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Requiem for an Empire: a Prequel
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Assaulted by cognitive dissonance across the spectrum, the Empire of Chaos now behaves as a manic depressive inmate, rotten to the core – a fate more filled with dread than having to face a revolt of the satrapies.

Only brain dead zombies now believe in its self-billed universal mission as the new Rome and the new Jerusalem. There’s no unifying culture, economy or geography knitting the core together across an “arid, desiccated, political landscape sweltering under the brassy sun of Apollonian ratiocination, devoid of passion, very masculine, and empty of human empathy.”

Clueless Cold Warriors still dream of the days when the Germany-Japan axis was threatening to rule Eurasia and the Commonwealth was biting the dust – thus offering Washington, fearful of being forced into islandization, the once in a lifetime opportunity to profit from WWII to erect itself as Supreme World Paradigm cum savior of the “free world”.

And then there were the unilateral 1990s, when the once again self-billed Shining City on the Hill basked in tawdry “end of history” celebrations – just as toxic neocons, gestated in the inter-war period via the gnostic cabal of New York Trotskysm, plotted their power takeover.

Today, it’s not Germany-Japan but the specter of a Russia-China-Germany entente that terrorizes the Hegemon as the Eurasian trio capable of sending American global domination to the dustbin of History.

Enter the American “strategy”. And predictably, it’s a prodigy of narrow mindedness, not even aspiring to the status of – fruitless – exercise in irony or desperation, yielding as it is from the pedestrian Carnegie Endowment, with its HQ in Think Tank Row between Dupont and Thomas Circle along Massachussets Avenue in D.C.

Making U.S. Foreign Policy Work Better for the Middle Class is a sort of bipartisan report guiding the current, bewildered Crash Test Dummy administration. One of the 11 writers involved is none other than National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan. The notion that a global imperial strategy and – in this case – a deeply impoverished and enraged middle class share the same interests does not even qualify as a lousy joke.

With “thinkers” like these, the Hegemon does not even need Eurasian “threats”.

Wanna talk to Mr. Khinzal?

Meanwhile, in a script worthy of Dylan’s Desolation Row rewritten by The Three Stooges, proverbial Atlanticist chihuahuas are raving that the Pentagon ordered the partition of NATO: Western Europe will contain China, and Eastern Europe will contain Russia.

Yet what’s actually happening in those corridors of European power that really matter – no, baby, that ain’t Warsaw – is that not only Berlin and Paris refuse to antagonize Beijing, but mull how to get closer to Moscow without enraging the Hegemon.

So much for microwaved, Kissingerian Divide and Rule. One of the few things the notorious war criminal really got it was when he noted, after the implosion of the USSR, that without Europe “the US would become a distant island in the coastline of Eurasia”: it would dwell “in solitude, a minor status”.

Life is a drag when the (global) free lunch is over and on top of it you need to face not only the emergence of a “peer competitor” in Eurasia (copyright Zbig “Grand Chessboard” Brzezinski) but a comprehensive strategic partnership. You fear that China is eating your lunch – and dinner, and nightcap – but still you need Moscow as the designated enemy of choice, because that’s what legitimizes NATO.

Call The Three Stooges! Let’s send the Europeans to patrol the South China Sea! Let’s get those Baltic nullities plus pathetic Poles to enforce the New Iron Curtain! And let’s deploy Russophobic Britannia Rules the Waves on both fronts!

Control Europe – or bust. Hence the Brave New NATO World: white man’s burden revisited – against Russia-China.

So far, Russia-China had been exhibiting infinite Daoist patience in dealing with those clowns. Not anymore.

The key players in the Heartland have clearly seen through the imperial propaganda fog; it will be a long and winding road, but the horizon will eventually unveil a Germany-Russia-China-Iran alliance rebalancing the global chessboard.

This is the ultimate Imperial Night of the Living Dead nightmare – hence these lowly American emissaries frantically scurrying around multiple latitudes trying to keep the satrapies in line.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the pond, China-Russia build submarines like there’s no tomorrow equipped with state of the art missiles – and Su-57s invite wise guys to a close conversation with a hypersonic Mr. Khinzal.

Sergey Lavrov, like an aristocratic Grand Seigneur, took the trouble of enlightening the clowns with a stark, erudite distinction between rule of law and their self-defined “rules-based international order”.

That’s too much for their collective IQ. Perhaps what they will register is that the Russian-Chinese Treaty of Good-Neighborliness, Friendship, and Cooperation, initially signed on July 16, 2001, has just been extended for five years by Presidents Putin and Xi.

As the Empire of Chaos is incrementally and inexorably expelled from the Heartland, Russia-China are jointly managing Central Asian affairs.

In the Central and South Asia connectivity conference in Tashkent,

Lavrov detailed how Russia is driving “the Greater Eurasian Partnership, a unifying and integrational outline between the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans that is as free for the movement of goods, capital, labor and services as possible and which is open to every country of the common continent of Eurasia and the integration unions created here.”

Then there’s the updated Russian National Security Strategy, which clearly outlines that building a partnership with the US and hitting win-win cooperation with the EU is an uphill struggle: “The contradictions between Russia and the West are serious and are hard to solve.” By contrast, strategic cooperation with China and India will be expanded.

A geopolitical earthquake

Yet the defining geopolitical breakthrough in the second year of the Raging Twenties may well be China telling the Empire, “That’s enough”.


It started over two months ago in Anchorage, when the formidable Yang Jiechi made shark fin’s soup out of the helpless American delegation. The piece de resistance came this week in Tianjin, where Vice Foreign Minister Xie Feng and his boss Wang Yi reduced mediocre imperial bureaucrat Wendy Sherman to stale dumpling status.

This searing analysis by a Chinese think tank reviewed all the key issues. Here are the highlights.

  • The Americans wanted to ensure that “guardrails and boundaries” are established to avoid a deterioration of U.S.-China relations in order to “manage” the relationship responsibly. That did not work, because their approach was “terrible”.
  • “Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Xie Feng hit the nail on the head when he said that the U.S. “competition, cooperation and confrontation” triad is a “blindfold” to contain and suppress China. Confrontation and containment are essential, cooperation is expedient, and competition is a discourse trap. The U.S. demands cooperation when it is in need of China, but in areas where it thinks it has an advantage, it decouples and cuts off supplies, blocks and sanctions, and is willing to clash and confront China in order to contain it.”
  • Xie Feng “also presented two lists to the U.S. side, a list of 16 items requesting the U.S. side to correct its wrong policies and words and deeds toward China, and a list of 10 priority cases of China’s concern (…) if these anti-China issues caused by the U.S. side’s bent are not resolved, what is there to talk about between China and the U.S.?”
  • And then, the sorbet to go with the cheesecake: Wang Yi’s three bottom lines to Washington. In a nutshell:
  1. “The United States must not challenge, denigrate or even attempt to subvert the socialist road and system with Chinese characteristics. China’s road and system are the choice of history and the choice of the people, and they concern the long-term welfare of 1.4 billion Chinese people and the future destiny of the Chinese nation, which is the core interest that China must adhere to.”
  2. “The United States must not try to obstruct or even interrupt China’s development process. The Chinese people certainly have the right to a better life, and China also has the right to modernization, which is not the monopoly of the United States and involves the basic conscience of mankind and international justice. China urges the U.S. side to expeditiously lift all unilateral sanctions, high tariffs, long-arm jurisdiction and the science and technology blockade imposed on China.”
  3. “The United States must not infringe on China’s national sovereignty, let alone undermine China’s territorial integrity. The issues related to Xinjiang, Tibet and Hong Kong are never about human rights or democracy, but rather about the major rights and wrongs of fighting against “Xinjiang independence”, “Tibet independence” and “Hong Kong independence”. No country will allow its sovereign security to be compromised. As for the Taiwan issue, it is a top priority (…) If “Taiwan independence” dares to provoke, China has the right to take any means needed to stop it.”

Will the Empire of Chaos register all of the above? Of course not. So the inexorable imperial rot will go on, a tawdry affair carrying no dramatic, aesthetic pathos worthy of a Gotterdammerung, barely eliciting even a glance from the Gods, where they smile in secret, looking over wasted lands / Blight and famine, plague and earthquake, roaring deeps and fiery sands, / Clanging fights, and flaming towns, and sinking ships, and praying hands”, as Tennyson immortalized it.

Yet what really matters, in our realpolitik realm, is that Beijing doesn’t even care. The point has been made: “The Chinese have long had enough of American arrogance, and the time when the U.S. tried to bully the Chinese is long gone.”

Now that’s the start of a brave new geopolitical world – and a prequel to an imperial requiem. Many a sequel will follow.

(Republished from Strategic Culture Foundation by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: American Military, China, NATO, Russia 
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  1. The ‘island’ of USA and Canada is facing a threat of foreign ownership.

    North America contains a large portion of the most cultivable land in the world. It has a beautiful climate and much unspoiled land. When Eurasia has the money and power, and the USA is bankrupt, it will be like Germany in the 1920’s: easy pickings for aggressive buyers.

    Only strict nationalism can put the brakes on a disaster which is already unfolding.

  2. Like all empires before it the American empire is nearly dead, we had our 250 years. However the empire is not the same as the nation state that spawned it. The “American Empire” is a criminal, parasitic entity that has sucked the blood of the “American Nation” for decades. The “Nation” should welcome, accelerate and pray for the death of the “Empire” so the Nation might heal and be reorganized into something rational in the 21st century global economy. Britain, Turkey, Russia, China, Portugal, Spain et al once had global empires that died yet these nation states still exist today.

    Why shouldnt China become the only global superpower for the next hundred years ? Let China play world police for awhile, they will find it a disastrous and destabilizing exercise like all previous empires.

  3. Strategic Culture Foundation feel good bull shit blather and kool aid nonsense

    I wonder how much the Kremlin are paying Escobar for this crap,after all Strategic Culture Foundation is a kremlin propaganda front

    • Agree: Mr. Hack
    • Troll: dogbumbreath, gatobart
  4. Rahan says:

    If the Sputnik V vaccine turns out to be as dangerous as its western adenoviral vector twin AstraZeneca, or even more so, and the management of “voluntary-mandatory vaccinations”–as crude and imbecilic as it looks, maybe the commie opposition can come to power in Russia on a wave of populist anger.

    If this happens, half an hour later a Russia+China union kicks off bahahahaha. Likely with Belarus and Kazakhstan as bonus players.

    But for realz. I’m keeping an eye on the Russian internets, and it’s weird. The “anti-Putin libs” are suddenly shilling aggressively for Sputnik, apparently right now globohomo HQ has decreed that being pro-vaccination is more important than being anti-Putin.

    But the only major nation offering its citizens a trad vaccine with flu-shot levels of side-effects is China. Everyone else appears to playing to the tune of pharma megacorps, forcing populations to subject themselves to the terrible side-effects of vector vaccines, and unknown outcomes of RNA vaccines. And unfortunately Russia is still corrupt and incompetent enough to be part of that.

    Not, thankfully, on the RNA serum level, but still crap enough with the vector level, which is fine for space commando fitness and health subjects, but with normal civilians turns minor heart problems into heart attacks and latent vascular issues into strokes. And Russia’s population isn’t brainwashed like in the west–80% oppose being blackmailed into vaccination from the viral pneumonia. That’s a major self-goal for any regime trying to be populist.

    Putin’s charisma won’t be enough to undo this, unless he later launches a visible mega-purge to “punish the bad boyars”.

    • Replies: @notbe
    , @Baron
    , @Johnny Rico
    , @xcd
  5. Anon62 says:
    @Johnny Hooker

    Why shouldnt China become the only global superpower for the next hundred years ? Let China play world police for awhile, they will find it a disastrous and destabilizing exercise like all previous empires.

    One of the key reasons China will acceed to “global superpower” status is precisely the fact that it does not seek to act as global cop, or attempt to convert other states to its particular vision. China will rise because it seeks to do business and the best business model is one that is win-win for both parties. China’s foreign minister made exactly this point in recent response to the US/China meeting. China acknowledges that there exist many different models and the appropriate model for each nation is for the individual nation to decide; it is not the responsibility of the brain dead inhabitants of Washington to impose their “rules based order” (whatever that may mean) on all and sundry.

    Amercia cannot concieve of any equivalent form of relationship, or any relationship that is not coerced, directed, and to the sole ulitmate benefit of some power faction within the hierarchies of the US state.

    Apart from the declining few satrapies, the rest of the world looks on in amazement as the American Ideocons commit suicide. No one can stop them. No one can assist them.

  6. Safenow says:

    Thanks for the Tennyson. (Although, alas, a young person today, who studies only the “refreshed”(Harvard’s phrase) canon, is likely to ask “Who was Tennyson?).

    For a requiem, I will turn to Roger Ebert’s review of Annie Hall. Summarizing the protagonist portrayed by Woody Allen, Ebert wrote: “He was not the victim of forces beyond his control, but their author.”

  7. He has a way with words, does Mr. Escobar.

    • Replies: @MLK
    , @frontier
  8. aj54 says:

    nothing can or will be done about it unless more patriotic people are elected to Congress and the WH

    • LOL: RoatanBill
    • Replies: @Sin City Milla
    , @tyrone
  9. aj54 says:

    the nature of the duress in loans to the third world for infrastructure would seem to belie your optimistic view of China as a benign influence in business affairs abroad

  10. notbe says:

    jeeezus youre right! putin aint goin to survive this especially when you emphasize “But for realz. I’m keeping an eye on the Russian internets, and it’s weird” thats the money shot right there! your talents are wasted on this forum, you really should explore being a porn producer

    he wasnt supposed to survive a hundred or so unsolveable crisis before that but yeah he aint going to survive this one!

    i think 10 years ago it was that russia wasnt able to produce cheese or butter or maybe it was like ketchup i forgot what easily manufactured crap commodity it was but the russian people missed importing it from the west and finally were goin to get wise and lynch him


    look the russian economy was going to collapse two years ago…no wait it was five years ago…or was it ten years ago…doesnt matter it collapsed the russian economy is now smaller than Winnipegs or is it Malmos- no wait both cities have a bigger economy than russias

    literally, the russian economy is a fairly unique artifact in human history-an economy that just keeps on collapsing without stoppage something like the collapse of a star into black hole, at this point the ruble is the antimatter of currency totally negative worth

    but who cares about the economy, the russian aids rate is going to kill 95 percent of russians anyways …what happened to that russian uncontrolable aids thing anyways?

    I for myself, am keeping an eye on the fact that a hundred people turned out in Vladivostok for a protest about some bullshit or other -yep russia going to break up reeeal soon i think those protests, were they a year ago or two or three years ago? who knows-seriously does anyone remember them? anyone? please help me out here-dont let me be stranded! did i imagine them, at the time they were going to lead to a secession of siberia or was it just the mandela effect? No really, did some far east protest happen or am i delusional?

    anyways those far east protests are gathering steam and have probably reached a point where putin can no longer crack down they seem indicative of a total loss of support for putin on the russian grassroots level which will probably lead to a nationwide breakup and the west should prepare for that… gee whiz i sure do write smart dont i? im a regula western talking head now

    forget about covid the fact is crimea doesnt have any water so they need to rejoin the ukraine soon
    hey,what happened to that unsolveable crimea water crisis anyways? did they discover an overlooked glacier near yalta? or do they just suck tree leaves for the moisture like koalas?

    oh but wait then there was…there was… i dont know lets pick sometin out of a hat…hmm its a good one- pension reform! putin did it clumsily the russians finally got fed up and gone and got him lynched! good riddence, i say! and this led to a secession of siberia and a civil war so it was a win win for everyone

    anyways, putin was lynched and noone sheds a tear for him unlike that poor, poor innocent leo frank

    • Replies: @Rahan
    , @Badger Down
    , @GMC
  11. anon[358] • Disclaimer says:

    So why do you read Pepe Escobar’s articles? And why post the same comment for each new article? Are there not enough articles on the web praising the eternal, unstoppable and ever-ascending American empire, and announcing since 1989 that China is on a “death spiral” on its way to becoming a collection of American protectorates? Is it absolutely necessary for everyone to write the same?

    • Agree: showmethereal
    • Replies: @Alfa158
    , @Robert Bruce
  12. Jim H says:

    ‘China’s road and system are the choice of history and the choice of the people.’ — Wang Yi

    This is the one glaring clanger in China’s otherwise accurate analysis.

    China’s people have not the slightest input to their insular, self-perpetuating government leadership.

    As long as living standards continue advancing, most Chinese don’t much care.

    But if a global depression occurs in the 2020s, China’s leadership are ripe for being toppled.

    Their only claim to legitimacy lies in citizens’ fat pocketbooks. Depression spells revolution.

  13. Anon62 says:

    Given the size of World Bank lending, it is understandable why China’s minister of finance has pointedly urged the World Bank to join in the debt moratorium. The World Bank Group (WBG) “should lead by example … If WBG fails to participate in collective actions for suspending debt service payments, its role as a global leader will be seriously weakened, and the effectiveness of the initiative will be undermined,” Minister Kun Liu said in April. David Malpass, president of the World Bank, rejected World Bank participation, arguing, “This would be harmful to the world’s poorest countries. MDBs [multilateral development banks] depend on financial markets, and instability in the payment stream would have a negative impact on the flows to client countries.”


    China has provided loan restructuring to debt burdened low income countries in Africa and has joined the G-20 moratorium on debt service. The G-20 countries pledged to suspend debt service on all official bilateral credits in low-income countries due to the impacts of COVID-19. As indicated in the above quotation, World Bank has not participated in this debt relief initiative despite China’s request.

    The U.S. wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Pakistan have cost American taxpayers \$6.4 trillion since they began in 2001.


    The questions needing to be asked are: “What percentage of US transfers were provided to support the purchase of US supplied armaments?” and “How much of any newly built infrastructure was then destroyed by US bombing?”

    You should be asking these questions. You are paying that \$6.4 trillion. More likely it will be your children (if you can afford to have children) who will foot the bill. It was your esteemed “patriots” who spent your money with wild abandon. The same “patriots” have evinced little concern over the American lives lost in these conflicts.

    The death toll is not reflected in the \$6.4 trillion total.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
    , @babu
  14. Alfa158 says:

    Yes it is necessary for everyone to write the same thing; in Hasbara style operations everyone has to focus on relentlessly pushing the same given narrative. The only difference here is that instead of working for the Jews who run Israel, AW is working for the Jews who run Ukraine. If you look at his comment history, the subject of every comment comes around to how much he hates Russia and it’s about to implode on itself.

    • Replies: @alwayswrite
  15. BluEidDvl says:

    Agreed, the question is though, will that nationalism win out?. I’m filled with dread for America’s future because unlike Germany in 1933, we are not really a nation or a people. The Germans then had the advantage of being of the same race, ethnicity, language, culture & heritage. We have none of that. The reason the NS were so successful is precisely because they were one people. How does one though bring together a people who for a large part hate each other as is the condition of modern America?. Even a goodly portion of the same racial group loathe each other. We have no common history, heritage, language, culture or ethos?.

    I have this terrible vision that if the SHTF in America, we’ll not come together but we’ll be at each other’s throats. I hope I’m wrong, but history has shown otherwise. Separation is the ONLY solution.. 🤔

    • Replies: @Atlanta Man
    , @BorisMay
  16. @Johnny Hooker

    What on earth makes you think China will want to be the world’s police??? It’s not in the Chinese make up….

    • Replies: @xcd
  17. @Jim H

    huh? there was a global depression in 2008 and in 2020… the trust of the Chinese people in their government increased as China handled both better than any other nation. In fact the financial meltdown of 2008 – greatly increased China’s relative strength… So it appears to happened again in Covid. The irony being of course that the west said China will always collapse. In 2018/19 China was not even ranked in the top 10 of countries prepared of a health disaster… You know which country was ranked #1?

