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Mr. Xi Plays Davos Man
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A collective West “led” by unspeakable mediocrities looks at the Russia-China strategic partnership as if it was something like a double-headed Anti-Christ. Xi, for his part, seems not to be impressed.

The virtual, special address by President Xi Jinping to the World Economic Forum’s 2022 Davos Agenda exhibits all the elements of a riddle inside an enigma.

At first, it certainly could be interpreted as a simultaneous message to the Empire of Chaos and global public opinion.

Much more than prescribing “effective doses against unilateralism, decoupling and ideological antagonism” – not so subtle allusions to the usual suspects – Xi most of all positioned China as the indispensable driver of Globalization 2.0.

The address was simultaneous to the announcement of China’s GDP growth at 8.1% in 2021 and commodity trading reaching new highs: the center of global manufacturing is the world’s biggest exporter for the 8th consecutive year.

The implementation of the word’s largest free-trade zone, the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) across Asia-Pacific, will just solidify the trend.

Trade with the myriad partner nations of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) increased by 23.6% – and that essentially means increased Global South trade. Foreign direct investment (FDI) in China increased by 20.2% in dollar terms: once again, as in 2020, China was the top FDI destination on the planet.

The whole trade/commerce landscape should even improve in 2022 when the China-EU Comprehensive Agreement on Investment (CAI) is fully ratified. France, currently presiding the EU Council, is manifestly in favor.

Compounding the trends, China’s GDP per capita has reached \$12,551, crucially above the notorious “middle income trap”; above the global average GDP per capita; and now entering “high-income country” territory, as defined by the World Bank.

Xi’s key message, when it comes to addressing “Davos Man” – the trademark WEF audience – was unmistakable: China is and will continue to remain the safest of havens for global Capital. The Masters of the Universe – from BlackRock down – duly nodded their approval.

But then, there are “countercurrents”. And that ominous, imminent global economy crisis.

Take me to the river

Now we enter the deeper enigma of how interpenetrated Xi’s vision and the Davos agenda may, or may not, be.

Xi’s main theme is multilateralism. And that’s the context in which he introduced his rich “countercurrents” metaphor. Xi de facto held the collective West as “countercurrents” in the river of History – incapable of stopping its inexorable flow to the sea.

Yet these “countercurrents”, as Xi defines them, are not merely trying to stop the flow of economic globalization. He leaves it subtly implied they are trying to stop the flow of Globalization 2.0 as led by China: a very strong economy working in tandem with an arguably successful “zero Covid” policy.

He didn’t even have to refer to the West. He just needed to suggest that China forged its own way to tackle the current challenges. And the Chinese way beats the West’s.

The global economy is being confronted, across the board, by manpower shortages – from harvest workers to truck drivers to supermarket cashiers. Costs for everything from raw materials to container shipping went through the roof. Supply chains are horribly over-extended and in many cases broken.

The hegemonic narrative blames exclusively the proverbial Covid-19 variants for the very real possibility of causing the mother of all supply chain breakdowns that may hit most of the planet in 2022.

In contrast, variants of guerrilla analysis sustain that the global economy is being deliberately being driven over the cliff. The supply chain breakdown is being facilitated by the multi-restriction “war on Covid” – which directly subverts production, trade and services.

Global Capital would never allow a comprehensive public debate about the toxic role of the financial system – which has been kept under artificial respiration since 2008, with central banks unleashing storms of helicopter money, inflating real state markets, stocks, precious metal prices. In real life, what’s nearly inevitable next in the horizon is the bursting of a massive stock and real estate bubble all across the West.

A de facto collapse of the global economy would provide the ultimate “opportunity” (Klaus Schwab’s terminology) for the WEF’s Great Reset – which remains the real Davos Agenda. But according to the hegemonic gospel, that would happen because of Covid – not because of the implosion of the financial casino.

For nearly two years, we have been living through the progressive enshrinement of techno-feudalism – one of the overarching themes of my latest book, Raging Twenties.

In lightning speed, the techno-feudalism virus metastasized into an even more lethal, wilderness of mirrors variant, with cancel culture enforced by Big Tech all across the spectrum and science routinely debased as fake news across social media.

The average citizen remains discombobulated to the point of lobotomy. Giorgio Agamben defined the whole process as a new totalitarianism.

What does Capital really want?

It’s open to debate to what extent Xi actually endorses the ultimate “opportunity” offered by Covid-19: a Great Reset that essentially refers to the replacement of a dwindling manufacturing base by automation, in tandem with a reset of the financial system.

The concomitant wishful thinking envisages a global economy that will “move closer to a cleaner capitalist model”, as embodied, for instance, in the delightfully benign Council for Inclusive Capitalism in partnership with the Catholic Church.

It was up to William Engdahl to ask the crucial question: Will the Federal Reserve Crash Global Financial Markets As a Means to Implementing Their “Great Reset”?

Xi using Davos as a convenient P.R. platform does not necessarily mean China subscribes to the Davos Agenda. Davos, after all, has nothing to do with multilateralism.

Last December, the WEF actually postponed Davos 2022 from January to early summer. It remains to be seen whether this may have something to do with the advent of Cyber Polygon, a cyber pandemic gamed by the WEF in July 2021.


Herr Schwab himself defined it as “a comprehensive cyber-attack [that] could bring a complete halt to the power supply, transportation, hospital services, our society as a whole. The Covid-19 crisis would be seen in this respect as a small disturbance in comparison to a major cyber-attack.”

So our current – global – predicament may be just a “small disturbance” compared to what comes next. And has already been gamed.

No one, from Zeus to Shiva, knows what comes next – apart from NATO expanding to outer space. Yet it’s very telling that the distinct possibility of a global economic crash – while Xi promotes Globalization 2.0 led by China – is happening simultaneously to

NATO provoking Russia into war and the US demonizing China to Kingdom Come.

A collective West “led” by unspeakable mediocrities looks at the Russia-China strategic partnership as if it was something like a double-headed Anti-Christ. Xi, for his part, seems not to be impressed: watching the river flow, like a Taoist Bob Dylan, he has just dismissed these mere “countercurrents” with a wave of his hand.

(Republished from Strategic Culture Foundation by permission of author or representative)
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  1. China’s GDP per capita has reached \$12,551, entering “high-income country” territory, as defined by the World Bank.

    The World Bank’s definition of “high-income” is laughably low. The IMF’s threshold is at about \$25,000 per capita, which is more realistic. China still has a very long way to go; even Romania is richer.

    Nevertheless, its total GDP is now reaching impressive levels. At \$17.7 trillion, it is now closer to the US in percentage terms than the USSR ever was. In addition, America uses a method called “imputation“, which accounts for about 15% of its GDP. China does not.

    America does have one major advantage: it has a very significant alliance network, which often acts as slaves rather than partners. For this reason, I would counsel caution when tempted to get carried away with premature prognostications of imminent American doom.

