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How a Missile in Kabul Connects to a Speaker in Taipei
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Photo Credit: The Cradle

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This is the way the “Global War on Terror” (GWOT) ends, over and over again: not with a bang, but a whimper.

Two Hellfire R9-X missiles launched from a MQ9 Reaper drone on the balcony of a house in Kabul. The target was Ayman Al-Zawahiri with a \$25 million bounty on his head. The once invisible leader of ‘historic’ Al-Qaeda since 2011, is finally terminated.

All of us who spent years of our lives, especially throughout the 2000s, writing about and tracking Al-Zawahiri know how US ‘intel’ played every trick in the book – and outside the book – to find him. Well, he never exposed himself on the balcony of a house, much less in Kabul.

Another disposable asset

Why now? Simple. Not useful anymore – and way past his expiration date. His fate was sealed as a tawdry foreign policy ‘victory’ – the remixed Obama ‘Osama bin Laden moment’ that won’t even register across most of the Global South. After all, a perception reigns that George W. Bush’s GWOT has long metastasized into the “rules-based,” actually “economic sanctions-based” international order.

Cue to 48 hours later, when hundreds of thousands across the west were glued to the screen of (until the website was hacked), tracking “SPAR19” – the US Air Force jet carrying House Speaker Nancy Pelosi – as it slowly crossed Kalimantan from east to west, the Celebes Sea, went northward parallel to the eastern Philippines, and then made a sharp swing westwards towards Taiwan, in a spectacular waste of jet fuel to evade the South China Sea.

No “Pearl Harbor moment”

Now compare it with hundreds of millions of Chinese who are not on Twitter but on Weibo, and a leadership in Beijing that is impervious to western-manufactured pre-war, post-modern hysteria.

Anyone who understands Chinese culture knew there would never be a “missile on a Kabul balcony” moment over Taiwanese airspace. There would never be a replay of the perennial neocon wet dream: a “Pearl Harbor moment.” That’s simply not the Chinese way.

The day after, as the narcissist Speaker, so proud of accomplishing her stunt, was awarded the Order of Auspicious Clouds for her promotion of bilateral US-Taiwan relations, the Chinese Foreign Minister issued a sobering comment: the reunification of Taiwan with the mainland is a historical inevitability.

That’s how you focus, strategically, in the long game.

What happens next had already been telegraphed, somewhat hidden in a Global Times report. Here are the two key points:

Point 1: “China will see it as a provocative action permitted by the Biden administration rather than a personal decision made by Pelosi.”

That’s exactly what President Xi Jinping had personally told the teleprompt-reading White House tenant during a tense phone call last week. And that concerns the ultimate red line.

Xi is now reaching the exact same conclusion reached by Russian President Vladimir Putin earlier this year: the United States is “non-agreement capable,” and there’s no point in expecting it to respect diplomacy and/or rule of law in international relations.

Point 2 concerns the consequences, reflecting a consensus among top Chinese analysts that mirrors the consensus at the Politburo: “The Russia-Ukraine crisis has just let the world see the consequence of pushing a major power into a corner… China will steadily speed up its process of reunification and declare the end of US domination of the world order.”

Chess, not checkers

The Sinophobic matrix predictably dismissed Xi’s reaction to the fact on the ground – and in the skies – in Taiwan, complete with rhetoric exposing the “provocation by American reactionaries” and the “uncivilized campaign of the imperialists.”

This may be seen as Xi playing Chairman Mao. He may have a point, but the rhetoric is pro forma. The crucial fact is that Xi was personally humiliated by Washington and so was the Communist Party of China (CPC), a major loss of face – something that in Chinese culture is unforgivable. And all that compounded with a US tactical victory.

So the response will be inevitable, and it will be classic Sun Tzu: calculated, precise, tough, long-term and strategic – not tactical. That takes time because Beijing is not ready yet in an array of mostly technological domains. Putin had to wait years for Russia to act decisively. China’s time will come.

For now, what’s clear is that as much as with Russia-US relations last February, the Rubicon has been crossed in the US-China sphere.

The price of collateral damage

The Central Bank of Afghanistan bagged a paltry \$40 million in cash as ‘humanitarian aid’ soon after that missile on a balcony in Kabul.

So that was the price of the Al-Zawahiri operation, intermediated by the currently US-aligned Pakistani intelligence agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). So cheap.

The MQ-9 Reaper drone carrying the two Hellfire R9X that killed Al-Zawahiri had to fly over Pakistani airspace – taking off from a US base in the Persian Gulf, traversing the Arabian Sea, and flying over Balochistan to enter Afghanistan from the south. The Americans may have also got human intelligence as a bonus.

A 2003 deal, according to which Islamabad facilitates air corridors for US military flights, may have expired with the American withdrawal debacle last August, but could always be revived.

No one should expect a deep dive investigation on what exactly the ISI – historically very close to the Taliban – gave to Washington on a silver platter.

Dodgy dealings

Cue to an intriguing phone call last week between the all-powerful Chief of Staff of the Pakistani Army, Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa, and US deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman. Bajwa was lobbying for the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to release a crucial loan at the soonest, otherwise Pakistan will default on its foreign debt.

Were deposed former Prime Minister Imran Khan still in power, he would never have allowed that phone call.


The plot thickens, as Al-Zawahiri’s Kabul digs in a posh neighborhood is owned by a close advisor to Sirajuddin Haqqani, head of the “terrorist” (US-defined) Haqqani network and currently Taliban Interior Minister. The Haqqani network, needless to add, was always very cozy with the ISI.

And then, three months ago, we had the head of ISI, Lieutenant General Nadeem Anjum, meeting with Biden’s National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan in Washington – allegedly to get their former, joint, covert, counter-terrorism machinery back on track.

Once again, the only question revolves around the terms of the “offer you can’t refuse” – and that may be connected to IMF relief. Under these circumstances, Al-Zawahiri was just paltry collateral damage.

Sun Tzu deploys his six blades

Following Speaker Pelosi’s caper in Taiwan, collateral damage is bound to multiply like the blades of a R9-X missile.

The first stage is the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) already having engaged in live fire drills, with massive shelling in the direction of the Taiwan Strait out of Fujian province.

The first sanctions are on too, against two Taiwanese funds. Export of sable to Taiwan is forbidden; sable is an essential commodity for the electronics industry – so that will ratchet up the pain dial in high-tech sectors of the global economy.

Chinese CATL, the world’s largest fuel cell and lithium-ion battery maker, is indefinitely postponing the building of a massive \$5 billion, 10,000-employee factory that would manufacture batteries for electric vehicles across North America, supplying Tesla and Ford among others.

So the Sun Tzu maneuvering ahead will essentially concentrate on a progressive economic blockade of Taiwan, the imposition of a partial no-fly zone, severe restrictions of maritime traffic, cyber warfare, and the Big Prize: inflicting pain on the US economy.

The War on Eurasia

For Beijing, playing the long game means the acceleration of the process involving an array of nations across Eurasia and beyond, trading in commodities and manufactured products in their own currencies. They will be progressively testing a new system that will see the advent of a BRICS+/SCO/Eurasia Economic Union (EAEU) basket of currencies, and in the near future, a new reserve currency.

The Speaker’s escapade was concomitant to the definitive burial of the “war on terror” cycle and its metastasis into the “war on Eurasia” era.

It may have unwittingly provided the last missing cog to turbo-charge the complex machinery of the Russia-China strategic partnership. That’s all there is to know about the ‘strategic’ capability of the US political ruling class. And this time no missile on a balcony will be able to erase the new era.

(Republished from The Cradle by permission of author or representative)
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  1. meamjojo says:

    That RX-9 missile is pretty cool! Has blades in the front to make chop meat of whomever it hits but no explosives.

    al-Zawahiri Shredded By Blades Of Non-Explosive “Flying Ginsu” Missile
    Wednesday, Aug 03, 2022 – 01:20 PM

  2. Rubicon says:

    We have two sources that state: Taiwan & the US have reached a hefty deal whereby (Taiwan) plants will be built in the US to make chips. Sounded like a multi-billion \$\$ deal.

    Has anyone heard about this deal?

    • Thanks: chris
  3. “Terrorism American Rothschild Style”

  4. Sable is an essential commodity in the the manufacture of electronics? Sable is a fur used in fashion garments.

  5. Just a few comments on the China information:

    – “Export of sable to Taiwan is forbidden; sable is an essential commodity for the electronics industry so that will ratchet up the pain dial in high-tech sectors of the global economy.” I think you are referring to the new restrictions on the export of quartz sand to Taiwan. High purity quartz sand is used to produce the mono-crystal silicon wafers that are the starting point for integrated circuit manufacture. This high purity quartz sand is not produced by China; rather most of the worlds supply comes from the Spruce Pine Mining District in North Carolina. The sand that China produces is an input to the construction industry in Taiwan. The Chinese statements are tough sounding for internal consumption.

    — “The first stage is the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) already having engaged in live fire drills, with massive shelling in the direction of the Taiwan Strait out of Fujian province.” There is also build up of military hardware in Xiamen along with the production of many videos of that equipment’s live fire in the direction of Taiwan. Nonetheless, for all the live fire, I don’t see and indication on the web that the Taiwan held island Jinmen (just 2 miles from Xiamen) was shelled as would be normal and expected if the Chinese were serious. Like the Chinese statements above, it seems all the military action is for internal consumption as well

    That said, for the Chinese populace, the perception has been generated that punishing economic sanctions have been implemented, and that a strong military response by China has threatened Taiwan. All of this internal messaging serves its purpose; it builds nationalist feeling in China for reunification and further resolve to strengthen China to stop transgressions against them by the west.

  6. US lost 58,000 men trying to stop the reunification of Vietnam.

    How many men is the US willing to sacrifice to prevent the reunification of China?

  7. @marco-polo

    Since the Chinese are smarter, better educated, and better informed than their Western counterparts, I’m not sure they’ll be fobbed off as easily as you suggest.
    I suspect something more substantive, specifically ‘military’ as promised.
    Perhaps enforcing an ADIZ for real?
    Patrolling Taiwan’s entire airspace 24×7?
    Under-threaten, over-deliver?

    • Agree: JR Foley, Realist
    • Replies: @marco-polo
  8. RestiveUs says:

    Agreed. The only thing sable produces is static electricity.

  9. aandrews says:

    Export of what to Taiwan?!

