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Les Deplorables
Perplexed global public opinion holds its breath
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Perplexed global public opinion holds its breath at the (circus) best American “democracy” is able to conjure.

The first cage match this coming Monday between a Queen of War profiting from a mighty (Clinton) Cash Machine and a billionaire uber-narcissist adored by a “basket of deplorables”.

This is a circus quite fitting for a self-described “indispensable nation” where “evil” has been propelled – seriously – to the status of philosophical category.

For the basket of deplorables, and even beyond their circle, the temptation is immense to equate voting for Donald Trump with raising a finger against the establishment.

Ultra-savvy at playing mainstream media for invaluable free publicity, elevating Outrageousness to an art form and being impervious to irony and derision, Trump has been a master at tapping wave after wave of anger against the new liberal elite — including a nomenklatura of crypto-intellectual Ivy league-educated “experts” who could not give a damn about understanding the (real world) consequences of United States Government (USG) policies. The anger is manifested by declassified blue collars, the unemployed, the functionally illiterate, white trash. Whatever you call them, they are the excluded form the Neoliberal Banquet, not only economically but also culturally. But this being Trump, a master of self-promotion, the battle is more like Ego against The Establishment. And it gets juicier when we learn from powerful, discreet New York-based interests – supporters of Trump’s platform — about who’s really winning:

“The Trump campaign is hardly spending any money at all and holding all over. They may use their money in the last month after the debates if Hillary recovers for those debates from what appears to be an attack of Parkinson’s. He has a shot though no matter who wins I predict there will be peace with Russia; the oil price will rise; imports from Asia of military parts will be repatriated and rigging of currencies is over; there will be offsetting measures to stop the flood of immigrants and products under mis-valued currencies. The masters do not lose.”

The “masters” are of course the Masters of the Universe who really run the USG.

And here’s the clincher on how’s in control:

“Both sides are controlled and that explains everything. Lenin said that the way to defeat our opponents is to take over their leadership of the opponent. Look at the Moral Majority which Jerry Falwell disbanded when it became too powerful. Look at Ross Perot who exited when he started making a real dent. Both were taken care of and Ross made money out of it.”

“Their internal lingo for it is the concept of “dynamic silence”. This is a technique by the masters to block out all news coverage of let’s say a Nazi so that he could gain no following. That they could have done to Trump if he were not theirs. Who could have complained? He was just an apolitical real estate operator that no one was interested in.”

“So what do we have in the end? An entertaining gladiatorial contest that they control both sides of and the winner gets all the money — as with the Clinton Foundation. And the public is no wiser.”

The 24/7 Circus Maximus

There are subtle gradations to this scenario. Rothschild interests are not supporting Trump – according to these well-connected sources, because Trump has not been anointed by the club and is thus unreliable. They recall, for instance, how “Greenspan was so incompetent that Wall Street leaders had to give him trades so he could make money before they put him as the head of Federal Reserve. Then he was so out of it that they had to direct his every move as he had no comprehension what they do.” “They”, of course, meaning Rothschild interests. On the Cold War 2.0 front, things are even hazier. Since 2010, when Obama was ordered to keep the US nuclear first-strike strategy, Russia and China know where this is heading. It’s no wonder Trump is being relentlessly attacked as Putin’s own Trojan Horse – because he’s against Cold War 2.0 and the demonization of Russia.

But the Pentagon’s strident Ash Carter, soon out of a job, is one thing; another thing entirely is what the Masters of the Universe really want, according to these Trump-supporting sources; “Hillary would be following Trump’s guidelines should she win, as the US military will explain to her that she has no other options based on Russian military superiority in submarines, and defensive and offensive missiles. Trump’s policies are wise.”

There’s even a P.R. move that could literally devastate the already wobbly Hillary campaign:

“Hillary’s reckless threats against Russia, risking nuclear war, could bring back the Lyndon Johnson TV ads against Goldwater by Donald Trump, where we had a little child in a meadow picking flowers while a nuclear bomb goes off. It was an ad of genius and destroyed Goldwater. The first strike nuclear attack policy and the reckless provocations combine to form an excellent Johnson style ad. This time Trump can use it against the Democrats, who have created almost all the wars in the last 125 years.”