  2. Too bad Pepe always has to sing the songs of Praise for Chinese Capitalism like that is somehow different from other flavors of Capitalism.

    Is the Chinese way better? Prove it, I don’t see anything yet.

    Yes the American and European Capitalist SCUM have sold their daughters as WHORES to the Yellow man and maybe for decades to come. But not everyone got a ride on that train.

    What will the Chinaman do when he already owns all the American and European Politicians and Capitalist SCUM? Why does the Chinaman send his students and spies to study in the West when the Western Universities are now totally useless clown shows. Where will they go next to steal patents and inventions?

    Has a Chinaman every created some world shattering breakthrough in Science? According to the current Historical Record, the answer is a resounding NO!

    Whatchagonnado, without Anglo whitey who basically created all of the most important knowledge since around 1000 AD?

    It can run on cruise control and autopilot for a little while but sooner than later genuinely NEW ideas and technologies will be needed.

    The brains of different races of human beings are most certainly wired very differently. Only Whitey creates totally new shit that no one else even thought about.

  3. Notsofast says:

    i’m thinking chairman xi went to measure the place for curtains and to ready the world to the new communist globalization. he wanted to let the parasites know that once they finished sucking the west dry, their money would be welcome in china. the top 10 billionaires have doubled their networth in less than two years and destroyed a third of the small businesses in the process. rather than admit they have been running a ponzi scheme economic policy for two decades, they have fauci and beric whip up a bat soup bioweapon to burn down the world economy and collect the insurance while destroying all evidence of their crimes. so welcome to the new world order, who had the commies buying the world on their bingo card?

    • Replies: @JR Foley
  4. g8way says:

    The genocide of the West by the Eternal Enemy is going to put an end to growth in China for quite a while, and indeed whether the world can continue to be prosperous without European (Yamnaya) people is something which has never been tested.

    • Agree: Zorost
    • Troll: mulga mumblebrain
  5. The “unspeakable mediocrities” see themselves as the lords of the Universe, where as, Xi and Putin ARE. The West has been cashing in its chips for the last thirty years, thinking that they won the Cold War and can sit on their laurel. They failed to see that time waits for no one and tehy faltered to China an Russia. The endgame is near for the West.

    • Thanks: GMC
    • Replies: @AntiVaxersUnited
  6. neutral says:

    The genocide will not stop with the West, their “religious” texts clearly state that all the world must belong to them, China is already being targeted by them.

    • Replies: @The_MasterWang
  7. Interesting, thanks;

    The WHO Director General, the communist Ethiopian Tedros something or other was elevated to this chief chair of world terror infuser by China. Tedros was part of the corrupt Ethiopian government when China invested (i.e. infested) billions in Ethiopia in connection with the Silk Road project….

    (Foreign investment is always infestation – inflation; inflation = theft; Judaism = Inflation)

    China is working closely with the globalists who seek world government through fear-mongering via selective and general killings. Racial nationalist China is granted world trade hegemony by the globalists because they use it to pursue the goal of economic fusion of nations to create from the trade fused nations of the world – „Multilateralism“ – a world government (= stolen money royals tyranny). China see the Jews & Hyenas only as a temporary obstacle, because the pressure from the inside of the 1.3 billion population would bring down the nationalist leadership. Then, however, the main work for the establishment of the aspired world tyranny, where children are slaughtered, parents are destroyed and the divine order is replaced by the Jew/Satan willfullness, would have been already accomplished by the multilateral economic fusion of the nations.

    Despite „Russia“ going in accord with the Covid world terror (the Sixth Jewish World War) they have put a „Ukraine Conflict“ and a general Europe conflict via evil Nato around its neck.
    Does that show the duality, the dialectic between the eastern chapter of the thieves in the law (new oligarchs/Jews in Russia) and the western chapter of the thieves in the law (old oligarchs in Rome-Paris-London-NewYork)?

    Lust, greed, attachment, anger and ego, ego, ego are the gamers nasty game (and they must all and each one just be hanged).

  8. The genocide will not stop with the West, their “religious” texts clearly state that all the world must belong to them…

    On one hand, to the extent that religion and its texts have any relevance to the West, meaning is divined through the filter of ambition. The texts say what they want them to say.

    On the other hand, various mystics have peered through the mists of time and space and seen a reality unbound by the interpretation of any text, be it religious or secular.

    Regardless of who ultimately gets to rule the world, war is coming.

  9. JR Foley says:
    @Thulean Friend

    USA is bankrupt–it is 30 trillion owing and one-day coming soon –the US dollar will be unhinged and there will be a big collapse. Now regarding absolute comparisons –nonsense. Most Chinese own 100% of their homes with clear title. USA –most are mortgaged to their gills and have no health care. Secondly—Chinese can Live well on 40% ( Saving 60% of what earn) of what they earn –and USA now is in a state of internal conflict and thinking war is going to resolve their problems The Best thing for America is to have Revolution and clean shop beginning at the White House–Senate and Pentagon –these are enemies of the average American citizen –the 1% elite care less about Main Street —and laugh at you and yours on Main Street each and every day —why did the 1,2 Trillion Infrastructure Bill fail for needed work to repair aging infrastructure but 770 Billion was approved in 20 minutes —for War. This latter Defense Bill ( In reality an Offensive fund for war ) was been at 750 Billion plus for 6 years –and no one on CNN –FOx or mainline TV or mainline newspaperts says BOOO —go figure. As Led Zeppelin sings “Your time is going to Come !!”

  10. JR Foley says:

    Read above -WAKE-UP America and have a revolution. Elected representatives represent Lobbyists and the War Machine –they have nothing in common with Main Street —to be in the Republican lower Congressional ranks a person must be a millionaire and as for the Democrats –a Multi-Millionaire. They have ripped off Americans and Main Street. Donald Trump played with you tossing you a supposed carrot but in reality–Trump is s Jew Pawn. Biden –how do you spell Amtrak–a total derailment.

  11. @Bull Gator

    Only Whitey creates totally new shit that no one else even thought about.

    Like Faggotry, kike worship, communism and other assorted poisons.

    • Replies: @Bull Gator
  12. Why? Because Anglos are Anglogs, or dogs of Jews.

    Anglosphere is now dog and pony show for Jews.

  13. @Alternate History

    “The endgame is near for the West.”

    Sadly, yes that seems to be the case. Most people in the West are asleep and have no idea how close to the edge we really are. Communist China and Russia are allies in the grand plan to destroy the West, and eventually the whole world, and usher in the NWO which will be run by totalitarian Communist states. Jewish Bankers / Freemans may pay/pave the way, boots on the ground (China) and nuclear weapons (Russia) are needed to establish the Satanists murderous regime which will be Hell on Earth.