  10. With its invasion of Russia on 6-22-41 Germany sealed its fate by getting involved in a two-front war. Quite possibly, the needless but provocative hadj to Taiwan by the growingly demented Fancy Nancy at age 90+ will serve as a form of catalytic converter to amp up the developing economic alliance into a general Chinese alliance with Russia.

    In the process of accelerating the concordat between the two continental powers, the U\$\$A and its various minion nations and puppet regimes is effectively getting its snout into a classical double-envelopment. Though still militarily powerful, at least with its submarine fleet; the U\$\$A may have succeeded in getting its nuts into a vice.

    Escobar is probably quite correct in predicting that China will now go into overdrive on the economic front, while Russia continues to beat the daylights outta the hapless Ukies at the same time as employing jiu-jitsu tactics on the Western \$anctionizers. The Russian economy keeps rising as they now demand to be paid in Rubles; effectually grinding down the European economy and even destabilizing Wall \$treet.

    Meanwhile in the Di\$trict of Corruption; affairs go from worse to badder. The ruptured republic’s three top officials, Biden, Kamal and Pelosi are a combination of senile and dimwitted. They are becoming an international laughingstock. Congre\$\$ has upgraded its lead as the most disrespected institution in the country. Half or more of Americans now despise the Nine Blackrobes (aka the Extreme Courtesans) and that for not just a single reason.

    Kicked in the nuts by the Saudis over not amping production and their OPEC agreements with Russia PLUS re-marketing Russian oil at huge profits; the U\$\$A’s Department of the Trea\$ury and their bosses in the “Federal” Reserve Bank are simultaneously scratching their heads and butts as to how to deal with massive inflation and increasing shortages of just about everything except media bullshit.

    The Petrodollar may soon be on life-support.

    The whole clown show makes one wonder whether there are any adults left in the room. It may even be that James Rottenchild and Heinie Kissinger are losing their Kosher marbles. Klaus \$chwab keeps reminding us that we will own nothing, eat bugs and be happy.

    Are the suburban soccer moms catching on yet?…probably not until after the mid-terms when all hell is scheduled to break loose…or maybe even sooner if the financial elite shotcallers “suggest” that another 911 Inside Job is in order, like some 2nd tier city like Nashville getting nuked by an I\$raeli planted pitt, stolen from a repository in Texas some years back.

    Tune in again for more fun n’ games as Kali Yuga winds down.

    • Thanks: Alternate History
    • Replies: @Kali
  11. Miro23 says:

    So the Sun Tzu maneuvering ahead will essentially concentrate on a progressive economic blockade of Taiwan, the imposition of a partial no-fly zone, severe restrictions of maritime traffic, cyber warfare, and the Big Prize: inflicting pain on the US economy.

    Blockading Taiwan doesn’t seem so complicated. Unlike the US trying to blockade Iran, Taiwan is situated right off the Chinese coast. It’s an island that lives by international trade and it’s in no way self sufficient in food and raw materials. Taiwan’s food self-sufficiency rate is a very low 35% and it has to import 100% its petrol, gas and coal apart from specialized industrial raw materials.

    • Agree: Commentator Mike
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  12. Who would have thought Sun Tzu’s Art Of War tactics and procedures written 1500 years ago would still be valid today..
    What’s that saying “Can’t teach an old horse new tricks”?

  13. chris says:

    Another brilliant, Pepe article.

    The only thing I wish would be dispensed with by all journalists is the notion of referring to US foreign policy actions by the name of the sitting president or their administration.

    I realize that journalistically, this is an occupational hazard which avoids any nuance of conspiracy, but the clear fact is that, as someone has written, the president and his administration are simply the waiters serving the crocks of shit cooked up by the State Department, Pentagon and the “Intelligence Community.“

    The various presidential administrations may, on occasion, refuse the one action or the other, but this occurs as rarely as it does for customers in restaurants.

    The proof that this is so are all the long-term projects run over the many administrations, the last and most significant of which was the Ukrainian revolutions with the goal of ensuring a Russian counter-attack, and its ensuing (supposedly) entrapment there, to lead to the overthrow of the Russian government.

    Clearly, this plan now unfolding was running with or without the knowledge or approval (requirement) of any of the intervening presidential administrations. And some of the waiters are abject lackeys, like the Bushes, Clintons and Obama, and will be rewarded for it, and some, like Trump, will have their own opinions about it, and will be thrown out on their ear. And this is why a guy like Rand Paul will never be allowed to be president.

    My point is that we should dispense with the quaint, democratic-sounding notion of retarded old bags like the president and speaker of the house running some policies and cut to the chase and refer to them as what they really are, US government policies.

    • Replies: @Chuck Orloski
    , @sally
  14. gatobart says:

    “All of us who spent years of our lives, especially throughout the 2000s, writing about and tracking Al-Zawahiri know how US ‘intel’ played every trick in the book – and outside the book – to find him. Well, he never exposed himself on the balcony of a house, much less in Kabul”

    Sorry, Pepe, but I couldn’t go any further with the reading because otherwise I would have felt pretty gullible and dumb. As dumb as if I had swallowed the fancy tale of a bunch of Navy Seals storming Osama Ben Laden’s safehouse in Pakistan and shooting him dead and then burying him at sea “according to Muslim protocols” (By spooky coincidence, these same Navy Seals that would die only one or two months later in a mysterious chopper crash in Afghanistan…! And the same Navy Seals which the Pakistani doctor who lived across the street from the OBL house saw coming empty handed out of this last and then getting in the chopper that had brought them and then the chopper taking off and crashing right there, killing them all).

    I don’t know how legit is the rest of the article but this paragraph is enough for me to lose any trust about what I would find next, In any case, what is the next article about, Pepe, about how OBL planned and engineered 911 from a cave in the mountains of Afghanistan…?

  15. anonymous[349] • Disclaimer says:

    The latest news claim that CHINA is blocking Taiwans air/maritime spaces and witholding food/medical supplies..and China will stop supplying Apple/Intel/Ford/Tesla of its key supplies.

  16. Pepe, where is your skepticism? How can you confirm a high tech assassination from 1000’s of miles away (I assume you are not writing from Kabul!)? Why do you believe the USA official statements?

    Here’s another scenario, more plausible in my opinion:

    The Pelosi visit was a China – USA psy op, with, from the point of view of the writers of the script, a win-win outcome for both parties. Biden and Pelosi obviously don’t make foreign policy decisions, that should be clear to all. They simply follow orders and read teleprompters. The Taiwan officials also just follow orders.

    The win for China is that the incident inflames patriotic lust for complete Chinese unification, not just ‘on paper’ unification, with Taiwan, providing a wave of support for future unification actions by the Communist Party.

    The win for the Democrats in the USA is that they can parade and preen and pose as heroes unafraid of China, ‘USA USA USA’ which should help them in November. After all it’s a mid term Congressional Election, not Presidential, and Pelosi is the Speaker of the House.

    The supposed ‘assassination’ was simply an added bonus, depicting Old Joe not as Nancy’s bitch but as the Chief Executive doing his manly duty to protect USA citizens and revenge those murdered on Sept 11 (supposedly by Al Queda, but please…)

    So, Pepe Escobar got it all wrong, and my scenario makes the most sense, from the information we have.

    • Replies: @Chuck Orloski
  17. Sam Smith says:

    What happened on August 2, 2022 was the definitive start date of Taiwan’s reunification with mainland China. They may have just lost the “one country, two systems” principle that the CPC had previously offered.

    This reunification will definitely be militarily effected. China and the CPC have come to the conclusion that the Americans are not only “non-agreement capable” but fork tongued in their “One China” policy. Whether this reunification will involve the US military will depend on the Americans and their hubris.

    One definite fallout from this American geopolitical stunt will be higher inflation in the US and Taiwan. China’s sanctions on Taiwan are real and tangible, unlike the retarded US/EU sanctions that hurt the Europeans more than the Russians, and they will significantly damage the Taiwanese economy.

    • Replies: @Showmethereal
  18. @Priss Factor

    How many Taiwanese want to be “reunified” with China ?

    “… Amid the Russia-Ukraine crisis, a survey found that about 90 per cent of people rejected Beijing’s continued claims that Taiwan was part of China.

    “About 90 per cent rejected Beijing’s continued claims that Taiwan was part of China and their efforts to limit the smaller country’s international space and threaten it with military force”, reported Taiwan News citing Radio Taiwan International (RTI).

    The survey found that 88.6 per cent approved of the government seeking closer cooperation with other democracies in order to safeguard peace in the Taiwan Strait. More than 70 per cent also voiced support for legislative efforts to prevent high-level technology experts from being lured to jobs in China.

    As per the opinion poll results, 74.6 per cent of Taiwanese judged China to be hostile towards Taiwan’s government and 59.3 per cent said it also showed an unfriendly attitude towards the people of Taiwan.

    While more than 80 per cent approved of the government’s stance that the future of Taiwan and the development of relations with China should be subject to a decision by Taiwan’s 23-million population…”


    Ever heard about such a thing as “the will of the people”?

  19. @Franklin Ryckaert

    Ever heard about such a thing as “the will of the people”?

    I thought Abe Lincoln had settled that once and for all.

  20. @Franklin Ryckaert

    The ‘will’ of traitors don’t count. Tai-cucks have no true will. Just materialist dependency on the West. Tai-cucks must be crushed without mercy.

    And what will do whites have? Glob elites push White Nakba, and white cucks just comply.

    Taiwan went globo-homo. It must be crushed. All its elites must be massacred in total bloodbath.

    And since when US care about national will? It aided the destruction of Palestine.

    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  21. Hollywood going global

  22. @Postoasted

    It is, however, the French word for “sand”, a pure form of which supplies silicon.

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @Jeff Davis
  23. So what’s your point Pepe?
    That China will become a military,space and manufacturing superpower like America in our lifetime? Just coz the social fabric of the west collapsed? What makes you so sure the CCP won’t falter somewhere? America is still the superpower (atleast economically) for atleast this whole century (78 years to come). I don’t see it changing..

    • LOL: Realist
  24. Sam Smith says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    Well I guess you have never heard of a place called Hawaii.