  18. @aj54

    the nature of the duress in loans to the third world for infrastructure would seem to belie your optimistic view of China as a benign influence in business affairs abroad

    The debt trap argument about China’s foreign loans is bogus. Like a commercial bank China has no incentive to make a bad infrastructure loan to a foreign country.

    If the borrower defaults, China can’t repo a highway or a port back to the Middle Kingdom. And like a bank, China won’t want to own a stranded asset that generates little or no positive revenue. Moreover, the country that did the deal could simply throw the Chinese out.

    China got stiffed by Zimbabwe and wrote off the losses. The Chinese may not be nice guys, but they also aren’t stupid.

  19. Richard B says:

    Only strict nationalism can put the brakes on a disaster which is already unfolding.

    The whole system would have to break down for that to happen. Of course, it’s breaking down now. But even then, the country is simply way too fractured and fragmented to hold itself together. Everyone knows the worst is yet to come.

  20. @BluEidDvl

    Stop the hate separate. Secede! Agree with you totally. America needs to peacefully divide into several countries. America has devolved into a very unhappy mess. The only people who want to keep it together are parasites and nostalgics.

    • Agree: BluEidDvl
    • Replies: @BluEidDvl
    , @Mevashir
  21. @aj54

    Didn’t anyone tell you? Not only are elections useless, but the mandarins for life in DC are replacing the electorate.

  22. @Alfa158

    Hahaha,what a joke

    So Escobar doesn’t conform with your model,everyone has to write the same thing!

    He never stops writing the same thing,this article is just another example of his strident biased and frankly idiotic BS

    Escobar is like a stuck record,he doesn’t except China and Russia are imperial projects,no only America,Russian experiments with imperialism haven’t exactly been a success have they!

    China has always been an imperial power,but this is all ok with our biased friendly so called journalist from Brazil

    As for yourself and you’re obviously childish views,well i don’t hate Russia,just the idiots who are running the place into the ground,but if you want to keep taking the Kremlin Kool aid then fine,but don’t be at all surprised when it goes tits up there,it’ll take a while so be patient but its gonna happen just like it did before or have you forgotten about that?

    • Troll: gatobart, rgl
  23. Once the USA collapses China must make sure to teach ‘Deputy Sheriff’ Austfailia a lesson it won’t forget. It might force the country to grow up.

    • Replies: @GomezAdddams
    , @Escher
  24. @Neutral Observer

    Debt defaults to the Washington Consensus thugs, the IMF and World Bank, after Volcker’s raising of interest rates to the Heavens, brought VICIOUS Structural Adjustment Plans, where the victims were looted in forced privatisations, and the social fabrics devastated by genocidal cuts to public health, education, social welfare etc. The Chinese have NEVER treated a debtor in that manner, or as private hedge fund blood-sucker, Paul Singer, did to Argentina over its bonds.

  25. @Anon62

    Davis Malpass thinks, before every decision, ‘Is it good for the Jews’. Debt relief for goy untermenschen is NOT good.

  26. @alwayswrite

    Your comment is no more than an ad hominen attack.
    Pepe deserves better than such shallow slander.

    • Replies: @alwayswrite
    , @Robert Bruce
  27. @aj54

    Loans for infrastructure?
    Much better to follow the US-IMF-World Bank model & lend money to 3rd world countries in such a way as to enable local elites to steal 90% of the loan money — default? No worries, local oligarchs are safe & the loan gets repaid by forcing the 3rd world country to sell it’s natural resources, & publicly owned entities at knock down prices to Western Corps etc.

  28. @beavertales

    ” I just did a Report on Canada titled ” Deadbeat and Debt Master” and this paper discussed how Debt has ballooned Uncle Fester and how Canadians are unwilling to face their future and live on less–OR –the Paymaster Fed will have No coin to pay the populace–most of whom now work in the government for high salaries” ——and I hope Pulsley’ teacher will give him a C at least —he tries hard—because Drama is not his forte…..

  29. BluEidDvl says:
    @Atlanta Man

    Precisely. I’ve gone over & over in my head of every conceivable scenario & the break up of the republic is the ONLY viable solution. It’s just to far gone. We’re now down to 60% of the population & it’s falling fast. The blacks & browns are filling up the land lowering the average IQ & making it a filthy, dystopian mess. Our infrastructure is falling apart. Our production capacity has been gutted. Our public schools are a joke. Our birth rates are well below replacement levels. Time to admit this “experiment” has failed & plan for what comes next.. 🤔

    • Agree: TTSSYF
    • Replies: @rgl
    , @Rooster11
  30. @Jim H

    “China listens to its people and performs—–its top 500 leaders on People’s Committee are Engineers and perform tangible results –not debate about illusory items ” and this is why I prefer the Canadian system of a Drama teacher as Prime Minister….whose play acting is worth the price of admission…

    • Replies: @Badger Down
  31. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    “HUH -_WHAT—-Scottie Morrison —a dimwit now running a country like a Revival Meeting and his old pals Peterson and of course Luke and Butch in the Square circle —–and Donnie Trump heading to Oz to “jump a shark” –all coming this upcoming year” and Ronald Ringling is not any ordinary ding a ling —–

  32. @animalogic

    Escobar writes shite for a pro Kremlin so called ” foundation ” which is just a front for anti American propaganda

    If Russia offered a genuine and progressive model for mankind’s development then fair enough I’d sign up tomorrow but unfortunately Russia has had over a century of [email protected]#king up big time and its current bleaders are the bottom of the barrel residue of a very, very corrupted old Soviet system who are stealing and squandering vital resources on [email protected]#king stupid things like hypersonic wiz bangs which seems to get Pepes juices flowing but unfortunately does little to actually develop Russia vital human resources which every year lag further behind

    Putin could be spending his money on fire fighters and their equipment instead he plays cold war 2.0 as his country is literally burning to ground,but Pepe [email protected]#king Escobar can’t be bothered to write about that disaster,which will only get worse,plus the fact that Russia is looking at a cost of trillions of rubles to re structure its vital infrastructure for oil and gas which is now all at risk do to disastrous climate change and the acceleration of warming,the fastest in the world,now effects Russia and particularly the permafrost regions upon which 60% of all Russian gas and oil is located

    But please keep reading him if you want to maintain your blissful ignorance of the real problems Russia is facing none of which can be solved as long as some rubber faced old cold war spy and his criminal oligarchy still remain in power,and please don’t talk crap back to me about America or the EU or anywhere else as these are Putin problems some of which he’s responsible for!I

    If Escobar did his job as a critical and honest journalist writing about Russia I’d not need to rip him,anyway it looks like Putin is clamping down so hard on honest journalist and bloggers that it’ll be impossible soon for Escobar to do his job properly even if he wanted to,which obviously he doesn’t as he’s firmly on the side of the kremlin regime, just another jumped up propaganda monger for a failing regime

    • Disagree: Badger Down, rgl
    • Troll: gatobart
  33. @alwayswrite

    I can’t prove it — but I believe history will prove you wrong. Anyway we shall see.

    • Replies: @Biff
  34. antibeast says:

    In moral and spiritual terms, the ‘Exceptional’ Empire has already sunk into the exceptional abyss of Dante’s inferno, caused by the schizoid ideology of the US Deep State, as manifested in the psychotic delusions of the Western MSM. In their desperate attempt to escape from the circles of Hell, the US Deep State apparatchiks can only gnash their teeth and grimace in pain while cursing their rivals perched atop the Heavens above, knowing fully well what awaits them below is eternal Death in the fires of Hell.

    • Agree: GomezAdddams
    • LOL: rgl
  35. Begemot says:

    Putin could be spending his money on fire fighters and their equipment instead he plays cold war 2.0 as his country is literally burning to ground

    In case you haven’t noticed, the western United States has been having serious wildfire problems this summer (and for many previous summers), and the US has continued its own Cold War policies unabated. We pause now for your condemnation of those American presidents who were in office while these fires burned down vast swaths of the USA.

    (I see you still don’t understand that a space follows a comma. Are you incapable of grasping simple rules of grammar?)

  36. If you, hadn’t, noticed, the whole f,,,ing world is goin,g up in flame,,s

    and i,,, did explicitly state i was only talking about Russia,but ,,,you’d have noticed that instead of con,centred upon,on [email protected]#ing ,,,,, would you😂😂😂😂

    But basically this is about a biased so called journalist writing propaganda BS on a kremlin inspired fake Foundation which silly people might take seriously as the truth along with all the other dickbrains who also contribute to said “Foundation”

    • Troll: gatobart
  37. Alexander Mercouris

    China WARNS Britain Not To “Tempt Fate” with Its Warships in the South China Sea

  38. @alwayswrite

    Last I looked it was the US that has imposed petulant warlike sanctions on Russia, not the other way around.

  39. @Neutral Observer

    China got stiffed by Zimbabwe and wrote off the losses. The Chinese may not be nice guys, but they also aren’t stupid.

    I don’t think they’re stupid overall, but lending money to Zimbabwe certainly was. It seems that they’re desperate to copy the West’s mistakes.

  40. Escher says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    I detect a feeling of victimization here.
    Did Aussie immigration ask you too many questions about the pickled bat wings you brought from the homeland?

  41. utu says:

    GEC Special Report: Pillars of Russia’s Disinformation and Propaganda Ecosystem (August 2020)’s-Disinformation-and-Propaganda-Ecosystem_08-04-20.pdf

    “By comparison, on that same day (2 May 2015) only three non-Russian authors, including Finian Cunningham and Pepe Escobar, had articles published on SCF homepage. Five years later, the English version of SCF’s online journal has undergone a transformation. On the current SCF homepage, the Russian authors have disappeared—replaced by Westerners, although Cunningham and Escobar still remain.”

    • Thanks: Brás Cubas
  42. @Jim H

    China’s people have not the slightest input to their insular, self-perpetuating government leadership.”

    Not true. In fact, the Chinese government is more assertive in its dealings with the populace and listens more to its people’s wishes, than any clown in the western political dog and pony show.

    Of course, you won’t find peep about in in western FSM.

    • Agree: Mustapha Mond
  43. Larry says:

    The brutal and genocidal dictatorship of China pretending to speak with legitimacy on behalf of its 1.4 billion slaves.

    Pepe does not bow to that, he kneels to it.

  44. Nothing says plausible deniability than a global plandemic to distract from the root cause of all global disorder. We are witnessing the collapse of western civilization right before our eyes and the vast majority refuse to see the coming gloom.

  45. @notbe

    Any country that calls its currency the Rubble is arksing for trouble.

  46. @GomezAdddams

    An English friend of mine once said that he preferred the gibbering incompetence of the UK government. Since it was at war with the common people, intelligence and efficiency would have proven far more lethal.

  47. @beavertales

    No-one will have a ‘beautiful climate’ in a few decades. The Western United States are turning to fire and dust. Crop failures are growing. Prospects are grim.

  48. @Daniel Rich

    Wouldn’t the Chinese just love to get vengeance for the Opium Wars. Luckily for UK sailors, they are more sane than BoJo and his corrupt regime.

  49. @Jim H

    Any Chinese can join the CPC and rise to serve his country, according to his or her merits. Chinese people are extensively polled to judge what is the popular will.
    In the US, in TOTAL contrast, the serfs have NO input to governance. ‘Elections’ are shams, and all real power belongs to the rich owners of politics, the MSM and business, finance in particular. In the USA depression will lead the brainwashed plebs, like you, to turn on each other. In China it would just bring redoubled efforts by the people, in the people’s interests.

    • Agree: GomezAdddams
    • Replies: @Levtraro
  50. GMC says:

    Great Satire – much needed – thanks.

  51. rgl says:

    Some of what you state is already occurring. Housing in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, and to a lesser degree, Victoria – on Vancouver Island, has become entirely unaffordable due to rich foreigners buying up the place. Rich foreigners in this case are Chinese.

    There is no way my kids will be able to afford to buy a house – they can just barely afford the ridiculous rents.

    The allowable action of ‘flipping’ houses – buying at a lower price and immediately selling at a higher price pushes housing prices into the upper stratosphere. Housing should absolutely not be a profit game.

    Now, I am not blaming the Chinese. I am dropping this right on the doorstep of our own Canadian politicians who allow this to the utter detriment of Canadian citizens.

  52. Biff says:

    STOP! Feeding that idiot fu**ing troll!

    • Agree: Levtraro
    • Replies: @animalogic
    , @Mustapha Mond
  53. rgl says:

    You have no idea whatsoever of what you state. Your post is nothing but hate-filled bile.

  54. rgl says:

    There used to be a political maxim that went “40-40-20”. That is 40% of the peeps were dyed-in-the-wool democrats, the other 40% were diehard republicans, regardless of policies, and 20% were the ‘undecided’, the ones the politicos courted.

    After 2020, that equation has changed. In America, it is now 50/50. 50% consider the democrats enemies of the state, and likewise 50% would rather hang conservatives. There is no longer any 20% wiggle room.

    So the deck needs to be stacked. Democrats have the power – for a short time, and a limited amount of time to adjust the equation. A very great many, though not all of the migrants entering the US would likely be future democratic voters. And Biden has brought in how many?

    Ditto – imho, with the new, and improved push on Cuba. A very large Cuban diaspora resides in Florida, that zoo for humans, and would reward the democrats with ever more votes.

    These are the kind of games that get played in the US political arena. Lives should not be the prices of politics.

    • Agree: BluEidDvl
    • Replies: @BluEidDvl
    , @TTSSYF
    , @Levtraro
  55. padre says:

    He does it for free, like you! Except that he knows what he is talking about, and you are just throwing supposed insults, while saying nothing about the subject!

  56. @Biff

    Sure, I take your point. Bit of luck he’ll get a “gut ache”.

  57. Herald says:

    Well that’s dealt with Pepe and Putin, now you can move on to greater things. Watch out Xi!

  58. BorisMay says:

    This article is a bit like watching a Highland Reel. The dancers, in this case, are wandering around the dance floor about to take up their positions opposite their appropriate partner. The bloke with the bagpipes is stoking up his boilers about to blow air into his contraption.

    The ladies are watching Hamish McPherson pace around the floor while the men catch a sight of Flora MacDonald, his partner, that they all lust after. The rest of the entourage is taking up positions relative to the two principal dancers.

    No one is yet aware that the dance will not unfold as expected due to certain unseen events. No one expects the bag piper to have a heart attack, or that the dance floor will collapse and that the ambulance will run over Hamish when coming to collect the heart attack victim.

    Mrs Morris will lose her purse, Ian McTavish will drop and break the vase to be awarded to the best dancer and Henry Makepiece will stub his toe on the lectern, causing him to drop his cigarette.

    In all the chaos the village hall will burn down, the fire brigade engine will fall in the River Spey and old doctor George Ewell will be kidnapped by the gypsies of Tomintool.

  59. BluEidDvl says:

    Yep, the Dems have embraced the lunatic fringe of the radical left. A de facto “fifth column” in our midst. If they remain on this course, there cannot possibly be a reconciliation on the ideological front. Their complete embrace of CRT. White displacement. Open borders. Forced equity, etc, etc means they’ve become the mortal enemy of Whites. The modern Republicans are barely any better. We ARE starting to awaken from this self induced coma. Whites everywhere are angry & are starting a pushback (I’m seeing comments on social media & news sites that would’ve been shocking just a few years ago). Is it enough though & do we have enough time to make a difference in this insane trajectory we’re on?.. 🤔

  60. @Larry

    This is precisely why they will rally around their government to confront your arrogant, avaricious, hostile race.

  61. TTSSYF says:

    The Cubans arriving in the early 1960s were strongly anti-Communist and voted Republican, and there are still quite a few of them in Florida. But their children and newer arrivals from Cuba are much more likely to vote Dem.

  62. MLK says:

    I give Escobar highest marks. He’s ahead of the curve informative (e.g. BRI; Nord Stream) and doesn’t insult my intelligence. I would say I couldn’t care less whether I agree with what he writes but I actually prefer encountering honest disagreement.

    My interest at the moment is in how in certain geopolitical moments the stars align in which all relevant parties conspire to help the preeminent power to keep digging per the old saying about ‘When you find yourself in a hole . . . ”

    You really can’t make it up! The post-Cold War was so obviously a Sad Story for the US little more than a decade in (from ’89), I wasn’t at all surprised that there would be no limit to what of the national interest the ruling and governing classes would sacrifice to hide their malefactions and incompetence.

    While it isn’t always fun, it’s served me well to zag while everyone else is zigging. I suspect that those who are now saying the US is all done said the same of Russia in the 90s and even 2000s. Believe me, that was the smart money bet.

    My essential point is that the more informed you are the more it’s clear in hindsight that Russia’s quick turnaround was a collective effort, principally Russian with condition-precedent assistance from the worst of the worst that were allowed to bubble up in the American sovereign.

    The American re-installing of Yeltsin in 1996 was the last straw as even the Russian equivalent of none-too-bright middle schoolers knew it was time to get it together. It’s kind of amusing that the same collection of freaks, fools and psychopaths have run the same script, installing an American “Yeltsin” in the form of “Biden.”

    I’m not aware of the second time being the charm.

    • Replies: @Kermit
    , @Robert Bruce
  63. Rooster11 says:

    “We’re now only 60%”… think of it closer to 30%, as at least half of us are actively supporting genocidal ideologies and self destructive politics. Of the remaining 30%, maybe 10% are hardened realists, who have a clue of what’s going on. Although there may be a chance of turning things around, I’m afraid we’ve already passed the rubicon. At this point in time, our ancestors were boarding ships and preparing to sail to far-away unknown lands to start a new life.

    • Agree: BluEidDvl
    • Replies: @BluEidDvl
  64. tyrone says:
    @Johnny Hooker

    An “isolated island” sounds pretty good to me …..the founding fathers didn’t want any foreign entanglements …..very wise …..the Deplorable is an American that wants to sit under his on fig tree.

  65. BorisMay says:

    Modern America is a nation of immigrants. Almost the entire population in the last 100 years has come from overseas or can trace their lineage to an immigrant.
    The only commonality that you have is immigration with a number of secondary issues such as all your ancestors were failures in their home nations and sought what they (incorrectly in my opinion) perceived as better opportunities.
    Of course, you are reaping the whirlwind today, sewn by you ancestor capitalists, without realising what caused it in the first place. Capitalism only works for the few parasitical bosses who have no conscience. Profits for all capitalists come purely from the exploitation of the weak, the poor and the vulnerable.
    There has to be a pay-off for the losers in capitalist countries. Usually it includes free education, free healthcare and free or subsidised housing. In the US, however, education is expensive, healthcare costs are astronomical and housing non existent for the poor.
    As a consequence your chickens are coming home to roost and anyone who blindly supports capitalism is either very wealthy or a brainwashed blithering idiot.
    This means that your only commonality is in all truth exploitation. Thus the exploited have to get together and overthrow the exploiters. The only way they can do this is by violent revolution, as in the Russian revolution that brought the Soviets to power.
    Nationalism is really just an extension of capitalism by another name. The exploited are those that are not part of the main group. As Hitler found out in his struggle to bypass international capital and the usury that goes with it, you just can’t pretend it is not there. His way around it was to keep the capitalists running their enterprises and demanding certain quotas each year for them to supply. Hence you have prominent 1930s German businesses still in business today such as Siemens, Hugo Boss etc because Hitler realised that he could not survive without them.
    Nationalism for the USA is a pipe dream dreamt by fantasists who somehow think that colour equals equity. Visit the UK where all the indigenous hate the Poles even though the British and Poles look like the same people. The reality is that the Poles are always looking to run a scam and defraud the British, while the (stupid gullible…as the Poles see the) British don’t understand business etc.
    There has to be a commonality that is very strong…and that is cultural. The white population of the USA have never had this and never will.

