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Russia and China Haven’t Even Started to Ratchet Up the Pain Dial
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The Suicide Spectacular Summer Show, currently on screen across Europe, proceeds in full regalia, much to the astonishment of virtually the whole Global South: a trashy, woke Gotterdammerung remake, with Wagnerian grandeur replaced by twerking.

Decadent Roman Emperors at least exhibited some degree of pathos. Here we’re just faced by a toxic mix of hubris, abhorring mediocrity, delusion, crude ideological sheep-think and outright irrationality wallowing in white man’s burden racist/supremacist slush – all symptoms of a profound sickness of the soul.

To call it the Biden-Leyen-Blinken West or so would be too reductionist: after all these are puny politico/functionaries merely parroting orders. This is a historical process: physical, psychic and moral cognitive degeneration embedded in NATOstan’s manifest desperation in trying to contain Eurasia, allowing occasional tragicomic sketches such as a NATO summit proclaiming Woke War against virtually the whole non-West.

So when President Putin addresses the collective West in front of Duma leaders and heads of political parties, it does feel like a comet striking an inert planet. It’s not even a case of “lost in translation”. “They” simply aren’t equipped to get it.

The “You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet” part was at least formulated to be understood even by simpletons:

“Today we hear that they want to defeat us on the battlefield, well, what can I say, let them try. We have heard many times that the West wants to fight us to the last Ukrainian – this is a tragedy for the Ukrainian people. But it looks like it’s all coming to this. But everyone should know that, by and large, we haven’t really started anything yet.”

Fact. On Operation Z, Russia is using a fraction of its military potential, resources and state of the art weapons.

Then we come to the most probable path ahead in the war theater:

“We do not refuse peace negotiations, but those who refuse should know that the longer it drags, the more difficult it will be for them to negotiate with us.”

As in the pain dial will be ratcheted up, slowly but surely, on all fronts.

Yet the meat of the matter had been delivered earlier in the speech: “ratcheting up the pain dial” applies in fact to dismantling the whole “rules-based international order” edifice. The geopolitical world has changed. Forever.

Here’s the arguably key passage:

“They should have understood that they have already lost from the very beginning of our special military operation, because its beginning means the beginning of a radical breakdown of the World Order in the American way. This is the beginning of the transition from liberal-globalist American egocentrism to a truly multipolar world – a world based not on selfish rules invented by someone for themselves, behind which there is nothing but the desire for hegemony, not on hypocritical double-standards, but on international law, on the true sovereignty of peoples and civilizations, on their will to live their historical destiny, their values and traditions and build cooperation on the basis of democracy, justice and equality. And we must understand that this process can no longer be stopped.”

Meet the trifecta

A case can be made that Putin and Russia’s Security Council are implementing a tactical trifecta that has reduced the collective West to an amorphous bunch of bio headless chickens.

The trifecta mixes the promise of negotiations – but only when considering Russia’s steady advances on the ground in Novorossiya; the fact that Russia’s global “isolation” has been proved in practice to be nonsense; and tweaking the most visible pain dial of them all: Europe’s dependence on Russian energy.

The main reason for the graphic, thundering failure of the G20 Foreign Ministers summit in Bali is that the G7 – or NATOstan plus American colony Japan – could not force the BRICS plus major Global South players to isolate, sanction and/or demonize Russia.

On the contrary: multiple interpolations outside of the G20 spell out even more Eurasia-wide integration. Here are a few examples.

The first transit of Russian products to India via the International North-South Transportation Corridor (INSTC) is now in effect, crisscrossing Eurasia from Mumbai to the Baltic via Iranian ports (Chabahar or Bandar Abbas), the Caspian Sea, and Southern and Central Russia. Crucially, the route is shorter and cheaper than going through the Suez Canal.

In parallel, the head of the Iranian Central Bank, Ali Salehabadi, confirmed that a memorandum of interbank cooperation was signed between Tehran and Moscow.

That means a viable alternative to SWIFT, and a direct consequence of Iran’s application to become a full BRICS member, announced at the recent summit in Beijing. The BRICS, since 2014, when the New Development Bank (NDB) was founded, have been busy building their own financial infrastructure, including the near future creation of a single reserve currency. As part of the process, the harmonization of Russian and Iranian banking systems is inevitable.

Iran is also about to become a full member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) at the upcoming summit in Samarkand in September.

In parallel, Russia and Kazakhstan are solidifying their strategic partnership: Kazakhstan is a key member of BRI, EAEU and SCO.

India gets even closer to Russia across the whole spectrum of trade – including energy.

And next Tuesday, Tehran will be the stage for a crucial face-to-face meeting between Putin and Erdogan.

Isolation? Really?

On the energy front, it’s only summer, but demented paranoia is already raging across multiple EU latitudes, especially Germany. Comic relief is provided by the fact that Gazprom can always point out to Berlin that eventual supplying problems on Nord Stream 1 – after the cliffhanger return of that notorious repaired turbine from Canada – can always be solved by implementing Nord Stream 2.


As the whole European Suicide Spectacular Summer Show is nothing but a tawdry self-inflicted torture ordered by His Master’s Voice, the only serious question is which pain dial level will force Berlin to actually sit down and negotiate on behalf of legitimate German industrial and social interests.

Rough and tumble will be the norm. Foreign Minister Lavrov summed it all up when commenting on the Declining Collective West Ministers striking poses like infantile brats in Bali to avoid being seen with him: that was up to “their understanding of the protocols and politeness.”

That’s diplo-talk for “bunch of jerks”. Or worse: cultural barbarians, as they were even unable to respect the hyper-polite Indonesian hosts, who abhor confrontation.

Lavrov preferred to extol the “joint strategic and constructive” Russian-Chinese work when faced with a very aggressive West. And that brings us to the prime masterpiece of shadowplay in Bali – complete with several layers of geopolitical fog.

Chinese media, always flirting with the opaque, tried to put its bravest face ever depicting the over 5-hour meeting between Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Secretary Blinken as “constructive”.

What’s fascinating here is that the Chinese ended up letting something crucial out of the bag to slip into the final draft of their report – obviously approved by the powers that be.

Lu Xiang of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences went through previous readouts – especially of “Yoda” Yang Jiechi routinely turning Jake Sullivan into roasted duck – and stressed that this time Wang’s “warnings” to the Americans were “the sternest one in wording”.

That’s diplo-code for “You Better Watch Out”: Wang telling Little Blinkie, “just look at what the Russians did when they lost their patience with your antics.”

The expression ”dead end” was recurrent during the Wang-Blinken meeting. So in the end the Global Times had to tell it like it really is: “The two sides are close to a showdown.”

“Showdown” is what End of Days fanatic and Tony Soprano wannabe Mike Pompeo is fervently preaching from his hate pulpit, while the combo behind the senile “leader of the free world” who literally reads teleprompters actively work for the crashing of the EU – in more ways than one.

The combo in power in Washington actually “supports” the unification of Britain, Poland, Ukraine and The Three Baltic Midgets as a separate alliance from NATO/EU – aiming at “strengthening the defense potential.” That’s the official position of U.S. Ambassador to NATO Julian Smith.

So the real imperial aim is to split the already shattering EU into mini-union pieces, all of them quite fragile and evidently more “manageable”, as Brussels Eurocrats, blinded by boundless mediocrity, obviously can’t see it coming.

What the Global South is buying

Putin always makes it very clear that the decision to launch Operation Z – as a sort of pre-emptive “combined arms and police operation”, as defined by Andrei Martyanov – was carefully calculated, considering an array of material and socio-psychological vectors.

Anglo-American strategy, for its part, lasers on a single obsession: damn any possible reframing of the current “rules-based international order”. No holds are barred to ensure the perpetuity of this order. This is in fact Totalen Krieg – featuring several hybrid layers, and quite worrying, with only a few seconds to midnight.

And there’s the rub. Desolation Row is fast becoming Desperation Row, as the whole Russophobic matrix is shown to be naked, devoid of any extra ideological – and even financial – firepower to “win”, apart from shipping a collection of HIMARS to a black hole.

Geopolitically and geoeconomically, Russia and China are in the process of eating NATOstan alive – in more ways than one. Here, for instance, is a synthetic road map of how Beijing will address the next stage of high-quality development via capital-driven industrial upgrading, focused on optimization of supply chains, import substitution of hard technologies, and “invisible champions” of industry.

If the collective West is blinded by Russophobia, the governing success of the Chinese Communist Party – which in a matter of a few decades improved the lives of more people than anyone, anytime in History – drives it completely nuts.

All along the Russia-China watchtower, it’s been not such a long time coming. BRI was launched by Xi Jinping in 2013. After Maidan in 2014, Putin launched the Eurasia Economic Union (EAEU) in 2015. Crucially, in May 2015, a Russia-China joint statement sealed the cooperation between BRI and EAEU, with a significant role assigned to the SCO.

Closer integration advanced via the St. Petersburg forum in 2016 and the BRI forum in 2017. The overall target: to create a new order in Asia, and across Eurasia, according to international law while maintaining the individual development strategies of each concerned country and respecting their national sovereignty.

That, in essence, is what most of the Global South is buying. It’s as if there’s a cross-border instinctual understanding that Russia-China, against serious odds and facing serious challenges, proceeding by trial and error, are at the vanguard of the Shock of the New, while the collective West, naked, dazed and confused, their masses completely zombified, is sucked into the maelstrom of psychological, moral and material disintegration.

No question the pain deal will be ratcheted up, in more ways than one.

(Republished from Strategic Culture Foundation by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Notsofast says:

    the russians don’t even need to dial up the pain, they can let the west do it for them with additional sanctions. why are you hitting yourself, why are you hitting yourself, why are you hitting yourself….

  2. You mean Russia is still in 1942 phase in WWII? Still letting Germans push and push until it’s finally time for Russia to push back?

    • Agree: Franz
  3. I hear Himars are leaving Russians very vulnerable. They have no defenses against it.

  4. @Priss Factor


    They have no defenses against it.

    These are guided missiles, not some Wunderwaffe. Any air defense system the Russians have is effective against them.

    But any air defense system can be overloaded.

    The Ukrainians use cheap unguided missiles alongside HIMARS. They fire 20 cheap Grad rockets and 6 satellite-guided rockets simultaneously. Radars can’t tell one from the other.

    The economy of war is such that expensive air defense systems are used against high value targets only, so the Russians aren’t using S-400 to take down a Grad rocket.

    The problem that they have is not lack of defense but lack of reconnaissance. They need more drones.

  5. SteveK9 says:

    Empires are good for civilization, because they generally bring peace. They did not call it the Pax Romana (or the Pax Americana) for nothing. Unfortunately the American Empire was taken over by the Zionist Neocons, otherwise it could have continued for centuries. It’s clear that Russia wanted it to continue, but eventually they had to accept that the Zionists would only be happy with their complete subjugation.

    All this celebration of individual sovereignty should be looked at with a grain of salt. In the past, that has led to wars, especially in Europe.

    • Agree: martin_2
    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
    , @fran
  6. @Priss Factor

    Hi Priss Factor!

    But don’t the Jews have their filthy lucre on the ZUS, Russia, and China?

  7. nsa says:
    @Here Be Dragon

    “They need more drones”
    What the Rooskies really need more of is brains. Stop the Kabuki theater and get this stupid fratricide over with. Use 100 missiles to take out all the major west Ukie transformer farm power substations, dropping the electrical grid. No modern society functions in the dark… lighting, no commerce, no communicatioons, no internet, no transportation, no revenue from ukie cam girls. Within a couple of days, the pathetic euroweanie satraps would be flooded with another 10 million refugees. Ukies remaining in shitholes like Kiev within a couple of weeks would be eating their pets and within a month eating each other. Whites killing whites while the globohomoschlomo instigators look on while laughing their asses off makes not sense at all. So just get it over with mercifully like a distastful but necessary execution.