  25. @chris

    Chris wrote: “My point is that we should dispense with the quaint, democratic-sounding notion of retarded old bags like the president and speaker of the house running some policies and cut to the chase and refer to them as what they really are, US government,”

    Thanks, but actually, it’s ZOG. 👿

    • Agree: chris, Derer
  26. @WingsofADove

    WingsofAdove wrote: “Pepe, where is your skepticism? How can you confirm a high tech assassination from 1000’s of miles away (I assume you are not writing from Kabul!)? Why do you believe the USA official statements?”

    I agree 100 percent 💯 and Pepe knows better.

  27. Nancy’s trip is a strategic win for the Let’s Collapse Western Civilization wing of both parties.

  28. @Priss Factor

    How many men is the US willing to sacrifice to prevent the reunification of China?

    The current population of Taiwan is about 24 million. That’s how many.

    Just as in Ukraine where they are willing to fight to the very last Ukrainian, the Globalists are willing to fight to the very last Taiwanese in order to defend Globalist interests.

    • Replies: @Bruce Arney
    , @Priss Factor
  29. “Man proposes, God disposes”
    Pelosi whores around, China gives the hound.

  30. @Franklin Ryckaert

    The will of the people is what all gov’ts trample on. That’s what gov’t does.

  31. eah says:

    TSMC is already building a fab near Phoenix:

    TSMC’s Arizona Fab Construction Emerges at Breakneck Speed

    Intel also has and develops state-of-the-art semiconductor process technology in their own fabs — with sufficient interest from prospective customers, as well as an infusion of capital, they could also expand and enter the foundry business, perhaps via a spinoff.

    • Replies: @d dan
  32. @anonymous

    There’ll be no stopping of trade. The Chinks are all about selling their junk to anyone who’ll buy.

    • Troll: Realist
    • Replies: @anon
  33. Not ‘sable’ but the export of sand (ingredient necessary for making concrete & electronic chips) has been forbidden by China.

    • Replies: @Buck Ransom
  34. Loans from the IMF don’t “relieve” you or “bail you out”, they just bind you more tightly.

    • Agree: Curmudgeon
  35. Kali says:
    @emerging majority

    Clown World is stark, stirring bonkers and isn’t even good entertainment any more, EM.

    But that is more than made up for by the fact that I now have three chuckinsis (hens) to go with my two goats, all of whom make me laugh quite a lot with thier funny antics.

    Hoping all of your homesteading adventures are coming together and your squashes are baring fruit.

    Much love,

    • Thanks: Notsofast
  36. @gatobart

    How legit is anything nowadays

    Up is down, left is right, black is white,
    lies are truth, the truth is lies,
    men are women, women are men
    it’s all for the greater good
    we have your best interests at heart
    Just take your vaccine like a good boy, girl,
    or whatever other of the 72 genders you
    happen to identify with

    Orwell 1984 is here, read it if you haven’t already
    It’s no longer enough to say 2+2 = 5 you have to believe it

    • Replies: @Jeffrey Freeman
  37. cohen says:

    Pakistan’s establishment a slave entity to US and Saudis always eager to please their masters. And then their is UK who is too eager to give refuge to outed corrupt politicians and former army brass. And then there is Swiss banking system who will not reveal the information on accounts of Mega rich Pakistanis.
    All those terrorist wanted by Pakistani Courts have political asylum in UK who is fighting terrorist since 2001

  38. Seems that Pepe may have published his new book ‘The Raging Twenties’ a bit too soon. This stuff sounds like a vital last chapter.

  39. frankie p says:

    BS. I’m sitting here in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. There’s no blockade. And what’s with “withholding food/medical supplies”? Do you think Taiwan sources its food and medical supplies from China?

    • Replies: @Realist
  40. @Rubicon

    It’s not so much a deal as an order. TSMC (the Taiwanese chip manufacturer) has no choice but to comply with the US demand to manufacture chips in the US. In any case, the US is working with Japan, and maybe South Korea as well if it decides to join the US tech war against China, to hollow out Taiwan’s semiconductor manufacturing capability. Once that’s done, the US will have a freer hand to use Taiwan as a disposable pawn.

  41. @gatobart

    Strange that when Pepe says “Al-Zawahiri […] never exposed himself on the balcony of a house”, you think that means Pepe believes that Al-Zawahiri did expose himself on the balcony of a house.

    But then you say “OBL planned and engineered 911 from a cave in the mountains of Afghanistan”, so I guess that explains it. I suggest you say what you mean.

    • Replies: @gatobart
  42. sally says:

    Yes, just like food, every referral to something in government or corporations should refer by name to the entity and the individual or group of individuals or class of individuals within that entity responsible for the something. The beginning of understanding, happens when the facts are accurately presented.

    thanks for your comment I have said much the same many times. to day no one cares.

    in the following : <=we need the names and groups involved.
    "The Central Bank of Afghanistan bagged a paltry \$40 million in cash as ‘humanitarian aid’ soon after that missile on a balcony in Kabul.

    So that was the price of the Al-Zawahiri operation, intermediated by the currently US-aligned Pakistani intelligence agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). So cheap. "

    • Replies: @chris
  43. Anonymous[304] • Disclaimer says:

    Peking Pepe defending his owners while they cower in the shadow of the super carrier RR sitting off the NE coast of Phillipines protecting Nasty Nancy. Chicken shit Red China running dogs all bark no abilty to fight anyone.

  44. Realist says:
    @frankie p

    Do you think Taiwan sources its food and medical supplies from China?

    It sure as hell gets some food and medical supplies from mainland China…but the point is all of Taiwan’s sources will be blockaded.

  45. Erik1953 says:

    Killing European or American leaders is useless. They are just bluetooth speakers…

  46. Sam Smith says:

    Anyone watch her press conference in Taipei???

    There are now three Demented ones running the United States! Three.

    Demented Joe! Word Salad Karma! Demented Jane!

    Peloi said this gem of wisdom, showing off the full power of her intellect and memory:

    “In our earliest days at our founding of our country, Benjamin Franklin, our presidency, said, freedom and democracy. Freedom and democracy, one thing, security here. If we don’t have- we can’t have either, if we don’t have both.”

    Our presidency? Is that like our excellency???

    • Replies: @WhoaWaitaMinute
    , @Rubicon
  47. Dan Bongino said on his show the other day, that the US government had announced twice before that they had killed this guy. Just like they announced that they had killed Osama bin Ladin in Pakistan almost 10 years after he had died of Kidney Disease in 2001. After Obama’s administration “killed” bin Ladin they refused to release pictures of the body. I say why?

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Rubicon
    , @Showmethereal
  48. Realist says:
    @Badger Down

    It is, however, the French word for “sand”, a pure form of which supplies silicon.

    Thank you. It is typical of the commenters on this blog to quickly expose their ignorance in espousing their unwavering dogma.

  49. @Standstriaght

    You always had to believe it.

    Or face Room 101. 🐀

  50. MLK says:

    It’s a fool’s errand for anyone to think he can noodle the Zawahiri set-piece into the truth. Believe what you like about that old terrorist codger. It matters not to the more important analysis.

    It sure looks like the timing of the announcement of this drone strike whoop-de-woo was intended to put a period on the GWOT with a whimper not a bang. In other words, it was a feature not a bug that even MSDNC moved on in its shouting after a few hours.

    It did, however, offer a brief distraction from the illegitimate Biden regime delivering the latest give-away to its Chinese masters. This one was as in our faces as the 2020 election steal. No one could come up with a colorable explanation what interest of the USG was being served by that old drunken leftist whore giving China a pretext that, believe me, will be cited for years to come for tightening the screws on Taiwan.

    Begin with the three no-brainers.

    One Country/Two systems — a circle squaring if ever there was one — has been a boon for Taiwan. It’s population overwhelmingly is of a ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’

    The Chinese Sovereign is equally cohered with its subjects in its unshakable objective of eventual reunification. Taiwan is a big aircraft carrier. If CCP China drove the bargain it did with Nixon from a much weaker position, what kind of an idiot believes it will see it degraded now that it’s much stronger?

    The last no-brainer is that the USG is as weak and compromised as it has ever been with an installed “Yeltsin” in thrall to CCP China. Pelosi was deployed because it’s too obvious at this point for the “Biden” administration to directly run the play.

    Xi will soon be crowned emperor for life. This set-piece offers him the opportunity to demonstrate that he can manage his USG tributary, further banking longterm geopolitical and geoeconomic gains, without it going kinetic.

    Time is on CCP China’s side the way it was not for Russia once the USG committed to a primary objective of driving Russia into a strategic alliance with China for the exclusive benefit of China.

  51. anon[452] • Disclaimer says:

    They sell to the junkies . They also dont maintain unversal standard.
    Usually the type not wanted by the rest is earmerked for the junkies.

  52. Realist says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    How many Taiwanese want to be “reunified” with China ?

    Ever heard about such a thing as “the will of the people”?

    You mean like the democracy in the US? LOL

    Why is Taiwan’s fate any of our concern?

  53. anon[452] • Disclaimer says:
    @Joe Paluka

    CNM- Fox- —- Viewers may find these pictures from Ukraine very disturbing .
    CNN-Fox ——- We are not displaying these photos of Bin Ladenn because of the senstive nature .

    • Replies: @Showmethereal
  54. anon[240] • Disclaimer says:

    Human debris though she is, have to admit I find her tiddies alluring.

    • Replies: @schnelladine
    , @Dave Bowman
  55. Anonymous[100] • Disclaimer says:

    No one doubts that Taiwan will eventually be reunited with the mainland but not before large chunks of China have been severed, including, Tibet, Inner Mongolia and East Turkmenistan.

  56. @Priss Factor

    “…Taiwan stands for freedom, transparency, accountability, and other democratic characteristics that clearly differentiate the island nation from China.

    Taiwan’s commitment to cultivating a free economy and a vibrant civil society through independent democratic institutions has unambiguously made the country a notable example for Asia and the world in terms of how an emerging country can move progressively into new chapters of development.

    Taiwan ranked sixth in The Heritage Foundation’s newly released 2022 Index of Economic Freedom.

    The index assesses the economies of 184 countries based on 12 indicators of economic freedom—from property rights to financial freedom. These indicators are grouped into four categories: rule of law, limited government, regulatory efficiency, and market openness.

    With its overall score improving by 1.5 points to 80.1, Taiwan achieved the status of the economically “free” category in the index for the first time.

    As the 2022 index notes, Taiwan is one of the few countries in the world to have experienced continuous economic growth during the past five years. Economic freedom has increased significantly during that period as well.