    • Agree: BluEidDvl
    • Replies: @Mefobills
    , @Mefobills
  66. tyrone says:

    God love you ,you cock-eyed optimist …..every four years they are ALL verrrrrry patriotic , the cultural marxist globalist revolution steams ahead no matter who is elected …… that’s because the problem is spiritual not political.

  67. Maddaugh says:

    Well I think I have to agree with you. All loans contain an element of duress although the level depends on the lender and the borrower.

    IMF loans it seems to me are no different in that the borrower gets a royal reaming if they default and IMF deals also seem rapacious. The Chinese are in on the game just like one bank wants to compete with the other for their piece of the pie.

    I dont doubt that there is corruption in the IMF loans. Where the Chinese loans are concerned it seems these are far in excess of what the projects cost. The local politicians get a fee for signing the loan, there is a kickback to the Chinese company doing the work (they bring in their own workers by the way) and of course the country pays more in terms of interest on the inflated loan. Also, the work the Chinese do is usually substandard so more work needs to be done, therefore more money has to be paid out.However non-Chinese loans are no different !

    What I find interesting is the Chinese using the country’s infrastructure as collateral. If countries start defaulting and kick out the Chinese companies and workers what will China do ? Invade everybody ? In any case it looks like by doubling up the loan compared to the actual project cost the Chinese hedge their risk.

    One cannot blame the Chinese for the game. This scenario is also played out in the banking system down to the individual level. I see immigrants living in houses and driving SUVs that make my eyes pop. In discussing this with my bank manager she just laughed. If Mom and Dad are working 2 jobs each at the local factory the bank will lend them to the max, mortgage, car loan, credit line and credit cards. The bank gets kudos at the Corporate HQ, the loan officer gets an annual bonus and the borrowers get screwed. Abdul and Makondo who never owned a bicycle can now show their tribesmen they “own” a BMW X5 and a dance is held in some village to celebrate their “success”. Yesterday I stopped at McDonalds with the wife for a cone and sundae. A lot of people are delivering food for McD, all coloured immigrants, one skinny guy even in a white Lexus SUV. What is his American dream I wonder.

    Borrowing can be beneficial but few can master the art. The lender is always in the drivers seat stimulating and motivating the borrower’s desire for shiny things.

    Whatever the game of the Chinese who can blame them.No one forced the borrower to take the loan and if the IMF or the US is pissed it looks to me like sour grapes after all they themselves are no paragons of virtue.

    Personally, I rather live in 1000 sq foot bungalow and drive a shit box than owe money. Pay cash or do without. This Covid drama body slammed a lot of people all of them borrowers. The Post Man and debt collectors bypassed Maddaugh’s house.

    Impudent and imprudent Borrowers, whether countries or individuals are for the most part suckers and deserve what they get and one cannot berate the Chinese for wanting their piece.

    • Agree: GomezAdddams
  68. nsa says:

    Pepe velly velly light Chinee velly smalt not have hollible pelvelted lainbow flag not have gay plide palade not have tellible heblew tlibe tlaitors stealing evelything fuking evelything up not have neglos stealing iphone beating up wongs and wangs carjack buick. Chinee velly velly gleat velly velly smalt not like dumb amelikan magamolons tlumptards. Chinee wolk hald long hour not cash govelment check like lazy glingo.

  69. Mefobills says:

    So much for microwaved, Kissingerian Divide and Rule. One of the few things the notorious war criminal really got it was when he noted, after the implosion of the USSR, that without Europe “the US would become a distant island in the coastline of Eurasia”: it would dwell “in solitude, a minor status”.

    If it were a board game, something like Geo-Politics RISK, I would take North and South America.

    American Island has plenty of resources, with arable land, navigable rivers, and just enough high IQ.

    It would require some sort of unifying “masculine fascism” that Pepe and (((Kissinger))) would denigrate.

    There’s no unifying culture, economy or geography knitting the core together across an “arid, desiccated, political landscape sweltering under the brassy sun of Apollonian ratiocination (reasoning), devoid of passion, very masculine, and empty of human empathy.”

    Paternalism and masculine type fascism are not devoid of human empathy, but the opposite. It is empathetic to use eugenics, so a future population is genetically fit, and does not have to needlessly suffer.

    Speaking of genetic fitness, the Eurasian Island is more genetically fit, and genetics are the true weakness of the American Island, not isolation. Jews and their thought constructs are always a problem, as they see the world incorrectly.

    In terms of near future, the weakness of the Americas has been the adoption of a foreign ideology i.e. (((Atlantacism))) and its precepts. When Atlantacism falls, as it must, what then?

    The toxic lies that emanated from the square mile have done their damage. The Americas can be united using the very techniques that China/Russia are using, techniques first invented by the Colonials.

    The Belt and Road is the American System as described by Henry Carey (and his father Mathew), along with other thinkers such as Gilpin.

    Never before had a nation been founded upon both the inalienable rights of the individual alongside the welfare of the whole. While this concept was known in western culture as “Natural Law”, it was known in the east as the Confucian idea of a “Mandate of Heaven”.

    In other words, the very same natural law techniques the Pepe lauds for Eurasia integration, were defeated in the Americas by the (((Atlantacists))). This defeat occurred especially in aftermath of assassination of McKinley, and the turn outward toward war, to then consolidate rule by speculative international (((Finance Capital.)))

    It’s important to keep your eye on the ball, and the real (((problem))).

    Pepe is confusing the Goyim with his own confusion as evident here:

    Clueless Cold Warriors still dream of the days when the Germany-Japan axis was threatening to rule Eurasia and the Commonwealth was biting the dust – thus offering Washington, fearful of being forced into islandization, the once in a lifetime opportunity to profit from WWII to erect itself as Supreme World Paradigm cum savior of the “free world”.

    The German-Japan axis was Industrial Capitalism of the American Colonial Experience. The threat to rule Eurasia was a “threat” to America of that day, only because our usurious (((friends))) had made inroads, especially with the rigged election of 1912. In other words, by 1912, America was fully on board with the Atlantacist system, which includes using a deep water Navy to enforce private capital’s debt contracts, wherever the debts are held, anywhere in the world.

    Washington being fearful of “islandization” was not feared at all by Gilpin, who had plans to extend rail and credit into central and south america. This islandization concept is fear being projected by pefidious Albion, an island nation. Our (((friends))) had infiltrated London by 1694 (formation of Bank of England), and the square mile was the controlling center by the time of Revolutionary war.

    Note that China and Russia are building Submarines, which exploit the weakness of Atlantacism and need for power projecting blue water navy.

    The American Island, especially North America after the coming collapse, should hang all the traitors who adopted Atlantacism and finance capitalism, a foreign concept at odds with the founding. That would include hanging many of the Generals in MIC, who are dumber than shit and have low strategic and historical understanding.

    Hitler did nothing wrong, WW1 and 2 were a tragic mistake where we fought on the wrong side, and America was (((usurped))) especially by 1912.

    • Replies: @Anon
  70. @alwayswrite

    Pepe is not objective at all, he is a cheerleader. I first read Pepe when he was exclusively writing for Asia Times online. The guy was creaming his pants with all of these shining articles about BRICS. This was like 12-13 years ago. Where are the BRICS now? Brazil and South Africa are a mess, and India is still in the Western camp for the most part. Russia is being surrounded by NATO, thanks to Turkey, who Putin calls a strategic partner. The guy thinks there is a real war going on, when in fact globalization is about to occur. The globalists couldn’t expect the US to do it alone. So you have Putin and Xi doing a lot of the heavy lifting. Like the Saker, he touts these new Russian war planes and missiles like a slam dunk. Problem is they don’t have the \$\$\$\$ to produce them in mass. The first flyable prototype of the new SU-75 isn’t going to fly til 2023, and who knows how long it will be mass produced. Shoot they only have a handful of the T-14 Armatas. Both writers totally ignore US moves- counter moves in Central Asia and the Caucasus. They have totally ignored Turkey in all of this.

    • Agree: utu
  71. You’re a Russia-China man, usually, but you’re also very adapt at coopting a thing or two when it suits your needs as in Russia-China-Germany entente. Germany is a good trained dog and it’s going to bite the hand that has fed it for such a long time. It’s going to be America-Europe vs China and Russia will sit out of it.

    • Replies: @HeebHunter
    , @nokangaroos
  72. Kermit says:

    Good post. I’m guessing you are aware of how markets work. I have always said that in the bear, the seeds are sown for the next bull, and in the bull, the seeds are sown for the bear. Read Ecclesiates 3 – they knew this back then. Also, I realized long ago that everything is born with the seeds of its own destruction. It’s just the way the algorithm we live in is coded.

    Even the not-so-bright Kamala has referred to the Biden administration as “the titanic.” One thing we know – they must steal every election in the near future to remain in Washington.

    Your comparison of the Yeltsin times with now is also very good. I do hope that this is the case.

    Same with the comment about helping keep the preeminent power digging. You use so few words to sum things up so nicely. Thanks.

    • Replies: @MLK
  73. Agent76 says:

    Now this! Jul 23, 2021 Democrats Vote To Force Women To Be Drafted Into The Military, Refusal To Sign Up Is A Felony

    The National Defense Authorization act has passed every year for 60 years. And though many, like Rand Paul, have attempted to filibuster the NDAA it still passes.

  74. “…very masculine…”

    Yeah right! Our embassies are flying the woke flag. Masculinity has FLED America.

  75. @animalogic

    I have been reading Pepe since the first W administration, when he only wrote for Asia Times Online. He is a good writer, but was very biased or one sided when his main subject was the BRICS and the rise of China. Everything was portrayed as running smoothly, no bumps, or potholes in the way of BRI, but then the fall of Lulu, the fall of South Africa, and the rivalry of China and India. Now you have the big Joker in the deck, Turkey acting as an agent of Chaos looking to stir up in Central Asia and the Caucuses. The same goes for the Saker. Not a word about Erdogan and Turkey from either writer. Alwayswrite is far from being alone. At Unz and other conservative sites Saker is called the Faker by many because of his one sided bias.

  76. @Larry

    Can’t say USA has a better system—228 out of 245 years war–the USA Hegemon is the “Sick Man of this Planet”—-“in god we trust” is Satan posing as santa???

  77. @Robert Bruce

    Did they try ordering from Boeing??

    • Replies: @Robert Bruce
  78. Anonymous[317] • Disclaimer says:

    You “wonder how much the Kremlin is paying Escobar” because you know that Washington is paying you peanuts. And taxes them on top of that.

  79. Anon[362] • Disclaimer says:

    Eurasians are less genetically fit than Americans.

    Genetic fitness decreases on a west-east cline from subsaharan Africa. Europeans and Sub Saharan Africans are the most genetically fit human beinfs on Earth, Native Americans are the least.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  80. BluEidDvl says:

    Yeah, I honestly think we’ve waited to long for a pushback?. Even IF as much as 50% of Whites are angry enough to say “no more!”, that 50% would only be 30% of the U.S. demographic. Since “god” is not going to save us & aliens aren’t coming down to beam us off this rock then the only people that can save us is ourselves. The question is then, will we?. If by some miracle we can split up peaceably as Czechoslovakia or the USSR did & White nationalist/traditional types were granted 30% of the U.S. mainland then that would equate to some 900,000 square miles of territory (30% of 3,000,000 square miles). We could do amazing things with a landmass that size!. Far larger than any European country save Russia. The other Whites/Blacks/Latins could divy up the rest. I’ve a feeling though that the ONLY way that could happen is a complete collapse of the dollar preventing the federal government from holding it together. Basically, a USSR scenario?.. 🤔

    • Replies: @Rooster11
  81. @MLK

    I still read Escobar, but with a wary eye. He is a great writer, but the bias ooozes in a lot of his articles. 12 years ago, you would have thought the Great Game was already won by China and BRICS, but BRICS fell apart just as Pepe was declaring triumph. Now with Turkey acting like Heath Ledger’s Joker, stirring up Central Asia, trying to create a pan Turkic Ummah of sorts, you would not get much information from Pepe, even though he used to like writing about Central Asia back in the day when he wrote exclusively for the Asia Times Online.

  82. Dystopian says:
    @Johnny Hooker

    Why shouldnt China become the only global superpower for the next hundred years ?

    Because I don’t want their boot on my neck either. What the heck is wrong with you China shills? You will just trade one tyrant for another.

  83. MLK says:

    Thanks. That’s very perceptive of you to notice my experience with traded markets informing my comments.

    I’ll give you another one that comes from physics, the law of the conservation of energy, wherein energy can only be transferred or transformed but neither created or destroyed.

    This is worth keeping conceptually in mind when it comes to geopolitics between the sovereign states.

    The Sad Story is that all of that energy transferred to the US and its allies after the collapse of the Soviet Union and its Warsaw Pact has been pissed away (and more).

    I don’t want to belabor what a perusal of my earlier comments attest but it hasn’t gone according to plan for the global anyone who is anybody “Trump Must Go!” coalition. They look to me ever more like the dog that finally caught the mail truck.

    Unless I miss my mark, CCP China is not only hedging their bets at this point but looking to make some short of deal that deescalates the war they’ve started by installing Biden as their puppet.

    Think of the collection of demented oldsters (e.g. Biden; Pelosi), Alinsky Cultists (Obama) and filth (Neocons and RINOs) you’re now tied to and relying on.

    • Replies: @Kermit
    , @Mefobills
  84. “the US would become a distant island in the coastline of Eurasia”: it would dwell “in solitude, a minor status”.


  85. Mefobills says:

    There has to be a commonality that is very strong…and that is cultural. The white population of the USA have never had this and never will.

    The 1924 immigration cut-off was an Attempt to create the new American man. By 1965, the cut-off and homogenization of the culture was nearly complete. So the USA did have this commonality. The 1965 cut-off was funded and promoted by our (((friends))) as most UNZ readers are aware.

    E. Michael Jones explores how finance capital destroyed the European derived ethnic commonality:

    America was homogenized on ethnic separation at the neighborhood level, but European derived people worked alongside each other in industry with little friction.

    This system worked great, especially as local economy allowed ethnics to stay in their “lands” and enjoy the fruits of their labor, and keep their traditions. Finance capital, especially the FIRE sector, broke the neighborhoods by importing negroes, such that money can be made on the sale of property, and more money can be made by hypothecating new loans for white flight.

    Finance speculative capital also started the wars, which drained the ethnic neighborhoods, to then fight wars. Negroes were drafted to work in industry to make war material.

    In other words, Jews are our woe, and please keep your eye on the ball. Democracy and Finance Capital are antithetical to each other, as the polity is easy to usurp with speculative derived “credit” as money.

    Almost the entire population in the last 100 years has come from overseas or can trace their lineage to an immigrant.

    The U.S. was 89% white European in 1964. Negroes had very high birthrates, exceeding the rate of white growth even in the face of European immigration. So much for the Negro having a rough time in North America, it was a fertile ground for population growth.

    The great bulk of immigrants, especially “Hispanic” has occurred since our (((woe))) pushed through the traitorous 1965 immigration act.

    If you could go back to 1964, and interview Americans of that era, the dominant (89%) white co-hort would regale you with stories about how their ancestors came on the Mayflower, or soon after.

    People make the fundamental mistake of projecting what they see now, either backwards in time, or forward to the future. The past was not a multi-racial shit hole, there were very few brown people, and practically no Asians. Jews have always been with us, but they really started immigrating starting in 1890 from Eastern Europe, and were a big reason for the cut-off, as they were “indigestible,” and did not meet the standards for the new American man.

    • Replies: @Chris Moore
  86. Anonymous[351] • Disclaimer says:
    @Robert Bruce

    I kinda agree your general opinion heavy heartedly. Not in terms of the weapons but globalisation and covid shit. A world of endless mirrors. Nothing is as it seems to be. Or even should be. When u compare common men with sheep, it’s an insult to the sheep. This last two years were so heart breakingly eye opening, there aren’t much words left to describe it.

    • Replies: @Robert Bruce
  87. Mefobills says:

    The only commonality that you have is immigration with a number of secondary issues such as all your ancestors were failures in their home nations and sought what they (incorrectly in my opinion) perceived as better opportunities.

    Alex de Tocqueville noted that Americans would shake hands, then get to work, in what was a high trust environment.

    Putnam noted that the “high trust civilization” was destroyed by non European immigration, and I might add the break up of European derived ethnic neighborhoods.

    Social capital refers to “the connections among individuals’ social networks and the norms of reciprocity and trustworthiness that arise from them.” (p 19) Much like the economic concepts of physical and human capital, the social networks of social capital are thought to have value. Bowling Alone empirically demonstrates a drop in social capital in contemporary America, identifies the cause and consequences of this drop, and suggests ways to improve social capital in the future.

    The cause in drop of social capital, was immigrating “indigestible” people, especially Jews, who always ethnically network for their in-group, and against what they perceive as out-groups. The dominant 89% white ethne was an out-group.

    Of course, you are reaping the whirlwind today, sewn by you ancestor capitalists, without realising what caused it in the first place. Capitalism only works for the few parasitical bosses who have no conscience.

    Our ancestors invented Industrial Capitalism, which was used to make America rich, and is forgotten history. So you are forgiven for not knowing there are different kinds of capitalism.

    Go forth, and don’t be an ignoramus in future, now that you have some reading assignments.

    The America of the past was not a free-trader, and did not use Finance Capitalism, but instead Industrial Capitalism. My fellow Americans (I’m assuming you are American based on the poor education), are ill-educated and have been hoaxed by clown world.

    The contribution of the American School of Political Economy (1848 to 1914) to America’s wildly successful industrial development has disappeared from today’s history books. American protectionists and technology theorists of the day were concerned with securing an economic competitive advantage and conversely, with offsetting the soil depletion of 19th century America’s plantation export agriculture. They also emphasized the positive effect of rising wage levels and living standards on the productivity that made the American economic takeoff possible. The American School’s “Economy of High Wages” doctrine stands in contrast to the ideology of free traders everywhere who accept low wages and existing productivity as permanent and unchanging “givens,” and who treat higher consumption, health and educational standards merely as deadweight costs. Free trade logic remains the buttress of today’s financial austerity policies imposed on debtor economies by the United States, the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund. By contrast, the lessons of the American School of Political Economy can provide a more realistic and positive role model for other countries to emulate – what the United States itself has done, not what its condescending “free-trade” diplomats are telling them to do. The lesson is to adopt the protectionist policies of the late 19th and early 20th centuries that made America an economic superpower.

  88. ld says:

    We have come to save you
    and relieve your daily strife
    We’ve come to free your people
    and impose our way of life

    We are right and moral
    with only good intentions
    but if by chance you don’t concede
    we’ll stage an intervention

    Our Democratic love bombs
    Will convince you we are right
    make no mistake we’ll take our take
    We hope you’ll see the light

    Let’s dispense with the pretense
    we’re not here for your salvation
    expect no decency or sense
    but domination of your nation

    The vain and petty suzerain
    obnoxious to the end
    our self-anointed overlords
    don’t care who they offend

    One and all will cheer the fall
    when the dogs of war are dead
    they may decide to take us all
    with their nuclear warheads.

  89. @A Half Naked Fakir

    >Germany is a good trained dog and it’s going to bite the hand that has fed it for such a long time

    In your dream, mutt. We will put rat poison in your drinks soon. Maybe some of us already did. You can’t even express your opinion correctly.

    • Replies: @A Half Naked Fakir
  90. Mefobills says:

    Eurasians are less genetically fit than Americans.

    I was speaking of the Eurasian land mass in totality, now that it is becoming united.

    That would include China.

    But, your are right, there are pockets of low IQ peoples in East Europe, yet they seem to function well enough.

    South America is worse, and would require Eugenics, perhaps many 100’s of years of Eugenic breeding to bring them up to the Eurasian standard.

