Trump’s decisions to bring MAXIMUM PRESSURE through sanction on Iran. The terrorist members of FDD write:
    {{Israel should seize the initiative. First, Israel should intensify the economic pressure through a campaign of influence operations inside Iran.The rial’s exchange rate is at its lowest point ever. On the eve of the Islamic Revolution, the exchange rate was about 70 rials to the dollar. Today, it’s 350,000 rials to the dollar. The goal of this influence campaign should be creating a massive currency crisis that forces the regime to spend down its foreign currency reserves and increases the number of angry Iranians who take to the streets. At the same time, a labor strike fund should be established to support strikers and demonstrators who are risking their while losing their paychecks.}}
    Massive strikes helped bring down the shah in the 1970s and the beginnings of strikes in key Iranian sectors have rattled the current regime. The Israeli security establishment should lead a sustained campaign targeting key industries, while supporting tens of thousands of angry Iranian students and teachers. The US/Israel/Saudis have sent their thugs to the Iranian market and threatening them they MUST close their business otherwise they will be attack or murdered. They have inject a lot of damage on a country that is under severe sanction. Iranian people will hold these thugs and criminals in Washington, Tel Aviv and Riyadh accountable and they must pay reparation.
    Not only the EU countries are not sovereign but also UK is NOT a sovereign nation that dares to commit crimes against Iran and Russia.

    • Replies: @RedpilledAF
  36. Did you know that most of the Iranian religious elite have children attending US universities?

    Glad the old prognosticator Pepe is back on the truth trail for no one knows the future like Pepe.
    Jus look at his Ukranya calls – brilliant!

    • Replies: @Saba
  37. @littlereddot

    It’s not even close to the same meaning. I can’t recall the term at this time.

    • Replies: @littlereddot
  38. The area Erdogan alludes to does not answer to the US. Erdogan doers not like the US anyway and is looking for an excuse to turn somewhere else. He wasn’t admitted to the EU for good reason and he is demonstrating why.

    Anyway, Turkey will be a part of the coalition that invades Israel in the last days and the coalition is building. Turkey and Russia are long term enemies, but there is some softening in their attitude towards Russia.

    In the end, the coalition will be destroyed on the mountains of Israel. Russia will have, essentially, no Army left. Same with Iran, and Turkey and the rest of that alliance. The Russian Empire will die, as it needs to.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  39. Saba says:
    @Assisi Joe

    Did you know that those who have governmental job, especially those who hold ministerial jobs, will be kicked out of the office if that person’s children are studying abroad, the West especially those countries hostile to Iran, like US, UK, Canada?

    It is not the Iranian religious elite, but the Iranian fifth column, you call “the reformists”, mainly are SECULAR. who have relatives including children abroad. The first casualty to this new attitude was Ali Larijani, the speaker of the parliament that was NOT allowed to run for the presidency in June of 2021 election because his children were studying abroad. If this law was in place, then Hasan Rouhani would have not been allowed to run for the presidency either and Iran should have been in a better position. He should be held accountable and punished for his economic policy and his refusal to improve relation with China and Russia. He put all his eggs in one basket by relying on improvement of the relations between Iran and the West. He should have known better, but he didn’t want to realize the reality that US CANNOT be trusted.

    • Thanks: Chuck Orloski, RedpilledAF
  40. anonymous[274] • Disclaimer says:

    sorry, ((Quartermaster))

    Israel’s time of reckoning is coming, and it would do well to repent and act like a civilized nation. See, the problem Israel has is that the United States’ hegemony is coming to a close. It is possible that the tribe can scurry to another landing pad, but there is nowhere else on the planet that would offer them the same power and protection they have in the United States. It would seem a good idea for Israel to act like a responsible member of the global community. You seem awfully eager for bloodshed, asshole. I think you’re going to find out that your Talmud is as much a dead letter as the Holy Book you fed to the gentiles.

  41. anon[256] • Disclaimer says:

    Biden admin said today that MBS has immunity from the Khasoggi murder. What is the quid pro quo? Obviously to give MBS incentive to align with the (((West))) against China and Russia — stop buying oil from Russia and stop accepting Yuan from China for their oil.

    Continental Europe specifically Germany holds the key to the world’s future depending on which side they eventually align with. Sweden is investigating the bombing of Nordstream 2 and reportedly found suspicion of sabotage – duh! Of course the US is involved, the only question is whether we did this ourselves or through a 3rd party like Poland or UK. That is the true purpose of forcing this Ukraine war on Russia, to sabotage Nordstream 2 under the pretense of war and cut Europe off from Russian energy.

    The future is a choice between a more sane/conservative culture and sovereignty over complete capitulation to the (((West))) with its mercantilism, financial swindling, endless lies, wars, immigration and degeneracy through hookup culture and LGBTQ mania. I pray Germany grows some balls and brains soon and realize they need to split from the degenerate West for the world to survive.

    • Agree: inspector general
  42. antibeast says:

    I think you’ll find most Anglo-Saxons who voted for Brexit did so consciously or not to try and get out of all this.

    BREXIT was bad for the UK whose financial services industry handles the most Euro currency trading in the world which has been going down ever since. The Tories supported BREXIT, much to the delight of the ‘Anglo-Saxons’ like Farage of UKIP fame who disliked the Globalists ensconced in Brussels calling the shots for the UK. Now that the UK is free of the EU, the UK economy is in free fall as had been predicted.

    The Remainers are those far more wedded to Globohomo.

    The Remainers were strongest in London, supported by the Globalists in the City. But BREXIT was also bad for the EU after losing the UK. That’s why I believe BREXIT had been orchestrated by the US Deep State which is now planning to dismember the EU in order to save the Petrodollar. That’s EUXIT.

  43. Scum Polacks must die. Self-loathing Slav lowlifes.

    Video Link

  44. @littlereddot

    Dear Miss Bindi;
    Please post a photo so I can see if you are “educable” or just “trainable.”
    High heels are optional, but preferred.
    Thank you so much!

    • Replies: @littlereddot
  45. @sami

    Thank you for that clip. Do you, or anyone else reading this, have more about this? Documents or scholarly sources would be great, but anything in general will do too. That is very interesting and disturbing information.

    • Replies: @Sami
    , @Sami
  46. Malla says:

    Only a Pakistani shit could have made this up. The least realistic part of the above is Pakistan being treated as a friend and equal by the Arabs. Good luck with that. LOL.
    Though I must admit that kind of ass licking Indians do towards Israel is truly embarrassing. I find it disgusting. Hindus/Jains, deep inside, snobbishly look down upon everybody else…East Asians, Whites, Middle Easterners, Hispanics etc… and obviously Blacks as below them, barbarian monkeys but treat Jews as Gods on Earth!!!
    Hey BTW Porki, what is this obsession with Gay-Homosexual porn in Pakistan???

  47. Malla says:

    Actually I can see India teaming up with Iran but how the hell will India team up with China, who India sees as “an evil, back-stabbing, Imperialist country who can never be trusted”. Over that, according to India, Pakistan is nothing but a big terrorist state and it now sees Pakistan as a sepoy whore of China or a tool, China uses against India. A terrorist tool used by an Imperialist country.

    Dual standards’: Indian Envoy to the UN, tears into China over LAC standoff, terror at UN meet
    Though , Ambassador Ruchira Kamboj, didn’t name any country in particular but it was obvious which country she was referring to as India took a tacit swipe at China at the UNSC over a series of issues. New Delhi’s envoy slammed China over “double standards” in fighting terrorism.

    ‘Should be no double standards in dealing with terrorists’: India slams China, Pak at the UNSC

    • Thanks: Agent76
  48. Malla says:

    And India is so suspicious of China about everything that it even became close to the West, of which India is suspicious too!! But distrust towards China is so high in India, that it overtook India’s natural distrust (India still distrusts the West even now) for the West!! Which is huge.

    China-Pakistan’s Bio-Warfare Plan against India

    Nah, I do not see this working. Pepe Eskimobear needs to understand geopolitics better. As far as India is concerned the only thing, keeping it going is the natural trust India has towards Russia (as against extreme distrust towards China and to a lessor extent, the West). That is it.

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  49. @Karl1906

    Turkey is funny. Look at this:

    Turkish ‘cult leader’ gets 8,658-year sentence

    WTF?! Either hang him or give him a life sentence.

  50. @antibeast

    Now that the UK is free of the EU, the UK economy is in free fall as had been predicted.

    Inasmuch as nothing is more precious than race, something we are in every cell and can never recover once it’s lost, Brexshit figured to be terrible for Britain. Assuming it’s done what Farage said it would do, it’s diminished Britain’s ancient racial heritage, which, of course, is Caucasian or White.

    Given his French surname which might betoken Huguenot ancestry, I haven’t conceived Farage as particularly Anglo-Saxon; I guess that’s just a figure of speech relating to his “UKIP fame.” But in any case he seemed to have little desire of reserving England for Anglo-Saxons or any other White, European tribe. Consider what he promised a fortnight before the Brexshit vote.


    This is from the article’s summary:

    ** “[Farage] says we have ‘turned our backs’ on the Commonwealth in favour of the EU [Lucius Vanini: that is, in favor of White people, the same race as are the British!];

    ** “EU membership makes it ‘very difficult’ for skilled migrants from India and Africa to come into the country [that is, EU membership was a barrier to more “people of color” settling in Britain–more people of races different from that of the British!];

    ** “so after Brexit ‘more black people would qualify to come in’ [that is, qualified White people would no longer stand in the way of probably less qualified non-Whites!].”

    It’s hard to imagine a more anti-Britsh, anti-European, anti-White measure than this one which Farage recommended to Britain; and it’s a serious indictment of Brit White Nationalists that they actually took Brexshit for a pro-White effort–letting their hatred of an admittedly defective EU induce them to embrace something worse.

    I regard Farage as one of the most detestable traitors ever.

    Even with this excessively globalist EU there were, at least, more Whites coming into the UK–from the European mainland–than people of other racial heritages. Indeed, as Farage pointed out, the White influxes excluded much non-White immigration. Brit Nationalists: you lusted to bar Poles and Latvians and got African negroes, Dravidians, Afro-Caribbeans, non-White Muslims instead…. Great work!

  51. Agent76 says:

    Mar 15, 2022 China, Russia Declare A NEW WORLD ORDER In Released Joint Statement

    Kim Iversen reviews Russia and China’s friendship pact made February 4, and how it might currently affect Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

    • Replies: @Lucius Vanini
  52. @antibeast

    But BREXIT was also bad for the EU after losing the UK.

    This is the opposite of the truth. The only party who benefited from Brexit was the EU, by reducing the influence of perfidious Albion over continental European affairs. The British are the enemies of Europe, so their removal was only a good thing for Europeans.

    • Replies: @antibeast
  53. @Malla

    Of course it was Kautilja who taught us “the neighbor of my neighbor
    is my friend”; however,
    1) The US is nobody´s neighbor
    2) A Chinese rail and road connection over the Taple Pass and on to Calcutta
    would profit everyone.
    IOW, we all have bigger fish to fry.

    • Replies: @Malla
  54. Sami says:

    Thank you for your comment. I am not familiar with UK and the arrangement of her cities. However, I did research a little bit and found the following link and video where might be helpful. Good luck.

    • Thanks: RedpilledAF
    • Replies: @Sami
  55. @antibeast

    BREXIT was the City´s bet that Little Britain, if only unbound by
    smothering Brussels rule, could prosper on money laundering and tax
    evasion alone, and boink the other two thirds of GDP.
    I mean, Hong Kong did it all the time, what could possibly go wrong?
    – The economic model is not scalable.
    – Unlike Hong Kong (once upon a time) the prospective host (Brussels)
    really does not need London.
    – Did I mention Little Britain was a net receiver of EU (read: German) money?

    US Deep State interest in this is of course securing a captive Airstrip One
    before the next world war – the Germans are restless.

    • Replies: @Lurker
    , @showmethereal
  56. Saba says:

    The Syrian Foreign and Expatriates Ministry condemned the plundering of Syrian oil by the US military forces, urging Washington to withdraw its illegitimate forces from the Arab country’s territory. Meanwhile, Washington has reportedly continued its plunder of Syria’s energy resources using dozens of tanker trucks to smuggle crude oil from the northeastern province of Hasakah to bases in neighboring Iraq where American forces and trainers are stationed. citing local sources in al-Ya’rubiyah town, Syria’s official news agency SANA reported that a convoy of 50 tankers, laden with oil from the energy-rich Jazira region, left Syria illegally through Mahmoudiya border, headed towards Iraqi territories. SANA noted that US-sponsored and Kurdish-led militants associated with the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces have assisted US forces in their theft of Syrian crude oil over the past few weeks.
    The development came a week after the US military smuggled a consignment of stolen Syrian oil into northern Iraqi regions.Now, people are fed up with these thieves and terrorist, so the US occupier is under missile attack. A missile attack targeted Washington’s Green Village military base in Deir Ezzor’s Al-Omar oilfield on 17 November, a US Central Command (CENTCOM) statement said.
    “On the evening of November 17, at approximately 9:32 pm local time in Syria, rockets targeted Coalition Forces at the Green Village base in northeast Syria. The attack resulted in no injuries or damage to the base or coalition property. US forces in northeast Syria are investigating the incident,” the CENTCOM statement read.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  57. @Anonymous

    Afghan plateaus are the springboards for invading India, and, to a lesser extent, Iran. Almost all the land invasions of India (Durrani, Nadir Shah, Babur, Timur, Mongols, Ghurids, Ghazni, Alexander, Darius, pre-historic Aryans, etc; and this is counting only the successful invasions; failed invasions should be ten times this) came via Afghanistan. The Indian emperors tried to keep the routes under control, but the maximum they could achieve was control over the (comparatively) plains provinces in the east and south of Afghanistan (including Kabul). The rest of Afghanistan was always in the hands of the central Asian peoples. That explains the concern of the Indian governments about Afghanistan. Ukraine war has shown that once you take the airforce out of reckoning, we are back to the 19th century. That means Afghanistan can be still a base for an invasion of India (and Pakistan, even if Pakistanis fail to understand that).

  58. Sami says:

    The Mayor of London has no power over the Right Honorable Lord Mayor of London (City of London). What’s unique is that the City of London is a Corporation and older than the United Kingdom but has a representative in the UK Parliament through a person known as the ‘Remembrancer’ who is present to protect the ‘City’s interests.
    The City of London houses

    Rothschild controlled ‘Bank of England’
    Lloyds of London
    The London Stock Exchange
    All British Banks
    The Branch offices of 384 Foreign Banks
    70 USA Banks
    Fleet Streets Newspaper and Publishing Monopolies
    Headquarters for Worldwide Freemasonry
    Headquarters for the worldwide money cartel known as ‘THE CROWN’

    The City of London is controlled by the Bank of England, a private corporation owned by the Rothschild family after Nathan Rothschild crashed the English stock market in 1812 and took control of the Bank of England.
    The Queen refers to the City of London Corporation as the ‘Firm’ but it is known as The CROWN (not representing the Royalty of Britain). Buckingham Palace is in London but not in the City of London and the City is not part of England.

    • Thanks: RedpilledAF
  59. @Backward

    What’s the evidence that the Rot-schilds have that role in China? They own Chinese banks? Prove it.

  60. anon[308] • Disclaimer says:

    1- India’s ‘Internet Hindus’ Are in Love With Israel
    Hindu nationalists incessantly tweet their support and admiration for Israel, an online force that helped push Prime Minister Narendra Modi to a landslide victory in 2014—

    2– 43% newly-elected Lok Sabha MPs ( Indian parliament) have criminal record: ADR-

    May 26, 2019

    3–In 2014, 185 Lok Sabha members (34%) had criminal charges and 112 MPs had serious criminal cases against them. In 2009, 162 (nearly 30%) out of the 543 Lok Sabha MPs had criminal charges and 14% had serious criminal charges, it said.

    4–India has fallen six positions on the 2022 Global Hunger Index (GHI), ranking 107th out of 121 countries in a report published on Friday.
    Asia’s third-largest economy fared worse than other South Asian countries such as Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. This was the third straight year in which India’s ranking on the scale fell – it previously ranked 101 in 2021, and 94 in 2020.

    The GHI, jointly published by the German-based Welthungerhilfe and Dublin-based Concern Worldwide, which ranks countries by “severity”, gave India a score of  29.1 – a hunger level falling under the “serious” category.

    5–The index, which ranks 180 countries and territories by their perceived levels of public sector corruption according to experts and business people, uses a scale of 0 to 100 to rank Corruption Perception Index (CPI), where 0 is highly corrupt and 100 is very clean. Transparency International gave India a CPI score of 40.

    6—The dead professor and the vast pro-India disinformation campaign—

    7—Pro-Indian ‘fake websites targeted decision makers in Europe’
    * 16 December 2019

    8—Indian company backed by right-wing European forces has churned out propaganda against Pakistan and China for 15 years
    Disinformation mill–

    9–Indian police use violence as a shortcut to justice. It’s the poorest who bear the scars

    10—Violence occurs in about 35 per cent of women globally in their lifetime1. In a study done in India, on about 10000 women, 26 per cent reported having experienced physical violence from spouses during their lifetime2. The prevalence could be as high as 45 per cent as indicated by data from Uttar Pradesh3. Latest figures from the National Crime Records Bureau4 show that a crime was recorded against women every three minutes. Every hour, at least two women are sexually assaulted and every six hours, a young married woman is beaten to death, burnt or driven to suicide. It is appalling to learn that 28.4 per cent of pregnant women suffer domestic violence5.


  61. Sami says:

    Did you know that Washington DC has similar status as the city of London:

    Washington DC is not part of the USA. District of Columbia is located on 10sq miles of land. DC has its own flag and own independent constitution. This constitution operates under a TYRANICAL Roman law known as Lex Fori. DC constitution has NOTHING to do with the American Constitution. The Act of 1871 passed by Congress created a separate CORPORATION known as THE UNITED STATES & corporate government for the District of Columbia. Thus DC acts as a Corporation through the Act. The flag of Washington’s District of Columbia has 3 red stars (the 3 stars denoting DC, Vatican City and City of London). WHAT??? DC is the center for world MILITARY power.

    The City of London is a one-square mile city in London. The 2 Londons have separate city halls and elect separate mayors, who collect separate taxes to fund separate police who enforce separate laws. City of London has its own separate flag and crest while London city does not. What’s unique is that the City of London is a CORPORATION and older than the United Kingdom. Oh no, not another corporation. They control the world’s FINANCES.

    The Vatican City is not part of Italy or Rome. The Vatican is the last true remnant of the Roman Empire. The Vatican’s wealth includes investments with the Rothschilds in Britain, France and US and with OIL and WEAPONS corporations as well. The Vatican’s billions are said to be in Rothschild controlled ‘Bank of England’ and US Federal Reserve Bank, another CORPORATION.

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  62. antibeast says:

    This is the opposite of the truth. The only party who benefited from Brexit was the EU, by reducing the influence of perfidious Albion over continental European affairs. The British are the enemies of Europe, so their removal was only a good thing for Europeans.

    Before BREXIT, the EU had at least some influence over British affairs, especially in economic matters. After BREXIT, the Yanks are now using the classic ‘divide-and-rule’ strategy by pitting the Brits against the EU (sabotage of NordStream pipelines) which is bad for Europeans. The biggest winner of BREXIT is the USA which wants to see the EU weakened politically and economically.

    • Agree: Lucius Vanini
    • Replies: @Hulkamania
  63. Anonymous[256] • Disclaimer says:

    The only force likely keeping Turkiye within Nato is that it will be attacked by Nato if it secedes from the organisation. Most of the world would be grateful if Erdogan bit the bullet, expelled bellicose Nato from its borders, and joined the Brics, or whatever such a consortium of nations might be called. The very best road to avoiding World War III and uniting the entire planet in free trade would be for Europe to dissolve Nato, which is nothing but a standing threat that Washington uses against any emerging economic peers. Poland and the Baltics would be disappointed but ultimately saved from their own Russophobic madness.

    • Agree: Lucius Vanini
  64. @Hacienda

    It’s debatable who is more relevant to the “real” world. Mackinder, Dugin, or Orwell. I don’t think any of them are particularly relevant in 2022………So, who cares about them. Dead white males. Good riddance.

    Alexander Dugin of Russia is alive and well although his daughter Darya was murdered/assassinated recently by the “usual suspects”.

    I think this recent article by Dugin is worth a read. The title is, “THE MANIFESTO OF GREAT AWAKENING. AGAINST GREAT RESET”:


    • Replies: @Hacienda
  65. Malla says:

    A Chinese rail and road connection over the Taple Pass and on to Calcutta would profit everyone.

    Yeah true, but for some reason Indians are convinced BRI is a trap. I would say India is more hostile to the BRI, than the West is.

    Pak & China Peddle CPEC Trap

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  66. @Sami

    Liechtenstein prides itself in being the last remnant of the Roman Empire.
    Seriously, no one bothered to conquer it ever since 😀
    So – it´s a Roman thingy?

  67. Malla says:
    34 per cent of Pakistan’s population lives on just Rs 588 a day income: World Bank
    Pakistan: What ails this sad nation? – The Sunday Guardian Live
    The country is living on borrowed money and borrowed time. Pakistan is in an unending war with itself. Its military has ruined the country.
    In Pakistan, rape culture is not only systemic, it is reinforced at every level
    A Rise in Rape Cases in Pakistan: A Need for Coping Strategies for the Victims
    Iqra Mushtaque, MPhil, Rabab Zahra, PhD, and Azhar Abbas Khan, PhD
    Women’s Rights in Pakistan: failed by a culture of intolerance and impunity
    ISI using Bangladesh media for anti India propaganda
    Pakistani network running pro-ISI, anti-India propaganda busted by Facebook and Stanford researchers, hundreds of accounts suspended
    Was Pakistan’s ISI using British MP for anti-India propaganda?British lawmaker Debbie Abrahams was deported from India on February 17

    • Replies: @anon
  68. anon[308] • Disclaimer says:

    Indian media = Indian propganda
    Only Dawn is outside India.
    Again Indian propaganda is deep sustained and pervasive . It starts from grade school and goes through different stages of Eriksonian developmental phases of life , but never resolving Indian contradiction — how to remian honest to truth.

    EVEN it wont mind changing its own religious history:

    “Muslim invasion created Dalits and tribals in India, says RSS
    Three RSS functionaries have reportedly expressed such views in forewords to three books – Hindu Charmakar Jati, Hindu Khatik Jati and Hindu Valmiki Jati – written by the BJP spokesman Vijay Sonkar Shastri and released recently by RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat.”

    :n his foreword, Bhaiyyaji Joshi, Bhagat’s Number Two in the RSS pecking order, reportedly says the ‘shudras’ were never untouchables according to the Hindu scriptures. It was only after the “Islamic atrocities” during the medieval times that the untouchables, Dalits and Indian Muslims emerged”
    It says .


    • Replies: @Malla
  69. Malla says:

    Indian media = Indian propganda

    Pakistani Media = Pakistani Propaganda
    Chinese Media = Chinese Propaganda
    American Media= American Propaganda

    You used Al Jazeera as a source, which is Muslim Brotherhood anti-Hindu Kuwaiti propaganda. You used Global Times which is Chinese media and hence Chinese propaganda. Look in the mirror, bitch.
    You forgot to read these parts
    1] 34 per cent of Pakistan’s population lives on just Rs 588 a day income: World Bank
    4] A Rise in Rape Cases in Pakistan: A Need for Coping Strategies for the Victims
    Iqra Mushtaque, MPhil, Rabab Zahra, PhD, and Azhar Abbas Khan, PhD
    5] started by Nelson Mandela, not Indian media
    7]anti-India propaganda busted by Facebook and Stanford researchers,

    It starts from grade school and goes through different stages of Eriksonian developmental phases of life ,

    happens in every country in the World, in every Islamic country including Pakistan, it happens in China, it happens in every Western country in the World, happens in every society.

    “Muslim invasion created Dalits and tribals in India, says RSS

    Well, the Congressis and Leftists falsely blamed the British for this. Then you guys were laughing and farting around. Since Hindutva is anti-colonialism 2.0, now they falsely blame the Islamic invaders.
    Should have shut out the B.S during anti-colonialism 1.0, now too late. Enjoy anti-colonialism 2.0.
    karma bitches.

  70. anon[207] • Disclaimer says:

    Al Zazeera is the opposite of Indian news media standing hundred feet taller than any of the North India based media or media from BJP ruled regions

    Get some non -Indian sources.

    India has found Israel as new god.But some still worship British.
    They even worship Trump, and lately used queen as image of goddess in Durga puja.
    Mughal used to be their god just few hundred years ago.

    • Replies: @Malla
  71. Hacienda says:

    Thanks. For some reason, I thought he was dead. Dugin sounds like a Russian philosopher at the ad-hoc service of Putin. Or maybe Putin really believes in the stuff. Does it matter?

    I’m more of the view that philosophers give reasons for wars, not wars for reasons. Not a fan of Dugin.

  72. @Agent76

    Mar 15, 2022 China, Russia Declare A NEW WORLD ORDER In Released Joint Statement

    Those two clowns ridiculing the Statement typify American imbecility regarding the current war. They think Russia’s invasion of Zelensky’s Ukraine is laughably inconsistent with Russian condemnation of aggression.

    That tragic war has been brought against Russia by USA/NATO at the behest of Neocons, Russia-hating Zionists and Globalists. Washington thinks it was justified to perceive Russian missiles in Cuba as a grave threat, one over which it was ready to fight WW3, but pretends that Putin has gone into the Ukraine because he’s an evil would-be imperialist. No, his motive can’t be that he doesn’t want NATO missiles right across his border, nor a large NATO member in that strategically vital area….

    From before 2014 the actual warmongers conspired to weaponize the Ukraine against Russia. And for decades foreign-policy pundits, like those dozens who signed an open letter to Clinton, and everyone from Kissinger to Burns, warned that expanding NATO to Russia’s border would eventually lead to war. The Russophobes continued that expansion–mind you, of a specifically anti-Russia alliance!–because they wanted war, evidently….

    That American and European multitudes aren’t rioting against their thus being placed in danger of nuclear incineration, suggests how befogged they are. In any case, more power to “the Quad” if it can check this sinister juggernaut. I even hope that my Europe can wake up and join them, forsaking the Judeo-American bloc.

    • Thanks: showmethereal
  73. @anon

    Indian Nationalists incessantly tweet their support and admiration for Israel….

    I too have noticed Indian philosemitism, and wondered about it. Notably that Indo-Aryan Nimrata Randhawa (aka Nikki Haley), a shabbos goy if ever there was one, seems part of this same mindset.

    I’ve sometimes thought that it’s a case of “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” I’ve noticed that some Indians are still angry at Muslims over the historical strife that led to the creation of Pakistan.

    Case in point: a while back I met an Indian couple, both physicians, and we got on famously, talking on various occasions about Vedanta and the Gita and the Upanishads. But then, when the subject turned to politics and I wouldn’t agree that America’s wars and indiscriminate support for Israel were good things, the man became unfriendly. At first he was so in a low-key way, snidely referring to me lol as Omar, then eventually saying quite angrily, “You don’t know how happy I am that those bastards are being crushed…. Yes, I am all for Israel and how it deals with Muslims, and can’t understand why you aren’t!”

    • Thanks: showmethereal
    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Malla
  74. @antibeast

    the EU had at least some influence over British affairs

    Not true at all.

    After BREXIT, the Yanks are now using the classic ‘divide-and-rule’ strategy by pitting the Brits against the EU (sabotage of NordStream pipelines) which is bad for Europeans.

    This only reflects a failure of the EU administration to recognize their enemies (the anglosphere) and to assert their interests (aligning with anti-American powers like Russia and China). Brits are on a fundamental level enemies of continental Europe, as they have been for centuries. This was the case long before the USA had any influence in Europe at all, so it is not a result of some fake “divide and rule” policy you made up. The actual divide and rule strategy is the same Britain has been employing forever, to divide western Europe, and particularly Germany, from Russia and Asia. Brits are not a part of European civilization, they never have been a part of European civilization, and furthermore they have always been enemies of Europe.

    The biggest winner of BREXIT is the USA which wants to see the EU weakened politically and economically

    No, the USA did not benefit from Brexit. Brits being a part of the EU was what weakened it politically and economically. Politically the EU was weakened by Brit inclusion because Brits were the USA’s trojan horse in Europe. Removing Brits from the EU reduced American power over Europe, thus increasing the relative political decision-making power of the EU. Europe’s inability to capitalize on this is only due to their own failure in leadership. The only reason the USA has been forced to resort to such heavy-handed methods like blowing pipelines is because their political power in Europe was waning, so they could not be absolutely certain that European leaders would remain obedient. Economically, the inclusion of Brits in the EU weakened it for similar reasons. The British economy is parasitic, finance-based, and highly integrated with the American economy. British inclusion in the EU only served as a siphon to funnel wealth created by EU industry to parasitic financiers in London and the USA.

    • Agree: inspector general
  75. Anonymous[120] • Disclaimer says:
    @Lucius Vanini

    Indians and the zionists are both RACISTS and COWARDS, the reason behind being house slaves for too long.

    • Replies: @Malla
    , @Malla
    , @Malla
  76. @Philip Owen

    The Iranians don’t deserve to be listed with the Chinese. They at least had the balls to raise a shitstorm after one young girl died from totalitarian excesses–

    Untold many Chinese died from mistreatment due to Zero Covid, like here–

    Yet they still roll over for the anal swab tests.

    • LOL: Hulkamania
    • Replies: @Parand
  77. @Philip Owen

    The Integrity Initiative troll is cranky that his Banderite buddies are teetering. China, the largest economy, and most productive by far, on Earth, is a ‘loser’?! Coming from a denizen of the sewer formerly known as the UK??!!

  78. Malla says:

    Al Jazeera is in the game as any other news network in the World—Propaganda. And Al-Jazeera is so bad that even other Arab states are weary of the propaganda of this Muslim Brotherhood channel due to which Saudi Arabia came up with Al Arabia in response. Al Jazeera run by the Government of Qatar talks about “threat to democracy” in India!!! When did the Qatari Monarchy (which treats South Asian, incl Pakistani workers as slaves) start caring about democracy? LOL.
    Also like the official propaganda outlet of the other Muslim Brotherhood run nation of Sultan Erdogandu, TRT Turkey, AlJazeera English is Leftwing liberal while Al Jazeera Arabic is Conservative, Same with TRT World. Sneaky Sneaky. Slimey behaviour.

    They even worship Trump

    Why should they not since Trump was more friendlier to India? And Trump was respected for being a straight talker, unlike the feminine, cunning, anti-India Biden or Obamba.

    Mughal used to be their god

    Only in your dreams Muzzie. Mughals were never gods, LOL LOL they were seen as foreign, unclean, barbarian oppressors.

    Its funny coming from a Paki, whose country has regularly been whores of big powers unlike India which has always acted as strategic partners. Earlier used as whore by Murica, now a whore of big daddy China and recently the Paki whore has been feeling her bum to Russia. Keep whoring and being a failed state.

  79. Parand says:
    @China Japan and Korea Bromance of Three Kingdoms

    [The Iranians don’t deserve to be listed with the Chinese. They at least had the balls to raise a shitstorm after one young girl died from totalitarian excesses–]

    Which totalitarian execesses? Do you know that Mahsa Amini fell to the floor after talking with the organizer of the training session on hijab? There were more than 20 other women around and NO one toughed her. She died because of cerebral Hypoxia. Mahsa had an operation on her brain when she was 8 year old to remove a brain tumor and was under doctor care taking medication for her condition. Are you brain washed by the hostile propaganda to believe that ‘she was killed’?
    She was not killed, like Floyd or other victims of US police brutality, she died because she felt to the floor and went into comma where 2 days later died in a hospital under doctors’ care, not in the street under US police’s knees until is dead due to suffocation.Yes, Iranians are brave not coward. That’s why Iranian government supports Palestinians, Syrians and Venezuelans, where Russian and Chinese cooperate with the criminal west for concession and abstained to let US/NATO to massacre Libyan people, Qaddafi and destroy the country. We never forget ever forgive.
    Now, they are doing the same in Iran, looking for ‘civil war’, putting one against the other but Iran saved Syria and will not allow uncivilized to topple the government. You must know that those terrorists who are killing the security forces in Iran, then they claim the security forces are killing them, and the Zionist media circulate these lies, circulated by the zionist friends of Israel in their twitter accounts taken up by dummies, ignorant, illiterate people as ‘news’.
    US/Israel fomenting protest in Iran, funded by the butchers in Saudi Arabia and UAE for regime change to re draw the map for Israel’s expansionist policy to be saved, but the mafia will not be successful because Iranian people not only are BRAVE but also smart not wanting to bring Syria to Iran for the benefit of Jewish mafia and its servant the US regime. Iran is under attack for the past 44 years, they have implemented every single criminal act to topple the government, but they have failed and will fail again, These criminals need to fabricate an enemy using social media to topple a country with resources so they can rob to feed themselves. Their economic system is FAKE, FAKE FAKE and broken like their ‘democracy’.
    And Israel is directly involve in the Iran protest through its proxy, the kurdish terrorist Komala in Northen region of Iraq where Israel has bases and train the proxy Kurd to cross the border and kill Iranian people. Iran had to attack these bases with missiles and warn these terrorist that if is necessary will do it again until they get the message that they cannot kill Iranians.
    Israel Has a Role in Iran’s Protesters

  80. Malla says:

    Indians and the zionists are both RACISTS and COWARDS

    Every community on planet Earth is or potentially is racist. It is an unfortunate human attribute and always will be.

    behind being house slaves

    LOL, what are you smoking? The Zionists were the masters and the British were their slaves. Read about the powerful Zionist lobby and their control over PM David Lloyd or even Churchill. Way before Israel was formed. BTW, both of them got elected from seats in machester, a city with a big jewish population and also a city known for strip clubs. Isn’t that surprising.

    As far as Hindoos, WTF, it were Hindus who were fighting a revolutionary war against the British while Muslims were kissing British ass. Hindu revolutionaries were shooting British officers, throwing bombs at Government buildings and the like, going to the gallows to be hanged with a smile on their face and shouting fro freedom. All Hindu names of such revolutionaries Chaphekar Brothers, Bhagat Sing, Khudiram Bose etc…hardly any Muslim name. Why? Because, Muslims were scared shit that if the British leave, the intelligent upper caste Hindus who started dominating the civil services of the Empire, would take revenge for 800 years of butchery, rape, humiliation, slavery, destruction etc… That is why the scream for Pakistan.

    It were the Muslims who were the house niggers of the British, LOL.
    Pakistan was formed by Muzzie House Niggers, afraid of Hindu revenge for 800 years of Islamic genocide, and looting.