    See : The Liberty Man John Moore joins Mike Adams to reveal China’s GENOCIDAL plans to wipe out the American people

    Question is why now? There are two major forces at work today. One is vaccine mandates/ passports, the other is climate change. They are connected because the planet is about to experience cooling instead of warming which will be caused by the Grand Solar Minimum that began last year. Food production will be seriously disrupted by weather and we are headed for global famine. Humanity will suffer a massive die-off. Russia and China are determined to survive the impending crisis. To do so, they must assure that America and Europe fail and suffer catastrophic population declines so that we do not buy up and eat the food they intend to take control of.

    • Thanks: GMC
    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  14. You have Life?  Great.  Then Life has you as well  All of you! Every organ, every drop of blood and, of course, your brain: your mind. But I have free will!, you say. Of course you do. Sort of.

    Now Life is normally quite placid. Even though Life lives on by consuming itself; the feasting is benign, as it is with all Life’s wards; with one notable exception. You…and me.  And the rest of the human race. We are Life consuming gluttons extraordinaire. Think Gettysburg, Dachau, Hiroshima and …factory farming: ad nausea.This is not new, of course. Our behavior is old news. Life has cut slack to humans because we have a uniqueness that has warranted observation over time. Time may have just run out.

     Humans now have the ability to destroy the biosphere. Our pernicious conduct may have convinced Life that without its prompt.interjection; it is inevitable.Enter Mr.Covid 19. Force Majeure of modern plagues. Sponsor of the blame game to end all blame games. Seven billion people have an opinion…and an asshole. The ones who have a microphone or a computer demonstrate both, daily.

    Think Life has a hand in all this? Maybe the plague is a worldwide distraction to give the Biosphere a little breathing room to heal from ongoing human assault? Hmmm.Millions are dead. Millions are becoming infected every day. The virus twists and turns and presents a new face constantly. We rush to keep up but seemingly always lag behind. How so? Is it out of our hands?

    • Replies: @Badger Down
  15. @JR Foley

    All good points but

    the \$30T are what is called “funded debt” i.e. you pay interest on; if you add
    “unfunded liabilities” (incurred future obligations, like pensions, health care
    and veterans´affairs) the total is an easy \$210T.
    No one is under any delusions this will ever be redeemed and for this reason
    the \$770B for the military – ridiculous though they are – are wisely spent;
    the military is the only thing still propping the \$\$\$ up – the only export and
    the only possibility to extort more from the World.
    Of course this cannot go on forever either, but when the \$\$\$ goes the joggers
    are gonna really burn the muffuggah down.

  16. MLK says:

    A collective West “led” by unspeakable mediocrities looks at the Russia-China strategic partnership as if it was something like a double-headed Anti-Christ. Xi, for his part, seems not to be impressed.

    It’s notable that Escobar, who admirably chronicled the first furtive, then loud and proud, China-Russia Strategic Alliance, has generously switched to their preferred messaging — “partnership.”

    As I’ve long noted, while we can argue about who doing what led to the collapse of the Soviet Union and its Warsaw Pact, the US government is wholly responsible for losing Russia.

    Indeed, it’s such a Sad Story for the ages — a true unipolar moment (hint: there’s no bonus points in geo-strategy for pissing away hegemony in a mere quarter century) — that the ruling and governing classes in the West will do pretty much anything to memory-hole it.

    They’re decadent, tired and ever more desperate for CCP China to take over, allowing them they believe or at least hope, to ride herd while destroying western civilization. That’s why anyone who is anybody, institutional and individual, foreign and playfully identifying as domestic, went all in on “Trump Must Go!”

    Until Trump took the oath, American foreign policy post-Cold War had turned into a unwitting and then witting freak of playing bad cop for the exclusive benefit of CCP China’s rise. No one any longer even attempts to make sense of NATO’s expansion and pressuring of nuclear superpower Russia. I can’t be the only one to have noticed its effect — which must be intentional at this point — is to force Russia into the arms of China.

    Now Biden, the American “Yeltsin” upon reelection in 1996, will gift Russia reduced tensions — meaning in return for nothing in our national interest.

    I’ve long appreciated Escobar’s commentary. He’s entitled to his opinion but, word to the wise, it’s past time for him to look at CCP China’s demerits. I’m not trying to finally join the delusion, but Davos filth aside, the CCP picking low hanging fruit are over.

    In short, unless you’re a Bill Gates or Bloomberg, Xi is not all smiles und sunshine. CCP China now purports to offer a civilizational alternative. You will note that I didn’t finish that sentence with ‘ . . . to the West.’ I didn’t because it’s a whole lot more complicated than that. For example, the Australian government is into containing China at sea but delighted to impose the CCP model internally, hoping for some of that perpetual power magic at which communists have long excelled.

    Once the illegitimate Biden was installed, I made my peace with the gifting that would follow to all foreign powers that were on team with that “our democracy” objective. In the case of Russia, it should have come instead as Trump horse-trading — getting something in the national interest in return — for reducing tensions and, most importantly, offering Russia an alternative to its junior partner alliance with China.

  17. MLK says:

    By the way, not that you people deserve it but the simple, ineluctable truth is that where we are at this moment is that Russia methodically figured out over the last two decades how to position itself for a end of The Cold War do-over.

    Say what you will about the Russians, they’re second to none when it comes to strategy. Could you think of a worse geopolitical moment, and leadership in Washington, for renegotiation?

  18. Realist says:
    @Thulean Friend

    For this reason, I would counsel caution when tempted to get carried away with premature prognostications of imminent American doom.

    Between the growth of China and the internal desire within the U. S. to destroy itself…yes the United States is doomed.

    • Agree: picture111
  19. Anonymous[409] • Disclaimer says:

    “A collective West “led” by unspeakable mediocrities looks at the Russia-China strategic partnership as if it was something like a double-headed Anti-Christ. Xi, for his part, seems not to be impressed.”

    Pepe “the Fu Manchu” Escobar is so far up the dark and damp Chinese rear tunnel that he is unaware the West doesn’t give a shite above the chinaman’s opinions. Get with the program!

  20. Miro23 says:

    When Xi addresses WEF/Davos he’s talking to the real power centre of the West. He’s not wasting time with Biden. He’s talking to the people that run the FED, the MSM and start/stop Covid so it’s probably worth paying attention.

    One way to read it:

    The Masters of the Universe are unhappy to be referred to as a “countercurrent”.

    Their original idea was to subvert/threaten China to get it onboard with the ZioGlob New World Order but since that’s not working (and China instead refers to the Empire as a “countercurrent”), then it’s necessary to break it – which means blocking all its trade routes by war or some other means.

    It’s interesting that the ZioGlob telegraphs its moves. It really has to, since they require a great deal of planning and coordination (government, media etc.). 9/11 and the Global War on Terror started with PNAC, Covid started with neocon/WEF scenario planning (the Great Reset) and now it looks like Cyber Polygon is setting up a global digital communications collapse (no money, no transport, no food, no fuel).

