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New Great Game Gets Back to Basics
Russia-China-Iran alliance is taking Afghanistan's bull by the horns
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The Great Game: This lithograph by British Lieutenant James Rattray shows Shah Shuja in 1839 after his enthronement as Emir of Afghanistan in the Bala Hissar (fort) of Kabul. Rattray wrote: 'A year later the sanctity of the scene was bloodily violated: Shah Shuja was murdered.' Photo: Wikipedia

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Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi is on a Central Asian loop all through the week. He’s visiting Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. The last two are full members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, founded 20 years ago.

The SCO heavyweights are of course China and Russia. They are joined by four Central Asian “stans” (all but Turkmenistan), India and Pakistan. Crucially, Afghanistan and Iran are observers, alongside Belarus and Mongolia.

And that leads us to what’s happening this Wednesday in Dushanbe, the Tajik capital. The SCO will hold a 3 in 1: meetings of the Council of Foreign Ministers, the SCO-Afghanistan Contact Group, and a conference titled “Central and South Asia: Regional Connectivity, Challenges and Opportunities.”

At the same table, then, we will have Wang Yi, his very close strategic partner Sergey Lavrov and, most importantly, Afghan Foreign Minister Mohammad Haneef Atmar. They’ll be debating trials and tribulations after the hegemon’s withdrawal and the miserable collapse of the myth of NATO “stabilizing” Afghanistan.

Let’s game a possible scenario: Wang Yi and Lavrov tell Atmar, in no uncertain terms, that there’s got to be a national reconciliation deal with the Taliban, brokered by Russia-China, with no American interference, including the end of the opium-heroin ratline.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi chats with guests after the opening ceremony of the Lanting Forum in Beijing on June 25. Photo: AFP / Jade Gao
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi chats with guests after the opening ceremony of the Lanting Forum in Beijing on June 25. Photo: AFP / Jade Gao

Russia-China extract from the Taliban a firm promise that jihadism won’t be allowed to fester. The endgame: loads of productive investment, Afghanistan is incorporated to Belt and Road and – later on – to the Eurasia Economic Union (EAEU).

The SCO’s joint statement on Wednesday will be particularly enlightening, perhaps detailing how the organization plans to coordinate a de facto Afghan peace process farther down the road.

In this scenario, the SCO now has the chance to implement what it has been actively discussing for years: that only an Asian solution to the Afghan drama applies.

Sun Zhuangzhi, executive director of the Chinese Research Center of the SCO, sums it all up: the organization is capable of coming up with a plan mixing political stability, economic and security development and a road map for infrastructure development projects.

The Taliban agree. Spokesman Suhail Shaheen has stressed, “China is a friendly country that we welcome for reconstruction and developing Afghanistan.”

On the Silk Road again

After economic connectivity, another SCO motto encouraged by Beijing since the early 2000s is the necessity to fight the “three evils”: terrorism, separatism and extremism. All SCO members are very much aware of jihadi metastases threatening Central Asia – from ISIS-Khorasan to shady Uighur factions currently fighting in Idlib in Syria, as well as the (fading) Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU).

The Taliban is a way more complex case. It’s still branded as a terrorist organization by Moscow. Yet on the new, fast-evolving chessboard, both Moscow and Beijing know the importance of engaging the Taliban in high-stakes diplomacy.

Taliban fighters have taken large swathes of Afghanistan in the past two weeks. Photo: AFP / Aref Karimi
Taliban fighters have taken large swathes of Afghanistan in the past two weeks. Photo: AFP / Aref Karimi

Wang Yi has already impressed upon Islamabad – Pakistan is a SCO member – the need to set up a trilateral mechanism, with Beijing and Kabul, to advance a feasible political solution to Afghanistan while managing the security front.

Here, from China’s point of view, it’s all about the multi-layered China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), to which Beijing plans to incorporate Kabul. Here is a detailed CPEC progress update.

Building blocks include the deal struck between China Telecom and Afghan Telecom already in 2017 to build a Kashgar-Faizabad fiber optic cable system and then expand it toward a China-Kyrgyzstan-Tajikistan-Afghanistan Silk Road system.

Directly connected is the deal signed in February among Islamabad, Kabul and Tashkent to build a railway that in fact may establish Afghanistan as a key crossroads between Central and South Asia. Call it the SCO corridor.

All of the above was solidified by a crucial trilateral meeting last month among China-Pakistan-Afghanistan Foreign Ministers. Team Ghani in Kabul renewed its interest in being connected to Belt and Road – which translates in practice into an expanded CPEC. The Taliban said exactly the same thing last week.

Wang Yi knows very well that jihadism is bound to target CPEC. Not Afghanistan’s Taliban, though. And not the Pakistani Taliban (TTP), as quite a few CPEC projects (fiber optics, for instance) will improve infrastructure in Peshawar and environs.

Afghanistan in trade connectivity with CPEC and a key node of the New Silk Roads could not make more sense – even historically, as Afghanistan was always embedded in the ancient Silk Roads. Crossroads Afghanistan is the missing link in the connectivity equation between China and Central Asia. The devil, of course, will be in the details.

The Iranian equation

Then, to the West, there’s the Iranian equation. The recently solidified Iran-China strategic partnership may eventually lead to closer integration, with CPEC expanded to Afghanistan. The Taliban are keenly aware of it. As part of their current diplomatic offensive, they have been to Tehran and made all the right noises towards a political solution.

A map shows the route of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. Photo: Wikimedia Commons/ Wanishahrukh
A map shows the route of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. Photo: Wikimedia Commons/ Wanishahrukh

Their joint statement with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif privileges negotiations with Kabul. The Taliban commit to refrain from attacking civilians, schools, mosques, hospitals and NGOs.

Tehran – an observer at the SCO and on the way to becoming a full member – is actively talking to all Afghan actors. No fewer than four delegations were visiting last week. The head of Kabul’s team was former Afghan Vice President Yunus Qanooni (a former warlord, as well), while the Taliban were led by Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai, who commands their political office in Doha. This all implies serious business.

There are already 780,000 registered Afghan refugees in Iran, living in refugee villages along the border and not allowed to settle in major cities. But there are also at least 2.5 million illegals. No wonder Tehran needs to pay attention. Zarif once again is in total synch with Lavrov – and with Wang Yi, for that matter: a non-stop war of attrition between the Kabul government and the Taliban could lead only to “unfavorable” consequences.

The question, for Tehran, revolves around the ideal framework for negotiations. That would point to the SCO. After all, Iran has not participated in the snail-paced Doha mechanism for over two years now.

A debate is raging in Tehran on how to deal practically with the new Afghan equation. As I saw for myself in Mashhad less than three years ago, migration from Afghanistan – this time from skilled workers fleeing the Taliban advance – may actually help the Iranian economy.

Aerial view of Mashhad. Photo: Wikipedia
Aerial view of Mashhad. Photo: Wikipedia

The director general of the West Asia desk at Iran’s Foreign Ministry, Rasoul Mousavi, goes straight to the point: “The Taliban yield” to the Afghan people. “They are not separated from Afghanistan’s traditional society, and they have always been part of it. Moreover, they have military power.”

On the ground in western Afghanistan, in Herat – linked by a very busy highway corridor across the border to Mashhad – things are more complicated. The Taliban now control most of Herat province, apart from two districts.

Legendary local warlord Ismail Khan, now in his mid-70s, and carrying an overloaded history of fighting the Taliban, has deployed militias to guard the city, the airport and its outskirts.


Yet the Taliban have already vowed, in diplomatic talks with China, Russia and Iran, that they are not planning to “invade” anyone – be it Iran or the Central Asian “stans.” Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen has been adamant that cross-border trade in different latitudes, from Islam Quilla (in Iran) to Torghundi (in Turkmenistan) and across northern Tajikistan will “remain open and functional.”

That non-withdrawal withdrawal

In a fast-evolving situation, the Taliban now control at least half of Afghanistan’s 400 districts and are “contesting” dozens of others. They are policing some key highways (you can’t go on the road from Kabul to Kandahar, for instance, and avoid Taliban checkpoints). They do not hold any major city, yet. At least 15 of 34 regional capitals – including strategic Mazar-i-Sharif – are encircled.

Afghan news media, always very lively, have started to ask some tough questions. Such as: ISIS/Daesh did not exist in Iraq before the 2003 US invasion and occupation. So how come ISIS-Khorasan emerged right under NATO’s noses?

Within the SCO, as diplomats told me, there’s ample suspicion that the US deep state agenda is to fuel the flames of imminent civil war in Afghanistan and then extend it to the Central Asian “stans,” complete with shady jihadi commandos mixed with Uighurs also destabilizing Xinjiang.