  81. Malla says:

    Check this ooot.
    Muslim Maulana Azad Sobhani, an Islamic leader in his speech/3/ made on the 27th January 1939 at Sylhet (now in Bangladesh) said :— .
    Our big fight is with the 22 crores (220 million) of our Hindu enemies, who constitute the majority. Only 4 1/2 crores (45 million) of Englishmen have practically swallowed the whole world by becoming powerful. And if these 22 crores (220 million) of Hindus if they become equally advanced in learning, intelligence and wealth as in numbers, if they become powerful, then these Hindus will swallow Muslim India and gradually even Egypt, Turkey, Kabul, Mecca, Medina and other Muslim principalities, like Yajuj-Majuj [Gog and Magog] (it is so mentioned in Koran that before the destruction of the world, they will appear on the earth and will devour whatever they will find).
    “The English are gradually becoming weak. . . .they will go away from India in the near future. So if we do not fight the greatest enemies of Islam, the Hindus, from now on and make them weak, then they will not only establish Ramrajya (Rule of mythical God King Lord Ram, avatar of Hindu God Vishnu) in India but also gradually spread all over the world. It depends on the 9 crores (90 million) of Indian Muslims either to strengthen or to weaken them (the Hindus). So it is the essential duly of every devout Muslim to fight on by joining the Muslim League so that the Hindus may not be established here and a Muslim rule may be established in India as soon as the English depart.
    “Though the English are the enemies of the Muslims yet for the present our fight is not with the English. At first we have to come to some understanding with the Hindus through the Muslim League. Then we shall be easily able to drive out the English and establish Muslim rule in India.” Be careful! Don’t fall into the trap of Congress Maulvis; because the Muslim world is never safe in the hands of 22 crores of Hindu enemies.”

  82. Malla says:

    Lets see, how da Muzzies wuz doin the licky licky, housenigerry to the mighty British Empire.
    So that when, in the autumn of 1917, Mr. Montagu, Secretary of State for India, sat in Delhi to receive from Indian interests their views on the subject of his proposed Reforms, association after association came forward to deplore or to repudiate the act of the All-India Muslim League; and the language they used was simple enough. Said the United Provinces Muslim Defence Association:[1]
    [1. Addresses Presented in India to His Excellency the Viceroy and the Right Honourable the Secretary of State for India, London, 1918, p. 10. ]
    any large measure of self-government which might curtail the moderating and adjusting influence of the British Government could be nothing short of a cataclysm.

    Said the Indian Muslim Association of Bengal:[2]
    [2. Ibid, p. 30.]
    In the existing backward condition of the majority of Hindus and Muslims, with their divergent creeds, castes, institutions and clashing interests, the differences which separate the Hindu from the Muslim cannot but be reflected in their dealings and relations with each other…No careful observer will be deluded by the deceptive unanimity of the National Congress and the Muslim League…
    The Indian Muslim Association…does not agree to the wisdom of any catastrophic changes likely to weaken the permanance and stability of British rule in India, upon the broad foundations of which rest all our hopes and aspirations of constitutional and administrative progress.

    Said the Association to Safeguard the Muslim Interests in the Province of Bihar and Orissa:[3]
    [3. Addresses Presented in India to His Excellency the Viceroy and the Right Honourable the Secretary of State for India, p. 40.]
    We cannot deprecate too strongly the want of foresight displayed by some of our co-religionists in endorsing in their entirety, the views and claims of the Congress. Already there is strong tendency visible in certain quarters to oppress and terrorise the Musalmans and ignore…their interests. The guiding principle of the English rule up to now has always been to administer the affairs of Indian Empire with impartiality in the presence of diverse religions and nationalities of which it is composed…

    The South India Islamia League[4] presented a plea in which they reminded Mr. Montagu that, being a minority community, they
    …realise the value of the British Government in holding the scales even between different classes in this country…[and] are opposed to any scheme of political reconstruction which tends to undermine the authority of British Government in India, but are strongly in favour of gradual progressive political development.

    [4. Ibid., pp. 62-3.]
    The Muttialpet Muslim Anjuman, a Muhammadan educational society of Madras, implored Mr. Montagu to stay his reforming hand:[5]
    [5. Ibid., p. 63.]
    The Britisher alone can hold the scales even between the various communities. Whenever our interests collide with those of other communities, it is to him we look up as the embodiment of justice and fair play. Whatever reforms may be introduced, we trust that nothing will be done to undermine the authority of the British Government in India.

    The Muhammadans of the Bombay Presidency presented an anxious appeal which read in part:[6]
    [6. Ibid., pp. 78-9.]
    It is freely asserted that in no distant future the English bureaucracy will disappear and an Indian majority in the Councils will take its place. Whatever may have been the defects of that much abused bureaucracy in the past, it must be admitted that it has had one redeeming merit, viz., that of holding the balance even as between the two principal communities in India, and thus protecting the weak against the strong.

    But in view of the nature of Muhammadan thought, a more ominous weight lay in a simpler pronouncement. The Ulema is the body of official interpreters of the Koran which, on occasion of doubt, delivers decisions that guide the Muslim world. The solemn verdict of the Ulema of Madras, now laid before the British Secretary of State for India, was expressed in three closely similar dicta, one of which follows:[7]
    [7. Addresses Presented ïn India to His Excellency the Viceroy and the Right Honourable the Secretary of State for India, pp. 63-4.]
    “Verily, Polytheists are unclean.” In case the British Government were to hand over the administration, as desired by the Hindus, it would be contrary to the Sacred Law of Musulmans to live under them, Polytheists.

    • Replies: @anon
  83. @24th Alabama

    Is that the way to talk to the CEO of your corporation?

    Someone show the redneck the door, please.

    • Replies: @24th Alabama
  84. @Quartermaster

    Are you German?

    I once knew an American who claimed to be “German”. But when he pronounced Luftwaffe as “love wave”….I knew, “nah, American …. yes, German….. nooooo”

  85. @Malla

    Thanks …
    Jaishankar always struck me as smart and independent but this sounds
    like Pakis are some kind of … Serbs 😀
    It might make more sense to reorganize the corner as Baluchistan,
    Pashtunistan and Punjab; but then I would also cast off Kashmir and
    Nagaland – “borders” are accidents of history devoid of any independent sanctity.
    The Himalaya kingdoms – someone is going to control them, but it was India
    that has pushed north ever since independence.
    Lack of humor is dangerous in these matters.

    • Replies: @Malla
    , @Malla
  86. Lurker says:

    UK was never a net recipient of EU money.

  87. @nokangaroos

    Correct. Hong Kong (and Macao) is now being forced by the Mainland to focus on dealing with and funding the “real economy” and not financial shenanigans like when it was the Asian city of London under the British Empire. That’s part of why the US and UK (Taiwan in a secondarily way) were funding and stoking the HK riots. Aside from a spy base they also would be losing the main node for financial shenanigans in Asia as it further integrates into mainland China

  88. @Saba

    One thing I could strain to respect Trump about is that at least he was honest that the reason the US troops would remain is Syria was to steal the oil. Still psychotic and evil but to me better than US politicians who lie and talk garbage about democracy and terrorism.

  89. @anon

    The most hilarious recent misinformation campaign out of India was the supposed coup against Xi and that the Chinese government was collapsing. I believe it became the top hashtag in the world. Of course complete garbage. But such as it is – people more readily believe lies than truth

  90. anon[199] • Disclaimer says:

    But the fact is —its the Hindu upper class who started communalzing the politics under British raj .Muslim had to join the fray and did so much later in the game .

    • Replies: @Malla
  91. @antibeast

    The transatlantic relationship between Europe and the Anglo-Saxon world has indeed become a huge burden on Europe. It’s why I’ve been calling for a while now for Europe to cut this tie as soon as able. Too bad that there are still too many here on the continent suffering from some kind of Stockholm syndrome.

    • Replies: @antibeast
  92. antibeast says:
    @Mary Marianne

    Europe has always been the ‘Achilles heel’ of the Anglo-Saxon World, especially the USA which derived its leadership of the so-called ‘Collective West’ from its historical and cultural ties to the British Empire. Now that Europeans have been trying to create their own quasi-superstate from the ‘EU’ which could potentially challenge Anglo-American leadership of the ‘West’, the Yanks have reacted to the rise of Europe by attempting to subvert European nations, disrupt European ties with Russia, destabilize Eastern Europe, instigate the Ukraine Crisis, blow up the NordStream pipelines, etc. If Europeans were to succeed in creating their own European World, then America’s vassal States in the Middle East and East Asia could also defect from the US-led ‘West’. The Yanks in the USA would be left with ruling just the Anglo-Saxon World, having to share the throne with their British cousins in the UK. That’s a big fall from being the top dog of the world for nearly eight decades since the end of WWII.

    • Agree: Mary Marianne
    • Replies: @Malla
  93. @littlereddot

    Forgive me for thinking your little red dot would be the perfect complement to my fat red neck.BTW,using “red neck” as a term of derision does not fly because we consider it praise.After our dark brothers escaped and took up residence in the northern ghettos(American Mumbai)we were not ashamed to work in our sunny cotton fields.

    Europeans have never shirked hard work even though we were afflicted with skin cancer as well as red necks if we failed to wear wide-brim hats.The mini-hats your Jewish pals wear would be useless in the Alabama sun,but of course that is a moot point since it is rare to see a Jew working up a sweat.

    The only CEO I acknowledge is President Biden,although he is more of a corpse than head of a corporation.Should you meet him,CEO to CEO, a friendly reminder.Do not wear perfume as that will excite him to sniff your hair, and then only Vishnu knows what will follow.

    • Agree: Malla
    • Replies: @littlereddot
    , @Malla
  94. Malla says:

    Yes, that is true, we Hindus are to blame too, especially upper caste Hindus who dominated the Indian National Congress and the early Independence Struggle in the 1910s etc..Jinnah and Iqbal were in the Congress too and they became alarmed about things. To be honest the Hinduvadi nutters have actually proved Jiannah right. Jinnah was smart, even though Nehru assured him of secularism, Jinnah was smart enough to realize that Nehru will not live for ever and eventually in the future, Hindu fundamentalism might rise, which it did. Hindu fundamentalists hate Nehru with a passion.

  95. @showmethereal

    One thing I do like about the Americans is their invention of very colourful terms, like this one … “copium”.

    This chap is obviously high on it. As is Gordon Chang and Zeihan.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  96. Malla says:

    Pashtunistan and Punjab; but then I would also cast off Kashmir and
    Nagaland – “borders” are accidents of history devoid of any independent sanctity.

    That may be true, but the Indian Nationalists (who are the majority of Indians) will not give an inch but will wait decades to “reclaim their land back”. Now they are working on getting POK or Azad Kashmir, (Kashmir under Pakistani control) back into the glorious holy motherland. They will not rest till they get Akshai Chin back into the glorious holy motherland.

    There is no reasoning with these guys. If you argue against them, you automatically become a “traitor to motherland”, “filthy agent of enemy China”, “filthy agent of enemy Pakistan”, “filthy agent of the West”, “filthy agent of Muslims”, “filthy agent of Christian missionaries”, “filthy agent of communists”, “filthy agent of the Pope” etc…and so on. It is very dangerous, you can get attacked by thuggish nationalistic youth.

    And hardcore ones claim this as Greater Indian motherland.

    That is Mother India with the Saffron Hindutva flag

  97. Malla says:

    The super Nationalistic, super Patriot leader of the RSS Mr. Bhagwat often talks about Undivided India (Akhand Bharat) project in the future, to bring justice to our motherland, to bring glory to our motherland. And the sacrifices in blood and tears our youth will need to attain it. The ancient Indic civilization comes to its own, to reclaim what is hers which was taken away by “dirty, bloodthirsty, foreign Muslim barbarian invaders” and the “Evil Colonial British Empire.”

    The four foreign evils must be eventually scrubbed clean from the holy motherland and later Akhand Bharat
    1] All foreign British/ Colonial/ Western/ Liberal/secular influences must be scrubbed clean from our Indic civilization. This includes the foreign Western ideology of Marxism and all its influences must be scrubbed clean from our Indic civilization.
    2] Foreign ideology of Islam and all its legacy and influences must be scrubbed clean from our Indic civilization.
    3] Foreign religion of Christianity, in all its forms (Catholicism, Protestantism, Orthodoxy, St Thomas types) and influences must be scrubbed clean from our Indic civilization.

    Here Mr. Bhagwat talks about Akhand Bharat project.

    Mohan Bhagwat Ties ‘Emotion Of Hindutva’ To ‘Akhand Bharat’, Calls For ‘Undoing Partition’

    This guy is not a joke, he is the leader of a huge organisation, popular among the masses, in the most remotest of villages, in every corner of India. His organization is the ideological power behind the BJP, the party of Narender Modi. Their influence is only going to increase now, forever in the future. Ancient Indic civilization becomes itself. This was inevitable due to early abortion of the Liberal British Colonial project, something which Ambedkar, our leader had warned about. Ambedkar was the highly intelligent leader of the lower castes and the one who wrote the secular Constitution of India. He was deeply influenced by British Liberal/Whig philosophers. He had foreseen what was coming if the British Liberal Imperial project was aborted before time. More psychotic Islamic, Hindu etc…movements. British Empire was like a pressure cooker which skillfully kept various Hindu and Islamic (and even Buddhist, check out the fundamentalist BBS of Sri Lanka) fundamentalist forces under control, under check, now they have been eventually unleashed through out South Asia, in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh etc…

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  98. @24th Alabama

    LOL, you don’t how far off you are.

    I don’t blame you, it was not your fault, but your ancestors.
    I watched the opening sequence of Idiocracy enough times to know that it was prescient.

  99. @littlereddot

    Chang and Zeihan are high on ‘dopium’.

    • LOL: littlereddot
  100. @showmethereal

    There is a type in India who are so enraged by China far surpassing India since they started from the same position, more or less, in the late 40s, that they’ll say and do anything to attack China, no matter how ludicrous. This sepoy type also still are in the habit of kissing the White Bosses’ arses. A pity, because China and India co-operating could really change the world, but it’s India’s loss.

    • Agree: showmethereal
    • Replies: @Malla
    , @showmethereal
  101. Malla says:
    @24th Alabama

    Ain’t it funny how Commies love being CEO’s an sheet but look down upon honest working folk like Red Necks? And what is Communism anyways? Using some form of resentment (hype up the resentment too) as a means to come to power and thus gaining absolute power. And then being the biggest elitist snobs there is in private while keeping a facade of “being of the people” in public. Simple as that.

    And you are fine with calling Northern cities like Detoilet versions of Mumbais as they are all shitholes TBH. But even Mumbai with a far lower per capita income and no Whitey welfare money to suck on, has a far far faaaaar lower violent crime rate than the American black versions. I think Steve Sailer had written about it in the past during the shitshow during Katrina.

    “Many have blamed the looting and violence in New Orleans on poverty, racism, and neglect.

    Major recent flooding in the Indian city of Bombay (population about 18 million) lead to severe consequences for the city. Over 1000 people were killed, parts of the city were destroyed, and the government was unable to handle the situation effectively. It’s interesting to note that according to the Bombay police, there were no reports of looting or violence. Personal accounts from city residents, foreign travelers, and media reporters also indicate there was no lawlessness – even with all the opportunities that existed in the chaotic situation. City residents actually worked together to provide humanitarian assistance, businessmen handed out free food, slum dwellers and even criminals rescued people, and some provided strangers with a place to stay.

    By most measures (poverty, economic inequality, access to education and healthcare, discrimination [i.e., the caste system]) the average poor person in Bombay is vastly much worse off than the average poor person in New Orleans. Yet one city’s residents acted like the Japanese and the other city’s residents acted like Haitians. It seems to me that the exemplary behavior of the residents of Bombay should disprove the theory that poverty and discrimination lead to lawlessness.”

    Yeah, so much for leftists and their “theories.”

  102. Malla says:

    Europe has always been the ‘Achilles heel’ of the Anglo-Saxon World, especially the USA which derived its leadership of the so-called ‘Collective West’ from its historical and cultural ties to the British Empire.

    Actually the one country which has done the most to dissolve the British Empire, was the USA. Until the eve of WW2, both sides were planning war with each other.

    • Replies: @antibeast
    , @Deep Thought
  103. antibeast says:

    Actually the one country which has done the most to dissolve the British Empire, was the USA. Until the eve of WW2, both sides were planning war with each other.

    Not the USA but Japan which did the most to destroy the British Empire in Asia during WWII. And that’s why Indians love Japan.

  104. @Malla

    Actually the one country which has done the most to dissolve the British Empire, was the USA. Until the eve of WW2, both sides were planning war with each other.

    A spider also dissolves the body of its prey– in order to make it part of its own!!!

    • Agree: Mary Marianne
  105. Malla says:

    Japan destroyed it directly, USA indirectly.

    • Replies: @antibeast
    , @nokangaroos
  106. Malla says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    There is a type in India who are so enraged by China far surpassing India since they started from the same position

    That is true, but this is a minority factor. Indians consider China as an aggressive imperialist country, basically the new British Empire. Also the “great backstabber”, “cunning”, “wily”, “untrustworthy”.
    Indians use these last terms on the USA and the West too , but in their minds Chinais more so.

    kissing the White Bosses’ arses.

    Here comes the typical India as sepoy bullshit. When are you monkeys gonna stop this B.S. Yall were prancing around like low IQ Wumao monkeys India iz sepoy India is sepoy. I knew this was B.S. Warned yall. The recent Russian military intervention in Ukraine vindicated what I was saying, but some still jump around like monkeys chanting that old own out mantra.

    Basically, the Chinese cannot stomach the fact that Nationalists in another gigantic country next door looks at them just they way they look at the West. As imperialist dogs. Hence this “India is sepoy” masturbation to feel better. LMFAO Anyways if you do “match the following” in between China and backstabber, 99% of Indians would match both those words.

    Bitch, check this out

    USA betrayed India? Why are Indians demanding boycott of US Products #shorts
    USA betrayed India. Twitter

    Is India Ready for Two and a Half Front War
    Check out the woman at 7:21 minutes. She is no ordinary woman, quite important in at top levels of Indian power.
    She says “China Pakistan Axis is a huge threat and they are in an alliance, which all of us know. but we must remember from history. Pakistan became a nuclear state not only because of China but also because of the United States of America”. She goes into Hindi, I translate that having this illusion that we face a threat only from Pakistan and China is wrong, we on sure do but let us not forget 1971 when the USA & Britain sent warships in support of Pakistan. And to believe that we will face China and Pakistan on the Eastern or Northern front is not true, the last 40 years record shows that with Pakistan against us, the USA is as complicit as China. America’s role in cross border terrorism, in Kashmir, in Punjab, in Khalistan movement, we should not forget it. And the internal civilizational war we are having within India, in that as well Pakistan, China, USA and UK are combined against us.”

    India far from being a sepoy is an independent pole who can at once show the middle finger to both the “Western Imperialist Dogs” and the “Chinese Imperialist Dogs” at one time. Get that in your head.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  107. @mulga mumblebrain

    Interesting what you said about the white bosses. I was treated to a lovely meal at an Indian restaurant recently. The food was great. What was noted from watching the screens they had “entertaining” was that it seems their pop culture seems to emulate western pop now. I looked up the video and look how many views it has…. But aside from that the person noted the same thing in their working career of “the white bosses” and kissing up to them

  108. @antibeast

    The Japanese war slogan was:

    鬼畜米英 きちくべいえい kichiku beiei “Kichiku America and Britain”
    暴支膺懲 ぼうしようちょう bōshi yōchō “Severely chastise brutal China”暴支膺懲

    Kichiku is a borrowing from Sanskrit for cruel demons, preta and tiryañc.

    “Brutal China” refers to the Tungchow Incident, where two hundred Japanese and Korean civilians were horribly killed by Chinese–

    It doesn’t excuse what the Japanese did later. If you want to have a good faith discussion, at least acknowledged that it happened.

  109. Anonydogg says:

    Very true.

    Same thing happened in the Southern Indian city of Chennai. Where the slum dwellers helped out and save the much better of middle class people, even giving their food to some of the stranded and hungry upper class people.
    The violent dysfucntional ghettos/slums is a New World/frontier phenomenon, in the relatively “young” multi-racial and economically unequal societies of North and South America, and now more recently in Europe, which has invited in a problem, that places like India have dealth with for 1000s of years and have secured a sort of stability

    • Replies: @Malla
  110. antibeast says:

    Japan destroyed it directly, USA indirectly.

    The USA inherited its mantle of world leadership from the remains of the British, French and Dutch Empires after Japan destroyed the latter in Asia during WWII. The Soviet Union and Maoist China later played supporting roles in backing and arming national liberation movements throughout Asia, Africa and Latin America which formed the so-called Third World. The Americans actually supported the French in Indochina against Ho Chi-Minh and the Vietnamese Communists, backed the Indonesian military against Sukarno and the Indonesian Communists as well as approved the British suppression of the Malayan Communists in Malaysia during the Cold War. The Americans finally turned against the British and the French during the Suez Crisis when the USA started its intervention in the geopolitics of the Middle East.

    In order of their importance, the three antagonists most responsible for the demise of the European Empires were Imperial Japan, Maoist China and the Soviet Union with the Americans playing at best a supporting role in backing the Europeans during the Cold War and at worst backstabbing them in the Middle East and North Africa following the Arab-Israeli Conflict.

    • Agree: showmethereal
    • Replies: @Malla
    , @Malla
    , @Malla
    , @Malla
  111. @Malla

    Ain’t it funny how Commies love being CEO’s an sheet but look down upon honest working folk like Red Necks

    My darling Malla,
    I was referring to the Indian CEOs that the US seems to be so keen for. All of this on account of his being convinced that I am one of your race.

    As much as I love South Indian food, thanks…but no thanks.

    • Thanks: showmethereal
  112. Malla says:

    Yes, that is true, India is a low trust country where people swindle each other but in cases of crisis, we do cooperate extremely well. In China and Russia, there are cases where people leave accident victims alone and do not even help them. Never happens in India. I have seen videos where Chinese people just walk by accident victims. This is unthinkable in India, people just rush in to help anytime an accident happens. I agree with you that a kind of stable Indic culture has been formed and we have learnt to cooperate.
    But the issues in the USA does not seem to be a new World phenomenon. White Americans actually cooperate very well. Help each other out in crises. It seems more like a black phenomenon, maybe a US black phenomenon. And yes multiracialism as promoted by the Western elites will reduce trust and is thus poisonous. However in South Africa, Indians and Whites cooperated very well against black hordes. They had no option, they had to save themselves and their businesses. And unlike Whites who have some weird guilt feelings when dealing with blacks, Indians especially Muslims,fought back with as much ruthlessness as blacks showed towards them.

  113. Malla says:

    OMG SMH. What kind of certified idiots do we get here? Well just recently, last month, we had a dance show, see my friend she is a very famous dance instructor in Delhi and she had invited me to this show, had I not gone she would have killed me. LOL Westernized posh Indian friends of mine. So we had a dance show, latin dance, Hip Hop, even Waltz. Guess what was the last show which my English speaking Indian friends did? A dance based on the original song below. The whole hall full of English speaking posh Indians, went crazy and starting singing the song with them and dancing.

    Now, showmethereal go through the above video, entire video from beginning to end, a recent Indian release and tell me what is “Western” about this? Jot down the points and post it here. If you cannot, accept you a bitch.
    Can littlereddot do it? Anti-beast? Mulga Mumblebrain? Please point out what is Western about the above popular show? Anybody on Unz, Westerners here? Tell me what is “Western” about the above popular Indian song?

    • Troll: showmethereal
    • Replies: @showmethereal
  114. @Malla

    Thanks …
    Nepali Black has 8% THC, and it is showing (“soma”, I think).
    The dood is pandering to inferiority complexes to a dangerous degree
    reminiscent of our resident Panserbists; what do they propose to do with
    all the Candala infesting the mudderland? (On second thought, don´t tell me)
    Would the Netaji have put up with that?

    The BBS are hilarious – rabid monks clamoring for raising the birthrate of
    the master race; I thought the essence of the Hinayana was salvation egotism
    and these things are frowned upon.

    In totally unrelated news,

    • Replies: @Malla
  115. Malla says:

    “seems their pop culture seems to emulate western pop”
    LOL what a certified buffoon!!!
    Lets check some Russian Music

    Isn’t that similar to Western Pop. If you mute it, you would not be able to tell, which White country it is from. Similar to Western Pop? Seems Russian Pop is so much better.

    And here is a Chinese song from the PRC. Similar to Western or K-POP? You answer me.
    LOL So much for the Axis nations.
    And for your kind information, modern Indi-Pop was influenced first by this Pakistani popstar. It was from his influence that modern Indi-pop started. Yes, your Pakistani allies, advanced Westernisation of South Asian youth further. Boohoo.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  116. @Malla

    Gen. Yamashita´s taking of Singapore was the tipping point, signalling
    to all of Asia the whitebread were not invincible (and the surrender ceremony
    was intended to convey that message, loud and clear).
    From that, Mao took on the “anti-imperialist” mantle;
    but the British Empire was already hollow – had it not bashed in its head
    on Germany, India might have had to wait another generation
    (Jinna was right, yes … a look at the map shows that India – and not China –
    has been expanding).

    • Agree: Malla
    • Replies: @d dan
  117. Malla says:

    was that it seems their pop culture seems to emulate western pop now

    NOW?? WTF? What an idiot. There has been some Western (and other) influence on modern Indian music but indigenous influence was extremely strong too. Never had any issues. Both went on well.

    This is from the period of 40s to 60s. This is what you would call “Western”. Piano and all that. Watch the video. Strong Western influence in the video. Western modern for that period.

    This song below is even older, may be from the last days of the British period. this is what one would call very “Indian”. Shows a village scene.

    An Indian song from a much later period.

    Influenced by Japan. very very popular song from its time. There has always been a strong Japanophilia in India as most Indians consider Japan the leader of Asia, pride of Asia (My Dad’s exact words too, and he had worked in Japan for a while). The Indian woman wears a kimono.
    It’s not NOW. it is old.

  118. Malla says:

    seems their pop culture seems to emulate western pop now

    And these are from the 80s. During the Socialist period when we were allies of the Soviets
    This Indian song below is obviously Western influenced. Disco ish. Back in the 80s.

    while this song below can be called more Indian traditional.

    Both went hand in hand with no issues.

  119. Malla says:

    same thing in their working career of “the white bosses” and kissing up to them

    Kissing White bosse Kissing White bosses. You have chinkies spreading this bullshit all around. The truth is the Chinese and Middle Easterners cannot stomach the fact that Indians are becoming CEOs of major Western companies. And hence their jealousy and arrogance. In their minds the smelly Hindu should down on a low position than superior Han (or superior Arab). Showmereal showed his arrogance before while claiming that Indians needed special help in South East Asia. These two groups are racist and cannot accept the fact that Indians out compete them to the top of big corporations if given a level playing field. Both you chinkies and the muzzies can burn and seethe. We enjoy it. It is fun.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  120. Malla says:

    And that’s why Indians love Japan.

    Indo Japanese connections are way older than that. India’s fasination started during 1905, during the Russo Japanese war, when an Asian power beat an European power after a long time. All of Asia including India went wild. On May 1905, the Japanese fleet, commanded by Admiral Togo Heihachiro, destroyed two-thirds of the Russian fleet in the Tsushima Strait. The famous Turkish novelist Halide Edib Adıvar who was a Pan-Turkist with several of her novels advocating for the Turanism movement was 20 years old at the time. She had just given birth to her second son. She and her husband Salih Zeki Bey named their newborn Hasan Hikmetullah Togo out of respect for the Japanese admiral.
    Meredith Townsend wrote: “It may be taken as certain that the victory of Japan will be profoundly felt by the majority of European states. With the exception of Austria, all European countries have implicated themselves in the great effort to conquer Asia, which has now been going on for two centuries, but which, as this author thinks, must now terminate…. The disposition, therefore, to edge out intrusive Europeans from their Asiatic possessions is certain to exist even if it is not manifested in Tokio, and it may be fostered by a movement of which, as yet, but little has been said. No one who has ever studied the question doubts that as there is a comity of Europe, so there is a comity of Asia, a disposition to believe that Asia belongs of right to Asiatics, and that any event which brings that right nearer to realization is to all Asiatics a pleasurable one. Japanese victories will give new heart and energy to all the Asiatic nations and tribes which now fret under European rule, will inspire in them a new confidence in their own power to resist, and will spread through them a strong impulse to avail themselves of Japanese instruction. It will take, of course, many years to bring this new force into play; but time matters nothing to Asiatics, and they all possess that capacity for complete secrecy which the Japanese displayed.”
    A Persian newspaper, wrote in the year 1906: “Desirous of becoming as powerful as Japan and of safeguarding its national independence, Persia should make common cause with it. An alliance becomes necessary. There should be a Japanese ambassador at Teheran. Japanese instructors should be chosen to reorganize the army. Commercial relations should also be developed.

    Many Indian revolutionries/ nationalists way back when, found support from powerful Pan-Asianist organizations such as Genyosha (Dark Ocean Society) and the Kokuryukai (Black Dragon Society), who believed that it was Japan’s mission to assume a leadership role over Asia and guide its independence movements way back when. In 1912, Hindu nationalists carried out a terrorist strike by throwing a crude bomb at the elphant carrying the Viceroy of India, Lord Hardinge. Hardinge escaped with injuries. Hindu nationalist Rash Behari Bose (different man from Subhash Chandra Bose) was the mastermind behind the attack and helped make the bomb. After the blast, Rash Behari Bose went back to his government job at the Forest Research Institute and even organised an honorary reception for Hardinge a few months later. LOL. But when outed as a terrorist/ revolutionery by the British Indian secret service IB, a three-year cat-and-mouse chase through north India ensued. A reward of Rs 1 lakh (Rs 100000) was placed on Bose’s capture by police, he travelled in a train and sat right opposite the chief police commissioner undetected.In 1915, after the failed Ghadar mutiny (the Hindu German conspiracy to overthrow the British Raj), Bose left for Japan.
    After his escape, the British wanted Japan to extradite him, but the wealthy Japanese Soma family hid him in the basement of their Nakamuraya bakery, where he worked with the chefs. In 1942, Bose established the ‘Indian Independence League’. He subsequently handed over the reins to Subhas Chandra Bose, who developed it as the Indian National Army or the Azad Hind Fauj.

    • Thanks: nokangaroos
  121. Malla says:

    A Pan-Asianist activist, Hatano Uho published a Japanese-language history of the Indian Rebellion of 1857 May 1942 under the title, “India’s Independence War” (Indo dokuritsu sensō, 印度独立戦争). Hatano was advocating for greater solidarity among the oppressed peoples of Asia and for Japan to support resistance movements against Euro-American colonialism. Hatano was in touch with Hindu Nationalist Vinayak Damodar Savarkar. Now Savarkar is a GOD in Hindutva.

    VD Savarkar
    Savarkar told Hatano that the rebels of 1857 were primarily motivated by a desire to protect both swadharma (religion) and swaraj (self-rule). For Savarkar, India’s national identity and political sovereignty were inseparable from the maintenance of its “authentic” spiritual traditions rooted in Hinduism. As a leading Hindu nationalist, Savarkar believed that there existed a timeless Hindu nation that survived barbaric Muslim rule and would eventually overcome British Empire. Savarkar’s views on the Hindu nation excluded India’s minorities such as Muslims and Christians, who were deemed foreign elements to be assimilated or expelled. In a speech before a 20,000 strong audience at Pune on 1 August 1938, Savarkar stood by Germany’s right to National Socialism and Italy’s to Fascism; their achievement of unprecedent glory in the world-stage and a successful inculcation of national solidarity justified those choices. Savarkar criticized Nehru for denouncing Germany and Italy, proclaiming that “crores of Hindu Sanghatanists in India, cherished no ill-will towards Germany or Italy or Japan.” Savarkar would welcome Germany’s revival of Aryan culture, their glorification of Swastika, and the “crusade” against Aryan enemies — it was hoped that German victory would finally invigorate the Hindus of India. Savarkar’s speeches circulated in German newspapers with National Socialist Germany even allotting a point-of-contact person for engaging with Savarkar, who was making sincere efforts to forge a working relationship with the National Socialists. Eventually, Savarkar would be gifted with a copy of Mein Kampf signed by Adolf Hitler himself. As late as 15 January 1961 he had spoken favorably of Hitler’s National Socialism against Nehru’s “cowardly democracy”. For Hatano, this was a golden opportunity for Indians to wage a second war of independence against Britain. With the support of Japan, Hatano claimed that the Indian nation would be able to realize swadharma and swaraj within the framework of the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere, bringing India to its natural and authentic form (Indo honzen no sugata no kakuritsu, 印度本然の姿の確立). Hatano ends his account by calling upon all Indians to take hold of the opportunity that Japan has presented to them and emulate the examples of the rebels of 1857 in sacrificing themselves for the sake of Indian independence. When Hatano published his book, the Japanese military was already recruiting volunteers from captured Indian prisoners-of-war for the Indian National Army with the intention of ending the British Empire in India with Japanese Imperial support. This army would later be famously reorganized and led by Subhas Chandra Bose from July 1943 until his death in August 1945.

    So there is this old connection in between the Hindu revolutionary anti-colonial movement/ Hindutva [KB Hedgewar and MS Golwalkar (the pre-eminent leaders of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) VD Savarkar and BS Moonje (the pre-eminent leaders of the Hindu Mahasabha) ] with the Japanese Nationalist Right and even Imperial Germany and German National Socialists and Italian Fascists. By the late 1920s, the fascist regime and Mussolini had many supporters in India. The aspects of Fascism, which appealed most to the Hindu nationalists, were, of course, the supposed shift of Italian society from chaos to order, and nationalism. This patently anti-democratic system was considered a positive alternative to democracy, seen as a typical British institution.
    Dr BS Moonje, was major ideologue of the Hindu right-wing. Moonje visited Italy in 1931 and met many supporters of the fascist regime. He was deeply impressed by Benito Mussolini and his ideology, and by his seeking to infuse the spirit of militarism among the youth.

    At his request, Moonje was granted a meeting with Mussolini himself. When the Duce asked the fawning Indian visitor what he thought about the fascist youth organisations, Moonje replied: “Your Excellency, I am very much impressed. Every aspiring and growing nation needs such organisations. India needs them most for her military regeneration.”

    Here Modi gives his respect to V D Savarkar.

  122. Malla says:
    @Lucius Vanini

    Indians are still angry at Muslims over the historical strife that led to the creation of Pakistan.

    Indian anger towards Muslims is way older than that. It is for 800 years of Islamic slavery. There is also this belief that India is too soft on terrorists (Kashmiri revolutionaries who seek Independence) and see Israel’s actions with glee. They want India to become more like Israel. I guess it is the result of years of trauma. Modern Hindutva has its roots in the rise of the Hindu Maratha Empire. Most Hindus do not consider the Mughal Emperors as their own anymore. They look up to the Marathas and Sikhs. When the Hindu Maratha Empire emerged, Hindus could have pride for the first time, after a long time.

    For example, this video shows the glory of the Maratha court.

    At 3:57 minutes the boy prince and the elder prince sing
    “Yug Yug li znzeero ko humne hu jata hai”
    Translated: We Marathas have broken the centuries of chains of slavery of Hindus from foreign barbaric Muslim rule.
    Then they continue
    “Bol utha yeh jag sara yeh mard Maratha jai”
    Translated: The Whole World then hailed Maratha Manliness.

    Check out the comments, even though the Marathas originated from Western India (near Bombay), Hindus from all parts of India love and celebrate them, not foreign Mughals or Delhi Sultanate.