    Then there’s the current financial aspect, with the ZioGlob WEF/Davos having their hand forced.

    The feeding frenzy on free FED money has about reached the limit (asset price inflation is feeding into consumer inflation) so they need to exit while still keeping control – with the added complication of excluding China.

    So a potential Great Reset (Cyber Polygon) game plan is 1) exit financial assets denominated in dollars 2) raise interest rates 3) have a financial market crash 4) introduce QE = fast inflation 5) introduce the Cyber Polygon supply chain and banking collapse 6) blamed it on Russia 7) WEF/Davos steps into the chaos to save the day and introduce their Rules Based World Order (Great Reset) = an all digital financial system controlled by themselves (excluding China) while they miraculously find a solution to Cyber Polygon and restore hope.

    Problems are that automation isn’t going to rescue Western manufacturing. Realistically automation is effective in countries that already have the factories and supply networks (i.e. China) and while non-digital currencies exist, such as the Euro and the Yuan they’ll be used/ hoarded in preference to WEF/Davos digital tokens.

    • Thanks: dogbumbreath
  21. Hong Kong is slated to be the seat of the Steering Committee governing international CBDC transactions. This is likely going to replace the SWIFT system, and will give China a lot more influence internationally than even Pepe Escobar is stating.
    “The Steering Committee is chaired by the BIS Innovation Hub, Hong Kong Centre. It is comprised of
    senior representatives of the involved authorities. Its core objective is to achieve alignment on project
    direction, vision, and roadmap, including to achieve consensus on solution design and solution
    requirements, and to oversee and guide the work of the subcommittees. ”

  22. Anonymous[118] • Disclaimer says:
    @Thulean Friend

    America does have one major advantage: it has a very significant alliance network, which often acts as slaves rather than partners.

    True. On the other hand, you’re describing elites in this slave-alliance network. Their popularity among the goyim they lord over falls somewhere between Typhus And Ebola and that’s directly linked to their Globohomo membership. If Xi gives me a call I’d gladly help with this overdue waste management.

  23. @g8way

    whether the world can continue to be prosperous

    Prosperity for most people is a full belly and a roof overhead. Anything beyond that is selfish excess. Give us this day our daily bread. Not tomorrows. Just todays.

    Notice there is no begging for Filet Mignon.

    • Replies: @Francis Miville
  24. Anonymous[118] • Disclaimer says:
    @Bull Gator

    Is the Chinese way better? Prove it, I don’t see anything yet.

    Looks like you’ve somehow missed decades of progress in China. The country as a whole has become exceptionally rich and powerful from very humble beginnings and – much more importantly – shared it with all layers of its population. An average young Chinese guy is better-off than his father who’s better-off than his father and so on. It’s a complete opposite of what’s been going on in the West.

    Oh, and they’re not infected with the Jewish parasite = so no self-genocide, affirmative action, tranny toilets, pedo library hours and no destruction of history, culture, science etc.

    You’re either blind or dishonest.

  25. @HeebHunter

    That’s not Whitey. That’s JUBOY…. Been doing Satan’s work since the Garden.

    Oh and please do not think that I include any Juboys as essential whitey scientific greats. I do not.

    • Replies: @HeebHunter
  26. Sean says:

    A collective West “led” by unspeakable mediocrities looks at the Russia-China strategic partnership as if it was something like a double-headed Anti-Christ

    More the whore riding on the beast.

    Xi most of all positioned China as the indispensable driver of Globalization 2.0.

    Globalization 1.o was largely a result of America giving China preferential access to capital and technology to build it up against Russia.

    No one, from Zeus to Shiva, knows what comes next – apart from NATO expanding to outer space. Yet it’s very telling that the distinct possibility of a global economic crash – while Xi promotes Globalization 2.0 led by China – is happening simultaneously to

    NATO provoking Russia into war and the US demonizing China to Kingdom Come.

    The elites cannot even imagine what a successful conventional war would look like. No one is going to do anything. Meanwhile China will grow in power, especially compared to Russia. Indeed, China once needed basic products from Russia but now it has nothing but resources that China wants. The US still sees Russia as dangerous.

    • Agree: Johnny Rico
    • Troll: picture111
    • Replies: @dogbumbreath
  27. “The Liberty Man John Moore joins Mike Adams to reveal China’s GENOCIDAL plans to wipe out the American people”

    LOL. ONLY Americans can wipe out themselves, and they are working very hard to achieve that goal. It is laughable to use China as a scapegoat.

    If they are talking about this Covid pandemic, they deliberately not to talk about this virus is 100% funded by the U.S. Tax Payers, and 100% of ALL the Patents and paper trails are from the so called U.S. Scientists and by the U.S. Scientists! WIV and Shi only provided corona virus samples at the U.S. Request, and let the U.S. using the facility to do some bioweapon research without realizing that. Yes, China was being taking advantaged. Yes, China was stupid, and Beijing officials had absolutely NO idea for what happened in WIV!

    But China speedily realized that, and did whatever they could within their own border.

    so wait until next bioweapon virus, there will be no China as scapegoat any more!

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  28. @Bull Gator

    The kikes didn’t organize themselves into armies of millions to do Satan’s bidding voluntarily.

    It is time to confess and repent, to God and ourselves. Otherwise we are going no where.

  29. Not much here, Pepe

    1) Xi said something but don’t know what it means.

    2) Something is coming, don’t know what but it will be huge.

    Lots of speculation, some mouth-foaming from America that is at end-game status, same Perfidious (but they cannot stop their scheming for hofjuden owners), France approves something — nice, like San Marino giving its permission.

    Maybe the meaning is that the Chinese will roll over and crush to powder the shirtlifting satanic now-enfeebled kike west … ?

    Prob not as dramatic as that, but it’s the expected outcome anyway.

  30. ko says:

    Kinda gives real meaning to that phrase once thought of as bullshit – We have to fight communism over there so we don’t have to fight communism here.

  31. @Thulean Friend

    If you ponder these numbers in PPP terms, China’s economy is at least 25% larger than the USA, and produces things, not shuffle money about while leeching off the people. It is the same for the Chinese standard of living, and Chinese savings are approaching fifty trillion. The USA is about to experience a debacle, too, as the Federal Reserve yeshiva attempts to raise interest rates.

  32. @picture111

    I strongly suspect that NOTHING happened in the WIV, the dirty work being done by the USA, at the Uni of North Carolina, AMRIID at Fort Detrick, or elsewhere in the VAST US bio-warfare establishment.

  33. @AntiVaxersUnited

    When you see the words ‘Grand Solar Minimum’ you KNOW you are dealing with an imbecile.