This being the case, the non-withdrawal withdrawal – what with all those remaining 18,000 Pentagon contractors/mercenaries, plus special forces and CIA black op types – would be a cover, allowing Washington a new narrative spin: the Kabul government has invited us to fight a “terrorist” re-emergence and prevent a spiral towards civil war.

American soldiers retrieve their duffel bags after they returned home from a nine-month deployment to Afghanistan on December 10, 2020, at Fort Drum, New York. Supposedly all US troops are to withdraw from Afghanistan by September 11, 2021. Photo: AFP / John Moore / Getty Images
American soldiers retrieve their duffel bags after they returned home from a nine-month deployment to Afghanistan on December 10, 2020, at Fort Drum, New York. Supposedly all US troops are to withdraw from Afghanistan by September 11, 2021. Photo: AFP / John Moore / Getty Images

The protracted endgame would read like win-win hybrid war for the deep state and its NATO arm.

Well, not so fast. The Taliban have warned all the “stans” in no uncertain terms about hosting US military bases. And even Hamid Karzai is on the record: enough with American interference.

All these scenarios will be discussed in detail this Wednesday in Dushanbe. As well as the bright part: the – now very feasible – future incorporation of Afghanistan to the New Silk Roads.

Back to the basics: Afghanistan returns, in style, to the heart of the 21st Century New Great Game.

(Republished from Asia Times by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Notsofast says:

    ….including the end of the opium-heroin ratline….there’s a whole lot of ratfuckers out there that wont allow that. reestablishing the ratline was the whole reason the u.s. went in the first place. the hasty withdrawal, leaving the country littered with weapons and equipment is a clear indicator of the chaos the deepstate/neocons intend to sow to keep their ratlines intact and their lifeblood of dark money flowing. i’m sure after the civil war heats up the narcocons will crow about how indispensable we were as a stabilizing force to the region as a whole.

    • Replies: @Max Payne
  2. djm says:

    Good luck with incorporating Afghanistan into anything other than the 16th Century

    • Agree: Z-man
    • Replies: @El Dato
  3. It only took a trillion US dollars to bring everyone to the table.

    America gets nothing for its lost treasure, the SCO wins big with the Silk Road.

    Thanks again, neocons. Your track record of stupidity is one for the history books.

  4. The Taliban must/will win in the end. Get America’s mercenaries out!

    Acknowledge that Afghanistan is a sovereign state and get those NATO beasts, destroyers of Yugoslavia and Libya, out!

    • Agree: animalogic, moi
    • Replies: @Malla
    , @Malla
  5. Only an Asian solution to Afghanistan’s USUKisrael problem.
    The pirates are going to hate this; the parasite is being expelled.

  6. The “mercenaries” are target practice for the Taliban, and The U\$A will not care about the outcome.

    • Agree: Arthur MacBride
  7. SafeNow says: • Website

    This reminds me of a joke. A Middle-Eastern diplomat finds a magic lamp, rubs it, and a genie appears! The genie explains his vast powers and perfect success record; and that the diplomat will be granted any one wish. The diplomat unfolds a large map of the Middle East, labeled with all the parties and factions and ancient hostilities, and explanatory annotations. “My wish is for peace in the Middle East.” The genie studies the map. The genie replies, “I’m only a magic genie; pick a different wish.”

    • Replies: @Kramer
    , @moi
  8. anon[574] • Disclaimer says:

    1. In a 2015 interview, then US President Barack Obama, categorized the rise of IS, as an example of “unintended consequences” of western military intervention, a specious judging, in which complacency and miscalculation provides cover for realpolitik and criminality.–


    And- “Stability is not in the cards for Afghanistan. In January, Vladimir Norov, former foreign minister of Uzbekistan and the current secretary general of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), addressed a webinar organized by the Islamabad Policy Research Institute. Norov said Daesh, or ISIS, has been shifting its fighters from Syria to northern Afghanistan.” Noam Chomsky and Vijay Prashad ,in

    2.-Richard Perle. I interviewed Perle when he was advising Reagan; and when he spoke about “total war”, I mistakenly dismissed him as mad. He recently used the term again in describing America’s “war on terror”. “No stages,” he said. “This is total war. We are fighting a variety of enemies. There are lots of them out there. All this talk about first we are going to do Afghanistan, then we will do Iraq . . . this is entirely the wrong way to go about it. If we just let our vision of the world go forth, and we embrace it entirely and we don’t try to piece together clever diplomacy, but just wage a total war . . . our children will sing great songs about us years from now.”

    3-There are powerful voices among Washington insiders, including the former secretaries of state Hillary Clinton and Condoleezza Rice, pushing for him to reverse course. A recent report from the congressionally commissioned Afghanistan Study Group also advised Mr. Biden against withdrawing U.S. troops. As Responsible Statecraft first reported, two of the group’s co-chairs and a majority of its 12 other members have current or recent financial ties to defense contractors that profit from the proliferation of American wars.

    4. A recording of Wilkerson’s speech in 2018 –
    Two of the objectives for the US troops were to have a presence in Afghanistan to disrupt China’s Belt and Road Initiative

    With further withdrawals from Afghanistan and a Taliban resurgence, America’s work to promote good governance and foster partners would unwind. The improvement of women’s rights has been one of the most critical developments to increase Afghanistan’s quality of life. It has inoculated portions of the populace toward siding with the repressive Taliban. America’s current partners will suffer as the Taliban, Pakistan and Iran gain influence.

    6 West and NATO in particular had been primary drivers of results in Libya — Udall (Senator) provocatively added Syria to that list as well.–

    7 Long before our 2003 occupation of Iraq triggered the Sunni uprising that has now morphed into the Islamic State, the CIA had nurtured violent jihadism as a Cold War weapon —-

    • Thanks: Marshal Marlow, Rahan
    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  9. Kramer says:

    Was the genie an Israeli?

    • Agree: Alfred
  10. The fly in the ointment — those US stay-behinds.
    How effective will they be in interfering with Afghanistan’s future ? A future which could be quite bright, eventually – if nurtured, rather than sabotaged by malign actors (ie the West)

    • Replies: @Smith
    , @rgl
  11. Smith says:

    The US will always be an annoying fly until it is crushed. They would come in many forms.

    For Afghanistan, it would come in from Turkey, or jihadists, liberals or homo NGOs.

    They had since WW2 built this octopus-network.

    • Replies: @animalogic
  12. @Smith

    Yes, indeed.
    If Afghanistan has a hope (& I’m not sure it does) that hope lies in the East.

    • Agree: rgl
  13. rgl says:

    Again, thanks Pepe.

  14. rgl says:

    They will certainly try to interfere – the US ‘stay behinds, but their ends will not be met. If the mighty US military had to leave Afghanistan with it’s tail between it’s legs, what could a shadow of that failed force realistically hope to gain.

    My bet? Not much.

    • Replies: @antibeast
  15. antibeast says:

    This news just came in today:

    President Joe Biden has directed evacuation flights for Afghan interpreters and other nationals who helped the U.S. military during the 20-year conflict beginning in late July, according to a senior administration official.

    Kabul is now looking like a repeat of the hasty evacuation of the US Embassy in Saigon in 1975, less than two weeks after the withdrawal of most US troops from Bagram. After the expected evacuation of Afghan interpreters by end of July, the last US troops will most likely evacuate the remaining US persons from Kabul including US ‘contractors’ and US Embassy personnel as well as US allies such as Afghan government officials, military officers and their business cronies.

    Afghanistan has become such a money pit for the Pentagon that all those \$\$\$ thrown at Kabul served only to prop up this giant scam. Now that the game is over for those US Deep State apparatchiks, this 20-year, \$2 Trillion ‘graveyard of empires’ scam has now unraveled right before our eyes — in online media, in real-time and in slow-motion — for all the world to watch in surprise and disbelief.

    Is this the beginning of the end of the US Empire? You bet.

  16. @Badger Down

    The pirates lost the first half of the twentieth century, let’s hope their loss in the twentyfirst century is less costly for everyone else.

  17. El Dato says:

    Good enough!

    Meanwhile in the unselfaware, generally unable to read history and predator-droning liberventionist befuddled hipster corner of the six million.

    • Replies: @Fred777
    , @anon
    , @anon
  18. Dei says:

    I’d like to point out that Russians were never the good guys and the FSB astrotrufers and delusional Russophiles can pound sand because Russians have always been a treacherous and violent tribe really more on par with the Jew than you think. Russians want to rule the world, but really it’s two fold because one half of Russians are actually Jewish and the other are deluded Slavic nationalist dumbasses and Slavs should have never migrated out of their swamp. I hope Russia invades Afghanistan again so they can get their sh*te pushed in and hopefully their entire country collapses into several nations. Russians bring crime and violence, it’s all theyre good for.