The daisy cutter ad is here.

A Force for Farce?

Even considering that virtually the whole US establishment – from the Beltway nomenklatura to Wall Street — is arrayed against him, the jury is still out on whether Trump is a real threat to their interests.


Because Trump could also be the perfect Trojan Horse. Evidence relies for instance on his appointment of perfect insiders Larry Kudlow and Steven Moore as his senior economic advisors. That’s the Trump as a Force for Farce scenario. So “dynamic silence” seems to be the rule. Here’s how dynamic silence works; “If you oppose those above the President, the news media blacks you out and the masses do not hear anything, so how can they be stirred up? Donald is an insider and he represents the military industrial complex including the CIA, DIA, etc. They will deny it, of course, so they have deniability and he can say he is against the establishment when he is an insider.”

“That is the first line of defense. If you manage to outsmart them, then they characterize you as a nut. That is the second line of defense.

Now, if you persist in making them uncomfortable, then you end up as William Colby, Vince Forster or Jack Kennedy. Richard Nixon was ousted and he went quietly so that, to quote Tricky Dick, “I am not going to end up as Jack” as he went out the back door of the White House.”

“The key here is Donald is receiving more publicity than Hillary, and by attacking him for being an America Firster his polls have risen dramatically. The public loves it so the Masters of the Universe are helping him. The military industries have to be repatriated as we no longer control the seas and this will require either currency adjustments or tariffs. Hence, Donald’s correct calls for an end to currency rigging which had as part of their purpose the building up of Germany and Japan at the sacrifice of our industries. Absurd that we did that but that is how it was. That is ending now with Donald and the emergency situation of lack of control of the Pacific Ocean for the component transportation by sea for our military production. Japan and Germany will be cut loose.”

“Brzezinski said that if any opponent leaps ahead of the United States militarily, the US ceases to be a global power. That is the case and the military knows it. And Trump knows it or he would not have said that much. They need a crash program to catch up. That costs big money. It will probably require force and base reductions and an increase in technological expenditure in a massive way. That is what the Russians did. They can obtain this from massively reducing the welfare transfers on illegal immigrants. That is what Donald is committed to.”

If this analysis is correct, it ties in with Trump’s push to organize an immediate rapprochement with Russia in case he’s elected, so the US industrial-military-surveillance complex can catch up and at least try to remedy the danger of losing the next war Hillary and her own neocon bag of deplorables are so bullish on.

As we approach the first cage match, the jury is still out on whether the Queen of War may lose the election because millennials absolutely detest her, because the “basket of deplorables” absolutely detests her, or both.

But one thing seems to be certain in the whole Les Deplorables saga – at least for those Masters of the Universe-connected sources; who the real winner will be. So let’s give them the last word, for now; “It will be very difficult for Hillary to beat Trump in a debate as he is quick on his feet and will take no prisoners. Let me say this. If Hillary were to win, and we don’t think she will, she will do what she is told and follow the same policies as Trump would.

Pepe Escobar is the author of Globalistan: How the Globalized World is Dissolving into Liquid War (Nimble Books, 2007), Red Zone Blues: a snapshot of Baghdad during the surge and Obama does Globalistan (Nimble Books, 2009). His latest book is Empire of Chaos. He may be reached at [email protected].

(Republished from Sputnik News by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: 2016 Election, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton 
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  1. RudyM says:

    I don’t get where all these un-sourced quotes are supposed to be. Very difficult to follow. Maybe it’s just been too long since I’ve smoked weed.

    • Replies: @WorkingClass
    , @Tom kauser
  2. map says:

    I have serious doubts that Hillary would follow the Trump guidelines to rebuild the military. Why would she cave on immigration? Or her hate Whitey policies? Or her ambitions of building a Domestic Kingdom? The only purpose the military serves is to kill Republicans from flyover country in foreign wars.