  34. anon[339] • Disclaimer says:
    @Bull Gator

    You need to wake up, in a hurry. The same media that has been lying to you about corruption in the DNC, immigration or Jan. 6 is now lying to you about China, Russia, Iran. Our real enemy is within, not without. They are a group of parasites who suck dry every economy wherever they turn up. If you want to know who they are, just look at who you are now allowed to criticize. They go by several nicknames:

    – elites
    – cabal
    – international bankers
    – Wall Street
    – globalists
    – globohomo (thanks to our own Priss Factor on UR)
    – upscale liberals (thanks to Marco Rubio)
    – rootless cosmopolitans (thanks to Stalin)

    All mean the same group of people.

    • Replies: @HeebHunter
  35. @JR Foley

    A single “good” thing, when the dollar collapses, the “US” will again be debt-less. Michael Hudson wins the argument!

    Internally will that mean that any-one can again look any other(regardless of gender) in the eyes? –The zombies of the ruling class will own anything but dollars. Nil dynamics. Everything bought and owned. The destitute will trade ass and God for rubles and yuan s. Not much of a change. The promise of an after-live will again look bright pink. The Vatican will become “en vogue” again. So many variables to output, almost as finance is “complex” today.

  36. @Robert Magill

    You put Dachau next to Hiroshima!

    If you think “Life” is good, read this:
    [WARNING: Not for the faint-hearted! The stuff of nightmares!!!]

  37. @Miro23

    The Masters of the Universe are unhappy to be referred to as a “countercurrent”.

    I prefer “back eddy”, but here’s “countercurrent” in French:

  38. @JR Foley

    JR, perhaps you are thinking about the \$3 trillion Build Back Better bill, which (praise Jesus) has never been passed. The Infrastructure bill was signed into law by Biden in November with bipartisan support.

  39. The Uighur’s best hope:

  40. Joe Wong says:
    @Thulean Friend

    United States counts every transaction involves money as part of GDP including people borrowing money to spend. Such as a guy borrows \$100 to buy cocaine, and he sell some loot for \$150 to pay back the loan. In total he adds (\$100 borrowing + \$100 cocaine + \$150 selling the loot + \$150 payback the loan) \$500 to the US national GDP.

    It makes one wonder what percentage of the US’ GDP is real national production, 25% ?

  41. @Sean

    Globalization 1.o was largely a result of America giving China preferential access to capital and technology to build it up against Russia.

    This is such repeated nonsense. The USA gave nothing valuable away. The US kept it’s key technical dominance in semi-conductor technology and other high-tech areas which it still leads.

    The plan from the beginning was to industrialize China to be the “workshop” for the West. Luckily for China, their leadership wanted more for their people and country unlike the US leadership which is willing to let main street go down:

    • Thanks: showmethereal
    • Replies: @Francis Miville
    , @Sean
  42. @Bull Gator

    What stage of grief is this? Somewhere between the first and the second?

  43. @neutral

    I still don’t see any meaningful difference between your kind and your “eternal enemy”.

  44. @anon

    You forgot Kikes and Satanists (they actually admit to this).

  45. @HallParvey

    There is no begging for filet mignon but there has always been begging for fresh slaughtered lambs.

  46. @dogbumbreath

    These kids are la-z-boys : they should be busy derailing trains, at the very least. At their age their ancestors were busy stealing horses, shooting Amerindians, attacking villages, throat-cutting hogs and peasants, setting ablaze whole prairies.

    • LOL: Sean
  47. JWalters says:

    This strikes me as a rational analysis all the way down the line. I’d suggest a couple of addition elements to the story.

    The Jewish Supremacist banking cartel in the City of London (with subsidiary in Wall Street), moved America’s manufacturing to China with the ultimate goal of taking over the Chinese financial system, as they had done with the UK and US.

    But after acquiring the manufacturing base, the Chinese wised up to the bankers’ financial takeover scheme. A book on their sneaky history called Currency Wars by Song Hong Bing became a best seller in Chine (and much of Asia and Eastern Europe). So the Chinese pulled the plug on the banking cartel’s financial takeover, and in retaliation the cabal’s corporate American media began bashing China.

    Now the world is wise to the cabal’s machinations (except American and other Western citizens), and the cabal is left with a plundered, weak American economy. Even with their highly profitable Covid pandemic, their real economic strength is collapsing.

    So they may be desperate. Thus they have their media moutpieces scaremongering and beating the drums for more war. They may be hoping that a war in Ukraine will be profitable and let them escape in the fog. War has always been one of their major profit centers.

    And a cyber pandemic, in addition to the potentials for maintaining control of the financial system as you suggest, would also be a perfect cover to take down dissent on the internet.

    • Agree: Miro23
    • Thanks: dogbumbreath
    • Replies: @The_MasterWang
  48. Ivo says:
    @Bull Gator

    This comment exales the stink of ignorance, but that is all so common in the “west”. Let us work through bit by bit:
    “Is the Chinese way better? Prove it, I don’t see anything yet”
    if you dont see anything yet, you are either blind or have been living under a rock for at least 40 years. While in the “west” the average worker have earned more or less the same amount since reagan/thatcher era, the average worker in china have seen their riches multiply several times fold. The economic reality of the “west” is one of financialization, rentier-seeking and speculation, while the chinese focus on actual production. The reality can’t be clearer: China won the war against extreme poverty, while in the “west” more and more people are living in the streets.

    “Has a Chinaman every created some world shattering breakthrough in Science? According to the current Historical Record, the answer is a resounding NO!”

    This is the worst take i ever saw in my life, you’re so arrogant, yet so incredibly dumb that i don’t even know how to answer it. You represent the zeitgeist of the “west” so faithfully.

    Listen up, kiddo
    if do not have the physical-age of a kid, certainty you do have the mentality-age of one, a bigot racist one.
    The chinese created literally the paper, they created gunpowder, they created the printing, all of that way before your country ever existed, whatever one you are from, unless you are from india, which i doubt, you’re probably a european or a usian.

    What you said is so absurd that i’m starting to think that this is a bait, i dont think its possible for an arguably human being to type such atrocious and delirious thing that way, even for “western” standards

    • Agree: mulga mumblebrain
  49. I believe Mr. Escobar is a little overly-optimistic on the Europe/China investment agreement. The EU are lackey’s of the US… So it will take a lot of work to get it done

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  50. Avianthro says:

    Make no mistake about it…Xi and his CCP want the same thing as the WEF mafia: a totalitarian system, perhaps with subtly different methods as appropriate to the different types represented by a Western descendant of individualist-cultured explorers, colonizers, and frontiersmen versus the collectivist-cultured descendants of irrigated rice farmers…Yes, there are plenty of gray types in between but these are the general types. Xi is happy to work together with the WEF and vice-versa and their over-arching goal is to raise the global economy to ever higher levels of power (throughput of energy and resources) and to of course be the elite leaders who control it all.