    • LOL: GMC
    • Troll: Ukraine Tiger
  19. The best efforts to develop Afghanistan were those by their own Communist government; it tried to reduce the warlords, educate its womenfolk, and spread science among its people; of course America would not have any of those, so, sponsored the Mujahideen. Mujahids were too much of Central Asia for the comfort of Pakistan, so came the Taliban. Taliban are absolutely against silly things such as the American regimes pretend to care for; but such is our position today, thanks to the American regimes, that most of the world sees Taliban as a relief!

    Pakistan has since long achieved the strategic depth it always dreamed of, against an Indian invasion. But the present conditions of India does not inspire Pakistan to bait it to a war; what is the use of this depth, achieved at immense cost, then?

    This is not the last of Afghanistan; eradicating opium cultivation is going to be very very difficult; and bringing a sense of 21st Century to the warlords will not be easy either. But, yes, the bulk of the trouble is going to go away, IF, and that is a big if, the American forces really go away.

  20. Maria says: • Website

    America would not have any of those, so, sponsored the Mujahideen

  21. Maria says: • Website

    The news comes less than a week after Biden announced that the United States would begin relocation flights for the thousands of Afghans this month, as the U.S. military approaches the end of the Afghanistan drawdown. U.S. Central Command said this week that the withdrawal is 95 percent complete.

  22. usNthem says:

    The Brits and Ruskies both got their asses kicked, but at least had the good sense to see it was a medieval shithole and cut their losses. The US finally leaves 20 years (good lord) later, accomplishing what? Not a goddamned thing other than killing and maiming thousands on both sides, spending trillions – on/for nothing. Thanks bush, you worthless f***.

  23. anon[398] • Disclaimer says:

    “…This being the case, the non-withdrawal withdrawal – what with all those remaining 18,000 Pentagon contractors/mercenaries, plus special forces and CIA black op types…”

    anyone have a good handle on how many Mercs we have in country ? I’ve seen figures from 5,000 to 100,000.

  24. ValMonde says:

    Stupidity? Only if you naively assume that neocons are actually pursuing Americans’ interests. More likely, they are the parasite slowly taking command of their zombified host.

  25. ValMonde says:

    A far more plausible scenario is that they invade the US, shortly before it collapses into several nations. But they’d better hurry.

    • Agree: Ukraine Tiger
  26. @Old Brown Fool

    Taliban is a relief. Anything is better than USer militants beating citizens to death on the wrong f continent.

  27. ISIS/Daesh did not exist in Iraq before the 2003 US invasion and occupation. So how come ISIS-Khorasan emerged right under NATO’s noses?

    ISIS/Daesh/al-Qaeda are of course creatures of ZUKUS;
    There are reports that UK and US officers are leading them in Yemen. No-hoper KSA military would be dead in the water without eg UK input in their now years of bombing Yemeni civilians, like the ongoing savagery in Palestine this is not something that receives any serious discussion in the jewish-owned western media.

    Recent report on US re-arming al-qaeda in Syria —

  28. Catilina says:

    What are a few billions of newly printed dollars here or there?

  29. @Dei

    LOL, you sound like a deranged limey homo. Does Putin “fuck” you in the ass, rough?

  30. @beavertales

    “America gets nothing for its lost treasure, …”
    As another reply notes, “what is a few \$billion here or there” when (a) they are imaginary printed Feb digital fiat printed on toilet paper and dumped by the pallet load; and (b) they do not get lost in Afghanistan (or other global sinkholes) but rather simply recycle around and back into the pockets of the various military-industrial-congressional racket complexes. It is not gold, it is not treasure, rather it is simply double entry book-keeping accounting pouring from the empty into the void with a lot of secret handshakes along the way.

  31. Malla says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    NATO should have been dissolved decades ago, its purpose is over after the Warsaw Pact collapsed. And what is NATO doing in Afghanistan? Afghanistan is not in the North Atlantic!! It was supposed to be a defense organisation, now it attacks.

  32. moi says:

    Actually, his wish was for a nonviolent, non-aggressive Joonited States.

  33. Ross23 says:

    The Chinese are not dumb they won’t try to change the Afghans like the US so nobody will shoot them.

    They’ll just trade with them – Mineral mining and access routes in exchange for high speed internet.

    The Taliban will be able to stream and jerk off to western porn a lot more efficiently to see those trashy blonds in action.

    The Taliban will be very happy they have a thing for trashy blonds in that part of the world.

  34. Malla says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    If the European leaders had statesman like the Kaiser, not being globalists themselves, they would used the opportunity of the collapse of the Warsaw Pact World to integrate Russia more into the Rest of Europe and got free of the USA.Integrated Russia’s vast military machine into an independent European military system after forcing the abolition of NATO. That was the Kaiser’s dream, an anti-American, European alliance including Russia and Britain. Instead they allowed the Clinton mafiaso and his US Jew allies, the looting of the collected wealth of the USSR.

    From The Americanization of the world by William T Stead (1902)

    “Compelled to admit failure in his attempt to prevent the Americanization of Germans outside Germany, the Emperor (German Kaiser) has redoubled his efforts in order to prevent the Americanization of Europe. This has been a fixed idea with him ever since he came to the throne. On his first visit to the Tsar of Russia, he propounded to him his favorite thesis, and endeavored to enlist the Tsar’s support in the holy cause of anti-Americanism. Nicholas II. listened with a sympathetic interest, which is natural to him in talking to all men, whether moujiks or Kaisers, but he did not see his way to fall in with his guest’s idea.

    The Kaiser, behind his apparent impulsiveness, is tenacious in pursuing his objects. Foiled in his first essay to win over the Tsar to a great European combination to organize the Old World against the New, he did not on that account abandon his favorite project. The duty of first publicly proclaiming in the hearing of the world the doctrine which the Kaiser had privately endeavored to impress upon the Tsar fell upon Count Goluchowski, the Foreign Secretary of Austria-Hungary. Addressing the Parliamentary Delegations in November, 1897, he pleaded strongly in favor of the adoption of a pacific policy in Europe if for no other reason than that the very existence of the European peoples depended upon their power to defend themselves, fighting shoulder to shoulder, against Transoceanic competition. He foreshadowed the adoption of counteracting measures, which he declared must be prompt and thorough in order to protect the vital interests of the European nations. Count Goluchowski’s alarming summons to the Old World excited considerable discussion, but led to no definite result for some years. ”
    ” That the new shipbuilding policy then announced by Germany was aimed against Great Britain was generally recognized abroad ; but when the German Emperor visited London shortly afterwards he had a very different explanation to give of the increase of the German fleet. So far from being a menace to Great Britain, he is said to have protested, he regarded every new ship added to the German navy as an addition to the fighting force of the British fleet. For, he argued, it was inevitable that the United States, sooner or later would endeavor to grasp the supreme position on the sea at present held by Great Britain.

    When that day came Great Britain would find in the German Fleet her most potent ally. The nations of the Old World, representing culture and civilization, would have to stand shoulder to shoulder in resisting the contemplated attack of the new barbarians of the Western World, who, swollen by prosperity and pride and unweighted by any of the responsibilities which enforce caution on other States, would inevitably come into collision sooner or later with the present Mistress of the Seas. “

    “In Berlin the German Industrial Union have expressed through their Secretary, Dr. Wilhelmend-
    landt, their views upon the subject. He declared that the time had come for some Bismarck to rise up and assemble the nations of Europe and throttle the American peril. Europe, he argued, could perfectly well be independent of the American market. Russia, by developing her cotton plantations in the Caucasus, had finally liberated the Old World from dependence upon the New. “I believe,” he declared, “in fighting America with the same weapons of exclusion which America herself has used so remorselessly and so successfully. We propose to work for an all European Union. The commercial interests of the hour are paramount, and a discriminatory alliance of all European Powers, including England, will be the inevitable result of the American invasion.”

    • Thanks: Houston 1992
  35. Hossein says:

    Once again Afganistan has proven itself to be a grave yard of empires. The Russian tasted the bitter taste of humiliation and defeat and now the Americans and of course ,once again, the dumb British whose arses have been kicked numerous times in Afganistan before.

    As for the new players, the Chinese, they will face the resistance as well and eventually will leave with their tail between their legs. The recent attack on a convoy of Chinese engineers and killing of dozen of them is indicative of what is coming to them in that troubled area.

    The wannabe Imperialist Persians who barely could provide their population with water and food and whose economy is in tatters will certainly face a different but far more violent reaction from the Afganis , Taliban and others, and if they dare to intervene directly by military means it would certainly lead to the demise of the Mulla kingdom .

    The Taliban and other factions are well aware of who supported the Imperialist forces against their people and their wounded country. These were the Persian Mullas. The Afganis have never forgotten that nor the using of their poor kids as cannon fodder for Imperial ambitions of Persian mullas in Syria.

    No matter who the players in Afganistan history has proven that the invaders and interventionists always leave with their tails between their legs.