    • Replies: @PetrOldSack
  8. RogerL says:

    What I want to know is, how are they going to Ratchet Up the Pain Dial, and keep the west from panicking and starting a preemptive nuclear war out of desperation and despair?

    All I can think of is a very sophisticated version of boiling the frog.

    Given that the west is mostly run by ignorant idiots, I see some hope in this approach.

  9. Anon[246] • Disclaimer says:

    The war party‘s grand strategy since 1991 has been to keep Europe divided. Macron, Scholz, and the rest simply do not understand this. By playing along with the War Party‘s game, they keep Europe divided and weak. Sad.

    • Troll: Eric Novak
    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  10. @Here Be Dragon

    Very true.
    Drones are very important in nowadays wars, specially in Ukraine today. And they are gonna get them from Iran. Iranian drones are one of the very best in the world and battle-tested too. U can just see how the Aramco facilities being razed in 2019 with Iranian kamikaze drones. And u can see how Hezbollah use Iranian stealth drones to tickle IDF and burn their terrorist soldiers.
    The ukrop hohols are gonna taste Iranian UAVs very soon.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
    , @Here Be Dragon
  11. @Priss Factor

    There was a good discussion on this topic here:

    Summary: America has 400 HIMARS; now 12 have been sent to the Ukraine, with 1000 rockets; if all the 12 fire one salvo per day – 72 missiles – then these 1000 missiles will last for two weeks. And after that?

    Now that American weapons are in the Ukraine, and American intelligence and trainers are there, firing weapons that are killing Russian troops, Russia can legitimately conclude America is at war with Russia without any declaration. And what if the American “assets” are hit?

  12. SafeNow says:

    “You thought I was that type: that you could forget me, and that I’d plead and weep and throw myself under the hooves of a bay mare,… I swear by the miracle-working ikon… I will never come back to you.”

    Anna Akhmatova, my favorite Russian poet. Sometimes I think that simply by reading Akhmatova, and playing chess against hundreds of Russians (“quiet moves”), I understand the Russian national character better than Biden and his advisers.

    • Agree: fray juan crespi
    • Replies: @nosquat loquat
  13. Sam Smith says:

    The Suicide Spectacular Summer Show of 2022 will known as the “Summer of Self Hate”.

    How else can one describe these suicidal actions of the EU, especially the Germans?

    I would hate to be living in Europe when Russia actually ratchets up the pain dial.

    Unfortunately, China is too nice to both the Americans and the Europeans . . . at last right now. But when China ratchets up the pain dial, Americans will wish they’d committed suicide.

  14. Jim H says:

    ‘Ordered by His Master’s Voice, the only serious question is which pain dial level will force Berlin to actually sit down and negotiate on behalf of legitimate German industrial and social interests.’ — Pepe Escobar

    Who knows? But we aren’t there yet:

    “We will be off Russian coal in a few weeks,” Joerg Kukies, state secretary in the German federal chancellery, told the Sydney Energy Forum.’ — Reuters

    That’s kooky, Joerg.

    By January, y’all are gonna be reduced to the desperate situation of your WW II ally Japan:

    ‘The Japanese Navy firmly believed that pine oil made from pine roots, combined with a certain percentage of alcohol, could make the plane take off.

    ‘As a result, the elderly, children and women came together to pick up and dig tree roots, and a vigorous “pine tree root movement” started in this way.’

    To the Black Forest, comrades!

    • Replies: @turtle
  15. Is it such a bad deal to make peace
    When planet teeters at the precipice?
    What is the price of arrogance
    Willing to pay for dominance?
    Is it not foolish to back against the wall
    A nuclear power that can destroy all?
    Maybe that is the intention
    Suffering and predation
    Armageddon’s destruction
    To cancel God’s creation.
    Decadent rulers want a lose lose
    Forces of darkness set loose.
    Saint Michael Archangel save us!!!
    By God’s mercy, deliver us.

    • Thanks: Emslander, Thor Walhovd
  16. @SteveK9

    ‘The make a desert (Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea, Indochina, Syria, Libya, Angola, Somalia, Lebanon, Guatemala, El Salvador, Ukraine etc, etc)and call it Pax Americana’.

    • Replies: @Adûnâi
  17. Pepe, instead of China and Russia eating NATOstan alive, why don’t they just eat Gringostan alive? Then, no need to bother with NATOstan, it’d dissolve into thin air all by itself.

    • Replies: @Notsofast
  18. @Priss Factor

    They have options to counter Himars

    1. Take down the targeting systems (American satellites)
    2. Use more destructive weapons to counter them
    (will mean lots of dead civilians as Himars
    are usually based in civilian areas)
    3. Declare war and destroy Ukraine with more potent
    4. Target NATO and unfriendly states

    All of these options come with difficulties
    but will be used if necessary

    The real problem is they are fighting NATO
    not Ukraine and number 4 will be used
    at some point, then we will see how useful
    article 5 really is.

    • Replies: @Emslander
    , @Olivier1973
  19. Anon001 says:

    It’s very hard to analyze/learn anything when one has Western MSM on one side, and Putin’s qanon-style fan-club on the other. Putin has two types of speeches: 1) for local consumption where he’s real “tough” on the West and “wise”, and 2) subservient to his beloved Western “partners” when he’s speaking to the West itself. Didn’t he say that he wants to be the most reliable partner to them? How is that compatible with “you ain’t seen nothing yet”? In other words, he just nothing but hot air coward, and that is why the West does not take him seriously. His weak, spineless, and worshiping behavior towards the West is the main problem leading us to the WW3. Unfortunately, it seems too late to fix that – I agree with PCR [1].

    E.g. What happened to those confiscated \$350B? Is he going to get real tough and mention that anytime soon? Or perhaps ask for it to be returned? I guess it’s 5D-chess again and Putin is just being cunning? Quoting Martyanov in regards to Putin is like quoting QAnon in regards to Trump. You may as well ask Saker to chime in and explain how all that is just part of the most secret Putin’s plan, so just be patient and trust it.

    IMHO, Putin is a globalist [2], part of Russia’s 5th column, and Atlantic Integrationist too. He did not want to do anything in Ukraine in 2022, just as he did nothing in 2014, allowing 14000 ethnic Russian civilians to be murdered there between 2014-2022, but had to this time around as, most likely, the Russian Army told him so – just as they told him to keep Crimea.

    He is not going to turn any pain dials, for he does not want to cause any inconveniences to his beloved Western “partners” and his Turkish “partner”. E.g. Lukashenko wanted to cut off all gas to EU right away, but Putin did not allow it.

    [1] The Kremlin’s Hesitancy and Prevarication Is a Road to War – Paul Craig Roberts:

    [2] Resetting Without Schwab: Russia & the Fourth Industrial Revolution:

    • Troll: Eric Novak
    • Replies: @Anon
    , @emerging majority
  20. @steveK9

    “ All this celebration of individual sovereignty should be looked at with a grain of salt. In the past, that has led to wars, especially in Europe.”

    Yet notice that the Treaty of Westphalia set a new modus operandi that accepted the principle of the nation state while de facto insulating the population at large from the ravages of war. This principle of keeping populations from entanglement with warring armies was breached by the British in WWI when the British government confiscated the deposits and other assets of German ex-patriots and investors in the British economy and during WWII when massive Allied bombing of German population centers led to the death of millions of civilians.

    Empires are about coercing the weak to play by the rules of the powerful. Empires depend on the mutual benefits of a hegemon to vassal party relationships which sooner or later will disintegrate with one of two scenarios: the vassals deem their relations with the hegemon no more beneficial on a net basis and declare their wish to part ways and the hegemon puts his vassals back in line through intimidation or brute application of power. Both scenarios are messy ones and the world would be better off governed by international law based on overall international consensus instead of the Rules Based Order trumpeted by the Americans and their mediocre Blinken. The Pax Americana based on coercion is coming to an end and the Pax Romana did not prevent civil wars from erupting within the Roman Empire, a fact which makes for the antithesis of the claim that the world would reach global peace under a One World Government, a scheme which is nothing more than a smokescreen for the covert desire of power fools like Schwab to grab maximum power.

    Interesting times are coming and no G7 meetings will be able to check the natural flow of history.

    • Agree: Chuck Orloski, Notsofast
    • Thanks: emerging majority
  21. Russia and China Haven’t Even Started to Ratchet Up the Pain Dial
    Pepe Escobar • July 13, 2022

    Pepe you are going against your paid agency contractors. Blame and guilt on Russia for what is a desirable, planned, ambition-ed contraction of meat-eaters — alas Western populations — by the Western Finance Kabal is playing into the cards of the former.

    This might result from failing to see some non-binary give and takes, alas having a look at Sri Lanka, Georgia, Syria, Germany and Shangai at once.

    This might result from playing into the so desired notion of the waste populations of the West to emotionally crave to be part of policies of the ruling, behind the scenes Kabal. To see as consequence (instead as of agency) what is planned and engineered (Kabal agency).

    This might result in not seeing bio-diversity as a better controlled population, a reduced in numbers population, a necessary “leaning” of the middle classes that prop the herding of the masses as desired by the Western elites.

    Whether you see it or not, Russia and China, the West, are on the same page when it comes to the above. The rest is com-partition, quarrels within global elites of all sorts to divide the cake (planet). What is imperious to better quality of living, long-term stability is “compacting” the global surplus population into a algorithm controlled herd of size zero (zero impact).

    When M. Hudson blames “debth” as the cause of global resets, he is not large enough in his definition of the term (neither does he mention his believe that there is actual accounting being done). The current generation is impeding the generations to come, and that must end. Herding used to be based on growth of an “infinite” planet, that was a flawed proposition.

    Retraction, deflation (by causing inflation), compaction, reduction, that is the U-turn of the Western Kabal, the focus for now is bi-fold: grab more of the assets outbound of the Western territories, the control of them (energy, territory, water, transaction control), this arguably has some setbacks (Russia and China trying to make a home run before they face the same problems), but the retraction and leaning (as in tight, lean, lean meat) of the Western populations is a major success ongoing. What if one can blame Russia as the perpetrator? Is that not the definition of Jew-ing, in case and once more, the Western meat-ball societies? Having journos proudly confirming and proning this as a positive?

    So Pepe, for seeing consequence you are right, for lifting the veil of it’s agency, you are quite wrong. Russia is a passive actor in a pro-active, Financial Kabal home run in locking down their Western territories.

    • Thanks: Kali
  22. It is like in the Ukraine, to avoid unnecessary slaughter, not to sow hatred among the peoples thinking about the future.

  23. cohen says:

    Join the Ukrainian Foreign Legion

  24. fran says:

    Pax Americana doesn’t exist and has never existed. In fact the US has been at war for the entire duration of its unipolar rule, and none of those wars were fought in defense of the US. The list of countries the US has attacked since WW2 is too long to list.

    • Replies: @JM
    , @Mary Marianne
  25. Herald says:
    @Here Be Dragon

    If the Himars are seen to be more than simply annoying pinpricks then Russia will do what has to be done.

    Major war with Russia now appears to be the West’s central, even if suicidal, objective. Indeed it seems that some time in the next few months NATO will get its wish granted in full by the war fairy. The results will of course be more than serious and could likely be catastrophic for some of the countries that make up NATOstan.

    The US will also likely not escape serious injury, as Russia is well capable of crippling the highly vulnerable North American mainland, without recourse to nuclear weapons.

    Whether war can be contained at the conventional level is open to much doubt, though it seems not that improbable that the demented leaders of a conventionally beaten NATO might resort to first use of nuclear weaponry. In any event this is what NATO leaders would want us (including Putin) to believe, in the hope that Russia would pull its (conventional) punches, so as to avoid a limited or full scale nuclear confrontation. This might work for NATOstan’s advantage, but then again it might not.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  26. Anonymous[259] • Disclaimer says:
    @Priss Factor

    How do the Ukies get this stuff into the country? Why aren’t the Russians bombing the roads, railways, airports and bridges most likely involved in the transport of these weapons?