    Also notable is that Taiwan recently ranked as the eighth most vibrant democracy in the world, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s latest Democracy Index, which is based on five key metrics: electoral process and pluralism, functioning of government, political participation, political culture, and civil liberties. In 2020, Taiwan, along with Japan and South Korea, moved up a category from “flawed democracies” to “full democracies.”…


    The Taiwanese need not to be “liberated” by the totalitarian mainland regime. Would their rights be respected if they were “reunited” with the mainland? Ask the Tibetans, Uyghurs, the people of Hong Kong and the followers of Falung Gong (provided they have not yet be slaughtered for their organs).

    Increasingly imperialist China needs to be contained. The protection of Taiwan would be a good first step in that direction. Japan, South Korea, all South East Asian countries, Australia and New Zealand and India, all are in the process of forming an alliance to contain the Red Dragon. Good for them!

  57. @Anonymous

    USS Ronald Reagan née USS George Washington.

  58. @Kali

    Thank you Kali. Our war for human-scale survival is being fought with chickens, goats and squash blossoms as our allies in the struggle. When I read of the extreme heat in Portugal recently, my thoughts went out in the hope that you have survived that ordeal and are currently thriving.

    Yesterday, cooling conditions allowed my nearly 78 Y.O. corpus to put in a seven hour workday, as the biting flies (nasty demonic creatures) and mosquitos have eased off while the project of rebuilding the central garden moved at a gradual but sustained pace. The ever-expanding roots of quack grass and goldenrod constitute obstacles similar to trench-warfare on a macro scale.

    Perhaps the overheating economy will achieve warp-speed over the coming months and that those millions pursuing the big brass ring and racing rats will come to their senses and begin to garden, compost and raise small animals.

    Enjoy that sustaining and beautiful life.

    • Thanks: Notsofast, Kali
    • Replies: @Kali
  59. I don’t mean to be derogatory. But, I need to tell it as I see it.

    The China government reminds me of those martial arts people. They thought their “art” was really a lethal weapon until they tested it against the fundamentals of wrestling/punching brawlers.

    The Chinese government is not capable of prosecuting, let alone winning any kind of military operation that is not completely land based. Yes, they were successful in pushing the US army back to the Korean DMZ. This is because China was able to deliver a horde of land based cannon fodder and the US was not willing to play the weapon of mass destruction card.

    Clearly the “west” is thoroughly corrupt, but China’s mystical martial arts military won’t deliver a victory for China. First, their own people need to stop following the orders of their CCP masters and think for themselves. This is not the Chinese way. They are designed and programmed to do as they are told. Any military action will completely fall apart when the chain of command is destroyed. The soldiers will not be able to think for themselves and innovate. They must be able to retreat back to China or they will die on any foreign field they fight on no matter what the kung foo master tells them.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Showmethereal
  60. @anon

    Agreed. They are to die for.

    • Replies: @Notsofast
  61. @Franklin Ryckaert

    Increasingly imperialist China needs to be contained.

    There are 1.4 billion people in China and that should mean they have enough people to change their gov’t if that’s what they want. Why is it the rest of the world’s business to interfere in their decision making process?

    • Agree: Realist
    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  62. GMC says:

    What’s amazing is that every country or territory that hooks up with the USG gets totally whacked in the end and yet – there is always another stupid country waiting in line for the same treatment – except Israel of course. Who’s next after Taiwan ?

    • Agree: Biff
    • Replies: @WhoaWaitaMinute
  63. Notsofast says:

    you gotta let go of nancy’s tiddies, man. why don’t you volunteer at a nursing home.

    • LOL: WhoaWaitaMinute
  64. I’m sorry, but I think all the casuistry expended upon analyzing Nancy’s trip to Taiwan is overblown and unnecessary. I will go out on a limb here: The simple fact of the matter is that China made a big mistake in not responding more forcefully to this. China should know by now that the United States has no realistic prospect of getting itself on a war footing. American society is disorganized, restive, and broke. If China wants to set up an alternative to the US Dollar, it needs to show itself as the strong horse, as someone its global partners can rely upon. This was a gigantic missed opportunity and it isn’t going to go well in the corridors of power in Beijing. I would bet that a lot of high level CCP officials are livid over this.

    As much as I hate to say it, this means that the US scored a geopolitical victory (probably its last) for now. This will set China back a few years as they figure out how to dispose of Emperor for Life Xi, but once they get a non-coward in office there is going to be hell to pay.

  65. @Franklin Ryckaert

    Japan, South Korea, all South East Asian countries, Australia and New Zealand and India, all are in the process of forming an alliance to contain the Red Dragon.

    Those countries all live in China’s neighborhood. Their interest in what China does is both sensible and morally sound. Given China’s multi-millennial history of having at most very limited interest in venturing far beyond its historic borders, American interference in the region on the basis of “the world will collapse will happen if we don’t act soon!” lacks defensibility.

    I wish that the United States had a rationale similar to the countries mentioned, however, with regard to Mexico and the feeder nations to its South that together are helping the Jews reify a USA where white people will be as scarce as sound money and as welcome as cockroaches.

  66. @Wade Hampton

    Good point. To paraphrase Madeline Albright, “we think sacrificing 24 million Ukrainians and 24 million people of Taiwan is a price we are willing to pay”

  67. scholar says:

    Sable is sand in French. I guess it was just a slip of a polyglot mind.

  68. None of these articles state the obvious. That this is all just theater for the masses. Both the Chinese people and the American and European people are being fooled. Behind the scenes the globalists are working together to end the freedom of Europe and especially the US. The China – Russia alliance will be the new Hegemon of the world.

    • LOL: A B Coreopsis
    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
  69. @meamjojo

    That RX-9 missile is pretty cool! Has blades in the front to make chop meat of whomever it hits but no explosives.

    Pretty cool. Thank God it’ll never be used on Americans.

  70. chris says:

    Yeah, thanks Sally.

    I think that many people realize that the personalization of these policies on some half-witted loons is cynically used by the deep-state to obfuscate the issue and to protect the actual centers of power.

    As Caitlyn Johnstone (among others) pointed out, the fact that crazy Nancy‘s visit to Taipei was accompanied by the movement of an aircraft carrier and battleship group to the area belies the fact that this was some kind of personal provocation on her part.

    And it pains me to see great journalists like Pepe, referring to these incidents by the character actors who fulfill the role.

  71. @Franklin Ryckaert

    You seem to think that PR China is a greater threat to the world than the GloboHomo West. What are your resons for such an appraisal?

    • Agree: Kali
    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  72. @Postoasted

    Sable is an essential commodity in the the manufacture of electronics? Sable is a fur used in fashion garments.

    As in semiconductor grade silicon. China produces 75% of the world’s semiconductor grade silicon. Russia is a distant second at 6%. The rest of the world can barely scrunge up a year’s supply to TSMC even for just a month of production. TSMC has 61% of the world semiconductor market. Thank you Nancy Pelosi. Everything you touches dies.

    • Thanks: showmethereal
  73. @meamjojo

    Whooo! They oughta aim it at an animal shelter. Instant puppy hamburger.

  74. Anon[240] • Disclaimer says:
    @Ricardo el Chihuahua

    Ricardo- only the snowflakes on UR will consider you “despectivo”. Yeah….The Chinese Kung Fu Masters told their students that their Iron Shirt Chi would protect them from the bullets of the white devils.

    One German Squad leader developed special battle drills to deal with the Boxers especially in Boxer back alley ambushes and human wave charges with swords etc. They would rake the lead attackers concentrating on mincing up the front men . The followers would lose heart at the slaughter and flee. They were also cut down. In one counter ambush they cut three charging Kong Foo leaders almost in half and the after action report stated they could see bits of flesh, clots of blood and fabric flying off the attackers.

    The Chinese fight in almost the same manner as Indigenous Indians. It must be something in their Mongolian genes. Once the Chief goes down, there is generally no one to take command and the whole tribe collapses and runs away. In WW2 the Japs went through them like a knife through butter. General Stillwell, an American General had to be sent to China to rally the Chinese Troops. Even with American leadership and material aid they turned out to be second rate mutts.

    What you say is the absolute truth ! China is a land power and one without any experience in huge military operations. The Americans fought for a decade in Viet Nam while the Chinese in their 1979 invasion lasted a few weeks before fleeing in disarray back over the border. In the last tussle with India, some half starved and frozen Indians beat them with clubs, crutches and walking sticks and sent them galloping back into China. The Chinese trooper and NCO is not trained to take the initiative in battle, never has been and never will be !

    I posted a whole analysis in my comment on the thread “The Nancy Pelosi Invasion How it Happened”. What you assert is cold fact and all this talk about Chinese wonder weapons, aircraft carriers, space missiles and million man armies is utter SHIT !

    They know it, we know it, Nancy Pelosi knows it, Putin knows it and now the rest of the world knows it. There is no fucking way these people are going to dominate the world let alone whites. They just dont have it in them. No tienen los cohones ! When a ropy old woman called their bluff everyone must acknowledge that what was suspected in now clearly written on the wall !

    As for the West being corrupt, no other nation has the higher ground in terms of righteousness and morality. It seems to me that in politics right and wrong are concepts for God, Saints and Kids to ponder and pass judgement on. What matters is, regardless of right or wrong, whether I can take what you have. China is no babe in the woods in terms of corruption, mass murder (under Mao) or abuse of their own Moslem population. What they dont realize is that no one is going to give them anything. They will have to take it !

    There is no such thing as a clean nation, there never was and never will be. It has always been a game of predator and prey, the strong rolling over the weak. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a dreamer and a hopeless fool.

    Whites have been at this game for a long time. The Chinese are in effect, rank amateurs. They still have a lot to learn and if they get into a tussle with the West they never will because they will be reduced to rice flour.

  75. @Anonymous

    Of course USrael is nibbling on every corner; but with their dentures –
    the reserve currency enabling them to print money while spreading the cost
    (inflation) to the World – taken away they will be reduced to sucking Mexico´s
    socks before they can say “oops”; and not a day too soon.

  76. First of all, a compliment to Mr. Escobar for a darned good article. He has done as well as anyone I’ve yet seen in telling of the deliberate and reckless stupidity of the Biden-Pelosi provocation to China.

    But I have a nagging feeling something is missing here, and my thoughts turn to a Latin phrase which has a Wiki.