    Ajax Host writes
    Thank you marathas for saving hindus and hinduism when there was no hope .. your bravery and excellence is no match .. all coming generations will honour your name and hinduism 🕉🧡

    Bullets & Knives writes
    I’m from Delhi But Thanks to the Marathas who Fought for Our Rashtra (Nation) ☝️💓🔥

    NAVEENKUMAR S writes
    Proud to be hindu 😘😘😘
    From Tamilnadu divided by language but united by Hinduism

    Hoshiar Singh writes
    Himachali rajput……. proud to our marataha governer sadashiv Rao bhau ……and all marataha soliders Jai bhavani

    Hrithik Sharma writes
    I m Marwadi , n still feeling goosebumps to hearing this song, n truely respect the sacrifices which have given to save our Hinduism, salute maratha 🚩🚩

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Lucius Vanini
  123. @Malla

    So the video above doesn’t exist? It didn’t get 100 million views? And this was an Indian restaurant playing these videos non stop. So who is the idiot besides you? You say you saw one video of a Chinese accident Victim not being helped and say that’s indicative of Chinese culture. Yet I can show you 100 cases of the exact opposite from accidents to fires where whole neighborhoods go out to help. So again – who is the idiot? Blame the 100 million people who watched that pop video and the restaurant who incessantly was playing them. Btw – we were the only non Indians eating in the restaurant so I doubt they put it on for us.
    You can also blame the Indians who work in the west and display a deferential attitudes to their lighter skinned counterparts – don’t blame the people on this site who point it out.

    And if Indians are always so helpful to each other in every instance in their country- then why isn’t India the top nation in the world on every aspect????

    • Replies: @Malla
  124. @Malla

    I never saw anyone make the claims you made that pop music wasn’t popular in Russia or China. Indeed as someone above posted – you have a serious inferiority complex. You are the one who makes the claim Indians look down on the west and don’t trust the west. So western style pop music should not be popular in India.

    • Replies: @Malla
  125. @Malla

    Actually no it’s not chinkies who notice Indians in the west kiss up to whites to their face in the workplace. But ok. And nah – nobody is really envious. What good are Indian CEO’s in western countries if hunger in India got worse again? That is nothing to boast about.

    I will let you in on a secret. The MAGA crowd actually despises the fact that there are Indian CEO’s in the US. They call Indian H1B’s cheap replacement for white workers. They blame outsourcing engineering to India for the problems at Boeing and IBM. Don’t be mad at me…. Matter of fact I missed you on the thread about the new British PM. You should have had 100 comments on those threads where they were outright mocking the new leader. I did know such thing. I only scratch my head at you all who thinks that you are wanted. Chinese in China have no excitement that Biden appointed a Mandarin speaking ethnic Chinese as trade minister or that Penny Wong has a high rank in Australia. In many ways they are looked at as traitors. But carry on.

    • Replies: @Malla
  126. anon[139] • Disclaimer says:

    Indians worshipped Mughal and Pathan . But its in the DNA of Indians . They now worship British and Americans . Theur love for Israel stems from hatred of Islam .

    Slavery is something atet Indians offer to the powerful even when Mughal nor Pathan had wanted to enslave the dirt minded North Indian rulers .

    So what does an Hindoo do? He digs up some stray angry comments here and there from the past and ignores the findings from Universities of UK ,USA and even of India on the symbiotic relationships of contemporeus North Indian blood thirsty racist casteist anti- people rulers (vanquished by more powerful and more effective) with the Mughal and Pathan rulers .

    Now go and screw yourself .

    • Replies: @Malla
  127. @Malla

    Indian anger against Muslims is way older than [that relating to the strife leading to the creation of Pakistan].

    No doubt, though the 20th-Century trouble is presumably much fresher in Indian memory than Tamerlane’s frightful massacre at Delhi (1398 CE) or Babur’s conquest in the 16th C. I don’t know as much about the behavior of the Arabian Muslims in India, who were there as early as the 7th C. CE; but all the Abrahamic, Semite-originated religions are more or less intolerant; and I wouldn’t be shocked to learn that Hindus were dismayed and angered at being considered inferiors, especially since their own religion is so tolerant.

    Panipat! After seeing that word three times on this page, I thought “This video must relate to the Mogul or Mughal conquest, when those gun-toting Tartars won at Panipat in 1525 (or 1526?)….”

    Most Hindus do not consider the Mughal Emperors their own anymore.

    If I were an Indian and Hindu, I couldn’t regard the invading Moguls as mine. They were not only Muslims; they were Tartars, Mongols, ethnic Turks. They were Mongoloid, clustering with East Asians, and therefore different from Indians in ethnic/genetic terms. (Nothing wrong with being Mongoloid: it’s just not characteristically Indian.)

    Anyway, the video has tremendous pageantry and color!!!! The scenes would’ve thrilled Marco Polo himself, like me a European and Italian with an undying fascination and respect for the tremendous Asian civilizations, India and China above all. You might know that though Marco (near whose family mansion in Venice I used to live) was at Kublai Khan’s court in China for 17 years, his great book Il Milione is as much about India as about China. I’ve read it probably a dozen times, the last being on the 2019 Queen Victoria World Cruise, which brought us to many places where Marco had been seven+ centuries before, though unfortunately not India.

    I will try to find additional chapters of Panipat, to see it all. Hope that that tall, Aryan-type young lady has a prominent role lol–wanna see more of her….

    • Replies: @Malla
    , @Malla
    , @Malla
  128. d dan says:

    “Gen. Yamashita´s taking of Singapore was the tipping point, signalling to all of Asia the whitebread were not invincible ”

    Japan’s so-called “destruction” of British empire was not the original intent. It was actually a “bug”, not a “feature” of their plan. In fact, Japan looked up to and wanted very much to be an European country, and cared a lot about their image in the Western eyes. They maintained very good PR (i.e. propaganda) machine in London and the rest of the West.

    Japan tried hard to avoid wars with the West, but instead, concentrated on bullying the weaker Asian neighbors like China and Korea. It was only when it became too greedy and threatened the interests of the West in Asia that the war with their West became inevitable.

    And the British recovered all of its colonies after WW2, didn’t they? So, how did Japan help to “destroy” it? The anti-colonialism among the peoples in Asia and Africa that ultimately destroyed British empire were due to the convergence of many factors, and they started before WW2. American’s “help” to destroy British was another dog bites dog fight, not much different than Japanese and German fights with British.

    To hear people boasting about Japanese “destroying” the evil British empire is like listening to Bush praising himself for bringing democracy to Iraq, after killing thousands of their people, ruining the country and failing to find the WMD – a disgusting self-serving expediency.

    “From that, Mao took on the “anti-imperialist” mantle”

    LOL. China anti-imperialist and anti foreigner movements went much, much earlier than that.

  129. @d dan

    I was not trying to be disingenious or ahistorical (and Malla as usual filled
    in a lot of blanks); Subhas Chandra put it thusly:
    “The question Bose or Nehru will be decided by who wins the war –
    but India will be free anyway.”

    • Replies: @d dan
  130. Malla says:

    Actually Pakistani Muslims have a habit of licking Murica’s behind and now China’s behind. India never licks anybody behind. And when did Hindus worship Mughals and Pathans. Hindus looked down upon them as unclean untouchable barbarians. Masturbate yourself with your chest thumping.
    I am anti-Zionist but Hindus respect Jews and Israel unlike Muslim failure barbarians. Not me personally.

    Universities of UK ,USA and even of India on the symbiotic relationships of contemporeus North Indian

    You have the IQ of a monkey. God knows what you type.

    Now go and screw yourself .

    They will come and fuck your unclean family one day. Revenge for the past, bitches. Akaand Bharat.

  131. Malla says:

    What good are Indian CEO’s in western countries if hunger in India got worse again?

    What kind of bafoonish logic is this. Just because you dorky Chinese men are feminine with no charisma unlike us Indians, you are pissed you guys can hardly be CEOs in the West. What does Indians being CEOs in the West have to do with hunger in India?

    I will let you in on a secret. The MAGA crowd actually despises the fact that there are Indian CEO’s in the US.

    They have the right to be angry. If most CEOs in Indian firms would have been foreigners, like it is in the USA, our Government would have acted way back when. The USA and the West do not have nationalist governments but Governments who hate their own White people, hence the anger of people. In India, the people are angry that their Government is not Nationalist enough.

    In many ways they are looked at as traitors.

    A section of the Indian population have the same mentality. The Hinduvadis are angry that Sunak, a Hindu did not take the side of Hindus in the recent Hindu-Muslim riot in England and thus call him traitor. So it depends.

  132. @Malla

    There’s a long history of masculine Chinese heroes being backstabbed by treacherous bureaucrats–

    The observation of general callousness in Chinese society is accurate. China like India has the same history of Tatar invasions, but I don’t think India has the same extremely bloody civil wars without the presence of religious and ethnic differences. Taiping, CCP-KMT, Ming-Qing, Cultural Revolution are all basically Han killing Han.

    Chinese also don’t have any dietary laws so mass cannibalism is a regular occurrence. On top of that there are characters like this who carry out mass killings just for the sake of it,

    All these kinds of things select for personality traits of callousness and indifference.

    • Thanks: Malla
  133. @d dan

    You are lying as usual, as early as 1930 Mao began to kill en masse his internal rivals in the CCP

    This was a preview to the many other massacres to come later–

    This was a KMT general who fought heroically against the Japanese. He was later murdered by the CCP.喻英奇

    • Replies: @d dan
  134. @Malla

    By the time Chinese climb that far up the ladder they return to China to start their own business. Even some of the American born ones will move to China. Taiwanese are more likely to stay – you know – think Yahoo and Nvidia. But most will go back. Such as those who started TSMC. Your childish attempts at insult don’t change facts.

    Ok well interesting you believe whites have a right to be angry. Though it’s ridiculous to compare. It’s also what makes you look like a clown. Chinese feel no jealousy toward Indians who become CEO’s. Chinese just don’t get what the point in boasting in that is when the homeland needs much advancement. But you look like a clown claiming whites who mock them and wish they took their “cheap labor” back to India have a right to be angry. Oh yeah they also blame you for ruining Google and Microsoft in addition to Boeing and IBM. But yeah I know you won’t take them on. You stay a mile away from them.

    • Replies: @littlereddot
    , @Malla
  135. @showmethereal

    When this little love fest honeymoon is over, I wouldn’t be surprised if Indians will be regarded in the same way as Jews. I hope this guy kept his Indian passport.

  136. d dan says:
    @China Japan and Korea Bromance of Three Kingdoms

    “You are lying as usual, as early as 1930 Mao began to kill en masse his internal rivals in the CCP”

    What had Mao’s supposed “killing” relevant to anything I said, asshole?

  137. d dan says:

    “India will be free anyway.”

    Correct. An evil empire like British that obtained its wealth through exploitation of the “inferior” races can never sustain itself forever. That was why India didn’t need another evil empire like Japan to be free.

    • Replies: @Malla
  138. Malla says:
    @Lucius Vanini

    No doubt, though the 20th-Century trouble is presumably much fresher in Indian memory than Tamerlane’s frightful massacre at Delhi (1398 CE) or Babur’s conquest in the 16th C

    Agreed, but Hindu nationalism had its seed with the rise of the Maratha Empire. This is based on academic research.

    Verghese & Foa (2018) came to the conclusion that that rise of the Maratha Empire planted the seeds of Hindu nationalism.
    Precolonial Ethnic Violence, The Case of Hindu-Muslim Conflict in India by Ajay Verghese & Roberto Stefan Foa
    The Maratha Empire allowed Hindus the right to self respect after a long period of humiliation at the feet of foreign Muslims rulers.
    Hindutva as a reaction earlier Islamic conquests see Nicholson’s (2013) book
    Unifying Hinduism: Philosophy and Identity in Indian Intellectual History by Andrew J. Nicholson
    Columbia University Press
    The British Empire on the other hand kept Islamic and Hindu fundamentalism (and other similar) in check by trying to improve relations in between all the communities (goes against the Congress/ leftist myth of “Divide and Rule Policy”) as the British Empire primarily desired stability and peace in entire Pax Britannica. Chaudhuri (2015) compares directly ruled & natively ruled states in India and finds British Rule had a significant negative effect on Hindu-Muslim violence, suggesting it actually improved relations enormously.
    Colonization and Religious Violence: Evidence from India by Arka Roy Chaudhuri
    As the British Empire has ended, these old rivalries (which had reduced and gone into cold storage) are raising their heads again this phenomenon accelerates (and will keep on accelerating) as expected. This phenomenon took over Pakistan (Islamic fundamentalism) way before it took over India (Hindu fundamentalism) or the phenomenon of Buddhist fundamentalism (Sri Lanka and Myanmar/ Burma). Also see the Buddhist-Muzzie rivalry in Myanmar/Burma next door to India. The mollifying influence, the nimble balancing act of Pax Britannia being over now. Also see “Gazwa-e-Hind”, Islamic dreams of conquest of entire Indian subcontinent and forced Islamisation, the Pakistani/Muzzie version of “Akahand Bharat” project of the Hindus.

    Marco Polo himself, like me a European and Italian

    Marco Polo had been to India on his return trip to Europe but he was in Southern India (the Maratha court in that video was in Pune/Poona, Central Western India, close to Bombay/Mumbai) and his visit preceded the Maratha court in the Indian city of Pune/Poona by a few centuries.

    They were Mongoloid, clustering with East Asians,

    That is true. Babur looked East Asian but the Mughals married earlier Persian women/princesses and then later North Indian Rajput women/princesses and thus they became brown Caucasoid looking with time.

    • Replies: @Lucius Vanini
  139. Malla says:
    @Lucius Vanini

    Panipat! After seeing that word three times on this page, I thought “This video must relate to the Mogul or Mughal conquest,

    Panipat had many wars but this one refers to the Maratha resistance to the invasion of Afghan King Ahmed Shah Abdali/ Durrani. Ahmed Shah Abdali, the father of the Afghan nation, had led many invasions into India, something like 8 or 10. And just like any Islamic horde invasions into India, it involved, mass raping, mass butchery of hapless Hindus, mass enslavement of lowly idol worshiping Hindus, destruction of temples and Indic civilization, burning of holy texts etc..Indeed the Sikhs were the first line of defense, before the Marathas even used to get there from the South. The Sikh Empire was formed due to resistance of frequent Afghan raids into India. King Ranjit Singh of the Sikh Empire started his carrier as a leader of a cavalry brigade fighting the invading Afghans. The Sikh Empire would later go on to even conquer a large part of territory earlier held by the Afghan Duranni Empire. There is this battle which took place called the Battle of Saragarhi where 21 Sikhs of the British Imperial frontier force held back 10000 invading Afghan tribes men, I kid you not. At the North West frontier of the British Empire. The British Parliament in the Imperial capital, London held 3 minutes of silence in respect for the slain Sikhs who fought and died at Saragarhi at the frontier of the Empire. Now you might say, they were fighting for the British Empire, true, but in the minds of the Sikhs they were defending India too. British or no British, the Sikhs would have fought anyways as they have old rivalry with Pathans/Pastuns thanks to the brutal Afghan/pathan raids into India in the past.
    There is a song about that battle (video below)
    One thing you must realize is that the colour saffron is the colour of Indic civilization unlike green of the invading Muslims. If you observe the earlier Maratha Empire court video, you see many saffron flags, and many of the commentators post saffron flag emojis.

    At 0.18 minutes in the above video, the tall Sikh says “Kesari rang ka matlab samajte ho, bahaduri ka rang hai, shaheedi ka”
    Translated to English: Do you know the meaning of the colour Saffron? It is the colour of bravery, valour and martyrdom.
    At 1:33 minutes the tall Sikh tells the invading Afghans “Aaaj meri pagdi bhi kesari, jab bahega mera lahoo, wo bhi kesari, mera jawab bhi kesari”
    Translated to English: Today my turban is saffron, when my blood flows, it will be saffron and my answer is saffron.

    • Thanks: Lucius Vanini
  140. @showmethereal

    Indian culture is strong, but the poison of Western influence is fatal. My favourite Indian restaurant of some years back played Carnatic India music, and the wife filled in on tambura for L. Subramaniam on his first trip to Austfailia, when his usual player was absent. The carrot halwa was unforgettable.

  141. Malla says:
    @Lucius Vanini

    As the poster “Old Brown Fool” wrote on this page, post 62,

    Afghan plateaus are the springboards for invading India, and, to a lesser extent, Iran. Almost all the land invasions of India (Durrani, Nadir Shah, Babur, Timur, Mongols, Ghurids, Ghazni, Alexander, Darius, pre-historic Aryans, etc;

    Hindus do not have beef with the pre-Islamic invaders like the Sakya/Sacas (Scythians), White Huns, Kushans/Yuezhi, Greeks etc.. who integrated peacefully with us and definitely not ancient Aryans of whom we are a descendant (or a good chunk of Indian subcontinent ancestry comes from them) or even the Tocharians/Tusharas, one of the branches of the Aryans, who later migrated to India from today’s Xinjiang. Hindus have a beef with invasions of the Islamic period. The deepest fear the Hindu has is from the North West, not the seas. The East India Company are seen as “looters”, and Indians look at foreign companies coming to India with a lot of suspicion as potential EICs and what is funny is Chinese companies have taken the brunt of this suspicious attitude of the masses recently (LOL) as they were seen as the new East India Company who have come to take over the Indian economy. No, the real fear of the Hindus, Sikhs, Jains etc..deep inside his or her heart is the fear of the Islamic hordes who would come regularly to India and the accompanying looting, raping, destruction of Indic Civilization, slaving, humiliation, mass butchery etc….

    For example,
    Taimur, an earlier Islamic invader of India has in his Memoir explained what led him to invade India. He says: “My object in the invasions of Hindustan is to lead a campaign against the infidels, to convert them to the true faith according to the command of Muhammad (on whom and his family be the blessing and peace of God), to purify the land from the defilement of misbelief and polytheism, and overthrow the temples and idols, whereby we shall be Ghazis and Mujahids, companions and soldiers of the faith before God.”
    Muhammad of Ghazni also looked upon his numerous invasions of India as the waging of a holy war. Al’ Utbi, the historian of Muhammad, describing his raids writes:
    “He demolished idol temples and established Islam. He captured. . . .cities, killed the polluted wretches, destroying the idolaters, and gratifying Muslims. He then returned home and promulgated accounts of the victories obtained for Islam. . . .and vowed that every year he would undertake a holy war against Hind (India).”

    This Akhand Bharat (Greater India) project, I have written above about, is an outcome of this deep rooted dread in Indians of foreign Muslim barbarian horde invasions into Indic civilization.
    Check out what a Hindu anti-British, anti-colonial revolutionary, Lala Hardayal wrote in 1925. In this statement, which he called his political testament, Lala Hardayal said:—
    “I declare that the future of the Hindu race, of Hindustan and of the Punjab, rests on these four pillars: (1) Hindu Sangathan (group organisation), (2) Hindu Raj (Rule), (3) Shuddhi of Moslems, (Shuddhi-cleansing/purification) and (4) Conquest and Shuddhi of Afghanistan and the Frontiers. So long as the Hindu nation does not accomplish these four things, the safely of our children and great-grandchildren will be ever in danger, and the safety of the Hindu race will be impossible. The Hindu race has but one history, and its institutions are homogeneous. But the Musalmans and Christians are far removed from the confines of Hindustan, for their religions are alien and they love Persian, Arab and European institutions. Thus, just as one removes foreign matter from the eye, Shuddhi (purification/Indianisation/Hinduisation) must be made of these two religions. Afghanistan and the hilly regions of the frontier were formerly part of India, but are at present under the domination of Islam. . . .Just as there is Hindu religion in Nepal, so there must be Hindu institutions in Afghanistan and the frontier territory; otherwise it is useless to win Swaraj (Self Rule). For mountain tribes are always warlike and hungry. If they become our enemies, the age of Nadirshah and Zamanshah (Muslim invaders who had caused suffering to Hindus) will begin anew. At present English officers are protecting the frontiers; but it cannot always be. . . .If Hindus want to protect themselves, they must conquer Afghanistan and the frontiers and convert all the mountain tribes.”

    • Agree: Lucius Vanini
  142. Malla says:

    So the video above doesn’t exist?

    What a buffoon!! What was I explaining for so long? You were indicating that somehow we have started aping the West and have some slavish attitude to the West or some bullshit of that sort. I have explained that there have been Indian songs with Western and other influences way back when but there have been a lot of songs which are hardcore indigenous. Both went hand in hand. I have painstakingly given many examples above, but you are too slow to understand.
    The fact is you Chinese cannot digest the fact that a nationalist nation of 1 billion plus people look at China as cunning, back-stabbing, Imperialist dogs and we India the brave proud Resistance. So it is your compulsion to show India as a sepoy of the West.

    You can also blame the Indians who work in the west and display a deferential attitudes to their lighter skinned counterparts

    All this is figment of your imagination. Kissing ass of superior is ubiquitous around the World especially in Asia. Indians kiss ass of their Indian superiors even darker skinned lower caste superiors if needed be. There is a lot of ass kissing of superiors in the machination of CPC, Communist Party of China. It has nothing to do with race. Some Indians working in Dangote group, Nigeria may kiss ass of their Nigerian superiors. Ass kissing of superiors is ubiquitous in Asia and even the world.
    As far as lighter skin thing, this has nothing to do with Whites or Persians or foreigners. It so happens that on average (not each person), upper caste people tend to be more lighter skined, and have more chances of sharp Caucasoid facial features. Not hundred percent but there is definitely a tendency. The elites historically were lighter skinned with more sharp Caucasoid feature because of complicated mix of Indian genetics for millennia. Add to that the phenomenon throughout the World or elites spening their time indoors while the peasants spending long hours under the sun toiling away, which is a global phenomenon. In India caste plus sun toil phenomenon adds a double whammy. Nothing to do with White people, Muslims or Chinese.

    As far as worshiping White people, we need to learn from the Chinese who used to give loads of White monkey jobs just until recently. White actors were hired to act like scientists, managers, accountants, doctors etc…to give more credibility to a company in China and Chinese people felt that the presence of White people made the company or hospital more prestigious and advanced,
    LMFAO. That is White worship or what???LOL LOL LOL

    White Monkey Jobs in China.

    And if Indians are always so helpful to each other

    Can’t you read? I said in times of crisis like floods etc…Unlike Blacks who loot each other, loot stores and take opportunity to commit even more crimes, Indians forget crime and help each other in such crises. Even the poorest food vendor will feed others for free if needed, rich people will open their homes to save slum dwellers, professional criminals will forget committing crime and help out other people etc… IN crisis situations.

    • Replies: @antibeast
    , @showmethereal
  143. Malla says:

    I never saw anyone make the claims

    Oh I see, Chinese and Russians can have pop music similar to Western pop and that that is OK. Indians start doing so apparently, it means Indians kiss ass of YT. Have you had your head checked?

    you have a serious inferiority complex.

    What? What kind of reasoning is this? Are you sure, you are not on crack?

    Indians look down on the west and don’t trust the west.

    You are mixing up different points and changing goalposts like the slimey snake you are. You were indicating that Indians were aping the West more and thus by your logic Indians were acting like slaves to YT or something of that sort.
    This is what you wrote

    But aside from that the person noted the same thing in their working career of “the white bosses”

    Do not change the goal post like a typical snake that you are. We have a history of dealing with snakes here.

    don’t trust the west.

    Chinese and Russians do not trust the West but have Western style pop and hip hop.and rock music. So?
    And as far as looking down on the West, did I not also write that Hindus/Jains look up to Jews. And Western media is controlled by Jews. There you get your answer even after snake twisting things. LOL.

    • Troll: showmethereal
  144. Malla says:

    By the time Chinese climb that far up the ladder they return to China to start their own business.

    That is partly true, would not have made much of a difference in the bamboo ceiling anyways. It is not only Chinese, it is a racial East Asian phenomenon including Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, Vietnamese etc… All people of your race face the bamboo ceiling.

    Chinese feel no jealousy toward Indians who become CEO’s.

    LOL Ya right, we do not get that impression. Both Chinese and Middle Easterners especially Arabs seem to be seething and burning about this phenomenon.

    But you look like a clown claiming whites ……. have a right to be angry

    Natural human behaviour for Whites to behave like that. We would have done the same in a similar situation. Most populations on Earth would.

    • Agree: Lucius Vanini
    • Replies: @showmethereal
  145. Malla says:
    @d dan

    An evil empire like British that obtained its wealth through exploitation of the “inferior” races can never sustain itself forever.

    Britain did not obtain it’s wealth from inferior races. That is Marxist bullshit. All of Africa (including Africa outside the British Empire) was just 2.4% of British trade. The Marxists needed some explanation of why the industrialized nations of Western Europe, North America and Japan were not having the revolution of the proletariat as was expected by Marx. Marx and his idiotic predictions not coming true. Are we surprised?
    And this “exploitation of the East by the British and French” was part of WW1 German ( + Austro-Hungarian) propaganda which took off even after WW1 ended. Not blaming the Germans, the British Empire and French Empire were attacking their comparatively smaller Empire too. The Ottomans were targeting Muslims in the enemy Empires for revolts, as their Emperor was Caliph. Again, not blaming the Ottomans as the Allies were attacking their leftover Empire too, like supporting the Arab revolt against the Ottoman Empire.

    • Troll: showmethereal
    • Replies: @littlereddot
    , @d dan
  146. Malla says:

    The BBS are hilarious – rabid monks clamoring for raising the birthrate of the master race

    They have close connection with Zionist organizations.

    Would the Netaji have put up with that?

    Interestingly Netaji would have kept Hindus, Muslims and others united. There was no discrimination in his INA of any sort. Indian Muslims and Christians were in high positions.

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  147. antibeast says:

    Methinks poster ‘showmethereal’ misconstrues the ass-licking behavior of Indians as evidence of their alleged ‘inferiority complex’. His observation is misleading because the Indian Brahmins or high-caste upper-class Indians in the West tend to have a ‘superiority complex’ much like the Jews who view and treat the White goyim as lower-caste Dalits to be exploited for their own self-serving tribal interests. Unlike East Asians who don’t know or want to play the ‘Game of Thrones’ in the West, Indian Elites are similar to Jewish Elites in their clannish, cunning and conspiratorial behavior towards White goyim. Having said that, there exists a group of ABCDs (American-Born Confused Daisies) who do suffer from an ‘inferiority complex’ which stems from their Westernized selves just like the ‘bananas’ who are looked down by East Asians.

    The phenomenon of ‘White Monkeys’ is nothing new as it had existed in other East Asian countries such as Japan and South Korea which is now popular in Taiwan and mainland China. But those trends are just a passing fancy which will die down as soon the Western fads wear out. China is already experiencing a Renaissance of sorts, with Xi now promoting Chinese nationalism of the cultural kind. Here’s a video on the phenomenon of hanfu fashion in China:

    • Agree: Malla
    • Replies: @Malla
    , @Hacienda
  148. Malla says:
    @d dan

    “Once the undefeated Japanese army was left with nothing but their spirits, they were defeated in the end. However, they left something behind, which is the fact that they removed all the Westerners from Asia.”
    —Louis Mountbatten, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma.

    “The Fall of Singapore meant the end of the history of White colonialism.”
    Charles de Gaulle, President of the French Republic

    “What Japan has carried through bravely was to completely put an end to the colonial occupations by the West.”
    ———-Owen Lattimore, advisor to Chiang Kai-shek

    “In WW2, the Japanese have left a great history for the beneficiary countries rather than for itself. These countries are the ones included in the short-lived ideal, “the Great East Asia Co-posperity Sphere” which the Japanese upheld.”
    ————–Arnold Toynbee, British Historian

    “The Japanese did nothing to us that they have to apologize for. This is the reason that we do not attend the San Francisco Peace Conference and refuse to sign on its peace treaty.”
    ————-Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first Prime Minister.

    “At the San Francisco Peace Conference (1951):
    We should never forget how the people of Asia, who hoped for their independence find sympathy with the Japanese ideal.”
    ———-Julius Jayewardene, Prime Minister of Sri Lanka

    “What does Japan have to make an apology? In that war, the Japanese got rid of the British didn’t they? We should not forget we welcomed the Japanese army with such joy. Without the Japanese, there would have been no independence of South East Asia. If we try to deny the precious sacrifices that the Japanese made, it is like looking only at the back mirror.”
    ————-Ghazali Shafie, Foreign Minister of Malaysia

    “When the Japanese army marched into the Malay peninsula, we all let out a whoop of joy. And when we saw the retreating British Army, I shivered as if I had never experienced before. The Japanese removed all the Western forces that had been colonizing Asia for such a long time. We had almost given up our hope but the Japanese gave us the sensation and confidence.”
    —–Ungku Abdul Aziz, Vice Chancellor of the University of Malaya in Malaysia.

    “We delightfully welcomed the Japanese army. They brought us many things for our future independence. Japan massacred civilians in Malaysia? No there is no such evidence.”
    Raja Dato Nong Chik. Senator od Malaysia and leading advocate of ASEAN.

    The Japanese military occupation planted the seeds of independence in the people of Malays
    —Zainul Abideen, Malaysian Historian

    “Asia gained independence because of Japan. Japan, who acted as our mother, bore babies of Asian countries but destructed her maternal body. Who made us talk equally with the West today? It is because of the mother Japan, who almost killed herself to give the birth. We should never forget December 8.”
    ———-Seni Pramo, Prime Minister of Thailand

    “The Japanese occupation was harsh, but it was the Japanese Army which terminated the Western domination of Asia. That gave Asia the confidence. Within 15 years of the War, all Asian colonies were freed.”
    ——–Goh Chok Tong, Prime Minister of Singapore

    “There is no country that contributed to Asia as Japan did. And there is no country that is more misunderstood than Japan is. It was the Japanese who freed us from the White domination. The true friend of Independent Burma was General Tojo and Japan.”
    ——Ba Maw, Independence Leadar and Prime Minister of Burma.

    “The training in the Japanese Army was so harsh that I almost almost committed suicide. However, when Rangoon fell, we were convinced that what we had been doing was right.”
    —–Aung Sa, legendary figure of Burmese Independence, Father of Aung San Suu Kyi. He had fled to Japan with 30 others of his countrymen to train in the Japanese Army to fight the British Empire.

    “A country motivated by high ideals and lofty objectives had sacrificed its lives and all of its assets. That country is a Far East island nation of Japan.”
    ———U Nu, Foreign Minister of Burma.

    “The reason that Indonesia was able to win its independence from the Netherlands is that the same coloured Asian of the Japanese had fought that much and gave us confidence that we could do the same.”
    —–Sukarno, Prime Minister of Indonesia

    “After WW2, many Japanese stayed in Indonesia to fight with us. We decorated their graves with orders, but they gave us a lot more than just their medals.”
    —–Sanpas, Minister of Demobilized Soldier of Indonesia.

    “We wanted the Japanese to hold for another five years. Then, the Middle East and Africa would have gained their independence much sooner.”
    ——Aramsa, Indonesia Army General.

    “That war was really our war. We should have fought it ourselves. But we put everything on Japan’s shoulders and that plunged her into almost total destruction. I am sorry.”
    —-Bung Tomo, Minister of Information of Indonesia and Indonesian military leader against the Dutch Empire.

    “I was born in a family of a very poor farmer and so I could never dream of going to school. It was a Japanese official who persuaded my parents to send me to primary school, and it was a Japanese teacher who recommended me to the Japanese Army War College. The reason I am here today is because of the compulsory education system they introduced, and because of the clean and honest Japanese people.”
    ——Chunghee Park, President of Korea.

    “In Asia, there was a Japan. But in Arabs, there is no Japan”
    ——-President Jamal Abd al-Nasir of Egypt after the defeat in War.

    • Replies: @d dan
  149. Malla says:

    How expansive would a Hanfu be? The range of price? What is the male version called? What about it’s price range? Do you have any idea? I am sure the high end ones would be very expensive.

    • Replies: @antibeast
  150. @Malla

    Britain did not obtain it’s wealth from inferior races. That is Marxist bullshit.

    What then was Britain’s motivation for maintaining its empire? Benevolence?

    • Replies: @Malla
  151. Hacienda says:

    That’s nice. The trad clothes. Glad Chinese are rediscovering theirs. So are Koreans. Kpop idols often do performances in traditional costumes. It never really went away in Korea. You see a lot of it even in Japan.

    E.Asia is just f+cking awesome these days. Only rivals are the Scandanavians.

    I wrote a book based on Kpop to teach Korean that was an Amazon bestseller. So I feel I had a big hand in the current interest in the Korean language.

    “White monkeys”? WTF is that? Haven’t seen many lately. It’s very clear that Asian Americans see the USA for what it is. A lost country that’s lost its cultural bearings.

  152. antibeast says:

    Hanfu (“汉服”) means Han Clothing which is the traditional fashion of the Chinese people dating back to the Han Dynasty. This fashion trend is being driven by young people who are becoming more interested in the classical culture of ancient China. Contrary to Western misconceptions about modern China, the young Chinese do not worship the West nor are they Culture-less ‘human drones’ brainwashed by the CCP as proven this Hanfu phenomenon which is growing fast in mass popularity. Here’s another video on the Chinese nouveau riche phenomenon of cultural nationalism in the form of the booming Chinese art market in China:

    Those Chinese collectors buy Chinese not Western art which debunks the misconception about wealthy Chinese buying anything ‘Western’ due to their propensity for patronizing Western luxury brands. That’s because Chinese consumers buy Western luxury brands as a form of conspicuous consumption which is about their class not cultural identity. Same situation with Chinese families sending their children to English language schools that hire White teachers as an ornament for marketing purposes, giving rise to the term ‘White Monkeys’.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  153. @Malla

    Not too slow to understand at all. You don’t get the point. You are exactly pointing out your own confusion. Thinking India is supreme but can’t let got of the western domination that infested your mind.

    And no it’s not a figment of my imagination that Indians in the west are deferential to whites. Again many westerners have written it in this very blog. But you are a coward and are scared of them. You refuse to challenge them. Carry on and stop wasting time.

    • Replies: @Malla
  154. @Malla

    I have no clue what middle easterners think about Indian CEO’s. I only know what they say about Indians (and Bangladeshi and Pakistani) workers who go to work in their countries. Surely not envy.

    Well I guess what you describe as the difference between East Asians would be “field negros” as opposed with those of the “house negros” who are happy to support the master in all things.

    Most Vietnamese in the west descend from those who were on the losing side of the civil war. So maybe they feel angry at a bamboo ceiling. Korea and Japan have 1st world countries with have a higher quality of life in most aspect than Americans. So actually they have a very low percentage of migration in the first place. You seriously in your own warped universe think Koreans or Japanese are envious?

    Again thinking Chinese are envious is plain stupid and really is a sad hysteria that infects your culture. I actually feel bad. No wonder the clowns at WION run non stop fake news about China while India barely gets much mention. And ironically the majority of what is reported about India is neutral. You guys live in a made up world.

    Natural human behavior? Sure no problem. Any excuse for the master.

    • Replies: @Malla
  155. Malla says:

    Benevolence was part of it. You would mean the White man’s Burden. Or the desire to spread Enlightenment values and in some cases Classical Liberal ideals around the World.
    But European colonization was initially driven by inter European competition to secure trade monopolies, strategic locations to protect their trade routes. Later after the Industrial Revolution, it was driven by inter-European competition in between European countries to secure CONTROL (not loot) over strategic resources and strategic locations so that they could be denied to rival European powers (or USA or Japan) in case of an economic or military confrontation. There was also spread of Christianity in the case of Spanish and Portuguese Empire to a far lessor extent, other European Empires. And there was also prestige competition in those days to get colonies.In other words Western colonization was inter European rivalry overflowing into the rest of the World. Russian expansion was a bit different, the Mongol Empire made the Russians realize that it was difficult to protect core Russian areas, without expanding out and creating buffer areas and places which could be strategically defended. Also Russia was devoid of good all weather ports, ports on the North Sea/Baltic sea could be blocked by European powers further West. Ports in Black sea by the Ottomans. But Russian expansion, triggered British fears in India for security (and thus the shitshow in Afghanistan and Tibet), and Japanese fears in Korea and Manchuria. The Japanese realized early on that because Russia’s core was far away in Europe it was much easier for Russia to attack Japan’s civilizational core than Japan to attack Russia’s civilizational core (which is why the Russian Empire expanded in the first place, to create huge territorial buffers).