  91. @GomezAdddams

    Funnyman huh? I give you high marks for your quip. My statements on the newly unveiled SU-75 is that Pepe writes as if the plane is a game changer, but it is probably 5 years away from production. War is coming in less than 4 years, even sooner than that most likely. Once the bottom falls out, the only card left to play is war. The Yeltsin years held back Russia far too long.

    • Replies: @notbe
  92. US imperial power cannot end because US itself is an empire. This is why people like Chris Hedges misses the point when he compares US to Rome or Britain.

    The Italian peninsula on its own couldn’t be a great power. Britain on its own couldn’t be a great power. Same with the French. That’s why they relied on far-flung empires to feed the center.

    In contrast, the US is a double empire. US itself is an empire. The mainland plus Alaska is bigger than most empires that existed through history. So, even if US were to withdraw militarily from the world, it constitutes a great-great superpower with so many people, land, and resources. US also faces Pacific and Atlantic. Also, Canada is essentially the front-yard of US and Mexico is its backyard.

    To Britain, its overseas holdings were essential to its being a great power. To the US, its overseas influence is peripheral. The core of American power stems from America itself with its vast agricultural products and limitless resources(with ready access to tons of more resources in Canada).

    Also, even if US pulls out of the Middle East and such places, it is part of Anglosphere that includes UK and Australia, major economies in their own right. Whatever happens in Asia, Australia always be America’s poodle, much like UK. And that means US has control over the seas across the Pacific.

    US can decline as a great power if US itself begins to fracture… like say Yugoslavia, but this is unlikely because most Americans have shallow roots in the land. Even whites haven’t been around in the US for long, and even those who have moved around a lot, which means their families and relatives are scattered all across 50 states. In Yugoslavia, certain ethnic groups had deep-rooted historical claims to certain areas. Croatia was traditionally majority Croatian, Serbia was long majority Serbian. But the most populous American states aren’t connected to an ethnicity, and even where they do, the people have been deracinated and Americanized to the point of lacking any tribal allegiance. The exception are the Jews who remained strong in identity and the like. But with so much intermarriage, can Jews sustain their sense of who they are?

    • Replies: @Rdm
    , @V. K. Ovelund
  93. @Anonymous

    Thanks for the reply!!! My thing with Pepe is he gives too much of a rosy picture when things in global politics is always a bit murky. The whole Turkey playing wildcard is not factored in his outlook presently. In terms of the SU-75, it looks like a great plane, but it won’t truly get into real production for another 3-5 years, and who knows how many they will be able to crank out after that. If the global economy takes a dive, Russia will not be totally spared in terms of it’s economy. Also, if the whole chabang collapses, war will be on the menu. My thinking is not with the plane itself, but how soon can the Russians produce it in decent numbers to be a true game changer.

  94. Well, it appears that many here just can’t wait for the “American Empire” to collapse.

    In this respect, one should be very careful what one wishes for.

    The United States today, good, bad, or indifferent, is one of the 4 huge economies on the planet. If the US were to collapse as so many appear to wish, the ripple effects on many other economies will be disastrous, to say the least. This will also include China especially, since the US manufactures so much in that country.

    China hardly wants to see the US economy go down the drain. What they are most likely hoping for is that the younger generations will eventually take power, cutting off US billionaires at the knees while creating far more realistic foreign policies. Since the Chinese always play the “long game”, they are content to sit back and simply wait.

    To date, there appears to be little evidence that the younger generations want to police the world.

    Knowing the dangers of the US military industrial complex (MIC) and our intelligence agencies, there is a likelihood that these new leaders will seek the assistance of both Russia and China to rid the United States of these highly dangerous parasites allowing them to bring the US military, its weapon manufacturers and PMCs along with the intelligence agencies once again under the purview of civilian control.

    Given how corrupt and incompetent all of these entities are, this should not be an impossible task.

    • Agree: showmethereal
    • Replies: @showmethereal
  95. Mulegino1 says:

    China: “If you let me into your country, I will build your bridge. I want partnership.”

    (((US))): “If you don’t let me into your country, I will blow up your bridge. I want dominance.”

    It’s not a question of unmixed altruism on China’s part- only evidence of learning the lessons of history, and the realization that there is no need to go to the time and expense of nation building if you do not destroy the nation in the first place.

    Likewise, on the part of the (((US))) part, there is only the language of force, destruction, coercion and chaos; evidence that it is fully under the sway of (((people))) whose entire world view revolves around spreading destruction and disorder.

    The Chinese remember the 19th century of humiliation with its two genocidal opium wars as if it were yesterday.

    By contrast, the ignorant and smug (((US))) elites’ event horizon barely breaches the 1990’s, if that, and the decrepit and demented Biden is their perfect placeholder.

    Quos deus vult perdere, etc.

    • Agree: Mefobills
  96. Baron says:

    You, Rahan, must face in the right direction when blogging, it helps, the bleating of yours would gain in coherence.

  97. Baron says:

    Around 1850, the deposits in London banks exceeded those in all other world banks, that was the peak of the British hegemony, since then the trajectory of her power has been ticking relentlessly south.

    Around 1950, the world owed the American Republic more money than was her annual GDP, that was the pinnacle of the American hegemony, it has been eroding ever since.

    Around 2050 (provided the planet is still around and inhabited by humans), …….. (fill in what you think).

    • Agree: nokangaroos
  98. Rdm says:
    @Priss Factor

    Largest continents


    Yea right. Empire. Priss, don’t pull shit out of your ass. I just want to hear Black dongs that you’re so obsessed with.

  99. Druid55 says:

    They’ve already sucked everything out of America as nutsandyyahweh said. We’ll be left holding the bag

  100. Mulegino1 says:


    Globalism, free trade and the downward spiral of wages are classic British economics in all its amoral nakedness and pathology.

    Marx was not an enemy of British economics and its inevitable Malthusianism per se; his inverted Hegelian dialectical materialism was more akin to an executor or liquidator of its bankrupt system.

    Marx pronounced himself in favor of free trade because he realized that its practice would accelerate the consolidation of the world bourgeoisie and thereby push ahead the class struggle.

    Classical British economics- in its globalist articulation- has the effect of downgrading the standard of living of the vast majority worldwide.

    By contrast, both German Cameralism and the American System seek- via the “harmonization of interests” of labor and capital- to improve the well being of the people.

    • Thanks: Mefobills
  101. @Biff

    “STOP! Feeding that idiot fu**ing troll!”


    I have commented many times over years here on Unz that ‘extinction’ is the best way to deal with these obvious, obnoxious trolls. Simply ignore them completely. And I mean completely.

    When I see certain commenters I just immediately move to the next one. No consideration whatsoever. Not a single word.

    This clown ‘alwayswrite’ is a shining day-glo example of what I assiduously avoid…….

    • Replies: @Robert Bruce
  102. frontier says:

    Escobar is a drama queen, his theatrics are mildly amusing but otherwise completely useless. The truth is right in front of his face but he’s so full of circuses that he’ll never see it. This is not a political essay, more like lyrical masturbation. There’s no point of trying any rational analysis here, waste of time and space.

    • Agree: Robert Bruce
  103. @Daniel Rich

    Alexander Mercouris failed and totally discredited lawyer

    Go look up his history to see what a total loser he is

    • Replies: @Daniel Rich
  104. ricpic says:

    I don’t quite see what motivates Russia to ally with China other than the desire to be eaten last.

  105. BorisMay says:

    Capitalism is capitalism, you can not differentiate between what you believe are different types. Capitalism depends upon the strong exploiting the weak…the rest of your comments are just intellectual gobble de gook.
    An old saying is ‘that you can tell a tree by its fruits…
    America has been at war for 90% of its existence murdering, raping and pillaging the weak and playing pussy with the strong.
    There is not, and never has been, anything but an obscene manifestation of the USA spread across the world.
    Everyone wishes the demise of you evil people.
    To blame only the Jews for your evil ways is infantile, and shows that you are nothing more than a spoiled teenager. But then that is the USA: a spoiled teenager who can’t hack it on the world stage without violence.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  106. @A Half Naked Fakir

    It is true that Heiko Maas has just bitten Iran in the ankle, over an
    obvious false flag and devoid of any sense of shame.
    But your reeves are not for long, and your revenues aren´t either –
    trying to fuck over Germany and Russia at the same time has already backfired twice.

  107. anonymouS[437] • Disclaimer says:

    The Shit Force

    Can’t wait till these beltway dumbshits start a war. Darwin in action!

  108. @Rdm

    Much of Russia is cold. Big land but much of its is Siberia. Russia is like big Canada. Also, Russians are Slavs who lack spirt and enterprise. Perennial underachievers.

    India is 1/3 the size of the US and not very rich in natural resources, relative to its land mass. Also, India has too many weirdo Hindus who shit all over and bathe in sewage-like Ganges.

    Brazil is 50% black. Not good. Also, Latins have lagged Northern Europeans in ability for centuries.

    Canada is vast but much of it is too cold for settlement. It’s like Siberia.

    Black Dongs are like the battleship of the 21st century. They go all over and conquer lands. Look at Poland. One dude named Simon Mol spreads HIV to dozens of Polish women. Look at UK and Ireland. Their ads are all about jungle fever. US TV ads now feature mostly black guys and white girls. In the streets of Paris, you see black men with white women all over. French men are totally cuckois.

    And even US ‘conservatism’ is mostly cuckery. Get a load of this. Even a ‘racist’ has mulatto kids.

    Even in distant Japan, the ads feature mulattos, products of black men and Japanese women, as the new face of Japan. Black dongs are like the sexual battleships that are conquering the world. Blacks have lower IQ but the modern world is all about sports and pop music and pornified culture. So, all the world look to blacks as big-donged big muscled superheroes. This is a fact. You can deny it, but we must speak the truth portnoically than pretend it’s not happening. Always speak the truth.

    • LOL: Mevashir
    • Replies: @Mevashir
    , @Bombercommand
    , @Rdm
  109. Pepe Escobar can write.

    As far as I know, neither the U.S. nor China is strong enough to imperil the other’s vital interests. This happy circumstance represents a welcome evolution in world affairs.

    China is enjoying her summer season, so to speak. The sun is shining on the Chinese, but storms will come. China undoubtedly has many problems about which you and I know nothing, but one problem we do know is that China is aging: her one-child policy has reaped its dividend; soon China’s burgeoning population of retirees will make of China a different kind of country than the country we have known.

    If the U.S. were wise, the U.S. would stop meddling abroad—or at least not further abroad than the Caribbean, Panama and Guam. I simply do not believe that Russia and China will remain good friends if they do not share the mutual problem of a meddlesome United States.

    As far as the Continental Europeans are concerned, it is past time that the European Union provided unilaterally for its own defense. NATO should be unwound and allowed to sunset, for though Britain often wants and likes to cooperate with the United States, the western Continental Europeans no longer really do.

    • Replies: @utu
  110. Kermit says:

    Yes. Perfectly said. My background is physics/math too – but a long time ago. My “hobby” for the last four decades has been building AI based models of selected futures markets. Reading Gleick’s book “CHAOS” back in the 80s was an eye-opener for me. After seeing how chaotic systems work, I could never “unsee” it – as sundance said about the strings on the politicians. I began seeing the system as “The Big Game” – and just like digging into layer after layer of complexity in markets, the entire “Big Game” is the same. Every layer you dig into uncovers another level of complexity.

    On your mention of the conservation of energy law, one thing I have also said – that describes it – is that in the markets, the bigger the party, the worse the hangover. Doesn’t this perfectly describe the state of the country following WW2, and especially, as you point out, the collapse of the USSR? It should come as no surprise whatsoever that we have pissed it away. (I have regularly used those same words to describe it to others.)

    On the “dog that caught the mail truck” – yes – I’ve even wondered if Trump didn’t sit down with trusted advisors and talk this out. When Mike Lindell sat down with Trump, he was puzzled that, while Trump was interested, he was not eager to do what Lindell had in mind. I wonder if it hadn’t been discussed – fighting the never-ending battles – all the while everything ready to implode on him. It is hard to overemphasize the power of his opponents. The choice was bow out for now, or take the risk of being the next Herbert Hoover. Consider the immense forces mobilized to fight Trump at the time. Anyway, just some thoughts about why things evolved like they did. The way I put it – Trump waded into the Rubicon, but realized that Rome was not ready to welcome him like they did Julius Caesar. The timing was not right. And we need to remember that Caesar, even though the populist at the time, and loved by the people, was murdered by the Senators – then the oligarchs of the time who were threatened by Caesar’s plans to take their power away. As expected in a chaotic system, history repeats, but never exactly the same.

    • LOL: frontier
  111. gay troll says:

    This prequel to a requiem reminds of the time Trevor Lynch wrote a review of a preview.

    Patience is a virtue, fellas.

  112. @Priss Factor

    Even whites haven’t been around in the US for long….

    I don’t know about that. It is true that many countries are older, but irrelevant. Whites settled the U.S. 400 years ago. That seems like a long time to me.

    It is unclear to me that things would be any different if it had been 4000 years rather than 400. Old-stock Americans can trace their American roots back a dozen generations along multiple lines, which is too far to suppose that even older ancestors would bear much additional relevance.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  113. @Mefobills

    That is nonsense since US industry was built by pilfering technology and intellectual property from Europe. Where was the “honesty” in that???
    And as far as the handshake nonsense – look at the issues between Edison – Westinghouse – Tesla… Were they not all white men??? Which part of them was “non-European”??

    • Replies: @Mefobills
    , @Mefobills
  114. @Rahan

    They are mixing the two. Twice as effective and twice as safe. You should get a shot.

    • Replies: @Rahan
  115. @Steve Naidamast

    You are correct… China makes plenty of money from the US – so it has zero desire to see it collapse. Frankly – China doesn’t feel the US needs to collapse in order for China to become the most advanced nation either. That is American delusion to think “oh China wants to destroy the United States of America and subjugate us”. The ultimate irony is US antagonism is forcing China to become more financially and technologically independent than it would otherwise.

  116. @Mustapha Mond

    C’mon man!!!! Every site needs a guy like that to stir up the room/ debate. Pepe might not be a paid pro Putin shill, but he lost all objectivity from almost from the get go since I first found him on Asia Times Online around 2004-05. Back then it was all BRICS with him, and everything was a slam dunk against the Empire. BRICS was solid as granite and there was nothing the Empire could do to it til it did. Lulu was thrown out of office on corruption charges, and now you have Bolsonaro running things for the Empire. In fact, they might be a future NATO member. Of course all of this is swept under the rug by Pepe, on top of the fact that South Africa is a total disaster, and India is a pro Western rival of China. Oops I guess Pepe missed that as well. His friend the Saker is the same way with Russia, even though Turkey is stirring the pot in both the Caucasus and Central Asia and giving Ukraine combat drones, not a peep from him on this. He thinks Putin is still at “checkmate”. So I think we can give the man a break about Pepe possibly being a biased writer, because he has a nasty tendency to be rather one sided.

    • Replies: @utu
    , @Mustapha Mond
  117. Mevashir says:
    @Atlanta Man

    How will separation work when the Pentagon has carefully and cleverly installed military bases in every state in the country and the federal government provides transfer and welfare payments to every part of the country?

    The US has resorted to war to stop foreign countries from separating from its global Empire. All the more so would it resort to war to prevent domestic secessionist movements.

    Anyone who thinks otherwise is a naive fool.

  118. China has 18.5% of the world’s population but just 7% of the world’s water. 70% of that water is polluted and so is a high percentage of what was farmland.

    Reality: China is running out of water and cash. The amount of food they will have to import will cost them dearly. GDP growth in recent years has been faked/phony. The CCP won’t be able to meet economic growth expectations of the Chinese people. It’s been obvious for a few years that Xi is finished and he knows it. He will lash out but he and the CCP will be overthrown.

    Our new adversary will be India, which has global ambitions that exceeds China’s. Let’s not make them too strong.

    The same people who predicted in 1973 that the USSR would fall apart in the early 1990s now see the fall of China.

    • Agree: antibeast
    • Disagree: Mevashir
    • Replies: @Malla
    , @notbe
  119. Mevashir says:
    @Priss Factor

    According to this black woman what counts to women is if you are a courteous and considerate lover not the size of your anatomy.

    I learned once in a class on art history that Greeks always depict the male sex organ in their classical statues as quite small because they considered a large organ as a sign of subhuman animalistic depravity.

  120. utu says:
    @Robert Bruce

    ” Pepe might not be a paid pro Putin shill”. – No, he is. He makes money from Kremlin propaganda outfits.

    • Replies: @Robert Bruce
  121. tito says: • Website
    @Jim H

    “China’s people have not the slightest input….”

    This is what makes China so strong. The masses are shit.

    • Troll: antibeast
    • Replies: @GomezAdddams
  122. Mefobills says:

    Capitalism is capitalism, you can not differentiate between what you believe are different types. Capitalism depends upon the strong exploiting the weak…the rest of your comments are just intellectual gobble de gook.

    No its not.

    Industrial capitalism is characterized by State Credit, which comes into being in a State Bank, not a private bank.

    The State Bank then channels the money into the commons and industry.

    Franklin’s Philadelphia economy worked on this principle, and there was no unemployment. It was also win win, since the state bank issued extra credit so people could pay off their loans. In other words, there was extra money spent into the economy making things like canals, roads, etc. which then went on to pay wages, which then went on to pay interest on the loan.

    This was a virtuous cycle, and the reason the U.S. got rich and industrialized.

    If you don’t want to read up and disabuse yourself of false narrative rattling around in your brain, then be my guest.

    Your were corrected and then given a reading list. But, like most demoralized people, you are certain you are right, or don’t want to learn.

    When I blame Jews, I give specific examples of their malfeasance.

  123. utu says:
    @V. K. Ovelund

    “Pepe Escobar can write.” – He has one schtick that most likely is drug fueled. It could be funny as a stand up material if he excised his fantasies of murder. But he has already crossed the line by cherishing the future annihilation of the enemies on the Kremlin’s and Beijing’s lists. Note that he may show true colors of Russia and China intent what no Russian or Chinese official or mainstream journalist would dare to say openly except for some random trolls (*) on the internet. I attribute his drug use for him being so imprudent. Lord Haw-Haw who got fatally entangled with Nazis by combination of weak character and poor choices comes to mind.

    But there can be a second bottom to Pepe. Anti-American English language propaganda that is supposed to put fear and resignation in American people like that by Saker, Martyanov and Pepe is exactly what DoD and MIC may want in order to gain support from Americans for more military spendings and support who in their overwhelming majority do not have suicidal and defeatist inclinations like so many commenters on the Unz Review.

    Also it is worth noting that even the pro Chinese propaganda originates at Kremlin, as China just does not have the know how for such propaganda. Chinese at this point of history are too hysterical and unhinged as they have been victimized by revanchist propaganda planned and dished out by the CCP for many years to subdue the internal dissent. They are incapable of being subtle and really subversive. CCP outsourced its un-hegemonist and non-triumphalist propaganda to Kremlin which was a smart move. Because otherwise if Americans heard what Chinese really feel, think, want and fantasize about they would empty their savings and donate it to the DoD for building more nukes in 24 h.

    (*) Just look at some China trolls here at the Unz Review like d-dan, Mulga-something… Their skin is thinner that that of Ukrainian and Russians trolls when it comes to Donbas and Crimea. Ron Unz was not able to recruit a single reasonable Chinese troll (**) for so many years of his pro-China webzine existence. He was promoting Godfrey who is coolheaded because he is infantile and not Chinese but he turned out to be an idiot. This tells you something.

    (**) If you thought of Daniel Chieh as a counter example he is not a troll and he is here not because of China, though he is pro China but in a sensible though disarming in its intent way. He is usually not present in discussion under Pepe or Anglin articles.

    • Agree: Robert Bruce
    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  124. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Davis Malpass thinks, before every decision, ‘Is it good for the Jews’. Debt relief for goy untermenschen is NOT good.