    Cui bono? (Classical Latin: [kui̯ ˈbɔnoː]), in English “to whom is it a benefit?”, is a Latin phrase about identifying crime suspects. It expresses the view that crimes are often committed to benefit their perpetrators, especially financially.

    Neither Pelosi nor Biden are very bright, and on top of that, they’re both quite elderly. Maybe this whole affair can be written off to “adventurous senility”. But what if there is more to it than that?

    The US Government is entirely under the thumb of the Apartheid state, and nothing of ‘hightest level’ importance happens without the approval of that pissant outfit. At this point I have my Tinfoil Hat on as I ask myself how the thieving and murderous little nation could possibly benefit from this affair.

    Yes, it seems to be a really far-fetched notion, but since there is no possible benefit to the US of A, who does that leave?

    Biden and Pelosi are both puppets, and have been all their lives. Who is the the Puppet-Master this time, and again, Cui bono?

    • Replies: @Zachary Smith
  77. @Sam Smith

    At times, and increasingly, I am suspecting that the “dementia” stuff is an act. Fits the Leftists modern “Materials & Methods” manual. Hang around Karens for a while. It makes sense.

  78. @Badger Down

    Thanks BD.

    I googled “sable” and electronics but couldn’t solve the mystery. I do remember however that it was announced that China had blocked the export of sand to Taiwan. That said, I suspect that high quality silica sand for the production of electronic grade silicon will be available elsewhere. Nevertheless, supply chain disruptions in the short term will be unavoidable.

    • Replies: @Brian Damage
  79. @Wade Hampton

    The current population of Taiwan is about 24 million. That’s how many.

    Let’s see how long the traitors fight.

    They are racial traiors, the worst kind. Just like white cucks who side with globalists against their own kind.

  80. @Commentator Mike

    The West is terminally degenerate, China is not.

  81. Notsofast says:

    the president of south korea refused to meet pelosi and would only talk on the phone as not to enrage the chinese, lol. some great propaganda victory, mission accomplished.

  82. @Kali

    Never a liberal, I’m wandering even further from that BS.

    I now have 4 (not just 1) chipmunks not just hanging around for occasional free walnut meats, the newer ones actually clawing (one biting) if the treats ain’t coming fast enough. I’m pretty sure they have no clue what a human is and they couldn’t care less. There’s a lesson there. The little shits!

    I like to sit on my porch in peace & quiet. For the first time in 70 years, I’m actually interested in getting a kitty cat.

    • Thanks: Kali
    • Replies: @Kali
  83. Pablo says:

    BINGO!!! As per usual, Pepe Escobar nails it. The two events are related. Part of the Zio/Neo Con Big Picture. The US War Machine was humiliated the way theu left Afghanistan a la Saigon 1975. A drone strke killing a elderly Al Qaeda leader makes the US War Machine save a little face. And: going to Taiwan despite China’s warnings reinforces the MYTH that the US War Machine is STILL a player on the World Stage. The US War Machine is losing its title of The world’s Bully. Two meaningless acts, one n Taiwan, the other in Kabul involve much ado about NOTHING.

  84. anon[106] • Disclaimer says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    Ever heard about such a thing as “the will of the people”?

    Yes, but we live in reality, no?

    People in Catalonia voted in a full referendum to leave Spain a few years ago, and 90% of voters backed an independent Catalonia. The Spain’s government arrested the leaders and crushed the pro-independent movement. Did the US and EU support the Spain’s government? Yes.

    There used to be pro-independent movements in Hawaii and Puerto Rico. The US brutally suppressed them.

  85. @Jeff Davis

    Right. When 75% of the world supply is from China and TSMC makes 61% of the world’s semiconductors. Russia is a distant second at 6%. Add that two together, 81% of semiconductor grade silica.

  86. @marco-polo

    The US, both govt and people, think and bluster in GI Joe/Rambo terms. The Chinese, not so much.

    The Chinese are ***much*** smarter … and patient. They will not employ the knuckle-dragging brutish destructiveness of military force. They will do a bit of “face-saving”, and then they will wait. China is rising, the US is declining, and eventually, gradually, the US will shrink away and Taiwan and China will reunite. It’s natural and inevitable. They are of the same race, culture and long history of greatness. All that is required is patience.

  87. They knew they had their guy because he was wearing a T-Shirt emblazoned with this:

  88. @anon

    Not to mention France’s ethnic cleansing of things Germanic in Alsace-Lorraine.

  89. Kali says:
    @emerging majority

    When I read of the extreme heat in Portugal recently, my thoughts went out in the hope that you have survived that ordeal and are currently thriving.

    The humans around me suffer muchly from my aversion to Portuguese summers generally. This year they can all piss-off a very long way! 😉

    But my gardens and animals are thriving thanks to early morning waterings, walkings, and feedings – and to my ever growing coffee dependancy (an “essential luxury” I’ll miss if/when the time come to let it go.)

    Plenty of cold showers help cool the core and restore my balance.

    Congratulations to you for all of your fruitful efforts! Seriously, well done!

    Evening watering time for my sweet potatos and mellons now, as hubby takes Polinka and Horu (goats) up to check out the water-mine.

    Sending much love,

  90. Anon[196] • Disclaimer says:

    Diabolical evil. How can a Catholic like Biden approve of such weapons being used on any human beings! These are the same Americans who support tearing human fetuses apart in the womb. The people on the Five and all over US media [ left, right, center] are all gloating about how great this weapon is! The US is worse than Nazis and as bad as ISIS when it comes to supporting and engaging in Satanic evil towards their fellow human beings. Unbelievable.

    • Thanks: Kali
  91. @Anon

    The Chinese Kung Fu Masters told their students that their Iron Shirt Chi would protect them from the bullets

    This still goes on among various extremist Muslim, Christian, and some other fanatical anti-government sects in Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines where the masters give out amulets that supposedly make their fighters bulletproof and then order them to charge cops and soldiers armed with automatic rifles. It’s quite scary to watch when huge numbers of these fanatics armed with parangs and bolos attack a few cops. Sure they get slaughtered but it’s not easy for the cops dealing with them, especially when they charge from behind walls and buildings at close quarters in large numbers. Even some Buddhist abbots sell such amulets to Chinese idiots in Singapore who then go to shooting ranges in Cambodia and elsewhere and demand of the staff there to test the bulletproof amulets with fatal consequences for the idiot Singaporean tourists.

    But the Chinese army did well in the Korean war against the US and UN military so I wouldn’t discount them out of hand like you did.

  92. Kali says:

    I like to sit on my porch in peace & quiet. For the first time in 70 years, I’m actually interested in getting a kitty cat.

    Careful what you wish for Mr/Mrs WaitaMinute. – My kitticat came to me at one day old and had to be bottle fed twenty-four times a day for ten weeks solid! (Well, that’s what it felt like to me anyway.) – Of course I wouldn’t be without her for a minute now. (We call her Bubba-lubba.) 🙂

    Best wishes,

    • Replies: @WhoaWaitaMinute
  93. d dan says:

    “TSMC is already building a fab near Phoenix”

    This is clearly a case of “forced tech transfer” (to put it mildly), or “stealing tech” (to use white supremacist’s terminology) of Chinese (Taiwan) tech by America. TSMC has been coerced by US. Nothing new. Had done that many times since before and after the opium wars.

    Retired TSMC founder Morris Chang has stated in an interview that the cost of making the chip in US is at least 50% more than in Taiwan (even more if compared with making it in mainland China). There is also the problem of finding enough competent engineers. Eventually, they may have to import engineers and managers from Asia (more H1B’s). Furthermore, the finished products will than have to be shipped back to Asia for assembly (more cost and time). The TSMC founder tried to distance himself from this decision of building the fab in US, by saying that it was the current management’s choice, not his.

    Constructing the physical building of the fab will certainly be the easiest part of this project.

  94. Notsofast says:

    the chinese should send their foreign minister to hawaii to reach out to independence groups, offer them funding and tell them that they support their cause, as hawaii was illegally annexed by the u.s. empire.

  95. Yee says:

    Rationally thinking, now is not the right time to start a war in Asia, as I said prior to Pelosi’s trip. Because doing a Ukraine War on China benefits the US most when there’s already a war in Europe to hinder Europe economy. A war in Asia will give the US another lottery like the one from WWII.

    If Pelosi was frightened off, it would have been the best, if not, the CPC leadership haven’t lost their concentration for fear of losing face. Wait till the time is right.

  96. @Godfree Roberts

    I expect that the Chinese leadership will assail Taiwan with an unending series of small, ever escalating military transgressions on their sovereignty. Taiwan’s fate is “death by a thousand cuts”. This thousand cuts strategy is what Chinese leadership uses on the Indian border and in the South China Sea. It was also the HK strategy from 1997-2021, where the locus of true sovereignty is now unambiguous.

    As that long term territorial strategy unfolds, strong talk at home breeds Chinese pride and nationalism in the general population. Pride and nationalism at home is part of a long term plan as well.

  97. Jimmy1969 says:

    An article I would describe as not bad…a B+ on a high school essay Pepe. If you want to get an A+ next time Pepe you have to relate your arguments to who is running the Biden administration vs the permanent guys in the Pentagon and the NSA and the CIA and the DIA. and AIPAC….what are their interests in playing this seemingly stupid game with China and Russia? Who is running the show and who is benefiting? Biden is nothing.

  98. The Taliban deny that strike in Kabul killed Ayman Al-Zawahiri.

    Maybe he’s long been dead.

    • Thanks: Agent76
  99. As much as I enjoy reading Pepe’s analysis, I believe he may have missed one factor here.

    As the US finds itself increasingly cut off from critical Chinese goods, it will most likely begin to restart its own manufacturing sector to a point that could easily compete with China’s.

    People seem to forget that the US is also a very resource rich region and if we could get a government that could stop all this violence and warfare around the world and begin treating its neighbors with respect, it may also be able to rework its relations with Central and South America, if its not too late.

    In any event. the US is not Estonia, so reports of its death may be slightly exaggerated…

  100. Rubicon says:
    @Sam Smith

    In fact none of those people are running the United States. All three of those people are mere stooges and puppets for the real power in the US which includes:

    The Financial Masters in The FED, Wall Street, the big New York State Banks, such as JP Morgan – (Jamie Dimon) and the other four.
    Equally powerful are the monolithic Hedge Funds such as Larry Fink of Black Rock, along with the US Monopolists, aka, Big Oil, Big Energy, Big Insurance, and Real Estate.