    By the way, Xi is no Taoist…See ch 80 of the Tao Te Ching, and ask yourself if that sounds anything like Xi’s program for making China the lead nation of the next IR and Globalization 2.0.

    What do the masses want, on the whole, not the exceptions who prove the rule? They also want more power and will generally cooperate with any “reset” or “5-10-year program” that promises them this under the standard banner of “Prosperity” and is carried out in a manner that suits their cultural type.

    For it to be any other way would be unnatural since humans are lifeforms and lifeforms are programmed to seek more power and will do so as long as conditions and their technological+resource paradigm enables it.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  51. SafeNow says:

    The U,S. has 10,000 people with an IQ of 160 and above. China has 300,000. And, the paths they tend to follow is different in each country. This is a big deal.

    Hello to the smart Chinese-Intel gals who monitor this website. My message for your report is that U.S. leaders are not entirely rational. Not nearly so! You must figure-out how to deal with them, given that fact. You must utilize psychodynamic theoreticians, who can go beyond the conscious component of our leaders’ mental activity. This could well prevent a war. Take care, and have a nice rest of your day.

  52. @Avianthro

    ‘Lifeforms’ require a certain stability of environment in order to maintain individual homeostasis, the ability to reproduce and to protect their offspring. The pursuit of ever more energy and growth in consumption and production inevitably creates waste products of individual and societal metabolism. We call them ‘pollution’. Unless the pollutants are recycled in processes that take decades or centuries, the toxins build up and poison the environment and the creatures therein, which eventually become non-viable. We are in that situation right now.

  53. @showmethereal

    Seeing the Euro slaves shooting themselves in the foot, on orders from Thanatopolis DC and Tel Aviv is immensely amusing. The sub-fascistic ‘Greens’ are a particularly odious development, so self-righteous in their racism, delusions of superiority and cultural contempt.

  54. Sean says:

    You do know that fentanyl is basically made in China

    The plan from the beginning was to industrialize China to be the “workshop” for the West.

    China was built up through the US giving it preferential access to capital and trade. Carter issued an order for government officials to assist Chinese trade. The state objective was to give Russia something else to worry about, and the policy was taken advantage of by the US elite in order to make money. Trump got elected because the aforementioned policy of ‘free’ trade with China was begining a relative economic slide of the US.

    The plan from the beginning was to industrialize China to be the “workshop” for the West.

    Like Japan, but China unlike Japan had already defeated the US twice (Korea was a defeat in addition to Vietnam) before America’s Deep State decided to create a powerful China to threaten the USSR with. What actually happened was Russia’s rust bucket industries were saved by demand for basic products from burgeoning China.

    The US kept it’s key technical dominance in semi-conductor technology and other high-tech areas which it still leads.

    The US has gained ground in capability for a nuclear first strike against China because the Chinese leadership is concentrating on economic advances. The US is convinced that China is not going to be able to actually exceed the US in anything and the appearance of them doing so is misleading; after all China does not have American free enterprise. But within living memory Chinese were poorer than Sub Saharan Africans and the trajectory show no sign of leveling off as it did with the USSR. Chinese–USA relations cannot be stable unless America is looking forward to continuation of their uninterrupted economic-supremacy-based dominance, and although the US foreign policy establishment seem to firmly believe it, of late there are flickers of doubt.

    • Replies: @barr
    , @mulga mumblebrain
  55. barr says:

    “China was built up through the US giving it preferential access to capital and trade. Carter issued an order for government officials to assist Chinese trade. The state ”
    People often bring this up. It can be argued that without doing what USA started some 40 some years ago, America would not be where it is today .It would habe been a much more normal country for its citizen but woukd have been considered a dismal failure for warlovers,bankers,pharma,foreign lobyists and militant career polticians .
    Second China like other countries that are not used by US as its walmart would have still made the leap .It might have taken few more deacdes but it would have reached the position of economic power sooner because a normal USA would have not forced it to speed its defense sector cost up. A normal USA would also have led to more open cooperations in many fields .

    No country can prevent the transfer of knowhow or technology . One primituve apple phone sold ,would lead to copying,revere engineering and usher in a growth industry in techinlogy seeded by the first phone . USA has done exactly that in 19 th and early 20 th century . America cant sale cars without exposing China to the science and technology of cars . Differnce betwen China and Egypt or Brazil is that China saw the potential and China had a political system to sustain the opportunity . State patronage attracted smart people to enter the sector of science and technology .
    China ‘s market was USA . Now its the world. Ameica used regime changes, military and wars to open the market abroad . Without that access,it’s economic base would have stalled and not moved beyond certain degree . Above all ,USAwould have stayed just as one of many econmic powers – mostly European – for decades .
    Military ,finaces,communcations, international banking,veto power at UN, vassals all wedded together have given America the advantages that China Japan ScKorea ,India, Russia dont have . Add reserve currency to that mix and you own large part of world forcing them to buy fooods, arms, medicines and technology with strings attached ,conditions imposed, and patent rights laws forced on – often under dubious and illegal arrangemnets .

    • Agree: showmethereal
    • Replies: @Sean
  56. @JWalters

    The mainstream Chinese narrative describes a hierarchy of races with Anglo-Saxons and Jews at the top, vigilantly guarding their position while looting the world with the petrodollar and wars.

    No one believes the pretty lies anymore and this cold war will be racial and absolutely zero sum.

    • Replies: @anon
  57. Sean says:

    Let’s be real; the US was why China got access to World Bank loans necessary for its economic miracle getting off the ground and the US had no idea China would grow so large and fast as to become not merly a military worry for the USSR but an economic nemesis of the USA.. And Vietnam was the immediate reason for Nixon going to China. So military pressure paid off for China. Even Korea was a clear Chinese victory as regards American failure to conquer the north. In Vietnam (quarter of a million Chinese worker running North Vietnam) the US elite tried again and their county came apart under the strain. Sustained pressure paid off for China. And it will again. The American foreign policy establishment want to have a liberal international order so that by the time China is a ‘Giant Hong Kong’ behemoth there will be de-escalatory mechanisms accepted by all powers. But why should a country accept limitation on it power; did the US doe that the Chinese leadership will say. No one in the West can have the slightest real idea what Xi’s true intentions are or will become in a decade or so, but there is no reason to think that the current engagement of the US with China is being pursued by Xi because for any other reason than he and his minions thinks China’s potential power is increasing relative to America’s as a result. Sooner or later Xi will realise that power and use it, or threaten to use it. Then (in about a generation) the American elite’s suicidality will yet again become apparent to all.