  3. Alfa158 says:

    Quick credibility check on whether the quotes came from real “Masters of the Universe” who actually know what is happening, or are just someone blowing smoke.
    “No matter who wins…there will be offsetting measures to stop the flood of immigrants and products under mis-valued currencies.”
    “If Hillary were to win…..she will follow the same policies as Trump.”
    Show of hands: how many people here think there is any scintilla of evidence that the “Masters” want any such change in policy, or that Hillary would implement them? On all evidence the “Masters” are loading their pants over the possibility that Trump could win and even attempt to make such changes in policy.

  4. Anonymous [AKA "Middle Class American"] says:

    As a member of the deplorables, and after reading your ill-informed description of us, I offer you my middle finger, Pepe. Fully erect and inches from your face.

  5. Methinks that there are those on the Left Coasts that have begun to tremble, believing they hear the sound of hoofbeats as the white working class cry Cossacks as they approach. Methinks it’s long overdue and that the “Masters of the Universe” may not be as invincible as they believe themselves to be. Can it be that the Sleeping Giant Silent Majority awakens?

    • Replies: @Eileen Kuch
  6. Pepe’s critical, but flawed, assumption is that there is some monolithic body pulling the levers of power … There might be a deep state, but they aren’t always unified in purpose. One could easily posit that Hillary has the full support of the CIA, who have benefited and stand to further benefit from her innate interventionism, while Trump has somewhat muted support of the FBI, which seems to have leaked a stream of key details about HRC’s misdeeds as a way of getting around undue command influence to keep it quiet.

    I’m more intrigued by the split in the military, where senior officers (who rarely risk their lives in actual combat) are pro HRC, while the lower ranks seem to go for Trump. We might not ever see an anti-war movement like that of the 1960’s now that the left are in charge, but we might actually see our military go on strike one day.

    If Trump is elected and lives to tell about it, you can be sure that Congress, regardless of who controls it, and the Courts will reassert their constitutional prerogatives… Will that be such a bad thing? Can one predict the same of Hillary?

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  7. Rehmat says:

    Hillary and Trump are the opposite faces of the same coin. No matter who wins – US taxpayers will continue wasting trillions of dollars on the coming US’s proxy wars for Israel.

    Obama started the process by signing $38 billions to Israel which has one of the highest economy in the Middle East.

    Professor Neta Crawford (Brown University) has just released a study claiming that since 2001 the US taxpayers have wasted more than $5 trillions on the War on Islam (John Hammer, Activist Post, April 18, 2012) aka War on Terror.

    Both countries were invaded and occupied for the benefit of the Zionist entity.

    After Israel’s defeat in Lebanon in 2006, then US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice came-up with the idea of fulfilling Zionists’ century-old dream of Greater Israel by military regime changes and further break-up of Israel’s enemy countries in the region…..

  8. I’m certain what we will be getting with Clinton, more of the same sh**t of these last 16 or so years, but Trump is a wild card …… I intend on taking a walk on the wild side!

  9. @RudyM

    My reaction exactly. Quotes everywhere with no attribution. But this, in Pepe’s own words, is worth the price of admission:

    This is a circus quite fitting for a self-described “indispensable nation” where “evil” has been propelled – seriously – to the status of philosophical category.

    • Replies: @David
  10. Evidence relies for instance on his appointment of perfect insiders Larry Kudlow and Steven Moore as his senior economic advisors.

    This part does bother me about Trump. That and his stance on torture.

    The anger is manifested by declassified blue collars, the unemployed, the functionally illiterate, white trash.

    The bit about uneducated whites is beginning to wear thin. These people had perfectly good jobs before America hollowed out its industrial base. So the Establishment abuses their trust and patriotism then blames them for– what exactly? Being poor? Being white?


    Another thing is that they are being blamed for doing what they are supposed to do. They are voting their interests. Globalism, as currently practiced, is not in their interests.

    The best model for what is happening now is probably this video–notice how it starts out slow.