    Britain’s interest was to prevent any other European power get control on it’s trading route. Hence their strategic control of Gibraltar, islands in the Mediterranean, (later Suez Canal), India , Singapore/ Malaysia. The Dutch wanted to kick the British out of the Dutch East Indies/Indonesia, the spice trade. The British traded in India for nearly a century and kept themselves to trade but only after a century began to interfere politically. That was because the French Governor General Joseph-François Dupleix started interfering in Indian affairs. Indian powers like Hyder Ali and Bahadur Jung were close to Dupliex. Indian powers started hiring French soldiers as mercenaries in their constant inter-Indian wars. While France was sending letters to Dupleix in India to not waste time and money on conquests and alliances with Indian powers but to concentrate on profitable trade. But Dupleix did not heed to this. It was this fear that India would very likely become part of a French Empire, and because of India’s strategic location (The Indian Ocean is called Indian Ocean for a reason), this would lead to France having a major control over the Indian Ocean which could threaten British trade. It is only then that the British started actively interfering in Indian politics. And things led to another and they ended up with an Indian Empire.

    As far as Africa was concerned, inter European competition for resource control (to deny it when needed to their European enemy), prestige and most important of all, TO BAN SLAVERY. They were driven by this liberal woke craze of that era, Global abolitionism.

    • LOL: littlereddot
  156. Malla says:

    Thinking India is supreme but can’t let got of the western domination that infested your mind.

    Western domination of the Indian mind is a fiction. It is something many Chinese erroneously believe.

    in the west are deferential to whites.

    Deferential to those in power. Irrespective of the race.

    Well I guess what you describe as the difference between East Asians would be “field negros” as opposed with those of the “house negros”

    LMFAO. I did not mean anything of that sort. Your thinking shows that you are obsessed with slavery. Is that a Chinese trait? You are imagining things.

    So actually they have a very low percentage of migration in the first place.

    There are established Japanese and Korean American populations, isn’t it?

    You seriously in your own warped universe think Koreans or Japanese are envious?

    Please, point out where have I mentioned that Japanese (incl Japanese Americans) or Koreans (incl Koreans) are jealous. LOL. Go ahead, point it out. You mix up things, you cannot think straight. I made that accusation only against some Chinese and Arabs. I clubbed all NE Asians together only as far as the bamboo ceiling was concerned, not jealousy towards Indians. In that trait you guys are with Arabs and MEs.

    No wonder the clowns at WION run non stop fake news about China while India barely gets much mention.

    I agree, Nationalist Indian media needs a lot to be desired sometimes, especially it’s constant attack on China. This is much worse in vernacular non-English media who are more nationalist and thus even more anti-China.
    Liberal English media networks like NDTV are comparatively more open to listen to the other side and are friendlier to listen to the Chinese side. Prof Mehbobani has been on NDTV before, but most Indians call it a “traitor channel”, “anti-national channel”, “paid with CPC money” and want it shut down. Which is bullshit.
    I believe that in a democracy like India, China’s point of view should be heard.

    BUT this does not mean, as you Wumaos believe, that anything criticizing China is fake news. Nope, that is not how it is. It may be true, it may be false. But it can be true.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  157. @antibeast

    In addition even sportswear. Local brands are starting to beat Nike

    But yeah what you said about art is correct. I mean hey even Jackie Chan made an American movie based on the fact of Hong Kong people who were excited about the 1997 return and saw it as their duty to get all the Chinese art treasures stolen by western nations. It was one of the 3 movies he made with African American comedian Chris Tucker. While a movie – Jackie had a lot of creative control and he is a Hong Kong Chinese patriot. Of course we know the dark side of criminals who were involved in it too. But I digress.

    • Replies: @antibeast
  158. Malla says:

    No wonder the clowns at WION run non stop fake news about China

    But when WION criticizes the USA. Is it fake news too?

    WION: Gravitas: Why is U.S. not talking about human rights violations at home?

    WION: Gravitas Plus: How America benefits from wars

  159. @Malla

    Benevolence was part of it…. There was [the motivation of a] spread of Christianity in the case of the Spanish and Portuguese Empires….

    Yes. And a lesser degree thereof, as you say, among other European imperialists.

    To gain the sponsorship of the Spanish sovereigns, Ferdinand and Isabel, Columbus included among his main selling-points the possibility of saving innumerable souls. And evidently this was one of the main reasons los reyes catolicos , especially the very pious Isabel, did finally look favorably on Columbus’ plan of westward exploration.

    Now, I abhor Christianity, and think the Europeans were stupidly arrogant to suppose they could spiritually enlighten the Chinese and Indians (and any other “heathens” they might find); but, from their perspective, their conversion of non-Christians meant sparing souls from everlasting torment…. And though the notion is crazy it does bespeak some measure of real good-will.

    Western colonization was inter-European rivalry overflowing into the rest of the world.

    Yes. Enmity and competition between Europeans was another major factor behind Europe’s imperialism.

    As far as Africa was concerned….prestige and most important of all, TO BAN SLAVERY. They were driven by this liberal woke craze of that era, Global abolitionism.

    Again quite true. America’s most respected black scholar, Thomas Sowell, gets it tight in his essay “Multiculturalism”:

    Incredibly late in human history…. a mass moral revulsion finally set in against slavery–first in 18th Century England, and then during the 19th Century, throughout Western Civilization. But only in Western Civilization…. [my emphasis–L.V.] Africans, Arabs and Asians continued to resist giving up their slaves. Only because Western power was at its peak in the 19th Century was Western imperialism able to impose the abolition of slavery around the world….

    Now, no one is more fiercely a “Europatriot” and White Nationalist than I. But love of and loyalty toward one’s heritage don’t entail contempt of fact, of truth. Such contempt is no help to love and loyalty, because it’s not likely that we can take an advantageous step unless we know where we are. And so allow me to provide balance to the kindly face this comment has thus far put on Europe, and say that Europeans invaded the globe also through greed and lust for power over others, with an untold many of them practicing much cruelty and deception and thievery.

    I’m not self-flagellating; I’m merely stating what the historical record shows. Moreover I don’t know of any major branch of our species where “man’s inhumanity to man” hasn’t taken place abundantly. No mystery about that, either! Despite what Judeo-Christian professional liars say, we’re not created in the image of a All-loving God. We’re part of a Nature, an Animal Kingdom if you will, among whose hallmarks are predation and competition. And I conceive this Nature–you might call it the Dance of Shiva, as I sometimes have–to be Divine.

    In any case, Malla, I must say I’m impressed by your cosmopolitan perspective and balance. You seem able to see the Europeans, including the Brits, for what they were and are. Not a race of karma yogis whose swadharma has been kindness and compassion, to be sure. But not demons either. They did and do have motives which aren’t malevolent. And to omit to acknowledge their benevolence, imputing their ways to malignant motives, without the balance you’ve added, is to demonize them.

    I’m always surprised and disappointed when Asians don’t observe the balance you display. I expect blacks to demonize the Europe-descended, but not Asians–people with great civilization behind them, the irrefutable evidence of high intelligence. You, who manifest the true philosophic spirit, don’t disgrace your glorious heritage!

    Anyway, if this is Indian Nationalism, I like and favor Indian Nationalism, and certainly must prefer it to Islamic hatred! I’m no leader of a European land lol, but as a European and Euroamerican I’m politically active in two continents; and if ever I’ve an opportunity to advocate for Indian Nationalism and Mr. Modi, I will.

    P.S. About the “philosophic spirit,” cf. Plato, The Republic, where Plato’s brother asks Socrates, “Who then are the true philosophers?” and Socrates answers:

    Those whose passion is to see the truth.

    I amend it to say “Those whose passion is to endeavor to see the truth, good, bad or indifferent.” No one can have intellectual integrity without that.

    • Thanks: Malla
    • Replies: @showmethereal
    , @Malla
  160. @Malla

    The German instructor accounts of the Asad Hind Legion speak of enormous
    Hindu/Muslim and caste problems, to the point the whores had to be
    segregated 😀 and one soldier who shaved off his hair knot (to lay off his caste)
    was murdered …
    BTW (ad #144) I didn´t know regular sepoys carried the chakram
    or is that just for dramatic effect?

    • Replies: @Malla
  161. @Malla

    The British Empire on the other hand kept Islamic and Hindu fundamentalists in check by trying to improve relations in and between all communities (goes against Congress and leftist myth of “Divide & Rule Policy”) as the British Empire primarily desired stability and peace in entire Pax Britannica. Chaudhuri (2015) compares directly ruled and natively ruled states in India and finds British rule had a significant negative effect on Hindu-Muslim violence, suggesting it actually improved relations enormously.

    I was wondering. As someone favoring Shuddhi of Islam in India, would you regard this seemingly benign Brit policy as less desirable than letting the sectarians fight it out, so that perhaps by now the Hindu majority would’ve rid India of Islam? Life is often that way–some “good” always comes out of “bad.” The profound Greek philosopher Heraclitus: “War is the father of all things.” Emerson, whom I consider the best American philosopher (and who was a great admirer of Bhagavad Gita) writes of a “Law of Compensation.”

    By the way, I recognized shuddhi as relating to purification, from my study of Advaita Vedanta and consequent acquaintance with Sanskrit terms, among which was suddha–pure or purity. I spell it like the literature of the Ramakrishna order does, with the S meant to be pronounced sh, as in sugar.

    Babur looked East Asian

    Well, and so he was, though many of the ethnic Turks are in Central Asia. When I mention these Turks to Westerners not well-versed in ethnology and history, they tend to misunderstand unless I elucidate, because they confuse ethnic Turks, Mongoloids, with the people of the modern state of Turkey, who are overwhelmingly of Indo-European, Caucasoid lineage, but had Turkish language imposed on them by truly Turkish invaders in Medieval times.

    At any rate, if my memory serves, Babur was lineal of both Tamerlane and Genghis Khan, which made him a Mongol too as well as Turkish like Tamerlane was as well.

    • Agree: Malla
  162. antibeast says:

    You’re talking about Stanley Ho’s purchase of the bronze horse head looted from the Yuanmingyuan or Old Summer Palace during the Second Opium War:

    Ironically, that piece of artwork was designed by Italian and French Jesuits to represent the Chinese Zodiac. But you’re right though that thousands of lost Chinese artworks have been bought by and repatriated to China by Chinese buyers since the late 1990s. Here’s a video on the HK Buddhist Art Museum and Tsz Shan Monastery funded and donated by HK billionaire Li Ka-shing which opened recently:

    • Thanks: showmethereal
  163. @Malla

    I hope you will forgive me if I remain unconvinced.

    • Replies: @Malla
  164. d dan says:

    “That is Marxist bullshit… WW1 German ( + Austro-Hungarian) propaganda … The Ottomans… ”

    I am sorry Malla, the British history is/shall/will not written by your White master alone. If Queen Victoria could just stay within her island (or at least within Europe) to fuck her round-table knights like King Arthur style, consumed their own opium, planted their own tea and earned an honest living, maybe we could believe the British was the most benevolent empire in history. As soon as they stepped out, invaded, killed, pushed drug, their history were be part of others’ history.

    So, I am afraid to inform you that Chinese has already finished written their chapter on the British empire. Many Asians and Africans have also started to write their chapters. The Black slaves, national Americans, the Australian Aborigines will also have their said soon, perhaps with the help of Jews (LOL) or someone else – I hope Chinese could chip in the efforts if needed. I am very happy about the prospect of which versions will prevail.

    But the good news is that the history of our days is yet to be written, and you certainly can help write it. But treat the past as cautionary lesson for those who care about how the future history will be written (I know most Westerners don’t care), i.e. make sure to put your dick in your pant.

    • Replies: @Lucius Vanini
    , @Malla
    , @Malla
  165. d dan says:

    I am surprise you didn’t cite any prominent Chinese leaders like Wang Jingwei 汪精卫, 王揖唐 (supporters of Greater Asian Co-prosperity Sphere 大东亚共荣圈), 张景惠, Puyi, oh, and also Tsai Ing-Wen – the later must feels very insulted. Since I found out recently from you that I am a Marxist, I should probably feel insulted too that you never quote Mao Zedong who “thanked” Japanese for the Japanese invasion that brought greater “good” to China?

    Sure, there are millions who welcomed Japanese invasion, many of them profited or benefited in different ways. But the global anti-colonialism movements started much earlier. In the broader sense, the anti-colonialism started shortly after European invaded, like the first native American conflict with the Europeans. There were plenty of anti-colonialist wars pre-dated WW2 in Africa, a continent that never touched by Japanese invaders. The Zulu War of 1879, the Maji Maji revolt of 1905, the 1904 Herero revolt – were they also inspired by Japanese invaders? Ho Chi Minh’s founding of the Indochinese Communist Party in 1930 was inspired by the Bolshevik Revolution.

    As I said, there are many reasons for anti-colonialism, like rising nationalism, greater exploitation, racism, communism, and Westerners’ anti-imperialism. It was true there was a surge of national independence movements after WW2, but that was due partly to the efforts of communists, and partly due to renewed sense of justice and betterment of future (e.g. the ideal of UN charters), fueled by the DEFEAT of Japanese (rather than winning of Japanese) against the Whites, as well as the defeats of European fascist states.

    The Japanese TEMPORARY winning over the Whites was not re-assuring, and only the weak knees, national traitors, house niggers, banana, coconut, rambutan, kiwi found it inspiring. It might have brought forward slightly the independence of countries of weak national awareness and unity like Malaysia, Singapore or India, but it certainly delayed the national independence of stronger states (ask Korea, and likely Vietnam), not to mention China.

    In any case, the “destruction” of the British Empire was never Japanese intention – it was certainly more closer to the reverse. This after-the-fact search for retrospection was a desperate attempt to inject sense of positivity into Japanese shameful history by the apologists. Yes, Bush did reduce human population, introduced the first democracy/election in Middle East, and helped fight climate change after the death of many Iraqi, wonder why didn’t he receive the Nobel “Peace” Prize?

  166. @d dan

    I am sorry Malla, the British history is/shall/will not be written by your White master alone….

    Many Asians and Africans have also started to write their chapters. The black slaves….will also have their [say] soon….

    Do I detect just a tad of fond anticipation that evil Whitey will finally get his comeuppance?

    But perhaps you don’t know that Africans and the descendants of black slaves have already been having their say? If you do, I hope they’re not disappointing you.

    ** 1998: President of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni: “If anyone should apologize for [the Atlantic Slave Trade] it should be the African chiefs. We still have those traitors here today.”

    ** 1999: President Kerekou of Benin issues national apology to blacks of the New World for the role played by the Dahomey in the Atlantic Slave Trade (AST).

    ** 2006: Ghana apologizes to the blacks of the New World for the AST.

    ** 2009: statement of Nigeria’s Civil Rights Congress:

    We cannot continue to blame the White man, as Africans, particularly the traditional rulers, are not blameless. In view of the fact that the Americans and Europe have accepted the cruelty of their roles and have forcefully apologized, it would be logical, reasonable and humbling if African traditional rulers can accept blame and apologize to the descendants of their collaborative and exploitative slave trade.

    ** Writes one of the “black slaves” (descendant of slaves), Prof. Henry L. Gates of Harvard:

    The sad truth is that without complex business partnerships between African elites and European traders and commercial agents, the slave trade to the New World would have been impossible….

    Gates says elsewhere that 90% of the African slaves imported to the Americas were first placed in bondage by black slavers, then sold to European traders. Also he says Frederick Douglass (black abolitionist, in case you didn’t know) thought that an end to slavery could be had from Whites but not from the black slavers. See “Ending the Slavery Blame Game,” New York Times of April 22, 2010.

    In any case, now that evil Whitey has withdrawn his imperial claws from Sub-Sahara, slavery is again alive and well there–as it was ages before evil Whitey came lol.

    ** Descendant of black slaves, Prof. John H. Franklin of Duke University: 3000 free blacks of New Orleans were slaveholders before evil Whitey ended slavery in America. They even formed an anti-abolitionist militia, 1000-strong, saying this in their Statement of Purpose: “The free colored population of Louisiana….own slaves, and they are ready to shed their blood for [Louisiana’s] defense. They have no sympathy for abolition….” See “Did Black [American] People Own Slaves?” in the black site Roots.

    Why were there that many free blacks before the Civil War and Emancipation? Because when Louisiana belonged to Spain, the Law of Coartacion had given black slaves the right to work for themselves on Sundays and earn money to buy themselves out of slavery. Now, I know it was terrible of evil Whitey to require people to work on Sunday after being slaves for the other six days, but that may have been slightly easier on them than the “Annual Customs” were on slaves in West Africa, when the Dahomey ritually slaughtered slaves, beheading them, sometimes thousands in a day. That was happening in the same era. (And didja know that the wicked Brits had to impose a naval blockade on the Dahomey to stop their slave trade, in 1851/2?)

    Anyway, freedom through the Law of Coartacion didn’t dispose at least a sizable % of American blacks to be anti-slavery. And blacks had owned other blacks in America as early as 1654.

    ** Descendant of black slaves, scholar Thomas Sowell, in his essay “Multiculturalism”:

    Incredibly late in human history…. a mass moral revulsion finally set in against slavery–first in 18th Century England, and then during the 19th Century, throughout Western Civilization. But only in Western Civilization…. Africans, Arabs and Asians continued to resist giving up their slaves. Only because Western power was at its peak in the 19th Century was Western imperialism able to impose the abolition of slavery around the world–as it imposed the rest of its beliefs and agendas, for good or evil.

    So thus far there are lots of black traitors and Uncle Toms, eh? Well, maybe we can pin our hopes on liberated blacks like Kendi, with their promotion of Critical Race Theory, which informs us that America is rigged to keep Euroamericans on top, though I’m puzzled that it can’t account for why non-White Asians do so well there…. Cf. “Asian-American Success: the Elephant in the Room.”

  167. @Malla

    I think you are simply obsessed with Chinese. The people who said it were not Chinese. Stop your obsession. Modi was a great fan of Trump. Trump voters are the main one who think that way and they laugh and mock about it. Sorry to break it to you. But again if you read enough on Unz you would see it to. But you are purposely blind to it

    • Replies: @Malla
  168. @Lucius Vanini

    Nowhere in the “New Testament” does it say to save souls you should take the land and enslave or kill those who do not receive the gospels. That is a fake gospel

    • Replies: @Lucius Vanini
  169. Malla says:

    Maoist China later played supporting roles in backing and arming national liberation movements throughout Asia, Africa and Latin America

    In other words, the PRC interfered in the internal affairs of other polities and complains about foreign interference in its polity? LOL Well so did India at that time and so did the USA.
    Anyways, I have written aboutt his before
    The New Unhappy Lords: An Exposure Of Power Politics

    “As far as is known “America’s” anti-British policy was first given concrete expression in the brief that General Marshall took with him to the Quebec Conference in 1943.
    This was to the effect that the greatest single obstacle to the expansion of America’s export-capitalism after the war would be not the Soviet Union but the British Empire. What this meant, in practical terms, was that as soon as the enemies in the field (NS Germany, Fascist Italy, Japanese Empire) had been disposed of would come the turn of the British Empire to be progressively destroyed and that means to this end would be shaped even while hostilities raged. The moment they were over the campaign could begin in real earnest, the signal for which was to be Truman’s abrupt dropping of Lend-Lease to an ally whose economy had been so closely geared to war production that many markets for her goods had been systematically referred to U.S producers.
    The British Empire was not the only ally marked down for liquidation. The Dutch Empire in the East Indies and the French Empire in Indo-China and Africa were also high on the list ”

    In Page 22 of the book we read

    “However, as has happened time and again throughout history, the money-lenders had tended to overplay their hand. The six million German unemployed who were the victims of the “Great Depression” resulted in a formidable revolt against the Money Power—the revolt of Adolf Hitler. There was also a rebellion, although of a much milder kind, in Great Britain and the British nations overseas, whose representatives met in Ottawa in 1932 to hammer out a system of Imperial Preferences calculated to insulate the British world against Wall St. amok-runs. These Preferences, as we shall see, incurred the unrelenting hostility of the New York Money Power and the only reason why a show-down was not forced was the far more serious threat to the international financial system implicit in the economic doctrines of the Third Reich.”

    What were these British Empire trade agreements America and Wall Street hated so much?
    British Empire Economic Conference in Ottawa Canada, 1932

    India was represented by Sir Atul Chandra Chatterjee who had earlier served as the Indian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom from 1925 to 1931.

    From the above
    The British Empire Economic Conference (also known as the Imperial Economic Conference or Ottawa Conference) was a 1932 conference of British colonies and the autonomous dominions held to discuss the Great Depression. It was held between 21 July and 20 August in Ottawa.

    “The conference saw the group admit the failure of the gold standard and abandon attempts to return to it. The meeting also worked to establish a zone of limited tariffs within the British Empire, but with high tariffs with the rest of the world. This was called “Imperial preference” or “Empire Free-Trade” on the principle of “home producers first, empire producers second, and foreign producers last”. The result of the conference was a series of bilateral agreements that would last for at least 5 years.[1] This abandonment of open free trade led to a split in the British National Government coalition: the Official Liberals under Herbert Samuel left the Government, but the National Liberals under Sir John Simon remained.

    The conference was especially notable for its adoption of Keynesian ideas such as lowering interest rates, increasing the money supply, and expanding government spending.

    The United States were annoyed by the implementation of Imperial Preference as it affected them economically.[2]”

  170. Malla says:

    The Forging of the American Empire: From the Revolution to Vietnam
    by By Sidney Lens, Howard Zinn
    Pages 327 & 328

    “For Roosevelt, the “new era” meant a shift from the imperialism of the past, in which Britain and France ruled great colonial empires, to a softer imperialism, in which the United States was pre-dominant. He articulated his particular vision of the future on many occasions. Commenting on the good-neighbour policy in 1940, for instance, FDR defined a new approach to underdeveloped countries-“give them a share”-while simultaneously expressing the opinion that it was “a terribly interesting idea” that Britain would have to sell much of its holding in Latin America to finance its war-holdings of course would end up in the hands of American entrepreneurs. “We’ve got to make very clear to the British from the very onset,” Roosevelt remarked to his son Elliot, “that we don’t intend to be simply a good-time Charlie who can be used to help the British Empire out of a tight spot, and then be forgotten forever.” His bias against the old colonialism was so evident that during an informal dinner at the Atlantic Conference in August 1941, Churchill pointed as stubby finger at the American chief executive and exclaimed: “Mr. President, I believe you are trying to do away with the British Empire. Every idea you entertain about the structure of the postwar world demonstrates it.”

    Yet, Roosevelt’s opposition to the old imperial system was not predicated on idealism but on the practical and materialistic desire to enhance American trade and investment. As Richrad Hofstadter observes in his American Political Tradition, it “was not simply altruistic; American commercial interests for instance the vast oil concessions that had been made…. Arguing that ‘equality of people involved the utmost freedom of competitive trade’ he appealed to Churchill to open markets ‘for healthy competition’ and dissolve the British Empire trade agreements’.

    • Replies: @antibeast
  171. Malla says:

    Some snippets from Douglas Reed’s book ‘South of the Suez’ will throw some light on this conspiracy.

    “America makes local forays “against Communism” which leave no dent in the thing itself and end in semi-fiasco (witness Korea, Vietnam, Cuba). Betweenwhiles, American State patronage of the revolution in reality goes on and is plainest to see in Africa, where implacable American pressure for “black majority rule” has helped bring about the present chaos of racial and tribal warfare in northern Africa, under cover of which communism, leaping over the Middle East and the Indian Ocean, has planted its first overseas colony-in-embryo at Dar es Salaam on the East African coast, whence “news” about the rest of Africa reaches the ears of “the free world” through the B.B.C. and the Voice of America. ”
    “The logical next step was independence for Southern Rhodesia, far more advanced than the others, self-governing for forty years, raised by its own bootstraps to its status, without monetary or other help from others. More than thirty new “States” had been fabricated out of the tribal complex of Africa and were being propped up with British money while they clamoured for war in New York. It was unimaginable, in 1963, that to Rhodesia alone, in all this continent, independence should be denied. ”

    Reed is writing here about the The Unilateral Declaration of Independence by Rhodesia from Great Britain in 1967. Ian Smith, was one of the signatories to it.

    Snippets from another of Mr. Reed’s book ‘The Siege Of Southern Africa’, published in 1974

    “In Angola they are engaged, as they well know, in a war which they cannot militarily win because it is not a war at all, in any sense in which the word was ever used in history. It is an international conspiracy in which half the governments of the world join, wearing the mocking mask of moral indignation: Russian and Chinese Communists, American Quakers, British Socialists, Norwegian, Swedish and German Socialists. It can go on as long as hireling murderers can be enlisted by the promise of loot, women, private vengeance and political appointments. It can go on as long as America, Russia, China, “the satellite States”, Cuba and Algeria flood Africa with arms for these hirelings, and as long as the Socialist party in England and the Roosevelt school in America lavish money on them.”
    “The open frontal attack has not happened, or not yet, and the siege of Southern Africa which has been conducted during the last decade is of an entirely new nature. It is one of bombardment by falsehood, threat and menace from the body ludicrously called the “United Nations” in New York; of murder, arson and rapine by hired assassins on the borders of the four countries chiefly besieged; and of incitement by words and money gifts from innumerable “democratic” Governments and Communist “cover organizations” all over the world.”

    “These emissaries infiltrate into the Ovambo villages by night and “disturb and incite the tribespeople, particularly the young men, with tales of coming invasions patronized by the House of Helots in New York and limitlessly supplied with Chinese and Russian arms. The leftist-liberal world conspiracy has reached into this remote and peaceful pastoral community. ”

    “Mr. Ruark did not add what I will append here: these hideous miscreants were the proteges of those ravening wolves, the Liberals of New York, as well as the hirelings of Communism. Their leader, an abominable creature of many aliases, is best known as Holden Roberto. Just eighteen months before the massacre he went to the United States where he was made warmly welcome by the American Committee on Africa, the State Department, the Central Intelligence Agency and Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt.”Hideous miscreants in the above snippet refers to black terrorists who massacred both blacks and Whites, trained by communist USSR, China and North Korea and financed by the USA.

  172. Malla says:

    British policy 1914-41 and Winston Churchill part 2 featuring Horus by 99IronDuke

    At 5:40: minutes they discuss
    “The Washington Naval treaty basically meant that the Royal Navy in the 1920s was reduced to the same size as the USA to be honest. And both those navies were the largest in the World….Japan had 2/3rd of the American and British. And it was designed to stop the naval arms trade, which it did but was very bad from Britain’s point of view because the Americans had only to defend their East and West coasts basically. The British had the whole British Empire to defend. So we needed more ships”….
    At 7:20 minutes
    “In the Washington Naval Treaty one of the things the Americans demanded ..was Britain give up her Naval alliance with Japan, which had been a good naval alliance for Britain for about 20 years…And the Japanese were mortally offended when Britain got rid of the treaty…”

    At 8:02
    “But many people including the Australian PM at the time, was strange to say, a Labour PM, Billy Hughes did not support getting rid of the Anglo-Japanese naval alliance at all. He thought Britain should have stuck to it. Because the Americans weren’t willing to become allies to Britain in replacement of that. In fact they kept their war plans against the British, basically involved attacking Canada. They (Americans) kept their war plans against the British almost up until World War 2. Certainly well into the 1930s. They weren’t exactly a British ally.We had a discussion on discord on so called “special relationship”. To my mind it has always been one sided. It tends to be special when the Brits go running after the Americans and joining their wars… On the other hand when the Brits try and do stuff, the Americans are much more reluctant to do it. If you look at Suez at 1956, the Americans acted as our enemies, not our friends. Even in the Falklands War, it took Mrs Thatcher, to actually be very downright and insisted the Americans choose in between Argentina and Britain. In that example they had to chose Britain as it was much more important ally than Argentina was. But she nearly had to push it…..
    One of the people who supported the Naval treaty was Winston Churchill, surprise, surprise.”

    At 19:32 minutes they discuss (prior they discuss how Australian and Canadian navies were considered part of the British total when comparing with the US total and thus many ships, one of them a fine Australian Naval Ship had to be scuttled)
    At 19:32 minutes Horus says: “It’s horrible to think of like these like World class vessels like being ditched, to basically keep peace with America, which then just went on to try and dissolve our Empire anyway. It is really tragic.
    IronDuke: Yes, it really was. Like I said, the British got rid of an absolutely rock solid naval alliance with Japan, in return for nothing from the Americans. It was absolutely ridiculous of a thing for Britain to go for.”

    Interesting tidbits
    26:40 to 27:26 minutes
    “Winston Churchill in WW2 was absolutely dead set on sending every single spare modern aircraft Britain produced and every single spare tank that Britain produced to that vile scumbag Stalin in the Soviet Union. Via very expensive Arctic convoys that got a lot of British sailors both merchant and royal navy which killed and lost a lot of good Royal Navy ships.”

    47:51 to 48:11 minutes
    “Every PM of India (post Independence) was like an anti-colonial leftist. They were very friendly to the Soviet Union.”

  173. Malla says:

    I think you are simply obsessed with Chinese.

    Nope, you are obsessed with portraying Indians as sepoys of Whites. A kind of compulsive disorder. because in your mind the World has two poles Middle Kingdom Revolutionary China vs Imperialist Western White barbarians. Since India is not on your camp, India HAS TO be a sepoy of YT barbarians. The idea of other poles. third poles or multiple poles is beyond your conception.

    Modi was a great fan of Trump.

    So? Trump benefited India. Also since George W Bush Jr., India has found Republican US administrations more amiable and friendly. India, after being very very friendly to Clinton, Obama and now Biden has experienced back stabs from Democrat administrations. What is India to do?

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  174. Malla says:

    I hope you will forgive me if I remain unconvinced.

    Of course my friend, my friends are entitled to their delusions. In India, most believe that the BRI is way for China to extract resources from third world countries via debt trap or whatever, something I am quite skeptical about, personally. I argue otherwise, but they remain unconvinced. I hope, you guys can forgive them Indian nats.

    • Replies: @d dan
  175. Malla says:
    @d dan

    your White master alone.

    Mein master!!!! That son of a bitch, isn’t born yet.

    the British history is/shall/will not written by your White master alone.

    British history should not be written by the British!! It should be written by people who hate the British… Nice. Maybe Chinese history should be written by Vietnamese Nationalists.

    If Queen Victoria could just stay within her island (or at least within Europe)

    Indian Nationalists: If China would have remained on THAT side of the Great Wall of China…sigh…

    consumed their own opium,

    In early 19th-century Britain, opium was the aspirin and benzodiazepine of its day. It was available, without medical prescription, from any corner shop in small quantities at a price that could be afforded by the poorest of the poor. Without ready access to medical care, opium and its derivatives (laudanum, paregoric) were sovereign remedies for fevers, aches, and pains, colicky and fractious infants, the dying, and the mad. Opium was used for its “stimulant properties” by beer drinkers in the fens of Norfolk and literary figures like Coleridge and de Quincey.

    planted their own tea and earned an honest living

    What a buffoon!!! Millions of Britons, Germans, Frenchmen, Belgians, Italians, Russians, Japanese, Dutchmen, Portuguese, Danes, Americans, Spaniards etc…were working long shifts in factories, going down mines and toiling in the fields even when their countries had Empires. They were not sitting around like rich oil Sheikhs, you know. They could not afford to do so. They had to afford bread and rice for their bellies.

    English Harvest (1938) Farmers of England
    If that is not honest living by the sweat from one’s brows, I do not know what is.

    • Thanks: Lucius Vanini
    • Replies: @d dan
  176. Malla says:
    @d dan

    So, I am afraid to inform you that Chinese has already finished written their chapter on the British empire. Many Asians and Africans have also started to write their chapters. The Black slaves, national Americans, the Australian Aborigines

    Oh the Han are the leaders against Imperialist Whitey balbalian? Sorry to tell you but others have been writing post-colonial B.S. for some lor some long time now. And sorry Han, Hindoos have been big in this business. A lot of anti-colonial oops post colonial deaprtments are full of angry Hindoos wishin to dish YT.
    Now averybody has the right to criticize anything. British Empire, USA, Portuguese Empire,People’s Republic of China, KMT, Republic of India, Hindutva, et…you names it. However the problem is writing B.S. What they normally to is hide up positive things European Empires have done (a huge hidin), hype up or invent negative things, blame everything ion European Empires etc…. I have a good track record of debunking their B.S.
    Your’s truly, moi,
    goes through them like wrecking ball
    through tofu wall.

    • Thanks: Lucius Vanini
    • Replies: @antibeast
  177. antibeast says:

    The Yanks have always considered the Europeans to be overprivileged prima donnas whose time is up for the Americans to fulfill their ‘manifest destiny’ in the world stage. That Yankee mindset is exemplified by the Monroe Doctrine which dates back to the 19th century when Europeans ruled much of the world while the Yanks struggled to keep their fledgling country from the predations of Europeans (including their British cousins) by fighting two wars against them (War of 1812, Spanish-American War). During the late 19th to early 20th century, the Yanks sought to deter Europeans from closing off East Asia through its ‘open-door policy’ in Japan and China and did away with the British Imperial Preference System altogether after the end of WWII. The Suez Crisis then saw the Yanks backstabbed the British and French who were effectively told to stop their imperial project. The Americans initially acquiesced to the French annexation of Algeria but JFK later voiced his support for Algerian Independence. While the Yanks opposed European imperialism in the Middle East and North Africa, that wasn’t true in Southeast Asia as the Yanks backed the French in Indochina, supported the British in the Malayan Emergency and orchestrated a military coup against Sukarno and the PKI Communists in Indonesia.

    The Yanks have a mixed record of oftentimes supporting while at times opposing European imperialism. The case of Germany is apt : the Yanks remained aloof from European affairs and maintained neutrality during the period leading up to WWI and WWII but then suddenly sided with their British cousins against the Germans during WWI and WWII. Now history is repeating itself as the US Deep State is intent on destroying the EU economy by disrupting the EU-Russia energy trade which started in earnest during Soviet times. The Yanks didn’t oppose the EU-USSR energy trade back then because of the Cold War. Now that the USSR is gone, the USA sees the EU as its peer competitor in the West, exactly the same ‘Thucydides Trap’ Germany found itself in prior to WWI and WWII. Despite all this talk about the threat of China or Russia, it’s the EU and its Euro currency which poses the biggest challenge to American hegemony and its Petrodollar System.

  178. antibeast says:

    What do you think about Modi’s claim in the video below that Indian history was distorted as written by the British?

    • Replies: @Malla
    , @Malla
  179. d dan says:

    “That son of a bitch, isn’t born yet.”

    OK, if you don’t think Whites are your master, I am perfectly fine to take back my words. It is acceptable to me to replace with description like “your admired White people” or whatever way you see fit.