    I’ll bet the Ukies fly the missiles and their launchers into Kiev International Airport via FEDEX planes and ship them via Amazon Prime delivery vans right to Donetsk and Lugansk. In an actual war, anything that smells like a threat to your troops would be blown to bits. It’s not like Ukraine is a bustling modern civilisation with as many transportation hubs as New York or California. Why does Ukraine even still have supplies of gasoline to freely transport troops and materiel? Bomb the oil refineries. In a war, you’d want to hinder business and commerce by the enemy, not ensure there are no shortages of any essential commodities.

    Why did Russia agree to fight this war with half of its brain tied behind its back while the Ukies hide behind human shields and perpetrate war crimes and false flags. They are so devious they blast their own civilian populations and blame it on the Russians. Which of those “strategies” has Putin decided to double down on? He needs to capture Zelensky, lock him in a cage and put him on trial. He’d stop being so cocky.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  27. Anon[381] • Disclaimer says:

    Hasbara has entered the chat …

  28. Notsofast says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    the u.s. has a death grip on nato countries and will never let them go. notice how all the e.u./nato members are talking about increasing their military budget to counter the “russian threat” and that’s on top of the replacement cost of all the weapons being blown up in ukraine. they are as doomed as the crew of the pequod following ahab in his obsessive quest to kill the great white leviathan. natostan is like the hotel california, you can check out any time you want but you can never leave (ask the french).

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  29. Jim H says:

    ‘Time to bring back the Holzbrenner.’ — turtle

    No kidding. At least for the limousines of the Davos crowd.

    Ordinary Germans may be obliged to revert to bicycle transport, and burning the furniture to warm their cold-chapped hands.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  30. Wokechoke says:
    @Here Be Dragon

    US supplies of longer range Rockets are only going to be as useful as the introduction of Jets and V2 in ww2 by Germany. Fascinating but not much more than a target for saturation bombing.

  31. Wokechoke says:

    Russia will just saturation bomb every hedgerow and barn suspected of hiding these Wonderweapons.

    • Replies: @Johnny Rico
  32. Emslander says:

    The masters of the USA see what’s coming. All those cultures insulted, those leaders enslaved, and those peoples massacred and vaporized by the US World Order since 1940 are coming for the payback. The fear here in the USA is beginning to become tactile. Millions are now allowed across the border as a kind of reparations to the “lesser” peoples of the universe. We’re turning over our Hollywood whore starlets to whatever non-Germanic representatives show up first.

    It won’t help. Like the Tartar invasions, they’ll first take what our leaders give them and then they’ll take the rest.

  33. Che Guava says:
    @Ser Arthur Dayne

    Whatever the utility of their drones, I greatly admire the Persians for using ECM to bring down a U’.S. drone and reverse-engineer it.

    • Replies: @Ser Arthur Dayne
  34. Wokechoke says:

    HIMARS have a maximum and minimum range as MLRS weapons. They cant be safely deployed closer than 12 miles to a front line Russian position. They become less effective the further back they get deployed as the their reach in deeper areas drops. 12-15 miles from the front is a sweet spot for their effective use. Russia can saturate this distance with bombs and cannons and make HIMARS pull back further or risk closely hugging the front and get knocked out by 120mm mortars or other howitzers. This system is not a problem.

    • Replies: @Herald
  35. Agent76 says:

    Jul 13, 2022 Talks between Ukraine, Russia, Turkey and UN on grain begin in Istanbul

    Talks between Ukraine, Russia, Turkey and the United Nations have kicked off in Istanbul, the Turkish Ministry of Defense said in a statement Wednesday.

    MAR 13, 2022 “Media Isn’t Warning You” That US Careening Towards Food Crisis

    The curtailment of agricultural exports from Russia and Ukraine will have dramatic knock-on effects on global food supplies. Both countries are known as the ‘breadbasket of the world’ and are responsible for a quarter of the international wheat trade, about a fifth of corn, and 12% of all calories traded globally. Another major problem is access to fertilizers, as Russia has banned exports of the nutrients.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  36. Emslander says:

    2. Use more destructive weapons to counter them
    (will mean lots of dead civilians as Himars
    are usually based in civilian areas)

    Surely, any civilians, when they see a HIMARS planted in their neighborhood, would skedaddle the hell out of there. In general, the average person is fairly resourceful when it comes to highly explosive war making about to happen near him.

  37. Pepe Escobar:

    The Democratic Party=The Black Lives Matter Party racial slush…..

  38. Realist says:

    Geopolitically and geoeconomically, Russia and China are in the process of eating NATOstan alive – in more ways than one.

    The US is trying to get China and India to pay Russia less than the market price for oil

    The following would lead one to believe that China is considering it.

    The Chinese Ministry of Commerce on Thursday confirmed that the issue of the Russian oil price cap was discussed between Janet Yellen and China’s vice premier, Liu He, earlier this month. According to a statement from the ministry, the issue of the price cap is a complex one, and should be solved based on the desire of the parties involved to reduce tensions in Ukraine.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  39. @Emslander

    There is no Divine Intervention…it is policy decision of the Elites that allows that is responsible for the invasion. And what you are describing is the Democratic Party Voting coming coming to America and electing itself a racial minority.

    The Democratic Party is waging war against Slavic Russia and the Democratic Party Voting Bloc is effectively majority nonwhite….

    It is not in the racial interests of the Native Born White American Working Class to tolerate their racial displacement by nonwhite illegal immigrants and nonwhite legal immigrants…

    • Agree: JM
  40. @Old Brown Fool

    Interesting. They sent 4. What if that is code for the 400 you say exist? Then multiply your 2 weeks by 100. Two hundred weeks is almost 4 years. There’s that 4 again.

  41. cohen says:

    What on earth Sleazy Joe was begging for from the Khazar?
    More favorable coverage by the Jewish Media? The video was taken out from Youtube.

  42. I gave up on Pepe Escobar in 2021 as someone trying to eat a living out of being a Russian shill, but the title of this article drew my attention because I had just listened to

    Russia’s future: a giant Iran of Eurasia – via @FT

    It inspired the thought that China may give just the support to Russia that it needs to keep the war going so as to weaken both Russia and the West.

    I wonder how UR’s anti West swarm would like the prospect of China creating the reverse of Russia’s phony NATO as threat situation by placing its own military assets in Ukraine just across the border from NATO’S in Poland.

    • Replies: @Kurt Knispel
  43. @Old Brown Fool

    You have given no thought to the numbers. Unless China were to get in behind Russia and maybe create diversions in Asia Russia is so far behind the West in GDP, efficiency and population that the only danger to the West of open war with Russia would be based on Putin being insane and using nuclear weapons despite the fact that it would still lead to Russia’s defeat.

    • Replies: @mad bomber
    , @Joe Paluka
  44. cohen says:

    Beauty and the beast? AOC and Alex

    I hope this American version of Sasha Barron encounters my favorite politicians like
    Pelosi, Shamuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell, and of course Bob Menendez from NJ.

    Hope there would be copycats

  45. @Che Guava

    The Iranian UAV technology existed since 1983 when they manufactured their first drone named Mohajer(the traveller). After 2001 and US military presence in the region they brought down many American and NATO drones and reverse engineered them.
    Both US and Israel enlist Iran’s drone technology among the 3 highest ranks in the world, even superior to their ballistic missile tech.

    • Thanks: Che Guava
  46. Being “sucked into the maelstrom of psychological, moral and material disintegration” is the fate of all empires, as history warns. But no one remembers the past.

  47. Pepe Escobar and the Saker and the The Saker’s comments gatekeeper A Han Legal Immigrant young woman want to cover up the fact that the war against Slavic Russia is a US Political Party that is effectively majority Nonwhite and Jewish……

  48. @peter mcloughlin

    Reality in America is competing with NFL FANTASY FOOTBALL LEAGUES….

    Reality has lost out….But Reality will have the final word…..

    America 2022 is a large mound of shit with large greenhorse flies having intercourse on it……This reality will have the final word…..And let’s call this Reality the “EROTIC” MOUND OF SHIT

    • Agree: CelestiaQuesta
  49. Neither China nor Russia can afford to ratchet up the pain.

  50. @Wizard of Oz

    Americans always overrate their own intelligence and capability. Russia and China are finally calling their bluff. And that whole western coalition will start to fracture as soon as it becomes apparent that the Americunts aren’t the omnipotent rulers they portray themselves as being, and that it might pay to cozy up to the new global hegemon. The Americunts, like their Israeli masters, rule through fear and intimidation, not competence and legitimacy. It promises to be a very painful fall, as illusions are shattered along with the US economy. The average American is so stupid he/she/it doesn’t even see it coming.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  51. War, what is it good for?

  52. @SafeNow

    “Sometimes I think that simply by reading Akhmatova, and playing chess against hundreds of Russians (“quiet moves”), I understand the Russian national character better than Biden and his advisers.”

    You can be sure that, in so doing, there is no question whatsoever that your understanding far exceeds that of the loony bin that is the present White House. Hell, my cats have a better grasp of the Russian character than hologram Joe and his gang of ghouls, and they haven’t read Akhmatova. They’re more firmly in the Tsvetaeva camp . . .

    (I published some poetry with Russian expats way back in 1980s NYC. Wonderful, big-hearted people.)

  53. aandrews says:

    According to Walesa, Russia still has “60 peoples, who have been annexed like Ukrainians [are being annexed] today.” It would be “necessary to stir those peoples … to action” to bring Russia’s population “back to less than 50 million,” the former president said, pointing to a potential forceful disintegration of the modern-day Russia.

    But…diversity is a *good* thing!

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
    , @Notsofast
  54. @Anon001

    With the Russian economy, military and public morale massively devastated by the Khazarian controlled Yeltsin regime; when Putin took over the reins he was obliged to lay low and play nice with the Western Judeocracy.

    Even in February of 2014 when the U\$\$A engineered the Maidan coup d’etat; the Russian leadership realized that their recovery was not yet sufficient to go Mano-a-Mano with the U\$\$A and its various minions, either militarily or economically.

    Eight years later, with Russia’s economy considerably on the rebound and with a quiet program of military renewal and in the face of the intended major genocidal assault by the best troops of Kiev upon the Donbass republics; Russia was morally obliged to rescue Mama Bear’s cubs and to teach a geopolitical lesson to the puppet regime in Kiev and to the overbearing and overconfident West.

    Russian strategy is now one of gradualism, as they use perhaps 20% of their actual forces to slowly grind down the mainline Ukie forces; a necessary implementation as the combination of terrain and urban warfare in what will soon revert to being southwestern Russia is poorly suited for rapid maneuver armored warfare.

    The slowly simmering kettle will come to a boil once the last third of the difficult assault conditions have been eliminated. The open steppe country beckons in the near future, say within six weeks or less. At that juncture, a lightning advance will bring the battles to a full boil…that against a vastly diminished Ukrainian defense.

    • Agree: Notsofast, Avery
    • Replies: @cohen
    , @Anon001
  55. @Notsofast

    Every EMPIRE has its Achilles’s heel.

    Zionist-controlled America is NO different.

    In fact, the Zionists will be the cause of the downfall of the US Empire.

    • Agree: Notsofast
    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
  56. @Jim H

    Based on the previous Holzbrenner technology, only vehicles with low-compression engines like the old babbit-burners (pre-1955 in the U.S.) could run at say, 15 mph on wood-gas. Modern, high-compression engines and computerized systems simply could not travel down that road.

  57. A nuclear power, North Korea, has given diplomatic recognition to LDNR. Congratulations to the Peoples’ Republics.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  58. Wokechoke says:

    so he’s basically hoping that brown folk murder white folk.