    • Replies: @Alfa158
  11. Durruti says:

    The Pink Elephant that Pepe Escobar & the UNZ Commenters are afraid to acknowledge.

    On November 22, 1963, in Dallas, our last Constitutional President, John Fitzgerald Kennedy and our Democratic Republic, were assassinated – in a hail of MOSSAD/CIA directed gunfire.

    Later, the brother of John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and his close friend and ally, Martin Luther King, were assassinated. Subsequent assassinations came thick and fast, and all orchestrated by the same Rothschild Oligarchs.

    Nothing has been the same, since the coup d’etat in Dallas. Millions of murders later, we the Sheeple are witness to a planet in decline, both morally, and economically. Whole nations are joining 1963-75 Vietnam in ultimate destruction, from their people, to their cities, to their infrastucture, to their loss of sovereign existence, and national identity.

    The final nation being destroyed in this process (after those of Europe), is the United States of America. I recall the wife of my cousin, in Antwerp, after seeing the house my father was born in – partitioned into apartments for Moroccan and Tunisian immigrants exclaiming (in angry Flemish), “This is not Belgium.”

    Well, this is not the United States of America, at least not the proud Sovereign US of A we all loved. But it is exceedingly difficult to encourage Americans to discuss, to acknowledge, the real core/essence of the problem facing them/us.

    Just how the hell can we restore our Proud, Prosperous, Flawed, but Confident, and Sovereign Democratic Republic? Recall; this Republic was bequeathed us by the Founders, who were flawed, but strong Revolutionists, who emerged from the Sons of Liberty and the Minutemen, to the Committees of Correspondence. In those days there were few Secret Agencies to control and misdirect the people’s anger. George Washington was our strongest Oligarch, and he allowed the revolution to climax. Smuggler Hancock went on to found an Insurance Scam/company, and 150 years later, Drumpf/Trump founded some casinos.

    The Pink Elephant begs your attention.

    Our nation is not Sovereign; its political leaders are bought by the Zionist -Land Thieving- Oligarchs (AIPAC, etc.). They are suborned with our own tax payer funds gifted to the altready wealthy Zionist Oligarchs, and then rerouted by way of Tel Aviv and Monte Carlo. The world is disintegrating and its humans drowning in blood. And the puppet American government is at the forefront of the butcher shop.

    The Arab Peoples are suffering, and being herded, like cattle, throughout the Western World. They are being blamed for their own destruction as The Pink Elephant escapes notice, so that it may strike some more unfortunates, whenever.

    Oh! Please vote for Casino Trump, if that means you will feel better. And, perhaps you will pleasure your wife, girlfriend, or boyfriend, a bit. You might even try to please your partner during the Hollywood Performance (so-called-debate), tonight. But the way forward…

    The Only Road is to Restore Our Republic!

    That route is more difficult. The Founders missed a few TV Shows and some time on the Internet. What will you/we sacrifice?

    What will we give for our country? “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”


  12. utu says:

    “to quote Tricky Dick, “I am not going to end up as Jack” as he went out the back door of the White House.” – source please. I like it but before I repeat it I would like to know how credible it is.

  13. @The Alarmist

    you can be sure that Congress, regardless of who controls it, and the Courts will reassert their constitutional prerogatives

    Not a chance.
    No one in Congress or Courts remembers what those “constitutional prerogatives” are; they went out when FDR came in.

    Supreme Court Justices McReynolds, VanDevanter, Sutherland and Butler, the “Four Horsemen” that FDR hope to unseat in his court-packing scheme, remain on the list of Vilified Americans. A family member, Ann McReynolds Bush, has written several well-researched books on how Franklin Delano Roosevelt and parushim such as Louis Brandeis and Felix Frankfurter turned FDR’s administration and the US Supreme Court into an imperial presidency that issued executive orders that numbered in the thousands far more than Hitler himself.

    It is nearly impossible to find Ann McReynolds Bush’s important publications, about men who stood up in defense of US Constitutional principles, on the shelves of public- or university- libraries in the USA.