  36. Fred777 says:
    @El Dato

    Will Boot and other neocons pick up a rifle and ship out to the worlds hotspots themselves?

  37. Anonymous[317] • Disclaimer says:

    I once told the VP of IBM that the “PC Junior” was a piece of junk and a mistake. He kindly explained to me how many millions they made from it. So, in Afghanistan or Vietnam, the slaves see disaster, but Daddy Warbucks sees profits.

    • Agree: GMC
  38. As long as we are still talking about the “Great Game”, especially with China as the leading player, shall we acknowledge that the model, rather than chess = _wei chi_, as the Chinese, who invented it at about the same time as farming, call it? In the “barbarian” (my term) world –that is, all countries outside of the three homelands of China, Korea (“_baduk_”) and Japan– we so far usually call the game by its Japanese name of _go_.

    The link below shows the final board position in champion Lee Sedol’s victory over AlphaGo on

    This is the one and only time that a human has ever beaten AlphaGo AI in hundreds of matches against all the top “meat” players. In this particular match AlphaGo defeated Lee Sedol, up to then considered world’s #1, by 4 games to 1.

    Brin-Page [Google] own AlphaGo. This uniquely potent asset may have influenced JeWorld HQ to introduce the juflu aka Covid etc to take over from the collapsing psywar cover of JL–911 [“Jewish Lightning”].

    • Replies: @Smith
  39. American interference? The ‘American’ forever wars were as much American as the Bolshevik revolution was Russian. In other words, the same Bastahds who fouled the world 100 years ago are still in business – but their day of reckoning is coming closer.

  40. Bayviking says:

    Another enemy and war served up to the American people. When you consider that the oligarchy in charge moved most manufacturing to China first, as a final nail in labor’s coffin, there is no possible favorable outcome for the USA, where idiots rule.

  41. The Muslim has the slave mentality while the Jew has the master mindset. Let the former be the slave of the latter via the chinaman… it’s so written, so let it be done!

  42. Everyone has the same banker. There is no greater game then the one be played out by the banker. The nation state is just doing its bankers’ mass murder and resource plundering. But hey if China, rather then the US putting roads in a previously isolated Afghanistan floats your boat, then in you are in luck. I’ll just mourn isolation, gold standard, and human biodiversity.

    • Replies: @John H
  43. Maddaugh says:

    I am no political “expert” by any means but when a blogger attempts to inject reason into any aspect of the middle east I feel confident I know more than he does. This feeling of superiority on my part is enhanced when he asserts, implies, insinuates he has diplomatic and other sources providing him with information, facts, opinions. To add insult to injury when three nations each with different cultural, religious and historical backgrounds dip their wicks into the brew I envisage another disaster in the making.

    So I try to get a picture in my mind of this Chinese, Russian and Iranian heavy weight dream team in action negotiating with a crew of Jihadis who have had enough of foreign interference.

    Russia: You must do “A” unconditionally or so and so
    China: You must also do “B” without qualification or so and so
    Iran: Inshallah, you must also do “C” willingly or so and so
    Russia, China and Iran: You must also stop all opium production for this deal to work.

    The Taliban: Allah is great. All three of you can lick our balls. What do we give a shit about your \$2B in investments when we can sell \$4B in dope. In addition, praise be to Allah, we dont give a fuck about development, silk roads or any of that shit. Why cant you douche bags understand we just want to be left alone to do as we please. We like living in the 15th century. Besides, you Chinese bat eaters are abusing Muslims in your own country.

    As the conference winds down after much tough negotiation the final agreement is presented. When it comes time for the Taliban to sign they write FUCK YOU on the signature line. Better that than the fiasco which will surely follow.

    Why dont nations learn ? So many people and so many nations always believe THEY can do better and make a difference. Russia has already had its pecker trimmed in the country, now China and Iran are anxious to dip their dicks in the Afghan shredder. Its madness on an even grander scale.

    If the people in DC were not so dumb I would say they have prepared an elaborate trap for these Three Stooges, leading all three to simultaneous heartache.

    Afghanistan is a country best left ALONE ! When will they ever learn.

  44. Agent76 says:

    Dec 26, 2019 China, Russia and Iran do naval ‘power rebalancing’ in the Gulf of #Oman

    Washington panics as de facto anti-imperial group – #China #Russia and #Iran – does a ‘power rebalancing’ exercise in the Gulf of #Oman.

    Jan 13, 2020 A timeline of U.S.-Iran relations The U.S. and Iran have a complicated history dating back decades.

    From the U.S. involvement in the shah’s 1953 coup of Prime Minister Mohammed Mosaddegh, to the Iran hostage crisis in 1979, to the U.S. killing of one of Iran’s top generals in January 2020, the U.S. and Iran’s conservative religious and political leaders have often found themselves in stark opposition to one another about their visions for both Iran’s own future and larger interests in the Middle East.

  45. @antibeast

    And make sure they evacuate their bacha bazi bum boys together with those interpreters and other fifth columnist traitors. And be careful with any Omar Mateens lurking among those boarding the evacuation flights.

    • Replies: @antibeast
  46. antibeast says:
    @Commentator Mike

    I am sure those Afghan bacha bazi boytoys will find a warm welcome in the negro-worshipping, homo-loving, tranny-promoting Woke West, as the latest and greatest Afghan contribution to the multi-cultural gay porn industry in Hollywood or the gay sex industry in Washington, D.C.

    • Agree: Commentator Mike
  47. BorisMay says:

    There is no ‘new great game’ because the criteria has changed.
    There is no Russian Royal Family and the British Royal Family are more interested in marrying mulatto American third class actresses and making fools of themselves across the pond.
    The nut-jobs in the US could never replace Great Britain because they have no one like Cecil Rhodes and that type to swing things for the monarchy.

    Tashkent has a Mediterranean climate and is very much a good location for this sort of meeting. One day it might become the Geneva of the Far East.

    The US is just a nasty bug and you stamp on bugs! The real fly are the Shia in northern Afghanistan and the Ishmaeli in the stans to the north. The Shia don’t trust the (Sunni) Taliban and they have good reason not to. Thus while Pepe is naively optimistic, as is his wont, he must know the likelihood of peace breaking out is near zero in reality.

    After all Taliban translates to ‘student’ and students, by and large, are too immature to be trusted. Without Pakistan the Taliban are nothing, thus it should be Pakistan negotiating on behalf of the students.

    With or without US interference, these talks will only lead to more conflict because the Shia and Sunni are like oil and water. The two don’t mix.

    But this is not a new great game, it is just a bunch of wishful thinkers dreaming dreams.

    Oh look! Pepe’s just woken up..,

    • Agree: Maddaugh
    • Replies: @Hess
  48. anon[365] • Disclaimer says:
    @El Dato

    “Indeed, a certain amount of destabilization in the region might be to America’s advantage, as it would keep rivals Russia and China busy dealing with their own problems.”–

    This guy will cry when the destabilization leads to chaos and USA desires to leave. This guy will be very overtly angry and covertly very happy when America receives kick right back . Just like Netanyahoo was happy after 911.

  49. anon[365] • Disclaimer says:

    “If the people in DC were not so dumb I would say they have prepared an elaborate trap for these Three Stooges” American citizen are dumb . Max Boot is not.
    3 stooges are American intellectual and military foes and more than a rival .

    “our \$2B in investments when we can sell \$4B in dope” . Dumb American will be dying. Does Max Boot or JINSA give a shit ?. American stooges can swallow a lot of crap .

    Now this is for your information to keep:

    “Amid the Pandemic’s Onslaught ,Drug Deaths Surge to a Record”- Josh Katz and M Sanger-Katz. NYTimes 15th July 2021

    I guess the business right under US ‘s nose has been going well.

    What do you think?

    “I am no political “expert” by any means but when a blogger attempts to inject reason into any aspect of the middle east I feel confident I know more than he does.” Just like Bush jr..

  50. @Old Brown Fool

    Opium production was practically down to nothing before 9/11. As pointed out by another commenter here, the whole reason for invading Afghanistan was for the opium, nothing more.

    • Replies: @Arthur MacBride
  51. @Maddaugh

    The Taliban detests opium production.

    • Replies: @Maddaugh
  52. Max Payne says:

    I have to agree. It took the Taliban forever to reduce all that opium goodness (haram and what not) before the US waltz in and revived that industry.

    Now in the age of cheap telecommunications (the one limiting factor of drug trading is safe and secure communications; not land, not money, not manpower, not will/desperation) heroin will never die. Any desperate 18 year old with a stash of poppies can find a buyer without leaving his village.

    Like I said before the CIA isn’t stupid. They probably left a trail of bounty phone numbers which you can send a picture of a dead Taliban to get the bounty on them. Kill a known Taliban, take a picture with your phone, send it to one of the many thousands of phone numbers left behind for unofficial bounties and have CIA send you \$1000 through PayPal. Sell opium on the side to supplement your income (because software development is not something Afghanistan is known for). Rinse. Repeat.