  59. @Anon

    I think it is less “the war party” than “the best democracy money can buy”. What the citizens of (((the West))) and the (((US))) in particular do not comprehend is that history in the ME and Asia is viewed in millenia, not decades. The (((owners))) plan generations ahead while we plan in election cycles. What I see, is another squabble between factions of the (((owners))) as to who will be the next to rise for their benefit. The entire “global south” and BRICS thing is straight out of Goldman Sachs, which invented the term BRIC.

    • Replies: @Joe Paluka
  60. Treg says:
    @Priss Factor

    Except possibly capture them. Let’s just say if that happens I would not be surprised.

  61. I read this piece listening to Wagner.
    It’s about time the west is giving a big ass whipping, and a complete rejection of its GlobalHomo/Israel First/Black Plantation Thuggish ideology. The world is on fire politically and ideologically with the losers forfeiting all for the sack of diversity, inclusivity, and stupidity, and the winners taking it all, by being patient, reserved and dignified.

    • Thanks: Mario Partisan
  62. Interesting article and thoughts and many good points (imho).

    Sometimes I wonder though, if the level talked/written about with many special (partly foreign) expressions and names/organizations/alliances acronyms is actually part of the overall problem as well or at least can be..?
    The real causes/realities and thus solutions maybe laying in the levels beneath ?
    The eloquent talking about maps is still nothing more than a detached and -at least partly- illusory reality compared to the actual landscape and walking/farming within, actually the difference being between talking and listening.
    Greatest misunderstandings usually not occuring when one does not know anything about a subject/people, but when one thinks one does.

    Not sure I myself-as an European- f.ex. should talk too loudly about America/-ns or other foreign countries/continents this or that, but focus instead on listening hard to those actually being there.
    And vice versa maybe?
    The solution to any conflicts -and most of all entrenched- usually never being the talking-, but the listening part of negotiations, at least in my experience..

    Maybe as small half metaphorical illustration-
    when using german phrases for exotic effect, should one not wait until at least having invested enough effort to quote grammatically correct?

    “Gotterdammerung”- that is actually Götterdämmerung, anglophone Goetterdaemmerung.

    “This is in fact “Totalen Krieg “– featuring several hybrid layers, and quite worrying, with only a few seconds to midnight.”

    -That is a butchered stub of ” ..den totalen Krieg”, which is accusative case and nonsense in the nominative case sentence. Correct would be This is in fact “Totaler Krieg”…

    As said, not to nitpick, just as an incredibly eloquent metaphor maybe …(no) smiley

    All just my subjective and probably neglect-worthy wonderings of course!

  63. @Quartermaster


  64. Notsofast says:

    so mr. potatohead here, has called for the russian population to be reduced by 65% to 50,000,000. what if putin called for the extermination of 25,000,000 poles? why do the poles try so hard to live up to their stereotype?

    • Replies: @Wielgus
  65. @Doug Ryler

    These are the same “Den Of Thieves” from the “Synagogue Of Satan” who where thrown out of 100+ countries and the downfall of Russia during the Bolsheviks revolution, have returned once again, this time using power of usury, blackmail, extortion and the Sampson Option against GlobalHomo governments around the world, drive humanity into the abyss of global annihilation, the last frontier for humanity.

  66. Hitch says:

    “Never name the Jew” Pepe references one of the most emblematic songs of the MKUltra mind controlled Woodstock generation:

    All along the Russia-China watchtower

    Dylan replied: “It goes back to that destiny thing. I made a bargain with it a long time ago, and I’m holding up my end.”

    Bradley: “What was your bargain?”

    Dylan: “To get where I am now.”

    Bradley: “Should I ask who you made the bargain with?”

    Dylan: “With the chief commander.”

    Bradley: “On this earth?”

    Dylan: (laughing) “On this earth and the world we can’t see.”

    Here are some of the lyrics that could apply to the conflict in Ukraine:

    “There must be some way out of here”
    Said the joker to the thief
    “There’s too much confusion
    I can’t get no relief
    Businessmen, they drink my wine
    Plowmen dig my earth
    None of them along the line
    Know what any of it is worth”

    Pepe does not mention Jews or Israel here. In Pepe world, this is about wicked capitalism and western guilt.

    Those of us paying attention know that this isn’t about “Anglo-American strategy“, England and the US, (and Nato, and Australia) are not sovereign countries. They are merely Khazarain Jewish Satrapies. Trudeau, Biden, Macron, Johnson, Van der Leyen are all merely Jew stooges. The only question is if Putin is not.

    Below is a Jimi Hendrix playing the arguably best rendition of All Along the Watchtower, which ironically was an iconic boomer protest song against the Vietnam war. Hendrix did not “hold up his side of the bargain” and died under very suspicious circumstances at the satanically significant age of 27. Dylan held up his end, likely it was easy for him. Dylan is Jewish.


    • Agree: Pat Kittle
    • Thanks: Chuck Orloski
  67. @Erian Skyesse

    When you have nothing to add to the conversation, resort to grammar policing.

    I bet you stop black hoodrats daily correcting Ebonics, or newly arrived wetbacks on grammar pronunciation.

    In the mean time, Nigga Pleez!!!

    • LOL: InnerCynic
  68. @Wizard of Oz

    Lizzard of Ooz!

    Better for you to worry about cleaning the dungeons of the Chinese occupation forces in Australia in the forseeable future. (“China Towns” are already the vital points of Australian cities.)

    Here is a fan poster for your bedroom to soften your gees about the lost empire (thanks to Church ill and now his fan weirdo boy John son from the JewS) while snoring like the old grunt you are.

    By the way, the South China Front just recognized Donbass:

    • LOL: showmethereal
    • Replies: @Avery
  69. I think Pepe is over stating his case a bit.

    … to create a new order in Asia, and across Eurasia, according to international law while maintaining the individual development strategies of each concerned country and respecting their national sovereignty.

    I don’t buy this at all. Like the US before it, the CCP will stop respecting national sovereignty when it suits them. They are selling an alternative to the collapsing Western order to the Third World, who in many cases are desperate for any sort of assistance. Rosy promises about “respecting their national sovereignty” are nothing but that. Promises. Case in point: The CCP loaning African countries far more money than they can afford to build infrastructure, and then annexing that same infrastructure when the African country can’t pay for it.

    Chinese colonialism is just as big a scam as Western colonialism, without the religion.

    • Agree: InnerCynic
  70. Anon[357] • Disclaimer says:

    This article ledes with a dumb as f••• mixed metaphor about “ratcheting up pain dials,” so I’m sure the prose is equally riveting. Something something else about the “meat of the matter” followed typical haranguing about empire blah blah the same points of view repeated endlessly. Ron’s idea of alternative views could not be narrower, based on these regurgitations of expatriated hacks.

    I am always struck that dressed-in-white, male Christian, right-wing blowhards and bigots actively cheer for any sign of their hopes for the destruction of USA. Old yippies? It seems that thanks to Ron, there’s now a ideological category of conservative anarchists. Zizek once mumbled something about anti-semitic pro-zionists on Fox news, which seems to capture the dissonance here at Unzcom. White America has really struggled to adapt over the last 50 years! A ragtag fleet crossing the galaxy looking for a planet called Earth.

    There’s no cheering for Azov. It’s all for the Russkies. More dissonance, as aren’t the Ukes just the oppressed yearning to be free? That’s how the catholic-jewish-neocon overlords are scripting it: Good white folk standing up for what’s theirs against the Red Menace. I’d expect all you libertards to be up in arms! Far from it, here Russia and China are considered the leaders of the free-world. Which they proclaim loudly by exercising their right to defer to the prejudice of the hive-mind. I don’t like my American overlords, but I’d still prefer to be murdered by them to being murdered by Russkies.

    Re freedom, Unz seems to be on a crusade to prove he can think for himself no matter the cost to intellect.

    As to human suffering, so what? Destruction is fun from a knotty-pine rec room while lounging in a La-Z-boy snacking on fruit-cup and yammering about all the niggers, chinks and kikes on the teevee — er, I mean the Jootubes.

    Does everything I’m saying seem like random blathering and a-contextual nonsense? I fit right in. And I’ve got onions on my belt! Thanks for reading.

  71. anon[164] • Disclaimer says:

    I know the СБРФ is trying to be humane and shit but they should quit dicking around and nuke the beltway. That obviates all this drawn-out-proxy war shit. They’re gonna have to do it sooner or later, so just get it over with. 100 MT airburst, and we’re done!

  72. Anon001 says:
    @emerging majority

    Thank you for commenting. No offense, but your excuses for Putin are the typical ones used by PutinAnons:
    1) Russia was not ready in 2014,
    2) Putin is a gradualist,
    3) Putin is exhausting them by doing little or close to nothing,
    4) Putin is getting them where he wants them to be before he strikes,
    5) Putin looks weak, but he’s just being cunning and fooling them,
    6) Putin did nothing, but that’s because sometimes is better to threaten than to do,
    etc, etc.

    Apparently, Russia was not ready in 2014, but was 6 years prior, in 2008 in Georgia. As if NATO did not have its tentacles there. Of course, PutinAnons will say that Georgia was different, but again, they always have excuses for their idol.

    Regarding Ukraine in 2014: Although not a valid excuse for Putin to betray those people like he did, I believe that he could have been blackmailed just before Color Revolution / Coup D’état started in Ukraine in 2014. I’m quoting below one very good comment [1] from substack. Reference to Edward (Slavsquat) is actually Riley Waggaman [3][4]. Not sure how accurate it is, but it does sound very interesting, including the video of Putin [2] linked in the comment itself (fast forward to 1m 53s for the close ups of Putin’s facial expressions).

    If true, that could also explain his half-hearted operation in Ukraine, instead of declaring war for their mass murder of 14000 ethnic Russians. In other words, he only did it due to Russian Army telling he had to, but he wanted to end it asap – i.e. I remember Putin sending peace negotiators immediately as Russia’s Ukraine operation commenced, which seems strange, but in my view, I think that he simply tried to get anything on the table in order to be able to go back to generals and order them to either withdraw or at least stop advancing – which confirms my guess that he did not want to react to Feb 2022 attacks on those regions, and only did so for the Russian army told him that he had to.

    visitor ‘Stanley Sheppard’ quote:
    The onslaught of Russophile media of the kind you are talking about, Edward, came in early 2014. This was the time when The Saker came into prominence, but the real explosion came on the side of Runet, as Russians frequently call the Russian language Internet segment. This was the time when “out of thin air” dozens of resources suddenly sprung up –, NewsFront, ANNA News,, hundreds of YouTube channels and so on and so forth. This was the time of a movement that had a name of “Russian Spring” (Русская Весна), symbolizing a rebirth of the Russian spirit that faded after 1991. But the feast didn’t last too long, first shadows of a doubt came on May 7th, 2014 after Putin met with then OSCE head and president of Switzerland Didier Burkhalter that, as most agree, delivered to Putin dossier that global powers kept on him and his family with detailed listing of bank accounts, assets and other things of interest. That’s when Putin’s rhetoric “we’ll defend our compatriots in Donbass” quickly changed to “you shouldn’t have that referendum” and when he asked for permission by Federation Council to use Russian troops in Ukraine to be revoked. You should watch that video of Putin-Burkhalter press conference, here is the link with no sound – just facial expressions and body language, https(colon)//youtu(dot)be/WJGIa-rbGXk. After that moment the term “Putin flushed down the toilet” (Путин слил) came into existence, that Prigozhin trolls quickly responded to with “Cunning plan by Putin” (Хитрый план Путина or ХПП). There were many more events after, that shaped the Rusophile media inside of Russia and outside of it, but those resources that survived to this day have a definite, easily detectable propaganda slant and a state funding attached. This whole period and a segment of Russian and foreign media space requires a separate research, would be a very good topic for a doctoral thesis, I’m not aware of anything like that being done.