    But if you are still so emotional and fail to see the simple logic that British Empire’s history is and will always be part of others’ histories, than there is nothing I need to say anymore. What is right or wrong about British/European behaviors will not be decided by you or your _____ (fill in the blank) alone. Sorry many people don’t believe you, especially when you made outrageous sweeping statements (e.g. “most benevolent in human history”).

    And the false claim of equivalence with Chinese history is just plain silly. Chinese usually don’t invade, don’t care and don’t criticize about White-Black slavery fight or the Jew-this-Jew-that-whatever, until people get fed-up with the constant lies about Uighurs/Tibet/Hong Kong by the Westerners. If an Indian or Japanese commenter criticizes CaoCao and claims he know more about Chinese history than Chinese, have better value judgement of Chinese historical events than Chinese historians, etc, than the asshole just shows himself to be a stupid one. But if honest peoples (irrelevant party like Western liars excluded, of course) want to write their history chapters about their interaction and shared experience with Chinese, e.g. about Zheng He voyages, or their ancient visits to the middle kingdom, or BRI… than Chinese are actually very thrilled to read about it.

    See the difference in attitudes between peoples writing British vs Chinese histories?

    • Agree: showmethereal
    • Replies: @Malla
  180. d dan says:

    “In India, most believe that the BRI…”

    To demonstrate again my point of false equivalence you repeatedly fail to see, India is not part of the BRI. So, their belief is from a irrelevant third party, non-participant point of view. For them to write about the history of BRI is no difference than for Chinese to write about Russian history. On the other hand, the British Empire experiences were part of many peoples’ own histories.

    • Replies: @Malla
  181. Anonymous[410] • Disclaimer says:

    India far from being a sepoy is an independent pole who can at once show the middle finger to both the “Western Imperialist Dogs” and the “Chinese Imperialist Dogs” at one time. Get that in your he


    It is indeed abundantly clear that a certain segment of India have set views, and simply cannot be convinced otherwise. I also understand that this is the “experienced reality” of this segment of India. In my view, “experienced reality” is as valid and “true” as “objective reality”. Man should not be slaves to only reason, but should equally acknowledge perception.

    Malla, you have distanced yourself from these irrational and self-destructive views, if I understand correctly. A VERY wise decision on your part.

    In fact, the Indian self-destructiveness reminds me of the self-defeating fanaticism of radical Islam. It is imperative that this Indian segment does not drag India itself into actions that would only lead to loss and harm, especially on an ongoing basis (witness the effect of the Wahhabi subset in Saudi Arabia and the greater Islamic world).

    After all, as some Indians have their valid experienced reality, so the rest of humanity have theirs. And of course, any race/tribe can gnash, wail and seethe for millennia, or until the sun burns out or for lifespan of the universe, but there will simply be no accommodation possible with the Indian segment under discussion.

    I don’t see the Indians as “Sepoys”. I feel that is a decidedly Overseas Chinese viewpoint. In China itself, my experience is that India is simply not really on the radar.

    If Mainland Chinese think of India, it’s still seen as the place of birth of Buddhism, and a civilization in its own right, something like Persia, Arabia or Europe.

    Modern India, diplomatically, is seen as a sort of tantrum-throwing, immature child, who cannot be reasoned with, and who insists everyone give in order to get its way. The response is not to give even a millimeter to Indian irrationality. The Han can be just as nationalistic, rabid and utterly unyielding as the Hindu.

    Hah, as an American, I guess the Han would build a wall between themselves and India, but then why a wall when they already “Hold the High Ground” as it were – the entire Tibetan plateau, and the Himalayas: as massive and impregnable a barrier as can exist on this planet of ours. Makes the Alps look like hills, really.

    It really is much too bad for Asia, much to the delight of the West, and the great satisfaction of the Islamic world as well.

    Neither side will ever leave the world stage, and both China and India have been around forever, literally.

    My advice to the Overseas Chinese: accept and live with the fact of Indian long-term hatred, and simply keep moving forward with no regard for what some Indians feel.
    STOP calling Indians Sepoys. Grossly inaccurate, and the wrong mental image. “Sepoys” will not help you to understand certain Indians.
    “Here Asia stands, to the end of time”. Nothing can be done. Certainly, Indian demands (nor Chinese demands) cannot/should not be met if irrational, no matter Indian (or Chinese) experience of reality. There needs to be BALANCE. Overseas Han must leave things at that – do as China itself does.

    Maybe colonize outer space? Seems the better use of Chinese energy and drive.

    • Thanks: Malla
  182. @Malla

    I was simply confirming to another poster what they have observed and heard others say. And many others on here who are obvious westerners have done on other threads. So yes you are obsessed and a coward when it comes to confronting westerners who openly mock Indians

    • Replies: @littlereddot
  183. @showmethereal

    You raised good points. I also noticed that he shows a reluctance to confront derision and downright mocking of Indians when it is done by westerners.

    I don’t know if it is due to obsession or cowardice, but I am sure we will be able enlighten us with his reply and future posts. I find him quite fascinating.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  184. Malla says:
    @Lucius Vanini

    And though the notion is crazy it does bespeak some measure of real good-will.


    And so allow me to provide balance to the kindly face this comment has thus far put on Europe, and say that Europeans invaded the globe also through greed and lust for power over others, with an untold many of them practicing much cruelty and deception and thievery.

    But that is not uniquely European. Most populations on Earth have done this as will to power is common in all humans and all living beings (Nietzsche), Human history is full of Empires. Even the Zulus in Southern Africa had an empire of their own. Nothing uniquely European about it as non Whites and leftists are trying to portray.
    What is different is Europeans (especially those from North Western Europe but to a lessor extent Southern and Eastern Euros too) and up to a lessor extent the Japanese is that they are more open to self reflection when facing other, of more moral self criticism w.r.t history. And others including Jews are actually taking advantage of this as weakness. Self criticism can lead to self improvement, now a days there is so much self criticism int he West that it is becoming suicidal!! Other populations do not self criticize, they portray their history as PERFECT. “We iz uniquely good”. Which is B.S. Hindus do it, Islamic World does it, Chinese do it, Blacks do it, Jews do it etc… the issue creeps up when two such populations go against each other. Example Hindus vs Muslims. or India Vs China. Both sides consider their nations and civilizations as uniquely good, “who never invade others”. Indians believe that invading others is something Hindus can never do. LOL. So you end up with two bunch of cave people banging each other on the heads, ooga booga.
    But in honesty, Western populations at times behave the same caveman style too sometimes. Like the shitshow in the World Wars. And definitely Western governments act cavemen, when they are convinced they are right when they go into misadventurism like recently in Iraq and Yugoslavia (which is also White and can be considered Western, at least the Catholic Croats, if you consider White Muslims and Orthodox as some kind of Eastern Whites). And there are times when other populations do self criticize, like during the Hindu reform movement, many Hindus, influenced by the West criticized Hindu traditions like Sati or Chinese criticism of Confucianism during the early Maoist period. But of course the Hindu Bengali elites were driven by fear of the spread of Protestant Christianity (if we do not reform) and the Chinese self criticism was based on the question of if Confucianism had weakened China when facing the modern changing world.

    BTW thanks for your kind words and sorry for my delay to you and others in responding as I am quite busy here.

    Anyway, if this is Indian Nationalism, I like and favor Indian Nationalism,

    It is much more complicated than that, but I will need a separate post.

  185. Malla says:
    @d dan

    Makes no difference, they shall remain unconvinced. I hope, you guys can forgive them Indian nats.

    • Replies: @d dan
  186. Malla says:

    Interesting. However what is also interesting is that when the Germans decided to group Muslim soldiers of the Indische Freiwilligen Legion der Waffen-SS/ Tiger Legion/Azad Hind Fauj or the Indian Waffen SS with other Muslims (Morrocans, Albanians, Chechen, Dagestanis, Bosnians etc… ) in the Waffen SS to create a an Islamic Waffen SS, the Indian Muslims (ancestors of both Pakistanis and some Indians today) said that they considered themselves Indian first and thus were allowed to stay in the Indian Waffen SS units.

    BTW (ad #144) I didn´t know regular sepoys carried the chakram –
    or is that just for dramatic effect?

    It’s a Sikh thing. Non Sikhs do not carry that weapon.

  187. Malla says:
    @d dan

    What is right or wrong about British/European behaviors will not be decided by you or your _____ (fill in the blank) alone. Sorry many people don’t believe you, especially when you made outrageous sweeping statements

    It does not matter who writes history, as long as they can keep their feelings from twisting it. That is what post colonial/anti-colonial history tends to be.

    most benevolent in human history”).

    Yes, it was, but it was not perfect.

    And the false claim of equivalence with Chinese history is just plain silly.

    It would still be interesting to see how Vietnamese Nats write various aspects of it.

    Wang Jingwei 汪精卫, 王揖唐

    Great that you mentioned the so called “great traitor”. I am actually looking to read his point of view, of why he did what he did. I am looking to see his works translated in English, if he has some. I think he was more leftist than Chiang, was his rivalry with Chiang which led to his accepting the Japanese offer.

    But the global anti-colonialism movements started much earlier. In the broader sense, the anti-colonialism started shortly after European invaded

    Actually it started way way before that. It started when one stone age tribe attacked another stone age tribe way back in time.

    but that was due partly to the efforts of communists

    Not simple as that. For example, people in places like Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania etc…were fighting for their nation, their own anti-colonial movement against the Communists!!!

    The Japanese TEMPORARY winning over the Whites

    It has massive impact, it gave many Asians confidence. First against the Russians and then against the Western Whites. I have explained it well.

    weak knees, national traitors, house niggers, banana, coconut, rambutan, kiwi found it inspiring.

    Typical Chi-com arrogance. Calling the Freedom fighters of other nations names. Abdul Gammel Nasser, Ba Maw, Aung Sa, Bung Tomo, SC Bose etc… were hardcore nationalists.

    independence of countries of weak national awareness and unity like Malaysia, Singapore or India

    More arrogance.

    In any case, the “destruction” of the British Empire was never Japanese intention

    It was. During WW2 it was.

  188. @showmethereal

    Nowhere in the “New Testament” does it say to save souls you should take the land and enslave or kill those who do not receive the gospels. That is a fake gospel.

    Straw man. That’s not what the Europeans at the dawn of the Age of Exploration and Colonization, or those later on, believed either.

    For one thing, the early explorers didn’t purpose to take anyone’s land and enslave people. They wished to trade directly with the Indies and Far East. They wanted to cut out the Islamic middlemen, through whom they’d been acquiring commodities like spices and silk from the East, so as to get them at a far cheaper price. Further, Muslims were adversaries of the Medieval and Renaissance-era Europeans, who’d have rather not do business with them if possible. Hence the stated objective of men like Columbus and Da Gama was to discover a sea route to the Indies and Far East. The first English expeditions, such as those under the Cabots, had the same purpose.

    The Europeans knew that India and China were powerful civilizations. They couldn’t hope to conquer them and take their lands. Only later, when they’d consolidated their power in the East, had surpassed the Asians in military technology and had seen the Indians and Chinese were less powerful than they, did they think to dominate these huge countries.

    But even then, as believing Judeo-Christians, they thought that they’d be conferring incalculable benefit on Asians by introducing Judeo-Christianity into their societies! Converts would be changed from wretches doomed to suffer everlasting agony into blessed members of the Judeo-Christian brotherhood who’d enjoy eternal bliss! Crazy, utter garbage, I know, as a self-loving European who draws his inspiration from Classical Hellas and Roma; but that’s what most Europeans during those centuries did believe, and their wanting to spread their faith among non-Europeans did exhibit some good will.

    That was equally true when Columbus realized he’d reached a continent unknown to earlier Europeans (he did on the Third Voyage, in 1498, despite a myth still widespread today, that he died thinking he’d reached Asia)–a part of the world inhabited by less “advanced” societies. Even as he and the Spaniards who followed him enslaved the Amerindians and conquered their lands, they believed they were inestimably benefiting untold multitudes by bringing them Christ lol…. Look at how Columbus got to signing his name–Xpo ferens: a combination of Greek and Latin meaning “Christ carrier.” It was a clearer stating of the etymology of Cristoforo or Christopher. As St. Christopher had earned his name by carrying the Christ child across a river, so he, Columbus, had carried Christ across the Atlantic.

    Did the Europeans entertain seemingly incongruous motives and objectives? Of course! Neither Malla nor I maintain that they were out simply to benefit non-Europeans, only that their motives were mixed and that there even was some benevolence among those motives. Mixed motivation is a very common human trait. Very rarely are we actuated by a single purpose.

    I thought that the comment to which you replied, showmethereal, was clear as to that, where the Europeans who established the European Global Hegemony were concerned.

    Nor were the personalities less varied than the motives. Among those who followed in Columbus’ wake, you had ruthless Conquistadors like Pizarro and advocates for natives’s rights like Bartolome de las Casas who, wanting all Amerindian souls saved, wanted no Amerindian bodies enslaved or abused, let alone killed.

    There’s psychological, behavioral and ethical diversity in all human groups. And in all civilizations laying claim to moral rectitude there are contradictory elements. Ming China revered Confucius who, like the so-called Buddha, said “Do not do to others what you don’t want done to yourself.” But (for just one example) some Ming Chinese individuals had 1,565 Miao boys castrated, to make eunuch slaves, after the Miao rebellion was sternly put down in 1460 CE. Unless those particular Chinese wanted to be castrated, they apparently weren’t inspired by Confucian ideals lol when they castrated the Miao boys, 329 of whom, by the way, died from the operation.

    The Brits, by the time they dominated India and much of the globe, thought they were acquainting non-Europeans with a higher civilization (and, as among the Spaniards, some thought they were saving souls). I think they were mistaken–except, arguably, inasmuch as European/Brit science and technology had shot past the rest of the world’s. Yet the question here isn’t whether they were correct, but whether they ever were actuated by benevolence.

    I believe that the evidence says they were. Not that it can easily influence non-Europeans who, though their own heritage isn’t free of “man’s inhumanity to man” (whose is?), are attached to the current fashion of guilt-tripping the Europe descended lol.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  189. @d dan

    You are lying as usual. Puyi was a Manchu-Mongol, he went over to the Japanese after Han Chinese plundered mausoleum of his ancestor,

    If you claim him as Chinese fine. Then China deserved to get stumped for all these aggressive invasions–

    If you want to claim Qing territories why don’t you claim back Outer Manchuria and Tannu Uriankhai from the Russians? Because Chicom Trolls like you are too chickenshit.

    • Troll: showmethereal
    • Replies: @Deep Thought
    , @d dan
  190. @Malla

    Wang Jingwei was a anti-Qing Han nationalist like Sun Yat-sen. Sun Yat-sen was helped by the Japanese in the Xinhai Revolution to overthrow the Qing, then Sun turned around double-talked and said all of Manchu Qing belonged to Han Chinese.

    Wang Jingwei almost gave his life fighting the Manchus. Later on he simply believed that collaborating with the Japanese was no worse than Chiang collaborating with Anglos or Mao with Soviets.

    This is the hypocrisy of PRC imperialism:

    – They claim all the territories of Manchu-Mongol dynasties, but none of the responsibility for bloodshed inflicted all over Asia.

    – They grievance-monger against the West and Japan, but never say peep-squat about when Russians slaughtered them like dogs, because PRC was originally a vassal of the Russians

  191. @China Japan and Korea Bromance of Three Kingdoms

    Puyi was a Manchu-Mongol, he went over to the Japanese after Han Chinese plundered mausoleum of his ancestor,

    If Puyi WAS a Manchu-Mongol, his ancestors’ mausoleum, as well as their homelands, deserved to be plundered by the Chinese– by the Principle of Reciprocity.

    Do remember that the japs caused as much pain and suffering to the Chinese people as the Manchus and the Mongols had done!!!

  192. @littlereddot

    Am interesting character indeed. If not a coward than a westerner masquerading as an Indian. Claiming Chinese are jealous of Indians is past delusion. In China itself they even clamp down on negative comments about India. The media does not report lots of negative things about India. It wants the populous to be neutral. Chinese don’t really hate Indians because they love Pakistanis. In the same way China is friends with Saudi Arabia and Iran. Overseas Chinese are plenty successful and couldn’t care less about Indian achievements. Overseas Chinese care more about seeing the restoration of Chinese civilization than being CEO’s in the west. What is the racial status between Chinese and Indians in Singapore (assuming that you are there).

    • Replies: @d dan
    , @littlereddot
  193. @Lucius Vanini

    Not straw. Read the Bible. To use Christ names to commit some acts is blasphemous.
    Not sure what that has to do with the Meng. East Asians adopted Confucianism. That wasn’t because Chinese sought to evangelize. Confucianism is a philosophy- not a religion.

    • Agree: d dan
    • LOL: Lucius Vanini
    • Replies: @Lucius Vanini
  194. d dan says:

    “as long as they can keep their feelings from twisting it…”

    Sorry, you are the one that is twisting your beloved Empire’s history.

    “Vietnamese Nats write various aspects of it.”

    They already did. So did Korean. You probably are not aware of how much online debates between Korean and Chinese about their respective “histories”. I find the Korean version of Chinese history very hilarious – but I never see any Chinese commenters become angry at them like you.

    “it gave many Asians confidence…”

    That is why I called these Asians the weak knees, they lacked confidence to stand straight in front of a White. And yes, some were traitors too: replacing one colonial master with another colonial master would doom their countries for much longer time. At least for the White masters, it was much easier for the natives to identify, but for a Japanese master – well good luck to them.

    “Typical Chi-com arrogance. Calling the Freedom fighters of other nations names. Abdul Gammel Nasser, Ba Maw, Aung Sa, Bung Tomo, SC Bose etc… were hardcore nationalists.”

    You don’t even understand the quotes you put out? Nassar, for example, didn’t say HE himself need the Japanese to give him confidence to fight for independence, he was saying that there were many Arabs who were the weak knees or house niggers – that was why they need a “Japan”.

    In any case, the “destruction” of the British Empire was never Japanese intention – d dan

    “During WW2 it was.” – Malla

    More revisionist lie from Malla.

  195. d dan says:
    @China Japan and Korea Bromance of Three Kingdoms

    “You are lying as usual. Puyi was a Manchu-Mongol, he went over to the Japanese after Han Chinese plundered mausoleum of his ancestor,”

    “As usual”, what has anything in your comment contradicts what I said?

    I am not going to repeat your stupid Japanese ritual forever, just because you have a perverted psychological need to stamp a “liar” label on me.

  196. @Malla

    But [cruelty and deception and thievery are] not uniquely European. Most populations on Earth have done this as will to power is common [to] all humans and all living beings (Nietzsche).

    Bingo! Pow! Bull’s-eye!

    Nietzsche, in Zur Genealogie der Moral (The Genealogy of Morals):

    To talk of intrinsic right and intrinsic wrong is absolutely nonsensical; intrinsically, an injury. an oppression, an exploitation, an annihilation can be nothing wrong, inasmuch as life is essentially (that is, in its cardinal functions) something which functions by injuring, oppressing, exploiting, and annihilating, and is absolutely inconceivable without such a character.

    LOL there are two writers I can read in a smoggy, polluted, ugly metropolis but feel I’m on a wild mountaintop and breathing the purest air–Nietzsche and Machiavelli, so honest and real and free of bullshit are they….

    BTW thanks for your kind words and sorry for my delay to you and others in responding as I am quite busy.

    LOL yes I noticed that you’re busy. Your heresy has created a sensation. I mean, how dare you be too secure, too tough and assured of the greatness of your own heritage to be mortally offended by the historical preeminence of another continent, especially since it looks to be temporary, just a few steps in the Divine Choreography (Dance of Shiva). What are you doing–breaking ranks with the Pan-Asian contingent to put Euroman Big Nose in his place?! For shame!

    • Agree: Malla
  197. d dan says:

    “Overseas Chinese are plenty successful and couldn’t care less about Indian achievements. ”

    It is a type of projection for them? Overseas Indian care a lot more about their success (and therefore images) in the West because they have less opportunities in India. So, overseas Chinese must be the same? This is my hypothesis.

    • Agree: showmethereal
    • Replies: @Malla
  198. @Malla

    [Indian Nationalism] is much more complicated than that, but I will need a separate post.

    I noticed, after I couldn’t edit, that I’d written “Indian Nationalism” instead of “Hindu,” which seems your preference. My doing so reflects my wholesale, lifelong association of India with Hinduism alone. When I think “Indian,” I think “Hindu” and never ever “Muslim.” Even Sikhism and Jainism I view as outliers, while I regard Buddhism as something which India produced but had the good sense to largely reject.

    In my mind the heart of India is at the confluence of the Ganges and the Jumna….

    Nowadays there is so much self-criticism in the West that it is becoming suicidal!!!

    That’s a legacy of the toxic Judeo-Christianity, peddled to Europe long ago by Jews more europhobic than Asians in this thread lol. That Judaic snake-oil says it’s not nice to love and prefer oneself: unselfishness, self-abnegation are equated with goodness…. And the liberal, “bleeding-heart” morality–secular altruism–is little more than Judeo-Christian Sklavenmoral minus the theism and eschatology. And of course the europhobes exploit the situation.

    LOL look what I came across last night, from arguably America’s most celebrated black scholar–Thomas Sowell:

    What multiculturalism boils down to is that you can praise any culture in the world except Western culture–and you cannot blame any culture in the world except Western culture.

    Also, I encountered this in Truth Social–a comment by the Indian Conservative Dinesh D’Souza (from Golden Goa!!!, Europe’s first great colony on the Subcontinent) concerning a book written by a greasy little Paki, a Moshid Hamid, entitled The Last White Man LOL. The reviewer (a Jewess?) says of its theme: “Calm eventually settles when the world’s population turns brown and white people become a distant memory.” Says D’Souza, evidently another Indian who doesn’t lack for manhood:

    It’s fashionable to call for the end of white people but no one ever calls for the brown and black people of the world to get by without the discoveries, inventions, and manifold contributions of white people. No one ever opines on what the world would look like without these.

    • Replies: @Malla
    , @Malla
    , @Malla
    , @Malla
  199. d dan says:

    “Makes no difference, they shall remain unconvinced.”

    LOL. You don’t get it? I was NOT talking about “them” – the Indian nationalists. I know their view about BRI and have no illusion nor intention to change their minds.

    I was talking about YOU: your failure to understand the differences between Chinese (and other peoples) writing about British history (because British history is part of our history – at least those chapters like opium wars etc), whereas BRI is not (at least not yet) related to India. It was your false equivalence that I am pointing out.

    But I suspect you already know my original meaning. It is exactly your usual tactics – kind of forked tongue speak like before.

    • Agree: showmethereal
    • Replies: @Deep Thought
    , @Malla
  200. @Malla

    Of course you are right, that poverty alone does not cause criminal behavior, but in some populations there seems to be a strong correlation.I think you might agree that cohesive families with traditional cultural and religious values are less likely to have children who become criminals,but there are no certainties where humans are involved.

    In the U.S. Blacks commit an excessive amount of violent crimes and Jews have no equal in crimes of finance,swindling and espionage.Is it fair to say that people commit crimes in that field where they tend to excel?

  201. @showmethereal

    Not straw. Read the Bible. To use Christ names to commit some acts is blasphemous.

    Yes, straw. Think. Use your reason. The issue isn’t whether the Europeans were always self-consistent, but whether benevolent feeling ever played a part in their doings across the oceans.

    You underestimate the Renaissance-age Europeans. They were more vital than you perhaps suppose, and were much more false to that sick superstition than you might think. I Peter 3:9 told them “Do not repay evil with evil or insult with insult. On the contrary, repay evil with blessing….” But they repaid those who attacked them with deadly warfare. Matthew 26:52 said “Put your sword back in its place….for all who draw the sword will die by the sword.” But they drew the sword a lot and used it quite well! Matthew 6:19 said “Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon the earth,” while Matthew 19:24 said “….it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.” But they laid great treasures upon the earth, became rich, and ignored the needle and camel tomfoolery. I’m glad, grateful and proud that they did so!

    None of this however excluded their credo that baptism and believing in the efficacy of the Vicarious Atonement were necessary to salvation. And accordingly they did think that converting non-Europeans to their creed was to confer an unparalleled benefit upon them. They believed that as much when they had no thought of conquering India and China–which they thought they couldn’t do–as when in the Americas they found they could defeat the natives. Nor, again, was every colonist a Pizarro. Some were not conquerors but missionaries, and like Las Casas. So there was some benevolence involved.

    Not sure what that has to do with Ming…. Confucianism is a philosophy–not a religion.

    What the Ming atrocities against the Miao illustrate are ethical diversity and inconsistency, which are to be observed in all cultures laying claim to ethical rectitude. Now, I wouldn’t conclude that because they occurred, no Chinese imperialists were capable of any benevolent impulse. Do you believe that because Europeans did violent and exploitative things across the oceans that none of them ever did what they thought was beneficial to non-Europeans?

    Again, as Malla said, the British believed in “White Man’s Burden,” and so did other Europeans, because they thought they were bringing the highest form of civilization to other shores. I think they were mistaken, but from their perspective it seemed that they were bestowing a benefit.

    That Confucianism is a philosophy instead of a religion is a quibble. Philosophies and religions alike inculcate morality. Confucianism did, and evidently the Chinese, like Judeo-Christian Europeans, have often acted in ways inconsistent with their prevailing ethical concepts.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  202. @d dan

    …It is exactly your usual tactics – kind of forked tongue speak like before.

    The Indian nationalists are, at least, HONEST when it comes to their opinions!

    • Replies: @Malla
  203. @Lucius Vanini

    White mans burden is psychopathic. In any event people can do what they want but they should not pretend imperialism was altruism. It is blasphemy and hypocrisy. And again this has nothing to do with China. China always wanted to keep the “barbarians” out. Never claimed to go civilize foreigners. When Chinese naval expeditions went out they traded and returned home. Complete opposite of Europeans… so why bring it up?

    • Replies: @Malla
    , @Lucius Vanini
  204. Malla says:

    What do you think about Modi’s claim in the video below that Indian history was distorted as written by the British?

    What the Hinduwadis want is a version of history according to which their Hindu civilization is 20000 (add zeros) years old and the mother of all civilizations, inventions, cultures, etc… obviously archaeologicy etc and scientific methods does not support this so the British screwd our history or Western methods does not understand Indic civilizational history etc…are common excuses to somehow give them license to write history the way they want it. Which “We iz da oldest, we wuz civilizied when othas waz barbarians mlecchas, we iz greatest civilization etc…. ”
    And the Hinduvadis target the Marxists too. Now this may seem strange to you from a country run by a Communist party, according to Hinduvadis, British colonialism and Marxist are in the same camp!! yeah true. Just like the left in the West falsely groups together Capitalism, racism and Christianity together (which is B.S, both Capitalism, and Christianity are primarily anti-racist), Hindutvas likewise group all their enemies together i.e. British Colonials, Marxists, Liberals and at times Islamists.
    To give you an example I had a debate with my cousin, who is a hardcore Hindutva about the British Empire. he was obviously anti -British Empire. When I quote some works of economist Tirthankar Roy,in favour of the British Empire, my Hinduvadi cousin argued back that since he is Bengali, he is communist and thus pro British!!!
    So for Hinduvadis like Modi supposedly downplayed the true grand history of India and Hindus but even the Marxists who took power in Indian Universities after Independence did the same.
    To give you an example, this video explains what I am saying very well.

    Check how the Hinduvadi dude Fawley blames the British AND THE Marxists for manipulating Indian history and “downplaying its greatness”. Watch the Whole video. The video debunks Hindutvas.
    And the other point is history in India is already heavily decolonized by the earlier Congress party which used propaganda to brainwash Indians to hate the British Empire with a venom. But for the BJP and the Hinduvadis that is not good enough, indeed the anti-British Congress are itself considered “British stooges” by the BJP/Hindutvas!!! That is the party which fought for Independence for India are “British Stooges”!!!. They consider Nehru a British stooge and (also a Muslim stooge and a Chinese stooge at the same time). In this way the Hinduvadis are similar to the CPC. Both w.r.t Nehru and the KMT. The KMT was anti-West but “not anti-West enough” by CPC standards. Indian national Congress or the INC is anti-colonial but “not anti-colonial enough” by Hindutva standards. Both the CPC and the Hindutvas consider Nehru a British stooge (and Hindutvas consider him a Chinese stooge as well!), even though Nehru belonged to the more extremist faction of the anti-British Empire Congress party. There was a moderate faction, and Nehru and his group would accuse the moderates of being “British Stooges”. So nehru blames the moderates for being British Stooge and he in return is accused of being British stooge by both CPC and Hindutvas. LOL. Everybody is throwing the British stooge accusation around. And for the Hindutvas, Nehru was a also a CPC stooge and thus traitor. LOL.
    Indeed Hinduvadi actress declared (what Hindutavs believe) that India got true Independence in 2014, when Modi was elected and that the Independence given to us in 1947 was fake. It was given to their “stooges” in 1947!!

    ‘Congress was just an extension of British, India attained “real freedom” in 2014’: Kangana Ranaut

    And yet the so called “British stooges” Congress wrote a history which portrayed the British as evil demons and hid all the good things the British did in India!! Wow.

  205. Malla says:

    White mans burden is psychopathic.

    No it was not. It was a waste of time. 99% of darkies and 90% of chinks were not worth it.
    And if the WMB is psychopathic so was Islamic expansions (we got the final word of God in the Koran and thus need to spread it) was psychopathic, hell even the Middle Kingdom mentality could be seen as psychopathic in some sense.

    pretend imperialism was altruism

    There is no pretense here, it is fact. But White Man’s Burden altruism was a part of the motivation, not the whole thing. But a major part.

    When Chinese naval expeditions went out they traded and returned home.

    China was a unified whole and did not face the inter European competition European trading companies faced. If Europe would have been a united whole, it was very likely there would have been no colonialism of far less colonialism.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  206. Malla says:
    @Deep Thought

    The Indian nationalists are, at least, HONEST when it comes to their opinions!

    LOL both you Wumao kinds and Indian Nationalists are nuts and snakes of the lowest kinds. Both deserve each other. LOL.

    • Replies: @Deep Thought
  207. Malla says:
    @d dan

    It was your false equivalence that I am pointing out.

    Makes no difference. Because most of both are bullshit driven by hate and other emotions anyways. The emotions are the same. In both cases, we are dealing with people writing ONE SIDED propaganda driven by emotions and hate.

  208. @showmethereal

    White man’s burden is psychopathic.

    In a controversy about whether foreign domination contained elements of benevolence, the point is not whether something made sense; the point is whether it manifested some good intention.


    ….people can do what they want but they should not pretend imperialism was altruism.

    1. Altruism is selflessness, placing others’ interests over one’s own; and at least secular Europeans, be they Brits or otherwise, didn’t think they were doing that. They were benefiting themselves, enriching themselves, but A L S O thought they were helping peoples less fortunate than they, and many seemed happy enough to do it. Are you a family man? A father can be full of self-interest and have his own private pursuits, but still assume the responsibility of supporting his children.

    2. No doubt the many missionaries who followed the explorers, traders and military adventurers were not pretending to be altruistic. They did feel they were.

    It is blasphemy and hypocrisy.

    1. LOL you believe in the actuality of blasphemy?!

    2. It’s not hypocrisy if people believed in it, howsoever absurd it was.

    And again this has nothing to do with China.

    You purposely decline to see the points I make involving China. I think you simply don’t like the idea that the Chinese have done anything for which barbarians can criticize them. And having been offended in some manner by Big-Nose barbarians you’re going to bash them, partaking of a popular fashion, without anything negative said about China?

    Got news for ya, fella. If you want to dish out moral condemnation, then a lot is going to be said here about the Chinese and Mongoloids generally–about what they’ve done to injure people, and what they’ve done to help people. I look forward to it!

    • Replies: @showmethereal
    , @d dan
  209. @showmethereal

    westerner masquerading as an Indian.

    I am quite convinced he is an Indian by extraction. There were generations of native “elites” brought up in/near the British Raj that absolutely revered the Brits. By speech and habit, they were indistinguishable from them. The only thing that kept them apart from the Brits is that the Brits absolutely did not want to be tainted by mixing/admixture with them Natives. At the most the Brits tolerated them politely for the sake of having useful comparadors to administer India.
    This phenomenon is not unique to India, nor to the Brit empire. It is common to all empires that require comprador elites to administer the masses for them.

    If you look at them from a psychological standpoint, you can sort of understand their stubborn admiration of their colonial master. It is precisely because of the patronage of their masters that they retain their “elite” positions within their own colonised countries. If the Brits suddenly left, these “elites” would be booted out in an instant. This gives an indication of why the subject is very antagonistic towards the current powers, probably because he was part of an old power structure that is now less influential. In one word, resentment.

    The Brit use of strategies such as supporting a minor (often dubious) claimant of local nobility against the local power…thereby ensuring the loyalty of the supported claimant, only reinforces this phenomenon. Expanded to larger areas, the Brits employed supporting tiny weak but strategically important states against much more powerful neighbours. This kept the tiny but strategic state permanently vulnerable and thus amenable to London. This strategy was exceedingly effective. If you look around the world, and see all the little powerful but rich states nestled between much larger neighbours, it is result of such strategies. Of course present day US policy is just a continuation of Brit ones.

    What is the racial status between Chinese and Indians in Singapore

    It is rather nuanced. The different races know the importance of maintaining racial harmony. There were bloody race riots in the past, and the very birth of Singapore was a result of racial tensions. The riots were not between the Indians and Chinese though.

    Generally there is broad tolerance between the established resident races (those that were born here). Partly thanks to the racial interaction due to the mandatory military service, and partly due to a conscious effort towards tolerance.

    Interestingly enough, the most annoyances are not between the local people of whatever race in Singapore, but against newly arrived immigrants who bring with them their own cultural habits. Often the strongest responses against the latest wave of upper middle class professional Indians arriving from India on work visas, are from the local born Indians.

    You see, the new arrivals regard themselves as the elite in India, so when they arrive in Singapore, their demeanor is not much changed. The local Indians tend to be from the south and darker skinned, and probably get the worst treatment from them.

    But we have to put this in context. There was a time in the 90s or 2000s when Singapore was flooded by Chinese workers/immigrants that took some time to integrate. Then there was reaction because most of these immigrants came from the countryside and were not used to local courtesies such as queuing / waiting their turn, being loud and brash, squatting on toilet seats etc etc. Though I must say that this problem has lessened in recent years, no doubt due to the rapid pace of development in China.

  210. @littlereddot

    It is precisely because of the patronage of their masters that they retain their “elite” positions within their own colonised countries. If the Brits suddenly left, these “elites” would be booted out in an instant… In one word, resentment.

    Exactly what happened in HK. Problem largely fixed now.

    • Replies: @littlereddot
  211. @Malla

    LOL both you Wumao kinds and Indian Nationalists are nuts and snakes of the lowest kinds. Both deserve each other. LOL.

    At least, neither the Wumaos nor the Indian nationalists practise house-niggery!

    But, I apologise for having hit you where it hurts the most! Tsktsktsk…

  212. Malla says:

    Now the question is, did the British downplay Indian achievements? Actually it is the other way round. The British might have been fooled into hyping up[ Hindu history a bit.
    When the British EIC first came to India and took control of Bengal, they actually sat with Brahmans and had discussions to understand Hinduism. Hinduism was this strange pagan religion and the British wanted to understand it for knowledge and curiosity. So they sat and discusses things with Hindu priests who translated the texts to them East India Company men until the time when the British and other Europeans themselves became experts in Sanskrit.