    When you’re 18, near illiterate, and Islam is telling you what little your crappy country is offering you is haram… it’s not hard to want more.

  53. Yee says:


    “Why cant you douche bags understand we just want to be left alone to do as we please. We like living in the 15th century.”

    Sure. But Afghanistan traded with China even in the 15th century, too…

    • Replies: @Maddaugh
  54. @Ukraine Tiger

    Certainly opium was the major factor, no question, with the USG being today’s world leader in illicit drug dealing. The Cocaine Importing Agency particularly.
    There was also the possibility to steal Rare Earths, I have read, Lithium etc.
    Also geo-positioning; threats to China, Iran, Russia, Pak etc. Although what the useless US military thinks it’s going to do against any real power is an open question.

    Americans like to think that they are a Christian country. But it’s less than 250 years old and already on the skids, so where are their blessings ? Does this make sense to Americans ? A huge territory now even in this comparatively short time wrecked and despoiled, infrastructure collapsing and Society itself disintegrating.

    The USA rather is a rabid Mad Dog warmaker for the moneychangers, the children of satan. It is not really a country at all but an international Crime Cartel.

    • Replies: @BorisMay
    , @abacch
  55. Anonymous[250] • Disclaimer says:

    Americans we had been played by the ZIO/Jewish/Neocons/israeli ..all according to the Talmudic agenda CRT/DEM/Deep/blue tyranny….look at SAfrica..!!! DOJ/Garland High Kommisar for anti WHITE policies…whioleportecting BLM/Antifa terrorists..

  56. Pepe shilling for the CCP again.

    And the Great Hope – Putin, is now implementing mandatory jabs and QR codes.

    The Mark of the Beast slowly is covering the whole earth.

  57. Maddaugh says:

    You are right Yee, but that was 500 years ago. A long time. Its one thing to trade and yet another to dominate. Which one will it be ? When I have a sword and you have a sword we can trade on equal terms. When I have a gun and you still have your sword we can still trade but on my terms.

    I guess the definition of trade is left to be seen but in my opinion these people want to be left alone. I think history has clearly shown that. The majority of these people want to tend their goats, plant their crops and be apart from the “modern” world with no-one telling that what to think or what to do. To tell the truth so would I !

    I think another lesson from history is that alliances between diverse nations never last. There are also many different clans in Afghanistan each loyal to their own and not really to the Nation as such.

    Hopefully this tripartite initiative will be productive but given the greed that exists in the world these days my intuition tells me that this is another witches’ brew that will boil over.

    I am not an expert in snakes and I care not a whit for anyone who asserts they are or who assures me they can control serpents. All I know is that I have enough common sense not to go where others have gone and get bitten.

  58. Maddaugh says:
    @Ukraine Tiger

    You are right about that but so does most of the world. As a matter most detest recreational drugs. However over the years this has not quelled the production and sale of any dope. The money is too much. When you are ruthless you dont care who gets hurt only that you get the money.

    As a matter of fact I detest prescribed drugs. A friend of mine told me yesterday he is very ill. How can someone 43 years old have so many issues. Well, his Doctor has him on so many drugs he now has some App that beeps when this or that pill needs to be taken. Every month some other part of his body pains or is damaged. Yet, he continues to dope up. I looked at one receipt. Pharma got \$6 and the Doctor got \$40, for writing a prescription that took a few seconds.

    People want their dope Tiger and no amount of screeching on the part of the sane is going to change the greed of the Doctors, Pharma or the drug cartels.

    Will Afghan warlords give up millions in profits for a job in Kabul earning \$300 US a month ?

    I doubt it but you know I could be wrong. We will see.

    • Replies: @Ukraine Tiger
  59. anon[308] • Disclaimer says:
    @El Dato

    WaPo “Sorry Haiti, The world’s policeman is officially off duty”

    They aren’t on duty in Portland, Seattle, New York, Chicago, and Atlanta either, but by God dont you address them as anything buy “they” or “her” or they will administer a whoopin’ on you for misgendering them like you aint ever seen son, right General Milley? Lord Ratheon done issued a decree, and we goins’ta keep em hormones and poppies a flowin. Pass them birth control pills private, and my Moderna syringe. Priorities boys…..girls…..theys…..yaws……thems….

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  60. BorisMay says:
    @Arthur MacBride

    London, and the City of London, two different entities… London the capital of Great Britain, the City of London which is the private fiefdom of the Royal Family (the square mile) let in perpetuity to the Rothschild banking empire is the acknowledged and primary centre of the drug trade (as well as the slave trade).

    The City of London runs the world drug trade and the profits are laundered through the London property markets. This is how you get 3 bedroom flats selling for £125,000,000 across town. I’ve no idea what 125 million pounds sterling is in US dollars, but it is a lot! For that you can buy half of Scotland…

    What ever the CIA is, it is nothing more than the strong arm guys of the Rothschilds. The real action is in the City of London.

  61. @anon

    Perle, the ultimate Zionazi, means perpetual total war against Israel’s enemies-the rest of humanity.

  62. I hate to say this but the next place these MIC freaks are going to attack is Cuba. It makes me sick to my stomach, but these people do sick things.

  63. @anon

    The ‘world’s Gestapo’, surely.

  64. Cuba will be the end show. When the freaks destroy the innocent people of Cuba, their homes, their infrastructure, including their hospitals and schools, their water plants, their electrical plants, their bridges… Then the entire world will know who the enemy of humanity is.

  65. Please allow me to ask the enemy of humanity this one simple question. When humanity realizes you are the enemy of humanity where will you go?

  66. Hess says:

    >Shia and Sunni are like oil and water. The two don’t mix.

    It’s amazing how pseudo experts on Muslims from the west, educated by Hollywood and Jew media, know it all even though they have never been to a Muslim country or conversed with a Muslim on the matter.

    How come Shia/Sunni inter marry, celebrate their festivals together, live together, follow the same culture, adhere to the same lifestyle don’t mix?

    US army tried to sow the seeds of discontent and hatred by bombing the Shia holy sites in false flag operations in Iraq to get the Shia to retaliate against the Sunni thus starting a sectarian conflict to reap the benefits from afar but did it work? Mighty decepticons with the centuries of experience on divide and rule couldn’t exploit the rift and get them to do the Zionist any favors maybe because the rift Zionist talk about often doesn’t exist?

    They both have the same God, same prophet, same commandments to follow. The minor differences are in the detail of the companions and family of the prophet which are insignificant in Islam anyways.

    The only difference I can tell is that while Sunni cucks have surrendered to the Zionist war machine, Shia are still resilient and that’s about it.

    It’s a Zionist wet dream to get Shia/Sunni to fight and kill each other off but it never materialized and never will.

    • Agree: Arthur MacBride
  67. anon[428] • Disclaimer says:

    The Taliban does not want a modernized Afghanistan, it doesn’t matter if it’s the British, Russian, American or Chinese who are trying to “help”. They want to keep Afghanistan as a country for traditional Islam, much like the Amish, except with no option for anyone to opt-out. They don’t want modern infrastructure.

    Pepe does not comment on the recent bus bombing in Pakistan that killed 13 people, including 9 Chinese construction workers. The Chinese embassy called it a terror attack. These people do not want modernization, why can’t the West or the Chinese understand that?

    Leave these people alone.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Hess
  68. John H says:
    @Old and Grumpy

    You would be stupefied to know that all banks are not alike, just as there is more than one old and grumpy.

  69. John H says:

    Indeed, you are no political expert.

    • Replies: @Maddaugh
  70. @Dei

    Russians bring crime and violence, it’s all theyre [sic] good for.

    Let me guess; you don’t have a passport…

  71. @Maddaugh

    Read the Quran, it’s got lots on treaties and relations between the Ummah and outside peoples. Not much different from today’s laws.

  72. anon[368] • Disclaimer says:

    The Chinese business style is to make deals with the locals for protection, and the locals, since they’re making bank, protect them.

    Once in a while, Chinese civilians are killed because one group or the other got through the top faction’s security force. That faction is then VERY motivated to hunt down and kill the offending group. Chinese don’t lift a finger.

    For them, it’s all just the cost of doing business. It’s a playbook they perfected in the most lawless places on earth – Africa, Central Asia, North Africa, tribal parts of South East Asia and South America.

    The advantage of this approach is it does not give a flying f*ck if the other guy’s hobby is cracking open babies’ skulls open and flaying people alive then roasting them over charcoals – in other words, Chinese are not out to “make a better world”.

    Everyone who ever tried to impose his vision on someone else has ended up doing harm. Without exception. China wants none of it.