    With this bit of history background the main thing where I agree with Edward is that ordinary people who remain in this media space of Russian patriotism model of 2014 are there primarily for comfort. It is so good to be in the world that could be easily understood and is black and white in nature. To the credit of Russian people I have to say that many, have snapped out of it, but awakening is a hard process. This is similar in a way to very large numbers of people in US still supporting Trump, but even here, in US, the tide is slowly changing,

    [1] ‘Stanley Sheppard’ comment | Staying cozy inside the “Russophile media” whale:

    [2] Video of Putin from the comment (close up view at 1m53s):

    [3] Resetting Without Schwab: Russia & the Fourth Industrial Revolution:

    [4] Substack article archive – Riley Waggaman (aka Edward Slavquat):

    • Replies: @Avery
    , @Gerhard57NL
  73. @Emslander

    Migration is used as a weapon to destabilize and keep the native population engaged (with an enemy) while the elites ransack. Toped with the plandemic the Jewmerican elites increased (their) money volume by 5,9 trillion JewS drollars or ca. 38 % in the past 2 years. Billy’s Gates of hell bought the most valueable farming land… (and guess what) right now they have instigated the next crisis in form of a looming food crisis; world Jewry & hyena are leading a war against mankind.
    (The EUSSR increased the Euro volumes by ca. 20 % within the past two years.)

    Here a former professional planer talks about migration as weapon:

    Jewmerican fake elites wants to offload their problems by inciting wars in Europe and beyond while they are keeping the peoples bussy with strangers, the flu, inflation, rising poverty etc. pp., so that no inner resistance can gain momentum.

    • LOL: Sarah
    • Replies: @PetrOldSack
  74. Avery says:
    @Kurt Knispel

    {Lizzard of Ooz!}

    An apt moniker.
    Good one.

    • Agree: Hitch
  75. Anonymous[259] • Disclaimer says:

    Meh! Conducting these “negotiations” is conferring a status upon Ukraine that it does not rate and only makes them more snotty and assertive. Russia should simply dictate to them that they first must clear the floating mines, under Russian supervision. Then their transport vessels full of Ukrainian grain will be escorted to the Bosporus by Russian warships with orders to open fire should the Ukies get the slightest bit twitchy. Better yet, use Iranian knock-off reaper and raptor drones, fully armed, as chaperones on the trip. These assholes need to be taught that resistance is futile, not an act to be rewarded by Uncle Sam. Encourage these 21st century Nazis to migrate to the EU, where apparently Nazism has become fashionable once again. (Finland and Sweden, welcome to the concept of Lebensraum, where you provide das Raum.) You can be sure these tattooed skinheads will flood into the USA once our quota of third world ethnics, including notorious Central American street gangs like MS-13, is filled–just a few more million of those to go. Los Angeles will be looking more like the set of Blade Runner every day.

  76. Avery says:

    {Apparently, Russia was not ready in 2014, but was 6 years prior, in 2008 in Georgia.}

    I didn’t read the rest of your post, because this first relevant sentence indicates your lack of knowledge about Russia, Putin, the geopolitics of the Caucasus vs Ukraine, and so on.

    In Georgia, Saakashvili’s war criminals directly attacked Russian peace keepers in South Ossetia and killed several. Putin had no choice but to respond militarily. If he hadn’t responded, Saakashvili would have taken all of South Ossetia: a disaster for Russia. So, ready or not, Russians went in.

    The performance of the Russian military in 2008 vs Georgia was very poor.
    Russian military experts themselves wrote about it extensively afterwards.
    Georgians ran only because of the overwhelming Russian numbers (men, equipment, etc).

    They were also incompetent: they failed to blow up a crucial tunnel which allowed Russia to pour in massive numbers of armor and men. Russia would have prevailed in any case, but it would have taken far longer than 5 days and cost Russia far more KIA and WIA.

    Ukrainians are far better fighters than Georgians, far more numerous, have a fanatical core of fighters — you know, like the Waffen SS, but not nearly as competent. And Ukraine is about 10X the size of Georgia. So, no comparison between the two situations.

    • Replies: @Anon001
  77. Wielgus says:

    Walesa is probably just a mouthpiece for some CIA or other intelligence service handler. Perhaps trying to think the unthinkable or test the response out there to certain “ideas”.

  78. @nsa

    None of the players would favor to advance the cause of the sucker populations globally, they are the burden, the surplus, the liability. The Ukraine game is one more game between “gentlemen” be it Putin’s Russia’s, Xi’s China mandarins, the Kabal (((gentiles))). There is no consideration for meat-ball society, the remainder of their assets, to be taken away, the global population as stands is a liability. More conflicts, more pandemics, the elites spread over the globe that might be independent, have “autonomy” from the Western Finance Kabal know this and recognize this as much. Eternal “war”, low intensity conflicts, civil war, mayhem at the street level is part of the strategy for all.

  79. Hitch says:

    Pedo Pete engaging two Hebrew Witches

    • Replies: @Reverend Goody
  80. Anon001 says:

    Quote: I didn’t read the rest of your post, because this first relevant sentence indicates your lack of knowledge about Russia, Putin, the geopolitics of the Caucasus vs Ukraine, and so on.

    The ultimate PutinAnon list of reasons why one is always wrong if criticizing Putin:
    1) Russia was not ready in 2014,
    2) Putin is a gradualist,
    3) Putin is exhausting them by doing little or close to nothing,
    4) Putin is getting them where he wants them to be before he strikes,
    5) Putin looks weak, but he’s just being cunning and fooling them,
    6) Putin did nothing, but that’s because sometimes is better to threaten than to do,

    And just added
    7) You do not understand Putin/Russia/geopolitcs/…

    To be continued …

    Feel free to contribute to the list if you think that Putin is a globalist and a traitor. Thanks.

    • Agree: Robert Bruce
    • Troll: Notsofast
    • Replies: @Notsofast
    , @Robert Bruce
  81. @Hitch

    Very harsh. Just three elderlies talking.

    • Replies: @Hitch
  82. @mad bomber

    Russia is as weak and incompetent as I said. The key is China and Xi is inscrutable. Let’s hope, for the sake of Ukraine, Western allies and even Russians, that America has in it the capacity and will to make one last successful effort to win (with Ukrainians doing the dying) and see off the Putin clique. Maybe China will decide to be prudent and put its economy first.

  83. @Priss Factor

    Russia needs to take advantage of the weakness in Europe and aid the protesting farmers and others. I’m sure there are many creative ways (that would give Russia plausible deniability) to create regime change and bring in independent political voices that would be amenable to ending this insane war.

    • Replies: @Chuck Orloski
    , @fran
  84. @Wizard of Oz

    “Russia is as weak and incompetent as I said.”

    The US is the country with the “leader” that has urine running down his leg as he makes speeches from the teleprompter, an imbecile vice president that achieved that position through one blowjob at a time and a frail, drunken speaker of the house that’s so stuck in the past that she thinks Nixon is still in office. The US military is preoccupied with recruiting transvestites and junkless men who think they’re girlies and think that the military is one big sex orgy. The “backbone” of the military is made up of filipinos, mexicans, and blacks who are only in it for the benefits and would desert en mass upon hearing that they were going to be deployed. I know what I’m talking about, I know lots of people connected with the military, it’s incapable of fighting anything more than a minor battle.

  85. Russia is to be provoked to nuclear war.
    The Jewnighted States of Israhell want to provoke a Russian nuclear strike just the way they provoked Russia to respond in the Donbass.
    They ultimately need a nuclear war because otherwise their giga world crimes will come undone.
    Will Jews & hyenas succeed in the nuclear strike that will “save” them?

  86. @Priss Factor

    Wow , magical weapon eh? in that case USA needn’t worry Russia will be defeated easy

  87. @Wizard of Oz

    It matters not how big the west is, it’s diseased, divided, and demoralized, it’s only a matter of time before the whole thing falls apart by itself. Russia and China knows this and are just biding their time and are just applying as little pressure as possible. It must be really heart wrenching for people who have grown up worshipping the US and it’s military to see it all come before their eyes, but everything that’s based on a lie eventually falls apart.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  88. @Curmudgeon

    You give too much credit to the Jews, they aren’t gods. Look at history, the last 2000 years haven’t been very pleasant for them. The first time the majority of them didn’t live in grinding poverty was the 20th century. The only thing that allowed them to thrive was the liberal democracy that existed in the English speaking countries and Western Europe following WW2. As western peoples get more nationalistic (which is the human default, especially in hard times), Jews will be seen more and more as an outsider group, their power and influence in these same countries will go down like a lead balloon.

    • Agree: Sarah
  89. How easy. Just add academese or intellectualese to total BS, and all of a sudden, you are a thinker!

    ‘Ontological violence’.

    Well, well, I got an idea of my own: The phenomenology of ontological injustice of metaphysically embedded structures of fragile exclusion.

    It seems most of Western Thought is now devoted to making dumb ideas sound smart through jargons.

    Pepper your idiocy with some fancy words or phrases, and there you go girl.

    It’s all based on the conceit that you know and understand more because these magic words have opened your eyes to the deconstructed truth.

  90. @Erian Skyesse

    Standard English keyboards don’t have the double dot grammatical symbol used in German nor do they have the extra German letters such as those used in the word Strasse.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  91. Notsofast says:

    you’re nothing but a dimwitted, deep state troll. i don’t know where you get the idea that putin looks weak . if you want to see weak, look at your fuhrer, fellating the israelis and then moving on to saudi arabia for sloppy seconds. look at blowjob the clown taken down by a palace coup, covering up for his gay sexual predator underlings. look at macron losing his majority and dictator status. look at “i see nothing” scholz slipping roofies into party bimbo’s drinks. for the ultimate weakness, look in the mirror, at the troll promoting them.

    • Agree: Truth Vigilante
    • Replies: @Anon001
  92. @Erian Skyesse

    Götterdämmerung! How’s that? Hej då!


  93. Herald says:

    This system is not a problem.

    Quite so. The problem lies closer to home.

  94. Hg says:

    Pepe links to a Pompeo speach i read over and found this gem: apropos nothing Pompoe opines:

    “A mass murderer. A mass murderer is someone who kills a large number of people at one time. A serial killer murders sequentially. Only in war therefore can a man be both a mass murderer and a serial killer. Putin is that. ” Ponderous reflections upon the minute and apparently fascinating differences between these two have lead him to his chosen path, this golden opportunity to be BOTH a serial killer and mass murderer: WAR! and the rest is recent history.

  95. @Wizard of Oz

    Dear me Wizz-how the mighty have fallen. OK-descended in your case. Gotta watch those hips at your age. Wishful thinking was never more bathetic or delusional. The ‘Putin clique’?? It is to laugh. He has >80% approval in Russia and represents the entire Russian power structure. That is some ‘clique’.
    As for China putting its economy first, you must have been at the vanilla essence again. If the West was so demented as to sanction China, the self-inflicted harm on the West would far outdo the harm that they have suffered from sanctions on Russia. The stench of desperation simply gushes from your words.

  96. @Jimmy le Blanc

    Projection and racist lies-just another day in the troll office.

  97. @aandrews

    At least it looks like the Nazi pig will soon decease. Reminds you of just how vicious and Evil US stooges eg Pinochet, Savimbi, Rios Montt, Mobutu, D’Aubussion, Duvalier, Walesa etc, always are. The US attracts the Evil as dung does flies. And these sorts of calls to destroy Russia itself, long bubbling away under the surface (the Evil Ones have the exact same ambitions for China)have burst out into the open in the neo-con world, in the USA, here in Austfailia, and in the Polish Priestly Paedophilia Republic as well.
    At least Russia can see what it is facing. Genocidal Nazis intent on killing Russians, so Putin et al MUST realise that Banderastan needs to be reduced to a cancerous rump in the Galician far West, where they can poison the EU, and get back to killing Poles, another of their favourite sports. I’m sure that the Poles will return the favour. Ukronazi terrorism is sure to blossom, too, as the Banderats strike out in fury.