    Actually debt relief is good, even for the Chosen. But they’re too stupid to see that.

    By refusing to restructure loans, Jewish parasites are killing their hosts, and driving them ever-faster toward China.

    The Jewish ethos seeks to enslave nations via debt, and suck those nations dry, and cast the dead husks aside. This causes countless people in the destroyed nations to become migrants, and economic refugees.

    China has the opposite approach. China lends in order to develop nations, so that nations become strong trading partners, and good customers for Chinese products.

    In other words, the Judified West uses debt as a weapon in order to steal, enslave, and destroy.

    By contrast, China uses credit as a tool, in order to build up nations so that they and China make each other rich.

    For the Judified West, a lot of childish ego is involved. When the West lends money, it requires debtor nations to worship Israel, build memorials to the holo-hoax, make war on its white population, and elevate trannies and homos to supremacy. Also, debtor nations must impose austerity on their people, in order to widen the gap between the rich and the rest.

    That’s the Jewish parasite model. It is unsustainable, and it is now approaching collapse.

    ZOG is doomed. China is the future.

    • Agree: Arthur MacBride
    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  125. Mefobills says:

    That is nonsense since US industry was built by pilfering technology and intellectual property from Europe. Where was the “honesty” in that???

    U.S. did benefit from European immigration, where the immigrants had knowledge in their heads that was immediately available to be deployed.

    A scientific and industrial establishment was built up in the U.S., especially with grants to the College system.

    Research Colleges came into being, as well as agricultural colleges.

    If you go through the patent literature, you will find that most of the intellectual leaps made by Americans, were not done by stealing, but instead were mostly home-grown.

    Immigration policy, if it was sane, would only immigrate those people who had knowledge in their heads that was useful, and not millions of people with low IQ, who will become surplus labor.

    Your example of Tesla vs Edison is a logical fallacy. Exceptions don’t make the rule. There are always exceptions.

    A much better case can be made that China steals technology in concert with Wall Street giving it away to then screw the future. Wall Street is various scum bags selling off America’s patrimony, and the scum bags can be Jewish, Brown People, or White People (or the odd Asian).

    Did you not understand Muelgino’s reply to my comment, which is at odds with yours?

    • Replies: @gatobart
  126. Mefobills says:

    And as far as the handshake nonsense – look at the issues between Edison – Westinghouse – Tesla…

    Even though Edison was a showman and something of a con-man, he understood that the speculative finance capitalists had him by the balls.

    The U.S. was not pure industrial capitalism in 1921, and had some speculative finance capital.

    “But here is the point: If our nation can issue a dollar bond, it can issue a dollar bill. The element that makes the bond good makes the bill good. The difference between the bond and the bill is that the bond lets the money brokers collect twice the amount of the bond and an additional 20 per cent, whereas the currency pays nobody but those who directly contribute to Muscle Shoals in some useful way.

    ” … if the Government issues currency, it provides itself with enough money to increase the national wealth at Muscles Shoals without disturbing the business of the rest of the country. And in doing this it increases its income without adding a penny to its debt.

    “It is absurd to say that our country can issue \$30,000,000 in bonds and not \$30,000,000 in currency. Both are promises to pay; but one promise fattens the usurer, and the other helps the people

    By 1912, the U.S. had passed from Industrial Capitalism, to more of the British (Jewish) Finance Capitalist system, where a stock owned bank like the FED, puts the country into debts. Muscle shoals was in 1921.

    And you can guess ((who)) rigged the election in 1912.

    With regards to high trust civilization, I already mentioned De toqueville, who wrote on that period as a social scientist.

  127. A dream that returns mankind back to Berlin’s old Checkpoint Charlie, or the Orwellian “Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia” Axis of powers cannot re-emerge in any form.

    For the last two centuries, bankers determined the who, when and where of war, be they large or small. Enter, a few new demons to complicate matters; AI, the augmentation of human creativity (R&D) by coupling it with advancements in the speed of computer calculations, for instance, “deep blue” and quantum computing. In effect, machines have overtaken corporate boardroom decision-making, their members trusting more in statistical models and “likelihoods” as opposed to ethics, morality or justice. Just as the corporate entity overtook government politic with it’s grudgingly slow and complex bureaucracies, the real actors on the stage now scarcely have names we can refer to let alone following the plot or lines. Who draws the new borders? who declares the new wars? Well three star generals, on both sides, may indeed have removed that “football” devise from the offices of presidents such as Putin and Biden. However after they give the order to attack, the entire logistical analysis becomes artificial not human.

    If we take a moment to zoom out of the present melee (s) of one sort or another, one fact remains superimposed above all others, again, by an ever increasing rate of change itself. Be it progress measured as military, political or scientific have become logarithmic instead of the more familiar linear (historical) events-thus no longer in the hands of man to formulate or restrain. Chaos now rules, if it can be done, it will be done. For example; the speed of our new rocket weaponry, adding software that only AI devises know about and their creators, programmers do not. Permutations in a new generation of computers that can hack into cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology?

    All I’m suggesting is, it’s not a resource or land grab anymore, it may not even be a conspiracy to control resources and or people. Hovering above today’s technocracy advocates are the true “unknown, unknowns” a quote issued from that crafty devil, Donald Rumsfeld. How can any person or institution add positive creativity or provable prediction to something beyond natural phenomena or natural progression? like GMOs or other similar manipulations of the genetic code. Officialdom took steps to ensure that a pre-GMO storehouse of “natural seeds” exists in an Antarctic bunker but how can this precaution be extended to man?

    What independent decisions will be made by AI enhanced atomic weaponry during crisis escalation? the sort of decision(s) not witnessed or preformed during mock attacks or similar drills?

    The speculators and the whole banking clique cannot hope to profit from or gain more control over any future event under these new and unfolding realities.

  128. Chris Moore says: • Website

    Finance capital, especially the FIRE sector, broke the neighborhoods by importing negroes, such that money can be made on the sale of property, and more money can be made by hypothecating new loans for white flight.

    ((They’re)) still up to their old tricks as witnessed by ((Jewish)) instigated and financed BLM terror and mayhem.

    • Agree: Mefobills
  129. @Anon62

    I tell you who the last Imperial satrap, clinging to Uncle Satan’s blood-soaked smock will be-Austfailia.

  130. @Robert Bruce

    Agree with you 100% about Pee-Pee. It was obvious from day one that BRICS would end up being the R-C network and not much more. I used to post exactly that when Pee-Pee was hooting and tooting that “BRICS will change the world” seven or so years ago. Wishful thinking at its worst, but it’s hard to blame people for wanting something like BRICS to endure and be successful. Similar to Putin worship. Everybody wants a ‘savior’ of some sort. Human nature, I guess. But there are no easy solutions and no saviors, as everyone, in some way or another, has feet of clay. Again, human nature.

    My comment was simply to remind people that if they don’t like what a specific commenter produces on a consistent basis, don’t waste time and energy on them. Life is too short. But don’t whine about it while engaging the troll, just ignore and move on. Works for me. YMMV.

    But your post? Spot-on, RB.

    (And keep an eye on Lula. He’s not what he seems. There’s a reason he was let out of jail by the PTB in Brazil just in time to take on Bolsonaro, and it just might have to do with Lula being very, very Jab-happy, where Bolsonaro is vehemently opposed to same, which is one of the few qualities I admire in the man. But to my mind, that’s a very important quality, indeed.)

    • Replies: @Robert Bruce
  131. @A little boy in the crowd

    I heard a radio program once, American I recollect, where they noted that ultra-orthodox and orthodox Jews were massively over-represented among American slum-lords. Their relations with their tenants, mostly minorities of course, were complicated in many cases by the slum-lords’ refusal to shake hands with their tenants. I wonder if that is racial or religious contempt-or both.

  132. @utu

    Utu- keep digging troll. Every time you tap out your arrogant, BigPharma or racist Sinophobe and Russophobe tripe, we get a better idea of just how loathsome an invertebrate you are. As for Escobar’s observations being designed to ‘…put fear and resignation in American people..’, I must say that is the stupidest thing I’ve seen for some time.
    What puts fear and resignation in Americans is their Evil, sadistic, amoral social and political system. That is the work of the ruling US elites, NO-ONE else. But you Yanks are such whining losers I expected no other ‘argument’ from the likes of you. As for accusing China of being ‘..hysterical and unhinged..’, that is simply the purest pathopsychological projection imaginable. Look in the mirror if you want to see the architect of the USA’s collapse.

    • Agree: GomezAdddams
  133. @utu

    Think the Saker is the same?

    • Replies: @utu
  134. Mefobills says:

    i’ll give you another one that comes from physics, the law of the conservation of energy, wherein energy can only be transferred or transformed but neither created or destroyed.

    This is worth keeping conceptually in mind when it comes to geopolitics between the sovereign states.

    The Sad Story is that all of that energy transferred to the US and its allies after the collapse of the Soviet Union and its Warsaw Pact has been pissed away (and more).

    I’m sure you fancy yourself as intelligent, but what you say above is a load of BS that has nothing to do with economics and hence geopolitics.

    Humans use their labor to fashion the earth into goods and services.

    Earth+Labor = Goods and services.

    add in energy and the labor component is reduced.

    Earth + Labor + Energy = Goods and services in more abundance.

    add in the invention of money

    Earth + Labor + Energy = Goods and services at a price.

    There is enough flux energy from the Sun alone to fuel much of man’s industry. There is enough deuterium in the oceans to power man on earth, until the sun goes nova.

    By then mankind will be amongst the stars, where there is almost limitless energy and mass, to then convert to goods and services.

    What was passed to China and other economies was PATRIMONY, the hard won knowledge earned in the trenches of industry, and American birthright. It was not energy that was transferred, that is a load of hooey, and beneath a man of intelligence to say so. If you wink and squint, you can say it was the intellectual energy of the past that was squandered to then take arbitrage today (arbitrage for wall street), to then screw the future.

    • Replies: @Kermit
  135. @anon

    You used to get some useful information from Pepe back in the day. I keep reading him just because he does give the other side of the hill view, but the past decade he has been so overboard with the pro BRI stuff that it really makes one wonder about his overall analysis. Thus it gives a lot of readers the distinct impression that he is just a purveyor of propaganda. The reason people like me went to him was to escape the pro Empire propaganda of the US government and get some info on the BRI, etc. He is becoming just as bad with the propaganda as the Imperial presstitutes.

    • Replies: @KA
  136. Smith says:

    Empire comes and goes. I don’t think much people will miss the USA considering its malign influence.

    Just hope China doesn’t prop it up again like in 2008 for money-making purpose.

  137. @Mustapha Mond

    Gotcha!!!! Thanks for the response and the little tidbit about Lula and the reason for the possible comeback!!!

  138. @Priss Factor

    Just because The Nose has every ad feature a White Woman with a black male doesn’t mean that is reality. Believe me, Priss, none of us White Men is at all concerned a black male is going to scoop our girlfriend, it is laughable. I have never heard a White girl say she was attracted to blacks, but I have heard many say they are not at all attracted to blacks. Of course black male/White Female couples are highly noticable on the street, like any rare occurrence, and black males put an ENORMOUS amount of energy fruitlessly pursuing White girls, so they are bound to score here and there, temporarily, and of course they will make a point of parading in public. It is the White Man that is King of Pussy Hill: White girls, Asian girls, black girls all want White Men, and we White Men get that message daily. The black male is a loser, he acts like a girl and is physically, emotionally, and intellectually repulsive and no amount of play acting and media enhancement can change that. It is YOU, Priss, that is totally obsessed with “black dongs”, for years here your every post slobbers over “black dongs”, you are utterly ridiculous.

    • Replies: @nsa
    , @Showmethereal
  139. utu says:
    @Robert Bruce

    I do not think that Kremlin necessarily breeds trolls and propagandists starting at kindergarten. It rather harvests them from the grass root talents that showed promise and right inclination and most importantly who are true believers as they come across genuine. I am willing to take Saker on his own words that he came from White Russian emigres family and somehow after the USSR has fallen identified Putin Russia with Russia of his great grand parents that he was taught to idealize and admire. His idealism was perfect because it guaranteed his blindness. At some point he was adopted to Kremlin ecosystem of trolls and propagandists and very likely he is remunerated for it. But it is also possible that his White Russian emigre roots is a legend created by his handlers to make him more palatable to those who otherwise have difficulty swallowing Putin’s KGB past and links to Mafia-KGB-GRU foundations of the post communist Russia elite and deep state. So it might be that his persona of idealistic Russian patriot and Russian Orthodox believer is fake and he is just another cynical and opportunistic operator like Israel Shamir though unlike Shamir he does not come across as savvy, rather like a boy who still likes to play with his lead toy soldiers.

  140. gatobart says:

    So let’s hear what YOU have to say about China and their way of life, their political system. Maybe YOU have a greater legitimacy to speak about them than their own government.

  141. Rooster11 says:

    I don’t see secession in our future. This is going to be an all or nothing game. The left now controls almost every major institution, and they’re gearing up the military for a full out war on its own people. The uniparty that controls everything behind the scenes, would rather the country lie in smoldering nuclear ruins than cede 1 square mile of land to a White ethno-state.

    Think of the great lies and omissions they’ve made in regards to Covid, Trump, Jan 6, BLM riots, and these are in “peace times”. If secession actually does become a real possibility, they will completely remove the gloves and have a hot war, with other “ally nations” likely joining in the fight to try and gain favor with the regime. It’d be like a reverse-revolutionary war, with many super powers ganging up on redneck rebels. Even with those odds I’d still take them, because there’s no future where we’re headed now.

    • Agree: BluEidDvl
    • Replies: @BluEidDvl
  142. nsa says:

    Bomber has a point. Given a choice between large check book / small dick and large dick / small check book, 99% of women with working ovaries go with the money. Most presentable women are very into sex toys i.e. 4000 sq ft houses, shiny new Audi SUVs, euro vacations, new furniture and drapes, modern appliances, vacation homes, clothes, shoes, status, physical safety, and mainly finding some moron to support them while they make babies.

    • Replies: @Showmethereal
  143. gatobart says:
    @Robert Bruce

    “Both writers totally ignore US moves- counter moves in Central Asia and the Caucasus.

    You mean their shameful, middle-of-the-night, tail-between-the legs retreat from Afghanistan and their planned one from Iraq…? Anyway, most if not all of your post is mindless babble and blather. Let’s see for example, where is BRICS now…?

    “The BRICS have a combined area of 39,746,220 km2 (15,346,101.0 sq mi) and an estimated total population of about 3.21 billion,[3] or about 26.656% of the world land surface and 41.53% of the world population….as of 2018, these five states had a combined nominal GDP of US\$19.6 trillion, about 23.2% of the gross world product, a combined GDP (PPP) of around US\$40.55 trillion (32% of the world’s GDP PPP), and an estimated US\$4.46 trillion in combined foreign reserves”

    There, there is where BRICS are now. And no matter what problems they may find in their way they will be still there and those statistics also, with little change.

    “Russia is being surrounded by NATO, thanks to Turkey, who Putin calls a strategic partner”

    Still more empty blather. Russia has for neighbors, countries that can be considered important strategic allies or partners like Belarus, China and North Korea, along with some others that can be brought to better relations with Moscow with the right sweet deal, such as Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Mongolia. Also as neighbors, one that is falling apart and which will probably break apart in the near future, Ukraine; one who got a bad nosebleed after trying to provoke Russia into a major war, Georgia; one that has been for centuries in the business of provoking major European powers and getting every single time its pretentious ass badly beaten with a loss of much of its population, Poland; one that is all braggadocio but incapable of anything more than issuing empty diplomatic protests and running around the North Sea hunting ghost Russian subs, Sweden. And of course three useless Baltics Republics whose only importance in modern times has been to provide for a worthless land shield for the Soviet Union until June of 1941.
    Uh, no, I don’t think Moscow has to be worried seeing Russia being “surrounded” by these warrior nations.

    “The guy thinks there is a real war going on, when in fact globalization is about to occur.”

    This may be news for you, but, Globalization is precisely what has made the China of 2021.

    Do I need to go on…? Uh…no.

    • Replies: @Robert Bruce
  144. gatobart says:

    “If you go through the patent literature, you will find that most of the intellectual leaps made by Americans, were not done by stealing, but instead were mostly home-grown”

    Your example of Tesla vs Edison is a logical fallacy. Exceptions don’t make the rule. There are always exceptions.”

    Wow, wow, wow, so I guess, we should consider also the tens of thousands of patents “taken” from defeated Nazi Germany after ww2 as “exceptions”, don’t we…?

    How America Stole All of Nazi Germany’s Technology After the War
    WWII And The Theft Of German Intellectual Property
    The Greatest Intellectual Property Theft in History: Operation Paperclip – The plunder of Germany’s scientific and industrial knowledge after World War Two.

    • Replies: @GomezAdddams
    , @Mefobills
  145. @V. K. Ovelund

    True, 400 yr is a long time, but they scattered all over the place. Anglos in the East moved to the midwet and the West. Also, Anglos invited tons of Eastern and Southern Europeans to settle much of the East. Look at New Jersey. Tons of guineas there.

    Also, in becoming ‘American’, the various ethnic groups lost their sense of roots. Scandinavians are Americans first, Scandies second. They take cues from Ivy Leagues and big media. So, Minnesota, once a wonderful place, became a hot spot of jungle fever and Somali invasion. (But then, Sweden is no different. Maybe the Northern Europeans, late-comers to civilization, have a weak sense of identity.)

    In the Soviet Union, the Lithuanians had a strong sense of their motherland. Their beloved Lithuania. But is there any part of America where a particular group feels, “this is ours”? One might think people of Vermont think that way, but they are among the most cucked. Perhaps, certain Southern whites feel a strong sense of roots and heritage. But they must live with lots of blacks who kick their ass in sports and take their women. Today, white southerners don’t even have the guts to oppose the removal of Robert E. Lee statues.

    • Replies: @utu
  146. @gatobart

    “You raise a very good point and line of argument–Germans are hard working and intelligent and large reason why USA became what was once a smart nation driven by smart people —Germans made USA industry the pride of what was the Real America—another big brain drain was from Canada and gaining 8,000 top talents for flight and underwater–Avro Aero -February 1959 –thanks to John Diefenbooboo” and Hans Veet knows his history.

    • Agree: gatobart
  147. Anonymous[160] • Disclaimer says:

    CHINESE world hegemony ..And thi is what the USA must prevent NOW if is really not too late..Given the infantile amateurish blunders of the State Dept Neocons past/PRESENT and a senile president it seems impossible to avoid the chinese juggernaut… Less than two decades since the inplosionn of the USSR, ..and about 30yrs since the OPENNING to seems that PAX Americana is dead..self inflicted Woke globalist views that are weakening the USA (economically, politically, culturally)and other Western Democracies. Lets be honest the Cjinese ‘miracle” owes much of its success to USA/CORPORATE capital investmentss, knowhow, and state of the art Tech. It would had been wiser for the Chinese NOT to challenge USA hegemony inn the world and trigger new “cold” war with potential devastating effects upon global peace stability. The USA is much prepared to sustain global hegemony. The USA still has vas resources, corporate capitals, scientific edge and also an open multicultural society that MUST remain ONE nation/lism..under the express national policies of ASSIMILATION CIVIC FIBER..under Constitutional ORDER…America must give up this absurd notion of CRT which is a headless notion of multideversity/multiculturalism/equality that will inplode the country. China is NOT an open/democratic not multiculturally/racially/pansexually diverse ..IT has never been so..In fact China is inmune to any criticism about civil/political liberties, ethnic/religious minorities, status of women, lgbt issues, child/slave/labor/climate/ policies..internally and externally..(chinese explotation of children/women in Africa??…CHINA is not prepared to rule the world and IT must not Shall not do.China can make/sell the cheapest gadges BUT.The USA must remainn the indispensable nation..WE earned that right with much blood and money…COOPERATION ACCOMODATION but surrender NEVER…

    • Disagree: antibeast
    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  148. Mefobills says:

    Wow, wow, wow, so I guess, we should consider also the tens of thousands of patents “taken” from defeated Nazi Germany after ww2 as “exceptions”, don’t we…?