  58. anon[328] • Disclaimer says:

    what your thoughts on Japan? Sino-Japanese rapprochement would be something Anglos and Jews would dread, similar to trying to keep Russia and Germany from coming together throughout the past century

    • Replies: @The_MasterWang
  59. anon[288] • Disclaimer says:

    Tons of countries have got WB /IMF loans and been unable to rise .Those countries include a lot of European countries also . America gets its own “WB loan” known as printing money and it doesn’t have to pay back ( the rest of the world pays for this extortions ) .USA also runs the wars and welfare from the dollar deposited by China Japan Saudi Arab S Korea .

  60. Sean says:

    Tons of countries have got WB /IMF loans and been unable to rise

    True but that is a very different thing than saying China could have pulled itself up by its own bootstraps without access to World Bank and other international sources of capita land favourable terms of trade they would be=never have got it off the launch pad. The owe it all to the US foriegn policy establishment’s failure to predict China’s trajectory. China had already shown surprising capabilities in the Korean war. After China helped defeat the US in Vietnam, they were rewarded by Nixon recognizing them which was the essential step in China’s rise. Now, are there lessons for China in those events about how it can best exert influence? I think China has been taught to value military pressure(often through proxies and short of outright war) as the way to deal with the West.

    Even wonder what happened to North Korea’s Kim and all his threats? Kim was Xi’s sockpuppet; a proxy for applying pressure as part of China range of measures to stop Trump, which included tariffs against the exports of his key states, some of which were where the worst rioting happened. it worked and Trump was defeated. It was easier to work out what was on Trump’s mind that Xi’s. Mainly because the decision making of China occurs within a non democratic system Even so China that China is going to begin flexing in a generation seems all but inevitable to me. it was probably too late to stop China by the time Trump got elected, but at least he tried. Biden was on record early in the campaign as saying China was no competition for the US. He is representative from Fortune 500 corporation base Wilmington; that is the way the elite think.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  61. @Miro23

    but since that’s not working (and China instead refers to the Empire as a “countercurrent”), then it’s necessary to break it – which means blocking all its trade routes by war or some other means

    It’s not working, nor can it work. Finance, banking and media are completely ineffective against the emerging order across Eurasia.

    You have to understand, the Davos-Globalists are mostly experts in banking, financialization, media brainwashing/propaganda, and domestic political manipulation/lobbying (to include so-called aid agencies, NGOs, and other front organizations). These are powerful in the world, but in the end not nearly enough.

    They are not very good in either A) Actual hard industrial tech and production (to include logistics) nor B) military matters. They view productive industry and military power as tools wielded by their minions, specialist subject matters with which they don’t bother.

    Now they are confronted by a situation (Re: China, Russia, Iran, Turkey and others) in which their soft power is useless.

    So now, they reach for their hard power, and their lackeys in industry and the military are screaming at them that the “West’s” hard power, it’s brutal violent means, are simply not up to the job.

    There simply cannot be a repeat of the Crimean War vs Russia, or the Opium Wars and Boxer Rebellion/8 Nation Alliance vs China. These nations are now far too powerful, and would either exact a fearful toll or likely outright defeat the usual suspects in all-out war – either way, with catastrophic geopolitical consequences. (Nothing like huge losses, or worse a lost war, to really destroy what power the Globalists have left).

    So the Davos elites are at their wit’s end, their power and their world is going to disappear. In the coming age, they will have to compete on even terms with the rest of humanity, and they HATE fair competition, they LOATHE it – not least because they’re not skilled at it.

    I would not put it past these elites to be contemplating nuclear armageddon at this point, mutually assured total annihilation of the entire world.

    The thinking would be, “If we (the elite) are to forever lose our control of this planet, then let the slaves (humanity) inherit a smoldering pile of radioactive ashes”. THAT sounds like the sort of mindset these people have.

    • Replies: @Miro23
  62. @anon

    It won’t happen. Japan doesn’t make amends. It only submits. And they will submit when they see their master brought low. In other words, after a Chinese victory in the inevitable Sino-American war.

  63. @Sean

    World Bank loans did not do it. 80% of the capital was from overseas Chinese…

    • Replies: @Sean
  64. @Sean

    China’s rise was inevitable. Imperial miscalculation based on racist delusions (your own fault)merely accelerated the process. As for the US being ‘democratic’, by that you surely mean a one party State, ruled TOTALLY by its capitalist oligarchs, where the populace is divided against itself into increasingly hate-crazed factions, who have NO real power over events (see Gilens and Page)and where politicians are lying, hate and fear-mongering psychopaths entirely controlled by their ‘contributors’. The Chinese system, which Chinese people see as democratic in that it works for the many, the ‘demos’, not the few, is infinitely superior in action and morally. You are a perfect example of the type that ‘Western democracy’ throws up.

  65. @Sean

    As a racist, Orientalist, Sinophobe you have NO idea how the PRC works. In Vietnam and Korea the USA was the aggressor, the one exerting ‘pressure’ designed to destroy ANY resistance to the Real Evil Empire you serve. The Chinese practised RESISTANCE, and that defeated US genocide.
    In the future the PRC will pursue what it and previous Chinese regimes always sought-harmony. Within society and between societies. Westerners like you, being racist supremacists, only understand ‘domination’ and ‘submission’. This is the great, but not I suspect final, battle between Good and Evil, on which humanity’s survival depends, and you are plainly in the camp of absolute Evil ie the West.

  66. @Sean

    The PRC is already far more advanced than the USA in most high-tech fields, and the rest will follow within years. That Western racist supremacists are so dumb, pig ignorant and brainwashed to think that they, or their stinking ‘free enterprise’ system that produces only debt, inequality, squalor, falling life expectancy due to ‘deaths of desperation’, global military aggression and lunatic self-delusion, is superior to the Chinese system, is the biggest joke in all history.

  67. @Bull Gator

    But the Chinese don’t have the heathen useless cult called Christianity. That alone puts them above the anglos. They’re also not obsessed with moral goodwill. Also gunpowder and astronomy were invented in China. I still think they’ll land on Mars before anyone else.

  68. Miro23 says:

    You have to understand, the Davos-Globalists are mostly experts in banking, financialization, media brainwashing/propaganda, and domestic political manipulation/lobbying (to include so-called aid agencies, NGOs, and other front organizations).

    Agreed that the US has reached the limits of finacialization and is more or less owned/run by a collection of giant hedge funds operating out the shell of what was once democratic Anglo America.

    Also agreed that they’re not really interested in manufacturing. They’re basically deal makers and paper shufflers, so if they have to compete with world class manufacturers on a level playing field they can’t do it.

    They can make trouble for Russia and China, and spin it through their subservient media as Russian and Chinese aggression (which is supposed to get Europe back into line) – but their fall back position seems to be not to play – and protect their present power through US totalitarianism (digital passes, digital currency, “domestic terror” laws etc.) . Their Emergency regime will at least cement their power in the West the way that Bolshevism did for the Jewish elite in Russia after 1917.