  98. Anon001 says:

    I should not be replying to your comment as it’s filled with foul language and vitriol, but for the benefit of all, I’ll make an exception.

    Where did you get the idea that I’m with deep state or globalist? Macron, Biden, Scholz, et. al. are globalist of course, but so is Putin – that is my point. He holds Kissinger and Schwab in high regard! He’s implementing all the globalist stuff in Russia as if nothing has happened. The list of his treacheries is endless.

    He is weak because he wants to be with the West and he’s been doing everything he could to please them, hoping that one day they’d invite him to join them and start treating him as their equal. Of course, for all that work, he got nothing but scorn, humiliation, insults, etc. But he’s still loves them and still has hopes that one day, he’ll ride shirtless into the sunset with his beloved West, so to speak. I’ve never seen anyone with bigger inferiority complex towards the West as Putin. That is why I call this battered-Putin-syndrome in his one-sided abusive love relationship with his “partners”.

    He betrayed so many countries in his quest to please the West that is hard to keep track. Look how many times he betrayed Orthodox Christian Serbia! He helped Libya to be destroyed. He voted in UN SC in many case the way West wanted him to and against Russia’s interest, and got nothing but scorn in return. How many Russian soldiers have been killed in Syria only because he values NATO soldiers lives far more than Russian? Erdogan makes a fool out of Putin on a regular basis. E.g. how many agreements between Turkey and Russia in Syria have been respected by Erdogan? Many signed, zero respected.

    I’m with Russian people, and with all Orthodox Christians, and can’t wait for this clown to finally retire. Power balance is changing in Kremlin, and that is why so many of them there are jumping ship – they are simply afraid that Putin may lose power suddenly and that the patriots will take control and start arresting Putin closest colleagues there – globalists, 5th column, oligarchs, etc.

    I hope this clarifies where I’m at.

    You are welcome!

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  99. @Wokechoke

    With what? Vodka dropped by storks?

  100. Adûnâi says: • Website

    > “the russians don’t even need to dial up the pain, they can let the west do it for them with additional sanctions.”

    The Iron Curtain is an amusing thing. American right-wingers seem to worship Putin, while the real-deal Russian nationalists are anticipating a downfall of Russia – due to Putin’s treacherous record. You are mistaking a cadaver for living tissue… I would suggest checking out Igor Strelkov’s VODs, but oh wait, you don’t know Russian, you can only satiate yourself with mindless Anglo prolefeed for the right-wingers.

    Here, let me wax poetic a bit – I’m Ukrainian, and the disintegration of my country is quite relevant to me.

    Russia is finished! Oblivious was I, blinded by the ephemeral successes in Artsakh and Astana. In truth, Russia never existed after 1982. What hid in its place was a mere shell, a laughing skull, its essence long devoured. And better understand I now the monstrosity of the nest of Christendom, its wings of shadow spreading ever farther. The Dark Lord is poised to strike!

    …All Checharian hope has been put into the chink in the armour – the downfall of the American economy. How will it happen now? Are they insane to believe Christendom to crack swifter than Russia? Russia is a vial – and soon, it will be drunk. This potion will revitilise the unholy innards of the demon – the machine of pollution will pluck another decade for itself out of the extinct bear’s carcass. They say the Russians can withhold their riches? What if the Occident comes and takes them by force?

    What can be ascertained for certain? That Russia has not completed a single step conducive to it victory. That every action undertaken has been to sap whatever strength the parasite’s host had left. That with every wasted Russian missile, with every death of a seasoned Russian soldier, the end of this husk is drawing near.

    This is what the death of the Oriental wing of the Aryan race looks like! Devoid of thought, bereft of sovereignty, put on the platter for Satan to consume. The feeble-minded are wary of the cadaver; the far-sighted are anticipating the body-snatcher hatch.

    And after the fiery shadows thunder across Heartland, the weights will wait for the Mongoloids’ worth.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  101. @Wizard of Oz

    Blizzard of Ooze now has yet another acronym: “Lizzard of Ooz”. Seems like most everyone is coming to the realization that only purest bullshit oozes from his frontally located tailpipe.

  102. @Joe Paluka

    Somehow, the German language became stranded centuries ago with the “Die”, Der, Das” nonsense. Gendered nouns is totally needless linguistically and tends to lead to confusion amongst those like the Scandinavians, the primary Nordics, who emerged from that obsolescent grammatical persiflage. The word order and orthography of modern English is based on it’s Old Norse heritage rather than its Old Saxon.

  103. Avery says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    { The stench of desperation simply gushes from your words.}

    Elegant prose.
    Well done.

  104. @Anon001

    Putin played the West for the better part of two decades for the simple reason that Russia had become WEAKENED during the Yeltsin/Khazarian Mafiya regime; an era when the former apparatchiks of Khazartian ancestry (and important financier connexions) robbed the place blind and were on the road to total domination.

    Putin is a Russian nationalist. He is wildly popular amongst the Narod—the common people of Russia, because he has not only restored that nation’s military, but also its formerly flailing economy; but even more critically it’s national pride and honor.

    “Sultan” Erdogan holds Russia over a barrel. It’s the straits, stoopid.

    Russia could handle the Neo-Ottomans except for one small caveat: That land, currently dominated by the very same Muslim Brotherhood which was created in Egypt by British “Intelligence” clear back about a hundred years ago…just happens to be a member of NATO, a family affair run from behind the scenes by the Rottenchild crime clan via their position as the kingpins of the highest finance racket and thusly the overlord of the collective West.

    • Agree: Avery
    • Replies: @Anon001
  105. @Ser Arthur Dayne

    There have been statements in the press maid a few days ago that Iran refused to sell its drones.

    The irony is that Russia is producing drones of sufficient quality, but not in sufficient quantity. They had eight years to prepare for this war and they didn’t do anything.

    A bunch of retarded post-Soviet idiots.

  106. anonymous[114] • Disclaimer says:
    @Joe Paluka

    everything that’s based on a lie eventually falls apart.

    Very true. Just like the western evilisation’s chosen path of spiritual perfidy… Christianity.

    God as a man?! What a breathtaking Lie!!

    Are you affected too? If yes, you should be careful about shooting your mouth off with these pearls of wisdom.

  107. CageyBee says:

    Recently, the Russian FM has stated that the upcoming Russian response to the West’s sanctions is going to be very painful for the West. They implied that Russia hasn’t done anything yet as a response but the West is already experiencing a steep decline.

  108. anonymous[114] • Disclaimer says:

    Sheesh! If this is how all Fuckrainians think, speak and write, you fuckers deserve to be sodomized by the Russians, just to shut you up.

    See, you batshit morons really did not need to be a constant thorn at the side of your neighbors, your bloody cousins. What was the need?

    Now pay for it.

    Adunai? Are you a Kike, btw?

    • Replies: @Adûnâi
  109. Anon001 says:
    @emerging majority

    Putin did not play anyone – he’s been playing himself as a good boy to the West. He asked 5 times for Russia’s NATO membership even after Clinton laughed in his face regarding that.

    Russia was looted and robbed indeed – how much of that has Putin re-posed/nationalized? Essentially close to nothing. He is not even asking for those \$350B confiscated by the West.

    When Russian Army decides, Turkish “partner” will be gone in 15 minutes. Your nonsense about some barrel and straits works only with spineless Putin who seems paralyzed before his “partners”. According to you, Turkey can hold Russia. Putin actually holds Russia back and down, but that will not last forever.

    Putin is not a Russian nationalist – he’s a liberal and a globalist.

    He’s does not behave like an Orthodox Christian either, although I’ve heard that he’s been baptized.

    • LOL: A B Coreopsis
    • Replies: @emerging majority
  110. fran says:
    @Joe Paluka

    Russia needs to … aid the protesting farmers

    This thought crossed my mind and I think Russia would oblige with some plausible deniability. The Russian/Donbass troops have already seized hundreds, if not thousands, of MANPADS and portable anti-tank launchers like the NLAW & Javelin. The black market is full of them and they can be had for \$10k-20k for a Javelin that costs taxpayers close to \$1 million. These weapons would work perfectly for taking out any manner of law enforcement vehicles that are being deployed against the farmers, including APCs and helicopters. Drop off a couple dozen to some willing & trustworthy farmers, have them hide a couple of miles away from the police or target buildings, and boom, wreak some havoc and let the Soros henchmen know that the farmers aren’t playing. Best of all, you can leave the weapons and run, and the government will never dare admit what caused the damage. They could even blackmail the government with photos of their own recklessly distributed weapons being used against them. Let’s go farmers.

  111. Hitch says:
    @Reverend Goody

    Sorry. How’s this:

    “President” Pedo Pete and two Hebrew witches discussing the best types of shock and horror to use to maximize adrenaline secretions before extracting the adrenochrome.

    If you use your imagination, in the background you can hear vice president Harris…

  112. @Jimmy le Blanc

    As much as I love to see China “stick it to the West” I’m no fool to believe that Chinese human nature is somehow different than the rest of the world. They knew full well the corrupt behavior of African “leaders” and knew they’d sell their own grandmother for riches and power. No different than the Americans or Brits and what they’ve done for centuries. If everyone would simply leave well enough alone and mind their own business we might have a foundation to a peaceful life but power hungry lunatics always seem to rock the boat. The Chinese simply haven’t exercised their power yet. When they do, and it will happen just give it time, they’ll behave no different than DC.

    • Agree: Jimmy le Blanc
    • Replies: @A B Coreopsis
  113. @Anon001

    The longer this goes on I am more apt to believe that this is all a globalist game. Do you folks actually think that Russia will be secure if they just take the Eastern half of Ukraine? They have to take the whole enchilada or NATO will put nukes into the rump that is left. I love how people accuse others of not understanding Russia, when all they do is regurgitate what Escobar, the Saker, or the guys on the Duran say. During the first part of this ” special operation”, people who questioned the Russian strategy were said to not know Russian military history. What a crock. In reconquering territory lost to the German in WWII, they basically copied the Germans blitzkrieg encirclement and envelopment. It turned into a meat grinder because the Germans until after Bagration were still superior in quality and were going to fight to the death once the battle was brought back to the Reich. Lukashenko has to be thinking WTF with regards to all of this. An existential threat needs to be met head on and in an overwhelming, quick and decisive manner. The fact that Donbass citizens are still losing their lives is a god damn travesty. They are still in arty range. The longer this goes, the more chances for greater miscalculation from the West. Ending the damn thing ASAP would have woken many from their stupor. Putin might indeed be playing a WEF role for the demolition of the West. After all that is what is needed for their Reset to come to fruition.

  114. @InnerCynic

    Human nature may or may not be invariant in a species-wide sense but culture is not. Perhaps you might do some reading on the subject.

    And we’ll be following your prediction of, what, maybe 1000+ worldwide Chinese military bases (the US has 750+ but China is a bigger country as you may or may not know, so scaling up).

    It may be awhile, and not necessarily in your lifetime, but do come back with a heads up when they reach 100.

    • Replies: @InnerCynic
  115. @Here Be Dragon

    Perhaps they were too busy developing their major-league game changer hypersonic weaponry and preparing to liberate Ukraine from the Nazified Talmudists (or Talmudicated Neo-nazi Banderites if you prefer) to envision the need for a full array of drones and their employment.

    Obviously, they learned their lessons losing some reconnaissance units in and around Kharkov early in the struggle and are now diligently working to make up lost time.

    Russians are quite capable of learning from their mistakes and from the strategies of their enemies as was broadly brought to bear in WWII. Though not infrequently an astute poster, you are totally out of your depth when it comes to Real Politik and geopolitical military affairs.

    • Replies: @Here Be Dragon
  116. @Anon001

    Any poster who viscerally attacks V.V. Putin is either a mindfucked victim of Western mass media of misinformation and mind-control OR is collecting a paycheck from the enemies of humanity. Tell us please, which of the two walnut shells hides the pea?