    Indeed if there is one people who were responsible for researching the history of pre-Islamic India, it were the British. it were British army officers and East India Company men who accumulated historical stuff and did research in their spare time. It were the British who deciphered the ancient Brahmi/Dhamma script of India and the ancient Kharosti script of Afghanistan which both Indians and Afghans had forgotten. Far from destroying Indian historical knowledge, they did the most to research and preserve India historical knowledge in those days. Indeed Mills accused British researchers in Indology (like the famous William Jones) of being Indophiles who ere hyping up the achievements of ancient India but he put the same accusation on British Egyptologists too. Indeed there was a sort of competition in between British Egyptologists and Indologists, each side trying to show that the civilization they were studying was superior to tyhe one the other side was studying. So this very common Hindutva claim that the British destroyed Indian history is not at all supported by facts but the opposite may be true.
    As I had said earlier, the early Brahmans, convinced the British that the only thing worth knowing about ancient India was its Hindu, Vedic, brahmanic past. It was only much later when the British started excavations (a practice of study not known to both Muslims and Hindus), did they find a lot more Buddhist stuff. India’s glorious history was more Buddhist but the Brahmans had earlier tried to hide this heritage. This is because the Brahmans had played a part in weakening Buddhism (until the Muslims destroyed what little that was left of it). Even the Persian scholar Al Beruni had written a 1000 years back that when he would question Brahmans about some Buddhist ruins, they would change the topic and would try “hide” the Buddhist heritage of India.

    Now as far as the subject of “courage” as Modi claims in that video, the British were as usual honest about what they observed, both positive and negative. Anybody who reads a large amount of Colonial era literature of India will know that Modi/Hindutva claims/ accusations cannot be supported based on facts.

    Fro example, check out his book written by a British Imperial Officer on India.
    A history of British India by Sir William Wilson Hunter and Paul Ernest Roberts, published in 1912 A.D.

    From Page 110
    “Pacheco thus showed in 1503-1504 that the Portuguese position could be best secured by supporting one rival raja (Hindu King) against another, and by strengthening a small body of Europeans with disciplined native troops under European command. For the recruitment of such troops good materials existed among the brave military caste of Nairs, the Malabar Christians, and the old Musalman settlers who had little sympathy with the bigoted newcomers from Arabia and Egypt.”
    Nairs are a Hindu Kshtriya warrior caste from South India. The British Imperial officer describes them as “brave”.

    From A Brief History of the Indian peoples by Sir William Wilson Hunter published in 1893 AD.
    Page 117-118
    “In 1193, the Afghans again swept down on the Punjab. Prithwi Raja of Delhi and Ajmere was
    defeated and slain. His heroic queen burned herself on his funeral pile. Muhammad of Ghor, having occupied Delhi, pressed on to Ajmere; and in 11 94 overthrew the rival Hindu monarch of Kanauj, whose body was identified on the field of battle by his false teeth. The brave Rahtor Rajputs of Kanauj, with others of the Rajput clans in Northern India, quitted their homes in large bodies rather than submit to the stranger. They migrated to the regions bordering on the desert of the Indus, and there founded the military kingdoms which bear their name, Rajputana, to this day.”

    Page 208
    “In 1834, the frantic misrule of the Raja(King/Ruler) of Coorg brought on a short and sharp war. The Raja was permitted to retire to Benares ; and the brave and proud inhabitants of his mountainous little territory decided to place themselves under the sway of the Company.
    This was the only annexation effected by Lord William Bentinck, and it was done ‘ in consideration of the unanimous wish of the people.’ He retired in 1835. ”

    We see British Colonial/ Imperial officers write that the Hindu Rajputs were brave, that the people of coorg (a completely unrelated people) were brave and proud. Just a few examples to debunk the Hindutva anti-colonial crackpot claims that the British wrote history to show Hindus as cowards. Fake accusation, as usual.

    • Replies: @antibeast
  213. @Malla

    Are you Lucius also? And I never hear any Muslim countries claiming to be altruistic. Even the ones that were imperialists said they did it to expand Islam. I don’t know the Koran so I can’t say if their religion says they should expand the religion through imperialism. I know the Bible. The claim it was done in the name of Christianity is blasphemy.

  214. @Lucius Vanini

    I 100% believe in blasphemy! If you don’t then let’s leave it there because there is nothing that can be agreed upon as far as that goes.

    Completely false moral equivalence. It is not China who goes around the world lecturing others on how they need to govern. It is not China who expects other countries to bow to their will. Not remotely similar. We are NOT talking about internal issues. Just as it wasn’t the ones who decided to go out and take over its neighbors. When China expanded it was because foreign tribes like the Mongols and Tibetans and Jurchen/Manchu attacked or even took over China and got the tables turned on it. To remotely compare international imperialism doesn’t work. The vast majority of the Global South understands that. That’s why we have the present condition we have where nations are now bold enough to push back against the supposed masters of the universe. You obviously don’t understand Pepe Escobars writings then – so I am surprised you are on this thread.

  215. @littlereddot

    Oh yes I am aware of how the British system worked. My family lived under the British both in Hong Kong and the Caribbean. But hey what you describe is extreme behavior. Tough for me to understand how those people think.

    And yes yes I very much know the history of Singapore. I was more wondering the current conditions. Thanks for the update – and it makes sense.

    • Replies: @littlereddot
  216. @showmethereal

    When China expanded it was because foreign tribes like the Mongols and Tibetans and Jurchen/Manchu attacked or even took over China and got the tables turned on it.

    Yep! By the Principle of Reciprocity.

    I have, time and again, asked for evidence of the feather Indians, or the Aborigines, having invaded Europe, sacked London or Paris, that might give the Europeans justification in their occupation of North America or Australia but have NEVER received any such evidence!

    • LOL: showmethereal
    • Replies: @showmethereal
  217. @Deep Thought

    Ironically, it is now happening in Europe too. I don’t know how much pain they will have to take before they realise that the US is no friend of theirs, and finally kick out their crypto colonial masters.

  218. @showmethereal

    Tough for me to understand how those people think.

    I suppose the phenomenon exists on a continuum. Our friend being discussed just seems to be near the extreme of one end of the scale. He is obviously intelligent and well read. It is just how that emotional attachment to another race/culture that causes him to select/ignore facts to suit that emotional bias, even to the extent of tolerating denigration of his own race by the revered race. This fascinates me. LOL.

    His sidekick, on the other hand, operates on a totally tribal level. He will side his tribe (or what he perceives to be his tribe) no matter what. You can see by his self-identification that he is fully insular American and totally un-nuanced in his view of race. I doubt if he has ever been out of the country, let alone understand that not everything is black and white. This sort is too common and far too one dimensional to be of much interest. One can only toy with them a little while for amusement. But even then it soon becomes boring too. When that happens, one regrets even having had wasted energy even replying to him.

    • Agree: showmethereal
  219. Malla says:

    Dealing with a typical Chicom nutter who farts up some assumptions out of his ass and then makes claims without doing real research. In this mentality about Anglophile Indians, the Chicoms and the Hinduvadi nuts are exactly the same. But both are wrong.

    There were generations of native “elites” brought up in/near the British Raj that absolutely revered the Brits. By speech and habit, they were indistinguishable from them.

    How is that different from most Empires in history? Roman influence did not die out after the end of the Roman Empire. Non Roman elites outside Italy picked up many Roman habits. Either in other parts of Europe, in Asia minor or in North Africa.

    The only thing that kept them apart from the Brits is that the Brits absolutely did not want to be tainted by mixing/admixture with them Natives.

    Mixing in between Britons (and other Europeans) and Indians was very common in the pre-Mutiny 1857 period. Intermarriage in between Europeans (mostly Portuguese, French, Dutch, British, Danes) and local Indian women (of all types but much more with Muslim women) was very common and kind of mix Europe-Islamo-Hindu culture was emerging out of this mixing. Read the book White Mughals William Dalrymple. His book concentrates on the marriage in between British Scottish aristocrat James Achilles Kirkpatrick with Muslim princes of the Hyberabd court Khair-un-Nissa. Khair-un-Nissa was a Sayeda i.e. she was a direct descendant of Prophet Mohammed and thus a kind of Islamic aristocracy. This was just one example. This mixing stopped after 1857 for many reasons, one being the British felt that the mutiny was partly caused by British inference in Indian culture and thus decided having a more hands off approach was more wise.You must realise, that a lot of Brits were born in Indian subcontinent in those days and lived their whole lives here during Empire, going to Britain only to meet relatives or for schooling. These Brits were fluent in many Indian languages and Indian habits.

    Actually the British mixed with those poor populations with whom we upper caste Hindus did not mix in those days. Like lower castes and tribal aboriginals (adivasi)
    For example I have before you the writing of Michael Francis O’Dwyer GCIE KCSI was a British Imperial officer and later the Lieutenant Governor of Punjab, British India, between 1913 and 1919.
    From his book
    India as I knew it 1885-1925 by Michael O’Dwyer

    A large part of the population were Bhil aborigines, a primitive and simple race, still semi-nomadic. They are great hunters, their favourite weapon being the bow and arrow, with which they will attack a tiger or a panther. ”
    “We had a Bhil Corps at Ladore active, hardy, cheery little men, reminding one of the Gurkhas; and, like the latter, most devoted to their few British officers. In fact the British officer, civil or military, is seen at his best in dealing with these primitive races. The high caste Indian and the Intelligentsia have a lofty contempt for the Bhil. But the British officer takes a paternal interest in these unsophisticated children of nature, learns their language and their ways, tries to wean them from their vices of theft and drink, admires their courage, joins them in the chase; while they on their part give him, for he too is frank, courageous, fond of sport, their affection and devotion. One trembles to think how they and other aboriginal races will fare when India enjoys the blessings of full Swaraj (Self Rule/ Independence). They will be regarded, and perhaps treated, in the way the Spartans treated the Helots. This is well expressed in the classic description of the Bhils by a Bengali Babu; “ The Bhil is a black man, but more hairy. When he meets you in his jungle, he shoots you in the back with an arrow, and throws your body into the ditch. Thus you may know the Bhil.””

    Also just like the Muslims, the lower castes opposed weaking of british rule in India which was the demand of upper caste Hindus.

    In the autumn of 1917, the then Secretary of State for India, Mr. Montagu, chief advocate of the speedy Indianization of the Government, sat in Delhi receiving deputations from such elements of the Indian peoples as were moved to address him on that subject. All sorts and conditions of men appeared, all sorts of documentary petitions were submitted, all sorts of angles and interests. Among these, not meanly represented, loomed an element new on the Indian political stage–the Untouchables, awake and assertive, in many organized groups entreating the Secretary’s attention.

    Without one divergent voice they deprecated the thought of Home Rule for India. To quote them at length would be repetition. Their tenor may be sufficiently gathered from two excerpts.
    The Panchama Kalvi Abivirthi-Abimana Sanga, a Madras Presidency outcastes’ association,[11] “deprecates political change and desires only to be saved from the Brahmin, whose motive in seeking a greater share in the Government is…that of the cobra seeking the charge of a young frog.”
    [11. Addresses Presented in India to His Excellency the Viceroy and the Right Honourable the Secretary of State for India, London, 1918, p. 87.]
    The Madras Adi Dravida Jana Sabha, organized to represent six million Dravidian aborigines of Madras Presidency, said:[12]
    [12. Ibid., pp. 60-1.]
    The caste system of the Hindus stigmatises us as untouchables…Caste Hindus could not, however, get on without our assistance. We supplied labour and they enjoyed the fruit, giving us a mere pittance in return. Our improvement in the social and economic scale began with and is due to the British Government. The Britishers in India–Government officers, merchants, and last, but not least, Christian missionaries–love us, and we love them in return. Though the general condition of the community is still very low, there are some educated men amongst us. But these are not allowed to rise in society on account of the general stigma attached by the Hindus to the community. The very names by which these people refer to us breathe contempt.

    We need not say that we are strongly opposed to Home Rule. We shall fight to the last drop of our blood any attempt to transfer the seat of authority in this country from British hands to so-called high caste Hindus who have ill-treated us in the past and would do so again but for the protection of British laws. Even as it is, our claims, nay, our very existence, is ignored by the Hindus; and how will they promote our interests if the control of the administration passes into their hands?

    • Replies: @Deep Thought
  220. Malla says:

    The only thing that kept them apart from the Brits is that the Brits absolutely did not want to be tainted by mixing/admixture with them Natives.

    But as far as resistance to racial inter-mixture, it existed from both sides. From the Hindu side as well. As Sir Valentine Chirol rightly wrote. “It is, in fact, a feeling they themselves in some ways share, for, in India, the unfortunate Eurasian (Anglo-Indian) meets with even less sympathy from Indians than from Europeans.”
    He also writes that one of the many reasons the British in India did not mix much with the Indians was that most Indians who wanted friendship with the British were only interested in it for some ulterior motive or for status. Which is 100% correct. There was also difference in culture in those days especially with regards to the status of women.
    Sir Valentine further writes
    “Englishmen and Indians can and do get on quite well when their professional occupations or business relations or, in some parts of India, a common love of sport, brings them together. More usually, as the Englishman feels himself precluded by the peculiarities of Indian domestic customs from venturing to manifest any curiosity concerning the Indian’s home-life and family concerns, the dearth of common interests is a great bar to social relations of an intimate character between men of the two races. It became a still greater bar when, with the growing facilities of travel and the increasing amenities of European life in India, and the opening-up of “ hill stations” in which refuge could be sought during the ” hot weather” from the sultry cities and the sun-scorched plains, a much larger number of English¬women came out to make a home for their husbands
    during their term of exile in India. Their racial prejudices are apt to be stronger than those of their men-folk. The terrible memory of all that English¬women suffered during the Mutiny is not unnaturally more often present to their minds. They have above all an intuitive perception of the Indian’s customary views as to the relations between the two sexes outside the precincts of the zenana in which he is careful to keep his own women safely secluded.
    There have been many fine exceptions, and not a few Englishwomen have spent their lives in working for their Indian sisters and in endeavouring through them to draw the two races together.”

    • Agree: Lucius Vanini
    • Replies: @littlereddot
  221. Malla says:

    If you look at them from a psychological standpoint, you can sort of understand their stubborn admiration of their colonial master. It is precisely because of the patronage of their masters that they retain their “elite” positions within their own colonised countries.

    Ramblings of a Chicom monkey with head stuck in diseased ass. And notice how false and idiotic is the mentality of the Chicom as well as Hinduvadis. Both think alike and make up gas fart like low IQ nuts.
    You (and CPC mentality and Hinduvadi mentality) got it 180 deg wrong. It were the Western educated elites who led the Independence movement against British Empire. The poor commoners (placid masses) actually supported the British Empire. the Independence movement before Gandhi was not a mass movement but the preserve of the western educated elites. Because the purpose of the British Empire was to educate Indians and leave and go home, so that India does not fall to a enemy power, which was their man aim. Simple. But the Western educated elites wanted power too fast and many fo them went to European Universities and got brainwashed by Marxists radicals who later would torpedo their own countries to poverty and shittery after Independence.
    It all starts with the great Whig/liberal politician Thomas Babington Macaulay whio was a slo an abolitionist (against slavery). macaulay introduced moredn Western education into India and the Hinduvadis hate him with a poison. The Hinduvadis call the English speaking elites macaulay-putras (Children of Macaulay). Interestingly a lot of these English speaking elites are Marxists.

    For Macaulay in 1833, the issue was between stagnation and progress, between the mentality of despotism and that of liberty; and he could not hesitate between them. England should bestow the most precious treasure of her heritage, the living conscious spirit of her civilization, upon India. Modern English Education. He was not indifferent to the possibility that this might lead India to demand political freedom. If it did, said Macaulay, that would be “the proudest day in English history.”
    Did Britain Educate India? Empire of the mind by Zareer Masani

    Back in London, the East India Company’s directors expressed concern that the spread of Western education might encourage a spirit of rebellion among their Indian subjects. But their new Governor-General, Lord Hastings, (no relation to Warren Hastings) replied: “It would be treason to British sentiment to imagine that it could ever be the principle of this Government to perpetuate ignorance in order to secure paltry and dishonest advantages over the blindness of the multitude.” His illustrious deputy in Bombay, Mountstuart Elphinstone, went further in proclaiming education as the stepping-stone to India’s independence and ‘our high road back to Europe’. The Raj, he argued, must sow the seeds of its own dissolution. ‘It is for our interest,’ Elphinstone wrote, ‘to have an early separation from a civilised people, rather than a violent rupture with a barbarous nation.’ Under his leadership, the Bombay Native Education Society published thousands of new school textbooks, many in local languages, opened several new schools, started classes in medicine and engineering and founded the prestigious Elphinstone College, one of the best in Mumbai even today.

    • Replies: @Lucius Vanini
  222. Anglophile Indians

    ooo why so testy old chap?

    we upper caste Hindus

    cough cough. Comprador elites?

    No wonder you are so pissed at those nasty Indian commies. How dare they think that they should be equal to you?


    first you say:

    Mixing in between Britons (and other Europeans) and Indians was very common in the pre-Mutiny 1857 period.

    with some pride.

    later you say:

    But as far as resistance to racial inter-mixture, it existed from both sides.

    also with some pride.

    My dear, why don’t you just admit you are conflicted about unrequited love?

    He is sooooo attractive, but he has rejected me. Should I go on loving him? Or should I give him the fury of a woman scorned?

    Just dump the blond guy, he ain’t worth it.

    Have some real pride in yourself.

    • LOL: showmethereal
  223. @Malla

    Ah, it suddenly dawned on me, why you are so attached to the Brits/Europeans.

    It is because as a upper caste hindu, you view yourself as more Aryan than those darkies beneath you in the caste hierarchy.

    In a way, you think that you have more in common with those “beautiful” white skinned Aryan brothers in Europe than you have with those conquered darkies.

    mmmmmm. Interesting theory. I shall ponder more upon it.

    Thank you for alerting me to this idea.

    • LOL: Lucius Vanini
    • Replies: @Malla
  224. antibeast says:

    Methinks you’re grasping at straws. What Modi and his RSS/BJP supporters are saying is that the Indian post-colonial identity suppresses the authentic history of India, whether the Marxist or Socialist Left who abhors the traditional pre-modern cultures of Hindus, Muslims or Sikhs and patronizes Western Culture over their own native Indian Civilization. Here’s a couple of videos exploring these topics:

    Rajiv Malhotra has written a book on this topic entitled ‘Snakes in the Ganga’:

    • Replies: @Malla
  225. @showmethereal

    I 100% believe in blasphemy.

    Lol I should’ve have known that you’re a babble-thunper! No wonder your thought-processes are so crude.

    No, of course I don’t believe in the actuality of blasphemy, nor yet in its possibility–that is, unless you can show me how an infinite, all-powerful, omniscient Being (whom you might characterize as loving) can possibly be offended by a molecule who lasts a microsecond, and lol who is His creation as well!

    Complete false moral equivalence.

    Sure, the Chinese and other East Asians are guiltless, no matter what they’ve done, because they didn’t cross oceans to conquer and oppress people lol. Next you’ll be saying that there’s no moral equivalence between the imperial tyranny of the Hapsburg Dynasty and that of the Yuan Dynasty, because the main weapons of the former were swords and muskets whereas those of the latter were bows and arrows.

    Yeah, you want to moralize but to exclude yourself from moral judgment. You want to blame the villain in the silly historical melodrama which gratifies your resentments. LOL

    There was a Chinese Empire, as there is a Chinese Communist empire today; and empires are created by the expansion of power by certain groups over others. I mentioned the Miao (Hmong) before. Were they the same as the Han? Had they dominated the Han and castrated their boys?

    LOL take a look at the “List of Chinese Wars and Battles” in Wikipedia and click on the various ancient wars and rebellions, and learn of the shocking death tolls in the countless struggles for power, and struggles to impose and resist power. The millions! The European victories abroad were lol harmless by comparison.

    May I ask in what country you live now? (I’ll fully divulge mine in return, though I already have in this thread.)

    Are you Chinese? Are you a Judeo-Christian? If so, is Colonial-Age European influence the reason why you may be a “Christian” of East-Asian lineage?

    P.S. Since you know the Bible, can you tell me where it’s written that religion mustn’t be spread via imperial power? I’m not unacquainted with that silly/sinister collection of books, having gone to Catholic school and been associated with a Protestant denomination later. But I know of no such biblical passage. I’m not saying you’re wrong. I just don’t know of it.

    • Replies: @d dan
    , @showmethereal
  226. d dan says:
    @Lucius Vanini

    “In a controversy about whether foreign domination contained elements of benevolence,…”

    So, do you think Bush invading Iraq “contained elements of benevolence”? After all, he introduced the first democracy and election in Middle East. Is this question even meaningful to the Iraqi?

    No, the question is not whether there is element of goodness, but what is the original and PRIMARY motivation. So far, none of you are even willing to be honest enough to confront the most obvious reasons for the aggressive colonialization and imperialism, but just dance around the bush to look for after-the-fact silly justifications.

    “You purposely decline to see the points I make involving China.”

    And how much do you understand the “points” involving China you make? Did you get all your information from wikipedia too like so many stupid anti-Chinese clowns?

    As showmethereal says, there is no moral equivalence. Ming was trying to defend a region that had been part of the empire before the rebellion. Even today, no nation would tolerate local authority to unilaterally declare independence. In extreme case, military mean is justified. That is similar to what China’s position with regard to Taiwan today, and no different if California or Hawaii would to declare secession from US. As soon as the local group put down the arms, Ming didn’t genocide them, nor chase them away from their ancestor land, nor rob their wealth. Ming was looking for a secured border and stable empire – a totally reasonable objective. As to the punishment of the rebels, that may be harsh by modern standard, but hardly so during those time. In those days, there were many poor families who eagerly volunteered their boys to become eunuchs, because it would guarantee food and security. There were many eunuchs who became very rich, powerful and famous, like Zheng He. And there is no need to feel moral superiority over this. There were eunuchs singers and eunuchs slaves in the West too. And for your info the Ming general that carried out those action was punished by the emperor.

    Now, compare that with Whites going halfway around the world to invade another land. Tell me what security threat native American posted to your ancestor land. Tell me how Columbus knew there were peoples in the new world that need his helps. Was there inter-European countries competition, racing to discover new peoples to be saved? I suggest you save those stories for your own grand kids about Whites trying to save the souls of the backward peoples or to bring civilisation to them. There is no need for Santa Claus in an adult web site.

    Because of the lack of courage to accept the obvious, you guys keeps making the same mistakes even TODAY. That gives political opportunists from the left to tear your society apart. I suggest you try it yourself. The next time you have a chance, please explain to Iraqi that Bush has some “elements of benevolence” when he decided to bomb their country. Please tell them many American soldiers sincerely wish to bring freedom to them when the soldiers killed their mothers and children. Please tell them that those soldiers “A L S O thought they were helping peoples less fortunate than they, and many seemed happy enough to do it” when they launched the cruise missiles. People like Madeleine Albright also sincerely thought it is worth it to have half a million Iraqi children killed. And if the ungrateful Iraqi retort, with emotion and tears about the invasion, please tell them to be objective, and don’t be a hypocrite: after all, it is not like Iraq never invade other neighboring countries before. So, instead of hating the West, they should shower Westerners with flowers and kisses, and welcome the most “benevolent empire in human history” like US, to come to bomb them again in future.

    May be you don’t find the above hypothetical exchange disgusting. If that is the case, you will never understand why you people is hated and despised by so many peoples around the world. But never mind, as Malla remarks, most of us “are bullshit driven by hate and other emotions anyways. ”

    • Replies: @Lucius Vanini
  227. @Malla

    Mallie, are you a Stalinist?!

    “Quantity has a quality all of its own.”

  228. d dan says:
    @Lucius Vanini

    ” I mentioned the Miao (Hmong) before. Were they the same as the Han? ”

    The conflicts between Han and Miao went back thousands of years. Same for all minorities in China. In most cases, Han was the one that had been attacked the most because they were the richest and had the most advanced culture and civilization. So, it is often impossible for modern historians to decide who was at “fault”. But you probably think you could do better than those professors in the history departments of Chinese universities.

    “Had they dominated the Han and castrated their boys?”

    I am very sure they killed Han. But damn, how could they live so harmoniously with Han today.

    ” take a look at the “List of Chinese Wars and Battles” in Wikipedia”

    I suggest you stop embarrassing yourself with quotes from Wikipedia.

    • Replies: @Lucius Vanini
  229. Malla says:

    Sir Valentine Chirol writes in his book “Indian Unrest”
    “The course and consequences of the measures taken by the British Government to promote Western education in India has been attentively studied by the author of this volume. It is a story of grave political miscalculation, containing a lesson that has its significance for other nations which have undertaken a similar enterprise. Ignorance is unquestionably the root of many evils; and it was natural that in the last century certain philosophers should have assumed education to be the certain cure for human delusions; and that statesmen like Macaulay should have declared education to be the best and surest remedy for political discontent and for law-breaking. In any case it was the clear and imperative duty of the British Government to attempt the intellectual emancipation of India as the best justification of British rule. We have since discovered, by experience, that, although education is a sovereign remedy for many ills—is indeed indispensable to healthy progress—yet an indiscriminate or superficial administration of this potent medicine may engender other disorders. It acts upon the frame of an antique society as a powerful dissolvent, heating weak brains, stimulating rash ambitions, raising inordinate expectations of which the disappointment is bitterly resented. That these effects are well known even in Europe may be read in a remarkable French novel published not long ago, “Les Déracinés,” which, describes the road to ruin taken by poor collegians who had been uprooted from the soil of their humble village. And in Asia the disease is necessarily much more virulent, because the transition has been more sudden, and the contrast between old ideas of life and new aspirations is far sharper. From the report of an able French official upon the Indo-Chinese Colonies we may learn that the existing system of educating the natives has proved to be mischievous, needing radical reform. Of the Levantine youths in the Syrian towns, the product of European schools, a French traveller writes (1909), “C’est une tourbe de déclassés”; while in China some leaders of agitation for democratic changes in the oldest of all Empires are said to be those who have qualified by competitive examination for public employ, and have failed to obtain it. In every country the crowd of expectants far outnumbers the places available. If, indeed, the Government which introduced Western education into Bengal had been native instead of foreign, it would have found itself entangled in difficulties no less grave than those which now confront the British rulers; and there can be little doubt that it would probably have broken down under them.”

    He further writes
    Some Englishmen to-day contend that the introduction of Western education was a crucial blunder to which alone we owe the growth of Indian unrest and Indian Nationalism and the Swaraj movement and every other manifestation of Indian discontent. They are men of little faith, and not by such was British rule built up in India. But it may be conceded that many of the warmest advocates, the British pioneers of Western education, did not and could not foresee all the fruits that it would yield. Some of them indulged in hopes that went very far beyond the mark, and none more than Macaulay himself who predicted that within a few generations there would be nothing to distinguish a Western-educated Indian from an Englishman except his dusky complexion. But none also was more willing to look the consequences in the face should Western education train up an Indian nation capable of ruling itself. If that was a contingency with which we have to reckon, he, for one, could contemplate it without dismay, for then England’s mission in India would be gloriously consummated, and she would hand back to the people of India the control of her destinies with legitimate pride in an unparalleled achievement.”

  230. Malla says:

    Check out Post 177 on this page. The video British policy 1914-41 and Winston Churchill part 2 featuring Horus by 99IronDuke
    At 49:41 minutes
    The British in India trained up an Indian Middle Class at schools and Universities that we started. And then were surprised that this Indian Middle Class then wanted power. LOL

    Most of those rich elites of the colonies went to the European metropoles and got brainwashed with socialism, anti-colonialism crackpottery and Marxism. Then they came back to rile up the placid masses against the same Empires, and later after Independence unleashed stupid post-colonial socialist crackpottery to torpedo their own country to shithole. That is a big story of decolonisation. Same story for British, French, Dutch, Belgian etc…Empires. Examples among many are Nehru, Kwame, Nyerere. Nehru and the Indian revolutionary leaders got influenced by a Marxist Jewish crackpot named Lansky (pro Soviet, hated Hitler) in Britain when they were getting educated there. Independent India was a Lanskian Socialist economy with low Hindu rate of growth until bankruptcy in 1990s. But at least Nehru was not a thaggard, other nations were not that lucky. So decolonisation and some form of Marxism was indoctrinated into these Westernised the metropoles of the European empires themselves!!!!! Wow!!

    Empire of the Mind: Episode 10: Victims of Anti-Colonialism

    Video about Suriname and the brutal thaggard Surinamese dictator Dési Bouterse and the Dutch Empire.
    Check out the old black Surinamese grandma woman Lisette Munslag say at 7:14 minutes in the above video: “I think there was still the people who went to the Netherlands. They got educated over there. Agitators. Social agitators all educated in the Netherlands and they brought back the dynamic of like okay..we need to become independent. They got..they got educated in the Netherlands by the anti-colonial mindset right…they get educated they get indoctrinated with EXACTLY (her stress) the things that were not good for the developing countries. They brought all um..Can I use the word….all the garbage. …All the garbage that was not uh uh beneficial or productive for people in the colonies. They brought all those things back, social destabilising environment, political upheavel…so I was 13…”continued.

    Earlier at 5:34 minutes in the above video Dr. Gilley says: “But Suriname’s radicals educated in European cafes made common cause with the radicals of the ruling labour party”
    Same story in nearly all colonies, western educated elites educated in Western European Universities came back radicalized.

  231. Malla says:

    Methinks you’re grasping at straws.

    How so? Please Explain. I have explained the phenomenon in depth. How is it straws?

    And since you are a new fan of Rajiv Malhotra, what do you think about this? LOL

    Rajiv Malhotra on Tibet & Hindus
    he says India has a moral duty to be the guardian of Tibetan civilizationl integrity.

    SJL73 | Untold History of Coins Part1 | पुरातत्व सिक्को के मिथक और उनका सच | Science Journey

    The video is in Hindi. Get it translated. I can, but will take a lot of time.
    1] The British were responsible for the rediscovery of pre-islamic Indian culture—Check
    2] The early British sat down with Brahmins and the Brahmins actually hyped up the achievements of Hindu civilization—–check
    3] The Brahmins later projected their own dark deeds (exploitation of the masses etc.. ) on the British later when they wrote most history books. —-Check.
    Get the video translated. If I have time, I will. Give me time, I will.

    • Replies: @antibeast
  232. @Malla

    No doubt you realize that chronically butthurt South and East Asians gravitate to Unz in order to celebrate and mock the problems of the Europe-descended. Not all the Asians here, obviously, but many of them.

    So when they see you, evidently an Indian secure in the consciousness of his great heritage, they get all flustered lol and scandalized! Because you exhibit the true philosophic spirit and the manhood to acknowledge the whole truth–and not just that part which they alone wish to see, as it gratifies their pitiable resentments–lol you must be a traitor! A Sepoy! Lol they’re such clowns….

    They owe so much to the Europe-descended. Naivete suggests that that would be a basis for liking the source of gifts. But to base natures there is nothing that inspires kindly feeling less than does owing, indebtedness.

    The Europeans made the planet a “Global Village” by their expansion and their Global Hegemony. Because of them, and other Europe-descended–i.e., Euroamericans who invented much tech and helped spread European ways–here they are, perhaps in different continents, using one magnificent language, one writing script, the computer, the Internet, videos, all powered by applied electricity, a collocation of things that would’ve been impossible but for European expansion and genius; yet all they can see are Western injustices. They use the gifts of Western Civ to attack Western Civ lol, never to praise it; and far from having the integrity to feel ashamed, they must attack you for having the decency to see more coming from the West than just invasions and domination. Well, if you’re right, how wretched and petty they are shown to be, so they must say you’re a Sepoy, eh?

    Case in point: There’s here in Unz an Indian woman spectacularly personifying these low tendencies. She’s permanently butthurt over the titanic figure that the Europe-descended have made on the world stage since the Renaissance, resenting them for making her feel little and derivative and dependent. She so badly wants to cut them down to size, but at the same time is so ignorant, that a while back she likened European Whites to chimps, wolves and orangutans. (Yes, and she thinks herself non- or anti-racist LOL.) You see, she’d apparently heard or read that Europeans had some Neanderthal admixture–which of course is true–but didn’t know that all Eurasians, meaning Asians as well as Europeans, have some Neanderthal lineage, with the East Asians having more than the Europeans.

    LOL and when I schooled her on that point she was absent from the thread for days, nursing her embarrassment. In any case, Mallia, I guess I don’t have to tell you to have slight regard for the envious bigots sniping at you here, because that case I just mentioned illustrates the quality of your opposition.

    • LOL: showmethereal
  233. @d dan

    I am very sure they killed Han.

    Ah, but did they kill Han first? That should be a vital question to someone so dull-minded as to believe in collective guilt and think it’s justice to kill descendants who have not killed.

    In any case, according to your primitive logic, one or the other East-Asian group involved must be naughty lol–because assuredly someone killed first.

    And did the Miao castrate the Han first? And would you celebrate the present-day Hmong castration of 1,565 Han boys as the Principle of Reciprocity in action?

    Are you Han? If you don’t know that the Hmong castrated Han males in retaliation, would you be willing according to LOL the Principle of Reciprocity to go where the Hmong descendants are now and offer up your balls for the sake of Reciprocity?

    I suggest you stop embarrassing yourself with quotes from Wikipedia.

    I suggest you stop trying to get out of arguments cheaply and demonstrate that the sources on which Wikipedia articles are based are necessarily fallacious.

  234. Malla says:

    It is because as a upper caste hindu, you view yourself as more Aryan than those darkies beneath you in the caste hierarchy.

    Again we are dealing with a low IQ Chicom monkey with head stuck in behind. Time to get head out of ass.
    In India the lower caste people supported the British, the upper caste Hindus wanted to take power from the British. The lower caste people opposed it.

    The Madras Adi Dravida Jana Sabha, organized to represent six million Dravidian aborigines of Madras Presidency, said:[12]
    [12. Ibid., pp. 60-1.]
    The caste system of the Hindus stigmatises us as untouchables…Caste Hindus could not, however, get on without our assistance. We supplied labour and they enjoyed the fruit, giving us a mere pittance in return. Our improvement in the social and economic scale began with and is due to the British Government. The Britishers in India–Government officers, merchants, and last, but not least, Christian missionaries–love us, and we love them in return. Though the general condition of the community is still very low, there are some educated men amongst us. But these are not allowed to rise in society on account of the general stigma attached by the Hindus to the community. The very names by which these people refer to us breathe contempt.

    We need not say that we are strongly opposed to Home Rule. We shall fight to the last drop of our blood any attempt to transfer the seat of authority in this country from British hands to so-called high caste Hindus who have ill-treated us in the past and would do so again but for the protection of British laws.

    Just dump the blond guy, he ain’t worth it.

    Keep your homo tendencies and fantasies to yourself. Comment 277 is the ramblings of a monkey who knows his bullshit has been destroyed with facts. I am not surprised with the low quality of that pile of garbage. LMFAO.

    • LOL: littlereddot
  235. Malla says:
    @Lucius Vanini

    I noticed, after I couldn’t edit, that I’d written “Indian Nationalism” instead of “Hindu,” which seems your preference.