    It’s just business, and that attitude plays really well with sundry thugs and psycho warlords. In other words, China has mastered that old timey American philosophy of “DOING WHAT WORKS”.

    When the hell did we become such preachers and crusaders that we forgot our own history? We can also make deals with anyone, all we have to do is spare them our hypocrisy and our “values”.

    • Agree: Avery
  73. @beavertales

    I suspect Blackrock and other tribal banking groups are well represented on the other side. Basically another massive wealth transfer from Americans. We used to call this Treason.

  74. @antibeast

    Graveyard or beginning of the end? Make up your mind and get your story straight.

    Oh, no, wait…nevermind…nobody cares.

    • Replies: @antibeast
  75. @Maddaugh

    The difference being that the Taliban does not want a profit from opium trade. I see a brutal Taliban and also a Taliban that wants the best for Afghanistan. Let us leave them alone and all will be good should the intentions of others that want to include the country in the belt initiative prevail. All countries will eventually catch up if the hegemony is removed.

  76. Yee says:


    “I guess the definition of trade is left to be seen but in my opinion these people want to be left alone. I think history has clearly shown that. The majority of these people want to tend their goats, plant their crops and be apart from the “modern” world with no-one telling that what to think or what to do. ”

    I don’t think China care what the majority of people in other nations want to do, nor do we want to tell them “what to think or what to do”……

    The U.S. can have all the LGBT and BLM they want, China can still do business with them. The same goes for Afghanistan. The difference in weirdness hardly matters.

    • Replies: @Maddaugh
  77. Rubicon says:

    This is an unrelated query to your article, Pepe, but it needs to be asked since Asia Times published your article.

    Based upon a few criticisms and readings of “Asia Times” it seems obvious that AT is quite “Anti-Iran.” If that’s the case, Pepe, why would you want your works published via Asia Times?

    It makes no sense.
    Anybody out there who can help us understand?

    Thank you.

  78. denk says:

    27 vs 0
    Full consensus.

    FUKUS led euro to compete with chinese BRI.

    BS !

    This is the only way the [email protected]#\$%^ know how to compete.

    Nine Chinese engineers among 13 killed in ‘attack’ on bus in northwest Pakistan
    The incident occurred in Dasu area of Upper Kohistan district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province where Chinese engineers and construction workers are helping Pakistan build a dam which is part of CPEC


    How do I know its another FUKUS black op ?
    Its almost a given.
    When it comes to terrorism against Chinese,
    Assume FUKUS guilty until proven innocent.

    IN this part of world, they call the Afghan good Talib, cuz they only kill gringos and their cohorts,
    while Pak Talibs are called CIA goons, they kill Pakistanis and Chinese.

    Chinese workers become the victims of economic rivalry among various companies as many foreign firms including Turkish and US ones try to monopolize rebuilding projects in Afghanistan,” said an analyst on condition of anonymity.


    Remember Raymond Davis ?

    “The Lahore killings were a blessing in disguise for our security agencies who suspected that Davis was masterminding terrorist activities in Lahore and other parts of Punjab,”


    MInd you…
    Terrorism against Chinese engineers and workers almost halted the Gwadar port proj.


    Indians [like their FUKUS cousins] always gloat on Chinese misfortune.
    Fact is, in South Asia, terrorism against Chinese are often FUKUSI[ndian] joint ops.



    • Replies: @Malla
  79. antibeast says:
    @Johnny Rico

    Remember Vietnam? The US Empire has never fully recovered from the Fall of Saigon back in 1975. Like the Fall of Saigon, the Fall of Kabul likewise signals a turning point in world history as the US Deep State apparatchiks sweat out the desperate task of airlifting its Afghan collaborators out of Kabul in the next few months. While the US Empire might not end right there and then in that proverbial ‘graveyard of empires’, its end could begin there in earnest as the Kabul ‘domino’ effect ripples throughout the rest of the Empire.

  80. Hess says:

    >recent bus bombing in Pakistan that killed 13 people, including 9 Chinese construction workers

    And where did you get the revelation that this was somehow the doing of the Taliban ?

  81. Smith says:
    @Hal Womack

    I’m surprised nobody mentions this.

    If the US truly wants to win this game, maybe they will hook up an AI as their leader. That will be truly dangerous.

    Even the chinese top Go player sings high praise for it.

  82. Malla says:

    Indians [like their FUKUS cousins] always gloat on Chinese misfortune.
    Fact is, in South Asia, terrorism against Chinese are often FUKUSI[ndian] joint ops.

    Very true, denki. India dream of breaking China-Pakistan axis and destroy CPEC.

    Can India Break The China-Pakistan Axis?

    But give India a break, denki, don’t rub more various salts and chilli powder on wounds of Indian Govt. Modi the great uneducated, railway station tea seller boy, nationalist “son of the soil” hero screwed up. Iran now in China’s axis which India lost due to lovin with Murica, now Biden’s Murica backstab India, QUAD collapsing, now Afghanistan out of Indian hands and in Sino-Pak axis, which means Pakistan can bring more troops to its Eastern border with India, Russia seems coldish.
    Things are going good for Middle Kingdom, have some good quality Baiju, denki and celebrate.
    Indian media gone bonkers with anti-China anti-Pak propaganda

    China’s Blood Deal With Taliban | Pak-China Afghan Meddle Plot | NewsX

    And that is just English media, the hyper-nationalist and super-crazy anti-China Hindi media is going even more bonkers.

    Have your baiju, denki and enjoy the despair and fear of psycho super-nationalist Hindi media as American troops leave Afghanistan (even if you do not understand Hindi, you can feel the emotions)

    • Replies: @denk
  83. denk says:

    This was how India gauged its missile program..

    Agni I can hit the three Gorges dam

    Agni II can hit Shenzhen

    Agni III can hit Beijing

    Agin IV can hit Harbin

    Agni V = China killer

    India has no hope beating China in conventional warfare, it’ll be 1962 redux,

    There’r mad generals who might go nuclear, they reckon that obliterating Beijing, Shanghai, Shengzhen….at a cost of one million mud house is a great bargain.
    No doubt somebody has been nudging Delhi in that direction.

    Modi is throwing in heavy reinforcement at the border again.

    Why, To deter a Chinese invasion ?
    But everybody knows that China wont fire the first shot !

    China now face the threat of a four front attack at TW straits , SCS, Diaoyu isle and Lakdah.
    India might be the one tasked with igniting the powder keg

    • Replies: @Malla
  84. Anonymous[268] • Disclaimer says:

    Nailed it. I didn’t think Poopie Escobar’s shilling for the CCP could get any stupider, but it did. Does he (and the other CCP trolls and Team Russia retards) really think the Americans didn’t cut some kind of deal with the Taliban on their way out? If these clowns had any sense they’d wonder what the Turks are fomenting across Russia’s southern border instead of whining incessantly about “Nazis” in the Ukraine and the mean things the Armenian media said about Putin.

    • Replies: @GomezAdddams
  85. Malla says:

    No doubt somebody has been nudging Delhi in that direction.

    Nobody is nudging New Delhi into anything. India does it by its own accord. Actually the USA is clandestinely helping China by backstabbing India. Like always.

    • Replies: @Vox4non
  86. denk says:

    FUKUS great game has been going on for centuries, one of the main theme of the latest iteration is…..Chinese as pariah of 21C

    Chinese are being assaulted all across five liars lands.

    Some times the bullies pick on the wrong guy/gal and get their comeuppance.

    I dun like to post/watch video, when I do better watch.

    • Thanks: d dan
    • Replies: @Smith
  87. 20 Years of the “War on Terror” all based on an Israeli False Flag; 9/11. How did we get here.

    I am disgusted with my Government. They first pull off a Psy-Ops on American Citizens. Terrorize us by murdering 2000 of their own. Then the MSM rolls out the Propaganda 24/7…for months on end. Absolutely brainwashing our children so they can be recruited to invade another country and slaughter their women and children. When the men of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria fight the foreign invaders, we call them “ISIS” and “terrorists”. Completing the circle…we now have created our own enemy (one that never existed before) and a true “War on Terror”. We became as dishonorable and filthy as Israel and everyone in the middle east now seeks our blood. —-ALL BASED ON A DAMN LIE—

    How many young American boys are amputees, with broken spines, wheelchair bound, with horribly disfigured faces….AND FOR WHAT? 22 Veterans a day are committing suicide. And for what????

    Now we load all our shit and leave their countries. What was accomplished??? Who Profited? Israel is much, much more secure now. We destroyed many of her greatest threats. Our Christian Zionist pilgrims travel to Israel each year and volunteer to work in her grape vinyards– but are not allowed to touch the wine produced as it would make it unclean for Jew consumption. How incredibly stupid we Americans are.

    There will be hell to pay for what we have done in the middle east. Now we Americans can never live in peace. So much death and destruction. So many souls filled with despair, rage, and anger; honor-bound to seek revenge for the murder of their families. As would I.