    Your arguments tend to convince me that you are merely another paid poster. Can you refute that accusation truthfully?

    • Replies: @Anon001
  117. @Here Be Dragon

    I live in Iran and Im telling u that the official statements dont mean shit here. These are spineless people in charge and they worship the west so they dont wanna look Russophile. Sending wellmade Iranian drones to Russia is certain.
    The Russian didn invest on UAV technology just because they have other priorities. They have Orion now and maybe some higher level drones who dont wanna loose them to amricans via ukrops. Iran has the best in the store so whos better than the Russians?
    And about the post soviet idiots I gotta disagree with u. The Russians have proved that the stories about their military superiority aint be exaggerated. Theyve been crushing one of the most formidable armies of europe like a melon and theyre doing it with high principles and very methodicly. Theyve won both the war and the hearts of many people around the world.

    • Thanks: Commentator Mike
  118. @Robert Bruce

    Agreed that the ongoing bombardment by the Ukie fanatics of the civilians and infrastructure of Donetsk is a tragedy, if not, as you state, a travesty. Problem is this. Over the past eight years, at the urging of mainly City of London and Wall \$treet and their owned prostiticians; the Ukies have built a veritable Maginot Line of fortifications in those areas facing that battered city. Frontal assault would be essentially a suicide mission…and both sides are fully aware of that reality…even if you overlook that situation.

    You assert that the Russians learned much of their strategy and tactics from their Wehrmacht foes. One you totally overlook is the matter of how the Germans dealt with the Maginot Line, a series of fortifications virtually impregnable against frontal assault. They broke through in a less well protected region, the Ardennes, and then simply took the Maginot from behind as almost an afterthought.

    Once the Russians break through the Ukies’ third line of urban backstops, centering on Kramatorsk and in the process demolish Ukraine’s best frontline forces; they will quickly cauldronize the deeply dug-in fanatics facing Donetsk and shell the hell out of those genocidal freaks.

    “Mission Accomplished”.

  119. @Anon001

    Thank you very much indeed for sharing the Unlimitedhangout link and for alerting to this particular article. It is a must-read and by Jove, i think you’re spot on. Gref might as well be a Wall Street or WEF puke, he certainly has the same jargon, the same convictions and the same laser guided bomb attitude of reaching his target. Putin seems to give him his blessing, just like he kept Nabiullina on post. In that case, Russian citizens can expect the same Orwellian scenarios as citizens in the West or in China. I never expected that. Now, Putin’s approval of Israel starts to make sense.

    I was similarly surprised when Deng Xiao Ping’s growth policies merely seemed to lead to Chinese businessmen copying Western mistakes and messing things up. Everything we messed up in 100 years (stock and credit arrangements, housing, commodity markets, environment, urban planning, social control), they messed up in 20, in real pressure cooker style. I guess that bankers, captains of industry, politicians, scholars, scientists and economists are the same the world over. BRICS will probably be in the same mess that the West is in now, in 50 years or so. At the end of the day, the mayhem is in the people themselves and that’s timeless and universal.

    • Replies: @Anon001
  120. Adûnâi says: • Website

    Apparently, hysteria is of no aid to one’s ailing reading comprehension, who would’ve known? Indeed, I doubt any Little Russian would call America the dark land of Mordor, demon or Satan – the way I view that unholy Christian creation full of Negro-Aryan hybrids, biological and cultural. The issue is that it does not make me see visions of grandeur where there are none – namely, in Putinian Russia. But hey, it is a hallmark of a normie to ignore reality at all costs – Americans trying to christianise Iraqis, Ukrainians looking elsewhere when the Americans turn their children into vile transvestites, right-wingers turning Russia into some apostate from Yeruschalayim when it is but a box of sweets to be gobbled up in an emergency – all this war has been is unwrapping the casing.

    The last Russian, the last European was Brezhnev. The real apostasy from the Jew can be found in Juche Korea and Iran. Meanwhile, Russia is not even a sovereign country. The Aryan race is dead – and that is not a metaphor. Christendom is a dead spider from whose husk a worm is crawling out.

    > “Adunai? Are you a Kike, btw?”

    No, it’s a word from Tolkien’s legendarium.

  121. Adûnâi says: • Website
    @mulga mumblebrain

    > “‘The make a desert (Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea, Indochina, Syria, Libya, Angola, Somalia, Lebanon, Guatemala, El Salvador, Ukraine etc, etc)and call it Pax Americana’.”

    Iraqi population (2000) – 23.5 mil.
    Iraqi population (2010) – 29.7 mil. (+6.2 mil.).

    Philippine population (1903) – 7.6 mil.
    Philippine population (1939) – 16 mil. (+8.4 mil.).

    Polish population (1938) – 34.8 mil.
    Polish population (1946) – 23.7 mil. (-11.1 mil.).

    Find the odd one out! I hate America precisely because it breeds Negroes and other foreigners wherever it goes. That’s quite a lush desert when those Asians have so many babies in it. My only hope is that the coming Juche Korea – Chinese friendship will kill every last tranny mutt child in the New World. They need the land, and will use it to reach the stars.

  122. @emerging majority

    The Russians have been making drones since the Soviet times. As a matter of fact they were the pioneers.

    They created a military drone in the late 70’s, later created an unmanned space shuttle. They are intelligent.

    But the problem is they at the same time simply lack normal situational awareness – they can’t see the problem under their nose.

    The main hero of the Russian folk lore is the Fool.

    He is chilling on a bench, doesn’t want to do anything until something really terrible happens. Then he will get up and beat the crap out of anybody.

    But until then he will be chilling on a bench. Sleeping.

    The problem that they are having is not about the realpolitik, and it’s not that they were busy developing the hypersonic weapons – in fact, finishing another abandoned Soviet research.

    The problem is that they haven’t invested money and didn’t produce enough of what they have been making since the mid 90’s.

    What they need is this:

    The Yakovlev Pchela, the Bee – a surveillance and reconnaissance drone with thermal vision cameras. They used these during the first Chechen war. This is all that they need now.

    But they didn’t have enough money.

    Because they have two hundred billionaires and 15 percent taxation. So will you be so kind and enlighten me, what part of the picture here is out of my depth?

    • Agree: Malla
    • Replies: @Malla
  123. Anon001 says:
    @emerging majority

    What are you talking about? The things I’m saying about Putin is not something one can find in the Western MSM. They are saying that he’s their enemy, while I’m saying that he’s their friend as globalist and traitor to Russia. He’s done some good things early on, while establishing himself as the ruler, but that was minimal.

    Just look at the facts within Russia itself [1]. He has surrounded himself with 5th column and globalist people, and it’s been like that for 20+ years – ever since he started. The very same people that he’s been allegedly fighting all this time – as constantly claimed by PutinAnons.

    [1] Resetting Without Schwab: Russia & the Fourth Industrial Revolution
    ( Riley Waggaman aka Edward Slavsquat – Whitney Webb – Unlimited Hangout )

  124. Anon001 says:
    @Robert Bruce

    Thanks Robert. I do not think that this was planned, i.e. that somehow Putin + the rest of globalists are playing some kind of a game in Ukraine back and forth to trick us and lead us into something. That’d be too complicated and people give globalists way too much credit. Their plans fail all the time, and then some people “explain” that the failure was part of the plan too, and it goes on and on.

    • Replies: @Robert Bruce
  125. JM says:

    The term comes from The Pax Romana

    …a roughly 200-year-long timespan of Roman history which is identified as a period and as a golden age of increased as well as sustained Roman imperialism, relative peace and order, prosperous stability, hegemonial power and regional expansion, despite a number of revolts and wars, and continuing competition with Parthia.

    and doesn’t refer to or require absolute peace.

  126. Anon001 says:

    Not a problem – glad you found it informative. China will be fine financially, as they control their central bank themselves and can adjust money supply interest-free. Plus, they are manufacturing super-power. On the other hand, the same thing cannot be said about Russia’s CB, as banking people around Putin (Nabulina, etc) are literally agents of the global banking.

    E.g. Sergei Glazyev, leading economist, said that the biggest damage done to Russia financially by the West was not done through sanctions, but rather through the floating ruble FX rate (monetary policy) that Putin allowed and Wall Street used for their “games”. Since Sergei’s patriotic suggestions were not liked by the globalist around Putin, he was let go. Below is one very good read featuring writings of Sergei Glazyev [1] (note: second link [2] for the translated Sergei Glazyev’s original essay included for convenience, as the first article includes the entire essay as well)

    And that is not all unfortunately – check out two articles about Russia’s gold [3][4] from Feb 2022.

    [1] Dances With Bears | John Helmer | Black box defense for the Russian economy – dollar debt repayments blocked; gas and oil deliveries to Germany stopped; oligarch assets nationalized:

    [2] Sanctions and Sovereignty | Sergei Glazyev

    [3] Russia is getting gold-robbed | Riley Waggaman aka Edward Slavsquat

    [4] Why did Russia’s largest bank empty its gold vaults? | Riley Waggaman aka Edward Slavsquat

  127. @Anon001

    I am not sure either, but the possibility exists. An existential threat is nothing to take lightly, and after all this time the Ukies can shell the Donbass still is a crock of shit. The thesis I put out also can be possibly legit with Putin and Syria. I will have a coronary when Russian fighter jets actually confront the IAF trying to bomb Syrian infrastructure, military personnel, or now I guess farms. I like Putin alot, but there is always something that gives me the feeling nothing is what it seems.

    • Replies: @Anon001
  128. JR Foley says:

    Winter is arriving and Europe needs to prepare now–what does Greta Thundberg say?

  129. @A B Coreopsis

    What Mr. Sarmat has shown is that 750+ bases around the world are irrelevant. Uncle Sam built his ivory tower off of the last war that ever bloodied his nose….WW2. And people being people, regardless of culture, the back stabbing and betrayals are already baked into the cake. I don’t have to come back in 100 to remind you because I have thousands of years of evidence already. If whats happened over that time and in countless places hasn’t opened your eyes then nothing will. And that in itself is proof that it will happen.

  130. Anon001 says:
    @Robert Bruce

    Have you seen my comment #80 [1]? In it, I outlined what I think has happened regarding Ukraine, and would love to hear your take on my take. Thanks in advance.

    [1] Comment #80 | Russia and China Haven’t Even Started to Ratchet Up the Pain Dial, by Pepe Escobar – The Unz Review:

  131. @mulga mumblebrain

    Mulga, I completely agree with you re that Sinister Lizard of Ooze.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  132. @Wizard of Oz

    Lizard of Ooze, I marked you as a troll but you are one of the worst. You write such malignant nonsense. It is FALSE that Russia is weak and incompetent. And China’s economy has taken off like a rocket, leaving America’s lying there.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  133. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    Yes, China’s economy has performed amazingly since 1978. So? Do you think that is consistent with its not being careful to ensure most of its people continue to benefit from or at least be satisfied with their economic welfare and prospects under CCP rule. China’s biggest trade partner is the US. It owns huge amounts of US bonds. Of course it may well have reasons of economic prudence to avoid much commitment to Russia’s current war. I guess Chin’s interest is in keeping it going so as to weaken both Russia and the West.

    Now you back up your loudly shouted FALSE.

    In economic terms Russia is less than a tenth the size and strength of the West and it has an even worse problem of ageing population. As to relevant incompetence, how do you explain Russia’s abysmal failures in what was meant to be a walkover since 24th February? To start with their intelligence about their neighbour was obviously wrong and they couldn’t even establish air superiority against lightly armed Ukrainians

  134. @mulga mumblebrain

    I shouldn’t waste my time on intellectual deplorables but you appear to attract other elderly defectives.

    So what that Putin’s control of the media outside some limited squeaks of independence in Moscow and St Petersburg gives him the same sort of expressed support as Hitler achieved in the 30s? What’s the problem with “clique”? It doesn’t have any relation to what the people say they like or don’t like about him. Power is obviously very centralised in Putin with, apparently, surprisingly few real insiders – who don’t include all senior members of his security council whom he was quite willing to humiliate, as you should remember.