    No, when I meant nuanced, I meant something else. What I meant was Indian nationalism is not a natural ally of White nationalism but only a “seasonal temporary ally”. Let me explain. And yes, Hindu nationalism is a subset of Indian nationalism as earlier Indian nationalism included Indian Muslims and Christians, however Hindu nationalism is a more potent version of Indian Nationalism.
    Now, lets talk of India first before we discuss the west.
    We had a center party called the Indian
    National Congress or Congress for short. Now the Congress was earlier (British era) dominated by upper caste Hindus who were western educated and wanted to take over power from the British. They were educated Browne sahebs who felt that they were equal to the White sahebs and thus deserved more power. However to get the support of Muslims, it first had to become secular and later to get support of the lower castes it had to speak out against caste. However for the Muslim League’s (which created Pakistan) point of view, the Congress was a mild Hindutva party but for hardcore Hindutvas today, the Congress is an anti-Hindu party. Depends from which angle you see it.
    Now when the Congress got power at Independence, it had both left winged and right winged elements but it was more central. That is because both Marxism and Hindu fundamentalism were the driving engines of Indian Independence. There was one more ideology which played a part, that is British liberalism, it was liberal education which triggered the Independence struggle. Now the Congress after Independence, wanted to prevent India going either far left or far right. So it used the right wing against the left in some case. For example the Congress helped create a right winged Shiv Sena party in western India in Bombay to divert workers away from labour unions. Most of the workers were Marathi ethnic group and the Shiv Sena was a Marathi nationalist party which opposed immigration of people from other states. At the same time the Congress realizing that the greatest threat was from the far right Hindtuvas, filled up Indian Universities with Marxists. Not that different from the West.
    Now if we discuss the west, I am only speaking roughly as the reality may be more nuanced and politics vary from country to country. In general the left in the West can be divided in between the old Left of Labour Unions which got it’s support from the Working Classes, mostly White Working Classes. This left has lost out or morphed into the present baizuo, Champaign socialist Left, Cultural Marxist Left, who have thrown the White Working class under the bus (the Marxist left have always been power hungry and they have a habit of use and discard) and now use race and hatred for the West, White people etc…to gain and keep power. This Left is basically the party of the Western deep states, the western elites. Simple as. Marxism has ALWAYS been supported by powerful global elites.
    The Right Wing can be broadly divided into three groups. The mainstream Right, the Alt Right and the so called Far Right. The Alt Right forms a wide band which connects the Mainstream right and the Far right. The Mainstream right is basically Controlled opposition to the Left, which is the party of the Western deep state elites. It is more or less useless. It too can be divided into the paleo Conservatives and the Neo Conservatives. The Neo Conservatives are basically ex-Trotskyite Jewish Marxists who suddenly became rightwinged (is it good for the joo?) who took over power on the Right because they were afraid that the Left outside Jewish control (but created by Jews, animal out of control) was going to target Israel next, once Apartheid South Africa was destroyed. These Trotskyites have transformed from “spreading revolution throughout the World” to Neocon “spreading democracy throughout the World” and Israel firsting.
    Now the Western Far Right are the true resistance to the Satanic ZOG elites. They are the true people’s revolution and are thus most suppressed in the West by the elites. And unlike the Left and mainstream Right, the Far Right is not global in it’s interest, that is it wants to leave the non White World more or less alone. It is only interested in the White world, thus only if the Far Right wins power will, Western interference in the rest of the World end. Until then the West will keep on interfering globally. Few of them may have affinity towards Japan or the Japanese Right Winged, if at all their interest in the non white World for them. They have no ideology to spread to non Whites unlike the others. Now this Far right contains all sorts of ideologies, some are National Socialists (Nazis), some are not. Some are Christian, some are pagan, some are anti-Christian etc… The Alt right is very diverse too as it spreads from the Mainstream Right spectrum to the Far Right spectrum. While the Far Right tends to be Racial Nationalists, they believe that saving the genetic White race is paramount, many in the Alt Right are Western civilization nationalists. That is saving Western Civilization is paramount, Race is secondary. That is non Whites who support and imbibe Western Civilization are welcome but that is not the case in the Far Right in general.

  236. Malla says:
    @Lucius Vanini

    Now earlier Hindu immigrants in the West supported the Left in the West. Why? Simple, the Left was seen as the traitor party to the local majority tribe and thus as most immigrants/ minorities (except those who escaped from Communist countries and rightfully knew the horrors of Communism) supported the traitor parties in the West, the left parties. It suited their own tribal interests when facing the majority/ native tribe. Earlier Hindus even associated the Western mainstream Right with Christianity and thus this further turned them off from the Right.
    Now again, historically the mainstream Right represented the Classical Liberals and White man’s burden descendants. In India Christian Missionaries did a lot for the welfare of the lower castes, aboriginal tribals, pushed for beneficial reforms in society, you have no clue how much good them Christian missionaries did in India for the downtrodden. But this got them the ire of the conservative upper caste Hindus (even if they clamour to sent their kids to convent schools). That is why traditionally the Hindu immigrants were more -pro Left even if they were not always left winged and they hated “modern Western culture” (Jewish cultural Marxism like promiscuity, counter culture etc…) which was pushed by the Western left. And initially the Left was friendly to Hindus, the tolerant Hindutva pushed by the Congress, Hinduism of plurality, of gandhi, of Yoga and meditation, of spirituality. The Western left loved that (they were horrified later when they encountered hardcore Hindutva) The Western left back in the days like 60s, 70s etc…were interested in destroying Western civilization and Christianity so any culture which could be used to attack Western Civilization was welcome. So the CIA got in a lot of Hindu gurus into the West, and leftist hippies went to ashrams, did yoga and like dumb eloi got conned by cunning Indian godmen looking for money and easy pussy. Besides, the Left and Hindutva also fed off each other in those days. Hindutvas picked up B.S. Marxist theories like Britain “looted” India for their own benefit in their attack on western culture while the Left picked up Brahminical Hindutva bullshit theories like “British destroyed Indian culture”, “British started caste system” in their attack on the traditional West and to further guilt trip Whitey. But what the Western left did not realize is that they were feeding a growing monster, Hindutva. Now the Congress party played a trick after independence. To keep everyone united, they wrote history where they blamed everything on the British. Islamic atrocities were not covered in books much and the British were falsely blamed for Hindu Muslim issues (no Hindu really believed this B.S TBH). In this they were supported by the Indian Marxists and Islamists. The British were this black box where all blames, sins and accusations (mostly fake) were put in, to balance the equations where all other parties go historically clean. This was because there were virtually no British in India, anti-colonialism craze was so strong that even the Anglo Indian community did not protest. Everybody went sin free by pushing every sin falsely on the British. And even Western universities were full of Marxists, so the poor British, even though had truth on their side, they had no one to defend them. The problem happened with the Hinduvadis. The Hinduvadis can be considered de-colonisation 2.0 as they not only critiqued British colonialism (or even Portuguese colonization in Goa), they also started looking critically at pre European, Islamic colonization. And with this the Indian left and the Western left went unhinged, because Marxists have this weird abnormal view of history where every everything before European colonization was more or less hunky dory but European Colonialism was unique and unique evil. Truth is European Empires were just Empires as humans have been making Empires from the beginning of time, nothing extra ordinary. But not for the Marxists and since Marxists have so much control on universities and the media, their weird view has become dominant around the World. But Hindutva crossed the red line and started attacking a precolonial Imperialist entity, Islamic Empires. Hindutva as an ideology cannot help itself, it has to critique the pre European Islamic invasions era. The Left supported Hindutva as far as criticizing British (and Portuguese) Empires were concerned but now that Hindutva had started attacking the Islamic period,the left went psycho bitch against the Hindutvas and thus the Indian/Western Left and Hindutva inevitably became enemies.
    Now, Hindutva did have some connections with Italian Fascism and German National Socialism in the past, befiore WW2. Many pioneers of the Hindutva movement like Hegdewar, Golwalker etc.. were inspired by those European movements but after WW2, there was no link anymore in between the Hindutva right and the European right. All connections disappeared, and Hindutva also became very pro Zionist.
    Now, as more and more Indians went to the West, they slowly realized that the Marxists hold power in Western Universities and this reminded them of home, where Marxists took over Indian Universities too. However Indian Marxists are more right winged than the Western left wing on the Overton window, they are comparatively more nationalist (they would not support race replacement of Indians) and their hold on Indian public thought was much weaker than that of the Western Left on the populations of the West. India is inherently a more right winged nationalist country than the West. But the similarities were there. Secondly Hindutvas are against Muslims and they do not like Muslim immigration into Europe. They “know the true nature of Muslims” and consider Europe added to the Islamic army as a threat for future India. Next they are anti-China, they Hindu nationalists have inherited this from earlier Indian Nationalism. they have nothing against Han culture as such but they share the same belief with all Indians including Indian Muslims and Christians, that China is an Imperialist country, which is a threat to India, wants to keep India down, has occupied Indian territory etc… Also Hinduvadis look down upon China for adopting the Western ideology of Marxism, “Chinese characteristics” and all that does not impress them much. They admire Japan because Japan is free from the four foreign evils (Westernism, Islam, Christianity, Marxism). This anger towards Marxists and their control of Universities, hatred for Muslims who they Hinduvadis see as a psycho terrorist population and China who they see as a threat to the World, is why only recently many Hindutvas have started supporting and making bridges with many Alt right movements in the West. Even though Hindutva is anti-West and anti-Christian, they look at Muslims, China and Marxists as a greater immediate threat. They do not support the Far Right, because the Far right is against all non white immigration and Hindus think unlike Muslim terrorist migration to the west (they look at Muslims as low IQ violent psycho monkeys), Hindus are intelligent and law abiding and should be allowed to stay in the West. And also what is interesting is many National Socialists in the Far Right are actually pro Muslim because they look at Zionism as the biggest threat to the World and they admire the traditional family culture of Muslims. While on the other hand Hinduvadis are staunch Zionists. So Hinduvadis are more in tune with anti-Muslim parties like the EDL (English Defense League) as against blanket anti-immigration parties like the BNP (British Nationalst Party) of the UK.

  237. @d dan

    So you think Bush invading Iraq “contained elements of benevolence”?

    I opposed the invasion of Iraq and believe that Zionist Neocons urged it on. I still hate the memory of it.

    But now that you mention it, Bush may have thought he was relieving the Iraqis of Saddam’s oppression and that, yes, “democracy” might take root in Iraq. As is the usual case with humans, his motivation was probably mixed. But I don’t know. Could be. What motivation had Communist China in taking Tibet? Benevolent? If you said they did–that they wanted to bring the blessings of socialism–I couldn’t prove you wrong. I’d doubt that that was the only motive, but I couldn’t say it was not a motive.

    ….the question is not whether there was [an] element 0f goodness, but what is the original and PRIMARY motivation.

    What you seem unable to understand, because you desire to blame and demonize, is that the motivation was mixed. I don’t know what was the very first thought that say Ferdinand or Isabel had in considering Columbus’ project; nor do you.

    Did you get all your information from Wikipedia like so many stupid anti-Chinese clowns?

    Believe it or not, you’re not the only biped who’s had an attachment to the study of history. Mine goes way before I ever heard of Wiki. Oh but by the way, I see that Wikipedia says the Spanish Armada sailed in 1588 and that the Mongols destroyed the Song Dynasty and began the Yuan. I guess if that’s in Wiki it must be wrong, huh?

    Maybe those “clowns” aren’t actually anti-Chinese but just want to refute europhobic bigots who must think the Chinese are as pure as the driven snow while the Big-Noses are simply evil LOL. Ever consider that? Nah.

    Tell me how Columbus knew there were peoples in the New World that need his help.

    No, you don’t understand. (You might need to read a Wiki article.) Columbus didn’t know there were continents between Europe and Asia. No one in Europe did. No, Columbus’ plan was to sail westward across the Atlantic to China, Japan and the Indies. The intention was not to conquer but to trade; yet there was a missionary aspect of it too. Conquest was out of the question in any case, because the huge states of the Far East were, as the Europeans knew, very powerful; and Europeans couldn’t hope to win wars so far away. Yet an important motivation for Ferdinand and Isabel–one they didn’t separate from the trade in silk and spices–was the conversion of Asians to Judeo-Christianity, which I think is shit but which they believed would guaranteed eternal blessedness.

    The fact that the Europeans who began the Age of Exploration were trying to reach huge, powerful empires, which they couldn’t conquer and dominate, proves that conquest and domination weren’t their original motives.

    Ming [in putting down the Miao Rebellion] was trying to defend a region that had been part of the Empire before the rebellion… As to the punishment of the rebels, that may be harsh by modern standards [lol], but hardly so during those times…. There were many eunuchs who became very rich, powerful and famous, like Zheng He.

    Right, the Ming wanted to keep their imperial control there, irrespective of what the locals wanted. And the Chinese put down other furious rebellions. Well, that wasn’t especially nice of them, was it. It was a matter of one group maintaining power over another. You seem to think that’s wrong (I don’t) only if people have to get in ships and sail across an ocean. Why?

    Yeah–it’s a wonder that all parents didn’t want their sons to be castrated! They might’ve become like Zheng He! LOL!!!! After insisting that nothing the Big Noses have ever done has had goodness in it, you see some benefit in castrating boys. But of course, the Chinese can’t do any wrong; only barbarians do wrong, especially the ones with the big noses. Buffoonery! You’re animals (not at all meant pejoratively) like the rest of the human species, engaging in competition and predatory behavior. That’s Nature and the way of the world. Get over it.

    ….you will never understand why you people is [are: people is in this context is plural] hated around the world. But never mind, as Malla remarks, most of us “are bullshit driven by hate and other emotions anyways.”

    I understand that people all over the world like coming to live in the West, among us, and in the modern technological culture that the West has made available to you…. Or, in your hatred of the Big Noses, do you scorn to use automobiles, refrigeration, telephones, television, passenger jets, trains, photography, cinema, genetics, communication satellites, microwaves, computers and the Internet–oh evidently you use the last two….

    Aw whatsa matter, sweetheart, all hot and bothered because barbarians came from so far away, and with such small numbers, but still showed you that you aren’t the Superior Race after all–that the Son of Heaven was nobody special, that what you thought was the center of the Cosmos, China, could be taught so annoyingly much by barbarians, whose way of life you imitate so much?

    • Replies: @showmethereal
    , @d dan
  238. Malla says:
    @Lucius Vanini

    To give you an idea of this new alliance of the Indian right and Western right.

    Nupur Sharma was the national spokesperson of the ruling Hindutva Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of India. Described as brash and articulate, she frequently represented BJP on Indian television debates as an official spokesperson.
    Now what happened is just like the earlier mosque in Ayodhya, there is one more mosque (among many) which Hindus claim was built on a destroyed temple by foreign Islamic invaders, a major temple in the past. Now I am not sure about the legitimacy of this claim but that is besides the point. Hindus claim that there is a Hindu Shivalinga in the mosque. So in a television debate on Indian media, one Islamic Mullah claimed that the Shivalinga was actually a fountain. Nupur was in that TV debate and this claim infuriated her. Many Hindus believe Muslims look down on their idol worship. So to get back at the Mullah, she quoted some Hadith about something disparaging about Prophet Mohammed. And that created a lot of brouhaha. Riots and all that stuff. Remember she quoted the Islamic Hadith but verses in the Hadith are not like the Quran (which are considered the word of God). You can have weak Hadiths.
    Anyways this created a huge scene. She received death threats from Muslims incluiding Al Qaeda. Many Gulf countries started boycotting Indian products (Indian nats called for boycotting Qatar Airlines in response). By the evening of 5 June, Sharma was suspended from the BJP. The party statement said, “The BJP strongly denounces insults of any religious personalities of any religion.” Afterwards, Sharma withdrew her remarks “unconditionally” but reiterated that they were in response to the “continuous insult and disregard” towards the Hindu deity Shiva. Many rallied behind Nupur Sharma and criticised the party and the government for abandoning her and buckling under international pressure. Hashtags such as “#ShameOnBJP” and “#ISupportNupurSharma” trended on Twitter.

    But guess who came in support of Nupur Sharma, Dutch MP Geert Wilders. Check out the comments of Indians int he video. They all hail Geert Wilders and contrast brave Mr Wilders to their own “cowardly” politicians.

    ‘Don’t appease Islam’: Dutch MP, who supported Nupur Sharma

    • Thanks: Lucius Vanini
  239. Anonymous[156] • Disclaimer says:

    Just a few questions, Malla. You seem very knowledgeable indeed about the Indian Right.

    Do you find yourself in broad agreement with them?

    Would you approve of the term “Indian Nationalist” being applied to you?

    • Replies: @Malla
  240. antibeast says:

    Rajiv Malhotra on Tibet & Hindus. He says India has a moral duty to be the guardian of Tibetan civilizationl integrity.

    That’s a Strawman which has nothing to do with what he’s saying about the ‘Indian sepoys’ (his words, not mine) at Harvard.

    Here’s another video by Indian professor Kapil Kapoor on Bharat-hating Indian academics in the West:

    Here’s another one by Palki Sharma on the need for India to reclaim its rich heritage:

    • Replies: @Malla
    , @Malla
    , @Malla
  241. @Deep Thought

    And you never will. The common refrain they shirk back to is calling you “anti white”. It’s like clockwork

  242. @Lucius Vanini

    Yuan Dynasty was Mongols who violently took over China – lol. You don’t even get the irony. And yes I know the Hmong. They still exist in China and other parts of South East Asia. Still have their ancestral lands and their languages too. But you can’t focus and you talk about others reasoning ability. We are talking about the issues that have formed geopolitics as it is today. Hmong fled to the U.S. because they were persecuted in Vietnam. Nothing to do with China.

    Sure China has had internal wars with deaths of millions. Duh China has had the largest population. Pound for pound – European internal wars were more destructive because they killed larger percentages of the population. Did Wikipedia explain that to you??? But again internal European wars would have been nobody else’s business. The problem is Europeans fled by the tens of millions to take over foreign lands. Europeans then turned local wars into WORLD wars. That is why we are where we are today – not because of China’s internal wars. Your brain is fogged if you don’t get it.

    Well yeah being a Catholic you are an acolyte of that false prophet Constantine who Romanized a middle eastern/west Asian religion. You should try reading it yourself. But the last instructions were to go and make disciples and teaching everything he taught. When his own disciples wanted him to call down disaster on the Samaritans for not receiving him.. he rebuked them and told them they had a devilish spirit. I could list 100 more but you should read it for yourself.

    • Replies: @Lucius Vanini
  243. @Lucius Vanini

    Bush thought he was bringing democracy? Give us a break with that garbage. Bush and all those CIA and State Dept. characters were funding and arming Saddam Hussein to fight Iran. Even playing blind when he used chemical weapons against Iran. Complete and utter nonsense. Aside from the fact – that is not part of the UN charter to force changes in the name of democracy (I won’t bother to touch on the Bible since you don’t believe it – but the right wing neo-cons claim they do).

    As to Tibet – more garbage from Wikipedia. Go read all of Tibet’s history. Tibet was an empire who used to attack Han and Mongol territory. Eventually when intermarriage didn’t work – they were eventually taken over. You know – every similar to how European nations formed. Nothing at all equivalent to how the US or Canada or Australia formed. At least in Central and South America there is a large enough indigenous population to make their voice heard so I won’t touch on them. Tibet was firmly part of the Qing Dynasty from before the U.S. existed. The Brit’s and Russians (but mainly the Brits) sought to siphon away Tibet to be a part of their assets (promising them “freedom”). But if Tibet was not a part of China then why did the Brits require Beijing to pay reparations for Brits killed by Tibetans who attacked outsiders (including French missionaries). Confusing right???? Fact is nobody recognized Tibetan independence after the 1911 revolution. The CPC won the civil war against the nationalists and simply secured the territory. That is revisionist history. Had the Nationalists won and not fled to Taiwan you would never hear a peep about Tibet being “invaded by China”. Another western intelligence psyops.
    The CPC gave up claims on Outer Mongolia and Outer Manchuria. But Tibet? Nope. Far more important to China’s security. Again this goes back many centuries before communism even existed.

  244. @showmethereal

    As to Tibet – more garbage from Wikipedia.

    About Tibet:

    “However, to go back in time, Tibet had created a huge empire in Central Asia. About 500 years prior to Buddha Sakyamuni coming to the world, which was around 1063 BC, a figure called Lord Shenrab Miwo had reformed the primitive ways of the Shen race. In fact, Miwo was the individual responsible for founding the Tibetan Bon religion. From 629 to 49 BC, King Songsten Gampo was on the throne. At this time, Tibet developed into a powerful military presence and Gampo strongly promoted Buddhism. Then from 755 to 97, King Trisong Detsen took over reign, a time when the Tibetan Empire was at its best. The arms invaded several other Central Asian countries in addition to China. Then in 763, the Chinese capital at Ch’ang-an, which is today known as Xian, was seized by the Tibetans. The Emperor fled, allowing the Tibetans to appoint a new Emperor.”

    • Replies: @antibeast
    , @showmethereal
  245. @showmethereal

    Well yeah being a Catholic you are an acolyte of that false prophet Constantine….

    I’ll start with that part of your ridiculous reply. You talk of my brain being befogged?! If you had any perception at all, you’d have seen that I’m the farthest thing from a Judeo-Christian, that I hate the Jew-concocted superstition.

    I merely said I went to Catholic school (just for a time), and that later because of a parent I had some connection with a Protestant denomination, which gave me more familiarity with that silly Babble than most people have. But that was a long time ago, and even then I was never a true believer. And you should have seen in my comments (I call Christianity shit in one of my recent ones) that one can’t be farther from that sick superstition than I….

    Look at my reply to you in Comment #193 in this thread. I say that the Europeans’ idea that they’d be saving the heathens’ souls was “Crazy, utter garbage, I know, as a self-loving European who draws his inspiration from Classical Hellas and Roma,” Maybe you don’t know that Classical Greece and Rome were Pagan?

    No, I think you either have little reading comprehension or you don’t read my replies, except at the top. If it’s the latter, I must say that though your replies are full of crude, tendentious conceits I do read them through. You must apply LOL the Principle of Reciprocity if you are to become able to reply to me with more intelligence.

    Next, why are you stuck on the idea that domination, imperialism–which China and other East Asians have so long engaged in–are bad only if they’re imposed from across oceans? Ah, I know why. Like so many Chinese, you want to think that the Chinese are the Superior Race which always does things for decent, justifiable reasons. No, the Chinese–and the East Asians who became part of China, producing Dynasties like the Yuan and the Qing–have been dominating and oppressing people from time immemorial. But you just want to accuse and blame the Big Nose barbarians–I guess because they showed you that you ain’t lol the center of the Universe and made you now feel derivative and dependent, as you must dance to our cultural and technological tune, and be honorary Europeans, having to know our languages and to use our inventions.

    And you, if you’re a Judeo-Christian, are evidently the humble charity-recipient of Big-Nose missionaries who came on the wave of European expansion that you like to condemn.

    Yeah, Hmong. No apologies to them for putting down their rebellion–they didn’t want you to dominate them–or for castrating their boys. Just think if Europeans came and did that! LOL you’d be blaming them with your dying breath. The great respect I’ve had for the Chinese in my life is being eroded by fools like you, who haven’t the least ability to self-criticize.

    P.S. You criticize the Europeans as a group. Caucasians. Well, you are Mongoloid, and so are the Japanese, Mongols, ethnic Turks, Vietnamese, Cambodians. So we’ll talk more about the track record of your race, not just of the Chinese part of it.

    • Troll: showmethereal
    • Replies: @showmethereal
  246. @showmethereal

    Bush thought he was bringing democracy? Give us a break with that garbage.

    I’ve said that I opposed the invasion of Iraq; that, urged by Zionist Neocons, it was fought for Israel; that I still hate its memory. But Bush was no Bismarck. Bush was a dullard. He could very well have believed that he was benefiting the Iraqis by subverting Saddam’s supposed tyranny–notwithstanding whatever use the USA had made of Saddam. I’m not saying this was the case. I don’t know. But you pretend that you do know. And the difference between you and me is that you’re determined to demonize the West, while making laughable excuses for everything China has done.

    That I’m capable of calling a spade a spade is clear in the Comment, #77 here, to which you said “Thanks.” I’m fully against this war being pushed on Russia (Zionist Neocons again in the vanguard) and say Europe should wake up and desert the Judeo-American bloc. Will you ever say that any military action the Chinese have ever undertaken, including historically recent ones in Tibet and Vietnam, have been “wrong”? Don’t even pretend to, because I’ll have a heart attack from shock.

    Now, as to Tibet. LOL you and your fellow Yellow Supremacists here try to wiggle out of historical fact because I mentioned Wikipedia. All I did was say that a casual look at Wiki’s “List of Chinese Wars and Battles” shows the tremendous bloodshed occurring in your ancestral haunts for so long–long before the Europeans you hate ever appeared there. No, the recent invasion and tyrannical takeover of Tibet by Chinese imperialists is a fact–even if Wiki says it happened LOL.

    This is not from Wiki. John Avendon’s article in The New York Times, (NYT Archives 1984):

    ….evidence obtained by Tibetan refugees living in India has provided the first glimpse of what can only be called a holocaust. Forced labor, imprisonment and widespread starvation have caused the death of an estimated 1.2 million Tibetans–one-seventh of the population.

    Did the Chinese imperialists have to take Tibet in 1950? Oh of course, showmethefalse, the Chinese have conquered so much territory in their own defense, of course!

    And from the 1959 revolt (why do people rebel against Chinese dominion, as they’re even doing now in Shanghai?), which failed, there 100,000 Tibetan refugees, including the Dalai Lama who should be in his ancestral land but is in India.

    A commenter here who did Comment #195 has, I think, an interesting point:

    This is the hypocrisy of PRC imperialism: They claim all the territories of Manchu-Mongol dynasties, but none of the responsibility for bloodshed inflicted all over Asia.

    Well, the Mongols and Manchu did contribute to make China what it is, like the Khitans did before them. The Yuan and the Qing were dynasties not of Spain or Poland but of China.

    In any case, about Wikipedia, which is not the main source of my views, I must say this to you. I challenge you to show that its contents are necessarily false. You do know that its articles are based on sources which are provided, right? And if it says the Yuan Dynasty followed the Song and was followed by the Ming, which was followed by the Manchu Dynasty, the Ching or Qing, which lasted from 1644 to 1912 CE, will it be wrong? I haven’t looked; I already know these things to be accepted historical fact. But I’d be shocked if Wiki got them wrong.

    I challenge you to show why you think anything in Wiki must be fallacious except because it may criticize the Chinese.

    P.S. You didn’t say whether you are indeed a “Christian” of East-Asian race. Why not? This is important. Because how were you or your family introduced to that creed? If it was in Hong Kong, it would seem that Big Noses, the Portuguese, Spaniards or, most likely, Brits, brought that creed to your doorstep. If the continents weren’t brought together, making today a “Global Village,” by the people you hate, your chances of being a Christian would be close to zero. And if you believe lol that you’re blessed with true religion, and will lol go to heaven because of it, how can you not feel grateful for the Age of European Colonization to that degree?!

    Hong Kong, the Caribbean, Singapore? Sounds like you move and have your being in the itinerary established by Brit imperialism.

    If you are a Judeo-Christian, there you are, bound for eternal joy, while in this world you have a computer and Internet, White inventions with which to attack the Big Noses to whom accordingly you owe so much. C’mon, don’t be afraid of telling the truth about yourself.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  247. antibeast says:
    @Deep Thought

    Here’s a map showing the location and number of Tibetan and Han Buddhist sites in China:

    Note that the majority of Tibetan Buddhist sites are located outside of Tibet, with large numbers in Qinghai, Sichuan, Yunnan and Gansu provinces, and as far away as Inner Mongolia. This ethnographic map proves that Tibetan Buddhists have been living there for the past 1300 years since they settled in China following the expansion of the Tibetan Empire after the fall of the Tang.

    • Replies: @antibeast
  248. Now if we discuss the West, I am only speaking roughly as the reality may be more nuanced and the politics may vary from country to country

    I think your grasp of the nature of both the Left and the Right is quite real. The only thing I’d add is the ethnic component, with Jews of the Frankfurt School and Marxism having an incalculable influence, and Jews still being the vanguard of the Leftism now wreaking havoc in the West.

    Say, in your comment, #239 here, you adduce evidence devastating the contention of europhobes here that Europeans in their expansion never had charitable tendencies. Yes–of course! The Sudras, Chandalas, Dalits might well like the Brits and want them to stay, because the British didn’t have the same feeling about caste that the upper-caste Hindus had. Many British indeed, especially sectarians in whose mind all souls were equal before God, must’ve considered the Caste System to be unjust.

    So let me ask you this. Must not Islam have made many converts among the low-caste and outcaste Indians? It would seem that from being a Chandala a man became an equal of respectable devotees of Allah. He went up in the world.

    When I was in Dubai, Arabia, and went into a coffeehouse and noticed that everyone there was an ethnic Indian, I asked the owner who spoke English whether there was a temple nearby. He said “Temple?”

    I said “Yes–you know: Vishnu, Brahma, Shiva. Or is it all Islam?”

    He said, “We are all Islam.”

    They looked more South Indian than North, and I conjectured that their forebears had been low-caste or outcaste and that Islam had seemed to them a ticket to respectability.

    Am I right–I mean generally as regards Indian conversion to Islam?

    • Replies: @Malla
  249. Malla says:

    Do you find yourself in broad agreement with them?

    On some points

    Would you approve of the term “Indian Nationalist” being applied to you?

    I am Indian nationalist when I think it is right. Absolute morality is more important to me.

  250. Malla says:

    Here’s another video by Indian professor Kapil Kapoor on Bharat-hating Indian academics in the West:

    I do not have much idea about Bharat hating academics in the West but if he is saying that the British destroyed or downplayed Indian culture or civilization, he is completely wrong. Indeed without the British, pre Islamic Indian history would be completely unknown. All these claims about the British downplaying Indian culture or hated Indian civilization claims has been completely destroyed by the guy running the youtube channel Science Journey. In every debate he has defeated (with evidence) those making such Brahmanical claims. But most of his videos are in Hindi.

  251. d dan says:
    @Lucius Vanini

    A bunch of mussing and coping from a confused guy. There are too much nonsense so I would just pick a few points to reply. It is unlikely I will pay attention to your further rambling like a headless chicken.

    “principle of reciprocity”

    Only a bully dislikes the principle. May be you still think that only the West is allowed to attack others, but how dare the darkies talk back. The principle of reciprocity is important to international and many social relationship since ancient time. It is based on the idea of fairness, universal in all cultures. If country A bombs B, then B is entitled to bombs A too. This is how military defense works and how MAD supposed to do. The fact that you ridicule it shows how screwed up your morality and logic become when you tried to twist your way out. To help you out, you could use other principles like settlement, negotiation and statue of limitation to prevent things from spiraling out of control. Now you can go figure out yourself whether the Miao should castrate Han. Most Miao and Han don’t think so even they agree with the principle.

    “It was a matter of one group maintaining power over another. You seem to think that’s wrong (I don’t) only if people have to get in ships and sail across an ocean. Why?”

    And once again, there is no moral equivalence between Ming DEFENDING its TRADITIONAL area of control against rebellion for their national security and stability, versus Europeans going halfway around the world to conquer, genocide, exploit, enslave, colonialize and even destroying whole civilization on totally unrelated peoples because of uncontrolled greed, lust, and naked racism. You assert Ming should just passively allow the country to disintegrate. Furthermore, you are like typical high horse European who feel so much “empathy” to minority groups (be it Uighur, Tibet, or LBGT whatever) in other peoples’ countries, because they are just not as enlightened. Why don’t you allow minorities in your country to take up arms to declare independence, refuse to obey national laws, and even impose their own laws and rules on you the majority?

    You also assume the rebellion is some local grassroot freedom fighters against the oppressive majority Han. You don’t know the Miao rebellion was a direct consequence of wars on 麓川, started by a local warlord, lead by 思任发, of ethnic 傣族 (Thais). 思任发 controlled a large part of present day Burma, Thailand and Laos. He was originally appointed a 宣慰司 (local military chief) by Ming, and became so ambitious and sent an army of 300k to attack Yunnan. But, but, but, did Wikipedia mention this context?

    “all parents didn’t want their sons to be castrated!”

    As for the punishment of the rebels, that was something they knew before they decided to rebel. If the rebels succeeded, the captured Han would not be treated any better. I thought better of you and explained castration was not the worse form of punishment (compare with beheading, e.g.), a point you might miss from Wikipedia, but instead of acknowledging the cultural and historical subtlety, you took the moral high ground of derision just to score point. Total waste of time.

    “Wikipedia ”

    Don’t you know partial information is often the worse form of propaganda. Wikipedia is known to miss out on important context and selectively write about topics. If you still don’t get some the examples after these few exchanges, then there is nothing I need to add.

    “the motivation was mixed. ”

    “Your honor, my motivation to rob the bank is mixed. I give, or rather, will give one dollar out of the millions to that homeless guy. So, you should release me immediately.”

    “people all over the world like coming to live in the West, among us… way of life you imitate ”

    Not because of your superior culture, system or morality, but because the West has higher standard of living (with wealth partly robbed through colonialization, land grab, slavery, etc). I know you need something to feel superior about versus the rest of the world, but all tech are public and culturally neutral. Chinese never need to think about the Westerners dine on the “Chinese” porcelain or shit on a china toilet bowl, or write on a Chinese-invented paper, but your type are always obsessed with “Western” tech.

    “What motivation had Communist China in taking Tibet?”

    Tibet is part of China (nothing to do with communist) longer than the existence of all countries founding by Europeans through robbery and genocide. And if you want to go back over 1000 years to seriously and objectively study whether China taking over Tibet was legitimate within those historical context and practices, be my guest, but I advice solely relying on Wikipedia.

    ” Japanese, Mongols, ethnic Turks, Vietnamese, Cambodians. So we’ll talk more about the track record of your race,”

    Go ahead to bring up the atrocities committed by the Japanese, Mongol or others. I am not as racist as you guys. I will readily agree about their wrong-doings. If you could spend your time to highlight any particular European peoples who are particularly (or relatively more) peaceful, instead of knee-jerk reaction to defend the indefensible, these exchanges would be much more useful to everyone.

    • Agree: showmethereal
  252. Malla says:

    The vast majority of the Global South understands that.

    Not so fast. Not as simple as that. The missile of anti-colonialism can go in many directions and not necessarily towards the West and Japan.

    Prof PLO Lumumba – Why China keeps Running To Africa.
    Men and women who think your salvation lies in crossing the Mediterranean seas to go to other lands are completely misguided. Does it ever concern you young men and women when some of your kith and kin are crossing the Mediterranean seas and some are going to the Arab World, young Chinese are coming into the continent. What is that the young Chinese, many of them in between the ages 20 and 35, what it is that they are seeing in Zambia, that today you go to the streets of Zambia there are Chinese? What is that they are seeing in the streets of Johannesburg, Capetown and Pretoria? What is it that they see in South Africa, Accra, Ghana, in Monrovia, in Nairobi, in Kampala, in Rwanda, in Dar es Salem, you cannot see? There is something in Africa. Africa is the place that has always been attractive to different civilizations. It was attractive to the Greeks. It was attractive to the Jews. It was attractive to the Turks. It was attractive to the Portuguese. It was attractive to the British. It was attractive to the Germans. It was attractive to the Belgians. It was attractive to the French. It was attractive to the Arabs. Africa has some of the greatest things on Earth. And it is your duty particularly you young men and women to ensure, that if Africa is not going to be a slave again and she can be a slave. I am already beginning to see signs of Africa’s enslavement. You know, I used to wonder, how is it that Africa was colonized. There were few White men whether they were of German extraction or Dutch extraction and come into the continent of Africa and in a few years they have conquered all of us Y and we were enslaved and if you were not enslaved you were colonized. How did it happen that such a minority conquered us? I now understand, it started in the same way that I now see the Chinese coming into Africa. Slowly. we laugh them, we laugh at it, but in 50 years from today, we will not be laughing at it. You, even today we see images of some of the ….visiting our young people. If it is not in Kampala, it is Nairobi and if it is not in Nairobi, it is in Senegal. You see the Chinese coming here and every University, they are opening the Confucious Institutes. If it is not at a University in Nairobi, it is in the University in Zambia, because they know that the mind is the standard of the man. Don’t you now see at some African airports that the signage is in Chinese. Not in Luganda, not in Yaruba, not in Kiswahili, but in Chinese. These are some of the early signs, that once again if we are not careful, we are going to be mentally captured. I am telling you therefore to go out there as young men and women and begin to recognize, sooner rather than later, that it is your duty to think like Africans.