    If y0u bothered to read my comment history, you would find out that I am a NAZI.

    America was usurped by 1912, with a rigged election funded by guess (((who)))?

    America became finance capitalist due to the parasite inserting his methods, especially the progressive era reforms under Wilson. If you go back and actually read what I said, I give time ranges, and eras.

    The American system of economy was invented in the Colonial period, it was usurped shortly after the country came into being, then was resurrected after Lincoln, then was usurped again by 1912. I give the link to Hudson’s book on this forgotten history in a thread with Boris May, who may be your equal in having been programmed with false knowledge.

    The system was transferred to Germany by Frederick List, and was implemented by the Kaiser, and then later Hitler resurrected it, to then rebuild Germany after the hyperinflation.

    The system is now run by China, who uses state credit channeled into industry. This system always has good outputs, because it stimulates the industrial and scientific sectors, so the leaps forward are for the most part home – grown.

    A fish rots at the head. If the head of your hierarchy goes insane, so does the rest of the body.

    Even though the U.S. effectively ceased to exist after 1912, the experiment of creating a New American Man of European peoples, was completed by 1965, and the country was homogenous European (mostly) with its own history and legends.

    There are millions of patents, so your operation paper clip example is still false logic. The industrial and technical establishment of Nazi Germany, which was successful, was invented in the Colonies, especially Massachusetts Bay, and transmitted to Germany.

    National Socialism and Fascism are the final evolution of the American System of Economy (Industrial Capitalism).

  149. @tito

    Check out the response to Covid –Chinese voluteered and accepted Lock Down and are now benefiting while all the supposed democracies ( the USA wherein White Hates Black and Black hates White) and everyone more important than his neighbour and confusing science with science fiction and defending the Completely Useless leadership in DC —-Republican Millionaires and Democratic Multi Millionaires could Care less about main steeet –650,000 dead ( these are Useless eaters) and now another Variant so listen to Tucker Carlson and feel good —-watch the Olympics and See USA far in front —along with India—–the world’s largest democracy but whose peasant farmers ( 88% of population) have little and what they have —the 1% upper elite want their own exclusive use—-to earn big money……

    • Agree: Showmethereal
  150. @gatobart

    Just regurgitating Pepe. You never mentioned the great big wildcard Turkey once. BRICS is in not a very good state now are they? Brazil is with the Empire, as is India. South Africa is a total mess. China is the engine that is supposedly going to pull the load, but again Turkey is a wild card in Central Asia and Caucasus. My whole point is that Pepe thinks that the US has no ability to counter Russia, etc. Also, who is to say that China is going to be any better than the West in being the new leader of globalization.

  151. Rahan says:
    @Johnny Rico

    I’ll wait until they throw in Pfeizer for triple strength and triple safety, and then get them to vaccinate my noisy neighbors.

  152. utu says:
    @Priss Factor

    “the Lithuanians had a strong sense of their motherland” – This is true but their national and ethnic identity was constructed in 19th century so in many ways they are much young country and nation than Americans. During the glory of Grand Duchy of Lithuania Lithuanian language was not a written language until the 16th century. Its official language was Ruthenian and laws were also written in Polish, Latin and German. For linguistic and ethnic reasons Lukashenko is adopting history and mythology of Grand Duchy of Lithuania as that of Belarus.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  153. gatobart says:
    @Robert Bruce

    Still more nonsense.

    “Brazil is with the empire”. Yeah, and why you think so, because Bolsanaro goes to Washington and shakes hands with Biden and tells him how great friend he is of the U.S….? The same Bolsanaro who was incapable of getting Brazil involved in the Coalition of the Willing the Big Orange was preparing to wage a war of aggression against Venezuela because no other people that his own military told him in not uncertain terms that he better forget about it, that they were in no mood for foreign adventures…is that the Brazil which is so “on Amerrica’s side…”? The same Brazil who is signing trade and currency exchange deals with Amerrica’s “worst enemy”, Communist China…?

    Pandemic Makes Brazil Even More Reliant on China
    Brazil’s Petrobras Signs \$10 Billion China Loan Pact
    Brazil Is Back To Being A China Story
    China Imports 91% More Brazilian Soy; Basically Ignores U.S.

    India is playing the field, they can be nice to Russia and the U.S. at the same time. They don’t need for the moment to be good with China, but China got time on its side, contrary to the empire, which sun is fast setting. Nobody is in a hurry in that neck of the woods. Both India and China know that it is in their own interest to be nice to each other but nobdoy is forcing them to come together right now. The empire is the one running out of time, as with Taiwan also.

    As for Turkey, everyone knows that Ottoman Sultan Erdogan is an opportunistic POS and they act accordingly, never forcing him to pick a side because they know he could jump to the other side and get a sweet deal with them. Still, Putin has a crucial advantage and he knows it, so he isn’t in a hurry either. He didn’t try to kill or topple Erdogan and when the crunch comes he is sure Erdogan will remember.

    And yes, PE is right when writing that Amerrica has no ability to counteract Russia in the region, not after what happened a month or so ago, just like it had no way to counteract either any advance by Communists in South East Asia after its devastating Vietnam retreat of 1975; the same Amerrica BTW who made her escape from Afghanistan in the middle of the night without even leaving a note, as if the whole adventure had been nothing by a one-night stand…who can trust such a cowardly foreign power as an ally or protector…?

    Ten again, just more of the same BS from you.

  154. @Robert Bruce

    ‘Who is to say that China would be a better leader…’? The facts. History. China engages in mutually beneficial, ‘win-win’ interactions with other countries. The USA brings demands, aggression, subversion, sabotage, invasion and destruction. Good versus Evil.

  155. @Mefobills

    It’s worse. The USA and Western ‘heads’ have been invaded by a parasitic fluke that controls their actions to its benefit.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  156. BluEidDvl says:

    Agreed. Secession for ANY state/region has no chance of success as long as America remains intact economically. As long as the presses keep printing the funny money, the feds could crush any rebellion. Only a complete collapse of the dollar, thus preventing the federal government from acting on secessionist dreams makes secession possible. Some say a second civil war is inevitable?. While there are indeed many millions of angry Whites armed to the teeth, they’d have no chance against modern weaponry that the feds have at their disposal. Until then, it’s only a dream.

    It’s ironic beyond measure that for White Americans to survive, America (at least THIS “America”) has to die..

  157. @Anonymous

    The US ‘earned’ the ‘right’ to be ‘indispensable’ through blood, alright. That of sixty million or so victims of its ceaseless, infernal aggression. As for US blood, you lost a few hundred thousand in WW2, while Russia and China both lost 20-30 million, so they ought to rule the world.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  158. xcd says:

    All the jabs contain or generate the infernal spike protein.

  159. xcd says:

    Their policy is rationally developed, based on history. Make-up, not so much.

  160. Levtraro says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    In the US, in TOTAL contrast, the serfs have NO input to governance.

    You might be eulogising China and the CPC but you are right about the USA. It has been proven with hard data and good statistical modelling that nearly all laws in the USA are passed for the benefit of powerful pressure groups representing the economic elite:

  161. Levtraro says:

    40-40 or 50-50 split only counts adult people that want to vote. In fact all those junkies, hobos, drug dealers and their minions, and a vast amount of other types of losers, as well as illegal migrants, would vote D if they could be moved to vote or voting was made very easy so they don’t have to make any effort. I think the real split is something close to 30-70 so D’s game is to make voting easier while R’s need to make voting more difficult. In modern democracies in most of the West, elections are decided by how much motivated leftists are, while they are in fact always the majority, and there is no way around it.

  162. Mefobills says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    It’s worse. The USA and Western ‘heads’ have been invaded by a parasitic fluke that controls their actions to its benefit.

    Exactly. The parasite has always been attacking, and the fighting back wasn’t always successful.

    In Mass. Bay colony they were sitting around with skilled labor, basically ready to starve to death due to lack of money.

    They created bills of credit and then channeled them toward creating an iron-works, the first industry.

    Merchants were told to use the bills of credit as money (not gold or silver). The colony leaders then watched the action of bills of credit as the flowed through the economy, and then the wrote about it.

    These first writings by Winthrop and Cotton Mather ultimately became the basis for an new type of economy, called industrial capitalism.

    The parasite does its best to erase this history, or pass hypnosis that mankind must borrow its “credit” from some sort of “international” creditor.

    China creates its credit within its State Banking System, which in turn is completely under Sovereign Control.

    Even during colonial period, there were the usual greedy usurers, who were insisting that the Colonials borrow their gold or silver at a high interest rate, that way they could suck the life energy out of other people.

    Allowing the worst sort of people to control the sensitive parts of your civilization is destroying the West. From what I can see, the communist party of China is not filled with psychopaths and demoralized types.

    How you train, select, and staff your civilizational hierarchy is the main factor, and “democracies” are staffed with psychos and hidden string pullers who have no accountability. The opposite, they are rewarded for their negative actions against civilization.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  163. @HeebHunter

    There is a typo in my comment: instead of is, it was supposed to be isn’t. Now you can retort to your heart’s content.

  164. Kermit says:

    What was passed to China and other economies was PATRIMONY, the hard won knowledge earned in the trenches of industry, and American birthright. It was not energy that was transferred, that is a load of hooey, and beneath a man of intelligence to say so.

    It is clear that MLK has actual market analysis experience – and you don’t. Or, if you do, you have not gone deep enough to know that, while partially correct, you are missing the essential part of the analysis. I was fortunate when I went to school – a very long time ago now – I skipped any economics classes. If you are trading today, you do not trade the fundamentals. You trade the changing perception of the fundamentals.

    If you wink and squint, you can say it was the intellectual energy of the past that was squandered to then take arbitrage today (arbitrage for wall street), to then screw the future.

    You are correct, but only partially correct. What you say is missing the why of how this happened -and why this is inevitable.

    Read Ecclesiastes 3. This is not anything new. They knew this way back then. It is the way the algorithm is coded. Not only change being the constant, but forced change.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  165. Rdm says:
    @Priss Factor

    Am I correct to assume that you’re also in Derby camp?

    He cheerleads for White Nationalism, attend WN gathering, shoulders to shoulders with Jared but married with a Chinese woman.
    You’re also a regular here, always cheerlead for WN, but obsessed with Black Dongs.

    Are you married to one too or regaling the vicissitude of the one night romp that you enjoyed in the past?

  166. Chris Moore says: • Website

    How you train, select, and staff your civilizational hierarchy is the main factor, and “democracies” are staffed with psychos and hidden string pullers who have no accountability. The opposite, they are rewarded for their negative actions against civilization.

    The Nest of Vipers were put in charge (or put themselves in charge) during the Jewish Century. The ((Jewish)) instigated Marxist revolutions and world wars were the shock to the system that stunned the West into compliance.

    This is why ((Jew)) collaborators are complete and total traitors and treason doers. The nationalists may think they’re saving their nation, but if you pull back and take the bigger view, if there’s a ((Jew)) pulling their strings, at the crucial moment they will betray as well.

    The ((Jew)) is international; the battle AGAINST the ((Jew)) needs to be international, but FOR national sovereignty.

    That’s a tall order to pull off. But that’s exactly what the ((Jews)) and Israel pulled off when they won control of the West.

    Is it going to take a series of wars and revolutions to dislodge them? Or can it be done simply by relentlessly pointing out their malign influence and the snake-like character of those under their sway?

  167. gatobart says:

    Wait a minute, maybe it’s just me that I’m a bit slow and I have sometimes a difficult time getting the complex ideas and the fancy words experts like you use to bring out (that’s my best Lt. Columbo impersonation, BTW) but.., but… are you telling me that Amerrica didn’t really steal those tens of thousands of patents from Germany, all what German scientific and technological genius had achieved practically since the beginning of the XX Century because…because Germany was using some model for industrial development a German guy, Frederick List, had brought from the U.S. almost a century before…? Wow, if that is the case, then Great Britain should reclaim also the right to appropriate EVERY human invention since the start of the industrial era because they invented industrialization…! So they should appropriate also everything that had been invented in the U.S. since the 1850s…! And perhaps the Hindus should also jump into this Me Too bandwagon, and with more right than anyone else, as their own mathematician Brahmagupta invented the zero, without which contribution, Maths, Sciences and technology would still be stuck in the Middle Ages…! See how stupid and arrogant your argument looks in light of all that…? But I get you, where you come from. I don’t know if you are a Nazi as you say, but you are certainly an Amerrican, because of the typical habit of you people of stealing inventions and others things from others (raw materials and many other natural riches amongt them) and then trying to make the world swallow the turd that they rightfully belong to you, that’s as Amerrica as mom and apple pie.

    But I don’t even need to rebuke your “argument” because it destroys itself:

    “Even though the U.S. effectively ceased to exist after 1912, the experiment of creating a New American Man of European peoples, was completed by 1965”

    You are saying it yourself…! The Amerrica from which List took the idea for that marvellous form of industrial development that allowed Germany to become such an industrial innovating power doesn’t exist anymore, it has been dead for more than a century already and its place has been taken by the same criminals who killed it and took his place using Congress and the FED as a weapons and as tools…! And that usurper U.S, is the one who stole tens of thousands of patents from the Germans (and not patents for a new shoe polish, a new toaster or an improved mousetrap, but precisely the ones that constitute the foundation of practically all our modern technology so you know what you can do with your “millions of patents”, you hypocrite).

    There is a Spanish saying that perfectly applies to China of today: quien roba a un ladron tiene un siglo de perdon: That who steals from a thief got 100 years of forgiveness. So, I’d say that China got still until 2120 of forgiveness for stealing from the Amerrican thieves of technology.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  168. @utu

    This is true but their national and ethnic identity was constructed in 19th century so in many ways they are much young country and nation than Americans.

    In the technical or legal sense of nationality, that would be right. Also, keep in mind Poland was wiped off the map by Russia and Prussia for a long spell. And given that Germany united into a modern nation beginning in the mid 19th century, one could argue US is even older than Germany.

    But in a deeper sense, the various ethno-national groups in Europe have deep histories, often on the land the majority of them live. In that richer sense, their nationalism is deeper and richer.

    Also, the fact that the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth didn’t hold together is proof that Lithuanians were not More Poles, Germans, or etc. It’s like Finland used to be part of the Russian Empire but broke away because the Finns really are a different people.

    • Replies: @utu
  169. Aedib says:

    I think Pepe is over-euphoric. While the world is going to what Pepe describes, it has no yet totally departed from the post-Cold war order. This order is moribund but is not dead yet.

    • Replies: @gatobart
  170. utu says:
    @Priss Factor

    But in a deeper sense, the various ethno-national groups in Europe have deep histories, often on the land the majority of them live. In that richer sense, their nationalism is deeper and richer.

    Yes and no. When uneducated Irish came to American they became Irish in America. Irish from one county did not want to have anything to do with Irish form another county in Ireland still in 19th century. Only in the US the realization was forced on them that they were one people. Probably the same can be said about Poles and immigrants from other backward countries.

    Identity both ethnic and national is constructed and is being modified all the time. Gentry and aristocracy had identity for much longer than common folks but again their identity was more related to their genealogy which among aristocracy crossed through many ethnicities and countries so it was not really ethnic.

    Czech aristocracy ceased to exist as it became totally German. So when the project of Czech nation construction in late 18th century was undertaken it was based on very small educated class and peasants who still spoke simple Czech language while the educated classes spoke German. Czech language was constructed. The construction was as successful and as astounding as the construction of Hebrew as a spoken language. You have no idea how many words had to borrowed and invented in late 19th century to make Czech language functional in a modern society.

    The nationalism based on ethnicities was really a project of Freemasons who from before the French Revolution and after were set on destroying monarchies and Catholic Church in Europe. Breaking up monarchies lika that of Austro-Hungary and Russia and Spain was supposed to happen across the ethnic lines that’s why the nationalisms were promoted which in many places it became a curse. Italy was not unified because they cared about Italians but because it undermined Austrian. Polish armed uprisings in 19th century against Russia and Prussia were supported because they undermined Russia and Prussia.

    America was the first state built on Freemasonic ideas and principles. America has more continuity as legal and historical entity than most European states. There is no other country in the world that would have continuous form of government for over 200 years except for Great Britain.

    When you go to a small town in Ohio or Iowa that is 150 years old it has continuous record available on everything and many people there are aware of their history much more than many Europeans who because of wars and destruction and many changes of regimes had their records lost and destroyed.

    I am just trying to give you another perspective. The differences between Americans and Europeans do exist but the line is drawn differently than you may think.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  171. gatobart says:

    It is not Escobar. It is you and the many more like you who fail to grasp the true and deep meaning of the tail-between-the-legs, middle-of-the-nigh withdraw, or rather hurried escape, of U.S. military forces from Afghanistan. One that may be followed soon enough by another one from Iraq. Already at this point in time the Amerrican disaster in Afghanistan is comparable to that of Vietnam in 1975 (the shadows of the Afghan night aptly replacing the choppers on the roof of the U.S. Embassy as the iconic image of the event). Now, maybe you and the others are still too young to understand the far reaching consequences of the event, or perhaps you have simply been too much influenced by the Western media’s shrug-of-the-shoulders treatment of the news, but for anyone with his feet firmly planted on the ground, even more if that is someone with his sensors and correspondents displayed all over the place as the case is of PE, this event even dwarfs that 1975 retreat from Vietnam (which was shortly followed by the collapse of pro-US regimes in Laos and Cambodia we may add) and its consequences will be evident for all to see in a short time.

    The first and greatest difference with 1975 is that at the time Amerrica was still and by far the best greatest economic, financial, industrial and military power in the world. The undisputed world hyper power. So everyone, all its friends and allies (let’s call them so) could fast turn the page and say, well, anyone can make mistakes. Just forget about it all and let’s get back to our business as usual. By 2021 the picture has completely changed. Not only the U.S. is a lot poorer, many even say in state of bankruptcy; not only the country has become the world’s greatest debtor, the most indebted nation, one that can still be functioning because, for some mysterious reason, the rest of the world still uses the USD for their international trade and they still buy their Treasuries; not only all that but also it is a deeply divided country. One that, on top of that, not only has a walking dead as president, a man that was put there after his handlers perpetrated the biggest electoral fraud in History but which also has ended up becoming the laughing stock of the world. All what people around the planet need to see are those flags from LBGT, Woke, 2+2 = Whatever, BLM, hanging from the roofs of U.S. Embassies to conclude that this Amerrica of 2021 is not anymore the one they knew. And they realise that Amerrica of today is more of a walking dead than a living entity, like we see in those creepy wildlife videos, where an animal, fish, seems to be alive and well, fully aware, moving around and acting by its own, when in reality his body has been completely overtaken by some parasite who controls now its brain and his muscles. If I was myself an astronaut who had spent years in space, isolated from events on Earth, and I was just coming back, all I would need to see is the pictures of those US Embassies abroad covered in weird flags of all kinds to conclude that Amerrica is finished. So, in conclusion, while the US could go back to Southeast Asia and even make business with her former enemies after 1975, that won’t happen now in Afghanistan and the Middle East. Or in the rest of the world for that matter. The humongous loss of confidence in Amerrica that the events I mentioned put together had brought make for Washington impossible to gather even the smallest clique, coalition of ally (ok, puppet, client, vassal) nations to start any big scale endeavour, operation, war, project in a world already thinking about a future without the empire.