    You get China wrong too. Sanctions could clearly be very damaging to all parties. But that’s not the point. China will most likely act with subtlety to keep the air going and ensure both Russia and rge West are weakened. That is quite consistent with it putting its economy first as the key to objective No.1 which is continued CCP rule. After all Xi appears to be a cautiously cal ulating man and fe cannot be unaware that his policy to eliminate Covid by unpopular lockdowns at least until his next five year term is assured is damaging the economy and creating risks that he would prefer not to exacerbate.

  135. @Wizard of Oz

    As usual Blizzard of Ooze is out to lunch. Soon the “closed” sign as he incredibly insists that Russia does not enjoy air superiority over the hapless Ukies. Actually they have air supremacy. Just yesterday they shot down two Ukie Mig-29’s and also a pair of 25’s.

    These planes were likely not even part of that Banderist-Khazarian province, but were provided by minor Natostan countries hoping for more modern equipment from Big Brother as compensation for their donations of target-practice for Russian opponents.

    Walkover: Keep your eyes open, Bubs. The fast music will soon blast out of the loudspeakers as the last remnants of Banderistan’s forward armies are shattered and the steppe lands beckon lightning advances once the Kramatorsk triad of urbs is broken. Coming soon to the battlefronts.

    • Agree: Ann Nonny Mouse
  136. @tornletter

    5. One HIMARS sold to the Russians by the Ukrainians for 800’000 \$


  137. @Wizard of Oz

    I shouldn’t waste my time on intellectual deplorables but you appear to attract other elderly defectives.

    Ad personam fallacy. You lost.

    By the way, Russia is winning.

  138. @Wizard of Oz

    As to relevant incompetence, how do you explain Russia’s abysmal failures in what was meant to be a walkover since 24th February?

    Show us the source of this “walkover” assertion?

    You did not even understand that time is on the side of the Russians. Wishful thinking is your only way of thinking, if it can be called thinking.

    Rendez-vous in November. In the mean time the Ukrainian army is being destroyed day after day. So massively that they are planning to send the women to the army. Around Donetsk the first Ukrainian line of defense has been taken.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  139. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    Wizard of Oz should be renamed the Blizzard of Pozz.

    • LOL: Ann Nonny Mouse
  140. aandrews says:

    Ukrainian recon team walks into Spetsnaz ambush.

    Video Link

    • Thanks: fran
  141. aandrews says:

  142. @Priss Factor

    Every week there is some new supposed set back for Russia – yet they keep solidifying Donbass and the South – still control the Black Sea and are still doing long distance strikes on military infrastructure all over Ukraine.

  143. @Notsofast

    Yes and they now also have Japan with the highest national debt to GDP in the world and a rapidly shrinking population – committing to doubling defense spending. It’s got to be some form of witchcraft.

    • LOL: aandrews
  144. @Realist

    “the issue of the price cap is a complex one, and should be solved based on the desire of the parties involved to reduce tensions in Ukraine.”

    Strange interpretation you have there saying it seems China is considering it. Even if you don’t know China it’s not a consideration. If you know China it is clear they are saying “don’t push your problems on us… you started the problems in Ukraine so you solve it yourself”. China does not consider itself one of the “parties involved” in Ukraine. It’s only been saying that from the very beginning when the US kept trying to drag China into it so the EU would want to turn against China.

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @Realist
  145. @Commentator Mike

    Yea I noticed that LOL… North Korea loves to anger the US (and Japan who follows everything the US says)…. Irony though it is noted that much of North Korea’s early nuclear program (specially the rockets) had the help of Ukrainian engineers.

  146. @Wizard of Oz

    I attract ‘elderly defectives’ alright-YOU are Exhibit A. The media in Russia is a kaleidoscope of differing opinions compared to the West, where 100% Russophobic and Sinophobic hate-mongering reigns, but you approve of that, hence your MONUMENTAL humbug.
    Typical of the most PIG ignorant Sinophobe racists and Colonel Blimp reactionaries is the trope that the CPC is only interested in its power. The monumental advances in social welfare and amenity, culture and public wealth under the CPC, while in the USA and much of the West, particularly Australia, the vast mass have been stagnating or going backwards for around forty years, gives the lie to your racist bulldust.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  147. Realist says:

    Strange interpretation you have there saying it seems China is considering it.

    Not at all, the statement sounds exactly like China is giving it credence.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  148. Malla says:
    @Here Be Dragon

    But they didn’t have enough money.

    Sadly, a lot of great Soviet technology were left to rust after the fall of the USSR due to lack of funds.

    • Replies: @JohnnyWalker123
  149. Athena says:

    Decadent Roman Emperors at least exhibited some degree of pathos. Here we’re just faced by a toxic mix of hubris, abhorring mediocrity, delusion, crude ideological sheep-think and outright irrationality wallowing in white man’s burden racist/supremacist slush – all symptoms of a profound sickness of the soul.

    I think that the LAZINESS of the West, glued to the screen, doing virtually nothing to earn a living, except waiting for goods all made in China and delivered at the door at the press of a button, is the cause of the sickness of the Western soul, if any.

  150. @Realist

    Nah – that’s what you want to read into it… It says nothing of the sort. It says “sort out your own problems”…. Nothing complicated about saying they created their own complex problem. You apparently don’t know China either and seem to be going off of western projection.

  151. @Malla

    • Thanks: Ron Unz
    • Replies: @Malla
    , @Wizard of Oz
  152. Malla says:

    Is this book (Conversations with the Crow) real or a fiction book? Robert Crowley (RTC) who is being interviewed by Gregory Douglas states in the book, that Khrushchev is alive somewhere in Russia?? This book was written in the 90’s, Khrushchev died in 1971!!.
    Are the original taped conversations available online for scrutiny and some voice expert to make sure that the voice on the other side was Robert Crowley?
    And why could the CIA not stop India later in getting nukes later on? What I know is that India had her tests when the American spy satellites were on the other side. India was sanctioned but the sanctions were light and later removed. Also when India stole nuclear material from the Canadian built nuclear reactor for nuclear weapons, the Canadians did not mind it and let bygone by bygone very easily. The whole thing does not add up.
    Also India’s nuclear project was primarily directed at China as India would not accept a nuclear China, while she does not have nukes. Why would this affect Americans? But of course, Pakistan would get nukes if India gets nukes. Were the Americans afraid of a nuclear arms domino? China–>India—>Pakistan—>Iran—>Iraq?
    Anyways there is a very good serial on Homi Bhabha and Vikram Sarabhai called Rocket Boys.

    Dr. Vikram Sarabhai (left above) from the super rich Industrialist Indian Sarabhai family, initiated space research and helped develop nuclear power in India while Dr. Homi J. Bhabha (right) was the father of the Indian nuclear programme.

    • Thanks: Wizard of Oz
  153. @mulga mumblebrain

    “Only interested in power” is I agree slipshod thinking. It is not consistent with what we know about human nature. I’m keen on Maslow’s Hierarchy off Needs. That said, it can become an individual (cf. Putin maybe – or Trump, to escape prosecution)or institutional compulsion to put holding on to power at the top of priorities. Consider only the way democratic political parties will support outrageous leaders because they are seen as vote winners (and I may hold my seat). So, take a step back and consider how strongly built in to the CCP way of doing things is thefelt need to keep things under control beyond ordinary people’s welfare. All that surveillance for example. (Oh yes it is a help when you want to track infected people….).

  154. @Olivier1973

    I am not tied to the Russian version of the word “walkover” but you would be disingenuous or lazy if you can’t admit the huge volume of evidence that Putin obviously got a bum steer from some that he relied in when he sent a large part of his army to potentially surround Kyiv and end up being picked off in a 46 mile traffic jam.

    Why do you say that time is on the side of the Russians as if you know something pretty certain which is a matter of genuine contetability for pundits whose time and opinion sensible people are willing to pay for? I can think of many possible arguments on both sides as to who is favoured by the passage of time. But as I am no expert on the effect of sanctions, the mind of Xi Jin Peng or any of a dozen possibly relevant variables I prefer not to pose as stupidly dogmatic. Can Russia repair or replace its material losses and deficiencies? Do you have any means of knowing? Can and will America make sure NATO countries maintain the necessary backbone? America has one last chance to prevent Enlightenment liberalism being set back maybe 80 years.

  155. @JohnnyWalker123

    How much of the ac ount by Crowley have you checked and found reason to believe? It occurs to me that it is commendable of a genuine old CIA man like Giraldi not to take off in retirement to a pleasant and secure environment and make a small fortune out of writing thrillers that are at least hinted to be true.

  156. @Wizard of Oz

    “Tracking infected people” is really quite easy. They are the ones who constantly and consistently parrot main-scream propaganda and out and out lies.

  157. @Wizard of Oz

    “Enlightenment liberalism” is the mark of a cascadingly devolutionary culture.

  158. RodW says:

    More gobbledygook. Your articles are sometimes illuminating when you write plain English.

  159. @Wizard of Oz

    Sometimes I really hope that you are simply kidding, Wizz, or trying to impress your old amigos in the IPA and the Melbourne Club. Russia is slowly, inexorably, crushing the Ukronazi regime, and EVERY prediction you globalist, Atlanticist, stooges of Thanatopolis DC have made have proven WRONG, and every report by Russia, correct.
    China knows that if Russia falls and is vivisected, as is now the OPENLY declared plan, it is next, so China will intervene militarily if Russia gets into trouble-but it won’t. I can see ‘elensky garrotted (a Banderite tradition) by his Right Sector or Azov underlings,for treachery, any day now. I’ll miss him.

  160. @Wizard of Oz

    The CPC’s priority, its raison d’etre, is to ‘Serve the People’. When you do that, as they have done with unprecedented success, you are a Government ‘for the people’. If anyone can join the CPC and rise through their merit and actions, you have Government ‘by and of the people’. In other words, as most Chinese believe, you have a true democracy.
    If however, you serve only the rich, who own you through political ‘contributions’ ie bribes, and the public is viciously divided into hateful camps, and you rule AGAINST various groups eg unions, workers, welfare recipients, refugees, the Indigenous, environmentalists, as happens, with increasing viciousness, with ALL Liberal/Nationals regimes here, you have an elected dictatorship serving the rich oligarchs. I know which system I prefer.

    • LOL: Druid55
  161. @fran

    In fact, in the 246 years and counting that the USA has existed, they’ve only been not at war for less than 20 years.

    Compare that to their number one rival, the PRC, which has only been established since 1949 and already has had lasting peace for more than 40 years (their last little skirmish was with Vietnam in 1979), which is even longer than I’ve been alive.

    It’s obvious who is the war mongering nation and is the greatest danger to world peace. Going by track record of the two superpowers, I’d much rather we quickly move on to the system of pax sinica than remain stuck inter the boot of “pax” americana.

    • Replies: @Truth Vigilante
  162. @Mary Marianne

    In fact, in the 246 years and counting that the USA has existed, they’ve only been not at war for less than 20 years.

    It’s obvious who is the war mongering nation and is the greatest danger to world peace.

    Mary, maybe you’ve been a little harsh on the USA. For the sake of fairness, let’s get a second opinion and compare their record of military belligerence over the last 80 years to another country – a country like Iran for example:

    Oh dear, that does seem a bit lopsided doesn’t it.

    • LOL: Mary Marianne
  163. @Realist

    No… What on earth does that have to do with your original assertion of them thinking about joining US/EU price caps??? I will raise you:

    • Replies: @Realist
  164. Realist says:

    Point taken…I hope you are right.

  165. @Old Brown Fool

    Now The Saker claims that one S 400 prevented ALL the 12 rockets from a HIMARS very successfully. May be that is why we do not hear about this wonder weapon any more in the propaganda media.

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