    I fucking hate Israel for what they have done to America. How naive America has been. As a young fledgling country…we had no experience with the machinations of the Jew. Now we know what all of Europe has known for centuries and it is too late.

    • Replies: @Arthur MacBride
  88. Smith says:

    It’s not only the 5 eyes nations, tbh.

    Let’s just say the chinese (oversea or not) don’t have good PR/soft power anywhere right now, 9 of them just got car bombed in Pakistan which is easily one of the most pro-China countries on Earth, as I mentioned earlier.

  89. @beavertales

    USA can spend 60 trillion to undo the Belt and Road Initiative. You can NOT have a society without Freedom Democracy Human Rights —-USA has them in spades —Canada has some but not enough–England too overdue–Australia whining over a fake Covid outbreak –New Zealand waiting for Luke and Butch to return…….((( hot stock tip of the week —-invest in fire engines along the West Coast—high demand —–or a project to pipe German water to buoy up Salt Lake —–)))

  90. @Anonymous

    Take a hike to Oregon—-and check things out—understand things are a little hot now— Global Warming is a facce Covid is Just like the flu Crhist will come and defetat Covid USA is God’s countery 20 years peace over 275 years of existence —–28 Trillion in Debt but now wanting another 60 Trilloion for competing against th eBelt and Road —–can not defeat cavemen in Afghanistan——-911 was an inside job—–study the collapse —

  91. @Mike Fridelle

    Now we know what all of Europe has known for centuries and it is too late.

    Thank you.

    It may not be too late, as more Americans gain the awareness that you have.
    Recovery from the Beast is always possible.

    Best wishes to all ordinary patriotic Americans in this undertaking.

  92. Vox4non says:

    I won’t be surprised if the CIA / USA plays off both China and India to keep both occupied and destabilised. Remember Iraq /Iran?

    Only problem is that China is aware of what the USA is doing but India looks it’s sleepwalking into a trap due to a flattered ego.

    • Replies: @Malla
  93. Malla says:

    I won’t be surprised if the CIA / USA plays off both China and India to keep both occupied and destabilised.

    Could be but USA or no USA, India looks at china as a major threat. This is not my personal opinion
    , I do not look at China as belligerent as many of my countrymen see.
    Even without the USA, this rivalry would have still existed. Indeed even when India considered the USA not in friendly terms during the cold war, it looked at China as a rouge state and threat to the nation. India in those days was both anti-West and anti-China.

  94. Malla says:

    Indian Nationalism has become inherently anti-CCP. The masses hate China, the West does not need to anything.
    According to Indian nationalist mentality, the whole problem is being caused by the CCP.

    Which Nation is India’s Most Trusted Friend? | #AskAbhijit E9Q2 | Abhijit Chavda

    To understand the Indian nationalist mentality you gotta see the above video.
    :33 seconds in the above video
    Indian hyper-nationalist Abhijit Chavda speaks: “Let me give you an example, for the past two and a half thousand years, …ever since China emerged as a civilization, 2 and a half thousand years ago, all this time, India and China has never had an adversarial relationship. Never in the past 2 and a half thousand years. Its only after the Chinese Communist Party under Mao Tse Tung came into power, in the 1950s or there abouts, that India and China became adversaries. The adversarial relationship happened because of Chinese actions. It started with the conquest of Tibet, the illegal annexation of Tibet, then they started having designs on further Indian territory. ”

  95. KA says:

    The newly established US-Pakistan-Afghanistan-Uzbekistan [1]framework is the embodiment of Pakistan’s multi-alignment policy of balancing between Great Powers. It complements the 2016 Quadrilateral Cooperation & Coordination Mechanism (QCCM) with itself, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and China, as well as its recent outreaches to Russia.

    The US wants to use the Pakistan-Afghanistan-Uzbekistan (PAKAFUZ) railway that was agreed to in February to expand its economic influence into post-withdrawal Afghanistan and the Central Asian Republics (CARs), while Russia wants to use it to attain its centuries-long strategic goal of reaching the Indian Ocean Region (IOR).

    Meanwhile, last month’s virtual Foreign Ministers meeting between the top Chinese, Pakistani, and Afghan diplomats saw Kabul agreeing to rely more on BRI and in particular CPEC’s Gwadar.–

    1- Representatives of the United States, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Uzbekistan agreed in principle to establish a new quadrilateral diplomatic platform focused on enhancing regional connectivity.

  96. denk says:

    How long will the countries targeted by American/Islamist limited warfare continue to tolerate this bold assault? China, in particular, is presently bound by the economic chains that have been forged with the United States. How much longer will it continue to abide provocations in Xinjiang and other Chinese interests from Central Asia, to Pakistan, to Africa? It would be extremely unprofitable right now for China to haul the United States before the UN Security Council or to take military actions in retaliation for this low-intensity war that has been waged upon them. But that will not always be true. When the American house of cards finishes collapsing all bets will be off.

    What the hell is the matter with people? Has everyone so bought-in to the propaganda that leads them to their own deaths that they believe the lies that control us? Willfully following sell-out leaders, who are leading their own countries to death and slavery is more than merely suicidal, it’s something a dumb animal would do.




    Let’s just say the chinese (oversea or not) don’t have good PR/soft power anywhere right now, 9 of them just got car bombed in Pakistan which is easily one of the most pro-China countries on Earth, as I mentioned earlier.

    Pakistan which is easily one of the most pro-China and anti US country on Earth,


    Begs the question..
    Why so many ‘terror’ attacks on Chinese in Pak while none on gringos and five liars ?

    Have the jihadists all gone bonkers ?

    TTP tracked down tourist in Pak and executed only the Chinese…

    the killing was revenge against the US drone attacks and killing of TTP chief Waliur Rehman Mehsud

    The TTP mercenaries who had taken an 8 hours on-foot journey to reach the camp, made sure to pick out and kill only the Chinese, the Ukrainians and one Nepali, leaving safe the US and European tourists.

    TTP slain Chinese, great satan‘s declared enemies, to avenge their bro murdered by great satan

    YOu cant make this shit up buddy !

    It gets better…

    TTP’s double-face is evident from the fact that since the return of their captured leader Baitullah Meshud from GITMO, and his creation of the TTP, the TTP has invoked an undeclared Jehad against the Chinese, attacking them every now and then, whereas not a single American asset has been hit in Pakistan nor in Afghanistan.

    PR your ass smith, use your brain,.

    • Replies: @Smith
  97. Smith says:

    I heard the chinese staff in Pakistan does not even interact with local, but mostly staying in hotel or bunker.

    If that’s true, it’s a deeper problem than terrorists or CIA.

  98. Maddaugh says:
    @John H

    And neither are you. And neither is anyone else on this site. The fact is though, I am the other UR readers try to apply some common sense to these articles. Your contribution to the discussion is meaningless one liners, like the following:

    To Old and Grumpy:
    You would be stupefied to know that all banks are not alike, just as there is more than one old and grumpy.

    To Maddaugh:

    Indeed, you are no political expert.

    This is a triple whammy for you. You are no political expert, you are dumb and you lack an imagination. Try to think. I know it may be hard and probably give you migraines but it is a useful habit. You should try it sometimes.

    Give us something to consider rather than silly one liners !

    • Replies: @John H
  99. Maddaugh says:

    I don’t think China care what the majority of people in other nations want to do, nor do we want to tell them “what to think or what to do”……

    IN the short term a powerful trading nation may well not care what the majority of the people in another nation want to do. In the long term this is disastrous. As such, a nation like China putting the coin on the table for any nation anywhere in the world WILL tell people what to think and what to do. If I were the majority investor in a venture the other partners better believe my will is paramount.

    The U.S. can have all the LGBT and BLM they want, China can still do business with them. The same goes for Afghanistan. The difference in weirdness hardly matters.

    In the US the LGBT and BLM are freak organizations whose main focus is not trade but shakedowns. In time these will fade away as people become more and more fed up with them. BLM is already half way to being redundant given their founders absconded with the contributions to live in white areas. LGBTQ is another circus show and I feel the public has had enough of all these gender distinctions. Beyond a certain point too much humour is no longer amusing. These 2 movements are indeed weirdness and irrelevant to trading or trading partners except of course as I mentioned they are are give a fee to appease them.

    In Afghanistan though, Islam and tribalism is the rule, is constant , has been and will be for thousands of years. In this case this is not weirdness but consistency. China, Russia and Iran, three nations with different cultures will have to deal with this.

    Whether these three countries will hold together is, as history has shown, an alliance that always falls apart. In addition they must deal with a country radicalised by Islam and years of war and a tradition of expelling every nation that had tried to dominate it.

    Too many variables and too many people with nothing to lose. Whether the tripartite alliance will work is left to be seen. It may do well but the odds are stacked against it.