    The US then becomes a nuclear armed industrially backward prison camp run by an elite with their chosen Nomenklatura collaborators.

  69. Sean says:

    There is no “was” about it; China (worlds second largest economy with \$3 trillion in foreign reserves) is still borrowing from the World Bank. America could easily destroy China with a nuclear first strike, that gives the military wing of the US Deep State a false sense of security.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
    , @antibeast
  70. Sean says:

    If China was to become militarily aggressive, that would be an encouraging sign that the Chinese leadership thought time was running out for it to exceed the US economically.. That Xi is focuing on economic growth is an alarming portent.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  71. @Sean

    China borrows from the World Bank to keep the bank solvent and the system flowing. In the same way rich people who can pay for things with cash will borrow the money to keep relations with bankers good. China also issues bonds
    when it doesn’t really need to – for the same reason. Borrowing from the World Bank did not rebuild China. That is plain false.

    If America destroyed China with a first strike that would cause nuclear fallout that would destroy Asia. You should also note that China has nuclear subs too…. Though not as many as the US – their JL2 and JL3 missiles can certain wipe out multiple US cities as well. And it’s land based missiles can also hit the US. There are thousands of kilometers of tunnels underground in China that both are for the population and also to keep second strike ability of those missiles. So the idea the US could wipe out China with no retaliation – or global problems caused by the nuclear fallout – is the domain of psychopaths. No major power can “win” a nuclear war. Maybe France or Great Britain can be wiped out before they could retaliate – but even they have subs to retaliate too. North Korea even is putting missiles on trains to make them too hard to take out before a retaliation. Nuclear war talk is only for demented psychopaths who still think it is 1945.

    • Replies: @Sean
  72. antibeast says:

    MAGA! USA numba one! We wuz Aryanz n Shiet! LOL!

    • Replies: @Sean
    , @Sean
  73. Sean says:

    America’s Deep State and policymaking establishment see a parallel between the USSR inasmuch China cannot thinks that as with the low orbit hype glide test by China recently, the US will simple leapfrog over any Chinese technological coups, which a re probably illusory as with Soveit space firsts in the Fifties. The US would lose a few cities, but it could take out China in a way that would be impossible against Russia. Yet Xi is not going all out for strategic military parity. Why?

    Taiwan dominates the global semiconductor industry. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company accounts for more than half of the global supply. The TSMC concentrates on manufacturing and they are very good at it. Their chip are good and cheap, so they are in everything inclosing cars and US high tech and military applications. Taiwan considers itself, is, a part of China and thus all indications are that Chinese with their work-discipline and intelligence allied to immense economies of scale

    Everything is going to be made in China in future, which is why China proper will not start anything. They know that they have only to get through this period with the US continuing to play by the free trade rules for China to become a giant Hong Kong, whereupon it will be China calling the shots.

  74. Sean says:

    The very first Word Bank report on China in 1983 correctly said it had laid the basis for growth. The trouble with Western analysis of Chinese success is they think it all came from abroad by way of China begining to take notice of of Western advice and expertise, and Chinese expatiates who had left during the cultural Revolution returning with the knowledge they had gained while in the WestThe World Bank head said Chine takes out loans so WB World Bank do not create money out of nothing so whatever it lends to China is not available for a project elsewhere on Earth for peoples who lack basic necessities such as water and power. Thankyou for admitting the Chinese don’t really need the money; if one looks at it from a global utility perspective (greatest good for the greatest number) these loans are dubious. Many World Bank loans to China are for climate change projects, not development at all. The Sicilian Mafia is heavily invested in wind farms by the way.

    Nuclear war is a last resort, one which probably would not be used in the eventuality, but knowing China has far less capability to fight one than it could have reassures the West that China intentions are benign. Well, they may change in the future and indeed a n emphasis on economic growth rather that a credible nuclear deterrent is common sense for China at present, because they know a First Strike thermonuclear coup de main The reason America is not even considering it to stop China is because they think America’s democratic system makes them untouchable . But just because by the 1950 everyone realized communism didn’t work and the USSR was not going to bury the West and have it gradually fall under Soviet sway does not mean that a totalitarian state was or is the key to economic success. Russians are not Chinese. Mean IQ is unusually high in East Asia, averaging around 106 among Han Chinese

    The members of a successful family could maintain their economic position over time only if in each generation large amounts of additional wealth were extracted from their land and their neighbors through high intelligence, sharp business sense, hard work, and great diligence. The penalty for major business miscalculations or lack of sufficient effort was either personal or reproductive extinction. (Unz, 2013)

    China cannot be stopped without relying on Russia, which contrary to US prediction has little appetite for trouble with China. The other supposed US ally against China if it becomes too powerful is Japan, which is also is also happy to do business with China while freeloading on American defence. Ditto South Korea and Japan. These counties are all being paid off by China and they will continue to be given access to the American market in a vain attempt to curry favour by US strategists who fail to understand that the US strength is being hollowed out. There is not going to be any unrest in China and it will continue on its trajectory gaining power relative to America. None of this would have surprised Arthur de Gobineau, who considered Chinese not inferior to Europeans.

  75. @Bull Gator

    How much copium did you sniff before writing this diatribe?

  76. @g8way

    When the Roman empire fell and the European people entered the Dark Ages, the rest of the world continued to prosper and that, as history is wont to do, will repeat itself once more. ASEAN already replaced the EU as China’s largest trading partner and there are many other markets in this world that China can partner with for further mutual growth, such as Central and West Asia, Latin America and Africa. I hope the west may crawl out of this new Dark Age more quickly to join the party, but it’s up the west to decide for itself.

  77. antibeast says:

    The genocide of the West by the Eternal Enemy is going to put an end to growth in China for quite a while, and indeed whether the world can continue to be prosperous without European (Yamnaya) people is something which has never been tested.

    The world did just fine for a thousand years without the West, from the Fall of Rome to the Spanish Reconquista, until Europeans invaded, raped and pillaged the world for the last five centuries. That Western era is now coming to an end as the US Empire implodes from within and descends into depression, anarchy, violence and chaos.

    China will do just fine without the USA as its economy is being restructured to integrate with Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America through its trillion dollar BRI infrastructure project. The world’s largest free trade deal — RCEP — has gone into effect this year which integrates East and Southeast Asia with a combined population of 2 billion people.

    In the meantime, the five-decade-old Petrodollar System is now coming to an end as the USD loses its status as the world’s reserve currency which would imply the demise of the US Empire.

    Bye! Bye! Miss American Pie!

  78. @Sean

    God, racists is DUMB. China surpassed the USA in PPP in 2014, its economy makes things, in contrast to the USA that mostly shuffles money about, it is growing at twice the US rate, it is rapidly becoming the global scientific technological powerhouse, is the world’s greatest trading nation, by far, etc and dumb racists are worried about it ‘exceeding’ the USA. Dumb as feck.

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