    PLO Lumumba | Why Africa is Attractive To China | China Is Africa’s New Colonial Master | Part 1

    • Thanks: Lucius Vanini
    • Replies: @showmethereal
  253. Malla says:

    That’s a Strawman which has nothing to do with what he’s saying

    But what is your opinion of it?

    Here’s another video by Indian professor Kapil Kapoor

    He is not specific. Tell me antibeast, which academics is he talking about? What exactly about those Western academicians, which study, which papers does he talk about? Any blanket statement means nothing. I have dealt with these kinds of people before (a lot) and have a habit of making up claims. I am quite seasoned in this. So which academicians and what papers is he talking about anti-beast? I have been in these dbeates for a long time, even before I came to Unz.
    Is it Dr. Wendy Doniger? Dr. Jeffrey J. Kripal?
    As far as I know, they are the only two who come up and when talk about Western anti-Hindu scholars they are two most sighted. me thinks you are new to this field and you are jumped in because you could see evul Colonial West vs India angle. I have been quite seasoned in these discussions and have even read Wendy’s book which was banned in India by Dinanath Batra.
    The thing is Hidnutvas like Malhotra look at a Christian plot to weaken Hinduism and many Hidnutvas chatter this bullshit but there is hardly much of a Christian presence in Indology studies, it is dominated by leftists and Wendy Doniger is Jewish!!!

    • Replies: @antibeast
  254. Malla says:
    @d dan

    It is a type of projection for them? Overseas Indian care a lot more about their success (and therefore images) in the West because they have less opportunities in India.

    Blabbering of an idiot. Indians do not care about their success in the West as such but globally. Because Indians for some reason believe they are more intellectually talented than all other populations on Earth except Jews. For them it is some kind of vindication of the intellectual superiority of their race and civilization. As far as Chinese, most Indians do not even register Chinese as intelligent, Indians consider Chinese as soulless robotic drone race who can only copy but not create.
    Again, the above are not my personal views but of most Indians in general.

    • Thanks: d dan
  255. @Deep Thought

    Yes westerners like Lucius love to believe Hollywood garbage about Tibet. They were never peacnick hippies like that concert in Woodstock NY. They were known for centuries as fierce fighters… and yeah they were expansionist. Too much western revisionism. They wove themselves into China many centuries ago

  256. @Malla

    I can source videos too. One American and one African. Data and testimony

    • Replies: @Malla
  257. Malla says:

    I can source videos too

    It is not about sourcing videos. Prof PLO Lumumba is not ordinary person but a highly respected pan African nationalist and anti-colonialist activist followed by patriotic Africans across the continent. China can be perceived as colonialist just as much as any other.

    His anti-colonial creds can be seen below

    PLO Lumumba | Africans, Decolonise Your Minds!

    PLO Lumumba | Africa Does Not Need Europe’s Approval For Anything! | Africa Must Redefine Democracy

    Julius Malema of the Economic Freedom Front of South Africa, the famous grass-root revolutionary organization also warns of China as colonialists. Watch the video.

    Julius Malema Doesn’t Want China Colonising Africa

    • Agree: Lucius Vanini
    • Replies: @showmethereal
  258. Malla says:

    Kapil Kapoor claims that Europe used Sanskrit to liberate itself from Arabic?? LMFAO What is Kapoor chacha (uncle) smoking? Chacha had some bhang during Shivratri?
    When did that happen?
    Listen dude, I know these Hinduvadi Brahmanical types very well, they have a habit of chest thumping and hyping themselves up. Unlike Africans, India has a very old civilization of its own, it does not need Afrocentrism and Wakandism of its own. But I know what is deep in their hearts. According to them all non Hindus (save Jews) are barbarians including you Chinese and they want their own version of history. All civilization, science, learnings, spirituality in the World came from Indian Civilization only.

    • Replies: @antibeast
  259. @Lucius Vanini

    What a clown. That Dalai Lama like those before him for centuries was approved by Beijing. He and his army that fled worked with the CIA against the very nation that appointed him. It’s not even worth replying further if you don’t know such things. A waste of energy if you can’t get basic facts correct.

  260. @Malla

    Did you listen to either of them…?? They didn’t just come with opinions…. I can find someone with a big mouth that can state any opinion. Fact is the majority don’t see China as trying to colonize Africa.

    • Replies: @Malla
  261. antibeast says:

    Kapil Kapoor claims that Europe used Sanskrit to liberate itself from Arabic??

    There was a time when Westerners especially the Anglos wanted to reinvent themselves as ‘Nordics’ after their discovery of Sanskrit and its relationship with European languages during the reign of the British EIC in India. This event ushered in the academic field of ‘Indo-European’ studies which focused on the construction of an ‘Indo-European’ language family linking Sanskrit to European languages. Prior to the discovery of Sanskrit, Westerners were focused on Arabic influences in Europe which later emerged as an academic discipline called ‘Orientalism’. Both ‘Orientalism’ and ‘Indo-European’ studies served to promote Western Imperialism by denying Arabic contributions to Western Civilization in the case of the former while overdetermining the Aryan contributions to Indian Civilization in the case of the latter.

    I actually think Kappor is mistaken because the Nordicists wanted to liberate themselves from the Latins not the Arabs by overdetermining the Aryan (aka ‘Indo-European’) contributions to Persian and Indian Civilizations. During that time which coincided with the ‘Great Game’, the British found themselves competing against the Russians over Central and West Asia. One way to justify Western Imperialism was to deny Arabic influences by overdetermining the Aryan identities of Persians and Central Asians. At the same time, the British wanted to undermine the Latin identity of Western Civilization by overdetermining its Aryan (‘Indo-European’) components. You see this behavior to this day when Anglos try to claim their Aryan lineage instead of Latin culture as the genetic basis of their Western Civilization.

    • Replies: @Malla
  262. antibeast says:

    But what is your opinion of it?

    Indian nationalists like Rajiv Malhotra who claim their Hindu privilege over Tibetan Buddhists in China is equivalent to Western Imperialists asserting their Orientalist privilege over Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang. Both are ontological contradictions which belie their imperialist intent. Indian nationalists should care more about the plight of Indian rather than Tibetan Buddhists while Western Imperialists should care more about the plight of Arabic rather than Uyghur Muslims.

    • Thanks: showmethereal
    • Replies: @Malla
  263. @showmethereal

    That Dalai Lama like those before him for centuries was approved by Beijing.

    What an imbecile! Why is the Dalai Lama in India, fool, and not in Tibet, where vicious and oppressive Chinese provoked a Tibetan Diaspora? The sufferings of Tibet are well documented. And why should foreign imperialists approve any Dalai Lama?

    Your childish characterization of every Chinese imperialist aggression and tyranny as decent, while throwing your shit on Europeans to whom you owe so much, shows that you have no intellectual integrity. All you are is an apologist for everything Chinese.

    It’s not worth replying further if you don’t know such things.

    What–that a man who shouldn’t have to depend on foreign intruders will work with the CIA to oppose them? I hope that someday that good man, the best Mongoloid Asian I know of, will succeed somehow in getting you oppressors OUT of Tibet.

    The kind of state China is, is being demonstrated again by the oppression we see happening now in Shanghai over this covid lockdown….

    The vast majority of the Global South understands this.

    This is the degree of trust you are enjoying in Zambia. CNN World: June, 2020:

    Three Chinese nationals were murdered in a week when racial tensions were running high. The gruesome murders….came at the end of a week when anti-Chinese sentiment in the Zambian capital was nearing the boiling point….

    In the days leading up to the murders, Lusaka mayor Miles Sampa had accused Chinese bosses in the capital of “slavery reloaded.”

    The Chinese presence in Zambia has been controversial for decades…. Zambians feel that China is slowly taking over their land….</blockquote

    Sanou Mbaye: "Africa will not put up with a Colonialist China."

    With Apartheid-style practices–including the gunning down of local workers by a Chinese manager Zambia–Chinese managers impose appalling working conditions on their African employees.

    • Troll: showmethereal
    • Replies: @showmethereal
  264. @showmethereal

    It’s not even worth replying further if you don’t know such things

    You just don’t want to reply to the question of how you got your Judeo-Christianity. I think you got it from Europeans. If that’s so, and you’re a believer, you must owe European expansion for the everlasting blessedness lol you expect.

    So again, there you are, possessed of the true faith and salvation, courtesy of the barbarians to whom you think you’re morally superior, while at the same time you use the miracle of cyberspace, the Internet to attack them, though that too comes from them.

    What have the Chinese ever done for anyone that equals those blessings? So far the only virtue you can attribute to them is that they haven’t used ships to oppress, kill, castrate, etc.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  265. Malla says:

    You misunderstood my point, I did not assert that China is “looting” Africa as fact. Personally I am 50/50 on the whole Debt trap accusation, I would say, I am more on the side of skeptical. I am talking about emotions and accusations. After all most anti-colonial and post colonial studies are based on propaganda, careful selection and omission of facts, emotions and the like. If we go by facts, the Colonial Empires of the past have done enormous good and lost money too in the process on their colonies.
    I am talking about the anti-colonial emotion, the suspicion of foreigners and their intentions. Accusations factual or fake. That missile, the anti-colonial missile can fly in many directions, not necessarily the West or Japan. It can fly in your direction, in our direction, in the direction of Arabs, in the direction of Russia etc…Truth be told it is Africans colonizing Europe today.
    To give you an idea, in how many directions anti-colonial accusation missiles can fly, check out what the respected Professor PLO Lumumba said int he other video. He is not singling out the Chinese only.

    He says
    “Let me remind you Africa remains attractive. Why is Africa so attractive? Throughout the ages, it has always been attractive. It was attractive to the Portuguese and the Spaniards, but I am not going to say that. It was attractive to the Arabs, but I am not going to say that. It was attractive to the Jews, but I will not say that. What I am going to say that it is attractive again. It is so attractive that every two years the Japanese call our leader to Japan, that is how attractive Africa is. They call them to Japan in order to discuss, how Japan is going to work with Africa for the benefit of Africa, I do not believe it. It must be for the benefit of Japan. It is so attractive that the Chinese leaders call us Africans to Beijing every year, the 54th they call them to Beijing and they say this is how China is going to work for the benefit of Africa, I refuse to believe them. it must be something done for the benefit of Beijing. Because If I was Chinese, I would do what is in my best interest, not in the interest of Africans. It is so attractive, the Russians called our leaders only a few months ago in Sochi and when they invite you, they invite you, they invite you to the best places. It is so interesting so that the Russians can work with Africa for the benefit of Africa. That is how attractive Africa is. It is so attractive that the Germans also invited our leaders to Berlin. It is so attractive that even the Arabs are inviting them to Doha and that is how attractive it is. Have you ever had the Latin Americans being invited. Noo. I did not hear. Have you ever hear the Arabs being invited. Noo. It is only Africans who are invited, that is how attractive Africa is. … my mind called globalization, when we talk about globalization as it was new, it is not. Africans were once globalized as a commodity in the slave market, we were sold everywhere in the world, that was globalization. Then were globalized through colonization, then we were globalized again via neo colonization.
    snip… ”
    At 11:42 mins
    “the belief that we must follow a model conceived on our behalf by an European University is misguided. ”
    “And see how the Chinese are working with us? Which university in Africa worth its name does not have a Confucius Institute. I do not know if you have one here in UCC. Why do the Chinese have a Confucius center? Because the mind is the standard of the man. If we are not careful, in the next 25 years all of us will be speaking Mandarin. If we are not careful, because the Chinese here are not here for charity, the Chinese are here to do business. And in the world of business, it is cruel world where throats are literally cut.”’

    • Replies: @showmethereal
    , @antibeast
  266. Malla says:
    @Lucius Vanini

    Must not Islam have made many converts among the low-caste and outcaste Indians?

    They did, indeed that was one good thing about Islam. Islam allowed lower caste Hindus to rise in status. However there is a sort of mild caste system in the Indian subcontinent. The descendants of Persians, Arabs, Afghans, Turks, Uyghur-Uzbeks (Mughals) mixed with the upper castes of India to form the Ashrafi Muslims of South Asia, who are a type of upper caste in South Asian Muslims. The rest are called Asahi Muslims. But the caste system in Islamic South Asia was way way milder than what existed in Hindu society. Comparatively far more egalitarian.
    The elite Ashrafi are roughly 10% of the South Asian Muslim population (Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and maybe Sri Lanka). However genetic research by Razib Khan found out that during the Islamic Indian period the genetic inflow from the Middle East and South Asia was far less than expected and at most only 1% South Asian Islamic genepool. So basically all those fair skinned polished, Ashrafi are predominantly genetically upper caste Hindu convert Muslims.
    He is Bangladeshi and he found out that there are many Bangladeshis proudly claim ancestry of Afghans, Turks, Mughals (Uyghur-Uzbeks) or Arab Sheikhs but they have more DNA/ ancestry from South East Asia and Southern China than from the Middle East and Central Asia!!

    Interestingly among Indian Catholics, it was found out that for some reason, most of the Indian Catholics in higher positions in the Church, like most Bishops and all, were predominantly of upper caste Hindu ancestry while the commoners were more lower caste ancestry. Not true for Protestant Indians or Mormon Indians. There is also a population of Indian Christians down South from the state of Kerala, called Nasranis/ St. Thomas Christians who were formed by the mixing of Jews and Brahmins. Some of them are Catholics, some are Anglicans, some are Orthodox Christians.

    • Thanks: Lucius Vanini
  267. Malla says:
    @Lucius Vanini

    That’s a legacy of the toxic Judeo-Christianity, peddled to Europe long ago by Jews more europhobic than Asians in this thread lol. That Judaic snake-oil says it’s not nice to love and prefer oneself: unselfishness, self-abnegation are equated with goodness…. And the liberal, “bleeding-heart” morality–secular altruism–is little more than Judeo-Christian Sklavenmoral minus the theism and eschatology. And of course the europhobes exploit the situation.

    I am aware of that, Prof Revilo Oliver had written about it. Of Christianity injected as spider venom to digest up the Roman Empire from inside and in extension all of Europe. But to be honest, Christianity’s effect on Europe was 50%-50%. it had positive effects as well as a negative effects. Today we see Christian morality un-tempered with wisdom (and directed and prodded up above by Jews) which has made the West suicidal.

    entitled The Last White Man LOL.

    What is this craze for White genocide? These fools do not realize that the World will become far far far worse place if White people were to disappear. Their own descendants will have a worse life it this happens. It is of course driven by envy. Envy of lot of things (mental, physical, military etc..achievements) but it starts (they kikes, darkies and the lot will deny it but I know their hearts. LOL), it starts with envy of appearance.

    • Agree: Lucius Vanini
  268. antibeast says:

    Oh, one last thing: the Tibetan King Songtsen Gambo built the Potala Palace as a gesture of love for his marriage to Princess Wencheng of the Chinese Tang Dynasty who brought a statue of Sakyamuni Buddha, along with a retinue of Chinese scholars, artists and monks, to Tibet. Despite the numerous Peace Treaties secured by royal marriages between Tibet and China, the Tibetans eventually invaded the Tang Dynasty which declined due to the An Lushan rebellion. That’s how Tibet established its historical and cultural ties to China as symbolized by the 1,300 year old Potala Palace where the statue of Chinese Princess Wencheng still stands to this day. Here’s a video on the Potala Palace:

    That Tibetans became part of China is not due to the Chinese invading Tibet but due to the Tibetans invading China, 1,300 years ago! That’s the reason why the majority of Tibetans in China live outside of Tibet.

    • Agree: showmethereal
  269. @Lucius Vanini

    Went to Catholic school. Ok. Your formative years.

    And would you prefer “European imperialists”. I know for sure not all Europeans are the same. That’s why Europeans fought each other all the time. Nor did all Europeans desire to be imperialists. So there I fixed it for you. And if you don’t get that worldview – then again – why waste time reading Pepe Escobar?

    • Replies: @Lucius Vanini
  270. @d dan

    ….your type are always obsessed with “Western” tech

    Ah, I see you got back to me through Western tech! You surely aren’t able to do so by means of porcelain, a china toilet bowl or Chinese-invented paper! No, you had to use sophisticated technology that you owe to the West–the computer, Internet, applied electricity. So thank Babbage, Cerf, Volta.

    And you didn’t answer my question whether in your hatred of the Big Noses, who’ve made you feel small, derivative and dependent, you disdain to use automobiles, telephones, television, air-conditioning, refrigeration, passenger aircraft, electric lights, microwave, cinema, photography, plastics, etc., etc. Well, do you? If not, how can you stand to “move and have your being” in the world that the Big Nose barbarians created? How can you stand being an honorary European lol, which you certainly are if using our languages, our writing, our basic clothing and all these things I’ve enumerated???

    Of course, this is why you hate us. We never inflicted upon you the kind of damage the Mongols did, or the Nipponese did, but they never harmed your ability to feel superior. We incurred your hatred by making you feel derivative and indebted. Oh, and also, by coming so far and with such small numbers to defeat you, as the inhabitants of a small European island, Britain, did very easily! Your silly conceit about being the summit of civilization, the center of the world, with everyone else being barbarians, was shattered forever lol. We destroyed the thing you loved best–feeling that you are the Superior People.

    By the way, what country are you in? Are you in the West?

    And have you determined exactly who struck the first blow that led to the trouble between the Han and the Hmong? If the Han killed and castrated first, then according to your Principle of Reciprocity the Hmong were justified in rebelling and in killing and castrating Han, and Han would not be justified in retaliating, right? Is the Principle a basis for moral, just interaction, or is it not? In short, you’d better find out who was first to injure, the Han or the Hmong, before you assert that the Han treated the Hmong in a morally defensible manner.

    Maybe, as someone who seems to believe in intrinsic right and wrong, you might consider replacing the Principle of Reciprocity with the European Sunday-school morality of “Two wrongs don’t make a right.”

    I thought better of you [???] and explained castration was not the worse form of punishment (compare with beheading, e.g.), a point you might miss from Wikipedia

    LOL, Wikipedia again! In any case, you show yourself to be hopelessly incapable of penetrative thought. How do you determine LOL that beheading is objectively worse than castration? Don’t you know that valuation is opinion relative to the specific nature of the valuer? I’d rather be beheaded than castrated. That’s because manhood to me is more important than life without it. You apparently fear death more than degradation, and that suggests you ain’t much of a man, baby. No doubt it explains too why you’re chronically butthurt because the balbalians of the West have offended your Chinese pride so devastatingly.

    Well, such shallowness of thought is pretty typical of your part of the world. What Chinese philosophers ever achieved real profundity? The Taoists came closest, and maybe Sun Tzu if he’s considered a philosopher. But Confucius, Mencius, Mo Ti and the rest are merely naive moralizers, pretty simplistic.

    If country A bombs B, then B is entitled to bomb A too.

    Well then, again. you’d better ascertain whether all these groups which Chinese imperialism have dominated and whose members they killed and castrated and enslaved, were first to offend. Unless you’re sure of that, your whole simplistic apology for Chinese deeds and policies avails not, assuming it does in any case.

    And did the Han possess, as lol a TRADITIONAL possession, the Miao’s regions from the beginning of time? Or were they a possession because of conquest? Was someone living there before?

    And what makes you think that any particular territory belongs to anyone except by right of conquest? What makes you think the Miao or the Tibetans should suppose “Ah well, this land belongs to the Chinese because it was a gift from Shang Ti”? There is nothing that creates actual ownership except acquiring and doing what is needful to keeping.

    You see, I don’t actually condemn the Chinese for any of their conquests and aggressions. I know that humans are part of a Natural Order within which there must be competition and predatory behavior. I merely point out to you that you are being inconsistent in blaming Whites for dominating others while exonerating your own heritage with silly sophistries and excuses.

    And what’s your claim to moral fame? That you haven’t used ships to dominate others? Never crossed oceans? No wonder the “Golden Rule” is stated negatively in Confucianism! Instead of “Do unto others” it’s “Do not do to others.” What about conferring positive, proactive benefits? Have the Chinese ever done anything so beneficent as to go around the globe and free people from slavery, as the West did in every place they controlled? Can anyone write about China what a black scholar, Thomas Sowell wrote about the West, the White man?–

    The widespread revulsion which the hideous institution [slavery] inspires today was largely confined to Western Civilization a century ago, and a century before that was largely confined to a portion of British society. No one seems interested in the epic story of how this curse that covered the globe and endured thousands of years was finally gotten rid of. It was gotten rid of by the West–not only in Western societies but in other societies conquered, controlled, or pressured by the West.

    The resistance put up by Africans, Asians and Arabs was monumental in defense of slavery, and lasted more than a century. Only the overwhelming military power of the West enabled it to prevail on this issue, and only the moral outrage of Western peoples kept their governments’ feet to the fire politically to maintain the pressure against slavery around the world.

    As the low-caste and outcaste Indians had reason to favor the British, who gave them a better shake than upper-caste Indians did, so enslaved people in various corners of the world could thank the Europeans, the Brits most of all, for their freedom from bondage. But the Chinese? It is true that they didn’t make slavery illegal till 1949?

    And have the Chinese done anything so widely beneficial as what the Whites have done in creating the modern technological world, in which all races, and you too, want a share? An Asian, Dinesh D’Souza says–

    It’s fashionable to call for the end of white people but no one ever calls for the brown and black [and yellow] people of the world to get by without the discoveries, inventions and manifold contributions of white people. No one ever opines on what the world would look like without these.

    Without those discoveries, inventions and contributions you, no doubt, would be pulling a rickshaw. But base natures are offended by being indebted, and must bite the hand that’s benefited them, and see only the side of their benefactors that seems to justify their resentment, which is based mostly on envy and inferiority-feeling.

    P.S. Why do Asians thrive so well in Western lands, like in the USA where they lead in so many measures of socio-economic prosperity? Isn’t Western society something from which you benefit in many respects and to a great degree?

  271. @d dan

    Oh, and is it true that in 1860 the Summer Palace (Beijing, right?) was sacked by Anglo-French troops and many precious artifacts found their way into French museums following the sack?

    Or is this just an anti-West myth?

  272. @showmethereal

    Went to Catholic School? OK. Your formative years.

    Right, I was there for the first grade, then went to public school. You see, the Catholic school was next door, 50 yards away. And you know what my father said before I was enrolled? “Don’t believe anything that priests or nuns tell you.”

    He meant Judeo-Christianity, not just Catholicism.

    No, showmethefalse, you are the believer in utter bullshit. You are the one who needs a childish superstition to get through life. You are the one who needs faith, without which the Babble’s tall tales and illogical doctrine can’t be believed. You are the one who believes that some fag walked on water, was born of a virgin, raised the dead and rose from the dead, and somehow “atoned” for things called “sins” by getting sacrificed on a torture stake lol. Pardon me for preferring Aesop’s Fables and Andersen’s Fairy Tales.

    But the question is how you came to be acquainted with this weird mythology. Did your ancestor take a long trek to Europe, in reverse-Marco-Polo fashion, and get converted in Lutheran Germany? Or did Big Noses come to the Far East to preach the Word?

    In either case, you’re indebted to the balbalians; and if you had any character you’d exhibit gratitude to those who enabled you to have what you think will mean your eternal blessedness.

  273. @Lucius Vanini

    The epitome of arrogance and ignorance. For one thing the gospels didn’t need European imperialism to proliferate. If you actually read your Bible you would see it was spreading into Asia and Africa from the very first generation. It was in China from the 7th century AD via Persian believers. Just like it was in West Africa before the slave ships showed up. In fact the greatest impediment to the gospels in a lot of the global south is because of European imperialism and not wanting to be associated with “the white mans God” (which isn’t the case in first place).

    But don’t take my words for it. Pepe Escobar is of European descent and gets it. Go read Philip Giraldi and his take on what Putin said at the latest Valdai meetings. Both white men openly stating that the rest of the world is tired of Western Europe (of which the US is just an extension) trying to control the world for their own benefit.

    You might have a better time replying to them since I work for a living and can’t incessantly answer you all back.
    But it’s strange you ask personal info. I find people on the internet weird. Anyone can make up any story. But at least a weird question like that thinking you will get a truthful answer makes me doubt you work for the NSA or FBI. I don’t think agent provocateurs would ask a question like that. You could just hack to know who is who

  274. @Malla

    Anyone can have an opinion. Measurably the fact is most Africans do NOT agree wi th him in this point – even if there are those who do. But hey plenty of African leaders make “get tough with China” speeches. And when they become leaders they go to Beijing and basically say “yeah you know we didn’t mean it… we just have to talk like that to keep the Americans off our back to try to avoid colour revolutions”. And then things go back to normal

    • Replies: @Malla
    , @d dan
  275. Malla says:

    Anglos wanted to reinvent themselves as ‘Nordics’

    There is no reinvention. It had nothing to do with Indo European studies. It was classification of Europeans into broadly Nordics, Alpines and Mediterranean types. There were further classifications within them. There was a scientific study of the variation seen in humans just like there was scientific studies done on variations in other species at that time. It’s use in Imperialism was secondary factor.

    Both ‘Orientalism’ and ‘Indo-European’ studies served to promote Western Imperialism by denying Arabic contributions to Western Civilization

    Arabic influences on Europe might actually be overhyped now a days. What really happened was Western scholars during this period tried to downplay the entire Middle Ages as a “dark age” ignoring that the late High Middle Ages was a civilization equal to all other civilizations on Earth. I have written about this before. The Germanic influence on Western civilization was also downplayed.

    One way to justify Western Imperialism was to deny Arabic influences by overdetermining the Aryan identities of Persians and Central Asians.

    LMFAO, there was no need to justify the Great game except that the Russian Empire was expanding into Central Asia and posed a threat to the British Empire in South Asia. The Russian Empire which was seeking good all weather ports.
    Over-determining the Aryan identities of Persians?? This is ridiculously stupid.
    Below here is an Iranian guy (not evul Bratish LOL) who discusses Zoroastrianism via the ancient texts, the Gathas. What he finds is very interesting.

    Frya or love in the gathas, Old Norse Freya and Frigg
    “In the ancient Persian poetic gathas, fryá is the personification of “love.” Intense feeling of passion/love appears as fryá, fryái and fryö in the sacred poetry of the gathas. Fryán “lovely, free” appears as a personal name in Yasna 46.12, 2nd rhymed verse line of the gathic songs.

    Avestan fryá “lovely, dear and free” is cognate with the reconstructed Proto Germanic friyō “Lovely,” Old Norse frī “beloved,” and Old Norse Frigg, “the wife of Odin/Woden,” and Vedic priyá.

    Modern Persian áfrin “blessing, divine favor” is derived from the same ancient root. The English weekday Friday is named after Norse goddess Frigg, and Old High German Frîja, who was the northern equivalent of Venus. In Rig Veda 1.46.1, the beautiful Dawn goddess is called priyá.”

    In Norse Mythology frigg is the goddess of love. Frigg bore Baldur the personification of light whose death will initiate a series of apocalyptic events leading to Ragnarök or twilight of the Gods.

    The relationship of the divine to mortals is expressed in the term fryá or friiá “love” in the gathas. The divine epithet Fryá “love, intense passion” comes in close connection with the supreme god of “Inspiration, Creativity, Imagination, Mind Power Mazdá and the brilliance of the cosmic order ašá/arthá in the gathas.”

    The shining Twin Yima, Vedic Yama and Old Norse Ymir
    “Yima is a primordial twin and a hero king of the Ice Age in the Avesta. The very name Yima means “twin” and is related to Latin Gemini. The twofold nature of Yima is well attested in the Avesta. Yima’s account has parallels in both Vedic Yama and Old Norse Ymir. However, the Avestan Yima has preserved all the elements of the primordial twin being of the Proto-Indo-European cosmological mythology.”

    Avestan Druj “distortion, devastation, lie,” Old Persian Drauga, and Old Norse Draugr

    “Drûj represents “distortion, devastation and torment.” It is the adversary of the cosmic order, and the foundation of Mazdean dualism, in the dual confrontation between “cosmic order/truth” ašá/arthá and “distortion, lie” drûj.

    Drûj is attested 18 times in the poetic gathas. It comes once in the form of drûḵš and 18 times as drûj. The adjective term dreg.váv and/or dreg.vant in the gathas, is a derivation and means “follower/partisan of drûj, a deceiver, distorter, trickster!”

    Avestan drûj is a cognate of Vedic druh “devastation, afflicting demon,” Proto Germanic draugaz “distortion, lie,” Icelandic drɑuɣr̩ “ghost, vampire,” Old Norse draugr “shadow, phantom,” German Trug “fraud, deception,” and Persian dorūġ “lie.”

    In Norse mythology, draugr are undead figures that wreak havoc on living beings. Draugr carry the unmistakable stench of decay, have the appearance of a dead body, are swollen, blackened and hideous to look at. The Old Norse account of draugr is very much reminiscent of the Avestan nasü drûj “decay/lie within a necro/nasü or dead matter, corpse,” mentioned so often in the Avestan purity texts!”

    The ancient Zoroastrian Mid-Spring festival, Celtic Beltane and the German Witches’ Night Hexennacht,

  276. Malla says:

    Measurably the fact is most Africans do NOT agree wi th him in this oint

    I am not sure about that. You guys would sure wish it that way.

    we just have to talk like that to keep the Americans off our back to try to avoid colour revolutions”

    This is extremely idiotic and comparing Prof Lumumba a in such terms is the blabeerings of a monkey with head stuck in ass. Prof Lumumba critiques Western influences in Africa as much as Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Arab etc…

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  277. Malla says:

    Indian nationalists like Rajiv Malhotra who claim their Hindu privilege

    Privilege? WTF. LMFAO.
    Sure you sure do have a very Sinocentric point of view. Prof Malhotra is an “anti-Imperialist hero” when he critiques the West but an “Imperialist” himself when he critiques China. LMFAO. But Indians have their point of view.
    DISCLAIMER: I do not necessarily share their view, nothing personal.

    Indian nationalists should care more about the plight of Indian

    Indians, 1/6th of all humanity and growing, the vast majority of them (including Muslims and Christians) are a 100000% convinced that Chinese rule over Tibet is “naked imperialism”. NOTHING you guys can do will change their mind, ever.
    Again, nothing personal, debating me will make no difference. Debate the people of India (not the Government, the poor Government faces pressure from the nationalistic masses), you will of course fail. They are convinced, a 100000 percent and will always be. They do not give a f..k what the West thinks about this issue, they don’t care. You have to live in India for an extended period of time to realize what I say is true.

    • Replies: @antibeast
  278. antibeast says:

    Professor PLO Lumumba is making a rhetorical point:

    If we are not careful, in the next 25 years all of us will be speaking Mandarin. If we are not careful, because the Chinese here are not here for charity, the Chinese are here to do business. And in the world of business, it is cruel world where throats are literally cut.

    He is not accusing the Chinese of ‘colonizing’ Africa but is warning Africans of the dangers of the Chinese doing business in Africa. Methinks Lumumba has the right to be suspicious about the motives and designs of foreign investors but he’s too pessimistic on Chinese investments in Africa which have proven their worth over the last few decades. Of course, he is correct that the Chinese are in Africa for their own self interest but that is real life. What the Chinese have done is to build the infrastructure for Africa in return for access to their raw materials. The only question now is how much is Africa getting paid in kind for their raw materials. The answer is in the eyes of the beholder.

    • Agree: d dan
  279. d dan says:

    when they become leaders they go to Beijing and basically say “yeah you know we didn’t mean it…”

    That’s right – this is how the whole world works under the Western influence – lots of hypocrisy and lies. Everyone has to learn the game. Furthermore, it is easy for Africans to avoid Chinese “neo-colonialism” if they really want – simply don’t sign on the dotted line. They don’t need freedom fighters, sacrifices, anti-colonial wars nor weapons. So, once again, there is no comparison with REAL Western colonialism.

    These people accusing Chinese of “neo-colonialism” are actually also implicitly or explicitly accusing the African leaders as stupid or corrupted for not knowing the “debt trap” or whatever potential future problems.

    But never mind about the reasoning with them – remember the public CIA offers of US$1,000 for each anti-Chinese article published? That is probably the real “reason”.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  280. antibeast says:

    Indian nationalists want to recreate the Hindu Rashtra based on the Aryan Vedas which excludes non-Hindu peoples such as Buddhists in Ladakh, Muslims in Kashmir, Sikhs in Punjab, Nagas in Northeast India, etc. And yet they think the Chinese are imperialists for ruling Tibet which has been a part of China for at least 700 years since the Yuan Dynasty. During that time, Tibetan Buddhism has become so much a part of Chinese Civilization that it is the tradition of Chinese Emperors to anoint the Dalai Lama who served as their Imperial Tutor. Today, the vast majority of Tibetans live outside of Tibet as they have been living in China for at least 1,300 years since they invaded China during the Tang Dynasty after the An Lushan rebellion. That explains why the majority of Tibetan monasteries and temples are located outside Tibet while the world’s largest collection of Tibetan Buddhist Art can be found in the Palace Museum in Beijing. That the Chinese have influenced Tibetan culture in as much as Tibetan culture has influenced Chinese Civilization is exemplified by the Potala Palace which was built by the Tibetan King who married a Chinese Princess who brought Chinese scholars, artists and monks to Tibet, thereby influencing the arts and architecture of Tibet. Tibetan Buddhism has become so inseparable from China that Tibetan Buddhists consider Mount Wutai which is located in Northeast China to be the most sacred place of Tibetan Buddhism. Indian nationalists simply don’t have a moral case against China because they lack the intellectual integrity to impugn their own Hindu chauvinism against Buddhists, Muslims, Sikhs, Nagas, etc, in their own imagined Hindu Rashtra. That’s what Rahul Gandhi is saying about the RSS/BJP crowd who better make up their minds as to whether India is a ‘Union of States’ or a Hindu Rashtra.

    • Agree: showmethereal
  281. @Lucius Vanini

    I try being nice… but you are making yourself an idiot. Dalai Lamas have had to be approved from Beijing from centuries. Just retire from the thread.

  282. @Malla

    You obviously didn’t watch the videos made by an American and African explaining such.

    And no it’s not idiotic. You have little reading comprehension. I said some African leaders… I didn’t say Lumumba specifically.

  283. @d dan

    Oh I know… Sometimes I have to indulge them a little. China does business – not colonialism. It’s a mixture of their own guilty conscience – envy – and anger. The anger because they don’t have a free hand in their former colonies anymore.

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