    • Agree: Fox
    • Thanks: antibeast
    • Replies: @Aedib
  172. @Mefobills

    That’s it! ‘Liberal democracy’ owned and paid for by political ‘contributions’, and based on dividing society against itself into hateful, warring, factions (without any real power)naturally selects for psychopathic, servile, scum. Every politician in the USA must be approved by AIPAC, ie Israel, ie Jewish money power. No ifs, buts or maybes. Hence the villainous scum on both sides. The same applies here in Austfailia where a considerably smaller Jewish claque is purging Labor of any who dare oppose Israel’s bestial crimes.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  173. Anonymous[181] • Disclaimer says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    The Cold War was NOT Russia vrs China IT was the USA vrs Russia It was soviet communism vrs USa western Liberal capitalist democracy…since 1940s…and the USA WON..BUT neither China/Russia had achieved the level of development that the USA has…

  174. @alwayswrite

    “Alexander Mercouris failed and totally discredited lawyer”

    You gotta keep your fucks ducks in a row: Alexander has f*** all to do with China.

    Loser? Where I come from, it takes one to know one…

  175. @utu

    Irish from one county did not want to have anything to do with Irish form another county in Ireland still in 19th century.

    Irish were too drunk and ready to fight anyone within armlength.

    Czech aristocracy ceased to exist as it became totally German. So when the project of Czech nation construction in late 18th century was undertaken it was based on very small educated class and peasants who still spoke simple Czech language while the educated classes spoke German. Czech language was constructed.

    You mean Czech language was revived for the elites. ‘Constructed’ sounds like something created out of the thin air. In the case of Czechs, they had their own language, but the elites came to prefer German. However, they returned to their roots. So, it’s more re-connection than construction.

    But elites are funny this way. Russian Tsars were mostly of non-Russian origin. Some spoke German better than Russian. Also, Russian elites studied in France, and many preferred to speak French than ‘barbaric’ Russian. Frederick the Great loathed German culture and loved everything French. He spoke French.

  176. Pablo says:

    I always enjoy Pepe Escobar’s commentary. Pepe provides insights that are hard to find elsewhere. “Empire of Chaos”. A good way to describe what the US War Machine has created. The American people need to recognize that they are ruled by Criminals. Criminals of all types. Traitors. Financial Pirates. War criminals. Embezzlers. The folks at the Pentagon who have stolen \$26 TRILLION are examples of that type of criminal. Arrest them all!!!

  177. gatobart says:

    Your comment is dripping ignorance. The Cold War was wholly an invention of the Amerrican MIC which, as Eisenhower himself would declare later, had achieved an exaggerated amount of power and political influence after having gained an important role in the U.S. economy with their massive production of war material during ww2. This is an indisputable fact, as the end of the war meant the loss of billions of dollars in government contracts for MIC companies (Ford, General Motors, General Dynamics, IBM, you name it) not to mention the millions of workers, technicians and engineers that would have been thrown into unemployment, even more so when their jobs had been taken in part by women, many of whom weren’t ready to go back to their kitchens. So, politicians, bankers and industrialists in the U.S. saw as a question of economic necessity to keep the war machine going, working in the production of war material, and the only thing they needed to justify that state of eternal war in the eyes of the gullible Amerrican populace was a new enemy now that Nazi Germany had been defeated. That opportune new enemy was meant to be the Soviet Union. (Of course since then that “enemy” has changed faces, identities, and since 2001 as we all know, it has been “Muslim terrorism” embodied in outfits like Al-qaeda, Nusra and ISIS).

    Now, contrary to standard Amerrican propaganda, which they have used to brainwash you, the last thing Stalin wanted at the end of ww2 was to keep the USSR in a state of war, let alone to try to spread Communism around the world or even in Europe itself. With the country half destroyed (70.000 cities, towns and villages flattened, according to their own account) and 27 million dead, still more war was certainly not the first thing in Stalin’s mind (despite which the Pentagon had already drawn contingency plans to nuke it out of existence and then invade it and take it apart in many small pieces). All what Stalin wanted after the war had ended is what any national leader in his place would have wanted: war reparations from those who had started it all and to be left in peace so he can rebuild his country. That is why the USSR was the most adamant in the post-war talks with the Allies on, not only keeping Germany together, but also in helping it to get back on its feet ASAP so it could start producing again and then make it pay its debts to the USSR, to pay for what Nazi Germany had destroyed. Of course Western propaganda never informed the world of this fact, they are still lying about it, because it wasn’t in the interest of their industrial and banking elites to show what the Soviet intentions relay were, as in that case there would have been no logical justification for keeping their industries and their economies in a state of war. That is why, despite all efforts by the Soviet side, which ironically was the one defending Germany’s future in the talks, all that came to nothing because of Western sabotage, because the US MIC needed a state of continuing war, for which they needed an external enemy, as it does to this very day, anyway. In any case, the last thing the U.S. wanted was to have two superpowers in Europe, not just one: Germany and the USSR and that is as true nowadays as it was then, only changing URRS for Russia. What started in Yalta, which became known as the Cold War, the fake conflict that was launched by the U.S. against the USSR, had gone unabated to this day, except for the brief period when PM Mikhail Gorbatchev and US prez. Ronald Reagan became pals in the mid-80s.

    Which proves also that your statement that “the U.S. won the Cold War”, a typical cliché from most brainwashed Amerricans, has no hold on reality. In the first place, as I said, the Cold War was an invention of the US-MIC and that old drunken fart Churchill, to keep the war machine going, so the USSR was never part of it. Moscow didn’t want any part in this “Cold War”, but still it had to keep producing its own weapons also, as the Kremlin knew well that the U.S. could well nuke it out of existence if they saw it to their benefit. So from 1945 to the mid-1980s all what the USSR did was to stop the blows coming from Washington, to adopt a defensive strategy, which almost provoked ww2 anyway in 1962, then again in 1983, and which lasted until Mikhail Gorbatchev took power in the Kremlin. Amerrican propaganda makes Reagan look like the was the one who was pleading for peace with Moscow, which he was indeed doing, but only for the gallery (“tear down this wall, Mister Gorbatchev”) but the opposite was the case, as Gorbatchev was the one anxious to stop the arms race with the US and even more important, to achieve a state of peace and security in Europe that would make the territorial shield Stalin had established during ww2, the Warsaw Pact, superfluous. The truth is, Moscow never ever wanted to have those parasitical freeloaders we knew as Poland, Romania, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Bulgaria hanging from the USSR’s teet, because they were sucking billions that the USSR was badly needing for its own people, to fix its own economy but they were there only because Stalin had decided that he would never allow any Western power to invade the USSR again, that the fight would be taken to those countries if that ever happened. That is why as soon as he reached all those important arms deals with Reagan, Gorbatchev withdrew the Soviet military out of those countries, Poland the first. So one after one they were “breaking away from Moscow and falling into the Western sphere of influence, into freedom and democracy” as the hoes of the MSM of the West put it and as the gullible masses of the West believed it, oblivious to the reality that it was Moscow the one who had wanted to get rid of them all because it didn’t need any more as a shield all those parasitical states sucking the life out of the USSR. That is why the so much vaunted Fall of the Berlin Wall was in fact an event that meant the opposite of what Westerners believe, it meant the USSR and Russia, breathing easily having gotten rid of all those parasitical nations.

    Then there was the demise of the Soviet Union itself, but that has little or even nothing to do with Amerrica’s intervention.

    When Gorbatchev saw that he could finally forget about the six Eastern European freeloaders, he opened wide Soviet society and launched what he called Glasnot, which we know as Freedom of Expression. Every Soviet citizen could now express what he or she thought without any fear of reprisals. At the same time he launched what he called Peretstroika which in our words would mean restructuration, transformation. He then started to work with the leaders of the 15 Soviet Republics in an effort to wholly transform Soviet economy, and Soviet society, to bring it to the modern era, to the 1990s. Unfortunately those efforts didn’t bear fruit in the end and many of those leaders started thinking not only that the Soviet system didn’t work at all but even worse, that it couldn’t possibly be fixed. So after a few years of this unfertile effort, the crowd started abandoning the dance floor, so to speak, one republic after another started leaving and finally in September of 1991 the Congress of People’s Deputies officially voted the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

    Which proves that your statement that “The US won the Cold War against the USSR” has absolutely no basis on reality.

  178. vox4non says:

    Have you taken a look recently in the countries you mentioned? Any objective observer comparing the state of infrastructure in the USA and China will tell you whose is more developed. Or unless you are just a deluded triumphalist whose mindset is set 20 years ago.

  179. notbe says:
    @Robert Bruce

    warplanes may be 5 years from production but if war comes, resources become available in huge quantities to properly test potential warplanes quickly and put them into production fast and in massive quantities

    the su 75 might be planned for production in 5 years but if war comes it can be put into production almost immediately while being tested properly

    even if there is a delay fielding the su 57 and su 75, the s 400 and s 500 missiles exist and are deployed they would take care of any attacking aircraft while hypersonic missiles will take care of the airports the attacking aircraft would be using

    war probably wont come, the s400 and s500 aa missiles and the hypersonic packages probably provide deterence enough to avert war …and if war comes they can reliably check agression and turn it around-then the su 57 and su 75 would come online delivering the killing shot

    the word thus seems safe…but these could be very famous last words given the stupidity of mankind throughout the ages

  180. Malla says:
    @Adam Grant

    Our new adversary will be India, which has global ambitions that exceeds China’s. Let’s not make them too strong.

    Maybe some day , some many decades from now, the West (if it survives) may find it allied with countries like China, Japan and Russia in an alliance against a rising ambitious arrogant India. India’s population is to rise to a gigantic 1.9 billion before it starts tapering off, something China will never reach.
    However the problems India has is
    1] Average Population quality low compared to White and East Asian countries. But good/comparable to the quality in Middle East, Latin America, South East Asia etc… and definitely far more capable than the one in Africa.
    2] Extreme Hindutva Nationalism, which might have not been a bad thing but the problem is Indians have really started believing their Wakanda non-sense. There are even calls for giving “up all evul Western Science” and to be a superpower based based on 1500 B.C. Vedic science (ironically which were related to the Aryans who came from the North WEST).
    If that happens, rest assured, you guys have nothing much to worry about India. The Great Indian saffron Hindutva Army will go forth on its world conquest on chariots (raths) with tridents (trishuls).

    Will The West Tolerate India’s Rise As Superpower? | #AskAbhijit E14Q10 | Abhijit Chavda

    Indian nationalists believe that the West will never allow India to rise and will be even more hostile to India than China. As you can see from the video, Indian Nationalists suspect the USA purposefully helped China rise.

    • Replies: @Malla
  181. Malla says:

    The Great Indian saffron Hindutva Army will go forth on its world conquest on chariots (raths) with tridents (trishuls).

    Here we see a simulation of the 2080 AD (AD not BC, yes AD) great Bharatiya (Indian) Hindutva Vedic Army having military games/ practices for the coming global conquest expeditions. Vedic Superpower 2080.

    Check from 1:18 minutes of what will be unleashed on the World in the future. Be afraid, be very afraid.
    Especially check out the advanced archery technology warfare in between two heroic princes from 1:23 minutes to 2:20 minutes. Have you guys seen anything like it? Well your descendants will see and they will shiver. This shall be unleashed upon the Whole World by Vedic Superpower 2080.

    For some weird reason, Indians want to return to their glorious Iron (Vedic) age, the Golden age where there was “no evul hated Western technology invented by evul White men” (and no evul Mooslim invader hordes plundering and raping the land). The shock of witnessing advanced British/White man’s advanced technology/ science was too much to take for the arrogant Hindu’s ego.

  182. notbe says:
    @Adam Grant

    except the people that predicted the collapse of the ussr did get it wrong they predicted a gigantic interethnic conflict -“will the ussr survive until 1984” by a soviet dissident
    or the breakup of the ussr due to gigantic losses in a war with China-the ussr did not break up this way

    nobody but nobody but nobody but nobody predicted the way the ussr collapsed-the communist elites basically stealing the entire economy aided by the absolute incompetence of gorbachev total fools like gorbachev and yakovlev do come only once a millenium

    in fact, gorby still performs a disservice today -when a nation starts to threaten the west, the west expects that nation to break up, thus the west secretly feels its invincible whereas the true lesson is that gorbachev was a once in a millenium fool

    china does not have a gorbachev-in fact i think almost all countries have learned from the gorbachev fiasco thus china will be around for a long time to come

    it all comes down to gorbachev, but the fact is the west should learn to accept that it will never have the luck of another gorbachev

    • Replies: @Adam Grant
  183. Mefobills says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    And the public is easy to gaslight with an owned press.

    Nice summation.

  184. @notbe

    Stefan Possony said in 1973 that the USSR would collapse in the early 1990’s due to “demographic, economic and strategic trends.” To speed things up Possony and Steve Sailer’s late friend Jerry Pournelle (and one other person) wrote a book called “The Strategy of Technology” (1970). The strategy was to become so technologically superior to the USSR in Defense that the Soviets would bankrupt themselves trying to keep up. Now Putin is doing the same thing to the U.S..

    Possony’s 1973 prediction was informed by research done by Gregory R. Copley. Copley believes the CCP will be ousted in the near future. My guess from talking with him is that he sees this happening somewhere between the mid to late 2020’s and the early 2030’s (don’t quote me on that). Copley heads the International Strategic Studies Association (strategic that he co-founded with the late Stefan Possony.

    • Replies: @notbe
    , @Mulga Mumblebrain
  185. notbe says:
    @Adam Grant

    Ok interesting i grant you that

    Well with pournelles strategy of tech-pournelle is a good thinker however he tends to be over the top sometimes, goes for the easy, what seems to be a brilliant solution, without thinking what an equally competent or even superior competent adversary might do as a response-am i making myself clear here? Its an argument in itself

    -oh by the way, is Jerry still alive? im to lazy to go on the internet to find out-I think he just might be if not he passed recently

    I would like to point out that reagans sdi was basically propaganda-no i will call it all propaganda-absolutely no satellites went up in the twenty or so years of the program Basically it shows the corruption of the US all those billions and nothing…if you want to waste billions at least have something…really have something- a competent adversary would realize this but the wild card was Gorby

    Competent Russian strategists knew that sdi was bluff-except again the wild card was Gorbachev, he and Yakovlev used SDI to put their agenda into motion In retrospect both Gorbachev and Yakovlev were totally incompetent-but my argument is that the West got used to the Gorby option-it worked once it will work again ..that if the West will talk tough a Gorbachev will come along eventually

    In the real world, the vast majority of time a Gorbachev will not come along-Gorbachev in all his idiocity is an once in a millenium character Seriously, an sdi bluff will not work ever again and the West MUST realize it

    Putin is doing same to the West-except unlike SDI Putins weapons exist and they do create a gigantic headache for Western strategists

    Putin had to create real weapons and a real weapons strategic superiority because he knew the West looks down on Russia so a SDI type bluff wont work…they had to be REAL weapons

    The dilemna is then what do fuck do we do when Russia has hypersonic weapons and the West doesnt and wont have for at least 10 perhaps 15 years

    I would argue that Putins weapons take a Yugoslavia Iraq Libya scenario off the table for the West for the next 10 to 15 years- then a new generation of politicians on both sides will come to maturity

    • Replies: @notbe
    , @gatobart
  186. notbe says:

    oh sorry- late friend… yeah ok Jerry passed on

  187. Mefobills says:

    I’m saying that man is a rent seeker and a usurer, if allowed to get away with it. Everybody wants a free lunch.

    If your civilization allows the worst types to have free reign, you will end up where we are now.

    You are trying to impugn a whole people for the actions of a class.

    I’m also saying that the US gave it a good shot, but lost, especially by 1912.

    China was gifted American patrimony, and US and Finance International did attack Germany and “rape it.”

    There is no contradiction, it is a class trying to take sordid gain.

    Yes, you are no Columbo.

  188. gatobart says:

    “I would like to point out that reagans sdi was basically propaganda-no i will call it all propaganda-absolutely no satellites went up in the twenty or so years of the program”

    Star Wars was brought to the world by the convergence of two very unlikely elements. First, the child-like imagination of no other than a U.S. president, Ronald Reagan, who used to see the world through the lenses of a Hollywood movie, and a Disney at that, so when elected in 1980 he carried with him to the White House images, ideas and beliefs that any regular man, or kid, would have left behind during his teens–unless you are a member of the Bing Bang Theory’s gang of four of course. For example, Ronald Reagan believed in the possibility of an alien invasion (and he believed also that in such a case the US and the USSR should join forces to fight the aliens, just like we see they did to destroy a coming asteroid in the 1970s movie Meteor). Also along that line of thought, and perhaps well aware of what had happened, and of what could have happened, in October 1962, he dreamed of the idea of creating a protective dome over the entire continental U.S., an invisible dome made of whatever it would take, that could stop and destroy any ICBM the USSR could fling in the direction of the Amerrican landmass, something right out of a Flash Gordon flick of the 30s.

    Enter here the second element: hardline Cold War warrior and earnest MIC shill Edward Teller, one of the main scientists on the Manhattan Project also known as “the father of the H-bomb”. As word had come to him that Reagan was wondering about the possibility of building an anti-ICBM dome over the U.S., he didn’t fail to realize that what he had now in front of his eyes was the richest gold vein his bosses in the MIC could ever find for exploitation. And the rest is History. All it had to be done was to join the fantasy-prone imagination of a child-like president sitting at the commanding post of the greatest industrial economic and military power in History with the credentials, the vast experience; the cleverness and the cunning, of an ex-Manhattan project boss, the “father of the H-bomb” on top of that, a man looking for good opportunities in government contracts for his bosses, and what you do get as the result…? SDI. A fantasy tale, a scientific utopia that was denounced as such from the very beginning but which still has managed to bring billions or rather trillions of taxpayers’ money to the already deep pockets of the MIC bosses without ever having shown the least evidence that it could work. As the critics of the first hour said it well:

    “Many prominent scientists argued that the system was futile. Hans Bethe, along with IBM physicist Richard Garwin and Cornell University colleague Kurt Gottfried, wrote an article in Scientific American which analyzed the system and concluded that any putative enemy could disable such a system by the use of suitable decoys that would cost a very small fraction of the SDI program”.

    Amen to that. Still, they haven’t stopped “working on it” to this day, August 2021.

    • Agree: notbe, notbe
    • Replies: @notbe
  189. Aedib says:

    While I mostly agree with you diagnosis, I think that the collapse of the Anglo-Zionist empire is not happening like an implosion (e.g. USSR). It is happening like a continuous process.

    • Agree: notbe
  190. notbe says:

    bizarre that a technological superpower in the late twentieth century would allocate hundreds of billions perhaps a trillion due to the above factors but its true

    the stunning thing was that hundreds of billions were wasted and not a single sat left the ground-the corruption behind that sentence is simply breathtaking

    sdi did not bankrupt the soviet union-but gorbachev and yakovlev used it to push forward their agenda

    sdi was coincidental to gorbachevs incompetent reforms-if sdi didnt exist, gorby and yakovlev would have used some other western tech to argue for deep reforms-that the west has cruise missiles for instance

    cruise missiles, if you remember, were taunted by nato as a killing shot back then It was argued the russians couldnt 1-manufacture their own cruise missile because they were too far behind in technology 2-couldnt defend themselves against cruisers because they were ground hugging Both assumptions, as we now know were totally false

    in fact, throughout the eighties version of sdi, the soviets were ahead in sdi tech and they could have deployed a stupid system of their own far ahead of the americans for much less money than the us

    the only satellite that included icbm tracking and a laser to destroy said icbms was launched on the energia rocket back in 1985 -the rocket and the satellite showed that in the real world it was the us that was far behind technologically-gorby made a phone call during launch and ordered the sat to be destroyed and thus it was

    goes to show you, an idiot like gorby comes once a thousand years and that west should not rely that another gorby will come along

    • Replies: @gatobart
  191. @Anonymous

    The USA had advantages. The richest and vastest agricultural soil anywhere. Huge forests, great rivers, gigantic endowments of minerals, including gold and of hydrocarbons. Tens of millions of slaves, indentured labourers and immigrants fleeing Europe.
    Add to that their capacity for intellectual property theft, the autarkic economic policies that drove industrialisation and freedom from invasion and war on its territory, save the Civil War.
    Then there was Yankee expansionism and economic pillage, particularly in Latin America. All topped off by surviving WW2 without destruction, having 60% of remaining global industrial capacity, and setting up, through Bretton Woods, a system that favoured US capital over all others. And they blew it, from greed, hubris, Imperial over-reach and white-anting by hostile minorities, who came to dominate finance as it grew to take over the economy. China has reached such a level through sheer hard work, and a meritocratic, technocratic and utilitarian ruling elites.