    Another key area of power is in the State Department, the Military, etc. People like Victoria Nuland, etc are the strategists who make big \$\$/power from following the dictates from the Financial Bosses.

  101. Rubicon says:
    @Joe Paluka

    We don’t put much store in what Dan Bongino has to stay. He’s about as mainstream as all the rest, except for a little tweek that bends himself to the political right.

    • Replies: @Joe Paluka
  102. @Franklin Ryckaert

    The Taiwanese need not to be “liberated” by the totalitarian mainland regime.

    Mainland regime is neo-fascist. It stands for nationalism and mixed economy. Taiwan is a cuck-puppet of the US. It has no identity or mind of its own. It’s only about being treated as a ‘honorary western country’. It lives for the approval of the West. So, if the West pushes globo-homo, Taiwan imitates. It has no agency but to follow the lead of the suicidal West. As such, its democracy is useless. It’s not about national independence but total reliance on and imitation of the sicko West now ruled by vicious Jewish Supremacists who are carrying out White Nakba on all the West. Whites people are the ones who will end up like the Tibetans and Uighurs. Look at London and Paris. Brussels is 1/3 Muslim. And the West urges Japan and Taiwan to promote feminism and diversity, aka mass immigration.

    Would their rights be respected if they were “reunited” with the mainland?

    Right to be what? A bunch of cuck-maggots? Suicidal and treasonous people have no rights. They must be crushed and be brought back into the fold. And who are Americans to say otherwise? They crushed the rebellious South and the Civil War goes onto this day, with the endless vilification of Southern heritage. (Never mind the North carried out ‘genocide’ against the Indians.)

    Ask the Tibetans, Uyghurs, the people of Hong Kong and the followers of Falung Gong (provided they have not yet be slaughtered for their organs).

    One can make a case for independence for Tibetans and Whiggers. However, Tibet will always be a puppet state. If out of Chinese orbit, it will fall into globalist orbit. I respect Dalai Lama and understand his wariness about the Han Chinese, but as he remarked many times before, Sorosian globalism is doing to ALL the West what China is doing to Tibet. The Great Replacement. At the very least, Chinese are not spreading BLM and globo-homo to Tibet. Tibetans can still be proudly Tibetan AS LONG AS they are not anti-Chinese. In contrast, FBI will go after you for putting up a sign “It’s Okay to be White”. Plenty of whites are now Stasi against other whites. 2020 BLM rioters and Antifa scum get sweet deals from prosecutors while 1/6 protesters are thrown into jail with long sentences. London is 60% non-British, and even small British towns will be flooded with blacks and others. White Britons are arrested for tweets. Germans aren’t allowed to believe Germany belongs to Germans because anyone can be a ‘New German’.

    As for whiggers, the problem is whiggerland borders other Muslim areas. The West has been using radical Islam to foment trouble all over. Russia faced this with Chechnya. And Assad had to fight the ‘moderate rebels'(reconstituted Alqaeda) funded by Israel and US. So, China has to keep whiggerland in its orbit for national security. Look what the Jews did to Ukraine. Pull a coup and ramp up its military against Russia. Unless you control your own borders and region, the Jewish-run US will keep provoking tensions.

    Still, one can argue Tibetans and Whiggers are not Chinese. In contrast, Hong Kong and Taiwan are part of China. Hong Kong was an imperialist creation and was re-absorbed. Its Hong Cuck traitors need to be put down and shot. As for Taiwan, for the longest time it claimed to be the legit representative of all China, and US accepted this position until the 1970s when Nixon and Carter adjusted to reality. As for Falun Gong, it is an insane cult on the level of Scientology and Jim Jones lunacy. Chinese know from history that too many Chinese are superstitious and can be led down funny path.

    Increasingly imperialist China needs to be contained.

    Jewish supremacist imperialism needs to be contained. Look what it did to Iraq, Syria, Libya. Look how it uses the US to throw its weight around. Look how Jewish imperialism created trouble in Ukraine. Look how Jewish imperialism spread globo-homo filth all over the world. Look how Israel is the #1 illegal trafficker of human organs. It also practices White Slavery with Slavic women. It occupies Palestine and practices apartheid and routinely bombs Syria. It sponsors terrorism and aids ISIS in Syria. It is now sodom and gomorrah. Jews turned the Holy Land into ‘gay’ filth, and YOU seem to be okay with that.

    What matters is the arc of history. China lived in peace with Korea and Japan for centuries. It was the West that came barging in. The West recruited Japan as co-imperialist, and all of them carved up China. Chinese had to resist both the West and Japan. But a war broke out between the West and Japan, and this gave the CCP a chance. Now, Japan is once again working with the West against China. If Japan of yesteryear was an autonomous power in its own right, now it’s a cuck-pussy of the West, much like Taiwan is. Indeed, what Jap-cucks and Tai-cucks have in common with White-cucks is they are ALL pussy-cucks of Jewish Supremacism. Jews rule the West and cause most problems, and that’s why they want to fool whites into seeing China as the main threat. It’s pure distraction.

    Is China behind the broken borders that are letting in millions of illegals? No, it’s Biden admin that is totally dominated by Jews. Is the Chinese navy surrounding the US or even Hawaii? No, it’s the US globo-homo navy that is threatening Chinese coasts. US says it’s protecting ‘democratic’ Asian nations, but they are cuck pussy puppets. Democracy means nothing if your nation is a political whore to another nation. Japan, SK, and Taiwan are cuck-democracies. They have elections and vote for their phony puppet leaders who are all servile to the US that is servile to Jewish supremacism.

    You must be Hasbara to write such tripe.

  103. @anon

    Hey, here’s some will of the people in the ‘democratic’ west.

    In truth, people’s will bends to that of the elites who control media and academia. People don’t have wills of their own because they lack minds of their own.

    Just look at this. Anglos and whites have become total cuck-dogs of Jewish Supremacists. And they defend Taiwan because it’s Tai-cuck land that imitates all the cuckish pathologies of the White West. Cucks hate China(and Russia) because it has national sovereignty. Sure, China and Russia have tons of problems and faults, but in this day and age when Satanic Jewish Supremacist West controls the world, we must side with any nation, even Iran, that has the will to remain free of the demonic hegemony.

    Look what’s become of ‘christianity’ under Jewish power in NY.

    Look what’s become of Anglo-cucks in Australia.

    In the free West, the FBI won’t even look into what really happened with Epstein. It does the bidding of Zion and Jewish Supremacists.

    This is the state of the law(fare) in the ‘free’ West.

    US is on the side of war crimes against children.

    Anglo-Cucks down under. Jews decree, Anglos agree.

    Why is Tai-cuckland praised by globalist elites? Because it aspires to the (((Western))) standards. Total yellow dogs.

  104. Realist says:

    Taiwan is a cuck-puppet of the US. It has no identity or mind of its own. It’s only about being treated as a ‘honorary western country’. It lives for the approval of the West. So, if the West pushes globo-homo, Taiwan imitates. It has no agency but to follow the lead of the suicidal West

    Yes, they are butt boys for the US as is Ukraine.

    As such, its democracy is useless.

    Same as here in the US.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  105. @Priss Factor

    You can be part of the West without accepting its degeneracy. Ask Viktor Orban of Hungary.

  106. @Priss Factor

    Thanks, Priss Factor!

    Btw, besides serious doubt on the lynching of Al-Zawahiri, I neither believe Saddam Hussein was lynched, nor was Ossamma bin-Laden murdered by my ZOG. 👿

  107. @GMC

    Lithuania is my guess. And, there are less Lithuanians living there (by %-age) than Ukrainians in the Ukraine. I think the last Lithuanian left in 1962 – Mr Gorbelius, lived down the block from my aunt. He claimed that he switched off the lights on his way out the door.

    • Thanks: GMC
  108. @Anonymous

    United States Submarine RR.
    USS Nebbish.
    So sad.

  109. Pepe Escobar makes the murky clear and the complex understandable. Compare him to the shills who call themselves journalist in the West.

  110. gatobart says:
    @Badger Down

    I can’t answer to people who didn’t even understand what I wrote, unless of course you are trying to twist it make your own argument or just trying to be funny. WE ALL know that “OBL planned and engineered 911 from a cave in the mountains of Afghanistan” is Washington’s official version of 911. As for being funny, the proverbial “don’t quit your day job” applies.

  111. @anon

    I was just a little sick in my mouth.

    • LOL: Kali
  112. @Intelligent Dasein

    A delightful comment of the typically simple soul that seriously believes it is more intelligent than the Chinese government.

    And, likely, a soul so unevolved that it thinks others hold its perturbations in esteem.

  113. Regime Critics Risk Losing Tax-Exempt Status –
    The message from California is clear: defiance of the regime will strip you of your nonprofit status.

    The Jewish-Supremacist ‘rules-based order’. This is what passes for ‘democracy’.

  114. @Anon

    Please recapitulate for us the history of the Korean conflict 70 years ago.

    And then summarize the military successes of the tribal military from, say, Vietnam to Ukraine, y way of Afghanistan.

  115. @Steve Naidamast

    You obviously have never worked at a senior level in a manufacturing company, or are an engineer by training or are a financier, venture capitalist or commercial banker. Ignorance is bliss.

  116. @gatobart

    Did the Talibans confirm?

    If not, as believable as OBL “death”.

    Wikipedia jumped on it. The sources are only yankee ones. This “encyclopedy” is trash.

    By the way, if true, it was am assassination. Very common for the yankees since the 22.11.1963

    • Replies: @gatobart
  117. Mike013 says:

    I’m surprised you posted an article by Pepe Escobar. Good writer, but you know he’s not white, right? LOL. I’m confused because it seems like this site is always posting white supremacy stuff.

    • Replies: @Joe Paluka
  118. @Franklin Ryckaert

    Anti-chinese propaganda. By projection of the yankee war policy of hegemony, trying desperately to keep that hegemony. The PNAC has been transformed in a PNEM by Russia and China.

    Economic “freedom” is for the foxes to eat the poultry.

  119. @All we like sheep

    Globe-trotting sophisticate Pepe is simply mixing up his many languages. Sable is the French word for sand.