    As such I disagree with you.
    China will have to care later if not sooner what the multitude thinks.
    China may have a greater problem in caring about what each faction thinks
    China will have to lay down the law.No major investor is going to put up their money and have other people call the shots.
    China will be dealing with a radicalized people united by one common religion rather than a bunch of people who cannot distinguish whether having a dick or pussy means they are boys or girls
    China will also have to cope with the Russian culture and Iran which is another ball of wax.
    Finally, the Three Allaince will be dealing with people who are insular and seem to want to be left alone.

    As I said, time will tell but it looks like a losing proposition and we have not even factored in other players who may want a piece of the pie.

  100. Yee says:


    “a nation like China putting the coin on the table for any nation anywhere in the world WILL tell people what to think and what to do.”

    No, telling other people what to think and what to do is limited to monotheistic Christianity and Islam cultures.

    China never cared how the barbarians ran their countries in the past. It’s not like China has never been a powerful country before.

    It’s strange that you get the idea that China, Russia and Iran will form an alliance to force Afghanistan something, while in reality it’s Afghanistan seeking investments from China.

    It’s also very strange you believe investing in a foreign country gives you the power to “lay down the law”. The US has invested plenty in China, I don’t think they get to lay down the law.

    Afghanistan has been China’s neighbour for millenniums. The country is not important enough for China to force them anything.

    • Replies: @John H
  101. KA says:

    When the whole world is lamenting that the US is quitting Afghanistan in ignominy, the Biden Administration is snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. What an audacity of hope!

    The agreement reached in principle in Tashkent on Friday between the representatives of the United States, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan “to establish a new quadrilateral diplomatic platform focused on enhancing regional connectivity”

    The joint statement issued at Tashkent says that the four countries recognise a “historic opportunity to open flourishing international trade routes, [and] the parties intend to cooperate to expand trade, build transit links and strengthen business-to-business ties.”
    The new Quad signals the US’ receptiveness to Pakistan’s persisting demand for a bilateral relationship that goes beyond Afghan issues.
    Conceivably, the Taliban would have no reservations over the QUAD. The Pakistani ports are ideally placed to connect the resource-rich Central Asian region and Afghanistan with the world market.

    There are seamless possibilities ahead. The recent G7 summit in Cornwall had agreed on a new initiative to support global infrastructure investment.

    Indeed, the US hopes to wean Pakistan away from its heavy dependence on China. The new QUAD will make India look an outlier drifting aimlessly without a sense of direction. India turned its back on China’s BRI but Pakistan secured the \$60 billion CPEC and is now looking forward to the US-led QUAD.

    India’s relations with China are in deep chill and its traditional friendly ties with Russia have become listless, whereas, Pakistan not only enriched its ties with China but is successfully exploring the multipolarity in the world order.

    On July 16, Pakistan and Russia signed a mega deal for a 1100 km gas pipeline project costing between \$2.5 – \$3 billion connecting Karachi and Lahore which will transport imported LNG” M K Bhadrakumar

    Looks promising . Multipolarity might not be acknowledged but US is embracing it .

  102. John H says:

    Upon your suggestion, I’m now reading Heidegger’s “What is called Thinking?”

  103. John H says:

    It’s interesting that many people instinctively feel they understand Machiavelli, or Hobbes because they recognize the names (without having read the texts or exegeses) but they think they can comprehend the Chinese point of view into today’s geopolitic without knowing even the names of the thinkers who laid down the principles of good governance (which hold sway today). I had the good luck to take a college course in East Asian philosophy (mostly Chinese). Your comments are appreciated.

  104. anon[323] • Disclaimer says:

    West has discredited itself beyond pale . Muddy water of information ,20 years wars, hundred of years of destructive behaviors throughout the entire world and financial exploitation have poisoned justifiably people’s faith and trust of the west .
    China is the country that has fished well in this muddy water .
    But no country can be trusted . Power corrupts and turns in them into hegemon . China is not going to be exception .
    information out of China is not any more or leas trustworthy than what comes out of British or American press .

  105. denk says:

    Trick question…
    Every other day since 911, the cabal keep warning about the danger of moslem terrorism to FUKUS,
    How come it IS the Chinese who have been dying like flies at the hand of said terrorists in Afpak, the stans, Afrcia, SEA,….?
    when was the last time you heard about a gringo targeted by AQ, TTP, ISIS, the caliphate ….????

    TTP’s double-face is evident from the fact that since the return of their captured leader Baitullah Meshud from GITMO, and his creation of the TTP, the TTP has invoked an undeclared Jehad against the Chinese, attacking them every now and then, whereas not a single American asset has been hit in Pakistan nor in Afghanistan.


    Lots of people were scratching their heads over Bush’s release of Abdulah Mehsud from gitmo.
    Didnt Bush, Cheney called Mehsud and his colleagues most dangerous hombres ?

    Turns out they had a special college in gitmo, nick named Penny Lane, where dangerous anti gringo jihadists were reprogrammed into CIA controlled bounty hunters doing FUKUS bidding,


    Abdullah was later named as the commander of Al Qaeda-affiliated militants who ordered his band of subordinate fighters to kidnap two Chinese engineers (one was killed during a rescue attempt gone bad).

    The Afghan Taliban were displeased with the incident and reportedly booted Abdullah Mehsud out. They were also suspicious of his activities since he was mysteriously released by the US military “crusaders” from Guantanamo.


    no wonder gitmo is still up for biz inspite of promises promises to close it down.




    Too many bozo,
    Too little time,.

    • Replies: @Smith
    , @Anonymous
  106. Smith says:

    No point in soft power or hard power when chinese can still be targeted and killed in pro-China countries.

    Ironically, chinese are probably safer in anti-China countries such as Japan or Vietnam.

  107. Anonymous[398] • Disclaimer says:

    Berlin -Bagdhdad railway triggered the worst impulses of UK-US – war mongering entity . They are still stuck in the zero sum game . Terrorism is the perfect ploy they know they can use over and over again until it cant. Now that possibility is more than real and USA-UK is wetting its diapers .

    It achieves various goals – making muslim feel guilty and removed from the community, keep the terrorized country on various level of constant costly alertness , creates muslim-non-muslim divisions ,allow blackmailing of the leaders of the countries from where terrorism rise and put the leaders on notice .Above all terrorism destroys the civilization ( education, culture ,moral codes ,economic base ) built over decades

    Islamic terrorism is nothing but an expression of asymmetric war conducted by US-UK-France on a permanent basis . Actually terrorism is no different than sanction . For decades UN has allowed this without thinking that this philosophy of starving the common folks particularly in those countries where votes are not held is nothing but crime worthy of the treatment that was given to Nazism and its votaries in Nuremberg.

    People in Pakistan Syria Libya Yemen and Somalia know know the enemy is and what color they look and its not yellow .

    • Replies: @antibeast
    , @denk
  108. antibeast says:

    The so-called ‘Islamic Terrorists’ such as Al-Qaeda/ISIS are the by-products of the Wahhabist School of Islam financed by Saudi Arabia with the support of the CIA/MI6/Mossad to destabilize Muslim-majority countries such as Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Yemen, Lebanon, Libya and Afghanistan as well as Muslim-minority countries such as China and Russia. The so-called ‘War on Terror’ is the 21st century Zionist equivalent of the Christian Crusades in medieval Europe which was carried out by Zionist puppets in the USA/NATO military using the 9/11 false-flag event to trigger the 20-year-long genocide — in the form of proxy and hybrid wars — against the Islamic World. The so-called ‘Islamic Terrorism’ is just a smokescreen to hide the Zionist-instigated roots of the ‘War on Terror’ genocide against the Islamic World. The Zionist subterfuge had duped White Westerners into believing that those so-called ‘Islamic Terrorists’ represent the Islamic World. But there is nothing ‘Islamic’ about those terrorists who were was in fact funded and supported into existence by the Saudi/Israeli/US/UK intelligence agencies against the Islamic World. Trump was too naive to think of the US/NATO role in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, etc. as anything but accomplices to help Al-Qaeda/ISIS destroy those Muslim countries as a prelude to the invasion of Iran which is the arch-enemy of both Israel and Saudi Arabia.

    Muslims know this stuff which is common knowledge in any Muslim country.

  109. denk says:

    So called ‘UIghurs genocide’.

    A lie most vile.

    Here’s the best part.
    MUslim countries are in China’s camp !

    Bottom line.
    The ‘west’ have wasted 30M Muslims worldwide and displaced another 37M.
    The ‘west’ is the boy who cried wolf once too often, except for its own delusional sheeples, they’ve zero cred in the world community.

    But shouldnt the green camp be colored white. ?
    Its basically the FUKUS led whites, plus some pseudo whites like the jp, against the world community.

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