    • Agree: notbe
    • Thanks: antibeast
    • Replies: @Mefobills
  192. @Adam Grant

    Copley apparently knows that the ruling elites in the USA love nothing more than hearing that China will collapse. Gordon Chang has been cashing in on it for decades. I know that Copley will collapse and return to the carbon cycle, along with the USA, LONG before China does. Who will ‘oust’ the CPC when it enjoys 90-95% satisfaction or high satisfaction from the Chinese populace. Joshua Wong? The little creep will still be in the pokey in 2030.

    • Agree: notbe, gatobart
    • Replies: @gatobart
    , @Adam Grant
  193. Mefobills says:

    You are correct, but only partially correct. What you say is missing the why of how this happened -and why this is inevitable.

    I explain how it happened and why it is not inevitable in my comment history.

    It was a policy move, especially beginning around mid 90’s to give China MFN status, while simultaneously breach the spirit of NAFTA. Greenmail was one of the techniques used to export Patrimony, while simultaneously enriching Wall Street with wage arbitrage.

    It is not inevitable, economies have control levers. Free market dogma passes hypnosis that random actions are godlike.

    China proves daily that there are control levers.

  194. Mefobills says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    China has reached such a level through sheer hard work, and a meritocratic, technocratic and utilitarian ruling elites.

    It was more “feeling our way” across the river. It was also observing others, especially Japan and Tiger Economies.

    China is not an isolate, it exists in the real world, and consists of fallible people. Failure and then trying to correct failure is the real story. This striving to erect a civilization, especially after the Red Terror, is admirable.

    It can go too far though, and go out of balance – so keep an eye on that.

    I don’t think the U.S. was ever tens of millions of slaves, although if you count indentured “debt slavery” then yes; but if you do that then you get into the thorny narrative of white slavery.

    International Finance Capital was taking sordid gain and usury on whites, and did the same to Chinese “coolies,” in China. (The opium war was primarily due to silver imbalance in trade.)

    • Replies: @gatobart
  195. xcd says:

    This was much bigger than “taking down” China. Potential goals:
    – Deflating the global ponzi scheme, and destroying unpayable debts selectively.
    – Indebting the public further to rescue the biggest speculators, enrich cronies.
    – Plundering more private wealth: “bail-in” rescues, destroying competition selectively, acquiring property from bankrupts, confiscating wealth of the dying, short-selling shares.
    – Deflecting blame for incompetence and disaster.
    – Deflecting blame for the collapsing economy from capitalism, esp. the biggest speculators and central banks.
    – Thwarting foreign measures against imperialism.
    – Ending all pretence of civilised government:
    :- Slavery through critical booster jabs, UBI
    :- Ending pensions, welfare aid, compensation, even for accident/pollution/harm at work/defect
    :- Ending rights, e.g. travel, assembly, dissent, privacy, parenthood
    :- Ending elections, legislature, courts
    :- Reducing expectations in relation to dysfunction and destitution
    :- Normalising surveillance: biometrics, tracking, Social Credit, permits
    :- Normalising orders by phone, detention (“quarantine”), curfew, brutality, disappearances
    :- Medium-term depopulation through withheld or harmful medical treatment (e.g. gene drive, ADE, sterility, euthanasia, abortions), poisoned foods.

  196. gatobart says:

    “I don’t think the U.S. was ever tens of millions of slaves”

    Not really. It didn’t have tens of millions. It had hundreds of millions. And all over the world, it had them in North America itself, in Central America, in Asia (tens of millions of them only in Philippines) in Africa. Someone who could give you an approximate amount of foreign captives slavering under Amerrican yoke for the 1930s (this was before ww2) during which time Washington and Wall Street were just beginning to build their global empire is no other than a man who actually dirtied his hands in that endeavor, USMC Maj, Gen. Smedley Butler, known as the most decorated Amerrican military hero until 1940:

    “I spent 33 years and four months in active military service and during that period I spent most of my time as a high class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism. I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street. I helped purify Nicaragua for the International Banking House of Brown Brothers in 1902-1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for the American sugar interests in 1916. I helped make Honduras right for the American fruit companies in 1903. In China in 1927 I helped see to it that Standard Oil went on its way unmolested. Looking back on it, I might have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three districts. I operated on three continents.”
    ― Smedley D. Butler, War is a Racket: The Antiwar Classic by America’s Most Decorated Soldier

    Yep, by the end of his own illustrious career with the US military, this man had already contribute to force by military means, tens of millions of foreigners into the shackles of U.S. slavery all over the world. And as he wrote himself, Washington and Wall Street had made of mob rackets and plunder tactics a global business. And that was even before ww2 had started…!

    It never ceases to amazed the hypocrisy of Amerricans who are always in the business of raising cries of horror, disbelief and disgust at the inhuman practices they blame on others when they are doing hundreds times worse while covering their own crimes under a thin veneer of legitimacy. Present day History is full of examples. Like when they pretend to horrify us with tales of the brutal treatment women receive in Muslim countries like Afghanistan or Iraq while they are themselves blowing apart these same women with their indiscriminate bombings of civilians; when they castigate the Sandinista government in Nicaragua for being “undemocratic” when they themselves maintained their own bloody dictatorship for decades in that country, the brutal Somoza family, who may have killed hundreds of thousands under the benevolent eyes and the unconditional backing and sponsoring from Washington. No, slavery by Amerricans was practiced ONLY in their own territory and only against Blacks, never ever in foreign land and against other people. Asian and Mexican sweatshops kept and managed by US owned multinationals are just a fantasy concocted by imaginative fiction writers.

    Maybe you are doing it unintentionally, helping to spread the myth, but you are doing it anyway.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  197. gatobart says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    There is a guy called Michael Pettis, another one of these great “Western scholars specialized on China” who has been predicting for decades that China’s economic growth is unsustainable and that the whole Chinese economy is about to collapse, give it a few years at most. I used to read his frequent dispatches in the website of Naked Capitalism until I got tired of always hearing the same tune from him and stopped wasting my time. You may say just one more of those mediocre propagandists who are paid to write whatever their Western bosses want to read. But the really weird thing is that this guy is living in China and for that long he has been “teaching” in some Chinese University in Beijing. What I can’t understand is, which is the worth Chinese academia could put in this man who all he has been doing is telling generations of Chinese students that the sky is about to fall on their heads, that their system is condemned, why the Chinese even tolerate this guy among their number. Really inscrutable.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  198. @Bombercommand

    College campuses and night clubs across the scope of the globe shows white girls are very attracted to black males. They might not want to marry them – unless they are rich – but they sure like some doses of their testosterone. Sorry to break it to you. You might want to travel more. Or better yet see how many rich blacks have white wives. Lifestyle magazines are a good start.

    • Replies: @Malla
  199. @nsa

    Correct. Most rich celebrity black males have or had white wives. White women in general domt want to marry black men simply because they are the lowest oj the economic scale. NBA and NFL stars have no problem breeding lots of white women.

    And yeah lets not act like these girls are virgins either .

  200. gatobart says:

    “sdi did not bankrupt the soviet union-but gorbachev and yakovlev used it to push forward their agenda”

    That is another popular myth for those who want to believe that “Reagan’s continuation of the arms race and of SDI bankrupted the USSR” when the opposite is true. Far for bankrupting the USSR, Ronald Reagan gave it a fighting chance, a change for survival and transformation. I don’t know how corrupt or how incompetent Gorbatchev was at the time, as you say, but it seemed to me that he had good intentions but that he was too naïve and perhaps too much of a democrat, but what do I know.

    As Nikita Khrushchev wrote in the Memories attributed to him, military occupation of a foreign country is an extremely expensive enterprise, one that sucks from the national treasury incredible amounts of money and resources and that is the reason why he opposed (if no more in power) the Warsaw Pact’s intervention in Czechoslovakia in 1968. People get all worked out about nukes and missiles but, according to I read somewhere, the nuclear arsenal of the USSR at the time made for less of 20% of its total military spending. Above 80% of it was spent on conventional forces and for sure a good chunk of that was being spent in the occupation of the six freeloaders of the Warsaw pact. What Gorbatchev achieved by becoming such a big pal with Reagan (who at some point during their Helsinki meeting was so enthused with new BFF Gorby that he even proposed to completely eliminate nuclear arsenals, to the natural horror of his military and civilian advisers, i.e. the usual tag-along shills of the US MIC. What their poor MIC would have done then…?)…

    …what Gorbatchev achieved with this new found peace with Washington was to liberate enormous amounts of money by allowing him to formally sever any further ties & obligation with Bulgaria, Romania, East Germany, Hungary, Poland and Czechoslovakia (they would be the West’s problem now) money that he could use in fixing the problems of the USSR instead. That is why those who love and warmly embrace the myth that Reagan won the Cold War by bankrupting the Soviet Union when forcing it to spend amounts of money the USSR couldn’t afford in weapons and SDI R&D don’t know what they are talking about.

  201. Mefobills says:

    Maybe you are doing it unintentionally, helping to spread the myth, but you are doing it anyway.

    Why don’t you take it up with Jared Taylor?

    He doesn’t thing there were millions of slaves either, and wrote an article about it.

    The thicknesses of the lines represent numbers of slaves. What became the United States imported just 400,000 slaves—about 3 percent of all the slaves who crossed the Atlantic. Look at all the slaves who went to Brazil and to the Caribbean Islands. They needed millions because, unlike American slaveowners who raised slave families, they bought grown men and worked them to death. And let us not forget, virtually every slave on this map was caught by blacks or Arabs.

    You are nursing some butt-hurting for some reason:

    I did mention that finance capital raped Germany and started two world wars. Finance Capital is “international” and this same international funded Bolshevism.

    Your problem is that you want to impugn all Americans out of some sort of grievance, when the problem is mankind himself. You are objecting because your own myths are being punctured.

    Man is a usurer, and if he is not restrained he will “take.” And “man” includes more than just white people. The track record for Muslims and Negroes and various other brown people is not good.

    I’m saying “accurately” that the founding fathers of America intended for General Welfare, and also invented an economic system to generate that “welfare,” and it was called Industrial Capitalism. Industrial Capitalism beget Fascism, not Communism.

    This is very obvious if you read Hamilton’s first report on manufacturers, where he notes how much American State Credit is flowing in various sectors of the economy. Almost immediately after the country was formed, George Washington embarked on Canal Building. Building canals, roads, ports and infrastructure helps lower the cost of doing business and improves everybody’s productivity.

    The system is characterized by high external tariffs, and low internal tariffs. In the early days, during presidential elections, the main topic would be “how much was the external tariff.” The Federal government was small and was funded by tariffs.

    I posted a link to Hudson’s book on this topic earlier. The American system is state credit injected into the commons and industry, which then improves labor.

    I’m not arguing that America didn’t go off the rails. By the time of Smedley Butler, the “experiment” of a Constitutional Republic had already failed. The bad guys, many (most?) of whom were Jews, won.

    I normally put the failure at 1912, because that is when it was most obvious, but others put it at the Spanish American war.

    Triumphant Plutocracy is a ringside seat for lead up to Spanish American war, where the the first Senator from South Dakota watched the “plutocrats” maneuver ” and string pull their compromised Senators. The build up to war for the Philippines was so some “small interests” could make money, while Pettigrew wanted to build out the interior of the U.S. Pettigrew was of American System of Economy tradition of the founders that wanted state credit to build out the country.

    It was “private” money interests and plutocracy that turned outward toward war. America became a host for the (((parasite))) by 1912.

  202. gatobart says:

    “Your problem is that you want to impugn all Americans out of some sort of grievance, when the problem is mankind himself.”

    That is all I need. JFK said it better. Victory has a thousand fathers while Defeat is an orphan. When things go right all Amerricans tend to appropiate the merit. When things go ugly, unpleasant, bad or even terribly….it’s someone else’s fault…! By your own recognition, collective Yankee scientific and technological know-how and talent is what brought so many inventions, one way or another, which improved the standard of living of mankind. On the other hand, ALL what Amerrica has done to harm, exploit and ruin others,…is the elite’s fault…! There you go again. As Sheldon Cooper says, there is no talking to you.

    So it was just the Amerrican elite who killed millions of Vietnamese civilians with carpet bombing, with the spreading of Agent Orange, Napalm and White Phosphorus on their villages or simply shooting them dead by the hundreds. That is the elite’s fault, regular Amerrican were nothing but innocent bystanders in all that, they didn’t take part in it. But when Amerrica entered Berlin in victory in May 1945 and then in Tokyo in Sept 1945 that was a feat of the entire Amerrican people, ALL Amerricans are responsible for it.

    “the problem is mankind itself”

    No, that is NOT mankind. People in Asia, Africa or Latin America have nothing to do with any of that. That is the Amerrican people serving as a willing tool for their masters. When George Bush Senior attacked Iraq in 1991 his popularity instantly shot to +90% and the same with his son in 2003. Still, that has NOTHING to do with the Amerrican people acc. to you. Truth is, every time a US president has attacked, bombed, invaded a nation that has done nothing to you, his popularity shoots up and they know that and they act on purpose. That is why Clinton bombed Serbia in 1999 and Reagan invaded Granada in 1983, because they knew their popularity would instantly rise among Amerricans.

    So, if it were the bad Jews who won and control the U.S….then why are 90% of Amerricans celebrating every time their country attacks a Muslim country…? How can I understand that…?

  203. KA says:
    @Robert Bruce

    From Asia times:

    Russia, China and Iran are in the US crosshairs and Washington’s future agenda is principally oriented to blocking Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiative, promoting regime change in Central Asia, using militant Islam as a geopolitical tool and consolidating a long-term presence in Afghanistan as a template of its Indo-Pacific strategy.

    Obsolete strategy:

    Meanwhile, one would hope that the intellectual descendants (their numbers are not few) of Sir Halford Mackinder, the turn-of-the-century English founder of geo-strategy who warned of the dangers of Eurasian integration, will come to appreciate the folly of his modus operandi of stoking conflict to keep the region divided. Today, such a policy is reckless.

    Present-day “Mackinderites” should rethink

    In any event, the countries of Asia increasingly question the confrontational approach to statecraft that harks back to Mackinder. 
    No matter how you slice it, improved connectivity from Berlin to Seoul through Vladivostok or from Tashkent through Mashar-i-Sharif to Gwadar, or from Istanbul through Tehran to Delhi is becoming a reality.

    Asia Times
    Javier M Piedra is a financial consultant, specialist in international development and former deputy assistant administrator for South and Central Asia at USAID.

    Pepe has his facts and less opinionated conclusions to which we can agree to .
    But I don’t agree with his impression that China or Russia will be a better power . Both need to be watched and ‘verified’.

    America’s pivoting to a second rate power like post WW2 UK or France may not be in the interest of the world .

    Unfortunately America is not ready emotionally nor intellectually to consider reorienting and transforming .
    Americans citizen want US to change . But the country is in the same situation the Ottoman, Czar, Weimar, British were before WW1 -colonized by parasites and 5 th columnists.

    SIGAR following the assessment of the 20 years war , just told us that we would repeat the mistake again
    mistake of repeating Vietnam in Afghanistan and
    repeating of the same mistake again somewhere else .

  204. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Instead of making childish comments educate yourself.

    Copley bio:

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  205. Malla says:

    Yes that is true, marriage and attraction are very different. In Singapore, a lot of Tamil Indian guys secretly bang a lot of Chinese Singaporean girls before marriage but the inter-marriage rate is comparatively smaller.

    • Replies: @Showmethereal
  206. @Malla

    Fact of human history. Women in any society will screw whoever they think will give them pleasure and marry whoever has the best chance at status. If you have a “free society” your daughters are almost certain to screw guys you dont approve of. In fact that was what was driving Uighur militants in Xinjiang. Didnt want their daughters corrupted by the “impure”. Secular Uighurs readily mixed.

  207. @Adam Grant

    Fabulous auto-hagiography. What a genius! Just another Imperial propagandist. You seem easily impressed.

  208. @gatobart

    The Chinese allow these creatures because it shows their students just how insane Western elites are. And his arguments are useful, like the ‘devil’s advocate’ to point out flaws in Chinese practise. They are intent on improvement in all spheres, something the West gave up long ago, in favour of a stasis that benefits the rich rulers only.

  209. @Rdm

    You are missing the point and living in denial.

    The problem isn’t so much black dongs but the dong multiplication factor.

    There was some blacks in Europe after WWII. And this led to race-mixing. Now, I don’t like that stuff, but it was tolerable. Those limited number of blacks would have dissolved and diffused into the European gene pool, much like blacks vanished into the Mexican gene pool long ago.

    So, the limited dong factor was manageable.

    But now, there is the dong-multiplication challenge. Africa has 1 billion Negroes, and each woman is having like 5 to 7 kids. Africa is still poor and all those millions of men are pouring into Europe(and even to mexico to cross into the US). Every black man brings with him a black dong, and this leads to dong multiplication in Europe. Just consider what one Negro Simon Mol did to Poland, a relatively conservative country in Europe. He humped 100s of women and nearly turned Poland into Moland singlehandedly or singledongedly. But now, millions of Simon Mols are headed to Europe. As African population will become many billions, there will be many more men.

    Now, if Europe was at least race-ist, it could keep its women away from blacks. But European elites are into race-mixing and promote jungle fever. European companies run ads celebrating jungle fever. Europeans listen to jungle music and bump and grind with blacks. In UK and France, white women are everywhere with Negroes.

    So, when you add up all the factors…

    dong multiplication + elite cuckery + capitalist promotion of jungle fever + low white birth-rates + black domination of sports + white addiction to jungle music + culture of slut pride among white women … and the result is calamity that will bring down the West.

    It does no good to live in denial.

  210. babu says:

    The question needing to be asked is how does it help the POC and descendants of African slaves who still only have 0.5% of the wealth since the 1865.

  211. I’ve been reading Pepe Escobar’s articles for quite a number of years now. I always thought they were insightful and I always took something away from them.

    But recently, it seems as if Pepe is completely oblivious to what is occurring in the United States.

    The entirety of the “Imperial America” that Escobar is referring to is exactly the “NeoCon-NeoLib” movement exemplified by Cheney, Clinton, and others.

    The America First movement is a genuine attempt to reverse this dangerous and failing course. Many patriots and ordinary Americans are literally right now in a winner-takes-all struggle against the Imperial regime.

    I am really disappointed that Escobar cannot distinguish between the regime and the people. It seems as though he’s kicking patriots when they are down, even as they have attempted to turn the country around through the election of Trump (and, quite frankly, even before that with the rise of the Tea Party).

    Escobar should at the minimum emphasize this fact, and not simply assume (as an elementary schoolchild would), that a “Country”, a “People”, a “Land”, and a “Government” are synonymous with each other.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  212. @IndianAmericanPatriot

    Forgive my curiosity, but are you ‘Indian’ as in Native American or Hindustani? As for a New America-good luck with that. The enthusiasm for Empire of all but a tiny few Americans means that you will have to prove to be good global citizens over an extended period before many will trust you. Best break up the country into four or five new states, to be on the safe side.

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