  120. @David Homer

    Behind the scenes the globalists are working together to end the freedom of Europe and especially the US. The China – Russia alliance will be the new Hegemon of the world

    At least if it’s true, whatever else that new hegemon will be doing, it won’t be spending the next century bombing the middle east into the ground for the benefit of the psychopathic thieves, murderers, nation-wreckers and deranged anti-White Talmudic filth in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

  121. @gatobart

    The really amazing bit, aside from being hooked up to a dialysis machine and using a sat phone for communications to coordinate the attacks, is that OBL managed to have WTC 7 collapse in sympathy, which destroyed the original records pertaining to the Pentagon’s missing 2.4 Trillion USD, that Rumsfield had mentioned a few days before 9/11.

    Also, the “plane” in DC hit a corner of the Pentagon and took out the ONI team that was analyzing those records, that were stored only in one place, WTC 7, with no disaster recovery remote location for those vital records. Which in the late 1980’s would bring down SOX compliance officers on corporations that did not have off-site copies in places like NY’s Iron Mountain. Con-Ed, major banks, were spending time and money setting that up. The Federal Government itself, not so much, evidently.

    If one believes the official narrative, OBL coincidentally managed to do Rummy and Company a really big favor in hiding the trail.

    • Thanks: Chuck Orloski
    • Replies: @gatobart
  122. @Franklin Ryckaert

    How many of those 23 million in Taiwan believe that their government is the legitimate government of all of China, as they claim to be?

  123. gatobart says:

    Did the Taliban confirm what…?

    People seem to have a lot of problems these days understanding written texts as being clear when writing their own.

    In any case, I CLEARLY wrote that, as Escobar seems to be taking Washington’s version of all these events like confirmed truths, his articles have to be taken with a grain of salt, that is at least what I will do. The “killing of OBL” as told by Amerrica doesn’t make any sense, even less his burial at sea “according to Muslim rituals”. Dissenting versions of that story make more sense to me, like the one provided by French Intelligence, that situated a very ill OBL lying in a Hospital bed somewhere in the Middle East in September 2001, where he was visited by US intelligence, and then dying before the end of the year. Or the story I mentioned of the Pakistani doctor who declared to have seen the whole operation of the “Killing of OBL” from the rood of his home and who saw the chopper coming down, the men coming out of it and getting into the house; then getting out empty handed.


    • Agree: Commentator Mike
    • Replies: @Olivier1973
  124. gatobart says:

    Exactly. Thank you for sparing me from having to write that answer.

  125. @Anon

    “No other nation has the higher ground in terms of righteousness and morality.” You just outed yourself with that one, Buster. You are evidently (1. terminally stoopid and ineffably ignorant and (2. some kinda of religious, flag-waving nutcase, maybe even a Dominionist or a “Christian” Zionist.

    The U\$\$A has been the premiere aggressor nation in the world ever since Harryass Truman’s presidency. Nation after nation has been invaded or suffered coups d’ etat at the behest or directly by the puppet regime in the Di\$trict of Corruption.

    Mass murder? Yeah, how about those “contractors” in Afghanistan who openly murdered a van load of people from their helicopter. When they faced trial in a totally corrupt U\$\$A court they were acquitted, even though they were as guilty as hell. Or how about the slaughter of thousands of retreating Iraqis, where hypersonic weaponry was employed with source to brain low-frequency radio waves alleging to be “the voice of Allah”. Many of them, bowing on their prayer-rugs, were brutally bulldozed alive into mass-grave pits. Or how about Abu Ghraib, where “torture is U.\$.”

    Like all too many Americans, you are a certified bloodthirsty idiot, probably chanting “U\$A, U\$A, U\$A!” when NATO forces genocidally bombed both Libya and Serbia.

    Go jump off the nearest bridge. Perhaps in your next lifetime you will be reborn as an Untouchable woman in India, raped by “higher” class Dindus at the age of ten. Hell, I’d just about give odds that you would love to see Russia and China bombed with nukes by the U.\$\$A Airfarce.

  126. Agent76 says:

    Aug 2, 2022 US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi lands in Taiwan despite Chinese warnings • FRANCE 24 English

    US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi landed in Taiwan on Tuesday (August 2) despite threats from Beijing of serious consequences.


    The speaker of the US House of Representatives landed at Taipei airport on August 2, the first high profile American visit since 1997. When warned by Chinese President Xi Jinping that “those who play with fire will eventually get burned,” Washington, in an attempt to downplay the trip, assured Beijing of its commitment to the “One China” policy and said the visit was Pelosi’s own personal decision.

  127. Two Hellfire missiles-where is the ‘collateral damage’? Was the patsy at home alone? Was the house isolated, or surrounded by others? Looks suspicious to my idealistic eyes.

  128. @Steve Naidamast

    A USA such as you propose would no longer be a menace to humanity. Its dreams of universal Empire would be over, and the delusions of ‘exceptionalism’ and ‘manifest destiny’ quietly euthanised. Here’s hoping, but such amazing transformations are rare. ‘For things to change, everything must stay the same’. Leopards don’t change their spots.

  129. @marco-polo

    Some of the essential metals used to make chips come only from Russia. So Russia has the entire global chip industry by the throat. Taiwan has already been begging and grovelling to Russia even though Taiwan has banned export of chips to Russia obeying its Zio slave masters. Russia could be replaced in 10 to 15 years at 4 times thr current cost.

  130. anon[106] • Disclaimer says:

    Taiwanese media have reported that Taiwan gov has spent \$3.14 million on lobbying Nancy Pelosi from 2018 to 2022.

  131. Pelosi is fearless! She has been known to ride in a car with her husband!!

  132. denk says:

    Sick of educating gringo/pommies/ozzies/canucks./euro mugs…


    TW faq

    TW vs Unpeople

    First off,
    What’s ‘unpeople’ ?
    Russians in Donbass, Kashmiris, Nagas/Manipuris of India, Ryuku Ren, Chagosian, Jeju islanders, Puerto Ricans, GUam, Marshall islanders, Native Americans, Oz Aborigines, NZ Maori, Palestines, Hawaiians,

    I support the UP but not tw .


    what about tw’s right to self determination ?

    First off,
    Not all independence aspirants are born equal.

    If u think it sucks that tw cant partake in WTO as independent nation, try asking them how many wanna be like Nagas, or Kashmiris, or Ryuku Ren , chagosians etc etc..

    tw is veritable paradise compared to the UP !

    pAiN index..
    tw 1 UP 100
    no CONTest.

    tw is armed to the teeth, backed by NATO, QUAD, FUKUSA, NAATO, FIVE LIARS…

    UP is completely naked.
    Gang raped by the entire EURO/FUKUSA gang

    I tend to support the underdog, viz, the UP.

    tw cause is broadcasted 24×7 by the anglophone, the euro parliaments, their mouthpiece BBC, CNN, FAUX, DE sPEGIEL, ABC, G &M, REUTER, GUARDIAN, SMH..
    the entire gawd damned ‘international community’ shilling for tw.

    UP has no voice,

    I dont go for the ‘trending’, PC issues, tw doesnt need me in the first place.
    Would rather speak up for the people with no voice.

    On Urgency,
    tw 0 UP 100
    tw is at the bottom of my priority chart.

    nOW get real…
    Speaking up for the UP is a positive endeavour, hopefully one day enough voice would join in HElping to plug them from hell.

    Encouraging tw independence would be disastrous for tw .
    its an invitation for war, sending the complacent rubes from paradise to hell.

    Last but not least,
    Whats the most urgent call today ?
    Entire world under the jackboot of pax murikka

    Encouraging tw independence amounts to abetting FUKUS agenda, an unsinkable aircraft carrier right at China’s doorstep.

    Helping the UP groaning under NATO/FIVE LIARS tyranny is a humane endevour and it
    weaken the pax murikka hegemon.


    • Replies: @denk
  133. @gatobart

    Pepe wrote:

    Well, he never exposed himself on the balcony of a house, much less in Kabul.

    How do you understand that?

    Of course he never could be in Kabul this year, for he is dead since november 2020.

    TheSun published the information on the 20 November: died from asthma somewhere in the Afghan mountains.

    Yankees are known to kill dead people.

    • Replies: @gatobart
  134. @meamjojo

    People who think finding new ways to kill people is cool are sick individuals. No different than the head choppers in ISIS. At least they are willing to do it up close

  135. @Rubicon

    That was announced months ago. Except it’s not a deal. It’s forced. Go look up the comments by Morris Chang who is the head of TSMC. Operational costs in the US will be 50% higher so it makes no sense economically – and they are having trouble finding enough talent in the US. The same reasons chip manufacturing left in the first place. So it will be HEAVILY subsidized by the US gov

  136. @Sam Smith

    Not just the sanctions but the military drills. Some people who are clueless are claiming “oh China’s military didn’t react like they said th we would”. That’s because they have zero clue of the history. The PLA only recently started crossing the median line (in the past year) as provocation ramped up. Now they just did a handful of “firsts”. For the first time – military drones flew over Quemoy. For the first time drills were done right up to into the 12 nautical mile barrier of sovereignty…. Also first time ever missiles were fired directly over the main island of Taiwan. Also first time drills were done by navy and air force on the far eastern side of the island (where the ROC hardened bases are) facing the Pacific. Lastly – first time ever the PLA told planes and ships to stay away from the eastern side of the island. So yes – the PLA absolutely took unprecedented action and showed directly – exactly how a military action would happen. Those actions are more unprecedented than sanctions since none of that happened since Chiang and the ROC retreated to Taiwan from the mainland in 1949. Economic ties only started to happen in the 1980’s in any significance. And that was after they finally allowed families on the two sides to start visiting each other

    • Replies: @Obsequious
  137. @Rubicon

    Well, at least he’s questioning some of the narrative, CNN would just repeat as the gospel anything the government announces. Bongino regrets getting the covid shots after learning more about them, he also generally supports Trump but also criticizes him when he feels he’s strayed. No journalist will have 100% credibility but when one says something interesting, we should listen to it.

    • Replies: @Chuck Orloski
  138. @Mike013

    Looks pretty white to me.

    • Replies: @Mike013
    , @Joe Paluka
  139. Anonymous[120] • Disclaimer says:

    Blockading Taiwan

    When tough measures are needed, it’s nowhere illegal to isolate a part of your own country.

    And to China, Taiwan is 100% China. Most countries, formally and legally, agree (The One China Policy).