  14. The elite support mass immigration.

  15. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    The debate will be a circus, w/o the bread tossed to us peons in-between matches.

    Until the money power is broken, AKA the Federal Reserve, nothing will change in the USA.

    Wall Street casinos, in deeper ‘doo-doo’ than 2007, will need another bailout so Goldman Sachs head Lloyd Blankfein can keep doing -G-d’s work.

    The endless, insane ME wars for Israel will continue, since the USA has become a colony of that Apartheid Nightmare.

    The real power is Wall Street banks and the FED and until they are busted up into a 1,000 pieces and scattered to the wind, nothing will change, except the poor will get poorer and the American middle-class will continue to disappear.

    Trump knows that and he’d rather live out his life in luxury than join JFK in Arlington.

  16. @Durruti

    “The Only Road is to Restore Our Republic!”

    With respect, and I know this is trite but it’s all I have time for – you can’t turn a pickle back into a cucumber. The empire will collapse. It is doing so as we speak. Post imperial America will balkanize. There is plenty of room for four or five new republics. If you survive the collapse and if you have some time left on this planet you will have an opportunity to create something new.

    • Replies: @Durruti
  17. If Pepe could write a single coherent sentence I may be able to actually complete reading his ramblez. As it is I give up halfway.

  18. Alfa158 says:

    From the Hemingway novel.
    “How did you go bankrupt?”
    “Two ways, gradually and then suddenly.”
    The government should read that novel.
    The video is a perfect illustration of how the immigration disaster worked.

  19. @Durruti

    You’ve got your metaphors mixed. “Pink elephants” are hallucinations experienced by the intoxicated. I think the expression you were reaching for is “the elephant in the room”, meaning something that is completely obvious but is utterly ignored by everyone, usually because it’s existence is profoundly embarrassing and/or inconvenient.

    OTOH you may be dog whistling that your whole exposition is based on hallucinations.

    • Replies: @Durruti
  20. David says:

    I agree with RudyM. I was thinking of making the same comment. Also, did the same amazingly connected source write “how’s in charge” as wrote “Lenin said that the way to defeat our opponents is to take over their leadership of the opponent?”

    But the quote you gave, when I read it in the article, sort of annoyed me. English has lots of words. In most languages, Evil and Bad are the same word. So I thought, scoffing at the idea that Bad is a philosophic category is foolish. Of course it is, if Good is to be one too.

  21. Nice. Now I know I am not alone.

    people be like vote = freedom, when your only choice is between hillary or trump, you have no choice. your vote amounts to jack shit. an illusion.

    for me, trump’s bubble busted when he went to lick boots at AIPAC like every other politician.

    when did it break for you guys?

    the election is another divide and control scheme. and it is brilliant.

    • Replies: @WorkingClass
  22. woodNfish says:


    I just love how hacks like Escobar like to call Trump a narcissist while they have totally ignored odumbass who has been known to refer to himself 127 times n a single speech. Trump is a self-made billionaire and can stand on his accomplishments. What accomplishments does obama, a faux scholar, a phony neighborhood activist and an empty suit, ever accomplished other than duping a nation of grubers into voting him into the presidency? And hitlery accomplishments? Hiding thousands of subpoenaed emails? Getting our embassy staff in Lebanon murdered? Helping Bill set up the largest bribery and money laundering foundation in the country? Taking $100,000 bribes from Tyson Chicken? Smearing the women her husband raped?

    I prefer Trump’s real and honest accomplishments any day.

    • Replies: @OutWest
    , @Tom Lowe
  23. OutWest says:

    You left out a stint at a real law firm where, as far as I can tell, he accomplished nothing before going into public service where nothing is the standard.

    • Replies: @woodNfish
  24. L Garou says:

    Perseus vs Medusa, redux..

  25. Durruti says:

    “With respect, and I know this is trite”

    Hey! Sometimes I also like “trite.” Go right ahead. Don’t hesitate. Have all the “trite” you want.