    There’s even a precedent. China completely isolated Hubei Province in 2020, deploying the military and the police, to squash the Covid Pandemic in China. The world did not object. Hey, their country, their business.

    Now, they will isolate “Taiwan Province”. Their country, their business.

    Hmmm, didn’t see that angle. Well played China, I guess. That’s not even Chess, that’s Wei Qi.

    • Agree: Miro23
  140. @Joe Paluka

    Wisely, Joe Paluka wrote: “No journalist will have 100% credibility but when one says something interesting, we should listen to it.”

    Below is a truly great article,by Paul Craig Roberts. Btw, PCR served in the Reagan administration’s economic board, and he’s certainly an author very worthy of our respect and trust.

    Post scriptum: Word is he’s hesitant to publish at The Unz Review, because of getting whacked by Zionist trolls.

  141. @Joe Paluka

    Yeah it’s such a big joke. No confirmation of any kind “just take our word for it”. In any event the amount of money and energy the US has taken to fight Al Qaeda – which if it was a gang wouldn’t be the biggest in the world has got to be in the several trillion. Seems like Osama accomplished exactly what he wanted.

  142. @anon

    Correct. They defend the write of some European publication to publish things about Muhammad that incensed Muslims – but claim they were being sensitive about Osama…. And people believe them

  143. @Anonymous

    Fun fact for you… The Constitution in Taipei Taiwan claims all of those lands as part of the Republic of China. Of course western media and governments cover over that fact. They also claim the islands in the South China Sea too.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  144. @Ricardo el Chihuahua

    Actually the Chinese navy did defeat the Dutch navy over Taiwan at one point.

  145. @Showmethereal

    This episode with Pelosi, like Nuland at Maidan, clearly shows that America is the primary cause of conflict. Despite all the disagreements, PR China were able to co-exist peacefully but now America has provoked PR China into these military manoeuvres which could easily result in an incident and escalation. Which presumably is what America wants like it wanted war between Russia and the Ukraine who were able to get on with each other up to the coup at Maidan.

    • Agree: Derer
  146. @Realist

    Yes, they are butt boys for the US as is Ukraine.


  147. denk says:

    KNow something ?
    There’s a lone website, all by itself, dedicated to the..

    Whiteys all rally behind their celebrated tw, Tibet, Uighurs, HK, ….

    Well Im non PC, non trendy.
    I’ll continue to lend my voice to
    the People with no voice.


    • Thanks: nokangaroos
    • Replies: @denk
  148. @Intelligent Dasein

    What on earth are you talking about? China has been proving since she got there – that any idea of sovereignty on the island is gone. They have passed the so called median line non stop. Never used to happen. It has fired missiles directly over the island… Never used to happen…. Warned away all naval and air traffic from the east end of the island where it never did drills before and is doing drills within 12 nautical miles.

  149. @Anon

    China ran the US back down to the 38th parallel in Korea… China trained and supplied Vietnam to fight the US – and put boots in North Korea… In 1979 China was not trying to take over Vietnam…

  150. gatobart says:

    This is what Escobar wrote:

    “Two Hellfire R9-X missiles launched from a MQ9 Reaper drone on the balcony of a house in Kabul. The target was Ayman Al-Zawahiri with a \$25 million bounty on his head. The once invisible leader of ‘historic’ Al-Qaeda since 2011, is finally terminated”

    This is Escobar just acting like middle man for a piece of supposed news that should be quite suspect for anyone who has been doing any research for the last two decades on this whole 911 affair and the thereafter. Anyone can see here that Escobar takes the supposed news at its face value; there is no hint of doubt or any second thought about this in him. The Pentagon broke out the news and he just transmitted it to us…just like Fox, CNN, NYT, WP, BBC, do.

    “All of us who spent years of our lives, especially throughout the 2000s, writing about and tracking Al-Zawahiri know how US ‘intel’ played every trick in the book – and outside the book – to find him. Well, he never exposed himself on the balcony of a house, much less in Kabul”

    Now, the fact that “Al-Zawahiri never exposed himself on the balcony of a house, much less in Kabul” simply means that, according to Escobar, he took the most extreme precautions to never offer himself as a target for spy satellites, drones, snipers, random shooters on kamikazes and so on. I repeat, this is the meaning of Escobar’s words. Any other assumption is wrong, specially that his absence of him from his balcony would mean that he wasn’t alive anymore, even more when if that was the idea, then Escobar would have put it in more general terms like, “No one has seen him in public in years”, period. So either he is being naïve or he is not to be trusted on this matter, period.

    In any case, there is no point in going on with this exchange as you don’t seem to question my main point, that no Washington report, news, or analysis on these 911-Alqaeda-OBL topics is credible and should ALL be taken with a grain of salt, even those we saw ourselves on TV on 911. For all we know Al-Zawahiri may have been dead for years, or he may be now resting comfortably in a secret place under the care of US forces or he could as well be in a Mediterranean paradise enjoying the beach and the sun in he company of people like Jeffrey Epstein and others of his kind.

    • Agree: Chuck Orloski
  151. @Showmethereal

    The US has announced that it would send ships and aircraft through the Taiwan Strait in the coming days in a “show of force”. What are the chances that China will close the strait to the Americans and effectively turn it into a Chinese lake?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @showmethereal
  152. @Kali

    One day old.
    Question: Did you have to lick kitty’s asshole at least once a day or so, so kitty could have a BM? On Kitten Academy I’ve noticed the mother cats doing that.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
    , @Kali
  153. Anonymous[179] • Disclaimer says:

    The US has announced that it would send ships and aircraft through the Taiwan Strait in the coming days in a “show of force”.

    The smart money says the US will wait for the few days that China is closing off the Strait. After the air and naval drills end, and the US ships and planes are no longer in danger, the “show of force” will take place.

    The Taiwan Strait is a boxed-in, no-maneuver-room death zone, controlled by China since they’ve got air bases, missile batteries and fast missile-craft inlets right there, AND they have major fleet and submarine facilities to it’s northeast and southwest.

    The Strait is the very last place someone wants to be in a shooting war.

    After the Chinese let off some steam, and with the wink-nudge understanding that the Chinese and Americans both want to appear “strong”, the US will sail our task force there. China will let us.

    Maybe we are hoping and praying the Chinese take the bait, go full retard and strike US assets – the “Pearl Harbor” moment the people in DC are banking on. A foreign war would do wonders to briefly unite the crumbling, divided country.

    Won’t last long though, since it’s transparent as all hell. People will see that we were poking China HARD, and the US domestic collapse will accelerate.

    But nah, the Chinese just won’t take the bait. Smart fu**ers. They’ll sit back, let the US armada through, since everyone already knows we sail there at their permission.

    They’ll just call it a day.

    • Thanks: emerging majority
  154. Mike013 says:
    @Joe Paluka

    LOL, looks can be deceiving. It appears as if you didn’t do your research. Now I realize you guys aren’t as smart as you pretend to be.

  155. @Obsequious

    I don’t like making predictions. But we can follow a pattern here. When the US started sending ships through the Strait last year (it’s only been one at a time) the PLA would follow them. Then the PLA started to skirt the median line and once or twice crossed it. Then as the US continued with the once a month trip PLA started to fly planes completely around the island (they just showed a few weeks ago they did it with a drone – but while Japan saw it in the Miyako Strait – the Taiwan military never seemed to spot it)…. Since the days of Pompeo the PLA has flown continually into the supposed ADIZ of the island… But now that Pelosi has visited they amped up everything much further. This was the first time literally ever they closed off sea and air space around time. No need to repeat the other parts from my last comment – but point being this has been brewing since last year. A couple of months ago the Chinese government said it is not international waters….. So based on the rate of progression we have seen…. I would expect something close to what you state – when it comes to military ships and planes. But again I don’t like predictions…. What I do know is the PLA has stated now that this is the new status quo and is not a one off event (what’s been going on the past 3 days). China has been warning away US ships that go close to its features in the South China Sea – but has not done so in the Taiwan Strait (only monitoring). If I had to guess – I think it will become similar.

    • Replies: @Obsequious
  156. @Joe Paluka

    Who are “you guys”? If you want a debate, give me a bone to chew on. Tell me some things that will make me believe that the person in question only looks white but really isn’t. Us guys, aren’t psychic, we don’t have access to that magic repository of world information that’s your mind.

  157. denk says:

    ON UNpeople website, tw isnt in the list.
    The guy gets it.

    ONly those anglophone, europhone shill for tw.
    Over there, they follow official instruction on whom to love, whom to hate, like robots .

  158. @Franklin Ryckaert

    People come and go. The indoctrinated plebs in Taiwan, with their brainwashed belief in ‘democracy’, would soon realise that without the enforced partisan hateship of ‘democratic’ divide and rule policies, they will be much happier. Pretending to be ‘honorary White Men’ won’t last.

  159. Kali says:

    Not lick, but wipe vigerously – to very little effect!

    Our (big) dog, Amy, stepped in to help on that matter, excersising all of her maternal instincts to vigorously lick kitty’s bottie, which we willingly offered up.

    Amy probably saved Bubba’s life by stimulating said BM, daily. 🙂

    (Sorry for OT silliness folks. But hopefully it made you smile. -True story, btw.)

    With love,

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  160. @showmethereal

    The Taiwan Strait should be closed off to foreign military vessels and aircraft. In the past China had no choice but to tolerate American muscle flexing in the Strait but now I wonder if China will finally put an end to it.

  161. @Kali

    So Amy was performing cat-lick mass? Sorry, couldn’t resist.

    • LOL: Kali
  162. @Zachary Smith

    Biden and Pelosi are both puppets, and have been all their lives. Who is the the Puppet-Master this time, and again, Cui bono?

    An author at Southfront brings up the possibility that I forgot a “puppet” can be for sale to more than one master.


    The argument goes something like this: China has been watching Russia’s slow progress in Ukraine with both admiration and a touch of fear. Do they want the US to build Taiwan into a formidable opponent like ‘we’ did Ukraine? Definitely not, so time to do something to nip the affair in the bud. But there is a need for a big provocation to start the process. Cue Pelosi.

    This is the kind of conspiracy theory I like – crazy as hell at first glance, but still kind of plausible.

    It makes a lot more sense than any effort to weave the Apartheid state into the China-Taiwan mix. 🙂

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Commenting Disabled While in Translation Mode
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