    Will America “balkanize”? Will the SouthWest – Colorado, Texas, California, etc., be returned to Mexico? It was stolen by force & violence by American pro-slavery ISIS – Zionist terrorist forces, commanded by WW II ‘conscientious objector/coward, John Wayne. If returned to Mexico, then the American/Anglo settlers will be the ‘Illegals,’ who will have to register and then get Green Cards. Illegal aliens will become Mexico’s problem.

    Brooklyn will complete Jimmy Breslin’s & my wish by becoming independent, & then join with Key West in a Conch Federation. Other parts of the USA will split according to your wishes. As for my time left on this planet… there is this nice lady down the street I have to say hello to.

    Oh! “I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” I can live with that.

    Although I prefer the Black Flag of Anarchy.

    • Replies: @WorkingClass
  26. woodNfish says:

    I left out much more than that. There is only so much time in a day.

  27. Durruti says:
    @Jus' Sayin'...

    “You’ve got your metaphors mixed.”

    Would not be the first time.

    Benny Hill often questioned what he -met her for.-

    I prefer my Pink Elephants to to your “elephant” wherever it resides. If you oppose a bit of color, eh!

    You are not Jus Saying anything of use. You never do. Keep trolling!

  28. @Durruti

    I’m a big fan of Eugene Debs. But I’m not a commie. As ideologies go I would agree the Anarchists have the best of it.

  29. @Astuteobservor II

    “for me, trump’s bubble busted when he went to lick boots at AIPAC like every other politician.”

    That’s what convinced me Trump is serious about running for president and living to talk about it. And is Trump really a politician in your mind? Why did he start so late in life? Why does he only run for president of the United States? I think Trump just enjoys a challenge and is disgusted by what he sees in Washington. And I think he has a plan B. Look at the media people he has taken as advisors. If he loses the election he will become a media mogul. An independent media mogul. What fun!

    Remember, in securing the Republican nomination he defeated the Republican establishment AND the corporate media.

    • Replies: @Astuteobservor II
  30. @WorkingClass

    haha, so licking aipac’s boots is essential to an american president’s survival? politically and personally?

    How sad is that? I need a beer.

  31. This all exists in my mind, and you know none of it is real, right? Oh, Pepe, you don’t exist either, so you can’t answer.

    Please, there is a never-ending supply of scenarios. So many people are busy cooking them up that it’s amazing anybody is left to cook our food.

    It’s all true, of course, and you’re absolutely right. Why not? Or not.

    This rabbit hole is beginning to smell bad, which doesn’t mean it’s not a real hole.

  32. Tom Lowe says:

    “The anger is manifested by declassified blue collars, the unemployed, the functionally illiterate, white trash. ”

    What an utterly ignorant statement–utterly ignorant of any working knowledge of the fabric of American culture.

    The same anger is manifested by a far wider variety of people–people like me, with advanced degrees, profitable employment, fully literate far beyond the ken of a small minded Pepe Escobar, and of whatever race we actually may be.

    Pepe Escobar comes right out and calls Trump’s voters “white trash”, which is as racist and as ignorant as it gets, folks.

    We are finished–for good–with reading Pepe Escobar, a pathetic man who is little more than an ignorant racist, as his own words clearly prove.

  33. Tom Lowe says:

    Pepe is just not much of a journalist. He is a racist propagandist.

  34. @Montefrío

    I totally agree with you, Montefrio. Those on the Left Coast have, indeed, begun to tremble. believing they totally hear the sound of hoofbeats as the white working class yell Cossacks as they approach. I, too, believe it’s long overdue and that the “Masters of the Universe” may not be as invincible as they believe themselves to be. Yes, the Sleeping Giant Silent Majority are awakening, and Donald Trump’s victory in the GOP primary elections contributed greatly toward this awakening.

  35. Trump knows his audience. He like any good businessman gave them what they want. He wants tribute paid to the American Empire which would go to the coffers of the deep state.

    It sounds like he interjected conspiracy theory material into his political analysis on why Trump is this years Obama.

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